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Blog 24 has been totally lost, I think it started on the four – 08 – 22. It is a pity because it ran over 07 – 08 – 22 when I had finished seven years, seven months and seven days of blogging. It is still in the preliminary stages because I have not finished the book of Luke. It is an attempted correlation between the third seal of the scroll and the book of Luke is about justice . In my last attempt I was bewildered at just how crazy the world was getting and one topic came up was the power that our Prime Minister had acquired for himself without letting anyone know. At this stage I cannot remember the other topics but they may return.

One topic I had started/was to start was that on the evolution in that we are given a final chance to join a madhouse before they lock lock the door and put a bar across and the padlock. I know whether this was Sir David Attenborough with an earlier work or his latest attempt but it was evolution full-time. But first the extraordinary power the Prime Minister acquired. The reaction of the Jewish commentators on Sky News is extraordinary. You would think that an enquiry has been ordered into the Holocaust. There is something there that they fear that will be uncovered that will be very detrimental to the Jewish race.. Like who else knew about it and why weren’t the real ministers told about? This was secret stuff indeed and very amateurish to let it be revealed. I want to correlate it to last day of events. It is no trade secret that the Jews are in bed with Americans and any attempt to censor the Jews in the UN is always rejected by America in the Security Council. For any blogger trying to write about last day of events has to overcome the problem of sequence. If the Bible says there are to be three events; A, B and C and two of them, A and C are written up in the Bible but we can’t find B then we can only say we have found B if it is followed by C. It is that sequence that validates the whole lot. There is no problem in my mind that event A has occurred and that was the fig tree being covered with foliage which was the birth of the Jewish race in 1950 [near enough ]. Many today are surprised with the amount of secrecy that is associated with the foliage. It is the Jew that is the dog that wags the American tail. There is little point in denying events A, the formation of the Jewish state, And C which the Bible says will be the complete destruction,pulverision of this same state which has not happened. So if our attempt to build up structure B is not followed by this destruction then we have been wrong.

The Jews unfortunately played their trump card with the bombing of the twin towers. This gave the Jew/American power over the world to destroy all the evil people and they unwisely chose Afghanistan which has never been conquered. It became obvious after 10 years this was not a wise decision and after 15 years they knew it would be a disaster – this lot would come back to destroy them. With plan A destroyed they now turn to Plan B. How do they survive with iSLAM after them and even an earthquake about to destroy them? We need other safe havens around the world like Australia, UK, Canada, Germany, Austria and others we need our system of government established in many places if the one in USA fails. We have amassed our fortunes in many places and have used the population there to do so. They have become old and sick and many invalids as well but to think that our fortune is going to be used to support these then you have something else coming. No! They have to be got rid of! Thus the work begins for the preparation of a virus and vaccine. This vaccine will have to be mandatory and will have to get rid of those non-productive workers. It will also have to control those left behind who may rise up against us we

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will have to get our workers to be in control of the different aspects of this vaccine. They might have to They might have to hide those little round black caps until the work is done. They must be kept in the ready and in secret until the password comes through from America. Scott Morrison has done his bit and was ready but what happened to the password? All this was supposed to happen about two years ago but did not. Compulsory vaccination was going to yield a lot of bloodshed and America was not ready. They had to bring their troops back home from Afghanistan but why didn’t it go ahead at that time? Most of this system is filthy and daemonic but not all what would happen if a number of states stood up against this? The Americans are experts at dealing with odd conscientious objectors but it still takes time. And what happens if Scott Morrison gets caught with his pants down? The fact that there will be an enquiry indicates that the Labour Party is not in it up to their necks and in fact will be an ideal way of sending the Liberal party into oblivion. It all depends on the degree to which the Jews are tied up in the political system. If the answer is, very much so then not much will happen at all at all they have to do is to pull the chain in America.

From the biblical point of view we have homosexuality, about 1% of population. We have gay rights and gay marriage, say about 2%. We have abortion about 1%. Paedophiles about 2% but all this adds up to 6% of an attack against Genesis. Not really significant. Vaccines and making humanoids from humans is a much bigger fret and worthwhile for Satan to pursue. In Australia people demand vaccination and get upset with the unvaccinated. This would increase the percentage to 90%. The religion that is coming out of America now causes far more harm. I call it the ACD-American Christian disease. With this religion all you have to do is to respond to the war, it doesn’t matter what the cause is or where it is or or when or why. They are not questions asked by soldier and they will not be asked when they are set against their own people. So what can we expect before December or January this year?

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What seems to to have happened is that someone has broken into my computer and changed many things. I cannot access WordPress to add anything to it. Many of the blogs have been changed and what is surprising this has not happened before. Blog 23 is different and a few of the last days typing is there. If this is a Satanic intervention that I must be getting close to some truth which is soon about to occur. Many topics have been opened and the discussion concerns last day events. The Bible presents these as A to B toC but so far we only know of a and C. The figtree, Israel is covered with vegetation an event which has already happened and event C which is the total destruction of Jerusalem by an earthquake. The event that we are trying to guess is B and if we guess it right the destruction of Jerusalem is nearby. If I can see this event in Scripture then so must many Jews and they too are preparing for it. The question at hand will be the compulsory vaccination against the virus 19. In Australia we were told that the vaccine was very safe and it would prevent further infection or transmission. That was a disguise and a complete lie as it helps spread the disease by firstly breaking down the immune system. The only part of the lie that is left is that you, the unvaccinated will get virus was worse. With thousands of viruses out there we have all cut the sleeves off our clothing to receive thousands of vaccines so that we get them as severely. It is a real joke!
What focused this topic was the extraordinary powers our Prime Minister took on himself about two years ago and did not let even the ministers know. He did share this information with a few of his cohorts but overall it was top-secret. What was top-secret? The idea that compulsory vaccination was on its way. Who else was involved and what is the bigger picture? They are 2 of the beasts involved in Revelation; Israel and the Jews and the tail that they wag, America. You will never find America voting in the Security Council against any interest involving the Jews. They are one.
What brought me to the subject was the extraordinary situation our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has found himself in. About three years ago he and six of his henchmen grab this power by making self the Minister of six portfolios and not telling anyone except these henchmen about it. They have been caught with their trousers down and if they were the only ones involved they will be found out with catastrophic results for their party. If others were involved then nothing will happen. When trying to predict what will happen in December or January one has to keep in mind the mentality of those involved. They knew the danger that Morrison would be left in if America did not act first but they still let him do this. They have so much power there is little danger even when exposed. When they flew their own planes into the buildings on September 11 claiming they were passenger planes you would think that they would not send cargo planes without that row of windows. They would not fly a plane into the Pentagon which would only markf portion of the building and not the perimeter a plane would make. They would allow a terrorist that bomb the London Underground to catch a train which did not exist. The web is full of mistakes, clangers like this and they have got away for everyone of these. The possibilities of December and January are therefore many. In Australia there would be little point in making a vaccine mandatory because over 90% of Australians are already vaccinated. Most of the ones that are unvaccinated have already got sent jobs and homes and families so making it mandatory would make little difference to them. In America vaccination [compulsory] would result in a heavy loss of life now that their own soldiers are back home. But what this matter as the idea of compulsory vaccination is for them to be heavy loss of life? But only the old, and sick and disabled are meant to die and the ones that are still productive are meant to live. Anything is possible but all possibilities will be finished off with option C; Israel will be pulverised by an earthquake. It is hard to imagine that in Australia we can be better off and that compulsory vaccination was on the cards and with all parties more than two years ago.

Specifically what will happen to JK and his wife? We have not been affected by the compulsory vaccination so far. We will be denied access to all credit and lose all rights as citizens. We will not have a house to live in which would be a drastic step if I retained the illness that I have today, still a cripple. That would be hard to bear even for a few days let alone the 45 is going to last for! A little while ago I was given a vision concerning time and it was the most beautiful thing you can imagine.. I am not sure what time was revealed; I am not sure it was the end time and the second coming all the time of the cross or time generally. The period of time I was studying was to get a correlation between the time on the cross and Genesis the beginning of time. I was shown the text that was being read but it contained no verse numbers and no titles so I cannot tell whether it was Revelation or Luke or Genesis but it contained no horrors or worries for us. My wife concluded it was as at the time of stoning of Stephen where he only saw beauty and felt no pain. In the meantime I know anything could happen but Jesus is in control of whatever does. I also watch the news every night to find out if Israel has been wiped from the map. I know that then I have 45 days till my Lord returns and I am in his protection every day. I have lost almost one page of typing during the day so I don’t know whether I can get this onto the nett. In future I will try to get a few pages over time.


blog continues to be all mixed up so I will add bits and pieces to where I can. First a bit of heavenly maths. If there were 14 billion souls created in the history of the earth and the hours of darkness at Calvary were noon to 3 PM and every soul that had been created were to be shown what was happening on that cross as the tutorial they had just witnessed told them then each soul spent about 20 ns face-to-face in contact with Jesus and were expected to call either, “accept!” Or reject! To what they saw. This is the first aspect of the justice of Jesus and that every soul created had to make this call. Every soul also saw the results of their call: some would have finished up in the Throne Room of God or the Most Holy Place for the eternities to come; some would have finished up in the church of the last 600 years; some, most rejected entirely what they saw and their fate also is recorded from beginning to end; the base of the Bible is actually Peter would not be shown who the Son of God was. There would be no Good Friday on Mount Calvary. This was the point of contention between Jesus and Paul who said there would be no Good Friday and took Jesus 14 years and the Bible to  prove that Paul was wrong. And the Bible is written in this way that the earth would finish

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after 4000 years, Adam and Eve and fill the earth with offspring Jesus as the Messiah and come down and corrected for any sin they had committed an eternity proper began with Adam and Eve and their offspring living happily after on earth. That is an incredible number of scenarios and very easily to get confused. It is now from within these possibilities that I am trying to write a blog on the justice of Jesus which initially at least seems to be to connected with water. Water is a fascinating topic and occurs at the start of the Bible and rears its head right through including at the very end. Two of those scenarios occur in the pathway of humanity in every method of salvation: existence in heaven and the destruction by Peter’s conflagration. In every case that morning which surrounded the earth in Day one is spread out throughout the universe on day two. But how much water was there and why was it spread out? What would ultimately happen to this water? Out of all the millions of compounds why was it water that was chosen? Why is there no sea in the new Jerusalem? Many people from many persuasions have struggled with these questions but with only very limited success. The answers probably lie within the questions and so a quick revision may start us on the right track.

The question of water comes up during Noah’s flood and other places such as the crossing of the red Sea and the Jordan but to me the event that practically KO’d me was the water in the Rock at Meribah. Here the number one and two leaders of Israel, Moses and Aaron were killed by God because they had struck the rock Meribah twice whereas in fact they were not supposed to strike it at all! This was not just a significant point in the lives of Moses and Aaron but of God’s people generally and lead to eternity. What happened on a three-dimensional scale of physical scale was that the Jewish people, God’s people were in the desert and dying from the heat. They already had picked up their favourite rocks with which they were stone Moses and Aaron if they did not produce the water they required very soon. Sure this was a serious situation, one that did not require the death of Moses by God at least although some justification could be seen the Jews killing him. Out of all the Prophets who walked on this earth none were closer to God. Moses was given the privilege of setting up the sacrificial system and the significance of each animal to be sacrificed. He was not just show on the first altar he was shown all seven and more importantly he knew the significance of each of the steps including the role of the water with which we now struggle. The stage of justice that I am in with Jesus in the tomb on that Sabbath night is that the third seal has been broken. That seal is one of seven that are to be broken by Jesus are on a scroll. This scroll has just been completed by Jesus and taken to God the Father in heaven where He has placed seven seals on it. The scroll that was taken heaven by Jesus has the names of 144 million [?] Who had just called, “accept!” In that 20 ns when shown Jesus on the cross. It was taken by the Christ, the Son of the Living God by Jesus, to where THE SON OF MAN just died on the cross. The Times involved here are in the nanosecond and can be mostly derived from the daily sacrifice. We must stop this point in the blog as this is where our problems stem from. The main one being that there was a separation water from blood when the Roman soldier pierced the side of Jesus but by the time in the tomb when the sacrifice was being made they had rejoined into one stream and thus careful reading of Luke is required.

The next time that we meet water which this time is made up of slurry of ash, the body of Jesus is at the highest level that sacrifices will be made on earth, the red heifer. To make a higher sacrifice, the bull we have to be IN THE THRONE ROOM OF GOD. So the Bible has taken us from the beginning, actually in day two right through into THE THRONE OF GOD. As with many of the subjects we have covered but at a shocking level of understanding.


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let me give a specific example that may occur in the situation, of Matthew 16 verse 19;’ I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. This is the act of confession and particularly me hearing your confession. The time is when the door of mercy is about to close and the last entrants are about to enter. There is a very long line of people wanting to enter heaven proper. Those in heaven already, the hundred and 44 million who were taken up at the time of the second coming have been given the role of making sure that no one enters who is not supposed to. Only one such person would be required and this is only a matter of time before that person started another rebellion which would require Jesus to come back to earth and do it all again. We are petrified at the responsibility that has been given us and we have to make sure that not one mistake is made. The door of mercy closes with the two witnesses, 1260 years after the second coming. The final procession begins when John and Elijah have been risen from the dead and their death closes the previous covenant. Many are going to claim that they should be in heaven that Jesus was wrong when He said to them, “go away from me, I never knew you!” And the role of sorting out these people has been given to me! There are two copies of agreements between God and us, one copy for each and there are two copies of the scroll or the roles of heaven of the hundred 44 million people who called, “accept!” When shown the cross on 14 – one – 3889. The heavenly copy was taken to heaven by Jesus as he called, “it is finished!” Humanities copy is still on earth and much has to be said about this copy and Satan will make sure any reference to it is ridiculed. But it is still there! It is the transfer of this copy that the third coming is about and the closing of the door of mercy. Our place in heaven is now a permanent one and both copies of the scroll are now in heaven once the door of mercy closes. No one else can cross from earth to heaven. It is for this purpose that the hundred 44,000 wise virgins have returned to earth with the two witnesses. We know that there are 144,000 wise virgins and if there are 144 million people going to heaven then each virgin is given a piece of paper with 1000 names on it. I am most anxious to have my name transferred from earth to heaven permanently. So I am not surprised the first hundred 44,000 people are carrying a sheet of paper with a thousand names on it and have no problem with learning the new song. They will cause no problem in the future with heaven.

It is when number 144,001 tries to enter. He/she does not carry any part of the scroll. But then again you cannot be excluded from heaven because you do not carry or you do carry a piece of paper. Pressure, pressure! Divine justice has already been sorted out in the third seal but which part of it do I apply now I cannot see one part of it that is applicable. Perhaps if I go back to Luke this will sorted out. Luke has basically two types of people, one group who follow John the Baptist and one group who follow Jesus. The problem is that both John the Baptist and Jesus use the same baptismal, water baptism and repentance and neither use baptism of the Holy Spirit and even if they did this next person in line has been baptised by the Holy Spirit. The seals that they have on their foreheads has been placed by God and now I have been given the task of reducing this person. No can do! Whether they can learn the new song or not we cannot reject someone with the seal of God. This is not the Holy Spirit that Jimmy Swaggart claims to give you and is actually a demon but this seal was placed by God. Perhaps if I look   Luke chapter 6, the Lord of the Sabbath; “one Sabbath Jesus was going through the grain fields, and the disciples began to pick some heads of grain, rub them in their hands and eat the kernels. Some of the Pharisees asked, “why are you doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath?” Jesus answered them, “have you never read what David did when he and his companions were hungry? He entered the house of God, and taking some of the consecrated bread., He ate what is lawful for the priests to eat. And he also gave some to his companions.” Then Jesus said to them, “Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath”. On another Sabbath as he went into the synagogue and was

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teaching, and a man was there whose right hand was shrivelled. The Pharisees and the teachers of the law were looking for a reason to accuse Jesus, so I watch him closely to see if he would heal on the Sabbath. But Jesus knew what they were thinking and said to the man with the swivel hand, “get up stand in front of everyone.” So he got up and stood there. Then Jesus said to them, “I ask you, which is lawful on the Sabbath: to do good or to do evil, to save life or to destroy it?”

