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Blog ten, 26/01/2019 a summary of the Book of Numbers (Numbers)

Numbers is the history of the people of God on their Heavenly journey and it covers the period between Egypt and the arrival on the banks of the River Jordan. We are given glimpses of what is ahead of us as we can see both Canaan and Jericho. Actually we are taken across and given a peek look inside Jericho, the New Jerusalem but this is merely the entrée. On the approach side, before Egypt we are not told of events as Numbers is the fourth book of the Bible and that early journey is recorded in the previous three books but we do rely on its history as we are going to carry on with it. The history of the people of God actually began back in Genesis on 01/01/01 and if this is the case then why should Passover in Egypt not continue with this same dating system and say that Passover occurred 07/03/2502 (?) ( indicates a pure guess) after the creation events of Genesis 1:1? Why start the calendar anew as 01/01/01 in Egypt. Are we supposed to forget the previous 2,500 odd years? What were they there for anyway?

The history of God’s people did begin in Genesis (1:1) but it is more in the realm of science fiction. Who is going to believe you that Lucifer was at the top of the tree, had nothing to gain but everything to lose if he rebelled would go ahead with his rebellion? Who would believe you that the smartest woman and probably human being ever created, Eve the mother of mankind who was expected not just to be teacher to her family but to the whole human race and at a level that when they fell in worship before God each Sabbath day they would have been taught new wonders for their worship and for all the Sabbaths that would occur in the next 7,777 odd years or forever how long this first creation was to last? Could this clever woman fall for satan’s lie that he would give her eternal life, something he could not do and she already had? Impossible! What about the real culprit Adam foregoing his divine aspects and replacing them with intentional sin? Impossible! The next thing you are going to suggest that the offer that Jesus Christ is making to all human beings not just to take their place in hell for them but to offer them eternal life with Him in perfection is going to be spurned by one human being? Impossible!  God’s first creation was to proceed according to a definite plan and rejections and revolts, the possibility was there but was so low it was not even worth considering!. But there were problems with this first creation even though the possibility of revolt was so low it was not worth considering.

The problem was that there was a possibility of sin. Jesus did not create a factory of robots, He did give them a free will and that necessarily includes the ability to disobey Him. The chances of that happening as we have seen was negligible but it did exist. Certainly the option favoured by Heaven and all was that nothing would happen, Adam and Eve would go on and populate the world with 144 million offspring (?) and they would all live happily until the lifespan of this world that had been created in a sin possibility situation had finished; 7,777 years 7 months 7 days and 7 seven hours (?). It was now time to destroy this world which was only temporarily created just so when the world that is supposed to last forever was created there would not be the possibility of sin hampering its creation.

It all went according to the book. Sin had been given its chance to flourish but had not. It was there but not rooted at all let alone deeply rooted. No sin, no cross! No GFPMC and no DOA7777. All that was needed was the burnt offering and without sin it did not even require the flames to be able to see the beauty of Jesus  Christ! I must be careful as it is still possible to blaspheme in a hypothetical situation but the Jesus of this ‘burnt’ offering situation which by being turned on was to rid this world of any possibility of sin would not be the full extent of the love of Jesus that was only ‘turned’ on on GFPMC. No these 144 million would have kept on living forever on the new world but at a much higher level of consciousness. End of history and the end of the Bible!

But unfortunately it all fell over and at every step. Lucifer and the angels rebelled, Eve got conned and Adam followed her and the overwhelming proportion of God’s creation are going to reject

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Him and finish up going to hell. That 01/01/01 was going to be such a nice story but it is not followed in the Bible. It did not happen! Instead some 20 (?) years later a revolt in Heaven resulted in satan being thrown out of Heaven and on the 14/01/39 (?) Eve fell and brought Adam with her! This story and the subsequent history is recorded and it was personally delivered by God to Eve and satan. Adam was there but he was not addressed, he had had this relationship with God and he had intentionally broken it. Thank you but no thank you and all I am using is the free will You have given me! Eve’s sin was judged as unintentional and that split would remain now until the end of time! Satan did not draw Eve a picture of what he was proposing, Adam did draw God a picture of what he was proposing!

The plan that God announced in the Garden of Eden on 14/01/39 concerned three beings, it may appear as two, Eve’s seed and satan, but it was three. Satan was one but Eve’s seed were two: Jesus Christ was one but Eve was also the mother of all who would respond and finish up in Heaven. It announced that in 3,850 years (?) that Jesus would crush the head of satan in hell but 10/07/3850 years (?) that the unintentional sins that satan had caused not just to humanity but that rebellion in Heaven (they all grumbled). Intentional sin would be a part of this day but the scapegoat would have to be destroyed outside of temple and city. There we have one aspect of the history of the people of God that began on 01/01/01 but actual plans put into place some 39 years later. With the exception of this one ‘adjustment’ God would still allow His original plan to run with mankind at the helm. A backup system had been introduced and the animal sacrifice system now pointed to the Day of Atonement.

What is not surprising is that evil flourished but how it spun out of control and its depth. This was not ‘just’ a case of murder and loss of innocent blood, a few waves in Noah’s flood would have washed away these traces, no it was the depth of evil that required those catastrophic upheavals in the earth crust that happened and subducted this evil into the bowels of the earth where extreme temperatures and pressures would consume them. The evil was against the nature of God Himself! I can only explain the depth that this evil got to in terms of the heights from which it came and from Adam and especially Eve it came from the very top. Both knew biochemistry and genetics very well and these were then abused to imitate and challenge the nature of God as creator but all ceased and were destroyed by Noah’s flood. Plan A for mankind had failed, he could not be left alone to do it himself, he was going to require constant supervision that would not allow evil to spiral out of control. God would step in at that time and kill the people before their evil spiralled out of control. Plan B was now the new option; God’s people, the descendants of Noah and his family would now rule the roost but under the supervision of God. They were still all of God’s people and none had sought to kill Him or any of His prophets. At this stage Jesus the Nazirite has already been engaged for His work in the Day of Atonement and it is Melchizedek’s role to supervise humanity and nip evil in the bud if it looks as if it is getting out of control. It is a purely hypothetical question as to what would have happened had Adam and Eve hidden in the trees and rushed out and tried to kill God as His own people did on GFPMC.

Time ran on for another thousand odd years and it became obvious that the majority of people did not want to have anything to do with God. Their free will, their call. Out of all of beings God is going to have to call out of them a group of people who want Him. God’s people, Israelites or Jews. But out of all this preamble to the Book of Numbers there is nothing so far that predicts there is a bolt out of the blue coming; Passover. God’s people have been covered since what God told Eve and satan as to what was going to happen. The Day of Atonement (DOA3888) would cover all problems; intentional sin, yes the scapegoat, unintentional sin, yes the bull/high priest offering. The burnt offering, yes when all sin removed. We are all right, come on through and into Heaven! But then the bolt out of the blue strikes; when the blood of this Passover lamb is place on the doorway, and the

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only doorway that is in question is the one with the curtain on it on the edge of this universe, then you will be allowed inside to enjoy your inheritance for eternity. The first Heaven did not have the blood of the Passover lamb on it, only the one with the New Jerusalem in it and by being inside the Most Holy Place we could experience the full extent of the love of Jesus. This is heading towards an unacceptable conclusion.

The Passover was nothing to do with the seriousness of the sin that Adam committed. It was intentional and intentional sins were dealt with in DOA3888 and that was a part of ‘His Father’s business’. We are now in the inner realm of God Jesus Christ! How these inner attributes relate, we are dealing with the full extent of the love of Jesus. That night in Egypt Jesus did not die on any cross. Had He done so it would not have been labelled as 01/01/01 but 14/01/01. What did die that day were many innocent lambs but what was born on that day was faith in the people of God. If they were inside of those doorframes with the blood of the lamb they had just killed and were eating, by faith the angel of death passed over them. Passover. This was an act of divinity and many households that night did not need convincing of this. But were there any sin problems that were addressed here?  Weren’t the sin problems addressed on DOA3888? What other types of sins are there other than confessed, intentional and unintentional sins. We don’t consider unconfessed intentional as this sinner must pay for these sins in hell themselves. No there is no sin that DOA3888 did not cope with and the result after this service was that people could/would have gone to Heaven. Yet there is still something missing. The obvious question then becomes; in a Thursday night rapture from Gethsemane and after going through DOA3888 why did Jesus take the redeemed into the first heaven and why did He not take them into the New Jerusalem? Why was entry into the New Jerusalem conditional on GFPMC?

To say you needed the full extent of the love of Jesus to be shown is obvious but at this stage they are only words. I need a connection to Egypt, to the bronze snake in the desert. This bolt out of the blue has stunned me. In Egypt, now God’s people have been liberated from Egyptian slavery. It is obvious that this must have a spiritual meaning. I have never been to Egypt let alone been enslaved there. The day we are dealing with is the birthday of the Christian/Israelite church, so if I did not do a runner on my Egyptian captors then what did happen? What is recorded in the Heavenly books as occurring on  this day and on which my commentary is supposed to begin? How strong and how meaningful are these symbols supposed to be?

Answer; very strong and meaningful! 01/01/01 is the answer and is never repeated again in Scripture. That day God gave the answer to the most important question ever asked and He gave it in a symbolic way. Those who reject the Old Testament do so at their own peril. At best they can finish up with some superficial picture of time with so many cracks in it as to make it almost meaningless. Then that makes room for all those clangers! The question that was being posed was not; if I come to You on the Day of Atonement and ask you to forgive me my sins will I be let into Heaven? No, it was; if the blood of the Passover lamb is on the doorframe in which I am staying will you allow me to live and enjoy my inheritance forever? Two different, (unrelated?) questions.


The struggle continues and the result unacceptable, with the two most important feast days in God’s people were first and foremost the Day of Atonement on the 10th day of the seventh month. This has not yet occurred but this option was available to Jesus in a Thursday night rapture from Gethsemane and His limited harvest, compared to today. The sacrifice that did occur on 14/01/3889 ac was the Passover instigated way back in Egypt on the 01/01/01 the birthday of Christianity. I now propose a link between these two great feast/sacrifices and being a first effort is most likely to change. It is enough however to allow me to begin a summary on the Book of Numbers.

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When Adam and Eve first sinned way back in the Garden of Eden, God gave a solution to the restoration problem to bring humanity back with Himself. It was the Day of Atonement on which this would happen and the details that were given to Eve and satan are quite clear and the time factor between what happens to satan and Eve’s seed are later given as eight days. Satan is destroyed eight days before Jesus goes to the Atonement cross, he is not given the pleasure of gloating at Jesus, as he gloats at Jesus on Good Friday’s cross. This is the pathway by which the people of God were to return to Him and to Heaven.

Then came the bolt out of the blue. To say, ‘Jesus realised….’ Is bordering on blasphemy and should be, ‘students of the Bible realised….’. After 1,500 odd years allowing humanity to do it and now 1000 odd years humanity doing it but under the supervision of Melchizedek it became obvious to all that the majority of humanity did not want anything to do with their creator and wanted to be left alone. It is at this time 01/01/01 happened. The response of God was that He would choose a group of people, His people. To qualify to get into this group one required faith. As we finally walk through that doorway with the torn curtain and onto the new earth we will cast one short, sharp glance onto the doorframe. All fears and anxieties will fade instantaneously when we see the blood of the Lamb which was sprinkled on/towards this doorframe on GFPMC. It was human blood, it was sprinkle by Eleazar and it was the link from humanity to divinity where we are now passing.  We will know that our place in Heaven has been assured, but what part did this blood actually play? Did it wash away my sins?

There is much more that happened on this day; Release from Egyptian slavery, Passover meal, application of blood, GFPMC, the death of the beast of evil within the believer, (first life actually) and none of this was present on the DOA3888, it belongs exclusively to Egypt’s Passover and now if we run the clock back from 14/01/3889 ac and these events did not occur then neither did the release of God’s people from slavery. The DOA3888 did not release us from Egyptian slavery and if there was no GFPMC and Jesus left earth on that Thursday night we would not have been released from Egyptian slavery, from the slavery of Sin. We would not be allowed to enter into the New Jerusalem and the beast within would have to be kept at bay continuously by Jesus as the burnt offering.

Passover added a new dimension to the act of salvation that was not there before. Its expression maybe as entry into the second Heaven and the Most Holy Place but how it did this was it killed the beast within. Not immediately on GFPMC but after its seven lives it dies. Only then have we been released from Egypt’s slavery. Only then will we no longer be able to sin! Only now do I feel confident enough to step out and comment on 01/01/01 in Egypt. But why did not Jesus cover these aspects in His lecture and plans He made to Eve and satan?

Jesus responded to the situation at hand. The first parents had made a series of spectacular blunders and had broken off their relationship with God. God had restored/was going to restore this relationship in a way He described to them. He had to come to earth, gather His own and take them back and via DOA3888 put them all into the first Heaven. I have wondered at the response God would have produced in Eden if Adam and Eve hid in the bushes after they had sinned and when God appeared they had rushed out and try to kill Him? Something similar to this only far worse was to happen on GFPMC, if Jesus would allow it to happen. The shepherd was not going to return home with the 99 sheep that night instead he would leave them behind and go look for not just number 100 but 101 as well. Here lie the plans for this delay and here lay the plans of the Passover in Egypt.

When Jesus made these plans now to isolate a group of people of faith He had to take all contingencies into account including the harshest and cruellest events. Yes that was already there that His people would come to Him and ask Him for forgiveness. That plan had been instigated way back

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in Eden. But what if His people changed their mind, did not want Him anymore and far worse still go on to murder Him? Would this shepherd then go to the trouble of trying to bring them back to Him and how far would he go to achieve this? How far would Heaven allow Him to go?


God’s experiment for a creation with Him and His people even though given 2,500 odd years to run was a failure. He had tried both options; being in the background until Noah’ Flood and being in the foreground as Melchizedek. The overwhelming majority did not want Him so then God’s decision was to select (actually God chose the one who did want Him) a group of people and prepare this group for Heaven. This was the work of the Son of God who also went about His Father’s business a business assigned to Him back in Eden. There was this sharp distinction now; no longer a people of God but now God’s people. When selected they were granted a very special privilege; they were released from Egyptian slavery. This had not happened before, Passover had not occurred. It was Passover that was the difference and without it in Heaven we would not have been released from Egyptian slavery, the beast within would have continued to live forever. Its first and last deaths are Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). This was the privilege that was assigned to God’s people; they were released from Egyptian slavery. There would be no sin possible in the New Earth and Heaven, but unlike the Nazirite completing His Father’s work which He considered was obligatory His own work was optional and if you and I find that difficult to understand then so did every human being alive at the time of Christ!

It is still a time on which we have much time to spend on, a time from when Jesus decided He was going ahead with GFPMC. It was Jesus’ decision and it was He who picked and separated God’s people from the people of God. It was now no longer ‘just’ a case of His own coming to Him and seeking to have their sins forgiven, it was a case of removing Heavenly regalia and becoming slave and servant and going out and looking for sheep number 100. The numbers of God’s people in Heaven had to be complete, no technique had not been left untried and if that meant adding another 1,800 odd years onto time then so be it! The Book of Numbers in Heaven had to be complete, regardless of the costs, even if that meant the Creator Himself being thrown into hell, then so be it!

These two great sacrifices started off as independent events but once Jesus decided to join them much was exchanged between them and their stature grew with time. DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 with its five animals became the twin bird  sacrifice of DOA7777 which then in Heaven when the light of GFPMC’s cross, particularly the noon to 3pm session shone on it, it became many bulls, two rams and fourteen lambs! In order to shine true light on the Heavenly DOA in the New Jerusalem (DOANJ) the stature of Passover itself  had to rise itself from the lamb status. Much discovery still remains to be made by us before we even approach the level that is here being spoken about so we pray fully move on and stop worrying about those past falls because Jesus has already forgotten them. Once confessed they disappear in the blink of an eye. Before we can begin to delve into those three hours of darkness though we must delve more into the three hours of light that proceeded them and again there is going to be an unacceptable and uncomfortable “truth”. Such was the case in leaving the slavery of sin. It only happened on Passover, 01/01/01 and without Passover we would still be capable of sinning in the New Jerusalem. It is because of Passover that we will leave Egyptian slavery and not be able to sin any more.

Such now are the ‘truths’ coming out of those hours of light, from 9 to noon on GFPMC. If it is true and these hours from the scapegoat of DOA7777 are of a different nature to the three hours of darkness that followed. They have been transferred from a day of worship, DOA7777. They were not a part of this worship the scapegoat had to be removed before the burnt offering was offered yet

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indirectly they were a part of this worship day. The service could be completed on this day despite their presence somewhere with the scapegoat tumbling over a cliff. The hours of darkness could not be included in this service they had to be moved away in time as far as was possible; six months. The inescapable conclusion is that the level of pain and evil of a scapegoat being thrown over a cliff is not at the same level as Jesus Christ hanging on the cross in darkness. One was in light and the other in darkness  and no greater contrast exists.

One thing that never ceases to surprise is the antagonism the feminist movement hold towards the Bible. They think that all, including God should be cast in a feminine role. They certainly have gripes and given half a chance they would rearrange the furniture in Heaven. They forget that Jesus being equal to God chose a subordinate role, the Nazirite vow and came to earth. Without this act of submission no one would be going to Heaven. Jesus will not have this submissive role for the eternities neither will the females have the role their creator has assigned them. Five of the nicest words that I know are, ‘I don’t need you JK!’ You may qualify that with, ‘you are an idiot’ or ‘ you are diseased’ or ‘you are incompetent’ or some other qualifier which will ensure you are never going to have the problem of my offer for help. I have no burning desire to help I have plenty to do myself. Similarly if someone said, ‘Julius, you are not going to be included in the census it is for the people going to war!’ I would be most grateful! I have no desire to cut off someone’s head or to bring a bag full of foreskins home! So why feminists get upset in not being included in the war census is way beyond me! It is not as if they have been forgotten by Jesus, no they have been given the most important role imaginable; bringing children and rearing them cannot be surpassed!


This blog is supposed to be a summary of the journey of God’s people from Egypt to the banks of the Jordan but the problem is that I can’t leave Egypt, ‘After the Israelites came out of Egypt’. Num (1:1). It continues to be the bolt out of the blue. We were all right in Egypt, maybe not in a state of perfection but still okay. After all it was God Himself Who announced the solution to our first parents and our subsequent breaking away from Him and He announced it on the day that they did break away from Him. The relationship would be restored and it would involve Eve’s seed, all humanity. It would involve the crushing of satan’s head and the bruising of the seed’s heel. If you require the nuances involved here go to the Day of Atonement in Leviticus 16 and much more detail down to daily events in this Book of Numbers. But the overall result is all problems sorted out. Sin; place your intentional sin on the scapegoat and the blanket treatment and you will have to use the blanket treatment for unintentional sins because you don’t know what they are; ‘forgive me all my unintentional sins and the intentional ones I have already forgotten’. All placed on the scapegoat, accepted, taken outside of the city and destroyed! Any sins left over will be taken on be the high priest himself. We are Heaven bound, in which direction is the door to Heaven?

What problems can remain after this? Are these problems so serious as to warrant a different animal? DOA3888 involved us as being represented by two goats by the time we got to GFPMC this representation had changed to male and ewe-lambs. If GFPMC was necessary then why not transfer everything over from DOA3888 onto GFPMC so Jesus has to go to the cross only once and not twice? As goats we went to the house of God and sought His forgiveness, we were the people of God but then all of a sudden we became God’s people and as sheep we acquired a shepherd and not just any ordinary shepherd, this one would seek and He would give His life for them. He could have gone back to heaven with the ninety nine sheep He had in a Thursday night rapture from Gethsemane but He chose to stay and go look for number one hundred. It has taken Him nearly two thousand years to find number one hundred and when He does He will come and take all one hundred back to Heaven with

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Him. But He will still not be satisfied with this result and will spend another 1,800 odd years looking for sheep number 101. His search will not end until sheep number 101 rejects Him, only then will He close the books of time! In the history of eternity the existence of this world is but one drop out of the ocean and the details within this drop we are given are stunning, but we must realise that we are also being given stunning details about all those other drops as well! And one of those stunning details of eternity are that because of Passover, GFPMC, we have been released from Egyptian slavery and we will not nor can we ever sin again. And with this revelation we are allowed to move into the bosom of God and the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem! Amen and Amen!!

We are just following the instructions that Jesus gave to Nicodemus and we are in the desert with Moses. Whereas before we had one great feast day to look forward to, DOA3888 of Leviticus 16, now we have another one, the Passover. 10th of July and the 14th of January each year. Both will require a response from us, we will have to raise our hand, ‘Me too!’ Having stepped into the desert or in my analogy a droplet of water it is overwhelming and the mistake to make now so early is to try to look at those drops around us. Task one, we have left Egypt. To do this we had to step into another dimension and that dimension was that of faith! But faith in what? Faith in the blood. Where was this blood? Initially it was on the doorframes of our homes and will be on the doorframe into eternity. To whom does this blood belong? Still struggling with this one. The very good shepherd was prepared and did give His life for me and that did involve the shedding of His blood and presumably it was that blood that was applied to the doorframe of the New Earth and Heaven we will ultimately enter. But right now, some 1,260 years (?) before this happened we are still at the animal sacrifice level and the animal that points to this particular event, 14/01/3889 ac is the Passover Lamb.

Was there any blood applied to the doorway of the Heaven we would have gone into after a Thursday night rapture and the existing Heaven? There certainly was blood involved in DOA3888 but it was not involved on the doorway. Entrance into the Most Holy Place by the High Priest taking his own blood was assumed as a right. Not so into the New Heavens. It is not the right of the high priest that is in question it is the right of the scum that he is bringing along him that is in question. Has God accepted this substitution of blood, of his counting as ours, as valid? Yes, the Passover angel did not kill any firstborn males inside of those doorframes. When, where did these events occur? The question of acceptability was given on their last day in Egypt and has never been asked/challenged again. It was 01/01/01 and the birthday of the Christian Church. It did not occur until well after a thousand years of preparation on the 14/01/3889 ac. That is not 3,889 years after Egypt but 3,889 years after creation. 01/01/01 involved the first born sons of each family, how does this relate to Christians today? Soon after these first born sons were told to leave their shoes behind, their inheritance of eternity and these shoes were filled by Levites and Levites were soon to become Christians, both male and female. If Passover is supposed to point to Jesus was He the first born Son of God? Jesus is divinity and as such has always and will always exist, He is outside of time. He is equal to the Father. The first born would be Jesus appearing in His subordinate role here on earth.


The problem remains getting started and leaving Egypt. Instead of looking at the text as I claim to do I have been looking ahead at the forty pit stops we are going to make before we reach the bank’s of the Jordan; forty facts, events, ideas, theologies or whatever this journey will bring. At the end we should be able to take the cap off the biro and list forty things that this incredible book has taught us, but we can’t get to forty if we don’t start, we won’t even get to the first pit stop. It is a journey of faith and that faith is in the blood of the Lamb. It is not just a new idea, it is a new dimension. The forty steps/ideas we are going to learn about are about this blood of the Lamb on the doorframes of the

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houses in Egypt on 01/01/01. There is little point trying to get bogged down at the start which will result in no start. Scripture is inspired by the Holy Spirit and if we allow it, it should talk to us through the pages of the Bible. Time for confusion is at the end when we are asked to list forty teachings of the Book of Numbers.

Gad and Rueben did not understand their request of staying on this old earth was wrong. They would help with whatever was required on the other earth but they would be quite happy to return to this old one, the present heaven. What they did not understand was that it was not their call, the call solely was dependent on Jesus Christ. He alone could call old Heavens or new Heavens and the fact that He made the call so late in His 1,260 of ministry shows the favoured option was the old Heaven and the Day of Atonement. But the second option was put on the table on 01/01/01 and that was Passover of Good Friday. It was the exit from Egypt. It was real with the symbolism to follow. Jesus has plans for His creation and they are timed down to the day. Plan A from creation to Noah’s Flood, plan B from Noah’s flood via Melchizedek to Egypt, plan C from Egypt, 01/01/01 through to Peter’s fires which erupt at the river of the blood of all evil (?) and consume the earth and universe leaving just that porch behind for us to wait in until the new universe was completed.

To allow the Scripture/Holy Spirit to explain this book to us we first have to leave Egypt and this is no small step. We are allowed to look ahead/back and now know this is not just some hypothetical situation, even Jesus will not be able to do this for us. He can, will and has done it so the mighty step we now take is into reality! We place our faith and our trust on the blood of the Lamb! Christianity in a sentence; the journey of faith in the blood of the Lamb! Chapter one.

The Jews left Egypt in turmoil. Their first census was not for thirteen months. (12 + 1) Here on earth this is contrary to my belief in baptism, the time I accept Jesus in public as my Lord and Saviour. I thought that if I come out of the baptismal font if I was going to Heaven I would receive the seal of God; the Holy Spirit. This verse seems to be saying that Jesus is going to allow time for satan to reclaim me, for the Egyptians to ride out and bring the Jews back. Events that will test my faith will occur and it is only when I come out of the Red Sea and all the Egyptians drown that this seal will be applied. So the journey then becomes; leaving Egypt, placing faith on the blood, a period of time of getting to the Red Sea, the baptismal font and only after crossing the Red Sea are the census taken and our names are placed into the Book of Numbers. In the Sinai it was males going to war but our case any human being capable of going to war. Both males and females will fight this war but they must be of an age where they must know what is going on.

The Heavenly realm where this book takes us to is the final leaving behind of Egypt. We leave Egypt and we leave sin behind never ever being capable or wanting to sin. This will only happen at Passover and is the ‘true’ start of eternity; entrance into the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem. It is not a different Passover that begins this journey of eternity, it is the same Passover as that of 14/01/3889 ac. It was on that Passover that the beast within us was killed and now after seven lives it dies forever. It has been given a chance to do its darn most, it has failed and it has been rejected. In this novel approach to eternity inconsistencies and contradictions are bound to occur and by listing them as I see them occurring should give time for prayer and corrections. We are only in the Sinai because this is where Jesus sent Nicodemus to. Problem one: If the beast within us does not die until we see the light from Calvary’s tree shinning on the burnt offering of the Day Of Atonement which combine to kill the beast and to prepare us for the light we are about to see on entry into the New Jerusalem, the beast’s seventh and final death and this occurs 1,260 days after we have entered the new earth, then wasn’t this new earth created in the presence of evil? Wasn’t it the idea that this new earth could only be created in the absence of evil?

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A possible solution is that yes we do pass onto the new earth with the beast in its seventh life, but nonetheless evil. It lost three lives on GFPMC, its fourth life in the baptismal font, its fifth life when the gates of hell opened and satan was thrown in but we also saw where we had thrown our Jesus on GFPMC and the flames leaped up and enclosed the throne in Heaven and melting a large area around the throne on which we are not allowed to stand on and its sixth life was seeing my Jesus on the DOA7777 cross.


After the DOA7777 of the 10/07/486 there is a period of 1,260 days of intense temple building and when Jesus finishes building my temple, I, along with everyone else ask for the cross of GFPMC. We want reassurances that it is coming across that doorway which now has a torn curtain and into the New Jerusalem and we want it moved from the courtyard  and into the inner parts of our hearts. Both requests are granted; Jesus places His sinless locks of hair at the base of the cross/altar. From now on the cross becomes the centre of our lives and our studies. For the remaining seven months, seven days and seven hours we prepare this cross for its journey into eternity. ‘When you get to Canaan you are to do….’ We have been given our syllabus for study whilst still on this earth; 0.3 flour, 0.5 oil and 0.5 drink offering are our goals. But Scripture tells us that our study only begins once we are through that doorway and on the new earth. It only then that Jesus really joins us it is only when He is in His Father’s kingdom that He eats with us at the table of the Last Supper in proper. It is Jesus Who teaches us despite the fact that the beast is still within us albeit down to it seventh and last life. The ‘real’ period of our study in the new earth I take as 1,260 days; three and a half years or three Passovers and the third one leading to the first Heavenly Day of Atonement in the New Jerusalem (DOANJ).

When Jesus created this earth we are told He made it ‘very good’.  But it did contain variations and provisions for the appearance of sin. After the first sin this earth was a different earth to the one before sin occurred. It may be a similar situation on the second earth which will become a different earth after that beast suffers its seventh death. It changes from sin to sinless and forever! It is gone forever and Jesus now introduces us into a new sinless world. We have now left Egypt. We now enter the New Jerusalem! From new earth and into the New Jerusalem! We have left Egypt and the slavery of sin and the only reason we have been able to do so is because of the Passover. Our Christian journey started in this way in faith in the blood of the LAMB and it will continue for the eternities to come because of our faith in the blood of the LAMB. We know that God said, ‘Yes’ on that night of 01/01/01 back of earth’s Egypt and He will never change His mind. The scope involved in the study of this blood must be infinite for it to last for the eternities and no, not a drop of this blood was left behind on this old earth when Peter’s conflagration took off and that river of evil blood behaved as pure ether! (methyl, methyl for the chemists!) Not one drop could have been left behind, it would have put out the fires! And most faiths today ignore the blood of Jesus and substitute their clangers for it. Little wonder the church sleeps. The blood of the Lamb is no new concept, it has been there since the very start, 01/01/01 and it will continue with no end; Passover.

Reading through some of the notes in the NIV Bible study I see some clever people have difficulty with accepting these numbers on the census, like 46,500 in the tribe of Reuben. When they were in the Sinai desert the leaders realised that the size of the land allocation they got would be determined by the size of their tribe so of course there would be a tendency to double count and even triple count. But they had other leaders their and they had to write down the names double checking this did not happen. As a former teacher of maths and science let me explain what the number 46,500 means. It is one number above 46,499 but one less than 46,501. It is 46,500! To question the numbers in the

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Bible is to question the bases of the Bible itself!  Especially when concerning census and that ultimate census in Heaven; those tally sheets that the first fruit take back to Heaven as the door of mercy closes here on earth. (each tribe of wise virgins presents a role of twelve million names ?? )  Perhaps the good shepherd only took back 98 sheep but He just rounded off the figures to 100. Or He may have got 104 sheep, realised He had overstayed and corrected his mistake by rounding off the numbers to 100? We are dealing with individuals for each one Jesus was prepared to die for, there can be no rounding off of numbers. Many would call such a literal interpretation as zealot or fundamentalist but I would call there are no channels of communication opened to God which have any doubt in them!

In Heaven both the census of the congregation and the Levites are also thoroughly checked and not just by our leaders but by the saints. We are not concerned about the size of our allotments or the position of our apartments, Jesus has gone ahead and will organise all this for us and as there are no sceptics or grumblers up there they thankfully accept what Jesus has done. No our concern up there and it is addressed once in the second last chapter and again in the last chapter in the Book of Revelation is that no dogs, murderers, liars or idolaters get through. From the time you leave Egypt in faith in the blood of the lamb you are not placed onto the census list for 12 + 1 months. You have plenty of time to change your mind and go back to Egypt but if you have not done so after this time your name is placed onto the Heavenly Book of Numbers when Heaven’s full attention is placed on you, so much so that more attention is given to one stray sheep than the other 99 wise ones. It was this concept that Balak/satan had difficulty in comprehending. But that attention is maintained until the final call; JK (whatever my number Heaven awards me when placing me on its roles) ?? The answer will either be, JK standing over there with his hand up or JK was destroyed in the flames of hell on 02/07/486!  [ Proud grandparents grandchild no 9 Emily arrived 4.37 pm 3 Kg mum and baby well.]


Our journey out of the land of Egypt has begun and there are going to be forty stops before we arrive on the banks of the Jordan. It is a journey of faith in the blood of the Lamb yet it is not a journey of pure faith because we already know the result; the angel of death will pass over any Christian who has faith in the blood of this Lamb which is soaked into the cross, the doorway into Heaven which has the New Jerusalem in it. The only questions therefore are when is this act of the blood on the cross going to happen and will it be done according to the standard required by God? The first question the when question was asked by God’s people in the OT for well over a thousand years but we now know the answer; 14/01/3889 ac. Satan will no doubt cast doubt on this event so some element of faith will still be required and even Jesus had doubt whether it was acceptable to God the Father and on the Sunday morning and would not allow Mary to touch Him until He had ascended to Heaven and presented His risen body. He had been to Heaven at 3pm on GFPMC but that aspect related to His divinity, as High Priest on Sunday morning this divinity had combined with His humanity. There are therefore three elements of faith that are not required; the angel of death will leave Christians alive, the blood has already been shed and applied and it was done according to the standards set by God. And it all has been written out in a Holy Spirit inspired book; the Bible.

It is of interest whether these forty stops that we are going to have are all related to incremental increases in the knowledge of the blood of the Lamb so that finally on our 40th stop we will be in a position to cross the Jordan into Canaan and approach Jericho where our High Priest, Jesus Christ will take His blood into the city. The walls of this Jericho, the New Jerusalem will not fall down but the pearly gates should swing open and allow us to rush in. The circle that started way back in the Sinai desert when we left Egypt on the 01/01/01 in  faith in the blood of the Lamb now heralds the start of eternity; We are sinless, we can no longer sin, we have left the slavery of Egypt and of sin and now

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our eternity is placed in the faith of the blood of the Lamb. As amazing as this Old Testament book of Numbers is it has not yet revealed its treasure; the blood of the Lamb!  It should also be kept in mind that we are in the Sinai desert where Jesus sent Nicodemus but He only sent him there to the fundamentals which ultimately will point to the Son of Man being raised on the cross of GFPMC, NT, the message of salvation and the message of the blood of the Passover Lamb way back in Egypt on the 01/01/01. We are now going to make some effort to join these events together. For this purpose one of the Bibles will be opened at Matthew and I will try to turn the pages.

Our first pit stop (?) is the census of all the congregation of the sons of Israel or of all Christians of all times. Why were not our names not added to this census on the day that we decided to leave Egypt and start our journey of faith in the blood of the Passover Lamb? Why does Jesus have to wait for 12 + 1 months before He does this? (12 is a complete number and 1 makes sure we exceed this complete number and we know exactly what we are doing)  Hasn’t Jesus known from the eternities past those who are going to finish up in the New Jerusalem and beyond and those who will not?  If the seal of God is placed on those going to Heaven then why as late as the baptismal font? Will this seal, the Holy Spirit prevent us from going through God sent catastrophes such as bowls and trumpets?

The census is not just a census of those going to Heaven, it is a census of all those who have left Egypt and begun their journey in faith in the Passover blood of the Lamb. In fact a shockingly low number of these are going to get to Heaven/Canaan. Of the initial batch only two out of 600.000 odd make and even after an extensive purification period of the last great tribulation a shockingly large number will not make it to Heaven. They must know what they are doing, their actions must be judged as intentional. You can’t get any more intentional than being prepared and actually dying for the cause. From the time they leave Egypt they have 12 months or a complete unit of time until they reach the Red Sea or the baptismal font and even thirty days after that to change their minds. They are certain that they want to continue and it is only now that their names are added to the census of the congregation. This is not the giving of the seal of God; of the Holy Spirit. With the exception of Caleb and Joshua everyone got it wrong! All 600,000 of them! God would prefer to let Heaven stand empty than to admit all these people. He will only admit those who have the seal of God and no one else. This seal of God, the Holy Spirit is only sent by Jesus Himself. Jesus said that He would send the Comforter when He returned to Heaven and He also explained that brief period of time when baptisms occurred in the absence of the Comforter; The Holy Spirit and Jesus could not be here on earth at the same time and the Holy Spirit could only be sent once Jesus returned to Heaven.—

There have been a number of major evangelistic campaigns involving the Holy Spirit and the laying of hands to bestow this Spirit. Many of those involved realised they were misguided and abandoned them. Some continue today and these involved still do not realise the error of their ways. It would be difficult to comprehend that these misguided souls even though they could not impart the Holy Spirit, only Jesus can send His Spirit that they would impart a demonic spirit. This cannot be said of the ones that the Bible calls, ‘liars and there is no truth in them’, they know they are giving those unfortunate souls a batch of seven demons and that these demons will respond to their master’s call. Any call for war will result in the religion of love and peace being used for satan’s purpose of war and the Bible for demonic purposes such as supporting atheists killing Christians a replay of what happened on GFPMC. These ministries are very easily identified. At no cost will they allow you communication with God as God ordained His Holy Sabbath day to be. They know that God would tell you not to listen to their satanic messages, they know that God would tell you they are deliberately keeping you away from His cross and they are keeping you under the old covenant from where no one

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can go to Heaven! They are very easy to pick, it is the Word of God, the Bible that gives them such an evil tag; liars and no truth in them! Not little truth but no truth!

The flames of hell enclosed the throne of Heaven on GFPMC but on earth here Jesus died alone and on earth here Jesus alone can give His Holy Spirit, the seal of God. Anyone else attempting to do so is an imposter, it is not theirs to give. They can at best instil their demonic spirit which is what they do and they know exactly what they are doing! Forget to remember the Sabbath day otherwise our cover is blown! The Bible does seem to teach that the Spirit/seal is not given out until we make a public confession of our faith in the baptismal font. Those who die or are too old to do so will be treated differently to those who refuse to do so. Jesus will be ashamed of those before His father who are ashamed of Him on this earth. This would imply that on this earth somewhere exists a church, a group of people who are living up to the light that has been given them. They might be like pearls, they will be asleep, but they are out there somewhere!

The question of the Holy Spirit/seal of God is one that must be left for Heaven but the question of the census is one that relates to humanity, particularly the saints in Heaven. These census seem to be for their benefit. In today’s terms only the names of committed Christians are on these lists and there could be no higher test than; ‘Are you prepared to give your life for Jesus?’ An answer of, ‘Yes!’ puts your name on these lists. Many of our spouses, family, loved ones and friends have their names on these lists today yet only 50% will be in Heaven. Our concern up there is a genuine concern that there will not be another Lucifer type rebellion up there soon or ever. We may only know a few people well and their reaction to Scripture, to Jesus. All/most of the teachings of Scripture like on homosexuality, gay marriage, role of women, war, authority are only very weak, minors when compared to the major teaching. There is only one that begins with the Word ‘remember’ and it is disregarded by most alike. A hostile but correct reaction to anyone trying to point out this major teaching is that, ‘You are only trying to keep us under the old covenant, the old Testament all that changed with the new commandment that Jesus said that I give unto you, ‘That you all love one another as I have loved you”. This was a new commandment because Jesus had decided to go ahead with GFPMC and not return home in a Thursday night rapture from Gethsemane, He was staying on to show them the full extent of His love! Most of these who say this realise the absurdity of their argument to say the ten commandments have been done away with and it is okay now to kill, steal, adultery, lies etc no they all stay and the only one that goes is the one that begins with remember? If these people, especially if they are teachers and know or should know better are included in the final roles that the first fruits bring up to Heaven!

I have on a number of occasions tried to relate the animal sacrifices of the Old Testament to Jesus and the New Testament but this difficulty has been increased somewhat after splitting the Synoptic and John’s Gospels and as I glance ahead through the pages of Matthew this task seems insurmountable. I can justify my attempt by the usual ways; first attempt and I did try which is what I am going to do.

My first problem is genealogies.


If the four gospels are the four natures of Jesus Christ, the four creatures around the throne, the four walls around the New Jerusalem then the Gospel of Matthew is that of the conquering lion, Mark is the gospel of the blood of the ox, Luke is man, humanity of Jesus Christ and the one that is totally different is the Gospel of John, the eagle and the divinity of Jesus Christ as displayed by Jesus as God with arms outstretched on the cross of GFPMC. It displays the full extent of the love of Jesus

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Christ. It is not us going to His Temple to seek Him as in the case of the first three synoptic gospels it is a case of Him coming as servant and slave and washing our feet in order to allow us to start our walk, our journey to Heaven. In the synoptics there is a reversal of roles. But it was only from John when Jesus had decided that He was not going home on Thursday night but staying on for GFPMC that Jesus said, ‘A new commandment that I give unto you that you should love one another as I have loved you’ and this was now going to be with the full extent of His love.

This scenario leaves Luke with the humanity of Jesus and therefore a genealogy that goes back to Adam. The Gospel of Matthew on the other hand has Jesus as Eve’s seed and therefore should go back to Eve. Thus both gospels should have genealogies going back to Adam and Eve, but this is not so. Matthew only goes back to Abraham and then onto David. We know that Abraham is the father of faith and faith is where we are at right now as we leave Egypt and begin our journey of faith. This faith is first and foremost in the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, on the doorframe into Heaven proper. Passover is about the second Heaven with the New Jerusalem. We already know that once inside that doorway that the angel of death will pass over us and we will live forever. Will this protection apply if we visit the other billions or trillions of stars and planets that Jesus will recreate? No, we will not be able to inhabit other planets. The blood of the Lamb is only on the doorway to our home, the New Earth. The longest visit we can make is thirteen months away and we will have to return to the protection offered by Heavenly Passover. The inheritance we have to enjoy is twofold. Outright and joint inheritance. Outright on the New Earth will be our allotment of land and in the New Heaven, the New Jerusalem we will own our own apartments which Jesus has gone ahead to prepare. Joint ownership will be the city itself. When we realise we are poor, blind, pitiful and naked and we hand Jesus this rubbish in our red garbage bins and He refines it through the fires of hell, the gold Jesus gets is poured into the part of the foundation that is near our suburb, we become part owners of that foundation and of the city. Once we leave Egypt in our lives this is to where we are heading and when we do finally arrive from this Sinai version of leaving Egypt we take our Heavenly step and leave Egypt forever. We do not nor are we capable of ever sinning again! And for this we have the Passover to be grateful for!

But this was not the role that God originally gave to Eve’s seed way back in the Garden of Eden on the day she sinned. It was not; sin, Egypt, Passover, blood, Christians, outright and joint ownership and finally leaving sin forever it was about Eve’s seed crushing the head of satan and satan bruising the heel of Eve’s seed. It was about the Day of Atonement (DOA3888) of Leviticus 16. The Synoptic Gospels major on this day, DOA3888 but the gospel of John majors on GFPMC. Both are journeys of faith. By the time Matthew wrote his gospel GFPMC was not faith, it was fact but the DOA7777 is still a matter of faith. It is faith in Jesus finishing His Father’s work. It is faith in Jesus defeating satan, crushing his head and throwing him into hell. It is faith in the justice of Jesus by not allowing anyone to suffer for sins they were not aware of but which Jesus will now have to take onto His holy body and take into hell again to have them destroyed. This is called satan bruising the heel of Eve’s seed! Confessing to, pleading they are mine, 70 trillion (?) sins and having to suffer for each one = bruising ??. One sin at a time!

Much remains to be commented on in this genealogy. It is a genealogy of Abraham and therefore one of faith and faith that Eve’s seed will in the long run complete His Father’s business and do away with all sin. The centre point of this work, the Day of Atonement in the Heavens of eternity will remain as it did on earth, but it will be combined with another act of faith, Egypt or Passover. It is easy enough to see the role of Abraham but that of David is more difficult. The Jews overestimated the role of David and gave him credit that should have gone to Jesus. They missed the appearance and presence because of this blunder. Jesus Christ as the son of David was not a title of equality, or of honour, it was

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a title of contrast. It is there for the likes of you and me to show us that it is relevant as to whom this faith comes from. It could even come from someone as low as David. He like each and every one of us had his high points in his relationship to God, high points probably much higher than anyone of us but he also had low points much lower than most of us. He was/is  text book definition of psychopath. He was scum and the low point, the amoeba of life! That is how low Jesus was prepared to go! Jesus did not give up with him and holds him up as an example as to how low Jesus will go, faith covers all defects, there is hope for you and me!

The genealogy of Matthew is supposed to cover that of Eve’s seed and also the lion. As Eve’s seed Jesus was given His Father’s work to restore humanity to God and to bring them back to Heaven. It was not until some 2,500 years later that Jesus took on an extra role; to bring His people out of Egypt. These stories of faith are woven into that first chapter of Matthew which still requires much more work to open and find its treasures. Just because we started with bare shelving in the Book of Numbers does not mean that we finished up in this way and all that is required of us is multiple returns in faith, there is much very rich history to be uncovered. The richness of the Old Testament, the richness of the Word of God! Just because we stumble and fall or stumble and fall badly does not mean that repentance and faith cannot restore our relationship!

If Jesus is this lion Who has come down to destroy evil we would expect evil to protect itself and fight back. It should try to destroy this lion in its infancy and it would be hard to flaw Herod’s attempt to kill the baby Jesus. And in Egypt too satan has to put in a concerted effort to put a break in the lineage of Eve. To do this physically satan would have to kill all women, they are all Eve’s seed which obviously is not possible. Almost as effective though would be to trash the significance of genealogies in the Bible in which satan specialises and has been doing such a good job on through sadly many of God’s people. ‘We don’t understand’ or ‘it must be an error’ and ‘let us at least correct this mistake’ they say, ‘the Holy Spirit needs our help to maintain His integrity’. It is indeed a sad state of affairs if God requires us to help Him to upkeep His integrity! At this stage I will not even turn the page over from Matthew verse one until I get some understanding in the meaning of this first page.

We are leaving our first pit stop; the census and we now would like to find out why only two make it into Canaan if 603,550 started off. This was the count of eleven tribes and the tribe of Levi was not included, they have been selectively chosen to serve God and His temple. Favouritism? Predestination? I don’t think so. The answer is more like the blood of the Lamb. It was Jesus Who shed and will still shed His blood. It is His blood and it is Jesus who makes the rules. There is no room for us for input regardless how good we think our improvements are. But as has been pointed out on a number of occasions in this blog you will be given plenty of time to clarify your arguments, up to 1,260 years and then present them at the third coming of our Lord at the end of those final 1,260 years of grace. I can tell you the result today; your ‘better’ ways will be spurned and totally rejected!

There is no doubt that the Levites were a privileged tribe that was selected to work in the work of God around the temple, but they did not strike the jackpot or the lotto  prize. In Matthew they were but Jacob’s sons. The prize went to Judah! Levite was one of Jacob’s sons and served in a stunning role of preparing God’s people for the first coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ and for His subsequent rapture with His people who Peter had organised under the tents of Moses and Elijah. Peter thought that at the transfiguration he was shown that if these were present in the tent of Jesus they could all be raptured off to Heaven from Gethsemane on Thursday night. Peter’s concerns were the Levites, Thursday night rapture and via DOA3888 into the present tent of meeting, present Heavens.

Had the Book of Matthew been written Peter might have realised that verse 1; ‘The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham’. He may even have extended  the

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line out from Jacob to Judah. Yes Levite was there and held a very privileged position in the preparation for Jesus Christ and had Jesus gone back to Heaven that night that role would have percervied. There was a change coming from Elijah and Moses to Abraham and David.

God’s people had been travelling for over a thousand years now since they had left Egypt. They left in faith and they kept on asking when was the blood of this Passover Lamb going to be sprinkled on the doorway into Heaven? Theirs had been the journey of their father Abraham. But who is now to be included? Surely not those who murdered Jesus by hanging Him up by His own Holy Word? Actually this low life is now included; David is included! We now have Jesus Christ, David but how does this bring in Judah? It is not the Levites who are the privileged tribe it is the tribe of Judah.

At this stage I think it would be fair to say that the ministry of Judah is so different to Levi they can be called an independent ministry. They are separate priesthoods.


Opening the first page of the gospel of Matthew opened up another world; the genealogy of Jesus Christ. A genealogy that is essential if we want to follow where Eve’s seed is and what he has done and is about to do and what will happen to Him, how satan will bruise his heel. The mention of Abraham is always synonymous with faith. Faith is what it was about back then, today and into eons of the future. It was the essence of the two journeys for the Israelites and today’s Christians have to have faith in GFPMC of 2,000 odd years ago and the DOA7777 still 1,800 years future. Jesus Christ is the son of David. He not only did not disassociate Himself from the low form of humanity, Jesus proudly announced His relationship to him. He has come down to become one of them!  There is not one of us that has done something so evil that will cause Jesus to disassociate Himself from us, not one! The condition that we have to meet is the same one that David met; repentance!

In our summary of Numbers we are at chapter three, the Levites to be priests, we have started our journey of faith by leaving Egypt and thirteen months into the journey there was a census taken but it specifically excluded the Levites. The bases of their census was not the same as for the congregation in general. We had all been on a journey of faith since our first parents sinned some 2,500 years before in the Garden of Eden. Back then and since we have put our faith in the solution that God announced to Eve and to satan on that day; our relationship with God would be restored when Jesus, Eve’s seed and thus the importance of this and other genealogies, would crush satan’s head and in return have His heel bruised. This particular journey of faith still has some 1,800 odd years to run before it fulfilment but to the Israelite it was what they practised every year in the Day of Atonement. (DOA3888 Leviticus 16) These were more than dry runs. Their sins were forgiven them on that day they placed them on the scapegoat! Their sins carried forward and our sins carry back to GFPMC. Faith is the critical aspect involved! But Israelites journey for the first 2,500 off years was a journey on the Day of Atonement, 10th of July but after they left Egypt on the01/01/01 a second sacrifice appeared on their yearly calendar, Passover on the 14th of January.

When we arrive in verse 2 of the gospel of Matthew there has been a changeover in the priesthood. It has changed from the tribe of Levi to the tribe of Judah. Or has it really changed? The Day of Atonement is still to come! All those/most of those parts are still to be enacted. The High Priest still has to take his blood into the Most Holy Place and sprinkle it on the mercy seat and not so much plead for acceptance that was guaranteed back in Egypt, this is more whether the procedure followed was of the standard that would be required by God. This sounds very much like Levite territory. Well where does Jesus as the son of Abraham and David fit in? Particularly Jesus from the tribe of Judah come into it? Is not Jesus going about His Father’s business the idea behind the Day of Atonement and

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on which He completes and reports as completed this business? Is this not the idea behind the Levitical sacrificial system?

With both Israelites and Christians still looking forward to the Day of Atonement and the Israelites looking forward to but Christians looking back GFPMC and the number of names in that genealogy it would not take much imagination for anyone to write any number of stories/scenarios joining these facts, but it is only the story/scenario that sprouts from the Sinai desert that will have any significance. We must therefore return to the Sinai where after 13 months God ordered a census of all the fighting men of Israel, but specifically excluded the tribe of Levi. Judah was to lead these armies and would be joined later by Jesus and all the people believe of a future Day of Atonement and some form of Passover.

As on 01/01/01 almost every family in Israel had a Christian who was going to Heaven including Judah. Those/most who had a firstborn son would no doubt have made sure that their doorframes had the blood of the Passover lamb slashed on it. The angel of death passed over that household that night as it will pass over those in Heaven. They would have life eternal and their inheritance, both outright and joint, they could enjoy forever. This first born son must symbolise Jesus as the first born Son of God. I don’t know why Scripture does not use ‘first appeared’ because He was not born. What was born is the role or position of Nazirite and Jesus filled this position. Why this first born is being applied to Jesus is shown in the Fact that every first born male animal was like the first born son given to God. These first born animals were used in sacrifices and every animal was a representation of Jesus Christ and this included the Passover lamb itself. Every first born male man and beast did die on the 01/01/01 except for Christians/Levites who were protected by the blood of the Passover lamb on the doorframes. I will continue to use Christians and Levites until I see the changeover from the Levite to the Judah priesthoods.

No doubt many a reason has been given as to why God changed His ‘mind’, sent the first born males back home and substituted the tribe of Levite in their place. Like before only first born were going to Heaven and now the whole family could go to Heaven. Before every family would have their first born male child serving at and in a limited way in, the temple of God, now their first born returned, would never have to leave them again and the Levites would take their place.


Yes Jesus did send home 22,273 first born males home those who had survived the pass over on 01/01/01 but they were not excluded from Heaven. They were a part of the census, they were part of the congregation. The fact that only Caleb and Joshua made it into Canaan, if they were firstborn sons in the first place was of their own doing. I have no doubt had they remained in the service of God then if not all then certainly most of them would have got across. It certainly proves that working for the Lord increases your chance of getting into Canaan. It does not guarantee it as Korah and the very sad examples of Moses and Aaron showed but it does increase them. The Levite belonged to God and was there to serve Him. Christians belong to God and are there to serve Him.

On my journey through this blog I have found many interesting and new truths but just as I am about to draw a conclusion and sit down on my laurels I turn a new page certainly new truths appear and many of the old ones just fade into the background. Such were my previous ideas on Levites. They were a God chosen people appointed to do His work, they were not priests but they were assistants to the priest. Their training was to have reverence for God, for what is holy. I could see a time when the priests and the high priest would totally reject God and kill/murder His Son. This time would be associated with the curtain that opened into the tent of meeting tearing. Here I surmised that these

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Levites who had had such extensive training for well over a thousand years would step in and into the tent of meeting. I could not name this tent other than my body and had no idea how the ministry of the Levite/priest had changed into that of Judah. The Levite/high priest/priest ministry fits DOA7777 down to a tee including the door to the tent of meeting with its curtain tearing and we as Levites passing through to serve our Lord and Master for the eternities to come in our newly created world. But there is still the intermediate period of the Judah phase of the ministry of Jesus Christ. The difference that this phase makes is the difference between the first Heaven and the New Jerusalem. The difference that this phase makes is looking at GFPMC between the hours of noon to 3pm and seeing total, ubiquitous darkness and seeing a light that is almost impossible to bear, such is its beauty! Much still needs to be learned to get to this stage but there is also no reason to stay with the light we have which in most cases is near total darkness.

The solution that God gave to Eve and satan on the day she sinned was perfection and as such there is nothing that can be added to it. It cannot be improved but it may have sections of it moved to other appropriate areas, like the scapegoat which was a part of the Day of Atonement but not a part of the temple sacrifice. In fact it had to be removed before the sacrifice could continue. It could be studied and elucidated but it could not be added to or improved. One technique used to study it was to throw the light of GFPMC on it which is not of much help if the light from Good Friday is darkness as most churches and ministries help shine today, but this will not always be so.

The light that shone from the original GFPE was not all that bright either. In fact the blood that was on the doorposts at night time would have been invisible to all but the trained observer. It was visible to the angel of death and it will be this angel that will pass over the blood of the red heifer for the eternities to come. By this stage we will all be trained observers and we too will clearly see this blood. In the meantime there was three hours of light on GFPMC, from 9 until noon. This light had been transferred from the DOA7777, this was the light from the scapegoat. GFPMC was now not just Passover lamb but Passover lamb and scapegoat. In a topic we are still struggling with it was also red heifer, not bull but red heifer. This was the role for Eleazar the priest as contrasted with Aaron the High Priest who actually looked at it but passed it back to Eleazar, and even though we have received some light on this red heifer much more is required as is always the case when there has been a change in species; goat to lamb and in this case lamb to a member of the bovine species, not yet a bull but a red heifer. This red heifer is the humanity of Jesus Christ but it also introduces a divine aspect of Jesus. It is about all those horrible things that happened to Jesus but it does not include His own people murdering their Messiah by tying His own Word around His neck and lynching Him.

We have been trying for some time now to turn up the intensity of the torch of the fires of hell from GFPMC and have made some study of this red heifer, but it of itself is an intermediate that produced divinity and the top and ultimate species of the animal sacrificial system. It produced ashes and water that soaked out of these ashes. They had to be divinity they had just been through the fires of hell. Hell destroys evil and as they had not evil they were not destroyed. What happened then is one of many things in the Bible that cannot be understood!  God on the throne in the Most Holy Place ‘forgot’ all the rules and allowed an incredible number of sinful being into His presence. From the living came the bottom of the barrel pick, and from the dead I have no doubt that David was there also! Any prays that we pray in the acceptance of Jesus as our saviour were there too! We were there too and all this happened because of the most momentous event that took place there in Heaven on GFPMC at 3pm on the 14/01/3889 ac.


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I couldn’t even guess the weight of ink required in typing a full stop. But that full stop at the end of chapter 4 in Revelation and before chapter 5 is my candidate for the most significant full stop ever typed. On the left hand side of it is Jesus Christ the creator and on the right hand side of it is Jesus Christ the redeemer. It is a demarcation between the two roles of my Saviour and in time it is 3pm on the 14/01/3889 ac. Even though at this stage it is turmoil and confusion that word ‘Judah’ where I expected to see ‘Levi’ will turn out to be almost as significant as that full stop. One word in a genealogy. Jesus Christ as High Priest becomes the conquering lion of Judah with a scroll with seven seal on it.

When turmoil like this arises I am tempted just to turn the computer off and go and think out the issues but the problem with this is the present state of brain. Ideas come at the speed of light but they also leave at the speed of light never to retutrn and by typing them out despite all the errors there is still a chance of retrieval. I will type into me [  ] until I can see some conclusion.

[ It took a long time in coming to the conclusion  that what God told Eve and the serpent/satan the day that they sinned in Eden was in fact the Day of Atonement solution to sin and evil. The solution came from perfection, was perfection and will only be fully understood by perfection. Being perfection it lacked nothing and nothing could be added to it. It certainly had an unwanted element and this element had to be removed before the plan could proceed. Initially this element was the intentional sin of Adam and it was his call of given the choice of God or Eve, Adam called ‘Eve’!  He was there but just as a spectator and could listen to what was being said to his choice; Eve. They both fell into the same category when they confessed their sins; Eve, confessed unintentional and Adam confessed intentional both being packaged as confessed could now pass onto the scapegoat, Jesus Christ, but this scapegoat had to be removed from the presence of God, in His temple and be destroyed and it was only then that the Day of Atonement offering could be made.

Another idea that has been churning around since I opened the page with the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew has been that the change of priesthoods of Jesus Christ from Levi to Judah was associated with the change of species from goat to lamb. Jesus took on the role of lamb some two weeks before He went to the cross Noon on GFPMC on the 14/01/3889 ac was that change. He had collected the 99 sheep that  had come to Him and was ready to return to His Father with this harvest, but no He changed His mind and was staying back to gather number 100 as well. The first three hours of the cross, 9 to noon, were hours of  light, they were the transfer of the scapegoat from DOA7777 which was a sacrifice of the Sabbath and of light forward some 3,889 years and onto mount Calvary. The scapegoat had come from the Day of Atonement, it had come from God’s people going to Jesus and asking for forgiveness but this has now changed species. Goat became sheep, Levite became Judah, instead of His people coming to Jesus He was now going out to look for them! A change of species indeed! And Judah the lion had work to do!

The Day of Atonement has not yet occurred. God’s solution to the eradication of sin and evil is still to come. What has occurred is that preparation for its observance have been made. We have been prepared to spend the first 1,800 odd years of our eternal existence in the first Heaven above us today whilst Jesus checks and rechecks whether sheep 101 has any possibility of changing its mind. To be in this first Heaven we needed to be cleaned up and when answer comes through from 101, ‘No chance!’ then the most incredible seven years of this world’s existence begins. It is the last seven of Daniel’s 70 lots of seven and it could only be compared to that seven years with the cross of GFPMC as its centrepiece. The 1,250 day tutorial (the trumpet sounds on 01/07/486 to break out attention) is focused on what is now about to take place; the eradication of sin and evil, the Day of Atonement, DOA7777, the twin bird sacrifice. As thorough as our preparation had been we still do not see things in the true light of the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ! We may be getting closer but this is still some four years away and that is only because of intensive prayer and study! The beast within me after it has suffered its fourth death in the baptismal font is a much weaker beast than the one that

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went into that font. It is even a weaker beast when I am laying in front of the DOA7777 cross which snuffs out its sixth life. It only has one life to go. We do follow ever so carefully the tutorial of 1,250 days both by hearing and lip reading, then the trumpet sound and all that action begins that leaves a river of evil blood behind. The door to hell opens and satan is pushed into hell followed by eerie darkness. Our Jesus has disappeared into that darkness! It must be of help that Jesus has just told us that this was going to happen to Him, but seven days without Jesus was almost too much to bear! If it wasn’t for that that tutorial explaining these events we would most probably be calling, ‘Who is this Jesus’ from day one instead of waiting until the Roman soldier who made the original call in Gethsemane to make it again! No, the Jesus that emerges out of that darkness would be at least equivalent to the Jesus the three disciples saw at the transfiguration, at least. He has won the battle over satan and crushed his head and He has suffered the seven days of defilement for pleading guilty to all the sins that remained after the fires of hell were extinguished, all 70 trillion (?) of them.

This is the Jesus who returns to Eden2 on Friday 09/07/486 and goes to the Atonement cross the next day. Numbers six and onwards will have much to tell us about subsequent events. What we have spent pages on so far and yet been able to define is the end of the ministry  of Judah the lion. There is not much doubt about the start; it was Jesus Christ the High Priest who appeared in that crowded Most Holy Place at 3pm on GFPMC. This was still His priestly ministry that of the Levites that we are now studying in the desert. Jesus was never a Levite, we as Christians are. He was always either Priest and on this occasion when He appeared in the Most Holy Place with His own blood, as High Priest. It was the taking of the scroll from God that began His ministry as the lion from the tribe of Judah!  The study of this cross speciation has yielded much; scapegoat, lamb, red heifer, bull and finally ram!


Way back in the Garden of Eden when  satan deceived our first parents and they sinned God announced a solution to the problem of sin and evil. God would do away with both and restore the bond between Himself and us so that we could finish up with Him in Heaven for the eternities to come. This solution to sin and evil was twofold; Eve’s seed would crush the head of satan and unfortunately satan would bruise His heel in return which was to happen on the Day of Atonement. This solution to sin and evil came from the author of perfection and it was perfection and being perfection did not, could not have anything added to it. The problem was being perfection it could only be understood by perfection and we were not made into perfection at this time. The issue being addressed by God was sin and evil and by getting rid of these two the people of God, Adam and Eve and all their descendants could now go to Heaven.

We are already up to plan B. Plan A was that no one would sin as they had nothing to gain but everything to lose and it lasted for a very short time. God allowed plan B to run for approx. 1,500 years and with minimal interaction with God evil and sin spiralled out of control to the extent that to clean it up God required changes not just to the surface of the world but deep down to a sub continent level. Noah’s Flood accomplished these changes and the world began its history again but this time according  to God’s plan C. He would now be present (as Melchizedek ?) and would not allow evil to spiral out of control as it had before Noah’s time. God gave each nation a cup of iniquity to fill and once they had filled it He would destroy them. After running for about 1,000 years under plan C it became obvious that this plan was insufficient also; the majority of the world did not want to be the people of God, they rejected Him and accepted satan and his ways.

It was here that God introduced plan D or plan 4; He would gather those who did want Him and He would call them God’s people. Becoming God’s people acquired many privileges and none being

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greater than being given a light that we could shine on the Day of Atonement. The light that shines from GFPMC. It of itself is perfect, it is the light of the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ and even though those shining it are not perfect, their state over the eternities to come will get ever closer to perfection. So how should we view the Day of Atonement and Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary? Do we really need that torch to shine on DOA7777? Which is the most important day? Can I like Reuben and Gad opted out of the second Heaven option and just stay on this side of the river?

It is difficult to put a number on it whether Good Friday on Mount Calvary should receive 99.997% or only 99.992% of our attention or some number in between, but certainly the majority of our attention. Sure ae we look around us and see the evil and satan telling us that he does not exist or has been badly knocked around on GFPMC he tells us only what he is capable of. He is a liar and there is no truth in him. He is around and his time was short after the cross and is now almost up. Of the 1,800 odd years that are left after the second coming he will be out of the picture entierely for one thousand years with a great chain around him. This cannot be in hell itself as the fires  only require two days maximum to destroy him. This must be some preheating stage that this abyss is about. Even when released for the remaining 800 odd years of time he will still have this chain around him so these next few years are the last years of his freedom! I have had to change my ideas many times during this blog and now it looks like I have to adjust my ideas on the state of the dead. They are not dead and God did not really mean, ‘That you will surely die’ when telling Adam what would happen to him if he ate of that fruit. We in Australia, the highest level of inquiry the government can hold is a Royal Commission. We have just had one into banking and the results are out. The financial system is not perfect but there is certainly nothing to worry about! It found that the highest number of people taking out life insurance policies are the dead. The dead seem to have a great delight in taking life insurance policies! This is a very profitable business because payouts are very low. When these dead make a claim firstly their signatures on their policies are checked and so far there has not been any problems here. The dead seem to be capable of reading, understanding and signing these policies. The question that disqualifies them so far has been their answer to, ‘Did you have your condition at the time you applied for this policy?’  They answer, ‘No’, their lie was detected and claim refused. They were dead at the time of applying! They are told to apply for another policy! Not knowing anything about the law I would go through these policies and any policy signed by a dead person after they were dead I would charge the bank with fraud!  Would a court system that supports this industry have any problem in enforcing a decree of terrorist against any Christian and applying the harsh penalty that goes with it? The state of the dead that most churches teach today about going to Heaven or hell or somewhere else is likewise farcical and anti-biblical. And you will find that this is but one bell in their array!

The question as to what Heaven we would like to go is of interest.


The problem with opening up that first page of Matthew has been too many topics have appeared and once it becomes unmanageable I will have to go back to just Numbers. The choice of the first or second Heavens were available to Jesus at His first coming. He could have left earth on Thursday night from Gethsemane and taken His harvest to the first Heaven or He could have stayed for GFPMC and let the Jews murder Him, Passover and Passover opens the door into the second Heaven. The problem with the Thursday night rapture was that the beast within us would not be dead. It has seven lives and in a Thursday night rapture it should have died once in the baptismal font, another time when we see the gates of hell open and satan is pushed in we see what Jesus has to do for us to get rid of our sins and the third and last time at the Atonement Cross. It still has four lives left, it still simmers just under the surface and it is going to require the constant presence of Jesus as

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the burnt offering to keep it subdued. This is not the case after GFPMC. In the fires of hell of Good Friday it suffers three deaths; killed, crushed and thrown into hell! It is a miracle of Jesus that revives it for another 3,900 odd years but its destruction does occur for the seventh and final time and it occurs in the same place where it was destroyed the first time; GFPMC! It was destroyed here the first time by Jesus revealing the full extent of His love and it is destroyed again when we finally see the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ! It is there for all to see today, it is the burnt offering of GFPMC and it was on display from 3pm to 4pm on this day. At 4pm Jesus as the city of refuge also came into existence. At that time the wood with the iron, not just the nails that held Jesus on the cross but also the iron spear that opened His side at 4pm stood on the stone tablets of the ten commandments. It was at 4pm on GFPMC that the blood of Jesus flowed onto the stone tablets and it was this blood that welded the wood to the stone, they became one! And tis became a tenet of our faith. The only way to keep those commandments was to have trust in that wood. They are one and the only reason they became one was that the blood of Jesus congealed around the base of the cross! To the world today it emerged out of dark ness but to the saints in Heaven it will emerge out of true light; the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ!

Even consideration of the first Heaven as a place of eternity is blasphemy. It considers the option of ignoring that GFPMC did occur. These are the pleadings of the Holy Spirit to point us to this event and sin against the Holy Spirit can never be forgiven. No our journey is to the highest Heaven, inside of the Most Holy Place inside of the New Jerusalem! To get there we are still going to go through the Day of Atonement and it is only then that satan and evil will be destroyed. It will happen as God told Eve and satan way back in Eden. But why is this event referred to as Day of Atonement when Numbers tells us that it occurs over eight days? Seven of those days are intensive, painful preparation. Satan is the embodiment of evil, he was first and by definition must be the last of evil and everything in between. There was still a problem left once satan was eradicated on Friday 02/07/486. There were still unconfessed, unintentional sins left behind, 70 trillion of them (?)  for all humanity for all time. It is essential that the fires of hell had been extinguished by this time leaving ‘only’ these 70 trillion sins. After fires of the Atonement cross are extinguished there will be no sin. The words of God the Father way back in Eden have been fulfilled! These were packaged and accepted by Jesus as His own. He pleaded, ‘Guilty as charged’ to each one of them. This would now be the last time that Jesus would enter into a period of defilement, of separation from His Father. He had already been in a period of separation from His Father and He called it as such, ‘Father why have you abandoned Me?’ It seems like an unusual call because Jesus knew He was not to have any grape based product as a Nazirite and by calling for the vinegar as He died He knew He was breaking this vow. As a result He was plunged into darkness, He joined humanity! And by the 03/07/486 He has been one with us for nearly 3,900 years but what a change is about to occur. He emerges as divinity and we are about to join Him!

The height of anything is only relative to its surroundings and there could be no better example of this than the depth to which Jesus is about to sink and from which He is about to rise. Whether the depth of defilement for taking on these remaining 70 trillion sins, His separation from His Father was as deep as he suffered on GFPMC is debatable. I would guess that this depth was greater than GFPMC because there He was suffering for our sins but now He is suffering for His own sins, which is a contradiction of terms; the sins of Jesus Christ! On both occasions there is a period of darkness and there maybe a question of their relative values but there is no doubt about their emergence into light. Jesus did merge in light for the burnt offering of 3pm to 4pm on GFPMC but from these seven days of defilement he emerges as even higher than the Jesus of the transfiguration. He went into darkness by becoming one with us on GFPMC but now we are about to become one with Him. We will not just be

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priests and kings, we will be High Priests and this will qualify us to go into the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem!

Our foray into Matthew has yielded some results but it has problems as well. One such problem is Eve’s seed. Eve’s seed, according to what God told Eve and satan was going to be the central figure involved in these last ten days of events. Only the high priest could be involved in the proceedings of the Day of Atonement, only divinity. So Eve and through Mary divinity/God was born?

Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. He had and He was divinity. This certainly places the waters of Meribah in a different light.


Usually by morning I have a fair idea as to what I will be commenting on from thoughts of the previous night, but not so this morning. Many ideas last night but all finished up as overflows. Had to keep coming back and telling myself this is about Matthew (1:1), it is the genealogy of Jesus Christ. The actual bottleneck that was the problem was the sons of Jacob and after deciding that it was between Levi and Judah I formed a debating team which presented a case for each son. The team representing Levi won hands down but that was only because the ones representing Judah did not present the facts, they did not understand them, Judah was the new kid on the block and needed to be a part of this genealogy. Yes they did present Judah as the conquering and devouring lion who took the scroll from the right hand of God in the Most Holy Place at 3pm on GFPMC when as High Priest he had presented his blood and was voted by His creation as worthy of opening its seven seals. One of those seals was as rider of the white horse some of whose history we have already seen. But the lion represented all seven seals and just as his work of redemption had a definite start in time so it also had a definite end. It was the privilege of the wise virgins as first fruits to present the final tally sheets of the names of the saints of eternity. Once they presented these names to God sitting on the throne and He accepted them then the door of mercy slammed close setting off that massive earthquake and beginning Daniel’s 7*70 or the last 500 odd years of this planet. This was the third coming of Jesus at the end of the 1,260 years of grace.

The lot that argued for Levi, their case was far more detailed and convincing. Some of this case, until it runs out of control, will be presented. I was a part of this team. Scripture would never make any mistake and certainly not a serious mistake like confusing Levites and priests. I have already corrected this error but must revise it before proceeding. The Levite is the topic in Numbers that is open in front of me now. Yes there was a big difference between Moses holding up a bronze snake in the Sinai which stopped people who had been bitten by vipers from dying and the Son of Man being lifted up on Mount Calvary and stopping people from dying by bitten by deadly sin but there was a parallel/symbolism there and it was so strong Jesus sent Nicodemus back here to begin to formulate his ideas about salvation. Thus it is with these Levites. Jesus did not die on the 01/01/01 and He would not die on the 01/01/3889 ac, but the answer that was given on the 01/01/01 stood for the eternities to come but it was not actually carried out until 14/01/3889 ac. Jesus Christ of that symbolic date of 01/01/01 was the Passover Lamb and soon after stood aside leaving His shoes behind for anyone who wanted to walk in them. Those who did Scripture calls Levites, from the tribe of Levi.

This symbolism was fulfilled on 14/01/3889 ac, on GFPMC. This time Jesus has left His shoes behind for anyone who wants to walk in them and those who do are called Christians. It was the line of history that joins these events and continues into eternity was where I got confused (forgot/did not understand Scripture). These Levites of the Sinai were not priests, they were assistants to the priests whose duty it was under the penalty of death to train Levites to have respect for anything that is holy, is related to the temple. The 1,260 odd years of training that these Levites received before GFPMC was to prepare them for the time when the priests and high priest walked out, abandoned, killed

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Jesus. These became the backbone of the early church. The Jews break from God was complete, a total rejection; they had another king, Caesar and they had another high priest to lead them, Barabbas. It was for this time that the Levite had been prepared  and the time indicated by Heaven itself; the curtain on the doorway into the tent of meeting was split. As the Levite walked through the doorway with the torn curtain he became a Christian. Instead of using what Scripture says happened I continued this Levite analogy until the end of time. Scripture says that we are priests and kings now and not until we pass onto the new earth. Now.

I know that there is a doorway up there now with a curtain on it. As we are on this side of it I assumed as in the Sinai, that we are on this side of it, outside and therefore Levites. When this curtain tears on th10/07/486 at 3pm we will be able to pass through it and become priests in the new tent of meeting to complete the analogy. But we are priests and kings now! The temple that we serve in now is our body. It is in a very bad state, will require major make over and in fact will not be ready until Moses spends 1,260 days fulltime working on it; ‘Moses/Jesus had finished building the temple’. We know it is completed because we have seen enough beauty of the cross from both DOA7777 and GFPMC to want it moved from the courtyard into the inner parts of our souls and Jesus grants us this request but all this is still a long way distant, we are kings and priests today, not Levites and soldiers but kings and priests. We serve in a tabernacle/temple and we ride behind the rider of the white horse, victory is assured, the battle will be won just with our presence and no participation!

In the meantime we are priests and kings, we should be serving Jesus within  our temples and the curtain to and within our temples was torn at 3pm on GFPMC. It was a sign of divinity that we should do so. We should also join with Judah the lion in His conquest and breaking those seven seals. We are kings, victory is a formality. When we line up up there in Eden2 and we see that final curtain tear at 3pm on 10/07/486, DOA7777 we are kings and priests and are preparing for the most amazing transformation of all; we will be changed into high priests! That is how close our union to Jesus is going to be, it will  allow us with Him to enter into the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem!

Our debate as to whether it was Levi or Judah who should be singled out as Jacob’s son, the others are there but the one being singled out should really begin with Eve’s seed and the waters of Meribah and I do realise the conclusion will be different to ones before. Meribah was an igneous rock that contained water. The only igneous rock that contains water in the Bible that I know about was the ashes that were left after the red heifer had been incinerated. These ashes had been to hell and back, the highest of all temperatures. Both Moses and Aaron knew of the exact details as to what this rock represented, they had to know for their punishment to be so severe. They knew that this water would flow from the side of Jesus at 4pm on GFPMC and along with the blood would congeal and weld the piece of wood with the iron in it onto the stone tablets the wood stood on. This is the message of salvation! They knew if anyone desired of this sin forgiving water they would not have to raise their voices but a quiet prayer was all that would be required. In symbolism maybe a gentle tap but to strike it, but twice was unforgivable. Both had to go, but it was Moses who lost all and very little happened to Aaron. Neither would enter Canaan but Moses lost his highly privileged position as Heaven’s messenger a position to be later given to John the revelator but very little happened to Aaron. His priesthood would continue forever!

Was this the end of the Aaronic/ high priesthood and Levite system? The Levite system would always end on GFPMC but the Aaronic priesthood continued. It was Eve’s seed. It is divinity, it is high priest and it still has to officiate in DOA7777. This is what God told Eve and satan would happen way back in Eden and even when Aaron/Jesus have officiated on that DOA7777 there is still much work to be done before the bride and bridegroom enter into the New Jerusalem as high priests and this

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priesthood will last forever. The work of Judah the lion was completed when the seventh seal was opened and those final roles of Heaven were handed and accepted by God on the throne in the Most Holy Place. This was the first time in 1,260 years that the saints had been allowed within this Most Holy Place and we were very careful to stay off the holy area, the clear glass it still had flames in it,  the one purified by the flames of hell engulfing it on GFPMC. But before beginning our Levi vs Judah debate I have some questions to ask Judah’s father, Jacob.

Why did he go to Egypt in the first place? Didn’t he realise the dangers there? God’s people will often go through droughts but doesn’t God help us through them, do we really have to go to Egypt? Can’t I just tell my children and grandchildren of my journey to Egypt so they won’t go there themselves? Can’t they continue with me and my Journey? Isn’t going back to Egypt saying, Hello to the devil? Hello grog, drugs, tobacco, pornography, illicit sex and the diseases associated with them, violence, pop and hop music? Satan has many items on his welcoming agenda! Yet Scripture seem to say that Jacob had no alternative, he had to go to Egypt. It seems to be saying that you can’t leave Egypt on the night of Passover if you have never been there.

There may be an answer if we go to Jacob’s father and grandfather; Abraham and Isaac. With such a profound and beautiful mystery of Abraham offering his only son as a sacrifice to God, to place this pearl before swine is foolish indeed. And the end of this pearl is that God withdrew Isaac and replaced him with a ram (?) caught in the bushes. In what this symbolism pointed to the opposite happened. God had a Passover lamb entangled in some bushes and on the death knell He withdrew the Passover lamb and replaced it with His only Begotten Son. That was the only solution acceptable to perfection for sin and evil, it not only involved God, it was God! Sin did not appear in Eden until satan was thrown out of Heaven but the possibility of disobeying God has been there from the start. We are all born into this world and we all start in Egypt. Children from a religious upbringing should not venture as far into Egypt as those who have not. They should have already experienced satan’s lures and pray-fully turn around just as they come in through the door. Sadly this does not happen on so many occasions.

The genealogy of Jesus Christ as Eve’s seed seem like a cop out. You can’t go wrong. It does not matter whether you miss two links or two thousand links providing you come back to Eve you must be right! Eve is the only start! And it is not that I have missed the point, Matthew’s Gospel is a synoptic gospel and therefore one that should concentrate on the Day of Atonement, a Thursday night rapture

from Gethsemane, Jesus does not stay on for Good Friday.  The Sabbath is about to descend on our home with its blessings which will not only apply to this day but to the whole week to come. Pray fully with these blessings we may be able to address these issue more fully. The reason the Levite won the debate was because he was being mistaken for Aaron. Aaron was not a son of Jacob, Levi was. It is the Aaronic priesthood which has won this debate for eternity. Both symbols of GFPMC and DOA7777 will continue forever. The role of the Levite finished at the cross and was taken over by Judah. And the only offspring that Judah produced were the seven churches of time and of every Christian life.


I pride myself as having too much knowledge on the topic of the seven churches so as to attempt a one sentence summary or even a paragraph summary and will only attempt to do so if forced by the text. So far thus we have opened the first page of Matthew and the genealogy of Jesus Christ. If Matthew is synoptic then it would have to trace Eve’s seed, the divinity of Jesus, His High Priests role in the Day of Atonement which we are told will finally be held on 10/07/486 and this would have been accomplished simply by mentioning the name of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Being a woman

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and whether it took 70 linkages or 777 linkages they had to finish up at Eve, the mother of all men and women. This, this genealogy did but it also traced back a line in detail to Abraham, the father of faith. Both the great sacrifices of history, DOA7777 and GFPMC are reliant on faith whether these events are past or future. But Matthew specifically adds faith to the second stream of salvation; Passover and leaving Egypt and this linkage is concentrated on. Perhaps looking at it from the angle of evil might help, from Herod’s view; satan and the beast. There is a mixing early on of these two events.

It is relatively easy to quantify and address satan. He was Lucifer a created being to whom we can attribute what’s, whys and how’s. What he understood at the time of the first coming of Jesus and why and how he reacted to it. The beast being the evil within each and every one of us is more difficult. We could quantify the beast at the time of Jesus as Herod; he was a Jew and also a part of the ruling empire of Evil; Rome. The people of this time looked up to and were taught by the teachers, scribes and Pharisees and priests so if these were evil the beast within them could spread to the people and these people would also be a fair representation of the beast. I will use a mixture of Herod and Pharisees. I don’t know the depth to what Herod understood the Bible, they only had the OT but I do know to what level both satan and the Pharisees understood the OT and that could be as highly as Paul!

Satan understood/understands Scripture to a very high level. High enough to get today’s churches and ministries to produce the amazing array of bells and clangers and he does this by taking Scripture and twisting it. It will always be to benefit him and to take the glory away from God. His aim is to send people to hell, the greatest injury he can inflict on Jesus. Without a doubt his greatest success has been to remove people from the blessings of God. God knew that His people could not survive without His blessings and He protected those blessings by only once writing the warning in stone, personally with His own finger. He did not tell us to remember item1 and item2 and item3. He told us to remember just one thing; ‘Remember to keep holy the Sabbath Day!’ Satan first and foremost had to twist ‘remember’ into forget and back it up with twisted Scripture. Once he got this deafening clanger clanging it was quite easy to bring in the myriad of smaller heresies. Success rate among God’s people of this clanger; better than 99%! Result; they not just sleep but are very deeply asleep! Will they sleep up to and through the second coming of Jesus? No, but it will be a very painful awakening!

At the time of Jesus’ first coming satan knew what the Scriptures said and it was wonderful news to him. He knew that the option of Jesus coming to earth and after a 1,260 day evangelistic campaign returning with His harvest back to Eden2, the Father and DOA3888 from Gethsemane on Thursday night of13/01/3889 ac was Heavens preferred option. This was the worst possible scenario for him. DOA3888, satan’s head crushed, heel of Eve’s seed bruised and the end of time of satan’s existence! But Scripture clearly told him this was not going to happen. Jesus would stay on for GFPMC and the day of his reckoning would be moved back by some 3,900 odd years. This first coming was not going to be his problem! It is not as if he just became a bystander and neither will he be just a bystander at the second coming which will also not be his problem. No, on both occasions he will exchange power and authority with the beast. He must help this beast as it attacks Jesus and His people, he must weaken it as much as possible to increase his own chances of not having his head crushed! This was not his problem but nor was he going to be an onlooker either. He put every effort into destroying the ministry and mission of Jesus.

Even though I personify the beast of the times as Herod and the Pharisees the situation was way more complicated than that. There were then as there are today many who did not know any better and were living up to the light that had been shown them. We can’t do any more than this and Page 25

for these Jesus prayed, ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do.’ Scripture is careful to tell us that these were forgiven because they met Jesus at His second coming. Only the saints will do that! But the beast was there and it was personified in many and not just the high priests, priests, Pharisees, scribes teachers and others’ It did not die or was it present on GFPMC but lived onto today and is now killing God’s people. The only beasts that were killed on that day were the beasts within the saints, it was a day of very limited scope. Little wonder satan was so relieved! Jesus had come down to claim His own and it was only their names that He called out on that day; ‘JK, mine!’ The beast within me replied, ‘Over my dead body!’ and its wish was granted! I don’t really want to know why Jesus resurrected this beast within me but He did and Jesus does not do anything that is not necessary and that will not increase my readiness for Heaven! His love for me would prevent Him from doing anything else!

Even though there are verses still glaring at me form the first page I choose to turn to the second page and by adopting a one page forward and one page back routine should be able to get a greater understanding of these verses. Returning to Numbers chapters three and four we find lists of duties for both priests and Levites. Many holy items are listed, each representing a part of Jesus, His dwelling place and His people. I have seen a number of excellent u-tube videos on these topics and some are that good/professional they actually portray a sense of holiness when watching them!  I cannot remember one of them however trying to transpose any of these items not only symbolically but literally up into the New Jerusalem.

Doing this is a contradiction of terms. The idea behind these new Holy Place and Most Holy Place is that they are made out of atoms which have been created in the absence of sin and by carrying items from this old Universe into the new one defeats that purpose. What is taken across must be sinless! This process of sinlessness begins once we come out of the baptismal font, is accelerated during our first 1,800 odd years in Heaven when the process of purification increases exponentially once we arrive in Eden2 and after nearly eight years we are one with Jesus when presented before God. Even after this intensive purification process we still pass through that final torn curtain with a beast inside of us in its seventh and final life. This life is now extinguished where it was first killed, crushed and burned but this time it is forever! We see the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ as it shines on us from GFPMC. Heaven now compensates for the final death of evil within us by lifting us up 1,600 miles from the tent of meeting and into the Most Holy Place of eternity, the New Jerusalem. It can’t be this body that is typing that is going up. Even its peak form there was nothing there to write home to mum about, but now?

The question of the cross of Calvary, the tree of life in the original Garden of Eden (?) and the cross of both GFPMC and DOA7777 is of interest. We have been through this scenario a number of times but this time I want to go one step further with the blood of Jesus. The cross of Jesus absorbed the blood of Jesus on GFPMC from a number of ways. The wounds that had been inflicted during His flogging, the nails driven into Jesus and finally stood in a puddle of His blood when His side was opened up. It was not the amount of blood that was absorbed it was the fact that blood had been absorbed that counted. That blood could not coexist with sin it would wash sin away before it. Because of its nature the cross survives to day and at the right time Jesus will produce when the temple is rebuilt. It will be rebuilt with this same cross standing where it stood on 14/01/3889 ac. This new temple will not need to be rededicated as this cross is holy and when Jesus comes back at the end of the 1,260 years of grace with His two witnesses and the 144,000 wise virgins He will be able to go straight inside of the Most Holy Place. Again this temple will be destroyed by the earthquake that is set off by the door of mercy slamming shut in Heaven but again it will survive and when the temple is again rebuilt

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within 49 years this cross will take its place inside and this temple will not require rededicating. This next time when the temple is destroyed it will be different. First of all for satan and his henchmen to be allowed to destroy this temple, previously they were God ordained destructions, the cross will first of all have to be removed and placed up here with us as we await the return of Jesus in Eden2. Jesus hangs on this cross on DOA7777.

The question becomes; had this blood on this cross from GFPMC and now the DOA7777 stayed on this cross would any other precaution be required for this cross to pass through the doorway with the torn curtain, across the tent of meeting and finally into the New Jerusalem? Would the blood of Jesus be all that was required? The obvious extension of that question is that when called and I take my seven steps to Jesus, do I see His face when He applies a tiny droplet of His blood to my forehead? This cross should allow us to answer that question.

The blood on the doorways of the houses in Egypt way back on 01/01/01 guaranteed eternal life to the occupants of the house and not the timber that was soaked in the blood of the Passover lamb. This blood was far too precious to be wasted on anything like giving life to trees. No on the Sabbath of 10/07/486 at 4pm the blood of Jesus was not spilled by a Roman spear it was collected in a golden censor lined with the prayers of the saints firstly from down here on planet earth and then every droplet that was in Eden2 with us. Yes the cross had every droplet of blood removed as well and because it has lost its holiness and protection it now has a holy fire lighten under it. It will not require this fire once Jesus places His sinless locks of hair and they will ensure that Simon will be allowed to drag this cross into the New Jerusalem. How does the blood on the cross help us with our dilemma?

OK, finally in the New Heavens my name and number are called. I shuffle across the seats and finally arrive in the isle. I can clearly see seven stepping stones and the seven steps that I will take to Jesus. If there were eight I would have hesitated and did a quick recount; no seven and the seven altars of Balak and Balaam. I look down and step one is clearly marked; Passover on 01/01/01. I have no doubts about the event of that day and the answer that was given to the presence of the blood of the Lamb on the doorpost and as I came through the doorway with the torn curtain and stepped onto this new world I specifically checked that this door way had the blood of the Passover lamb on it. On the other side Scripture had told me that the blood of the Passover lamb in a sinless condition is turned into one of the natures of Jesus Christ, an ox and it was so. Ready for step one!


At first I thought that I would take seven quick, consecutive steps but now I think they will be one at a time, stop, steady and look down at the writing on this step, they are in reality the seven steps into eternity. Off the left foot, stop, steady and look down on the second step; Passover, GFPMC and 14/01/3889 ac. Again can there be any faults found here? Jesus did check the results of Friday’s cross on resurrection Sunday with His Father in  Heaven and He would not allow anyone to touch Him before. Whoever it was who tried to touch Him was sinful and the idea of this cross was to do away with sin! It was here that Jesus brought into reality what was symbolised on 01/01/01 in Egypt and in checking it the Father could not have made a mistake. Jesus had drank every last droplet from the cup that His Father has handed Him! From stepping stone two to three is proving much more difficult than I thought and it is not because it has the longest time span between two and three, some two thousand years. (one to two was some 1,260 odd years?)  I lived through the latter part of that 2,000 years and it is mind boggling the amount of detail Scripture gives us about this time. Not as much as the time between stones one and two which is the Old Testament but even a lot of this Scripture doubles up for latter times. The problem in our latter times was that this was the last throw of the dice for both satan and the beast and they both knew it!  They left no stones unturned in muddying the waters in

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order to stop anyone from getting into Heaven. At the time Jesus appeared at His second coming there were only 144,000 wise virgins left! With all this turmoil and confusion going on I just turned my gaze and attention to the stone I am standing on now; the life, death and resurrection of my Saviour Jesus Christ. The other end of this step did all turn out to be muddy water as the forces of evil had intended. Day 1,290 that the prophet Daniel predicted was everything he said it would be. Matters were clarified to the minute of detail and yes we were  readied  for the 1,335 days before the second coming of Jesus. But come Jesus did come and to prove it I finished up in Heaven. The second step from stone two to stone three, the second coming of Jesus.

Stepped, stopped and steadied on this third stone; the second coming of Jesus, Heaven bound. The distance in time between stones three and four is given exactly; the era of grace, 1,260 years is very difficult to describe even though much of Scripture is devoted to it. You would think that just by saying we were handed our robes of righteousness from Jesus and we were in His presence could not be bettered or increased on in the present tent of meeting. Again this is not the time for revision but despite all that happened it went as quickly as a shot out of a gun. Step across from three to four was again Jesus centred and I take with confidence. Step four has ‘the door of mercy closed’ and the journey to step five is described in detail in Daniel (9:24-27). It takes some 500 years of time and you would think it would finish up on the DOA7777. But Daniel’s 7*70 or 490 years are a complete unit and not 1,260 days short. This mystery will still occupy much of this blog to come and stone five will not just have; Day of Atonement, DOA7777 written on it but DOA7777 plus 1,260 days for the end of all evil. Step five to six and we finish up at the foot of that massive foundation, 1,260 miles high and step seven into the New Jerusalem and the eternities to come. The New Jerusalem is the final step into eternity!

The JK that arrives in front of Jesus after his seven steps to Christ and stands in front of his creator and Saviour is not the same JK that sits here and types but it is not dependent on me but on what Jesus does. Does He anoint with His blood regardless as to how tiny that droplet is or does He annoint me on my forehead, with or without the oil of the Holy Spirit with His thumb with His holy blood pulsing just below the skin? Blood or no blood involved? No blood! If Jesus applies even the tiniest amount of His blood to my forehead that blood would give me eternal life. I could leave Heaven and go and live on one of the many other planets, something forbidden by Scripture. The longest period of time I can spend as a traveller in this new creation will be thirteen months of travel away from Heavenly Passover. I must be in constant touch with the blood of Jesus Christ for life in eternity!

The saints survive the journey from Eden2, through the doorway on which the curtain tears on 10/07/486 at 3pm across the new earth and the new Jerusalem with our bodies only because of the close association with the body of Jesus Christ. We must remember that Daniel tells us that evil was not done away with on the 10/07/486, DOA7777 but 1,260  days later. It was only then that this join was complete! There is a counterpart of 1,260 days in the Book of Acts which we still have not studied.

We survive right through because of our relationship with Jesus but what about the cross and the golden lampstand? I find it quite amazing the disregard that people have for the blood of Jesus Christ who walked on this earth. So the Roman spear opened up the side if Jesus and all that water and blood just poured out onto the ground! So? Pearls before swine!


Every drop, every droplet will be accounted for and the greatest sin and the pleadings of the Holy Spirit are not to disrespect this blood to treat it as common, it is anything but common! We have already made an attempt to explain the golden lampstand and its journey as the tree of life and the

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seven churches and it is a good topic to be philosophical about, but the problem is that it has barbs in it as well. It bites back, it attacks the conscience. It is not just a commentary as reading the items/materials that were used in the Sinai temple, little if any sheepskin covering used its only goatskin. Conclusion; the temple was about the Day of Atonement and therefore goats. In fact the shepherd was not allowed into this temple on GFPMC, He had to take His cross not just outside of the temple but outside of the city as well. The temple would not/could not cope with confessed sin! The cross/altar were okay inside of the temple precincts after the second coming but that was because there would be no confessed sin placed on it again. The 70 trillion sins that Jesus confessed to were different. They were the ‘sins of Jesus ‘ and the seven day period of defilement had already been paid for before Jesus went to DOA7777.  The DOA7777 cross may have stood billions of miles above GFPMC’s cross but it was directly above it and there may even have been some copy of the temple in Eden2 where Jesus left us before He came back to earth.

Similarly with the golden lampstand, looking at it analytically it is easy enough to say that the central stem that had three flowering buds on either side but was the fourth flower (starting at either end) and therefore the fourth Gospel, the fourth church, Thyatira, the creature that looked like an eagle or the divinity of Jesus and it was introduced by the Son of Man. Being the central stem it has no parallels an no fulfilments, it is the fulfilment of Scripture. It is surrounded by three branches on either side and it protrudes above the other six. And its message is the gift of the morning star.

No doubt many a sermon has been written on the Church  of Ephesus. It is the first horizontal onto the vertical stem of Thyatira and being the first branch will give first access to fruit from the tree of life which is in the paradise of God. Ephesus is the first church, the first gospel, Matthew and the first creature that is the conquering lion. Its message comes from one who not only holds the seven stars but he also walks in among us, eye to eye contact. He praises and he condemns us. He praises us if praise is due and he wants us to be particularly diligent about the ministries out there falsely labelled, ‘In Christ and the cross’. He wants us to expose them and call them for what they are, they are liars and there is no truth in them! Note that, not little truth but no truth in them and for calling them as such we are commended. But there are also condemnations. It is human nature for first love to fade and can be explained in human terms. As we get to know each other we also see dimples and crinkles and wrinkles and at times decide whether the relationship is worth going on with. Jesus Christ has no dimples or crinkles or wrinkles and the more we get to know Him the more stunning is His beauty! The fading of the first love is not an inherent problem within Jesus, it is within us and we are being warned against it! The very best that Heaven can offer today or in the future is to show us the burnt offering. The burnt offering was on display from 3pm to 4pm on GFPMC. If that is not good enough Heaven can do no more! The words of him who holds the seven stars hold this warning for all churches but it is about to become more relevant in the church of blood that is to follow and even more relevant in the church of last days. The persecution that was about to break out on Smyrna and the great Tribulation of the last church could only be coped with with eyes on the burnt offering, Heaven has no higher vision to offer! These demonic ministries of today must darken this burnt offering light and they do it exactly the same was as they darkened the GFPMC burnt offering. They will and do and want you also to jump for joy at the sight of Jesus and His followers being persecuted and murdered. And guess what Biblical event they attribute to these murders? The pouring out of the Holy Spirit in last days! Not very hard to pick the curve in this one!

To do an injustice to Ephesus is to do great harm to Christians. In those days they went onto the church of blood, Smyrna and the waves of persecution washed over them for ten days. In the persecution that is about to strike us the minimum time that these waves will wash over us will be 1,335 minus 1,290 or 45 days and that is only from the time the sleeping virgins wake. Jesus is now

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telling us when this persecution strikes it will not be pretty. You are going to be required to take one hard look at the burnt sacrifice of 3pm on GFPMC and make the decision of your life and death! No or Yes He is worth it! If you decide that yes, He is worth it and the ground from which you make this decision is the one you stood on of your first love then I Jesus will respond by showing you Heaven, your destination. It will not be of a level of the response of Thyatira but at a level of Pergamum into which the church of Smyrna leads.


It may be being overdramatic but to many Christians living today in Muslim and Jewish ruled countries would not think so. Many have and will continue to die by the sword which is a relatively painless death when compared to the home of democracy, USA, using cyanide in Waco. The great tribulation tells us we will die and die in large numbers; the Church of Smyrna, the Church of the second creature, the ox and its blood and the Gospel of Mark and of the second coming of Jesus Christ. We had already decided with my beloved that we wanted to go to Heaven with Jesus but this did not avoid that last split second decision as I saw the sword or laser beam coming. There was only one being in existence that could be addressed, it was because of these qualities that He was being addressed and right now I need it and desperately quickly; CHRIST ALMIGHTY HELP!. Scripture enabled me to make that call confidently because I was an anyone. I was calling in the name of the Lord and not some lord I had conjured up myself that made me have a warm feeling in my tummy. The Lord I called  on was the burnt sacrifice which is the top sacrifice. It was displayed before the world between 3pm and 4pm on GFPMC and His arms were outstretched, He was inviting me into life eternal. I had read that admonishing in Ephesus about returning to my first love but justified it away by saying that whenever I had tried to do this my health fell over and it took some time to recover. I was just grateful for each day. Anyway this had nothing to do with any input from me and I was thrilled that this to be the case. It fully relied on Jesus Christ and how the Father’s Name in Heaven would be glorified!

The response of Jesus/Holy Spirit was not a Thyatira response but a Pergamum response. The idea here was not to be given the morning star and make the badies run and hide in fear. The execution was going ahead but I would be shown, like Stephen was shown, Heaven standing open to the extent that my face would glow at its beauty and I would not feel any pain in this mortal body. It is what broke the greatest sinner’s conscience and it will break many more! As this mortal body fell it would join those; you will surely die as God told Adam way back in Eden if he sinned by eating of the fruit from the forbidden tree. I now become one of the dead righteous and will be first resurrected ahead of the living righteous at the second coming of Jesus.

The gift of Pergamum that I receive now is the hidden mana and the white stone with a new name written on it known only to me. It is the key to my apartment up there in the New Jerusalem. Every time I use it, it will remind me that right now I am in the highest of highs but I have come from the lowest of lows. It is a piece of the rock of Meribah, the igneous rock that was left behind after the red heifer was incinerated and it cannot carry the nasty details of what I did to my Jesus on GFPMC they are not allowed in past that doorway onto the New Earth. It does carry the response of the acts of love Jesus produced on that day; the full extent of His love. It cannot be the real stone at this stage because the wise virgins do not get it and they too are going to Heaven.

