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Blog 8 on 31st may 2018.This is the current blog that I am working on. At present it is at the bottom of the other seven when completed would put it some 2,000 pages or 1.25 million words away. In future I will keep the current blog on top. It is about 300 pages at present. Blog 8, Book of Numbers chapters 19 to 36 on 8th December, 2017. We have arrived at chapter 19, the Ordinance of the Red Heifer, Christ crucified and the tenet, the central core of Christianity. For those who had the slightest inkling of this cross it became the core of their teaching like Paul. With the cross he could answer any questions the best Greek philosophers could throw at him. There are no unanswered questions in Him crucified. Being the central core of our faith it has a prologue of eighteen chapters and an epilogue of sixteen chapters.

As I have only just completed a summary of the first eighteen chapters only a brief summary of this summary is required, the focus being the 14th of Nissan (I continue to use January as the first month knowing it is not so in the Jewish calendar). Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary. (GFPMC).

Actually the Book of Numbers begins on the 01/01/01 and not on 14/01/01 as does the new earth, the one that replaces this old earth. Eternity does not begin as 01/01/01 but also as 14/01/01 eternity. Not much seemed to have happened on the 01/01/01 in Egypt despite a lot of preparation. The same cannot be said for the next day, a Sabbath and 02/01/01. The greatest euphoria would have been with the firstborn sons who had not died as even Pharaoh’s firstborn son had, then the families because they had not lost their firstborn sons and then everyone as they had been liberated from their oppressive slavery. Not much time to think about what had happened although as they left their home for the last time they no doubt cast a final glance on the blood that was on that doorway and had performed that miracle they were now experiencing. They had been brutalised over a long time and there were no breaks given to them because of the Sabbath. They had forgotten it existed. Onle now after a fourteen day journey when they thought they were safely out of Egypt’s clutches did the stop and celebrate Good Friday Passover….

Thus it is with the redeemed on the earthly side of the doorway with blood that is about to open into the new Heavens. We are in a courtyard that is defined by the presence of the altar cross. On this cross we have just seen and experienced the Day of Atonement (DOA45) and the final eradication of the last traces of sin. We have sinned the burnt offering and we have seen the anointing of the Most Holy. The cross is coming with us, we are ready to go, we are ready to start eternity. Finally the countdown for old planet earth, old universe begins; seven hours to go, six hours to go, five hours to go, four hours to go, three hours to go, two hours to go, one hour to go…..Gone!

The doorway upwards open and we see His creative acts over six days. Day seven, Sabbath a day of rest and worship of Jesus Christ the creator. 01/01/01 to the 07/01/01. In orderly fashion and in a prearranged order we begin our march onto the new earth and no doubt as we pass through that doorway for the last time we focus on the blood on it. Egypt. Blood eternal and now to claim firstborn inheritance eternal.

On the earth side of the doorway it was blood washing sins into a channel so that they could be picked up and thrown into hell, down there it was blood that cleansed utensils so that the offerings could be made to God and it was blood that pleaded for mercy for God to accept  the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Inside of the doorway in Heaven none of this applies. There is no sin, no trace of sin nor any possibility of sin. All that is left is the firstborn sons of Israel to claim their inheritance and enjoy it for eternity! Egypt! GFPE!  There are many hurdles to be jumped before this can happen and we return to find out more how all this happened.

The history of God’s people, the bride, finished with Egypt’s inheritance and life eternal giving but it also started with it. The start was symbolism but the end was reality and the symbolism was very brief indeed; firstborn son did not die because the blood of the lamb was on the doorframes. The

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tradition, ritual of the firstborn son inheriting the families inheritance may have been practiced by many cultures and over a long period of time but its origins are divine. God sent His Son, His only Son and therefore by definition also firstborn Son to save this world. In the Heavenly family He is the Bridegroom and we are the bride. On earth there are pointers to this final relationship but ultimately the redeemed will be bride. There is only unisex in Heaven.

In Egypt it was the bridegroom who came down in earthly form, reclaimed his inheritance from Pharaoh’s firstborn son and established the true nature of his blood as life giving and eternal. But then he left these qualities, these shoes he walked in for his bride and this was done under the directions of God the Father. Those who stepped into those shoes were called Levites and they began an intensive apprenticeship which would allow them to serve inside of the tent of meeting when the priests, including the high priest refused to serve under the Son of God. These would be difficult days indeed even for the greatest scholars of the time like Paul. I don’t know whether this was their problem bu it is certainly one of many for me.

On God’s calendar Good Friday Passover in Egypt, (GFPE) was the 01/01/01 and in this first year they couldn’t celebrate on this day as nothing had yet happened and on days two, three, four and many more there was too much happening. But after a year God ‘should have’ told Moses to celebrate GFPE starting as on 01/01/02 why offset that day back to 14/01/02? 01/01/01 on earth pointed the doorway into the new heavens opening and eternity beginning with 01/01/01 eternity. Symbolism and realism coincide. But 01/01/01 was not the start of the journey, 14/01/01 on both planets is the start of this journey and the ordinance we are about to study; that of the red heifer.

On earth our study of this red heifer ordinance, GFPMC involves our actual release from sin and our worship of Jesus is for what He did for us on that horrible cross but in the new earth on the 14/01/01 our first worship service there will be no sin. We will worship Jesus for the first time not for what He has done for us but for what He is. This is true worship, this is the Heavenly step. On earth we are but on the earthly step but nonetheless a prerequisite for that Heavenly and final step. And the joining utensil that cuts across all three phases is the cross. It is coming with us as it is the only thing in existence that allows us to see into the inner nature of Jesus Christ! It will not be just gratitude that we experience up there but the real Jesus Christ. And the greatest and priceless privilege that could have been imposed on me was the knowledge that the cross is coming across to the new Heavens. I maybe still at the gratitude stage and have not started lifting my head to the Heavenly Day of Atonement stage (DOA46), and perhaps I should be but I am only about to try to establish my footing on this earthly step; the ordinance of the red heifer.

At first I am just going to struggle for as long as I can until I have no choice but to finish blog seven. Blog seven is chapter 18, the duties of Levites and the priest’s portion and is obviously the final step before our current chapter 19, the ordinance of the red heifer. But so far the answers given in 18 do not seem to address the issues raised in chapter nineteen. So far in blog seven we have been following the bumpy history of God’s people and trying to relate them at the three levels of the three crosses; GFPE, GFPMC and DOA46 when we hit this severe bump; Korah’s rebellion. It certainly shook the foundations out of the earthly tribes and it may also have been have done so in the tribes of angels above. The badies were thrown out but the rebellion involved all the congregation. God would have preferred to lose everyone rather than take their free wills away and make them into mindless robots. He chose instead to show them His creative powers by bringing life into Aaron’s rod. Not only can He give life He will selectively give it to Aaron and the Levites. He did not have to show the angels because from where they are they can see life and life in abundance.

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God is not only going to show them that He can give life but how and why He gives it. It is now some four thousand years since the rebellion in Heaven and those who rebelled were evil and the troops may be getting restless again. Seeing GFPMC should kill the beast within them for good! But what about the priests, Levites, saints, redeemed, the bride? What does it do to them? To us?

It has been my contention for a long time that you would be better off reading a blog or watching a video by a trained Christian minister. And the number of wonderful blogs on the red heifer! Why they are so good is because they know Scripture and can fit this topic in with it. The best that I can do is to try to fit the 5% of Scripture that I have ‘studied’ to this text. Give me good health and another twenty five years and I too may be able to produce something comparable. In the meantime abstinence does not result in absolvment. It maybe a good idea for us to search the net for information on certain texts and list them in order but that does not absolve us from; ‘Give us today our daily bread’. We have to seek bread and we have to seek it daily, and that bread is the Word of God and it is the Bible. There are aides, some better than others but none replace the Bible and ‘it is written’. It is the only weapon which satan fears.

You may suggest that if I am having all these problems with Chapter 18 to go back to chapter one  and gain enough momentum by the time I have got to Chapter 17 that it might carry me through to chapter 19. Tried that and a shuttering halt at 17. But proceeding with chapter 19 and knowing it is the core of Christianity then the following seventeen chapters should also be a part of this treasure.

The questions. Why was the Israelite’s year from Passover in Egypt until the Day of Atonement DOA46 and not Mount Calvary until DOA46? (A) They were the outer shell, we are the seed inside. They were actually 01/01/01, Egypt, earth up to 01/01/01 the new earth in the new Heavens which if this blog is right was 1,478 days after the DOA46 and 1,260 years before GFPMC. So the outer core is about 1,260 years longer than the inner core and wider by 1,478 days. There was some 1,260 years of preparation, although many Christians believe it could be as long as 1,500 years, from GFPE to GFPMC. These figures will remain fluid until I see eschatology which includes the DOA46. Without it we all make the same mistakes. But the Jewish calendar could easily be interpreted  as both inner and outer shells as could the Christian calendar providing we keep Egypt in mind.

Why did the Nazirite report back at His decommissioning in Heaven on a purely lamb/ram biases, or sheep but now a red heifer if involved? Well this is an offering problem and the subject of chapter 18. ****

Ordinance  of the red  heifer. Chapter 19 verses 1-19 ; ‘Then the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying, “ This is the statute of the law which the Lord has commanded, speak, ‘Speak to the sons of Israel that they shall bring you an unblemished red heifer in which there is no defect and on which a yoke has never been placed. You shall give it to Eleazar the priest, and it shall be bought outside of the camp and be slaughtered in his presence. Next Eleazar shall take some of its blood with his finger and sprinkle some of its blood toward the front of the tent of meeting seven times. Then the heifer shall be burnt in his sight; its hide and its flesh and its blood, with its refuse, shall be burned. The priest shall take some cedar wood and hyssop and a scarlet material and cast it into the midst of the burning heifer. The priest shall then wash his clothes and bathe his body in water, and afterward come into the camp, but the priest shall be unclean until evening. The one who burns it shall wash his clothes in water and bath his body in water, and shall be unclean until evening. Now a man who is clean shall gather up the ashes of the heifer and deposit them outside the camp in a clean place, and the congregation of the sons of Israel shall keep it as water to remove impurity; it is purification from sin. The one who gathers the ashes of the heifer shall wash his clothes and be unclean until

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evening; and it shall be a perpetual statute to the sons of Israel and to the alien who sojourns among them.

The one who touches the corpse of any person shall be unclean for seven days. That one shall purify himself from the uncleanness with the water on the third and seventh day, and then he will be clean; but if he does not purify himself on the third day and on the seventh day, he will not be clean. Anyone who touches a corpse, the body of a man who has died, and does not purify himself, defiles the tabernacle of the Lord; and that personshall be cut off from Israel. Because the water of impurity was not sprinkled on him, he shall be unclean; his uncleanliness is still on him.

‘ This is the law when a man dies in a tent: everyone who comes into the tent and everyone who is in the tent shall be unclean for seven days. Every open vessel, which has no covering tied down on it, shall be unclean. Also, anyone who is in the open field touches one who has been slain with a sword or who had died naturally, or a human bone or a grave, shall be unclean for seven days. Then the unclean person shall take some of the ashes of the burnt purification from sin and flowing water shall be added to them in a vessel. A clean person shall take hyssop and dip it in the water, and sprinkle it on the tent and all the furnishings and on the persons who were there, and on the one who touched the bone or the one slain or the one dying naturally or the grave. Then the clean person shall sprinkle on the unclean on the third and on the seventh day; and on the seventh day he shall purify him from uncleanness, And he shall wash his clothes and bathe himself in water and shall be clean by evening.’

The Nazirite’s report is actually the other end of the red heifer, let me explain. As this blog progresses so the ideas change to accommodate this extra information, but one idea that I am having difficulty in changing is that of the New Jerusalem. It should have a sign; Throne of God, sinless zone even your ideas and thoughts will defile it, you are just going to have to trust Me, keep out this is a no go area even for the Revelator, John. But the Holy Spirit through Scripture says ‘No! I want these people to know where they are going to spend their eternities.’ He gives the size of the footings, dimensions of the walls and pearly gate entrances, the throne, tree, and its fruits, river, streets and houses which Jesus has gone to prepare for us! Amazing details!

We are given at least two previews while still on this earth and just about to enter the new earth; the spies come back from Canaan and God specifically warns us that when we get across He wants us to form small groups, and whilst commemorating the Last Supper we must concentrate on four topics; burnt offering, completion of vow, special and seasonal offerings. In that order. Numbers chapter 15.The spies news is very welcome; grape season up there and plenty of large grapes. They are in a sinless zone, they are non-alcoholic, they symbolise the blood of Jesus a topic which we are about to encounter in a big way in Heaven. A topic so badly misunderstood by ministers here on earth and which takes much of the shine from their presentations. ‘Without the shedding of blood there can be no remission of sins’, true but neither can you remove a wheel unless you take the wheel nuts off first. But the nut is not the wheel! But looking at the order of topics when we arrive in Heaven. Keep in mind we are still on this side of the doorway on sinful earth’s side. God is forewarning us of what we are about to encounter. The burnt offering.

After the wedding bride and bridegroom arrive in a courtyard marked out by the holiness of the cross and only to find the doorway into the sinless earth has a massive sign; No entry! Closed! Sinless area! Hearts sink, that’s it we can go no further! But what is this? The bridegroom is leaving us and walking towards that cross? It seems that He has decided to take any remaining sins and their

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consequences on Himself so that that sign can be taken off that door. He loves me so much that He is prepared to go to hell again, and that is the only place where sin can be destroyed and culminates in death, just so that He can take me to be in the presence of God forever! What love!

All eyes on Him on the Him on the DOA47 cross but the worship is more than gratitude worship, it is focused gratitude worship. Just because I sell you my car or home doesn’t mean I have sold you the memories of it as well. Jesus took my unconfessed unintentional sins but when they appear on that cross I will immediately recognise them. The gratitude is focused and it remains focused for six hours, from 9 to 3pm. At 3pm though something unusual happens; Gratitude worship turns into true worship; the burnt sacrifice and the first topic of our commemorations of what the Lord told us to happen in Heaven! They are the two parts of the cross; gratitude worship, the thank you for what you have done for me and it is the cross that then changes gratitude worship into true worship and this is what has happened with the burnt offering. And four o’clock may have come and the blood of Jesus may have been collected and some of this blood may have been applied to Jesus to bring Him back to life and He may be beckoning me now to come and join Him but you must realise that I am in a state of true worship and I can only be broken out of this state by God’s reassurance that this cross is coming across that boundary, that doorway. It is and it does and chapter fifteen told us it was going to happen and it did! But once through a quick refocus is required; the burnt offering.

Having checked our bearings and footings there seems to be something missing when we look at our first topic of study; the fulfilment of the Nazirite Vow. The decommissioning of the Nazirite. He has reported to God that His focus on earth was female lamb (ewe- lamb) male lamb when combined gave a peace offering. It did not happen in the order He wanted, He wanted to come to earth and join the living and combined to bring the dead back to Heaven with them but it happened the other way around; He joined the dead and with them He brought the living firstly to life and then back to Heaven. But the Nazirite had a plan, an order; small picture; ewe-lamb, bride, sins of bride, Mount Calvary onto big picture, male lamb, sins of His creation, DOA47 and brings along the bride as a part of that burnt offering; the peace offering or ram. All sheep. And that is where our lessons in chapter fifteen on the other side of the doorway has at flour 0.1, oil 0.25 and drink 0.25.  The lamb. But notice where they finish; flour 0.3, oil 0.5 and drink 0.5. They finish at the bull and peace offerings. What is required is the female version of the bull; the red heifer. Then the earthly sequence of stage two of the Nazirite’s vow; ewe-lamb, male lamb, peace offering will have been repeated on a Heavenly level; heifer, bull and peace offerings. It is of little wonder that these offerings in Canaan mean little as true worship when here on earth they have little or no value as gratitude worship. And we should all pray that the Holy Spirit helps us to at least begin our journey with the gratitude worship and we like Paul will be able to say, paraphrasing; the one and only thing I have to teach you is Christ crucified! Chapter 19. —-

It is not only the wonders of the New Jerusalem that the Bible tells us about but what actually makes them into wonders. Jesus Christ! It is very rare for us to come into the picture as the subject it happens as objects but in verse two we are the subject. It is we who bring forward the red heifer, symbolising Jesus Christ as our solution to all malaises and problems and he better be without blemish or defect because it is none other than God Himself Who will check him over. It was not us who worked out this plan of salvation, it was God/Christ but we get the subject because we are the very few who responded to it, so I suppose that makes us objects. He has no yoke on him and never has been subject other than perfection; God. This offering, red and blood are screaming out, must be presented by one who has the qualifications to do so. There is only one being in existence who holds these qualifications and that is Jesus Christ. Jesus must present Himself.

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He must now go outside of the camp where and let’s cut out the euphemisms He is slaughtered by us. It is slaughter because it is intentional. Explanation not proceeding very well. Supposed to be inside Canaan where there is no sin of any type allowed. Even gratitude worship became true worship on the Sabbath of DOA47 at 3pm but there was a break in our concentration on the guarantee that the cross was coming but we did refocus back on this cross immediately we got into Canaan. True worship only. I don’t think there has been a chapter yet which on revisiting did not yield more information and this is only the first time through chapter 19.

This slaughter could not be on the altar/cross inside the courtyard as it involved intentional sin; ‘that you did wilfully spit in My holy face!’ There were no intentional sins left by the DOA47 so the cross stood in the courtyard. It could not even be inside of the camp. The camp would become the city of Jerusalem. It was the presence of God Who made the tabernacle what it was and it was the tabernacle that made Jerusalem the city of God. This ceased to be so when Jesus walked out of the temple for the last time and declared that; ‘Your house is left to you desolate’ and the door slammed shut completely when that curtain tore at 3pm on GFPMC. Today many well-meaning Christian organisations support the Jew as they mistreat and slaughter Palestinians and rejoice at Jerusalem being returned as the capital city of the Jews and claim Biblical support for these claims.

The Palestinians declare themselves today to be a group of Islam and CHRISTIANS. The overwhelming majority of Jews are secular and the ones who are not are orthodox Jews. They both claim to worship the god of Abraham, they are both blasphemers. Any title of God does not include or at least imply Jesus Christ is blasphemy. You are supporting a bunch of non-believers at best but more correctly blasphemers and non-believers to slaughter Christians? The claim over Jerusalem is anti-biblical  not Biblical. Jerusalem ceased to be God’s city the moment the temple ceased to be the temple of God the moment God/Christ walked out of it. And it will remain this way until Christ walks back into it and specifically the Jewish heart. Mind you there will not be much left of the city at this stage but the earthquake will have accomplished its task; it will have destroyed the barriers that prevented the return of Jesus back into the Jewish heart! The earthquake is not just a violent physical event. It is also a spiritual event that shakes and destroys the present foundations of Jewish belief! It allows them to return to God. Jesus Christ! Most importantly though the question: How does supporting a bunch of blasphemers who are hurting Christians qualify you to call yourself a ‘born again Christian?’  We have had Palestinian neighbours for many years who go back to Palestine regularly and tell us the people there are very much like them. True Christians and a true Christian is one who shares even though he has almost nothing with one who has nothing! And there is very much of that going on over there!

It was slaughtered not on the altar/cross, not in the camp but outside of the camp. [At this stage there is an information overload. Need prayer. Trying to compare DOA47 with GFPMC the inner kernel. Both actually are on the same cross, both on Mount Calvary although one is lower level and the other much higher, one is Friday and the other Sabbath, one is the body of Christ the other the red blood and scarlet material of Jesus, one offered by high priest the other by priest, one inside the courtyard and the other outside of the camp, one is male lamb and the other ewe-lamb, one is bull and the other heifer, both offer unblemished animals with no defect, one the high priest takes the blood of the sacrifice into Heaven the other sprinkles the blood towards the tent of meeting, one involves the Most Holy Place the other the Holy Place, in one the scapegoat is pushed over the cliff the other it is burned, in one there is no blood taken from the scapegoat in the other there is, one involves the sins of the high priest the other the high priest passes the heifer to the priest, blood

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cannot be divine as it would put out the fires of hell, no record of cedar, hyssop or scarlet material being thrown into Atonement fires.******

It seems more than a coincidence that whenever I am about to comment on some difficult issue there in a lengthy computer configuration crash. It may be just a coincidence or a satanic plot. At first I thought it was divine and the Lord was preventing me from publishing a clanger. But after each crash I have published what I had intended to publish and so far, thank God there have not been any clangers. So now I publish the thoughts that came to me last night. What is the difficulty here is not the individual issues but the number of them. And the answer is Egypt.

It maybe oversimplifying it a bit to say as we walked out of our homes on earth for the last time we noted and acknowledged that the reason for us leaving was the blood on our doorframes. That was life eternal giving blood so it did not matter how long the journey would be but we would arrive at the doorway which too had this blood on it. This would ensure that when we went through this doorway to claim our inheritance it would never end. But what is this inheritance that we will claim? It may have a large plot of land with every imaginable plant and animal on it, wonderful family and friends, a city thousands of kilometres square and high with our apartments in the direct presence of God and much, much more. They are all but naught when compared to our real inheritance; true worship of the Lord God Jesus Christ! This is our true inheritance!

Immediately our time scale changes from all those millions of years to when this started. On the old earth on Sabbath the 10th of July, 486 Daniels’ time. It was a day of worship, initially gratitude worship for our being here and it started at nine. We still can’t remember when gratitude worship changed into true worship, or the burnt offering. Neither do we really remember Jesus beckoning us to come to Him and pointing to the doorway and saying, ’Look not only has the no entry sign gone but look at what is on those doorframes!’ What only broke us out of true worship phase though was when we saw Jesus attach the tag; Heaven bound! Onto the cross. But at the first possible opportunity on the other side we tried to return to true worship of Jesus. So you can see we do have an inheritance up there and we even saw that inheritance, or a part of it, being assembled in creation week but it is also important for us to see the Heavenly inheritance being assembled. But let us first gather the material before deciding this die or the left behind side. We need the big picture before we can make a call on the individual events.

Firstly let us look at some of the ‘problems’; uncleanliness of the dead. If Jesus Christ could not die within the temple on GFPMC because He would defile it and for this reason the altar/cross was not just moved out of the temple courtyard and out of the camp or city then those who went out there with Him and were associated with His death also became unclean and needed cleansing before they were allowed back into the city and into the courtyard. The God of this temple is the God of life and not of death. Whether this death be in a tent or battle or wherever it defiles God by defiling the tabernacle.

But if this is the case what about the millions of innocent animals that died within the courtyard and were then burned on the altar? There appears to be at least two types of death.  One death is a sin death. Sin breaks our relationship with God  the giver of life and as we cannot live without Him we die. The sin has to be destroyed by burning in hell and the sinner with it. As God told Adam way back in the Garden of Eden, ‘if you sin you will surely die!’ But the millions of those animal deaths, other than the scapegoat were not ‘sin deaths’ they were sin sacrifice deaths. And as this is the first time we have arrived on Mount Calvary itself we must look at them.****

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The second type of death is a death, death. ( I would like to see you pick that one apart!) It is the separation of blood from the body to the extent that death occurs. The body still retains some of its blood but the blood that is shed becomes its own entity. This was the blood of all those millions of animals that were killed within the courtyard, the sin offering. To be killed within the temple area they had to represent life. So far the only evidence we have is the extreme effort that has been made to exclude death or any defilement that could have been caused by it. We know that blood is here involved because the heifer was red and a scarlet material was thrown into the fire consuming it.

But looking from Heaven’s heights and eternity it wishes Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) was a non event. It had not happened. It was the dark side of the moon and it literally was for three hours of that day. All these wonderful people in these twelve tribes getting on so well together, well they have not always been so lovely but surely they could not have come from such extreme depths either; spitting in the face of their loving Saviour and ordering Him out of their lives and onto agonies tree! They don’tjust want these sins bundled into a cupboard and stacked in a no go zone of Heaven, they want them forgotten just like their Saviour has forgotten. This event while they were still on earth was a good way of keeping them away from sin whilst on earth and even an excellent way of attracting gratitude worship; Thank You for what You have done for me! but in the skies above where there is no sin true worship comes more spontaneously and can be triggered by the creative acts we see about us and the centre of that worship, the tree of life is still there. So this GFPMC must be pushed lower into the earth whilst at the same time lifting DOA47 higher into Heaven and closer to that doorway we are trying to get through.

I have seen two representations of the golden lampstand; one where the seven bowls form one straight line at the top ——-, all equal and one where they form an  ^ with 1,2 ,3 and 4 upwards and 5,6 and seven downwards which makes more sense to me because this allows for parallels between 1 and 7, 2 and 6 and 3 and 5 as well as establishing an order; the top cross 3,4 and five the cross of atonement, 2, 4 and six the cross on Mount Calvary and 1,4 and seven, Egypt. We maybe trying to angle GFPMC into the shadows of the moon and bring DOA47 more into light but they always remain that one piece of gold and its base is Egypt.

Comparing the bright side of the moon, DOA47 to the dark side of the moon, GFPMC. DOA48 was officiated by the high priest in the Most Holy Place GFPMC1 was officiated by  the priest, Eleazar, in the Holy Place. DOA49 the cross stood inside the courtyard, GFPMC2 the cross stood outside of the camp. DOA50 had no scapegoat as there were no intentional sins left, GFPMC3 was all about the scapegoat and being out of town. The sacrifice of DOA51 was bird or male lamb on GFPMC4 it was a red heifer. DOA52 involved divinity, the ‘sins of Jesus’, GFPMC5 involved our sins. The blood of DOA53was taken into the Most Holy Place and waved before God, on GFPMC6 it was waved back towards the front of the tent of meeting in the distance seven times. Both lots of blood that waved by the high priest before God in the Most Holy Place on DOA54 and by the priest a long way away from the tent of meeting on GFPMC7 were waved seven times. In both cases, DOA55 and GFPMC8 it was God the Father Who Handed God the Son the cup of iniquity from which they would drink. In DOA56 the blood was sprinkled after the animal had been killed but in GFPMC9 the blood was sprinkled before the animal was killed. But at verse 5; ‘Then the heifer shall be burnt in his sight;’ we have to leave DOA at DOA56 and GFPMC at GFPMC9 because we have come to a part of this story we have told many times before.

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The heifer being burned in sight is the man who has led the scapegoat to the edge of the cliff and pushed it over. He must be sure that that scapegoat, all those sins have been expunged, they are no  longer there and proof is death. ‘You will surely die’ has occurred. On that clifftop were two figures; the divinity and humanity of Jesus. We know that at least one of the members of the cross was cedar and the tumble/fall down the mountain involved the blood of God, the scarlet material whether the hyssop was blue or purple does not really matter, both contain the colour of divinity, blue. Whether it was the divinity of Jesus as symbolised as pushing humanity off the edge or burning the red heifer, it is Jesus Christ Who holds the centre stage. And Jesus Christ remained defiled until evening.

The men who came to gather the ashes, Joseph and Nicodemus were required to deposit the ashes of Jesus after Friday’s fires of hell, were  to deposit them somewhere outside of the camp but in a clean place. It wasn’t where they were being deposited it was what was symbolised that is of importance. The frame that took all those sins into the fires of hell was now a pile of ashes. Little wonder it could be used for the purification of sin! Although I can’t prove it I still think that the onus of washing the Body of Jesus lay on Joseph and Nicodemus as His body would be gone by the time the women got to Him. And we know the rest of the story how the man who was able and had led the scapegoat outside of the camp, returned, washed himself and the burnt offering could then begin. But what are we really looking at? GFPMC9 was supposed to be sin offering, the blood of Christ, life and life giving, keep those dead away from here at all costs!

The cleansing that is required follows that of Jesus Christ. He was cleansed after three days in the grave to begin His Heavenly stage one on Resurrection Sunday and He was cleansed after seven days when He took on all the remaining sins of His creation to begin phase two of His Nazirite’s vow .  DOA56.

Verses 20-22; ‘But the man who is unclean and does not purify himself from uncleanness, that person shall be cut off from the midst of the assembly, because he has defiled the sanctuary of the Lord; for the water for the impurity has not been sprinkled on him, he is unclean. So it shall be a perpetual statute for them. And he who sprinkles the water for impurity shall wash his clothes, and he who touches the water for impurity shall be unclean until evening. Furthermore, anything that the unclean person touches shall be unclean; and the person who touches it shall be unclean until evening.’

In chapter 19 of the ordinance of the red heifer much was made of uncleanliness and defilement, between the living and the dead. But it seems much too late to be of relevance for us crossing through the doorway. It has been some 1,477 days since the last sin of any sort disappeared. The beast within is not only dead but every last piece of it has been surgically extracted and we are well outside of the evening required for any uncleanliness to be removed, 1,477 of them. So what is really coming across? Are all those sins staying because they were washed by the water of purification that came in contact with the ashes of the red heifer? Was that final sprinkling with cedar wood, hyssop and scarlet material and their divine implications are what are coming? Is that red heifer that was not allowed into the tent of meeting but could only have its blood sprinkled towards the tent of meeting now going to form the biases of the Passover service of eternity as each year rolls into the next on the 14th of January. Will it be Eleazar or Aaron or Moses who will take the service? Where is that water from the river in front of the throne coming into play?

Much has been said about the scapegoat, but what about the service before it and without which the scapegoat could not have even taken place?  **** But at least we have something we can return to. We have blood being waved seven times before the service starts. We couldn’t have it waved after the death as is usual with every other of the sacrifices because every part of the red heifer was

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burned; hide, flesh, blood, refuse. The suffering and death that Jesus took for us on GFPMC was a full on death. There were no parts excluded including the blood. The blood had to be human blood as divine blood would have put out the fires of hell. Therein lies the definition, the history and the mystery of Christianity. It is revealed to us by God Himself and it is revealed to us through His only Begotten Son. Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man. Both have to come across the doorway and we still have many revisits to chapter 19 before we can begin to grasp how this red heifer fits in.

Chapter 20 The Death of Miriam.

Verses 1-29; ‘Then the sons of Israel , the whole congregation, came to the wilderness of Zin in the first month; and the people stayed at Kadesh, Now Miriam died there and was buried  there.

There was no water for the congregation, and they assembled themselves against Moses and Aaron. The people thus contented with Moses and spoke, saying, “ If only we had perished when our brothers perished before the Lord! Why then have you brought the Lord’s assembly into this wilderness, for us and our beasts to die here? Why have you made us come up from Egypt, to  bring us into this wretched place? It is not a place of grain or figs or vines or pomegranates, not is there water to drink.” Then Moses and Aaron came inform the presence of the assembly to the doorway of the tent of meeting and fell on their faces. Then the glory of the Lord appeared to them; and the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, [ The Water of Meribah] “ Take the rod; and you and your brother Aaron assemble the congregation and speak to the rock before their eyes, that it may yield its water. You shall bring forth water from out of the rock and let the congregation and their beasts drink.” So Moses took the rod from before the Lord, just as He had commanded him; and Moses and Aaron gathered the assembly before the rock. And he said to them, “Listen now, you rebels; shall we bring forth water for you out of this rock?” Then Moses lifted up his hand and struck the rock twice with his rod; and water came forth abundantly, and the congregation and their beasts drank. But the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “Because you have not believed Me, to treat Me as holy in the sight of the sons of Israel, therefore you shall not bring this assembly into the land which I have given them.” Those were the waters of Meribah, because the sons of Israel contended with the Lord, and He proved Himself holy among them.

From Kadesh Moses then sent messages to the king of Edom: “ Thus your brother Israel has said, ‘You know all the hardship that has befallen us; that our fathers went down to Egypt, and we stayed in Egypt a long time, and the Egyptians treated us and our fathers badly. But when we cried out to the Lord, He heard our voice and sent an angel and brought us out of Egypt; now behold we at Kadesh, a town on the edge of your territory. Please let us pass through your land. We will not pass through field or through vineyard; we will not even drink water from a well. We will go along the king’s highway, not turning to the right or left, until we pass through your territory,”

Edom, however, said to him,” You shall not pass through us, or I will come with the sword against you.” Gain the sons of Israel said to him, “We will go up by the highway, and if I and my livestock do drink any of your water, then I will pay its price. Let me only pass through on my feet, nothing else.” But he said, “You shall not pass through.” And Edom came out against him with a heavy force and with a strong hand. Thus Edom refused to allow Israel to pass through his territory; so Israel turned away from him. Now they set out from Kadesh, the sons of Israel, the whole congregation, came to Mount Hor. [Death of Aaron]

Then the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron at Mount Hor by the border of the land of Edom, saying, “ Aaron will be gathered by his people; for he shall not enter the land which I gave given the sons of

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Israel, because you rebelled against My command at the waters of Meribah. Take Aaron and his son Eleazar  and bring them up to Mount Hor; and strip Aaron of his garments and put them on his son Eleazar. So Aaron will be gathered to his people, and will die there.” So Moses did just as the Lord had commanded, and they all went up to Mount Hor in the sight of all the congregation. After Moses had stripped Aaron of his garments and put them on his son Eleazar, Aaron died there on the mountain top. Then Moses and Eleazar came down from the mountain. When all the congregation saw that Aaron had died, all the house of Israel wept for Aaron for thirty days.’

Chapter 19, the golden calf followed chapter 18 and even now I can’t relate them in any significant manner and neither can I relate chapter 20 with the deaths of Aaron and Miriam and the bitter waters  of Meribah to chapter 21 and the reason we are in the Book of Numbers in the first place, Moses’ bronze snake in the desert. The temptation is just to give my slant on it and tell God where He was being unreasonable, and that is exactly what satan wants me do and make this blog/ministry meaningless. He does this continuously and with great success. You see he is the master real estate agent. Not that all real estate agents are members of his tribe, it is quite a diverse mob but real estate agents do their bit in maintaining satanic standards.

Satan works on the one-seven rule. Every property he purchases he tears down the building on it and puts seven back in its place. He drives out the residing devil and brings back seven to replace him. It is wrong for him to put parishioners and worshipers money into a real estate portfolio, But I can’t think of any ‘church’ that doesn’t do ****that except for the home churches. But if he wants the place empty then why not just order the residing devil out or even just bring in another six? He does order them out but they just won’t leave neither will they accept multiple occupancy. That leaves him with only one option; allow Christianity into that person’s life but only to the level that once that demon has gone the foundations of that faith can be easily removed. And that is what he does.

He has organisations that do that very well. They use the beauty of Jesus Christ to attract followers which accomplishes stage one. Jesus drives out any residing evil spirits and a desire to want to know Him better especially through His Word enters that person. To kill that desire he must sow seeds of doubt in the Word of God and in most cases just bringing up an old earth or evolution will do that. If the seeds of faith have been sown on more fertile ground, the devil did not have a very good footing at all it will a further stage; laughing at Jesus on the cross. The last time I attended my daughter’s church, Sutherland Shire that is exactly what happened. Satan’s preacher, Andy Kubula (??) had them on the floor in stiches, the only thing wrong with that was the sermon on the day was; Calvary. If that doesn’t work then there is still a higher level of blasphemy that will destroy Christian foundation and allow satan to build his seven flats. I cannot judge whether the Swaggart and other Christian ministries are using it intentionally or not, nonetheless they are using it.

Satan only uses this technique for the deep seeded faiths, the ones where the fiercest of hurricanes cannot shake them off their Bible foundations. This deep faith can only be rooted in the cross of Jesus Christ. It is their main aim to bring worshippers to the cross and it makes efforts like mine look very ordinary indeed! But what do they do with these Christians of such deep faith? They train them to sing demonic chants! I have used this example before and I use it again; First coming, Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). Many walk by jeering, sneering, spitting, laughing, mocking, taunting Jesus Christ hanging on the cross. He has been put there by the Jews, forget spiritual implications, who used the power of the ruling empire to achieve their sinful lusts. Those doing the mocking are;

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  • Born again Christians.
  • People who had no idea what they were doing, they just did not understand.
  • Demons or demon possessed beings?

Scripture covers two of these alternatives. Jesus saw those who did not know what they were going and asked the Father to forgive them. They get a special mention at the second coming, even those who pierced Him are there. We also know that by gloating at the cross satan closed the door of mercy on himself and was totally kicked out of Heaven. I do not have enough mastery of the English language to attempt born again Christians. I have to pass this one over to the evolutionary biologists and cosmologists as these are the experts of making sense out of nonsense.

Now the second coming of our Lord. A bunch of blaspheming atheists, the Jews are slaughtering and persecuting a group of Christians, Palestinians, under the umbrella of the ruling superpower, USA and the onlookers are jeering and sneering and gloating at the misfortunes of these poor people. Those doing the gloating and approving these tyrannical actions are;

  • Born again Christians
  • People who have no idea what is going on
  • Demons or demon possessed being?

I will leave it to Jimmy Swaggart as to why they are born again Christians. Even trying to address the issue sarcastically leads to absurdities. There are times we have to concede the argument. When the president of Afghanistan was recently elected and he scored 100% of the vote in all the 300 closed polling stations you have to concede; the man is popular! Christianity does not allow any wars and gloating even at your enemies is a very serious sin. Genuine prayer for enemies is the Christian antidote. They want the USA to get rid of its whimp image by invading and destroying anything that can be invaded!! Talk about war mongers! No wonder success to them is to produce more ‘born again Christians’.   Why did satan gloat at Jesus on the cross and when His followers were being killed? Why does he entice people to gloat with him? Because he is satan. Most of the congregation do not know what they do, but the same cannot be said about the ringleaders, they are either demons or highly demon possessed. They are aware of the punishment which will be metered out and the hurt they cause to Jesus when they get the unsuspecting to join in. They are so hurtful because of the level of knowledge about the cross to which they have been brought.

That only came up because we all expected to check whether we are in a satanic religion only there to turn you away from Jesus, away from; ‘it is written’. And that is exactly what this blog would become the moment I changed, ‘it is written’ to ‘as I think it should be written’. The honest thing to do would be to admit, ‘I don’t know’ but in writing a commentary on the Book of Revelation that is about all most can say. I should say this about chapters 19 and 20 and move on. But if these are foundational chapters, as all should be, there would not be much point of moving on, just more, ‘I don’t knows’. It is the first time through 20 and the first revisit of chapter 19.

It appears that the point at which we are in in Heaven is the change from the earthly Aaronic/Levitical priesthood into the Heavenly priest of eternity; the order of Melchizedek. There are just two more problems that need sorting out; the sin problem and the bitter water with it.  In chapter 19 there should be three players; God the Father, Aaron as high priest of the

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earthly and therefore of the bride and Moses as a type of Jesus Christ, the intermediator between God and Aaron. This immediately introduces a major problem. As Jesus Christ has never made a mistake, is not capable of making a mistake and therefore never will make a mistake we must treat Moses in a similar way. Like, he could not have mistaken God’s command to talk to the rock for striking the rock. A mistake like this would certainly be beyond Jesus.****

It has become a part of my resolve to move on even though the concepts appear to be blasphemous providing I am standing on, ‘it is written’. I am aware that satan also uses ‘it is written’ and producers blasphemies and clangers. He wants us in his portfolio; one for seven. The seven are not disobedient like that one they replaced, they are compliant. It not blasphemous of me to peek in through the doorway of the new earth or even the Holiest of Holies; the New Jerusalem. ‘It is written’ allows me to do so. What did not actually seem right, although certainly not wrong, was to spend so much time trying to work out how God looks and works; in a tiny covered room, in a tiny box, massive curtains, lampstand, basins, altars, show bread, any number of animal sacrifices and offerings when there is no need any longer because God has revealed Himself through His Son Jesus Christ! Surely that is all we need, there can be no more! But it is this God, Jesus Christ Who has sent me back into the desert to study what happened there and use it as a foundation of earth for looking up into the Heavenly realms; the Old Testament. It is a must according to Jesus Christ! It is the earthly focus into Heaven.

Because the light being emitted by God’s revelation of Himself is so intense we try to break it up into smaller components; the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ or His body, blood and water or history of Old and New testaments. Even after we have studied the beauty of some of the components like water, blood and body we know that when they are finally re-joined in Heaven their effect will be more than cumulative, it will be synergistically so, many times more beautiful than any of the individual components. Thus the struggle returns. Crossing over into a sinless area where there is no sin, no concept of sin, no possibility of sin from an area where all these existed and thrived! It is going to be taking the Nazirite’s job sheet and crossing out male lamb as burnt sacrifice and replacing it with bull as burnt sacrifice and ewe-lamb as sin offering with red heifer as sin offering and taking the bovine equivalents across the doorway into the new Heavens and not taking the bases across with us; sin. How can you transfer a building without its foundations?  But that is maybe what are doing. We are transferring the temple but we are going to put it on a different foundation.

But isn’t the golden lampstand telling us it is the same foundation as the bottom cross? Egypt? In both cases aren’t God’s people passing through a doorway with the blood of the lamb on its doorframes to collect their inheritance? But no sin is mentioned. As we proceed there must be a change in symbolism. The first one is fires, hell’s fires. Earth’s fires are associated with light, heat, pain, death and destruction. They usually leave a pile of ashes. Hell’s fires consume evil and leave no ashes behind. They consume life, convert it into death and leave nothing behind. God told Adam, ‘If you sin you will surely die!’ We do not understand the chemistry of hell’s fires like those of this earth but we know that hell’s fires will only be extinguished when the evil within, the sin has been consumed. To say they burn forever and ever is one of satan’s major lies and as saying, ‘evil can never be destroyed!’ It can, it may take Jesus two attempts to do so but He will destroy evil. We are all given that choice; do we want Jesus to take our sins to hell for us or do we want to do this ourselves? That choice is ours but what is not our choice is that evil will ultimately be destroyed. The bride has chosen Jesus to do this in her place.

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There maybe many events that have occurred and many more to occur. GFPE gone, DOA47 still to come, a very ‘fancy’ example of how the Nazirite’s ewe-lamb is now going to be dressed up as a red heifer and presented to Heaven ‘without sin’. All this is wonderful but the revelation that God gave of Himself was that through His only Begotten Son and that was on Resurrection Sunday when Jesus presented Himself to God in Heaven to ask if His GFPMC was indeed perfect. Only when God answered, “YES” was Jesus prepared to allow contact with earthly objects. It was here that God revealed Himself; perfection through perfection. Events before pointed to it and events after back to it. But unless I understand that the main event, the bullseye, is GFPMC all the darts are aimless. Still can’t see this so I am going to return to the red heifer knowing that the ashes of this burnt heifer in verse 9 are going to be as water to remove impurity; it is purification from sin.

I will list my problems and then try to answer them. Why did Nicodemus and Joseph become unclean when carrying the body of Christ to His grave? Wasn’t it a sinless body then as it was the ashes from the fires on Mount Calvary and fires of hell destroy all sin? The blood and water than flowed from the side of Jesus at 4pm on GFPMC has just been in hell, well they survived on GFPMC but in the red heifer they were destroyed? Would a correct analogy be that the water in a river washes rocks before it into a certain area so the water in the blood of Jesus washed sins in front of it into an area where Jesus could pick them up and take them to hell with Him then the blood restored life to the lifeless area? Why didn’t Moses or Aaron conduct the red Heifer service? Was the red heifer the Heavenly dress up of the scapegoat of the Day of Atonement (DOA47)? Red heifer was slaughtered by?

It is the people who bring this, (going to finish up in the new Heaven) heifer to Moses and Aaron. It must be there for a purpose, all sacrifices are. They must know that because it is done so rarely, it is a treasure, rare, uncommon. Just as the commemoration of the Last Supper should be to Christians today. We are not told whether they laid their hands on it and confessed their sins as they did in the DOA47, but this occurred every year on 10th of July. No this red heifer was special and pointed to that one and only event, Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). It included all the sins of the bride and was a one and only event. It was given to Aaron and Moses but passed onto Eleazar. It was not the DOA47 so it was not the job for the high priest. Can’t remember if Moses conducted any service, but a different line of priesthood. Eleazar was given the task. In the Heavens above this work is only regarded as having to be performed by a priest and therefore a lower order than those performed by the high priest. ****

I really do find it important to keep refocusing. I have never seen this material presented in this way, it is novel to me. To be looking up into a sinless zone is actually meaningless, but then again looking down from this sinless zone to where we came from is also going to be meaningless. No matter, all that matters is that ‘Jesus did’ or ‘Jesus will do’. Even though that settles all problems for a Christian, we have been made in His image and we do have His breath so we should at least to a small degree be able to understand what and why He is doing and that is the role of His Holy Spirit. It is His Spirit that has told us in chapter 15:2; ‘Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them, “When you enter the land where you are to live, which I am giving you,”’ Paraphrasing, ‘You are all standing around bunched in front of this doorway, prepare yourselves now a little bit for the shock you are going to receive when you cross through that door. Four things; When you are there standing like stunned mullet on arrival automatically reach out for the burnt offering. It still should be very fresh in your mind and being a sinless mind its memory will not fail you. You

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can see the cross now and it is coming with you. This cross is where gratitude worship becomes true worship. What You have done for me becomes why You did it for me.’

Having focused on the burnt offering of DOA47 we are now expected to recall the special vow. There is only really one special vow and that is the Nazirite’s special vow. Hasn’t this finished? Hasn’t the Nazirite been decommissioned? Well He certainly has finished phase one of His vow; the sin phase. As all people from Adam and Eve have been invited into the kingdom and there DOA48 covered all sins for almost 8,000 years, but that part of the service finished at 3pm of DOA48 and only then the sinless stage or the burnt offering began and ended at 4pm with the gathering of all the blood of Jesus Christ. But how long did phase two, the sinless stage of the Nazirite’s vow last for? Was it for 1,260 days or shorter or even longer and this is what we are calling on it now? If this vow could not finish the next day because the sinless hair of Jesus had not grown long enough to be placed at the foot of the cross then doesn’t that make Jesus Christ the limiting factor? Had His hair grown faster He would have been able to finish stage two of His Nazirite’s vow sooner? NO!

Jesus Christ can never be the limiting factor. The limiting factor was the bride. For 1,260 days there was no point doing anything. She wouldn’t and couldn’t respond. If the first church of Jesus Christ needed 1,260 days to prepare it for a 4,000 year journey then how much preparation is this church going to require for an eternal trip? By day 1,260 the bride notices someone doing something at the foot of the cross that she has been so enthralled with over this time and the offerings begin of chapter–. So basically chapter 15 has been; lamb, heifer burnt offering move onto Nazirite/ram of special vow and once Jesus agrees to extend His vow we then present Him as our top offering; bull, vow and peace. Our freewill offering. This then should stand us in good stand for the offering of appointed times; Passover as each Heavenly ticks over into the next! I can see why the dating of GFPE begins at 01/01/01 as there are only going to be a distinct number of years left. But Heaven beginning at 01/01/01? If so I will look forward to 14th of January, 7,777,776 rolling into all sevens. 14/01/ 7,777,777.  Will Heaven mark this event or will it only mark seventy seven lots of seven?

If the above events are roughly right then our Heavenly red heifer goes back as surprisingly long period of time; GFPMC10 even in a downgraded form. It maybe a place of indescribable beauty but it has not forgotten where it all came; the human being called Jesus Christ hung on a cross on Good Friday on Mount Calvary between the hours of nine to three. Before that suffering started His divinity took some of His blood and sprinkled it in the direction of Heaven’s tent of meeting asking for mercy and acceptance of what was about to happen to this blood and the body that bore it. It was burned in sight of the priest. Every last bit of it. This was not some faked death, it was the real thing. Hell’s fires, burning, suffering death! It was the man who was able who pushed that scapegoat over the cliff and it is this man who slaughters the heifer, lights the fire and pushes the heifer in. He also adds the cedar wood of the cross and royal colours of divinity into those flames. They did engulf the throne in Heaven! It was a really dirty affair that was being dealt with there and the priest in charge had to go and wash and bathe but still remained unclean until evening when the new day began in God’s calendar.

The one (s) who picked up the ashes, Nicodemus and Joseph were clean when they went out to pick up the ashes, the body of Jesus Christ which had just been to hell. It could not have been any cleaner yet they came back defiled even though they had placed the body in a clean place. What that body of Jesus went through is a matter of conjecture. It varies from my version that if

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that cup of iniquity had one more drop to drink Jesus could not have done it. He would have fallen over one drop short. Pastors like Jimmy Swaggart interpret the loud cry as Jesus still had plenty to spare in the tank and probably one walk around the park would have cleared His system and it wasn’t as big a drama as Jesus thought it was going to be! One should take great care before contradicting pastors of the calibre of Swaggart with the lines of communication he has with the Heavenly realms. The Holy Spirit and talking in tongues are on tap! He reasons if the early church could do it why can’t we? Big difference Jimmy, they sold their homes and shared the proceeds today they just rob you of your home! Sound familiar? It must be quite difficult to find time to disseminate the information coming down! You would think with all these revelations that somewhere there would be a tiny voice saying, ‘Don’t take the money from the poor! Rough it up with only six new mercs’ and a million dollars a year! You don’t really need that holiday or Maserati! To these people it is a matter of life and death but you already have enough to buy your tea bag for the billy in the fire tonight!

The crying shame is that this ministry has such potential but not whilst satan is holding the reins. What a heart-warming testimonial with that pastor who was a missionary all those years in Peru (I think) How on $200 a week his family and a large Peruvian struggled through hardships. As I watched Jimmy Swaggart’s eyes swelling I thought, ‘oh no, any time now a big mea culpa about to erupt!’  But no, Jimmy was thinking more along the lines, ‘Those mongrels should have given me at least $20 out of that $200. That is what the Bible teaches, they are thieves! Imagine the investments I could have made for them! What I could have done if it wasn’t for thieves like that! So much real estate potential being left untapped! People don’t realise how difficult it is living on $20,000 a week and only six new Benzes in the garage! Satan is not going let this servant go easily and probably won’t until he has a better replacement. You have to keep in mind that many a paedophile priest and pastor have preached wonderful sermons and all this proves is that satan is a wonderful tailor. He can fit a lamb’s skin to a wolf almost perfectly. The only reason the Bible will let you down is if you let it do so. Whether the One within those pages is a genie in a bottle is determined by how much trust you have in Him. And unfortunately, by definition, that means that everything He does or allows to happen to you must be good for you. He is pure love. In the meantime don’t dance to their demonic calls!

The body/ashes that Joseph and Nicodemus carried that afternoon on GFPMC was indeed sinless, the ashes were water for the purification from sin. They did not have to have water added to them, they were symbols of removing impurity. Verse 9 allows us to use the words water and ashes synonymously.  The water carries the boulders of sin in front of it leaving the area clean and capable of having life eternal restored to it. But this body of the red heifer, the body of Jesus Christ at 4pm on GFPMC has only accomplished one of its roles; It has taken all the sins of the bride into hell. It itself was perfect and therefore not be consumed but the sins that were on it were consumed.

It other role still remains; it still has to take any remaining sin that it left after the fires of hell have gone out onto itself and take them to hell and suffer and die; DOA48. It is only at 3pm on the DOA48 that it will be forever free from sin. If Nicodemus and Joseph have to carry it up there they too will remain clean, not defiled. If we look down from our new tent of meeting and ask our Lord what is this sin concept down there? He will only have to answer, ‘You don’t have to worry about that. That is from where I brought you from’. We don’t see what He has done but we see why He did it for us; the dimensions of love are defined!   *****

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As with most chapters so far not much has been gleaned on a first run, I don’t expect anything different with chapter 20. The problem so far has been there has been very little on water but there is a river emanating from the throne in Heaven. It performs all the things that water performs on earth and it needs to be incorporated there even from earth. Being such a broad subject, with prayer we should be able to build up a bigger picture. The connection between ash and water is first established with the red heifer where only the ashes survived the fires but by the Holy Spirit were related to cleansing waters but under the priesthood of Judah, Jesus Christ survived bodily on GFPMC as did the blood and water survive the fires of hell. Ash and water are intertwined with the blood still to come.

Chapter 20 tells us two stories. The Israelites bouncing along the bottom of their journey to the Promised Land but it also tells the story of salvation. It was to here, actually chapter 21, that Jesus sent Nicodemus to find the source of salvation; Moses’ bronze snake in the desert. The Jews may have been bouncing along the bottom up to now, but now they hit the bottom. They hate the place; this wretched place! They were promised milk and honey but they got nothing and that includes water. Now to top it all off they are going to die of thirst in the boiling desert! How many Christians have been here, are here now or are soon going to be here? Accept Jesus Christ! Become a Christian! Travel to the land of milk and honey in an aura of love of Heavenly hosts! It has been nothing like that pretty well from the word go. Most of these so called ‘Christians’ around me you wouldn’t give two bob for and bouncing along the bottom has certainly been no fun! Well I have just received the knock out blow and I want out! Can’t say I haven’t given it a fair go, because I have!

The Lord brought the Jews like He brings us all to this position for a reason. It is beautifully written up in the Book of Job but it also should be the book of Julius or Alicia or John or Mary or any other name. He brings us to the bottom of this pit to see whether we will try to climb out ourselves or just sit and put our hand up for His help. He must develop trust in Him, we must develop faith in Him. He cannot possibly allow another rebellion in Heaven, regardless in how long a timeframe. Sieving is a very painful process and it is happening to the Jews now just like it will happen in every Christian life. Back to the waters of Meribah.

There are two situations rolling alongside each other here. The literal water is that in the body of Jesus Christ Who has just been to hell and has been hanging on the cross from 3 to 4pm on GFPMC when a Roman spear opens up His side to release both water and blood. At the same time we have the Heavenly red heifer running where the body of Christ is thrown into a literal fire and burnt to ashes. No blood or water can survive this hell but we are allowed to treat the ashes synonymously with water and use them for cleansing like water. And that is all the water has been used to do up to now; cleanse, remove defilement, purification from sin. But Meribah introduces an extra component; bitterness and sweetness; ability to give life, which a very much a part of sin and forgiveness of sin. The rock at Meribah not only produced water but water in abundance that the congregation and their beasts drank. It was sweet water.

The issue is how is this water going to be produced? God’s preferred method was for Moses and Aaron to SPEAK to the rock but there was also a more distasteful way; to strike the rock with the rod of life. ‘Speaking’ was the preferred way as it had already happened and was soon to happen again. Jesus had spoken over a six day period and not just all the water in the universe appeared but the whole universe had appeared. He will speak the word and it will disappear and He will speak the Word and a second universe will appear over a six day period. That part of creating life

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and life giving waters was easy and rewarding to Jesus. He created Adam and Eve and they in turn were to be the source of life and fill the earth. Being forced to create life is a different story.

Just Aaron’s rod was a little example. God was forced to prove His presence by creating life in just one of the rods in front of Him and now this rod is again is being used to force God to create sweet life giving water. This is plan B for God. Plan A for God was populating the earth by Adam and Eve in a sinless world but plan B was doing this in a sinning world. It was not God’s preferred way because it involved death but it was forced upon Him. Miriam, Aaron and Moses died. None of them saw the promised land, Canaan.

When Adam and Eve sinned way back in the Garden of Eden there wasn’t a shocked silence for a while and then a scurry to assemble the Heavenly Councils to work out a response; Nazirite, sounds promising, Galilean, not quite as good, drown the whole thing in Heavenly love? Amnesia, just forget it! No none of the above, Nazirite only sounded promising because all the details had not been worked out! Plan B was already there and cut in the moment they both fell. It would restore the former glory and much more; there would be no option of sin.

Plan B was to allow the original plan A to run but support it until repairs could be made, withdraw the repair structure and allow the new plan A to run for eternity, defect free. The number of issues raised in chapter 20 is large indeed and I would try to spread them out for a number of weeks except our next chapter has the bronze serpent and our destination of coming here. The latest issue to pop up is whether phase two of the Nazirite is indeed the restoration of the priesthood of eternity; Melchizedek, and if so then was it by the Word or by tapping the rod?

Redrawing the time lines first that of the eternal priest Melchizedek, from before creation and into the eternities future. Using 01/01/01 as starting date for the earth but keeping in mind the real 01/01/01 is GFPE. Adam and Eve created 06/01/01 and place into the Garden of Eden. Korah’s rebellion in Heaven, unknown date. Adam and Eve sin and are thrown out of the garden. Date unknown but I have made a case for about 38 years so say 01/01/38. Immediately the sacrificial system cuts in; God kills two goats (?) as in DOA48, one to cover Adam’s intentional sin and the other to cover Eve’s unintentional sin. God announces plan for recovery; Eve’s seed will crush satan’s head but satan will bruise His heel. (Date accurately set by Daniel) Time proceeds until Noah’s worldwide flood. Old plan destroyed, man trying to get right with God and replaced by God’s plan, Melchizedek comes to live on earth. Stays on earth until God moves into the Most Holy Place in Sinai desert. Sacrificial system is formalised. (I have been working on a date of about 5,150 years since creation and with 1,260 years from GFPE to GFPMC.) In a rather bumpy ride the Jews ride on until GFPMC with three and a half years off it when God reveals Himself through the presence of His Son, Jesus Christ who returns to Heaven forty days after His resurrection. He is replaced by His Holy Spirit. He returns approx. 2,000 years to take all His own back with Him but the Holy Spirit remains for the 1,260 years of grace and mercy until the third coming when the door of mercy closes. Even then the Holy Spirit does not return to Heaven but waits for Daniel’s 7*70 years to be completed. It is only when the ten foolish virgins  reject Jesus’ offer to take their place in Heaven when the Holy Spirit finally returns to Heaven where He has been eagerly sought for 1,800 odd years. He is the fine linen and without Him there could be no wedding. Almost immediately the wedding takes place and they ride off to the promised land but many things have to happen before they are let into the new earth and Heavens. The first one is that this old earth must be destroyed and it can’t be destroyed whilst there is even the tiniest drop of blood from GFPMC left here. (Ans; DOA49). Every last trace of sin must be

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punished and destroyed. (Ans; DOA50). The saints must be taught to focus on not what the bridegroom has done for them but why He has done it (Ans: DOA51). There has to be some sort of final step that we step from and across to the new earth. (Ans; DOA52)

We are in the desert where Aaron has died but his priesthood of animal sacrifices continued on until GFPMC and should not have stopped there because the DOA52 is still to come. But this problem is addressed on both sides of the doorway to the tent of the new earth. On this side as we watch the 9 to 3 pm time slot we see what Jesus has done but 3 to 4 we see why He did it for us; the burnt offering. We are standing on the red heifer on Mount Calvary. On the other side the first thing we are told to do is to look at the burnt offering. Again we are standing on the red heifer. DOA52 and GFPMC are two parts of the same event. Animal sacrifices ceased on GFPMC.

The next thing that God told us to do when we cross over is to look at this Nazirite’s vow. If these waters of Meribah are the decommissioning of the Aaronic and Melchizedek then we have not been so thirsty for so long that instead of looking for water in a well we are looking for water in a rock. Thirst straight away rules us out of Heaven’s side of the doorway. Even on this side we have spent the last 2,000 odd years in Heaven so thirst could not have been an issue. These are spiritual truths that are being dealt with. ****

Before we even move through the doorway onto the new earth God tells us we will be making five different offerings; burnt, vow, freewill, appointed times and seasonal offerings. God’s command. In the red heifer the Nazirite played a major role which was upgraded on earth from ewe-lamb to red heifer in the new Heavens. This would leave the Nazirite and His vow to be upgraded to one possibility is phase two the sinless phase forever. Beginning on the 10th of July, 486 on earth but going on forever. The sinless phase thus becomes eternity; the priesthood of eternity is that of Melchizedek and this is instigated by us speaking to the rock and not tapping it, especially twice! God condescends and it seems that we add an extra request; ‘Please don’t ever leave us or allow us to leave You!’ There is no evil around to reply but there is an assurance from the king of Edom that we will never enter his land. And Jesus has already anointed the cross with His hair in preparation just for this event!

All this may or may not be so and like any Scripture cannot stand unless it is on the same ground and around Calvary’s tree. This is proving easier said than done. And many Christians do not realise today that the same cross that stood on Good Friday on Mount Calvary on the 14th of January nearly 2,000 years ago will also stand on Mount Calvary on Saturday, the 10th of July in Daniels year of 486 with the same figure on it albeit on a different elevation. The Day of Atonement. (DOA48), 1,900 years time.  Friday, GFPMC, was on planet earth, Saturday, DOA48 is on the border into Heaven and Resurrection Sunday is in Heaven itself!

If the Nazirite’s  phase two ministry coincides with the Priesthood of eternity of Melchizedek then the ministry of Jesus Christ must finish on the same day. The ministry of Jesus that has a genealogy, parents and a birthday and a deathday. Jesus met all these conditions. Does that give Melchizedek a birthday? No, just a continuation of His ministry from. There is certainly an interruption there; from eternities past to presence of God entering the temple and then from 4pm of DOA49 onto eternity.

Was the death of Aaron the death of the Aaronic priesthood? The birth of his priesthood was the result of God’s hand being forced, He did not want this to happen but the forcing of God’s hand in the Garden of Eden has resulted in death. This would not have happened had Adam and Eve

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obeyed God. And history repeats itself when Moses and Aaron again force the hand of God, both die without entering Canaan. It is momentarily transferred from father to son but it will soon die. At 3pm on GFPMC there is no need for priest to kill that Passover lamb; the real Passover lamb just dies outside of the city! Many a time I jump to conclusions prematurely as could well be with Swaggart. If I now recheck his legal proceedings that I read on the net are wrong, as 90% of the material is then clearly an apology is forthcoming. (main one the jury decision one. If this is still correct then my original analysis stands; you don’t get in the way of a Jimmy Swaggart paytrain!)

One idea that I have very much hardened on is the curtain that tore in the temple at 3pm on GFPMC. If it were the inner curtain it would become a non -event. A cataclysmic event turned into zero. Only the priest inside of the tent of meeting would have seen it, lied like they did about the body of Jesus and nothing would have changed. But the outside curtain? Well that would be different matter and what our Levitical training was all about. It was a Jubilee Sabbath and their second holiest of days. Courtyard chocker block full, standing room only. The curtain tears, top to bottom! I can’t be struck down by God because I saw inside the tent of meeting I was just happening to be looking that way because of the significance of the event taking place. GFPE but that is not all. GFPE was 01/01/01 but we are on 14/01/?? There is an extra significance. Must look away as a second look could quite easily result in me being struck down by God. But then the lamb that was going to be killed runs away! A topic of discussion? Rather! Kicked under the carpet with lies? With great difficulty! How the priests wish it had been the inner curtain!    Chapter 21 Arad Conquered and the Bronze Serpent.

Verses 1- ; ‘ When the Canaanite, the king of Arad, who lived in the Negev, heard that Israel was coming by the way of Atharim, Then he fought against Israel and took some of them captive. So Israel made a vow to the Lord and said, “ If You will indeed deliver this people into my hand, then I will utterly destroy their cities.” The Lord heard the voice of Israel and delivered up the Canaanites; then they utterly destroyed them and their cities. Thus the name of the place was Hormah. Then they set out for Mount Hor by the way of the Red Sea, to go around the land of Edom; and the people became impatient because of the journey. The people spoke against God and Moses, “ Why have you brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? Or there is no food and no water, and we loathe this miserable food.”

The Lord sent fiery serpents among the people and they bit the people, so that many people of Israel died. So the people came to Moses and said, “We have sinned, because we have spoken against you and the Lord; intercede with the Lord, that He may remove the serpents from us.” And Moses interceded for the people. Then the Lord said to Moses, “Make a fiery serpent, and set it on a standard; and it shall come about, that everyone who is bitten, when he looks at it, he will live.” And Moses made a bronze serpent and set it on the standard; and it came about, that if a serpent bit any man, when he looked to the bronze serpent, he lived.

Now the sons of Israel moved out and camped in Oboth. They journeyed from Oboth and camped at Iye-abarim, in the wilderness which is opposite Moab, to the east. From there they set out and camped in Wadi Zered. From there they journeyed and camped on the other side of Arnon, which is in the wilderness that comes out of border of the Armorites, for the Arnon is the border of Moab, between Moab and the Armorites. Therefore it is said in the Book of the Wars of the Lord, “Waheb in Suphah, And the wadis of the Arnon, and the slope of the wadis That extends to the site of Ar, and leans to the border of Moab.” From there they continued to Beer,

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that is the well where the Lord said to Moses, “ Assemble the people, people that I may give them water.” Then Israel sang this song: “Spring up, O well, Sing to it! The well, Which the leaders sank, Which the nobles of the people dug, With the sceptre and with their staffs.” And from the wilderness they continued to Mattanah, and from Mattanah to Nahallel and from Nahallel to Bamoth, and from Bamoth to the valley that is in the land of Moab, at the top of Pisgah which overlooks the wasteland.

TWO VICTORIES. Then Israel sent messengers to Sihon, king of the Armorites, saying, “Let me pass through your land. We will not turn off into field or vineyard; we will not drink water from wells. We will go by the king’s highway until we have passed through your border”. But Sihon would not permit Israel to pass through his border. So Sihon gathered all his people and went out against Israel in the wilderness, and came to Jahaz and fought against Israel. Then Israel struck him with the edge of the sword, and took possession of his land from the Arnon to the Jabbok, as far as the sons of Ammon; for the border of the sons of Ammon was Jazer. Israel took all these cities and Israel lived in all these cities of the Armorites , in Heshbon, and in all her villages. For Heshbon was the city of Sihon, king of the Armorites, who had fought the former king of Moab and had taken all the land out of his hand, as far as Arnon. Therefore those who use proverbs say, “Come to Heshbon! Let it be built! So let the city of Sihon be established. For a fire went forth from Hesbon, a flame from the town of Sihon; It devoured Ar of Moab, The dominant heights of Arnon. “Woe to you O Moab! You are ruined, O people of Chemosh! He has given his sons as fugitives, And his daughters into captivity, To an Amorite king, Sihon. “But we have cast them down, Heshbon is ruined as far as Dibon, Then we have laid waste even to Nophah, Which reaches to Medeba.”

Thus Israel lived in the land of the Amorites. Moses sent to spy out Jazar, and thet captured its villages and dispossessed the Amorites who were there. Then they turned and went up by the way of Bashan, and Og the king of Bashan went out with all  his people, for battle at Edrei. But the Lord said to Moses, “Do not  fear him, for I have given him into your hand, and all his people and his land; and you shall do to him as you did to Sihon, king of the Amorites, who lived at Heshbon.” So they killed him and his sons and all his people, until there was no remnant left him; and they possessed his land.’

In John chapter three Nicodemus came to Jesus and was genuinely seeking answers. He acknowledged that Jesus had come from God and in return Jesus recognised Nicodemus as a teacher in Israel. This was despite the stunning lack of knowledge Nicodemus displayed. But at least Nicodemus has come to the right source to have his questions answered, the others stayed home. We know Nicodemus got the right answers because he was a Christian along with Joseph and a handful of other Christians, they were Friday Christians, not Resurrection Sunday Christians, but then Jesus makes an alarming addition to the Scriptures. In 3:12 He says, ‘I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?’ Today too Jesus will call us and expects us to be teachers despite the fact that we are stunningly ignorant. Getting back into mother’s womb doesn’t sound that unreasonable when you look at the question does it? It is not us who will be teaching but the Spirit of Jesus!

But why didn’t Jesus send Nicodemus back to GFPE or DOA49 or the red heifer or the burnt offering or the sin offering or the waters of Meribah? Why the bronze snake? What has it got that the others do not have? Nicodemus could have written us a blog on any of these topics but could not relate them to Jesus Christ. Nicodemus was not the only one to fail to make that

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connection as the majority of people fail to do today. The Jews hope today is still Jerusalem as God’s city and the temple within, parts of it at least as God’s temple. Things of this earth. It will remain so until they are shown a pulverised version of both and only then will they turn to the true temple of God; Jesus Christ! Who speaks of and comes from above!****

As I sit here typing and studying the history of the Israelites on their journey to and into the promised land I am amazed just how rebellious and disobedient they were. There is no way that we could be that bad! We have the presence of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God and we like the Bereans search the Scripture daily, they only had the Old Testament, to establish what is it that has been written so that it can become, ‘it is written’ and we do our level best to obey it. None of this putting our own interpretations on Scripture because we know that satan is only scarred off by ‘it is written’ and he is not intimidated in any way by our own interpretations. It is God’s Word that drives him out and not our word. And how strict has God been?

But there is a far greater drama being played out on universe’s stage; that of evil and it is only when you grasp the power of evil that it takes your breath away and ask how is God going to counter this ubiquitous monster or beast. Surely God is going to have to perform one of His mighty miracles!

It would be a contradiction in terms to speak of a revolt in Heaven. An outright impossibility! Yet it did happen and it happened on a massive scale!  Breath taking beauty, indescribable sense of well being; the presence of God! Surely just the thought of losing all that would be enough to destroy any nefarious intentions?  Evil may be represented as in Daniel by a statue of four metals, head gold, chest silver, thighs bronze (or could that be brass or copper) and legs and feet of iron. There is a non metal there, clay so the Jews should not have been there using the Romans to try to kill Christ and will ultimately separate out as slag separates from the molten metal. The ultimate fate of the clay is that it of itself was not regarded as evil. Evil may also be represented by a beast with seven heads about much has already been written in this blog. But ultimately it is as simple as; God’s way is good and contrary to God’s way is evil. Those two alternatives have existed since the year dot and did not have to be created by anyone. Choice and freewill to do them.

How is God going to cope with this evil? Getting rid of choice and freewill is not an option so if you want an example of how to waste your time, then either pray to Jesus that He remove your or your friends/family freewill. No can do! He doesn’t want robots singing His endless praises in Heaven, He wants someone who wants to be in Heaven with Him. If you are not impressed by looking at an A-380 then you are hardly going to be impressed  and want to learn more about the machine language that runs the show or the tightening torques on the bolts holding the blades. We can ask Him to clean up the mess and apologise for causing it in the first place. Whether we did we did it intentionally or just tripped over it Heaven alone will judge and categorise but the result is that this spilled milk and honey is going to have to be cleaned up and cleaned up to God’s standards. Even then there is no guarantee that the peace offering will be accepted. GFPE tells us it will.

The story of the angels in Heaven shows us just how insidious evil is. Okay it did not fall over  in the first few weeks but it did not take a million, million years either! Satan first had to grasp at least the tiniest appreciation of what was revealed over those first few Sabbaths before the sin of pride took over as we saw in Korah’s rebellion. But take over it did and it seems that  satan Page 23

was not the only one thinking on these lines. He got a core group together fairly easily as they were thinking along the same lines, in Korah’s case about twelve and this lot went out into the leaders of the congregation and found 250 other cooperative souls. If Korah’s rebellion on earth is indeed an analogy of what in Heaven, then the angels like the Israelites are split into two groups; the congregation (600,000 odd) and a separate census for the Levites, (22,000),on earth but many more in Heaven.

In Heaven as on earth only the congregation and one Levite were involved. So in Heaven if Jesus had not drawn the line in the sand and all the congregation of angels has died or were thrown out of Heaven today there still would be a few Levitical angels left in Heaven, they did not rebel.

In Heaven, as on earth it wasn’t the first day that resulted in massive depletion of the ranks, which were very minor, but the second day when the congregation grumbled. If Korah’s lot lost 300 on the first day how upset would they be the next day when 14,700 died? How upset would the Heavenly lot be if they lost 100 million? The situation was definitely quite serious in both cases. Solution; (JK”s)  let them go, they want to grumble just let them go! That doesn’t include JK of course You must never abandon him!

Jesus never abandons anyone. He stays with them until their last breath and then just to make sure there was no mistakes will give another 260 years for anyone to change their mind before that door of mercy finally closes. But He never shuts the door on anyone either. You may go whenever you want to. The door of mercy does not close, we may return at any time, even as late as the two witnesses. ****

The serious nature of rebellion was not just a problem for angels in Heaven or the Jews of Korah’s time. It is as individual as each individual and as long as the ages. I think I have addressed the issues previously in the anointing of my sister in Christ, Karen H. Jesus does not want to lose one angel, one Jew or one of any or no religion. And He pulls out all stops to make sure that it does not happen.

The problem is that when Nicodemus went to Jesus to find out about salvation Jesus could have given him any number of one liners as the answer but He said to him, paraphrasing, ‘You are Israel’s teacher, you have the incredible depth and beauty of the Old Testament, the Word from which I quote and from which satan cannot get out of the way in time. Now go back and extrapolate it in such a way that Moses lifting the bronze snake in the desert intersects with Me, the Son of God (should be man but I don’t whether to use upper or lower case for man, son, by definition I suppose it should be lower)  being lifted on the cross on GFPMC. Tie in the Old and New Testaments!’  This may have been okay for Nicodemus who was born and steeped in the Old Testament (OT) but a gigantic task for someone making their first foray into the OT. But that is denying that I am made in the image of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit in the spirit of, ‘Glorified be Your name!’ As with DOA and GFMC we added a subscript with each extra bit of information we gained so now we will also add subscripts to tie ins between the OT and NT. Beginning with the humble number of two.

The rebellion in Heaven taught us the insidious nature of evil and sin (1) If it could breed and take off in such a place of beauty then what is it going to do in mortal sinful bodies? It has taught us that there is one and only one solution to this danger and that is Jesus Christ! He is a must hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. He is constantly the answer.

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Rather than worrying about sin (2) erupting in Heaven in a million or million million years time we should be concentrating on the eradication of evil. Once evil no longer exists then rebellion and sin (2) are no longer a possibility. Jesus Christ is the one Who eradicated evil in the first stage, the evil within, the beast, GFPMC, and the second stage the without, satan on DOA49 an event of the future that will see the last of sin.

I use Jimmy Swaggart as an example of ‘Christian’ ministry because he is the only one who has his own Television station in Australia and I am aware there are many almost identical ministries to his and therefore would receive the same criticisms as his. I do have an axe to grind with him though as I was going through a Christ searching state at the time and was influenced by his powerful sermons. It all fell apart when the scandals broke and put me back by many years. The publicity of the times was overwhelming and the problems they showed wasn’t the enthusiasm with which Jimmy and Tammy counted the harvest but to what good use they were going to put it!  It is those years which give me the right to be sceptical about and is he again aiming at an Academy Award for Acting. He alone can squelch those doubts by publishing of the money he collects using that unbeatable draw card, how much goes to himself and family and how much goes to the source from which he draws that money; Jesus Christ! As there is zilch chance of him publishing it then there is only one conclusion to draw; ‘Christianity’ for Jimmy is beginning at home!  Many a poor will not know what hit him them when Jimmy starts loving them as he loves himself! The bottom line is Jimmy that you broke the trust, you are the one who can restore it again but you refuse to do so! And why not? Because you remain the fraud! Whilst on the Jimmy subject, two corrections; Darwin did not repent on his deathbed and Jesus did not drive a stake through satan’s head on GFPMC. Satan did not have to be there because there was not one name called that belonged to him. Why be there? The numbers and the names called in hell were those of the bride, they do not belong to satan, he has nothing to do with them. It was the beast who responded when Jesus made the call and claim for that particular soul; mine and over my dead body! It was the beast who died in those fires and for whatever reasons was resurrected again. It is the beast that drowns in the baptismal font and Jesus resurrects again once out of the water but in a far more benign form!  Satan at this time Jimmy was doing what you want your followers to do; gloat at Jesus and the hell He was going through. He was put there by the Jews using the superpower of the day. Sounds familiar?

It is a wonderful heartfelt story about Darwin repenting, but unless you want to arm your followers with naivety and lies, weapons of satan then you must withdraw this story. It is not right, satan does not operate this way. You do not remain satan possessed all your life and on your death bed he releases you with; ‘And bless you dear you may now flutter over and meet your Jesus!’ He will be there particularly at the end to make that doesn’t happen as he strangles that last breath out of you! But going back to the two fronts we have opened from the OT.

Is this snake brass, or bronze or copper as many think and of all things why is it a snake? Is kindergarten interpretation right which says that a snake represents satan?  Was there such a thing as zinc to make brass at the time or was it a mixture of copper and tin? Is this snake from the Heavenly version of Korah’s rebellion? ****

Any endeavour of knowledge has its knowledge organised as basic dogma which I call a song sheet and providing you are singeing off this song sheet, with vary minor variations allowed you will be accepted by your discipline. A very example of this is anthropology. Evolution remains as its base and the basic model of humanity is this gorilla type creature progressing through time

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ever straightening up, losing hair and acquiring human traits. As they progressed through the time scale they went through the stone age, bronze age, iron age and what ever garbage they come up with. They themselves know it garbage because objects of most materials are found throughout the ages, but if too early they are ignored or explained away by some contamination. Take the pyramids. At the time they were built people were supposed to be far too primitive to build such magnificent structures. Can’t employ plan A and ignore them! What about contamination? Dropped off by some wandering primitive tribe. This has worked well in the past before but size maybe a problem. Well at least don’t show them any of the complexity and beauty that is inside. Get one of the lads to swing two stones over each other to show how primitive people grind and fit masonry, make he is hairy and grunts a lot, other than those creationists that will fool them! The fact they had iron and bronze thousands of years ahead of their time should be easy enough to throw the blanket over that! After all if we can throw a blanket over a pyramid objects of iron, aluminium and unbelievable paintings should be a snack. If you hear of a mass suicide of anthropologists has taken place outside of a pyramid, it will probably be associated with a mass find of computers or NMR’s or ESR’s or even some instrument we don’t know about in the base of this pyramid! After all geologists have set the standard for the size of the blanket and if they can throw a blanket over Noah’s Flood then twenty or fifty or whatever the number of pyramids should be just a snack! Probably comparable to astronomers seeing a photon leaving the other side of the universe but not seeing whether the earth is about to be destroyed by a meteorite with the next few minutes! Probably could be answered in terms of dark matter, energy and flow. I mean the thing is surrounded by dark matter, using dark energy as it energy source and flowing in a dark flow channel hardly gives the chaps a fair playing field when it pops back into reality! Dark symmetry is looking like a possible answer. Whatever the solution it will be dark if it does not include its creator; Jesus Christ!

The point being that iron is not just found in the iron age nor is bronze just found in the bronze age, or any other material. In fact I have already made a case  in this blog that before Noah’s Flood technology was so advanced that God allowed other righteous people to leave this earth before the flood came, something we couldn’t do today nor could we make many of the temple utensils and with great difficulty reproduce one of the temples! The point being that zinc may have been around since the year dot and also brass. This would not effect the discussion if the bronze I am going to use suddenly works out it should have been brass after all. We are dealing with an alloy, it matters not whether it is with zinc or tin or aluminium for that matter. —

So it may not be that just three of the metals in Daniel’s statue of evil are pure metal but all four are. Babylon the head is certainly pure gold. It can’t just stand for the Babylon/Nebuchadnezzar because they long disappeared off this planet. It is the evil of the sin of pride and the ultimate evil that has to be destroyed in any of its forms and any traces of it. The shoulders and chest, pure silver, initially stood for the Medes and Persians in this blog at least to be replaced by both forms of Islam; Shiite and Sunni. Good and evil in the Bible are not judged by how many hospitals and operations you do on the poor, or soup kitchens or homeless accommodation you provide, they are but fruit, the judgment is based on the root and that root is Jesus Christ, the revelation of God which God gave Him to show his servants.

Islam is judged in their relationship to Jesus Christ and its rejection of His true nature is total and they are thus judged accordingly; total evil, pure silver. Not quite as difficult to eradicate as gold,

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but nonetheless will be a part of the statue when the rock grinds it up and the talcum powder is thrown to the wind.

Moving to the legs and feet the metal is pure, iron but there is a non-metallic contamination there as well. The bases of my  bronze snake interpretation is going to be that metals stand for evil and therefore non-metals will stand for good. Unlike today the superpower of the day is the USA but there are many minor players around enjoying the spoils of the colonial days. At the time of Jesus there was only one superpower, Rome and they maintained this position be ruthlessly disposing of any potential challenges. What made Rome such an abomination in the eyes of God was that they were being used by His own people to destroy Jesus and His followers and will so again at His second coming. But the clay is not a part of the metal and will ultimately separate. The Jews will accept Jesus, become the people of God and hand in hand with Christians go to meet their loving Saviour!

There are no guarantees that the USA will be the dominant power at the time of the second coming although the present indications are that this will be the case. Whoever it is will maintain this position during the millennium and its first challenge will be at the end of the millennium when satan and his 200 million crazed horsemen are released. Satan throws down the gauntlet to the beast and challenges his authority. The irony of the situation is going to be that the contest is going to be as one sided as the USA destroying a Palestinian home with a cruise missile!  They will not be allowed to fight back against satan and his hordes! They have just come up from the dead, their first deaths, so the next time they will die will be in hell. Hell is the second death, not third or fourth or any other number. Americans of the day will reminisce and recall the days when they could do this to anyone they wanted to do to! Feet have two shoes!

The point being that if three components of the statue of evil are pure metal then why should the fourth one, the thighs be an alloy? Be that copper and zinc or copper and tin or anything else, why not just pure copper? The part of Daniel’s statue we are dealing with is bronze (?) and was Greece and Alexander and his lot of the time. I take this to represent democracy. So why alloy? Is the serpent in the desert pure metal or alloy? Could the democracy be alloy as it at most times if not all times, carries theocracy with it? Well no, theocracy, Government by God is good, a non-metal and would therefore have to be represented by diamonds or pearls in the matrix. Could it be that democracy cycles between royalty and democracy as extremes or something in between? Or could it be whenever you look at a democracy you see some beast standing behind it like the oil industry wanting to steal its oil or drug company to take the drugs which obviously will only use them for medicinal purposes and of course we have those honest bankers. All or none of the above does not change the fact that the government of the eternities to come is by God and therefore the only ‘good’ government. It is us the left thigh that waves the right thigh indicating the form of government that we want to spend our eternities in; theocracy! God’s way is good, not in God’s way is evil.

If the above scenario is correct there cannot be any metallic statue of good. Gold cannot one moment stand for evil Babylon and then for God. Silver cannot stand one moment for evil Islam and the next for Christianity. Copper/bronze cannot one moment stand for democracy and the next theocracy nor can iron and clay stand for God’s people using the superpower of the day to destroy his people and the next to Jesus Christ walking the earth’s surface to spread the message of the grace of God!

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The statue of God is non-metallic and is the body of Jesus Christ. It is separated away from both water and blood to show the beauty of its own intrinsic values. They will be recombined after each has been studied individually. It is the study of the burnt offering, the study of the body of Christ. It too is divided into four sections; head, shoulders and chest, thighs and legs and feet. On earth it should everything and in Heaven it is everything. It is the parallel presentation to Moses’ bronze (?) snake.

So is this snake pure metal or an alloy and if alloy then why just alloy the copper and not the gold, silver and iron? To decide this issue we have to decide whether sin has but one root, pride with a lot of evil fruit, one metal, copper or has it got two or even more roots; pride, greed, jealousy ?? and it is therefore an alloy. If we take it back to Babylon/Nebuchadnezzar, the gold, their seems to be only the one issue, pride. Pride causes Nebuchadnezzar, the tree to be cut down and once broken allows the tree to regrow. Greed doesn’t seem to be there. There is no alloy in the gold the evil of Nebuchadnezzar and it was pride alone. Surely it can’t be that insidious and have the ability to cover itself so well? —-

The Medes and Persians are the ram but only a shadow of the goat and this certainly is the situation today. It is forms of democracy that is tearing Islam to pieces and there is no one to stop them. My reading of Daniel at this stage is that even if they make a serious error like the intrusion into North Korea or Iran will not change this situation much at all. But leaving this section again with unanswered questions we have an altar/cross that is made of bronze (?) and 250 firepans of the killed leaders of Korah’s rebellion being hammered into the altar, a bronze thigh in Daniel’s statue and a bronze snake. If pride is in fact the cause of evil then all these will have to be changed to copper.

This metallic thing was shaped like a snake. Satan took on the form of a snake in Eden but before in the rebellion in Heaven he was a privileged angel; a Levite. From what I have read so far he was not just any Levite because there were many, probably tens of millions of them, he was Levite, he was number one Levite. To take advantage of this privileged position was indeed a serious mistake and evil. If there is anyone who went to hell in that rebellion it should have been satan, yet he did not! As this Heavenly situation has only just been recently covered only a brief summary is required and using the same guesstimeric numbers; 300 million total congregation, 100 million go, two hundred million remain and if Levite percentage the same as on earth ( about 3%) then 10 million Levite angels. Every soul Jesus creates is of concern to him and that includes angelic souls. They like us have a free will, there are no robots in heaven.

There were five categories in Korah’s rebellion and presumably five in the heavenly one as well. First the one hundred and two hundred million lots first. Their sin was that of grumbling, questioning the authority of God. At this stage I won’t categorise this as pride leaving the option of two types of sin, or an alloy of bronze. The 100 million who were thrown out of Heaven and down to earth were the ones who knew what they were doing, intentional sin. These are the common run of the mill demons. They were given a chance to repent at the cross but they blew it! They sat around and danced with glee to see Jesus suffering during those six hours of hell. They closed the door of mercy on themselves. When they were thrown out of Heaven they had lost their positions there and at 3pm on GFPMC they had also lost their places there. After a short intense battle they were thrown down to and confined to earth. They do not await judgment, their judgment occurred at the cross. Most of the time they do what satan tells them but some still retain enough pride to question the authority of their master. Scripture tells us

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that if we accept Christ that will drive out that demon, but if we then reject Jesus the space that is left will be occupied by seven demons and we will be WORSE off. Those seven are more evil than that original one that would not go when ordered by satan.