One reason why this person could not learn the new song because it included the role of the Sabbath in their lives. Were you there and why not on that first Sabbath after the cross when Jesus was laid down in his tomb. It was a time when the question was answered, “to save life” but unfortunately the second part of the sentence applied, “to destroy it”. Clearly this person was not there and the question has to be answered as to why not? If the answer is, “there is nothing special about the Sabbath and that is the reason they were not there”, then the answer is self explanatory. Only those who were present in the grave with Jesus became a part of the offering. As the blood and water drops from this roof every soul was presented but you had to be there. For JK only his name and serial number were given but it was the actions of Jesus that were presented and the only reason why JK was accepted. It is the any reason why his name will finish up into heaven particularly after the door of mercy closes. So what else happens the number one 44,001 other than feeling embarrassed? Surely the Sabbath cannot be the end all of salvation?


As we are seeking perfect justice to hand the case back to Jesus under the third seal and the book of Luke where we get the inside running on the significance of the Sabbath. The chapters involved are five and six. Jesus is addressing three situations where the transgression varies from least to most. He begins with the issue of fasting. This was a very important issue in the lives of the Pharisees and a divine institution. But it had a reason for it. They were to keep it when the bridegroom was away and that was nearly 4000 years. But right now bridegroom was there and they did not keep it during this time. Jesus seems to imply there would be times again in the future when he would be absent when they would fast again. I do not know what these times would be and therefore fasting would again become significant. I have never voluntarily fasted and probably suffer ill health because of it. The next issue is far more direct and involves David. When God looked at David he looked at the best person to become king and David behaved as expected for a while. David was also the depths of depravity and the reason why the Jews did not need a king, who was a real disaster. I cannot remember when David entered the temple to take the holy bread which was only supposed to be eaten by the priests whether he was on a spree of murder and robbery but whatever the case David knew what he was doing was wrong but there was a necessity for it. He may not have been a priest but he was a king. There was a necessity for it and I would use the example of parents having to look after their children or their parents older, and behaviour differently on the Sabbath to when these siblings were not present. Their behaviour is governed by the situation. And now we get to the nitty-gritty of the Sabbath.

Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath and He is the one who instigated this Ordinance. He is the one who placed its blessings around it and its punishments for not keeping it. He is the one who is adding an extra dimension to it and that is, “I ask you, which is lawful on the Sabbath: to do good or to do evil, to save life or to destroy it?” And for the Sabbath after Jesus was taken from across, 14 going on 15 day of January it was life eternal that was added to the hundred and 44 million souls. It was in that tomb of Joseph that the redeemed of eternity at their first meeting, 15 – 01 – 3889. We will also

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have a meeting on 15 – 01 – 01 in the new universe where we will seem to forget that it is the Sabbath and rush around madly building huts out of branches to commemorate places where we had spent time. This now is the end of the road and we only have to enter the Most Holy Place and within the presence of God and the holy Trinity. The overwhelming percentage of people will experience death from this holy Sabbath and only those who are called, “accept!” Are going to be the tenants eternity.


The major issues seem to have been settled and this time begin commentary on Luke. Or have they? It does concern the third seal which is a commentary on the justice and only involves water and not blood. How can it not involve the blood when we are getting ready to go to heaven? They were certainly mixed, blood and water by the time they arrived in Joseph’s tomb where we were waiting for them. Surely we have to keep in mind that Good Friday on Mount Calvary will occur and it will be at that point that we bring it into text. The secret of Mount Calvary was revealed by God the Father to Peter and confirmed to all the apostles in the last part of the Ministry of Jesus. He told the apostles not to tell anyone about it even the evangelist Luke did not know along with everybody else. There is little point in searching for this demarcation in Luke as even Peter had no ideas what was going on. It was indeed the great secret. But events were being looked after on a heavenly scale and though I knew what Good Friday was about including Peter and this was anticipated to be the case and Moses and Elijah were picked to take our place. It was not over their heads. It was the daily sacrifice that pointed to Good Friday and this day began at 6 PM on Thursday night with the Lord’s supper. It could have gone either way until 10 PM when Jesus made the declaration, “I AM HE!” He was the Christ, the Son of the Living God. And it was here that death occurred of the Passover lamb from here onwards the mock trial that began was that of the Son of Man. Calvary did not have to start at 9 AM of Good Friday. It was purely Son of Man that Jesus was on the cross for. This period that last for six hours and it was as Son of Man that Jesus handed the scroll and to God the Father in heaven with all that audience awaiting and then as Son of Man Jesus died. “It is finished!” It was at this point that Christ, the Son of the living God took over. It is no wonder nobody understood what was happening at the time. But these events are recorded in Luke without subheadings as the question of that person who tried to join the line inside of the door a mercy closing. Number 144,001. And the admonition of the third seal applies, “and do not damage the oil and the wine.” Keep in mind we are dealing with people who have been sealed by the Holy Spirit by God Himself, they must have some worth and value cannot be wasted. There is going to be real art and blending in Good Friday and not tell anyone about it until the very end. With the subject matter changing so rapidly I think I will go back and stick with the text.


This date is significant for two reasons;; first it is the birthday of my stroke and second it is six months since the end of my court case for which I still await a verdict/judgement. Orange City Council compulsory acquired my property and this was the court case which resulted. I will publish such notes every six months until this judgement is given. I have to be careful not to commit contempt of court but waiting for a judgement cannot be the case. My first year of the sickness has been awful at times but with my beautiful wife she survived it. I have known for some time now that my blogging days are going to finish and this sickness has greatly weakened me. I am scared witless from having another stroke and and not much use to the Lord who no doubt will replace me. I have

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come to the end of my tether on at least six subjects which I will list now topics involved; the nature of Jesus Christ , gravity/time, when did Good Friday begin, was it 9 AM on Good Friday or 10 PM the previous night? The involvement of quantum mechanics, the Day of Atonement, my good friend the apostle Peter and the others I cannot think of at this moment. Some of these questions may not be answered by anyone as they are too difficult but the others and the answer will be given to whoever takes my place and a greatly privileged person who ever that is.

Obviously the Bible is based on the nature of Jesus Christ and the text that I use is Matthew 16 verse 13-28. Without at least some understanding of this text there is little use in proceeding. It is the answer that Peter gives to Jesus, the Son of Man. “But what about you?” He asked. “Who do you say I am?” Simon Peter answered,” you are the Christ, Son of the living God”. Right now Jesus is addressing Peter and vice versa Jesus is present as (1) Son of Man and simultaneously present as(2) Christ, Son of the living God. Two identities are present in one God. This cannot be compared to man, who is a spiritual soul and which is laid a three-dimensional body. But the 3D and the 4D bodies have been created but neither is true for God. In my present malaise my mind passed from 3D into 4D and I was surprised how nasty that 4D person was. It was Jesus Christ, both one and two members who would suffer many things at the hands of chief priest and teachers of the law but would both members have to be killed to rise to life on the third day? Peter could never see this happening and it was the devil that was blocking his vision. Verse 24 to 26 again apply to Jesus Christ. But verse 27 applies to the Son of Man. What Has Happened to Christ, Son of God? This is what we must try to understand on what happened on Mount Calvary that day.

According to the daily sacrifice what happened was there were two deaths of the Passover lamb each and every day. One lamb died at 9 AM and the other died at 3 PM. How much OT can be transferred to the new Testament? And when we try to follow the story of chapter 4 we find that one sitting on the throne as a scroll with seven seals on it. I think that this scroll has just been brought up to heaven by Jesus, the Son of Man and left with God the Father. It is a scroll with 144 million names on it and the inhabitants of eternal heaven. It must have received seven seals on it which would have to be broken before these inhabitants were allowed into heaven. In a fraction of the second of leaving that scroll Jesus return to earth and died. “It is finished!” But where was Christ, the Son of God all this time and ever since 10 PM on Thursday night in Gethsemane? He certainly made a brief appearance and revealed his divinity during this time. “I am HE!” It is those hours from 10 PM that we must try to construct.


It was at this point that I try to publish this blog but nothing happened. I tried everything when knew and when this did not help I concluded that the system crashed in its entirety and that was the end of my blogging career. My lovely daughter Mel concluded differently and she told me the system had rebooted itself but had lost the file with passwords and that is why I could not access anything. I tried to follow how she recovered it but I can only accept the finished product for which I am grateful. I concluded that the reason why this blog could not be published was because the Lord had now given it to other people or may be He requires you to read the Bible yourself and see what conclusions you draw on these matters. I am still going to type away in the background to see how it compares with your conclusions. How bad it is getting in my brain that I think that I have a two way deal for Lord. Providing I go through a purification period HE would show me a correlation in time between the Daily Sacrifice and what happened on Good Friday something which has happened. There may not be many who believe that but I do. The second part of the deal was that I would be

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released from this Satanic contact, Job’s journey when I published the results. Here I was ready to do so when the Internet failed and I could not do it. The Lord would not hold this against me and would release me anyway. To prove this I tried to walk down the end of the street and this was a long way from success. I feel into this demonic hold in a fraction of a second but to get out of it would require time and loving attention from my angel. She has already organised Pilates lessons for both of us so that something is being done. In the meantime it is back to publishing while possible.

That critical question as to who Jesus Christ was on the cross? What did the Christ, the Son OF THE LIVING GOD do after he revealed himself in Gethsemane 10 PM on Thursday night before Good Friday? Did he just sit back and relax and wait for 3 PM on 14 – 01 – 3889 when He would be required TO BE IN THE THRONE OF GOD to take the scroll from the hand of God and open its seals? Or was he really building a second seat on the throne in heaven, for dual occupancy, for the eternities to come? The last part of my dreaded walk with Satan seems to be that I have become deaf and even though I can read words sentences are very difficult. Following as follows is what I remember from previously going through Revelation. The first part I found stunningly difficult to understand and still do in that when Jesus arrives IN THE THRONE ROOM it is noted that He has become wordy to take the scroll. I can only conclude that before this time he was unworthily so what has he done to become worthy? A second inconsistency which I have strongly supported is that He has washed us by the blood of the Passover lamb. “We have been washed by his blood”. By the time that the blood was released by the Roman spear at 4 PM Jesus had already been to hell and we had no sins to forgive! This will take a few sessions to clarify as only the logic and language of a simple mind can be used but any time spent on the cross can only be helpful.

The only thing that the Christ, the Son of the Living God could not do on that Good Friday was that HE could not die and that is because He was the Son of the Living God. This meant that he could not be involved in accepting any sins because the price of sin is death. He went through the rest of the horror and injustice of that dreadful day including shedding of blood. That blood that was shed belonged to the Son of God and to the Son of Man. Am I certain of my place in heaven? The blood that was being offered was first spilled at 4 PM but may not have arrived in the tomb of Joseph until some hours later but it was composed of none other than blood belonging to the Son of God and also to the Son of Man. Could it be rejected along with what was being offered by God? Impossible! Yes my body was there but the humanity of Jesus was blocking its appearance. It was all concerning Jesus and it was all concerning the Christ and at the impossibility that it was rejected. We have already come into one example of this happening. We had no problem counting in 144,000 wise virgins back into heaven but the problem arose with number 144,001 when a red light came on. This person did have the seal of God, Holy Spirit, on his forehead and was trying to get into heaven but we refer the matter onto the judge and he passed the verdict back to us; “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” We have nothing personal about this person just history. If he is allowed into heaven and has not experienced the monumental events that occurred on the Sabbath after Good Friday, and we follow the example of Satan it will only be a very short time before there is another rebellion in heaven and Jesus will have to go through it all again. It is because we are petrified of this happening again that our reply is thumbs down! The situation of the nature of Jesus in heaven is indeed complex and will require more study.

The one thing it cannot be extended to is the sacrifice of the red heifer. It was a red heifer and not a Passover lamb. It occurred much later in time and most importantly it did not involve blood. Good

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Friday was all about blood. The red heifer involved many sins which I take to be 70 trillion and all the sins and it was compulsory for me to push Jesus into the fire. The fire chemistry was very similar to that of Good Friday but why was there no blood involved? There was water and ash involved but no blood? Why is this compulsory for me to push Jesus into the fire? The implication certainly is if I don’t do it I will not be able to enter INTO THE THRONE ROOM FOR GOD. Nor will anybody else. There are two sacrifices in the existence of the world; Good Friday on Mount Calvary and the Day of Atonement in the garden of Eden. One is halfway through time and the other is at the end of time and does not involve blood, not that of Jesus anyway. It does involve a pile of sin, any sin that is left over after the fires of hell have been extinguished. Only Son of Man, the Creator himself is involved in this cleanup and if he doesn’t go through it we cannot enter into THE THRONE OF GOD to begin eternity it self. The Bible is calls this “bruising of the heel of Eves seed.” Much more than this happens on this time and we have already looked at it, but why no blood? The blood has already performed its role on Good Friday when that soldier open side of Jesus with his spear. It went on to determine on which side of the door of mercy you would be on where the closed when the two witnesses came down. They question has already been determined and is not up for discussion now. The remaining sin is up for discussion and it will be taken to hell by the Creator himself. Yes, a certain amount of that sin was mine but the question whether I go to heaven or not has been answered and it took blood of Jesus to answer it. The only issue left over after the Day of Atonement is the wrath of God and any evil will be thrown into the wine press of God’s wrath and out of it will come blood cover and distance of some 200 miles and the width and depth is also given. Again subjects studied individually earlier.

Was Christ involved in the hours of darkness from noon to 3 PM? I think so. In the first hours of darkness from 6 PM to 6 AM the first day of creation when time came into existence these were hours of total darkness and the first preliminary conditional time and this daily sacrifice would last until Good Friday at 12 noon on Mount Calvary. This was the manufacture of permanent time but it was not a time of the total darkness and people could still walk around and cheer and sneer at Jesus. This was one thing that the Christ did that made him worthy of taking the scroll and allowing people into eternity which is what the seven seals are about. One of the questions asked was when did Good Friday start? Was it at 10 PM in Gethsemane or 9 AM on Good Friday morning. Obviously Good Friday start at at 10 PM and Gethsemane.

The issues regarding gravity and time. If gravity is about a beam of light and how does it attract different objects in different places at different rates? All are swimming in a sea of gravity! It is best to start in the first three days of creation when there was only one object: the earth surrounded by water and the only thing the gravity could work on. The light/gravity soaked into both the earth and the water. But how did this give this gravity? Lighting is energy and the earth was matter and these two can react in two ways: the light can work on the matter and the matter can work on the energy. Two known ways that the energy can change but there may have been another one or more. The amplitude of the energy can change and so can the frequency and as I know of none other I am going to use frequency. As the waves entered this matter and push their way through they got squashed up the further they had to push and I called gravity the squashing up of these waves. The more squashed the greater their attraction. Icebergs there were hundreds of miles high and probably even thousands of miles began to collapse on themselves and the squashing continued when the whole planet was surrounded by water. Further squashing generated the earth’s internal heat to result in something we have today. The heat did not become so great as to generate a

Day 10

nuclear reaction. All that could happen in one day but what about the day 4 and all those other


During a recent break from blogging I turned on the TV for my beloved wife and we both watched sky television and Andrew Bolt. My wife became most aggressive and started calling, “he can’t do that”! To me it was a far deeper meaning of what has happened. A group of doctors or maybe specialists had been invited on the show and Andrew thought they were here to sing the praises of the medical profession. When they mentioned thalidomide and that they were not perfect he kicked them off. They weren’t here to tell us the truth that in fact prescription medicine has not made one, not one medication that has no side effects! Include aspirin and Panadol in that list. She has had a badly retarded child handed to her by a drunk paediatrician and now life of our light, Mel, very nearly died of vaccination. Hundreds of other bad reactions where we would have been better off staying away from medication. My recent high blood pressure is a perfect example and the only way the body can get rid of that is by developing ulcers which burst to carry the poison away. For Bolt to defend an error-free medical profession is just one of the many lies he tells.

For me the issue begins at Martin Luther and why his solution to the Jewish problem was genocide. Kill every single one of them and anyone that you miss will fester again and bring the same problems. Luther did not see the bombing of the twin towers and the attempt to rule the world began with Afghanistan. Just because they failed after 20 years does not mean they have given up. Why not go back one step from Afghanistan and the twin towers here we come to the crash of the financial system. Why not try this one again? It won’t lead to worldwide dominance but dominance of the few country will suffice. Luther did not see any of this. What he saw was how Christianity could survive and not be destroyed and the answer was genocide! Looking the bigger picture some 500 years later I can understand why his solution was genocide. What the Jews have going in their favour is they are dealing with a lot of brainless sheep who walk around with their sleeves cut off and asking to be locked up and vaccinated. They will not vote for any party that refuses to do this to them LIKE ONE NATION or Craig Kelly. They deserve what they are about to get! If the first stage is turning off the Internet and the collapse of the banking system and other essential services than my beautiful wife and myself will also succumb. We will not come online again if the condition is you have to vaccinate. But where in the Bible do we get a warning? Where do we start counting 45 days till the appearance of Jesus? If the crash is tomorrow then start from there but where is it in the Bible? Where is the bit that Jerusalem is going to be pulverised? To be able to answer this question one would have to know which parts of the Bible are symbolic and which parts are literal and I make no claim to know either. My endeavour has been to learn more about the Bible and what it might say about future events. In the process my confidence in Jesus Christ has increased and I know that He will never fail me. I will continue to return to the text especially the Gospels as long as I can but first probably my last digression is back to Genesis and gravity.