Even though for most of my life I was unaware of the Sabbath day as a commandment of God He did send His mana and His blessings continuously. The mana that is sent this time is different; it is hidden. As I look up and see that burnt offering of 3pm of GFPMC I know there is nothing higher that I can see anywhere! With that sword or laser on its way is not now the time for theology. To contemplate that this light from Calvary when shone on the DOA7777 is going to be multiplied so

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many times there will be no point in disturbing me for a number of days. No right now I do need light that will shine from those hours of darkness when we see the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ, I need that light or at least some of it, I need hidden mana now and to this request Jesus responds. The light I am shown, the hidden mana causes my face to glow and numbs all my censors as I fall asleep. It will be a very short sleep but nonetheless sleep.

Pergamum as the third church has multiple applications as do all seven. The applications that we seek now are those of the golden lampstand and its extension into the New Jerusalem. It is the third church, the third branch of the golden lampstand, the third gospel, Luke and the third nature of Jesus Christ, the creature that looks like a man. The lampstand is standing on solid ground and has stood since 01/01/01, Passover and Egypt. Its first and lowest branch was GFPMC and much if not all of this blog and other blogs should be related to this first branch and light; Church of Ephesus, Gospel of Matthew, the creature that looks like a conquering lion, Passover and the first coming of Jesus are all subheadings. The second branch, Smyrna was the second coming and the church of blood. The loss of blood must be particularly severe if it is granted a separate church. The third church, Pergamum is of interest as there are seven churches but only four gospels and four creatures that resemble the nature of Jesus, three must double up. Pergamum doubles up with Sardis. It is the church of the third coming, the end of the period of grace and the closing of the door of mercy. It is reflected in the Church of Sardis where there a many ‘bad’ people and very few ‘good’ ones. It is going to lead into Thyatira and also Sardis.


Pergamum is more like a sieve that will feed towards the bottleneck of Philadelphia, the door where final separation takes place. With the door of mercy closing  time will now proceed to divinely predetermined end. Its nature is still human, about those final moments of the second cooing and in Heaven it is one almighty sigh of relief. Our Jesus has come home to us, He has stopped trying to bring sheep 101 home, He will not have to go through GFPMC again and my impression still remains from our prayers of gratitude of welcoming Him home that He is never going to leave us again! But time seems to move on in a series fashion onto Thyatira and parallel fashion onto Sardis.

Onto Thyatira, the fourth church, the fourth gospel, John, the fourth creature that looks like an eagle and the divinity of Jesus but it is also the centre stem of the golden lampstand and is unique and has no parallels. It is the highlight and what is has been about ever since our first parents sinned in Eden; it is the Day of Atonement. Firstly though nations must be crushed with an iron sceptre and they must be dashed to pieces. Even though we are looking at this picture of the final battle against satan and evil from the edge of the universe we are actively involved. It is a part of us receiving the morning star than we wave the thigh before God. We are asking that theocracy be our system of government in Heaven. We want to be under God’s rule!

Looking ahead/across to Sardis I now think that it is Pergamum that is the bottleneck and not Philadelphia. End day events cannot begin until the door of mercy closes; the Church of Pergamum. Only now can time move on the God’s plan in Eden; crushing satan’s head and having the heel of Jesus bruised. Only then can the final analysis of the Book of Numbers begin, the census of the congregation and of the Levites. Yes the badies have gone ahead and been destroyed but the goodies are anxious to see that there is not going to be another rebellion in Heaven. It is only going to require one to set  it off! Every name has to be checked and it must be checked thoroughly! Is the checking as thorough as the saints being checked? Against each other?

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The census of both good and bad are now presented to the final filter even though the badies no longer exist. They are both submitted to the door of Philadelphia; righteousness by faith! The building process that Moses/Jesus were involved with in the 1,260 day period after the atonement cross was this process of righteousness by faith and the completed building would be subjected to this test, would it pass through the door of Philadelphia? When Luther made his revolt the Catholic Church was not asleep, it was being slaughtered! Trimming around the edges was of no value they had to be given a city of refuge to escape to. Numbers tells us this city had to involve a piece of wood with iron in it and stone. Jesus Christ is that city of refuge. He brings wood with iron nails in it and it stands on a stone tablet with the Ten Commandments engraved with His own finger on it. It is not the duplicate copy  that was given to man, no this is His copy. If we stop and look at the wood with the iron in it we see it is standing on the stone but it is not moving, it has been cemented into, they are one by the blood of Jesus which flowed at 4pm on GFPMC when that Roman piece of iron opened up the side of Jesus. They have been welded together by this blood of Jesus, they are one, they are the door of Philadelphia, they are righteous by faith! What a privileged position Luther held to open this door and I have little doubt that he will be standing right alongside of it as we pass through. Are we trying to smuggle some of our filthy rags, some of our ‘good’ deeds into Heaven and a sure seed for discontent in the future? A person of such stature and privilege as Luther was no doubt given many other insights into theology and life around him. It still remains an object of mine to read about his attitude to Jews. If it was there in the books I have read on him it does not come to prominence. Was he against them because of the horrific way they murdered their Messiah or was he against the harm they were causing society in his day? Or both? You don’t have to look around much to see the depth they come from, they are destroying and killing Christians today and are about to change a gear in their efforts in doing so. The ‘problem’ is those lists in the Book of Numbers. Jews and Christians once on those census will not have their names removed until that final door of faith of Philadelphia, regardless how low we go! They were only admitted as Jews before the time of Jesus, the only admission since that time is as Christians.

Laodicea is the last church and its parallel is the first church, Ephesus. The same warnings given to Ephesus apply to Laodicea. As stated on many occasions that the Bible has two checks for Laodicea in the final two chapters of Revelation. On both occasions it is the saints who are doing the checking. We have all been through what seemed like the last check, the door of Philadelphia where all the saints were checked and now we seem to want another check that the dogs, murderers, liars and idolaters did not get through that door. We have seen the problems that the previous rebellion cause our Jesus and we are making sure that this can never happen again!


Our problems as to what is and what is not transferred through the doorway and into the new universe have only just begun and they can be best summarised as the white stone given to us in Pergamum, not Thyatira but Pergamum. They are formalised in Numbers six and onwards but before going there just a few comments on chapter 5 and the 273 pairs of shoes left over and if they had been offered to the congregation would more than just Caleb and Joshua have made it into Canaan.

When Jesus Christ died on the cross at 3pm on GFPMC He left a pair of shoes behind for all created beings to walk in and any who choose to take up this offer will be called Christians and will have a part of Jesus’ inheritance. This inheritance is not of this world which will soon be incinerated and destroyed with the exception of Eden2, the place we spend the last eight odd years of the existence of this world. We are in it as the fires consume this universe and if it were destroyed we would also die. We cannot be placed onto the new earth as it is not created until the old one is

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destroyed. I call this place Eden2 and it is also where archives are kept of things that cannot pass into the new universe like the red heifer. The new earth must be created in the absence of sin and it is this new world plus the Holy City plus the universe which become our inheritance of the eternities to come.

Scripture is about to reveal the history and the plans for the people of God who make the choice of becoming God’s people. It is their journey at least as far as the bank’s of the Jordan. They can see both Canaan and Jericho from where they are and other Scriptures even give them a sneak preview into both Canaan and Jericho but it must start in Egypt. You can’t leave Egypt if you haven’t been there. Some who leave will be totally embroiled in Egyptian muck and vices and some who will follow their parents advice and look inside the door and say, ‘Thank you, but no thank you!’, but we all must start in Egypt and decide we want better than this and by faith look to a far better alternative , details of which are given in the Word of God for the people of God, the Bible. Most do not realise that when they decide to leave Egyptian slavery to sin, usually by a public display of baptism that their journey begins/began on 01/01/01 in the Egyptian symbolism of Passover. That Passover, that blood, that wooden doorframe, that inheritance, that one year old lamb, all the symbolism was actually carried out on 14/01/3889 ac, some 1,260 years later. Most look to its fulfilment, GFPMC and certainly cannot be wrong, but it has a much richer history than this both before and after. It was not a one off event, it was one of seven steps, seven altars. We must also prepare for the next step, the second coming which is as far as our last breath on this earth. For most today this journey will be incredibly short, and in most cases unexpected.

The journey has begun, it is timed from 01/01/01 and the answer is ‘Yes’. The players defined, priests, congregation and Levites and a very accurate record of their numbers recorded. Their duties have been assigned and again down to precise details but now both the journey and the destination are to be defined; Jesus Christ. He is about to leave His Father, He is about to leave Heaven; perfection. In a best case scenario He is coming to a world in which no sin has been committed; Lucifer did not sin and neither did Adam or Eve, a no sin scenario, wonderful, preferred, favoured but did not occur. In this best case scenario of no sin there was still a possibility of disobeying God, people were not robots but why should they sin if by sinning they had nothing to gain but everything to lose? Like people today would not reject the offer of Jesus to take their place in hell for them, they have nothing to lose but everything to gain and most reject this offer! In this best case scenario of no sin and therefore no cross, evil the tendency to disobey God would not be deeply ingrain and just the appearance of Jesus would destroy it. The next best scenario is the one where the man falls over dead suddenly near the Nazirite (DOA3888) and the worst case was GFPMC (His people murdered Him). No Jesus was exchanging Heaven for hell and to do this for anyone He had to set the rules within His relationship to us; a one to one relationship, no adultery, no idolatry and He would be the judge in these circumstances. And now that thorny chapter six to which we have already made multiple visits. —

Still using the base unit of time as the seven lots of seven (7,777 years and 7 months and 7 days and 7 hours) but splitting the work of the Nazirite Jesus Christ into His own work in bringing His bride back to Heaven and into His Father’s work of destroying sin and evil opens up the possibility that if Jesus ‘only’ came to do His Father’s work and His own work was an option (DOA7777 and GFPMC) then time would have run for a half of that 7*7 value.

The Father’s work itself has two options; the sinless one where no one sinned and no contact with the dead and the second option allowed for in this scenario is the man who dies very suddenly beside him and he defiles his dedicated head of hair. Both are the subject of the Day of Atonement. The sinless one, the first eight verses of chapter six where there were no contacts with the dead, no

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sin, no evil, no cross to pay for the penalty of sin all that was required from DOA3888, Leviticus 16 was the burnt sacrifice and there is even a doubt whether it had to be burnt, just the appearance of Jesus Christ would have abolished evil and if that had included the evil within us then the story would be much simplified. It was not destroyed, it wasn’t there. Adam and Eve did not hide in the bushes and rush out and try to kill God when He first appeared after they first sinned. No sin took some time before it built up to its maximum peak. That evil that would not have erupted at this time would have remained subdued by the presence of the burnt sacrifice.

The sin that is taken into account is the one of the man who dies very suddenly and its consequences are taken into account from verses 9-12 and more fully explained in God’s sermon to Eve and satan in Eden on the day they sinned. The remaining verses 13-27 only apply when the law of the Nazirite when the days of his separation are fulfilled. With these guidelines we now look at the verses of chapter six of our Nazirite, Jesus Christ.


Almost every seed/fruit ferments to produce alcohol so the tree of good and evil could have been almost any tree. There is little doubt about the dangers of alcohol and it destroys vital bodily functions beginning with eyesight, brain and liver. Growing up in a Polish family and environment I have first witness accounts of this class four poison (the highest rating that exists) and resolved never to touch the stuff other than small amounts to make sure the liver retains its function to destroy it. The strong drink being referred to here may include any fermented plant. There is a corresponding admonition about yeast in bread also representing the insidious nature of sin. The Bible seems to use the grape more often than not and there is no reason why I cannot assume that it was the plant involved in Eden in the tree of good and evil. There were other grapevines in Eden but this particular tree had some of the grapes contaminated with enzymes capable of converting sugars to alcohol, some did and some did not. These enzymes were present even before Adam and Eve sinned, evil existed from the beginning and in John’s Gospel this was darkness. The grape is specifically mentioned in all forms in Numbers six and in Chapter 15 in Canaan where the grapes are so large that the spies did not think they could describe them adequately to the people so they decided to take some back to the camp with them. The tree of life in the New Heavens will produce twelve fruits and one of those is going to be grapes but with no evil on them or enzymes. The analogy between evil and enzyme obviously breaks down as the enzyme was created by God as a response to the evil that already existed. Evil, the ability to disobey God has always existed and did not have to be created. Jesus broke His Nazirite’s vow He made with His Father on all three grounds. With such profound depth it is most unlikely that we are going to get it ‘right’ the first or even tenth times.

On the cross of GFPMC He first sampled the vinegar at 9am and asked to drink it near 3pm. He called, ‘Father why have you forsaken Me?’ A rather strange call seeing it was Jesus Who asked for and drank the vinegar? It was Jesus Who ‘promised’ His Father in the making of this Nazirite vow that; He would not have any grapes in whatever form, He would not go near the dead even if they were a direct relation to Him (mother or ‘father’) and that He would not cut His hair yet here we have Him asking for Vinegar and about to come to join the dead and stay with them for over 3,800 years and not leave them until the last eight odd years of the existence of planet earth!

Firstly for anyone who reads these first eight verses of chapter six and say the Jesus the Nazirite came to earth, was not going to go near any dead, He would simply bundle them up and throw them into hell and He would have accomplished His Father’s business would be wrong. They are unaware of one of the attributes of God; His justice. He is not going to throw anyone into hell for sins they were unaware they were committing and He said so to Eve and satan on the day they sinned. Yes satan

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would have his head crushed but Eve’s seed would also have His heel bruised by those unintentional unconfessed sins not just satan caused but also the beast within. All sin had to be accounted for by the end of DOA7777, all 70 trillion of them! That was at least a part of His Nazirite, it was His Father’s business. But Jesus had His own business as well, it was separate to His Father’s business, He came down to prepare and take his bride for Heaven. If that meant drinking vinegar then so be it. If that meant joining the dead for 3,800 odd years, then so be it. If that meant breaking His Nazirite vow, then so be. So did the Nazirite vow include GFPMC or was it purely His Father’s business; DOA7777?

Jesus did cut His hair one day before the DOA7777, these 70 trillion (?) sins were His sins. He did not cut His hair for GFPMC, they were our sins. But Numbers (1-9) is still saying to me; stay away from the dead at all costs, just grab from a distance and throw them into hell or as God put it to Eve and satan way back in Eden; Eve’s seed will crush satan’s head. Yes, it does imply all those who had not accepted Jesus by their last breath are also included, they belong to satan. Verses 9-12 where the man dies very suddenly besides him are the same as the heel of Jesus being crushed are the same as the actual Day of Atonement and it has to be kept in mind that when God made this announcement to Eve in Eden it was God’s solution to the restoration of His people back to Him. In the next four verses that restoration has to be spelled out or will it do to tag it onto say Daniel’s chapter nine? Is this section so purely concerned with divinity of God/Jesus so as to move the bit concerning His people into more of a nature of a postscript? Even in Eden I don’t think God said to Eve, ‘Eve, your sin was judged as unintentional (I will bet London to a brick that Eve would never fall for satan’s lie again!), if it remains as unconfessed and unintentional it will pass onto the bruising of the heel of your seed and be paid for and as to Adam who is a different kettle of fish other event must be brought to the fore!’ They were only a part of the side show. What do verses 9-12 say about the main show, that of divinity?

Not one explanation can carry the possibility that God/Jesus did not anticipate this death and therefore used, ‘If a  man dies very suddenly besides him….’ Divinity has known about it for at least one with a trillion zeros after it that this death would occur. It may have been sudden but not unexpected. As I look for an answer to this and the big questions that are about to strike us and with which we have struggled with no solutions I look at the white stone that Jesus gave me in Pergamum and something I am supposed to understand when I turn this key in my Heavenly apartment and think, I am now in the highest possible position, but this is also not where I have come from! This stone, at least symbolically was given me when in faith and relying on His grace I looked up to Him with my last breath I called in the Name of Jesus Christ. Like Stephen I saw heaven open up and felt nothing and later I was told that my glowing face pricked the consciences of these people who as a result are now in Heaven and that sets off another wave of huddling and cuddling and dancing. Must have different legs up there! Cannot begin to describe the joy and delight!

As I looked at this stone and into Numbers I saw incredible depth so much so that I expected someone standing besides me to take the baton, but this is not so, I think I still hold at least one of the batons and what I can do with it is dependent on yours and mine prayers. With Sabbath coming up tomorrow please give me an extra plug! In the meantime with chapter six open in front of me the bells and admonitions from the red heifer are ringing out and they are deafening. “Stay away from the dead!” Just as they are ringing now in ch6. The history of this white stone that was given/shown to me was we had been in Heaven, in the new tent of meeting inside of the door with the torn curtain on the newly created universe for quite a number of days. We were preparing ourselves for Jesus to lift us up some 1,600 miles and into the New Jerusalem but if we were not ready, the shock of what we saw would kill us or at best knock us out unconscious. Chapter 15 told us that the standard we had to get to before we were lifted up was; 0.3 flour, 0.5 oil and 0.5 drink offering. To do this we would have to combine the beauty of DOA7777 and GFPMC. DOA7777 we were there. We had extensive

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preparation before it, we lay at the cross for over 36 hours of which Jesus was alive on for six hours, JK specifically related to sin batch number 194401011111 even though there were 70 trillion sins for which the price was paid for on that day! Then that beacon of light which all the saints will remember, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Sunday morning and a very intensive building program of some 1,260 days that was undertaken by none other than Jesus/Moses. Then the final presentations which we are about to go through. Yes we did know something about DOA7777.

The problem with this white stone was GFPMC and very few of us had been there at the time and even the ones that were there did not understand what was going on. We had to be taken back there, this is where this stone originated. But we don’t want to be reminded of those horrible and nasty things that we did and what happened to our Jesus. Once we confessed them He not only forgave them but forgot them as well and if He has forgot them then it would be an insult to Him if we did not forget them as well. Satanic ministries like Swaggart will not allow you to forget this sin they will tell you that ashes remained after hell’s fires are the ashes of your sins! The Bible calls them liars and there is no truth in them!  We don’t want to know the gory details like; that you did spit in my Holy face and moved away and prefer to die rather than to be with me; the almost naked blood splattered body hanging nailed to the cross and writhing in pain; like the jeering and sneering and contempt shown to the exposure to prefect love and like being abandoned by God the Father. We were bad, but were we that bad?

Yes chapter 19 and the ordinance of the red heifer are archived, they were not carried through that doorway with the torn curtain and into eternity except for the white stone which is divinity and therefore passes upwards automatically. It should not even be on this old earth as archived in Eden2. It is only here for the benefit of the saints who have left the new tent of meeting, they passed through that door in reverse order, they saw the ox blood first on Heaven’s side and the Passover Lamb’s blood on earth’s side and they went back into Eden2 where what they were looking for was shown to them. When they arrived they were shown the source of life; red heifer, incineration, ashes with water left behind (the white stone) and finally the strong admonitions to stay away from the dead. But in chapter six we are first given the admonitions followed by the source and story of life. There are no churches or ministries today who have all the answers but there are ministries and churches which have studied the doctrines of salvation and systematically undermined each of the basic tenets of faith and salvation. Staying away from communication with the dead is one such tenet. Make sure you stay away from such a ministry/church there is only one being that can be communicated with and he will meet you with open arms. That being is satan.

Eve’s sin could be described as sudden. One minute she is chatting away and the next she has done it. She has taken a bite out of a grape. She doesn’t think of what she has done, it is so minor she offers it to Adam. His decision/response is not sudden. Eve what have you done? You have disobeyed God! Eve, you are going to die, you are going to leave me all alone again! Should I scream out for God’s help? Eve, I am going to stay with you and join you and then see what response God will come up with. Adam’s sin was intentional and formulated over a number of seconds, it was anything but sudden. But this suddenness applies to the Heavenly situation of the armies of the rider of the white horse who left them behind in Eden2 and came to earth. They very suddenly happened in a flurry of activity. Jesus leaves us behind in Eden2


Then comes a 1,250 day tutorial with all eyes and ears on Jesus and on 01/07/486 comes the trumpet sound. Intense battle against satan and evil is thrown into hell. Hell flares and dies out and

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with all that evil that was there before gone and burned, the background cleared other than the evil river of blood these 70 trillion (?) sins come to the foreground, they appear very suddenly!

I have given myself twelve chapters of the Book of Numbers in order to get some traction into its deeper truths to change from infant’s milk to solid food and this man dying very suddenly has certainly been an object of prayer and study. If I can’t get any traction by this time I will abandon this summary and go to Deuteronomy. To me it is certainly a deeper truth and I give two Biblical reasons for it. The revelation is just how insidious is this beast within us, it is not capable of producing unintentional sin, only intentional sin. Satan is the source of unintentional sin and God told him that in Eden; you will bruise the heel of Eve’s seed! The bruising of the heel of Jesus, those 70 trillion sins came from satan and are the subject of DOA7777. ‘You, (satan) will bruise His heel.

The second Scripture is this man dying very suddenly. The very last being to fall in Jesus’ creation should have been the highest of angels, Lucifer. If he had not fallen chapter six would not have this scenario to cope with. Yes the Nazirite still would have been surrounded by the dead including his parents and he would have still had to stay away from the dead. They had died because of the actions of the beast within and since there was no unintentional sin we would not have verses 9-12 to cope with. These evil people would just be thrown into hell, evil burned up and no atonement cross. Satan’s fall was most unexpected, unintentional sin introduced and with it the bruising of the heel of Eve’s seed; the Day of Atonement! But satan did fall and now, right at the end of time we have those 70 trillion (?) sins that must be dealt with.

The first thing with these sins is that they must be packaged before they can be burned in hell. They must be quantised, they must be confessed. Jesus as the creator confesses any remaining sin of His creation and is immediately defiled, separated from His Father for a period of seven days. The hair is the organ defiled and it is on top of Jesus’ head and is the dedication medium between God and man. It is soon to play a major role in the dedication of the cross of Christ and to a degree that will allow it to cross the barrier and into the New Jerusalem. (another deep truth that requires explaining plus this amazing division of God’s people into congregation and Levites) But this hair that has been defiled by the acceptance of the 70 trillion sins is not now taken to hell and burned into oblivion. It has neither been soaked into, absorbed nor is it just stuck to the surface, adsorbed otherwise it would not have been taken to hell the next day. It is the barrier between God and man and it was established on GFPMC, it has lasted all this time but it is now been removed. A new frontier has been opened. It is changing from Jesus joining us at the cross to about to become us becoming one with Him. Thus the answer to that Roman soldier’s call; ‘Who is this Jesus?’ The sin that separated creation and creator is about to disappear. —

The hair is shaven down to the very base and we are not told as to what happens to these locks of hair which could well include the hair Jesus had here on earth. The other problem that arises is that is the Nazirite allowed to shave His hair at this stage or does he have to wait until his Nazirite’s vow has been competed? What is the difference between these shaven locks of hair and those that he will shave in 1,260 day’s time and place at the foot of the cross allowing its passage into the New Jerusalem? Could these locks have also been used and if not then why not?

The eight day is the presentation of the twin bird sacrifice, either pigeons or turtledoves. It is still on this side of the doorway to the tent of meeting in Eden2 where we are waiting for that curtain to tear. It is 10/07/486 and the Day of Atonement. As such it should be conducted by the high priest who is only allowed to remove his high priest’s attire for the very last part of the service; the burnt offering. It must be conducted by the high priest who must check that the sacrifice will be acceptable and then do a quick check on Sunday morning if it met all of God’s requirements as Jesus did here on

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earth on Resurrection Sunday. This sacrifice does not come under the cover of Egypt’s 01/01/01 Passover. That involved the blood of the Passover lamb but here we are supposed to have the blood of the highest value sacrifice; the bull. What is shed though is not the blood of the highest value sacrifice but that of the lowest value sacrifice; twin birds. Bull to bird.

At the time Jesus is going to His Atonement cross, 10/07/486 Daniel tells us He has nothing, he is desolate and totally alone. Yes He does have His Father in front of Him but there is a barrier of some 70 trillion sins between them. He left behind the armies following the rider behind the white horse. He left them never to return to them again! This time around they will come to Him but that is still a long painful process to go through. Right now He is between a rock and a hard place and in cases of such hardship the bird sacrifice was allowed. He goes to this Atonement cross as Nazirite (?) and High Priest. His Father’s business demands this, it was the requirements of divinity that were being fulfilled and it had to be done by divinity. Just because He made a Nazirite’s vow to be lower and separated from God the Father did not inhibit His divinity in any way. He is still as high priest to offer this blood in the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem and His admission will be our admission at the same time! Right now though the saints are a long way from being ready and we are going to be shown some of the work and preparation of these saints.

The sin offering is offered first, 9am until 3pm and it is followed by the burnt offering, 3pm to 4pm. For the burnt offering the high priest was supposed to remove his high priests attire and offer the burnt offering as a priest, so that part adds up. But to have Jesus as Eleazar offering the sin offering is unbelievable. It is not my lot to give answers but to ask questions and allow Scripture to answer them and this indeed is one of those deep mysteries. Does the original text allow for a substitution of high priest for priest? Or is this occurring in front of the doorway? The cross is among us and does not disappear for seven hours inside of the doorway and there is nothing there anyway! These are not nuances they are major theological issue that are appearing. But I continue to maintain the same position as I did in the blog. It is not just for our benefit up there in Eden2 but on earth today. And there is just so much building to do!

The previous position was at 3pm on the 09/07/486 the Roman soldier called, ‘Who is this Jesus?’ The response of Jesus was to shave his hair and reveal Himself as least transfiguration Jesus but probably more divinity as Jesus has just come out of a seven day defilement period which He had not done in Peter’s time. He begins His ascent towards us probably with His cross and arrives at 6pm the moment the high Sabbath is about to begin. We lay in a state of worship and adoration of Jesus for fifteen hours and God the Father puts His only begotten Son on the cross at 9am on the 10/07/486. Jesus suffers and pays the penalty for each one of those 70 trillion sins and at 3pm He calls, ‘It is finished’ and dies. The burnt offering is offered from 3pm to 4pm as on GFPMC but it is at 4pm that the changes occur. There is no release of blood by the Roman spear, instead there is a consecration of the head of Jesus. Phase one of His ministry is finished and phase two is about to begin. 4pm. The former days are void because his separation was defiled, the main ministry of Jesus Christ was the Day of Atonement and this includes His ministry on earth. It covers nearly 3,900 years of time, his last ministry as Nazirite covers 1,260 days of time and they are separated ministries, we are not allowed to count His Father’s work, the day of Atonement from the hour where Jesus consecrates His head and from then on shall dedicate to the Lord His days as a Nazirite. To show His previous ministry for His Father is finished Jesus presents the symbol of completion; a male lamb a year old for a guilt offering; All finished, paid for plus 20% penalty!

The ‘truths’ in these four verses are absolutely stunning and based on two turtledoves or two pigeons being brought to the tent of meeting. One was as sin offering and one a burnt offering. 4pm

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is where the changes occurred. The Father’s work, the Day of Atonement, that man that fell over dead so suddenly beside Him, the bruising of the heel of Jesus by satan had been completed. DOA3888, Leviticus 16 does not have anything happening after 4pm because there was not going to be a GFPMC. Since GFPMC has occurred these additions are now being made. By 4pm Jesus has made atonement for Himself concerning His sin because of the dead person and Scripture now seems to saying that Jesus is now ready to complete the work He started way back on GFPMC. It is one work, the work of His Father is not to be counted, those days are void but they were a necessary preparation to allow Jesus to complete His work as a Nazirite. He must have been at least a part Nazirite in DOA7777 but now fully returns to that role. On GFPMC He got rid of all confessed sin and now has got rid of all sin so the final preparations of His bride can now begin.

For Him to begin His final work proper as a Nazirite, He must first become a Nazirite, His body and blood must be recombined. This I take as occurring at 4pm on the DOA7777 where every droplet of blood that Jesus ever spilled is collected in that golden censor that was hurled down from Heaven at the end of the millennium. It is lined with the saint’s prayers. It is returned to His body, still on the cross, on early resurrection Sunday morning and He comes down from the cross to begin his final work as the Nazirite. This very last phase of His work is timed from 4pm on the 10/07/486 and lasts for 1,260 days. The prophet Daniel is right in stating that all evil would be done away within 7 * 70 years and not 7 * 66 years. Those last 1,260 days are included in Daniel.

The questions of the hair and timing are not easily answered. The problem of sin was present even before creation and raised its ugly head soon after in both Heaven and Eden. The solution may have been given very early but could not come into reality until Eve’s seed appeared. He was the answer to both DOA3888 and GFPMC. He was certainly Nazirite in GFPMC but was He Nazirite in DOA7777? When did those prohibitions about grapes, coming in contact with the dead and the cutting of hair apply? Verse 12 is quite definite about dedicating His days to the Lord as a Nazirite and they are just as firm about not including the former days, they will be void because His separation was defiled. A conclusion from a tired mind but still on Sabbath is that He was a Nazirite all the way along but disqualified Himself by accepting those 70 trillion sins and He was disqualified by the time He shaved His hair the day before the Day of Atonement. His disqualification period did not lift until He was consecrated back as a Nazirite. Positive action on the sin problem only began once Eve’s seed appeared on earth.


Verse 13 begins with, ‘Now this is the law of the Nazirite when the days of his separation are fulfilled   ‘. We have come to the decommissioning of the Nazirite. It should be very simple considering the former days have been voided and all we have to do is to present the job sheet that the Father and Son worked out as to what Jesus had to do from 4pm on the 10/07/486, beginning with the guilt offering right up to day 1,260 from now when this decommissioning is taking place. We are told during this time Moses/Jesus completed their work on the temple. 144 million (?) temples were ready to go to Heaven! Would not Jesus complain but my work began when I left Heaven and went down to hell and the 3,856 years ( assuming Jesus was 33 years old when He went to the cross) since that time I have been babying them and getting them ready for eternity including GFPMC , have they been all voided as well. You have specifically voided the DOA7777 by starting My ministry as a Nazirite at 4pm. ( 9-3pm sin offering and 3-4 burnt offering). These offerings/sacrifices cannot be voided as they are the highlights of every year for the eternities to come. We first must define who this Nazirite was and to whom the three inhibitions applied; not eating grapes, associating with the dead and the cutting of hair. It seems particularly unfair that Jesus should have His ministry voided when all He was doing was

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His Father’s work. This is exactly what has just happened. His Father’s work which was announced to Eve and satan was twofold; Eve’s seed would crush the head of satan, (that happened eight days ago when after a battle against satan Jesus threw satan into hell, the fires flared and extinguished and satan was gone. Eight days later Jesus has just gone to the Atonement for those 70 trillion sins that were left behind, suffered and had them burned away, proved this to be the case by the burnt offering shown between 3pm and 4pm and now to be told all that is voided! This Nazirite transaction cannot be intermediate between humanity and divinity as it does not contain either GFPMC or DOA7777, these are the steps from humanity and up to divinity. And if God is going to put such sharp demarcation lines at 4pm on 10/07/486 in the ministries of Jesus and voiding such important days as the central day of worship of the year in the eternities to come then where does He place that line in the  ministry of Jesus when He was here on earth?

There is truth in all those ramblings and by the time Jesus lays His locks on the cross that then passes onto eternity I should be close to the answer. From the first twelve verses the answer appears to start here on earth at the start of the ministry of Jesus. He does start off as Eve’s seed and He has come here to take His own people back to Heaven which would be via DOA3888 as described in Leviticus 16. All three prohibitions applied to Jesus. It is up to Jesus to make that call  at what stage He decided to extend His ministry whether it was before or at the time He withdrew His Shekinah Glory, at the washing of His disciples feet or as late as when He resurrected all those who lay dead before Him in Gethsemane, but the decision to go to the GFPMC cross He did make. On this Friday of GFPMC Jesus broke His Nazirite’s vow on two grounds; He asked for and drank vinegar and He came and joined the dead. He remains/remained in this condition until this period in question; the ten days before and including DOA7777. The problem Scripture has with Jesus is all those 70 trillion sins that Jesus ‘committed’ and pleaded guilty to. It was the separation from God that became the issue and could not be included. Included where? Not as Nazirite because this was His own private business; His bride. He had gone to hell to get rid of her sins, they were not here. These other sins that have voided His ministry are because his separation was defiled, yes, but He was still only doing the work God had assigned Him. What did God expect of Jesus at this time? God knew And told Eve and satan that satan would bruise the heel of Jesus. God knew this would involve Jesus accepting 70 trillion (?) unintentional sins. God went further and provided the gory details as to how this would be accomplished; twin bird sacrifice one for sin and one for burnt offering, consecrating his head and beginning or should that be continuing His Nazirite ministry and a male lamb a year old as a guilt offering, all of these things Jesus has done! Was that voiding always inevitable? The answer has to lie in that dedicated head of hair.

But now we return to the decommissioning of the Nazirite and I use the same scenario as I used in the blog. At the start of time God the Father and God the Son worked out a series of job sheets that Jesus would have to carry out for His dual role on earth; His Father’s work and His own work in preparing His bride, His church for the eternities to come. But from the previous verses these job sheets have been greatly simplified. ( major computer crash in the day)


With my computer crash yesterday I tried to change the keyboard but I knew that this was not the problem as the mouse which is hard wired was not working either, nor CAD nor the on off switch only turning it off at the wall worked. I call this a major crash and take it as an omen that the evil one must get me to stop typing as I am about to turn over some major pearl could even be as big as a tenet of faith. I did wonder how many days before I could get back on line again. Chapter 5 warned us that the relationship that is about to develop cannot be contaminated

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with either adultery or idolatry and I have ticked that box as ‘done’ because I have passed it onto Jesus to take care of it. Most think and the demonic ministries want you to think that this is all that is required. They want you to forget that packaging/quantisation factor. You first must have a standard that has to be met and you must admit that it is this standard that is the difference between Heaven and hell and at all costs they must and they do keep you on hell’s side. That standard is the Law of God; the Ten Commandments. They are distinguished from all the other laws in both NT and OT, they are written by God Himself and they are written on stone. Unless they are transferred from stone to heart Jesus cannot keep them for you. These ministries shout, cross, glory be, and alleluias and they can shout them and sing wonderful hymns in tune but it is all of no value. They know this to be the case and will make strong defences for not transferring these Ten Commandments from the stone in Sinai and onto your hearts. By this you will know they are demonic. When transferred and it dawns on you the purity and standards required by God are so high that even the thought of trying to keep them is blasphemy, putting your filthy rags on the same plain as the works of Jesus is blasphemy and is righteous by works. I have placed before Jesus these problems and await the answer as; ‘Give us today our daily bread.’

The new kid on the block has been the attempt to analyse the four Gospels in the categories of Synoptic and John’s Gospel and as Numbers six is the start of this analysis it should give us some outline at least and what a wonderfully simplyfing outline to begin with; ‘But the former days will be void because his separation was defiled’.

Initially I will give an outline of this outline and from the ramblings that follow will be seeking specific answers from that analysis; ‘it is written’. The big grin appeared when I realised that there would be former days, actually before 4pm and after 4pm of the 10/07/486 and the end of the burnt sacrifice and probably within a few minutes of 4pm the presentation of the guilt offering; all done + 20%. Then came the voiding. Not necessarily forgetting but certainly moving to another section, another book and another time. Do not expect to find this subject matter in the following text. There is now a line in the sand, there are now two ministries, before and after voiding. The reason that precipitated this separation was because he was defiled. Go back on your calendar and mark out two events and put them into brackets and write ‘voided’ over them. The two events that you want were told to Eve and satan. You will crush the head of Eve’s seed, 02/07/486 and the fires of hell are extinguished and satan has been destroyed and satan will bruise the heel of Jesus and was completed by 4pm on the 10/07/486. Don’t expect to see that eight day period in the decommissioning of the Nazirite. After this time of 4pm on the 10/07/486 the Nazirite has 1,260 to complete His work of building and finishing 144 million temples (?). They will now be ready for the last part of their journey to Heaven. At this time you can expect the Nazirite to cut off His hair, and place this sinless barrier on the cross/altar indicating that its work is also finished, its role has been understood. It may even at this stage that the Nazirite drinks from the fruit of the vine with His bride; commemoration of the last supper and the blood of the new covenant. Two of the three prohibitions for the Nazirite have gone; the shaving of hair and the drinking from the grape and the third one, contact with the dead cannot apply, there are no dead. They are temples of God and Moses tells us that they are finished.

This voiding of the former days helps set up our Heavenly timetable. Day 10/07/486 up to 4pm may have been voided but it was on this day and up to this time that caused me to fall over in a heap and to stay if not for all of it then certainly most of it laying in this heap. Seeing my Jesus go to the cross at nine am with those 70 trillion sins was breathtaking and of those 70 trillion I knew that batch number 1944010111111 were mine. I did not doubt that Jesus had confessed to them and they were His sins and that He would have to bear the full punishment for them, no it was that Jesus became a sinner. My mind flashed back to GFPMC where Jesus took my sins to hell also but they were

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my sins and not His sins. And even though the axe of time falls at 4pm that wonder and worship that I was experiencing when the burnt offering was finished passes onto 4.01pm and for the next 1,260 days until the decommissioning when GFPMC will be presented. The six month cycle of the Heavens of eternity; Day of Atonement shine light under which the temple may be built and GFPMC and then GFPMC will shine light on the Day of Atonement in six month’s time! We are in that part of the cycle, 1,260 days where the Day of Atonement will throw light onto GFPMC and the cycle will change where it will be the turn of GFPMC to throw light onto Heavenly Day of Atonement and the moment it does this fully is the first Day of Atonement on the new earth and combined will allow us to be lifted up 1,600 miles and into the New Jerusalem.

But the days will remain separate. The incredible wealth of verse 12 and the voiding of the former days. The Jews must have had a seven day period of preparation for their DOA3888 in Leviticus 16. They looked forward to the bruising of the heel of Eve’s seed but they must have also commemorated the day on which Eve’s seed crushed the head of satan and the end of all external evil. The end of internal evil as commemorated as the scapegoat but it would be pushing credibility a little too far to relate the scapegoat with the guilt offering. Even if associations could be found on earth in Leviticus 16 the burnt offering could not be offered before the scapegoat not only left the temple and the city and was destroyed, the man who led this goat, the Divinity of Jesus had to return back to the temple. In verses 9-12 the burnt offering is offered before the guilt offering. But somewhere there it has to be factored in that the scapegoat finished up on GFPMC and that was the domain of the Nazirite.

The 4pm timeline also defines events clearly, what is voided and therefore Day of Atonement and what is not voided and therefore the work of the Nazirite. The resurrection of Jesus on the Sunday morning after GFPMC was clearly Nazirite but so was His resurrection on the Sunday morning after the DOA7777. It was 2 + 12 + a bit hours after 4pm and therefore the work of the Nazirite. The work of temple building was also Nazirite for the 1,260 odd days it went on for. It was not the light from the bronze snake in the Sinai being shone upwards towards Jesus being lifted up on His cross, it was light being shone down from this cross on those in Sinai and getting ready for their journey into Canaan.

God in Eden when addressing Eve and the serpent seemed to define this atonement period as being over some time. If satan’s head being crushed and the heel of Eve’s seed occurred over more than one day it had to be a period and here in Numbers 6 it tells us it was over an eight day period. Scripture/Holy Spirit knew this would be the case but still insists on calling it, ‘The Day of Atonement’. The void period may have been eight or even ten days but the Day of Atonement stands alone and as the greatest feast on earth and in Heaven certainly up to the time of GFPMC.


I cannot put in writing the amazing ideas that went through my mind last night about this wonderful day because they went through and are no longer there but the encouraging thing is that there are ideas there which may be retrievable with prayer and homework. Returning to verse 13 and the decommissioning of the Nazirite, ‘When the days of his separation are fulfilled.’ I am going to try marrying Daniel (9:24-27) and Numbers (6:13-27) which I tried to do before.

From Daniel we gather that there was a decree concerning your people and your holy city. This is the domain of Jesus the Nazirite and not Jesus doing His Father’s business. It will not include the period from satan being burned up in hell right up to 4pm on the 10/07/486, the burnt offering being offered. It is unlikely that Eden2 is counted as a holy city so this reference must be to the New Jerusalem. On earth at this time satan has already pulverised the existing Jerusalem and we have not

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been near the place for 1,800 odd years. First question; how can the Nazirite lead us into the New Jerusalem when he was decommissioned some four years earlier? Seven major events are to occur mostly dealing with the eradication of sin but Numbers six also tells us the Nazirite hands in seven animals and plants as a part of His decommissioning so as a first guess we will assume that each one of these Number’s offerings coincide with the seven events of Daniel. We have already looked at the circumstances involved in 49 years in the rebuilding of the temple after it was destroyed by the earthquake set off by the door of mercy slamming closed in Heaven at the third coming of Jesus with His two witnesses and the remaining 7 * 62 or 434 years when the bowls were being poured out. This gives us 7 + 62 or 69 lots of seven weeks and leaves that last seven when so much of the action takes place. To get to 69 * 7 is 483 years but Scripture clearly states it is 70 * 7 and I call this 490 years of Daniel’s time and date events around this 490 years. It is important to realise though that even 69.5 lots of seven is a watershed it is the total of 490 years that are involved. It certainly appears that all is finished at 69.5 weeks and the Day of Atonement but that last half of that final seven, 3 ½ years or 1,260 days play a crucial role in our explanation of the decommissioning of the Nazirite. I would have to be the first to admit the commentary is hollow unless we have first looked at the first 1,260 days following GFPMC in the book of Acts. Both crosses, GFPMC and DOA7777 come packaged in a unit of seven years. There are parallels between them but they stand as two alone events and are separated by a ‘voiding’. They are the same Jesus on the same cross but with vastly different ministries; one was His own and called Nazirite and the other He was doing His Father’s business and for want of another name I am going to call Him Atonement Jesus.

Again we have followed in some detail how after sixty-two weeks that our Messiah was cut off and had nothing. (The greatest of sacrifices, the Day of Atonement, DOA7777 Jesus is represented by the lowest and humble lest of animals; twin pigeons or turtledoves!)  The rider of the white horse and we in His following armies zoomed down to earth, the battle against the beast only lasted for a matter of seconds and was over when the beast looked up and saw Jesus sitting on a cloud with His sharp sickle. The beast did have major successes against Jesus whilst Jesus was on earth and that is how the beast prepared for this battle as well. As soon as he saw Jesus on the cloud the battle was over and it only lasted for one hour because the two beasts turned on each other. It still amazes me that the Jesuit Papacy could last for one hour against the UN regardless of what head was in control. There were wars, desolations were determined and the end did come like a flood. The ‘only’ problem that remained was there were still 70 trillion sins left behind that had not been destroyed in hell. Jesus undertook to destroy these sins by confessing to them in the middle of that last seven weeks and the covenant that He made in this time will stand for the eternities to come. It was the very last sacrifice to occur but this grain offering I still to pose a major problem to us. Then a final summary of the Day of Atonement which is not the work of the Nazirite and should not be included in the decommissioning of the Nazirite.

But first the seven items from each book to be compared. Daniel: (1); finish transgression, (2) to make an end to sin, (3); to make atonement for iniquity, (4); to bring in everlasting righteousness, (5); to seal up vision, (6); and prophecy, (7); to anoint the most holy place.

These are to be matched with the seven animal and plant offerings from Numbers on the day of decommissioning of the Nazirite: (1); one male lamb without defect one year old for a burnt offering; (2); one ewe-lamb a year old without defect for a sin offering, (3); one ram without defect for a peace offering for a peace offering, (4); a basket of unleavened cakes of fine flour mixed with oil, (5); unleavened wafers spread with oil, (6); grain offering, (7); drink offering. I don’t accept the criticism that I am afraid to tackle the big and controversial issues and such is the example above. I am only really interested in the decommissioning of the Nazirite which Daniel tackles but he also goes into

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territory I have been told is void and certain sections of this book are out of bounds to him as well. So is Daniel’s work supplementary or complimentary to that of Numbers?

Jesus is the Nazirite Who personally turns up in front of the doorway of the tent of meeting. The curtain on this doorway was torn some 1,260 days ago at 3pm on 10/07/486 indicating as far as Heaven was concerned it was ready to receive us. The curtain did not tear at 4pm when the burnt offering was taken down after being on display for one hour, but at 3pm. This is the time of Jesus’ call, ‘It is finished!’ This time it was not the earthly curtain that tore but the one giving access into eternity. It was not a door that opened but a curtain that tore, it was only temporary, it was always going to tear. Even though Heaven called, ‘Finished’ at 3pm Jesus still wanted to put some finishing touches to His bride and Jesus called, ‘Finished’ when Moses had completed building the temple it was only then that Jesus applied to be decommissioned. He brought the list of actions He was supposed to complete which He had worked out with God the Father but rather than stating them in brutal terms they have been put into animal and plant sacrifice systems a system that has been used since the first day that our first parents sinned in Eden and it still remains the objective of this blog to relate these animals/plants to the actual events.

What is involved is the law of the Nazirite and the expert in Law is the priest, Jesus Christ. Over the millennia to come any jot or title missed would become apparent. Perfection had not been met.


The problem with doing a verse by verse and even paragraph by paragraph commentary is that I cannot see the woods for the trees. We have only just started on the Bible, page 200 out of 2,000 odd pages and we are already knocking on Heaven’s doors. Not only are we knocking on the doorway into the tent of meeting, this tent of meeting is the second one and the one of eternity because it has the New Jerusalem inside of it. Not only are we knocking  on the door, the door has a torn curtain on it, we have been accepted and are welcomed to come on in! All in the first 10% of Scripture! But you may say that is what an introduction is supposed to do, give an overall view before going onto filling out the details, maybe? To me this Bible is a history of my life from the time I left the slavery of Egyptian sin. Water baptism by immersion remains a basic tenet of Christian faith. Not all will go through it the Red Sea after leaving Egypt but those who refuse to do so are certainly advised as to what the consequences are. If you refuse to acknowledge Jesus publically because you are ashamed to do so then He too will be ashamed of you in the courts above.

So I left Egypt and after a journey got to and through the Red Sea, the baptismal font and when I emerge from this font the doorway to Heaven in front of me has a torn curtain, Heaven is ready to welcome me but that does not mean that I am going to Heaven on this or even the next day. There certainly will be some fine polishing to be done and even some very heavy grinding but the doorway remains open and the ‘welcome mat’ in place. The polishing/grinding processes may be quite unpleasant and to encourage me I will be shown what is on the other side of that door and to give me confidence I will be shown what the pathway to Heaven is strewn, land bomb mined with. At its end I will be able and qualified to sing, ‘Through many dangers, toils and snares I have already come’ and truly wonder at the significance of the word, GRACE! And to where it will finally lead me. And this is the story that the Book of Numbers is telling and it is not as if I understand all of what it is saying. But I know that if I ask our Father Who is in Heaven to give me daily bread He will do so in order to continue this journey to and through this doorway.

This is the point at which we are being shown. It is still a good 1,800 years ahead of but we must keep in mind that during this time after the second and soon coming of our Lord that we will be

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spending this time, perfectly happily, in the first Heaven above but this is not our lot forever. This is the scene that will be being played out in front the doorway to the tent of meeting of the new earth. The curtain on the doorway tore 1,260 days ago at 3pm on 10/07/486 and the ‘welcome’ mat was put down, but we did not go through straight away. Much fine polishing has been carried out in completing our temples, our bodies of eternity and the polishing touches of Jesus occurring over these last 1,260 days. Finally that day has come when our temples have been completed, the last year of Daniel’s 7 * 70 or 490 years but even now we are not going through onto the new world. There is still a little bit of unfinished business for which I have allowed seven months, seven days and seven hours only then will we see what is happening on the other side of eternity.

In verse 13 Scripture could be saying, Jesus, ‘Father I present to You My bride at this doorway. This presentation has nothing to do with this doorway and the torn curtain nor the ‘welcome’ mat that You have placed here, it is entirely to do with my preparation and presentation of My bride for the eternities to come. The grounds on which I make this presentation are sevenfold’.

(1); The burnt offering. Jesus could have made His presentation in ever increasing small steps which led to the pinnacle. He did not do this, He started at the pinnacle and by doing so negated all those other ascending steps. He is going to mention the major ones but there is really no need for them as they all point to the summit. There are many thousands of verses in the Bible and even more words which describe the attributes of Jesus but there are two words which place themselves above all these other descriptions and they are ‘BURNT OFFERING’. They are already on Mount Calvary but they have been lifted even higher and placed on a cross and were present there between the hours of 3pm and 4pm on GFPMC on the 14/01/3889. If we wish to convert somebody to Christianity we can point them to no higher picture neither can anyone in Heaven. It is Heaven’s ultimate presentation, it is a male lamb 365 days old, it has no defects which even Herod looked so hard to find but declared, ‘I find no fault with this man’. There were no defects with this Passover lamb, it was dead, it had accomplished what it had been sent to earth to do and whether it is to you or me or that person you are trying to convert Heaven can present no higher offering. It is a very sad state of affairs that this burnt offering is but a pearl before swine. Record in your conscience; preached crucified Christ alone but this does not stop future prayers and presentations, maybe if you zoom back a bit to see the thieves on either side may provoke a response. Daniel calls this, ‘To finish transgression’. This bride was guilty of the most heinous of transgressions, but no matter, transgression in all it types is now finished!

(2); One ewe-lamb a year old without defect for a sin offering. This offering places conditions on the burnt offering, it was the Passover Burnt Offering and it did not include the transgression for all of creation. It was in fact very limited and was confined to the bride who is now being presented. It’s origin was in Egypt and its birthday was 01/0/01 and it fulfilled one of the promises there. It fulfilled the promise of the blood and it supplied the blood for the doorway of the tent of meeting we are about to enter. Eleazar sprinkled the blood of the red heifer towards this doorway.


Daniel tells us its second role was to do away with sin. The thorny issue of sin offering is again raising its head and much time has already been spent on this issue in the blog and will only be returned to if forced by the text. I submit there is no such thing as a sin offering as sin is abhorrent to God. I am now going to offer you something that is abhorrent, something that is totally against your nature and it you don’t like then pass it onto someone else for their birthday, I don’t think so! It is so absurd it is a joke! The offering is a solution to the sin. This blood I present before you from the death/sacrifice to follow, will it be accepted as an eradication method for getting rid of that sin? The

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answer in Egypt on the 01/01/01 Passover was “Yes” and it continued to be “Yes” right through to the cross. It did not matter how evil or corrupt the high priest was, he was never struck down inside of the Most Holy Place, he always came back out again, the blood was always accepted. In the first two offerings, the male and ewe-lambs we have been dealing with one day; when the lamb was one year old, 365 days old. It happened nearly 3,888 years ago and it and its results are now being handed in and we know that God the Father has accepted them both because Jesus checked this out on resurrection Sunday morning and would not allow Mary to touch Him until He had done so. Transgression has been finished and sin ended, birthday of the Lamb but now the third offering changes the scenery from a focus of one day to an era; the book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David and the son of Abraham.

(3); One ram without defect for a peace offering. In DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 the ram was the burnt offering for both the high priest and congregation. Two rams were offered. By the time it nears the heavenly courts in Eden2 one ram became a bird indicating the conditions had so drastically changed. The other ram for the burnt offering for the congregation was changed to a male lamb that was one year old. This mixing of offerings was only possible because Jesus went to the cross of GFPMC. To be asked to comment on the ram, the life of Jesus Christ both before He was a 365 day old lamb and after this time is like being asked how long is a piece of string? Daniel confines this discussion to ‘to make atonement for iniquity’ and numbers limits it to the decommissioning of the Nazirite. Neither is that helpful as this is a peace offering or atonement for iniquity and all that the Nazirite decommissioning does it excludes, it voids the period of the Day of Atonement, all that about crushing of satan’s head and satan in return bruising the heel of Eve’s seed.

If we seek outside help from the genealogy of Jesus Christ from Matthew we find that this genealogy is of Eve’s seed and His involvement with the crushing of Satan’s head and having His heel bruised in the process something we have just said has to be voided. Moving to Abraham the father of faith is not of much help either. Both DOA3888 and DOA7777 and GFPMC all involve faith be that in a future or past event. It is an attribute that can grow with time and an attribute on which blessings depend. Going to Abraham limits both time and events somewhat. Eve’s seed, Jesus Christ was physically brought into existence at the birth of Jesus Christ but there was much history and build up to this event. Its beginning was Abraham and this invoked Melchizedek the High Priest with no genealogy. The hope here is that when the Abraham cycle is completed that time will again emerge into a period of Melchizedek and no genealogy required. But what is required in the meantime, what is the purpose of this cycle? The purpose of this cycle could well be to pick up the scum and anyone else that wants to come and bring them to Heaven. To become the son of David. There is definite lifespan of the Nazirite but this would not be the case of the ram. It remains forever with at least one day of its life very different to any of the others; day 365, its first birthday but it is its whole life that Jesus is now offering to God His Father as a peace offering, there cannot be any blemishes. By looking at the consequence of this peace offering, of atonement being made for iniquity may be of help.

(4); a basket of unleavened cakes of fine flour mixed with oil or in Daniel’s outlook to bring in everlasting righteousness. At His decommissioning the Nazirite, the bridegroom is presenting His bride and asking that they be admitted to the Heavenly courts. He only really needs one ground for that admission and that is that when I hung there on the cross of GFPMC between 3pm and 4pm with my arms outstretched she responded and accepted my invitation. She accepted the burnt offering in faith. There were many other aspects of this offering and six of them are being presented but none will go higher than the burnt offering of that time. What a sad prayer is that, ‘Jesus I have tried to point my child or spouse or whoever to your cross but they reject it!’ You can do no more but to keep praying and pointing! Having brought in peace as the total life of the ram and making atonement for iniquity

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Jesus/Nazirite now presents His bride, 144 million (?) strong, the whole basket not just of cakes but cakes made of fine flour and it is mixed with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of oil. This oil was added just before our marriage and was what allowed the marriage in Heaven to take place, the fine linen.


When overwhelmed by information it is best to stop and take stock from the beginning. Day 1,290 after the declaration of Christianity as a terrorist organisation was such an example. It was not just an ordinary day but the day when Jews converted to Christianity and the forty five day count began for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Likewise now, day 1,260 after the Day of Atonement, DOA7777 is not just an ordinary day but far from it. It may be best to number the events of this day. It is a day which has at least two parallel Scriptures describing it; Numbers chapter six and verses 13 and onwards and Daniel (9:24-27). Numbers makes it quite clear as what we are dealing with; we are dealing with the decommissioning of the Nazirite but we must void events that occurred before 4pm of the 10/07/486, DOA7777 but Daniel is more inclusive.

Daniel includes both people and the holy city. There is little doubt that these people are the bride of Jesus Christ and therefore the topic of the Nazirite whose role was to come to earth to prepare His bride for eternity. Even though Jesus prepared His bride with a 1,260 day tutorial before the cross and even over a thousand years of animal sacrifices before that, all the work of the Nazirite was done on day 365, when the Passover lamb was one year old. The other days both before and after are also presented as a peace offering but day 365 is singled as for both of the male and ewe-lamb offerings. These occurred some 3,888 years ago and are now being brought forward from then. The ram offering, the life of Jesus Christ before day 365 and after day 365 are not forgotten.

Daniel complicates the picture by introducing your holy city. Being day 1,260 after DOA7777 we must be the last day of Daniel’s 7*70 or Year 490. Day 365 of year 490. So what is your holy city then? It cannot be the New Jerusalem because it has not yet come down, it is on the other side of the doorway with the torn curtain and it is going to take us 1,260 days of preparation once we stand on the new earth before we enter this city. I have a series of questions for the disciples when I get to Heaven but I do realise they will be meaningless by the time I get there. A question I have for John is; when you saw the Holy City coming down out of the sky why did you look for an outline of a temple? Didn’t you realise that this city was the temple, the Most Holy Place and for you to see it you must have been standing in the tent of meeting, the Holy Place or the New Earth? So if ‘your holy city’ is not the New Jerusalem it is not the doorway with the torn curtain on it and the welcome mat in front of it, then what is it?

It is day 365 of year 490. (31/12/490) Your people were taken care of 3,888 years ago and those results have been presented. Now it is the turn of the environment that these people will live/exist in, it too much be declared to be accounted for as having transgression finished, end of sin, atonement for iniquity ETC. All seven conditions are required to clear your holy city. Thus we have the dual role of Jesus Christ. He clears His people as Nazirite, as Passover lamb as His own ministry of GFPMC and He also clears the environment in which they will live forever and wherever they will be in. The work of the Day of Atonement! GFPMC completed its work for His people at 3pm on GFPMC and proved this to be so by displaying the burnt offering from 3pm to 4pm and the work of the cross of DOA7777 is finished by 31/12/490. That is actually 1,260 days after the event! I have actually tried to follow the first 1,260 days of the Church of Christ after GFPMC so that I can draw parallels to this time but have had very little success so far but this is not going to stop me from tentatively reconstructing day 365 of 490 or the 31/12/490. A first attempt.

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In front of His bride who has just come off an intensive period of temple building of 1,260 days (from memory it may even be over two days, 1259 and 1,260) by the Master builder and on a one to one basis. 9am to 10am; Jesus presents the burnt offering. There is no need for any of our imagination here as it is the burnt offering that He presented from 3pm to 4pm of GFPMC. 10am to 11am; Jesus presents the ewe-lamb as a sin offering. We all see time running back from 3pm back to 9am when Jesus was nailed to the cross. The gory details of how our sin was removed and the first two of Daniel’s conditions have been met; transgression finished and an end to sin. 11 am until noon Jesus presents Himself as the ram or the peace offering. Probably starts off with His birth, family life, ministry before the cross, the cross and how He wove His being into that of His bride and babyed her until His second coming. How their relationship changed when He took her back to Heaven with Him. How He could explain anything at all and she be conscious of anything in the beauty of Heaven is explained, that tiny dot representing humanity is brought into significance over nearly 1,800 years and finally the wedding of bride and bridegroom. Then again another drastic change in scenery. The married couple leave Heaven and soon after the battle against the beast the bridegroom takes His bride to Eden2 and leaves her alone while He returns to earth. It is a period of faith for the bride and the story of the Nazirite finishes when He disappears in darkness. His ministry changes from people to the place they are to exist in and it does not begin again until 4pm of the Day of Atonement. This period has been voided by Scripture but it does have a happy ending when the Nazirite presents this life as a ram as the peace offering. Daniel summarises this period of time as; to make atonement for iniquity.

From noon to 1pm We are added to the peace offering, all 144 million (?) saints, the whole basket of unleavened cakes. Daniel calls this; to bring in everlasting righteousness which is if you think about is the idea of the exercise. From 1pm to 2pm the wafers are presented, the subdivision of Heaven into twelve tribes or wafers and the presentation of each one. Daniel calls this to seal up prophesy which could mean that prophecy is about the gathering of God’s people in Heaven into twelve tribes and in a sinless environment. The drink and the grain offerings complete the seven conditions and Daniel summarises these as the end of vision and the anointing of the Most Holy Place which complete out the day from 2pm to 3pm and finally from 3pm to 4pm.

When I claim to have a 5% understanding of Scripture, this would be an average value. It would be more than this say for chapters 24 and 25 of Matthew but less than this for the grain and drink offerings. This should not be the case. Jesus told us to; ‘do this in memory of Me’ about the Lord’s supper. We are supposed to commemorate the breaking of the bread, the body of Jesus Christ and the drinking of the wine to commemorate the shedding of His blood regularly. I take ‘regularly’ to be two or three times a year and it was these commemorations with my beloved and lovely Mel daughter that encouraged me to write this blog. They were premised on the resurrection Sunday walk of Jesus with the disciples on the road to Emmaus. They were premised on Jesus telling us history, reading the Bible but then asking Jesus to reveal Himself when He broke the bread, ‘And then they saw Jesus’ and reveal Himself Jesus did on many issues. The grain and drink offering should not be at the low level that it is. How low it is recently revealed itself at the attempted correlation of the last supper in terms of the synoptic and John’s Gospel.

The synoptic gospel of Matthew has an account of the last supper of Thursday 13/01/3889 ac before Gethsemane. It establishes the new covenant of the body and the blood of Jesus which I extend out into Old Testament language/imagery to be the grain and drink offerings but here we strike an immediate snag. Synoptic, Thursday night, no GFPMC but Heaven via the DOA3888 of Leviticus 16. It is not about GFPMC, the people but about DOA3888 the holy city they live in. What an amazing

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clarification verse is verse 12 of chapter six of Numbers; ‘But the former days will be voided’. Surely the logical conclusion was Thursday night rapture, no GFPMC and therefore with new covenant of the body and blood applied to the Day of Atonement. But I knew there was a GFPMC as lacking as my knowledge of Scripture may be! I have made a number of attempts to join these major feast days with rungs and once again Scripture does it in Num (6:12) It tells us that from verse 13 and onwards we are dealing with the Nazirite and his decommissioning. It is from 4pm on the 10/07/486 and onwards and it does cover GFPMC. It was the only way that the Thursday night covenant could come into effect. Jesus could not do this nor have His meal with His disciples on Passover night, He would be in His grave then. The Thursday night meal was a one off affair and was immediately moved to Friday night where it will be commemorated on the Friday of Passover where the covenant of the body and the blood has been moved to. It is the grain and drink offerings. —

We are then given more details about the peace offerings of the ram. All are joined together now that each has been individually accepted. Ram is joined onto the basket of unleavened cakes which are joined by the priest with his own grain and drink offering. It seems at this stage that the decommissioning of the Nazirite is over because He cuts off His hair which has been the issue between defiled and clean up to now. It is now clean and sinless and it anoints the cross for eternity. In this new state Jesus is no longer a Nazirite, He has cut off His hair so He must be in some other state and initially I call this state Melchizedek, the High Priest of eternity. This is not what Scripture has to say; it is written. I have been trying to introduce a high priest’s role because soon we have a Day of Atonement where the High Priest is going to have to take His blood into the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem and taking us in there as well. We will be so close to Jesus by this time, we too will be counted as high priests. Scripture insists that it is the Nazirite who cuts off His hair and as Nazirite places it onto the cross/alter and it is as Nazirite that He may drink wine. It is the Nazirite that He presents to God the Father the boiled shoulder of the ram peace offering. The ram had been to hell but ‘only’ for one day on its first birthday as a 365 day old lamb. This was not long enough to burn it but long enough to boil it. The Nazirite presents this shoulder, one of two with one cake and one wafer; Jesus Christ, the Nazirite, the conquering lion from the tribe of Judah. They are first fruits. They are waved together before God along with the chest. Further down in the statue, the thigh of bronze representing Greece or democracy. It counterpart is theocracy, God’s rule. This is not waved it is lifted. There are no options here we are asking God to rule us according to His perfection.

The chest in the statue of silver were the Medes and Persians. Their antonym is Christianity. How little do those who try to mix these two faiths together know about either faith and the results will ultimately be Page 48

catastrophic and many are on their way and truly advanced today. The difference between the two faiths is Jesus Christ, to one He is God fully in every sense and to the other He is a blasphemy to call Him such! How much danger can little knowledge cause! Both shoulders and the breast of Christianity have been boiled. Even in a strange sort of way the followers of Jesus have been through a mini hell in some sort of tribulation although no extent to what their master went through. The  boiled shoulder of the Nazirite was presented by the Nazirite but the other shoulder, the dual role of Jesus doing His Father’s work on the Day of Atonement has not yet been presented. These roles are performed  by the Nazirite after He had shaven His hair. The Jesus that we will spend the eternities with will be a Nazirite as He was here on earth!  What does Daniel tell us about these post transgression days?  He gives us a lengthy account of the Day of Atonement. He gives us the approach of this day from 490 years out, the day, the covenant made on this day, even until a complete destruction , one that is decreed is poured out on the one who makes desolate

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In Daniel’s reckoning all this evil in verses 24 onwards is over on the 31/12/490, the last full year of the earth’s existence. In Numbers reckoning the day is 31/12/7,777 the last full year of the earth’s existence. The differences between the two are Daniel follows the fruits of GFPMC with the DOA7777 but Numbers precedes the fruits of the decommissioning of the Nazirite with DOA7777, both have the same results; transgression is finished. I have been worrying about the no-show of the high priest but there is no need to. Aaron is here all the time and blesses and joins us in our soon journey through the doorway with the torn curtain and into eternity. He is there to gain entry into the New Jerusalem with His blood and this was a problem in the back of my mind because this is not the blood of the Passover that guaranteed entry into the tent of meeting and for which the answer, ‘Yes’ was given way back on the 01/01/01 in Egypt, the blood of the red heifer that Eleazar sprinkled towards the doorway on this tent of meeting we are about to enter, this is the blood of the high priest who will enter the New Jerusalem ahead of us. The dual role of Jesus Christ. Life in this world and the one above is about the glory in the Name of Jesus. Verse 27. How much more powerful does a prayer become in the Name of Jesus!

Just before we leave this last day of the last calendar year of planet earth some reflections. Being a summary implies I have read the rest of this book and allows me look forward into the mist of its end. There is a faint image of a city of refuge at the end. Its role is very distinctive; it is there for anyone who has killed anyone unintentionally, unintentional sin and it specifically excludes anyone who has killed intentionally. If this is indeed the dual ministries of Jesus Christ much can be drawn from them, GFPMC and DOA7777. GFPMC, intentional and confessed sin, results in death, the red heifer is consumed by fire and the wood with the iron in it is cemented to the stone is stands on. Jesus Christ is crucified to that cross with iron nails and the blood that He releases falls to the ground to congeal and cement that cross to the stone tablets that have the Law of God imprinted on them. They become one unit. For the bride to get into Heaven she would have had to accept this as one unit. It cannot be added to and any attempt to do so is blasphemy. It can only be accepted or rejected. Jesus Christ on the cross has kept the Law of God as summarised in the Ten Commandments and the two have become one through the blood of Jesus Christ. What Jesus has done there is very simple to visualise, why He has done it is a very deep mystery. This is the pathway that needs to be taken by the bride in order to get into Heaven, the pathway the bridegroom takes is a much higher path and for a long time was the only path into Heaven.

There is wood with iron involved and it does stand on stone. It does not require for the wood to be welded to the stone by blood. In fact the blood is removed. The side of Jesus was opened at 4pm on GFPMC and flooded the base of the cross and by setting made cross and commandments one unit. Now however at 4pm on DOA7777 every droplet of blood of Jesus is collected including what was spilled at 4pm on GFPMC. There is no need to weld wood to stone it is Jesus Who keeps these commandments and He has no need to go to the cross to do it. There was still a cross on DOA7777 and those 70 trillion (?) sins were judged according to

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those commandments and the consequences of breaking them but the task of getting the bridegroom to Heaven, of restoring the situation that His creation created was on a different plain to that of what happened to His bride.

It was my first attempt to try to correlate Daniel’s 31/12/490 or 7 * 70 and Numbers 31/12/7,777 and if in fact they are the same day when all evil is finished one would expect the seven features of each to coincide both in order and magnitude. There was a strike in the second item where the sin offering of the ewe-lamb coincided the end of sin in Daniel. The first item of the Nazirite the burnt offering could well be summarised as finishing transgression of all types, the burnt offering could only be presented when all sin had gone. Again Scripture supported by Scripture. The peace offering of presenting the life of Jesus Christ, the ram as a unit including day 365 of its life is called atonement for iniquity. Looking down at the life of Jesus instead of looking at my life, God accepts that substitution as atonement for iniquity, little wonder my flight for Heaven has been booked. That makes three very good ‘coincidents’. With number four everybody is presented, the bride, along with the ram and accepted by Heaven there is no one left behind to sin and being a part of the ram will transfer His life to ours is equivalent to bringing in everlasting righteousness. That was the idea behind Jesus leaving us behind in Eden2 after the battle of the beast and coming to earth by Himself. He had been a part of us but was no longer. At one stage He completely disappeared from our view and did not reappear for seven days when that soldier called out, ‘Who is this Jesus?’ When He does reappear as transfiguration Jesus it is now going to be our turn to become one with Him and bring in everlasting righteousness. Four out of four.

Making the last one, the anointing of the Most Holy Place number five. Here my idea was to make the blood of the drink offering, the one Jesus is going to take into the New Jerusalem with Him and anoint everything including the bride but this is not going to happen, if at all for another four odd years and we are no longer talking about a one day event over which the decommissioning of the Nazirite takes place over, no this had to do with the laying of the hair of Jesus on the cross. There seem to be two problems with this demarcation at 4pm on DOA7777 and the voiding of this ministry, actually more like separation.

When the Fires of hell were extinguished and the evil had been consumed, the decision to plead guilty to the 70 trillion sins that remained defiled the head of Jesus. Taking them on board defiled His hair. When Jesus cut off His defiled locks on day seven His head remained defiled until 4pm of the DOA7777 when He reconsecrated His head and thus the voiding period. Jesus did not take these defiled locks into DOA7777 but cut them off the day before and this regrowth that is cut off now is 1,260 days old and grown in sinless conditions and that assumes that that day one, DOA7777 was a sinless day. Certainly on the Day of Atonement Jesus did not accept any more new sins. Sinless consecrated head produced sinless consecrated hair was cut and placed on the fire which is under the sacrifice of peace offerings. This is the altar/cross, where these presentations are made and at which we have been staring at continuously for the last 1,260 days. Our stare is not broken until we have the assurance that this cross is coming to the New Jerusalem with us. We further ask for and our request is granted that this cross be moved from outside of our bodies where it is in the courtyard and into the inner parts of our temple, our hearts. Thus the anointing of the most holy place involves the hair in verse 18. It is the last item, item seven and that leaves in Numbers the wafers and the grain and drink offerings and in Daniel to seal up vision and prophecy.

I took the wafer as the unit that seals up vision because it is not only the structure within Heaven, twelve wafers, twelve tribes but because of the first fruit that is chosen, one cake from one tribe. It shows the relationship that Jesus has with all those other cakes and wafers. Through the operation of the Holy Spirit, the fine linen we were given at our wedding, He is one with us and is available 24/7. We do not need to meet Him in vision, He is with us at all times. This leaves the grain and drink offering as the sealing up of prophecy and we are also told that both sacrifice and grain will stop so I separated them to allow the blood of the covenant to continue. This sixth topic is going to require much prayer and meditation and is one of a number that has to be revisited. Moving onto chapter seven. Scripture seems to be telling us that the line to be followed is that in the middle of the week that sacrifice and grain offering will be stopped. No problems with sacrifice. The Day of Atonement will be the very last sacrifice offered, there will be an infinite number of commemorations of this


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sacrifice but no more repeats. The dogs, the murderers, the liars and the idolaters will have been excluded. But the stopping of the grain offering? Isn’t it supposed to point to the body of Christ? If it stops and Jeus is with us continually then only the drink offering continues? Is this the Covenant of the Blood of the last supper?

Day 1,261 after DOA7777, 01/01/491 or 01/01/7,778, Numbers (7:1); ‘Now on the day that Moses had finished setting up the tabernacle, he anointed it and consecrated it with all it furnishings and the altar and all its utensils; he anointed them and consecrated them also’. It has been a very busy time for Moses/Jesus and there were very many temples to set up for eternity and includes the furnishings and utensils. Out of all of them we have only looked at the altar/cross.  How different will our journey be with only 217 days of time remaining until we cross over into Canaan whilst we travel through a sinless and danger less environment when compared to the Israelites who have well over a thousand years to go on a journey thwart with peril and danger? What assurances and gifts are we going to make to the Lord, do we have any gifts to bring at this stage? Have we been planting grain or raising livestock whilst in Eden2? They brought six carts and twelve oxen which were passed onto the Levites. This is another indication that the Levites are split into three concentric rings around the throne on Heaven. The inner ring, within a radius of 500 miles do not want nor are they given any carts or oxen, they just want to be close to the throne of God in this life and the next. The ones within a thousand miles are compensated with two carts and four oxen of goodies and those outside of that radius and back to the wall receive four carts and eight oxen of gifts to be used in the service of the tent of meeting. But it is the offerings that were placed by our leaders that are of interest.

I am going to imagine myself in this situation and then compare my thoughts with what is given in Scripture. There is not very far to go in Eden2 before I get to the doorway with the torn curtain and on command we will probably march as we did in the armies behind our leader the rider of the white horse. I can see that this cross has a tag on it, ‘Heaven bound’ and I also know that this cross is inside of my heart as not just a dangling emblem but a part of me. I am very sure that it is Jesus Who will be leading us through both the doors we have to pass through and that Simon will be dragging/carrying His cross. They will be the first ones onto the new earth and more importantly into the New Jerusalem. This gives rise to two concerns; entry I want God to know I am coming and to get ready for the shock and secondly constant reminders that will give me reassurances that I am there for good, especially for the first million years; until 01/01/1,000,001 after entry. By representing what Jesus has just presented I am not doubting the legitimacy of His presentation I just want everyone to know that these have already been presented and accepted by God. They should not be in dispute.

I look at those two pieces of timber and assembled in a cross and see it as a peace offering. Only the day before Jesus was presented on it and there were 144 million (?) others there as well and I was one of them. I would like to present that peace offering again on the way in and then set up as a big tree that I could see from anywhere to keep getting reassurances that my place is secure. I would want to see the burnt offering that was just presented on that cross. It stood empty since resurrection Sunday on the 11/07/486 but now there has been a definite association between it and the male lamb one year old and without defect that was the burnt offering. The answer that the burnt offering covers all situations was allowed on earth but not up here. What situations? The answer I give today will be different to the answer of give in a million years’ time and different again to what I give in a trillion years’ time. I am confused as to why the DAO7777 has been left out of Numbers; male lamb = Passover, ewe-lamb = Passover, Nazirite = Passover, peace offering = Passover but Daniel seems to allow for parallels but approaches it from the DOA7777. Both had occurred by day 1,260 after the Atonement Cross yet it is the light of DOA7777 that the void period finished and the Nazirite began His work not from scratch but after the voided period. I have no choice but to look at what the leader of my tribe said and each one said the same thing.


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The trays are all silver and the same size. All twelve tribes in Heaven are the same size and silver I have taken as Christianity. If there is a parallel to the statue of evil where the silver stood for the Medes and Persians this silver may also stand for the OT and the NT; Jews and Christians. Their names go onto the pearly gates but the apostles names go on the foundation. Their tribal system is also followed, but how can the bowls all be the same size when some were given 4 carts, some 2 carts and some no carts drawn by oxen? Aren’t we arranged in three circles around the throne of God? Actually there are twelve pearly gates and twelve tribes and suburbs. I am typing from the tribe of Ephraim so let us walk in through his gate and into suburb Ephraim. As we walk along for the first 500 odd miles towards the centre we will be with people who were given four carts. At the thousand mile mark and for the next 500 miles we will be in among people who were given two carts and the ones inside of the 500 mile mark will not have been given any carts at all. But the point is that all the way along every bowl, is as full as it can be, each one weights 70 shekels and is full of flour as full as it can be. Paul was closer to Jesus than me or thee and therefore His bowl will hold more flour. Likewise for Peter and Mary and all 144 million (?) bowls. Does me typing this blog make my bowl bigger and even move me a few numbers closer to the throne? It certainly could be but with so little so late in life I would not think so! So if you are ever looking for JK up keep your eyes open just as you come in through the gate!  My position may even equate to where my name was in all those results of exam marks for each subject, but this time I would be a seventy shekels of silver bowl and be thrilled to have made it! I don’t type for a position in Heaven, it would be blasphemy to do so. I type to glorify the Name of My Jesus. This attitude is apparent to me whenever I have a crash in my computer. I assume that my baton has been passed onto someone else and I regret that I had not been as diligent as I should have been and ask Jesus to be given another chance but no sooner than I try to improve I fall over and am worse than before! I would be quite happy with any position in Heaven as I am quite happy with any typing position on earth. The fact that it is so lowly is more of an incitement on those praying for me than it is on me. The closer to the pearly gates the more chance I have of being made a guide to my suburb. Every cloud has a silver lining!

The basket of cakes of fine flour mixed with oil has been presented with the ram as a part of the peace offerings and accepted by God at the decommissioning of the Nazirite. The flour was indeed crushed and fine as in the presence of the oil, the Holy Spirit we lay before the cross of atonement even though Jesus was taken from it on the next day.  We still lay there for 1,258 days and if asked does anyone know anything about the Atonement cross, many would put their hands up. But there is still more baking to do, this same cross was used on GFPMC and only after being taken into archives and the red heifer and its incineration will those cakes be properly baked. It is not the cakes  in the basket that this fine flour is going  to be used for but for the grain offering.

But Daniel tells us that Jesus will stop both sacrifice and grain offerings in the middle of that  last seven years. On the Day of Atonement Jesus did stop sacrifice. It was the second and last sacrifice, the end of sacrifices. The implication I get from Daniel that this was also, at the same time the end of grain offering. This does not mean that commemorations of these will not continue in fact the central commemoration/offering of eternity is the Day of Atonement but a commemoration is ‘all’ that there is and we are now making preparations for the grain offering. The only grain offerings that I know of at this stage are; tithes, first fruits and the flour that is used to make the unleavened bread for the Lord’s Supper. If it is the Lord’s supper that is being referred to here then the drink offering should be here as well; ‘along with their grain offering and drink offering’, but it is not included here. Why is it different?

Looking at it from the Gospel point of view, Matthew, the lion and the introduction to the synoptic gospels verses 26-31 of chapter 26. For the bread Jesus simply says, ‘Take and eat, this is my body’. But it is the blood that is of the covenant; ‘Drink from it all of you. This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. I tell you, I will not drink again of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it anew with you in My Father’s kingdom’  Mark, the ox and blood synoptic gospel gives an almost identical account singling out the blood as being of the covenant. Luke the creature that looks like a man, the humanity of Jesus agrees with the other two that this was a Passover meal and that Jesus would eat it again until He was with them in His Father’s kingdom. But Luke has a savage departure. He  splits the cup into two, before and after the breaking of the bread. Before; ‘After taking the cup, He gave thanks and said,

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“Take this and divide it among you. For I tell you I will not drink again of the fruit of the vine until the Kingdom of God comes”’. This is the second time that this future kingdom is referred to and that Jesus will not be able  to eat the Passover meal again until this time.


Luke also adds that this is the new covenant in my blood. Four gospels, four creatures, two cross events, different functions for body and blood, multiple applications to Sinai desert, our lives, first Heaven, Eden2 and second and final Heavens, this side and other side of Jordan and Jericho, multiple animal and grain sacrifices/offerings, seven steps/altars/crosses to Christ and other variables makes me grateful that I have only studied 5% at best of  Scripture and not 95%, and there is still much to be learned. It would be an understatement to say the variables are many and the issues complex. Last night I fell asleep drowned in issues but we have been given more than just a guideline and answers, we have been given the Bible and to which we now return. Even with the complexity of the matters involved as I have been endowed with more computing power than you mortals I should be able to cope. The hard disk I have up top is so densely packed I have often been referred to as ‘thick’ a term for extreme density of matter on a hard drive. The problem is what is this matter? It is not read only memory and it cannot be read. It is certainly not random access memory as there is no access to it whatsoever. The kindest description it can be given is ‘it is just there’, another vestigial organ. As I look down I see another vestigial organ, no known functions it is just there and it is very depressing. You kind people do not read this blog for a listing and a lament of JK’s vestigial organs, so we must move on. By the way when I was looking down at my vestigial organs I was looking at my belly button, what did you think I was looking at? Have you been talking to my wife?

I left at verse 48, this was day 1,267 after the atonement cross and I was following Ammihud, leader of the sons of Ephraim. It was his turn on behalf of his tribe to place offerings on the altar/cross on which Jesus Himself had just placed His sinless locks a tag of Heaven bound into the New Jerusalem the Most Holy Place of eternity. It was also placed in the inner sanctums of our hearts. The fact that my apartment was just inside of the gate ( not 1,600 miles that is the diameter and therefore the radius away from the throne is 800 miles) if you measured my adrenaline levels you would find them at maximum level. I could not be any happier, my silver bowl was full! God’s presence is not restricted by distance. When Jesus comes to have a meal with me it will be the same Jesus that comes to Peter or Paul or Mary. What is significant is that massive barrier with the twelve pearly gates; the wall. The whole universe is not the Most Holy place just a cube of 1,600 miles dimensions. One reason why this barrier arose was the beast within me was still present when I walked onto the newly created world. It may have been in its seventh and last life but it was still there. It should not have been as when it raised its head on GFPMC it was killed, crushed and thrown into hell, completely obliterated! Today I should be walking around sinless with no tendency whatsoever to commit evil and it is in these fires of GFPMC that this beast will ultimately die. It was not given much of a chance to die in the few seconds I spent underwater in my baptism and I was a long way away from the doorway into hell that opened and consumed satan. The 1,260 days I spent laying in front of the Atonement Cross including the hours that Jesus hung there must have left very little life in this beast but it was still in its seventh and last life. It was only when GFPMC was shone in light that the beast finally died and this time never to be resurrected. This almost dead beast could be the reason for those wall barriers. It was the act of Jesus showing the full extent of His love that killed this beast. So to me it is irrelevant where I am within the Most Holy Place it is only the fact that I am there! Even if these carts are used to determine the locations of our allotments on this earth, just to have an allotment will be a thrill and privilege! There is a place in eternity where no evil ever existed of any type; inside of the walls of the New Jerusalem! Could we rearrange events in such a way that no beast or evil entered onto the new earth at all? I will put this subject on the backburner but when I thought about it before I decided no, events would not allow this.  In these offerings were our hopes, expectations and inspirations not just of the short part of the journey that was left but of all eternity.

In his presentations our leader fairly presents our tribe as one family and all members as equal. The whole family and each member is ready for a grain offering, not just one, the grain offering but for many grain

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offerings. No this does not tie in with Daniel (9:27) which says there will be a stop to grain offering, not to drink offering, the blood of the new covenant, but to grain offering which maybe the broken body of Christ. Again in  perfection it would be difficult to explain how this body of Jesus was broken up. The blood is different, it is the lifeline of our existence. There is life in the blood. The presentations our leaders followed the Nazirite at his decommissioning; the work of Jesus has been done. Jesus began with the burnt offering and so do our leaders. They do so in the full presence of prayer. Our prayers up there are just as valuable as down here, they come from a gold pan full of incense. The burnt offering Jesus offered at His recent decommissioning was a male lamb one year old which we also offer. He did not offer the ram which was the burnt offering from the Day of Atonement because it had not yet occurred. We now offer that burnt offering as it had occurred 1,267 days ago. There were two ram offerings as the burnt offerings from DOA3888, Leviticus 16 and this one is the one the high priest presented, not the congregation’s one. Heaven records the combination of the scapegoat and the Passover lamb as a red heifer and it records the combination of the ram burnt offering and that of the one year old male lamb burnt offering in the highest terms which are available to it; as one bull burnt offering.


We are following the order of sacrifices the Nazirite handed is as completed to God the Father. We have asked for the burnt offering to be first presented at the front of the queue as all else falls into place behind it. The burnt offering Jesus presented at 3pm on GFPMC concerned His own work for the bride as was His sin offering only concerned with His bride. It was a ewe-lamb. The burnt offering, sin offering and peace offerings we present though are completed offerings, both GFPMC, His work and DOA7777 His Father’s work. The combination is not an arithmetic relationship, 1 + 1 = 2, but a synergistic one, 1 + 1 = many thousands so much so that it has to be represented by a new species. In the burnt offering it was one male lamb a year old + ram = a bull. If this is the formula that is followed for the other two offerings then what is the solution to the equation; sin offering of the ewe-lamb + something ??? = one male goat which is what each leader  offers for a sin offering. Whatever our something is the male goat offering will have the ewe-lamb implied  just like bull offering has both ram and one year old lamb implied. The equation for the peace offering would have to be; ram +  basket full of unleavened cakes of fine flour mixed with oil and unleavened wafers spread with oil along with their grain and drink offerings + something (???) = two oxen and five rams and five male goats and five male lamb one year old.

As my study progresses in this blog and I am getting closer to the truth I would expect my ideas to keep changing and if someone takes over as they progressed their ideas to further change until the combined effort/efforts were at a level required by the Holy Spirit. But my idea of this one male goat that was offered by my leader has not changed at all. If I define it according to Leviticus 16, the same male goat that was there then this restricts the nuances within the meaning of, ‘sin offering’. All sins involved in the Day of Atonement both DOA3888 and DOA7777 were unintentional unconfessed sins. The difference between the two being that before the burnt offering could be presented in DOA3888 the scapegoat had to be sent outside of the temple and the city and onto GFPMC but in DOA7777 the scapegoat had already been destroyed on GFPMC. In both cases intentional and unintentional sin quantised, packaged. So the final equation becomes ewe-lamb plus 70 trillion (?) unconfessed sins = one male goat for a sin offering. It is not ewe-lamb + scapegoat which would equal red heifer, it is about unconfessed sins of DOA7777. All of the redeemed are laying at the foot of the DOA7777 cross during these six hours but there is one very special moment which may only last for a fraction of a second but which changes eternity for one individual; JK. It hits me like a bullet, sin batch number 1944010111111. I am not doubting that Jesus is telling a lie and when I hear that number I clearly hear Jesus call, ‘Guilty as charged!’. But I do know that these were my sins and find it difficult to accept that God can plead guilty to any sin, make it a part of Him and take them to hell. You may say, ‘Isn’t that what happened on GFPMC?’ No they were my sins that Jesus was taking to hell on my behalf, these are His sins to which He has pleaded guilty to, not mine!

When this batch number comes up I don’t expect to hear, “JK that you did spit in My holy face and order Me out of your life”, no  these were the sins that I pleaded guilty to and which were burned up in hell on


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GFPMC. Only demonic ministries will tell you that ashes from these sins remain. Satan/Swaggart must remind you of their presence. Jesus forgave and forgot and so should we! Reject this teaching of Swaggart and order the demonic spirit he installed in your life as well!

This sin batch number 194401011111 has been engraved on my keys into my apartment of eternity; that white stone given to me at the stage of Pergamum. It reminds me I have not always been at the highest of highs but it does not take me back to the lowest  of lows either, it takes me back to DOA7777.

The peace offering has more animals involved and is more complex. It has an added factor of five times indicating that my first guess in the allocation of Balak’s/Balaam’s seven altars was reasonable. The end of the fifth step in time and altar was the DOA7777 and as now DOA7777 is being swept up the sacrifices are of an order of five greater. If this is the system by the time we get to the seventh step or altar we should be dealing in multiples of seven times amplification. When Jesus the Nazirite will finally hand in His peace offering at His decommissioning in some 1,800 years time He will attach us, the basket full of unleavened cakes directly to Himself. It will be on the ground of the life of the ram, Jesus Christ that we will be offered and accepted. The ground of acceptance, of peace that we offer are entirely based on the life of Jesus Christ and we do not include ourselves there at all.

Jesus the Nazirite did not offer any oxen but we offer two. The blood of Jesus may be symbolised as ox or Passover lamb or ram or goat or bird but Jesus only has one blood flowing in His veins. It was literal blood that was applied to the doorframes of doors in Egypt and it was literal blood that flowed that flowed on GFPMC so it should be literal blood on that doorway into/onto the New Earth. It maybe called the blood of the Passover Lamb on this side and the blood of the second creature of the nature of Jesus, the ox but it will be the same blood as it will be when taken by the High Priest into the New Jerusalem so it is quite incredible that there are not at least three oxen. It is we who add the blood to the peace offering.


The many aspects of life on earth and eternity are sourced from the blood of Jesus. Its acceptance or rejection is what makes the difference, it is the blood of the covenant and it is the blood of the new covenant be that ox, ram, goat, lamb, bull or bird. It is overwhelming in its scope and our attempts to quantify at least a tiny part of it have been futile so far and the Gospel accounts ran into a brick wall. IT IS and all we need on this sinful world is to know it is the solution to all our problems both here and above. By eating of the Passover lamb the Israelites indicated they were eating this burned offering and it was becoming a part of their bodies. As all sacrifices have gone and there is no more killing of any animal we symbolically eat unleavened bread again indicating that this bread becomes a part of us. We have the body of Christ and the emphasis, the %’s of this union will change at the DOA7777. On GFPMC it became a union with 99% us and 1% Jesus or whatever this ratio is but at DOA7777 the numbers reverse and we become so much a part of Him that we are offered as one in the peace offering at the decommissioning of the Nazirite. We become a part of the life of Jesus Christ and this is symbolised as the ram. Neither GFPMC nor DOA7777 have a peace offering, it is made up of both events. It began on the 14/01/3889 ac when Jesus became a part of us. It only finished in the nick of time in the very last year of the existence of this earth. It was finished 1,260 days after the Atonement Cross, it included the Atonement Cross when Jesus placed His sinless hair on this cross and it was moved into our hearts. This was the completion of the peace offering; both GFPMC and DOA7777 were included, five rams.

The five male lambs one year old should not pose any problems. The Nazirite has already presented the male lamb one year old as the ultimate of offerings, the burnt offering only by this time our understanding of it had increased by a factor of five. Today when we stand in the shadow of the cross and Jesus hanging on it between 3pm and 4pm, the burnt offering of the Lamb we too should feel at peace with God but this peace offering still has some time to run before it is complete. If this scenario is correct that the ram peace offering the Nazirite handed to God on the day of his decommissioning was GFPMC up to and including DOA7777 and all the bits in between then what was the contribution of DOA7777? Much is said about the start, and it should

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be so, but what about the end, DOA7777? Specifically if DOA7777 was such an important contribution to the peace offering then why did not the Nazirite include it in His peace offering which after all was made 1,260 days after DOA7777?

The Nazirite did not include any functions that were involved on the Day of Atonement because the Nazirite was not involved with the Day of Atonement, there He was going around and doing His Father’s business, not His the Nazirite’s business. The Nazirite’s business was very specific indeed; 365 day old ewe-lamb and 365 day old male lamb. The sin offering and the burnt offering of GFPMC. Very specifically He had to clean and prepare the bride not just for 1,800 years of existence in the Heaven above us today, the tent of meeting, up there His bride was actually going to be admitted into the Most Holy Place and she had to be prepared for that as well. She may not have been in the Most Holy Place, in the presence of the throne for long but she was still going to be there. She would not just be a part of the welcoming committee for when the rider of the white horse  who took the scroll from the hand of God way back at 3pm on GFPMC  returned back to Heaven after completing His work at the shutting of the door of mercy  at the third coming of our Jesus with those first fruits riding out in front carrying the final tally sheet or roles of saints of eternity no, it was her duty to make sure that none of those foolish virgins who tried to tag onto the Heavenly party did not gain entry. She sang the new song and none of them could learn!

We produced the male goats as a peace offering not the Nazirite. Neither produced the bull offering. The Nazirite actually only produced the ram as a peace offering, it is our leader who focuses  on the one year old lamb and goats. What are these goats now supposed to represent that will make peace with God as this cross is dragged in ahead of us and into His holy presence? There were two goats that were chosen to be offered in the Leviticus 16 Day of Atonement, both represented Jesus Christ. Their roles were only determined when lots were cast; One became the scapegoat and the other the sin offering. The high priest was following a divine order when casting these lots so it was God Who made the decision as to what role each goat would be assigned. A pearl like this is not going to yield of its beauty as a result of one guess but the only two roles for Jesus Christ that I know of are; doing His own work/business or Nazirite or doing His Father’s work or simply Father’s Jesus. Nazirite did His work on GFPMC and the Father’s Jesus did His work on DOA3888 or even DOA7777. It was His Father’s call as to which was which. In a way the scapegoat did finish up on GFPMC and the other goat, the sin offering one which our leader has just introduced did finish up finally in this peace offering. One goat finished up as Jesus on the Atonement cross and the other Jesus a GFPMC. Not initially at first and this is the problem comparing John’s and the Synoptic Gospels.


There are changes occurring to me as I try to type this blog daily. The biggest one would have to be that when the Church of Jesus Christ, the ten virgins finally wakes up after 1,290 of persecution, not during, at the midnight call; ‘here comes the bridegroom, come out and meet him!’ that I will wake up as one of the wise virgins and go out to meet him, I will not be sent off, given money and told to go and wait for those who will come and sell me oil. I feel confident that I will go out and meet Him. The doubt came because of the shockingly high number that will be foolish; 50%! Keep in mind that these people are prepared to and most will give their lives rather than accept the mark of the beast, how can you do this and still go to hell? It seemed impossible! So many are deceiving themselves! Actually the 50% is rather flattering when you think back to Canaan where only two made it out of 603,550! And they all too had their names in the Book of Numbers!

This realisation initially came from the study of the goat sin offering and now further study of the five goats coupled with the Balak and Balaam story. I was deeply insulted by any suggestions that I believed in righteous by works but subconsciously that was my problem. Goats. I wasn’t sure when I woke up at the midnight call whether I would be classed as wise or foolish as so many will be classed. It depended on me. Righteous by works! It does not depend on me it depends on God’s actions and reactions to me! Yes I do have to provide some sort of handle for God to grab, I do have to stick my hand out in faith but it does not have to be a certain distance. It just has to be  out enough to show my actions are voluntary, the rest now is up to God. It is about His grace and mercy and love and justice and infinite attributes cutting in, it is all about the response

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to even the tiniest amount of my faith. It is righteousness by faith and Jesus Christ’s response to that arm and the call for help!  If I am still blogging in five or even ten years’ time I will/should have a deeper understanding of Scripture and therefore a deeper faith. The determining factor will still not be my faith and how far up I have my hand and calling for help, the determining factor is the response of Jesus Christ regardless how wayward is the goat! But how can 50%, literally hundreds of millions, think they have accepted Jesus and most will have died for Him, except the 144,000 foolish virgins and still go to hell? Scripture spends almost 1,800 years in answering this question as it is of such critical importance to eternity!

Heaven will be full of people who did not remember the Sabbath, believed in evolution and the long age of the earth, did their ‘good’ deeds of the day and made sure the balance always swung down on the good side, worshipped and prayed to Mary and listened to those bells as they chimed in the background. The grace of God grabs that hand even if it is not extended very far but for those who refuse to put out their hands any further it is a different question that will be answered over all those 1,800 odd years. God’s response is to faith and not how much faith and once He grabs your hand you may respond by withdrawing it or even not allowing God to take a firmer hold, actions which will have consequences. The final answer to this question will be given by the saints themselves as they thoroughly check to make sure there are no dogs, murderers, liars or idolaters get through that final gate and start the cycle of evil again; GFPMC and DOA7777! The reason I have hesitated to call myself ‘redeemed’ was because I did not realise that faith is a quality  and not quantity object and the role of the Holy Spirit within this relationship.

We are about to start on chapter eight where it will be assumed we have been shown inside of the seventh Heaven. Satan/Balak were shown inside of this Heaven and if they were then why can’t the saints even though we are still some four years away from entering it? They were shown not by faith but by a component of faith; belief. As I believe this situation of Balak and Balaam is in operation today I will quickly recap it and pray fully will be able to more fully understand it when I get to the relevant chapter. The situation involving Balak/satan and Balaam, God’s prophet and was of concern was that God’s people were congregating before entry into Canaan. I take this to be the situation of the second coming of Jesus where His people will be congregating before entering our Canaan, Heaven. There are similarities to the first coming of Jesus but 2,000 odd years has also introduced differences. Balak or just satan now know this is really the last throw of the dice even though there will still be another 1,800 odd years of history to follow. Out of that 1,800 years satan is locked up and is out of the picture completely, he has a great chain around him and even when released this chain will remain. He will spend every second of those last eight hundred odd years preparing for his final battle, the battle against the Canaanites. It is only a matter of days now for his freedom to be finished. He must in these last few days take as many people away from Jesus as he possibly can. What better way than to become invisible? He must make sure that the sheepskin fits perfectly and covers every part of the wolf. How important is his strategy is shown by the fact if anyone points out his tail or some other bodily part is showing. The vitriolic attack that he launches on this person with the worst of name calling is quite astounding! So if you want to avoid all that vitriol that will be spat out on you at the suggestion of the existence of satan, avoid mentioning he exists. Today in Australia with the conviction of Archbishop Pell  of paedophilia much is being said about evil and satan is being kept out of the conversation. It works out our millennium generation have rejected our values and have their own solutions.

There is nothing wrong with gay marriage or homosexuality or abortion or the long list we older generations hold as standards and the only reason they are a standard is because they are in God’s word. All other standards are standard only to a standard group of people. This generation has found answers in alcohol and music festivals engaged in drug taking. Their suicide rates are off scale and morality matches that of a gutter rat. These are their solutions. They are not satanic because satan no longer exists. When their brains are no longer able to tell them they are facing frontwards or backwards they will finish up in the older generations health systems. Will this be an admission their ways have failed?

Any earthly institution is made up of frail humanity, be that banks, church, scouts, parliament, judiciary, defines, health and every other one. It will fail at a certain point and if that failure is not corrected soon,

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certainly within a year that rotten apple will cause the rest of the box to rot. The Catholic Church did not attempt any correction for the best part of fifty years. It is rotten and corrupt to a level where they will have no problems in killing the followers of Jesus. With this institution the name of the game would be to find an apple that has not yet gone off!

In my interpretation of the Bible it will not be the Pope who leads the first attack but a combination of satan and the beast. It is critical that they win this first round as without it there will be no second round, no main battle no place for the Jesuits and their Pope. Balak /satan are so desperate to know whether they have committed enough resources to this opening salvo they hire Balaam a prophet of God. Balak/satan present their case in three stages and Balaam takes it to God for an answer in three stages.


