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Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on Good Friday, the daily sacrifice, is highlighted in the context of end day events.It explains our response as priests in Biblical imagery.In the previous blog, the daily sacrifice a lot of groundwork was laid and this now is a continuation of that theme. It is the fifth blog, the fourth was the daily sacrifice, the third was Revelation of Jesus Christ chapter 2, the second was the Revelation of Jesus Christ and the first one was untitled.

The daily sacrifice of history was Jesus Christ on the cross on Mount Calvary on Good Friday. There are three ways at which we can look at this momentous event; we can look at it approaching, as from the Old Testament viewpoint, we can look at it actually occurring or we can look back to when it occurred.( the New Testament) All three will yield beneficial data about our Lord on this day, but there has to be and will be major difference between these perspective approaches. The reason we start with the old sacrificial first is because Jesus told us to start with the Old Testament, the things of this earth before attempting to look to the thing that are from above.It came as quite a surprise to me when reading Revelation ( 1:6) ‘ To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, and has made us to be a kingdom  and priests to serve his God and Father— to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen.’

What kingdom am I in? If I am a priest do I have to wear that fancy gear and what are my duties? How am I supposed to serve Him? Wasn’t His precious blood separated from His body so that it did not get defiled by our sins and is only used to consecrate things to make them holy? How does His blood free us from our sins? And when? For more discussion of events leading up to Exodus chapter 29 refer to the previous blog. For now I intend to quickly revise and proceed from this chapter.

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The temple that Jesus worshiped in was also called  Herod’s temple and this was a rebuild of Solomon’s temple which replaced the temporary temple of the desert and was built by Moses. All were built according to specific instructions given by God Himself and are an earthly scale model of the final temple of eternity; the New Jerusalem . The major difference between the earthly and Heavenly temple is the one on earth has four compartments but the Heavenly one only has three.

The four compartments of the earthly temple are: One building split into the inner room, or the Holy of Holies or the Tent of Meeting where God existed as a real being with His Shekinah Glory above this building and where only the High Priest could enter and only once a year and under very strict conditions. It has a Heavenly counterpart in the new and the old Heaven. In the old Heaven it is also a restricted area and (15:8) ‘ And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from his power, and no one could enter the temple until the seven plagues of the seven angels were completed.’ This area could only be accessed by the High Priest and it was transplanted to Heaven  when the real High Priest, Jesus Christ  ascended into Heaven. Some of the Holy items also changed places at this time. There remains only one entrance into the Heavenly Holy of  Holies, or Heaven. I would thus presume it is okay to look up in trying to address our High Priest ( 4:1)’ After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in Heaven…..’  The controversy as to which door this is is settled by the next verse ‘ Come up here…’  This has to be the door into the old Heaven and not the one between the old and new Heavens. The role of the blood has not yet been mentioned in Heaven as chapter 29 is only the consecration of the priests.

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The New Jerusalem or the new Heavens have many major changes. As the fires of hell have been extinguished and the old sinful earth burnt up there is no trace nor the possibility of evil. There is thus no need for a roof over this structure. It is opened to the Heavens. It does not only have one entrance but four and none of these gates are ever closed. The only earthly entrance and old Heavenly entrance was through the door that resembled the ox nature of Christ, His sacrificial blood. In the new Heaven we see the full beauty of our Lord and Master. One of many questions that still have to settled is if we are now in the full and direct presence of God we must be High Priests also and was this one of the reasons we are told about His regalia even though we will  not be wearing it for another 1800 years? The New Jerusalem has yet been studied in any of the four previous blogs.

On earth the building that adjoined the Holy of Holies or God’s direct presence was the Holy place. Communication between God and priest would take place through that curtain that separated these two chambers.It was in this chamber and before this curtain that the priests would perform their duties such as killing the animal sacrifices. As Jesus was not just our priest He was also our High Priest and since at His ascension He has gone into the Heavenly Holy of Holies the Holy Place would have been left empty had He not appointed you and me to be His priests. But what about all those priests from the tribe of Levite and Descendents of Aaron, weren’t they all appointed by God Himself?. They like the God appointed animal sacrifices ceased to exist in less than one second. As Jesus died at 3 0’clock and that lamb was about to be killed at 3 o’clock the sacrifices ceased and the lamb escaped to the horror of the officiating priest and all those outside who saw this happen as the curtain between them and the Holy Place was torn in two. Thus the earthly priesthood and ceremonial system of animal killing was abruptly terminated. To conduct animal sacrifices after this would now be blasphemy of the highest order. These previous priests just became ordinary people, gentiles but they anyone else could become priests in the new order by joining the Church of Christ, or becoming Christians.

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There is a Heavenly equivalent to the earthly Holy Place and it’s study has been the subject of this blog so far. It is a place where the saints will have to spend 1,780 odd years before the New Jerusalem descends and the newly wedded couple enter to begin their eternity. Does this mean that for those 1,780 years we are sitting cooked up in a corner waiting for those years to come to an end? Isn’t Heaven supposed to be indescribable beauty of the presence of God what was shown to Paul? It is and that is where we are. But it is still a confined presence that Paul saw and we are in. There is no evil in Heaven, even satan has lost his place there, but heaven is still surrounded by evil. Heaven is confined within this evil and only when this is destroyed will the presence of Heaven expand out in all dimensions. Paul did not see this new Heaven only John did. So even after being in Heaven for 1,780 years we are still in for an amazing thrill. We could not be shown these New Heavens before because they did not exist and we were not ready to take in this new scenery. We did not ask for our fine linen until we had been in Heaven for 1,780 years.

On earth the temple, made up of the Holy of Holies adjoining the Holy Place is placed in a courtyard of definite dimensions, a place for believers to come to worship where so far we have seen the presence of the altar of burnt offering. Gentiles were not allowed in this area, only believers but they were not allowed into the Holy Place where only priests could preside. There are still many thorny questions about the cross and the daily sacrifice and this is one of them. The answer I give is only provisional and this allows me to change my mind which I have done on many occasions. I should have specifically marked the work I do on the Holy Sabbath to see if any of those answers were made on His Day. But then usually when I pray for my daily bread and then couple this to demands for Sabbath blessings I get swamped by ideas which then take me days to type out. So for most of the time I am typing Sabbath ideas. Now is my Sabbath and the question is at 3 o’clock on Good Friday when the old system finished and the new one began did I as a believer automatically move into the Holy place to serve as a priest or do I still have to make a conscious decision to accept this role and only then move into my priestly role? In other words what actually happened at my Baptism?

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The answer I think has been given to us in the just quoted text of Revelation chapter one verse six. ‘ and has made us to be  a kingdom and priests….’. Every soul that is conceived is made for that purpose, to be in His kingdom as priests but very few accept that invitation which is usually expressed publicly in baptism. But even out of the baptismal font only a half come out as wise and the other half are foolish virgins. True virgins in God’s eyes but nonetheless foolish and as we seen they are hell bound, everyone of them.  They choose to stay in the courtyard, they do not wish to come through that torn curtain where there is only one more curtain separating them from the real kingdom. They are counted as being in the kingdom as they have access to it now by the presentation of the daily sacrifice. To move into this Holy Place the three fold requirement of Rev (12:11) ‘ They overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony, they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death’. But isn’t that exactly what the foolish virgins do? They certainly go around evangelising and bringing people to God, and as we have seen they are not just prepared to die for their Lord most actually go through the martyrdom process only to find they are resurrected along with the evil at the end of the millennium and therefore hell bound. So they could only have failed on the first requirement. Overcoming satan by the blood of the lamb.

There is a difference to overcoming and to think that you are overcoming by the the blood of the Lamb. In one the process is complete, it is all done it is just asking for the key and which direction do I have to go. There are no doubts. But where is this key and where are the directions spelt out? In God’s Word the Holy Bible. It is here that the foolish virgins fail, They accept almost everything of what is written but their ‘common sense’ prevents them from accepting the Bible for what it is THE WORD OF GOD. You see they are so knowledgeable they can spot those obvious errors and are sure that just a few minutes explaining them to God He would see the error of His ways. Some would even tell God he did not have to send His only Son to Calvary’s tree, there were other ways of overcoming evil. How deluded can you get and is it of any wonder they are labelled as ‘foolish’?

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No when I came out of the baptismal font I had no idea that I was a priest in the Holy Place. In the Roman Catholic Church from which I was converted they still have these priests with those magnificent robes. To become a priest there I still had many years of study. I was determined to be a good Berean and search the Scripture but this priests thing came up in the Book of Revelation something which was a complete mystery. But whether I understood it or not by reading the Word of God I was still in contact with Him and could therefore expect all of His blessings. Certainly they came thick and thin and were attributed to Him. I knew He would explain whatever He could at the first opportunity so all I had to do was to keep reading the Bible. My beloved understood the system and whenever especially in the morning, she saw me doing something her first question was ‘ have you read the Bible?’ If  not there was no option but to immediately go do. I have already discussed this before but you must expect repetition from an old ( older?) mind. The formulae that developed was the longer you spend reading the Bible the more work you are going to get done this day! Take for an example an electrical problem be that in a car or even a simple light bulb circuit. They can be notoriously difficult to repair, but read the Bible first, ask for God’s help and what a difference it makes! There could be no better example than in teaching. I could have spent enough time for the cows to come home and go out for another feed in lesson preparation but it would not cause one synapse to fire in one brain. That took three words and one second to do, ‘Help me Lord’. With Him in control the sky was the limit!

The only section that is removed from both earthly and firstly Heavenly plans is the courtyard for the gentiles. There are no gentiles when the New Jerusalem is coming down from Heaven so there is no need for a courtyard for them. They have been specifically accounted for in the Church of Laodicea.

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Gentiles have long been off Heaven’s radar, even as far back as 1,260 days before the door of mercy closed. Rev (11:1,2) ‘ I ( John) was given a reed like a measuring rod and was told, ” Go and measure the temple of God and the altar, and count the worshippers there. But exclude the outer court; do not measure it, because it has been given to the Gentiles. They will trample on the holy city for 42 months.’ As we have not looked at Revelation chapters 21 and 22 there are still many other items of similarity to be discussed. But clearly there are many analogies and similarities that can be transferred from the earthly Tabernacle to both the old and new Heavens. These will more clearly emerge as we start placing the relevant utensils in each compartment.

Are there also similarities between the earthly garments of the priests and the High Priest to the old and new Heavens? It all depends on who is present. My present thinking is there is only one High Priest even though He had an earthly counterpart during the years of animal sacrifices. This is the concept we are building up to and will only be able to do so when we look at the roles of both priests and High Priest. At this stage we are only looking at the consecration of both of these but I am aware that the High Priest was the only one who was allowed to go into the Holy of Holies, the inner chamber and the presence of God. We will also do that in the New Jerusalem, be in God’s direct presence but we will not be High Priests there. That role is for Jesus Christ alone.

So what garments can we compare? It has already been established that the garment we receive as priest of Christ on earth is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit leaves us at death and is replaced by Jesus Christ’s robe of righteousness. Rev ( 6:9-11). ‘ When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained. They cried out in a loud voice ” How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?”

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‘ Then each of them was given a white robe and they were told to wait a little longer, until the number of their fellow servant and brothers who were to be killed as they had been was completed’ So when all these martyrs are woken up by Jesus at His second coming they are already dressed for Heaven. This would also mean that when Lazarus died he did not receive this white robe as he was woken before the second coming. He only had earthly bandages which Jesus ordered to be removed. Thus the dead saints go first and straight to Heaven. The wise 144,000 virgins follow the Lord and only receive the white robe when the Lord has finished His last earthly visit at His third coming. Rev ( 14:4) ‘ These are those who do not defile themselves with women, for they kept themselves pure. They follow the Lamb the Lamb wherever he goes. They were purchased from among men and offered as firstfruits to God and the Lamb’

It is not for some 500 years that the saints ask for receive the fine linen, the Holy Spirit  Rev 19:8 ‘ Fine linen, bright and clean was given her to wear’ [Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of the saints]

Most of the concepts in this blog have developed after arduous reading of the text. It even appears to me that I am going around and round with little progress so I will give you the tenet of faith that I think will be developed by the study and comparisons  to Heaven of the consecration, garments and ceremonies.

The reason why I had it so wrong was because I had misread Revelation chapter one verse five and typing it just a few days ago I realised the seriousness of my error. I assumed we had been freed from our sins with His blood but we are told we are freed from our sins BY His blood. That is why I went into all those calculations and brought the curse of God on the temple site.

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I assumed that Jesus had 10 litres of blood and if there are 20 drops in one millilitre then Jesus had 200,000 drops of blood. If He applied one microlitre, a quantity we use quite often in analysis then He could cleanse approx 200 million people. So my sins would be eradicated by one of those precious drops. But because the area was stained by His precious blood it is now defiled by all those sins! That could be a correct scenario if He made us into priests by freeing us with His blood. It is totally wrong if we are freed By His blood.

The blood of the Lamb in both earthly and Heavenly contexts does not go anywhere near sin. That is why the animal was killed, to separate its blood to stop it from being defiled. It is only  used to consecrate items and people, it makes them holy, they now belong to the Lord. As we are about to see the blood of the animal was taken into the presence of God in the Holy of Holies by the High Priest to plead for mercy. When Jesus took His blood to Heaven with Him to present it to God He was presenting His life to God because that is where life exists , in the blood. God accepted His blood, His life because it was perfect. So we are saved because we are freed by His blood, by our lives being replaced by His life which was in His blood.

My sins? A good comparison would be when those raging forest fires ravage those woodlands there is not any trace of any leaves to be found. That is what happened to my sins in those raging fires of Good Friday. They are gone, there is no trace of them only the skeletal frame on which they were attached is left behind. That beautiful act of substitution was a part of that blood that Jesus presented to God within His blood. By Godly standards it was judged as perfect. With my recent encounters with death I now realise how tenuous life really is. We have magnificent hospital buildings staffed by highly intelligent human beings. But the reality is they cannot tell you with any certainty that you will take another breath!

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I do have a premonition that my number is about to be called. He may allow me to die surrounded by family so that it will be in peace. Why shouldn’t I be in peace? My sins were expunged in those raging fires of hell and Jesus has just gone up before me taking His precious blood and therefore life to up to God as a substitution for My life! He has gone to plead for mercy for me. I can’t go wrong by relying on His blood! It was none other than God Who judged it to be perfect. There is but one High Priest of now and eternity, there is one intercessor between God and humans and those He carries can never be disappointed. I believe that the texts will now lead us to ‘ To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood……..’

I am still stunned by what a difference replacing the preposition ‘with’  with ‘by’ makes to the theology. Washed by His blood instead of washed with His blood.. Every single created human being is going to hell, whether you do that yourself or Jesus in His compassion does it for you. Everyone has sinned and the result of sin is ‘ you will surely die’ . That is sins penalty, death. Sin, evil must be destroyed, it must be obliterated. The result of hell therefore is nothing. After death there is nothing but between death and nothing there is almost infinite suffering in the fires of hell. The penalty of sin, of breaking God’s Law has thus been carried out for every soul.

This is where the life of a Christian is different. Yes the fires of hell did destroy us and convert us into nothing. There are no sin stains up there on Mount Calvary, there is still a place where the greatest injustice has occurred, where an innocent sinless being was killed. There is no point pointing fingers at those naughty Romans and Jews, it was us, we who murdered our Lord. By placing our sins on Him, which He readily accepted it was us who killed Him!

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But now as His ‘revenge’ and this is revenge in love He goes to God  and asks ‘ will You accept this ( now sinless and Jesus knows this to be a fact because He suffered for each of our sins) person back into your loving original relationship, as if they had never sinned, if I cover this person with my life which is present in this blood of Mine?’ The answer of God is ‘yes’ and we are admitted into Heaven covered  by Jesus’s robe of righteousness. There are still a few problems that I am working on with the wise virgins. Returning to how the texts relating to the garments, consecration and ceremonies support the text of being freed from our sins by His blood and not with His blood. Exodus chapter 28.

Firstly concerning the garments. The old controversy between exegesis and eisegesis arises. When I read Exodus 28 am I allowing the text to speak to me and then listen to what it is saying or am I going with preconceived ideas and imposing those ideas on the text and then feeling vindicated? What does this sound like? I am looking for a New Jerusalem, a city with (1) four walls with four gates standing on a (2) foundation and full of immortal beings who are dressed in a (3) robe which is sitting on (4) fine linen. Exodus chapter 28 tells me I have (2) an ephod which has (1) a breastplate on it and under it I have (3) a robe which is sitting on (4) fine linen. So I have equated the ephod with the foundations so I will now expect there to be some mention of the precious stones. The breastplate sitting on the ephod I have related to the walls and gates as walls and gates sit on foundations. The ephod therefore should contain information about the tribes of Heaven. Inside the ephod are the tunic and robe of the ephod which tie in very well between the garments and the new city. If that is not an example of eisegesis then what is? And it misses  the main point which would have to be what garments Jesus wore at His trial and crucifixion.

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This is certainly not the case with the consecration ceremony of chapter 29. I made a conscienous effort to let the text do the talking and I am allowed to relate that to my consecration as the Lord’s priest at my baptism. Even though I was very well instructed before my baptism I don’t think the instructions included many of the following details. The fact that I searched His Word immediately after my baptism proves to me I came up out of the water and into the Holy Place to serve Him as a priest and not into the courtyard looking up and trying to look through the torn curtain of the entrance. The fact that it has taken me 25 years to find the roster and list of duties doesn’t necessarily prove dereliction of duties but the fact that I have had the roster book all this time, the Bible, could cast doubt on brain function. I could handle criticism for almost any errors in this blog but that I condoned or encouraged in any way the sacrifice of animals at any time after 3 o’clock on Good Friday. I never did nor ever will. It is blasphemy of the highest order as these sacrifices pointed to that, the ultimate of all sacrifices, Good Friday. If I see or hear anything like this happening I try to get at least 40 metres away from it. This is the distance we were with Alicia when that lightning bolt struck on the beach.  You are pointing to the sacrifice occurring, you are denying that Good Friday has occurred. You are asking God to prove that one of His attributes is justice and to prove His justice by vapourising you!

At my consecration as priest, my baptism there were really two worlds involved, me and the sacrifices occurring around me. Much time has already been spent on Baptism which I will not repeat now except what is in chapter 29. It began with water and it did take place before the entrance into Heaven. The preparation was not done by God’s servant, Moses but by God’s Heavenly servant, Jesus Christ. The High Priest present was dressed in full regalia because He is the New Jerusalem. This was the main event at my baptism and consecration but I was included because I was dressed in a tunic  and given a headband and sash. I was right alongside the High Priest throughout the proceedings.

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But there is no doubt that the main event was the anointing of the High Priest. He was the only one who had the anointing oil poured on him. But now for the killing of the main sacrifice, the bull. I need to put my hands on it’s head as this is the symbol of transfer of my sins. They are no longer on me but have passed onto this sacrifice. In the case of Jesus Christ He knowingly accepted those sins and their horrific consequences. They defiled a sinless body, they made Him unclean. With further reading I may change my mind but right now I can see no other answer; it was ME who drove that knife into that sinless being! I may find that repugnant, repellant and look for euphemisms to cover for my act of murder but it doesn’t change the fact that I murdered my Lord and Saviour! I put Him into hell  and caused Him that suffering!. But His whole body was not stained by my sins. The parts that were, the skin, flesh and offal were taken into hell and burnt but the blood side, the perfect life side were applied to the altar consecrating the interface between God and humanity. So the first part of my consecration was removal of my sin and burning it and sanctifying an interface through which I could communicate with God and He with me.

Of the two rams, like the bull representing Jesus Christ the first one was burnt in total. It may have needed preparation, Jesus did need to be baptised, He needed to put a cut between His humanity and Divinity as they were to be soon separated and He did need to show that where His feet were going was a voluntary action. This was an act of love. But it is important to note that nothing had to be removed, there was nothing in Jesus that was not pleasant to God. Nor was it the processes involved, the fire, that was unacceptable to God. The fire was God’s method of converting sin into nothing.

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So far it has been Jesus, represented by the bull as the separation of life, His blood and death, His hell. Jesus as the bull and Jesus as the totally acceptable ram. With the second ram all three lay their hands on it’s head but there is no sin to transfer.It had left them when they placed their hands on the bulls head and was then burnt outside the city. So neither the body nor the blood  can be defiled by sin. Both body and blood are sinless and can be used on the altar. Some of the blood is sprinkled against the altar and consecrates it for the third time. ( so which part of the Holy Trinity is it this time?)  Not just Aaron but I am also consecrated  with this sinless blood. The other big difference is that not just Aaron but I also am now consecrated with the blood and the oil of the Holy Spirit as well as our Heavenly garments. I still cannot work out why only Aaron had the oil poured over him and I did not.The gold plate that he had attached to his turban only had the sins of the gifts that were presented to the temple and no other sins. I can only assume the ceremony had to begin somewhere and that was with Aaron and it had to have the presence of the Holy Spirit.

This second ram is called the ordination ram. It’s flesh line, the skin, flesh and offal are not waived before the Lord only the blood or life line is. It carries the same components as the blood line of the bull with the exception of the tail which has been added. I can only conclude that the bull’s tail contains flesh but the rams tail is made of fat. This blood line cannot be rejected by God as a surrender to His perfect will as it represents the blood of Jesus. It is thus burnt as a burnt offering. But the breast is only waived and not burnt and is given to Aaron and his sons.

There already has been made an attempt to correlate the feet and head of this ram to the feet and head of Daniel’s statue, but in antonym form obviously. The same has been attempted for the middle two parts; the chest and the thighs. If the silver chest of the statue represents Islam then the corresponding part of the Ordination ram would have to be Christianity.

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It could not be burnt, it must be acceptable to God and it is given to us to make as a fellowship offering not  just here on earth but for an eternity. It is from here that the saints ask for and receive their fine linen and then offer this breast as a fellowship offering before God forever. The thighs also have already been looked at, the left and right one. If the bronze thigh of the statue which initially stood for Greece was democracy, rule man’s way then the opposite would have to be theocracy, God’s way of ruling man. Thus we have God’s right thigh and man’s left thigh.

It is with the literal consecration of Aaron and his sons, the High Priest and priests that we begin with and it is the literal consecration of Jesus our High Priest and we His priests that we have arrived at some 5,000 years later, just as we are about to enter the New Jerusalem. Both consecrations point to the cross, our Heavenly one forever. You must have a very weird form of Christianity if you avoid the cross just like your idea of God our creator is weird if it involves evolution. You have somewhere replaced a reality with an absurdity. It is granted though that the redeemed have only just asked for the fine linen and they have been studying the world just under the influence of God’s love and justice. God’s mercy, the cross have been out of the equation since the door of mercy closed at the third coming of Jesus. What finally swayed them was God’s offer to everyone, even though they did not want to spend an eternity with Him that He would take their place in hell for them. For this to happen they would have had to accept the reality of Calvary’s tree, something they cannot and never have accepted and it is on Calvary’s tree now that the spotlight focuses.

If this is the actual consecration of the Heavenly Bride and Bridegroom then we have arrived in Revelation chapter 19 so we have either missed what we were looking for, chapter 15 or it will still be shown to us.

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We should never be surprised  to receive revelations when reading the Bible, any part of it, after all it is all God’s Holy Word, but that did not prevent me from being shocked when I read that that the breast of the ordination ram was waved before God at the entrance to the Holy of Holies. Chapter 19 of Revelation verse 8 ‘Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear’ [Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of the saints] . There is nothing righteous that I have ever done and to think that I can add to what Jesus has already is blasphemy. But here I am not adding to what He has done, I am waving what He has done, Christianity or the breast of the ram. Waving before God the righteous acts of Jesus is indeed a righteous act. So we have begun our look backwards towards Good Friday.

There is no doubt about our High Priest being dressed in full regalia. Jesus Christ is the foundation of that Holy city, its walls, the robe and tunic of all the redeemed for an eternity. That wasn’t such a bad result of our eisegesis for the priestly garments. But what about us His priests? Why am I only given a tunic when the centre piece of Heaven is His robe? I am only given the tunic because I already have His robe. It was given to me at death and the wise virgins sometime later. The idea of the fine linen that all garments sat on was initially to hide the priests private parts, their sexuality and this function remains forever. There are no males or females in Heaven, just immortal beings.

There must be considerable value in just concentrating on the love of Christ. The saints in Heaven have just done that for 500 years. To see the wonder of what Jesus was prepared to do for His created was so great  that even the saints found it difficult to absorb. Just on the ground that this period lasted for such a long time! But to love someone who at best wants nothing to do with you, and most actually hate you and to offer your life for them is not really off this planet because there are parents out there who are doing that now and they also would give their lives for this child be that a liver or heart or whatever donation even if it meant death to them, providing their child lived.

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I am not in that category even though the Bible tells me I should be so. I have advised my sons in law that the miraculous number I take to be thirty years. During this time there is nothing that my children or grandchildren can say or do to me that will meet with the response ‘yes dear you are right’ but after 30 years of trying my intestines out and they still think that I am the village idiot and public enemy number one then I have to reluctantly accept this fact, pack up my marbles and go and play somewhere else. I don’t have enough time to help the people who love and rely on my help than to go to help someone who thinks that I am the village idiot.There is a time also where God gives up such as at the end of this 500 year period when He is spurned. It is the peoples choice that they want to go to hell and this free will is never taken away from us even if we pray for it to be.

But the backbone of this love that most reject is Good Friday, or Calvary’s tree. It is this event that they could not accept but the saints have accepted and for which now they ask for further information. They now want to begin to study this love more intensely. We should not wander into Heavenly territory because at best we are going to find what  Paul found; such stunning beauty which words could not even begin to express. He only admitted to this excursion because he was forced to do so. Otherwise he would not even have mentioned it, and he only saw the old Heaven. There is more than enough in the Bible about God that we can see without venturing out into the Heavens. John summarised the New Jerusalem succinctly; ‘ and they shall see His face’.  But we shall endeavour to travel into the New Jerusalem as far as symbolism will allow us.

The earthly equivalent to what they were shown on request is the consecration ceremony, the temple and its services, particularly the daily sacrifice.

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The saints in Heaven have asked for earthly equivalent of being consecrated as priests. But they have only done so after observing the mercy of God operating for 1,260 years, after the door of mercy closed they observed His love for 500 years and when His love was spurned then His justice. This huge length of time may be attributed to the fact that earthly affairs were swamped by Heavenly beauty but being sinless beings their ability to absorb anything would have been greatly enhanced as will now the meaning of the ceremony itself. But even though they can project it’s beauty into eternity it’s base will still be Good Friday the thirteenth. Therein lies the lesson for the earthly saints, whether you are trying to improve your spirituality or help someone else, go back to the base of Good Friday. Chapter 29 has already been revised twice and will now be revised for the third time with the usual **** return mark at chapter 30, the altar of incense.

The earthly order of consecration is opposite the what the saints have just experienced, it is justice, love and mercy and not mercy,love and justice. The process begins with a washing with water, even Jesus did that on earth and if He had not done so all righteousness would not have been fulfilled. The garments that we wear in both ceremonies are the same with the difference of they are implied on earth but applied in Heaven but both processes begin with the big ticket item, the sacrifice of the bull.

The consecration begins with God establishing the ground rules of what will be required and what is acceptable. God will require symbolically of this bull, or literally of Jesus to perform two tasks; it will have to take the sins, all sins be they intentional or unintentional, go away from the Holy Area and walk into the fires of hell so that these sins can be destroyed, or burnt in such a way there is nothing left. There is no trace of sin. The people are sinless.

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Everybody, and that is literal, will only exit hell when they are sinless but that does not mean they are going to Heaven, they are not. So the second of God’s requirements; restore that person’s relationship with God to the standard it was before they sinned, change ‘ you will surely die’ into life eternal. The only commodity that had life eternal was the blood of Jesus. So the bull was clearly split and separated into the sin bearing parts and the life everlasting giving parts, the blood. Fat was probably included in the life giving parts because it is easily converted into the energy life requires. These were the requirements of God’s justice, nothing less could do. That blood had to be life giving and therefore could not have any trace of sin in it. The sin was transferred by placing hands on the head. Jesus knew exactly what that would entail  and willingly accepted our sins. So from now on in the ceremony we do not have any sin, it was burnt outside the city. It was a sin offering.

Of the two rams the first relates to God’s love and the second, the ordination ram, His mercy. The laying of the priests hands on the head was no a transfer of sin. It is Jesus acknowledging what He was about to do for those hands owners. Only He could do it in such a way that it was acceptable as perfect by God. It was His body passing through God’s fires that would accomplish the exercise that would now be completed, God extending His mercy to humanity so that they could be recombined to live in eternity for ever and ever ( which in this case means an infinite number of ears). This is the love of Jesus in operation and taken to an extreme would mean Jesus would bear the consequences of sin in hell for anybody who wanted Him to do it for them.

The number of parts the rams body, Jesus’s body was cut into would be determined by what parts had come in contact with sinful man and each would be symbolically washed. There would have to be at least four major sections as we are already told about the feet and head and there is still the chest and thighs to go.

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Daniel’s statue of evil is also divided into the same four sections. Good or evil cannot be spread without the feet to take them. By destroying the feet on Good Friday of the statue would have meant the evil statue would have collapsed in on itself had not God intervened to prevent this and He also restored its feet.. By itself evil will turn in on itself and destroy itself. That is what the two beasts did to each other. Good can exist by itself but Jesus wanted to share His perfection with us. That is probably one reason why the feet and head were placed together. It would be implied that the chest and thighs were also placed together. It is the fire that is at the heart of this sacrifice and for which words momentarily escape me. Love would have to be looking into that cup that the Father was about to give  Him in Gethsemane, seeing every drop that He would have to drink, how long and strong those fires of hell would be and what a worthless, helpless, hopeless  bunch of hypocrites He was about to suffer and die for and still want to go ahead with it.

So having set the dogma and how to accomplish it we now come to it’s being carried out. The grace and mercy of God in operation; the ordination ram. It is the application of God’s love and God’s mercy. Again there is no sin to be transferred, all that is going to be transferred is the mercy of God and once again Jesus knows exactly what is going on. His sinless blood for the third time sanctifies the interface between God and man. ( this should be a symbolic Holy Trinity but I just can’t place it). The precious blood that is applied to our ears,thumbs and toes is not for the purpose of washing away our sins.They were transferred and burnt outside the city at the start of the ceremony. It is indeed a fascinating question but is this the point that Jesus applies that blood, His blood, that He took into Heaven with Him, and is now applied to us?

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Yes that blood that Jesus took into Heaven with Him is now to be applied, literally. Yes we will then be ready to enter the New Jerusalem but only if we know what, how to offer that daily sacrifice of eternity. We have arrived at the ordination ram of the consecration ceremony.

The bull part of the sacrifice symbolised God the Father. He was the one Who set out what God’s requirements would be for humanity to be rejoined to Divinity for eternity. Their sin would have to be destroyed in the fires of hell  and they would have to receive life eternal from some external source capable of performing this function. This was Divine justice and Jesus met both conditions. Thus in the bull Jesus takes on our sins on His flesh and it is burnt outside the city. His blood which is sinless He takes to Heaven to be applied to the saints some 3,800 years later. So God the Father is justice as symbolised by the bull and that justice we have just seen carried out as we see the smoldering ashes of hell. For the redeemed these fires went out at 3 0’clock on Good Friday after they had accomplished their purposes; to destroy our sins.

The first ram is God the Son. He represents God’s love. He was the only vehicle through which God could accomplish His Justice and it was His love for us that carried Him through those horrific acts of Good Friday. His whole body was required, there was nothing unacceptable about Him and it was His frame on which our sins were placed and burnt. Both these sacrifices met God’s standards of justice and love. So we finally come to their application with the ram of ordination, the consecration process now invokes what most have spurned; the mercy of God.

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The second ram is God the Holy Spirit. He represents God’s mercy. The saints have just seen God’s mercy in operation for 1,260 years and God’s love in operation for 500 years. Both pearls were trodden into the mud by swine but the saints now are going to see all three pearls, His justice, love and mercy in operation for an eternity. They were washed and dressed before the ceremony began. They were baptised and dressed in fine linen undergarment ( to hide their sex), a tunic ( the Holy Spirit which they asked for and were given, their righteous acts) Christ’s robe of righteousness, a turban and a sash.

It was God’s mercy that allowed the rebonding process to occur and it is now that His literal blood is applied to each saint redeemed. Only some of this precious blood is going to used, some on each saint (thus we have life forever now), some on our garments and some on the altar. Then some blood is mixed with oil and applied to us and our garments. This confirms that the Holy Spirit is a separate entity with a separate input and it is not required to be applied separately to our ears, thumbs and toes. They already have life in them and are available to communicate through.One of the functions of the altar, an interface between God and man will not be required as we will be in direct contact with God. It still will be required to hold the golden censer or whatever vessel Jesus’s blood is stored in and it will be obviously involved in the daily sacrifice. His precious blood is not separated into that bit comes from the bull or justice and this bit comes from the burnt ram and is love but this last bit comes from the ram of ordination and has been separate because it is mercy. It is Jesus’s blood and as such stands for all the perfect qualities that God represents.

The Bible it seems to me introduces items and qualities in units of three as in a triangle where we cannot say that one angle is more important than the other. All three make up the unit.

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So we have the Holy trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Three aspects of God’s nature, His love, justice and mercy. Good, evil and the method of converting evil into good in such a way it is pleasing to God, fire. For God to reach down to humanity to show His mercy has to be through a purifying medium, fire. There will be no fires in the New Jerusalem and all that is left in Heaven now is smoke in the Holy of Holies and that is the result of fire.

What about the sin that was on those body parts of the bull? Our sin was certainly there when we walked into the Tabernacle in front of the curtain of the Holy of Holies. It was certainly there as it passed through our hands onto Jesus’s willing head and it did defile His skin, flesh and offal. But it was taken outside of the city and onto Mount Calvary where it was converted into nothing by the fires of hell. It does not exist anywhere and cannot be brought back to the Old Heaven, the New Heaven or even here on earth if it doesn’t exist! What does exist though is the justice of God that required this unspeakable act, His love that made Him go through it and His mercy that enables Him to restore our relationship with Him. But what are these righteous acts that we perform as a result of the fine linen that we asked for and were given? What do we actually wave before God?

I thought, certainly for the first 1,780 years I would be walking around and pointing anyone and everyone to look at my beautiful robe and challenging them to see if they could find a fault in the robe Christ wove for me. Even God was highly impressed because He knew it was Perfect and that was according to His standard. But now there is a dramatic change in circumstances. Evil is gone, the fires of hell have been extinguished. We can now see God as He really is not enclosed outside the area of evil.

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I have to listen to my own warnings of being careful about venturing into Heavenly grounds. There earthly animals like bulls and rams are replaced by none other than God Himself. There fire no longer exists ( not sure what replaces it) and there is no trace of evil. But venture we must at least to the extent that we recognise the daily sacrifice because it will be taken away from us and restored. We must understand it to the extent that we will be willing to give our lives for it. We must understand it because our destiny depends on it.

The fat that surrounds all the  parts is waived,the tail ( presumably because it is fat) the fat around the liver ( but not the liver itself) , both kidneys ( these have been in contact with the blood) and the right thigh. What is added is three items of grain; loaf of bread, a cake and wafer. The items that are not waived are the blood and pretty well the rest of the body. The parts that Aaron and his sons will use will be the left thigh, the breast and the meat. That still leaves a lot of bits and pieces unaccounted for. The closest that I can relate this to is the night before the Israelites left Egypt. There the deciding factor seemed to be the death of an innocent lamb and the application of its blood to the door jambs and lintel. But here we do not waive the blood at all. It is used for consecration purposes and is applied to us and our clothing, there is no mention of a door. Presumably these two circumstances, consecration of us as priests and delivery from slavery and death of the firstborn are so different that a comparison is not valid. I can’t remember grain being introduced either, just the body and the blood of the victim being sacrificed. So it is back to eisegesis again. We have to come up with a theory and see if the Holy text backs us up. We shouldn’t be looking into the New Jerusalem just the present ( old age would not be appropriate) earth and is there something there worthwhile dying for if it is abolished.

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The items being waved are the same as those in the bull sacrifice. Only there everything else was taken outside the city and burnt, it was contaminated by our sins. This does not apply this time as there are no sins on this animal. The life giving parts, without the blood, were burnt as God’s interaction with humanity in His role of administering mercy and as our part of receiving that mercy we ate them. They were not to be roasted as no hell was involved as it was in Egypt so the pieces were cooked instead. The parts that were given to God to be burnt after they were  waved are Holy, as are the parts given to us His priests are sacred. Any left till morning must be destroyed by fire. The Muslim would regard destroying Holy ( minor crash) items by fire as sacrileges but in Christianity this is the God given way of destroying Holy items.

We have struggled long and hard to introduce animal sacrifices. We began right back in the Garden of Eden and reinforced it in the escape of God’s people from slavery in Egypt. There were times when the body carried sin and even if it did not carry sin, just the earthly contact with it forced the body to have to be washed. Thus Jesus had to be baptised. The blood component was always separate from sin including the vessels that processed it. This obviously points to our consecration just before we enter the New Jerusalem for an eternity.  So the blood that Jesus took to Heaven with Him at His ascension could well have been His literal earthly blood . In this case did He take His earthly body up there as well? These are questions worth considering but there are more important items on the agenda.

Jesus introduced bread as representing His body at His last supper by actually saying that this bread was His body which was about to be broken.But then again His blood was represented by unfermented grape juice. Satan will do his darn most to convince you that the bread of the last supper had yeast in it and the grape juice was fermented wine. Both are symbols of sin and He was sinless.

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So it seems that if we are to drink Jesus’s blood it is represented by unfermented grape juice. If we are to eat of Jesus’s body it is represented by bread. Both bull and ram in our earthly consecration are symbols of Jesus. There is much to assimilate here even though this is our third visit to this chapter, many more will still have to follow as there are many new concepts covered here. On reflection it does appear most unusual that Mary’s blood, and therefore Jesus blood did not undergo some mutations in the 4,000 odd years since Eve. The blood in Heaven would have to be perfect as would Jesus’s body. And that is why only one microlitre would be required to give us perfection for an eternity. That is why it could not be applied to us until now, the fires of hell had not yet been extinguished. After all that time and study all I can really carry out of Exodus 29 is; there were three animals involved, the regular sacrifice that was expected was; twice daily, one year old lamb, morning and evening, offered with flour and oil and drink offering, both to be burnt offerings, both to be killed at the curtain leading into the Holy of Holies, the altar where offerings to be made had been consecrated at Aaron and his sons consecration, God will meet the Israelites  here and talk to them.

[Just before returning to the building’s fixtures and utensils I correct my previous  view of the altar of burnt offering. The Israelites got it right and I did not. I reasoned that on one of their major festivals this altar would have to burn and burn quickly many thousands of animals. None of the animals had blood which had been drained out so the blood would not put the fire out but there still would be a large amount of ash for which they could not stop, cool the thing down, shovel out the ash and restart afresh. So I thought the grating would underneath as this would allow for a draught and allow the ash to fall and pile up underneath without disrupting the fire.I thought it would also be important that the people saw the animal they had killed burning.

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The bronze material I took to be made up of copper ( melting point approx 1,100 degrees centigrade) and representing humanity. The other metal was tin ( mp 230 deg) and representing sin. Humanity has an unquenchable affinity for sin so there was a lot of tin present. Sin has infiltrated all humanity so there is a lot of copper in the tin. Best compromise 50 tin and 50 copper. I don’t know the melting point of this alloy but because of the great affinity between man and sin I would predict a maximum melting azeotrope with mp  over 1,200 degrees centigrade. With over nine cubic metres of carbon based  burning matter this temperature could be exceeded and the sides melt , that is why I put the sides lower]

**** Of where we have attempted to go Paul saw only the old Heaven. Even with his literary ability he could not begin to describe the beauty of what he saw. He like the other apostles could recall parts of this scenery and no doubt they glowed like glow worms when they did this. Believers present would fall into silence and prayer whilst they were in vision. When Paul saw this same Heavenly light on the road to Damascus he was blinded. It was a heavenly light so only Paul saw it and none of his murdering entourage saw it only felt a presence of something frightening. Swine do not see pearls when they tread them into the mud but they do feel that something is there. Neither Jesus nor Paul needed an introduction to each other. This is our home for the first 1,780 years, but you ain’t seen nothing yet.

When the last flicker of hell’s fires disappears then the miracle of all miracles, the golden censor holding blood of Good Friday is brought out. What a difference in the blood implied to the blood applied makes. The consecration ceremony begins. For the first time we are now able to see the real Jesus Christ and that will be in seven day cycles climaxing on the Holy Sabbath Day of eternity. In between there will be a recovery period from and a preparation period for this Holy Day. It is the daily sacrifice of eternity.

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The light emanating from Jesus will be a Heavenly light and not an earthly light like Paul saw which blinded him. It maybe brilliantly  and bewilderingly bright but it is still white light. It is made up of red, blue and green each unspeakably bright but can be analysed further. So can the white light of Jesus be further analysed into His love, His justice and His mercy. Our earthly step for this, the bull and two rams is indeed a very lowly step indeed. Most will not attempt to step onto this step at all. Some will shoot for the Heavens without taking advantage of stepping onto this step first. It is our Lord’s instruction that we do so first. By shooting from this step first we are supposed to feel the abhorrence , disgust, repulsion and revulsion for what is going on. How can an innocent animal  have a knife stuck through it’s throat, suffer and bleed to death when it has nothing wrong. It had no contribution other than being the victim of this murder.

That is the things of this earth. Then we are supposed to multiply that disgust by a trillion to feel how God the Father felt to see His only Begotten Son, a perfectly innocent lovely being hanging on that cross engulfed by the fires of hell! Either could have stopped this murder but neither did. That Heavenly light is so bright because it originated from such a deep darkness. But we should  not only keep up our deep feelings of disgust but direct them at the culprits, us, you and me. It is we who murdered that beautiful innocent being Jesus Christ. It was our sins that He took on Himself and into the fires of hell. He accepted the verdict of guilty so that we can get the verdict of ‘ not guilty’ . He took the sentence ‘ you shall hang on that tree until your death’ so that we could avoid all punishment. On His sinless body God’s justice was carried out and fully met and all we have to do is to take advantage of it. So if you feel such abhorrence stop deliberately sinning and apologise to so hurting your perfect friend.

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To accuse Jesus of sin or to associate Him with sin, especially if you claim to be able to distinguish between pearls and mud is blasphemy indeed. I can think of no better example than people dressed in black gowns, purporting to be God’s ministers and serving alcoholic drinks and leavened bread at the ‘ Lord’s Supper’. Jesus wants us to represent His body by bread but not the one that is going off with yeast which represents sin. You who claim to know should go to a lot of trouble to make sure that this daily sacrifice of eternity that you are about to commemorate uses unleavened bread. Even the Catholics who are the proven expounders of sacrilege do that. Even they don’t cross that line. The yeast is going off and is throughout the bread indicating that Jesus’s body  was saturated with sin. It was not. It was the scaffolding that the sin was attached to.

Jesus wants us to associate his blood with wine. He does not to add the qualifiers ‘ but not the fermented one’ . Satan will add that regardless of what is there. As the time line of evil broke out of Heaven and onto earth in the Garden of Eden it specifically went through one tree and one fruit. That tree that God created as the tree of good now became the tree of good and evil. Each piece of fruit also turned from the fruit of good into the fruit of good and evil. The evil was always death and this fruit, the grape began its processes, fermentation, which would result in its death. Jesus does not ask to be represented by evil part of that fruit. In fact He takes meticulous care to separate His blood and keep it away from sin, even in the earthly sacrifices. He knows that ultimately that that blood will be applied to His saints, once pure and once with oil and this will generate life in perfection forever.

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The fixtures already at least in part considered have been the ark, the lampstand and the altar of burnt offering. Now the altar of incense. But firstly what are these fixtures supposed to represent of what happened on Good Friday and which ones are we going to find in Heaven for those first 1,780 years and then in the new Heaven of eternity? Assuming that both Heavens are some sort of ordered unit and God had condescended and shown us an earth scale version of the heavens above then this scale model would indeed be worth investigating. If you look at a scale model of some massive dam in a room it must give you some idea of what you are about to see. But you would not go outside and expect to see little plastic people driving model cars!

The earthly tabernacle is a scale model of the heavens above. It’s four compartments are reproduced in the present or old Heaven but only three are present in the new Heavens. Moses’s, Solomon’s and Herod’s temples were destroyed a long time ago so only imagery remains on this earth. This blog is about the role of priests and we have just been consecrated. Our work is that of the priest mostly in the Holy Place. The curtain we stand before that separates us from God is the one into Heaven. In fact this is quite an important moment for us because the High Priest has just gone into the Holy of Holies, the direct  presence of God and He took His precious blood with Him. Things are about to happen!. There  is a bit of a mess in the fencing outside though. The outer fence between the believers and the gentiles seems to have been broken down and now the believers and unbelievers are all mixed up. Jesus knew that this was going to happen and that is why He put a tear in the curtain of entry into the Holy Place. Any believers are supposed to have left the courtyard and come to serve as priests in the Holy Place. Some have but many are still waiting and you will have to speak to them individually and ask them why.This original setup will be restored in time for the Lord’s third coming. This however gives us an extra difficulty of placing fixtures; the undestroyed temple, the destroyed temple, the Old Heaven and the New Heaven.

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In the Old Heaven, the one above us now God is still confining Himself to a very restricted area, the ark. He cannot allow His presence to interact with any evil even if that evil is a long way away on earth. This Holy of Holies is present in the rest of Heaven or the Holy Place. Here we have our first clash of nomenclatures and usage of fixtures. On earth we think we are priests in the Holy Place but in Heaven they regard us as being with the believers in the courtyard. So the cross and the destruction of the earthly temple were not as clear cut as they could be, certainly not to me. They may become more clear cut as we study particularly chapter 15 of Revelation. The third coming temple has four distinct compartments even with the added bonus of Jesus Himself appearing in the Holy of Holies. But it is only through His priests, the two witnesses that He conducts His mission. The New Heavens are also clear cut . God is no longer confined by evil and expresses Himself as He really is. He still confines Himself to the Holy of Holies, now called the New Jerusalem, which is surrounded by the Holy Place, which is the new earth and the new earth sits in the courtyard now called the universe. There are no gentiles and there is therefore no courtyard for the gentiles. I have not been able to come up with one reason why we should leave the direct presence of God in the Holy of Holies and make an excursion into the holy place, the earth even if it is just to see its beauty and go there for a picnic with our friends. It’s beauty cannot match the beauty of where we have come from, God.

Another item we  have discussed is the lampstand with it’s seven branches. They represent God’s church and it’s history. That history started with God’s church which initially had two members, Adam and Eve and will finish with the saints  of eternity in the New Jerusalem. If this is the case there should be a lampstand in Heaven between the second and fourth coming, but does it remain in the church of eternity?

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The church of the first coming is the central feature of eternity because that is where Good Friday occurred, and if the first church is there why can’t the other six be there? But won’t their presence with all those sins defile Heaven? It seems so but we are trying to answer a Heavenly question from the first step of earth. The redeemed are that lampstand.

Another item has been the altar of burnt offering. Any burnt or other offering after Good Friday be they animal or grain would be blasphemy so even if present until 70 AD when destroyed by the Romans this altar could not be used, certainly not by Christians. Neither has it existed in Heaven other than what it pointed to, Good Friday’s fires of hell. We must leave this altar alone here because it has been specifically used up to now in the consecration ceremony, it was consecrated and the same time as Aaron and his sons. But even here it has been specifically used just for God pleasing events and the sin part of these events was sent outside of the city to be burnt. Hell’s fires had both the sin and God pleasing events together. Now with the altar of incense.

Again we are given very clear instructions as to size, materials and design. I am fairly sure that it wasn’t just Aaron but also the priests were to tend for it when they tended for the lamps. They were to burn fragrant incense on it twice a day and the High Priest was to make atonement for it once a year. Because our prayers are so  precious to God this altar belonged in the Holy of Holies, right alongside of the ark.This could not happen on earth as noone other than the High Priest was allowed into the Holy of Holies and that was only once a year, By necessity it had to be in the Holy Place when here on earth but when taken into Heaven after the cross it was placed in the Holy of Holies.

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Our major problem is that we do not realise how precious our prayers are to God. Even a one second prayer ascends into Heaven immediately and passes through Jesus’s hands, off this altar and onto God. A solution is worked out and passed through this altar onto specified angels who are given the task of carrying out God’s solution. It is then placed into a golden censer along with every other prayer that you ever prayed. When you arrive in Heaven at the second coming all of your prayers will now be examined. If you prayed for any other saint that prayer will be shown to that person along with the Heavenly response it received. They will be thrilled and grateful to you for your prayer. You are going to stand bewildered by the importance of each of your prayers. Each was treated as if it was the only prayer that had ever been prayed. The course of other prayers has already been followed in the main blog. They are most effective during the millennium but they still have an effect even when they are bundled up and hurled to earth. What about prayers in the New Jerusalem?

I won’t need your prayers for my health. It is perfect and will remain so for eternity thank you. Neither will I need prayers for my wealth. I have more than enough of anything and everything.If you asked me to list my wealth I couldn’t. You see all those earthly things like apartments, walls, trees rivers etc form such a tiny part of my existence I can’t even see them. You see I am in the presence of God, He is like the ocean and all those earthly things are but one drop. They are there but insignificant when compared to ‘ and they shall see His face’. They have to be included because we can only relate to those earthly things.

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What about relationship with others? Ah but that is different. When God activates that timing mechanism, whatever it is, to begin the Heavenly Sabbath and the daily sacrifice we just fall where we are and lay stunned by it’s beauty even though we have Heavenly bodies. But after a certain time that dazzling presence dims and we realise we are laying down with others around us. The only reason we realise this is because we too are covered by Christ’s robe of righteousness. It is the outstanding feature. I don’t know so I assume there are 144 million saints there and assume that 2 million of them are called John and 3 million called Mary. Isn’t this going to be a bit confusing in identifying them? There may even be 100,000 Julius K there also. Well actually it won’t be because every person is as different as chalk and cheese . We are dressed in Christ’s  robe, what He wove for me to wear in Heaven for an eternity. What He did for me is different to what He did for you. The sins that He took into those fires of hell for me are different to the sins He took for you. Each robe is different, it is like a fingerprint, we will not confuse people in Heaven. I will marvel at your particular robe just as you will marvel at mine. You see the centrepiece of our marvelling, Jesus Christ!

Here again we find that incredible difference between the earthly and Heavenly steps, between earth and Heaven. We won’t have to search far and wide in order to find a ‘nice’ Christian, they are everywhere!  Neither will I need your prayers for faith and trust. I live by sight and it may have taken a while for that fear of being thrown out of Heaven to dissipate but it has gone now, just perfection for an eternity is mine! There is no longer need for prayer now, we just have to reap of the blessings that they bought!

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Exodus 30 verses 11 to 16 cover the value God places on human life. Everyone is the same there are no differences. Black, white, brown, yellow, red, rich, poor, sick, healthy, slave, free, male, female, more sinful, less sinful  or whatever other attributes you want to compare. All made in the image of God, all destined for Heaven if they so wish. All have been given a free will.

Verses 17 to 21, the basin for washing seem to follow advice that Jesus gave His disciples at the last supper but with an emphasis that I did not realise existed. The washing is not optional, unless you do it you will die!. After we have been washed in the baptismal font we still need daily washing when approaching our Lord. It is to be done with reverence and respect. It is not just anybody we are approaching it is the king the creator of this universe and the king the redeemer of all who want to be redeemed.

Verses 22 to 33 cover the composition of the anointing oil. Most sacred oil used to anoint sanctuary and everything in it. Today in anointing we would use just pure olive oil even if I knew and could get the other ingredients I would not attempt to make up this blend. Neither would I attempt to make up the incense blend, any incense at all. Any oil left over from an anointing should be burnt as it is Holy having represented the presence of the Holy Spirit. Further discussion of these two items I can’t see as relevant at this time even though they are used in the sanctuary service.

Chapter 31 verses 1 to 11 tell us the Lord will not expect us to do anything without supplying the necessary support. We are to spread His Gospel of the good news today and not after you have gained more than 50% in theology 1.01. He loves it when we rely on Him and have confidence in Him. ‘Well Lord my contribution is now going to be zero what are You going to do?’ is not a bad start.

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A lot of well meaning Christians use verses 12 to 18 to prove the Sabbath was only a part of the covenant between God and the Jews of the Old Testament. One guess only who would try to convince you that the two crimes, breaking the Sabbath and sexual perversion, both punishable by death are no longer applicable today. Jesus did not seem to know that the Sabbath was to be done away with because it was the Sabbath that He died for. Neither is sexual perversion, in it’s many forms done away with, including homosexality and gay marriage. It certainly has not been done away with in either the old or new Heavens.

Chapter 32 records a dark moment of the history of God’s people. The golden calf. I have sat through many sermons in my life and no doubt the golden calf would have been the subject of some of them, even though I can not remember anyone of them. My first impression was just to skim through it and leave you to read the many sermons that have been given on this topic, I am not told specifically in Revelations, as in the case of the song of Moses that this event is a part of eschatology, of last day events. That does not mean that it is not there and isn’t all Scripture inspired and meant to teach? Isn’t it all there for preparation of that wonderful moment of eternity ‘ and they shall see His face’? If every word is meant to teach then so is every sentence let alone the next 41 verses, not to mention the whole preceding section. And it is my prayer that we learn from a tiny glimpse of the pearl that is in front of us. This should necessitate the usual revisions and a setting out of waypoints to follow. These appear to be;

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1; Moses goes up on the mountain to collect clear instructions of God’s requirements.[  Jesus goes up to Heaven, after His resurrection to collect a clear set of instructions of God’s requirements and to check against that list whether His actions have met those requirements. As Jesus already knows that God’s requirements are perfect, He is in fact asking whether His actions have met the standard of perfection. The answer He is given is not just the theme of the Book of Revelations but the entire Bible. YES.]

2; Moses stays on the mountain for a definite period of time. [ Jesus stays in Heaven for a definite period of time before returning at His second coming]

3; Whilst Moses is on Mount Sinai evil flourishes and peaks as it also involves none other than the High Priest, Aaron. [ whilst Jesus is in Heaven for a Divinely appointed period of time evil flourishes on this earth and peaks with the destruction en masse of His people]

4; Moses returns to this evil and on seeing it smashes the two tablets written on by the finger of God. [ Jesus returns, takes His own with Him and severs His relationship with earth]

5; Moses returns to God and pleads for mercy and forgiveness for his people. God reissues the ten commandments. [ On returning to Heaven Jesus pleads for mercy for those on planet earth and the door of mercy does not close for another 1,260 years. God reissues another set of tablets if the analogy carries this set is very similar to the first but we must note the differences as well.]


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6; Moses returns with these new tablets for his people and they are given a chance to plead for forgiveness and be forgiven their sins so they don’t have to go to hell. [ Jesus returns at His third coming with the new tablets and people are given a chance of avoiding hell an option not one human being accepts.]

Chapter 32 begins after a long absence of Moses. He actually went up on the mountain in ( 24:15). If the equivalence point is Jesus after refusing to allow Mary to touch Him on Resurrection Sunday and then goes to Heaven it seems that Jesus’s main concern is has He fulfilled the old sacrificial system; so has He met, offerings made to God, the ark, the table, the lampstand, the tabernacle, the altar of burnt offerings, the courtyard, oil for the lampstand, the priestly garments including the ephod, the breastplate, tunic, turban and sash, consecration of the priests, the altar of incense, atonement money, basin for washing and incense  all pointing to the eternal Sabbath  and summarised on two tablets of the Testimony, the tablets of stone inscribed by the finger of God. They did not just have to be met there were stringent dimensions and conditions placed on all of them.

The answer that Jesus received from God was an unequivocal and resounding  ”  YES “. He has fully met all the requirements of the old sacrificial system and it has been abolished.

During His long absence from the world, including His people has become a very sinful place. They missed Him, they needed God, they lost sight of the Lamb and made themselves a golden calf instead. The High Priest who was left behind was a major part of the problem. He was supposed to give his life for the Lamb, instead he gave it to the golden calf even building an altar for it and calling its sacrifices to be those of the Lord God.

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It was when they offered burnt sacrifices and offered fellowship offerings that were Gods and Gods alone and sat down to eat and drink and indulge in revelry that God pulled the pin.They had lost sight of the Lamb as it had been replaced with the golden calf. He sent Jesus back to the people He had brought out of Egypt . They had other saviours other than Jesus. They are stiff necked people and God now wants to destroy them in anger. There must be some ” good ” ones there because they with Jesus  God will make into a great nation. [ this maybe the second coming]. There are many questions that arise with how Moses dealt with the Israelites on his return from the mountain and which of these events can be transcribed into how Jesus will react and to what at His second coming down from Heaven the most important would have to be the breaking of the stone tablets. If this is the taking away of His people with Him back to Heaven then it appears as if good has broken away from evil. But God’s mercy still operates on planet earth and will continue to do so for another 1,260 years and at that stage Jesus will return at His third coming with a new set of tablets. So  what do these tablets, the ten commandments, the law of God really stand for? What do they represent about the nature of God? How are the second lot different to the initial  ones?

If the golden calf is supposed to represent God and His dealings with us His evil people and this is the earthly step, then the Heavenly equivalent must have at least four stages corresponding to the four comings of our Lord. So it is going to be quite a complex picture. In this picture we must firstly distinguish between the two lots of ten commandments. The first lot I will call the God-God commandments and the second lot I will call the God-man commandments.

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They both receive the God prefix because both were written by God and are therefore expressions of His Holy will. It is the materials on which they were that makes all the difference. The first tablets were written on were prepared by God. He probably could not use the granite or basalt or whatever they were written on because the stench of the sin from the valley below permeated and saturated everything for miles around. He created from nothing new tablets to write on, they were truly pure, they were God- God commandments. These were the commandments that Jesus checked His life and death against and He did meet their purity. These were the commandments that were in operation until the second coming when God made those daming decisions against humanity. It was these commandments that Jesus smashed on His arrival at His second coming, both copies, God’s copy and man’s copy. These were the pure version.

Their replacement was still written by God but the material they were written on was supplied by man. They are different as we shall see as we follow them through the third and fourth coming of our Lord.

The problem with God’s people was they changed their allegiance from the Lamb Whom they had just  recently seen delivered them from Egypt to the golden calf delivering them from Egypt. It was a spontaneous act which most of us would plead guilty to without too much thought. Moses [ Jesus] does not have to have that long been seen gone out of our lives when we turn to the golden calf. The problem with the golden calf is that it is made of golden earrings donated by many people. Each contribution though is soul destroying and each is society destroying. That calf is made up of many earrings and you may choose from pornogaphy, greed, murder, grog, drugs, tobacco, an incalculable number of false religions, homosexuality and gay marriage just to name a few. Evolution must get a separate mention and even it becomes a possibility. Many of God’s people will also succumb when they see their Jesus is a long time in coming down from the mountain of Heaven in His second coming.

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The checklist that Jesus asked His father to compare against the God- God list of requirements was very exhaustive and God checked that each was fulfilled by Christ and have it’s ultimate fulfillment in the daily sacrifice of eternity, on Heavenly Sabbath day. Only the Sabbath needs to be singled out as it is the centre piece, and basis of the decalogue. Both tablets were identical as they were an arrangement, a covenant between two parties, God and man. On one side were the first four and the other side had the remaining six. But if you think about it you only need the fourth commandment, the Sabbath Day. The first three buttress it and if you turn the tablet over the other six support it.

On the Sabbath Day we are supposed to worship the creator and admire His magnificent creation. But there is more to this than that because He knew when He created us that we would drag Him into hell. Yet He still went ahead with His creative acts. Why?  Once we start to be given some insight into this question we won’t need to be told that there is only one God and we should not make any images of Him and bow down before them. Cursing His Holy Name is a non brainer. The basis of our relationship with God is that we are His family, Father and children. This family is a further bond between Bridegroom and Bride. Relations within this family are more fully explained on the back of the tablet.

There is harmony within the Godhead at the first coming on Resurrection Sunday morning. As Jesus presents each each of the items to God they are all judged to be perfect by God. The items presented must have included the burning of the bull and the two rams, hell. But there appears to be some disharmony within the Godhead at the second coming. Moses [ Jesus] has been in Heaven for quite a while and is told to go back quickly as God’s people have lost the plot badly. So badly in fact that God has given up with them and wants to destroy them once Moses has got those with whom he is going to form a nation. The language used by God is very strong indeed and He wants to destroy them and destroy them now. He is telling Jesus that to give them a time of mercy and a time for His love would be just a waste of time. There will not be one person to take advantage of this grace.

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Jesus argues for extra time of grace and mercy. I will let others to tell you why this apparent difference of opinion, but Jesus gets His way and mercy is granted. God certainly would have known that by observing these events the saints in Heaven would ask for their fine linen at the end of them. Yet this difference. Jesus like God would have known how bad things were on this earth and He smashes both the tablets thus breaking the relationship from both participants. He would only do this after He had rescued His own. So the break was Heaven away from earth and not between Jesus and His people. They took advantage of the covenant and went to Heaven. But even though the covenant was severed the people could plead for mercy; ‘ have mercy on me Lord a sinner’. Thus we enter into very specific attributes of God’s character. His mercy.

Jesus returns to Heaven with His own in order to pick up an extra set of stone tablets. But this lot is different. When Jesus smashed the first of tablets it would not have made any difference to the redeemed because those tablets has been transcribed by the Holy Spirit onto their hearts and therefore for an eternity. This is not the case with the unsaved. There are a great number of issues being raised and the problem here is that they are occurring about the same time as the song of Moses and of the Lamb which will probably necessitate returning to these events. The cowardly and despicable role Aaron played in these proceedings no doubt we could match on many occasions, and it is encouraging to know that God will forgive such despicable behaviour, no matter how well we dress it up. It wasn’t just Moses who was prepared to put his life it was Jesus who by doing so has brought us back into God’s favour. The Levites, the symbols of who went back to Heaven, kill about 3,000 badies from amongst their own people could symbolise the great slaughter of last days. As the badies are slaughtering the martyrs  it is they themselves who are being killed and ensuring their place in hell. All they are doing to the saints is transferring them from a horrible evil world not worth living in into the Heaven’s above and hastening the time frame.

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Our time trip from the second coming would have to begin on Mount Horeb ( 33:6) where God refuses to go with His people because of His anger. Mercy is available but not His presence. This is the 1,260 years of mercy after which the door of mercy will slam closed. It changes dramatically in the last 1,260 days when Jesus arrives on earth with the ‘new’, actually God-man commandments. These God-man commandments are different because that is all they exhibit: God’s justice and God’s love. There are only two options; love or justice and these two are in operation for the last 500 years of planet earth’s existence. But when they arrive on earth with Jesus at His third coming mercy still has 1,260 days to run for. With all three in operation this is really equivalent to God’s – God commandments. All on earth who genuinely want to be saved can thus be saved during this time, and under the same conditions that existed at the second coming. As we have already seen there are many millions of people who have died for the Lord in this category. We today live under the God-man commandments but because the door of mercy is still open they are equivalent to the original ones that were the result of God’s input alone. Or are they really the same?

Just testing to see if you are following  the arguments. ( actually a serious mistake which shows the many ideas have not yet gelled). If Jesus ( Moses) went to Heaven  ( Mt Sinai) to pick up the commandments or in Jesus’s case to check He had fulfilled the Law and the old sacrificial system, these were the God-God commandments ( God supplied tablets with His writing) . He did not bring these back to earth until His second coming when He smashed them up. Since Jesus has not yet come back we must be under those original commandments. This will change when He smashes them up. There will be a total severance of God’s relationship with man but because of Jesus’s pleading will be a period of mercy.

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The question whether the second lot of tablets is the same as the first lot if mercy is reintroduced? The greatest severance that occurred in the relationship between God and man occurred in the Garden of Eden. Jesus is capable to restore this relationship back to it’s original condition and way beyond that original condition so He is able to restore the God-man law to the God-God Law under which we are today. It does seem strange that the earth can exist without God’s law, in either form for any period of time let alone for 1,260 years, almost. Does this mean that ‘where there is no law there is no sin?’ This question has already been covered in the main blog and depends on whether you are saved or damned. This evil period is broken when Jesus returns at His third coming with his two witnesses and it is the return of this ‘new’ law that allows His return. If this scenario is correct then let us just pause and look at a remarkable attribute of God which will permeate the next 500 years, after the door of mercy closes.

Admittedly these reissued God- man commandments will operate in the presence of God’s mercy for 1,260 days. So they are God’s final call but they are also in operation for the next 500 years. That call  ( Rev 14:13) is indeed the final, final call and it was for this call that these tablets were at least in part issued. Way back at the start of the 500 years when the door of mercy closed even the saints in Heaven, let alone God could see that under no condition do those on earth want to spend an eternity with Jesus. Thank you but no thank you! They would even prefer to be burnt by the sulphur flame emanating from those crazed horsemen’s horses then to repent. And they know  that that sulphur flame is applied for many factors of time longer in hell, but the answer is still no. Once the Heaven option is ruled out there is only one option left, hell. Either you go to hell or I do it for you! It is under this context that we read the issuing of this second lot of tablets.

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Exodus ( 34:6,7) ‘ And he passed in front of Moses, proclaiming, ” The Lord, the Lord, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children and their children for the sin of their fathers to the third and fourth generation” ‘.  Any blessings associated with this covenant are conditional on obedience and therefore not applicable. God’s love for His created human beings stands right to the end even as the beast is marking out his troops for the final battle.

In the days when Moses wrote his books out parchment was scarce  and writing laborious and time consuming. He could have saved himself at least typing out the next five chapters by just stating ‘ and I told them what the Lord had commanded me’ rather than writing it all out again. Holy Scripture produces witness Scripture when important topics have to be emphasised. This is the case now. It is how Jesus Christ fulfilled the law and Scripture and is a topic that we have only touched on and to which we will have to return. It is about the blood  of Jesus Christ.

The body Jesus had on resurrection Sunday bore many similarities to the one who hung His head at 3 o’clock on Good Friday plus one Heavenly switch which Jesus could turn on if He wanted someone to recognise Him. This body He obtained from Mary’s bloodline with the remainder of the genes coming from God. Mary’s genetic information could not have been as pure as Eve’s after 4,000 odd years of deleterious mutations. So Jesus’s human body must have had some deleterious genetic information although there is a possibility that this was cancelled by the divine interaction. Mary was blessed on many fronts.

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But even if His body carried some defects His life did not. It was His earthly life and death that was presented to God on Resurrection Sunday morning  and it was accepted by God as perfect. It had divinity imposed on it and it became the robe of righteousness that the redeemed would wear for an eternity. So if His life and death could be presented to God as perfect then why couldn’t His blood be also gathered and presented ?  It certainly had no yeast or any other agent to make it go bad. It came from a perfect being, so judged by God and it is this blood that He took to Heaven for the ages to come and will ultimately be used in our consecration. So there is none of Jesus’s blood left on Mount Calvary of old or on the road that Jesus took on His way to Mount Calvary. Admittedly we are just skirting around the fringes until we address the issue of initially animal blood, which represented Jesus’s blood being taken into the Holy Of Holies and sprinkled on the ark that contained the commandments of God or rather a duplicate copy of them. This issue is now to be addressed under the topic of offerings, beginning with the burnt offering. Leviticus Chapter one. As the fires of hell burnt themselves out on Good Friday so did the burnt offerings, so how are we to apply them to our Christian lives? That is why we are given all those chapters about God’s commandments to Moses and then He repeating them back to the people.

The summary of offerings I now present is from page 150 from my NIV Bible study. If my ability with WordPress was good enough I would reproduce it in it’s entirety  but the best I can do is a summary of it. We have now arrived at the daily sacrifice with all those difficulties I had foreseen, which I will relist before attempting to give a solution. The headings are; name, elements and purpose.

Name; Burnt offering. Elements; Bull, ram or male bird ( dove or young pigeon), WHOLLY CONSUMED, no defects. Purpose; Voluntary act of worship, atonement for unintentional sin in general, expression of devotion, commitment and complete surrender to God.

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Name; grain offering. Elements; Grain, fine flour, olive oil, incense, baked bread ( cakes or wafers), salt no yeast or honey, accompanied burnt offering and fellowship offering, ( along with drink offering). Purpose; Voluntary act of worship, recognition of God’s goodness and provisions, devotion to God.

Name; Fellowship offering. Elements; Any animal without defect from herd or flock, variety of breads. Purpose; Voluntary act of worship, thanksgiving and fellowship, ( it included a communal meal).

Name; Sin offering. Elements; 1. young bull for High Priest and congregation. 2. Male goat for leader. 3.Female goat or lamb for common person. 4. Dove or pigeon for the poor. 5. Tenth of an ephah of fine flour for the very poor. Purpose: Mandatory atonement for specific unintentional sins, forgiveness of sin, cleansing from defilement .

Name; Guilt offering. Elements; ram or lamb. Purpose; mandatory atonement for unintentional sin requiring restitution, cleansing from defilement, make restitution, pay 20% fine.

When more than one offering was presented the procedure was usually as follows; (1) sin offering or guilt offering, (2) burnt offering, (3) fellowship and grain offering ( along with a drink offering). This sequence furnishes part of the spiritual significance of the sacrificial system. First sin had to be dealt with ( sin offering or guilt offering). The worshiper committed himself completely to God, ( burnt offering and grain offering). Third fellowship and communion between the Lord, the priest and the worshiper ( fellowship offering) was established. To state in another way, there were sacrifices of expiation ( sin offering and guilt offering) , consecration ( burnt offerings and grain offerings) and communion ( fellowship offerings-these included vow offerings, thank offerings and freewill  offerings).

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If I was asked what subject astonished me the most I would say the burnt offering. A certain way to kill any subject matter and to bring discussion to an end is to include humanity in it. It all ends with one sentence ‘ and humanity was included’. To open up a limitless topic is to begin with ‘ Jesus Christ….’. Thus it is with the burnt offering. If our timing of events in Heaven is correct and we apply the blood of Jesus at the right time, we should be able to glean much from being able to get up onto the first earthly step and look Heavenwards. We may only see one drop of the beauty of what the Heavenly host can see, after all they have just asked for their fine linen, but it must be better than nothing and knowing we are following our Lord’s advice we can be confident that He will show us more.

In foresight we know we are going to have the blood of Jesus applied to our ears, thumbs and toes. This blood came from a body which when presented before God was accepted as perfect and eternal so why couldn’t the earthly blood Jesus shed be not brought to the same condition, taken to Heaven and kept until the consecration ceremony where not just we but our surrounds are anointed? What has been bothering me is that this final consecration ceremony and all the subsequent daily sacrifices to follow must be in sinless conditions, yet these future daily sacrifices, of which the burnt offering is the centre piece contain sin, be that unintentional sin.

This is where commentaries like those above have missed the point, the Whole of the daily sacrifice is acceptable, every part of the lamb, bar it’s blood which is never burnt, is consumed by this holy fire. There can not be any sin associated with it. You may say that  the big sins, the intentional sins like murder, adultery, blasphemy, cursing the name of God, breaking His Holy Sabbath day, all  those sins not mentioned  in these offerings other than the two mentioned, theft and lies have been punished either by the sinners being killed or expelled from God’s people. That only happens to those caught and not those who do not get caught. Clearly they are guilty and must either repent or be punished for these sins.

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Intentional sins are covered under the Day of Atonement, here the worst sins are unintentional sins and there is no attempt made to account for the intentional sins. They would only destroy the purity of the process we are trying to study. As God is sovereign  He can make any rules which reflect His Holy character, like where there is no law there is no sin. If you know adultery is a sin and you commit adultery then you are guilty of committing an intentional sin and either you or Jesus will suffer for this sin in hell. If you do not know that adultery is a sin and you commit  adultery  you will not suffer for this sin in hell. If you choose Jesus as your Saviour Jesus will suffer for this unintentional sin in  hell.

Even though all the sins named in these offerings are unintentional, they are still graded as requiring a response from God down to not requiring any response. The serious ones those committed by a priest or the whole congregation, require mandatory sin and guilt offerings and the sinful part of the animal is taken outside the city to be burnt, like Jesus burnt in hell outside of the city. Only after  this sin offering can the person offer a burnt offering. This does not seem to apply to individuals who just offer the burnt offering and their unintentional sins are apparently ignored.

It appears to me that Jesus is saying ‘  those unintentional sins are my problem. I have set the bar so high that you cannot see it let alone obey those standards. I accept them as mine and will not hold you accountable for them. Nonetheless they are still sin which cannot be tolerated in Heaven and for which I will suffer in hell’. With that obstacle of unintentional sin out of the way the significance of the offering can now come to the fore. I would have thought that the most benign  sin was unintentional theft. Not only was the sin unintentional, the goods were returned and a 20% fine paid, but God regards it so seriously that He insists on the mandatory guilt offering being made and the sin being burnt outside of the city.

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So in this daily sacrifice there is no self there. Those gigantic  intentional sins God has made provision for at the right time and the unintentional sins Jesus is saying ‘ they are my problem’ . Even in the sin and guilt offering sin is but a minor issue. There the limit that God has set aside for which He can be responsible for has been exceeded and this excessive amount has to be taken outside the city and burnt. But these are compulsory offerings and have achieved their purpose by the time we have come to the burnt offering. Unintentional sin is within God’s parameters.

By now we have almost carried out our Maters instructions to Nicodemus; go and look at Moses’s bronze snake in the desert before looking at Me hanging on that cross. Relate to the earthly things I have given you to teach you before looking up to Heaven. Once we look at these offerings we should be on the first step and we can rely on Jesus helping us to look upwards. By the time we get to that part of the ceremony in Heaven where the real  blood of Jesus is applied to my right ear, thumb and toe we will have had at least three runs through this ceremony on earth. Once when when God told Moses, then Moses told the people and now we are about to through it again. It must be of critical importance for Scripture to repeat it at least three times.

I have no doubt that a blog could be written of criticisms of this blog. One valid criticism would be; does not define his terms. I should be more aware of this particularly when their meanings change at the cross, in the Old Heaven and in the New Heaven. I do not intentionally avoid these changes it is just that as I sit here typing with my NIV open at a certain page they don’t jump out and strike me in my eye. Before beginning the daily sacrifice I now correct this situation and also correct what I think is wrong with the conventional ideas of these sacrifices as presented of page 150 of the NIV.

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Right now we are with God’s people, the Israelites in the desert with the tent version, the temporary version of the Tabernacle. Moses is God’s chosen leader for His people. There are four components of the Tabernacle; there is one building situated in a courtyard. the building is split into two compartments; the inner one, the Holy of Holies, or the most Holy Place has one entrance into it from the adjoining building via a massive, magnificent curtain. This building is strictly out of bounds to everyone except the High Priest who is only allowed to enter into it once a year. Even then he has bells attached to him and a rope to his leg so if God strikes him down and the bells stop ringing they can pull him out by that rope without having to go inside this Most Holy Place. God’s direct presence is in the ark. From here it radiates out as a swirling cloud, through the roof of this room and forms a cloud in the form of a column during the day, regardless  how strong the winds are and at night this forms a column of light. In this form I will abbreviate it as HOHCURT1. Holy of Holies with magnificent curtain one which only moved on one day of the year.

The building adjoining it, the Holy Place or the Tent of Meeting was quite a busy place. Here not only does the High Priest prepare himself for that one day in the year service but the priest on duty officiates every day. The curtain into this apartment is nowhere as elaborate as the one between the two apartments. I will call this apartment the TOMCUR2. Tent of meeting with curtain 2. Only the priest on duty can enter TOMCUR2 and the ordinary people even if believers can not. This whole building sits in a courtyard of specific dimensions and only believers are allowed inside it. The area outside this courtyard is for the non-believers, the gentiles. Returning now to the offerings. As these offerings are the offerings of the eternities to come we must glean as much as possible about them even though we realise that this is from our earthly perspective and not the same depth that the redeemed in Heaven saw.

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The Burnt Offering; ( Leviticus chapter 1). This was the most important offering which was offered twice  daily and is the essence of the daily sacrifice of eternity.

Verses 1,2 ” The Lord called to Moses and spoke to him from the Tent of Meeting. He said ‘ Speak to the Israelites and say to them ” When any of you bring an offering to the Lord, bring as your offering an animal from either the herd or the flock” ‘”. These offerings of eternity can not be better symbolised or represented than by an animal from the herd or flock. This was God’s choice and He directly told Moses from where He often communicated with Moses from. This was God’s call, and the introduction to the numerous sacrifices to follow.

Verses 3,4 ‘ If the offering is a burnt offering from the herd, he is to  offer a male without defect. He must present it at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting so that it will be acceptable to the Lord. He is to lay his hand on the head of the burnt offering and it will be accepted on his behalf to make atonement for him’. Most sacrifices were killed outside of this curtain. TOMCUR2. Tent of Meeting curtain 2. Sacrifices outside of this courtyard were not acceptable.

The laying of the hands is far more complex especially as there is no sin involved. Isn’t that what atonement is about? At one is ment when our sins are taken away from us and we are then at one with God. It has already been pointed out the limited envelope of unintentional sin Jesus accepts as His and takes the responsibility for them. His standards are so high we have no hope of seeing let alone carrying them out so He takes them as His. But this is pointing to the beauty of our Lord which the saints in Heaven will see and worship our Lord for.