The story of the two hundred million who grumbled but were not thrown down to earth, ( Actually first time round it was out of Heaven and at GFPMC it was down to earth). Are they going to be the bride or just a part of the bridal party? ****

Whether they bride or bridal party is determined with what they do with their unintentional sins, whether they confess them or whether they remain unconfessed. If some of those higher, Levitical angels point out to them what they have done, and it must be rather obvious as one third of them were kicked out, and they repent then their sins become confessed unintentional sins and Heaven has only one place where it deals with confessed sins; GFPMC. Their confessed sins and all confessed sins were the subject of GFPMC. They, the angels, would have seen these sins being paid for in hell on Good Friday. No doubt the suffering they saw Jesus go through would have killed the beast within them and whether it also extracted the dead pieces or whether this required DOA50 for that to occur they would have been different beings at 3pm on GFPMC than they were at 9am on the same day.

If they remain unconfessed then they would have finished up on the same cross of atonement as every unconfessed unintentional sin did, DOA50. But every sin ever committed; intentional or unintentional, confessed or unconfessed will finish up being burned into non-existence in hell. The only issue that still needs to be settled is whether I burn in hell for my sins or I pass them onto Jesus Who so desperately wants to take my place in hell! And the way I pass my sins to Him is by Confession. He can’t take them if you don’t pass them! He doesn’t force us to do anything we don’t want to do. Does that mean that just because we forgot to confess some ‘minute’ sin we will have to go to hell to suffer for it because we did not pass it onto Jesus? Well first of all there is no such thing as a minute sin. All sin is the severance of our relationship with God and away from Him there is no life, only death, and we die. Jesus wants to take all our sins away with Him because that is the only way we are going to finish up in Heaven with Him. Being soaked and steeped in sin since birth sin is now the default value, my second nature. It is there all the time and most of the time the very best I can do is a blanket confession. God does not expect more from us than our best and He knows that even that will be desperately short. But it is His Word that says, ‘And forgive us our trespasses’ and that comes with more than just a hint, ‘As we forgive those who trespass against us’ and from there comes our request, ‘And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil’. What we have in the back of our minds at least is the movement from this mortal, sinful world into perfection with our loving Saviour, ‘ For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever.’—

With my blanket confessions, which are Biblical I find that there is some thought, some message prompts me; ‘Do you want this one forgiven?’ Before I knew that God’s Sabbath was His Holy Day there was no prompting, ‘Do you realise that My Holy Day is Saturday and you sin by ignoring it’. No. But now that I do know, there is; ‘And what about……that you did, is that included in this confession?’

What should be a fascination to us is the nature and appearance of the 200 million (?) angels that we will be spending an eternity with and who have been appointed to look after us on this

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earth. But it is also a Biblical topic of those sons of angels who through sexual intercourse with the daughters of this earth produced those  evil giants that lived on this earth at the time of Noah. The topic came up whilst watching Jimmy Swaggart broadcast which I watch not just with the intention of bagging it but because it is supposedly cross based and anything that is cross based will get my attention. The added bonus last night was I found where Jimmy’s contact with the spiritual world comes from but even though the following looks like it has been plagiarised I have held these ideas for a while and may have already published them but revision is still in order. I will proceed by a series of questions and answers so if the discussion falls it will fall from a certain point onwards;—

Q 1; How many angels were thrown down to earth? Ans; not told. One in three of Heaven. I take it as 100 million and a very large number for planet earth, more than enough to cause a significant problem. Q2; Can one of these evil angels enter into my body, change my character and cause me to do evil things? Ans; I will answer that after question three. Q3; Can one of these evil angels enter into the body of an animal, a pig for example, change its character and cause it to do harm to itself? Ans; Yes. [Mat 8:31-34. I find it helpful to work with numbers and even though we are not told how many swine there were I take the number as 50. This would mean that fifty demons were thrown out of those two men or 25 per individual. Things certainly were very crowded. These demons knew they were allowed to be naughty to a certain extent but because they had overstepped the mark they were sure that Jesus had come to destroy them. This 100 million are inferior in any number of ways and one is their knowledge of the Bible. Had satan been there he would not have been intimated by Jesus but quoted Scripture; ‘it is written that You are going to crush my head but I am going to bruise Your heel first so You can’t hurt me now!’ As far as those 50 demons were concerned there were now two options available; Jesus would destroy them out of Scriptural order or be allowed into those pigs and be drowned. They chose the latter option because it was the better one. By drowning with the pigs destroyed their ability to appear in our dimensions. They can continue to exist in their spiritual form until they are burned up in hell. How they can hurt me or whether they can hurt me at all in this form I am not sure. It must be a more benign form than before they were drowned.

Returning to Q2 if they do that to pigs then they can do it to humans also. Satan is the father of lies and one of his biggest is that he doesn’t even exist let alone be able to enter a person and be able to control their behaviour. Enter the wonderful worlds of psychology and psychiatry and drugs and electrical shocks and treatments they wouldn’t allow on a dog. Anything but giving the answer and solution; Jesus Christ. Satan certainly does not need two invitations for entry and once in, well that depends on the times we are in but right now he is not leaving! Only Jesus can drive him out or a person who has the backing of their Saviour close by!  It is quite amazing that with all of his contacts from above that Jimmy doesn’t offer to do exorcisms.

Q4; Did any, some, all or none of these demons drown in Noah’s Flood? Ans; As with the case of the pigs any demons that were inexorably bound within their human being would have drowned with them and only now be available in spiritual form. I am sure that any that could have got out would have got out  and the number of spirit only beings would be very small indeed. But even if all are in ‘active’ body modes then there is still only 100 million of them out there! But using a time sharing principle they behave as if there are many more of them out there today.

Q5; What am I supposed to do if one of these demons has possession of a friend or loved one? Ans; Christianity is not about reading and quoting from Scripture, helping little old ladies cross the street or writing blogs on certain Biblical topics, it is about whether you are living to the light that Jesus has given you and there are pastors and priests in many denominations doing just that. I

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would be very wary if they said they could do it in one session. I doubt that even Jimmy with all his heavenly contacts could do that. It will be a long and very painful process and the most important part of it will be to ensure that once the presence of Jesus drives out the devil that there is no empty space for those other seven who are waiting to come in! Satan cannot live in the presence of Jesus. But if I was a demon inside say Ritchie and I saw a pastor Des  approaching with the intention of exorcizing me I would definitely tremble.  [ A personal note. Today was not just the celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary but whom my lovely Mel got to come along! She knows that the stenting has not been such a wonderful success and the pressure on those poor stents today was almost too much for them. And it did not just affect me alone and I doubt that even years of reminiscing will dull this day. So if the blog is even less coherent then usual you know why and the temptation is to have a Christmas holiday, ignore the blessings that God has so richly bestowed. Also if I had a child or grandchild under my care and I considered that its behaviour indicated the presence of a demon I would order that demon to leave which would then leave the onus on me to make sure it did not return]

Finally with those 200 million still up there today God may have already given them their Heavenly bodies like those of Jesus after His resurrection and He still has to do for us. They like Jesus may already be appearing in these forms. They must be awfully similar to us if they could copulate and produce those giants. It would be wonderful spiritual gift to be able to discern the presence of angels. I can’t remember what other aspects of the giants of Noah’s day were discussed. But as it was in Noah’s day God will allow evil to flourish and peak before He destroys it and a major part of that evil will be seeing His people being persecuted and killed by atheists and blasphemers. And that really did put the spring into Jimmy’s feet and fist clenched in victory!*****

I was most surprised at the second topic of discussion; whether a Christian needs to repent ever let alone periodically. Jesus can only take your sins to hell if you give them to Him. And that is done by confession; you actually ask Him to take your sins and repent at having hurt your Saviour in the first place. If you don’t pass them over to Him then guess who takes those sins to hell; you. Your call! What other clangers is satan going to come up with? Well actually practically any he can think of  because the defence against clangers, ‘it is written’ has been turned off by most churches today.

But credit must be given when credit is due and credit is due for the systematic Scriptural demolition that Jimmy performed on the poor misguided SDA elder and the hang ups he had on the Sabbath! Hang up no more! SDA’s belief in Sabbath demolished. Exegesis personified!  The scales have fallen off my eyes and now I can see Jimmy’s constant contact with the spirit world.

I would like to make again, a Biblical defence of the Sabbath Day using Bible’s one, two, three, four and five. One, One John, two chapter two, three, four and five, verses three, four and five.                    1 John (2:3-5); ‘By this we know we have come to know Him, if we keep His commandments. The one who says, ‘I have come to know Him’, and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him; but whoever keeps His word, in him the love of God has truly been perfected. By this we know that we are in Him.’

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Well Jimmy you not only do not obey the Sabbath you teach others not to also. This puts you and your ministry as a class worse than liars, you are extreme liars.

The issue is that you want to deny your followers of is the blessings of God which He chooses to place in a certain pond; the Sabbath Day. We may call on them during the week but they come from the pond called the Sabbath Day. By taking these blessings that God alone can give makes you a sadistic thief. This brings your title to extreme liar and sadistic thief.

As your ministry  is supposed to be based on the cross of Jesus you are aware there is only really one issue in mind; sin, yet you entice your followers to commit the worst of sin, intentional sin by not obeying the fourth commandment. It is the primary role of satan, of external evil to bruise the heel of Jesus. You are satan and there is nothing unintentional about your motives.

But you maybe right this particular commandment may only apply to the Sinai desert and before the cross. If it implies animal sacrifices it could well be blasphemy. Let us look at Exodus (20:8-11); ‘Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labour and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of the Lord your God; in it you shall not do any work, you or your son, or your daughter, your male or female servant or your cattle or your sojourner who stays with you. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, and rested on the seventh day; therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.’

I am continuously being accused of trying to bring people  under or keep them under the old covenant. It all depends on how you define which covenant you are under. The Bible uses Jeremiah (31:33) as its definition; ‘But this is the covenant which I will make with the house of Israel after those days ,’ declares the Lord, ‘I will put My law within them and on their heart I will write it; and I will be their God, and they will be My people.’

It is exactly what the people who are accusing me are doing. I am saying. ‘Remember to transfer these laws that God has written with His own finger from this stone tablet and onto your heart! If you don’t do it for whatever reason it is you who are under the old covenant of law. You are covered by your own actions and not of those of Jesus Christ. That law that you may or may not rewrite on your own heart includes the Sabbath commandment. It was not done away with on the cross, out of all the issues Jesus could have died for He died for the Sabbath day. There is no point in rewriting something that is obsolete as Jimmy Swaggart and most other pastors are trying to tell you. Keep it on stone, keep it out of your heart, stay under the old covenant!

By trying to keep your flock away from the blessings of God Jimmy you are depriving them of the spiritual oxygen, choking them to death. You are trying to change the day but you cannot change the associated blessings and thus trying to choke your followers to death. You are a murderer. Your title is satan, murderer, sadistic thief and extreme liar. You bar your followers entrance into Heaven by keeping them under the old covenant from where entry into heaven is impossible and preventing from changing to the new covenant from where entry is automatic! You will not allow them to write the law on their hearts. Transcribing some from the stone is not an option, it is all or none. Having said some nice things about Jimmy it is time to say some bad things!

If the situation wasn’t so serious it would be comical, but at least he has revealed his inner contacts to that spirit world which is constantly talking back to him. They will do that to anyone and they have great reserves in store. Talking in tongues, no problems. Just fill in the box of number required. It is preferred you use scientific notation. Will vomiting and falling over be required? Number of miraculous cures required? Waterworks or laughing or both? The chaps you deal with are a very fine bunch indeed. Well organised and do not ask awkward questions

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like when the congregation give you a packet of chips and you open it up and throw one back to them they don’t say, “We think Jimmy it should be the other way around, you should keep that chip and give the rest back for God’s work!” nothing like that. Conning the tax man was an achievement, this flock of sheep should be a snack! Taking candy off a baby! Satan is not just a wonderful tailor, he is actor and ventriloquist as well! And it is not just Swaggart, but many preachers today if stood against ‘it is written’ would also dismally fail. But it was Jesus who drew the line in the sand in Heaven at the time of the plague when the whole congregation grumbled and the angels on this side of unintentional were spared, and on the intentional side were thrown down to earth. And it is the same Jesus who will decide in among these pastors and everyone else where this line will be drawn, and for we should call, ‘and thank God for that!’—

Our primary focus still remains Moses hoisting the bronze snake in the desert so that anyone who had been bitten by a snake could look to this snake and not die as compared to Jesus about to be lifted on His cross also so that anyone who has been bitten by the snake of sin can look to Him on that cross and not die. In the desert we have pure evil; bronze (?) plus snake/satan and the only evil not included is the bronze (?) altar/cross. On GFPMC it is the opposite. It is God as manifested through His Son Who is being lifted and He is on a bronze (?) altar/cross. Evil versus good!

Some thoughts on the bronze metal. It comes from Daniel’s statue from the thighs a section I have being represented by democracy. This should make it bronze and not copper. There are two forms of evil; evil within or beast and evil without or satan. Two forms and therefore bronze. Much is written in the Bible about how God as manifested Himself through His own Son on GFPMC but what about the corresponding bronze snake?

If Korah’s rebellion is an enactment of the angelic rebellion then much can be gleaned about what happened up there as well and an attempt has been made to do so. This time just concentrating on Korah/satan. This will give us the 200 million, the 100 million and now Korah. In this revolt 252 firepans, yes bronze, were offered with fire on them to God. Two lots are easily accounted for; the 250 as democracy and evil and one as theocracy and therefore good. Aaron was God’s appointed high priest, he was our substitute and was supposed to offer fire on our behalf. Firepan, Aaron’s firepan number 252 poses no problems.****** It could even represent  Jesus being lifted on the cross. GFPMC was not a bull or ram or lamb that the high priest killed and sacrificed it was Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, the high priest himself who was killed on that day and took His own blood into the Most Holy place to cleanse it from at least one thing; this angels rebellion that had occurred some 4,000 years before. Aaron was His representative and His firepan that was involved was bronze.

The 250 leaders are also an open and shut case. It was pride that caused them to promote themselves to Heavenly level of priest and they like us of themselves had nothing to offer except blasphemy. They were not thrown down to earth but killed with no judgment awaiting. Their verdict was delivered by God on that day. Why their firepans were hammered into the altar/cross is still one of the many mysteries to me. This is the cross of Christ and it has been through an unholy fire, these firepans were holy objects dedicated for temple use and the defilement the 250 leaders caused had to be cleansed. Ultimate cleansing is the fires of hell where Jesus went to on this cross yet despite this when Nicodemus and Joseph carried the body of Jesus from the cross to His tomb they became defiled. It certainly could not have been the body of Christ, the ashes of the red heife, that caused this defilement, the opposite they were

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used to remove sin, so how can what happened on GFPMC defile? Wasn’t it supposed to be a cleansing process? But this cross still had another journey to make to hell on the DOA50 and even after that it was ‘just’ clean. It wasn’t holy it was just clean. It is only after it is anointed by Jesus Himself by placing His hair on it that it becomes; anointed as the Most Holy and therefore Heaven bound.

This leaves us with firepan 251, that of Korah or satan. If the Heavenly rebellion is described in Korah’s rebellion we can glean many things from it, interesting and uninteresting. Interesting one; the fact that there was a rebellion in Heaven at all! How could anyone be so stupid and want to risk being thrown out of such a place of immense, breath taking beauty? But if the nature of sin is so insidious it can conquer in Heaven image how easy it is going to be for it to conquer on this hovel called earth. We are just like sitting ducks!  Its nature maybe insidious but it is no match to its solution Jesus Christ which I hope we will be shown soon. If there was a rebellion then, and ‘it is written’ that there was then there will be others as well unless God can destroy evil, surgically remove the pieces and burn them all up in the fires of hell! Satan tries to keep the solution to this insidious sin away from us but if he can’t then he will begin by leading on the Scriptural path but ever so gently diverging until finally he opens your eyes when you see ‘Hell’ on the door. It is too late, you should have been more wary! And most paths today and most churches are leading you down the wrong path! It is Scripture alone that cannot let you down!

Interesting two; That so many rebelled and were thrown out of Heaven; one in three. Actually it was a lot worse than that; they all rebelled and all should have been thrown out of Heaven, the whole congregation. It was only by God’s grace that two out of three were retained on the ground of unintentional sin.

Interesting three; How soon after that they were created that this rebellion took place! They had not been there for a million, million years or even a million years. The angels were created on day four of creation and it only took them ten or even twenty years to rebel. Once evil enters me it will only be a very short time to destroy me. It is dangerous  to keep me alive as I could easily be converted to his mortal enemy, Jesus Christ. Doesn’t want to risk that! The exceptions are that you have been marked by the beast, there is no chance of you absconding and you have to be particularly useful to satan in leading the flock into hell without them suspecting it! He keeps those alive for exceptionally long periods of time.

Interesting four; that there should be two classes of angels in Heaven. Probably the same as on earth. The census of the congregation and the census of the Levites. God knew who would readily accept his call, Levites and who would grumble, the congregation. It is not that all the congregation are going to be lost. They are not but their salvation will follow a different pathway here on earth and in Heaven. To label these as salvation plans A and B would really be putting the cat in among the pigeons and it is too early for me to make that call at this stage. The point being the Levites were different. They were God’s call.

Jesus and God the Father had agreed on a plan of salvation and that plan started on 01/01/01. Good Friday Passover in Egypt (GFPE). Jesus would leave His shoes and future immortality behind for anyone who wanted to walk in them and be with Him in Heaven for eternity. These were called the Levites and they had their own census. They were a very special group of people

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and God expected more from them. And the first ground that satan/Korah should have died was that he broke that trust. The fires of hell are stoked up more when a priest commits the same sin as a pauper. Satan was not just a part of the ring of leaders, he was the leader and for that he should also have died. The higher up the greater the responsibility!

Being a Levite he knew any sacrilegious acts were punishable by death including offering fire offering in a firepan. He like the other 250 who did that should also have died. He did not get killed along with them and thrown into the bowels of the earth.

Not only did he not die when lifted up in the desert as a bronze snake of Moses he cured those who had been bitten by snakes, he gave life and not death. So what part of him gave life?

Serpent only gives death, bronze only represents the two types of evil; within and without. The only thing that is left is Levite. And he should have known better. But this brings in the two plans of salvation that were available to the Nazirite, plan A the living and plan B the dead. ****Plan A was for the Messiah to come to earth and with the cooperation of His people, priests and high priest, save the world, evangelise the ‘dead’ and take them all to Heaven with Him. That is what the Scripture told them should happen. It wasn’t Jesus Who broke His end of the bargain it was the people and priests and in no uncertain terms; they had Him killed. [giddy spells holding up writing]

Luckily that was not the end of the destiny of the human race. God/Jesus had a plan B and it was in the preparpetory stages for over a thousand years; the Levite. The Levite was being trained for the moment the people and priests did their big dummy spit. When the curtain tore at 3pm on GFPMC the Levite changed from ministering outside of the tent of meeting to inside. We became kings and priests of the Almighty God! A position we will retain for the eternities. And it is us , the dead who are, ultimately will wake up those living and bring them back to their senses and together hand in hand we will go and meet our Saviour!

So whether it was satan in Heaven or Korah on earth, these Levites committed dreadful sins in showing God had placed misplaced His trust in them and if God had made this ‘error’ here what other misplacements of judgments had He made? Well God cannot  nor did He make a mistake here or anywhere else and for the sake of the critics and cynics there is going to a period of some 1,800 years to prove that this is so. For the life of me whichever way I look I cannot see firepans or a bronze snake in Heaven. That is not saying that I will not change my mind in the next few minutes but right now I just can’t. The serpent symbol has been transferred from Heaven to Eden first and now to this bronze snake.

I am not sure whether we are supposed to take the Israelites position in Canaan here or that of Nicodemus. Nicodemus went back and studied the bronze snake but he also saw its fulfilment. John (3:14); ‘And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up’. But it wasn’t as simple as one plus one equals two. Only Nicodemus and Joseph worked it out. Not Peter, not Paul, not Mary, not John nor anyone else. So initially we will look just at the ‘one’ that the Jews saw in Moses’ time and then try and introduce the second ‘one’ or Jesus on the cross.

The Jews were in a desperate situation. Not only had they been conquered, some were even taken into captivity. Only one worse scenario; they were all in captivity, probably better than being killed. And it is from these depths that God seems to lift us. The deeper the trough the higher the next wave will be. The more we will appreciate it and the later it will be before we forget. Well I was being careful and watching my step but this cunning animal just seemed to appear out of nowhere, bit me and disappeared. Not to excite myself and let more adrenaline Page 35

increase the poison and circulation I send the missus off to get Moses and tell him to get over here pronto otherwise he will lose yet another member of the flock. After what seems like an eternity she comes back and reports there are hundreds of similar cases and Moses is working on a solution. Apparently he is casting a bronze snake and anyone who looks up at it will not die.

The value of her report is totally dependent of what I think of Moses. Highly, lowly or something in between. I have been bitten by the serpent of sin which results in certain death unless I look to Jesus’ solution; Him hanging on the cross, if I look  and believe I am saved and if I don’t I go to hell! So what did the Jews think of their God appointed leader, Moses? They had certainly seen God’s anointing on him, he was God’s servant and if they still thought he was just a drop-kick who led them from one disaster to the next then there are no bonus point for guessing the destination of these people. For me this is a life and death situation. I am about to depart to the other side. It is unknown for anybody to have been bitten by the serpent of sin and survived. There may have been varying lengths of time before the serpent’s poison killed them but in the end they all died. —

So do I trust in Moses and wait for him to lift up his symbol and by looking at this symbol I live or do I think the whole thing is a cruel hoax and die. Looking at that symbol they were looking at evil but even at that stage the door of mercy had not closed on that evil. It could still be turned into life eternal, both satan and Korah, it had been selected by none other than God Himself and trained under the strictest conditions to do so. It is a matter of faith and it will remain so right until the blood of Jesus is applied to our foreheads. They had the bronze snake with much faith required, we have GFPMC and less faith required and even less faith after DOA50. But today it is a matter of faith. The master deceiver knows that this is what is all about and he sends his fakes and frauds and he has achieved his aim when you look around you at the incredible complexity and beauty around us and do not see the Creator, but you see it coming from nowhere by evolution. That is the purpose of the Book of Genesis; Christ Creator turned into Christ Redeemer, this happens within Genesis, we have to look at the Levite first before changing our gaze to the Nazirite! **** An interrupt before continuing with Numbers.

As stated before and on many occasions that this blog is an attempted interpretation of the Book of Revelation as it applies to end days. The problem being there is no such thing as an individual book to base ideas and dogma on, they are all Scripture, all part of the Bible and all are Christ centred. So when I see people, churches using this book to take anyone away from Christ it becomes my duty to repel/reject those ideas even when put forward by whole denominations and churches. Jimmy Swaggart is the only claimed to be ‘christian’ channel in my area but the criticisms which I apply to him apply to others with the same view points. Any ministry that severs not just the tie between God to man but also man to God, total severance, is demonic. Swaggart’s ministry does both. It is demonic. Whether its leaders and followers know what they are doing is wrong, God alone will judge intentional and unintentional as He did at the cross to those who jeered and sneered at Him and then allocated precious Scripture to tell us the unintentional ones were there to greet Him at His second coming.

I wasn’t going to comment on Gabriel Swaggart’s conversion but now that I am there I might as well. It seems Gabriel has seen the light, the evil of earth’s manna and it doesn’t matter what dad or granddad say he is now going to seek the Lord and Him only. From his confession it was difficult to tell whether he and the family were going to move into a four person tent or allow

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themselves the six person version model somewhere in the wilderness and whether they were going to allow themselves tomato sauce with their locusts. But big changes were afoot. And you alone can make that happen. Not that anyone begrudges you or any pastor a decent living and broadcasting is an expensive exercise but we just want to know out of the packet of chips you get how many do you keep for yourself and how many go back to the Lord’s work? You know and you will not release those figures because what they will show. As onlookers we can only see those few outside signs, and they show you are a fraud. In the meantime grandpa is doing his umpteenth first class world tour when he goes to a refugee camp and sees this woman with baby at breast and estimates she will probably die of starvation within a few days. His heart strings are torn but not to the depth that would expose the wallet to give a few dollars to her. Face drops, fights back the tears, obviously deeply affected. The cynics would say the realisation hits him that he won’t be able to flog this lot any of those DVD’s that he has in his car even at super discounted prices!

It is Scripture that tells us that any house divided against itself will fall. Satan and the beast stand united whilst they have a common enemy, God’s people as does the gay lobby and Muslim. But that is only up to a point. Just because in a family, mum and dad and children are demon possessed does not mean there is harmony within the family. In fact they will tear into each like cats and dogs and so it is within the demonic family. Harmony up to a point. It is satan’s duty as head of this ‘family’ to make sure as many people as can be are turned away from God and finish up in hell. This is his primary duty. And to do this he adopts the same principle as many denominations and churches use. Get yourself some real estate pull down what is there and replace it with seven other buildings. Get some individual with a demon in them, throw that demon out and replace him with the number of completion, seven. Can’t do any better than that. It may not have a success rate of 100% but 99% or better is still acceptable.

I cannot answer why that demon inside that person does not leave when ordered by satan nor that he will not accept another six demons to live with him, but he doesn’t. Satan is going to be far surer of his claim on this soul if it is occupied by the complete number of evil spirits; seven. If in fact we have a free will and Adam and Eve did obey satan and did it willingly then satan must be given some access to his inheritance. That number seems to be one demon. There cannot be two demons there one driving out the other, only one per person. It maybe a different case once there are seven demons there but initially there is only one.

The only (?), best way to get rid of that demon is the presence of Jesus Christ. The demon may still be on the outside but not within and as far as satan is concerned that person is worse off with Jesus than with one demon. But the whole idea is to make sure this Jesus is not firmly entrenched and with a few seeds of doubt spread about this person will soon abandon their shallow faith. This is the moment that satan was waiting for; sends in seven. This changes the rules; now even if that seven rebel he can send in eight or ten to drive these seven out. This person is now much worse off than they were with only one demon.

The problem satan has depends on how deeply those demons are embedded in that person. Most demons flee at the sight of Jesus but there are some  who will stay to the bitter end. You would think that satan would concede that, ‘you can’t win them all’ and be happy with the amazing  success rate that he has. But no, he considers these few very hard to remove demons the challenge. He is going for the perfect score, 100%. He has nothing to lose! To study his technique on these difficult cases we can go no better than Swaggart and similar Christian

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ministries. We have already seen how they sever God’s connection to humanity by telling their followers to disregard  the blessed day He has sent us; the Sabbath. Here we have a ministry based on the cross, in one word, sin and they then encourage us to sin deliberately! Heard that one Jimmy way back in the Garden of Eden and guess who was preaching the sermon and sounding very convincing! Satan did not use a hail of, ‘ glory to God and Alleluias ‘  but somehow somewhere somebody is going to relate at the constant breaking of God’s commandments willingly is not what GFPMC is about!

Deliberately sinning in a cross based ministry gives us some clues as to which spirit is involved as does the spirit who is on tap with tongues and then gloats with glee as it sees the Christians in among the Palestinians being harassed and slaughtered by a bunch of atheists and blasphemers. I heard that is what happened at the cross of GFPMC and I don’t need someone to draw me a picture of who that spirit was. Jimmy is getting desperate warning anyone who says evil things about the Holy Spirit is crossing the line of sacrilege. You are basing a lot of your ministry on this spirit, you are clutching at straws, this is the bottom of the barrel.  No one better make any challenges! Paul had no problems when he said that if a non believer turned up to a service where everyone spoke in tongues that he would think they were all mad and do a bolter for the door! We don’t need any new definitions Jimmy. You have defined the situation well; a born again Christian will gloat at the misfortune of God’s people! It would be hard to add to that one!—-

The problem with these difficult demons is you have to throw everything at them before they budge. You have to present the cross in such a way that can only be presented by the Holy Spirit. Missing the ‘Holy’ part of the Spirit does not daunt Jimmy and his followers, they fill in the gaps with miming and other techniques, but get rid of this deep trenched demon they must because they have their clangers to present each of which puts a shutter between believer and Christ. If they manage to drive this demon out then all well and good but if not then they still must keep you out of Heaven. We have seen two of their techniques. One is to make sure you remain under the old covenant from which Heaven remains out of bounds. They do this by not allowing the law of God to be transferred from the stone tablet to your heart. It no longer applies they say so what is the point of transferring it? There is none, keep it on the stone tablet, remain under the old covenant. Don’t worry about it after all who needs a gift from God? ****

To take man’s gift from God  away from man is one thing but to take God away from man is another thing altogether. Swaggart replaces the image of God with a blasphemy that makes sure few if any will turn to. God’s revelation of Himself was through His only begotten Son on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) where He showed some of the immeasurable qualities including love, compassion, mercy, long suffering, forgiveness and others. These and others are encapsulated by one attribute; holiness and it was His holiness that was the focus of worship on the Day of Atonement (DOA51), Sabbath the 10th of July. And to take the Friday and the Saturday and convert them to everlasting death is indeed sacrilege. These are acts of Divine love and not an exercise of cruelty and hate!

But even this may  bring the most ardent of atheists to Jesus. They may not be so intimidated by waiting for Lazarus to bring them a drop of water on his finger than have Jimmy Swaggart coming down from heaven and asking if they were at the Manilla Evangelistic campaign in 1984 and being told ‘well if you had been you wouldn’t be here today!’  Jimmy has his heavenly program worked out rather well. He is then going to leave them burn for a thousand years and come and check whether they were at the South African campaign. No? well you should have

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been and if you were you wouldn’t be here today! The DVD’s and videos were marked down to the bone but you still did not buy! Then apparently he is going to leave them for a million years before his next check and evangelistic campaign. No old evangelists don’t die and the thought of having Jimmy’s campaigns revisited for the eternities and not being able to avoid them must make even the most ardent atheist throw in the towel! Or should I say pick up the towel and head for the water baptism!

What a mockery you make out of holiness and perfection. This holy, loving God formed the overwhelming majority, as many as one in a thousand, one saved but 999 were created to scream their guts out in hell for all times! Only a sadistic, cruel and inefficient god would do that and a god well worth staying away from! Your blasphemy has run its full course when you go back and apply this cruelty and sadism to the love relationship between Father and Son that was exhibited on GFPMC. It just proves the cruelty of God. Thank you Jimmy you may now resume your seat. You have done well and satan is very pleased!

Your explanation of the destiny of the saints, immediately taken to Heaven is the foothold that spiritualism needs and uses, an avenue for satan to enter the body. If the righteous go to Heaven immediately then the wicked go to hell. Lazarus and the dead man. One small problem there and that it that the wicked will be resurrected and the end of the millennium, released from hell so you would expect a stampede for the sackcloth when the two witnesses appear at the third coming of our Lord to end the age of grace. There is not one response, no one repents! Seems after all that hell is not such a bad place after all and Jimmy’s campaigns are a welcome break from all that screaming! It is probably the other way around; screaming intensifies as Jimmy appears and dies off to normal background levels between appearances! You are satan’s foothold into the body!

What about those saints you claim have gone to Heaven on death? Why do they first have to come back for the second coming at all and be the first to returned to Heaven ahead of the 144,000 who are also going? It could be as simple as they are missing their Jimmy Swaggart DVD’s and videos and have come back to stock up! After all if they have not seen the light by now who will? So hang around Jimmy and keep the warehouses well stocked there is money still to be made out of this lot yet!

This blog is not an exegesis on the state of the dead and I do not claim to have all the Scriptural answers. In fact as I read different Scripture I keep changing my mind. One example is the 12 to 3 time slot on GFPMC where I have gone back to my original idea that 9 to 12 was my Saviour suffering for my unintentional sins and 12 to 3 intentional sins. This forces the result onto the DOA52 as there were no intentional sins left by now all six hours on this cross, 9 to 3 were hours of light. There were no hours of darkness. After all if Jesus wanted to take our place in hell He is going to have to stand where I stood and have the charge read out by God the Father, ‘That you did spit in my Holy Face and tell Me you wanted a divorce, you wanted out, you had had enough!’ And Jesus had to respond, ‘Guilty as charged’ to each sin and then allocated due punishment. It is Heaven that draws the distinction between intentional and unintentional sin and for good reason!

The two Biblical verses that the proponents of continuing consciousness of the dead are Lazarus and the rich man and Paul’s statement that he wanted to leave now to be with our Lord, certainly implies continuity. I could refer you to a blog that has the best interpretation on these topics and I know that the SDA’s staunchly support the state of the dead as dead so if you a

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looking for a Scriptural analysis on this that would certainly be the place to start. To me it would all be pretty well meaningless from Genesis (You will surely die) up to and specifically including Revelation if the dead were not dead. So why did Paul want to leave now and be with his Lord?

Jesus selected Paul, trained him and gave him a specific and major role in the start of the early Christian church. But it was not Paul’s church nor was is Peter’s church or Mary’s church. It was the church of Jesus Christ to whom Jesus had sent His Spirit to form and nurture. Paul knew that he had run his race and it was time to hand the baton on. It had been a hard race and many regrettable mistakes had been made, but with Jesus Christ time only points forward; the beauty of the Heavens to come as displayed in this cross. Paul without a shadow of doubt saw both GFPMC and DOA52, the complete picture. But it was one cross, the same cross and unless you see the first one there is little point in searching for the second. And Paul focused on stage one; Nazarite’s ministry phase one.

Whether Paul knew that he would be dead for, euphemistically sleep, 1,977 years, 3 months, 17 days, 2 hours, 56 minutes and nine seconds or whatever this figure is, we are not told but I daresay he had a fair idea of how long his sleep was. The point was though he had to pass the baton on and if he held on for too long it would not give those receiving it a fair go to do their work. He is reminiscing about what was and wondering if the Lord was going to take him or give him another stint of six or twelve months and another missionary tour. It was not intended as a theological statement about the state of the dead. —

Whether the rich man and Lazarus give us this statement of the dead being alive in hell now has already been looked at. They all rise with the wicked at the end of the millennium and are given 260 years time plus an intense period for repentance of 1,260 days at the time of the two witnesses. Not only would they all have repented they would have convinced the living at the time to repent also! There where would be no one left for hell. No one repents, they all go to hell. So what does Lazarus tell us? What is this abyss? Is it hell? Paradise?

I have been critical of commentaries and commentators who as soon as they strike a difficult passage symbolise it, it can’t be literal! So it would be hypocrisy to treat Lazarus the same way. Let us list some of the ‘facts’ concerning this matter. Jesus suffered and went to hell for our sins on GFPMC for a maximum of six hours and not a million or whatever years. Satan is going to be thrown into the abyss for a thousand years. When released he is not charred, his handicap is that his great chain around him is not taken off. We have already spent some time on the revolt in Heaven and 2 Peter (2:4). As these evil angels are awaiting judgment they cannot be in hell. Hell is where judgment is carried out they are the foyer to hell, are going to be given a chance at repentance, judged and then thrown into hell. So ‘hell’ in fact should be abyss. So these angels, the inner core rebels will spend some seven thousand years here deciding and being given a chance to repent. Had they offered fire as the 250 leaders did, judgement would have occurred there and then, they were killed to join the ranks of the dead.******Unrecoverable configuration error stopped access for 3 hours.

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What does Lazarus and the rich man have to tell us about the state of the dead? There are an umpteen number of blogs out there on Luke 16:19-31 to which I don’t think I can add anything to. But the amazing thing is that the churches and rich ‘Christian’ ministries refer to this parable at all. They should have it blanked out of their Bibles. It is you that this parable condemns. You are the rich man habitually dressed in purple and fine linen gaily living in splendour every day. It is you who will not throw a crumb to poor Lazarus and those who take Lazarus’ coat and leave him cold so that they can buy themselves the best available purple clothes are not even mentioned, they are beyond contempt.

Yes both die and Lazarus is carried into Heaven at the second coming of Jesus along with the righteous dead. There he will experience a number of time zones; 1,000 years plus 260 years plus approx. 50 years plus 483 years plus three and a half years plus three and a half years plus 7 months plus 7 days and plus 7 hours. Then he will pass through the doorway into the tent of meeting. The rich man dies and is dead, dead until the end of the millennium when the wicked dead are risen, then 260 years plus approx. 50 years plus 483 years plus three and a half years where within two weeks of the end of this 1,260 day period he is thrown into hell. It is from within hell that he makes his call for mercy and having shown none in his life has that amount returned. It is from hell Jimmy where you will you not only see your sins against God but also against Lazarus yet you will persist in using this parable.

I used to think that the most stupid act ever committed by any human being was committed by Eve. She had life eternal but fell for the satan’s lie that he could give her life eternal which was a lie and actually took it away! But your act of stupidity even tops that. You know as rich man you are going to be calling out to Lazarus for a drop of water and you will be doing this for the eternities to come! Yet you don’t stop yourself enriching yourself with lies! It is obvious that you don’t believe in an eternal hell it is just a ploy to scare the money out of people and your main aims to destroy the love of God as shown by GFPMC and replace Him with someone who is sadistic, cruel and inefficient, an abomination who must be stayed away from. Eternal hell does that most efficiently! You firstly close the doors into Heaven to prevent entry. By not allowing the law to be transferred from stone tablet to heart the people remain under the old covenant. You throw back God’s gift of His Holy Day back into His face. Then to top it off you bar and lock the Heavenly door by warning everyone that there is a god of hate behind them and there is no better way of doing this than the doctrine of eternal hell! No doubt you like Billy Graham will have no problems with ‘blessing’ American troops as they  leave to go and slaughter millions of innocent people! Even Lyndon Johnson praised the lord when 20,000 people died in one day defending their country of Vietnam! My wife’s father a Pole, had the misfortune of fighting in two world wars and in Poland other wars as well. He would tell us how the demons dressed in their black cloaks with the flash of smiling teeth collar would jump from trench to trench encouraging the soldiers to kill in the name of God. But they could also see demons jumping from trench to trench on the German side. And you have stated that is how you define a born again Christian. One who gloats and approves of God’s people being harassed and slaughtered by a Godless nation! Returning from page 35 and the Levite-Nazirite of the bronze snake in the desert.

Actually there were three crosses on Mount Calvary on the Friday. Levite-Nazirite-Levite. It is my intention to show that this Levite on the left is satan, but it could be Korah or you or me someone chosen by God as His but has gone astray. Was/is a mixture of present evil but potential good as well. Their evil must pass through that middle cross on which the fires of hell burn and after which the remains will be the Levite that God intended on the right hand cross. It

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is this transformation we are expected to study in this serpent and as we have only ‘covered’ twenty one chapters we do not know this is the high point Jesus sent us to or just an inflection point in our study of the Book of Numbers. God has been preparing these Levites since almost 01/01/01 that at that middle cross they would pass through that torn curtain and become Heaven bound Levites, kings and priests.

Unlike many of the ministries and denominations around today this blog struggles with the transition from a sinful world to a sinless Heaven. The sins of the bride were cleaned up on GFPMC by the Son of Man and any remaining sins after the fires of hell went out by the Son of God on DOA52 and the world and the universe were burnt up pretty soon after it was possible to destroy them; the water and blood that Jesus shed on this earth were gathered and taken to Heaven. This earth could not be destroyed whilst they were here, and even while the beast of evil remained in any form the potential for sin remained, but finally a sinless state. A lot of Scriptural time has been spent on this journey and the bride spent what seemed like an eternity in this zone.

We knew we were about to make our final assault onto the Promised Land when those spies came back from Canaan and gave such a wonderful report; it was grape time. Now for the first time because we are in a sinless state the Holy Spirit will not be hindered in any way and will be able to show us His power in what we celebrated here on earth as the Last Supper and the wine. In fact God Himself warns us that we are heading towards 0.3 flour, 0.5 oil and 0.5 drink offering. And we of ourselves will see the bull and peace offering and are ready to present them before God. It maybe the return of the prodigal son but this son brings a gift that even God will acknowledge as perfect. He does specifically prepare us for what will happen on the other side of the doorway into the new tent of earthly meeting.

It wasn’t so much of a mistake but that we did not grasp what was happening in those very last days of the history of planet earth. We has been tutored by the bridegroom but you can’t tutor true worship and that is what we have been experiencing. Almost impossible to absorb anything else going on. This all happened on the Day of Atonement (DOA52). We were aware that phase one of the Nazirite vow had been completed at 3pm the sin phase, all sin gone and therefore phase two must have begun, the sinless phase. But herein lies the ‘problem’. (A problem I would dearly love to have and would give an arm and leg for) Looking at this cross for six hours has changed gratitude worship into true worship. No longer what Jesus did for me but why He did it for me. This is the specific aim of the cross; to turn gratitude worship into true worship.

That is the stage at which we lost it; it is called phase two of the ministry of the Nazirite. But how long did this stage two last for? Was it when He cut His hair off and placed it at the foot of the altar? Or longer? We did not realise that the Nazirite’s vow was completed here on this earth and just as He began to lead us over to that sinless zone on the other side of the doorway of the tent of meeting. It appeared as one continuous ministry. It was not. The moment Jesus crossed to the other side His ministry changed to that of the High Priest of the order of Melchizedek.

We only realised this at the water of Meribah and as soon as we realised this we asked the Rock for living water!**** Meribah is chapter 20 and we got our bearings in Chapter 19; the ordinance of the red heifer. It must be kept in mind that there is no sin of any kind once we go through that doorway. Just like we cannot relate to what holy, infinite or perfect mean up there it is the concept of sin which is not in our vocabulary. We certainly want a sin free history and

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Jesus Christ gives us just that, a sin free history. Add that to the inability to sin and you can see what a farce an everlasting hell has on this concept. But if we are in such a sinless zone then how can the red heifer be up there as well. It is all about sin!

Passing through the doorway into this sinless zone when we looked up  there was the blood of the lamb on the doorframe and we thought, well that is Good Friday Passover in Egypt. 01/01/01 and the start of the journey whereas now we have the end of that journey and the start of eternity. Egypt did not have anything to do with sin and there is no sin here also. Not mentioned here as it doesn’t exist. All that matters is as firstborn we have come to enjoy our inheritance and the blood on the doorway tells us we will enjoy it forever! The reality is that the golden lampstand is here; all three crosses. Egypt was the blood on the doorframe as we came in and the cross where Jesus was crucified on both GFPMC and DOA52 has come through. All three crosses are here.

It is strange that the spies warned us that the grapes were in season on the other side of the door that the first time I have been able to pick up the presence of blood is in verse four, (19:4); ‘Next Eleazar the priest shall take some of its blood with his finger and sprinkle some of its blood towards the front of the tent of meeting seven times.’ Jesus Christ before going to the cross of GFPMC checked that this sacrifice would be perfect and would be acceptable to God. He waved it towards the tent of meeting where we are now, supposedly a sinless zone, because there was no Most Holy Place at this time. The New Jerusalem had not yet descended. He waved it in front because some of it splashed onto the doorway we were about to pass through. He waved it towards the front of the tent of meeting to confirm that the journey that began on 01/01/01 will be over, but unfortunately it can only be over when what is symbolised by the red heifer has been done.

Even though we were given a fair coverage of what to expect once we arrived inside of this tent of meeting, it is such a massive and beautiful place we need to orientate ourselves first. First thing is a quick glance at the doorway; blood on the other side but not on this side? And we are in the season of the grape? Jesus’ waving His blood exercise must have been concerned about our entry into the tent of meeting, well we are here so it was acceptable to God. But wasn’t Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary only applicable to the sins of the bride and not to any left over sins after the fires of hell went out? So DOA52 was not required? GFPMC cleared our sins, now the bride, to the extent that we would be allowed into this sinless zone because we were sinless. They are gone! The door would not open however until all sin was gone and thus the need for DOA52. Well what is on the doorway frame on this side? On Heaven’s side?

It can never be overstressed the dual nature of Jesus Christ. Unless He was fully man and fully God the crosses He went to are meaningless. Satan only has to degrade, put into doubt one of these natures and the three crosses on the golden lampstand are just a work of art. The red heifer is why we are here in the tent of meeting make our intense preparations for the descent of the Most Holy Place; the New Jerusalem; the throne and direct presence of God! It is the humanity of Jesus Christ that has allowed us to be able to be inside of this tent of meeting. His divine blood would have put out the fires of hell and His divine body would not/could not have died only his human body and blood could have died and not put out the fires of hell! When Jesus does finally crush satan’s skull in hell the fires only self extinguish when there is nothing left to burn. All of evil’s fuel has been consumed!

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On GFPMC the whole body of Jesus Christ was presented to hell. In heifer terms its hide, flesh, blood and refuse; everything! And it was all burnt to ashes. Every sin that we presented Him finished up in this pile of ashes. So if there is anything that could be on the entry door  it should be covered with ashes. But notice these sins have to be presented to the flames first before they can be burned. Satan has found new depths in the denominations that say they don’t have to confess their sins, they are automatically forgiven! Without God’s gift of the Sabbath you will swallow anything!

Satan will allow the preaching of the most breath taking and heart piercing of sermons but only on two grounds; the congregation can have no benefit from them and it has been firmly established in their minds that the god of this sermon is a cruel, vindictive and sadistic god who will even put his only begotten son through such unnecessary violence, he must be stayed away from at all costs! Everlasting hell does the latter and keeping them under the old covenant by not allowing the law from being transferred from stone to heart the former. You can shout all the Alleluias and blest be God’s but they are all meaningless!

This burning inferno that engulfed  the red heifer did have cedar wood thrown in, the cross which came along with us now, Hyssop that was taken by Jesus in His final act of separation from His Father and a scarlet material to indicate the re-joining when we arrive in Canaan in the season of grapes. But this body that was burned leaving a pile of ashes also released at 4pm on GFPMC water and blood about which I am surprised how little has been written about. It seems to me that the water is going to be a continual process but the blood a  one off application. So from the red heifer we not only have the ashes but also the water that gushed from Jesus’ side. It separately was collected from earth to the blood and is here now with us.

So what is orientation day/week or month supposed to tell us about these other that they have come across from sinful planet earth? The body, the burnt offering which for the first time we ‘understood’ from 3 to 4pm on the DOA52 as a true act of worship shouldn’t pose that much of a problem as it was the last act of worship on the old earth and the first act of worship in our new tent of worship and those instructions came from none other than God Himself. The new earth worship was far superior to the old earth as there was no sin and nothing inhibiting the power of the Holy Spirit.

The second thing God told us to focus on was the special vow. There may be tens of thousands of Nazirite vows made but there was only one that we are concerned with; the Nazirite Jesus Christ. His vow now appears to be purely an earthly vow then a Heavenly vow. Phase one the sin stage and phase two the sinless stage. If this was the case then phase one was from 9 am on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) until 3 pm on the Day of Atonement (DOA52) All sin had been dealt with between those dates and times. There was not one trace of sin left behind, but strangely even that was not the end. Firstly there was Daniel’s 1,260 days to finish off the 7*70=490 years. And specifically we are told that the Most Holy was anointed within this time. Jesus Christ laid His sinless locks of hair on the altar/cross. He Himself attached the tag ‘Heaven bound on it’ . There has nothing come up in Scripture so far that the world will last for another seven months, seven days and seven hours. If it did then the time from DOA52 to end of this planet would be; 1,260 + 210  + 7  + 7 hours = 1,477 days and seven hours. This is a very significant period of time when you compare it to the 451 (?) days we are given in our new tent of meeting to prepare for the arrival of the New Jerusalem.

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We did have much to learn about what we were about to enter; eternity. There wasn’t just going to be a blinding flash in the sky and the New Jerusalem was going to be there just like Jesus appeared at His second coming. No there was going to be an orderly and staged transition, logical reasoning as now directed by the uninhibited presence of the Holy Spirit. And the target is specifically given; o.3 flour, 0.5 oil and 0.5 drink offering. It certainly wound not be beyond the power of our Lord to allow this world to last for 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours!  We know exactly where we are going. It appears that the Holy Spirit even on this earth is giving us more daily bread with each hour of study. And if in fact we do have the law of God transcribed from the stone tablets and onto our hearts we are indeed under the new covenant and allowed to project our minds into this sinless state because we are in fact sinless now! And Jesus Christ did that way back on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). In fact I can guess the topics; the red heifer, Miriam dies, the waters of Meribah, Aaron died, Arad conquered, the bronze serpent, Balak and Balaam…….. But starting with the red heifer.

It is the study of the bodily death of our Lord Jesus Christ. And guess what that is also the topic of the Nazirite’s vow stage one, GFPMC which cannot be separated from DOA52 and is the intermediate stage of the burnt offering and introduces the second phase of the ministry of Jesus which at the border of eternity becomes Jesus the High Priest in the order of Melchizedek Who continues for the eternities! In this text somewhere we must be told of the termination of the worldly stage of phase two of the Nazirite’s vow and how this water got into the Rock of Meribah and how it represents Melchizedek.

The red heifer certainly deals with the earthly body of Jesus Christ; selection, where burned, by whom, fire composition and where the ashes are to be placed and by whom. It is the foundational dogma of eternity just like GFPE, the bottom cross in the golden lampstand was the foundation of the earthly ministry. Without the red heifer there would be no salvation and no eternity. But the new concept that the red heifer introduces is in verse (19:9) ‘Now a man who is clean shall gather up the ashes of the heifer and deposit them outside of the camp in a clean place, and the congregation of the sons of Israel shall keep it as water to remove impurity; it is from purification from sin’.

These ashes have just come from a fierce fire that has consumed a large animal entirely. Any water or blood left within could only be divine water and blood. But the blood was already waved before the burned offering was consumed, this water as represented by the ashes comes after the inferno.  A picture is starting to develop. This is the prelude to the main event. Priest Eleazar, [ High Priest could even be Melchizedek] offers heifer, [offers bull] in direction of tent of meeting [takes blood into Most Holy Place]. And another gigantic step from tent of meeting to the New Jerusalem just as we have taken from the old earth to the new earth! It is most important to establish a good foundation in this tent of meeting we have just arrived in. *****

The blood that Eleazar sprinkled towards the tent of meeting  was sprinkled before the death of Jesus to see if it would be acceptable. Jesus must have got some answer back from God to say that it would be. It might have been as simple as checking whether it was on the prearranged job sheet of the Nazirite. There was no point checking after the inferno just in case it was not acceptable. The water that came out of the rock, the ash only acquired its sin forgiving properties because it was in the fires of hell. It had burned them all into non-existence. But it is from here that we could be associating the waters from Meribah with life giving and sin forgiving properties. Ash and rock can be associated as when a rock is finely ground it becomes ash. Both are the result of intense contact with heat.

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Some would use the present cases of the Jews overrunning all these cities and killing their inhabitants to justify the present harassment of the Jews of the Palestinians. The Jews here were God’s people which is certainly not the case today and they were led by God and not by satan as it is today. Also are the metals in Heaven a sign of evil? There is no evil up there so they cannot be a sign of evil. What about on earth? The evil represented by any metal would be removed by the presence of God. It was the presence of the snake that made that bronze evil in Moses’ bronze snake.

All that is left now before we have to make the commitment about whether the bronze snake belongs to the tent of meeting service or is the big one of the New Jerusalem now are the waters of Meribah. To be in the tent of meeting and discussing sin would indeed be blasphemy and would require washing by the water of purification. But we are not. We are discussing holy matters; the antidotes of sin and the foundations of our eternal faith. The reasons we are here.

So far we have discussed the blood of the heifer. It was what the angel of death was looking for that night in Egypt. It passed over many households that night of 01/01/01 and the overwhelming majority had a firstborn son who claimed the title of the inheritance of that family, including Pharaoh’s firstborn son. The angel of death that night ruled that the only legitimate heirs were the one’s that were in our tent of meeting. They had passed through the door with the blood on it and Jesus in the red heifer had specifically checked before He went into that inferno with His blood that this sacrifice would be acceptable. The angel that night did not kill those who were going on to be inside our present tent of meeting, to enjoy their inheritance as firstborn, all the others died. Red heifer has mostly earthly aspects of the blood but it is red and it has had a scarlet material added to it. It of itself did not put out the inferno around it.

And all of this blood is coming across into and beyond the tent of meeting. There are not going to have ampules gathered from what soaked into His clothing, and the cross and the foot of the cross and on the road to Mount Calvary and from the pigeon/turtle dove sacrifices minus these drops to restore His life on Resurrection Sunday and so much after DOA52, it is going to be one blood from the one God/man, Jesus Christ! It could well be collected in that golden censor  of our prayers which is hurled down to earth with all our prayers at the end of the millennium. They scorned our prayers for them to be inside of that doorway with the blood and now that blood is being returned!

The real surprise to me that springs from the ashes of the red heifer is the water. If it is a foundational truth in Heaven then it must also be a foundational truth on earth. It should not come as any surprise to us because at 4pm on GFPMC when the Roman spear opened up the side of Jesus there were two distinct streams; water and blood. Together but separate. This means there had to be one censor to take up the blood of Jesus at 4pm on the DOA52 and another to pick up the water that Jesus shed. But GFPMC tells us that that there were three components of Jesus Christ; His body, His blood and His water and all three had been through hell by 3pm on GFPMC. But 3pm Jesus is abandoned by the Father, He comes to earth to join us as a part of us, our body. We as Levites have been walking in the shoes that He had left for us way back in the Sinai wilderness and now He has come to join us. We are not yet a part of His body as will be when we are joined to Him in the burnt sacrifice, but He is still a part of us; His body, blood and water.

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If this is the case  then four o’clock is coming when all three will be separated. That has happened and if this blog is right it will happen again in the great tribulation. This should give us an idea of sort of death we are going to experience and so many around the world are experiencing, including Christians with demons, including pastors giving the victory clenched fist salute. The body, water and blood do not separate with an odourless gas, they separate with bullets and bombs. And the likes of Jimmy Swaggart and his ministry cannot get enough of this! Providing of course they are not his own family.Hypocrite!

But there must be some significance today at this three way separation but even more so when the symbolism is fulfilled at the second coming. The water is in the rock of Meribah but the blood was used to plead for mercy before this sacrifice began which is where we are at in Heaven now. Today we are in the 3-4 pm period of Mount Calvary. Jesus has been to the cross, is forsaken by God and will continue to be until the DOA53 when at 4pm on the 10th of July He will have so many of these drops of blood applied to Him and regain His full self of divinity/humanity. So what happens at the second coming? Well first and foremost the separation is done by force, by bombs or bullets or a Roman spear. As this separation of body, blood and water is within our bodies it is meaningless and therefore have to point to the actual separation of 4pm on GFPMC. It was Heaven’s purpose that this should occur and it did and is in Heaven with us now.

The blood has the role of pleading for mercy. It pleaded for mercy in Egypt, it pleaded for mercy in the red heifer when Eleazar waved it towards the tent of meeting, it pleaded for mercy when the High Priest Jesus Christ took some of it to Heaven at 3pm to plead to be given the scroll from the right hand of God. It will plead for mercy on the DOA53 when the sin offering of the pigeon/turtledove is made and it will plead for divine mercy when finally applied to our foreheads just as we see His face; mercy and grace! DOA53 might be an almost entirely a divine affair but even here Jesus retains some humanity as His divinity could not have died for that mountain of sin He was getting rid of, some humanity had to be there. Another aside before it disappears somewhere in those yonder blues. When I run out of ideas I assume that the Lord has shown me the ‘times up’ sign. I accept His call but I am going out with a glorified be Your Name call. I trowel the net for the different u-tube videos and if that means plagiarising then plagiarize I will. Acknowledging would only put the skids under their ministry something I cannot help avoid with Jimmy Swaggart. I am stunned at the number of satanic clangers out there! Satan does not realise he is doing God’s work for Him. He is sieving God’s people into defenders of faith and deserters from the faith. He presents any number of ‘contradictions’ in the Bible where even a person of my theological training, zero could show these to be lies and satan knows it! But this blog is not a defence of the faith it is eschatology; end day events. The Apocalypse.

I already spend too much time on Swaggart but that is only because there are many other ministries doing exactly the same with the same clangers. They deserve to be shown for what they are; demonic! Although I have not yet heard Swaggart specifically argue this one it results in the congregation thinking they are all Heaven bound. This can be done by muddying the

waters of the meaning of the new covenant. Keep them all under the old covenant where no one gets in and stop them from coming under the new covenant where no one  is excluded. All make it! The satanic argument goes something like; the new covenant requires the transfer of law to the heart. But how many of these laws are you going to transfer? 1,000? or 1,500 or 1,627? If you can’t even tell us how many there are you are hardly likely to tell us what they are

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and therefore cannot be transferred! Well actually satan what is written is that the laws to be transferred are from stone to heart and there are only ten laws on those tablets of stone! Whether they spawn a thousand or ten thousand other laws is irrelevant because we really on how Jesus kept them!  By encouraging your followers to break God’s commandments, specifically the Sabbath one, and by not transcribing them from stone to heart you and your followers are under the old covenant and you better repack your bags. The clothing required for hell is just a little bit different to that in Heaven! And all the glory be’s and alleluias will not change that!

The water at Meribah came from the rock just like the water came form the ashes of the red heifer just like the water came from the side of the body of Jesus Christ which had just been to hell. It is all the same water and finally finishes up as the river that flows from the throne in the New Jerusalem where ‘the congregation and their beasts drank’. The subject of the water of Meribah must be approached with respect, after all the next stop is the bronze serpent. —-

The sin that both Moses and Aaron committed by striking the rock twice instead of speaking to the rock was so serious it demanded instant death which was probably averted because of the extenuating circumstances; the death of Miriam and the thirst of the people. God would not have imposed such a severe penalty it they did not know what they were doing or the issues had not been so severe. The issues were death and thirst and if Moses and Aaron could see to the Heavenly courts we are trying to look into now, and there is no reason why they did not, then their sins are accentuated. Aaron knew and should have stopped Moses and is thus also responsible.******

Like parents on earth, our Father in Heaven can have two types of children; those who ask for something and those who demand it. There is no room in Heaven for those who demand. They will make changes, corrections and rearrange the furniture. They can do that to their hearts content in a place called hell where things are far from perfect. This is not the case in Heaven. If we are dealing with Uncle Scrooge who will not release any of his treasures unless it is the last resort we may have to make specific demands and to makes such demands from the Rock is to insinuate that we are dealing with Uncle Scrooge. Nothing could be further from the truth and nothing more serious. By striking the rock not once but twice Moses and Aaron showed this congregation they were dealing with an Uncle Scrooge. Blasphemy.

The rock they were dealing with had just come out of the inferno of the red heifer. The body of Jesus Christ still had water in it at 3pm on GFPMC and He would give it to any who ASKED and He would have given generously. To imply that this rock had to be forced to yield its water is blasphemy indeed. And if Moses and Aaron could extend earthly Meribah into the tent of meeting their sin would have been worse. The act of love that Jesus had displayed on the cross so that He could give now was being challenged. He was only going to give His act of life and love only if He is forced to! To undermine the cross to that extent required a severe penalty. And the penalty that was required was the same as the last challenge to the nature of God received; death in Eden!

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By their act of disobedience to God of Adam and Eve was a challenge to the nature of the being of God. According to satan God had not provided them with eternal life nor had He let them see what He could see. It is hard to admit that the father of lies actually told the truth or at least half truth. God did not show the consequences of sin in fine detail but He did describe its effects; ‘if you eat of this fruit you will surely die!’ But God did not show them His only begotten Son being consumed by the inferno of hell. The full consequences of sin.

No bigger lie has satan told and it was swallowed hook, line and sinker by the two most intelligent human beings ever created! There was not one mutation in their body! And they fell for it and they challenged God and His Holy nature. And the challenge of such an insult was death and the introduction of the Aaronic priesthood, the priesthood of death. And it is now such another challenge that brings death again but this time to the Aaronic priesthood. That leaves us with two challenges; if this death of the Aaronic priesthood was on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary, (GFPMC) then what was it replaced with? Likewise if Meribah is in Heaven with the death of Aaron, then what is it replaced with? Maybe Melchizedek?

Here we are picking our way around the fundamentals of our eternal faith, the burnt offering, special vow, freewill offering and seasonal offerings when something catches our eye. That pile of ashes left over when the red heifer was incinerated should not have any water in it. The temperature of hell should be high enough to boil out water if it can cremate a whole body. No there is something special about that water and therefore the rock it came from must also be special.

But looking at this water how does this make us realise we are dealing with Melchizedek? No that water that has appeared out of those ashes has survived hell, death and destruction because it is the water of life. And it does this because it is the water of purification. It is required whenever anyone comes in contact with the deadly and contagious disease of death and uncleanliness. A very strict protocol has to be observed in removing its effects.

But to invoke Melchizedek this late in Heaven when He could only begin His priesthood we first must explain how Aaron and his priesthood got so far into Heaven. Wasn’t it done away with almost 4,000 years ago?  The Aaronic priesthood was God’s solution to a very serious situation that developed in the Garden of Eden. It was not God’s preferred option but it was still God’s option and therefore could not have been evil. It has survived for so far into Heaven because it was God’s option. The Aaronic priesthood was superseded by the priesthood of Jesus Christ and in Heaven the Aaronic priesthood is superseded by the priesthood of Melchizedek, the priesthood of eternity. Can anyone see me digging a hole for myself and the bronze serpent?

The Aaronic priesthood involving death has not been dead for that long!  Death last showed its ugly sting 1,477 days before we came through this doorway into our new Heaven’s tent of meeting. DOA53. Its memories are not that distant! The insult of death is removed at Meribah and it is not the bride who strikes the rock twice. We speak to it and it willingly yields its water of life. Unlike Moses and Aaron it is not in our nature to even think about striking the rock. But if we don’t strike the rock like Moses and Aaron did then how does this kill both Moses and Aaron, the old Aaronic priesthood and allow it to be replaced by the priesthood of Jesus Christ of eternity?  They struck the rock and their priesthood was replaced by that of the Nazirite phase one. We speak to the rock and the priesthood of the Nazirite phase two is replaced by the priesthood of eternity, Melchizedek. If they had spoken to the rock as directed by God would they also have received the priesthood of Melchizedek? Similar question to what would have

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happened if we struck the rock instead of speaking to it? What difference does it make if I ask the Lord to help instead of telling Him what I want done and when? Much! All the difference! Asking for help from someone Who loves you and knowing that you can’t be rejected is the prayer the Lord seeks. He will not, nor cannot let you down! Telling Him, ordering Him may lead to the same result, He still cannot abandon you  but the consequences could be totally different. In Heaven we do not ask for the water of Meribah because of the fear of death, we ask for it because of its beauty. It is given and it is given in abundance; the priestly order of Melchizedek and it is forever!

******01/01/2018.(37,138 words) Another year closer to the return of our Lord. His return will be a matter of sight. The city of Jerusalem lays in ruins. For the sceptics check the stones in the present foundation. No two left on each other! That is why the earthquake was so violent. Now count forty five days and this time Christians can be in white gowns and waiting on roof tops! Our Lord has finally come. As I hope to be sharing my ministries with my friend Jimmy Swaggart in heaven I made a new years resolution to try to coordinate our ministries better here on earth. At least he was honest and released his agenda and timetable of how he will be looking after the downstairs department. So I have to do the same on how I will be looking after the upstairs department. I will be basing it all on chapter eight of Revelation; the prayer chapter. Not only will every prayer that the saints have prayed be there so will be the answer. So if I am flying over a city of five million people and I pray for them not only will my prayer there but each of those five million people will also show me how my simple one second prayer affected them. Paul prayed for the church of his time and the future and if that will consist of 700 million people then Paul’s prayer will be there and how it affected each one of those 700 million people. That is the power of my prayer and that is the power of your prayers! So up there I will ask for a printout of your prayers and compare them against the output of the blog for that day and if it is shown that the ideas for that day were sparse because you just happened you did not to pray then watch out!  Before confronting you I will check out with brother Swaggart whether castration is an option or just castigation, but I will be around! If it wasn’t so serious it would be a joke but seriously it is a long year ahead, 365 days of typing and that can only be achieved with prayer!

But I have already run into a serious problem that when looking across from the serpent to Jesus being lifted up; He is lifted as the Son of Man! I have always regarded the teaching of the human nature of Jesus Christ as foundational truth, but this foundational?  We must expect a major attack on the humanity of Jesus Christ doctrine, yet another clanger! Could Jimmy take on this challenge? He understands the science of clangers very well. Firstly you must establish a platform and for that you just need two clangers. Keep them under the old covenant from where salvation is impossible and then produce an image of God that is so repulsive no one will seek Him. Everlasting hell does the latter very well! To keep them from coming under the new covenant you must annul at least one commandment, any one. If you are going to do that you might as well throw God’s gift to humanity back into His holy face; the Sabbath. Swaggart does those very well but if you don’t want them challenged then you have to throw in other clangers as well! He has others on his platform of clangers but that spring off the right leg and clenched fist of victory at the harassment of Christians blew your cover away, as well as your definition of born again Christian; those who approve of your demonic acts and gloating! You are training them to be ‘blessed’ as they go to war. How am I going in repairing bridges between our ministries. I had better stop before I say something negative about Jimmy!


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We have arrived at the bronze serpent but at two levels; where Nicodemus was told by Jesus to go back to and also where he was when he saw the Son of Man being lifted up on GFPMC and between these two we are supposed to form what could be the last tenet of our faith of eternity. Using myself as an example.

Even though I was very careful this viper was so well camouflaged it reared up and struck me on the calf. I know I am going to die as anyone else who has been bitten has, although the time for death varied. I seek the Lord’s representative for help confident that he will help. That confidence has been tested on numerous occasions up to now and strengthened on each occasion, well most of them. I am told just to sit and wait whilst Moses makes [casts or beats out?] out of bronze a snake and by looking at this snake when Moses lifts it up, just the act of looking will stop me from dying. Clearly this is an act of faith, of belief. I didn’t count the hours for Moses to make this snake but he finally did and I looked at it and now know I am not going to die. An act of faith. I know that I am not going to die because Jesus told me so. But does faith get some evidence to be based on?

Well if it does then there has not been much forthcoming in the bronze snake. The only spiritual application of snake I know of was way back in the Garden of Eden and the spirit in that snake was satan. God could have told Moses to make a lamb, or heifer or bull or even a human being hanging on a cross but He chose snake; a symbol of evil and made out of a metal representing the internal and external evils; bronze and all evil. It was faith alone that saved those individuals that had been bitten by those snakes.

Some of that faith was replaced by evidence on GFPMC seeing a part of how this snake is used in the act of salvation and even more in the DOA53 cross but even in that final act of the application of the His own blood to our foreheads when we will see His face it is still going to be faith that carries us through the eternities. Nothing is possible without faith!

It is not as if our faith is without a foundation. The Most Holy Place is not an isolated cube albeit of gigantic proportions. It stands on the new earth! Looking out not just at the enormity of those stars, but their complexity and beauty has to make one ask; Who, how and why did this happen? Again the beauty and complexity in birds, plants and animals; Who, how and why did this happen? If you believe those clever secular scientists of today who say it came from nothing well you have the bases of your faith; nothing, no bases just absurdities!  Or you could go back to Genesis in the Bible and receive volumes of information on this matter. You can have a faith based on Genesis and therefore the Bible or you may choose to have nothing; just shifting sands and not the Rock!

But having arrived at the bronze snake in the desert and believing we are entitled to look up to Heavenly things. And the specific text that we need is; (John 3:14) ‘And as Moses lifted the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up.’

Our Heavenly journey has progressed much since we came through that doorway and onto our new earth’s tent of meeting even though we have not yet arrived at 0.3 flour, 0.5 oil and 0.5 drink offering but we did see the inferno of the red heifer and were intrigued at that water coming out of the ashes that were left behind. We concluded that only divine water could have come from these flames just like the water came from Jesus’ side after He too had been to hell. But unlike our earthly counterparts on earth, Moses and Aaron we did not strike the rock demanding an instantaneous result we spoke to the rock. The strange thing is that we both got

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the water but they got water and death and we got water and eternal life! Their result was death and the replacement of the Aaronic priesthood with one not from the tribe of Levi but one from the tribe of Judah. Our result was life and the replacement of Judah’ descendants to that of the Son of God; the High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek! And now we have come far enough into our journey to find out about our salvation; the Bronze Snake.

If this is what Moses is pointing to then we must be given the full sweep of history, a panning of time from the start to its end. From the rebellion in Heaven until the last effects of that rebellion have been cleaned up, we are anointed by Jesus with His own blood and eternity begins! It is the whole picture that we now require in Heaven and we are able to understand in such a way that we see the beatitudes of God and not the evil of man. No guesses allowed as to which point of view I will be writing it up from! So when I get to the tree or water of life or the DOA53 unfortunately they will still be written up from an angle on this side of the doorway of the new tent of meeting.*******

We have already tried to do an analysis of the different players in the angelic rebellion in Heaven and the main player, satan, was represented by Korah here on earth. Out of all the players he is the first one who should have been thrown into the abyss to await judgment even before his co-conspirators as he was the leader. He should have been killed ahead of those 250 leaders who elevated themselves to priests and offered fire. Firepan holder 251 should have been the first to die because he knew what he was doing would result in death. He should have been the first to die as he abused the trust God had put in him in selecting him as a Levite. On at least those three rounds satan should have been killed; he was not! And he is symbolised in what Moses has told me to look at now. The bronze snake in the desert!  The kernel within satan/Korah that prevented immediate destruction was he was a Levite. There was an attempt to be made to change him from left hand to right hand cross around Jesus.

It was God’s will that He should surround Himself with people who would be respectful and obedient and train them in performing His Holy will. For this purpose He chose Levites/Christians. He did not make them into mindless robots, they still had a free will and could choose to disobey Him; In the Levite world only one did: satan/Korah. So in Heaven God had an inner core of angels who He knew would not rebel, the Levites and an outer core who He knew would rebel; the congregation of angels. The census for both groups is separate. The inner core who did not sin were allowed into the Most Holy Place with God but the congregation of angels were restricted to the tent of meeting. But what about firepan 251, satan?

When Jesus is lifted on the cross He is lifted as the Son of Man. The golden lampstand symbolises three crosses and on each Jesus is lifted as the Son of Man. Egypt is no problem. The Son of Man came to Egypt to leave His shoes behind so that the sons of earth could walk in them; the birth of the Levite. The Son of Man was not interested in sin here, God took the Levites as they were, there was a day of Atonement coming. He came here to pass on His inheritance as firstborn son and He came to plead mercy by the application of His blood. God reply was that death will not take any firstborn that is covered by this blood. The position of Levite among men had been created. And there were more positions created than could be filled! (273 of them)

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The problem up here in Heaven is that the blood and water have been split into two individual streams and that actually happened on Good Friday on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) This split did not occur during the 3 to 4 timeslot but after 4pm. So at present we are living in the 3 to 4 timeslot where both are together as they were on the doorframes of those homes way back in Egypt. But separate they will at 4pm and so when that golden censor is hurled back to earth at the end of the millennium to gather the water and blood Jesus shed on this earth it will have to have two compartments; one for the water to begin the river of life flowing from the throne and the other for the blood of Jesus which once and once only will be applied to our foreheads  by Jesus that because of this blood mercy has been granted by God for an eternity.

The prayers that we pray today are being compartmerised into which section of this golden censor will they go. Are they prayers for the forgiveness of sin? Then they are pleading for the water of forgiveness which came from the ashes of GFPMC. Do they want that sin that will cause death to be thrown into hell? Then the water that flows down the middle of the New Jerusalem will do that. Those prayers are in the water compartment of the golden censor. That is what was left after the red heifer was incinerated. On earth it is the water of purification from sin but in Heaven this same water is the water of life that flows from the throne in the river of life.

Or are our prayers for the acceptance by God. A plea for mercy and a plea to make peace with God? They are the ones that were in the blood that was waved towards the tent of meeting before the inferno began. It is the blood that pleads for mercy and peace and way back in Egypt it was blood that was placed on these doorframes. But did it still have water, the water of forgiveness still mixed with it? We are certainly told about the blood and I have already made a case that no sin was involved in Egypt. The Levites were given clean shoes. There had to be at least one Day of Atonement ceremony between 01/01/01 and the swearing in of the Levites.

So for the bronze snake out of all the Levites in Heaven only one failed, satan, and out all the Levites in the wilderness only one failed also, Korah. The only way satan could be converted back to a Levite was to have that shell of evil removed from around him. The only way to go from thief on the left hand cross to saint on the right hand cross was to subject himself to allow Jesus to pass through the middle cross. He did not do so instead he gloated at the suffering of our Lord who had been put there by atheists and blasphemers and for that he was kicked out of Heaven and the door of mercy slammed shut after him. And that sounds like the ministry of someone I know doing exactly the same thing today! And loving it! (How’s that I didn’t even mention Swaggart’s ministry! Has to be a first and proves new years resolution still holding!)

Jesus was the Son of Man in Egypt where the positions of Levite were created. Their sins, those of the Levites only a phase that the bride went through, and all sins of the bride were paid for on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). Not some on GFPMC and some on GFPE but ALL on GFPMC. As Son of Man He left His shoes behind on earth for us to walk in. We didn’t have to do anything, we answered God’s call of grace. It became our duty to evangelise to the congregation, and some will respond. Just like the angelic congregation in Heaven. Some stayed and some were kicked out. GFPMC was different in so many ways.

Here we have already made a number of attempts to explain the role of the Son of Man on GFPMC but probably haven’t even scratched the surface.******

This major topic of the Son of Man now in both GFPMC and DOA53 has brought me to a cross road and ask why keep going? The only reason I came back to the Old Testament was because

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Jesus told me this was foundational truth and Moses’ bronze snake in the desert has been in the back of my mind ever since. But it sharply came into view in the Book of Numbers and the focus around it has been increasing in the first twenty chapters until finally I got there in Chapter twenty one. I have been typing now for a while with this chapter in mind realising that I could be ‘digging a hole for this snake’. Even if this does happen the journey so far has answered many fundamental questions which theologians could not. And my prayer is that it has done the same for others as well and if only a small fraction of these revelations are repeated in the last part of this book then the future journey will also be worth it.

The story so far has been that we are in this sinless zone called the new earth’s tent of meeting (NETM) where we have 451 days of preparation for the arrival of the New Jerusalem, the Most Holy Place of the eternities. The physical setup of where we are should not be that much of a mystery as we saw it being created over a seven day period and that is not saying we are going to be gobsmacked at its beauty for ever, but right now we want as surety that this is forever. And we want to know why, on what ground we are here. So here we are in this sinless zone when the bronze snake appears! If that doesn’t destroy the sinless zone then what will? Time to ring Word Press, cancel the account and go do some of those earthly chores that have been building up over the years! In the next five or ten or whatever pages I will be arguing for an early and late appearance of this bronze snake but in both cases its appearance is in the sinless zone. It will depend on when the Son of Man waived the blood of the red heifer towards the tent of meeting (NETM), was He intending to wave from this side of NETM and pleading this blood as mercy for admittance through the door or was He waving it with the red heifer already within the NETM and establishing a basic tenet of our faith of eternity? Meribah and bronze snake to come!

The inferno of the red heifer did more than just burn the evil surrounding the Levite kernel within, it germinated the kernel into a priest. That middle cross did that conversion starting with the left hand cross and converting it to the right hand cross. It tore the curtain into the tent of meeting and the well trained Levite moved from outside to the priestly side of this tent of meeting. The bronze snake will turn out to be the central tenet of our faith but only if it can be related to; ‘So must the Son of Man be lifted’. And that happens twice!

I have been scathing in my attacks on the Swaggart ministries but the sad truth is that today over 99% of ministries and churches teach exactly the same thing. Only a very sick spiritual mind could entertain everlasting hell. The God of love who has revealed Himself through His Son Jesus Christ created someone to watch them burn for eternity! They have been surrounded by such clangers they cannot discern the pleadings of the Holy Spirit. They are all asleep. All ten virgins sleep! They have thrown God’s gift to humanity back into His Holy face. They reject the blessings of God He wants to give them on His Holy day, the Sabbath and they suffer the consequences. There seems to be no limit on the heresies that abound. Denying the Sabbath kills three birds with the same stone. But even today satan is starting to reach to the bottom of this barrel exhausted with his success and exhileration!

But this will not always be the case. Jesus prays; ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do!’ and the sleeping church will wake up to find five virgins are wise and are going to Heaven  and five will remain foolish and go to hell. Five will accept that ‘it is written’ as ‘it is written’ but five will maintain right through to the bitter end that ‘it is written’ should be ‘as I want it to be written’. The cross over into the new earth tent of meeting, (NETM) takes seven

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long days. The Book of Numbers has many names and each will be called. The case study of each has taken nearly 1,800 years to complete. Checked and rechecked. There will be no doubt about the verdict; dog, liar, murderer and idolater! We must make those judgments about those who lead us today before it is too late. The census of the congregation is large indeed but that for the Levite is very short. The changes from here to there are very dramatic; the water here is water for the purification of sin, the same water up there is the water/river of life; the blood from here pleads for mercy, the blood up there shows mercy has been given; the body down here is the one that carries/will carry our sins into hell’s fires, the body up there has carried all sins into the fires of hell and has allowed itself to be examined as to why it did this. No there could not be a bigger difference than between this side and the other side of the doorway to the new earth tent of meeting (NETM). —

I hope to continue my virulent attacks on the Swaggart ministries and other such ministries as they are there to only line their own pockets and they have found that the Name of Jesus does that marvellously well. They have taken off their black cloaks and cheesy smiles and got satan to make them up sheep’s clothing to cover the wolf. They don’t realise satan forgot the head gear. Mannerisms, speech, behaviour, music, the big tears all there but not the head cover! And that is Jimmy’s definition of a ‘born again Christian’. One who gloats with Jimmy and gives the clenched fist of victory when they a bunch of atheists and blasphemers harass, persecute and slaughter Christians! You signed the cheque Jimmy as ‘Warmonger’ and you made it payable only to yourself! Fruit like that can only come from one root, satan!  Yes the Jews were given the land and Jerusalem by God but it was conditionally. They have broken every condition and with it its rights. I assume that when Trump visited the King of Arabia recently that they sat outside and looked for the star of Bethlehem, but they could also have mentioned how to pull the Muslims out of Palestine giving the Jew  a fair go at the remaining Christians left behind. That is the foot in the door they are looking for! Yes the branches of the fig tree have become tender and it has sent forth leaves but it cannot bear fruit until it changes its god from that of the Muslim to that of what God has revealed of Himself through His Son Jesus Christ.

I have tried to address Jesus as the Son of Man issue in Egypt but what about Friday on Mount Calvary and Saturday at the doorway into NETM.? ****[New Earth Tent of Meeting]

Not even sure it is worth commenting on that most Bible versions have Jesus bruising the head of satan and satan bruising the heel of Jesus. Bruising by both parties. The reality is Jesus threw satan into hell and burned him into nothing but satan by making us commit unintentional sins and intentional sins as in the Garden of Eden, does bruise the heal of Jesus in both GFPMC, intentional and DOA53 unintentional and cause Jesus to personally take these sins to hell. So on GFPMC he did have a lot to gloat about but he was not there by DOA53 to gloat, he had been burned up in hell! It was his gloating that caused the door of mercy to be slammed shut on him and result in him being thrown out of Heaven and confined to earth. During the 9 to 3 timeslot on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) he was not in hell with Jesus having his head crushed, even satan can’t gloat when that is happening, not to himself at least, he was outside gloating at the pain he had caused Jesus to suffer. So NIV has the best translation here; Jesus will crush the head of satan but satan will strike at the heel of Jesus! Can’t remember what part of the Bible that comes from? Could it be that superseded, outdated and forgotten Old Testament? If it is in Genesis then it is at best allegory and not worth worrying about! Or is it?

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For Jesus to be the Son of Man He had to have a birthday, a deathday, mother, father and genealogy. The red heifer depends on Him being a man. Jesus had all the above down to the minutest detail. But He was also the Son of God. Each component had crucial roles to play and synergistically combined the individual components are magnified many fold and we have Jesus Christ. Even though it was Jesus Christ, both Son of God and Son of Man that was lifted up on that cross on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) Jesus chose to associate Himself with the Son of Man, that bronze snake transformation that He would accomplish. That split between Son of God and Son of Man was formalised at 3pm on GFPMC. The Son of God would return to Heaven with the Divine blood which would return on Resurrection Sunday to be rejoined with the body and be taken back to Heaven after another forty days but it is the earthly Son of Man that we have to follow. What was left behind was most of the blood and water form the body of our Lord and His body until early on Sunday morning.

Jesus confirmed the split in at least two ways; He called to the Father, ‘why have You forsaken Me’ and He broke His Nazitie’s vow by asking for and bitter products from the grape something forbidden for a Nazirite to do. Split has occurred, registered in Heaven but not requiring a reset in the Nazirite vow as was to occur later. Hair of Jesus thus not requiring the Nazirite’s hair to be cut off. On Resurrection Sunday Jesus presents Himself to God as Son of God and accepted as perfect, but what about the Son of Man?

Well firstly the Son of Man took all the sins of the redeemed into hell and paid the price demanded by His Father for each one of them. They are sin free, they are capable of receiving the Holy Spirit. But if it is all about faith then why didn’t the faith of the people before GFPMC cover them and allow the Holy Spirit to descend on them? What stopped the Holy Spirit from coming upon those people who had just walked out of their DOA53 ceremony. The high priest had conducted the sin offering. The blood from this sin offering had been used to cleanse all surfaces and utensils of all sin, the ceremony was valid and acceptable to God. It went ahead, we watched as the high priest laid his hands on the scapegoats head, we had rehearsed our sins many times before as to what we would say and we blurted them out at the moment the High Priest’s hands touched the goats head. And when we had finished we added; ‘I am sorry I hurt you Lord, forgive me of those sins plus all those that are not here because I just cannot remember them!’  All sin gone, not one left but today I am now capable of receiving the Holy Spirit but in those days I was not. Both are sinless circumstances. On my way home from Jerusalem that day my spirits were very high and I almost ran with a spring in my feet. I tried to keep this sinless condition for as long as I could but even if it lasted for 483 meters then why couldn’t I have the Holy Spirit in this time as I would have on the other side of GFPMC and not just 483 meters but a life time?

The Holy Spirit is an issue that I have struggled with in this blog and is about to raise its head again. If the Holy Spirit was available before GFPMC there would not be any need for Jesus to die on the cross. The Holy Spirit can only establish a permanent home in the absence of sin and sin can only be done away with by being burned up in hell. My sin has been burned up in hell on GFPMC and it just doesn’t exist any more and if I want to be in Heaven for the eternities to come all I have to do is to repent of my sin and believe in faith that Jesus has done this for me. Nothing else, no GFPE’s or DOA53 or red heifers or bronze snakes or waters of Meribah or anything else! Just if I confess my sins to Jesus He already has done away with them and I am Heaven bound! Only GFPMC is required but the Bible has much more to surround this beautiful Friday.

Before Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) the people’s sins were removed from them but they were somewhere else awaiting for Jesus to take them to Hell on GFPMC. They

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had not been burned into non-existence they were still there somewhere just like our unconfessed unintentional sins are out there somewhere. Jesus will not take these sins on Himself on Himself until the fires of hell have gone out. This will mean that Jesus will have to remove Himself any remaining sins before we are allowed through into the new earth tent of meeting (NETM).***** If we have been told where that massive number of sins are that will require being taken to the cross on DOA53 then I have missed it but will be looking out if the information is repeated again.

Initially I will resume my search for the Son of Man from day fifty, Pentecost. I still do not really understand that 1,260 days after DOA53 but neither do I understand the 1,260 days after GFPMC which is the history of the Acts of the Apostles but at day fifty Jesus has gone back to Heaven with at least a more than partial divine body, if such a thing exists leaving most of His blood and water still on this earth. He promised and now sends His Holy Spirit to be on earth and available to those who ask. That is not saying that if a parrot or lyre-bird was trained to say the right things they too would receive the Spirit nor would a war monger who lines his own pockets using the name of Jesus. Nor would American troops if you were to believe Jimmy Swaggart  as they wandered around Vietnam all they were asking for was a place to bury those brave troops who have come over to liberate them! ( of their oil, minerals, strategic positions not mentioned) They found none in Mi. Ly so these brave troops raped and slaughtered the 413 (?) villagers and went to the next village to plead for burial sites at the next village. After they had slaughtered some 5,000,000 people, mostly by burning with napalm and still had not been given a burial site they packed them all in body bags and brought them home! But it did have its positives. The chemical companies were paid top dollar for their defoliants like agent orange even though they were past their used by dates and in leaking drums. There was no way of disposing them. They unsuccessfully tried to add it to drinking water supplies along with fluoride, if that lot can get away with murder why can’t we, claiming this would stop the growth of trees on your head and when the public refused to accept this one they said it was for the commanders in Chief, Nixon and Johnson, wanted to be buried over there with their troops and because they were fussy about their burial sites large areas of Vietnam, Laos Cambodia and Thailand had to be defoliated to give the chief a good choice of graves! Then there were the drugs they brought back that are now destroying the country but above all the soldiers who came back and are employed in law enforcement have no problems with brutalising their public! These are not the inner thoughts of Jimmy Swaggart he teaches this in congregations open to the public! To call him a madman you would have to be able to prove some connection with planet earth!)