In these end days when God’s people are congregating in preparation for their Heavenly rapture the Bible gives us three groups of Christians to relate and it is these three groups that Balak/satan want to destroy and are presented. By destroying these three groups there will be no Christians left for Jesus to come to collect. There will be no first fruits which are basic to Scripture. All of the three groups; 10 virgins, 5 foolish and 5 wise have given Jesus a hard time, they have all been disobedient and they have all grumbled. They all should be cursed and it is how satan works out his strategy which is based on this assumption. There is no such thing as a male Christian or female Christian or black or white Christian or Chinese or Palestinian or Polish or any other Christians, they are all Christians. I think it is valid to distinguish the environment from which they come from where they live. Satan/Balak have decided the way they can get their foot in the door is to attack Christians living in the middle east as these present an ‘easy’ target and from there they will branch out to world wide Christians. As little or no protests were made about the attacks on our brothers and sisters living in this area by Christians in general it appears as if satan’s/Balak tactics have been successful and if we try to support our brothers and sisters now we too would be called terrorists so it is too late now. But when Balaam presents Balak’s case now before God he is not told that, ‘You are doing well’, no God tells them that they are doomed to fail; they will not win the first round and therefore there will not be as second round against the rest of Christianity. If you find that amazing then what about God correcting their strategy so that they can win the first round and therefore go on with the main bout! It is of critical importance that satan must know if he has committed enough resources against these ‘cursed, foolish’ Christians in the middle east. If he has not there will be no main bout against Christianity worldwide. He is so desperate to find out this information he goes within a whisker of becoming a Christian himself

Belief is a first step of faith and he certainly has got that! He believes that God knows everything and that God cannot tell lies, that is why he hired Balaam. He knows that Scripture, the Bible is the Word of God and it therefore too must be truth. He knows there are seven stages/steps/altars to get into the seventh Heaven and he helps Balaam build them. He knows that when the answers come down as unsavoury as they are, they are truth and he adjusts his battle plans accordingly! He presents his plan as it is and awaits the answer and from this answer there is much you and I have to learn from.

The first lot that are presented are the five wise virgins. He realises that this is a long shot but just being ‘wise’ they are defined as ‘Heaven bound’, they are not cursed as he thought. He is not overly upset when told they are blessed and protected and his battle against Christianity would have been a very easy battle indeed. The result that shakes him to the core and in fact he will not accept unless he has proof that this answer did in fact come from the seventh Heaven is his presentation of the next group; the five foolish virgins. This is the lot that he is going to attack first and Heaven has called them ‘foolish’ or hell bound, they are cursed! So satan thought, but alas none of it true. Heaven puts more effort into saving sheep number 100 than it does the other 99. They came to their shepherd but the shepherd had to go to Mount Calvary to find number 100! The answer that came back was that satan has not committed anywhere near enough resources against these Christians and he is going to have to overcommit his resources to the extent that he will run short in the main round, but at least this way there will be a main round! Satan will not change his plans until he is sure the answer came from the seventh Heaven. Jesus lifts him up some 4,000 miles (1,600 miles to foundation level +

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1,600 FOR  wall height plus a bit more) and from there Balak counts, one, two, three, four, five wise virgins and the description of what he sees is the same as he has read in Scripture but as yet we have not come across it. He changes his plan of attack and we know the results; the great tribulation is divinely converted into the great harvest!

If satan was shown by belief into the seventh Heaven there is no reason why the saints with faith cannot be shown in there as well, and we have because we produce the bull offering for the burnt offering. We have already seen that out of the seven steps/altars the two that must be different are the first and the last. All the others have a connection between them from the top of one, the bull to the bottom of the one above it, the ram. The first step is ram at the base only and the last is bull only and thus the seventh Heaven.

In chapter seven we have been struggling with the presentations that are to be placed on cross as Simon drags it in front of us firstly across and into the new earth then across this new earth and into God’s presence inside of the New Jerusalem where it will be set up and grow into the tree of life for the eternities to come. We must be very careful as to what offerings we place on this altar. There cannot be anything wrong with what the Nazirite submitted to God the Father at His decommissioning but if this is the case where has the ewe-lamb that was used as the sin offering gone? And DOA3888 is not as ‘simple’ as I first took it to be. I took it as five animals; two rams, two goats and a bull, it is these but there are also two beings there; the high priest and the man who takes the scapegoat out and sees to it’s destruction.

We may argue that the ewe-lamb is not there because it is implied and it is not wanted. If I say the aeroplane has taken off I don’t have to add it had fuel and its engines were working. For it to take off it had to have fuel and working engines. Likewise when we present three burnt offerings; bull ram and one year old lamb it is implied that not only they were accompanied by sin offerings but that these sin offerings has completely dispensed with sin. The burnt offering could only be offered in the absence of sin! And the ewe-lamb went through many horrific inflictions of pain and suffering which were inflicted on him by horrible, nasty, vindictive who may not want to remember this far back. Je us has forgotten and we want to as well and in the context of perfection would not be allowed anyway. We do have a reminder but it is only as far back as our unconfessed unintentional sins which we offered as a sin offering and which are imprinted on the keys to our apartments in the form of white stones. They are white, they have been cleansed. They are stone, they are igneous, they have been refined through the fires of hell on the atonement cross. To JK that is batch number 194401011111 quantised! Okay, no ewe-lamb even though there was a specific box called ‘sin offering’ that was required to be filled out.

The two oxen may provide the blood for the two doors we have to pass through as shed by Jesus on the two occasions He went to the cross one as Nazirite doing His own work and one as the Jesus of the Day of Atonement and doing His Father’s work. Is this the blood from the split in the two goats; scapegoat and sin offering goat? Are we going to immediately reject the scapegoat on the ground that it had to be removed before DOA3888 proceeded because it was confessed sin and that is why it was rejected or are we going to look at GFPMC and the red heifer whose blood was thrown towards the doorway of our present tent of meeting? Was the blood that was spilled at 4pm by that Roman spear also rejected as it cemented the wood with the iron in it onto the stone tablet, the city of refuge? Perhaps they were two oxen because they were two totally separate occasions?

This is but the very surface of the problem/problems and I should go away and reason this up coming verse (Num 7:53) to the best of my ability and when hopelessly lost, screw the paper up and throw it in the bin and go for a swim. When complex issues have come up in the past I have not done this but kept typing until I got hopelessly confused and only then walked away. You see if I walk away now and some day in the future am reading this blog and I find but a meagre amount of work for the day I will feel ashamed that having made this commitment that was the best I could do. No notation about sickness just a case of being slack! But I may have typed a full sheet of intensely complex matters that were thrown away! I will use the usual [ ] from which I hope to draw my conclusions. Num(7:52,53)

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[ A peace offering is something or someone I hold in front of me when approaching Jesus and I ask Him to accept it so that I can be at peace with Him and He with me. What do I bring if I want to bring a  sin offering before God? The Bible splits this earth’s history into three C’s; Creation, cross of Calvary and cross above Calvary. From these two crosses resulted two sin offerings and two burnt offerings. The one that occurred on GFPMC produced a one year old male lamb as a burnt offering and a ewe-lamb as a sin offering and these were presented before God at the decommissioning of the Nazirite by an expert in law, a priest. That was halfway through time and at the end of time earth’s one and only Day of Atonement (DOA7777) is symbolised in Scripture as a twin bird sacrifice either pigeons or turtledoves. One will be burnt offering and the other a sin offering. At this time there will be a final eradication of sin. The first occurred  on 14/01/3889 ac on GFPMC where all the confessed sins of the bride were done away with. They were cleared/cleaned to the extent that the burnt offering of the male lamb was presented to the world for all to see. Jesus Christ hung on the cross in daylight from 3pm to 4pm. Heaven said it was finished and Heaven cannot lie.

The second purging of sin was when the doors into hell were opened and evil paid for their own sins, but only intentional sins. They were not required to pay the penalty for their unintentional sins, these were left over as the third and final batch and I have guessed this number to be 70 trillion sins.  I now have to further split this 70 trillion into 10 trillion committed by the saints/bride  and the other 60 trillion committed by those who have just been burned up in hell, God’s/Jesus’ creation, the sins of the high priest and of his family. I am having great difficulty beginning the blog of a comparison of the three synoptic gospels against John’s Gospel. I first have to establish some sort of framework to deal in and one rule has to be that the gospel is independent of GFPMC at least as far as Gethsemane after that there can be a merging with GFPMC and this rule should also apply to the Day of Atonement even though I know that Jesus stayed on for GFPMC.

On the 10/07/486 Day of Atonement (DOA7777) there were 10 + 60 trillion sins to be eradicated. It will be Jesus Christ as High Priest Who will go to that cross and He will be doing His Father’s work. We cannot be told about the blood component here because these rules in Numbers six apply to anyone wanting to undertake a Nazirite’s vow. But the Heavenly DOA7777 some of this blood would have been presented inside of the Most Holy Place before the throne and ask that the following destruction of these 10 + 60 trillion sins be accepted. Blood after DOA7777 is certainly presented before the throne and it is on this acceptance that the bride is allowed into the New Jerusalem. This is not the blood of the Passover lamb that God said would be acceptable way back in Egypt. This was the blood of a bird. All accepted and burnt offering presented from 3pm to 4pm up there in Eden2.


But confusion has already begun. DOA7777, the twin bird Day of Atonement sacrifice in Eden2 does not have the scapegoat with confessed sin, DOA3888 in Leviticus 16 does but then GFPMC had not yet occurred. It should not be that hard because we are dealing with the Day of Atonement; AT-ONE- is MENT. Its idea is that we are one with Jesus. It will not happen at the blink of an eye but it will be accomplished over a period of 1,260 days. In this time there will be a change from Jesus being a part of us, as from GFPMC to us being one with Him. The process proper begins on 09/07/486 when that Roman soldier again calls out, ‘Who is this Jesus?’ The answer begins with Jesus shaving His defiled hair a seven day penalty of being separated from His Father for pleading guilty to and accepting 70 trillion sins as His. The Jesus that appears after His hair is shaved is a more divine form that what Peter saw at the transfiguration. Who?/ this is the Jesus we are about to be joined with. He is not pure divinity but enough divinity to change roles from priest to high priest.

If He really wants us to be one with Him then unfortunately He has to accept us with the baggage we bring; 10 trillion unconfessed, unintentional sins. He has to clean/burn them up. These are called the sins of the high priest because they are the sins of Jesus, the High Priest. The process of AT- ONE- is MENT has begun. The ‘problem’ is that this High Priest Jesus started of with a much bigger family the majority of which rejected Him, did not want anything to do with Him. He left no stone unturned in trying to bring them back but in the long run had no choice but letting them go. They showed they would prefer to go to hell and burn than to be with Him. They have exercised that free will that was given them and they have all been burned up in hell. The

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problem that remains is that that part if His family has left behind 60 trillion unconfessed, unintentional sins which must also have to dealt with. The High Priest goes to the Atonement cross for His own sins (10 trillion) and for those of His family. ( 60 trillion sins) It was their choice not to spend the eternities with Him. So much for now about the High Priest and His sins and the sins of His family. The story continues in Numbers in Chapter one from verse one but what about the two goats concerning the congregation; the scapegoat and the goat for the sin offering?

We have followed the history of this scapegoat before how before Jesus decided He would go to GFPMC’s cross, as far as the Israelites were concerned this scapegoat was everything. They had to have their full attention on the High Priest as his hands touched the head of this scapegoat and then it became a matter of now or never. They had to confess all their sins to the high priest and because of the contact that the high priest had with this scapegoat finished up on this scapegoat. Once it was led outside by the man that was able whatever happened to it was of no concern to them. Their sins had been forgiven, they have been forgotten but the scapegoat was never a part of the DOA3888 ceremony, in fact it had to be removed before this ceremony could conclude with the presentation of the burnt offering which was not presented by the high priest but by the priest. If the scapegoat was not a part of DOA3888, Leviticus 16 then it could be moved and it was moved to 9am until noon on GFPMC. This scapegoat did not have to be a 365 day old male in fact its roles came from not just another date it came from a different era. At noon Jesus did not have to change clothing but He did change His role, His ministry from what the scapegoat was supposed to do to what the Passover lamb was supposed to accomplish. The noon to 3pm session, the hours of darkness did have a sequel; ewe-lamb sin offering and male lamb burnt offering both one year old. The blood of the ewe-lamb sin offering if it was taken either before or after 3pm on GFPMC into the Most Place which it was to all those awaiting for Jesus to take and open the scroll and its seven seals this could only be done by Jesus as High Priest but Eleazar as priest was allowed to sprinkle the blood of the red heifer towards the tent of meeting where we are waiting now and ready to go through the doorway where the curtain tore at 3pm on 10/07/486.

Wasn’t all that sorted out the night they left Egypt? The first Passover? No, 01/01/01 answered the question that if the blood of the Passover lamb, the humanity of Jesus Christ, the blood that Eleazar sprinkled towards the doorway of the tent of meeting then any first born males inside of that doorframe could live and enjoy their inheritance forever. The 14/01/3889 ac not only supplied that blood that is going to be applied (was applied?) but also washed anyone who is going to be inside there free from confessed sin allowing entry in the first place. The cycle of burnt and sin offerings had to be completed within a fraction of a second from 3pm of GFPMC. High Priest Jesus Christ arrives at 3pm on GFPMC, presents blood from sin offering, blood accepted and all sins have been done away with, 3.00.01 pm the burnt offering is displayed before the world! Burnt offering of the one year old Passover lamb and its accompanying ewe-lamb sin offering.

But as the cross is dragged through the doorway ahead of us isn’t God entitled to stop us and say, “ You have the noon to 3pm session covered but what about the 9am to noon session involving the scapegoat, where are the corresponding burnt and sin offerings for it? The DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 made a very special provision for these; ram for burnt offering and goat for sin offering, where are they?” I am sure that God knows the answer, but do we? The Day of Atonement of Leviticus 16, DOA3888 was exactly that; AT_ ONE- is MENT. After a certain time the Messiah was supposed to come down from Heaven, collect the harvest and take them back to Heaven with Him, but to do this they would have to be cleaned up first, they would have to be made AT _ONE is what was MENT. DOA3888 had all the provisions to do this, it covered all bases, and having been through it the next stop for the Israelites was Heaven, the tent of Meeting where we will spend the first 1,800 odd years of our eternal existence. But DOA3888 was not the only ceremony of the calendar year even though it was the main one. There was another one almost exactly six months away from it on 14/01/xxx. If only DOA3888 occurred and it was always going to occur, God told Eve and satan this way back in the Garden of Eden and GFPMC did not occur, then no blood of the Passover lamb to be splashed on doorways and the first born could not enjoy their inheritance forever. That is the combined effect of 01/01/01 and 14/01/02 and onwards, what sort of Heaven that the lot that went through DOA3888 be in? Would they even be allowed in at all if there was no blood to be placed on the doorframe into Heaven?

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It is with these questions that we have been struggling with for some time. No, Jesus the messiah did not return back to Heaven in a Thursday night rapture from Gethsemane. That may have been Heavens preferred option but Jesus stayed on for 14/01/3889 ac, for GFPMC and this changed the picture and brought in the options, the Passover options; the blood of the Passover lamb on the doorframes and the inheritance issues. Both DOA3888 and GFPMC were concerned with God’s people but the scope involved changed drastically. In a Thursday night rapture there were 99 sheep that had come to Jesus in His temple and wanted to be taken back to Heaven with Him. Jesus decided that 99 was not enough and if they were not going to come to Him then He would become their slave and servant and wash their feet and show them the full extent of his love, more than this He could not do. He stayed on for GFPMC.

This involved many drastic changes with which we are struggling. DOA3888 with its seven characters changed into a twin bird offering, one sin and the other a sin offering. The scapegoat that was never a part of the temple service moved to an area reserved for confessed sins; the daylight hours of 9am to noon of GFPMC. But it is this type of mixing, scapegoat becomes Passover lamb which I am trying to avoid at all costs. Mind you it is not of much help to me when the bull sin offering for the High Priest and his family and the burnt offering that results from the removal of their sins presents as a ram for a burnt offering is suddenly replaced by twin birds; bull + ram = bird + bird is not particularly supporting of my umnixing theory. It is okay latter when one bull, one ram and one male lamb become 7 or 14 or 28 bulls and rams and lambs but these are just seeing the same thing at a higher level which we would expect the closer we got to the New Jerusalem, but that is not a change of species. The goats are reserved for specifically for the work of the Father, the Day of Atonement. The work of the Passover lamb of the Nazirite was reserved for God the Son. And again the whole ministry of jesus was not divided into the work of His Father and His own work, it was a combined ministry certainly right up to the end. If anything it was biased towards the Thursday night rapture, DOa3888. GFPMC only appeared within the last few weeks, probably 01/01/3889 ac.

The twin bird sacrifice in Eden2 and the only Day of Atonement to occur, DOA7777 indicate a higher level, bird and purer, divine level. It was bird to bird. The higher level could well have been the fact that the worst and nastiest part of the sacrifice had already been completed; Jesus the Son had already been separated from God His Father for seven days, the worst was over and now it was a matter of divinity to divinity. The burnt offering and sin offering pointed to each other and the New Jerusalem. In DOA3888 these offerings were bull and ram. The bull is certainly the highest level of sacrifice that can be offered but it did not point to the New Jerusalem. It pointed to the present Heaven and the present earth]

If we are having trouble with what to place on the cross so that we can gain entry into the New Jerusalem and then set up so that we can see it from wherever we are, we will also still have these problems just as we are about to start our journey onto the new earth. We use the strategy of follow Jesus the Nazirite at His decommissioning and cover all options. He did not present the Day of Atonement, we must add it. He presented burnt, sin and peace offerings and we present burnt, sin and peace offerings. These cannot be scaled up according to the circumstances, you can’t factor infinity. We can and we do add the burnt offering of GFPMC, the one male lamb that is a year old to the Burnt offering of one ram from DOA3888 and arrive at one bull offering which is what we do. This should actually cover all bases. Today the very best we can offer anyone is the burnt offering of Jesus Christ on GFPMC’s cross from 3pm to 4pm. We only have one trump card and this is it! It alone is the display of the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ!

Initially I took the sin offering as sin batch number from the DOA7777 of 194401011111, all my unconfessed unintentional sins but for the bride this amounts to 10 trillion sins (?). I needed to be reminded how low I had come from but not back as far as to what I did to my Jesus on GFPMC. DOA7777 was far back enough. I now think that it is more than this.


Every church and every individual has the broad spectrum of each church of Revelation. As age progresses not only is this displayed in physical symptoms but in spiritual ones as well. I see more and more of

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that last church, Laodicea with time and I find myself throwing more and more things I regarded as valuable into the red rubbish bin and wheeling it up to Jesus so that He can take this rubbish and refine it through the fires of GFPMC and hand me back what is left over. That is the metal gold which I will finish pouring into the gold foundation under the great wall which is near my suburb in the New Jerusalem and even the rock/slag that floated on top of this gold is refined; it is the white stone that I will be given, the key to my apartment which no one else will know about. Laodicea as well as my unconfessed, unintentional sins will be a part of this key of eternity. The gold I have contributed will not form a separate layer it will mix in with the gold from the rest of my family/tribe. We are one family.

Chapter seven of Numbers has always provoked deep thought and it does so this time as well. That is only the case because there are things that are not fitting into place. If this revision alleviates this somewhat but changes previously held notions then it is still for the best. Cross speciation should be avoided at all costs unless there are mitigating circumstances which might allow it. For example compare DOA3888 and DOA7777 and even within DOA3888; bull and ram combination of Leviticus 16 turn into twin birds and even with Leviticus 16 a change of bull to ram. Compare this with the purity of the burnt offering/sin offering pairing from GFPMC of male and ewe-lamb combination both one year old and the bird to bird combination of DOA7777. Dealing with the bull/ram/bird/bird changes first. The cross species change that occurs to the bird is before Jesus was a part of us for nearly 3,888 years and now we are going to become a Part of Him. Cross species? I think so! Even within Leviticus 16 DOA3888 the bull in Scripture is the highest value animal that can be offered but the result of this offering of Jesus Christ as High Priest is ‘only going to be an offering in the present Heavens and when that changes to the seventh Heaven, the New Jerusalem we would also expect the sin/burnt offering to change to bull/bull. This change is justified by combining the results of GFPMC and DOA7777. Could there be a more spectacular change of species than noon on GFPMC? Scapegoat became Passover lamb. Day of Atonement or at least a part of it became Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC)! Jesus did not have to go to the Passover Cross! Jesus could just have taken his flock of 99 sheep and returned to Heaven on that Thursday night from the Garden of Gethsemane! Existence of the saints/bride changed from the first Heaven into that of the New Jerusalem! Living in the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ! If this does not justify a cross species change then nothing ever will!

Even though severe circumstances may justify cross speciation the species, the families were created and separated by God Himself and for a reason. They live and breed together, thus it is with these animal sacrifices, they are paired. In Eden2 in some 1,800 years the Day of Atonement will take place on the 10/07/486 (DOA7777) and it will take place as a pair of pigeons or turtledoves. They will represent the sin and the burnt offering. The issue is going to be 70 trillion (?) unconfessed, unintentional sins. The high priest is going to have to take a small amount of blood from the sin offering into the Most Holy Place and sprinkle it before the Law in the Covenant box and ask God the Father to grant mercy and to see it as fit to accept the following sacrifice for the obliteration of those 70 trillion sins and to prove they have been done away the burnt offering is presented. The bird without sin is the burnt offering. Bird’s blood pleads for mercy, it is granted, it washes the sins onto the frame of Jesus Who  goes to hell and has the sins burned up. The bird is presented again and look! No sin on it. The burnt sacrifice!

Likewise on GFPMC. The blood of the ewe-lamb, the sin sacrifice first had to be presented before the throne in the Most Holy Place and mercy sought. Once granted the blood again washed all those confessed sins of the bride, ewe-lamb onto the body of Christ, this should be accompanied by a grain offering, He takes them to hell and has them burned and presents a sinless body as the burnt offering and burnt it has been!  But why is the burnt offering a male when it was a female that was presented to the flames of hell?

That brings us to the question of the scapegoat. There were two goats but they were not a sin and burnt offering combination. Divinity presented them as a scapegoat and sin offering combination. This scapegoat required first that some of the blood from the sin offering goat be taken in to the Most Holy Place by the High Priest to seek mercy and that the following sacrifice would be acceptable by God as obliterating the confessed

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sins placed on that scapegoat. But wasn’t the answer to that question given way back in Egypt as ‘Yes!’. Well no here again we have those two issues; GFPMC and DOA. The 01/01/01 was the Passover, Passover lamb, blood on door, inheritance of first born males that was carried over and fulfilled on 14/01/3889. Jesus stays over for GFPMC, Eleazar the priest sprinkles blood towards the doorway of our tent of meeting, all yes but may need checking to see if it has met God’s standard, Jesus did drink every drop that was in the cup that His Father handed Him.


01/01/01 was all about the Passover lamb it was not about the scapegoat which had its own sin offering and its own burnt offering. So in future we must look at events approaching GFPMC which may or may not happen and looking back when it did happen. Down here in the Sinai desert it was still in the future up there waiting and preparing the cross to be dragged in in front of us into the New Jerusalem it has happened. GFPMC is marked by sin offering of the ewe-lamb and the burnt offering of the male lamb both one year old, these are the nuts and bolts of GFPMC, the gory details of what we did to our Jesus but once confessed Jesus has taken care of them and forgotten them and so should we, they are not even archived in Eden2 and the red heifer. We do not present the ewe-lamb as the sin offering which it was, all been forgotten cannot be brought up as a nasty surprise anywhere in those trillions of years to follow. The male goat is offered as a sin offering and five male goats as a peace offering. These come from DOA3888, Jesus doing His Father’s work, they are not pleasant and they are not right but they don’t go that far back to something which has been forgotten.

Clearly there is still much to be explained in these offerings but when we look at those final numbers 2,400 shekels of silver, 120 shekels of gold and it is not just the sheer number of bulls and rams and oxen and lambs and goats, we actually understand and relate to them that the lights have come on. We must be in the seventh Heaven now as it is seven lights that come on. This is the lampstand with its seven lights and branches, this is what the cross is going to look like in eternity. It will carry most and thankfully not all of GFPMC and DOA7777 and on seeing this the tree of life, the cross in our hearts lights up!

Is our reaction strange or is it expected. Numbers chapter eight. We don’t want to go any further we want to stay back with Gad and Rueben. This first Heaven has beauty beyond description! If we get up there and we are rejected and forced to come back here it will always be in our mind the beauty that could have been. We feel dirty and we feel rejected. The dirty feeling is justified as we have moved from altar five, DOA7777 on this earth to altar seven and the New Jerusalem. This uncleanliness can be rectified. Shaving any defiled hair off and just a few drops of water from the rock of Meribah, followed by placing/washing these sins onto the bull sin offering with its grain and finally the presentation of the bull burnt offering to show all is clean will take care of the cleanliness problem.

The rejection feeling is also understandable. Why should the residents of Heaven, the angels accept intruders to take over their roles and come between God and them? (if that is a valid reason). From the gist of it we appear to be laying or sitting down because the congregation of Heaven, the angels, come and lay their hands on us and they may even stand us back on our feet. They are thrilled to accept us, to have us in Heaven with them! As we are all standing Jesus presents us before His Father as a wave offering that we may qualify to perform the service of God! They already can and we now will!  There has to be differences between us but we will both perform the services of God.

Once we receive this wonderful welcome from the angels, we want to confirm our cleanliness, our sinless state which we do by placing our hands on the bull sin offering and its sinless state is revealed in the bull burnt  offering and finally stand before Jesus and all waved before God the Father. The degree of sinlessness is still an issue. It is at a level of 0.1 flour, 0.25 oil and 0.25 drink offering and the level required to enter the New Jerusalem is going to be 0.3 flour, 0.5 oil and 0.5 drink offering.

The numbering of the Heavens is also an issue, there is no direct transcription. We are in the seventh Heaven, we have seen the seven lights. The seventh Heaven is characterised as two bulls, it does not have another stage above it and what we have just presented is as high as it can go; bull burnt offering and bull sin offering, definitely number seven.  But the offerings are at the doorway to the tent of meeting, at best the fifth

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altar. Now we are going to the base of the first altar; Egypt, 01/01/01. We finish up at the top of the seventh altar, twin bulls and now we are about to be not just the first altar but to the foot of this altar; 01/01/01, Egypt. The issue is the differences between us and the angels of Heaven. They have been the congregation  of Heaven since the start and it was their duty to perform services of God. To them have just been added some late jumpstarts but they must be specifically separated from them. Levites from congregation. Do we eat different food to them or live in different areas?

Jesus pointed Nicodemus back to the Sinai desert and Moses lifting up a bronze snake if he were to understand the message of salvation where Jesus would also be lifted up on the cross of GFPMC a topic we will soon have to revisit. There were similarities there but there also dissimilarities. Likewise now; the Levites, the bride, the saints on one hand and on the other the congregation, the host of angels that even though they grumbled in that original rebellion and one in three were thrown out, these are the two in three that survived. There seems to be a warning that a plague will break out among them if they come too close to the sanctuary? There must be a reason for this distinct separation up there. This has been the reason for a number om revisits to sort out the three tiers within Heaven; God, bridegroom and bride and angels.


It has been a struggle here on this earth in Sinai to understand the separation and different treatment of the Levite when compared to the congregation from which they were chosen and it does not get any easier up there and beyond Eden2. The difference is up there the separation in for ever and not just symbolic. I have already stated my problem in terms of these two occurrences were Jesus went to the cross and where they fall over. The angels ‘only’ committed unintentional sins, were subjected to the Day of Atonement ‘remedy’ and this only led them into the first Heaven. The angels are being penalised because they ‘only’ committed an unintentional sin. The corollary to this is that the bride/saints committed the ‘serious’ sin of murdering our Saviour, were covered by GFPMC where Jesus showed the full extent of His love and therefore went up to the second Heaven where the New Jerusalem exists. It gets worse, not all of my sins are the serious type where I use the Law of Jesus as an excuse for murdering Him. Some of my sins therefore have to go to the dark hours of the cross, the Passover lamb and hopefully most go to the light hours, 9am to noon, or the scapegoat section. No can do.

These paradoxes are sorted out in Numbers eight. And the answer is God’s sovereignty and the answer is three.  You are given a freewill to agree with this and the possibility of Heaven or you may disagree and the certainty of hell. Our call. Aaron turns on the lights, all seven of them, full vision and these lights shine to the top of altar seven where the bride sees the twin bulls. There are teething problems with cleanliness and acceptance but these are sorted out in the first thirteen verses. The angels accept their lot of existence on level three, they perform service of the Lord and welcome with open arms the bride of the bridegroom. Not all the angels would have been that welcoming but the ones that would not have been sorted out way back in Lucifer’s revolt at creation. My ideas are in a constant state of flux. When I was comparing Korah’s rebellion with Lucifer’s original rebellion, both Korah and Lucifer were Levites and from the top of the tree. I knew Lucifer did not get killed and the text in front of me at the time seemed to be saying that neither did Korah. Later I found out that Korah did get killed and I had to change my story. Likewise now I think that these 200 million angels (?) that were not thrown out of Heaven even though they grumbled committed unconfessed unintentional sins which were the specific category of DOA3888 and DOA7777. They did not experience the full extent of the love of Jesus as displayed on GFPMC. The ones that could have done this, the 100 million (?) that were thrown down to earth did not choose this GFPMC option and finished up in hell. To consider even if one of these fallen angels had repented and used the grace available from GFPMC, would that angel have become the bride/Levite of Heaven? Talk about put the cat in among the pigeons?

The separation and the reasons for the separation and its timing are all given in the six verses (14-19). It was an act of Divinity and it was done on 01/01/01, its official name is Passover. Here the choice of first born males was made and it was later transferred to Levites/now bride. She is given to Jesus as a gift from the congregation  from the sons of Israel to perform the service of the sons of Israel at the tent of meeting and to

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make atonement on behalf of the sons of Israel. The possibility of a plague at this very late stage in Heaven itself may indicate that the beast within the angel also has seven lives and some of these lives remain. Shoots a hole in the perfection theory but explain that it is only the bride who will be allowed inside of the Most Holy Place. And that is the history of the bride from her beginnings in Egypt right up to her final cleansing and entry at the seventh altar. Whether a repentant demon would have finished up as the bride is not that controversial if the question is asked, ‘Did Jesus the first born Son leave enough pairs of shoes behind for them to walk in?’  Yes and many spares as well, 273 pairs were left over. No one can complain there was not enough for them! More controversial though would be, ‘Had there been no Egypt, no Passover would there be any Levites in Heaven or would there just be a congregation?’

In the meantime the controversial topic of the synoptic gospels is using up my time. I just cannot believe that we are living not just in borrowed time but in non-existent time. When Jesus came to earth He came to collect his flock, ninety nine sheep after an evangelistic campaign not even lasting 1,260 days but 1,259 days because He left to return to Heaven in a Thursday night rapture, He did not stay on for GFPMC and let His own people murder Him. He left the day before! This certainly was Heaven’s preferred option that Jesus did not have to go to Good Friday’s cross, this was not a part of His Father’s business it was His own work this bridegroom and bride idea and there was no compulsion about it. DOA3888 covered all angles. If this was the case I would expect the OT to concentrate on and fully be focused on this Thursday night rapture and the return of Jesus with His harvest. The GFPMC was only a long odds option but it too could receive some attention. But we are in the NT, GFPMC did occur and it is the central tenet of our faith so even one Thursday night gospel and three GFPMC gospels would seem excessive but to have three Thursday night gospels and only one Friday gospel just does not make sense!


Just  as with the summary of the Book of have given myself twelve chapters to try to get some traction so with the Book of Matthew I have given myself twelve chapters and if unsuccessful I will try some other option. Matthew was written after Pentecost when the Holy Spirit had descended on all four gospel writers, became a part of the New Testament and instruction for God’s people, Christians. They knew that Jesus had not returned to Heaven on Thursday night that He had stayed on for GFPMC and they knew that they all had a problem with what happened on that day an on Resurrection Sunday. They had to produce a link between the OT and the NT and when the three synoptics had done this John introduced GFPMC. The gospels are more than NT, they are Bible; all inspired, all meant to teach, all Christ centred. They are about the coming Day of Atonement which was future to the Israelites and it is future to Christians. Those who think they can explain the plan of salvation without either DOA3888 or GFPMC are kidding themselves and doing the message great harm. The difference is that Israelites awaited DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 but Christians await DOA7777 and the difference between the two is GFPMC. So these gospels must be pitched at both Israelite and Christian levels and they must unite them. The Bible is but one book. Many choose different sections to write their own books and they will call out for help from their own lords but there is only one Who is capable of responding; the Lord of the Bible. Initially I will start off with general thoughts until I find some foundational stone to be the commentary proper.

For years I have struggled with the dependence of GFPMC and DOA7777 but now realise they are nondependent on each other. DOA3888 always had to occur but GFPMC was optional and this has to be one stream of the commentary. Jesus the Messiah, the Saviour was to come to earth and after a short, sharp evangelistic campaign would take His own back to Heaven and clean them up on DOA3888 and whisk them off to Heaven. All that was really required of that was that there would be a bit in there somewhere that removed all our sins and the logistics of everything else was of no real concern. DOA3888 met/meets these requirements.

If Jesus did come down and return in a Thursday night rapture then satan would be a big loser as would all those who have come to Jesus in the last 2,000  odd years. Satan’s days would be over at the first coming. There would not be another 2,000 years that the shepherd spent in winning over sheep number 100 and there

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certainly would not be another 1,800 odd years where the shepherd tried to win over sheep number 101. Satan would have his head crushed and he would bruise the heel of Eve’s seed 3,800 odd years earlier than what could have been. Under these conditions we would expect acts of desperation from satan. We would also expect acts of desperation from satan just before the second coming of our Lord and the finality of the situation. What does the Book of Genesis, a book shunned by most at their own peril tell us about this situation? When does it first appear on the radar?

It appears on the radar on the day that Adam and Eve sinned and the words were spoken by God Himself; Eve’s seed will crush your head and satan will bruise His heel. If Eve’s seed is Jesus Christ then who is this Jesus? A question asked by many in time but formalised by the Roman soldier who came  to Gethsemane to arrest Jesus. I would consider it such a privilege to be next to or even near this person in Garden of Eden2 when he asks this question for the last time of recorded history. All that activity and satan is thrown into hell and the fires of hell are extinguished. This Jesus we have been staring at whilst He delivered His 1,250 tutorial just disappears into total darkness. He has taken on all remaining sins after the fires of hell were extinguished and this defilement separates Him from God. He is in total darkness for seven days, we desperately miss Him and if this soldier had not made that call I would be able to restrict myself from doing it! Jesus’ answer is that He shaves His locks to reveal transfiguration Jesus. But we are getting ahead of ourselves, this is the Jesus at the other end of time, what about the start?

Well He is Eve’s seed. Of itself and apparently meaningless statement as every human being born on this world has to be Eve’s seed. But if you take into account that at this time Adam was standing alongside Eve and was not included then that being could only be Jesus Christ; fully human got all his characteristics of mum, Eve but conceived by the Holy Spirit, He was divine. Eve is included because of what would happen. All the sins, all 70 trillion belonged to her seed. Hasn’t Scripture got the order ‘wrong ‘ here? How can satan bruise the heel of Jesus when he has had his head crushed? Shouldn’t it be; whilst satan was bruising the heel of Jesus, Jesus crushed his head. The book of Numbers confirms the order and gives us the time in between. Jesus crushes the head of satan by throwing him into hell and destroying him on 02/07/486. Eight days later, 10/07/486, the Day of Atonement, DOA7777 those sins that satan caused us to sin go onto the Atonement cross of Jesus and bruise His heel, all 70 trillion of them (?). This again emphasises the importance of order in Scripture. We have had a look at the genesis of this Jesus  and also the end of Him and the linking event between the two was the Day of Atonement, DOA3888 and the date to which we are heading.

Knowing this Jesus right from the start and near


The end and even past the end of this earth is certainly a plus but what about the middle? I need to know who is this Jesus Who was sent by none other than God to end time. It is all very specific and planned down to a tee. Time, date and place. It was supposed to happen at 10pm the Thursday night of 13/01/3889ac and initiated at the Garden of Gethsemane. At that moment Jesus and His two witnesses were supposed to return to Heaven and the door of mercy slam shut and set off a massive earthquake that levelled Jerusalem. It did not kill anyone as everyone was already dead. Was that specific time the maximum number of saints or was it just before His people killed Him? Did He have the power to allow time to run on and to collect an even bigger harvest? The longer the time the bigger the harvest! Delay this second coming by a thousand more years and produce an even bigger harvest!

Unfortunately time, date and place are very specific and to the individual that is the moment that we take our last breaths. It will be a time, date and place. And there will be a time, date and place when Jesus appears as that flash in the sky at His second coming. There will be no more births/conceptions after this moment, sheep number 100 will have responded and will be carried back to Heaven  and the final evangelistic campaign begun to try to win over sheep number 101. Not one can be left behind. The final evangelistic campaign will be led by Heaven itself and will last FOR 1,260 years and the third coming of Jesus and His two witnesses. This Jesus does have the power to end or extend the timeline of the daily sacrifice. The time period

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we are studying is before 10 pm of that Thursday night rapture when Jesus came down to complete His Father’s work as was announced way back in Eden; the Day of Atonement (DOA3889)

So this Jesus who undertook Who undertook a subordinate position to the Father so that He could carry out His Father’s plan of salvation as was announced way back in Eden, did He appear as a bolt out of the blue or was this event to end time and to take all of God’s people back to Heaven foretold and His people prepared for it? Was it written down for them in a book they knew to be from God and therefore could not lie? Did Heaven accompany this exact time with wonders and miracles? Could Nicodemus truthfully say on behalf of the leaders, ‘We know that you have come from God?’ Was there anything sprung on the leaders of the time that they had not been forewarned about?

The answer to these and to many other questions and the lynch pin between the Old and New Testaments is Matthew (1:1), ‘The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham’. We have His genealogy and it covers humanity from its highest point, the son of David but it also covers humanity at the depth of depravity, the son of David and there is one attribute that allows it to cover that range of behaviour and that is the son of Abraham and the father of faith. I don’t know whether the life, history of names in that genealogy is written up in the bible, but the majority have been written up and their characters vary from son of David to son of David, all are included and included on the bases of faith. This genealogy has now been opened in front of me for some time and it will be only prayer that will allow us to start to open some of these treasures as we struggle with the first twelve chapters.

If this genealogy is of such critical importance that it is used to tie the two Testaments together then is it reliable? The question of its reliability can be answered in the affirmative. Satan knew how important it was and he was the big loser in a Thursday night rapture, nearly 3,900 years of his life were at stake. If there was even a hint of error in this genealogy he would have told the priests and elders and they would have questioned Jesus over it. There were no such doubts and no such questions. The importance of genealogy is difficult to relate to in our society. Grandparents and even parents exist if they produce gifts but if they don’t they are ignored. To establish importance in such an environment is difficult. Even in Heaven only one in twelve will belong to the tribe of Judah and on earth in Sinai we might have been graded as Levites and congregation but up there things have gone up at least one notch. Levites are bride and congregation the angels. Does it matter in what order we march into the New Heaven into and if we are in the lead tribe of Judah? In a worse case scenario we will arrive on the new earth if we are in the last tribe compared to Judah we will be seven days later! Seven days in eternity! But the thrill of seeing our brothers and sisters stepping out and onto the new earth and the anticipation of our own entry will produce a null effect on that seven days.

Our progress with this first chapter is very slow, but as to its importance as to whether it is the abstract, or the prologue/epilogue (to OT and NT) or the introduction or something else it is the link between the OT and NT and it must be linked in both directions. But it seems to be going the wrong way. But this Jesus Who has come down to finish time and take His own back to Heaven via DOA3888 has to be divine Jesus, He must be high priest. It is only the high priest who is going to take his blood into the Most Holy Place and being one with him allow us to also follow. Having done this He will then become Melchizedek the High Priest of eternity. So far though there is no mention of either. We do not expect to see the genealogy of Melchizedek as He has none. His existence is by implication only from the presence of Abraham. This should not be for Aaron the high priest. He had a brother and sister and parents so I would expect him somewhere in the genealogy, but this is not the case.

This could be for the same reason as Melchizedek, divinity has no genealogy. Melchizedek is implied by the introduction of Abraham and the divinity of  Jesus is implied just by the mention of Eve’s seed with no input from  Adam implying conception by the Holy Spirit or divinity. If this were the case and the Jews should not have a problem with the divinity of Jesus just his humanity. When they examined His humanity and found no faults the only issue that remained was His divinity and when Jesus tried to remove this doubt they either accepted Him as the Messiah or they killed Him for blasphemy. They chose the latter option. They erred at the link of David, the son of Jesus Christ. You would not expect a bunch of psychopaths to condemn another

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Psychopath just like you would not expect a demonic bishop to condemn a demonic paedophile priest. They missed the mission of Jesus Christ. Yes he did come down to pick from the top of the tree but He also came down to pick from the bottom of it as well! I am not going to pretend I can explain this genealogy but I will not spend the rest of the blog on it either. This will not prevent me from making forays around the edges of it either. I am now going to turn the page.


As I proceed I will be audacious enough to say whether something should or should not be included in either the synoptics, the Thursday gospels or John’s Gospel, the Friday Gospel indicating I am either on or off the track. If the genealogy of Matthew is the link then it should not be in either of the other three gospels and the genealogy of Luke serves a different purpose. The Thursday link genealogy should have the lineage of the Jesus Who is going to be involved in the Day of Atonement, high priest, divinity and as these do not have human origins they must be implied. It should not contain the genealogy of the Friday Jesus of the Passover. It does contain this genealogy of Jesus that He was from the tribe of Judah and then further cements this to the town He was born in; Bethlehem, Judea, ruler, shepherd of My people Israel. There is already a mixing between GFPMC and DOA7777. There is a strong indication from the start that Jesus is going ahead with Good Friday. Herod is now introduced.

There are a number of events that Scripture use to introduce Jesus as the Messiah and the magi is one of these, they came from the east. The Bible realises that there is no point in placing pearls ,before swine and caches them. There is more to GFPMC than three hours of light, three hours of darkness, one hour of light before Jesus is taken from the cross and placed into His grave. They are pearls and they are cached and they need to be sought before they can be uncovered. It is likewise with the first thirty years of the life of Jesus. It has been cached and it must be sought and uncovered. This work cannot be done by one person; almost every sentence is a new screen, a new revelation and initially at least I am going to stick to the ‘this should or should not be in the Thursday or Friday Gospels.’ These subjects have been covered in excellent sermons but none that I know of include the most important day of the Hebrew calendar; DOA3888.

The evil within Herod was way above background levels and inspired by either satan or the beast within or both. It had to be almost entirely satan. Satan at all costs had to ensure that Jesus went to the cross of GFPMC. He was not going to be involved here and it would extend his life by some 3,900 odd years. The beast on the other hand had to avoid GFPMC. In it he would suffer and lose three of his seven lives, he would be greatly weakened at best and Jesus may even chose to keep him in the fire until he was totally destroyed. The interests of the beast and satan are diametrically opposed. Satan must be present right throughout the ministry of Jesus although the incidents recorded from gospel to gospel may vary. It was of no concern to satan that the beast was going to be destroyed initially its first three lives and finally its seventh life in the same place; GFPMC. All satan was concerned about was to have his existence prolonged by nearly 4,000 years. Regardless of what happened satan would be destroyed, his fete was announced way back in the Garden of Eden on the day our first parents sinned! I know too little about the life of the first thirty years of Jesus whether Herod should either appear or not appear in John’s Gospel. John the Baptist.

With such an important ministry and such a short period of time to carry it out, Jesus was going to need Heaven’s help. 1,259 days of ministry and Jesus was going back to Heaven. Daniel tells us that time will run on for another 1,260 days before evil is done away with all together that all of that last seven years will be involved but for God’s people it is over on the Thursday night rapture. Heaven surprisingly only sends one witness after all only God’s people are involved and there has been over a thousand years of preparation and it was recorded in the Bible and accompanied by earthly miracles the arrival of the Messiah was hardly a bolt out of the blue! The road leading initially to Gethsemane and then onto Mount Calvary had been built as genealogies but had fallen into a state of some disrepair over the last 400 odd years and it did need the bumps and humps taken out of it. Earth was staring at the door of mercy slamming shut, this was delayed but the next time it will finally close, Heaven will respond in a similar manner. It will send Jesus and two witnesses for a period of evangelising of 1,260 days. I don’t know why when Jesus comes to earth to close the door of mercy

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at His third appearance He only brings two witnesses but does not send John the Baptist before them. John’s message is the same as that of the two witnesses; repentance!! It is either looking up or down or something in between and beginning to raise the hand and saying, ‘ Forgive me and help me Jesus!’ And Heaven has armies ready to this request! And to this shabbily dressed man people responded in droves!

Just because Scripture records the actions of certain people does not mean they are right, it records reality and it records warts and all. Water baptism is a tenet of our faith and it is done to fulfil all righteousness. As far as John was concerned the kingdom of God had come near and if you wanted to be a part of that Thursday night rapture you had to repent. Isaiah had predicted the ministry of John who was supposed to prepare the way for the Lord, to make straight paths for Him. John’s attire was austere and so was that of his message; repentance. It was of people who came to him and it was by full immersion in the river Jordan. It was not the farcical display of sprinkling water on a baby by a demon dressed in black with a wide cheesy smile. John was under divine inspiration and he saw the Pharisees and Sadducees for what they were, a brood of vipers! Scripture must have warned them of the coming end of the world and the wrath of God that would accompany it. They would all be killed and left behind when Jesus returned back in the Thursday night rapture. Crushing of heads and bruising of heels, DOA3888 would follow. Just because they could trace their genealogy in Matthew all the way back to Abraham was not going to save them, what would save them only would be the fruits that they produced as a result of repentance and one of the fruits of repentance is a public display of the new roots that have been established with Jesus, the public display of water baptism. It does/should have deep religious significance. It is your first and only death and it borders on farcical to be dipped and to come straight back up out of the water. You don’t have to gulp water and be resuscitated afterwards but one second!  Our next death in hell has already been taken by Jesus way back on GFPMC.

I have been through this chapter in Matthew on a number of occasions before and if I had come to a logical conclusion should not have any problems this time around either. The quandary is that John seems to be saying/is saying that he will baptise these people with water as the external sign but Jesus will baptise with the Holy Spirit and fire. Isn’t this saying that once you are baptised with the Holy Spirit and fire, let us not forget the fire as this is not something that satan can replicate like he does babbling with tongues you will not require the water immersion and all the spiritual significance it brings! Can there be any more than not dying or going to hell? The two witnesses that come down with Jesus to close the door of mercy seem to be saying the same thing. They are dressed in sackcloth and they preach repentance, they do not preach water baptism. Is that because the Holy Spirit is available and replaces the need for water immersion or is this one of the fruits of repentance to want to show publically our new inner beings?

This blog is not a series of lectures on the gospels. It is supposed to say that John the Baptist is found in the first gospel but should/should not be found in gospels two, three and four. Jesus is baptised in gospel one and He should/should not be baptised in gospels two, three and four but to make this call I have to have some idea of what the event signifies. John is now placed in a very awkward position. He has just told the crowds that the baptism of Jesus is millions of times higher and more effective than his baptism yet Jesus turns up in front of him and wants to be baptised by him and with water.  Jesus replies that water immersion baptism is a part of all righteousness and He wants John to baptise Him setting a precedent for His followers. Jesus did it, it happened to Him so that we should also do it even if it be on a much lower scale. We are not told whether Jesus explained to John that He could not send the Holy Spirit until He had returned back to Heaven and that would happen on Pentecost.

The baptism of Jesus showed the approval of the Holy Trinity that this mission in  1,259 days would end in a Thursday rapture and would proceed onto DOA3888. The harvest from this time would be complete, all those who came to Jesus would be taken off to Heaven. On these grounds I would expect that Jesus would only need to be baptised in Matthew’s gospel. It would also appear that this approval of Jesus only applies to His Thursday night ministry and not the Passover. It was granted approval way back in Egypt on 01/01/01 and the final presentation is of a combined bridegroom and bride.

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The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a vexing question and you would expect satan to destroy and misuse its significance. Some ministries that emphasise their spirit are painfully obviously satanic. They claim to be born again you have to leap for joy at the sound of atheists killing Christians and Swaggart even gives a demonstration of how you are expected to leap! This is only one of their satanic teachings. We should not even bring them up in any Biblical discussion if you remember one, two, three, four and five. ( 1 John chapter two and verses three, four and five). You should not worry if you cannot speak in tongues that you have not received the Holy Spirit. Above all you should not seek a ministry that claims to be able to impart the Holy Spirit. It is not theirs to give and the one they will give you will let you speak in tongues but they are demons tongues! You will have caused yourself uncalmable harm. Only Jesus can give/send the Holy Spirit, He Alone died on the cross for you and He alone knows who are going to be in Heaven and on those He will give His Spirit to!

These demonic ministries will only concentrate on the tongues aspect and never on the wind and tongues of fire which are also spoken of in the Bible. If they did it would be very easy to locate the fans blowing the wind or the spontaneous combustion for the fires, they only concentrate on the tongues which cannot be disproved. They claim that in last days that God will shower us with His Holy Spirit. And this He will! But in last days! What are last days? Last days = the church has woken up. There are no longer sceptics most of whom wouldn’t even bother reading blogs because they are so full of errors as to be of no value. No these blogs have been shown to be painfully accurate. Dates and events can be counted back and correlated. That call seems to resonate over everything; ‘Here comes the bridegroom come out and meet him!’ Whether you have a tv and are watching it at the time matters not. The Holy Spirit will ensure it is heard by all! There will be no reason to watch the rest of the news of 1,290 days after the initial declaration that Christianity is a terrorist organisation. All predicted, all confirmed and all happened. It is only under these dramatic circumstances the Church of Christ wakes up. Daniel provides us with the numbers; the difference between 1,335 and 1,290 (Ch12) is 45 days, our Jesus is coming back in 45 day’s time! The church awakes, conversions begin, the Holy Spirit is poured out. But even in these circumstances other than my wife and my Mel I would not allow anyone to place their hands on me. The Holy Spirit will descend in tongues of fire or an inrushing wind on those who are Heaven bound. Satan used this laying of hands before to possess many people, got found out but is bound to try the same tricks again! Half of those who wake up will be foolish, they will ultimately prove to be demonic and will be thrown into hell. Don’t risk this lot laying hands on you!  And they are from a woken church and they are prepared and most do give their lives for their lord but unfortunately to no avail. It is only the Lord that counts and He is defined in the Bible!


A Sabbath night of thought only resulted in more confusion which I suppose is progress as confusion is now more defined. It is not the first time I have been confused but by far the worst, so much so I want to try a new technique and that is just to go off line until I can crystallise some thoughts. Whenever I was going to do this before I overcame this urge and typed into [ ] which on a lot of occasions produced some results. I will try the square brackets first before deciding on where to go.

[ The problem is that there is no solutions anywhere on the horizon. I look at Matthew and know I am supposed to be looking at a synoptic gospel, a Thursday night rapture but all I can see is a GFPMC gospel. All events so far, chapter 4 now open, lead to Mount Calvary. It may be through Gethsemane but still finish on Calvary. Jesus’ disciples on the other hand only the rapture which would lead to the Day of Atonement was all that was on their radar. Okay they got it wrong including Matthew but when he wrote this gospel three or ten or whatever years after the event he wrote it he had a chance to correct this mistake. He could have said. ‘Ten years ago when I was one of the apostles and we followed Jesus we all thought He was the Messiah Who had come down from Heaven to take His people back to Heaven as Scripture had foretold would happen and an event for which we have been preparing for well over a thousand years. He seemed to tick all the boxes for the Messiah and must have been God to perform some of those miracles that He did. Even to us privileged apostles who were in the throne room of the Most Holy Place at 3pm on GFPMC when Jesus came in with His

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blood we thought it was as high priest and He was seeking to bring in His harvest. We all voted Him as worthy to do so. The fact that the dates did not match up, DOA3888 was supposed to be a July event and it was January now did not appear as a problem. Our doubts surfaced and erupted on Resurrection Sunday. Jesus had returned to Heaven, He was no longer here and as far as we could tell He had not taken one of us with Him. We were all still here. This was not at all surprising when you consider how badly we behaved especially on that Thursday and Friday of January. It wasn’t just me but everyone of us got it wrong. We can excuse the greatest theologian among us, Mary the mother of Jesus. To her the light shone out of this baby Jesus from day one and it continued to do so even when her child was two and twelve and twenty years old. As her child grew up and developed beauty of character the light from within even became brighter! To see this beautiful child brutalised and murdered by people He had come to save and for telling the truth in such a way was enough to break Mary’s heart and inner being. She did recover but only a very small amount when Jesus appeared to her after the resurrection but that only meant that she died a happy mother! Out of respect Mary will be left out of deliberations.

‘ To say that there were changes in our thinking after resurrection Sunday would have to be the understatement of the year. Jesus Himself led a lot of these deliberations and there was no trial and error in how He fitted this jigsaw puzzle together and in a way none of us would ever be able to forget. It is these misconceptions that I will correct in this gospel. I have been given the privilege as the first cab off the rank and many of my ideas will be soon repeated.’ This should have been the introduction of Matthew, but alas it was not! Instead it continued on the idea of a Thursday night rapture to be followed by DOA3888. Mark continues on with this theme as does Luke. Even in John the first 1,250 odd days stay with it and only the last ten odd days turn to GFPMC. My first impression was to move the marker between the OT and NT to after the gospel of John but more correctly would be to remove it all together. It is one book and one Bible!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ started on the day Adam and Eve sinned and it was introduced and spoken by God Himself. It was God Who announced the restoration of humanity to divinity and more than this He announced the destruction  of evil. There was going to be a crushing of satan’s head and a bruising of the heel of Eve’s seed. This was the Father’s work and it was a complete solution. If Jesus wanted to do something very special and take on a bride and show her the full extent of His love that was His prerogative to do so, but this was not a part of His Father’s work, it was His own work. Time could quite easily have finished at the first coming and would have finished had it not been  for that last second change in the Jesus’ plans. And the rest of the New Testament follows the results of the change of that plan!

It is a Scriptural statement to say that Matthew is the book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Divinity is implied on three grounds; Melchizedek, Eve’s seed and the nature of Jesus. Aaron and Moses who should have been there wrote themselves off with their crime of doubt at the waters of Meribah. There is a point at which doubt can be so serious that it will be classed as a crime. I did not look for any Genealogy for Melchizedek because I had been told he had none. Eve’s seed implied the divinity of Jesus because there was no contribution from Adam’s seed. Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. The nature of Jesus that Matthew represents is that of Judah from the tribe of the lion. Mark represents the ox, Luke represents the manlike creature and John’s gospel is that of the creature that looks like an eagle, the divinity of Jesus. All four creatures surround the throne today and will as four walls surround the throne in the New Jerusalem.

Matthew does not begin with a mia culpa about getting his ideas so wrong about the mission of Jesus when He came to earth, but he does make a correction. The correction relates to the last ten or so days of the ministry of Jesus. He/they all thought that this was Daniel’s last seven of the 7*70 and the end of all evil. Jesus made a covenant with His people the night He took them all back to Heaven (13/01/3889ac) and that it would be all over with the remaining 1,260 days and all evil would be done away with. Matthew corrects this misconception and introduces the mission of Jesus that was begun on GFPMC; the Christian church and its mission of the New Testament. It would double time. This must also be in his mind when he is writing his genealogy and not just the inclusion of Judah but that he became a central character; the conquering lion. Judah’s brothers are also there but the best associations we can get there are that the Levites are translated as

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the bride into Heaven and are placed above the angels, the congregation. It is not as if the angels don’t want us, they are thrilled to have us even though we are placed above them. There is not one of their former members who were thrown out of Heaven in the first rebellion who repented and have now returned above them for the eternities to come. If there had been the motto could quite easily be; if you are going to rebel make it big, repent and come back at a higher level! But Judah’s brothers do get to keep the tribal names and their logos on each of the twelve pearly gates and for the eternities to come]

I have been seeking traction in my commentary of the gospels by moving things around. This should be left alone but can be repeated in Luke and this belongs entirely to John of the Passover. Two categories of Gospel; Johns and the synoptics. There is only one category and that is gospel and that is the link between Old and New Testament. John has had three introductions before him and is given the privilege of throwing that final lifeline; the link between the Day of Atonement and Good Friday Passover of Mount Calvary! I don’t have to carry on, transpose or with hold anything. From Matthew (1:1) and onwards I am looking at the Messiah, Saviour, redeemer, the Lord God Jesus Christ! How He came down and what He did to gather His people to take them back to Heaven on that Thursday night from the Garden of Gethsemane on 13/01/3889ac. This is His story and what happened to him mostly in the 1,259 days of His active ministry but also in the thirty odd years of preparing for this ministry. That Roman soldier (?) will call twice, ‘Who is this Jesus?’ Once in Gethsemane after an active ministry of Jesus of 1,259 days to go to the cross of GFPMC and again the same call after Jesus has just explained His ministry on earth to His armies He has left behind in Eden2 and the next day will go onto the cross of DOA7777. There is just too much light being given off from this Jesus, it will require full filters to be applied but with time they may be gradually reduced! It is still a very strange feeling that I am sitting in  a time that was deemed to finish by God some 2,000 years ago and would have had it not been for that 10 day intervention by Jesus.

The story is of this Jesus who has come to earth to get His heel bruised and in return He will crush the head of satan. It is His first coming and His last coming. He came to do His Father’s will and He would require 1,259 days to complete it and He would then return to the Father with His harvest. He would bring Eve’ seed back with Him, the redeemed would come from all eras, as far back as Eve.  Satan was not going to take this laying down and would put up every possible resistance but all that this would do is just to provide a contrast against Jesus. Satan has always only been allowed to work within confines set by God and this was going to be his last stand. This Messiah had to establish his credentials, He had to establish that He was Eve’s seed and this genealogy is something where much of a struggle still remains and the commentary proper can only really begin once this happens. His Father’s work Jesus was always going to do but He made provisions for His own refinements as well. Passover option has been running in time with DOA3888 ac if Jesus so chose He could also take ‘advantage’ of it.

The role and active resistance of satan is understandable that of John the Baptist is more difficult.


The initial struggle to get a foothold into Matthew seems to be over. Out of all the alternatives that were available the one that seems to have worked and will be used is the one where I follow, ‘It is written’. Despite of the ‘strange’ ideas it produces. The first three, at least, gospels are synoptic, Jesus has come down from Heaven and after a 1,259 day evangelistic campaign is going to take His harvest back through DOA38888 of Leviticus 16 and back to Heaven. Transgression will be finished within 1,260 days of Him leaving earth and Heaven  proper and eternity will begin! That should have been nearly 2,000 years ago but that is the story that all three synoptic gospels tell. They are about a Thursday night rapture.

At what stage did Jesus change His mind and we have to change the story  or the framework from which we change the Gospel story? When did Jesus decide that He would double the time of existence of this universe? Instead of allowing 3,888 years He would now allow 7,777 and a bit years before He destroyed it? Was it when Jesus finished and abandoned His mission to His people and went seeking the gentiles? No. Was it after the Jews tried to kill Him after He raised Lazarus? No. The only time that I can relate to is that final Day of

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Atonement in Eden2 and just before we cross over onto the New Earth. Up there there will be a trumpet call on 01/07/486, a battle against satan, the fires of hell which will extinguish by 02/07/486 leaving 70 trillion sins which still have not been destroyed in hell and by taking them on Himself Jesus becomes defiled. Eight days before He goes to the Atonement cross Jesus becomes defiled. The parallel is eight days before Jesus goes to Calvary’s cross Jesus decides to take of the sins of His bride. These are not atonement sins the work of His Father for which He receives no defilement, these are his sins because He has decided to give His bride very special treatment, He will show her the full extent of His Love! Jesus decides to walk out of the temple on 06/01/3889 and to go to the cross of GFPMC where He will experience true defilement. This was not the work of the Father it was the call and work of the Nazirite, Jesus Christ!. Only eight days out of 1,260 days should our story change.

Most of the synoptics are concerned with the Day of Atonement of Leviticus 16, (DOA3888) and so is this blog. Looking at the genealogy of Matthew in this light and searching for the divine I can see divinity in the being Jesus Christ. He was Eve’s seed but there was no contribution from Adam. The Holy Spirit was responsible for the conception and the divinity of Jesus. But the Day of Atonement required divinity in the form of a high priest. Eve’s seed is there but where is the high priest in this genealogy? Aaron or even Moses?

Within a few seconds the career of Moses dropped off the cliff. There would be no more; God spoke to Moses and commanded him to say/do and Moses did as the Lord commanded, but he was shown Canaan before he died, Aaron was not. I have often wondered at what stage of faith I would have to at when doubt would result in such a harsh penalty. Is staring at the cross at 3pm at the burnt offering and doubting constitute such a situation? Aaron was cut off too and not shown Canaan but he was succeeded by Eleazar his son. The Aaronic priesthood was not truncated, Moses’ mission as prophet was. It was Eleazar as priest who officiated on Mount Calvary. It was he who sprinkled the blood of the red heifer towards the doorway of the tent of meeting through which we are about to pass.  But you may say that priest was not enough, it had to be high priest who would be allowed only and with His own blood into the Most Holy Place at 3pm on GFPMC where all those people were waiting for Him and the unanimous decision that was given by saints past, present and future and all creatures capable of making such a decision, this could only be Aaron the high priest. Both Aaron and Moses were shown the red heifer sacrifice and both passed it on to Eleazar as priest. Aaron should have said, ‘I will not be involved in initially but I will take the blood into the Most Holy Place at 3pm as high priest. Both said nothing!.

It must be remembered that the red heifer is archived. It is not on the new earth where we finished up. What happened here was too horrible to be taken up into the new Heavens. It was archived on the one part of the universe that was not destroyed by Peter’s fires and the reason we survived the conflagration, we were in Eden2. It is a region we should never have to return to ever again with this one exception. We needed to see the source of life and its antonym, death. Nothing divine needs to be archived and neither did Aaron’s role in the red heifer. The ash left over with the waters of Meribah within were divine but  archived as these were the source of life and this was the idea of the lesson. The priesthood of Aaron did survive in some form after his death even though he is not mentioned in this genealogy. It is the Nazirite who is of interest even though at this stage we only have Judah and Bethlehem. We have already performed a major makeover on this Nazirite and shown it is possible for him to become Melchizedek.

Revising. It was Jesus the Nazirite


Who went to the cross of GFPMC and we know this because at His decommissioning He presented the male lamb burnt offering and the ewe-lamb sin offering and combined them and joined the bride onto and offered them all as a peace offering to God the Father indicating that there was an end to His Nazirites’ ministry. He went to Calvary’s cross as Nazirite and it did have not just a start but an ending as well. Eight days before Calvary, 04/01/3889 ac He decides He will go through the defilement, goes through the defilement, is abandoned by God His Father, joins humanity and stays with humanity until He leaves them assembled as

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armies  and comes back to earth. This is the last time that He would be with them. They listen to a 1,250 day tutorial, one that we are going through now, battle against satan, hell, fires of hell dying out and darkness. It does not seem to help our anxiety much to know that the darkness that has engulfed our Jesus is because He has decided to take on the remaining 70 trillion sins and plead guilty to them. Jesus goes into that darkness as Nazirite but comes out as Melchizedek and goes the next day, 10/07/486 and DOA7777 and comes out as Melchizedek and whose ministry will never end. He is no longer one with us but we are now one with Him. The contribution of the Nazirite was defined, that of Melchizedek is not, it is open ended.

Having decided that the key and the best approach to Matthew is going to be, ‘it is written’ has resulted in floods of ideas and even if I can only reproduce some of these, this journey will have been worth it. Before returning to the genealogy two problems first; the ninety nine to one and the divinity of Jesus. Time today is not measured in Heaven in seconds but in fractions of a nanosecond as the cup of iniquity fills with drops of innocent blood and it will fill but not overflow with just one droplet. And even though there may be a hundred thousand or more people at a rally when the beast out of the earth cuts them down with a laser causing blood vessels to burst, one droplet will fill this cup and before the next droplet begins to leave that artery Jesus has said, ‘ Enough is enough and time has finished and I will call this 0.000 time. Impossible, conspiracy theory, can’t happen! You are wrong and it is here today! Paedophilia. It is a red herring to say it is not just the priests of the Catholic Church that are involved it happens everywhere!  No these priests claim to follow Scripture which tells them they are abusing children, God’s angels and ultimate gift that God can give us. Abusing these gifts destroys their lives and their belief in God Himself. It is demons who are causing this harm, pure and simple, they are demons. These demons are protected by other demons and allowed to continue disastrous destruction and whether they have given themselves the title of bishop or archbishop they also are demons and complicit in satan’s work. It is the chief demon who calls himself ‘pope’ that is the issue. He knows what is in his nest and is not upset because of what his fellow demons are doing he is upset because he has been found out and now people might try to look into his haunt and what they will find. There will come a time when he will show us what evil is but it will be when it is too late to do anything about it and it will wake up the sleeping church. He is doing a wonderful job in keeping all asleep!

I usually am the first one to go to ‘it is written’ but could not do so because of the numbers 99 to one. If you ask me now what proportion of my study of GFPMC and DOA7777 should be I would reply, ‘99% on GFPMC and 1% on DOA7777 or DOA3888 but Scripture has it the other way around. The Thursday night rapture would have taken 99 sheep and the fact that Jesus stayed back for GFPMC He ‘only’ took up one extra sheep! Ninety nine for the first 3,889 years, one for the next 2,000 odd years until time 0.000 and not one after this time  even though Heaven spends nearly 1,800 years and there could be as many as 400 to 500 million people left behind who have died for their lord! Heaven records; not one convert, all foolish all evil. It is safe to close the doors, not one goodie left behind! Even with these gospels I have just begun to study three are synoptic and it would not be a difficult case to make out that 99% are synoptic and 1% GFPMC. These numbers are difficult to assimilate especially by someone who thought Jesus came down ‘only’ to go to Mount Calvary! That this was His only mission. The resolution is then to try to read more into the atonement angle but Heaven forbid at the expense of Mount Calvary! The divinity of Jesus.

The divinity of Jesus is the central tenet of faith in the Day of Atonement and without this divinity the day would not go ahead. But to find this divinity within this genealogy I have had to scrape and search and even came up with the name of Melchizedek which was not in this genealogy anyway. This was totally expected as divinity does not have genealogy, it is outside of time. This cannot be said for the human side of Atonement Jesus. Human side of Atonement Jesus? Discovery one and what a discovery. The first Heaven of the  Thursday night rapture was not going to a temple with Jesus inside of the Most Holy Place and the saints visiting Him once a week or year or whatever, He was going to have a human angle and walk in among them as He did on earth! His divinity was scarce but the humanity aspect is overwhelming! The sheer number of names! Surely this has to be left to those who have been left at least two talents and probably even for those with five talents. Heaven does hand out varying numbers of talents but nowhere does it say that those with only one talent are forbidden from exploring any text or any that which ‘it is written’. The one talenters may Page 75

not get the same as the fivers and we may have to take a lot more time but at all costs that talent cannot be buried. The efforts of one such talenter are about to begin and because of the overwhelming nature of the names they will have to be spasmodic at best. I have never claimed to understand 5% of the Bible, just that I have looked at 5% of it!


The problem of the 99/1 and the divinity of Jesus continues to raise its head. I will try to correct the 99/1 to 50/50 and see where this goes to. My ‘corrections’ are based on two arguments; Both DOA3888 and GFPMC leave God’s people in Heaven. When we go up there at the second coming we will spend at least 1,800 years in Heaven and if nothing else happens, no DOA7777 the rest of eternity as well. The whole idea behind DOA3888 is to get us into Heaven from a Thursday night rapture from Gethsemane. Both sacrifices of Jesus leave the saints in Heaven, the first Heaven and therefore 50 sheep went to Heaven on Thursday night and 50 went up as a result of Jesus staying on for GFPMC.

There are many more people going to Heaven from the last 2,000 years than from the first 4,000 years of time. The number from here is surprisingly small. At best a handful from the first 1,500 odd years when God allowed man a free reign and the trouble and evil man got himself into required God to subduct the majority of the earth  down into the abyss. After Noah’s flood things did change for the better but then again we are comparing this to the handful saved by the time of the flood. God’s presence as Melchizedek only allowed evil to go so far before the sinners were destroyed. God Himself took over by His presence in the temple but even then the history was bleak to say the least. Out of the first batch of 600,000 odd only two were saved and then the ‘impossible’ happened; both Aaron and Moses fell over! There were periods of harvest as well but the overall trend was downhill and God could now only send His only begotten Son to finish time. Evil had peaked, His own people were going to murder Him! It is not as if the other side of the cross was all roses either but there are two major tribulations and the harvest that follows. The early church has already had on, Smyrna and its harvest has got through to the end. We now too are about to go through a tribulation and this harvest will be for the eternities. Thus my reasoning for a change of 99/1 to a 50/50 harvest at the first and second comings. And those who don’t even include the Day of AT_ONE_is MENT in their theology could hardly argue against this!

Sadly  though the above scenarios  miss the message of salvation. They call for a draw in the war between good and evil. The results may have been unpleasant and a lot closer than first thought but they were not a draw. Good did triumph. Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC), could not stand alone. DOA3888 could stand alone and did not require GFPMC but GFPMC could not, it required DOA3888. By itself GFPMC got rid of all the sins of the saints/redeemed or bride, it did not get rid of satan and it did not get rid of evil. They would have continued for perpetuity. There would have been a draw and satan and evil gone on to live forever. It is one of our basic tenets of faith that this cannot occur. Satan’s head must be crushed and unfortunately the heel of Eve’s seed must be bruised. If Jesus wants to eliminate sin by taking on its consequences then He must die. Death is the consequence of sin. Isaac may have got a temporary relief and was substituted by an animal sacrifice but that was only temporary, Isaac still has to die. Abraham his father still has to kill him on that altar/cross.

It was the Day of Atonement that had the answers bar one and that was the exclusion of satan’s destruction, Eve’s seed crushing the head of satan. To celebrate this would be to celebrate something never worthy of celebration. It was just a matter of good riddance of bad rubbish and playing into one of his greatest lies; his invisibility. He is just not there and anyone who thinks he is needs their head read! Nowhere is his disappearance mentioned until his final destruction and we know it is going to happen because God Himself told us it would way back in Eden! No the ratio of 99 to 1 stands and is emphasised in at least three of the four gospels. Having accepted this ratio of 99 to one it is time to get serious. Trying to work the divinity that is required by Jesus to go to DOA3888.

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The pearl under the three names of Jesus, David and Abraham continues to guard its secrets. The one under Abraham and his son Isaac has probably had more sermons written on it then any other subject in the OT, and rightly so. It is Heaven’s view on the message of salvation. What incredible parallels it carries! And most importantly is this a re-enactment of what happened on GFPMC or what happened on the Day of Atonement or both? It seems most unlikely that the animal that was caught by the horns that replaced Isaac was a bull. It is too big but would have indicated the High Priests sin offering from DOA3888. If this animal  was a one year old lamb (caught by its horns??) it would have been pointing GFPMC. If this animal was a ram then DOA3888 as there were two goat offerings in the Day of Atonement. A goat certainly indicates the Day of Atonement in its sin offering but the scapegoat from here was led outside and far away and maybe even as far as the timeslot of 9am to noon on GFPMC. But our new resolution is it does not matter under which stone we are looking we are going to see the Day of Atonement about  99% of the time. Abraham and Isaac story is the story of the Day of  Atonement. Isaac/Jesus is doing his father’s work and obeying divine instructions from their father. It would be a reasonable approach though to treat the Abraham/Isaac story from both DOA7777 and GFPMC angle with the son doing his father’s work and his own work. The give away line would have to be, ‘Father where is the sacrifice?’  (it is quite amazing how one tiny angel can make such significant changes to our lives!)


If Jesus/Isaac was doing His own work He would not have to ask the father where the sacrifice was, he knew it was himself and that he was adding an extra dimension to the act of salvation which was not there. There were 99 units there but not 100. The 99 units that were there was the miraculous fact that there was a plan of salvation at all, that God was going to give humanity another chance that He had not written them off. If Jesus wanted to show them the full extent of the love of  God tat was His right to do so but He knew who that sacrifice was going to be, He did not have to ask His Father.

No, on that date way back in Eden when Adam and Eve sinned, Abraham should have sacrificed his son Isaac. Divinity demanded that this should happen, there was no way around it. Sin is death because it is the separation from God Who is the only source of life. It is going to be a topic of eternal study that only Isaac could meet this requirement and ultimately there would be a Day of AT_ ONE_ isMENT when this would occur. It did not happen in Eden1 on that day but it will happen in Eden2 which is closely associated to Eden1. In the meantime there has been a temporary scheme put into place, the animal sacrificial system. A goat (ram?) died instead of Isaac that day but this measure is only temporary, Isaac will die and this event we still look forward to as the Day of Atonement DOA7777 that will occur on the 10/07/486.

If the parallels hold for God the Father to Abraham and Jesus to Isaac then Isaac went onto begat Jacob and Jacob begat twelve sons who went on in a way to become the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve families of Heaven. It is Jesus Who is the grandfather of these twelve tribes and the glaring omission at this stage the father of Jacob. But this is still at best our fourth visit to this genealogy. Of the twelve sons of Jacob I have some familiarity with Judah and Levi. On our earthly step in the Sinai desert the Levites were chosen from the congregation to serve Aaron, the high priest. I translated this to the heavenly sphere as the Levites or the bride are chosen from the congregation of angels and given to the bridegroom in marriage. This again is a new topic that will require multiple visits.

But Matthew’s genealogy does not include Levi as an individual, he is but one of the ‘his brothers’. That was about Jesus choosing His bride and His relationship with her, that was a topic of GFPMC and a topic we are soon to revisit in Numbers nine, no this genealogy is about Judah and the Day of Atonement, the big picture where the plan of God to restore humanity to divinity came into play. I am going to list and number the times where Judah is linked with GFPMC and pray fully then ‘show’ how these are  tied in with the Day of Atonement. It should be remembered that this has been our struggle since Numbers six and unless we can get on top of it we will not be allowed into the New Jerusalem. There is little point in allowing us into the Most Holy Place only to find that the beauty that we see shocks us so much that it kills us! We must be prepared first.

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Judah is the lion and the first creature mentioned around the throne. He only became the conquering lion when the Passover Lamb presented His blood inside of the Most Holy Place at 3pm on GFPMC (1). His mission was solely dependent on this event and it could not begin before it. It was the presentation of this sacrifice that made Him worthy of taking the scroll from the right hand of God the Father and it certainly appears that without this sacrifice He would not be worthy of taking the scroll and the Father would not let it go anyway, GFPMC (2). We know that His creation voted Him as our representative of taking this scroll and opening it seven seals, again purely dependent on Passover (3). He was worthy, ‘because He was slain’. So how does this purely dependent event on Passover shed light on the Day of Atonement which is what this genealogy is supposed to be about? There are at least two grounds on which this lion from Judah can claim divinity and therefore a link with the Day of Atonement;

Firstly as Nazirite He was not decommissioned, the law of the Nazirite when the days of his separation are fulfilled, until 1,260 days after the DOA7777 cross. He went to both GFPMC and DOA7777 as a Nazirite, but the day before He went to the DOA7777 cross He revealed His divinity as Melchizedek, the high priest of eternity. He was not decommissioned from this role 1,260 days after, it was only from His Nazirite’s role that He was decommissioned. His divine role as Melchizedek the High Priest will remain forever.

Secondly Judah the lion was given the scroll, to conquer the world in seven stages and seven seals and bring to Heaven the harvest. This He did in some two thousand years but He delayed in handing in the final tally sheets until 1,260 years a time Scripture calls the period of grace. Judah supervised this last process personally. He came from Heaven with two witnesses and the first fruits, the 144,000 wise virgins and a double effort of John the Baptist, the two witnesses preached the final message of repentance, unsuccessfully. He may have left the privilege of carrying the final tally sheets of Heaven to His first fruits and He may have left the final task of filtering the wise from the foolish virgins to the saints in Heaven but it was Judah who was in control. It was Judah who decided enough was enough and to return to Heaven, it was Judah who slammed the door of mercy shut, it was Judah who instigated the Church of Pergamum, it was Judah who was responsible for the 490 years of final preparation to Thyatira, it was Judah who married the bride, it was Judah who rode out at the head of those heavenly armies as the rider of the white horse, it was Judah who left his armies behind whilst he came down to earth to explain the Scripture we are now studying, it was Judah who fought and defeated satan and threw him into hell. But was it Judah who went to the Atonement cross or should we have truncated his mission when he returned to Heaven with his two witnesses?


Before I decided to add a sweep of the gospels to my summary of the Book of Numbers I spent some time in contemplating the issues and one of the highlights that flashed through was that of Judah. Wow, I thought even if I could reproduce some of this the journey will have been worth the while but unfortunately it has gone. Rather than just changing back to my summary of Numbers I will jot down my ideas in the usual [  ] which should at least give some bases for thought and another visit to this Judah the lion and his decommissioning. Should his role as lion finish when he takes up those final tally sheets to Heaven and slams shut the door of Mercy?

[ The role of Jesus Christ as the conquering lion came into existence at 3pm on GFPMC. The reason it came into existence was because the Lamb that was slain arrived in the Most Holy Place with His blood and His creation now judged Him as worthy of taking the scroll of salvation from the right hand of God and going down to earth to open its seven seals. The lion did not leave Heaven until Resurrection Sunday morning and it will be the Jesus that the disciples saw from that day onwards that I call the lion. But at 3pm the role of lion was added to that of Passover lamb, it did not replace it. Then and today Jesus was lamb as well as lion and the choice is entirely ours as to which we are dealing with. It can be, the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us or it can be the lion who will ruthlessly tear  and destroy evil. Our call but there are only two choices; lion or lamb. Rejecting lamb produces the default value of lion and I use lion and lamb synonymously.

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The harvest period of the lion lasted for about 2,000 years (?)  and ended when the Heavenly clock, which is calibrated in fractions of nanoseconds reached 0.0000000000 seconds and the last droplet of innocent blood had been shed. This time was seen and experienced all over his creation when that flash occurred in the sky at the second coming of Jesus Christ. Heaven was now to settle all of its accounts. There will be no more conceptions or births after this time and just as it was very difficult to accept that the Atonement cross carried 99% significance and GFPMC carried 1% so it is now difficult to accept the time scales and the people involved. The one extra sheep that results from Jesus staying back on Thursday and going to GFPMC should be the focus of our attention providing we realise that this will not provide all the answers we seek and so it is now with time zero. Why all the focus moves to the 144,000 foolish virgins and not the 500 million (?) who have died for their lord? There was a lot more of them and they not only were prepared to die, they did die! Why didn’t they too receive the VIP treatment? Why didn’t they receive the seal of God on their foreheads and be raised at the start of the millennium to take advantage of Heaven’s final efforts to bring up those foolish virgins? Why were they only resurrected 260 years before the closing of the door of mercy? It seems as if the axe has just fallen in front of them? And that is exactly what happens with our last breaths, the axe falls and we are no longer the concern of Heaven. It is that final! Our names were not called out on the cross on Mount Calvary and satan has no concern about any defections, we belong to him and the decision is uncontested!

Many/most today would not only reject the idea but regard it as absurd that 500 million people would give their lives for their lord and finish up going to hell! There is no way that a god of love would allow this to happen! There is no way that a god of love would tie up his only loved begotten son on an altar, kill him and set the fires of hell around him because of some high fluting ideas he has about sin and how to get rid of it! No chance, all that stuff about Abraham and Isaac is only in the OT and it is a good idea it has been done away with! It is all about love now and the new commandment! Well actually the new commandment was only given when Jesus decided to go to GFPMC! God has already put His only loved begotten Son on the cross and to finish evil and time He will do so again. His requirements, His ways will be done and they will be done His way! Our freewill is to agree or disagree with His ways.

If you think that a horse can only be flogged to death once you haven’t read my blog and its defence of the Sabbath day! If I can’t convince you of an order that  God Himself gave and wrote it on stone with His own finger and only prefixes it once in the Bible and that word is to ‘remember’ and it does not mean to forget then I may as well hang up the writing fingers and go and play trains with my grandson! I too struggle with this 500 million who have given their lives for Jesus literally and are going to hell and I want to know where they have gone wrong so that I will not make the same mistakes. Not again, his Sabbath horse! 99% of Christians cannot be wrong, (truth does not come from numbers and the fact that 99% of people believe in evolution does not make it right) All ten commandments including the Sabbath are OT and along with animal sacrifices have been done away with. ( No, the ten commandments are the link between the OT and the NT. They are where the old covenant is converted into the new covenant. This is where the law that is written on stone by God Himself is transferred voluntarily onto our hearts  and passed onto Jesus to keep it for us is the new covenant, how Jesus keeps His law for us! He can’t keep it for us unless we first transfer it and if we don’t transfer it we have to keep it ourselves! Our way is the old covenant and the field from which these 500 million wicked come from! It is not me who is trying to get you back under the old covenant it is you who are refusing to leave it! It is you who are refusing to transcribe these Ten Commandments from stone to heart and to come under the covenant of grace; Jesus has done it all for us. This is the reason for the plight of many of those 500 million cursed souls and where they are. They thought that by changing ‘remember’ into ‘forget’ would prevent them from being returned to the Old Covenant. Fools it has done the opposite! It has prevented you from being moved from the old covenant of works to that of grace! Jesus has done it all for you and to a standard that meets the requirements of a God Who would crucify His only Begotten son in order to meet these requirements. All you have to do is to pack your bags for Heaven and all that this requires is the birthday suit! Many ministries just do not know better but the demon based ministries like Swaggart will defend this Sabbath issue with their last breath. They know that one of the first blessings of the Sabbath will be the Holy Spirit warning you to get out of that ‘church’, it is demonic and they will only instil their demonic war mongering

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spirit on you and prevent you from going to Heaven! And they are not the only ministry that will fight against the Sabbath to their death! After all ‘remember’ does mean to forget! The 500 million who die for their lord are no concern of Heaven. They had not been given the seal of God, His Holy Spirit, they are evil and it would have been water off the duck’s back! The Swaggart and like ministries only instil demonic spirits, only Jesus sends can send His Holy Spirit. A major theme of the book of Revelation is God placing His Spirit on these 144,000 foolish virgins and to show that it was a waste of time doing so and why He did not do this to those 500 million hell bound people. Despite this privilege that is bestowed on these 144,000 foolish virgins not one takes advantage of it, not one conversion in almost 1,800 years! Does this mean that the role of the lion ceases once the door of mercy is shut?]

No, the destiny of time changes but not the role of the lion, if anything it is intensified. Jacob begat twelve sons and ultimately the twelve families of Heaven and Judah should have begot seven sons and preferably daughters, the bride and the seven Churches of the Book of Revelation. The closing of the door of mercy should be accompanied by an almighty clasp of thunder, the destiny of time has changed. The sheep have been separated from the goats. { STORM}


Going through these churches again I realise there is clash of time and events depending on whether you are looking down from Heaven or up to Heaven but these genealogies have a long run yet before they look at being sorted out and many visits. For the time being Judah the lion does not end his ministry at the slamming shut of the door of mercy. He now intensifies it over the next 500 odd years. The results would be different if there had been one response, that person could not go to Heaven as the door of mercy had closed. Once the door of mercy was closed on Noah’s ark there would have been many drowning people who swam up to and knocked on the ark and pleaded for admittance only to be told the doors were closed. This time no one tries to get into Heaven and the best offer the lion can make them is the third angels message; keep the seal God placed on you nearly 1,800 years ago and you will not go to hell, I will take your place in hell for you! We know the end of this story, the foolish virgins are evil, they remove the seal of God and replace it with the mark of the beast, they fight in the battle of the rider of the white horse, the same one Who rode to earth on Resurrection Sunday morning only this time His armies are riding behind him. You would think his battles as lion are over when the wicked living have all been killed. The wicked dead are of no concern to Heaven. Actually his role as lion has just begun. He leaves his armies behind and as rider of the white horse he comes to earth. The conquest that is now required of him is to prepare the bride so that she can be admitted into the New Jerusalem. Pergamum remains the church of the door of mercy closing and the separation of the sheep and goats. Both pass up to Thyatira where the sheep via the DOA7777 will go onto Heaven. In Eden God called this, ‘The bruising of the heel of Eve’s seed’. The goats will take the other path; the crushing of satan’s head. This is not really theology or revision mode but if satan did have unintentional unconfessed sins would he have suffered for them himself or would they pass onto the bruising of the heel of Eve’s seed?  Or is satan all evil, pure evil and is not capable of doing anything but evil. He is all lies and is not capable of telling you the truth. So be aware when he tells you that ‘remember’ actually means ‘you must forget and at all costs’ that he will have many more lies to tell you! So much for now on Judah and now Isaac.

If Isaac typifies Jesus Christ then His reprieve from being tied up and placed on the altar by his father and killed and burned is only temporary. The animal substitution system was always meant to be temporary and Isaac is still going to have to die. But if there is a symbolism between these two then why couldn’t Isaac become the father of the twelve tribe of Heaven why do we need Jacob as an intermediator? Aren’t we the children of God and not His grandchildren? This may be the case on earth but it does not apply up there. Up there we are not children but have grown up. It may take a long time but we do see the light. Up there we are bridegroom and bride. Our relationship is unbreakable we are one! Our father should not be Jacob it should be Ishmael. What sort of father figure would we have who did not care if he or someone else was the father. And Jacob fought against self and won a path for us into Heaven. Ishmael did no such thing!

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The trilogy of Jesus, David and Abraham. I am in no position nor do I condemn anyone including David. I realise if I was in his position I would do the same or even worse, and just because he was one of the greatest prophets did not stop him from sinking into the mire and muck. His story and inclusion is encouraging to me because there is no place deep enough in sin from which Jesus cannot rescue me. The Jews of Jesus’ day and today pride themselves as being relations of the exalted David. When they finally realise their error that they have in fact been associating themselves with depravity  they too will turn to Jesus and the only way to turn to Jesus for any and all is via the faith of Abraham! That faith will tell you that Jesus can go as low as David and be proud because He has done so! Only Jesus can turn depravity into exaltation and hell into Heaven!

Keeping in mind that this genealogy is supposed to produce Eve’s seed who is going to crush satan’s head but in the meantime have his heel bruised so that we can go ahead with and explain His history at the time He came to earth to fulfil this prophesy. This is the message of the synoptic gospels. This genealogy trace the line of Joseph the husband of Mary and the Jews thought the father of Jesus. But Scripture corrects this notion by telling us that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. He was Eve’s seed, He was human but being conceived by the Holy Spirit He was also divine and thus the mystery of the nature of Jesus Christ; fully human and fully divine! Returning back to Numbers chapter nine.

In Matthew our new resolution was to try to look at events in terms of the Day of Atonement but in Numbers we come back to Passover, GFPMC. In chapter eight we had the bride standing at the head of the seventh altar and we also had her standing at the foot of the first altar, the start and the end of her history and now we are going to get some of the history in between as well. Each of the seven altars which join humanity to divinity, earth to Heaven has an intersection/interface with the one above it of bull to ram except the first and the last which because they have either nothing below them or above them start with twin rams and finish with twin bulls. The twin rams at the bottom of the first altar are 01/01/01 and 14/01/02 and the twin bulls are at the top of the seventh altar in Heaven as the burnt and sin sacrifices. They are not just the male lamb burnt offering and the ewe-lamb sin offering from GFPMC but have added to them the twin bird burnt and sin offerings of DOA7777. They are a combination of both burnt and sin offerings of GFPMC and DOA7777. The bride was here in chapter eight in fact this is where this chapter began. When she was shown the top of this altar, three problems occurred. She did not want to go any further, she would be rejected by the angelic hosts and her pedigree was questioned, and her cleanliness all at least in her mind.

She had lived in a place of indescribable beauty for 1,800 odd years but it did not hold a candle to what she saw at the top of this seventh altar. Also by now the scales off her eyes were starting to be removed. ‘Moses had finished building the temple’. Rather than go in and find she is rejected and then live for an eternity of the beauty she now knows is possible that just would not fade she would much prefer to stay where she is in her present state.

Her doubt about her acceptance was well founded and is based on human (angelic ?) nature. She is being moved into Heaven and one step on the ladder higher than the existing angels. Why shouldn’t they be envious of her? Why should this extra layer now be presented between them and God? If they are to become servants then what do angel servants do in Heaven? They have lived up here for the best part of 7,800 years and they do not need their population to almost double (?). But the bride’s fears were ill founded. The angels could not be more welcoming. We are cleaned, washed and shaved of all defilement just like our Jesus was the day before He went to His Atonement cross. We are picked up by our hands and presented by the angels as their most welcomed friends. They are desperately keen to have us with them in Heaven even though we will be above them. And our response and surety of our places we present the top sacrifices as the grounds on which we seek entry; the bull burnt and sin offerings!

The question still that does arise is why did we get the nod ahead of them? Why are we the Levites set aside for serving God and they the congregation from which we were chosen? Why are we the bride and they the angelic hosts? I do not claim to understand many of the nuances in this chapter and the deep mysteries even less but the Lord has given me a certain logic and I try to frame events within this logic. We have the angels who committed and unintentional, unconfessed sin of grumbling, were forgiven by Jesus going to the atonement cross and of the seventy trillion sins that were dealt with on that day some came from these

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Heavenly hosts. They were forgiven and will spend (?) the rest of time in the present Heavens where we too would have been if Jesus had not changed His mind at the very last moment and gone to GFPMC. The synoptic gospels tell us that Jesus would have closed the door of mercy on Thursday night and taken the ninety nine sheep back with Him to Heaven. He would have gone through the same atonement cross that the angels went through and we finish up in the same Heaven that the angels do. Then what changes is the God’s people decide to murder Jesus. To this depth of evil Jesus responds and destroys it with the height of His love! The full extent of His love which we can now experience in the second Heaven, in the New Jerusalem! Isn’t he motto of this story that if you are going to sin make sure it is going to be on a big scale! I can’t accept this!

It is a topic with which we are about to struggle with. One issue would have to be; were those angels that were left behind in Heaven after the rebellion given a chance to walk in Jesus’ shoes. On earth the bride was and those who chose to do so finished up in the bridal party. The size of this party/wedding was not limited to the number of shoes that were left behind by the firstborn of the Passover. There were more than enough, it was limited by the number willing to walk in those shoes. If these shoes were also available to the angels in Heaven and they chose not to walk in them then they can have no complaints. But were they available up there?

They were available to those 100 million (?) demons who were thrown out of Heaven and down to earth. Not one of them chose to walk in them, they would prefer to go to Hell then to do so! They are evil and good and evil cannot mix! It is an issue which we will have to answer probably in the chapter on the Heavenly rebellion. Could it be compared to you with your brand new Porsche and me with my old Toyota. I am not saying that I too would not love to own a new Porsche but I don’t want the problems that it brings; would not/could not afford the insurance and running costs, parts cost an arm and a leg and even more to put them in, damage, vandalism, accidents, jealousy to name a few. With my 93 Toyota is not insured and when I hear that screech and thump I don’t even get out of my car to check for damage, got most of the parts and know how to put them in, had astronomical amount of fun in it and in short quite happy with it! As happy as you are with your new Porsche? Maybe but a different type of happiness to yours! The angels might be perfectly happy in Heaven too but a different type of happiness to the bride! But no I do not desire my Toyota to come to Heaven with me! (last Sabbath satan was given a chance to test JK. I has just finished my 2,000 odd word essay and wanted to save it when everything went blank. Nothing in ‘saved recent versions’ and nothing in the unsaved versions either. The whole blog was gone! Upsetting, yes! The day before was there an explosion in the LPG system in the Toyota! Most of my life and most of my cars have had LPG but nothing like this explosion! I did not think anything survived in the engine! But as usual the beloved had the answer; prayer and it worked! Chapter nine, the Passover.

It was at the Passover and because of the Passover that the bride was chosen. It was here that the Levites were separated from the congregation and in Heaven this points to the bride being separated from the angels.


It has never been my intention to belittle Good Friday, GFPMC but to exalt the Day of Atonement a Thursday night rapture of Jesus and His harvest. If referring to the day in general I will just use DOA without any subscripts, either 3888 or 7777. It is very easy to extol DOA as it is not mentioned by any ministry or church that I know of, it has zero significance. This is the Scriptural. It was first introduced in Eden on the day our first parents sinned. Before they sinned they were aware of the consequences of their sin; you will surely die, but the solution to their sin was not given until they actually fell over; the Day of Atonement, DOA. It consisted of two events; Eve’s seed would crush the head of satan and satan would bruise the heel of Eve’s seed. In that order. It was re-enacted by Abraham and Isaac and by God in killing those two goats in Eden to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve. Both DOA enactments and the solution that God has to restore the sin broken relationship of man to God. Passover was not introduced until some 2,500 years later and it unlike DOA was not a certainty, it was an option. Passover will be used until the cross on Mount Calvary but from that day onwards, 14/01/3889 ac it will be just called GFPMC. Passover was introduced on 01/01/01 in Egypt and in two stages. I hope to be able to answer why the first altar is standing on uneven ground, 01/01/01 but then

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14/01/02 and onwards on the grounds of Jesus beginning the new creation of the universe on 01/01/01 of new eternal time, taking seven days to complete it and then it taking us seven days to make our was through the curtain that was torn on 10/07/486 at 3pm and on to this newly created earth on 14/01/01 but then requiring a year to get our selves together enough to celebrate the first Heavenly Passover on 14/01/02. The Old Testament introduces DOA well before Passover.

So it is in the New Testament. The OT is actually about DOA, it is about Jesus returning to Heaven on Thursday night and the NT is about Jesus staying on for GFPMC. There are four links between these two testaments and they are the four gospels. The first three, the Synoptics lay the foundation for that link and John’s Gospel is that link. Scripture is skewed towards DOA. It may not be as heavily skewed as 99 to 1 as I am taking but then again this is a Scriptural number. If as now the theme develops and indicates that this is wrong I will not hesitate to correct it! But John by looking ahead in the beginning and seeing the darkness of noon to 3pm of GFPMC has introduced Passover into the New Testament. The link between NT to OT and by having the Passover in Numbers nine, among other places, brings the NT back into the OT. The OT is about the DOA and the NT is about GFPMC. Chapter nine in Numbers is about Passover.

It is first and foremost the establishment of the link between the OT and NT. This link will connect not just the OT and NT for us now it will pass into the first Heaven and ultimately the new earth and finally the New Jerusalem. Passover is the reason there are two Heavens and not just one. GFPMC was not/is not responsible for tearing the curtain on the doorway between the two universes, that will happen on the DOA7777 when the requirement for the abolishing of all sin is met, but GFPMC has also one door with a torn curtain which it has been suggested was for Christians to day to walk through into the tent of meeting and begin serving our Jesus as priests. This is the transition from the OT role of Levite to the NT role of priest or saint or redeemed or bride. Because of the tear that occurred back on 3pm on GFPMC we are soon to be taken by Jesus at His second coming into the first Heaven where we will the first 1,800 odd years of our eternal existence!

Passover was the reason why and at which the Levites were separated from the congregation. It was the mechanism by which it occurred and therefore also the mechanism by which the Levites of Heaven, the bride/saints are separated from Heaven’s congregation of angels. They passed on the option of walking in Jesus’ shoes to finally finish up in the New Jerusalem as bride of the bridegroom, they were quite happy where they were. When we finally arrive in this present Heaven in its beauty that is so stunning that to be shown it now would make me glow like a glow worm the very last thing I will be thinking about is making a move to better pastures. The angels are now in these perfect pastures and if they want to qualify for entry into the New Jerusalem they will have to leave the beauty of where they are and come to earth and walk in one of those pairs of shoes that Jesus has left behind but the problems? Every chance that when satan is allowed to test them that they will fall and not even make it back to Heaven! Then look at that Jordan River that the bride will have to cross; stones of varying sizes and of varying degree of slipperiness. The falls are going to be many and some real big ones in among them! It is wonderful that you became a Christian because Jesus worked a miracle in your life but the degree of bondage with Him is going to have to be above that of a miracle worker! No the tests are going to have to be more severe than that after all eternity is concerned now. It is not as if all falls will result but major crashes. I would certainly regard the test and the fall that followed as major. To be handed your first child for the first time by an idiot and told we would be lucky if she ever achieved a mental age of two and a half years. Yes I failed and I crashed but Jesus did not abandon me! Recently if we were handed our grandchild and told to look after her and she might get to a mental age of two and a half neither of us would have jumped for joy but we had discussed it and we would try to bring this child up. There has been much testing over the last 50 years and pray fully there will be enough resilience and bondage to Jesus to come through the soon coming great tribulation and the resulting great harvest. The angels decided to stay put they could not image a place of greater beauty than they were in! Why should they come to earth, sin and fall and hurt their Jesus on the cross so they could move up by one tier in Heaven? In Heaven there is a bride and a congregation of angels and this separation is based on Passover! There are still many nuances to be resolved and many may not even apply up there in the New Jerusalem. Up there the bride certainly makes it

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into the New Jerusalem but all the congregation are up there somewhere and doing something we have not been told yet. Down here most of the Levites make it, not Korah but very few of the congregation do. Such are the problems of associating down here with up there!

The dates of 01/01/01 and also 14/01/02 are of critical importance and much theology is based on them. In Eden2 we must be on the edge of our universe with a door that will allow us to pass onto the new universe. So as we see Peter’s fires approaching us, the conflagration that is consuming this present universe and we count seven seconds to go, six seconds to go, five seconds to go, four seconds to go, three seconds to go and one second to go the conflagration arrives at our doorway and extinguishes. We spin around and the curtain is gone and we see Jesus beginning the creation of the new universe; time 0.0 and date 01/01/01. This event, time and date are only possible because of what Jesus did on GFPMC on earth that has just disappeared on 14/01/3889 ac. Without GFPMC we would not be seeing now what is happening!