Every structure from small to large, from a cell to a sun has surfaces through which gravity waves can enter. They will travel through the structure and depart out of the other end. If this is the case that there must be a point where there is a maximum concentration of waves. This point is called THE CENTRE OF GRAVITY and everything has a centre of gravity. This is the point where all the weight is focused, a balance point. This gravity point does not even have to be within the structure itself but depending on the shape of the structure it may be outside. This would be the case of a car tire, there would be a maximum flux of gravity waves which had entered into the tire and were going

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to leave through the departure point in the opposite end of the tire. Every part of the tire would exhibit a weight but the centre of gravity would be outside. I too have a centre of gravity which I take to be the bellybutton but I have not yet tried to balance on a pinhead.

Question of interest that arises is what happens to the gravity waves at the focal point and even once they are inside our body or in the cell? Each part of the body exhibits and force down or weight which maximises at the point of gravity. To answer this question you would have to read the section on gravity waves in your physics book. Chapter 1 is on short wavelengths the UV region. Chapter 2 is on visible wavelengths from blue to red. Chapter 3 is on the IR region. But no chapter on gravity waves! What part of them is consumed would depend on how much energy would be required to tweak those S orbitals and P and D and an F. There are other requirements which may require this level of energy and if so its supply is endless. So is the level of energy limited and much still has to be said about electromagnetism, magnetism and electricity.

Returning briefly to last day events and particularly 45 days before the coming of the Lord. I still maintain that on this day Jerusalem will be pulverised and particularly the existing temple area. In Daniel chapter 12 where these events are recorded this event is preceded by 1290 days. 1290+45 gives a total of 1335 days. There could not be a better or distinct marker than this chapter of each of the synoptic gospels. Not only is it significant to the Jews who have placed all the trust in earthly possessions, they now have nothing and some will return to God, to Jesus Christ. It is a turning point Christians who have been persecuted by the Jews and in a big way and who now find they have to forgive and readmit these Jews. If the event that is being described as a coronavirus then whereabouts in this journey of 1290 days are we had now? In Australia the events seem to have started in 2020 and that would be 1000 days ago with still 290 days ago or about this time next year. If compulsory vaccination becomes the issue then Christianity still has a lot to go through in these times. Certainly much has happened and has nearly happened during this time when Satan will attempt to make a human hybrid. For America it is a one-way trip. Their cup of mercy has long closed and it has become a one-way trip and that is down. They have most of the rich who will not allow their billion-dollar accounts to be used for Social Security like helping those who help make these fortunes. Like King David who used the common person to fight his wars and a mass a fortune mostly in gold. It is the Christian who will stand up against the Jew and by the will of God be soundly defeated. Only 288,000 Christians will be left behind and of those hundred 44,000 will be wise virgins. If these side-effects of the vaccine are turned on then most of the elderly and disabled will die, those who are non-productive. This heavy loss of Christian life will be most disheartening but it is the will of God. But the shorter the 1290 day period becomes the more enlightened we will become. If we see the goal and focus on Jesus there should be no problem. No doubt we will return to this topic many times if possible but we must finish Luke first.


Justice is one of the attributes of God and of perfection. Satan has judged that to destroy the concept of justice can best be done by the eternal fires of hell. Here we have people who have been given the free will to accept God or reject him but the rejection option is accompanied by, “if you reject God you will be thrown into the fires of hell for the eternity to come”. Most people would reject this as an absurdity but there are some who would be frightened into accepting God. Better to having to spend odd days in worship than to burn all the time! This is the option that most ministries, especially American-based, preach today and including Jimmy Swaggart ministries. It is

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Satan at his best and I have already spent considerable time in debunking this clanger. But the book of Luke is much more thorough on this subject. It gives us the breather we need to have from Mount Calvary where the water and the blood from the side of Jesus separated momentarily but certainly had mixed by the time the two arrived in the tomb.

We have just spent an in-depth look at gravity, about half a page and the application of the centre of gravity and the other half page. Real in-depth science! We did not define gravity either as a torsional force or compression or stretching force. Pretty well by definition it is a compression force in the secular science today but its use in the spiritual dimension, 4D, it is a lot more obvious and it is to this point that I want to return. The fact that Jesus was prepared to undergo the daily sacrifice each day was the ultimate act of love and to bring people to Him. The height of compression. But those 12 hours of darkness were followed by 12 hours of light which is a sequence I want to look at now. Jesus, is this as Son of Man or as Christ the Son of the Living God? Who is this Jesus Who creates time albeit as provisional time? Then at 6 AM light is ordered into existence, the Christ appears and we have the complete Jesus Christ. I now want to look at the comparison of this to Mount Calvary where it happened in the opposite order: there were three hours of light first and then there was three hours of darkness. In Genesis it was 12 hours of darkness and then 12 hours of light. As I sat down to do this comparison I had more than 20 points to but now strangely that list has decreased to 1, it exists and prayerfully the comparison will increase with I daresay time. The problem is it is such a broad subject. It has a one line clincher which evades me at present. Why Jesus create only temporary time in Genesis but real-time, permanent time on Mount Calvary? Is it because it is Jesus alone who is involved in the darkness of the first day but in the darkness of Mount Calvary it is both Jesus and Christ? In Genesis the time being created resulting in perfect darkness but the darkness on Mount Calvary people could still walk around and jeer and sneer at Jesus on the cross? But why did the Christ, the light or the hours of light from 9 AM to noon come before the darkness and opposites to what happened in Genesis? We have to remember that the Christ was the Son of the living God and therefore could not be involved with sin. Sin only became a problem on Good Friday and not involved in the initial Genesis story. This certainly has to be one of the points of discussion. 19 to go! So time, would only be conditional and that would be that somebody accepted it and with no response it would disappear. What would happen to the light, the Christ under these conditions? Was it also conditional with nobody around and nobody to see the daily sacrifice taking place? All creation was conditional and relied on the fact there was someone to accept it. On Good Friday this check was immediately made when the scroll was assembled: there were 144 million souls who accepted and whose names went onto a scroll. This was permanent creation and a permanent scroll. That person who is number 144,001 is now starting to appear as a problem. What is divine justice going to do?


In my travel through time I reserve the right for a break for an intermission. I take this break at the end of the old Testament and the beginning of the new Testament. The old Testament tells me there is no Mount Calvary and if you want to argue that you will have to do it with Jesus who knows everything including every atomic and subatomic particle and Paul who is very fluent with the old Testament. The point in time I finish at is Matthew 16: 16. This is a divine revelation from God the Father to the apostle Peter who will not believe it despite intensive training until he sees Jesus walked through the door on the Resurrection Sunday morning. I am one very sure ground to take the stance of no Mount Calvary until this time. There is Jesus Christ since the first day of creation and and will continue through tribe through the Day of Atonement and into eternity. The Jesus side

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of the story is that intermittent time will exist for ever because Jesus is prepared to die on the cross to generate a 24-hour timeslot that we can exist in. This is not consistent with a scapegoat being pushed over a cliff and taking six hours to meet its death as it tumbles down the cliff. This not necessarily defines Mount Calvary but it does redefine the Day of Atonement. Even if this occurred on Mount Calvary it does not Good Friday on Mount Calvary. There is no such thing. The Christ appeared as the first light of the first day and this part will stand for eternity. The light then generated, gravity will stand for ever but the time generated is only intermittent and casual and dependent on Jesus wanting to go through this exercise every single day.

The first sin/sins ever committed were committed by Satan and some of the angelic host. They were intentional sins and the angelic host had plenty of time to change their mind. This was also the case with Adam but not the case with Eve as her sin was judged to be unintentional. Satan is responsible for unintentional sin and God announced his punishment when the first sin occurred. He would have his head crushed by Eve seed who in return would have their heel bruised. Although this was the original Day of Atonement it was soon to be altered by Melchizedek in the presence of Abraham. The Day of Atonement would now cover intentional and unintentional sin. This was the day of Atonement that it written up in the old Testament and the one that Jesus came down to fulfil. There is no mention of Good Friday amount Calvary in the old Testament and it was a mistake to think that the events of Mount Sinai pointed to this period they did point to the fact that the mountain shook when God was speaking and the people were petrified in what could happen. They wanted to appoint a leader, Moses (and Elijah?) To speak for them and then tell them what the results would be. This was going to happen in the Transfiguration. There would be major changes to these characters in the cross of Good Friday and certainly going beyond to the door of mercy closing. The fact that Eve would not be held responsible for her sins was because she was created a sinless being and didn’t know what sin was and even when she tripped over it! So it appears as there was no reason for Good Friday on Mount Calvary as all the problems had been sorted out by the Day of Atonement. So what does it mean that Good Friday on on Mount Calvary did occur? Sin did not exist either as intentional or unintentional sin. Satan had been destroyed eight days before the Day of Atonement actually took place. No one knew that there would be such a day! How could it be missed? Was the Scripture incomplete? Why include something that was not going to happen? All this is, for want of a more technical term, bewildering stuff! Gethsemane?

Whether it is my 3D brain or 4 D brain that is operating now they are starting to tire so I will digress for a little while. I think I’d know something about Peter and he is by role model but I would like to do something about Matthew at least to the same extent and why he was given the privilege of writing the first gospel. Peter was the one to whom God revealed this marvellous privilege of the Christ. He was the one that Jesus asked to throw his net into the deepwater, and how deep was it? It netted the first two human beings, Adam and Eve and probably Abel. Then there were many names added to give a total of 144 million inhabitants of the heavens (I think). What a privileged person! Privileged enough to take the position of the second witness when Moses had failed but so did Peter. That position was taken by the apostle John. The encouragement given by Peter is that despite the falls he still came through and that is the hope in my life!


During my break in the history of time in both old and new Testaments I return to the Gospel of Luke only to find what I am leaving – time. I have found from the gospel so far that it is concerned about


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two groups of people, Jews and Christians. The Jews as represented by John the Baptist and Christians as represented by Jesus. Their early history and how John the Baptist prepares for Jesus. The genealogy of Jesus is of most importance and points to the Jesus who is Eve seed who will crush the head of Satan and have his heel bruised. This will lead to the Day of Atonement. Satan’s intention is shown and will have to be rejected and destroyed. The people who Jesus had specifically come down to save, the Nazirites Jesus was a Nazirite but his own tried to kill him and rejected him. Thus we have the introduction of Elijah when he was on earth he only saves Naaman the Syrian. Elijah also only saves a widow in the region of Sidon. The Ministry of Jesus as a Nazirite turned out to be totally different. His ministry against Satan is one we are trying to follow and begins with a high-powered Demon who does not want to leave this man who is possessed by a demon. The healing of Simon’s mother-in-law and of the demons who know that Jesus is the Son of God, he was the Christ indicates something but I cannot remember what. The calling of the first disciples including Peter is a story of its own and goes on to be the major theme of the Ministry. It is the healing of the man with leprosy and the paralytic in some way related to the calling of Levi? And the question of fasting Jesus tells them that the bridegroom is here. And then we come to the heart of the matter where Jesus addresses his right to change the scope of the Sabbath Day. He created the original Sabbath and he alone is allowed to change it. So how different is this new Sabbath going to be to the original? The original Sabbath was one day and seven had to be set aside by man in order to leave a channel of communication with God. The penalty for desecrating it was death but the reward for keeping it was blessings given by God. Not one of the 10 Commandments is done away in the new Testament including Sabbath keeping. This was the compulsory keeping of one day in seven.

The scope of the new Sabbath increased to 7 out of seven. It was not compulsory to give God any day because we are in his presence every day. Inside the throne of God seven days out of seven. This is the carrot but there is also a stick. It is entirely voluntary but those who do not wish to do so just will not be there! Options are therefore to give life or to give death. Those who chose to take the live option went through a major initiation ceremony, all 144 million of them! The one that is trying to tag on the end of the line, 144,001 was not there at the ceremony. By not being there they chose the death option and the final decision for inclusion or exclusion is given to the saints of heaven. So how sacred was that initiation ceremony that followed the cross of Good Friday and constituted the first Sabbath of Jesus in the grave?

First of all you have to be there and there were hundred 44 million of them (?).  To be there your name had to be on the scroll that was taken to heaven by Jesus at 3 PM on Good Friday. To get your name on the scroll you had to have called, “accept!” When shown Jesus being brutalised on his cross. When that first seal was broken by Christ in heaven it released the writers behind the white horse who rode down to earth and were present as part of the worshipping army of the burnt offering between 3 PM and 4 PM. Following Jesus when his side was opened up by that Roman spear into Joseph’s tomb was the second requirement. By this stage the blood OF THE HIGH PRIEST which had recombined with the water from his side was entering the tomb and dropping onto the Ark of the Covenant. Each individual soul, all hundred 44 million of them was then presented before God and asked whether they would be accepted into eternity. We had to have been accepted by God and at this stage by Christ as by this stage He also occupied the throne. Much water has to have passed under this new bridge for this to have happened. So the new plan is outlined in chapter 6 of Luke so is it where the gospel of Good Friday begins? Does Jesus have to compulsory walk to Gethsemane and onto Good Friday and onto that new Sabbath where this is going to take place? If I answer yes

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that’s settled the question but if this leaves Jesus with the option of not going ahead and just going to the Day of Atonement as originally planned then Luke remains as a synoptic gospel. I choose to keep Luke as one of the three synoptic gospels and only John is different.

So in Luke we retain the original plan but the option of Good Friday on Calvary does remain. Having stated the mission Jesus now chooses 12 apostles to carry it out. Getting ready involves the stating of the blessings and the woes and the teachings involved apply to both Calvary and Atonement. But what significance do this teaching have in both Good Friday and Mount Calvary and the Day Of Atonement?


When Jesus met Paul to have that 14 year tutorial on whether Good Friday on Calvary was mentioned in the old Testament or not he simply should have told Paul, “Paul, having you read Daniel 9: 24 – 27?” And the best and Christian church can do today on the topic of Good Friday on Mount Calvary is to take out the 70 the last seven. The midpoint of the seven is 14 – 01 – 389 or Good Friday and that leaves us with 3 ½ year tutorial on either side of this. If we go back and another 69 sevens we find the decree that is required for the rebuilding of the temple/city whichever way we go it is different in the Bible. But something major does occur 69 lots of seven (490-7 or 483 years before). Jesus does not take this into account and Paul knows that what is really referred to as the Day of Atonement. Three of the four Gospels say this is going to happen, including Luke which is the line I have taken, they are the synoptic gospels and time is supposed to have finished 2000 years ago. No one knew that Good Friday on Mount Calvary would occur as far as Matthew 16:16. Jesus specifically told his disciples not to tell anyone and even not one of them knew what was going on including Peter. This has already been factored in by sending our representative, Moses and Elijah who would stand in and tell us the results. Of the 14 billion souls that were present on the mountain that day 144 million accepted what Jesus was doing for them. This happened after Jesus had changed his mind in Gethsemane. Fascinating reading indeed! Luke is written on the ground that it is a synoptic gospel and the place we are heading as a Day of Atonement until we are told differently. The difference interpretation placed on the Sabbath may or may not be required depending on what happens in Gethsemane.

Another interesting aspect of Luke that may or may not be required is attempting of Jesus for 40 days in the desert. Satan for the most part does not want you to know that he exists that alone the incredible power that he has. He has the power and the rights of the firstborn which are only just short of what Jesus has. When you add on top of this the power and the rights that Adam gave him in that rebellion the rights and power of Satan are frightening and the requests that he made of Jesus in the desert are well-founded. It should be quite interesting to see them followed through to the end especially the one where Jesus is asked to jump from a high place. Even a simple mind boggles at the implications and we cannot go wrong in revisiting Daniel chapter 9 and verse 24 – 27. Jesus does not balk at the power that Satan has been given but attacks that power at its source. The problem with a simple mind attacking a problem is that it does not realise the depth and scale of the problem. My response to such attacks is that, it is in the Bible and every word there is there to teach me and correct me! What about the question of gravity? Should that be left in abeyance or treated as a critical part of creation? Am I wasting my time in trying to correlate the relationship between matter and energy, mass and gravity waves to that part of creation called electricity and magnetism? When I was in industry we could measure a nanogram accurately but I don’t know at what stage

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they are at now. They say they can measure the weight of atomic particles which is a very small mass indeed so that these particles are also reaction with gravity waves. The only reactions I can think of is that of resonance, by absorbing these gravity waves and causing them to vibrate more rapidly. There is a big gap between that and electricity and magnetism. And the gap could be so large it is a waste of time even thinking about! First it might be an idea to get a correlation between resonance and weight? An an excited vibrating mass having an effect on a neighbouring particle.