The Holy Spirit takes the role of the ascended Jesus Christ the difference being It is available to all and the operative word being it is Holy. Many things happen at the second coming. Jesus takes us to be with His body leaving the Holy Spirit here on earth. In our analogy to Good Friday this is 4pm. The second coming is the great tribulation when the body of Jesus, Who joined us at 3pm is opened by that ruling power of the day. From now on, on planet earth the blood and water are separate. Heaven will not be putting a pearl before swine. The blood that pleads for mercy is unavailable because the water of purification has been spurned. Repentance must come first and only then the plea for mercy. There is no repentance even during the next 1,260 years of grace and the blood is not offered.

The body of Jesus is taken down off the cross, replaces the Holy Spirit Who remains on earth and Jesus comes with us to Heaven. What proportion is earthly and what proportion is divine we still have to decide at what happens at DOA53. But the body of Jesus is in Heaven and we will marry

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the moment the Holy Spirit, the fine linen returns to Heaven. So one thorny question is, is it just the bride that goes through Friday, Saturday and Resurrection Sunday sequence or is it really the bridegroom Who is doing this and bringing the bride along with Him? What proportion of these events occur on this side of NETM and what proportion on the other side of new earth tent of meeting (NETM)?

Who was this Jesus Who came down to collect us at the second coming. It could not have been the same Jesus that hung on the cross between 3 to 4pm on GFPMC. That was human Jesus, the Son of Man who joined us at 3pm, and has been with us right up to 4pm, the great tribulation. He is not going to make the sky light up and make people drop as if they were dead. What we see today or at any time in the future is determined by our spiritually. The reason why those disciples of Emmaus saw Jesus was not because Jesus changed but because their level of spirituality changed; they broke the bread.

For the time being, we will call Him the Jesus, and it will not be Him Who is changing but our spirituality that will change. Our ultimate change therefore will come when we focus on the cross of the Day of Atonement (DOA53) and we ‘see’ the burnt offering. This is the purpose of the cross; it focus’ our attention from what Jesus did for us to why He did it; gratitude worship becomes true worship. There is a yawning gap between the two today, that will be bridged on that Holy Sabbath the 10th of July, DOA54. There Jesus will come down from the DOA54 cross and beckon us to join Him, after all we are bridegroom and bride but it will be a long time before we can respond. Our gaze of the beauty of what we have seen on that cross is only broken when Jesus places His sinless locks of hair on it; this cross is Heaven bound!

The %’s that I use are merely a reflection of my perception, my spirituality and it is what changes and not the nature of Jesus. As at 9am on GFPMC when the Son of Man is lifted for the first time He is 100% God and 100% man. I do not see the divine aspect but for this sacrifice to have any meaning it must be so, but I can see the 100% man. In the final New Jerusalem there is 100% God and even though I do not see I know there is 100% man. Even when the switch is made that is still the case. Melchizedek has already shown us that He is man. At 3pm the body stays on the cross with both blood and water in it but a small  amount of blood, divine blood returns to Heaven with Jesus’ divinity. Most stays here in His body. The blood that returns to Heaven should not have any water in it. There are no sins to forgive and it is too late to wash all utensils for the sacrifice. The sacrifice finished at 3pm and that was called by Jesus Himself. The first drop of blood that came in contact as the nails were driven through had to do that.

Even though the blood remained as a unit until 4pm on GFPMC it did perform the functions of combined water and blood. In Egypt on GFPE it performed its role as pleading for mercy, as acting as a peace sacrifice for God to accept the firstborn sons of Israel to be able to enjoy the fruits of the firstborn. It did not perform its water role as sin forgiving water of purification, that would be done on the most important date in the Jewish calendar; the Day of Atonement (DOA54) First the Levite position had to be created and it was on the ground that the plea for mercy that had been made on GFPE had been accepted. That is the other way around to the second coming where the blood is separated and withheld until the water of purification has been accepted, GFPMC also began by asking for mercy before the inferno. That mercy was not extended by Heaven to a world that was all evil after the second coming and Heaven had already made a judgment that the water of purification would not be taken advantage of. This was just final checking.

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The red heifer tells us both roles of the blood are there. Jesus sprinkles His blood towards the tent of meeting seven times before the inferno begins. The inferno of hell does produce a pile of ashes but from that pile still streams out the water of purification. It is the water of purification that washes those sins into the flames where they are burned into non-existence. It does not take millions of years; just six hours.

Why sin had to be removed on GFPMC but not on GFPE was not because the  people travelled from here to the DOA54 in Egypt in the Jew’s case six month’s time they both had to travel to the DOA54 as we are today travelling to the DOA54. The difference was their run to their yearly DOA54 was on level ground. In our case we must spend about 1,800 years in Heaven before we arrive at the DOA54. And to get to and through Heaven we have to be sinless and sinless was what GFPMC made us! This is one major difference between GFPE and GFPMC.

As we head now to the nature of Jesus Christ on the DOA54 we think back to Matthew that Jesus must be lifted like Moses lifted that bronze snake in the Sinai wilderness. Well in Egypt, on GFPE His blood was lifted onto the horizontal beam of the door and it also ran down both vertical beams and as Son of Man left His shoes behind to be filled by the Levites. Satan, the bronze snake was a Levite. On GFPMC He not only joined the Levites, He promoted them first to priest before doing so. The curtain tore into the tent of meeting and now there is one final tear, slash to make and that is into the new earth tent of meeting (NETM). And that final tear is made by Jesus Christ on the Day of Atonement (DOA55) by the Son of Man. The Son of Man started it off as a Levite on GFPE, converted Levite to priest at GFPMC and finally has now allowed these Levites to enter eternity as Sons of God. The bronze snake has indeed been lifted as the Son of Man has already been lifted but remains to be lifted again to complete His work as of today.

But trying to look at the situation more closely as to where we think these verses point us to in Heaven. We knew we were close to that NETM (new earth tent of meeting doorway) because the spies had come back and given us some warning of what to expect. God Himself had also given us laws concerning what we were supposed to do when we went across. The confirmation that we had got there was that on the 14/01/01 of the eternal calendar we conducted our first Passover. At this Passover there is no point telling me that back on that old earth on GFPMC Jesus died for and give me a list of my sins. I do not understand nor do I have any concept of sin. All I want now is reassurance that I will be here forever! I just want to be a part of the furniture! It wasn’t that long ago I was a part of an incredibly beautiful place but then after 1,800 odd years we just changed shop! Okay compared to this place Scripture calls the other Heaven a wilderness and it really was not comparable to where we are now, but no more moves.

I may not understand sin but I will understand that the reason I am here is because Jesus brought me here. In order to do this He had to go away from here to where I was, stop, did I hear you say ‘go away from here’? Leave the presence of God? Disaster! That is the reassurance I am seeking now and it unsettling every fibre of my being. Why would Jesus want to do that for me? And it is through the cross now that we are led into the inner beauty of our Lord and Saviour!  And in there also lies the reason as to why He will not be leaving us ever again!

Back to the availability of the Holy Spirit. Sent by Jesus ten days after His ascension and intensive preparation by Holy people who sold their houses and shared the proceeds among each other and not stole each other’s houses and remained with us until the second coming. His presence is equivalent to have Jesus walking along side us; His body, blood and water! At the second coming

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the Holy Spirit leaves us but Jesus takes us by the hand and takes us to Heaven, the old Heavens with Him


This next changes when the Holy Spirit returns to Heaven, the fine linen. We immediately ask for and are given this fine linen between our bodies and the robe of righteousness we received on entry into Heaven at the second coming. The Spirit only begins explaining the beauty of His robe the bridegroom has given us when we plead to be married to Him. The request is granted and the marriage takes place. The married couple immediately leave for their new home on the new earth. The Book of Revelation records two battles, one against the beast where we both fight it together and one that Jesus fights by Himself; something about Jesus crushing the head of satan and in return having His heel bruised. The beast is the one who so nearly wiped out Christians at the second coming. It may have been dominated by the fourth head but it was so fierce as to be indescribable and Daniel wanted to know more. There may have been one dominant nations but they were in cahoots with many other nations which may coincide with these nations which the Jews are fighting now. But in Heaven there is only one battle with no gloating just noting they are gone! Looking at Numbers may give us an idea of the great tribulation.

The Holy Spirit stays with us when Jesus leaves us to attend to some unfinished business. It helps us to understand the almost 1,260 tutorial that Jesus is going to give us and the associated events. It is a fundamental question that if Jesus joined us as in we walking in the shoes He left from GFPE at 3pm on GFPMC that He also un-joins us. Heaven is not about us and Jesus joining us, no, Heaven is about Jesus and we joining Him. If I have no intention of revisiting the Nazirite chapter there would be no point in continuing to write. Jesus knew the time line of evil would drop to incredible depths and despite this joined us in that journey at 3pm as the Son of Man. It does not stay down there forever and it is that resurfacing section that the Holy Spirit helps us to understand properly then and to some extent today. The burnt offering of the DOA55 is that resurfacing process and particularly the events and their timetable that preceded it. Numbers chapter 6. We still struggle with the 1,260 days after DOA55 and will continue to do so until we look at the 1,260 days after the GFPMC down here on planet earth in Book of the Acts of the Apostles. The subject matter is so important it warrants its own book.

But the Holy Spirit does stay with us after DOA55 for what could be as long as 1,477 days and does come across with us into the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) where its significance increases dramatically as It now operating in a sinless environment. Chapter 15 tells us the increase is from 0.25 to 0.33 and finally 0.5. And with the help of the Holy Spirit we finally switch from the ministry of Jesus Christ to the ministry of the High Priest forever, Melchizedek.

It would have to be a fair question that if the Holy Spirit is to spend the eternities with Melchizedek then why couldn’t the Spirit be with Melchizedek when He was on earth for what could be a thousand years? Other than the issue that down here there was sin but up there the Holy Spirit exists in a sinless zone. Or even with me during that first 483 meters on the walk home after the just completed DOA55? If the role of the Spirit is to glorify God then the presence of God was in the Most Holy Place and the Holy Spirit should have been there to help facilitate glory being given to God!

The issue is glory to God. You, I certainly do think that glory to God could be defined by His creative powers and that is not just what could but what has been done. In our almost daily trips

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to the beach I should take an eye dropper and count the drops of water in the ocean. On a grand scale this should be a very simple task. The eye dropper probably with the ocean in it contains about the amount of what is out there, yet it is an impossible to count these drops just as it would be an impossible task to count the molecules within one drop or even the subatomic particles within one atom! All impossible for us but not for God Who made them! Yet God chooses not to reveal Himself as Creator. Yes there is a NETM (new earth tent of meeting) where we are given plots to study God as creator but just as it is supposed to be on earth this is just a pointer to what God is. And on earth today if you miss God as Creator you miss the pointer as to what God really is. If you miss/disregard the Book of Genesis today you miss the pointer that God has put there He wants you to look along when He reveals Himself. AND HE REVEALS HIMSELF THROUGH HIS SON JESUS CHRIST HANGING ON THE CROSS ON GOOD FRIDAY PASSOVER ON MOUNT CALVARY (GFPMC)! Here we have the revelation of what God is!

You would think that if the options of looking at such a beautiful object as a male lyre bird and there were, actually are, two ways it could have got here; God or nothing that people would choose the God option well you would be wrong. Most, including many Christians choose it comes from nothing! The nothing theory, or big bang or whatever other names it has is believed by most people today, there is no need for a creator. All you need to do is to start off with nothing. Then you make that into such a tiny piece of something which is so small that it is virtually nothing anyway. The something that you take is time, split in into seconds and then take 0.000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,01 and that is such a small amount that only creationists will not agree that it is so small to be nothing. And the first law of nothing is that it can produce nothing providing that that nothing is something! We have that in operation. Then all you have to do is to break every law known to science today and voila! The lyre bird! Who needs a God when it can be explained so simply without Him? And the absurdity blossoms when between they cannot tell you whether a city or even country is going to be destroyed by a meteor within the next hour! At least astrology deals with realities!

It is a satanic diversion to take attention from Christ the Creator and thereby taking attention of what the creator is pointing to; to what God wants revealed of Himself in His Son Jesus Christ! And today most faiths and their adherents will tell you that this god is so cruel and spiteful that he will create many human beings knowing they will burn in the fires of hell for the eternities to come! Everlasting hell! What you will find that all these faiths have in common is that they have thrown God’s gift to humanity, the Sabbath day, back into His Holy Face! It is not as if Jimmy will gloat when he does his regular checks of these everlasting fires, no by now he will have a permanent about to burst into tears gaze on his face and the dressing down he gives will be quite ‘sincere’; why didn’t you attend whatever campaign he is reliving now and the DVD’s were cut to the bone and now my son/daughter you must suffer for your indiscretion! Pity, Pity and what I could have done with that money! And you warn others about the sin of sacrilege! Get the plank out of your own eye before looking for splinters in other people’s eyes!

The Holy Spirit is concerned with magnifying and glorifying God as He has revealed Himself through His one and only Son. The Holy Spirit could not be here before God had revealed Himself on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). He could only do that after this date and not before. So the Spirit could not be present before His death but what about the forty days after? Jesus is implying they both cannot coexist yet for and from the Heavenly wedding they do? ( onto the questions sheet) If the central issue is the date of GFPMC then if the Holy Spirit were to appear in OT times then it could only be when issues that were to be

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involved with GFPMC and in relatively sinless conditions. So much on the Holy Spirit and now returning to the body of Jesus but not using the % at this stage.

The bronze serpent begins with being lifted. The body of Jesus Christ starts off by being lifted and both are lifted so that anyone who wants to see can see. I do not wish to contemplate and discuss at this stage the excruciating pain that Jesus went through during the next six hours or what a pathetic picture that He presented at 3pm. But that is the picture where this story begins. He had joined humanity. Pretty much the same by 4pm, don’t know what Nicodemus or Joseph did to the body but the stone was rolled shut. Resurrection Sunday morning almost unbelievable changes observed to the body of Jesus. Not explained or pointed out by the Holy Spirit as It is still not on earth. It is Jesus Who gives the revelations of Himself but after seeing Jesus a few times I think I would be able to pick Him out in a crowd. He leaves planet earth at His ascension and the next time we will see this body plus a lot more divinity will be at His second coming. He does send His Holy Spirit ten days after as He promised but the history of the cross does not end at 3pm on GFPMC, it starts. The analogy from 3pm continues until 4pm and then onto Resurrection Sunday morning and beyond.

He joins humanity at 3pm and stays with them until 4pm when there is a separation of His body from blood and water. There is a separation of His body and His spirit. His body joins us and goes to Heaven. This is the great tribulation, the second coming, the start of the millennium the resurrection of the righteous dead. It is not the DOA55, neither is GFPMC. GFPMC is the halfway point of the journey, DOA55 is the end of it. For the umpteenth time, Numbers (6:9-12)

Jesus joined us as the Son of Man at 3pm on GFPMC. That was a fully conscious break from His Father. He resurfaces again from that deep dive one day after the fires of hell have been extinguished. The fires of hell were not the problem of the Son of Man. In fact Jesus, the bridegroom specifically broke away from us at the time and had nothing. The matter of Jesus crushing the head of satan was between Him and the Father and Genesis. Jesus resurfaces one day after into the mountain of sin that was still left behind even after the fires of hell had gone out. I take this mountain as seventy trillion sins but whatever the number, it was massive. These are the unconfessed, unintentional sins of all creation, including Heaven’s revolt. With Jesus’ plea of guilt they are no longer unconfessed, they belong to Jesus, they are confessed. As Son of Man He has resurfaced after all this time to find He has pleaded ‘guilty as charged’ to a mountain of sin and He is automatically defiled. He is unclean and remains unclean until the seventh day. On the seventh day when He becomes clean He cuts off His defiled locks and in a cleansed state the next day, 10th of July, He goes to the Day of Atonement cross (DOA55). From this we learn that our sin whether DOA55 or GFPMC has two consequences; defilement and going to hell to be burned. The order is different as GFPMC is the start and DOA55 is the end.

The body of Jesus Christ at 4pm on the DOA55 when instead of having its blood spilled has the blood collected from earth and applied to Jesus’ dead body on the DOA55 cross would perform the same transformation as did the blood when it was applied to His body in the tomb on Resurrection Sunday. Other than death to life , very little. It is not a dazzling, glowing body and if it is then it is only because we can see not what He has done for us but why He did what He did for us! The body itself of Jesus is pretty much the same after the DOA55 as it was before, as it was at our wedding, as it was at the second coming, a little bit different to what it was when it ascended into Heaven, a little bit different to what it was in the tomb but the same as it was at

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the start and end of GFPMC and the same as it was during His ministry. So much for the Spirit and body and we now try to follow the blood and water streams.


As Jesus was 100% human being He would have had the ‘normal amount of blood and water in his lymph system (?) which I guess at 10 litres of blood and 2 litres of water. Not one drop of that blood or water is going to be left behind on this old earth, every droplet will be taken across the NETM (new earth tent of meeting). Like Jesus it is human and it is divine. The first significant mention of blood in our bronze snake is in Egypt.

The blood here was not the real blood of Jesus here it is symbolised by the blood of the Passover Lamb. It was lifted onto a timber frame as it will be lifted onto the frame of that final doorway of NETM (new earth tent of meeting) It is the blood that Jesus waves seven times towards the tent of meeting just before He is thrown into the inferno of the red heifer. It asks the same question three times; ‘Is this sacrifice going to be acceptable to God as a peace offering?’ And the answers are; yes, GFPE, yes, GFPMC and yes, DOA55. In Egypt it was the angel of death that was asked, ‘Will the firstborn inside this home, (Levite, priest, Christian or bride) be acceptable to God and be allowed to enjoy their inheritance if they have passed under this blood?’ And the angel replied, ‘Yes mercy will be granted, the blood accepted as making peace between God and man and that individual can enjoy their inheritance for the eternities!’ The firstborn inside lived.

We have to be careful not to push the symbolism too far. If Pharaoh in Egypt represented satan then yes his inheritance would have passed onto his firstborn son and this could now not happen as his firstborn son died that night. But satan does not have a firstborn son to pass his inheritance onto and in hell all evil died including all evil angels, Pharaoh and his first born son. Jesus claim was reclaim the inheritance that our first parents, Adam and Eve, passed onto the forces of evil once they turned away from God and make sure it could be enjoyed forever in the new Heaven.

Sin was not an issue that night in Egypt. The lamb was not thrown into the fire and incinerated, it was eaten indicating Jesus would one day become a part of us. The water for removing impurity did not flow that night from those fires. Firstly He had to leave His shoes behind for us to walk in. He had to establish the position of Levite. The issue of the sin problem of the Levite would be addressed once a year on the 10th of July on the DOA55. If the sin problem had been addressed in Egypt there would not be any need for Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) nor Good Saturday on Mount Calvary just before we entered our NETM (new earth tent of meeting)

The problem of sin is more complex and Heaven deals with it in two stages; confessed and unconfessed. Confessed went to Friday’s Calvary and unconfessed went to Saturday’s Calvary. A week before Saturday’s Calvary the fires of hell were extinguished. All intentional sin had been incinerated. Most today will refuse to confess their sins to Jesus and they will take those sins to hell themselves. No more them and no more of their sins. GFPMC is about those who do confess their sins and what happens to their sins and to them. You would think that with all those clangers out there you would think that satan would have to run out of clangers, faith destroying doctrine, sooner or later. You would be wrong!  Sabbath to Sunday, eternal flames of hell, drinking grog and eating leavened bread at the Lord’s supper, infant baptism, state of the dead, Mary and saints, evolution and big bang and now one that seems to top them all; you don’t have to confess your sins to Jesus! No you don’t have to, you are perfectly entitled to take your sins to

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hell personally with you and give them your personalised care and be incinerated with them! Jesus forces us to do nothing we don’t want to do and He is certainly no thief! Words fail!

Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary was about confessed sin that we had asked Jesus to take from us and take them to hell with Him. Both intentional and unintentional and both were incinerated in those flames. We are much the richer as a result of having a heavenly perspective of what happened on GFPMC. The red heifer. We may not know what sin and suffering is up there but this is not the case down here. Sin is a reality and it must be confessed and suffering it does cause and much thereof. The red heifer up there is in sinless zone of unspeakable beauty, but the foundation stone that was stand on is that that human being, Jesus Christ as one of us took and all sins we gave Him, even those ‘there must be a lot more that I cannot remember’ on Himself and went hide, flesh, blood, refuse to be incinerated in the fires of hell leaving only some ashes! Yet out of those ashes of hell only came the water of purification. This water comes out of and carriers sin back to those ashes. It removes impurity. Only water is mentioned with the red heifer but no blood after the fire. There was also divinity in that fire, some scarlet material was added. But even a tiny bit of divine blood in hell would have put out the fires.

But wasn’t the idea of the exercise that the high priest was supposed to take the blood of the sin sacrifice and take it into the Most Holy Place and cleanse everything before the rest of the sacrifice continued? But Jesus did not suffer from 9 to 10, die, go to Heaven with His blood cleanse all and return at 10.15 come to life and resume His suffering! It was done in one stint!


The problem with the church today and for a long time is that they do not study the Old Testament. As Moses was lifting the bronze snake so the Son of Man was also being lifted. It was He who made the bronze snake to be lifted so high that we now in our sinless Heavenly courts are now studying it. You wouldn’t think that it could be that bad that they have missed or refuse to acknowledge the existence of the coming Day of Atonement (DOA55). Half the story of salvation! It is in such a vacuum that blogs like this one bumble and stumble our ways trying to establish waypoints. But at least we have the start, the bronze snake and the heavenly other end inside Canaan, NETM (new earth tent of meeting) and at least two waypoints in between; GFPMC and DOA55. A major stumbling block is the blood of Jesus Christ and its role in both of these events. The warnings I give are self-directed and I usually only read my work once.

The major warning is that yes there are similarities between GFPMC and DOA55 there are also differences. They are on the same lampstand and they are both gold but one is Friday where the hard yards are done and the other is Saturday where the worship occurs for the hard yards done. And the blood of Jesus is where the mistakes have been made, many correct statements but also errors. In DOA56 when the blood of the sin sacrifice, pigeon/turtledove was presented as cleansing fluid to Heaven, that is indeed what had been accomplished, every last sin had been removed and it is in this sinless environment that that final sacrifice of the burnt offering is made with that attachment of us on it. And it is from here now that the concept of the Son of God appears.

The first thing to notice about GFPMC is that it was conducted by the priest, Eleazar. It was handed to him by the high priest, Moses/Aaron, but is was conducted by Jesus as priest what He wanted us to become once He tore that curtain into the tent of meeting. We could only join Him in the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) if we were sinless and we met that condition even here on earth after GFPMC. This was the event of the ash and the Heavenly water that seeped out of it. It was to

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become the water of Meribah and finally the water that flowed  from the throne as a river in the New Jerusalem. Up there it is the river of life but down here it is the water of purification which is required to purify us to get us up there. It is the combination of Heaven in the New Jerusalem. The cross/tree of life standing in the water/river of life. That water that came from the ashes was not surface water, adsorbed but from the inside of those ashes, absorbed and to come through hell it had to have had some divinity, not enough to destroy the purpose of the exercise and put out the flames leaving the sins untouched but enough to come through. That water that was released from the side of Jesus at 4pm on GFPMC had been to hell. But so had the blood. In that inferno sin had died, human blood had died and the body had been ashed and trashed. Yet there was also divine blood produced and taken to Heaven at 3pm to be returned on Resurrection Sunday morning to give Jesus his divinity back to Him.

But DOA56 markedly differs from GFPMC at 3pm. Up there Jesus is now presented as the burnt sacrifice where we will be joined to Him. Down here He calls, ‘Father why have you forsaken Me?’ as He joins us, the dead. He joins us for a stint of nearly 3,800 years and when He finally does resurface He does so into a mountain of sins. Numbers (19:12)  tells us He will be defiled for seven days.

The blood and water are split and spilled at 4pm on GFPMC and will remain until 4pm on the DOA56 when they are gathered. How we are not told does the water finish up as a river in the New Jerusalem but we are told about the blood. On earth in Egypt on the 01/01/01 it answered whether the plan of redemption should take place and on the doorway to NETM (new earth tent of meeting) it answered whether we were allowed to come through but when applied by Jesus to our foreheads it is not posed as a question. It is an answer; mercy has been granted, the blood has been accepted as a peace offering and the relationship between God and this individual has been fully restored! Amen!

It was my intention to give a summary of the bronze snake and still remains so after going through some of the reasoning for the conclusions I draw. As the thoughts raced through my head I jotted down headings for discussion and now I have finished the list bar three. I can’t remember what I was supposed to say about these words but if it comes back to me I will bracket them as items 1 etc. [ item 1 just came back as Stephen]

As Stephen was stoned and fell the Lord opened up the Heavens which we will be spending the first part of our Heavenly journey for 1,800 odd years and Stephen’s face glowed and he felt no pain of those rocks hitting him. That gives us some idea of the beauty of those first heavens if even at that distance they could make his face glow and not feel any pain. And the first thousand years with all those prayers that we prayed, especially the ones that got people over the line and resultant joy and dancing does pass and is replaced by a sombre mood but not that it takes away from being in the presence of our Saviour. That long awaited wedding of bridegroom and bride is certainly a notable affair but not long after that things seem to change in a big way. It all seems to happen in the last 7 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours when we find we have moved through the doorway of NETM (new earth tent of meeting).*****

The point being there are so many major changes up here. All for the better, all uphill, all new Heaven bound but still changes. This is why when we see the red heifer it is so reassuring; the humanity of Jesus Christ has played its role, there it is, therefore we cannot go backwards from now and seeing that water within those ashes we are about to ask Jesus if we can take a mighty step forward; Meribah.

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Reading the Word of God and asking for prayer I would expect the Holy Spirit to respond by giving explanations and even revelations on these texts. I consider that this has happened on a number of occasions and that the revelation was so major it appeared blasphemous. Sending Jesus Christ back to the cross as in DOA57 was one such occasion. Rather than blaspheme which is what this DOA57 seemed to be I thought it would be better just to pull stumps, close the blog and do something else. The Day of Atonement (DOA57) has turned out to be an amazing blessing and all those who wander onto the field of eschatology without it must stumble and fall. Like what happened to satan. God told Eve that her offspring would crush the head of satan and satan would bruise His heel. They say this happened in hell on GFPMC. It was the exact opposite what happened. It was Jesus who was crushed to death while satan sat far off and gloated. By proposing such irrational explanations they must realise that at least some of their credibility to interpret other Scripture is lost. Jesus did crush the head of satan when He threw him into hell but by causing us the commit unconfessed, unintentional sins satan would bruise the heel of Jesus some eight days later when Jesus suffered for these sins in the DOA57.

In search of the bronze serpent I came across another highly controversial subject, even blasphemous. I should at least close up shop until I can sort it out and compare it to other Scripture. This however would necessitate me going through the rest of the Bible something at my age is out of the question. I would consider it a wonderful privilege to be able to see out the Book of Numbers and Deuteronomy could impose no greater blessing! But surely that is the idea the Bible from start to finish; eat daily bread and grow from it!

Salvation plan A and salvation plan B have long been on my agenda since Numbers six. The Nazirite was supposed to come down and deal with the living and stay a mile away from the dead. In salvation Plan A Jesus was to go to the cross once, DOA58 but in salvation plan B He would have to go to the cross twice; DOA58 and GFPMC. Both plans A and B require a starting point of 01/01/01, GFPE. There was no point going ahead with the journey if the doorway to the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) had blood on its frames and this blood prohibited entry. But entry had been allowed, the angel of death had passed over. And both plans finish coming through this same doorway to begin eternities with.

With salvation plan A animal sacrifices continued unto the end, as there had not been any first coming there could not have been a second coming, the world would have spent its existence under the old covenant, Jesus would have come down and still given us a ministry, a tutorial, of 1,260 days and gone to Mount Calvary but not on the Friday but on 10th of July, DOA59. On this day there would have been three specific parts of the service; the sin offering, the scapegoat offering and finally entry into Heaven offering; the burnt offering. Anyone who clasped their hands on Jesus’ head and confessed their sins at the scapegoat offering would have passed their sins onto Jesus and therefore be saved. The high priest, Jesus Christ would still have to have offered himself for his own sins; the unconfessed, unintentional sins. As there were intentional sins involved he could not offer Himself within the temple, he would have had to have been dashed outside the temple and outside of the city. He took all these sins that were on Him into the fires of hell. The fires of hell still would have extinguished nine days (?) before the DOA59 began.

And when the fires of hell had been extinguished at 3pm the ashes that were left were offered as the burnt offering; the beauty of the body of the Lord God Jesus Christ! But it was not over yet. He had accepted our sins as well as the unconfessed unintentional ones which He called His own and for that defilement there had to be a period for cleansing. Numbers (19:12) does allow for a three

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and seven day period so it could well be the Jesus would have arisen on the third or seventh day by having some of the sin offering blood reapplied to His body. Somewhere there, there would have had to be a resurrection of the righteous dead and they like those still living would not have required the blood of Jesus just like at our resurrection. We were told back in Egypt we could pass through the doorway with the blood of the Lamb on it and the angel of death would pass us by.

These and many other events would have occurred under salvation plan A. I take the number of people going to Heaven as 144 million which is just a guess but if that is the correct number then 144 million will pass through that doorway and onto the NETM (new earth tent of meeting)  When compared to the 144 million who come over from plan B, they have come from a different planet. They will not have a red heifer or waters of Meribah. They will not have a bronze snake. And they will not have a Nazirite Who has presented a ewe-lamb as a sin offering. What poor people they are! They have spent their whole time under the old covenant! Not being given a chance to walk under the New Covenant!

How do you survive without the constant presence of the Holy Spirit? On tap for 24/7? It doesn’t matter when or what the problem, the Holy Spirit is there. Like us they have had the Bible since the printing press but no Spirit to individually explain it! And there was no New Testament!


It would not be fair even to a novice to be asked to compare the New and Old Testaments, there is an overwhelming amount to account for. It is probably not just an oversimplification but blasphemy to say that that salvation plan B, the Old Testament, is salvation plan A with a ‘patch’ of the New Testament stuck over it. It should be kept in mind that this ‘patch’ or ‘addition’ is the first and central tenet of our faith in the new Heavens. It is the first one presented to us and is what settles us down by removing any anxiety. It is from here that we plead/ask for the waters of Meribah and see the bronze snake. It is the only ceremony or part of so far that we have been told that is repeated in Heaven and each year introduces the year. The Passover!

On earth it is more than a ‘patch’. It was factored in in Egypt. The actual event that instigated the journey was on 01/01/01 but the Passover event that celebrated it was on the 14th of January and not the first. It was different yet must have been related to it. But how? We only need to get the go ahead once and then we are ready to begin the trip. It would be helpful if at the other end we had a confirmatory sign that we had got there and even another doorframe with the same blood on it for entry painted as ‘destination’ but once only really is required.

The first stop on the trip which began on 01/01/01 is 14/01/01 (or could have been 02) but from now on until Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary this becomes an annual event. It is not the start of the journey, it is the journey. GFPMC was an integral part of plan B and not just a ‘patch’. It would be of interest to hear how Jews explain why the commemoration moved from 01/01/01 to 14/01/xx and how the service changed. To me they appear identical. But the blood for the 1st of January pleads for mercy for the whole trip but the blood for the 14th pleads for the event of GFPMC which is about to take place. There is no forgiveness of sin involved for the 1st but it is all about forgiveness of sin the 14th. The blood of the 1st covers the whole trip but the blood of the 14th covers this one event. No blood was required for cleansing of sin for 01/01/01 that was to be taken care of six months later in the Day of Atonement DOA59 or salvation plan A but blood was required, or was that the water component that did the sin washing on the 14th of January, GFPMC or salvation plan B.

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Salvation plan A was a straight run between 01/01/01 and 10th of July 486 DOA59 of Daniel chapter nine. Jesus the Saviour would come to His people And after a short evangelistic program of three and a half years with them, the living, would convert the dead, die and save them all in the DOA60 and take them all back to Heaven within 1,260 days of DOA60. So we could be where we are now in Heaven as a result of salvation plan A.

How different is the journey after salvation plan B, same result but look at the differences! Salvation plan B was from 01/01/01 to 14/01/xx and then onto 10th of July 486 DOA60 of Daniel chapter nine. That extra stop at 14/01/xx changed the history of the earth and stamped itself on the times of eternity! That extra stop, that extra cross where Jesus made an attempt to join humanity has now resulted in humanity joining Him. That extra stop, His first coming has resulted in His second coming. And the second coming resulted in the saints having to spend time whilst they waited for DOA60 in a sinless place. And to be in this sinless place has resulted in us having to be sinless and that is what 14/01/xx, GFPMC did, it made us sinless. And we have waited in our sinless waiting area for about 1,800 years for the DOA60 for both plans to converge. And Jesus arrives for His 70th lot of 7*70, years 490-483. He doesn’t have to gather anyone in plan B they are already there, He must just prepare them. In fact that Heavenly wedding has already occurred, they are already married and what a rich life of preparation they had before that; a period of life on earth with Jesus, almost 1,800 years with Him waiting for our wedding in the old Heaven, destroying our enemies in the battle of the beast and now only satan’s head remains to be crushed and in return satan will bruise the heel of Jesus.

The idea that Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) did not occur is so radical that it is difficult to entertain. The sin and scapegoat offerings on the DOA60 still would have ensured that all sin would have been removed but the idea of living under the Old Covenant, which the overwhelming majority of Christians are doing today and no presence of the Holy Spirit really should not be that difficult to entertain as most today are doing exactly that. To come under the New Covenant you must allow the Holy Spirit to transfer the law, commandments 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10 from the stone they are on and onto your heart. Not some or the ones you like, but all. Most today will withhold number four the Sabbath day and therefore none pass over. Jesus is not given a chance to keep them in the Heavenly way and the only option is how you keep them; salvation plan A. And the irony is that it is these people who accuse me of trying to get them back under the old covenant. I don’t have to, you are already there! It is of interest as to what happens under salvation plan A at around this time and the Nazirite chapter tells us much and this should be included in the next summary as we leave the Book of Numbers. In the meantime what does salvation plan B tell us about Moses’ bronze snake in the desert?  ****

Today every Christian church, denomination and congregation to the best of my knowledge has only one cross event; Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC), the ‘first’ cross the one that occurred halfway through time. None acknowledge the last cross, that of the Day of Atonement (DOA60) and the end of time where you would expect the cross to be. You would also expect the high priest to tidy up the temple for the last time and not just the priest, although priests do perform critical functions. God could have accomplished salvation of humanity using only one cross, the DOA60, salvation plan A and this would have been done by going to the cross once, yes DOA60 was on Mount Calvary, but He chose to go to the cross twice and the results of this extra appearance are mind boggling and staggering, salvation plan B.

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The irony of the situation is that all we require to know about is this first cross of 14/01/xx(?) of GFPMC. It is the cross that generates that holy, sinless group of saints that are now going to require all that extra molly cockling and protection which would not have been required had there only been one cross at the end of time. They would have been a part of these catastrophes. Having accepted this cross and joining this group it is still possible to leave them if you so wish and remain on earth at the second coming and even if you go to Heaven with them at the second coming you will still be technically be able to leave them right until the time that evil is destroyed and not only the beast within you has been killed but its dead parts have been surgically removed. Not that it is likely that you will want to leave Him once in Heaven, although all those angels did, and even on this earth when you realise some of the magnitude of His friendship you will not be able to or want to leave Him. [I still will try to time events from Numbers (6:20) when the Nazirite is given permission to drink wine, His vow of separation is finished, the Son of Man reverts to the Son of God, the decommissioning process is finished and chapter 15 cuts in where the Last supper is studied under ever increasing supervision of the Holy Spirit (OIL) that leads to an ever increasing amount of drink offering, the blood of Jesus and finally resulting as the peace offering/bull vow.]

In this bronze snake discussion we must distinguish what Jesus did do by going to the cross ‘so early’ that He could not have done had He only gone to the cross once and ‘late’ in this earth’s history. One has already been mentioned is that the world would not have had the presence of the Holy Spirit for a half on its existence! Another is that Jesus would not have spent nearly 3,800 years in contact with us as the Son of Man. The following subject matter is so complex that any number of conclusions may be drawn and the chances of striking the right one first time around are remote. The conclusion it that because He went to so much trouble to join us on earth that we are now able to begin to try to join Him in Heaven, beginning with the red heifer. He formed the connection first.

Jesus had accomplished many things by the time He called out, “It is finished” at 3pm on 14th of January on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC)  He had broken away from God His Father, “My God, My God why have you forsaken Me!”  an action that He confirmed by asking for and drinking not just the juice from a grape which would have broken His Nazirite vow, but fermented, rotting juice from the grape. He only sampled this at the start of His suffering to indicate He knew exactly where it was heading at 3pm; total severance of the relationship with His Father. This severance still would have occurred even if there was only one cross; the scapegoat still had to be taken outside of the city and be dashed to pieces. Plan A.

Even though the separation was so clear cut at 3pm the former days, could be 1,260, were not voided because his separation was not defiled. In Heavenly terms we are dealing with minor, earthly, priestly things but which still have a purpose. It is going to be a different matter when we move to Heavenly and high priest level sort of stuff. This ‘lower’ level stuff could have been easily handled in plan A with but one cross on that final DOA60 but it has been singled out and brought to attention well before the main event. Jesus singled this lot out and came to give them an extra lot of attention. These were the ones He was going to spend the eternities with, He was going to form a special relationship with them and they with Him! His relationship with them was not going to be a condescending one, it would be a true bridegroom bride relationship which marriage on earth is supposed to symbolise today. This relationship was not an overnight affair, it was established over four millennia and is now blossoming as we respond in the Heavenly courts.

This is the level at which Jesus entered His relationship with us. He entered as Eleazar the priest, tore the curtain into the tent of meeting and invited us His Levites to come from serving outside of the temple and join Him as priests. His title as ‘king of the universe’ passed onto His new priests. He has shown us here on earth and now again on what foundation this relationship stands; on the red

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heifer!  On earth it was called the Nazirite and the ewe-lamb. Days continued to be counted, they were not voided even though the separation came to the fore, He was down here with us and God was up there. The separation was not defiled, it was planned. It was the plan. Even though salvation plans A and B of numbers six are a little clearer now they are not clear enough to warrant a new analysis.

The new ministry that the Nazirite had begun at 3pm on GFPMC, that of joining the dead was only to last for a short time, until 4pm when there was a separation of his body and blood and water. *****

This is the great tribulation when we join with the body of Christ in heaven in a holding area whilst the storms of the trumpets and bowls rage on earth for 1,800 years. Compared to where we are going though Scripture calls this a wilderness. It is in this wilderness that we receive the Holy Spirit and are married. We leave this ‘wilderness’ as bride and bridegroom to destroy those who went so close to destroying us in the battle of the beast. But it is those last 7 years,7 months, 7 days and 7 hours where we are involved and everything seems to happen. Just like the first coming events pivoted around 1,260 days before GFPMC and 1,260 days after so now events pivot around 1,260 days before DOA60 and 1,260 days after DOA60. (plus a bit more) . Eight days before the DOA60 the fires of hell are extinguished. [2/7/486] On the next day, a Sabbath Jesus resurfaces from His banishment of some 3,800 years only to find Himself in an enormous mountain if sin; the unconfessed, unintentional sins of every human being He has created. It is an act of worship to see Him taking on these sins onto Himself so that the doorway into the new earth can be opened. Unfortunately though His period of defilement is extended another six days. He becomes clean on the 9th of July and as Son of Man on Sabbath, the DOA60 on the 10th of July He goes to the same cross as GFPMC to pay the penalty for all those sins that He so graciously took on Himself. Phase one of His Nazirite ministry finishes at 3pm. Phase two begins at 3pm but it is still as Nazirite, His vow of separation has not ended, He is still separated from God, He is still the Son of Man. He is not Melchizedek, He is still High Priest Jesus Christ. He started with a birthday and His role as Nazirite has not yet finished, certainly not on this side of the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) and even when we get into Canaan the first thing we are supposed to study is the burnt offering, but the second item of study is the completion or fulfilment of the special vow. This suggests that there is some carry on of the Nazirite vow even into NETM. (new earth tent of meeting).

We are at looking at the bronze snake being lifted in the wilderness of Sinai by Moses. But we are in NETM which is only one step short of entry into the New Jerusalem and an area where there is not only no sin but no concept of sin or evil. Evil is no longer a possibility. Forget Korah or satan, they disappeared on the 2/7/486 and have not existed now for what could be 1,500 days. If Jesus is being lifted as this snake was lifted then two things; the snake first had to be made and then lifted off the ground from 0 degrees to 20 to 30 to 40 ….. to 80 to 90 degree angle. The full gamut of horizontal to vertical positions. This is accomplished not by just one cross but by three crosses.

It was in Egypt  that this snake was formed. It wasn’t supposed to be a snake, it was supposed to be a Levite, an individual chosen by God Himself to Serve Him. Where the problem occurred was that God gave this Levite a free will just like He gives us a free will. Of the group of Levites chosen in Heaven and on earth only one rebelled and with took a large percentage of the congregation. It is this rebellious Levite who is being hoisted up firstly through GFPMC and then straight up, vertically into the NETM (new earth tent of meeting). All three crosses are involved in this lift and this lift would not be possible had one of the three crosses been missing. But out of the three only the red heifer has been mentioned so far. Or has it?

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Assuming that because the scapegoat has not been mentioned in chapter six, only dealing  with Numbers, that what is being discussed is salvation plan B, we are comparing nine events on either side of the NETM (new earth tent of meeting ) doorway. In six it is male lamb for burnt offering, ewe-lamb for sin offering and ram plus cakes for peace offering. In fifteen and order by God when you get there by fire a lamb for a burnt offering, a ram for fulfilment of special vow and a bull for a peace offering and possibly for fulfilment of the vow. By the time of nineteen, twenty and twenty one we are supposed to be comfortably sitting in Heaven in the NETM knowing why we have been lifted right up to this dizzy height and still feeling quite comfortable is all previous six offerings plus the red heifer, the waters of Meribah and the bronze snake. Somewhere there the ministry of Jesus Christ had finished , as it was always going to finish, His vows of separation from God the Father were fulfilled and His ministry as Melchizedek continued from there and into eternity with the bride. All finished, no more changes. The Son of Man was down there, crossed all His tees and dotted all His I’s.

It is my prayer for you and I hope your prayer for me that when we finally wake up that we are included in the wise batch of virgins and it is from this position that I now try to write. No evil, no sin, no doubts, no fears I cannot even imagine this situation and I can only work with the ability the Lord has given me but I have allowed satan to stifle. Actually even at these lofty heights I am still allowed on earthly vice; doubt. To have doubt in what Jesus Christ did would indeed be sin. He could not, would not and did not make any mistakes or leave anything out. He carried out God’s law, requirements down to the minutest detail. The doubt within me is really can all this be happening. It is just too good to believe. The charges were that ‘you did spit in my holy face and then you intentionally walked away from me! And you did not do that once but continually!’ Is there anything powerful that could restore that bridge back to God?

God Himself gave that answer firstly in Egypt on GFPE then again on Resurrection Sunday morning and finally on the DOA60 and that answer was, ‘YES’. Jesus can and Jesus has and Jesus still will do. But the most important part of this equation is that Jesus did and there is nothing there which says that Julius has to do. Providing I am under the new covenant it is only, what Jesus did! Check with your pastor if he is trying to tell you the fourth commandment, the Sabbath or any other of the ten are not applicable then why are you not still under the old covenant where it is your actions which are being judged? You will find he is trying to sell you many other clangers as well!

I am not going to accuse other ministries of getting the role of the blood of the lamb wrong. I have spent many hours on contemplating the role of the blood of the Lamb and such strong statements as, ‘without the shedding of blood there can be no remission of sins!’ But it has always come back as, ‘it doesn’t add up!’ It was not until the red heifer that things dropped into place and explained that gnawing doubt that has been there all that time. Sin is removed when Divine water washes it into the fires of hell. All sin. The water is divine and is not consumed here or anywhere else, it finishes up in a closed system in Heaven as the river of life, not for washing sins into hell but for instilling life. The blood is waved seven times in front and towards the tent of meeting. It pleads for this sacrifice to be accepted by God. It pleads for peace with God to be restored. It pleads for mercy! The answer to each of the pleas up to now has been, ‘accepted’ but there will no longer be any need for pleas once the blood is applied to our foreheads by Jesus Himself. It will have to be applied once, a one only event, to our foreheads and the final decision will be, ’accepted’. Not that there is going to be anyone up  there to check our passports, but they are stamped as, ‘accepted’, no more pleas for mercy will be required. The blood of the lamb is about acceptance of the sacrifice and divine blood  would have extinguished the fires of hell. It is in the body, the frame onto which all those sins were presented

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into hell and out of the three, body, blood and water it was totally consumed. The human body was consumed but divine ashes survived and divine water also survived, but not the blood. There was no divine blood in any of those fires!  And none survived. We must now expect the concept of the blood to be introduced by Scripture but only after we have some idea of the sacrifice for which it is seeking mercy for. Until that time Julius is still entitled to his doubts, ‘it is just too good to believe!’

Returning to the sacrifice itself for which the plea for mercy has been/will be made for. Even in these lofty heights God has still commanded that the burnt offering, the fulfilment of the vow and the free will offering, the peace offering come across from the old burned out world and into NETM (new earth tent of meeting). And we receive these reassurances when we see Jesus place His sinless hair at the base of the cross. As Jesus was the creator of every atom, molecule and subatomic particle He is responsible for each one. What He created and alone is capable of creating is life and a very special form of life that is not only in His own image it also has His breath in it. That life, human beings, were given a choice of spending this life with Him. Most chose not to but Jesus was still responsible for cleaning up the mess that they had made. Jesus removed this mess in two attempts. That for His universe on the DOA60 and that for His bride GFPMC. Even though His separation from God was completed He as Nazirite was still allowed to drink wine. —–

The sins for His creation had far wider implications than just the two pigeons/turtledoves  and the lamb offering and these as yet have not been explained from the tent of meeting but the ewe-lamb has been explained as the red heifer. The reason the burnt offering passes through the doorway and into the tent of meeting is not that it ensures the doorway with, ‘no entry, no sin beyond this point’ will open, it opens up spontaneously,  it is because this DOA60 has pleaded for and acceptance made to include us as a part of Jesus. He has been a part of us for nearly 3,800 years and we now become a part of Him. That is the reason we are now passing through that doorway into NETM (new earth tent of meeting) We have not yet been given the NETM version of male lamb going onto bull or peace offering.

But how can we make this transfer into this sinless state with all of those sins we have committed? This question is addressed at two levels, one on either side of the doorway into NETM. On this side it is the ewe-lamb which is the sin offering but on the other side it magnified many fold as the red heifer. An attempt has already been made to look at this red heifer but unless it can be tied in with chapter six we are still shooting blind. In chapter six the Nazirite was specifically  told to stay away from the dead but even though He had no other options, He still bore the consequences of His actions; defilement. And it is these defilements that He received that are being addressed in the red heifer!   *****Most spectacular lightning display yesterday caused computing problems.

The appearance of the ewe-lamb is predicted in the Old Testament and its history is the New Testament. The Bible is the total history of the ewe-lamb. We should not be surprised that Eleazar the priest conducts the service of the red heifer, the priest conducts the service at decommissioning of the Nazirite. What is the real surprise is that the priest and not the high priest conducts the service of the DOA61. ???? When they are combined, there is only going to be one service, the high priest takes that service but when split into two cross events each is taken by the priest. Yet another question! Could not really attempt to answer this question until another visit to the Book of Hebrews. Three thoughts; as there is no sin or concept of sin up there, there would be little point in

Page 72

having a high priest conducting a sin sacrifice or mentioning it; eternity is the presence of the High Priest Melchizedek, Jesus Christ has a beginning and end; it is the blood of Jesus that is used in our plea for acceptance and it doesn’t matter from which symbolic form it comes from whether priest, high priest, lamb, bull or whatever. For the sacrifice of GFPMC to be effective to get us through firstly into the ‘holding pen’ and from there into the NETM  (new earth tent of meeting) and ultimately the New Jerusalem, the Most Holy Place the humanity of Jesus Christ had to die, all of it. (19:5) ‘hide, its flesh and blood, with its refuse, shall be burnt’. But there was divinity in that fire too. Of the body  the ashes were left behind and the divine water was not consumed or boiled away. There was no divine blood within that fire. When we see the fire extinguished we see the smouldering ashes but we also see water coming out of the ashes, the rock that has been left behind. There is something so special about that water that we want more than just a trickle coming out of this rock, we want it to gush out as the river of life running from the throne in the New Jerusalem.

We do not think of striking the rock once let alone twice but we speak to the rock as God has commanded and it gives forth its water. What would have happened had Moses and Aaron spoken to this rock as God had commanded them and not struck it? The result the same but different pathway? Well they both would have been allowed into Canaan and not died on this side. It has now been quite a while since I asked the question; what is salvation plan A and what is salvation plan B? It is only now that some of the answers are starting to trickle through and because of their complexity there was no point in being given them before. And today we ask for another answer; what would have happened had Moses and Aaron spoken to the rock of Meribah and not struck it? We know a part of the answer if they did strike it; death of Moses and Aaron and violent death of Jesus Christ. We know some of the synonyms but what about the antonyms? Are they going to be as different as salvation plans A and B? In the meantime we see a tiny heap of ashes with traces of water seeping out and we speak to them. The ashes become a massive rock that produces a river of water. The priest line of the Nazirite/Jesus Christ line changes into the Priesthood of eternity; that of Melchizedek! And finally we are shown from where we are lifted, the three crosses and by whom. There is the acceptance and formation of us the Levites in GFPE, there is the transformation of Levites into Priests and taking them to the holding area whilst the forces of evil play out their end games, GFPMC, and the final lift from this holding pen and into the NETM (new earth tent of meeting), DOA62. And therein we have the bronze snake of Moses!


Chapter 22, Balak sends for Balaam. Verses 1-41 ; ‘ Then the sons of Israel journeyed, and camped in the plains of Moab beyond the Jordan opposite Jericho. Now Balak the son of Zippor saw all that Israel had done to the Amorites. So Moab was in great fear because of the people, for they were numerous; and Moab was in dread of the sons of Israel. Moab said to the elders of Midian, “Now this horde will lick up all that is around us, as he ox licks up the grass of the field.” And Balak the son of Zippor was king of Moab at that time. So he sent messengers to Balaam the son of Beor, at Pethor, which is near the River, in the land of the sons of his people, to call him, saying, “Behold, a people came out of Egypt; behold, they cover the surface of the land, and they are living opposite me. Now, therefore, please come, curse this people for me since they are too mighty for me; perhaps I might be able to defeat them and drive them out of the land. For I know that he whom you bless is blessed, and he whom you curse is cursed.

So the elders of Moab and the elders of Midian departed with the fees for divination in their land; and they came to Balaam and repeated Balak’s words to him. He said to them, “Spend the night

Page 73

here, and I will bring word back to you as the Lord may speak to me.” And the leaders of Moab stayed with Balaam. Then God came to Balaam and said, “Who are these men with you?” Balaam said to God, “Balak the son of Ziphor, king of Moab, has sent word to me, ‘Behold, there is a people who came out of Egypt and they cover the surface of the land; now come, curse them for me; perhaps I mighty be able to fight against them and drive them out,’” God said to Balaam, “Do not go with them; you shall not curse the people, for they are blessed.” So Balaam arose in the morning and said to Balak’s leader, “Go back to your land, for the Lord has refused to let me go with you.” The leaders of Moab arose and went to Balak and said, “Balaam refused to go with us.” Then Balak again sent leaders, more numerous and distinguished than the former. They came to Balaam and said to him, “Thus Balak the son of Ziphor, ‘Let nothing, I beg you, hinder you from coming tome; for I will indeed honour you richly, and I will do whatever you say to me. Please come then, curse this people for me.’” Balaam replied to the servants of Balak, Though Balak were to give me his house full of silver and gold, I could not do anything, either small or great, contrary to the command of the Lord my God. Now please, you also stay here tonight, and I will find out what else the Lord will speak to me.” God came to Balaam at night and said to him, “If the men have come to call you, rise up and go with them; but only the word which is speak to you shall you do.” So Balaam arose in the morning, and saddled his donkey and went with the leaders of Moab.

THE ANGEL AND BALAAM; But God was angry because he was going, and the angel of the Lord took his stand in the way as an adversary against him. Now he was riding on his donkey and his two servants were with him. When the donkey saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way with his drawn sword in his hand, the donkey turned off from the way and went into the field; but Balaam struck the donkey to turn her back into the way. Then the angel of the Lord stood in a narrow path in the vineyards, with a wall on this side and a wall on that side. When the donkey saw the angel of the Lord, she pressed herself to the wall and pressed Balaam’s foot against the wall, so he struck her again. The angel of the Lord went further, and stood in a narrow place where there was no way to turn to the right or the left. When the donkey saw the angel of the Lord, she lay down under Balaam; so Balaam was angry and struck the donkey with his stick. And the Lord opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said to Balaam, “ What have I done to you, that you have struck me these three times?”  Then Balaam said to the donkey, “Because you have made a mockery of me! If there had been a sword in my hand, I would have killed you by now.” The donkey said to Balaam, “Am I not your donkey on which you have ridden all your life to this day? Have I ever been accustomed to do so to you?” And he said, “No”. Then the Lord opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way with his drawn sword in his hand; and he bowed all the way to the ground. The angel of the Lord said to him, “Why have you struck your donkey these three times? Behold, I have come out as an adversary, because your way was contrary to me. But the donkey saw me and turned aside from me these three times. If she had not turned aside from me, I surely  would have killed you, and let her live.” Balaam said to the angel of the Lord, “I have sinned, for I did not know that you were standing in the way against me. Now then, if it is displeasing to you, I will turn back.” But the angel of the Lord said to Balaam, “Go with the men, but you shall speak only the word which I tell you.” So Balaam went along with the leaders of Balak.

When Balak heard that Balaam was coming, he went out to meet him at the city of Moab, which is on the Arnon border, at the extreme end of the border. Then Balak said to Balaam, “Did I not urgently send to you to call you? Why did you not come to me? Am I really unable to honour you?” So Balaam said to Balak, “Behold, I have come now to you! Am I able to speak anything at all? The word that God puts in my mouth, that I shall speak.” And Balaam went with Balak, and they came to

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Kiriath-huzoth. Balak sacrificed oxen and sheep, and sent some to Balaam and the leaders who were with him. Then it came about in the morning that Balak took Balaam and brought him up to the high places of Baal, and he saw from there a portion of the people.’

I have given up in looking for ‘easy’ sections of the Bible and just because I can’t explain why satan chose a snake to speak through or an angel chose a donkey does not mean that I can’t think about it and guess at different answers. Nor does it mean that I should not continue with trying to correlate both Old and New Testaments with end day events. Chapter 21 was about snakes so that entitles me to have guesses about snakes. Firstly why did satan choose a snake to communicate through to Eve and not Adam? Possible answer; He judged that to be his best chance of success. Not a frog or dog or hog but a snake. If Korah’s rebellion is an indication to the rebellion in Heaven which had to occur first it was quite a complex, time consuming affair. To get any rebellion in Heaven a place of such beauty was by definition going to be difficult. Firstly satan himself had to decide whether to go ahead and what the consequences would be in the case of success and also failure. Then he had to form an inner core of leaders. To convince these he already had to be an excellent liar, but convince them he did.

Here then was the crux of his plan; the leaders of the congregation. If satan and few of his cronies were defeated and thrown out of Heaven, no one would miss them, but if they could involve many/most of the leaders then God could not punish them in a failure because too many of the congregation could also rebel. Korah tells us the rest of this story.*****

In the above revolt which could easily have taken ten or even twenty years to hatch Adam and Eve were familiarising themselves with both the plants and animals. Out of all the animals and for any number of reasons Eve formed a close association with the snake. All of creation at this stage was by God’s standards judged as ‘very good’ and not perfect as many faiths try to tell you, but it was very good. It could not be perfect as the possibility of evil existed and with free will these would soon combine to give anything but perfection.

So satan is thrown out of Heaven, arrives on earth to see Eve and her cuddly snake. He judges his best chances of breaking through and getting humanity to rebel are not through Adam but through Eve and Adam must be kept out of the picture until it is too late. He enters into the snake. Does this snake have a choice or no choice in the matter? As adults we can make a choice as to whether we let satan in or out. Actually the default value is satan is in and the only way to keep him out is to have Jesus within. But once Jesus is within as our holy shield will protect younger siblings from satan I would imagine that this shield would also protect animals within our households. Satan would have to have a very specific reason for entering into an animal when He could be in someone God loves and wants to be with Him. But enter into this snake satan did and the result of this story has been told many times over. The disobedience, the sin had resulted has a profound effect on the history of humanity. It resulted in a separation from God and a separation from God meant death plus the penalty for breaking the law. Jesus Christ took both penalty and death that were due to us on Himself on GFPMC. We are ready to go into that ‘holding pen’ and wait until history plays out before we can move on and through the doorway into NETM (new earth tent of meeting) .

In that garden God also put enmity between satan and the woman. It was no longer a cute cuddly thing but now an enemy. It certainly was the case when the Lord sent fiery serpents among the

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people and they bit the people. God did not create the snake as such but it along with creation carries the curse of sin from this and later times. Things are getting worse as sin increases. Most ministries deny of a recreation in the absence of sin once this sinful planet is destroyed and that blessed thought but then again they do their level best to keep you out of Heaven and distort God Who revealed Himself through Jesus Christ on GFPMC to such an extent He becomes a repulsive, vindictive and cruel God. There is no better way of doing this than the ‘eternal’ fires of hell. The concept may keep many a primary school child awake, start to be questioned at secondary level and lead to turn off by tertiary level. Only a very premature mind or spiritually sick developed mind could entertain this greatest of satan’s lies. It is sick, repulsive and nauseating!  Sodom and Gomorrah also burn for ever and ever as does the servant who wants to remain with his master. After certain procedures he is to remain with his master for ever and ever. Both things stop when completed as do the fires of hell when they have consumed evil. Heaven however does go on for ever and ever and surely there cannot be any comparisons between Heaven and hell! They convert an act of love into an act of hate! This is where that personnel touch comes in from Jimmy and others. They do actually believe that because you have missed this sermon and not made a contribution to Jimmy’s Maserati or his 66th first class fully guided world trip you should burn in hell forever and ever. How dare you! Not to mention you did not buy that DVD even though Jimmy has personally cut its price right down to the bone! More on God’s prophets soon.

The serpents released were deadly enemies of the people. They killed them. Their origin was the Garden of Eden where a very special angel, a Levite (?) among angels had rebelled and was thrown out of Heaven. Satan. The second fiery snake here was the one that Moses/Jesus made and it was out of bronze. There is much detail given to us about what Jesus did on GFPE and how it led to the formation of a group of people chosen by God to be His people. These Scripture calls Levites. Out of these Levites there is one there that could allow us to tie the Levites of earth to those in Heaven; Korah. He like satan was a Levite and he like satan led a major rebellion but both had a base as Levite; specially chosen by God as His own people. Those bitten by the snakes of sin got no benefit out of looking at Moses forming this bronze snake it only cured them of their poisonous bites once it was lifted up. It was lifted from ground level where it was formed, GFPE, the left hand cross on Mount Calvary via and angle of 45 degree, the centre cross, GFPMC into the holding area of the Old Heavens and from there to a vertical position, the right hand cross, DOA61 and beyond into the NETM, (new earth tent of Meeting) All the lifting was done by and through Jesus Christ.******

All this was the prelude to the main event. Balak and Balaam. The fiery snakes that God sent did stop the rebellion caused by the unbelievers by the fiery snakes specifically sent to target unbelievers and Balak has now brought Balaam and others to the high places of Baal from where they can see a portion of the people. A summary is in order and story/history and prophet/prophetess and Balak/satan will be used synonymously. It is a very complex story meaning multiple passes will be required. It is the great tribulation precursor and depending on what Balaam tells Balak, even a part of it.

The story so far is that Balak/satan feel threatened by God’s people and that they will be overrun by them. The solution is war and his best chance of success will be if the people are in a cursed state by God and certainly not in a blessed state. In fact Balak knows he has no chance whilst they are in a blessed state but he also knows that these blessings are conditional. The antonym of these blessings are curses and Balak hopes by their behaviour and rebellion up to now that the Jews have crossed  that fine line from blessings to curses and now would be the time to make war against them. He

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must find someone who has connections to the top, a prophet of God. He knows that Balaam is just that.

If Balak had a Daniel or Isaiah or Jeremiah or any of the other great prophets of God before him he probably would not have sent any delegations, he would have known the answers would be no. Certainly after the first lot came back with that answer there would be no further reason to waste effort for an overruling. Balaam was a prophet of God but he certainly had his share of human frailties. He was known in the region as such and to known as a prophet of God he must have passed many of satan’s hurdles and performed many Godly functions. And to give credit where credit is due the first answer he got from God he repeated faithfully; no can do and I am not coming back with you despite these bribes that you bring.

But he did not stand by that decision. The next time the carrot was far bigger and its bearers more numerous and distinguished and he put the same question, although he should not have, back to the Lord. But neither should we. We should not ask for things that we know are wrong and when satan reattempts us we certainly should not take it back to the Lord. The reason he has knocked us back the first time is that it was going to be harmful but if we are intent on going ahead anyway He has no choice but accede. But we will have to bear the consequences of evil desires. God did let him go but only on the condition that he spoke the Word of God. And that is the Balaam that we seek today; ‘but only the word which I speak to you shall you do’.

Through history God’s church has been through its highs but also through its lows. And just because it is in a total state of apostasy and a deep sleep does not mean that God does not have a Balaam or Jonah or some other prophet/prophetess out there that He will use. It may not be that their state of sleep is so deep rather just a case of their ear drums being blown out by all those clanging bells, but whatever, the state of God’s church is in a precarious condition. The clangers do abound, ‘it is written’ has been forgotten. If they can translate the word, ‘remember’ which God wrote with His finger, and only once in the Bible, on stone to mean; ignore, forget, have nothing to do with it, deride anyone who tries to bring your attention to it, repel any blessings that God is trying to bestow, insist on remaining under the old covenant where your actions are counted, violently repel any attempt to place you under the new covenant where all that counts is what Jesus did, if they can get away with that translation imagine what other clangers they are going to come up with?

But this will not always be so. Balak and Balaam raise a number of issues. One is the competing role between evil within and evil without. The beast and satan. Which is the more dominant and what role do they play? Scripture answers they are equal. They go hammer and tongs at it after satan is released from the abyss after spending a thousand years in the abyss. During this time the beast could have made all the preparations in the world for this coming challenge from satan. All valueless, not one could have been employed in this battle. Satan who brings the dead with him who have already experienced their first death cannot be killed as only two deaths are allowed and their second death will now be in the fires of hell. The battle is a draw, it is stale mate! There is no point going on with the killing as these troops will be required in the battle of Armageddon. Both must consolidate, both must get ready. In preparation for the battle of Armageddon satan appears to play the leading role over the beast. But satan knows Scripture and he knows there will be two battles and not one. He also knows that the first battle will be against the beast and his own battle will be some three and half years later. He keeps his troops, the dead, well away  from the soldiers of the beast because he knows this battle will be a disaster and satan doesn’t want any of his troops to be injured in side effects. In a way the decision the beast makes is really the only option that he has. He

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has been very successful in destroying Christians while here on earth and he assumes that Jesus will come to earth for the battle. Satan knows that this will not be so and that it will be a most one sided battle.

In the bronze snake satan was certainly a player as was the beast within those rebellious Jews. But in Balak and Balaam who plays which role? Is it satan/Balak who bring on end day events?   *****

The issue that Balak/satan need to be resolved here and it can only be done by Balaam or in our days Balaam or Jonah or Isaiah or whatever the name of God’s prophet happens to be at the time is that are these people down there in a cursed or blessed state? Satan has got millions of his own down who are liars like him so he must get the right answer. And that can only come from a prophet of God. If they are cursed then it is going to be a walk over just like in Babylon or Titus but if they are blessed then surely even satan is going to hesitate before taking them on!

This is satan’s problem at the second coming, the time of the great tribulation. From his high places of Baal he can only see a portion of God’s people. There are more, many more still to come. They are a threat to his existence, he is losing followers at an alarming rate. He must take action but before he does act he needs Balaam or whatever the name of God’s prophet is going to be at the time, to stand here with him and curse these people before he attacks them. They have done much to sever their ties with Him and cursers should now follow; they have been asleep for hundreds of years, the Word of God has been forgotten and even couldn’t be heard over all those clangers. They have lost the plot, it is all about war and greed. If God does not give up with them now, what will it take for Him to give up with them? It is of critical importance that firstly he picks out the Balaam, the prophet of God from all those millions of frauds down there and then he brings him up here for a ruling. Mind you satan has got it wrong before and only recently when he thought the last straw would be the bronze snake rebellion and look how God changed that result!

The Book of Revelation has much to say about wars and conflicts and end days chapter 24 of Matthew Jesus tells us there will be wars and rumours of wars. Balak and Balaam are about an impeding war and it is war that allows us to force a result out of cause and effect. So if I was to say to you that the Billy Graham crusades had a two fold purpose; to prepare the public to support an unjust war in Vietnam and for them to send their sons and daughters to fight in this most horrific of wars. You may counter by saying that the American public might have supported this war and sent their sons and daughters willingly to fight without Graham’s crusades and these crusades brought many to the Lord anyway. But this is where you would be wrong.

The Billy Graham crusades as do the Jimmy Swaggart and plethora of other campaigns teach Jesus Christ on the cross, but the problem is which cross? It is a cross of hate, war, cruelty, suffering and punishment or is it the cross of holiness, love, mercy and grace? The cross where it is determined you are about to start your burning in the eternal fires of hell is a cross of punishment, suffering, cruelty and hate of screaming screeching desperate souls and the worst part of it is that it is forever. It is the cross of war whose attributes are all of the above and many more. And it gives these preachers much satisfaction to threaten with years, hundreds of years, thousands of years, millions of years….. and satan can and does go on! Or is it the cross and Paul and the early church taught? One where certainly evil does end and end it does to be replaced by perfection, holiness, love, mercy and grace! There is no war allowed in any of those words. The suggestion of war and killing is abhorrent and repulsive and cannot even be considered. It was but only because the cross of hate was taught by these preachers.

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I think it was to Paul that his disciples complained that some undesirables out there was preaching the gospel. Paul told them not to try to stop them from preaching the gospel. It was critical that the gospel be taught. The Gospel that had to be taught was that of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

It not a gospel of damnation, one that leads you to certain damnation. One where there is just enough truth sown to expel the existing demon by the entrance of Jesus Christ. But there is also seeds of doubt sown so Jesus does not stay and when He ultimately leaves that one demon will be replaced by seven others ensuring your damnation. Teaching and supporting evolution and long ages of the world will usually be seed enough. Satan is the expert gardener who will carefully tend to these seeds and drive out Jesus as the Gospel truth and the bases of our faith. If people are awake up to these lies then satan has a specialist ministries like Jimmy Swaggart to cope with these people.

It is a gospel of hate, murder, cruelty and suffering for the eternal ages to come. The cross from the true Gospel is not to be used by satan dressed as priests in full regalia of black cloaks and cheesy white smiles as on both sides they jump from trench to trench, ‘blessing’ the troops with these crosses and screaming at them to go murder the other side for no reason except the lies they have made up. It is a gospel of war. If the Billy Graham evangelistic campaigns did produce say one million true born again Christians and for the life of me I just can’t see how a true born again Christian can go and murder innocent people but say they did and out of the ones they did murder there would have been a harvest of one million then the total number going to Heaven from this event would be two million. God can see ahead what is going to happen and takes it into account.

Most of the ‘christian’ ministries out there today including Swaggart do not hide the fact that they are a war based ministry. They vary from the old man himself who gets that jump in his left leg and fist clenched in victory just at the sight of Christians getting their eardrums blown out by jets flying so low with full throttle and if he sees you jumping in delight with him, you too will be labelled as a ‘born again Christian’ and bound for the same destination. They go the full gamut up to his son Donnie, the full war monger. Under Donnie the USA would rid itself of that malaise of being called wimps. He has at his disposal a large stockpile of nuclear weapons with due by date on them. Just like their defoliants in Vietnam that couldn’t be disposed of; use them and get paid for them and get rid of those wimp images. His idea is Russia; ka-boom! He does not do just one hop on his left leg but sets off around the whole stage! Coming in at the end of lap one, China; ka-boom and the excitement sets him off on lap two, then Japan; ka-boom and off he goes again! By the time he has done lap 50 his piercing eyes go out over the congregation, saying, ‘Anyone else? Have I missed anyone, anyone?’ A call comes out of the congregation, ‘the Eskimos!’ He definitely puts thought into it, not much but still does, ‘Eskimos not much of a threat today but imagine the prohibitive cost of one day having to set up an embassy there! Eskimos, ka-boom’ and off he goes on lap 51! This time when the hop lap finishes and no more additions to anyone who would dare to challenge the right of the USA under any pretext they chose, to invade any country they wish,  he knocks it into N and heart beat drops back from 6,666 to the normal 666. As far as war is concerned this boy is the whole box and dice!  With other people’s lives and not his own family! *****

It is not that the Swaggart ministries are the only war mongers. What brought me to this ministry is that they claim to be Bible based and what tipped me off the edge was the flippant way in which Swaggart dealt with and disposed of God’s gift to man; the Sabbath Day. Commandment keeping they claim! They do not have all the clangers of many other denominations but then you don’t have to in order to send people to their damnation. They have a sufficient number which proves they are

Page 79

not Bible based, but then again they are not the only church that is asleep; the whole church sleeps, ten out of ten virgins. They are strangely silent on Matthew 24 and 25 and on the Lord’s Supper. It would not surprise me though to see them pass leavened bread and alcohol around. To take away the focus they have on war they are throwing in the red herrings like climate change being the issue in last day events. No, last day events, the second coming, are going to be a rerun of the first coming. God’s apostate people. The Jews using the ruling power of the day to kill Christians and Swaggart’s ministry is but one of the ministries out there to prime the population for this massacre.

And this is where we are at, on the high places of Baal with Balak and Balaam. In end days if that Balaam is you then Balak would not have had much of a problem from identifying you as a true prophet of God from all those thousands of false Balaams. Your faith was based on Christ on the cross. On that cross you saw the revelation of God of Himself and what makes God tick. You saw justice, holiness, love, grace, mercy and forgiveness working in tandem. These were the divine attributes that allowed Jesus to pull through 9 to 3 on Friday and again on Saturday, GFPMC and DOA61. Suggestions that these were acts of brutality, cruelty, suffering and death were the attributes of God would be abhorrent to you. So would the idea that God in love could form a human life to see it scream itself out in pain in hell for ever and ever would be outright nauseating. It would be very easy to associate this idea with demons in full regalia jumping from trench to trench and whilst ‘blessing’ you with their crosses to go and kill those on the other side for no reason. The choice that Balak made was not a very difficult choice, there were indeed few to choose from. If there was no other way than eternal hell God would not have created anything at all.

You are here because your first response was, ‘Go back to your land, for the Lord has refused  to let me go with you.’ That was very noble of you but you failed to realise Balak/satan were not going to give up that easily!  It wasn’t just how many and how distinguished the bearers of the carrot were going to be that satan would send back, it was the carrot itself that fooled you. It wasn’t there to lead the donkey along, it was there to bring you along! And you swallowed it hook, line and sinker. The Lord did send His guidance along and it should have been a strong clue to you when the donkey veered off the road you were going on. No doubt as in most evil events the vineyard was involved but the crunch and decision time came in the narrow place where you were shown the error of your way. Had you disregarded this the angel would have had no choice but to kill you. To your credit you repented and offered to pull back but the offer was too late and God can take advantage of each of our misdemeanours to help others from falling into the same. And you did repeat faithfully what God told you to say and for these verses we are now grateful to the Lord.


Verses 1-29 ; ‘ Then Balaam said to Balak, “Build seven altars for me here, and prepare seven bulls and seven rams for me here.” Balak did just as Balaam had spoken, and Balak and Balaam offered a bull and a ram on each altar. Then Balaam said to Balak, “Stand beside your burnt offering, and I will go; perhaps the Lord will come and meet me, and whatever He shows me I will tell you.” So he went to a bare hill. Now God met Balaam, and he said to Him, “I have set up seven altars, and I have offered up a bull and a ram on each altar.” Then the Lord put a word in Balaam’s mouth and said, “Return to Balak, and you shall speak thus.” So he returned to him, and behold, he was standing beside his burnt offering, he and all the leaders of Moab. He took up his discourse and said, “From Aram Balak

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has brought me, Moab’s king from the mountains of the east, ‘Come curse Jacob for me, And come, denounce Israel!’ “How shall I curse whom God has not cursed? And how can I denounce whom God has not denounced? “As I see him from the top of the rocks, And I look at him from the hills; Behold, a people who dwells apart, And will not be reckoned among the nations. “Who can count the dust of Jacob, Let me die the death of the upright, And let my end be like his.” Then Balak said to Balaam, “What have you done to me? I took you to curse my enemies, but behold, you have actually blessed them!” He replied, “Must I not be careful to speak what the Lord puts in my mouth?” Then Balak said to him, “Please come with me to another place from where you may see them, although you will only see the extreme end of them and will not see all of them; and curse them for me from there.” So he took him to the field of Zophim, to the top of Pisgah, and built seven altars and offered a bull and a ram on each altar. And he said to Balak, “Stand here beside your burnt offering while I myself meet the Lord over there.” Then the Lord met Balaam and put a word in his mouth and said, “Return to Balak, and thus you shall speak.” He came to him, and behold, he was standing his burnt offering, and the leaders of Moab with him. And Balak said to him, “What has the Lord spoken?” Then he took up his discourse and said,  *******

“Arise, O Balak, and hear; Give ear to me O son of Zippor! “God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man, that He should repent; Has He said, and He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good? “Behold, I have received a command to bless; When He has blessed, then I cannot revoke. “He has not observed misfortune in Jacob; Nor has He seen trouble in Israel; The Lord his God is with him, And the shout of the king is among them. “God brings them out of Egypt, He is for them like the horns of the wild ox, “For there is no omen against Jacob, Nor is there any divination against Israel; At the proper time it shall be said unto Jacob And to Israel, what God has done! “Behold a people rises like a lioness, And as a lion it lifts itself; It will not lie down until it delivers its prey, and drinks the blood of the slain.” Then Balak said to Balaam, “Do not curse them at all nor bless them at all!” But Balaam replied to Balak, “Did I not tell you, ‘Whatever the Lord speaks that I must do?” The Balak said to Balaam, “Please come, I will take you to another place; perhaps it will be agreeable with God that you curse them for me from there.” So Balak took Balaam to the top of Peor which overlooks the wasteland. Balaam said to Balak, “Build seven altars for me here and prepare seven bulls and seven rams for me here.” Balak did just as Balaam had said, and offered up a bull and a ram on each altar.”

THE PROPHECY FROM PEOR. Chapter 24 Verses 1-25 : ‘When Balaam saw  that it pleased the Lord to bless Israel, he did not go as at other times to seek omens but he set his face toward the wilderness. And Balaam lifted up his eyes and saw Israel camping tribe by tribe; and the Spirit of God came upon him. He took up his discourse and said, “The oracle of Balaam the son of Beor, And the oracle of the man whose eye is opened; The oracle of him who hears the words of God, Who sees the vision of the Almighty, Falling down, yet having his eyes uncovered, How fair are your tents, O Jacob, Your dwellings O Israel! “Like valleys that stretch out, Like gardens beside the river, Like aloes planted by The Lord, Like cedars beside the waters, “Water will flow from his buckets, and his seed will be by many waters, And his king shall be higher than Agag, And his kingdom shall be exalted. “God brings him out of Egypt, He is like the horns of a wild ox. He will devour the nations who are his adversaries, And will crush their bones in pieces, And shatter them with his arrows. “He couches, he lies like a lion, And as a lion, who dares rouse him? Blessed is everyone who blesses you, And cursed is everyone who curses you.”

Then Balak’s anger burned against Balaam, and he struck his hands together; and Balak said to Balaam, “I called you here to curse my enemies, but behold, you have persisted in blessing them these three times! Therefore, flee to your place now. I said I would honor you greatly, but behold,

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the Lord has held you back from honor.” Balaam said to Balak, “Did I not tell your messengers whom you had sent to me, saying, “Though Balak were to give me his house full of silver and gold, I could not do anything contrary to the command of the Lord, either good or bad, of my own accord. What the Lord speaks that I will speak’? And now, behold, I am going to my people; come, and I will advise  you what this people will do to your people in the days to come.”

He took up his discourse and said, “The oracle of Balaam the son of Beor, And the oracle of the man whose eye is opened, The oracle of him who hears the words of God, And knows the knowledge of the Most High, Who sees the vision of the Almighty, Falling down, yet having his eyes uncovered. “I see him, but not now; I behold him, but not near; A sceptre shall rise from Israel, And crush through the forehead of Moab, and tear down all the sons of Sheth. Edom shall be a possession, While Israel performs valiantly. “One from Jacob shall have dominion, And will destroy the remnant from the city.” And he looked at Amalek and took up his discourse and said, “Amalek was the first of the nations, But his end shall be his destruction.” And he looked at the Kenite, and took up his discourse and said, “Your dwelling place is enduring, And your nest is set on a cliff. “Nevertheless Kain will be consumed; How long will Asshur keep you Captive?” Then he took up his discourse and said, “Alas, who can live except God has ordained it? “But ships shall come from the coast of Kittim, And they shall afflict Asshur and will afflict Eber; So they also will come to destruction.” Then Balaam arose and departed and returned to his place, and Balak also went his way.’

Well we are here, all in the tent of meeting on the new earth because just like those Israelites looked at Moses lifting the bronze snake in the desert, we looked and saw Jesus the Son of Man being lifted up on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). This lift was initially as far as our first holding place, the tent of meeting in the present Heavens, and the remainder of the lift into the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) followed later but we are here finally. The three topics of study so far have been; the red heifer, the water of Meribah and the bronze snake. It is not unreasonable that we have come through some type of tribulation. It may not have been on a massive scale like the one of the first coming or the one just before the second coming  but nonetheless not pleasant experiences. Initially I am going to only look at the very last tribulation but when I come back to Revelation try to apply it to the Ephesus to Smyrna tribulation.

Revelation chapter 13 gives us much detail of what role the beast plays in this period but very little about the other force of evil that is present; satan. We know he is there, has exchanged power and authority with the beast but little else. These chapters of Numbers give us a lot more information about this time. Up to now there has been very little communication between the two, each seems to be doing their own thing but now satan knows that God is about to give power to the beast to persecute Christians, satan wants to be a part of this action. He wants to make sure that during the 1,335 days God has allowed His people to be persecuted for as many Christians are killed as can be. The beast, out of the sea and earth is not sarcastic about this union and say, ‘Well thank you for joining me now but where were you on GFPMC when I really needed your help! A fat lot of good you were standing in the background and just gloating!’ No they have a common enemy and only united will they cause maximum destruction.

Up to now I have had a healthy respect for satan’s ability to read, remember, and falsify Scripture. You just have to read the many satanic blogs out there and all those ‘contradictions’ and without a basic truth like the Day of Atonement (DOA61) there must be problems. Satan would not dare challenge Jesus or Paul or many others because he knew there were no errors or contradictions and he is the master of twisting truth to make it look like error. That is why if even a two bit

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commentator can see about seventy reasons why satan was wasting his time, no chance, then why couldn’t he at least see one of them? I think part of the answer lies in how desperate Balak/satan were; they even offered oxen and sheep as sacrifice.

The Jews in the desert had a tabernacle with some upward facing sign, cloud or light, to contact the above, present tent of meeting in which we will be spending the first 1,800 odd years of our eternity in which is the present The Most Holy Place where we will not be allowed to enter during this time. But that was as far as they could go. We today are privileged to go to the very top of the New Jerusalem. The doorway into the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) still has the sign; no entry past this point; it is a sinless zone. And that is the point we are sinless, after GFPMC we are sinless. The world on the other side is not sinless, the wicked have not yet been thrown into hell and any remaining sins have not been cleansed by the DOA61, they are still down there on the other side of the doorway but we are entitled to be where we are in the NETM.****

It was under the banner of the cross that we fell asleep and it is this banner that Jesus will be looking for at His second coming to wake us and be taken into Heaven with Him at the start of the millennium. It is towards this banner that we will march as a married couple, the cross of DOA61 and it will be this banner that Jesus will anoint with His sinless locks so that it can be taken into the New Jerusalem. It was under this banner that we marched through the doorway of the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) and it was under this banner that we were standing when it seemed to explode, pass through one of the pearly gates, stand in the river of life and spontaneously grow to its full height and glamor. And it is through this cross/altar that messages are relayed to God on His throne directly in front of it. There are no curses, sins, suffering, dying, pain or anything hurtful to be passed down from Heaven. It was all absorbed by this cross. All that can be passed down now are blessings in all their varied forms.

What did Balak expect to come down? The ox has been offered, the creature of blood, mercy given, peace accepted. The offerings on the altar/cross made, accepted and these were offerings of the highest order, so high they stood next to their burnt offerings and Balak/satan still did not get the picture. What animals were offered on these crosses? The offerings on these crosses were a bull and a ram, both of which are the subject of our studies in the NETM (new earth tent on meeting) These were in the laws God gave us even before we had crossed over and He wanted us to study them when we did arrive. The only animal sacrifice we have had a chance to study so far was the red heifer. The other subjects we have been studying was the burnt offering, the Nazirite’s vow, freewill and appointed times offerings, the waters of Meribah and the bronze serpent. But all of a sudden the two we want to learn about, the bull and the ram, appear just like that! These are the ones that are supposed to add 0.3 flour onto 0.5 oil and 0.5 drink offering.

Up to now I have only been aware of three crosses and not seven crosses/altars. These seem to be the highest offerings; seven altars/crosses, seven bulls, seven rams, altar built by Balak but sacrifice offered by both good and evil, Balaam and Balak. The seven altar/cross services were not performed at the same time. It was not a parallel event, it was one after the other or a series event. It was one cross of seven parts and therefore only one burnt offering resulted. A possible scenario for these time events could be; (1) GFPE on 01/01/01; (2) Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC); (3) the second coming after which the cross went into a ‘dormant period’; (4) intensive 1,260 day tutorial before the Day of Atonement (DOA62) and DOA62 itself; (5) The cross is anointed and marked as ‘Heaven bound’; (6) Cross passes into NETM (new earth tent of meeting); (7) Cross passes into the New Jerusalem and is planted.

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Each one of these crosses/altars is an individual and complete unit with the ram at the bottom and the bull at the top. The first cross in the wilderness, the bronze snake was of itself a complete cross. All that the people who were bitten had to do was to look to this snake and they would be saved. It introduced the cross of GFPMC where our understanding of what was going on increased greatly. Now by looking at the figure on this cross in faith we too will be saved. All those who have looked to these two crosses in faith, saints or redeemed or bride will be picked up and taken to Heaven with Jesus at His second coming. This cross remains on earth for another 1,260 years, the years of grace but not one being responds to it. Its next prominence is heralded by 1,260 day tutorial by the bridegroom to the bride when the big event occurs; DOA62.

We should have a lot better idea of looking from GFPMC to DOA62 than those Israelites did by looking from the bronze snake to GFPMC. Our two events are very closely related; ewe-lamb becoming male-lamb and red heifer becoming bull in the terminology of the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) Crosses five, six and seven are also complete units with ram and bull and present topics of our study and gratitude given to Balaam for his contribution to our level of understanding. Balaam understood the big picture that the whole cross had seven sub crosses which when joined together resulted in the burnt offering.

Balak must have been in a desperate situation to go through what he went through. He had everything to lose and nothing to gain. The crosses annulled the curses he was seeking. His first attempt was pie in the sky stuff and he knew it. If it had come off then all his Christmases had come at one time. Firstly he presented the wise virgins (not all as this should have been one in two and not one in four) expecting that they were blessed and the reason they were going to Heaven. They were blessed by God. If you never go you will never know! What a bonus that would have been!

The second lot, the foolish virgins was a different kettle of fish. They were foolish, they were evil and they were going to hell so he reasoned. You can’t be blessed and go to Hell, they had to be cursed! This topic of the foolish virgins has already been looked at a number of times in this blog but now resurfaces when Balak offers a sacrifice by himself. There is no problem with the seven altars, Balak is there but it is God’s prophet Balaam who officiates. But looking at these foolish virgins if these are the ones singled out by Balak then God says they are blessed. God cannot revoke this blessing and in fact there is no need to because they haven’t done anything wrong. No records anywhere has He seen any trouble! It is this scenario that I want to follow through once again in the next paragraph, however long that is.