Page 53

As this daily burnt offering is the centre piece of the daily sacrifice of eternity and if it involved atonement for our intentional sins it would mean our intentional sins would be being brought up for the eternities to come! They are the drop and the ocean is the beautiful character of Christ, one part of which is that envelope of unintentional sins. So what at one is ment is involved here? What are we supposed to feel when we place our hands on Jesus’s head?

Whilst on earth Jesus was much like any other Jew. Long hair, beard, olive complexion and dressed like the others. If I saw you take a knife, take a hold of His head and bring that knife to His throat I would rush at you screaming ‘ Stop! you can’t do that to this beautiful being, you can’t murder Him!’ If I did not push you away in time I would collapse in a heap crying No!, No!  No!. He didn’t do anything to deserve this all He did was good! But it is not just you who plunges that knife into that innocent throat. It is all believers. It is I who takes a hold of that knife with one hand and a good hold of that innocent head with the other. This head knows exactly what is going to happen and why and he braces Himself for that lethal blow. He knows and it is for us to find out about the power of that sinless blood and it is this beauty that will keep us enthralled for an eternity and the love involved behind this action.

Verses 5,6 ‘ He is to slaughter the young bull before the Lord and then Aaron’s sons the priests shall bring the blood and sprinkle it against the altar on all sides at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. He is to skin the burnt offering and cut it to pieces.’  That initial burst and the subsequent flow of the blood should remain vividly in the believers mind. It’s first function is being fulfilled, it sanctifies, it makes the fires that are about to burn in this altar of burnt offering acceptable to God Who will be the final judge in determining their effectiveness.

Page 54

Did we really murder this innocent Jesus? If this death was for our intentional sins then yes but as only our unintentional sins are involved then no, we did not murder Him. And this is what we contemplate for the eternities to come, His willingness to sacrifice Himself for us. He accepted this death in as close a position to God as God allowed, the entrance to the Tent of Meeting, in front of the second curtain. Even though Jesus as the offering was perfect and every part of it was to be burnt in the fire it still needed preparation. Here the skin is separated and it is cut into pieces and by dividing these pieces into four categories gave me the key which I am using now in this analysis.

Verses 7,8,9 ‘ The sons of Aaron the priest are to put fire on the altar and arrange wood on the fire. Then Aaron’s sons the priests shall arrange the pieces, including the head and the fat, on the burning wood that is on the altar. He is to wash the inner parts and the legs with water, and the priest is to burn all of it on the altar. It is a burnt offering, an offering made by fire, an aroma pleasing to the Lord’.

Just because I know light is made out of photons does not mean I understand light neither does it mean that just because I see flames I understand fire on the earthly step, let alone the Heavenly step. But the Lord has given us as much as we need and probably as much as we can handle. The wood on this altar represents the framework on Mount Calvary on which this burnt sacrifice was made, the cross and is probably even the same species. It has a definite arrangement together with the prearranged body parts form part of the mechanism that was made by and therefore acceptable to God for the restoration of humanity and Divinity. Jesus’s head, representing His Divinity, willingness to accept what is about to happen and knowledge of what God’s requirements were would have to burn first.

Page 55

The fat I still struggle with as it is the odour of the burning fat that is pleasing to God. As has already been pointed out the feet and the washed parts represent Jesus’s baptism where all righteousness was met and these parts were the ones that came into contact with sinful humanity although they themselves remained sinless. It can not be overemphasised that the whole of this body was burnt and it along with the blood that had been separated as it was sinless. Would it be and we certainly don’t want it to be blasphemous to compare the fire  that God saw in these flames to us sitting around a campfire on a cold dark night? He knew that those fires were ultimately not just going to engulf His only Beloved Son but the throne and He as well. But they were going to accomplish perfection for an eternity, and in the long run it was like the suffered in childbirth.

Verses 10-13 ‘ If the offering is a burnt offering from the flock, from either the sheep or the goats, he is to offer a male without defect. He is to slaughter it at the north side of the altar before the Lord, and Aaron’s sons the priests shall sprinkle it’s blood against the altar on all sides. He is to cut it to pieces, and the priest shall arrange them, including the head and the fat, on the burning wood that is on the altar. He is to wash the inner parts and the legs with water and the priest is to bring all of it and burn it on the altar. It is a burnt offering, an offering made by fire, an aroma pleasing to the Lord’.

What we are discussing is offerings, five types offered by at least three different groups of people. This is at least one place we must project ourselves from this earthly realm into the Heavenly one. I particularly include myself. Every good thing that has been given me on this planet has come from God and the best I can do is to say ‘ Is that the best You can do!, I hope You don’t expect 10% of nearly nothing but if You can’t give me any more until I tithe then I suppose I have to give You this tithe that You demand! But I want it registered that it is given under duress!’. That mean spiritedness is not in Heaven. And if I were  asked to list my ‘good’ qualities that mean spiritedness would be one of them!

Page 56

We are thrilled to be there and to have the Lord ask us to do something would be a privilege beyond belief. This is not the issue here, the issue is that of atonement and not atonement for for my intentional sins. The unity that I seek here now is to be one with God, to try to understand something of His beauty. They seem very hard and cruel conditions under which I am to be given access to them but they are God’s conditions, particularly the fire, that burnt offering.The daily sacrifice. I will strive to be at one ment with this daily sacrifice.

This next bit is probably pushing the earthly boundaries too far into Heaven but I will still grapple with the gender question that only males offered male animals for the most part. In my attempt to be one with the Lord should I consider myself as privileged and rich and offer a young bull from the herd, or should I consider myself average and offer a lamb from the west side of the altar or should I consider myself poor and offer the equivalent of a dove or pigeon?  These categories along with male and female certainly existed on planet earth and what was I supposed to offer after Good Friday when all these sacrifices ceased? My initial attempt at atonement when I first came out of the baptismal font would not be the same as attempted atonement after walking with my Lord for many years whilst studying His Word. Over the years the level of attempted atonement mat change from offering a dove to lamb to bull, it is supposed to be a daily sacrifice which on planet earth with it’s days and nights is a 24 hour cycle.

Then there are those giants in amongst God’s people like the apostles, Luthers, Calvins and Wesleys and many others who would begin at the dove level which was many times higher than my entry level and finish at a correspondingly higher level. We are all crossing the same Jordan but it is certainly not at the same pace.

Page 57

In Heaven there is also a hierarchy;  the angelic hosts, elders on thrones and the redeemed. We certainly have one levelling factor; we have all seen the operation of the true attributes of God for almost 1,800 years and we appear to ask God in unison for the fine linen. So we may then be all the same. We know there are no males or females, just the redeemed and there may not be that sharp demarcation between God, Spirit and Christ. One people worshipping one God.  So Jesus was right when He said that ‘ I and the Father are One’. But even under these circumstances we would still progress through the dove, lamb and bull stages. Another progression maybe; before the cross and looking towards the cross via these animal sacrifices, the dove stage, looking back after the real event the lamb stage and looking down from Heaven dressed in our new robes the offering from the herd stage, the young bull.

Here on earth the Bible teaches of a four stage hierarchy;  God the Father, Jesus Christ,man and woman. Satan is certainly doing his damned most to eradicate and even reverse the male, female role and by by eliminating Jesus would eliminate the only way to God making Him nonexistent to us. Many dispute and question this hierarchy including genuine Christians. They just cannot accept it. This blog has often advised you to prepare your reasons for your objections and their solutions in a concise and succinct manner. The line of those like yourself with grievances against the Lord is long indeed. Your best chance for presentation of these grievances will be when Jesus returns to earth for the third time and is bodily present in the temple for 1,260 days. He will not be giving you a platform for your blasphemy as this would require perfect justice to vapourise you on the spot and I am sure you will not make any impression in convincing the two witnesses either. But again it is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. It is by God’s grace that He brought out of there. As I read of the defects that disqualified any male from becoming a priest the longer the list the further down in the body was my part. I had them all.

Page 58

At a best reading I may be a knee and worst one of the toe nails. But that does not mean that God does not love me and wants me in Heaven with Him and whilst here on earth He has some role He wants me to play for Him. Before criticising God’s hierarchy at least be fair and acknowledge and deduct the inroads that satan has made into destroying it. Pornography, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, greed, homosexuality,gay marriage are not God’s way.  Look at those results and note the way all of society is going, down. It’s not as if things were perfect before but they were only a shadow compared to the darkness now.

There is still more on the issue of us as priests to come, we are still under the general heading of offerings. I still have many issues probably because I have not grappled with them, and one of them is the point of the compass. Why is the bull sacrificed on the western side of the altar but the sheep or goats sacrificed on the northern side of the Altar? One of the issues was why the fat was separated and its burning gave an aroma pleasing to the Lord could be; Fat forms as excess food so the fact that fat is there acknowledges we have been more than supplied with our basic daily bread and offer the  excess back to God. One function of fat is to be converted back to energy so it burns easily in the flames. The role of blood is separate and Holy. Only odd drops finish up in the fire when applied to the corners and sides of the altar and theirs is a sanctifying purpose. The majority of the blood is kept as one unit and poured out at the base of the altar. Even though the animal is supposed to be drained of its blood some blood must always remain. The fact that the fat is yellow shows it has a minimum of blood making it suitable for sacrifice. The minimum of blood in the fire is probably Christ accepting our unintentional sins.

Page 59

Verses 14-17 ‘If the offering to the Lord is a burnt offering of birds, he is to offer a dove or a young pigeon. The priest shall bring it to the altar, wring off the head, and burn it on the altar; its blood shall be drained out on the side of the altar. He is to remove the crop with its contents and throw,it to the east side of the altar, where the ashes are. He shall tear it open by the wings, not severing it completely and then the priest shall burnt it on the fire on the altar. It is a burnt offering, an offering made by fire, an aroma pleasing to the Lord’. No doubt there is depth in these verses as there is in all Scripture, but it evades me for the moment.

Chapter 2;  The Grain Offering.

Verses 1-3 ‘ When someone brings a grain offering to the Lord, his offering is to be of fine flour. He is to pour oil on it, put incense on it and take it to Aaron’s sons the priests. The priest shall take a handful of the fine flour and oil, together with all the incense, and burn this as a memorial portion on the altar, an offering made by fire, an aroma pleasing to the Lord. The rest of the grain offering belongs to Aaron and his sons; it is a most holy of the offering made to the Lord by fire’.

God is entitled to represent His Holy characteristics by whatever part of His creation He so chooses. The only reason we cannot relate to His metaphors is because we do not understand them. But as with any metaphor comparisons cannot be made down to every finest detail. This complexity is exacerbated when we are trying to compare two Heavens, the old and the new, with two earths, pre and post Good Friday. It would simplify things no end if we could just concentrate on what we need today and apply it only to the new Heavens, the everlasting Heavens.

Page 60

But all of Scripture is inspired and the pre Good Friday Sacrifices as well as those of the old Heavens are included for a reason; to teach us. Thus it is with the grain offering.

In the genealogies of Jesus He chooses  to refer to Himself as the seed of Abraham or David or whatever. As Seed He grew,lived and died and was resurrected as a new plant, that of eternity. He chose that seed to represent His body; it was crushed and ground into flour and He called Himself the Bread of life. It is this bread that we break at the Lord’s supper to commemorate His broken body on the cross. It is seed that ultimately feed the dove, lamb and bull of the daily sacrifice. It is probably seed that the robe we are going to wear is made out of. It is probably cotton seed that our fine linen of eternity is made of. It was at the last supper that a part of the seed, the flour was eaten by humanity and the other part was burnt on Calvary’s tree. But if this represented Jesus’s body why those additives? And sooner or later we are going to hit that brick wall;  there can be no remission of sins without the shedding of blood.

Verses 4-10 ‘ If you bring a grain offering baked in an oven, it is to consist of fine flour; cakes made without yeast and mixed with oil, or wafers made without yeast and spread with oil. If,your grain offering is prepared on a griddle it is to made of fine flour mixed with oil, and without yeast. Crumble it and pour  oil on it; it is a grain offering. If your grain offering is cooked in a pan, it is to be made of fine flour and oil. Bring the grain offering made of these things to the Lord; present it to the priest, who shall take it to the altar. He shall take out the portion from the grain offering and burn it on the altar as an offering made by fire, an aroma pleasing to the Lord. The rest of the grain offering belongs to Aaron and his sons; it is a most holy part of the offering made to the lord by fire.’

Page 61

So far we have only been told that we are to offer a daily sacrifice twice a day and that it had to be a burnt offering of a lamb. If the oil present was a symbol of the Holy Spirit then it should only be present in the morning sacrifice as Jesus died at the time of the evening sacrifice and this would have resulted in the Holy Spirit leaving His mortal body. But then again this would mean that no drink offering should be present in the morning offering as Jesus was not offered that bitter drink until just before He died, unless of course some drink was offered Him at the start of His hell suffering.

But with the grain offering we are given a choice, there appears to be an alternative. Do we want to celebrate the last supper where a part of the grain we will eat to commemorate what is going to happen to the rest of the grain offering where His body is going to be crushed in the fires of hell. This part corresponds to the burnt offering. His Holy blood is conspicuous by its absence and forms the major theme of this blog. The incense is added because there is a human component in this offering unlike the burnt offering where only Divinity is involved. It involves us eating the bread and our initial choice of conducting this sacrifice. As this grain represents the body of Christ it is most holy something we should not forget when conducting the Lord’s Supper.

Verses 11-13 ‘ Every grain offering you bring to the Lord must be made without yeast, for you are not to burn any yeast or honey in an offering made to the Lord by fire. You may bring them to the Lord as an offering of the first fruits, but they are not to be offered on the altar as a pleasing aroma. Season all your grain offerings with salt. Do not leave the salt of the covenant of your God out of your grain offerings, add salt to all your offerings.’

Page 62

In this one chapter alone we are forbidden five times not to mix the grain and yeast and offer it to the Lord. Bread with yeast is forbidden. How many Christian services can you go to today and find leaven bread at the Lord’s Supper! Without exception you will find that this is only one of the clangers of theology they possess. Again these flames have no trace of sin other than the unintentional sin. The salt Jesus will emphasise many times during His ministry. I think it will form a part of the ashes of the flames.

Verses 14-16 ‘ If you bring a grain offering of firstfruits to the Lord, offer crushed heads of new grain roasted in the fire. Put oil and incense on it, it is a grain offering. The priest shall burn the memorial portion of the crushed grain and the oil, together with all the incense, as  an offering made to the Lord by fire’.

The differences between grain offerings and grain offerings as firstfruits is stark indeed. One is for perpetuity and the other has it’s heads crushed and will only last until the fourth coming of our Lord. The firstfruits of the second coming could be of the dead or living. If it is of the living then the firstfruits would be those imprisoned by the beast. Their harvest would be primary, those conversions which result from their release from prison and then secondary as this harvest falls the resulting conversions that result. If the firstfruit are the dead then they would be those who fell by the sword at this time probably because the prisons were full. Their harvest would be the seeds that grew as a result of their blood  in the ground that nourished the seeds. The firstfruits of the second coming, those 144,000 wise virgins are brought to Heaven and offered to God by Jesus. But they are only the living and that is a major change in ideas I have experienced since starting this blog. You are given that one chance when you are alive.

Page 63

The fact that none of the dead respond to the harvest preparations which are now to begin only proves God was right in drawing a line through them at their death. It is the answer to the question what did Heaven do to ensure that everything that could possibly done was done short of removing the people’s free wills that now occupies 1,780 odd years of history. Firstly what is sought is the right response, repentance. When in 1,260 years this fails then finally what is sought is any response  at all. When this response produces nothing only then does the Lord appear at His fourth coming.

Chapter 3; The Fellowship Offering.

Verses 1-5 ‘ If someone’s offering is a fellowship offering, and he offers an animal from the herd, whether male or female, he is to present before the Lord an animal without defect. He is to lay his hand on the head of his offering and slaughter it at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. Then Aaron’s sons the priests shall sprinkle the blood against the altar on all sides. From the fellowship offering he is to bring a sacrifice made to the Lord by fire; all the fat that covers the inner parts or is connected to them, both kidneys with the fat on them near the lions, and the covering of the liver, which he will remove with the kidneys. Then Aaron’s sons are to burn on the altar on top of the burnt offering, that is on the burning wood, as an offering made by fire an aroma pleasing to the Lord’.

This really takes us back to Exodus ( 29:24)  where when I read it  produced that spontaneous ear to ear grin and I looked up and said ‘ thank you’. The waving of the breast before the Lord which ultimately becomes a part of the fellowship offering. Before this stage I knew I had something that was magnificently beautiful but once I asked for and received the fine linen it’s beauty increased even more. With a robe of this beauty and value I wanted to show it off to everyone and I was prepared to admire the beauty of their robes in return.

Page 64

But I had to go further. When I wrote this up previously I used the example of the prodigal son. Yes Father you have waited for a long time for your son to return. Yes you did scan the horizon continually in anticipation of my return. Yes you were prepared to throw your cloak of righteousness over me as soon as I was within range. Yes you had the fatted calf ready for the party of all parties. Yes you did come out to meet me and now just look at what I have been dressed in! Scan it for the tiniest flaws with Your perfect eyesight. There are none. I wanted to confirm that this robe would even pass an inspection by eyes of perfection and this opportunity is now formalised in the fellowship offering. It may even be the case that the fatted calf is at least a part of the burnt offering.

There are many similarities between the burnt and the fellowship offerings. They are both ‘ if the offering is to be…..’ and the procedures are almost identical with these exceptions. The burnt offering was compulsory twice a day and a lamb had to be offered. But in the fellowship offering we get to make the choice if we think that the female animal is of more worth than the male then we may choose it. We decide what is of most value to us and present it. It is most holy as is the burnt offering but even though the wave offering a part is burnt and the rest is given to the priests to eat at this stage all I can say is that this also applies to the fellowship offering although it may be totally burnt as the burnt offering.

Verses 6-11 ‘ If he offers an animal from the flock a as a fellowship offering to the Lord, he is to offer a male or female without defect. If he offers a lamb, he is to present it before the Lord. He is to lay his hand on the head of his offering and slaughter it in front of the Tent of Meeting. Then Aaron’s sons shall sprinkle it’s blood against the altar on all sides.

Page 65

From the fellowship offering he is to bring a sacrifice made to the Lord by fire; it’s fat, the entire fat tail cut off close to the backbone, all the fat that covers the inner parts or is connected to them, both kidneys with the fat on them near the lions, and the covering of the liver, which he will remove with the kidneys. The priest shall burn them on the altar as food, an offering made to the Lord by Fire’.  As no part of it is taken out of the city to burn it must be given to the priests to eat. The same emphasis is placed on placing the hands of the offerer on the head of the lamb or goat and the same emphasis is placed on it is us who drive that knife into Jesus’s throat. The Holy part as usual is burnt on the altar and the remainder is shared amongst the priests.

Verses 12-17 ‘ If his offering is a goat, he is to present it before the Lord. He is to lay  his hand on it’s head and slaughter it in front of the Tent of Meeting. Then Aaron’s sons shall sprinkle its blood against the altar on all sides. From what he offers he is to make this offering to the Lord by fire; all the fat that covers the inner parts or is connected to them, both kidneys with the fat on them near the lions, and the covering of the liver, which he will remove with the kidneys. The priest shall burn them on the altar as food, an offering made by fire, a pleasing aroma. All the fat is the Lord’s. This is a lasting ordinance for the generations to come, wherever you live; You must not eat any fat or blood.’  Out of all this repetition the answer we seek must spring out.

Leviticus Chapter 4; The Sin Offering.

Verses 1-12 ‘ The Lord said to Moses, ” Say to the Israelites: ‘ When anyone sins unintentionally and does what is forbidden in any of the Lord’s commands— If the anointed priest sins, bringing guilt on the people, he must bring to the Lord a young bull without defect a sin offering for the sin he has committed.

Page 66

He is to present the bull at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting before the Lord. He is to lay his hand on its head and slaughter it before the Lord. Then the anointed priest shall take some if the bull’s blood and carry it into the Tent of Meeting. He is to dip his finger into the blood and sprinkle  some of it seven times before the Lord, in front ot the curtain of the sanctuary. The priest shall then put some of the blood on the horns on the altar of fragrant incense that is before the Lord in the Tent of Meeting. He shall then remove all the fat from the bull of sin offering– the fat that covers the inner parts  or is connected to them, both kidneys with the fat on them near the lions and the covering of the liver, which he will remove with the kidneys— Just as the fat is removed from the ox sacrificed as a fellowship offering. Then the priest shall burn them on the altar of burnt offering. But the hide of the bull and all its flesh, as well as the head and legs, the inner parts and offal– that is, all the rest of the bull— he must take outside of the camp to a ceremonially clean, where the ashes are thrown, and burn it in a wood fire on the ash heap.’

I have not been able to find the association between unintentional sin and the burnt offering that the NIV Study Bible has on page 150. Whoever wrote this part of the commentary had their finger on the pulse of the daily sacrifice as would many of the readers, especially by now. I will still continue with my efforts of exegesis, present the text followed by the conclusion rather than eisegesis with the conclusion first and then go look for texts to support it. As the Book of Leviticus is about the daily sacrifice I should continue the try to analyse it verse by verse and then produce  a summary and conclusion but if you don’t agree with my piecemeal analysis then neither will you agree with my conclusions. So other than critical texts which I will continue to type out I will just refer you to them.

Page 67

There are still a number of issues to be resolved before producing a conclusion for the daily sacrifice; one of these is unintentional sin. ( If you happened to be one of my students who did my Swimming pool water treatment course I would tell you that I could explain in ten minutes how to treat and analyse problems in water but I needed  18 hours to explain the explanation!)

When I covered unintentional sin before I can’t remember what example I used as the absurdity but as there are only two and I used the first, I will now use the second one. Out of God’s Holy Law only two are in the affirmative; ‘you shalt do’ the other eight are don’t dos. Commandments four; do this on this day, and five; ‘ honour your mother and father’. Babies, even in the womb, would not be aware of this commandment nor could they obey it. If God counts this as unintentional sin then we would have to conclude that God’s standards are way off this planet!. Not to wonder about how many unintentional sins were present on that cross! We don’t know and even if we did know we can’t do! What sort of justice system would condemn and punish us for this? Well God’s justice system will not, He will bear it’s consequences Himself. But even within this unintentional bracket there is an envelope and unintentional sins that are outside of this envelope are treated differently. Before looking at this envelope I raise this hypothetical question. It is one I certainly think about.

There are no questions about the redeemed, the saints of Heaven. Every one of our sins, be they intentional or unintentional has been through Calvary’s fires through what I call evolution’s reverse process. In evolution their process produces something out of nothing. Hell’s process produces nothing out of all our sins. They are burnt into nonexistence. But the damned will only suffer for their intentional sins. So what happens to their unintentional sins? They must exist. In His final offer to the wicked at the end of Revelation 14 just before the battles He offers to take their intentional sins for them in hell. Not one person accepts this offer.

Page 68

So when they are finally thrown into hell they will only suffer for their intentional sins, their unintentional sins are not there. Are they left to float around in the ages to come? When we finally have the blood of Jesus applied to us thinking that all evil has been done away with and now only perfection exists these unintentional sins are is some envelope in the outer universe? Surely if God is that holy and His commandments are a reflection of that holiness then so sins have to exist somewhere. To me it appears that as God formed every human being, cell by cell, molecule by molecule, subatomic particle by subatomic particle He knew who would accept Him and who would not  and for those who would not He would have to bear their unintentional sins for them on the cross. This will form the bases of the analysis of my life that God can die for only part of my sins. The conclusion that must result from this is; once my sins are forgiven they are forgiven, they have gone up in that puff of fire of the tree on Mount Calvary, but this conflicts with Leviticus 16 or does it? If it doesn’t then all my sins before my public confession in the baptismal font do not exist and if I were now to throw in my faith and go back to my old sinful ways then the sins I would have to suffer for in hell would only begin with my present sins.

Returning now to the intentional sins of Leviticus 4 the first twelve verses and beyond which I expect you are familiar with and I will only comment on. There are four categories of unintentional sin listed ranging from the most serious to the least serious, but none the less they are all unintentional. The first two are outside the envelope and the last two are inside. The first category (verses 1-12) is outside the envelope on two grounds; it is committed by the anointed priest and it affects the whole community, They have been broken away from God. Being the anointed priest he should have known better and he has broken the relationship with God by defiling the Tent of Meeting by going into it.  The only category outside of this is intentional sin. ‘ That you did willfully break break your relationship with me by spitting in my Holy face’

Page 69

The remedy for this anointed priest’s unintentional sins are severe and unique. Blood must be used to reconsecrate the Holy Place and the altar if incense within it. As on Calvary’s tree some of the bull had to be separated and it with it’s sins had to be burnt outside the city. The framework in this fire on which our sins were placed, Jesus Christ was not burnt and is thus represented by the ashes. These ashes are holy. As Jesus faced east on that terrible cross He would have been removed from the eastern side. The ashes from the altar of burnt offering were also removed from the eastern side. The burnt offering accompanied this cleansing from defilement. If the Bible is right in teaching us that we are the Lord’s anointed priests  and our unintentional sins fall into such a serious category, then what about our Intentional sins?

The next category of serious sin is that of the whole of the community. ( verses 13-21). That maybe 50 or 50 million, it is the whole that counts. The Lord seems to be saying ‘ The guidelines I left them were the Lowest possible standards that my Holy nature would allow Me to set, but they were too high for My people and their representatives, the priests. They have all been broken away from Me, not one is left!’ Even though God accepts responsibility for this sin He still must pronounce the punishment for it. It is God the Father Who gives His Son that cup of iniquity to drink from.

Verses 22-26 cover unintentional sins of leaders and verses 27 to 5:13 cover individuals. These seem to fall within the envelope and are covered by the burnt sacrifice. It seems as if God expects individuals, whether ordinary members or leaders to fall and to fall continuously. Sin is our second nature but for Him atonement and forgiveness are His primary nature. There is a sudden change in emphasis in the guilt offering. The realm has moved from where God has been judging unintentional sins to ‘ This is what I told you to do and not to do’.

Page 70

We have moved into the realm of God’s commandments but only two of them, and they are still in the realm of unintentional sins. The breaking of an order but unintentionally. The only situation that is covered here is if restitution is made; The unintentionally stolen goods are returned and a 20% fine is paid or the lies we told are acknowledged in public, their harmful effects have been removed. It is only then that the guilt offering is accepted. In 5:17 there is a strange change in emphasis. This one is especially for those who slight Holy things with the specific example of God’s commandments.

Here the Holy Word divides unintentional into two distinct categories; those you are unable to fulfill because they are too high and and those you do not fulfill even though they were able to be fulfilled. Jesus takes your place in hell for the first category but you suffer for the second category in hell yourself. ‘ He is guilty and will be held responsible’ ( verse 17). The two examples used, two holy objects which God says are given in the category that we can keep, they are not in the realm of being so holy that only God can keep them are theft and lies. To sinful eyes they are benign because restitution has been made. ( + 20% penalty in the case of theft.)  They remain as unintentional sins until their guilt offering is accepted. It is only then that the penalty for that sin passes onto the cross.

I am unaware of Biblical texts that would allow me to say whether just because Paul worked harder than any of the other apostles that that made up for any of the damage he did at the start. He himself did not think that changed anything and he remained as the worst of all sinners. Nor can I say that if you have been treating your parents as garbage and you wake up to yourself, start treating them as Holy things in a way the fifth commandment tells you to, that you can make up for those past sins.

Page 71

Is that equivalent to making restitution and paying a 20% penalty? This example is not used here. But I can say that God’s commandments are holy items and are given with such expectations that we can keep them. Whether we choose  to do so, whether it be intentionally  or unintentionally we are guilty of sin and we personally will be held responsible for these actions, until we take remedial action and that guilt passes onto that burning formwork, Jesus’s body on Mount Calvary. The important Scripture is verse 17 ‘ If a person sins and does what is forbidden in any of the Lord’s commands, even though he does not know it, he is guilty and will be held responsible’. This is the difference between a sin offering and a guilt offering. Skimming through the remaining texts under the NIV headings;

Verses 8-13; The burnt offering is clearly the crux of all matter. To it we can add that it must be kept burning 24/7 and other offerings can be added to it. But it itself is the cornerstone. Verses 14-23; the grain offering also symbolises perpetuity. It has an incense component, which symbolises our prayers ascending to God in Heaven and part being eaten by us His priests. It symbolises the last supper where part of Jesus’s body was eaten and part went on to be sacrificed on that tree for us and be broken into pieces. This would indicate why the priest could not eat his own grain offering; Jesus could not sacrifice His own body to Himself. It is a part of our consecration ceremony in Heaven as we begin the eternity of perfection. Verses 24-30 the sin offering, are a part of that perfection. ‘ I set the bar so high because that is my Holy nature, but I didn’t expect you to keep it, I did that for you’, so again we have that dual nature of the sacrifice; we have the flames purifying and carrying to God and we have our component that it becomes a part of us by being ingested into  into every cell of our bodies by being eaten. The seriousness of a sin offering of the anointed priest has already been discussed.

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Chapter 7 verses 1-10 are the guilt offering. Can this offering with our theft and lies be a part of perfection of the ages? If the preceding burnt, grain and sin and the following fellowship offerings are then being in between it must be also. Not only that but it is most Holy along with the sin offering and it throws considerable light on sin and what was accomplished by Jesus on Good Friday. Most Christians today would not even regard it as sin. ‘ Okay, I didn’t mean to, I made an honest mistake ( unintentionally) , I have restored the item, paid a 20% penalty and apologised for the harm I caused. There is nothing else that I can do so let us all move on’. They miss one point; a Holy object has been broken which was specifically highlighted and provisions were made to avoid it’s breaking. The fact that it was broken unintentionally does not change the fact that it has been broken. But we have brought the pieces back, apologised and asked God to glue  them back together. Therein lies the wonder of His grace. But therein also lies the wonder of His mercy in that he takes those pieces Himself into the fires of Hell, remelts and fuses those Holy items back into their original condition. The highlight of the guilt offering is that perfect nature of God.

Verses 11- 21 are the fellowship offering. This topic is particularly dear to my heart as I searched the skies for their wonder without first getting onto the earthly step the Lord could have given me literally thousands of keys to unlock that search engine but the one He gave me was the fellowship offering; me waving the breast of that animal before Him. We have already been through our anointing of eternity four times and no doubt still have a number of times to go. Repetition is not just a part of an old mind, it is a Bible technique. It is there so that we can glean just a little more detail of a Heavenly act and to reaffirm our footing. So this next revision is not just a way of producing more text; it is a history of my searching the skies in the Book of Revelation mainly. Specifically it was a search for where was the blood that Jesus took to Heaven and when was it applied? It was a search for the daily sacrifice.

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Initially I split Heaven into three time periods; our times of uncertainty, ( Revelation chapter 6), the 1,780 years which itself is split into periods of grace and love, and finally eternity of perfection where we may have a birthday every million or billion years and a very special birthday every billionth birthday each of a billion years! Looking from the earthly step where even one yearly birthday can be such a cause for celebration!

We are not told of the length of the uncertainty period but it certainly does show up our unchristian nature. When we first arrive in Heaven we cannot believe the beauty of the place; stunning, breathtaking! Our immediate reaction is that we know we do not belong here. There is nothing that we possibly could have even thought of doing, let alone doing to deserve to be here. Even if we could have organised our little old ladies in flocks or herds of hundreds and did not lose any because of their low acceleration factors when told to run across the street are but filthy rags. Our knowledge of Scripture only exacerbates the situation.  We know that the master of this wedding feast is on his way and he is checking to see if we are properly attired, so our stay is going to be short indeed. We plead with the master to check that group or that person first giving us just a fraction of a second more of existence in this most beautiful of all places. We know that everyone was invited to this magnificent wedding feast but most will finish up in the darkness outside where there will be moaning and grinding of teeth.

The situation is exacerbated when that elder, probably John who seems to be the Lord’s eyewitness hits the nail right on the head with that pointed question ‘ These in white robes who are they and where did they come from?’  The Lord has probably given him the privilege to see that his writing, along with all those Bible authors is the reason many of those who are lined up before him are there. He knows that he has also given them the answer. All we need to hear is ‘the blood of the Lamb’ On hearing these miraculous words the collective sigh of relief must generate hurricane force winds in Heaven.

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But to get that sort of reaction means that we must know, or at least some inkling about what does this ‘ washed by the blood of the Lamb’ mean. It not only removes our anxiety of the moment but for an eternity. We are now a part of the Heavenly furniture! The answer that john gives answers both of his own question; the who and where questions.

The first thing we have to realise is that this witness, whoever they are does not say ‘ the blood of the Lamb will be applied to your ears, thumbs and toes in 1,780 years time when we can get on with perfection. No. We have already been washed  on arrival and we know of it’s significance. There shouldn’t be but  we know that we stand on such solid ground any other challenges like the previous one will be easily rebuffed. Thus from our earthly step which we are about to complete we too should have that certainty about our salvation and that certainty should stand for the ages to come including eternity. Alas this can only be so if we believe in the source from which this certainty is obtained; the Bible. So first and foremost those saints who arrived en masse in Heaven believed in God as according to written in His Word. Before we start to get into depth with the blood we must realise John is making a statement of focus and not of revelation. The item that has been washed is our robe and that is why it is so clean and white, because the blood of the Lamb was involved. It is not us who were washed but the robe. We don’t need any revelation about the WHO question. Christianity is thus called because of Christ’s robe of righteousness. Where did they come from and it’s resulting tribulation is much of the subject addressed in some detail in the Book of Revelation. So all john is basically doing is focusing our attention from the surroundings to our robes. As Christians we know that our robes are perfect otherwise God would not have accepted Christ’s robe of righteousness as perfect when Jesus went up to Heaven on Resurrection Sunday to have it checked.

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The issue of the wise virgins continues to cause us problems. They would certainly ‘yes’  to the ‘ do you have this white robe that has been made white by the blood of the Lamb’ well at least the earthly version but as we weren’t dead at the time we did not receive the Heavenly version. That we will receive after we learn the song of Heaven and are declared righteous. And they would also answer ‘yes’ to ‘have you come out of the great tribulation?’. The tribulation that continues is for those on earth and even there the foolish virgins are sealed against any harm,  but the wise virgins are totally isolated from tribulations if not in then near Heaven.

Some light can be thrown on the matter by comparing the wise and foolish virgins. If the Heavenly host questioned the Lord when he gave out His robes to the martyrs on their death that would be tantamount to rebellion but that is not the case at the second coming with those 288,000 lying as dead before Him. To raise a question when JK is given his robe is only asking how low is the bar for entry into Heaven? Is it really that low that even he can be included? We have already spent some time on this answer. ( Romans 10:13) ‘ Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved’. ‘ Everyone’ is indeed a very wide broom and as much disbelief as you may have that does include me, JK. Well who doesn’t it include? It does not include those who do not call on the name of the Lord.

Most Christians have a very liberal interpretation of this last sentence, particularly ” the Lord ”  part of it. They did start with ‘ the Lord’ of the Bible but they  found things they could not accept as ” itiswritten”. So they moulded, hacked and changed to something that they found acceptable, ‘ their lord’. But they should learn from the foolish virgins who called on the name of their lord and it was unacceptable. That is the reason  why they were left behind.

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The call aspect has also already been covered. The calls in the name of the Lord don’t have to be all operation desperation sort of stuff. They are calls on a friend in good times, which are easy and in hard times when things are impossible to bear. But they are there to settle this Scripture and it this issue Heaven is addressing. When it is easy you may call on help from any number of friends but this is not the case especially with the ultra difficult ones the issues are changed. Can they understand the depth of our despair, of our pain, are they capable of helping, if this help that they are going to give result in real hardship for them will they still help, are they the sort of people who you would want to spend an eternity with, is your welfare their number one concern even if it means they have to die? Jesus is yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes to all of these questions. All we need to do is’ to call on the name of the Lord’.

So our period of uncertainty only lasts until we focus onto our beautiful robes of Christ’s righteousness. Now begins or continues the millennium which has already been a major focus of this blog. It would be a fair question though ‘ why should we bother about any part of earth if Heaven surpasses the very best down there by at least millions of factors. It is at best rubbish. Part of the answer maybe because it is there, those down there have been a part of our lives and continue to be. We have just shown that we still possess some human nature even in Heaven. We hid behind someone else hoping that the Lord would check their robes first and this would give us a fraction of a second longer in Heaven before we were also thrown out. I wanted to spend more time in Heaven than you. An analogy may be that Heaven be represented by a 65 inch LCD television which has one of the crystals in the bottom right hand corner burnt out. We maybe aware of this but we really have to focus on the bottom right hand corner for it to gain any relevance at all. With such a beautiful picture in front of us it may be the best way God has of bringing more information about his attributes to us. Through this dark area.

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There are still many issues involved with the blood of Jesus Christ. We know that it made the robes of the saints white and it will be used to anoint and consecrate the saints when eternity really begins. What about issues like; when was it taken into Heaven?, was it used for any purpose during the first 1,780 years?, what was its earthly history? what form does it take on earth today? is it related to the seals of God? and if so how?. Let us try to construct a model which even if unsuccessful may rule certain possibilities out.

At 3 0’clock on Good Friday when Jesus’s  mortal body went limp it’s Heavenly counterpart went to Heaven as recorded in Revelation chapter 5. This Heavenly equivalent still had blood in it as the blood did not separate until 4 0’clock here on earth. So it was Jesus the Divine being Who voted as worthy of accepting the scroll with the seven seals from God’s right hand.  If Jesus returned back to earth any time after 4 0’clock on Good Friday He could have left His blood in Heaven as they also had been separated here on earth. If the Sabbath is to retain any earthly meaning then Jesus’s earthly body would have had to remain at rest in that tomb until sunset on Saturday night. It could have gone back to Heaven after that. His spilled blood could either have remained where His side was opened or it may have been miraculously gathered and taken back to Heaven along with His mortal body. There His earthly body was transformed into His Divine form by combining it with His Divinity which then returned back to earth on Resurrection Sunday. It obviously needed some of the Divine blood that had already been taken to Heaven. This Divine blood when it arrived in Heaven at 3 0’clock on Good Friday would have cleansed Heaven necessitating the immediate removal of any traces of satan, which is what happened.But you may say ‘ when Mary tried to hold Jesus on the Sunday say at 7 am Jesus would not allow her to touch Him because He had not been back to the Father to check for perfection.


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I have a horrible feeling that I have already made out a case for Jesus’s resurrection to be 7 am on Resurrection Sunday. ie that He was dead for 40 hours. As it may take considerable time to try to locate this reference I will not attempt to do so but leave to others to compare that logic to the one I now present in moving that Resurrection time to Sunday morning at 5:22:30 am. ie 22 and a half minutes after five am. This would leave Jesus a total time of 38 hours and 22.5 minutes as dead before that angel applied a drop of divine blood to Jesus’s mortal body bringing it to life everlasting.

The analogy I use is a Biblical one; comparing the first Adam to the second Adam. The first Adam lived for 38.75 years at what stage he sinned and converted everlasting life into everlasting death. The second Adam was dead for 38.75 hours at what stage He converted everlasting death into everlasting life. These numbers I have derived on many occasions before. They are based on three assumptions; Good Friday is the centre of created time which runs for 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours ( 3,888.75 years approx) and that Calvary’s tree was the 77 th Jubilee ( or 77*50 = 3,850 years)

So far we have accounted for sixteen drops of that precious blood that Jesus took to Heaven with Him on Good Friday at 3o’clock. Assuming that it was like the sin offering seven drops were required to cleanse the Heavenly Sanctuary on entry. The altar of incense in Heaven required four drops, one on each of the horns and the altar of burnt offering on earth, the cross also required four drops, one on each horn. With the drop that converted Christ’s lifeless human body into that body of eternity that gives us a total of 16 drops. Now we have to deal with that vexed question of the living and the dead.

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The overwhelming majority of the saints in Heaven have their origin in the grave. The only exceptions are the 144,000 wise virgins plus odd individuals like John, Enoch and Elijah. So at His second coming Jesus will be dealing mostly with the righteous dead. These people, and that is who they are are obeying the Lord’s instructions to ‘ wait a little longer until the number of their fellow servants and brothers who were to be killed  as they had been was completed’, when this happens they undergo a Lazarus type resurrection of four stages and for want of a better term I will call them Lazarians. The first stage is to locate their tomb and to open its door. The second stage is to call ‘ Lazarus come out!’ The saints tombs have been marked with the most precious marker in existence, the white robe. There is no chance of that loved you have lost in Christ to be confused with anyone else or to be overlooked. They are Heaven bound not if but when. This white robe is worth more than all the diamonds and jewels on earth and its location contains your loved one’s identity including their name. The opening of the door opens the door of death and exposes possible entry into life which the call to come out does. So we walk towards Jesus unaided attracted by His Heavenly beauty. Stage three is to’ remove those earthly bandages’. We may be wrapped in His robe but under this robe are earthly bandages under which decay occurs and in Lazarus’s case could already be detected. Without these bandages it would be wrong to say that ageing, decay could not occur because Lazarus was not resurrected into eternity, he still died. His resurrected body would have been a reconstruction of his genetic material but without mutations. Even though he had stunning beauty and health he was still Lazarus. Because of his stunning appearance, it would be wrong to say he got under the Jews foreskins, literally at least, but he did go to number one, in fact the only one for a while of the Jew’s  hit (murder) parade.

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He was a real threat because he showed the real power of God and the Jews of the time as the majority of the church today are not concerned by God. He is a good draw card but He is only there just for that purpose.’ Now that you are here look what we have for you’ and The Bible goes back into it’s cover and the clangers come out! Thus removing the earthly bandages solves some of the problems but not all, Lazarus still died, he still needed that same drop of Divine blood that was applied to Jesus’s earthly body resulting in life and eternal perfection.

The last stage was the instruction to be fed food. Literally in Heaven this no doubt will be a vegetarian diet but it’s symbolic meaning must be spiritual food. Thus the first stage of our journey to eternity is our Lazarian Resurrection. Our sins, both intentional and unintentional are not an issue, they were paid for in full on Calvary’s tree of Good Friday. There still remains the wonder of how Jesus was prepared to deal with unintentional sins a display of infinite justice. There has been progress made in following the journey of Jesus’s blood. So roughly at 4pm on Good Friday 15 drops had already been applied and now the rest was about to be thrown at the base of the burnt altar, Calvary’s tree.

So if I had something so wonderful  I would want to share it with God, the fellowship offering and I would want to find out more about it’s intrinsic beauty, the burnt offering. Returning to Leviticus chapter seven.

Verses  22-27. Forbid the eating of fat and blood. Society today where obesity is such a scourge could well heed the advice about eating fat. The prohibition about blood is so strong that it carries over from the Old Testament where you were excommunicated to the New Testament where it is still prohibited.

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If there is anyone Who should know the reasons for this ban it would be God. Verses 28- 38 are under the heading of the priest’s share. It was one thing for the Israelites before Christ as they still had priests and different to us who are priests now and then it’s final application to firstly the Old Heaven and then for an eternity in the New Heavens. In all four eras we need fellowship with God which we do not, nor cannot appreciate now because of our sinful natures but once in Heaven we will be desperate for it. But here God seems to accept some of our offering in the usual way through the fire of the burnt offering which we bring ourselves by hand to Him and then hands us back His share which must be exceedingly precious, perfect indeed for Him to accept it, He hands it back to us as His offering to us! This appears to be fellowship in God’s way. Someone He loves so much yet hands Him back to us! So what is where and is our statue of good going to be of any help?

From our previous analogy of the statue each item appears to be holding up quite well. God pairs on His altar of burnt offering the head and the feet. These are God’s alone. In Daniel’s statue of evil the source of evil, the head of gold literally represented by Babylon carries out its evil via its feet or false religion or Rome in  one of its forms. Thus the statue of good is good, more like righteousness, is carried out to become true religion both attributes of God. But the two where we as people come in are the chest and the thighs. In the evil statue the chest is silver and literally represented by the Medes and Persians but symbolically by the two branches of Islam. The antonym of Islam is Christianity and it is Christ whom we offer to God as the wave offering. In the statue of evil the bronze thighs literally represented by the Greeks are taken in this blog to represent democracy so the antonym would be theocracy made of a left thigh representing the people and God’s representation by the right thigh. Thus in the priest’s share we offer Christ to God and He gives us Jesus Christ back in return but in such a way that Jesus will become a part of us, symbolically represented by eating.

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It shows that the order of material in the Bible is inspired to bring in the topic of the priest’s share just before we step up for our anointing and consecration service. So far we have just come from the sixteenth drop of the blood of God or whatever the number was that we had our attention thrown onto it. ‘ these are they who have come out of the great tribulation, they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.’ white robes—blood of the Lamb.

At 3pm on Good Friday Jesus’s robe was not perfect. It’s vertical fibres, His life were flawless and it’s horizontal fibres, His death were also acceptable to God as this burnt offering had been made on an altar which had drops of His blood applied to consecrate it. But it still was not perfect  until Resurrection Sunday when the drop of Divine blood was applied the that limp sorrowful body and it sprung into life eternal. So it was the blood of the Lamb that washed their robes converting them into perfection of the eternities to come. That was the function of drop 16 of this precious blood and it is now to be applied to us.

Before proceeding with our anointing we must stop and establish some background particularly for the Heavenly anointing, the literal one where this same blood that was applied to Jesus on Resurrection Sunday morning reversing the first Adam’s actions of converting eternal life into eternal death by ending death and replacing it with eternal life. This literal anointing we are now going to experience. It could not have happened before whilst evil, even the minutest amount existed. We have now entered into an era not limited by time. It still maintains a cycle of 168 hours of which 24 is still called the Sabbath but it is there because God is there and it doesn’t need second or third gear of thought to realise it embodies all ten commandments. As mentioned before we may celebrate every billionth Sabbath and even have an extra special celebration for the billionth time we have celebrated the billionth Sabbath. Time is not of the essence any longer. It is under these conditions that we are about to be anointed.

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It has already been stated that in Heaven we are individuals with finger prints that is different to anyone else. Because I didn’t have the slightest idea I took the number of saints in Heaven to be 144 million. It seems a bit low and I would expect at least that number from the great tribulation of the last days. Nor do I know how long our inauguration, anointing and consecration will take but I take that as one Heavenly cycle, 168 hours. So to get through even this number would take 144 million Sabbaths or about 3 million of our years. But time is of no longer the essence and three million years would not even represent one drop in the oceans of eternity. I still had two reservations;

The first was the order of callup. If we are called up in order of our conception then Adam would be first, then Eve, then Abel, then whoever was the next soul conceived. So Adam could look on now to the ceremony that will last for three million years with a Divine mind. He has had that drop of Divine blood applied  to his right ear, thumb and toe, he is set up for eternity. But what me from the back end of time at whatever number I am, say 123,456, 789. I have only been through Lazarus’s resurrection. Even though I do not any genetic mutations my mind is still capable of only accepting data in the order of thousands and not like Adam’s mind that can easily handle data in the millions. Without mutations Lazarus should have lived on like Adam for about a thousand years had satan not killed him. Adam obviously would have lived for an eternity had he not introduced death to himself and all mankind.

But then I realised that is why we have just been given the Scripture on the priest’s share of the offering. Say your number of conception was 1000 before me. So you are called 123,455,789  and you step up. I am just as thrilled with your consecration process as I am with mine.

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What a stunning event! What a stunning person! How I look forward to spending time with you! The millennium we spent together certainly was not long enough to get to know each other but once we have spent one million years in a one to one situation we would be reasonably well acquainted. And in an eternity I can spend not just a million but a billion years with you and with every other saint and then begin the cycle over for the billionth time! I don’t have to remember anything from this ceremony because it is printed out in that robe of righteousness that Jesus wove for you, it is the reason why you are in Heaven! But that is the priest’s share of the offering. John placated me a long time ago by telling me to focus on my white robe which had been washed by the blood of the Lamb. Now I return to Revelation (1:6) that bit that has us as a kingdom and priests. I have ever since been stunned by the beauty of that robe and it is such that I actually want to share it with God. It is possible to produce something that God will want and will be impressed with. Jesus Christ. God accepts my offering as indicated in the usual way but He also hands me back some of it so that it can become a part of me, every cell in me, as eating can only do. So that is the JK that is looking on in the ceremony and not the one typing, a totally different person.

The second reservation was that of intentional sin. Where is it? Here I am about to have my number called by Jesus to step up when this Holy ceremony will begin ( Leviticus chapter 8) but my intentional sins will not come up until chapter 16. It is as if Jesus doesn’t want to know about them, He is going to ignore them! Well actually its both and more. If Jesus’s reactions to our unintentional sins point us to His perfect attributes then how much more should our intentional sins do so.?

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These were the really nasty ones, those dark hours of 12 to 3 o’clock of Good Friday where the punishment of ‘ that you did spit in My Holy face and did break from My friendship intentionally’ is addressed and paid for. Yes the perfect attributes of God are far more magnified against the dark background of Good Friday but you see those people who committed those sins no longer exist. There is not much point reminding this lot in Heaven about their spiteful pasts. We have not forgotten them. We know that we should not be in Heaven, we just don’t belong here.  But not only were they burnt into nonexistence in hell, the fires of which have only just been extinguished but they have been replaced by unspeakable beauty of which God’s dealings with unintentional sin is but a small part. Here on earth intentional sin is still a reality and will come up in chapter 16. In Heaven it is dealt with in the correct order in Revelation chapter 15 and the processes we are about to go through did not begin until chapter 19.. The whole of the following ceremony is an enlargement of what Jesus Christ did for each saint, there in not one animal killed it is all symbolic.

It only seems like yesterday but my number is called. I didn’t have to worry about where or when because Jesus ( Moses) has been carrying out God’s instructions and all preparations have been made by Him. I am standing at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting where only priests are allowed to enter, so I must be going to be appointed and consecrated as a priest.

The first thing that Jesus does is to wash me with water. It is not a full  submersion so my initial baptism way back must have been acceptable, so all I need now is a wash. Crossing over life’s Jordan has incurred many bloodied bruises and scratches which now need to be washed but where the main defilement came from was when that wall of water on my right hand burst and I was carried by it. This was satan’s sewerage and it needs to be washed away. What was being carried out here was a right that the angelic host have.

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None of them would question the Bible, they know it is the Word of God but they carefully make sure that it is carried out so it cannot be broken. This is what they were checking here. As JK saw that wall of water rushing to him  did he call out in the Name of the Lord? If he did then he becomes a part of Romans (10:13) ‘ Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved’. As JK made that final lunge towards that hand of the man above the waters he did make that call, he did become a part of ‘ everyone’ and because he was saved he is now standing and being consecrated as priest. Thus Holy Scripture has been fulfilled and we can move on. The reason why JK was of particular interest to the angelic hosts was because when Heaven allowed those trials which gave him the opportunity to call in the name of the Lord, he cursed the name of God instead. We are about to use this example as the worst of all  blasphemies ( the fifth bowl) but the difference is they refused to repent but JK did. It is why he was still included in ‘everyone who calls in the name of the Lord will be saved’.

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From our washing we move to the stage where Jesus puts on our Heavenly robes. From my earthly step I think what happens is when I come up out of the baptismal font I am anointed with the Holy Spirit, in Heaven called the fine linen, and it is implied that I will receive Christ’s robe of righteousness. This robe is given to me at death and in which I am woken in. His Holy Spirit leaves me at death. When I wake up I seem to need John to tell me to focus in on this robe  and by doing so removes all my anxieties. I wear this robe now until my anointing some 1,780 years later when I ask back for the fine linen. Jesus has to remove my robe first before He can put on my fine linen. So I can now personally relate to Jesus dressing me in first the fine linen and then putting His robe of righteousness over the top. At this stage I still think that my anointment is as priest and not as Scripture seems to be saying that it is High Priest. My reasons for this belief are; there is and can only ever be ONE High priest, We have been made to be a kingdom of PRIESTS and not High Priests, if Jesus is the High Priest He would have to be anointing Himself.The reasons against; Jesus could anoint us all as High Priests as we are now going to serve in the direct presence of God, the Holy of Holies and only High Priests were allowed into this chamber, it is God Himself  Who is doing the anointing, Jesus maintains His role as High Priest and God simultaneously a role He has always held. But in Leviticus we are brought to the entrance of the Tent of Meeting so clearly we must be consecrated as priests because only priests are allowed to serve in there. The ceremony in Heaven is one door further in, we are about to enter the Holy of Holies, the direct presence of God for an eternity. The theology here is significant and clearly requires prayer for clarification.It is the eternites to come which are it’s subjects and the garments involved vary considerably.

I have been in such quandaries many times before as the Lord wants us  to feed from His daily bread, there is no better brain food. Even though there was one High Priest at any one time this privilege was passed on to other God chosen people. Could we be those God chosen people waiting outside the New Jerusalem?

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When in such a quandary I find it a helpful technique to ‘ correct ‘ Scripture by rewriting it so I  eliminate the ‘ mistake’ which is causing me the problem. Throughout the history of the Bible this has led one unknown to be replaced by a multitude of errors. Let me just revise the setting we are in;

We have just seen the very last of evil. The fires of hell have gone out and perfection for the eternities has now begun. The New Jerusalem because it does not have a roof over it, there is no evil to shield it from, can now materialise and come down from wherever it comes from. The Divine couple already married, they have only recently destroyed that beast that was so successful in conquering them up to now in the battle of the harvest or the battle of the rider on the white horse and his armies, now want to enter into this city to be in the direct presence of God and eternity something only the High Priest could do up to now. So technically at least we are going to be high priests. There is no need for an intermediary If we are in His direct presence.  This involves an anointing and consecration procedure which had to be instigated by none other than God Himself. Thus I require Revelation  (1:6)

‘ …..To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father— to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen. ‘ should really have been written as  …to him who loves us and washed us from our sins by his blood, which is now literally to be applied, and has made us to be a kingdom of High Priests to serve his God and Father— to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen’.  I replaced the word ‘ freed’ with ‘ washed’ which is used in 7:14.

The replacement text has got real clangers in it, but it is not all wrong either. The problem is that the best representation for fully God and fully Man and the creator of every atomic and subatomic particle and saviour and redeemer of all mankind, Jesus Christ for Him is a bull and two rams! So how big is the earthly step from which Jesus tells us to look skywards, bull and two rams, into Heaven the dwelling place of our God and Saviour!

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Fortunately there are steps in between. These are the subject of this blog; the daily sacrifice. The ones I will be relying on are;

1; The lifeless body of Jesus Christ that was removed from the cross at 4o’clock on Good Friday was the ashes of the fires of hell after they had accomplished what God wanted. After accepting our sins Jesus provided the formwork for them to be destroyed in hell. After the fires had gone out all that was left were the ashes which were carefully removed and placed in a rock tomb. But that also left the saints, the redeemed without sin. In Christ we do not have any sin. If we stand in the shadow of the cross all God can see is a sinless Jesus. Can there be any doubt about us going to Heaven by relying on what that limpless body has done for us? But when the damned go to hell and their fires are extinguished they will not be there. So Jesus accomplished at least two things for us on that cross; He took our sins and made us sinless and took our nonexistence away for us. We are still here but unfortunately that does not restore our relationship with God, it is but a start. God has to accept for this relationship to be restored and this can only be done on the grounds of perfection. This now is the second major role for our Lord Jesus Christ and to be aided by the study of these three animals.

2; The following functions of the blood of Good Friday have already been looked at: (a)  For Calvary’s tree to be accepted by God it had to have the blood applied to it’s four corners, as symbolised by applying the blood to the corners of the altar of burnt offering. (b) For satan to be hurled down to earth despite his violent protestations at 3 o’clock on Good Friday  Jesus must have cleared Heaven of any defilement by sprinkling His blood  on entering into Heaven. (c) Any items in the Holy Place that were defiled by the priests unintentional sins had to cleansed separately, such as the altar of incense.

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As there is an altar of incense in Heaven , the old one at least, it had to be cleansed. (d) Jesus’s limp and lifeless body was brought to life on Resurrection Sunday by some angel applying the blood to it. (e) This blood is now to be literally applied to the Saints in Heaven as they enter into the city of eternity, the New Jerusalem. So the journey is complete for God’s people; in the courtyard until Good Friday, then in the Holy Place or the Tent of Meeting  from Good Friday until some 1,780 years after the second coming and now into God’s direct presence as High Priests in the Holy of Holies or the Most Holy Place for an eternity. There obviously had to be some change in Heaven when the door of mercy closed at the 1,260 year mark.[ ] (e) The following sounds blasphemous probably because it is; Jesus starts Good Friday with ten litres of blood  ( fully human and Divine). During His brutal treatment He has already lost blood before He arrives on Mount Calvary and with the placement of those nails He has lost a significant amount of blood by 3 o’clock. ( say three litres lost, seven litres left. A significant amount of Divine blood has been in the anointing and consecration of the altar of burnt offering, His cross and therefore the path to the cross also. If Jesus disappeared from the cross between 3 and 4 o’clock we would have a very simple explanation but He does not. He does die so there is a separation between His humanity, which remains with seven litres of blood soon to be poured out at the base of the altar of burnt offering hanging on the cross. His Divinity, with seven litres of Divine blood goes to Heaven where it performs those functions already discussed, only one drop is required back of earth on Resurrection Sunday to bring Jesus back to life everlasting. At 4 o’clock Jesus’s side is opened and the remainder of His blood is poured out at the base of Calvary’s tree. Jesus could have gathered both the three litres of Divine/ human blood plus the seven litres of His human blood and taken all back to Heaven where He rejoined them with the seven litres of His Divine blood already there. This would make the Jesus before the cross and after the cross very similar Beings.

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Once dressed the ceremony begins with the presentation of the bull. All firmly take a hold of the bull by placing their hands on it’s head, both priests and High Priest. Before the cross this was three literal people, Aaron and his two sons or further down the track some other God chosen people ( Caiaphas or Ananias ??) performing a symbolic God given ceremony. There could only be one High Priest before the cross but many priests who were given a roster. The believers watched on from the courtyard.

After the cross we, moved into the Holy Place as priests. So this inauguration applies to us, but only in the priestly garments. We are about to be given our duties which we will perform for almost half of created time. First coming to second coming, ( some 2,000 years) from second coming until the door of mercy closes in 1,260 years and then for another almost 500 years. There is a marked change in the quality for want of a better word, to the earthly priests as they transition from earth to Heaven with Jesus and another marked change as the door of mercy slams shut. Our High Priest has already gone to Heaven with His blood the purposes of which we are studying. It is only just before we enter the New Jerusalem as bride and bridegroom that we are dressed in full regalia of the High Priest and anointed as High Priests. As pointed out this could be many millions of years but time is of no longer the essence. This is the preparation for eternity. But our main focus has to be our role as priests before the second coming of our Lord. Our role is thus real people celebrating a real event.

Before they took a hold of a bulls head firmly. We take a firm hold of Jesus’s precious head. The transfer of sin at this stage is literally unintentional. Only unintentional sins are transferred, those we could do nothing about, the sin offering and those rules which were crafted in a way they could be obeyed but were unintentionally broken  with restoration, the guilt offering. Our primary purpose is to take a hold of Jesus’s head and ask ‘ can I be a part of your perfection, of Your Divinity even though if you accept will necessitate me killing You?’

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He accepts our offer and dies because of the answer  He gave in full knowledge of what the consequences would be. But then we take a hold of the two ram’s heads and ask the same question to which Jesus has already answered ‘ Yes’ to.

Here  then is the burnt offering. It is the real Jesus Christ, perfection. It is Jesus Christ hanging on that horrible cross but there are no sins associated with Him . It is pure Christ the formwork and scaffolding between Heaven and earth and the scaffolding on which our sins are placed. The unintentional sin was just eradicated by being placed on those body parts that were contaminated by the unintentional sin and taken outside the city, placed on the cross and burnt. The burnt offering is perfection and purity. He has just accepted our first  invitation which had to be made before the second one and now we ask ‘  In Your purity now that the unintentional sin has been burnt do you still accept me to become a part of You even though it means that I will have to kill you if You accept? I really do want to become a part of Divinity, a part of Someone Who loves me so much that He prepared to die a horrific death for me so that I can spend an eternity with You! ‘. Again Jesus Christ our Saviour accepts.

For the third time we put our hands on our Saviour’s head and ask ‘ You have accepted our unintentional sins, You have accepted us to be a part of Your Divinity now do You accept sprinkling a drop of Your Holy blood on me so that I can have life eternal and companionship and fellowship with You for the eternities to come Because that is what Your Divine blood will impart?’. Even if that means that this acceptance  will result in me killing you?’.

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Many Christians today do not want to contemplate the above three questions. They don’t want to ask them which means they don’t want to become priests of the Lord. They would much prefer to serve the Lord from the courtyard and their way. These are the red letter Christians, they are New Testament Christians. They are far too busy to entertain such mundane questions. They are too busy showing off the love of our Lord!  Many would criticize me for my lack of good works but what they  don’t realise is that I have a very efficient system for my right deeds the ones that make that balance swing over to the right. It is helping little old ladies to cross those busy streets. Let me explain the talent I have developed in this field. Firstly if girls are referred to as ‘chicks’ and women generally as ‘ birds’ then a group of women, regardless of age must be called a flock and this is my specialty. The rules are quite simple; one woman one street equals one Brownie point. Nothing there stops you from taking the same woman over the same street many times. Each time is a point. The other main advantage of this system is if you get one run over by a car it doesn’t go onto the right side but neither does it go onto the left hand side of the balance, you have nothing to loose!

I wait outside of some major hospital between two pedestrian crossings. The problem is that they come out in dribs and drabs. So with difficulty at times I have to get them to wait until the flock size quota is reached. The first lot I sit on the available benches, then I prop them against the available poles and posts and finally against each other. When we have reached our quota size I have to make the critical decision of when to cross. You try to get as many over as you can as these count as valuable points. The problem is their acceleration factor which not only changes wildly from one person to the next but also within each person. They have one acceleration factor the first time over, you have o be over on the other side to meet them and convince them they need practice. many are reluctant to do so so out of sight of camera range you have to turn them around and these start off with quite a high value of acceleration on their return trip. All that matters is they make it back.

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By this time they  have got behind in whatever timetables they have and their acceleration factors for their third trip are quite amazing! Not only that but they just vanish after their third trip. There is noone left to talk into some more crossing practice! Moreover when they see you at a later date they come over and tell you they will not be requiring any assistance to cross!

Your attempts to ignore the Old Testament would be just as funny if they weren’t farcical and blasphemous. If you haven’t asked for Christ’s righteousness then you haven’t been given it either. You have to put one hand on Jesus’s head whilst holding the knife with the other and ask Him those three questions in turn. He answers each one in turn and it is only then that we have that personal guarantee of salvation. The questions are not meant to be innocent questions but then neither is sin. Jesus’s blood until that final anointing when we are dressed in the High Priest’s apparel is implied and only in this last ceremony will it be applied. What meaning that translates into for you depends on what value you place on His Holy Word, the Bible. With each question you are pleading for life eternal and this request can only be met with death eternal. Jesus not only answered ‘ yes’ but went through with that death as well. The fact that He saw correctly who would ask that question on Good Friday from all the ages He also answered correctly from that cross with His life. It has been a major theme of this blog to check if there was but one mistake. There were none.

The fact that it took seven days for their consecrations could indicate that all 140 million or whatever the number of saint in Heaven are also anointed in seven days. It seems more likely as each is a High Priestly anointing that the seven day cycle will apply to each one, thus taking millions of years to complete. Our first earthly duties are to offer different animals as sin and burnt offerings for ourselves and for the people.

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Today what I see as blasphemous only yesterday I saw as right and if you told me  they were blasphemous I would have called you a fanatic. All we are expected to do is to live to the light that has been given us. But that does not mean that we don’t pray for others. In fact the Lord’s Prayer is in the plural; it is not ‘my Father’ but ‘our Father’, ‘ give US today our daily bread’ and ‘ forgive Us our trespassers as WE forgive others’, and lead US not into temptation but deliver US from evil’. It is the topic of Revelation chapter 8 where our bounties of us praying the Lord’s prayer are shown  to us.

It seems a bit strange that as we come out of our anointing, keen and green that we should should so quickly want to offer a sin offering. It is in fact a spontaneous reaction . We realise the height that Jesus has set and our inability to reach it and want this gap covered by the sin offering. The Bible distinguishes who actually kills Jesus so it must be important but the end result is the same, Jesus dies.This maybe become more relevant with intentional sin. Chapter 10 has recorded the death of Aaron’s two sons, Nadab and Abihu, who have just seen the fire of God consume the sacrifice  and thought they could improve on this. They could not. Chapter 11 covers clean and unclean foods but doesn’t really say whether these rules apply today. One of the hardest chapters of the Bible to explain is chapter 12 concerning the rules for purification after child birth. Chapter 13 covers regulations about infectious skin diseases and mildew and chapter 14 cleansing from these problems. Chapter 15 covers discharges causing uncleanness. So all I have to do now is to recommend that you read chapter 16 in conjunction with Revelation chapter 15 to sort out the problems of intentional sin. All that remains is to travel through Scripture as far as Moses’s bronze snake because that is where Jesus specifically told Nicodemus to start with. We are then free to leave the Old Testament and join with our New Testament brothers and sisters.

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Well actually we will  not leave it for long because that is all that existed in Jesus’s time and the apostles time and they freely quoted from it. There would be very little left in either Revelation or Daniel if we took the Old Testament out of them. In the following scenario I want to join the New Testament Christians. You are Bible based and that is why many of your teachings are correct. But using your Scripture I want you to answer the issues raised without referring to the Old Testament.

Take the issue of intentional sin. You brush that aside that all that gore and blood has now been replaced with the love of Jesus and that is not just something that we preach but actually practice as well. And you seem to be right here. The Old Testament is deafening silent on this issue. I went through five ordination processes without these sins being even mentioned. If it wasn’t for Leviticus 16  they would not have been mentioned at all  and that is why we ignore them. Once they hit the flames of hell they were totally destroyed and never have to be mentioned again. You are right!  Once you accept Christ all your sins, past and present, intentional  and unintentional go up in a puff of flames and providing you remain in Christ any future sins were included in that puff and Heaven bears no records of them.

But what if I apostatize today, right now. They are all a bunch of hypocrites,liars and murders and I don’t want to be associated with them in any way. Have all my sins up to now still remain forgiven and more importantly what about future sins? If they all have been forgiven, past, present and future  then I am in an incredibly fortuitous situation. I can sin all I want to and still not go to hell!. Even if I am only forgiven up to the date of the apostasy I will only have to burn for the sins from there onwards.

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If I find I have accumulated too many, like killed millions of innocent people I will rejoin them, have all those sins expunged and start with a clean slate again. Isn’t that one of the grounds that Jesus is claiming He is to be worshiped on? He knew every soul that He created even if it hated Him and wanted nothing to do with Him He would still die for that soul’s unintentional sins. Yet He still went ahead of that creation. If the above scenario is wrong then somewhere in the ‘perfect’ universe there will be a large suitcase of unpaid unintentional sins. When in all this confusion our Master has advised us to return to the earthly step, the Old Testament, get a firm footing there and then look up for Heavenly answers, advice New Testament Christians ignore. But even by your own standard why does Jesus say I am worse off if I apostatize? He says I will have seven demons where before I had one but surely with all that sin burnt up I am better off!

This sin issue has been canvassed many times before in this blog and could not be more clearly answered than in the case of the foolish virgins. They loved the Lord and if He had not miraculously intervened they would have died for Him. But they must not have been living up to the light that God was trying to give them. They were resisting because they had a better way. They were not included in the ‘ everyone who calls in the name of the Lord will be saved’ because they called in the name of their Lord and not the Lord of the Bible, both OT and NT. They were like Nadab and Abihu who died trying to make their own version of the Lord’s fire. They still must have had their sins, at least as far back as their baptisms when they only had one demon because they are offered  the opportunity to transfer these sins to Jesus just before the last battles, but they refuse. They died with seven demons and by apostatizing they incurred more of the Lord’s wrath than had they never been baptised. Back to that earthly step.

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It doesn’t seem to get easier because I have been here before. The similarities between fully God/ man, Jesus Christ and a tiny part of His creation, one bull and two rams are;both are innocent, killing innocent beings is repulsive, both died so that man could live, both died because of our sins, both deaths were approved by God, both deaths are recorded in the Bible, both died, both were in the prime of their lives, both were without defect,The dissimilarities are; Jesus died once whereas thousands of animals were killed over the millennia, one was creator one was created, one removed sin the other did nothing, Jesus restored humanities link with Divinity and animals did nothing, Jesus’s death was willing and animals were unwilling, Jesus died on the cross over a six hour period the animals died almost instantaneously, the people carrying out the animal sacrifices, the ceremonial law could only go to confession once a year whereas we under the New Covenant can go anytime we want to, they did not have the Holy spirit, we do have. They only had very restricted use of Scripture we have almost unrestricted use, the animals death removed no sins, Jesus’s death removes everyone sins who wants them removed, their sins were removed on the condition that Calvary’s tree occurred  ours are removed unconditionally because Calvary’s tree has occurred.

The differences between are so marked they are stunning as you would expect when comparing Creator with His created. The poor people under the old ceremonial system needed extra care and attention. Heaven must always be able to say ‘I could do no more’. Thus we have all those rules and regulations, which ones of which are applicable to us has already been addressed. But I would like to return to Leviticus 16 and Revelation 15. I am in two minds whether to type out the texts or just comment on them. As the sections are so important and form the crux of my arguments for the daily sacrifice I will type out the text first, this is the Word of God and what I pride myself with ‘asitiswritten’. Chapter 16

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Verses 1,2 ‘ The Lord spoke to Moses after the death of the two sons of Aaron who died when they approached the Lord. The Lord said to Moses ” Tell your brother Aaron not to come whenever he chooses into the Most Holy Place behind the curtain in front of the atonement cover on the ark or else he will die , because I appear in the cloud over its atonement cover”.

I find the presence of people like Aaron  in the Bible most encouraging. If it contained people like Moses whose worst mistake was to tap the rock twice ( if that was me and nothing happened after the first tap I would have thought perhaps I had not hit it hard enough and corrected for this by hitting it harder), Samuel, Daniel and John who have no mistakes recorded against them ( well okay David more than made up for the lack of mistakes of many) and said ‘ this Bible is not for sinners like me’. But Aaron’s sin in making the golden calf and destroying his whole nation  is astounding.His lack of respect might have passed onto his two sons who tried to approach the Lord their way and paid for the price. This is intentional sin that is being addressed here. Aaron no doubt was thinking was thinking about their death and wanted to approach God and quiz Him about the penalty that He had administered and as a result be killed himself. So God sent Moses to interfere.

Verses 3-5 ‘ ” This is how Aaron is to enter the sanctuary area: with a young bull for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering. He is to put on the sacred linen tunic with linen undergarments next ti his body; he is to tie the linen sash around him and put on the linen turban. These are sacred garments; so he must bathe himself with water before he puts them on. From the Israelite community he is to take two male goats for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering”‘.

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There is nothing unusual about the bull and ram offerings. His garments however are not full High Priest regalia. They maybe the garments that we strip down to after we have been consecrated as High Priests before entry into the New Jerusalem. Once inside we only need the fine linen, the Holy Spirit, sacred linen tunic or Christ’s robe of righteousness, the royal sash and the turban. The others go into the background, the walls. Our first problem that appears on the horizon is that the two male goats from the community are both sin offering, no mention as yet about intentional sin. It would be blasphemous to associate the burnt offering with any sin, let alone intentional sin as this offering stands for the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

Verses 6-10 ‘  ” Aaron is to offer the bull for his own sin offering to make atonement for himself and his household. Then he is to take the two goats and present them before the Lord at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. He is to cast lots for the two goats— one lot for the Lord and the other for the scapegoat. Aaron shall bring the goat whose lot falls to the Lord and sacrifice it for a sin offering. But the goat chosen by lot as the scapegoat shall be presented alive before the Lord to be used for making atonement by sending it into the desert as a scapegoat”  ‘.

Again the bull as a sin offering ( only unintentional sin included ) has been met before. The split between the sin offering of the two male goats has not. Actually only one is a sin offering for unintentional sin, the scapegoat is the atonement goat and as we shall see is the intentional sin component. There is no way it could be put into the sacred fires and in fact has to be sent as far away as possible in the hands of a responsible person to make sure this does happen.

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Verses 11-14 ‘  ” Aaron shall bring the bull for his own sin offering to make atonement for himself and his household, and he is to slaughter the bull for his own sin offering. He is to take a censor full of burning coals from the altar before the Lord and two handfuls of finely ground fragrant incense and take them before the curtain. He is to put the incense on the fire before the Lord, and the smoke of the incense will conceal the atonement cover above the Testimony, so that he will not die. He is to take some of the bull’s blood and with his finger sprinkle it on the front of the atonement cover; then he shall sprinkle some of it with his finger seven times before the atonement cover ”  ‘.

We are now starting to get to the crux of the matter. Every trace of unintentional sin is firstly going to be pulled out of the system first leaving only intentional sin. The two categories of unintentional sin that get special treatment are the priests and the population as a whole. The Lord copes with our personal individual unintentional sin by weaving them into our own robe of righteousness, that is what makes my robe of righteousness given to me by Jesus different to the one given to you. It becomes a part of the daily offering and is not a sin offering. The most serious sins are those committed by the priests, especially the High Priest. Because the serve in God’s tabernacle they cloud the relationship between God and man obstructing the connection between them. The next most serious sin is that committed by the community as whole and these two sins are so serious they get special attention. As usual the body is first separated from the blood. This blood must be kept pure as at least it is going to be used to consecrate the saints for eternity. The flesh part that has those serious unintentional sins and what it has been in contact with is taken outside the city and burnt. As we shall soon see this is significant.

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The blood and it’s containing vessels are now pure having the unintentional sin component removed. The solid matter is burnt as in a burnt offering indicating its acceptance by God. ( the Holy Spirit can also appear as tongues of fire; fire is light but it is also such a high temperature that will not allow, or at least will destroy any earthly thing that enters into it, it stands for purity). Because the High Priest is allowed to enter both chambers, the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies both are defiled and need reconsecrating. Previously only the priest had committed the unintentional sin so only the Holy Place, or the Tent of Meeting had to be cleansed and reconsecrated. We should be weaving more of the intentional sins and making this the reason it has gone to the Highest power but this is not ‘asitiswritten’.

The reason for the smoke and incense is given and as it also exists in the Old Heavens is applicable to Heaven. So as to stop the High Priest from looking at the atonement cover so that he will not die. Jesus would not die but even in Heaven we would  as we only have our Lazarian bodies at this stage. The blood cleanses and reconsecrates the Holy Of Holies as it does the altar of burnt offering, Calvary’s tree.

Verses 15-19 ‘ He shall then slaughter the goat for the sin offering for the people and take its blood behind the curtain and do with it as he did with the bull’s blood: He shall sprinkle it on the atonement cover and in front of it. In this way he will make atonement for the Most Holy Place because of the uncleanness and rebellion of the Israelites whatever their sins have been. He is to do the same for the Tent of Meeting which is among in the midst of their uncleanness. No one is to be in the Tent of Meeting from the time Aaron goes in to make atonement  in the Most Holy Place until he comes out, having made atonement for himself, his household and the whole community of Israel. Then he shall come out to the altar that is before the Lord and make atonement for it. He shall take some of the bull’s blood and some of the goat’s blood and put it on the horns of the altar.

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He shall sprinkle some of the blood on it with his finger seven times to cleanse it and to consecrate it from the uncleanness of the Israelites.’.

The scope of the sins is now increased from just ‘ unintentional’ to  ‘whatever’, intentional sins are now included. The damage that they caused, the defilement, the break from God permeated all and went to the top, The Holy of Holies. They are so serious even the priest does not have the power to cope. God’s direct representative is now required because he is the only one allowed into the Holy of Holies. I still ponder if Aaron had committed intentional sin why he was allowed into the Holy of Holies before he had expelled those intentional sins. The unintentional ones had been or were on their to be burnt outside of the city. The reason why noone was to be in the Tent of Meeting whilst Aaron was in the Holy of Holies is when Jesus returned from Heaven’s Most Holy Place on Resurrection Sunday it was into darkness and isolation of the tomb He was buried in. There were soldiers outside of the tomb but inside there was darkness and isolation. Jesus replaced these with His light and His companionship. He also left in darkness and isolation, physical and spiritual, to take His blood into Heaven’s Most Holy Place. His disciples who had been with Him for over three years did not understand what was happening. There was even a doubt about the greatest theologian of all time, His mum, Mary as to what she understood. The darkness and isolation was so great it made Jesus cry out ‘ Father why have you abandoned Me?’. These were dark times indeed! [ there is still more on this topic to come].  There is a summary of all that has happened before the issue of intentional sin is addressed and that is verse 20 ‘ When Aaron had finished making atonement for the Most Holy Place, the Tent of Meeting and the altar, he shall bring forward the live goat’.

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The sin offerings, and that is what we are told they specifically were, have resulted in the unintentional sins of the priests, including Aaron’s and those of the community as a whole have been bundled up taken outside of the city to be burnt in a fire. They unlike our personal unintentional sins were just to big and could not be included in the burnt offering. They could not be included in the weave of our robes of righteousness, ‘ you couldn’t but I did.’ This should give us some idea of the importance God places on obedience to His Word.

Verses 21,22 ‘ He is to lay both hands on the head of the live goat and confess all the wickedness and rebellion of the Israelites— all their sins and put them on the goat’s head. He shall send the goat away into the desert in the care of a man appointed for the task. The goat will carry on itself all their sins to a solitary place; and the man shall release it in the desert.’