It is okay to say that there was a doorway into the new universe after DOA7777 but no such doorway after DOA3888. GFPMC was the difference but how did this bring this doorway into existence? In both scenarios DOA3888 and DOA7777 was unintentional unconfessed sin gone? Yes, and by the same mechanism. The high priest took these sins for himself and his family to hell and had them destroyed! This cannot be the reason why DOA3888 produced no doorway into the new universe. Well what about confessed intentional sin? In DOA3888 and the return of Jesus on Thursday night these sins would have gone onto the scapegoat which was Jesus but in DOA7777 these scapegoat sins had already been dealt with between 9am and noon on GFPMC. So what is the difference between the scapegoat being pushed over a cliff and the scapegoat hanging on a cross for three hours? Is this why this door appears or does it appear because of what happened between noon and 3PM on GFPMC, the hours of darkness? The difference between DOA3888 and DOA7777 was GFPMC and it has to be a monumental difference! DOA3888 could occur without GFPMC but GFPMC could not occur without DOA3888!

I would not be sitting here today and the world would not exist as it does today had Jesus gone through the Thursday night rapture from Gethsemane with His ninety nine sheep. He was not going to stay on and worry about number one hundred; they are just not worth the effort! He had almost done His Father’s work and now what required to be completed was to crush satan’s head and in turn have His heel bruised. He would have restored the break that had occurred at the fall and all those who came to Him were on the verge of entering Heaven. But ‘only’ the first Heaven and the doorway into the second Heaven did not even exist! The Father’s work had been completed! If Jesus wanted to form a very special relationship with these Heavenly arrivals He was entitled to do so, it was His work, His prerogative.

This then leads us to two reasons for the existence of the doorway between DOA3888 and DOA7777 and whether we live in the first or the second Heavens forever or whether Jesus returned to Heaven on Thursday night or stayed on for GFPMC. The difference between the scapegoat being pushed over a cliff or hanging on the cross for three hours from 9am to Noon and what contribution the noon to 3pm had on the existence of this doorway. Both scapegoats were symbols of Jesus Christ, both scapegoats died, both scapegoats involved confessed sin both intentional and unintentional, one died in a matter of seconds as it was pushed over a cliff and the other died after three hours on the cross (or at least passed onto the next stage of suffering), one’s death occurred on the day of worship, DOA3888 was a day of worship the other one died away from this day of worship, both died outside of the city and temple. The only issue I can see here is that of time. Did that scapegoat that was pushed over a cliff in the ten or twenty seconds have enough time to run through all the sins that God’s people had placed on Him up to this time? The one on the cross had three hours to call out the names of the redeemed; JK Mine!

The other part of this problem is different; the noon to 3pm session of Jesus on the cross on GFPMC. He was not represented by a coat here, He was the Passover lamb. As goat where He was doing His Father’s work but as lamb He was doing His own work. His Father’s  work was where the people came to Him and asked for forgiveness, His own work He went with cap in hand, as servant and slave and with humility and beauty He tried to win people over to Himself!  As creator He washed His created feet! He had no choice but to show the

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full extent of His love! It was only the full extent of His love that could destroy the full depth of evil which manifested itself for the hatred of God’s Son. The issue here was the hatred of people for Him, the issue was the beast within. It had nothing to do with satan although no doubt he was egging them on! This evil, this beast was destroyed in those whose names Jesus called as ‘Mine!’ This beast was killed, crushed and thrown into the fires of hell and would have been totally destroyed had Jesus not rescued and resuscitated it. The DOA did not involve the beast it involved satan.

No that doorway onto the new universe appeared only on GFPMC. It is the doorway into the New Jerusalem and it is inside the Most Holy Place; the full extent of the love of Jesus!


There are actually two dates of 10/01/01. We have just some time looking at 01/01/01 in the new universe a date made possible because Jesus went to the cross of GFPMC. He doubled time from 3,889 years for humanity to 7,777 odd years and established a doorway into the other universe. He did not tear the curtain across this doorway on GFPMC but did so on DOA7777 but this date up there only happened because GFPMC happened. The other 01/01/01 of Egypt did not happen. There was the option of GFPMC occurring but it was not the favoured option and it did not occur.

This is the theme of the synoptic gospels; no GFPMC, Jesus left with His lot and went back to Heaven on the Thursday night. If this is the story Daniel (9:24-27) is telling then we know we are on a sure thing. Daniel deals with finishing transgression. This a one size fits all. It is like saying a ‘burnt offering’. There is no need to describe other aspects of it. To offer a burnt offering all boxes had to be ticked and likewise finishing transgression. It doesn’t matter what their colour and number is, they are all gone! The only event that can be being referred to is the Day of Atonement when all sin will be accounted for and there are two Days of Atonements; DOA7777 which will happen in some 1,800years and run off GFPMC which doubled time and DOA3888 which should have happened with no GFPMC, at half time and Jesus returning back to Heaven on the night of 13/01/3889 ac. This is the scenario that I want to look now and the fact that it shoots down most of this blog up to now I will not leave in abeyance but state it thus cushioning further changes. The case is Matthew or synoptics telling the story of Jesus coming down from Heaven for the first time and how He evangelised not just His own people but the gentiles as well and decide not to stay on for the Friday and be murdered but return to His Father with the 99 sheep, clean them up, complete His Father’s work, go from den2 into Heaven and live forever happily ever after!

Daniel breaks the last 490 years of time of humanity, both DOA3888 and DOA7777 into seventy lots of seven (70 * 7 = 490). The first lot that Jesus has already been through. The first lot of seven lots of seven was about a directive that would authorise the rebuilding of the temple (took 49 years) then 62 lots of 7 (434 years until Jesus was baptised) then it is all about that last seven years which of itself is split into two lots of 1,260 days. The Bible in the hands of academia today is the classic example of pearl among swine and Scripture copes with this by tossing in a slipper among the dogs. My goodness gracious me, do they tear it to pieces! Daniel could not have written this before the event happened, the genitive of this does not fit  the dative of this, the author who wrote this up after the event was whoever and all brilliant stuff like this. All garbage, all crap! The Holy Spirit will allow in due course for this decree to be found but I for the life of me can’t see why you can’t count back 49 years from the dedication of the temple to the decree, it has to be in the ball park somewhere. But it is not the 49 years backwards that are of concern 434 years forward that should give the year in which Jesus was baptised that are of at least some concern and would be nice to know about. It is the last seven years of Daniel that are of real concern! (7 + 62 + 1 = 70).

The first 1,260 days are the ministry of Jesus Christ. Jesus was cut off from Heaven and He did have nothing. Some aspects do not fit its final enactment and the moat is one of these. The city may have been destroyed on the night that Jesus left or soon after, but neither did happen. It is the covenant that was made in the middle of this seven which is the issue, the covenant of the blood and the last supper. I don’t accept the description of clanger for associating this covenant of blood with its continuation in the Father’s kingdom

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where I took GFPMC to have occurred on the next day. I joined both Thursday night to the Friday and this left Jesus with continuing the Thursday meal on the Friday where Passover was supposed to be but this is not the intention of the synoptics which no doubt have an input from Daniel; Day of Atonement only with no input from GFPMC, it wasn’t there, Jesus left for Heaven the night before! So what was this covenant of blood?

Well what else happened in the remaining 1,260 days for transgression to finish?  Very little seemed to occur with this regard for the first 1,260 days of the ministry of Jesus. If He was to finish His Father’s work then He would have crush the head of satan, throw satan into hell and destroy him and He would have to have His own heel bruised as on the Day of Atonement, DOA3888. Once these two things had happened Daniel could declare that transgression was finished. Back to the covenant of the blood.

There was a covenant of blood of the Passover lamb established way back in Egypt on the 01/01/01; the Passover. This covenant was quite specific and it stood for the eternities to come, it did not have to be renewed and in fact was responsible for events that took place on 01/01/01 in the new universe by supplying the doorway for access to this new world. This blood of the Passover lamb had to be applied to the doorframes of where the people would spend their eternities in to enjoy their inheritance. It was to this doorway that the blood of the lamb (red heifer?) was applied. When Jesus went back to Heaven on Resurrection Sunday morning He was not checking whether the blood was acceptable, He was checking that all requirements had been met, that He indeed had drunk every drop that was in the cup of iniquity His Father had handed Him, He was not checking on the validity of the covenant.

The only blood that was to be shed after that evening meal in those upper chambers (Heaven ?)  was in the Day of Atonement DOA3888 which had to occur within 1,260 days of  His rapture to finish transgression.


In atonement Matthew on that Thursday night last supper the blood of the covenant of Passover Egypt was not valid, it had not been enacted and because Jesus was leaving before the night it was to be activated it would not be activated the next day or ever. This was always Heaven’s preferred option and why it is causing us so many problems now in Numbers where so many foundational truths of the NT are found. No that night of 13/01/3889 ac the covenant of blood that was being established was a new covenant of blood. Before I realised the significance of the Thursday night rapture I had in mind that Jesus would go to the cross the next day and activate Egypt’s Passover covenant so Thursday night Jesus was establishing an additional covenant of blood. This now involved the Day of Atonement, DOA3888. From here Jesus as High Priest would take His blood (symbolically the blood of the bull) into the Most Holy Place and on the grounds of this blood the 99 sheep would be admitted into Heaven, the one we spend our first 1,800 odd years of eternity in. Future celebrations of the Lord’s Supper up there, ‘I will not eat again of this meal until I am with you in My Father’s kingdom’, will therefore be on the Thursday night as the Passover had not occurred. This is an incredibly beautiful answer to the problem of the covenant of blood. Our faith has many tenets but I still think the most important is that of the blood of Jesus and now we tied the two sources of the blood of Jesus together; two covenants, GFPMC and DOA7777.

Another issue  that chapter nine raises is that of uncleanliness because of a dead person and under ordinary circumstances I would leave it alone for another visit. But a summary is a last visit and therefore necessitates at least some effort to solve it even if it is placed in [  ] and leads to nowhere. The issues raised are at least fourfold; the cities of refuge, the release of blood by that Roman spear at 4pm on GFPMC, that river of blood that is some 70 metres wide, the depth of a horse’s bridle and the length of Israel left over when the wine press of the fury of God has trampled all the grapes, and the nature of evil. When that new universe is finally created there should not be any evil or sin. It is not good enough for the beast within us to be up to its sixth or even last lives when this creation takes place and we stream across onto it.

[ I have associated the cities of refuge with the cross of GFPMC. They are not, they are there for unintentional sins of killing our Saviour. They are covered by the DOA3888. Intentional sins are specifically excluded and as in DOA3888 they are presented they must be gathered and placed on the head of the

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scapegoat and removed outside of both the temple and as this temple defines Jerusalem as the city of God, outside of the city as well. These are the problems with jumping the gun at too low a level of discernment which may be corrected with 27 chapters still to go. The city of refuge only was required whilst the present high priest was alive and the person could leave after his death. Was this the change of the high priest’s role from lamb and lion to that of Melchizedek where we are free to leave at any time or is this the establishment of the city of refuge under Melchizedek and will therefore last forever? The city of refuge was for unintentional sins then where is the city for intentional sins? The blood of the burnt offering was to be thrown against the altar. The blood of the burnt offering of Jesus Christ between 3pm and 4pm was held within His body and was not released until 4pm by that Roman spear. The burnt offering of GFPMC was finished by the release of blood  at 4pm but the burnt offering of DOA7777 was finished by 4pm by the gathering of this blood, every last droplet of it! The blood that poured out of the side of Jesus at 4pm congealed and set that piece of wood with the iron in it inside of the stone that it stood on. At 4pm on DOA7777 all the blood of Jesus, including that which had gushed out at 4pm on GFPMC, was collected. It was gathered up into a golden censor lined with prayers and it was to be returned to Jesus the next morning, Resurrection Sunday. If the cross was concreted into the stone tablets with the Ten Commandments at 4pm on GFPMC then it was ‘unconcreted’ on at 4pm on DOA7777. If there had not been any GFPMC, a Thursday night rapture, then there would be no ‘unconcreting’ to do, so why was the concreting done in the first place and what did it achieve?

With no GFPMC and the outpouring of the blood of Jesus at 4pm would there have been an outpouring of blood from the great winepress of God’s wrath where all the clusters of grapes that had ripened were trampled to form that mighty river of blood the length of the country and 70 metres wide and to a horse’s bridle deep? (in future called the evil river) What were these grapes? If they have been through hell then there should be nothing left. Hell consumes and destroys all! Even it something had miraculously come through it would have been refined, all evil burnt off it. The body of Jesus went to Calvary’s fires with our sins on this scaffold and came out as ashes, all sins had been burned off. So what were these grapes with all this blood that still incurred the wrath of God? It appears that they do follow the 4pm release of blood from GFPMC. Jesus has just offered all that even God could offer; His only begotten Son! He offered Himself as servant and slave and on offer was the full extent of His love! Those who rejected it are now on display as the epitome44 of evil. This evil is now packaged and localised on the border and it is from here that the conflagration that consumes the whole universe begins. It is a conflagration that was localised by 4pm of GFPMC!


This blog is not a political commentary and I have deliberately stayed away from the New Zealand massacre but the distinguishing hallmark of Christianity is not that we pray just for our friends and family but also for our  enemies and not just a fleeting glancing prayer under obligation but a heartfelt prayer for Jesus’ created which is what Muslims are. This I have done but my Christianity has not yet reached the level where if I know the lion I release will kill and eat me I will not release that lion. Around the world wherever Islam is given a chance to dominate you don’t have to do a DNA analysis on what it spits out; Christianity but that again is how democracy works, the top dog rules. Our definitions  define us as antonyms; to Christians Jesus is divinity and it is blasphemy to deny this. To Islam this definition is blasphemy and the suggestion that Jesus is God is blasphemy worthy of death. We could not be further separated! Both should be able to live in a democracy! But the evil this blog is concerned about is the evil within.

The evil within is categorised as defilement form contact with a dead person, the concreting in of the cross of GFPMC by the congealing blood released at 4pm on GFPMC and the ‘unconcreting’ if there is such a thing of the wood with the iron in it from the stone tablets at 4pm on DOA7777 by the collection of this congealed blood and returning it to Jesus. It is about the cities  and the city of refuge  and when the high priest dies and releases those inside and it is about evil, the beast and the cross of GFPMC. There is an extra category that seems to have appeared and I will treat it in [ ]  as the reason why I have now categorised evil, beast and sin as GFPMC and sin as DOA7777.

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[ GFPMC’ cross was split into two distinct sessions; the hours of light, 9am until noon and the hours of darkness, noon till 3pm. The hours of light were really a transfer from DOA3888. They were my confessed sins, they were scapegoat sins and they could have been handled on DOA3888. They did not have to have a separate time, date to be dealt with. GFPMC dealt with the confessed sins and did away with the confessed sins of JK. The hours of light were the sin component but the hours of darkness were the beast component. They were different and had to have a separate day. It was here that the beast within me was killed. It was Jesus Christ showing the full extent of His love in calling JK ‘Mine!’ It was that display of love that caused the beast within me to respond, ‘Over my dead body!’ and its wish was granted. It was killed, regardless of how many lives it had be that seven or ninety eight, it was killed, crushed and thrown into the fire. Hebrews tells us this fire can be turned up or down, it was at maximum setting! Each one of those actions, the killing, the crushing or the fires were enough (although the fire aspect will soon be questioned) to kill this beast and how many of the lives Jesus restored to this beast we are not told but it was resuscitated and is active in me today. I know it had to be at least two lives because I am a different person who went into the baptismal font and the one who came out. I have given this beast seven lives but is that correct? Could it be three or ten or twelve or some other number? Let us follow the above scenario through for the wicked; sin and evil.

The other event for destroying sin and evil (?) is the Day of Atonement either DOA3888 or the first coming or DOA7777 at the fourth coming of Jesus. Daniel (9:24-27) implied but Numbers six actual events are dated. Eight days before the DOA7777 satan is defeated and thrown into hell along with all the wicked, all souls conceived but not in the waiting armies above. Satan is the embodiment of evil, it began when the first thoughts of rebellion entered his head and led to the great revolt and the last in hell as the fires of hell are extinguished. If the fires of hell could have been turned up enough to destroy evil then they have not been turned that far up. There are two things that remain when the fires of hell have gone out for the last time; 70 trillion (?) unconfessed, unintentional sins and evil. The 70 trillion sins go to the DOA7777 and the evil goes to the winepress of God’s wrath where they are trampled yielding that river of evil blood. My ideas concerning DOA7777 remain the same but those relating to the river of evil blood have changed.

Peter’s fires that destroy this universe are still the conflagration that begins when this river bursts into flames and burns in all directions destroying all evil. Before I had the flames stopping when they got to the place we were waiting in, Eden2, well now I have changed my mind and these flames even consume the evil within us. It does not matter whether the beast within us was up to its sixth or seventh life it is destroyed. These fires are indeed for the destruction of all evil, the beast within! So now when we spin around and see Jesus begin His second creation of the universe it is indeed into a sinless and evil less environment. But if we have no beast at all in us as we cross over into the new world then I have some backtracking to do. I know as fact that the beast within me was destroyed on GFPMC and therefore I assumed that it could only be destroyed again by that same cross and event, it was going to be seeing the beauty of this cross and the full extent of the love of Jesus that would once and for all destroy this beast, but it is already dead before I got onto the new earth, so how has this changed events?


The subject of Numbers nine is the Passover as it is for most of the OT and even more of the NT and of many commentaries and sermons and should be even more of our lives and unashamedly  of this blog. But there has been a sharp change of direction, before we needed its light to kill the beast within us and shine onto DOA7777 to prepare us for entry into the New Jerusalem, the former we no longer need and our eyes should now be focused on the New Jerusalem. The beast dies whilst we are still on this universe, the results of that Roman spear opening up the side of Jesus at 4pm on GFPMC have been brought into fruition. Numbers nine requires us to focus on this Passover event of 14/01/02 and not 01/01/02.

I/we correctly assume that all our confessed sins were forgiven and obliterated on GFPMC. But if GFPMC was supposed to be the removal of intentional sin then why is sin not mentioned on either 01/01/01 in Egypt or any 14/ 01/02 onwards events? It may be implied that the blood on the doorframe  was responsible for removing our sins as we walked through it but something this important should be stated somewhere. It seems to assume that these sins have already been dealt with in DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 specifically in the

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scapegoat. And if this is what happened on GFPMC, all our confessed sins were obliterated and it was the focus of this event then when the Nazirite was decommissioned He should have handed in a burnt offering of a ram and the sin offering of a goat. Goat’s blood should have been taken into the Most Holy Place to seek mercy and acceptance of the sacrifice to follow; the scapegoat, Jesus Christ taking on Himself all confessed sin and being led outside of the city and pushed over a cliff! No, when the Nazirite was decommissioned in year 490 of Daniel He handed in two one year old lambs; a male lamb for a burnt offering and a ewe-lamb for a sin offering. There is no mention of a goat on the 01/01/01 nor on 14/01/02 and onwards, they are all one year old lambs; the lamb of the Passover, His blood and His body!

To be ‘fair’ though there is going to be a combination of lamb and goat on GFPMC in the red heifer and the ashes left over with the waters of Meribah in them both are the source of eternal life which is the study of this red heifer, both goat and lamb. Both light and dark hours of GFPMC, goat and lamb, are to be studied and appreciated but the focus is to be the Passover Lamb, those hours of darkness, noon to 3pm, GFPMC. The fires of hell have just burned all my confessed sins away from 9am until noon as they burned the sins away of satan and all the wicked living in hell but that still leaves the issue of evil, the beast within, the tendency to disobey God. This was not destroyed in hell either for the righteous or the unrighteous. God’s wrath is still present and not this disobedience tendency that is the problem but when it comes to its full fruition; rejecting the blood of Jesus Christ, He has been to hell for naught and His blood is now poured out onto the ground. He should not have done what He did, it was of no value.

This is the answer that the overwhelming number of His creation will give Jesus and this evil will have to be got rid of at another time and another way. It is in the winepress of God’s fury. But JK did not reject this precious blood in this way, he  took advantage of it. By noon on GFPMC all my confessed sins, the scapegoat sins have gone and unconfessed sins will be taken on by Jesus whenever so I am truly sinless. Only then can Jesus call, ‘JK Mine!’. To be become His the beast must die and the beast within me was destroyed at this call. Jesus showing the full extent of His love has destroyed this beast. It was that Jesus allowed this joining to occur that was the action of the Passover lamb and His blood. It was not about sin, DOA3888 had been announced some 2,500 years before as the solution to sin, no Passover was over and above this act of DOA3888, it required for DOA3888 to happen but it was over and above it! The degree to which Jesus resurrected the beast within me could be indicated between the behaviour of the saved and the damned whose names were not called after noon of GFPMC. This however does not work as satan is an expert tailor and can fit a sheep’s suit almost perfectly to himself, look at the question of paedophilia within Bible based churches!

This can lead into the question of the blood of Jesus pouring and congealing around the cross at 4pm on GFPM and concreting the piece of wood with the iron in it onto/into the stone tablets it stood on to the ‘unconcreting’ process at 4pm on DOA7777 when this blood was gathered back up again. This analysis could only apply to DOA7777 and not DOA3888 as there was no GFPMC in DOA3888 because Jesus went back to Heaven with His ninety nine sheep the day before He went to the cross. There was no Passover Lamb. The ‘unconcreting’ process coincides with the change of ministry of the Nazirite. All His previous ministry has been voided and the clock starts again from 4pm on 17/07/486, DOA7777. So what is this last part of the ministry about that allowed this congealed blood to be removed that blood that which made the cross and the ten commandments into one unit?


I have struck many new ideas in this blog so far, new to me anyway. The new idea can only stand if it is supported by the tenets of our faith how many you may number them as. The dual role of our Nazirite was certainly a new idea as trying to follow the history of the blood of Jesus especially around the cross of GFPMC. It confirmed the blood of the covenant that was made in Egypt on 01/01/01 and it is the blood of this covenant this we are mostly dealing with. There is an option in the synoptic gospels  where Jesus left earth with His ninety nine sheep and went back to Heaven on Thursday night and this option opens up the new covenant of blood where the blood of Jesus as represented by the twin bird sacrifice was taken to Heaven and accepted in DOA7777 thus linking both cross events. Talk about new ideas! No we are back at 4pm on GFPMC. This blood

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has been through a six hour cross event and a journey to hell. It was not thrown against the altar/cross in the burnt offering of 3pm to 4pm it was still a part of the body of Jesus. The separation and congealing began at 4pm.

A major event like this would have to have at least seven critical implications and one could be; On GFPMC cross Jesus did away with all my sins but He also did away with the evil within me. He killed the beast and even though He also crushed it and threw it into the furnace for whatever reason/reasons Jesus also resuscitated it and it lives in me today and it makes sure that I cannot keep God’s Laws or ways. Jesus provided a way for this to happen. By allowing His blood to be poured out and setting at the base of His cross it has set and joined the wood with the iron to the stone tablets, they are now one. ‘All’ I have to do is to believe in this blood of Jesus. It has set and those Ten Commandments set in stone are meeting the harsh requirements of that cross! I cannot be wrong by having faith in the blood of Jesus! Yes at this stage it is still the blood of the Passover Lamb and there is no mention of my sins! It is not as if they are not there, well actually they are not but they have played in the role of getting to 4pm on GFPMC. They first had to be presented to the flames of hell by the scapegoat and were burned up. Being sinless allowed Jesus to show the full extent of His love; He called, ‘JK Mine!’. This killed the beast within me, all of its lives regardless of how many it had. But Jesus resurrected this beast within me and gave me a solution of how to cope with it; by faith in the blood of Jesus!  The requirements on that stone are fully met according to the wood that is standing on it! Enough for the congealing of the blood but what about its uncongealing and removal back to the body from which it flowed out of in the first place? 4pm on DOA7777, 10/07/486.

It was certainly a new idea that the ministry of Jesus Christ comes in two stages. Those 70 trillion sins were real sins and had to be dealt with as any other sins were dealt with, being confessed to and accepted by Jesus Himself were not mitigating circumstances. His defilement period was actually longer than for our sins. I know that I have concentrated on this defilement period especially when Jesus comes out of it; He comes out as transfiguration Jesus and the process of Jesus becoming one with us has now changed to one of us becoming one with Him. This can only be possible if the beast within us is dead. I have recently moved this event from the new universe to our present one and now move it to DOA7777 at 4pm. It took the cross, both stages of it, GFPMC and DOA7777 to kill this beast within me but finally it is dead! The blood has served its purpose and it was faith in that blood that congealed around the cross on GFPMC that got me into Heaven in the first place but there is no need for it anymore. It can be gathered and returned back to the body from which it originally came from; Jesus Christ!

I will not fully begin to appreciate the beauty of this total cross event, both stages until I am in those final Heavens and that will only be because Jesus will spend time with me, ‘when I am in my Father’s kingdom. The very best that we can get to on this earth and this includes, ‘Moses had finished building the temple’ a 1,260 days full on one to one communication with the master builder Himself the level we will have attained is 0.1 flour, 0.25 oil and 0.25 drink offering. To be shown inside of the New Jerusalem and not be killed by the shock of what we see it will require 0.3 flour, 0.5 oil and 0.5 drink offering. All that is up there and in some four year’s time. But here I am; 4pm on 10/07/486. Numbers (6:12)

Jesus could not make the call, ‘Finished’ unless it was evidenced by the burnt offering. The twin bird burnt offering was made from 3pm to 4pm on this day. His seven day defilement period finished the day before but the counter of Nazirite ministry did not restart until 4pm. It does not cease to amaze that 7,773 years of ministry has been voided by Heaven/Scripture and only the last 1,260 days will count. The second stage of His ministry does not go on forever, He is decommissioned after 1,260 days. The first part of His ministry did not have to be in two stages, in fact the favoured option was one stage. At half time Jesus came to earth and after an evangelistic ministry of 1,260 days He was supposed to gather His ninety nine sheep and bring them home in a Thursday night rapture from Gethsemane into this waiting area I call Eden2, clean them all up in DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 and take them into Heaven with Him; one step, one stage and that is what all of His disciples thought! They could not be blamed for thinking this because Jesus did not decide to add GFPMC to His ministry what could be as late as the last eight days out of a ministry of 1,260 days. To wait for

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this long Jesus fulfilled the OT and His Father’s work which was announced way back in Eden about crushing satan’s head and having His heel bruised in return. His Father did not require GFPMC to meet the conditions of restoring humanity to divinity, that was Jesus’ own work and it was over and above His Father’s DOA3888. We are about to be shown the reason (not reasons because the first 7,773 years have been voided) why He did what He did for us. The why is in terms of the ministry of the Nazirite. When He made His decision to go to GFPMC and withdrew His Shekinah Glory from the temple and washed His disciples feet He knew the enormity of the task He was undertaking, it would consume all of what He was capable of giving! Even if that cup of iniquity had another two or three drops more, He would not have got over the line! Then He would be shown the cup itself and the worthless lot He would be saving; to the ninety nine He would be adding one and number 101 would be disaster! Why did He do it is a very good question indeed!. They certainly were not worth it. Change role from master and king to servant and slave, not just a defilement of  eight days but some 3,888 years of separation from His Father before His decommissioning as a Nazirite would take place and in the meantime He would become one with them. He would spend 4o days in person with them then in the presence of His Holy Spirit. It would be an awfully long time before they would become one with Him! These are but a few of the issues this cross at 4pm on 10/07/486 is going to have to address but the main reason we are here now is the ‘unconcreting’ of the cross that which was concreted at 4pm on GFPMC by the congealing blood that poured out of the side of Jesus and on which I have so heavily relied right up to now. But this blood has now been lifted! It has all gone! The cross did not fall over before the blood was spilt and it does not fall over now that the blood is gone.


The problem with simplicity is that if there is too much of it, it becomes complexity and this could be the case now. Complexity requires [ ], but simplicity does not. The four issues are Jesus went back to Heaven on Thursday night or He stayed on for GFPMC, (two issues and simple) and He poured out His precious blood on the ground at 4pm on GFPMC or that blood was collected up from the ground at 4pm on the Day of Atonement. (a total of four issues and still simple). These issues must be settled before the three synoptic gospels can begin to have any meaning and I start by applying them to Numbers (6:12) by a series of questions and answers and beginning at 4pm, the Day of Atonement.

Question; the cross that we are laying at the foot of now is a DOA3888 cross to which Jesus came after His Thursday night rapture or is this where He doubled time by staying on for GFPMC? (DOA3888 or DOA7777) or could the same scenario be applied to both occasions? Answer; the cross we are laying at the foot of now where we just saw an archangel with a golden censor recover blood of all ages is the DOA7777 cross. The DOA3888 cross would have involved a bull, two goats and two rams but DOA7777 only required the twin bird sacrifice. It was at a much higher level, a bird is a symbol of divinity such as the creature that looks like an eagle and much higher purity in that there is no change of species such as bull to ram or goat to ram, it is bird to bird and the purity of ewe-lamb to male lamb of GFPMC. The fact that the birds did not have much blood to shed then neither did Jesus, only a very small amount of blood was returned to the body of Jesus back on Resurrection Sunday morning. The issue is not the quantity of blood but its quality. The body on the DOA7777 cross was that of Jesus but even in a more divine form than transfiguration Jesus. He had only just finished His defilement period of seven days before He was placed on the DOA7777 cross. What was now stopping true divinity from shining through were those 70 trillion sins He had confessed to. As at 3pm they had all been done away with. Jesus was as High Priest here but still required some humanity as divinity cannot die and divine blood would have put out the fires of hell where these 70 trillion sins were burned up.

The possibility of Jesus taking the Thursday night rapture option was there and the probability of Him using it was also high but He did not take up that option, DOA3888 did not happen. It was supposed to take all the saints from the OT back to Heaven. Scripture uses the name of Noah presumably to represent both pre flood and post flood periods and adds many holy men no doubt many from the genealogy of Matthew, in fact all of Jesus’ creation were present or represented at 3pm in the Most Holy Place in Heaven when the vote was taken. Anyone who prays to Jesus for what He has done for them at 3pm of GFPMC was present there in the

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form of their prayers and we all voted unanimously that Jesus was worthy of taking the scroll from His Father’s hand and opening its seals. The grounds were GFPMC, because He was slain. Bothe Testaments were joined and both on the grounds of Passover. The reason there are 144 million (?) laying at the foot of this cross at 4pm is because the lion from the tribe of Judah took that scroll and opened its seals. ( assuming 140 were from after and four million saved from before GFPMC) But that 4 million saved from before GFPMC they did not the privilege of relying on the blood that was spilled and set at the foot of the cross, how can they be included? They voted to be included and the sacrificial animal system has been running since God killed those two goats way back in Eden. It has been about faith in the blood from the start but it was not materialised until 14/01/3889 ac.

Question 2; Is there a change in the role/ministry of the Nazirite at this time? Answer; At 4pm on DOA7777 we are laying at the foot off the Atonement cross. 9am until 3pm was the sacrifice itself and its completion indicated by the burnt offering of 3pm to 4pm. The twin birds impose changes on GFPMC with which we have been struggling. I have assumed that once Jesus made up His mind to go to the Passover cross that He moved all confessed sin back onto this day. The scapegoat of DOA3888. To only leave twin birds for DOA7777 He must have moved more than this. He also had to move the other goat that was the sin offering. On GFPMC it was not only Eleazar who was sprinkling blood towards the tent of meeting up here, he must have known the direction of where it was but Aaron as divinity high priest had to take the blood out of this sin offering, the scapegoat blood could not be used, and present it as high priest in the Most Holy Place but only on the ground that it be suitable for cleaning the altar/cross and washing all confessed sins firstly onto the body of Jesus which would then take them to hell. Aaron did not have to plead for mercy and acceptance that had already been granted way back in Egypt on 01/01/01. This still leaves the issues of the two ram burnt offerings which would result once the DOA3888 had cleared the decks and removed all sin. The twin birds indicates the austerity and loneliness of the situation Jesus found Himself in; He had left His armies behind in Eden2 and never to see them again and in front of Him were 70 trillion sins blocking His view of His Father. He knew the next time He saw His armies again that He would not be a part of them, they would be a part of Him and what a painful transaction that would be! It should also be remembered that Eleazar and the red heifer are Heaven’s archived form of GFPMC. The divinity included is only there because the life principle is being taught and those sins that make us ashamed of ourselves are where Jesus put them; forgiven, forgotten! That you did spit in My holy face and disobeyed Me with this intentional sin, that you did twist My Word to justify your evil action including murdering Me, and that you thought of Me as a liar whose Word could not be trusted, you knew more than Me! Once confessed, all gone, all forgotten! What an amazing attribute of God; His amnesia!

Question 3; Why did we need GFPMC to get us into the second Heaven with the New Jerusalem in it and what was wrong with the Day of Atonement in that it could only get us into the first Heaven, the one above us now? Answer; We are now getting into square bracket territory. It was already square bracket territory to ask that the scapegoat and the sin offering goat of 9am to noon of GFPMC were supposed to produce a ram as a burnt offering, where is this ram? Only one year old lambs are produced for both sin and burnt offerings? The above question entails more. Out of a ministry of 1,260 days Jesus allocates as little as the last eight days to His own work; the bride and GFPMC. Eight days for His own work and 1,252 days for His Father’s work. This figure looks a lot ‘worse’ if you take the time since creation; 3,900 odd years for His Father’s work and eight days for His own work! When Jesus came to earth some 2,000 years ago He came to do His Father’s work. He was going to gather His own from over four millennia and Peter helped Him by arranging them under three  tents; that of Jesus, the Messiah and Saviour and Moses and one for Elijah and captain of the plane leaving earth on 13/01/3889 ac at 10pm from Gethsemane and return to Heaven with them with a major clean up station of DOA3888. The option for adding Passover was there and practised for over a thousand years but was not added until the last eight (?) days. His ministry as a Nazirite was doing His Father’s work but included His own if He so chose to go ahead with it.

The cross that the 144 million have been laying at its foot of was His Father’s work. It was the DOA7777 cross. The bit where Jesus as Eve’s seed crushed to head of satan happened some eight days before DOA7777. That mountain of sins caused by satan that bruised the heel of Jesus, all 70 trillion of them (?) has also gone.

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The burnt sacrifice proves that. It is now the Nazirite Who is going to continue His Father’s work over the next 1,260 days. Or should this be 1,259 days His Father’s work and one day His own work. To answer this question will be one of those “wow” moments. The issue is no longer sin, satan gone, 70 trillion sins gone so the issue is now evil. I would expect God’s plan of restoring humanity to divinity would include both sin and evil in which we live in Heaven forever. First let us define the seven stages of evil according to Daniel (9:24-27); (1); finish transgression, (2); make an end to sin, (3) make atonement for iniquity, (4) to bring in everlasting righteousness, (5); to seal up vision, (6) to seal up prophesy and (7) to anoint the most holy place. These are decreed for both people and city. Our 1,259 days begins whilst laying at the foot of the DOA7777 cross.

If His resurrection is 6am the next morning then Jesus is going to hang lifeless on this cross for fourteen hours whilst we stare at His limp body. If seeing what we see now does not kill the beast within then nothing ever will. Six hours of active ministry and now looking at the results; fourteen hours of passive ministry. There are no nuances here just harsh reality. To see the flames of hell engulf Him was one thing to hear Him plead, ‘Guilty as charged to each one of my sine I thought benign sins was truly astounding! There are no mitigating factors such as unintentional and unconfessed now they are cruel and evil sin!  He knew each one of these sins was coming when He resuscitated that beast within me way back of GFPMC. The six hours of active suffering was bad enough but these fourteen hours of seeing Jesus hang on this cross is even worse! It makes no difference now whether this beast was badly injured way back on GFPMC or even if I had come up here with Jesus in His Thursday night rapture and there was no GFPMC this beast of evil is dead. There are no words or concepts to describe what happened at 6am the next morning; Resurrection Sunday morning. It must have been some mighty angel that appeared alongside Jesus with a golden censor with His blood because the next thing was that Jesus came to life and opened His eyes up and His gaze was on me! He spent the next 1,259 days personally with me in what Moses describes in earthly terms as, ‘He had finished building the temple’. It was phase two of the ministry of Jesus Christ the phase that followed onto the end of the Day of Atonement, DOA7777. He did not mention any of that phase one ministry He was just concerned in getting me ready for Heaven! It has all been phase two of the ministry of the Nazirite when all of a sudden on day 1,260 and the last day allowed by Daniel at the decommissioning of the Nazirite He produces the cross of GFPMC. The cross of DOA7777 which we have been staring at is combined with the cross of Good Friday! And the announcement is the seven stages of removal of evil have gone!

Could not this announcement have been made just off the ministry of the atonement cross or did it really require what Jesus had done way back on 14/01/3889 ac on GFPMC? Was this ministry that God announced way back in Eden to Eve and to satan deficient in some way? And this brings us back to the original issue; shedding of the blood of Jesus on GFPMC and then gathering it back up again at 4pm on DOA7777.


Numbers nine is about the Passover which did not just make the difference, it made all the difference. The beast within us died as we saw Jesus hanging on the atonement cross (actually still 1,800 years future)  but is this death on the same scale as the death of the beast when exposed to the full extent of the love of Jesus? Divinity versus humanity. It is wonderful that we have seen God’s abhorrence of sin. It gave Him no choice that He had to get rid of it even if that meant Abraham tying up his only beloved son and putting him on the altar/cross. It meant killing him and setting the altar alight with the flames of hell, God has no choice in this matter and we finally agree with Him as we too see sin for what it is. Yes DOA7777 got rid of sin and the 1,260 days after got rid of evil. DOA3888 coped with People but DOA7777 also included the city. The difference between the two deaths of the beast of evil within us was that it died on DOA but with GFPMC it died and the pieces were surgically removed.

We are trying to increase our scope of study to include the synoptic gospels, Matthew initially. Matthew did not point to DAO7777 the twin bird sacrifice his gospel assumed a Thursday night rapture and therefore no GFPMC and no twin bird sacrifice. He looked forward to DOA3888 and a five animal sacrifice. (bull, two goats and two rams) His effort was to join the two branches of Scripture via Leviticus 16. Yes here Abraham still has to put Isaac to death and the Most Holy still needs to be anointed and sin and evil done away with but then

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there is the problem of the city and worse still the cross speciation problems. Much still needs to be gleaned from Matthew before the link to the NT is thrown out, the Gospel of John.

In the OT people looked forward to the benefits of the Lamb shedding His blood but in the NT we look back to it also by faith. Our crime of non belief is far worse than those of the OT and the wine press of God’s wrath will press out far more evil blood and all this evil being destroyed by Peter’s fires is the last hoorah for our present universe! In the meantime these are wonderful hypothetical questions to ponder, the DOA3888 which was supposed to occur but did not and the future DOA7777 which will occur in some 1,800 years time. (specifically 10/07/486)  It will certainly not be a pleasant time for us, character building never is but the results are assured, there is a 100% pass rate up there. DOA7777 results in the trump card production. It does not happen until the very last day allowed by Daniel, day 1,260, the decommissioning of the Nazirite. All we really need to know is that the burnt offering of the Lamb was presented, that one that hung on the cross from 3pm to 4pm on GFPMC. If you want to know more then there was a sin offering there which accounted for the sins of the bride, a ewe-lamb sin offering. Do you still want to know why it all went through not just for Daniel’s people but his city as well? Well Jesus made a peace offering with God the Father. He asked for the admittance of His bride, they were a married couple; bride and bridegroom. We were presented as such at at least four levels. We were presented and accepted symbolically as a basket of cakes, a 144 million of them (?) Each individual accepted. Then we were presented in our families/tribes, as wafers and twelve of them. Then we were supposed to pick an individual who would be the first to march onto the new earth and finally into the new city and unanimously we chose the lion from the tribe of Judah. No, those cakes were not all the same! The grounds of our unity, of our marriage we waved the boiled shoulder of the ram. It was near the head which was in the fires of hell but it also received some heat treatment! We waved Christianity and the thighs we lifted we were asking to be ruled by God, theocracy! No, this Lamb on day 1,260 added much to the other ‘pure’ 1,259 days of the atonement cross of DOA7777! Not only was the beast within us dead and there now would be no chance of ever sinning again as in the case of DOA3888 it was surgically removed, all of its dead pieces, they had to be because we were one now with Jesus and it is on this ground were are admitted into the new city. The marvels of what this Nazirite did in both the 1,252 days (?) doing His Father’s work and in the last eight days doing His own work will stun us for the eternities to come!

But all this is not just some future fairy tale or dream, it is a reality today. The top offering that Jesus will present and covers the rest of the details regardless of how many and how complex has already been offered and is/should be the central tenet of our faith; the burnt offering of Jesus Christ hanging on that cross of GFPMC between 3pm and 4pm accompanied by that call, ‘It is finished!’ There is no greater sin than spurning this burnt offering! There is still much water or much time to pass before Jesus holds out this offering before His creation and we won’t have to check if we are attached to it because the choice of doing or not doing is ours and we are given a lifetime to make it!

Having made the choice to accept Jesus we are by no means left alone. He has left His shoes behind for us to walk in. Notice the wording here, ‘to walk in’. There is nothing there about trials that will make us trip and catastrophes that will make us fall, no it is only the walk that is what is required and even that is not counted. Jesus has already done this walk for us and it is His walk that counts alone. He has already had His precious blood spilled and that blood congealed at the foot of the cross. It is what is responsible for setting the wood with the iron in it, the cross onto the stone it stood on; the stone tablets with the Ten Commandments. We too by believing in that blood take advantage of the fact that this cross has met the requirements of those commandments. It is attributed to us that we have kept the Ten Commandments and met God’s requirements.

Not only has Jesus left His blood behind He has also left His Holy Spirit behind to stop satan from washing this blood away and rendering it as useless. It is Jesus Who sends His Holy Spirit because it is Jesus Who knows who is going to Heaven. At all costs you must stay away from these demonic ministries because they can only instil demons in you they cannot pass on the Holy Spirit. They are easy enough to distinguish; they try to wash away the blood of Jesus from the foot of the cross. They say there are no commandments

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written on that stone and no need for the blood to join the wooden cross to the commandments. They are liars and there is no truth in them! You just have to ask them one question; What does the word ‘remember’ mean in the fourth commandment which God wrote Himself on stone? The litany of lies will confirm there is no truth in them! ‘Remember’ actually means to forget and make sure you have nothing to do with it at any costs! They know that if you do remember the Sabbath day you will see it is blessed and one of the blessings that God bestows on you is to have communion with you. He will tell you to stay right away from these demonic ministries and they will no longer be able to flog their demonic messages, usually the call to war! Satan on his demonic worldwide ministries ,the Jimmy Swaggart ministries has a very heavy emphasis on instilling in anyone and everyone who comes within reach his demonic spirit. And yes he will tell you that remember means to forget at all costs. He will need as many demons as possible to spread his wars but at no cost can he have opponents. The demons he instils will not do that! They know that God’s Holy Spirit would tell you, ‘No!’. Satan’s last throw of the dice to spread his demons is a good indication that he is indeed in his last throws. He stands behind and has exchanged powers with both Jew and Jesuit both clambering over each other to knock Christianity off its perch. Scripture tells us it will be the Jew first and the Jesuit given the chance for the knockout blow.

We will not always have to rely on this blood doing the work for us, only whilst here on earth. Up there at 4pm on the DOA7777 of 10/07/486 we will actually see this blood being gathered and taken into Heaven above us. We are thrilled because we know that soon it will be returned to its rightful owner. Right now His arms are outstretched and He is trying to embrace us and when His life and blood are returned this is exactly what He will do, embrace us! He was one with us before but now we will be one with Him! As wife and husband we will enter the new creation!

I will leave these topics behind for now even though many questions remain unanswered. The cities of refuge remain important as it is the death of the high priest that will determine the destiny of those inside. If he dies there will not be any need for the city in the first place. Why then bring it up? Is it just a part of our earthly journey alone? The fact that we are only allowed to travel no further than thirteen months travel away and back to Heaven for Passover indicates the presence of such a city. The question of the synoptic gospel of Matthew will also have to remain in abeyance. At least we are on the right track. We know Jesus has come to earth to collect all the OT saints, his people and He also had a late evangelistic campaign  to the gentiles. They were all going back to Heaven on that Thursday night and leaving from Gethsemane. Jesus was not staying for GFPMC and going to allow His people to murder Him. This is the story of the Day of Atonement of Leviticus 16, DOA3888. But we know that there is a possibility of a Passover event because we have been preparing for it for well over a thousand years. This could come up at any time and it did in the last eight days of the ministry of Jesus Christ! The DOA3888 remained but Passover caused monumental changes to it. Which ever path Jesus took He would finish up suffering for the confessed sins of His creation. That scapegoat had to finish up somewhere. Whether it was pushed over the edge in Eden2 and fell into a black hole or giant white star or finished up on the cross at 9am on GFPMC, it had to finish up somewhere! This was the humanity of Jesus and for this sacrifice to be accepted the high priest, the divinity of Jesus had to take a few drops of this blood into the Most Holy Place and seek mercy. This divinity aspect was the other goat, the sin offering goat. This was not Passover blood that had been guaranteed acceptance way back on 01/01/01 in Egypt, that was the blood of the Passover lamb that was given this guarantee but here we have the blood of goats that is involved. This lamb is what added the extra dimension to DOA3888. That blood on the doorways of those houses in Egypt said that the marriage could go ahead! That decision was never reversed  and never questioned. Much preparation had to be done first, the wedding was still some 3,900 years ahead but the preparations were to be made now. It was going to be held under the banner of the burnt offering which became a reality as on GFPMC at 3pm. The wedding is now but a formality it is just a matter of selecting the bridal party and making sure the uninvited are excluded. The selection rules are rather strict and are drawn up only by the bridegroom. The first rule was they were to be sin free. The scapegoat took care of this. But just because you confessed your sins does not mean you are going to Heaven. It means you won’t have to suffer for these sins in hell, they

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are forgiven and forgotten but do not guarantee a place in Heaven. As many as 500 million people who give their lives for Jesus literally will be classed as ’foolish virgins’ and finish up in hell.  No at noon on GFPMC Jesus went into Passover mode, selection mode. It was over for DOA3888 mode now it was being replaced by Passover and DOA7777, by 1,259 plus one or should that be 1,260 days and one a question I asked a long time ago but still have not been able to answer it.


The issue then becomes whilst the goats were present in DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 they produced a ram for a burnt offering a cross species but when these goats were transferred into the Passover of GFPMC they produced a one year old male lamb for a burnt offering, still cross species but different to DOA3888. The struggle with these changes is the struggle of John’s and the synoptics gospels and because it involves Passover or GFPMC it is not just  something that was possible but most unlikely. It is not just most unlikely but a certainty, it did happen and we are seeking a gentle way of being introduced into the topic. That gentle approach was taken in Numbers six. A very clear cut off and start time; 4pm on DOA7777 on 10/07/486, don’t count what happened before only count from this time onwards. Don’t count those 70 trillion sins in which you saw your contribution of how badly you hurt Jesus, the 9am to 3pm and the completed work of Jesus  as the burnt offering from 3pm to 4pm. Forget about the three day (?) journey that it took Abraham and Isaac to get to Calvary where Isaac was as humanity, Jesus had left His armies behind as their leader of the rider of the white horse, the battle against satan and the left over 70 trillion sins that were finally done away with by 3pm on DOA77777. It is wonderful that you can finally relate to the Abraham and Isaac story, what happened and why it had to happen. All that will be the minute subject of worship over the eternities to come.

No come to 4pm and Isaac lies dead on the altar. You have just seen all his blood collected and disappear somewhere up in Heaven. Just stare and wonder and worship certainly for the remaining two hours of Sabbath that is left and then twelve hours before his resurrection. The Isaac that is resurrected is Jesus and this is not the being that made that long journey to the cross. This Jesus Who just had limp outstretched arms is now going to put His arms around you and over the next 1,259 days (?) He will build the temple within you along with all its furnishings and utensils. He will prepare you for the eternities to come in the present Heaven. You will appreciate what He has done for you and you will respond by asking that some part of that cross Jesus has just spent 21 hours (?) on be installed in your heart and become a part of this Heaven as well. Jesus responds by placing His sinless locks on the cross. It is done! All evil within us is gone and there is no chance that we will ever sin again. This is the climax that Matthew’s synoptic gospel is leading us to! How can you flaw or fault this situation that is now going to let Jesus lead us into Heaven? This has been the Heavenly Day of Atonement, DOA7777 the one that followed the twin bird sacrifice and not Matthew’s DOA3888 where five animals are involved.

Well actually it can be ‘improved’ in two Biblical ways. Yes the beast inside of us is dead and we will never hurt our Jesus again by sinning. But this death of the beast within us is not the same as when the beast is exposed  to the full extent of the love of Jesus! It is now not only dead but the remnant pieces of it are removed as well. It is this display of the full extent of the Love of Jesus that establishes that doorway onto the new creation of Jesus and ultimately the New Jerusalem. Also, well if you had difficulty with grasping the Abraham and Isaac story then try Revelation (9:9,10); ‘And they sang a new song: “You  are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation. You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God, and they will reign on earth.”’ Jesus has become worthy but He was unworthy before!

Jesus Christ is the interface between God and humanity. He is fully human at the same time being fully divine. The example I used before was the serial BUS on a computer. It is computer and it has access to the inside of the computer but it also has access to our world as well. But what seems to be happening here is that Jesus as divinity wants to bring home His bride from the outside world and God the Father is saying, ‘No can do! It is not enough for you to be one with humanity, the degree of bond that is required and will be tested at five levels requires You to die for them! That is the closeness that is going to be required for you to bring them into the Most Holy Place! It was the death of Jesus that established this unity and made Him worthy of taking

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the scroll. But you may say, ‘Isn’t this exactly what has happened on DOA7777 at 3pm? Yes Jesus did die at this time but this was the Day of Atonement, He was doing His Father’s work what is now required is doing His own work; He came to earth seeking a bride/church to take back to Heaven with Him in its highest form and enjoy their fellowship for the eternities to come! It is a one on one relationship because of the Holy Spirit the fine linen we are given when the Holy Spirit finally does return to Heaven some 1,800 years after the second coming!  Note the testing that will happen before we go across the interface and into divinity, it will be purely dependent of what Jesus did with no input from us. Firstly we will be held up as one church or bride; 144 million (?), one basket of cakes. We have nothing to offer except it is Jesus Who is holding us up and our faith that Our Jesus has not ever got it wrong nor can He get it wrong! The burnt offering of 3 to 4pm on GFPMC will not allow this. Then we are split into twelve tribes, wafers and presented in turn. Individually we do send one cake and one wafer but we still have to follow Jesus and as the spotlight falls on each one of us following  Jesus and we have to point to Him as our grounds of admission. The shoulders and thighs have already been covered.

I now submit the reason for the change of species on GFPMC from goats to lambs . Jesus could not open the scrolls unless He died. Goats before death and Lambs after death! The formation of the bond of our marriage, the bond that will exist forever between bridegroom and bride! He died for us and with His blood purchased men for God!


Passover is about the marriage in Heaven and the extra mile Jesus walked to Mount Calvary. That beautiful hymn, ‘From Heaven He came and sought her and with His blood He bought her’ rings with clarity. That journey entailed first and foremost a decision that He make that journey and once He made this decision things happened very quickly indeed. This decision was not lightly made and the choice was go back to Heaven on the Thursday night where there still would be a cross to bear on the Day of Atonement, DOA3888 but that would be doing His Father’s work and this was announced way back in Eden on the day Adam and Eve sinned and was about crushing of satan’s head and having His heel bruised, so regardless of anything Jesus would go through it but it was the second alternative that when shown it in Gethsemane would cause Him to sweat blood. He was going to allow this mob of people He came down to save to murder Him in the cruellest known way and using His holy Word to put Him up on that cross.

The first thing to do was to disown them, withdraw His Shekinah Glory from the temple. It was no longer God’s temple and therefore no longer God’s city either. They were now Pagans as much as the ruling power that they would make use of, the Romans, to murder Him. If they ever wanted to return to Him they could do so on the grounds that any can turn to Him; as Christians! And return they will but only as Christians. We are not Jewish Christians or Arab or any other subclass but Christians. There is only one bride and one church; Christians! The first thing that Jesus did was to let His disciples know of the late change of plans and He knew they would not just be confused but would not understand at all! He was right as shown by the reaction of the apostle Peter. He had no last supper, He had no new covenant of blood to make, He came to confirm the covenant of the blood that was on the doorframes of the houses in Egypt on the Passover of 01/01/01. It was this blood that would enable His bride to live forever and to enjoy the inheritance that belonged to Him. It was Matthew and the synoptics that had the new covenant of blood but then again they were dealing with another subject altogether, they were dealing with the Day of Atonement, DOA3888, that was His Father’s work and that was about the blood of DOA3888, bull and goat that would be taken into the Most Holy Place by the high priest to seek mercy, different covenant, different events. No we are on a different journey the results of which will be tacked onto the synoptic gospels, there were eight days tacked onto 1,252 days here on earth and up there in Eden2 there could be one day tacked onto 1,259 days of DOA7777 tutorial. This is indeed a very special journey.

From foot washing there was very intensive instructions and pretty well onto Gethsemane where Jesus was given His final chance to withdraw and go back to Heaven. The evil had shown their intentions clearly and the Father had shown Him the cup from Which He was to drink. He would not be drinking from this

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cup alone, the Father would be there as well. Every burnt offering had the feet placed in the fire, Jesus Who did the legwork on earth but it also had the head of divinity placed there as well. Those flames of hell on Mount Calvary engulfed the throne ofGod above in Heaven and to a distance out from the throne that glazed what was there. This glass still has flames in it and it is my understanding that when we approach God on His throne in Heaven we will not be allowed to stand on this glass. As humanity lay dead in front of Him Jesus chose to resurrect them and allow them to murder Him. The gory details and the brutality of what Jesus went through are described in the gospels and will form a part of our future studies. The details that Numbers has added to this event are the 9am to noon, noon to 3pm, 3pm to 4pm and 4pm itself sessions. The 9am to noon session;

This is the session from the scapegoat of DOA3888. Jesus would regard this session as general duties. It involves confessed sins and anyone who comes to Jesus and p-laces his hands on His head and asks for forgiveness will not just be forgiven but these sins forgotten as well. It makes no difference of that persons past, present or future, their sins are forgiven. Satanic ministries like the international Swaggart ministries teach there are ashes left over after this session but they are liars and there is no truth in them! Actually the ashes that are left over after hell’s fires are divine ashes and they contain the life giving waters of Meribah.

Unfortunately though everyone who places their hands on Jesus’ head and asks for forgiveness will not finish up in Heaven, if they did there would be no need for the master of the wedding to go around and check the people’s clothing. The master who is doing the checking is specifically checking for only one type of robe; the robe of righteousness that is given to us by Jesus on entry into Heaven. This is the only acceptable attire. Many will make up their own robes and their own versions of salvation, these will count as naught! (Sick)


It is amazing how many today challenge the Word of God, at best as unreliable and outdated and worst an outright liar. Most would not realise that the challenge is from the grounds of absurdity. Most today choose the explanation of all that is around us as coming from nothing, they do not require that it came from God which is the only other explanation. Being and absurdity it has no logic and therefore cannot be disproven. Making the something that has come from nothing more and more complex more believable only proves the three B principle. Writing long and complex equations only trashes the science of quantisation; mathematics and further confirms the three B principle; bullshit baffles brain. Mind you these clever people do have quite an imagination. If they are to be believed then you must not leave nothing behind as even the smallest amount of nothing can explode and go off with a big bang! Their only hope of defending the indefensible is to try to destroy the only alternative that exists; that God done it! If you can’t play the ball then you go for the man! Again an absurdity! What really riles them and gets up their hooters is that the One Who did do it  wrote it out in a book  we call the Bible. Even a cursory look at this book will tell you it is based on the act of creation and that the world is only very recent, thousands of years old. So here they mount their two pronged attack; destroy the creation act by big bang, evolution and whatever and ‘prove/show’ the earth is millions and even billions of years old, and don’t be surprised to see trillions soon appear on your screens! In my university days it was 2.2 billion years old and today it has aged to 4.6 billion and little wonder the wheels are falling off my health! But still for a person who is 2.4 billion plus 74 years old I am holding out reasonably well! God’s Word is being challenged off absurdities and you know you have won the argument when the name calling begins; fanatic, fundamentalist, bible basher are but some of these! I don’t think you can establish any meaningful relationship with a person who is a liar or cannot be trusted and that would also apply to your relationship with the interface between divinity and humanity; Jesus Christ!

We are back in the Sinai desert where Jesus sent Nicodemus to study the bronze snake and in Numbers nine it is the Passover where we are trying to apply the animal sacrificial system to this divine sacrifice of eternity. I can’t remember whether I am in square bracket mode so I will close it off  and enter it as I try to look at the noon to 3pm session, the hours of darkness on the cross of GFPMC. ] [ I seem to have come to a dead end in the hours of light so this darkness may be of help to both sessions. These are the hours of the

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Passover itself so the first thing to try to establish is why is it on its own day and why not a part of the DOA3888? It can’t be because of the scapegoat, Jesus Christ. It has come from DOA3888 but it could have remained a Sabbath event. It was not a part of the temple service but it began inside of the temple and was completed outside but still on this day. It did ensure that we were sinless and therefore the next stage of the service could proceed.

Was it the Passover act itself that caused this separation of days? No the DOA3888 involved the movement of blood into the Most Holy Place so it should have been okay to move the blood of the Passover Lamb. Scripture records this event in archived form for the eternities to come but not as a part of the new earth or Heavens. It is archived as the red heifer and we are told that it was Eleazar who waved the blood towards the doorway we are about to go through and completed and sealed the act of Passover in doing so. There was blood on the doorway and those inside could now enjoy their inheritance in Jesus and the new universe. The angel of death would Passover them and there is no reason why this act could not be also done as a part of DOA3888. The red heifer blood was a combination of both scapegoat and lamb and even then in a very limited environment which excluded our sins because after all they were not only forgiven but forgotten as well. Neither scapegoat nor the application of the blood required isolation to another day. What about the act of Jesus showing the full extent of His love?

The bride and bridegroom will only be allowed into the presence of God in the Most Holy Place if they can prove that the bond between them is unbreakable and can last for the eternities to come in perfection. The level of ‘proof’ that is required is that each is prepared to die for the other. Jesus not only has to die in doing His Father’s  work but He must specifically die for His bride. The bride in turn will soon be asked this question literally in the great tribulation. Jesus showed the full extent of His love to me by calling, ‘JK Mine!’ He was establishing a relationship with me for the eternities to come. He was presenting me as one of the cakes before His Father to be a part of the peace offering. This was not just a display of light but of life itself. The beast within me should have kept its head pulled in, grimaced and said to itself, ‘We will see about that!’ but no, it surfaced and called, ‘Over my dead body!’ and the life that I was given at that moment resulted in its death. This was not a call against satan, I do not belong to satan even though he is given permission to tests me. He was not involved and not concerned at this stage just like Heaven is not concerned about those who belong to satan. If Heaven tried to reclaim any of those wicked who are resurrected at the end of the millennium satan would be right in calling, ‘Over my dead body!’ but no such efforts are made! The whole fight of that last 1,800 odd years is over the 144,000 foolish virgins, whilst they are alive the tug a war between satan and Heaven will continue but GFPMC was over those Jesus called, ‘Mine!’ This call could also have been made on the DOA3888 and did not require its own special day. But that dual event continues to bother us; GFPMC Jesus doing His own work and DOA3888 Jesus doing the work of His Father; Friday and Saturday.

What other problems might exist? Could  there be some sin that could not be confessed on the DOA3888, an unforgivable sin which could be confessed  on GFPMC and become a forgivable sin? Could this be why we need separate days?


The sin that was not on any list or book then was; that I did kill or approve the Messiah as being killed by His own people or that I did leap for joy with satanic Swaggart and the sight or thought of Christians being harassed and slaughtered by Pagans. They were not in any book because they had not happened or would be given a chance to happen, Jesus was going back to Heaven on the night before GFPMC. I see these events in two lights now; David and the Sabbath.

In that genealogy that remains open in front of me I see two circles, two events; the Day of Atonement in the Abraham was born Isaac and the Passover Jacob, Judah and his brothers. They are connected but not by Isaac to Jacob but by David. At his peak the privilege of writing the greatest of Scripture that even tears the heart some three thousand years after it was written. This is the David of DOA3888 a David when he fell went to God’s house and placed his sins on the scapegoat and asked for forgiveness and was granted it. Then there

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was the other David who committed adultery and murder and did not go and seek forgiveness until a prophet of God went to him and demanded he do so. This prophet was Jesus Christ Who comes to us and demands we too repent to which some respond as in the case of David, did do. David then becomes the tie between these two events of own works and the works of Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ to come to us and demand confession/repentance He has had to go to hell and back. The second tie was the Sabbath.

The Jews made a mockery and a laughing stock out of the Sabbath. They would not consider moving the body of Jesus on this holy day let alone murdering Him on it. Friday well that was a different matter. Murder and in its cruellest form was no problem and even allowed them their satanic Swaggart jumps for joy and the sight of Jesus going through hell and back. A real joy and delight to the heart! How much of this farcical situation transfers to Christianity today? Please do not disturb, they are all asleep they are all at rest with Jesus Who is the Sabbath apparently and it is in Him that they rest, they do no work, Jesus either has or will do it all for them. This is commendable and is the difference between Catholicism and Protestantism righteous is by faith and not by works. The problem is that in order to enter into the rest of Jesus they have had to disobey Him, to break/ignore His fourth commandment. They have a righteousness obtained by sin that replaced the Catholic version of righteousness by works! And this sin of righteousness by sin is the top of the line sin; it is deliberate, intentional and it is unconfessed and there is only one place where intentional unconfessed sins are dealt with and this is in hell! Forget the blessing of God and replace them with hell! Hypocrites!

Any scriptural work be that a commentary or blog or sermon or whatever should stand or fall on the grounds of the covenant of the blood of Jesus. But an axe should not be put through a blog that is in its infancy on this subject. So far there are two covenants of blood, one a certainty and the other a possibility. The certainty is the blood of DOA3888 and the possibility is that of GFPMC. The certainty one was instigated way back in Eden when our first parents sinned and God killed those two goats. They were goats and not sheep. This was the instigation of the Day of  Atonement, it was His Father’s work and Jesus was always going to go through it. To Matthew on the Thursday night at the last supper it was a ‘new covenant of blood’ not in the sense that it had never been mentioned before but in a sense that it was the ‘only’ covenant now. With a Thursday night rapture the other covenant that was introduced on 01/01/01 in Egypt, the Passover was not going to be inaugurated, the Passover Lamb was not going to die, there would not be any blood for Eleazar to sprinkle towards the doorway of the tent of meeting, we would not be going through that door, there would not be any new earth there and ultimately no New Jerusalem. We would be remaining on this universe. All these things were achieved by Jesus staying on for the next day and going on to the cross of GFPMC.

But the Passover event was a very late addition to God’s plan of salvation, some 2,500 years after Eden. It seems more like an ‘afterthought’. Before this God’s complete answer to sin and the restoration of humanity to divinity was the crushing of the head and the bruising of the heel or the Day of Atonement. Yes, it did deal with all sin and evil within those who lay before the Atonement cross but it did not deal with the earth or even the universe where this sin was committed. Traces of evil would remain and that was the idea behind Peter’s fires to destroy these traces of evil wherever they existed. It has to be kept in mind that GFPMC did reveal the full extent of the love of Jesus which was required to destroy the full extent of evil. Evil had not sunk to its deepest depths by that Thursday night in Gethsemane but it had by 3pm on GFPMC. A lot of these questions I ask are therefore not relevant and Peter’s fires may also have been selective and just destroyed this earth and not the whole universe. These and many other questions we are not told about.


It is time to move on from Passover and Numbers nine. But how do you move on from something your existence and eternity depend on? How do you move on from something which could and should be the centre of your entire attention? At that flash in the sky that is accompanied by the second coming of Jesus all that is going to be required of us is that we are sin free and this was achieved on one day; GFPMC! There has not been any Day of Atonement that is still in the future and that is all we need to know and this should stop us from making serious errors like saying that sin and evil were done away with on GFPMC, satan had his head crushed and Jesus had His heel bruised. These events are still future as at the second coming and we will be

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witnesses to how Jesus winds up earth’s history. Not that we will see that much once we are in Heaven even if it is ‘only’ the first Heaven. The beauty of what we see on our Heavenly radar will be so great and there maybe a speck on there as well representing what is happening to humanity but that is all that it is, a speck.

The Bible/Scripture is a balanced account of the history of planet earth. It should be about what is up there because that is all that will finally happen and it is about what is up there. But it is also about what is down here and how to get from down here to up there. Not that all of what is down here will get up there and as we read and study this book we will have to discern what will and what will not make it across and up there. Such are the topics of Numbers nine and the relationship between Passover and a person who is unclean because of contact with a dead person or on a distant journey. Our plight on earth is one of constant contact with the dead and journeys away from Passover. That is down here but will it be the case up there as well?

Before I began writing this commentary on the Passover I browsed through this chapter and I got excited that this issue of the dead will have some light thrown on it from a heavenly angle. Just because it has not yet occurred does not mean that it will not occur in my blog or to someone else writing a parallel blog. I have already been blessed with abundant privilege but I think there is still much more to come. The issue of the dead came up from the very start when our Nazirite mad His vow of separation from God His Father and came to earth. He was specifically ordered to stay away from the dead, even if they were His mother or father. He was allowed one exception; if a man fell down dead alongside Him, not just suddenly but very suddenly, totally unexpected. That event did happen and it was not a man that fell it was a woman. Suddenly, unexpectedly? The smartest woman, (person?) ever created one who was expected to teach her children and all the generations that would live until the earth was filled, on an ever increasing level of knowledge and wonder at God’s creation event and on each Sabbath she would have to add more to this wonder! This would be over 7,777  and a bit years times 52 Sabbaths! Each Sabbath she would be required to add more stunning information. The knowledge that this woman had was a wonder in itself and yet she fell for the dumbest of all ploys, she fell for satan’s lie that he could give her eternal life something he could only take away and something she already had! Unexpected fall, very sudden fall? For a woman whose knowledge was way below the subatomic level? Yes to all the above! But then again you would not expect very clever people today with knowledge down to a subatomic level to spurn the offer that Jesus has made to take their place in hell for them but most do! Near Heaven we do not seem to have any problems with DOA7777 and in fact we are ready for the light of the burnt offering of GFPMC to be shone on it. We will then have reached the minimum values required so that we can be taken into the New Jerusalem and not be killed by the beauty of what we will see in the Most Holy Place; we have got to the values of 0.3 flour, 0.5 oil and 0.5 drink offering, the problem has been getting to these values. ( system crash and could only be recovered by turning off power at power point)

With DOA7777 we have been there all the way along if you count the 1,800 odd years we were in Heaven before our marriage. Then there was the battle against the beast near earth and the journey back  to Eden2. We listened to the 1,250 day tutorial our saviour presented when He returned to earth leaving us in Eden2. We may not have understood the reason for the distance He was away from us but we followed and absorbed every word. The trumpet sound of 01/07/486 changed everything. The battle against satan and the crushing of his head. Even at that distance when the doors of hell were opened and satan and all evil people were thrown into hell what we saw left an indelible mark. Yes we had seen our Jesus  thrown into hell on DOA7777. Yes we did know that even though He had pleaded guilty to all those ‘left over’ sins, all 70 trillion of them we knew them to be our sins

To compare the intensity of Hell’s fires from the crosses of atonement, Jesus’ sins and the cross of GFPMC, our confessed sins is not warranted at this stage. The serious sins of Jesus as He hangs within touching distance of us in Eden2  and our confessed sins at a distance of almost half of the universe may require discussion later on but  for now we were at DOA7777 all the time and in close proximity. We were not there except for very few of us on GFPMC but we have just experienced its effects at a large distance. GFPMC was a long way away from Heaven also but this did not prevent the throne of God being engulfed in the fires of hell from GFPMC and even melt the rock in front of the throne! This was six hours and then there was that burnt

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offering of the bird between 3pm and 4pm. Apparently at 4pm Heaven restarted to counter on the ministry of the Nazirite. What could not be accepted by Heaven was all those 70 trillion sins that He called, ‘Mine, guilty as charged!’ and being a member of the Holy Trinity these sins could not be downgraded and resulted in a seven day defilement period. The act of obliterating these sins was also not to be included. The burnt offering indicated that all these problems had been resolved. For the bride it was a continuation of time. Two hours of worship for the remainder of the Sabbath and then another twelve hours of our Jesus hanging limp on the cross.


This whole cross affair was a second by second experience. We had lived with our Jesus now for almost 1,800 years and we were married to Him at the height of our existence. We could not help but to suffer with Him and now be devastated by Him hanging on that cross. We knew He had done all this just so that we could be with Him inside of the Most Holy Place where we could experience the full extent of His love! The whole cross affair may have lasted for ‘only’ twenty one hours but the next twenty one million years went a lot faster than those twenty one hours! But finish those twenty one hours did when an angel we think was called Michael appeared with a golden censor with all the blood that Jesus had ever shed and returned back into the body of Jesus. Whether it was because it contained a divine portion or what, Jesus came off that cross and via the mechanism of the Holy Spirit began to instruct each one of us personally, one on one, all 144 million (?) of us! The ‘problem’ was the more He instructed us, the more He had completed building our temples, the more He showed us of what He had done for us on this cross and the closer we got to the cross, those two pieces of timber He had just been hanging on. We knew that we soon would be leaving this earth and universe and going to a new creation but that meant also leaving these two pieces of timber behind!  By staring at this cross still standing we hoped to gain enough of an impression of it to last for at least a few million years up there to wherever this creation would be. There is nothing ever that could match what Jesus had just done on this DOA7777 cross! The only reason our stare on this cross was broken was when we asked for and were granted the privilege of not just told this cross was coming across to the other side but also that it was now going to be moved from the courtyard of our bodies and into the inner soul! Jesus laid His sinless hair on this cross, it was anointed and it was coming, our stare could now be broken! No we had no problems with the beauty of the atonement cross or so we thought! Just imagine our shock when the light from the darkness of noon to 3pm of GFPMC which had already started penetrating and shining on the burnt offering of 3pm to 4pm finally broke out in all of its beauty, the light of GFPMC shone on DOA7777, the amplification factors could not even be measured and this was ‘only’ 0.3 flour, 0.5 oil and 0.5 drink and only a prelude to what we were going to see when we saw the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Place of the New Jerusalem!

Being at the foot of the Atonement cross was what made the big difference but very few of us were at the foot of the cross of GFPMC. His mum, Mary was there and she walked away with a shredded heart and so was Mary Magdalen but even she wanted to know where the gardener had taken the body of Jesus on resurrection Sunday morning. I think it is fair to say that not one of them knew what was going on they all thought that this was a late version of a Thursday night rapture where they were all left behind! Maybe even Jesus had transferred the scapegoat out to here from DOA3888. It is not as if GFPMC was not shown in its beauty, it was on day 1,260 after the Atonement cross at the decommissioning of the Nazirite and it is to the event following this decommissioning that both the defilement before Sabbath by contact with the dead and the distant journey could now be referring to.

From day 1,261 onwards and for the remaining seven months, seven days and seven hours our attention now turns to what we have just seen; the decommissioning of the Nazirite and what He had accomplished on GFPMC; the male lamb burnt offering and the ewe-lamb sin offering both one year old, both 365 days old, both of what happened on that one day; GFPMC. It is an intense study and is a prelude of ‘when you get to Canaan’. Even though it does not really get off the ground on this earth it still does get some traction and when we really begin the study proper on the new earth we are already at a value of 0.1 flour, 0.25 oil and 0.25 drink offering. From this I conclude that the values inside of the New Jerusalem will be 1.0

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flour, 1.0 oil and 1.0 drink offering. Our study proper begins on the other side because Jesus now joins us in a sinless and evil less environment. ‘I will not be able to eat again with you until I am in my Father’s Kingdom’ has now come true  and in this environment the Master Teacher now begins His teachings/tutorials. But He runs into a problem; we can’t see GFPMC in the same light as we saw DOA7777 because we won’t there and this is where He  must take us all. But it is not there, it happened almost 3,900 years ago! We are fortunate though there is an archived version that Heaven has retained for the eternities to come.

What has this heavenly archived version got and why isn’t it in the new heavens when the cross and Passover have both passed over? Well it does not have any of those horrible sins of what we did to our Saviour on that day. They are forgiven, they are forgotten and the blessed amnesia of God is an attribute of which we are very grateful. We were the other David, the bad David but when the prophet of God came to us and sought repentance we did reluctantly repent. And we do have a gentle reminder every time we use the key to our apartments, that white stone that we have not always been at the pinnacle of existence! I still maintain that this is the goat sin offering that my leader places on the cross for its journey to the new earth although Matthew and other texts may soon force a rethink. This problem of not being there has to be sorted out by going there even if it is only to an heavenly archived version and showing us that GFPMC was never about us but about Jesus Christ! Having only recently arrived, presumably in single file  as the entries in the Book of Numbers were checked so now we file back in single file to the place from which we have recently come from Eden2.

The admonition applying to not travelling further than thirteen months away from Heavenly Passover does apply to us now but not because we are too far away but we are constrained by a time factor. The latest we can stay away for is the 14/02/what ever the year, probably 02 and not 14/01/02. It cannot be a distance factor because Eden2 is just inside of and the only part of the old universe that was not destroyed. It contains that which cannot be present in the new universe which is sinless and evil less and has no concepts of murder, sins that are committed in spite, suffering but before we get too carried away  does it contain  any parts of the Day of Atonement through which we have just been and carry such clear memories of? There are no acts of divinity that have to be archived, there is nothing there that Heaven has to be ashamed of. There are acts that humanity have to be ashamed of and so deeply they would be best forgotten altogether! The DOA7777 we have just been through was an act of divinity. It was the purity of the twin bird sacrifice and the burnt offering and sin offerings that it produced. It could not be pure divinity as pure divine body of Jesus Christ could not have died and divine blood would put out any fire including hell. There had to be a reason why He went through this. Even though those 70 trillion sins were our sins they were counted as His sins but when He put them through hell’s fires He handed us the white stone that was left over and the key to our heavenly apartments. No there are no parts of DOA7777 that are archived and pass through in our memory as clear as day light! But this is not the reason we have all been marched back to the place that we have so recently come from. We are here because we have a barrier in front of us that is 1,500 miles high and on top of which another structure that is 1,600 miles cube is about to settle and our issue is the life eternal that is about to begin within this new city, the New Jerusalem.

We already know about life eternal and have known since our first parents sinned in the Garden of Eden. There God announced His plan for the restoration of humanity to divinity, of life eternal! That involved the crushing of satan’s head and satan in turn bruising the heel of Eve’s seed, well we have just seen that happen there is no need to be marched back to here unless of course we are going to shown this eternal life at a higher plain at a height of the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ. It was GFPMC that added this extra dimension and it is the reason we have all been marched back here. We still can’t get away from the central issue; defilement caused by contact with a dead person would prevent observance of Passover. (Stop us from true worship of Jesus Christ). Well on that Friday of GFPMC Jesus was not just defiled because of contact with one dead person, Jesus was in contact with all the saints of eternity all 144 million  of them (?). He could not observe the Passover with anyone even if it was possible. But up here in the new Heaven now the situation  is different. There are no dead and true worship and observance of the Passover can now begin and its light can be cast onto DOA7777 which was always going to happen.

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[ Tomorrow is the 30th of March a time I am allowed for some self indulgence but this cannot happen on a Sabbath so I will do so before Sabbath begins. It is then that I received my triple stents and I call my birthday. A fellow Christian, Ezemay who was stented on the same day tells me that was four years ago but I think it was three years ago so I now begin my fourth year of life. Fourth or fifth does not matter it is just about the last bit of the race that matters, the falls before only had to be recovered from as will those in the future. One day I might compare the story of this day as it changes in memory from one year to the next. I do remember being taken from one hospital to another in an ambulance some 80kms but they would not bring me back when I was discharged. My daughter could bring me back if she could get back to work by eleven but there was no way they would discharge me before 10am as they wanted to charge my health care provider for another days stay in hospital. I told her to be out the front by 9am which would give her enough time to get back to work. I then wrapped all the wires and tubes around me and slung the monitors over my shoulder and went to the front desk and bid them goodbye. Talk about shock on their faces! ‘You can’t do that!’ ‘Watch’ was my reply and needless to say all paper work was done and monitors removed well before 9am. (irreversible crash). As I sat and waited for my angel I wondered what would have happened if she could not come and I had walked out unannounced with the equipment. I was not very well so I looked along the road to the station for seats or trees for a rest. Then there would the problem of being on a train without a ticket, surely the staff would believe me I was a recent discharge from hospital! Gown, monitors, tubes, wires?

I have made more recent visits to hospital. Even though the doctor who repaired my hernia and I would not be alive if he had not done so, I still call fool for prescribing a constipating agent instead of a laxative. To the doctor who even though he cleared me of any problems in my head and heart but prescribed Metropol I would call fool because my heart rhythm was perfect that therefore could not be improved on and Metropol sent this heart rhythm haywire. To call fool on blood pressure though I have to be more careful as it involves the whole profession. Let me compare my deluxe high pressure heart, 210/110 to your standard low cost and performance model, 120/80. First of all I have never seen any doctor feel for where the pulse is and place the cuff monitor over it. The manufactures demand this and I place a texta colour mark on this spot and check it has been transferred to the centre of the stethoscope. To say that these systolic and diastolic pressures are the operating pressure in my arteries is absurd. To have an artery pulsing by 100 mm of mercury or even 40 mm of mercury at 60 or 70 times a minute and blow any artery to pieces is not right. The maximum variation the monitor shows is 10 and even 5 is quite common. When I was stented I could actually count the drops of blood as they forced their way through the blockage in my main artery and that was 210 mm of mercury pressure doing this, if only 120 was available I would be long dead!  High blood pressure is not necessarily evil. But you may say it will lead to an enlarged heart and cause strokes and mini strokes. Cat scan and MRI showed no such results but blood pressure does remain the issue and on which I am now working. Medication does not help but makes me feel sick and leg breaks out in eruptions. ]

Sabbath forces a result back to my Jesus.


There was definitely a pulse of excitement when I read ahead in Numbers nine about defilement caused by a dead person and how this would prevent the observance of the Passover. There are two circles of events of time, an inner one and an outer one. The inner circle is the sin circle  and began in  time when the first sinful thought entered Lucifer’s head and ended when Lucifer was the last to be destroyed in hell. This completed the sin circle and it was the end of sin and was described and given to Eve and satan way back in Eden. This is the Day of Atonement circle which in Matthew is DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 but looking down on the big picture where we are at now it is DOA7777 or the twin bird sacrifice.

Around this circle is the circle of evil. It began before Lucifer sinned and from which Lucifer drew his sin. The option of Lucifer sinning was always there even before he sinned. It was there from the beginning and it will not until the end, in fact it is the end of time and this universes existence . The bride will see this end and she will not be frightened by it, in fact as she sees Peter’s conflagration racing towards her she is in a pivotal position to make sure to be able to see her new universe being created from the beginning. This can only

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happen from the end of the old one and the end of evil. Evil is first defined as looking at the burnt offering, that almost naked body of Jesus Christ hanging on the cross from 3pm to 4pm on GFPMC after He had done His work; ‘it is finished’. Rejecting this offering with its outstretched arms and allowing that fountain filled with blood that was drawn from Emmanuel’s veins to be poured as meaningless fluid on the ground and to be absorbed by it is defined as ‘evil’. This evil cannot be destroyed in hell where sin is destroyed it comes out pretty well untouched. It must be subjected to a far fiercer flame. As it comes out of hell it is gathered and placed into the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God and squeezed out. It comes out in the form of blood and it still has life in it. It is collected in a river  the length of Israel, 70m wide and over one metre deep and only when it is burned up so it will be the end of evil. The river of evil mimics the river of blood that flowed from Jesus’ side and it is evil  because it has spurned  the fountain of blood that came from Jesus’ side!  It was not very long before this evil spawned sin and it not very long that this river will catch alight and burn to finish time for our universe! (just over four years it lays there for) The inner circle of time was the Day of Atonement that addressed the sin issue but the outer circle was GFPMC that addressed the issue of evil.

The reason we were all marched out of Heaven was not because we were having problems with life we knew that it came as God’s solution on the Day of Atonement. Right back in the Garden of Eden. No the issue was why it is now to be elevated to its highest form. (It makes no difference so I assume that the New Jerusalem is now sitting on top of that foundation that is some 1,600 miles high and I am pondering about being lifted up there) This is one of the ideas behind the cities of refuge of which I propose Heaven is one. It is a refuge where those who committed unintentional murder could stay. The Day of Atonement is about unintentional murder. Up here the gradation between different sins does not exist. Sin is sin and  it leads to the murder of our Jesus whether that be on either Passover or Atonement cross. But this city only copes with unintentional murder and if you want to look at the intentional murder then you are going to have to go to archives and the ordinance of the red heifer of Numbers nineteen.

And this is where we are right now, we are asking why is this privilege of the highest heavenly life about to be bestowed on us, to live in and be shown the full extent of the love of Jesus and the answer is in archives of GFPMC. Yes there is a proportion of GFPMC in the New Jerusalem but there is also an archived section which must be necessary because we have been sent back to it. Although I can see some of the many problems that it introduces following in [ ] I propose this as my solution to the man who could not observe the Passover because he was defiled by contact with a dead person, actually by contact with 144 million of them. He took the death they so richly deserved and bore it on Himself. This was the defilement that Jesus Christ suffered on GFPMC which prevented Him from observing the Passover as He will be able to do so once He is in His Father’s kingdom with His bride.—-

[Are we capable of observing the Passover with Jesus today as many faiths are about to observe Easter? (Good Friday plus Resurrection Sunday?)  It is not just animal sacrifices that have been done away with it is all feast days have been done away and this presumably includes Atonement and Passover. The Day of Atonement is not on anyone’s radar as far as I know but can it be wrong to celebrate Passover when it too has become obsolete? What we are supposed to commemorate/celebrate is the Last or Lord’s Supper and it ironically is not about GFPMC, it is about a Thursday night rapture from Gethsemane and a short journey onto the Day of Atonement, DOA3888 of Leviticus 16. Technically we can celebrate/commemorate Passover because it has already occurred but the Day of Atonement, DOA7777 is still some 1,800 years in the future we can anticipate only by faith. So what are we to make of the upcoming Easter celebrations even if they do fall on the old Jewish date of Passover? And at what moment in time can we sit down with our Saviour  and continue eating the last supper? (which was here on earth before they were to be raptured  within the next three hours?)

All feast days are gone and celebrating Easter once a year is marginally better than nonce a year. Satan can handle that level of Christianity without too much problem. The slightest of trials will make these people abandon their faith. Any deeper level, any closer relationship with Jesus would result in reading and belief in His Word and the unthinkable consequences this would bring. Have to keep them away at all costs from

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fundamentalism, fanaticism, Bible bashing. Keep them at a level of pray, pay and obey regardless of what clangers we sling them! Since creation’s day seven there has always been and will continue to be a Sabbath day. It parallels and reinforces many of these days and even though they have gone, temporarily at least the backbone remains. On earth here it is split into equal dark and equal light but in the heavens above including the first Heaven where we will spend our first 1,800 odd years it is all light. Down here we have twelve hours of darkness, in summer and this is followed by twelve hours of light. The twelve hours of darkness are the twelve hours our Jesus is in His tomb for after having accomplished our salvation and the twelve hours of light are anticipating what He is still to do in that DOA7777 to be followed by Resurrection Sunday of eternity. Sabbath celebrations stand today, will stand in Heaven with Jesus for the first 1,800 odd years then in the eternities to come! But back to the main topic.—

To our original question as we starred up at the new city standing on top of that 1,600 mile foundation we asked, ‘What has happened in the past that will entitle us to be admitted into that Most Holy Place and we were marched out of Heaven  that is the new Heaven and back into the last section of the old universe that had not been burned up by Peter’s fires that erupted at the river of evil and we were shown one archived day, that of GFPMC and even this was heavily censored. You are seeking the source of this new life well there it is! It is life because there you were separated from death, Jesus took your death for you and from death you must at all costs now stay away even if it may sound fanatical to you, stay away from death!’ And today most ministries teach about contact with the dead such as praying for them. They must be avoided at all costs they are satan’s angels! A 100% guarantee they will put you in contact with satan who will be thrilled to answer your call!

‘To complete the picture for you, you were shown some divine aspects of this day. Yes the red heifer was incinerated under the supervision of Eleazar the priest who it should be noted sprinkled its blood towards that doorway into the new Heaven that you have passed through twice now. You will from now on have to keep in touch with and under the protection of this blood. You will not be allowed to travel further than  thirteen months travel from this blood on this doorway. You will have to observe the Passover once each year. It is not this archived version of the Passover that you will be celebrating although the blood on the doorway did come from here because this one was a one off affair. Jesus could not celebrate it down here because He was defiled  by contact and by taking away the death of 144 million people and this will not be the Case with the Heavenly Passover of eternity. It was the incineration of the red heifer that produced these ashes and life giving water and these will be present in our eternal celebrations of the Passover but their origin will remain archived.’

The topic of the cities of refuge has only been visited once before and with its complexity even seven visits will not be anywhere enough. I will begin a second visit now and prayfully overnight the Holy Spirit will enlighten us. The city of refuge was only there for those who had killed someone accidentally, unintentionally. Up here where we are now there are no euphemisms allowed it means sin. Any sin, all sin is a breaking of our relationship with God and must result in death. It is God’s justice that puts the distinguishing mark between intentional and unintentional and He will not allow us to suffer for something that we did not know was wrong. So we have two categories intentional sin and unintentional sin and even though both will have to be paid for by death the ways it happens is totally different. Intentional sin is paid for in the place where it occurs but something rather strange happens in the case of accidental/unintentional murder, you can escape to a city of refuge where stranger still you must stay until this high priest dies and when this happens you are allowed to leave.


It has certainly not been ignored intentionally, the elephant in the room; who is the High Priest of the time and does he die thus eliminating the need for any city of refuge. What is the time that we are looking at? Does this involve the Nazirite being given permission to drink grape related drinks, or when he comes out of defilement or the start of phase two of his ministry or some other time? The intentions and the implements involved, the iron, wood and stone how do they vary as to what city is involved?

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[Second visit to city of refuge. So many events revolve around this high priest I am going to just have to bite the bullet and assign Melchizedek as High Priest at 3pm on the Day of Atonement, DOA7777 on the 10/07/486 and discuss the pros and cons. This is 24 hours since Jesus has come out of defilement by cutting His hair after seven days of defilement. This is 15 hours before we have the ‘new Jesus’ the resurrected Jesus  from DOA7777 after His death on the atonement cross. Just because this Jesus has had His previous ministry voided does not mean that it did not occur and fulfil its role, it did and now we have the burnt offering of  3pm to 4pm to prove just that. Not counting it does not mean to say it did not happen, it did and this Jesus is now going to be the High Priest of eternity, Melchizedek! He is the High Priest of the Day of Atonement, of unintentional sin and of accidental murder. Jesus as Melchizedek is the city of refuge of Heaven, Heaven itself! He will never die and this city of refuge will remain forever! Does this make my previous assignment of 4pm as the start of phase two of the ministry of the Nazirite incorrect? No, that ministry ran for 1,260 when the Nazirite was decommissioned, this ministry which is based on the purity of the twin bird sacrifice starts and includes the burnt offering of the day that handled unintentional murder and is thus the city of refuge. To be fair though this has been a major struggle and I have waved between these times for a long time now and insist that the answer to this problem has to be in the book of Acts in the first 1,260 days of the Christian Church. This would have to imply that the 3pm to 4pm burnt sacrifice of GFPMC became the biases of the church of the city and later to become the city of refuge!

The implements used in both the intentional and unintentional murders; iron, wood and stone. Those who committed murder intentionally, in the city had to pay their penalty there and then. Confessed sin and packaged as intentional was dealt with on GFPMC, the unintentional sins passed onto the high priest in the city of refuge and ceased to exist once the high priest died, Melchizedek never dies and thus the biases of the ceremony of eternity, Heavenly Day of Atonement. If the Heavenly Day of atonement has a base of eternity then where is the base of eternity for Passover which will also be commemorated  on the 14th of the first month of each year? The Jesus of this earth could not commemorate/observe the Passover meal with His disciples because He had become defiled by contact with a dead person, actually 144 million of them when He took their deaths on Himself, up here there will not be any such defilements and Jesus will be able to have this Passover meal with us forever!

The wood that is used in both the city and the city of refuge is identical; it is the cross of GFPMC. Its origin was probably from 3,900 odd years ago and in another 3,900 odd years it will pass through that doorway and onto the new earth and will finally finish up as the tree of life of eternity. It has been protected because it has the blood of Jesus on it and when that blood is finally gathered and returned to the body of Jesus on resurrection Sunday morning on 11/07/486 it will be anointed by the sinless hair of Jesus.

The iron that is associated with this cross are the iron nails used to hang Jesus on this cross. At first thoughts revulsion, oh no He is not going to be nailed to this cross again! But then again nailing to a cross when compared  to going to hell for 70 trillion sins that you not only did not commit but had to plead guilty to, the nails are a non event! The Roman soldiers must have placed those nails back into the cross in some way.

The type of stone, other than being igneous is not really relevant. If the fires of hell melted the stone that the throne of God stood on all that way above in Heaven it must have had a similar effect down here on Mount Calvary. The class of stone should line up with the stone tablets that God wrote His Ten Commandments way back in Sinai, but all that really counts is the message that is on that stone. Those two stones tablets are not God anymore than the Sabbath is Jesus. They are a reflection of His character  And it is on these stone tablets that both the GFPMC cross stood and the DOA7777 above will stand. The apostle Paul has devoted many words of the relationship between the wood and the stone but I am only aware that the Book of Hebrews goes further and tries to wean us off baby’s milk and relate to the cross that Jesus still has to hang on; the cross of DOA7777. All three items will be involved in all both crosses but the relationship changes. On GFPMC the wooden cross is welded onto the stone by the congealing blood of Jesus that poured over it at

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4pm when that Roman spear opened up the side of Jesus but above at 4pm on the DOA7777 that blood will all be collected and returned to the body of Jesus on the next day; Resurrection Sunday.

When Jesus died at 3pm on GFPMC He may not have had His full quota of blood but He did not die because of a lack of blood. The blood that His body retained at 3pm had been to hell and now back out again. I am going to call this hell’s blood which would soon be spilled by that Roman spear. The correlation/relationship that I seek is to that flood of evil blood after the fires of hell are extinguished.


If complexity is due to a lack of understanding then I put my hand up on both grounds. The complexity of the blood covenants. This should not be the case as there was at least one and at most two covenants. There was the one from Egypt on 01/01/01 that of the Passover and the blood of this lamb being sprinkled/poured on the doorpost of the homes and making sure that the angel of death passed over that home and did not kill the firstborn male in that family. It did not involve sin and it should have also been conducted inside of the courtyard, the tent of meeting and the Most Holy Place. Jesus did not have to die outside of the temple let alone outside of the city. This issue has already been dealt with and soon to be revised. Passover blood did not need acceptance, that had been granted on the birthday of the Christian church, 01/01/01, there may have been other reasons for it but pleading for mercy was not one of them it had been granted. Jesus did not seek mercy from the Father when He returned to Heaven on Sunday morning he sought whether He had in fact drank every drop that was in the cup of iniquity the Father had given Him at 9am on GFPMC. Passover blood, Passover covenant and Jesus Christ on the cross of GFPMC.

This is not to what Matthew’s synoptic gospel was referring to. This gospel is based on a Thursday night rapture of Jesus and the harvest of the OT He had come to collect. No cross of  GFPMC, no Passover blood to be sprinkled on any doorway and no doorway for it to be sprinkled on. This doorway into the New Jerusalem did  not exist as it only became a possibility when Jesus revealed the full extent of His love and that only occurred on GFPMC. Matthew has a new covenant of blood as the old one had fallen aside. It was supposed to be inaugurated  on the 14/01/3889 after creation (AC) but this had not occurred. Jesus had looked into that cup of iniquity He would have to drink from the next day and said, ‘They are not worth it, I am going home’. But He still had to go through the Day of Atonement, DOA3888 of Leviticus 16. This covenant had actually been established in Eden with the crushing of the head of satan and Jesus having His heel bruised so it ‘new’ in so much that it still has to be enacted for us today in DOA7777 but back then in DOA3889 and it is quite amazing how the details of Leviticus 16 crystallise out.

The blood of the sin offerings (bull and goat) surely would not have to gain approval and be granted mercy, after all Jesus was doing His Father’s work. It may require whether this work has been done to the level of perfection but not on the ground of acceptability. It maybe required to wash the altar/cross as any implement had to be clean before it could be used for any sacrifice including the most important one on the calendar, DOA3888. It is not a Roman soldier who is going to choose the altar/cross for DOA3888 but God Himself and no doubt that His choice will be the same as the soldiers chose. It will probably be the original tree of life that stood in the Garden of Eden. It will need washing with the DOA3888 blood. It stood nearby where our first parents committed their first sins but it was isolated from the evil world before Noah’s flood. During the flood it would have floated around for a year in those waters of fury and when they finally receded it would have taken root in the right place. As the tree of eternity it was certainly no ordinary tree but it still required cleansing before it could be used as the cross of DOA3888.

Then there was the problem of sin. Once the fires of hell went out there should not have been any sin left over but there was and in the case of DOA3888 there were two types of sin  left over; the confessed sins of the people which would pass onto the scapegoat and the unconfessed sins which would pass onto the sin offering and in final DOA7777 I have 70 trillion of them. Blood is going to be required to wash these sins onto the framework that will take them into hell to have them burned up; the body of Jesus Christ!

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This DOA3888 may look as if it is conducted at one site or location but it is conducted at two sites; one is the temple itself and the other is some cliff somewhere where this goat is destroyed. They are connected by the man who is able and who leads the scapegoat to its destruction, he returns to the temple. This man symbolises the divinity of Jesus Christ. GFPMC also appears to be held at the one site, it is not, it is held at two sites and no Jesus does not get down from Mount Calvary’s cross and come back into the temple, be recrucified  to complete His sentence, the division between the two sites is light. A time of light and a time of darkness and two ministries. Jesus showed me the full extent of His love by calling, ‘JK Mine!’ and He would have so much loved to make this call for everyone of His created beings but being realistic and giving them a freewill He had to fall in line with the decisions that most free wills will make; they don’t want Him! And the reason why He could make this call was because my confessed sins were on the scapegoat and the scapegoat had done its work within the hours of light. This changed the number of locations in DOA7777 from two back to one but increased the number of locations of GFPMC from one up to two.

Not everyone spurned the blood that was to fall on the ground on GFPMC, treat it like dirt and walk over it like dirt. There were the redeemed/saints/bride all 144 million (?) who did not.


Now at least a second correlation between the river of blood that flowed from the side of Jesus at 4pm on GFPMC and the blood that flowed from the winepress of God’s wrath at a time still unknown to me but the end is known when Peter’s fires consume all the evil before them. Evil existed at creation and it finished when this creation finished. There is no reason why the river of evil did not flow as did the river of blood from the side of Jesus; one hour after Jesus had been to hell or 4pm on the Friday of 02/07/486. The time when the burnt offering went on public display 3pm to 4pm on GFPMC and this burnt offering  was a male lamb, one year old. Its companion/pair was a sin offering of a ewe-lamb also one year old. Jesus did not go to the cross as a lamb but as a scapegoat. The idea of the scapegoat was to be destroyed because it had all confessed sins on it. These sins included all confessed sins and included a category that would not have allowed them to be absolved on the Day of Atonement even if they had been committed by this time. That you did justify the crucifixion, the murder of your Messiah using His own holy Word was a sin that was not on the statute books for the scapegoat of the Day of Atonement but it was for GFPMC. The scapegoat remained a distinctive part of the Day of Atonement but there were sins there that combined both days.

This struggle has occurred before as to why this scapegoat’s death would not have been acceptable as, ‘You are worthy to take the scroll and to break its seals because you were slain’. Why was it a lamb that had to be slain and a scapegoat could not?  There must be any number of reasons for this including our basic split of two days of sacrifice; GFPMC on 14/01/3889 ac and DOA3888 originally at the first coming of Jesus. It could be that the lamb was sinless but the scapegoat carried confessed sins, but then why was the male burnt offering accompanied by a ewe-lamb sin offering? The Day of Atonement was the Father’s work but GFPMC was the work of Jesus. But then again both involved divinity and the split could only be justified as o the grounds of the split within the Holy Trinity. The Day of Atonement got us, God’s people into Heaven, ninety nine sheep. GFPMC the good shepherd went on an evangelistic campaign for nearly two thousand years and brought home one hundred sheep. It should also be noted that this shepherd spent another 1,800 odd years trying to convert and using every technique in the Bible to bring home sheep number one-0-one but without success and He did not just take those hundred into the first Heaven but beyond and into the second Heaven. It seems as if we have been through this many times before; what difference did it make to humanity the fact that Jesus stayed on for GFPMC and was not raptured up to Heaven on the Thursday night before in Gethsemane? This surely is the topic to be addressed in our journey to the synoptic and John’s Gospels.