The living first and then the dead. Both cases JK in the foolish lot with one million intentional sins, and one million confessed unintentional sins and one million unconfessed unintentional sins. In both living and dead cases the unconfessed unintentional sins are taken by Jesus Christ to the cross of DOA62, they are not mine. In both cases I turn up to the rally to protest against the killing of Christians at rallies like this knowing that all who do will be killed. Both times as I see the laser beam or machine gun coming scream, ‘Forgive me Jesus for my sins!’ and the first scenario is I am not killed. People on my left dropped as did people on my right, I was left behind, I am going to be one of those 144,000 living foolish virgins. I am sinless, I cannot go to hell as sin and death are synonyms. This is still definitely planet earth and I have not been taken to Heaven along with the righteous at the second coming. I have been deemed to be wicked and foolish. My intentions cannot be questioned as I was prepared to die for my Lord and I am sinless. God is not going to abandon anyone who was prepared to die Him. He died for me so that I could be in Heaven with Him the Least I can do is to die for Him. This can only happen if I reject Him by placing the mark of the beast on my forehead. The sin


meter is re-zeroed; intentional sins=0, unintentional sins = 0. I hope to maintain this as such by continual confession. First thousand years are most uneventful. The beast no longer regards me as a threat and restores my earthly possessions. Little wonder I could never dig my way out of all those projects and it takes most of the millennium to do so. Starting off at the bottom of the golfing tree has had its advantages, have got better. God will have to do something about the health there is at best only a few years left in the tank. Likewise with Bible study but still can’t see why I was left behind! This is not spiritualism now, I know my wife has been taken to Heaven and I feel her continual prayers now even though I can’t tell whether she is actually adding new prayers to the list or whether they are the prayers she prayed for me on earth and Jesus is now passing theses prayers through the altar and onto God. It is a well known date and time when Jesus made His second coming and I for one have added a millennium to it and will make all preparations for its finish. Apparently it will finish when a small golden censor comes streaking back to earth and then all hell will break loose! Happens exactly to the thousand years but not on this side of the world. As it was expected just about everybody had their phones ready and it is replayed many times on TV from any number of angles. And the accompanying catastrophes part was right as well. It must have been the Heavenly prayers that were protecting the earth from these catastrophes because they have been thrown out of Heaven and back here to earth. Just to be safe I stayed out of reach of those crazed horsemen but one day I was badly caught out when it came galloping up our street. It was not interested in me, must have seen God’s seal of protection which I myself cannot see. We are told that the censor cannot be found but with the religious significance of it, it must and will be found. It is not the gold that is going to protect the blood and water that came out of Jesus’ side it will be the prayers and the answer to those prayers to have these items restored to us back in Heaven. Also as predicted in the Bible, 260 years on from this event the two witnesses arrive with Jesus. The ministry of Jesus is not a public one and He works through His two witnesses. They do not identify themselves but I still think it is the apostle John and Elijah. Their last 1,260 days of ministry is not about them it is about Jesus; His final pleas for repentance. I had my transport and accommodation booked for a long time before so that I could go over and confront these witnesses. It took many years to rebuild the temple that had had its last foundation destroyed by that massive earthquake but because it was rebuilt in a place where the centre of the altar coincides with where the cross of GFPMC stood and the water and blood of Jesus was shed, their presence took away the need for re-dedication. Jesus just went straight into it. The presence of Jesus in this temple is obvious as it had acquired that special magnificence look. This allows me to use altar and cross synonymously although I am aware that they both stood on GFPMC and there was some distance between them on that day. Those 1,260 last witness days caused me much anguish and anxiety and when they finally did arrive that skyrocketed. There is little point in saying if I could have got an audience with Jesus and not just John or Elijah that things would have been different. I knew that would be the case all along. This was a case of God sending Lazarus with a drop of water on his finger as a last warning!  The next step was hell. But I still have no fear of hell. Each day I say the Lord’s prayer; ‘ …..and forgive us our trespasses…….’ And I am now sitting in front of the Book of Numbers (24:20,21) and this is exactly what it says. ‘ Never seen me in trouble or misfortune’ has just been wiped clean. A clean slate! I have nothing against repentance and repent regularly but about the overarching claim of the Bible over all moral, social and relationship matters. It insists they cannot be improved on. I use the same example as last time that of a child taken from a conventional  but abusive family and placed into a gay loving family. God should allow that gay family to exist as that child is better off there. God entertains no such thoughts. Gay marriage is evil and an abomination and there is not case where it is to be considered as good. Not one! Evil always remains evil! God’s answer is to go back to this dysfunctional family, remove the grog and illicit drugs and replace pornography with the

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Bible and pay the father a decent wage and stand back and watch how God’s ordained family operates! So it doesn’t matter what your problem is with the teachings of the Bible, be that gay marriage, homosexuality, the Sabbath, the role of women or whatever you are telling God how to change perfection, well the best of luck. To follow this foolish virgin through to the end he kept repenting of his sins every day right until the Holy Spirit appeared to me and said, ‘Julius do not remove that Seal God placed on you 1,800 odd years ago and replace it with the mark of the beast. Either way you are going to be killed; if you don’t accept the mark of the beast it will kill you but if you do accept his mark and fight against the rider of the white horse then he will kill you. If the beast kills you and you still have my seal I will take your place in hell for you, that is the only option that exists since the door of mercy closed way back at the two witness stage. History records that every one of the foolish virgins remove their seals, replace them with the mark of the beast, fight in the battle of the beast against the rider of the white horse, get killed and are thrown into hell to suffer for all their sins they committed since their last confession. It is but the consolation prize as the last sin for which we suffer in hell is that of rejection of the Holy Spirit and spitting in the Holy Face of God. And the suffering for that sin far exceeds all those other sins suffering! And all that this proves is that good and evil cannot coexist!******And now for the story of the dead virgin. Same rally, same conditions only this time JK is gunned down. In only a matter of months Jesus comes back for His second coming. Only the righteous dead are risen and the unrighteous remain in the ground during the first thousand years. Heaven is only interested in the living and not all in the dead. Once dead and not in the name of Jesus we belong to satan. Satan himself was only released  a matter of days before the rising of the unrighteous dead, but he was ready for them.  The 200 million crazed horsemen released who were supposed to kill one third of mankind were not demons from that rebellion way back in Heaven. That is too many to be in the inner core of leaders and they did not come up from the abyss with satan, they came up from wherever the dead came from. These probably were the war mongers who loved to see people die. They were demons dressed as priests and jumped from trench to trench ‘blessing’ the troops with their crucifers whist screaming at them to go murder people who had done them no harm. They were the Nixon’s, the Johnson’s the Bush’s the Blair’s and the Howard’s. Life not only meant nothing, they enjoyed watching the dying! Now they are going to have their full fill of blood! They know that each life they take is sin with its resultant punishment in hell, but the smell of the blood and screeching of victims is too hard to resist. Just like the smell of crude oil! If there are 7.2 billion alive at the time then 2.4billion will die horrific deaths and spreading that out among 200 million horsemen gives them twelve murders each providing of course no one steals a part of their quota. No rest for the wicked! And it is these horsemen who have and continue to run churches. To get away with it you make God out to be a cruel and vengeful God and there is no better way of doing this than everlasting suffering in hell! It is a lot simpler question to ask, ‘And how many out there do not do this?’  The unrighteous living were protected by a seal placed by one of God’s angels and marked as ‘mine’ but as unrighteous dead we get no such seal. The only protection we get is that we have already been dead once and now our next death will be in hell. We can suffer but we can’t die. In fact Revelation chapter 16 tells us that even the full on anger of God in the bowls does not affect us, it is for those who have the mark of the beast. I specifically died rather than receive that mark and certainly have not received it since being raised from the dead. It seems that God is only concerned with the living here who have this mark and has conceded that the risen evil dead belong to satan especially after the door of mercy

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slams shut. It would be a meaningless exercise if during at least a part of our existence in the next 800 odd years on this planet we did not have a free will, at least until the door of mercy closed in 260 years’ time. So just like on earth I may belong to satan but I still have a freewill to reject him. It will be 260 years for satan and his cohorts now of intensive activity to keep those dead risen foolish virgins from changing their minds and repenting at the return of the two witnesses. If Swaggart is right and these have come back from hell they would not need convincing to switch sides. I can still remember that last rally we attended and I ask myself the question, ‘Who was it who pulled that trigger that shot me?’ It may have been the beast but as we can see from Balak, satan was still a major player. So how are they now going to keep me from leaving them and going over to the two witnesses? Just how important really is it to me to tell God I had a better way? To rearrange the furniture in Heaven?  Am I really at any level where I could compare myself with God? These and other questions will have to be raised in our next journey through the Book of Revelation. All that satan has to do is to get me past that door of mercy closing and here on earth until my eye-lids close for the last time! Once past this point all hope dies. Well satan does it to most on this earth today and to everyone in the post millennium period that they do not repent and the crucial period passes by. The alcohol, drugs, nicotine, pornography, homosexuality, prostitution, greed, avarice, war and others just are too powerful. And just as it was the first time so it is again, 1260 years later front page world news; Jerusalem lies in ruins, no two stones left on each other! This time the catalyst was the slamming closed door of mercy in Heaven when Jesus returned with His two witnesses. The earthquake was on the scale of the previous earthquake but it added the extra ‘feature’ of a massive fissure that surrounded the area where the temple stood. In one way it made the rebuilding of the city again easier in that all the rubble could be pushed into it but in the long run it had to be spanned. God’s wrath now swings into full gear with the release of the bowls. There is not much point in pouring these bowls over us as we are now fully satan’s agents, fully under his control. The living wicked did not respond to the good times and it still remains to be proven that they will not respond to the bad times. They don’t respond. We as satan’s agents are put to work in rebuilding the temple once the powers to be decide it has to be done. These bowls are so devastating and there is so many to go they decide to try to placate God by rebuilding His temple and stop Him from sending the remaining bowls. It takes us 49 years to rebuild the city and the temple but this does not avert the bowls from being poured out. Other than the bowls being poured out at regular intervals the next major event is that the two powers to be, satan and the beast have decided that they are going to war against God in the battle of Armageddon. They can’t have this continual harassment from God, the rebuilding of the temple did not placate Him, war it the only answer. We are lined up on the river Euphrates, satan’s lot on one side and the beast’s lot on the other. I hope we can put up a bigger fight than the beast’s lot did. Scripture records the battle as lasting for one hour. Actually there was a flash from the sky and it was over within a minute, the rest of the hour they turned on each other. Their army was made up of two groups; those who belonged to the beast and those who belonged to the false profit, it was they who turned on each other including their leaders. The beast burned and ate the flesh of the false profit. We hopefully are united under satan so that can’t happen to us! The next strange thing to occur was an order from the top, only satan is left, the beast and his troops have been destroyed, to form groups and  go into the city of Jerusalem and completely destroy it and the temple as well; no two stones are to be left on each other! After all that work to rebuild it. Anyway each gang has been assigned a certain task and satan himself will come and check if his orders have been obeyed. The warning bells on earth sounded when the Heavenly married couple left the old tent of meeting , that was the hop, the battle against beast was the step and now satan was about to have his head crushed by Eve’s seed will be the jump. This

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jump part will involve the cross, the same cross as on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) and for any blood shed this time it must join onto the blood that was shed the previous time. It must be in exactly the same spot, albeit the height does not matter. Its longitudinal position is what matters but satan is making sure that it cannot be in the same building/temple. There will only be a pile of rubble there. The battle of the beast we saw from our side of the Euphrates that Jesus as the rider on the white horse swung His sharp sickle from the cloud and to which the beast had no response. But the battle against satan is different in that Jesus leaves His armies behind and comes to earth by Himself. It seems as if He was given a personnel chore to do way back in the Garden of Eden by God the Father; He was supposed to crush the head of satan but in return satan would bruise His hell. Not really sure what happened after Jesus appeared here on earth but there was flurry of activity and we, all demons were thrown into hell. Holy Scripture records that on that day all intentional sin and its consequences were done away with, only unconfessed, unintentional sin remained which would have prevented entry into the new Heavens and this old earth could not have been destroyed because the blood and water that flowed from Jesus on GFPMC would not have allowed the fires that Peter spoke about to destroy this earth to burn. They would have put those fires out. On the boundaries of the new Heavens we could see that the bride would have had to stay as she still had the bits and pieces of the dead beast within her. The beast within her, the bride, had been killed when the doors to hell were opened and satan and all the evil angels were thrown in. When the bride saw inside those fires she realised that is where her sins, both intentional and unintentional had brought her Saviour Jesus Christ. She was still a long way away from hell at the time, yet close enough for those fires to kill the beast, the within her! The dead beast however still had to be surgically removed. All these items and much more are achieved on that Day of  Atonement (DOA63)  Any remaining sin now, the unconfessed unintentional sins, the whole mountain of them Jesus will claim as His own will be defiled by them and take them to the cross of the 10th of July, DOA63. Satan did cause these, did bruise the heel of Jesus, but he won’t be around to gloat at them like he was on GFPMC. It is whilst watching Jesus suffering and paying the penalty for these sins that we see the batch number which we caused Jesus to suffer coming through that causes any remainder of the beast within us to leave. Technically they are not our sins, Jesus is going to take them on Himself but when they appear we still know where they have come from and are so sorry for causing this pain to our bridegroom. But the big ticket items for this day are still to come. As I now know from angle the Swaggart telecasts are coming from I have given up watching them so I don’t know why I was watching the other day when he swung in another clanger. He doesn’t want his congregation concentrating on all those horrible things that we did to Jesus on GFPMC rather we should be concentrating on all the things that Jesus has done for us. And no doubt this is the motto of his life as he goes out and counts the Mercedes, buildings and investments and oversees trips. Yes preaching Christ on the cross has been very good to you and many others have amassed fortunes exactly the same way. And you have ruthlessly disposed of others who tried to share your spoils! Glory be and alleluia! But I can tell you what spirit is telling him to take his focus off the cross of GFPMC! The same one that is keeping him awake at night time with all that babbling of tongues! His other revelation that the Holy Spirit can only operate within the confines of what Jesus did on the cross I have to be careful with. In our next topic on satan/Balak I am going to show that yes Balak did offer a sacrifice of ox and sheep by himself but he did have to join with God’s servant, Balaam to join those seven crosses to reach God in His furthest extremity, the New Jerusalem but even though Balak stood next to his burnt offering, the reply from Heaven only came through Balaam. And he was a long way away from Balak so there could not be any confusion as to through whom this reply was given! So if Jimmy is getting a reply or message from Heaven it could only be through the stream

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coming through Balaam, God’s prophet. The Holy Spirit in my life is not the one that Swaggart describes. Whether we lose the wallet or the keys or are setting out on a trip or our family or friends or meeting them or commemorating a special day or the gratitude that we feel when we drive past a pub full of young people and that none of ours drink or drug or smoke or so many others occasions we know we have the Holy Spirit to call on 24/7. We don’t have to think first whether it is a GFPMC issue. He is there to help and thank at all times. That is not saying that I pray and expect your prayers as I try to put Friday and Saturday aside and ask the Holy Spirit to channel me onto and into what Jesus Christ did for me on this blessed of all days, Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary! (GFPMC). It is what DOA63 is about and by channelling our thoughts onto that cross of DOA64 that allows us to see the burnt offering. We should stare, read and reread and meditate on the red heifer, Numbers chapter 19, and when God has our attention He maybe  able to show us the highest of sacrifices; the bull sacrifice! There is a connection, GFPMC and DOA64 are connected, but we must first be standing on GFPMC. And that is what happens to us at 3pm on DOA64, we are shown the burnt offering but that is only the top of the fourth sub cross and we still have five, six and seven crosses to go. It would be a matter of showing pearl to swine otherwise.

Many commentators deride the prophet Balaam but he did know how to get to the very top and he got an answer back from the very top. This story with Balak shows us there are really seven altars/crosses. We have managed to struggle to the 4th cross on the DOA64 but not much after that. Realising  that there are going to be three more distinct crosses will help greatly. Vaguely with the second phase of the Nazirite’s ministry I drew a line at the Nazirite being able to drink wine but I realise now it is far more distinctive and should soon return to this topic. We are now in the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) and dealing with the 6th cross when this much maligned prophet bursts past us with the 7th cross, through the pearly gate, into the New Jerusalem which if it were there we cannot even see it, plants the tree of life and addresses questions to God through it! What ‘bull sacrifice’ had he seen? We saw Jesus in an inferno being burned to ashes with all its associated horror. (Jimmy assures us it is much easier to count the overseas trips than look at this) Balaam looked at what was happening and saw why it was happening. He saw the moment that divinity that had all that time been confined to the Most Holy Place have that curtain pushed open by that tree/altar and he saw God revealing Himself, His true nature through His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. It is the highest of revelations, it is inside the New Jerusalem and is the seventh cross. It is the revelation of not just what God is doing but why He is doing what He is doing for us. It changes gratitude worship to true worship! But we still have much work to get there and the homework is the red heifer.

Now to that character Balak. I have never seen him described as a ‘fine chap’ a tea boy was just checking with the Israelites how many sugars they wanted with their morning cup of tea and how hot they wanted it. He wanted to kill them, he wanted to murder them all! But there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do in order to find out whether they were in a blessed state or cursed state by God. Satan displays himself as Korah, Balak and the many satanic ministries out there today. Any concern for the people is just so that they can achieve their satanic desires. And they will dress up in any attire to help them achieve their satanic end.******

Balak was prepared to demeanour himself to learn the Jewish sacrificial system and stand at their altars. He was prepared to give away a sizeable amount of his fortune to find out if these people were cursed, he was just doing God’s bidding in destroying them, but if they were blessed he would be fighting against their God! So satan believes in God. In this coming great tribulation there is going to be much going on behind the scenes than we realise. But the bottom line is that even though we

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are a blessed people God is still going to allow us to be savaged by the satan beast combination! And the results of this tribulation are staggering! Just a handful of God’s people will be left at the second coming; 144,000 wise virgins and 144,000 foolish virgins and if God had delayed His coming by even an hour even they would have been killed! No one to pick up, no first harvest!

But none of this answers the question if God is going to allow all these people to be killed by the duo of satan and the beast then why is it so important for them to know if this people is cursed or blessed? There is no doubt about the answer, it came from God. Balak and Balaam offered the sacrifices together but the answer came to Balaam. In fact he had to stand so far away from Balak that there could be no confusion as to where the answer was given. Balak had to come over and ask Balaam what God had told him. God does not reject any offer from anyone, including Balak, but His answers only come back through Balaam.

The Swaggart ministries are but a microcosm of the forces of evil gathering for the great tribulation. He has taken the Holy Spirit out of his congregation and if a person of my mentality can see that then surely there must be others in that congregation can see it too. He claims to have had this revelation from above that the spirit can only operate within the confines of the cross. Wonderful! The only problem is that when people turn up at the cross you tell them not to look or worry about that blood splattered suffering soul hanging there, just look at what He has done for you. The spirit here will help you count your Mercedes Benzes and investments. The spirit of greed will meet you here and not the Holy Spirit whose function it is to magnify and glorify what is happening on this cross, and focus you on Heaven. Jimmy has replaced the Holy Spirit with the spirit he has constant communication with. The greatest ‘blessing’ that this spirit could bestow on Jimmy would be to have him bless the troops as they go over and liberate whatever country they ae going liberate of whatever commodity they have. If that can’t happen he is going to have to jump from trench to trench ‘blessing’ the troops with his cross and screaming at them to go murder Christians. And that has happened with monotonous regularity through times past but only if the people have been properly primed, techniques you are repeating so well!

Chapter 24 and the prophecy from Poer. The events of chapter 23 were still within the tent of meeting where we were. We have had the bronze snake being lifted as Jesus was lifted on both occasions of GFPMC and DOA64. But this lift was not into the New Jerusalem but only to the NETM (new earth tent of meeting). Here we began our time in the study of the red heifer and saw the waters of Meribah. From the water we asked for and were given we interpreted this to be the end of the ministry of Jesus Christ and the beginning of the ministry of Melchizedek. This may have been the switch of sub cross five to sub cross six in terms of Balaam, but Balaam now goes one step further and offers another seven altars, seven bulls and seven rams. The top sub cross in that cross of seven links. He has already been up here, this is where he received his answers from that he gave to Balak, but now he makes a formal entry. In the 6th   link we are basically being told the only reason we are here is because of the cross God cannot find any fault with us and that is why we are here. But now we are going one step higher.

The seven altars, seven crosses, seven links within that one unit that produced the burnt offering are all interconnected. Each link has a ram as the base and bull at the head. As we begin our study at the base, the ram we are assured that we have been accepted as a peace offering. As we study and improve our relationship with the Lord finally we reach a level of bull sacrifice we are allowed to progress to the next level where the bull sacrifice level we have reached is acceptable as a peace offering in the level above. We were at the sixth level when Balaam has just offered another seven

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crosses and taken us up to link seven, the top cross, the New Jerusalem. Up here there are no omens to seek, this is it, it doesn’t get any better! The picture he is painting is probably from the top of one of the walls. He is looking at the Heavenly setup in the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem. Paraphrasing, if it can be called that, chapter 24; Balaam was thrilled to see that God had accepted Israel not despite of her warts but because her warts were gone. He looked Heavenwards and asked God what is all this going to translate into up there. He saw Israel camping tribe by tribe and now that his focus is on the right spot the Holy Spirit comes upon him shows him and puts these words into his mouth. The splendour of what he saw knocked him down but he was still able to keep his eyes open and take in some of the vision. *****

Up to now we have been given very little information from inside about this great New Jerusalem that we will be spending our eternities in. We know it is a giant cube of some 2,200 kilometres  (1,500 miles) with an open roof so that the light generated by the presence of God within will radiate like a pencil beam across the universe. There is no night within this cube. These giant 2,200 kilometre high walls have twelve openings, three in each wall with twelve pearly gates. There was much pain involved in the formation of these gates to give us entry and each gate has the name of each tribe on them and is never closed. There are not four but twelve foundations under these walls sectioned off between the gates. They are made of gold and they belong to us because we contributed some of the gold in that section of foundation. It was originally the dross that we handed to Jesus, ;You do not realise that you are wretched, poor, pitiful blind and naked’ but by God’s grace we did realise it and we gave it all to Jesus so that He could take it to the fires of hell on Calvary’s tree, refine it and hand it back as gold, which He did and it is this particular part of this foundation. Because of Jesus Christ I am now a part of this city; this part here! It is still difficult to understand how one person could contribute that much gold! The throne of God being in the middle of this city posses a number of problems. The throne of God could quite easily have four or more rivers flowing out from it but it did not have a tree of life, Calvary’s cross on each of them, there was only one of them. Rather than speculating and trying to tie the foundations, gates and tribes in their apartments we will just try to concentrate on what Balaam saw; He saw tents/apartments stretched out. He did not see high rise apartments, rather individual dwellings. These apartments were stretched out not like a valley, but valleys, in rows. They looked like gardens beside a river; there was at least one river and its water would have watered gardens. Don’t know what an aleo. There was at least one cedar beside the waters and the river is flowing. And we will all have water frontages. The king of this city will be greater than any before and will be exalted as He has been brought out of Egypt and has incredible power and strength who has devoured and crushed all his adversaries and can be compared to a conquering lion. By this time Balak had seen much more than he had bargained for, spat out his dummy, packed up his toys and went home.

Balaam resumes his discourse but only after reassuring us that it was still inspired, had come from no one else but the Almighty God. That is why we can believe what we are going to here even as unbelievable as it may sound. It is knowledge from the Most High. From where he is in time he can see it even though it is still some time off. Jesus is called a star from Jacob and a sceptre from Israel who will crush the enemies of Israel and leave them as sole victor. Balak’s lot, the Moabs are mentioned first and in very direct terms; crushed through the forehead. They very last thing Balak wanted to hear and it wasn’t just to him this destruction would occur, it would be to any other enemy of Israel. Balak believed that this was the word of God and it was true otherwise he would not have gone to so much trouble to seek it. At least it did not cost him anything. The nations mentioned would be familiar to the Jews but not to me.

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But there is a theme starting to develop in the Book of Numbers using the seven altars or seven crosses Balaam ordered Balak to set up. If we are sure of two of them we should be reasonably imply another two. It would be shooting off the hip to imply another two but if they both predicted the same central one this should do much to authenticate them also. The two we are ‘sure’ about are GFPE as there is no time before 01/01/01, unless off course we are already running on salvation plan B, Adam and Eve sinned whist salvation plan A was Adam and Eve had not sinned nor any of their off-spring. If that is the case then we are in salvation plan B. The other ‘sure’ step is the seventh step in the Most Holy Place or the New Jerusalem. There is no higher place we can go. We have steps one and seven.

From the 01/01/01 we step to 14/01/xx and from the seventh altar in the Most Holy Place we come back to the sixth altar in the NETM (new earth tent of meeting). The 01/01/01 in Egypt was the start of our earthly out of sin’s slavery, Pharaoh’s bondage but before we could enter the Promised Land we had to go through DOA64 some six months later on the 10th of July. The new earth and Heaven begin on the first day of creation, 01/01/01 after this earth has disappeared after 7,777 years 7 months 7 days and 7 seven hours of existence (??), Jesus creates the new creation over seven days and it takes us seven days to cross over, so our Heavenly journey into eternity does not begin until 14/01/01 time of eternity. On earth there are significant moral issues involved in the move from GFPE to GFPMC and not as simple as just a fourteen day move from 01/01/01 to 14/01/xx.

Yes, both events occurred on Good Friday. Yes, both events are referred to as Passover. Yes both events involved blood of Jesus Christ being waved seven times in the direction of the tent of meeting. Yes, both events involved God’s specially chosen people; the Levites. Yes both events involved a Saviour Who was not a Levite. Yes both events only took place because of the grace of God.****** But the critical question that has to be answered is could you have a Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) without a Good Friday Passover Egypt (GFPE), or could you have a GFPE without a GFPMC? We have already seen one correlation between GFPMC and DOA64. If you just had GFPMC without DOA64 the bride would have to spend the rest of eternity on this side of the doorway to NETM (new earth tent of meeting), in the holding area before the new earth, but DOA64 of itself would not be of any value without GFPMC. Balaam’s seven crosses are locked in head to toe but each of itself is a complete unit that stands on the cross below it. And even in the New Jerusalem, Egypt still comes up. And the first two crosses, the bronze snake and Mount Calvary are interrelated. Egypt produced the blood to ensure that all to follow would be acceptable to God as a peace offering and life eternal, Egypt produced the shoes for God’s people to walk in and Egypt produced the people who were going to walk in those shoes; the Levites. Egypt trained these Levites to a standard that they could fill the shoes of Israel priests when they refused to do God’s work any further. Egypt produced the genealogy which was so critical for our Saviour to have to carry out his role as Saviour of the human race. Egypt itself did not remove any sins but it did prepare the way for this to be done. There was much preparation to be done for these wayward people before they could be re-admitted into the presence of the Almighty God and Egypt was where this was done. It is the first cross in the link of seven and it is the base cross in the golden lampstand.

GFPMC took advantage of all the preparation that Egypt had gone to, arranged these people in such a way they were ready for that final trip home and cleaned them up so that they would be allowed into that final holding holy area whilst Heaven worked its way through what was required to allow the bride to finally pass through that NETM (new earth tent of meeting) doorway and ultimately into their new apartments and the presence of God! But just like Egypt was a multifaceted affair so was Mount Calvary. The total journey that the bride had to make was about two thousand years. This

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could have been 100 years of life and 1,900 years of sleep or 50 years of life and 1,950 years of sleep, it depended on how close you were born to the second coming, but the maximum combined was about 2,000 years. It this part of the big cross, the second sub-cross it did not really matter whether I knew anything about the first link. It was a full and complete section of its own. It stood as an entity. I don’t have to know that the shoes were prepared for me some 1,260 years ago (??), I have become a first born son with all of Heaven’s inheritance and it has been accepted by God Himself that this will be so. All I have to do is to look at that blood splattered figure writhing in pain and ask Him to forgive me the hurt I have caused Him and can He come into my life. All that Egypt prepared is added onto what GFPMC did and Jesus comes into my life! Whether there are two or five more crosses to come is really quite irrelevant. I am cleaned, I am saved and I am Heaven bound. But these crosses themselves are gold and a part of a golden lampstand with a gold foundation with which studying in time will give some footings for my faith.

Looking back from the other end of time as we move from the seventh cross inside of the New Jerusalem back to the sixth cross of the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) , Balaam’s oracle covers, the third one, all the people who have made it into their apartments here whereas the second oracle covers the foolish virgins in the tent of meeting. If this progression it right then the first oracle concerning the wise virgins would cover the fifth cross, phase two of the ministry of the Nazirite and the Day of Atonement, DOA64. This clearly appears to be the wrong way around. The foolish virgins should be on the sin side of NETM and not on the sinless side and the wise virgins should have come across to the sinless side and not be left behind on the sin side of the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) Or should they?  The beast within is supposed to have died when the doors to hell were opened and the dead beast was supposed to be removed, all its bits and pieces while starring at Jesus on the cross of DOA64. Neither of these things happened to the foolish virgins, they should not be here but both of these things happened to the wise virgins so they should be here in the fifth and even a part of the fourth crosses.

Well if the first oracle was made at the right time to include the wise virgins then how did the foolish ones finish way up on the on the sixth sub-cross section when they shouldn’t have been in the fifth section? (or even the fourth for that matter as the beast within them was not dead?)  Actually they still have the beast and they have rejected the final offer of the Holy Spirit. The second oracle, the foolish virgins being in the NETM is probably the best example of the grace of God you can find in the Bible. Not only are they up there, they are clean, squeaky clean. The cross has absorbed all their evil and they are free to stay, if they want to. It is all about grace and nothing to do with what we do! But they reject God’s offer, they don’t want to be here! The only blame that could be put on God is that He gave them a free will!  *******

The elevation of the foolish virgins into the NETM is but one example of the height of the grace of God, but there are many others. The most privileged of any title that can be imposed on any human being is to be called, ‘the Mother of God’. It is an act of grace of God that imposed this title on Mary. But she did not any issues recorded against her. Not so David who is given the privileged title that “Jesus was the  Son of David”. David? A murderer, adulterer, mass murderer with no regard for his people? But I still think the worst mark recorded against him was that he did not confess spontaneously. He only confessed some six months (?) later when Nathan confronted him. But confess he did and was forgiven and given this greatest of honours, ‘Jesus was the Son of David!’ So it does not matter how big our sins are or how many or when committed, once confessed they are absorbed into that cross and burned up in hell. The ashes that were left when the red heifer was

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incinerated were not ashes of our burned sin, they were ashes of the sinless frame they were presented on, the body of Jesus Christ, it could not burn!

By taking us into the seventh Heaven, Balaam has opened up for us many new horizons. One of these is salvation plan A. There may be many permutations and combinations of Adam and Eve did and did not sin, the angelic host did and did not rebel and evil did and did not exist, but Scripture, as far as I know, only wants us to study; Adam and Eve did not sin, salvation plan A and Adam and Eve did sin, salvation plan B.

In salvation plan A, not only did Adam and Eve not sin but neither did any of their offspring. There was no curse, they were not thrown out of the Garden of Eden although if they were to fill the earth with their progeny some/most would have had to leave this garden to live, there was no worldwide Noah’s flood, there was no GFPE, there were no deserts, there was no Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary, as there was no first coming of Jesus Christ so there was no second, in fact everything rolled along as what God had intended and planted. No death or suffering, no wars or famines, no need or greed. So why did it need salvation plan A. Why did Jesus have to come to the cross at all?

Well actually two problems still did exist that needed rectification. Evil still existed and there had been a massive revolt in Heaven. Evil had to be eradicated and that revolt had to be addressed. The Heavenly revolt had been on an unprecedented scale. One hundred million (?) evil angels had been thrown down to earth for intentional sin but even back in Heaven there still some 200 million who had sinned unintentionally as judged by God. These three problems had to be sorted out and the only way to do this was for Jesus Christ to come to earth and die on the cross of Day of Atonement (DOA65).

Assuming that this old earth still had its used by date at seven sevens, (7,777yrs, 7m, 7d and 7 hrs), Jesus could still appear at the start of Daniel’s 69th seventh and begin his 1,260 day tutorial. It would be focused on the living, his people as they still had the beast problem to be sorted out, but the grumbling angels could hear it just like the rebellious angels here on earth could hear it. If Jesus was going to follow the pattern here on earth then He would have given the demons here on earth a fair warning that the door of mercy was going to close and they would have rejected that warning so as in salvation B they would have been thrown into hell on the 2nd of July and burned into extinction. He personally did not have to come down just appoint Elijah and John to evangelise the wicked angels here on earth as they are very much involved in our damnation. The next day as before on 3rd of July Jesus takes on any remaining sin, those unconfessed unintentional sins of the angels, becomes defiled for seven days and is cleansed on the Friday, the day before DOA65 and cuts off His hair. As under plan B goes to the DOA65 cross on the 10th of July 486. (Daniels’ time). So sub crosses four, five, six and seven are the same under both salvation plans A and B. Salvation plan A requires only four sections but salvation plan B requires all seven of Balaam’s altars or cross related events even though there are only two times when Jesus has to hang on a cross. It would not be difficult to relate to relate the four crosses to the four natures, four creatures of Jesus Christ; Jesus as ox and the blood DOA66, Jesus as conquering lion marching under the banner of the cross with His armies into the NETM (new earth tent of meeting), Jesus as man walking through the pearly gates with us and Jesus as eagle within those walls of the New Jerusalem!  So we are left with the problem of the third cross.

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Balaam actually tells Balak to set up seven altars, not crosses so what relationship is there  between a cross and an altar with the only ‘real’ cross being the one that Jesus Christ hung on on GFPMC. Cross one on GFPE was not a real cross although it was pieces of timber with blood of the Passover lamb splashed on them. Jesus Christ did not hang on every or any of those door frames in Egypt that night. GFPMC, the second cross was the cross in every sense of the word and all the rich history recorded on it will pass on into the eternities to come. ******

For cross three, the cross of the GT (great tribulation), the second coming of our Lord to be established we would at least three or four links linking it back to cross two and three or four links linking it forward to cross four. The Day of Atonement (DOA66) is the fourth cross with its top of the bull sacrifice but also the foot of the fifth cross as its ram sacrifice. Phase one of the Nazirite’s ministry is cross four but it is also the start of the phase two of His ministry, which is the fifth cross. After that for foot to head connections of crosses five, six and seven I have not yet been able to establish other than now it will be that same cross as GFPMC and DOA66 but with the sinless hair of the Nazirite on it and the tag of ‘Heaven bound’ attached to it. But if cross three is indeed that of the GT (great tribulation) and the second coming and we are about to enter/some have entered this period then it should be of great significance to us. Comparing cross three back to two and forward to four, and maybe even to five.

In cross three of the great tribulation (X3GT) there is a heavy loss of blood of God’s people, both wise and foolish virgins. Symbolically then this would point back to 4pm on GFPMC when the Roman spear opened up the side of Jesus Christ. The blood and water of Jesus Christ is precious and priceless and every droplet will be recovered. Ours will not. But at 3pm on GFPMC Jesus broke away with His humanity from God and came to join us here on earth and He is a part of us. The loss of our blood, the injury we sustain, He counts as occurring to Him. A part of the DOA66 cross we will be joined to Him and offered to God as one person. The separation of His body and blood on GFPMC at 4pm confirmed death and the ultimate penalty for sin. The re-joining of His body and blood at 4pm on DOA66 will restore that life. The amount of blood and water that was restored to the body of Jesus Christ on Resurrection Sunday morning was only tiny and most were left behind on planet earth. Even though ALL the blood and water that Jesus left behind on our planet will be restored and taken back to Heaven on the DOA66 only a tiny amount will be required to be reapplied to His body. It is represented by a pigeon/turtledove sacrifice. At this stage it appears that the water forms the basis of the river of life in Heaven and the blood Jesus will Himself personally apply to our foreheads converting mercy implied as accepted to mercy applied and accepted.

Jesus joins us as humanity at 3pm on GFPMC but resurfaces as divinity on DOA66 but it must be kept in mind that there still had to be some humanity there on DOA66 and Jesus could not have died on this day. There is an unbreakable link within Jesus Christ to us that will remain for the eternities to come. But then again neither was He fully human at 9am on GFPMC nor is He fully human today as He is a part of His bride the church.

X3GT (cross three of the great tribulation) was the separation of the followers of Jesus Christ into sheep and goats. GFPMC was the gathering of the sheep and goats. Just before DOA66 the gates of hell will open and consume these goats but the DOA66 will join the sheep to be one with our loving Saviour.

The distinctive split that occurred in the blood and water is more difficult to explain. If this blood and water came from distinctive compartments within the body of Jesus then it could also be with us. If it is bullets tearing through our bodies there will be a momentary separation of blood and water or if it a laser beam that boils our blood also leading to a separation of blood and water, there is a

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significance as to why this separation occurred. They have different purposes in the New Jerusalem. One becomes the River of Life externally and one becomes the River of Life internally. In one way this water could have been the life within the tree of life. Some of this water and blood that was gathered from planet earth on DOA66  at 4pm and reapplied to the dead body of Jesus hanging on the DOA66 cross and brought Him back to life also went on to make His hair to grow, was cut off and applied to the foot of the cross giving it its immortal qualities and allowing them to be passed onto the New Heavens for ever to come. There is no difference between the tiniest droplet of divine water or blood and a cubic mile of it. It is the divinity that counts!

At 4pm on GFPMC there was a separation of the blood and water from the body of Jesus Christ. The blood and water soaked into the ground but the body was carried limp by Joseph and Nicodemus and put into a grave to await resurrection. X3GT (cross three of the great tribulation) our bodies will also be separated from our blood and be carried into the most beautiful of graves, but nonetheless graves when compared to the sinless Heavens we are going to await Resurrection Sunday morning. The body of Jesus is restored at 4pm on DOA66 when combined with some of that returned blood and water from earth but we still have not yet been anointed by the blood of Jesus where we are still in the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) We have seen GFPMC, the blood of the lamb, we have seen DOA66, the burnt offering and the body of the lamb but we still have not experienced Resurrection Sunday.

If there are seven altars or seven crosses then what is being offered to God by Jesus on these altars or crosses?******  Cross one, Good Friday Passover in Egypt (GFPE) would have to be the base or foundational cross from which the others arose and therefore continually being referred to. The offer to God here by Jesus was; would My blood, the blood of the Passover Lamb be acceptable to God the Father in allowing these people walking in my shoes to pass over and into firstly the Old Heaven, and after a holding time then to proceed into the New Creation when it finally came into existence?  The question raised would then be one of mercy, would mercy be extended on the ground of the blood of the lamb? The answer that came back that night was that the angel of death would Passover any home that had the blood of the Passover Lamb on its doorframes. The wheels of salvation had been set into motion. The firstborn in those houses were told/asked to leave their shoes behind and these were filled by a God chosen people who He called Levites. There were more shoes to fill (273) than those who could fill them. And the long training session began under the supervision of the priests for these Levites getting them ready for the time they would be able to move through the torn curtain of the tent of meeting and once inside they no longer held to roles and titles of Levites, they became priests. GFPMC. And this wonderful privilege of priesthood is available to any who will heed the call, ‘Come’ but unfortunately it is but pearls before swine.

Cross two, Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) was for the removal of sins from the saints. GFPE did not remove or address the problem of sin, GFPMC did that but it was only on a priestly level. The red heifer we are told went to Aaron the High Priest and Moses but they handed it back to Eleazar the priest. Clearly there was more to come and we know that the Day of Atonement (DOA66) was to be conducted by the high priest himself. We have already spent much time on GFPMC and trying to project it in to the next major event in human history and in almost all faiths the final event of human history; the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ! As far as the saints are concerned it is the end of the journey. There will be no more death, suffering or sorrow, dizziness or nausea or any other pains. He has come back to collect us, to hold onto us and even though there may be some bumps in the journey ahead with Him with us  the result was always going to be a foregone conclusion. There may even be a time when He has to leave us in those seven last years

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and even on the DOA66 cross but our eyes are so focused on Him that we don’t even see the changes to the background scenery that are occurring.

These are some of the events occurring around X3GT (cross three of the Great Tribulation), a period that soon we could encounter, the second coming of our Lord. As He is now one with us, that debilitating knee or back pain He also possess. That heavy loss of blood that is about to occur comes from His body as well, but to rule out any possibility of future rebellion in Heaven that question has to be settled; Jesus died for me so that I could spend the eternities with Him am I prepared to die for Him so that I could spent the eternities with Him? And unfortunately half the people who answer ‘Yes’ to that question will still go to hell! Mind you they wouldn’t take long for them to rearrange the furniture up there and organise those valleys of tents and plant a few more trees but it ain’t just going to happen. It is going to be the opposite, it is going to be admiring at the beauty of what Jesus has done; God’s way or the highway!

It may be better to leave the idea of the third cross (X3GT) blank than just a mire of confusing ideas but it may also be that that mire could produce centres for prayers and ultimately some answers. We would have to be getting somewhere if we could answer why X3GT is an essential step between GFPMC and DOA66. Without it we could not proceed from one to the other. At this stage at least staying with salvation plan B but keeping in mind Scripture also has told us about salvation plan A. These were on my mind as the difference between what would have happened had Moses and Aaron spoke to the rock at Meribah instead of striking it and being struck down themselves. That answer has already been given to us in Heaven; we ask for the water from the rock and are given the waters of eternity, the priesthood of Melchizedek, they strike the rock forcing it to give the waters it was so willing to freely give and died as a result.

Turning to Scripture we cannot add much to the mire that we left behind last time. Revelation ( ) has the idea that the 144,000 wise virgins are first fruits and follow the Lamb wherever He goes. They may be a part of the Shekinah Glory of Jesus when He returns to earth at His third coming before the doors of mercy close and they may also be a part of heaven’s final jury before these doors finally close, but their entry into Heaven is in the wrong order. The first fruits come first and they are followed by the harvest. They should first be taken into Heaven, offered as first fruits and then the righteous living dead be resurrected and taken into Heaven. Actually the risen dead go up first to be followed by the 144,000 wise virgins.

So these 144,000 wise virgins must be an anticipation of a harvest to come. If there have been about seven billion people alive in the history of humanity and seven billion alive at the time the Lord appears in the heavens (a total of 14.4 billion) and Heaven will finish up with 144 million then about in in a  hundred are saved. All potential customers but only one in a hundred go through the door. Does God know that He is creating ninety nine souls out of every hundred are going to be destroyed in the fires of hell? Couldn’t He avoid creating these and saving them that extremely painful period of destruction? When satan and his agents ask God to give them permission to attack Julius and his lovely wife why does He give them permission and only destroy them after they have made their attack? Why not before?

There is a time coming when only those who have made it will congregate and all the other 99/100 will no longer exist and gratefully that will happen in God’s time. In the meantime God will continue to create souls with a free will and continue to count until that predetermined heavenly number has been reached. As evil as the evil are in hell they will not blame their predicament on God. They will

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Only blame their own stupidity. In the meantime God allows the wheat and the weeds to grow together and the period for separation is the second coming. Good is best contrasted against evil. We are allowed to call weed or wolf because God has left us a standard by which we can make that call. His Word, the Bible, Holy Scripture, creations power. So if the Bible has, ‘Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day’ and someone gives you any number of reasons why you can forget then you must call, ‘Wolf!, Weed!’ and expect to be led away from Jesus on any number of other grounds, but it is God’s will that that weed is there. It will cause Jesus an incredible amount of suffering on the cross but He still allows it to be there. The only reason I can call my wife a lovely wife is because God has allowed satan to take us to hell and on many occasions, but in response to our prayers He has always brought us back and with a union much stronger than before. To take advantage of this trial or tribulation we must pass it onto Jesus Christ. He is the water and the rain in this storm and He alone will send the new life giving showers that accompany this storm. The life accompanying showers of the X3GT are heavy indeed and result in life everlasting in Heaven itself and to carry that much water the storm itself must be of exceptional size. It must be great.

God knows the permutations and combinations of all atoms and all events. Even way back in the Garden of Eden when He knew that Adam and Eve would sin, He still produced a plan, plan A for the event of not sinning. They did not have to sin, they chose to sin and God already had plan B ready to go immediately it was required. And so it is now with these 144,000 wise virgins being offered as first fruits. They are giving the 144,000 foolish virgins to join this harvest but that would only give first fruits of 50 % and harvest of 50 %. No, more much more was expected of the harvest. These numbers are of such significance Heaven had to send Jesus, His Shekinah Glory and two witnesses just to check that no one was left behind and no doubt those 144,000 wise virgins who accompanied Jesus as part of His Shekinah Glory had also been given specific roles and checks they had to make. Someone had to do the work these foolish virgins were supposed to do! The results are; zero no harvest left behind, zilch no-one wants to come up and there can be no doubts about it!

My journey through early Old Testament has certainly gained much new information but there have also been a number of requests made for answers and the reply was wait. One such field was that of the offerings from the different harvests. It should be quite simple; there is only one offering and that is Sunday morning when Jesus presents Himself to the Father as the first fruit. It is not the answer to all evil some of which will remain but the answer to the evil of His bride. The Church is now sinless and spotless but is she ready to progress to cross four and the doorway to NETM (new earth tent of meeting) or is she only ready to go as far as X3GT where she herself will be presented  as first fruits? When Jesus presented Himself as first fruits the harvest that followed was massive and it was varied and it is a fair question to ask; if the bridegroom presented such an enormous harvest will the bride present a similar Harvest? This harvest itself is not the great tribulation harvest, no, these 144,000 are offered as first fruits upon entry into Heaven. To be a part of that first fruit will indeed be an honour and a privilege especially if it means that as twelve armies of 12,000 of our tribe we lead the rest of the harvest through our pearly gate to settle in our suburb! But to know that we will have to wait until the death knell of the second coming of our Lord and Saviour!—

It would be pointless in speculating on the absence of a X3GT. It is an event of critical importance in salvation plan B and to try to get around it would require any number of assumptions. This is only our first focus on X3GT but we have already learned so much. We know that Balak/satan were not benign players in end day events. Balak/satan went to an incredible amount of trouble to find out whether this what was going to happen, was happening to God’s people was a result of the people being cursed and if so satan was only doing the will of God by killing them. There was no doubt

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about the answer. It came from seven altars which when joined end to end reached the throne in the New Jerusalem. And look at the stunning qualities that the answer came from. (Num 24:15,16) Balaam heard, had knowledge and saw the Almighty! The worst case scenario for Balak was even the foolish virgins are not cursed, they are blessed! He didn’t want to hear anymore but was told anyway, that if he hurt them or led them astray that Jesus would drive a stake through his head and Balak was the first cab off the rank for this to happen to! How all this translates into the beast and satanic attacks at our times we have still to see. *******

Just before moving onto the fourth cross something that came to mind and it must have addressed on many occasions before. Why is the cross of Good Friday on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) called the cross of blood? Blood does not take away sin it is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, not His blood. His blood makes the sacrifice acceptable. The blood before in Egypt was taken from thousands of sheep and applied to doorframes. The angel of death confirmed that this blood would be acceptable by passing over those homes with this blood. This was symbolic blood. The real blood of the Lamb was shed on GFPMC. It was this blood that was acceptable and it was this blood that was presented to God the Father on GFPMC and it had already been shown that it would be acceptable on GFPE.

The level of difficulty that we are about to experience is quite discerning. It could be compared to trying to teach a three year old the subject of quantum mechanics. But even here we would have to start with the addition process of 1 + 1 and move onto 1 + 2. We are at that addition stage. Even after being in Heaven with our Lord for the best part of 1,800 years and then receiving the fine linen, the Holy Spirit Who explained no end with what was to take place and the marriage taking place and the married couple leaving Heaven, even after all this preparation we still require a 1,260 day tutorial (or most of it; there will still be the Sabbaths of worship of our Lord and at least one day to sort out satan and hell) to explain to us what is about to happen on the Day of Atonement (DOA67) there must be much that we do not understand today. Even Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel and all humanity who had not sinned and were under salvation plan A still required this extensive tutorial to get them to be able to comprehend what was about to occur on DOA67. They probably needed this tutorial more than the sinners plan because they had not experienced either GFPE or GFPMC or the second coming or the third coming. We are about to crossover from sinful earth to sinless earth, NETM (new earth tent of meeting). Firstly a brief summary of the proposed seven altars or crosses and pray fully they may make the same transformation in us as they did to Balaam. Before that he certainly displayed his human frailities but once he offered those seven bulls and seven rams on those seven altars he became a true servant of the Most High, the Almighty!

[ Returning to the Jimmy Swaggart ministries they are at the stage when that particular movement of talking in tongues, healing and filling with the Holy Spirit (?) was a world wide ministry. My three daughters were in their teens and we sent them to the Lighthouse, a Christian ministry (?) for fellowship and Bible study. There is no way that parents who send their children or go themselves for fellowship and Bible study are going to come out of the place demon possessed. God would not allow that. Had my girls come home and said, ‘Dad next week we are going to have hands laid on us’ that I would have let them go back. I knew the people that were laying their hands and to describe them as satanic might incur a lawsuit for defamation from satan himself! And to hear them say that the tongues were accompanied by vomiting only confirmed my greatest fears. The same would be applicable today. If you go yourself or send your children to a self proclaimed ‘Christian’ ministry that God would allow them to come out demon possessed. But if you do a little homework and look into the people who are laying their hands, not what they were forty or thirty or ten years ago but

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what they are today and still want them to lay their hands on you then it could be a different  matter! Is that spirit that you have pointing you to war or peace? Is it pointing you to a god of love or one of cruelty and hate? Anyone can approach God, even Balak with the most evil of intentions, but God will only talk back through Balaam, one of His prophets] Back to our 7 crosses study and again pray fully we may even be allowed with Balaam to cross over and into the seventh cross.

The proposals for the crosses so far; cross one, Good Friday Passover in Egypt (GFPE) at 3pm to cross two, Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) at 3pm (but there is so much that happened between 3 and 4 it could be 4pm) to cross three, some 2,000 years later and that flash in the sky when Jesus appears at His second coming to cross four when the door of mercy slams shut in Heaven and the third coming of our Lord.

Cross (1) GFPE……………..1,500 or as low as 1,260 years……………Cross (2), GFPMC……………..2,000 years odd…………….Cross (3) second coming……………….1,260 years of grace…………………..Cross (4) door of mercy closes……………………..500 years of Daniel’s 7*70…………………Cross (5) DOA67…………………1,467 days…………………..Cross (6) with a base of red heifer…………….451 days (?)…………..Cross (7) in the New Jerusalem and the tree of life.

The DOA67 cross that Jesus still has to go is a cross of two eras. It is the bull sacrifice of cross (4) but it is also the ram sacrifice, or the bottom of cross (5). It is the same cross that Jesus has still to hang on but it will join the old creation to the new even if there is an offset of seven hours between them in time. So even if we can understand only the very basis of the DOA67 cross, the 1 + 1 lesson of quantum mechanics, we will have at least some comprehension of the end of our time and the beginning of the time of eternity. Pray fully we move on.

If the final Heavens are a place of perfection, there can be no trace of sin and no possibility of sin because the time line of evil has ceased to exist. In fact the New Heaven can only begin to be created in a sinless zone. And that would have to be one of the roles of the DOA67 cross to generate this sinless environment. These questions have been asked before but hopefully we can get answers at a higher level, maybe not as high as Balaam from level seven but better than we did before. One of our questions was if sin is the problem then why not just wait until the fires that Peter spoke of burn up the earth and universe including any sin that is here? Why does Jesus have to go back to that horrible cross of DOA67 again?

The answer we gave then was that Peter’s fires would be put out by even one droplet of the blood of Jesus being left behind on earth. OK, well send an angel, Michael or Gabriel to collect any and all of the blood and water that Jesus lost into that golden censor down there already and bring it all back to Heaven! That would be nullifying the effect of what and why it happened. What and why? Well this blood that is down here right now and needs to be collected is not the life giving blood. It came from a dead body that had been dead for one hour. It had no life in it. This blood that is down here right now was not involved with sin. The body that it came from had been to hell and the sins burned out of it. The water in this blood may have soaked out of those ashes as it did in the red heifer but no blood came out of the rock of Meribah. What else could have this blood and water be involved with? Ans; Whilst it was in the body of Jesus Christ, the second cross or GFPMC and whilst out of the body, the third cross, 3XGT. These issues once begun must now be shown to have been consummated. GFPMC and 3XGT were the beginnings, they needed to be ended, they needed a DOA67. At 3pm on GFPMC Jesus was forsaken by His Father and dived down into the depths to join humanity, He must be shown as resurfacing back up into divinity. The 3 to 4pm timeslot of GFPMC

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was the walk of Jesus with His church, His body, blood and water but this walk was only for a certain distance and time, it was until they got into the old Heaven, its tent of meeting and an event that occurred when He allowed the Great Tribulation (3XGT) So 4pm of GFPMC signified the start of the third cross and of a 1,260 year era. There was a separation of blood and body and even water in the bride at this moment and she may have now been presented as first fruits which if they are anything like the first fruits of the bridegroom, magnificent and which we still have not been shown, but the real significance is the spear of what that Roman soldier did when he thrust his spear deep into the heart of Jesus. It is this water and blood that are still with us today and it is they that require closure. It is certainly not as simple as sending Gabriel down to collect and pick up. So many earthly issues still require closure. Not the least of which is that one time; the Roman spear of 4pm on GFPMC, the separation not just water and blood but body carried away to be in the grave, the role of each now to be played out in the big picture of salvation plan B, as they cut in and make their individual contributions, the door of mercy slamming shut.

The advantage of writing and publishing at the same time, and for a while I typed directly into the web but the many problems forced me to type into MS-WORD first before publishing, rather than just ‘finishing’ a section, correcting the mistakes and then publishing is that I publish something now, I would never ‘finish’ anything, but as I make my mistakes you are given a chance to pray to the Holy Spirit to make me go back and correct them. And corrections there have been many. They usually occur and would be expected to occur in a very complex topic; like to role of the blood of Jesus Christ. I like any of God’s children start off with what I have been taught and try to apply it to the text in front of me and here lies the problem; none of them have heard or certainly do not make use of the DOA67. My blood interpretation errors arise because the blood is actually two components; water and blood and I like everyone else treat it as one. I have been aware of this 4pm error for some time and tried to compensate for it but it wasn’t until the red heifer and the link between 4pm of GFPMC and the great tribulation that the penny dropped. The water washes the sins to and into the fires if hell and even at the end still soaks out of the ashes whilst the blood pleads for this sacrifice to be accepted of Jesus Christ so that the angel of death can Passover those being shielded by that blood!

After the second coming and the 1,260 years of grace of 3XGT there is a separation in the water and blood of Jesus and His body is carried away to a grave. There is no need for blood now and it is not offered. It would be putting pearl before swine! What is offered though is the sin washing water coming from the side of Jesus. It is rejected by one and all. Not one person repents, the offer of water was futile and the blood was not trodden into the ground by these swine. It wasn’t offered. The body of Christ along with His saints has been taken into the grave. What Stephen saw when those rocks were being thrown at him was of such beauty that he felt no pain and made his face glow, yet this is described as a grave or a wilderness. How much more beautiful can it get when we are taken from these ‘graves’ and placed into Heaven proper itself?

Above are some of the issues that have been discussed in this blog so far, some of the agenda opened. They are but a tiny fraction of what is involved, they are the entrée. And when that blood is returned Back to Heaven it will be but part of the dessert. The Nazirite’s job sheet is quite extensive and we have only been able to relate to some of those items. But as a first run through some progress, some waypoints established. But now the main menu; the Day of Atonement (DOA67). And hopefully by shuffling between crosses four, five and six we can finish up at seven. Balaam did.

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Can we imagine ourselves some 1,800 years forward in time to the 10th of July, 486 of Daniel’s time. It is a Sabbath and we are at the top of the fourth cross. Its base is some 500 years behind us where that change occurred; the door of mercy was closed. How does this affect us right now? As it is a Sabbath it is the day for worship of the body of Christ and what it had accomplished on the previous day of GFPMC, now some 3,800 years ago. It was the start of the Heavenly journey, today is the end. After today it but a short trip into the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) Today I worship Jesus because of what it cost Him to prepare me to get to this point. Today I worship Jesus because of the blood of His that was spilled/offered that day has been accepted by God as a peace offering. Because of that blood I may now enter the NETM. I am supposed to have conducted this worship every Sabbath of my life but rarely if ever did. It would now give me a basis from which I could change from looking down the foot of this fourth cross turn around and look up at its fusion with the fifth cross into Heaven, at least as far as the Nazirite may be able to drink wine with His disciples in the Father’s kingdom.

Looking down, what an amazing trip it has been so far and it can all be summarised by one word; grace. The grace of God. I try to do another check into the base of this cross (4) but realise that there is no need. That wonderful hymn comes to mind, ‘ It is grace that has brought me safe thus far and it is grace that will take me home’. But God does things in stages depending on the prevailing conditions. He could give me a revelation as to the top of this fourth cross and even right through to seven. He doesn’t most probably because I wouldn’t be able to understand it anyway but that doesn’t mean that He won’t do it in increments! God could have sorted out the sin problem with one cross as in salvation plan A, but because Adam and Eve sinned He went to plan B; two crosses which is where we are at now. But crosses four to seven are the same in both salvation plans A and B. As they are the same and I think that this was the specific instruction that the Nazirite was given; stay away from the dead, I will treat salvation plan A and plan B synonymously.

If salvation plan B was to produce 100 million saints *****(computer access denied by update until 8.56 pm)  Actually the number I have been using all the way along has been 144 million saints then Adam and Eves’ progeny would also be the same. But why should the Bible waste valuable papyrus and scribes time hypothesising and a sinless Adam and Eve, salvation plan A, when it never happened? Actually it is as simple as salvation plan B brings us to the point of eternity and NETM and salvation plan A takes us right through eternity. If this is the case then let us look at the situation on 9th July, 486. The day before the DOA67. The bull offering of the fourth cross.

Plan A, Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel in fact 144 million of them are there. Both plans yield the same harvest. They are sinless, (so are we who have just arrived from Heaven with the rider of the white horse as leader) they were told to fill the earth which because of their genetic purity they did rather quickly. Adam and Eve by this stage are almost 7,800 years old but have not aged one day since they were created by God on day six in the Garden of Eden. They along with all their progeny have had a marvellous life; no death, dying, aging, suffering or anything else and they could have gone on living like this forever; they all are the people of God, they are the living. They have not experienced the GFPE, 1st cross, and they did not have any sins to forgive so there was no need for the first coming, GFPMC or the second cross. As there was no first coming there was automatically a second coming or the third cross. No, the first anomaly they realised that something was different was when Jesus marshalled them, all of them together and gave them a 1,260 day tutorial. The problem was not with them but from without of them and was twofold;

There had been a massive rebellion in Heaven which resulted in those annoying snakes and other creatures constantly trying get them to disobey God and which they had so valiantly repulsed and the problem of evil itself, it must be got rid of. The rebellion in Heaven Jesus finished up splitting into

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two groups; the ones who sinned intentionally were thrown down to earth and finished up in giving you lot a hard time and these must now be burned up in hell and you lot will see inside of this place when the doors are opened to consume satan, but with the unintentional angels they will be dealt with in a totally different manner and will finish up as your brothers and sisters for the ages to come. But this Jesus was very firm and specific in this tutorial/ evangelistic program. He only would talk and have anything to do with God’s people, He as Nazirite would not even go near the dead. The only ‘dead’ at this stage were the 100 million (?) demons thrown out of Heaven and down to earth but even here it appears that there was still a mechanism for them to repent if they wanted to.

In this tutorial it seemed that all these issues were now going to be addressed and at the end the result would be the whole of this old system would be destroyed and replaced by a totally new one. As all of this progeny of Adam and Eve lived in the constant presence of these cast down demons it seems fair to assume they knew what sin was, it is just that they resisted them. And the ratio of good to bad was very high; 144 million to 100 million (?). With all of the evil traps these demons would have laid, and these first parents had no concept of evil, they could quite easily have committed unintentional sin without knowing it and they are now going to see what happens to unconfessed, unintentional sin. They are going to experience crosses four, five, six and seven but not one, two or three.

Let us compare that lot to those of salvation plan B on the same day; 9th of July, 486. They certainly know about the third cross and the second coming of Jesus Christ. It was there that our time in Heaven began and there we have spent the last 1,800 odd years in a place we could not imagine could be any more beautiful. And yes there are 144 million of us the same as Adam’s and Eve’s progeny and if that is what God regarded as filling an unspoiled world with no deserts then the seven billion we have today with so much uninhabitable land it must be hopelessly overcrowded. The third cross is very fresh in our minds as that was our transport into Heaven. It seems that satan knew very well what he was doing when he, combined with the beast attacked Christians in the Great Tribulation. He knew that the blood that we shed would be counted as a part of Jesus, because He was one with us. This huge evil precipitated the return of our Lord God Jesus Christ and He took all of His people back to Heaven with Him.

We like the plan A lot too are sinless to the extent that sin will not only not exist but there will be no concept of sin. It is not a word in Heaven’s dictionary! But unlike that other lot who did not sin, sin was the norm for us and required unspeakable pain and suffering of Jesus who loved us so much that He was prepared to do this horrible thing so that we could be with Him. For the life of me I cannot see how the cards are going to be shuffled in such a way that this second cross is excluded from the NETM. (New earth tent of meeting) ******

There are a number of possibilities with the elements of God’s creation. The ones that we are studying now, are salvation plans A and B; Adam and Eve and their progeny did not sin and that their progeny did sin. In both it is assumed there was a rebellion in Heaven and in both it is assumed that there was a possibility not to obey God’s commands. Evil did exist. I think some time ago I was supposed to finish the blog with a question that we were supposed to pray over and meditate on for the next day, but due to many factors this has not eventuated like many other noble causes. Sometimes the cupboards are bare and no basis for formulating a question and sometimes so full I can’t decide on which one. But here is one for tomorrow. Hypothetically called salvation plan C. Adam and Eve or their progeny did not sin and neither did the angelic hosts rebel, how would/could God have dwelt with evil? These are powerful forces operating 24/7 always gnawing away at the

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conscience, always there and at any time could erupt. Is plan C in Scripture somewhere already  and we have just missed it? Show me one person who has picked up the presence of plan A and B? With the complexity of the issues involved changes and errors must occur. This is not Scripture where changes and errors do not and cannot occur, although fuller explanations do occur. This is a wonderful privilege to type in answers to different people’s prayers so that the Name of Jesus Christ can be glorified and people brought to the source of truth, the Bible.

Salvation plans A and B both assume there was a rebellion in Heaven which was then split into an upstairs and down stairs departments and both assume the forces of evil are operational. The earth itself may or may not have a full used by date of 7,777 years…… but within its life span God’s people have a beginning and end. And again where is there one church that teaches that the history of God’s people began on 01/01/01 in Egypt and ended when the door of mercy closed 1,260 years after the second coming when Jesus took His two witnesses back to Heaven with Him. Their 1,260 day evangelistic program was a forerunner to the 1,260  day evangelistic program that Jesus Himself was soon to conduct. This closing of the door of mercy 1,260 years after the second coming was the end of the earthly stage of God’s people, the bull sacrifice of the third cross and the foot stage of the next cross above it, the fourth cross and ram stage of it as peace offering. What the third cross was supposed to accomplish, it had accomplished and we can now move into cross four domain which will now become one of the four creatures, one of the four natures of Jesus Christ, one of the four walls of the Heavenly tabernacle, the New Jerusalem. We are indeed on Holy ground.

The last time we looked at Heaven at this time I did not realise the significance of the event. That the door of mercy closing was moving from the top of the third cross to the bottom of the fourth cross and the eternity to come. And that this cross was soon to become the DOA67 cross from which cross five also sprouted. DOA67 was the top of cross four but also the base of cross five. GFPMC was the top of cross one but also the base of cross two. So what did we actually see and think in Heaven when we saw our Saviour return and saw and heard that door of mercy slamming shut?

Our knowledge up there can’t be all that much as we would not need a 1,260 tutorial most of which is ‘new’ knowledge. It is more than what we have on earth now, but keep in mind that the church is still to wake up , still to have the Jews join us with their depths of Scriptural knowledge but if my take on Daniel is correct then that will only last for forty five days before our Saviour returns. No, when we get to Heaven there will still be much to learn, like 1,260 days of Jesus’ tutorial and even that lesson we get from the Holy Spirit, the fine linen, just before our marriage does right to some extent our lack of knowledge.

After being resurrected by our Saviour and taking our first step into Heaven at His second coming our humanity comes to the fore. We still must have some sort of breath in us because the beauty of this place is just breath taking and immediately self comes to the fore; we just plead that this Master who is doing a check on correct wedding dress checks the person next to me first and this will give me just a fraction of a second longer in this magnificent place before I am examined and thrown out. That feeling of unease is exacerbated when that elder asks, ‘Who are all these arrivals and why are they here?’ We may not be theologians up there but there is one collective sigh of relief when we hear, ‘the Blood of the Lamb’. It does not matter what happens from now onwards or when it happens, our place in Heaven was assured on the ground of; the Blood of the Lamb. The next thousand years are joyous and jubilant years as our Saviour stands at the third altar/cross and offers the prayers that the saints have prayed over time are all here and presented to God by Jesus. We are all ‘Balaams’ up there and the prayers are answered to each person individually. There is a major

Page 104

‘traffic jam’ in the tribe of Benjamin as not only Paul’s prayers that were answered but also his writings, the contribution they made to the salvation of so many are lined up and want a cuddle and a dance for his efforts. But the rest of us may not be that busy but the cuddles and dancing are fairly constant! ************

The problem with the abolishing of evil, our overnight question was not a fair question at this stage. It is unfair to ask the pig to comment on the different lustres within this pearl when it has no idea what the pearl is. It should be a continuing topic of prayer and its answers may be given to a number of people simultaneously and not necessarily this blog. But we do need an answer. We have already got a firm foothold at the base of the red heifer, the sixth cross, Balaam has shown us there is a seventh cross, its footing is the top of the sixth cross, the bull offering and in turn it has a base of the red heifer. We are approaching it upwards from the third cross to see the base of the fourth cross; the closing of the door of mercy on humanity.

The ‘thank yous’ and dancing and cuddles may come to an abrupt end at the end of the millennium when our prayers are all bundled together in the golden censor and hurdled back to earth do finish and they cause catastrophic changes to planet earth with the trumpets, but because the concerns of planet earth form such a tiny part of our radar of beauty very little changes in Heaven. We are just in adore our loving Saviour mode. But there is certainly a major blip on the screen at the end of the 1,260 years of grace when our loving saviour has to leave us and go back to planet earth. But why? He is still our loving Saviour but He is such a long way away and still our only focus. It seems that He has gone back to check personally if there was someone left behind at His second coming. Danger! If someone does come forward He is quite prepared to go back to the cross of GFPMC just to save this one repentant soul! These 1,260 days whilst He is down here are days of holding our breath, anxiety that borders agony as we await the fate of our Saviour. The wicked remain wicked, not one soul repents! The door of mercy closes! He comes back!

The joy that we feel is greater than what we felt on entry and acceptance. There we stepped from nothing into Heaven but here Heaven returns. It would be wrong to say that this joy is indescribable because it is described in the Book of Revelation and reading through this chapter I am still convinced that we do not realise that Jesus is going to have to leave us again. We are thrilled to have Him back and we are sure that He is here to stay! No more departures! We must be unaware of the prophecies of that much aligned  prophet Daniel who higher critics say could not have predicted four to five hundred years ahead in time to Antiochus Epiphanies well actually he has predicted as far ahead as this planet is going to exist, on this side of the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) and maybe even to the other side as well. We certainly do not realise that cross three has now gone and has been replaced by cross four, albeit at its foot, the ram offering. The events now concern and are a part of what is going into the NETM and onto eternity. The first three crosses will remain on this side to be destroyed in oblivion. It is only the final four that are going onto eternity and the one we have just arrived at, the closing of the door of mercy, the fourth cross is the base of them. And there is no better qualified prophet to follow than Balaam to help us to start stretching our necks and looking upwards from our OT base because he was here and he did do it. He went right through to cross seven and the throne of God in the New Jerusalem.

Our first major hurdle to overcome is how can GFPMC be left behind? This is the basis of Christianity , its foundation and the Lord Himself has specifically warned us that any building without a proper foundation must fall. Even to get rid of GFPE, cross one or X3GT destroys any logic in the plan of salvation B but it must be an absurdity to try to expunge GFPMC.

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It clearly requires a further analysis of GFPMC. It was a multifaceted event. Some facets will stay and some go on. Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary was where Jesus took on every confessed sin of His bride and burned with them until they were burned up. They no longer existed! There is no sin or concept of sin in the NETM and therefore this aspect does not come across. In fact even on this earth here and now and confessed sins do not exist! It is only satan’s ploy to remind us of these sins trying to demoralise us, but as far as Heaven is concerned they no longer exist, and that is of now! If there is someone trying to remind you of them now you know who you can tell to get lost! Satan will only respond to a one word sentence beginning with the letter “ J “.

So if sin is not coming across and we desperately don’t want it to do so, and if it doesn’t exist then it can’t be brought up again but there is still much coming across as set out in the red Heifer; The body of Jesus Christ is coming across, it is the pile of ashes left behind after the inferno and magnified in the DOA67 burnt offering. The tree/cross is coming across as there was cedar thrown into this fire. There is the bitter experience, the hyssop, coming across, all those guilty pleas to , ‘and you did intentionally spit into my Holy Face and broke our relationship’. It was certainly no cake walk down there! It wasn’t just ashes that were left after that fire, there was water of purification from sin there also. If there is no sin up there then how can the sixth cross which is the foundational cross for NETM (new earth tent of meeting) be here now?

In my original analysis for the water of Meribah I took two approaches; One was that Moses and Aaron struck the rock and they died but that was also the death of the Aaronic priesthood. We asked this rock to give us some of its waters, which is what Moses and Aaron were supposed to do, ****** , but we lived forever because we were given the eternal priesthood of Jesus Christ, that of Melchizedek. The water at this late stage cannot be the Holy Spirit as it is symbolised by fine linen and we received that before our marriage to Jesus. Holy Scripture does have an earthly step, a sin step and above it a Heavenly step, a non-sin step. In the sin step, the earthly one, the water is there as a washing agent to get our sins into hell but in Heaven where there is no sin it is the river of life that flows from the throne of God and does not just give life to the upstairs compartment, the New Jerusalem, but falls down nearly 2,200 km (1,500 miles) to where we have our farms and gives them life as well. If the source of this water is indeed that water that gushed from Jesus’ side at 4pm on GFPMC when that Roman spear opened it up, then this water cycle must be closed and the water being continually returned to the throne. Continually life giving.

So if Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) is not about sin on the heavenly step, even though it is so on the earthly step, then what is it about up there? It is about the blood of the Lamb. It is not about the blood of the lamb of 01/01/01 it is about this symbolic form of Egypt being converted to the real blood of the Lamb of the 14/10/ xx. When we celebrate it in the New Jerusalem each year, to begin the start of another year it is not relevant that it is on 14/01/ 2018 with a million zeros after it, (so we have been here for so many years there are now millions of zeros but our presence with the Lord has only just begun. Even the diehards like me stop counting the years once they get to a million with a million zeros after it, all that counts and is our base as symbolised by the base of cross six, the red heifer which produced the blood before the sacrifice began and was waved towards the tent of meeting as the peace sacrifice. And there we have our first reason for the Day of Atonement (DOA68). This blood must now not be just waved by the priest before the tent of meeting, or the base of cross six, it now must be waived by the High Priest before the throne inside of the New Jerusalem.

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This should also give a second reason for the DOA69. There is one Passover event in Heaven each year, Friday, but fifty two Holy Sabbaths, DOA69 which are based on this one Passover event. If you think that I am struggling against a rapid with no paddle you would be right. I have just experienced the end of Revelation chapter twenty where all the badies have been done away with, the battle of the beast and satan and all evil judged and thrown into hell and the fires of hell have gone out and this has all happened within cross four and even before the DOA69 when in Revelation the very next chapter, 21, I see the New Jerusalem coming down out of the sky, cross seven! Where is the top of cross four, all of cross five and at least most of cross six? Where are they and why are they missing?

May be the best we can do at this moment is to say we are following Balaam as he works his way through the seven altars of ram and bull. Each altar is a complete unit; it has a base or peace offering which could only be the blood of Jesus; each altar has a head, a bull offering, the body of Christ but at the top of each altar there is a mini resurrection where there is a joining of body and blood. Being given seven we must be incorporating at least a part of six and if in four now we must also be in contact with five. Balaam joined them and did not just get through to the high, he got through to the Most High and with prayer and Spiritual help we may also get there too!

In our struggle though we are just at the base of cross four and have slowed up so much because we now realise that the door of mercy has just closed off all those on earth and therefore only heavenly events are now concerned. It is as sinless Adam and Eve that we have arrived here and salvation plan A is in operation. The gratitude and relief that we feel when our Saviour returns at the end of His 1,260 day absence even though it cannot be expressed in words is soon replaced by wondering. What was He doing down there and what did He hope to achieve?

When it finally dawns on us and the result is inexplicable in any other way there is a marked change in our attitude to Heaven and the Lord. He went down there to try to find one lost sheep. Just one! If He did He was prepared to go back to the cross and shed His blood and die for this lost sheep. He was prepared to do this just for me! If I was the only person being saved He would have gone through GFPMC just for me alone! And that is not just the wonder of today, it is the wonder of all ages!  Seeing this connection that He has with me I want to reciprocate these feelings, I want to spend my time with Him forever and ever and the result is that the bride asks for the hand of the bridegroom for marriage! We are told that this cannot happen just now and if you think that this was a magnanimous act then what are you going to think of the next one?

Crosses three and four are covered in the Book of Revelation and there is a heavy emphasis on the change over at the two witnesses, the third coming and the door of mercy closing. The trumpets cover the third cross and the bowls the fourth cross up to a very definite period; the fires of hell being extinguished which I take as being eight days before the DOA69 on the 2nd of July, 486. Then there is silence about events until we look up and see the New Jerusalem coming down out of the heavens. Nothing said about the top of the fourth cross,  DOA69, or the base of the fifth cross or anything about the cross of the NETM, the sixth cross! ****** Chapter 20 is hell and judgment and chapter 21 is the New Jerusalem. Let us keep walking through Revelation until the end of chapter 20 and as Scripture goes silent then we heed again Jesus’ warning to Nicodemus and return to Moses’ bronze snake in the desert and beyond to Balak and Balaam.

It was a true revelation of the nature of Jesus Christ when He returned to earth for 1,260 days to look for and be prepared to die for just one lost sheep but a final revelation of His true nature will still be made to those who were prepared to die for Him yet do not make it into Heaven. They will be Page 107

Destroyed in hell. And this is the next highlight of our Heavenly existence. The period that we have entered into is the post door of mercy closing, the period of the bowls. It is going to raise a number of complexing problems for which we may not have an answer. All this proves is that the Bible is a unity and to think we can get all the answers after reading at best 10% of it, and that is the % when we finish the Book of Numbers where we still have a long way to go, is an absurdity but we may have up to 10% contribution towards that final earthly answer.

The offer will be seen by all, but made to a very specific number; They had to be alive when that flash of Jesus occurred in the sky at His second coming, they had to have been prepared to die for the Lord, they had to have had God place His seal on their foreheads, they could not have died in either the trumpets or the bowls, they are an exact Biblical number; they are the 144,000 foolish virgins. They and many others today believe that you cannot die for Jesus and go to hell.

We have entered that last 500 odd years of time for which we have already had a prelude for; 500 years before the arrival of Jesus Christ at His first coming and from which we are allowed to draw parallels from. But the difference this time is there is going to be an elephant that appears in the room and its presence will just grow. The elephant is salvation plan A. We are re-joined by that hypothetical lot of Adam and Eve and the 144 million (?) sinless offspring. We are supposed to blend in together and become one with them. We are both sinless, they have been all the way along but the same could most certainly be said of us, we still retain the ability to sin, the beast is still within us and must be killed and expunged, we have both lived through an angelic revolt which now has to be dealt with and finalised, satan and his 100 million (?) evil angels who were cast down all that time ago must be dealt with and the issues of life eternal and evil need to be addressed.

Ever since the return of Jesus from His third coming we have settled down to a blissful life in His presence and anticipation of the next big event; our marriage to Him and planet earth continues with much activity which does not have that much effect on us as they are only a tiny blip on our radar of beauty. With this tiny representation of our lives you wouldn’t think that that tiny blip could lock up our giant radar screen. But that is exactly what happens. Jesus is still with us, the screen is still filled with Him but that tiny blip locks up our screen. It is about Jesus and how through the Holy Spirit makes a final manifestation of His perfect self to those 144,000 foolish virgins who were prepared to die for Him. It is the battle of the beast and a scenario which we have been a number of times before. It is foreign material to sinless Adam and Eve and they don’t know about any history about what this beast did do, they repelled it. They do look on and get the moral of the story, to us however it is real history, ancient history but nonetheless history.

The beast in this battle is the evil within. I symbolise as an imaginary time line that did not have to be created; the potential to disobey God has always existed. This evil within the individual gathers as they form groups or nations and these finally combine to form a supergroup of the united nations. God broke up one of these supergroups when He dispersed the nations at the Tower of Babel. This beast has two legs and one of them is false religion. There is a beast out of the earth and there is a beast out of the sea and they both gather as groups and super groups and the head of this super group is the false prophet. It is this combination that were so successful in almost annihilating the people of God which precipitated the second coming and it is this duo that the battle of the beast will be fought.—

The beast has already been to battle with Jesus on GFPMC. There Jesus came to claim His own as recorded in the Book of Numbers. In there the redeemed have a number, presumably to number of your conception; Adam, one, Eve, two, Cain, three, Abel, four,…………JK, 12,000,765,004,…. (pray fully). So when my name and number are called, Jesus calls, ‘Mine’!  It was then that the beast

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replied, ‘Over my dead body’! His wish was granted and all the confessed sins of JK were read out and punishment and penalty incurred were suffered. The beast learned much from GFPMC and he would not make the next mistake in his next battle. I don’t think he is worried too much that as a result of GFPMC he should be dead and it was only an act of the grace of God that he has been momentarily been brought back to life, he is determined to give it all. First and foremost there will be no desertions with people remaining with Jesus. In fact he has almost sorted the desertion problem out. All the living wicked of the second coming, and only the living concern him, have been marked with the mark of the beast, the only living who do not have this mark are the 144,000 foolish virgins. Worst still they have the seal of God on their foreheads, there is no way these will be allowed to fight along side those who have the mark of the beast. If they deserted or worst still turned around and fought against the beast***** would have demoralised the troops and demoralising was the operative word in this battle.

On GFPMC the beast fought with Jesus on planet earth but badly lost. That was not the case on X3GT in the Great Tribulation of the second coming. There he had a stunning success and almost killed all of God’s people. His claim that he killed the two witnesses and stopped all those plagues on day 1,261 was only partially true. Their evangelistic had stopped on day 1,260 and that is why God allowed them to die and He will allow His people to die in the Great Tribulation. As we have seen from Balak, satan has been there all the way along as the brains behind the show, the beast the operative. Each interaction with Jesus and His people was on or near this planet. Had there only been one battle of Armageddon it too would have been on planet earth but then that miraculous verse in Revelation that caused it all to fall together. Today I would say that it was wrong to do so to take hold of a pearl and say to God, ‘I am not going to look for anything else until you show me the beauty and significance of this verse’. Today I would just pray for the answer at the right time. That pearl was; ‘And there was a great earthquake and Babylon the great city was split into three’. It was incredible how many lustres that that pearl had! And one of them was that Armageddon was now going to be two battles instead of one, the living and the dead. The power of logic is God given and we are expected to apply it to His Word. For example; we are told that the wicked are gathered on the banks of the Euphrates. Logic, any river has two banks so the living are gathered on one side and satan’s lot, the dead are on the other side. Using todays numbers of seven billion alive and taking away the third that the crazed horsemen killed plus the trumpets and bowls took out could leave about four billion on one side of the Euphrates. We are not told how many swings of the sharp sickle it took to kill these but it really does not matter. Jesus could have done it with one! What we are told is that only the beast and the false prophet survived, they were not killed along with all those combatants.

From this we can gather that they were not on that side of the river. They like all good generals were on this side of the river and as far away from harm’s way whilst still shouting their words of encouragement, ‘ Bring the fight up to them, (they didn’t say how especially if the rider of the white horse is hundreds of miles above them) and don’t be discouraged by setbacks like having your head cut off!’ Irony would dictate that they died in identical fashion to how they had killed God’s people in the Great Tribulation.

It is of interest though that for the beast to turn on devour and burn the false prophet that this has to be a two person fight. One on one. If this fight were to occur today it would between the leader of the super cluster, Trump of the USA and the leader of false religion, the false prophet. Today it would be difficult to go past the epitome of evil religion, the Jesuits of Pope Francis. Donald versus Francis! But this battle is still a way off and not under the fourth head of the beast but under the

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seventh head. It is going to be hard to top the Jesuits for evil, so Francis will still be the false prophet. His best case scenario will be that the UK is the seventh head and his opponent will be Teresa May and worst case scenario is the seventh head is Russia with Boris Putin still pumping weights! Who ever it is the result is still the same; they will destroy him but both will still be conscious enough to feel pain when thrown into the burning lake of sulphur!

There were going to be major problems, some insurmountable like to fight an enemy above he couldn’t even see but allegiance would not be one of them. Those 144,000 foolish virgins were to either receive the mark of the beast or he would kill them before the battle started! It is at this point that Jesus shows His final revelation of Himself to His people, the people with the seal of God and as such cannot go to hell. The offer is quite simple; keep God’s seal, let the beast kill you, either way you are going to die it is over red rover, and I, Jesus will take your place in hell for you! You cannot come up to Heaven, the door of mercy is closed, but you don’t have to go to hell either! You can just imagine the hushed silence in Heaven when we realise the predicament that our loving Saviour has just placed Himself in! Back to GFPMC!

There was no need for us to worry. It is all based on our original definition of good and evil; God’s way is good and any other way is evil. These 144,000 foolish virgins are here because they did not accept God’s way, good, they had their own ways, even better ways to what God has recorded in His Word; they are evil and good and evil cannot mix. They reject God’s final offer and go to and are burned up in hell! It is only after Jesus makes this offer through the Holy Spirit, it is rejected that the Holy Spirit returns back to Heaven finally after an absence of nearly 3,800 odd years where the bride has been waiting patiently.

We really need the fine linen by now we need the Holy Spirit to at least explain a little of what makes Jesus tick. He has been to hell and knows what it is all about yet He made that offer at His third coming to return to hell just to save one lost soul and now again offers to go to hell for even one foolish virgin! We need this beauty more than just explained to us we need it to be worn and surrounded by it all the time! The fine linen is given to us and the wedding feast proceeds. The unity we have attained with our bridegroom can be judged from the following actions.

Our focus and our unity with the bridegroom is such that we don’t even realise that as a part of His army we have left the tent of meeting of the old Heaven and ridden out with our next destination, the doorway into the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) It is not on or near planet earth and outside of the reach of satan. He is still down here on this planet marshalling his troops for the time that Jesus will crush his head and he the heel of Jesus will bruise. It is a satanic world with the original 100 million (?) evil angels that were thrown out of Heaven in that first rebellion plus the seven odd billion who died without Jesus Christ. Still about seven billion odd souls. They were all gathered on the other side of the river to those who were killed by the rider of the white horse, the battle of the beast and they expected to be the next cab off the rank. When days turned into weeks and nothing had happened they began to disperse back to where they had come from.

If this blog is right there are some 1,250 days between these battles so by this time there would be almost no one left of that original army of the wicked that was assembled on the right bank of the Euphrates River. I can’t remember what event I attributed that caused satan to panic and to send his henchmen in to destroy the temple and the city but it may have been the battle of the beast or even as soon as they saw the rider of the white horse and His armies leave Heaven. Anyway Jerusalem is now in ruins. You can imagine the shock when here we are the perfect wedded couple riding along happily, next stop and final stop New Jerusalem when all of a sudden our leader leaves us, is cut off

Page 110

and has nothing! We still stare at Him, we are still one with Him but we are aware that there is space between us. It does not take Him long to begin explaining this separation to us, why it is essential and what it will accomplish but we do feel this separation. At our wedding we thought it could not nor would not occur. Apparently the problem is this doorway into NETM and the sign on it; no entry, no sin permitted past this point.

Just before I attempted a commentary on the Book of Numbers I could foresee some of the difficulties but just because you can see that the mountain on which the New Jerusalem sits is 1,500 miles high does not mean that you can all the difficulties in climbing a 2,200 kilometre plateau. But to refuse to try to climb it would be casting doubt on the effectiveness of your prayers and the workings of the Holy Spirit.

We are now in a distinctive moment of time. The foolish virgins have rejected Jesus’ magnanimous final offer and the battle of the beast has occurred. We are now expected to switch over to a hypothetical situation of salvation plan A where Adam and Eve  and all their descendants did not sin. I have been taught that they would live forever and ever if they had not sinned. This apparently is not the case. The angelic rebellion in Heaven had to be finalised and evil had to be got rid of. It might erupt in a million years’ time or even longer so that possibility had to be removed. So I am going to try to step into Adam’s shoes, Nazirite’s salvation plan A  but I am aware that the Nazirite also goes through a decommissioning stage as well with the fulfilment of His vow. Salvation plan B.