As there is not a trace of unintentional sin left all that is now placed on this live goats head is intentional sin. I have read commentaries which said this goat was the devil and if believe this you could not have missed the message here by any wider mark. This goat was supposed to be a sin offering, there is only one level of higher purity available, the burnt offering. Let me tell you how pure this goat was; when it fell into that sewerage pit of intentional sin of the whole nation for a whole year this goat not only absorbed all the sewerage into its body ( actually that should be onto its body)  it also absorbed any odors associated with this pit! It was squeaky clean. The goat itself was in such a bad way that even taking outside the city would not have been of much help. It’s stench still would have carried into the city. It had to be taken into a far distant land so it wasn’t within coee of the altar of burnt offering or even that fire that was burning the sinful parts of the sin offering just outside of the city. So what is really happening with and to this goat? Why does Scripture only allocate 83 words to such a momentous event? After this it is pack up time to go home. With light hearts and spirits made their journey’s home.

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An unfortunate adage of science, medicine and engineering that has spilled over into Theology is ‘ that if it is new it is rarely true and if it is true it is rarely new.’ It basically is saying ‘ there is only one song sheet from which you must sing, don’t worry too much about the words its really a matter of voice training’. It is actually worse than that. If the song sheet has evolution and climate warming on it if you don’t want to sing these then you have no work. It is my way or the highway! In my recent foray into the medical world when I was not getting any better, actually going down, I quizzed my Cardiologist about the long list of medication I was given. Why cholesterol reducing drugs when the arteries are crystal clear, why heart pressure pills when I have never had blood pressure problems, why heart rhythm pills when the signal were perfect before, why anti coagulating agent when the blockages were cleared? His response response amounted to ‘ this is the song sheet from which we have to sing to everyone, it has nothing to do whether you have these conditions or not’. The only guarantee that is given is that you will be poisoned by all the medications side effects! Good-bye pills! At least engineering song sheets, called standards have empirical basis, they have real numbers in them which they adjust when there is an obvious problem.

So it has become in the world of theology where there are no need for such restrictions. Unless we understand any text in at least seven different levels then we have to admit ‘ we just don’t know!’ But if you say to me ‘your analysis of those 83 words is not right because it is the eight level for this text now’ I would reply ‘ even if it was the 778 th  meaning that would not necessarily make it wrong. God’s meanings are beyond being numbered’. The problem is the earthly step is just so much lower than the Heavenly one. But our Master’s advice is to try to get onto the earthly step first. Whether this particular analysis has not been attempted before or done a thousand times is really quite irrelevant to me. It is just the amazing journey that I am on!

Page 106

We still have to switch between the antonyms of light ( Good Friday 9-12) and darkness ( 12-3), unintentional sin ( fire) and intentional sin ( no fires), twice daily sacrifice, even in the eternities to come to one and one only sacrifice, the ultimate Day of Atonement  of Good Friday, [ ]  It appears as if Jesus should be on two crosses or if on one then on different days.My analysis then begins with the man who was appointed to lead that goat into the wilderness. I am fairly sure that this man is related to the creature who gives out the bowls of wrath  in Revelation 15. My biggest inconsistency is still that all those sins should have been transferred onto this goat and once it had gone then the ceremonies of purification of the sin and burnt offering begun. Atonement for intentional sin should have been made before atonement for the unintentional sins was attempted. It seems as if Heaven is desperate to separate the unintentional sins from those intentional ones. All these have gone so now only the intentional ones are left and then it is pack up time. It is not that all of those unintentional sins was woven into our robes of righteousness of eternity. Some did finish up on the cross, but in the fire section.If this had included the damned then because they have no robe of righteousness to wear all their unintentional sins would also be in this part of Good Friday.

Those intentional sins were not stored in the temple or in the ground that was saturated with blood being poured on it or anywhere else. They were a part of the believers standing in the courtyard. They were all being prepared for the climax of the day, many had traveled for this approaching moment. They have been absolved of the wrong doings they could do nothing about there was only one thing left and it was the difference between Heaven and hell. It was their intentional sin. They had had plenty of time to prepare their lists and now they watched Aaron like hawks to see when his hands locked onto the living goats head. I don’t think it would be right to use the colloquialism they ‘prayed like hell’ but they certainly prayed to stay out of hell! Their sins were symbolically transferred to this goat  but the effects of these  sins like defiling the Most Holy Place had already been dealt with.

Page 107

The history of the events to follow  are simple and predictable once we realise that ‘ the goat shall be led into the desert in the care of a man appointed for the task’ is none other than Jesus Christ. The penny has dropped, Leviticus 16 and onwards has been tied in with Revelation 15 and onwards. ( called  L16> and R15>) But first let me indulge in some speculation from my earthly step.

From the text we are unable to say whether if and why satan can enter into animals. With humans as they have a free will there is no problem. You don’t have to ask him twice to come into your life. In fact all you have to do is to let your defenses down by a fraction like a drunken or drug induced bout will be more than sufficient. We are in the non selective period of his mission- anyone and everyone he can get. We can say that this scapegoat started off with the highest purity- it was without defect, it could have finished up as a sin offering. To say this goat represents satan or that satan could be a part of any temple ceremony is an absurdity not even worth considering. But it finished up saturated with the filthiest of sins, intentional sins. Satan could not enter into this goat whilst it was in the care of the ‘ man appointed’ .

Had this sin laden goat been released in the desert satan could quite easily entered into it and the desert would become infested with demonic goats. One was released each year and each one was in the prime of its life capable of reproducing for many years to come. God would have been responsible for bringing hell into this area and its inhabitants.

Page 108

Satan entered into the snake in the Garden of Eden even before Adam and Eve handed their world over to evil, the beast. When satan offered the world to Jesus in His 40 days in the desert if Jesus would bow down and worship him he was lying, it wasn’t his to give, he was just a partner and he made no attempt to defend it when Jesus claimed it back on the cross. The only thing he fought for vigorously was his place in Heaven. He lost and was confined to earth, no longer to venture into the Heavenly realms as in the days of Job. The beast, accompanied by satan made use of the license they had been given by our first  parents to such an extent that God had no choice but to destroy all air breathing animals, bar the few He chose for the ark in Noah’s flood.  I am still trying to establish an earthly pad to launch into Revelation 15 so some thoughts on the snake with the demon inside it.

Since God has always existed so has the ability to obey Him, the good timeline, as has the ability to disobey Him, the timeline of evil. The two timelines were not parallel and were always going to meet in the shape of a cross ( X) and not a Tee (T). Evil  was not stopped when it met the good timeline on Good Friday it still ran on for quite a time, but it’s fate had already been sealed. It had lost. As the timeline evil passed through Heaven, even if none of the angelic host had drawn from its evil it still would have passed onto earth be it not carrying satan.

The biggest accusation against God and therefore the one He has taken most trouble to avoid is that He has surrounded Himself with a lot of robots programmed to sing His praises 24/7. God defends Himself by saying ” Not so. Not only did I confine the timeline to glance off one of the poles I allowed in into my Garden of purity, the Garden of Eden. And even in there evil was free to pass through at any point it wanted. It did not just choose any tree it chose the tree that produced the first fruits, life in eternity. It chose, and I allowed it to, the first fruit itself.

Page 109

The grape became not just the first fruit of life but also the first fruit of death. The harvest from this first fruit of death is the final death of Revelation 14, the battle of the grapes. I allowed it to choose its own method of manifestation and it chose the snake and devil combination for whatever contorted reasons it had. It manifested itself as the beast and from humble beginnings it rose to such great heights I had to destroy it in Noah’s flood or almost so. After the flood it started with four families and did its darn most to rise to prominence but this time I threw it into the abyss at the tower of Babel. It reappeared out of this abyss some thousand years later when the head called Babylon came to life. Its existence after this time and history is fairly well documented in My Word. Even after the seventh headlight has gone out and the beast itself takes over the battle it leads against  the rider of the white horse and his armies and subsequent destruction is documented.” Where does the Day of Atonement fit in with all of this?

There is no need to worry because it has all been put into the hands of ‘a man appointed’. He not only knows what to do He is able to carry it out. The Israelites don’t have to wait for him to come back be that from an hour  or a one week journey into the desert with the scapegoat. They know he is reliable, he will do whatever is required by God, regardless how nasty and difficult it will be, he will return only after he has accomplished his task. There is no need to stay around and wait for his return nor any later enquires as to whether he did accomplish his task.

This scapegoat which had seen its sibling killed and burnt would have been quite happy to get away from that lot with its life. It may have wondered why this long walk but when it saw it had arrived at the edge of a monstrous precipice it certainly would have dug its heels in as it was brought to the edge. But the man was also able. As soon as he said ‘ not My will but Thine be done’  the terror of Good Friday began.

Page 110

Leviticus 16 is Calvary’s tree, with its differing time allocations and functions but still all Calvary’s tree. The sin offering of the bull;  the burnt offering of the ram; the clothing worn; the two male goats for a sin offering and scapegoat and the final ram for a burnt offering, all stages relevant, all stages to be looked at. Not only that but the order they occur in. We are at the scapegoat being pushed over the cliff and being dashed to pieces. Why  wasn’t it burnt and why not even a trace of it kept behind in the ceremony?

I  now consider I have three choices: stay with the Old Testament until I get to Moses’s bronze snake which is what my Master advised me to do; go back to Matthew and follow my Master’s life or try to apply the Day of Atonement  to the Book of Revelation which has always been the aim and continues to be the aim of this blog. My excursions into other Biblical Books have occurred because they contained pieces of the Revelation puzzle.


The aim so far has been to define the daily sacrifice and even what is meant by ‘at one is ment’ or atonement. I don’t think  either has been accomplished, not formally at least. It seems that every time I have an answer there are ten questions associated with this answer, so before I make an attempt to correlate the Day of Atonement from Leviticus 16 to Revelation 15 I want to restate Leviticus 16. After all it is about the Day of Atonement, some form of atonement must occur some where and at  some time!

My confusion arose as I was going to recommend that you  commit Leviticus 16:20 to memory ‘ When Aaron had finished making atonement for the Most Holy Place, the Tent of Meeting and  the altar, he shall bring forward the  live goat.’ The result of these sin offerings produce body parts that have to be taken outside the city to be burnt, Calvary’s tree

Page 111

. This would be witness Scripture to 16:17 , partial at least, ‘ No one is to be in the Tent of Meeting from the time Aaron goes in to make atonement in the Most Holy Place until he comes out, having made atonement for himself, his household and the whole community of Israel. There is no mention there of you and me. The effect of our collective sins, whatever they are, on the sacred items has been removed because Aaron went to the top, before the atonement cover and he is allowed to do this once a year ( really once  and forever as God Friday occurred only once).

Our atonement process can only begin once we have placed our hands on that poor wretched goat. ( actually only while the High Priest has His hands on its head). It is only then that the atoning process can begin. Unless we have repented of our intentional sins and passed them onto the live goat  we can not take a knife and hold it at our Saviour’s throat and ask ” can I join you as a part of your perfection, unity and acceptance by God even if that means me having to kill You and You having to die” When He answers ‘ yes’ and we go ahead with our dastardly murder only then have we been made with God. Atonement has been achieved. We specifically asked Jesus that question before we killed Him. Can you see the beauty of this act of God being woven into the robe of righteousness He is preparing for us? Can you see the beauty of at least one part of 9 to 3 of Good Friday?

So what is the role of that  live goat? ( an obvious mistake I have to correct at this point is that atonement was made before repentance. Atonement of of Sanctuary items occurred before our repentance but we can only be one with God after our repentance. This is certainly the order in Revelation.) In Revelation the damned certainly go through the goats horrible sufferings on being thrown over the edge in the bowls but they are resurrected and will finally finish up in hell to burn into oblivion. But the Bible is not about the damned, it is about the redeemed so where does this live goat affect the saints?

Page 112

As we enter onto the grounds of Revelation 15 we notice a few things. We are specifically told the bowls are about to be poured out and this happens in the next chapter 16. It also follows chapter 14 which has told us the history of planet earth to the very end, so chapter 15 has to come back to some other era. That era is the door of mercy closing in Heaven at the end of 1,260 years of grace. It is specifically marked by the Songs of Moses and the Lamb on which some time has already been spent. Daniel (12: 8) in part says ‘ ” It will be a time,times and  half a time. When the power of the holy people has been finally broken, all these things will be completed”  ‘. Time, ( a year or 365) , times ( two years or 730) and half ( half of a year or a total of 1,260). The events being referred to are the breaking of the power of God’s people, which occurs at the Lord’s second coming and when these powers are finally broken which occurs when the two witnesses are taken back to Heaven, so the unit involved has to be years. It is actually defined because of the rising of the dead, some to everlasting life and some to everlasting death, or the millennium.

So if chapter 15 is a part of Good Friday our memory verse tells us ( Lev 16:20) that we begin with making atonement for the Tabernacle and the altar outside. Defilement and atonement was made for the Heavenly Tabernacle at three o’clock on Good Friday but there may still be at least two other occasions where it is required. The earthly temple, the one rebuilt after the Lord’s second coming would require consecration before or during the Lord’s return for 1,260 days with His two witnesses. It would be left in the same condition when Jesus returned to Heaven as the earthly one was when Jesus walked out of it on the Tuesday before Good Friday. Heaven itself might have been defiled at this time. When John and Elijah, the two witnesses were killed by the beast out of the sea they would have received their robes of righteousness on their martyrdom. The problem was they did not wake up in Heaven they woke  up on earth.

Page 113

During this brief time they may have been defiled and thus atonement had to be made in Heaven again.

Or it may have been just to mark the end of an era, the 1,260 years of grace. Now there would be no chance of entry into heaven so even the effects of intentional sin on earth could not defile the Heavenly Tabernacle any longer. It was over, call in the live goat, call in the retributions of the bowls, God’s anger is still burning. The first phase of the cross is over. The sin offerings have been made. Those unintentional sins sins that God could not accept to be a part of the burnt offering have been separated and taken outside of the city to be burnt on Calvary’s tree. Burnt also was the effects that intentional sin has on Divine objects.

The difficulty of getting started on chapter 15 is there is relatively little information of this period in the Bible and commentaries. Much is written on and up to the first coming, the Old Testament. Likewise the second coming, the New Testament.. But there is not much on the third coming and less still on the fourth coming. The third coming is buttressed by 1,260 years before it with a millennium and a period of 260 years a period we have already studied. After, it is has 500 years of bowls after it, so it would not be correct to say that it is ignored in Scripture. God would have known that there would not be one conversion after His second coming in that 1,780 odd years of time. He would also have realised that it would be near impossible to teach those saints in Heaven about earthly matters because the beauty of the Heaven they were in surpassed anything imaginable on earth by billions and it would be difficult to focus their attention on planet earth. So these Scriptures concerning the third and fourth comings are not a part of some charades that God is playing.

Page 114

They are God’s Word  and are therefor inspired and meant to teach us to come closer to Him and be able to counter the lies and distortions satan has made up about God.

So what are we to glean about the character of God from these last 1,780 years? Which of satan’s distortions can we counter using this last but extensive period of time?  The time itself is very well defined. One way is: The two witnesses bring us to the exact time that the live goat is presented to God. This is the period of repentance. It is brought up to the High Priest who places his hands on the goats head at the start of the witness period, 1,260 days for repentance and takes his hands off at the end of this time when our prayers cannot any longer pass onto that goat. The man appointed is now to take this goat off into the dessert. Revelation 10:5,6 has an apt summary ‘ Then the angel I had seen standing on the sea and on the land raised his right hand to heaven. And swore by him who lives for ever and ever, who created the heavens and all that is in them, the earth and all that is in it, and the sea and all that is in it, and said ” There will be no more delay! But in the days when the seventh angel is about to sound his trumpet, the mystery of of God will be accomplished, just as he announced to his servants the prophets” ‘.

Well the seventh angel put the trumpet to his mouth and took 1,260 days to draw his breath, when he sounded his trumpet and the mystery of God is accomplished. Mystery, what mystery? it remained a mystery even though it was announced by His servants the prophets. How important is this being making this announcement? It is none other than a mighty angel, Jesus Christ  at His third coming and the period we are now studying. Because He is mighty He cannot deal with human beings, His presence would kill them.

Page 115

His Shekinah Glory must be placed into the temple and He will deal with humanity via His two witnesses. But the message is His. He is in control of not just the good and bad that come out of the sea and earth He is also in control of Heaven and everything  that comes and came  out of them, including the devil and all those evil angels. He is about to show that control. The little scroll open in Jesus’s hand was the message of repentance the two witnesses would preach from and it is important to realise the mystery that has been preached by His servants the prophets is only accomplished at the close of day 1,260. Only then does God allow the beast to kill His two witnesses. I am starting to change my mind about about the previous comment that there has not been much information given in Scripture about the third coming. It was certainly a mystery to me!

It has already been stated that on day one of the 1,260 days the live goat was brought in and the High Priest placed his hands on its head and ended when the priest took his hands off the goats head and the appointed man took control and led this goat off into the desert. These are very precise times and events. When we relate these back to Good Friday, the Day of Atonement of ( Lev 16:20) it doesn’t seem to add up. Revelation 10:7 appears to give us some leeway in ‘ is about to sound his trumpet’. Bringing the mouthpiece of the trumpet to his lips and taking a breath a breath could be two processes involved. But before this happens the mysteries of God will be accomplished; the witnesses will have finished their 1,260 days of evangelising, have been put to death, been laying on the  street  for three and a half days, been resurrected and taken to heaven. As they went into Heaven the door of mercy slammed close with such a shutter it set off such  a massive earthquake the people on earth had no doubt as to what had occurred in Heaven. They were terrified! Only then the third of the woe trumpets is sounded and ushers in the bowls. Jesus begins His reign, He will not have to return to earth again for the purpose of redeeming any soul.

Page 116

This does not sit well with Lev ( 16:20) which gives us a list of what is finished, what atonement had been made for BEFORE the goat was brought in, or the start of the 1,260 days of ministry of the two witnesses. Hadn’t atonement been made at three o’clock on Good Friday when Jesus took His precious blood and sprinkled it on entry into Heaven? Why do we need more atonement now? More importantly why not make this final atonement when the witnesses have finished their evangelism or even wait until all the ‘goodies’ are in Heaven and the door of mercy has closed?

Heaven would have known that there would not be one response to the witnesses message. Being terrified and giving glory to God is not repentance. If a lightning bolt strikes nearby me and sends me flying through the air and I am terrified and give glory to God because He is capable of making  such a powerful weapon, does not amount to repentance. Atonement had been made for those Heavenly items; the Most Holy Place, the Tent of Meeting and the altar although at this stage it has not been specified whether it was the one inside or the one outside of the Holy Place, at least not to me, way back on Good Friday. What needed atonement was the defilement that happened as a result of intentional sin. This could now be atoned for as the door of mercy was about to shut in 1263.5 days time. No one could enter into Heaven after this time nor could their intentional sins defile anything in Heaven.

We  have already spent time on Revelation 11 and verse 15 onwards. We were indebted to these elders because they told us not only what was going to happen but in what order and no doubt it will be helpful to return here during the bowls. They finish at the very end when the temple was opened and the smoke has cleared to reveal the ark of the covenant.Atonement did not have to wait this   long and occurred at the first possible opportunity.

Page 117

So the baton is being passed from Revelation and the seventh trumpet and Leviticus 16 with the live goat being led by that man who has been appointed. But we are pretty well in the middle of the Day of Atonement ceremony, Good Friday.  Leviticus looks forward to this day  and in Revelation we are going to be looking back to this day. It is when the lightening strikes occurred and the sound of the thunder is reaching us. The wrath of God is being manifested against those intentional sins; that you did willfully spit in my Holy face and did break my relationship of love with you and you did do this on many occasions. You were indeed a spiteful child and you did cause Me unimaginable pain. Such filth requires much to cleanse it. It was pleading ‘ guilty as charged’ to each and every intentional sin where Jesus suffered such grief. To burn those serious sins into non existence required the fires of hell to be stoked up so high that they engulfed even the throne of God in Heaven. But first they invoked a response of anger before being thrown into those flames.

If this is the scenario we are about to study then we have missed, or at least not defined the first 1,260 years after the second coming.We are about to launch ourselves into Revelation 15 from the seventh trumpet of Revelation 11 and Leviticus 16. But if both involve the live scapegoat or repentance of the two witnesses then we have missed the first part of the ceremony; the atonement of Holy objects and defilement of Heavenly things by intentional sin. This is the first 1,260 years after the Lord’s second coming. There has never been a question about the saints in Heaven, they are cleansed, atoned, robed and anything else. There must be some change in their attitude as this time and the 500 years that follow cause them to ask for the fine linen which results in them being consecrated for the eternities to come. But this Scripture is here on earth to teach you and me about our Lord and to strengthen our faith. So how does atonement for 1,260 years strengthen our faith?

Page 118

Many times whilst blogging I run into a brick wall against which I have three defenses. The first is to write around it from Scripture and this usually works. When plan A doesn’t work I go discouraged to plan B. I go to bed and lay under the physical altar that God has left us on earth, the Bible. Here the altar converts my human grotty thoughts, though well intention-ed, into the Divine when they rise to Heaven, are answered and sent back to earth. Here again the altar converts these Divine ideas back into a language that I can understand and viola! there is the answer. So I don’t get all distressed when the human element of the Bible, mistakes are pointed out to me. They are an essential part of the Bible which give me the confidence to use it, to call out ‘My Father Who is in Heaven’. It is He Who has allowed Himself to be joined to humanity. All I am doing is taking advantage of His generous offer.

Last night required plan C, the power of the blessings that God has placed on His Holy Day, the Sabbath. Now if I still don’t get the answer then there will be no answer forthcoming or the key lies under some other Scripture which I will read in the future. Such was the question of the mystery to be revealed by the seventh trumpet of Revelation 10::7. Other than the rock in Daniel grinding the statue into a paste, which I know is the topic of the fourth coming of my Lord I could not think of anything that had not been accomplished if not by 3 o’clock on Good Friday or at least 38 odd hours later on Resurrection Sunday, nothing. This was aptly called a ‘ mystery’ but it had not been revealed by just one prophet but by many. So the idea certainly was not going to be strange to Scripture. I called on the power of the Sabbath and the blessings bestowed on it and if no answer was forthcoming then I would just leave it at that ‘ another gem to be found’.

Page 119

Other than odd exceptions my memory for Scriptural numbers is almost non existent. Exceptions would be something that is really near to my heart like ‘ when is all this evil going to be dealt with and finished with?’ ( Rev 6:10) If the answer to this question is ( Rev 10:6) then I will remember this number also. Last night as I tried to reconstruct the two time lines in question, that of the third coming in chapters 10 and 11 and compare it to Leviticus 16 that of the Day of Atonement I remembered reading, somewhere before the answer of verse 6, so probably 4 or 5 that I was dealing with the one  Who had systematically created in love everything in the sea, earth and sky. I took this as an omen that He was about to destroy these same things systematically and in wrath. Good place to come back if problems occur in the bowls.

The period of this mystery seemed to be around the death of the two witnesses and the earthquake. A heavenly inspired event, an earthquake had caused a chasm to appear between God’s , at least very recent presence and the people. The door of mercy had been closed, they had no access across that void to be in His presence. Not only that but this chasm had swallowed up the people living in this area close to the temple, His priests and their families, 7,000 of them, all of them! There was no use for them once mercy was gone.

The time line from Leviticus 16 wasn’t of much help and actually seemed contradictory. It seemed to be concerned about and made a point of Heavenly objects being atoned, this 1,260 years and only then was the scapegoat called in. There maybe some answers if I can construct the timeline of Jesus’s life in between these two. There maybe marked differences between the two but it seems like a mirror image between the first and third coming. If this is the case then this may also apply to the second and fourth comings and indeed between the four creatures.

Page 120

Both first and third comings involve:

1; The activity of God’s witnesses last for 1,260 days.

2; Witnesses active from temple filled with God’s Shekinah Glory.

3; Witnesses read from the same little scroll, that of repentance.

4; Witnesses killed and remain dead for three and a half days.

5; Forces of evil gloat over their deaths.

7; Witnesses resurrected by divine Power.

8; Both involve the door of mercy. One opens it and the other shuts it or are involved in its shutting.

9; Witnesses take back to heaven.

10; Witnesses killed by external forces. Whether God the Father gave God the Son the cup of iniquity to drink or whether the beast out of the sea killed those two witnesses is really irrelevant. It was MY sins that caused the death of my Saviour, Jesus Christ. That is why with confidence I know that my destiny is Heaven and I address Him as ‘ my Father Who is in Heaven’ I know it should be ‘Our Father…..’ but looking around me at the sad state of the church I wonder about who else is included. It is only when I realise that I am no better than any of that other lot that is in such a bad state that I correct my address to ‘ Our Father Who is in Heaven’.  I will  live forever for one reason and one reason alone; I killed Jesus Christ and He allowed me to do so.

Page 121

Whether there were two witnesses is also irrelevant. Jesus was Divine and human and stood for both the Old and New testaments. By His life, death and life Jesus opened the door of mercy. By the two witnesses lives, death and lives they closed the door of mercy. The forces behind that closure was humanity itself. And they did gloat was what closed the door of mercy as it did at the cross for satanic gloating as it was the door of mercy on the ancient world in Noah’s time. Rev ( 11:10)  ‘ The inhabitants of the earth will gloat over them and will celebrate by sending each other gifts, because these two prophets had tormented those who live on the earth’ . The certain ticket to hell, gloating.  The mystery accomplished is therefor the door of mercy closing, and yes it only did that just then.

The door of mercy was opened by Jesus Christ on Resurrection Sunday. That large stone when pulled back did not just open the tomb, it opened the world’s path to Heaven and by the mechanism that allowed Jesus to come out and into eternity. Without this and the preceding events all prayers, all ceremonies, all those innocent animals that were killed were  worth zero, zilch, nothing. They only all came to life on Resurrection Sunday. It is just a bit more complicated as it took the angel time to draw his breath and blow the trumpet. “About to blow his trumpet”. The events were steps. The only way to cancel that gloating ticket into hell is to pray for those who do you harm and has already pointed out that these are the specific prayers that Heaven is looking for. So our introduction into chapter 15 is almost complete, the third woe or the seventh trumpet is about to be sounded.

I asked you earlier what did you learn from those 1,260 years of the door of mercy being open? I learnt much. It actually answered a question that has been bothering me for a long time.Page 122

How could the foolish virgins give their lives up for God and still go to hell?  Time was never a factor. 1,260 years was I thought even for divinity extremely generous. One lifespan, three score and ten, or 70 years I would have regarded as sufficient. But eighteen lifespans?

Focus was only a small factor but is no longer. The Day of Atonement, or the consecration ceremonies only applied to participants. They were at the ceremony during which they were prepared to give their lives and so many did so this 1,260 years is for their benefit. It is not for the benefit of all those who chose for whatever reason to stay away. The eyes of Heaven during this time is on the foolish virgins, the living ones and even those who rose from the dead unfortunately at the end of the millennium along with the unrighteous dead. But my eyes really focused on the screen for that last 1,260 days when I was about to say good-bye to all those loved ones. They were not just a blip on the screen they took up a significant portion of it probably because of God’s interference. I heard the call that the atonement section had finished and for the scapegoat to be brought in. This alone should have panicked that lot and made them wake up. They knew Scripture, they knew that it was now or never. If that were possible I held my Heavenly breath as I watched the hand of the High Priest lock onto the scapegoat’s head. What would happen? How close is that relative to God? Are they seeking atonement? Do they really want to join all of God’s wonderful and perfect qualities and at one is ment, real atonement? Or do they just want to join and bring their filthy rags with them as well? Do they really believe that God will make adjustments to His perfection just to accommodate their filthy rags? I watch as 24 hours turns into 48 hours and then into 240 and 480 hours. There seemed to be a moment when the call to repentance would be made, but then withdrawn. God’s way, as recorded in His Holy Word, the Bible is not the right way. Given a chance they would correct it and then there would be no problems with joining and becoming one with this corrected version. Did God really read and sanction this part of His Word? ( whatever problem you are having).

Page 123

Did He even consider my objections? If He didn’t then that is His problem, not mine. The meter has been running and has 24,000 hours clocked up on it. It doesn’t matter what hours are clocked up it is not going to make any difference. They are not going to confess or repent of anything. Like everything else God has a time limit for and the event is timed out. The scapegoat will not have to die, it is released and returns to Heaven. What about its sibling?

That may have been the final 1,260 days but what about the remaining 1,260 odd years of time? Hadn’t Jesus taken on and burnt everyone of the intentional and unintentional sins for every saint in Heaven? Wasn’t that the Divine Blood that had only been sparingly applied on the route to Calvary and to the four corners of the burnt offering, Calvary’s tree now taken into Heaven and cleansed it as He passed through that door in Heaven recorded in chapter 4 of Revelation? Heaven was cleansed or wasn’t it? What has happened since that requires further cleansing? Was there some unforeseen events that occurred that require further atonement? This period would have to be restudied under this new light. If Good Friday was the one and final atonement then the rest of time, a half of it was just a charade, a fait accompli. Predestination, makes no difference what I do God has made me for hell. A real clanger and will be used by noone  in the last days. You always have a choice but will never be forced. That is what Revelation (11: 15-19). Jesus has only just sat down and begun His reign. Before that He was standing on His throne indicating He was in a position to come back to earth and go back to the cross had He been required to do so. Had there been one response, there wasn’t and He didn’t.

Chapter 11 really has to be read  in conjunction with the bowls. So what we might we might expect when we start on the bowls is:

Page 124

Initially God created the earth so that human beings could live on it in harmony with each other and with God. At the closing of the door of mercy that has happened as far as it is going to happen. What is left now of both humanity and the earth can now be destroyed, they are not going to try to be apart of God’s plan. They were created in love but having rejected that love will now be destroyed in wrath. That lot in Heaven were also subject to the same fate but Jesus took God’s wrath for them on Himself on Good Friday on their request. They must experience something  of what Jesus experienced for the redeemed before they are destroyed in hell, which is what happened to Jesus also. There has been no games of charades or predestination or forced wills, just pure and simple free choice, and this now is the end game of free will. There are still stunningly generous concessions that God is prepared to make. Again no takers.We have looked at the approach side of the third coming, those 1,260 years and now we look at the departing side of the third coming, the last 500 odd years.

A reflection of the third coming as the closing of the door of mercy to the first coming where that door was opened. It was opened by Jesus Christ after a life ( 1,260 days of ministry), a death ( three and a half days INSIDE a tomb, and life everlasting (  After Resurrection Sunday) . It was closed by Jesus Christ, not directly in person because He came down as a mighty angel and His Shekinah Glory would have killed everyone so He was represented by His two lamp stands and olive trees, who like Jesus had not experienced death. They go through a ministry of 1,260 days and are killed by the beast. ( rock has cracked before earthquake, angel prepares to sound trumpet) . Unlike Jesus they are not buried but lay in the street. Many authorities would have gloated at Jesus on the cross and even in His grave. They brought curses on Jerusalem and it would soon be pulverised. Unlike at the first coming where the gloating was limited to a certain number of people many of whom confessed at Pentecost, and Jesus was not just in darkness in the tomb He was in darkness from 12 to 3 on Good Friday here the gloating was opened and brazen.

Page 125

There was no doubt in Heaven’s eyes what the people thought to the extent that yes the last 500 years was going to be a charade, no chance of anyone repenting, Jesus could safely assume a sitting position, which is what He did. It was the people who pushed those rocks apart and caused that chasm between them and the temple to widen. God blamed His people, the foolish virgins for this widening gap, they lived closest to the temple. Once the power of His Holy people was finally broken and His witnesses were back in Heaven, the mouse trap sprang closed, the built up energy in those rocks released and the earthquake swallowed those who God held responsible for the door slamming closed in Heaven. There were obviously many foolish virgins who were not held responsible to the same extent.

Clearly Scripture regards our consecration ceremony in Heaven of the highest importance as we go through it on at least five ( I think) occasions. We will now count, just from Revelation 11:15 onwards how many times Scripture contradicts the idea of predestination. ( using { } brackets to count. The problem we have is that many of the giants of the Christian faith have believed in this doctrine and many do today. Finally we begin the preface to chapter 15, it is revision and we have already been here before and at completion we will restart with ****

Chapter 11 Verse 15 ‘ The seventh angel sounded his trumpet, and there were loud voices in the heaven which said: ” The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will  reign for ever and ever” ‘. “Has become’ after 3,260 years after Good Friday, wasn’t before { 1 } and starts His reign of eternity  { 2 }. No chance of a return.

Verses 16, 17 ‘  And the twenty-four elders, who were seated on their thrones before God, fell on their faces and worshiped God, saying ” we give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty, the One who  is and who was, because you have taken your great power and have begun to reign” ‘. only begun to reign from now not ages before  {  3 }. Did not take power until just now { 4}.

Page 126

Verse  18’ ” The nations were angry, and your time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your saints and those who  reverence your name both great and small— and for destroying those who destroy the earth”‘. Angry nations with the witnesses. Only really one judgement and that was on Good Friday. This one is for the saints sake, the fifth bowl and final rejection of Jesus’s offer to take people’s place in hell but judgment not completed { 5}. We are rewarded by our consecration and the living battle, that against the rider of the white horse is the one that destroys those who destroy the earth.

Verse 19 ‘ Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and within his temple was seen the ark of the covenant. And there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake and a great hailstorm.’ This appears to clash with ( Rev ( 15:8)) and will be discussed there. All these actions were depended on revelation ( 15:8) and stem from it { 6}. They take us to the end of time  when God’s wrath is cleared after the last bowl of wrath is poured out. Chapter 12 is not in sequence as it doesn’t begin with ‘ then I ….’ It is an insert. Chapter 13 could follow on from 12 and 14 does follow on from 13 with ‘then I….’ But in chapter 15 we are going to be introduced to the bowls so it must be a continuation of chapter 12. The scapegoat has been led out of the temple and is about to be led into the dessert. Chapter 15 verse 1. ****

‘ I saw in heaven another great and marvelous sign; seven angels with the seven last plagues— last because with them God’s wrath is completed.’

Page 127

Even within Heaven there are degrees of beauty or it maybe John’s memory of what he had already seen had faded. He had already spent some time in Heaven so to describe what now has appeared before him as ‘ great and marvelous ‘ it must have been spectacular and worthy to be followed through. Just as there were synonyms and antonyms between the first and third comings of our Lord such is going to be the case between first and last days. Destruction and creation.

Is it going to be the same beautiful God or is He going to send His angels? Is it going to be a comparison between creation in love with destruction in wrath? Is it going to be done  over the same number of stages? Are are they going to be consecutive? Is nothing going to become something now change to something becoming nothing? What time span is involved within the stages? How far are we allowed to carry the analogy to creation week? Where was all this on Good Friday both in Heaven and on earth? Or is this just ‘ the same old story of Jesus and His love’ but sung with Heavenly harps which are tuned to the resonance frequency of our hearts and like all resonance its beauty nearly tears them to pieces?

The following six chapters are Scripture and there must be much learning to be had. They also introduce us into the Heavenly chapters 21 and 22, so the journey should indeed be rich and rewarding. What will it be like when God’s wrath is completed  and how does time move on?

Verses 2-4 ‘ And I saw what looked like a sea of glass mixed with fire and, standing beside the sea, those who had been victorious over the beast and his image and over the number of his name. They held harps given to them by God and sang the song of Moses the servant of God and the song of the Lamb: ” Great and marvelous are your deeds, Lord God Almighty. Just and true are your ways, King of the ages. Who will not fear you, O Lord, and bring glory to your name?  For you alone are holy. All nations will come and worship before you, for your righteous acts have been revealed” ‘.

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Heaven is made up of all nations, it is certainly not that lot left on earth that will worship God. God has given up with them also. The sea of glass has got the fires of Calvary’s tree still flickering within them and that is why those standing beside it are called victorious, that is the reason why they are in Heaven.All aspects of Good Friday have been completed. The final issue in this crossing is going to be beast, his image and the number of his name. God’s seal will also be a factor but only on a limited bases. God did not waste this jewel where it was not going to have any effect and the only way to remove His seal will be to place the mark of the beast on top of it.

The harps were  given by God. On earth they would not have required God given harps to express their deep, heart felt gratitude at what they felt when they looked back at  those waters crashing in and over their deadly enemies, the Egyptians. They had been spared from a symbolic hell. Step across into our shoes in Heaven and the song of the Lamb. We have been given God’s harps resonating to our hearts rhythm and we have been saved from the literal hell. Imagine our gratitude when we sing this song in Heaven. Like any jewel put before swine this can only be done with Divine intervention but have qualified to sing this song it we had our hands on the Lambs head and repented. The Lamb taken outside in the company of the man appointed  and the door of mercy has been closed . It maybe of interest what happens to that poor lamb but for us it is all over. The waters have crashed in over planet earth and everyone including the Pharaoh are dead

So it works out that this period of the third coming is very well documented in Scripture.The period before the 1,260 days of the witnesses is symbolic of this 1,260 years of grace of the Lamb standing with the hands of the High Priest on its head awaiting for transfer of sin. Heaven can not be blamed for the fact that none does occur. Again it must be stressed that this applies only to those who are in the service. Presumably they are only at this service to wait for the High Priest to place his hands on the scapegoats head. But given all this time they still don’t.

Page 129

Taking the analogy further back before the second coming and therefore the start of the 1,260 years of hand placing on the scapegoat the service was concerned with unintentional sin in its varied forms. This is the period in which we are in, but in the Day of Atonement service we were only allowed to offer the daily sacrifice, the burnt offering once the scapegoat was taken off by the appointed man. So brothers and sisters in Christ we should be conducting the daily, sacrifice, twice daily of the burnt offering and there should be no reference to our intentional sins. We should have felt at least something physically as they passed onto that just disappeared scapegoat.

We are then in the period of the daily sacrifice. Twice a day we take our knives into our hands and approach the Lord. We plead to be a part of His perfection, His Godliness, His acceptance by God. We know that this is only possible if Jesus possess love, grace, mercy and justice in infinite quantities and that is why we ask and He accepts the death we inflict on Him! Even for the eternities to come this will remain a mystery, it will remain the daily sacrifice! It is presented in a form acceptable to God, by fire. Clearly we have to at least try to go back and reanalyze this daily sacrifice which is the subject of Daniel’s dates and could only be  the abolishing, declaring Christianity to be an illegal religion, a terrorist organisation.

Before proceeding with the history of the scapegoat I just want to reemphasize how this section disproves the doctrine of predestination. If this doctrine had any validity at all the saints in Heaven would know something of its existence. They would know that once they got to Heaven it was all over there would not be one more conversion and Jesus would not have to come back to save that one person, 1,780 years of futility! But what they see is Jesus standing, not sitting  and ready to return to earth. They are all anxious and holding their breaths because they may loose their Saviour again! That hardly sounds like predestination! It is only when  they see their Saviour take up a sitting position after the door of mercy closes that they now sing this heartfelt praise!

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It is now that we finally arrive at the nitty gritty section of the bowls; verses 5-8. ‘ After this I looked and in Heaven the temple , that is, the tabernacle of the Testimony, was opened. Out of the temple came the seven angels with the seven plagues.  They were dressed in clean shiny linen and wore golden sashes around their chests. Then one of the four living creatures gave to the seven angels seven golden bowls filled with the wrath of God, who lives for ever and ever. And the temple was filled with the smoke from the glory of God and from his power, and no one could enter the temple until the seven plagues of the seven angels were completed.’

‘after this’ shows this next section follows immediately after our prayers of gratitude at the door of mercy closing. John is in Heaven and has probably arrived here with Jesus and Elijah after his 1,263.5 day stint of evangelism on earth. Just as it is on earth where there are two compartments there are also two in the Old Heaven. On earth there is still the courtyard but if we want to conduct the daily sacrifice we must first be anointed as priests and administer from the Holy Place. In Heaven there is the Holy Place which we occupy until the fourth coming when we  will be consecrated as High Priests and then move into the Holy of Holies, the tabernacle of  the Testimony, the direct presence of God.

The angels came from the direct presence of God as did the seven plagues come directly from God. It is only when they passed through one of the entrances, the four creatures around the throne that they given the bowls of wrath. God’s wrath is not a part of the New Jerusalem, there are no intentional sins or memory of them there. They form a barrier to the entrance of the Most Holy Place. The issue here is which one possessed the bowls of God’s wrath and was therefore capable of passing it onto those seven Heavenly beings? It is rather an important issue but quite complex as this could be one of four creatures; lion, ox, man or God.

Page 131

As is usual I will present a jumble of ideas and then tell you which option I favour, if any. Which attribute of God encompasses His wrath? We have just said that wrath did not come out the Temple, the presence of God.

The earthly situation is relatively simple. The man anointed is  going to lead a goat and throw it over a cliff. If the man represented  humanity then the goat repented Divinity. Alternately if the man represented Divinity then the goat represented humanity.

The complexity of four creatures, scapegoat, appointed man, Good Friday, Day of Atonement on earth, in the old and new Heavens requires more than the ability of a person who is capable of assimilating a verse or two at the most at the same time. So I must expect to make many corrections and errors on my way through, the first being the wrath of God. There was no wrath of God in the temple because there was no evil in the temple, that was the function of the four walls and roof to keep evil out. But there is evil outside of the temple and therefore God’s wrath and this will continue until the fourth coming when the fires of hell will be extinguished, there will be no evil and therefore no wrath of God. But before that God’s wrath is now going to be responsible for the bowls at least and also what happens to the scapegoat. The plagues themselves are a purely original God’s actions. He created in love in stages and now destroys in wrath in stages called the bowls.

The original analysis of verses 5-8 is going to assume that there was only one opening, one door into the Heavenly Temple from which the seven angels emerged. There was only one entrance into the earthly Most Holy Place. It can’t be the door of chapter 4 as this door is between earth and Heaven’s Holy Place.

Page 132

This creature therefore had to be the one that looked like an ox, the second creature. It is about sacrifice and specifically about blood. The High Priest could only enter into this chamber carrying blood which was supposed to symbolise  our High Priest, Jesus Christ entering into the Most Holy Place in Heaven with His own divine blood. Its function was to reconsecrate Heaven and rejoin it to humanity, to placate the wrath of God. This He did on Good Friday. If the earthly equivalent held for Heaven, Jesus not only had to reconsecrate Heaven’s Most Holy Place but He also had to reconsecrate Heaven’s Tent of Meeting or Holy Place. It was the blood of the lamb on the Israelites door frames back in the desert that prevented their destruction, the angel of death passed over them. Most of this reconsecration has now occurred in Heaven but on earth  evil still reigns, it is rampant. So one aspect then on earth that has to occur is to destroy this evil and placate, more extinguish the wrath of God. His wrath is His spontaneous reaction to evil. But in Revelation it is bowls followed by hell. Whatever is left behind after the bowls will be collected and the final purifying agent is the fires of hell.

On the Day of Atonement screen the last chance people had to pass their sins onto this scapegoat disappeared when the High Priest took his hands off the animals head. This animal is now being led into the desert by an appointed man to experience the wrath of God. Is Scripture silent on the consequences of the wrath of God being exercised on this animal or is it implied that it is a spontaneous  reaction that this animal will be thrown into hell? This is going to put a sharp demarcation wrath and justice.  What we are told is that the man comes back but the scapegoat does not. With all these hindrances out of the way, the unintentional sin that was outside of the envelope and intentional sin placed on the scapegoat and removed, we now proceed to the service proper, the burnt offering, we move from wrath to justice–love.

Page 133

At this stage these events are difficult to relate to Good Friday and will probably require a separate blog; GOOD FRIDAY. But  the period of the bowls covers the clearing of the smoke where no one can enter the temple until this happens. The angelic plagues are completed. On earth the Most Holy Place had to be filled by smoke and incense generated by the High Priest himself to stop him from looking at the ark of the covenant cover, or at God’s direct presence. In Heaven it is not generated, it is the glory of God and His power. This then is a part of the framework of the bowls.

In my original analysis of chapter 15 I suspected the key to this and many other chapters was in verse 7 in ‘ one of the four living creatures.’  I tried to relate this creature to the one with the human face, to the humanity of Jesus, to Jesus the man. Once this link  could be made then the sky would become the limit. The whole Bible is about Jesus the man. Even if I could relate it to the creature  that looks like an eagle, the divinity of Jesus, this would sort out my problems. The wrath that has just come out of the temple is from God, the eagle creature and once poured out on the earth His wrath is completed. But any correlation at this point would have indicated that all four doors into the Most  Holy Place were opened, something which can not happen until the New Jerusalem. The only door that was opened on earth and in the Old Heaven was that of the creature that looked like an ox. This is the door of sacrifice and the door of the blood. It is also the door of the Day of Atonement, Mount Calvary, Good Friday and Good Friday the thirteenth.

The back end of the sacrifice is fairly well defined. It was the man who returned and the scapegoat that was destroyed. God’s Divinity was not destroyed on that tree it was the framework for our sins in the fires of hell. It was dented, it was defiled, by those human sins of humanity, of the scapegoat. There was a major interaction between these two.

Page 134

The front end of the sacrifice was also well defined. It required a pre-clean up session and a major clean up session before the main ceremony of atonement could begin. The preclean up has occurred. The first goat, the sin offering has been sacrificed. The blood and associated organs have been separated and the rest sent outside of the city to be burnt on Calvary’s tree. Atonement has been made for ‘ excessive’ , for want of a better word, unintentional sins and for the defilement and contamination that intentional sins caused in the Holy Place. Holy places are now clean. They can now be accessed by humanity, providing they have a major cleanup, the scapegoat. The rubbish bin is wheeled in and it is expected that all rubbish, those intentional sins be thrown into it. The last chance to do this was those last 1,260 days of the two witnesses. The lid has been closed and the bin wheeled out and we are about to be shown how this rubbish is treated. It is only an essential part of the sacrifice in that the ceremony can not proceed until the bin is outside of the room. What happens to it constitutes a major period of time, some 500 years. It is there for the earthly believers to study and at the end of this period to be like those saints in Heaven and to ask for the fuller presence of the Holy Spirit. To say that the scapegoat, the wheely bin play no part in the ceremony is not technically correct, they play a minimal part. Without the bin we would have nowhere to throw our sins into, but that is the only part it plays. Its blood is filthy and not required as is every part of its being and this bin began as a perfectly clean bin. It is the history of this wheely bin that we are going to follow through in those bowls of wrath. We can then return back to the sacrifice proper.

This is the study of the daily sacrifice from this earthly step and should allow us a better understanding when we see this same sacrifice from Heaven in the New Testament through the actual sayings of our Master on that cross. There is nothing more that can be added to these events, we are at the daily sacrifice!

Page 135

A very strange, even bizarre result is what happens to our wheely bin, or the scapegoat with all those nasty, spiteful sins. It is not burnt, it is taken out into the desert and disposed of by a man who knows what God wants  done with it. Calvary’s tree seems to be saying that this whole bin and contents are thrown into the fires of hell. The bowls seem to be saying that there will be a time of wrath and no mention of hell? The bin itself can not have a drop of sacrificial blood in it as this would extinguish the fires of hell. To fit the framework I am setting up it should be dashed to pieces by being thrown over the cliff ( God’s wrath completed), the pieces gathered and burnt outside of the city. ( in hell). So I am looking for the answer of the inescapable solution that this draws;  intentional sin ( bin being thrown over cliff) minus or looses the wrath of God and equals unintentional sin which has already been covered. But even before beginning the bowls I can see some of the contradictions that this idea brings. Whatever happens this journey should be fascinating and we already know the result; the daily sacrifice was achieved on Good Friday and its blood is still to be applied before eternity begins. Atonement has occurred. Humanity may never understand what is in a drop of water even after millennia of study. We don’t have to. We are already at one with the One Who not only understands this mystery He actually made it and those oceans! And to make us with Him He accepted the conditions for our atonement; He allowed us to kill Him!  That happened on Good Friday and whether you want to accept this offer or not is your choice; it has nothing to do with predestination. Why He didn’t just prick His own finger and with this blood applies it to our ears, thumbs ans toes is what we are about to begin to study. Why this horrible cross?.

Page 136

Chapter 16 verse 1;  ‘ Then I heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels ” Go, pour out the seven bowls of God’s wrath on the earth” ‘.

There is no doubt to anyone in Heaven or earth that it is God’s sovereignty that now controls the time table. It was a loud voice. The source of that voice was the direct presence of God; the temple. The seven angels are sent together and could have poured their bowls out at the same time but they do so in sequence. God could have created everything at the same time but chose to do so in a logical sequence. ” Then I heard” indicates these events directly follow those of chapter 15 with no time break. These angels have just been prepared for their tasks by and in Heaven.

Verse 2;   ‘ The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land and ugly and painful sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped his image’.

God could have first created the stage on which earth’s drama would be conducted, planet earth and then the auditorium and then started the stopwatch of time. Time was of such importance it was created first; In the beginning… and the focus of attention, planet  earthy last. He now begins with partial destruction with this planet, its ability to act as a stage for this performance. At this stage I can not think of any disease of the people that came from the earth in the Old Testament. Certain forms of leprosy might fit this category. What is important is though that it not only did not strike the people who had been given God’s seal, 144,000 foolish virgins minus 7,000 maximum at the great earthquake of Jerusalem but doubled Scriptured; firstly by the mark of the beast and duplicated in ‘ worshiped his image. It has already been pointed out that this number is large and significant and could be as high as 144 million or more. Half of God’s church, certainly in last days are wise but the other half are foolish. These are not affected by the bowls and were not affected by the trumpets also.

Page 137

It should also be noted that these sores whatever they are not the result of mankind poisoning the earth with chemicals or radioactive substances or whatever. They came from the temple of God. When God began His creative acts He had a blueprint and He knew who would respond to His plan and who would not. For these there was a corresponding blueprint of destruction and the first is being enacted now.

As I neither know the number or the type of sores I will just call them the 144 million lot who did not have that painful leprosy or just leprosy. They have just come through the climax of their existence. Being Bible based they knew that the door of mercy was going to close, sooner or later. Many during those 1,260 witness days would have drawn closer and closer to God and were very close to acknowledging that God’s way was the only way but they just could not let go and go that tiny bit further. They would have known the witnesses would be active for 1,260 days and their mission terminated by their death. Then they really knew that in those last three and a half days when the witnesses were laying unburied was ‘ now or never’. Unfortunately it is never. But God still seems to be being kind to them. Where is He leading them?

To suggest that God  could have started the stopwatch of time at the end of His creation rather than at the start is not the first absurdity that I have considered because that is how I mostly develop my thoughts, I assume the opposite to what has happened.Assuming opposites to God’s way always results in absurdities. If that absurdity had occurred there would be no point in creating in stages of creation and it would not be possible  to look back into the creative act as this require negative time, a concept that exists in the wrapped time-space minds of Hawkins and others. For those who have no idea about thermodynamics it could be used as proof of an everlasting universe. At the start of time God enacted the first of His creative acts on planet earth and continued to increase the stature and beauty of this seed so that it finally became inhabitable by the pinnacle of His creation; us. He now begins the process of making it uninhabitable.

Page 138

So we are in the period of time the Bible calls the scapegoat stage or I call the wheely bin stage. For us on earth this wheely bin is opened and available to accept our rubbish for at least another 1,290.5 years, but the period in time that we are studying it has just closed and has been wheeled outside to have the rubbish dealt with. So we must be dealing with three groups of people; Those in Heaven looking down who have all their rubbish in there, those on earth who have at least some rubbish it there and those who are not interested and have done nothing, worst still just laughed at the process. This last lot receive the full wrath of these bowls and do anything but laugh.

For those in Heaven it is all over and has been since the second coming. This wrath that the unbelievers are now experiencing on earth and which the 144 million lot have sidestepped was experienced for them by Jesus on the cross of Good Friday. They are being shown something about Calvary’s tree. The ever increasing amount of understanding that they are now about to receive will  finally result in them asking for the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Exactly the same events will result in those on earth rejecting the Holy Spirit.

The topic discussed here is quite difficult  and resulted in my friends Wal and Val terminating any further study of the Book of Revelation;  they could not accept the fact that you can die for the Lord and still go to hell. I have no problem with this concept and continued my study. These are the lot I call the 144 million and wrongly infected them with leprosy.  Out of that lot only the 144,000 who were alive at the second coming are called virgins as all the believers in the world today are called. It is not that we have a pure faith, not one has, but whether you have 1% or 99% still qualifies us to be called virgin, we still  have the ability to acquire pure faith. This ability dies with us and we are no longer virgins and only qualify to be excluded from the wrath of the bowls of the grounds we have no mark and do not worship the beast.

Page 139

This 144 million were present at the service when the hands of the High Priest were laid on the scapegoat. They confessed their intentional sins they knew would bring them all that suffering in hell. They felt so relieved to know that they were gone and Jesus had taken their place in hell for them. But what they have in common is that they all came to a point; that is all my intentional sins and I can’t confess this one because I have done nothing wrong. People have many such issues with God’s word  and I will reuse the example of the Sabbath, an issue I could be accused of blasphemy of. I not only believe in this day but I line up my demands during the week and present them as ‘demands’ to be received as blessings of the week to come. I do not have this issue it is only an example.

I think I have confessed them all and with a brain that can be telling you some exciting story and have a memory lapse in the middle of it that is not saying much. I have already trotted out those arguments Christians use that the fourth commandment has been done away with. Only God can judge whether my disobedience of His Holy Day is intentional or unintentional, above or below the bar. Assuming He has judged it to be intentional. This sin should be in that bin but is not. I  am now disqualified from taking part of the atonement ceremony. I can only do this if I am free of intentional sin and therefore qualified to go to God and ask Him if I can be one, or a part of Him. I can only hope to become a part of Him under His terms, which are perfection.

Assuming that God judges it as unintentional sin, that is it passes under the bar. I am sure if I approached Jesus and asked Him to prick His finger and put a drop of His blood on me He would accuse me of blasphemy. ‘ No one could be that naive’ He would say.’ You are asking me to become a part of Me by breaking Scripture. God’s Word stands eternal. God’s warning to Adam and Eve is just as valid today as it was in the Garden of Eden. ” If you sin you will surely die!”

Page 140

You have sinned and you or I as your substitute must die. I must die in your place. You must transfer and I must accept this transfer of your death. My death will be accomplished by losing My life giving blood. That is the transfer of the death part. You have been studying some uses of this precious blood. I will receive some of it back to give me life everlasting and this same thing will happen to you to give you life everlasting also.

My number one daughter has come to us with her son for a holiday. She was brought upon the beach and yesterday we did four walks there. I always find it spiritually uplifting to be on the beach. Long ago I stopped trying to count the drops of water in the ocean, visualising that for every drop there are 10,000 stars or really each drop is equivalent to 20 liters of water, or the complexity of each drop is as there are drops in the sea or to keep me alive Jesus has to perform as many cell reactions in my body each  second as there are drops out there of the many other wonders of God. I don’t because I can’t understand these wonders but I would love to become one with this magnificent creator. The more I learn about Him the more my desire to join Him for the eternities to come. But firstly I must pass my imminent death onto Him. He is more than happy to accept it. But to do this I must take His life. God, Holy Scripture demand this. It would be hypocritical to try to come the righteous bit. Every time I sin, which I do with monotonous regularity I crucify my Saviour and cause Him that indescribable pain. He still wants to go ahead and go through this death fro me! His love foe me could only be described as Divine! Therein is the beauty of the daily sacrifice or at least the level at which we have studied it so far.

God will not accept your conditions to become a part of you, you must accept His conditions to become a part of Him. The two prerequisites for this atonement  ceremony are symbolised by the two goats . Both are mandatory.

Page 141

The sin offering followed by the scapegoat. You cannot like me plead memory loss if you deliberately withhold rubbish from being thrown into that wheely bin. Is it really that precious to you that it is worth taking it to hell with you? Its your call, your decision.

This is the fourth time we have been given more information about sin. Verse 2 seems to be saying that there is such a thing as a partial confession. The sins you confess will be forgiven but the ones you withhold will not be forgiven. Of the 144 million very few have the seal of God yet do not incur the wrath of God. They have placed their intentional sins on the scapegoat, all bar one or more, which has incurred God’s wrath and there is no wrath then to be placed on them. If they had placed all their intentional sins on the scapegoat they would be in Heaven but as they are not they must have retained at least one for themselves for which they will still incur God’s wrath.

The other three aspects which have been given are: ‘ where there is no law there is no sin’. Here the people do not know there is a law but break it only commit an unintentional sin. This may involve the sin or guilt offering but ultimately Jesus bears the responsibility for all unintentional sin. The damned will suffer for their intentional sins so if their unintentional sins are not paid for they will stain the eternities to come. This cannot happen so Jesus must take on these sins. This act of Jesus now joins His other acts like the drops of water in the ocean, photosynthesis in chloroplasts, hemoglobin etc in me wanting to become one with the person Who did it without trying to understand the act itself. Jesus knew that every soul He created even those who hated Him and stayed away from Him at all costs that He would have to suffer their unintentional sins in hell for them. That is the price that Jesus set as the cost of doing business with His creation! What sort of Being would set such standards?

Page 142

The third type are in abeyance under two questions; why wasn’t the scapegoat with all those nasty sins burnt or why weren’t the pieces of the scapegoat that arrived at the bottom of the cliff picked up and thrown into a fire? Same question. The only answer that I can still come up with is as before. That the intentional sins on this goat once they have experienced the wrath of God in being thrown over the cliff become unintentional sins along with all other unintentional sins. So is that equation

Intentional sin     +   God’s wrath      = unintentional sin true or not ?   [  page 143 ]. The sins  of the saints have been a major theme of this blog.

Verse 3 ‘ The second angel  poured out his bowl on the sea, and it turned into blood like that of a dead man, and everything in the sea died.’

Having created  earth and time zones on day one God begins by making it habitable on day two by introducing the medium without which life could not exist, water. Some creationists, myself included believe this text is saying the sea, the sky and one more layer of water in the skies, probably marking God’s universe’s boundary in some form or another. Blood is not mentioned in the creative acts as it is not needed as an agent of survival. There would not be any death until Adam and Eve sinned when it would come to the foreground. No doubt that in the plan to make the planet uninhabitable  blood was a part of the contingency plan.

Page 143

Today most Christians, so called avoid the mention of blood like the plague. It is wrong to call them ‘ Christians so called’ and the Bible places the adjective before virgin; they are foolish virgins. Yes God calls them Christians but fools as well. It is difficult to imagine how the events of the second plague would have played out  had not the creature that looked like an ox introduced the act of salvation or Good Friday onto the scene. He supplied both wrath and the bowl from which the pouring would take place. Blood could have been used to make the earth and its oceans inhabitable for the eternities to come is now used to make the planet uninhabitable in the ugliest of ways.; stench, death and loss of vital food supply. { internet restored this evening 9 pm 5/9/2016 but I thought it would be down for 5-6 days and I lost my track of thought} The stench indicates that not only the waters become uninhabitable but the expanse above them is also affected.

[ From p 142. As previously stated that we can not expect to get all the answers after the first run through Leviticus 16 and Revelation 15 then onto the bowls. The gems here are precious because they are hard to find. The history of the damned, the badies is very well defined. They are going to suffer God’s wrath in the bowls, some will die and all will be killed in one of the two battles and be burned into oblivion in hell. That is one strand of the story. The other four are; the saints in Heaven, the 144 million, the Day of Atonement and Good Friday. Using Genesis as our earthly step we will try to follow these, particularly looking for the point where the creature that looks like an ox comes in and how this changes the picture.

Initially God created planet earth and in stages made it more and more inhabitable for us. When it was ‘ very good’ He created Adam and Eve. His desire was that we live with Him in harmony for the eternities to come. Adam and Eve were solely responsible for that break in our relationship with God. It was here that God devised His rescue plan B.

Page 144

For those who chose to accept it there was life eternal and for those who turned it down it was death eternal. That plan was the life, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. It is His death that we are now trying to relate to. So God’s initial act of creation that was accompanied by stages of making the planet more inhabitable with the climax of our creation had a plan B for those who did not want to be a part if it; step wise destruction by making the planet more and more uninhabitable  resulting in the destruction of these badies. The planning of this destruction was not in wrath but the carrying out of the plan was just as the carrying out of the plan of creation was in love. So the first bowl was the beginning of making this planet uninhabitable, some disease that the damned caught. The second bowl was different because God could have made the life line of humanity, the oceans unlivable by making the waters acidic or basic of any other number of toxins, but He chose blood and that was way back when He was making contingency plans for those who may not accept His ways. Blood has become the issue; either it becomes the source of eternal salvation, when it is finally applied in our consecration ceremony in Heaven  or it becomes the source of eternal damnation here on earth. So far the role of that creature like an ox is that it has provided the bowls for mixing the wrath and plague with together and allowing them to be applied almost instantaneously. There maybe four entrances into the New Jerusalem, the Most Holy Place but we are going to enter in through the creature like an ox, the blood of the sacrifice.

But again it is good to refocus where we are; the scapegoat with all those horrible intentional sins taken into the desert. There can be no blood involved from the sacrifice of atonement and no parts of this goat are to touch the Holy fire. In fact the sacrifice could not even proceed until this scapegoat was taken outside. Outside of the city was not far enough, it had to be in a place of isolation, the desert. The blood involved in this bowl was made by God and probably represented the evil blood within this animal stained by intentional sin.

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There is still much detail to be filled out. Five hundred years is a long time for these bowls to be poured out. Where is the beast and which head is alight? We already know that it raised its presence and killed the two witnesses, It appears that the bowls might mirror our lives and the trumpets. A long period of grace, of calm but the storm will come. This goat has some wandering to do before it is dashed to pieces and God’s wrath completed. The plagues are indeed very severe;  ugly painful sores, expanse, the atmosphere stenches, no food from the ocean, most drinking water about to be poisoned and chaos as the universe collapses around us. These conditions cannot last very long. The forces of evil will have to muster their troops for the battles. They must return to that situation of the calm before the storm, they must fight. They must stop this eternal interference from above. So far the battles are fairly even; God may have won on Good Friday but restored the status quo and evil certainly won at the second coming in the great tribulation. Now for the decider.

But it appears the ceremony of the burnt offering can proceed even though the man has not yet returned from the desert. When he does return he is defiled and requires cleansing. But why aren’t we told that his next job is to take all those sin parts outside the city and burn them on Calvary’s tree? The 500 year time slot we are in is but a tiny part of the six hours of the cross; God’s wrath is completed. But in God’s terms is this completed full stop?  So as we proceed onto the third bowl and we know those saints in Heaven are carefully studying this period we should also carefully study this period so that we can join them in their Heavenly studies. So far the two bowls  of making this earth uninhabitable have closely followed the two days and stages of making this earth inhabitable.

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Verses 4-7;  ‘ The third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood. Then I heard the angel in charge of the waters say: ” You are just in these judgments, you who are and who were, the Holy One, because you have so judged; for they have shed the blood of your saints and prophets, and you have given them blood to drink as they deserve.” And I heard the altar respond: ” Yes, Lord God Almighty, true and just are your judgments.” ‘

Again the blood here is not that blood the creature that looks like an ox obtained from Good Friday. I am fairly sure that it only had some blood at this stage, that of the sin offerings. The main portion was still to come from the burnt offering which at this stage had not yet taken place. This creature was in charge because it knew about the wrath of God. It had satisfied God’s wrath on Good Friday but only for the saints. The remainder of God’s wrath was now being poured  out. The saints can look on and see the equivalent suffering Jesus took for them on that horrible cross.

The third bowl, the third stage of wrath in making this planet into an uninhabitable place coincides well with the third day of creation and the third stage of making earth into an inhabitable place. The rivers created as the earth rose out of the sea are now the subject of destruction. Maybe this angel in charge of the waters coincides with the creature that is responsible of providing the waters of life which are about to be applied. But this is other blood that sticks out.[another net crash last night 6/9/16 provider gives a discount of approx $2]

Third day creation and onwards to make any sense would require the waters of the second day, the sea to be salty salty,  and to be different  from the waters of the third day of creation, the rivers. The initial rivers were runoff salty seawater but the following water that came from springs was life giving fresh water. Thus the first three days of creation were; inanimate objects ( earth plus sea) plus life giving potential ( fresh water) allowed God to produce the first life ( plants).

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The angel in charge of the waters did not create these waters he was just charged to maintain them in their life giving forms. ( pH, elements, temperature etc)). Once humans decided not to use them for life giving purposes ( certainly not life eternal) this angel is given the responsibility to see that  they become uninhabitable. He agrees with God in sending this plague as ‘ just’. He also agrees that the method used to make them uninhabitable, changing them into blood is also correct. The chief audience here is the saints in Heaven. The golden censor with the blood of Jesus is in the temple which is filled with smoke and therefore not visible to them. But they look down and see all those murderers who took such delight in shedding their blood now surrounded by stinking blood and is the only liquid which can be drunk on earth. What goes through the minds of both lots is has already been covered for the saints. The beauty of this heaven we are in surpasses the greatest loveliness imaginable on earth by a factor of  millions and the only reason we see this at all in because God throws our attention onto it. We always knew justice would be done and now it is being done. The sooner the quicker we can get on with eternity. Probably why we ask for the fine linen at the first possible opportunity. I cannot nor do I want to relate to those evil on earth who perform those murderous acts. The altar from which Jesus is administering from in Heaven agrees with these judgments. The saints come one step closer to asking for their fine linen. A similar fate but only on a much smaller scale had already been experienced during the trumpets.

Verses 8,9 ‘ The fourth angel poured out his  bowl on the sun, and the sun was given power to scorch the earth with fire. They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him’.

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Here it appears that the order or creation is out of sync with the order of destruction. I would have predicted that the order of creation would be: inanimate objects ( earth and salty sea) plus life giving mechanisms ( fresh water plus sunlight) allow God to create plants and higher life. But the order of creation in Genesis is: inanimate objects ( earth, sea water)  plus one part of life giving ability ( fresh water) plants created and stars,including sun created followed by ocean dwelling animals, then birds them mammals and finally humans. So why was the sun apparently created so late and out of order?

The destructive power of the sun is also introduced after contamination of the fresh waters becoming blood. If it is the habitability, complexity and importance that are the issue then God places the significance of the universe above the creation of plants. The sun coming after the plants is not an issue. Even if there was no sunlight at all and the plants had been created on the last part of Tuesday they only would have had a few hours of sunlight before the sun set and the sun was created on Wednesday anyway. But there was light from day one, God’s light, so light cannot be an issue. So what is so important about this universe  and the sun particularly?

The basic premise is that anything created before the universe was created will have the universe ruling over it but anything created after the creation of the universe will have the universe as an integral part of it. So the plants created on day three will have the sun, moon and stars ruling over them just like the waters will be subjected to tides but the plants created after day three in the Garden, which was not present at day three will have as a part of them yearly cycles and whatever other influences the universe has as inbuilt parts of them. Like any branch of knowledge the effects of the universe are being brought more and more to the fore. The radiation coming from the sun is keV but that coming from the stars is meV.

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We were created after the Heavens so we are subject to its influences including the time cycles, obviously culminating in the Sabbath. But this day also produced the angels making religion an integral part of us. Unfortunately the time line of evil was there also so God could not call His creation ‘perfect’ as many of His followers do today, it was not. There was a parallel plan of habitation and making the place uninhabitable, love and wrath that would achieve this goal that we are now studying.

The times we are studying are not pretty times, they are just as horrible as the people who put God’s saints and prophets to death. Had the fourth and third bowl been reversed  those murders would have suffered a degree of lower pain. It would have been: Ugly and painful sores which come out of the earth and if the trumpets have a bearing they also destroy the grass and vegetation, the sea destroyed and stenching,  everyone seared and scorched by the sun and then no drinking water. But what happens is there is no drinking water whilst they are being scorched making the situation so much worse.

Bowl four creates the expected four three split in the number seven. The last three trumpets were called the woe, woe, woe trumpets and the last three bowls of wrath do a marked swing away from the last three acts of creation in love. The pivot is that of sunlight or Sonlight. The Sonlight will complete its three last acts or recreation finishing up with a new creation celebrating its first Heavenly Sabbath. The sunlight will go through its last three acts of destruction finishing up with nothing. Sonlight is the light of eternity, of perfection  whereas sunlight will vanish along with the rest of the universe. By cursing God and refusing to repent the damned willfully reject Sonlight and choose the path of the suns destruction. The worst part of these horrific plagues is that damned know where they come from, God Who is not supposed to exist but they can’t do anything about them.  This place is unlivable and they have no choice but to muster earth’s troops against God in the battle of Armageddon.

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The saints in Heaven see this turning point also. The cursing and refusal to repent make that dark spot super dark an they wonder how much more God is going to put up with that lot before vaporising them. There is still a long way to go  in this blog and it would be my prayer  that if-when I arrive at Revelation 22:21 that for everything I know there is only 100,000 things still to be known. I hope to have enough momentum to carry through those last stages of the Day of Atonement ceremony and to weave the last four churches; Thyatira, Sardis,Philadelphia and Laodicea, into these last day events . But the fork has occurred in the bowls and the last three will now break away. We are still following the scapegoat and the Day of Atonement Ceremony but really it is the Jubilee of the Day of Atonement that should be on our radar screens.

Verses 10,11;  ‘ The fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom was plunged into darkness.Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and sores, but they refused to  repent of what they had done.’

Events are now crashing in from all directions culminating in the inevitable end. The end. In the fourth bowl humanity made a conscious decision; not only is it sunlight that we want to follow, we don’t want anything to do with Sonlight; ‘ they cursed God and refused to repent’. The first thing they do is to confirm this decision; ‘ they cursed God and refused to repent’ . This is now true darkness indeed.

As this is now the second run through the bowls it should be expected that more can be gleaned from them even if only on the grounds that we can relate more to what is going to happen.Firstly the darkness; who,what, when and why?

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It is now end day events so the blame game proper is about to begin. It is uncle Freddie’s or auntie May’s fault, anybody’s but mine.  We already know that Eve’s argument of ‘ the devil that you did put there did deceive me and I did sin. So if you had not put the devil there I would not have sinned. Where is your problem Lord?’ is not valid. Satan was completely out of the picture for 1,000 years and even when released he still had that great chain tightly bound around him. If the indications are correct then this millennium is time of unprecedented peace. This certainly would indicate that satan is responsible for a lot of the wars and turmoil today. The beast in both forms, sea and earth is in control but he has no problems with all those temples, including the original Temple to which Jesus will soon return being built in Jerusalem. It is in this environment that the foolish virgins, all 144,000 of them spend their first thousand years. Had satan been there, because of the enmity that was placed between him and the woman he probably would have insisted that these virgins be killed just like he did before the second coming. But the beast, the subject of the fifth bowl, is quite content to have them providing they do not challenge his position. He is and wants to remain not the top dog in the street, but the only dog.

But this bowl is not about the absence of satan it is about the absence of the Beast. This bowl is referred to three times in the next chapter on the judgment and punishment of the great prostitute. This means that we now have the difficult task of splitting and identifying the beast out of the sea from the beast out of the earth, a topic previously covered under the heading ‘ is there three or four forces of evil?’ Is there just an unholy trinity or an unholy trinity plus one? There are three even though Revelation 13 and 17 seem to be saying there are four. It is probably the correct place to discuss them there but 17 relates back to the fifth bowl, so some discussion is at least relevant here.

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Many volumes have been written about the character satan. He is evil and if he is responsible for most of the evil today then the millennium is indeed going to be a time of prosperity and peace, One world government, the beast out of the sea and one world religion, the beast out of the earth.If false religion, the beast out of the earth is a wishy washy religion that includes Christianity today then it is of no threat to the one world government and there should be no animosity between the two. One should not turn on and burn and destroy the other. The beast out of the earth accepts it’s position as the junior partner and pays homage to its dominant partner. Even when the beast’s 1,260 days of power were finished and the beasts out of the earth began its 45 days of reign of terror it still payed homage to the one world government, the beast out of the sea. Satan is the master of dressing the wolf in the lamb’s clothing. Before referring to some modern events lets go back to the crusaders and by analogy Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The only connection the crusaders had to Christianity was that they invaded formerly Christian lands and stole anything that could be stolen. They were thieves, murders and rapists. The Christian banner they marched under was satan dressed in the lambs clothing. They may not have all been satan’s  agents but a fair percentage certainly were. Today Christianity is wrongly blamed for their murderous acts as it is for the above wars. Satan is  certainly alive and active today and much still has to said about him. But this bowl is about the beasts. If you are following the timetable of chapter 11 we are down to that bit ‘ the time has come for judging the dead and for rewarding….’.

Revelation chapter 13 showed it was possible to separate the beast out of the sea from the beast out of the earth.

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Chapter 17 tells us about the judgment of the beast out of the earth and predicts that they will turn on each other which they do in chapter 19 and the result of their battle is recorded in chapter 20. But chapter 16 and the fifth bowl is more than this. It is not just the beasts ( beasts) on a macro scale it is the beasts on a micro scale as well, as applied to the individual, you and me. It will also be applicable to chapter 17.

The Book of Revelation is written for all ages but it does have a marked distinction between the living and the dead. For the dead it makes no difference whether you died 2,000 years before or 2,000 years after the cross, ( except Noah’s lot) or 200 or 20 or any number of any others years before or after the cross. Their fate is all the same. If they are righteous they will be raised at the start of the millennium and if they are wicked they will be resurrected at the end of the millennium. The living at the time will be given incredibly long life spans, something science is on the door of achieving today.

The blame game could be applied to false religion. ‘ The evil that you allowed inside me did spawn this false religion which made me reject Christianity, so where is your problem God? If You had not allowed that evil in the first place then there would not have been any false religion!’  It is now important to separate these two beasts within us as it is done in the fifth bowl. They may not have had any choice but to follow that left hand fork, sunlight. Sonlight was not an option. Who are we actually dealing with in this fifth bowl?

It is not the foolish virgins providing they still have God’s seal on them. They are not infected by those painful sores, cannot smell the dead blood stench, have plenty of clean drinking water and are not burnt by the sun. What about the 144 million dead virgins who came to life at the end of the millennium with all the wicked?

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We are specifically told that they are not infected by the sores and as this bowl is about those sores then they cannot affected by this bowl. It sounds reasonable that people who had died for the Lord should not curse Him now. This only leaves the wicked which could be as high as fourteen billion people.

Now for the separation between the two. Once separated they can be judged individually. It is easy enough to split them on a macro scale. If the beast out of the sea is nations united then you do something that will split them like introduce languages as in Babel, or throw the thing into an abyss.We are not told of the method used here for the macro split required in chapter 17. A comparison to chapter 13 might be of order. Yes the plagues are divine but those two beasts were only doing what God had allowed them. Here the beast out of the sea did the dirty work, the heavy lifting, and the beast out of the earth cleaned up. The desperation of the wicked in this calamity would be difficult even for a good film producer to duplicate. They are afflicted by ugly and painful sores. the stench of dead blood fills the air, there is only foul, blood contaminated water to drink and they are being scorched and burnt by the sun. But they still turn to sunlight as their solution even though they can see what it is doing to them; torture and death. This conscious turn away from the only source of real life giving light, Sonlight now pushes them into profound darkness. The end of the beast out of the sea.

Now the beast out of the earth cuts in. It confirms that the turn from the Sonlight was correct by also cursing the God of Heaven and refusing to repent of what they had done. The one way journey has now been confirmed. They will have, nor can they have anything to do with the one true God. False religion is judged as evil because it had an option. It could have righted this desperate situation but chose not to. It chose the path of evil because it itself is evil.

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Chapter 16 does not tell us about how the darkness occurred but 11:7 tells us it comes out of an abyss.It is both the beast and his kingdom that are in this darkness which indicate to me that it is the whole of self; both beasts. This plague like the other six was brought by God to prove to the redeemed : [ As I do not have a sinless Lazarian body nor Christ’s robe of righteousness on me I can only tell you what comes to a sinful, forgetful mind. But I do have the Word of God on which I meditate continuously and try to make models and ideas on it. Many of these models finish up as a brick wall but surprisingly some walls have a door guarding some great pearl. Take a very recent example; the fish and the birds. I have spent much time trying to correlate Genesis’s acts of creation in love with Revelation’s destructive bowls of wrath. I don’t need to be told that I have missed the link pin between them; the trumpets. It should be an interesting exercise to run through the bowls again once I have had a look at these trumpets. So basically where I have started from is that the scapegoat was brought into the service once the atonement process for unintentional sin were completed, the High Priest had his hands on it’s head for 1,260 days giving everyone a chance to place their intentional sins  on this scapegoat and it was led out into the desert to experience God’s wrath which is where we are at now. The depth to this wandering and wrath was added by the creature that looked like an ox. It knew all  about God’s wrath and as well as meeting that wrath for the redeemed it had the solution for it; Christ’s blood. So we have started halfway through the Day of Atonement service; the scapegoat. This scapegoat should be meaningful to the redeemed because their intentional sins were on Jesus their scapegoat on the cross of Good Friday.

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In attempting to correlate creative acts with destructive acts there appeared a very good correlation between the first four with very little thought required. Not so for the last three. Here I was trying to match [5]; fish created with the beast in darkness. [6]; birds created with the events of the Euphrates river and [7]; mammals and man with Babylon’s earthquake. Even a cursory look at this model should have told me that day seven was a Sabbath where all creative acts have finished. But I just concentrated on days five and six. There could not be a better example of right food being wrongly digested but this brain has had much practice at doing just that. The treasure is only there once you have sifted through the rubbish and is more times than not only exposed when you reverse or mix the written Word.