The burnt offering of 3pm on GFPMC was a male lamb that was 365 days old. It was proof of the call of Jesus, ‘It is finished’ was in actual finished. Whatever the individual components they were finished. Jesus’ concern was not the big picture, His contribution was one sheep, the ninety nine was that of His Father’s work and the Day of Atonement. It was the base and the work of Jesus on GFPMC was the accessory. It too had a divine component which would be commemorated in the New Jerusalem and of which we must see some of as the blood is about to be spilled. Both Jesus and all evil people went through the fires of hell and both had all

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sin destroyed, confessed and/or intentional sins. It has been a major mistake to say after hell there was nothing, everything was destroyed by those fires. In Jesus’ case any divinity could not be destroyed but neither was humanity. The figure on that cross as at 3pm was human. Any sin that was presented to the fires of hell was destroyed, evil was not. In our case the beast was resuscitated after its destruction.

When the burnt sacrifice was presented its blood was supposed to be thrown against the altar outside and as such it was not burned but ran down the altar on the outside and into a channel that led outside of the temple where the blood would finish up soaking into the ground. This blood did not have sin in it as all sin had been done away with before the burnt offering could be presented. In the case of Jesus that blood stayed in His body between 3pm and 4pm but was released as a gush of blood by that Roman spear. All seven litres (??) came away at the one time. This was the most precious of blood because it was blood from the burnt offering  and the ‘top’ offering that existed. The evil dead that were in hell on the 02/07/486 when the fires of hell had completed their work had no sin left. It seems that hell is a specific place for burning away sin. The bodies of the wicked that came out of hell were thrown into the winepress of God’s fury. Blood is the source of life and their blood still contained evil within it. In the winepress of God’s fury this evil blood and its life component were pressed and separated and this blood formed a river that is 300 kilometres long, some 70 metres wide and over a metre deep. I worked out previously to generate this amount of blood would require about fourteen billion people. When Peter’s conflagration erupts it is they that destroy this blood of evil and burn up the bodies wherever they were dumped.

There was a rush of blood after Jesus had been to hell and there was a rush of blood after the evil had been to hell. Both on a Friday, both at 4pm but some 3,900 years between the two events! Before we can attempt to answer this question we must put some tag on GFPMC.


Two events, both the gushing of blood, both on a Friday, both at 4pm but some 3,884 years between them and it may sound like blasphemy because it probably is blasphemy, the question, ‘So?’ So what if it did not happen? No Passover, no GFPMC, no blood of perfection from the burnt sacrifice spilled, no blood of evil from a winepress of God’s fury, no doorway with blood on it into the new creation, time had finished some 2,000 years ago, the door of mercy had closed at the first coming, DOA3888 had taken place and the saints had long been in Heaven with the Jesus of the three synoptic gospels, evil had not reached the level where God’s people had murdered their Messiah although they had every intention of doing so and had worked out all the details by 10pm at the time that Jesus was to be raptured from Gethsemane on the Thursday night of 13/01/3889 ac, surely Heaven has recorded this as the serious crime of conspiring to murder Jesus, the most serious crime has been recorded but where is the anti dote? The antidote of Passover has not occurred and hell is for the destruction of sin and it did not destroy those evil intentions to treat the blood of perfection as dirt to be trodden into the dirt even though they did exist. They had not trodden the blood of the burnt offering into the dirt but they were still guilty of conspiring to murder their Messiah and this evil fell into the category of not being burned up in hell. It too required a winepress of God’s fury and at least a partial conflagration of Peter’s fires.

Yes indeed Calvary’s tree did achieve much. The Lamb that was slain on it became worthy of taking the scroll from the right hand of God and riding down to earth to seek sheep number one hundred  and to make an all out effort to bring back 101 as well. Heaven had to be sure there was not one left behind and there was that thorny question of 500 million (?) dying for their lord and not the Lord of the Bible. All needed to be sorted and answered in meticulous detail. Yes the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ was to be shown on this day but this is the light of the interface between God and humanity ‘only’ and its ‘true’ value will be revealed when it shines on the Heavenly Day of Atonement of the eternities to come. These two lights will not just be additively added but synergistically added. It will not be one bull sacrifice shining and a seven bull sacrifice to produce one to the value of eight bulls but forty or seventy or more bulls. Heaven makes no attempt to count them until after seven (?) days when that initial flash of light has subsided. We do not owe

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much to, we owe all to Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary! (GFPMC) And this includes sitting here today  and being given a last chance before my last breath.

The last eighteen verses of Numbers nine deal with, cover the cloud over the tabernacle. There would not be many Christians today who would be able to put their hands up to the question, ‘Do you understand a lot about the Bible let alone all the Bible.’ Satan knows the Bible frontwards and backwards and being a liar and no truth in him twists and distorts it to his own evil purposes. Jesus also knows all the texts but He also knows the context. Satan did not get away with twisting the texts to Jesus because Jesus understood both. I get a sense of peace by surrounding myself with Bible texts as I know that they are all truth and therefore some truth must flow down onto these pages. I have no problems with corrections especially for those introduced by the Concept of the Day of Atonement, either DOA3888 or DOA7777 or the final Day of Atonement of eternity. I judge a lot of my Scripture by the person who is delivering it. If I knew a priest to be a paedophile or a bishop who is covering for this paedophile I would not listen to that person for spiritual enlightenment but to see how they misuse Scripture to gain advantage over their unsuspecting prey. Such is the topic of the cloud on the tabernacle in the OT and its replacement by the Holy Spirit in the NT.

I know of a ministry where all those ministers who were present and this was just about all of the working ministers put their hand up to the question of, ‘Do you support and approve of atheists  harassing and killing Christians?  This is what satan did back on GFPMC, it was demonic then and it is demonic today. They are not just a war ministry but one specialising in killing Christians. If this ministry bought people to the cross of Jesus so that He would drive out that recalcitrant demon and systematically kept you from touching this cross by quickly replacing it with seven of their own demons again I would call, ‘A satanic ministry’  If this ministry knowingly keep you under the old covenant of relying on self and prevent you from relying on Jesus  or the new covenant this ministry is satanic. If this ministry knowingly prevent the blessings of God from passing onto you by the ‘righteousness of your sin’ and also prevent you from seeking a cruel vindictive God by the teaching of eternal hell again this ministry is demonic. If they actively encourage you to contact the devil by their teaching concerning the state of the dead, again this ministry is demonic. The Jimmy Swaggart Ministries meet all the above conditions and many other Biblically absurd clangers, they are a demonic ministry and should be avoided at all costs other than if you want to see how satan operates today. A bunch of demons cannot instil the Holy Spirit but they can and do instil their own demons on unsuspecting prey.

They misquote Scripture but now is not the time to give an exposé on the Holy Spirit I just want to relate to the cloud over my tabernacle. If JK is going to hell, his name was not called by Jesus on GFPMC then it would not matter even if the holy hands of Peter, Paul and Mary were placed on me and they actually did pass on the Holy Spirit onto me! I would be going to hell but I would not be going to hell! The Book of Revelation has a number of tenets of faith and one concerns the seal of God, the Holy Spirit. We are specifically told that the foolish virgins have not received a seal from God at baptism or whenever. They are virgins, they have a faith and they are prepared to die for their faith. They have not received the seal of God and will only be given it after the second coming. They should not have been given it as they are foolish and are going to hell. They are given this seal to show the saints in Heaven among other things


Why the rest of those foolish virgins and that number could be in the order of 500 million were not given the seal in their lives; they were evil, they were going to hell and Jesus saw they were going to hell whilst He was on the cross. The option that these 144,000 foolish virgins are given could not be more stark; Keep the seal you were given and that has protected you through all the calamities  of the last 1,800 odd years and Jesus will go to hell for you, replace it with the mark of the beast and you will go to hell yourselves. The result is they replace the seal of God with the mark of the beast, fight against the armies of the rider of the white horse, are killed, first death, are resurrected and thrown into hell and now the new concept that I think follows the gushing of the blood of Jesus at 4pm on GFPMC, these bodies are placed into the winepress of the wrath of God from where that river of evil blood flows. It proves that Jesus was correct in not placing His seal, the

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Holy Spirit on any other than those who are going to finish up in the armies riding behind the rider of the white horse.

On SBS we have a program which has just begun on the lives of ten Christians living together for one week and even after the first week I could write four blogs on four of these people but as I cannot see the light they have been given  and if they are living up to that light and the commentary would be worthless. I can judge the Scripture that they use and misuse especially when it becomes a systematic way of leading people to hell. The archdiocese of Brisbane is certainly starting to take that road. Saturated to the core with paedophilia for fifty years, gay marriage, women priests, plus the usual clangers of the Church of England is not a bad start. But the issue at hand is Numbers nine and the form that the cloud over my tabernacle takes. The question I seek to answer is that if I was going to hell and I asked Peter or Paul to lay hands on me, what would they do?  Could they see that I was hell bound and refuse to do so or could they not see this and by placing their hands on me just produce a null effect, nothing happened. There is no way that they could instil an evil spirit in me.

The ‘problems’ we have of the Holy Spirit are those of history. It was not available until fifty days after GFPMC and even then it would have taken time for people to realise the mighty changes that occurred on that day. All those hundreds of baptisms that took place under John the Baptist, the 1,260 days of the ministry of Jesus and even fifty plus days after were performed in the absence of the Holy Spirit, they were water baptisms of repentance. Many people after therefore required to be baptised in the Holy Spirit but such is not the case today where the Holy Spirit is available, to what effect does the laying of hands now? A null effect at best and at worst the instilling of a demon?  No problems again with demonic ministries can only and love to instil their demons. Should I allow anyone to lay their hands on me? I am certainly thrilled that I did not allow it up to now as I have seen the nature of the people trying to do so up to now. In one word, nasty and in two words horrible and nasty and certainly incapable of instilling the Holy Spirit. Jesus alone knows who is going to Heaven and on those He will place His Seal, the Holy Spirit!

But what about the laying of hands by elders at an anointing and the speaking of tongues? I have been involved in one active anointing/healing service and about to be involved in a second service; the anointing of my beloved wife before she goes to surgery and a knee replacement. In my first anointing it was an emergency anointing with no time for theologising or philosophising. I, we turned up to what was supposed to be the first of four or five prayer nights for the preparation of an anointing service by the group leader and to find that I was required to anoint on the first night and if it did not work that this person would commit suicide was a surprise indeed. I didn’t think I met the Bible requirement of elder but if she regarded me as so then that was okay. The Bible does allow for anointing’s and it was an emergency was all I required to try anyway. We all called for the presence of the Holy Spirit not that it required to be called. By using Scripture of, ‘When two or more are gathered in my Name then I am there among them’, all we were doing was accentuating the presence of the Holy Spirit. We all prayed for a cure for our sister in Christ and we certainly did not want her to die with her devastating effect this would have on her family. My anointing of my wife will be different, it will be a prepared event. So what do I hope to achieve? By anointing her with olive oil, a symbol of the Holy Spirit, what will be achieved?

It certainly will not be instilling the Holy Spirit in her. She already has that as displayed in her life and the results of so many of her prayers being answered. Will we be seeking a cure as in she lays hands on my knee when it goes and I seek to do the same for her knee? Wonderful if it happened but if that thorn in her flesh is there for a particular reason then annulling that reason would be against the will of God. Yes we will ask to have our focus moved to the presence of the Holy Spirit by counting to two and applying Scripture that Jesus told us He would be there but the prayer that we will pray is the one that is answered every time, ten times out of ten!


The prayer that is answered daily and every time it is prayed is, ‘Our Father Who is in Heaven, glorified be Your Name…..’ Every time! I am allowed to stand back and look at the result and compare it to what I

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expected but regardless of the comparison it has been answered! In the many/most times the answer is wildly different to what we expected the result is/should be faith and that is much easier said than done! But that is what we will be seeking and the answer to the prayer has already been given and there is no need to dwell on it any longer.

To a person with limited resources it is not possible to Scripturally demolish all the satanic clangers that are around. I have tried to defend the Sabbath because of its significance and I would not be surprised if I convinced no one so I am not going to waste my time and effort in arguing against speaking in tongues because first and foremost they are Scriptural. But in the hands of demonic ministries like Jimmy Swaggart who are liars and there is no truth in them, that is how Scripture puts it they can only be the work of the devil. They instil their satanic spirit in you and they get it to talk and their aim is to get you to go war and ultimately hell. You know you have this spirit as it will make you leap for joy at the sound of Christians being killed be pagans, just like Swaggart jumps for joy! He can’t help it, that is what demons do, it comes to them naturally! The sleeping church has only recently experienced a wave of laying of hands and this has mostly fallen over when the wolf anatomy of those laying hands poked through their sheep’s skins. The best you could get from these was a null effect and the worst was to receive their demons. Today there may be genuine Christians laying hands and speaking in tongues but you would have to doubt their understanding of what they are doing. They cannot instil the Holy Spirit on anyone just like I cannot instil the Holy Spirit on my wife and to attempt to do so would be implying that Jesus did not do so when He was supposed to, He probably forgot! Good thing you are present to correct His mistake! The burnt offering of 3pm to 4pm of GFPMC should not have been presented, it was not finished it still needed you to complete the work! It is sick, it is nauseating and it is blasphemy! Returning to the cloud and fire over the tabernacle.

The cloud during the day and the pillar of fire during the night covers my tabernacle the moment I accept Jesus into my life. It does not wait until Moses has finished building my tabernacle or until all the furnishings and utensils are complete, it covers me from the moment I accept Jesus. It may be in order to revise the history of the church where my tabernacle stands, past, present and future. The first members of my church were Adam and Eve. They were given the ability to worship their Creator on the first Sabbath, day seven of creation. History cannot go back past this first seven days. The ‘problem’ was Adam and particularly Eve were given enough knowledge to pass onto their siblings so that they too could worship Jesus the Creator in incremantle increases of knowledge and worship for the next 7,777 *52 or 400,000  odd Sabbaths until the time of God’s trial run finished. Eve must have had a lot of knowledge or been capable of absorbing all this knowledge to pass it onto her Siblings so that they too could worship Jesus at an ever increasing level for His act of creation. This world was never supposed to last past seven lots of seven (7,777 years, 7 months, 7days and 7 hours) and it was here to fulfil God’s first stage of creation. This was the time God gave humanity to respond to the evil that was present, ‘In the beginning..’ by disobeying God and sinning. As there was almost zero chance of either Lucifer or Adam and Eve sinning and the universe remaining sinless during this time, Jesus would then destroy this universe and as in our case recreate it in a sinless environment and therefore no provisions such as mutations to counter the presence of sin.

The creation of man at these withering heights and against all  odds did go arith. Lucifer was in the top position but wanted to go higher and Eve had eternal life but wanted satan’s version of eternal life. Both fell and satan brought a third of the angels with him, Eve brought Adam with her. Would have been a total disaster had all the angels been thrown out of Heaven and they should have been as they all grumbled. So the sorry state of the history of my people really started on the day that Adam and Eve sinned. God obviously knew that this would happen and He had a solution to the problem, to restore the link between Himself and humanity and He announced it on the day of their sins. The solution was the Day of Atonement, DOA3888 of Leviticus 16. Theologians get this whole message of salvation wrong because they apply the crushing of satan’s head and the bruising of Jesus’ heel to GFPMC where neither happened. Satan was not involved in the fires of hell on this day he just sat on the sideline and jeered and sneered and slammed the door of mercy on himself closed. Jesus had more than just His heel bruised on this day, He was crushed, no, both the crushing of satan’s head and the bruising of Jesus’ heel are still to occur on DOA3888.

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Jesus allowed humanity to continue mostly in control but the problem was all this knowledge they had been given so that they could worship the creator they now turned to doing evil and evil spiralled out of control so much so that Jesus had no choice but to destroy the earth with Noah’s Flood. After Noah’s Flood things were different and man would not be given permission to be in control, God would be and all man was given was a cup of iniquity an once he filled this he would be destroyed. To supervise humanity at its level God put Melchizedek on earth. Time ran on for about a thousand years in Melchizedek’s presence when God/Jesus decided that this was not going to lead people to righteousness and ultimately Heaven. They just kept on sinning, filling their cups with iniquity and being wiped off the face of the earth. He decided to gather a group of people who wanted to be His people but they needed to meet certain criteria. Firstly they had to want to be His people. He was not interested in attracting people who wanted a Jeannie they could pull out of a bottle at a whim. No He wanted to form a relationship with them based on mutual love but to do this they would need to have trust or faith in Him. It was on the ground of faith that this love would be built on and the father of faith chosen was Abraham of whom Scripture implies had many in depth dealings with Melchizedek Who would have explained the dealings of God with His people. Abraham was the Father of our faith and initially God’s people were called Jews or Israelites but now is going to be added an extra dimension, they will become Christians and the event that will instigate this change is called Passover.

It is a faith event that did not have to deal with sin because sin was already adequately dealt with by the Day of Atonement. Passover was an act of faith that required faith in the blood of the Passover lamb being capable of making the angel of death pass over the households with the Lamb’s blood on the doorframes. As Heavenly events are difficult to express in earthly language they are expressed in symbolic form and even in symbolic form there was much more to it than the blood of the lamb although this was the centre piece. To become God’s people they had to become insulated and isolated from the rest of all those other people who just kept falling over. They had to be given a special set of rules to stop them from doing so also. They had to be cleaned and cleared from sin, but you may say that is what the Day of Atonement was supposed to be about. By faith by placing their hands on the scapegoat their sins passed onto the scapegoat and were taken outside of the temple and the city and destroyed, never to be worried about again! So that becomes one difference between DOA3888 and GFPMC, one thing that GFPMC did that DOA3888 did not do; On DOA3888 God’s people came to Him and asked for forgiveness but of GFPMC God went out searching for converts and asked them to repent. DOA3888 was God’s work, the work of His Father but GFPMC was Jesus’ own work. It was not just a matter of the shepherd taking 99 sheep home but the very good shepherd taking home number one hundred and making sure not just beyond reasonable doubt but beyond any doubt that number 101 did not want to come up.

The night of Passover, the birthdate of the Christian Church was not so much about the forgiveness of sin although when combined with DOA3888 it worked out so, it was getting away, breaking the bond to sin and evil. It was going to take the full extent of the love of Jesus to going to do this. The insidious nature of Egyptian sin and evil was going to take ten major miracles to break this nature. It is not a part of the river that flows from the winepress of God’s wrath to be destroyed by Peter’s fires. This applies to the wicked dead and the process for the saints is entirely different. There is no winepress of God’s fury involved ‘just’ a flash of divine love! From the day we accept Jesus and receive the covering of that cloud at daytime and pillar of fire at night, Jesus has to perform ten major miracles for us to leave the slavery of Egyptian sin. He has to be given and He will keep the Ten Commandments for us as only He can do!

Even then there is not an automatic release from sins. The Egyptian armies led by Pharaoh will pursue us and want to take us back and they do so right up to the Red Sea. They are totally defeated in the baptismal font. After the crossing of the Red Sea you would think we would step out of it and  into a land of milk and honey, but you would be wrong. You see the standard that God sets for the admission of the wedded couple is very high and it has to be because it has to last for eternity. That standard is, ‘You are worthy of taking this scroll out of God’s hand and opening its seals because You were slain!’ Jesus has already given His life for us and now it is our life and our turn. In most cases it is giving our life over to Him but in the first and last churches this will have a literal application; martyrdom. No the trip from the baptismal font to the land of milk

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and honey, Canaan is via the Sinai desert. This is a land of extreme testing; the hottest hot to the coldest cold, the greatest floods to the dry sands, and the extremes of both hunger and thirst. And they only stop when you have taken your last breath! Passover was a selection, isolation and nutritional process.

What if the Jews wanted to stay under the Old Covenant and wait until the final cleansing of DOA7777 would they be able to spend the rest of eternity in the first Heaven? It is ridiculous questions like this that clarify the issues involved. Let us count how many ‘nos’ this question is made up of. No (1), the Jews are no longer God’s people, Jerusalem is no longer God’s city and all this stopped on the day that Jesus withdrew His Shekinah Glory from the temple, it was no longer the house of God. There is only one cab on the rank now with the destination of “Heaven” on it and that is Christianity. No, (2), the Jews cut off their own noses to spite their own faces by choosing to murder the Messiah. They have replaced God and His Son with Caesar as king and Barabbas as their prophet. This combination is the journey to hell and not Heaven. No (3) by persecuting and killing Christians of the first and second coming of Jesus does anything but not add to their Heavenly endeavours! (4) No, they would not be allowed to wait in the first Heaven with us whilst the final chapters of the world history were being written because they had not been cleansed by Jesus on GFPMC. (5) No, because the intentional, confessed sin component of DOa3888 had been moved onto GFPMC so if they wanted any sins to be placed on the scapegoat they would have to go through GFPMC. (6) No, by continuing the animal sacrificial system they would be denying that GFPMC had occurred, blasphemy of the first order!


(7) Yes and no, they were following divine instructions and living by faith in DOA3888 but that system changed and in that form was no longer applicable. Many thoughts during the night but few ideas. Still the time factor lingers; why did Passover appear 2,500 odd years after the first sin but DOA3888 immediately? Jesus wanted to include every created soul in His Heavenly plans but after this time it was obvious that most were going to reject this offer. Jesus’ response was to gather those who wanted to be His people, isolate and nurture them so that they could get to Heaven, thus GFPMC. Why are three of the four gospels synoptic and based on a Thursday night rapture and only John’s Gospel is about staying on for Fridays cross? The first coming of Jesus was based on a Thursday night rapture and all the disciples thought so. That base was set in Eden on the day our first parents sinned and it was the DOA3888. That may be the work of the Father but it does not explain why Jesus changed His mind in the last eight odd days out of a ministry of 1,260 days. I don’t claim to have all the answers but I can quite clearly see why Jesus should shun the idea of being murdered by His own people with His own Word. But maybe when Jesus looked ahead in time and saw JK and the other 140 million souls that GFPMC would bring His love won the day. He did!  Is it really worthwhile reading the OT and the four hooks, the four Gospels between the OT and NT? Why not just concentrate on the NT and the aftermaths  of GFPMC? After all it is only the cross of GFPMC that we need. It is what is going to get us into the present Heaven at the second coming and from then on we cannot fail! Events and our reactions are spontaneous and the pass mark is 100%. Do we really need to waste paper in printing OTs why not just print NTs? Our faith is based on the events that took place on GFPMC but like any faith it is also based on modules. We do require more than just, ‘I believe’ that is how God made us. Any faith has a base and a foundation and today why the faiths of many have their wheels falling off is because their foundations are not in the OT. Some ideas they come up with are weird and some wonderful but in the long run the only ones that will pass into eternity will be those based on ‘It is written’ and this includes the whole Bible. After all the majority of the NT is a copy of the OT. They are inseparable, they are one book and the more it is ignored the more room for demonic clangers! (another irreversible crash)

The strength of any faith is determined by the number of modules that make up that faith and with the great tribulation Heaven is going to be very generous with the number of modules of faith it provides and this will be over and above the plethora of blogs like this one where all you have to do it to approach Jesus on the ground that He is not a liar, His Word can be trusted and to give you the privilege of honouring His Name. Some sceptic looks at day 1,290 after the declaration of Christianity as a terrorist organisation. (USA or worldwide??) On all the media the Jesuit Pope is shown as surveying the present temple ruins. He walks back

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to his waiting car and is driven back to the airport and seven minutes after the plane takes off and is clear of the shockwave an earthquake is set off that pulverises Jerusalem. The following tsunami backwashes the powder into the sea. They see Jews who up to now have relied on bombs, bullets, bombers, bribes and buildings now holding Bibles in their hands. They count back 1,290 days and see that declaration against Christianity, thirty days on they see its enforcement and the jailing and killing of Christians begins. They count back 140 days to see how all of a sudden this persecution stopped and all those jailed Christians released. What really sticks in their throats is that the persecution did not last for 1,150 days but 2,300 morning and evening services! Even though rejected by the unholy trinity the timeline of morning and evening services has continued! There are many modules of faith just in that one day of 1,290 days, all Biblical, all in both OT and NT. With their freewill that has been given them they can reject faith based on these modules and most will reject them. They will not be surprised and will be anxiously awaiting day 45 (Difference between 1,335 and 1,290 of Daniel chapter twelve) and will not be at all surprised when they come to after that flash in the sky to learn that Jesus had come and gone at His second coming. They can actually relax now for the next thousand years, satan has been taken out of the picture and bound in a great chain in the abyss. Under normal circumstances during this thousand years satan would have conducted fifteen or even twenty major wars using ministries like that of Swaggart to ready the people with their guns and Bibles and with satan out of the picture there is unprecedented peace. Certainly before the thousand years are over they are going to have to make arrangements for the release of the wicked dead and in particular the 200 million crazed horsemen. Talk about the shattering of that millennia of peace! The uncertainty! When those seven billion wicked dead are resurrected and double the world’s population within a minute, are they going to take over your house thereby nullifying all those preparations you have made for this time! They are untouchable as they have already been through their first death and now can only die right at the very end of time! They are going to kill a third of mankind but is that of the present total or 2.4 billion or is that a third of the new total or 4.8 billion? Incredible slaughter either way! Then again when is that total reached and it is safe to go into the street?

The consolation prize is that the door of mercy has not yet been shut neither on the foolish virgins nor on anyone else and it will not shut for another 260 years! Have to give some serious thought into that message that those two witnesses are going to bring with them. After all how hard can it be to put on some sackcloth and repent!. Have to make up their minds on this side of the 1,260 years before that door of mercy slams shut, after that it will be too late. This is what that lot were all about, Jesus, the two witnesses and those 144,000 wise virgins, making up the final roles of Heaven and taking them back. A final check that not one person had been left behind! It was the end of the work of the rider of the white horse who took the scroll out of the right hand of God in Heaven way back at 3pm on GFPMC on 14/01/3889 ac. That was 5,149 years ago, a very long assignment indeed. He is reporting that He is taking back all those who wanted to be saved in this period, He makes up those final roles whilst He is in the Most Holy Place of the rebuilt temple and His two witnesses are in their final evangelistic campaign. These roles are given to the first fruits, the 144,000 wise virgins who take them into the Most Holy Place, the throne room of the present Heaven and give them to God!  The foolish virgins see this as their last chance of sneaking into Heaven by tagging along with the return party and irony abounds as it is the saints who have been given the role of excluding these foolish virgins. They know that it is only a matter of time if one of these rotten eggs got through for the next revolt to occur and Jesus to have to go back to the cross again. We are most anxious that not one of these foolish virgins get through but what test do make up to test them? They are very good and convincing with their words and they ridiculed us quite often on our stance on the Bible and they convinced many that we were fanatics and fundamentalists and this is the test that we apply to them now. It is not a test of the mouth but a word test of the heart. The new song that we sing is one of the heart and this can only come from that which, ‘It is written’ and they cannot even begin to learn this one. It was a very simple separation in deed; they with their own ideas and us with the written ideas of, ‘It is written”.

By now the modules of faith that have been presented to our secularist have been mounting, all rejected but still mounting. He is certainly at the stage where he/she will not blame God for their predicament or uncle Freddie or Auntie May, they have accepted responsibility, ‘through my fault’. In the meantime and

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just for the heck of it they have read the rest of the book of Revelation to see what maybe install for them in the last 500 years of time left for this planet. (Daniel’s 7* 70 = 490 years) They know that regardless of what happens now there can be no access into Heaven. The door of mercy has been slammed shut and the final tally sheets signed and handed in. The stage of Pergamum has finished and it is now onto Thyatira. The gloves have come off and where trials were only by thirds whilst mercy was in operation now they become full on trials, the bowls are just tipped out. Everyone was expecting these bowls to be bad but even the most hardened among them was surprised how bad the first one was; an attack against the body. A hurried meeting among the unholy trinity, first bowl down and almost destroyed us, we have no hope of surviving those six others to come! Despair, panic, compromise! If we rebuild the temple from its present almost impossible position God might abate at least some of the remaining bowls!  The city and temple were pulverised by a massive earthquake set off by the slamming shut of the door of mercy at the third coming of Jesus with His two witnesses which also left a deep fissure around the demolished temple. It should be easy enough to push all the rubble into the crack but rebuilding especially on the other side of this fissure will present problems. Anyway the three of them decide to do it and from this decree it takes 7*7 = 49 years and there are still 63 lots of seven to go. We have studied these times and events previously in the Book of Revelation, the systematic tying up of knots to finish time. Of concern to us now is the wedding feast of Heaven which could only occur when the Holy Spirit, the fine linen arrived back in Heaven after a departure of some 3,880 years. But didn’t I  receive the Holy Spirit on earth when God placed His seal on me at baptism? Why do I now have to wait for 1,800 odd years for the return of the Holy Spirit? The other topic that remains uncovered is on the Day of Atonement which we will actually experience with the atonement cross in Eden2 alongside of us, DOA7777, the twin bird sacrifice, 1,259 days will be dedicated to atonement but ‘only’ one to GFPMC, Why?


Jesus Christ is the same today as yesterday and will be tomorrow. It is not He who changes but our perception of Him. So it is with the Holy Spirit, it is our perception of the Spirit that changes. It starts at the rock bottom and builds up from here and as there are three levels of saints we will ultimately finish up perceiving more of the Holy Spirit. Those like JK out near the pearly gates  will see less than the Peters and the Pauls nearer to the throne. When those final sacrifices of eternity begin and the light of GFPMC is shone onto the purity of DOA7777, the twin bird sacrifice there will be an addition of one bull onto seven and an incredible flash of beautiful flood. To JK it may be 1 + 7 = 40 but to Paul it maybe 1 + 7 = 70. We had seen the same thing but Paul has appreciated more of what happened. Today the Holy Spirit can point no higher and no further than the burnt offering of 3pm to 4pm on GFPMC. And the beauty of that starting light is determined by how much effort we are prepared in getting to that light. Today the highest mountain is not Everest on earth or Olympus on Mars, it is Mount Calvary. On top of it is a focusing device, a telescope. If we lay at the foot of the cross and look up along this telescope, the cross, Heaven is visible from here and the harder we look the more of Heaven we will see. During our first 1,800 odd years we will see things of stunning beauty which if they were shown to us now would make our bodies glow by some sort of luminescence as did Stephen when he was being stoned. But if we really focus hard on the brightest object we will see a tag on it; BURNT OFFERING, GFPMC, 3PM TO 4PM. And the more of that burnt offering we see now is an indication of the work of the Holy Spirit within us! If your idea of Christianity is love and this does not allow for the horrors of GFPMC and there was no need for them then I am fairly sure you won’t have to worry about the Burnt offering of Heaven, you won’t be there!

So far we have been shown the burnt offering of GFPMC and we are still to be shown the burnt offering of DOA7777. We will appreciate this at a much higher level because the Holy Spirit will have returned back to Heaven by this stage and we will have been married to our Jesus. The beauty of what we see on this day will unfortunately be associated with much pain when we see what we have caused our loving Saviour to go through. No pain and no gain is certainly an applicable comment here. We start at Jesus being a part of us as He is today through His spirit but we will finish up being a part of Him, again  through His Holy Spirit!

This Day of Atonement to which we are heading in some 1,800 years time is not an unexpected flash in the sky! It has been on our radar since the year dot, the day when our first parents sinned. It was the

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centrepiece  of the sacrifices of the earth’s first 3,888 years of its existence and it was the centrepiece of the ministry of Jesus Christ! It is the centrepiece of the first three gospels and in time at least seems to dwarf GFPMC. That does not mean that we relegate GFPMC into some backwater, to the contrary we concentrate more on GFPMC as it is light from this event that will ultimately shine on DOA7777. It is the one and DOA is the seven! No, GFPMC remains the focus of our lives and the central tenet of our faith! But when adversity strikes as at the great tribulation we are going to need as many components of faith as we can gather. It will not be just a leap of faith with all those unknowns, DOA7777 answers the questions that were not answered by GFPMC. This will make the leap of faith into the waiting arms of Jesus!

The struggle with this genealogy of Matthew opened in front of me continues and I have to keep telling myself that Jesus is going back to Heaven on Thursday night, there will be no GFPMC but we are walking into DOA3888. The elephant in the room remains and his name is Adam, the lynchpin!

He was there standing alongside Eve when she was being addressed by God but appeared to be totally ignored. He was there when satan had his history and fate announced and we will soon revisit this rebellion in Heaven in Numbers. But God did not say a word to Adam. He had been included with Eve as one of the animals that God had to kill on that day was the scapegoat to cover for the intentional confessed sin of Adam, so he was included but more so as an accessory. Eve’s seed came in at two levels; all the unintentional sins committed by humanity, Eve’s seed, would be covered by the DOA3888 event. It did not just cover humanity it also covered divinity and unless both were present would not be accepted by God/Heaven. The conception of Jesus was divinity and the humanity was Mary. The possibility existed that Jesus could have gone to the cross in the Garden of Eden and DOA3888 but He did not and chose a preparation period of some 3,800 years filling it in with the animal sacrifice system but He ultimately did go to the GFPMC cross. Numbers six runs the DOA7777 entirely from the perspective of Eve. Purity of the twin bird sacrifice. It was the only exception that was allowed to a sinless world where the Nazirite was not allowed any contact with the dead. Eve was that exception, the man who fell down dead very suddenly alongside of him. There was a full stop to the 1,260 days of the ministry of the Nazirite; His decommissioning, His going to the trouble to deal with that sin of Adam; the scapegoat.


I do work on the principle of incremental knowledge to break down complex matters but that principle is looking rather shaky now. With the fourth visit to Matthew’s genealogy the complexity has increased and my prayer and hope that by the seventh visit there will be some light is not looking very good either and it may even be that Jesus has given this privilege to someone else. This does not change the fact that I need and will continue to seek daily bread and the glory of God. Yesterday I discussed incremental faith but forgot to mention those who will respond on day 1,290 after the persecution of Christianity begins. With all the atrocities that have been committed in our name all totally against the teachings of Jesus, the five hundred odd years that the Jesuits have been sharpening their knives for to rid the world of heretics and the Jew with thousands of years waiting to settle their scores with, Christianity is not the number one on the rank of popularity. Despite this there are people who on day 1,290 will look and marvel at the details that ‘It is written’ has provided. It is future today but the day will come when it is fact and some will look at these facts and believe that if Jesus is able to supply these facts about one day then He is able to supply the history of the next infinite number of years and that this history will begin in 45 day’s time when at His second coming He takes all His people from all times back to Heaven with Him. Many will make a commitment to Jesus but it is on a faith that is made up of many modules of the past. It is not a blind faith but it is a faith of the future and in what ‘It is written’ and many of these things I read now might even remain in the realm of faith until that time, the right time as defined by Jesus Himself.

The elephant in the room that I have stumbled across is Adam, the man. Matthew is not about  the creature that looks like a man but the one that looks like a lion. The Gospel of Luke is about the creature that looks like a man, it is the Gospel about Adam. So it is time to remove Adam off our radar screens and bring him back at the appropriate time. Now is the time for the lion, Matthew is the Gospel about Eve and the Day of

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Atonement. It is not about 3pm on GFPMC when Jesus appears in Heaven with His divine blood and, ‘They sang a new song, “You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation. You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God, and they will reign on earth”’.

Matthew is not about that scroll, it did not happen. There was no GFPMC because Jesus went back to Heaven on Thursday night. He did not take the scroll from the right hand of God and open its seals because He had not been slain. He could not purchase men for God because he had not shed His blood. We are not a kingdom and priest and we will not be reigning on earth, this or other earths, He was not slain! But even if ‘all’ that occurs on DOA3888 Jesus will still be slain and all the above will apply anyway won’t it?

To help us through this maize John the Baptist seems to offer help and even a concession that GFPMC will occur. Let us see if this is the case. Adam does not disappear off our screens for long as he is the subject of the third coming of Jesus and it is now that we compare the first coming of Jesus, Eve and the third coming, Adam. (1) In both comings the temple of God is occupied with the Shekinah Glory of God, Jesus. (2) Both comings involve a period of ministry of 1,260 days. (3) The idea of each ministry is to close the door of mercy. The Roman soldiers who came to arrest Jesus may not have known, ‘Who is this Jesus?’ but those who sent them certainly did. Their intentions were clear, they were going to murder Jesus and the door of mercy closed at 10pm on the Thursday night before GFPMC. Everyone died with the revelation of the divinity of Jesus; I AM HE! At the third coming the door of mercy closes when the two witnesses are resurrected and with Jesus and the first fruits all return to Heaven. (4) There are two witnesses who come with Jesus at the third coming, Elijah and John the apostle (?) but at the first coming there is only one, John the Baptist. Even though the ministry of Jesus is an active one at His first coming He could not be regarded as a witness, He was doing His Father’s work. (5) Both the witnesses are killed at the third coming and only John the Baptist is killed at the first coming. Jesus does not stay around for the Friday and allow Himself to be murdered. (6) John the Baptist and the two witnesses from Heaven preach a ministry of repentance. (7) The ministry of Jesus at His first coming is not only preceded by John the Baptist, Jesus’ ministry is introduced by him. As the forerunner to Jesus John’s ministry could even have lasted for ten years (?) before Jesus appeared and a co-ministry of 2years with Jesus but the overall ministry of Jesus was 1,260 days. We are told the apostle John has to measure up the temple of Jesus and is given a rod to do so. This is telling us that there is a plethora of temples many that imitate the original. The original temple that was destroyed by the Romans and soon to be pulverised by an earthquake will not be rebuilt in this same position. It will be rebuilt where the altar/cross stood and this cross will be used to rededicate the new temple allowing Jesus when He does come for the third time to immediately occupy it. How long is it going to take John to conclude which is the right temple? He can already see and feel the presence of the cross and measurements will only confirm what he already knows. There has to be other reasons why Jesus has sent him down ahead of Himself!

If this is really the apostle John and I think I can produce seven Scriptures to prove this then He certainly would grab attention even in the presence of fake media and he could point to the arrival of Jesus. Not that this would be necessary but satan has now been released for 260 years and as he has done with previous two arrivals of Jesus tried to destroy their ministries. Not that any announcement regarding the Shekinah Glory being returned to the temple was necessary. The cross of Jesus with His blood on it and the blood that flowed at 4pm on GFPMC already there, this place is already holy and with the return of Jesus would again attain that glowing splendour it had before with the presence of Jesus. (8) What is different between the forerunners of both first and third comings is their finality. At the third coming the two witnesses are killed, stay in the state of the dead for three days, are resurrected and immediately all concerned return back to Heaven. At His first coming the Baptist is killed, stays dead and I have no doubt he was resurrected for the 3pm vote in Heaven on GFPMC and voted Jesus as worthy of accepting the scroll and opening its seals but the point being Jesus kept going on with His ministry, its focus may have changed but it kept going but for how long? What focus and how long are issues we have to look at but it did keep going. The NIV Bible study seem to have it about two years into the ministry of Jesus but what credence can you place on people who address God and Jesus with the same personnel pronoun as they do with satan and have no idea of the significance of

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the day of worship and peddle the satanic line? The death could not have occurred at late as eight days before Jesus went to the cross. What happened in the 550 intervening days?


The Transfiguration, John the Baptist are markers in this gospel. John the Baptist with a parallel ministry from Jesus taught the message of repentance and if that is all that was supposed to be involved when Herod had John killed, Jesus should have resurrected John and all returned to Heaven. That is what happened when the door of mercy finally closed. There was more in the ministry of Jesus than this. Whether now Jesus began breaking the news to them that GFPMC was a possibility or He changed His ministry from Jew to gentile or something else, something else did happen on the day that the witness died on. As I turn the pages of Matthew I still cannot believe or accept that I am dealing with history that occurred some 2,000 years ago but it actually stopped history of this world and we have had 2,000 of eternity since and a trillion with a trillion zeros years still to go! The problem remains that on Resurrection Sunday morning that empty tomb was an utter and complete mystery to all the disciples but to me it is a central tenet of faith which is beyond question. To make this transition I am going to try to move the calendar back some 2,000 years and walk in Peter’s shoes. The date today is 9th of July of the year 29AD (I could relate that back to since creation but what is required is since Egypt, 01/01/01)

There is much excitement and the air is filled with anticipation and we know something big is about to happen. Many generations have waited for these days and they were our hope as we stumbled from one disaster to the next. We had our Scripture to keep us going but there was a shocking length of time that God did not send us another guide, another prophet. Thankfully that drought has been broken and this prophet is the one that all the others spoke about. His whole being and the thousands of miracles that He performed left little doubt that He was from God but none of us added the numbers together that said that He was God. God to us was a concept of some being Who existed in the Most Holy Place inside of that magnificent building but the closest we were allowed was in the courtyard where the altar/cross stood. Only priests were allowed into the tent of meeting and only the high priest into the Most Holy Place. Apparently it is going to be different inside of the Most Holy Place the Heaven to which we are going, the New Jerusalem. Up there the throne is occupied by God and the Lamb and we are surrounded and infilled with the Holy Spirit, the fine linen to guide us to this treasure. Down here on earth the presence of God seems to come from a box, the Ark of the Covenant, the tomb where Jesus was buried and where He converted our death into Shekinah Glory. There were three components in that box and the actual divinity component was the tablets with the Ten Commandments on them. They are not a shadow of Heaven as the temple was, they are a reflection of the nature of God and therefore a prime target for satanic distortion and disobedience for Swaggart and other demonic ministries. The other two components were some manna that fell from Heaven and therefore the flour or bread offerings, the body of Jesus Christ must play a significant role of our eternity and Aaron’s rod or the source of life. We know these are symbols of what is above us now in the first and also in the second Heaven. The excitement right now is that God has sent our Messiah and He is going to take all of His own back to Heaven. Daniel has told us that He will preach a tutorial of 1,260 days, which He is doing now and that started at His baptism at the hands of John the Baptist and it was seen by many how the whole of the Holy Trinity witnessed and approved of this event. But how fickle is humanity, even the chief witness to these events, John himself would soon have doubts! But this is not our problem right now, we must ready ourselves for this rapture and the end of humanity on this planet. We don’t have any doubts about the divinity of our Jesus and we have this on a daily bases and when you couple this with the presence of God at both His baptism and transfiguration we know that the rapture is but a formality. Day of Atonement here we come! Heaven here we come!. The story of this coming rapture and the end of time so far has been;

Satan’s head is going to be crushed and you would not expect him to put up anything else but the most vigorous of defences. He knows that eight days before DOA3888 he will be destroyed. All his preparation and the dirtiest of his tricks he must produce now, every second and every millisecond now counts. But he also knows that if he can postpone this rapture he will have another 3,880 odd years of life left. This forms a real

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quandary for him. Push too hard and expose the demonic nature of those leaders too much and Jesus will  look at them and say, ‘They are not worth it’ and go home on Thursday night, push too little and Jesus might just stay on for the Friday. Too many uncertainties. Best policy is to associate Jesus with sin. Any association of any form would destroy His ministry. He came to save Himself and we were just included!

The one that has never failed up to now is the sin passed down from Adam, original sin! The fact that it happened nearly 6,000 years ago and I had nothing to do with it, good definition for unintentional sin has nothing to do with it. It is still sin as defined by God Himself! But this one does not apply to Jesus and the genealogy goes into great lengths to say so! The Jews were experts in genealogies and they could find no fault with the genealogy of Jesus. He was Eve’s seed and this was what was going to be required of the messiah and at this stage at least this genealogy is but pearl before swine. But satan has failed and the next step is to kill Jesus at birth. No Jesus, no Messiah and no rapture and satan lives on forever! Divine intervention and this fails at well. Next step, John the Baptist.


The ministry of John the Baptist was highly successful. There had been a long drought in righteousness, a long drought in the presence of God and His prophets and word and the people responded in droves as they will at the time of the awakening of His sleeping virgins. All ten will awake. Satan is a realist and even though he would love to take a hundred out of a hundred with him to hell he will settle for ninety nine and allow one into heaven. He regards the demonic ministries, war mongers, of Graham and Swaggart as a success if he can claim 99 hell bound and only one heavens bound. He does need the Bible, the name of Jesus and the cross to bring them in where he will sort them out! He knows exactly how to twist Scripture, as we are about to see, to achieve this result! Satan was not thrilled at the success that John the Baptist was having  and no doubt would have sent thugs by those thugs and murders disguised as religious leaders to dust John up a bit. Remove some of that desert dust off him but it was God’s providence not to allow this. If anyone receives the seal of God at baptism, the Holy Spirit just like those foolish 144,000 foolish virgins will receive after the second coming of Jesus which they did not receive at their baptism  because they are foolish, this seal will protect them from calamities sent by God. There would be little point in placing His protection on me and then destroying me. This protection does not apply to attacks of satan. What divinity does apply is that these attacks are tempered and once they have achieved the desired effect are annulled.

In the following discussion I am aware that Heaven is not concerned about the numbers present but it is based on three numbers; one, two and three. Jesus is only concerned with one. If you or me were the only one who would go to Heaven in the last 2,000 years Jesus would have stayed over just for that one person. If we are one of those foolish virgins and we respond to the repentance calls of John or Elijah Jesus will come down from Heaven and live a perfect life, die a perfect death and go through a perfect resurrection just to save this one person! To go through life without realising that there is someone who loves us so much there is nothing he would not do for us is sadly missing a big chunk of life! Even if that person be mum or dad or someone else and we did not realise it we have indeed missed much. The number one means everything to Jesus! He already had 99 to take back to Heaven with Him in His Thursday  night rapture, but He chose to stay back for that extra one, number one hundred! You! Doubt in Him and doubt in His Word are no doubt very hurtful to Him but they are also very damaging to us as well! These doubts are the work of satan.

If number one is so important then why do we need a two?  The unit within divinity and eternity and indeed here on earth is two; bride and bridegroom. When we pray in a group we do not need to call on the presence of the Holy Spirit, He is there among us. What we do need is to focus, to accentuate His presence and thereby shutting the access off from satan. To do this we need the assurance of Scripture, ‘When two of more are gathered in my name then I am there among them!’ And every member should use this tool for focusing on the prayers to be prayed. Three is the Holy Trinity whereby salvation occurs as does eternity!. But the numbers I use now are relevant to me and seem to be to satan as well.

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The Heavenly scripts have already been written and the final tally sheets or roles have been made up, they just have to be played out. Heaven knows the strength of the bond that is required to be admitted into the Most Holy Place but it has not given up with the foolish and is increasing its efforts tenfold to bring then along as well and just like for the wise it suffers every time the foolish suffer. Satan cannot hurt them without hurting Jesus even more so. Yes the door of mercy closed on satan when he jeered and sneered  at Jesus on the cross but it also closed on humanity when they jeered and sneered at God’s representatives on Noah’s ark and it will close on humanity when they jeer and sneer at the two bodies of God’s representatives as they lay dead in the street at the third coming of our Jesus. Satan wanted John the apostle and Elijah out of the way as soon as possible. The longer they stayed the more was the chance that someone would repent but the other side of the equation was that if someone did repent this would bring Jesus back to earth and Calvary again. There is a similar quandary with John the Baptist. Kill him early and hasten the DOA3888 and his own destruction or prolong time in the hope that it will expand out enough to give satan another 3,880 odd years of existence. In the long term it is God’s will that prevails and it is God’s will that is done. There is no packing up and returning back to Heaven and this John the Baptist incident is recorded in all three synoptic gospels. It is a precursor to the Gospel of John where Jesus stays on for GFPMC and the cross of our central worship today! There are still many rich fields to explore as to how satan’s actions affected the ministry of John the Baptist and ultimately our salvation. To me still it is an admission by Heaven that it did not pack its bags and return home that there was still further work to be done which will reveal itself as we study the Baptist in this and the other Synoptic Gospels. GFPMC was running in the background!

The next incident though satan is more easily discernible, the tempting of Jesus in the desert. Jesus spent many nights of His earthly ministry praying, communicating with God the Father and the ten or whatever hours He spent on His knees would have passed as a few seconds pass to us but not so with these forty days in the desert. In prayer ten hours of prayer would pass as ten seconds but now under the power of temptation ten seconds passed as ten hours. Many a wonderful sermon has been written about these forty days including how Jesus survived and would it be possible for us the survive under these conditions and what was achieved by the Spirit leading Jesus into this temptation


As I sit here and prepare for my weekly trilogy of typing, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I think of the issues ahead and am quite overwhelmed at what I see. Usually by Sabbath evening the tank is dry and I consider myself lucky to get over the line by Sunday with the health and family issues involved. Now I have opened up another screen, JK living two thousand years ago and walking in Peter’s shoes (11/04/29) and JK living in Heaven in two thousand years time in 4019 our time; the first Heaven and the second Heaven, Jesus being raptured with his harvest of Thursday night from Gethsemane and Jesus staying on for GFPMC and allowing Himself to be murdered, DOA3888 or DOA7777, having already spent 2,000 odd years of eternity in the first Heaven or 1,800 odd years finished with the wedding between bride and bridegroom then riding out of Heaven and onto Canaan, the second Heaven, being confronted and prevented entry by the Canaanites which we destroyed by the army following the rider of the white horse and then the major break in time when we arrived on the banks of the Jordan River. From here we could see both the land of Canaan and Jericho. We got ourselves together and the Jordan we did cross. We started this side with a man directing us but there was another man above the water in white  who pulled us out of this crossing. We started as Jesus being a part of us and we finished up being a part of Him. This change was presented and accepted as valid by God. Once we got in to Canaan we immediately marched onto Jericho. It had a massive wall on a massive foundation. Our Jesus went in ahead of us and did whatever was required for the twelve pearly gates around this city to spring open. When they did we gave seven massive shouts before we filled into the city where Jesus had prepared apartments for us. We have spent some time studying the crossing of the Jordan and beyond but all these events are a consequence of Jesus staying on for Good Friday which thank Heaven He did, but this not what I would have seen had I been walking in Peter’s shoes on 11/04/29.

He saw Jesus as the Messiah Who had come down from Heaven to take him back to Heaven as God had announced way back in the Garden of Eden. He would crush the head of satan and in return would have His heel bruised. He was now executing that 1,260 day tutorial before He made a firm covenant with many for

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one week in the middle of which  he would put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering and he will come on the wing of abominations and make desolate, even until a complete destruction one that is decreed is poured out on the one who makes desolate. That last seven years would be all action and the timetable here seems to imply that DOA3888 takes place one day after our Thursday night rapture. There may be another 1,260 days to complete and finish transgression, but satan had to be destroyed by the Friday of 14/01/3889 and the Day of Atonement the following Sabbath. Little wonder Peter was confused, DOA3888 on a Friday in January and not of the 10th day of July? The maize is indeed complex and Peter of all Jews realised that yes the Day of Atonement was the big hit and had been predicted by God nearly 3,900 years before there was still another event that appeared 2,500 years later but it scored and started the timing process as at 01/01/01. GFPMC and the time that it all happened was at Passover.

For Jesus to have a ministry of 1,260 days it would have had to begun on or very close to the Day of Atonement and therefore been through four days of Atonement and four Passovers. Being a Day of Atonement beginning would explain all those people being present in Jerusalem at this time. They  came to the temple to seek forgiveness of sin but they found very little in the way of daily bread there and they went seeking and loved what the Baptist had to offer and they were baptised in droves. Not all the leaders and priests at this time were criminals and thugs but even their very best had little to offer. The Josephs and Nicodemus’ even though being facetious thought being born again meant they has to crawl back into their mother’s womb and be born again! Such is the level of understanding that the very best can give you today. They continue to compare the Word of God today against the latest ‘scientific’ discoveries, they refuse to return to the bronze snake in the desert that Moses held up as a solution to being bitten by the viper of sin!. No they seek the wonderful news that nothing did not just produce something with two bells on it, it really had three bells. Proof beyond doubt but only of the three B principle! Our solution like theirs is to seek the Word of God and from God, the Bible and our guarantee of finding it is in the gift of the Holy Spirit.

This ministry of Jesus of 1,260 days even though it is an atonement ministry must encompass and prepare for another ministry which after all started time; Passover on 01/01/01. If this ministry is that of a one year old lamb, 365 days old then it must have started 365 days before the end of 1,260 days. It started on the third Passover that Jesus observed and by the fourth Passover the lamb was one year old; 365 days old. An inflection occurred near or at this Passover like the arrest or death of John the Baptist. The ministry of repentance was finished, the 9am to noon session of the cross of GFPMC accounted for and it was now a switch to those hours of darkness; noon to 3pm. GFPMC came onto the radar screen and was now at least a possibility. It has to be remembered that this Thursday night rapture is a purely hypothetical situation. It did not happen but it was factored in as going to happen just like Adam and Eve and Lucifer not sinning was also factored in even though they did not happen. If Daniel 9: 24-27 applies it shows us what a desperate situation satan was in. It was a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday situation. How could four days be crammed in with so many events? Thursday the rapture of Jesus and harvest to Heaven, Friday the destruction of satan, Sabbath the Day of Atonement, Sunday Jesus is resurrected from the dead and then spends 1,257 days building our temples, all transgression finished and all go into the first Heaven! A busy time indeed! But this did not happen and the situation in Numbers six with the twin bird sacrifice describes actual events, DOA7777.


I have been soaked and steeped all my life and rightly so in the cross of Good Friday which Hebrews calls as a diet of milk. But there are times coming where our faith is going to require solid food as daily bread as well. With the great tribulation almost on us and we have almost crossed the river Jordan that final lunge into the water that is going to wash us away should not be just a lunge with a faint figure in front of us, it should be towards a well defined figure of a man standing on the water. It still will be lunge in faith but this faith will be in the Word of God. And faith in the Word will come when we see the incredible details that are given about our future existence. Not that we will understand them which would require a minimum building block to see the beauty at a level which would cause us to glow as Stephen, the apostles and many others have seen. We need to see how the full extent of the love of Jesus, GFPMC  stands on the foundational stone of the

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day of atonement. We have been told much about the second Heaven with the New Jerusalem in it and how the doorway into it appeared by Jesus showing us the full extent of His love. It still has the curtain on it, it is temporary and it will not tear until 3pm on the 10/07/486 of DOA7777. GFPMC has occurred and that curtain and doorway are up there now. DOA7777 may tear the curtain but it did not put that doorway there. We are dealing with intangibles, with infinity, with the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ!

Along with many others we ask the question, ‘Who is this Jesus?’ Because of what He did back on 14/01/3889 ac we are soon to be taken into the first Heaven with Him but only to spend the first 1,800 odd years of eternity with Him there. This now becomes a major quandary. This is the same Heaven which we would have spent the rest of eternity in and not just 1,800 years, How are they different or Who is this Jesus or how does shinning the light of GFPMC onto DOA7777 give that multiplier effect? Is there still going to be a wedding, will we be bride and bridegroom, will we have the fine linen, the Holy Spirit and Christ’s robe of righteousness with the availability that the Spirit provides that constant communication and availability with Jesus or is it going to be like here on earth where Jesus was one person  and we will have to wait our turn to see Him?

In Matthew’s Synoptic Gospel there was no GFPMC, Jesus and His harvest returned to Heaven the night before. His people, Peter/you or me as in now 12/04/29, Would still be cleansed by going through the Day Of Atonement (DOA3888). We would still see our Jesus hung on that horrible yet beautiful cross and we would see all unintentional and unconfessed sins including our own batch number pass onto Him, onto His body and He would disappear into the fires of hell and have them burned into oblivion and the beast within us would die and we would never ever sin again or want to sin again. But the elephant in the room would remain; the scapegoat. Yes we would see our sins being placed onto its head and we knew that once it was led out of the temple our sins went with it, but we did not see what happened to it after this, what sort of suffering and death it went through, on GFPMC we did see these gory details. Seeing these gory details of the scapegoat on GFPMC opened the new horizon of the Passover and it is these details that we continue to seek.

I got a little too far carried away with satan and Daniel 9:24-27. Yes it was rather exciting to apply the death of satan to finishing transgression and sin but it was way over the top to imply satan would put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering and desolation and destruction and those other things, this would be the role for Jesus and not satan! This invalidates my very busy Thursday, Friday, Sabbath and Sunday and put the DOA3888 for those of the Thursday night rapture to the 10th of July where it came from. By applying the 1,260 day restriction  brings out the other elephant in the room and you will have to excuse the pun, ‘Puts the icing on the cake!’

Daniel places a restriction of all evil being done away with not at the cross of Day of Atonement, both DOA3888 and DOA7777 but within 1,260 days of it. This is the intense period of temple building by Moses/Jesus of Numbers seven where not just the temple will be finished so will its furnishings and utensils. The main piece of furniture’ is  the altar/cross, it is anointed by the hair of Jesus and will certainly be a part of the second Heaven and it looks like the first Heaven as well. The problem occurs on day 1,260 when the Nazirite is decommissioned. This ceremony consists of Jesus presenting the male lamb a year old as the burnt offering and the ewe-lamb one year old as the sin offering. This has only occurred in DOA7777 and it did not occur for DOA3888 or the Thursday night rapture from Gethsemane. The male lamb burnt offering was first offered at 3pm to 4pm and that was on GFPMC. It is the bases of the ram offering and the peace offering. It is where the cakes are offered, all basket full of them. It is where the wafers are offered, all twelve tribes of them. It is from here where that cake is selected from that one wafer. As we march onto the new earth in single file and the spotlight falls on each of us, we each have our hands pointing forward and upwards. We are only following that cake from that wafer; Jesus Christ from the tribe of Judah is the ground on which we are seeking admission. It is on the ground of GFPMC that we seek and are granted permission of entry through the doorway which only 1,260 days ago had its curtain torn at 3pm on 10/07/486. The union between bride and bridegroom is completed and this was only so because of what happened on GFPMC.

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Without GFPMC would that mean that Daniel’s conditions for the removal of all evil would have been met on day 1,259, it would not have required 1,260 days? This has been a quandary now for some time for me how much of that last day really belonged to the Day of Atonement (DOA7777) and how much to GFPMC and the burnt and sin offerings of the Lamb. We can say that without GFPMC that there would be no wedding, no bridal party, and no request from the bridegroom to Heaven to be admitted as a couple and go on and into the New Jerusalem. GFPMC made all the difference but I still cannot accept that I would not have been given Christ’s robe of righteousness and therefore the fine linen for it to sit on. Constant presence of the Holy Spirit and therefore Jesus Himself!

Quandaries abound and satan is certainly one of them. When God addressed the problem and the solution to sin way back in Eden, satan was involved in both stages. It was going to be satan’s head that was going to be crushed and it was satan who was going to bruise the heel of the solution to sin, Eve’s seed. It is thus difficult to belittle the role of satan in the Day of Atonement. But where does this leave the role of the other component of evil; the beast within us? It is not a matter of if I sin but when I sin how much of each of those components are present in this act of sin? If I am not drugged or drunk or on some pornographic medium or other satanic ground how much does satan and the beast within contribute to this sin? It is of consolation that both aspects of sin will be gone. Satan will first be destroyed in hell and then Jesus will take on any remaining sins on Himself and take them to hell. Seeing the harm we have caused our Jesus on the Atonement cross and the outrageous stupidity of not realising of how we were hurting our beloved Jesus and whereby killing the beast within us, our propensity to sin dies, superficially looks quite logical but there is something badly missing. GFPMC ‘covers’ for the scapegoat and the confessed sin angle of it even though Heaven archives a very small amount of this day and we are very grateful for this blessed amnesia, but many problems remain. The solution has to lie within the Day of Atonement or GFPMC or both. Such has been the struggle with the temptation of Jesus.

Other than Jesus the other player is satan/Lucifer who aspired to be given the position of Jesus as the Son of God. He did not want it all, just the good bits. So the players in the dessert are the real Jesus and the fake jesus, the imposter. This imposter will not give up trying to get rid of the real Jesus by whatever means he can. He has already tried to destroy the genealogy of Jesus, who actually has two genealogies, one as the Son of God and one as the Son of Man. This failed and only helped to establish the credentials of Jesus not that you would gather this from reading this blog so far anyway. He established his own credentials by murdering all those baby boys but divine providence prevented him from killing Jesus. Divine providence has introduced John the Baptist whom it will allow satan to kill at the right time but then again it will result in an inflection point in the ministry of Jesus, repentance will change to Passover. Another example of God using evil for His own purpose. But does this apply to the evil in the forty days in the desert and the evil and sin we continually come up with?

Satan has rolled the dice three times up to now and only to carry the will of God. These forty days of Jesus in the desert are his last roll. Not that he will give up after this not even when he knows that it is really all over red rover at the second coming of Jesus he will continue his nefarious activity until the end. He gives up in the battle against the beast at the end of the millennium not because of some inner warm feeling of righteousness, enough is enough but there is no point those 200 million crazed horsemen killing the wicked evil even more as these will be required as his own troops in the soon coming battles. There is no point killing your own troops and the only reason these crazed horsemen have killed so many up to now was because the beast would not concede and share his power with satan. To compare ourselves to Jesus in this situation  is an absurdity and a classical case of righteousness by works. Jesus had no beast within to respond to satan’s temptation He had an abhorrence for sin! There is a time coming when we too will have a revulsion for sin, not as deep as that as Jesus had but still a revulsion. This Jesus that is led into the desert by the Spirit has just been baptised by John and has begun to fulfil all righteousness. I am still trying to work out how many days there are to DOA3888 as from 12/04/29 but whatever those days they are shorter still for satan!


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[ This is now our second visit to the temptation of Jesus in the desert and we are told that we are to live on every word that comes from the mouth of God and so we should be able to formulate some sort of structure in the answer. Some points to correlate; (1) When Jesus finally does plead guilty to all those ‘leftover’ sins after the fires of hell have gone out He will be pleading to something that is an anathema to Him and He will do this so that He can clean up evil and allow the new sinless universe to be created and for this He will receive worship. (2) Before satan was allowed to execute his trials on Job he had to run them by God first where they were tempered by God but still allowed to proceed. (3) When I pray for my daily bread in the Lord’s Prayer should I be praying, ‘And lead us not into temptation’, or should I being praying, ‘I know that the Holy Spirit will lead me into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil, I will fall with monotonous regularity but so that I do repent and pass this trial onto one Who cannot fail, Jesus Christ’! (4) Would Jesus be allowed to pray, ‘Lead Me not into temptation?’ (5) When I receive the Holy Spirit, the seal of God at baptism is it the same seal that the foolish virgins receive after the second coming of Jesus where by I will not be affected by any trails sent by God but only tempered trials sent by satan? (6) Can every trial sent by satan, including the level of Job’s trials be countered by, ‘It is written.’ (7) Does the Holy Spirit really lead us into temptation and we have to pray to stop this from happening? (8) Does this world really belong to satan to this extent that I have to pray to be protected from it? (9) Or is this just a part of your original creation that was supposed to remain sinless and we had access to only a ‘good’ spirit world but after Lucifer’s fall that world also became inhabited by evil spirits from which we now need protection, just one of the consequences of sin? (10) Would that then make satan a spirit whilst in that dimension but with the ability to materialise into our World? (11) Is this ability to be a part of both worlds make him such a formidable opponent against whom we have no counter ourselves and must rely on Jesus? (12) This system should work very well in the new universe where evil angels do not exist and we have the ability to switch dimensions and travel to wherever we want to just like satan could do in the case of Job but lost this ability at the cross of GFPMC and is now confined to earth. (13) to destroy satan Jesus is going to have to destroy his physical and spiritual forms. (14) Is the destruction of the physical form in hell but the spiritual form is the evil that is squeezed out in the winepress of God’s wrath and has to be destroyed in a very special way like Peter’s fires? (15) Is Jesus going to the atonement cross really going to fulfil all righteousness or will this require going to the Passover cross as well? (16)  How does Jesus being baptised by John fit into, ‘all righteousness?’ Righteousness will be met on the Day of Atonement but all righteousness to be met by GFPMC. A tacit approval of staying on for the Friday. A change where the baptism of water and repentance will be replaced by the baptism of fire and the Holy Spirit as accurately describing what happened at Pentecost.]

The tempting of Jesus in the desert at the very beginning of His ministry was the prelude, the introduction to the time when He would meet His adversary face to face. Forty days are used symbolically and not the 1,260 days for DOA3888 because even at this start of His ministry there is an option; it may be DOA3888 but the DOA7777 even though only a remote possibility at the start was still there and what is so amazing that makes it unacceptable is that this option is brought into play by one soul. Staying back for GFPMC increased the harvest from ninety nine by one to one hundred! Jesus would have stayed back for that horrible day even if you or I were the only one added to the harvest. It only took one soul to sway DOA3888 and make Jesus stay on for DOA7777. All righteousness would be fulfilled. I don’t think that John the Baptist realised this when he was going to baptise Jesus that he himself would be that inflection point.

Jesus has not come down to do His own work but He is being led by the Spirit to do His Father’s work, work that was announced that had to be done way back in Eden. He came from Heaven and He came to remove from the Lord ’s Prayer, ‘And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil’, that was not always there and Jesus will now remove it. Our first parents lived in an almost ideal physical world and spiritual world as well. Had they not sinned they would have easily coasted through the life of this planet, the seven sevens of it, 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and seven hours of it but I am not sure what adjustments Jesus would have had to make to them for them to live for eternity if any, but this is not what those forty days in the desert are about, they are the start of the journey which will end with the crushing of satan’s head and the bruising of Jesus’ heel. This is about the spiritual aspects of this journey.

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In their spiritual world Adam and Eve could contact God in this world at any time. God may only have visited them in the physical body once a day but they could contact Him anytime they wanted. This situation changed when firstly Lucifer and then the other angels sinned. Contact with the spiritual world was now dangerous, those evil angels had to be removed from there, the confrontation between Jesus and satan as forecast way back in Eden  was now going to occur. The spiritual world would be cleaned out and there will not be any more problems with our contact to God. This did not happen on DOA3888, there was no DOA3888 and DOA7777 is still some 1,800 years distant. We still must pray, ‘And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil’. Jesus did not have to pray these words, He had contact with the spiritual world and His Father but there was no chance whatsoever that He allow Himself to come into contact with satan  up there. But Jesus did meet with His adversary down here on  earth and there were issues that had to be sorted.

The end of the 4o days in the wilderness story is evident but not so the start. In Heaven Lucifer was not seeking equal status with Jesus, he was seeking worship from Jesus of the level that Jesus will receive after the Day of Atonement and for the eternities to come. This worship, divine worship will not come from a self-gratifying deed like both the deeds of Lucifer and Eve. They were acts of putting God to the test. No, the act of Jesus at the end of these forty days be it of DOA3888 or DOA7777 will be guided by the Holy Spirit and Jesus will be doing the work the Father gave Him way back in Eden.

It is the start of the ministries which bear resemblance. Both involve the conversion of rocks into bread. The conversion of a lifeless substance rocks or stones into life giving matter. Satan is up to his same old tricks. Lifeless elements of evolution being converted into everlasting life! In Eve’s case it was to convince her that she did not have life eternal but by listening to satan he would give her life everlasting! And so he tried on the same thing with Jesus and is doing so with incredible success with this world today. My goodness how well he knows how to twist Scripture. Just because Scripture tells us that Judas went out and hanged himself and it also says ‘Go yea and do likewise’ does not mean we are being encouraged to go out and hang ourselves. Scripture protects itself from such demonic attacks by the one Who inspired it in the first place, the Holy Spirit. It is only with the Spirit’s help that we will be able to see the first ‘it is written ‘ in context and see the second ‘it is written’ and apply it  in its context as well.

As we have seen from these three texts that satan has quoted to Jesus that He knows the Bible and he knows how to misquote it. I have spent countless hours and written many words in the defence of one word in Scripture. It is written by God Himself and He wrote it on stone and that word is REMEMBER. Look at the satanic defence that is mounted that is used to convince you that it means; forget, don’t worry about it, it no longer applies. Satan of course realises that this is by remembering that God is capable of bestowing His blessings on us and to instruct us as to what we should and should not do. Under no circumstance can he relinquish a hold on that word and have us listening to God and not to satan! Ultimately it is going to be the Word of God that was involved at the start of the ministry of Jesus Christ and it will also be the issue at the very end, but what about the middle?

The ministry of the Nazirite began in Eden when God pronounced the Day of Atonement as the solution to the evil that occurred on this day. The forty days that Jesus will now spend in the desert in preparation for this is a complete number but not a defined number. We are reading Matthew and the other synoptic gospels that this is going to occur at the first coming of Jesus some 3, 900 years later but there are already hints appearing that the 10th of July is not a stand alone number, there seems to be another date running in parallel to it; Passover and the 14th of January. There is enough flexibility in those forty days that Jesus spends in the desert to allow for DOA3888 at His first coming or a DOA7777 at His fourth coming. Either way Jesus is a long time away from the Father and in the desert. During this time Jesus will be lonely and hungry and thirsty and he will be cut off and have nothing but He will have with Him the issue that will decide all; He will have the Word of God because He is the Word of God!  And it is this double edged sword that will sweep all before it!  The first act in the ministry of Jesus after His baptism remains the forty days that He spent in the desert. It is a re-enactment of part of the Day of Atonement which began in Eden. It cannot  include the cross of atonement as by the time that Jesus is on that cross satan will already have been destroyed. But it does produce the salient interactions between the two main combatants. When faced with the Word of God satan has no defence, he must leave!

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I have little doubt that the chart on pages 1480- 1482 of the NIV Bible study was compiled by many Christian and other scholars over the last two thousand years but I also remember that this lot by misinterpreting the destruction  of the temple not only got the dates that the New Testament was written wrong but by doing so trashed the significance of last day events. I am going to use their skeleton and if possible try to improve on it as my approach comes from the Book of Numbers and other OT Books as the base. The 1,260 days (?), the three and a half years they have are 27 to 28, 28 to 29 and 29 to 30 as the complete years and the half a year they have 27 reaching back about four months and the year 30 reaching forward about four months to give Jesus a total ministry of about three years and eight months well I would give Jesus a total ministry of only 1,260 days until the cross and if we need more it will Have to come from the 1,260 days after the cross to complete Daniel’s 7*70.

Despite the detail in their flow sheet they have omitted the arrest of John the Baptist, they have his murder early in the winter of 29 but no arrest. This arrest of Matthew 4:12 sets parameters, it gives John an imprisonment time of some 800 days after which he had to stick his neck out and have his head cut off! One wonders what doubts of faith went through his head whilst it was still attached to his body! And this happened to the greatest prophet of them all! Whatever is ahead of us in the great tribulation will certainly not be described as a cake walk and our faith will have to be made of many building blocks and standing on the solid foundation of the Old Testament! At this stage still I take the murder of John to be on the Passover of the year 29 and the major inflection point in the ministry of Jesus One year on from now the Lamb would be a year old, 365 days and would go to the Passover cross as a lamb one year old! But the dilemmas do come thick and fast and relate to the start of the ministry of Jesus Christ.

It would have been lovely if at Cana Jesus said to His mother, ‘Why are you bothering Me now for you of all people know that what is written has to occur and in the order in which it is written. You know that My ministry has not yet begun, I will not be baptised by John the Baptist for another 29 days or whatever and only after this time I will begin my ministry of miracles among other things. I have not done this for almost thirty years, I have been obedient to you but now you expect me to destroy these thirty years of ministry of obedience by performing a miracle for these drunks who have run out of wine. I will not do it!’ No Cana happened after the baptism of Jesus and after He had spent forty days in the desert. If Jesus protested and said, ‘Those forty nights I am about to spend in the desert are a part of my preparation for my ministry, I need a start and a goal and after that I can perform the miracle you request’ but none of this happened, so it is a fair question, ‘When did the ministry of Jesus begin?’

Another screen that now opens it that of the selection of His disciples. He couldn’t select the Baptist he was in jail. His ministry of repentance continued but our attention and prayers should now be on the selection of His disciples. Returning back to Numbers. I have been quite happy with the summary of the Book of Numbers so much so that I will expand my tentative period from twelve to eighteen chapters. Down here on earth the new year’s resolution is to look at the gospels as synoptic gospels where Jesus came to earth to take His own people back to Heaven with Him at His first coming but in Numbers it is the other way around, we need to change our focus from nearly 2,500 years of Day of Atonement to the sudden appearance of Passover as at 01/01/01. We can’t really ignore it and the monumental changes that it brings to our existence in eternity. It doesn’t get any bigger than changing from the first to second Heavens and being exposed to the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ as displayed on the cross of GFPMC. Yes we have come from one cross, that of the Atonement to two crosses, that of Passover as well but it is not just an ordinary addition, it is synergistic!  It is not 1+1=2 but 1+1= 30 or40 and in the case of Paul and the other giants of the Church it may be 1+1= 70 or even 777!

The move to another Heaven, world and universe has led us to a mad scramble to decide and organise what is coming across with us. We are going because we are following Jesus and as the spotlight falls on each of us in turn we point to the cake we have selected which came from the wafer of Judah. We are being

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admitted because Jesus is ahead of us and He is being admitted and He Himself has specified that the grounds for this admission was what happened to the one year old lamb on GFPMC.

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The question of the cloud of protection over us in the day and the pillar of fire at night  can only be answered by Jesus Himself. He alone knows the light that has been given to us and whether we are living according to that light. He alone knows whether we are going to Heaven or hell and despite 1,800 odd years of checking and cross checking show that Jesus did not make one mistake. Not one person who should have gone to Heaven missed out as at the flash of light of the second coming of Jesus, Heaven filled with sheep number and the good shepherd took one hundred with Him at the second coming. The rule that the Holy Spirit will not be sent on anyone going to hell is only broken this one time after the second coming when Jesus puts His seal on those 144,000 foolish virgins who are hell bound. Much of this blog has been devoted to this one off situation and in the long run these foolish virgins will remove this seal and replace it with the mark of the beast only proving that Jesus was right in not supplying His seal on everyone coming out of the baptismal font and many of these going on and literally giving their lives for some jesus they have conjured up. To many the solution will be to smother everything with love, love conquers all they say. But there is only one love that conquers all and the source of that love is the burnt offering of 3pm to 4pm of GFPMC. It was only here that Jesus showed the full extent of His love and it is the only love that will survive the eternities to come. This love as displayed by light will only become accessible in the Most Holy Place of eternity, the New Jerusalem and it will point as a pencil beam through the top as the city has no roof  and in twelve rays once the pearly gates are opened. Our concern remains getting there!

I would be hallucinating badly to think I could correlate the history of the tribes leaving the Sinai and the journey to the banks of the Jordan including the order in which they marched to the NT. I know that this will be required in our journey with Jesus and His ministry and I will try to keep coming back here but without a knowledge of the geography of the place they are but names which are difficult to spell. But Jesus does not pick us because of our knowledge and we don’t need every single detail of the bronze snake in the desert before we see the Son of Man being lifted up on Mount Calvary. All we need is the more times we look the more we will see! Our journey as Christians appears to be in three stages; Eden to Egypt (some 2,500), Egypt to the banks of the Jordan from which we can see not only Canaan but Jericho as well (some 5,200 years) and then crossing the Jordan into Canaan and ultimately Jericho. We can make this journey under the guidance of the cloud of the day and the pillar of fire at night or we can march wherever and whenever we choose and most will choose to do this but Scripture record the history of those who chose Divine guidance. Even out of these very few made it across the river. The first prerequisite though it to stay with this cloud and to follow its directions. Many/most will have a ‘better’ way for going on this journey, Many will have five star accommodation hotels studding the road and air conditioned limousines for transfers but Jesus with Whom we will spend the eternities with has a desert to cross for us and it will be on foot! Extremes of heat and cold and hunger and thirst. Satan could hardly accuse us of being spoiled.

Most today would not realise that out of the first batch of Christians, of 603,550 that two made it across into Canaan! Heaven is not a matter of quantity of making up the numbers but quality and our relationship to Jesus which will last forever! When we make up our alternate ways of salvation this is a form of complaining. We don’t accept the almost naked body hanging with its head drooped  and outstretched arms inviting any and all to come to the one and only source of love and life and light to join Him and not wait until its priceless blood is poured out onto the ground at 4pm by that Roman spear and thereby defining the antonym of love, evil with its horrific and terminal consequences of trampling this blood into the dirt but we have another way, a better way of salvation! Well I have news for you, you will be given a minimum of 260 years to prepare and present your ‘better way of salvation case’ and it could be as high as 1,260 years if you are one of the foolish virgins but I can tell you the result of your preparation; one word for any and all cases presented and that word is ‘REPENT’.

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The complaints are serious and yes they do involve food of converting stone into bread, they do involve putting God to the test and yes behind them all is satan  demanding worship from Jesus. They reach their zenith when Miriam and Aaron plot their revolt against Moses.


We are following the history of God’s people from Egypt to this side of the river Jordan and wondering if we are going to repeat it. The issues are the big falls of life which Miriam and Aaron are about to make and it seems that even when we repent and we are forgiven and all is forgotten we continue on from this fallen state, we are not restored to the level from which we fell. It would have been better had we not fallen in the first place. Such seems to be the case of Adam and Eve and now Miriam and Aaron. From now on they and the nation they lead falls over very quickly. The issue was over pride, demonic pride, demonic worship, they wanted equality with Moses and they challenged the validity of Moses’ wedding to a Cushite woman, a gentile. Moses understood the seven stages of salvation and how the animal sacrificial system was built from it and no doubt explained it to Aaron so this lack of knowledge if that is what it was, was unforgivable. Moses was a symbol of Jesus Christ and Jesus came down from Heaven to marry His bride, His people and to take them back to Heaven. Not only did they reject  His advances, they murdered Him. Jesus/Moses then chose another bride from among the gentiles, the Cushite woman and to question that marriage was not just an act of folly but an act of evil. They both knew the symbolism involved and they dragged the nation down with them. They could have uplifted the nation or dragged it down with them and as is so common today they chose to drag it down!

The downward spiral was soon displayed when the spies that had been sent out returned and their good news was rejected. Up there in/near the new Heaven we will not be able to send out spies onto the new earth as it will not exist until it is created when time on this earth ceases but Jesus does give us a timetable and a preparation schedule for when we finally cross over into our world of eternity. So in a way we have been shown Canaan and Jericho being given our final goal of 0.3 flour, 0.5oil and 0.5 drink offering. This is our goal, this is what awaits us and it is off these stepping stones that we step into the New Jerusalem.

It  is a sad situation when the people rebel when Canaan is in sight or at least just around the corner as  in Numbers 14. The depth of rebellion was such that they were prepared to murder their leader and the next time around they did murder their leader and Messiah and this time around they were not forgiven as a nation and they sought not repentance. We too are on the verge of Canaan and the second coming of our Jesus but the final entry into the Canaan of eternity will not occur until some 1,800 years after this. Our focus should now be on this second coming which will decide who crosses over and who does not and for most this will be at their last breaths. Only 288,000 will be alive when that flash in the sky does finally occur. But where are we in comparison to this lot that wanted to stone Moses and Aaron? Does being asleep compare to wanting to stone our leaders? Our intentions are certainly not as evil and we too will be pardoned and rebuked and accepted on awakening as will those who were called Jews when they finally seek repentance and Jesus as Christians will also be pardoned and rebuked even though they come off a base of murder and together from day 1,290 we go forth to meet our Saviour but only as wise virgins. The foolish will go off in the other direction to buy the good oil. They will be the ones who try enter under their own steam, their own power and their fate has also been announced. The Holy Spirit does not work on some people for two months, some for two years, some for twenty two years whilst others for 2,222 years but there will be a long and extensive period of checking to make sure that not one person has missed out, and none did miss out! Chapter 15 our next chapter.

Incorporating synoptic Matthew into Numbers or at least attempting to do so every time I think I am gaining some traction it all falls over. So far we have had the genealogy of Eve’s seed, Jesus Christ and all humanity whose unintentional unconfessed sins Jesus will take to the atonement cross and would have been satan’s first attempt to discredit Jesus but he did not try it so the Genealogy must be water proof. Then came satan’s attempt to kill Jesus and apparently he came very close but he still did not kill Jesus. Then came the ministry of the witness John the Baptist. He will be followed by two witnesses at the third coming and all three have a well defined ministry; preach the gospel of repentance as expressed in water baptism just before the door of mercy slams shut, that is all! From here the road leads to the Day of Atonement. Given half a chance

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satan would have taken these three witnesses even before they began their ministries and he was allowed to do so under the providence of Jesus even though it is the beast who actually takes the credit for killing John and Elijah. John the Baptist does not hold any co-ministry with Jesus, he is killed before Jesus begins His ministry, his disciples may do so but John lingers in jail for a long time. Matthew (4:17) tells us the Jesus continues the ministry of repentance. It is still a co-ministry of repentance and I am sure holds an important piece of our puzzle. From the baptism by John Jesus is led immediately into the desert by the Holy Spirit to be tempted by satan. This could be a prelude to what happens to Jesus in Gethsemane on that Thursday night. There God the Father laid out exactly what was going to happen to Jesus on the next day; GFPMC. He was shown the cup from which He was going to drink and He would have drink every last drop from it. This was concerning His own work/ministry. The forty day trial in the desert was His Father’s work, it was the Day of Atonement. There would be an extensive period of preparation. Forty days of hot, cold, thirst and hunger would leave Him in a vulnerable state. He was going to face this cross in the depths of His mental capacities. He was going to face satan at his peak although by the Day of Atonement satan would not exist. His role would be to undo the damage that had been done by Lucifer and Eve. He knew the issues of the Day of Atonement and their relevance to His bride. This was a Day of preparation for the Day of Atonement of synoptic Matthew.

Typing for 17/04/ 2019 crashed


Yesterday’s crash I attribute to a satanic attack, which Jesus allowed or Jesus Himself was responsible for not allowing it to be published. Either way the only valid question is; did this happen because of some major error which I should not repeat today? As I thought through the issues last night I have not yet thought of one that I should not retype today. With two of Jesus’ angels life has been rather hectic and was particularly so in the last two days. A really exhausting day. My first impression was to leave typing and just concentrate on the grandchildren but every day I could think of reasons as to why I should not type. Yesterday was particularly bad and I typed when possible and this could result in disjointed thoughts but I basically turn the pages of the Bible and type from them (now p668-669 and Matthew chapters 3,4 and five). Yesterday I wasn’t going to comment on Israel Filou (?) a Christian footballer who published some of his beliefs on his Facebook page. The turmoil that this caused! How dare he? Offensive, sack him!  As Christians we are entitled to our beliefs and it is our duty to let others to reach others and let them know. You don’t have to read or listen or watch them either but surely there is still a strand of decency in you to realise that we find your ways offensive too. Drugs, tobacco, alcohol, pornography, morality of a gutter rat, the suicide rate among others are offensive and to be avoided at all costs. And it is you lot who are skunking off the back of a Christian society and not us off your filth! For what remnants are still left of it, it was a Christian based society that got us to where we are and you are now dragging it down to your level. And it is the nightmare of every Christian parent and grandparent as to where we are going. It is repulsive indeed! I express my views in this blog and there is no compulsion on anyone to look at it and it makes no difference to me whether you do. It is my duty to do so! Now back to pages 668 and 669.

Things were going along very well until we got to Jesus cleansing the temple and the start of His public ministry. We had already allocated the genealogy to people who understood time like Usher, Newton, Hebrew scholars and others which we will still have to revisit in Luke but if there was anything suspect with this genealogy then satan would have taken advantage of it. I don’t think that it is a surprise that satan through Herod tried to kill Jesus and given half a chance he would have done so. No Jesus no, return of Jesus and to take His people back to Heaven and no Day of Atonement and no destruction of satan in hell. Jesus allowed this attempt to show us satan will not stop at anything in order to hurt Jesus and His followers. In fact killing is a part of satan’s heaven and it is called war. Just watch Jimmy Swaggart jump for joy at the thought of war or Billy Graham come out with his blessings at the thought of another horrible war! Christianity may get the blame for such wars but they are against all our teachings, they are demonic!

Next thing that happened was the witness appeared at the first coming just like two witnesses will appear at the third coming; John the Baptist. All three witnesses appear just before the door of mercy slams

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shut, they have a similar message of repentance and water baptism and in all cases after the door of mercy slams shut, the Day of Atonement will follow. Thus it is in the atonement gospel of Matthew. Firstly the Baptist then Jesus preach the gospel of repentance, the door of mercy closes and it is followed by the Day of Atonement and ultimately the saints go to Heaven. So far so good.

Next comes the baptism at the hands of the Baptist. This does not happen at the third coming. There are no responses to the cry for baptism, no baptisms of anyone which is not what happens at the first coming where there are baptisms a many. That of Jesus is of particular interest. It is here to fulfil not just righteousness but all righteousness. It appears at this stage anyway even though it is the ‘wrong’ way around that Jesus met righteousness by doing His Father’s work in the Day of Atonement by being baptised in the waters of repentance but all righteousness would be met by Jesus in His baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire. Certainly this does not seem right. Before GFPMC there was only going to be one day of worship and celebrations in the eternal life and that was going to be the Day of Atonement yet there would be no Holy Spirit there to point us to the beauty of what Jesus did on this day, whether it was His Father’s work or not. Yet the Holy Spirit will be there in Heaven as fine linen of the wedding feast to point us to what Jesus did in weaving our robes of righteousness for us and it then the combined light is shone onto the Day of Atonement. GFPMC remain the 1 and the Day of Atonement the 7 but both must be added together to get 40 or 70 or 777 depending of how much of the beauty of God we are able to perceive. It was GFPMC that allows us to see what happened on DOA7777.

The baptism of Jesus ended His 30 years of ministry of obedience and began His 1,260 days of end day ministry. Now as the celebrations of Easter are to coincide with actual Biblical days this is now Good Thursday and a number of excellent TV shows are presented even though they are full of ignorance as displayed  by the use of, ‘contradictory accounts of Join’s Gospel and the three synoptics and how they twist the truth into whatever story they want to tell. Even though at this early stage of this blog I can already tell them they are wrong but I do realise that even though there may be many facts to account for, this blog will stand or fall on what happened on Thursday night. An interesting fact that came out why the Romans flogged their victims before putting them on the cross. The flogging was so brutal many died and it saved the Romans of having to nail them onto the cross. Jesus went through both the nailing and the flogging and as brutal as they were they added up to one drop out of the ocean, that ocean being Jesus’ encounter will sin, with Jesus being led into the desert by the Spirit to be tempted by satan for 40days.

This was the re-enactment of Gethsemane. In Gethsemane Jesus was shown by His father the cup of iniquity from which He would have to drink from, every last droplet. GFPMC was no surprise and thus it is now the case with DOA3888 or even DOA7777 as Jesus has said He was going to meet all righteousness. He is going to have to undo all the damage that our first parents did on that fateful day. Forget the punishment that satan will get, divine providence will see that he gets his punishment, annihilation!  No this is  what is going to happen to Jesus, to Eve’s seed, this is the ocean all that brutality is the droplet of water which Heaven does not even go to the trouble of archiving. This is the Jesus who after the fires of hell have gone out, on the same day actually, takes on all the sins that remain after satan and the wicked are destroyed, all 70 trillion sins (?). The plunging into darkness that the defilement of Him taking on those sins. He disappears off our radar screens as we watch Him form Eden2 and yes we are thrilled when the angels go down to minister to Him at the end of this trial of seven days of defilement and He reappears as transfiguration Jesus. The synoptic explanation of Matthew is going so well until we get to the next events in the life of Jesus; Jesus cleanses the temple and immediately after the witness text, Jesus sends Nicodemus back into the desert to look at Moses’ bronze snake being hoisted up. At first this order appears ideal and confirms the previous events. By cleansing the temple Jesus defines His ministry as a temple ministry. The Day of Atonement is a temple service except for the scapegoat which must not only be taken outside of the temple but outside of the city as well. Jesus is going to hold His Day of Atonement ministry here on earth and in this temple where it has been conducted for over one thousand years! Let us get some sort of scenario together for this stunning revelation.

Page 132

Jesus Christ reveals His divinity at 10pm on Thursday night in gethsemane on 13/01/3889. Every human being on the world dies, all goodies and badies. All the wicked now have experienced their first death and when next they are resurrected they can be thrown into hell which is the second death. Three days later the saints are resurrected on Resurrection Sunday morning. Even though the birds of the air and all scavengers have started their work of recycling there are too many bodies for them to eat and the place begins to stench with these rotting bodies. Jesus will probably have to put these into the Garden of Eden until the stench goes. Six months later there is a trumpet sound and all the wicked are resurrected. (01/07/3889). Jesus fights against these resurrected evil and all demons and throws them all into Hell. (02/07/3889) The 70 trillion sins that are left behind when the fires of hell are extinguished Jesus takes onto Himself and is defiled until 09/07/3889 when at 3pm He comes out of defilement and cuts off His Hair. The next day He goes to the Atonement cross. The burnt sacrifice of the twin birds is offered from 3pm to 4pm on this day. At 4pm all the blood that Jesus has ever spilled is collected and returned to His body on Resurrection Sunday morning when Jesus comes down from the cross and into life eternal. Jesus then builds our temples  over the next 1,258 days and when completed  takes us all back to Heaven with Him. The Day of Atonement is a temple service and it is in the one that is standing where it occurs!

The forty days in the desert were not a re-enactment of GFPMC. GFPMC were not about satan worship and satan was not involved here at all. Eden, the Day of Atonement was about satan worship. GFPMC were not about putting God to the test, this is what happened in Eden and has to be undone in the Day of Atonement. Eden was about turning stone into bread by a sinful artificial way but GFPMC turns lifeless into life by the Words that come from the mouth of God.

But now for the bad news. Both the cleansing of the temple and it witness text of Nicodemus being sent back into the desert to study Moses’ bronze snake are not from Synoptic Matthew but Good Friday’s John. All may not be lost yet as Matthew also does record a cleansing of the temple but this is much later. John has a different angle, his gospel it the lynch pin of Scripture. He has three hooks before him, the three synoptic gospels which he attaches to and the Old Testament and he has the New Testament in front of him. He alone goes back to the beginning and looks along the ladder of time; the daily sacrifice. He can see that this ladder has special stamps on it every seven days, the Sabbath and extra stamps on the first of each month even if we at this stage can only point out something special about January and July. (GFPMC and DOA3888)  John can see far enough up this ladder to see the dark hours of noon to 3pm on GFPMC, but he can also see light from this event even though it is coming from as far away as the New Jerusalem. It is this cross and this temple that he could well be looking at.


There is some beautiful Scripture to follow in explaining the relationship between the two great feast days, GFPMC and DOA3888, the tie up in Scripture. The bottom line will be that DOA3888 will concern an event and GFPMC will concern the person involved in that event. He will be a person of a certain age and represented by a lamb that is one year old, 365 days old. This number can used symbolically or literally but will concern the different stages of His life and we in particular now would like the dates of 1,260 days and His baptism and the 70 (?) days that He takes to begin His public ministry. The 70 days is a guess at this stage and we are only sure of forty of these, the forty days of testing of Jesus in the desert. The event, DOA3888 also has symbols attached to it but none have an age associated with them. Not the bull, either goat or either ram or either bird, it is the event that is of concern and not the players. This gives us 1,260 days for the event and it began at the baptism of Jesus. He went straight into His ministry for forty days in the desert. But what about the person represented by the one year old lamb and that appeared on our radars over a thousand years ago; the Passover Lamb. His ministry did not start until He had cleansed the temple and for this to happen the temple had to be a part of His ministry. The Day of Atonement was a temple ministry, bar the scapegoat but GFPMC? Is walking out of it and leaving it desolate significant enough to justify its cleansing as a major event?

This temple was the one that was rebuilt and dedicated after the Babylonian destruction. It was rededicated after traumatic events like the Maccabean revolt. Dedications were rare but cleansing was required continually. At the time of Jesus it was occupied by demons and today’s equivalent would be

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paedophile priests, dressed appropriately and the demons who protect them under the banner of reputation. This reputation is the fabric of the fake news of today and is far more important than the welfare of children placed in their care. These demons defile the temple even at 100 yards from it so cleansing is a continual problem. But why was Jesus interested in the temple when GFPMC was not a temple service, DOA3888 was?

Nicodemus is the witness text to this cleansing as being a part of the GFPMC service. He is sent back into the desert to firstly experience Moses lifting up the bronze snake and then compare it to Jesus being lifted up on the cross after His flogging. There must be apart of this temple that is of interest that is going to be required by Jesus in the service of GFPMC. Jesus does require the altar/cross out of this temple and He also requires this temple to be relocated. He must withdraw His Shekinah Glory and the reinstall it in the rebuilt temple to which He will return and spend 1,260 days in it whilst His two witnesses carry out their final ministry of repentance. Whether Jesus himself carries/drags this altar/cross or whether Simon helps Him to do so is not relevant at this time but will become relevant when this cross which will be rededicated with the sinless hair of Jesus is finally dragged onto the new earth, across the new earth and finally into the New Jerusalem where it will be set up as the tree of life. What an incredibly privileged person that Simon will be to look at that tree of life and his involvement in its getting there!  We too as Christians are expected to help carry the cross of Jesus but not to the extent that Simon did.

Jesus on GFPMC could not use the altar where it stood because it was inside of the temple courtyard. Jesus had to carry the sins of the scapegoat. These were confessed intentional sins and they could not be offered to God. The service had to stop until this scapegoat was removed from the temple. Jesus would have to carry this altar/cross from the temple, which left the Day of Atonement behind but the scapegoat was taken outside of the city. The role of the scapegoat was finished by noon on GFPMC and the final role of this altar/cross was then begun. It finished at 3pm and the final dedication of the new temple was carried out by the greatest sacrifice known to Humanity; the burnt sacrifice of Jesus hanging on the cross from 3pm to 4pm. This sacrifice was truncated when the blood of the burnt offering was thrown against the altar/cross by that Roman spear. It congealed, it set the wood with the iron in it to the stone tablets it stood on. We don’t really know where those tablets are but find out that they were in a tunnel under the cross would not be of a great surprise. The new location of the temple has now been fixed even though this temple would not be rebuilt for some 2,000 years. This would mean that the Passover was held in the new temple although it was not yet rebuilt. It was from here that the blood that is going to be splashed onto the doorway of the new earth and it is this blood that will make sure that the angel of death will never go near us again! The first temple was the temple of the Day of Atonement but the second temple is the temple of Passover, GFPMC! Its rebuild started at noon on GFPMC, foundations of blood poured at 4pm on GFPMC but the building itself was not completed until the second coming of Jesus. It will again be used at the third coming of Jesus and the closing of the door of mercy when it will again be destroyed by an earthquake to be rebuilt for the last time. The final and only Day of Atonement, DOA7777 will not be held in it but way above it.

The first temple is only in play until Jesus cleanses it when the new temple concept at least appears. It could only be an atonement ministry until this happened. The forty days in the desert were atonement ministry and the wedding feast of Cana was not a part of this ministry. It was about the wedding and the wedding is not a part of the atonement, it is a part of Passover. It is the blood of the Passover Lamb that allows the union of eternity to occur. The blood of the Day of Atonement, the twin bird sacrifice gets us through the doorways and the blood of the Passover Lamb keeps us safe in there. In the NIV Bible study (Page 1480) if the length of the line is an indicator of time then that length would be defined by Jesus’ baptism to temptation as forty days. Then they have another 40 days to the wedding of Cana and fifty days until the cleansing of the temple and a very short time to Nicodemus, the Samarian woman forty days, forty days until Jesus heals the nobleman’s son, thirty days until His own people try to kill Him, three months (90 days) until the four fishermen become His followers, Matthew becomes disciple number five some 80 days after and another forty days until Jesus acquires His full contingent of twelve disciples. Initially the numbers that concern us are 130 days of pure atonement/repentance ministry, until the temple is cleansed and Passover appears on the screen, out 1,260 (leaving 1,130)  another 200 days until Jesus gets four disciples  and another 120 days until Jesus

Page 134

gets his full quota of disciples. There were 930 days left when four of the disciples joined and 810 days left for the whole team to do its work. Jesus worked by Himself for 330 days and 450 days without  all of His disciples.

It is not Matthew who records the cleansing of the temple at the start of Jesus’ ministry or Nicodemus, it is John. Matthew’s gospel applies from day one of the 1,260 days as the gospel of the atonement, it is John who begins his ministry of Jesus at cleansing of the temple and I suppose that we must expect changes after this, pure ‘atonement’ ran for 130 days. But then again why do we have verse (4:17); ‘From that time on Jesus began to preach, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”’ Nearer? The arrest of John? It is written? But then again this is only our first visit.

Jesus has spent 330 days, almost one year before He acquires His first disciples but only four of them. Not three that were to be privileged to see the transfiguration, you can’t say that the fourth one, the fourth creature, the fourth nature of Christ was not there because he represented divinity and divinity did not have to be there when divinity was being displayed. None of them represented divinity and John who wrote the gospel of divinity, the creature that looked like an eagle was there at the transfiguration. Not seven or twelve or some other number but four! (plus Zebedee). Jesus showed divine insight in choosing these first four apostles, they left all their earthly possessions behind and followed Him The preaching was quite simple, ‘repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is near’, in fact now we are inside of 900 days for the rapture from Gethsemane!

We like them are sick and diseased but Jesus does not physically heal us all as He did with so many of them. He healed them because, ‘Large crowds from Galilee, the Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judea and the region across the Jordan followed him’. There would be more harm done than good if Jesus did cure us and we went on our merry ways and followed others. We live by faith that these cures are coming and we receive constant reminders of a cure needed for them! It takes Jesus almost nine months of preaching before He reaches the pinnacle of His ministry; the beatitudes followed by the salt and the light. Verse seventeen and the fulfilment of the law needs our attention as it has become a number one priority for satan to attack and demolish. They have not been demolished, they have been fulfilled by Jesus, they are no longer there and providing we are in Jesus we too have fulfilled, trying to fulfil them is righteousness by works it is wrong, it is being dragged back under the old covenant they cry and their prime example they use is the Sabbath Day being done away with.