Nice shoes, probably lasted you best part of 7,800 years and spent most of your time, but not all walking around the Garden of Eden. I’ve had a slightly different history, considered myself to be blessed to get into the seventies and I certainly know what the words pain and suffering mean. You had the same angelic rebellion in Heaven as we did and I would like to know your answer to those endless attacks of satan. You had a success rate of 100% in repelling them unfortunately even though it wasn’t quite 100% but that was nearly my failure rate. We have both arrived here in Daniel’s year of 481 in a sinless state, you are sinless because you were sinless but I am sinless because of what happened on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). But in God’s eyes, in Heaven’s eyes we are both sinless. You do not know what evil is and how I envy your position but unfortunately the potential to do evil still exists. This tendency must be destroyed in both of us. As you don’t know what evil is and its consequences you are going to have to go through an intensive 1,260 day tutorial and is the reason why our Saviour has put that space between Him and us. I have already been through this 1,260 day tutorial when Jesus came to earth at His first coming, in fact I have it here with me. The Bible. It may not have the original manuscripts  which Jesus is now going to follow but it is a stunningly faithful replication of them. That is not saying that there are translation problems, there are and there are whoppers of mistakes but nothing to take away from it as the Word of God! Even though I have this tutorial and later in life have made an attempt to study it for the most it has been water of the duck’s back, pearl before swine, so it is with interest that I look forward to my study of this 1,260 day tutorial even though I am aware of the concept of evil; disobedience to God. We are about to see how God deals with this Heavenly rebellion and the concept of evil. But there still has to be a major point made keeping in mind that the sin of blasphemy results in calling Jesus Christ a liar.—-

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Back on earth where I came from sin was so common it was it was graded as intentional and unintentional and confessed and unconfessed. But even though there were different pathways all sin was a break in our relationship with God and away from God there is no life. Death must result! There is only one place where sin can be destroyed, even the most ‘benign’ of sins; unconfessed, unintentional sins, and that place is in hell. All sins. It is only  a matter of whether we go personally to hell or place these sins on Jesus and He goes to hell. Couldn’t get much simpler than that! Or could it, especially with these salvation plan A lot of Adam and Eve?***********

The majority of sin, intentional and unconfessed will be taken into hell by the sinners themselves. But not so their unconfessed unintentional sins. They did not know and they will not be held responsible for something they knew nothing about. The sins of the bride have already been taken to hell by Jesus Christ on GFPMC. But my unconfessed unintentional sins have not. I am still not going to hell for these because they are not mine. They are out there somewhere maybe on some cloud or planet and they will prevent that doorway into the NETM from opening and a new earth from being created but they can’t stop me from going to Heaven; they are not mine! As creator of this universe Jesus has decided to take on Himself any of these unintentional unconfessed sins not just for the bride but also the wicked who are going to hell, the angelic hosts who were and were not kicked out of Heaven and at this stage those of hypothetical salvation plan A. If they had committed these sins, and at this stage we are not sure that they did but they also would have been included in this batch along with all the other unconfessed unintentional sins of this universe. Why it is important for these sins to exist as I see it is that the heat from the fires of hell when they open to swallow up satan and satanic beings, even they are such a long way away from where we are at the edge of the universe still kill the beast within us. The realisation that this is what sin did to our loving Lord makes it repulsive just the thought of sin. The beast within us is killed, but it is seeing these unconfessed, unintentional sins even though they are no longer ours, we recognise their source as Jesus suffers for them in hell. It is this action that extracts the dead beast within us leaving us beast free. There is no chance of us ever sinning again!

We are coming to the end of this 1,260 day tutorial and the DOA69. It has been the Nazirite concentrating on the living alone. Under no condition was He to go near the dead even if His parents were one of them. Those seven billion odd dead down there on planet earth belong to satan and Heaven makes no claims on them. That issue was settled at death. Their door of mercy closed at this point of time. But we have come to the most important date in the Jewish calendar and by extension, the history of our planet earth; the Day of Atonement (DOA70). First of all we are allowed to attempt this analysis because DOA70 was the most holy day in the calendar. It is not possible to place a higher emphasis on something than making it number one and not being a practicing Jew, (with all the citizen issues going on in Australia today it would be foolish to make any citizenship claims for any migrant) I couldn’t say how many head and shoulder issues  it was above the next one, but the impression from Scripture is that there was nothing even close to it. And so it is where we are now. It has already been stated and on many occasions that this blog is written by someone who has no knowledge of Scriptural languages or been to any Biblical seminary. My only claim to good fortune is to have a friend with the initials of BB who handed me a Bible with the instruction to read it but consult no other commentaries. This instruction must have struck home very early because my first Bible sign, our boundary is Motorway No 1, was; The Bible Alone. That was back in the very early 90’s. At the time I adopted the attitude of asking a specific question which was worrying me and then start at Genesis (1:1) and read through the whole Bible looking for the answer. If the question had not been answered after the first around I would go back and reread the whole Bible again as many times as it took for the Holy Spirit to give me an answer. If the question was answered part way through and I asked another one I would not restart the Bible just keep

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reading, finish and come and start again. It is the Word of God, it is contact with God and it doesn’t really matter where the contact is made, all that matters is that contact is made!  To any Bible student the vexing problem of inerrancy arises as we do not have any of the original manuscripts, but I have been reticent about calling “error”. Don’t understand, often but error rarely. In the Book of Revelation I call “error” to those versions which have beasts around the throne of God. “Error” because beasts are evil, they are not even near the throne, let alone around it and they certainly do not worship by calling, ‘Holy, holy, holy’. Beast should have been translated as creature. For the Bible to be in touch with humanity should have a human element and error certainly is an element of humanity. In painting terms it is the primer. It joins that lovely glossy top coat of divinity to that coarse bottom material. More often than not though the call is, ‘I don’t know’ and very rarely, ‘Error’. Such is the case of the following analysis, often, ‘I don’t know’ but never, ‘error’.

The analysis is the comparison between the people’s of God top sacrifice, most important day of the year, DOA70 in the wilderness and this DOA70 just as we are about to enter through that doorway of NETM and into the new Heavens. We have just spent nearly 1,800 years in the old Heavens tent of meeting and now we are going to spend the eternities in this new tent of meeting and even 2,200 kilometres above it in the New Jerusalem. The earthly step, Moses lifting up the bronze snake and the Heavenly step; the Son of Man being lifted up on Mount Calvary. This comparison is not blasphemy it is divine instruction from someone who created the whole universe and knew there was no better analogy that He had created to give us a better picture of what the Son of Man was doing and was happening to Him. This is going to be a tongue in cheek look at what the Israelites have done wrong and then try to correct it. I am not one known for avoiding or tackling the big issues.

Today the Jew has DOA70 as the top and most important day of the year. (Christianity has not even heard of it for the most part). He is at the top of cross four and by being at the top of cross four, the bull sacrifice, he is also at the base of cross five. He does not reach the top of this cross however because it is the red heifer or the parts of GFPMC which are going to pass onto eternity where no sins are allowed. Conceded; they have the top of cross four and the bottom of five and they know it; they have placed it at number one.

They also have the bottom of cross one in GFPE. They start the calendar at 01/01/01 and follow history from there and they can give you an immense wealth of information about this cross. They have the Old Testament. But despite having such a solid foundation they have missed the goal of this first cross, the head, the bull offering and without a goal the best you can do is to wander aimlessly around. The head of Egypt’s cross was GFPMC was what the first cross was about. They may have had blood as the peace and acceptance offering but it was only symbolic blood. GFPMC was the blood to which the first cross pointed and without it the first cross was pointless!  Exactly the same criticism can be applied to Christianity, they start at the bottom of the second cross on GFPMC without realising that this is the bull offering or the top of the first cross of GFPE and this results in the endless list of clangers and bells they keep coming up with. Every one of those words in the OT is the Word of God and many have been transcribed across to the NT.

But isn’t that the whole idea of these crosses; they each are an entity but each is also an entirety. In Egypt all those bitten by the snakes of sin all they were required was to look at Moses lifting that bronze snake up. They were not expected to ask for the temple scrolls and in there find that it was really Jesus who they needed to ask for forgiveness as He was lifted as the Son of Man firstly through the old Heavens tent of meeting and now in DOA70 through the doorway and into the NETM. No all they required was that this bronze snake could and would cure them.

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Similarly today. All we need is the second cross. The base of this cross is Jesus died for our sins and that shedding His blood has made this sacrifice acceptable to God, GFPMC and the top of this cross is He is coming back to take us to Heaven with Him after a bit of a hiccup of the great tribulation, X3GT. True, but these seven crosses are but a part of the one cross. Balaam only had one burnt offering when he had offered all seven altars, they are all connected. They cannot teach conflicting theology. If you pull one out the whole cross collapses. By rejecting the second cross, correctly violently expunging it, the Jews today are no longer God’s people. They are heathen and the majority are atheists anyway. They have joined the nations they denigrated throughout their history. They are one with them.

Scripture tells us that this will not always be so. It is they who will instigate the Great Tribulation against Christians and at a certain point Daniel tells them will be 45 days before the second coming, they will see the error of their ways and rejoin their Christian brothers and sisters and hand in hand they will walk to meet their Saviour Jesus Christ. I am not sure whether they see the top of this second cross, the Great Tribulation, X3GT and look down to its base, GFPMC or whether they see the base of GFPMC and look up and see the second coming; either way they re-join as God’s people. Seeing this second cross standing on the Egypt cross gives them a new dimension on what they had been studying all this time in the first cross.

Similarly, by rejecting the second cross the Jew destroyed the whole edifice so it is with Christians today who reject the first cross. They say they cannot accept all that cruelty, death and spilled blood and they make up a model that rejects the OT. Their model has Jesus as source of love, which He is but one also that has none of that cruelty. Their model makes you feel warm inside just like a nice hot cup of tea. Unfortunately your model does not stand on the cross that reaches to the Most High. It may save you making up a cup of tea but no better. There were no cups of tea on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). There was brutality there and most of it was wilfully inflicted. Intentional sin. That you did willingly spit in My Holy Face and deliberately brake your relationship with Me. You told Me to get out of your life, to get lost! There were on nuances here within our cruelty that we imposed on our Saviour. And to each God the Son had to plead to God His Father and the Father of love, Jesus pleaded, ‘Guilty as charged’ and bore the consequences! We desperately want to forget that cruelty that we imposed on our Saviour and there is a time coming when we will be able to do that. It cannot cross over into the sinless Heavens and will be left behind. In the meantime it is a part of reality and reality has a purpose; to bring us to Jesus Christ!  The crosses are stacked on each other and the head of one becomes the base of the next one. In the Jewish service the seven altars should have been lined up in a line or system that displayed chronology.

It would be of interest to see how the Jews interpreted the different dates in the Book of Daniel. Whether they take the breaking of the power of God’s people to occur at the second coming of our Lord. With not one goodie left behind, Jesus takes all His own back to Heaven, this certainly is one explanation. Do they also take the final breaking of the power of God’s people as the return of the two witnesses then if they do this the third coming of our Lord and the closing of the door of Mercy. They have the top of the third cross but also the bottom of the fourth cross, with DOA70 they have cross four in its entirety. Comparing the two DOA70; the Jewish one in the desert, the earthly step to the Heavenly one still on this side of the doorway into NETM (new earth tent of meeting)

Both are Sabbaths, both are acts of worship. An act of worship is an attempt to approach God and therefore the more the hindering agent is removed the closer we can get to God and the greater the act of worship. The agent preventing this from happening is sin and the more it is removed the closer we can get to God. Christian cleansing occurred on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC)

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but the Jewish cleansing occurred on the day itself before the service. Their cleansing was more ‘thorough’ than the Christian cleansing. Both were cleansed of intentional sins, they via a process called the scapegoat. This scapegoat mechanism was still available in the Heavenly DOA70 for any of those 100 million (?) demons thrown out of Heaven who repented. None did, mechanism not taken advantage of. Because this scapegoat involved intentional sin it could not be offered inside of the temple on the burnt altar. The cross of Jesus of GFPMC not only had to be outside of the temple it had to be outside of God’s city, Jerusalem. In both there is a sin offering the blood from which cleanses all surfaces which are to be used in the DOA70 sacrifice and it has a secondary (?) role of dealing with confessed unintentional sins. During the year the sin offerings were burned on the altar inside of the temple but on GFPMC all sin, both intentional and unintentional was burned in the flames of hell that raged on that cross standing on top of Mount Calvary.—-

Having great difficulty in making the Heavenly plunge of DOA70. It may have been the most important event in the calendar year for the Israelites for over a thousand years, but I have never seen it even mentioned by anyone in the Christian world! Not once, as alien a concept as you can get. And fair enough they concentrate on the second cross in the tier and the one that is going to get us into Heaven. This DOA70 cross is not just fourth in line it is the top of the fourth tree and also therefore a part of cross five. But Balaam has shown us that if we want to ask questions and expect answers we will need all seven altars. With so little information that I am aware of any way I take the lunge off the earthly step.

The problem has been trying to compare DOA70 in the wilderness with GFPMC. One was conducted by the High Priest, the other by the priest, Eleazar. One concerned the Most Holy Place, GFPMC concerned the NETM. One involved the “sins of Jesus Christ” the bridegroom the other involved the confessed sins of the bride. One involved the day of worship, Sabbath the other extreme cruelty; ‘that you did spit in My Holy Face’. Having caused this in the first place today most will run and try to hide their faces and deny they did it. In one we join Him and become a part of His Holy Body of divinity and in the other He comes and joins us in humanity. In one His blood is spilled and the other His blood is gathered. In one He plunges into the depths of humanity in the other He resurfaces near the NETM. In one the sins of the bride are paid for but in the other the sins of His creation are paid for. One has an act of worship of the burnt offering the other has no burnt offering. One ends with the life of Jesus the other ends with His death. In one the period of being forsaken by God ends with the start of the sacrifices, the other at the end of the sacrifice. In one Jesus has all hair shaven, in the other He has a full head of hair. In one Jesus is symbolised by a pigeon or turtledove in the other by male and female lambs. Both begin with the sin offering. One has a scapegoat the other does not. One is the end of the journey, the other the start of the journey. In one the act of worship is possible because the sin barrier has been removed, in the other the barrier is being removed. In one Jesus had to leave the temple precincts for his service and the other He holds the service within those temple precincts. Both are confined to 9 to 3, then 3 to 4 and finally 4 to 6 timetables. In both sin is destroyed in the fires of hell when presented on that framework of the body of Jesus Christ. Vinegar and products of the vine are only involved in one of the services, GFPMC. There is no need for a period of darkness when there are no intentional sins involved. In both the Divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ are involved although the ratio changes quite dramatically.  One is but one short step from Heaven but the other many steps to go before it even arrives at the DOA70. Both have an approach tutorial of 1,260 days and both a cooling off, departure period of 1,260 days also. One leaves a sinless world where there it even no possibility of sin, the other unfortunately the exact opposite. The followers of one are Heaven bound

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to the old Heavens tent of meeting but the followers of the other not just bound for the new earth’s tent of meeting  but also into the Most Holy Place, the throne of God, the New Jerusalem!  The followers of one will still have to go through a physical death the others have life eternal. ****

It is the same cross and no doubt there can be many other similarities and dissimilarities found but they do not address the issue; how can this service be ‘superior’ to the only one we know and need to know; Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). Clearly it was not the end of sin. DOA70 is. It was not the end of evil. DOA70 is. GFPMC was not the ticket of entry into the sinless Heavens. DOA70 is. Neither did GFPMC atone for all wickedness, DOA70 did. GFPMC did not bring in everlasting righteousness. DOA70 did. GFPMC did not seal up vision and prophecy. DOA70 did. GFPMC did not anoint the Most Holy. DOA70 did. GFPMC was not supposed to be the end of time, DOA was.

If not clearly stated then wrongfully implied that the earthly, yearly, wilderness, Jewish DOA70 was simply the Heavenly version of GFPMC and DOA70 combined. It started off with a sin offering, unintentional sin plus cleansing what utensils were going to be used, plus the scapegoat and it removal of all sin, GFPMC up to here and then the burnt offering which was the crux of the DOA70. It also had the high priest with the bull offering. This was Jesus Christ taking on all those unconfessed, unintentional sins that had been left over when the fires of hell had been extinguished. They were Jesus’ sins. These were the high priest’s sins. There are elements of all these in the above and looking though the lenses of salvation plans A and B has yielded much but it will still require a number of runs through the Nazirite chapter before I will be able to put my hand up when asked, ‘is there anyone who can understand Number’s chapter six?

Once Jesus has crushed the head of satan by throwing him into hell and burning up all intentional sin we are in the realm of the divine. The bride is sinless and has been for almost 3,800 years by now. In this Heavenly realm there cannot be any sin, good and evil cannot coexist, one must destroy the other. Only when this happens can we move into the world of the ‘super pure’, the Holy. God’s Word that was spoken in the beginning was most relevant as it brought this creation into existence, to the detriment of the world’s inhabitants it became irrelevant but was still there and is right now in these very end of times. So where is God speaking to satan and saying, ‘And you shall bruise His heel”? All Scripture, all must be fulfilled, no short cuts.

It is easy to see how Bible errors occur, they are translated according to the translators knowledge they hold on the day. The Book of Revelation has only recently began to yield up some of its treasures and with Daniel is an indication of end days. But to mix up beast with creature is still a very serious error.  Balak may also have called, ‘Holy, holy, holy’ but he was not anywhere near the throne. Similarly today those who say that satan was defeated at the cross. To say that on GFPMC satan bruised the heel of Jesus is laughable. Jesus was crushed, Jesus was murdered! But it wasn’t satan who did it! He did not even have to be there, no names of those who belonged to him were called. This was the preliminary battle against the beast which would be finished off by the rider of the white horse and his armies. Jesus had more than His heel bruised on that day and nothing happened to satan other than being thrown permanently out of Heaven. It would be better to say, ‘I don’t know’ than to make such absurd statements. The DOA70 sorts these verses out logically and the correct verse should have, ‘Jesus will crush the head of satan (as in crush the life out of him by throwing him into hell and watching him burn into nothing) and satan will bruise the heel of Jesus, (as in causing anyone to commit unintentional unconfessed sin which now will become a focus of the DOA70)

Jesus has many representations and symbols in His Word; He is priest and high priest, He is heifer and bull, He is male and female lamb and he is also ox and ram. But he made a specific request of His Father on GFPMC and that was to bring this lot, the bride, the redeemed up to NETM (new earth tent

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of meeting). Not up into the Most Holy Place or the New Jerusalem but to its adjoining chamber. (and the subject of our prayers as to why Jesus only wanted to take us into the Holy Place and not the Most Holy Place) Here the priests were allowed to officiate and Jesus Christ was the priest Eleazar Who officiated at the red heifer sacrifice. Only the High Priest was allowed to enter and officiate in the Most Holy Place. While I am in the swing of correcting others with beast and creatures and crushing of heads and bruising of heels might be a good time to correct my own work. I have written countless words about the preparation of the Christian Church during that 1,260 day period after GFPMC.  Just how far were they prepared for; just to Heaven at the second coming. X3GT? Here a 1,260 day tutorial would take over and bring them to DOA70 or even further? The preparation was to 9am DOA70? or was through to 3pm of DOA70, or was it beyond to 4pm DOA70 or was it into the NETM. We have been prepared in our journey as far as NETM. Clearly then attempts to finish this journey be it at the tutorial, or 9 am or 3 pm or 4 pm of the DOA70 were wrong. They were all on this side, earth’s side of the doorway into NETM but Jesus asked God to take us through and into the NETM or the base of the sixth cross. But now trying to translate what can be translated from GFPMC to DOA70.

Both began with a sin offering, on GFPMC (our sins) it was a lamb but on DOA70 it was a bull (the sins of Jesus). This animal was killed and its blood, but only on DOA70 was taken into the Most Holy Place and sprinkled before the Ark of the Covenant and then sprinkled on all surfaces to be used to cleanse them. Jesus did not die at 9.05 am or whatever and have His blood taken to Heaven. That did happen at 3 pm on GFPC. I have taken the fact that when the Romans drove their first nail into Jesus that the blood from this wound was the blood that cleansed the cross and Jesus waved towards the tent of meeting as in the red heifer. *****  And there was a heavy loss of blood and water from the body of Jesus at 4 pm when that Roman spear was thrust into Jesus’ side and His body was taken away from His blood. But there was none of this on the DOA70.

His people were not baying for His blood and demanding a cruel and horrific death. Only the demon possessed will approve the shedding of Christian blood, including Palestinian Christian blood as the Swaggart and other ministries do today. Up here the shock and horror will be on those beholding that Figure on the DOA70 cross. How lightly we attributed those sins to mere ‘unconfessed unintentional’ and brushed them off. What pain and anguish they are causing now! How wrong, how insensitive can you get? This time we have gone too far and crossed that line of grace and mercy, even Jesus will not be able to forgive us despite of His great love for us! This forgiveness and paying for these sins seems to go on forever and ever, every one of them, all 70,000,000,000,000 (?) of them! Way past the point of exhaustion, way past our collapse. There is a definite end, a last one and then we are supposed to be in a period of worship. That may even occur to those Levitical angels who did not rebel and they don’t see their batch of sins that Jesus took on Himself, but we do. Then somewhere at a certain point Jesus seems to come to life, get off the cross and is beckoning for us to come and join Him! It must be an illusion, a mirage and we are just hallucinating. After what we have just caused our Jesus there can be no reprieve, we are just going to die here and in this position from sheer exhaustion! But how persistent is He in calling us to Him? Up here there is a movement from the earthly plane to the Heavenly plane! It took DOA70 to do it!

No, up here there are no people screaming for His death and no Roman soldiers with giant rusty nails. In fact it is hard to see any physical wound being inflicted on Jesus to make Him shed His blood as there were on GFPMC. It is Jesus with the humanity problem. It is divinity with its human problem appendage. In computing it is the input BUS. Jesus being divine knows that the information to be fed in will be accepted by God, divinity. His blood is waved either physically or symbolically before God’s presence either in the Holy Place or the Most Holy Place. If Jesus knows then it must be for our sake

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as that painful transformation takes place within us from earthly to heavenly step. It did not need physical blood on GFPMC and it certainly does not need it on the DOA70. Jesus only needs to stand on a platform attached to the cross and hands roped outstretched. Had it not been for satan and all his demons that is all that would have been required even on GFPMC. The waving and mercy pleas of the blood were there for our benefit, Jesus as God already knew that this sacrifice would be accepted. He had worked this out with the Father as a part of the Nazirite’s separation. The part of all sins being taken to hell and being burned into non- existence was real unfortunately.  The humanity of Jesus did go to hell, suffer and die to eradicate that mountain of ‘benign’ sins. It is the realisation that these sins are not only benign but their real nature that is one of the processes that is involved in lifting us from earthly level to Heavenly level. It is an essential step and could not be by-passed even by Jesus. And that brings us back to the question as to why Jesus only took us up as far as the NETM and not straight through into the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem.

As priest Jesus tore the curtain into the temple and allowed us His Levites to serve as priests in the earthly tent of meeting. As priest Jesus will take us up into the present tent of meeting where we will spend some 1,800 years with Him. As priest Jesus will take us from the old tent of meeting into the new sinless NETM. (new earth tent of meeting) As Moses lifted that bronze snake in the desert so the Son of Man will be lifted and His bride with Him to an almost vertical position in the old tent of meeting and then right through into the vertical position, past DOA70 and into the NETM. As a priestly function that is as high as Jesus is allowed to go. But you may say that on GFPMC Jesus took His blood into the throne of God which is in the Most Holy Place therefore He must have been high priest as well. Only the high priest was allowed into the Most Holy Place. True but also the greatest theologian of all times was there also, Paul, and he never stopped wondering at the miraculous events that occurred at that time and the opening of the scroll and perhaps we too maybe better off just wondering like Paul. It is quite amazing that Paul did not get Jesus to explain it to him when he spent fourteen years in the desert with Jesus. But then how do you explain the word grace to someone adequately?

No Jesus Christ was priest at GFPMC but high Priest on DOA70. It was here that the burnt offering was made and it was presented to God on the throne. At this stage only the Most Holy Place in the Old Heavens existed and to here that this offering  was directed. There was no burnt offering on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary, it could only be made in the total absence of sin. Much sin still existed on and after GFPMC. Not so after DOA70.*****

I could write an essay of one, five, ten or even one hundred thousand words on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC), but they are not going to tell me what happened to me on that most amazing of days. God Himself has set aside a day for that contemplation of what happened for me on this particular day. And this contemplation inevitably leads to worship. This worship absorbs all earthly problems of health and wealth, they and their associated problems fade off our radars. That day is the seventh day, the Sabbath, Saturday and this gift humanity today for the most take it and hurl it back into God’s Holy Face before spitting on it and covering it with twisted Scripture. It is humanity that are the losers and the results are evident everywhere. If we obey God’s one and only “remember” we can at least establish one foothold in the seven links to Heaven.

The Bible is not about the problem of the relationships within the Godhead, there are none as it is based on pure love and therefore need no attention, no ‘repairs’. It is however about the real problems that exist between divinity and humanity and the seven stage solution in repairing this relationship. Each stage is a complete stage and is dependent on the one below it. As these stages have been worked out between God the Father and God the Son, each is essential and fully acceptable

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to God. Each stage is an altar, it is a cross. Each altar/cross is offered by Jesus Christ and the offer itself is Jesus Christ. As our salvation is Christ centred we cannot go wrong. Jesus alone, faith alone, the cross alone, Scripture alone.

Today in history we stand on the second cross with its base on GFPMC and head of the second coming, X3GT. (third cross of the Great Tribulation). The base of this cross is that one that stands on GFPE. Today most churches totally ignore the Old Testament (OT), and without the bull offering of the first cross, then ram offering of the base of the second cross is meaningless. They come up with lines and lines of bells, and not just little ones! Real clangers! Today our focus should be the base of that second cross; GFPMC. Unfortunately it will not have too much meaning without the first cross it stands on, GFPE, and when we get even the slightest inkling as to this first cross only then can we begin to have any meaningful understanding of GFPMC which stands on it. This tuition can only occur under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and it unfortunately operates under the guidance of God. It remembers when it is told to ‘remember’. We have to start taking advantage of God’s gift to humanity, the Sabbath Day and remember when told to remember.

All that should show how much out of my depth or should that be height I am in this blog. Still struggling with the bottom of the second cross. From here and it is entirely dependent on prayers I will be able to get a better look at the top of this cross which will introduce me to the foot of the third cross and onwards towards its top. There, as in the junction of each of the crosses there is a mini resurrection, the bull, the head of that cross, the body of Christ joins with the blood at the foot of that cross, the ram offering. This becomes the fourth cross and the one we are trying to study now. But this fourth cross is standing on top of the third cross, the body of Christ. It was Jesus Who returned at the third coming and at this stage His water and Blood had been separated. The blood of Christ was not an option and was not offered. Sin forgiving water was but not the blood.

The blood does now re-join and become the foot of the fourth cross. It will re-join the head, the body, the burnt offering as at 4 pm on the DOA70, the risen Christ to become the base of the fifth cross and the last of those seven years, seven months, seven days and seven hours of old earth’s existence. Our position from the top of cross four is very tenuous indeed so before leaving the subject I will make one last attempt to look at this situation from salvation plan A. Had Adam and Eve and their progeny not sinned. Adam’s a bit too high up and Abel is too good so I will put on Cain’s shoes. (I am actually the Cain who repented and finished up in this sinless position anyway)

I can’t tell you what the conditions outside of the Garden of Eden were like as I spent my time inside. My parents were told to fill the earth with their progeny so there were very many living outside of this garden. As there were no sins there was no need to destroy the earth in Noah’s flood. There were no massive mountains, deep sea trenches, deserts or frozen regions. The whole earth had a pleasant climate and if you spread the redeemed (144 MILLION?)  over this large area there was no population stress what so ever. There were no carnivorous animals, every one and everything vegetarian. And the plants in all their variety provided more than was required. Satan and his evil angels appeared very early on and needed constant vigil as he tried to get anyone to eat from the tree of good and evil. He told everyone that by knowing what good and evil were we would be like God and that satan would also be able to give us eternal life. That was an obvious lie because we already had eternal life and that was conditional on us obeying God and not eating from this one particular tree. We had constant communication with God and there was no need for a temple, for God to be confined in a tiny area.

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We are all most surprised to be told to marshal in a certain area. It does not seem unreasonable for that area to be the Garden of Eden itself and its focal point of the tree of life and near it the tree of good and evil with satan still probably hanging out of it. Everything that has occurred has been around this tree of life and the tree of good and evil. (This is certainly contrary to conventional ideas and should indicate the massive plate tectonics that occurred around Noah’s flood. To hold the cross of Christ as the lynch pin for both GFPMC and DOA70 is a heavenly possibility. )

We all do gather and there is enough room***** in the garden for the redeemed, all 144 million of them (?). The possibilities of what happens next and the tutorial that Jesus delivers are astronomical and if 100 people were required to write an essay on this topic not only would their essays be different so would their re-writes be the next day. Such are the nuances. Just as I leave this subject for chapter 25 this is my version one of the 7th of February, 2018. There maybe many nuances but we would still have to agree on certain basics. And one of those basics is that Adam and Eve, now used generically to represent all their progeny, all 144 million (?) of them, knew that evil existed, they had all been tempted and they had not sinned, they had chosen the pathway of God, but they did know and it was available to them had they so chosen to sin. The mechanism that could have applied to the 144 million (?) was that even though they could all fit in this garden at the one time most would have lived outside of it but were required once a year, or whatever, in Heaven it will be once a month to come and eat from the tree of life. Satan being near by in the tree of good and evil would thus be able to tempt each one of them. It certainly shows the tenacity of satan to be able and willing to maintain these evil attempts over such a long time! Actually to the redeemed these 7,770 years have gone in the blinking of an eyelid.

After the ‘niceties’ and congratulations about getting so far without sinning from Jesus it has to be settled whether the Bible is the central issue of that 1,260 day tutorial that Jesus is about to give. The theme of that tutorial would thus be GFPMC and its culmination DOA70. The Day of Atonement where we are at now. They are certainly going to live through the DOA70.  For those who have come through salvation plan B, and that is everyone except those Levitical angels who did not sin in Heaven in the time of the rebellion, Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) is not just some theoretical, hypothetical idea. It was our life and it was our death and could never and will never be fully explained to us, such is its depth. This is not the case with sinless Adam and Eve’s and those Levitical angels, they have not sinned, they did need to go through GFPMC, they have only just arrived in time for the DOA70.

Jesus would have begun His tutorial with creation week. It would not have taken Him very long to get to the revolt in Heaven. It certainly was not news to the Levitcal angels who tried so hard to stop it. This was not just a blight on the Levite order, it was a blight on Heaven itself. And no doubt it resonated with the 200 million odd (?) who grumbled yet were not thrown out of Heaven. The Day of Atonement (DOA70) is an essential part of their preparation for that entry onto the New Earth and finally into the New Heaven, the New Jerusalem. From there history moved down to planet earth when satan and a 100 million (?) of his angels were thrown out of Heaven. Adam and Eve’s sinless lot are well aware of satan in that tree of good and evil and his 100 million cohorts spread throughout the rest of the world. They know the story of what happened had they not sinned and they now need to be told of what would have happened had they sinned.

The surprise of the events that would have happened had they sinned would have been the speed with which they happened and the depth to which evil penetrated. It was their first born pride  and joy and he murdered his own brother! Pride had showed its ugly head and it continued to grow until God had no options left; He would not just have to destroy humanity but their evil had penetrated His creation as well. Man had been allowed to run the show with God on the sideline and the experiment

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proved itself to be a disaster. With the new world it would be God Who was in control and the world would last much longer and not be allowed to sink to the same depth of evil. One of those evils that would not be allowed certainly not to the same extent would be genetic engineering. Another, if it did exist in the first place, was the ability of the downcast satanic lot to be able to copulate and produce progeny with human beings. This would not be allowed with the presence of Melchizedek. Satanic beings could still materialise in our dimension from their spiritual dimension and push me over in stairs in a haunted house or get me to lose control in my car but they could not copulate and the last of those ‘giant’ beings was drowned in the flood. Those evil angels that challenged Jesus and Told Him that He could not destroy them because their time had not yet come, chose to be placed inside those pigs that jumped off the cliff and were drowned. They lived on but only in their spiritual form, their ability to materialise in our dimension had gone. They  could enter into my mind and cause me to want to have this accident, but they themselves could not over-ride my actions and cause this accident. It is certainly a world to be avoided at all costs, they are capricious and the only reason they help me further up the ladder because they know that my fall will be greater and more hurtful.

The extent that evil penetrated in those days is of interest. It started at the very top and gained enough momentum to penetrate into the bowels of the earth. Adam and Eve had a factor of ten on our longevity; they lived 900 years plus and we live 90+. If there is such a thing they had at least a factor of ten in genetic purity. But they had many more factors as to the amount of knowledge they had. ****** When Adam was given the work of classifying the animals he didn’t just count the legs and say, ‘This one prowls, but this one howls and this one growls and this one meows.’ He did a proper genetic analysis, some we will only be able to do when we have reached that level of cell chemistry. When Adam and Eve joined God on that first Sabbath night they did not sit down just to watch a fire works display. The Heavens declared the glory of God and it was more than just a fire works display as the light from God’s creation of day four began to arrive at planet earth. What they saw and understood was at an atomic and subatomic level and that it did come from nothing and it did come from the Word of God. True worship and at base level of Jesus Christ as creator and they passed on this knowledge onto their progeny. Theirs was indeed a true level of knowledge.

It was from these dizzy heights of longevity, genetic purity and knowledge, heights established by God for His creation to be able to worship Him that evil got its foothold and from which the fall resulted. Its momentum carried it deep down into the base strata which now had to be thrust into the bowels of the earth and replaced. It was salvation plan A that went astray. Instead of using these God  given qualities, and initially there was no death, to come closer to God in worship, they turned it all around and threw it back into His Holy face. Unchecked evil self-destructs and that is what it did. But if the idea of taking large areas of the world and subducting them into the larva below to get rid of evil is correct then there should have been at least one exception; the Garden of Eden.

As we are not told of its size I assume that it is the same size as the plots of land we are given in the new earth, about one square kilometre. ( 1000 yards wide and 1000 yards long. How large would the new earth have to be to hold 144 million Gardens of Eden plus the city of the New Jerusalem?)  The Garden of Eden was where original sin was committed but both Adam and Eve and presumably satan were immediately thrown out of and its only entrance was barred by an angel with a flaming sword. That area remained clean and there was no need for it to be plunged into the lava below and destroyed. On the contrary it contained both the problem and the solution to human life. It had the tree of good and evil and it had the tree of life. God has shown us His sovereignty in so many ways in His creation, why couldn’t He pick the place and the tree that He was going to die on? This tree on

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earth in the Garden of Eden and then raised the whole area up where this tree was that of the DOA70 and at the doorway to the NETM. (new earth tent of meeting)

There are many difficulties associated with this era and they seem to be confirmed in the New Testament. Evil’s prevalence, intensity and duration. When Jesus descended into the bowels of the earth at 3pm on GFPMC to preach to the imprisoned souls He came back as far as Noah. He did not come back to Adam and Eve. Surely of the first four human beings, three were Heaven bound; Adam, Eve and Abel. And when the graves broke open, many holy men came forth, no women unless of course men is used in a generic sense. And if Eve did not come forth then neither did Adam. It is As if God has used a pair of scissors to cut off that era of history. We know that Enoch made it across and probably a handful of others as well but for the most part evil was dominant.

Salvation plan A was a disaster and now we were going to have salvation plan B but we first needed  to wipe the slate clean. And Noah’s Flood did just that; humanity, plants, animals and earth all setup, all chosen by God and it was on this slate that God would now write history and it would be written in His presence. Starting with and ending with the High Priest, Melchizedek. He passed the baton onto God in the Most Holy Place in the temple Who passed it onto His Son, Jesus Christ Who in turn passed it onto His Holy Spirit, but it started and ended with Melchizedek, the High Priest of eternity. Under God’s control things are going to be different. Evil would either be nipped in the bud before it had a chance to get a foothold as in the tower of Babel or every nation would be given a cup of iniquity and once they filled that they would be killed. And there was certainly no interbreeding with demons I that is where those giants came from. Every nation including those of today. The old plan was humanity running the show with God as assistant and when required but today it is God in control with us as assistants. Evil will not spiral out of control as in Noah’s day.

Now would be a good time to return to the question of evil. We have come 1,500 odd years since creation to Noah’s Flood. Salvation Plan A for humanity was a failure but for the demons and angels the results vary. The Levtical angels except for satan came through without sinning and go onto the DOA70. (why do they need any DOA70 at all if they have not sinned?)  The congregation that grumbled certainly will need a DOA70 to wash them off their unconfessed unintentional sins. The ones thrown down to earth ******were still going to be given a chance to repent such is the grace of God. But Noah’s Flood is basically the junction of time; salvation Plan A and you went straight onto DOA70, the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh crosses but if you had failed and sinned  then salvation Plan B was the second option and Numbers chapter 25 is about to return us to this stream. Its introduction is Balak/Balaam but they are also salvation Plan A; The ‘sinless lot’ which actually only consist of the Levitical angels, minus satan and the grumbling congregation which only had unconfessed unintentional sins and therefore did not require GFPMC. Both lots are covered in DOA71.

Addressing  the issue of evil for whatever number of pages it will take is going to be based on the formula of; a creation that is ‘very good’ plus the Day of Atonement (DOA71) equals perfection. The next time Jesus Christ creates a new universe, after the existing one is burned up, as it will be after DOA71, when God looks down, He should say, ‘ And when God looked down at this new creation what He saw was perfect’ and not just ‘very good’ as after His first creation. One was before and the other after DOA71. Thus the difference between very good and perfect.

Even though I represent evil as a timeline, it is not something which is tangible, it cannot be shovelled into a bag and thrown into the fires of hell. It was a useful analogy in explaining that it has always existed and did not have to be created. The option of disobeying God has always existed. It also

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explained how the timeline of good has also existed and both appeared to come from the eternities past. But the lines were not parallel, they were always going to cross over and one would obliterate the other. Good and evil cannot co-exist, one must obliterate the other. And here again the lines were useful in that when two lines meet they do so in the shape of a cross and that again was where it happened. The problem today is that most, if not all denominations and ministries only have one cross, but there were two, no actually the same one but on the first cross when the evil line rose sharply to meet the good timeline it went for the knockout punch, went so far that it rose above the good line, evil did not end at GFPMC and had to be brought back and completely wiped out on DOA71. And the result of the battle on GFPMC was a lot closer than many think today.

As we study the top of the fourth cross, it may represent many events and if we had them all now there would little point in further study, but the top of this cross is Heaven’s, Divinities, God’s solution to evil; DOA72. The Day of Atonement. After this day there will be no evil left anywhere and it will no longer be even a possibility. Unlike GFPMC which was conducted by Eleazar the priest, DOA72 is purely a divine event. Jesus Christ as High Priest interacting with God the Father on the level of the Most Holy Place. It is God’s business, it is God’s solution to evil and sin and it is God’s  solution as to why there will be no more evil, and if there is no evil it cannot breed and finally spiral out of control ever again.

The DOA72 actually began some eight days before DOA72 on the 10th of July. Here Jesus accepted any and all remaining sins that were left over after the fires of hell had been extinguished and the wicked dead and all their sins had been burned up. All intentional sin was gone and that still left those unintentional unconfessed sins behind. We may grade them as “only” sins, but sins they were and therefore they led firstly to defilement and separation from God as the first penalty and to death in the fires of hell and obliteration. As there were no intentional sins there was no scapegoat in the DOA72 service near NETM.

The bride laying in front of the DOA72 cross had no sins to contribute. All her sins, that is as confessed, were paid for in full way back nearly 3,800 years ago so the only sins left now were those unconfessed unintentional sins of the angelic hosts and humanity. The price of defilement had already been paid and all that was left now was for these sins to be place on some frame and put into the fires of hell where they would be consumed. There would now be no sin left anywhere, so could the bride or angels sin again?

The first angels sinned when there was no in around, from a sinless environment. It was the evil within that caused them to sin and it is this same evil within the bride and angels that could cause them to sin again. Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) was ignored by most at that time and has continued to be ignored since at the peril of society but it was not ignored be Heaven’s angels, especially those who had grumbled. To them it was not Jesus hanging on the cross of Good Friday for six hours from 9 to 3 pm. The horror and anguish that they experienced was felt by the second. In them the propensity to sin died very early in that experience, never to be resurrected again. The evil within, the beast within was well and truly dead. But we have to keep in mind that the dealings of DOA72 were at a Heavenly level, a High Priest level where even a dead beast is still banned. All that is accepted up there is no beast, it must be vomited out, it must be expunged still here on earth. No bits or pieces can be taken through that doorway. The equation; things that were originally made were ‘very good’ + DOA72 would not = perfection.

So how did God achieve perfection on DOA72? From where I sit I cannot say. These matters were carried out in a Heavenly realm and probably described in Numbers chapter six. I think it would be

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blasphemous of me to imagine myself in either the NETM or the New Jerusalem although that would be dependent on how much information Scripture has given. I don’t think this to be the case on this side of the NETM (new earth tent of meeting). Well it wasn’t that long ago that we were finally married after waiting all that time for the Holy Spirit to come back to Heaven from planet earth. He had been down there ever since Jesus sent Him down after His resurrection at His first coming and GFPMC. Then we were formed into an army with the rider of the white horse at the helm. After a short battle Jesus just left us. By His own description He is isolated and has nothing. From this we gather that the distance involved is considerable between us. He has gone back to earth to fight His battle against satan. We are left behind here at the doorway to the NETM in an area that could be the size of the Garden of Eden and it certainly has the tree of life in the middle. On His arrival on/near planet earth Jesus immediately turns towards us and begins His 1,260 day tutorial. He is explaining to us what and why these things that are about to happen. We don’t have Bibles with us but we know that it is Scripture that He is quoting. He has had to leave us because now it has become a divine affair. High Priest to God, this is going to be the final eradication of sin. He is now down here personally checking every detail, there cannot be even the slightest of slipups. All down here are either demons or demon possessed, they are the dead and God’s instruction was that He stay away from the dead even though they may have been his own family. No this tutorial is for the living and they hang off every word. To stay away from the dead He must be at a defined distance by God from them, but clearly they can listen to it if they wish. He is certainly closer to them than He is to His bride. He is down here to register every sin; the intentional ones will be taken to hell by the wicked themselves and the unintentional ones He is going to have to bring them back up here for DOA72.

Finally that day comes of judgment and battle. The problem with these wicked evil is that they have all been dead once, some like Cain for almost seven thousand years and the least who died just before the second coming would have been dead for a thousand years, and you can only undergo two deaths, the second one being hell. So for these wicked then this second death was hell and there must have been a judgment before it. Could be why Jesus is here, or at least one reason for it. The battle is short and the result inevitable. The Garden of Eden from where we are looking only has one door and that doorway is narrow but hell has very broad gates and when they open to start consuming the wicked the heat and flames race across those vast expanses and give us quite a fright. Did we with our sins on GFPMC really throw Jesus into fires of hell like this one? We know that those fires of GFPMC engulfed the throne of Heaven and so they do now to the patiently waiting bride. The heat of those flames of the 2nd of July kill the beast within us. Never ever again are we going to put our loving Saviour into those flames of hell again! The beast was dead and dead according to the requirements that had been set by God Himself! That was not the DOA72, it was the start of it, it was eight days before the main event.

Jesus returns to us in the Garden of Eden, but it is not as a loving bridegroom. He still has His Father’s business to complete. He is still on His divine mission. The second half of His Father’s pronouncement has still to be fulfilled. The first half has; that Jesus will crush satan’s head has just occurred and satan is no longer with us but now satan is going to bruise the heel of Jesus. All those unintentional sins satan made us to commit are now going to taken on by Jesus Himself and taken to hell. Satan will indeed bruise the heel of Jesus, and due to the astronomical number of them, the bruising will be quite severe. The difference between the crushing of satan and the bruising of Jesus is that satan disappears forever but Jesus comes back to His bride.

Events that happen then occur in a Heavenly realm and are quite difficult to explain. If the fires of hell go out on Friday the 2nd of July and Jesus takes on all the remaining sins on Himself and is forsaken by

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God, we would say that that was what happened way back on GFPMC. The Nazirite has to remain defiled for six days. As we are worshipping Jesus on the Sabbath of the 3rd of July He does what clearly is an impossibility; He calls in any and all remaining sins and calls them; His or Mine! Surely even God can’t do that! But He does! From a bride’s view we didn’t even know that a better place exists to where we were and few benign unconfessed unintentional sins would not be a problem but what was a problem and we did not want to happen was to see our unconfessed, unintentional sins put Jesus back onto that cross. We are not blaspheming and calling Jesus a liar by denying His call that those sins are mine and so they are and God has also agreed with this, but the bottom line is we know where they came from. They were committed by us and Jesus is now going to have to go to the cross and hell for them!

Anyway He does take them on Himself so now we must expect to see the batch we committed to come through on the DOA72. What is amazing is that Jesus takes on all these sins on the Sabbath when we are worshipping Him. Clearly there is something extra that we know in Heaven that we don’t know now, but then again we have not been through this tutorial. It seems that we have brought Jesus back to the garden too soon as He is now defiled and abandoned by God for a period of six days. His defilement finishes on the seventh day when He cuts of His hair and goes to the DOA72 cross the next day on the 10th of July. ******

So far it appears in their quest to destroy evil, divinity, God and Jesus have accomplished two things; by opening the doors into hell they have destroyed, killed the beast within the bride and Jesus has adsorbed (adsorbed is only onto the surface and not absorbed as in down into the flesh) all remaining sins in the universe and is about to take them to the DOA72 cross for destruction in hell. So what else remains to be done by God in order to claim victory over evil? Well this is the fourth cross, and there is still five, six and seven to go. When I tried to translate these our crosses into the four creatures around the throne it was purely my reasoning. I reasoned that the fourth cross of DOA72 was the cross of blood or the ox, that we marched into the NETM with victory and the creature that looked like a lion leading us, that we would then prepare and organise ourselves as the creature that looked like a man and finally cross over into the New Jerusalem to be in the presence of the creature that looked like an eagle; God Himself. This is not Scriptural and the Scriptural order is; the fourth cross, DOA72 is the lion, it is victory over evil. The fifth cross is the creature that looks like an ox, it is because of the blood of Jesus that we enter into the NETM, it pleads for permission to enter and permission is granted where in that NETM we prepare and organise ourselves as the creature that looks like a man for entry through the pearly gates into the presence of God, the creature that looks like an eagle and that occupies the seventh Heaven.

If the Heavenly Day of Atonement (DOA72) follows the earthly one and also Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC)  then Jesus goes to the DOA72 cross at 9 am on the 10th of July, 486. They are not my sins that He goes to that cross for, all of mine were removed way back on GFPMC, they are His sins and apparently a part of some divine plan to eradicate evil in its entirety. It is not going to be a tree of life and a tree of good and evil, no from now on it will only be the tree of life and it will be divinely anointed to be so. The Most Holy will have dominated in this struggle. This eradication of evil is a divine plan and the only players here are God the Father and God the Son. This is not GFPMC where the hate of JK was expressed and howled out through those mobs, ‘crucify Him’ and his evil actions expressed by those Roman soldiers in driving those nails into His limbs and for which JK went on to be forgiven, no this is entirely between God the Father and God the Son. He mopped up all those remaining sins and He has already suffered the separation for this defilement. He has already been forsaken by God for six days and now He must mount all that mountain of sins on His Holy frame and

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take them to hell to be burnt. It is God the Father who puts His only Begotten Son on this cross and unfortunately Scripture must be fulfilled and the text that comes to mind is, ‘There cannot be any remission of sin without the shedding of blood’ and there are many sins that need to be forgiven and forgotten. This can only be done within those fires of hell. This is going to be a long day, this is going to a painful day and this is going to be a day where God’s justice requirements are met, where Holiness is almost complete. The Nazirite’s phase one of His vow is completed and phase two begun. We are almost there, almost ready to pass through that doorway and into the NETM.

As I have no concept of either the Holiness of God or of His justice I cannot further comment on this blood involved; whether it was implied or applied. The blood of this High Priest was taken into the Most Holy Place and mercy was granted. It was used to cleanse the utensils used in this DOA72 sacrifice and they in turn were accepted. The water and blood are used to gather and wash all those sins to the edge of hell where they are mounted on that perfect frame, the body of Christ and presented to hell. The sins that are presented from that mountain of sin seem as if they will ever cease, but cease they do and there is a distinct cry heard; ‘it is finished’. This dead body which has just been through hell is now presented in a sinless environment as the burnt offering to God and the big addition to this body of Christ is the body of His bride. They are one now. He joined them in their humanity on GFPMC, and they now join Him as a part of His body on the DOA72. They are presented as one to God and accepted on this ground by Him. It is purely the merits of Jesus Christ that we are accepted and if anything is to be added to this it should be; despite all those failures of the bride. They are all forgotten. After an hour offering of the burnt sacrifice at 4 pm there is no heavy loss of blood and water, it is the exact opposite, every droplet of water and blood that Jesus ever shed is returned now and only a small part of it reapplied back to this dead body just as it was early on Resurrection Sunday morning. The top of the fourth cross, the body of Jesus Christ, the bull offering  of the fourth cross switches across to become the foot of the fifth cross, the blood and ram offering. Here we have 4 pm on the DOA72 and the start of phase two of the Nazirite’s ministry. Conquering evil was certainly a part of the plan of DOA72 but so was the laying of a divine foundation to replace it. It went in with two trees alongside each other but came but came out only with one; the tree of life, there was no tree of good and evil.

There were fifteen hours of Sabbath worship before our Jesus went to that DOA72 cross and two hours after it finished and He had come down, but it is all about that 9 to 4 pm session is what it was all about. If it was stunning what we had seen and experienced in that timeframe it probably would have taken a matter of days to get over it. If it was spectacular and magnificent it may have taken a few weeks to get over it, you see we have just spent 1,800 odd years in Heaven and that is going to be hard to top, but now after DOA72 we haven’t got over it in 1,260 days! Despite being surrounded by Heavenly angels getting us up on our feet, they saw the same cross and I don’t know how many days they took to get over but anyway they are here now trying to get us on our feet, despite hearing our Master’s voice and His beckoning to come and join Him and this time it is for the eternities to come and the highest welcome that He can give; we have been accepted with Him as a part of His body, the bull offering we still have no strength and continue to stare at the cross even though our master was taken off it some 1,260 days ago and the wonder of what happened there, we just can’t get enough of it. Our stare is only broken when Jesus places His sinless hair at the foot of this cross; the tag reads, ‘Heaven bound’. There is no need to keep staring the cross is coming across to the NETM and ultimately the tree of life inside of the New Jerusalem. Such is the depth of the beauty we see; even staring at it after 1,260 days we still need to be pulled away from it, to have our trance broken. But even when we were in our extended trance Scripture tells us much of what was happening around us.

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The majority of it was concerned in trying to get the bride to snap out of her trance and get her back to her feet. It seems that it was those Levitical angels who were the main players here. They had not committed any sin including unconfessed, unintentional sins so no batch of their sins came through. It was our batch of unconfessed, unintentional sins that caused us all our grief and even higher worship of Jesus Christ because of His magnanimous act of calling them down onto His perfect self.

Our leaders showed us they were made up of the right stuff and why they were the leaders and not us. As soon as they realised that this cross of both GFPMC and DOA72 was marked as ‘Heaven bound’ they immediately looked to the future and placed their requests and expectations on it. Whatever problems that arose they would point to the cross and that it had the solutions to these requests and expectations. We too can place our requests and expectations on the cross of GFPMC. I know that God does not like demands and can even say that He hates them and it maybe as a last resort but demands are still a part of my artillery, He is my first and He is my last resort. He is plan A and there are no plans B. But I keep in mind how different life would have been for Moses and Aaron had they spoken to the rock of Meribah and not struck it. The difference between a request and a demand!

Our leaders up there had to be quite discerning. There are a number of very fine timelines which despite many attempts I have not been able to place. It appears to be more complex than here on earth, but then it may not be. On earth we are told that the Church of Christ was given 1,260 days of preparation before Jesus allowed that wall of water to be ruptured and which so nearly washed away His Church. There may have been forty days of the presence of Jesus, another ten before Pentecost and then all those other events and miracles, but the total was still 1260 days after GFPMC.

DOA72 was more complex. It was the removal of evil to a divine standard and until this was done the ‘no entry’ sign remained on the doorway into NETM (new earth tent of meeting). The prophet Daniel is very clear in defining the period from the cross to the anointing of the Most Holy, Jesus laying His hair at the foot of the altar/cross as occurring within 1,260 days from DOA72 and the end of earthly time. We would just get up and march through the doorway and into the NETM. Earth’s time had finished with Daniel’s 7*70 or 490 years. But there are things still to be done. Our leaders have to place our existence on this cross and only one leader per day that means we still have at least twelve that we need. The Nazirite is allowed to drink wine again (non-alcoholic, all evil is gone including desires. Cross five remains our weakest link other than seven which does not even exist at this stage) No the seventh year is the last full year and there are still seven months, seven days and seven hours left. I for one am looking forward to the seven hour countdown for the existence of this universe and spinning around to see that doorway finally open and see Jesus Christ creating my home in conditions of perfection for the eternities to come.

The following is an analysis of a hypothetical leader (JK) of a part of God’s people and deciding what has this cross that is marked as, ‘Heaven bound’ got to do for us  in getting us firstly to the doorway and then what is going to happen to us on the other side. Hypothetical leader  is more correct than you think because in my thirty odd years of teaching I never made it into any leadership positions nor in any of the church groups regardless of how small they were. Even within my family I have had serious challenges to my position as head of the family. It is not all negative however as on a number of times I have worked my way up to the head of lines waiting to go into the toilet! No seriously.

We were all floored by this one DOA72 cross event and we all got up into welcoming arms when we saw Jesus apply His locks of hair to the altar. The fifth cross. Even though it is still hard to take my eyes off this cross I know it is only so significant because of what it has accomplished for me and Who it

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was Who occupied it. It grabs attention from a long way away but focus’ it on the occupant, Jesus Christ! So all I really  have to do is just stay close to this cross. ‘It is faith that has got me safe thus far and it is faith that will get me home’. But the role of a leader is to bring people to this faith and to this cross and the method of doing this has been left to us by God; His Word, the Bible. By teaching His word from the Bible increases confidence in the Word, allows access to the Holy Spirit which in turn will bring them to this tree and He Who hangs on it. And that is our role as Christians; read the Bible and draw others to it and is going to surprise you what riches that that will bring! So JK surveys the situation and he knows that Jesus has told us that He cannot eat or drink again with us until we are in the Father’s Kingdom, most probably NETM or could even be as far away as the New Jerusalem. No we are still on this side of the doorway and could be here for another 217 and a bit days.

The more correct my interpretations are the more confidence people will have in me and if I keep self out of it, the more confidence in Scripture until they realise that this is the same word that spoke and created the universe! (leaving original manuscripts out for the moment) I cannot pray for guidance or assistance over the remaining 217 days because that would imply that we could still fall off the rail. But evil was defeated on DOA72 and now phase two of the Nazirite’s ministry. It is not possible for that to occur. Right prayer back on GFPMC but wrong prayer after DOA72. What about acceptance into a sinless state? Even the credentials of Jesus would have to be questioned. Not only did He go and live and associated with that sinful crowd he finished up leaving God to join them as at 3pm on GFPMC and then to top it all off He took any remaining sins, called them, ’His sins’ and went to the cross for His sins! This alone will need to be rechecked even before He attaches that worthless lot and tries to come across as bridegroom and bride! How do you equate sinless to that pile of sins? The beast within the bride was burned to death when the gate of hell were opened and all the wicked, some 14 billion of them were thrown into hell but have all the dead bits of this beast been extracted? How do you know? This whole idea of eliminating evil was a divine affair and just questioning it be blasphemy? No it is time to leave Balak and Balaam behind and the seven altars built by murderous intentional Balak but only answers  came down through God’s servant Balaam and he too was far from perfect!  ****

Chapter 25; The sins of Peor; Verses 1-18; ‘While Israel remained at Shittim, the people began to play the harlot with the daughters of Moab. For they invited the people to the sacrifices of their gods, and the people ate and bowed down to their gods. So Israel joined themselves to Baal of Peor, and the Lord was angry against Israel. The Lord said to Moses, “Take all the leaders of the people and execute them in broad daylight before the Lord, so that the fierce anger of the Lord may turn away from Israel.” So Moses said to the judges of Israel, “Each of you slay his men who have joined themselves to Baal of Peor.” Then behold, one of the sons of Israel came and brought his relatives a Midianite woman, in the sight of Moses and in the sight of all the congregation of the sons of Israel, while they were weeping at the doorway of the tent of meeting. When Phinehas the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, saw it, he arose in the midst of the congregation and took a spear in his hand, and he went after to man of Israel into the tent and pierced both of them through, the man and the woman, through the body. So the plague on the sons of Israel was checked. Those who died by the plague were 24,000.

The zeal of Phinehas. Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Phinehas the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, has turned away My wrath from the sons of Israel in that he was jealous with My jealousy among men, so that I did not destroy the sons of Israel in My jealousy. Therefore say, ‘Behold, I give him My covenant of peace; and it shall be for him and his descendants after him, a covenant of a perpetual priesthood, because he was jealous for his God and made atonement for the sons of

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Israel.’” Now the name of the slain man of Israel who was slain with the Midianite woman, was Zimri the son of Salu, a leader of a father’s household among the Simeonites. The name of the Midianite woman who was slain was Cozbi the daughter of Zur, who was head of the people of a father’s household in Midian. Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Be hostile to the Midianites and strike them; for they have been hostile to you with their tricks, with which they have deceived you in the affair of Peor and in the affair of Cozbi, the daughter of the leader of Midian, their sister who was slain on the day of the plague because of Peor.”’

My how rapidly the scenery changes. Balak and Balaam have introduced the concept of seven altars , of seven crosses. If these are symbolised in the golden lampstand then we have indeed gained much. I have already suggested that the three branches within this lampstand are the three crosses of Jesus Christ. If I had referred to this symbol I would not have made those blasphemous comments, albeit tongue in cheek, querying  the credentials of Jesus for entry into the NETM. These crosses address this issue three times and at three levels, all concerning the blood of Jesus Christ. GFPE asked the question of God; If the Passover Lamb presents His blood on the timber doorway  will the presence of this blood allow the first born sons of Israel to live forever and enjoy their inheritance? The answer was, it will be accepted and they will live forever. So on GFPMC Jesus did present His blood, the sacrifice went ahead and it was accepted when Jesus checked from His Father on Resurrection Sunday morning. But it is DOA72  that gives us the whole picture.

The golden lampstand has three basic crosses but it also has seven lamps. If these represent the seven altars, seven crosses that Balaam had built, then it is the fourth cross which is the centre piece. It has three crosses on its left and three crosses on its right. It is the Day of Atonement (DOA72). It is Heaven’s highlight of the history of this planet. It is the destruction of evil and not just to any standard but by God and to God’s standard. DOA72 is the top cross of the three in the lampstand but is also the centre piece of God’s achievements. Little wonder we had such difficulty in getting a handle on it and that handle still remains an earthly handle. But there has been a major split within Scripture itself.

One minute we are happily fluttering on in time and we flutter past a junction we didn’t even realise we went past, Noah’s Flood and arrive at DOA72, a day we would have had to happen even if the angels had not rebelled and Adam and Eve had not sinned and arrived at this point some 7,777 after creation. They were equipped to do this journey and the Hebrew from this time should contain many words which cannot be translated into every day words. Such was the superiority of their knowledge when compared to ours. So let us start again with salvation plan A on the first Sabbath and the first congregation, the first church. God, Adam and Eve and all the angelic hosts meet and worship Jesus for the wonders of His creation, at atomic and subatomic level. True worship and not just a fireworks display, that was a red one and that was a blue one! God’s creation is ‘very good’ because evil exists and regardless of the behaviour of these beings now celebrating God’s first Sabbath, the question of evil will and must be addressed. It must be obliterated. We are not told how long it takes but evil does take a hold in Heaven first and then on earth and soon spirals out of control. Salvation plan A now only applies to the Heavenly host, they can flutter onto DOA72 where evil was always going to be addressed. The Levitical angels, other than satan have not sinned but even the congregation, two out of three have committed and unconfessed unintentional sin which is specifically covered by DOA72. Eve has excluded herself**** from the journey onto DOA72 by confessing her sin. There is another mechanism for expunging confessed sins, it is in salvation plan B, it is the second light in the golden lampstand and is called Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) and it itself has an approach and departure light. Salvation plan B we drop off our flutter line and fall into the bowels of hell.

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Plan A was for humanity to run the show with God in the background was a dismal failure. Evil took over and spiralled out of control to a depth that required Noah’s Flood to remove it. Those first 1,500 odd years must have been the happiest years of satan’s existence. Even he must have been surprised with what ease he made evil triumph. Such is evil’s insidious nature and that is why it is going to be purely a Divine effort that is going to be required to eradicate evil. It is going to take the Day of Atonement (DOA73) to accomplish this. This is not going to be the wave of a wand and ‘abra cadabra’ pronouncement but a heavenly worked out and instigated program between God the Father and the Nazirite to accomplish. Salvation plan B will be a God directed process which will still allow evil but this evil will not get out of control until the very end when God will destroy this planet but this time by fire.

Satan was the major player in salvation plan A going astray and he very carefully checks the new ground rules under plan B. Balak did not expect the wise virgins to be cursed by God. It does show he was checking every nook and cranny. He was shocked however when he asked the question about the foolish virgins. God’s grace is one thing but this is another thing all together! They are blessed, they are not only Heaven bound but a position has already been established for them in the sixth Heaven. God knows His harvest is made up of weeds and wheat but ministers to both right up to the very end. There were no nuances available to Balak, just stay away! And if you don’t just look back a little way and see the consequences; Noah’s Flood. But either satan could not help himself or he misread the rules but the result was God told His people to wipe out Balak’s mob; The Midianites. (or Moabites?)

I was unaware that the first sins committed by Noah’s descendants, or recorded sins were adultery which led to idolatry. Evil could not have got a foothold for a while because of the hand picked slate from which it started. To produce this number of progeny must have taken a significant time. It did not spiral out of control as God had its leaders killed and a safeguard arose, Phinehas, a covenant of a perpetual priesthood. This sounds very much like the symbolic form of the priesthood of perpetuity,  Melchizedek who would now be God’s representative until God’s Shekinah glory would appear in the Most Holy Place. Aaron also acquired a dual role. While he was administering in the Most Holy Place in the DOA73, salvation plan A, he would be still High Priest but for the most part this was now going to be salvation plan B and the march to GFPMC, he would now be just; the priest. His son Eleazar the forerunner of the priesthood of Jesus Christ and whose son, Phinehas the priesthood of Melchizedek.

Much is made of the human linkages of both the man and woman involved in this adultery and killed by Phinehas. If the reason is to show us that interspecies reproduction, especially with demons, had ceased then it would show what an abomination God considered breeding between species and cast a different light on today’s vaccinating and injecting humans with horse, cow, pig, monkey and chicken DNA. If it is about establishing a covenant between bride and bridegroom for which the bridegroom is about to pay such a heavy price and is not going to allow adultery or idolatry  to interfere with this relationship, and He is the first to know of the presence of weed in front of Him, He sets the penalty for such a breakdown and who is to execute it, and it is only this penalty which will restore the peace between God and man, the conditions of the Old Covenant. You would think that with such harsh conditions, it is not a matter of keeping them all it is a matter of break one and you break them all, that everyone would be breaking their legs to try to get out of the Old Covenant and into the New Covenant where you leave it all up to Jesus. Because He keeps each one perfectly His actions are counted as yours and you are therefore Heaven bound. But before Jesus can keep some rule or commandment for you, you must acknowledge that this rule exists. He is certainly not going to keep something that you reject. It never ceases to amaze me how so many can throw God’s gifts back into His Holy Face. He is not going to go against your will, ever. Most do not realise that that is what they

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are doing, but many among their leaders do know exactly what they are doing. Only the devil would not want you to have the blessings of God and keep you under the old covenant so as to ensure that you like him will finish up in hell.

Census of a New Generation: Chapter 26; verses 1-65 ; ‘Then it came about after the plague, that the Lord spoke to Moses and to Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest, saying, “Take a census of all the congregation of the sons of Israel from twenty years and upward, by their father’s households, whoever is able to go to war in Israel.” So Moses and Eleazar the priest spoke with them in the plains of Moab by the Jordan at Jericho, saying, “Take a census of the people from twenty years and upward, as the Lord has commanded Moses.” Now the sons of Israel who came out of Egypt were: Reuben, Israel’s  firstborn, The sons of Reuben: of  Hanoch, the family of the Hanochites; ***** of Pallu, the family of the Palluites; of Hezron, the family of the Hezronites; of Carmi, the family of the Carmites. These are the families of the Reubenites, and those who were numbered of them were 43,730. The son of Pallu: Eliab; Nemual and Dathan and Abiram. These are the Dathan and Abiram who were called by the congregation, who contended against  Moses and against Aaron in the company of Korah, when they contended against the Lord, and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up along with Korah, when that company died, when the fire devoured 250 men, so that they became a warning. The sons of Korah, however, did not die. The sons of Simeon according to their families of Nemuel, the family of the Nemuelites; of Jamin, the family of Jaminites; of Jachin, the family of the Jachinites; of Zerah, the family of Zarahites; of Shaul, the family of Shaulites. These are the families of the Simeonites, 22,200. The sons of Gad according to their families: of Zephon, the family of Zephonites; of Haggi, the family of Haggites; of Shuni, the family of Shunites; of Ozni, the family of Oznites; Of Eri the family of Erites; of Arod, the family of Arodites; of Areli, the family of Arelites.These are the families of the sons of Gad according to those who were numbered of them, 40,500. Of the sons of Judah were Er and Onan, but Er and Onan died in the land of Canaan. The sons of Judah according to their families were: of Shelah, the family of Shelanites; of Perez, the family of Perezites, of Zerah, the family ofZerahites. The sons of Perez were: of Hezron, the family of Hezronites; of Hamul, the family of the Hamulites. These are the families of Judah according to those who were numbered of them, 76,500. The sons of Issachar according to their families: of Tola, the family of Tolaites; of Puvah, the family of Punites; of Jashub, the family of Jashubites; of Shimron, the family of Shimronites. These are the families of Issachar according to those who were numbered of them, 64,300. The sons of Zebulun according to their families: of Sered, the family of Seredites; of Elon, the family of Elonites; of Jahleel, the family of Jahleelites. These are the families of the Zebulunites according to those who were numbered of them, 60,500. The sons of Joseph according to their families: Manasseh and Ephraim. The sons of Manasseh: of  Machir; the family of the Machirites; and Machir became the father of Gilead; of Gilead, the family of Gileadites. These are the sons of Gilead: of Iezer, the family of |Iezerites; of Helek, the family of Helekites; and of Asriel, the family of Asrielites; and of Shechem, the family of Shechemites; and of Shemida, the family of Shemidaites; and of Hepher, the family of Hepherites. Now Zelophehad the son of Hepher had no sons, but only daughters; and the names of the daughters were Zelophehad and Mahlah, Noah, Milcah and Tirzah. These are the families of Manasseh; and those who were numbered of them were 52,700. These are the sons of Ephraim according to their families: of Shuthelah, the family of Shuthelahites; of Becher, the family of Becherites; of Tahan, the family of Tahanites. These are the sons of Shuthelah; of Eran, the family of Eranites. These are the families of the sons of Ephriam according to those who were numbered of them, 32,500. These are the sons of Joseph according to their families.  The sons of Benjamin according to their families: of Bela, the family of Belaites; of Ashbel, the family of Ashbelites; of Ahiram, the family of Ahiramites; of Shephupham, the family of Shephuphamites; of Hupham, the family of

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Huphamites. The sons of Bella were Ard and Naaman: of Ard, the family of Ardites; of Naaman the family of Naamites. These are the sons of Benjamin according to their families; and those who were numbered of them, were 64,400. The sons of Asher according to their families: of Imnah, the failyof Imnites; of Ishvi, the family of Ishvites; of Beriah, the family of the Berites. Of the sons of Beriah: of Heber, the familyof the Bereites; of Malchiel, the family of the Malchielites, The name of the daughter of Asher was Serah. These are the sons of the families of Asher according to those who were numbered of them, 53,400. The sons of Naphtali according to their families: ofJahzeel, the family of Jahzeelites; of Guni, the familyof Gunites; of Jezer, the family of Jererites; of Shillem, the family of Shillemites. These are the families on Naphtali according to their families; and those who were numbered of them were 45,400. These are those who were numbered of the sons of Israel, 601,730.

Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Among these the land shall be divided for an inheritance according to the number of names. To the larger group you shall increase their inheritance, and to the smaller group you shall diminish their inheritance; each shall be given their inheritance according to those who were numbered of them. But the land shall be divided by lot. They shall receive their inheritance according to the names of the tribes of their fathers. According to the selection by lot, their inheritance shall be divided between the larger and the smaller groups.” These are those who were numbered of the Levites according to their families: of Gershon, the family of the Gershonites; of Kohath, the family of the Kohathites; of Merari, the family of the Merarites. These are the families of Levi: the family of Libnites, the family of Hebronites, the family of Mahlites, the family of Mushites, the family of Korahites.****** Kohath became the father of Amram. The name of Amram’s wife was Jochebed, the daughter of Levi, who was born to Levi in Egypt; and she bore to Amram; Aaron and Moses and their sister Miriam. To Aaron were born Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar. But Nadab and Abihu died when they offered strange fire before the Lord. Those who were numbered of them were 23,000, every male from a month old and upward, for they were not numbered among the sons of Israel since no inheritance was given to them among the sons of Israel.

These are those who were numbered by Moses and Eleazar the priest, who numbered the sons of Israel in the plains of Moab by the Jordan at Jericho. But among there was not a man of those who were numbered by Moses and Aaron the priest, who numbered the sons of Israel in the wilderness of Sinai. For the Lord had said of them, “They shall surely die in the wilderness.” And not a man was left of them, except Caleb the son of Jephunneh and Joshua the son of Nun.’

It was my Master Jesus Christ Who sent Nicodemus back to Moses’ bronze snake in the desert when seeking enlightenment and basic truths regarding salvation and this journey was very successful in doing just that. By watching Moses lifting his bronze snake and alongside him The Son of Man being lifted on His cross initially at GFPMC which lifted us into the Old Heaven, the old tent of meeting, pausing and completing the lift through the DOA73 and finally stopping in the new earth tent of meeting (NETM), or as high as the sixth Heaven, well it could have only gone one stage further, the seventh Heaven and Balaam took us there anyway. And that was not the end of a very rewarding journey. The very next chapter, Balak and Balaam we were shown good and evil and the seven altars as their solution. Real depth, real beauty! Comparisons within the Bible are Jesus inspired but we should not expect replicas. Many of the prophets, including Moses are taken as symbols of Jesus Christ in that they portrayed one or more of the beautiful natures of Jesus, but the reality is that there were more dissimilarities than similarities. This would be expected when comparing human versus divine. Another example would be the comparison of Phinehas and Melchizedek. We know that in salvation plan B that it is going to God Himself running human affairs and one thing that will not happen is that evil will not spiral out of control as it did in salvation plan A, not until the very  end when satan and his

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demons are fully in control. We know of the presence of God in the Most Holy Place, replaced  by Jesus, replaced by His Holy Spirit and not just until His second coming but through the 1,260 years of grace that follows. Even after the door of mercy closes the Spirit does not return back to Heaven where we are anxiously waiting for it but returns only just before the battle of the beast when it is rejected by those foolish virgins with some 8 years of the life of this planet to go. Even now Jesus leaves His bride, becomes isolated and has nothing. He has come back here to prepare for the battle against satan and all his evil followers. When He returns the day before DOA73 there are no evil left on this planet. If He stays with His creation, this planet right through to the bitter end then there is no reason why He should not have been here right from the very start. The very end and onto eternity was the priesthood, and that was the priesthood of Melchizedek and it was He also right from the start. He could quite easily have introduced Himself to Noah.

It may have been a combination of the presence of Melchizedek and the depth of cleansing that God applied   to people and earth as to why it took so long for God’s people to fall off the rail again with their sexual and spiritual rebellion. At least three to four generations, but falloff they did. So early in the journey that God had to clean out a fair bit of this weed. And clean it out He did through Phinehas who was just a symbol of the waiting in the background, Melchizedek. The Heavenly representative of the earthly Phinehas. God was going to be in control of planet earth. He was not going to stop this sexual and spiritual rebellion, He would wait until after it happened before destroying the evil. He allows the evil to occur in our lives before destroying it. But with every storm He makes sure that it carries life refreshing showers!

Typing these census data over the last few days was a very good example of putting pearl before swine. Just a lot of numbers and strange sounding names and trying to avoid errors. This has happened any number of times before but has also been followed by blessings. I decided that it would be time to put the cap back on the biro once the complexities were so great that they could not be defined. But once defined they become your pray list and that is all that we can do. God will answer them at the right time something He always has and will continue to do. It may also be that we are asking for Scripture that has been closed until a certain time.

So what have I gleaned out of 65 verses of pearls? An unwelcomed glean is that Korah died but his two sons survived and that is the opposite to what I thought Scripture was saying. I took Korah as living but his sons dying and any conclusions on this error will have to be revisited. I do not regard this mistake as of clanger proportions as my conclusions were made on what I thought the text said. And keeping in mind that this is the first time through this wonderful book errors and corrections can be expected. I still remember the extra depth of information obtained by the second and third runs through Revelation and would expect the same thing to happen in Numbers.

But first let us define some questions/problems. The first is; why have two different census, one for the congregation and one for the Levites? Is the failure rate in the congregation really as bad as 2 out of 600,000? After GFPMC is any Levite going to be saved if they stay outside of the torn curtain? On our journey out of the Noah-Melchizedek junction and after that sexual and spiritual rebellion was the promised land an option to God’s people immediately?******

But Korah’s problem first. I took the Korah- satan rebellion analogy  to its extreme, they were as one even though I knew one was an earthly event and in the presence of sin whilst the other was a Heavenly event when no sin existed. I always realised that the two sets of numbers in involved were different but the basis of the comparison was that they were both Levites and I knew as fact that satan

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did not die and therefore Korah should not have died either. I think there were three grounds on which satan should have died but he didn’t and that is because he was a Levite a concept that has been brought up in our present census and soon to be revisited. I did not imply that satan will never die and in fact I have him being destroyed, his head being crushed, eight days before the Day of Atonement (DOA73). His special God chosen position does not prevent him from going to hell and far higher than him, the priests of Nadab and Abihu sons of the high priest Aaron were killed not for offering fire to God but for offering ‘strange fire’ to God. You and I would think that fire is fire just like one day is the same as another but obviously God did not think so. The only fire that was/is acceptable to God was worked out between Father and Son would be the fire from the altar. Would be the fire from the cross on both times it would be used and that fire actually engulfed the throne of God in Heaven in the Most Holy Place. It was accepted in the highest of all places. Any other offers of fires were blasphemy. There was no other way of getting rid of sin.

Just like classifying sin as ‘minor’ and ‘major’ is wrong it is also wrong to classify rebellions as such but in my sinful mind these two rebellions were ‘major’ and in any rebellion the first person that has to go is the leader. Satan had somewhere to be thrown out to or down to, earth but the only down for Korah was death in the bowels of the earth. Korah did not continue to play a major part in earth’s history just like satan did. The concept of Levite still remains a major problem and even if only partially sorted out will still require a rework of the numbers I used and the only Biblical one of 250 will still remain.

Just some things about the Swaggart ministries that surprised, more startled me. I have long worked out what they are about and stopped watching them so I don’t know why I turned them back on again only to find the sudden change of affairs that has occurred. It started off with one of Jimmy’s clangers. Whenever you substitute demon for divine constitutes a clanger. Jimmy was explaining how the ashes left on the altar of burnt offering were what remains after your sins have been burned in those fierce fires. Demon for the divine and a wonderful foothold for satan to torment you by not allowing you to clear your conscience. Jesus Christ has performed and will continue to perform miraculous acts. Many of those miracles Jesus performed in creation week when He took nothing and converted it into marvellous and exquisite objects many of which had life. But equally important are His acts of taking something and converting it into nothing. On GFPMC Jesus took our sins and converted them into nothing. The property of nothing is that there is nothing there. No ashes, nothing! When satan points you to those ashes to remind you of what you have done, he is pointing you to what demonic ministries teach; there is something left behind, there are ashes. But you should smile because he is pointing you to the divine. Our sins were presented on a sinless frame that was sinless and therefore had nothing to burn in Hell’s fires. They only burnt sin. The body of Jesus went in as being unable to be burned at it  came out as such. These ashes were treated with the greatest of respect as they became the source of sin forgiving water. They were used to remove impurity, for purification from sin. Those ashes are really a sight to behold and should be kept in mind continuously. They are what caused my sin to become nothing!

I have been aware for some time now of the moves by Christians so called to rewrite the Bible with  God as in female gender but did not realise that this has come to the fore. Whenever you need to introduce a clanger you can always rely on the linguists to do it for you. When the Piltdown Man controversy was raging and no theologians could be found to support a Genesis bases for creation the linguists had no problems with blending evolution with Genesis. Their explanations were so reasonable, and many carry over to today, that you would wonder that no one had thought this out thousands of years ago. One little problem, Piltdown Man was a fraud and the fools and gullible could believe! And thus those linguistic experts are again being summoned this time to prove that the

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gender of God is female. 80% of the work has already been done for them, they only have 20% left to do. Gay marriage only required a 20% effort, the 80% came from acquiring gay rights. There is not much of an effort going to be required to convert God from male to female, the hard part of it was to convert God from Creator/ Redeemer down to the same level as His creation. By replacing HE with ‘he’ just made Him as one of us, male or female is just a formality. The KJV Bible brought God back to His creation level by the use of lower case pronouns and that was even below earthly King James for whom they continued to address with upper case. He was higher than God. Most versions continue these demonic substitutions today and we are about to have another added to this list. How many clangers will the Bible be able to absorb before it stops being the Word of God? When my knee or shoulders ‘go’ will I call out to my beloved, ‘pass me the Bible but make sure it is not that female version’, no I don’t think so. God will continue to come down to our level, He will never leave  us! We may leave Him but He will never leave us!  ******

Just how low is Jesus prepared to go. He is prepared to go as low as the Son of David. The Son of a murderer and adulterer who despite given ample time refused to repent, the Son of an extortioner who when someone refused to pay their money to him was prepared to kill a few hundred innocent people, the Son of a liar and deceiver when people took pity on him and looked after him, he would lie to them and kill them, the Son of, words fail and how would you describe someone who has just destroyed about 100,000 innocent lives and sits there weeping over Absalom who has just tried to kill him and in every sense as evil as his father. In those innocent 100,000 odd lives as there was no social security the new leader of these family, the wife, mother now had two options; prostitute or destitute. How do you describe someone who has no regard for human life? Someone from the pits of humanity, from the grime of the earth. True psychopath! But just because I am from the grime of the earth does not mean that Jesus cannot use me for the glorification of God. If He does do that then all that proves is the power of repentance and grace and shows how low Jesus will go to pick up lost sheep. To the grime of the earth and from down there there is only one way and that is up. There are certainly no beatitudes of Julius to be crowed about. No, I will ask my beloved for the Bible and I won’t look at the cover of the one she gives me. It will still be God’s attempt to come down to us on earth. It will still be Jesus as the Son of David! Jesus will go this low and wants everyone to know this!

Now to the surprising turn that has occurred in the Swaggart ministries a turn I have anticipated but only to occur in end days. Neither Swaggart nor any members of his team try to hide the fact that the Jews liberally shower them with VIP overseas trips. Assuming that it not just for altruistic reasons the Jews are doing this, there will be time when Swaggart and the team will be required to come in and bat. Assuming also that there are but minimal contributions from Muslims and atheists and Christians who have progressed out of kindergarten with a Christianity level of skin deep to this worldwide network it is also funded by the Jews. Jimmy may think that it is because they want his pretty face to be shown all over the world, but I am going to assume that they want their pound of flesh. So what do these Jews want and how have they built up to this stage?

They require the thinnest veneer of Christianity. The depth that is required is pro-life and pro-war. They don’t want the child being killed in the womb they want it to grow into your son or daughter so that they can send it off to kill and be killed. They must not have their consciousness pricked when they see pagans and heathen slaughtering Christians. If Jimmy says its good then it must be good. And they must believe the Biblical distortions that Jimmy and the crew use to come up with these distortions. This is going to require satanic ability to stand in the shadow of the Word of God and use its authority and power for demonic purposes. All this and more Jimmy and the team have done! He always knew that he would have to come in to bat and if that was in end play then we are in end days.

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Well Jimmy has gone out to bat and he is swinging wildly. The preparation step was a success and not just his brand of Christianity has accepted that it is okay for heathen to persecute and kill Christians, but Christianity in general have accepted this to be the case. The issue that brought Jimmy off the bench was that Jerusalem is rightfully being returned to the Jew and the long Biblical litany to justify this decision. It is Biblically wrong and is just a smoke screen to hide the real issue. Neither is Jerusalem God’s city or the Jews His people and the smoke screen is to cover the fact that we are about to get a re-run of what happened at the first coming of Jesus; the Jew is going to use the fourth head of the beast to help him to try to wipe out Christianity.  The first time that head was the Roman Empire and this time around it is the USA. The foot in the door is the Palestinian Christian.

I have already made a case for Jerusalem not being the city of God and the Jews not His people. Jerusalem was only the city of God because it contained the temple of God which was only the temple of God and it was only the temple of God because it contained the presence of God. When Jesus walked out of that temple He said, ‘Your house is left to you destitute’ four days before GFPMC, God’s presence left that building, it was no longer the temple of God and therefore no longer the city of God. The Jews could not have done anything more to break away from God than what they did. They not only murdered His only Begotten Son, they replaced Him with Caesar as king and for their leader they chose Barabbas, a murderer. And Holy Scripture acknowledges this total break with God for both people and city. When Titus went through them in 70AD and later Hadrian, there is no mention of them. It was just another city being destroyed along with its inhabitants. No God and no divine protection.

The next time they are mentioned in Scripture is because they are God’s people again and it is His city. And as in a rerun of the Titus invasion where Christians, in those days under the supervision of none other than the apostles themselves read in the multilayers of truth within the Bible and took advantage to escape in that window where Titus withdrew so they will also take advantage of the far narrower window to escape. The abomination that causes desolation leaves the country in ruins with no two stones left standing on each other. It is at this point that the Jew accepts Christ; they become His people and the city is His city again! Christians again have taken advantage of the 15 minute window of opportunity and escaped the city.

But the Swaggart ministries are right in what happens after that. The day Jerusalem lies in ruins the dogs move in for the kill. They come from every corner of the earth and each will stick the knife into this monster that created so much hurt and harm. The lists that they have made of the nations should include every Muslim nation. This is one wasp nest they should have left alone. Not that any bullet or bomb could have survived a shaking that tore all those concrete structures to pieces. The Jews won’t even have time to think about recovery of any of these  objects they had placed their faith in. Such is the speed at which retribution will arrive at. They realise this and the Jew accepts God but not in a way that he himself has defined, but in a way that God has defined and displayed; through His Son, Jesus Christ! The Christ crucified.

Joining the Christians of the day you would think would be like Christians wanting and getting a hole in their heads. We have enough of our own problems without being joined by  Jews who have such a long list of howling Mongols baying for their blood, they keep tripping over each other wanting to get their knives into these newly acquired brethren of ours. Wonderful, if you can’t beat them then join them! We have just come through a three year combined Jew, satan and beast persecution and if the beast out of the sea had not changed his mind and let out those Christians who had  filled the jails in those last 140 odd days there would few if any Christians left alive today for the Jew to join. This

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release of Christians in those last days yielded if not the greatest harvest the church has ever experienced then it was way up with the best of Smyrna. The day that Jerusalem lay in ruins was the end of that particular harvest and now we have the beast out of the sea going to pass the baton of persecution onto the beast out of the earth. The situation at this point is we have a bunch of Jews being hounded by the Muslim world and a bunch of Christians being hounded by the Jesuits with the pope in control. Despite the Christian church just going through 1,260 days of persecution they have remained asleep. All ten virgins have remained asleep. It is only the midnight call; here comes the bridegroom come out and meet Him. That wakes up the church only to find that at this very late stage five will be foolish and five will be wise. It is in the beast out of the earth’s interest to wake up the church and bring them out from their closets and into the open. He/it only has been allocated 45 days to do its dastardly actions, they must meet in open rallies of protest, making it all possible for him to kill them all.

It has been an amazement to me why the church did not wake up before this time, especially when it was being persecuted by the beast out of the earth and all those people being thrown into jail. If it was the finality of seeing Jerusalem in ruins and being able to count back the days to certain events and therefore also 45 days forward, then this reasoning is false. The finality is death and it is at this point that your destination is determined. Death in Christ equates to automatic eternity with Jesus but the default value, and there is any number of them for you to chose from is satan and hell. To wait to see Jerusalem in ruins is foolhardy indeed. The waking up could not have been the result of the joining Jews binging their Old Testaments as it happened on the day they joined. Muslims chasing Jews and Jesuits chasing Christians are hardly conducive conditions for Bible study. Scripture calls this period of turmoil; the Great Tribulation.