The teaching that is present between Luke chapter 6 and seven you would think would be applicable to people who are about to enter eternity. Love your enemies, there will be none, judging others, the tree and its fruit and the foolish and wise builders are all a part of eternity. The faith of the Centurion with which the widow’s son will be raised into eternity but it is the interaction between Jesus and John the Baptist that is of interest.


Keeping in mind the sign of the times and it is a time when Christian persecution is about to begin. These times have been foretold in the Bible and every gram of preparation will be of help. If prepared we will welcome these times and within them is a marker of 45 days when the temple of Jerusalem will be pulverised. Along with it will go the country of Israel and the turning of the Jews to Christianity. What difference will make if you now believe in evolution where the most complex and intricate of structures have just evolved and appeared out of nothing or I can show you some of the beauty that is in the Gospel of Luke? What difference will make and you believe without knowing what time is all that it can just evolved out of nothing to knowing something more about the Gospel of John? What difference will it make if you don’t believe you have a soul to showing you some of the history of that soul? What difference will it make to showing you the difference between heaven and hell? I was going to go into a major splurge to tell you what the Heisenberg principle tells you about electricity but what value is it if you are about to get everything you own to be taken away from you and left behind like a shag on a rock! If this is the last tribulation that the church is about to go through than the 10 virgins will wake up and half will be wise and the other half foolish but the shocking number that the Bible tells us is that 144,000 will be wise and 144,000 will be foolish. The rest of Christianity will be killed! Only a book like the Bible can make such prophecies! I have looked at these prophecies before and will go back to them in terms of the Gospels. They are not pretty times except if you are taken to heaven in the meantime! If I am still sitting here in 12 to 24 months then I will gladly backtrack to the position of the sun and the earth, and Heisenberg and the many other earthly concepts from Genesis.

Before leaving them alone for a substantial time I would first like to correct a couple of misconceptions of these times.[In my golfing days with Ken Duff we spent a lot of time on the book, “a brief history of Time” by Stephen Hawking’s. Ken took the view that the Heisenberg uncertainty principle dealt with position and momentum for any particle and that both could not be known. I followed the line of Hawking’s that it was position and energy that were being considered without knowing what I was doing except his reputation would not allow such an error. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that you cannot know the position of a particle, usually an electron and its momentum simultaneously which is the position that Ken took. And he is right because once you know where an electron is, its position and you were to know its momentum, its mass and speed then you would know a path it was going to take – an orbital . The best chance we have of finding the electron is a 90% chance and we call this an orbital but we do not know its exact position.! The opposite applies that if we know its momentum and we know where it is. Your electricity bill does

Page 17

not have a list of momentum of electricity, kilograms times metres and divided by time. If your next bill does have these I accept credit! In your electricity bill you are charged for energy or power, Joules or Watts. Any energy is made up of two components; intensity factor times quality factor. The quality factor is momentum and the intensity factor is velocity. Thus we have mass times velocity times velocity. I don’t know where they get the two from to get ½ m v squared.

From this program I gathered there was already a lot of animosity towards Christians but that is not hate certainly in not enough to go out and kill them which is what is going to happen in the great tribulation. Today only Islam would carry that animosity and hate towards Christians and a lot of that is justified. Everybody who wants can be called Christian but unfortunately there is a sieving process coming and it is called the Great Tribulation and most people today do not realise how extensive it is going to be. Many people are going to die for the name of Jesus who unfortunately will still be on the wrong side of the door of mercy when it closes shut. The judges will be particularly harsh and they will be backed up by Jesus himself.

When Jesus created the world some 6000 years ago it was always going to be a one-way production. The Holy Trinity was split into three and it would remain split forever and never to return to the original triune God. There was always a correction for a intentional sin and this correction was spelled-out to Eve on the day that she sinned. There was never going to be Jesus hanging on the cross of Good Friday, there was never going to be people living in the Most Holy Place. What must have surprised even Jesus Himself was the speed which evil took over the first world and Jesus had no choice but to destroy the whole world by Noah’s flood. But why did evil gained such a foothold in those days? It was the height from which it fell. Adam and Eve were not perfect but only a shade short from it and they knew Genesis backwards. All this stuff about the fourth and third dimension and their joining together. Movement within them and all the stuff we are struggling with now was common knowledge to them particularly of quantum mechanics. When they abuse their subject matter there was much that they had to abuse from. There seemed to be a sexual relationship between man and angels which in those days had both a body and soul. Many were to go and lose their body at the time of Jesus when they were drowned in that like but the damage had been told. The relationship seemed to have been extended to animals as many animals were destroyed as well in the flood. A lot of the evil from this time seems to have been destroyed in the flood and by us delving into these mysteries is going to be only trouble at end of no help. I hesitate in trying to go back to these times except where it will help us understand the book of Genesis. But what did happen to demons at this time and particularly to Satan?


If this is the start of the great tribulation of the Christian church which is widely spoken about in the Bible, but it may not be and then we are about to join two other tribulations. The first would have been that in Noah’s time and the second was at the time of Jesus which could well have been the end of the world. In all three tribulations evil was at its worst and none so more than in the time of Noah when God had no choice but to destroy the world and start a new world. Satan was at his peak in all fields including science and medicine the field of cloning and it is an unimaginable to us today how you could clone an angel with a man but that seems to be what was happening. All traces of this cloning were destroyed but Satan was not destroyed. The knowledge that was being used or misused came from Eve so it itself was not evil but miss using it was. Miss using this knowledge again would not be allowed but with the use of these vaccines one wonders how close God will allow this


misuse. He no doubt has a fine line that will not be crossed by during this turmoil what actually happened to Satan? In the end times it will be taken of the picture completely and chained in the abyss for 1000 years. At the time of Noah there were about (??) 100 million demons on this earth which is a very large number compared to the population. They had both body and soul as they had when thrown out of heaven and the earth was the same place that had over a thousand miles of deep oceans over it in creation week, there were not many voids or caves and it with that immense gravitational pressure applying. These are evil creatures would not be allowed to stay on the arc so where did they go? This is where our knowledge of both the 3D world and the 4D world is so limited that it will only allow for meaningless guesses. They did survive and they were present when Jesus Christ was born. They had enough strength and power to tempt Jesus in the desert for 40 days and a study we undertake during the Gospel of Luke. When our knowledge becomes absurd with how little we know about it but it is a fair endeavour as it is a part of the gospel.

We do study Satan’s history during the Gospels and hope it leads to knowledge to a better understanding of the great tribulation. There are a number of worrying features of this period and one of them is the 10 virgins are all asleep. There are 10 and it is a complete church but all are asleep and not even one in a thousand is awake. I am asleep, you are asleep and so is everyone else! If one in a thousand was awake I am sure I would have no difficulty in identifying him but such is not the case. But all is not lost because when that moment comes half of the church will wake up and there will be five wise virgins and five foolish virgins. I give myself the privilege of being one of the five wise virgins and I want to know what it is that will wake me up? I thought I was awake now! Different churches have different markers for this waking up event but it must be universal and it must be instantaneous. It must be a world changing event. It could be a UN declaration announcing that Christianity is banned and a worldwide curse. Surely were not too far away from that now. The three Gnostic Gospels all have the earthquake that flattens not just the old temple but all of Israel as well and the Jews only have one place to turn – to Jesus Christ! A lot of Jews nowadays have safe havens all over the world but there is a time coming and some realise that the only safe haven is Jesus Himself. And the ones that have been so heavily persecuted will be expected to forgive and forget and welcome them back into the fold!

We all must be ready for changes and they will come overnight. So now we live in a derelict old house but this is way more than most of the world have. We have the food we eat and we can get up in the middle of the night and make ourselves a chocolate drink. Most of the world cannot do that! There is a rumour in the court circles that we are about to be paid our judgement and there is only one figure that is on the table – $160 million. If that amount of money appears in my bank account I would certainly be better off than the average Australian. With the hundred $60 million would also appear many friends which I had not heard of before. And there would be the question and the options of appeals! Our Prime Minister Scott Morrison was ready for such an option when he grabbed the portfolios of five ministers. The last day of events were supposed to occur back then but something happened for them to be delayed. People living today do not realise the ferocity and the timing of events in those days and will not accept them until it happens. I don’t think I can actually prepare for it as I don’t even know whether I will be a cripple or a healed person. I have little choice but to watch and wait! I desperately pray that my beautiful wife will be alongside me and that both of us will put up a formidable opponent! In the meantime I must try to fulfil the role that Jesus gave me and that is to put into writing the vision that he gave me of time at the end. I think that involved the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of John and maybe some other texts which I cannot

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remember. But right now within the Gospel of Luke I have come up to the counter of Jesus and John the Baptist.. Much has been written about John the Baptist and rightly so – Jesus is one of the two witnesses and John is a second one and not Moses and not Elijah and not the apostle John but John the Baptist. He has just baptised Jesus and the holy Trinity where they and this has been accompanied by many major miracles. John the Baptist did was it was expected of him but there was much more to come and the change was from earth to heaven. He was surprised and anxious and how little the role that he was playing. I think that he knew that he was going to be beheaded but he didn’t know what the consequences of this were going to be. Jesus expects us to have faith and to have trust in him and these last days there will be no other choice. It is easier to be said than done! The next section covered is Jesus is an anointed by sinful woman something that occurs twice and both synoptic and John’s gospel but different parts of the body are uninvolved – the head and his feet. This is the washing of the feet with her tears and so what is involved? The section that is supposed to explain this is the one relating to Jonah with two groups of people are involved. Jesus does not want anything to do with any of them as they are both hopeless horrible people. But then why did he come down in the first place?

There is a reason why this blog is so disjointed and let me explain why. We have few friends and many enemies in our lives and our best friend and longest lasting is Joan T. She is nearly 90 years old. XXXXXXXXXXXX 13 – 10 – 22 XXXXXXXXXX.

Recently she rang up and left a message, “I have been going to church on Sunday my whole life and I couldn’t possibly change now so Jesus is going to have to forgive me a little longer.” She left no forwarding address and we have lost contact with her. This certainly implies to me that I will be involved in her judgement and what answer I will be giving. At first I thought nothing could be further from the truth as I am not sure I will be up there inside of the gate of mercy so how could I possibly judge her? But then I thought again and that is exactly what I am doing. I have counted off the 144,000 wise virgins as they came back through the gate with the scrolls with them and the problem only arose with Joan as she was 144,001. She was not there in the grave with Jesus on the Sabbath night that was supposed to give life or death. The perfect judge has looked into her case and all the wonderful things she did in her life but then He has sent her back to us to make the final call. Right now I know very little what happened on that Sabbath night and even less what happened on the next Sunday but if I was 144,001 asking permission to enter the throne room of God that door of mercy is the door to perfection and anything short of that perfection would result in another rebellion in heaven. This cannot possibly be the case. The answer to 144,001, whoever that may be is a firm rebuttal, NO!NO! And no! Our names were not on the scroll and the answer is, “NO!” I must now justify this answer from Scripture beginning with the anointing of Jesus which happens in all four gospels and which practically by definition is going to be a difficult subject and so many people can get it wrong. Why the Sabbath of the 4000 years from the beginning and why the last Sabbath which begins time eternal has everything hanging from it.

As I began looking into the anointing of Jesus I realised something was wrong and that was pretty well everything that I had written on the subject. I needed assistance and so I turned to Scripture where witness Scripture is given and that was, “as it was in the days of Jonah.” This confirmed the worst of my fears and many may accuse me correctly of every evil trait of humanity but they would not be correct in accusing me of being conscientious about my Bible commentary . With this serious conflict there was no way that I could get to sleep and with a headache coming on I needed divine assistance. With the answer, of or at least a part of the answer came from 10 PM on the Thursday night inside Gethsemane I had to be on the right track. The answer came from Jonah who was a symbol of Jesus and will be referred to Jonah/Jesus although I do not claim to know the story of

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Jonah but I have been there at least once. I will not open the book up again as this is just a rough summary from memory and I will have to return there at an appropriate time.


There is great wonder as to why Jesus/Jonah came back to earth at all. There was not one person worthy of being saved! Would you like to start with Adam and Eve and Kane and Abel? Would you like to finish with Peter and Paul? What about the middle? Elijah, Noah,, David, Saul, Moses, Aaron, and self-professed sinner of Daniel? Everyone a failure and no one worth saving. Little wonder that Jesus/Jonah walked in the opposite direction to where they were needed. They finished up on a ship going the wrong way when that violent storm broke out. Jonah knew that the only way those on the boat would be saved was if they threw him into the water where he was spend three nights and days and the belly of a whale ((??)) or some large fish which is what happened literally to Jonah and symbolically to Jesus. Jesus did know that he had a terrible mission to complete and it was He who ordered the people to push him into the water which is what happened. Three days that Jesus spend the grave all were a part of that mission were Friday Saturday and Sunday. Yes this was the greatest mystery that is recorded in Scripture!

What Jesus/Jonah violently objected to was this mission to save the Ninevites, hundred 20,000 odd. Some time whilst in the belly of the whale Jesus/Jonah change their mind and when the whale spat them out on the beach Jesus/Jonah went on to complete this mission – a mission based on purely the grace of God and involved hundred and 20,000 odd Ninevites and this mission was also 100% successful! Who were those Ninevites who took advantage of the grace of God but whom Jesus/Jonah did not want a bar of?

The only category that I could think of it is the foolish virgins and the Book of Revelation and it is my understanding that there were 144,000 of them. I have not specifically checked that this is the exact number and it may be that by the time the seals were placed on them there may only have been hundred 20,000 odd left. They were certainly recipients of the grace of God and they took advantage of it and this is the church of the last 600 years on this earth. And auntie Joan. It is the history of the church left behind on this side of the door of mercy and when it closed. It certainly appears to be a mistake to me the truncation of time after those people rejected the seal and accepted the mark of the beast. But that is what happened that everyone rejected the Holy Spirit and replaced it with the mark of the beast. Everyone! We obviously have missed the point! There had to be an alternative for those who were to reject the Holy Spirit and the replacements for it. The beast was doing his final checks and he wasn’t going to have the desertions that he had on Good Friday on Mount Calvary. These scenario I take is auntie Joan and she said, “I have never given my life to the beast and I don’t intend to do so now!” Assume then there was Joan and nine others and they answered, “no!” To the beast and were killed by him. Scripture only writes up the scenario that did happen and that was everyone gave up the Holy Spirit and left a big gap in our knowledge of the Day of Atonement to which these people would have gone. But that option was there and we have to follow it through. 10 people.

There is little doubt in my mind about the 70 trillion unintentional unconfessed sins that humanity has committed and that they will finish up having to be forgiven on the final Day of Atonement. But what about the intentional sins that in particular these 10 people have committed? Advanced holy Scripture is quite firm in the book of Hebrews what happens to these people. They are putting Jesus

Page 21

back on the cross and for their efforts the flames of hell are turned right up and they are destroyed. Because there was no response to the offer of retaining a Holy Spirit and replacing it with the mark of the beast heaven packed its bags and move the cross of Atonement from the earth to the garden of Eden and we wonder what portion of it was re-enacted on earth as in Daniel 9:24 – 27. It is frightening how little we know about the things that we say we know about! We do know that Jesus has said to those people, “get away from me, I never knew you!” And that they have sealed their own fate with the help of all those demons of our time. Trying to look at the question in more depth.[I haven’t been slack in the last few days as my beloved helper took a nasty turn in a fall and it has been my turn to look after her].