Even what an earthly mind can see is amazing when it looks at the fifth bowl. You can use whatever numbers you want but I chose 144 million in Heaven out of a total 14 billion odd souls created, which start as the sperm penetrates the egg or within a millisecond of that time. This would mean that out of every hundred souls created only one goes to Heaven! The other ninety nine not only reject God and hate Him with the deepest hate, God has to take their unintentional sins for which they would have suffered for in hell onto Himself and do their suffering for them! What price God has paid in order to win but one soul! As a loving parent God has done everything possible for this child and to receive the deepest of hates as His reward must be very hurtful indeed!

This hurt would have been surpassed by the hurt and insult heaped on their Father by those 144 million foolish virgins. They acknowledge  that God got a lot of things right and if He could just wake up and see the mold that they have for God is really the best one, not the one He has for Himself everything would be honky dory! These are the true Laodiceans, wake up! So why didn’t God just create the 144 million that are going to Heaven, suffer and clean up their sins and not worry about those 14 billion who don’t want anything to do with Him? It certainly would have saved Himself one hell of a lot of suffering!

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It  is the saints in Heaven who can see the answer to this question from their highest of vantage points. To me as we go to the beach to do our daily walk it is going to be the drops of water in the ocean exercise. I don’t want to know how many there are and the number would be meaningless. I just want to be a part of, at one with the One Who created them. That sort of information will be of use when my brain is capable of processing it. It is not that I don’t think about individual drops or even cupfuls of them. I do. But if I had the choice of having 100 children and knowing that 99 of them would turn out to be disasters to me I know how many and which child I would only have!]

.I have a horrible feeling that I allocated different days for the creation of the sea creatures and birds. This is wrong. They in all their wonder, complexity and beauty were created on day five. It is a mistake I should not have made particularly that I have been through these days before. The fifth plague takes a distinct downward dive because of God’s wrath and take a distinct upward motion as God shows His imagination in the creative acts  of birds and fish. Adam and Eve will certainly have something to marvel at!

Verse 12;  ‘ The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East.’

Evil has had enough. The beast still claims this world and to have to put up with that painful treatment that has just been handed to it from above is just not acceptable. At this stage there is only going to be one battle, Armageddon and it is going to be an approach from the east by the ten kings or the horns of the beast. In order to do this they must cross the great river Euphrates. They will march on and surround the source of their problem, the city Jerusalem and destroy it, thus eliminating the last trace of their problems.

Page 158

It certainly was just that when the two witnesses were there but since it was isolated by that massive earthquake has been strangely silent. What is of interest is this great river Euphrates. The sixth angel sounded his trumpet and the wicked dead came up. Their release was timed to the very hour, day, month and year. That thousandth year from the second coming of Jesus to earth was a very busy year so much so it was split into hours, days and months. The result here is different to what evil had planned. Its intention was one battle against Jerusalem led by the beast and its appointed ten kings. It finished up leading the battle against the living when the split occurred at the seventh bowl and satan had to lead the very last battle himself. But it was Divine intervention that released the wicked dead from this river and it is Divine intervention that allows evil to attempt to destroy the Holy City. It appears that the drying of the river is quite extensive.

Verse 13; ‘ Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs; that came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet.’

The frog is a creation of God and is an indicator of a healthy eco system. We may not have the tidiest house in the street but it is the only house you can walk by and hear anything up to six different frogs communicating with each other, something that is fascinating to listen to. I do not have any privy information why evil spirits choose animals like snakes and frogs, indicators of healthy eco systems to enter into but there must be much written on this topic which if I repeated would leave me open to plagiarism charges. Evil is now going to take the first steps, it is going to do something. ‘ Then’ indicates a progression of events,  after  the drying up of the river.

Page 159

Here we have the unholy trinity from which we can glean much if it is trying to mimic the Holy Trinity. The unholy trinity must have sorted out their roles among themselves and satan got the top role, mimicking God but he is not in a strong enough position to challenge the beast who mimics Christ and the false prophet  mimics the Holy Spirit. This relationship was extensively in ch 13.

Verses 14,15; ‘ They are spirits of demons performing miraculous signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty. ” Behold, I come like a thief . Blessed is he who stays awake and keeps his clothes with him, so that he may not go naked, and be shamefully exposed” ‘.

Evil forces certainly seem to have a very tight control of the forces of nature even though Jesus won these rights back at the cross. He handed them back temporarily. For example if the beast out of the earth is really going to check out the position for himself on day one of his 45 days of terror he has calculated the forces required to throw the last of those massive blocks deep in the ground  off each other and then the tsunami that is produced to kill all the people who have not got to the mountains in time he would require an accuracy of at most point one; for example 9.2 to 9.3. But even if he miscalculated and only 9.1 was required God would not allow that wave to come any higher and drown His people because ‘ itiswritten’. There is no stronger guarantee! We must expect manipulation of nature but this thing is easily identifiable; it speaks like a dragon.

It is the placement of verse 15 which is fascinating. At first it appears to fit anywhere but here, but this is an illusion and its placement here ties this bowl together. It ties verses 14 and 16 together. First verse 16

Page 160

Verse 16; ‘ Then they gathered the kings together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon’.

If verse 15  had not been there is would have read; ‘ they went to gather the kings of the world to battle, then they gathered to the together in Armageddon,’ one continuous action. The kings were  gathered in one continuous action, no intervention in between. But there was intervention, divine intervention, the third angels message of chapter 14. God makes one final  attempt to prevent His people from accepting the mark of the beast. The message itself  is applicable to all Christians of all ages. It is the Adam and Eve message. Stay right with God. Whilst our first parents were right with God they did not feel ashamed even though they were naked. It was only then when they sinned that they that they felt naked and shamefully exposed. We should be continuously confessing our sins and restoring ourselves with God so we don’t have to feel ashamed.

Since there is only one battle at this stage this hand of God that is stretching out is stretching out to all involved in the battle of Armageddon. Not just the foolish virgins but to all those 144 million who have not yet received the mark of the beast. All the remaining wicked have been covered separately. God  is also warning the evil that it is not just going to be as simple as surrounding the temple and blowing it up. He will come to defend it at any time. The warnings fall on deaf ears and the kings and their troops gather for the great battle. I can’t decide on which side of the Euphrates  they have gathered on.

The result of the kings of the earth joining with the beast in this last battle was not always a fait accompli, those evil spirits had to perform major miraculous signs. But they were convinced and from the sound of it all have accepted the mark of the beast which God tried to stop then from doing. This is not their final destruction, it is only the sixth bowl. It is a very steep downhill stage but there is worse to come.

Page 161

Neither is the sixth day the final act of creation, of mammals and man. The final act of creation was on day seven when God created  a time slot, a time zone in which He could communicate with His creation and they with Him. The Holy Sabbath Day, a time zone neglected by most Christians today, probably as far as the last 45 days of history of the earth but taken advantage of from then to the last days of eternity, never. So we are about to take those final steps; from creation into the timezone of being in the presence of God and communicating with Him and the wrath of the seventh bowl the goat is going to be pushed by Divine act over the cliff and the sanctuary service will proceed.

Reading ahead in the seventh bowl the surprise has to be the strength of the unity of the unity that holds the forces of evil together. The forces of evil they exert collectively can be compared to electrostatic forces that hold a north pole and south pole of a magnet together. But the forces within evil are like inter atomic forces, those responsible for the atomic bomb are millions of times stronger. I think that is the problem that I had in the fifth bowl, in trying to separate the two beasts within us. If there was a gap in between them then it occurred here.

The other problem was trying to compare Daniel’s statue of evil with its Heavenly counterpart; the burnt offering. One is dead, one is alive; one is held by very strong forces and the other by forces that can only be symbolically broken. One has many nuances but the other the sections are clearly defined. The pairing in the fire is the head and feet are arranged together of the lamb but in the fires of Calvary’s tree only the feet burnt. It maybe even blasphemous to be comparing the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world to sinful man who generates the sins of the world but there is a connection, sin.

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The head of gold , Babylon which we are about to encounter represented the evil within. Any symbolic blood that flowed through this head would have carried evil to the chest, thighs and feet. The evil was actually carried around and out by the feet. This is the beast and it has two feet and legs which are joined to the thighs. This is the beast which was destroyed in hell’s fires of Good Friday and miraculously rescued and restored by God. Both feet. So it was correct to attempt to separate them even if the result was not correct. They are one in that they originate  from the same thighs but are still two. The issue of left and right remains. But in the seventh bowl as this thing is thrown  over the cliff,  does ultimately separate the two legs as well as the other three sections.

I wonder when the unholy trinity formed  they knew ,that when they became this almost unbreakable unit that their correlation to the Holy Trinity would be so good. The head of the lamb of the burnt offering was purity and perfection qualities only God has. And blood that flowed through this head to the chest, thighs and legs would have impart these qualities to these organs. Jesus Christ was the feet that carried around and out these qualities of God. Could there be a better example of creation in love and destruction in wrath. These two sets of legs and feet were exact opposites! I think we will have sorted out a lot of our problems once we have worked out why Calvary’s fires only burnt the beast or the feet but the burnt offering burns both feet and head. ( and more) . This leaves the option that the mystery called Babylon (  blog has reached 400,000 words on 13 th September, 2016 at 10.07 am)  the great could be all or any part of the statue. The nuances that occur are mostly within the chest where there are any number of false religions, the worst being Islam and any number of democracies, a democracy being another rule other than by God. Theocracy.

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When this wicked scapegoat which technically is called Babylon the great is pushed over the edge all we can expect is for gravity to take over. Here evolutionists and creationists greatly differ in their expectations. Creationists would expect as this thing hurtled down under the force of gravity it would be torn to pieces as it clipped any ledges. Not so say the evolutionists as they point to their missing link, that famous fossil found in China where the dinosaur that fell over a cliff and arrived at the bottom as half bird and half dinosaur ( by Weight). I cannot think of the name they gave it so I am just going to call it the dinobird. It worked out for someone working blind, just by chance, mother nature had planned this event very well. Full marks mum! She knew with all this weight in the rear end it would be a high speed and impact rear to earth landing, so she equipped dinobird with the right landing equipment; a high impact dinosaur tail. This tail had proven its resilience over the past 123,456.789 years  ( + or – a trillion years) and could even be used as a defensive weapon in fighting. The only problem it had was it was just a little too resilient. This caused it to compress on landing, release and launch more dinobird back into orbit. But mother nature knew well the laws of physics she had created and with frictional loses on each rebound the height of each rebound would exponentially decrease until finally dinobird could just do such a tiny rebound it could break into a running landing! I am really impressed with you mum! It beggars belief what you could do if You planned it! But perhaps not surprisingly I will now follow the creationists stance. I will retrace dinobird’s journey to his launch pad after his long and arduous climb up the gently slopes of mount improbable and its creator, Richard Dawkins. But the kings have all gathered and the armies are ready to march into battle. This would imply that Armageddon is on the top of some mountain and the troops are now going to march over the edge.

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Verses 17- 21; ‘ The seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air, and out of the temple came a loud voice from the throne, saying , ” It is done!” Then came flashes of lightning , rumblings, peals of thunder and a severe earthquake. No earthquake like it has ever occurred since man has been on earth, so tremendous was the quake. The great city split into three parts, and the cities of the nations collapsed. God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of his wrath. Every island fled away and the mountains could not be found. From the sky huge hailstones about a hundred pounds each fell upon men. And they cursed God on account of the plague of hail, because the plague  was so terrible.’

I don’t know whether current thinking associates lightning and earthquakes with tears in time-space. When they were looking for gravity waves in the slowing down of spinning of twin pulsars this could have been a possibility but now that they think these waves come from colliding black holes this would seem unlikely as the energy levels involved are so much higher. But it certainly appears the events of the seventh bowl were initiated by God in the tearing of this space- time diaphragm. The bigger the tear the bigger the earthquake, so this tear initiated at Armageddon and went in all directions, major (= earthquakes) and minor (= lightning). But it was finished; God’s wrath. Buildings still had to topple over and fall into the chasms created by the quake and the tsunamis generated still had to carry out their destructive work, but in Heaven the smoke had cleared from the temple.

If the unholy trinity is represented by Babylon the great city or the other way around there has now appeared a nasty crack between the three. These kings, this army is now no longer one but three.

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Of interest are the other cities that fall.What other evil is there other than the dragon, the beast out of the sea and the beast out of the earth? We are going to have to try to answer this question in chapter seventeen but we should not be discouraged because it is labelled as a mystery. We have already found the solution to one mystery, one that evaded probably the greatest of all minds on all times; Apostle Paul. How would God include the gentiles in His kingdom?  Answer; the same way He included the Jews in the first place: through JESUS CHRIST.

The great city was split into three but the other cities collapsed. The great city continued on for a while in its split state but the other evils stopped, collapsed. Only very last day events are of concern. But why two battles and three parts of the city? The battles are the battle of the living, led by the beast and the battle led by satan or the battle of the dead. I have already made a case out for the confidence of the beast in winning firstly one battle ( at the sixth trumpet) and now the first battle of the living. He may have been so confident that all he checked was allegiance to the beast, in hindsight he should have checked  allegiance to the beast out of the sea, himself and allegiance to the beast out of the earth which may have had supporters when the two beasts turned against each other. So there may have been three battles.

The physical consequence of the calamities of the times are beyond imagination; earthquake with mountains and islands disappearing, hailstones of unimaginable size and lightning. It certainly was a softening up process and would have shaken some if not all of the confidence out of the beast and dragon. But their reactions were the same as on Good Friday. Satan stood back whilst the beast called ” mine” and “over my dead body!” But this was not the battle. It was to show the power and sovereignty of God and time for people to think about the final offer God is about to make them.

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But now we should be starting to see some of the nuances within evil; the macro and micro, the large city and the smaller cities, changes with time. Chapter 17

Verse 1 ‘ One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me, ” Come, I will show you the punishment of the great  prostitute, who sits on many waters.’ ‘.

With the climax about to happen a summary is in order;

1; A major cataclysmic event has occurred in the seventh bowl. Its order appears to be that of Noah’s flood only in the reverse order. Noah’s flood spawned mountains and islands to an extent where the post and preworld  topography were unrecognisable, so the seventh bowl geological activity, now called Noah’s flood Ver2 reversed these to pre Noah’s flood ver1. God has restored the  original topography of His precursed  creation. God’s wrath is gone. This not only gives us an extra way point in time but a change of attitude of the wicked or at least an intended change.

2;  Satan. I have already spent much time on the dragon and will now look further at the other forces of evil. Satan remains the one who will make  me fall asleep at the wheel on the road but will keep me awake when I am desperately in need of life refreshing sleep’ He will cause this blog to crash when I am at my lowest ebb; he will line up urgent work to stop me blogging and if the fourth dimension is indeed the quantum foam he has contact with me 24/7. If he did do this to my master, Jesus Christ, who had no evil hooks to hang onto and exploit then he will do this to me but because of all my infinite evil hooks he causes me to fall without fail. But my Master knew this would happen and has taken all these falls into account. His instruction to me is ‘rise and at least try to get one step in before your next fall’ .

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His biggest attempts are still to come in those final breaths of life. It is critical that he distract my attention away from my Master. When the Heavenly hosts question Jesus about my eligibility for entry into Heaven Jesus will not  be able to say ‘ anyone who calls in the name of the Lord will be saved’. Angelic host do not question Scripture. If I had made this call for every fall Jesus would have no problems in justifying my entrance into Heaven!

But now returning to our beasts, prostitutes, harlots and false prophets. I think I will be forced to stick tags on these entities. It may seem disingenuous and hypocritical of me to deride a religion that I was happily a member of for most of my life. Even today when the storm clouds are forming I go to Tom and Mary whom I know are full on Catholics and not only ask them to pray for me but I continually check that they are praying for me. The Biblical principle is clear: we are expected to live according to the light given to us and only God can judge whether we are doing this or not.

In my first run through these bowls I made a heavy emphasis of the connection of chapter 17 to the fifth bowl. The one of seven angels who showed me was the fifth one and this is emphasised on none other than three occasions; the beast now is not. In time we have moved back to pre Noah’s flood ver2, then onwards. In my most recent attempt I tried to split and then analyse the beast out of the sea and the beast out of the earth within us, ie; the micro scale. The analysis would have been valid had I used Scripture but I did not. So instead of trying to justify the split between the beasts within us, which I did using Scripture, I should have begun with the foundation of ‘itiswritten’. ‘Itiswritten’ that the beast out of the sea is out of the picture, it along with its kingdom have been plunged into the dark abyss. Only the beast out of the earth remains and it is the one doing the cursing and refusing to repent and being judged for these actions. Q.E.D.

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These calamities may be the reason that threw the beast out of the sea into the abyss, which case I tried to justify, or they maybe the reason that the beast out of the earth cursed God and refused to repent, which now seems more likely. It is the result that matters; the beast out of the earth within us, that strand that clings to false religion, that considers true religion, theocracy as a non starter and a joke because the last link to God has been broken has been independently judged and condemned apart from the evil  within. This is the statue of evil within us. The head of gold is evil, sits on a silver chest of false religion, manipulated and operated by bronze thighs and supported on two legs, one evil and the other false religion. It has just been shown that the statue is capable of standing on one leg.

Applying the above to the macro scale necessitates attaching names to entities. The beast out of the sea is quite clearly defined as a grouping of nations. It maybe as little as one; Adam and Eve until Cain broke away, or one family after Noah’s flood or even the dispersion after Babel. It’s pinnacle has to be 1947 ( ? ) when the United Nations formed. This beast has been asleep and only proves that it is not dead by the odd bark. But this was not always the case. Before the second coming God allowed it to bite for a period of 1,260 days and it did. It had had almost 2000 years of planning for this moment and it had worked out quite a strategy which it carried out. It is now this same beast that is operating with one major difference; The beast of the second coming was under the influence of a head that had been killed, ground and thrown into hell’s fires but rescued and resuscitated by God. With this last beast the seven heads have done their time and the beast itself is the eighth head which will operate through ten kings.

I have already tried to make a case for the fourth head at the second coming. It was a resuscitation of Good Friday. As the US, Russia, UK and many other nations did not exist at this time they could not be resurrected for our convenience now.

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What was there and it being resurrected now and which the US, UK, China, Russia, ( France will not stop at anything once they get the smell of oil in their nostrils and will immediately set up a democracy that will give them that oil, like Australia and Timor) and many others are such good exponents of this evil of all types; murder, greed, lies, theft, slavery, abortion and every type of sexual depravity; pornography, pedophilia, homosexuality, gay marriage, beastliness, etc.  The breakdown of the Sabbath has led to the breakdown of the family and there are only a few rays of Sonlight reaching planet earth. We are certainly heading there and in fact we are almost there. The major exponent may in fact be the United States but there are many competitors waiting in the wing.

So much for the beast out of the sea but what about the prostitutes, harlots and false prophets? They would not be so much of a problem if Pope Francis became the pope of Islam and Hillary married Barak  with Donald as best man and all the evils they represent,  thus isolating all our evils, something not likely to happen. What is the relationship between all this literal sexual depravity and spiritual sexual depravity? We are going to strike all these nuances within the beasts now so they must have some sort of tag on them, especially now as we compare Noah’s first  flood with the seventh bowl and because of the similarities between them, Noah’s flood being the earthly step Jesus told to go to, I will call the seventh bowl Noah’s flood ver2. Timing of chapter 17 is done on 17:10, the sixth king, one step before Noah’s flood ver2,

I have no problems with satan’s identity and those who say he does not exist have many other ridiculous ideas as well. He is my earthly step of evil. I cannot make this claim about the beast or beasts. The wave of evil that passed by Calvary’s tree was as high as it has ever been. Purity and Holiness was attacked by the peak of evil which in Daniel doesn’t actually get a tag even though the other three were tagged with; Babylon, Medes and Persians and Greece . Historically though it was the Roman Empire that held sway at this time.

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God’s people, the Jews and Christians of all ages contributed  towards this gruesome scene more so than the Romans, but whatever was present was crushed into a fine powder and thrown into a furnace. It is the result of God resurrecting this thing that we are studying now and which played the major roles at all four comings of our Lord. Today it is the fourth head that has been resurrected is the major player but in the fourth coming it is going to be the sixth head. So the obvious question is what is the difference between four, five six and seventh heads?

Today the United States of America is a shiny bastion of lies, theft and murder. Not only do they slaughter innocent people they do not consider their lives as worth counting. They are worthless. Technically they are not lying as they are in fact going in to liberate the people. They should add ‘of their oil reserves ‘, or they can now purchase our grog, drugs, pornography or any number of evils. The British Commonwealth was no different and the main charge against them both would be ‘ You did it under the name of Christianity’. At least the Russians and French did not disgrace Christ’s name. So what changes at the second coming when satan is bound for a thousand years? Does the fourth head become five?

There is a one world government so there is no need to steal other people’s oil or make evil more available. Christians have already been culled and are gone and anybody who asks any more than ‘ how high’ when asked to jump will also be culled. We become one society in the real scene of the world. The fourth head  cannot be replaced by another evil because it is all evil so only what can happen is some of the evil can be taken out and this new thing given a new name. The only reason murder, theft and lies have gone is because they are no longer necessary but will be recalled if required. The situation is actually worse as the sexual immorality that brought on this situation becomes worse, it thrives in all its forms unabated and probably why cannot and will not bless these millennia people with children.

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If this final summary goes close to my previous effort I would be quite happy. Satan is the source of external evil but the beast is the source of internal evil. It is very tightly bound but can be split into  the beast out of the earth and sea. The tendency for false religion is separate and both will be judged and punished separately. One cannot blame the other. The beast holds seven heads on it ( which can be imagined) and ten horns which are not on the heads, but where they are we are not told. No headlights were on for the first 3,000 odd years  when the beast ruled by itself. The first headlight was Babylon, then Medes and Persian, then Greeks. There maybe a parallel between lights one and seven, two and six and three and five, but four has no equals. As is usual with four, evil builds up to four and then down away from it. Rome was the empire at the first coming and USA may well be the evil empire of the second coming, but they are both called the fourth head. This head received a fatal blow on Good Friday was rescued and brought back to life. It appeared to be dormant for the next almost 2,000 years and by Divine permission became active for 1,335 days before the Lord’s second coming. It appears to have taken part in world affairs until it was destroyed by the rider of the white horse and his armies.

The fourth head was the wave of evil that went so close to drowning Jesus on the cross and it is the wave of evil that goes so close to drowning all of God’s people at His second coming. We are now going to study the fifth bowl which occurred during the sixth’s head reign. If there is a parallelism to the second head then it appears as if Islam is back in control at this time.So a time sequence could be: fifth bowl + sixth head, sixth bowl + seventh head and the beast takes over in that final seventh bowl. So the first few verses of chapter 17 are not at the stage where the beast out of the earth is trying to persuade the kings to join him in battle.

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Prostitution is an illicit sexual act outside of marriage. As we the bride, are married to the bridegroom, Jesus Christ, any illicit act outside of this marriage is prostitution, whoredom, adultery or fornication. Our tendency to form illicit relationships with any and everything is ingrained. It is micro beast out of the earth. Today there are any number of churches which have formed an illicit relationship mostly with the dollar. Any relationship above that with Jesus is prostitution. Even though there would be thousands or even tens of thousands of these organisations at any one time, there is usually one that sticks out like  a sore thumb, called the ‘great prostitute’. So who is the great prostitute of today?

I am not sure that chapter 17 is the right place to do this. Chapter 13 was and events have moved way past that point so much so that the sixth head is now operating. So we can only apply this situation today, almost the time for the fourth head to rise. If the NIV Bible is right and this is the PUNISHMENT of the harlot then we are right at the end after the battle against the rider of the white horse. I still maintain that the versions that have judgment here as being correct. Judgment occurs before punishment.  Our first two contestants are Islam and the Papacy.

But Islam make no claim to Jesus as their lord and master. They cannot have an illicit relationship over one that does not exist. They are non starters as are the Masons. This brings us to a gamut of Christian religions so called and to apply chapter 17 specifications to them. And the contenders are; (1) Papacy and Catholicism ( P&C). (2) the Church of England, ( COE), (3) Methodism ( Methos) (4) Uniting Church ( UC) There is also a whole spectrum of independent non mainstream churches who take their authority from the Bible and we can do no better than the Bereans who daily searched their Scriptures.

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Condition one; ‘ With her the kings of the earth committed adultery and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries’.

They all try to but the Papacy gets the tick as it is most universal, The wine of her adulteries is anything that undermines or substitutes Bible doctrine. Only the Papacy is a member of the UN.

Condition two; ‘ Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a desert. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet and glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls.’

As this clandestine meeting takes place in the desert we can’t pin point who it is. We  will only know the results of what they decided when they tell us so. This collusion so far up with the UN is only done by the Papacy. They are working closely together and their relationship almost seems unbreakable.

Condition three; ‘  She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries’.

Here is God’s worst and satan best; a golden cup of alcohol thus substituting the blood of the Lamb with satan’s blood. The filth is the worst she has; righteousness by works, thinking you can put your best deeds, just filthy rags, on the same level that Jesus put His best deeds on! Again one more tick for the Papacy.


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If this contest was taking place today under the fourth head then the Papacy would win hands down. Passes these and other conditions with flying colours. But this ugly quest is being held some 1,700 years from now. If the Papacy is still the winner then it would prove there is an ingrained relationship between the Papacy and the UN to last for so long and this combination is about to meter out some very ugly justice. They don’t play games with heretics and I think it was Paul- John who said that if his own mother was a heretic he would be the first one to set the pyre alight.[* on page 175  ]

Verse 6; ‘ I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus. When I saw her, I was greatly astonished.’

Evil at this depth will have no problems with slaughtering the people of the true religion and has done so for millennia, including the great tribulation of the second coming. Her slaughter is completed at the second coming and as much as she wants to kill more there are none left to kill, unless that dichotomy between the two beasts still exists. It has no problems providing it is the only dog in the street and she insists that there is only one way; my doctrine. We have to pause and look how a person who has been in Heaven, seen the slaughter of the great tribulation and returned at the third coming could still be ‘ greatly surprised’; by what?

1; The sheer volume of blood that this evil prostitute has shed over the millennia.

2; Her addiction to blood and the thirst for it as she scans all including John as potential prey. That evil look in her eyes and readiness to pounce.

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3; You wouldn’t think that a few gold trinkets could mask that ugliness to the extent that it could fool so many people unless she has so many that when you look all you can see is trinkets and nothing else!

4; John would not have questioned why Jesus allowed His followers to be slaughtered, if anything he would see the result of this slaughter; the saints in Heaven.

5; The mystery the events of which are now to be explained.

Verses 7,8 ; ‘ Then the angel said to me ” Why are you astonished? I will explain to you the mystery of the woman and of the beasts she rides, which has seven heads and ten horns. The beast which you saw, once was, now is not, and will come up out of the Abyss and go to his destruction. The inhabitants of the earth whose names are not written in the book of life from the creation of the world will be astonished when they see the beast because he once was, now is not, and yet will come”.

So John’s problem is the relationship between these two and how they fitted into God’s plan just before they are destroyed. Here we have the unholy trinity on its macro scale, that city; Babylon the Great but at this particular point, the fifth bowl, one is missing, it is in the abyss. So who is here and why?

  • [* from p 174] John’s problem was astonishment and mine is mystery. I thought I had been shown the significance of this mystery of Babylon the great previously and if I typed around it it would come back to me. As it didn’t I went back and try to find it without success so I have to return so I must return to this mystery of (17:5). We are at the sixth head which coincides with the fifth bowl, just before the mustering of all evil forces to fight the battle of Armageddon. There is one last check required by Heaven as it pours its bowls of anger over the world.
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  • We have in fact been taken through the seventh bowl when God’s anger was completed in Heaven but history of this planet is not yet over. The scapegoat has been pushed over the edge and the results are inevitable. We are about to follow the results of this falling goat which was pushed over at the seventh bowl but Scripture takes us back to bowl five, if it could be compared to the fifth trumpet then bowl five would be the first of the ‘woe’ bowls ie. as we approach the end things are going to get a lot tougher. What details are we now going to be given about this bowl which we were not given on the first pass? More importantly why this detail about matters which occur when we have already been in Heaven for almost 1,700 years. If ‘ all Scripture is inspired and meant to teach’  then how is this Scripture to nurture us? What did the saints in Heaven get out of this chapter 17 and how much closer did this push them to demand to be given the robe of fine linen?
  • It is a surprise that evil would require any judgment process. It is evil and all that is required is that it be punished and destroyed. To us God’s quality of patience with us despite those continuous falls it would be nice to be shown that we are still well within His patience parameters. If just the time spans involved after His second coming do not show this then nothing ever will. It certainly would be helpful to get more confidence in Scripture against the satanic onslaughts it gets. Those critics sound so intelligent when they give reasons why Daniel could not have foreseen all the events at the cross 600 years ahead of time and therefore they must have been added and they go into their hypothetical garbage as they make a case for whatever author they say wrote it. Well actually Daniel has done a little better than 600 years. He gives very precise details of the second coming. 2,600 years ahead and even at the end of time when the  rock grinds the evil statue and the dust is thrown to the wind, another 1,780 years after that! A total of of nearly 4,400 years and he only goes so far because time only goes so far! The Book of Revelation gives us a look at 3,800 odd years of time ahead also. But end time does!
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  • Our Noah’s flood  equivalent has to have the same stages; God judges evil with the beast out of the earth suppressed,they are found guilty. they gather in retaliation, the wicked are destroyed whilst the saints are preserved in some God made haven and then released into a new environment. So the problem we have to explain is; now we have two ( woman on a beast) and now we have one. ( the beast now is not). It was not just a mystery to John but one that astounded him. In time we are fixed in one time period; the sixth head, five have already been, and number seven is still to come even if that be for a short period of time. We are also told what happens after number seven and eight; punishment, destruction, eat and burn each other but hat is seven and eight so we go back to the sixth head of evil.
  • The first information I glean from these texts is that the description of the great prostitute so accurately fits the Papacy that it is the same institution as we have today, they are inseparable and the wish of one becomes the order of the other. There will be no rules, no holds barred . They will still be together in 1,700 years time and it will take a calamity to separate them.
  • It would be difficult to describe the catastrophe that the wicked are going through. Ugly painful sores, the stench of rotting blood of the dead sea carrying miles inland, no drinking water and being scorched by the sun. But they do not blame or look for a remedy from either both, or only one beast when it is isolated , they blame God. It is actually far worse than blame it is cursing. A point summary should remove the mystery form ‘ mystery’
  • 1; John initially sees the woman and the beast together hatching up some evil  plot in the desert. They are one but can be split into two with extreme force. They are the beast out of the sea, called the scarlet beast, and the beast out of the earth, called the great prostitute.
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  • 2; A Divine act plunges  the beast into the abyss, the fifth bowl, leaving  the horrible woman  behind. The cursing and refusing to repent results in judgment at three levels: the micro scale within each person. Their separated beast is guilty. The macro scale, all the individuals as a group. the wicked are guilty. There are no atheists at this time not only are the wicked theists they know the problem and the solution, ( cursing God and rep[repentance) . I will try to justify that this lot are true  Papists. The great prostitute. the pope or the false prophet. Pope is here as well as all his ardent followers and he is found guilty as well. The scarlet woman at three levels has no  one to blame and is found guilty of evil.
  • 3; This is not Babylon the great or Babylon the great city which is about to be torn apart. Rather  this woman is a third part of that  unholy trinity. She rightly claims this title as the other two were  not here. Had they been present she would have had to qualify her title as ‘ Mystery Babylon the great who is the mother of prostitutes and of the abominations of the earth’ . Satan’s title would have been ‘mystery Babylon the great who is the source of external evil’ and the beast’s out of the sea’s title’ mystery the  scarlet beast with seven heads and ten horns is Babylon the great who is responsible for the evil  within.
  • 4;  There are any number of candidates to lead the wicked. Henry the eighth had impeccable qualifications. He was a murderer, adulterer, liar,perjurer, blasphemer of the first order for whom words like loyalty, justice and fairness were words in a dictionary. Yet even if London does stand on seven hills the leader of the Church of England does not qualify for this title as they just have not been around for long enough. They do have a branch that tries to outdo the Pope on blasphemies but the lower church is based on the Bible and therefore do not have those abominations of the earth, righteousness by works but by faith in Christ. It was from this church that my best friend Brian B introduced me to the Bible and it was the best thing that has happened to me. It is the old ‘ living to the light that has been given ‘ principle’ that applies again. It is because your church is not living by the principles in the Bible that you gave me Brian that I had to leave.
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  • And you are right that none do and that is why I have not joined any other church but have tried many. The straw that broke the camel’s back in the COE was celebrating the Lord’s supper using satan’s blood, grog and his body, leavened bread to represent my Lord and Master!  Even the Catholics don’t do that!
  • 5; There is only one Christian church,so called that goes near meeting all these requirements and that is the papacy and its pope, Roman Catholicism. What is important to realise is that if our Lord returns soon then what you see today is what you will see in 1,700 years time. This blog would be meaningless if babies were born in this time and death, other than by Divine decree occurred as it does today. Births and deaths are put on hold, so Dawkins and all those raving atheists of today will in all probability be alive at the fifth bowl. Notice though that they are no longer atheists, they are blaming God for their woes! Even if they die before Jesus comes they would have been resurrected at the end of the millennium and be alive now. We are not told when they experience their rebirth from focusing on mother nature and changing it to God but it does happen! I am sure they will be thrilled to know that they are members of a church which has its founding almost 2,000 years ago and they will still be carrying on its rich traditions for almost another 2,000 years! They should not have too many problems with its theology; Pope has declared that satan’s way of creation had he been given a chance to create is the correct version, evolution has got the tick. I think that there is already a branch within Catholicism that makes no mention of Jesus Christ so you won’t have to start your own perverted version. It is not going to be that long before we find that incredibly strong bond between the great prostitute and the beast in action and this will confirm the pope as the great prostitute, or at least its leader. You will probably get your confirmation certificates at this time. Congratulations ahead of time are in order!
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So once we take the mystery out of babylon the great it is quite straight forward. God separates the two types of evil within us, the two beasts and then subjects the remaining one to intense hardships. It fails but has no one to blame but itself. The testing is on an individual bases, who actually do the cursing, but also on a group bases including its leader, called the false profit. The testing that is done is done only on one component of evil that bit that is the mother of all prostitutes and is responsible for the abominations of the earth. There must come a point in hell where this distinction is required, the micro scale, but occurs on a macro scale on a number of occasions including here and at the second coming where these macro beasts play their part in the great tribulation.

We are not told when the beast reappears but that the wicked, Richard and his mob has a nice ring about it are astonished. At the second coming during the great tribulation it is going to appear to us that our Saviour has forgotten us. That last plunge and grab at the outstretched hand of the one in a bright white robe above the waters may have to be a pure faith lunge. The hand will not be visible in those dark sewerage waters that are about to sweep us away. But when we see our Saviour we should not be astonished as Richard and the mob were. We should be thrilled, ecstatic because we knew it was always going to happen at the end of those 45 days of reign by the beast out of the earth. It is different with Richard’s mob. They saw this beast from which they drew such power from just disappear! Gone! Most of our powers of evil have gone, out of sight into that dark abyss. No wonder they are astonished  when they see their main hope reappear again! Re-leaved is another word that comes to mind . This is only the fifth bowl and that great battle of Armageddon is still to come, their leader will be there but only as the junior officer.

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[ I feel as if I must insert the following information: if I stop typing someone else should continue, the rewards are there, this blog is on the right track. Recently I received some blood results that were not very promising. Many will jump in and say ‘ What else would you expect for somebody who has gone off their medication!’  The Bible was just a book and I was standing in a room! It wasn’t one of my weird dreams because I could touch the walls and open the doors, but where I was and who I was was just a total blank. I don’t need any assistance in losing my memory, father time is doing this quite effectively thank you. I would prefer to be dead than just a mindless blob. That was only one side effect of my medication but the most worrying one. Having to read through this blog recently I already knew it went through a series of ups and downs but a few weeks ago it went through a prolonged flat period. I have to point out that I was not doing a dummy spit at this time. it was a period of intensive searching. There was nothing unusual about the start of this particular night. I go to bed with one major question to contemplate and if this is answered or I don’t get anywhere at all with it I have a secondary question. I do this due to my micro-urination problem. I know that once I start to think about a Biblical problem the archenemy, satan will turn off the lights immediately. If I don’t have this problem to think about I can lay awake for a long period of time. So I do have his measure but very little thought is achieved. So it was with this particular night. I asked the first question! answer came back to my great surprise immediately. I asked my backup question- same result!  As I have already been through most of this Scripture I had no problems in framing more questions whether that was six or ten or fourteen I don’know, but the answers came back immediately, to my greatest disbelief. Then I thought where is all this going to lead? I only want to see what happened on Good Friday. A hot flush occurred in my body and there was the answer, in at least much of its beauty so that it took my breath away. No more, I don’t want to see anymore no more questions and I fell asleep.

Page 182

I was confident that the beauty of what I had seen would never pass from my memory and I could reproduce it at any time. I did not get out of bed and record the texts shown me. I spent days searching and groping but naught returned. I had no choice but to return to the daily grind but I do know the answers are there and worth pursuing. All I can say is that the answers were stunningly beautiful and I think they were texts from Revelation with a preamble to them from what was probably the OT or the NT. The answers were on an upper step from the preamble. This swine is being prepared to display some pearls]. As this analysis of chapter 15 and onwards is not just about the bowls but hopefully a step into the Heavenly courts of chapters 21 and 22 I will continue a verse by verse analysis not repeating commentary made in the last ten or so pages.

Verses 9-11; ‘ This calls for a mind with wisdom. The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits. They are also seven kings. Five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come; but when he does come, he must remain for a little while. The beast who once was, and now is not, is the eight king. He belongs to the seven and is going to his destruction.’

Rome maybe one of an umpteen number of cities with seven hills but this is just a pointer to it and therefore Richard’s mob, the papacy. Chapter 17 focuses on the sixth king and the fifth bowl; the judgment of the prostitute but it does also go through to eight king and record its punishment. It is significant that the seventh king will be around for a while. The mind with wisdom is only a call of gratitude from Heaven so that ‘ Glorify be your name’ . Every part of the body of the church should be used to glorify the Name of God.

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Verses 12-14; ‘ The ten horns you saw are the ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but who for one hour will receive authority as kings along with the beast. They will have one purpose and will give their power and authority  to the beast.  They will make war against the Lamb, but the Lamb will overcome them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings— with him will be his called, chosen and faithful followers.’

Chapter 17 has its footing firmly set at the fifth bowl and gives details of what will happen in the sixth and seven bowls. Many of these details have not been recorded in the bowls previously, it is an insert and is continued by chapters eighteen and nineteen.

Verses 15-18; ‘ Then the angel said to me, ”  The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages. The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute . They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire. For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to give the beast their power to rule, until God’s words are fulfilled. The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth.’

This blog has been pretty well along these lines and finishes with the battle of the rider of the white horse. So chapter 17 covers bowls five, intensely to almost the end of the seventh bowl. So we are about to be given more details of the sixth and seventh bowls. The two forms of evil, the woman on the beast, the beast out of the earth on the beast out of the sea maybe tightly bound but are still separate. The earth appears to be a part of the sea and has commonalities with it but they are different and separate. The sea rules the earth. Maybe because of their incompatibility the earth rose out of the sea but that is different to hate between the two.

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This hate is not even expressed at the start of the battle, they go into battle together and it is only when the beast out of the sea can see no further use of the false prophet that it turns on him and destroys it. Evil will use anything, including evil to achieve it goal and here they have a common enemy, the rider of the white horse and its armies.It is sobering to know that ‘ For God has put it their hearts to accomplish his purpose…’

I know that there are still many unanswered questions; here is one and a tentative answer; To whom do Richard and his mob belong to? Are they a part of the prostitute  where the pope is just one of them who happens to be their leader or are they a part of the cursing wicked that turn on that poor dear soul and destroy it? Well actually it is both; John sees them both together and then the beast out of the sea disappears out of view. John describes both events.


Verses 1-3; ‘ After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven. He had great authority, and the earth was illuminated by his splendor. With a mighty voice he shouted ” Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great. She has become a home for demons and a haunt for every evil spirit, a haunt for every unclean and detestable bird. For all the nations have drunk the maddening wine of her adulteries. The kings of the earth committed adultery with her, and the merchants of the earth grew from her excessive luxuries.’

By coming back to the start of the seventh bowl I thought I was contradicting the text which states ‘ after this’ , or the events just described as the beasts turning of each other after the battle against the rider of the white horse or the end of the bowl.

Page 185

But this turning on each other only WILL still occur in the future so we can return to the start of the seventh bowl when our scapegoat is pushed over the edge and watch as gravity takes over. So the text has moved from the fifth bowl, missing the sixth one and onto the start of number seven. No doubt the sixth bowl will be filled in at some time.

The mighty angel is the same angel that appeared ‘ in the beginning’ and by whose mighty voice our universe came into being. It is only right that this mighty voice should now announce the beginning of its dismantling as with creation, over short, sharp steps. The dismantling can occur because the great earthquake has broken babylon the great into it’s three components; the two beasts and satan. Thus ‘ Fallen! Fallen is babylon…..’  This angel could not come too close to earth as it would kill all the wicked and because of the defilement problem could not just stay in the temple and let John and Elijah do its work. So it relies on its mighty voice and maximum light that does not cause death.

Scripture does not condemn riches but it does excessive riches because they imply excessive poor from where the majority of the Lord’s workers and troops come from. He may not act immediately but as is shown He will react. All their fabulous buildings and gadgets and their bank accounts with all those zeros of dollars in them now show the value of those zeros; they are zero. A millionaire Has the same wealth as a billionaire and hi wealth equals that of a trillionaire. Trade stops, the fabulous buildings are empty and haunted. The results of drinking that wine are through; thumbs down. This angel is not one pouring out the seven bowls, it is another angel. This is the fourth coming of our Lord. The end of this cushy little set has come whereby we funnel any all we can from the poor into those specially protected bank accounts.

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Verses 4-8  ‘ Then I heard another voice from heaven say ” Come out of her my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues; for her sins are piled up to heaven,and God has remembered her crimes. Give back to her as she has given; pay her back for what she has done. Mix her a double portion from her own cup. Give her as much torture and grief as the glory and luxury she gave herself. In her heart she boasts, ‘ I sit as queen;  I am not a widow, and I will never mourn’. Therefore in one day her plagues will overtake her: death mourning and famine. She will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.’ ”  ‘.

This text obviously has multiple applications. It is of most relevance to the  ‘My people living today. We will not have to experience any of these plagues, let alone the seven that have just passed. We will be looking down on earth and seeing the wicked having just gone through those seven angels plagues  and with more nasty ones to go. We know that the foolish virgins who still had not replaced their God given seals with the mark of the beast did not have to go through any of these plagues. But what about those 144 million we have who died in the name of the Lord? Are they now called ‘ My people’? The indications are they by now have joined the wicked as defined by ‘ and they cursed God and refused to repent’ and as such are no longer called ‘ God’s people’ . Repentance has been their stumbling block all the way along and they finally stumbled over it. ‘ My people from now on are the foolish virgins . ( implies no mark of the beast) It is repentance that gets you out those piles of sins. The above analysis is  made by but a human being and a very sinful one at that. God may count someone who has just either slaughtered or taken great pleasure in slaughtering His people in the great tribulation, received the mark of the beast, prefer to be burnt to death by the sulphur flames coming out of  the mouths of the horses of the crazed horsemen and on at least two other occasions cursed the God of Heaven rather than repent as still ‘ my people’. This tag still applies to  all His creation right up  to the time they reject Jesus’s final offer to take their place in hell and are thrown in.

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Verses 9-13; ‘ When the kings of the earth who committed adultery with her and shared  her luxury see the smoke of her burning, they will weep and mourn over her. Terrified at her torment, they will stand far off and cry ” Woe! Woe, O great city, O Babylon, city of power! In one hour your doom has come! ” The merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her because no one buys their cargoes any more– cargoes of gold, silver, precious stones and pearls: fine linen, purple, silk and scarlet cloth; every sort of citron wood, and article of every kind made of ivory, costly wood, bronze iron and marble; cargoes of cinnamon and spice,of incense, myrrh an frankincense, of wine and olive oil, of fine flour and wheat; cattle and sheep, horses and carriages; and the bodies and souls of men.’

It is now critical to distinguish the living from the dead; those 6.9 billion who were alive when that flash of blinding light appeared in the sky at the second coming of our Lord from those 7.2 billion who dead and in the ground ( or air or water). Out of these dead Jesus extracted His own people and took them to Heaven with Him, leaving the rest, the wicked dead, to be resurrected at the end of the millennium. There were very few of Jesus’s people alive at this time, 144,000 wise virgins and they had been earmarked to be killed as well only Jesus intervened before this happened. Almost all therefore were the wicked living.. That great earthquake did not just shake babylon the great city into three it also collapsed the other cities of the world. Wicked living separated from the wicked dead. Before they are pushed over the edge, they are warned of what is going to happen to them; the dead cling on for dear life whilst the living tumble over the edge and are destroyed. The dead look down from above and afar and call Woe! Woe…….

There was always disharmony between these two. The living are rightfully upset. One moment, actually a thousand year moment, every thing is honky dory; the most peaceful and productive period the world has ever had.

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In the flash of an eye not only does the world’s population double, but they bring all these calamities with them! ( the trumpets) The ‘ heaven they had has been turned into hell in an instant! It is actually much worse than this; Scientists reconstructing the past employ good artists and with their combined imaginations construct anything. Nebraska man only needed a pig tooth to develop that giant! The pre- flood wicked if resurrected from what was drowned will be most surprised at what they see. We know of the concept of zero point energy and worm holes they constructed worm holes and used zero point energy! They maybe so much superior to those living they may actually take over! They do listen to God’s warning and hang onto the cliff! They wonder why the living wicked don’t listen.

Not all this knowledge was transferred onto Noah and his sons, but they did bring their own particular skills with them; carpentry, ship building and we are not told of the specific skills Noah’s sons had. When we look at some of the marvels of the ancient world which we could not even construct today we must conclude that they were more than just grunting, snorting, bumbling and fumbling hairy brutes that we are told they were.  They could have quite easily taken over and ruled the roost from those living at the time. In fact I think that this is the implication; they are the kings who stand back and marvel at those living being tossed over the edge but it is not as if those living wicked did not have luxury, they did.

Did the great city disappear in one hour or in one day? She was burnt within the hour but continued to smolder for one day. The dead who were smart enough to get out when warned by God stand back and look at her smoldering. Just like the Bible does not condemn wealth but only excessive wealth it neither condemns trade, but only evil trade; that involving human bodies and souls

Page 189

The text does seem to indicate that there was some stratification within society when the wicked dead arrived at the end of the millennium. They were allowed to use the existing stock market to trade on but they were not allowed to set up their own, so when the existing one falls over the others stand back and lament as trade ceases. The wicked  dead seem to have taken over maritime operations and they were the captains and the seamen who stood back and watched babylon burn. The kings of the time of this battle came from both groups. The beast could only use living kings as those ten horns as this was the battle of the living. The other kings that watched  were probably from the wicked dead and therefore could not take part in this battle.

Babylon the great has different facets and here we are being shown the trade aspects of evil. Thus there must be three categories; the two beasts and satan. The beast out of the sea, the false religion seems to think that the uglier it is the more trinkets and fine robes it needs to hang on itself; gold , silver, precious stones and pearls; fine linen, purple silk and scarlet cloth; surround itself by furniture made of citron wood, costly wood, bronze, iron and marble and pamper to itself with cinnamon and spice of incense, myrrh and frankincense, of wine  and olive oil, of fine flour and wheat and accumulate cattle and sheep; horses and carriages. The beast out of the sea, pure evil puts values in terms of gold and silver on the souls and bodies of men and trades them; slavery. We are operating in evil times so  most of the trade is evil. If it were not so the remaining kings would just go ahead with non evil  part of the trade and not be so upset. Any buildings built, like temples other than the one that Jesus and His two  witnesses came to occupy at the third coming, and houses of ill repute and mansions obtained from this evil trade would also be included in the above categories.

Page 190

So we still have to allocate satan’s contribution to the above scenario. It is quite simple when we consider the millennium with satan bound. It seems that the fall over the cliff takes one day but most of the damage is done within the first hour.

Verses 14- 18; ‘ They will say, ” The fruit you longed for has gone from you. All your riches and splendor have vanished, never to be recovered. The merchants who sold these things and gained their wealth from her will stand far off, terrified at her torment. They will weep and mourn and cry out; ” Woe! Woe, O great city, dressed in fine linen, purple and scarlet, and glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls! In one hour such great wealth has been brought to ruin!”  Every sea captain, and all who travel by ship, the sailors, and all who earn their living from the sea, will stand far off. When they see the smoke of her burning, they will exclaim, ‘ Was there ever a city like this great city?’.

The advantage of being confused is that you don’t know where you are being confused, so it is time to take stock again. We are between the seventh bowl, where babylon was split by that massive earthquake and the first battle, the battle of the living led by the beast and the false prophet against the rider of the white horse and his heavenly armies. So presumably we have to find out why only the living respond  to the call for battle and the dead do not. What is there that is so specific that only upsets the living and why has there only been such sparse detail given about the sixth bowl, the gathering of the troops for the battle of Armageddon? If it is in fact that the troops have gathered and crossed the river Euphrates then why do only the living join the beast in his battle?

Page 191

Babylon the great city or babylon the great or whatever is the living. It is satan, false religion or the beast out of the earth and evil within or the beast out of the sea; are all alive so the problem being addressed is that of the living. The specific area that is being addressed is that of evil trade, presumably the stock market, whose collapse upsets the living more than the wicked dead who are still upset but only from a great distance and only because they will not be able to trade with it anymore. But this is not their baby.  This may tell us why the living respond to the battle cry; they just can’t have Heaven interfering and causing this type of chaos. Let us try to follow this further.

Verses 19- 21; ‘ They will throw dust on their heads, and with weeping and mourning cry out: ” Woe! Woe, O great city, where all who had ships on the sea became rich through her wealth!  In one hour she has been brought to ruin! Rejoice over her, O heaven. Rejoice, saints and apostles and prophets! God has judged her for the way she has treated you,” ‘.  Then a mighty angel picked a bolder the size of a large millstone and threw it into the sea, and said: With such violence the great city of Babylon will be thrown down, never to be found again.

The living wicked have been in control of trade and now that it has ceased the others don’t have anything to do, so they are very upset. Heaven sees this event occurring and realises the end is now very near. The beast that was destroyed on Good Friday and pulled out of the fire is about to be destroyed for good. It implies the sea will be involved in destruction.

Verses 22- 24: ‘ The music of harpists and musicians, flute players and trumpeters, will never be heard in you again. No workman of any trade will ever be found in you again. The sound of a millstone will never be heard in you again.  Page 192

The light of a lamp will never shine in you again. The voice of the bridegroom and bride will never be heard in you again. Your merchants were the world’s great men. By your magic spell all the nations were led astray. In her was found the blood of prophets and of the saints, and all who had been killed on the earth.’

You couldn’t get a better and sharper focusing device than the last sentence. One of all the three branches of evil is responsible for shedding of blood of good and bad people. At times they all combine to form one unit which we as Christians of the Great Tribulation are about to find out. But pure evil will be tempered with some good right until the destruction of babylon. It must be very dark times for those left behind after this destruction; those involved in the final battle of the dead and led by satan when they march on Jerusalem. The goodness that is shining just before the end is that of the foolish virgins. They still play musical instruments in the praise of the Lord; the workmen of many trades still work in her fields at the same time as the women are working on the millstones: The lights may not be all that bright but they are still there as against the contrast of the looming darkness; there are still male and female marriages and people with at least some reputation and integrity.


Verses 1-5; ‘ After this I heard what sounded like the roar of a great multitude in heaven shouting: ” Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God, for true and just are his judgments. He has condemned the great prostitute who corrupted the earth by her adulteries. He has avenged on her the blood of his servants. ” And again they shouted: ” Hallelujah! The smoke from her goes up for ever and ever.” Then the twenty-four elders and the four living creatures fell down and worshiped God, who was seated on the throne. And they cried: Amen, Hallelujah!” Then a voice came from the throne saying: ” Praise our God, all you his servants, you who fear him, both great and small!”

Page 193

Chapter 18 the chapter of the fourth coming of our Lord may not have meant much to the likes of me and thee but that is not the case for the Heavenly host. It may have been the beast out of the earth who called ” checkmate ” on Christians on planet earth  but it is exactly the same people who from Heaven now call ” checkmate ” on all those evil on earth. They can do so with surety because they have seen the beautiful details of the cross. They have seen the four stages of Good Friday now to be supplemented by the last three stages: They  are;

1; Evil beast crushed into a powder on Good Friday, a total defeat.

2; Evil  beast thrown into the fires of hell on Good Friday.

3; Evil beast rescued from those fires of hell.

4; Evil beast restored from powdered form to operating and living form.

5; More than just the beast is crushed at the fourth coming of our Lord in Chapter 18. It is the whole of babylon the great that has been crushed into a powder; all three sections and subsections.

6; This powder is now going to be thrown into the fires of hell, albeit in two lots, the living and the dead.

7; Perfection and eternity begins with the consecration of the saints by the application of Jesus’s blood to right ear, thumbs and toes.

Calvary’s tree was about killing Pharaoh’s first born son and releasing God’s people from Egyptian slavery. By killing Pharaoh’s first born son Jesus not only reclaimed  Egypt but also any body who wanted to leave. When Jesus called ‘mine’ it was only the beast who not only replied ‘ mine’ but also ‘ over my dead body’ and his wishes were granted to him. Satan was there as were the other three parts of the statue of Daniel but all kept quiet. This time they are all ground into a fine dust  by the rock and thrown into the wind.

Page 194

The rock of Daniel that has just done the grinding is the mighty angel of chapter 18, the fourth coming of Jesus Christ, after it was softened up by God’s wrath and the seventh bowl. The legs and feet of the statue as represented by the beast and has two legs. The beast out of the sea and the beast out of the earth. They are separate but as the toes indicate there has been some mixing between them. The attempted mixing fails under the high temperatures of hell and they separate and turn on each other. The ten toes could also represent the ten horns, the ten kings with whom the beast is about to collaborate with in this battle. It does seem strange that one leg should turn on the other and trip it up. But there is a difference between the right and left legs.

The only witnesses and jury of any relevance are the saints in Heaven, a lot will come from our humble presence, but planet earth has been given a seat at the table by the presence of the wicked dead. The last judgment that the saints made was when Jesus returned to Heaven after His third coming and the door of mercy was slammed shut. They fully agreed with this action in Rev ( 15:3,4). ‘ Great and marvelous,……’True and just….’  And now in those first five verses they sing the chorus. So what from planet earth are we supposed to see? What is obvious and what treasures are hidden? What is this last five Hundred years supposed to tell us about God and particularly Good Friday?

Verses 6-8; ‘ Then I heard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting: ” Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns. Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready. Fine linen, bright and clean, was given to her to wear.”  { Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of the saints. } ‘

Page 195

The exact centre of created time is Calvary’s tree; Good Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. This time does not point to any future or past times, they all point to it. The events of four thousand odd years before the cross pointed to Good Friday as do the events of the four thousand odd years after the cross point back to it. We are now trying to relate the post cross events with the precross events and in doing so we are seeking to understand how this central event it transferred into the eternities to come . As the post and precross periods point to the same event there must be a correlation between the two. In both cases the Divine six hour time period is spread into periods of time that events of that six hour slot can be explained in. But a human explanation is all that they are; they are the earthly step from which we are to seek the intervention of the Holy Spirit to look to the Heavens above to. The six hours of Good Friday were a full manifestation of the Divinity and humanity of God but even there the last three hours were in total darkness. These now require further elucidation. So what does a 72 year old mind see when looking at page 1947 of his NIV Bible study?

Well the saints are jumping up and down, they have seen the light, called ‘ checkmate’ and want to join the armies of the rider of the white horse, destroy those who went so close to destroying them, have them thrown into hell and begin eternity proper. But with their robes of righteousness and Divine environment why has it taken them 1,780 odd years to see the light? What light did they actually see? If it took them 1,780 years in Divine presence then it is going to take much longer for a bad egg in a rotten nest to begin to see at least some light. So I am going to try to revise and correlate events that have brought me to this point; the fourth coming of Jesus Christ. These cannot be preconceived ideas that I carry from some previous religion, as far as I know they are not incorporated in any major existing faith. They are purely; ‘ itiswritten’.

Page 196

In my quest of writing this blog I do not consider that I am wasting my time. My run through these bowls for a second time has produced more understanding of the Heavenly realms than did the first run, and hopefully much more understanding by the seventh run. But this revelation so far is extremely limited but providing it gives us more questions to be answered we still have hope. Not only does the second brain , the stomach, a limited ability to digest food, so does the first stomach, the brain.

We could not expect to digest food properly if it is gulped down in large pieces nor can scripture be understood if gulped down in two or more verses at a time. (guilty). Nor could you expect much by starting off halfway through a book. I did start at the start of the Day of Atonement Ceremony in Leviticus 16  but only halfway its Revelation counterpart; the two witnesses and the third coming of our Lord. And here the application is very limited. Yes, Jesus Christ was the scapegoat that came down from Heaven, Yes, Jesus Christ was the High Priest on whom all the intentional sins were to be placed by repentance but the reality  is that not one sin was placed on this scapegoat and He returned to Heaven closing the door of mercy behind Him. Yes the ministry of the third coming did specifically involve those in the courtyard, the 144,000 foolish virgins and John was told not to measure the courtyard of the gentiles. The foolish virgins were being given one last chance: they had already placed their hands  on the scapegoat and He had already carried those sins outside into the desert and destroyed them but that is all that was destroyed; the sins that had been placed on His head. It does not make any difference whether there was but one or one million sins that remained because only one will prevent you from entering the place we are going to try to study now.

Page 197

Perfection.  The New Jerusalem, the New Heaven or I will call it the New Heavenly Temple from this earthly step; The Holy of Holies, the Most Holy Place. We may have entered into this Most Holy Place through the only available door, the creature that looks like an ox, or the sacrifice and blood of Jesus but once inside we see four gates, the four creatures or natures of Jesus Christ.So your cherished sin becomes your pathway to hell. The scapegoat can only take away and destroy what you have placed on it.

So along with the scapegoat of the Day of Atonement of Leviticus we have been following a figurative or symbolic scapegoat that involve the anger of God on Intentional sin and a critical but different part of the six hours of atonement of Good Friday.It could only begin when the first part of the service covering unintentional sin had finished. It is this light that could have triggered the saints to call ‘ checkmate ‘. ‘ Fallen! Fallen has babylon the great. They have not just seen the scapegoat part of the ceremony they also have seen the first half of the ceremony; that involving unintentional sin at which we have only looked at once; the 1,260 years between the second coming, ( the power of God’s people is broken) and the third coming when the power  of God’s people has been FINALLY broken. So in Heaven we have seen how both Unintentional and intentional sins have been treated and accounted for we can now begin the service proper; the burnt offering. But the incompleteness of these bowls just will not go away.

Right at the start of these bowls I said it was going to be critical to distinguish between the living and the dead. We know why Heaven demands two battles; that of the living and then that of the dead. Scripture must be fulfilled and the particular Scripture being fulfilled is ‘ the second death is hell’ . This Scripture has caused me to back track and revise many times but this Scripture is clearly being fulfilled in the battle of the living against the rider of the white horse and his armies. They have been kept alive for almost 1,800 years but now they die, can be resurrected and thrown into hell; their second death. The dead are still a problem.

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It seems to help by splitting the beast into two phases; his dead phase and his/its living phase. Its dead phase was on Good Friday when it was ground and thrown into hell’s fires; it represents the dead. Its living phase began soon after when it was pulled out of those flames. Thus at the call ‘ Fallen! Fallen has Babylon the great’ this beast has just reverted back from dead to alive now back to dead. But at this call there are two groups of evil; dead and alive, and therefore two battles.

The dead lot stand back and call from a distance ‘ Woe! Woe O great city…’.  They have not responded to God’s call to ‘ Come out of her My people…’. They were never in that great city of babylon. This call is specifically to those foolish virgins. This babylon the great which is made up of three component parts is a living city; these others were in their graves and have been resurrected by God at the end of the millennium and only confirm that God’s original judgment on them into and in hell was correct. The saints note that each was given a chance to repent but did not. They form only a small part of the sideshow. They are represented by the dead part of the beast out of the sea and are classed as sea captains, kings, merchants and all who travel by the sea.

The allocation of time in Scripture is critical. Even in one of the most stunning of all  events, the breaking of the seventh seal on the scroll and its unraveling, Heaven only allows half an hour to see this stunning document to be studied by the saints. Here we have just looked at a 500 odd year period. Heaven has just called ‘checkmate’ but what about us poor souls on earth? We have uncovered some pearls but what about that deepest of pearls? Scripture often reinforces doctrine with duplication but very rarely with triplication or the writer is commanded to ‘write. Here we have just come from three times ‘now is not’.  We therefore know that there is a real pearl under there, but which one?

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In this break up of babylon and the fourth coming which seems to have set the saints off, we know we are dealing with the living but not concerned with satan. He has his own nefarious agenda and will only pair up with the beast when it is of advantage to him. He brought judgment on himself by gloating at Jesus on the cross and even when thrown down to earth on Good Friday he knew his time was short and it is now critically short. He fired his most poisonous arrows at Jesus whilst He was on earth and did not leave a stone unturned in trying to get Jesus to sin. But he reached his zenith when he got the whole crowd to call ‘ crucify Him ‘ on Good Friday. He is making similar preparation for the second  coming and he knows the significance of this event; it is all over red Rover, it is now or never! He knows he will be out of the picture during the millennium and even after his release he will still have the great chain around with little time to go. That is his story and more will be given in chapter twenty.

So with satan out of the picture this can only be about two beasts, well actually one beast as the other’s kingdom is plunged into darkness. If there is any correlation between the literal and the symbolic then the beast out of the sea takes a major hit at the second bowl when the sea turns into blood like that of a dead man and every living thing in the sea dies. But the darkness it still has to endure is of a worse kind.  I know that it is wrought with danger to rearrange Scripture but if the first coming was the creature like that of an ox ( it is all about blood), the second coming was that of one that looked like a man ( Jesus came to collect  His own), the third coming was the closing of the door of mercy ( only God Himself could do that) then this fourth coming we are at is the creature that looks like a lion ( He is lamb to whom he leads in the battle but lion to those of the opposing armies) Biblical order though is; lion, ox, man and eagle.

This rider of the white horse who comes as a lion with his armies would have no problem in destroying babylon even in its bonded state. He does not have to wait until it is shaken to pieces first. But why?

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For someone Who knows every atom in the universe and knows what and where they are at every period of time you would expect also for an order  in dealing with His people, and there is; ‘ itiswritten’. When Jesus called ‘ it is finished’ at three o’clock  on Good Friday there wasn’t a flash in the sky and all the goodies went to Heaven, the badies to hell and the earth burnt up, there wasn’t supposed to be. Jesus did not come to end evil but He did come to set the wheels in motion for this and this is the stage at which we are at; the destruction of evil which began on Good Friday.  There was light at three o’clock on Good Friday but it was but a shadow of what we are about to see. At three o’clock the process of grinding and burning was changed into removal from fire and restoration whereas now it is going to be a one way process; grinding and throwing into the fires of hell. Full stop. The saints have seen the grinding and now demand the inevitable conclusion; thrown into hell. How does all this help us with fifth bowl and the judgment and punishment ( NIV) of the great prostitute? If it was burnt on Calvary’s tree then why does it have to be burnt again? Calvary’s tree did not burn all evil and even the part it did burn was restored and has to be pulverised first before it is thrown to the wind.

Babylon the great rightly had the title ‘ mystery’ on her head but the angel explained to John what that mystery was in no uncertain terms. ‘ Now is not’ and on three occasions. The beast out of the sea has already taken a major blow under the second bowl; turned into blood of a dead person and everything died in it. It takes a further hit in the third bowl; the rivers which are supposed to flow into it to refresh are blood themselves and of no value. The fourth bowl would exacerbate the situation by the intense sunlight evaporating the water and concentrating the mess further. The king hit though is the fifth bowl when the beast the great harlot was sitting on just disappears from beneath her. We are  not told by what process that this happens but just that it does. That filthy great prostitute is just left by herself.

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I can not think of anything to add to my original analysis of the micro and macro of both beasts. With the beast out of the earth it was he who caused the individuals to curse God and refuse to repent, the other beast simply was not there. On a macro scale these peoples group in churches, conferences, congregations and these in turn may group on a worldwide scale with a leader over all. In the case of the Roman Catholic Church this is the pope. So both beasts are about to go into battle but both forces of evil will have a leader and it will be these leaders who turn on each other. Thus the beast out of the sea will turn on the leader of the other beast, called the false prophet. So it is with the beast out of the sea; it is the evil within us. We group in nations and these in turn group as the UN. They will join the battle under the banner of ten kings which are just a lackey for the UN. Satan and the beast know Scripture backwards so it is difficult to see how they can get it so badly wrong. They rely on this last battle being on earth and once they realise the rider of the white horse will swing his sharp sickle whilst seated on the cloud they lose hope immediately. Their members fight on because they have no where else to go. That is why they were marked  with the beast’s mark. Scripture could be interpreted as this battle taking place on earth.

Jesus’s first coming was certainly to earth but the beast can take no consolation from this event. He lost but even Scripture admits the battle was close. Jesus could not have been pushed any further than ‘ Father, why have You forsaken me?’. On the surface at least the second coming was a stunning success for the beast; there were only 288,000 of God’s people left. The beast also takes credit for the third coming when he killed both of the two witnesses and Jesus went back to Heaven empty handed. For the fourth coming the troops of evil were mustered on the western side of the river Euphrates ready to march on God’s Holy City, Jerusalem. They certainly thought it was going to be an earthly battle but they were not zapped by a sideways flash from the temple but from one above.

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A cursory look at the fourth coming in Rev 18:1 ‘ Another angel coming down from heaven…’ could imply ‘to earth’ , but if this angel came to earth all would die. He has great authority and splendor, he can come no closer than the clouds.

John’s amazement was the separation of the two but the world’s amazement is their recombination. It must be the old Adam and Eve’s excuses. The false prophet was rightfully frightened of the beast and had treated it with great respect, to no avail. When there was no more use for the false prophet the beast turned on and destroyed the prophet. He only had a genuine hate for him all the way along. So it is today with Christians trying to appease the secular world. You have won noone but lost your ties with God through His Word. When the secular world finishes with you they will turn on you and spit you out. It is a pity you have broken off your relationship with Jesus but admittedly Piltdown Man does look very convincing! All the world, every university everyone except a few fundamentalists cannot be wrong!

On a micro basis we are going to blame God; the evil that you allowed inside me did follow a false religion so if You had not allowed that evil I would have turned to this false religion. So where is Your problem Lord? This issue is now going to be addressed in more detail and under the strongest Scriptural language. John is going to be told to ‘ Write!’. The separation was a Divine act as it was when it happened at the second coming. The rejoining was what astonished the people. The longer the separation of the two the more desperate the situation looked for the evil. Major battle/battles approaching and satan no where to be seen and the beast in the abyss somewhere that only leaves the pope to lead the battle! Evil seems to have lost at least 80% of it’s power. What a relief when when the combination of evil is restored! Back to 60% strength and satan may now reappear!

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It has already been stated that evil, babylon the great will fall in two stages. Firstly the rock will grind it into a fine powder then it will be thrown to the wind. The first process is long and the second one very short. The grinding began with that mighty earthquake and the splitting of the city into its three component parts. It was then thrown into the fire and even though it was burnt up within the hour the residue smoldered for 24 hours, when they all stood back and called in terror calling ‘Woe! Woe O great city……… It is not the evil who call on Heaven, the saints and prophets to rejoice it is God’s Spirit and which now triggers them to make their final calls.  It is at this stage that the saints call ‘checkmate’. They want it finished now  and with the rider of the white horse the end will come as quickly and as violently as a large millstone being thrown into the sea, never to be found again. So the crushing of babylon is before the fine linen is given to the saints but the throwing to the wind is after. In summary the saints are responding to Heaven’s call to ‘ Rejoice….’ because babylon  has been brought to ruin but at the same time they are told that its final destruction is still to happen. In their prayer of ‘ salvation and glory and power they acknowledge the finality of the situation and ask for their fine linen.

But why should they ask for the Holy Spirit? Why should you and I ask for the Holy Spirit? Only the Holy Spirit can extract and explain those beautiful pearls that are covered by earthly dirt and rubbish on all those paths that Jesus walked on whilst on earth. Without His intervention it is but pearl before swine. The saints in Heaven are different; the seventh bowl meant that God’s wrath was completed, the smoke has cleared from the Most Holy Place, they can now see inside….. That was what was being protected even to the extent that it was not spoken about at all; THE BLOOD OF THE LORD AND GOD, JESUS CHRIST. But it can only come out when the last traces of evil are done away with, so let us go ahead with that.

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The obvious advantage they have is that they are in Heaven and we are on earth. They have a Lazarean body and Christ’s robe of righteousness, we have neither. Lazarus after his resurrection would have been such a thorn in the side of the Jewish leaders; bright, happy, healthy, intelligent, physically and mentally a mountain of strength but still mortal, he only had his earthly bandages removed, he did not have the robe which is only given to the saints in death. Just in studying the events of the last 1,800 odd years how many of us have been brought to a greater understanding of Jesus Christ? I would have more chance of counting the drops of water in the ocean than appreciating how somebody, anybody could put up with anything for 1,800 years knowing it would be a null result. What about jumping into a vat of boiling, burning sulphur instead of someone who hates you having to do it?( He died for all unintentional sins of every soul He created. He would have died for their intentional sins as well had they wanted Him to do so.) The saints in Heaven have been able to appreciate these events for what they were meant to be; to show some of the infinite qualities of the beauty of God, to us they are but words and concepts.

But their request for the Holy Spirit is for the same reason as ours; show  us these pearls! The role of the fine linen well symbolises the Holy Spirit. It is the undergarment on which that robe of righteousness of Jesus Christ will now more comfortably sit. It is the intermediary between us and Jesus Christ. It is the only way we can produce righteous acts. It was made available to the saints in Heaven and they took advantage of it and it is available to anyone on earth who wants to take advantage of it. In Heaven it may take a million years for me to begin to appreciate the beauty of the robe of righteousness you have been given and for you to study my robe. If there are 144 million people in Heaven we can times that number by that factor. But billions of years, even trillions of  years are not even one drop of water in the ocean. I however want more than this. It is wonderful to know that 144 million can see and appreciate the beauty of my robe but I want approval from one Who is perfection; God. That is going to be the real satisfaction to see God look at my robe, smile and say ‘ Yes Julius you have true perfection there!’ And that is coming from the source of perfection.

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This option is available to Christians today. All we have to do is to stand in the shadow of the cross. When God looks down from Heaven and sees this cross He sees perfection instead of us. That is why we can have our bags packed for Heaven. God sees the life, death and resurrection of our Saviour on a four=three split. Monday to Thursday the life of our Lord, Friday and Saturday His death and Sunday His resurrection. It is a matter of free will whether we take up that option which is elucidated and the theme of the Bible. It throws more light on the separation of the great prostitute from the beast she rides.

Those two came to the fore at the second coming, the time of the great tribulation. When the beast out of the sea hand finished his work and his allotted time had expired he may have set the groundwork for the great tribulation but the reality was that the church was bursting in the seams from the harvest that was being gathered. This harvest contained no weeds it was pure wheat. The evil within the harlot could not and would not allow this situation to continue. It was with God’s permission and it was for 45 days that she separated from the powerless beast to do all that amount of incredible slaughter. It only ended when Jesus came back to take His own away and seal and protect those who claimed to be His. The harlot was a separate entity there and it is this entity that now in the fifth bowl  curses God and refuses to repent. It is a separate and evil unit, and we should not be surprised when it surfaces in amongst God’s people.

It was probably this combination of prostitute on beast that the early Christian Church had to contend  with. Satan does not have the power to decree whether God’s people are to be killed or not. That is the function of the beast. Satan has power to enter every individual and cause them to do harm. In fact we pray’ And lead us not into temptation…..’  With the early Christian Church the beast in control was the fourth head under the control of the Roman Empire which could and did decree that the slaughter of Christians was to cease.

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It went much further though and through the Council of Nicaea produced the purest creed for the early church. The only reason I don’t agree with some  of those doctrine is because I don’t understand them. Once the early church had been set up it was the beast out of the earth, the great prostitute under the name of Constantine that then proceeded to tear this church apart. He set up the Council of Laodicea ( everything about Laodicea is evil) and by eliminating the Sabbath and making it illegal to be idle on the Sabbath, by pulling the foundational rug from under the church he set in motion its inevitable destruction. So it was a combination of prostitute and beast again. In this case Constantine was both the leader of the beast and the great prostitute.

Verses 9,10; ‘ Then the angel said to me, ” Write: Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!” And he added ” These are the true words of God.” At this I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me “Do not do it! I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy. ” ‘

The saints being in Heaven did not miss a trick and yet it took them almost 1,800 years to get themselves ready and finally ask for the Holy Spirit to be a permanent part of them continually explaining the beauty of their robes which Jesus wove for them whilst on planet earth. They are ready for their consecration ceremony and the daily sacrifice of eternity to begin. But to whom was this invitation sent to? Did Heaven waste paper by sending out invitations to those it knew would not respond?  What about all those preconceived to go to hell, were they invited? Surely that chap to Whom Jesus showed the real Heaven and then went out and murdered Jesus’s followers, the greatest of all sinners was he sent an invitation to this wedding?

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God has given each member of His church different abilities and roles. Some maybe very similar but even the left hand side of the body has different role to play than the right hand side. Both wheat and tares are true church as are the wise and foolish virgins. They are all virgins, all pure faith, none is sinless. It must be obvious to all that philosophy is not my strong point neither is logic. But that doesn’t mean  that I can’t see the obvious. I have already heavily relied on these two definitions; Perfection = God minus any sin. Once the last vestige of sin disappears God’s presence can permeate space, including the area around me now.   Unintentional sin is a bit more complicated and the one within the envelope is the difference between the best that we could do and what Jesus actually did do. The topic of sin and guilt offerings covers the exceptions.

Every human born and those conceived had resulted in life have committed  unintentional sin. I am unaware of any Biblical texts that tell us under which we are not able to commit intentional sins. The point is that History is full of both intentional and unintentional sins. For those who accept Christ both categories were  expunged on the cross. There is no trace of them anywhere. But the unsaved chose not to take advantage of God’s kind offer. If they are to suffer for their intentional sins only then either their unintentional sins are taken up by Jesus on the cross or they are floating around out there somewhere. They are not as eternity is perfection they must have been burnt up on the cross. So the writing on the invitation card for the damned would be ‘  You are invited to the wedding feast as bride. I have already suffered for your unintentional sins can you give me permission to suffer for your intentional sins as well. In the mean time I will bless you with the sun and rain and health and fortune whilst waiting for your response’  With love;  Jesus Christ. If there is such a thing as predestination then it is that for every soul that Jesus creates He also has to suffer in hell for their unintentional sin. How can this person miss out on an invitation to Heaven? They can’t! The saints in Heaven have just witnessed the invitation cards being torn up and thrown back into God’s Holy Face and decided that, enough is enough!

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The worship of other than God is clearly prohibited and if you want to relate prophecy and testimony then you do that through Jesus.

Verses 11-16; ‘ I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and makes war.His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself. He is dressed  in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God. The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white and clean. Out of his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. He will rule them with an iron scepter. He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty. On his robe and on his thigh he has the name written:


Much of these final battles was described in chapter 14. This is the first one against the beast and the living wicked. There it is called the battle of the harvest. This army swoops down on the evil from heaven with it’s leader Faithful and True. He has been back in Heaven since the third coming and his description is awe inspiring, there is no doubt in the army following as to who is its leader.

Is this four plus one; the fourth coming plus one or the fifth coming or is it just a part of the fourth coming; babylon shaken to pieces and then burnt in one hour or the battle against the rider of the white horse? The text indicates a time break. After the shaking there is a period where God’s people, the foolish virgins are given a chance to come out of her and not suffer in her plagues and piles of sins. Chapter 14 is very clear about this final call. It takes time for these virgins to reject God’s offer and then be marked by the beast

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It is only after these events that the rider of the white horse comes down. It may only be as low as the clouds and it may only be for one hour but this is still the fifth coming of our Lord.

The really difficult one is the sixth coming when the last of the evil led by satan are defeated, final judgments, hell and the burning up of the planet all occur. The seventh coming is the Lord and His people to a new heaven and earth and a new city, the New Jerusalem for eternity. The sixth coming has been a problem for me all the way along and as I stated previously was not going to publish anything because of this problem. But I thought just because a creationist cannot account for the creation events of the first seven days or the destruction events of the last seven should not stop us from trying to explain events in between, These seven day periods were miraculous times. I can look any part of this incredibly complex universe and say that ‘ God created this out of nothing’ and equally I know when I place my sins on Jesus  on that cross I can say confidently that those sins by a miraculous event have been changed into nothing. Something has been made into nothing. The fallacy of doing this every few days and then reverting back to life as usual so that I will only have to suffer for the sins of the last few days has been pointed out already. The act of reverting to my previous life and rejecting the pleading of the Spirit incurs more of God’s wrath than staying and sinning. As we are about to approach the sixth coming if I miss the main point again it will not be because of attention to detail. I will look at each verse individually.

As Heaven maintains some humanity Jesus is thus king of earth and king of Heaven; king of kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus will also tread the winepress which is the result of the next battle; the battle of the grapes. Out of His mouth comes a sword which in chapter 14 is called a sharp sickle.