They are right in that Jesus did not come down to abolish the law but to fulfil it and fulfil it He did but this only applies until heaven and earth disappear and not after this heaven and earth disappear. The literal cross of Christ that stood on Mount Calvary is coming from this earth and heaven as they disappear and onto the new earth and finally into the Most Holy Place but the tablets with the Ten Commandments are not coming. They have done their work, they will not be required. On earth the cross was cemented onto these stone tablets by the congealing blood of the highest sacrifice ever possible; The burnt offering of GFPMC between 3pm and 4pm. Our faith in that blood around the cross allowed us to accept these commandments as righteous and valid, realise immediately we had no chance of ever obeying them and giving them to Jesus to do this for us. We firstly had to transfer these commandments from stone to heart, they are no longer on those tablets and these tablets that once held these commandments will now be destroyed along with the rest of earth and Heaven. Our desire for sin will also have been destroyed and there will not be any tendency whatsoever to sin. It will be repulsive to us as it was to Jesus! The fulfilled version of these commandments will be written on our hearts and in the same chamber as the cross which we begged for and were given 1,260 days after the atonement cross.

Those teaching others that it is okay to break the lesser of these commands must be referring to interpreting murder to mean calling someone a fool as an example are still going to be in Heaven, further back towards the wall but still up there. This only applies to the least of these commandments and not the major commandment itself, like the Sabbath. It is Scripture that tells us there is relativity in Heaven just like there is relativity in hell. We are told that those who accept Jesus and continue to deliberately sin, I call this righteousness by sin facetiously, will have the burners in hell adjusted to maximum settings!

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Deriders of the Sabbath day point to the Pharisees as an example of failure of people trying to obtain righteousness through observance of the Sabbath, all 1,628 rules or whatever the number was, did not give them any righteousness at all and I fact they went on to murder their Saviour! But theirs was a righteousness by works something we can’t stay away from far enough! These deriders must not realise what they are advocating is a righteousness by sin. Because they sin by breaking God’s commandments they claim they have gained righteousness by entering into Jesus’ rest! It is the same as arguing that nothing has produced copious amounts and of any complexity of something! But this blog I remain focused on a Thursday night rapture of Jesus and His harvest.

Chapter five has many deep and some controversial teachings like gouging out eyes and cutting off hands. I can still remember how I was blown away at reading Ford’s explanation as to why all oaths of the OT were done away with and now all we are allowed to say in answer to any question is, ’Yes’ or ‘No’. Can actually pray for my enemies but still working on turning the other cheek, must remember to keep my right arm down as I turn which knocks my enemies off their feet and stops them from striking the other cheek! Christians are not supposed to be doormats for any and everyone to walk over and we are supposed to defend ourselves and families to the best of our abilities, in fact it is our duty to do so. These admonitions apply to within our Christian communities.   But back to the amazing complexity in front of me and yes I can see pieces of the puzzle appearing.

The ministry of Jesus was supposed to start proper, 130 days after His baptism by the Baptist and at the cleansing of the temple. These first 130 days were ‘pure’ atonement ministry just like John the Baptist was and like the 1,260 days of ministry of the two witnesses 1,260 years after the second coming were. Pure atonement, repentance and baptism were all that would be required to take advantage of the plan of salvation that God announced to satan and Eve way back in Eden, no bells, no miracles we come to Jesus because of what He is! But then that one exception wrecked it all; Jesus performed the miracle at Cana. It only needs one exception to break the rule and here it was. The problem is that it is not just an ordinary rule it is Scripture that is being broken. Jesus objected to his mother’s suggestion, ‘You of all people should know that my time has not yet come and that I will be breaking Scripture to perform this miracle no I’m sorry I will not do it!’ What this has done though it has given ammunition for satan to fire. It has rocked his world quite badly because he knows Scripture very well and how to work it in his favour but to find there could now be extenuating circumstances that could change what, ‘it is written’ is most unnerving. After a post mortem of Cana and these events I could imagine him getting some sort of response to Jesus but I am not sure it would begin with the endearment, ‘Dear’.

Dear Jesus,

I would like to make a comment on your actions at Cana and question the validity of your whole mission. (I don’t think satan would have used upper case for personal pronouns of Jesus) Firstly you should be grateful you have such obedient parents. If they had spent another fifteen minutes packing for their trip to Egypt from the time they were told to flee, my henchmen  would have got there. Surrounded the town and they would not have got out! Secondly I am grateful for your word and know it to be truth and can plan my nefarious actions a long way ahead. I don’t have to tell that many lies, many half truths may be, to bring your flock to the cross and quickly change their allegiance to me and hello hell. Just study the Swaggart ministries! You are to be congratulated in how you allowed this word to be played out in the forty days of testing of Jesus in the desert, exactly as it is written. You allowed me to pick you up and take you to the highest part of the temple and the highest mountain and you are right in not trusting me, you know that I am a liar and there is no truth in me. You know that had you worshipped me on that mountain I would not have given that land to you, it was just another lie. All this land is mine, it is legally mine and it was handed to me by the custodians of the land you gave it to. Adam and Eve gave it to me and at all costs I intend keeping it! I did intend to kill you in Bethlehem and I never had any intention of giving you this land! Thirdly is the matter of Cana. This was a flagrant breaking of the word, that which ‘it is written’. John the Baptist was pure atonement, Page 136

the 1,260 days of the two witnesses was pure atonement and those first 130 days of your ministry were also pure atonement. Pure atonement is repentance and water baptism. DOA3888 was about people going to your temple to ask for forgiveness tempered by faith. They looked to you as the answer and the answer was in your presence and in your home!  Once they got into your home they realised there was a lot more in it that they had imagined but they had to go inside first. This was different to you leaving the 99 sheep behind and go looking for number one hundred. What was involved here was the cleansing of the temple. It is at this point your ministry/your word break down, performing the miracle at Cana. We firstly have to disassociate our selves from the two witness and the third coming or it may be agglomeration with it.  They did not require the temple to be cleansed their ministry was in the presence of divinity in the temple just like Jesus’ ministry is about to start in when He cleanses the temple and converts it from a den of thieves into a house of prayer. Jesus did not perform miracles for the two witnesses, there was no one to perform the miracle on. They were all demons even the 144,000 foolish virgins would soon reveal their true status; demons. Jesus does not send His Holy Spirit on demons, only satan and Swaggart type ministries do this and the more the merrier as they jump for joy at seeing atheists and pagans murdering Christians! Had there been one response to the witnesses call for repentance, one baptism divinity was already in the temple ready with a response. Jesus was in that temple and he was ready to respond.

No this hypothetical letter from satan causes two changes in this blog; the defence of the ministry of Jesus after the cleansing of the temple, regardless of whom recorded it and a switch from a Biblical defence of the Sabbath to a Biblical defence of the family and marriage, the issues involved at Cana. The ministry involved was 1,260 days (from Baptism) to 130 days (Jesus cleanses the temple and it is now God’s house and a place of prayer), this gives us 1,130 days from whence God’s presence appeared in the temple to eight days short of GFPMC when Jesus walked out of the temple leaving it desolate. The period of time therefor is 1,122 days or just 1122 is this a period of atonement ministry or is it a period of Passover ministry is the basic question I have to try to answer. It may be like trying to answer are DOA3888 and GFPMC dependent or independent events? Despite many years, many pages and many words if there was a debate on the issue I would not mind being placed on either team and so it may be the case this time around.

Being a synoptic gospel forces the result of it is an atonement ministry and therefor I have to expect very major changes in its last eight days. Leaving out the exception of Cana I still have to attach it to the other ministry of the two witnesses of the third coming. Their 1,260 atonement day ministry was always in the presence of ‘pure’ divinity mine only became so once the den of thieves became a house of prayer. In my case Jesus could only now ‘turn’ on the miracles in their case this option was available from day one and not day 130 after baptism. They had no conversions and after 1,260 days they packed up and went to Heaven. There were no miracles performed there was no one to perform them on. After 1,260 days down here Jesus and His harvest could also pack up and go home but miracles were performed over 1122 and even the very last eight days. Had there been no conversions under John or Jesus in the first 130 days of His ministry Jesus may well have packed up and gone home and not performed any miracles either. His ministry is not based on miracles or the tricks Jesus can perform, it is based on why He performs these miracles and the greatest being His creation of this universe including us and that extenuating circumstance, the wedding of Cana which still has to occur! If you can’t win them over with this miracle then you just can’t win them over at all!

The reasons against this 1122 days being an atonement ministry rather than a Passover ministry are; there is a wedding present, the domain of the Passover, both the cleansing and Nicodemus are introduced by John the gospel of Passover and not the atonement gospel itself, Passover is not about satan worship, or testing God or making bread out of stone, atonement is. Jesus has already told us at His Baptism that He will be fulfilling ALL righteousness, two crosses. Both ministries involve the temple as a centre piece and therefor require it to be cleansed. If the final, actually the only real Day of Atonement, not involving animals was to be carried out at the first coming of Jesus it would certainly need cleansing from the demons that occupied it but this cleansing should be done just before the sacrifice was made. The Passover cross required the scapegoat from this temple and the man who led this scapegoat out of the temple to its destruction. It also required the

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altar/cross on which this scapegoat would be killed. This cross would become the foundational stone for a completely new temple. Its foundations were poured out at 4pm on GFPMC when that Roman spear opened up the side of Jesus Christ and cemented into place the cornerstone of the building; The burnt offering of GFPMC from 3pm to 4pm! This act moved the cross of atonement and the destruction of satan forward by some 3,900 years!

As I sit here and read through chapters six and seven I am very tempted to pick up and run with the Lord ’s Prayer (8-13) but I would be only doing them injustice when compared to the many wonderful sermons and blogs written on this prayer. My new contribution, certainly new to me, is, ‘and lead us not into temptation’. When we pray we attempt to communicate with the spirit world. Adam and Eve may have only seen God once a day but they had constant communication with Him and a barrier satan would have had to think long and hard how to overcome it. And there lies the problem, when we try to communicate into and through this barrier it is full of demons awaiting every chance to come back into our world. Our prayer is thus for Jesus not to allow this to happen, but to bypass these awaiting spirits and go to Jesus Himself. These evil spirits will be destroyed before the Day of Atonement and we will no longer have to pray this line. Jesus did not have to pray this line nor will we. It is of interest as to how much access into this spirit world we will have once inside of eternity. It cannot be full access because we would be able to travel across the universe in the blink of an eye and there would be no restrictions on us that the farthest we can be from the door with the blood of the Lamb is 13 months travel away. Although that could be an abstinence of 13 moths and we could come back in the blinking of an eye! What about our fellow companions who are so nice to us into welcoming us into their world, their world is this spirit world and they can come into our world when allowed to and have done and continue to do today. Why can’t we go into their world? Up there why can’t we organise a picnic on some planet ten trillion miles away and be up and back on the same day?

A horrible thought just dawned on me, what if I am praying with a bunch of demons and I do not know this to be so? The evil souls up there will certainly grab a hold of any of their prayers but what about my prayers in among them? Would I have to pray that bit about delivering me from evil two of more times? Or would I just have to package the prayers ‘in Jesus’ Name’ before and after prying? But in these verses we are also warned about false prophets and lawlessness`.


In an ironic sort of way we should be grateful for satanic ministries like Swaggarts and to other like ministries that go around laying hands and instilling the spirit. It seems that the data base that Jesus keeps can only handle so many entries and after that Jesus cannot remember whether He sent His Spirit in certain baptisms but these ministries of satan are following close behind and make up for any such omissions. In the long run things work out well! They won’t tell you the giving of the Holy Spirit is accompanied by tongues of fire and wind because they cannot fake these but demonic tongues are quite easy to fake. Both the fire and the wind are spirit shattering events. It seems like the ones who respond to satanic Swaggart are those who have been searching for a long time, ten, twenty or thirty years and have not found the Jesus of the Bible and very easily accept Swaggart’s demonic version. Verses 15-27 cover this subject extensively. I cannot see Jesus allowing these demons entering into people who are genuinely seeking the Jesus of the Bible!

These verses tell us to test these prophets, it is by their fruit that you will know them. The entry of these demons, all seven of them is just the first step the next is acquiring the title of ‘being born again’. Next you have to show that you can leap with delight as high as satan leapt when he saw Jesus hanging on the cross of GFPMC or if you are bit advanced on In years you must leap for joy as high as jimmy does at the sound or thought of Christians being murdered by atheists and pagans; demons that jump for joy at the people of Jesus being killed! Then comes your third stripe. Mt (5:21-23) ‘” Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me  on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your Name, and in Your Name cast out demons, and in your Name perform many miracles?’ And the I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you, depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.”’ These ministries will not leave one stone unturned to make sure you go to hell. When

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you front Jesus His response it not going to be, ‘I don’t know you!’ but ‘I never knew you’. Your damnation has been systematically planned, there was not one stone left unturned to make this result inevitable and if you want the science of damnation then study Jimmy Swaggart ministries and if you want the science of paedophilia then listen to the haunt that protects these paedophiles and that is not just the Catholic Church!

The lawlessness usually begins with trashing the commandment that starts with remember then after this it is a give-mee with any of the others, clangers come thick and fast. Trashing marriage is just a formality and a change in this blog to try to defend even though it does not have a specific commandment beginning with, ‘Remember’ so it is not probably very important anyway! The task in front of me is Herculean and very similar to defending the Sabbath day; It has been taken and thrashed and now it is the turn of marriage to go through the wash. I am defending it in front of people who think that in Cana when they ran out of wine by the third day that Jesus did not just make up more ordinary wine, the 12% alcohol one, no He made up some 18% or even 24% alcohol wine, they all got hopelessly drunk, had an orgy then a punch up and all went home to sleep their hangovers off! But if you think about that is what most think today of God’s Holy Day, the Sabbath. It has been trashed and society and the individual are much worse off because of it!

At first because of my limited linguistic skills I was going to leave the defence of marriage to those more capable but then limited linguistic or any other skill does not give a licence not to use it. We are expected to use our talents regardless of whether we have been given five or two or one and I have used my talent in defence of the Sabbath day and will do so in the case of Biblical/Christian marriage when the opportunity arises such as now at Cana and to struggle with the issue did Jesus perform this marriage and break Scripture in doing so and are extenuating circumstances permission for doing so. Cana appeared on my radar screen on that day of extenuating circumstances when I lost my day’s typing (17/04/19). I call extenuating when I ask the parents to help me build a sand bunker for their children, they refuse and what would have been a two week job for three people turns out to over six months work for one person. I call extenuating when I ask him to give me any left over steel, he is a welder, but he takes it to scrap metal instead. He won’t lift a finger to help but drops the children off for hours and days at a time! Anyway this was one of those days and as privileged as I am in writing this blog it is a higher responsibility these children are not hurt and must be continually supervised. I did type every other moment and then to lose it all was devastating. It was a satanic attack and I did not follow his advice and have a two or three week holiday and have been richly blessed for not doing so. On that day, Cana was there as were many dates and events and I should have had the day off and looked after our angels. I get the grandson and my wife gets the baby. I looked at my work from the day before and the day after and that was not what I had typed on the 17th. I felt bewildered when I looked what was in front of me but then a phrase that often comes to me, ‘Put something down in writing and at least there will be something to correct! I think my thinking on this day were;


My loss of the 17th of April was a satanic knock down blow. Being handed your first child four days after she was born and being told that we would be lucky if she ever achieved a mental age of two and a half was a knock out blow. Whenever I lose typing my first impression is that Jesus has not allowed it because it is wrong so I thought carefully through what I had typed on that day and to the contrary it had stunning pearls being turned over yet when I read the work from the 16th and 18th very little of it was produced. It was very simple, it was about day 130 after the baptism of Jesus. It may have had that He was led into the desert to be tempted immediately after for forty days, forty days until Cana and fifty days until the cleansing of the temple (40+40+50=130), but the focus kept returning to 130. When I am looking after my doll we both have a sleep for two hours in the middle of the day, but this time I kept typing because of what these pearls were being revealed.

First and foremost it was one day. Could it be 366 or maybe even 364 in the life of that one year old lamb. This was the first realisation that it is only the lamb who ministry is counted in days. In the Day of Atonement there are no such time restraints on either the bull, the two goats, two rams or the twin birds. The time restraint is on the event itself; it is to be 1,260 days before the event of Atonement and 1,260 days after

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the event but no stipulation on the players involved. This is not the case with the one year old lamb of GFPMC. Events run according to His age; before 365 days and after 365 days. Day 130 was a daily event and involved not just the central figure of the Day of Atonement it involved the figure of one Who had  His own agenda; GFPMC! Day 130 was a stamp that was placed on an allocation of time that was 1,260 days long and would culminate in the Day of Atonement. It was a stamp that was placed on the daily sacrifice time line running out of Eden which itself had a stamp of the Day of Atonement on it. It had already run for some 2,500 years when on it was stamped 01/01/01 and called the Passover event. It was these two events, Eden and Egypt that had run in parallel now for over a thousand years that were being played out.

I consider myself to be qualified to comment on day 130. I have followed my Master’s instructions to Nicodemus to go back to the desert and Moses’ bronze snake, not that my attempted summary of the first three books of the Bible and the Day of Atonement, DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 could be seriously regarded but this is not the case with the Book of Numbers. This book is about that stamp that has just been placed on day 130 and I am now actually writing a summary about this book. The application of the day 130 stamp on the event of 1,260 could cause major changes. They cannot be held at the same time. If Jesus changes His mind and goes to the cross of GFPMC then DOA3888 will have to move to another time and as it is such an important event, you can’t beat the restoration of humanity to divinity, it will have to be documented somewhere else. This time around though it will be a pure Day of Atonement event as the GFPMC portion will already have been fulfilled. The ‘pure’ DOA7777 and its preparation are the subject of the third coming of Jesus and the closing of the door of mercy. Yes DOA3888 was postponed because Jesus changed His mind and went ahead with GFPMC and it is from the two witnesses at the third coming that we take our cue. The ministry of Jesus started when He walked out of the temple and withdrew His Shekinah glory, He went on to wash His disciples feet, Gethsemane, Calvary’s cross, took his blood to Heaven at 3pm on GFPMC, took the scroll out of the right hand of God, came down to earth to open its seven seals, took His own back at the second coming, spent 1,260 years checking and cross checking that no one was left behind that sheep number 101 was not going to respond, the final tally of sheep in Heaven would be one hundred, came back to earth after 1,260 years to collect the final tally sheets, all went back to Heaven (Jesus, two witnesses and the first fruits, the 144.000 wise virgins) and slammed shut the door of mercy.  So this third visit is Jesus doing His own work, finishing off the opening of the scroll and the final roles of Heaven or is this a matter of the Day of Atonement and its requirements? Preaching the message of repentance and baptism by water, closing the door of mercy, destroying satan, going to the Atonement cross and taking all the saints back to Heaven? Am I justified in taking the cue from the two witnesses of the third coming and using them now in the first coming which is supposed to be an atonement coming, a Thursday night rapture? It all depends on whether you call checking and cross checking work. There is certainly no conversions after the second coming. No converts. The Day of Atonement component is certainly here as it was with the Jesus were are studying now; ministry 1,260 days, repentance and water baptism during the shekinah glory of Jesus being in the temple, the killing of the witnesses, only Jesus remains dead for three days and not John the Baptist, the door of mercy closes, satan destroyed, Day of Atonement cross and they all go back to Heaven. But where does His Father’s work and His own work fit in or do they both run together? Where was the stamp of day 130 applied?

The dating of the players and of the events was certainly a major revelation, but so was the cleansing. The temple certainly needed cleansing for the Day of Atonement sacrifice to take place inside of it but that should happen the closer to the event as possible. The cleansing of day 130 was the start of this ministry and not right at the end! And from this event we may even have something we have been looking for for such a long time; what happened to the scapegoat when it was taken out of the temple on the Day of Atonement and led by the man who was able and destroyed outside of the city? —-


Where this temple topic is heading to is Numbers seven; when Moses had completed building the temple. It like the wedding feast of Cana is anything but a one line answer. There is an earthly component which is here to point us to the skies, the New Jerusalem ultimately. In fact both wedding and temple are

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related as in Matthew by day 80 to day 130. The temple on earth has to be moved from Eden1 to Eden2 not that it was in the wrong place and now it has to be moved to the right place but in that it has fulfilled its role in the first place and now has to do so in Eden2. Before it can be moved it has to be cleansed first. This cleansing is related to GFPMC and not DOA3888. It is recorded in John the Calvary gospel, it is related to Cana the Calvary wedding and it has Nicodemus as the witness Scripture. Before moving this temple it must be cleansed. If Jesus was leaving in a Thursday night rapture or at least not going to allow Himself to be murdered on GFPMC, the temple would also be cleansed but not because it was being moved but because it was going to be used the conduct the Day of Atonement where this commemoration had been conducted for over a thousand years. No, on day 130 it was being prepared from this ‘old’ site to its new site. Actually the ‘only’ part of it that was going to be moved was the altar/cross, it was to be taken from where it stood to outside of the city, specifically on GFPMC where it stood. It could not be used where it stood inside the courtyard because the sins of the scapegoat finished up on it from the Day of Atonement service. On its new site it became the new temple. Its foundations of blood were poured at 4pm on GFPMC and its cornerstone stood from 3pm to 4pm, the burnt offering on this same day. The building will soon be completed but as of today it is still incomplete. There cannot be two temples, the first one must be removed first. It has already been demolished but still needs to be pulverised and the earthquake that pulverises it will generate a tsunami that on its outflow will carry the remaining powder out to sea. Nothing will be left behind and only then will this temple be completed. It is in this temple if circumstances allow that the final Day of Atonement will be conducted. (We know from history that it was not so but its original intention was that it be so. It was satan that aused the change of plans)  The altar in this new temple is in the ‘right’ place as the sins of the scapegoat will not be here, they were paid for on GFPMC in the hours of light and the building of the new temple was begun in the hours of darkness from noon to 3pm on this same day. We are thus allowed to use the temple and its related events of the third coming as an analogy to what we are studying now in Matthew. The actions in Matthew are now instigating the building of the third coming temple. Matthew’s temple is associated with Eden1 but the third coming temple is Eden2; It is in a different place and whereas Matthew’s temple lasts until the introduction of the first Heaven of the Day of Atonement Heaven of the Thursday night rapture Heaven , Good Friday’s temple is the introduction into the Heaven which has the New Jerusalem in it and therefore of eternity. So much for now on day 130 after the baptism of Jesus but what about the other anomilties which do not belong to Matthew; Cana and Nicodemus.

The history of this earth began with a wedding on day six in Eden. The history of this earth will finish with the great wedding feast when the Holy Spirit returns back to Heaven having been here since Pentecost some 3,900 years. It is for this Holy Spirit as being represented by the fine linen that the saints have been waiting for so long. We did receive Christ’s robe of righteousness on entry into Heaven at the second coming but its beauty is so stunning that we can’t appreciate it. It gets more wonderful with time as we see the meticulous way in which Jesus deals and winds down His creation. The checking and cross checking absolutely amaze us, after all it is eternity which is about to begin. It is the role of the fine linen to allow this robe we have been given to sit more comfortably. It is the role of the Holy Spirit to begin to explain what Jesus has done for us in weaving this robe whilst He was here on earth. You would expect any Biblical commentary to have spent extensive amount of time on a subject of such critical importance and I know I have.

I know I have particularly concentrated on the time after this Heavenly wedding. Time has accomplished its purpose of running for 7,770 years and it has resulted in producing the happy couple of eternity but it is not yet all over, in fact very drastic changes still have to occur. The first couple, Adam and Eve had they gone through the 7,777 odd years without sinning, as was expected of them would have finished up in Heaven(1) as a physical couple, but it took Jesus by revealing the full extent of His love to convert this union into the infinitely higher union which we have spent so much time in studying.; Jesus leaving us behind in Eden2 and coming back to earth as humanity, the battle against Satan as humanity, satan thrown into hell and consumed, 70 trillion sins are pleaded guilty to by Jesus, He disappears into darkness because of this defilement but seven days later when that Roman soldier again calls out, ‘Who is this Jesus?’ He reappears as transfiguration Jesus and we are about to join Him in this form at the foot of the atonement cross. The consummation  of the

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marriage has occurred and we are now ready for the New Jerusalem and eternity! We have already spent considerable time down this road and we are about to return to it in Numbers fifteen; ‘When you get to Canaan do……’  Even though the last seven odd years have been extensively covered this cannot be said for the first 7,770 years. Especially that hiccup of Cana that occurred at half-time.—-


The 17th of April the day I lost my typing will go down as a significant day in the history of my blog. When I tried to retrace it on the 16th and 18th I could not find what I had written on this day and it started coming back yesterday; it was about day 130 of the life of Jesus Christ after His baptism and I may even have got as far as Cana when I decided it was all wrong and abandoned it. I was mixing the Gospel of John with the Gospel of Matthew, I was putting into Matthew’s mouth words that he knew but chose not to use and by mixing Scripture you can prove anything you want to. The basic problem still remains that Jesus did not go to Heaven but stayed on for GFPMC; the synoptics versus John’s Gospels. By the time they wrote the Gospels all four authors had a chance to correct any of the misconceptions that were around at the time and what they wrote was a corrected version.

The first three books of the Bible (OT) are about the Day of Atonement, the fourth book, Numbers is about Passover or GFPMC. The first three books of the New Testament are about the Day of Atonement, the fourth book, John is about Passover or GFPMC. The first three millennia of time are about the Day of Atonement, the fourth millennia is about Passover or GFPMC. (allowing for an overlap at 2,500). The first three creatures of the nature of Jesus Christ are human, the fourth is divine. It is the Old Testament that is primary Scripture and the New Testament that is secondary Scripture. The Day of Atonement could stand alone it did not need Passover but Passover could not stand alone it needed the Day of Atonement.

It is the miracle of the Day of Atonement and the Old Testament that the chasm that developed between man and God has been (will be) filled and mankind is taken into Heaven at all but it is the miracle of GFPMC that takes us as a married couple from the first Heaven into the second Heaven where the New Jerusalem exists. Without DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 we would not have made it into Heaven at all and DOA7777 stands as the primary day of worship of eternity. It is the light of GFPMC that is cast onto DOA7777 synergistically multiplying it and it is not DOA7777 light shinning onto GFPMC. It is 14/01 that comes before the 10/07 it is one bull that is presented before the seven bulls. It is what Matthew, Mark and Luke are trying to tell us and it me throwing  water on this holy fire to prevent it from being seen. They are trying to tell us that the big one is still to come!

But if GFPMC has already occurred and DOA7777 is still some 1,800 years away and Jesus is soon coming then my entry into Heaven with Jesus at the second coming was entirely achieved by what Jesus did on GFPMC and should therefor be the entire focus of our lives, worship and study. All present, all correct! But this is not the whole history of time. Yes I will get me into the first Heaven with Jesus because He has been through GFPMC and I would have gotten into the same Heaven had I been there on 24/04/29 had Jesus gone through the DOA3888 because the scapegoat was moved across , the important thing being all my confessed sins have gone. If the next breath is my last then whether I see or hear Jesus calling once He has rolled that stone away, ‘JK come out!’ or I realise I am being raptured into Heaven or having His robe of righteousness fitted to me could only be occurring because of what Jesus did on that cross of GFPMC. This entry into the first Heaven with Jesus is provisional and conditional. GFPMC did not cover that chasm that developed when sin occurred, it was DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 that did! The license I received from 14/01/3889 ac was a provisional license that allowed me to stay in this first Heaven for 1,800  odd years until a permanent license was given and when it was granted on the 10/07/486 I then used the full extent of the GFPMC license. The noon to 3pm of GFPMC and the introduction to eternity. The third temple then becomes a summary of the history of time; GFPMC from 9am to noon a provisional license to spend 1,800 odd years in the first Heaven whilst Jesus ‘tidies’ up time, DOA7777 from 10/07/486 and 1,259 days after that provisional license is converted into a permanent stain Heaven license and day 1,260 is the presentation of the remainder of GFPMC, the noon to 3pm and then

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4pm sections; the sin and burnt offerings, the full extent of the love of Jesus and then onto and into the New Jerusalem!

My commentary yesterday and on the 17th could not really be classed as wrong when what I was doing was trying to follow the daily life of Jesus Christ in a roughly chronological order and major importance but what was wrong was to put words and events into places where they had been specifically excluded. The Book is not just about what is it that which ‘it is written’ but also the order within. Nobody has a license to alter this but this is not saying that events are repeated and when repeated they may be compared. But it is still okay to compare synoptic Matthew and the Day of Atonement right up to the time that Jesus changed His mind and decided to let His people murder Him  with the time that the Day of Atonement where Jesus did not change His mind and went ahead with the Day of Atonement. Thus they both are conducted over a period of 1,260 days in the presence of two witnesses who preach repentance and water baptism and are conducted with the presence of Jesus in the temple. And both were to lead to the closing of the door of mercy and to be followed by the destruction of satan and the Day of Atonement. It will still be okay when we get to John to comment on the wedding feast of Cana to say that the feast was broken into two components; an earthly and Heavenly one. The earthly one was the actual physical wedding between Adam and Eve. It like all of Jesus’ creation was in the presence of evil and had ‘problems’ of allegiance. Adam at least thought his allegiance was to Eve and not to Jesus. This problem will now be sorted out in Heaven. To sort it out is going to take Jesus Christ to produce the ‘good wine’ after three day. We are about the enter Canaan in the main commentary and in fact the spies have just brought back massive branches of grapes back from Canaan so we know that Canaan is going to be about these grapes, the drink offering and the celebration of the Last Supper. The covenant of the blood. With this solution and the new wedding allegiance will only be between God and man. John’s Gospel, GFPMC is about this change of allegiance.

Before proceeding with the commentary some words about the two tragic bombings in New Zealand and Sri Lanka.


Both wrong, both tragedies, both the acts of demons and neither should have happened. But there is a message in there for Christians; Christianity is on the nose and the moves worldwide to get rid of  it are far more advanced than I for one certainly realised. Christianity is no longer a word in the language of the looney left. In New Zealand it was Muslims worshipping in a mosque who were killed but in Sri Lanka there were no Christians killed just worshippers which I suppose distinguishes from cockroaches so it is still better than nothing and USA’s looney left did not mention the word ‘Christian’ Apparently in France the French president was forbidden to say that the burned out cathedral was used by Christians. In Australia we too have a loopy, looney left for whom the word ‘Christianity’ is a dirty word and taking it out of the dictionary will soon be followed by taking them out of society. I can’t work out whether their last desperate act at logic made them realise that their social security payments or wages are taken out of coal exports as they called for a ban in coal exports or whether they tried to find one thing around them that did not come from using carbon or some other attempt at logic. Whatever it was they gave up and have thrown their lot in behind a sixteen year old prophetess whose name I could not be bothered in remembering. I do have to admit that their prophetess does show amazing ability, ability that is bestowed on you by the free thinking university system. She already knows she has to bleat if it is on her song sheet and if it is not she barks. She certainly meets the standards required! She is the product of an education system run mostly by the looney left. They exclude God and start with nothing and teach you nothing and because they know they have taught you nothing they must run exams to prove that the nothing they have taught you is something! They alone are the judge and jury. Their members are rated on a scale between very good and brilliant and the other part of the scale of hopeless to should be sacked immediately is left for those creationists that sneak through the cracks. Under no condition can student responses be even considered. It was the student responses that kept me in work, they went out on strike whenever I got sacked. I have never been able to work out how these nasty reports that I be sacked

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even without inspections got into the students hands? The headlines when they took them to the local press; Students object to their teacher being sacked without inspection! And we would not be supporting him if he was a bad teacher!

A number of the reports stated that Christianity is today the most persecuted religion and if this is the case you would think that we would ban together under the one banner; Jesus Christ! Unfortunately satan saw this coming and has commandeered this name and stuck it on his institutions. Not all Christian institutions are demonic but you have to go a long way before you find one that is not. Not all the people within these institutions are going to hell and it is Jesus Who sets the standards and judges according them. You can’t beat living up to the light that He has given you, this is all that is required. Had Paul died on the road to Damascus he would have gone to Heaven but if Paul had died on the road from Damascus after rejecting the light that was shown him he would have gone to hell. Christianity is as simple as that.

No in the end we are not going to band together just under Christ but Christ and His Word and in His word we are told what is going to happen to us, all the nitty gritty details! Who done it, when where and why; Date; day 1,290 since Christianity has been declared a terrorist organisation. Time; All world press focused and within 30 minutes (?) of this time! Pandemonium breaks out as Christians run for the hills. By whom; abomination that causes desolation and how desolation will be defined in future. Vocabulary used; ‘Here comes the bridegroom come out and meet Him!’ Result; the ten virgins awake and the Jews come to Christ. Until this time we will be buffeted by the winds and tides. The demonic ministries of the beast out of the sea change to that of the beast out of the earth. Forecast; Jesus will return back to earth in 45 days time. Method employed by abomination; earthquake/tsunami (?) or not told.

Until the right time there is little reason to meet under what we think is a Christian banner. In all probability we will just be playing into satan’s hands. Our first formal meetings will be in jail where the initial lot of Christians who will refuse the mark of the beast will be placed. We will not be placed in single cells as this would fill the jails in no time. Even ten per cell is not going to make that much difference. There will be little point in complaining to our local member especially if they are from the looney, loopy left but they refer our case to the 16 year old prophetess! The condition we find ourselves in will be directly dependent on our relation to Jesus. He knows what is going on, He loves us and has made us privileged to do His holy work. So who is it that is complaining? His work to collect His harvest, are there any complaints? Our first problem is, assuming there are twenty in our cell is that ten are wise and ten are foolish so if we want to cut our teeth in with evangelism then this is not a bad place to start in. If I am one of the foolish how are the rest of you going to convince me that this is so? You can’t fault me on commitment because I have just lost all my material possessions and am prepared and will probably finish up dying for Jesus. I do not have the mark of the beast. When you wise lot are finally making up that ‘new song’ in Heaven that I will not be able to learn and will thus be locked out of Heaven, what are you going to put into that song? Will you have me in mind specifically when you are making up this song? Did you specifically warn me down here that this will be a part of your new song? Are you really going to think that I must be excluded from Heaven at all costs because I will cause another rebellion?

You cannot cut deeper to the chase than Mathew (7:23); ‘And I will declare to them, “I never knew you, depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness”’. I never knew you! There is no point you lining up and presenting your case to the two witnesses for your disobedience, I never knew you! I have just asked the question which ministry can I join today as persecution has already broken out in many places around the world? They are ministries that practice lawlessness openly. They think that their disobedience is factored in in Heaven!  Which ministry is not going to give me a list of demonic reasons as to why I should not have to obey God? Which ministry is going to tell me, ‘This ministry is one of the new covenant. We have transcribed the Law of God from stone tablets to our hearts and passed on obedience to Jesus  and are now resting in Him as we watch His perfect obedience. We can’t go wrong! God’s commandments come in a package and you can take them or leave them and you can’t obey them by deliberately breaking them! This is loopy, loony left logic! Even if it has been sanctioned by the prophetess!

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But as most will do today I continue to accept the principle of lawlessness then our focus in the cell should change and it is not about us anyway! It is about preparing for the harvest, it is all about preparing for the second coming of our Lord. There will be a primary harvest as a result of persecution by the beast out of the sea followed by the main harvest of the beast out of the earth. The Jews deliver a blow but the knock out blow is delivered by the Jesuits.—


The harvest that we will seek will be precious, it will be watered by the blood of saints. The primary harvest will last for 140 days and the maximum time that we could have been in jail for is 1,120 days of preparation. The only reason that there will be those who fail under these conditions be that with hunger or physical discomfort or whatever will be because the prayer ministry of the group has failed and we are not ready to gather the harvest. Conditions will not be a factor to those given such an important mission. We must be ready at the time of our release to start work immediately. We will not be given a platform in any of the existing churches because they think we are ratbags and should be killed or jailed. They have never known Jesus because they practice lawlessness. And worse still they lead others astray by teaching them to do likewise. No our pulpits as they have been for so many preachers in time will be a park, street or field. Our message will have to be able to cope with an audience of zero up to thousands and from lesson 1 up to lesson 100. We will have not to worry about those in front of us because we will have put them under the control of the Holy Spirit. Our lessons will have been prepared, rehearsed and cached in advance. We are told that the tribulation will be great but so will the harvest and it will be a great privilege to be involved even if not one person turns up and wants to hear the good news. This is not our problem! In the meantime the name calling has begun, from the prophetess down they realise their responses are meaningless at best but actually absurd so the tirade of demonic comments. We must realise that these barbs are for Jesus and that He may call, ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do’ and it will be a terrible mistake to absorb them personally and it is a time of prayer building!

During my journey in this blog not if but when I make mistakes I do correct them and also when I use words inappropriately. Such was my description of the Old Testament being Primary and the New Testament being secondary text. Logically it seems that if one event is dependent on another then the one that depends on the other is secondary and the one being depended on is primary which are the cases of GFPMC and DOA7777. But this seems to imply an importance, a hierarchy which is not the case. It is the same Jesus in both cases and it is even the same cross. If the cross of GFPMC stood where Eden stood then DOA7777 will stand above it and I call this Eden2 and it is in here where the last seven odd years of this world’s history will be played out and the only part of this universe that will not be destroyed, it will archived.

To be able to prioritise an event one must know the event to exist. I was brought to the Bible by the Church of England and the Old Testament by the SDA Church. In neither church did I hear the Day of Atonement mentioned or if I did I missed it. Jesus did not give His instructions just to Nicodemus but to all Christians that is they wanted to understand what was going on when they saw Jesus being lifted up of the cross they were to go back to the desert and understand what Moses was doing when he lifted up his bronze snake. I have spent what seems to me a very long time in the desert, run into a  brick wall in chapter fifteen and have looked up from hoping to find assistance in the gospels of the NT. I have found the Day of atonement and have been trying to fit it in with the relationship of Passover, GFPMC.

Unlike Passover which began on a definite date and stamped as such, 01/01/01 in Egypt, the Day of Atonement was announced of the day our first parents sinned but did it begin when those first sinful thoughts went through satan’s head, or when he rebelled or when he was thrown down to earth? The Day of Atonement (DOA) did also involve the cleansing of the angels that grumbled and the plan was a part of creation with the existence of evil in the background. The best scenario to take would be from the first day of creation a plan for it certainly existed at this time. It ran for 2,500 odd years before it had the stamp of Passover stamped on it. As the relationship between these two events completely bamboozled the apostles of the time and even Paul whose role it was to relate these together took fourteen years of fulltime study at the feet of the master teacher it is hardly surprising that I am having the same trouble. The solution may be the one that I have been advocating to any of my readers; close this blog and go read the Bible. It is divinely inspired, it has no errors and it has the

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Holy Spirit to guide you through it. But this is what I am doing now. I have a Bible in front of me of which I do not convincing is inspired. God is truth and is only capable of telling truth and even satan when dressed as Balak believed that God could only tell truth. As uncomfortable as the changes that had to be made satan made them and it is from these changes that the worldwide harvest of 140 days results. If Scripture can be compared toa jigsaw puzzle then the pieces are not numbered and we are expected to use our brains to try to fit them in together. Such is my problem now; the relationship between these two days as explained in the teaching of Jesus.

The basic formula I have developed is that it is DOA that gets us to Heaven and once in Heaven GFPMC is the key that opens up the door between the first and second Heaven, the New Jerusalem or the Most Holy Place. It is only this key, the full extent of the love of Jesus that allows us into the presence of God. But if I, sinless, was to turn up with Jesus in Heaven at His second coming and presented before God, why couldn’t He just say to me, ‘So what? You are the problem but you were only a tiny part of the solution that was called the scapegoat. In fact the scapegoat had to be removed from the temple before the sacrifice could proceed. The problem was Adam and Eve sinning and forming a chasm between man and God. The solution I announced on that day was twofold; Eve’s seed had to crush satan’s head and satan would bruise His heel. None of this has happened so the original comment applies, So what?’

One of the greatest secrets of Scripture is/was that the gentile would be included in the plan of salvation. It would not surprise me even if Moses did not know even though he knew of the seven altars to Heaven. No one knew what happened to the scapegoat except the man who led it out of the temple and to its destruction. It is prophetic insights like this that keep me typing, I was shown this pearl a long time ago. It was only the man who was able, the divinity of Jesus Christ who knew that this scapegoat was to be led to Mount Calvary where it would be destroyed. A part of the Day of Atonement was moved to 9am to noon on GFPMC and the reason why I and many other saints will be presented to God at the second coming in Heaven as sinless. We are not seeking a permanent position in Heaven, we are not seeking to annul or bypass the DOA7777, we are seeking permission for a temporary visa until such a time that we will apply for permanency. There is nothing wrong with my sinless state as of now, it was included and covered by the call, ‘It is finished’!  That part of it was finished but not all finished. The scapegoat is the link between the two great sacrifices and only the man who was able knew where to take this scapegoat. He alone knew the answer to the greatest mystery in the Bible! GFPMC!

This partial realisation of the link between DOA3888 and GFPMC has come as a real shock to the system. Moving Genesis from the start of time to the foreground of time? Moving the Old Testament from background to foreground? Moving the marker between the two Testaments? There may be four links, the four Gospels between these two testaments but three of them, the synoptics of Matthew, Mark and Luke are a lot more slanted to the Messiah taking His harvest home on Thursday night from Gethsemane than staying on for GFPMC. That emphasis to Friday only comes in in John’s Gospel. So if we include the first three gospels as OT the Bible would be about the OT and very little NT in it. But we have to keep telling ourselves that the Thursday night rapture did not occur, so why spend so much time on it? Even if we say that it is still to occur and it will make all the difference to which Heaven we are going to it does not matter! What matters is what happened on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary! (GFPMC) This is all that that matters, all that counts. It does not matter that when we are presented to God at the second coming that He says, ‘So what?’ The timeline of the daily sacrifice will flow through all these and many more events until we finish up inside of the New Jerusalem and eternity!

Both DOA3888 and GFPMC have been running together for well over a thousand years but Mathew records history as it should have happened, the appendix to the Bible, the NT records what did happen and it is still a very strange feeling to know I am living in borrowed time. It is also a strange feeling to bring the OT to the foreground. I can see Jews, a temple with animal sacrifices and a very primitive agricultural society. But then again if time runs on for another 2,000 years as Scripture is implying it will do then an observer will see some different again.

The changes from the time of Jesus to today are that there are still Jews around and they are about to get up to their old tricks again and start killing Christians. They stopped being God’s people and will only become

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so again under the new banner of God; Christianity. The temple long ago ceased  to exist and will soon be pulverised and totally removed. It will be rebuilt after the second coming and be the centre piece of the third coming and the closing of the door of mercy. It will be an atonement temple based on repentance and water baptism with the potential for miracles to be performed should one person respond. Jesus is present. This temple is the base model for the one after it as it is destroyed by the earthquake that is set off by the slamming of the door of mercy. At this stage the only thing that I can see the temple that replaces this one that will be destroyed by satan himself and Jesus hangs on the wing of abominations in Daniel and DOA7777 will go on and be rebuilt by Moses, in 1,259 days when Moses has finished building the temple. This is the temple of eternity and it is on this altar that Jesus will place His sinless locks of hair as the altar/cross is moved from the courtyard of our beings and into the inner souls.

The technology used to collect the harvest this time around will be more advanced than swords and crosses and what it actually is we are about to find out. But if Matthew is indeed a ‘purely’ synoptic gospel then it is on the bases of the teaching of Jesus that we should be able to identify it. We have to keep in mind that there was no GFPMC, they all went home on the Thursday night. His people did not murder Him and the Jews as such remained His people. There cannot be any Christians. The harvest must be limited to ninety nine sheep; they must come to Him and He is not allowed to go searching for number one hundred, let alone number one hundred and one. But it is now the teachings of Jesus that open up that Pandora’s box  of events that relate to this time and why I should not be sitting here in borrowed time. Time finished some 2,000 years ago and with such a new concept on our radars, if it stands then it will take some time to focus in  on it.

As well as the teachings of Jesus the other elephant in the room is the sacrificial system. Matthew is allowed to mention Passover providing he tells us that they all went to Heaven the day before. He is allowed to talk about the DOA3888 because this is where he is heading to. His teachings should be slantered towards it.


Lucifer’s evil desires getting the better of him, Eve’s unbelievable stupidity and Adam’s intentional act of siding with Eve at the expense of God his creator, the Day of Atonement is on one screen. Close this one screen and open with God’s people whom He personally selected, taught, nurtured, protected and suffered countless body blows in their rebellions against Him, the apple of His eye are now meeting to plan His murder. The weapon they will use is going to be His own Word and they murder Him in the cruellest known way; on a Roman cross. The burnt offering of His body which has just been through hell when presented to them they will jeer and sneer at it and when the blood from this offering is spilled at the base of the altar/cross they will trample it into the ground. They will treat it as nought. As they all lay dead, not like dead but dead in front of me do I resurrect them and allow them to go ahead with their dastardly plans and murder Me or do I leave them where they are, take my own and return to Heaven? These are the heady issues that the Gospels wrestle with. The differences between are not mere nuances, they are cataclysmic differences.

If we want to look as this dilemma from the Sinai and Moses’ bronze snake we go back to Numbers chapter six. Here the Nazirite has made a vow with God the Father to come to earth to bring His own back to Heaven with Him. He is specifically instructed to stay away from the dead and grape and related products. But there is one exception; the man who falls dead very suddenly alongside Him. The remedy and this whole situation that is being described is the Day of Atonement. The twin bird sacrifice and the details surrounding it gives incredible details of this day and following events which have been quantised to within an hour. This is what is going to happen in some 1,800 odd years. But also notice that there is an appendix to this story, it may only cover one day out of 1,260 but it is still there. It is the decommissioning of the Nazirite. It is Jesus handing in the top offering that humanity mostly rejected, the burnt offering along with the sin offering and combining them as the peace offering. GFPMC is there!  The Thursday night rapture is there but so is the murder that took place on GFPMC and the solution to it! So if Thursday night in Gethsemane at 10pm was the book of the Day of Atonement then it did have an appendices that was GFPMC. The above scenario does give us a fair amount of leeway to work with it appears. We are given a man who falls over very suddenly dead yet this still does lead to cross speciation; the sacrifice is still twin bird and both DOA7777 and GFPMC are still linked by the same Jesus and even the same

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Cross. They must still be separated. The scapegoat from the Day of Atonement (DOA) can walk into GFPMC but the sins of GFPMC could not be taken across to DOA. The brutal murder of their Saviour justified by His own Word, the gloating at the burnt sacrifice and the trampling on His precious blood could not be considered on a day of worship. It was in a category of its own, it needed GFPMC! As with any difficult topic in the past it has gone through a state of constant flux and so it is now with the burnt offering, the dark hours of noon to 3pm of GFPMC. It is they that define the Passover, it is not the scapegoat that has come across from the DOA. It is a lamb that is 365 days old who has just taken away the sins of the world and that included the sins of brutal murder and the depth of evil. The depth of evil was destroyed by the blinding light that was produced by the full extent of the love of Jesus. The darkness of these three hours was not because the flames of hell were turned down, in fact they were set to a maximum so much so they have blinded most today. These were particularly egregious sins and needed the highest settings to destroy them in hell. And the blood that flowed from this burnt sacrifice is the blood of the Passover Lamb. It is this blood that is applied and has already been applied to the doorway of the second Heaven and the blood under which we will pass as we enter our abode of eternity and as we do we will think back to that Roman spear that opened up the side of Jesus Christ at 4pm on GFPMC. This blood has been through much and has accomplished much and will accomplish our existence for the eternities to come. It of itself does not destroy our sins, rather it washes them onto the frame that will present to the fires of hell; the body of Jesus Christ.

There is certainly enough material in Matthew for a blog and its structure would be defined by the Gospel itself. The novelty of the idea is still a problem. The idea that Jesus returned to Heaven on that Thursday night is difficult to accept. Jesus did not stay on for the cross of GFPMC. The idea that when the Father showed Him the cup from which He would have to drink from the next day and in it He saw JK and said, ‘He is not worth it, I’m going back home’ is not difficult to accept and I would much prefer to leave it as, He did stay on despite of that name! But I am dealing with the Word of God and it is not up to me what should and should not be included. He certainly could have gone home on that night and I am living in non-existent time is still a difficult concept. I know this time will finish with my last breath does not change the fact that it existed and the grace of Jesus within it. These ideas and this blog will stand and fall on the Thursday on 13/01/3889 ac, particularly in Gethsemane and I will only continue with an outline until this test. Chapter six in Numbers only allows for restricted schedule. The Day of Atonement does not allow for a man who dies suddenly alongside Jesus, no this man must die very suddenly. As the harvest was going back to Heaven I would expect our earthly rules to be reinterpreted in a Heavenly way. I would not expect anyone to strike me on the cheek up there or me to refrain from giving them one back but this is to teach us of the nature of those going up and their concern for each other. You see will still all lay in front of the atonement cross and the changes it will cause to our nature. The admonition on marriage break up does not mean we would exist as couples in the new Heaven but shows the bondage between us even in the first Heaven.

I am not sure whether the issue on oaths and how they would disappear is equal or greater than my desire to know more about these angels who were so kind and willing to accept me in Heaven. Who, what where and why are they? I know that these oaths disappeared at the coming of Jesus and did not have to wait until He died on the cross of GFPMC. And there are many others that we still have to work our way through but I cannot leave this topic without referring back to Matthew (7:23) “And then I shall declare unto them, ‘ I never k new you;  Depart from Me you who practice lawlessness’”. Yes this is about DOA, it is about the Old Testament, no GFPMC. Yes there were Ten Commandments that were involved. No, they could not obey them, were breaking with monotonous regularity and in fact were not capable of keeping them. Each year they would have to go to the temple of Jesus and confess these sins and pass them onto the scapegoat. Where and how did this change at the cross of GFPMC? The change of the old covenant to the new occurs at the point where we transcribe those Ten Commandments from the stone tablets on our hearts and immediately pass them onto Jesus to obey them. Yes we will still fall with monotonous regularity and we will have to confess them but we will not say we have now been given a licence to sin deliberately and continually. Continual breaking of God’s Sabbath is doing this. We have invented the satanic principle of righteousness by sin! We have given ourselves a licence to sin!

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I have not been intentionally avoiding the Jews and the sacrificial system. The animal that was chosen was to point to a particular event and was sacrificed until that event occurred after which it became obsolete.  Today it would be wrong to the extent that it would be asking for the wrath of God to instantly vaporise us if we tried to kill a Passover lamb to celebrate our own passover event. It would be wrong to sacrifice a scapegoat, that already happened way back on GFPMC. But DOA has not yet occurred, why not anticipate and coomemorate it with animal sacrifices until it occurs? The Jews did! Actually the goat component has already occurred, both scape and sin offering goats have done their work, what remains it the high priest components; the bull and the ram. The high priest arrived some 2,000 years ago and was prepared to conduct the service of DOA to which the three synoptic gospels point to. He is here today in the presence of His Holy Spirit and is ready to conduct this service today. The animal sacrifices point to the time of his arrival. He is here now! All sacrifices of animals are gone!

I intend continuing this blog on Matthew and the DOA in outline form until Gethsemane. As the three synoptics cover the same subject I can use them interchangeably but will note that John’s Gospel is a GFPMC Gospel. It is not as if Matthew is solely based on DOA. His genealogy has Judah in it and this is the lion that takes the scroll from God at 3pm and rides to earth to open its seals. Matthew at the baptism of Jesus does not fulfil righteousness but all righteousness. DOA gets us into the first Heaven, GFPMC gets us into the second Heaven and the New Jerusalem. All righteousness! The repentance and water ministry that Jesus takes over from John the Baptist assume that the temple has Shekinah Glory in  it just like it does when Jesus returns from Heaven with His two witnesses for the third coming and the closing of the door of mercy, he does not have a cleansing until right at the end. These are just a few anonomolies we have struck at the very start. But trying to finish the summary on the Book of Numbers and chapter fifteen. Getting our bearings first;

Chapter fifteen verse one, two; ‘Now the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the sons of Israel  and say to them, ‘When you enter into the land of Canaan where you are to live……’”. In future I will abbreviate this as; when you enter the land of Canaan. —


The hardest part of chapter 15 was to decide where do we enter into the land of Canaan. Was it when we left the banks of the Jordan to start our journey across the river, was it when we saw the man in white with his arms outstretched on the atonement cross and we reached out for those arms or was it when Moses had finished building the temple? It was only when I decided that it was ‘when you enter into the land of Canaan ‘ was the time being referred to. The key to the doorway into the second Heaven is turned and the door opens up or in curtain terms the rip in the curtain opens up and we see through this curtain. Initially we see six days of creation, beginning eternity as at 01/01/01 and the first Sabbath on 07/01/01. It takes us seven days to file through this doorway and each of us carefully check for the blood of the Lamb being there. The angel of death will have no hold on us once inside this doorway. The last person is over by the 14/01/01 but we do not conduct our first passover commemoration on this day but begin preparing for 14/01/02. It is now that we have entered Canaan and chapter 15 seems to be saying that we make our first burnt offering immediately but elsewhere in Scripture we are told this will happen on 14/01/02, the offerings we are going to make are preliminary offerings. Celebrations of the last supper.

The story of the final part of our history has been told many times and it is this part that we are in, we are about to, ‘when you enter the land’, how many months do we practice for before we actually enter? Daniel (9:24-27) concentrates on getting rid of evil in all its forms on this earth before it disappears with the culmination of anointing  the Most Holy; Jesus laying His sinless locks on the cross/altar as it is moved into our hearts and prepares it journey to and into the New Jerusalem. Daniel’s people and the Most Holy have been dealt with but what about, ‘Your holy city?’ It can’t be the New Jerusalem because we, along with John are still to look up and see it coming out of the sky. It really can’t be the present city that was so thoroughly destroyed by satan who is now gone because the blood that flowed from the winepress of God’s wrath is still there in a 300 kilometre long river, (200 miles) which will be the final act of destruction. So where is this holy city?

Daniel’s evil is finished by the end of 7*70 or 490 years. In the big count this would be year 7,777 and after this there could well be another 7 months, 7 days and seven hours to go for this planet and universe. If this be

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the case then we would be able to hold one more Passover commemoration on 14/01/7,777 but no more DOA as we don’t get as far as 10/07/7,777 the world finishes on 07/07/7,777. These last seven odd months could well be the time that these instructions for chapter fifteen are given. They are ‘strange times’ as Jesus cannot join us until we are in the Father’s kingdom with Him  and there appears to be a purpose us preparing by ourselves. Our efforts don’t even get us on the board! We only make progress when Jesus joins us in His Father’s kingdom! The numbers appear and increase and we are getting ready for entry into the New Jerusalem. It is not as if if we enter too early without proper preparation that the shock will kill us, no we can’t die once inside that doorway with the blood on it. But we do want to be at a level where we can appreciate what we see. The limiting factor up there and down here is not the oil, the Holy Spirit, it is our level of knowledge about the flour and the drink offering that is what limits and not the oil. Like almost everything in life it is the input that determines the output!

The first offering is of the lamb, the burnt offering offered by fire. This offering, GFPMC is the highest offering on earth but the second highest in Heaven. It is the light from this offering that when shone onto the DOA7777 that will combine with it and amplify it and it is this offering that becomes the subject of our study. We were at the feet of Jesus when He was on the Atonement Cross so we don’t need to know what happened we do need to know why it happened but at the foot of the GFPMC cross most of us were not there and we need to have it explained both what and why it happened. And much did happen.

On GFPMC at 9am the scapegoat from the Day of Atonement, DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 was hung on the cross. It carried all the confessed sins that were placed on its head . It had them burned into oblivion. But there was a sin that now appeared that was not present on the DOA3888 because it had not happened. The sins that you did murder the Saviour, that you did gloat at the burnt offering as it hung on the cross between the hours of 3pm and 4pm and that you did then trample the blood from this burnt offering into the ground had not yet been committed and would not have been committed if Jesus went back to Heaven on Thursday night. There were many there with the intention of committing these sins had Jesus stayed but He did not stay back at least the Gospel of Matthew is trying to tell us. It would be hypocrisy on our part to call, ‘Naughty, naughty!’ We are all capable of committing these heinous sins and most do today. This could well be the problem that Jesus was addressing at His baptism when He told John that He was here to fulfil all righteousness.—


It is one thing me laying in front of the Atonement Cross and being overwhelmed at the harm and suffering that my ‘benign’ sins caused my Saviour even though they were only a tiny fraction of the 70 trillion that Jesus suffered for on DOA7777. The beast within me was dead and even the mention or the thought of sin would make me vomit spontaneously. This is not the level to which perfection/Heaven requires the beast within to be destroyed; dead is not good enough, the dead pieces must be surgically removed. DOA7777 must be accompanied by GFPMC. The depth of evil as expressed in the murder of Jesus, gloating at His achievement and trampling on His shed blood, total darkness can only be destroyed by the brilliant light that shone from Mount Calvary and once the dead pieces of evil have been removed this light can now shine on the Day of Atonement. It is not just righteousness that has been met but all righteousness has been fulfilled. And in there we have the secret of the Passover.

The interface of the Passover is the burnt offering, Jesus Christ hanging on the cross between three and four pm on GFPMC. On one side we have the spilled blood  that is/was applied to the doorway of the second Heaven, it is key into the presence of God in the Most Holy Place and on the other side we have why this burnt offering has been so badly burned. It has been through the fires that destroyed the scapegoat but it has also been through the fires where cross speciation occurred, the goat changed into a lamb and this lamb took on the sins of GFPMC and had them destroyed. It was the intensity of the fires and the  light they produced that caused this body to be so badly burned and it completed the formula for Passover;

Passover = destruction of all confessed sins + burnt offering + the spilled blood of the Lamb + application to doorway into New Jerusalem.

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Passover was indeed about destroying sins, all sins and the killing of the beast within. The call, ‘It is finished!’ was indeed true even though it was still to be consummated which it soon will be. We are living in borrowed time and the property of borrowed time is that it must finish and Numbers fifteen wants to show about the last even months of this time and the transition into that of eternity. But I want to take stock and list the major event I have experienced to get me to this particular time when the spies have just arrived carrying these massive branches of grapes. I am being prepared for that shock that is going to hit me when that key into the new universe is going to be turned and my final journey to Jericho will begin. Listing and numbering the events: (inconsistencies and contradictions included) (1)

The second coming and Jesus placing His royal robe of righteousness on me as I entered Heaven. Evil still a very large part of me and as I see the Master walking around and checking clothing and throwing people out who are not properly dressed and if you are standing next to me whether I pray or just wish that He would  check you out first and this would give me a fraction of a second longer to enjoy the beauty of this place before I was thrown out as well, both would be wrong and selfish and why I don’t know I have this amazing robe on already but we all only breath a sigh of relief when quizzed by the elder, ‘Who are all these people in white and where did they all come from?’ It is only when we hear some where in some sentence, ‘Washed by the blood of the Lamb!’ that our anxieties go, eternity is now our destination!

(2); The closing of the door of mercy. We never lost sight of Jesus during His 1,260 day absence but we knew He was not among us. Whether we knew of the significance of this event, Pergamum was now moving to Thyatira I don’t know. Jesus did come back and from the text as I read it we believe that Jesus had come back for good, but this is not the case. If what we have seen for the first 1,800 years could be represented by the number one hundred then what we see when the Holy Spirit returns back to Heaven as the fine linen and it is fitted under our robes then what we see is factorial one hundred and we are just so happy for the wedding.

(3); The marriage and with an earthly concept of marriage we cannot even begin to grasp the beauty and significance of this Heavenly event. The fact that all were invited and so few turned up is consequence of free will. No one misses out who should have been there! Even though we have been warned in Jesus’ tutorial it still must come as a shock to us when Jesus leave us alone in Eden2 and rides off the earth. Shock turns into anxiety and unbelief when Jesus disappears into the darkness of defilement when He accepts those remaining 70 trillion sins as His and pleads guilty to them. The next event is judged as the event of eternity, the Day of Atonement.

(4); The Day of Atonement, (DOA7777), may ‘only’ be one day, one Sabbath day but it changes Heaven and eternity. It allows us into Heaven for eternity. Much has already been said about this day and much more remains to be said. On its first re-enactment in Heaven on 10/07/03 (?) we are lifted up into the New Jerusalem. It is for this re-enactment that we are now preparing, we want to be ready and not just knocked down by what we see on entry. With John we saw the New Jerusalem coming down out of the sky and saw it settle down in the foundation prepared for it. The dimensions involved are beyond imagination as is its beauty but still cannot compare to the Most Holy Place inside of it. We can’t see 1,600 miles up in the air but the pearly gates appear to be closed and only spring open all twelve of them when Jesus goes in alone taking the blood from the twin bird sin offering inside. It is not an instantaneous springing open of the pearly gates but we have no anxiety that they will spring open. We are relying on the blood of the bird and not like GFPMC the blood of the Lamb. —


(5);  Our certainty of life eternal was cemented when we saw the Resurrection of Jesus on the next day. This miraculous event will stay etched in memory forever and remain a focal point in time. One minute we have a lifeless body hanging on the cross because of my actions and the next minute it is surrounded by Shekinah Glory and we can’t tell how many angels and who they were at the time but we may be able to quiz them later, they certainly should know. The result was that this glory was returned to Jesus, all His blood was restored and He was lifted from the cross never to leave us again! It still appears that there is going to be a drop or two of physical blood on the doorway into the new Heaven which we will see glowing and know of its presence but this does not have to be the case with the entry of Jesus into the Most Holy Place to allow the pearly gates to swing open. Just the presence of Jesus is required. Even though I may have advanced from 5% to 6% of coverage of this Holy Book very little has been written about either resurrection.

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(6); The building of my temple by Jesus over the next 1,259 days results in me asking for and receiving the altar/cross in my heart. It is the Most Holy and it is anointed by none other than the sinless locks of Jesus and by Jesus Himself. Its passage into the New Jerusalem is also assured. With these five stages behind me you would think that I should be ready to absorb these sacrifices and their significance ‘when I enter in Canaan’. And I should be able to see the significance of these grapes that the spies brought back from Canaan. Not as yet anyway other than seeing we are being pointed to the Last Supper and with Jesus now being able to join us as He is in His Father’s Kingdom.

(7); The problem and the centrepiece for now anyway is day 1,260 when the Nazirite was decommissioned, it was all over and the earthly part of His ministry was over. We must concentrate and begin with this day as the beginning of our eternity; all transgression is finished. This last 1,260 days were a ‘add on piece’ it was phase two of the ministry of the Nazirite and it began at 4pm on the 10/07/486 and the end of the burnt offering from DOA7777. But the burnt offering began at 3pm on this day and with it it introduced swirling ideas of the cities of refuge, the ministry of Melchizedek, oaths and concepts that appear to run into these sacrifices that are in Chapter fifteen. We have arrived at and are going to start going through dry runs of what we will be doing when we enter into the Land of Canaan.

From me where I sit now I was stunned by the beauty of Heaven at the second coming and the robe of righteousness that Jesus gave me which increased exponentially with the fine linen and the wedding. As far as I am concerned I am going to study this beautiful robe  and when I become overwhelmed by its beauty I want to be able to take it to God and present it to Him and hear Him say, ‘ Yes Julius what you have there is perfection!’ and the words are from the One Who is perfection! So I am ready to cross over. I have everything I need. Scripture however is going to go further than this, I am going to be built up in 36 stages so that I myself will be able to understand more and to the level of  being able of existing with God in the Most Holy Place. The results are given in Revelation and if forced to we will have to return there. Let us then simplify things a bit by writing off the sacrifices of time that have been appointed; the Sabbath and the first of the month, the colours of the high priest clothing, the glittering walls of the city, the twelve pearly gates and the twelve fruits from the tree of life are issues we have already grappled with. It really begins with the completion of the work of the Nazirite on day 1,260 when eternity opened up and this was but a reflection of day 1,260 on earth after GFPMC when satan pierced the banks of the Jordan River and tried to wash away both woman and child. He did not succeed then and now is the consummation of that birthday of the Christian Church.

The first sacrifice then is the burnt offering of the Lamb. It is the reason we were not going to spend the rest of eternity in the first Heaven, it is the reason why we are about to enter into Canaan. This burnt offering is first and foremost a physical body. It was a physical body that  hung on the cross between 3pm and 4pm on GFPMC. It is not just some symbol or imaginary thing it is a physical body. If it is jeered and sneered at it results in real sins that will result in a real fire of hell that will have to be set to maximum setting even if that is Jesus Himself Who is suffering for a repentant sinner. The incremental increase in the flour of 0.1 to 0.2to 0.3 indicates a yearly cycle  and if this is so and we do go through a tutorial of 1,260 days on the NEW Earth then the first DOA in the new Heaven would not be until 10/07/04 and not 03 as I have thought. We missed the first Passover in 14/01/01 but we go through the next three in Heaven from which I drew the conclusion that we arrive with a blank slate and only begin to learn once Jesus is able to join us in His Father’s Kingdom.


I pray that the focus of our lives becomes these offerings and sacrifices not just when we enter Canaan but also here on earth as we prepare for the second coming of Jesus. Very few will meet Jesus as the living wise virgins, 144,000 to be exact and all those other millions will be called out of their sleep by the call, ‘Lazarus come out!’ These are but nuances and maybe not in the short run but certainly in the long run not worth worrying about. Our attention in Heaven will be about the body of Jesus, flour, grain offering and the unleavened bread representing His body and the wine and drink offering representing His precious blood. The flour which is mixed with the oil of the Holy Spirit, the fine linen seems to focus on the blood. Our level of knowledge about His Body reaches ‘only’ 30% but that of His blood is 50% of what we will see once we get inside of that new city, the New

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Jerusalem. The 30% seems rather low as the body of Jesus when He goes through the pearly gate and goes to sit on the throne with God the Father would be expected to approach divinity with little humanity but it seems as if we will have constant communication with the Jesus Who was here on earth. It was His body that acted as the frame onto which all our sins were washed in the two washing events of history; confessed on GFPMC and unconfessed, all 70 trillion of them (?) on the Day of Atonement. This is the body that was flogged and hung from that tree which is about to be pulled/dragged across into eternity. It is our banner, it is our standard behind which we march. We do need to know almost as twice as much about His blood, the drink offering as we do about His body before we are allowed into the New Jerusalem and if we count at least five possible reasons then the issues can be quite complex and must be split into GFPMC and DOA7777.

When dealing with the blood of Jesus it is helpful to go to the Gospels as three are synoptic, Day of Atonement Gospels and one is GFPMC, that of John. John did not have a Last Supper. Jesus walked out of the temple for the last time, foot washing and onto Calvary to show us the full extent of His love. The questions and requirements of GFPMC of 14/01/3889 ac had been asked and answered more than one thousand years before on the birthday of the Christian Church, 01/01/01. It was only a matter of the right time until the Passover lamb was killed, its blood applied to the doorway of the New Universe and its body eaten in symbolic form as in the Last Supper and the fine flour offerings we are celebrating now. The dead lamb was the burnt offering of GFPMC from 3pm to 4pm. The blood that would be applied would come from its side by that Roman spear at 4pm. The body was dead and called the burnt offering because it had endured the extremes of hell’s fires. Not all sins required the extremes of hell’s fires, some were placed on the scapegoat and the hours of light, from 9am until noon. We cannot say that just because we do not gloat, jeer or sneer at the sight of the body of Jesus hanging from the cross or we do not tread His precious blood into the dirt or want Him dead because He claims to be the Son of God that we do not need the cross of GFPMC. DOA3888 would cover our ‘lesser’ sins in the scapegoat. GFPMC did cover those sins against the body and blood of Jesus but it covered much more; it killed and removed the dead pieces of the beast within us. We may not have committed these sins against the body and blood of Jesus but we are capable of doing so, each and everyone of us and each and every one of us is in need of the water and the ashes that came from that day. Jesus did check on Sunday morning with His Father in Heaven whether He had met perfection, whether He had drunk every drop from the cup of iniquity that His Father had given Him, but He wasn’t checking to see if the sacrifice of His life was acceptable or not. It was and the answer to that question had been given in Egypt on 01/01/01 by the angel of death. This day did not give the gory details that the blood of the Lamb would be the blood of the burnt offering and that the burnt offering would be so badly burned because it had taken the depth of evil, sins against the body and blood of Jesus  into the fiercest parts of hell’s fires.

The question of cross speciation complicate matters somewhat. Earthly Day of Atonement (DOA38888) changed from three animals, bull, goat and ram into Heavenly or at least near Heavenly, into a bird, a twin bird sacrifice. GFPMC changed from goat and lamb via a lamb and a ram and into a red heifer. It may help explain DOA3888 a bit to move both goats to GFPMC but this complicates GFPMC even more. There is a place up there somewhere already that I call ‘your holy city’. It is a place where we spend the last eight odd years of our existence on this old universe. It must already be ‘reasonably holy’ as this is where we are left behind by Jesus after the battle against the beast and Jesus rides away from us and back to earth and we have just spent 1,800 odd years in the first Heaven. It is the place where the Day of Atonement cross stands when all transgression is finished, sin is ended, atonement for iniquity is made, everlasting righteousness is brought in, vision and prophecy are sealed and the most holy is anointed. It has the credentials of a holy city and it is not destroyed along with the rest of the universe and this is something we should be grateful for as we are in it when this destruction is occurring! I call this place Eden2.


When the spies arrived with these extraordinary grapes God gave us a timetable of what would happen when we got into Canaan, chapter fifteen. I was not surprised to see the burnt offering or the Nazirite being decommissioned with the centre piece of this decommissioning being the burnt offering. Our first objective was

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to prepare ourselves for entry into God’s direct presence in the Most Holy Place or the New Jerusalem. As we were in His Father’s Kingdom Jesus joined us now and as the perfect teacher He lifted us into starry heights. We already knew we were supposed to progress from lamb to ram, which was the peace offering at the decommissioning of the Nazirite but now became a part of the bull offering, the Day of Atonement was now being introduced as a part of the final picture. We knew that when we were lifted that 1,600 odd miles into the New Jerusalem that it would be the start of life eternal, but where did this life eternal come from?

Our master teacher thought the only appropriate way to show us was to take us back to what Heaven had archived of GFPMC; the red heifer. Having just been marched into the new universe through that doorway we are now marched back out again and back to Eden2. The difference being that on the way in we saw the blood of the lamb on  the doorposts but once inside when we looked back it was the blood of an ox and this time we see ox on the way out and looking back we see the blood of the lamb. We do not see the blood of the red heifer on either side as it does not belong on New Jerusalem side it belongs to old earth’s side, the archived side. By the time we get to the Gospel of Mark that of the creature that looks like an ox we should be starting to get some idea of this blood.

Chapter 19 of the red heifer, the archived version of GFPMC is very selective about what has been archived and what is archived are the details that cannot be admitted into the new universe as there are no concepts there to understand them by. All those sins that we inflicted that pain on our Jesus are not there. That you did spit in my Holy Face by committing those innumerable sins are not there. They are not even here today,  but the reason we have been brought back here is to see the source of life and much is given to us in this chapter which is rather obvious; stay away from death! But the reason we are back here is to see the source, the very base of eternal life not that which got us into the first Heaven via the Day of Atonement but the life that sprang into existence that is now going to begin in the New Jerusalem, its base was GFPMC, its base was the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ! Its base is in archives but it rises from Eden2 and into the new universe. It is the link, it is the tunnel that joins the old and what is left of it onto the new of eternity. It is the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ! It is staying on for GFPMC even though the increase in harvest is ‘only’ from ninety nine to one hundred sheep. It is the love of the true shepherd!

Even though it is easy enough to look at the base of this love, GFPMC and the doorway with lamb’s blood on this side and ox blood on the other side as the entry point the bit in between is not so easy to call, especially the tunnel bit. GFPMC is a combination of scapegoat and Passover lamb that produces a new species, a red heifer. But the red heifer remains the combination of two separate sacrifices. It is the link between GFPMC and DOA7777, it  is why they finally happened in this way. The more nuances we can glean from the red heifer to better our understanding of what happened on GFPMC. We begin with red heifer = scapegoat + Passover lamb. It is archived and therefore cannot include divinity. Divinity cannot be archived as there is nothing there that cannot be included in the New Jerusalem. If divinity is found over in Eden2 then it is only here to complete the history of life eternal which is what our master teacher is trying to teach us now. The ordinance of the red heifer was conducted by Eleazar the priest. This does not mean that the high priest was not involved but that his contribution was not archived. Eleazar takes the blood of this red heifer at the start of the sacrifice and sprinkles it seven times towards the doorway of the tent of meeting. If this is the doorway that we can now see and are about to pass through then even though the tent of meeting has not been created yet it soon will be. The doorway is here though and if that blood he sprinkled reached this doorway and we can see it now, then it must be the blood of the lamb, it cannot be the blood  of the scapegoat. Its blood was not involved in DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 it was sent outside of the temple, both body and blood to be destroyed by being pushed over a cliff. The blood of the lamb was different and way back in Egypt on the 01/01/01 was accepted by Heaven as being the criteria for the angel of death to Passover that doorway. I have to be careful not to apply the events of GFPMC and red heifer too literally, after all they are different species. GFPMC will pass over and into eternity. I don’t want to finish up putting Moses’ bronze snake on the cross of GFPMC.

If the sacrificial animal offering system did begin in Eden of Genesis, then those first two animals that God killed had to be goats. One goat, that for Adam went on to become the scapegoat of the day of Atonement. The Page 154

other goat, that to cover Eve and her unintentional sin went on to become the goat of the sin offering. Both goats stood as a symbol of Jesus Christ and present in DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 and announced by God on this day as the solution of restoring divinity and humanity.—


It is sound Biblical advice that what God has joined let no man put asunder. This does not just apply to marriage but such mundane things as fruit should not be juiced but eaten whole and the reverse is also  true not to join things which have not been joined by God. We should thus leave the dual events of GFPMC as dual events. Heaven has separated them as hours of light and as hours of darkness. It has the three hours of light represented by the scapegoat of DOA3888 and it has the hours of darkness represented by the Passover lamb. But it is also Scripture that combines these two animals as a red heifer in chapter 19. The red heifer is the archived version of GFPMC it is what Heaven saw fit to remember for the eternities to come of this momentous day. The problem becomes if this archived red heifer is to retain only human events that could not be transposed into the New Jerusalem then why does it have both the ashes and the water within these ashes down here in Eden2?

Clearly both these are divine entities. The ashes survived the fires of hell because they are the sinless body of Jesus  and the study of our flour that is mixed with oil in chapter 15. The body of Jesus was the framework onto which all our sins were placed and taken into hell. The sins were all burned off but the frame remained and it was sinless. Satanic ministries like Swaggart’s should not be believed when they try to tell you these ashes are what is left of your sins, they only have to have the volatile component added to them and they will be fully restored. These people are liars, there is no truth in them and they produce many such blasphemies. Theirs is a ministry of the dead and this section on the red heifer tells us to stay away from these dead at all costs!

Not only does this incineration of the red heifer produce ashes it also has these ashes saturated with the water. This water is the water that flowed from Jesus’ side when that Roman spear opened it up at 4pm on GFPMC. It is life giving water. I once heard a one hour sermon by Des Ford on this topic; what came out first when that spear pieced the side of Jesus? Was it water followed by the blood or was it is blood followed by the water? You could not believe that a person could hold that much information on one such topic but I cannot remember what the conclusion was just like I can’t remember his conclusion on oaths and Melchizedek but when it comes back to me I will write it out. I probably will not acknowledge where it came from so I am referencing it now. My present thoughts are the blood first followed by the water. We accept Jesus first and are then baptised. There were two components and they were separate, there was blood and there was water and the water is the purification from sin.

There is plenty of water in the new universe that will probably be sourced from 4pm of GFPMC. It is easy enough to follow its path once everything has settled down with the New Jerusalem. The water will flow out from under the throne of God and cover the whole city, all 2,500 odd square miles of it ( 5,000 square kilometres). We will all have water front apartments. It will then flow over the edge of that 1,600 mile high foundation that the city sits on and with that head of pressure should be able to water the whole valley floor. There will be need to water or for rain. From the text of the red heifer it appears that this water returns and spools in Eden2 from where it could be pumped back to the throne completing the cycle. But this water earlier on when we have just crossed over is not available as the New Jerusalem has not yet come down out of the sky. We are being given a preview from where the water from under the throne will come from. It was collected at the same time as every droplet of the blood of Jesus was collected and I suggested that the golden censor into which the angel placed the spilled blood of Jesus had two compartment; one for the water and one for the blood. It is not the logistics of the water that is significant it is its role that matters.

The Waters of Meribah cost the two greatest prophets of the Old Testament their lives and  their careers. The greatest of them all, Moses at least was given the privilege of seeing Canaan albeit at a distance, Aaron was given no such privilege. We can only speculate what honours still awaited Moses; The role of John the Baptist?

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One of the two  witnesses of the third coming? Heaven’s messenger which finally passed onto John the apostle? Some other role? None of the above except Peter has him as being in charge of the tent for the righteous dead. They are to meet in Moses’ tent before the rapture of Thursday night from Gethsemane. Aaron’s role was even more tragic. The Aaron/Levite family from which the high priest was chosen ceased to exist at GFPMC. The new priest/high priest who replaced him, Jesus Christ came from the tribe of Judah which into eternity changed into the line of Melchizedek , the Aaron line was done away with.

They were both done away with in what seems to be extenuating circumstances. At the rock of Meribah people were dying of thirst. If Moses did not produce any water they would have lynched him and Aaron. It was a matter of life and death that water flowed from this rock but Moses and Aaron were not forgiven because they struck the rock twice. The significance of this event has already been discussed in the blog. The above scenario can be inferred from the text. We are waiting for the arrival of the New Jerusalem with its cascading waters and Jesus has taken us into archives to see where this water came from. Other than the ashes and the water Jesus also wants us to know about what Eleazar the priest did. He sprinkled the blood of the red heifer before it was incinerated in the direction of the tent of meeting. This was priest with blood outside of the tent and not high priest with blood inside the Most Holy Place. We are soon to return to this topic in the main summary.

The chapter at hand is Numbers fifteen with its amazing array and numeracy of sacrifices. I am catered for with my constant approaches to the throne of God seeking reassurance of the perfection of the robe of righteousness that Jesus gave me on entry  some 1,800 years ago. I will regularly present it before God the Father on the throne as an offering as a substitution of Jesus’ life for mine. Having made this offer and having it accepted and called as ‘perfect’, by the author of perfection will allow me to go anywhere and live my usual Heavenly life. It is a reassurance that I will constantly require; the backing of the perfection of Jesus Christ. If these offerings are not just as we wait for the New Jerusalem to descend but of all time then we would expect some correlation between those offerings of your appointed times and the burnt offering and that to fulfil a special vow. The only appointed times we have so far are the weekly Sabbaths  and the monthly first days with two special months; January for Passover and July for the Day of Atonement. It is still too early for an attempt at such a timetable as we do not understand either GFPMC or DOA7777 to a sufficient level. Rather than produce much inverted logic I will pray over these matters and pray-fully will be able to start the day tomorrow with the 3pm to 4pm problem of DOA7777. Was Jesus a Nazirite ‘just’ for GFPMC or was He a Nazirite when He hung from the atonement cross as well? It has been a full day of grand parenting duties and thank God we got through unscathed. I still do not think any offerings or anything else will require fire in their presentation once we have got through that doorway into the new universe. Everything will be sinless so we will not require fire for purification or attenuation purposes. We will be able to live in the direct presence of God in the Most Holy Place. Verse 14.

It was the duty of the Israelites to evangelise and to bring in the harvest so that when the Messiah came He could take them all back to Heaven with Him. The rules regarding these sojourners are  clearly spelled out. There is to be one law for both of them. We are about to enter the land of do’s and don’ts, of intentional and unintentional sins, Sabbath breaking, Korah’s rebellion etc and we have to decide what goes and what stays. There has been a number of times that what I have written has turned Scripture on its head. Sending Jesus Christ back to the cross of atonement has certainly been one such time. The consequences that flowed from this yet to be used cross again have been mind boggling! Likewise now with the realisation that when Jesus came to earth about 2,000 years ago that He had every intention of taking His own back to Heaven with Him and finishing time here on earth! I should be grateful for this borrowed time I have been given and that Jesus loved me so much that He was prepared to extend this time by staying on for GFPMC. But reading through Matthew and realising that this is Numbers that I am reading and worrying about, ‘But when you unwittingly fail and do not observe all these commands…..’ what am I supposed to do?

Today there are many Christians who are proud bearers of the oracles of God!  They consider it to be a part of Heaven itself, this Book is divinely inspired, all of it. But when it comes to evangelising and they proudly leave God’s Word with their prospective convert they tell them, ‘Yes this is the word of God but  when you read it ignore the first 77% of it and just read the last 23% of it! The first 77% no longer applies so just start with

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Matthew verse 1. Okay I am at verse 1 and the genealogy of Jesus seventeen verses of names, so what? Well this proves he was a human being. But if that is what you wanted to prove all you have to say is ‘Eve’s seed’. All humans are descended from Eve! Okay forget those first seventeen verses just read the next seven on the birth  of Jesus. Okay he was born but being a human being usually begins with being born! Okay then forget chapter one and look at chapter two; Herod and the Magi. It proves Herod was a criminal and a murderer and that the magi turned up in a certain place and time and that Jesus escaped. Okay, should have gone to chapter three first of; John the Baptist and the baptism of Jesus. Again this Jesus who was born is now going to be baptised, that sounds like me; Eve’s seed, I was born and now am going to be baptised, so? Well really should have started with chapter  four and the temptation of Jesus.—


This one I can explain in terms of worship, testing God and changing rocks into bread. Can you? You better find something relevant soon because the book of Revelation is not that far away and if there is something it does not have and that is revelations. Would it not have added just a bit of extra punch to say that this Jesus that has been the central character of the New Testament is Jesus Christ the Creator. That in the beginning He created the heavens and the earth and that He created humans so that we could fellowship with Him. How not very long after this creative act we broke our relationship with Him by disobeying Him and how on the same day that our first parents sinned God announced to solution to this severed bond between God and man could be restored. It would involve two events; Eve’s seed would crush satan’s head and satan would bruise his heel, in that order. Until that happened and the dates involved are given down to the day there was going to be a temporary animal sacrificial system introduced which would point and explain this main events when this restoration would happen. It began with God killing two goats and using their hides to cover Adam and Eve and two goats would now be killed every year  in a ceremony called ‘the Day of Atonement’ right up to the day when these sacrifices were replaced with Jesus Christ Himself. The skin of these animals used for covering our first parents represents the righteousness of Jesus Christ cannot be reproduced by any animal and therefore cannot be used in any sacrifice. The goat killed to produce the skin the skin to cover Eve, (Was it male or female) went on to become the goat of the sin offering in DOA3888 and the one to cover Adam went on to become the scapegoat in this service. And then the Bible then goes on to produce the details of the history of humanity right through and into the infinite future. Written/inspired by God, certainly not just another book! By the time you have read 77% of it and you get the Matthew one and the genealogy of Jesus it should have some meaning behind it. Just because you or I have not understood the first 77% of the Bible and we instruct the person we are giving it to to also ignore the first 77% does not mean that if they read it they will also not be able to understand it either.  As we study as sacrifices now and move among the numbers of flour, oil and drink offering it is not the Holy Spirit that is the limiting factor, it is our knowledge and desire for knowledge that is this  limiting factor which the person to whom we give the Bible to may have and we do not have. In our desire to limit their study to what we consider to be ‘the good stuff’ we may well have thrown out not just the bathwater but the baby as well. And throwing out 77% is almost a certainty that we have!

If we are so keen just to concentrate on Jesus and the Christian Church we should go back and place that flyleaf in the Bible; the New Testament, back at the start of the Book of Numbers. The birthday of the basic dogma in Christianity is the Passover and that happened on 01/01/01. By ignoring the gory  animal sacrifice bits between then and 14/01/3889 ac you are only shooting yourself in the foot. They are but an introduction to the real horror that occurred on that day. Assuming you still want to avoid those animal sacrifices which incidentally will point through to and into the New Jerusalem, you should place your New Testament flyleaf at the start of the Gospel of John and not at the gospel of Matthew. John is the Gospel of the Passover, Matthew is the Gospel of the Day of Atonement!  We know that the Jews are going to return to Jesus as a part of the Christian Church. There will not be some massive evangelistic campaign to do this, there have been hundreds up to now without success, no it will be a one day event which I still think will be Daniel’s day 1,290. For this to happen the Jews must be horribly close today to coming over. How that would be of help if that flyleaf with the words of ‘New Testament’ were placed at the start of the Gospel of John! How would it affect Christianity today?

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Christianity today is based solely, or should be solely based on the cross of GFPMC. This is entirely correct and it is on this cross that our salvation entirely depends the problem being on which foundation does your cross of GFPMC stand. Satan will make sure that there are as many foundations as there are degrees in a 1,000 degree thermometer. There is only one foundation that is valid and that foundation is stamped as 01/01/01 in the Book of Numbers among other places. It would certainly help our cause if the NT marker appeared before John’s gospel as this seems to be the way in which Heavenly literature is written; describe Heavenly expectations then add an appendix of what happened and this brings us to the 3pm to 4pm on DOA7777 and the role of the Nazirite. (The three topics; Nazirite, DOA3888 and John the Baptist).

Up to now the question of the Nazirite has been wrongly framed. It has been; was the Nazirite a part of the DOA3888 or DOA7777 and it should have been; was the Nazirite involved in GFPMC? He was always involved in doing His Father’s work but was He involved as Nazirite in doing His own work? When He made a vow to separate Himself to do His Father’s work He vowed to stay away from the dead, from grape products and from cutting His hair. This was Nazirite and it was the Day of Atonement, doing His Father’s work. That work allowed one exception; the man who fell dead very suddenly beside Him. The word man must be being used generically because it was a woman, Eve who fell down very suddenly beside and the remedy to that fall is the Day of Atonement, DOA7777 the twin bird sacrifice. It is described between verses 9-13 of Numbers six. Compared to the original DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 it is a very much different affair. There is no cross speciation here of bull, goats and rams, it is just one species, birds. It would have been very easy to account for eagles but no it was either pigeon or turtledove. The differences that occur between these two accounts is that GFPMC has happened and also the subject of our deliberations. It can account as to what happened to the scapegoat. Once it had all our confessed sins laid on its head it was then led outside of the temple and city and onto Mount Calvary where Jesus was destroyed between 9am and noon on the 14/01/3889 ac. At this stage I can only assume that the second goat, the sin offering, the man who led the goat outside of the city but that returned once the scapegoat was destroyed and took some part of the burnt offering of the ram. This is what happened from the angle of the congregation that from the angel of the high priest is even more difficult to explain. Bull/bird turning into ram/bird. Sin offerings being converted into burnt offerings. Let us forget how factoring in GFPMC into DOA3888 to finish up with DOA7777 for the moment, DOA7777 has enough of its own complexities. It does produce a 3pm and 4pm timeslots as did GFPMC. The Good Friday component produced a burnt offering at 3pm which was displayed to the world for one hour. It was the start of the new Nazirite’s ministry, the old section was finished; ‘It is finished’! The new ministry was that He has joined us in our fallen state through the soon arrival of His Holy Spirit. This ministry would finish when through the presence of the same Spirit we would become one with Him and offered as such as a part of the peace offering. At 3pm on the DOA7777 of 10/07/486  the burnt offering was the start, the introduction to the ministry of Jesus Christ of eternity, the high priesthood had moved into the order of Melchizedek. If the New Jerusalem is indeed a city of refuge then this city will stand for the life of the High Priest and as this is Melchizedek it will stand forever.

Another alternative for the ministry of Jesus to begin as Melchizedek is on Resurrection Sunday, 11/07/486. Jesus comes to life and lives forever as Melchizedek. An option that appears off the table is the 4pm timeslot. At 4pm on GFPMC there is much significance attached to the shedding of the water and blood by that Roman spear but what about 4pm of DOA7777 with the imminent beginning of eternity? Well the Nazirite begins His final phase of His ministry. This is a Day of Atonement ministry. In this ministry He must prepare every soul for eternity. He Himself must now build the temple within each of the saints so that His own Word can record by day 1,259 (and a bit) that, ‘Moses had completed building the temple’ of eternity and its finish is clearly marked out; we ask for the cross to be moved from the courtyard and into our inner souls. Jesus obliges by anointing the Most Holy Cross with His sinless hair and moves it into our Hearts which then become holy also. All this was the ministry of the Nazirite, of the high priest of the Day of Atonement. So where is the ministry of the Nazirite that hung on the cross of GFPMC?

The joining verse the critical verse is 13; ‘Now this is the law of the Nazirite when the days of his separation are fulfilled, he shall bring the offering to the doorway of the tent of meeting….’  Does he bring a bull? No. Does He bring any goats? No. Surely he must bring birds? No, he brings a one year old male lamb for a burnt offering,

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a one year old ewe-lamb for a sin offering and a ram for a peace offering. This has nothing to do with the Day of Atonement and everything to do with GFPMC. The 365 day old lambs was what Jesus had done on GFPMC some 3,900 years ago and the ram was those souls both before and after this event. It completes the Biblical format of this is what heaven expected to happen plus the appendix of this is what did happen. 1,259 days plus one day and it is Daniel that confines all these events to happen by the end of 7*70 or 490 years and not 490 years plus seven and a bit days or something else.

What is different there to what I have written before in that the decommissioning of the Nazirite did not just involve one day and GFPMC but that it did in involve His decommissioning as the High Priest and his actions of building the temple over 1,259 and a bit days. Could the Nazirite after this decommissioning have taken on the role of the High Priest of eternity, Melchizedek? At this stage I favour the 3pm timeslot that on both occasions he began a new ministry whilst still occupying that of Nazirite.

If I could I would now present a final summary of the work of the Nazirite. I would comment on the purity of the Heavenly DOA7777, bird to bird and I would focus attention on the near purity of GFPMC which produced one year old twin lambs but this would still leave many rough edges behind. I still have some room to manoeuvre  because I have the ram from GFPMC and I have the red Heifer from Heavens archives. These are but single strands and until combined as a unit will remain so and it is up to the prerogative of Jesus whether this Happens on this world or I have to wait until Heaven or Eden2 before it happens.—


Yesterday I made another attempted commentary on Numbers six  because the sacrifices in chapter 15 demanded a bull as a peace offering and the only peace offering I knew about was the ram that came from GFPMC and the twin lamb sacrifices of sin and burnt and this was the last sacrifice before we enter into the New Jerusalem; 0.3 flour, 0.5 oil and 0.5 drink offering but I did not find it. The light of darkness that is supposed to shine from GFPMC did not shine on the DOA7777, not as yet. But the time in this search was not wasted and I would be surprised if at the end of this summary on Numbers when I return to chapter six for the last time that Jesus will not show that final connection I seek; Melchizedek that it is Melchizedek who is that final guilt offering, all done plus 20%. He is the one that led the scapegoat out to be destroyed  but had to come back to be in time for the burnt offering. From yesterday I also learned that the Bible is arranged as Heaven’s way first and then the appendix of what did happen. I no longer now seek to start my commentary with Join’s Gospel, what did happen but with the Synoptic Gospels with what Heaven intended to do, finish time some 2,000 years ago! How much of a difference did Jesus staying over for Friday and John’s Gospel make! Could we begin to appreciate this without the synoptic Gospels first? It is not just that GFPMC throws light on DOA7777 but DOA7777 also throws light on GFPMC some of which with reverence and prayer we may be shown by the Holy Spirit. Back to Numbers 15 verse 22; ‘But when you unwittingly fail and do not observe all these commandments, which the Lord has spoken to Moses,…..’ was the stumbling block.

The answer should be very simple; all these commandments which the Lord has spoken to Moses. The Ten Commandments were not spoken they were written by God with His finger onto stone tablets. They are not included in this context or text. The spoken commandments being referred to are for instructions of a society that has chosen God to be their leader; a theocracy and they do not apply. We live in a democracy and they do not apply. The ceremonial law is done away with and it would be a serious sin to try to offer an animal sacrifice as GFPMC has already occurred and it has instigated the DOA7777 sacrifice. The players are already here and the final act has begun. But as in Matthew we are in a Synoptic Gospel, a Day of Atonement Gospel where there was no GFPMC we are going to have to return to this verse again. What we need to know now is that the Ten Commandments apply to us and that sin that is intentional is treated differently to that which is unintentional. The closer a society stays to the rule of the Ten Commandments the better off are its people. But right now we are still in the Sinai desert and trying to project Moses’ bronze snake onto GFPMC which is what Jesus told Nicodemus to do. Verse 24

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Sins of the congregation and high priest and his family were of the gravest scale and when it came to DOA3888 they were combined. The unintentional sins that Jesus will finally be graded as that of His people, His family and those of His creation including those who have just been destroyed in hell, all 70 trillion sins but in two groups. His family were not supposed to have committed even unintentional sins, that is what all those rules and regulations were for. The heathen were not privy to these rules and therefore ‘not as guilty’ As in DOA3888 the congregation were covered by the male goat of the sin offering but should have also resulted in a ram burnt offering but in this case it was a bull, the top brunt offering. Was the bull involved here because ‘only’ one member was involved and had the whole congregation sinned unintentionally it would have been a ram?  But that is what verse 27 is about. One person requires a female goat but the congregation require a male goat as a sin offering  and it seems both require a bull for a burnt offering. This cannot be the Day of Atonement because there there was an allowance for the person who sinned intentionally, they could confess and pass their sins onto the scapegoat and this option is not being given to them now. They were simply cut off from being God’s people. It is a topic we need to return to and answer are there any such sins which we commit intentionally for which the option of repentance is not available and we are simply cut off? Well actually there are and if you want to hear this situation expounded in a Heavenly manner we have just come from there in Matthew (7:23) Jesus will specifically tell you not that He doesn’t know you but that He never knew you and that was because you practiced lawlessness!  And lo the very next topic that appears on the radar is Sabbath breaking is punished!

This is a topic that I may have mentioned once or twice before. Is it a transgression that is so serious that it can not be overemphasised? It is perhaps one of those commandments that no longer applies as we have switched from theocracy to democracy? Are there or can there be extenuating circumstances? How serious are the consequences of breaking it? Excommunication? What would happen if this person got through into eternity? Is Moses being a little bit harsh in this judgment? What are the consequences if this person continues to live in the presence of God’s people?

The desert is a lot colder place than it is hotter and gathering wood for a cold night may appear as extenuating circumstances to a sinful soul, God did not think so. The Law that is being broken is not the spoken word but the written law and it is written by God Himself and the only place in the Bible that God begins a written admonition that begins with ‘remember!’ It was not Moses or Aaron making this decision but God Himself. God’s verdict was ‘guilty!’ and the punishment was; stoning to death by all the congregation, that they too learn of the seriousness of this crime. There were other crimes for which God’s people were stoned to death which if left unpunished would permeate society and ultimately destroy it. It was not a matter of just kicking them out knowing they will burn in hell, no they must be taken out of society and prevented from contaminating the place where society will live. Can you get a more serious situation and a better defence of the Sabbath Day!  Today most ministries will deny the significance of the Sabbath Day. They will tell you that you enter into Sabbath rest by being in Jesus and you can now ignore, better still forget His commandment on the Sabbath day. You enter into Jesus by sinning! Righteousness by sin! They not only practice lawlessness they teach others to do so as well. They are liars and there is no truth in them! John 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.—


Korah’s rebellion chapter 16; The attempt to qualify by quantisation may be wrong but I can relate better to something if I see numbers alongside it. The numbers I will use now will probably be different to the ones I used before but providing I do not alter the numbers given in Scripture then that is okay. The Scriptural numbers are that one third of the angels rebelled and were thrown out of Heaven and that there were 250 people who offered offerings by fire. This analysis may not be as detailed as the previous one but then again this is only a summary. If Korah’s rebellion is the earthly re-enactment of the angelic rebellion in Heaven then we need to divide the people into five groups; (1) Satan or Lucifer or Korah, (2) The third of the angels that were thrown out of Heaven, (3) the two thirds that stayed behind, (4) the ones down in the abyss today awaiting judgment (2 Pet 2:4), (5) the ones killed outright when the earth opened up and swallowed them. There are four levels within the evil ones; initially Levites and congregation and the Levites have satan as the top then the captains and under them the lieutenants. As a first guess I take there to be one million captains with whom Heaven could see no future hope of repentance and were killed outright and two million lieutenants who were not as badly corrupted and if they were held in a room from where they could see hell for say 7,000 years they

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may repent when released. They were still awaiting judgment and they still had 260 years to prepare for the arrival of the two witnesses and their last chance to repent. This gives us a total of 303 million of which 200 million stayed back, 100 million were thrown  down to earth, one million killed and two million awaiting judgment. Although in science this would be recorded as 303,000,001. After all they do record the age of the earth as 4.62 billion years old where the 4 is totally wrong as is the 6 and the 2 and the billions is an absurdity based on their imagination and the fact it is peer reviewed only proves that there is no truth in numbers and that they are singing from the same song sheet. They do not have the slightest idea of the cavitation power of water! They say there is evidence of massive floods on Mars where there is no running water but the same morphology here on earth which is covered by water could not have resulted from Noah’s Flood! But anyway we do have final numbers to work with even though I know that in Scripture there were only about ten captains and 250 lieutenants down here in the Sinai from where I am looking up to Heaven.

We have just come out of Chapter fifteen where the unintentional sin offering of a goat resulted in a burnt offering of a bull instead of a ram, where people who sinned intentionally were not given the opportunity of placing their sins on the head of the scapegoat but were killed and the example given as such was Sabbath breaking. All of these relate now to Lucifer’s rebellion in Heaven. The ram offering was that on this earth, its equivalent in Heaven is the bull offering. In fact it is a long way up there near the seventh altar. We are justified in looking up from Korah to Lucifer. We hope to see the difference between intentional and unintentional sins and particularly when intentional sins become unforgivable. It would even be nice to know what is holding, what is confining these two million lieutenants in the porches to hell where they can see in but cannot escape out of this area. What has been confining satan down here on earth since GFPMC? What can confine a spiritual being? If it is something as simple as a magnet then are there any anomalous magnetic field on  this earth that may be doing this? Can we protect ourselves from satan by sitting in some magnetic cage? Clearly there is much to learn about sin and even if we could just get on the board this time around we would have done very well.