There have been two scrolls written on planet Earth and taken to heaven. One was on Good Friday between noon and 3 PM when all 14 billion souls were shown face of Jesus while suffering on the cross. Those names of those who responded form the first scroll and this scroll was taken to heaven by Jesus at 3.00 p.m. and put into the hands of God the Father. Jesus was then able to call, “it is finished!” And die on the cross. It was indeed finished and Son of Man had fulfilled his duties. If by name is on that scroll it is treated as sacred by God the Father. The writing of the second scroll began some six hours later in the tomb of Joseph and blasted for some nine hours. All the riders behind the white horse were present and their names were individually read out during the service Of the Burnt Offering. This was a holy Sabbath day and the first one after Good Friday. Auntie Joan was not there and she didn’t believe in any of that stuff about the Sabbath day. This is the second scroll and it will not go to heaven until the door of mercy closes but by this stage the heavenly host is getting most anxious. But why should this be the case if they have the original scroll in their possession? They want to break any connection to to earth as it is soon to be destroyed and the scroll with their names is still on! It is only the original scroll with a divine stamp on it. One of those names is my name, JK and it is identified by a special number and it is held up before God for acceptance, “to give life or death!” It was on my instructions that if this happened that the life and death of Jesus be placed as my substitute and not surprisingly when this happened the response was, “accept!” And my name appeared on the secondary scrolls! And the reason why heaven is unbelievably beautiful even though it has such characters as me in it is because when you look at me I am standing in the shadow of the cross! It is the life and death of Jesus Christ and in it there are no flaws! Down here however it is only me that you can see and very little Jesus Christ.. This corollary will soon be addressed.. But the history of the hundred and 20,000 odd Ninevites who by grace accepted the Holy Spirit has still a long way to run in the Bible. It is a history of the last church and of last days and of which nothing is said by anyone today. Did Jonah/Jesus change their mind on the Sunday before the Resurrection was he was still in the grave? What if Jonah Jesus had stuck with the original decision? Go back to heaven with that lot they had saved on the boat and forget about the Ninevites every one of whom would reject the grace had accepted?

Why does Jesus spend 14 years in the desert with Paul and trying to explain to him where Good Friday occurred in the Bible? Jesus just had to point to Jonah! Three nights in the belly of the whale that had to be Good Friday because the Day of Atonement does not run over three nights. How do you extend the Day of Atonement to make it run over four nights and then the Ninevites become a real problem. There is much theology to be covered in the book of Jonah when we visit it again. In the meantime auntie Joan would have given the same answer to seeing Julius as number 144,001 trying to join the queue into heaven as Julius would have given if that was auntie Joan. They would be petrified at the thought of a rebellion starting up in heaven again! Surely the words of the Demon cannot be more powerful than the command of God even when it comes in a modified version. That modified version is to be found in Luke chapter 6 and you have to admire how Jimmy Swaggart and his demons explain away the significance of the Sabbath into nothing!

In the meantime the woman who anointed Jesus was preparing Jesus for the Day of Atonement. It was still very early in the ministry of Jesus and John the Baptist had not been killed. It is the gospel of Luke which is the gospel of The Day of Atonement. Jesus very much appreciates her action and when we compare this to Jonah we can see why. In the next section we cover the style and other teachings of Jesus, the calming of the storm and the healing of a demon possessed man.


If it is possible to be overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time that describes my present feeling in announcing that the Lord your Jesus Christ is coming back to the earth on,

14 January in the year 2023

no, the temple has not been pulverised and the country of Israel still stands. This will happen according to Daniel chapter 12 , 45 days before the arrival of Jesus and we are still 40 days before that. There are many Christian martyrs to be created in this time and this could happen only if the world was in its depth of depravity. There will be 144,000 wise virgins and 144,000 foolish virgins. One lot will go to heaven and the other will remain on earth . The evil that is on this earth will now have to be responsible for killing millions of Christians by whatever the means, vaccines? Or laser beams? Or whatever the means but the Lord will allow this to happen. He is coming back to end time officially but there will be 1800 years odd of tidying up and checking that not one soul has been left behind? The result is going to be on this day 144 million Christians will begin their eternal life with no possibility of anyone ending it. 85 days to go!

There has been many such claims made in the last 2000 years and none of them have came true! Most of the proponents claim to be following biblical prophecy as I claim to do. The last lot was the great awakening of the 1840s that I know of and though they may not have been on their roofs in white clothing many were waiting for the Lord to return on this day. It did not happen and five religions resulted based on this event and as far as I know they were all Sabbath keepers. That was some 180 years ago! If I am a little better prepared in 85 days time then the exercise has been worthwhile as nothing happens I have lost nothing. I know from past correspondence there are people who follow this blog, very few of them but that do exist. If my writing does something that strengthens your faith than it has been worthwhile and of the two forces that are working within me, stop or keep going, I will try to follow the last one.

I have been expecting a reaction from my Lord Jesus for some time now but it was conditional. The deal that I made with my Lord was that if I write down all that he showed me about time in this blog then a reward would be I would be released from what I call is Jobs hold and I have been trying to do just that ever since my last fall. As I have produced almost nothing there should be little response and that is why I am so stunned with this revelation. Whichever way it goes our prayer life is critical right to the last breath. The role of this vaccine has been ever increasing with time and now seeing those two sky reporters, Bolt and Rowan has pressed the wrong buttons. They are more than that because they stand for the Jews and Rupert Murdoch. Both are major players in the last days events. Andrew Bolt represents truth at a higher level than even gospel truth. The truth that he preaches is of such a high level that even the thought of challenging it is a sin. Bolt has assigned to the medical profession a status of perfection and they cannot make a mistake or have ever done so! When few doctors appeared on his show and tried to confess that they were not perfect and they used the example of thalidomide they were rudely interrupted and thrown off. That is not what Andrew is trying to convince the public of! And he is never wrong! It is not as if they were going to tell Andrew that to date they have not made one medication that was safe! All cause harm every one of them but they are still categorised as infallible. If they give give you the jab then it must be 100% safe and if you want to see Andrew get upset just challenge this idea! I find it ludicrous that anybody thinks they have that degree of control over my mind especially when I have seen lies that this person tells. I don’t think so! Just because I have to wear nappies does not make me a one year old child!

Rowan Dean comes at it from a totally different angle. Still Jewish and still from the angle that Jews are the perfect people. But vaccines are not! He is trying to convince someone who has been staying history of the

Page 23

Jews for some 600 years, since the time of Luther. I was shocked to hear that a privileged Christian like Luther should see that the only solution to the Jewish race was to exterminate them! That requires a major rethink of events!


Why am I so convinced that this vaccine for coronavirus is the mark of the beast? If I was thinking about being vaccinated against a certain ailment, say polio I would want to know certain things about this. I would want to know how effective it is? You would have to be a hard-core cynic to ask if vaccine carried polio and will actually give you disease. That doesn’t happen in the case of mental institutions but only in the world of demons. This vaccine actually carries a disease and then spreads it! Rowan Dean and his Jewish Dutchman are right in pointing out the vaccine has not been tested about its ability to spread the disease. It is not supposed to have any disease to spread! You have really stumbled on an ant’s nest and it is as evil as you can get! You have unintentionally exposed the horrors of this vaccine! It is the devil’s juice and the mark of the beast! What about the lovely, kind and gentle people administering this juice? If you want to make me believe that something really did not happen you have to legislate to make it a criminal offence to talk about it. If you want to convince me that the moon landings were a fake you would have to make it a criminal offence for me to talk about I would then be convinced they were a fake. That is what those countries around the world have done by making the Holocaust a criminal offence to talk about. No better way of convincing me that it was a hoax. And this is the period we are heading into now when Israel will be pulverised and the Arabs will be given a chance to settle old scores! Some Jews will turn to Christianity and Palestinian Christians and particular will be expected to forgive and also to welcome them. This would be my definition of true Christianity and something which I am Incapable of practising? This is what happened in Liberia with the Eboli vaccine it was when the people woke up and burned and turned over the doctor’s cars who came to administer it. The thing that was called the vaccine actually carried to disease and which killed them within 48 hours. This was actually a news item on one of the commercial stations! I cannot claim higher ground on the topic of vaccines as I have been vaccinated by practically every one of them. It was only when my youngest daughter was vaccinated against whooping cough and what happened subsequently that I actually woke up. There were no adverse reactions to this vaccine because they were not recorded! This was a license to kill!

But why this late rant against such a peaceloving and gentle people? The animosity between Jew and Christian began the time of Jesus and is about to reach its height. It is what the book of Luke is about and which we are studying. It was Jesus who gave the Jews this land originally and the book of Luke tells us they could not have done more than to throw that offer back in his holy face. It is not their land and has not been some 2000 years. They had the backing of some strong friends who help them steal it back but it is not their land. In the Bible they are referred to as the figtree and the history of the figtree which is what has become the issue. Jesus cursed the figtree and it became a lifeless but Jesus also predicted that in the future it would regain its foliage. That event which I take to be the birth of Israel in 1949 has left the world a much poorer place! The neighbouring countries live in the shadow and the stench which this is generated but not only they but the whole world is about to suffer because of it including Christianity. Even the two Bob followers of history were shocked by the events of September 11. And their brazen attempts to take over as world rulers as a result of it. They could not defeat the Taliban and they came back home with a bleeding nose. Now is going to be their final chance for world dominance and it is going to be using the vaccine.

But why is this push going to involve Christians? How come we will be involved? Surely the dispute they had with Jesus 2000 years ago is still not active and is going to be involved? They murdered our saviour and nothing will give them more pleasure than murdering us, but there is more involved than this. Just like the King David filled rooms all obtained by the efforts of his army and people that Jews have established at least thousands of billionaires around the world using the labour of the common person. Today that person wants to be looked after with Social Security but the billionaires are not prepared to share their billions with them. They are just going to kill them with their vaccines. Christianity must stand up for the working poor and they too must be destroyed! It is going to put me in a very awkward situation if/when the court rules that I am $160  Page 24

million the richer. Especially if that happens before 14 – 01 – 2023 and it is one situation that I think of often. But what is happening now in Australia is that the states are bringing in legislation over things that failed and you would think would never happen again. Social isolation, mask wearing, compulsory vaccination which just has not worked but has actually destroyed the community. Why bring in legislation for things that have failed? Because it is now going to brought in back again but this time with the backing of a dirty legal system. This time there will be no escaping and this time the vaccination rate will be 100% if we allow that. Actually the doctors and health professionals insists that the vaccination rate can be 110% and this can be achieved by vaccinating people who have died by giving them another dose! They have become so brazen in telling lies they will try anything including those terrorists who bombed the London underground catching non-existent trains or the twin towers being bombed on September 11! It is difficult to check because these conspiracies are hatched on the dark side of the moon! In Australia we had a major rally against vaccination and no one turned up so we were told but it is actually the press that were told not to record it. We are fighting one big lie and the scorecard does not look very healthy. But that is only an earthly scorecard. The billionaires with all the wealth and the system to support them and in the other corner we have the poor and the only thing they can tip the scales in their way is to have Jesus Christ and if we don’t do that there can be no hope! They may have the American military might beside them but it did them no good against the Taliban!


[No Internet] before I can begin a further discussion on the 14th of the first, 2023 I will give a summary of the numbers I use. I take 14 billion to be the total number of souls ever created and that was on day six of creation. The first two of those souls to materialise were Adam and Eve. Always 14 billion souls will occupy a different part of the spiritual world at different times but finally and at one point in time there will be 14 billion either in heaven or hell. The hundred and 44 million that are in heaven will continue on for the eternity to come but those in hell will be destroyed forever. I take the number of 300 million for the souls of angels that were created on day three. Of those 200 million make it to eternity. I take as halfway point Good Friday on Mount Calvary something that does not occur in the old Testament, which only talks about full-time and the Messiah coming down to finish earths history some 2000 years ago. At that time I take it there were 5 million people alive and that 5 million had lived and died before them. The halfway point I take as 14 – one – 3889 where for six hours Jesus hung on the cross. On this one day there were 14 million and 5 million souls alive. Yes on this day that soul of Peter and the other disciples were cringing in fear about what was happening to Jesus yet the soul of Peter when it looked into the face of Jesus hanging on the cross called, “I accept!” Two totally different calls as many will do over the thousands of years. Every soul ever created had to be there as well as the 1260 day tutorial beforehand for perfect justice to be done! That is the difference between our four dimensional soul and 3D body! On that day only 144 million called, “accept!” And these later were called the riders behind the white horse and the occupants OF THE THRONE OF GOD!

If numbers and dates are irrelevant in the Bible then why are so many given? The first heavenly number (?) That is given in the Book of Numbers is 01 – 01 – 01 the day that the Jews started leaving Egypt. Was this a Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or some other day? It is the number that carry significant and is purely dependent on what the Jews thought. That we carry on from what they were shown as creation and the end the day with sunset. Sunset 6 PM when the Passover lamb had already been killed three hours before and his blood ready to be painted on the doorway of every house. They were to eat the roasted lamb, spread the blood and go to bed and wait for the Angel of death to arrive. Seeing the blood on the doorway would cause the Angel of death to Passover that house and this certainly is one scenario but not necessarily the one Jews followed. What was significant was that it was 01 – 01 – 01 and that was a heavenly tag. Much happened to the Jews in that it is a journey before they arrived in Canaan and Jericho. I asked myself many questions that I think I will ask Jesus knowing full well that will be meaningless by the time I get to heaven. One significant point on that journey was Mount Sinai which somewhere along the line became Mount Horeb.


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With the subject matter changing so often I leave much incomplete. I did not mean to imply that the sole issue of this vaccine that is contagious and kills is between Christian and Jew as the maximum number of Christians involved could best be 1 billion but the number that is required to be killed, the unproductive, the old, sick, disabled, infirm that is using up the rich persons resources is in the order of 3 to 4 billion. The sword is required is going to have to cut a much wider swathe than this! It may even bring many more Christians into the fold! One of those Christians may be JK who knows that in the future his ailments will be taken away. And this time for good beginning with heaven and eternity. I do know that my fate will not be like Stephen’s for whom heaven opened up and his face began to glow. He felt no pain. It is just the fear of pain in the future that causes discredit to the name of Jesus as it implies he will not be able to look after me. It is certainly one of the emotions that I want to discuss in the future! I am quite sure that the Jews would be thrilled to know that they were bringing followers to Christ! Little do they know they will be asking this for themselves and quite soon!

It is not often that I congratulate my self because of a good idea that I had. Such was the case when I decided to join Paul and Jesus in their 14 year discussion in the desert. The idea of the discussion was Paul insisting that Good Friday on Mount Calvary was not written up in the old Testament and Jesus sent out to show him that it was. It must have been a very complex discussion for Jesus to take 14 years to prove it and way beyond my comprehension. Unfortunately it is a world that I live in all the time! I don’t think I would have been rubbish by either of them when I pointed out Mount Sinai and Mount Horeb and wasn’t this the idea of the name change? The Jews, God’s people, got it horribly wrong when they worshipped the golden calf when Moses went up on the mountain for 40 nights to be in the presence of God. When Moses came back to them after 40 days he found that they had made every mistake that was possible and had rejected God. This should have been the end of time but God in his infinite mercy was going to give them another chance. A new set of commandments was needed as the first set had been smashed. That was not all that was new. This time it was how Jesus would have made the commandments that would be counted in their favour. Is this not Mount Calvary I would ask both Jesus and Paul? It is a simple as that for the first appearance of Mount Calvary. They would both answer, “No!” This is not what happened on Mount Calvary. This was enactment of what would happen on the Day of Atonement when Jesus came back to earth as the Messiah to finish time! The death of Jesus was the death of the scapegoat the scapegoat that would carry humanities intentional confessed sins. It may take six seconds for 16 seconds to tumble down the cliff face and die! It was not the death of the Passover lamb, twice over a period of six hours, so what did that involve? There were two separate days involved in one of those was the Day of Atonement and the other was the death of Jesus on the cross on Mount Calvary. The Day of Atonement was the acceptance by Jesus/God of humanity and their sins. Mount Calvary was the acceptance by mankind  at a much higher level of this day . The difference in level meant that mankind would spend heaven on earth rather than in heaven itself! And that is a very big difference! What was required when shown Jesus on the cross was the word, “accept!” And therein lies the difference! Yes, the scapegoat had passed from the Day of Atonement to bow Calvary by this time. It was from this time momentarily at 3 PM that Jesus entered THE THRONE OF GOD and which was waiting the creation of God, all 144 million and we saw God the Father accepts the scroll and press on it seven seals Jesus was then able to return to earth and called, “it is finished!” But this is material from the new Testament and particularly a Book of Revelation, it is not a part of the old Testament. It has simplified the old Testament to such an extent that even I should be able to handle it. When Jesus came to earth 2000 years ago there wasn’t no new Testament only the old Testament. Jesus came to earth as the Messiah and he came to earth to finish time. He came to


earth to call, “full-time!” And it is a fascinating study to note the call of full-time to, “half-time!” The time required to span the gap of 01 – 01 – 01 to the call of, “full-time!” Was only about 1400 years but the extension of time to the new, “full-time!” As another 4000 years to history. So the difference between the Day of Atonement which will now take place in another 1800 years time and Good Friday on Mount Calvary is that in one of them God accepted humanity and in the second one it was humanity accepted God!


final thoughts on electricity and to show that I thought the Bible was a science book. My teaching career consisted of the teaching chemistry certificate which is best was a bottle waters course but at times we were allowed to teach more than that. Within that course was a section on electronics to which we got to the level of RC filters which I base my concepts of electricity on. Electricity is electromagnetic radiation and it behaves the rules of . It travels at the speed of light regardless of whether it comes from the star, furnace, a green leaf or red flower, or a welding machine or a light in the ceiling. It is all electromagnetic radiation and the stuff I have to concentrate on comes from a power station. There the magnetic component is easy to explain, it is a giant magnet split in 2 with a north pole, N and a south pole, S which are joined together by lines of force. The strength of the magnetic field is adjusted so that a spinning wire produces 11,000 V and 50 times per second. The left-hand side of the page is N and the right-hand side is S and the magnetic lines of force are left-hand side to right-hand side. They are magnetic field and as such are not a straight line but a wave of peaks and troughs travelling at the speed of light as magnetic fields do. Magnets are very common in nature and in quantum mechanics within each atom and present as the magnetic quantum number that is determined by its position and shape.