But Jimmy and the crew have been called in to bat by their master. They have had a long innings and batted well. The tightrope Jimmy has had to walk was that there was always a bob in it for him. This he has done remarkably well. He may not have paid that many taxes but just the thought of paying them causes him to lose his breath. The juggling act he has had to perform whilst walking this tightrope he has also done well. His Jewish masters are well pleased. There were no world wide Christian demonstrations in support of our Christian brothers and sisters in Palestine or anywhere else. Very well done Jimmy in getting that one under the carpet, in fact you done a lot to condone these criminal actions of heathen and pagans. And now you have been called by the Jews to help dig that final hole for themselves; the great holocaust. And the more the Jews kill now the greater will be the Muslim revenge!

Whether you have successfully completed the last part of the task set you by satan, will remains to be answered. You were supposed to remove that recalcitrant demon who would not follow orders and leave that person so that satan could replace him with seven of his own ensuring beyond doubt the damnation of that person. But you have done that in a circumvent way. You have ensured their damnation by telling them that it is okay for them not to obey the commandments of God. They cannot be transcribed from stone to heart, that leaves them under the old covenant and therefore certain hell! You have saved satan the use of seven of his demons! Again well done! But there is nothing there that you have done that God did not allow and there is nothing there that God will not turn around to benefit His bride in the long run.


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Now the problem of the Levite. We have three crosses/altars to rely on; GFPE, GFPMC and DOA73 with seven subsections and this census. If Good Friday Passover in Egypt (GFPE) was about the question; would these firstborn be allowed to live forever to enjoy their inheritance if they were inside of a door frame with the blood of the lamb on it? Well if the answer was, ‘Yes’, then where are the firstborn? Reuben was the first born so it should have been his descendants that walked in those shoes. Wasn’t that the basic law of inheritance not just for the Jew but for many of the surrounding nations as well? Reuben could not be written off because his two sons were leaders in Korah’s rebellion. If that were the case then so should Levi be written off because one of his tribe led that rebellion. Korah was a Levite. So there is one of our problems, the other being that there was another stream all together different, that of Judah and Jesus did not come from the tribe of Levi but from the tribe of Judah, the Son of David. So why Levi and Judah and not Reuben and Joseph? Why two streams or tribes? Is one going to be representing humans on earth and the other divinity beginning with Melchizedek changing to Jesus and swooping down to earth as low as the Son of David and finally swooping back up to Heaven to continue on for the eternities as Melchizedek? Let us first try to get a handle on some of these names.

We can’t go past the trio of two brothers and their sister to begin with. Moses, Aaron and Miriam. There was no other prophet of the calibre of Moses. On earth the highest position available to any human being was high priest, Aaron but Moses was miles ahead of him. No doubt many a sermon has been written about this trio and rightly so. Of the descendants of these three only the four sons of Aaron are listed and two of these posthumously. Nabah and Abihu are curses and an example of what happens to you when you try to change God’s ways. The other two play major roles in the history of God’s people. Jesus takes the role of Eleazar, Aaron’s third son takes the role of Jesus in Heaven and Jesus takes Eleazar’s role on earth. Aaron’s fourth son, Ithamar has not yet come onto the scene.

If our expectation is that not much can be gleaned from the first run through a chapter then that expectation has been met and just a summary of what has been said before will have to suffice. Levi the  son of Jacob had three sons and the most privileged was the first born who finished up doing the most sacred of the temple services. Moses did not come from his line, he came from the line of the second son, Kohath as did Korah. Moses’ dad was Amram and his mum was a Levite by the name of Jochebed, and his grandfather was Kohath and great grandfather was Levi. Pure Levi pedigree. His wife or offspring are not mentioned for the division of land, his privilege was far greater than that. He was the father of all those offspring, he was the intermediator with God. All we really need to know is that the leader of the tribe was Levi, hence Levites and that Levi produced offspring of Moses, Aaron, Eleazar and Ithamar. Aaron has already died. That is an incredibly small number of names out of a family of 23,000 people, but one big family they were, even though the number of priests were so low. This situation will be righted when the tear in the curtain into the tent of meeting is torn at 3pm on GFPMC and we as Levites will be given a chance to join that rare but privileged position of becoming priests.

That night of 01/01/01 on Good Friday Passover in Egypt (GFPE) there were some 22,000 (using rough numbers only) homes with first born sons in them that had the blood of the Passover lamb on their doorframes. These firstborn belonged to God to perform whatever duties He required of them. Their inheritance was Heaven itself, as well as the earthly one, and that night they learned that this inheritance was forever; the eternities to come! What a thought, what a privilege. That night on GFPE there were 22,000 positions established in Heaven requiring 22,000 apartments to be built in readiness. 22,000 pairs of shoes to allow these people to make the walk required to claim their apartments. Then God changed His mind. He told those 22,000 firstborn from that night that He no longer required them, to go back home to their families but to make sure to leave their shoes behind because they were going to be required by someone else. God gave these shoes to the tribe of Levite. It was a gift and as a gift they had done

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nothing to deserve it although they did have people who showed a lot of potential; Moses, Aaron, Eleazar and Ithamar. These Levites were are very privileged people chosen by God and handed a pair of shoes if in which they now walked would entitle them to one of these heavenly apartments for the eternities to come! God would personally instruct their leaders and they in turn would instruct the rest of the family. There was going to be a time coming when the priests would reject God and refuse to do His work. These priests and high priest would be Levites and when that happened the helpers, the Levites would have to step in and do the priest’s work. That is the level to which the existing priests would have to train their family up to. They had to teach them what reverence meant. They had to tell them what happened to Nadab and Abihu, to Aaron’s sons.

God chose well. As far as I know Korah was the only Levite rebellion which proves that God had not taken their freewill away. And when the priests did reject God when He showed Himself through Jesus Christ on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC), these Levites took their places. The apostles would always begin their evangelistic programs in the local temple with the Jews. They had had over a thousand years of training for this purpose. Their mission was to serve God so that He could manifest Himself to His people. It seems logical to me that Levites were trained in Scripture, the Old Testament was the only Scripture of that time and because there were so few priests around they could instruct and correct the congregation. It does not take seven days for us to cross over into the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) because there are so many being saved but because of the unsaved. There are two census; Levite and a separate census of the congregation to which God had manifested Himself to and who set out for the Promised Land. Each life is brought up in that book and when all can see that the tag; dog, murderer, liar, idolater and adulterer is valid only then is the name discarded for the eternities to come! There are ones from the congregation who do come across but sadly the example this time, those numbers are frightfully low; 2 out of 600,000! After the rebellion in Heaven the numbers were far higher; 2 out of 3 of the congregation were left behind.

What about the numbers of our times of end days. The only numbers the Bible gives us are 45 days before Jesus appears as that flash in the sky the day that the Jew and Christian hold hands, the day the temple lays in ruins to the extent that Jesus predicted would happen. Of the ten virgins five will be wise and five will be foolish. But is that the ratio at the start of this tribulation 1,260 earlier? What about ten years earlier? The fact that the church is in such a solid sleep would indicate that the ratio is fairly constant. Next question; are these virgins Levite come priests or are they the congregation? Again Scripture seems to answer that question. They are those who were prepared to lay down their lives rather than receive the mark of the beast. And most did so. They were prepared to lose all their earthly possessions rather than receive the mark of the beast. And all did just that. These are priests of the Most High! These are the Balaams of today. It is their presence in the churches of today why the presence of God resides in that church or organisation. It is only through them that answers come down from the seventh Heaven and unfortunately with these privileges also come responsibilities. They must communicate exactly what has come down from the Most High, from His Word the Bible. By abusing their privileged position and translating ‘it is written’ to what ‘I think this is what should have been written’ they incur the consequences of their distortions. Eternal damnation; liar, dog, murderer…..Heaven will have no problem in attaching this label. And as the number being saved in the desert was a shockingly low number so at the doorway of NETM that number is shockingly high! No one has been given the task, nor is there any need for this position to adjust the Word of God to the current thinking. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is the ideas that change in order to keep them current and the study of that scrap heap called ideas is secular science. Because they cannot defend the current idea they resort to name calling. The field of theology is no different

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and if you want to establish a new idea all you have to do is to call in the linguists and tell them what you want to prove. Briefly returning to the topic of; Jesus as the Son of David. It is as simple as that!

Many preachers use the relationship between father and son, David and Absalom to allegorise the relationship between Jesus and sinner. These comparisons are not valid. The night that David was weeping for Absalom who had just tried to kill him. It was evil lamenting after evil. Jesus is the antithesis of evil, He is perfection and any comparison is not just wrong, it is blasphemous. Jesus would never have allowed a 100,000 people, innocent people, to be killed or hurt for one evil person. David did and this lamentation was just a reflection of his own evil. Jesus would never weep for the damned. Absalom had many occasions to change his murderous mind but did not. He chose to die as sinner and their destination is well mapped out in Scripture. Jesus’ prayer or anybody else’s prayer will not change that destination. Jesus did fight for their souls whilst they were still alive but at death He allows them to go where they choose to go. He does not contest the result; that result is final. Jesus would never have prayed for or lamented the world of the dead. David did because that is from where he was making his lamentations. Evil weeping for evil! David knew the depths of depravity, he spent much of his time there. He was the grime that comes from the earth! How low is Jesus prepared to go in order to be with us and save us? He became the Son of David, that is how low Jesus will go. The depths of depravity, the grime of the ground! And He will do that for you and me! And just because Jesus pulls us out of that mire and puts us to use in serving Him does not absolve to where honour and praise should  be directed. Not to the new pot He has made but to the potter who made it and paid such a heavy price in doing so! The morale of the story is not the new pot called David that Jesus created although it was a very privileged pot indeed. The morale of the story is the extent of the grace of God and the depth and meaning of repentance that caused Jesus to descend to the very depths of depravity to pick up this pot. He became the son of David and He wants that recorded so that He too can become the morale of our lives as well. It doesn’t matter how deep you are in whatever evil you are in, Jesus is prepared to descend down to you and with grace and repentance lift you up to something as wonderful to be able to glorify His Holy Name. I can vouch to you that Jesus is indeed the Son of David. And finally about these census of chapter 26.

History moves and changes rather rapidly in the Book of Numbers. In chapter 24 Balaam has us in the seventh Heaven. This is as high as it goes; the throne of God and the New Jerusalem. To get to here he has come up a seven step altar, cross. He did not erect this cross himself, he got Balak with his murderous intentions to this. God does not reject anyone who wants to come to Him, regardless of their intentions. It would be of interest if Paul also built seven altars and offered seven bulls and seven rams before setting out on his journeys to collect, imprison and kill Christians. Then for the sexual revolt of Chapter 25, the sin of Peor we are brought back in time a time that I take as the start of salvation plan B. The Noah-Melchizedek junction. Because of the depth of the clean up at the flood and the purity of the God chosen people it took three or more generations before the wheels started falling off society again; the sexual and spiritual revolution. God did not stop this revolution form occurring but He did have it leaders killed who no doubt would have come up with the same caper and God showed His hand about evil by showing us the presence of Phinehas, Melchizedek who would be in control and never allow evil to spiral out of control as in Noah’s days.

But after this purge we have chapter 26, the census of both congregation and Levites with the intention of allocating land of inheritance. Previously we have been told of the preparation steps the

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people have been put through. It is not blind faith that is required of them. They were real branches and real bundles and real grapes that those spies brought back. Faith in God would still be required for the contest but they could see at least a part of the prize. God Himself had handed out the itinerary and a very specific itinerary it was at that; 0.2 of this and 0.3 of that and 0.55 of this one over here. It was their faith that failed and even at this very late stage faith was still the dominant factor. They were all sent back into the wilderness to die bar Caleb and Joshua. We too will only be given a chance to show faith and if we don’t do so with our last breath we too will be sent into the wilderness to die. The door of mercy has closed on us.

If in our journey through chapter 26 we are supposed to have learned about Jesus being from the tribe of Judah and the Son of David then I have missed that. Sadly we have lost Aaron and he has now been replaced by his son Eleazar who still remains as priest and will therefore not be allowed to carry out that critical yearly forgiveness of all sins ceremony, the Day of Atonement (DOA73). Only the High Priest and on a Heavenly level can remove at the wilderness stage both evil and sin together.


Because of the similarity in the numbers and the mention of Caleb and Joshua I assumed that this was the same lot that Moses and Aaron had numbered at the very start of the journey and had arrived at the promised land but because of their lack of faith they were now about to be sent back into the desert for forty years where all the males, except Caleb and Joshua would die. No this census is at the end of this journey where all those who were supposed to have died did die. It makes this census more meaningful; one lot gone and replaced by this new lot. Previously the census would have been taken on a lot that was about to be sent back to die in the Sinai desert. To make it meaningful would have meant that God was staying by His people and giving them every possible opportunity right down to the last second. And this is how Jesus Christ does operate; stays with us right down to our last breaths! But this lot are counted just before entry into Canaan and their lots are allocated.

Clearly there is a big disconnect here between the heavenly scene and the bride about to enter her NETM and what is about to happen to the Jews. Down here they sent out spies to report on the Promised Land. Up there we are still on earth’s side of the NETM and there is still no land been created on the other side of the doorway so the spies would not see anything to report. That part of creation will only occur when all sin and its traces have been removed on this side of the doorway. The old earth is burned away into nonexistence by Peter’s fires. Only then a sinless state will exist and God will show His true creative powers in the absence or possibility of sin. God can prepare us whilst still on this side of the doorway by giving us our itineries as in Numbers chapter 15 but there is no chance of us being sent back into the desert to die, like the Jews did.

There maybe similar battles fought up there but as far as I can see there is only one battle against the beast, the living, those who went so close to exterminating us at 3XGT and Jesus when He leaves us only appears to fight one battle against satan, the dead, those who did not accept Jesus whilst alive. There is a possibility of two battles here; one against satan and the evil angels that were thrown down from Heaven with him and then all those who joined them over those following years. There certainly is no male or female gender nor age differences within the population.

I do not agree with commentators who say the numbers have been rounded off. Once we round numbers it is but a short step to rounding text. There were more Levites than 22,299 but less than 23,001; there were 23,000. There were 144,000 foolish virgins and 144,000 wise virgins and many

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other examples through Scripture. Each soul is too precious and too high a price has been paid for them to be rounded off. The Book of Numbers is a book of numbers and not rounded off numbers!

A Law of Inheritance Chapter 27; verses 1- 23; ‘ Then the daughters of Zelophehad, the son of Hepher, the son of Gilead, the son if Machir, the son of Manasseh, of the families of Mansseh the son of Joseph, came near; and these are the names of his daughters: Mahiah, Noah and Hoglah and Milcah and Tirzah. They stood before Moses and before Eleazar the priest and before the elders and all the congregation, at the doorway to the tent of meeting, saying, “Our father died in the wilderness, yet he was not among the company of those who had gathered themselves together against the Lord in the company of Korah; but he died in his own sin, and he had no sons. Why should the name of our father be withdrawn from among his family because he had no son? Give us a possession among our father’s brothers.” So Moses brought their case before the Lord. Then the Lord spoke to Moses saying, “The daughters of Zelophehad are right in their statements. You shall surely give them a  hereditary possession among their father’s brothers, and you shall transfer the inheritance of their father to them. Further, you shall speak to the sons of Israel, saying, ‘If a man dies and has no son, then you shall transfer his inheritance to his daughter. If he has no daughter, then you shall give his inheritance to his brothers. If he has no brothers, then you shall give his inheritance to his father’s brothers. If his father has no brothers, then you shall give his inheritance to his nearest relative in his own family, and he shall possess it; and it shall be a statutory ordinance to the sons of Israel, just as the Lord commanded Moses. ‘” Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go up to this mountain of Abarim, and see the land I have given to the sons of Israel. When you have seen it, you will be gathered to your people, as Aaron your brother was; for in the wilderness of Zin, during the strife of the congregation, you rebelled against My command to treat Me as holy before their eyes at the water.” (These are the waters of Meribah of Kadesh in the wilderness of Zin.) Joshua to succeed Moses. ‘Then Moses spoke to the lord, saying, “May the Lord, the God of the spirits of all flesh, appoint a man over the congregation, who will go out and come in before them, and who will lead them out and bring them in, so that the congregation of the Lord will not be like sheep which have no shepherd”. So the Lord said to Moses, “Take Joshua the son of Nun, a man in whom is the Spirit, and lay your hand on him; and have him stand before Eleazar the priest and before all the congregation, and commission him in their sight. You shall put some of your authority on him, in order that all the congregation of the sons of Israel may obey him. Moreover, he shall stand before Eleazar the priest, who shall inquire for him by the judgment of the Urim before the Lord. At his command they shall go out and at his command they shall come in, both he and the sons of Israel with him, even all the congregation”. Moses did just as the Lord commanded him; and he took Joshua and set him before Eleazar the priest and before all the congregation. Then he laid his hands on him and commissioned him, just as the Lord had spoken through Moses.’

Some comments before leaving the inheritance and census chapters. The church began with four priests and will end with four priests. All four (ten is used in Matthew but that is the last census and we are in the first one)) will be loyal and fiercely dedicated. They will have accepted Jesus, have a burning desire to preach his Word and will do so successfully, and prove their authenticity by not accepting the mark of the beast. They would prefer to die than to do this, and most do die. Their Biblical names will be Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar. Unfortunately five of these virgins will be wise but the other half foolish. They know that fire is God’s way but that that fire must encircle both Heaven and earth. Their ‘superior’ fire does not and finishes up destroying them. The criteria was ‘it is written’ and they tried to vary that, to improve it. Their ‘logic’ told them their way was better. That logic, satan working on the evil within, the beast is the same logic that cuts in when Jesus makes

Page 141

His final offer to the foolish virgins to take their place in hell for them. They refuse, they are evil, good and evil cannot mix and the bride in Heaven sees this as such. The very first issue was over fire and it is fire that finally settles this issue.

The issue of the Jews being regrafted onto Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord. What would make atheists, liars and such ruthless killers with an unquenchable thirst for killing Christ and Christians all of a sudden turn around and become Christians? Their earthly façade for their existence has been shattered. Their reliance on bunkers, bombs and bullets was wrongly placed. Its foundation was not the rock but shifting sands. Just like the buildings and roads in Kobe were  designed to withstand an earthquake of that particular magnitude, the Jews designed their bunkers to withstand an earthquake of magnitude that would remove those last massive foundational stones off each other, but alas neither worked. And if the bunkers have gone there is little point in digging down to get to the bombers, the bombs and the bullets. And as they look down at the remains of their shattered worldly hopes guess what they see appearing from among that rubble; the hand of Jesus, the Son of David! He has reached this low again and this time His hand is accepted. The Jew becomes a Christian! And hand in hand they go to meet Jesus Christ the Saviour as at his second coming in 45 days time. The Jew now not only has the Jesuit hounds after him, he also has all those howling mobs of Muslims making sure that this thing that caused all that harm and hurt and pain will never be allowed to do this again! Each one wants to stick the knife in even though this thing has been killed many times before, they just have to make sure themselves. It is satan within you, Jimmy, that causes you to leap for joy when those jets fly over the roofs of the Palestinian Christians trying to blow their ear drums in and it is satan within you that gives the victory sign when looking down on those sand valleys filled with bunkers, bombers, bombs and bullets. They are not built on the rock, they are built on shifting sands! And it is on these facts, on this knowledge that you base your ministry.

Jesus does not appear when there is some rounded off figure of wise and foolish virgins left behind on this earth. He appears when there is more than 143,999 but less than 144,001. He appears when there are 144,000 of each left behind. The Jews get their names on those twelve massive pearly gates. They indeed have caused their God more suffering than words or numbers can tell. The hand of Jesus, the Son of David remained outstretched for a long time, all that time despite the unthinkable pain that the pearl was suffering the hand remained outstretched right up to and including our very last breath! And when you think at the miniscule rate at which a pearl grows then those gates indeed are a true reflection of what the true meaning of what His people put Jesus the Son of David through. And just because Jesus, the Son of David reaches down through the mire and down to the depths of human depravity and pulls out a pot with the name of JK on it, cleans it up and puts it to work to glorify His Holy Name does not mean, in fact is satanic to do so, extol the virtues of the pot called JK. Jesus does this in spite of and despite of what JK is.  That is not saying that the pot called JK is a very privileged pot and should try to respond according to the grace and love of Jesus the Son of David which has been shown him. And there is nothing wrong with JK looking over himself and in the mirror and marvelling at how clean he really is providing this draws attention and worship to the one who was responsible for all of this in the first place; Jesus the Son of David! By looking to the hand of Jesus the Son of David that drew him out of that mire, JK has the new advantage that he can now look forward to the next port of call! But as deep as that hand reaches and as long as it stays stretched seeking to bring up and out one pot from the grime of the ground it will never take away our free will, even if we ask it to. It will help but never to that degree. And therein lies the secret of the Day of Atonement, the final sacrifice, (DOA73). We see the beauty of the hand of Jesus, the Son of David and evil, the beast within which was already dead when exposed to the fires of hell even at those astronomical distances,

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now melts and flows out of our bodies. Evil is no longer a possibility the freewill that remains is all that is left behind and it can only do good. To pray for this as a possibility today would make 2,000 years of future history redundant. But it is not wrong to ask our Lord to pull us out of the mire and help us not to continually fall back into it.

The fact that both Joshua and Caleb did not die when they returned to the wilderness and now Joshua has been called on to replace Moses has been the source of much consternation is this blog so far. I can only repeat the problem until I have been given more information either to correct or confirm it. I knew when I started on the Book of Numbers that from the floor of the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) to the top of the wall was some 4,500 kilometres (3,000 miles) high. We did not have to do this in one jump as the base of the city was half way up.


But even 1,500 miles is a long way up. To break away now and go and do some research on this topic would an admission that the Bible is not a complete book and requires supplementation from other sources. This idea is false and further if the answer is not there it is only because it is not an essential part of my salvation. This gives rise to the concept of progressive revelation and as at times it will be necessary to create waypoints, the concept of errors is an inevitable result. Errors thus are not a time to take down the shingle. I have already tried the approach of numbering the facts as I see them and even on a Sabbath day but each chapter has more pieces to add to our puzzle and now we have 27 chapters worth of pieces. It would be logical to wait for 36 chapters but the problem can only be solved by opening each chapter first. The problem is called; these are the waters of Meribah of Kadesh in the wilderness of Zin. Or just Meribah. Moses and Aaron were in this together and are treated as one person until the end when Aaron dies ahead of Moses.

There has only been one prophet of the calibre of Moses (1). Other than Jesus Christ, the Son of David he stood head and shoulders above any other, Moses (2). His replacement, Joshua was but a shadow of Moses (3) with only the authority of a shepherd to take the sheep out and to come back with them. Moses (4) did not name this person, just defined his duties. Moses (5) knew of the existence of the seven crosses because he wrote the account of Balak and Balaam. Moses (6) knew the exact details of how those seven altars, crosses fitted together to make that one cross that Balaam to the New Jerusalem and the throne of God in the seventh Heaven. Moses (7), knew it was his role to lay the foundations of the first and earthly cross, the foundational cross of the sacrificial system on which the other six stood. Moses (8) knew that God would not allow him to die until he had completed and the work he had to do to establish this role. Moses (9) knew that he would only die when that work had been completed and that his successor would only need a fraction of the power and authority. Moses (10) was the ‘setterer upperer’ of the first cross he was unique  and no others like him would be required. (did that make Paul or John the one responsible for setting up the second altar or cross?) For Moses (11) to be able to properly set this foundational cross he required an extra special relationship with God. For Moses (12) to be able to set this foundational cross properly he would have had to be shown how it interlocked especially into the one above it, GFPMC. As Moses’ cross (13) was linked to the Most High, the seventh Heaven, he would have had to be shown the blockage, the haemorrhage that blocks out this vision today, he had to be shown not just the Day of Atonement (DOA74) but DOA74 down to its fine details. Moses (14) was a type of Jesus Christ the peg driven into the ground to lock in the position of the cross of GFPE. Through Moses (15) earthly messages passed up to Heaven and through Moses (16) messages came down from God. Moses (17) was aware of the ‘minor disobediences’ to God, like eating grapes from this tree was okay but eating from this one

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would wipe out humanity from the face of this earth! For the overwhelming number of times Moses (18), did as God had demanded. He was most obedient. Moses’ (19) contact with God was on a spiritual level such that even forty days without earthly nourishments did not deprive him of any health and he was still capable of carrying two stone tablets down Mount Sinai. Neither Moses (20) nor his brother argued the toss. They did not ask God to take the mitigating circumstances into account; their sister had just died. ( it was probably she and Aaron who had started the ball rolling with their complaint against Moses (20)), that the mobs were dying of thirst and if they were seen talking to the rock and no water came out they would have thought the brothers were mad and lynched them. Moses (21) knew that what he had done was wrong and worthy of death. And Aaron also. If Moses (22) had not been told by God directly what the consequences of his actions would be then there was no need for God to do so, Moses (23) knew yet he still went ahead with them. The consequences were grave indeed; death and not being allowed into the Promised Land!

Striking the rock twice did give them water for the occasion but it also gave death, Miriam, death Aaron and soon to be death Moses (24). And the question remains; what would have been the result had they obeyed God’s instruction and asked the rock instead of striking it? How would things be different right now?

We have tried to answer that question from a Heavenly perspective. When we saw the rock in our NETM we asked for water we did not strike it. By now we are loving children. We do not demand this and that and we want it NOW we ask our Father with an infinite love for us what He thinks is best. And the Heavenly rock of Meribah water it does produce. Life giving water and enough to cover both relevant areas of the holy city and the plains below. But more than this we are given the source of this life giving water; the eternal priesthood of Melchizedek! Much more than we could have ever have asked for!  And thus it is today, God’s children should pray; ‘give us today our daily bread’. He alone knows what this bread is and how much to give.

But transferring the Heavenly back to earth is thwart with difficulty. ‘And Moses (25) spoke to the rock at Meribah as God had commanded him and….? This happened…..*****

Nature as God’s creation comes in at a level that reflects the beauty and depth of the Word that created it, as tarnished as that is and about to become even more so. But neither truth nor light can be hidden and the Bible will continue to display both. It is all inspired and is there to teach. One level that it presents is that it gives scenarios of what is supposed to have happened and also what did happen. Both are given for a reason, both are there to teach. A very good example is salvation plan A where Adam and Eve and presumably even the angelic hosts did not sin and salvation plan B where they did sin. I learned much from Scripture about what would have happened had Adam and Eve not fallen. I learned that they were created at the level where they could show true worship to Jesus Christ their creator by understanding at least some of the beauty and complexity of His creation. On the first Sabbath night as they sat with their creator, the Heavens declared the beauty of God. It was not just a fire works display in the presence of dark matter, dark energy, dark symmetry, dark flow or dark anything else. It was all light and down to a subatomic level. Sabbath night may have been the highlight but there were six nights of introduction. And there was enough wonder there to entertain them for about 7,777 odd years. It works out that this creation was only created to the level of ‘very good’ and those who replace the words ‘very good’ with perfect are wrong in doing so. Perfect is the second stage of creation when evil does not exist and much does the creator have to do to eliminate evil. It has also been pointed out that when Adam was asked to classify the animals he did not just listen to what howls, meows and growls and count legs. If animals have a similarity to humans then their eyes

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are also a window into their bodies. By looking into their eyes Adam could see into their genetic makeup and classified them on this. But all this depth and wealth of knowledge they were given was for good to worship God for His creation. Unfortunately though it was put to evil and starting at such a height with all that momentum evil spiralled out of control and in a very short time. But under salvation plan B, with God in control this would not happen again. If genetic engineering was the problem and interspecies reproduction then God might allow some but certainly not to the extent of the pre-Noah’s flood period that spiralled out of control.

We learned that even if Adam and Eve had not sinned they would not have lived on this planet forever. Even if the angelic hosts had not rebelled would the possibility of evil remained. Evil had to be destroyed and this was a matter of God’s business. This was what happened on the Day of Atonement (DOA74). Evil was destroyed and along with it the creation that was performed in the presence of evil and limited by that evil. No the second time around it is going to be different. As we count down those last seven seconds of those fires consuming the earth and God’s old creation; seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and it all goes dark on this side of the doorway, we must spin around quickly and stare at the doorway as within the next second there is going to be a brilliant flash and, well you know what is going to happen next; In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth…… our home of eternity. And when He had finished; ‘God looked at His creation and it was perfect!

And just as we learned much from hypothetical case of salvation plan A we too can learn much from those waters of Meribah. We are told of what happened when Moses and Aaron struck the rock, but what would have happened had they spoken to the rock as God had commanded them to do so? Firstly God would have been treated as holy, obeyed and shown Himself as a loving, generous giver Who does not have to have demands placed on Him before He gives. Neither Moses or Aaron would have died before they entered and spent considerable time in the Promised Land. Moses knew that it was his duty to establish the first cross, the sacrificial system. He knew that he could not die or be taken until he had done this but once he had completed this task he would be removed. His replacement who only needs to be a shadow of the power and authority of what he had been. A shepherd who led the sheep out and brought them back again. Moses’ Levitical line was to be broken, it had done its work. God replaced Moses with Joshua the son of Nun and I cannot find any such name in the Genealogy of Levi. I expected to find it in the line of Judah and David, from Jesus’ genealogy but could not. He was a commoner, one of the congregation and one of two out of all those thousands who were sent back into the wilderness to die. He and Caleb did not die, but the presence of Moses was wiped out. His position was unique, he was a very privileged human being.

But if there are parallels within the Bible then the parallel to Moses of the Old Testament would have to be the apostle John of the New Testament. It was Moses’ duty to establish the first cross, the sacrificial system. It was John’s duty to establish here on earth the second cross, the church of the cross of Jesus Christ. Both unique, both privileged, both with used by dates. When John had finished his work and I have already given seven Scriptures for this, he was taken to and is in Heaven now. Had Moses stayed loyal at the end of his work would he too have been taken to Heaven to be the representative of the Old Testament? Would he then come down as the witness, rather than Elijah, representing the Old Testament whilst John came down as representing the New Testament? The two witnesses who come to earth at the third coming of our Lord and the closing of the door of mercy. If this is the case then Moses has indeed paid a very heavy price!


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This issues involving Aaron are much more complex and at best left unresolved. Many times before I have been in this situation but because it has come up in Scripture even a summary so far has proven useful. But if the result is a lot of non-events and hypothetical events then that may prove there is nothing there and I am barking up the wrong tree, try the next one. Again included in [..] and the next topic is chapter 28, Laws of Offerings. The problem of the passover from Aaron’s head of humanity to Melchizedek’s priesthood of divinity.

[ So far assume that Joshua is not associated with either the tribes of Levi or Judah, the tribes of salvation. Also assume that the re-enactment of what Jesus was to go through on GFPMC by the Jews the night before He suffered was correct even though it is not recorded in the Bible (so far anyway?) But assume we are going to find it, legitimising this analysis, and it is going to be almost an exact replica of what happened to Jesus the night before He was crucified; the Jews put the high priest into the Garden of Gethsemane, sent soldiers and a mob around to arrest Him, put Him through a kangaroo trial (they did exist at the time but they been formalised by Australia the home of the kangaroo and your friendly city council which if they decide they want your land issue demolition orders on its buildings to get you out. Don’t bother bringing approvals for these structures because they interpret the word approval to mean that it is an illegal structure that has to be demolished. Kangaroos abound galore and doors are closed and no recordings allowed!) and surprisingly the verdict was guilty and He was to be put to death, and they brutalised Him before He went into the ceremony. A very good re-enactment of what Jesus went through that Thursday night, but, and numbering the consistencies and inconsistencies.

[ The person they put through this was the high priest (1), the event was the Day of Atonement (DOA74), (2) and the day of the event was Sabbath (3). Jesus Christ was a priest (4), the event was Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC), (5) and Jesus went to the cross on Friday (6). GFPMC was half way through time (7), DOA74 was at the end of time (8). GFPMC had no burnt offering attached (9), DOA74 did have a burnt offering (10). GFPMC could not have a burnt offering as it was not the end of sin, just the end of sin for the heavenly bride (11), DOA74 was not just the end of all sin (12) but in the heavenly one, or almost there one, it was also the end of evil (13). The Jewish DOA74 combined both the GFPMC and DOA74 as one event (14) with the scapegoat carrying away both intentional and unintentional sins to be destroyed (15) with the Heavenly DOA74 tis could not happen (16). For us to get as far as the Heavenly DOA74 with less than five years of life of this planet to go, the saints had to be held in a protective area whilst God tied up all the remaining odds and ends on this planet (17). This protective area was the old Heaven (18). But to get into this protective area we had to be free from sin, GFPMC had had to have occurred (19) If the Jewish rituals that the Jews went through are wrong and that is why they are not recorded in the Bible then we don’t have to worry about them anymore (20), but if they are still to come up or have come up and we missed then here are some of the problems that they pose (21). In the Heavenly DOA74 when Jesus goes onto the DOA74 cross at 9am on Sabbath the 10th of July 486 Daniel’s year we will have been worshipping Jesus for fifteen hours before ( 6pm to 6am and then 6am to 9am), (22) In that time did we send soldiers out to arrest Him? No.(23). The rock does not have to be struck it just has to be asked to produce life giving waters (24). He goes to the cross voluntarily (25). Do we have to put Him through a sham trial, a kangaroo court? (26) No, He freely owns up and pleads guilty to any sin of His bride and of His creation (27). Do we have to quiz Him about what He has done and does He know of the consequences that are about to occur? (28). No He has just given us an extensive tutorial covering all these and other matters. (29) We know exactly what we see and are about to coercive. (30) Again nothing adds up. (31). Now we bring Aaron in on top of all this. Aaron was high priest (32) for one day in the DOA74

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ceremony but he was priest (32) 364 days. Jesus Christ is our High Priest (33) but will only occupy that position right at the end of time (34), for most of the time He will occupy the position of priest (35) and that includes GFPMC (36). Aaron was not just a high priest, but the first high priest (37) and the extra privileges that came with this (38). Just like Moses’ privilege of setting up the first cross or altar gave him the privilege of being foundational cross with inside knowledge not just how this cross locked in with the second one above it but how it connected to the seventh cross into the New Jerusalem. (39). Thus Aaron was also given the inside run and these privileges, (40). Aaron knew the consequences of even ‘minor infractions’, he lost his first two sons not for offering fire, but for offering ‘strange fire’. For his part in striking the rock of Meribah Aaron did not lose his lineage, (41), he was replaced by his son Eleazar (42) who was not just priest but if the Jews were to continue to commemorate the most important day in their yearly calendar on the 10th of July then Eleazar also had to be high priest, (43). Aaron was always going to die but if he had told Moses to speak to the rock, both would have made it to the Promised Land (44). The name of the mountain where Moses died on was Abarim. (45).

Could that then make the solution to our problem from humanity an Aaron’s mistake, (46) to the Heavens of eternity, chapter 27 and the inheritance of the daughters of Israel, (47). They did not strike the rock, they spoke to it. (48). They were the bride of Heaven, they were the daughters of Israel. (49) The reasoning they used was that neither they nor their fathers were involved in the rebellion and therefor they are entitled to it. (50). The rock granted their inheritance. They were not just given the waters of life, they were given the source of those waters; the eternal order of the priesthood of Melchizedek!]***

Laws of Offerings. Chapter 28: verses 1-31 ; ‘Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Command the sons of Israel and say to them, ‘You shall be careful to present My offering, My food for My offering by fire, of a soothing aroma to Me, at their appointed time.’ You shall say to them, ‘This is the offering by fire which you shall offer to the Lord: two males lambs one year old without defect as a continual burnt offering every day. You shall offer the one lamb in the morning and the other lamb you shall offer twilight; also a tenth of an ephah of fine flour for a grain offering, mixed with a fourth of a hin of beaten oil. It is a continual burnt offering which was ordained in Mount Sinai as a soothing aroma, an offering by fire to the Lord. Then the drink offering with it shall be a fourth of a hin for each lamb, in the holy place you shall pour out a drink offering of strong drink to the Lord. The other lamb you shall offer at twilight; as a grain offering of the morning and as its drink offering, you shall offer it, and offering by fire, a soothing aroma to the Lord. Then on the Sabbath day two male lambs one year old without defect, and two-tenths of an ephah of fine flower mixed with oil as a grain offering, and its drink offering: This is the burnt offering of every Sabbath in addition to the continual burnt offering and its drink offering. ‘ Then at the beginning of each of your months you shall present a burnt offering to the Lord: two bulls and one ram, seven male lambs one year old without defect; and three tenths of an ephah of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering , for each bull; and two tenths of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering for each lamb, for a burnt offering of a soothing aroma, an offering by fire to the Lord. Their drink offering shall be half a hin of wine for a bull and a third of a hin for the ram and a fourth of a hin for a lamb; this is the burnt offering of each month throughout the months of the year. And one male goat for a sin offering to the Lord; it shall be offered with its drink offering in addition to the continual burnt offering.

‘Then on the fourteenth day of the first month shall be the Lord’s Passover. On the fifteenth day of this month shall be a feast, unleavened bread shall be eaten for seven days. On the first day shall be a holy convocation; you shall do no laborious work. You shall present an offering by fire, a burnt

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offering to the Lord: two bulls and one ram and seven male lambs one year old, having them without defect. For their grain offering, you shall  offer fine flour mixed with oil; three-tenths of an ephah for a bull and two-tenths for a ram. A tenth of an ephah you shall offer for each of the seven lambs; and one male goat for a sin offering to make atonement for you. You shall present these besides the burnt offering of the morning, which is for a continual burnt offering. After this manner you shall present daily, for seven days, the food of the offering by fire, of a soothing aroma to the Lord; it shall be presented with its drink offering in addition to the continual burnt offering. On the seventh day you shall have a holy convocation; you shall do no laborious work.

‘ Also on the day of the first fruits, when you present a new grain offering to the Lord in your Feast of Weeks, you shall have a holy convocation; you shall do no laborious work. You shall offer a burnt offering for a soothing aroma to the Lord: two young bulls, one ram, seven male lambs one year old; and their grain offering, fine flour with oil: three-tenths of an ephah with each bull, two-tenths for the one ram, e tenth for each of the seven lambs; also one male goat to make atonement for you. Besides the continual burnt offering and its grain offering, you shall present them with their drink offerings. They shall be without defect.’

Offerings of the Seventh Month. Chapter 29: 1-40  ; ‘ Now in the seventh month, on the first day of the month, you shall also have a holy convocation; you shall do no laborious work. It will be a day for blowing trumpets. You shall offer a burnt offering as a soothing aroma to the Lord: one bull, one ram, and seven male lambs one year old without defect; also their grain offering, fine flour mixed with oil: three-tenths of an ephah for the bull, two tenths for the ram, and one tenth for each of the seven lambs. Offer one male goat for a sin offering, to make atonement for you, besides the burnt offering of the new moon and it grain offering, and the continual burnt offering and its grain offering, and their drink offerings, according to their ordinance, for a soothing aroma, and offering by fire to the Lord.


‘Then on the tenth day of this seventh month you shall have a holy convocation, and you shall humble yourselves; you shall not do any work. You shall present a burnt offering to the Lord as a soothing aroma: one bull, one ram, seven lambs one year old, having them without defect; and their grain offering, fine flour mixed with oil: three tenths of an ephah for the bull, two tenths for one ram, a tenth for each of the seven lambs; one male goat for the sin offering, besides the sin offering of atonement and the continual burnt offering and its grain offering, and their drink offerings.

Then on the fifteenth day of the seventh month you shall have a holy convocation; you shall do no laborious work, and you shall observe a feast to the Lord for seven days. You shall present a burnt offering, An offering by fire as a soothing aroma to the Lord: Thirteen bulls, two rams, fourteen male lambs one year old, which are without defect; and their grain offering, fine flour mixed with oil: three tenths of an ephah for each of the thirteen bulls, two tenths for each of the two rams, and a tenth for each of the fourteen lambs; and one male goat for a sin offering, besides the continual burnt offering, its grain offering and its drink offering.

‘Then on the second day: twelve bulls, two rams, fourteen male lambs one year old without defect; and their grain offering and their drink offerings for the bulls for the rams and for the lambs, by their number according to the ordinance; and one male goat for a sin offering, besides the continual burnt offering and its grain offering, and their drink offerings.

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‘Then on the third day: Eleven bulls, two rams, fourteen male lambs one year old without defect; and their grain offering and their drink offering for the bulls, for the rams and for the lambs, by their number according to the ordinance; and one male goat for a sin offering, besides the continual burnt offering and its drink offering.

‘Then on the fourth day: ten bulls, two rams, fourteen male lambs one year old without defect; and their grain offering and their drink offering for the bulls, for the rams and for the lambs, by their number according to the ordinance; and one male goat for a sin offering, besides the continual burnt offering and its drink offering.

‘Then on the fifth day: nine bulls, two rams, fourteen male lambs one year old without defect; and their grain offering and their drink offering for the bulls, for the rams and for the lambs, by their number according to the ordinance; and one male goat for a sin offering, besides the continual burnt offering and its drink offering.

‘Then on the sixth day: eight bulls, two rams, fourteen male lambs one year old without defect; and their grain offering and their drink offering for the bulls, for the rams and for the lambs, by their number according to the ordinance; and one male goat for a sin offering, besides the continual burnt offering and its drink offering.

‘Then on the seventh day: seven bulls, two rams, fourteen male lambs one year old without defect; and their grain offering and their drink offering for the bulls, for the rams and for the lambs, by their number according to the ordinance; and one male goat for a sin offering, besides the continual burnt offering and its drink offering.

‘On the eight day you shall have a solemn assembly; you shall do no laborious work. But you shall present a burnt offering, an offering by fire, as a soothing aroma to the Lord: one bull, one ram, seven male lambs one year old without defect; their grain offering and their drink offerings for the bull, for the ram and for the lambs, by their number according to the ordinance; one male goat for a sin offering, besides the continual burnt offering and its grain offering and its drink offering.

‘You shall present these to the Lord at your appointed times, besides your votive offerings and your freewill offerings, for your burnt offerings and your grain offerings and for your drink offerings and for your peace offerings,’” Moses spoke to the sons of Israel in accordance with all that the Lord had commanded Moses.’

I wish that like Jimmy Swaggart I had constant communication with the Spirit. If I did I could ask Him what is going on or He could tell explain to me the sudden change of my health condition. He could tell me that my number is up and I wouldn’t particularly want a report card just told to whom this baton has been passed and their blog address for which I would pray for. But it could also be as simple as a Job trial. Satan has asked Jesus if he can test me and if he did then Julius would just do the big dummy spit and walk away. If these chapters are indeed on the verge of cracking a big nut then the shell must have considerable protective power and can only be cracked with some difficulty. What ever the reasons there is going to have to be major changes on my part at least for a while. The goal of 10,000 words a week with a minimum of 1,000 per day has to go and be replaced with the best I can do. If even at this level the dizziness persists every time I type I am just going to have a holiday for as long as it takes. Two days ago, Thursday was a bad day. Typing whilst dizzy is difficult but typing whilst falling off the tool ads an extra dimension and the only saving grace was the ideas came out logically and in order. All I had to do was just hang on. Round one awarded to Julius. In round two, Friday, I felt better but with almost every sentence there was a flood of ideas, but they were not consistent, actually contradictory. I felt too exhausted from the day before to think about them. Round

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two went to satan. Round three, today, God’s holy Sabbath day is off limits to satan. It is between the Lord offering His blessings, and sometimes those blessings include medications and JK.


Friday 2nd march, 2018. There are a number of issues being addressed based on Meribah. Those of Moses seem quite simple. He knew that forcing the rock to do what it would have done naturally, give life giving water, dishonoured God and for this he suffered a very heavy price. He lost the privileges of being founder of the first cross, the first altar or the first church. If these would have been the same John received as founder of the second cross then Moses would still be alive today and would have come down as one of the two witnesses to his church at the third coming of the closing of the door of mercy. Along with John. He died before he entered the Promised Land. The situation of his brother at the time the Rock of Meribah was struck instead of being spoken to, Aaron is more complex, he was the people’s representative at the time, he was the high priest. He too did not enter into the promised land but more happened here. The high priesthood of Aaron died and was replaced by that of Melchizedek.

The Levitical, Aaronic high priesthood centred around the Temple and when it died so did this priesthood. Jesus was not a priest from the order of Levi He was a priest from the order of Melchizedek. The temple was only God’s temple because of the presence of God in the Most Holy Place and that presence was withdrawn three days before Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) when Jesus walked out and declared; ‘Your house is left desolate’ Any services after that were meaningless. The altar ceased to be the altar. The first cross which had its base as GFPE was finished. This was the head of that cross, the bull offering, but it was also the base of the second cross, GFPMC. Jesus symbolically did take the altar, the cross out of that first temple and carried it, with help, to Mount Calvary where around it would be built the new temple and this cross would remain here now for almost 3,800 years. The second move it would have would just be a vertical up move, same longitude and latitude, but millions of miles higher up still on this side of the doorway to NETM (new earth tent of meeting) on the Day of Atonement (DOA74). Its final move, its third, when Jesus would place His sinless hair on it anointing it, and it is carried across the doorway into the NETM and finally into the New Jerusalem.  (but you might say that it doesn’t need anointing because the blood of Jesus soaked into it on both GFPMC and DOA74 and if the blood of Jesus does not anoint then neither will His hair. Nothing will. True and it was this blood on earth that prevented God from ever destroying the earth by water, even one drop of the blood of Jesus would have prevented this and has been preventing the world from being destroyed by the fires that Peter spoke about. But this situation changed dramatically at 4pm on the DOA75. On GFPMC at 4pm the blood of Jesus was spilled by that Roman spear but on 4pm on the DOA75 it was gathered, every last drop of it including that which had soaked into this cross and the presence of which had defined the area on this side of the NETM where as Heavenly beings we will spend almost eight years in. It defined the walls of our last Garden of Eden in this sinful universe. As we will soon see there are much deeper issues involved than this.)

As bride, as daughters of Israel we spoke to the rock and asked for our Heavenly inheritance. The reasons we made our claims on are not as valid in Heaven as on earth. Down here we claimed we were not a part of the rebellions and neither were our fathers. In Heaven we cannot claim Adam was not a part of the rebellion, he was the rebellion. Nor can we claim that our God chosen representative, Aaron was not involved, he was the rebellion. Anyway the case that we do put is accepted by the Rock of Meribah and the bride’s inheritance is granted.

Way back at the start of my blogging I asked the question; what is the Daily Sacrifice? And this question at least in part will now be answered in chapters 28 and 29 and despite of all the preparation we have been through, well it only proves that saying; the harder the shell the more tasty is the kernel!  The

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question is addressed in terms of animal sacrifices. If we want to point to Jesus our Saviour and creator then what better way is there than by His creation. We can’t use human beings as sacrifices because Jesus has come to save humans and not kill them. The Heavens and the stars cannot be killed but they can show the glory of God. That only leaves plants fish and animals and God uses all three as pointers to their creator. The number of animals killed over this time, say 50,000 a year times 1,300 years would give 65 million and the animal welfare groups cry out in horror, 65 million lovely, innocent animals being slaughtered unnecessarily! Shame! Actually it is a shame on you hypocrites!  When hundreds and even thousands of innocent people die today in wars of greed you don’t say anything. If those animals had not died in these sacrifices they would have been killed as a part of the protein diet of the people like millions are killed today for this purpose. A part of those animals killed would have been used as a protein diet for the priests of God, all was used for the spiritual food of the people, a food that led to life everlasting.

God’s people are taught to pray; ‘give us today our daily bread’, and from the bounties that God gives us we are supposed to return a certain amount. We are supposed to wander around through the herds  He has given us and pick out the best to return to Him the amount He requires; one in ten. It is not an exchange; I will give You two now it is Your turn to give me three back and then I will give you three and wait whilst You give me seven back! No the giving is in gratitude of the bounties received. When we scour the fields looking for lamb we have to keep in mind that this lamb will be examined by pagans like Pilate and Herod. On examination by them they must be able to say, ‘I have examined this man, I can not find any fault with him!’  Even at first glance they have to think that, ‘ This person is at the prime of their lives, they have everything to live for why are they just letting themselves be led away like a lamb to the slaughter? They have to be offered by value; seven or fourteen lambs can be traded for one bull or whatever the going exchange rate is. If we don’t understand the treasure we have we will offer very little for it but once we get to the top of the particular cross and the pearls develop a lustre then we will be prepared to pay the bull price for it! But the sacrifices that will now be offered will be many and varied.

We learned much during our recent study of Balak and Balaam. Balaam was not being sloppy by only giving us the briefest of summaries about how to get to the top cross; the seventh cross. Actually today it does not even exist. All that exists today is that we have had GFPE upto GFPMC and even from GFPMC up to the second coming, the second cross. The tent of meeting where we will spend the first 1,800 odd years of our heavenly existence is there and it has a Most Holy Place within it. But that is it! Only two and a half crosses exist. Even when we come to chapter 29 and the DOA75 we will have only got to the top of the fourth cross and therefore the bottom of the fifth cross but we can’t go any further than that. The sixth and seventh crosses do not exist and that is probably why with all that effort and prayer we have not been able to define the fifth cross. By defining the top of number five would give us number six and it does not yet exist. And surely that is the whole idea of crosses six and seven. We are not going to be like Adam and Eve who were created to worship their creator for some 7,800 years when the changes of the DOA75 would cut in. We are going to worship our creator for ever and ever! We are going to have to see His creative acts performing  in the total absence of sin and understand what, why and how these things come into existence. There will be no black boxes, no black matter, no black energy or black anything else!

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It was faith that allowed Balaam to get to that future seventh cross and it is by faith that we can get there with him today. That is the power of faith. It gets you to the top of existence. The New Jerusalem and like Balaam faith can also take us up there. I think that my faith still needs propping up a bit. I have already stated that when I get there I will only count in the first trillion years. Once I get to 1,000,000,000,001 on the 14th of January HE, (Heavenly existence) I will stop counting and assume that I am there forever and ever! That is how high faith can get us but from how low can it come?

During my recent weekly lay off with dizziness which the medical profession would probably not even admit to being an ailment or a sickness I had a chance to look at the depths from which faith can come from. I looked at self a place where satan wants to take us. Satan already has those ashes that came from the burnt altar there and they are what remains after my sins were placed on the altar of GFPMC. That heap of ashes is what remains after my sins were burned up in hell. ‘Let us not forget too easily he reminds us!’ He is the father of all lies and this is one of his whoppers. You should reject the teaching and you should reject the teacher but you should not reject that pile of ashes. In fact that lowly position I was in was the ideal place to look at these ashes. From those depths you can more clearly see those ashes. Can you see the water of forgiveness soaking out them. Keep in mind these ashes have  come from hell’s fires of GFPMC, fires that leaped up billions of miles into the sky and engulfed God’s throne in the Most Holy Place! That is where they have just been yet they still produce the water of forgiveness! Therein is the root of faith, that is where it all begins and it happens from the time that you reach out and accept it. The growth rate of that faith is entirely dependent on how much daily bread you give it. So satan’s efforts to drag me down through those depths of depression were a failure. Those ashes down there firstly are not from my sins, they have gone and they have gone into nothing. That is one ability that only God has; He can take nothing and make it something beautiful and He can take something horrible and make it nothing and that is what has happened to my sins. It was by wondering how water could have survived such high temperatures that showed me the grace of God and by taking a hold of that grace gave me the gift of faith. So looking inwards is definitely beneficial providing you do not believe satan that the ashes that come off that altar are ashes from your sins, they are not and satan knows that if you believe this you are on the stairway to Heaven., Your faith has put you there and any faith that includes the ashes of GFPMC , faith based on the cross, is God’s standard and the new Heavens of eternity.

Satan’s attempt of depression through the ashes of the altar was not successful but he still had at least another trick in his bag. ‘Your number is up, your baton has been passed on to a number of others and all you have to do is to find other blogs of “Bookasitiswritten”, and instead of having to type for hours on end all you will have to do now is just spend 20-30 minutes each day reading, a few minutes of prayer and viola the rest of the day is yours. No more headaches or dizziness! (Try to spread things out a bit by introducing the night shift again) And satan may be right. In fact in the Old Testament there may be 7,000 other parallel blogs but that does not absolve anyone from writing. In end days each will have a purpose and the giant jigsaw puzzle will be completed by the time the Lord appears in the sky for a second time; His second coming. But continue with this blog and God’s grace I will but keeping in mind that there are limitations.

Our next to be studied chapters, 28 and 29  have just come off the Balak and Balaam accounts, so a revisit here is in order. One of the outstanding features of this story is how desperate is satan or Balak to find out the will of God before making his plans to attack His people. I don’t think that he would stoop so low just to get your soul or my soul but for the souls of His people as a group there is no limit as to how low he will stoop. He will seek out and consult one of God’s genuine prophets. He will construct seven altars that meet God’s requirements. He will offer sacrifices alongside of the prophet

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knowing that these sacrifices are being presented and connected with the Most High Throne. He will stand back and at a distance when the answer is coming back down and will go and consult Balaam with, ‘and what did God say to you?’ But if satan/Balak attach such critical importance to God’s answers then how does that affect their overall strategy? Will satan not attack at all or will he just shuffle his battle plans around ? In the desert now were God’s people in a large crowd and they were soon to become His people dispersed in their promised land. They were all blessed including those who were regarded as being foolish. Knowing God’s decision did not stop satan from attacking His people. He made one last attempt to break them up, to commit adultery and idolatry to prevent them from entering and he was quite successful, 24,000 of the leaders killed. But it did not prevent him from attacking them and whether he changed tactics we do not know but to be so desperate to find out it would only be logical to assume that he also did so.

His battles with God’s people would continue through time, the first coming or salvation plan B with its critical centre of mass at GFPMC and the 1,260 days before and after the centre of created time. But the last battle that is of any significance  is the one we are about to face, that of the great tribulation. It is not the battle of Armageddon, that battle is still some 1,800 years away, no this one is the great tribulation, 3XGT. It is not a battle although satan wants to make it one, it is a tribulation. The worldwide Jewish Swaggart ministries have taken off their sheep’s clothing and revealed the wolf beneath; the pagan, godless Jew whose aims have been wonderfully fulfilled. No Christian protests or demonstrations supporting the Christian Palestinian brothers. Stage one ticked.

But now stage two. The shoe fits both feet. Listen to father and son combination, Josh and John and you will hear them advocating the rights of Americans to bear arms. When the guns are banned and the amnesty has passed they want American Christians to have their guns when the authorities come around to claim them. It is going to be so much less messy in the eyes of the world if they have to shoot unarmed civilians. They want war. Not that these authorities would have any problem killing unarmed civilians, but this would be a tribulation, not a war.

In any war there has to be collateral damage and the technique of dealing with it today is just ignore it, it will just disappear. In the Palestinian situation today that collateral damage is the Muslim and you wont hear any gnashing of teeth and weeping from the Jews about this. It is a bonus. The collateral damage when the gun amnesty finishes is going to be all those others, non-Christians, who refuse to hand in their weapons. By this stage there will have to have been a new world order established and most populations disarmed. We will support our American Christians but without guns it will become just a tribulation and not a war. The war was theirs and rightly earned as they not only rebelled against the treatment of Christians in other countries, they condoned it. So the next cataclysmic date will be the seventieth birthday of the declaration of the state of Israel. Will that then become the source of as many blogs as September the 11th. “ The Jews stayed home on the 18th (??) of May, 2018?

If this is the tribulation/battle that Scripture is pointing to then satan must be thrilled with his preparation so far. It could not be more succinctly put than Revelation 3:17,18. Paraphrasing, ‘You say that I am rich, have acquired wealth and do not need anything’. But you do not realise that you are wretched, pitiful, poor blind and naked. Jesus is saying that there is only one way out of here and that is to come to Him to the cross and buy gold that has been refined by its fires, collect His robe of righteousness to cover our nakedness and buy salve to put into our eyes so that we can see. So satan has won here on two fronts; one is that we do not realise the dangerous situation that we are in and secondly the only way out of this danger, the cross does not exist in most churches, it is not only not

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taught it is repulsive to try to teach it! That has to receive a score card of 10 out of ten! Everybody is going to hell! Whatever your tactics satan they have worked well!

But in those days as we gather around to show support for what is happening to our Christian brothers and sisters around the world and just before satan makes his final lunge, will he again seek the services of Balaam to enquire of the will of God? Whoever and wherever they are satan will know. He knows his own forgeries, he trained them. When asked, ‘What is it that the Lord sayeth?’ they respond by some concocted interpretation of Scripture instead of first assembling these seven stages of the cross into Heaven including those of faith. At this stage all that is required are seven altars with seven rams and seven bulls. The filler in between, the seven lambs is not required. You are not seeking how to get there as you already know. You are just seeking access and an answer from the top. And to get to the very top you will be required to climb seven steps. The answer you must give is as Jesus soften gave; it is written and not what you think should have been written.

Most of those demonic ministries and churches have Jesus on their billboards. He has amazing attractive powers  and when He does bring them in you are obligated to teach the odd ‘Jesus based sermon’. If you don’t you will lose your congregation.    *******

Such was the very good sermon Swaggart preached on Abraham and Isaac. As I only tuned into the bit where Abraham was about to sacrifice everything that existed in his life, and this was at God’s command, this relationship between father and son is a reflection of the divine Father to Son relationship and not the one where they use Scripture to justify the attack of the pagan Jews to kill Palestinian Christians, king David and his son Absalom, which was just one psychopath mourning for another psychopath or one murderer lamenting another murderer. This is just another example of how this Swaggart ministry distorts the Bible to justify their sponsors murderous actions. Nothing will change the fact that the Jews killed Jesus! They are not God’s people! God’s people are only those who accept the revelation of God. How God revealed Himself to this sinful world; Through His only Begotten Son on the cross of Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary! (GFPMC) Jesus Christ!

But the call of Isaac was and is valid; Father, where is the lamb? To the vast majority of Christians today this question is meaningless. ‘I am rich, I have acquired wealth and I do not need anything’. They do not realise that they are wretched, pitiful, poor blind and naked and therefore the solution to their dilemma, Jesus Christ is not even on their radar screens. From that surface covering it would appear that all ten virgins are going to hell. But where is the justice of God when it is tempered with mercy? Where is the holiness of God when tempered with grace? Actually five of the ten foolish virgins turn out to be wise and go to Heaven. They belong to the church of Philadelphia, the foolish to Laodicea and all go to hell.

The wise today would look into the shrubs and thickets and see a ram. They would enquire of the Father, ‘Weren’t you supposed to send a lamb but you sent a ram instead. They are two totally different animals. Why the switch?’  And God would send them back to where we are now; Balak and Balaam. I don’t know of the relationship of Mount Moriah to Mount Calvary but there has to be some just like there is a relationship between the ram and the lamb and which we are soon to study. We have waited for a long time to receive some light on the daily sacrifice and just before attempting an analysis of chapters 28 and 29 I am going to try to revise some of the chapters which I think point to these but have been poorly understood. The first of these is Jesus the Nazirite, not that we will ever be able to understand this topic especially on this sinful planet. This should now be at least our fourth visit so we should be able to get some meaningful understanding. Numbers; chapter 6

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When looking at Jesus the Nazirite whose role was to restore the relationship between God and man, we are basically following three restrictions imposed/self-imposed on Jesus as conditions of His ministry; He had to stay away any alcohol but particularly grape related products; He was not allowed to cut His hair and He was to stay away from the dead even if they were his own family. These conditions resulted in two plans of salvation; salvation plan A, (up to verse 12) and salvation plan B, from verse 13 onwards. Salvation plan A was the DOA75 and salvation plan B was GFPMC.

There were three categories of beings who were eligible for Salvation plan A. Adam and Eve and their progeny had they come through almost 7,777 years and did not sin. This category did not eventuate, they were a total failure. The next category were the angelic hosts. This was a partial success. The whole congregation failed but their Levites, with the exception of satan made it here without sinning. But even without sinning they still needed to go through with the DOA75. And then there is us, the bride, the saints we are here and we are sinless. I am no longer going to blaspheme and call God a liar; if He says that all my unconfessed, unintentional sins are not mine and they are His, then so be it. That does not mean that when a certain batch is being suffered for on DOA75 that I will not be able to relate to them, because I will. Jesus will also take on the unconfessed unintentional sins of the angelic hosts as well.

So there we are the sinless lot, us and the angels formed up in an army behind the rider of the white horse and we have just had a stunning victory over the beast and the armies of the living wicked. Hardly much of a battle that in total lasted for one hour and most of that was the beast turned on the false prophet! It does come as quite a shock and surprise to us when Jesus leaves us and heads back to earth. He is not supposed to do that! He is not allowed to do that! He must not go near the dead even if it is His own mother and Father. We know that at the cross that satan was hurled back to earth. As we are not told how close to the earth this is so I have assumed that he must remain inside the first line of magnetism around the world. He cannot go any higher than 600 miles or 1,000 kilometres. So if Jesus is just above this line then He still has not gone close to the dead.

But Jesus has a vested interest in many of those dead. They were a part of the census, they were congregation, their names are in the Book of Numbers. Now that the books of life are about to be opened it must be shown to these wicked where they went wrong. It may be incumbent on Jesus to now read the Book of Life to the sinless above, but it also has to be read to these who are about to be thrown into Hell!  If we can hear Jesus delivering the Book of Life sermon millions if not billions of miles above Him then there is little doubt that those on earth who want to will be able to hear Him also. Most ignored Jesus in their lives back there and will continue to do so now. Using the Book of Daniel and its split of the last seven years around the DOA75 with 1,260 days before and after the Atonement cross and then allocating the first 1,260 days to the sermon/tutorial, well now with further information this is not so. The tutorial does not last until the day before DOA75 it finishes on the first of July when there is a trumpet blast.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXThe tutorial lasts for 1,250 days and is broken by the sound of the trumpet call for battle on the 1/7/486 of Daniel’s years. We are not told whether the battle against satan and all the satanic beings starts on the 1/07 but we are told it is all over by the next day. The trumpet call is on Thursday and the fires of hell are extinguished by Friday. You see there is an exception to staying away from the dead. That exception is that if a man dies very suddenly besides him and for whatever the reason, known or unknown Jesus is defiled  and accepts that defilement. He does not have to accept it because

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He is on the other side of the magnetic line of force and therefore out of reach of the wicked and the dead, He just does. He reaches out and He does and if He did not then we would have to spend the rest of eternity on earth’s side of the doorway into the new earth’s tent of meeting. (NETM)

Could there be a more apt description of what happens in the earthly and Heavenly courts at the time. Once your name is in the Book of  Numbers you do not realise the resources Heaven musters to get you across that doorway into the NETM (new earth tent of meeting). The simple fact is that if you die without accepting Jesus you are hell bound. In the Old Testament they had the symbol of the lamb, the first cross but nonetheless the cross of Christ. Even though it is all over at death they still has 260 years where they could change their minds. By the time the door of mercy closed not one had changed their minds! By definition Jesus has had to give up with them at this stage! But as He is delivering His 1,250 day tutorial His eyes are flickering among this wayward congregation and hoping against hope that just one will respond. None do but worse than that one minute they are there and the next the doors into hell have opened up and they are all gone! Jesus had His eyes on this congregation and very suddenly they are gone, they are dead!

The problem with the congregation that has just disappeared from sight on the 02/07 /486, the Friday is that they took all of their intentional sins with them but none of the unintentional sins, these Jesus takes on Himself as His sins, defiling Him and His hair which will now have to be cut off. He did not have to cut off His hair on GFPMC as they were not His sins, they were our sins.

When Jesus takes on all the sins that are left after the fires of hell have gone out He remains unclean for six days, becomes clean on the seventh day and cuts off his hair then on the eight day presents the two pigeons or turtledoves. Let us then define what we know about July. Basic date is the 10th, a Sabbath and the Day of Atonement. (DOA75). [2] the first of July the trumpets are sounded and the battle against satan, Jesus crushing his head could well begin. [3] the 2nd of July battle finishes, fires of hell extinguished and Jesus takes on any remaining sin onto Himself. This is not just some token gesture but these sins actually belong to Jesus. They defile His hair, they must be cut off! They must be eradicated according to God’s standards otherwise the doorway into the NETM will remain closed.  The new earth tent of meeting (NETM) is a sinless area. [4] Jesus remains defiled for six days; 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of July. I am still going to argue that this is a part of the defilement/forsakenness He experienced as at 3pm on GFPMC. [5] day seven, Friday the 9th of July He becomes clean and shaves off his hair. [6] On the eight day, the 10th of July, is the DAO75. So we can account for events of days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of the seventh month. It is always best to define the elephant in the room so that when finally someone decides to pull the rug, the fall will not be as unexpected. The elephant in the room is that the DOA75 is supposed to be a purely divine affair. It was Heaven’s solution to getting rid of evil and sin. It was purely the affairs of God and the High Priest as our representative. Where is the high priest who is supposed to offer the sin offering, take its blood into the Most Holy Place for cleansing and to plead for mercy so that this sacrifice would be acceptable to God? Then in this sinless environment present the burnt offering.????

Daniel (9:26) describes Jesus in this limbo land, beneath His armies but above the dead as being cut off and having nothing. This must be true because only the poorest of the poor were allowed to present pigeons or turtledoves as sacrifices. Jesus was allowed to do this. But Jesus here presents the sin offering and the other bird is the burnt offering, where is the scapegoat which was a part of every earthly DOA75 offering? The Scapegoat took all sins on itself, both intentional and unintentional, took them a way from the temple where it was dashed to pieces. That is what happened on GFPMC and as it was the scapegoat there is now no need for a scapegoat. The sin offering and the burnt offering remain. The burnt offering defines time. The fact that it has been made defines 4pm on DOA75. Phase

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one of the Nazirite vow completed, a new line is drawn through everything Jesus has done up to 4pm on the 10th of July,486 and phase two of His Nazirite ministry begins from 4.01pm of the 10th of July. This would define the guilt offering, everything has been done, payments made for everything plus 20% where applicable at 3pm Sabbath the 10th of July. That now leaves us with the sin offering between 9 and 3pm on the DOA75. The issue for prayer then becomes when is the Nazirite Jesus Christ a priest and when is He a high priest?.


The problem is that one of the roles of the high priest is to take the blood of the sin sacrifice, in this case the blood of Jesus Himself into the Most Holy Place and sprinkle it on the mercy seat to plead for mercy so that this sacrifice will become acceptable to God. At this stage however neither the Holy Place, the tent of meeting, the new earth nor the Most Holy Place, the Holy of Holies, the New Jerusalem exist. Therefore Jesus cannot take His blood in there. They exist by faith alone at present. So why doesn’t Jesus take His blood into the existing Most Holy Place where He took His blood at 3pm on GFPMC? By taking His blood ‘back’ here then He could use some of it to cleanse the cross and other utensils to complete the DOA75 sacrifice, wouldn’t He?

Being God He can do anything. He could have gone to the cross once or even nonce to do away with sin. His choice was to split time into two stages. First stage was to let mankind try to achieve righteousness through his own means and the second stage of exactly equal time was to take advantage of how God had done this. Even within the first stage there were two distinct stages; before and after Noah’s flood. The overall result was to form a perfect union with mankind, whether they sinned or did not sin, even then evil, the beast within still had to be destroyed and by God’s standards that required at least one cross; DOA76. The rebellions that did take place added salvation plan B which we are about to look at.

So overall there had to be a step into the New Heavens and earth. They are called the Old Heavens and old earth. It is some 1,800 years now since we left the old earth when Jesus came down at His second coming to take us up to be with Him in the present tent of meeting. The only reason we got into that place was because we were sinless, Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) had occurred and we had accepted Jesus’ offer to join Him. And now we have just left the Old Heaven and we are on our way to the New Heaven and earth. If something goes wrong and Jesus’ final solution to sin and evil is not accepted by God then we will have to back track to the tent of meeting where we have just spent 1,800 odd years. Not that we could fault the old tent of meeting with such incredible beauty even if shown it for  a moment we would glow at what we saw!

But at this stage it is only forward from the step of the old earth and Heaven onto the new pair of Heaven’s and earth just on the other side of this doorway. July day one the sound of the trumpet and the battle against satan where the seed of Eve crushes his head. Day two the fires of hell go out and Jesus accepts any remaining sins on Himself. They were My creation and I am responsible for the clean up. Jesus is defiled and remains probably just above the earth whilst defiled on days  3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. He becomes clean and comes back to us in our ‘little garden of Eden’ with His cross which He had to retrieve from the ruins of the demolished earthly temple on day nine and shaves His hair. On day ten He presents Himself with two pigeons/turtle doves at the doorway of the tent of meeting, still on earth’s side. The sins barring our entry to the other side are about to be eradicated. These sins which

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now require atonement to be made concern not only the dead person that just disappeared into hell but also whose who were dead and now are with the living. All unintentional unconfessed sin must now be paid for and eradicated. But now we have to go that final stage and get rid of evil. The beast within was cooked and destroyed by the fires coming out of the open doors of hell but now the dead pieces have to be extricated. And the best way of doing this is to push them out and immediately replace them with something of such beauty that will not only ever wane but continue to increase. Get them to stare, wonder and worship Jesus Christ on the cross of atonement. Get them to not only see what Jesus is doing for them, but to also see why He is doing this for them. Get them to see the revelation of God as portrayed in His only begotten Son as He now hangs on the cross. 9 to 3, sin offering, 3 to 4 burnt offering, 4 to 6 remainder of Sabbath worship, 6pm to 6am worship of the body of Jesus Christ in anticipation of His blood being reapplied on Resurrection Sunday morning, Jesus Christ Himself comes off His cross to re-join us and ready to march into the new earth and Heaven. Stage one is gone, the stepping stone was made use of and in fact it would have been impossible without it and now eternity and perfection about to begin!

It is not just a re-visit to my favourite topic but actually verse 13 is the introduction and right down to verse 21. 6:13 ‘Now this is the law of the Nazirite when the days of his separation are fulfilled, he shal bring…..’ The top of the fourth cross, the bull offering was the DOA76, It was sin offering, it was burnt offering, it was 4pm on DOA76 and it was the end of phase one of the Nazirite’s vow. But it was also the base of the fifth cross the ram offering, it was after 4pm on DOA76, it was the voiding of the Nazirite’s former days of separation, it was the start of the second phase of His ministry. So we have the firm base and the joiner in all the crosses is the lamb, so we know that this is going to be about Jesus Christ and when we understand how Jesus Christ is tied into 4pm on DOA76 and can apply it to our lives we will have begun to understand how this constitutes the bull of the fifth cross which we can shuffle across as the foot of the sixth cross and so on.

So when are the days of separation of the Nazirite Jesus Christ fulfilled? Could it be as low as 14 hours of this ministry beginning at 4pm on DOA76. Whereas on GFPMC at 4pm the blood of Jesus was spilt so on DOA76 at 4pm it will be gathered. It already was the subject of our prayers at 3pm on GFPMC not that we were there like Noah and hundreds of others but our prayers were. These prayers probably form the lining of the golden censor that is hurled back to earth to mark the end of the millennium.


When this golden censor is hurled back to earth all hell literally breaks loose. No longer are there any intercessory prayers in Heaven protecting the earth, this censor pierces the abyss releasing satan and the evil dead. To make things even worse the blood and water Jesus shed whilst on earth are gathered into this censor. They are still on this earth but that is different to being in this earth. If there are compartments within this censor then one would be for water and the other for the blood of Jesus Christ which were separated as at 4pm on GFPMC. This censor was returned at 4pm on DOA76 and now we all await for a few drops of its blood to be reapplied the limp body we have been worshipping for the last twelve hours of Resurrection Sunday. As far as the bride is concerned that is all she needs; just to have her Jesus back with her! To have some of that blood reapplied, watch Him come back to life, get Himself back off that cross and come and join her! He has looked after everything so far and no doubt will do so right to the end. It is grace that has brought us safe thus far and it is grace that will take us home!

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So as far as the bride is concerned the ministry of the Nazirite, phase two could well finish within fourteen hours and end on Resurrection Sunday morning. But Jesus gives us far more grounding to base our faith on. He wants us to know that He has our salvation and future lives worked out in minutest detail. You would expect this from God, you would expect this from the Word of God; the Bible.  Initially though I intend using my original 1,260 days for the phase two ministry of my Nazirite Jesus Christ until I can work out a better system which will sort out the anomalies of this number. It is a Biblical number on two grounds; the first church after GFPMC were given 1,260 days to prepare themselves for their journey to the first Heaven which occurred at the second coming so the second church after DOA76 will be given 1,260 days to prepare themselves for their journey to the second and final Heaven. The Book of Daniel allows 1,260 days after the cross for the anointing of the Most Holy. I am unaware of any such anointing of the early church on earth although it may have been the process involved in not allowing the church to be swept away by that wave of water. Satan’s attempt to drown the church of Christ in sewerage was thwarted because this church had been anointed as Most Holy. It had begun its Heavenly journey. But for the time being I still take this event as Jesus cutting off His hair and placing it on the cross as the tag; Heaven bound!.

So the period involved in this fulfilment of the Nazirite’s vow must be the body of the fifth cross. Its base, the ram came straight across from 4pm on DOA76 and the head or bull of the fourth cross. The bull or top of this fifth cross is the anointing of the cross as the tree of life and this in turn will become the foot or ram of the sixth cross and the first cross in the new heaven’s and earth. It will come in as the ram or the red heifer. The body of this sixth cross appears to be the rock of Meribah but above this even though Balaam seemed to know where he was going, we do not yet know.

So if the body of this fifth cross then is the lamb as in decommissioning from His Nazirite vow then we have to establish a base from which we can work. The first thing is to realise what we are dealing with and that is the LAW of the Nazirite. As there are going to be questions of law involved we need an expert in law. The experts in God’s law on earth were supposed to be the priests and we can find no bigger expert than the priest who wrote the law; Jesus Christ. This expert is present. He will be able to distinguish between ‘It is written’ and ‘I think this is what He should have written in order to get it right’. He will not pull any surprises, any Jeanie’s out of the bag.

We also need witnesses to present their case but they must have been there, directly involved to present their case along the lines of the law and then have the whole case handed over and be judged by God and the verdict given. The case is quite simple; the bride and bridegroom step up and ask to be admitted into those final heavens and earth. Yes or no? The Bridegroom points that it was for this purpose that He created this Bride that she was not created as a mindless robot but was given a free will and because of this very few of those created beings are here with Him today. They chose to stay away. But even with this bride present here today she fell away too. She did not want to she just could not help herself and continually kept falling away.

Left to her own devices this bride or the Church of Christ would not even be able to present one member of the congregation as there would be none to present. They were given every chance and the resources required to do so, but this experiment was a disaster. Not only did they fall quickly the elevated position from which God had started them only gave them momentum to fall to the greatest depths. To clean up this mess required a total makeover. There would not have been one person saved from this era if it were not for the provisional sacrifice system that God instigated back in the Garden of Eden by killing those two goats for Adam’s intentional sin and the other for Eve’s unintentional sin. This pattern was to continue throughout the Old Testament in the DOA76 ceremony. One goat for the

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sin offering and the other for the scapegoat. Adam, Eve, Abel, Enoch and whoever else got to Heaven from this era only did so because of this sacrificial system set up by God right from the start.

After Noah’s Flood God tried a more direct system. Rather than just being available He would be present Himself on the earth in the presence of His High Priest Melchizedek but again allowing us to try to bridge the gap between God and us. But again after about a thousand years   ***** whether this was the prelude or whether evil was about to spiral out of control again or some other reason we are not told about but God brought in His plan of salvation beginning with the sacrificial system starting as on 01/01/01. God was about to bridge that yawning chasm that had developed between Himself and humanity. Luther was indeed a very privileged person who could say, ‘Looking at myself I can’t see how I can be saved but looking at Jesus I can’t see how I can be lost!’ At this stage I can only say that I agree with the first half of that statement and the second part of it for which the sacrificial system was specifically set up to do, to point as a pointer to is still very much out of focus. Just because I read a book on quantum mechanics and do not understand it does not mean that there is a problem with this book. In all probability the problem is with me. And so it is with this Holy Word of God; the Bible. It must be nearly three years ago that I asked the question of what was this Daily Sacrifice and now some three years later, after praying for daily bread, chapters 28 and 29 are about to yield some of that beauty.

In the meantime there is little point in looking at self as the gap between me and God just gets wider and wider. The worse part of it is that that gap, the deep valley between us has boiling lavas of hell at the bottom and any attempt to try to get across would be futile. Those fires would only annihilate me and that would be after excruciating pain. Won’t go there voluntarily, can’t go there, will have to look at the One Who says He has been, done it and written it out in a book; the Bible. It is now just a matter of trust, just a matter of faith. If the Bible has lies in it then there is every chance that how this Jesus formed a bridge across this chasm to God is also a lie and we have to do it ourselves. Best of luck and much of it is going to be required to cross that boiling lava. Say good-bye to all of your friends many of whom have attempted the same thing.

As for me I am at least going to try to look into this bridge that Jesus is supposed to have made in re-joining man to God. You see that unlike most of you I am going to first start by looking at its foundations, are they built on rock or on sand? What is it that which is ‘it is written’? It is where Jesus sent Nicodemus to in the desert? From here I am entitled to look upwards and the Heavenly things. It is satan’s major ploy to keep us from these foundations; the Old Testament. Without it he gets you to cross life’s Jordan and it certainly will not be the place that God has parted for His people. You see that God’s crossing even though it is dry still has many obstacles, many falls and some of them quite serious. You may lay there winded and for quite a while. But the beauty of it is that you don’t have to actually get up, all you have to do is just stick your hand out and ask Jesus to help and you know because of His love for you that He has no choice but to respond  and to respond  immediately! Satan must keep you out of this entry point, he has his own. You get into his Jordan and you swim, and you swim and you swim in circles in Jordan’s sewerage until you drown. And nothing gives him more delight than seeing you drown. MINE!

You see that at all costs he must keep you away from the Old Testament. Right back in Genesis all these foundations are laid. The problem, the gap that developed when our first parents sinned and the solution for closing this gap; and Eve’s seed will crush satan’s head but unfortunately satan will also bruise the heel of Jesus tow events described on 02/07/486 and 10/07/486 and the DOA76. Without the creation account we have the evolution story; once upon a time a long time ago there

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was nothing and then this nothing how it went through all those stages of evolution; to fog, to bog, to log, to cog, to dog, to frog, to jog, to clog, to wog and finally and still to come the Zog!  And all this crap makes evolution an undisputable fact!

But we can do no better than to allow the designer and the builder of this bridge to explain Himself in His Word what He was supposed to do and what He did do. Verse 13; ‘Now this is the law of the Nazirite when the days of his separation are fulfilled, he shall bring the offering to the doorway of the tent of meeting’.

Law was involved, God’s Law , in getting us to this stage where the bridge has been completed but the law also requires the builder and He wrote this law to give us confidence in His Word, now to take us across this bridge and into the New Heavens. He has been back to earth’s side of the bridge, collected His own, brought them across the bridge to where  this bridge spanned, right up to the doorway of the new earth’s tent of meeting. (NETM) He is going to be decommissioned on this side of the doorway. His role of phase two of His ministry will finish on the old earth. The bridge only comes to here. It did not finish on the DOA76 when all sin and evil were gone, only the Nazirite’s phase one of the ministry finished and all that stuff about all those different types of sin will be void, they will not be remembered on the other side of the doorway when it finally opens up. This last bit, phase two of the ministry has been the Heavenly bit but still a part of the bridge that the Nazirite built. The Nazirite’s building days are over and all He has to do now is to produce the building plan and the detailed job sheet and ask for the Father’s approval. His next building project on the other side of the doorway of NETM will be a major one indeed but it will not be as Nazirite but as Jesus Christ the Creator!


To be able to relate to the law of the Nazirite we  face the hurdle of having to understand what law is and if you have been put through the wringer of  the law by your local council or whatever government authority who write this law and are therefore supposed to be bastions of this law but turn out to be its greatest breakers you would have no problem in agreeing with the adage that the law is an ass. This is not the case with the Law of God of which the law of the Nazirite is a part of. Breaking God’s law results in consequences, in penalties which will have to be paid for in full. Could you think of a more just law than that concerning that mountain of unintentional and unconfessed sins. Most of us today would not regard these as sins at all and therefore nothing to be worried about. God regards them as sin and a break in the relationship with Him and because He does not make us pay the penalties for these sins, He pays for them Himself. Here is the sin offering of the DOA77; unconfessed, unintentional sins of all of His creation! All penalties paid for, all sins removed from the book, no records kept! And the Law of God required this to be so.

Jesus did not write down the Law of the Nazirite because He would be tempted to take short cuts, to bypass it. He wrote it for our benefit so that we can see even at our level of spirituality that short cuts were available which He did not take. Our place in Heaven is just as assured as ‘it is written’ and that is as deep as your faith. The success that satan has had in taking out the Old Testament out of Christianity today must be mind blowing even to himself. Little wonder he wears that wide, white cheesy smile continuously! What a loss Christianity has suffered. That sharp double edged sword that he so greatly fears has been put back in its sheath, but only for a while! ‘It is written!’

Verse 14; ‘ He shall bring his offering to the Lord: one male lamb a year old without defect for a burnt offering and one ewe-lamb a year old without defect for a sin offering and one ram without defect for a peace offering,’

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There is the bridge between God and mankind. From the top; the Day of Atonement (DOA77) and Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) and an escorted journey from bottom to top. The escort is not a one year old ram because that would make him into a lamb, but more is required here, the lamb with its previous and subsequent life, the whole life of this symbol; Jesus Christ the ram but still without defect; ‘Which of you can accuse me of sin?’ Jesus would ask.

But trying to look at each in turn it seems to fall apart on the first leg. The DOA77. We have just been through the DOA77 and there we had specifically two birds offered; one was for a sin offering and the other was the burnt offering but now the DOA77 only presents one animal and that is the male lamb for a burnt offering. So where has the sin offering gone?

The error arose from the last sentence of the last day’s typing. ‘But it will not be as a Nazirite but as Jesus Christ the Creator’. Verse 14 defines Jesus Christ as the Nazirite both as creator and as redeemer. There is no doubt that in the first 12 verses Jesus Christ was a Nazirite and working to a very definite set of rules. But here He was creator as well as proven by the fact that He took on Himself all the remaining sins of His creation. The bride’s unconfessed, unintentional sins were there but they did not belong to her. They became the sins of Jesus as did all those that remained after the fires of hell had gone out. They are not presented or mentioned by the ram, they are not ours and our DOA78 only has the burnt offering.

This brings us down to just how specific this verse of 14 really is; it is about us, it is about Jesus the Nazirite our redeemer it is actually the journey across the bridge He has built but it is only about those who are walking across. Most choose to stay with planet earth and with it will be destroyed by those fires of hell. But what about those who chose to accept Jesus’ outstretched hands on the cross and come and join Him? Well that is the marshalling point. We start our heavenly journey from the base of the ewe-lamb a year old and without defect. It is here that our sins are cleaned up, we are sinless. The DOA78 on the other side of this bridge and still such a long way away does also have a sin offering but there the Nazirite puts on His other hat, that as creator, those sins are not our sins, our redemption has taken place on earth’s side of this bridge. What is left on the other side is the goal of the bride to look forward to on this side of earth’s history and the fabric of our existence of the eternities after; the burnt offering of the male lamb a year old and without defect.

Verse 15; ‘ and a basket of unleavened cakes of fine flour mixed with oil and unleavened wafers spread with oil, along with their grain offering and their drink offering.’

As I do not belong or associate with other Bible commentators I cannot say that it is a common problem but one for me is that unless I get into it, make a lot of assumptions and outright guesses I don’t seem to able to get anywhere. Such was the case with the first twelve verses of this chapter and after this headlong rush I actually find that I almost have some understanding of these verses. Certainly can’t be more than another two or three visits before we see heavenly light coming through that tunnel. I have made no such attempts at verses 13-21 and the result is darkness without the prospect of light. The fear of the prospect of failure is certainly one reason, the proof that the work is not under the guidance of the Holy Spirit but under the guidance of the evil one and therefore causes more harm than good and the fear of blasphemy are on my mind constantly. But if I never go I will never know and it is an impossibility for the Holy Spirit to show me the beauty of the lustre of a pearl in a fraction of time. It is going to require considerable time and considerable coaching. But I am on the earthly step that Jesus sent Nicodemus back to and I do believe that this book is the infallible Word of God. This headlong rush will be placed in [……].