The issues do revolve around the Sabbath and in more ways than just ‘another commandment’. It was not just God and His Church who sat down and observed the first Sabbath day. 07/01/01 ac but the angelic hosts were there as well including Lucifer. Lucifer had the drop on Adam and Eve and it all depends at what time he was created on day four of creation. He certainly saw the creation events of days five and six including the creation of Adam and Eve and if he was created early on on day four he would have seen all those angelic beings being made. I have roughly worked out that for every drop of water in the sea there are 10,000 stars, incredible numbers! So Adam and Eve worshipped God for what He had created but Lucifer and the angelic host not only saw what but the how and the when this creation occurred. If worship is related to understanding then Adam and Eve would not have got to Lucifers level for a very long time. Lucifers level would have kept increasing with time from this much higher level until something went horribly wrong and he decided that he wanted to be able to do the same thing. He did not want to make the stones, convert nothing into something, no he wanted the ability to give life to this something, to convert stones into bread by using his word. With the number of stars out there he already had plenty of something to work with, he wanted to give it life.

But at what point did Lucifer sin? Was it when He got this idea or when he let it incubate for so many days or was it when he went Dathan and Abiram to start organising the rebellion? Or was it even later when they offered the fire? At what point do I sin? Is it when the sinful idea enters into my head, it incubates or when I actually carry out the action? It is really not that helpful to say, ‘Give us today our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil….’  Jesus was led into the desert to be tempted by satan, He did not yield, He did not sin. Being tempted is not sin but yielding to it is sin. Jesus is not a good example because He did not sin, He could not sin, he had no beast within Him. When we have no beast within us in the second Heaven we too will not be able to fall but this is certainly not the case today. Did Adam and Eve have the beast within them? If you define beast as an ability to disobey God then yes they did the beast within them. So where does satan come into the picture and why satan singled out from all those other sinful leaders?— My beautiful wife had her knee replacement today and she is already walking! Thank you for your prayers.

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There has been an upset in my routine and one result was last night for the first time at midnight I watched Francis Swaggart and her henchmen for the first time but it did clear up much about satan and last days.  I no longer have to find and read Luther’s book about the Jews, John Rosenberg explained it clearly and in detail. I knew I had to go to Luther because a person who was given the greatest privilege of all, the opening of the door by faith in Christ had also had to have been given the privilege of putting a stopper behind it and stopping it from closing again. Luther was given that privilege as well. As a Christian Jesus gave him the ultimate privilege and showed him the keys to Heaven. Such a person would only come up with hate speech only if it was the last resort. The honour of Jesus Christ was at stake as was the salvation of His people. That stopper was not just a blight on Christianity it was a disease on humanity. It was the Jew and there was only one solution and that was to kill every one of them. Systematically weed them out and kill them! It was the Jew that was going to destroy Christianity, it was they who would try to close that door of faith. This ministry of, Swaggart should really be called the ministry of Rosenberg, they are the body that wags the tail of Swaggart and I already had the jump on them and know them to be by Biblical definition to be liars and no truth in them. Last night did much to confirm this supposition. Two aspects later; the age of the earth and that they did not murder Jesus.

Today the Jews run many ministries like that of Swaggart. They appear to be Christian and cross based but their role is to anesthetise Christianity, to put them to sleep before they plunge the knife in. They have already done this very well. Today there are no Christians rallying in support of our brothers and sisters around the world who are being starved and killed by pagans and indeed if we try to help them there are laws in place already that would brand us as terrorists and the punishment is that that will be metered out in accepting the mark of the beast. It is already too late and the only part of the legislation not completed yet is to write, ‘Christianity is a terrorist organisation. The Swaggart like ministries have done their work well.

The Jews modus operandi is exactly like that of Emperor Constantine; if you can’t beat them then join them and destroy them from within. This can only be done if you destroy their link, their communication from God. At all costs the Sabbath must go, there is no point trying it on until this line of communication is broken. Confirm this by replacing it with communication from the devil. Lay hand on them and the demonic spirits and have babble in tongues. If they jump for joy when you tell them that Christians are being harassed and killed by pagans, stick a label on them; Born again Christians! Once you have them in that position you must make sure that you do not lose them and there is no limit to the crap you can feed them. The basic problem before was that recalcitrant demon that was inside of them is gone. He did not want to share his home with seven other demons, he did not want to go war and have his comfortable home destroyed he just wanted to be left alone. He may even be having regrets about his grumbling back in Heaven in Lucifer’s rebellion. Well he has gone now and it took the ministry of Christ on the cross to get rid of him and the seven that replaced should not be of any such a problem. They have been replaced by seven demons who will do exactly as they are told. The problem with these Rosenberg like ministries is that they must use Jesus and the cross initially but they must stop you from touching this cross otherwise they will not be able to get their seven demons back into you and again this they do very well. Take the ages of the world controversy.

There are three positions we can take against evolution; for, against and don’t care as it does not matter. Bible based Christians should be against it as their Bible teaches them that they were created by a loving God whereas evolution teaches them there is no need for any God as you ultimately as I understand it you are the result of a big bang. You should be grateful as you are being blown across the universe at some incomprehensible speed that it was nothing that exploded. Imagine the result if there had been something there to explode in the first place! We would have to make sure that it wasn’t packaged and sold as explosive material! It is not as if the label was misleading!  Christian ministries that assimilate evolution are so far off the mark that Jesus has had to provide specialist ministries with specially trained people to try to right such heinous errors and the very best I could do is to give snippets of their counsel. It is their expertise that will show you that Christianity and evolution are antonyms. Christianity is the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ where evolution is inefficiency, blood, guts and death by suffering. They could not be further apart! They will also capably defend the age of the earth as

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one of thousands of years old and not millions and billions years old and at the age it has aged since I left university I am surprised that it is not by now trillions of years old! Swaggart ministries do not believe in evolution but Rosenberg for one does not believe in any age of the world. It cannot be shown either way what it is, it is irrelevant! As a non specialist in this field, my defence is based on Scriptural grounds in a way any person without formal training in Scripture could defend. Evolution is based on old ages. To get what we see around us requires very old ages and many do not realise the ages that are required are not a million years but a million with a thousand zeros after it and say that it happened in a million with a million zeros after it it would still be meaningless. Yes this organism has occurred, yes it does have the right organs and yes the cells are correctly structured but it has no life in it. It is dead, it is lifeless, only God can give life and it was the issue with Lucifer in Heaven. The result was only God can give life! To say otherwise you would had to have no idea about religion or biology! —


The Scriptural timetable is built around genealogies and the context of time and if this world was billions of even millions of years old these would be meaningless. As would Noah’s flood a major event of Scripture. As Scripture begins from the beginning it is from there that it would be basically meaningless and an attempt to get closer to Jesus just could not happen.  The underlying necessity of trust would be missing and it is just one more way that the Swaggart ministries have of ensuring your relationship with Jesus does not happen.

What about their claim that the Jews did not murder Jesus? Who could accuse the Jews of anything bad let alone such a heinous crime? Today it is Jesus who is allowing His people to be killed and this is but a prelude to the main tribulation and harvest. They are not murdering these people, they are doing God’s work! When they were having chunks of flesh torn off Jesus when they had Him flogged they were in a genuflected position and reading from the Book of Deuteronomy and when He was hanging on that Roman cross they were gathered around and signing  Psalms. This was not murder, it was doing God’s work! How dare anyone accuse such a loving altruistic nation of such horrible crimes? You just have to look around today to see with what love and respect they treat their neighbours and the world around them with! How could Hitler follow Luther’s advice? Why would IBM go to all that trouble in establishing those genealogies for Hitler to have all those lovely people killed? Josh and John and Jimmy and Francis and Loren believe that then that is not all the falsehoods they are pushing. They are pushing people to war and ultimately into hell. This satanic ministry should be avoided at all costs! If Luther was around today I wonder if he could stop himself from saying, ‘I told you so’

Out of all the evil angels who rose against Him God could have chosen anyone as His adversary so why choose Lucifer and how did this affect the passage of time? Would Adam and Eve had sinned had there not been any satan and what would have happened had Eve woken up and laughed at satan when he told her he could give her eternal life? This is the last summary of this topic and should not be any different to what was commented on in the text. It again will be based on Num (6:9) beginning with the conjunction ‘if’ and how different it would have been had it started with the adverb ‘when’. The verse is written as; ‘But if a man dies very suddenly beside him’ optional or the other option is, ‘But when a man dies very suddenly besides him’. Certainty.

Jesus created this world in a sinless state and expected it to remain as such even though all were given a free will, a choice of disobeying God. No one had anything to gain but everything to lose by sinning and this includes Lucifer, Eve and Adam. Lucifer was already the top angel and the only position above him was the intermediatory between God and His Creation. The intermediatory, that interface was Jesus Christ and it was only Jesus who could offer and communicate with God through the physical emblem of fire. Satan wanted His position. Eve and Adam also had nothing to gain but should have lived sinless lives and filled the earth with their progeny. (144 million of them or whatever the figure of eternity is) They had to live out the provisional time had been given to establish its roots and after this time it would be removed. If it had not taken hold in 7,777 odd years then it would not and would be easily extracted and destroyed and replaced with an evil less creation, that of eternity. Eve was equipped to teach her progeny in ever increasing increments of the beauty of creation  and that time would have passed in the blinking of an eyelid. It is from this idea that I get my idea as to why we are

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given our plots of land in the tent of meeting which will surround the New Jerusalem.  Once we are inside of the Most Holy Place who would want to ever leave it? Why should we ever want to leave the New Jerusalem and go to our plots? The build up to Christ the redeemer is Christ the creator and by studying His Creation and not just for 7,777 odd years but for eternity we will ever learn more about our Jesus Christ. Heaven’s model then was Lucifer, Eve nor Adam did not sin. But notice the exception; it was not; when Eve falls over but if Eve falls over. She was not supposed to fall.

If the man dying very suddenly includes Lucifer then the work of the Nazirite would have to include that of the angels salvation as well because everyone of the congregation grumbled but for now we will stay with our lot here on earth. It should still be noted that these plans for the Day of Atonement were made for ‘if’ Eve sinned. Not for ‘when’ Eve sinned, she was not expected to sin. Even when satan fell Eve was not supposed to follow him! These are some ideas of the nature and role of satan, but we are in chapter 16 to look from earth’s foundation into the heavenly realms and the rebellion in Heaven in terms of congregation, lieutenants, captains  and the general himself, satan.

Lucifer/Korah  gathered ten of the top leaders (captains) and they in turn gathered 250 lieutenants and 261 gathered before Moses and the congregation and accused Moses and Aaron of exalting themselves  above everyone else. ( it was from this meeting that one third of the congregation got their idea for rebelling)  Moses immediately realised that this was a rebellion against God and God had chosen  himself and his brother to be the representatives of the people before God. Will we need representatives once in the New Jerusalem? Will Peter, Paul and Mary have special places up there? Another way of saying are all the cups the same size? The test was to be fire and who was allowed to offer the prayers of the congregation to God? (250 + 10 + 1 =261)

Korah/satan are now singled out. It is pointed out to him that the harm he is causing is to the highest office but also to those to whom they minister to. They are seeking equality with the high priest.—


Keeping a tab at this stage we have 261 = 1 + 10 + 250 all told to bring their firepans with fire and incense. Two refuse to turn up knowing that they are doing the wrong thing and that will be killed, Dathan and Abiram. The earth opened up and swallowed these so presumably Dathan and Abiram are down there along with their families and others who did get out of the way far enough in the abyss awaiting judgment. Peter’s demons. The fire only killed 250 who did turn up to offer the incense and satan is the exception . This only gives us 253 so where are the other eight. They complicate matters no end. On the son of Peleth and the sons of Reuben are missing. Are we to assume that they along with Korah/satan are the exception and were thrown down to earth with him and are now active as officers in his evil army or is it implied that they had to be struck down because they were trying to take the place of Jesus and today it is satan on earth by himself with 100 million members of the congregation that grumbled the next day, or whatever the number that were thrown out of Heaven was? The implication of the millennium strongly suggests that they too were destroyed and it was satan who was the only leader who survived even though he did have a firepan there and he was the leader. If there were some captains and lieutenants who survived there would be little point in binding satan in a great chain for a thousand years. These angels who continue his nefarious work and there would be no peace which the whole idea of this millennium is. Today our battle would not be just against satan but against On and the sons of Rueben as well.

Satan should have been killed on every ground  and not even thrown into the abyss when the earth opened up, he survived but Why? We need a lot more study of the Bible as to why Jesus allowed this adversary to live and to fight against Jesus. Jesus certainly picked His adversary well. He was present in all time, he was the first and he will be the last to be burned out of existence. He had ability and he had privilege. Because of his abilities he was the top angel, he had no reason to complain. Coupled with this ability he has tenacity and is given access to the Most High. When we pray, ‘And lead us not into temptation’ we are asking for access to and through his home, the spiritual world. But we also ask for the key to come through unscathed, ’But deliver us from evil’. Ultimately it is, ‘For Thine is the kingdom, the glory and power’.

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The beast within me represents the quality of evil but satan is there to quantify it. Both Adam and Eve had the freewill and ability to sin. They did not have to sin and Scripture qualifies that with ‘if’ and it actually worked out it was a woman who fell down dead very suddenly next to Jesus the Nazirite. This picture changed totally once they allowed satan into their lives. The role and aims of satan could not be better expressed than in the Book of Job. Job’s accusation against Jesus was  that the only reason you have followers like Job it because you are a sugar daddy to them. You shower them with gifts and everything they want and that is why they want and follow you. They are a bunch of spoiled brats and if you allow me to test them they will disown you. I am still surprised at the level of testing that Jesus allowed Job to go through and it did not have to go much further for Job to fall over. But Jesus did not allow Job’s marriage to be tested or attacked. I say many negative things about our medical profession as these are the result of personnel experience but today I must say something very positive. My beloved wife after her total knee replacement is walking quite well and is only on Panadol for pain relief. I don’t know about you lot but I did everything I could do to stop her from having that operation. I was fairly sure that things would go wrong and that I would lose her. I knew of Job’s testing and that his wife was out of bounds for satan but what if Jesus had allowed her to be a part of that test? That is worse than Job received and if it had happened I doubt I would be typing today and in a very long break. Thank you for your prayers and this trial did not occur. I can still sit here and philosophise and it is going to be the prayers for each other that will help us to come through trials and this includes the big one; the great tribulation! Much of the Bible is about end days and the role of both the beast and satan.

Out of Korah’s or Lucifers rebellion we got that most of the leaders were killed outright for offering fire sacrifices which only Aaron the high priest could do and some were swallowed up inside the earth inside the abyss and are awaiting judgment. If this is the case then that abyss must be somewhere where the Israelites were camped at the time.  Out of this event we also got Lucifer who was spared destruction for the time being and became a hand picked adversary of Jesus. Calamities can be sent by God or they can be sent by satan. For those of us who are left behind after the second coming as foolish virgins will receive the seal of God on our Foreheads, but this seal will only protect us from calamities sent by God; the trumpets and bowls we will not be shielded from calamities sent by satan. So which calamity comes from whom?—


It is standing on dangerous ground to start allocating calamities to God or satan. I therefore only have the one calamity; it is from God or God has allowed it to happen regardless of its source. I know that satan tempted Jesus and tempted and tested Job so there is no reason why I should also not be tempted or tested. That does not mean that I am not devastated when I lose my blog or even a days typing but the last time this happened and I tried to retype it the next few days, revelations were given to me which I did not have the first time round. Satan once again had shot himself through the foot! Back to our struggle with Korah’s  rebellion of chapter 16.

My first major correction was to explain why Lucifer and Korah were not killed in this rebellion, it was on the grounds that both were Levites and were therefore in training to become priests and to offer sacrifices by fire in the long run. This was incorrect as Korah was a Levite and this did not stop him from being killed. Korah was a pointer back to, a symbol of satan but he came 2,500 odd years to be of any value as an adversary to Jesus. The adversary Jesus sought had to be there at the start of time and at the end of time. Korah was neither.

My next problem was to try to account for the fact that some of these evil angels were killed on the day but others were thrown into the abyss awaiting judgment. I subdivided the leaders into the first line or upper class, the captains or colonels and those under them the lieutenants, a total of three million of them. Then I reasoned that the upper echelon should have known better and therefore were killed outright but the lieutenants are in the abyss awaiting judgment and will be given another chance. This also is incorrect. Everyone, bar satan who offered the fire pan sacrifice was killed. The ones who refused to go to town to do so are in the abyss and this happened when the earth opened up and swallowed them up. (or down). None of these two groups of which I have three million were present at the cross of GFPMC, did not jeer and jump for joy at the sight of seeing the suffering of Jesus and therefore did not have the door of mercy closed on them. They will have to be resurrected at the end of the millennium in time for judgment when Jesus comes down to close the

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door of mercy. Our last category now concerns the rebellion on the next day in the congregation. Who was to be thrown out and who was to stay. The difference between intentional and unintentional sins.

On the day that the rebellion started they were all there. The leaders stood in front of the congregation when the complaints were made, they were made by one unit. The next day they all grumbled and all grumbled and therefore all out. Then and today only Jesus knows the heart and only He knows what light we have been given and whether we are living up to that light and satan knows only too well how to operate within this twilight zone. Jesus can and does compensate by calling, ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do!’ That does not mean that we are excused from calling out satanic actions. If we see a paedophile priest we still must call ‘satan’. For those who shield him and move him into other parishes to prey on other children we too must call, ‘satan’. When badly caught out and to stop people looking into his haunt he makes the big ruling; all paedophiles are to be reported to me!’ Nothing there about being reported to the police or removed from office so they can’t do it again, just tell me about!. And this nasty imposition on my suffering shepherds will be removed in three years time and it will be business as usual! Another satanic act that must be called today is that plethora of ministries that claim to be Christian but are only going to end with Jesus saying to its adherents, ‘Go away from me, I never knew you who practice lawlessness’. It is our duty to warn against such ministries and it is because we do not do so why there is such a plethora of them. His sheep cannot tell the difference.

They are right in saying that Jesus will not force Himself on anyone, that we have to go to Him but it is such a tragedy to think we are going to Him, we have carried the Christian cross, being ostracised, ridiculed and suffering real hardship including the loss of our lives to be told, ‘Go away from Me I never knew you’ . It almost seems an impossibility. Yet this is exactly what these demonic ministries are doing and they damned well know this. ‘Come to Jesus’ they call but they will make sure that this won’t happen, and this is why.

A few days ago I accidently watched the program of Francis Swaggart and her friends discussing their ministries. One the people there was a Jew, John Rosenstein I called Rosenberg, the name of satan’s agents is irrelevant, it is the message they preach which is the issue which will determine whether  their converts are told those dreaded words, ‘Go away from me, I never knew you’. No John I do not believe and you do not believe it either that the Jews were not  responsible for murdering Jesus that they were just doing God’s work!! But it was your honesty in telling us what Luther said about the Jews that left me gobsmacked. I have had some time to think how what Luther said relates to that satanic ministry you are pushing now. Luther was the most privileged human being of almost the last 2,000 years and it was Jesus Who personally gave him and showed him the keys to the kingdom of Heaven. The keys to that door into Heaven are righteousness by faith in the work of Jesus Christ. It constitutes 100% of what is required. But Jesus showed Luther more than this, He showed him the obstacles to that door. I could not work out whether the obstacles were in front of that door and would therefore prevent entry or were they more like a chock to stop this door from closing? They are the blocking type, they stop entry and the solution was to weed out and kill every Jew!  Let us look at this from Luther’s point of view and from Swaggart’s point of view where you are the tail that wags the dog anyway.

When you call to people to come to Jesus you are calling them to come to the Shekinah Glory of Jesus Christ. It is not a glory that this world can see and last time it was in full display was from noon to 3pm on GFPMC. To every human being on earth at the time and to an overwhelming number today this was displayed as darkness. It was not so in Heaven at the time and in fact the light and heat actually melted the rock the throne of God stood on. The Shekinah Glory of Jesus Christ will not always be in darkness on this world either. It will be this light from this time that will shine through the doorway and form a tunnel for us to enter onto the new earth. It is the light that will be shone on the Day of Atonement cross and together these will light up the universe for the eternities to come. It is Sonlight!

This Sonlight, this Shekinah Glory manifests itself today in the Law of God, His Ten Commandments when they an individual transcribes them from those stone tablets and onto their hearts, the old covenant is replaced by the new covenant. Giving these commands to Jesus to keep ensures they are kept up to God’s standard and that is perfection. A half of the temple of eternity has been built and the other half will be completed by Moses/Jesus 1,260 days after DOA7777. We then ask for and are given the anointed Most Holy, the cross of Jesus Christ is anointed when Jesus places His sinless locks on it and we ask for and it is placed in our hearts. The

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temple of eternity is now completed. Its beginning was started here on earth by us walking into that Shekinah Glory. That Shekinah Glory is that of GFPMC between the hours of noon to 3pm.  There is no intermediate area, you are either in that glory or out of it. Even nine tenths is still out of it. Even at nine tenths Jesus will still say, ‘Go away from me I never knew you who practice lawlessness!’

It is rare to meet such a person as knowledgeable as John is, although asking a question like, ‘You are a Jew but do not believe in the Sabbath day’ would certainly put some holes in his claim of being a Jew but I would ask him, ‘ Out of all the Ten Commandments you could tell them not to obey any one of which would prevent them from stepping into the Shekinah Glory of Jesus Christ why do you single out the one and only one that begins with the word, ‘remember’? Do you really think that people are such fools?  Why is it so important to you to prevent the blessings of God from passing onto His people? Do you really think that by breaking a commandment intentionally you can keep it? Isn’t that your argument that Jesus is the Sabbath (Scripture ?) and by accepting Jesus we are entering into His rest and therefore we no longer have to obey the Sabbath commandment and by ignoring it or disobeying it deliberately we are actually keeping it?’

It is your ministry and ministries like yours that put that stumbling block at the doorway which is the doorway through faith in the completed work of Jesus Christ and you know damned well that you are stopping the people from entering through it. You know damned well that Jesus on the other side of that door is going to tell them, ‘Go away from Me, I have never known you who practice lawlessness!’ But you want to inflict more harm on those poor sheep who have turned up and are trusting you. You must ensure that they never turn to God to listen to His Holy Spirit. You go for the jugular, you cut off any communication between God and His people. You trash the only commandment that begins with ‘remember!’  You call them to ‘come on down!’ but you stop them at the door. You stop them from seeking by instilling your demonic spirits in them and turning on their gobbledegook! You are that stumbling block in front of the door of righteousness by faith and how accurately Luther foresaw your danger to which he could only give one solution; round them all up and kill them and according to you Hitler followed this recipe and these instructions. But you have learnt the art, actually more like a science of acting as a stumbling block and you ply this science with great efficiency. You have made satan a very happy chap indeed! Chapter 17 is Aaron’s rod buds.

As I near the halfway point in the summary on Numbers I am looking around for another blog to start. That could be Deuteronomy, Hebrews, Daniel, back to Revelation but the one I would like to start is the one on Matthew under the title of Matthew as a synoptic gospel. To do this I first have to go through to Thursday night to see if it passes the Gethsemane test and if it does not then all that effort will have been mostly in vain. So I will stay with an outline of the Book of Matthew until this time. The idea of going back to live in the year 29 AD is proving quite helpful. I will go further and pretend that I was a member of the ruling council of Jews at this time and that they elected me to follow Jesus and to write a bibliography on Him.

I was having great trouble in organising this bibliography. It was certainly worth doing as even within weeks of beginning his ministry we realised that this chap was from God. No one could perform the miracles that he did unless he was from God. The problem was organising this ministry. He seemed to have two ministries; one as the Son of God and the other was as the Son of Man. I did not know nor could I work out to which ministry to attribute the miracles, the sermons and teachings to. The best I could do was to follow chronological order but then the answer came to me and it was from no other source than the Holy Spirit Himself! (Another partial crash)


The Holy Spirit has arranged the life of Jesus Christ as four gospels, three are synoptic, Matthew, Mark and Luke but John’s Gospel is non synoptic, if there is such a thing, it is different, it is just John’s Gospel. All I have to do is follow Scripture. The Synoptic Gospels are about Jesus doing the work of His Father, they are about the Day of Atonement, they are about Jesus leaving Gethsemane and earth on the Thursday night of 13/01/3889 ac. They are about Jesus not staying on for the next day, Good Friday and allowing the Jews to murder Him. They are the climax to what God told Eve and satan way back in the Garden of Eden on the day that they sinned. They

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are about Eve’s seed crushing the head of satan and satan in return would bruise His heel. They are about fulfilling this particular prophecy. John’s Gospel is about the work of Jesus as the Son of Man. It is about Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). It is about Jesus staying on for Friday and allowing the Jews to murder Him. It is about the nature of the creature that looks like an eagle that reveals the divinity of Jesus Christ. It is about revealing the full extent of the love of Jesus. It was John who looked into time from the beginning. Even though the ladder of time had not yet fully formed he saw what it would look like; the daily sacrifice. He was indeed a very privileged human being to be shown this and we are also privileged because he wrote it down for us. The left hand vertical section would not begin until the day that our first parents sinned and we are not told how many years that took but looking at the circumstances and trying to work in with the rest of time with a reference point of GFPMC I estimate this to be about 38 years and this was certainly when the plan of the Day of Atonement (DOA) was announced by God in the Garden of Eden. This was the sacrifice of the twin goats, one skin to cover Adam and the other to cover Eve. Even though it remained as a one legged ladder for about 2,500 years John could still see the other leg, GFPMC. One leg was therefore DOA and the sacrifice of the goats and potentially a lamb sacrifice at 3pm from GFPMC. We would expect to see a major part of our Synoptic Gospels to come from this section of the Old Testament. But my how drastically things did change on the 01/01/01.

This could be explained it terms of the genealogy of Matthew. Up to this time whenever David has sinned he went to God and asked for forgiveness and was forgiven but after the murder and adultery he committed he did not seek repentance. A drastic decision had to be made; would a prophet of God be required to go to David and warn him that unless he did repent he would be destroyed in hell. The two witnesses and their message of repentance, sackcloth and water baptism had not worked on David this was going to take all that Heaven could offer. And it was this possibility that came onto the radar screen on 01/01/01. As the message of the two witnesses had not worked the prophet of God now became a possibility, not a certainty but a possibility. The answer that the angel of death gave was that this prophet was qualified to do the work and that His work would be acceptable by Heaven. When John looked into the beginning he could see far enough up that right hand section of the ladder to see the darkness of those hours of noon to 3pm of GFPMC, but he also saw light coming from it. He may even have seen this light as the catalyst that would turn on the lights of eternity!

But the daily sacrifice was not goat sacrificed in the morning and lamb in the evening nor was it a lamb at midday and a lamb at in the evening it was lamb at 9am and lamb at 3pm. So either the scapegoat was changed to a lamb, cross speciation and only allowed under extenuating circumstances or was is because it was the same Jesus, the same sins, the same cross the same place and the same time, but it is certainly something we hope is answered in  these gospels. This is of critical importance as it is the top rung and the main joiner between these two great sacrifices. The other joiners we look to are events that are recorded in both Synoptic and John’s Gospel. To occur in all four gospels should be the links we seek.

But our journey is not going to be as simple as this is the Gospel of the DOA and this is the gospel of GFPMC. This is the gospel of the Day of Atonement which began with the edict of God way back in Eden on the day our first parents sinned and after some 3,889 years ended when Jesus came to earth as the Saviour took His harvest, slammed the door of mercy closed and via DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 took them all back to Heaven. Nor is it going to be as simple as Jesus stayed on for GFPMC, allowed His people to murder Him, was resurrected on Sunday morning, went back to Heaven, will come back and take His harvest back to Heaven with Him. As from 01/01/01 these two great sacrifices are to run alongside each other for what could be 1,260 years.

But even if this be the case then the Day of Atonement ran as a sole unit for 2,500 years before 01/01/01 and Passover joined it. We should be able to isolate these two odd millennia and discuss them separately and why does the genealogy of Matthew begin as late as Abraham or 2,000 years after the event? Matthew’s genealogy does include Eve’s seed which is as far back as it is supposed to go. There could be a number of reasons why it starts ‘so late’. The Day of Atonement was an act of faith and Abraham was the father of faith. On the DOA a person had to go God’s temple on this one day and at the right time when the hands of the high priest were placed on the head of the scapegoat, they had to confess all their sins but only since the last DOA. If they had faith that God would allow these sins to pass onto this scapegoat and then they would be destroyed

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with this animal that is what happened. Their faith allowed these sins to be destroyed and this is the case with us today. It was a matter of faith then and any teaching on faith by Jesus in these synoptic gospels is a valid topic.

Abraham allows for an reanactment of the DOA7777. This is what is going to happen on this day. A loving God the Father, (Abraham) is going to take His only Begotten Son , Jesus Christ (Isaac), and tie/bind Him onto an altar/cross where He will be killed by the fires of hell. Sounds Horrible because so are those 70 trillion sins that are to be destroyed in those fires. Isaac got away lightly and was substituted by the animal sacrifice substitution system but this animal sacrifice substitution system is only temporary. Jesus/Isaac will still have to be burned to death on that cross! Matthew’s genealogy takes into account this re-enactment but it also takes into account the other major sacrifice that was spawned from Isaac and this was the Jacob begetting Judah the conquering lion. It was this lion who turned up at 3pm in the Most Holy Place on GFPMC. It was this lion who took the scroll from the hand of God and came to conquer the world and it is this lion who will hand in the final results of his conquest at the third coming of Jesus when He finally takes those tally sheets back to heaven with Him. Gingerly we now move forward through Matthew keeping in mind that this was God’s preferred option that Jesus does the work of the Father but not His own work. Ninety nine sheep will be sufficient, we don’t need one hundred!

Roughly getting through to chapter twelve the only strike against me in this synoptic gospel idea is that Jesus calls Himself the Son of Man which He only really is is in His role on GFPMC and very much in favour of this idea is the urgency that Jesus displays towards gathering the harvest and His soon coming to do this. Not in a thousand years but soon! This would not be the case if He was staying on. The harvest He did not now gather could be gathered after GFPMC. The strong implication is that there is not going to be a GFPMC. The discussion of how much divinity and humanity has taken place over the millennia and is not a one sentence or two sentence answer. It should also be remembered that this is the early ministry of Jesus where He is stepping into the shoes of John the Baptist, the greatest of all prophets. This ministry is still one of repentance and water baptism although a marked change has come over it with Jesus of the temple releasing divine power to allow these major miracles to occur and this is in spite of  the fact that Matthew has not had a cleansing of the temple.

At all times we must be aware of satan trying to stop us from entering into the Shekinah Glory of God or if we are in it he must push us out of it. Satan does not play around, he goes for the king hit! He destroys the Sabbath day and by cutting off our link to God in the way of His blessings the rest of the commandments will fall like a pack of cards!  And clangers, any all come into play and are only limited by imagination! Jesus knew that this would be the case and as evil had peaked at this time Jesus could have died against any one of these evils. The one that He died for, He died for the protection of the Sabbath day. If it was soon to be abolished, done away with as so many claim then Jesus would hardly have died for it. Some today are very good with words and crossword puzzles. Some are good at numbers puzzles and some like me are hopeless at both. The numbers that I will try to remember must be of critical importance, like my address and my wife’s birthday use up most of my available memory and to add to these Biblical verses is indeed a very tall ask providing they are very easy. Like 1,2,3,4 and five of John. These are very easy to remember and when I see some one like those oh so learned ‘ministers’ (of satan) sitting around on the Swaggart discussion panels telling us the Sabbath no longer applies all I have to do is think 1,2,3,4 and five. ( I John chapter 2 and verses 3,4 and five)  These tell me that anyone who tries to tell me I don’t have to try to obey God’s commandments is a liar and there is no truth in them! Not a little truth but no truth in them and watch and marvel how they twist other Scriptures as well! Mind you they are only at kindergarten level when compared to the Catholic Church.

Another verse that I must remember are those words I so desperately dread, ‘ Go away from Me, I never knew you….!’ ( it would be good if that verse number was 7 and 7*3 or 21 and if desperate that is what I will quote; Mat (7:21) although actually it is (7:23). Anyway 21 gets me on the page. To stop satan from allowing me into that Shekinah Glory or to push me out from it I need 12/12.—


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As to the secular world the theory of evolution is an ‘established fact’  so to the Christian world is the dogma that the fourth commandment is no longer valid. You do not have to remember to keep holy the Sabbath day, it has gone and it has been done away with!  Both dogmas are wrong, both satanic and both cause incredible harm to humanity. Being satanic and so important they will be defended by satan up to and with his last breath, if he does have a breath. He will resort to mud slinging and name calling like; fanatic, fundamentalist, Bible basher and heap scorn and ridicule as standard tactics of anyone who has lost the argument and more realises the ridiculous nature of their belief. Both evolution and Sabbath address the issue of Christ as creator but Sabbath goes one further; it forms a channel for the blessings of God to come down to earth and to explain this creative act and its purpose and therefore it also points to Jesus Christ the Redeemer. It completed, it rounded off the first week of creation as it has done so for every other week since then and every week through the eternities to come. The Jews, God’s people with just about everything that He gave them managed to twist and destroy it and make it meaningless and this was the ultimate hypocrisy with the Sabbath day. They had 1,528 rules or whatever the number was about do’s and don’ts about the Sabbath and they were trying to tell Jesus what He could and could not do on this holy day. The response of Jesus was that He told them that He was the Lord of the Sabbath and as Lord and King He made the rules for this day. His first response was to establish/confirm this day for ever. He died for it! Nobody dies, especially Jesus for something that is about to be done away with, nullified! Jesus had come down from Heaven as perfection and satan met Him with a peak of evil and out of all the evil issues at the time Jesus could have died for, He chose the Sabbath day! (Mt 12:12) or as usual with my Bible references around that verse. Jesus knew that when He cured the man with the withered hand on the Sabbath day that the Jews decided at this time they would kill Him and this is exactly what happened!

Today most would not know that the Sabbath is Saturday or any other day, it makes no difference and Jesus will judge them according to the light that has been given them. But there are ministries that attack this holy day with such venom and vigour. There are some even like Swaggart who for those who seek further truths, they lay their hands and push them away. Once they instil their packet of seven demons in you all you want to seek is war especially where atheists and pagans are murdering Christians. The euphemism for this is ‘they are doing God’s work just like they did when they murdered Jesus’. But this will not always be the case. Scripture tells us the sleeping virgins will awake on day 1,290 with the cry, ‘Here comes the bridegroom, come out and meet Him!’ A part of that awakening will be the realisation of the importance of the Sabbath day and seeing the sheep clothing removed from the wolves that were so successful in surprising  this wonderful truth!  We are given the chance to begin the construction of the temple of eternity and the contribution to that temple from GFPMC is the Shekinah Glory of God which is inherent in His Holy Law, the Ten Commandments! It is our call whether we accept these building blocks!

It should now only be a matter of days until my lovely wife with her new knee are released from hospital and we can begin our beach walks again. I am very sure that she would verify that as we walk the gratitude I try to express to Jesus for showing what He has in this blog so far and the obvious question has to be, ‘Why me?’ Is it because of  my defence of the commandments of God, particularly the Sabbath?  There are millions of others around the world and I am not ashamed of my previous membership of the SDA church. I must have written in detail that they were on the verge of solving the Day of Atonement problem and if they had kicked out their thieving prophetess as so many wanted to do then Jesus would have shown them these and the many Scriptural treasures that are still to be unveiled. I did not understand their work  to great detail but I knew that my work was so different that I was not plagiarising. All that was happening was that we were both looking at the same topic; the Day of Atonement. Today there maybe any number of blogs looking at these topics and collaborating with each other. Mine is an independent blog.

With this latest revelation, and it is a revelation if it is true and it brings people to Jesus about the differences between the Synoptic and John’s Gospel are so out of this world that they are difficult to begin to accept. Jesus made His decision to go to the cross of GFPMC eight days before He went there. It is actually much worse than that. He still could have changed His mind at 10pm on that Thursday night in Gethsemane. He had just revealed His divinity, he had just said, ‘I AM HE!’  when all or at least human life fell dead before Him. All He had to do and Peter had arranged this for Him by erecting three tents; one to Jesus and under this one a tent for Moses for the righteous dead to gather and one to Elijah for the righteous living, was to gather these and take them back to Heaven with Him via DOA3888 of Leviticus 16. He had just been shown by His Father the cup from which He would have to drink from on the next day and they just were not worth going to GFPMC for!

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After all the harvest only increased from ninety nine to one hundred sheep! All that horror and agony and mockery and just plain fifth for one extra sheep! Thank you but no thank you! And it is this decision that the four gospels revolve around!


The only way we can make any inroads into the Gospel of Matthew is to treat it seriously and if that means throwing out both baby and bath water then so be it. The Gospel of Matthew is a Synoptic Gospel and therefore one of the first coming of Jesus and taking His own people back to Heaven with Him. The first thing is to clarify time scales as there are too many of them. Right now the date is 13/05/29 and I have been assigned by the Sanhedrin to follow this person called Jesus and to record where and when He goes, what he says and to whom he says it to. Since Matthew (12:12) from the time we decided we were going to have to kill this Jesus because he broke our rules on keeping the Sabbath day there is an extra urgency in my assignment as I have gather evidence against him on which ground we could kill him. The sorting of these events into Jesus’ own work and that of His Father is not my problem. The Holy Spirit will not only sort them out He will also arrange the Gospels; the first three will be Synoptic and John’s Gospel will be of GFPMC and it will have an appendix after it of Acts, Romans, Corinthians….. The synoptics come first because they cover an event that came first, actually on the day our first parents sinned. It was here that God announced that Jesus would crush the head of satan and that satan would bruise his heel. This was the announcement of the Day of Atonement and as most today ignore the Book of Genesis so they also miss the Day of Atonement. This was the only kid on the block for the best part of 2,500 years  and is the subject of the Synoptic Gospels. It was this prophecy that Jesus came down to fulfil, it was His Father’s work.

We have spent much time as to how this prophecy was/is to be fulfilled up there in Eden2 in some 1,800 years time, but that assumed that Jesus went to the cross of GFPMC so this was DOA7777 or the twin bird sacrifice. The synoptics do not have a DOA7777 which followed GFPMC, they have no GFPMC just the Day of Atonement. DOA7777 up there in Eden2 must be moved back to earth here now to Leviticus 16 or DOA3888. The only Scripture that I know of that covers the Day of Atonement in such detail is Daniel (9:24-27) and I used this text as a blueprint for DOA7777 but it must also be a blueprint for DOA3888. Up there I used his 7*70 or 490 years as the base unit. I actually allowed 500 years between the third and fourth coming, the period of the bowls of the wrath of God. The closing of the door of mercy to DOA7777. The churches of Pergamum to Thyatira. My explanation included much of Daniel. It accounted for; your people and your holy city, (Eden2 was now blessed and could remain as a porch  to be used for archives of the new creation, it finished transgression, end of sin, atoned for iniquity, brought in everlasting righteousness, sealed vision and prophecy and anointed the most holy place. It accounted for the seven sevens from the decree to rebuild the temple to the time the temple was rebuilt. It accounted for the distress (bowls) and the moat around the temple. (earthquake of the third coming set off by the slamming shut of the door of mercy) It accounted for the 62 weeks of 7, 434 years and gave much detail as to what happened during these years but it did focus on the last week, those seven last years. It did cut the Messiah off and he did have nothing. (only this category of people are allowed to offer birds as sacrifices)  and satan did come and destroy the temple and the city. There were wars right to the end (battle of the beast and against satan and his angels) There were desolations and after 1,260 days he did make a firm covenant. DOA7777 was the last sacrifice, all sacrifices finished, the body of Jesus Christ was no longer to be sacrificed, grain offering had ceased. He hung on the wing of abominations until the one who makes desolate complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate. The cross of atonement was directly above the cross of GFPMC, trillions of miles higher but still above it and all 70 trillion sins were burned away, it was a sinless world although those who ignored the blood shed at 4pm on GFPMC still remained as the wrath of God in that massive river of blood. Now all this has to be transposed from up there in Eden2, DOA7777 down to earth  and DOA3888.

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The years I should have been using up there should have been since creation. And even if this world lasts  for seven sevens (7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and seven hours) I am only going to use the full years or 7,777 years old. It is not as if we are not going to make use of these years, in fact I think this is where the text of Numbers 15 comes from; ‘When you get into Canaan…’ is the seven months, seven days and seven hours are what is being referred to. That last seven, the last full year of earth’s existence is the year that Daniel splits into two lots of three and a half; each side of the DOA7777. This would make Daniel’s 490 years as 7,287 until 7,777 and I should have pulled out that last lot of seven, 7,770 plus 7 making DOA7777 on 10/07/7,774. Had I done this it would have been a little easier to move DOA7777 back to DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 not that it is going to be a giveme  in doing this anyway.

The major problem in moving DOA7777 back to DOA3888 is going to be that DOA7777 up there near the new universe will stand on the merits of GFPMC but in DOA3888 there was no such event, the Gospel of Matthew prohibits this, it is entirely an atonement gospel.—


The whole blog should be qualified as, ‘To the best of my knowledge’ Bible students and scholars have applied Daniel (9:24-27) to the cross of GFPMC but even though there are similarities there there are also major problems. It could be a euphemistic way of putting the fact that this subject is so new to me that I know that there is a full stop there I just don’t know what is on either side of it. So it is with the synoptic gospel of Matthew. Jesus finishing time 2,000 odd years ago, Jesus deciding to go to the cross of GFPMC with eight days to go out of a ministry of 1,260 days? All blinded by what did happen; He went to the cross of GFPMC! That is not the cross that Matthew tells us He is going to. This is not the cross where His own people tied a noose around His neck, had Him flogged, led Him out of His city and murdered Him in the cruellest way known at the time!  And today they lie about and say they were and they are doing the work of God!  No Matthew’s cross is on a Sabbath, a day of worship. It has been symbolised by Abraham and Isaac. It is where a loving Father places His only begotten Son on an altar and binds Him and sets the fires of hell alight that kill Him. This does not happen in hours of darkness but in brilliant light where the audience lay in front of Him in worship. HE DID THIS FOR ME SO THAT I COULD GO TO HEAVEN TO BE WITH HIM!  And that price that He paid for me  will continue to stun for the eternities to come! And if what happened on that day sounds horrible it is only because sin is horrible!  We will not be reminded of it as grain offering, the body of Jesus will have to go through this only once, but the ashes, the fine flour will be remembered forever! So the transition we are about to study is that of an atonement cross as it moves from DOA7777 back to DOA3888. But the background continually remains as Numbers six. This is the Nazirite that came down under a  vow of staying away from the dead and grape products and not cutting His  hair  but when decommissioned He hands in a male lamb as a burnt offering, a ewe-lamb as a sin offering and a ram as a peace offering. No birds, no bulls and no goats.

[ Daniel (9:24-27)  Out of all of time God chose a period of 490 years to complete His work and He broke that up into seventy lots of seven year periods. In the Book of Revelation this is the period between the closing of the door of mercy at His third coming and the Day of Atonement, the period of the bowls when His wrath would be completed. On earth this was the decree to rebuild the city. Up there (in or near Eden2) there is a similar decree to rebuild the city after it is destroyed by the earthquake that is set off by the slamming shut of the door of mercy. Either way it is all over. Ironically up there the decree is issued by both satan and the beast trying to appease God to stop or at least mitigate the bowls of His anger. Up there the city is Eden2 and its justification for remaining a museum of the old world, down here the only option is Jerusalem itself being restored for the eternities to come.

Transgression is sin and presented as confessed and unconfessed sin. One of the many remaining problems is that intentional sin must be confessed but unintentional sin may or may not be confessed. If this were not the case that intentional and confessed were synonomous and unintentional and unconfessed and unintentional also it would simplify things by so much. We pray, ‘And forgive us our trespasses’. All sins . But here we are having a distinction between transgression and sin. We were made at one with God on this day but the scapegoat had to be taken outside as it carried all confessed sins. There were still 70 trillion sins that had to

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be dealt with and probably why this split. The result was everlasting righteousness. And that is the result of DOA whether down here in Matthew or up there in DOA7777. And on both occasions there is no longer any need for vision or prophecy, we are there now! On both occasions it is Jesus laying His sinless hair on the altar/cross that makes it most holy and we by asking for this altar to be moved into our hearts convert it into the Most Holy Place.

The timing of the events of the rebuilding of the Temple and the Messiah coming is not that difficult if we start at creation. The determining factor of time turned out to be GFPMC but as this is not allowed in Matthew it has to be DOA3888 of Leviticus 16. The event that splits time then is not 14/01/3889, GFPMC but 10/07/3889 or DOA3889. It is easy enough to count back 62*7 and 7*7. The decree to rebuild Jerusalem was made in 3406 and the temple was rebuilt by 3455 after creation, ac. Other than finishing transgression and ending sin those trying to assign Good Friday’s cross to this text stumble at this moat and the destruction of Jerusalem. Both events can be accounted for up there but not down here. Although significant the dates of 3,406 and 3,455 ‘only’ lead to that last seven, the seven year ministry of Jesus Christ. Not three and a half years, 1,260 days but  seven years. The climax of the time was at 1,260 days but there was still another 1,260 days of temple building to be done. It is hard to image but it is possible that had GFPMC not occurred, Jesus had a Passover meal with His disciple and gone to the DOA cross that these other event would also have occurred back here on earth.—


[ At this stage yesterday I had to walk away from it as the bits and pieces fell into place. I was always going to list the certainties, the clinchers that confirm Matthew to be an atonement gospel and still intend doing so but the numbering system will begin with 100. I already have ninety nine of them  and they are based on the number half, 0.5 or ½. I already knew that the Heavenly timetable was split into half hours because when that scroll that Jesus took from the right hand of God at 3pm on GFPMC had its seventh seal broken we were standing right alongside of it in Heaven yet the beauty that was displayed which we could worship for the eternities to come, we were only given half an hour to do so before time moved on. It was from this that I got the idea that the four walls around the New Jerusalem will glitter with different colours. But the half at hand is, ‘And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a complete destruction , one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate’.

These verses could not relate to GFPMC as it was in the first month, at the start of the year and not in the middle which is what is required. DOA3888. It should have happened 2,000 years ago and if Jesus had not changed His mind eight days before GFPMC it would have happened then. The Gospel of Matthew, the Day of Atonement, DOA3888 are complete events but the focus has changed from GFPMC on the 14/91/3889 to the 10/07/3889. GFPMC is not in the picture, it did not happen. What did happen was that on the Thursday night of the 13/01/3889 there was a rapture of Jesus and His harvest. There is still six months before the Day of Atonement, DOA3888 and for these things described in Daniel to occur. There is still time for an earthquake to occur of the order of the one that will destroy Jerusalem at the second coming or even the one that does leave a moat at the third coming.

The destruction of the city and the sanctuary is a more difficult question and we have to be careful not to project to much of Moses’ bronze snake on the cross of DOA3888. Up there it is okay because we have almost a clean slate to work with but even up there it is not the saints as the people of the prince who come and destroy the city and the sanctuary. The closest we come to this is when we ride out of Heaven as the riders of the armies following Jesus after the great wedding feast we zoom down to above the clouds from which Jesus swings His sharp sickle. Nobody comes in contact with earth let alone destroy the city and the sanctuary. This prince could only be referring to satan who is the prince of evil. A possible scenario could be;

At 10pm in Gethsemane when Jesus announces His divinity and all humanity drops dead, Jesus resurrects the righteous living and takes them up there somewhere. It cannot be in Heaven because that cannot happen until the Day Of Atonement and that is still six months distant, so they must be held somewhere until

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DOA3888. I call this place Eden2 and it may well be somewhere on earth like the Antarctic. The dead left behind at this time constitute all the evil dead. From Cain from the pre flood evil world to Herod or the high priest from the living (recent) world. They have all  now suffered their first deaths and therefore cannot be killed again until hell which is the second death. Jews and Muslim and whoever else cannot now have a battle over Jerusalem where it is destroyed and they suffer casualties, they have already suffered their first death. Neither are we told when all these dead are resurrected. It could be ten days later when the birds of the air have made a significant effect on removing their bodies. Cain has been dead for some 3,800 years and he will be resurrected with a new body!  I am still having difficulties at looking at the flow sheet of the life of Christ (p1,480- NIV Bible study) and this is what happened and the Atonement Gospel of Matthew and what Heaven wanted to happen. This flow sheet should not contain an ‘After the resurrection’ in 31 AD but an interval of six months until DOA3888 cross and the another 1,260 days until Moses finishes building our temples. If the outcome of the DOA3888 is that we get a finished temple with the anointed cross of Jesus as its centrepiece, then what is the outcome and the centrepiece of GFPMC which has already occurred?  How does the full effect of Jesus Christ display itself in our lives today?

There are many differences  between DOA3888 and the first coming and DOA7777 of the fourth coming. They are there because of the intervention of GFPMC, but being an atonement gospel does not take these into account (or at least should not), these differences. So if DOA3888 = DOA7777 + GFPMC and we are given the details of both DOA3888 and DOA7777 we maybe able to work out the contribution that GFPMC made. DOA7777 was a particular ‘simple affair’. It was a twin bird sacrifice, one bird was the sin offering and the other a burnt offering, it was the Day of Atonement up there in Eden2, it was not just a high priest involved but Jesus in a higher form than even Jesus of the transfiguration was and when we are joined to this Jesus via the peace offering it will be humanity joined onto divinity and not like GFPMC when divinity was joined to humanity, this Jesus will already have destroyed satan in hell and this Jesus will already have been separated by a defilement period of eight days because He had pleaded guilty to those 70 trillion sins that were still left over even after the wicked had been destroyed  in hell. Numbers six tells us that the only reason why He was here for was because a man had fallen over very suddenly dead alongside Him. This was unexpected  and this result was unavoidable. He had His hair shaven because it had been defiled by God becoming guilty of committing 70 trillion sins. Being God it was irrelevant as to the colour or category these sins belonged to. They were sin and therefore they were a separation from God His Father (eight days) and now He was going to go through the ultimate result of sin; death. But why did He have to shave His hair on day eight? Weren’t the fires of hell supposed to have burned any sin including this sin away? Was it that important that the new hair that grew in the next 1,260 days and was to be placed at the foot of the cross that was both going into the New Jerusalem and was going to be placed into our hearts had never been in contact with any sin at all? Are we supposed to imply from this that ‘just because’ our sins were burned in hell does not automatically get us into Heaven? If not then what else is required? A peace offering perhaps? At what stage did the High Priest take the blood of the sin offering into the Most Holy Place and where was it at this stage? This blood is not that of the old covenant of 01/01/01 in Egypt. That was the blood of the Passover Lamb that the angel of death would Passover when he saw it on the doorframe of the Heaven we are to spend eternity in and this is not Passover blood! —


This Jesus of the Day of Atonement  is so poor that  He qualifies to offer a sacrifice that only the poorest of the poor are allowed to offer, twin birds. This can be explained up there in 1,800 years time. He is cut off and He has nothing. He has left His newly wedded bride behind and He will not ever see her again in that form. Up to now as from GFPMC it was Jesus joining us but after DOA7777 it will be us joining Him. There is bleakness and lowliness behind Him and a very anxious bride and 70 trillion sins in front of Him and to each He will have to plead guilty to and suffer hell’s consequences. He is indeed cut off and has nothing, But how can this situation be transferred back to planet earth some 3,900 years earlier? Messiah cut off and have nothing? Jesus did come down to earth about 2,000 years ago to take His own back to Heaven with  Him. There was supposed to be a Thursday night rapture on the 13/01/3889 ac. Then He would take them back to some holding pen and make preparations for the DOA3888 after which He could take them into Heaven with Him. And it is this day, 10/

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07/3889 that is the issue. He could not be sacrificed on the altar that had served for this purpose for well over a thousand years. It had been destroyed`. In the six months since He had taken His own away the people of the prince had come and destroyed both the city and the temple probably for the same reason satan does it 3,900 years later. The beauty of the Day of Atonement still goes ahead. For Abraham to put Isaac on that altar, Jesus must be taken away from us. He is cut off. Whether the mountain of sins is 70 trillion  or even one sin, it is sin and isolates Jesus from His Father. Before trying to merge these two days via GFPMC let us look at the DOA3888 here on earth and to which the Synoptic Gospels point. Leviticus 16.

Down here only the high priest was allowed to approach and enter into the Most Holy Place. After DOA3888 will we be able to enter into the most Holy Place or will we spend our time in the tent of meeting up there where we will spend the first 1,800 odd years of our existence. Keep in mind that Paul and the apostles went up there at 3pm on GFPMC and all of Heaven were called in there 1,260 years, into the throne room when Jesus, His two witnesses and the 144,000 wise virgins presented the final tally sheets of Heaven. The door of mercy had closed  and the final tally sheets were presented to God on His throne, so we had to be in the Most Holy Place. It has not been out of bounds for us all the time! This high priest down here had to make two entrances into the Most Holy Place. The first time he had to take the blood of the bull for his own sins and those of his family. On earth here these were real sinners and real sins. Up there it was Jesus pleading guilty to all the sins that were left over after the fires of hell had gone out. These too were real sins but they had not been committed by Jesus, He was just taking on the responsible for what His creation had done.

This blood sought mercy and acceptance for the sacrifice that was to follow, or was, this the case and could not the blood of the Passover Lamb now be compared  as in Egypt on 01/01/01. There there was an unequivable answer was given; The presence of this blood on the doorframes guaranteed that the angel of death would pass over this household and the first born males, Christians would not die. The answer was ,’Yes’, but the actual event of Passover, was postponed until 14/01/3889 if ever. What is the difference of GFPMC to DOA3888 or even DOA7777? On that day that Adam and Eve sinned I was God Himself Who announced the solution to restoring the relationship  between Himself and humanity, it had two stages; satan’s head would be crushed by Eve’s seed and the second stage would be that satan would bruise the heel of Eve’s seed. There is no need for Jesus to seek permission to do His Father’s work, it has already been given. That blood was still used to cleanse the atonement cross and any other utensils used and in this blog so far I have made almost no attempt to comment on. The blood washed in front of it our sins and they were washed onto the frame, the body of Jesus Christ which took them to hell.

The other aspect of DOA3888 was the twin goat offering. One was the scapegoat over which we have spent much time but the other one, the sin offering from which the blood was taken into the Most Holy Place remains a mystery.  Much has been made of the blood of the Passover lamb but about the blood of this goat that was the sin offering. It does pop up in different places and as far as I have seen so far it is responsible for sin batch number 194501011111 out of those 70 trillion sins that Jesus suffered for on DOA7777 but we need a much better correlation of this goat. After all there were only two sin offerings made; the bull and the goat. The burnt offering in both cases was a ram; the total life of Jesus Christ is being offered for eternity.

The Day of Atonement (DA3888), now is more than a reality, it is where the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke are taking us to. It is only in John were the very late change of mind by Jesus occurs and He stays on for GFPMC to allow Himself to be murdered. BUT IF DOA3888 HAD ALL THE ANSWERS THERE WOULD BE NO NEED FOR GFPMC! There is a place for GFPMC and it does make all the difference! The first thing to look at is the order in which they appear. Down here on earth it was DOA3888 which was first announced and some 2,500 years later GFPMC appeared and that was on 01/01/01. Why isn’t this the order in Heaven? DOA3888 gets us up into the first Heaven and GFPMC is the key to the door  of the New Heaven and the New Jerusalem. If Jesus had gone to the DOA3888 cross two thousand years ago today there would no satan. All our sins would have been paid for, both confessed and unconfessed. This is why DOA3888 allows us into the first heaven. But before DOA3888 could have occurred satan and all evil people would have had to have been destroyed. There would have been a trumpet sound on the 01/07/3889, a battle against satan and all evil destroyed. There would be no

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battle against the beast as all humanity had died when Jesus announced His divinity in Gethsemane on that Thursday night. This must be close to living in Heaven! And finally Jesus will go to the cross of GFPMC, opens that door into the New Heaven where we all live happily ever after! Better still hold both DOA3888 and GFPMC on the same cross and at the same time, get it all over with on the same day! Thankfully even a person with my level of spirituality can see this is wrong to the point of blasphemy but I will have three Gospels to sort out my ideas. —


It would have been nice to say that I have finished the summary on the Book of Numbers and now ready for the next assignment. But then I have run into chapter 17 and Aaron’s budding rod and almost a full stop. Then a further realisation that I am dealing with the birthday of the Christian Church, 01/01/01, Passover and GFPMC. Heaven forbid that I ever forget this topic as it is life itself as well as eternity. It is the backbone of Christianity and of Heaven itself but having said this there seems to be ‘another faith’’  not that there is such a thing but there is a stepping stone into the second Heaven and that it the first Heaven which is up there somewhere today and which the Synoptic Gospels are trying to tell us about. Once we have seen this first step the Gospel of John will show us the second and final step into the New Jerusalem. So how important is this first step and can it be ignored and we go straight through to the final step?

The overwhelming majority of the Bible is about the Day  of atonement and today even though the whole church is asleep, all ten virgins there are none that tell you to ignore the first three gospels. They are not aware that these are ATONEMENT GOSPELS, they are the interface between  the OT and NT but they are studying unknowingly the OT and DOA3888. If they ignored the first three gospels because they knew them to be OT then there would be little point starting with the Gospel  of John and the remainder of Scripture would be quite meaningless as so many make it out to be today. Worse still it just becomes another weapon that satan can use; give them a Bible and a gun and send them off to war! Their problem began right back at the time they decided  to ignore the Book of Genesis. Had they followed the advice of Jesus that He gave to Nicodemus to start looking for answers in the Sinai desert they would have gleaned much and instead of people like me trying to establish these links now I should be reading about the fruits of their labours and the church would not be asleep as it is today. And it also should be remembered that it took Paul someone who knew the OT and DOA3888 not just frontwards but backwards as well, fourteen years of fulltime study with the Master Teacher Himself in order to connect the Day of Atonement with Calvary then there must be much material to be covered indeed. And this is the quandary that I am in now; I am ‘up to’ chapter 17 in Numbers  and Daniel chapter nine and both as far as I know are relating to the Day of Atonement.

The ‘problem’ with Aaron’s rod that budded is that it will be placed inside of the Ark of the Covenant along with the manna of the desert and the Ten Commandments. These three items will form the centre of the Most Holy place on earth but there will not be God’s throne down here, these all symbolise that throne in the first and then in the second Heaven. Well what is so special about these three items that point us to eternity? First and foremost being the centre of the Most Holy Place makes them holy. The holiness is at a level that humanity could not look at and not be killed. Thus the presence of a heavy smoke screen in both the earthly Most Holy Place and even the one we spend the first 1,800 odd years in. We have much to learn and experience before we can enter the New Jerusalem. When Paul and the disciples were allowed into the Most Holy Place at 3pm on GFPMC there had to be smoke blocking out the throne to the extent that as to what they saw did not kill them and this will have to be the case when we are allowed into the Most Holy Place when Jesus returns to Heaven with the final roles of Heaven after the door of mercy is closed on earth. So what are these three items representing  that makes them so holy and a symbol of God? I am going to do a first visit on this subject along with Daniel’s Day of Atonement and I realise that this cannot be done unless it is blended in with the writings of Paul and other NT writers. It is Numbers that is demanding this return.

Jesus knew and has known from the word go that he would finish up going to the cross of GFPMC. It is Jesus Who has substituted this step in front of the cross of GFPMC. If it wasn’t necessary He would not have done it. It is a step on which we have to firmly stand before attempting our last step. DOA3888 is the

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foundational step of GFPMC which is really the revelation of the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ. Luther knew that Heaven was to full extent of the love of Jesus but he still called that insidious disease by name and the seriousness of the situation was not just to get rid of the top few Jews, no they had to be weeded out, every one of them and killed! You would think that they would be smart enough to leave Luther alone instead of calling, ‘Poor innocent me!’  Jesus knew that this earthly DOA3888 and rapture would not eventuate and that ultimately it would occur near Heaven. It was an essential first step and we had to be given the whole picture. Ask most faiths when is satan going to be destroyed or will he live forever? Well this is a good question, he was supposed to have been destroyed on Good Friday but he seems to have survived and is now running amok. We must have faith that Jesus knows what He is doing and He will do it at the right time! Wrong! Satan will be destroyed on 02/07/486 of Daniels 7*70 or 490 years, almost at the very end of time. When are the bad people going to hell? Most do not believe in the second coming of Jesus and for those that do; ‘at His second coming Jesus will take the good ones back to Heaven and throw the bad ones into hell. Neither would you expect much if you asked much if you asked for a summary of quantum mechanics from a child in kindergarten! Who is satan, what is sin and why do we need a GFPMC anyway? All the same answers, you have faith and don’t bother wasting your time studying the Bible. It is not the Word of God and inspired by His Holy Spirit it, it a book that can be twisted to whatever configuration that you want. It will support any satanic theory that you can come up with! And look at the results 2,000 years later! The whole church is asleep! It has been doped on harmful doctrine and for the few that have been able to rise through this muck and mire and see the door into Heaven through righteousness by faith they saw what the solution  to this problem is. How hard it must have been for a lovely Christian like Luther to pen those words; the only solution is to systematically round them up and kill them! On the night I saw this program I was too gobsmacked by the time he got to Hitler. Did Hitler ask IBM to make up those final tally sheets of Jews to be killed or did they do it off their own bat? He was following the blueprint of Luther the Jew among them, John definitely said that.

Today the teachers, preachers, priests and pastors among the flocks do not realise what responsibility they carry and how they will be judged. They are the blind leading the blind and if there was even one element of truth in them they would say, ‘No I do not understand this or that element of Scripture especially I you have thrown out both the baby with the water’ but to that person standing in front of you, you should say, ‘ That does not stop you from pray fully studying this Scripture and then coming to me and explaining to me so we can share the Word of God together!’ If these pastors don’t know what they are doing and are living up to the light they have been given, well Heaven has a special category for you; intentional sins are for GFPMC and unintentional sins are for DOA7777. Divine justice will hold you to doing to what you have been shown. It does not change the fact that these people have caused unbelievable damage to God’s flock and this damage has to have had to be recorded against them and shown them not just in this life but the next as well. They all call on Jesus to come down and into their lives and He does come down but not into their lives. The satanic ministries like Swaggart’s require this because once you are that close to Jesus that demon inside of you has to leave you and now they will quickly instil seven of their own demons inside you by laying of their hands. These demons are not like the recalcitrant demon they replaced and will do as told. Even if one revolts the other six will pull him back into line.

Today many well meaningful ministries ty to keep the Bible up with current scientific views, they want to get rid of that old wives tales that is the image the Bible has today. Science is the study of that scrapheap of ideas and even though ideas keep on being thrown onto that heap the basic dogma remains; There is no God and there is no need for any god! With this as the song sheet it is easy enough to produce generations of free thinkers. If it is on the song sheet then they will bleat and if it is not then they all bark! Based on the principle of the nonexistence of God, clangers will abound and providing they can give them just a light sprinkling of measured quantities then they will be believed. The public did not believe the British Home Secretary when she presented her video of the activities of the terrorist who bombed the underground rail. They would not accept it because the train that these terrorist caught had been cancelled but if she changed those numbers to a train that did run then that would be okay! And that is not taking into account the many other clangers that were on that video!  Without the Bible as the base of life people will believe in anything! Take the latest clanger; climate change.

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The problem seems to be the hockey stick. One minute is that it is standing up the temperature of the earth is spiralling out of control and different models show that the earth will boil away by the end of next week. Then the stick becomes floppy and falls as the northern hemisphere goes through its lowest ever recorded temperature. Climate has changed and with this no one can have a dispute. It certainly allows for flexibility within this model, but what is next?  They now look to their sixteen year old prophetess or come back to the old heads; Richard Head who then decides on whether the hockey stick is rigid or floppy. Actually quite scientific! But I don’t want to be accused of telling them that they are barking up the wrong tree. It is the water molecule that is the culprit not only is it hundreds of times more numerous than carbon dioxide it has the greatest ability to retain of any known substance. If they realise this they will try to evaporate all the oceans away.  No they should be given the thumbs up signal; well done and keep up the good work! Silly you ministers, by teaching the latest fad, climate change, evolution and big bang are not science and you are leading them further and further from God. Name me ten reasons why teaching old ages of the earth destroys the credibility of the Bible? Even if you are just a little bit sincere then in your daily prayers you would have to be grateful when that big bang did go off that there was nothing there to explode in the first place! Imagine where you would be today if there had been something!  ( My beautiful wife came back from hospital and all is well! Thank you for your prayers,)—


More issues and more complexity continues to arise but I decided to allocate 1% for each year of typing so that by the end of this year my fifth year I will have acquired 5% of knowledge of the Bible. This still leaves another 45 years to get to a pass and in 95 years if you come to me I should be able to give you some meaningful answers. One issue at hand now is dodgy ministers. No OT, clangers galore and putting a block in front of the door of righteousness by faith. Not all ministers but it would cover the overwhelming majority. Out of this lot I have to single out those that not only put a  block in front of the door  but if you insist on standing there and seeking they will lay hands on you and instil their demonic spirits on you. There is no doubt where this herd of demons will finish up and that is in hell and they will not even  be given the satisfaction  of seeing you go in with them and call, ‘Sucker!’

No this lot are genuine well-meaning Christians who would give you the shirt off their backs, I have been there and what happens to us up here and in the next life. Some will repent with their last breath and some won’t and these categories are already covered by DOA3888 and GFPMC. On earth here though Jesus cannot show them any of His pearls, it is a matter of trust and if they don’t have it then it would be putting pearl before swine. The best they can do on earth in their writings is to quote, ‘He said that she said and we altogether then said’ Singing from the same song sheet. There are serious consequences for this mistrust in the Bible on this world but on confessing my sins even as late as my last breath what about the consequences that the mistrust in the Bible caused so many others to lose their faith and turn away from Jesus? Are all confessed sins just disappear into nothing as the Bible teaches. There are no consequences up there regardless of how heinous the crime was down here! Anyway I have already paid for this crime down here, I stopped Jesus from coming into my life! I can confess to a life of stupidity of alcohol, tobacco and drugs but this not mean that the consequences will be removed. How serious are the consequences of ministerial misconduct! There is still plenty of time to answer this question. My days as an evolutionist were very short indeed but to convince that it was Saturday and not Sunday that was the Lord’s Day took much longer! What damage did I cause to God’s people in this time? It is still very sad to be able to look at a minister and say, ‘How much more fruitful would your ministry have been had it not been for your mistrust in the Bible and misguided trust in what you believed was science but was anything but’.

Back to the Bible and the equation at hand remains; Earthly DOA3888 is equal to Heavenly DOA7777 plus GFPMC. By looking at these two Days of Atonement we hope to able to work out the contribution that GFPMC made to DOA7777. We have been aided by Scripture which overarches and ties together both DOA3888 and DOA7777. This is Daniel (9:24-27). By labelling the first three gospels as atonement gospels Jesus has sent us back to these verses. We have already relied on and made much of these verses just before we enter through that doorway where we will find the New Jerusalem. Jesus requires us to stand on earthly DOA3888 before we

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can look up to see GFPMC. If these verses do apply to both the first coming of Jesus and His fourth coming then there has to be similarities but there is an allowance for dissimilarities as well. The bottom line as I have said for a long time has to be the firm covenant made by Jesus in the middle of the last seven; that man who led out the scapegoat to be destroyed and then returned back to the temple. Whenever I feel that I am losing the plot I am going to have remind myself that DOA3888 is the cross Jesus went to down here after A THURSDAY NIGHT rapture from Gethsemane. No He did not go to the cross of GFPMC the next day, almost six months later he went to the atonement cross instead! This is not some airy fairy idea it is the Messiah of the 3,900 odd years of the OT has come down to take His people home just as Scripture foretold way back in Eden on the day that our first parents sinned. The more we can extract out of Daniel the closer we are going to get to our answer. Not all events in Daniel are going to apply equally to both Matthew and up there in front of the doorway into the New Jerusalem. Take the moat around the temple, not here in Jesus’ first coming but present at the fourth coming. Well first and foremost it is a different temple, different position and different function. If the first one had a moat around it then this would hinder people coming to it. And this was the idea of the DOA3888 that people came to Jesus in His temple and asked for forgiveness of sins. Its altar could not be used for GFPMC as confessed sins had to be taken out of the temple. Contrast this with the second temple that had the moat of Daniel 9. It was rebuilt where the cross of GFPMC stood and this cross was its centre piece. Initially it was to be used until the third coming and the closing of the door of mercy when it was destroyed at which stage the moat appeared. As the door of mercy had closed there was no point allowing anyone to come inside. Too little and too late but the rebuilding of this temple for the third time does show how desperate the situation n was. The moat  would have made its rebuilding very difficult. Firstly the bridge across it and then the foundations so they would not slip back into the moat. And then who was it who rebuilt this temple? None other than satan and the beast! They panicked when they saw the severity of the first bowl and they knew that there was still six to come! Perhaps they thought that if we rebuild the temple then God will not send the other six bowls  or at least abate them. Whatever they thought they did rebuild the temple and it made no difference to the wrath of God and the remaining six bowls. Just because there are differences between these two days does not mean we don’t have to extract everything out of them. The Messiah the prince causes us major time problems as I have set everything up from GFPMC and now it works out the critical event was actually six months later, DOA3888. The last seven is still split into 1,2600 days before 10/07/3889 and 1,260 days after this date. The very significant date that should appear in the synoptic gospels is 14/01/3889 and the date Jesus should have gone to the cross of GFPMC but did not.

And the people of the prince who come to destroy the city and the sanctuary has already been covered at the two levels. Up there they were all resurrected at the end of the millennium and have been around for the best part of 800 years. Their numbers were significantly culled in the battle against the beast. They had not been killed or suffered their first death since the second coming of Jesus and most were now 1,800 odd years old.—(visitors)—-


Trying to retype what was lost yesterday (did ctrl S and added — and did another ctrl S and both disappeared along with  the days work, that days work must have had 20 to 30 crtl S saves)) Critical work and date intensive and having kept it from Christianity for 2,000 odd years satan is not going to allow it to be revealed just like that. Writings before the Council of Laodicea abolished the Sabbath day were not given much of a chance of doing so as the cannon of Scripture had been established  properly, the toxic effects of the Jew and lets face the earth had been hit by a falling star. GFPMC was all they needed and it is all we need. As far as Jesus is concerned whenever He looks at me all sin and all transgression is finished, past present and future. Providing I stand in the shadow of the cross all God can see is the perfect life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and if that does not get me into Heaven nothing will. This is faith but my faith will change with time, the more I see written up in Scripture  the less faith I require and the more logical it becomes. Today satan has a number of blogs and videos out there that tear Scripture to pieces if you leave out the Day of Atonement and the videos make out the you really have to be a simpleton to believe in something that has so many holes and contradictions and for those pastors and elders who invite these demons to their pulpits be prepared for the weaker ones to

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leave! He really is that good! Yesterday I had a three pronged approach to DOA3888 but today I can only think of two so far; Daniel and Leviticus 16. I dated and timed the problem and numbered the page to see how long it would be before I got to a reasonable Scriptural answer. The problem and the elephant in the room that is about to appear is the firm covenant that He will make, it 10.21 on 20/05/2019, page 179 and blog is 162,303 words long.

[ The verse is 27; ‘And he will make a firm covenant with many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice  and grain offering; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate.’  It is about Jesus going to the Atonement cross and His first coming, not the GFPMC cross but avoiding it specifically by returning to Heaven the night before and then six months later going to DOA3888 cross. It is about Jesus not allowing  His own people to murder Him, it is not allowing evil to sink to its lowest depths. Although there are Jews alive today who think their forefathers did not murder Jesus they were only doing God’s work and this is not the only lie or clanger that they come up with.

The dating of the events can be within 7*70 or 490 year packet which I have used up to now or it can be with creation time of what I take as 7,777 odd years and if this event splits time in the middle then Leviticus 16 Day of Atonement would be 10/07/3,888. To get our packet of seven years we need another half to 3,889, one to 3,890, one to 3891 and one (total 3 ½) post cross years and 3,885 onwards. The outstanding date that we are not supposed to mention because it did not occur is 14/01/3888 and Jesus went to the Atonement cross instead. As this is the event that Matthew’s gospel is leading us to  we have to drain every word and nuance associated with it and then ask questions and expect answers from Matthew. The last part not to have been lost is the moat around to temple.  I am still going to use up there where we the saints are still to meet  after spending 1,800 odd years in Heaven and walking to the DOA7777 and the DOA3888 that was supposed ,to have happened  nearly 2,000 years ago. The question of being cut off and having nothing is of interest. Jesus may have walked into the desert for forty days of tempting and solitude but He was being led by the Holy Spirit. Couple this with the fact He had just been baptised and there is unity within the Holy Trinity. Hardly cut off and have nothing! Soon after Jesus picks up His first disciples, adds to them over time and finally they are all raptured up to Eden2 from Gethsemane the night Jesus was to go to the cross. We can only go to Heaven after the DOA3888. Once we get into Eden2 our heavy tutorial begins with six months before DOA3888. By being placed on the cross Jesus is cut off and has nothing but this is halfway through the seven and not at the start of the seven. It was to this event that Abraham putting his only begotten son, Isaac pointed to but this time the animal sacrificial system had finished. Again a far fuller fulfilment of this prophesy occurs up there.

When Jesus does leave His armies behind up there and comes to earth, these are much more than armies this is His newly wedded bride with whom He rode out of the old Heaven and on their way to Canaan and the New Jerusalem. Is this a separation or even a divorce so soon after? He will not see her like this ever again! Isolation behind Him and 70 trillion sins in front of Him, truly He was cut off and had nothing at the beginning of sixty two weeks. Just like the moat situation the isolation fits DOA7777 better than it fits DOA3888. Well what about people coming and destroying the city?

On both occasions it is demons. Once we die and in all our breaths we have not asked for Jesus to come into our lives, we join the demonic world and Heaven has no further interest in us. We can respond to the two witnesses up there and we are given 260 years of grace to do so but the sad fact is that Heaven no longer seeks us. Heaven is a place of the living and not the dead from which the Nazirite was forbidden to stay away from. Down here, DOA3888 they were all killed at 10pm on the Thursday night and at this stage I do not know when they were resurrected to go on and destroy the city and temple nor are we told on what day the harvest ripens to be thrown into the press of God’s wrath. Down here this temple could have been used for DOA3888 and up there the temple could have used for DOA7777 but they were both destroyed leaving DOA in both cases to held in Eden2. In either case Eden2 remains a significant part of both the landscapes of the new and old earths. The wars can only continue until the evil are burned up in hell but the ultimate desolation is not going to occur until we lay in front of the Atonement cross of Jesus and see what we did not even think of as being sin what it caused our Saviour! Both DOA3888 and DOA7777! But now we come to the firm covenant. It is a massive piece in our  puzzle and is therefore made up of many sections. We have to try to identify it by some of its existing and even non-existent features; WHO AM I? Numbering them might help.

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(1); I am a packet of seven years. There may be highlights within me but I am still the whole packet. Daniel has split time into 70 lots of seven and I am one of those packets of seven years. (2) I am split in the middle by a major event. This rules out GFPMC because it was at the start of one of those years (14/01/3888), only DOA3888 is in the middle. (3) This packet of seven years comes at the very end of the 490 years. It is packet number 69, it is years 483 to 490 of Daniel or it is year 7770 out of 7,777 of the fourth coming or 3885 out of 3892 of the first coming of Jesus. (4) The firm covenant covers the whole period beginning with the baptism of Jesus and His three years of ministry before His Thursday night rapture plus the intensive ministry on a one to one basis for six months between 14/01 and the 10/07 of 3888 plus the day itself and the 1,260 days after that it took Moses to complete building the temple. (5) During this time the one and only sacrifice will be conducted be conducted and presented as a whole grain, flour sacrifices will continue, Number 15; ‘when you get into Canaan’ they will be as flour mixed with oil and they will remain as symbols of the crushed body of Jesus that took place at this event. (6) Questions are in order too, like what is so special about the covenant that allows it to be called firm? (7)  Will the fact that it will have to last forever qualify it as being firm? (8) It is a new covenant and if so did it replace an existing covenant? (9) Did it really not need any hooks into the time beforehand or after? (10) Is this really the end of our spiritual development?  (11) When GFPMC appeared on the scene how did it affect what happened to both Days of Atonement? We should be able to give a fair answer to this last question as we are finishing off the Gospel of John. Most/all these other questions should be capable of being answered from DOA3888 when Jesus came to earth to finish time as Scripture had predicted ever since the day when our first parents sinned way back in Eden.

The other event in Eden was the destruction of satan is rarely mentioned in Scripture and certainly not with its sister event, the bruising of the heel of Jesus by satan as satan is a liar and there is no truth in him and he would try to convince you that he has already been dealt with and is no longer a threat. Just typical Jimmy Swaggart clangers and demonics which enter under the guidance of the spirit they will give you! Once we have addressed this firm covenant there is still a bit left to finish off in Daniel but we will firstly turn our attention to DOA3888 of Leviticus 16.

Jesus Christ as Saviour or Messiah came to earth to take His own people back home with after a period of time He judged as adequate. He did require 100 sheep up there would settle for 99. The important thing was that anyone who wanted to be with Him would be given a chance to come to Him, He was not going out to chase them . He came to earth as master and king as Heaven’s preferred option and He4 did not come down to be their servant and slave! This would have to imply that the flock on Thursday night had 99 sheep to be raptured and not 98. He did not stay back to increase the flock from 98 to 99 but from 99 to 100. To get these 99 into Heaven required Jesus to —


Clean them up if they were to wait for Him in Heaven and Jesus did clean them up to the standard required by Heaven on GFPMC and we all do spend 1,800 odd years there whilst Jesus sorts out the last details of time. But if I am ‘covered’ by GFPMC and sinless then why do I have to wait in the grave until the second coming of Jesus, why doesn’t He take me straight back to Heaven on the day I die? This topic has already been covered and it would be the introduction to spiritualism and is embraced by most of the sleeping church. The counter argument begins in Genesis when God told dam if he disobeyed Him that he would surely die and if your creed does not begin with this premise then satan would be thrilled with the foothold he has been given. Jesus could not take these 99 back to Heaven because of their sin must first be removed in Matthew via DOA3888. This cannot be done down here because the temple will have been destroyed by this time and this is the case up there where we are heading, there is no temple. In both cases DOA is conducted on the wing of the temple and we are not told how trillion miles above the present temple this is but it is on the wing.

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Matthew’s Day of Atonement or Leviticus 16. This is a part of the firm covenant. We have already had three years  of it on earth as described by Matthew which began with the baptism of Jesus and finished with our rapture from Gethsemane on the Thursday night of 13/01/3888. We have spent six months of intensive study with Jesus up here in Eden2 preparing us for this day; 10/07/3888 or DOA3888. It is a solemn Sabbath day and at 9am Jesus is placed on the cross. He is seeking entry into the Most Holy Place for Himself and for us as well but there seem to be three issues involved; Confessed sin, unconfessed sin and the burnt offering. With the presence of sin anywhere entry into the Most Holy Place and the throne of God is strictly forbidden with very few exceptions. One of these is DOA3888. It can only be done by the High Priest who has been suitably attired. When he enters there has to be thick smoke in the room to prevent him from being struck down by the glory of God emanating from the ark of the covenant. And it is under these conditions that the high priest enters the Most Holy Place carrying his own blood and asks the question; will this blood now about to be shed be acceptable to God to wash away, to do away with a particular sin? If yes then the high priest can go out and do what he was going to do and if no then the  high priest will be struck down in the Most Holy Place and they already had a rope attached to his feet so that they could drag him back out. How lenient is God with humanity, grace! Even if that had happened on one occasion so many of those dodgy high priests would not have dared to enter into that Most Holy Place  and we too will never be struck down when seeking the presence of Jesus!

We know that on GFPMC cross Jesus was both human and divine. We are told in the red heifer that is was Eleazar the priest who sprinkled the blood of the red heifer towards the doorway of the tent of meeting and we may also be told it was Aaron who carried the blood of both the bull and the sins offering into the Most Holy Place. It was essential so it was done. The morning session would have been occupied with these sin offerings and the session of light. The unintentional unconfessed sins of the congregation, the goat sin offering were now paid for in full as were the same sins of God’s creation, those left over after the fires of hell had been extinguished were now also paid for by the bull sin offering. Now come the hours of darkness, same cross, same place and same day. Things must change so drastically now that it is not even allowed to be a part of the temple service. Confessed sins is transferred onto the scapegoat whilst it is still within the building but it is led immediately afterwards from temple light and into what would have been total darkness. The scapegoat was led by the divinity of Jesus by the man who was able. We don’t  have to worry about where it was pushed over and what cliff, it died in those hours of darkness and within the temple precincts. It could have been the sin offering goat but the lot fell the other way but it was still the Goat of the Lord! There were ashes after the red heifer!

With this scenario it is very easy to trace the return journey of the man who was able and had led this scapegoat out to be killed. The lights were turned back on in the temple and there He was. The lights were turned back on at 3pm on GFPMC and there was divinity presenting the burnt offering! He had to come back to the temple before the burnt offering was made. It was presented by a priest, the high priest who had changed out of his high priests attire but it had to be presented with divinity as its background. The scapegoat was still on the altar and blood was thrown against this altar in the last hour of service. The blood still did pool at the foot of this altar as it did on GFPMC. The only reason I am drawing parallels back to GFPMC is because I do not know where else I can compare it to!


Having decided that Matthew was indeed a synoptic gospel, Some scenario had to be put down on paper and even though there are many questions than answers it is still a start. So far there has been an attempt to tie it in with the  firm covenant, but we have only got the Day of Atonement itself. Those crucial burnt offerings of between 3pm and 4pm, gathering of the spilt blood, the time on the cross, the resurrection, the guilt offering, the building of our Temples by Moses, the anointing of the Most Holy, the decommissioning of the Nazirite, the handing in of the burnt and sin offerings and peace offerings and trying to relate these to the last verse of Daniel nine is a bit premature even though if we don’t add the relevant sections of Revelation. But in the end the one involved in these abominations and desolations, he will complete this work and it He Who will be qualified to make that final decree that it is all over! In the previous commentary dealing with the doorway into the New

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Heaven this was Jesus setting alight the river of evil blood that is some 200 miles long and watching as the wrath of God consumed all before it!

Even though I am now reasonably sure that Matthew is Old Testament and it about the Messiah coming to earth to take His people home some 2,000 years ago and to finish time I will still continue to look for confirmatory evidence before starting a blog on this topic. As I go through these gospels I will just note nod words and events that will confirm my first idea. The blog will change too from a weekly quota of 10,000 words to the best that I can do.  My pool is 14 degrees C  and I no problem spending up to half an hour in it but last week when it broke down I overstayed and got so cold I started shivering. This brought on a flu with explosive coughing and lack of sleep. The coughing is just draining but I still did try to carry the banner. Jesus does not expect me to do this otherwise He would have cured me. He just expects me to do the best that I can! As I go through the work I will just note anything that jumps out and tells me; Jesus has really come down to crush satan’s head and He will allow satan to bruise His heel. This gospel is really about what God announced to Eve and satan on the Day that the first sins were committed!

Returning to the general theme of Matthew and that is that Jesus came down like the two witnesses will also come down. Both came to close the door of mercy and after which there would a Day of Atonement service which would lead to heaven albeit a different heaven. Both had the option of performing miracles as the Shekinah Glory of God was present in the temple. Jesus drew on this miraculous power as there was a harvest to be collected but Elijah and John did not as no harvest was forthcoming. John the Baptist must have done something differently to attract those converts but whether he directly made use of the Shekinah Glory of God, we are not told. John himself would not close the door of mercy but the one who followed him would. Their basic ministry of all four would be the same; repentance and water baptism.

The basic issue of the three synoptic gospels remains; Why do they all concentrate on the Day of Atonement when it has not happened and ignore Passover, GFPMC which did happen? And after all it is GFPMC which will get us into Heaven and that is all that matters! God chose to reveal to His creation their total history. From first beginning to its end the probationary period, the one that allowed evil to exist. It was not just endless lines of robots singing never lasting praise. It then shows what happened when evil took a foothold and actually reigned. He Jesus not come within the hour that He did come at His second coming even the 144,000 wise virgins would not survived and it goes on the give us how this evil was dealt with and destroyed. It gives incredible details of how Jesus/God operated during these times and it also and with meticulous care they guided these people who are about to enter the second sinless creation. A to Z with all the letters in between!.

What an awful gap there would have been had not these synoptics concentrated on DOA3888, GFPMC is the cream, it is that extra mile, it is the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ! It is DOA3888 that is the cake and how to get close enough to God to begin to understand that love! What responsibility will the church leaders over the last two millennia will have to bear before God for keeping these truths from the people and all they can do is to blame themselves; they ignored the Book of Genesis!  This will not always be the case and there is a day coming when all ten virgins awake! The question that remains is will we turn right and go and meet our Jesus or will we be with that lot that turn left and go looking for the good oil?—


I remember ‘getting as far as’ Matthew (12:12) which is a memory verse for me. Almost on each individual verse I could write a blog but at this stage time does not permit. But I am still having trouble getting traction with Matthew. I have already moved myself back to 23/05/29 and my assignment of following Jesus and recording His miracles and teachings and the immense responsibility that fell off my shoulders when I realised that I would not have to record events and classify them as GFPMC and DOA3888 that this would be done by the Holy Spirit within the four gospels; John’s and Synoptic. Being a synoptic gospel, Matthew has to have the struggle between the two protagonists; satan who will finish up having his head crushed by Jesus and Jesus who will finish up having His heel bruised be satan as announced way  back in Eden on the day Eve sinned. Satan certainly has a major role to play in these times. Under no circumstance can he allow Jesus to go to DOA3888 because that would be the end of time and the end of satan. Satan’s immediate aim would be to exchange DOA3888 for GFPMC. This would not only give him an extra 3,900 odd years of existence but would take him

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out of the way. Satan was not involved on GFPMC it was the beast within us that died that day but also resurrected on the same day by Jesus Himself. Satan will only swap whatever he is allowed to swap and do so whenever Jesus allows him. Matthew remains synoptic.

Just like all the church today is not demonic neither were all the Jews. There was a satanic concentration in the Sanhedrin and even though I know Nicodemus, Joseph and a few others were not most were either demons of possessed by demons. Thus in Mt 12:12 we have a major confrontation between Jesus and satan. Up to now the Jew could not find any Scriptural fault with Jesus, in fact with momentous regularity they were being swamped by Scripture telling them that Jesus was the  Messiah that was predicted by the Bible. This Messiah had to be fully human and divine as well. There was no question as to His humanity in fact they wanted to snuff it out, but what about His divinity?  I can claim God as my Father and daily do so; ‘Our Father Who is in Heaven’, and in Jesus’ name I can perform many miracles but this does not make me divine and all it shows that there is power in Jesus’ Name, no to establish the divinity we need something more substantive than this as His divinity will become the issue over which He will be finally killed for and those responsible will be guilty of His murder! They knew exactly what they were doing by the time of the cross.

Many witnessed His baptism and the appearance of the Holy Trinity. You think that this would be the clincher but even the one who conducted this baptism, John the Baptist would go on to have doubts. The stamp that proved His divinity that Jesus chose to produce and to die over was the Sabbath Day! This was the stamp that Jesus that Jesus placed on His creation on the day that He had finished it. What He had done could only have been done as a result of His divinity and it is this stamp that satan has challenged and continues to challenge so successfully today. If it was not so important in the relationship between humanity and divinity why would satan defend it with his last breath? Today you can do anything you want to do on the Sabbath day, bar one. Under no circumstance are you to; ‘Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day’! If you do there is extreme danger that the blessings of God will pass onto you and you will realise where you have just been! In the haunt and in the grip of satan himself!

In the original revolt up there in Heaven or at least what was transferred down here of it were; worship, putting God to the test and making bread out of stone. Satan sought all three but the one to come first, the introduction was to give life even in its lowest form to lifeless objects. Out of all of God’s creation the pinnacle of this creation is life, potentially life eternal.  The stamp on that life was divinity itself and that stamp is the Sabbath day. If this be the case then satan must at all costs destroy this stamp and if he can’t do that then he must nullify it, scribble at lot of rules over it so that the original meaning is lost and it becomes worthless anyway. He certainly goes for the first option  and all he has to do here is to cross out the word ‘remember’ with at all costs forget it! The satanic Swaggart ministries will do about the best demolition that there is of the Sabbath around today but assuming that it still does stand today what are the do’s and don’ts that apply and which ones are satanic? Today we do not live under God’s rule, theocracy but under a democracy, the rule of the people in theory at least. This does not mean that the Ten Commandments do not apply in fact the system of law is based on them. Where does Sabbath keeping fit in today? Sadly it does not and ever since it has been abolished society has been going down hill except for today where there has been a sharp upward trend with the drug taking, alcohol, tobacco, pornography in every available form  and sky rocketing suicide rate family breakdowns and diseases run amok and that is not just of the head. Some today chose not to follow this way but to follow Jesus instead and the same demons who stopped you from coming to Jesus on the Sabbath will now try to stop you from coming to Him via His holy Word. He will let you go to Him via main stream churches and demonic ministries because he knows they have a shut door in front of Luther’s door of righteousness by faith or no door at all!  Israel Filou lost his career because he quoted from the Bible. It cannot get much worse than this!

It would be just as wrong to trash the Sabbath day as to make human made rules to quantify it. This is what the Jews were now trying to do in front of Jesus. For me to try to tell you what I do or don’t do on the Sabbath we would have to be at the same spiritually but we do have the same book to base these rules on, the Bible! And there is only one judge involved and this is Jesus Himself! The base of the Bible is love and the creation of Jesus. It is about applying this love particularly to the pinnacle of this creation and that is humanity.  And this includes myself and a recharge for the week to come.

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Even taking into account the home situation, wife in hospital and coughing/flu I am disappointed with my blog’s progress. The loss of a days typing and today two total crashes have not helped. Just as I think I have come around the corner I fall over again. But to be reading and skipping verses on which even a person with a low level of understanding could write a page on does not seem right. I have no problem in jumping to the defence of the Sabbath because it is satan’s chief weapon for turning God’s people against Him but as I go through I should be turning many other pearls as well. If these rely on the Sabbath then if you don’t accept the Sabbath then you will not see them either. After all this Jesus I am following is living the life of both lots’ of gospel.  I think once I begin to understand the significance of this split and the breaking away of the synoptic gospels I might return to comment on synoptic only gospels.


The major holdup in the summary of the Book of Numbers has been chapter 17, Aaron’s rod blooms. In my breaks I may not type but I still do think through the issues and on more than one occasion I have wondered why go on? I am trying to describe God; infinite, holy and perfect concepts I cannot relate to. Then within the attributes of God like love I am going to try to split these with, ‘full extent of His love’. And in the end regardless of how much I know or understand about the Bible the basic requirement still remains; faith! The more knowledge I have the less faith that will be required but now and eternity are about faith. The most ridiculed book around today and for a long time has been the Bible, but this will not always be the case. Despite it deficiencies it is still the Word of God and it has as its curator and interpreter the Holy Spirit. Satan is going to do his best to prevent a revival in the Bible but he is but a minor player. Despite his best efforts the Church of Jesus Christ will wake up and go meet their Saviour and in those last batch of wise virgins there will be many who were woken up by the plethora of blogs arising around the great tribulation, the great harvest and the second coming of my Jesus. I still consider it a wonderful privilege to be given the baton that Jesus has given me. It was given to me not because of my qualifications in history, archaeology, some Biblical language or anything else. It was given me because I used three words that I know Jesus cannot reject and my eternity is based on them; CHRIST ALMIGHTY HELP! And regardless of how many others blogs may appear out there I intend to keep blogging but at a pace my health can keep up with it. I type with tongue in cheek calling this blog 10 a summary of the Book of Numbers knowing well that I am dealing with the ‘earthly’ ministry of the Nazirite, a topic of eternity and I pray and look forward to that time in Heaven when it will be revealed to me anyone who was brought to the Bible because of my blog. In the meantime I will continue my commentary on the Bible and a firmer foundation does not exist and now how does this rod fit into our summary?

The reason I did want to touch it was because it was a holy object. It along with the Ten Commandments and manna from the desert were present within the Most Holy Place a place where the ‘concentration’ of God was so high that anyone other than the high priest who tried to enter this room would be killed, that is how holy this ark in this room was. Was it holy because these three objects imparted holiness to this room or was it holy because the presence of God imparted holiness to them? When Moses came down from the mountain carrying the Ten Commandments was his face glowing because of the divine nature of what he was holding or was it because of his appearance before God? The Ten Commandments are holy because they reflect the nature of God. They are holy because they have been fulfilled; ‘It is finished!’. We today can get the imputed results of these commandments. All we have to do is to transcribe them from the stone they were written on and onto   our hearts. It is this transcribing of these commandments and then passing them onto Jesus to keep them that constitutes the new covenant. Little wonder our place in Heaven is already assured, little wonder we already have His Shekinah Glory! That was the gift of GFPMC. Little wonder too that under no circumstance will satan allow this to happen! But Scripture defends it self well, as simply as John 1, 2, 3, 4 and five. Today it is not just satanic ministries that will stop at nothing to prevent you from coming under the covenant of the finished work of Jesus Christ, sadly it is an overwhelming number of churches that want to stop you from receiving the blessings of God. But I still wait for the story of the Ten Commandments to be told in the gospel of John. It will be here

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that Jesus decides to go to the cross to fulfil the requirements of this Law and it is here that Jesus will build that door into the new earth and Most Holy Place and it is through this door that we will enter into the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ. But this second Heaven is dependent on this existing first Heaven and the subject of study of the Day of Atonement. The doorway and the key to it, the blood of the Passover Lamb are already finished and it is just a matter of us joining the cry of Jesus from the cross, ‘It is finished!’ to be led into the Most Holy Place with Him and this cannot occur under conditions of wilful disobedience. Scripture has still much to say about those two tablets with the Ten Commandments, but what about the other two objects in the ark? What is so holy and significant about the manna and Aaron’s rod that bloomed? Why and what do they pass into eternity as and why are they significant to us today?   Aaron’s Rod.

And the answer is that it was Aaron’s rod that bloomed and not Levi’s or Judah’s or anyone else’s rod, just Aaron’s. During this blog I consider that I have been privileged to receive many a wonderful revelations from my Jesus and one of the greatest has been a tiny drop of ink. It is the full stop between Revelation chapter four and chapter five. It is the dot that separates Jesus Christ as Creator and Jesus Christ as Redeemer. It is 3pm on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary. (GFPMC) On earth this cross has just been through hell and is in darkness and before the burnt sacrifice can begin at 3pm  the divinity of Jesus must return. The man who pushed the scapegoat over the cliff must return before the burnt sacrifice can begin and this coincides with the return of the Shekinah Glory of God. On earth it appears as some light but you would not expect its inhabitants to perceive this glory although they do see some light, but this is not what is happening in the heavenly realms.

Up there God has assembled representatives of the entire human race, past, present and future. He did not have to assembly the Heavenly hosts as they were already up there. The existing generations were represented by the apostles including Paul (?), God’s people by the leaders of the twelve tribes and the pre-flood and post flood world by Noah and others. Future generations were there as represented by their prayers of acceptance of Jesus as their Saviour. I pray these prayers and therefore I was there also. We were in a place where we were not supposed to be; only the high priest was allowed in here only once a year on the condition that he carried blood from the sin offering with him. All of us who were there were only allowed inside this Most Holy Place because we were ‘holy men’ and no doubt this word is used generically as Eve, Mary the mother of Jesus and many other women were there as well. We were all called holy and allowed entry into the throne room of God because we would take advantage of what Jesus had just done for us on the cross and that holiness, Shekinah Glory is imputed to us today. Just like us here on this world today they were also not holy. Look at the life of Paul or even Peter when they returned from Heaven? All that is important is that Scripture/ Holy Spirit count us as being so and by faith we are so.

As I don’t know for how long we were waiting and prepared for the arrival of Jesus I take this time to be 15 minutes. We were all ready, all thrones occupied by 2.45pm of GFPMC. As the act of redemption is such a stunning act of beauty it requires a lesser light beforehand just to accustom our eyes a little bit first. This is done here as it should be done on earth and as it will be done in Heaven for the eternities to come by introducing Jesus Christ as the Creator, after all this creation act had to come before the redemption act. Even the New Jerusalem will have a tent of meeting around it. We have our plots of land to experiment with the plant and animal kingdom with and begin our first stage of appreciation and worship of Jesus  and this is what we are doing in chapter four as we prepare for the arrival of Jesus which is what He does and I thought at 3pm immediately after His death on the cross. Scripture tells us that He first preaches to the imprisoned souls of Noah’s day. By showing them the beauty of what He has just done Jesus brings them to life and shortly after 3pm they all arrive in Heaven. This is one of the properties of GFPMC; it brings life eternal. The length of time after 3pm is not that relevant what is relevant is the condition in which He arrives. Individually we may have been called ‘holy men’ at his stage but it would still be a long time until we acquired our halos and many falls in between. But as a group we could not have made certainly serious mistakes. Firstly we all judge that the Lamb has been slain. His earthly body right now is down there on the cross as a new era of the time of the burnt offering has begun. We judge that the death is the result of our confessed sins which He has obliterated and of which no trace remains. It would simplify things no end if we saw a golden censor with His own blood in it.