Through this magnetic field moves a conductor and it either moves up or down through this field. Magnetic field and conductor are always at right angles to each other when effective. As the magnetic field pulses from its minimum value to maximum, a sine wave and back to the bottom of the trough it induces a reaction  within the spinning coil. The basic rules nature is obeyed and that is to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction but this reaction always lags behind the original action thus we have two waves produced, one that lags behind the other in time and which opposes changes first one is trying to impose on it. If the magnetic component is one unit in strength then so is the electric component and they constitute a right angle triangle with sides of one unit each. The resultant force of a triangle, two sides of which are one must be square root of two. But the square root of two of what?[system has crashed]


I tried to use MS Word and the scientific notation for the last time as the crash was unbelievable. I had my probe in a PowerPoint and was watching the readout. There was a sine wave which from the calibration of the internal electronics was 380 V high from peak to bottom and there were 50 ms from one peak to the next. I had just explained why that 380 V should be divided by square is two or 240 V RMS which is a usable voltage. This voltage is then fed to power lines to be fed to the consumers. Very approximately. In the power lines it strikes an electron which once its position is known Eisenberg’s uncertainty principle means that its momentum is unknown and so it could be anywhere. It will strike another electron down the road and disappear again to appear somewhere else and as this is electromagnetic radiation it will travel at the speed of light. The alternator may be spinning 50 times a second or a thousand times per second or once every few minutes the speed is still the same. The number of pulses varies as does their intensity but the speed is still the same. It

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is of interest what happens to that electricity and between the time that it strikes the electrons? A star is a massive electromagnetic wave generator and when the light arrives at the service it is not channelled into wires but into beams of light. Does this mean that there are free electrons floating around out there which propagate these beams of light? How far will this beam travel after it has encountered the last electron? What about light that is coming off a leaf, how far will it travel? What are you charged for in your electricity bill, energy or momentum? These are questions I seek the answers to in trying to unite my body and soul. My body is 3D and my soul is spiritual of 4D. One approach is through Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and the second approach is through water.

The Heisenberg approach is not realistic and is given the choice of being matter or being energy. My body is both and at the same time. It is as if the 3D matter has been soaked in spiritual matter and so I am both at the same time. The Bible seems to teach that the continuum is four dimensions or spiritual and it acts as a formwork to hold the 3D. The contact between 3D and 4D is only fleeting and may only last for about 90 years when the two depart and go their separate way. Jesus died on the cross at 3 PM on Good Friday when his body and soul were separated. He was dead in the true biblical meaning. The death of Jesus is more complex than others and is depicted by the twin death of the daily sacrifice at 9 AM and 3 PM. It is discussed in more detail on the Sabbath Day that follows Good Friday with Jesus in the tomb . The spirit of Jesus had suffered two separations and therefore required two resurrections .this is an essence of our faith and why we must soon return to the Gospel of Luke. The day that it occurred on was 14th of January, 3889 and one reason why I chose 14 January as soon return of Jesus. It was on this date that Jesus took the scroll to heaven with my name on it and this scroll was immediately wrapped and sealed with seven seals. The divine form of Jesus, the Christ has done something very important to become worthy to take the scroll and to open seals and is voted for as such by his creation. What did he do to become worthy of taking the scroll from the hand of God and opening it seals? The Christ did not take on our sin as the Son of God could not sin or have anything to do with it. He could not die as sin gave rise to death. So what did he do that was worthy? He converted casual time under which is all the world that existed into permanent time. The world have existed for the first 4000 years because Jesus was prepared to die on the cross daily but actually did not do so. On Good Friday, 14 January between the hours of noon and 3 PM time was turned into a permanent fixture by the presence of Christ on the cross and our eternal existence. It was now no longer provisional time! It was at that time that every created soul since day six of creation was also present and accepted or rejected the figure on the cross. So the soul of Jesus had a chequered history and more is still to come when he takes the people who called accept back to heaven with him as the Son of Man. Thus it is our soul or spiritual being which forms the background on which our three-dimensional existence will only spend a short time. 100 years out of 6000 years! And if the events going on now are any indication that time is soon to begin!

But why is it that Jesus wills and so few Christians are alive when he comes? Hundred 44,000 wise virgins and hundred 44,000 foolish virgins? Only the wise virgins will retain their present body all the rest will be killed, made to leave their old bodies? Much Scripture is denoted to the subject.


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around us we have God’s creation and being His creation He has the right to set the parameters. He has the right to set the time for how long the probationary period will be and how long the whole thing will go on for. My guess at the time is that it will be seven sevens. [7777 years +7 months +7 days +7 hours] and that guess is based on the frequent use of the number seven especially in the book of Revelation. There has to be a period of probation because the possibility of evil is there and how dominant it can become is amazing. God has made a provision for the existence of a certain number of souls/bodies which is the pinnacle of his creation.[I take this number 14 billion] majority of these will choose to do evil and be done away with after the probationary period. [Those who choose to do God’s will are only 144 million and 144,000 who are going to finish up in heaven or about one in a thousand and the other 999 will cease to exist] in my way of thinking this is a very small percentage but the bottom line is everyone has a free will. It is their choice. It proves that God did not make a lot of mindless robots and their choice was not to be with God. At the second coming of Jesus which I take to be 14 – one – 2023 which I have not been specifically shown but I have been shown that there is a time coming where I will be shown a specific time related to my illness. There could not be a greater revelation shown to anybody than the second coming and it is to this event that I now prepare. Evil is all around me but I suspect has not yet bottomed out which it must do for Jesus to appear. This will be indicated by the number of Christians killed which will max out. There will be 144 million Christians of all ages of all times taken to heaven  [out of 14 billion people] but we are told that there are two churches formed. When the door of mercy closes one church will be on the inside, the 144 million will be on the inside or heaven side and the other church, of the last 600 years of existence will be on the outside. This is indicated by the numbers present when Jesus appears second time. There will only be hundred 44,000 wise virgins left and many other Christians, which could be as high as 1 billion, who have a different form of Christianity other than what is written in the Bible. These are usually the worst critics of the Bible believing Christians and of which are none living at the present moment including myself. Something is about to happen which is going to convert 10 sleeping virgins out of five wise or waken and five foolish virgins. The foolish virgins will go on to form the church outside the door of mercy, or here on this earth. It is no surprise to me that I’m going to die that there will be a separation of body and soul and much more will happen to the soul as it has in the last 6000 years. I have always believed that Jesus is coming back a second time but I had no idea when and am quite surprised and actually shocked to find out he could be so soon. My first impression was to stop blogging but that is exactly what Satan wants me to do. He wants Christians to think they are all isolated and not realising and communicating that it is happening to many. We are told almost everybody is vaccinated and the numbers prove this. They are only lies and the media will not record rallies against vaccines. We are fighting the system and the system is corrupt but can they dress lies as the truth?

As I sit here pondering many issues of the Bible I realise that this is the last throw. It is particularly upsetting to realise I could be asked the question, ‘okay Julius you are not allowed to use Matthew chapter 16 in this answer but any other text including the old Testament where is Jesus described as hanging from the cross of Good Friday? Where do you get your information from that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God? That this new person who has not been mentioned in the first 1100 days of His ministry but apparently now has happened that it was God the Father who told page 29

Peter? Where is it that this revelation has now become the base of a new church? Where is it that this new church will last forever and never fall? Where is it that when I try to enter heaven with a mark of the Holy Spirit on my forehead that I will be refused to do so by you? You send me off to see the judge who sends me back to you. Where is that you have a power to refuse me heaven and reject me? Where is it that I will be rejected by heaven and thrown into hell? There is an awful amount of power that has been given to this crisis so can you justify this from the Bible other than Matthew 16? I start fumbling through my mind and the first place I find it is Jesus declaring, “I am He!” And that is in Gethsemane at about 10 PM when Jesus is arrested! Hardly answers here the above questions.

My best answer relates to Jesus changing Sabbath day into one where the answer is given to its life to be given for death to be given. That does not really answer anything because with eternity to start down here on earth Jesus is merely saying, “this lot have life eternal but the other lot will die! “It does not really tell us anything about what Jesus did so that heaven could say about him, “you have become worthy to take the scroll and break its seals.” What is being addressed is the greatest mystery of them all so you would have to know a lot to answer it. I will try to answer it whilst finishing the Gospel of Luke and then the Gospel of John.

Luke is a synoptic gospel and is therefore about the Day of Atonement where the Messiah has come to earth to finish time and start eternity. I have addressed the Lord of the Sabbath of chapter 6 as shown that it does not prove that the Christ has come to earth to take us to heaven to be with him inside the throne of God. This thrown is occupied by two people, God the Father and God the Son but because we asked to be A Part of God the Son we sit on the throne with Jesus. The next item of significance is Jesus picking the 12 apostles and then beginning their tuition with blessings and woes they can expect. They must expect to show a genuine love for their enemies, judging others and faith. The gospel remains primarily a gospel of water not just the water that separated from the blood of Jesus when that spear opens inside it includes that but it is concerned that their water.[Water by itself and not with a blood]


I am about to tell you the story so way out that even people with the wildest imagination would not be able to come up with. This far exceeds any dramas that have been written for television and film presentation and is so way out that not over one person, certainly living at the time would believe it. In fact it may not even have been written at all and was written in this manner. It would not have helped if Jesus had told his disciples to tell everyone about the work of the Christ has no one would have believed him. His own disciples did not believe Jesus despite one-to-one coaching.

It concerns God Himself and a creation He planned and carried out some 6000 years ago. Being God automatically produces a creation with no faults and even the possibility of faults has to have been taken into account and corrected. So even if the possibility of perfection did not exist there had to be ways of correction that led to it. The details of this creation account are written up by authors under the instructions of God and very rarely by God Himself. The sections written by God Himself, the 10 Commandments, are taken by humanity to be optional and usually ignored, did not have to be obeyed. Humanity does not acknowledge that God has a right to to dictate how they behave and the behaviour that results will in the long run has to be explained to God. The one problem with this creation and the solutions for this problem are written up in the old Testament.

Many of the details of the creation and operation of this universe and world have been given but because they are so complex very few are understood even today 6000 years after the creation. The greatest amount of space in the Bible is given to the problem of free will. The pinnacle of God’s

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creation is humanity and humanity has been given the gift of free will. This gift is also involved in slavery where it is a paradox. The first lot of created beings were the angels which were created on day four and if the idea was that they be given a box seat to see the rest of creation they would have been created early on that day and seated in the garden of Eden. They saw day four, five, six and were part of the celebrations of day seven. Very little is written concerning their history but rebellion started soon after with Satan as the leader. They were there for long enough to develop a relationship between the leaders and the common angels because once the leaders rebelled and the somewhat thrown down to earth those who are going to offer the fire pans and the ones who did offer the fire pans and were killed. Yes, rebellion is a possibility even up here and that is why those at the gate when the hundred 44,000 wise virgins are returning when the door of mercy has closed are so meticulous and listening to the confessions of the foolish virgins and excluding them. After the rebellion of the elders the rest of heaven rebelled and should have been thrown out of heaven but Jesus stepped in and the line in the sand that he drew marked intentional from unintentional and only 100 million (?) Evil angels were thrown down-to-earth, 200 million (?) Remained. The rebellion and sin did not remain in heaven but arrived for Adam and Eve to cope with it. The offer that Satan was giving Eve he could not fulfil either. He told her he would give her life eternal, be like God and the other promise I cannot remember. Perhaps Eve should have been like Peter at the foot washing ceremony.

Jesus was washing the feet of the apostles and when he got to Peter, Peter refused. When Jesus told him unless he could wash Peter’s feet Peter would not be a part of him. Peter then wanted not just his feet but his head and body wash as well and Jesus told them there was no need for that as this soon would be done for him. Peter needed his feet washed because he was going to a new place, and New town which was in the universe. A place he was going now was a cube which was 1600 miles in dimensions and standing on a footing of 1600 miles high. He was going to THE NEW JERUSALEM and to get into there Jesus was going to have to wash his feet. There was more preparation to be made which would be coming Friday Saturday Sunday and that is the end of this time we would be in Resurrection Sunday. The lights came on for Peter when he saw the resurrected Jesus on Resurrection Sunday morning. Okay, time is a little rough around the edges as this would be in some 4000 years time but what is 4000 years when we are looking at million years with a billion zeros after it. 4000 years is nothing. Peter could see 4000 years ahead and into eternity! Actually it is not quite 4000 years because we call three-quarter time at the second coming of Jesus which is just around the corner when all issues will have been settled and we just sit back in our lounge rooms and watch events of the last 2000 years! Peter needed to see no more and to ask more questions, he had them all in front of him when he saw the resurrected Jesus! It all made sense!

We need to know more about these angelic beings especially the ones that were rejected by heaven and thrown down-to-earth. It is they that no which way the seesaw will swing. Will it swing TO THE DAY OF ATONEMENT or will it swing towards Good Friday on Mount Calvary? Will it swing to full-time or will it swing to half-time? They do know the answer here is before Jesus was born. They knew Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the living God and that this was the title of the Christ who was going to take them To the New Jerusalem place where only Good Friday on Mount Calvary would be able to take them. They are watching every action and reaction of Jesus and at a certain point they decide what will happen? Half-time or Good Friday when they will be given  another 4000 years of grace or is this full-time which the Messiah has indicated that it is all the time before as the SON OF MAN and if this is the case Satan will be destroyed 12 days before the Day of Atonement. Don’t get  page 31

me wrong because Satan still does have cards to play up his sleeve. And it is at this game of cat and mouse which we would now watch. And it is still cards that Satan has to play at present three-quarter time and of which we must be aware of.


Many a sermon has been given on the subject of Eve and the serpent so I don’t hope to add anything new but just a bit of revision. It was critical for Satan to get mankind to fall and he only had two people to play with, Adam and Eve. We don’t know whether Adam was a 10 times, or 20 times case to crack but Satan judged that he was a harder case and therefore that only left Eve. Why didn’t he therefore appear before Eve himself.? A possible answer which results in him getting Jesus to jump from the high spot of the temple still has to be covered but for now I will settle for he thought he had more chance by being inside the snake. The snake was a created thing and therefore qualified for, “everything God made was very good including the snake” so he got past Eve’s defences. Today, Satan could give many of the sermons himself but why do so if he has alibis like Jimmy Swaggart and thousands of other ministers to do the work for him. They all work the same way by starting with, “did God really say that!” And by twisting the original message they convert blessings and miracles into as best nothing or even a curse. “Did God really say you were to keep one whole day in seven for Him and lose a day you could be keeping for yourself and your family to do all those productive things? Forget that it just doesn’t apply!” And almost every pastor around the world does this! But is this judged as it was in the case of Eve  to be an unintentional sin.? Standing in the background was Adam and looking as if he was not taking part in the proceedings, he was actually agreeing with them and thereby passing on the firstborn rights that he had inherited. Very little would be heard from Adam from now in the entirety of Scripture. He was committing an intentional sin which could possibly go on to mark our quarter time of the earth’s history. We know that full-time is when the smoke clears the temple and we are allowed to enter and have communion with God and that could be as early as the Day of Atonement or as late as the burning river of blood slams into the garden of Eden. Jesus marked out half-time on the cross of good Calvary on 14 – one – 3889. It is the time which we are studying and from which we hope we get most of the answers. Three-quarter time is a time in which we are living and which should result in the second coming of Jesus which I have to explain should be in 14 – one – 2023 and therefore have to return to often as soon. So if we have half-time, three-quarter time and full-time why should we not have ¼ time as well? This would give a rough time of 7777/four equals 1944 or around 2000 BC. This could not be Noah’s flood which we think occurred 1500 years after creation. He could not be 01 – 01 – 01 – when the Jews and anyone else who wanted to left Egypt or about 1500 years before Christ. The contender that I put in this position now is a combination of Melchizedek and Abraham and the addition of the scapegoat to complete the Day of Atonement commemoration but it could also be any number of other events. A major player in three of these periods is certainly Satan. At the time of Jesus his kingdom of belzeebub was all present and accounted for. Great Christians like Luther has warned us of his presence as three-quarter time and which we are experiencing now. At the end of time, full-time along with the beast he shares the greater amount of power and on which we have already spent much time.