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His armies only follow him in this first battle as king of kings over the remaining evil on earth as well as the saints. In the battle of the grapes, the risen wicked He acts as Divinity; Lord of Lords. The blood He obtained from Good Friday is the central theme of Heaven and eternity. As we are arranged in tribes in Heaven Jesus is still the King of every tribe, all twelve of them. That connection between Jew and Christian broken all that time ago is re-established in Heaven. The white horse and its rider are the combination that arrived on earth when the first seal on the scroll was broken on Easter Sunday, He established His army and left them with His Spirit when He returned to Heaven some 40 days later. He came  back a second time to take His own back to Heaven with Him; the second coming`.His third coming consisted of a stay of 1,260 on earth with His two witnesses. He announced the destruction of babylon and gave His people one last chance. As noone took advantage of His offer He has now returned  to destroy the wicked living.

Verse 17; ‘ And I saw an angel standing in the sun, who cried in a loud voice  to all the birds flying in midair, “Come, gather together for the great supper of God,’

As pointed out every human conceived gets an invitation to the wedding feast but not just as a guest, but to be the bride; ‘ I loved you so much that I have died and suffered for everyone of your unintentional sins. You are invited to be My bride but to turn up I must have everyone of your intentional sins as well. The feast will be held in Heaven where no sins are allowed.’  There were no threats there like ; if you are not in this one in Heaven the corresponding supper on earth will be held shortly after. It will be birds flying in midair like vultures and other scavengers. The angel that called the birds together and was physically capable of standing on the sun was the same angel that called all the animals together to enter Noah’s ark. And flesh there will be a plenty.

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Verse 18; ‘ ” so that you may eat the flesh of kings, generals, and mighty men, of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, small and great.” ‘

By this stage all seven heads of the beast have had their reign and now the beast takes  over as the eight head. He does not rule himself but appoints ten kings whom he can trust and splits his armies accordingly, generals etc. The slaves must be given a financial incentive to join, All the other free people of this time would have required no incentive to join as they all had the mark of the Beast. The horses must have been literal horses and not symbols for tanks etc as the birds could not eat their flesh. So all those who were alive at the time of Jesus’s second coming and have been miraculously kept alive up to this time are now involved in this battle.

Verse 19; ‘ Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to make war against of the white horse and his armies.’

If it took 7,777 years from creation to the call of ‘ Fallen! Fallen has babylon the great…..( the Church of Thyatira) then it could quite easily have taken seven months to the gathering of this battle.( Sardis) . Sardis still had God’s people, the foolish virgins, and these have been treated not just all the way along, but now with extreme care. Even though the only option that is now offered to them is death, it still has the further option of dying in the name of the Lord ( ie with God’s seal and being killed by the beast in its final check for allegiance or removing the seal and replacing it with the mark of the beast and marching against the rider of the white horse and being killed by God ) or by the hand of the Lord. They all chose to receive the mark of evil because they were evil and it was this evil that stopped them from accepting Holy Scripture.

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Sardis maybe the destruction of the living evil but it is not all of babylon the great. It has been shaken into three parts and here we only have two; the two beasts. Satan the third part who started it all off way back in the Garden will also finish it all off. The main objective of Sardis is that it is the gathering and marshaling of the saints of Heaven with their leader and their final push towards the New Jerusalem. The living dead are the first of two duties of house keeping that must be attended, the battle of the harvest.

Verse 20; ‘ But the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who had performed the miraculous signs on his behalf. With these signs he had deluded those who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped his image. The two of them were thrown into the fiery lake of burning sulphur.’

Deceit was the specialty of this combination of evil, the beast and the false prophet. They had used it very effectively at the second coming and their ability to produce weather and earthquake events did impress many. It is very easy to impress anyone with almost anything who do not have Jesus at the centre of their lives. With Jesus at the centre of our lives all else is nought. His presence is independent of how we feel. In fact the greater the raging storm the greater our feeling of surety that it is only we who are being blown around, the rock is unaffected. We thank God that our relationship is not dependent on any input from us whatsoever. This battle for evil must have seemed like a daunting task indeed. They needed extra miraculous signs including like from the frogs that came from the mouths of these three forces of evil .

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The beast knew that it had no chance in a battle against the rider of the white horse if this rider did not come down to earth. All he could do was to hang out the white flag. So he had no choice but delude himself and everyone else the battle would be on earth. He knew Scripture did not say this and he knew that the armies of Heaven had been cleansed of defilement so they could not come back to sinful earth. Satan was hurled back to earth at the cross and it appears that evil could only perform their tricks on planet earth. But the omens for this battle seemed to be coming from the sun; Divinity  and the birds of the air do not gather unless their is going to be a feast. Just the number of birds indicated a great slaughter. The false hope without which the beast could not have gathered these troops was very quickly removed. Both the beast and the prophet gave up and were captured. Their battle consisted of one fighting and destroying the other. Both were thrown into the hell of burning sulphur.

Verse 12; ‘ The rest of them were killed with the sword that came out of the mouth of the rider on the horse, and all the birds gorged themselves on their flesh.’

This was the battle of the harvest. None was gathered, every part of it was bad. The firstfruits { blog reached 77,777 words on 3/10/2016 at 10.05 am} had been presented in Heaven and the efforts of Heaven to secure a harvest have been recorded. The birds remove a large portion of it and the rest begins to rot. The spilled blood decays very quickly. But it is the carry on effect of this battle that is of consequence. Jesus and His armies gathered at Sardis and have eliminated one problem in their way on this final march to the New Jerusalem there is only one problem that remains; the wicked dead. Two parts of babylon the great do not exist, the beast and the false prophet and the only remaining member is now satan. So in time we have come 7,777 years to the fourth coming and the call, seven months to Sardis and the battle of the harvest and now seven days only for the battle of the grapes.

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Satan now has centre stage. He is not just top dog , he is the only dog. His motives in the Garden of Eden now do not appear to be that benign after all. He did not just want to be given Jesus’s creative powers, he wanted Divinity. He wanted to be equal with Jesus as god. In this battle Jesus fights as Lord of Lords, as Divinity and alone. He meets this challenge head on. He will gather the wine crop and tread the wine press Himself and He will do this immediately after the battle which results in hell. The other harvest battle will be taken care of later; gathered and thrown into hell. There was no firstfruits of the wine harvest, they were bad from the first to the last. Satan only has seven days to organise his evil troops but the problem is they have no evil inside them, both the beasts are in hell. So it is now satan’s story that we are about to follow in chapter 20. As stated at the start of this blog it is satan who sets the evil way points of time. Chapter 12 was from his creation until the second coming and chapter 20 is the second coming until his destruction.


Verse 1; ‘ And I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding  in his hand a great chain.’

It is not ‘then I saw’ but ‘and I saw’. We are not in the last seven days of time but have gone back to the second coming of our Lord, some 1,780 years before. This angel is not a mighty angel because Jesus has to come right back to earth. If He came as a mighty angel everyone would die. But to Jesus this is personal business. He has come to take us back with Him to begin eternity with Him. All bar the 144,000 wise virgins will be dead and will have to be called out of their graves by name; ‘ Lazarus, come out!’. His angels will remove our earthly bandages and give us some Heavenly nourishment. At death we all received his robe of righteousness and were placed on the last step into Heaven; under the altar.  We will be taken to Heaven ahead of the living wise virgins who will not join us permamentally for some time yet.

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They will follow Jesus wherever He goes. The other important event here is the binding of satan. There is coming a time when he will be the sole evil but there has to be a time without any trace of him also.

Verse 2; ‘ He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil or satan, and bound him for a thousand years.’

” Great chain”, “seized” are an indication of great violence and satan does put up a mighty fight. ( verse 3). If satan is in the abyss then the wicked dead cannot be on planet earth. He must be on this planet before the wicked dead are resurrected and he will be here to greet his own. Every human being bar Jesus Christ is wicked and sinful. We are born in sin, live in it and die in it and despite our very best efforts we cannot help but to continue to sin. Herein lies the beauty and simplicity of the Christian message. It does not matter. Nothing that we have done or can ever do has anything to do with our salvation. Our place in Heaven is only dependent on one thing; what Jesus Christ has done for us and this has been recognised as perfect by none other than God Himself. How low you feel does not affect this act of perfection. Neither does the fact that the three forces of evil continue to operate within me. Satan and both forms of the beast be that through false religion or just the evil within me. At death both these forces release their hold on me; my tendency to sin and for false religion release me but satan does not, I become his property if I am one of the wicked. Why should he release me? There is a time when I will be resurrected and even a time when he will be the only source of evil; in those seven days between Sardis and Philadelphia.

This will be a time when satan comes very close to his stated aims; to be the sole ruler of earth. The only thing standing in his way now is the battle of the grapes. This indeed is going to be an intense battle and satan is going to take very heavy casualties. The more troops he has in reserve the greater his chances of success. He will keep a hold of everyone of those dead thank you! The other side takes no casualties as only Jesus defends His position and rights of Creator God.

Page 216

Just because satan takes sole custody of the dead does not mean he has given up with the living, only here he becomes one of three evil forces. He still causes the maximum damage that he can to God and His people but he has to compete with the other two forces of evil. His modus operandi is the same with both groups but oh so much more effective when he is the only dog. The method has been used for nearly eight thousand years with a success rate of better than 99% and is what the last battle is about and what satan wants to continue in his brave new world if he wins the battle. The grape harvest is ripe. Get them drunk, enter into their minds and they will do whatever he wants them to do; the first task is to win this upcoming battle.

But the living and the dead will receive two judgments, fight two individual battles, be treated differently at the shaking apart of babylon, the two witnesses judgments and during the millennium.

Verse 3; ‘ He threw him into the Abyss, and locked and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended. After that, he must be set free for a short time’.

The ‘ thousand years’ is repeated five times so there is no doubt that it is a ‘thousand years’, or an incredibly long period of time, even out of a total of 7,777 years. The other outstanding feature is the description of the totality of the removal of satan, of external evil. ( 1; great chain, 2; abyss, 3; with key, 4; locked, 5; sealed)  The other six forms of internal evil are there ( beast out of sea; 1; micro or the evil within me; 2; macro or groups of people or nations 3; super clusters of nations, the united nations with whoever their leader maybe: beast out of the earth; 4; the tendency for false religion or anything that takes me away from Christ within me, 5; macro or groups of people or congregations and 6; super world wide clusters of congregations with their leader.

Page 217

If we return to our Day of Atonement Ceremony these times should point to the initial stages of this ceremony; it is about atonement of different parts of the earthly temple and its occupants. It deals with specifically unintentional sin that cannot be included in the burnt offering which is about to be celebrated. The difference between the best that you could do and what Jesus actually did do can only cover so much unintentional sin and the rest has to go separately to Mount Calvary’s fires of hell. So this thousand year period of grace involves the whole of sinful man but extreme care is taken  to exclude external evil. If it takes a thousand of ceremony for atonement of extra unintentional sins  and the scapegoat is not brought in until the last 1,260 days before the door of mercy closes  then what is the purpose of the 260 years at the end of the millennium?

It is Scripture that uses ‘ must be set free’ , but why? Our Parliament came up with this side splitting joke ” we are going to hold an inquiry into the banking system”.  There can only be three outcomes for its findings; 1; performing well and honestly, knight and canonize the CEO’s. 2;Performing brilliantly well and brilliantly honestly, and top executives to be knighted and canonized and 3; Performing divinely and all executives to be knighted and canonized.  An out of control, corrupt banking system, set up by a corrupt government and protected by a corrupt judiciary! Those earth tremors that we are experiencing is the shaking in fear of the banking system! How much of this will be missing during the millennium when satan is taken out of the picture?

Well satan’s main aim is to turn people against God and here Scripture gives him the privilege of a whole chapter, is it all to himself? Strange ? ( strange not as in strange but as in difficult to understand) We have just come from chapter 19 where the beast and prophet have been defeated and thrown into hell. The two beasts were separated form satan in the unholy trinity by the massive earthquake in the seventh bowl.

Page 218

Two down, one to go. But they were not always an unholy trinity. On Good Friday only the beast was pulverised and thrown into hell, satan stood by and gloated. They certainly formed a pack 1,335 days before the second coming by exchanging power and authority  and it was this allegiance that was shaken up by the seventh bowl. As chapter 20 deals with the dragon we have to try to isolate him and his actions. The only thing we know so far is that the very last battle is fought under satan’s banner, but this maybe because he is the only one left. The two beasts are in hell, along with the living.

It is the battle of the harvest, the rider of the white horse or the beast where we have to look as the defining moment where this two and one split occurs. The dead do not respond to the ‘come out of babylon my people’ because they were not a part of babylon in the first place. Babylon was the living whereas they were the dead and the ones who were being addressed, the foolish virgins did not respond anyway. With this information we will try to address the issues of verses 3 and 4′

Verse 4; ‘ I saw the thrones on which were seated those who had been authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony for Jesus and because of the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast of his image and received his mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years.’

Firstly the dragon must be released. He certainly thinks so and should never have been bound in the first place. It wasn’t for lack of resistance that he finds himself in this position and hasn’t put up a bigger fight since being thrown out of Heaven on Good Friday. He knew then that his time was short and that was with nearly 4,000 years to go but now when he is released there will only be some 780 years to go. So not only was precious time being wasted he was in the abyss with whatever associated pain that comes with.I now make the case that satan is the custodian of the dead.

Page 219

As I like any of you look at this iceberg of evil the very best that we can see is but the tip. The events occurring  here require specific dates  but the ones I use now are only what I think are Biblical numbers but are probably way off the mark. They can be used for illustrative purposes;

1; September 11, 2001. The twin towers ( and all those other buildings and society as we knew it)  crash and the release of almost unlimited money; the years of plenty in Egypt.

2; September 11, 2008 . The financial crash and the years of drought which finish in

3; September 11, 2015 and the years of slavery begin. This also is day one for end day events when the beast and prostitute meet in the desert to make their nefarious plans.

4;  October 11, 2015 or 30 days later when the beast out of the earth begins his 1,260 days of terror. If we add 1,260 days to this date we get;

5; April 11, 2019 which ends the first beasts reign and we hear the wake up call. ” Here comes the bridegroom, come out and meet him’. + 45 days

6; May 16, 2019 Jesus Christ appears in that flash in the sky.

According to the above scenario the unholy trinity only forms when the dragon arrives on the sea shore or the 11/9/2015. Before that date there was an unofficial union of the three but after that date they became an official entity. The situation does change slightly before and after this date.

Page 220

Whether God’s people are martyred as part of the great tribulation after this date or right back to Abel are all in the same position. They  don’t need to, nor want to set dates for anything because they know God is in control and will do exactly what is required. It is just a matter of waiting for Him. So this discussion only relates to the wicked living and dead before and after this date. Scripture does not allocate a thousand years ( out of 7,777 of 13%) of time or even adding another 780 years after the second coming ( 1,780 out of 7,777 or 23%) of time and two chapters to satan ( out of 22 or 9%) of space because nothing is going to happen at this time. Nor does it skip intentionally the fact that Jesus came down to get His own and just tell us that He grabbed satan and bound him for a thousand years to stop his lies. These are Scripture, they are inspired and they are there to teach us and they should be studied as such. So what has chapter 20 taught us so far? That there is going to be a very long period of time with the total absence of satan. He was specifically removed by Jesus Christ and if this chapter is about satan then he was removed because by his lies he would destroyed the purpose of the judgment that is going to occur by the elders who were given authority to make this judgment, particularly what affects the souls of those who do not worship the beast. That should include us on earth today who are about to go through the great tribulation.

Nor do the dead play an insignificant role in these times. If my figures of 144 million redeemed out of a total of 14.4 billion conceived then only one in a hundred souls are going  to be saved. The gate is narrow indeed!

The big picture here is Christ and His creation. Why do so few go through that door? Here I have to admit to if it is not  a major error then at least misrepresentation of the interchangeability of the words “God” and “Christ”. This is one of satan’s most successful lies and will meet fruition when the one world order establishes a one world church. The head of this church will be god, whoever this is is your choice.

Page 221

The reality is it is going to be satan or his appointed representative. As Christians we cannot worship satan. Even today we should make that stand: it is Christ and every thing else is antichrist! So in future when I use the word “God” it will have to be qualified as ‘ as pointed to by the Holy Spirit through the wondrous acts of Jesus Christ in manifesting the character of’. That is God of eternity; the fine linen that we have asked for and were given to more comfortably wear the robe of righteousness that Jesus came to weave for us on earth so that we can see more fully appreciate His Divine qualities. Jesus said ‘ I and the Father are one’ (       ). We are thus allowed to pray ‘ Our Father Who art in Heaven, glorified be your name….’. It is the only Divine link that exists and if you think there are others then you have found yourself a link to satan whom we are now going to study

The second issue here is Christ’s creation but as in the big picture; The Angel that comes from Heaven in Chapter 10 and places his right foot on the sea and left foot on the land.; the overall and overarching issues. It is the Christ who created every soul in love, gave each a free will, made them in His image, died for their unintentional sins, asked to be given their intentional sins, sent each one an invitation card with many reminders the the wedding feast of the Lamb, blesses the with sun and rain and all the way knowing that most will spit in His Holy face! The issues were pointed out in the two time lines of good and evil. One you do things Christs’s way and the other you do something else and then have the audacity to try to correct Jesus.

Back to the issues of the dead. If I was to die ( obviously as evil) at this time when the unholy trinity are an amalgamated unit then the beast ( any or all six forms of it) would have to release me. As an entity I am incapable of causing evil but even if satan is a part a part of that unholy trinity he does not have to release me. I certainly do not go and wait under the altar, I have chosen not to do that. Even if I died outside of the time before they became an allegiance my choice was not to be under Christ’s altar and therefore be the property of Satan and has he got a use for me!

Page 222

This only explains why I only respond to satan’s call for battle and do not respond to the call to come out of babylon. I am not a part of babylon, she represents the living wicked and is made up of the unholy trinity; satan, the beast out of the sea and the beast out of the earth. Babylon all three left me when I died but as I chose to die under satan’s domain I am his and will listen to what he tells me to do. I have no wicked agenda of my own. I think this explains two events in the Book of Revelation although I do reserve to reject it all.

1; The idea of locking satan up in the abyss is to stop him from deceiving the nations; that includes his cohorts as well. They of themselves are benign creatures they are only a danger when obeying satan’s instructions. Satan is the first one dealt with by Jesus on His second return to earth before the saints as he rises and meets Jesus whilst on His way down.

2; The fifth bowl involves the separation of the two beasts, these are a part of babylon. The reason why we, the wicked  dead curse God and refuse to repent is not because we are a part of babylon but because we are carrying out satan’s instructions. It is not because we have an agenda of our own. Thus at death either Christ is your custodian or satan and the default option is satan.

But verse 4 is about people sitting on thrones and been given the authority to judge. Up to  now this chapter has been entirely about satan, those of Christ’s martyrs will soon be brought up. So if this has been entirely about satan then presumably the judgment must have something to do with satan, or at least how his deceit would have influenced this judgment.

There was only one real judgment and that was on Good Friday on Mount Calvary. Anyone who doubts the results of this judgment would not be in Heaven.

Page 223

The saints in Heaven have not only been through this judgment but they have passed muster when challenged in Heaven by that elder.’ Washed by the blood of the Lamb ‘ removed any remaining doubts and ensured  their perpetuity for the eternities to come. We on earth should also approach our place in Heaven with the same surety; death, hell or high water cannot change this outcome. The prayers of the saints are of relevance and are what is responsible for holding back the trumpets from blowing.

Those on their thrones with the authority to judge not only look at their new arrivals but also at potential harvest. The criteria for the harvest is clearly defined and it is a relief for the judges, probably the same lot who were in Heaven at three o’clock on Good Friday, to see that all their saints had met them; they had a Christ like character as proved by two standards; they did not gloat when their enemy was in distress but they actually prayed for the welfare of their enemy! It wasn’t just a fleeting prayer that hurt the lips it was a genuine prayer for some one that Christ has placed such a high value on. It was a Christ like prayer! Satan maybe active and responsible for many of the worlds woes but he is most active in trying to avoid anyone praying these prayers. They are what is at the top of his hit parade. Thus those on earth are now able to pray this prayer without the interference of satan. The only reason they do not do so is the evil within, both beasts that prevent them from doing so.

Verse 5; ‘{ The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were  ended} This is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy are those who have part in the first resurrection, they will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with him for a thousand years.’

Page 224

I could not add any more to the worship of the beast, beheadings  etc to what I said in chapter 13 and the first resurrection and second death have formed a major theme of this blog with the major issues still unresolved. The fact that the mark of the beast is mentioned here though indicates only the foolish virgins with Christ’s seals are of relevance. It seems also that the saints in Heaven realise that the time for rejoicing and jumping and cuddling our new friends is not the millennium. There will be plenty of time for that later. For this short span of a thousand years they have to be serious, they have to be priests. And a thousand years is what it is, a literal thousand years. There is no doubt that all the prayers that we prayed for those left behind  will be in Heaven. They arrived in Heaven with us in a golden censer and individually answered. I still think that the most surprising part of these prayers will be those glancing, those one second or less prayers, the mere mentions, and how they marshaled Heaven into action! But this thousand year period as priests ends when the prayers are bundled back into the censor and hurled back to earth! ( already covered under the trumpets)

Verses 7,8 ; ‘ When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth—- Gog and Magog— to gather them for battle. In number they are like the sand on the seashore.’

With such a strong emphasis on the thousand years there must be some major point that is being missed. In comparing this millennium with the Day of Atonement ceremony we must be in the first stage of this ceremony; atonement for all those unintentional sins that cannot be covered by the burnt offering and we are about to enter the scapegoat stage. During this first stage of the ceremony the intention would not only be just to get rid of satan but of any defilement he had caused. We can’t get rid of the beast because that is within us and we must be present at the ceremony. ( on earth)

Page 225

When advising Nicodemus as to his queries about salvation Jesus told him to go back to the bronze snake in the desert. We have only gone back to the Day of Atonement Ceremony and still have a significant part of the journey to go to get to the bronze snake. But it is a start and really I should type out Leviticus 16 because that is where we are at, but I will not and if you don’t reread this chapter before you look at this commentary at least read it after.

The life of Jesus , the bridegroom, we are following consisted of thirty years of obedience and preparation, 1,260 days of ministry, SIX HOURS ON THE CROSS, thirty eight odd hours in the grave and forty days until His resurrection. His bride has retraced His life and about to retrace His ministry before His second coming when we arrive at 9 am on Good Friday for the Day of Atonement Ceremony. This ceremony , day one of the millennium, was conducted by the bridegroom on planet earth but involved Heaven as well. The bride is now to conduct this ceremony in Heaven but it will involve planet earth as well. Late arrivals will be welcome for a long period of time, but not indefinitely. Planet earth has been prepared by Heaven for this ceremony by removing the arch deceiver.The ceremony itself will follow the earthly format and will be conducted by many priests and a battery of prayers.

The service itself will consist of atonement for unintentional sins that cannot be included in the burnt offering but are covered by the sin offering separately outside the city and last for 1,000 years. Conditions will change drastically when we move to the guilt offering ( 260 years) and the service will momentarily pause when the scapegoat is led out into the desert by the appointed man. After these events the burnt offering can be presented.

Page 226

The cost of Christ dealing with humanity was very high indeed. Not only was the rejection rate as high as 99%, for which Jesus suffered for their unintentional sins anyway, but the 1% acceptance was even worse because Jesus had to suffer for those nasty intentional sins, those that ‘ you did spit in My Holy Face’ lot. The answer to why Jesus thought that the price was worth paying for accepting that earthly garbage, refining through the fire of Calvary’s hell and handing it back as ‘ gold refined in the fire, so that you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so that you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so that you can see.’ ( Rev 3:18) is the wonderment of eternal Heaven!  Back to these thousand years. It doesn’t matter whether you write the word or the number it is still an incredibly long period of time. It is still ten lots of a very long time span of one hundred years!

The first thing we realise that the wicked dead are not here during this long time. Why  not? They do arrive in time for the guilt offering and they are certainly present so that they may place their hands and their intentional sins on the scapegoat who is present in the temple at the third coming but they are not here during the millennium. I have already offered reasons for this and now offer another reason; they could not be here because they would have to have their custodian with them, satan, and this is strictly a no go area for satan.

The issues being decided now were decided by the wicked dead at their death and now only involve the living. The reason there was not one acceptance during this 1,000 years has nothing to do with satan, or external evil, there was no trace of him to be found. The rejection was internal evil, one or both of the beasts are involved. But the issues are much deeper than this; was the rejection unintentional and its consequences born by Jesus or was it intentional and therefore intentional sin and its consequences to be born in hell by the wicked themselves?

Page 227

The foolish virgins are not pressured into making any decisions until the last battle for them anyway where they are just read out the obvious results; they do not suffer under the trumpets or the bowls. The situation for the dead is different but their response is the same under good times and bad times, there is no mistakes made on me Heaven, I don’t want you, I don’t want to be with you, I choose the mark of the beast. Problem sorted; intentional sin, no mistake about it!

The guilt offering is in a different category to the sin offering. Both maybe unintentional but in the sin offering Jesus Christ expected  ( could almost use the word  God)  me to jump over a ten story building, something He could do but I could not. He accepts my shortfall as an unintentional sin and attributes it to the fact that His standards are necessarily so high. In the guilt offering I have broken something that was not supposed to be broken, even if repairs have been made. God’s commandments were made to be obeyed and encased by a large number of protective layers or instructions. This was a very serious transgression on my part and the consequences are born separately on Calvary’s tree. The arch deceiver has to be here to tell his lies of how inconsequential it is to disobey Christ.

There is almost a 780 year period between the release of satan from his prison and the first battle. The events that occur in this time is the guilt offering and the scapegoat. As the scapegoat involves intentional sin, satan’s presence is irrelevant. The issue is clear cut. You/ I either pass on our sins onto the scapegoats head or we don’t. The scapegoat on Calvary’s tree does not bear sins that have not been passed to it. Jesus Christ has asked us to pass these sins onto his head but accepts our decision. It is a willful act and we have noone to blame but ourselves. It is the Christ given gift called free will with its associated consequences. It was our choice between good and evil, be that evil internal or external, it is still evil.

Page 228

It is the non existence of satan for a thousand years and his reappearance that form the theme of this chapter. It represents the passing and Heaven’s dealings with unintentional sins. These sins passed from an earth that was unaffected by defilement of satan. Heaven accepted those sins from all of Christ’s created creatures , both the saved and the damned and it demonstrated the patience and long suffering of Christ. It proved to the saints in Heaven that there was not even the tiniest error made on Good Friday’s judgments. I think that more thoughts will materialise on this matter this matter as we contemplate the enormous time span that a thousand years really is and I will include them in [  ].

[ The length of time is extreme because the issues are both deep and complex. This blog is based on the assumption that I am one of those foolish virgins left behind, but I am different because I will go and buy the good oil with the currency I have been left with from the two witnesses when they come back to earth. I will then go to the gates, even if they are locked and call out ‘Master let me in! I have got the oil you required and it took me so long because your witnesses were so long in coming and it was midnight!’ I have no doubt that Jesus will leave Heaven even if I am the only virgin to turn up, come back to earth, live a perfect life, die a perfect death and go through a perfect resurrection just to weave for me my robe of righteousness!

If He is prepared to do this for one person, and consider it a privilege to do so then how much more would He do this for the 144,000 foolish virgins? What about for the 144 million who died for Him and are still going to hell? ( based on half the church being wise and half being foolish and that the number going to Heaven is 144 million).

Page 229

The thousand year trial is a show trial ( I am not sure that this is the correct word) and it does not necessarily prove that if all these virgins are guilty that the remaining 144 million foolish virgins contain at least one person who is not guilty. The living virgins are tried under ideal conditions. Nothing is rushed and there is no pressure; they are sealed by Christ and therefore not affected by neither the trumpets nor the bowls. The dead foolish virgins do not have such favorable conditions. The stage and procedures for this trial are clearly defined. What is to be determined by those who were given authority to judge whether these foolish virgins have a Christ like nature or character. There are any number of ways this can be expressed but the one that is used is the same one that was used on the saints who have just arrived in Heaven; did their prayers show that they not only did not gloat over the misfortune of their enemies but did they actually pray earnest, fervent prayers for their enemies?

If they have not then they have sinned and the question that has to be determined is whether their sin was intentional  or unintentional? During this time we are in the atonement for unintentional sins in the ceremony of the day of Atonement. If their sin is judged as unintentional then it can pass from an evil free world ( minus satan) onto Jesus Christ who bears all unintentional sins for both saved and damned. If intentional then that part of the scapegoat ceremony is still to come. The result for the foolish virgins is there is not one repentance in either stage of the ceremony. They are evil and their sin has come from within. ( the beast).

This doesn’t really help us with the 144 million who have died for their Lord. The 50/50 split between the wise and the foolish only applies once the church wakes up in its last 45 days of existence.

Page 230

Today the split would be much more like wise 5/ foolish  95. You just have to look around; to many their jesus is a god of love and doesn’t care whether you are openly homosexual or join with the worshipers of satan or any any other demonic deceit. By calling on the name of their lord they think they will be saved. It is their misfortune that the Lord is far more specific and selective as defined in His Word, the Bible which most ignore. And therein lies this problem. But this then ties in with the problem of the demons who were thrown down from Heaven along with Lucifer.

I still stand by my original analysis, when those demons were thrown down from Heaven ( I showed what my guess of 144 million was based on and were replaced by the saints)  some were guilty of intentional sin and some were just carried along. Had that lot that were guilty of intentional sin, in this case rebellion, been here on earth when satan was bound for the millennium  they would have carried on his nefarious work of deception. They were thrown into the abyss right back when they rebelled and have been there ever since. If they are released with satan at the end of the millennium by the fifth trumpet then this trumpet does indeed qualify as a Woe! trumpet. There will be plenty of demons to carry out their instructions who have just had a thousand year break.

If these higher demons are not released until the end of the millennium ( approx 3,000 years after the cross) then satan has been working solo and must have been a very busy being,including today. Actually it is not all that difficult for him. If I were to die today and I had lived and died according to the light that Christ had shown me then I would died and been resurrected with Christ as my custodian. The default custodian is satan. So if you can’t accept the Jesus Christ of the Bible for whatever reason and you have a ‘better’ version of him unfortunately for you this version is the deceiver and at least give him credit; he has done a very good job of deceit on you!

Page 231

This brings us to the vexed question of the last seven hours of the seven sevens; ( 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and finally the seven hours of created time) . It would appear that the longest time the fires of hell can burn for is seven hours; what happens to the demons who were just carried along at the moment of revolt in Heaven and were unintentionally involved? What about the 144 odd million who died for Christ? How many died unintentionally rejecting Christ? and trying to account for all those going to hell as their second Death? Also when do the demons go to hell?

Satan being an expert in Scripture must know that there are really going to be two battles and not just one Armageddon, the living and the dead. This is what maybe being addressed here, Gog and Magog. He is only involved in the last one which he leads, Magog or the battle of the wicked dead. His only involvement in Gog would be to make sure none of his troops  fought there. He needs everyone he can get for his own battle. He would not need them to have the mark of the beast because they are not influenced by the beast. They are his, it was their decision that this be so at their death and they respond to his wishes and desires.

Being compared to sand on the seashore indicates the totality of the assembling forces. Satan may have gathered, or at least been partly responsible for their gathering on the side of the Euphrates River and this is where their separation occurred.  Satan’s lot marched over and got ready for the march onto Jerusalem but the beast’s lot stayed back on the eastern side of the river.

Verse 9; ‘ They marched across the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of God’s people, the city he loves. But fire came down from heaven and devoured them.

Page 232

The difference in time between the battle of the living with the beast and false prophets as the leaders could be that seven days we are looking for. Seven days after the beasts battle where the birds of the sky were invited to feast and the remaining flesh has now become so putrid satan orders his troops to march on Jerusalem. They know where they are going, what Christ thinks of this city, and what they are going to do there; their thoughts are intentional and they individually can be judged at this moment. But isn’t this lot, the wicked dead the ones who died with their own versions of Christ and therefore defaulted to satan’s guardianship and he just controls their minds and they follow his every wish and command? There is no beast within them.

As the sand on the seashore is of mind boggling numbers so are the numbers involved here. It could be seven billion ( not million but billion) troops in the battle of the living and an equal number in the battle of the dead. ( satan’s battle) We are about to struggle once more with that fire that comes down from Heaven.

Verse 10; ‘ And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulphur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.’

As human beings we are made up of a body and soul or spirit, and to be exterminated we need to go through two deaths; bodily and spiritually. Satan is only spirit so to destroy him Christ must put him only through hell’s fires to destroy him. The evil choose to go through hell’s destruction themselves but the saints have accepted Christ’s gracious offer to do this for them. If satan was thrown into the same abyss as his evil angels were right back at creation then they were also all released at the same time and therefore were all here at this battle and are now in hell.

Page 233

It is blasphemy and distortion of the first order to equate the ‘ for ever and ever ‘ of Heaven to the ‘ for ever and ever ‘ of hell. We are told the fires that consumed Sodom and Gomorrah burn ‘ for ever and ever’ [  ] and they did burn until the city and all its evil were consumed. Thus it will be with the fires of hell. They will burn until all evil is burnt up and like the fires of Sodom and Gomorrah they will then extinguish. In Heaven it is about to be the exact opposite. The blood of Christ is now going to be applied and we acquire Divinity; for ever and ever.

This verse gives us an order and timing for the events of those last seven hours for the existence of planet earth. At the start of this time only satan, and probably his armies, and the beast and false prophet are in the burning lake. ( why are just the grapes gathered and not the harvest? After all there were seven billion bodies there and the birds could not have eaten all this flesh! If they are that rotten they still must be gathered and thrown into hell.)  If the battle of the beast and the false prophet took place seven days ago then they have already been in hell for seven days.( it must be remembered that the dragon has already spent  a thousand years in the abyss and his hierarchy much longer than this). If the false prophet is an entity then so must the beast be at this stage. You don’t need to be a well informed student of history to know the evil and harm that the papacy has caused to humanity over time and it is justifiable to extend that evil to today. There is no need to extrapolate this evil because the pinnacle of this evil, the Jesuits have reappeared again and not under any camouflage.This is the real  Mc Coy. So the prophet in hell at this time is a real person as the beast out of the earth materialized. If satan and his army are also real beings then so must this beast. It assembled ten kings, ten puppets to fight for it but they lost. It is not the seventh head that is involved but the eight head the beast itself materialized just like the papacy. It certainly gives credence to those blogs that give names of people who run this evil behind the scenes. It is they who have just spent that week in hell!

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Verse 11; ‘ Then I saw a great white throne and him who was seated on it. Earth and sky fled from his presence, and there was no place for them.’

We begin this last paragraph with the adverb ‘ then’, indicating a time sequence. We have been shown that the major players of evil, including satan and his armies are in hell. The last throes of evil, its last seven hours begin with John seeing a throne with someone sitting on it. As this hell is not here on earth or in the visible sky there is no need for these any more. They have fulfilled their function as the stage where the overwhelming majority of the play was staged so they disappear. There is a great white throne in heaven and God’s wrath is complete but entry by the wicked would still defile Heaven so we must see how close the wicked can come. It should also be remembered that the region where hell is now is defiled by its presence but all this and including the earth and the heavens are about to be completely destroyed. We will have a new Heaven and earth.

Verse 12; ‘ And I saw the  dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books.’

It seems logical that the ones who have just fallen are judged. These are from satan’s battle and have been called ‘the dead’ for a long time. If this process of judgment, punishment occurs immediately after the zap from the sky that  killed those armies that had surrounded Jerusalem, it could even be taken as a continuous process and solve our second death corundum. But the anomaly is that they are shown the book of life and I have tried to make the case that this book should be shown to the living at least and preferably to both.

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If you remember the book of life is almost identical to your book that was opened; same sins on the same pages in the same order except the book of life has that red stamp across each sin marked ; I could have taken this sin with Me to Calvary’s tree of Good Friday if you had wanted me to do this for you.

Verse 13; ‘ The sea gave up the dead that were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and each person was judged according  to what he had done.’

There are basically two battles and two judgments. There is doubt that the first battle involved the beast and the false prophet, or the harvest, or the rider of the white horse, or the living or even Gog. The second was that against satan, or the grape harvest, or the dead or even Magog. Verse 12 is either Gog or Magog and verse 13 is the other. Verse 12 has just been taken as Magog on the grounds of; continuity, they are called ‘the dead’ but could have been taken as Gog or living as ; they were standing, they had the book of life, they died first and therefore should have been judged first.

Verse 13 could be taken as Gog as; they were led by the beast out of the sea and that is where they came from, did not have the red stamped book of life as the third angel had explicitly explained its contents to them. It could be taken as Magog as they appear as dead-dead and should not be given the red stamped book.They did not just fall seven days ago on eastern side of the Euphrates but their bodies came from all over the place; the sea, graves and Hades.

Verse 14; ‘ Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. the lake of fire is the second death.

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The result of both judgments is the same they are thrown into hell to burn into non existence. Scripture has given us  reasons why  there should be two battles; the second death. But has it given us reasons why there has to be two judgments? Why can’t they all be judged as one lot? The results are identical. This is one of the questions that I am about to address and should settle the Gog and Magog issues.

Verse 15; ‘ If anyone’s name is not found in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.’

We enter into the book of life when each one of our sins, intentional and unintentional are stamped with that red stamp; ” paid in full on Good Friday on Mount Calvary”. And therein lies the beautiful simplicity of the Bible; there are only two options in existence in all eternities, and they are; Heaven or hell. If your Heaven, or Christ is different to the Biblical Christ and clever you have managed to make up for the deficiencies then clever you has chosen hell. The gate into Heaven is the narrow one but hell’s gate is very wide indeed and can encompass all of your corrections. We are about to enter into the New Heaven and it was always my intention to cover from chapter 15 to 22 regardless as to how poorly the matters were understood. This would guarantee the next pass through these chapters could not be any lower. But first we must pause and summarise where we are in our Day of Atonement Ceremony and the journey from Philadelphia to Laodicea. The ark had bottomed out seven days ago but we did not ask to be let outside until those waters that contained the wrath of God had completely dried out. There were certainly major dramas in that final drying out process; the trumpets and bowls.

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The history of the ark in recorded from beginning to end, all 375 days of it just as the history of the earth, to which it is a pointer is recorded down to it last hour, but split into two phases with three o’clock on Good Friday being the dead, or live centre of time. Both involve initiation and finalisation by Christ. He closed the door at the start and opened it at the other end. There was a seven day period involved at each end of initiation and finalisation. Both earth and its pointer the ark involved judgment  and a divine separation of beast and harlot as in the fifth bowl. Christ had judged planet earth to be evil but gave them 120 years of grace before closing the ark’s door, the door of mercy. But what was still required was the separation of the beast and prostitute. This happened in those first seven days of sunshine. The people may not have cursed God and refused to repent but what they did was equally evil. They gloated and sneered at God’s people  and refused to repent for seven days when the rains, which normally bring life refreshing showers now brought God’s wrath saturated destructive rain. I  am still struggling with the times and destruction in the flood and will leave this to Sabbath [   ]. This includes the inquiries that Christ’s people sent out as to when Jesus would open that door and release them into the new earth and the responses that Heaven sent back. But happen it does after no doubt teaching His people to have trust and faith in Him. And that is the first thing we see as we come out of the ark. Our trust and faith were indeed essential and very well founded and this new world is indeed worth waiting for. There will not be a need for us to set up an altar to worship Christ, that will already be done for us.

The Day of Atonement Ceremony of Leviticus 16 has finished  its second stage and the third and final stage now begin. The scapegoat, the humanity of Jesus Christ where all our intentional sins were placed and carried way outside of the city has been pushed over the cliff, and after hanging on with its claws has been dashed to pieces. The Man is charge is the Divinity of Jesus Christ Who goes to the cross but returns to the ceremony, albeit defiled by His association with the scapegoat.

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The burnt offering ceremony, the daily sacrifice can now begin. Those attending are a mottled lot that have a checked history  which is of interest as it is our history. Of particular interest are the details of last day events. What must be explained is how so many people think they have died in the name of the Lord will be told to ‘ go away, I do not know you’ even though you did such wonderful things in My name. These people must be split into the living and the dead. Those who were alive when that flash appeared in the sky, and there were only 288,000 of them and those who were dead at the time. I have given reasons why I take 144 million wise virgins that were taken to Heaven for an eternity and that left that horrible 144 million who thought they had died in Christ only to be resurrected along with the wicked when all the wicked were raised from the dead and the end of the millennium.

Before trying to retrace the millennium just a thought on Noah’s ark. When it finally grounds and the doors are opened in Heaven not only do God’s people come out but so do all those animals that God ( Bible talk) led onto the ark come out also. As there is no sin, or possibility of sin there will be no death and all animals will be vegetarians. Now the millennium. At the start of the millennium I take planet earth as existing with two shells around it.

The first  shell above the earth, which could be symbolised by the first shell of magnetism around the earth, which I think is called the Van Ellen radiation  belt contains two groups which will soon make a grand entry onto the planet; satan and his angels and the wicked. Way beyond the seventh shell are the redeemed but they will only come down to a new Heaven and earth, not to the existing one. ( they do come reasonably close in the battle against the beast, or Gog) . It is planet earth that is the subject of the  foolish virgins in this millennium and the more I think about it very little else .

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**** Revision: A wave of evil of incredibly size has just swept planet earth with the combination of beast and dragon and would take quite some time to subside but miraculously the satan component is removed and satan is thrown into the abyss. The height of the wave is not 666 because satan contributes 333 and the beast the other 333 because the numbers are not additive.If I do one evil and then another they don’t just add up to two but much, much more and evil gets away very quickly. Evil appears additive at first but that is only satan getting his foot in the door. So the number 666 could easily be made up of 3 and 3 and once one of the threes is withdrawn the wave height drops back to just 3. It will be restored to 666 when the dragon rejoins with his evil angels when Scripture will add ‘woe’ to the events.

The other player waiting to enter the arena are the wicked, including those 144 million who had died in ‘ the name of the Lord’ and certainly have not received the mark of the beast, they were prepared to die instead of receiving its mark. Today it does not matter how little I know and what evil I do ( providing I repent of it) I am classed as sleeping virgin. the separation into wheat and tares, into wise and foolish will not occur until the last 45 days of the church’s existence on earth. And here lies the real difficulty with the 144 million foolish virgins. Not only did they not receive the mark of the beast and were martyred as their reward, they have come from a pure Bible based church. This church has just been through 1,150 of persecution and were on their last. The choice the beast had given them ‘ sign this piece of paper saying that you believe in evolution by this date and receive your plastic card or be declared a terrorist organisation with its subsequent consequences’. To which they all replied ‘ thank you  but no thank you’  and here formed those blood stained fields from which this new harvest would come and the majority of the dead foolish virgins. This new harvest originated because of the change of tactics by the beast.

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Whereas before his tactic was to trap anyone and everyone hoping to get just one there in amongst them who would repent during the 1,260 years the door of mercy was to be kept open for causing Jesus to return to save that soul, now it becomes a question of allegiance. The beast attributes his loss on Good Friday to allegiance and this cannot happen in the soon coming battle. Get rid of those who could possibly turn against him, the Christians and ‘good riddance to bad rubbish! When satan admits to his Piltdown Man version 2 fraud, the ages of the earth and the accuracy of the Bible, this wave of Christians  came from today’s red letter Christians and became red faced Christians. They are indeed true faith. How can so  many of them go to hell?

The simply fact is they are not here on planet earth at this time so they must be either in the first shell above about to make an entrance or in the seventh shell waiting for a much later entrance. If they are in the first shell they will come back with all the wicked dead, because they are wicked, but that will not be until the end of our period of study, the millennium. If they are in the seventh shell then they were taken there by Jesus at the start of the millennium; the resurrection of the righteous.

We have had a brief look at the shells above earth and now at earth itself, where the wave height of evil has dropped from 666 back to 3.( crash lost approx 800 words) If evil has this cumulative effect effect then so does good. If the first three of evil is the foot in the door then the second three will let in much more evil than the first. Thus 3 and 3 can equal 666. So it can be with good. If you begin to read the Bible ( the first three of good), even if that be for the purposes of ridiculing it and this leads you to accept Jesus ( the second three of good) then in this case 3 and 3 equal 777! Returning back to planet earth and the beast who is now solely in control .

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It is still the same head, the fourth head that is in control that was there seconds before at the second coming. This head is so nasty that it is the only one that does not receive an empire. The first head was Babylon, the second was Medes and Persians and the third was Greece but the fourth is beyond description. At the first coming it was Rome, at the second coming there look to be a number of contenders but in reality if you look they are only trying to appease the United States of America. The two forces of evil will have recombined for the third coming and only Heaven knows what the literal name of this head will be. We can only guess but we do know that evil will have peaked again for this event.

This head on this beast will only be interested in existing not as the top dog but as the only dog. Any challenge to its  to its authority will be met by ruthless and brute force. If the challenging nation has nuclear weapons then it will be messy indeed and large amounts of land will be sterilized for millions of years. This will allow the beast to show off some of his altruism. It will hand back the land to the original peoples with the caveat that it is only to be for a million years, just in case the land becomes usable and it wants it back!

Providing there is no challenge to its authority this beast and the one world religion it set up will allow almost anything. The first thing that needs to be proven is that it was those Bible based fundamentalist that were the cause of friction in this world by insisting that their God, Jesus Christ was the only God and any other gods were just demons. They are all gone! It is quite amazing that it allows the Christian God all that space in that tiny city of Jerusalem! Many others also build their temples there, very similar to the original temple and the only way John can tell the true temple is to measure it and count the worshipers there. No temple could be built in the original position as the abomination that causes desolation had desolated the area when throwing those original temple stones off each other. ‘ Everyone will be thrown down!’

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At first glance it appears that the remaining 144,000 foolish virgins are left in an untenable position. They are surrounded by people who were ready to kill them and had killed their brothers and sisters. All the others were delighted by the slaughter and all are marked by the beast as ‘mine and ready for battle’ hardly someone you would want to associate with let alone pray for! I  think if you dig a little deeper you would find the foolish virgins have come out of the great Biblical tribulation with their own kind of christ, it goes without saying that he is better than the Biblical one and they are surprised and upset by those fundamentalists for being so rigid in their interpretation of the Bible, actually they are quite glad those fundamentalists have gone! They quote the example of what can happen when you are reasonable with the authorities; not only did they get the temple buildings they got the courtyard as well!

But now the judgment of the creature that looks like an eagle; the divinity of Christ. It goes without saying that gloating is not a part of the picture; it is demonic and was why satan closed the door of mercy on himself at the cross; was what closed the door of mercy on the preflood world and what finally closed the door of mercy on humanity when people gloated at the two witnesses death. The opposite of gloating is praying for your enemy. But how can you pray for someone who wants to kill you, gets great delight out of seeing you suffer and has the mark of the beast on them! Even Jesus does not offer them the alternative of taking their place in hell for them. Even Jesus has given up with them! ( see chapter 14:9-13, the third angels message. )  Note that verse 13 begins with ” Write:”.  There is no stronger admonition than being ordered to write. ‘ Blessed are they who die in the name of the Lord.’  You are right, this offer only applies to those who do not have the mark of the beast. They may have written themselves off from this offer but they are still God’s creation.

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The invitation to the wedding stands, they will continue to receive Christ’s refreshing showers and food producing sunshine and above all Jesus still suffered for their unintentional sins in hell! Jesus does not give up with us, nor does satan until we take our last breaths. The wicked have not written themselves off from prayer just from being offered the alternative of Jesus doing their suffering in hell. What is easy to confuse here is the difference between receiving the mark and death. You do pray for people who have the mark, but you do not pray for the dead. Why?

I am alive now but if I am dead in twelve hours time then my earthly journey is over. In that journey I came up to a fork in the road. Its right hand side had a very narrow path with the words ‘ Jesus Christ’ written on them and what looked like a particularly narrow door at the end. That path had very few people on it and they seemed like a most uninteresting lot. Compared to the left hand fork which was the exact opposite. Wide, crowded, glittering lights, the works. The choice was easy! LHS. But could I argue with Jesus that ‘ the glitter that you did allow there did deceive and I turned left. If you had not allowed this glitter I would have turned right and been in Heaven. So where is your problem?  It must be established that this was an intentional sin, rejecting Christ and by doing so I have fallen asleep on satan’s territory. I am his and I will wake up at the end of the millennium with the wicked as his instrument. I will do exactly as he orders me to do. He will be waiting for me at my resurrection and will take control of me immediately. I will not be called out of Babylon because I am not in Babylon, they are the living for whom prayers are effective and I am a part of the dead for whom prayers are a waste of time!. I will not fight in the battle of the living beast but will fight in the battle my master has kept aside for me, satan’s battle. Thus all of the unholy trinity will have been thrown into hell, just as those last seven hours of planet earth’s existence begins. I did not need the mark of the beast as my master was satan and at death I gave him my allegiance.

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This still leaves us with the problem of the 144 million virgins who were martyred at the second coming.

The saints in Heaven do perform their priestly roles with Christ for a thousand years. Theirs is a prayer role. But more than just a prayer role is expected from the 144,000 foolish virgins of earth. As well as prayer a hands on role is expected of them. The fact that they do not respond cannot be blamed on a lack of time. They have been given a thousand years. Why the lack of response? It could only be intentional ( like Adam) or unintentional ( like Eve).

If it is unintentional then it becomes an unintentional sin and along with all unintentional sins passes onto Jesus Christ from planet earth. There is no chance of evil satan jumping up and contaminating Heaven he is securely bound. The wave of evil that is here is particularly small so Heaven’s presence is nearby. If Jesus had not foreseen this unintentional sin on Good Friday then He is going to have to return to earth pay the price for it so that it can be written off, forgotten.

The scenario changes if it was intentional sin. It stays with the 144,000 foolish virgins and unless they pass it onto the scapegoat whilst it is here on earth for 1,260 days, they will have to pay for this sin in hell themselves.

It would be wrong for me to judge you just as it would be wrong for you to judge me. Neither of us knows whether we are living according to the light that has been shown to us, which is all we are expected to do. Neither should we judge Eve. We do know she was given an earthly body which bar sinning, would be alive for an eternity. She had immortality of both body and mind. Her intelligence and that of the preflood generations was many factors higher than us today as mutations had only begun their downhill journey.

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Yet despite all this intelligence she could not see that what satan was offering her was mortality in exchange for her immortality! How cleverly does the master deceiver present his arguments today where even the most intelligent fall for them? How cleverly does this arch deceiver present doors for us to walk through and assures us that they lead to the correct door into Heaven? The deceiver will tell you that nothing can become something, that rabbits can be drawn out of hats even though the hat had nothing in it before and only morons and cretins would doubt this ‘miracle’ and look for the Christ of creation. And most will fall for all those glittering lights and fail to see the real Sonlight. When Eve realised she had traded immortality for mortality and all its suffering she expressed her anger by enmity towards satan, but in reality that anger should have been against herself. Yet Jesus gives satan the credit ( or should that be blame) for this act of deceit and does not count the sin as intentional, but as unintentional.

Now Adam was a different kettle of fish altogether. He presented his excuses first. It is not as if he waited for Eve to give her excuse first, see that she got away with it and then thought ‘ I will give it a go also”.  He went first. ‘ the woman that You did put there did deceive me and I did sin. So where is your problem Lord? If you had not put the woman there I would not have sinned!’ When Eve handed Adam either a part of the eaten fruit ( if it was a grape it might have been a very large grape or even a part of the bunch was missing) , Adam was not deceived. What he was seeing was the fruit they had been told not to eat as it would bring disastrous consequences, was not a deception. He may not have realised that he could gain the ability to see evil for what is, evil but he did know that God’s commandment had been broken. ( in Heaven we loose the ability to see and do evil ). His choice and our choice was clear cut. It is on this choice that our ins will be judged as intentional or unintentional. He could go with the woman or go to God, and he chose Eve.

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We now have to transfer this situation to what I guess are the 288 million Christians of the second coming. The particular problem that has developed is why does Heaven expect us to pray for horrible people who have the mark of the beast yet we are not to pray for those 144 million who refused to receive the mark of the beast and were martyred for their refusal? Also how can there be so many foolish virgins come out of such a pure church as that of the Bible based tribulation? Let us go back and follow two red letter Christians on day 1,151 out of his allotted 1,260 days. This is the first day after the beast has changed tactics and instead of quantity he is now going to focus on quality of his recruits. The beast admits to forging those numbers for the age of the earth and admits to the accuracy and validity of the Bible. So if those red letter Christians were deceived because Christ had allowed satan using science so called to throw doubt on the Bible their excuses of ‘ I was deceived because you allowed satan to use science to deceive me’ are now gone. Deceit gone, so what happens from now on must be intentional. Both red letter Christians now become red faced Christians and vow never to doubt God’s word again. What is particularly embarrassing to them was the con job they had believed in. At least there was something cunning about Piltdown man, something believable, not so with the millions and billions of years. That was just a case of brute force; you either sing from this song sheet your given or you go and whistle in the wind!

This doesn’t explain the situation after satan has admitted to the reliability of the Bible. Both red faced Christians, sleeping virgins at this stage have the same Bible yet one will wake up to be wise and the other to be foolish. They have the same common denominator; they were both red letter Christians and here lies the problem. They both have 140 days for the great slaughter to begin but they both are not necessarily living according to the light that has been shown them; that maybe a part of the problem. As a Bible based or fundamentalist Christian if I want to give a red letter Christian a heart attack all I have to do is to ask to teach Scripture in one of their schools! It’s massive, its irreversible and its instant! What do they see is so wrong with the Jesus that I would teach? More to the point what Jesus do they teach? If they ignore the book of Genesis their jesus could be anything. If he uses evolution as a means of creation then their jesus is indeed a cruel and inefficient jesus.

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The worst part of their scenario is they don’t realise that Genesis is the basis of Christianity, and without it you can come up with any mumbo jumbo you can think of.  The first thing that both our Christians do is to go back to the book of Genesis, one accepts it and the other has problems with it; they do not, One becomes wise and the other foolish!

The foolish one has made a decision and it is intentional. If they were to die, and that includes being martyred their decision stands; they are foolish because they have in reality chosen satan. He is the only, the default option to the Biblical Jesus and their history is recorded at length in the book of Revelation. Satan was waiting for them at the resurrection of the wicked. prepared them so they did not repent at the third coming; then prepared them for the final battle with him as leader. They are the dead and they become the dead at their deaths. The book of life was only an option for the living even though they all had the mark of the beast. And that is why you pray for the living and not for the dead. Their fate was sealed at their deaths as either wise or Heaven bound or foolish and hell bound.

The armies of Heaven fell behind their leader at the fourth coming, the church of Thyatira. They began their march to Heaven but after seven months encountered the Canaanites, the living blocking their paths, the church of Sardis. The Canaanites were defeated with only their leader, the rider of the white horse swinging his sword. It took them only seven days to arrive at the doors of Philadelphia where a rather large army was blocking them from passing through these doors. Again the battle was short and swift, even more one sided than the previous one. There was a seven hour period of final cleansing and defilement when they arrived at the boundary line, on one side was Heaven and those who went into Heaven and on the other those who did not; good oil was the determining factor here. More on this in chapter 22. We have finally passed through Laodicea and onto the last two chapters of Heaven; 21 and 22.

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Verse 1; ‘ Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any seas.’

We are not told of the time span where in the previous chapter the living and the dead are thrown into hell and these new Heavens and earth appear. If that time span was seven hours it may indicate that the fires of hell burnt for seven hours. When they extinguished themselves there was no more evil to consume. Perfection had begun as the eternities to come and only now God’s perfection does not have to be confined because it will be defiled by sin. That hell that has just raged could easily have consumed both the old earth and heaven and every atomic and subatomic particles present. It is indeed a new Heaven and Earth. ( Capitol letters as it also now becomes the dwelling place of Jesus Christ)  Something became nothing and now nothing has become the something of eternity!  As the new Earth is much smaller than the original one there may not be enough room for sea and the water of this Earth is of a particular rare kind.

Verse 2; ‘ I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.’

This section was covered in detail in Daniel ( 9:24-27). Here the subject of these verses was not that it was decreed that your people, which would have happened at sixty nine and a half weeks but because your holy city was also included this extended the time frame out by another 1,260 days and thus the text of seventy ‘sevens’. It took God’s people another 1,260 days after the cross of Good Friday to establish themselves as a church. They were 1,260 days journey into their crossing of the Jordan, far enough to see the man in white above the waters so there was no chance of them returning back to Egypt.

Page 249

The dwelling place of this church, the Holy City was the prime concern of Christ and He did not consider His mission ( verses 24 to 27) completed until this had happened. Well here is the real thing, its here. And just as much love and care has gone into this dwelling place for His people as nearly for the people themselves! All this could be summarised best as ‘ from God’.

Verse 3; ‘ And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, ” Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God” ‘.

Finally the smoke has cleared from the Most Holy Place, the Holy of Holies. God’s anger has abated and He allows us to move into His direct presence and live with Him. We are not imagining this as the call is loud and clear, and it is coming from  the area into which we are about to move. We did not think it could get any better than where we were, and to our surprise we find that it actually can and does. We now see, but still cannot appreciate perfection, and never will. Now ‘ Our Father Who art in Heaven, glorified be your name …’ comes to fruition.

Verse 4; ‘ He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.’

The fires of hell have been extinguished, every trace of this universe down to the last subatomic particle have disappeared and the new is sinless, undefiled  universe, nor can it be defiled and along with it all those tears of life. The ark has bumped into the ground, God opens that door and all walk onto the new earth. Our birthdays, and that of all those animals is first measured in thousands of years, then millions, then trillions…. If the robe of righteousness that Jesus wove for me includes my unintentional sins, as the burnt offering seems to imply, then there will be traces of those tears there, but also the reassurance that it can’t happen again. It is because of that burnt offering, the daily sacrifice that we are there and it is what we will celebrate for an eternity.

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Verse 5; ‘ He who was seated on the throne said, ” I am making everything new!” Then he said, ” Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true ” ‘.

Again we come to the admonition of ” Write this down” which means these words are particularly hurtful and demolish one of satan’s major arguments. It is difficult to keep up with secular’s view of the universe. In the last few days its age has increased from 13.6 to 13.8 billion years! To age by 200,000 years in a matter of days it would not be an exaggeration to say is it getting older! At this rate even the most imaginative minds would find it difficult to see where it will be in a years time let alone a hundred years time! Satan has decided that his billions of years  are not even a drop of water when compared with Heaven’s eternities so more zeros must be added! This could even be the last death throws of old ages!  But now we find that before the big bang there was another big bang! No wonder earmuff manufacturers are gearing up for a big rush!  The Bible says this universe is here for a very short period of time ( I suggest and try to make a case for 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours the period in which we are in) . It will be destroyed and replaced by a new Heaven and earth which will last for the eternities to come.

Verse 6; ‘ He said to me: ” It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning  and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life.” ‘

With this verse comes the end of those seven last hours. Jesus Christ was the start and now Jesus Christ is the finish of the old system but also the start and continuation of the new world which will have no end. There is no sea but the waters of life will continue to gush from the spring of the waters of life, there is no need to mention time anymore as in our world today which is dying and about to die from thirst.

Page 251

This thirst is quenched and therefore no more death in this newly started world by the spring of water of life, Jesus Christ. Our seas were also the source of life on earth but they were only a shadow and reflection of the real source of life; Christ. They themselves were but the source of life whereas Jesus Christ is life and its source simultaneously. Even if their salinity was much lower before Noah’s flood they still were only a pointer to life itself. It is they which receive the full brunt of God’s anger in both the trumpets and then the bowls. Those springs of the water of life are available to us today which so few will take advantage of. They much prefer satan’s springs of the waters of death and fermentation; alcohol in its myriad of forms!

Verse 7; ‘ He who overcomes will inherit all this, and I will be his God and he will be my son.’

Those places in Heaven are available to only those who want to be there. To be put into Heaven for an eternity with Christ when you didn’t want to spend any part of your life with Him on earth would have to be some form of hell itself and it there is one thing that Scripture teaches is that you have no worry whatsoever that this will occur. It also teaches that Heaven could do no more for you other than removing your free will and making you into a robot!

This could be one of the verses that the beast models his vision about what allegiance means. It is that of Peter when everyone was abandoning Jesus and He asked His apostles if they were going to leave too; Peter’s reply was what the beast modeled his vision on; ‘ where else do we have to go? You are our one and  all.’  This again is an earthly indicator that at least some of our problems on earth will be woven into our robe of righteousness to remind from where we have been rescued.

Page 252

We do indeed have much to overcome on earth and our efforts close when our books of life close at death. Our fate is decided at this point. Scripture’s use of gender here is rather puzzling as there is no gender in Heaven. All have received Christ’s robe of righteousness.

Verse 8; ‘ But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murders, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars — their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulphur. This is the second death. ” ‘/

The question of gender in the New Heaven is a difficult one and may require more than just these verses to determine. It would have been settled had Lazarus’s daughter died and Jesus had resurrected her as a son. We could say that our resurrected Lazarian bodies are male, but this did not happen. We know that on earth we are male and female and therefore called ‘ children of Christ’. Even in Heaven had there been the slightest suggestion of sexuality under our robes of righteousness then this would have contradicted what Jesus had told us about Heaven and introduced the problems associated with sexuality. Scripture would have addressed us as ‘ and they will be my children’ and not ‘ he will be my son’. So it appears that all our new bodies in Heaven are uniform and are more male than female as judged by Heavenly standards. But I can’t see what all the  kaffovel is about; he will be my son or she will be my daughter! It is about the perfect relationship between Christ and His child; father and son. When our lovely Mel told us she was pregnant with her first child, I prayed for Jesus to send us another little granddaughter and that this granddaughter would grow up to be a loving child just like her mum. ( Our grandson is due on 11/11/16.)

Page 253

Verse 8 is also quite difficult, It is putting a marker in history between the old creation, all seven sevens of it and the New Creation which is just seven. ( the weekly Sabbath Day of eternity). There is no direct commandments that says ‘ thou shalt not be a coward, be an unbeliever, be vile or not practice magic arts. There are commandments that say ‘ thou shalt not be sexually immoral, murder, idolatry and lying. These are the basic tenets on which the parent child relationship exists, more specifically the God- son relationship. There is only one alternative to this relationship and that is hell where we will cease to exist.  On this world we should try to begin to foster these qualities even if it means we only dream about them. What we can’t do Jesus has already done in full and confirmed this by calling ‘ it is finished’. Our dreams are a reality in Jesus!

Verse 9; ‘ One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls full of the seven last plagues came and said to me, ” Come, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb.”

Which of the seven angels has made the most preparation for the entrance of the bride? They all have but the last one has just cracked the nut of evil open allowing for the flood of end day events to occur. The others put this nut under stress but the last one actually cracked it. The number must be significant as Scripture allocates sixteen words to it.

We may not all be called ‘ sons of God’ now but Jesus has already removed the tag of; coward, unbeliever (?), vile, murderer, sexually immoral, idolaters and liar from our charges and we are now God’s children. Providing we do not call Him a liar and do not believe Him in His Word that would allow us to try to communicate with ‘ Our Father Who is in Heaven….’

Page 254

He clearly wants us to communicate with Him and ask Him questions like ‘ which one of the seven angels was involved? By asking which angel was involved in Chapter 17 actually allowed us to solve the riddle there. It is not rocket science, there are only seven angels involved and the section we seek answers to is of major importance; the Bride, the wife of the Lamb and the eternities about to begin. So let us look at the seven contenders;

1; The angel of the first bowl; Started final events of last days rolling immediately after the third coming when the door of mercy had closed to Heaven. The scapegoat was taken out of the temple and led by the man appointed  into the desert. It carried all the confessed intentional sins of God’s people and it experienced the beginning of God’s wrath. It began the process of God’s destruction of a world He had created in love on the first day of creation week. Whatever the destructive agent he used caused sores to break out on all those who had the mark of the beast. we are not told. So if this angel started the end day processes he may also be responsible for starting those processes for the start of eternity.

2; The angel of the second bowl: Was responsible for the destruction for the destruction of the sea, he made it uninhabitable and repulsive something God had created in love on the second day of His creative acts. This was a devastating blow to planet earth and as the sea is not reintroduced into the New Heavens and Earth this angel maybe the one who is introducing Heaven’s substitute for these missing oceans.

3; The angel of the third bowl; Was responsible for the destruction of earth’s drinking waters, they became blood. These waters, rivers were created by God in love on day three as the land rose out of the sea, the waters flowed off it. This angel may be responsible for restoring these waters from which we are to drink from in the eternities to come.

Page 255

4; The angel of the fourth bowl; Was responsible for turning up the solar furnace and to bring people down to their knees. The people already had no water to drink and became even more parched in this heat which probably also killed much of the plant life. Christ had created the sun on day four of creation week in love to give life and energy to His creation and now the exact opposite is happening in wrath. But the life that is being destroyed now is not just plant life, it is life itself. ‘ And they cursed God and refused to repent’ was the result. So this angel could be of particular interest to us not only because he could tell us about the creation of the new Heavens but also the life that replaced those who cursed God and refused to repent.

5; The angel of the fifth bowl: Was a major player in end day events and much time was spent on his accomplishments. When flooded by a lack of, or supernumerary number of ideas you are supposed to follow our Lord’s admonition and go back to the earthly step, the Old Testament. Moses’s bronze snake in the desert. In my previous analysis of the bowls I separated the last three bowls as ‘ woe ‘ bowls ( not in Scripture) and there maybe more correlation between the acts of love of Genesis and the acts of wrath of Revelation . Day five of creation was one stage before Christ’s pinnacle of His creative acts: mankind. It  was the day that the overwhelmingly and unimaginably complex phylum of birds ( especially if this included insects)  and fish was created. Whatever trimmings were added on day six before God created us and which ones felt pain. which one had a ‘soul’ and could form relationships with humans and the others issues have been covered extensively by others and are not of my concern here, What is of my concern that at the end of all His acts of creation Jesus knelt down, took some clay and by breathing His Divine Breath into this clay He formed my Ancestors. If the clay He used then was similar to the clays of today  ( ie. was mostly inorganic and contained all the minerals of today’s clays . If we cremate 150 grams of today’s clay and this leaves 125 grams of residue and a typical human body also leaves 125 grams of ash after cremation then the original portion size of clay that Jesus took would also have been 150 grams

Page 256

. The breath that Jesus inhaled and then exhaled was the source of the oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon, sulphur etc and other organics in our body.)  It is not the carbon in a 200 million dollar diamond that gives it this value, it is the arrangement of the carbon atoms that give it its value, the carbon itself is almost worthless. Thus is it with humans: It is Christ’s breath and the arrangement of these atoms that make us priceless, not the elements themselves.

The fifth bowl is also more significant than I first thought. Yes it is the final stage before bowl six when the armies of the world form to fight Christ in those final two battles. Creation will have finished and day seven destruction for the eternities to come can begin. But what that has happened is that bowl five has followed bowl four. There the harlot was sitting of the beast, they appeared inseparable. When the people cursed God and refused to repent the beast out of the sea and the beast out of the earth were one. Either or both could be responsible for this blasphemy, although the beast out of the sea never blames his evil on anyone else. In fact whenever evil comes up he stands up and calls ‘ mine and over my dead body!’

This is not the case of the beast out of the earth within me, that one responsible for the false religion. It must be judged and condemned as guilty before it is punished and destroyed. On a macro scale this is easy to see how the pope is inferior to the UN and how they turn on each other and the pope is destroyed, and this is why he has pleaded ‘ not guilty to the charges of cursing and non repentance’. ‘ The beast that You did put there did make me do these things and if I had not done them he would have destroyed me! So where is your problem  Lord?’. As already stated I can’t see how Jesus makes this distinction within me on a micro scale.

Page 257

It is in the fifth bowl and the chapter 17 combined that we are given these details. It would certainly help to understand the events of the first five days of creation as without them Jesus could not have gone about about day six of creation: man at least fully and adequately. Questions like how important is the sea, rivers, plants , stars, fish and birds to our existence and what would happen had Jesus not created one or more of these?  Thus the sixth bowl could not have attained it Divine requirements without the first bowls and the final stage of preparation for the assembly of armies against God could not have happened without bowl five. The issues of punishment, suffering and death can only be executed if this was the judgement of Christ. The original charges were based on the law of Christ and it was very specific: ‘ If you eat from this tree you will surely die’. Our disobedience has exceeded our first parents by a factor of billions but just as in their case God’s justice wants to determine if this disobedience is intentional or unintentional, particularly if we did not know or could not do. In these cases He covers for these sins Himself and carries the suffering and death on Himself. ( If Ken L. every reads this blog this next idea came from you and at the time seemed con-traversal).

The original rebellion in Heaven by satan and all those evil angels could have involved intentional and unintentional sins all of which for both good and evil  beings are covered by Christ on Good Friday on Mount Calvary. Had satan repented of those intentional sins and confessed them they too would passed onto the cross and satan would have been saved. Instead satan and all of his evil angels were present at the cross and gloated thereby cementing their places in hell. This same mechanism of cementing their place in hell is available to all; both Christians and non Christians; gloat at the misfortune of your enemies! There is no doubt whether this is intentional or unintentional whatsoever! In other words is it Christ like or satan like?

Page 258

If satan ever put up a case for unintentional sin he destroyed his own case by his gloating at the cross. The beast out of the sea never put up any defence for his evil and pleaded ‘guilty!’ So that only leaves us with the beast out of the sea within me, false religion and also on a macro scale as in local and world wide churches. It is this topic that is addressed in the fifth bowl and chapter 17. All that Scripture seems to be concerned with here is the macro scale. John’s bewilderment at the ugly harlot on the beast could not have involved the micro scale and only the macro scale is being addressed and with this explanation the mystery has been explained.

The unholy trinity have a checked history indeed. They could not have been that well united at the first coming because even if they did form a team against Jesus to trap Him only the beast was destroyed by the fires of hell only to be resurrected by Divine order. Their partnership did not reach its zenith until the second coming of Jesus where His arrival was met by a mountainous wave of evil. They knew that even if there was to be 1,780 years still to follow that this was the end of the play and in reality only one curtain call. The other calls involved theological issues and eternity. This strong partnership is immediately broken at the second coming when satan is miraculously removed from earth for the millennium. It is Scripture that uses the term ‘ he must be released ‘ and released he is to reform the unholy trinity. Not that long after however the beast out of the earth is thrown into the abyss leaving that repulsive harlot sitting like a shag on a rock. She is that far out of touch with reality she has not learnt the most basic rules of grooming and dress. She has adorned herself  with all those beautiful expensive trinkets which only contrast her ugliness and makes her repulsiveness become nauseating. We who have not been endowed with good looks, an euphemism for ugly, know that the trick is to hide ugliness in ugliness and wear baggy, flabby, ragy and draggy clothing at least cutting out some of that contrast.

Page 259

The fact that the beast out of the earth curses God and refuses to repent is a strike against the beast at all three levels. If the people are thrilled to see the beast out of the sea reappear this would be a further strike against them. The fact they are astonished to see him back again shows that not only did they think the two could not be separated but once separated could not be rejoined and this was their main defensive weapon in the battle to come; he had just disappeared!

But where is satan’s role in all  this as a part of the unholy trinity? Why couldn’t it be that it is satan that is the source of the cursing and refusing to repent. We know it can’t be the beast out of the sea because it has been thrown into the abyss, but that still leaves satan and the beast out of the earth behind.

Satan’s role has for the most part been covered. When released from the abyss at the end of the millennium he still had his great chain around him which would have greatly limited his actions. This limitation may have been made up for by the release of all those high ranking angels that were thrown into the abyss at creation. Having had a sampling of hell  meant that all these evil angels now would not leave one stone unturned in avoiding hell.

His last chance of recruitment was at the second coming and was successful beyond his widest dreams. I have 288 million being martyred at this time and only a half, 144 million are wise, wait under the altar having been given their robes and are taken to Heaven with Jesus. The other 144 million are foolish and die as wicked to be resurrected with the wicked at the end of the millennium.  These are satan’s last harvest; the dead. Anyone dying after the millennium die as the living and belong to the beast and will be resurrected along with all those who die with the beast as their leader. The living 144,000 foolish virgins do not belong to satan as they are living.

Page 260

Satan would not have encouraged one soul to curse God and refuse to repent at the third coming of Jesus with His two witnesses, in fact he wanted the exact opposite to happen; he wanted just one soul, any soul to repent. This would have necessitated the return of Jesus back to earth to save that soul and weave a robe of righteousness for it. The only thing that changed when the door of mercy was closed into Heaven when Jesus returned there with His two witnesses was Christ put salvation plan B into place and withdrew plan A. No one could now get into Heaven but Jesus would still come to earth and go to the cross for any repenting soul to abolish their intentional sins. They couldn’t  go to Heaven but they wouldn’t go to hell either!  So it is unlikely satan was responsible for the cursing of God and the refusal to repent. That only leaves the beast out of the earth.

So the fifth angel is responsible for precipitating the very end day events. The hop was the millennium, the step to the fifth angel and now the jump to the end of time. If this is the angel being refereed to the it is a very privileged angel. Not only was it responsible for those last day events where that last judgment that was needed took place it was also responsible for the beginning of the events of eternity.

The angel of the sixth bowl has had all the ground work done for him; Judgment has occurred on all and all he has to do now is to line them up and dish out the punishment, which is what happens under this bowl. ( the lining up part at least) Even when you see on TV what two to three million pilgrims look like when they meet in Mecca it is difficult to extrapolate this to fourteen billion!  ( approx 70,000 times more!) . But this could be the number of troops being gathered on both sides of the Euphrates River by the unholy trinity for what is going to be only one battle at this stage: Armageddon. This angel then is the one of preparation and he might also prepare us for Heaven.

Page 261

Just a bit of old fashioned speculation about how the final battle of Armageddon would have been fought had not that split occurred under the seventh bowl. At the second coming, which could quite easily be me and thee, the beast ( both together and will remain so until the fifth bowl) prepared his troops meticulously. To receive his mark they had to score 100% for allegiance, but he did not mark everyone. In fact there were 144 million foolish virgins who were prepared to die rather than receive his mark, and die they did. So there are at least 144 million people on earth at this time who have not received the mark of the beast. That is just from the times of the second coming and probably many more over the history of time. So what happens to these unmarked dead? Should the beast worry about their allegiance? Will they turn on him in the heat of the battle just like happened on Good Friday?

We are told it is concerned about the allegiance of the 144,000 foolish virgins who have been alive now for almost 1,780 years and is now on his way to sort this lot out. Heaven calls at the same time ‘ blessed are they who die in the name of the Lord’. Heaven knows the beast is on his way to kill them. So these foolish virgins ( 144,000 is really quite a small number) see the beast approaching and realise he is going to kill them unless they receive his mark. They will then march with him against the rider of the white horse; so they will be killed by Jesus. If they don’t receive his mark the beast will kill them but they will be blessed because they died in the name of the Lord. They choose the mark and are killed by the rider of the white horse.

If the beast makes such a big deal out of those relatively few 144,000 then surely he is going to do something about those at least 144 million who have not received his mark and in fact died in preference to receiving it. There are quite a number of major differences of the condition and treatment of the living and dead, in fact they are diametrically opposed. All rights and privileges die with death and here we have just another example. The beast does not have anything to do with this lot, they belong to satan.

Page 262

So that flash in the sky at the second coming determines and defines quite a number of bench marks. It is; the start of the millennium; satan rose to meet Jesus from coming down and is locked up in the abyss; the wicked living at this time belong to the beast and are marked as his; the wicked dead, including those 144 million unmarked foolish virgins all belong to satan; those who are under the altar with their robes are resurrected and taken to Heaven; the 144,000 wise virgins are taken up with Jesus.

So there was already a demarcation had taken place even at the stage when there was going to be one battle plan. The living had crossed the river and were to lead the battle under the beast’s leadership and the dead , and the dead would follow under satan’s leadership and were of no concern to the beast which marks they had or did not have. So at death there are only two domains as options and they belong to two terrains; satan or Christ. The sixth bowl, like the sixth day of creation, like the sixth trumpet was where the heavy lifting was done and so also this angel be responsible for the heavy lifting into the new Heavens, specifically into the New Jerusalem.

The angel of the seventh bowl: Was as at the seventh day of creation or the seventh seal or the seventh trumpet; its all over. God’s wrath is complete!  The scapegoat has been pushed over the cliff  ( It was Christ’s Divinity that put His humanity on that cross) and even though there is a definite time period for this scapegoat to be dashed and destroyed the man who has been appointed to do this now returns to the temple and the final part of the Day of Atonement Ceremony can now begin. That Heavenly consecration of the saints and the application of the blood of the Lamb can now begin once those smoldering ruins cool down.

Page 263

The bowls of God’s wrath were consecutive events and the reason the fifth bowl appears out of sequence is that during its time slot the events of chapter 17 occurred. Here however time is sequential; chapter 21 follows on from chapter 20, so it is quite possible that the seventh angel not just pours out his bowl but watches the consequences of his actions which lead to the first battle of the beast, followed by the battle which satan leads. resurrection and final casting into hell the corpses of both battles, extinction of the fires of hell and now verse nine and following.

Verse 10; ‘ And he carried me away in the Spirit to a mountain great and high, and showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God’.