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[There are two drink offerings; one Jesus took whilst on the cross here on earth on GFPMC and the second one where in Heaven Jesus will be able to sit and eat and drink with us in the Father’s kingdom, be that a communal affair or we invite Him for a meal in those heavenly apartment He has gone to prepare for us up there. Scripture uses the ephah as the unit of volume but initially it doesn’t matter what this unit is and those in USA can use your pints and over here we will use half a litre; 500 mls. Jesus was offered a pint of grape related drink at the start of Good Friday, 9am and at the end at 3pm. The degree of fermentation is not relevant at this stage as any grape related drink would make Jesus unclean and break His vow. So if He drank the whole pint at 9am He would have been separated, forsaken by God the Father. He would have been on the cross alone. But as He only tasted a tiny amount of what was placed in front of Him, indicating He not only knew what He was doing but by drinking the whole amount at 3pm He would be cut off from God, but the numbering of His ministry would not be voided but continue. It is this act of drinking the pint of drink offering at 3pm that becomes the basis of Jesus’ argument for the eternities; ‘ I joined them willingly and intentionally, by drinking that pint of vinegar, in fact I asked for it, and because I joined them I am now qualified to bring them back to Heaven with Me. I did it first! So where is the drink offering that we drink with Jesus in Heaven? The oil is never a problem, it stands for the Holy Spirit regardless whether it is mixed with the grain or with the fine flour it is the operation of the Holy Spirit to magnify the Lord and God, Jesus Christ! Now for the first of the bold moves; there are twelve wafers or the twelve tribes of Israel or smaller study groups of twelve per tribe and therefore 144 wafers. That would define the basket of unleavened cakes; they are the members of the tribes of Heaven. Where is this fine flour derived from and why crushed so fine? And what processes were involved  in converting this fine flour into a cake? The events are; grain and drink offering when converted is crushed into a fine flour and oil added and then subjected to a fire which converts the fine flour into cakes and wafers. This sounds like rough, raw grain being joined by a bitter drink Jesus is offered and comes to join them, by the presence of the Holy Spirit, the oil, softens the grain into a fine flour which is then cooked into a cake. Sounds very much like what happened on GFPMC, presentation of drink and Jesus going to join the grain, His Church but over time by the operation of the Holy Spirit Jesus crushes and brings the grain as a fine flour to the burnt offering of DOA78 where they are cooked into cakes and now are being presented  as a part of the peace offering not just of the lamb but the ram. The whole cycle of the life of Jesus.

This bridge to Heaven is also a rather obscure object. When Jesus died at 3pm on GFPMC He bridged this gap and went into the Most Holy Place with His blood. It was the presence of this blood that qualified Him, made Him worthy to receive the scroll from the right hand of God and to begin breaking its seals. But if that scroll is the bridge to earth then it can only operate when the seventh seal is broken and it fully unrolls. This will not happen until we are in Heaven and still well short of DOA78. But anyway verses 14 and 15 have now produced what was required by God from the Nazirite in order to build this bridge between God and man]

Verse 16; ‘Then the priest shall present them before the Lord and shall offer his sin and his burnt offering.’

This is certainly the order in which they occur; the sin offering of the ewe-lamb or His bride, GFPMC, and still in the much distant future the burnt offering, DOA78. Their combination make up the life of Jesus or the ram offering, minus at this stage His resurrection. On this Heavenly doorstep where we are at there is nothing behind this doorway, no Holy Place or new earth and no Most Holy Place or the city of the New Jerusalem. These offerings can be presented now and then taken through the doorway when things appear on the other side. God however is omnipresent and all concerned know these sacrifices will be accepted. The job sheet will be ticked as ‘completed’.

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Verse 17; ‘He shall also offer the ram for a  sacrifice of peace offerings to the Lord, together with the basket of unleavened cakes; the priest shall likewise offer its grain offering and its drink offering.’


There is only one basket of cakes and those are associated with the peace sacrifice. There is no baskets associated with  either the ewe-lamb or burnt offering. They are the Nazirite constructing the bridge and then the Nazirite going back to bring His bride over with Him. Firstly Jesus had to go as low as ewe-lamb, He had to be fully human for the foundation on planet earth but He also had to be fully divine to take place in that act of Divinity; DOA79. The Nazirite bridge had to span the whole gap, more like a chasm. But as well as having built the bridge he went back and joined them by drinking that pint of vinegar. He joined that raw grain and the proof of this is in the drink offering. Then He brought them back across that chasm with Him and changed them with Him whilst He was in those flames of the DOA79 and from which resulted those 144 million cakes (??). The first circle was the building of the bridge and then the second one running alongside it is the peace sacrifice. Jesus was the start of this bridge, Christ was the end of it and in between we have quite a lengthy explanation of the bridge itself, Jesus Christ. I challenge anyone who can find a mistake with that!

The humanity of our Jesus is an essential tenet of our faith and satan certainly knows this. There are any number of isms out there to try to undermine our faith and a dead cert is to deny the humanity of Jesus. 99.9% human will do; no it won’t, it is either 100% or nothing! It may not be the same Jesus Who walked on this earth, but then again we will not be the same selves. But we  will be able to walk and talk to Him and invite Him for a meal in those wonderful apartments He has gone back to prepare for. He will retain a certain human element.

The divine side of this bridge is a little more complex. You see that the base, the DOA79 finishes before the doorway of the tent of meeting of the new earth. It still could well be that its foundations run right up to the doorway itself but they can’t run through into the new earth. Just up to it. That does not mean that nothing is coming across from the old world. Jesus will not have to create a new bride, we are coming across! Jesus will not have to create a new tree of life, the cross is coming across! We have just had the DOA79 from which blood and offerings were presented, they are coming across albeit in sinless forms! You see that the Day of Atonement (DOA79) was actually the top of the fourth cross and the centre piece, the jewel in the crown of God’s achievements but it still was only the top of the fourth cross. Phase one of the ministry of Jesus Christ was completed, there is still phase two to go, or the fifth cross. These crosses are novel and working around them seems rather strange to say the least. But up there from here, or down there from up here we have a most stunning event probably that could be recorded and as yet has not been recorded. Fourteen hours after the DOA79 was completed some of the blood that was returned from planet earth in a golden censor was applied to our Saviour, He came to life and He got off the cross of atonement! This is a fifth cross event, a phase two event of the Nazirite which will be counted and occurring so early in time must be counted as the foot of cross five! There is still much that we have to learn about this fifth cross.

Verse 18; ‘The Nazirite shall then shave his dedicated head of hair at the doorway of the tent of meeting, and take the dedicated hair of his head and put it on the fire which is under the sacrifice of peace offerings’.

Has the bridge between Divinity and humanity been built? Check; ewe-lamb sin offering offered, male lamb burnt offering offered. Done. Double check; drink offering and grain offering brought over, crushed into fine flour and oil added and a basket of unleavened cakes produced; done. Has not only

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sin been abolished but evil or any possibility of evil done away with? Done. The cross has achieved the purposes for which it was created. It still could be used for time eternal to remind us of these events but that is God’s call and it will require to be disinfected and all traces of sin removed. The Heavenly call is that it is finished and the Heavenly call is that it is coming across the border. But how has it been cleaned? It happened to the bride way back at GFPMC, the cross was there and our final disinfestation occurred as we lay in front of the DOA79 cross and it was there also. So if we were purified by these events then why wasn’t the cross purified also? And to be shown why and how this cross was cleansed is going to be the real gem of revelation of the Holy Spirit and a gem worth praying for. Why was the hair of the Nazirite required to accomplish this monumental transplant of the tree of life from the old earth and into the new city of New Jerusalem. Some first thoughts, things we have already been told.

This tree stood on Mount Calvary on Good Friday. It was in direct contact with the body of Jesus Christ. His water, sweat and His blood soaked into it and it did not need any further cleansing. It could easily have been transplanted into Heaven at 3pm on GFPMC. But much more happened to it at 4pm when that Roman spear opened up the side of our Saviour. His blood and water rushed out of His body and soaked into the ground and into the base of that cross. If it could have been taken into Heaven then it could be doubly so now. From its tip to its toe it became extra holy if there is such a thing.

The next event in its existence was the rebuilding of the temple after the second coming of our Lord and taking His saints to Heaven with Him. Its history comes up now. You see this altar/cross was not always on Mount Calvary it was carried by Jesus with the help of Alexander quite a long distance from that magnificent looking building called the temple of God where it stood in another form. The altar of burnt offering a topic which we soon have to look at in much more detail. The problem was that sin could not be offered on this altar. Sin cannot be offered to God as a pleasing aroma but we can ask God to take our sins and dispose of them in hell. No sin could be offered through the burnt altar. It had to be placed on a scapegoat and this scapegoat then led not just out of the temple but out of the city as well and be destroyed. Jesus was this scapegoat and the place where this scapegoat was destroyed was where the cross stood on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC).

Counting Solomon’s temple as one, Herod’s temple as two, the one after the second coming is temple three. It will stand with the cross as its centrepiece and it will also be the altar of burnt offering of the previous two temples. They can now be the same thing as there will be no more sins offerings offered. Not one person will repent after the second coming. The only sin offering to occur will be that of Divinity, of Jesus Christ and that will be an act of soldering, fusing the old altar of burnt offering to the cross of Jesus Christ. Keeping in mind that Israel is going to lie in ruins the rebuilding of the third temple will indeed be a difficult affair, but it will have to be rebuilt with an accuracy of fractions of an inch. That altar, that cross will have to be in exactly the right place, exactly where it stood on GFPMC. It will not require a rededication, Jesus can move straight into it at His third coming. The presence of His blood and water from GFPMC will be all that is required to rededicate it.

This temple will stand until 1,260 years after the second coming and again be destroyed by an earthquake this time set off by the vibrations from the door of mercy slamming shut on humanity. The rebuilding of the fourth temple is described in detail in Daniel chapter nine and the period we are dealing with now. Our cross is not now down on an earthly level but has been elevated right up to the doorway of the new earth tent of meeting (NETM). This is where the DOA79 has just occurred and it was directly above where GFPMC stood all that time ago. And more blood and water from our Saviour soaked into that cross and made it even more holy. (?)  How holy does it have to be to qualify for the tag; ‘Heaven bound’?

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When we left Heaven as a part of the Armies of the rider of the white horse after spending some 1,800 odd years in the old tent of meeting we were not sinless. We still had the beast within which had to be killed and extracted, but we were covered with our robes of Christ’s righteousness, we could not be just dumped back on this sinful world. We had received special protection whilst those last acts were played out down on planet earth and that we have just left Heaven we will still require further protection. We do have that protection when the rider of the white horse is with us but he leaves us , becomes isolated and has nothing. If He left us in the presence of His cross the one He would hang on for the day of atonement then the presence of that cross with the blood of Jesus would clear the area required for the armies of Heaven to spend in a relatively sinless area regardless how badly satan had tried to defile it when he was allowed up here.


(There is no blog Numbersasitiswritten.com and attempts to build up to previous levels thwarted by dizney spells so the grind just continues. That does not mean it will not happen, the answer may be ‘wait’)

The cross was holy and undefiled whilst it had any trace of the blood of Jesus on it. But that blood is far too precious and unnecessary to be applied to this cross as significant as an item that it is. When the blood of Jesus is collected at 4pm on DOA79 every droplet from every corner of the world is gathered including drops that have soaked into this cross. At this stage still I take the golden censor that was hurled back to earth at the end of the millennium as having two compartments; one for the water and one for the blood of Jesus. But once this last drop of fluid is extracted from that timber so is the protection from evil. But the cross does not need blood applied to plead for mercy, it has done nothing wrong. It is the bride that requires that reassurance that mercy has and will be granted forever. It is the blood of Jesus when applied to our foreheads that causes that ultimate unity; ‘and they shall see His face.’ The cross cannot do this. All that is required for this cross is a divine covering and what organ has God made to provide a covering for our bodies? The hair. This is not just ordinary hair that is applied to the cross but hair about which we still have much to learn; divine hair of Jesus.

If it was the cross with the blood of Jesus that cleared that final area we were going to spend our last seven odd years on this planet on, which I will call ‘our final Eden’, then that protection leaves the cross at 4pm and will exert its protection from the golden censor, but in the meantime this cross has just acquired another bar of distinction; not only has it born the body of Jesus Christ twice, one as human and one as divine, it has also taken place not just in the eradication of sin but also in the eradication of evil. It is extra pure and now that the blood has been taken away from it, it was never going to be a part of the bride, it now requires some extra protection over and above the presence of the blood in the censor for at least 1,260 days until the protection of the hair. This extra protection is the fire at its base and will replace that fire as it protection. This fires will not come to Heaven. But now for those 1,260 days during which this sinless hair grows and before it is placed at the foot of the cross.

Verse 19; ‘The priest shall take the ram’s shoulder when it has been boiled, and one unleavened cake out of the basket and one unleavened wafer, and shall put them in the hand’s of the Nazirite after he has shaved his dedicated hair.’

At the time I admitted that it was not the right thing to do to draw parallels between evil and good but as I have found no better way yet will have to continue to do so. The Book of Daniel gives us a very detail description of the statue of evil from which I draw my parallels. It has five metals all representing

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evil and one non-metal, clay, representing good. The head was gold and represented the Babylonian Empire, the empire God used to pull the pin on His people. Enough was enough! And for all those who ignore the Holy Sabbath of God, the issue was not the Sabbath of the people, the fourth commandment but the Sabbath concerning the land He gave them. They did not give the land the rest God required them to give and it was only when the land had received that rest that God allowed them to return from the Babylonian captivity. And that was ‘only’ land! He could even be serious about the Sabbath concerning His people??? This commandment will clearly carry through the eternities!.

I take the head of gold as representing the evil without. Satan, demons and the like which will last until the fires of hell have been extinguished. Satan may be the evil without but to many he has become the evil within and to some of those he has brought many of his cohorts. Just watch them squirm and do the big sidestep when you count to five; 1 John; chapter2; verses 3, 4 and 5. They are the exception. They are allowed to break the commandments of God and not be called liars and no truth in them. They are only doing only what their master wants them to do and what comes naturally to them. The device they hold is more powerful than any nuclear weapon. With one cast of the dice they throw the blessings that God so desperately wants to give back into His holy face and more importantly, much more importantly they keep you under the old covenant from which not one person has ever got to Heaven or will ever get to Heaven. That law that was written on stone has not been rewritten onto the heart the condition that is required by the new covenant. You can call as many glory bee’s and alleluia’s as you want but you are still hell bound! We know the Jesus will look at the heart to judge intentional from unintentional and this will be the saving grace of many despite satan’s efforts to get you into hell.

The silver chest in Scripture is taken as the Medes and Persians and which I take as Islam and its two branches; Sunni and Sheite. I do not know whether this hate has always existed between them but it certainly should not exist in the statue of good.

Daniel’s statue has thighs of bronze which represent Greece but I take as representing democracy. It is an alloy of two evil metals, bronze or brass is immaterial, just that there are two metals. The two elements of evil I take as the evil within and that is coupled with democracy, thus the evil alloy.

The legs and feet are of interest as they are iron mixed with, but not alloyed with clay. This mixing is only temporary and they will separate. The iron is the ruling power of the day, Rome at the first coming and America at the second coming. The clay is the Jews who mixed with Rome to try to destroy Christianity and the first coming and have now combined with America to destroy Christianity, beginning with the Palestinians, before the Lord’s soon coming. But they will not always remain mixed with the iron. The day that their earthly hopes, their bunkers, bombs and bullets which they have placed on sand will fail them as will any other structure that is not built on the rock.


And as they look up and see what may look like giant mirrors reflecting light but are actually tens of thousands of glittering knives and hordes of Muslims crawling over each other to get their knives in first they show that they are clay and have a conscience. They ask, ‘Did we really cause all that hate, hurt and suffering? We have indeed deserved what is about to happen’. These are not the first pangs of conscience that they experienced. It was obvious not just to them but to all when they were persecuting and killing Christians the harvest that was forthcoming could only be happening if they were trying to annihilate the people of God. Yet their efforts to destroy only produced this greatest of harvests. Knowing this what evil there was within still kept them killing! All these events, all these King

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David hotels hit them at the one time. But the Bible says they are clay. The depths from which this lot come from make David look like the archangel Gabriel! But even way down there, there was the hand of Jesus, the Son of David and this time they repent and take a hold of this hand. It is a satanic lie to make you think that Jesus cannot reach down to your depths of evil, to my depths of evil. He can actually do much better than that; He can reach down, pull us out, clean us up and make vessels out of us that can be used for divine purposes! He can and actually does do this to many.

We are about to get involved in another mystery; the hair of Jesus Christ but whether we do or don’t understand it will not affect our salvation. What does affect our salvation is the fact that satan is allowed to run amok and to take many to hell with him. This is difficult to understand and difficult to cope with. I concentrate on the Swaggart ministries as they are the only ones who have a network broadcasting to Australia. The message they preach is not uniquely theirs and is probably taught by over 99% of other ministries and denominations. The shoe fits all. They now recommend Americans keep their guns so when that yet to be announced amnesty is over American Christians will have their guns. This will be equivalent to the Palestinians having rockets. The problem with these rockets is when they fire them they count how many cabbages they have blown out of the ground but the cruise missile that returns can bring down a ten story building and kill hundreds of people. There is your amnesty; the guns that you hold make you into armed terrorists and their effectiveness is equivalent to a Palestinian rocket. But you approved of the Palestinian slaughter so guess whose turn it is now. It will be too late then to do anything about it but it is not too late today as to what went wrong for you, how did you fall for satan’s lies?

It is at ones peril that when entering into a battle to ignore the strength of one’s enemy. Satan’s strength lies not just his knowledge of the Bible but in his ability to distort and destroy that message. Such are the abilities of the Swaggart ministries. One example is to bring David as the Son of Jesus to an exalted position. And bring him from the depths Jesus did and will do again when His people turn back to Him in their moment of despair. Despite all that harm that they have done the Hand of the Son of David will still be there but it is a gross extortion to exalt David and all those murders above Jesus Who picked them up. They should be highlighted as in spite of and despite of what they were, Jesus still picked them up.

Another clever distortion is to compare Jimmy and his flock to Paul and the early church. If they done it so why can’t Jimmy and his lot? But you must realise Jimmy that there are nuances here. Both groups involve lions. Back then they were four legged creatures with big manes that jumped on Christians and tore them to pieces. Today they are two legged creatures, some with manes that jump onto any of their flock especially new members and strip them of whatever they can get from them. There  is an exchange of monies but in those days they would share the proceeds from the sale of their home and not grab moneys from the sale of other people’s homes for themselves. Slight but significant differences!  One of these days when I can stop myself from side splitting laughter at the thought of comparing Jimmy with the apostle Paul I will try to put pen to paper but at present that is not possible. Talk about a joke! Talk about antonyms! Jimmy and Paul. If it is meant to be a joke then it is a good one!

But their biggest deceit by far is their ability to hang a carrot in front of you, the donkey with no prospect of you ever eating it. This way they can lead you into hell without you realising the dangers. The carrot they hold in front of you is the stunning beauty of the life of Jesus Christ. It has breath taking beauty, it is the new covenant. And here is their trick; they keep you under the old covenant but keep espousing the beauty of the new one. Shouting all the glory bees and alleluias does not get

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you across from the old to the new covenants. The only way to get you across is to transfer the law that God wrote on stone onto your heart. Not some of it, not most of it but all of it. It is all or nothing! I heard Jimmy’s pronouncement of God’s gift to humanity, the fourth commandment of the Sabbath day. He not only rejected it he ridiculed it to such an extent that even a SDA elder was convinced it was all wrong and changed his erroneous ways. Well done Jimmy! You have got them all under the old covenant, all hell bound and hanging that carrot in front of them has numbed their senses in such a way they don’t even realise it! Satan is indeed very proud of you! You have performed way outside of his wildest dreams!

If I was asked to justify my model of the image of good which I plagiarised from Daniel’s statue of evil  then I would use Numbers (6:13-20). The image of good would not be made out of a metal but a living animal, a ram this time. It’s head would symbolise the divinity of Jesus, its feet the humanity of Jesus as on earth, its thighs would be theocracy and chest and shoulders Christianity. Before attempting this analysis I will point out the elephant in the room and so soften the crash. It is about the hair of Jesus which grew for 1,260 days before it was applied to the fire under the peace offerings.


It is all as simple as verse 19 follows verse 18. The cross of Jesus Christ from GFPMC is the most extraordinary and ‘privileged’ piece of God’s creation. It may also be the original tree of life in the Garden of Eden which miraculously survived Noah’s Flood, which was symbolically transferred from the old temple to the site of the new temple after the Lord’s second coming; it absorbed the blood of Jesus whilst He was on it on both occasions and further absorbed both some of the water and the blood when that Roman spear opened the side of Jesus at 4pm on GFPMC; it may be the same cross when placed in front of that final doorway into the NETM that cleanses an area of the size of the Garden of Eden and allows all those saints who have just spent 1,800 odd years in the old tent of meeting a clean area for their final preparation through that doorway and into the NETM; it may be the same cross that holds Jesus Christ in that act of divinity of the Day of Atonement (DOA80); it may be the same cross that experiences not just the abolishing of sin but evil as well; it may be the same cross from which all the fluids of Jesus Christ are collected at 4pm on DOA80 and when that protection is removed it is replaced by a fire; it may be this fire that changes when the sinless hair of Jesus is added to it after 1,260 days; it may be the same cross that on the day after DOA80, Resurrection Sunday, saw a few drops of the blood of Jesus being applied to His body, Jesus come to life and come down from this tree in all of His heavenly glory and watched history change when the hair of the Nazirite was applied.

It may be the item that makes Simon of Cyrene the most privileged of all human beings. He has already helped Jesus carry that cross from the old temple site to the new temple site and it could well now be him again as that one unleavened cake who is now going to carry the cross from the old earth and into the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) and ultimately into the New Jerusalem. His heart is going to swell with pride every time he looks at that magnificent tree of life and the privilege bestowed on him by grace to be allowed to carry it with Jesus. But that privilege does not belong to Simon of Cyrene alone. We too are invited by Jesus to carry His cross and ask Him to help us to carry our cross. When we look at this magnificent plant we too will take pride at the privilege offered  us to be able to carry this plant in our lives and finally be in the entourage that carries it through that doorway and into that NETM.

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Magnificent it may be, privileged it may be but it is only a plant. It may be the only plant to get across from old to new earth, but it is only a plant. It will still require the river of life to stand and grow in like all the other plants but it will not die. It would have been shielded from death. But it will not require the blood of Jesus to plead for mercy and to form that final union with divinity. It will not require 1,260 days to accomplish anything, it is merely the object around which events will occur. But what events? If I am right in this blog there are still 1,470 days left of existence for this planet earth after DOA80 so what still needs to be achieved?

If we look for the parallel of GFPMC then we see that the Church of Christ was given 1,260 days of preparation for their heavenly journey and prepared well they had to be. On the first day of this journey satan was allowed to put a tear in that wall of water and sewerage and nearly washed them all away! Talk about a test of faith! I am going to attempt a similar analysis of the bride after DOA80 and by typing what I know is wrong, with prayer the Holy Spirit may reveal where it is wrong and what is right. This is a technique I have often used before, setting out to show why and where Scripture is ‘wrong’ only to be shown that it was I who was wrong.

The scenario is I have 1,260 days to prepare the bride for her heavenly journey, what do I have to do? Well the first thing that I would do was to warn them that their robes of righteousness that Jesus gave them on entry into the Old Earth Tent of Meeting would acquire a brilliant glow when they entered the NETM and would become blindingly beautiful on entry into  the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem. The only way that they will be able to look at this Sonlight is only going to be a few pixels at a time. The robe they have been given is weaved in this manner for this reason; a few strands at a time at best. Its beauty cannot be perceived at once. I could continue to try to build it from its pieces; head, feet, shoulders and chest, thighs and legs and feet then then combine them as Jesus Christ on the cross, put verse 19 before verse 18 but Scripture puts them in the right order. It presents the hair of the Nazirite on the cross first and then gives the build up of its parts. It is the verse 18 that places the hair at the base of the cross and the other verses will show its components. It was on this cross that this robe that Jesus has given me was woven and it is from this cross that the analysis should have begun. The cross itself is not the aroma of the Head and feet burning as in the burnt sacrifice. It is the hair that is placed onto the fire at its base a fire which has burnt there since  4pm on DOA80 to prevent this cross from coming in contact with a part of a sinful universe which it soon to be destroyed. The significance of verse 18 requires prayer; it happened at the end of 1,260 days and galvanised God’s creation into action. But what happened during those 1,260 days is what we are seeking. We know fairly well what happened in those first ten days before the 10th of July, but what about after? The Sunday, the next day would be indescribable even to think about; the resurrection of Jesus. So on what day after would the events become describable? How is God going to view or regard the smell of burning hair? Much effort was placed into making it sinless. It is acceptable to God and the cross is coming right up to and into the New Jerusalem.

Verse 19 is the first presentation, that of the ram’s shoulder. It is not presented before this cross which has just been tagged as ‘Heaven bound’ and on which Jesus hung on the DOA80 some 1,260 days ago. It is presented by the priest before God.


But first it is time for being bold again. Far too little is being extracted from this grain. Errors and one way streets are at least an elimination process. We have 1,260 days after the DOA80 for the preparation of that final leg of the journey and in all probability another seven months, seven days

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and seven hours or 1,260 + 217 or a total of 1,477 days yet the cupboards are so bare. Trying to put ‘something’ in those cupboards we Sunday the 11th of July, Resurrection Sunday a day of such beauty and complexity that we dare not touch it unless it occurs in Scripture. One. We know that the leaders of our tribes, twelve of them, are about to step up and place all our hopes and aspirations of the promised land on this newly consecrated altar over twelve days. Thirteen. WE have a back marker of 1,260 days after DOA80 for when this altar is anointed or consecrated. Fourteen. The following events occur in this order but not necessarily on the days allotted. Day 1,257 Jesus presents Himself as the burnt offering of DOA80, an event that occurred 1,257 days ago. Fifteen. Day, 1,258, Jesus presents Himself as the ewe-lamb a year old and without defect as a sin offering. Sixteen. Day, 1,259, Jesus presents Himself as the peace offering and brings us with Him across that huge canyon that exist between God and man. The footings for this bridge are already there; earth’s side is GFPMC and the NETM side is DOA80 we just need to be brought across. The saints, the bride already have made a part of that crossing when Jesus took us the our first tent of meeting but now we need to complete this journey. The peace offering is a ram. It was a one year old lamb, GFPMC but we add on its life after this event, one year more, two years more, three years more…….3,800 years more it is the remainder of the life of the Nazirite and not just that but the long and sorry saga of what He went through to bring the bride with Him. Seventeen. Da  y 1,260 the earthly role of the cross is finished, it is anointed, consecrated and tagged as ‘Heaven bound’. verse eighteen and Nazirite lays his hair on the fire that has been protecting this cross ever since 4pm of DOA80. This protection is now permanent. Eighteen. Day 1,261. My original allocation of phase two of the Nazirite as 1,260 days should have read as ‘about 1,260 days’ because this presentation that is now going to be made is made by the Nazirite and it is on or after day 1,260.

We should expect that presentations, revelations concerning  the robe of righteous Jesus gave us on entry into the first Heavens is now going to become more brilliant and more revealing. We must be entering the pixel stage.  We are now in a sinless and evil free zone and this zone is available to anyone by faith. I am there. I have not been swept off my feet by divinity because Jesus is still here as Nazirite. There is a definite and distinctive human element. But there was a marked change when the Nazirite placed His locks of hair on that fire. There may be much doubt as to why He took 1,260 days to do so but there is no doubt what was placed on this fire and now set off this chain of events. The earth itself was sin free and evil free as at DOA80 but it was not in the possession of 1,260 day old hair of the Nazirite, at that time it was only one day old. Not understanding something could not be regarded as a weakness but with a bit of scratching we may have come up with nineteen days out of a total of 1,477. So what is this presentation the Nazirite is about to make of the boiled ram’s shoulder, the unleavened cake and unleavened wafer?

There is no doubt that Jesus would have explained all these things and in detail when He presented His 1,250 day tutorial before He went to His DOA80 cross of the 10th of July. And we saw what He had explained to us happen and happen down to the minutest detail. But clearly despite all this preparation the whole thing was just overwhelming and we couldn’t cope. It is going to need revision, it is as simple as that! But look at our tutor this time around and compare Him to His previous self and particularly to His previous settings. And what about those in front of Him having heard and then seen?

The settings, the environment are not comparable. Sin present to sinless and evil present to evil less. Even the bride has totally changed. It was beyond our imagination what Jesus was trying to tell us as to what was going to happen. Well it has happened and even foreknowledge of these events has not prevented us from being swept off our feet by them. We need to be stood back up on our feet!  It is a

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different matter when I put my hand in the fire and tell you it hurt and it was hot to you putting your own hand in the same fire. This fire may have been hot even at billion miles away when we were near the NETM and hell’s fires that consumed satan and all the evil angel was here on earth, but we were a lot closer on the DOA81. The only way Jesus could get rid of that mountain of unconfessed unintentional sin was to have them burned in the fires of hell. How close were we to those fires? Christianity, the ram’s shoulder was boiled, not burnt but boiled. The fine flour and oil got hot enough to be baked into cakes and wafers. Any part of the beast that had not been killed before was now and the dead pieces extracted. It was hot and it hurt and the final stage of refining. Yes the environment was very much different before and after DOA81.

Was our Jesus any different? Before He was a billion miles away from us and now He is right in the middle in among us in our final garden. We certainly can see Him a lot more clearly now. The ‘problem’ that Jesus had before was that He had the same crop of hair as He had on earth but there was a time coming, eight days before DOA81 when He took on all those remaining sins on Himself, that hair would become defiled and have to be cut off. It was cut off on the 9th of July and for many weeks after His head was almost hairless and He reflected the glory of God. DOA82 His hair had only just been shaved and He reflected the full Glory of God. DOA82 was as divine an affair as it could get. We watched that hair regrowing and it was not just a sinless hair but there was no possibility of sin coming in contact with it. There was a definite difference between the Hair of Jesus on either side of the DOA82. The question I am struggling with is equivalent to; was Jesus different before and after GFPMC? Yes He was and in many ways and this time around ; it is really finished! So by day 1,259 things seem to have settled down when on day 1,260 Jesus shaves His Precious hair again! It flares. His head is shaven again and He now reflects divinity again. He is going to show us some divine nature of our salvation. This hair that protected His head before now surrounds the cross as eternal protection and in the hands of the Nazirite after he has shaven his dedicated hair He is holding the boiled ram’s shoulder with one unleavened cake out of the basket and one unleavened wafer.


That time has come to move on from the Nazirite. Scripture at this time expects us to start unfolding that robe of Righteousness that Jesus has prepared for us and we can accept it by faith today even though it will not be literally handed to us until we enter the first tent of meeting at His second coming. I think that this may have been our fourth visit to the Nazirite chapter six and even though there was much progress made in comparison to the third visit there has not been enough momentum to pull us through verses 19, 20. My earthly foundation was not strong enough to support this heavenly view of the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Perhaps a visit to just these two verses maybe in order after a more detail study of chapters 28 and 29.

But we leave our Nazirite after the fulfilment of His vow of separation and the option of drinking wine. We leave Him with His head shaven and reflecting the full glory of God. In this state He is presenting the boiled ram’ shoulder but He is also presenting that one cake of unleavened flour and oil from the basket and from one wafer. He is presenting humanity to God as perfection and it is only perfection because of one person; Jesus Christ is the backbone of that presentation. He is leaving the Nazirite, the priest, the man, the unleavened cake and wafer but only after they have been presented and accepted by God. His presentation was made on the thigh of this ram. It did not require any heating or refining processes, God’s way, theocracy is presented just as it is. He just lifted it up and on this basis stood Christianity; the chest of the shoulder and the breast. It is the base, the foundation of God, of theocracy from which our Robes of righteousness are spun and as such cannot have any errors. So

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it is time for the time being at least to bid farewell to the priest, the Nazirite and our human representative before God. And we welcome in His replacement; the High Priest Jesus Christ. The parting gesture of our Nazirite was to cut off His sinless locks of hair and place them on the fire at the foot of the peace offering altar. And it is this realisation of just how different, just how much poorer we and Heaven would have been had He not done this that will justify a return back to this chapter for further study. Before this it will be just a matter of water off the duck’s back. Jesus is doing all these wonderful things but only after; ‘he has shaved his dedicated hair’.

The decree that the Nazirite may drink wine does not mean that He will immediately. By definition if He drinks or even touches wine he is disqualified from being a Nazirite and as we have seen He has stopped being that already. Secondly there is no wine in this garden to drink. We may have been here for about seven years but there were far more important issues to be dealt with than planting vines. And the way that God does things they cannot exist on the other side of the NETM. The way that God operates is; ‘In the beginning God…..’ He creates a fabric of time and then onto this fabric He adds; ‘Created the Heavens and earth’. He adds distance and matter. So on the other side of the NETM He must create time first before He can add space onto which He can place the New Earth. And that time on the other side cannot be started to be created whilst time is still running on this side. We do not celebrate our birthday in the new heavens as 01/01/01 but fourteen days later. But this does not mean that a major highlight of our existence is the changeover from the old world to the new one. Seven hours left to go, six, five, four, three, two, one and no doubt seven minutes, seven seconds, seven milliseconds and enough time to spin around, see the doorway into the new earth tent of meeting open (NETM) and see; ’In the beginning God…..’. And it is on this new earth that Jesus will plant plants only limited by His imagination and ability and will not have to handle the stresses of existing in evil. There will be no mass extinctions up there and no downhill mutations! The sky is the limit to the creating power of the Lord God Jesus Christ. Being God He can initiate as many ‘In the beginnings’ that He wants but how would that affect our existence in eternity? Would there be a number of eternities? Just something to roll about in the back of the head. It would certainly create confusion in Heaven about dates and God is not a god of confusion.

Before we say our final goodbyes to Jesus the Nazirite and welcome Him back as Jesus Christ the High Priest ready to walk and administer in the NETM and then move through into the Most Holy Place or the New Jerusalem, some thoughts to ponder. We left with the thigh being offered by lifting. The basis of our robes of righteousness, the new earth and Heaven is theocracy, God’s way. We must expect that perfection can only result from this base. The instigation began with the placing of the protection of Jesus, His hair at the base of the altar of the peace offering. It was on this altar that this robe of Christ’s righteousness was woven. It was a most unpleasant experience. It was hot and it hurt. But out of all that was going on on that altar, the focus, the presentation was one unleavened cake out of that whole basket and one wafer; the tribe of Judah. There were other cakes there in that basket, but only one was offered. They too were cooked but their existence is based on what happened to one. There is only one robe of righteousness that covers all souls, that robe was formed on the cross and that cross is coming along to exist in eternity and there is only one eternity. And it is the hair that protected the Nazirite that is going to protect this loom where this robe was woven.

Our Nazirite bids us farewell as His days of separation are completed and He now can drink wine. He now appears as Aaron the High Priest and bestows his blessings on the bride who now at least theoretically is ready for that last part of her journey before eternity begins. Her 1,260 days of preparation are up. She obviously is not going to be hit by a wall of satan’s sewerage so what can she expect? Any Trials? Does she in fact need any testing at all?The blessings that our High Priest gives invokes; My name. Many today, in fact most do not invoke blessings with this holy name but by misusing it only invokes curses and one of satan’s great triumphs!

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I am going to push the chapter seven analogy until I think it breaks down. This blog is not intended as giving answers to questions but merely to channel thought of various possibilities. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to give answers. But verse one of chapter seven seems to have anticipated most of our questions and given the answer; ‘Now on the day that Moses had finished setting up the tabernacle, he anointed it and consecrated it with all its furnishings and the altar and all its utensils; he anointed them and consecrated them.’

I have been trying so hard to connect the Old and New Testaments for such a long time now so you can imagine my reaction when I struck the pot of gold in (7:1). Paraphrasing; ‘and 1,260 days after the DOA83 cross Jesus the Nazirite had prepared His bride for her heavenly journey by setting up the tabernacle by anointing and consecrating the furnishings, altar and all the utensils’. And ‘after so many days, (which I can’t remember) after the cross of Good Friday Passover in Egypt (GFPE), Moses prepared his people for their heavenly journey by setting up the tabernacle and by anointing and consecrating the furnishings, altar and all its utensils’. Wow!

Well what furnishings, altars and utensils are going up from Moses’ tabernacle into the atonement tabernacle and from there onto the new Heaven and earth? Counting (1) the bride, those whose names have been included in the Book of Numbers although at this stage I have to qualify this they will mostly be from the Levite’s version. (2) Any blood that has been spilled of Jesus will be gathered in a golden censor and firstly taken into DOA84 tabernacle and then finally into the New Jerusalem. Every droplet and that obviously includes the water that came out of the side of Jesus at 4pm on GFPMC. (3) the altar and or the cross. Its appearances may change but it is going from this desert version to GFPMC version, onto DOA85 version and its final transformation as the tree of life inside of the New Jerusalem. It was its anointing in the desert that triggered the people’s journey and it was its anointing 1,260 days after DOA84 that triggered that final journey onto the NETM. (4) the golden lampstand.   ****

Even though I intend to keep looking for answers in other parts of the Bible, the primary focus of this blog remains the Book of Revelation and multiple revisits to the chapters pray fully to gain more insight into them. The problem is I can’t remember how many of these revisits I have done but every time I receive some trigger I go back. Such is the situation and the golden lampstand. For a long time now I have regarded the chasm between Revelations chapters 20 and 21 with concern and tried to address the situation but never in terms of the seven altars of Balaam which I did not know existed. The seven altars are taken as the seven crosses or lamps in the golden lampstand. Trying to fill that yawning chasm between the old earth of chapter 20 which ends with judgment and hell and the sudden appearance of the New Jerusalem coming down in chapter 21. Let us try to count the number of days and events which Scripture could have put the two.

Judgment, hell, fires extinguish on 2nd of July. Plus eight days to DOA84. (8). Plus 1,260 days until Jesus anoints the cross with His hair, (1,268). Plus as we shall see another seven months, seven days and seven hours or 217 and a bit days, (1,485 days). At this stage it appears that Daniel was only shown the last of the full years for the existence of this planet, (7*70 = 490) and not the last 217 days. End of old earth and chapter 20. Plus 451 days of our existence on the new earth when we look up and see the New Jerusalem coming down out of the sky, new earth and chapter 21. Total 1,936 days between the two chapters and three crosses. Now the chasm.

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If we look at the lampstand the light on the far right is the seventh cross. It is within the New Jerusalem and Balaam had to construct the seventh altar if he wanted to get an answer from the very top. Balak could have got a lie from any one of those demon prophets he had trained, but he wanted the truth. He built all seven altars and he knew that the answers that came down were from God; ‘what did your God say to you’. But if we follow this seventh lamp, the seventh cross which is in the New Jerusalem back along its stem to the vertical stem and then right back to its extremity we find the first lamp, Good Friday Passover in Egypt (GFPE). The seventh light is connected to the first light. It was here that the heavenly journey began and it finished in the top Heaven. Cross seven is coming across.

What about the sixth cross that one of the tent of meeting, the sixth light with its base of the red heifer? Follow that down to the main stem and out to its extremity and we find Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary, (GFPMC) and the connection between these two have been established. Cross six is a part of the NETM, the earth around the New Jerusalem and it is coming across.

Cross five, phase two of the ministry of the Nazirite Jesus Christ appears to be anchored on this old earth. Its stem is connected to the third cross or the second coming of our Lord from where it appears our journey to Heaven proper begins and finishes with the anointing of the cross of atonement with the locks of Jesus. The top of the fifth cross is the base of the sixth cross of NETM. They are one. Daniel was right to omit those seven months and seven days and seven hours. They are minor confirmatory events of checking and rechecking. By omitting these last seven odd months Daniel who no doubt knew about these seven crosses, was able to join the top of the fifth cross across the to the bottom of the sixth cross in Heaven, the red heifer. We were ready for our journey across at the end of the 1,260 days. Those last 217 days are for the benefit of those of weak faith, us on earth. Crosses five and six are a connection between old and new. Cross five is the anointing with hair of the cross that is standing in the NETM.

That leaves light four as the centrepiece. It stands alone with three lights on either side of it. It is the crown jewel. It is the Day of Atonement (DOA85). It is the day that Divinity not only did away with sin, it also did away with evil. As the fourth cross it is also the base of the fifth cross. It is the end of phase one of the ministry of the Nazirite but also the beginning of phase two. Its base is the top of the third cross the slamming shut of the door of mercy and getting on with the business of eliminating evil. This could only happen once the door of mercy had slammed shut.

There is little point making rules about what is and what is not coming of this golden lampstand. To most today who not only do not accept Jesus on the cross but are repulsed by that idea there is little point wasting time in trying to explain to them that those final heavens are a place of perfection. Their base is the thigh that Jesus lifted up to God at His decommissioning. There is no sin or even the possibility of sin up there. The seven crosses are coming across but not as WHAT Jesus did, what He did, but as WHY He did what He did. The nature of God. The revelation that He gave of Himself through His only Begotten Son hanging on that cross. And all this proves that you can’t put a pearl in front of swine! (5) the trumpets.

The trumpets themselves don’t have to come across, certainly not the one to summons for war. There are no wars up there, but the one that calls for Holy assemblies and feast days will have some equivalent. (6), the altar of incense which was in the ‘wrong’ place because in needed daily attention has already gone to Heaven where it does not need this daily attention. It is in the Most Holy Place. But that brings us to asking what is actually being compared? Wasn’t Moses asked to construct a holy place which is a shadow of what exists in Heaven? And which Heaven is that? And since there are

Page 175

going to be NEW Heavens and earth then what was wrong with the old ones and have their problems been rectified?

If we are to judge God’s creation by His direct continual presence then God has done it, will do it, in three stages; His presence in the Most Holy Place in the temple starting in the wilderness right until Jesus walked out of the temple before GFPMC. Stage one was always meant to be a meant to be a temporary sage and I have not yet seen any evidence to say that it did not last for 1,260 years; From GFPE to GFPMC. The second stage is not really a created stage as it is outside of time and has always existed; the Most Holy Place in Heaven and it would only have to be removed if it had ‘problems’. One of these major problems was the revolt on Heaven. It would have only needed one angel to rebel to defile this area and the large scale of rebellion certainly did that. The appearance of all those  **** people at 3pm on GFPMC within the Most Holy Place would not have done much for the cleansing of the place. One was a murderer and he continued to murder God’s people when he returned to earth. But the reason we are back here on the earthly step in the desert with Moses and the bronze snake is because we have been sent back to this spot by our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. We can look around here first and then look upwards and ask questions. With time and study we would expect more and more of these questions to be answered but even if they are not answered does not mean we have wasted our time. Bible study, our contact with the Divine is not being electrocuted every time we turn a page. It is picking up the Word of God in faith and turning its Divine pages. But you may say that I have been doing that for so many hours a day and over countless years and I do not understand one thing any better and as far as I can see it has been just a waste of time. If those people who could say that formed a queue then that queue would be very long indeed. But that is the whole point, that you cannot do any more than start reading the Bible in faith. It is then the work of the Holy Spirit to intervene and He will do so at the right time and in the right manner. Read the Bible, asked for daily bread move on with the next chore of life, the Spirit will answer at the right time! It is all about faith! And what seemed like a waste of time will one day be shown for what is was; strengthening of faith.

Well here we are on an earthly step; ‘Now on the day that Moses had finished setting up the tabernacle’. We have four zones; the Most Holy Place, the Holy Place or the tent of meeting, set in a courtyard which is screened off from unbelievers. How does that apply to what there is now up there on this side of the DOA85 and what is going to be up there after DOA85 and for the eternities to come? The outstanding questions at this time are why can’t the present Most Holy Place just continue or be transposed into the eternities? It has been there for eternities past and the sin that has been introduced will be cleaned out in the DOA85. There is no tree of life up there now or river flowing from under the throne, but again they could quite easily be introduced at the right time. Its size may not be comparable to the New Jerusalem but again God would not have any problem in increasing its size. Surely the determining factor is the presence of God, the throne of God and it is up there now as it will be in the New Jerusalem. Even on our earthly step back here in the desert it is represented by the Ark of the Covenant.

But placing this existing Most Holy Place in a sinless environment maybe a problem. No such place exists. The present earth has had a major purge as at Noah’s Flood but even there the existing evil of that time was subducted and may have finished up under Asia or Antarctica, it is still there. It along with all the other evils needs that conversion that only Jesus can make; take that sin and evil and make it into something that does not exist. It becomes nothing, it ceases to exist. Only hell’s fires can do that to both the sinner and to the place he defiled, Peter’s fires. This world must be burned into nothing and creation started again.

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On this side of the DOA85 the concept that has to be introduced is that, ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’ That concept cannot be introduced to a sinful world in one step. It is going to require a predecessor and the predecessor that God chose was the tabernacle and the sacrificial system of animals. This predecessor was meant to be temporary and only to apply until John (3:16) had been fulfilled. It remained, the Old Testament, as the earthly step to which we were to return to in order to help us look up to Heaven.

Many of these questions humanity has struggled with for millennia and continue to struggle with. We know that our earthly tabernacle had a Most Holy Place as does the one in the heavens now on a more grandeur scale and a far more grandeur scale than that again in the New Jerusalem. We know that the entrance and preparation area for this Most Holy Place was the Holy Place or the tent of meeting, with God and we know that there is a fabulous tent of meeting above us now where we will spend the first 1,800 odd years of our existence. But it is just a holding area whilst we watch the story of evil play out its full role. We still have a little bit to go at the other end too, that beast within needs to be killed first and then extracted something I always assumed happened to us at entry into the first tent of meeting, but then again I also assumed that this was the end of everything. How wrong can you be?

We do actually see the new earth being created over a seven day cycle and that only happens when the old earth disappears which we countdown with fanfare. But we do not the New Jerusalem being created. The dwelling place of God and His throne we see coming down out of the sky, it has always been there. So this could be an up scaled version of what was there on the earth below. It is just a spontaneous reaction of God to the disappearance of evil. The roof disappears from the Most Holy place and like a giant torch God’s presence penetrates throughout His new sinless creation. With evil no longer present the four walls of the Most Holy Place move out and up. There are now multiple accesses into the New Jerusalem in fact there are three gates in each wall. Down here and even in the old heaven there was but one entrance into both Holy Place and Most Holy Place and now there is but one doorway into NETM. The ox. Not the lamb or lion or man or eagle but the ox. The adult castrated male of the genus Bos, used chiefly as a draft animal. That is the depth to which Jesus Christ the only Begotten Son of God lowered Himself to! And it is the entry point into both the tent of meeting and the New Jerusalem and one day I pray that I will be able to make the call of whose blood that is present on both sides of the doorway into the new earth tent of meeting (NETM). I am sure that it was the blood of the Passover lamb that saved us right back in GFPE but what about now? Why change, if that is what it is, to ox. If I do finally make it, and using the conjunction ‘if’ is a very good indicator of faith, I am going to ask Paul or Noah or any other of those people who were admitted into the Most Holy Place at 3pm on GFPMC whether this New Jerusalem is just an up scaled version of where he was or something different. What Paul and the others saw at this time might wane but it will never disappear.

Many if not most of the ministries and denominations do not use the conjunction ‘if’ they are so sure they have made it across. Just look at their logic and methods, you can’t flaw them, they must be right!  Pity Jesus had not thought of it! And among the worst are the Swaggart ministries.


To them the possibility of ‘if they are not saved’ does not exist and they shout endless’ glory bees’ and ‘alleluias’. That is how sure they are that those donkeys they lead are lost. But even Balaam’s donkey woke up and saw where Balak was leading it as will those donkeys. Today in a worldwide view we have passed the point of no return, especially in Australia. Today if I make any attempt to help my

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Christian brothers and sisters around the world I would be charged as a terrorist and criminal and thrown into jail and I do not know of any country that does not have similar laws. We can’t backtrack on that one and by supporting the heathen who did this persecution we have all signed our own Christian death warrants. They are coming to do the same to us. Therein lies the deception of the Swaggart ministries. They do not deny that they are Jewish supported and if you jump with delight with the victory clenched fist along with satan himself you will be given your ‘heavenly’ title. He will call you a born again Christian! There are no ifs or buts in his thinking where you are going; just keep following that carrot!

But it may be too late to change those laws, favouring and introduced by pagans, but it is never too late to reach out and grab that carrot and make it yours. Just look at the techniques he uses to keep that carrot at a distance where you can’t reach it. It is wrong for you or me to go over somebodies past. If we did that for the Church of England we would find a base of murder and adultery. A little further back we would find Paul was also a murderer. But if we are invited to do so then it is perfectly okay to do so. Swaggart invites us into his past and all those wonderful evangelistic campaigns. There was a worldwide spiritualistic campaign in the eighties particularly and when this campaign failed the Christian church also fell over and went into a deep sleep where it remains today. Those who so freely gave the spirit to everyone and anyone who stood up turned out for the most to fraudsters and shysters and they were only capable of imparting a spirit who is desperate to get into anyone. But was Jimmy Swaggart different? Did he screen out the Simons the sorcerers, Simons the magicians? With that Bible he waves so violently he would have known that the Holy Spirit is very selective, always has been and always will be into whom He enters. Jimmy was so sure and continues to be so sure because the spirit and tongues he gives is not selective but rather desperate  to get into any and all. And that is why he so certain of this spirit that talks to him all the time, jump with joy whenever Christians are being persecuted and confidently label those who join him as ‘born again Christians’. Demonic from start to go and end and no ‘ifs’ about being saved.

But even Balaam’s donkey questioned that conjunction ‘if’. It only takes a second or two to do so. How could you get it so badly wrong that you not only did not support your Christian brethren but you actually jumped with the demon with delight at the thought of them being persecuted?  And the biggest part of the deception of this demonic ministry is that you had the cross of Christ in front of you! You must realise that the string to which he attaches this cross is full of clangers, full of heresies each one designed to keep you from the prize of that cross and Heaven. But surely you can’t be suggesting that the likes of Luther and other great founding fathers of the church are not going to Heaven because they did not acknowledge the Sabbath day or burned people whom God loves in hell forever and ever? No I am not. The early Christian apostolical church had no clangers, no heresies and nothing to take you away from Jesus. With time satan introduced these and the longer time went the more he introduced. By the time he got to Luther the church was at its lowest ebb and even at this time satan would have been struggling to come up with another bell, another clanger. When Luther arrived the church was so depraved of Sonlight it needed a door opened just to allow some Sonlight through. Too much would have permanently blinded the people. God judged that the right door with just the right amount of light was Luther’s door, righteousness by faith, the door of the church of Philadelphia which will never be closed again despite the concerted efforts the  Jesuits are about to put in. Anyone who walked by this light, including Luther would have been saved. God only judges according to the light He gives. But Luther did not allow all the light in and as doors continue to open we too are expected to walk in this further light. Refusal to do so can have disastrous consequences. Actually Swaggart it quite a good yardstick to measure by. By doing the opposite to what he tells you

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it is very difficult to make a mistake. If you have been labelled as ‘born again’ by him instead of jumping with satan stand back and pray and repent for not supporting your Christian brothers and sisters and when it happens to you be big enough and admit, ‘I did it first’. Instead of denigrating the Sabbath and throwing it back into His Holy face, accept it along with the other nine commandments and allow them to be transcribed from the stone tablet of the OT to the heart of flesh in the New Testament. You will know when that happens there will be an uncontrollable exhaustion of breath come out of you. A sign of relief you have never experienced before. It is not now a matter of how you obey God’s commandments but how Jesus obeyed them! You would also think that that phrase; ‘If I get to Heaven’ would disappear from your vocabulary and much time has already been spent on this subject. It is the thorny subject of the foolish virgins who were so sure that they had made it across only to find out they had not. And no doubt the foolish virgins is a subject to which we will return many times in the future.  But finally two brief topics of today; Putin and Hawking.

Putin is being most unreasonable in demanding some of the nerve gas that is supposed to have been used on that foreign spy and his daughter. England have already told him he can have 4 gallons (10 Litres) and if he wants any more he is just going to have to make it like the Poms did!  And further if he continues on with this belligerent line then the UK will have no choice but to send one of their terrorists who have been trained to catch non existent trains with a vacuum bomb and see how well he can cope with that! Can all these latest weapons he has developed cope with this? The offer he has been given is more than reasonable!


Concerning the recent death of Stephen Hawking. I watched the documentary on SBS which he part wrote so was presumably slanted in his favour. One of his colleagues gave him the compliment of being the father of gravity. I would go much further and give him the title of the master of the theory of everything. He got his PHD for proving there was a singularity and then made fame for himself proving there was no such thing. He discovered these nasty black holes that sucked everything into them, including light and that they also went through a benign stage and spat everything back out. The Stephen spit. He covered all angles, truly the theory of everything, but tellingly he also admitted that it all started from nothing and needed nothing. Crap to crap and crap in between! But I have been an ardent follower not just of evolution but of black holes as well. For the common masses it makes no difference which way you fall into a black hole but for those who have a skewed distribution of density it makes all the difference in the world. Me with my heavy distribution of dense matter in the brain, should I fall headfirst or feet first into a black hole? Headfirst would result in that massive gravity working on my brain and drawing it out into a thing filament. Feet first would result on this gravity working on the dense matter, and I have heard that term used more than once before, and drawing my brain out through one of the orifices. So when the black hole does the Stephen spit am I better off walking around and trailing my brains as a long filament behind me or am I better off with my brains protruding from my backside as an infinitely long filament along with my legs and other appendages that did not escape those forces of gravity. Serious questions indeed.

I went back to the master for an answer and the answer I received was at least succinct. Yes. But yes what and yes where? The fact that you asked the first question shows you don’t know what the theory of everything is about. It is about everything that is not in the Bible. Your second question is one of pure ignorance. To be included in this theory it must be contrary to what is in the Bible. By definition it is the Bible that is the absurdity. The master was too busy to elaborate on this answer. The theory covers everything! It seems that he, cosmologists and astronomers have a problem. The public seem

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to think that with all those billions of dollars they are spending on these fields they are entitled to know whether planet earth is going to be wiped out by a meteorite within the next 24 hours. They don’t seem to realise that the problem is the press. They only seem to able to report what has happened and their predictive ability is zilch. Once this lot sees the pictures they can swing their massive resources into action and go back billions of years and even forward billions of years somewhere they cannot be shown to be wrong but days or years, I don’t think so! Admittedly it is something to be aspired for, to know before rather than after a massive meteorite takes out much if not all of this planet. But first things first, disprove the Bible by giving ‘evidence’ which cannot be substantiated. But when I checked with the guru whether feet first was the best option with two elongated legs, and whichever appendage fell under the power of that magnetic field and the filament of brain protruding from my backside would result in fewer headaches that the headfirst option he replied, ‘Yes’. I thanked him for his wise advice and as I  walked away I told him that there had been a meteorite strike near a Russian nuclear processing facility and he walked away he mumbled something like, ‘If you can’t trust the astrologers today who can you trust?’

If the Lord was to return within a matter of days, by his own admissions Hawking would be resurrected at the end of the millennium with the wicked and even if that is going to be in his broken form, the saints in Heaven with may be the exception of some of his friends and family would not pay any particular attention to him. One of so many fools. Although he did get at least two facts right; he started off as nothing and will finish off as nothing. The ‘minor’ detail that he chose to ignore was that there was going to be one hell of a trip in between. The period of 260 years that all wicked dead are resurrected into is of Biblical interest. It is the last 260 years before Heaven’s door of mercy slams shut, the top of the third cross but the base of the DOA85 cross.  The dead do not rise after this date but before the door closes so obviously, to me anyway, they are going to be given a chance to repent and that includes me if I am there. One last chance.

By this stage both satan and the beast are desperate just for one conversion and it does not matter whether that is Stephen or Julius of whoever. It proves Jesus has left one of His sheep behind and He has told us that if that happens He will leave the other 99 behind and come back to take this one back to Heaven with Him. What a coup for both satan and the beast! That very strict timetable of which so little was left is scrapped. The Nazirite works off a written law; the law of the Nazirite, no short cuts! He will have to come back to earth, live a perfect life, go through a ministry of 1,260 days, die on the cross, be resurrected and prepare Stephen for his Heavenly journey over the next 1,260 days when he can be taken up to Heaven. But the extra time of reprieve may be significant at the time but when compared to the eternities does not amount to much especially when you have people up there who are going to count the first trillions years, 14th of January, year 1,000,000,000,001 before they stop counting. No, the real significance is going to be this second ‘hypothetical’ crucifixion. Evil will not make the same two mistakes it made way back on GFPMC. There Jesus called, ‘JK number xyz, (whatever my number is in the Book of Numbers), MINE! And the beast called, ‘not so and over my dead body’ and a dead body it received but it also lost JK as well. The issue was allegiance, loyalty, and many did defect. In fact there was not one name called that did not defect! This time around there will only be one name called; ‘Stephen H…(I can’t see if Hawking had a number in the Book of Numbers how Jesus could have missed him so I assume that he has no such number), MINE!

This time satan certainly does respond. ‘At death they either enter into the domain of Jesus or satan’s domain! He is mine and over my dead body will I give him up!’  The beast is there for morale support and even it might make a claim over Stephen as he is now alive. But all this is hypothetical, there were no mistakes on GFPMC, no one’s name that should have been in the book has been omitted and this

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checking goes on for some 1,800 years! Each one of the 14 billion of God’s creation who are going to hell was made with the same love as the 144 million (?) who are going to Heaven. Each one received the same chances, and the same TLC. All this proves is that God did not create any robots, they all had a free will and most chose to reject God. Their choice, their call their most precious gift; free will!


Now returning to Numbers seven, verse one where Moses has just set up the tabernacle and anointed and consecrated all its furnishings, altar and utensils. It would be nice to say that Moses took 1,260 days to set up this tabernacle and that this was the start of the journey of God’s people to their promised land. It certainly did happen after both GFPMC and DOA86. After the cross of Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary Jesus did take 1,260 days to set up the tabernacle in preparation for our Heavenly journey. The tabernacle this time was not some stone and timber building, it was our body. He established His presence in our Hearts if we so allowed Him to do so. This is the New Covenant; from stone to heart! This is His new dwelling place! It does not matter how shabby or shonky it is He still enters but begins renovations immediately. The cross is coming with us it has been anointed and it is the emblem of our journey, on our very short Heavenly march. And it is with great pride that we will carry it with that last stage through that final doorway and into the NETM. As you would expect that there are glaring deficiencies in blog that has only just begun and ‘all its utensils and furnishings’ is but one example of such. The golden lampstand is symbolic and GFPMC and DOA86 are but differing parts of it. Today we are the second stage of the seven stages of the cross to Heaven.

The one that is difficult to relate to is the golden censor of incense, the golden censor of prayer. It has gone up to Heaven already taking some of the blood of Jesus at 3pm on GFPMC, but the overwhelming amount of both the water and the blood of Jesus that was released at 4pm on GFPMC is still here on earth. It still has a major role to play in earth’s history and will continue to do so until this golden censor is hurled back to earth, gathers every last drop of the blood and water from Jesus and is returned to Heaven! But our earthly  tabernacle was set up for this journey initially into the first tent of meeting in the presently existing Heavens and will also have to setup for that final journey into infinity. On this side the covered carts that were loaded had requests and expectations for health of both man and beast, rain for successful crops, protection in war, gifts that only God can give. But none of these are going to have to be addressed in the tabernacle, our final heavenly bodies of the New Jerusalem. As this is a second look at this chapter there should be more insights than on our first visit. And this specifically will be our first attempt to follow the progress of the Most Holy Place, the throne of God and ultimately the New Jerusalem. It has always existed, it was never created, it existed before ‘In the Beginning God created…..’ It exists today and will do so to the end of time (7,777 odd years?) and it will exist before the next, ‘In the beginning’ when God begins His creation of eternity. It will be outside of that timeframe. It may go through building alterations when our apartments are added and a substantial increase in area and function as the possibility of evil disappears.

As evil has always existed, the possibility of disobeying God, this Heavenly tabernacle has always been split into two areas; one where the possibility does not exist, the Most Holy Place and the other where the possibility to disobey does exist, the Holy Place or the tent of meeting. This is where those angels who sinned unintentionally are held today and where we the bride who still has the beast within us will be held for the first 1,800 odd years of our heavenly existence. At this stage we know the end of the history of the New Jerusalem; John sees it coming down out of the sky and ready to settle on a plateaux of similar size; Over 3,000 miles or 4,400 kilometres high. What John was looking at will determine what is written about both the tabernacle and the altar or cross. Okay it is coming down, Page 181

so when did it go up? What refurbishments did it receive? You see that black hole still exists for the DOA87 ( Why didn’t the Nazirite change into His High Priests attire and take his blood of the sin sacrifice into this Most Holy Place and use it for mercy and forgiveness?)I have many questions I will want to ask the Bible writers and one for John is going to be; ‘When you saw the New Jerusalem coming down out of the sky how could you expect to see a temple even if there was one there? You knew the walls were over 2,000 kms high so this temple would have to be even higher for you to see it protruding above these walls?’

But for me the issues are far simpler and well defined than that; Either this New Jerusalem was a complete unit or it was not. If is was then it already had the tree of life in full bloom and so the censor with the water from Jesus’ side was already up there and the river from under the throne was already flowing. Neither Simon the Cyrene nor we will be required to carry this cross firstly into the NETM and then finally in the New Jerusalem. We will not see it being planted or growing to these dizzy heights. Heaven will have had its makeover and it will be complete. All that is left for us is to try to work out on what day did this cross leave us and was it on this same day that the ‘old’ Most Holy Place was taken up there somewhere to undergo it refurbishments.

Antonyms apply if the New Jerusalem was not complete. I would have tried to get a look in, any look in through one of those pearly gates to see if there was any trace of the tree of life, the cross, up there. If I saw a tree I would not be able to distinguish this tree from the others so I assume there was no trees up there at all. The cross stays with us and Simon the Cyrene is called up to complete what he started nearly 3,800 years ago when he carried the cross of Jesus from the old tabernacle to it new location, GFPMC. There is has stood for all that time and now with this anointing and our aspiration Simon with all of our support is about to pick it up and firstly carry in into the NETM and after 451 days carry it through one of those pearly gates where we will see it planted and grow near the river and in front of the throne of God. There will be no need to watch and count the days when it will just disappear from our presence. Playfully reading and studying this text will give us some definitive answer. Say we find that the cross goes up 144 days before the door to the new earth tent of meeting (NETM) opens up that does not necessarily mean that the Heavens, Most Holy Place, (MHP) goes up that time also. It may have gone up a long time ago. But it will mean that the MHP, the New Jerusalem will be complete when we see it coming down out of the sky. It also implies that the cross cannot go up to the new MHP by itself, the MHP must already be there.

So when does the Most Holy Place (MHP), leave this old world and cross over that sinless boundary, throne of God and all, and begin its makeover for the eternities to come? Jesus does tell us that it may be entered into, MHP after His wrath is complete, after the seventh bowl has been poured out. But if this tabernacle is a copy of what is above then it is one unit, one building with two compartments, can just one go leaving the other behind on this side to be burned up in Peter’s fires?

There is no doubt that both compartments have been through horrific events. The tent of meeting has been involved in a full scale rebellion, satan’s rebellion. It was stained by hundreds of millions of intentional sins and even more unintentional sins. The Most Holy Place, MHP, has even had the direct presence of a practising murderer in it called Paul. It is not just evil that permeates Heaven it is sin itself. But this area has also had a golden censor filled with blood that was drawn from Emmanuel’s veins taken into it. And sinners plunged within that blood lose all their guilty stains. There was one particularly hardened and guilty sinner up there at this time who was so overcome by what he saw could not even begin to describe it. That central character Who was brighter and even more

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overwhelming than anything else he saw had to be God the Father and He held something so beautiful in His hand that when all present realised that there was no one present who was worthy of taking that scroll from the hand of God and opening it, Heaven burst out in howling and weeping. But then someone pointed to another brilliant presence with a Censor in His hand and as they all looked the realisation struck them; this One is worthy to take this scroll and open its seals because He was slain and has brought His blood with Him. And the vote was taken that accounted for all of the saints. They are only saints because they voted that it was by the blood of the Lamb that He became worthy and by being plunged beneath this blood we will lose all our guilty stains! No other method will do this, only the blood of Jesus! The blood itself does not get rid of the sin.

To put two compartments into the golden censor, water and blood, could be stretching things a bit but then to divide that blood into a human and divine element would be going further still into the realm of speculation. All we are told is that it is a censor of prayer and that at the end of the millennium all our prayers will be packed into it and it will be hurled back to earth. Prayer is the lining of this censor that was fully lined by all the saints at 3pm on GFPMC. It is the only object that I have seen that has come down from Heaven that is capable of collecting and holding any blood and water that was left by Jesus here on earth. It is one of the major mysteries of our faith the dual nature of Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man. It would be folly in the extreme to try to analyse this tenet of faith. There was a split in that nature at 3pm on GFPMC, Jesus returned with His divinity but His humanity remained on earth in that limp body that was to hang for another hour on that cross.



The divine blood of Jesus could not be present in hell as it would put the flames of hell out. It washed the sins, pushed them in front of it onto the body of Jesus Who then took the sins to hell as a part of His body. The only way sin, any sin, all sin can be destroyed is in hell. Satan and his evil angels brought their intentional sin down to earth with them and then finally into hell. The blood of Jesus washed clean any stains of all sins in Heaven up to that time away. Heaven was clean and not just to the extent that ashes were left after the fire as some will want you to believe, there were no traces left at all. Heaven, like us in our sinless state will not have to be destroyed, either compartment.

If this is the case and there is only one building up there with two compartments then certainly at least the tent of meeting has had its used by date when we ride out of it behind the rider of the white horse. We are off to the promised land and we leave after our wedding when we receive our fine linen. It may be at this stage, some 1,260 days before DOA87 and after the battle of the beast that the old tent of meeting leaves earth and as it is one tabernacle, the MHP (Most Holy Place) leaves with it. The inescapable conclusion from all this is that the renovation that takes place in Heaven pushes the walls from around the Most Holy Place (MHP) back to the edge where the tent of meeting was. This gives us a potential date for the lifting up of the old tabernacle so that it could be refurbished and brought back as seen coming down out of the sky.

The cross or altar did not go with it as it was still required here on earth. In 1,260 days it was going to be required as the DOA87 cross. It can now technically go at least 1,260 days after the DOA87 as it has just been anointed by Jesus placing His hair on it. So it is day 1,260 after the DOA87 and a time specifically mentioned by Daniel, but it can’t leave just now because the twelve leaders of our tribes have just realised what has happened, that it has just been tagged as ‘Heaven bound’ and now want to make their dedication offerings on it; twelve leaders, twelve days the cross cannot leave earth until

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at least on day 1,273. They did not have any problem with how Moses set the tabernacle, or its furnishings or its utensils they just had a problem with the altar or cross. There was no point placing requests on this cross about protection from wars or enemies, or food supply or health or relationships which God had helped them with up to now but were no longer going to exist. So what was their concern and what did they expect this heaven bound cross would do for them on their ways and when it finally got to heaven? All twelve are the same except for the name of the leader of the tribe.

Verses 18-23; ‘ On the second day Nethanel the son of Zuar, leader of Issachar, presented an offering;  he presented as his offering one silver dish whose weight was one hundred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl of seventy shekels, according the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; one gold pan of ten shekels, full of incense; one bull, one ram, one male lamb a year old, for  a burnt offering; one male goat for a sin offering; and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, five male lambs one year old. This was the offering of Nethanel the son of Zuar.’

When the gifts of the six covered carts and twelve oxen were divided among the Levites they were divided on needs. The sons of Kohath received nothing, they needed nothing they were already in contact with God, they carried the holy objects on their shoulders. Any further gifts would be blasphemous as they would suggest they needed more or that these extra gifts were of the same relevance as those hey already had. The further away the task and presence of God the more carts they received. This would certainly explain the modus operando of the churches today. They are so far from God they cannot get enough of those covered carts drawn by oxen. It is not about two pieces of wood in the shape of a cross but the many diversions to take you away from that simple structure in which you have everything. ‘But he did not give any to the sons of Kohath because theirs was the service of the holy objects, which they carried on the shoulder.’

One of the beauties of the Bible is that it is written at many levels and many applications. It applied to the Israelites in the wilderness, to Christians between the two comings of our Lord and finally now as we are about to pass through that doorway into the NETM and wondering if the cross is about to disappear into the new heavens and we will see a completed New Jerusalem coming down out of the sky or will we be there with the Cyrene as we help him complete the work of carrying this cross from the old temple to its site of GFPMC.

Back there in the wilderness they had to place their dreams and aspirations in the coming of Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). As far as humanity was concerned that was the primary event; getting rid of all of our sins, not just burning them into ashes but destroying them utterly. There must be a phrase for the antonym of creation from nothing; it is the destruction of sin into nothing! But they were also told of and told to celebrate the Day of Atonement (DOA87). The place where we are at now, they were given the whole picture for whoever wanted to study it.

Today most not only ignore GFPMC but they are repulsed by it. It is more than just meaningless, it is an aberration. To try to introduce such nuances as DOA87 is meaningless. They are but one event albeit with a time gap of some 3,800 years and we have not just come DOA87 but 1,260 days after it and the anointing of the Most Holy. (actually day 1,262). The last thirty nine months of blogging has been an up and down affair but overall most rewarding. Today I would claim to have written over 400,000 words on the Book of Numbers. Not one of them has anything to do with my salvation but is ever challenged on the three results that come from accepting Jesus as my saviour; first did you accept Jesus as your Saviour? Tick. Second do you try to inform others of this wonderful thing that happened

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to you? I tried. Thirdly Jesus died for you so that you can be with Him for the eternities to come, are you now prepared to die for Him so that you can spend the eternities with Him? Only if He is with me at the time. I did try to run this blog by a number of people without success. No my Roman Catholic parish priest was not one of them and neither were the Swaggart ministries. But neither do I condemn anyone belonging to these or other demonic ministries. Jesus Christ will condemn and He will just fully condemn because He alone knows how much light He has given you and whether you are living according to that light. But it was by people I had respect for and I was deeply hurt by their rejection. I decided that I had to go alone and alone I don’t know how long I would have lasted, days or weeks at best. It is a brash statement to invoke the presence of the Holy Spirit and what it is that I am so critical of the Swaggart ministries of doing. Today I don’t really care whether I lost 15,000 or 20,000 words at that time. No doubt those loses will occur again and the only regrets that I really have are if those lost comments had some attempted explanation at the number five that occurs in these verses. I just cannot relate it to anything around me. It does put a bit of a hole in my original title; ‘asitiswritten’. Not ‘asinAugustus’ or anyone else wrote it or even JK back in blog five and page XYZ wrote but ‘asitiswritten’ right now that I am looking at. For this to happen requires a far higher union with the above, even the Holy Spirit (?) to pray the real Lord’s prayer, ‘Give us today our daily bread…’. Recall the previous daily bread and thoughts You gave me and add today’s portion to them. Progressive revelation. I make no such claims and will honestly at least in my mind answer to; did you try to tell others about your wonderful find of Jesus Christ? Say, ‘I tried’.

The reason for that preamble will soon become obvious; I am now shooting for the very top. My name and number have been called and I am about to stand up and go forward. I know that it has not been a mistake this call and each one of my Heavenly brothers and sisters know that to be the case and they are absolutely thrilled when they hear that call just like I was up to now with all those who were called before me. As I walk towards Jesus I can see that He already has that droplet of His blood on His finger and I know once He touches my forehead I will become like Him; and I will see His face. Such certainty, such confidence only comes from preparation, from homework from checking that all the tees are crossed and all I’s dotted. Such are these last of earthly checks, of earthly preparations before this earth is destroyed by fire. There may be still a Heavenly check list to go but at this stage I do not know. First things first; that final earthly check list.

It has to heavily involve the Nazirite. That was His earthly duty and its details spelled out and declare to be ‘the law of the Nazirite’. Every detail done and every detail checked. Once we mention ‘the Nazirite’ then we invoke two stages, two phases which in turn involve 4pm on DOA87 where phase one finished and phase two began and is now running 1,260 and a bit days after. But the DOA87 involved pigeons or turtledoves and no peace offering, just the sin and burnt offerings. And it did happen over 1,260 days ago. There certainly is a lot of what happened to the Nazirite at his decommissioning but nowhere near the level we have just struck now. There was a burnt offering but just one male lamb a year old and without defect but now we have a bull and a ram as well. And there were no oxen, let alone two or five rams, goats or male lambs. And where has the ewe-lamb gone?  It is not an understatement to say this is going to be difficult and not previously attempted by me.

My leader, Nethanel the son of Zuar, holds a great respect among the people, this is theocracy, he is God chosen and these qualities he has makes him so respected. That even happened way back in the revolt in Heaven when God destroyed all those rebellious leaders all the congregation grumbled and blamed God for over reacting. He should not have killed all those leaders!  This respected leader on behalf of all our tribe presents this offering. He is not concerned with the building or the furnishings or the utensils just the cross. When it is my turn and Jesus calls my number I will step out into the aisle

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and take seven steps to Jesus; the seven stages of the cross. This settles two questions; why were there only five rams, five goats and five male lambs? Because we are still on old planet earth where there are five crosses and still two to go on the other side.

He presents one silver dish and one silver bowl, each of definite size and weight. They are silver, they represent the shoulders and chest of our statue of good of good, they represent Christianity, both elements, Christ and His people, His bride. The dish is the tribe and each member will be represented individually as the bowl. One half of the shoulders was dealt with in the decommissioning of the Nazirite, the shoulder that was boiled and waved, now for the other shoulder.



Each is to be filled with fine flour and mixed with oil. But hold on Mr Nethanel that already happened on the DOA87 and it was called the burnt offering. You see there we, the fine flour mixed with oil were presented with the burnt offering and we came out of it as the cakes that filled the basket. The tribes were the wafers, but here you have the tribe as a large silver dish and the individual as the bowl. Back there we along with the shoulder which boiled were subject to heat where we were converted into cakes but here you are not making any effort to subject anything to heat so far. Why are you just making a presentation of two lots of fine flour mixed with oil?

Then we add an extra utensil; a gold pan of ten shekels full of incense or prayer. Again if this is the golden censor that Jesus took back to Heaven with Him and His blood at 3pm on GFPMC, was hurled back to earth filled with our prayers at the end of the millennium then collected every drop of water and blood that was left behind on planet earth and returned to the cross at 4pm on DOA87, had some of its blood taken out and restored the life of Jesus forever well right now some 1,260 days after DOA87 if this is the same censor it should be filled with blood and ready for Jesus to dip His finger into and apply it to the foreheads of the saints. But it has no blood in it even though it is full of incense and prayers. Why? Are we being prepared for something big? Are these prayers, incense the same ones we prayed when the blood of Jesus was brought into the Most Holy Place in Heaven at 3pm on GFPMC and we voted Him as worthy of accepting the scroll from the hand  of God and  opening its seals? Is the blood of Jesus about to enter this golden pan or is this just the earthly preparation stage before we move to the Heavenly stage?

Next we have the presentation of the burnt offering, the sin offering and the peace offerings  which we have had all before on GFPMC and DOA87 but never on this scale. Our burnt offering before was a male lamb or a pigeon/turtledove but now we have one bull, one male lamb and a ram. This is the combination for each of the seven crosses and it is also the combination for the one cross that is made up of those seven. Right now where we are at on this side of the doorway into the new earth tent of meeting (NETM) or the fifth cross it too like all the others has the same three components; foot of cross a ram, middle of cross a male lamb and the top of the cross is a bull.

The next offering is a sin sacrifice, offering but this time it is a goat. When I read Matthew chapters 24 and 25 I was already committed to run with the blog as long as Jesus wanted me to. But I did feel very inadequate when it came to the parable of the sheep and goats. I thought, ‘surely Lord You can’t send someone out who has no knowledge of sheep and goats!’ I now pray that He helps me to sort out. The sin offerings up to now that were not goats have been; (1) The Heavenly DOA87 was a pigeon or turtle dove. These may have been the sins of Jesus’ creation after the fires of hell were extinguished, all

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those unconfessed unintentional sins, but they became Jesus’ sins or that of the pigeon/turtle dove sin offering and were taken to hell and burned on the 10th of July, 486. (2) when the Nazirite handed in His job sheet alongside sin offering He put; ewe-lamb, not male lamb but ewe-lamb. That shows us that the intentions of the Nazirite a long time before the world was created (by Him?) was going to be unity with His bride. He was going to come down to earth clean out all her sins become one with her by drinking vinegar at GFPMC and she became one with Him on the DOA88 and when all this earthly leg work had happened the Heavenly consummation could then occur in Heaven and in which state they would exist for the eternities. After cleaning all her sins He joined her and the couple did not resurface until the formal union, the burnt offering, on the Day of Atonement (DOA88) in the absence of sin and evil. (3) the daily sacrifice where the whole scenario appears to fall over.

On Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) Jesus is represented as a goat. Specifically a scapegoat. Any intentional sin the Jew committed would remain his until the high priest’s hands touched the scapegoats head. From that moment onwards all sins he confessed, both intentional and unintentional passed onto this scapegoat. But hadn’t the ewe lamb already taken those sins? What sins are left for the Christian after the ewe- lamb? You can’t count those unconfessed unintentional sins because Jesus has not yet taken them on Himself and will not do so until the 2nd of July. 486. But they are still Jesus’ sins even today. Jesus took all our sins on Himself and became the sin offering as scapegoat and as intentional sin cannot be offered to God as a sin offering He had to remove His altar/cross outside of the temple, even outside of the city itself where He was dashed to pieces. But what about the daily sacrifice and unintentional sin both on the day itself, DOA88, and the next 364 days?

On the day itself all sin, including confessed, unintentional sin passed  onto Jesus the scapegoat and were destroyed outside of the city. But on that day something else happened. All those other sin offerings that were made during the year for unintentional sin and the blood from them thrown against the sides of the altar ran through a channel and soaked into the ground. They were still a part of the temple, they were still male lamb. But on the day they too were gathered and passed onto the scapegoat and taken outside of the city to be destroyed. Lamb sin offering became goat sin offering.

That still leaves the question of why have a Nazirite’s ewe-lamb as well as a scapegoat? And there we have our two census; the Nazirite or ewe-lamb that went to Heaven with Jesus and the congregation who were forgiven any sins they placed on the scapegoat but did not get onto Heaven! The red heifer belongs to the other side of the NETM. This would have to remain as one of the most unbelievable doctrines of our faith. Once you confess your sins to Jesus they are gone! It is not dependant on whether you go to heaven or not. Confession, just confession of sins to Jesus. In the Old Testament this was represented by the high priest putting his hands on the scapegoat. Today it is just a simple confession. They become ewe lamb sins if you finish up in heaven, they are destroyed here on earth on GFPMC if you don’t! Whatever the option, they are gone!

The complexity of just one male goat for a sin offering and this scenario could change in the next chapter then what about the peace offering with seventeen animals?


The lack of success of our chapter seven should not be surprising as it is an extension of verses 19 and 20 of chapter six. Once it got to the gender issue, shoulder-male-chest and shoulder-female-breast issue I decided that this issue would have to be given to someone else to tackle. It is not that I am afraid to speak up for ‘asitiswritten’ but I stayed out of the recent gay marriage issue, not that it would

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have made one iota of difference, but I did not want the ‘no’ campaigners to be able to blame those on the fringes of Christianity to have destroyed their campaign. Those fundamentalists. I made my position clear on this issue years ago. Once we threw God’s gift to humanity back into His holy face we opened satan’s doors to his clangers, and clangers there have been may with the latest of gay marriage. It is not the first and it is not the last, we have not yet reached the depths of depravity but it is this issue that has raised its ugly head and it is not an excuse but a copout to ask the Lord to send someone with a little more brain at the expense of brawn. (If you are ashamed of Me then I too will be ashamed of you)

One of the great rewards of writing this blog has been not just the number of unanswered questions there has been answered but the depth to which they have been answered and at best we have only just scratched the surface. Pearls are being uncovered almost with every chapter! One such pearl was the Balak and Balaam chapter. Here the gems were Balak and Balaam, satan and God’s prophet and the relationship between the two.

Balak and/or satan had God’s people on his doorstep and he is now going to make every effort to stop that from happening. The only step that he will not take is to become a Christian. He will build seven altars and stand in front of them and have tears pouring out of his satanic face and he will twist that face into configurations of mourning and repent as far as his muscles will allow, but he will not become a Christian. He will do any of this just to find out the will of God. Today, just before the second coming Christians have started massing for their entry into the promised land and satan must make every effort to avert this. He must kill them. To many Christians around the world today, including those Palestinian Christians, the great tribulation is not some hypothetical concept or event, it is here and it is here today. It is only a matter of time for this tribulation to envelope the world. Before it started satan took Balaam and constructed seven altars and offered sacrifices with Balaam on these altars. He specifically checked that he was not being duped, whether that the answer he got was from the top. It was and it was high enough to see down into the plains of the New Jerusalem. He specifically went over to Balaam and asked him, ‘What did your God say to you?’

To go to that extreme the answer Balaam gave him must have determined how Balak was going to attack and kill the people of God. He did not have the choice of ‘if’ because that time of the second coming it was going to be ‘how’. Let us assume Balak had a specific plan before he went to Balaam. In any war you don’t need Balaam’s guidance to tell you must start with the weakest link, and once you have your foot in the door you can prize it opened from there. That was Balak’s plan, start with the weak and then move onto the main round. But the issue that Balak could not decide was how weak are those weak? Are the they weak because they are foolish or cursed and ignored by God? If this was the case then very few resources would be required for the opening salvo and the rest could be kept for the main round. The answer that he got from God was the worst possible scenario that he could have got and far worse than he anticipated. These ‘weaklings’ are not cursed, in fact they are blessed. Balak is going to have to allocate far more resources in this opening round than he ever imagined would have required before. These Palestinian Christians did not have and were not given covered carts full of goodies and drawn by oxen. They did not need them, they had Jesus. Those carts are only needed to make up for the distance between believer and Jesus. They are for the lukewarm of Laodicea. Why this answer was far worse than satan had anticipated was because the resources he was going to spent now would leave him short for the second round. He along with the beast would be given 1,260 days to destroy God’s people but he would run out of steam after 2,300 morning and evening services or 1,150 days. 1,260 minus 1,150  or 110 days short. (Actually Daniel tells us that this is 140 days short, see discussion in that section) What a situation for both satan and the beast to be

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in! Had to overcommit in the first round and now run out of resources before the second round finished!  All that stuff about checking for allegiance did not stack up. They could have done this at the same time they were checking the allegiance of the foolish virgins. It worked out according to God’s plan. The lull in the persecution results in one of the biggest harvests the Christian church has ever experienced and when finally the beast out of the earth takes over, (the Jesuits?) Christians have come out of the woodwork and those final 45 days before Jesus appears in His second coming with only 288,000 of His own left behind and half of them will be foolish! But where is Balak spending so much of his resources today to make him run out in the not too distant future?

Buying out Swaggart ministries and other ministries as well only costs peanuts. Buildings , bunkers, bombs and bullets and bribes costs fortunes. Spending borrowed dollars doesn’t  help either. But whatever the outlays run out they do and satan could not  do differently, he did check it all out through Balaam and from God! Only after that he made that commitment.

If Balaam had told Balak to build five or ten or twenty altars, Balak would have known that Balaam was a fraud. Both knew that the correct number was seven and it is with information that I have been trying to build the picture ever since I found out.*****

Now back to the thorny question of gender raised in Numbers chapter six. The first twenty verses of this chapter are about the Nazirite Jesus Christ, the priest and our representative before God. The Christian religion is based on the fact that there is only one such representative, Jesus Christ. CHRISTIAM; CHRIST I AM. All other things are just sinking and probably stinking sands. In verse 21 Jesus is allowed to drink wine, His Nazirite’s vow has been fulfilled, He has been decommissioned, He returns to His role as high priest and He blesses, as divinity, the congregation on the start of their journey into the new heavens and earth and eternity proper. As this concept of seven altars or crosses is so new there is every chance of major mistakes let alone minor ones but that doesn’t change the fact that all hell seems to break loose, we get away from it, when the Nazirite places His sinless locks on the altar, on the cross. A brief summary of Chapter six is in order and trying to allocate crosses to these stages keeping in mind that when Jesus with His blood on His finger (thumb?) calls out our name the seven steps that we take to get to Him are going to be the seven altars, the seven crosses of and why I am CHRISTIAM.

Our human representative, our priest the Nazirite Jesus Christ has two phases of ministry; phase one is up to 4pm on the Day of Atonement (DOA88), a holy day of worship and phase two which begins from this time and ends roughly 1,260 days after and our period of contention. Even on DOA88 this most holy of days where divinity combine not just to eradicate evil, but to do this to God’s standard, the Nazirite is there and therefore not as high priest but as priest. To eradicate evil sin must be eradicated first and it was the function of the priest to do this. Firstly for His bride as on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) and now for His creation. It may have been a divine affair but only Nazirite, human, priest could take on the remainder of all sin on Himself, offer a sin sacrifice, allow its blood to wash any remaining sin onto His body and then take these sins into hell and have them burned up, only Nazirite, human or priest could do that. There may have been other parallel events taking place at the time but this was one of them and an essential one at that.

At this stage there appears as if there were four crosses allocated to stage or phase one of this ministry and three crosses to phase two although there could also be a case made for three crosses, three lamps either side of lamp four. Phase one began on the 14th of January on GFPMC but that was the bottom of the second cross and therefore the top of the first cross. It was the fulfilment, the

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consummation of those thousand plus years of animal sacrifices which without GFPMC were just lamb and beef meat for the priests and the most of all sacrifices, the burnt offering, just a wasted life. So GFPMC was the fulfilment, the bull offering of the first cross, the sacrificial system but also the ram offering, the peace offering for the second cross. Because of GFPMC God would accept those Christiams not just over the next two thousand years but from the previous four thousand as well.