What about three-quarter time and the second coming of Jesus? I should really concentrate on Christianity at this time but it is a bigger issue that is of concern. Yes, the Jews are concerned with taking back the land that was given to them by Jesus 3000 years ago and which they threw back into

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the face of Jesus some 2000 years ago and that they now claim was theirs. Here Christianity and the Bible we say this is not the case and particularly the Gospel of Luke. But lies are the order of the day and a perfect lie is when there is no truth in it at all. The western democracies have minor differences but are basically the same. We all have the big end of town for which there are many synonyms. Jews, banks, insurance companies, superannuation funds stock markets are all part of the same animal – a giant vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is designed to suck away any wealth within the community but also design to give very little if any back. A good example would be the monarchy in England which has so many castles they can’t keep up with them, but all wealth sucked away from the poor. Until very recently if the poor tried to take a rabbit from it or catch a fish to feed the starving family they were branded as criminals and shipped out to the colonies. The big end of town really like the poor because they can use them to create more wealth and take any more from them which they may have accumulated. This is what my mother in law described to me what happened before the Second World War in Poland and Germany and that the Jews were only getting what they deserved. Let me describe the system in Australia and what my daughter is experiencing.


for me to make a running commentary on what is a good government and a bad government would indeed be hypocrisy. The issue was settled at the start of God’s people’s journey and I chose the wrong way every time. The Jews were asking God to select a king for them to lead them through the turbulent times they were experiencing but God told them that the very best king that he could choose for them, David, would be a disaster as well as all those who followed him. God was what was required, theocracy and He would leave them in all circumstances. He would set the rules and have them administered by his priests. His first example of dealing with evil people He had chosen was Aaron’s two sons who were killed when they offered the wrong type of fire. So the first thing wrong with God’s way would be that he would kill people whom I considered did not have to die at all. In a democracy I could remove anyone whom I did not see was fit to rule. I did not have to wait for God to do it. Today, I still have doubts as to why those two sons should have been killed and I still struggle with why Moses and Aaron had to die because they tapped the rock twice at Meribah. My choice was made on total ignorance and it is for this ignorance that I am about to suffer! Democracy is only as good as the people running the show and today the whole nest is rotten! With a few exceptions it doesn’t matter who I voted in our rotten and will only allow evil to flourish at the expense of good and how I do wish this was as theocracy and God was in control! Greed, human nature is in control and there is no way of stopping it! It masquerades itself in various forms and one thing that is good at is telling lies. In fact it is incapable in telling the truth. It is hard to defeat because it sets a system of government that is used to protect it and Luther amongst others could see the only solution and that was to kill them, every single one of them! Even to allow one of them to live would result in the disease spreading again. But even if we had a theocracy who would be in control, the priesthood? In a lot of areas they are in control and they make it so much worse. In many countries we have superannuation funds which are organisations which are giant funnels used for collecting members funds to look after them in retirement and there are people still believe in this massive lie. These massive funnels actually only have one stem which siphons the collected money into a bankers address and accept for a few dollars you won’t see most of it. In Australia we have a scheme called the home and family company where you are channelled when looking for a loan. When my daughter was looking we her parents volunteered to buy her home but she refused she didn’t want us to have a part in running her life, she wanted to be independent. It was her choice and she is independent but instead of having her parents to be grateful for the sacrifice they

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were prepared to make she now has the funnel to feed which does take all the money and nowhere in that contract does it say, “if you make repayments regularly on this loan right until the time it is paid for that it is your home. We can repossess it at any time and for an amount of money which is determined solely by us.” And there are many examples in our community where the banks have repossessed property despite the fact that not one repayment has been missed and sold it to 1 of their mates for a song but you have to still keep making repayments on it. She can make no complaints as she does not have to be grateful to her parents. It does prove you cannot have your cake and eat it. Perhaps she will take our advice more seriously in the future.

We are dealing with evil and Scripture promises God will not deal with evil the same way as he did in Noah’s flood. There will be no more worldwide flood but far longer drawn out process for dealing with evil. Time is split into quarters and the last quarter will deal with evil. The smoke in the temple will not clear until evil has been dealt with and that takes three-quarter time until full-time. It is this general theme that I base my second return of Jesus Christ as that 14 – one – 2023. Evil will be given a chance to show its colours more clearly with this vaccine and how the rich use it to kill off people who have helped them acquire their wealth and are no longer in needed and in fact are demanding that some of that wealth be used now to help them. Right now the church as symbolised by the 10 virgins is asleep and will be awaken before the second coming itself. There will only be 144,000 wise virgins and if there are 144 million going to heaven then this certainly will be the great tribulation. It will be the church of blood and it is follows the first church of blood, Smyrna then the tribulation will last for 10 days but Daniel also tells us it will last for 45 days. I take the time as 45 days and therefore the wakening process as early December this year.

It was on the 14th of the first, 3889 on Good Friday on Mount Calvary at 3.00 p.m. but a scroll was taken into heaven which had 144 million names of it. These were the names of the people who called, “accept!” When shown the face of Jesus in the three hours between noon and 3 PM. It was humanity that had accepted God. By the nature of quantum mechanics and the reaction between four dimensions in three dimensions these hundred 44 million souls were taken to heaven at this time and they were the ones are called, “Christ is worthy of taking the scroll and opening it seals and the reason given for Jesus becoming worthy is also given”. Much of this blog has been spent on this transaction but little is understood especially by me because I try to understand what I could do rather than what Jesus did! Much evil has to take place and in the not too distant future and which will involve many fellow Christians and many will fail because they focus on me and not on what Jesus did. That this vaccination will become mandatory is rather obvious and those who stand against it will be killed.

The scroll which Jesus took to heaven with him at 3 PM has been up there since and the seventh Seal when broken will allow us to pass from the entry foyer of heaven into heaven itself and even though the beauty is stunning we are only given half an hour to take it in before time proceeds. On the points score we have the rich acquire their wealth, strike one. The rich protect their wealth by killing off those who help them acquire it, strike two. Satan is taken into the millennium by being thrown in the abyss, strike3. The rich enjoy unprecedented peace for 1000 years, strike4. It is now the upheaval that takes place using zero point energy where the problems occur. It is not a new physics as it was created in creation week. The great tribulation still has many millions to account for and it is only the wise virgins that go into the foyer and they have struck the jackpot. It is all over for them!

When thou go back to the sixth seal and see how the rich fare up there. Stars falling out of the sky, mountains and islands were moved out of their places, great earthquakes, sun becomes black and

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the whole moon becomes live by the and people sucked into the mountains and the rocks, “fall on us!”


sick yesterday.


Considering the shortened days of last Day events. The early darkness could be due to a number of reasons but a shortened day will not be considered now with as Jesus in both temporary and permanent forms of the day went through too much to establish a 24-hour day so I will only consider the brightness of the day or the number of nuclear explosions occurring. The nuclear explosions ceased for a period of eight hours and then started up again for 16 hours to cease again. The gravity field of the sun would thus fluctuate and would not have to be a strong during the dark period. The sun like any object which has mass has to have a centre of gravity for and the two are related but in the case of the sun this pull is not sufficient to rein in all those nuclear explosions which are taking place we need the gravity to be a stronger. If ordinarily a mass like the sun had a pull of gravity of 100 X then to keep all those explosions within a round ball would require 150 X. There would be little point in making the gravity of the sun zero point energy or say 1 million X as this would not allow aircraft to land on planet Earth or for us to exist there but there has to be sufficient gravity to make this spinning cauldron of lava of whatever composition to remain as a sphere.

So if we take a close look at the sun today what do we see? What is it that NASA wants us to see? Is this just a pack of lies like they want us to believe of what happened on the moon? They are still pushing the theory of evolution and of Big Bang which are absurd lies. So is the theory that there is no spiritual dimension but only the three dimensions we see today. This is another lie because it is a spiritual dimension that determines the behaviour of the other three so with this track record the chances are photos of what they show only prove their lives. I can take photos of a wagon wheel that it is stationary or even going backwards when it is not, it depends on how photos taken. No one needs to prove that the sun is a long way away but probably not the distance that they claim. What we do need is proof of the spinning of the sun and that is spinning so quickly that it requires extra gravity to retain its present form, zero point. If we have a massive ejection from the sun like that of lava from a volcano on earth we would expect most of the lava to fall back into the hole that it came from as it does here on earth. This does not happen on the sun as it is spinning so quickly that lava does return and in a fraction of a second but hundreds of thousands of kilometres away from where it was ejected. That is how quickly the sun is spinning and to stop it from spinning itself to pieces there is top up gravity that is needed during this time. It is over and above the amount of gravity that the sun usually has and there is a built in mechanism which needs to make this adjustment on the sun and it would be easy to take photos at intervals to show it does not exist. Zero point energy is thus required to explain not only the translational motion of the sun, it is moving in an orbit around the earth, a massive object moving around a dot but it is also required to explain its phenomenal rotational speed.

So as the daylight is unexpectedly shortened by hours so this mechanism has cut in to reduce gravity and if this gravity is what is sucking ships up from planet Earth they sink. Not all ships will sink but only those that are in very deep water and which are poorly designed and have very little safety factor in them. The Bible gives the number is one third of ships. Anything else that is dependent on the pull of this extra gravity is affected when it is turned off. Poor swimmers would drown if they

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were in deep water so you shouldn’t swim in the dark! Aeroplanes would find it difficult to climb without the help of the sun’s gravity. Islands in the sea which would have to be one of the most unstable structures would sink if they did they have the gravity of the sun to pull them up. The sun is component that is present in the tide would disappear and with only small tides the water would become stagnant and stench and many fish would die. It would be difficult to list what would happen because the gravity of the sun is rarely mentioned in today’s events. But the rich would have to be  given a tick for collecting their wealth, a tick for developing a vaccine and killing of 3 billion people, a tick for seeing Satan being locked up for a thousand years and a tick for living in luxury for most of that time. The tides had now turned and there is some 800 years to go, the wicked dead have arisen including that 3 billion they killed and the laws of gravity have changed and there are stars falling out of the sky everywhere. The worst thing is the 10 billion out of which they had killed 3 billion cannot be killed by the catastrophes that are going to occur because they already have died once and the second death is hell.

In all these goings-on I found it difficult to and still find it difficult to adjust to the fact that it is the earth that is a centre of the solar system and not the sun is all those clever astronomers are telling us. To fall for such a con job either says it was a clever con job or I was extremely stupid! To be fair though I never doubted Michaelson Morley experiment which said that the earth was stationary. I never accepted that I was walking upside down and that 1000 km/h but what it really was I didn’t know. I still stuck by the sun as a centre and would not look at any alternatives including the earth. NASA has resolved not to pull such tricks again and before they tell us what really happened on the moon they are going back to check whether there is a moon they’re at all. They will do a dry run to check on the moon’s presence if they could get this rocket off the ground! They are part of the honesty that stems from the American system and one of the issues involved is vaccination. They want to give out the numbers that had been vaccinated and they know that at the end of the millennium that will be more than 3 billion. These vaccines are so good that even if given to dead it will bring them back to life and that’s vaccination rates of greater than 100% are already occurring! Would it help anyone to accept Jesus and the Bible if they knew that it was the earth that was the centre of the solar system? What about if evolution was a cruel joke? Or if Big Bang was nothing? Or if gravity was a central force of the universe and the only one? Or if they had a spiritual being within them and the history of which has been carefully tabulated for the last 6000 years? What if somebody could tell them the day on which Jesus was coming back from heaven to take his own back? Would that be too late then? It all has to do with integrity of the Bible and therein lies the problem. Surely there must come a time when you realise you have been let up the garden path once too often and you turn around and seek the truth, the Bible. There are many others trying to do the same thing and to find answers that are given by sleeping virgins, every one of them but that this does not justify giving up the search and being found wanting. The one who inspired the Bible, the Holy Spirit will not allow this to happen despite the flocks of devils that are out there and they all rely on the drawing power of Jesus to get their followers. They are demons and the major theme of this blog has been how to distinguish them.


further in defence of, “brainless individuals who interpreted the Bible for nearly 6000 years” and determined that it was the earth that was the centre of the solar system and not the sun. They were not a part of the new enlightenment which used evolution, Big Bang, no existence of a spiritual dimension, sun as a centre of the solar system and lately vaccination. This has led to many

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deleterious consequences which are breaking up society and the only lifeline that we have is a return to the Bible. But this is science and is open to any ideas providing they do not include God or the Bible. In fact it is only exclusion of those topics which is allowed and even if that means that you have to start with nothing then so be it. It is this offensive that God has allowed them so that we can experience the results of it but it will not last forever. 8000 years to dismantle it is a long time and it takes so long because we are dealing with the grace of God. These are the ideas that will now be developed.

Some ideas on this massive object , the sun is not only hurtling in an orbit around the earth it is also spinning an incredible speed and should spin itself to pieces. One mechanism that could prevent this is light. As the nuclear reactions of a sun/Star which will tear apart the original star increase they begin to emit more and more light and it is this light which if it combined with time would generate greater gravity keeping the whole thing spherical. Thus gravity would have values of one which would apply to the mass itself, or dark matter right up to a value of gravity being saturated with light or a maximum value. Unsaturated to saturated gravity with light. If we were to take a closed system such as a lightbulb with a filament inside it and pass an electric current through it, light would be emitted. What would a balance show before and after the emission of light? I would hope that it would show an increase in mass of the globe because of light emitted should combine with the time element to give more gravity but I don’t think the balance would be sensitive enough to do that. If the globe had a low and high value setting and we switched over and looked at the light coming out now passing through a grating pattern would change and this may be capable of being measured and could indicate a change in gravity. But these are only ideas and gravity may be one thing only and that is gravity. Leaving the ideas behind of floatation and spaceflight for the time being we will try to enter field of much deeper theology. The writer of the book of Hebrews would possibly call this eating solid food which is good providing we retain the topic of Jesus Christ.

I use as an example the apostle Peter and especially his journey from the foot washing to Resurrection Sunday. I make this a distance of some seven days from Monday night that his feet were washed to Resurrection Sunday when Peter saw Jesus come through the closed-door period Peter started at a level of two, his feet were washed by Jesus and finished at a level of seven when Peter knew that he was in the throne of God but there was still some paraphernalia that was missing. Peter started at two where he was told Jesus was to wash his feet. Jesus does not pull us, push us, or carry us he wants to lead us in this journey. Being led the end result is Resurrection Sunday but it is not a straight point to 2 point journey. The overall distance is five units but the line between them is scalar and not a vector. One very deep precipice that Peter went through was on Thursday night in Gethsemane where his standing of +2 changed to -24 when he denied Jesus he was far worse off. A miracle occurred on the next day when Peter was admitted to heaven and was awarded +27 points. His name and my name and the names of hundred 44 million also were on that scroll that was directly handed to God and accepted and sealed with seven seals. Jesus then returned on As the Son of Man to the cross where he died. All those whose names were on that scroll plus many more from creation like the angels will live behind and we all voted that Jesus was worthy, Christ THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD to take that scroll and begin opening the seven seals that were holding it together. We had voted to be a part of God through Jesus by calling, “accept!” When shown Jesus on the cross. That was our passport into heaven and which soon would be presented to God to see if he was willing to accept. Was God’s acceptance spontaneous or did it involve grace and goodwill? Anyway the scroll had been accepted and we now move to the next

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stage of it being presented to God to mark our passports as, “ACCEPTED!” Into the throne room of God for the eternities to come. We have moved from Friday to Joseph’s tomb on Saturday. And again we have already spent some time on this complex situation of being presented to God whilst the blood of God was dripping from the roof AND ONTO THE ARK OF THE COVENANT. By sunrise on the Sabbath all 144 million of us had been presented and accepted by God so theoretically at least Jesus should have risen from the dead at least by the end of that Sabbath day. Salvation should have been accomplished on two days, Friday and Saturday and not over three days . So why was there three days required of which half Sunday was a must.? How many points had Peter required who was walking with Jesus? Monday +2, Thursday night Gethsemane -24, Good Friday for his call of, “accept!” We gave him 27 or overall by the time in the tomb he had +5. Surely the final +2 would be automatically given in Joseph’s tomb as it was not us there will be presented before God but in Jesus name and therefore rejection was an impossibility. By the time the Sabbath had finished Peter had had acquired +7 and therefore ready to go to heaven. What was the role of darkness of the Sunday night and the day that followed? Resurrection Sunday? Scriptures throughout speaks of the three days of salvation and not of two? This and the question of boats floating and astronauts floating in Skylab will attempt to be answered tomorrow.