One problem here is that of defilement and it is addressed on two levels; Spirit and mountain. The question of defilement would have worried all the apostles but was particularly expressed by Paul because he was the only one who went through the Road to Damascus incident. What Paul struggled with was when he was taken up to Heaven he experienced the full wonder and beauty of Heaven but he returned back to earth in relatively good, certainly functioning shape. But when on the Road to Damascus the vision he saw was only partial, the others present knew there was something strange going on but they managed to run away and Paul was left blind? How could this be?

If his physical body and that of the other twelve was in Heaven why wasn’t he blinded and maimed? Wouldn’t they all have defiled Heaven with entry of sin soaked bodies something that Jesus had cleansed with His blood on entry? Paul continued to struggle with this question: what part of him was in Heaven at, just before and just after three o’clock of that Good Friday.

Page 264

If defilement of that Heaven where sinful earth was still in full bloom was a problem then how much more so is it going to be a problem after the last trace of sin disappears and perfection begins? So John’s physical body and even his mind were a problem at this stage. A solution maybe that the Holy Spirit is here showing John this vision and John is not within coee of the New Jerusalem.

The apostles presence, including Paul would have set them on the straight and narrow path to Heaven; they lived not by faith but by sight. It certainly would have simplified the problem of presenting credentials. When Paul wanted to establish and present his credentials to James or Peter or whoever all he had to do was say ‘ I was there!’ End of matter; go teach the Gospel would have been Peter’s response! Satan the arch deceiver would have tried to take advantage of this situation but his appearance in Heaven was in a life and death struggle, hardly a situation where he pick out any outstanding features so their credentials could quite easily be established; all Peter had to do was to draw a square on the ground and ask ” Where was the black spot, how big was it and how did you know that this black spot was Heaven’s channel to planet earth?” If they tried to qualify this by adding who was seated next to them or across the circle or the throne they were clearly impostors from whom the Holy Spirit would have warned them about anyway. The radiance on their faces would have been a give away also.

The above scenario leaves us with at least three problems; Paul’s earthly reactions. Thomas’s doubting and the appointment of Judas’s replacement, Mathias. Paul’s issues have already with. Thomas’s doubting, well welcome back to planet earth from which you were taken and returned in full sinful self. It was the light that he saw that made the difference.

Page 265

But Mathias was a different problem. He had no problem in reproducing the information on the ground, but perhaps the apostles at this early stage did not their judgments and wanted a double proof. They only used this technique later.

The appearance of the Spirit here in this verse was one on the problems the other is this ‘ great and high mountain’ where John is at. I am not sure whether John even in this pure state is being kept away from the New Jerusalem as far as possible and just sees it floating past him to settle down there in the valley below or whether this new city settles on the mountain on which he is standing. This mountain certainly has the right foundations; it is great and high. This would mean that the present Jerusalem which also stands on a great mountain is a symbol of the city to come.

When reading through a text I have no problem if many questions arise as these are the best brain food for me and I am not particularly concerned if the questions are left unanswered. One such quandary is in verses nine and ten. Are we being shown the bride, the wife of the Lamb AND the Holy City or is the Holy City being called the bride and the wife of the Lamb? Maybe even the bride is even inside this Holy City?  This question maybe answered in following texts. And what is the time period involved here? Is it immediately following those last seven hours of the old earth’s existence?

Verse 11; ‘ It shone with the glory of God, and its brilliance was like that of a very precious jewel, like a jasper, clear as crystal ‘.

Page 266

It would be hard to add anything to ‘ the glory of God’ and for the whole thing to resemble jasper would also be hard to imagine. Keep in mind that the one who is writing this and is so impressed is John one who knows the corridors of the old Heaven rather well. Jesus has already told us that one reason He is going back to Heaven is to prepare a place for us there and now we are seeing the results of His efforts. I don’t know why it is jasper and not one of the many other jewels that Scripture uses.

Verse 12; ‘ It had a great, high wall with twelve gates and twelve angels at the gates. On the gates were written the names of the twelve tribes of Israel.’

Even though the concepts of the New Jerusalem cannot be expressed  in any language Scripture still tries to give human beings a sense of belonging we will experience in Heaven. We are allocated now, today in twelve tribes and will be officially placed in our tribe in Heaven. If we ever wander outside of the city for whatever reason there are names on the gates which doesn’t necessarily we have to come back only through the gate with the name of our tribe, it is only there for a sense of belonging. Those walls are the shell that protect that priceless kernel, they are the Ephod  that is worn over the robe of righteousness that protect that priceless kernel inside; Jesus Christ. Can we say that there are four suburbs in Heaven with four lots of three entrances each expressing one of the natures of Jesus? Would you take if given the choice the suburb called the lion or the ox or the man or the eagle?  We will only be able to make our first entrance through the gate that has ” OX ” written on it as it is by His blood that there is entry at all. There was only one entrance into the Most Holy Place but once inside we become one. We may contemplate all four times three entrances but even after an eternity they they will still be a wonder to us!

Page 267

Verse 13; ‘ There are three gates on the east, three gates on the north, three on the south and three on the west. ‘

When we return to the Old Testament more will be explained. But if there are four directions and presumably four walls then why twelve gates and twelve foundations? The earthly Most Holy Place only had three walls and on entrance. But were each of those walls made out of twelve curtains? Unfortunately not and we would need a more detail study of the earthly step of Exodus 26 before even beginning to see some of the light.

Verse 14; ‘ The wall of the city had twelve foundations, and on them were the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb’.

So why aren’t the tribes the foundations for the walls and the apostles their gates? Surely you have to build the foundation first before building a gate on it? Yes that is he usual procedure but if that had happened the foundation would have remained buried  with little interest shown in it. The foundation, Jesus Christ was there from the very start but by building walls and gates on it caused people to question the soundness of the foundations. The early Christian Church took advantage of the gates and walls and began their ministry there. All they had to do was to expose and explain the foundation. This task was far more difficult to the Gentiles who knew nothing about the walls and gates let alone their foundation. It was the apostles of Jesus who preached the foundations and once accepted would allow anyone to enter the walls through those gates.

Verse 15; ‘ The angel who talked with me had a measuring rod of gold to measure the city, its gates and its walls.’

Page 270

It should be of interest the dimensions of this new city and if there is any relationship to the earthly model. This angel if it is the same one as the one who poured out the seventh bowl is a very busy and privileged angel. The measuring stick is of gold and can be trusted. The figures that he gives must have some value to us to teach and instruct us, they are not given to be jeered and sneered at as happens when pearl are placed before swine. What is of interest is not just the city, but its gates and walls which must also give dimensions of foundations. The last time measurements were recorded were by John before the third coming of our Lord. There must have been many temples that looked like God’s original temple but only one had the exact dimensions which were a pointer to this temple, Holy City of eternity.

Verse 16; ‘ The city was laid out like a square, as long as it was wide. He measured the city with the rod and found it to be 12,00 stadia in length, and as wide and high as it is long.’

According to the NIV Bible study this is a cube of some 1,400 miles or about 2,200 kilometers. It is not so much the floor area but its height which is the outstanding feature. Our highest mountain, Everest, is about 8 kilometers high so this is almost 300 times taller. If we just work on land area and assume there will be 144 million saints there we will have about 30,000 square meters per person but that will be to a height of 2,200 kms kilometers. We know that both the desert temple and Solomon’s temple not only had a well defined floor area but the height of the walls was also strictly defined. So the personal touches of Heaven to which our sinful bodies can only relate are; our own apartments with personelised keys prepared for us by Jesus Himself ( not that anyone is going to steal from us), we belong to one of twelve tribes which its name on a gate and corresponding section of wall on its own foundation. Each tribe has its own leader and an apostle assigned to it.

Page 271

It is not that Christ as God defined and pointed to by the Holy Spirit will be confined to just this cube as massive as it is. It is as far up as we can appreciate the presence of Christ, His presence will now fill the universe untainted and free of all types of sin. We will live in the Most Holy Place in the direct presence of Christ but what we have to keep in mind is that the Most Holy Place will lead into its surrounding, its buffer, and that is the Holy Place which in turn is surrounded by the courtyard. What could happen here has already been speculated on.

Verse 17; ‘ He measured its wall and it was 144 cubits thick by man’s measurement, which the angel was using’.

Again according to the NIV Bible study notes this was about 200 feet or 65 meters thick. So if we were to take one meter of wall it would weigh about 30 million tons! The foundation under this would have to be sure and strong  so we can never have to worry about our Foundation; Jesus Christ!  The purity and strength of the materials can be found nowhere but in Jesus! The defining structures are of Heavenly proportions and we may be able to imagine a wall that is 2,200 kilometers long but not that high!

Verse 18; ‘ The wall was made of jasper, and the city of pure gold, as pure as glass’.

In verse 12 when the wall is defined as ‘great’, ie 2,200 kilometers long and wide, and ‘high’ ie 2,200 kilometers or 1,400 miles, we get to appreciate what units the New Earth uses. It shone like jasper because it was jasper. The mountain John was on was also great and high but on earth something just with this area we would not call a mountain. ( escarpment, plateau ….) So there is still a chance that these ‘ great and highs’ for both the mountain and the wall coincide and the city lands on top of this mountain.

Page 272

Not so the comparisons the alternatives offered to the bride. The city, which is actually the Most Holy Place of this earth expanded into Heavenly realms, is given the ultimate privilege by being compared to us, the Bride. It is not just our dwelling place for an eternity it is also Christ’s dwelling place of the eternities to come. There is not one cubic meter, or one cubic yard ( cube  2,200 kms, or 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 cubic meters) that is not sacred and defined. The problem that this number has no meaning to us is our problem, not Heavens.( somebody must have worked out how many grains of sand there are in all the deserts or drops of water in the Pacific Ocean so that we can at least relate to this number even in an abstract way). As angels are spirit we are not told they have a Heavenly apartment but they do have plenty of room to move around in. If our apartments that Jesus has prepared for us a high rise ( 2,200 kilometers high??)  with obviously no lifts then this would tell us that the bodies we have are similar to what John, Paul and the others had when they were in Heaven. The big difference though when they were there is was the blood of the Lamb implied and we are about to have it applied. We certainly won’t carry this earthly body up there to stain and defile the Heavenly realms.

When I reread verse 8 I felt sad as I read the reasons for the exclusion from Heaven, why was the focus on me personally? ( Spot on; coward, unbeliever, vile, murderer, sexually immoral, practices magic arts, idolater and liar. I do not know why He focused only on these but anyone on the list so far was enough ground to be excluded on and had there been more I probably would have given up, closed the Book and gone and done something else)  But all you have to do is to read on or before and the blessed theme of this wonderful Bible is that this does not have to be. We don’t nor we can meet any of the requirements of becoming a Son of God. All we have to do is to reach out and touch that outstretched hand of the cross of Good Friday and all our woes and deficiencies pass onto Him, He pays the prices and whatever penalties have been imposed by God and we become His Sons. Now that becomes Heavenly units translated into earthly ones! And whilst we continue to hold that hand we remain His Sons!

Page 273 ( WP playing up)

The reason the gold  is as clear as glass is not because we can see through the atoms of gold just like we can’t see through the atoms of silicon in glass; it is the spacing of the atoms that allows the light to pass over and under the atoms, so it will be with the distance between the gold atoms. Are these the same gold and glass atoms that were in the previous old Heavens? The Church of Philadelphia seems to be saying ‘no’.  It is the Church of not only the door into the first Heaven from which Jesus came and took His Saints with ( Luther’s Church of the righteousness of faith, faith in Christ is the only door into Heaven) but it is also the door between ( specifically the the framework) between the old and the new Heavens. We leave the old and enter the new.

Verse 19; ‘ The foundations of the walls were decorated with every kind of precious stone. The first foundation was jasper, the second sapphire, the third chalcedony, the fourth emerald,’

If I was told to teach these precious stones to a class I would get the molecular models and make up the relevant silicate structures and then complete the structures with the required cations, but it is not the chemistry of these precious stones that is of relevance here. Neither is there anything special about the atoms in our bodies, it is the arrangement of these atoms that make us so unique, just like as it is not the carbon, aluminium, silicon, oxygen. etc that are unique in an A380 jumbo jet, it is their arrangement.  So the Lord God Jesus Christ did not use second hand materials in His first creation He only used the best and now uses these same atoms for His creation of the eternities. The precious stones may not be that rare now but their arrangement is still unique and spectacular. Four walls each 2,200 kms long give us 8.8 kms of foundation and each tribe has one twelfth allocated to it or approximately 733 metres.

Page 274

These foundations will be visible from inside the new city but to appreciate their grandeur we will probably have to go outside where we should find a massive gate with the name of our tribe and 733 metres of foundation with our tribe’s name on it, another massive gate with another 733 meters of foundation with the name of the adjoining tribe. As the foundation is visible from both sides so it is decorated from both sides. But why decorate only the foundation and not the walls and the gates?

Jesus Christ is the foundation of the old world and He is the foundation of the New World. On Him, inside Him and outside Him everything stands. This foundation will stand forever and the decorations on it are also everlasting.They will draw our attention to this foundation and its contribution to the tribe whose name is on it. I leave it to others to relate to relate the geology of these gems to the tribes. Of particular interest would be the four corner stones when the north facing foundations turns to go east and then south etc.

Verse 20; ‘ The fifth sardonyx, the sixth carnelian, the seventh chrysolite, the eight beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth chrysoprase, the eleventh jacinth and the twelfth amethyst. ‘

Again I have nothing to add to these gems. Perhaps having a further look into Exodus 26 may have the key into these Heavenly realms.

Verse 21; ‘ The twelve gates were twelve pearls, each made of a single pearl. The great street of the city was of pure gold, like transparent glass.’

Page 275

There is no doubt for the reason that each tribe and every member of the tribe can enter into this New City. That gate is not just a pearl but a single pearl and it was what made Jesus worthy of taking and opening that scroll that was in the hand of God. We are given the very specific reason, Revelation ( 4:9,10)

” you are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation. You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God, and they will reign on the earth.”

The earthly Most Holy Place had four walls made up of curtains but there was only one entrance into it and that was from the preparation area, or the Holy Place. If these four walls were the four natures of Jesus Christ then the only nature that allowed entrance into the presence of God was the ox. The High Priest could not enter into the presence of God unless he was carrying the blood of a totally innocent being and he was pleading for mercy for God to accept the sacrifices being offered and to forgive the sinners. So this was a three stage but consecutive process and not a concurrent process as these twelve pearls indicate, and if there are four creatures then there should only be four gates. This then becomes a major difference between the earthly and Heavenly steps.

I remember now that I was supposed to find the reference of John (16:7) so I might have already covered this section but I am not sure whether it was with respect of the twelve gates in Heaven. Firstly the text;

‘ But I tell you the truth: it is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you..’

Page 276

I consider I have begun to understand a text when I can see its vertical component into Heaven ( consecutive) and its horizontal component within Heaven ( concurrent). This is the shape of my beloved cross of Jesus Christ. On the vertical side we have  Jesus coming from the Holy Place on earth with His blood approaching the curtain, and going through the curtain into Heaven, God’s presence or the Most Holy Place. For whatever purposes His blood was meant to accomplish it is accepted by God, as it is in fact perfect. The sign, the guarantee that God has accepted Jesus and His blood is that the Holy Spirit is sent to earth. This is the era we live in now; we are priests in the Holy place in the presence of the Holy Spirit. So the vertical member of the cross is Jesus in Holy Place; Jesus approaches and goes through Heavenly curtain with His blood; Jesus in Heaven with His blood and task accomplished; transaction accepted by God with the release of the Holy Spirit and the scroll.

It  should not be that much more complicated on the Heavenly scale; the twelve gates or twelve pearls. There should be four pearls as there are four walls in the New Jerusalem as there are four natures of Jesus Christ. But each wall has three pearls as it was the whole of, all three members of the Holy Trinity were on that cross equally, all suffered equally and their suffering is manifested in the beautiful pearls.

The only member visible on that wonderful yet horrible day was the body of our Lord and Saviour. When Daniel describes these fires of hell he tells us that they enveloped the Judge on the Heavenly throne, none other than God the Father. That is two who were on the cross. But where was the Holy Spirit? Did It first arrive on earth in the form of tongues of fire at Pentecost?  Why did Jesus say He couldn’t send it until He got to Heaven?  The Spirit  seems to have a three stage existence. Firstly with Jesus on earth, secondly with Jesus in Heaven and thirdly with Jesus of the eternities of Heaven.

Page 277

Whilst on earth Jesus was surrounded, encapsulated by the Holy Spirit. Wherever Jesus went so did the Holy Spirit and that included the march to and onto Mt Calvary on Good Friday. They were one. The function of the Spirit is, was to magnify, point to, elucidate the second member of the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ. The problem was , if it can be called a problem was that Jesus was only in one area at a time and that was the area the Holy Spirit pointed to. The work, words and life of Jesus Christ. As Jesus was mostly confined to His human nature whilst on earth it may be the Spirit was through Whom His communication occurred with God the Father. They were one, they had a function to accomplish whilst here on earth and having accomplished their work they went to heaven.

It was  in Heaven where where their separation occurred and Jesus was able to send the Holy Spirit down. The Spirit had already been there with Jesus but could not come during the previous 4,000 odd years  as the stage had not yet been prepared. Good Friday’s act of salvation had not yet occurred. There was nothing to point to. But you may say why not point Christ’s wonderful acts of creation? These are but the telescopes that Jesus left behind. You may pick them up and look through them and see initially Christ as creator and such a wonderful creator that there must be much more to this than just creation; and there is, much, much more. Or you can look through that telescope and see nothing. The only thing that nothing produces though is nothing. It maybe dressed by satan in many high powered words with many complicated equations, but it is still nothing. This was the vertical section of the cross, the encapsulation of Jesus and the guarantee of the success of the cross and bringing people to Jesus not just to when He was on the lake or walking towards some village or giving a sermon on the mountain but visible to all from anywhere, in Heaven, and  now the Heavenly horizontal.

Page 288

As suggested by the name the Holy spirit’s role changes from an up ( to Heaven) and down role ( to earth) to an across role. In Heaven the saints take a long time time ( approx 1,780 years) to ponder the depths of salvation, and there is twelve single giant pearl’s worth of pondering, when they finally ask for and receive the fine linen, the Holy Spirit. But here the Spirit only has one role to play; to make that robe of righteousness that Jesus wove for us whilst He was on earth to make it sit more comfortably, to try to understand more of it’s beauty. The Spirit has no further role as this robe is now in the direct presence of God. We are inside the Most Holy Place as massive as it is, in the direct Shekinah Glory. The Holy Spirit points us to God.

What happens if, when we go outside of one of these gates, more specifically which gate, door, pearl do we enter? If Heaven’s Shekinah’s light has similar properties to earth’s light then it will bend ( diffraction and refraction) and reflect. So as the Throne’s light passes through the opened pearls it would bend indicating that there are  going to be darker areas outside the doors unless of course the  light passes through the 65 odd meters of jasper thick walls. The New Jerusalem, the Most Holy Place or the Holy of Holies is still attached to the area of preparation or the Holy place which is plant earth which like the most Holy Place has very specific dimensions. Combined they stand in the courtyard, the universe. There does not have to be a fence around this courtyard like on  earth which kept the unbelievers, the gentiles out as there are no gentiles this could easily be an open courtyard which God has shown us here on earth He will have no problems with filling with wonders of eternity.

The initial entry into the New Jerusalem from the Holy Place through the door of Philadelphia has already been at least partly covered. It is the door of the blood, of the ox, our faith therein.

Page 289

It has already been used to cleanse Heaven allowing our entry there and it is now about to be applied to us just like it was applied to Jesus on Resurrection Sunday and brought Him out as Jesus Christ eternal. But there are actually three doors in this wall just like there are in each of the other three walls. So do we pick the pearl that the Holy Spirit spawned or that Jesus  or God the Father made? They are in the same wall but they are clearly separate.

A case could be made out for either but what happened was that it was Jesus Who took His own blood and cleansed Heaven for our entry and it will probably be that door that we make our grand,last and final entry. Once inside eternity begins. The horizontal stretch from Heaven began with Jesus’s outstretched arms on the cross. Heaven could stretch no further. Our response can be no response but if we do respond it appears to be in three stages: stage one is to reach out and touch that bloody hand, you will have no doubt about the way this changes your life. The critical part is to be touching that hand when you take your last breath. The second stage. If that is so then He converts that touch into a firm grab of your hand and He will never release you. That wall of sewerage water that was building up during your life as you stumbled across life’s Jordan, has been punctured and the rushing water may in fact drown you, but it is only temporary and He will bring you back to life. The first time that I return that clasp is after I have been in Heaven for what seemed like a really long time but it was only momentary. When questioned by that elder who is this lot and why are they here an I hear that chorus that includes the miraculous words ‘ THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB’ it is then that I return that clasp and know that nothing can ever break this bond.

Verse 22; ‘ I did not see a temple in the city, because the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple’.

Page 290

Only one nature of Jesus Christ was required to force Him to stumble His way along those allies and streets onto and up Mount Calvary on the Good Friday. There were four in operation; lion, ox, man and eagle. Jesus was not alone; it was the Holy Trinity and four times three gives twelve and that is the number of single, great pearls that were spawned on that day to become the twelve wonders of eternity, the real entrances into the Most Holy Place. It is still my prayer to be shown which tribe gets which entrance, but all have the same foundation. But the foundation, the walls and those single pearls as gates ( the pearly gates) are there and enclose the presence of the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb and we can now be present and be anointed into this presence because of the robes that Jesus wove for us whilst here on earth.

The colloquialism when you die you will appear before those pearly gates is not accurate. To appear before these gates you would have walked through the old Heavens and Philadelphia’s door to be presented with this magnificent sight. John and the apostles would have left their beloved Jerusalem many times to preach and teach in the outlying areas. When they returned, Jerusalem would at first be a speck  on the horizon but as they got a bit closer and it came into focus their first sign for relief was when they recognised that outstanding temple. So now as John sees this city approaching and coming into focus he is straining his eyes to see that confirming structure; the temple. Even though he does not see it it does not  take him long to draw the right conclusion. Mind you  it would be quite some temple to poke out over walls that are 2,200 kms high!

The other thing that I find difficult to understand is how twelve individual pearls, presumably all the same size were spawned on that Good Friday. Jesus felt isolated and abandoned to the point of that cry of desperation ‘ Father why have you abandoned Me ?’. That was and still is the result of sin .  It is something that we all experience and will continue to do so until our last breath. Satan can only gain a victory  if we allow this doubt to germinate.He is defeated  and retreats if our response is’ Jesus took this one to the cross as well, its gone!’.

Page 291

I often struggle with the concept of how half  (50%) of such a pure church as the one which results from the end day tribulation can go to hell, even 10% would be a very high number, surely!  But then if you think about it this church has come from the red letter Christians, those who have almost entirely rejected all of the Old Testament and most of the new one as well. When those 140 days of harvest come they do accept the whole Bible but not everything that is in it. It is really quite irrelevant which part you just cant accept, so when you call on the ‘name of the Lord’ you are really calling on the Name of Jesus as expressed in His Holy Word, the Bible but minus those bits that you you do not, can not accept. It is the name of your lord you are calling on and not the Name of the Lord. We are never judged by what we know and thank Heaven for that. We are judged by our beliefs in Jesus Christ as expressed in His Holy Word. All we have to know is that if we fall into His holy arms He will catch us, there is no chance that He will drop us!

Verse 23; ‘ The city does not need the sun nor the moon to shine on it, the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp.’

In verse 21 I commented on the twelve pearls but not on the streets of pure transparent gold. Even as late as our crossing in Heaven across the Red Sea  and the waters crashing over our enemies, ie the door of mercy closing some 500 years ago, the throne of God was sitting on a sea of glass which still had the flames of Calvary’s hell flickering through it. The slag, the dross may have been very pure but it was still there. Not so in the New Heaven and Earth. It is the base metal under the dross that has now been poured out and is the basis of this New City, it is Jesus Christ. It is what He asked the Laodicean Church to hand Him so that He could refine it through those fires. This is the result of that furnace being tapped.

Page 292

Our homes are forever in side the Most Holy Place where we could move only after the wrath of God had cleared. The light that shines inside the city and projects like a beacon throughout space is the greater light. it is Sonlight. The lesser light, moon light or star light are the New Heavens. They like the Heavens of today still declare the glory of God, but they are the lesser light. It would be no more difficult to prove the existence of God than to look just at the sheer number of stars out here. The complexity of the living cell is the double proof of God’s existence. Quantity and quality; they have no excuse for not believing!

The glory of God that shines ever so brightly comes from the lamp, Jesus Christ. He is the lamp and by looking at Him, specifically the robe He wove for us, we see the glory of God! If this Sonlight is so brilliant many billions of miles away imagine what it is like to live in His Holy presence!  He is the temple and the source of light and the source of the enteritis to come! Whether we want those eternities to start today is our choice entirely. He forces no one!

Verse 24; ‘ The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their splendor into it.’

When ever a subject that already been covered on numerous occasions reoccurs I can at least give a brief summary of what has been said. This concerns the type of Heavenly body we will have. It does not matter where we go, how far we go away from this New City and the reasons why we leave we will always want to return to God in this city a show Him our work of perfection; the robe that Jesus wove for us whilst on earth. Because we can never really appreciate its beauty we get great satisfaction out of presenting to God and Him acknowledging it’s perfection. And we do this on a weekly basis at the Daily Sacrifice. His light is warm, it is penetrating and most welcoming, and what splendor we are bringing in!

Page 293

The big picture of what is where. The sacrifice of Good Friday has to be the highest point of existence in all dimensions and all parameters. It is not surprising then that Mount Moriah or Mount Calvary of eternity is on a great and high mountain. ( probably 1,400 miles or 2,200 kilometers high) . The city itself is a cube of similar dimensions. But even with these dimensions it would be clearly visible from earth but not in space. Its light would be visible for an infinity and this is now possible, God’s Holy presence can be anywhere as there is not trace of any type of sin. Even though God’s presence was restricted in the old Heaven to the tabernacle His presence was the essence of Heaven, it was what made the place so indescribably beautiful. And that was through just one opening. What a step up in that wonder in this New City where light will be leaving it through twelve openings! The nations will have no problem in walking by its light.

To be able to enter and leave a city that is 2,200 kilometers up off the valley floor we must have a body that is similar to Jesus’s body after His resurrection. He could eat fish but He could also pass and appear and disappear through closed doors. This sort of body would be required to ascend and descend from this highly perched city.

Verse 25; ‘ On no day will its gates ever be shut, for there will be no night there.’

The star light must be pretty similar to what we see today. If the pearls were shut there would be darkness. This never happens and supports my original idea that the daily sacrifice is in fact the Holy Sabbaths of eternity. If we were to explore the universe on the side where God’s Shekinah Glory shines we would be in light. On the opposite side we would need the light being given off by the stars themselves.

Verse 26; ‘ The glory and honour of the nations will be brought into it’.

Page 294

From the sound of this not only do we go exploring Christ’s new creation in small groups there are also excursions organised by each tribe to explore the wonder of Jesus’s work. Just the foundation must be a fascinating topic! So after a particular excursion we will be able to trump even what we had seen and explained to us. We will present the robe that this creator being wove for us and ask for an adjudication. We know the answer well but it is still as satisfying  as it was on the first occasion. What an unspeakable treasure we have!

Verse 27; ‘ Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life.’

Here are one of the last reality checks. Yes there is no death or suffering or hunger or thirst or fighting or wars, just perfection in the presence of perfect family.  But there can be no impurity, no shame no deceit! Our slates must be cleaned and because that happened on Good Friday our names were entered into the Lamb’s book of life. The problem is irrelevant because the answer is Jesus.


Verse 1,2; ‘ Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing  from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of the great street of the city. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.’

Page 295

This angel is indeed an important, busy body, it is like Peter or Paul  in amongst Christians, and will require more effort to identify him, but at least we can say that we have made one attempt. He/ she/ it? is firstly going to show us the river of the water of life. Today we know literally of millions of compounds and thousands of solvents but out of all these solvents there is only one which is capable of dissolving all the nutrients which produce life. That is water, H2O. If we take this ‘simple’ molecule, H–O–H and replace one of the hydrogens with a life giving  carbon, so instead of H–O–H we have C–O–H we have the class of compounds called alcohols or alkanols, all of which are deadly including the one above, methanol. It  kills the brain quickly be attacking the optic nerve. The next alcohol in the series is C–C–O–H or ethanol, ethyl alcohol or in common terms what we drink, alcohol. It seems to select the brain and liver amongst other organs but is nowhere as quick acting as methanol, but it is correctly labelled as a class four poison. The next member, C–C–C–O–H, propanol  is non selective, it is a good sterilising agent, kills most cells as are all alcohols and are sterilising agents. Replacing the remaining H with another C, or C–O–C gives us another group of compounds called ethers  which are also toxic. ( I can’t get valency four on this word processor) . Even the fat soluble compounds have got there  because of water.

To look at this scene our Master tells us to go back to the earthly step which is Genesis and the Garden of Eden. It also had a river flowing through it and trees around it. Because the ground was flat, not just in the garden but everywhere, the water rose from the water table by capillary action or whatever mechanism, and watered the plants. They did not need rain or human intervention.( that became part of man’s chores  later). We are not told how long the tree of good lasted for as the tree of good before evil entered into it but evil did enter into it. It certainly was not created as evil and the astonishing thing is that God allowed this time line of evil into His garden at all!

Page 296

Without it there would not have been the gift of freewill and without freewill everyone would have gone to Heaven when clearly most have chosen to stay away from this place. So evil was allowed into the garden but why choose this particular tree? If there were one million other trees why not choose one of the others? God should have only allowed it to pass through the tree in the bottom left hand corner and built a high electric fence around it with acid sprays for anyone coming within coee of this place!  This would hardly be given a free will and satan’s accusations that ‘ the only reason they are with You is because You spoil  them rotten and would not allow me to test them’. The exact  accusation that he used against Job. We have to keep in mind that the end result here is we are going to be spending an eternity with the Lord, so we must be sure we really want to do this. So evil was allowed to pass through something that was in the middle of the garden and receiving attention but that is where the tree of life was so why not pass through the tree of life instead; we would now have the tree of life and evil. But the idea of evil is to cancel good and by doing this it accomplishes a number of evils, including cancelling life. Evil could not have chosen better. All the trees were good but it chose the one in the middle alongside the tree of life and would therefore be visited regularly. Now back to the New Jerusalem.

Just because there are no seas or oceans on the new earth does not mean that there are no lakes and rivers more than reproducing God’s brilliant ecosystem here on planet earth. Day’s five of creation will be expanded and beautified just as all seven days of creation will be. The difference about this water in verse one is that it comes from the throne of God continually which is different to the oceans and rivers of creation week which were created instantaneously. It will still have to flow continuously because we will continue to thirst for knowledge about our Saviour so we will be continually drinking from this river.

Page 297

The fact that there is a main street indicates there are minor streets branching towards our apartments. Out of all the trees on the New Earth we are told about one of them; the tree of life. Its roots must originate under the throne, the source of the river and branch out into two trees; one on the left hand side and the other on the right hand  side of the river. In our search to break our thirst by going to the river of life we are also provided with food of life. It will come divided into packets ( sermons or lessons maybe?)  and the number  twelve continues with the concept of month. This tree (trees?) if not identical to then very closely resembling the tree that stood on Mount Calvary on Good Friday. The central one. But unlike Calvary’s tree which was the real tree of life these trees will have their leaves reintroduced. Calvary’s tree was just raw wood, bare timber. And so was its sole occupant. This was not a matter of healing the nations, His was a matter into dividing the nations and attaching labels to them; eternal life or eternal death.

If there are twelve fruits then the Bible must be split into twelve headings or sections, one for each tribe. The fact that the fruit is new indicates the subject matter is not the same, even if it comes in the shape of the same fruit. If the river is flowing continuously this indicates it is being consumed and not building up somewhere. This is our source of life along with the fruit that comes from the same source; God–Christ—Holy Spirit.

The more we purify water the stranger its characteristics so it will be interesting to see the characteristics of perfectly pure water. I could come up with different scenarios for this water depending on what its melting point was. Thus also the trees and leaves would form a wonderful study to try to fathom some of the depths of the richness and power of God.

Page 298

Verse 3; ‘ No longer will there be any curse. The throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the city, and his servants will serve him’.

My goodness gracious what depth there is to God’s patience!  Will this evil ever end? We have been through so many false alarms and can’t God see what evil is being carried out in His name, right now? The answers to those questions are, yes, yes and yes and guess what? He will end it at exactly the right time just like He did with everything else. And here we are at that time; the curse of sin has gone, even every last tiny unintentional sin! We are in the direct presence of Christ and God and desperate just to do one tiny thing, even the tiniest of things to serve Him and show a little bit of the gratitude we feel for Him.

Verse 4; ‘ They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads’.

The unfortunate part of Scripture is that it is necessarily being addressed to babes and as such can not only contain milk, very limited matter, it must have but very small portions. We are limited in both quantity and quality. There are very morsels of meat in the Word and above is one such example. Revelation chapter twenty two verse four. It is wonderful if you are busily admiring those 1,400 mile high walls or wondering if the mp of extremely pure water is close to zero absolute and its theoretical consequences or how leaves of whatever tree can cure your problems or how your key will fit your Heavenly apartment’s door or whatever you are but looking at one drop of water out of the ocean! But whatever you see the ocean exceeds it by many factors! And here we have the ocean; we will see the Heavenly face of Christ and the reason He has that unspeakable look on His face is because He is looking and associating with His child! You have His name on your forehead. You are capable of being joined to the infinite, to Divinity itself! And here we have Heaven itself! If this is what this wonderful Book concentrated on it would be pearl before swine. It would do us no good but only trample this amazing pearl which actually has to split into twelve smaller pearls before even the sinless of Heaven can begin to appreciate it! So in future when we start looking at our drop falling, whatever that drop happens to be let us ask that Being whose specific function is to do, to help us change our attention from this drop and onto the ocean it is falling into! We have then begun to partake of solid foods!

Page 299

Verse 5; ‘ There will be no more night. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light. And they will reign for ever and ever.’

The morsel of meat we have been given turns on a different digestion mechanism. Seeing His face which now reflects from His Holy name on our foreheads allows us to acquire His light and there will be no longer any need of light. And we have His light for ever and ever! Where ever we go we will reflect that light and there can be no darkness as His presence is everywhere!

Verse 6; ‘ The angel said to me, ” these words are trustworthy and true. The Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, sent his angel to show his servants the things that must soon take place” ‘.

The above angelic admonition applies to both preceding text and following text. It is text that satan must convince us is not only irrelevant but untrue. It is our consecration in the New Heavens. The reason I see the Lord’s face is because He has come up to me.  It is my turn to be consecrated. He has that golden censor with His blood in one hand, puts his finger in it and applies it to me. I become one with Him; I am now His child for an eternity! It is His blood that has made me one with Him. This is not new news but was spoken through the spirits of the prophets from almost the beginning. This Heavenly Father and Heavenly son union can only take place between these two; Heavenly Father and Heavenly son. If there is something there that stops you accepting the Heavenly Father, some body odour perhaps this transaction cannot and never will take place. We are never judged by what part of the Father’s Word we understand but we are judged by what parts we reject and we will invariably find because of ignorance!

Page 300

This ultimate union between God and His child can only take place on the grounds of trust. It is not between the God you have conjured up after you have removed all the perceived problems that the real God of the Bible caused, his name is satan and he desperately wants to snatch you away from that outstretched hand of Good Friday and come along with him with all those others being swept along by satan’s wave of sewerage from the broken wall of water in Jordan’s crossing! It is not the uneducated that are being excluded but unbelievers! The belief is not just in the union ceremony but also in these succeeding events.

Verse 7; ‘ Behold, I am coming soon! Blessed is he who keeps the words of this prophecy in this book’.

Trust in the Lord is an invaluable asset which is not easily acquired. Satan would go as far as say ‘over my dead body!’  and will certainly test you to show you if you really have the right thing. ‘ God knows what is happening, He will intervene at exactly the right time, not one second early or one second late, now would you mind leaving me alone so I can get some sleep’ is the attitude that is required. It is certainly our attitude in Heaven. He tells us He is coming so our anxiety fades and it all depends on what He means by ‘soon’. It won’t be one second early nor will it be one second late. It may even be one of those ‘ great and high’ terms which He applied to the walls of that new city to come! What is required of me now though is to keep the words of the prophesy of this book so I can reap His blessings! [ Thought for the day; what are the words of this prophecy we are expected to keep to obtain His blessings?]

Verse 8; ‘ I, John, who heard and saw these things. And when I had heard and seen them, I fell down to worship at the feet of the angel who had been showing them to me’.

Page 301

This angel has been with John for a long time and shown him amazing things. But the physical stature and privileged position was so outstanding poor John got confused and wanted to worship this angel because the things that were shown him were so much out of this world.

Verse 9: ‘ But he said to me ” Do not do it! I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers the prophets and all who keep the words of this book. Worship God!”. ‘

No clearer admonition could be given about worshiping anything or anyone other than God, do not do it! This verse also gives us the role and position angels hold in the big scheme of things; we are fellow servants but with the big distinction; they are able and do keep the words of this book but as hard as we may try we cannot even begin to keep the words of this book. The fact that we are regarded as fellow servants is indeed something for which God should be worshiped! But why does it say to worship God and not Christ? This topic will be covered in the summary of this chapter to follow.

Verse 10; ‘  Then he said to me, ” Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, because the time is near,” .’

Had this book had the same warning as the Book of Daniel who was told to seal his book until the end of days there would have been no point in trying to unravel some of its pearls, God would appoint the right person at exactly the right time and that person would then reveal its secrets. But Revelation has never been sealed. It does not need time to pass over Mount Moriah and accomplish the impossible! We are on this side of Mount Moriah. God has sacrificed His One and only beloved Son! Events can now move to their rightful conclusions. Anyone can study the words of this prophecy! You don’t have to be literate in Greek, Aramaic or Hebrew. You don’t even need to be literate in one language! It is like going to the High Court and winning your case even though you don’t know the difference between evidence and submissions. It all depends on who is batting for you!

Page 302

The time is as near as your death is and for some it is much nearer than for others! The amount of sleep may vary between different people but for all their fate is determined at death!

Verse 11; ‘ ” Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong; let him who is vile continue to be vile; let him who does right continue to do right; and him who is holy continue to be holy”.

This verse also implies the time span of our present lives. It is what we continue to do and particularly  what we are doing when we draw our last breaths. It is why the time is near!

Verse 12; ‘ ” Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done’……

When I am woken from a deep sleep and asked how long I have been asleep for and there is no clock to reference I have no idea of how long I have been asleep for. So if I am dead at the second coming and woken at the start of the millennium, along with the apostle Paul neither of us will know how long we have been dead for. We will be woken into the Lord’s presence so we won’t see our surrounds to compare them to what things were like when we died. As far as we both are concerned the Lord returned quickly; ‘ I am coming soon’ is an apt description. Rewards are handed out according to what we have done at the start or end of the millennium.

Verse 13; ‘  ” I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End’.

Page 303

He is therefore where life starts and where life ends and where it ends is totally dependent on what we do with the tiny bit in between. It depends on how we exercise that free will He has given us. It is our choice to decide if we want the end to be the end or to be the start of the beginnings of the eternities.

Verse 14; ‘ ” Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city.’

What has to be kept in mind here is that there are two themes, two stories being played out here; One may be the eras seven eras of the seven churches of the 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours of time but the main plot still concerns the living as it has through all the above period of time. Heaven does not give up whilst we are alive and this last period is a living church; Laodicea the church after the second coming of Jesus Christ. No it did not have one ‘good’ person, everyone was bad. All the goodies went to Heaven with Jesus, but Laodicea is still a church and Revelation warns us Jesus is about to spit it out. This will only happen when, as they die. They are being given their last chance as they take their last breath, or here is your alternative;

Verse 15; ‘ Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murders, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehoods’.

This is not saying that the Sabbath breakers, coverters  and those who show no respect for their parents are’ goodies’, they are not. Even as non Bible believers, as non Christians these are a particularly nasty lot before God and no doubt to each other. What better description than they are ‘ dogs’.

Page 304

In time the eras are being retraced right back to today. Verses 14 and 15 are at the end of the sixth seven or the seventh day. The fourth coming was the announcement by the mighty angel that Babylon  had fallen. In quick succession the marriage took place and the rider of the white horse, the Bridegroom and his armies, symbolised by the bride set out on the final journey to the promised land. Initially their path is blocked by the Canaanites, the Church of Sardis, the battle of the harvest, the beast, the living and therefor Laodicea. These messages must have also been read out at this stage. Having won this battle they arrive at the door; the Church of Philadelphia only to find satan and the dead, the battle of the grapes here. To find this warning at this very late stage is unusual and undermines my beliefs in the dead. It could be a case of Christ warning us ad nauseum, a case for Heaven could do no more. The saints may even look back over their shoulders and see if it were not for Jesus there I would have been.

Verse 16; ‘ I, Jesus, sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the root and  the offspring of David and the bright Morning Star” .’

This at least partially sorts out our previous problem. It is testimony for the churches, including Laodicea to whom the very last warnings were given as it was the very last church. Wake up and you can come in even though you are a particularly spiteful and repulsive lot or you stay outside with its particular consequences. This should also address the particular problem that the red letter Christians have; this testimony is from none other than Jesus Himself. It traces its origin where Jesus promised to send Eve someone to bruise satan’s heal back in the Garden of Eden. This Saviour had to be one of God’s people and we will use the same criteria in end days to tell apart those myriad of false christs that will spring up. The Jews, our forefathers of Heaven needed only to trace any genealogy to David and it will be interesting to see if we recognise him in Heaven. The bright Morning Star I leave to those other blogs specializing in this subject. I would have assigned his title to Jesus Christ but the problem would have been that Jesus is not a star, He is the Sun, the Son and the Sonlight.

Page 305

Verse 17;’ The Spirit and the bride say, ” Come!” And let him who hears say, ” Come!” Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.’

This is the era of the Holy Spirit which Jesus sent to us at Pentecost and it is the presence of the Holy Spirit that qualifies us to be called ‘ the bride ‘. If we have the Spirit and bank accounts with many zeros in them and we own that skyscraper and that one and those four over there and we have traveled every path on earth. So? And the good news that a few more zero’s have been added to our accounts and we are no longer billionaires but now trillionaires. So? The Spirit will still thirst for both quantity and quality of life and this thirst can only be quenched by the water of life and it is free! But we won’t see this water for another almost two thousand years, so what about today?

Jesus is the beginning and the end but He is also that bit in between. The presence of the Spirit will open our ears and respond to that inner yearning to put some meaning into life, its quality and the fabric of that quality is Jesus Christ. The bride will also call for that soon to become union with the bridegroom. So the only response that is required from us is to call  ” Come!”  and then come. There is no need to bring anything, in fact there is nothing we can bring. If you must bring something then make sure it is your very best as even it will look like a pile of filthy rags and show off your ignorance and contempt. What you are about to receive is the water of life and it has to be free because it is priceless! The universe and all that is in it would not even begin to become a part of the down payment! This is a part of the wonder of the ages. The call to come is not a one off process neither is the drinking of the water, they are continuous and the water continues to be free.

Page 306

Verse 18; ‘ I warn anyone who hears the words of this prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book..’

For the majority of time the Bible has not been available to the masses to read, they only heard. So this warning would apply to both who hear and read; do not add anything to them! The major way points have been given and given in the right order with the climax reaching at 22:4. This does  not mean we are not to ask the Holy Spirit to help us fill out the lines between these points. This is one of His functions to convert each point into a point and this point to point to Jesus Christ. The point being that there are no more points to be added. We have been given the complete picture, Scripture is closed. Looking at the plagues described there are many, trumpets and bowls and by willful disobedience we will add horror to the horrible. For those who join the waypoints themselves for the purpose of mockery should be advised to enjoy their laughter to the full. To do this it would be better to remove that vestigial organ, the appendix, so that it does not get in the way. The theory of evolution predicted and confirmed that this organ was a leftover from millions of years ago and gave the specific crap for their reasons. As a result hundreds of thousands of lives were destroyed by unnecessarily removing this vital organ. The real criminals here were the medical profession! To look at the complexity and beauty of what they are dealing with through the eyes of evolution results in such acts of bastard-try. Only the Holy Spirit can join those waypoints they are looking when It points them to Christ as creator!  For a while the vestigial wagon got a real spurt on as other organs  and recently heaps of DNA were piled onto it. A break occurred when the brain was added to the list! What to do? Evolution is a fact and is only challenged by those on the fringes of real science. So the problem could have nothing to do with evolution. It was decided not to remove their brains but by soaking them in alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, legal and illegal drugs would have the same effect. Viola society today!

Page 307

Verse 19; ‘ And if anyone takes away from the book of this prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which is described in this book’.

These consequences are more difficult to explain. The only requirement to make it to Heaven can be expressed in quite a number of ways one of which is ; to have your name in the Book of Life. I would put it as ; living according to the light that has been given to us. Not knowing any language Jesus would not expect me to give some brilliant linguistic interpretation of some passage but if you do know the language He would expect you to do so to magnify His glorious name. Providing that we are living according to the light shown us that is all that is expected of us. And applies to all whether you are a JW, SDA, RC, CE, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever. But the above passage seems to be referring to unbelief even though we have just been told that unbelievers are excluded. We don’t just accept any interpretations or ideas unless we like the Bereans study our Bibles and see what is it that has been written. If this unbelief goes too far it will exclude us from taking as much fruit from this tree of life as someone who had a deeper faith and when we look down from above on that transparent gold that was refined on Good Friday and now poured out forming the main street we will not be able to as far down as we would have been able had it not been for our unbelief.

Verse 20; ‘ He who testifies to these things says, ” Yes I am coming soon”.Amen, Come , Lord Jesus.’

These are none other than the words of the One with Whom we will be spending the eternities to come with. There is no need to waste time setting dates for the ‘ coming soon’ because He will come at exactly the right. He is counting not just the volume of innocent blood that is being shed, He is counting every drop.

Page 308

The cup of iniquity will fill with one last drop and before the next drop is shed causing this cup to overflow He will come. So He is counting every million millionth of a second. Let us prepare so that we can not only enter but be able to make full use of our new lives! It is not a case of what we understand in what ‘itiswritten’ but believing in what ‘ itiswritten’! And this is only possible with the invitation of  ‘ Come, Lord Jesus’.

Verse 21; ‘  The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.’

Holy Scripture begins with ‘ In the beginning’, the alpha or A and ends with the omega or Z and is filled with the same fabric; ” The grace of the Lord Jesus”. Many a brilliant sermon has been delivered about the grace of the Lord Jesus. It maybe just another pearl before this swine but at least this swine realises that it exists and according to the light that has been shown him has called ” Come!”. Something must have happened because there was a deep sigh of relief and I flopped back into my chair and now am watching and waiting. It is only a matter of time, and only He knows that right time, but my salvation has been fully achieve, all done and even with my feeble aging mind I don’t have to struggle for the Scripture that reassures that all this has happened; it is by grace and the last verse of the Bible!

Now for a summary of chapter 23:

Evolutionists are not the only people who hold a monopoly on ignorance and arrogance. They are quick to cover their ignorance with words such as vestigial and junk even if that means causing incalculable harm to the whole population. They must maintain that banner ‘ evolution is a fact of life’, which is just a lie that covers all those other lies which are so absurd they must not allow any challenges at any cost. Unfortunately there are many Bible critics that fall into this category, some of whom are well meaning people seeking truth.

Page 309

They lament if only the Holy Spirit had not allowed those hap-hazard placement of chapters and verses we could have patched this section up and made it believable! But you don’t have to look much further to realise they have many other problems with Scripture especially if they are trying to harmonise the Biblical account of God’s creation with how satan would have done it had he been given the chance; evolution! I have no problems that the Spirit would have allowed confusion and disharmony in His Holy Word by the placement of these markers. I have found another spot, a full stop to shine up out of the page and that is the one that occurs just before chapter 22. It is the end of that last seven hours  of the existence of the Old Heaven and earth.

Chapter 21 is the dessert ,full stop, and now we will have the man meal: the new Heavens and Earth, those of the eternities to come.Chapter 21; Names written in the Lamb’s book of life, full stop. Chapter 22;  the so what is so important about these eternities: the water of life not just in this world but also in the one to come. The best way to introduce the new Heavens and earth is to compare them to the old ones and so now I return to that last full stop the one just before chapter five of Revelation when Jesus Christ became not just our creator but redeemer as well!.

It is quite possible that Jesus’s apostles and Paul were in Heaven at three o’clock on Good Friday not just to see but to vote on this transaction of Jesus taking place; Jesus taking the scroll from God’s hand. Only Paul mentioned this event in his writings and even the great linguist that he was made no attempt to describe the beauty of what he had seen, and that was only the old Heavens. He knew there were no words or no earthly concepts which could cause his body to glow in the darkness. Even when the apostles met to commemorate this miraculous appearance they would not have talked. They may have seen each other glowing but there was no point in talking. With time memories and glow may have decreased but they lived by sight and not just by faith. As beautiful and unspeakable as to what they saw compares to insignificance when compared to the New Heavens and Earth.

Page 310

The old Heavens were still inside the furnace of Mount Calvary. The throne sat on the slag, on top of the dross. It had just been engulfed by those fires, singed and its occupant badly burnt. Even more than three  thousand years later when the doors of mercy finally close that slag still has remnants of flames flickering in it. It may have been crystal clear, pure and refined but is was still hot. The Holy of Holies still formed a shield around God and no one could enter into His presence because of the smoke. The fact that smoke was required to protect the saints  from God’s direct presence only contrasts to what is about to happen now; the difference is the blood of the Lamb.

The refining process is finished. It is no longer anything to with refining but with the refined. The gold that Jesus refined in that furnace can now be poured out into the holy street for all to see. The wrath of God has gone, the last of those refining fires of hell have gone out and the last trace of sin has gone. There is no evil left and God can now exhibit His presence, the gold is poured out. But even though there is no trace of evil anywhere God’s Holy presence is still contained, be that to Heavenly dimensions; a cube of some 2,200 kilometers or 1,400 miles. So the geographic center of its base, presumably the situation of the new throne would have a bit more than one thousand kilometers to each of the four walls. Even though the whole city is made of that gold it still has a great street from the above dimensions 4,400 kilometers long and presumably running west to east from were that morning star, Jesus Christ would rise.

Even though gold was the main material used and without it, Mt Calvary, there would be no city of the eternities, there are still other materials used; the walls are jasper and glow like jasper,  there are twelve pearls as gates, the foundations are decorated with different gem stones, and there is us, water and a tree. We are not told what our apartments are made of but they are in this volume called the Most Holy Place. But why are the walls jasper and not gold and what is the space within this cube filled?

Page 311

The single pearl entry gates can be related to the suffering that the shell must go through in order to produce this pearl, but why one pearl one tribe? This question may be asked in reverse: was it because there had to be twelve pearls that it resulted in the formation of twelve tribes? There are still incredibly riches to be gleaned from these chapters.

It would be arrogance bordering on the level of ‘junk DNA or vestigial organs to attempt to ask and answer the question why is this the water of life flowing down the great street? Even in our sin polluted world water is the water of life and we may even know of millions of reasons why but there are probably more like billions or many trillions of reasons why this is so. We do know that that water is essential to life and on a Heavenly higher level  it will be so in the new Jerusalem. We do know the street was transparent as was the water so we will be able to look down through the gold and water and see into the mysteries and beauty of that gold that has been poured out of the furnace of Good Friday.

The depth to which we will be able to see is entirely dependent on us as is our ability to eat the fruits of the tree of life. Using the vernacular, Paul may be able to eat a whole bunch of grapes whereas one grape will fill me and I won’t be able to eat any more. This is dependent not on our knowledge, but on how much we take away from this book, whether that means we don’t accept the millennium, or the 144,000 foolish virgins, or the door of mercy  closing or whatever. The more we take away the shallower our abilities to make use of the great depths available; but at least we are still there, not so for those who add to this book which it is only logical to extend this book to mean the whole Bible. Not only do they not make it into the New Jerusalem at all their suffering is increased under the plagues.

Page 312

Even though the whole area and volume of the new city are most holy the area most used would have to be that bit  between the throne and the tree of life that is present on both sides of the river.We are continually  presenting our treasure to God for approval and we must also continually partake of the tree of life. It is not two trees one being the original tree in the Garden of Eden and the other the tree on Mount Calvary; or one tree representing the Old Testament and the Other the New Testament; or one tree being the light hours, nine to twelve, and the other the dark hours, twelve to three of Good Friday or any other configuration we can come up with, it is one tree. Its roots pass through the gold, so this tree is the result of Good Friday, and pass back to under the throne. It is a giant tree with a tunnel through it spanning both sides of the river. It is subject to cycles of twelve so its earthly equivalent was created on day six and also subjected to Heavenly cycles. This would make the eternities split into Sabbaths (7) and twelves, which could result from four cycles of Sabbaths and therefore the four Gospels.

The water and tree maybe real but their real value would have to be in their symbolism. On the earthly step in Leviticus we do have the blood of the goat applied to our right toes, thumbs and ears indicating our willingness to walk, do, hear and obey our Lord and Master but in Heaven it is the real thing. It is Jesus Who applies His actual blood and it is applied to our foreheads!! We see Him Who is doing the applying of His own precious blood face to face and now this blood bears His name forever! What changes does this cause, becoming one with Him, not requiring any type of light but shining in His Shekinah Glory?  ( Presumably the degree of shine will be determined by how much of Him we accepted and rejected on this earth, a function of free will) { computer would not boot up this morning and the resulting rise in blood pressure indicates how important this blog is to me. I was going to write it out and copy it across when I bought another machine}

Page 313

We are now at the climax of Heaven and at this time I am swamped with ideas. This happened at the start of this blog and by using a Revelation principle, the number seven and organising Laodicea as seven churches helped greatly to clarify things. Also using the seven sevens of time ( 7,777 odd years) gave time for these events to occur and in order. The real defining moment had to be that Good Friday was the exact center of created time. So it is now I will present the facts as I see them and then try to arrange in seven levels under the heading of ‘ the walls of the New Jerusalem’. The major problem now is that the number twelve has become dominant. When the beast would not boot up  this morning I took that to be sign that the Lord wanted me first to write things out and then draw from them in concepts about this wall. And it is one wall. If I presented the concepts in the order given in chapters 21 and 22 they would be right and that will be the final order when I finish. That is certainly not the case now!

Firstly it is those warnings about adding to or taking away from ‘ this book’  that strike me. “This book” has a beginning beginning with ‘ In the beginning and ending with ” the grace of the Lord Jesus”. It is this grace of the Lord Jesus that operated from the beginning, through out all the ages, now at this end which is actually the new beginning to which there will be no end. What a blessed gift, the grace of the Lord Jesus! It is my grounding in Genesis that allowed me to tackle this blog and to continue writing it. It was there that I saw the the secular history of time, as espoused by Dawkins in his Mount Improbable was actually impossible and how wonderfully the facts fitted Biblical Mount Certainty. Both models have a high mountain with vertical cliffs on one side and gently slope on the other. Dawkins does not try to get to the top of the mountain scaling the vertical cliffs but up the gentle slope with uphill, beneficial mutations. He must be aware of punctuated equilibrium which does scale those vertical cliffs. Mother hen sits down on her eggs and starts to feel uncomfortable because a princess is coming out of one of those eggs! Its that quick!

Page 314

Biblical’s Mount Certainty begins at the top where everything that God created was very good. We have two ways down; the vertical cliffs we call mass extinctions and the gentle slopes we call mutations, but it is all downhill! Mount Certainty is correctly named, Certainty, as it is on this mountain that the New Jerusalem of eternity will finally settle! The vertical slopes  will not be a problem as we will have a ‘Jesus type’ body and the new creation is at the base, it is level, it does not slope down with mutations. And we are almost at the bottom of the first Mount Certainty! Yes there are still mass extinctions to go and downhill mutations but we are almost there! I do wonder whether people who substitute the Biblical God of love and efficiency  and His creation with satan’s version of how he would have done it, evolution, realise the consequences of their addition to this book.

The consequences of taking away from this book are not as disastrous, at least you still get into Heaven. It does not mean that you believe in everything written in this error filled blog or any other commentary which may have less errors but then again they do not cover the same span of material either and they have had the luxury of an editor. It means that you do not accept some Biblical concepts. And even here we must be careful because those unbeliefs convert us into unbelievers who are also specifically excluded.

My ideas keep changing. At first I tried to classify the Old Heaven as the refining period of that furnace on Mount Calvary and the New Heavens as the liquid gold metal and its study. This distinction is not that clear cut. As the slag rose in that furnace the amount of gold was what was making it to rise. The two are related. Like wise the New Jerusalem. That wall has twelve entrances and in each entrance is a single large pearl. That pearl was formed on Good Friday and the hole in that wall where the pearl fitted was melted by the fires of hell of Good Friday! The two Heavens do concentrate on different aspects but they are related.

Page 315

If Paul could not begin to describe the beauty of the old Heaven and the New Heaven is millions of times more beautiful and God wants us to know something about it then He must use imagery and symbolism in Scripture. Yet this imagery has to be related to our earthly home. That is what Jesus told Nicodemus to do; go study Genesis and the Books of Moses if you want to learn about My salvation! So these earthly steps must have some connection to Heavenly symbolism, it could even be the real thing, like the dimensions of the New Most Holy place could quite easily be a cube of some 2,200 kilometers. This would tell us much about this wall. Its height of 2,200 kilometers certainly has a Heavenly ring about it!

What about the tree of life?  Well firstly its healing of the nations does not mean that these are forever gearing up for war against each other. The healing is for each individual of what is displayed in the daily sacrifice of eternity. It is not the intentional distancing from our Lord involved here it is the unintentional times. Much time has already been spent  on those intentional sins. They were separated,paid for and forgotten and what is left here is the beauty and perfection of God. What we couldn’t do He did and that is the gap that is being healed with these leaves. The leaves that Adam and Eve made up for themselves after they had first sinned were of no value. That was before the cross, now this is after.

Calvary’s tree could not be here now with its roots growing into the gold that was poured out of the furnace because Calvary’s tree was the furnace. It is not the tree of healing, it is the tree of division. In fact division could well be defined by this tree. It is the line that separates the denominator from the numerator! Those in the denominator go down to hell and those on the line above go up to Heaven. This tree could draw its water from the river and therefore its life, but it is going to be its twelve fruits from which we will try to take our `earthly step, towards Heaven.

Page 316

The relationship between this wall and the priestly garments has already been attempted. It was very tenuous with no attempt made to cover the head covering, the turban and very little on the breast plate. In Heaven we only need the fine linen, the Holy Spirit, and the robe of Christ’s righteousness. They need covering here on earth and until the last trace of sin in Heaven disappears.This has happened in the New Jerusalem so the protection of the four walls moves right back out of the way. That would be the history of the ephod if that was its function. This would only require one breast plate, one entrance into the Most Holy Place; the ox nature of Jesus.

If on the other hand the fine linen represented the Holy Spirit, the robe either Christ’s righteousness or Jesus Christ Himself and the ephod represented God the Father, as is happening now in the New Jerusalem then it would not make sense in terms of the trouble Scripture goes to make sure God the Father is not exposed to sin which He would be if He dressed in the outer chamber. Neither would the four creatures have any line up with the four Gospels. Clearly the chapter on priestly garments has to be revisited.

Another is that this wall surrounding the Most Holy Place is made out of jasper and not gold like the foundation and floor of this new city. Of itself this massive wall, 8,800 kilometers long and 65 meters wide would be of little value if its foundation was not as strong as the gold that was poured out of Calvary’s furnace. Why have this demarcation between the city on the hill and the valley floors where there was the rest of creation? Why a wall between the Holy and Most Holy Place at all? Trying to correlate this with the twelve fruits of the tree of life may help. It has already been stated that no attempt will be made to discuss the water in the river as the water of life; it is and is too complex to discuss. We have attained the nature of Jesus Christ because He personally applies His blood to us.

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We are one with Him on the throne and therefore have direct access to God. Our thirst to learn about God is unquenchable and this thirst can only be satisfied by drinking from the water of life! The following allocations are purely guess work and are there just to illustrate a point. What needs correlation is; the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve pearl gates with the names of the tribes on each, twelve individual foundations each with the name of an apostle on it and twelve crops of fruit. As there are twelve foundations I take that to mean that there are twelve different crops although there maybe just the one fruit.

Using the fruits Jesus gave us as the earthly step  and splitting into four colours with which the four walls glittered ( blue-violet, green, yellow and orange-red) and starting at twelve o’clock and going clockwise to three, the six, then nine and finally back to twelve, ( east, south, west then north)  and allocating tribes and apostles we have: East; foundational apostle, Simon, Peter , pearl gate name; Judah, fruit, grape. Second foundational apostle, Andrew, pearl gate name; Reuben, fruit blue berry. Third foundational apostle, James ( son of Zebedee), pearl gate name, Gad, fruit cherry.Next wall turning south; foundational apostle, John, pearl gate name, Asher, fruit apple. fifth foundational apostle, Philip, pearl gate name, Naphtali, fruit avocado.Sixth foundational apostle, Bartholomew, pearl gate name, Manasseh, fruit olives. Turning with west wall and the seventh foundational apostle, Thomas, pearl gate name, Simeon, fruit banana. Eighth foundational apostle, Mathew, pearl gate name, Levi. Ninth foundational apostle, James ( son of Alphaeus and Thaddaeus)  pearl gate name Issachar, fruit  peach  . Finally turning north: the tenth foundational apostle, Simon the Zealot etc, etc to complete the square. From the text I infer the crops mature each in turn on the start of thee month. So the first month is grapes ( January?) the first of February (?) its the blue berries, March its cherries and so on. For each month we  all have the same fruit and our leaders encourage us to seek the foundational truth of each fruit in turn.

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If each month consists of four Sabbaths then on each of these Sabbaths when the daily sacrifice is commemorated the area of worship will be the one we have been studying and talking about with our leaders and with each other. If this be the case the daily sacrifice we are trying learn about must be split into twelve distinct sections, twelve distinct foundations. We have already seen the lamb split into four sections although we really have only been told about the arrangement of its head and feet, so we still have to be told about its thighs and chest and particularly why each section is split into three. I am unaware of any preaching rosters based on the twelve pearls or fruits or foundations of the New Jerusalem. Unless we can at least recognise them we will trip over them and be none the wiser!

If membership to a tribe is allocated according to month of birth that would have to be according to the Jewish calendar. Using our calendar and September would put me in the tribe of Issachar with James as our leader and our fruit of this month, peaches. This does not mean that that was the only fruit I ate of or that it would be the specialty of our tribe. We partake of all twelve fruits equally but only really see the real beauty as it will be displayed during the daily sacrifice of its associated Sabbath Day. Wow! that was way beyond the beauty we had anticipated and discussed! Good thing we had at least made some attempt to prepare for it!

So far we have been concerned with the twelve foundations. They are massive structures over 700 kilometers long ( to get miles *5 and divide by 8), but they are still individual units. There is  a gap, a break under the pearl gate and a new foundation begins. The size of the pearl gate is irrelevant when compared to the wall. It is just where one foundation ends and the next begins. The wall of jasper is a continuous unit. This wall could be:

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1; The original four creature of Christ’s natures that surrounded the throne even before Good Friday. That is why they are so massive ( 2,200 kilometers high and 8,800 kilometers in length) . They have just moved further back from the throne, they are not made of gold nor do they need a gold foundation. They existed before Good Friday and the role they played was one of perpetuity. They could not allow anything tainted with sin near God on the throne.

2; If they are the ephod , the layer of protection around Christ’s robe of righteousness then where were they in the old Heaven? Didn’t we pick up our robes at our entry into Heaven, in fact it was those robes that were the ticket into Heaven! Why did those walls continue to surround the inner Most Holy Place and have only just sprung back?

If there were no such thing as progressive revelation there would not be much point in reading and studying  Holy Scripture. It would be more of the same, hardly exciting! Progressive revelation may add to existing ideas but if those ideas are wrong then it has to correct them. The day that I stop making mistakes is the day I am being lowered into the ground. Sure I don’t make as many mistakes as I did when I was young but that is because I am doing a lot less. If you want to read something that has almost no mistakes ( there was none in the original manuscripts and the ones allowed by the Spirit do not affect any major theology. One supposed mistake was the demolition of the temple Jesus told His disciples about. It was not a mistake at all it was just assumed by everyone to be a mistake. If read  as ‘itiswritten’ it actually caused the subject matter in this chapter to neatly fall into place! Another very recent example; this morning we had a foot washing and last supper celebration with our lovely number four. As far as I know nobody has been able to work out why John only includes the foot washing and not the Lord’s supper but the other Gospels do it the other way around. Why not have both together? How can you separate the act of Jesus showing His disciples the full extent of His love, and leaving them with a secure source of blessing from the reenactment of Good Friday and ultimately our first meal with Jesus in Heaven? The critics cry ‘this is not just any mistake this is one with horrible consequences. How could God allow this to happen to is people?

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Relax, it is not a mistake at all just an another example of those highly intelligent critics not being able to read the queen’s English. It is another misread of the demolition of the temple. The particular text is John (13:1)

” It was just before the Passover Feast, Jesus knew His time had come for him to leave this world and go to the Father. Having loved his own who were in the world, he now showed them the full extent of his love.”

The critical words are ‘ just before the Passover Feast’ . The Passover meal would have had to be on Thursday night and that was the celebration of the Lord’s or Last Supper. ” Just before” or Wednesday or even Tuesday night they all met for the preparation meal for this main meal on Thursday night . They wanted to prepare themselves for the main event. If we want to prepare ourselves for the Last Supper we should also meet ‘ just before’. In this preparatory  meal we want to see the full extent of Jesus’s love which is going to take Him after the Passover meal, into the Garden of Gethsemane and onto Mount Calvary. To appreciate the full extent of Jesus’s love we must look at what started it all off in the first place: His act of creation. In the Garden of Eden when He first formed Adam He knew that  Adam and Eve would force Jesus to kneel in front of them and wash their feet. This was His last act as Christ creator and after contemplating this mystery as to why you would create someone who would nail you to the cross the disciples saw Jesus go to that cross! If going ahead with creating someone who is going to nail you to a cross just so that you can be with them is not the full extent of his love then nothing ever will be! )

It is actually this thirty odd hour time period that I am contemplating whilst looking at this massive wall in front of me. It has what only seems like a pin prick in it with a single pearl in it sitting on a gold foundation. Actually there are twelve such foundations with twelve pearls as gates but of particular interest to me is the ninth foundation and gate.

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The name on the foundation is James, the name on the pearl is Issachar and this foundation has been dressed with gems called topaz. Why this foundation is of particular interest to me is because I have contributed some of the gold in that footing, although I am unaware at this stage how much. Let me tell you how this happened:

There was this kind, gentle and rather forlorn man called Jesus  walking around and asking if He could buy something. When I asked Him what He wanted to buy and what He planned to do with it He replied that He wanted to buy my rubbish off me, refine it in the furnace of Mount Calvary and then hand it back as gold, fine clothing and finally ointment for my eyes so that I could see what was going on!  To get rid of rubbish is one thing but to get someone to actually buy it off you seemed like a deal I could not pass on. I sold Him any and all garbage that  wasn’t bolted down and as He seemed like an honest sort of person I wondered why He had done this to me and if He got any gold, fine clothing and salve what He did with them.

I now know He wanted to do this for me because He loved me so much He wanted me to be in Heaven with Him for an eternity; He has applied the salve to my eyes Himself and now I can see His face; the clothing He gave me was none other than His own robe of righteousness and the gold He poured through this tiny orifice now sealed with a single pearl and is in the foundation in front of me. He did not just put me into Heaven, He made me a part of Heaven! For how long will these acts of His astound us for??  Unfortunately this has not helped us with our problem of these massive walls. [ An after thought; why didn’t Jesus take all our rubbish? Has there been enough retained to keep us out of Heaven? Wasn’t that enough to tell Him to take all and not leave any behind? Some would say that sin remains but does not reign, but I am not so sure about it and will return here again.]

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With this wall we have to bite the bullet and decide; it either was a part of Good Friday’s furnace or it wasn’t. If it was then it could only be the dross floating on the gold. It may have been purified and it may have been the floor of the old Heavens where its flames initially engulfed the throne and badly burnt God Who was on that throne and then taken thousands of years to cool. But could these heavenly floors be transformed into new Heavenly walls? Didn’t the old Heaven and old Earth pass away; I am making everything new?(21:5) Unfortunately this verse also says ‘Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.’ So it seems a pity, a bad defeat to leave these walls in abeyance. If we contributed to the gold in the foundation then it becomes a part of our inheritance,

But what did not pass away? what did transfer from the old to he new?  The door, the framework between the old and New Heavens, The Church of Philadelphia,of righteousness by faith by faith in Christ should remain even if only by implication; the bride and Bridegroom come across; as do the angelic hosts; it maybe a different throne but those Who occupy it are the same, God and the Lamb; The Holy of Holies comes across in greatly expanded form with probably the same creatures around it moved back to the new boundaries; The blood of the Lamb comes across and is applied; the new City is called the wife of the Lamb or the bride. I set out this morning thinking I had seen a new light but that depended on naming the two components of the furnace of Good Friday; what is the gold and what is the dross or slag and I have not been able to do this.

I brought out the heavy artillery; it was God’s Sabbath and the blessings I called for were simple; please explain the significance of this massive wall! The Sabbath blessings were backed up by the guaranteed blessings associated with foot washing. The answer was still ” NO “. The problem with  ‘no’ is that is this ‘ no but wait’ or is this ‘ no I am going to get Solomon to build the temple ‘ or is this just ‘no!’ Full stop. I think the answer lies in John (13:1) again,

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‘ It was just before the Passover Feast. Jesus knew that his time had come for him to leave the world and go to the Father. Having loved his own who were in the world, he now showed them the full extent of his love.’

I have arrived at the full stop of Revelation chapter four. Chapter four ( Christ as creator, full stop, Christ as redeemer, Chapter five. I am asking to be let into the Passover Feast without at least 24 hours of preparation of the foot washing ceremony. I am told to go away and at least begin to digest how Jesus washing His disciples feet He is showing them the FULL extent of His love. And when I get the slightest inkling how Jesus, kneeling in front of His disciples and washing their feet  was showing them the full extent of His I will return and then ask again if I can be let into the Passover Feast itself. The foot washing ceremony was the first step up and the Last Supper is the second step before Heaven.

Not that standing in front of this massive wall is a problem. The pearl gate is open and I can go inside at any time. I know that there is an apartment with my name on it inside and I have just been admiring this golden footing to which I contributed gold and is therefore a part of my inheritance. With time as I study my robe I should get a fairer  idea of what Jesus did for me on that cross to get that gold. Certainly what I sold Him; ‘ But you do not realise that you are wretched, pitiful, poor blind and naked’ contained no eye ointment, white clothes and gold ‘, did not contain a trace of these Holy items. They were solid core rubbish!

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So now before I ask again to have explained this massive wall I am going to turn around and look down into the valley below and think about how Jesus’s creative acts point to His redemptive acts. Then having recently admitted that it is not just the words of the Bible that are inspired but so is its arrangement. What I call my notes on chapters 21 and 22 and are just a mumbled mix of verses I will rearrange in Biblical order as the danger of such a mixture is that wrong waypoints could be connected. After that I will complete Leviticus 16 and prayerfully this should give me the grounding that the foot washing brought before the Last Supper.

This last supper was an earthly event and does not require Heavenly thoughts. As I walk around the golf course I have no chance of counting the number of blades of grass ( especially the greens)  As far as I am concerned they are incalculable! But add that to the hundreds of miles ( Thousands in some directions) of farmlands and national parks not just in this country but worldwide and it becomes incomprehensible! I do not understand how many and God does not expect me to do so! But if I take one square millimeter of this grass and there are 100,000 chloroplasts there, again unthinkable. Now look at the complexity of just one of these chloroplasts. All of humanity studying its reactions only now are beginning to sort out some of what is going on, and that is after a hundred odd years of study! The same can be said for leaves, trees, stars, cell reactions, water and many other parts of Christ’s creation! The very best that we can say is ” wow”! We would expect nothing less from an Almighty God!

But now we come to day six; God’s creation of man. Christ knew that this being, Adam, along with every other being He would create of which He knew the exact number and I take as 14.4 billion ( 14,400,000,000)  would cause Him great grief, whether they went to Heaven or hell. He knew out of that 14.4 billion that He would kneel in front of twelve of them, including the one who would betray Him and wash their feet so that they could follow Him into Heaven.

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There were still some gory details about the stop which would have to occur along the way and which we are asking to see the details of, the Passover. The point is that He kneels in front of every one of His created being, washes their feet and invites them to follow Him into Heaven. He knows the exact details of what I will do to Him at that next stop but He wants me to know that it is by His personnel invitation, as displayed by His act of humility that I am doing what I am doing. Without this creative component I just seem to appear, crush the body of my Saviour and drain out His blood. It certainly does confirm the evil within me but it also implies that I knew exactly what I was doing! I did not but He did and it was this invitation that we celebrate at the foot washing that Jesus manifests ALL his love! He loved me so much and wanted me to be with Him for the eternities to come that He gave me a personnel invitation and He does that to every soul He has created!  He also gave us a choice as to whether we want to accept that invitation or not. Most refuse but Heaven cannot be held responsible for their decision, it has done all that is Heavenly possible!

It is this act of Christ the creator knelling in front of every soul He created and washing their feet so they were clean and could now follow Him to Heaven. Love could do no more. It is now this act of love we keep in mind as we reorganise  chapters 21 and 22 in Biblical order and complete Leviticus chapter 16. ‘ It is just before the Passover Feast’ and we should get ourselves ready for what we are going to do to our loving Saviour but IT IS BY PERSONNEL INVITATION!


Verses 1; Then I saw a new heaven and  a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.’

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” Then” indicates the full stop between those seven sevens and the “new’. It is a very exact time that the last fire of hell goes out and if related to Peter’s final fires of destruction then the end of them. If in fact the old creation lasted for 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and seven hours and ‘ In the beginning…’ t=0 and time started running from here then the date of chapter 21 is 7,777 years and the seventh month on the seventh day of which we are at the seventh hour ( Sunday one am our time) when the new begins. Witness Scripture tells us that both the earth and heavens disappear but not the New Heavenly occupants. We cannot carry any of the old earth or Heavens across. The door of Philadelphia is not just the door we walk through but it has a frame as well indicating some longevity about it. The door and frame are certainly ‘ righteousness through faith in Christ’ . The fact that ” Christians” are prepared to allow for other gods sadly shows how much out of touch they are. They have my disease which I am trying to rectify now. Mixing Scripture. I know it is significant that there is no longer any sea, but why?

I think earth’s seas are the ultimate source of water and therefore life. Even the water from inland lakes and volcanic sources will finish up in them. There is no need for seas in the New Earth as the water of life only has one source; the throne of God and of the Lamb. This water of life flows out throughout the New Earth and waters it by rising as it did in God’s first creation. There is no reason why this water should not evaporate, form clouds with spectacular rainbows, even more spectacular then today as we should see further into both ends of the spectrum.

The literal water should be pretty well a closed system with no changes to disorder. The continuous flow of the Heavenly river is more of a symbolic nature. As we now see Jesus face to face, His Name on our foreheads sending forth Divinely rays, we become one with Him and join Him on the throne with God; that is when our knowledge for the infinite becomes infinite and our thirst is continually quenched by he river of life that comes from this throne.

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Verse 2; ‘ I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.’

The new earth and Heaven already exist and out of the new Heaven comes this Holy City which has my apartment personally prepared by God. This aspect was so Important to God that He actually regards it as a part of the bride, and I know something of how He feels about me. Our earthly analogy brakes down some what with this New Heavenly one in that it only has one entrance into the Most Holy Place and that is from the Holy Place. The new  Heavenly Most Holy Place has twelve entrances from four directions and therefore the Holy Place surrounds it. It is in the middle of the Holy Place. This gives us the three compartments of eternity; the heavens or courtyard, the earth or the Holy Place and the New Jerusalem in the middle as the Holy of Holies.

God takes His time in doing things and there must be an important reason why He does this. His previous creation took seven days in amongst reasons to give us our seven day earthly cycle and the heavenly cycle of eternity. The new earth and heaven are already there but we are given the high light in slow motion. It is probably what we see  as we look through that final door of Philadelphia. The order of things as we focus up on them. They come into focus gradually.

Verse 3; ‘ And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, ” Now the dwelling of God is with men, and he will live with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God.’

Whilst enthralled with the grandeur of the new eternities, courtyard, Holy Place and Most Holy Place our attention is sharply focused by a loud voice,   to the very centre, the throne and not by blinking lights or whatever but by the One with Whom we will spend our eternities with; God Himself will dwell, live and be. This triple Scripture will surely be confirmed surely by something like ‘ write this down’ or ‘these are the true words of God’.

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This could not happen before this time as the presence of all sin forced God to be confined in a tiny cube like structure; the Most Holy Place. But the time has finally come to ‘ Now the dwelling of God is….”.

Verse 4; ‘ He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”  ‘

Even though the beauty of what we have seen in our first 1,780 years of the old Heaven, we have not seen the direct presence of God Himself. He was in the Temple, whose size we have not been told, surrounded by smoke and noone could enter inside until God’s wrath was completed. So this sharp focus on the throne would be hard on our eyes. Scripture uses another faculty we have retained; our ears. So now God has our undivided attention, He is all but what does that mean for us? We have just been looking down on a very unpleasant world. That black earthly spot has disappeared from our heavenly screens but look at what has replaced it! We now change our focus from that old screen to what is emerging in front of us. It is unbelievable! It is the exact opposite of what we have been looking at and what we lived through ourselves. What a horrible thing sin is, how it stains everything and what a difference its absence makes!