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But then we would ask, ‘Why this blood?’ It is too late to ask God the Father if this blood could be used to cleanse the altar/cross? It has already happened and the sacrifice is over. It is too late to ask God the Father if this blood could be used to wash our sins onto the body of Jesus so that He could present them to the fires of hell. That has already happened and the fires of hell have been extinguished. Could this blood be being offered for acceptance and mercy for the sacrifice to be made? Again the sacrifice has been made and the answer as to its acceptance was given back some 1,300 years ago in Egypt on the 01/01/01. It could be now that this blood is being presented. It is supposed to be the blood of the Passover Lamb and that it certainly is. No specific mention of the blood just what it has done.

It is also of interest that the call about the blood is made by only 28 beings/creatures out of the hundreds at least who were there. Twelve of these beings were apostles and if this be the case why were they so hopelessly confused on Resurrection Sunday morning. The involvement of the four creatures, the four natures of Jesus Christ ensures there could not have been a mistake made; ‘Thou was slain , and did purchase for God with Thy blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. And Thou has made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God: and they will reign upon the earth.’

The blood that is being referred to is the blood of GFPMC. There may still be blood to be shed from DOA7777 but this blood will not be used to purchase men for God. The blood from GFPMC was used to purchase men. This sounds like a sale has taken place where the currency that was used was not the American dollar but the blood of Jesus Christ. Who is buying and what is He buying? He is buying those who want to spend the eternities with Him, in the presence of God. But why is this extraordinary currency being used, why is the price so high? It is because of the One in whose presence we will exist requires nothing short of holiness and perfection and the blood of His only Begotten Son can meet these requirements. But whatever the details and the nuances within this purchase, this purchase has already been made and ratified by Heaven just after 3pm on GFPMC. Today we are kingdom and today we are priests, not Levites but priests!

The being that entered the Most Holy Place at/after 3pm on GFPMC was the Lamb. If He came from the last 1,300 odd years of the history of his people this could have been someone associated with either the Day of Atonement, a midyear event (10th of July) or it could have been associated with the start of the year event, Passover. It was the Passover Lamb and it was 14/01/3889. This lamb first appeared on the scene in Egypt on the 01/01/01 but this was for acceptance sake only and the day it was actually going to happen was transferred to 14/01/02 and onwards until 14/01/3889 (creation date some 1,300 years after Egypt) Once this lamb arrived in Heaven at/near 3pm on GFPMC he did not change species, he remained a lamb. What did change was the fact that he asked for and was given the scroll with seven seals on it but this did not change his lamb status. He may also have asked for and been given a horse on which to ride out of Heaven on. He had changed his delivery style, he was no longer content to wait for people to come to him, he would go out and meet them not as master and king but as servant and slave. This change in delivery style may allow us to call him a conquering lion from the tribe of Judah but it was still basically the Passover Lamb. He and His Church did then go on a conquering spree which finished at His second coming when He took His own back to Heaven with Him. Interestingly though the seventh seal, the last seal was not broken until they were all back in Heaven. As conquering lion of the tribe of Judah, really the Passover Lamb, and much checking and crosschecking He returned with a tiny fraction of the redeemed, the wise virgins to close the door of mercy and to take the final tally sheets, the results of His conquest back to Heaven. He the bridegroom was symbolised as the lion from the tribe of Judah that He married His bride and soon after they rode out of the first Heaven on their way to Canaan, the second Heaven. They fought against the beast, the unrighteous living together but that was their last association. He left her back in the Eden2 and went down towards earth by Himself. His role as the conquering lion had finished. Technically it began on GFPMC when He rode out of Heaven with the scroll and ended when He left His bride behind, a period of some 3,900 years. It came from, was added to the Passover Lamb which had a birthday on 01/01/01 and continued for eternity. Judah did not have the rod that blossomed. The rod that contained life and that blossomed belonged to Aaron.

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The Aaronic priesthood began some 2,500 years before the Passover Lamb and it started on the day that our first parents sinned in the Garden of Eden. It began with God killing two goats whose skins were used the cover the nakedness of our first parents, it began with the sacrificial animal system. We are given two technical details of the Aaronic priesthood back in Eden.—


The two details are; Eve’s seed will crush the head of satan and satan will bruise his heel and in that order. Yesterday I tried to reason why Judah’s rod did not blossom. I ruled it out on the ground of its finite life. The work of Judah the conquering lion did not begin until he rode out of Heaven with the scroll and his work consisted of breaking the seven seals on that scroll. It specifically ended in Revelation chapter 14 when Jesus explained to His bride that He would have to leave her now and go and do the business His Father had assigned to Him way back in Eden. It was because of the limited life of this ministry with a start and an end that stopped Judah’s rod from blooming.

On that ground if the lamb had a rod in the mix, but he did not, his rod should also have blossomed. His ministry, that of the Passover lamb began in Egypt on 01/01/01 a ministry so important that it is given the privilege of beginning time itself but it has no end. Even in eternity each year will begin with Passover on the 14th of January but not having an end qualifies its blossoming. There was a period of some 3,900 years where it acquired a role of the conquering lion of Judah but even then it was still a lamb. The ministry of the Lamb of God has a start, no genealogy and no rod to present, it simply passes through into eternity. This is not the case with Aaron’s rod.

It does have a genealogy, it is Eve’s seed. It is every soul that has ever been conceived both of the righteous and unrighteous belong to Eve’s seed. It is about the unconfessed unintentional sins that these have committed but will not have to pay the penalty for. They will not be held responsible for something they did not know about. Their creator will take on this responsibility onto Himself. Scripture tells us that this creator will be Eve’ seed and will have a genealogy. The event that is being set up in the Garden of Eden is the Day of Atonement. If this is so then AT-ONE-is –MENT is what the role of Eve’s seed is supposed to accomplish. He has to join together what has just been broken; the relationship between humanity and divinity and to do so He must have a foot in each world. The genealogy of Jesus Christ has both.

The sacrificial system began in Eden on the day that our first parents sinned. It had an earthly component and a divine component. The divine component was the high priest and was represented by Aaron and the human component by Eve’s seed. The whole package was embodied as the Day of Atonement and this day could only occur on the condition that satan’s head had been crushed. This condition being met, all external evil being done away with, the high priest along with the scapegoat would take are of any remaining sins, both confessed and unconfessed. All transgression would be finished, the end of sin, atonement for iniquity would be made, everlasting righteousness would be brought in, vision and prophecy sealed and the Most Holy would be anointed. Scripture writes this event up as could have/should have occurred some 2,000 years ago at the first coming of Jesus Christ. The reason He came down was to take his flock of 99 sheep  home and to finish time.

Had Jesus taken His own back at this time Scripture would have ended with the Book of Malachi but as He changed His mind right at the end the OT was extended right up to the time when Jesus decided not to return to Heaven with His own via DOA3888 but to stay on for GFPMC. How close was that decision to stay on? Three of the four gospels are dedicated to Jesus returning to Heaven on that Thursday night in a rapture from the Garden of Gethsemane and a topic I have begun the big struggle with in this commentary. But change His mind Jesus did as recorded in the Gospel of John and as we will soon see from what He told the Samarian woman it was not about the numbers in Heaven, it was about time. If at the soon second coming of Jesus there is a total of 144 million saints then if Jesus allows time to run on for another 2,000 years there maybe a total of 288 million saints but Jesus will not allow this time to run on, He is not concerned about a maximum number. At His first coming the number of saints would have been frighteningly small, as low as 2 or even 1 million saints. These one million (?) are counted as 99 sheep and the remainder of the 143 million are counted as one sheep. There has to be other factors in play.

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Jesus did stay on for GFPMC and the Day of Atonement was postponed. All that about finishing transgression and sin is still to come. Scripture is written in such a way as to accommodate a Thursday night rapture with no GFPMC but it is also written as a complete work; it has the Day of Atonement in its final form, the one that has GFPMC stamped on it and in our very limited study only from Numbers, Daniel, Matthew and Revelation the violent clashes and inconsistencies may well work out to be the rungs that join and synchronise these events. Right now the rung I am trying to follow is Aaron’s rod and specifically what makes it so special that it alone blossomed and why it was included as one of the three holy objects that were included in the Ark of the Covenant. It came into being back in Eden and was supposed to find consummation on the 10/07/3889 which it did not because Jesus decided to go through the exercise of collecting sheep number one hundred. Instead it will now occur on the 10/07/486 of Daniel’s last 490 years of the existence of this universe but for this rod to bud it has to have no end, it must go on forever, the Aaronic priesthood must have no end even if that means changing its name to that of Melchizedek, the priesthood of eternity.

I do not accept as criticism the fact that I am changing my mind all the time. This must happen if current thinking cannot accommodate a new revelation. Of the many issues in play one was the Moses and his brother Aaron. It was wrong to allocate importance to their roles but I had Moses as the superior/more important role. I was shocked to the core to see God’s reaction to the misbehaviour at Meribah and I over reacted. Here was Moses a head and shoulders above anyone including Aaron have the axe put through his ministry. He was shown Canaan but not allowed to enter so it became an automatic response to look for the axe falling on the Aaronic priesthood as well, after all Aaron was not even shown Canaan. I think I wrote him off and even gave his priesthood over to that of the lion of Judah. All this was confusion and wrong. The Aaronic priesthood could have come into play at the first coming of Jesus and it was the preferred option. It did not happen but it will happen in some 1,800 years time. If you think you can explain the history of God’s people without the Day of Atonement you have another thing coming to you. The NT writers don’t have to try to do so as it constitutes the majority of Scripture. Their role is to write the appendix to what happened when Jesus changed His mind at the very moment and decided to stay of for GFPMC. That change in mind could have been made as late as 10pm of 13/01/3889 in Gethsemane. But the discussion of Aaron’s rod forces a result as to why it bloomed and this life went on to become the life of eternity.

From Numbers six we know that the ministry of the Nazirite had two stages. It would be nice to say that one phase was GFPMC and the second phase was DOA7777 but unfortunately it is much more complex than this. I have taken the second phase as the temple building phase. It began at 4pm on the Day of Atonement which was the antonym of 4pm of GFPMC. Here the blood of perfection was spilled for this world to take advantage of but up here on the Day of Atonement it is gathered for those who took advantage of GFPMC. The problem being with both of these phases of the Nazirite ministry is that they have an end. Jesus is decommissioned and therefore cannot pass into eternity as Aaron’s rod that blossoms. But if we come back by one hour from 4pm to 3pm and the start of the burnt offering. This offering was done in the presence of the divinity of Jesus Christ. On earth here the burnt offering could not proceed until the man who had led the scapegoat and pushed it over the cliff returned back to the temple. It was the divinity of Jesus Christ that led His humanity to the cross and this divinity was present at 3pm on the Day of Atonement. It presented the burnt offering of 3pm of GFPMC and broke the darkness. And it is in the presence of divinity that the burnt offering of this Day of Atonement and of eternity is offered. It is the high priesthood of Melchizedek and it adds the blossoms onto the rod of Aaron. The guilt offering is proof that all has been paid for at this time plus 20%. This is a forced result despite of the many inconsistencies that it brings. —


Like what is hell actually like? At 3pm on GFPMC Jesus had just been to hell. He was dead as we would expect Him to be as someone who has just taken on all the confessed sins of the saints. Sin is the separation from God and this must result in death which is what has just happened to Jesus. His body still contained blood which had just been to hell as well and would be spilled by that Roman spear at 4pm. It would be spilled for nought for most people and even most churches ignore this event. It is but pearl before swine! It was the answer of

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14/01/3889 to 01/01/01. It was GFPMC’s answer to the angel of death that passed over Egypt and most will not be requiring this blood. When Joseph and Nicodemus carried the body of Jesus Christ from the cross to the tomb they were carrying what must have looked to them a dead man with all organs and no smell of being in an earthly fire. So what about all those 14 billion (?) souls/people who are thrown into hell on 02/07/486? These are the final fires of hell. This is where Eve’s seed crushes the head of satan. It is the first aspect of the Day of Atonement. Daniel’s conditions for the finishing of transgression right through to the anointing of the Most Holy will not be accomplished even at the end of the Day of Atonement they are going to be accomplished 1,260 days later when Jesus anoints the altar/cross by placing His sinless hair at the base of it and tagging it as not just New Jerusalem bound but also bound into the temple of our hearts. But what does God/Jesus actually see at this time? Is the wrath of God gone now and the smoke can clear from the Most Holy Place and we are now allowed to finally go in?

That all depends on what was left over after the fires of were extinguished. A lot of dead bodies? There was a dead body of Jesus Christ after the fires of GFPMC had been extinguished. Did these contain blood in them? The body of Jesus Christ did contain blood after it had been to hell. Even though GFPMC had happened some 3,800 years ago and now hell had done its work, were there still 70 trillion sins (?) still left over? Yes and they will be the subject addressed on that final Day of Atonement. So what happens to those 14 billion odd bodies that still have their blood in them even though they have just been through hell? Well they are dead so they would not realise that their bodies are placed in a giant wine press and the wrath of God squeezes the blood out of them which then run to form a river some 200 miles long, 70 metres wide and over one metre deep. This is a structure of some significance, the blood of the evil who rejected the blood of the Passover Lamb and it will not be destroyed until Peter’s conflagration destroys them and everything else in this universe except the area in which we are waiting, Eden2 which will go on to become the museum to the new creation. This happens at the end of all sevens; 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and seven hours. The point being are we allowed to apply Daniel’s seven achievements; finish transgression, end sin, atone for iniquity, bring in everlasting righteousness, seal up vision and prophecy and anoint the Most Holy Place in year 7,777 when there is still another 7 months, 7 days and seven hours until Peter’s fires burn away that river of evil blood? The other problem has been stated by many people since that Roman soldier asked in Gethsemane; ‘Who is this Jesus?’

Would we be allowed to express the nature of Jesus Christ in terms of the two great feast days of the Old Testament and certainly of time eternal; Passover and Atonement. We know that DOA started very early, involved the high priesthood of Aaron and that Aaron’s rod has eternal life in it and passes onto eternity. There is much information that we can glean about this Jesus of Atonement and most of Scripture is related to Him. But what about the Jesus of Passover? Didn’t He appear on the scene a little too late? Why did He wait for so long before He changed His mind and went to the cross? The Jesus of the Passover is the Jesus of His people. The first members were Adam and Eve and Abel and from there on. They began from the very start even before the Jesus of the Atonement appeared on the day our first parents sinned. What was different about Egypt and 01/01/01 was that that Jesus formalised His people, He gathered all those who wanted to be a part of Him and gave them rules and regulations according to which they should behave themselves. His people became a nation and He became their leader but He always did have a people it is just that they were scattered throughout the world. (99 sheep). But something extra did happen on that day; the Passover. His people would never be the same after that. And this is what Jesus is telling the Samarium woman in the Gospel of John. But this dual nature , dual sacrifice does occupy the entire Bible and it will occupy eternity as well!

I have made a number of attempts to extend my commentary to include the gospels in Numbers but keep losing traction. My latest attempt is going to be based on the flow sheets of the life of Christ from the three pages of the NIV Bible study.(p1480- p1482) as it looks quite promising. The Holy Spirit has already sorted out the events of the life of Christ that belong to the Day of Atonement, the Synoptic Gospels and those that belong to Passover or GFPMC or the Gospel of John. There are only six events relating to John or Passover at the start of the ministry of Jesus then a gap of over two years when as you would expect the ministry of the Passover cross would become more and more significant. But it is mostly about Jesus leaving earth with His people and taking them to Heaven via DOA3888.—

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There are very few occurrences when the four gospels record the same incident and the baptism of Jesus is one of these rare occurrences. It does not establish it confirms the dual footing of the time line of Heaven, Passover and Atonement. They were established before the creation event, they are now confirmed. The synoptic gospels will take care of the ministry of repentance and John’s Gospel will take care of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. In the Synoptics people will come to Jesus in His temple and repent and they will be forgiven their sins, but John’s Gospel is about the cross of GFPMC and of the Holy Spirit. As I sit here and type the issues flood through my head, issues I pray that will be addressed when I finally begin a commentary proper on these gospels. But first impressions are and they must stand against ‘it is written’ that the Holy Spirit was not involved in these earthly yearly Day of Atonement sacrfices. In fact it was very rarely involved in the OT. These were repentance days of John the Baptist, Jesus and much later the two witnesses when they come down with Jesus at His third coming to close the door of mercy. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is indeed a very rare and privileged occasion which will not even be available to us in Heaven for the first 1,800 odd years until we receive the fine linen and the wedding can now take place.

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is the ministry of the cross of Good Friday. It is the catalyst that converts those hours of darkness into brilliant Sonlight. It is when this Sonlight of GFPMC when it shines on the DOA sacrifice that one bull burnt offering will amplify into 77 bulls for the likes of Paul or 17 bulls for the likes of JK. In all cases it will be overwhelming and will settle back to 7 bulls until the same time next year. It does not produce blinding light, nor is there any point in doing so immediately. Firstly it needs to illuminate both the departure and the exit from this magnificent event. For those hours of light on GFPMC between 9am and noon and then 3pm to 4pm, 4pm itself and the times after need to be lighten first and the sad implication is that had there been no GFPMC then none of this would have happened. The answer still lies in those 99 sheep that came to Jesus and repented. The next recorded event in John is the wedding feast of Cana.

It is the wedding feast of Cana and not Canaan. Its scope is within Canaan but it is more than Canaan. Its introduction is in Numbers chapter 15; ‘When you get into Canaan’. It covers a bit of this world and it covers some of the next world. It covers the wedding for the first three days in this world and how it ran out of wine and how it was restarted in the next world  by the wine that Jesus made; the drink offering. It goes much further and tells us unless we get to the values  of 0.3 flour, 0.5 oil and 0.5 drink offering we will not be allowed into the New Jerusalem and if we did enter too early the shock of the beauty we saw would just knock us out. But Cana is not included within the ministry of Jesus Christ; ‘My time has not yet come’. If Cana is about weddings then surely it belongs to Matthew’s Gospel. The problem occurred in Eden from where the Synoptics originate, from the Day of Atonement. It was here that the allegiance that Adam showed to Eve was supposed to have been shown towards God and this allegiance needs refocusing. It was actually Eve’s allegiance that broke down first (Day of Atonement) and the more serious breakdown by Adam (GFPMC). Both breakdowns interlap and maybe why they are excluded from the ministry of the cross directly and Eve has already had her share of attention as Eve’s seed and now it is Adam’s turn. The manna, the oil and drink offerings are the result of what happened on GFPMC.

The third incident of an early recording of John is Jesus clearing the temple and the beginning of His cross ministry, GFPMC. It is about the movement of the temple of Jesus’ time and into eternity. It will first require for the Shekinah Glory of God to be removed from it, then the altar/cross will have to be removed and taken up onto Mount Calvary, the original building will be first partly destroyed by the Romans and then some 1,900 years later pulverised just before the second coming of Jesus. After this it will be completely rebuilt around where the cross/altar stood on GFPMC. It could not be used in this form at Jesus’ time because Jesus suffered for confessed sins and confessed sins were not allowed to be a part of the temple service. After the second coming this altar/cross can be inside of the temple grounds as the will not be any confessed sins of man involved. Confessed sins of Jesus, all 70 trillion of them are treated differently. This temple that is rebuilt after the second coming plays a crucial role when Jesus comes back with His two witnesses and the 144,000 wise virgins to close the door of mercy on humanity. At this time there is another massive earthquake which again destroys this temple  and

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the two of the most unlikely of builders volunteer to rebuild it for the last time; satan and the beast. They do not agree to do this lightly, they do so under duress. They are shocked to see the extent of the harm and devastation that is caused when they see God pour out the first of the seven bowls of His anger and they know that there is still another six to go! They reason if they rebuild the temple that even though it may not prevent these other bowls from being poured out God may temper their severity. This is now the last block of time; Daniel’s 7*70 or 490 years.—


This give me my final life of planet earth: 3,900 from creation to cross plus 2,000 years from cross to second coming plus 1,260 till the closing of the door of mercy plus 490 to finish transgression etc. or roughly 7,700 years.

The physical journey of the temple points to the spiritual journey. The temple always represented Jesus Christ. Yes He did withdraw His presence from it as described in John. Yes He took its altar onto Mount Calvary on GFPMC where He was murdered but arose on Resurrection Sunday. Yes He did take His own back with Him to Heaven at His second coming and after some 1,800 years there was a fabulous wedding feast of Cana. Bride and bridegroom set off for Canaan together but then something went horribly wrong. After three days the wedding feast ran out of wine. The bridegroom left His bride behind in Eden2 and came to earth. He was doing His Father’s work. The crushing of satan’s head occurred here on earth but Jesus returned back to His bride in Eden2 where satan would bruise His heel. This broken marriage relationship had to be restored outside of the ministry of Jesus Christ of eternity, Melchizedek. It had to happen before 3pm of the DOA7777 of 10/07/486. It could only be done by Jesus as flour, oil and drink offering. Initially on the cross of DOA7777 the body of Jesus was represented as grain but here it was crushed and that was the end of grain offering. The crushed body of Jesus Christ is from there onwards represented as fine flour and the appreciation level required will be 0.3 before we are able to enter the New Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit which made it entry onto earth’s stage as a result of the baptism of the Holy Spirit which was not accompanied by the baptism of repentance of the Day of Atonement but by the Holy Spirit of the cross of GFPMC. The Holy Spirit was present at the inaurgural launch of both ministries. Yes the baptism of repentance is a prerequisite to the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And just like the mystery of the ten virgins is the good oil that the wise ones had and the foolish were expected to go and buy now the mystery from the wedding feast of Cana is the drink offering that Jesus produced just in time to save the marriage and allowed it to pass on and into eternity. This should now become the centre of our prayers. Who am I? I could only be produced by Jesus Himself. I was what saved a floundering marriage. I converted an earthly marriage into a Heavenly marriage. I was performed in the time frame of this earth which was still outside of the ministry of eternity. If this be the case then I had to be completed by 3pm on the DOA7777 which is when the ministry of the High Priest of eternity began, Melchizedek. The result was that I became one temple with Jesus and the ultimate end of the journey of this temple. What is this drink offering and the new covenant of blood?

The fourth and fifth occurrence of an early John writing are Jesus speaking to Nicodemus and the Samarium woman typifying His two ministries. The Jews that came to Him and the gentile He went and sought. Both these talks comprise major texts and some time has already been spent on Nicodemus and on both many a sermon has been given. The nuances I wish to draw on are the ones that focus of Passover and Atonement. The Samarium woman was by no way ignorant of Scripture and knew of the coming Messiah but Jesus did not send her back into the desert to look for Moses’ bronze snake like He did with Nicodemus. How it would have simplified things had Nicodemus found Moses holding a bronze lamb with a stamp of ‘Passover’ somewhere on it. I would have said ‘ This is pointing to the Passover Lamb which Jesus is going to be on GFPMC where He will take away all our sins’. Alas there was no bronze lamb but a bronze snake. What about if we try to relate it to the Day of Atonement and Moses was holding up either a bronze bull or goat or ram again we could pin it onto the Day of Atonement but again alas no. Actually the agent that occurred on the birthday of the Day of Atonement, the snake representing satan was there. The issue being addressed here, satan was the embodiment of all evil, from its very first thoughts of rebellion to the last sin that is going to destroyed is the subject of the crushing of the head and the bruising of the heel. External evil, that from without is being addressed by the Day

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of Atonement and that evil within will be addressed by the cross of the Passover Lamb. It is not that the evil within us does not die as we see our Jesus hanging on the Day of Atonement cross and the harm that we cause Him by what we did not even classify as e ‘real sin’ at all but it is a different matter altogether to have these  dead evil bits of evil removed from our bodies which is what happened on GFPMC. It was Jesus Himself Who resurrected this beast within us after 3pm on GFPMC and why it is still alive today. Nicodemus was to be shown the destruction of both internal and external evil. The Samarian women and the healing of the nobleman’s son will require a major treatise of their own. John’s gospel then picks up at the feast of the Tabernacles which is the direct offspring of GFPMC. Having come through that doorway that Jesus installed onto the new earth on GFPMC we now realise that we are in our permanent home of eternity and run around madly breaking branches from the trees and making ourselves cubby houses/tabernacles to re-enact our long journey to this final destination!—


The Samarian woman concentrates on Jesus as the water of life a topic which has been commented on in part as the waters of Meribah. Their significance was noted by what happened there and how the two greatest of God’s prophets had the axe put through their ministries because under what seemed dire consequences Moses tapped this rock twice. Today the sleeping church is strangely silent on Jesus as the water of life they are far too busy trying to out match each other on the number and magnitude of clangers and bells they can come up with and here in Australia the latest is a gender neutral God. A topic not even worth bringing into play. The water in question could only come into play from John’s gospel as it is the gospel of GFPMC. In the Day of Atonement there was no Roman spear to open up the side of Jesus to release this water, only on GFPMC. With prayer when we get to this topic proper the Lord may open up some of the treasure under this pearl.

When  I read through this section on the Samarian woman I thought that it answered the issue of Jesus leaving His 99 sheep behind and going on to look for that remaining one. I think Jesus is saying to her, ‘ That Heaven is the concern for God’s people. These are the ones who came to Me in My temple and sought forgiveness which was immediately granted. It is these people whom I have come to collect at My first coming and to take back to Heaven with Me via DOA3888. But there is more to the picture than this, I want to spend the eternities with these showing them the full extent of my love and if that means staying back for GFPMC then so be it. What did happen though and this was at the very end that they changed their minds and rejected me to the extent that they actually murdered Me. This was the very last lot that did this and did not change the history over the last 3,900 odd years of the ones who came to Me. They remain My people, I have a very special spot in My heart for them and their twelve tribes will continue for the eternities to come. I have to face the facts though as unpleasant as they may be and they are that using their free will which I gave them they consciously chose another king and another leader. They wanted the break and I had no choice but to let them go, this last satanic generation. I then chose another people who wanted Me and called this lot Christians. The problem that developed was that some of those Jews who had murdered Me changed their minds and wanted to repent of their crime. This sin of murdering their Saviour was so serious it could not be brought up in the temple service of the Day of Atonement which was basically a service of worship, no it needed to be dealt with separately. It needed GFPMC. The depth of the evil that was displayed in this murder could only be countered and destroyed by the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ!  The Jew was gone he was replaced by Christian but his history over the last 4,000 odd years had not been wiped clean and formed the 99 sheep which were the objects of Jesus’ concerns on that Thursday night in Gethsemane when He decided to stay on for GFPMC.

There is nothing wrong with a bit of fantasising and on a number of occasions I have written hypothetical letters to Peter, Paul, John and Daniel pointing out ‘errors’ in their work but on each occasion up to now I have realised it was I who was in error and I did not complete, let alone post my letter. It was this Jew/Samarian issue that caused me to write to Martin Luther. ‘ Dear Martin, I realise that I am addressing the most privileged human being to live of this planet in the last 2,000 odd years and I pray that when our great tribulation strikes that I have your courage to be able to meet it. Your great privilege was that Jesus not only showed you the door into Heaven was by Faith in the completed work of Jesus Christ but you were also shown blocks that would be placed

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in front of this door preventing entry. Although it was essential for you to do so it must have been very difficult for you as a Christian of standing and therefore to be taken seriously to pen those words that every Jew had to be rounded up and killed, that was the extent of the danger that you saw the Jew as posing. Could I respectfully point out to you that it was not the Jew but the church to which you belong, the Roman Catholic Church which has closed this door and by so many means that it is no longer visible. The Jew has not been a part of the Christian equation since GFPMC and they renounced Jesus. Your recommendation that they all be rounded up and killed may have applied to the early Christian church when they teamed up with satan and tried to destroy Christianity but that did happen to them anyway but now some 1,500 years later where do you see the danger? Even if the Holy Spirit showed you that the great tribulation and the second coming is going to be a rerun of what happened at the first coming where the Jews used the ruling power of the day to destroy Christians so they will do again as the beast out of the sea at the second coming but it would be wrong of you trying to alter last days events  by killing Jews and Scripture clearly teaches that the Jews will return to Jesus and again by you trying to kill the Jews by breaking their blood lines it would wrong of you to try to do this. And Clearly today as from the time of Jesus there are only two categories of people; Christians and non Christians, Jew does not exist so why try to kill them all?’

A sort of reply might be; Well actually now is not the time for a critique of Christianity. I would have nothing to add to what I have already said many times. What I have to realise that it is from this sleeping Christianity with all of its faults that the church of the great tribulation will arise. It is from these that not only the great harvest will come but it is they that will go out and collect the rest of the harvest. There are many saints asleep in among them today and sleep is a time of reparation and preparation and will wake up in time to complete the harvest. Unfortunately only half of these will be wise and Heaven bound, the other half will be hell bound and I want to return once more to the call that wakes up the church, ‘Here comes the bridegroom come out and meet Him!’ Why does Scripture count me as asleep on day 1,289 but awake on day 1,290 when this call is made? It can’t be as simple as your doctor has told you that your cancer is so advanced that you will die within a month or in this case he has told you that you will be put on a life support system for ever, there must be more to this than that!

I am particularly interested in the scenario of a person called JK and if he indeed is a Christian he is asleep and when he awakes it will either be as a wise or foolish virgin. The numbers I use are from a long time ago and therefore impressions only. One such impression I had was that if I built a shed  that council was not involved if it was under fence height ( 1.8m) and they certainly would not put me into a maximum security jail for doing it. I was wrong on both grounds. They put me into Long Bay maximum security jail. There in the regular musters I stood on the feet painted 55c and we were locked up in our cells for seventeen hours and allowed outside for seven hours. The c indicates there were four bunks in the cell, a,b,c and d, although I can only remember two and the cell was about 6 feet wide and 8 feet long. If they leave the bunks there and put ten Christians per cell we will be able to arrange sleep in shifts. Most inmates around the world today sleep on concrete floors. Which ever way it goes it is not going to be pretty. The other even more major problem is going to be my beloved wife. We will not be in the same jail and these times are going to be times of self. When the foolish ask the wise for some of their oil they will be told no can do, I may not have enough for myself. And days in jail are not just ordinary days, they are days of extraordinary length. So by committing myself to be jailed at the start of the tribulation I knew what I was getting myself in for and there could be 2,300 morning and evening services of it or 1,150 days. Scripture regards me as being asleep when I made this decision. After the proclamation and the amnesty I was one of the first people to be arrested and jailed. The loss of car and property was also a conscious decision but this would not affect me until I was released from jail.

The other nine people in my cell were exactly in the same predicament. We decided not to start counting the days until three years had passed. You would think that three years in that hell hole would be unbearable. —


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There were sympathetic jailers there who tried to treat us with respect and we told when we had done three years and with fifty five days to go we started the count down. True to form as Scripture had predicted  we were released at the 2,300 morning and evening service, at 3pm. We knew down to a tee what we were going to do, those 2,300 morning and evening services had not been wasted. It was now all about the next 140 days before the announcement, ‘Here comes the bridegroom, come out and meet him!’. Things may not have been all that enticing in jail but at least we had a meal and shelter but now we had neither. We would expect from the harvest that is about to eventuate and even the lefties who hated us but could not agree that fellow human beings should be treated this way, they helped us in different ways. One way was to leave food in an unlocked car. There was our meal and shelter for the night and there were other ways as well. The program of the released evangelists had been worked out down to a tee; where we were to set up our soap boxes and what we were to say on each day. We were planting seed on the already spent blood of martyrs. Once the jails were filled gave the authorities no choice but to kill these Christian terrorists. It was on this blood that we were to plant the seed, a very precious crop indeed. We expected a harsh reception and that is what we got. It was common place for people to come and spit and slap our faces but the strange thing was that we prayed, ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do!’ It did not hurt, it was a privilege to receive a little of what had happened to our Jesus. What was particularly hurtful when fellow Christians did this to us.

After our release we did keep am accurate tally of each day and we knew it was going to be day 140 or 1,290 in Daniel’s reckoning where Heaven would count us as waking up. On that day we had to be near some apartment store or shopping centre that had television sets that we could watch and sure enough it did happen on this day. The world was waiting for it and the media prepared. It started with the arrival of the chief paedophile the one responsible for allowing the movement of other paedophiles from parish to parish never allowing the flock to work out from where they were going to be ravished from among many of his other virtues. But the main reason the Jesuits were set up was to destroy heretics and protestants and this he is about to begin to do with ruthless efficiency. It still should be Pope Francis who arrives at the airport and is immediately taken by convoy to those remaining foundations of the temple that Jesus administered from. He walks from his car to the edge of where this hole is today. To say that we are breathless in anticipation and we will not require the volume to be turned up, we can lip read him and sure as Scripture he announces, ‘Here comes the bridegroom, come out and meet him!’ And I still struggle with after all I have been through in those last 1,290 days why Heaven tells me I was asleep for 1,289 days of it and only woke up when I heard this sentence! What changes in me at that one moment?

Just to complete the rest of the story. He goes back and gets into his car and is driven back to the airport and the cameras show the plane taking off. Very soon after all hell breaks loose on earth. There may even have been Christian news directors who realised that no earth bound  camera could survive what was going to happen down there and had helicopters ready. Anyway we saw exactly what happened  and it had Matthew 24 written all over it, down to its minute details. All buildings including those last temple foundation stones were pulverised, fluidised in a few minutes. The tsunami was on its way. The Bible believers were already on the roads leading to the mountains and watching events on their i-phones. The tsunami came through and very few got to the mountains in time, most perished. I know that the Jews came to Jesus Christ at this time because they came to me on my soapbox and previously spat in my face now they wanted to know what they must do in order to be saved by Jesus. I stayed watching that TV until the tsunami backwashed  to show nothing but devastation. I then returned back to my soapbox a different person and why this happened when all the way along I knew it was going to happen. What had happened was that righteousness by faith had become righteous by sight. Almost the whole world had seen this event and for most righteousness by sight would be of no value it is only of value if mounted on righteousness by faith. And this remains the struggle within; why can’t I wake up until the beast out of the earth makes this announcement? What is it inside of me that changes? How is my ministry now on my soapbox going to be different from day 140 and onwards? Does the message change? Was this one of the things that we prepared for with the other ten Christians that I was locked up with?

The changes on day 1,290 were twofold. The sleeping ten virgins awoke and the harvest proper began. The gloves came off. The beast out of the sea had accomplished its purpose, it had fished out the potential Christians and they were now as sitting ducks. But it was the change within the church that was the determining

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factor. They had woken up, they had seen the light. As they were martyred Heaven opened its doors and like the first martyr Stephen they were shown their first home of the first 1,800 odd years and the look on their faces as they fell feeling no pain went on to crack the shells of the hardest hearts like Paul around them. People wanted what these martyrs already had and the harvest proper began, Our initial 140 days did yield a harvest in dribs and drabs but this was not the case from day 141 and onwards. We the evangelists had to give our all because  in all probability we would be the next cab off the rank. And that is now how we responded. The baptisms were cursory events. We were only concerned about the water baptism of repentance. The Holy Spirit knew who were His and would infill these souls and it was quite alarming the speed with which fellow Christians fell. It was about three words and Jesus did not and could not ignore them whenever they were used.

Having already spent some time in a maximum security jail it was with some trepidation that I made my decision to go back and this time to spend over three years there, but these worries were unfounded. The jail itself certainly and even the ten in my cell in all probability had five wise and five foolish virgins. The wise were accompanied by the Holy Spirit with the angels it brings. At night time our cell and the whole jail would erupt in singing Christian hymns and a time to really look forward to. This was how we fell asleep, drowned in the presence of the Holy Spirit. There was so much preparation we had to make there was scarcely enough day light hours to do so. Our first assignment had to be which one of us could sing the new song and who could not. This is the one that the saints in Heaven compose so as to exclude the foolish virgins returning to Heaven just before the door of mercy closes.


There can be no room for errors, even if one foolish virgin sneaks in at the back of the queue then it just becomes a matter of time until the next revolt and Jesus has to go back to both Atonement and Calvary’s cross again. Under no circumstance can we allow one of the foolish virgins through and it is quite a showing of trust to us by Jesus to allocate this work to us. The summary of chapter 17, Aaron’s rod blooming proved to be quite a difficult assignment but relatively simple when compared to chapter 18, the duties and gifts of Levites and priests. If we have accepted Jesus Christ of GFPMC then we are today in the kingdom and we are priests in this kingdom and as such it will be our duty to help in the gathering of the great harvest and right now I am trying to paint one such scenario involved with this gathering of the harvest.

In this scenario so far there are ten of us in cell 55 in Long Bay Jail. Not one of us could be faltered for commitment. We were separated from our wives, lost all our earthly possessions, were thrown into jail where we knew we would have to spend 2,300 morning and evening services or 1,150 days and when released another 140 days until the announcement of the coming Saviour. On that day the beast out of the earth took over when persecution proper began and we would be the first cab off the rank. WE would gladly give our lives for Jesus. If that jailing occurred today then 99 inmates out of a hundred would believe that the Sabbath day was not to be remembered but out of that lot on day 1,290 only 50% would believe that the Sabbath has been done away. These others have changed their mind whilst they were in jail. The sleep has done these virgins good, it has resulted in reparation and restoration and this becomes our first duty, to ourselves. Not all will change but some will. You can’t fault any of us on commitment, the prayers that we pray are those of power and we sing ourselves hoarse every night with loud singing of Christian hymns. So why is Jesus going to say to a half of us, ‘Go away from Me, I NEVER knew you!’ What other ground could there be other than on what we believe and do?

The scenario I take I know it to be wrong not just to the point of blasphemy but way past it if this is possible. My belief is the animal sacrifices should continue to today. I justify this from Scripture in that when Jesus was on this earth He should never be involved with any animal sacrifice and being here for over three years the temple went through all of them. Jesus should not have been in the temple when they were offered because they all pointed to Him and He had come down to fulfil them. The fact that He did attend the temple during these times shows that the animal sacrifice can run in tandem with the presence of Jesus. And so it is now. Jesus is ready to go to the Day of Atonement cross but as He has not yet gone there the animal sacrifices pointing to this event must continue just like they did until GFPMC. Sacrifices for GFPMC have been done away with but not so for the Day of Atonement! What a clanger! The other nine in the cell are stunned and as we are released

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every day for seven hours to mix with the rest of the Christian population they decide to pass it around in prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit. If this is such a serious error then please correct it using Scripture. I can tell you that forgetting God’s Holy Day is a serious error and I can justify this by the use of Scripture so what about some Scriptural rebuff?

The blood and water that flowed from the side of Jesus at 4pm on GFPMC can be compartmented because they flowed as separate streams and we can compose sermons on Jesus as the water of life and Jesus as the blood of life but His blood is but one thing, His blood. It may have been used for different purposes at different times but it remains one entity, His blood and at 4pm on the 10/07/486 it will be all gathered together again to be returned to His holy body on Resurrection Sunday the next day. On earth here Scripture tells us that it will be used as blood of the Passover as instigated on 01/01/01 in Egypt. It was supposed to be shed on the day of GFPMC, collected and applied to the doorway into the second earth and New Jerusalem. Matthew’s gospel tells us that Jesus held the Last Supper on Thursday night and was going back to Heaven that night without staying on for Good Friday, without shedding the Passover blood. If this had happened the covenant of the Passover blood would have fallen aside and a new covenant of the blood would have had to be made involving the cross of the Day of Atonement would then have had to be made. Jesus did die on GFPMC and His precious blood was spilled on the ground by that Roman spear at 4pm. To further spill blood today even if that be symbolic animal blood would be attempting to add to or cover that spilled blood on Mount Calvary today. Either attempt would be blasphemy. This blood cannot be covered nor can it be added to. It is complete, it is perfection!

One of the aims of this blog is to explain how the animal sacrificial system fits into the life and death of Jesus Christ and ultimately into eternity itself. This is where Jesus sent Nicodemus to and it is those instructions that I try to follow as well. It did Nicodemus a lot of good as he was one of the very few Christians of Good Friday. Everybody else needed Resurrection Sunday to become Christians! Nicodemus was a Christian on Good Friday afternoon. If I do not change my mind or those other foolish virgins refuse to change their minds as well all that the rest of the jailbirds can do is to pray for them. Jesus the righteous judge will make the final determination as the whether I was living up to the light He had given me or I was not. The ultimate line in the sand is going to be whether I was trying to change that which ‘it is written’ and to improve on it. To go on and rearrange the furniture in Heaven!  Scripture tells us these foolish virgins are evil. No they did not accept the mark of the beast this time around but when Jesus offers to take their place in hell for them they remove the seal of God and replace it with the mark of the beast and join the beast in his battle against the rider of the white horse. They are killed and thrown into hell! —

There are many details we need to work of our evangelistic programs on our release. The responsibility is great. Many of those we will be dealing with will finish up with us in the eternities to come. What a privilege this will be to have brought souls to the Lord! The ones who do not respond we will ultimately see them as they are thrown into hell. There will be no joy or satisfaction associated with this sight just the relief that evil is gone and will not trouble anyone ever again! Heaven will remain rebellion free forever!  The harvest begins pretty soon after our release from prison but it will be a manageable harvest at first. There will be a time for instruction and a time for baptism but this will change from day 1,290 when the foolish virgins awake. The Heaven that the martyrs are shown on their death beds now brings in an exponential increase in the harvest that there will not be a time for baptisms. We are going to have to be prepared to cope with this change, so how does our message change?

Our role as Levites and priests is discussed in Numbers 18 and will still require multiple visits before we can begin to understand these responsibilities but it is the offerings in this chapter that pose the difficulties. It is easy enough to see this chapter on earth. The congregation bringing in their gifts and offerings to Jesus in the temple and He in turn grades them and passes them onto His priests and ministers. Those graded as being related to the fires of hell of both GFPMC and DOA3888 are the highest of the offerings and treated with the greatest respect and they downgraded from there. But if this was to happen in Heaven there would be hundreds if not thousands of tons of offerings being brought before His throne weekly. We are all priests up there, as down here

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so are we to eat all these offerings?. No when transposed into the new earth and Heaven things must change.

Pretty well from the start of this blog and certainly from the time I arrived in Heaven and was given Christ’s robe of righteousness I was stunned by the beauty of what I had been given and wanted this beauty to be explained to me and to show off to others this privilege that had been given me. The problem was that the Holy Spirit was on earth and did not return back to Heaven until its final rejection. This happened when the Holy Spirit offered for Jesus to take the place of the foolish virgins in hell. When they rejected this offer the Holy Spirit returned to us in Heaven. We are not told for how long the Holy Spirit, the fine linen explained our robes to us but in a very short time we asked for the hand of Jesus in marriage and He accepted. Much of the history after this event has already had multiple visits to it.

What concerned me and I looked out for it was this presentation of the perfection of this robe of righteousness that Jesus gave me when I entered into Heaven. What a joyous moment when I saw the wave offering in Scripture for the first time. This was the answer I had been looking for. The life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, in detail what He had done for me! But these offerings of chapter 18 go a lot deeper than this. They do explain the 144 million robes of righteousness that were handed out to the saints when they entered into Heaven but chapter 18 delves into the nature of Jesus. It deals with the four way split of that statue of God; the head, feet, chest and thighs. It was the head and the feet of the animal that were placed into the fire for the burnt offering and chest and thighs were offered as a wave offering. If/when I can understand the offerings on this page I will be much the wiser on the animal sacrificial system. I will leave this page open in front of me and return to it if I am shown some extra light.

So even though I have run into a dead end in Numbers 18 I still intend to proceed with Numbers 19, the ordinance of the Red Heifer and the gospel sweep of Jesus refusing to go officially to the feast of the Tabernacles, He was not ready to officially announce His candidacy that He was going to the cross  of GFPMC but He turned up unannounced and was therefore not denying it either.—


In the gospel sweep John starts and ends with major healing miracles. He begins with the healing of the nobleman’s son and end day miracle of healing the man who was born blind. In the parallel ministries of Jesus Christ one followed on from John the Baptist, that of water baptism and repentance, Day of Atonement and the other was the baptism of the Holy Spirit which was going to be required to explain the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ as He hung from that tree on GFPMC. In DOA3888 God’s people came to Him in His temple and sought repentance and were forgiven and in GFPMC the good shepherd went as a servant and slave to seek sheep number one hundred. Both ministries began and relied on the water baptism of repentance of John the Baptist, but one would require the miraculous healing power of the Holy Spirit a power Jesus showed He had in the healing of the nobleman’s son. His GFPMC ministry would also require the miracle of sight and this sight will be given to all who seek it and again displayed by the miracle of Jesus healing the man born blind as most of the world is today but if they seek the Holy Spirit will give them their sight. As has been pointed out that even when the two witnesses come down with Jesus in His third coming to close the door of mercy, their ministry is one of sackcloth and repentance. It raises interesting questions had even one of those foolish virgins responded. But this question is a non starter as it would mean that Jesus had miscounted His sheep on the cross which is impossible. There will be no late converts. The ministry of John and Elijah, all 1,260 days of it is performed in the presence of the Shekinah Glory in the third temple. Had miracles made any difference John and Elijah would have performed them but this still would not have changed the basic purpose of their ministry from being one of sackcloth and repentance.

I have also now included Numbers 18 in my sweeps and if manage to survive this I will write a proper summary on this chapter. I have no doubt that in Numbers 15 we enter after spending the last seven months, seven days and seven hours on this earth we enter the Heavenly plain. “When you get into Canaan you shall do….” The last seven odd months before entry is to show us the contrast between what we can achieve without Jesus and then with Jesus once He is in His Father’s Kingdom. Our goal is set for us and it is very specific; offerings are to achieve the level of 0.3 fine flour, 0.5 oil and 0.5 drink offering. Unless we can get to this level of spirituality we cannot enter into the Most Holy Place, the throne room of God, the New Jerusalem. This goal is set on this

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side of time where we start to achieve it and then fully concentrate on it once we have crossed over into the new world. There is an intermission, the feast of Tabernacles, once we get over and realise that this beautiful place is now our home of eternity we can’t help but to  lose it for a while. We rush around breaking branches and flowers off the trees and making ourselves little tabernacles/cubby houses to celebrate  where we have lived in our history of getting here but after those brief mad joyous moments it is back to offerings business.

There is no problem with unintentional sin or any other sin up here as we have just been though DOA7777 and are soon the return to GFPMC. It is Heaven itself/Scripture that paints the major stumbling block to our presence in Canaan as the Sabbath day. (Num 15:32-36)  Our robe of Jesus’ righteousness may have tassels attached to it. It is of interest that Korah and his rebellion are introduced so late in the picture when we are in or at least approaching Heaven’s spheres.

The only part of this Heavenly rebellion that could carry so far are the 200 million (?) angels who grumbled in that rebellion at the start of creation but were not thrown out of Heaven because their sins, like Eve’s sin were judged to be unconfessed and unintentional. These angels further back were called the congregation of Heaven and their sins as those for every other created being were the subject of the Day of Atonement, the twin bird sacrifice. They were not involved in the events and processes of Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). They could only eat and be involved in the processes of DOA7777 but not GFPMC.

Chapter 17 is also about Heavenly life but this life relates to Aaron’s rod budding. It is about the transfer of the Aaronic priesthood which did have a life and a birthday here on earth which began with Eve’s seed or the Day of Atonement in Eden on the day that Eve sinned, was supposed to be fulfilled by Jesus at His first coming to earth but was not actually carried out until the twin bird sacrifices in Eden2 and this was His fourth coming to earth. If we are to relate these four comings of Jesus to His fourfold nature then the first coming was the creature that looked like a conquering lion, the second coming was that of the creature that looked like an ox, the third one the closing of the door of mercy on humanity was the one that looked like a man and this fourth coming was eternity, the creature that looked like an eagle. And this is what happened here; The Aaronic priesthood that began here on earth passed on and into eternity. It was in the DOA7777 of the twin bird sacrifice, on this holy Sabbath day at 3pm at the presentation of the burnt offering as a guilt offering that the Aaronic Priesthood passed on into eternity as the Priesthood of the High Priest  Melchizedek and this is the story of chapter 18 of how God’s people are now going to follow. Of course there are many differences between the up stairs version to what the Israelites did thousands of years ago but if indeed this is the Heavenly version we are going to glean much from it.

Firstly there will not be any meat/flesh sacrifices up here. There will not be any animal deaths. Even my pet lion up here, Fred after 10 million years will not have to be replaced. He is still as young looking as he was 10 million years ago so there would be no point in replacing him with a younger lion. They would be identical and this would involve a death which just does not happen up there. Only plant offerings can be made. We certainly appear to have digestive systems up and even the angels that did materialise  here on earth also had digestive systems they may do so in Heaven as well. The high light of our existence up there will be our turn to host a meal with Jesus in our apartments. Here we will see the real meaning of what Jesus said here on earth when He told us that He would not be able to eat with us again until we were all together in His Father’s Kingdom. There are offerings and there will be gifts made to God but He will pass them back to us. If the gift is from fire and there should be two types as there was a fire of hell on both GFPMC and DOA7777 but here only one seems to be being mentioned and this one is eaten by the males of the family and in Heaven were are all priests. As I pointed out before this seems to exclude the congregation of angels as they were not involved with the GFPMC service. It also seems to contradict Daniel who told us that the grain offerings would finish on the Day of Atonement. The whole grain here represented the body of Jesus Christ which was crushed, killed and from on only that crushed body as in the form of fine flour could be presented and what is also of interest is the main offering, the burnt offering is not mentioned but ‘only’ the sin and guilt offerings. The sin offering was a part of GFPMC and both sin and guilt were a part of the Day of Atonement.

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So much so for our two fleeting glances of the gospels and chapter 18, this is a summary of chapter 19, the ordinance of the red heifer. As pointed out earlier we are now in the realm  of the second Heaven, it may not be for long as we crash back to our earth and see the death of Miriam but for the time being we are on the new earth, the tent of meeting and looking upwards to where the New Jerusalem has settled or is about to settle. It is still about trying to reach an offering of 0.3 flour, 0.5 oil and 0.5 drink offering. We desperately do want to be taken with Jesus into the New Jerusalem but we want to appreciate its beauty and not knocked out by it. We had not just followed the source of life in the Day of Atonement from the day that Jesus left us in Eden2 and went back to earth, no, the tutorial that Jesus presented went to Eden and when our first parents sinned. He then spent some time in explaining the significance the genealogy of Eve’s seed through Matthew and up to His departure of when the rider of the white horse left His armies behind in Eden2 and went back to earth. We were also given a blow by blow commentary of what would in this time and this was the only reason we managed to survive those seven days when Jesus just disappeared into darkness, defilement. We could not help it but the longer the defilement lasted the more anxious we became. That silence was finally broken when we think it was the same soldier who asked in Gethsemane when he came to arrest Jesus again asked, ‘Who is this Jesus?’  He as we all were shocked by the response, ‘I AM HE!’ That flash of brilliance that resulted from that response was greater than what the three apostles saw at the transfiguration of Jesus. What they saw was the Jesus still shielded/dimmed by for accepting to take on Himself 70 trillion sins and what we see is Jesus Who had been though and had that defilement taken away from Him. He is now ready for the day of worship, He is ready to go to the cross of DOA7777, the twin bird sacrifice. We see that day as we lay at the foot of the DOA7777 cross and we see what started as an earthly event, the Aaronic priesthood pass on and into  eternity as the High Priesthood of the High Priest Melchizedek. You would think that this would be the end of what we saw but this is not the case. Over the next 1,259 days (?) and this could even be 1,260 days we see Moses/Jesus building our temples and the work is not complete until Jesus lays His sinless hair at the foot of the cross and it is moved inside the temples of our hearts. Yes we do know much of what happened on that Day of Atonement and we are ready to continue studying this Priesthood of Melchizedek inside of the New Jerusalem.

That is the life of the Aaronic priesthood, the Day of Atonement and the work of Jesus doing His Fathers work. But what about our life and its transition  into eternity? From where we can see at the foot of the New Jerusalem we can see it streaming from a museum that one part of the old universe that was not consumed by Peters conflagration. It alone survived and now has life and light streaming from it, what is going on from down there? This is GFPMC which most of us were not present at and even those who were present understood very little and for this purpose we have the chapter 19 of Numbers and the ordinance of the red heifer. Not all of what happened on GFPMC is archived, in fact very little of it is. We do not have to worry all those sins that we committed that put Jesus onto the cross of GFPMC, they are not there they have all been forgotten by none other than God Himself, there will not be any unpleasant surprises when we return back to Eden2 to see where this stream of light and life is coming from. —


Our sweeps into the synoptic gospels are getting a lot more serious now which means more correlation is required between the NT and OT. The major links to end times are the Books of Daniel and Revelation. Revelation is not really a problem to us as it is the NT, Jesus stayed on for GFPMC and this is a major part of this book although surprisingly there is a massive gap between the fires of hell eating up all the badies and the New Jerusalem coming down out of the sky but I have not as yet seen any references to Jesus taking His own back to Heaven with Him but this is not the case with Daniel. Certain sections of his book are closed. There is an option for a Thursday night rapture which should be open because this was the favoured course of action for Jesus. But there are also sections there that are closed presumably because they would not have been required had Jesus returned to Heaven with His own some 2,000 years ago. This now becomes our latest nuance that we have to factor in; the closed and opened sections in the Book of Daniel. Let me use Matthew chapter 24 as an example.

It is synoptic, it is supposed to have happened 2,000  at the first coming of Jesus  when He came down and after a short evangelistic program Jesus was to take His own, the 99 sheep, back to Heaven with Him. Okay for whatever reason this did not happen but will happen at His immanent  soon second coming, He will come back and take His own back to Heaven with Him via the Day of Atonement. (DOA7777 or the twin bird sacrifice) This

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time around the flock size has increased from ninety nine up to one hundred. But what would have happened to the temple had Jesus returned to Heaven in the year 33 (?) instead of 2022 (?). Would it have followed roughly the same course. As far as I know we are not in a closed section of Daniel in chapter 12 so that we can draw on this. Those last six months of this world’s history, between Thursday night in Gethsemane, 13/01/33 and the Day of Atonement, 10/07/33 are so packed with events it boggles the mind. (Six months approximately 180 days)

We can rule out the last ten days from the trumpet sound of 1st of July; two days for the battle against satan and the fires of hell going out. Jesus takes on the remaining 70 trillion sins and is defiled for seven days. On the last day He comes out of defilement and shaves His hair. Goes to the Atonement cross on 10/07/33 (?) We lay in front of the cross for 1,260 days whilst Jesus finishes building our temple and it is finished when Jesus lays His sinless locks of hair at the foot of the altar. All transgression is finished, sin ended right up to the anointing of the Most Holy Altar. Scenario fits both first and second comings like a glove but what about the start of these 180 odd days and the destruction of the temple, clearly a major event in all three synoptics?

The critical date and time remain as Thursday night at 10pm in the Garden of Gethsemane on 13/01/3889. Jesus has revealed His divinity and every person on earth has been killed. Jesus raises the righteous dead from Adam and Eve right up to His last convert here on earth. Peter has been kind enough at the transfiguration of Jesus to place them into two tents with the tent of Jesus; those in Moses’ tent and those in Elijah’s tent and all leave earth at 10.15 pm on 13/01.3889 presumably bound for Eden 2. Jesus has not withdrawn His Shekinah Glory from the temple and it remains a holy place. This will not prevent satan from destroying it just like it did not prevent the Babylonians destroying this holy place. Very soon after Jesus raises all the wicked dead. (continue tomorrow)

On our sweep of the duties of priests in Heaven in Numbers 18, I am not sure we are allowed to draw technical details down to this level, to mix the Heavenly with the sands of the Sinai. We certainly have two groups in Heaven, the angels and the saints, the bride and the congregation. If as it appears we are assigned a certain number of angels as it was in the welcoming party, say five angels then we would be allowed to call them our family, in earthly terms sons and daughters with whom we can share offerings like the wave offering. What their role as family would be other than to keep us company I do not know. As all grain offerings have been done away with at DOA7777 where the body of Jesus was represented by grain whenever either GFPMC or DOA7777 are referring to the body of Christ this grain must be crushed just like the body of Christ was crushed on these cross occasions. It is still okay to offer first fruits as grain, it does not have to be crushed as a fine flour and mixed with oil. This still does not sort out why only the males, it does not say but presumably priests were only allowed to eat of the sin and guilt offerings. Again the difference between us and angels has been covered in the blog proper. They ‘only’ committed unintentional unconfessed sins, they did not scream for the death of Jesus, they did not tread over His holy blood as if it were dirt. Their sins were the subject of those 70 trillion sins left over after the fires of hell were extinguished. They were ‘cleaned’ by what Jesus did on DOA7777 but did they really need GFPMC?


In Matthew with the raising of the dead it could not be with the millennium as there is only now a maximum of six months involved and satan now realises it is point, game set and match for him so whether he now destroys the city and the temple as at the fourth coming when he was the only one left, or whether it is destroyed by an earthquake set off by the slamming of the door of mercy as in the case of the third coming or by one of the evil powers of the day as at the second coming, regardless the temple is destroyed and cannot be used for that final holy service of the Day of Atonement, it must be held upstairs somewhere. A lot of Matthew 24 could be made to fit in with the first coming of Jesus or the synoptic gospels. What about Matthew 25 and the foolish virgins, where is that call, ‘Here comes the bridegroom, come out and meet him!’ and is this call made forty five days before Thursday’s night rapture? Jesus is certainly preparing by John chapter seven and verse 37 (?), these are certainly exciting times. Has Jesus almost finished His Father’s work and is about to start on His

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own work? Both ministries are those of the Nazirite. As they are fascinating in Numbers 18 where we are learning of what sort of relationship will exist between us and the angelic hosts of eternity.

Numbers 15 took us into Heaven, ‘When you get into Canaan you have to do….’. Chapter 16 was about Korah and his rebellion. By this stage in Heaven, in Canaan the only ones left are those angels who grumbled but were not thrown out of Heaven. This lot are the ones who are going to accompany us for the eternities to come and with whom we will be sharing at least some of our offerings and right now we are trying to work out on what grounds these exclusions will be made. Why are they different? Why place Korah’s leftover lot before the Day of Atonement moves into eternity and why not just before chapter 19 when GFPMC move into eternity? Here the difficulties between these nuances peak and we are forced to make some pathway through it that best explains what has happened so far but would not be surprised if major errors were made.

It was Jesus Who drew the line in the sand on the second day of Korah’s rebellion in Heaven when all complained all out. All the congregation of angels complained/grumbled and therefore all out. No angels left in Heaven. For a certain number of these which I take as 200 million Jesus ruled their sins as unintentional. They were missing their leaders with whom they had formed a trusting relationship especially if those leaders had really turned on the charm and attention to in order to get them to join the rebellion or whatever other factors were operating at the time. These 200 million stayed behind. They either did or did not confess their sin of grumbling and Scripture seems to indicate by this order in Numbers, that they did not confess. These then became unintentional and unconfessed sins and a part of the 70 trillion sins that Jesus went to the Atonement cross for (DOA7777). They did not require GFPMC for the forgiveness of their sins. But just say that when they saw all the turmoil that was going on around them with the structural changes that were occurring that they were lucky to have survived, that they had sinned and confessed of whatever sin they may have committed. Any confessed sins be they intentional or unintentional being quantised passed onto GFPMC, the scapegoat and these scapegoat sins were dealt with between 9am and noon of GFPMC in the hours of light. Did they deserve or experience the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ? Or is this an input/output relationship? The deeper the hurt we cause our Jesus the greater His response and the more we can appreciate it? Even if they come back with us into the museum and see a little of the horror of GFPMC that Heaven has preserved for eternity and they were there holding their breaths on the actual day of GFPMC as the flames from down there engulfed the throne of Heaven they still may not eat of the sin offering from that day. It did not involve them and by extension when that sin offering was again presented as a guilt offering (All done plus 20%) neither could they eat off this guilt offering also. They had their bit of eternity which for humanity was the goat as the sin offering and for JK batch number 1944010111111  and each time I turn that stone that is my key to my apartment to remind me I shouldn’t really be here and by an act of worship I am here! We do share our first fruits and they are in grain form and don’t have to be crushed as a fine flour. No these angels pass through from their mortal beginnings near Eden and through the doorway of eternity on the back of the Day of Atonement passing through when  it converts from the Aaronic priesthood and into that of Melchizedek, our High Priest forever! Aaron’s rod has blossomed!

Aaron is through and so are the angels and now what about us? This museum that is attached to the new universe, Eden2 is only supposed to house things which could not be included in this new sinless universe. Therefore it should not contain anything that is related to divinity. All of divinity passed through. The high priest taking the blood of the sin offering into the Most Holy Place should not be here as it is divinity and this includes both GFPMC and DOA7777. It is here to show us the earthly beginnings of life and how they sprouted and are soon to appear in the Holy City itself and the throne room of God. —


The first people to look at this red heifer were Moses and Aaron. They knew what it meant, they knew that from it would flow the life giving and sin forgiving water from the ashes which resulted from the body of Jesus Christ being burned in hell and they knew that this combination of water and ashes had to be divinity for it to have survived the fires of hell. They knew that this would now be encompassed in the rock of Meribah whose precious life giving waters would yield to anyone who but asked. They struck this rock twice. They did not

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question the penalty that God metered out; death. Their high standing before God did not mitigate the penalty, it enhanced it. They knew of the divinity involved yet it had to have a root in humanity as well, they passed it down to Eleazar the priest to officiate this sacrifice.

This red heifer sacrifice will  certainly be offered at the start of eternity but then only once every million or hundred million years just to ‘bring us back to earth’. It is the most severe of events, it is a cross speciation. It is not just a one year old male or female lamb as involved in Passover and it is not a goat or bull as involved in the Day of Atonement, it is a red heifer. The bull aspect would have pushed it over the line and into divinity but this is just one stage short of divinity. It involves an on earth combination of goat and a one year old lamb and is therefore not just earthly beginnings of GFPMC but also DOA7777. But you may say that what is involved here is the integration of the two great feasts of eternity and as our Heavenly family of angels was involved in DOA7777 this integration with GFPMC will now allow them to eat of the burnt sacrifice that comes from this day and the exclusion of Numbers (18:10) no longer applies. Here though we have the difference between the heifer and the bull sacrifice. The angels unconfessed, unintentional sins passed onto Jesus and Because Jesus did this for them He became the object of honour, praise and worship which expressed as animal sacrifice as the bull. The red heifer was a combination of scapegoat or confessed sins plus the miraculous act of the Passover Lamb. The burnt sacrifice from neither of these days could not proceed until all sin had been removed; in our case GFPMC removed all our sins and in DOA7777 every last trace of sin had been removed.

Both Moses and Aaron knew they would be involved in the Heavenly aspect of the this sacrifice that of the high priest but Eleazar the priest looks after this earthly aspect. First of all it is held outside of the camp, it is not in Heaven itself where this killing or any other killing occurs. He does take the blood at the start and wave it towards the tent of meeting, he does not take it inside let alone into the Most Holy Place. Today this tent of meeting does not yet exist. On GFPMC Jesus made a door for it and on this doorway today this blood has already been sprinkled on it, it is the human blood of the Passover Lamb, Jesus Christ. As we walk through this doorway and we see this blood it is the earthly link. Once inside the new Heaven/earth and we check the door frame again we see its Heavenly counterpart, ox blood from the nature of Jesus that looks like an ox. This had to be human blood otherwise it would have been sprinkled by the High Priest. The entirety of the red heifer was burned; its hide (doesn’t this skin represent the righteousness of Jesus Christ and His robe that He will finish up giving us), flesh ( the body of Jesus Christ onto which our sins were placed on GFPMC, it still seemed like an entire body that came out hell’s fires and was hanging on the cross at 3pm), its blood ( wasn’t there blood that poured out at 4pm when that Roman spear opened up the side of Jesus? Its refuse again indicating the entire destruction of the body of Christ. There was a cedar tree involved indicating that both the cross of Jesus and the tree of life which began in Eden will pass onto eternity as cedar. The scarlet material could be the blood of Jesus that resulted from His flogging and the hyssop that was involved on GFPMC both at the start of the cross at 9am. Jesus tasted it at the start of His suffering and said He was still prepared to go ahead with it. At the end of His suffering He asked for the full amount. He had now broken His Nazirite vow on two of the three grounds. He had asked for and drank a grape based product which He was not allowed to do and now He was going to join us and become a part of the dead again something forbidden. The only condition He still had not broken was that He had not cut His hair. He had not cut off His hair because they were not His sins that He had suffered for, they were our sins. You have to feel sorry for ministers who pass around leavened bread for the Lord’s Supper. Leaven is the symbol of sins and they imply that the sins of GFPMC were the sins of Jesus. What a clanger! How hopelessly can anyone be uninformed! Talk about the blind leading the blind!

There is still a time coming when Jesus will cut off His hair. It will be at the end of the day on 09/07/486. The event is described in detail in Numbers six. He has to cut off His hair because it has been defiled and it became defiled when Jesus pleaded guilty to the remaining 70 trillion sins that were left after the fires of hell had been extinguished. It was not a game of charades that was now being played out, these were real sins and the plead of ‘guilty as charged’ by Jesus to these sins is what defiled not just His hair but His whole body. This defilement lasted for seven days and finished on the 09/07/486 when Jesus cut off that defiled hair. He still had to go to His Atonement cross but His separation from His Father had finished. All three conditions of the Nazirite Vow had been broken and all three had to be repaired. Verse seven seems to contradict everything I have said

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about the man who was able and led the scapegoat out to be destroyed and who had to return before the offering that the Day of Atonement was all about could proceed; the ram burnt offering.—


Much of what Heaven has archived about GFPMC has not been revealed in Scripture elsewhere. In fact most of chapter 19 fits this prescription. Both Moses and Aaron looked at it but passed it onto Eleazar, it was a red heifer and not a goat and one year old lamb, Eleazar presided over the proceedings, he sprinkled its blood towards the tent of meeting, watched it being burned in its entirety, threw cedar wood, hyssop and a scarlet material into its fires are all new to me. I can see some of the limitations that were placed on the author when describing the Day of Atonement in Numbers six when he was trying to describe what happened in Eden when our first parents sinned. He was supposed to tell us about Eve’s seed crushing satan’s head and in return satan was going to bruise his heel. These are the two events involved in the Day of Atonement. One of satan’s greatest lies is that he does not exist and therefore needs no particular attention to be weary of his nefarious actions and he would certainly make use of the fact that he had been destroyed even symbolically. Swaggart’s version of this lie would be that satan was almost destroyed on GFPMC. This is not spoken of until the actual event occurs on 02/07/486. The crushing of the heel of Eve’s seed poses problems because even though  God is addressing Eve and satan, Adam is standing probably right alongside Eve and He has the intentional sin recorded against him. What is going to be done with him?

Numbers six rightly ignores Adam because it is dealing with the second Day of Atonement, DOA7777. It could not do this if it were dealing with DOA3888. Adam’s sins were here as the scapegoat but by the time we get to DOA7777, GFPMC has occurred and all confessed sins have been done away with. Numbers six can therefore tell us that the Nazirite was not allowed to come in contact with any dead but only believers, who came to God to be saved, the living. There was one exception to this contact with the dead rule and that worked out not to be the man who fell over dead very suddenly next to the Nazirite, but a woman, Eve. A classic case of Scripture being gender neutral. The problems that this woman posed by falling over dead could be rectified by the twin bird sacrifice and Jesus could take her and the rest of the living back to Heaven with Him as He had arranged with God the Father in making His Nazirite vow as recorded in Numbers six. The problem of Adam had been moved elsewhere onto GFPMC where it had been resolved.

If Numbers six, first half of it, is a detailed description of DOA7777 then Numbers 19 is the Heavenly version of GFPMC, at least the parts that could not be admitted through the doorway and onto the new earth. Both DAO7777 and GFPMC were the work of Jesus the Nazirite but Numbers 19 has a very heavy emphasis on the humanity of GFPMC of Eleazar the priest. It has all been about him so far as throwing the cedar into the fire of the burning heifer. Once the red heifer is burned he washes his clothing and himself down and returns to the camp but remains unclean until evening. But he has another assistant there who burns the heifer and must also clean up before returning to camp where he too will remain unclean until evening. The only parallels we have to this is in the Day of Atonement  where the man who was able led the scapegoat outside of the city/camp, saw to its destruction and then came back and washed himself. I take this scenario as the man who led the scapegoat to be the divinity of Jesus Christ and the scapegoat that He led to be His humanity. The burnt offering that followed was not of a divine nature but it was held in the presence of divinity. This man had to return before the burnt offering was made but it was conducted by the high priest only after he had removed his high priests attire. It was presented by Eleazar.

And now we have a similar situation but specifically involving humanity only. We have already got the Aaronic priesthood over into eternity of Aaronic to Melchizedek via Aaron’s rod that blooms but now we need to able to do the same thing with GFPMC. This involves a lot more humanity of Jesus showing us the full extent of His love. Jesus/priest/Eleazar conducts/supervisors all the events of GFPMC. He has to, at the end of the day He will call it is finished and to prove that it is finished He will present Himself as the burnt offering and the same offering that we as saints will present for the eternities to come. This scenario presents a number of problems but we must remember we are not down here on earth on GFPMC on 14/01/3889 but in Eden2 where Heaven has archived a version of this event that is to be preserved for eternity. It is not a service just a fact finding tour.

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There is not going to be a burnt sacrifice produced from this red heifer. After it everyone is going to pack up and return to camp in the new tent of meeting even though they will not become clean until evening.

An inescapable result from the first eight verses seems to be that it is us, the saints are the man who does the burning, we are responsible for the incineration of this red heifer. We certainly take the advantage from it. The ashes with their sin purification waters are the transaction from our deaths to eternal life we are seeking.  We cannot be the man who carries the ashes because we are unclean until evening and this man has to be clean. If these ashes are deposited outside of the camp, in Eden2 will they have sin purification ability? Initially I had the water of Heaven emanating from under the throne of God, covering the Holy City and giving each of us water front apartments then overflowing onto the plains below where we have been given our plots of land and finally pooling up in Eden2 where there still would be life. Its sink would be these ashes from the red heifer and therefore also the source of the water itself. It would then be lifted and recycled from under the throne. But in the final Heaven there will be no sin nor any possibility of sin so there will be no need for its purification purposes.

What we have just experienced may require some washing until we become clean on this evening but the realisation of what we did to our Jesus is life shattering and changing. We did not just watch the red heifer burn, we burned it! What a difference one extra visit to a topic makes. If this man who burns the heifer is really us then the differences could not be greater and if we were ever asked to come back here whenever it would be with great fear and trepidation. Not that long ago we lay in front of the Atonement cross after which it took Moses/Jesus 1,259 days to build and finish our temples where we asked for and received the Atonement cross in our hearts, what is going to happen to us after us burning His body in hell. On the Day of Atonement technically they were Jesus’ sins but we knew better. There are no such nuances here. These were our sins and we did it to our loving Saviour! Is that some of the full extent of His love shinning out of this fire? Even if we never have to come back here to Eden2 to re-enact this red heifer ever again it must have left an indelible scar on us.


Oh what a difference does Num (19:8) make, ‘The one who burns it shall also wash his clothes in water and bathe his body in water, and shall be unclean until the evening.’

At first it looked like the edifice I had been building had fallen down but actually it has been strengthened not to the extent that we can see into those hours of darkness of noon to 3pm on GFPMC but we must be that little bit closer to this goal. Just in the following section I am going to expand my terms to the long winded version as contradictions appear to abound. Firstly there is going to be the skyline or pie in the sky group of the first half of Numbers six. These did not sin. Since creation they did not sin and the Nazirite came to earth to take this lot back to Heaven. They did however have one exception to this sinless state and that was Eve who fell over dead very suddenly alongside the Nazirite. No problem, this hiccup would be handled by the twin bird sacrifice , satan would be destroyed and all would work out to be roses. This would involve Jesus having to get rid of 70 trillion sins and it is important to note that as these sins have still not been dealt with we will actually see the process as it occurs. This blue skyline thing does apply to the Levitical angels in Heaven who did not rebel or grumble as well as to those who did grumble as well as to all of Jesus’ creation which sinned unintentionally and did not confess their sins. The whole of this incident is covered by the Day of Atonement and this restoration of humanity to divinity was announced way back in Eden on the day our first parents sinned. The Nazirite who crushed the head of satan and had his heel bruised in the process was Jesus doing the work of His Father. This is lot one and is concerned with the living and the dead are to be avoided at all costs.

Lot two are separate but they are a part of lot one in that that also have unconfessed unintentional sins which are not counted as theirs even though Jesus has not yet pleaded guilty to them. I do not know where they are but they are up there somewhere. Lot two are the Adam’s, they have intentional sins recorded against them. In Eden there was no GFPMC and it was not formalised until Egypt on the 01/01/01 but it did not have to happen. All that happened on this birthday of Christianity was that there was an answer given, ‘If the blood of the Passover Lamb is on the door frames of a house, then the angel of death will pass over this house and not kill

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the first born son.’ But that was all, it did not mean Jesus had committed Himself to Mount Calvary, in fact the preferred option was that He was not going to go ahead with it. This meant that this was there was only one other place where Adam type sins could be forgiven; they were moved into the Day of Atonement and there they remained and would have been dealt with by Jesus when He came to earth to pick up His own to take them back to Heaven with Him on the 10/07/3889. This is scenario one and had it happened Jesus would have ninety nine sheep back to Heaven with Him or I just wildly guessing that this would have been a total of one million souls. These would not have experienced what happened on GFPMC, they would not have experienced the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ. The majority of Heaven, ninety nine sheep would have lived forever and not experienced the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ.

To say that ‘something’ did happen some six months before this date on the 14/01/3889 would have to be the greatest misnomer of all times. GFPMC happened on the 14/01/3889. Earth, Heaven and hell changed on this day to become unrecognisable to what it had been the day before, it did not negate the Day of Atonement but it did change it in drastic ways. From 14/01/3889 we have lot three of people which Scripture describes as one sheep and again just picking a number out of the blue I take a 143 million giving me a total of 144 million saints but Scripture counts as one hundred (99 + 1) when that flash in the sky occurs at the second coming of Jesus Christ. These extra people became the subject of the Nazirite doing His own work.

One thing that did change was that there was now a place where Adam type sins could be dealt with. In fact all confessed sins from all ages moved onto this one day. Before those one million who would have gone to Heaven with Jesus at His first coming could not take advantage of GFPMC but now that it had they could so because their sins had been moved across. This was indeed a major event in Heaven, ninety nine sheep could now experience the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ. Not just the one sheep, or the 143 million souls saved between the first and second comings but all 100 sheep, all 144 million redeemed. Each one is involved in the burning of the red heifer and each one will take advantage  of the doorway that this heifer created onto/into the new Heaven and earth. We all walked through this doorway some two years ago, then walked back through it into this  museum where we are being shown this red heifer and we will soon be walking back through it into eternity proper. This time you can be quite sure we will be doing a double check on that doorway of the blood of the Passover Lamb.

Even though we are all involved in incinerating the red heifer it could have been much worse. Jesus has allowed Himself to be thrown by every individual into the fires of hell. That is what GFPMC was about. He has displayed to every saint in Heaven the full extent of His love. All may and do enter through this doorway that was created by this act and ultimately into the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem. But note that there is no mention here of any of our sins because they had been paid for and forgotten way back on GFPMC. They had been quantised, they had been packaged and we did not deny that they had not been committed but there was no nasty, gory details of what was involved. This was not the case in DOA7777 where that packet of 70 trillion sins were dealt with and some of that information imprinted on the rock that formed from the ashes of hell of this day to become my key to my apartment of eternity, we actually saw each individual sin on that day but not so in the archives of the red heifer.

How do we get a red heifer out of the Day of Atonement and Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary? (GFPMC). When the Nazirite was decommissioned He handed in three animals; one year old male lamb as a burnt offering, one year old ewe-lamb for a sin offering and a ram for a peace offering. From the Day of Atonement of Leviticus 16 we get one bull, two goats and two rams and from Eden2 the one which we actually see, DOA7777 we get two birds, no red heifers anywhere. The red heifer is a combination of these events and we have to remember why we have been sent back into this place from which we have so recently just come from. We were already on the new earth standing at the foundations of where the New Jerusalem had either settled or was about to settle on and watching how and why earthly things turned into eternity and we were up to the last item, how we as mortals are about to change into immortality when the problem occurred. We just could not see, we needed a brutal reminder to knock those scales off our eyes. Our teacher at this time was not ‘just’ Jesus Himself but Jesus who was in His Father’s Kingdom. There was no choke on the availability of the

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Holy Spirit and it was this Jesus who decided we had to be marched back into Eden2 where this red heifer was archived. We did know a lot more about the Day of Atonement when we were marched past the spot where the DOA7777 cross stood but what happened next we will be stunned by for the rest of eternity. It was our opening verse, Num(19:8); ‘The one who  burns it shall also wash his clothes in water and bathe his body in water, and shall be unclean until evening.’ It was me, it was JK who pushed that heifer into the fires of hell!! The fact that Jesus allowed me/us to do this so that we could spend eternity with Him speaks volumes of His love for me. In that fire He showed me the full extent of His love and I may now go through that doorway that He created and into the throne room of God. With such a base, such a foundation as this love I can stand with no fear in the presence of God. Come on down New Jerusalem JK is ready for entry! Can there be any other pearls that have to be revealed? Surely there is nothing else that can even go close to the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ!


Even though the red heifer is the earthly base and source of the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ it is not admitted into Heaven itself. We do celebrate and commemorate the Passover for the eternities to come it does not it recorded up there anywhere that JK did deliberately push  the red heifer into the incinerator. That JK through his confessed sins did put Jesus Christ into the fires of hell and that Jesus was quite prepared to do this, to pay this price if that meant that JK would spend the eternities with His loving Saviour. This was Jesus Christ taking the low road through time. This was the one where He came into contact with the dead. This was the one where He joined the dead and is about to give us rules concerning that contact with the dead. It is a road that we seek clarification on. At this stage certainly it appears that it is the domain of the Gospel of John who looks into time from the beginning and sees that dark area of three hours of darkness from noon to 3pm on GFPMC, but he also sees light coming from here. It is this light that we too seek.

The low road for Jesus was down here on earth and onto Mount Calvary. GFPMC. The high road up there was collecting His ninety sheep and taking them back to Heaven with Him. There was one hiccup allowed and that was Eve suddenly falling over but this taken into account by the twin bird sacrifice, DOA7777 and even the atonement cross was up there in Eden2 as satan had destroyed the earthly temple where it should have been held but in a way this event cleansed this area allowing it not to be destroyed by Peter’s conflagration and to remain as the earthly museum forever. Up there it was a journey specifically designed to stay away from the dead but down here it was not just a journey with the dead, it was journey where Jesus joined the dead at His own request by asking for that grape related product near 3pm on GFPMC and calling, ‘Father why have You abandoned Me?’ It started at 9am on GFPMC with the transfer of the sins of the scapegoat from the Day of Atonement whenever it was going to be held. There was going to be way more than this. The scapegoat should have suffered for a matter of seconds as it tumbled down that cliff and was probably even unconscious from the time it hit the first ledge. It was not incinerated, it was not pushed into the fires of hell, Jesus was at 9am pushed into and allowed Himself to be pushed into those fires of hell. There were the confessed sins of the scapegoat there but there was much worse also. There was Adam hiding in the trees and coming out when Jesus appeared and asking to be forgiven for siding with Eve rather than with Jesus but there was also Adam rushing out of those trees and with a piece of cedar wood clubbing Jesus to death with it! This sin could not be even mentioned on the Day of Atonement, a day of worship even if taken outside of the camp. It needed to be handled separately and moved to another day; 9am on GFPMC on 14/01/3889. This smear of evil had to be incinerated, it had to be burned in hell and this is what GFPMC was about. God’s people turned against His only Son and murdered Him.

But this red heifer was more than three hours of light, it was also three hours of darkness and it is with three hours of darkness with which we continue to struggle. Surely there has to be some clues to our puzzle in what Heaven has archived. It would not archive darkness but only that darkness turned into light. It is a wonderful privilege to see some of the significance of the odd sentence but it is not just that sentence that is inspired by the Holy Spirit, so are the others as well. There was little difficulty in joining the Nazirite Jesus to humanity because we are given a detailed genealogy back to Eve’s seed. This was the Jesus of the Day of Atonement and if in fact this Jesus does pass onto eternity by the conversion of the Aaronic high priesthood into

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that of Melchizedek at 3pm on 10/07/486 we have the complete lineage, but what about the Jesus the Nazirite of the Passover, what about His lineage? It was the same Nazirite but He had been given two ministries.

His lineage back to humanity is via Eleazar the priest and not Aaron the high priest. It is Eleazar who presides over the red heifer ordinance. It must be outside of the camp. Well we have specifically just left the camp of eternity and been marched back out  here to what is the only part of the old universe that did not get destroyed. We are shown that it was Jesus Himself Who allows Himself to be killed. The blood that Eleazar/Jesus now sprinkle towards that doorway between the two universes is more than ‘just’ blood from the Passover lamb which it has to be to satisfy the conditions imposed on it in Egypt way back on 01/01/01, it is blood of the red heifer, it contains a goat component in it which was transferred the Day of Atonement which was Jesus doing His Father’s work. The tent of meeting has not yet been created behind this doorway today but up there that is from where we have just come, looking some 1,800 years into the future. Seven times is a Heavenly number of completeness. This heifer is red indicating the significance of blood but it is a combination of ewe-lamb blood and the blood of the scapegoat. The entire heifer is incinerated, the whole of the body of Jesus Christ was placed into hell. It was each individual saint who pushed that body into the furnaces of hell. Is there now going to be a moment when this incineration process is going to pass into darkness and we will be left standing in the dark? There is not so why does the earth on GFOMC at noon pass into a three hour of darkness? Is this now where the role of the Passover lamb as the Passover cuts in? Is this the moment at which the priest throws the cedar wood, hyssop and scarlet material into the flames into the midst of the burning heifer? Throwing cedar wood onto the fire would cause it to flare up bright and not dark. This maybe as on the sun today where there are dark spots on the sun’s surface but this is not really the case. They are spots of intensive light of X rays but we perceive them as dark because we are not looking at them with the right glasses. Thus it is with those dark hours of GFPMC. They are sources of X rays but we cant see them because we do not have Heavenly glasses. I do not know that Jesus was given or accepted any hyssop at noon when He went into darkness and that red scarlet material, the blood of Jesus Christ continues to evade us. We know that it was spilled at 4pm by that Roman spear but this event has not been archived here for us.

What has been dealt with is sin and the defilement that this has caused must now be washed clean. Eleazar who presided over this ordinance needs washing but so do they who pushed the red heifer into the incinerator need washing and the water for this washing is supplied by God/Heaven itself. It soaks out of the ashes that have been left in the incinerator. These ashes when they cool will leave something of permanence behind in the form of a rock, an igneous rock soaked with water with sin forgiving properties. This rock looks as if it is going to remain outside of the camp but in a clean place. Once it has now cleaned JK from what he did to his Saviour it will no longer be required but will remain archived not that is any chance of JK ever sinning again. It will remain as a perpetual statute as a reminder of where we have come from. But other than the blood that was thrown against the doorway of the tent of meeting which will be on the outside to us and we will never see unless we come back out through it, no other blood has been archived, it will all pass through and into the new universe.

GFPMC, especially the hours of darkness continue to remain that, hours of darkness. The cedar wood being added to the fire is significant and hyssop indicates a transfer from GFPMC. It may even be here that the Passover lamb becomes dominant. The blood of the Passover Lamb has been significant from the time of its acceptance in Egypt on 01/01/01 on the old earth and the time of its actual shedding, 14/01/3889. But this scarlet material that is being added to it was not present at the start, at 9am. At this time the goat was present and any blood from the goat was blood from the Day of Atonement and according to Matthew this would have constituted blood of the New Covenant. And wasn’t it a cedar cross that Jesus was put onto at 9am on GFPMC and why has it taken until noon for this cedar to catch alight? We still continue to struggle with those hours of darkness. We know that it wasn’t just the ones who jeered and sneered at Jesus or even though those actively involved in His murder but repented that were the subject of these hours of darkness. Nor was it those who trampled on the blood of Jesus and treated it as nought but again latter repented that were just involved. It was everyone of us. We are all capable of this level of evil, we all have the beast of evil within us. We all need this beast to be killed within us and it was killed by the X-rays that were produced in the hours of darkness. The depth of evil, the desire to kill the Son of God and to trample over His priceless blood and treat it like the dirt it

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was spilled on, that darkness could only be destroyed by light in its brightest form; X-rays which unfortunately require Christian glasses to detect and these are only given out by the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately also these x-rays have the ability to blind someone and therefore the sight given must be progressive. We know the start when that Roman spear opened up the side of Jesus at 4pm on GFPMC and we know its antonym; the blood of all the evil that is drained from their bodies after they have been to hell when put through the wine press of the wrath of God, all we need now is the bits in between!

Having given us life eternal Scripture now moves to make sure that we do not lose it and what better way of doing this than to plant life eternal in our midst; Jesus Christ! It was in the OT where Jesus expected people to come to Him in His temple and He sent out evangelists, the Israelites to bring in His harvest but at His first coming He went out to collect this harvest as well. This is called the ministry of the Day of Atonement. We are now in the ministry of the red heifer of GFPMC—


It is this clash and change in ministries which is also our problem within the synoptic and John’s gospel which I am going to try to define more clearly. I will use the crude earthly example of some chap called JK who was groomed by his father to be a dentist but became a teacher for while and finally a dentist. The story may be fine but it must contain two inflection points; one at the change from dentist to teacher and the second from teacher to dentist. Once they have been established there could be any amount of filler within these three sections. Thus it is with the three stage ministry of Jesus Christ, there has to be two inflection points. Stage one is Jesus comes to earth to do His Father’s work or the Day of Atonement. Stage two is Jesus changes His mind and goes to the cross of GFPMC. Stage three is Jesus changes His mind again and goes to the cross of DOA7777. There are two inflection points, two changes of mind.

One such inflection point in the Gospel of John could be Jesus withdraws His presence from the temple, leaving your house desolate. He now knows that the Day Of Atonement ordinance cannot proceed in this temple because He has withdrawn His Shekinah Glory from it and therefore GFPMC can now proceed which will involve the dismantling of this empty temple. In the synoptics the Day of Atonement is what it is all about, getting ready for a Thursday night rapture from Gethsemane.  But that night in Gethsemane as all humanity lay dead in front of Him, instead of taking advantage of that rapture Jesus changes His mind and decides to stay on for GFPMC. There are two inflection points at the start of His ministry and the story told after these inflection points should vary in detail as does chalk and cheese. But what about the exit inflection point?

One such point, the continuation of the Day of Atonement is clearly defined. It started off on GFPMC and in its latter stages the bridegroom marries His bride. They ride out of Heaven together bound for Canaan as the army behind the rider of the white horse. Trying to stop them are the wicked living but these are destroyed. Jesus then takes His bride to Eden2 where He leaves her but clearly explains to her why she cannot come along. Jesus will now be doing His Father’s work and she is not a part of this. She sees Him just above planet earth as He delivers His 1,250 day tutorial (all hell breaks loose on the 1st of July) but then Jesus completely disappears from view as He begins His seven days of defilement for pleading guilty to those 70 trillion sine that were left over after the fires of hell were extinguished. The end of these seven days of defilement is the exit of that second inflection point. Jesus cuts off His defiled hair and goes to the Atonement cross on the next day. It is at this point and the one that we are at in Num (19:11) where Jesus changes from being a part of us to where we now become a part of Him and divinity.

It is an absurdity even contemplating how much simpler the situation would be with John had Jesus not left the temple. No start would not have required any finish but the ministry of Jesus in John is a ministry of the temple. In all four gospels Jesus is baptised but only in John does Jesus begin His ministry by cleansing the temple. In the other three gospels His ministry begins immediately after with the tempting in the desert. In John alone the miraculous acts of the Holy Spirit are required to transpose this temple into the believers hearts and ultimately into the throne room of God, the New Jerusalem. The inflection point for the start of the synoptic and John’s Gospel differ by some eight days (?) and so does the exit deflection point. But there is an exit, the vow of

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the Nazirite is fulfilled and He is decommissioned. At this stage sometimes I think it is 1,259 days after DOA7777, other times I think it is 1,260 and still other times 1,259 and a bit. The issue is the Nazirite placing His sinless hair on the altar/cross. We are now in a better position to return to verse 11.

The ashes from this red heifer would have been so precious and even if used as a fine dust they would have required replenishing  quite regularly here on earth but not so in Heaven where their sin purification powers were not required. How much ash this ordinance produced would have been dependant on the size of the heifer and how much cedar they were allowed to throw into this fire. It would have helped us had the scarlet material been attached to the wood. The blood and body of Jesus after His flogging had adhered to the cross but this does not appear to be the case. The fact that the cedar wood did catch alight and burn is significant as we follow the journey of the cross from the cleansing of the temple to begin the ministry of Jesus to the day it became desolate when Jesus  withdrew His Shekinah Glory, to day when with the help of Simon Jesus dragged it onto Mount Calvary where it stood for seven hours carrying God of eternity on it. It was then bathed in His precious blood which congealed and set around it. We are not told what happened to it for the next two thousand odd years when just after the second coming of Jesus it makes it grand reappearance again, this time as the centre piece of the rebuilt temple which then acts as a base for Jesus when He returns with His two witnesses to close the door of mercy. The temple is again destroyed by an earthquake that is set off by the slamming shut of the door of mercy and again rebuilt this time within the closing of time and Daniel’s 7*70 or 490 years. Again we are not told but it may make its way up here to Eden2 where Jesus will hang on it in that final DOA7777. It requires another 1,260 days before it is anointed with the sinless hair of the Nazirite and is asked for and moved into the hearts of the saints as the centre piece of their temple and is then finally dragged through the doorway and onto the new earth where we were with it whilst awaiting for the New Jerusalem to come down out of the sky. We needed to see it in archived form before we would be allowed into the Holy City and indeed we did find it here with the ashes of the red heifer mixed with the ashes of the cedar. All of this is the grand climax of earthly GFPMC and little wonder we are all at sea in trying to define inflection points in the Gospel of John. That is not to say that we are making no progress at all, because we are especially now as we move to verse 11.

The question now becomes with dealing with the dead. It is not applicable up here because there are no dead but if not addressed there would be no living either, they would all have gone over onto satan’s territory and be in hell. It is the most effective way that satan has for bringing souls that Jesus loves to himself and the world of the dead. Jesus did not stay back with us and join the world of the dead just on the off chance that He might pick up some stray soul which He did anyway, He stayed back to help keep us from re-joining the dead from which He has just saved us from. The ratio of redeemed to damned varies wildly in Biblical recorded times. It goes as low as two out of 600,000 odd thousand (Joshua and Caleb) to as high as fifty percent. It has to be remembered though that this five wise and five foolish virgins is abnormally high. It is the number that is called on day 1,290 of Daniel 12 when the midnight call is made, ‘Here comes the bridegroom, come out and meet him!’ This 50% has come off a pure harvest of 140 days where the seeds were planted on martyrs blood and it may even rise higher when those friendly chaps the Jesuits begin the slaughter proper. All the beast out of the sea did was to bring Christians out of the woodwork for these Jesuits to pick of like sitting ducks.

Satan’s territory is the world of the dead the difference being there is little chance he will release you once you enter his territory  and no chance once you are in his world, the world of the dead. With odds of one in 300,000 when the Jews touched a dead person they touched an evil spirit and any contact with an evil spirit can lead to disaster unless remedial action is taken and in those days contact with the water that flowed out of the ashes of the red heifer was what was required. There were two classes of defilement; there was the three days of defilement that Jesus suffered after the cross of GFPMC before His blood was returned to Him on Resurrection Sunday morning. This was defilement which resulted from our confessed sins and then there was the defilement suffered as a result of our unconfessed sins which was for seven days. It is not that our unconfessed sins were lesser or greater than our confessed sins that they received the longer defilement period for they were more serious because Jesus had pleaded guilty to them, they were Jesus’ sins. Whether the cleansing required three or seven days was determined by the degree of contact and has been covered by the

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blog proper. Should these ordinances of contact with the dead be written on our hearts and given over for Jesus to keep? No, the only laws/ordinances that have to be written on our hearts are to be transcribed from stone and only the Ten Commandments are written out on stone. But we should stay away from satan’s territory so that we do not finish up in his world of the dead. Today the most fertile of satan’s territories come from the churches themselves. They actively promote satan’s world and send him the converts he so desperately seeks. Today not every person who dies dies as an evil person and they may in fact be a part of the righteous resurrection at the start of the millennium but the overwhelming chance is that they will be a part of the unrighteous resurrection at the end of the millennium. Why risk coming in contact with an evil spirit now when you don’t have to?—


The issues within Scripture are very complex even if you don’t know or do not consider the Day of Atonement in your thinking. They become millions of times more complex once you do and with the presence of the Holy Spirit and the will to, ‘Our Father you are in Heaven, glorified be your name….’ these issues will fall into place at the right time. If I had an index I would be able to tell you when the Day of Atonement came onto my radar and for how long I struggled with this question before I finally published. It is not a light matter to send Jesus Christ back to the cross and it is also not a light matter to send people to hell who would not have gone there had you provided the answers that are in His Holy Book, the Bible. And so it is now with the appearance of the end of time as the Day of Atonement and time finishing some 2,000 years ago. This blog has now become my number one priority and I have little time for anything else, especially looking at U-tube videos where I watched satanic demolitions of the Bible. I would feel quite unwell when I saw these as I had no answer for these ‘higher critics’ I was sure that Jesus would not allow this situation to go unchallenged. Today, so many years later I can answer many of these ‘contradictions’ so called and if I was at a service where one of these demons was challenging the accuracy of Scripture I would stand up and publically challenge, ‘Sit down satan you are the father of lies and you have kept these people in the dark all those years’. And it is very tentatively now that I approach this topic of time being finished some 2,000 years ago with the rapture of Jesus Christ and His flock of 99 sheep back to Heaven and thus the start of eternity up there with all evil being done away with down here.

The majority of Scripture deals with the Day of Atonement. At this stage it is far too early to be looking for nuances within the synoptic gospels. There is one synoptic and that is Matthew. It is the gospel of the first coming of Jesus, it is Jesus doing His father’s work, it is Jesus who is raptured into Heaven on that Thursday night from Gethsemane and it is Jesus of the Day of Atonement. The story in Matthew fits all the above quite well even as far the Thursday night in Gethsemane. Jesus has just had His last supper here on earth and told His disciples He was now instigating a new covenant of blood. The covenant that had officiated until Thursday night was now to become obsolete. It was the covenant that came into existence on the 01/01/01 in Egypt, that one where the blood of the Passover lamb on the doorframes of people’s homes would ensure that the angel of death would pass over that home and not kill the firstborn son of that family, that now was not going to happen because Jesus was going home on this night, He was not going to the cross of GFPMC and there would be no blood to apply to anyone’s  doorframes. Jesus’ decision to return back to Heaven that night was justified within the hour of Him making it. In Gethsemane His Father showed Him the cup from which Jesus would have to drink from if He went to the cross the next day. All that horror and suffering, one sheep involved, they are just not worth it! The situation presents itself at 10pm when the door of mercy closes. There is no doubt that they are capable of committing this heinous crime, there is no doubt they will commit this heinous crime. All humanity lay dead in front of Him, the door of mercy had closed, He has answered correctly the question  raised by Roman soldier one (soldier1) as to Who was this Jesus? “ I AM HE!” I often wonder whether the translators of the KJV and other Bibles who use a lower case for the divinity of Jesus at this time whether they have pangs of conscience as to the hideous error they have made. If they don’t that had no idea what they were writing about or they were demons! It should have but did not disqualify their work as the Word of God. God knows He is not dealing with perfect people or perfect anything else, in fact it is as far from perfection as one can get! The break never comes from God’s end but from our end and it is called free will!

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That savage inflection point is now hit in Matthew at 10pm on Thursday night when Jesus raises the dead. It is now no longer Atonement Gospel and will not again become so until Friday 09/07/486 at 3pm when Jesus cuts off His defiled hair in order to go to the Atonement cross on the next day. And we have already seen that this Atonement cross is a part of the Aaronic Priesthood and it will pass through and into eternity as the High Priesthood of Melchizedek. Thus there has been a gap of some 3,880 years between 10pm in Gethsemane and 3pm up here in Eden2. Matthew does record the facts as they happened; GFPMC, body in grave on Sabbath, Resurrection Sunday, 40 days before ascension and the ascension.  If the picture is that ‘simple’ for the Calvary Cross as it was for the Atonement Cross then I have not seen this light. In fact this light was right alongside of me when I was here only a very short time ago but I totally missed it and Jesus has just led us all back out of Heaven to see this red heifer and it has been here outside of the camp and in a holy place. Looking now for the inflection points in the Gospel of John.

The Gospel of John is not purely a gospel of GFPMC. It is the link between the Day of Atonement and GFPMC. If it helps you to stick flyleaves into the Bible then the Old Testament was about DOA3888 and the NT is about GFPMC. This really is not so as both dates will pass into eternity and it is GFPMC that relies on DOA3888 and not the other way around. But John being the link has to get a foothold in both OT and NT.


All four gospels begin with the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist which of itself raises many pearls that need turning over as it has two aspects at least; baptism by water and baptism by the Holy Spirit. As a starting block I have the baptism by water as the baptism of repentance which would result in righteousness as introduced by the Day of Atonement but to get all righteousness, to finish up in the throne room of God for the eternities to come and be present and subject to the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ would require the baptism of the Holy Spirit Who would be required to explain this extra dimension. As these two ministries of Jesus, doing the Father’s work and His own work, the Day of Atonement and GFPMC are different departs markedly from the synoptics, his is the gospel of the cross. It uses the foundation laid down by the synoptics  and it does not divert markedly until Jesus decide