I will now attempt to attempt an explanation for a three day salvation. We already know that we have +2 and that the answer is +7 so that the bit that is missing is +5. It is not pure guesswork although it can be taxing for a limiting brain. I will start off by assuming that it should be salvation over two days and then try to find what is wrong with this proposition. The two day salvation is 24 hours of Good Friday whereby the scrolls with the names of every person going to heaven, 144 million of them, are made up on the cross and then taken into heaven by Jesus and accepted by God. These are the names of those who accepted Jesus. What we need now is another scroll of names which have been accepted by God and were given their heavenly passports. This was done in the first 12 hours of the Sabbath in the tomb of Joseph but this scroll will not be taken to heaven when the door of mercy closes by the wise virgins. But as far as Earth was concerned this scroll was completed from 6 PM to 6 AM on the 15 – one – 3889. With the acts of salvation complete Jesus was risen from the dead at 6 AM and worshipped by those who have been saved during the following 12 hours of daylight. But 6 PM of the coming Sunday something appears to have gone wrong and God the Father will not release His only son from the watery grave. Matter involves 120,000 Ninevites [I will use this approximation until I find the exact number which I take to be 144,000 foolish virgins -24,000 unaccounted for]. God the Father is insisting that Jesus now leave the watery grave of Jonah when the whale spits him out on the sand and that he goes to and converts these hundred 20,000 Ninevites who are waiting for him and will readily accept Holy Spirit. Jesus on the other hand is adamant that it would be a waste of time trying to convert these Ninevites and he will not go near them. To have such opposing views at least shows that God the Father AND GOD THE SON are two different people but is the opposition that is occurring at a sin? Who is right, God the Father or God THE SON?

The question is profound and is answered in the next 4000 years of time. It does seem impossible that Jesus is refusing to preach to hundred 20,000 Ninevites who are waiting and willing for him to do so. If he does so it is not as if the intentional confessed sins are now going to fall in Jesus and he will have to suffer for them on the cross. Jesus has just come down from the cross where all those matters were dealt with, it is not going to cost him anything extra. So why is Jesus/Jonah so opposed to going to these Ninevites? It took Jesus about an hour to decide he was going to the cross of Good Friday and that he was doing his Father’s Will but now it takes Jesus almost 12 hours to decide TO

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DO HIS FATHER’S WILL. It was a serious enough conflict for Jesus to think that the relationship had been damaged in some way and that Jesus had to go back to heaven on the Sunday morning to check if this had not happened. Jesus did change his mind and was released from the watery grave to go and work with the Ninevites.

Both God the Father And God the Son were right in their stance. Jesus was saying that all that will happen after 4000 years when these foolish virgins are put under pressure by the beast they are going to capitulate. They will take a seal of the Holy Spirit which was given to them way back at the start of Revelation and replace it with a mark of the beast and they will fight under this banner and be destroyed. It is a waste of time giving them the seal of the Holy Spirit even though they are willing to accept it. All that is his son is to give much grief and sorrow to the hundred 44 million who are going to heaven not that is a long time in eternity. JK was not asked about this option, about going back to heaven with Jesus at his ascension in 40 days time or if he would like time extended by 1944 so that he could live out full cycle of his life of body and soul. Not that the body plays an important part as all bodies will be in their dead form at the second coming of Jesus except the hundred 44,000 wise virgins. If a resume was given of the 80 odd years of life me on this earth and I was asked to go now or wait for 2000 years and the resume read, “talk about a journey from Mount ostentatious to the flatlands of austere. The family he was supposed to live in the grandfather owned the bank of Poland. This gave your father the only male child and family the title of, Count and because you were only a male child you automatically inherit the title. A life in luxury indeed! Even that this did not eventuate you continued to search for this elusive title and you are addressed by it by most people as count kudrynski or just simply the count. You continued to search the literature of many nations to see which one of them spelt the word count without the O but found none. It looks as if you will remain forever as the “countless O”. The reality of my situation was to be born a refugee and remain so for the first 10 years of my life. At school I spoke and wrote the language fluently but the problem was no one else in the school knew Polish. Going to university I did not have to bulk up my neck muscles as there was no addition to the amount of grey matter and I managed to be last in almost every subject. When I married my beautiful wife our first encounter with the medical profession was most unfavourable. The obstetrician who delivered our first baby was drunk and had handed us a child that would be disabled for life. The woes did not unfortunately stop there but it is surprising how many woes can be covered by one sentence, “I love you so much Joule and I am so glad that you are alive!”

Just in case you haven’t got the picture I would have voted, “no!” If asked the question, “do you want to go to heaven now or do you want to wait another 4000 years!” And I think that most of the participants would have voted likewise. So why do we have or are going to have the extra 4000 years? What logic to God the Father put to convince Jesus that we were going to stay for another 4000 years? There must have been a reason. I don’t think that any Christian would regard the first day of salvation, Good Friday as being insignificant. I don’t think there’s any Christian should regard the second day of salvation, Sabbath in the tomb of Joseph as being insignificant although the results are withheld for over 3000 years. What about the Sunday and subsequent days of salvation? Peter benefited from the Sunday which was Resurrection Sunday. What about the rest of humanity what did we gain from that 24-hour timeslot? What if Jesus had been resurrected on Saturday morning instead of Sunday morning, what would be missing out? It was what won the argument for Jesus and made him stay on for another 4000 years. It would be of interest for suggestions from the readers and compare those to what I give.


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well it hasn’t happened but I will pretend that it has and that is that massive earthquake that has levelled Israel. I am sitting here and typing on the morning that it occurred and I have received a message from the Lord which is, “well Julius you now have the official sign that there are 45 days to go to my second coming as foretold in Daniel chapter 12 the difference between 1335 and 1290. What are you going to do with your time in these last 45 days? Are you going to sit there and argue with Satan and try to convince him that evolution is the fact, Big Bang did happen, you do not have a soul and that the sun is the centre of the solar system or are you going to feed God’s sheep with their last meal? They have been poorly fed and led until this time so there is room for improvement. The Jews themselves are knocking on the door as the one book that they did not believe in, Daniel now has come true.” “I do want to become one of your messengers of last days but will only be able to do so with your help.” Having seen both of the shows with Prof Cox, the one on evolution and time and on the planet Mars is going to be difficult to avoid them. It is a pity because the evolutionists seem to have given up, they have spat out the dummy and the only issue left behind are those vaccinations.

The message of last days is as the message of the first coming was and that was that Jesus was coming back to take his own back to heaven . I don’t know how many, “the graves of many holy men broke open” when Jesus went to preach to the dead at 3 PM on Good Friday so I will take the number as 1 million and if that is the case this time Jesus comes back again there will be 143 million left to take back to heaven. With the exception of 288,000 the rest of them will be dead. It looks as if God has difficulty in taking live people to heaven or there may be a divine reason why this happens. Today we know that Enoch and Elijah were taken to heaven in their present 3D form. Add to that number the 288,000 foolish and wise virgins and the apostle John still only leaves a trickle of live humans in heaven. Scripture tells us of a number of culling events and the one of interest is in these very last days and is called THE GREAT TRIBULATION which most Christians ignore. Using the analogy that Jesus gave me I go back to the times of Jonah. Jonah did not want to save anyone but acknowledged that he had been sent to save the people on the ship and certainly not the Ninevites. Jonah in fact instructs the people to push him into the water and if they don’t do that they will not be saved. This is yet another tenet of faith that modern Christianity ignores. The people on the ship did push Jonah into the water and they were saved as far as Jonah was concerned that was the end of his mission. The end of the mission of Jesus was accomplished by 3 PM on Good Friday 14 – one – 3889 and Jesus using his free will was not going ahead to save the Ninevites. This was a strong contention between God the Father AND GOD THE SON and it lasted from between 6 PM on the Saturday night until 6 AM on the Sunday morning. Both God the Father AND GOD THE SON were right in that position they took. Jesus would have been right in packing up and leaving for heaven at his ascension with the hundred 44 million people who accepted God. Only 1 million of those have lived a life of contact between soul and time but there would be no objection from the hundred 43 million who had not. Not one would have voted they wanted to stay back on earth and live there 100 odd years on planet Earth.

The problem would have been the grace that God offered to the 120,000 Ninevites had not been taken up or had not been offered. God does not work in that way and now with the second coming on its way there will be grace offered to the hundred 44,000 foolish virgins which Jesus could bypass and not offered it at all because it will not be taken advantage of. This grace that is being offered is real grace even though it will not be taken advantage of. 1000 years of it where heaven will make every effort to collect its lost sheep but it will not force them. It is real grace because it is offered within the qualifying time and that is between birth and death and will be active that person’s death. But the period of grace is 1260 years and in the last 260 years all the wicked dead are brought back to life. These people have already died and I think are outside of the grace, or are they? Satan would love it. If one of these people were converted and accepted Jesus and this would force Jesus to come

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back to earth and relive a perfect life and die and be resurrected for this person. Jesus would be correcting for a mistake that he made more than 3000 years ago which obviously did not and could not happened. No one is interested in these risen dead, neither heaven nor hell. God the Father’ solution was the one that one. Jesus was coming back to heaven with 1 million souls as they had accepted the cross and had lived there life of probation on this world already. The majority of them had not and the next 2000 years would be their number. This was a study of the book of Job. Each one of the hundred 43 million would be expected to walk with Job in various adversities and would be strengthened as a result of this. This walk with Job would be shown particularly with those who walked in the great tribulation and the culmination of which is now about to occur. It was on the insistence of God the Father that this 2000 years has occurred and the reason is given for it. I find it hard to imagine that none of the 143 million would abandon their faith but there would be a significant number to do so, myself included. What we must prepare ourselves for is something that cannot be described by our language. Satan is here but only until the start of the millennium when he will be locked up in the abyss. The beast is here at full strength, all seven heads. Satan is here in all the false churches and ministries and he is not holding anything back. His ploys and deceits will not continue into the millennium and so will what will happen to daemonic ministries like that of Jimmy Swaggart and creation ministries? Evil at this time will have all hands on deck and there will be no qualms about slaughtering God’s people except the 288,000 both foolish and wise. This is a very serious situation which we are held for but the result is it is the end of the book of Job. We will get greater rewards that Job could not think of as our rewards will continue for eternity. It is easy to write about these things but it is easier said than done. Scripture is very clear and gives us much details of the proceedings of that day but with Satan being in control for over 500 years we must expect many distortions and outright lies which are there to take our attention of Jesus. Satan is fully aware that it is his last roll the dice. His main stay still has to be the papacy and at the end of the millennium he is released but still has the great chain over him and most of his time will be spent in his fights with the beast who has not been locked away in the millennium. Scripture also spends much time in describing the activities of the beast at this time so the forces of evil are very much against us.

I want to spend much time in trying to work out the possibilities of how they are going to affect us.


as usual with a new subject I am having difficulty in finding my depth and there can be nothing newer than being told that the second coming of the Lord is 49 days away. Actually this date has been foretold in Scripture from 14 – one – 3889 when it was handed to none other than God the Father on this day and He would not even give it to Jesus to break the seals until he had become worthy to do so. It was that precious! The names were re-read from the scroll some 12 hours later and were stamped on a heavenly passport which will be required on entry into heaven. When Jesus checked the situation as late as Resurrection Sunday morning when he ascended into heaven he found that the conditions of perfection had been met. That is the condition under which my passport was written! The bone of contention is that last 12 hours that Jesus spent in the grave ON RESURRECTION SUNDAY MORNING. What happened after that is described in Jonah and the conversion of the Ninevites. The will of God the Father prevailed and that was to allow all Christians,

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all hundred 44 million of them to undergo the trials of Job before being admitted into time proper. There have already been to such groups to undergo these trials. The first lot, of 1 million  (?) And led by Noor have already undergone their trial. The life they lived was a trial, and the death they died with Jesus was what was required and they passed and were given a new body and ascended into heaven with Noah and Jesus on Ascension Thursday. Then came the biggest batch of some 142 million Christians who to had to walk Job’s walk. They do so and died and are now waiting to receive their heavenly body from Jesus when he returns. And then there was the remainder of Christians and these are the result of the great tribulation which we are about to go through. The killing of Christians has actually been going on for a while but will intensify and must stop with the appearance of Jesus when there are only 144,000 wise versions left. I take hypothetically this day to be 14 – one – 2023 or early next year. I still have to justify this date but it is a starting point. So as of this day we have questions walking the walk of Job will die by this date. There is also a secondary group, the foolish virgins which the Bible treats as reality. If I am one of the wise virgins then I am only so because of the grace of God which was actually offered. This was a point of contention and the difference between God the Father and God the Son. Both were conditional and provisional and had to be accepted but actually had to be there. This grace will be there and available to all of foolish virgins at, hundred 20,000 Ninevites during the millennium, +260 years until the third coming and the closing of the door of mercy +500 years until the battle of the beast when this grace is rejected and the seal of the Holy Spirit is replaced by the mark of the beast until this moment it is real grace and must be taken advantage of. It is at this moment I have to ask, “why does this body have to be dead at the second coming of Jesus.? Job’s body did not have to be. To allow his trial to finish? So why do I have to be dead when Jesus knows I am prepared to die for him?” There can still be hundred 44,000 wise virgins alive and 144,000 foolish virgins and a few million Job’s alive and ready to go to heaven. Do they have to be dead?

The marker date that sets proceedings into motion was the destruction and pulverisation of Jerusalem. In my blog I imagine that it has already happened and that is why I am writing this. It has resulted in the return of a large number of Jews back to the Lord. They have to do this where they are because there are no churches anywhere in the world for them to join. They are all duds! The problem began way back in the days David when the Jews were told by God that I did not need a king and that God was all they needed. Today mention of theocracy draws instantaneous laughter and there is no way that a theocracy will be considered. People would much prefer to take their instructions from an earthly instrument which will order them to undergo vaccination and the consequences of rather than listen to God when he orders them, “remember to keep holy Sabbath day.” The results of misbehaviour to the divine God are not just disregarded but treated as a joke! The biggest batch of living Christians which will be taken to heaven are the wise virgins. They will not have undergone death but then again they have hardships to face when they return to earth to pick up the passports of the redeemed. The answers to, “what did you gain from walking with Job?” Would wildly vary but most would prefer not to have done it. What about me? I have struggled in writing to answer this question and the answer is still in obeyance and is a percentage thing. It’s certainly has not been a Sunday school picnic but it has had plus days as well. It would be beyond the privileges shown to any human being if the Lord did return on 14 – one – 2023. There certainly have been many revelations into the book called the Bible and some of those have been stunning. At times when they were added there has been a period of almost total darkness and a 10 year old would be able to recall you what humanity with all its scholars knew and even if I was the only one shown these thing from amongst thousands it would still be a privilege.

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my theology brain is tiring by this stage of the day so I will switch to my secular brain and look at a series of experiments, chemical ones. Chemists mixed with different compounds together in beakers but I will try a bigger scale, wheelbarrow fulls. I will mix a wheelbarrow full of time and a wheelbarrow full of light together and watch their reaction. Does it get hot or cold? I have plenty of light and time to do other experiments with. It is not as if other chemists are using these ingredients all the time and so I will not run out. I do have to do an epilogue to Prof Cox series which looks as if it is the best the secular world can offer. They have abandoned the old and replace it with new they have abandoned what we told them was impossible and replace it with what is absurd! We told them they could not get something from nothing so they ignore it and show us millions of stars and we told them they could not form one star from dust unless there was a shockwave from existing star and it was an outright lie to say it could happen otherwise. Where did the first shockwave come from if there were no stars? They have now replaced the impossible with the absurd and that all the stars are factories for living matter. A total lack of the knowledge of thermodynamics which not only requires a factory to do it in it must have a blueprint to follow and a basic disagreement that I had with my friend Ken and his specialty of statistical thermodynamics.