Verse 5; ‘ He who was seated on the throne said, ” I am making everything new!”  Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true”.

After observing all those horrors which result from sin over all that time we are surprised by this sudden end. Almost sounds too good to be true. With the confirmation ‘ … words are trustworthy and true.’ we now realise that creation has taken a distinct turn. These bad things not only stop but can never come back!

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What we tried to get rid of out of our lives, sin, because it so badly hurt our loving Saviour has finally gone! Even with the standards of Stalin, Bush and Co. what we did to our Lord on Good Friday was barbaric, and the worse thing was it came so naturally to us!  And now we have been told, just before the Passover Feast to think about it. We are not told how long Jesus gave His disciples to contemplate for but clearly they needed time, especially Peter. When they saw of the horrors of what Jesus suffered for them, they had to come back to the foot washing ceremony and see Jesus did what He did voluntarily, He washed their feet so they were clean and they could walk into Heaven with Jesus. Unfortunately the path to Heaven went over Mount Calvary. There was not one thing  that happened to Jesus that He had not foreseen. So when we sit there and contemplate about what Jesus did for us and we are sure that He could not have known what He was in for, we must be the mistake, we have to realise that Jesus even included Judas! It was Judas’s fault and not Jesus’s fault why Judas went to hell! No, He has not made a mistake with either you or me He knew exactly what He was getting Himself in for, He knew that before He created you and still went ahead and washed your feet! It is His Heaven and His invitation is to come wash your feet and take you to Heaven! It is all dependent on your response! You can send your response at any time without even a whisper and only you can retract this response. He never will and if by chance you choose to do so you will be surprised how greatly He appreciated you by the correspondence you will receive after your withdrawal.

Verse 6; ‘ He said to me: ” It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life’.

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These texts undermine the basis of one of satan’s lies. He must cause ridicule and undermine them as he is actually not to tell his ultimate lie but for probably the first time the truth; he will put a mirror in front of us! But firstly we must pass that inflection point of time, that ‘ It is done….’.Let God put them on top of the ladder and only then will satan pull out the rug!  Scripture is not just here to teach us about earthly things and their connection to Heaven it is also about Heaven, both old and new and the inflection point between them. The saints in Heaven do not require witness Scripture, they only need to be told once but on earth to see through with our sinful eyes the light has to be twice as strong.

The saints in Heaven have witnessed one of these inflection points; Garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem ( one lot of A to Z) and now when they have become comfortable with their existence in Heaven now there is a new beginning and this new beginning is explained to them by the one to Whom time and Heaven belong and for these He top price. He is this new beginning but He is also the new end. Their will be no further changes or inflections points. Your existence from here is ever onwards and upwards. As we thirst we will be forever refreshed from the spring of the water of life. As we are given only two lots of,A to Z’s and not three our attention span will remain on and in the New Jerusalem.

For us mortal sinners this is a witness text. There is a time coming  when all we know today will end. Sin will end, it will be no more. The fires of hell will extinguish, they have done their work and run out of fuel. What was indescribably beautiful becomes many factors more beautiful. Perfection has begun and will continue for the eternities to come!

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Verse 7; ‘ He who overcomes will inherit all this, and I will be his God and he will be my son.’

The word ‘ inherit’ is certainly rightly used. The garbage we gave to Jesus when He asked us for it He did convert into gold and that gold is a part of the foundation of the new city. There is also an exquisite apartment in that city for which I am the only one to hold a key for. We can actually go inside this city and occupy the throne with God, that is how close our relationship is, but first we must overcome. It will not be a problem in Heaven as we move from sheer beauty to perfection, but this earthly step is our stumbling block. If we get demoralised and discouraged by the next verse we have not understood the meaning of ‘ overcome’.

Verse 8; ‘ But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murders, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars— their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulphur. This is the second death.” ‘

Now satan holds up the mirror in front of us! Viola! It would be wonderful if you made this fabulous place of the eternities but unfortunately you are specifically excluded!  The difference between living forever in perfection or not is but one word: overcomes. It even gets the cowards, the unbelievers, the vile, etc across the line. So how do we overcome?

It would be nice if there was a one sentence, one paragraph or even one page answer but there is not. I have struggled many times with this topic in this blog and as it forms the major part of the subject matter now I intend to revisit  this subject now again. The issue that must be addressed is how so many people, I suggest could be 700 million, could die for and in the Lord Jesus Christ and still go to hell. It does sound like an impossibility!

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In this revision I take a chance to correct for an error in logic in my previous case. The error is that if we are given point A and point A we can join these together. Likewise if we are given point B and point B we are entitled to join these points together but we are not entitled to join points A to B which is what I have done, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is wrong but likewise doesn’t prove it right. Let us look at A and A;

When that flash appears in the sky at the second coming of our Lord there will be  288,000 of God’s people alive made up of 144,000 wise virgins and 144,000 foolish virgins. Conclusions we can draw are; half of the Christian Church is made up of foolish virgins and the other half are wise; the number is astonishingly small which means God’s people have been through a great tribulation; they are all called ‘virgins’ , they are true church and a true church consists of both wheat and tares  ( only God can separate the weeds from the wheat) Heaven pulls out all stops to bring any of the foolish virgins to Heaven, they are sealed by God with a seal which prevents them from suffering any harm, they are allocated to tribes ( if in fact I am in tribe Issachar and in Heaven all our tribe will look down and see that 12,000 of our members have not made it then we will organise a plan to try to bring them up to be with us, even if that means only one member. We must be sure in the eternities to come that everyone who wanted to join us is here) Our tribe is a complete unit, noone missed out!; Not one of the 288,000 virgins had the mark of the beast and were prepared to die rather than receive it; the beast was on his way to kill them and would have done so had the Lord not intervened with His appearance.

Now points B and B: At the midnight call when the beast out of the earth calls ‘ here comes the bridegroom, come out and meet him!’ the sleeping church wakes up; at this time it is composed of ten virgins, five wise and five foolish.

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To be called ‘wise’  you must have spare oil in a jar, it is dark out there, its midnight. The foolish do not carry any spare oil. Even though they were all asleep moments ago their light had not gone out; midnight is not no light, it is a time of minimum light. Both groups are wise to the extent that they know the direction to go; the wise go to meet the Lord and the foolish go to buy oil, they both  know that it is all about oil now and realise their adequacy or inadequacy as in the case of the foolish virgins. They both know they can give each other oil and they both know that their Saviour is but 45 days from making His appearance, but neither know how rough the stormy waters in between will be. This now becomes a case of self survival, it is me with my eyes focused on the Lord and His soon coming! My reliance and call for Him are not dependent on what position I am in, what situation, how the call is expressed. He is the only one in focus and the background He is on is His Holy Word. It is not relevant how much of that Word I understand, if any at all because it stands against a background of His Almighty Creation which His Word the Bible describes in great detail, including that critical bit of the foot washing ceremony, and now its associated blessings. This is the Lord God Almighty and it is He Who is being addressed. That wall of water containing Jordan’s sewerage has broken and is about to engulf and drown me but I can clearly see the man in white above those waters and it is towards Him that I make my final thrust with hand outstretched! Because it is all about Him that my dive is made with such confidence. My input is and always has been zero. But why do 700 million odd others make that last lunge and their last breath, miss and get washed away with the sewerage of life?

It would be difficult to question the integrity of this church of the great tribulation. They have had 140 days of harvest and it was a Bible based harvest.

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The fact that many were red letter Christians before Satan admitted he had lied and introduced those so called ‘errors’ in the Bible should now be an advantage to them as they accept the Bible for what it is, God’s Word. They feel a deep shame for believing all those “facts’ so called over the Word. They even preferred to believe that this universe came about out of nothing rather than God created! How can all those scientists get it so wrong! They now realise that that scrapheap of ideas is called science. It has always, continues and will continue to change. Their realisation of the gall they had in putting insane ideas ahead of God’s Word should now bring a deep sense of repentance, and of humility.

But something goes wrong!  By being red letter Christians they have been soaked and steeped in a sea of clangers, of blasphemies. Instead of going back to the start of their newly found faith, back to ” In the beginning God…” they bring across at least some of their clangers and use the Bible to justify them! [ for those who prayed for my lovely Mel’s baby, thank you! It is a lovely little boy, Cameron and mother and child are well, 11/11/16] Their desecration of the Sabbath, now easily justified and we were definitely correct in our stand for gay marriage and homosexuality! Look there is Miriam there that justifies women priests!  There is no difference, they continue on with their previous lord and previous ideas of the Bible. They are foolish, they are wicked and those who die will be resurrected along with the wicked at the end of the millennium.

Instead  they should have gone back to Genesis where the problem is not only defined, but solutions given as well. Eschatology is summarized in one sentence; (3:15) ‘ …….and he will crush your head and you will strike his heel’. The problem of sin was introduced in Genesis, it solution played out on Good Friday and now its last throes before the eternities begin. You will be told at just not how nasty intentional sin is but what suffering humanities unintentional sin caused our Lord Jesus Christ! By missing out on the nature and role of sin and the law you haven’t just missed the boat you have fallen off the jetty into the deep water! You are using Scripture to justify your sin!!

Page 335

You have found your way around God’s Holy Law nullifying something Jesus suffered and died for! The topic of God’s Law is addressed in many parts of the Bible including Romans where it is shown to be the central tenet of our faith! How dare you use this Holy Book to try to extinguish the central tenet of the Christian faith?

I haven’t put that much thought and prayer into this yet but it appears that it is the Sabbath mirror that satan is holding up to me now. It is what is on the two sides of the word ‘ overcome’ For those who do and go above it is the daily sacrifice which is celebrated on those eternal Sabbaths. It is implied  that if you keep the Sabbath properly you will automatically keep the other nine.For those who did not overcome the nine other commandments are listed implying that you could not have kept the Sabbath and broken all these other commandments!

Much has already been written on points A and B in this blog. Both tell us that the split in God’s people is fifty-fifty but this does not mean that this split also applies to the 45 days which join these two points. The day of the real tribulation, day one of the beast out of the earth’s terror starts after one of the most productive 140 periods of harvest the church has been through. If the total number of wheat and tares is one point four billion then there are 700 million wise virgins and 700 million foolish virgins to begin the final tribulation with. The beast out of the sea has gone to great lengths to flush out all would be Christians making sure that in the  battles he leads there will be no defections. These 1.4 billion will not receive the mark of the beast and therefore invite martyrdom. They are like sitting ducks. They live in communities, turn up to rallies, go to churches and other congregations and make attempt to resist. This wave of martyrdom produces a secondary wave of martyrdom and this secondary wave do not have to contain that 50-50 split of foolish to wise virgins as either stated or implied earlier.They may all well be wise. So it is quite possible that another 200 or 300 million people are added to the Book of Life.

Page 336

This however does not change the position of the original seven hundred million foolish virgins. How and where and why they die and in who’s name is not relevant. They are not just evil at the level of unintentional sin but are hard core, full blown evil at the level of intentional sin. They not only break God’s Holy Law, which every single person does and cannot help but do, they search Holy Scripture, twist it and throw it back into God’s Holy face to justify their evil actions. Heaven has no problems in judging these as evil, they were better off receiving the mark of the beast!

Go back to Genesis, particularly the first six chapters and see what appears to be quite an innocuous situation develop. Quiet, benign and tame. But here we have the seeds of the Bible History. It is here that the solubility product is exceeded and causes all that evil to precipitate out. It is the start of the end. You may now move to the foot washing ceremony and see just an inkling of the love of Jesus. Only then will the celebration of the Last Supper have any meaning to you! Calvary’s tree!

When satan holds that mirror of discouragement, but reality in front me I move the mirror back to the other side of the word ‘ overcome’ . I only now have those eternal Sabbaths with their daily sacrifice to look forward to. In  and with Jesus Christ I moved from this side of overcome to the other side. The mirror has been twisted around by 180 degrees of which I am sure because this was done entirely by Jesus with zero input from me. I cannot go wrong by relying on Him. I don’t have to search the Bible to justify my sinful actions and twist His Holy Word  to show Him that His suffering for me on that cross was unnecessary. He did not do one thing that did not need doing. His were the actions of perfection. To see those who do not have their feet on the Book of Genesis as their foundation you have to look up in the sky. There you will see a cloud, they call love, with a lot of feet pocking through it. But stop and observe the pattern of the movement of one pair of those feet. They are going anywhere and everywhere because they don’t know where they are going. Having come through the starting gate, the Book of Genesis, or beginnings allows you to see the path ahead and it is love. In fact it is the full extent of His love!`Having seen this the clouds really do become the limit and those feet up there know where they are going and what they are doing!

Page 337

When you call in the name of the Lord from there,it is so close to Heaven there can only be one Lord Jesus Christ and you may or may not be saved, but YOU WILL BE SAVED! And this assurance is as sure as His written Word!

Verse 9; ‘ One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls full of the seven plagues came and said to me, ” Come, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb.” ‘

These seven angels have the inside rail information about this bride, the New Jerusalem. They came from its previous version; the temple of Heaven filled with smoke which noone could enter because of the wrath of God. They were responsible for carrying out stage two of the service of the Day of Atonement Ceremony and have now laid the ground for the final part of this service; the burnt offering. It was their pouring out of these bowls that caused the smoke in the temple to clear; ‘God’s wrath is complete!’. Yet only one is given the amazing privilege of showing John initially and then the whole Heavenly hosts the beauty of the new Heavens. Only one acts as our host! Their bowls were given to them by one of the four living creatures, but he gave each their bowls. Scripture could quite easily have told us which angel it was but clearly it wants us to search under each stone in order to find this pearl. To search under each stone, actually each bowl we just quickly revise these seven bowls of wrath.

They are poured out over a period of some 480 years once the door of mercy closes at the third coming of our Lord.( or could that be seven bowls over seventy years or 490 years)  It is all over when we were given our last chance to place our hands on the scapegoat, all our intentional sins. Well the scapegoat has just been led out of the sanctuary and will be led by a man who is able into the desert to experience the wrath of God. Nothing of this scapegoat remains in the sanctuary, it is a sin offering and it was chosen by lot.

Page 338

It is critical to realise that not one drop of its blood is involved in this ceremony. I am unsure of the timing in the earthly ceremony, but in the heavenly one the third stage could not proceed until the man who led the scapegoat returned to Heaven. God’s wrath had to be complete. The earthly equivalent would be to wait until that man who took the goat returned and that would depend on how far the dessert was and when he actually pushed this goat over the cliff.

The seven bowls; first there were seven and then they were bowls, just like there were seven days of creation of distinct purposes. The bowl indicates instantaneous action or pouring but the effects may have lasted for a longer period of time.|The rivers certainly flowed off the land for at least 24 hours of day three production, the series of the production of stars occurred over the 24 hour period  and Adam and Eve were not created until after those higher animals. It would be logical to imply that day one, two and five also occurred over a time period. There is no doubt about the seventh day occurring over a twenty four hour period!  For a while at least the bowls of destruction in wrath mirrored the days of creation in love. And there should be our first clue. The period in question is there so that we can finish up in a time period of companionship in the presence of the love of God. This is what happened after creation week and this is what happened after the bowls destructive period; direct presence of God on His Holy Day. Let us go through these angels and their bowls giving reasons why they could and could not be our hosts in the New Heaven. It should be interesting to see if we cast our votes for the same angel as we did on the first run. If not we may have maybe been able to narrow it down to two angels.

First angel, bowl one the ugly and painful sores. These seven angels may well be the same angels who blew the trumpets warning humanity that this was the last chance some 780 years ago. These warnings now come to fruition.

Page 339

We know why this angel was chosen, to be our usher and introduce us to our new home of eternity but what we are trying to determine was was he the only one eligible to do this or could any of the others have done this also. This angel begins the earth’s destruction by pouring something that gives humans ugly and painful sores. If they wished for death after the partial ( one third) trumpets how much more will they do so now. These sores are almost universal and do not apply to those who do not have the mark of the beast. We know that those 144,000 foolish virgins did not but neither did the 700 million who died twisting God’d Holy Word and throwing it back into His Holy face. Their wickedness is of the highest order but if ‘itiswritten’ really is ‘itiswritten’ then these are excluded from these bowls. As this angel is given the privilege of starting off end day proceedings it may also be given the privilege of starting off the new age proceedings.

Second angel, the destruction of the whole sea making it a stinking unlivable blood bath. Having destroyed the sea, the source of life this angel may well now reintroduce the new source of life. It is not the sea but a river that flows down the main street originating at the throne. This is the most critical element of the new Heavens as it is the source of life and with many saints now with an unquenchable thirst to get to know into the perfect attributes of God.

Third angel who made the waters in the rivers undrinkable. It was the sea that was the source of life on earth but its waters were not suitable to quench thirst, they were salty and undrinkable. Drinking water came from the rivers. The previous bowl destroyed the sea, source of life but it was the third angel that made the waters undrinkable and it is he who now makes the waters drinkable again.

Page 340

The fourth bowl angel tinkled ever so slightly with one of the parameters of the sun, like distance, size, luminosity, speed or whatever and made the earth into an almost unlivable place. Sunlight now meant suffering, death and destruction. So the fourth angel now replaces that sunlight with the Sonlight of eternity.

The fifth bowl is a marked deviation from the other four. The fifth day of creation was the last step of preparation for the sixth day where God created His ultimate creation; man and woman and the next day they were supposed to begin celebrating these events for the eternities to come. The bowls are also almost ready to begin these celebrations but there still has to be one more critical function performed. Before the destruction processes about to begin everything that is about to be destroyed has to be shown to be evil including the beast; both parts of it, both legs.They were separate at the second coming when the beast out of the sea caused many of God’s people to be martyred during his 1,260 days of terror. Actually the last 140 days were used to bring any potential Christians into the open. This gave the beast out of the earth  its easy task of that final great tribulation for 45 days for God’s people. Both were guilty of evil acts and judged as evil just as both were thrown into hell on Good Friday, could have been totally destroyed but pulled out of the flames by God and restored. The Roman Empire at that time were a united nation whose basis was was religion, emperor worship. But all the way along the beast out of the earth pleads innocence on the ground that it is the junior partner and had it not done what it had the beast out of the sea would have turned on it and destroyed it just as is about to happen now.

It had to be separated and judged separately which the angel with the fifth bowl accomplishes. The judgment could not have pronounced a higher degree of guilt and the beast out of the earth  could not blame its ‘buddy’. ( with friends like that you don’t need  any enemies!)  ‘ And they cursed God and refused to repent!’ This is the peak of false religion; the beast out of the earth. It seems as if Heaven had another reason for this bowl.

Page 341

The fact that the inhabitants of the earth were astonished by the return of the beast out of the sea ( 17:8) has already been dealt with. So if God’s wrath could be split into a hop, step and jump  then the fifth angel could claim that it was he who instigated the ‘jump’ part of it and therefore should be able to continue on with its extension.

The equivalent of the sixth bowl on the sixth is the sixth day of creation. Just a few tidying up steps before bringing Adam and Eve onto the scene. Even though all have been judged as evil there will still be a window offered  for Jesus to take their place in hell. The fact they all refuse only shows that there is a distinction between good and evil and never the twain shall meet let alone mix.

At the sixth bowl there was only supposed to be one battle, Armageddon. The shaking apart of Babylon into its three component parts by the massive earthquake does not occur until the seventh bowl. So these evil spirits that look like frogs that come out of the mouths of the dragon, beast and prophet performing their miraculous signs actually go out to the whole world which seems to instinctively react in two ways. The kings from the east come marching, cross the river and stop. The ones coming from the north and south stop on the other bank. I have no doubt that Daniel’s chapter eleven is applicable to the second coming but it may also reach this far forward. The division of the Euphrates and of the kings is a Divine event planned by God eternities ago, fore- seeing every minute detail. Here we the first appearance of a two stage society; us and them. One lot were there for a thousand years as a united nation and with no wars accumulated a massive amount of wealth enough to share when the population doubled overnight at the end of the millennium. it appears as if they were planning a two pronged attack; one lot would surround the city from one side and the others would come in from this side. Either way the forces of evil were given a chance to organise and prepare their battle plans. They could not say they were caught unaware.

Page 342

The Bible is not supposed to have outstanding or memorable texts. It is all the word of God and ultimately either points you to Jesus or shows you if you do certain things they will take you away from Jesus. So it is a statement of ignorance to say that I find Revelation (16:15) an outstanding and memorable verse, but it is not total ignorance as I can see at least one ray about this looming battle. Let me compare this to a recent earthly event; the war in Iraq.

The battle drums are rolling and reaching fever pitch. George W Bush has not just got the smell of oil up his hooter it has gone right through into his lungs and blood stream. The facts hit his table; munitions with use by dates piled up, the experimental ones that should never have been made and the ones made that need testing on human beings, unemployment in the munitions industry going through the roof and the danger of losing these skilled laborers, Halliburton profits was down, Dick Chaney with not even enough money to buy himself a teabag to juggle in the billy in his campfire and the list is of hardships and dangers is quite extensive. Decision is made we have to go in! All it needs now is for Colin Powell to confirm; can he see those bacteria in that burnt out bus that was the mobile laboratory? Yes! and these are not just ordinary bacteria, not only are they visible from space but they have come through a fire that destroyed the bus. When the photographic evidence was presented to the UN when Colin pointed to something you could hear his aid saying ‘ No! mister secretary that is one of the palaces that the poms built, the burnt out bus is on the other side of town!’ to which Powell replied ‘ The speed with which these super bugs are spreading only adds to the urgency of this situation!’ Immediate action is required before these things start to spread and conquer the world. The super bugs are here! Let us look at this text in the atmosphere of battle, different because this is a real battle, it is between the forces  of good and evil and there will only be one victor! It is because of this battle , which is about to split into two, that there will be no more battles, ever! Red letters, Revelation ( 16:15)

‘ Page 343

‘  ” Behold, I come like a thief! Blessed is he who stays awake and keeps his clothes with him, so that he may not go naked and be shamefully exposed” ‘.

I see this verse at three different levels; how satan used it against the beast, its intended use in the gathering of the kings and how it applies to me and thee today.

When the split comes with the next bowl satan would have used it very selectively, as he does with all Scripture in discouraging the beast from it’ s stance.” You didn’t manage to get Jesus to come back to earth, there was not one repentant soul, you are going to have to fight Him and His armies whilst they are on the cloud, the sickle they have is extra sharp, it will require only one pass and you will have to stay on guard 24/7 because you don’t know when He will appear!. All your earthly victories are of no value. Your greatest success of the 1,335 days of the Great Tribulation, killing the two witnesses and parting the Euphrates were earthly events and of no value to you now”.

The specific context is the gathering of the kings of the earth and the foolish virgins. They are awake, they know exactly what is going on, they will not be able to call ‘ the beast that you did put their did….’, theirs is an intentional sin. There must at least still be some of them who have retained their seals, their clothing almost 1,780 years ago and they are being encouraged to retain it. If they do they will be ‘blessed’ and if not, well Scripture uses the word ‘ shamefully exposed’ for as the pages are turned and you are shown your sin and the corresponding sin in the Book Of Life where you could have chosen for Jesus to do your suffering for you but you rejected His kind offer and now want to do this yourself! What other description could be used for your stupid decision? This is the third angels message, the final warning for the foolish virgins not to accept the mark of the beast.

Page 344

For me and thee the time factor is certainly relevant. We don’t know whether this breath is our last. If it was your last then only two things are relevant; whether you were awake and whether you were clothed. The nakedness is not of a clothes type. When Adam and Eve were without clothes they did not feel naked but after sinning and they clothed themselves with leaves they hid in the trees from God because they felt naked. The nakedness is covered by the seal of God and is a result of awakedness in reading and living according to the light given us. The blessings of both awakedness and clothing are immediate and certainly determine our destiny.

The distinction between the living and the dead is so clear I don’t know why I have had such a struggle  with this topic up to now and how much more clearer  I could rewrite the bowls with now. They are totally different as chalk and cheese. For non believers it is a literal awakedness and clothing but for believers it is literal and spiritual as well. I am not sure what kind of seal that those 144,000 foolish virgins received from God. We know specifically that the bowls did not affect them and almost certainly neither did the trumpets, but did they have storms in their lives with their associated life giving showers?  If there are no storms for a year we would call this a drought and if this extends to five years it would be a severe drought. The Lord loves us too much to bring drought into our lives but neither does He send something without the corresponding help to cope with it. The problem I was struggling with was how so many people could die for the Lord rather than be marked by the beast. Scripture is very clear: if they were saints they would have gone to Heaven with the Lord at the start of the millennium and the wicked would be left behind. They have been left behind, they are wicked! Whether their problem was awakedness or clothing or both is irrelevant. The credentials that the sixth angel puts forward in his application for usher of entry into the New Heavens are; it was my bowl that did the final organisation of the evil onto their side of the Euphrates.

Page 345

Day six in the creation of love was the final organisation and preparation before our communication and presence began with our Creator on the first and subsequent Sabbath days. Bowl six of wrath was the final organisation and preparation of our destruction for the eternities to come. The seventh angel only had to push this goat over the cliff, gravity would do the rest. It was his earthquake that caused the great city to be split into three setting the ball rolling to its final destiny, Peter’s fires of total destruction. No doubt many of you can see this has exposed many lines but providing they all lead to Calvary’s tree on Good Friday they are all valid; ” it is finished”.

So this time through the logical  candidate for usher to the New Jerusalem is the seventh angel. It was his bowl that caused that final destruction of evil, and he is now there to see what that evil is replaced with the New Heavens and New Earth.

There are many difficult concepts to try to equate to in the Holy Word. One of these is the importance that Jesus regards our home of the future. ” Bride, wife of the Lamb”. It is so stunning that we are going to have to be gradually introduced into it.

Verse 10; ‘ And he carried me away in the Spirit to a mountain great and high, and showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God.’

The scenery and rules have changed completely and I find it amazing that we can be shown anything once those fires of hell have gone out and everything is made anew. This can only happen because the last traces of sin have disappeared and surely by showing us this picture has introduced sin back into it! But far greater minds like Paul have struggled with this problem and he did all his life. Surely it can’t be saying that the spirit within us is not evil! But then again God’s contribution to His Spirit He gave us was certainly not evil and this maybe that component of it that is being carried away. After the fires of hell were extinguished God made a new Heaven and Earth and it is now out of these New Heavens that this city is coming out of to settle on the New Earth with this gigantic mountain on it.

Page 346

This angel, whatever bowl it was responsible for, has come from the direct presence of God. It was inside the temple in the Old Heaven where even the saints could not go. The fact that it not only has anything to do with sinful John but actually picks him up and carries him shows that it could only be the God component that we are dealing with now and that component is in every living being!

Verse 11; ‘ It shone with the glory of God, and its brilliance was like that of a very precious jewel, like a jasper, clear as crystal.’

We have just spent 1,780 odd years in a place where even Paul could not begin to explain its beauty and now we have come to the door of Philadelphia, actually its the door frame and we look to see something which is stunningly more beautiful than where we have already been! God’s presence was inside the temple protected by walls to prevent anyone being hurt by the wrath of God. Now we see the glory of God! Apparently there is uncertainty in identifying these jewels but for comparison we are to take jasper as the most precious and stunning. A jewel of these dimensions and the glory of God shining out of it would have become visible from a long way away. This should give us an idea of the dimensions of these New Heavens. Each pass through Scripture usually results in a deeper understanding but there are still many unanswered fundamental questions like; are the Bride and Bridegroom already in this city as it descends or is that still to happen? If so then when?  Being told that ‘ we shall see His face’ does not really help. It brings us back to our original problem that at this time there can be no traces  of sin of any type anywhere. Even the Holy Spirit of God that John possessed at this stage is bound within the wrath of God and cannot be displayed.

Page 347

[ Absence for past six days; any grandparent knows if they get an invitation that begins with ‘ We would love to have you……’ or your grandchild spends hours in constructing you an invitation to their school  fate then you have no choice but buy the tickets, pack your bags and go. We have spent time with two of our grandchildren. As an aside if you were on Jetstar JQ 522 landing at Mascot last night at 9.30 pm that was very close to being a dinobird landing; bounce, bounce and finish up as a tail first landing! I was sure it was going to spin around!]

But even though I was away from the keypad I did not stop thinking about our present problem; that massive almost nine thousand kilometer long and two thousand kilometer high wall made of the most precious of jewels, symbolised by jasper. You don’t need a degree in theology to know that this is Calvary’s tree. But what part of Calvary’s tree? I also have no problem with when I run into problems with the Divine I go back to the earthly step, the Old Testament, this is what my Master, the Lord Jesus Christ told me to do. That step is far higher than you can imagine, it is actually of Divine proportions! And this is only the third time through this problem so we cannot hope to have the same insight as the seventh time or seventieth time through. If I am left behind after the second coming and the Lord privileges me by allowing to further investigate His Word, I would say that in another 1,260 years I could rightly claim that the name I have chosen for this blog as ‘ Revelationasitiswritten’  is indeed correct!

Returning to the text. When dealing with priestly garments I said all we are told about in Heaven is that we have two garments; Christ’s robe of righteousness which has a fine linen undergarment, the Holy Spirit, to allow this magnificent robe to sit more comfortably. The covering for this robe, the ephod was not required and was moved away by some thousand kilometers in the form of this magnificent wall. I now want to return to this picture and make the necessary corrections.

Page 348

Exodus chapter 28 and verse 6; ‘ ” Make the ephod of gold, and of blue, purple and scarlet yarn, and of finely twisted linen—the work of skilled tradesmen.” ‘

In my construction of the city I had the walls glittering with blue-purple, green, yellow and red. This is wrong as there is no green and the blue and purple are two separate colours. The gold and scarlet were correct and give us a binding to Calvary’s tree. The yarn is not just a binding agent for the cloth, it is the cornerstone and foundation of this wall. This would make the twelve foundations not foundations as such, ie has to be of certain width and depth to carry a wall that is over two thousand kilometers high but more like a thread representing foundational truths. Yes there is a lot of gold in them, 9,000 kilometers long, probably 65 meters wide  and even hundreds of kilometers deep, but the amount is not determined by their ability to support a massive wall but by the amount of garbage we sold our Lord which He took into the furnace of Calvary and refined as gold. Thus the four coloured yarn that they are made up of these four coloured yarns. The point is that when the Lord decided to move the ephod back from the robe it was moved as one unit, it is one wall and placed on a foundation of eternity. There has to be significance that green is not included  as this is going to be the tie up between the tree of life, it’s fruits and the twenty eight day month cycle. It could be as simple as ‘ there is no sea’. All these items we are studying have been constructed by skilled tradesmen, and that is by God’s standards and that is why these earthly steps Jesus told us to return to are far higher than we can imagine!

Verse 7; ‘ ”  It is to have two shoulder pieces attached to two of its corners, so that it can be fastened “‘.

Page 349

The construction of this ephod is to form a major part of our study of the split between the apostles and the tribes. It will appear that Peter and Paul  representing Judah and Benjamin have the jump on everyone and especially poor old me in the tribe of Issachar who received anything but a complimentary wrap from Jacob on his deathbed. These two had the old Jerusalem between them and did pretty well with the new one as well.

Verse 8; ‘ ” Its skillfully woven waistband is to be like it— of one piece with the ephod and made with gold , and with blue, purple and scarlet yarn, and with finely twisted linen.” ‘

I don’t think there is any doubt that the whole of the sanctuary details were designed with the city of the eternities to come, the New Jerusalem in mind, including verse 8. This ephod, the Heavenly walls were to be moved back so many Heavenly units away from the heart of the High Priest, Jesus Christ and we would not just have access to but be able to live in the direct presence of His Being. These walls, this ephod had to have a solid foundation (s), the waistband. That was the base and the shoulder pieces on top.

The wall and the foundation are one as Jesus knew exactly how much gold He would have to refine for each of the saints in Heaven and some of this is in printed in those robes of righteousness He wove for them. There is also twisted linen indicating pain and various sections.

Verses 9,10; ‘ ” Take two onyx stones and engrave on them the names of the sons of Israel in order of their birth–six names on one stone and the remaining and the remaining six on the other.” ‘.

Here we have some suggestion that our allocation to to our tribe is determined by birthday. Here also occurs the first break down of the number of tribes, twelve. the ephod has a front and back emphasised at this stage, but in reality there is only one to which the breastplate will be fitted. This is an indication of a left and right side, all will be included.

Page 350

Verses 11,12; ‘ ” Engrave the names of the sons of Israel on the two stones the way a gem cutter engraves a seal. Then mount the stones in gold filigree settings and fasten them on the shoulder pieces of the ephod as memorial stones for the sons of Israel. Aaron is to bear the names on his shoulder as a memorial before the Lord” ‘.

At this stage the names are still on stones and have not been transferred to pearls. The left and right shoulder pieces indicate a center of the body with the head being central. It also indicates a precious commodity is being formed which will last for an eternity.

Verses 13, 14; ‘ ” Make the filigree settings and two braided chains of pure gold, like a rope and attach the chains to the settings” ‘.

The only comment I can make is that there are too many undefined areas  to relate these verses to the walls, foundations and pearly gates. Likewise the arrangement of the precious stones on the breastplate and their correlation to the precious stones decorating the twelve foundations of the new city. God has no doubt left ‘ skilled tradesmen ‘ in geology and gem stones who will do this work for Him. To me there is one breastplate with four rows each containing three gem stones. Their history like their chemistry will change from Exodus and finish up in their rightful position of eternity , in Revelation chapter 21.But we start with one ephod of front,back and two sides supported by a waste band and a breastplate in front. [ access denied till 11.05]

There was only one breastplate, only one entrance in the earthly temple from the Holy Place into the Most Holy Place, and that was only by carrying blood, from the earthly temple into the Heavenly  temple with Jesus’s blood and from the Old Heavens to the New Jerusalem  also by the blood of Jesus. It is only here that the wonders of the Lamb and of God open out where the beauty of Jesus can be seen. The smoke has finally cleared from the temple.

Page 351

There can only be so much time that I can beat around the bush for when I strike a major topic, the great wall around the New Jerusalem, when I have to bite the bullet even if that means errors and corrections ( hopefully). None of these problems would have arisen had there been three walls ( the Holy Trinity) with four entrances each ( twelve pearly gates with a monthly cycle of 28 days). It is the exact opposite, there are four walls ( sections thereof) with three entrances yielding three Sabbaths or 21 day monthly cycles. This cannot be correct as this is too far away from our present cycles and would indicate that God only used a second grade system in His first creation. The difference could not even be reconciled by the impacts that occurred during Noah’s flood. There are other major problems as well like; if this city is a gigantic cube with four walls then how can this point to the Holy Trinity which is what a cube points to with its three dimensions?, why are there only two Beings on the throne? ( God and the Lamb) , how have we been washed white when clearly washing something in blood would render it red?, amongst others.

There are going to be basic assumptions going to be made like if there is a conflict between the earthly step and its Heavenly counterpart then the Heavenly one gets preference. The final order of the tribes is the one of eternity, of chapter  7 of Revelation as is the order of the precious stones held on the final foundations of the new city in chapter 21, verses 19–. The order in the Old Testament was according to DOB and talents given. If they did not live up to expectation their names may have been removed altogether, like Dan or rearranged like Judah and Reuben. Jacob knew what he was doing and talking about as shown by his reaction to Joseph’s attempt to change the blessings on his two sons. This should mean that Dan’s gem is missing from the Heavenly list and Joseph’s gem replaced by two others, or the difference between the gem listing should be three gems, unfortunately it i a little more complicated than that.

Page 352

Likewise the listing of the apostles in Mathew chapter ten. It would be quite convenient to replace Judas Iscariot with Paul and this would match the last tribe of Benjamin very well. The problem is that the apostles were very specific in replacing Judas with Mathias so that would leave Paul to replace John as has previously been argued leaving John as the eternal messenger of the New Jerusalem.

If I get into Heaven and using the OT allocating method of DOB I maybe in the tribe of Issachar, the ninth tribe and therefore the ninth pearly gate. In order to understand this massive wall better I reasoned it would be advantageous for me to peer through the ninth gate. Using the order of Revelation (4:7) this would make the first wall the creature that looked like a lion, the second section of the wall the creature that looked like an ox. the third section, my section, the creature that looked like a man and the section bonded onto mine the creature that looked like an eagle. Each section has three pearly gates; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So I was to concentrate and contemplate on the human nature of Jesus Christ  as manifested in and by the Holy Spirit. Then I thought that my topic follows the gate before me; human nature of Jesus Christ as displayed by Christ Himself. This gate is called Levi. What better method of Christ displaying  His humanity than the creator kneeling at the feet of His created so that they can walk with Him to Heaven! What humility! What love! Then it struck me; the path and the distance between the eight gate and the ninth gate is John (13:1) ! ‘ It was just before the Passover Feast ‘! Having just been through the eighth gate we can now go through my gate; the Passover Feast!

We have all been through the basic lesson, the tutorial on the humanity of Christ. This was the cornerstone of our wall and the breaking of the third seal.

Page 353

We all knew this lesson was coming up and we prepared intensely for it. But we were still floored by the beauty of this lesson and no wonder as we are going to be totally overcome when this lesson is split into three parts. If the individual parts are overwhelming how much so are they when combined! Thus we have our fourth component of the wall; the cornerstone plus the three pearly gate making the month into a twenty eight day cycle, or four Sabbaths.

What we needed explained before we delved into Christ’s human nature was why did this path that Jesus took had to go over Mount Calvary? Why not go around it? Jesus knew exactly what it was going to cost Him and it was essential to explain why He did it. There was no other way! There were no other paths around Mount Calvary there was just the one. Surely you can’t think that if there were other paths there Jesus would not have taken them! This is the seal of the black horse; of death. This seal was opened by the Lamb, Jesus knew every grain of detail what was going to happen and with the help of the Spirit of God this will soon be explained to us.

The hammer had fallen and the judgment call “Guilty” had occurred way back in the Garden of Eden.

[ Leaving the third seal alone for the moment and trying to correct the big picture. By looking in through the ninth gate I was only looking in one dimension and had not realised that the cornerstones on each of this line were two dimensional. I will try to repair this now. I realise that the cycle in these  four sections of wall are infinite but even though they are infinite they still had a start, so the very first cycle is different to the rest. On earth they began as Christ the conquering lion on Resurrection Sunday but in the final Heavens it begins with Christ as ox. It is the blood of Jesus Christ that allows us to enter from the old Heavens into the new. The colour of this wall, the second seal is red and it it is the second seal which is first broken on our entry into these new Heavens.

Page 354

It may be particularly laborious to paint the whole picture but as I cannot use the graphics of this program I will have to do it verbally: the four seals, colours and the twelve pearly gates before examining them individually, or at least trying to.

1; Seal 2;  broken on our entry. We are stunned by what has just happened, it is just overwhelming, first Sabbath, first twenty four hours. ( I am aware that there is no day or night cycle in the New Jerusalem but as the time cycle introduced by Jesus in Genesis was perfect it continues for eternity: 24 hour Sabbath followed by six lots of 24 hours or 144 hour time period.)

2; First quota of 144 hours where we realise that the coming Sabbath we will be shown the ox attributes in three lots the first being the Father, divinity and it is for this topic we prepare. Our preparation is shown to be very well short of what we are shown by Heaven as we pass through this first pearl with Asher’s name on it and John’s or probably Paul’s name on the foundation. This stunning twenty four hours of beauty requires some time for recuperation .

3; Second quota of 144 hours and here we realise and prepare for the coming Sabbath where we will be shown the attribute of the ox as Son. I think the allocation of the fruits of the tree of life occur at the end of the Sabbath where we are given the fruit to be eaten and digested in preparation for the next Sabbath. There is an anomaly here as this is our third Sabbath; the full beauty of Christ the sacrificial ox as displayed in His humanity. At the end we are given our second piece of fruit to prepare us for the third Sabbath, ( 21 days in from our inauguration)

4; Third quota of 144 hours the fruit we have been given tells us that the next feast is going to be Christ, ox and relation to the Holy Spirit.

Page 355

We prepare earnestly for our fourth Sabbath again to be stunned by the beauty  of the ox nature of Christ as being revealed by this third gate of the pearl that Jesus incarnated whilst on that cross of Good Friday. This is the last pearl in this wall and the fruit we are now given must prepare us for the cornerstone and join and change direction from the ox nature of Jesus to the creature that has the face of a man; Jesus’s humanity. This is going to be a very major Sabbath indeed; summarizing one quality of God and introducing a new one. This summary would be based on the previous three pearls of the cross and the three still to be introduced. There is much beauty we can learn about the nature of Christ from those six hours of Calvary and by learning some of this beauty we may enter into the presence of the Lord God Almighty!

5; this occurs in the fourth quota of 144 hours where we try to revise the three pearls we have already been shown and the apply the three to come. Thus our fifth Sabbath is the second cornerstone we encounter but will become the third seal. If I want to learn about pearl gate nine, Issachar then I must at least come back to this cornerstone of Jesus Christ and then progress along the foundation seeing through those pearls of the humanity of Jesus as connected firstly to Father, then Son and finally arriving at Holy Ghost where I am at.

The red colour of the previous wall would not require any comment as it is the wall of the blood of Christ; the ox. His human nature of gold does. It was His miraculous presence in the furnace of Good Friday that converted the dross that He bought off us into gold. But that gold fills all twelve foundations under this wall. This wall itself is gold. When we are told that God is making everything new in the New Jerusalem it must mean everything that has been in contact with sin. The wall, all four sections and the footings at least are the direct result of Good Friday and are dressed in all their beauty. There must be another place somewhere where there is no sin and no possible contact with our universe. I wonder whether secular science would define this place as a parallel universe? There has to be a relationship between the gold footings and this gold wall. Why is the perfection of humanity indicated by a gold colour?

Page 356

Issachar has been a very important pearl to which I hope to return to. It is the sixth pearl that we have been shown  and the eighth Sabbath we have been through. The fruit we are given from the tree of life was the third fruit for this month ( each month is twenty eight days)  and has to prepare us for our third, but overall the fourth seal of the scroll. So on our ninth Sabbath in Heaven we will see the nature of Christ the eagle as introduced by Christ the Man. As every cornerstone it has to be a very special occasion!

We move away to study the Divine nature of Christ as manifested in the Father with our ninth quota of 144 hours knowing the subject matter and the distinct change in primary colour to blue, sky, heavens, Divinity.New monthly fruit from the tree of life and heading for the second Sabbath of the month. There will be two more fruits, two more Sabbaths with the Divine nature of Jesus being related to Son and Holy Spirit.It would be interesting to see how the eleventh gate, Joseph, Divinity of Christ with the relationship to Son and Son of man relates to divinity.

Thus we arrive at gate Benjamin the Holy Sabbath where from which we will be expected to prepare for the next cornerstone; the creature that looks like a lion. Here we have a very good example of the dual nature of Jesus Christ. He is either lamb or lion and He leaves it for us to choose. He is blue, Divinity or red as in the ox. This wall is purple and it first gate is that of Judah and foundation Peter. The gains and the loses of each tribe is recorded in the OT and determines their position in the New Jerusalem. We still have Reuben and Gad to go to complete the cycle. Thus we have come through twelve pearly gates and sixteen Holy Sabbaths.

We have studied the four natures of Jesus Christ as the are manifested through twelve pearls all obtained on Good Friday on Mount Calvary.

Page 357

And the reward for our study is that we can not only see but enter into the direct presence of God in the Most Holy Place. There is only one access to God  and that is through Jesus Christ the crucified. He and the Father are one but you must first look through one of those pearly gates to see God. We will spend the eternities to come studying this wall and eating the fruits from the tree of life. Even with a mental and spiritual capacity of the ocean when compared to the drop we have now, we will still be stunned and bewildered by the awesome pearls of Good Friday so what chance does this drip have of understanding the things that are above? Very little and very close to zero, but not zero. I even have an advantage over that lot in Heaven; I can double my capacity even if that means one drop becoming two, more than they can do.

No one can accuse Holy Scripture of giving God’s people their history from beginning right through to the end, even in that forbidden zone where none can be now and from somewhere out there will materialise the New Jerusalem. If the order of the words is significant then why is the ephod made out of gold, blue, purple and red? ( giving an order of creatures as: man, eagle, lion and ox)  Should I have started the first Heavenly cycle at the gold wall, man then blue, or God, then purple or lion and finally finishing up at the ox instead of starting with the ox? It appears that Jesus followed that Heavenly cycle on earth. He started with the red or ox on the cross. His death was what humanity was supposed to take and He ascended into Heaven with His blood as Divine, blue. He then returned on Resurrection Sunday as lion and broke the first seal on the scroll.This is the order I followed in the above analysis. Clearly these seals have a far deeper meaning than it was first imagined, as do the arrangement of colours.

At first I was going to try to pursue Issachar’s pearl but now realise that I am getting too far ahead of myself, I will return to the old planet earth and the old Heavens, just at the point the scapegoat is pushed over the cliff allowing for the day of Atonement Ceremony to proceed to it final stage; the burnt offering which has the New Jerusalem about to appear and the daily sacrifice to begin.

Page 358

So to follow the daily sacrifice we will have to enter the New Jerusalem which is probably why we are told so much about it! But all this came from page 346 of ( 21:11) where the city shone with the glory of God and brilliance….. My how these walls have changed! Not so long ago they contained smoke and wrath of God and prevented anyone from seeing God on the penalty of death but how they have blossomed now. It was the presence of sin that prevented them from doing so before. ( thoughts on the gemstones which still have to be gathered. Rev ( 4: 3) tell us that the gemstones that represent the Holy Trinity are jasper, carnelian and emerald.’ And the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and carnelian. A rainbow resembling an emerald, encircled the throne’.)

Rev (21:12) ‘ It had a great, high wall with twelve gates, and with twelve angels at the gates. On the gates were written the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. ‘

As there is no evil anywhere in existence these angels could only be there for righteous purposes such as acting as guides and teachers.

Verse 13; ‘ There were three gates on the east, three on the north, three on the south and three on the west.”

This order is not helpful in our arrangement of colours. Their significance in terms of the Holy Trinity has already been covered.

Verse 14; ‘ The wall of the city has twelve foundations, and on them were the names of the twelve apostles of the lamb’.

Page 359

The pearly gates had the names of the tribes but the foundations had the names of the apostles. Each of us is allocated to a tribe and each tribe will have a leader whose duty was and will be to lead us to God through Christ. The apostle’s role was a teaching role to encourage us to sell our rubbish to Jesus. The response to these calls has resulted in the gold of these foundations with their names. The order could form a topic of discussion. Jasper, Judah and Peter, carnelian, Asher, John or Paul,emerald, Manasseh, Bartholomew representing the Holy Trinity should be singled out. Much more knowledge is required to correlate these to the earthly lists and breastplate.

Verses 15,16;  ‘ The angel who talked with me had a measuring rod of gold to measure the city, its gates and its walls. The city was laid out like a square, as long as it was wide. He measured the city with the rod and found it to be 12,000 stadia in length, and as wide and high as it was long.’

Our guide is a very thorough guide, he knows satan’s snares that will be thrown and he uses a human related, gold measuring rod. Being Divine the city is of incomprehensible dimensions and these four walls are still to be correlated to the third dimension of this cube, the Holy Trinity.

Verses 17,18; ‘ He measured its wall and it was 144 cubits thick, by man’s measurement, which the angel was using. The wall was made of jasper , and the city of pure gold, as pure as glass.’

All these materials, the jasper for this wall of incredibly large dimensions, ( 9,000 odd kilometers long and about 2,000 kilometers high) and the gold poured out for the floor and foundations is stored out of sins way and will become a part of everything made anew, ie without any trace of sin, sin is a disease that permeates everything. We are not told of the thickness of the gold floor but because it is as clear as glass we will be able to judge the thickness of the foundations which are a part of our inheritance, The gold we contributed is a part of them and more particularly not just how deep are the roots of the tree of life but from where they originate.

Page 360

Verses 19,20; ‘ The foundations of the city walls were decorated with every kind on precious stone. The first foundation was jasper, the second sapphire, the third chalcedony, the fourth emerald, the fifth sardonyx, the sixth carnelian, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth chrysoprase, the eleventh jacinth and the twelfth amethyst .’

Why would you want to decorate something as beautiful as the gold that was poured out of Calvary’s fires of hell?  And even then in a very special order; the first was… the second was…..etc. We already have the name of our tribe on the pearl. That is what Jesus Christ did for our tribe on that cross. There could even be twelve suburbs in this new city and one of them is called Issachar and that is its entrance where our apartment specially prepared by Jesus Himself is and only we have the keys to it. But we also, by the miraculous act of Calvary contributed to the gold in this part of the foundation. Our particular part is identified by at least two different methods. It has our apostles name and also a particular gem.

The situation here is it is not that I am not allowed inside the Holy of Holies. In fact not only do I have my apartment there and live there I quite often confidently approach God on the throne with my wave offering. It never ceases to thrill me to hear God say ” Yes Julius, that robe of righteousness that you have been given is perfect!” The only reason I want to know why this robe has been given me  along with this magnificent surroundings is if the answer is not dependent on any contribution from me. My contribution must be zero, zilch t, nothing. If it depends on ‘ The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people’ then I can never hear too much about what the grace of God has done for me and will continue into the eternities to come!

Verse 21; ‘ The twelve gates were twelve pearls, each gate was a single pearl. The great street of the city was of pure gold, like transparent glass.’

page 361

When these pearls, these gates with our tribes names on them become the subject of our study and we begin the wrap our minds around them we will acquire that smirk, that smile that even the deepest pain will not remove. They are the only way into the inner sanctum, the Most Holy Place for us through that wall of unimaginable proportions. The city glows like a torch up through the universe because there is no roof, like on the old temple. I think only angels that have never sinned have access to the city through the roof, that is their domain but we enter and leave through these twelve holes with these pearls as gates into what is still a magnificent creation. I could argue both ways that the animals that are a part of this new creation were or were not allowed to enter into the Most Holy Place to be in the direct presence of God as we are.

If there were no holes in this wall, no twelve pearly gates then this wall would be a single slab of precious gem stone in the shape of a cube with four cornerstones, with no access, you were either in or out, except for the sinless angels. Even Jesus could not go into the presence of God carrying His precious blood. God was totally isolated. Enter in the grace of the Lord Jesus and twelve large holes appear but like in the Garden of Eden they are protected by twelve angels, which only needed one angel. The situation is different and there is no need for them to carry a sword. But this wall has to be complete, it needs to be plugged, it is the four natures of Jesus Christ and they have to be complete. There are no lapses in the nature of Christ, no holes in His character. If the above analysis is correct then there can only be one conclusion: the wall is the dross, the slag that floated on the gold metal on the furnace that stood on Mount Calvary on Good Friday. A part of it formed the floor under the throne in the Old Heavens but it has been totally poured out into the shape of this magnificent wall, it is one unit!

Its purity is no different to that under the old throne, but it has cooled down significantly and has no flames flickering through it. Therein lies the mechanism that we seek, the daily sacrifice. It alone has the ability to take real dirt and garbage and convert it to God’s standard of perfection.

Page 362

But perfection requires these holes to be plugged and plugged they were by the most excruciating and painful processes of Jesus in hell’s fires. These pearls had to be large and the larger a pearl then unfortunately the greater the pain. But the pain had to continue until that last layer was formed which totally closed off that hole. They maybe opened at all times but they need Heavenly protection as the raw nerve center is still exposed, actually all twelve of them. This should lead us to a better understanding of the four seals on that scroll. ( at a first pass but seven at a second pass)

The gold in the main street raises more questions.If the dross we sold our Lord was converted into gold and that gold was poured into our foundation then where does all this extra gold come from that covers the city floors? It may have come from those who did not get to Heaven. Their unintentional sins were borne by Jesus and it is they that contribute a large amount of gold and dross. This topic is probably covered under the fourth seal.

Verse 22; ‘ I did not see a temple in the city, because the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple.’

Just like any Jew in the OT looked for then focused on the temple as they approached the old Jerusalem we in Heaven focused our bearings on the internal temple of the old Heaven and we automatically now focus our gaze as we approach this New Jerusalem on its temple. There is no temple because it is the temple and it is now going to settle on a new earth.

Verse 23; ‘ The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is it lamp.’

Page 363

In creation week when there was no sun or moon for the first three days, the Lamb was the lamp. As there was a possibility of sin  God’s glory was confined to the Heavenly temple. Now with all traces of sin gone God’s glory now cuts in. It fills the city, shines out through the open pearl gates and radiates a powerful beam into the skies above as there is no roof. Under the city the sun and moon would still be prevalent and prevent darkness. It is of interest the difference between the light from God’s glory and the light from the Lamb’s lamp.[  ]. Both are on the throne. Inside the city the week still consists of seven twenty four  hour days, all light and brilliant but soft light at that or 7*24=168 hours. This 168 hours is split into a Sabbath of twenty four hours and another time slot of 144 hours. Some of this time will be spent recuperating from the stunning beauty of the last Sabbath and intense anticipation as the next Sabbath is about to begin. How the sun and moon fit into the system would also be of interest. There is no reason why they should stop declaring the glory of God as they so magnificently do so now. It is just the city that do not require the sun and moon. Jesus remains light and He remains life.

Verse 24; ‘ The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their splendor into it.’

Our roles as priests and kings has already been discussed and now we learn that our tribes are equivalent to nations. I am not the only one lining up before the throne to present my wave offering. Every other single saint wants to present their splendor before the throne and hear the author of perfection telling them that ‘ Yes indeed your robe is perfect!’ The indication is that we will all be fascinated and want to know why and how we got to be included in this New Jerusalem.

Verses 25,26; ‘ On no day will its gates ever be shut, for there will be no night there. The glory and honor of the nations will be brought into it.’

Page 364

Even though there is no night there the daily cycles continue as discussed. In order to come in through the pearly gate we must have gone out first for whatever reason. Here we come in contact with the setting of the New Jerusalem, the Holy Place, the rest of God’s new creation and seeing its beauty we finally join the dots. This is that full stop between chapters four and five of Revelation. This is that first part of the verse of John (13:1). ( It was just before the Passover Feast….). This is the distance between the eight pearly gate and the ninth one. It is the connection between Christ the Creator becoming Christ the Creator-Redeemer. And it is this honor and glory that will continually be returned by our respective tribe, nation and presented directly to God on His throne! It is what Jesus knew and at the time He created us!

Verse 27; ‘ Nothing impure will enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life.’

For all those well meaning Christians who say that everybody will be saved there is a double Scripture that says you are wrong. Your sins must be removed by transferring them to Jesus or another way of saying the same thing is your name is written in His book of life. We have been shown all the infra structure of these new Heavens and now we will be shown how they operate.


Verses 1,2;’ Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of the great street of the city. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for healing the nations.’

Page 365

The center of the new city is the throne and it is interesting to note it is of God and of the Lamb. So where is the Holy Spirit? Just as there can be no life on earth without water neither can there be in Heaven. This water originates from the throne and so life really originates from God and the Lamb. The first symbol of life is a massive tree straddling this river. It is not one tree on either side of the river it is one tree. Its roots come out of Calvary’s gold but it may draw it life either from the water of life or they may double back under the throne for its source of life. I find it strange that we are not told of the dimensions of this river. The thirst of the saints will be great indeed

The twelve crops, three crops for four months over a twenty eight day cycle have already been discussed.. The tree of life and leaves and standing in water stands in contrast  to the tree of death with no leaves and on top of  a dry mountain. It is a contrast that those massive walls will speak about and testify to over the eternities to come. The death that occurred there dropped the seed that sprouted to give life to this tree of life. That leafless tree is the

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central tenet of our Christian faith and as we allow it to slip further and further out of focus so the membership of our churches diminishes and society slides further down the hill. ” itiswritten” becomes ‘ aswemeanittobewritten’  and satan has scored another victory.  These victories are pretty well automatic, they are spontaneous and have been pretty well since the mechanism to stop them was implemented; The Council of Laodicea and the abolishing of God’s Sabbath.

Page 366

The tree of life straddling the river of life in the new city  has green leaves. These leaves take the ones that the other leafless tree selected, heals them and brings them closer to their creator-redeemer.

Verse 3; ‘ No longer will there be any curse. The throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the city and his servants will serve him.’

Without an understanding of the Book of Genesis the above statement is quite meaningless. It was sin that brought in the curse and it is because sin has been expunged that allows this magnificent scene to be described. It is one of those marvelous miracles that we are not judged by our theology, by our ideas. Most of us hold onto real clangers of faith, outright blasphemies. Evolution is one such a belief as it is how satan would have created had God given him permission; in a cruel and inefficient manner which contrast  how God did it efficiently and in love. A far worse clanger is that the fires of hell never go out; they burn forever and ever. Sin never ceases and worst still God created a soul knowing He was going to watch it burn and suffer for the eternities to come. No wonder many people are turned away from this kind of god. Yes they will suffer for their intentional sins but it is only after rejecting God’s kind offer to do this suffering for them. And it is Jesus Himself Who will suffer for their unintentional sins. So it is a magnificent distortion of satan. It is Jesus Who created that soul in love knowing that it was this soul that was going to cause Him, Jesus to do all that suffering for this soul. We are supposed to get an idea of this portion of suffering by the amount of gold it produced; enough to cover over four thousand square kilometers to a considerable depth!

Page 367

If I were a secular cosmologist I would be ever so grateful if one of those creationists, especially if he was one of their leading lights produced a Biblical model for an everlasting world and universe!  It may even be the first time that I got down on my knees to express that gratitude. Whatever mechanism that it proposed for this to happen is irrelevant because it is that same mechanism that applies to the eternities past, all we have to do is to ignore that bit about creation week. My goodness gracious! What problems that has sorted out! What stories we can tell now and we can’t be accused of being anti Biblical! To come to this conclusion you have ignored basic Scripture (Rev 21:5) , and many others, that God is making everything new but worst of all the strongest admonition that that Scripture gives ‘ Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.’  That the thermodynamics of the New Heavens is different from the one operating today is a question of great interest to me. The solution is given us; the river of the water of life, but like any Scripture has almost if not actual infinite meaning.

We have arrived on that high plateau, probably some 2,000 kilometers high, and about to enter this new city, all by the presence of the Holy Spirit, yet He does not get a mention, it is only the throne of God and of the Lamb and are about to go through our inauguration ceremony upon entry, but no Holy Spirit? I was going to address this issue at the end of this chapter but feel that I have to do so now.

This is not a Scriptural treatise of the Holy Spirit, in fact I will only use two Scriptures, both on which I has already spent much time on; John (16:7,8) ‘ ” But i tell you the truth: It is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you. When he comes, he will convict the world of guilt, in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment:” ‘. And Revelation  ( 21:23) ‘ The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it ‘ for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp.)) . This is just about the Holy Spirit in the Book of Revelation

Page 368

Well Jesus did go back to Heaven and as promised did send down the Holy Spirit and this became the era of the Holy Spirit until His second coming. You wouldn’t think so today if you attend most of the Christians Churches that the function of the Holy Spirit is being fulfilled; conviction of the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment : in regard to sin , because men do not believe in me:… In fact most churches today avoid the topic of sin like they avoid the plague!

The era of the Holy Spirit continued on quite intensely for another 1,260 years until the door of mercy was slammed shut. Even after the door of mercy was closed the Holy Spirit maintained His ( It is the Spirit of Christ) presence  for another 500 years on earth and was responsible for that final plea of chapter 14 for the foolish virgins to reject the mark of the beast and retain their seals God had placed on them some 1,780 years ago. If they did so they would be blessed. When however the last foolish virgin accepted the mark of the beast, the Holy Spirit returned back to Heaven.

When He arrived the saints asked for and received the Holy Spirit. This event of Revelation (19:6) is also called the wedding of the Bride and Bridegroom. The Holy Spirit, the fine linen, is our joining and the buffer that joins us to our robe of Christ’s righteousness .It points us to the beauty of the robe and allows us to be more comfortable with it. We do not need the Holy Spirit  now because it is a part of us and will remain so for the eternities to come. Once wedded to our bridegroom we begin our Journey to the real promised land only to be encountered by the Canaanites in whose interest it is to stop us from getting there. Not that it is their land but once we enter it God will proceed with the destruction of their land and them. This is the scapegoat section of the ceremony of the Day of Atonement.

Page 369

The battle is very short and only lasts for one hour. It is called the battle of the Harvest in Chapter 14 and much time has already been spent on this battle. After defeating the Canaanites you would think it was onto the promised land, but chapter 14 tells us there is one more battle, that of the grapes but this is not our battle it belongs to the Lord, the rider of the white horse alone. This battle was even shorter than the previous one and after a two stage resurrection of the wicked, one dead and the other living, they are all thrown into hell and evil is finally destroyed , when the fires of hell are extinguished. In Daniel terminology  this is referred to as ‘ the statue is broken up and crushed by the rock into a very fine powder and thrown to the wind.’ ( paraphrasing) . God’s wrath is now complete, the smoke that was in this temple to prevent anyone, even in the old Heaven from seeing God on His throne has gone and I would have thought that we would now be allowed into this temple and see and live with God directly.

But God has had an even better plan than this but could not unveil it until now because of sin, even the slightest traces of unintentional  would prevent God from revealing His full glory. Every sin, every trace of sin is gone and God creates everything anew, Heavens and the earth. Now we see the New Temple, the New Jerusalem, the New Holy of Holies, the New Most Holy Place coming down from Heaven and the married couple are ready to enter into the direct presence of God and the Lamb. But there are twelve entrances so which one are we supposed to use?

Up to now there have been three ‘fires’, the hell’s fires of Good Friday, the hell’s fires for the wicked and Peter’s fires for the destruction of the old earth and universe. But none of these fires were of the type we see today ie where the temperature of the material is so high that it destabilises the atoms by pushing them so far over their activation energies they drop back the their oxide levels once outside of the intense energy activation area. They are still there but different composition. Calvary’s tree was not a huge funeral pyre with twenty and thirty meter flames leaping above. The framework was left behind.

Page 370

Just like a technician skillfully places an obstruction on the gonads of an oyster and the animal then responds to this painful foreign body by trying to cover the pain so Jesus’s spiritually perfect body tried to get rid of that foreign sin object that was placed on Him and He willingly accepted. But there should be only one pearl, why twelve pearls? If there were ten pearls they may have been related to the ten commandments, but there was definitely twelve. What sort of fire was it on that tree that we could not see, in fact there were three hours of darkness! Yet Calvary’s tree did destroy our sins it made them into nothing, they do not exist all three categories  for the saints and two categories for the damned. ( unintentional sin that is inside and outside of God’s envelope of acceptability)

What about those fires of hell that consumed all those intentional sins of the wicked? Scripture tells us that they were thrown into the fires of burning sulphur, as far as I know that is as painful as it gets. Here these sins were not pushed over their activation energy and converted to their oxide form they ceased to exist. We need more knowledge of the furnace of Calvary’s tree as its contents have now been exposed, this is what exists because we have removed all sin,  in terms of the metal gold and that miraculously purified dross that has been poured out as the wall of those unbelievable dimensions.

And finally for those Christians who claim the earth is ever lasting, Peter’s fires. In an act of love, through His Word, the same Word that I am looking at as I type this earth came into existence in seven stages, not six but seven. The seventh stage was the creation of a time period for the created to worship and communicate with their creator. This creation was out of nothing. First there was nothing then there was something, the universe which evolutionists came from nothing but theists claim it came from God. In an act of wrath this world through a mechanism the Bible calls Peter’s fires, the world and universe become nothing. They cease to exist and therefore God now has to make, to recreate a new Heaven and earth.

Page 371

But now back to our entry into our home for eternity, the direct presence of God, the Most Holy Place.  Entry into the two previous Most Holy Places was only permitted if accompanied by the presence of the blood of an innocent victim and it is also now; the real blood of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. The entry can only be made through the wall that glitters red, the creature that looks like an ox.  What is required is that God’s people be shown and led into the direct presence of God Himself. This is the function of the Holy Spirit, the third pearl on each of the four walls including the red one. Brings us to, shows us the raw nerve centres of and takes us into God’s presence. Most importantly though it shows us what is there, why it is there and our interactions with it. It shows us that the problem was sin and the righteousness was Jesus Christ.

Once inside, in the presence of the Lamb (sound like daily sacrifice) and God, Jesus and the Spirit are one as there is now nowhere His Holy Spirit can be sent to explain the problem of sin and righteousness. There is no sin anywhere. Jesus is and always has been the lamp and its light was required because God’s Holy presence was confined and surrounded by smoke. That smoke has now gone and God’s presence is the light but Jesus remains as the lamp. There could even be a relationship between Lamb and lamp. At this point now we are ready for our lives of eternity to begin: the application of the blood of the Lamb, it is no longer implied whilst certain conditions are met it is now applied! All conditions have been met.

Verse 4;’ They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads.’

” Will see his face” does not sound like an instantaneous process. We wait our turn to step up to our inauguration and it is a one on one ceremony and just like it made all the difference to Jesus when His blood was applied to Him on Resurrection Sunday thus it does to us also.

Page 372

We realise that we thought we could see His face before but now we really do, even when we step back from the podium and allow another saint to be anointed. The amazing difference that this blood has made! Its presence is permanent and will remain on our foreheads forever. The beauty of His face will increase with the fruits of the month and the water of life as we study about Him on this sixteen week cycle. The twelve fruits remain but the walls around the city glitter maybe because that scroll that Jesus opened to get us into Heaven may in fact be the ultimate rejoining of Creator and created in the New Jerusalem. This would involve seven seals an odd number being matched in with the four cornerstones of our magnificent wall. This would make the walls appear to glitter as in one cycle a wall maybe red but in the next cycle orange.  We would have to go through at least one sixteen Sabbath cycle to at least get some of the issues on the table. .

Verse 5; ‘ There will be no more night. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light. And they will reign for ever and ever’.

The application of the blood of the Lamb imparts eternal light and eternal life. It is Shekinah Glory and Jesus is the lamp and the source of that light. Jesus did not glow light after the angel applied His blood on Resurrection Sunday because of the presence of sin. That all sin is no longer allows God to express His presence fully now in that light and this time for ever and ever actually does mean for ever and ever and not in the same context as Sodom and Gomorrah burning for ever and ever or how long a servant who was pleased and wanted to stay with his master could so for ever and ever. This would imply that even if the Holy Spirit were to show us inside Heaven and our bodies were still on this earth that we would not glow with Shekinah Glory. It could even be that for whatever reason Jesus suppressed this glory from His followers after His resurrection.

Verse 6; ‘ The angel said to me, ” These words are trustworthy and true. The Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, sent his angel to show his servants the things that must soon take place.” ‘

Page 373

These Divine words are most encouraging. God knows exactly what is going to happen to us and when. We can close our eyes and take our last breath with confidence if Jesus is on our lips. After a very short sleep we will be awakened to never to have to close our eyes again! They encourage the likes of me when I tried to look inside that pearl with Issachar’s name on it and pulled back because I was on most Holy ground to go back and have another look. These words are not given to such detail so that we do not dare go explore them further. ALL Scripture is inspired and there to teach us even if that teaching be to those who have the one drop capacity of mind when compared to what we will have in the New Jerusalem.

My interpretation of these words is certainly not trustworthy and may or may not be true, but the words themselves are both trustworthy and true. If you do not believe so and try to use them they become dangerous missiles in satan’s hands and he knows how to use them very effectively against you. After a Biblical walk of over twenty five years of quite intense study ( That is where I worry about my plagiarism)  I often get quite discouraged how little progress I have made in at least expelling some of my evil. My whole drops when satan holds that mirror in front of me; ‘ coward, unbelieving, vile, murderer, sexually immoral, practice magic arts, idolater and liar’ . True. But he flees and does not accuse me of just quoting words, he knows that I believe when I quote the only Scripture on which the whole Bible stands on and that it the last verse in the Bible, and even if I did know all of it he has done the disappearing act by the time I have got only ‘ The grace of the Lord Jesus…..’ ( Rev 22:21). Try using those words as a shield when he stands that mirror up in front of you. They invoke laughter and scorn ‘ they are just words and you don’t believe them’ will be his reply as he trusts that discouraging of mirrors closer to your face. But when he flees with hi mirror just think of the consequences of the grace of the Lord Jesus being with God’s people you can then  look up to Heaven and whisper ” Amen!”

Page 374

Verse 7; ‘ Behold, I am coming soon! Blessed is he who keeps the words of this prophecy in this book’.

It maybe because it has been a long day and certainly not because I have not seen these words before but when I look at these and many other verses they turn on nothing. Blank. They are just black, or this case red ink on white paper. The red letters do nothing, they are the words of Jesus but the black ones are the word of God. When I see the word ‘blessed’ then I try to relate to as many of the words there that I can. I may not be the sharpest chisel in the holster but am not that stupid to ignore the blessings of God if I can at all avoid them.

So there is a ‘blessed’ and it it being addressed  to those to whom He is coming. I am very confident that includes me because it requires no contribution from me but it all relies on Jesus. So there goes the timing factor about worrying about dates, events. They are there to give us confidence as we approach Jesus in the boat on that stormy night we may lose sight of Him for moments  because of the giant waves. But we think He named every one of those waves by their right names and gave their correct order. He only gives us such information because He knows we will be requiring it. The’soon ‘ bit he knows to the exact nanosecond. To question this is an insult to Him. He will come and it will be at exactly at the right time. I must be ready because my probation, my destiny is determined at death and that could be as close as the next breath.

So we are blessed if we ‘keep’ the words of this prophecy. But where? If in or near our hearts then certainly it is a noble thought but one I am incapable of carrying out. There are too many of them, these words, and the concept they portray is itself infinite; the Lord God Jesus Christ. But that does not stop me from thinking about them. In fact it the best brain food we can eat. It is the best brain exerciser that we can do.

Page 375

It is simultaneously the best stimulant and tranquiliser  in existence!  I don’t have to wait until I get inside the door to start enjoying the party, the door is ajar and I am almost in. It is not wide enough to see that infinite transaction that took place early on Resurrection Sunday when Jesus presented Himself before God in Heaven. The revelation of Jesus Christ that Jesus received from God about Himself, specifically Good Friday was that this sacrifice was perfect a concept so large that even after the eternities we will not even have begun to grasp but we are still shown what we are capable of grasping; that bit that was shown to John to show His servants, and recorded in the Book of Revelation. It is the love by grace that I am trying so hard to unveil now; the daily sacrifice. As they pull back that cover to unveil the new model car and it is revealed in stages so now we also pull back that cover in stages to unveil the prize of eternity.

To ‘keep’ the words as in obey the words is a different and more difficult task. There are certainly certain ‘dos’ and donts’ . We must establish before the Heavenly hosts that we do in fact want to be in Heaven, we are not being dragged along against our will, some mistake. And there are very clear and definite lines in the sand marked and made known on which side we must be on;

The first is the mark of the beast. There is no intentional or unintentional demarcation here. It is the willful rejection of the Spirit of Christ and He reluctantly leaves. He cannot exist in satan’s body. The Holy Spirit leaves. If we die in this condition we are wicked and we follow the path of the wicked which is hell with those fires which leave nothing when they finally extinguish. I have tried to follow this beast through the image that is made to him and tried to make a case that it will be evolution and a case against it being the Sabbath, but time will only tell if this is true.

Page 376

This brings us to that thorny question of all those who refused the mark of the beast and I suggest as high as 700 million died rather than receive this mark. If you refused and were alive at the time that flash occurred of the second coming you would be classed and included in the 144,000 foolish virgins. The effort that Heaven makes to bring you up is simply mind boggling. But we know for the eternities to come that not one member of our tribe who should have been there has missed out. Not one. In fact they are all evil and when push comes to shove they all accept the mark of the beast. The option that is finally presented to them ( third angels message of chapter 14) is ‘ I want to take your place in hell for you’ and this shows how sharp that line of demarcation between good and evil is. They answer ” Thank you, but no thank you” They are, always have been evil and good and evil cannot mix.

What about the seven hundred million who died rather than accept the mark? Their history is also recorded. They could come mostly from those red letter Christians who become red faced Christians when the beast out of the sea restores the daily sacrifice  after 1,150 days of its terror. Even though these Christians wholeheartedly now accept the Bible to be the Word of God those forces that operated within them before are still present. One of the incredible beauties of the Bible is its simplicity. It is either right or wrong, black or white, left or right, dark or light or good and evil. They are not the forces of good that stop you from accepting the Word of God. They are the forces of evil and will be declared so. It is one thing to reject outright the Holy Spirit and accept the mark of the beast, but it is evil on a far higher plane to want to change God’s perfection into a contour ted view of what your evil mind has dreamed up. Heaven has no problem in declaring these people to be evil and treats them as such. It is one thing to try to correct for those constant degradations that have been occurring since the fall but it is another thing to attack the pillars of God’s kingdom such as; redeemer, creator, Sabbath, marriage. sexuality, order within creation: God, Christ, man and woman, the church and the role of  Good Friday.

Page 377

Chapter twelve clearly tells us what we must do to overcome satan in verse 11;.

‘ They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.’ So here we have a very clear cut test as to whether we have or have not been washed by the blood of the Lamb; we will want to tell others about our miraculous inclusion in Heaven and when asked by the Holy Spirit ” I died for you  so that you could spend an eternity with me are you prepared to die for me so that you can spend the eternity with me ” our unequivocal answer will be ” Yes Lord it would be my ultimate privilege to do so”.

Verses 8,9; ‘ I, John am the one who heard and saw these things. And when I had heard and seen them, I fell down to worship at the feet of the angel who had been showing them to me. But he said to me, ” Do not do it! I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers the prophets and of all who keep the words of this book. Worship God!” ‘.

John is indeed a privileged person to be shown what he has just seen. It is for our benefit that he records it. We don’t need to speculate or let our imagination run wild  about what the eternities to come will be about. What is recorded is an outline and the language used the most efficient way it could be. It shows the sovereignty of God and that He knows everything. The answer to should we worship angels is emphatic: ” Do not do it!”  If this advice applies to angels then how much more so does it apply to ‘saints’ so called. We are all fellow servants, we are prophets and it is our duty to tell others the ‘ wondrous story’ . It is Heaven that is looking down and checking that written test; ‘ They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony’. They also keep the words of this book and worship God.

Page 378

Verse 10;’ Then he told me , ” Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, because the time is near.”  ‘

So why is the Book of Daniel sealed but John’s Book of Revelation specifically unsealed? There are two scenarios running. It seems to be about numbers and not time. The ‘quota’  can be reached anytime during the Book of Revelation but if it is not then God will personally intervene with the events of Daniel. He will send Noah’s flood again with those numbers of 1,260, 1,290 and 1,335. So what is this quota? Who are these eight people He has selected and why has He decided that the end must be now? Who and where is the ark and are we going to get seven last days of probation before the rain starts? What events are going to occur between now and the ark running aground on the new earth? Will there be signs of ravens, doves and fig trees on this reconstituted planet? Will we have to build an altar and offer sacrifices there?

Other than knowing that there an exact number, the quota, we are not told what it is and the numbers I produce are purely my own to be used for illustrative purposes . They are probably different to those I used last time I looked at this problem and verse. There are basically two quotas; the angelic host which God created on day four of creation and the earthly quota which began with Adam and Eve and would have been completed when they ‘filled the earth’. The earthly quota is irrelevant and ceased to exist when our first parents sinned. Instead of bringing life eternal to the earth as God had planned they brought death.

The Heavenly quota is different. Both quotas were exact numbers and were devised by God and no doubt one of the factors He had in mind when deciding this number was the size of their living quarters, the New Jerusalem ultimately. I take the Heavenly quota, the perfect number that was created on day four to be three lots of 144 million ( 432 million) . So when a third of them rebelled 144 million were thrown out of Heaven necessitating the perfect number to be restored.

Page 379

Thus we have in Revelation ( 6:11) ‘ Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the number of their fellow servants and brothers who were to be killed as they had been was completed.’      Satan cleverly kept away from that number to give him more freedom and that is when God intervened though the events of Daniel.

Verse 11; ‘ Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong; let him who is vile continue to be vile; let him who does right continue to do right; and let him who is holy continue to be holy” ‘.

In the meantime whilst we await this number for the restoration of the Heavenly number of the eternities to come time proceeds through 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours. Everything is under control. We don’t have to tell Jesus about the vile He has already suffered for each of their unintentional sins, the price for doing business with humanity,  which is about to be displayed to us in the daily sacrifice. ( My present thinking is that the key to this sacrifice is in Daniel (9:27), but I won’t express my thoughts whilst they are based on one word.). For His saints He knows exactly how many breaths they will take and how many times their hearts will beat. So that final perfect number of eternity will consist of two thirds of those who did not want to rebel and one third of those who did rebel but repented.

Verses 12,13; ‘ ” Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End ‘.

When we see a witness Scripture we should stop. pay attention and go  back and reread the verse. There has to be something extra important there. How much so for triple witness Scripture! Alpha, first and beginning; triple witness.

Page 380

First thing we have been told is that ‘ I am coming soon’. For the scoffers it is irrelevant whether that is one week, one year, one decade, one century or one millennium. Your door of probation closes at your death. It is already determined whether you rise with the righteous at the start of the millennium and go to Heaven with Jesus or you rise with the wicked at the end of the millennium and are claimed by satan to fight in his army. Their fate is destruction in hell. If I am to die with the righteous  and waken with Paul at the second coming, to both of us it will just have been sleep. The time of sleep doesn’t matter!

The next section tells us Jesus has His rewards with Him. Again for those who think they can change the work and word of God when you see how little there is in your bowl, how far down you are at the table AND on the wrong side I am sure you will have all your gripes sorted out after a short discussion with Jesus!. Poor deluded soul you won’t even be there! Just to make it not only means you are in perfection for an eternity but you have also missed out on Hell! What more do you want? Surely it is irrelevant that our tribe has a different name than our neighbors or that it has leader/leaders? You can’t have thought through too much about the audacity of questioning God. Next time before you do count the drops of water in the sea, or grains of sand on one beach, the blades of grass in one paddock or look up the chemistry of the little we know about photosynthesis!

I think there maybe a triple beginning- end being referred to here; the first is Genesis ( 1:1)  from the beginning of our world to  that amazing ‘ Amen ‘ of Revelation ( 22:21) the history of our planet; the second is the beginning from this ‘ Amen’ to where the grace of the Lord Jesus runs out, which is never and the other one was the beginning of Jesus, which was never but finished up  at creation in Genesis (1:1). In other words from eternity to eternity! This triple witness Scripture carries onto the following verses as well.

Verse 14; ‘ Blessed are they who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city’.

Page 381

Compare to Revelation (7:14) ‘ I answered, ” Sir, you know”. And he said , ” These are they who have come out of the great tribulation, they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb…” ‘.

Chapter 22 is entry into the new Heavens but chapter 7 is entry into the old Heavens. The concept of the blood of the Lamb is critically important but also complex. Because of its importance the evil one will throw every possible spanner into the works to stop us from understanding this real pearl. There is no point going to most religions as they clang with eternal suffering and death, evolution and Sunday services. Whether I got my wrong ideas from other religions, reading or my own inverted logic is irrelevant but that is a major problem for me, unlearning these wrong concepts before I can replace them with Biblical ones. I was going to make the blood a major study once I had finished Leviticus chapter 16. The following is just a jumble of ideas from which I hope to draw something out of in formulating my ideas about the blood of the Lamb and answering the above and other questions. ( hopefully all if the concepts are correct)

[ On second thoughts the archenemy has already spun as much confusion out there as is necessary. The intention of this blog is to clarify Holy Scripture not confuse with it. On this ground I leave  this topic to return once I have finished Leviticus chapter 16; the Day of Atonement ceremony.

Verse 15; ‘ ” Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral , the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.’

There go I but for the grace of the Lord Jesus!

Page 382

Verse 16; ‘ ” I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star” ‘.

It has been a long while since God promised Eve that it would be one of her offspring who would crush the enemies head and after much angelic testimony  Jesus identifies Himself again. There are many beautiful sermons and blogs on Jesus as the bright Morning Star.

Verse 17; ‘ The Spirit and the bride say, ” Come!” And let him who hears say, ” Come!” Whoever is thirsty , let him come: and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life’.

The invitation from the wedded couple to those dogs etc outside is very simple; ” Come!” But noone will be forced to come. The camel has been brought to water but it will not be forced to drink. You will not have to spend an eternity somewhere you don’t want to be. You will be where you want to be; you will be nowhere which is the only option that exists when perfection exists! There are no exclusions to that invitation of the Spirit and the bride as they are now about to enter the New Jerusalem which has that water gushing down the main street of gold. The thirst is extreme but this water is free!

Verses 18,19; ‘ I warn everyone who hears the words of this prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will away from his share in the tree of life  and in the holy city, which is described in this book’.

Page 383

The struggles with the texts of this book should not be that severe when you consider that most of the texts and ideas have already been introduced somewhere else in the Bible. We have been given that earthly step, and like any earthly step there is a big gap between it and the Heavenly one. It does not mean that we will not have struggles. The more precious the seed the harder the shell but it does split into a dual warning. Additions and subtractions from God’s Word. Additions are deadly but even subtractions have consequences.

So you don’t understand a particular text. Join the ques. It is one thing to say ‘ I will ignore this one and just read on’, subtraction from the Bible to saying ‘ This has to be wrong, another Bible error and should have been………(whatever)’. This is an addition which not only disqualifies you from Heaven but increases the plagues of the wicked of which you are a part. You are a very lucky person if you understand one thing, in fact as you begin to understand something you realise its complexity more and therefor you understand less about it! Holy Scripture will attest to this. When my friend Brian B gave me a Bible to read in my switch of some forty years in Catholicism I only wanted one question answered; Is the Lord’s Holy day Saturday or Sunday? I was prepared to read the Bible cover to cover for the rest of my life until this one question was answered. When this question was answered my next question was; Why should I accept Jesus now? Why not wait until saw that flash in the sky and call ‘ I repent’. That is all that is required to go to Heaven and in the meantime keep up my sinful life? The first question was critically important to me but even though the second question was nonsense the Lord still answered it for me. Questions there have been many and the more I study the more appear. But the problem is not within the Bible, it is within me. The solutions, the answers are within this book. But the Lord has to be approached as such: ‘ You are the author and the guardian of this book, let your Holy name be glorified by giving me understanding of this text but only in your time when I am capable of understanding it ‘. Then read on. You will be surprised how soon the answer is usually given. Like any relationship our relationship with Jesus is determined   by faith and trust. Certainly not by calling Him a liar!

Page 384

Verse 20; ‘ He who testifies to these things says, ” Yes, I am coming soon” ‘.

You either believe this or you have your thoughts on how it could be knocked into shape to become truth, But you can’t say that you have not been warned. Your sin is no longer unintentional but intentional and treated as described in this book.

Verse 21; ‘ The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.’

The more I use this verse the more powerful it becomes!

That is the end of my first bit of housekeeping, to rewrite the commentary on chapters 21 and 22 in Biblical order. The other was to finish Leviticus chapter 16.


Verses 23-25; ‘ Then Aaron is to go into the Tent of Meeting and take off the linen garments he put on before he entered  the Most Holy Place, and he is to leave them there. He shall bathe himself with water in a holy place and put on his regular garments. Them he shall come out and sacrifice the burnt offering for himself and the burnt offering for the people, to make atonement for himself and the people. He shall also burn the fat of the sin offering on the altar.’

The first part of the ceremony is over, the role of the High Priest is finished. This part itself was split into two sections: (16:20) ‘ When Aaron had finished making atonement for the Most Holy Place, the Tent of Meeting and the altar, he shall bring forward the live goat.’ Seeing this split should allow us to answer the two stage role of the blood in the Old and New Heavens. In Rev ( 7:14)  we have washed our robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb not because there was anything wrong with Jesus’s robe, it was perfect.

Page 385

The problem with the robe He gave me was that it had spent forty days on this sin polluted world and had to have this defilement removed. It needed atonement. This atonement of the temple, the robe could only be made by the application of the blood of the sin offering. Once done this robe was right to go through into the New Jerusalem. Its wearers were not as ready yet.

It may sound like a strange proposition but I think it works like this. My perfect but sin stained robe requires, say exactly one nano liter of Jesus’s blood to remove that defilement but by mistake, which can never happen two nano liters are applied. If my robe is examined in very fine detail which it will be in the ages to come, it will show the presence of two tiny spots of red blood. Good and evil cannot coexist so the evil has left taking its sinister darkness with it. The brightness that is left behind outshines those two tiny spots of red. So it is true that I have washed my robe and made it white but only by the blood of the Lamb.

In Rev (22:14) ” Blessed are those who have washed their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through and may go through the gates’. One blessing we receive as a result of washing our perfect robes is that it takes us through 1,780 years of Heavenly time until the Holy Spirit returns to Heaven from earth when the last of the foolish virgins covers their seal God gave them with the mark of the beast. It also appears that wearing this dazzling white robe we now pass through that pearl gate into the New Jerusalem where the blessings really begin. In our inauguration ceremony that precious drop of blood is finally applied to our foreheads! We could never repeat the changes too often of what we are told happens to us.

We acquire the right to the tree of life which Adam and Eve lost all that time ago. It is another way of saying we can never die. I am very sure that it is the seed that that leafless tree lost on Mount Calvary that has now sprouted and blossomed in all its magnificence.The tree of life and healing.

Page 386

That precious droplet now changes the nature of the robes wearers. Not only is our robe divine, we too are divine. We shine with Shekinah Glory and we no longer need any light. Jesus is the lamp and we are the light. It is the glory of God that radiates within and without the New City.  We have His mark on our foreheads and we see his face. These statements are well worth pondering especially as we begin out first sixteen week tour around His Holy City and its twelve pearly gates. That droplet of blood will never have to be reapplied again.

That droplet that Jesus applies to my forehead during my inauguration is not for the removal, the washing of sin, I have none! It was all taken and removed on Good Friday when Jesus called ‘ It is finished!’ I am now waiting for His return which I know will occur at exactly the right time.

So as we see the High Priest changing out of his sacred clothing ( why couldn’t he stay in it for the final part of the ceremony?) a final summary is in order, what had to be gone through to get to this last part of the not so important ceremony if it is judged by the attire of the High Priest. Or could it be that this part of the ceremony could only have gone through once certain preparations had been made. Is this really the daily sacrifice we are finally coming to?

The whole area had to be made ready for God to accept this offering about to be made; the burnt offering. All the buildings and associated items had to be made at one with God; atonement. There is an infinite schism between God and man and God may not want that ungrateful sinful lot back again. Name one redeeming feature they have to want God to want to take them back again? They are everything that God is not. They are the ones who spat in God’s Holy face as they intentionally broke away from Him. They are repulsive in the extreme! They are helpless, hopeless, haughty, hard hearted humanity. They are a stinking agglomeration of dying cells!

Page 387

As this chasm between God and humanity is both infinitely deep and wide the issues can only be addressed by an infinite Being. Should we be forever grateful for that last verse of the Bible (22:21) ‘ The grace of the Lord Jesus…..’.  There is one Being claiming to be God , so He comes from the other side of that chasm but can He reach  far enough over to bridge this canyon  to our side?He claims He can and He will prove it to us. In fact His name, Jesus Christ means just that! When asked why He would go through this ultimate sacrifice ( someones loss for somebody else s gain doesn’t quite seem to fit what is about to happen)  for such a worthless lot His reply ” He wants us to be in Heaven with Him because He loves us so much!”  His accusers who followed Him 24/7 could not accuse Him of ever telling a lie so presumably this is also the truth.

Some accept His unbelievably generous offer realising all they have is hell to lose but Heaven to gain. So what is the next step? Who does what and why? He points out that the problem is sin and it is that sin which brings death. The only solution to this sin problem is to give Him our sins and He will bear the death through suffering for us. That grace of the Lord Jesus is starting to come into focus!  Some of the processes of that restoration we are studying now in order to gain just a little insight of what went on during those six hours of Good Friday.

So far we have seen the preparation of the buildings and utensils. God only agreed to this restoration on the condition it was done by the perfect blood of His only begotten Son. It is the only agent in existence that is capable of performing this atonement. It is in fact the only agent that can give eternal light, life and divinity to its recipients. It is the role of His Holy Spirit to show that the only answer to sin is through Jesus and His blood. Unfortunately this blood can only be applied in the total absence of sin, intentional and unintentional and it is the process of eradication of this sin we are studying. We are on the earthly step trying to look up but then again Mount Calvary was on earth as well as reaching up to the throne of God.

Page 388

Since there are only two types of sin, intentional and unintentional you would think that sin would pose very few problems. But the Day of Atonement Ceremony could not proceed until the scapegoat was led out into the desert and the Book of Revelation strongly suggests it had to be destroyed before that man that had led it out into the dessert could return and the ceremony proceed in the total absence of sin. So what has been achieved when we start at verse 23 and what still has to be achieved?

Intentional sin, both aspects of it have been dealt with. The people who committed it have had to confess it by placing it on the head of the scapegoat via the hands of the High Priest.These sins are taken out of sight and out of mind. These are those dark areas of Good Friday and nobody wants to bring these topics up ever again. Heaven’s memory would destroy the glory of Heaven and our memory would destroy us in shame.They could not have been that bad! No part of this took a part of this ceremony and it was led not just outside the city part but way into the desert. Here lay the wrath of God and that wrath has gone forever more. This was the twelve to three darkness.

Even the fact that these horrible people were inside the house of God, or even near it, defiled, desecrated these these Holy buildings. But since it is a Divine object that  has been blackened only God can remove these stains, and the cleansing agent has to be the most powerful in existence; the blood of the Lamb. Again just its simple presence on these items drove away the evil, those stains again proving that good and evil cannot coexist together. So one lot taken away out of sight and destroyed and the other forced to leave. The end of intentional sin and its effects. The blood of the sin offering was what drove that defilement and caused it to leave.

Page 389

The unintentional sin appears to be split into two; one lot is inside the envelope and will take place in the burnt offering which is a part of the daily sacrifice and the other cannot be included and must be treated separately. There was only one Good Friday, only one Day of Atonement but from this springs the daily sacrifice of eternity; the four walls of the New Jerusalem and each with three massive single pearl gates!  So what sins were excluded and on what grounds. These have already been addressed so now only a quick summary.

The problem with twisting God to fit into your preconceived ideas is that satan will no doubt twist Him into a sadistic monstrosity who creates human beings just to watch them burning in eternal fires whilst He looks on with satisfaction. This is a basic clanger of almost every creed and nothing could be further from the truth. Romans (5:13) and other texts tell us that there is no sin where there is no law. You will not burn in hell for any law you broke unintentionally but that does not change the fact that God’s Law has been broken but it is the maker of that law who will do the suffering instead! But if God sets the laws at His level which is perfection, then surely no one can begin to meet that standard! Correct. But Jesus Christ did meet that standard and by accepting Christ we also are regarded as having met that standard. The focus here is that Law of God. On earth I have no hope of going anywhere close to meeting God’s standard. My Sabbath on earth might consist of a half hour prayer reminding God that He had blessed this day and presenting a list of give-mes for the week. There may be an odd splattering of thank yous and queries why He had not acted as requested the previous week. It scare-sly compares to a Heavenly Sabbath where for a twenty four hour continuous time slot I will lay on my face, hands over head and dazzled by the beauty of Christ as the daily sacrifice! I won’t be able to move for a considerable time after this time slot has finished and will count down the time for my next Sabbath! There is no comparison between the two Sabbaths and I have no way of meeting that Heavenly standard on earth. Enter the distinctions in unintentional sin.

Page 390

They are unintentional but had you followed that list of instructions that I gave you, you would have been able to obey them to an earthly standard. You would not have sinned. Both the sin and guilt offerings have already been discussed. Any material associated with these sins cannot be included in the burnt offering and must be gathered and taken outside of the city to be burnt. That is a different part of Calvary’s tree.

The parts that are included are those where we had no hope of meeting them.We could jump 6 feet but God set the bar at 6,000 miles! Jesus did meet that standard, Jesus did fulfill God’s law! So the beauty of the burnt offering is seeing the beauty of the character of God and Jesus meeting and fulfilling  this character!  When the burnt offering is a lamb and flour and olive oil  are added, combined this becomes the daily sacrifice.  We are almost in a position to start looking into it. The other important thing to remember is that there is only one Day of atonement but infinite number of daily sacrifices.

By verse 23 all the preparation, all the groundwork had been completed. For the burnt offering to be presented and accepted all other sin had to be removed. The Most Holy Place, the Tent of Meeting and the altar had to be atoned for. Only Christ and His blood, now represented by the High Priest and the blood of the sin offering could do this. Having finished this the High Priest takes off those sacred Jesus garments and now gets ready for the climax of Good Friday!

As this ceremony is different so is the High Priest’s attire. It is his regular garments. The ordinary priest could conduct the daily sacrifice the High Priest was required to clear the decks of all sin bar the ones in the envelope of the burnt offering. Before making that commitment to Daniel (9:27) let us try to glean some more facts from the remainder of this chapter. The fat of the sin offering is also burnt in this burnt offering.

Page 391

Verse 26; ‘ The man who releases the goat as a scapegoat must wash his clothes and bathe himself with water; afterwards he may come into the camp .’

The Jesus Christ of the cross is all these people and animals during the different phases of the cross of which we should learn more about as we get a guided tour around the wall of the New Jerusalem. Jesus is the scapegoat,He is the man Who led this goat into the desert, He is the sin offering of both priests and people. He is the one Who has just cleansed the Temple making it possible for this burnt offering to go ahead and He has just had contact, in fact led, this scapegoat with all those intentional sins. He washes Himself of any trace of this contact; must wash. He now comes back to join us as we are about to enter into our new city of eternity. Is this His journey into the old Heavens at 3 o’clock  on Good Friday?

Verse 27; ‘ The bull and the goat for the sin offerings, whose blood was brought into the Most Holy Place to make atonement, must be taken outside the camp; their hides, flesh and offal are to be burned up’.

The only parts not included in this fire outside of the camp was the fat, which is included in the burnt sacrifice and the blood. The Bible is the study of the Word of God and necessarily Words. Thus just then the word ‘outside’ came to the fore and sorted so many of my problems. ‘ Glorified be your Name! Persistent and consistent maybe terms correctly applied to the predictions that I make for Scripture but they also the terms that  that apply for the times Holy Scripture turns out to be right. Firstly let me tell you how I thought Leviticus 16 applied to Good Friday and how the word ‘ outside’ corrected these notions.

I took Leviticus 16 to be three distinct stages; 1; preparation by cleaning out and making ready, atonement for unintentional sin in all its phases; 2; The removal of intentional sin which only finished when the man who led the scapegoat into the desert returned and washed himself and 3; the climax, the burnt offering in its stunning beauty.

Page 392

This should mean that the allocation of times of Good Friday should be; 1; 9 am -12 noon the hours of light or unintentional sin; 2; 12 noon- 2.53 pm the hours of darkness and removal of intentional sin and 3; 2.53 pm – 3.00 pm the sun broke through and broke up the darkness  and Jesus’s Holy body glowed a brilliant iridescent glow as the climax of the Day of Atonement  was reached!

This did not happen. His body remained in total darkness right until three pm. Adam with that first crushing motion of his jaws crushed life eternal out of humanity and we with our crushing jaws in celebration of the Lord’s supper with our first crush crush the life out of our Saviour and just to make sure we continue crushing. So where was the burnt offering on Good Friday and how did the word ‘ outside ‘ solve our problems?

The fact that these items in verse 27 were taken outside the camp implies that there was an inside of the camp also. Outside of the camp or the city stood Calvary’s tree in both its phases. ( just outside, unintentional, and way outside in the desert the intentional sins)  but inside, on the altar finally inside the New Jerusalem  stood only perfection; Jesus Christ Who had Himself set the bar at 6,000 miles high meets the standards. Jesus Christ has met and fulfilled the Law of God! This is not an extension of Good Friday, some addition of bright light,  it is an extraction from Good Friday. Good Friday only needed to occur once but the extraction process of what Jesus achieved there, meeting and fulfilling the Law of God will remain for the eternities.History is correctly split when it is split into three categories; looking forward to the cross; the six  hours on the cross and looking back at the cross. We should by now be forming some basic ideas and with the addition of the flour and olive oil to the burnt offering should allow us to formulate the daily sacrifice. We should realise however even though it is the same cross that is in focus there has to be some differences between looking forward and looking back.

Page 393

Verse 28; ‘  The man who burns them must wash his clothes  and bathe himself with water, afterwards he may come into the camp’.

Reentry into this camp of eternity is specific and selective., even for the man who has just taken all those sin offerings outside the camp to be burnt.It is not just the clean washing by which he  is admitted and the processes involved in doing it are not simple.He can only bring in, back into sanctuary,  how we could have kept God’s Law as well as how God expected it to be kept. Perfectly.  To begin to understand what we are looking at will require much more study, change of attitude and behavior. We must factor in the arrangement of the head and feet of the lamb in the fire, where is the chest and thighs?, the flour, the oil, the blood and above all the fire!

Verses 29,30; ‘ ” This is to be a lasting ordinance for you: On the tenth day of the seventh month you must deny yourselves and do not do any work— whether native-born or an alien living among you– because on this day atonement will be made for you to cleanse you. Then, before the Lord, you will be clean from all your sins”‘.

There are changes when looking forward to Good Friday becomes looking back to Good Friday and they could not be sharper than this. Before you must keep this ordinance on this day of this month and in a certain way. Failure to do this will cause you to be cut off from my people. Doing this after Good Friday is blasphemy of the first order and demands that God vaporise where you stand, such is the seriousness of this blasphemy. To carry out these ceremonies after Good Friday is denying that Good Friday has occurred and you are still looking forward to it happening.

Page 394

The seriousness of this situation should becomes more apparent  as we study, particularly the role of the blood. Neither the goats, the ram or bull cleansed anyone from one sin, that only happened on Good Friday but it does show a basic tenet of our faith. These people lived and believed according to the light that was given them and God forgave them their sins and cleansed them. And so it is today if we live according to the light that has been given us. No light is stationary and neither is our faith. Once we reject that advancing light we longer live by the light given us.

Verses 31-33; ‘ It is a sabbath of rest, and you must deny yourselves; it is a lasting ordinance. The priest who is anointed and ordained to succeed his father as high priest is to make atonement. He is to pt on the sacred linen garments and make atonement for the Most Holy Place, for the Tent of Meeting and the altar, and for the priests and all the people of the community.

Certainly the burnt offering is a lasting ordinance of the eternities to come although it will no longer require the atonement part of the ceremony as there will be no sin to atone for. It is still of interest as to who is performing this burnt offering ceremony in the New Jerusalem.

Verse 34; ‘ This is to be a lasting ordinance for you: Atonement is to made once a year for all the sins of the Israelites,” And it was done as the Lord commanded Moses.’

This is another major difference of before Good Friday and after it. They only received forgiveness once a year; to us on the other hand forgiveness is available 24/7. All we have to do is to look up and say ‘ Forgive me Jesus!’ and it is done.

Page 395

Well that is both chores of my housekeeping completed. Rewritten comments on Revelation chapters 21 and 22 in Biblical order and been through and finished Leviticus chapter sixteen. It would be tempting now to try to look through the ninth pearly gate with Issachar’s name on it. Yes I know that I will be standing on Holy ground and will have to take my shoes off but I am not even going to list the grounds which allow me to do so including the fact that God put them there for that specific reason. But I see the problem as two fold: this pearl is in the last Book of the Bible and all those other Books also point to this event in one way or another. I will try to go as far as my Master told Nicodemus , the bronze snake in the desert. In the New Testament I will have a giant leap of faith and go to Hebrews which ties up the Old and New Testaments. The second problem is that even within this last book the pearly gates do no appear until right at the end of the book.This may require revision of different parts of the Book of Revelation.

I intend to follow the headings allocated by the NIV Bible and just give a commentary on any passage I can see is throwing more light either on eschatology or the daily sacrifice. I am aware that I am glossing over the Word of God and therefore the verses of God but my aim is to gain more understanding, not all understanding. I am still trying to find the big picture.

Eating blood forbidden; chapter 17.

Has anything been achieved in our ( can’t say whose prayer did what)  last endeavors? Much. We have laid one of the foundational stones of the daily sacrifice. The realisation that the Day of Atonement was not an extension of Calvary’s tree it was an extraction. It is not  1 (Unintentional sin)   +  1( intentional sin)    +  1 ( burnt offering) but 1 ( Unintentional sin)   +   1 ( intentional sin)  is = 2 ( burnt offering). It is what happened on Calvary’s tree during those three hours of light and three hours of darkness and extracted out of these six hours of horror was Jesus Christ fulfilling the Law of God and to the standard that God required; perfection. There was a lot of that horror that was not included  in the camp and put on  the altar of burnt offering but what was there was perfection. Jesus Christ fulfilled the Law of God.

Page 396

Nobody wants to remember these other terrors and they remain outside of the camp. So we have one of the corners of our faith; we through Christ have met and obeyed fully the Law of God. Included there was the fat which was brought into this burnt offering whereas the rest of the sacrifice was taken outside of the camp. So the burnt offering not only included God’s requirements but also what we could have done had we followed these extra instructions, those which form a part of our study now. These extra instructions are included in these fires and Jesus obviously obeyed and met. Had God’s people obeyed them they would not have fallen into those unintentional sins .

This brings us to our next major hurdle  and tenet of our faith: blood. And because it is the heading of our next chapter should qualify this chapter to be analysed verse by verse, but I leave this analysis to the reader. The two snippets that I will only use are; it is the blood that makes atonement for one’s life and the  life is in the blood.

Again returning to the earthly step. We have already been through the different offerings but as this is the second time round we would be expected to gain extra depth. I already note that the insides, chest and thighs have been accounted for. It is not the Christianity that we present today nor are the presenters the same. They are washed before they are placed into the fire. But the hard part, almost seems contradictory is the blood of this offering. It seems almost incomprehensible that the blood of this goat, or later lamb did not put out the fire! Even if those fires were as devastating as those of hell. Just how high was that temperature of the furnace on Mount Calvary? It seems more logical what happened in the sin offering; some of the blood was used for atonement, its simple presence drove away any sin and thus made it acceptable to God. The rest was poured into a well defined channel and finished up outside of the temple.

Page 397

So what is in common is that some of the blood of all sacrifices was used for atonement but why in one case it finished up in the fires and in the other was poured against the altar and drained via a channel to outside of the temple?

Jesus Christ was what was being symbolised by all offerings. His blood regardless from which offering it was taken was perfect and wherever it was applied cleansed that area and made it acceptable to God for whichever purposes it would be used. But some of the blood on that tree represented Jesus’s own blood, His perfect life on earth. There were no breaks here from Heaven, the whole sacrifice, I can’t say was perfect if some of the parts needed washing,  was acceptable to God. This makes the burnt offering represent not just how Jesus obeyed and fulfilled God’s Law but also His life on earth. It is His life on earth that is being presented by His blood. There is life in the blood. So what about the blood that was thrown against the altar and flowed through that channel?

We are on Holy ground making preparation to enter the presence of God. Amongst other things the angel at this pearly gate has instructed us to take off our shoes. Scripture is opened. What more appropriate place than Daniel ( 9:24-27) ‘  …….. your people and your city…….’ it where we are standing at but it is on an earthly step, so before we look up and lose our balance let us reestablish ourselves on this step. A precis of chapter 16 is in order;

Moses’s two sons have just been struck down, dead because of their audacity; they thought they could approach God their way. The answer was a very definitive  “NO”.  The ONLY  way into the Most Holy Place  is via the Day of Atonement and that is to occur once each year. ( in brackets I will put the changes we should see when we look upwards; Calvary’s tree only occurred once)

Page 398

On earth there is only one curtain of entrance and it is always closed  ( in Heaven there is no roof on the new city and therefore a limitless number of entrances. But as we approach from above the glow becomes so intense it is easier to drop down outside of that wall, still over a thousand kilometers away from the center of that glow, and be ushered in by the angel at the pearly gate through what is still an intense pencil of light radiating out through this open gate. There are twelve such gates and there is no smoke or clouds inside. We are entitled to look up because Good Friday has occurred and ‘itiswritten’ for us to do so.)

The only person who is allowed to make this entry is the High Priest, he must be properly attired and he must carry blood which has been obtained by following strict instructions given by God Himself. ( We must be classed as High Priests as we are about to make this grand entry and direct contact with God. The attire we wear is our just recently acquired fine linen, the robe of Christ’s righteousness which we have had since entry into Heaven, I wasn’t looking for so I can’t say at what stage we washed this robe in blood and made it dazzling white, but it is dazzlingly white our ephods are the study of this wall, royal waistband and turban have not as such been discussed. But we are dressed up correctly. The blood is the subject of our present deliberations trying to work out which blood was poured against the altar, ran through that channel to the wing of the temple above which Jesus hung on Good Friday.)

At this stage there was only one High Priest Who was allowed to enter into God’s presence and he required a sin offering, a bull and a burnt offering, a ram. The community actually required three animals; two sin offerings, goats and a ram, the guilt offering. It is the comparison and contrast between these two offerings which yields the two types of blood. What is important to note is that there are two sin offerings; both holy and both precious to God, both representing Jesus Christ even though one did involve blood and one did not.

Page 399

The choice as to which goat was to be killed and which released, finally to be killed, I don’t think was the choice of Christ’s humanity and divinity. That choice was who was represented by the goat and who was represented by the man who led the goat. It was Christ’s Divinity that drove His humanity to that cross. Our final answer should revolve around the fact that one goat’s blood was used but the other’s was not. Anyone who suggests that one of the goats represented satan is worthy of any serious consideration. Satan is only involved in satanic ceremonies and certainly not in the most important Christian ceremony!

The sin offering on the Day of Atonement varies in a number of ways from sin offerings on other days. It only occurs once a year and enables the High Priest to enter into the Most Holy Place. With the blood he has obtained from killing the bull sin offering and smoke made from placing flour on coals he is allowed to enter into the Most Holy Place. The smoke prevents him from being killed by stopping him from looking at the presence of God under the atonement cover. He does the same with the people’s goat for sin offering. The presence to the blood of Jesus to which this points to makes atonement for the Most Holy Place. Evil cannot exist here now it must leave. The Most Holy Place has been cleansed from the uncleanness   and rebellion of the Israelites, whatever their sins may have been. He goes through the same procedure for the Tent of Meeting  with the sin offering blood obtained from the bull and the goat.

As noone is present in the Tent of Meeting during this time, noone would see the curtain between these two chambers tearing at 3 o’clock on Good Friday and there would be no point to the exercise. If the curtain that led into the first chamber was torn however, everyone in the courtyard would see and realise  the changes that occurred between the old and new testaments.

Page 400

He then comes out and using the same blood  and cleanses the altar of burnt offering out side of the Tent of Meeting. Of the many gallons/liters of blood that he has obtained from killing this bull and goat he only SPRINKLES some of this blood against the altar and applies a film of it to the horns of the altar, even when done seven times this still leaves most of the blood behind. Chapter 16 does not tell what happens to this blood but we must imply that the majority is poured at the base of the altar, runs outside inside this channel and soaks into the ground outside the temple; on the wing of the temple. We are also given very little detail about the burnt offering so we have to assume it is the same as has just been explained to us in Leviticus chapter one. As we are given even less on the burnt offering we must do the same for it.

The burnt offering here has many similarities to the sin offering; same animals and same killing method to make atonement. But as it does not involve entry into the Most Holy Place the offering can be made by an ordinary priest. The first real difference is that the blood of this burnt offering is not taken either into the Most Holy Place, where only the High Priest can go, but neither is it taken into the Tent of Meeting. It represents Jesus Christ and it is just there continually!  It is assumed that the previous blood that was has already cleansed these two apartments of sin and no more needs to be done, but this burnt offering blood is sprinkled against the four sides of the altar. But you may say the sin offering blood was only applied to the horns of the altar whereas the burnt offering blood was sprinkled against its for sides. This may well be so, but I am unaware of the significance s of these nuisances. It still appears to me that the burnt offering is at least partially adding to what has just previously happened in the sin offering. The major difference that I am going to assume is that in a sin offering the remainder of the blood is poured against the base of the altar, which we are told does happen, but in the burnt offering the blood is burnt along with the rest of the goat or lamb of which we are not directly told, I don’t think. But as the Bible is the complete word of God it is unnecessary for me to search commentaries. The answer is here and it will be shown at the right time, God’s modus operandi! . More on that in a minute.

page 401

Some of the answer may lay in the no blood was used area. There was no attempt made to atone, to cleanse the scapegoat. No blood from it was used and no blood was applied to it. The only option on the table was to destroy, to incinerate this thing in its entirety into non existence!  And into non existence Jesus did take our intentional sins! This however leaves one chink, if we mat call it, in the blood of the sin offering. It was responsible for removing the stains that intentional sin left on the Most Holy Place, the Tent of Meeting and the altar. It did not have to directly come into contact with them, just its presence forced them to leave, but it still had an indirect contact with them. ( no internet access till 9.15)

As we make our journeys into the Word of God and heading towards, hopefully any one of those massive pearly gates, it is not a bad idea to return to home base from which as we launch again and with the added momentum may carry us further into our journeys. Many people think that there are any number of ways into God’s presence; so did Aaron’s two sons but God told Moses that there was only one way: the Day of Atonement which was the pointer to Good Friday. If there was one thing I could be remembered for and that is to have been given the key to the pearly gates of the New Jerusalem. The realisation that the daily sacrifice is not an extension to Calvary’s tree it is an extraction of Good Friday  and only needed to occur once but extraction of what happened there could and will take place for the eternities to come. We are given much detail of these processes from the earthly step before the event and we must be careful how to apply them back to the miracle of history that took place on Mount Calvary almost two thousand years ago.

Our first admonition is that there is only one way into God’s presence and the second is that it involves two stages; the sin offering and the burnt offering.

Page 402

Jesus Christ not only accepts, but pleads as He desperately wants us to place our hands on His precious head and ask for forgiveness. He accepts our sins knowing what a horrible death they will cause Him. He is prepared to go through this death because He loves us so much and wants us to spend the eternities to come with Him. But there is only one launch pad for our journey; Good Friday with pointers from the Old Testament titled the Day of Atonement. Already we can see a big difference; this day was celebrated once a year but we have only one celebration; Good Friday.

Events and ceremonies of this holy day appear to nicely fit into two categories: the sin offering, outside the camp and the burnt offering inside the camp. The only cross over events are; the atonement and killing of the animals occurred in front of the Tent of Meeting, all blood remained inside the camp as did the fat from the sin offering. The rest of the sin offering was taken outside of the camp, some of it as far as the desert but the burnt offering was all retained within the camp. A case has already been made out for the burnt offering representing Jesus Christ and as such was perfect and totally acceptable to God. But that is not saying that those animals killed in the sin offering were not priceless and precious to God, they too represented His only Son! And that applies to that unfortunate scapegoat, it too was a sin offering. The Divinity of Christ that Man that led the goat into the desert and destroyed it did not finish with the ceremony by washing Himself when He returned to the camp. Yes intentional sin had been destroyed but that mangled human body was not forgotten and was brought back to life eternal on Resurrection Sunday.

So it is a study and a comparison of these two offerings which we are undertaking now. The one with sin, all the sin that was not what I call the envelope and the one that only contained the sin within he envelope which allowed Jesus to say that He had obeyed and fulfilled the law of God to the standard God required; perfection.

Page 403

It is by examining these two offerings now and adding flour and oil to them that we can formulate some idea of the daily sacrifice. Some time ago I decided not to publish my ideas if they were based on one word of the Bible. But then again the Bible is the Word of God, not necessarily two or  more words, just the word is required. It is God’s dealings with humanity on our level with our frailties, but the ultimate adjudicator is the Holy Spirit if we allow Him to be. There is nothing wrong with putting forward an idea and then testing it against Scripture and if found wanting withdraw this idea. There are no points in guessing that the word is ” WING” as it is found in  Daniel ( 9:27) ‘ Jesus hung above the wing of the temple…’ I couple this word with the two functions of blood I drew from Leviticus 17; blood gives life and blood makes atonement for sin.

These two distinct functions of the blood are involved in the two sacrifices, outside and inside of the camp and in the two areas of the fires on Calvary’s tree; those on earth and those that engulfed the throne in Heaven and it is the blood that is sprinkled on the sides of the altar as opposed to the blood that is applied to the horns of the altar. They are the two natures of Jesus Christ. They are the natures that are extracted from Good Friday, mixed with flour and oil and offered by the saints of eternity as the daily sacrifice. Blood obviously requires a body to be contained within and in the Old Testament  those bodies were the bodies of innocent, unknowing and unwilling animals and these pointed to defect-less, innocent, knowing and willing Body of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, the New Testament and the eternities to come.

The blood of the burnt offering is offered in the fire along with other sacred items as items of perfection. This is the blood that flowed through Jesus’s veins and it is the blood that gives life. firstly back to Jesus on Resurrection Sunday and then to all the saints at our inauguration ceremony in the New Heavens. It is this burning blood that engulfed the throne on Good Friday, it is the blood of Divinity.

Page 404

It would be a relatively simple picture if this sacrifice was isolated and could only be brought forward once all traces of other sins had been expunged. It does wait until all intentional sin has been dealt with and punished and even `most of the unintentional sin, that sin that is not in the envelope. But there remains our problem; the unintentional sin within the envelope as well as the blood from the sin offering and fat.

If Calvary’s tree was not a charade, and it wasn’t, then Jesus really had to take on Himself all sins of the redeemed as well as the unintentional sins of the wicked. He was buried and defiled by sin and totally isolated from God. If there was anyone who needed atoning and restoration with God it was Jesus! The body that hung above the wing of the temple on Good Friday was the body of Jesus Christ. The area that it hung over was the section where the blood of the sin offering of the Day of Atonement had soaked into the ground. This was atoning blood, this removed the presence of sin and Jesus had rejoined the temple below to Heaven above. I cannot as yet relate the timing factor of 4 pm when Jesus’s side was opened with it’s gushing water and blood to these events. By accepting Jesus as our Saviour we are automatically covered by His atoning blood. His blood of eternal life is still to be applied in our inauguration ceremony of Heaven.

The two fires that burnt on the Day of Atonement, one was inside the camp, the burnt offering fire and one was outside the camp which burnt up most of the sin offering. These fires were also a part of Calvary’s tree. They consisted of a fire and a destruction zone. God could have chosen any method of having things presented to Him but out of all of them He chose fire. I wish I could give  you earthly reasons for this choice, but I can’t. All I know is that it is hot, excruciatingly painful and that it destroys. The burning of those sacred parts symbolised Jesus paying the penalty for our unintentional sins that were outside of the envelope plus any and all defilement caused by us being in His presence. Jesus’s payment of that penalty was presented by fire and accepted as the blood of atonement

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Our willful, deliberate, intentional sins were not presented before God and no attempt was made to do so. They went into that painful destruction zone where they were converted into nothing, non existence. Once confessed, by the grace of the Lord Jesus they are gone. If God does not keep any tab of them then should we? Once all our sins have either been destroyed or atoned for, Jesus is now in a position to present the burnt offering; the perfect offering of His life and its obedience to God just like His death was. This still leaves us with the problem why the blood of the sin offering was applied above the altar, to the horns but the blood of the burnt offering was applied to the sides, the heart of the altar. One blood was an atoning blood but the other a life giving blood.

When Jesus created Adam and Eve He created them as being capable of meeting His Holy standards. Figuratively I represent as being able to jump 6,000 miles high. They chose not to and lost that ability which was greatly decreased to 6 feet. We will only regain this ability to leap this high once we are in Heaven and we will choose not to disobey God. So the problem is that every saint and damned has been created without the ability to meet God’s standard; to jump 6000 miles. Their sins are unintentional, they just can’t obey! This is the heart of the problem and this is where the blood was applied. Around the sides, around the heart of the altar where Jesus met God’s standards and restored life by allowing the life He led to be taken by anyone who wanted Jesus as their substitute. This was the life giving aspect of Jesus’s blood. The blood on the horns was above the altar where Jesus hung and therefore atoning blood. Even though I am aware that the sin offering and burnt offering are different on an ordinary day to the Day of Atonement and within the service the offering of the priest are  different to the people’s offerings I still get them confused. But in order to extract the burnt offering from Calvary’s tree and ultimately the daily sacrifice which will be conducted in Heaven forever and which we will study over a sixteen week cycle, it must be worth the effort even if we are only capable of understanding the equivalent of one droplet of information.

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The daily sacrifice will be taken away but restored again during the great tribulation of end days. Once we see only a bit of the light of where we are going, the love of our Lord, our attitudes change completely. We not only see Heaven in contrast to hell, we experience a tiny fraction of the beauty of Heaven, it is stunning even though we are not capable of multiplying it by infinity. The goal remains to see just one of those rings in anyone of those twelve pearly gates presented in the above framework initially.

Before we can extract the daily sacrifice  from Good Friday we must follow the sin sacrifice through as best as we can and the try to extract the burnt offering out of it.Atonement must be accomplished before the blood can give eternal life. I have just had a strange reaction to local anesthetic in my eye as it did not kill the pain but went to my head, but it is God’s Holy Sabbath Day here so I am confident God’s  blessings will  far outweigh that annoyance. It would probably be better off if you went to the clear and rational word Of God and read Leviticus Chapter 16 and compared it to chapter 1 and 4 which is what I am going to do, once again but this time is different because it is within the above framework and I also realise I am dealing with two things and will separate them with [     ].By mixing them up I might have been telling the wrong story.  The Day of Atonement, Good Friday from which I can select and carry out information and apply it to the daily sacrifice,  and the daily sacrifices of sin and burnt offerings which the Jews conducted twice a day and from which I cannot carry out anything as this is the daily sacrifice, of which the burnt offering comprises a large part of.Comparison of Day of Atonement and daily sacrifice where there was also a sin offering and burnt offerings made. Taking and comparing the sin offerings of each ceremony first

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1; Day of Atonement (DOA) once a year entry into God’s presence. [ Daily sacrifice (DS) twice daily but conditional on DOA being performed each year. No attempt made to enter the Most Holy place. 2; Only High Priest can enter in DOA [ DS is officiated by ordinary priest.3; DOA High Priest offers bull as sin offering and ram for burnt offering [ DS priest offers bull for his unintentional sin] 4; DOA all sins forgiven. [ DS only unintentional atoned]. 5; DOA High Priest wears sacred once a year clothing.[ DS priest wears regular clothing].6; DOA High Priest takes three animals from the community, two goats for sin offering and a ram for burnt offering. [ DS bull for priest, bull if all the community is involved, goat for individuals] 7; In both DOA and SC the priest offers the bull as a sin offering for self.8; Both DOA and DS offer goats as sin offerings for the community.9; As there is no intentional sin in the Daily Sacrifice (DS) there is no need for a scapegoat.10; In DOA the High Priest makes up a smoke device to prevent him from looking at God’s presence in Most Holy Place  above the cover of the ark, otherwise he would die.[ DS no entry into Most Holy Place and no need for Holy smoke.

11; DOA High priest brings blood of animal into the presence of God and sprinkled it seven times before God’s presence, [ DS the priest brings  the blood into the Holy Place and sprinkles it on the curtain between the two chambers]. 12; DOA High Priest slaughters the goat of sin offering for the people and goes through the same procedure of sprinkling the sin offerings blood  inside the Most Holy Place. He performs the same procedures in the Tent of Meeting. Both chambers now have been atoned for, both are clean including the defilement that occurred from Intentional sin. [ In DS the priest only takes the blood of his bull and sprinkles it on the dividing curtain on his own behalf. He does this with the bull’s blood representing the whole community. Only his sins and those of the whole community  seem to be serious enough to sever ties with God. The individual and their goat’s blood is not taken inside inside the Holy Place.

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We are following Good Friday comparing it to the Day of Atonement (DOA).We are also comparing the sin offering and burnt offering  that occurred in the DOA to that which occurred in the daily sacrifice (DS)’. Yes Jesus did accept those hands that were placed on His head and all their sins passed onto Him. In Gethsemane these sins nearly broke Him as He was shown the magnitude of the task ahead of Him and prevent a total breakdown He passed it all on to where all answers exist; ‘ Not my will but thine be done’. So it makes no difference who you are and how bad you have been and unfortunately will continue to be all you have to do is to place your hands on Jesus’s head, confess and all your sins will spontaneously pass to Him and go through the processes we are examining now.

There were still about nine hours of processes involved which His own people called ‘ legalities’  processes which are in place in every civilized  country today and which are about to be applied to Christians. As Donald Trump put it ‘ all you have to do id to line up the right judge!’ In my little storm in the teacup to get me to demolish certain buildings the local council withheld the plans they acknowledged they had, changed the word ‘ approval’ to mean ‘an illegal structure that has to be demolished’, lined up the right judge and viola! It may have involved the movement of a few bucks through a few accounts in the Cayman or Virgin Islands which have been specifically set by acts of Parliament and the result is, well this money looks nice and clean!  Scripture has been strangely silent so far on these nine or so hours of ‘justice’. Heaven knew exactly the details of those hours and they were reenacted by God’s people for millennia before.

The result was Jesus was led to the elevated stage on Mount Calvary. There He sprinkled His blood seven times before God on the judgement seat. It was the hourly beginning with the first sprinkle at nine o’clock when those nails were driven through Him and the last sprinkle at three o’clock with the last beat of His mighty Heart. Time and events were carefully monitored on that day indeed!

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The blood that was sprinkled was very well monitored indeed  as this was first and foremost the blood of atonement. It was the purification firstly and then the joining of Heaven and earth and the altar on this mountain was where these detailed and complex processes were occurring. The elevated stage was on earth but it was elevated high enough to be in Heaven as well It was outside of the city but there was a connection to the Camp as well. The connection to Heaven was the blood of the bull and the connection to earth was the people’s goat of sin offering.

13; In DOA with both chambers cleansed the High Priest comes out and applies both the blood of the bull ( for the priest’ sin offering) and the blood of the goat for people’s  sin offering to the horns of the altar and seven times to cleanse the altar itself. [  In the DS there is a marked difference in procedure. This blood of the sin offering of the bull is only sprinkled on the altar of incense which is supposed to be inside the chamber with God’s presence to offer fragrance in order to compensate for the sprinkled blood on the floor and the adjoining curtain as it decays and begins to smell. Our intentions were wonderful in how our behavior was going to change this time but the reality is it doesn’t take long to go back to where we were; our sinful selves. None of this blood is applied to the horns, it is all poured out at the base of this burnt offering altar and flows through that channel outside of the temple.

14; Now in the Day of Atonement (DOA) there is not so much of a difference to the Daily Sacrifice (DS) as the details are missing altogether. From the DOA we know that the bull was dissected because  certain parts we burnt in the fire inside the camp whilst other parts were burnt outside of the camp. It is only the daily sacrifice that give us details about this dissection of the bull.

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[ Details given in DS but applies to DOA as well. This maybe a sin offering but it is still precious and holy, it does represent Jesus Christ. Witness Scripture tells us to pay attention. The fat that is removed from the bull, the sin offering of the priest is to come from that which covers the gut AND is on the gut or all fat related to the entrails. To this is added the fat from the kidneys  up to the lobe of the liver. The DOA only burns the fat but the DS where a sin offering occurs burns both the fat and the kidneys. I don’t know whether I have made any suggestions as to why Calvary’s tree .did not include the kidneys but our daily sacrifice does. [ and why the fat is the other way  around, see end of burnt offering to see if I have worked it out by then]

15; In  DOA the hide, flesh and offal from the sin sacrifice are to be taken outside of the camp to be burnt. [ In DS as well as the above the head, legs and entrails are to be added and taken outside and burnt where the ashes from inside the camp are disposed. This has to be where Calvary’s tree stood because after hell’s fires were extinguished at three o’clock that is where Jesus’s limp body hung.

16; If the whole community sins unintentionally the bull that they offer as a sin sacrifice is put through the same procedure as the bull for the priest sinning was. Both sever the community’s ties with God and both require blood to be sprinkled on the dividing curtain between the two chambers.

17; If a leader commits unintentional sin he offers a male goat. The procedure is similar again except the blood of this goat is not taken into the Tent of Meeting it is just applied to the horns of the altar and the rest is poured against its base as were the other sin sacrifices.

8;  For a common persons unintentional sin a female goat is offered and the same processes carried out. the fact that the details of these processes is repeated shows us their significance. Both the sin and burnt sacrifice represent the body Of our Lord and Saviour, but they are different phases within Good Friday; six hours of torture, torture we imposed on our Lord. This torture seems to vary according to the light and responsibility we have been given. A High Priests sin seems to cause more havoc and require more atonement. But that is what appears on this earth, in Heaven’s ledgers sin is sin.

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If we use the example say the High Priest steals $10 from the offerings. Sin recorded in Heaven as grievous.If I a commoner steal the same money the sin is recorded as less serious plus an unintentional component and in Heaven still recorded as a grievous sin. But before we can discuss these nuances we must first look at and compare the burnt offering from both the daily sacrifice and that which occurred on the Day of Atonement. Leviticus chapter one and Leviticus 16:24—……………………….THE BURNT OFFERING

1; In Day of Atonement (DOA), the pointer to Good Friday, two burnt offerings were offered, two rams, one for the High Priest and one for the people.[ In daily service (DS) only one was required either a bull  from the herd or goat  or sheep from the flock].

2; Very little detail given in chapter 16  and therefore must be in common with chapter one. Hand placed on head of animal, animal slain at door way to Tent of Meeting to be acceptable to God.

3; Blood of both DOA and DS blood  sprinkled  around the altar and entrance to Tent of Meeting.

4;It is only in the sin offering that the hide , flesh and offal are taken outside the camp, not so for the burnt offering.

5; In both cases the animal is dissected  the head and the fat go straight into the fire on the wood ( the Cross) but the entrails and legs are to be washed with water before being placed onto the wood. The head did not need washing. It stood for the purity, knowledge, message of the perfect being and never wavered  when Jesus was on earth. The rest of the statue of good, the legs, thighs and chest required washing from their contact with sinful beings

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6; there has already been an attempt to analyse the directions of east and north in these sacrifices

7; The bird offering sheds extra details;  its head is severed like all the rest and offered on the altar, its blood like the rest is drained against the side of the altar, but the crop ( stomach) and feathers (skin)  are cast beside the east side of the altar from where the ashes were removed. ( Jesus Christ was taken down off the cross) The  wings are torn but not severed before bring placed into the fire resembling Jesus’s  Jesus’s outstretched arms on the cross. Jesus had not eaten for over twenty four hours before being placed on that cross.

Now that at least some attempt has been made to separate the procedures within the sin and burnt offerings what can we draw from  and what can we reapply  between these two offerings? One was Jesus taking our sins, both intentional and unintentional outside of the camp, the city, ultimately the New Jerusalem and dealing with their cleansing and incineration. The only parts of Jesus that were not destroyed in the fires of hell were His blood and what was symbolised by the fat..His blood never left the camp neither did the fat. It was the other parts that were gathered up and carried outside and the man who did this had to wash Himself before being readmitted to the camp. Much happened between 3 o’clock on Friday afternoon and Resurrection Sunday.

Jesus sprinkled His blood seven times before God on Good Friday  beginning with the blood He sprinkled when those nails were driven through His limbs  and the seventh sprinkling at 3 o’clock with the final beat of His mighty heart., then there was silence until the rest of His blood was thrown against His altar- cross when the Romans opened up His side. During this time both the Most Holy Place (Heaven) and the Holy Place (earth) were atoned for. Heaven needed atoning from at least the satanic rebellion that had taken place almost 4,000 years before and probably from entry of earthly beings. Earth’s defilement was of God’s people and His church. The altar, the cross had blood dripping on it for six hours. So what of this hour when the seven sprinklings finished and His blood was poured out at the base of the cross?

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This was the ‘left over blood’, if there is such a thing after all the atonement processes had been finished, including its application to the four horns, the four exterminates of the two beams of the altar. But during these processes there was one man who was busy gathering all those body parts that could not remain in the camp. The first lot that had had to be taken was those unintentional  sins that were not inside the envelope of Jesus’s accepted behavior, but this lot only had to be taken just outside of the city and burnt on Calvary’s tree. The second lot were far more serious and had to be taken much further and into the desert. This man took far longer to get back and probably traveled for some time in darkness.

Calvary’s tree made no attempt to present the second goat, the one carrying our intentional sins before God. They were not in those fires outside the city where the rest of the sin offering was burnt. This was the first goat and it carried our unintentional sins. It was burnt, bar the blood and fat, and in that fire our unintentional sins were atoned for. They now can be woven into our robes of Christ’s righteousness and can be studied over the eternities to come. Not so our intentional sins, they must be incinerated into oblivion.

The complexity of these events is great. Not only was the blood of the High Priest’s sin offering sprinkled eight times in the Most Holy Place, it was sprinkled eight times in the Tent of Meeting and eight times on the altar; a total of  twenty four times. This was also repeated with the first goat’s blood  of sin offering, twenty four times giving the total number of sprinklings as forty eight. There is a lot more in those gates that meets the eye! I will not try to analyse these events  until I have been through the book that sets out the rules for joining, actually it’s out with the old and in with the new, the Book of Hebrews. In the meantime I try to set up some sort of framework which I test against Scripture.

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So far we have the blood of both sin offerings atoning and cleansing the Most Holy Place, the Tent of Meeting and the altar then being thrown onto the base of the altar ( When Jesus’s side was opened by that spear at 4 o’clock) to flow to the wing of the temple where Jesus was hanging only to very soon after ( reporting result to Pilate and getting his permission to take down Jesus’s body)  have Jesus’s body taken down. So for how long did Jesus hang above His own blood and why? There was no doubt that this was atoning blood, it came from the sin offering. Perhaps one clue is that not just blood that was released by that spear, it was water and blood which gushed out suggesting our conversions to our Lord. It is His blood that brings us to those waters of the baptismal font.

From that stage of Good Friday it is only the daily sacrifice of eternity that is extracted of which the centerpiece is the burnt offering. It is the centerpiece of the presentation that was presented to God on Good Friday and will continue to be the centerpiece for the eternities to come. It is the presentation of the whole body of Jesus Christ but only in an environment of God’s making, the sins inside the envelope which are being presented. It is the presentation of the life of Jesus Christ as presented by His blood, the blood that gives eternal life.The closest we can get to it now is the foot washing ceremony where Jesus is about to show the full extent of His love. It is soon to be mixed with flour and oil and become the daily sacrifice. Aaron’s two sons had a wonderful idea about a new type of fire they could present to God. It was unacceptable and God killed them. There is only one type of fire acceptable to God and He alone specifies what that fire will be.

So when we meet for foot washing/ last supper we must realise at what stage we are at. The foot washing is the life and love of Jesus Christ. It can only take place in a specified environment. The only sins that can be present are those I call within the envelope, God’s standard was that we should jump 6,000 miles high but with our very best effort we could manage six feet. We will be able to jump this high in the New Heaven but on earth six feet is the best we can do and we need Jesus to take our place and hand that result onto God .

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. We can’t even confess those sins outside of the envelope as we don’t know what they are, they are unintentional. We can rightly assume that as sinful as we are that they will be many and hurtful to our Lord on Good Friday.

The sins that I really struggle with are the intentional sins. I am supposed to take a firm hold of Jesus’s head, the second goat of the Day of Atonement and confess them. They will pass onto Jesus and He will take them to a particular part of Good Friday and incinerate them. But I can’t remember them! Neither can I remember where my keys, wallet and phone are many, many times. But not remembering is different to withholding or ignoring. I am sure  that Jesus will not hold this against me and if a blanket confession is the best that I can do so be it!  The point being that we are in the least possible sinless state that we can be in and if that means we are living according to the light that God has shown us then that state is sinless indeed!

So if the burnt offering is really foot washing then what are we really looking at? We haven’t as yet studied the Book Of Hebrews so we  don’t really know what rules to apply. We do know that there Moses is contrasted to Jesus Christ! Blasphemy! you might say except that this is in the Bible so it can’t be blasphemy. It can be that there is a step of unimaginable height between the earthly step and the Heavenly one but it is still a step Jesus told us to start from and He is the step in between and way far above as well!

So the bases of the daily sacrifice is the burnt offering. It is the perfection of Jesus Christ that we offer,we set Before God. His perfect life and how He met every jot and title  of God’s Law to the standard that God required and above all He took the penalty for our sins; ‘ if you eat you will SURELY die’ was God’s decree, we did sin and He did die. It’s all finished.

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We just need to add the flour and the oil and present our daily sacrifice. We do not have to worry about the fire that the presentation is to be made providing it is not  of our making like that of Aaron’s two sons. The heads of the wheat seeds have to be crushed. The flour we present in our grain offering must be fine flour.  It represents the crushed body of our Lord and Master, something we are going to crush further with our teeth as we crush the communion bread. It is our sins that crushed our Lord Jesus Christ in a most brutal willful and sinful way. There is no need to withdraw now because He knew exactly what pain we would cause Him and yet He has just knelt down before us, washed our feet and invited us to come up to Heaven with Him! The fine flour has to be bonded by oil, the Holy Spirit but it must have incense added to it. Our prayers of gratitude and repentance are essential. But what about yeast? Many Christian churches pass around bread with yeast.

It has already been pointed out the Christ’s Church has been in a state of exponential decline since the Council of Laodicea changed God’s true Sabbath into what is determined by to whom you speak to. The result is clangers by the dozen and this is just one of them. It is a very sad state of affairs when a minister of religion, a God appointed teacher cannot see anything wrong with representing God’s body by yeast. This unfortunately will continue until day one of the last 45 days before Jesus’s return. The major part of the awakening is going to be the return to the true Sabbath.   The shock of the blessings that will begin to flow will stun those who ignored the Sabbath or regarded it as a minor issue. The realisation is that God means what He says and says what He means! Try it as an experiment now.

Now to the thorny issue of the inclusion of the kidneys in the burnt offering and not in the Day of Atonement and why there is no drink offering with the grain offering where the corresponding ceremony of the last supper not only includes the bread but also the wine. The bread  represents the body of Jesus and the wine His blood, symbolically obviously.

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The burnt offering represents the body of Jesus Christ. It is perfect and no part needs to be removed before it is presented by us to God. Its head, feet,skin, blood, kidneys, liver everything is included in our offering. There are parts that have come into contact with this sinful world that needed washing but are then included. The blood was perfect, it contained the life which we will be given at our inauguration as was the final filtering medium, the kidneys, all included. But it is this very same blood that was used in the atonement processes and the same kidneys. The problem with this blood was however that it had come at  least near to sin. It was its presence that drove the sin away as both good and evil cannot exist together. The kidneys had come into the same contact and it was this contact that disqualified them from being included in the Burnt offering that was presented on the Day of Atonement. It was their involvement with the blood of the sin offering that was the issue.

The portrail of Good Friday on the earthly steps as the Day of Atonement was as close as Heaven could come and it was the old covenant. This portrail  came closer to the real thing one week before Calvary with the inauguration of foot washing and the last supper ceremonies, but even so close to the main event they were still symbolic and will continue to  be so until our entry into the New Jerusalem where it will be elevated to the level where we will be able to see the beauty of  those twelve pearly gates. Our first application of the atoning blood of Jesus which will cause all sin to leave us will be when we are fitted out with Christ’s robe of righteousness, of perfection and the life giving blood will be applied at our inauguration. Because it is applied to our foreheads we actually see Jesus and what He actually did for us on Good Friday. The daily sacrifice reaches heavenly proportions.

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Even in the Heavenly realms the daily sacrifice is still split into twelve pearls, twelve pieces of fruit, three per month plus one week of introduction. There is a weekly study as we prepare to be introduced to the real thing which occupies that particular Holy Sabbath.

What we have today is just a farce which in most cases causes more harm than good. Using alcohol and leavened bread to represent  the body and blood of Jesus is as bad as it can get. These blasphemies cannot get any worse. This is rock bottom so the only way onwards cannot get any worse and again with the awakening of the great tribulation will revert back to what it was in the early pure Christian Church ie John 13:1  ‘ It was just before the Passover Feast…..’ This is the blood of the New Covenant which has a run of at least 2,000 years but we should be able to up the ante once we receive our robes of righteousness. There must be a difference between our sinful and sinless states, but there is a lot going on on earth at this stage and we, the saints are involved in much of it.

So there are technically four stages of the daily sacrifice; the Old Covenant up to one week before the cross ( major problem as to why not after the cross), the New Covenant from the cross to the second coming ( only really occurring properly from the start of the beast out of the sea reign) and some intermediate Heavenly version ( if those apostles who were in Heaven and were shown a Sabbath could only have been shown this  version) before the introduction of the eternal Covenant of the New Jerusalem. They may each cast a different intensity of light but the light they cast must have a focus of Jesus Christ; they all must therefore involve and invoke the Holy Trinity. The  Holy Spirit points out the problem to be sin, its solution Jesus Christ and once we see Jesus Christ we are pointed to God the Father.

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Jesus Christ was and is body and blood and the embodiment of the solution for the rejoining of humanity back to its original relationship to God. ie, perfection. In the Old Testament this was represented by physical fires of wood arranged on an altar. These pointed to the real presentation, that of eternity, Good Friday and Calvary’s tree. The Old Covenant divinity of God was represented by the lamb or goat in the daily sacrifice, the body by the grain sacrifice and the Holy Spirit, whose presence could not be fully felt until Jesus returned to Heaven after Good Friday. Jesus’s perfect blood was around and inside the presentation of the altar was represented by the fellowship offering. The essence of the fellowship offering  was that what was being offered was the best we have to offer, male,female, time, talent etc but that it comes from the heart, it is our privilege to give some back to the Lord and share what after all has come from Him in the first place. The presence of the Holy Spirit is manifested in our intentions in the days of the Old Covenant.

In the Old Testament God’s people looked forward to the cross Of Good Friday but so do we. Our New Covenant was set up in the week BEFORE the cross. Yes we can look back to what was accomplished on Good Friday, in fact Jesus called ‘ It is finished’ but there is still a major time slot of grace to run under this New Covenant before the rock grinds up the statue of evil and throws it to the wind. The New Covenant is both the body and blood of Jesus. Yes we will see His face for the eternities to  come but it is only because His blood contained two qualities; it atoned and it gave life. These were the two qualities we started off with extracting them out of Leviticus chapter seventeen. And these two qualities along with the body-bread issues should have been and should remain the central theme of this blog for however long it will remain.

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There is another blood issue that has started to be addressed; the blood that poured out of Jesus’s side when that spear was thrust into Him. It was noted that the order of gushing fluid, blood followed by water could be a baptismal matter. We accept the blood of Jesus first and then we are baptised with water. The matter is worth pursuing even though it is outside of the six hours of Jesus’s life on the cross, because of the volume of blood involved and all the events taking place at this time. There is a very long period of grace, for which we should all be grateful, about to kick in. In fact it could be as long as half of created time!

The earthly step to which we return is the Day of Atonement Sacrifice and specifically the blood of the sin offering being thrown against the base of the altar of burnt offering and running through a channel of Divine design to the wing of the temple where Jesus hung above this blood on Good Friday. Let us first try to establish the facts as they are recorded and with the help of the Holy Spirit to join them with a line.

1; That water and blood had been a part of Jesus’s body until the spear  was thrust into His side, I don’t  know where I get it from but I assume that it was 4 o’clock, one hour after death.

2;Jesus hung above His blood for more than one hour before He was taken down and buried. The time length is not relevant, but the fact it did happen is.

3; This blood was from the sin offering, it was blood that had been used for atonement.

4; It is not used for the atonement of the Most Holy Place nor the Holy Place nor the altar, they have already been atoned for. The altar only had this blood applied to the four corners, horns, not its sides.

5; This blood may not have been in the heart of the burnt offering but it was from Jesus’s own heart.

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6; This blood has not been applied to me yet and if it had been it would force any and all sins to leave. This certainly has not as yet happened.

[ Health report. A few days ago I reported I had a strange reaction to eye drops. When dropped into my left eye caused the lights  to go out in the right eye. I have been to my ophthalmologist today and after many drops and ointments decided to come home and sleep. As has been stated before it is not just the Book of Job that is in the Bible  but this book has the name of every one of God’s people as its title. Satan may not have  access to the throne today but he still throws out his challenges to God probably without realising that he is answering the doubts of the Heavenly Host. If I were him I would phrase the challenge something like;’ Last time You allowed me to attack his vision but you didn’t allow me to take it away from him. He did not abandon you and you restored his vision to levels way above before my attack, to  the point he is proud of his vision and treats it like a window into his body. If You allow a more concerted attack this time he will abandon his typing and You generally.  Maybe that is not what happened above but the satanic attacks did come.

Last friday ( 6 days ago) i got a steel splinter in my left eye, wet to GP, orange dye, blue light no there is no foreign body just an inflammation,script eye drops. When beloved put in drops lost vision in right eye. Analysis: Ophthalmologist immediately picked presence of large steel splint and it had been there for five days rusted so not only splint had to come out but rust as well and as it was on the focal point the vision from there is gone as well.The main problem however was the right eye which sustained a macula hemorrhage.. The problem is the central vision and my pride certainly been shattered, not only could I see the bottom line I could see it clearly, but not now. Still in the 7 days there has been a marked improvement. The lines of text are straight and not wavy, the words are no longer superimposed but individual, even though I can’t read them ( allow spell checker to do corrections but will reread and check when I can and I can see the keyboard, so the blessings are many. Satan was not right in that I may be the master of the dummy spit but I did not do so this time neither did I stop typing.

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One of the options given me was an injection and side effects were all one in a thousand; heart attack, stroke , loss of eye, retina detachment etc I am going to wait and see and would prefer to live with one crook eye than the above. Once I stop putting ointment in left eye I should be a lot better.]

The above storm in the teacup gave me a chance to stop and think about the big picture; Jesus Christ and the eternities to come. I am looking at my Master hanging on that cross after calling ‘ It is finished’. Then He continues to hang for one hour with the blood and water in/near His heart allows a spear to be thrust into His heart and the atoning blood is poured out at the base of the altar, His cross. He continues to hang above His own blood for up to two hours when His body is removed from that tree and placed into His grave. Why, why and why?

Three o’clock on Good Friday may have been the centre of created time but it did have events that led up to this centre and away from this centre. The most ardent students of ancient history are going to be the saints of eternity. We will want to know the whats and the whys of our perfect existence, we will want to know that wondrous story of Jesus and His love. The other surprising feature of the following analysis is how close our relationship to Him because of His grace really is. When the Lord answers the challenge by the Heavenly host about our eligibility to enter Heaven He really means what He says; ‘Yes this child is a very naughty child but none the less MY child!’ The analysis is the big picture JESUS CHRIST.

Jesus continued to hang on the cross for another hour with blood in heart. This is the period of the dead church, almost 2,000 years of it, There may have been Peters and Pauls and Johns and other shinning lights but they only shone because of the grace of God. The more they and we take advantage of the grace of God the more we also will shine. Of ourselves we can do nothing it is all Jesus Christ.

Page 423

The period of the dead church finishes  with the great tribulation and the gushing blood of His church. This blood and water did have potential for converting and continues to do so. Jesus now continues to hang above this blood waiting for any harvest, even one person for another 1,000 + 260 years and when  His body is taken down and placed in the tomb. This is the third coming.

Even though His body is in the tomb over the extended Sabbath His atoning blood is still at the base of the cross and will be finally offered to the foolish virgins at the same time as the beast out of the sea is making sure that every member of his army has the mark of the beast. The end comes as a flood with the fourth coming, Resurrection Sunday .

Even though the above scenario raises many questions it does supply solutions and it forces me to put a tag, some interpretation on that burst of blood that occurred after Jesus had been hanging on that cross for an hour. So far the scenario is; Good Friday,

1; From 3 o’clock, Jesus’s death to 4 o’clock Jesus hanging dead on the cross, but some blood gravitating out of His body. [ 2,000 years of ‘ life’ of His dead church]

2; At 4 o’clock side opened by spear and His blood is poured out out against the base of the altar, immediately runs around through channel to the wing of the temple. [ His church has had its blood spilled throughout its history but the main event is the Great Tribulation just before the second return of our Lord.

3; Jesus continues to hang above His spilled blood from 4 o’clock until almost Sabbath darkness, or nearly 6 o’clock, two hours. [ Jesus waits for 1,260 years watching over His blood  ( or two hours on earth) to see if there would be any repentance,even one soul. When none occur His body is taken down from the cross and placed in its grave. This is the third return of Jesus Christ.

Page 424

4; Jesus ‘s body lays in the grave for some 38 hours and is resurrected of Resurrection Sunday miring. This was the earthly beginning to the start of end day events and the breaking  of the first seal of the scroll. Thus the return of Jesus, counting from earth His fourth is the breaking of the first seal of the Heavenly scroll and therefore six more to go in Heaven. It is Resurrection Sunday in Heaven from which we can count events.

The events that are of concern today to Christians  are in the time slot of 3 to 4 pm of Good friday and the imminent release of blood. One prayer I  confidently pray today in gratitude is that when God looks down on me He does not see me but only sees the perfect life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are one and that is where my confidence about my place in Heaven comes from. But I did not realise the association was that close. It is not just JK who has sustained an eye injury it is Jesus who has also sustained an eye injury. If I am one of the privileged ones asked to shed blood in the Great Tribulation, it is not my blood that Heaven counts as being shed, it is the blood of Jesus. My blood of itself would be useless and could not bring any harvest. The atoning blood Of Jesus can and will produce a very great harvest indeed.

The most amazing part of this relationship that Jesus has allowed me, and anyone else who wants to, to form with Him is that He knows what contribution I can and will make; nothing. I am a part of the dead church, am dead and responsible at least in part for its death, yet He accepts these conditions. It is not only going to be Jesus Christ in the Heavenly realms it is so today. Little wonder we can pack our bags today and that knowing  that He will come at exactly the right time.

Page 425

If I was to read a blog where somebody was associating their blood with the blood of Jesus I would say that they are not only sailing close to the wind but they have crossed over into the lanes of blasphemy. I am going to use a Jew with the initials JK  who turns up for the Day of Atonement in the year 200 BC. He thinks that all went well at the Day of Atonement Ceremony in the previous year, 201 so all he has to worry about are the sins that he has committed during the last year. Heaven has recorded these to be 500 intentional sins and 500 unintentional sins. The split between the unintentional sins was 250 that Jesus would include inside  of the envelope and take into the burnt offering and 250 that could not be included. These he is going to have to offer a special sin offering, the first goat with which the ceremony begins as far as  the common people are involved. As these are unintentional sins he does not know how many pass onto this goat net alone their split between how many will stay inside the camp as the burnt offering and how many will have to be taken outside and burnt. All he is told is happening is that his unintentional sins are passing onto the goats head. As this goat is alive these sins must pass into the blood and be carried through the whole body. But his unintentional sins have been accepted and his slate is clean. He then watches as part of this blood goes through quite an extensive ceremony of being sprinkled in the Most Holy Place, the Holy Place and the altar cleaning them of defilement and making them now suitable for the burnt offering.

So the blood of this sin offering goat has cleaned him of unintentional sin and also cleaned those three holy areas; The Most Holy Place, the Holy Place and the altar. He wonders how blood with sin, any sin at all can clean anything it touches of sin. He concludes that the blood of perfection cannot coexist with sin, it is as simple as good and evil  cannot exist together.But here is the difficulty. The body through which this blood ran was gathered, minus the fat, and taken outside of the camp and burnt, incinerated but the blood the majority of it was thrown at the base of the altar and ran outside of the temple. It was not accepted because it contained sin but because it was in contact with it when we place our hands on Jesus’s head.

Page 426

The scapegoat is brought in an dealt with in such a way that no memories remain. It is not just the fact that we caused our Saviour so much pain it is the intent with which we committed these sins. We didn’t just drive those nails into Him we did it very slowly knowing we were inflicting the extra pain. He knew all this was going to happen yet still washed our feet and invited us to go to Heaven with Him. The way this scapegoat was dealt with is of great importance. Satan will not be in Heaven to spring them on me when least unexpected but he does so and often now. But I know that those sins no longer exist. They played no part of the sanctuary service and were dealt with in such a way they are out of sight and out of mind. I certainly could not remember 500 sins or anywhere near that number. The best that I could do is to admit that a thorny bush cannot produce figs and ask for forgiveness for those countless thorns which I produced spontaneously.

But hasn’t the introduction of this scapegoat reintroduced sin and defilement to an area where all has just been cleansed? Yes it was all cleansed including our presence on those Holy items, the only sin left was intentional sin of ours which this scapegoat removes. The burnt offering can now take place, our presentation to God of the life and death of Jesus Christ. But that still leaves us with the majority of the atoning blood of the sin sacrifice goat finishing up outside of the temple and why did Jesus hang over it?

We could argue that the forces of good are so much superior to the forces of evil that only a tiny amount of Jesus’s blood was required to atone for all our sins and that is why so much was left over. Or we could say that it was Jesus’s humanity that allowed Him to absorb our sins onto His body which then had to be burnt outside of the city but because there is life eternal in His blood, His Divinity it could not have mixed with sin but drove it out ahead of it. We could not say that this was ‘top-up blood’.

Page 427

This could not be what Jesus was referring to when Peter asked Him to wash not just his feet but also his head. Jesus told him that he was already clean and all he needed was a ‘top up clean’. The agent that’Jesus was referring to was water and not blood. A top-up would infer that Jesus had called prematurely ” It is finished’, which obviously cannot happen. Even if Jesus had missed one or even two souls, which did not happen as has been so laboriously shown in this blog, it would not require this large volume of blood. So this still leaves us with this large amount of atoning blood initially inside Jesus’s body until 3 o’clock and then under His feet for another almost two hours.

It may also be that Jesus died  when the last of His life giving blood drained out of His body at 3 PM.This would clearly bring into focus the dual purpose of Jesus’s blood; atonement and life giving. There certainly was a dual role in the forgiveness of intentional and unintentional sins! So why not a dual function in His blood to which the Old Testament so clearly defines? This would account for some of the early history of His church. Soon after His death Jesus had more blood to drain as indicated by the early slaughter of Smyrna, but with time this volume of blood decreased and so did the  martyrdom within His church. The tribulation was the final release. The blood within had done everything that was possible and all that now could be tried is the blood without.

This led to the final era between the breaking of the people’s power of God and the final breaking of their power. Jesus hung, or could that be supervised the places where His blood had been spilled during the millennium and stopped doing so during the last 260 years of that period. I cannot add any more to what I have already said about the remaining period. More will probably be gleaned when going through the Heavenly seals. So if JK dies in 295 AD in the church of Smyrna by being torn to pieces by lions and people are converted to Christianity by watching this spectacle then whose blood was it that was responsible for their conversion and places in Heaven? Was it the atoning blood of Jesus, JK or both? I don’t claim all ambiguity has been removed but there at least possible scenarios.

Page 428

It is Holy Scripture that introduces the dual nature of sin and the dual nature of the blood into atoning from the sin sacrifice and life giving from the burnt sacrifice. The splitting of sin is relatively easy to see and even how this was achieved on Good Friday. Those bad intentional ones were dealt with in the dark where noone could see what Jesus was going through and forgotten.Incinerated into oblivion! The sin offering will cease in Heaven and only the burnt offering will become the central theme of the daily sacrifice. There will be no need for atonement blood just the beauty and purity of Jesus as He presents His life death and resurrection before God.. That is the standard that God set for acceptable behaviour and there is that standard met in full.

What about on earth until the second coming when sin is still rife? To state the obvious both offerings were required and were made under the Old Covenant. In fact it would be very difficult to see how they could conduct a daily sacrifice with its burnt offering without performing the sin offering first. As it was for unintentional sin they wouldn’t know whether they had one or not. Once it was pointed to them it was compulsory for them to offer a sin offering and the fat from that offering passed into the burnt offering. It came from all three parts of the body, flesh, blood and intermediate areas and its design was such that it was to prevent these unintentional sins from occurring. Sins where we just did not know, forgot come to mind. The fat came from the gut, the flesh, the kidneys, blood filtration and the complexity of the liver. These rules which we are now looking at were designed to stop this type of sin from occurring. These sins were split into flesh which was taken outside the city onto Calvary’s tree and burnt, paid for and woven into our robe of righteousness and into blood, atoning blood which removed defilement and with which we are now still struggling. The intentional sins they had committed in the present year could not be considered as their channel for removal would not become available until the next Day of Atonement. Thus the distinction between these two types of sin is so clear cut it should also be obvious on the cross of Good Friday.

Page 429

Daniel tells us the daily sacrifice will be abolished. So what is it going to be replaced with?

I now leave the issue of the blood no doubt to soon return back to and go to Leviticus chapter 18 with the NIV heading of unlawful sexual relations.

I have returned from a three day break and reread and corrected from page 403. Two things are obviously wrong; there is too much of self and the ideas are presented in far too long sequences.

I have considered again doing my daily work in MS-Word and highlighting  and publishing a more polished update either weekly or monthly but rejected it. This remains the daily struggle of eating and trying to assimilate the daily bread. I know that the question that is going to be asked of all Christians who have been  washed by the blood of God is not going to be ‘ Did you sometimes try to bear witness to others about the wonderful transformation in your life?’ but I will still reply ‘ I tried ‘,  and in my language I did. It remains my preparation for my day of reckoning.

It remains pitched at the level of Christians who have finished the Bible and have many unanswered questions, their questions are now answered or never, this is the last book. If you have come from one of the conventional faiths, other than SDA or United Church of God, if they can be considered as conventional, then the Book of Revelation not only will not answer your questions it will add exponentially to them further confusing you and make you further loose confidence in the Word of God. This is because they do not follow the advice of Jesus when He was instructing Nicodemus about how to find the roots of salvation; He told him to go back to the Old Testament, to Moses’s bronze snake in the desert. So usually I will assume you are familiar with the texts and not spend time in finding them in Bible Hub unless they are critical. This is the mistake most Christian faiths make; when they have a problem they go to these clever scholars for answers rather than to God Who has the answers in the Old Testament. The majority of these Bible scholars think the Bible is a joke, which cannot and never has been shown to be true. Talk about putting a pearl before swine!

Page 430

I will continue to return to the earthly step and the Old Testament and right now am on my journey to the bronze snake in the desert, doing as my Master told Nicodemus to do.  In fact I am very happy with the number of answers I have received so far just by following this technique.  As I travel I am exercising my neck muscles because when I get to the Book of Hebrews I will be asked to look up from six feet, Moses, to six thousand miles, Jesus Christ! Not only will neck muscles be a problem so will eye sight! On this journey I ask questions and if they remain unanswered it is either  because I have forgotten I asked them or because I do not yet have any answer.

As I try to turn a new page and begin a new blog,  THE DAILY SACRIFICE CHAPTER THREE, I can’t see taking self out of it as this is my daily journey. Even when away I still think of the issues. I can change the writing style and include more summaries, these are not my students who had to endure three and four hour lessons, I can brake them down more, but My mind is basically tuned to deliver four hours lessons and regularly.





































































































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