The top of this second cross, the bull offering would be the second coming of our Lord. It is a bull offering because the peace offering of GFPMC has been accepted and not just coupled to the lamb or the body of the cross but appreciated as demonstrated by the great tribulation. What these Christiams saw was worth dying for, and die they did by the million! The fact that the bull of this second cross became the foot or peace offering of the third cross shows how seriously Scripture treats the next 1,800 odd years and especially the first 1,260 of these years , the last period of grace before the door of mercy closes.

So far I can see myself as at least gingerly taking my first step towards Jesus when my name is called. It is a step from the Old Testament and the more I study this section which for well over a thousand years was the only Scripture and transposes into our Bibles up to today the surer I get of my other steps to get to my waiting Master. Many today think that there is a hop, step and jump available up there is not. There are seven steps, just ask Balak; he looked down from over the top of the wall surrounding the New Jerusalem, Balaam was right in telling him to construct seven altars! I used to think that Christianity was only one thing or step; the one between the first and second coming, GFPMC and the time that the flash of Jesus Christ appears in the sky. I could not really be sure of my footings here because there were so many unanswered questions and the Bible appeared to be a book of questions rather than a book of answers. Faith will always remain the premise of our existence but God has also given us a brain which can reason and work out solutions. He doesn’t always expect us to cop out; I will have to leave that one, along with almost every one to faith. No we will have to start practising these seven steps towards our Master when our name is called.

Obviously much can be and has to be added towards the second step but now I have just finished the second one and am about to take the third one; the third cross with a base peace offering of the great tribulation, the main cross or lamb and a head or bull offering of the door of mercy closing. As has been previously pointed out that these 1,260 years are far more than about the 144,000 foolish virgins. Say this time we take each foolish virgin to represent 3,000 other foolish virgins. The theology here is very basic to our faith and this is the step that I am taking now. When the Lord appears in the sky at the second coming and there are 144,000 foolish virgins left alive at this time and using the 3,000 from before that would give 432,000,000 foolish virgins who have just been killed. They died without the seal of God, the Holy Spirit or Christ’s robe of righteousness. They appeared to have met all three conditions of Revelation chapter 12, (accepted Jesus, spread His message and actually did die for Him by refusing to accept the mark of the beast), yet when they came out of the baptismal font they did not receive the Holy Spirit. And they are the focus of these 1,260 years of grace, those who died for the Lord yet are on their way to hell. And as I take this third step now I think that I am here as wise but they are not here because they are foolish. Jesus now goes to the trouble of explaining why that lot were not given the Holy Spirit by giving the seal of God, the Holy Spirit to those remaining 144,000 foolish virgins who did not deserve to get this seal just like all those 432 million. In this step this is what quandary I meditate; why me and not them. *****

Jesus puts His seal on the foreheads of those 144,000 foolish virgins to show us in Heaven why He did not do this to all those other foolish virgins. He did not seal them because they are evil and it would be

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like water off the duck’s back. A total waste of time and that is what these foolish virgins show even after almost another 1,800 years of time. They cover their seals from God with the mark of the beast and join the beast’s armies to fight against the rider of the white horse. They were always evil it was just whilst they were on earth the Holy Spirit had not ceased His pleadings but once that happens the dog returns to its vomit. They had 260 years at the end of the millennium to repent before the door of mercy closed, they did not. Again it has been a major theme of this blog when I come out of the baptismal font do I and how do I tell I have God’s seal or the Holy Spirit?

We can safely disregard Swaggart’s solution about being able to talk in tongues and on many grounds. It is proposed by someone who leaps for joy at the thought of Christian’s being persecuted. This is satan and satan can only impart his own lot, other demons and certainly not the Holy Spirit. I cannot talk in tongues but recognise that it was a spiritual gift of the early church as was the gift of healing. In fact I would be worried if I could speak in tongues. I would go back and analyse where and when I picked up that ability to speak in tongues. If it came from a Swaggart or Swaggart like ministry I would know that I had a major problem but it is as simple as recognising that the carrot they hang in front of me is always the same distance, I never seem to be able to get any closer. With that realisation it is quite simple to break out of it; take the law that Jesus wrote on stone, transcribe it onto your heart and hand it to Jesus to obey and fulfil up to God’s standards. He will do this because He wrote those Ten Commandments Himself!  The reason the foolish were classed as foolish was because they had some ‘better or more acceptable’ way than ‘it is written’.

So this third step before the door of mercy slammed shut, I made it but so many did not should have been a relatively simple step for me. I gave it over to Jesus and watched Him carry it out. I had no modification to make and requested no improvements, just as ‘it is written’. No doubts, no heart stopping moments just ‘Jesus did’. Unfortunately those others did have modifications and demands for them but everyone fell over, not one made it, fools indeed! Much may have been written on the next step four but little understood. Next look at Daniel nine or Revelation 15-20 may aid in this purpose, those last 500 odd years of existence for planet earth. But as at now I have experienced an almost instantaneous change from cross two to three, one second I am on earth and the next I am in Heaven and now from cross three to four; one second the door of mercy is opened a defining slam that sets off an earthquake and this door is closed. Cross four. The transition from cross four to five is just as abrupt; 4pm on the 10th of July, 486, phase one of the Nazirite’s vow becomes phase two. And now we are up to cross four to five that seems about 1,260 days with the hair of the Nazirite being laid on the cross so it presumably becomes the base of cross six. For the moment though the easiest step to take was step four. Here Jesus with His Father have eliminated not just sin but evil as well! This is the reason why I am taking this step; it is what Jesus has already done!

But the defining moment I choose to take is Numbers (7:1) ; ‘Now on the day that Moses had finished setting up the tabernacle, he anointed it and consecrated it with all its furnishings and the altar and all its utensils; he anointed them and consecrated them also.’

Finally it has happened, the tabernacle is complete! Its construction started way back on or even before GFPMC where I am supposed to have become a tabernacle for the Holy Spirit but now some 3,800 years later it is complete! It was built in five stages but not to worry, it is complete! Its starting

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point was the cross and it also ends with the cross, the tabernacle was completed! It was not built on the same spot as the temple of Jerusalem was because Jesus with the help of humanity from Cyrene dragged the cross/altar from it old site where it stood for a thousand odd years to its new site where it has stood for 3,800 odd years and is about to be taken into the New Jerusalem where it will stand for the eternities to come. The foundations were laid on GFPMC but there was almost no work done on the tabernacle in the life of JK. Very short life span and most of that was checking out dead end and empty burrows. Very little building indeed! The few moments JK spent trying to build this tabernacle satan had no problems with jamming with red herrings and ensure little or no building was done. Drastic change at the second coming when in the presence of Jesus Christ over a period of some 1,260 years, the tabernacle was built, not with all furnishings and utensils but the structure itself was completed by the end of the third cross when Jesus returned to my tabernacle. What furnishings and utensils are still to be added during the fourth and fifth cross but by the end of the fifth cross it is all finished. Nethanel our tribal leader can now stand up and present his family, our tribe, the silver dish and take one bowl from it, JK and say, ‘JK is ready to be presented before Jesus and be anointed by His blood!’

The change over from the first cross of Egypt to the second one on Mount Calvary may have taken as long as three days when Jesus, divinity left the temple but as short as one hour whilst Simon of Cyrene dragged it across from the temple to its new site on Mount Calvary. And that it where my tabernacle is built on. But the pivotal point is going to be the completed building, 1,260 days after DOA88.

But first the gender issue. With these emotive topics it is very easy to lose touch with logic and reality. Absurdity is a loss of logic and therefore can have no logical counter arguments. Stephen Hawkings, and others, statement that all these somethings that we see came from nothing cannot be countered but other absurdities added to it. For example I could add a new theory of evolution and explain dark matter, dark energy and gravity but it would be an off chance any would be right and if so they would not be correct because of the original statement.


At present the theory of evolution proposes everything happened via a central molecule of two stranded DNA helix. But following the revelations from that yes answer I got from the guru as to whether I should jump feet or head first into his black hole, I propose a three stranded helix for females and a four stranded helix for males. When these greedy black holes that have been greedily gobbling up all matter without realising they were getting a bad case of indigestion finally do their Stephen spits females will be ejected as the three stranded versions, two elongated legs and the dense matter of the brain as the elongated third strand all nicely bound as three stranded DNA helix. Because the males have an extra appendage this will give rise to the fourth strand; four stranded DNA helix. The brain strand does not necessarily have to come from the same orifice in males as it did from females, such are the marvels of chance!

What about dark matter and energy? As our black hole was indiscriminately gobbling everything up without realising there was an indigestion problem developing, yes there is greed up there as well, when that greed does catch up to it and it does its dummy spit, the Stephen spit, being black what else can it emit other than dark or black matter and dark or black energy plus whatever else was giving it its indigestion problems! The equation for dark matter must be; the light matter that we see around us now plus something equals dark matter. It we substitute the word gravity for something the equation becomes light matter plus gravity = dark matter. So all we need to sort out what this gravity is!

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Awesome! Somebody better stop this lad now! Even in the two stranded DNA helix he has come up with a new theory of evolution and dark matter and energy and if someone does stop him in the next half hour, gravity as well. All those great research institutions will have to close! Imagine the computing power in the four stranded DNA helix version flowing from this lad!  If you are thinking of contacting my friendly city council, and my hope is that it is not Jimmy Swaggart or the Jesuits, and asking them to send out their helicopter and sirens to blow a few tiles off the roof to break my train of thought, please specify that it must not have its cruise missiles attached even if the town clown was prepared to have himself strapped to one of them and the lord nayor to the other for guidance purposes. The focus of the Swaggart ministries is exactly attaching cruise missiles to these helicopters! Our local staff seem to have problems with the latest technologies. In our recent High Court case, which we won they came out with the latest gear to try to prove our home was not on the right alignment. And with all that technology they did show that our property was in the right street. With a bit more practise and tweaking next time they may even be able to establish which end of the street we are at! But then again it is a relatively short street! Will their technology advance that far?

Now to the question of gender. Fact; the human species was created as male and female. There are similarities between the genders but also dissimilarities. Either ignoring or expunging these dissimilarities is an absurdity and therefore has no basis for logical argument. There is an official satanic study of these absurdities and it is called psychology. According to this study yesterday I was studying your behaviour and you were the homosexual then it was you who was sick in the head and your sickness required treatment. Today however after our postal vote you the homosexual are normal and it is me who is sick in the head and requires treatment! Absurdity has no counter arguments. Just pity the prey that falls into their hands! If the discussion is whether certain people should be killed or not then unless we have the absolute of the Bible; ‘thou shalt not kill’, there is little point in further discussion. Unless you accept the absolute of the Bible and Genesis that God created them as ‘man and woman’ further discussion is pointless. Go back to the study that studies the fad of the day; psychology. If you don’t like the answer then organise a protest group and have it changed! Truth will lie in numbers. If the sheep are bleating then it must be right!  A wonderful society indeed, everyone sings from the one song sheet!

Genesis, Scripture have them as male and female. Heaven has them as bridegroom and His church, the bride. Earth has them in the sacrificial system as some animal, usually lamb but not always and the bride as fine flour. As different as plant and animal or as different as chalk and cheese. On a human level it has them as family with mum and dad and children. The animal symbolism is but an earthly pointer to the Christian family and as we are about to see this Christian family is but a pointer to the heavenly family of bridegroom and bride. It is this change in gender that occurs in verses 19 and 20. ——-

I take verses 18-20 in chapter six as the introductory verse of chapter seven. Daniel’s day of 1,260 after the DOA88. It actually justifies the Day of Atonement to change to DOA89. This now becomes stock taking. Has everything that needed to be done on earth, been done and specifically can the Nazirite Abandon His role as priest and finally put on His robes as High Priest. It would be blasphemy to suggest that Jesus Christ was as priest in both GFPMC and DOA89 unless these were now to be presented by the High Priest where and when that Most Holy Place appears. Before day 1,260, on day 1,260 and after day 1,260. Before Jesus is as bridegroom but after He is as bride. His link with divinity

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is changed to his link with mankind, the bride in Biblical symbolism. And she is only ready to make that switch with or to when Moses has finished (four things we are expected to account for); the tabernacle, furnishings, altar and utensils. Rule out altar straight away; the Nazirite places His sinless locks of hair at the base of it, the anointing of the Most Holy, day 1,260. The tabernacle would have almost been complete when we saw how our Jesus handled the door of mercy and definitely completed when He offered to take the place in hell of the foolish virgins just before the battle of the beast. That still leaves the furnishings within us and the utensils.


As we are now on the border to the new heavens and earth the issue of priest and high priest  has spiked and even though it would be logical to leave it alone until we crossed through the doorway and picked it up at the red heifer stage, unfortunately it is here now, Numbers chapter six. I wonder if I had left the comments open whether someone would have suggested to go back and reread Leviticus chapter 16, but this is what I did. Why? There was a ‘prompting’ from where I do not know but if it was from the Holy Spirit then there must be showers to follow. It also does indeed prove that Jesus was the Son of David and He scooped down lie enough to pick me up as well. What a wonderful and consoling thought that is! Satan can have as many of his cohorts in this tiny room but the presence of the Holy Spirit negates all this dark matter. Before we make another lunge at this problem we need to know from what foundation this lunge was made or some revision, and the Master told me to do it so, to go back to the bronze snake in the desert.

The earthly step is the sacrificial system that God’s people, the Jews were given by none other than God Himself. It started on 01/01/01. It is here that we walk behind a wooden doorframe with the blood of the Passover Lamb on it and it is the blood of the Passover Lamb that is on the doorway into the NETM (new earth tent of meeting). But one is symbolic and the last one real. Both are activated by faith but the symbolic is there to help us understand the real. GFPE was to the Jew the start of a half yearly cycle to their Day of Atonement (DOA90). To the Christian GFPMC to DOA90 is the half cycle of the bride, all of the saints or half of 7,777 odd years. But  now some differences; we don’t, in fact we can’t fall over after DOA90 because not only is there no sin but there is no evil either. Sadly that was not the case with the Jews who almost immediately began their track back again to Egypt where they would again have to be rescued from sin, Egyptian slavery and another GFPE.

Theirs was the language of symbolism, of animal sacrifices a language that we must learn before we can apply it. When that final stocktake is done on earth’s side of the NETM and the leader of my tribe, Nethanel is called to give his report the first question he will be asked is, ‘Are all your tribe ready for this final crossing?’  His reply, paraphrased will be something like, ‘The whole tribe, our final heavenly family is ready and I present this dish which is made out of silver and I present that it is full of fine flour and oil”. Next question, ‘But is every member of your tribe ready and ‘most’ will not suffice?’ Nethanel’s answer is, ‘Each bowl is full of fine flour and oil, every individual is ready. There is no mum or dad to stand in, each is an individual and each will have their own apartments and blocks of land allocated to them’. Next question, ‘What is it that they have got ready?’ Answer, ‘Each has a burnt offering, a sin offering and a peace offering.’ Next question, what are these and what do they mean? What expectations have they got by presenting these animals?’ Now the technical difficulty has increased somewhat and now we must look at the issue of priest and high priest. My initial formulation is that providing the Most Holy Place exists then priest  +  blood  =  high priest.

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The split within the two services is significant. All that they needed was a release from sin, from Egyptian slavery and to be set off on their way on their way to their DOA90. Initially that was 01/01/01 but then as we saw was moved to 14/01/ 01 and onto 10/07/ of each year. Each year became 14/01/xx to 10/07/xx until GFPMC, when this sacrificial system ceased. It pointed to our system, the Christian cycle. It was only one and one way at that. It started in the Garden of Eden and it was away from Eden and God for the first half of it until 14/07 of GFPMC. Then we have the second half of it on the way back to the Garden of Eden and th10/07/ of the day of worship of DOA90. But the problem is that on our way back from being released from sin or Egyptian slavery we have to spend most of our time in the old Heavens tent of meeting. We can’t just be released on our journey we must be cleansed to the extent that we can spend most of our time with God in heaven, we must be cleansed by GFPMC. It must be extracted from the DOA90 ceremony and performed at the start of our journey, it cannot be performed at the end. Let us go through numerically the DOA90 ceremony and extract GFPMC from it. Let us make God’s people worthy to spend some 1,800 years in the old tent of meeting and then allow them to come down and take part of what was supposed to be the end of their journey; DOA90.

Leviticus 16; The only way to enter into the Most Holy Place was for Aaron as high priest and that meant full high priest regalia.(1) For himself and for his family he had to take a bull for a sin offering (2) and a ram for a burnt offering (3). In final heavenly mode Jesus on DOA90 in Numbers 6:9-12 was represented by two birds, one for a sin offering (4) and the other for a burnt offering (5). As there was no Most Holy Place to go to as there was on GFPMC, He was not in high priestly regalia. In the wilderness the high priest, indicating that there will be a visit to the Most Holy Place took three other animals into the tent of meeting with him where he was the only person allowed, two goats, one for the people’s sin offering (6) and the other for the people’s scapegoat, (7) and finally a ram for the people’s burnt offering (8).

Jesus did carry sin on the DOA90 in the Garden of Eden for His creation and for His family as well, all our unconfessed unintentional sins was what that final DOA90 was at least part about. Elimination of evil the other part. But was He high priest in Eden as He was here in the Sinai? In Sinai he did kill the bull (2) and then take in into the Most Holy Place where entrance was only allowed under such strict conditions; to plead for mercy from God to accept the rest of the sacrifice that was to follow. The blood was not used as this stage for the washing of any sin. The next part of the sacrifice may have been about washing and expunging sin or even the burnt offering but  at this stage blood was about acceptance, it was whether God would grant mercy if Jesus went ahead with this whatever sacrifice was to follow it would be accepted.

After the high priest had killed and offered the bull, (2) he then killed the first of the goats, (6) and used the blood from this sin offering for mankind to plead for mercy for acceptance of what was to follow. As Jesus was only working according to a written out vow that He had previously worked out with the Father it seemed that this sacrifice would automatically be accepted even before Jesus went to the cross of GFPMC. This blood from the sin sacrifice goat of humanity achieved a number of things; A; It ensured that the sacrifice to follow, the scapegoat would be accepted. (7). It could only be presented if all utensils and furnishings were clean to allow this presentation to occur. This the blood did and cleaned all surfaces of both intentional and unintentional sins. They were indeed clean, B. Mercy plus cleanliness. C; all these sins of God’s peoples, before, at and after GFPMC then needed to be washed into an area where they could be gathered, placed onto the innocent incombustible frame and taken outside of the city and thrown into hell to be burned up. This was the role of Jesus the scapegoat.


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It was in his priestly clothing that he offered the ram sacrifice for himself and it was as priest that he offered the ram burnt offering for his people. Subtracting GFPMC from DOA90.

We can safely take out the scapegoat out of our Leviticus chapter 16 DOA90. That was out intentional and unintentional sins, that was GFPMC, that was the altar from the old temple being dragged into its new position on Mount Calvary where the last temple will be built around it, that was the Nazirite offering the ewe-lamb, that was the prerequisite for God’s people to be allowed to enter and wait in Heaven until called out behind the rider of the white horse and the last stage of the journey to Canaan. It was where those fires of hell burned up all those sins leaving only the frame on which they were presented; the human body of Jesus Christ. It is where the temple will finally be constructed but this time Jesus will hang above this temple, on its wing, just before we enter into the NETM a place I call our last Garden of Eden where history started and ended.

Can we also take out the first goat killed and put it into GFPMC? That will leave only the ram burnt offering. The blood of Jesus, the goat of the sin offering was used to cleanse the instruments of torture

that Jesus endured, the road He walked on and up to Mount Calvary, the cross that He hung on and the Roman spear that pierced Him. There was indeed much to be cleansed but it was cleansed. It was placed in a golden censor and taken up into the Most Holy Place where it was not just judged worthy by God but by His creation as well. He was worthy to take the scroll and open its seals. There was much cleansing for our High Priest to do when He got there at 3pm on GFPMC with His blood from the cross. The amount is not relevant, just the fact that it was the blood of the sin sacrifice of the goat of DOA90 from which we have extracted it. There was the matter of satan’s rebellion and the extensive defilement that that caused. And here we have a room full of sinners who shouldn’t even be here and about to vote whether this blood makes Jesus worthy of taking the scroll out of the hand of God and opening its seals. Even the courtyard where satan has been allowed to come back to needs attention.

In the heavenly Garden of Eden atonement there is no need for a high priest. When we did our subtraction the high priest’s role fell back to GFPMC. Here there was a role for a high priest to take his blood into the Most Holy Place and plead for mercy for those sinners. Here there was much to be washed with this blood of the sin sacrifice for the people.


Maybe the decision to exclude the High Priest from the heavenly Garden of Eden was a bit hasty, let us make a case for and against Jesus being High Priest on the DOA90. We only have two things, two variables to consider; two birds or sin and burnt sacrifices. Sin sacrifice first. It has already been admitted that grading sin from the most serious to least serious on whatever basis was wrong. Sin is sin. It is a break in the relationship with God apart from Whom we cannot live, we must die. That death in the Bible is accomplished as the separation of body from blood. This is the idea behind the sin sacrifice. In the DOA90 Jesus took on all remaining sins after the fires of hell  had been extinguished including His own family, the bride laying at the cross, but as high priest or priest is the issue. The number, make or model of the sin is irrelevant. It was sin, separation from God, death by separation of blood from body plus bearing the penalty for this transgression.

Whether this blood from the sin sacrifice washes that mountain of seventy trillion sins (?)  onto the body of Jesus at the one time and He takes this whole mountain into hell and suffers for them or whether they are trickle fed over six hours from nine to three, I don’t know and you will have to ask me that at 3pm on the DOA91 when I see my batch of unintentional unconfessed sins go through. The


indications are that the sin sacrifice, Jesus Christ, high priest or priest the issue did have enough blood in His body to give Him life from 9 to 3pm. But the blood in both cases washed the sins onto the body which was exposed to the fires of hell and had the sins burned off it. The divinity within this body could not burn and was represented by the ashes that were left after the fires of hell extinguished. That was one purpose for both priest and high priest for the blood and why ‘sin’ is used in the offering. It was the consequences of sin, of all sin.

Another purpose of the blood was to cleanse the sanctuary, furnishings and utensils. This function will not be required on the DOA91. The New Jerusalem when it finally does appear will be sinless, it is the Most Holy Place for eternity. The DOA91 cross that Jesus will die on is itself holy and because of its presence the new temple when it is rebuilt will not require dedicating before Jesus comes down with His two witnesses. That holiness from the absorption of the blood of Jesus and protection that it brings is removed at 4pm on the DOA91 when every last bit of the blood of Jesus is gathered from everywhere and placed in a golden censor. Some of this blood has already been used to give Jesus life on Resurrection Sunday on earth and now again to this figure that is hanging on the DOA92 cross.  The cross now for the time being will receive divine protection in the form of a holy fire until its anointment with the sinless hair of Jesus Christ. The cleaning role of the blood of the sin sacrifice will not be required on the DOA91. What about its role, and probably primary role of pleading for mercy that the following sacrifice will be acceptable to God?

There is no peace offering on the Day of Atonement (DOA92). Jesus is the Son of God, He is God and does not have to plead to be acceptable by God. The exception is when He is bringing that worthless lot with Him and claiming they are one with Him. They were an abomination to God and would have continued to be so had not those sins on the scapegoat’s board had not been wiped clean. A plead for mercy and peace offering were required for GFPMC but not for DOA92. One of the pearls that I was praying the Lord would open to us was this difference between the cross of GFPMC and that of DOA92. Before revisiting and comparing these days just finish off the extraction of GFPMC from the Sinai DOA92.

So far we have extracted the sin offering goat and the scapegoat of the people and this only leaves the ram, the burnt offering of the people. If this offering was never a possibility on GFPMC then why is it included here? It is not the DOA92 burnt offering in Eden because that one was a bird. It is not the High Priest’s burnt offering of GFPMC because the High priest is supposed to have offered all sins in Sinai including those for the high priest and his own family. This would give us two grounds for why the burnt offering was not offered on GFPMC; there was not a sinless state present at this time like there will be when the heavenly DOA92 is finally presented and the high priest had not taken onto himself those sins of his family; those unintentional unconfessed sins. Both of these conditions are met in the heavenly DOA92. So it now becomes a double barrel shotgun; the burnt offering of the DOA92 plus now the delayed burnt offering from GFPMC. A super burnt offering and it should consist of both burnt offerings; from DOA92 and this delayed one from nearly 3,800 years ago. That final burnt offering should have both the head of the ram and its feet presented in the fire.

But this explanation has many problems associated with it. The first is the change of apparel; the high priest must remove his high priest’s regalia and put on his ‘ordinary clothes’. On GFPMC at 3pm Jesus did change his clothing, He died. The High Priest left for Heaven with the censor of His blood leaving His humanity on earth to bear the consequences of what He had done when He asked for and drank that vinegar. But as has been pointed out there are at least two grounds why Jesus could not offer the

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burnt sacrifice at 3pm. And as I pointed out much earlier there was no bright lights on GFPMC from 2.50 pm until 3 pm, it was bitter darkness all the way. The burnt offering is a bright light indeed!

The heavenly change of clothing is even more difficult to explain. Aaron the high priest was there but he only comes into the picture when the Nazirite is decommissioned and allowed to drink wine. As high priest he wishes us Bon Voyage just before we cross over the doorway into the NETM, and as we have just made a case for the priest’s presence on DOA92 and not high priests we cannot say that at death at 3pm on DOA92 Jesus changed His clothes. But before 3pm on DOA92 Jesus was cleaning up all sins of His creation including those left behind by the wicked when the fires of hell went out. So the lowest title that could be given Him in the timeslot of 9 to3 was Christ the creator. To create from nothing He has to have divinity. This switch from divinity at 3pm to presenting in the fire the head and feet of the burnt offering could constitute a change of clothes.

But what about the man who led the scapegoat out of town to be dashed to death?


What we are trying to do is to unravel the Day of Atonement ceremony of the Israelites in the Sinai (DOA93) into how they actually occurred in history. There at least the two great cross events, GFPMC and DOA93 were lumped together on the same day, 10th of July and that was a Sabbath and a day of worship. But in reality there is going to be some 3,800 odd years between these two events. So the question we are addressing is why didn’t God tell Moses that on the 14th of January he had to conduct the sin offering, the scapegoat, leaving the burnt offering for a double barrel affair for the Day of Atonement DOA93, where the priest could then add his own sins and that of his family in a sin sacrifice add his burnt offering to the one of the 14th of January and offer them as head and feet in fire to God? All this confusion and the change of clothing from high priest to priest has not yet been factored into or the arrival of the man who led the scapegoat out of town to it destruction. Let alone Jesus Christ being the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world!

In reality the DOA93 is a Sabbath, there are fifty two of them in any one year and it is sandwhiched between Friday, specifically GFPMC and Sunday, specifically Resurrection Sunday, so it has two roles; one to look back to Friday where the act of salvation occurred and therefore worship for the Son of God who accomplished this unbelievable act in terms of both trying to understand not just what He did for us on this day but why He did it. His nature. But this day is also looking forward to Resurrection Sunday. Transposing DOA93 with its backward looking and forward looking aspects is no easy thing.

But as the DOA93 Garden of Eden Sabbath is this link then it must join Friday and Resurrection Sunday together and this is the link that we are now going to try to make, first back to Friday and then forward  to Sunday.

The bride, the saints, the redeemed, God’s people or whatever our collective name is have been sin free since GFPMC. We are quite surprised when we turn up in front of the doorway into the NETM and find the sign; ‘No Entry, this is a sinless area’. We have been sinless ever since GFPMC, so it can’t be us, it must have something to do with someone, something else. The problem is Jesus cannot create another Heaven or earth whilst this earthly sinful universe exists. He can only do this once all sin has been destroyed, evil no longer exists and there is no trace of this sinful world anywhere, it has all been destroyed. To do this we need a DOA94.

What Jesus does on DOA94 is worthy of worship. Of ultimate Sabbath worship. He washes the sign off that doorway. He doesn’t have to take His blood from the sin sacrifice of the bird into the Most Holy

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Place and plead for mercy. All He is doing is cleaning up after His creation. And He is cleaning up to the standard required by God. All sins are being taken to hell and destroyed there. No permission required to do that! No washing of any part of the new creation as it does not even exist yet and when it foes it will form in a sinless environment. The doorway  on this side has to have that sign washed off it as we cannot go through otherwise. On the other side is eternal life. On the other side is Resurrection Sunday and it is the cross that joins GFPMC to DOA94 and onto Resurrection Sunday.

The cross was obviously the central furnishing of Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary. In all probability it is exactly the same cross on the Day of Atonement (DOA94) and this would make it the same cross on Resurrection Sunday. On the Sabbath day of worship, DOA94, as on GFPMC it would have experienced a time of horror from nine to three, death and one hour hanging  on the cross until 4pm. At 4pm instead of the blood of Jesus being spilled it is gathered in a golden censor and brought back to Him. Every single last drop of it. Instead of being placed it a grave this time He continues to hang on this cross for the rest of the Sabbath; four until six. But we continue to worship Jesus over the next thirteen or so hours even though it is not Sabbath. It is in anticipation of Resurrection Sunday when a few drops of this blood will be applied to Jesus and He will come down from this cross.

This cross has therefore been the joining agent of GFPMC onto DOA94 and finally Resurrection Sunday. But this is not the end of the story of the cross. It continues to stand surrounded by holy fire for at least 1,260 days whilst Moses/Jesus complete our tabernacle, furnishings utensils and altar. It is only on day 1,260 after DOA94 that this altar is complete. The physical sign of completeness is Jesus placing His sinless locks at the base of the cross. It does not need the fire for protection anymore it has the DNA of Jesus. It is Heaven bound and everybody knows it. And it is the split in gender that occurs at this point that is the issue. This occurs when the building process is complete. This is day 1,260, the anointing of the Most Holy; the CROSS. So we must now look at the building of the tabernacle and the changes that occur when it is finished.  It is still the cross that is involved, us learning and understanding how it tied GFPMC to DOA94 and onto Resurrection Sunday and when we finally cotton on our education is finished. We appreciate what and why Jesus did on that cross that causes the change in gender. The subject matter now to be covered was already covered by Jesus 1,260 days before the cross so now it is just revision. It is important revision because each of us is going to be tested individually on it  and my leader, Nethanel has already assured God that each member of his tribe is ready. Each will be specifically quizzed about the burnt offering, the sin offering and the peace offering.


This is going to be the study of the decommissioning of the Nazirite Jesus Christ, (6:13-20) Alongside it will be what my leader Nethanel claims I know, have a report card and can be quizzed on these subjects. Specifically Nethanel’s report on me, (7:18-23).  Jesus does not have to go back to the GFPMC or DOA94 crosses again but when they come up all He has to do is to tick that box as, ‘done’.

Both begin at the end, Jesus made it, with the burnt offering; Nazirite male lamb and Nethanel one bull, one ram and one male lamb. The Nazirite has not included the bird as the sin offering of DOA94 either because it is not coming across or it was just a necessary step to get His beloved bride from Friday to Sunday. It allowed the burnt offering to occur and it was a double barrel shotgun effect. It had both feet and head presented in the flames. I have already checked that these two scriptures being compared are oranges with oranges. The decommissioning of the Nazirite, phase two of His ministry is still on this side of the doorway into the NETM and Nethanel only presents five crosses

Page 199

indicating again that we are on this side. Balaam tells us that there are still two to come on the other side. I am going to assume that it is 3,800 years from GFPMC up to this point but out of those 3,800 years the Nazirite only chooses one point of time; the male lamb was one year old. It was without defect at the time but it was also without defect before this time ( one year or 3,799 years?) and continued to be so after this time, but the moment defined in time is at 365 days old. It did have a life before this moment and after this moment that of the ram but it is defined as at one year old. And herein is when God revealed Himself. It was through His Son and it was on the cross and as a 365 day old lamb. But which cross? Was it GFPMC or was it DOA94 or are they really one cross with a burnt offering of two components?

Anyway for DOA94 the Nazirite only ticks the male lamb a year old for the burnt offering. The bride has not only gone through but been accepted because of her association with this particular lamb. But to Julius from the tribe of Issachar much more is required. The light from that lamp is far too bright. He needs to look and approach this light from both events that occurred before it and events that occurred after it. By moving from either side of the life of Jesus Christ I will be more able to adjust to the beauty of the central lamp. I need the ram to be included in this burnt offering.

The ability to be able tolook from each side of the rams life and see that moment in time when it was 365 days old results in the bull offering something to which I make no claim at present but with two tutorials lasting almost 1,260 days each and a sinless environment could change this situation. Also as we are now dealing with at least one of the crosses it must have a ram at its foot or foundation and a head of the bull. This bull must also have the property to be able to lock in with the feet of the next cross if they are to reach into the seventh heaven where Balaam got to.

The next box that the Nazirite ticks is the sin offering and that is the ewe-lamb. That was His goal, that is why He came to earth to bring His bride back to Heaven. To do this He had to cleanse her of her sins. That was the sole purpose of Good Friday on Mount Calvary. (GFPMC) Here He is solely tied in and concerned with His bride, he/she is the ewe-lamb. All other matters would have to be dealt with at some other time. Confessed both intentional and unintentional sins were the only issue. Unconfessed would also have to be dealt with but they were another issue entirely.

JK from the tribe of Issachar views this situation differently. He may not know enough to preach sermons on sheep and goats but does understand the issues to the level of sheep and goats and this was a matter of goats. It wasn’t a matter of if or when he fell but fall he did. In fact a relevant question might be; was there anytime that he could have fallen but did not? Pathetic and woeful and no doubt this was the problem of the goat and goat sin issue. Each sin, every one of them needed cleaning but it was not my duty or responsibility to clean up the mess. That I handed to Jesus the Nazirite and there I challenge any one who can show me any stains left behind. He did it properly and He did it voluntarily and He did it in love for me! And I can never go wrong in relying on Him.

The question of peace offerings is indeed a perplexing one. It is not mentioned in either GFPMC or DOA94 in the complete package deal of the 10th of July. Even the Heavenly DOA94 atonement only has two birds; sin and burnt offerings. So why should the Nazirite firstly bring it up and then Nethanel tell God that Julius has been primed up on it and can be taken through the doorway into the NETM?

The issue is not whether the sacrifices that Jesus has made are acceptable. The issue is whether this worthless lot that Jesus is trying to bring into Heaven with Him are acceptable even now that they are spotlessly clean and there is no mark on them. Just because they are clean does not qualify them for

Page 200

entry. More, much more than this is required. We are going to have the combination of both crosses and even more added.  ****

It has already been stated that this revision is one of trying to build a base for the offerings of chapters 28 and 29. It has developed into Moses/Jesus not just building the tabernacle that is about to be placed into eternity but its furnishings and utensils as well. And the overarching factor over all these activities is the cross. It is only when it is completed, when it is understood that the Nazirite Jesus Christ comes forward and lays His sinless locks at its base. It is given its own ministry; phase two of the Nazirite. It is repetition, it is revision it has already taken Jesus 1,250 days to explain to His bride what He is about to do before and on DOA94 and now 1,260 days after of what He has done, of tabernacle building. The anointing of the cross with His locks indicates that the bride has been the light, she can now relate and draw one line from Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC), through the Day of Atonement (DOA94) and into Resurrection Sunday; One cross but it is the extension of that line of the cross of the building  of my tabernacle which is about to pass through the doorway and into the new earth tent of meeting (NETM) which is the focus now. It is not just revision of a tutorial which itself was a revision of the tutorial that Jesus left within the covers of His Bible here on earth, no there is going to be an exam to be passed. Each bowl that my leader Nethanel presents is of itself full of flour mixed with oil as well as the whole dish. This ‘final’ tutorial can now form the basis of our heavenlystudies  and if all or at least most of it is (6:13-20) then surely with prayer we must at least be able to understand some of the basics. Burnt, sin and peace sacrifices on this side of 1,260 days, anointing of the cross and boiled shoulder, breast and thigh on the other side and part of the prize giving because we have seen the light of the cross!

If I try to follow my Lord’s admonition of, ‘What God has joined let no man put assunder’ and not just apply it to the Man-woman marriage or separating fruit juice away from the pulp but to Leviticus chapter 16 and the Day of Atonement, then I seem to run into ‘problems’. Chapter 16 seems to have both GFPMC and DOA94 on the same day and as one event but when Nethanel calls, ‘Next JK’ and I give my version of events, what I understood this tutorial to mean I not only a different version of the sin offering to what the Nazirite gave, my version of the burnt offering is different but the major difference is the peace offering where I present five crosses and make no attempt to join them, consecutive but present them as concurrent crosses. I have to split the Sinai version into my time and my experience; GFPMC and DOA94 are separate events. One is Friday and the other is Sabbath.

[ Some health issues. The dizzy spells I get are not demonic, what you would expect when a sinful mind tries to meditate on holy matters of the Word of God. I can meditate on holy issues for hours on end and get no headache whatsoever. It is the typing that is the problem. Whatever the problem and I attribute it to screen on which internal and external brightness controls don’t seem to work I am good for about a thousand words. The further I go past this the worse the dizzy spell gets and the longer it lasts. I do not consider myself as a quitter and intend trying to push that thousand word boundary further and further but will qualify it at the end of the day. The worst case scenario is that I can see words with a red line under them. I will note this at the end of the day as Red Letter Underlined (RLU) and from a day like this you would have to expect not just serious mistakes in spelling but logic as well. I certainly feel that an early retirement is justified; health problems, the complexity of the issues, work around the house beckons but Christianity, CHRIST I AM is about the prize of tomorrow; Resurrection Sunday, it is not about how many falls you had about getting to the line it is about getting over the line. If saying the Lord’s Prayer can heal a knee or shoulder then it can also heal a head, but He doesn’t and that is all I have to know, He doesn’t.]

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Back to the grind. The subject matter cannot really be all that complex; burnt, sin and peace offerings. Major problem the crash left blog empty. Will try to restore piece meal wise.

[Even though we ( my lovely number four daughter) had anticipated a crash like this and she sent the blog  off to different emails it was still unnerving to go to the blog and not only to find it empty but inaccessible as well. If I thought that my Lord condoned this crash I would not try to restore it and just stop typing and go do something else. This was a satanic attack and actually showed me how fleeting life is. There one minute and gone the next but in God’s world there is that something in between those two nothings that converts the second nothing into eternity. The options now available to me may in fact not be satanic; publish monthly or weekly after checking the work for errors and don’t restore the work from before until it too has been corrected. It all depends on your life’s principles. If you have two pieces of timber up top then you can go to great lengths (?) organising them and making sure that everything is nice and tidy. But if you have ten or more pieces organisation is notthe problem just going out and using them and having fun become the issue. If errors and organisation are your issue you would have long ago stopped reading this blog, but errors are to be expected from new ideas although admittedly there should be some limit on these. Publishing once a week or month would be hypocracy as I pray, ‘Give us to today our daily bread’  which is exactly that; daily. I take daily but give back weekly or monthly.  Although we have ‘covered’ only about 5% of Scripture the journey so far has been fascinating and can be, should be used as a spring board for whatever remains of it. In fact it is a Biblical principle to use witness Scripture and at this time of the crash this was a triple treat. Jesus firstly went through this tutorial whilst here on earth for 1,260 days, then He repeated for 1,250 days before the DOA94 and now for the third time for the 1,260 days after the DOA94 and in chapter seven is going to quiz us on it!

Before proceeding with the bottom of the page on the Nazirite I look at the top of it and what a marvellous revelation came just from that; the prohibition of the Nazirite and the contact with the dead; salvation plan A and salvation plan B. It was a long and worthwhile struggle as pray fully this shoulder, breast and thigh will also be. In salvation plan A when Jesus is told to stay away from the dead even if they are His immediate family I still believe that this had a partial fulfilment in the life of Jesus here on earth. He not only concentrated on the Jews, His people, the living He did so to the extent that He allowed the Gentiles, the dead to be called dogs. When the plan to save the ‘living’ clearly failed, they not only rejected Him they killed Him, only then did Jesus switch His attention to the dead, the gentiles, the dogs. But the panorama of these plans covers the history of humanity. The first twelve verses of chapter six, salvation plan A is humanity/ angels had not sinned or DOA95 and salvation plan B, verses 13-21 they did sin. In salvation plan A it would not have made any difference if Adam and Eve had not sinned or their progeny. The World still would have lasted the same period of time, which I take as 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours and the numbers of progeny to fill the earth would still the same as the redeemed now about to go through the doorway, which I take as 144 million. Same time, same number. But even in these ideal sinless conditions evil still existed. There was still a possibility of sin. This could not last forever, evil had to be destroyed and this had to be done to a divine plan and by divinity. There had to be, there was always going to be a Day of Atonement (DOA95).

Only what I call the Levitical angels got to this spot sinless. The congregational angels grumbled and have unconfessed, unintentional sins which we know Jesus does not attribute to anyone but takes them on Himself on the DOA95 and that includes us. Speaking of us His bride we too are up here sinless and have been sinless since GFPMC. We are the living, we are bride, we are saints, we are redeemed but we are only sinless because of what happened back there on GFPMC. As Jesus is now

Page 202

giving us this tutorial He is making sure that He is addressing to living. He is looking up to us and we can clearly see and hear Him. But He is making just as sure that He is not in the realm of the dead whom I confine under that first line of magnetism around the world. But verses 13-21 encompass the cross or salvation plan B. What a thrill and success for satan had he managed to stop this blog now especially if we are about to get a glimmer of the fifth cross. In the golden candlestick we are about to join lamps three, four and five and then the Nazirite will present the shoulder, breast and thigh to God. But firstly some clarification; the difference between Jesus as lamb and Jesus as ram.

Jesus as lamb was two things; He was without defect and a year old. Three hundred and sixty five days; 365. He may have been less, 364 or 123 days old or He may have been more; 366 days or even 3,800 years old but as lamb He was 365 days old and that was only for one day. Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary. The base of this cross, the life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ could approach from below this 365, like 360, 361, 362, 363 and 364 but things changed at 365; ram became a one year old lamb. Likewise counting back from whenever you want to; 370, 369, 368, 367, 366 but at 365 the ram became the one year old lamb. The foot of each of the seven crosses was a ram but the stem, the vertical section was Jesus the lamb. On this day, day 365, God revealed Himself to humanity and it was on this vertical section of the cross as a one year old lamb. And Jesus revealed God on this day; they were one and Jesus was the interface, the BUS port. There are many days in the rams life but for day 365 it becomes a lamb. Being able to extract that day from that whole life and understand it gives the prize of the bull offering and the head of each cross. That is our struggle right now, trying to separate out of the Jewish DAO95 in the Sinai wilderness from GFPMC. The gem here is immense and could be why satan pulled the plug on this blog. He has disrupted it many times before but not to the extent of a total wipe-out and without access allowed.

I have finally got my summary of these offerings hanging above me in my study, literally the word from above and did seriously think of going off line for a few weeks to try to correlate these chapters before attempting the big ones of 28 and 29.


During my ‘serious’ study of the Bible over the last three years, in my mind at least, I have been shown many pearls which I consider have made this effort so worthwhile. But these ‘revelations’ if they may be called that have mostly been of existing text to which I have added numbers which I have acknowledged as being non-Biblical but been of immense help. In fact I consider numbers as the ideal way of joining waypoints; a type of history. Nowhere there have I intentionally gone off line to get my views together and return when it happened. I just kept typing around and around the issue until I got some answer which seemed reasonable and did not conflict with other Scripture. Nor do I intend going off line this time but just typing around and around these offerings and sacrifices which are very complex only because I do not understand them.

I pray for the issues involved to be given to me as ‘daily bread’ and daily bread is only food if it digested and eaten. I cannot complain or have any other expectations to my prayers if I don’t eat of this bread. I have refused to eat of the bread of verses 19 and 20 as they seemed ‘too complex’ and therefor can make any valid complaint to my Lord for not understanding them. And the problem with verses 19 and 20 was they relied on verses 17 and 18 which in turn relied on 16 and 15 etc. And that brings us back to the superficial coverage of the three books that preceded this one of Numbers; Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus. But undaunted I will not go off line but take that daily bread and this at least fills one of the requirements; you have to eat before you can begin to assimilate! And this is my first

Page 203

attempt to eat of the first 20 verses although I have taken bites off other verses previously. I do not hope to assimilate it in a matter of days as even in my condition in what I call the final pre-heaven Garden of Eden and third time round tutorial it still takes 1,260 days but I know that it is not so much the cross that is anointed by Jesus as ‘Heaven bound’ but it is me who has at least seen some light, enough light to receive that anointing and that tag; ‘Heaven bound’. It is the light that comes from the cross.

This blog has so been about Friday and Saturday with a shocking lack of presence about Sunday. This should not be a surprise in a world which rejects the cross of Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) and the Sabbath and Sabbath’s Day of Atonement DOA95, are not even on the radar. Resurrection Sunday is just pie in the sky stuff. But I have always known that Resurrection Sunday did follow GFPMC but was not aware of the long time between the two of them, some 3,800 years. But the Lord did have an institution there to bide us over this long period of time; the Sabbath. It was not only there for us to look back on what Jesus did on GFPMC but to look forward to our Resurrection Sunday. The period in between, those 3,800 odd years, of which we spend 1,800 years in the present tent of meeting to be called a wilderness in Sinai was a surprise indeed.

The timespan between GFPMC and resurrection Sunday was long indeed and involved Jesus spending a significant time in the grave with the dead but where we are at now at the DOA95 there is but a very short period of time between Saturday and Sunday but a lengthy period back to GFPMC. So where in Scripture has Resurrection Sunday been that we so badly missed it? We have to keep in mind that at the time of Jesus all the Scripture that existed was the Old Testament and it is from here that Jesus explained in a relatively short period of time to the disciples on the road to Emmaus of His presence. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Most Christians today treat the Old Testament as just a history of the Jews and believe what matches up with archaeology which is almost nothing. Some may even have their favourite verse from Isiah or Deuteronomy but that is about all. They are wrong. The Old Testament is as much Scripture as the epistles of Peter and Paul or the gospel of Luke. I cannot remember the percentage but a large percentage of the New Testament is Old Testament. It is what Jesus quoted as, ‘it is written’ and it is the double edged sword that causes satan to flee at such high speed. To plough in Old Testament soil is to plough in virgin soil indeed. Ignored by most for most of the time and ploughed by Jews without Jesus as the focal point it can give to rich pickings indeed. The board above me has such pickings to give and for all I know these may have already been gleaned. I am unaware of such studies but do not deny they have taken place and as such I will be accused of plagiarism. So be it but I still look forward to this journey and wonder if the power of your prayers and the working of the Holy Spirit can overcome the failings of a 73 year old mind. To be able to sort the hundreds of facts above me would be an impossible undertaking in only  the first run, but providing there is a little more progress with each visit I will keep returning for more.

And this has been the focus of our attempts to split the Jewish DOA95 of the 10th of the seventh month into its two components; Friday and Saturday. And by splitting Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) out of the Day of Atonement (DOA96) the Saturday may yield that pearl; Resurrection Sunday. We only have three topics to study; burnt, sin and peace offerings but they could involve either the high priest or the people. That gives six options. The pearl we are trying to open has to be Leviticus chapter 16; the Day of Atonement. We already know in chapter 19 in the ordinance of the red heifer that it will not be given to Aaron the high priest but to his son the priest, Eleazar. We also know that when we see the Nazirite being decommissioned that we will see things in a different perspective to what Jesus the Nazirite saw. And even right now I am not going back to Leviticus proper and if I have to guess where Resurrection Sunday that I missed was it is going to be that man who led

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the scapegoat out into the desert and have it destroyed is my prime ‘suspect’. Two beings left the temple at that time; the scapegoat, the humanity of Jesus that bore all our sins and the man who led  the scapegoat, the divinity of Jesus. He did not die but returned at 3pm when the job was done, the fires of hell had gone out. He was alive at the time the burnt sacrifice was offered but he did not offer this sacrifice himself. He was just there. It was offered by the high priest come priest who had just changed His high priestly clothes.


In our attempt to open the shell of Leviticus chapter 16 (L16) I started at what seemed to be its ‘weakest point’, the scapegoat but changing tact I now take this shell as it is and try to read from it the Day of Atonement (DOA96) of Numbers (6:1-12), (N61) and the decommissioning of the Nazirite of Numbers (6:13-21)  (N62) and how the silver bowl, JK saw the whole affair when he was examined on it in Numbers chapter 7 (N7).

Aaron as high priest can only come into the Most Holy Place once a year and only under very strict conditions. Has our High Priest, Jesus Christ used that one option up already? He has already been into the Most Holy Place in Heaven at 3pm on GFPMC. There were many other others who should not have been there at this time, but the blood that Jesus took with Him at this time was the issue and seems to have covered for the presence of all these sinners. They were up there at this time to vote whether this blood that Jesus had just shed made Him worthy of taking the scroll from the right hand of God and to open its seals. That vote was a unanimous ‘yes’ vote. Jesus has not yet entered into the Most Holy Place of eternity, the New Jerusalem, because it does not yet exist and will not come down out of the sky until this universe is destroyed by fire and only then replaced by the new Heaven and earth. The first five crosses are replaced (or should that be added to by cross six and seven) When the High Priest will prepare himself for entry into the New Jerusalem. He will have to prepare Himself in the NETM and all materials and preparations are to be addressed to that area from where they will be utilised. In these final preparations he must be alone but we are up there already with Him? Actually all preparations have to be made BEFORE the doorway into the tent of meeting because it does not exist either, not whilst we are on this side.

He, Aaron of the Sinai tabernacle obviously washes on many occasions but He is allowed to put on the tunic and undergarments only once and within that tent of meeting He has to bring a bull for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering. These are for the sins of the High Priest. This defines our Nazirite of N6 at least as High Priest. Only the high priest was allowed to conduct the Day of Atonement service (DOA96) and the first twelve verses of Numbers Chapter six are the DOA96 service. This is an ‘unusual’ service.

He does not present a bull and ram but presents two of the same; birds. There is no mention of high priest but priest only. His ministry also seems unusual. He is told to stay away from the dead, from sinners. He can deal with and has come to deal with Adam and Eve and their 7,777 years of progeny who have not sinned and any angels who have not sinned either. He has come to deal with evil. Heaven and earth cannot continue to exist under the presence of evil’s potential. He has come to get rid of the threat of evil. But he is given one exception. He has a certain course of action to follow if a man drops dead very suddenly beside him. This was the situation that Aaron had to cope with. His ministry did not have to cope with that sinless lot which the Nazirite did in a way encounter. He had those Levitical angels who did not rebel in front of him, the armies of the rider of the white horse who are sinless now but have not always been so and off course the grumbling angels who were not thrown

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out of heaven. But I want to get rid of that stumbling block of the man who died suddenly, verses 9-12 of Numbers six. I will encase them in square brackets and forget them, remembering what I had forgotten or was supposed to forget.

[The Nazirite was going quite well. He had just won an easy victory with His armies behind Him and He as leader of the rider of the white horse. Then quite unexpectantly and with the briefest of explanations; ‘I am sorry that I have to leave you my newly wedded wife but I have some unfinished business that I have to attend to. It is Scripture, it is written and there is no way around it. Way back in the original Garden of Eden, God the Father told satan that as a result of his temptations of the first parents, the result would be that satan would bruise My heel but I would crush his head. This has not yet happened and it is my responsibility alone that this happens. If anything you lot are a part of this problem.

We are not told where we are parked at for those last seven years, seven months, seven days and seven hours of the existence of our earth and universe. Jesus is far enough away from us to call; ‘the Messiah will be cut off and have nothing.’ Daniel (9:26). As we have just come out of Heaven where we have spent the last 1,800 odd years and we cannot be defiled it must be in some sin free area. The one that comes to mind is the original Garden of Eden. So I bring that garden up here just inside of the doorway into the NETM we are waiting to go through. This last garden if it were Eden it would have the advantage of not just having the tree of life, the cross, but this tree would be in the right place; where the cross of GFPMC stood, actually directly above it. Seeing Jesus appear above causes; ‘the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary’. The cross is moved upwards and out of the way of this destruction and the advantage it has over the original tree of life is that it has some of the blood of Jesus soaked into it from GFPMC and it therefore cleans a large area off defilement allowing all 144 million (?) saints to live in a sin free area all these last years.

So there is Jesus with us staring down from the top on Him but the evil and only satan and his lot only exist above Him. He takes 1,250 days to explain to His bride and to any satanic beings who want to listen, the reading from the book of life before they are burned up in hell when the trumpet sounds on 01/07/486. The next day a Friday is the battle of satan and all evil beings are thrown into hell. Jesus crushes the head of satan and destroys him. Satan still bruises the heel of Jesus nine days later. He has been responsible for making humanity, both good and evil commit unconfessed, unintentional sins and it is for these sins, now called Jesus’ sins that Jesus has to suffer and die for on the DOA96. This is the mountain of sins that just appear once the fires of hell extinguish. They existed before but were dwarfed by the satanic sins of evil. Here is that moment, ‘But if a man dies very suddenly beside him and…’]

End of square bracket and hit delete key. It is all gone. Fortunately our Nazirite did not have anyone drop dead beside him, so what are we really left with?


If the Nazirite did not have anyone drop dead suddenly beside him then he would not have had to go through the Day of Atonement (DOA97) and all the pain and suffering that this brought him. All he had to do was to take that living lot with him through to heaven. The only Nazirite that I know that could do this was Melchizedek. And where he was taking them was to his priesthood of eternity. This priesthood had a beginning on earth when the Nazirite made his vow of separation but this vow would always have an end. Obviously now I am looking around trying to find a base for the seven altars that Balaam built to the seventh heaven. I have had Melchizedek as the divine presence on earth ensuring

Page 206

that evil will not run away as it did before the days of Noah. But it takes Scripture nearly a thousand years before Melchizedek manifest Himself when the covenant of faith is established with Abraham. To establish the base of the first cross on Abraham’s faith still seems a bit tenuous and I will stay with my present GFPE as the first cross.

It is very rare for me to challenge the authority of Scripture since that time of a direct challenge and it concerned all Scripture. Not only did I considerate wrong it but wrong on a clanger proportion. In Gethsemane on the night of His arrest Jesus revealed Himself as divinity. Everyone, including His disciples dropped dead on hearing that; I AM HE. That was the end of the act of salvation, yet KJV, NIV and many other versions use for God at this time the same personnel pronoun as they use for the devil! Blasphemy! It may not convince anyone else but the answer I received from my Lord was that, ‘this is still My Word, if it was purely divine, original manuscripts, few would understand it or be bothered with it. To be an interface between God and humanity it must contain attributes belonging to both, and humanity is sin including blasphemy. Without the human element it would be water off the duck’s bask.’ I would still consider any version of the Bible that tried to justify homosexuality in any form as blasphemy and stay away from it.

I also have no problem with challenging a particular version of Scripture especially when I have a version that says what I want it to say. One such example would be KJV having Jesus bruising the head of satan and satan bruising his heel. If satan did cause 70 trillion unconfessed unintentional sins for which Jesus suffered terribly for six hours on the Day of Atonement (DOA97) then satan would also have to suffer for these same sins. Satan also suffered for the sins that he caused the wicked to commit intentionally something Jesus did not have to do. But the real issue is not whether Jesus suffered for seventy trillion sins on the DOA97 and 2.17 trillion sins on GFPMC and satan did this in the one batch and it included a total of 105.04 trillion sins, the issue is that even though they both died, Jesus was resurrected but satan destroyed forever. The NIV have the better translation; Jesus crushed the head of satan but satan bruised the heel of Jesus.

I only employ the error in the Bible technique when there is a vital truth involved. I have had the baton change from Jesus Christ to Melchizedek as at the waters of Meribah but now I wonder if this is really so. The ‘error’ that I am going to correct is to change the conjunction ‘if’ in verse nine to what it ‘should’ have been, ‘when’ and keep typing until it is clear to me that once again it was my correction that was wrong and the Bible was right all along!  So verse 9 in chapter six of the Book of Numbers ‘should’ be written;

But WHEN a man dies suddenly beside him and defiles his dedicated head of hair,…… and not IF a man dies suddenly…… These next four verses are about hell and the DOA97 they were never about if but when these were going to occur. They were even going to occur had Adam and Eve and all their progeny turned up without sinning and there had not been any rebellion in Heaven. They are about good and evil coexisting, something which is an impossibility. Satan and all his followers may have had the run of the world since the battle of the beast for nearly three and a half years and all this evil obscured the presence of those sins that Jesus would take on Himself.

The conjunction ‘if’ cannot apply to Jesus crushing the head of satan. It was Scripture and it had to happen. What was optional though was when the fires of hell extinguished and  this left only those sins that had not been consumed by hell, it was optional for Jesus to take these sins on Himself, call them my sins and go to the fires of Atonement’s hell in order to get rid of every trace of sin. This was optional, if Jesus chose to do it and do it He did.

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This present search is for Resurrection Sunday. There could not have been that much written on both GFPMC and DOA97 with so little Resurrection Sunday at the same time. It was not the second coming when Jesus comes back and resurrects His bride to take her back to heaven with Him. This was an awakening from sleep, it was not a resurrection. Death results in the separation of body from blood and resurrection results when the two are joined together again. This does not happen at the second coming but much later. It did happen to Jesus on Resurrection Sunday morning some 38 hours after GFPMC and it will happen again to Jesus some 14 hours after DOA97 but they are not our resurrections, they are Jesus’ resurrections. They are our resurrections when as one with Jesus, His blood is applied.

The other angle on that is Jesus as in Melchizedek just after Noah’s Flood then moves onto Jesus as in Melchizedek talking to and making a covenant with Abraham then giving planet earth the wide birth for best part of 3,500 years and resurfacing at His second coming to pick up the living. The Nazirite and the living. He has kept away from the dead as was required by His vow of separation. But they both have arrived at a gate which says, ‘No Entry’. And this sign will remain until Jesus goes through the DOA97 event. He does not have to go through this door but neither did He have to go through GFPMC. There is a major event on the horizon and both personnel and equipment must be got ready in front of the doorway into the new earth tent of meeting (NETM) so that when it forms and we cross over the Law of Atonement may be carried out. But from this reasoning it still could be; when a man dies and does not have to be ;if a man dies very suddenly beside him…. . History can only proceed from 4pm on DOA97 and in phase two of the ministry of the Nazirite and it may be these consequences which erupt in chapter 8.


I have reminded  myself on many occasions that I am standing on holy ground and tampering with the same word that spoke and everything we see came into existence and the last ‘thing’ He made when all else was finished was me. And in old age you have no idea how consoling it is to be made in the image of God and to have His breath in me. I am dealing with the same word that became flesh and dwelt among us. Whilst here He went to the cross of Good Friday and disposed of all my sins; past, present and future. It is only a matter of time until He comes back to get me to spend eternity with Him. How consoling is that? This is the Word that I am trying to change but not in a flippant way. When I pray to God to ‘Give us today our daily bread’ I do not expect God to send me satan’s bread, but His bread.

Today the cross of Christ is a non existent entity in most churches and of the few ministries who purport and teach the cross make sure that it is always dangling in front of you but you will never be able to take a hold of it. This is the purpose of these ministries. Show but do not give. That is what happened at the first coming of our Lord and is now happening at the soon second coming. At the first coming, the Jews the people of God used the ruling evil power of the day to persecute and kill Christians, and that is exactly what is happening now. The ruling power may not be the Roman Empire but the American Empire and the initial Christians being slaughtered by the Jews are for the most part Palestinian Christians and ‘Christians’ around the world applaud these actions not realising they are the next cab off the rank. Have you ever wondered why the Swaggart and other ministries are so desperate for Americans to retain their guns? For exactly the same reasons for the Palestinians to be given rockets and both will be as effective as Palestinians throwing rocks against machine gun posts! Gives them a valid excuse for shooting you!

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This situation was well foretold in the Scripture of Balak and Balaam. Here God’s people are congregating for their final entry into Heaven’s Canaan. But why does Balak want to stop them? Canaan does not belong to him. We are not going to take possession of his land. In fact he is confined since GFOMC at 3pm just to this earth. Assuming Julius K is going to Heaven then what is it to satan whether I am dead at the second coming and have to be resurrected by Jesus before going to Heaven or whether I am alive and a part of the wise virgins and taken into Heaven. Both scenarios have satan loses, JK goes to Heaven.

But the virgins will not always sleep. They wake up at the midnight call, ‘Here comes the bridegroom come out and meet Him!’ And we see Jerusalem laying in ruins and wake up we do. And Daniel’s prophesy hits us like a brick; set your watches Jesus will be back in 45 days time! It is only if we can imagine ourselves on this day will this Leviticus chapter 16 have any meaning and meaning can only begin with the Cross of Christ not just dangling six inches in front of us but we must actually be holding it close tour chests. Before we squeeze it against our chests we quickly revise what Scripture has told us would happen up to this point, yes it does add up so now we focus on the Heavens, what has Scripture told us would  happen after this wake up call.  The call of ‘come Jesus, come’ has any meaning is if we know where we are going and that Jesus has the details worked out on either side of this call.

There is a surprising amount of information and detailed information at that of what happens on this of the midnight call. Firstly it not set in concrete JK’s position in Heaven. When he is kneeling with his neck stretched back and that final question is asked before decapitation, ‘Do you renounce Jesus Christ as your Saviour?’ I would love to think that as I called on the armies of Heaven to help that like Stephen the doors of Heaven will open and the beauty of the Lord would abolish everything that is around me at this time. But will they? If they do satan would call  ‘good riddance to bad rubbish but I could just as easily finish up where I really belong, on his heap.

Satan is not concerned about me taking his place in Canaan, he is concerned with satan’s interests. God taking His own takes his responsibility of trying to deceive them but it does set the clock now into the final countdown mode. It actually started ticking nearly 6,000 years ago but this is countdown. One of the surprises that Balak/satan brought into the picture was that his resources are limited and it is with these limited resources that he is going to try to destroy God’s people. Satan’s strategy was to use only minimal resources in getting his foot in the door by attacking those ‘weak’ Christians first and to keep his main resources the main battle. He reasoned that these weak Christians, many Palestinians were weak because they were either cursed by God of foolish or whatever. God did not send them any covered carts drawn by oxen. But the reason God gave Balak and Balak was 100% sure this answer came from God for reasons already given, was they don’t have any carts is because I did not send any carts and I did not send them any because they didn’t need any, they had me. Swaggart certainly displays his carts but have these been sent by God?

The news satan received from God via Balaam was the worst possible scenario. These Palestinian Christians are not going to be a pushover and there is no point keeping your ammo for round two if you don’t win round one. There will be no round two. Satan has to commit so much of his resources in round one he comes up short in round two. And that is where we as Christians come onto the scene. I have already given a possible scenario ot these event under the beasts out of the sea and earth. Another possibility is a gun amnesty in USA. At the end of thirty or whatever days anyone who has not handed in their guns will be declared a terrorist and have their property confiscated. When

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the authorities come to collect the guns they will be perfectly entitled in the eyes of most to shoot armed terrorists. Christians will wake up and draw their crosses to them at the midnight call, but what about this side of the midnight call?


The beast out of the earth is  given 1,260 (+ 30 days of preparation) days of ‘glory’ to try to destroy God’s people. He grudgingly accepts the presence and input of satan because they are of incalculable benefit. After all it was satan/Balak who had checked out the scene with God and then made alterations which seemed absurd to the beast out of the sea who was to follow and those last 45 days of the great tribulation. The beast out of the sea is the junior partner and when they finally turn on each other it is the beast out of the earth that burns and devours the beast out of the sea. But now they have an enemy in common and that is God’s people, Christians right now but soon to be joined by the Jews.

The beast out of the earth cannot believe what he is seeing. The sea beast has got all the jails full of Christians and got the rest on the ropes ready to be killed at will when he backs off! Instead of going for the killer blow and not leaving any for the beast out of the sea to kill, the sea beast backs off even though he still has permission from God to continue his killing spree for another 140 days. Satan knew that there would be a change of tactics, he personally checked this out with God. He knew that God cannot tell lies. He probably told the earth beast that there was no other way. His reasoning that he was checking for allegiance for the battle  of the beast certainly had logic. He had attributed his loss on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) and this would not happen again. He would mark every one of his soldiers with the mark of the beast. If there were any changes possible then these could only occur in the next 140 + 45 DAYS of the earth beast. After the second coming whether the earth lasted 2,000 days or years would not make any difference. There would not be one conversion after this time and desertions from Heaven an impossibility. The beast out of the sea would explain it to the beast out of the earth as, ‘I am doing you a favour. I am going to release all those Christians out of jail now and they will go out into the world to collect a massive harvest. They will bring those Christians out of the woodwork making it so much easier for you to carry out what has been your heart’s desire for nearly five hundred years, to kill them!

If there is a parallel between Balak and the Jews about to enter the promised land and satan and God’s people congregating before the second coming then there are interesting issues raised. At the time of Balak and Canaan only the first cross existed, the one based on GFPE and GFPMC had not yet occurred.  Yet Balak, with the help of Balaam built seven altars or crosses. Two, three, four and five cross did not exist but they would still be in our earth’s time. Six and seven though would only exist in the time frame of the new earth and Heaven. Yet Balak built through all six stages and through to the seventh Heaven, the New Jerusalem. And he was sure that he had done this. That final scene of looking down over the New Jerusalem Balak must have been some 4,000 miles ( some 6,400 kilometres ) above it. ( foundations were 1,600, the walls of the city were 1,600 plus a few more miles) above the city. How could he, Balak/satan do this including entry into the forbidden zone, the sinless area? Balak/satan did it by faith exactly the same way is which we are about to try to do. The faith and or belief that Balak displayed  made him fear and tremble. We too should display reverence through fear and trembling but for different reasons. Our faith is the result of daily bread that we ask of the Lord, it is there to be eaten and to build. And this is what we are trying to do now. Build. Balak just had a hurried construction of ram to bull, from the foot of the cross to the top. He was not worried about the stem and stem is Jesus Christ the Lamb of God. Our fear and trembling

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then is reverence displayed. It is our name that has just been called; step out into the aisle and take those seven steps towards Jesus. It is so blurry. Don’t know whether He had a golden censor with His blood in it and reached down and dipped his thumb in it before He applied it to my forehead or whether that censor when it returned from earth carrying all the blood of Jesus and when put back into the body of Jesus He had the whole compliment of His blood and came down from the cross in the same condition He was put up there on GFPMC. Jesus may just have a tiny prick in His thumb but it is His real blood that is being applied. I have tried to follow the history of that censor but to date without success.

In my quest to try to relate at least some of those facts above me I have tried the correction method of changing ‘if’ for ‘when’ but not only is it wrong it did not yield any positive results. Going back and treating Leviticus chapter 16 as Scripture and therefore cannot be altered but it can be applied to different situations correctly if no alterations have occurred. Treating this chapter as the final law of atonement in Heaven but at this stage not specifying which area within Heaven.

Aaron our high priest, [yes Aaron is here on this side as well and has bid us bon voyage across the doorway with other words of advice. He appeared when the Nazirite finished his decommissioning] after the death of his sons, [many Scriptures tell us there is no death or dying up here so this only applies down there. There is neither sin nor evil up here and we must be very careful about using concepts with these in them.] Aaron shall not enter. [Entry into the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem can only take place on a certain date and after preparations which are to be carried out in the new earth tent of meeting. (NETM) ]. God will appear in a cloud over the mercy seat.


If the amplification factor that applies from earth’s Most Holy Place to the new earth’s M ost Holy Place, the New Jerusalem applies to the rest of God’s new creation then it is going to be a sight to behold. From square metres or yards to square kilometres or square miles! Even today and for the most part of our existence in Heaven for the first 1,800 odd years God and His throne are confined within the four walls of the creatures that represent Jesus Christ, the lion, ox, man and eagle. Only when God’s wrath is satisfied and met at the end of the seventh bowl will entry be allowed into the Most Holy Place and entrance certainly the first time, as we are about to see is only after extensive preparation and defined conditions. The new approach is the silver bowl, JK of Numbers seven being cross examined on what he knows and expects to see on what he has seen in the decommissioning of the Nazirite of Numbers six and the future in Heaven, Leviticus 16. Events will thus be discussed as this side of the doorway and the other side of the doorway. It would be blasphemous to belittle events on this side of the doorway. The only reason we have celebrations on the other side is because we are celebrating something that someone did and that happened on this side of the NETM. We will see and commemorate these events at a higher level because the impediment that prevented us from doing so is gone; sin and evil. It is faith that will take us that far up and that faith should make fear and tremble but not for the same reasons the demons fear and tremble. They await a horrible destruction but we await an existence in perfection for the eternities to come.

This technique of combining Leviticus 16 with Numbers six and seven looks very promising. It is quizzing the silver bowl JK as to what he knows about this side and the other side of the doorway. Events cannot proceed through this doorway if JK is not ready. But you may say that JK has to compare chalk and cheese. This side is sin and evil but on the other side there is no sin and no evil and he may be an expert on both sin and evil but does not have the foggiest idea about what

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perfection is about. Both Moses and the Nazirite knew this when they gave him a pass in his test. JK actually does know something about sinlessness and perfection. He knows and trusts that the Word of God will bring him to both sinlessness and perfection. He has had at least one demonstration of this when the ewe-lamb on this side of the doorway passed through it became the red heifer and there are more such demonstrations to come like male lamb to bull.

JK’s ideas are to be headed as my references as how; Moses and the Nazirite and unless I get it right we stay on this side of the doorway. Look at Moses’ reference of Numbers seven; not just the tabernacle is complete but also the furnishings and utensils AND the altar has been anointed. What else remains to be done? The Nazirite’s reference is just as glowing. He presented the plan that He had worked out with God the Father for the salvation of humanity and has been ticking the boxes of burnt, sin and peace offering when all of a sudden, 1,260 days after the DOA97 he ticks the breast box, His bride’s box. On this day she is presented as an entity of her own. She has joined the dots, she has seen the light, the tabernacle, furnishings and utensils are complete. The altar can now be anointed. Its role of carrying the blood has been recognised, it as an external symbol can now be tagged; Heaven Bound!

The response of the Nazirite is to offer to God His bride, the breast in symbolism. She is offered to God in her own right. ‘This is my bride of eternity and I have no hesitation in offering her, and am proud to do so! Admittedly the breast is standing on the thigh and the thigh in symbolism is theocracy. She cannot make any mistakes with this foundation. She is holding in her hand the boiled shoulder. Christianity is about bride and bridegroom and she is presenting the bridegroom to God by waving Him above her head. And by taking this position between thigh and shoulder she realises where she fits into the big scheme of things. That realisation allows the cross to be anointed and offerings made. But as we start making our way through there are still going to be many unanswered questions. The main idea here being that if after say a trillion, trillion years somebody asks me what is this event that we are supposed to be commemorating today that I don’t say, ‘We lost track of that event a long time ago and today tradition tells us that a long time ago and whatever version of creation and/or salvation story is then told.’

This obviously cannot happen. God did create this world in a seven day cycle, but the clock did not start ticking until GFPE as 01/01/01, moved ‘mysteriously’ to 14/01/01 and then almost exactly six month cycles from 14/01/01 to 10/07/01 onto 14/01/02 to 10/07/02 and on for over one thousand years. In the new Heavens the cycle will begin with creation day one as 01/01/01 and be completed in seven days as on 07/01/01 when we begin our migration across the doorway and into the promised land. If the migration takes six days we will all be over by 13/01/01. We are told on our first full day in Heaven, the 14/01/01 we are to celebrate the Passover as this is the start of the years of eternity. Every year forever more will begin as at 14/01/ whatever the year. To the Jews on earth this was the start of the year but halfway through the year they celebrated the DOA97 on the 10th of July. Why can’t we in the new Heaven also celebrate the Day of Atonement (DOA98) on a yearly and perpetual way just like God’s people did here on earth? I am going to treat Leviticus chapter 16 as a yearly and Heavenly event for the ages to come. WE will commemorate the events of the 14/01/xx of earth and Heaven but also 10/07/XX of both earth and Heaven.  So it is going to be chapter six on this side of the doorway, the Nazirite and on the other side the Heavenly DOA98 And JK trying to relate the two as up there and down here. But it must be stressed again that the main event /events occurred down here on earth; GFPMC and DOA98, we are just commemorating these events for the eternities to come.

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My  relationship to Jesus in the new Heavens will be a convergent rather than a divergent one. I will not start close to Him and over time become wider and further from Him. Again comparing our salvation to the ocean initially we will study every drop and every drop will through a Passover and Atonement event. A minimum of one year.  ( The following numbers are only for illustrative purposes, rough and you can substitute them with whatever you wish. I am going to take the ocean as having one with twenty zeros drops of water in it ie there are 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 drops of water in the ocean). Thus to complete our initial study  takes us 1 with 20 zero years to complete. Now we go back and study each drop which itself contains 1 with 20 zeros number of molecules. So by the time we have studied every molecule in every drop 1 with 400 zero years have passed. Next within each molecule there are 1 with 20 zeros of subatomic particles so by the time we have studied all subatomic particles, the essence of our salvation  1 with 8000 zeros of years have passed. So happens next? Do we stay at that level or do we go back and start our study of the drops again?

One topic that fascinates me is the new creation of both Heaven and earth. So far I have started with; ‘In the beginning’, God begins His new creation by rolling out the membrane of time but I have to decide whether it is a straight line and we stay with Jesus once we have seen His inner nature or do we go back a start studying the drops in the ocean again? Is time circular? We know that studying those drops of water emanating from under the throne will indeed be fascinating. They are life. But as yet we have not yet even started the first year but are trying to establish some ground rules for it.

If/when I ever get back to Genesis and the new creation I will have to give more details  in doing a verse by verse analysis than just giving an overview.  The same would have to apply  if comparing GFPE to GFPMC.  And the same will apply to my first attempt of comparing DOA98 here on earth to DOA99 in Heaven and the eternities to come.

From earth’s DOA99 I am supposed to transfer five animals to above; one bull, two goats and two rams. Keeping in mind we are on the 10/07/01 and we have just come off   the commemoration of 14/01/01. Up here we did not and could not sin between these two dates like the Israelites did and even on the 14/01/01 we were already sinless when we arrived in the new Heavens and earth.

The second last animal offered down there was the sin offering of the Nazirite (?) and the last was the burnt offering. Both were birds and in both only the priest is involved. Up here the first animal offered is the bull as a sin offering and the ram as a burnt offering and both are by and for the high priest and his family. There could not be a bigger step in value than going from bird to bull and bird to ram is not much behind. There is also a gigantic leap in going from priest to high priest. Jesus Christ retains His humanity in Heaven, priest, but He is also divine; High Priest. And this distinction of high priest and people is maintained through the eternities in the DOA99.

The issues now are becoming quite complex. I maybe at the first DOA99 in heaven but I have just come off our initiation ceremony where each heavenly year begins; 14th of January. Here I commemorated why I was sinless, why I was here, the introduction, the summary, the abstract, the event that everything else hung off, and it was connected to the event back on sinful earth on the 14th of January also. ( I think I have established a seven hour offset between these two worlds). So our foundation was built on 14th of January back here on earth and will be celebrated on the 14th of January in Heaven for time memorial. It is but a foundation and the edifice of the building will be built on this rock, mind you it will be over 1,600 miles high. (2,200 kilometres). We must expect differences in our building, DOA100 to their foundations but the two will always be connected.

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Unfortunately that brings us back to the when/if a man dies very suddenly beside him. The Nazirite made a vow of separation that he would come to earth and collect the living. He would specifically stay away from the dead, the sinners. If that Nazirite was Melchizedek then He formalised Himself at the time of Abraham when the covenant of faith was announced. In Hebrews (6:19,20) after His resurrection Jesus became a priest in the order of Melchizedek.

All Scripture, both Old and New testaments point to Jesus Christ, either how to get closer to Him or things to do to get us further away but He remains two complete entities in one; Jesus Christ, man and God and He is capable of varying the ratio of each in what He displays. Satan knows that both entities are crucial and therefore he only has to destroy one of them to make our salvation meaningless. At the first coming satan could not attack the humanity of Jesus as too many people who saw Him were alive. But at this time so far away from His first coming satan has organised a dual prong attack on both the humanity and divinity of Jesus Christ. It is extreme folly to entertain a walk down either path and will usually result in a sudden drop off into hell. But that does not stop us from looking at each of these attributes of our Lord and Master; Melchizedek and Jesus, humanity and divinity. There are many blogs out there on Melchizedek. Disregard any that have Him dying or being born but that is different to appearing and disappearing in time is different.

The only reason I am here standing on Most Holy Ground in the New Jerusalem or the Most Holy Place is because both Moses and the Nazirite have said that I could. I will have to check what boxes I ticked as the silver dish that made Moses write; tabernacle complete, furnishings and utensils and altar anointed and the Nazirite has placed His sinless hair at the base of the altar. It is all about the blood of Jesus. It may have been shed and collected down there but it is only applied up here and not just by anyone but the High Priest Himself. And it is commemorated for the eternities to come up here as the Day of Atonement. (DOA100)

With the dual nature of God He could separate a certain portion, a vow of separation to come to earth to take those who wanted to be with Him back to Heaven. But even within this Nazirite’s vow He made two provisions; salvation plan A for those who did not sin and salvation plan B for those who did sin. You would think that you would not need any plan of salvation for those who did not sin. But as has already been pointed out had that even if Adam and Eve or their progeny not sinned and the angels had not rebelled God had to destroy the possibility of sin and evil even if they had not eventuated after 7,777 odd years. In a sinless world there would be a Day of Atonement (DOA101). Divinity would have to destroy evil. This actual situation only applied to the Levitical angels. The others grumbled and Adam and Eve  and all their progeny fell. But God still had to destroy evil plus all these other sins that had been committed.


Sooner or later I had to take the plunge so this is it but still at the level of this side of the doorway into NETM. Jesus Christ is humanity and divinity but when He displays more divinity than humanity He is called Christ and at the extreme end of divinity it is Melchizedek. When the emphasis is on His humanity He is called Jesus, the son of David. He is also the Nazirite. As a Nazirite He is Jesus Christ and it is Jesus Christ Who made the vow of separation from God.

As Melchizedek He came to earth just after Noah’s Flood to supervise events down here to make sure that evil did not spiral out of control as it did before Noah. As Melchizedek He brought in the covenant of faith with Abraham. He disappears off the radar until early Resurrection Sunday morning when Jesus Christ joins Him in the order of Melchizedek. As Melchizedek, the one who has

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no genealogy and must stay away from the dead, He comes to collect that pool of sinless people, His bride, at the second coming. As Melchizedek with His sinless partner they await in Heaven for some 1,800 years the return of the Holy Spirit, the fine linen, and when the Spirit does return their marriage occurs. As Melchizedek He rides out of Heaven as the rider on the white horse with His armies following Him. As Melchizedek they fight and destroy the wicked who had gathered on the west side of the Euphrates. The birds of the sky have a great feast on these bodies. As Melchizedek He faces a very serious problem; the doorway into the new earth tent of meeting (NETM) is barred and closed. A man has very suddenly dropped dead here. As Melchizedek He must leave His bride behind and go and sort out this problem. As Melchizedek having sorted out the problem He returns to His bride, but He has been severely penalised for this digression; His ministry clock has been restarted from day one. Even here on earth when He went to the cross on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) for the worst of sins, the intentional I did spit in your Holy Face ones He did not have to cut His hair or shave His beard but up here for sins that were not His, they were what was left over after the fires of hell had gone out, He receives a triple punishment; six days of separation, has His hair cut off and His ministry cancelled! Why is this punishment so severe even taking into account He took the responsibility for His creation? Well first we better go back and correct the sign on the doorway into the NETM. It should read; ‘No entry as no sin or evil allowed past this point’. It was His role as Melchizedek, as divinity to get rid of evil, sin was not a part of that duty and that is why He received such a heavy penalty. I just can’t even imagine how Melchizedek could have got rid of sin if there were no sins anywhere! And why didn’t the Nazirite back on GFPMC take care of these sins? We can let the Nazirite speak for Himself at His decommissioning and is the reason why eternity just doesn’t start each year at 14/01/ whatever the year but also has a major commemoration on the 10/07 of that year. But even if Adam and Eve had not sinned and JK had come through sinless, Melchizedek would still have to present me to God in Heaven for the eternities to come as; JK sinless, JK not capable of committing evil ever. That potential for committing evil had to be burned where all evil is destroyed; in hell. So there would have still been a burnt sacrifice but no sin sacrifice. As Melchizedek He removed both sin and evil off that sign. But it wasn’t His duty to take on the sins of the man who died suddenly beside him and for that He received such a heavy penalty. Does that settle the if a man dies suddenly beside Him or when a man dies suddenly beside him? I certainly have a favourite and if it agreed with Scripture would publish it!  As Melchizedek He now begins His ‘real’ ministry; over the next 1,260 days after the DOA101 He must now build the tabernacle, furnishings and utensils, (the actual building is our bodies and selves in which the presence of the Almighty God can exist) plus one external piece of ‘furniture’, the altar or cross. As Melchizedek when finished He calls ready on our behalf for that final entry into Canaan.

I for one can see more holes in the above scenario than in Swiss cheese. But it must be remembered that even on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) that it was Jesus Christ Who hung on that cross, the humanity is obvious but divinity was there also. Christ the High Priest did not die at 3pm but took His own blood into the Most Holy Place above and it was on this blood that His creation judged Him to be worthy of taking the scroll out of the right hand of God and opening its seal. That was divinity. That divinity returned back to earth on Resurrection Sunday morning. That morning Christ became a priest in the order of Melchizedek.

No on that Day of Atonement (DOA101) Melchizedek was not all dressed up as high priest. Neither did He take His blood into the Most Holy Place, probably because it did not even exist. And right back in the Garden of Eden God had told Eve that it was going to be her seed that would crush the

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head of satan and that satan would bruise His heel. God has defined the terms; it would be Eve’s seed thus has mother and very special father, has a genealogy, has a start and an implied finish, is definitely not Melchizedek but Jesus Christ. The preparation in the tent of meeting and presentation of the blood is coming up. Here are some basic ideas on Christ, Melchizedek, High Priest and divinity of Jesus as we should experience with Him for the eternities to come.

But on the DOA101 cross was Eve’s seed. This was not the first time that He had been to this cross. If He has not been to the cross previously there would not be anyone in that army He has just left behind. This is the combination of these two events that have occurred here on earth and that we are trying to transcribe into the eternities above.


These issues have been canvassed before but pray fully this round through  will yield a greater light. We know that once we get to Canaan we will commemorate the Passover on the 14th of January each year for time memorial. As yet we haven’t been told that we will also commemorate DOA101 for eternity but as my relationship with Jesus is a divergent one I will want to study each detail under the microscope of GFPMC and DOA101 and this is a distinct possibility because God has revealed Himself through that one event; the outstretched arms of Jesus Christ on GFPMC. But more importantly it is the ONLY way that God has revealed Himself. His creation is a pointer to this event, but only a pointer. My hypothesising about whether time is linear in the new earth and therefore infinite and space is also infinite or whether time is circular, we go back and study the drops of water again and therefore space is also circular with whatever is around it, maybe pie in the sky stuff but the issues of GFPMC and DOA101 are fundamentals of our Christian faith. ( although if we are travelling up there and  we don’t have time to return to base to celebrate 14th of January, GFPMC then why are provisions made to celebrate it at a latter date?).

The question we are trying to solve is; is Heaven 3 + (3+2) or is heaven 3+5. Explicitly is 3, the three offerings for the people, two goats and a ram as described in L16 (Leviticus 16), GFPMC on the 14th of January and foundation of the Christian faith, the six months later in the DOA101 the five animals that are offered on the DOA101 are they separate animals or are they the three from before as foundations are supposed to be plus two additional ones, the two birds either pigeons or turtledoves. Is this basic split between the 14th of January and the 10th of July as simple as Jesus and humanity and Christ as divinity? Are all options joined by the burnt offering of head and feet in the fire?

There is little point in going back and checking on that silver bowl from the tribe of Issachar, JK. Not only is his tabernacle complete so that God’s presence can enter into him, it is also furnished and utensils present. This has been noted externally by the altar receiving the hair of Jesus, so he has two references saying he is ready to go from Moses and the Nazirite. As at day 1,260 after DOA101 JK is ready to pass through that doorway and into the NETM and he has the tag of ‘Heaven bound’ to prove it. So what answers did he give that both Moses and the Nazirite found to be acceptable?

To sin offering he replied ‘Goat’. The Nazirite would have expected a call of, ‘Ewe-lamb’ to the sin offering and in L16 it was ‘goat’. Herein is the basic mission of the Nazirite. That vow that He took in His separation from God did have two pathways, a human and a divine. Yesterday we followed the Melchizedek line where there was no contact allowed with the dead, with that one exception, (if/when that man died suddenly beside Him) and now the ewe-lamb line.

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Scripture never ceases to amaze me. Recently it was Egypt and now ewe-lamb. In my journey through the Book of Numbers I was surprised at the emphasis the Bible placed on Egypt, beginning  with 01/01/01. But that is the first step in our seven steps to Christ when He will apply His blood to our foreheads and eternity proper will begin. We will be one with Him, bride and bridegroom, male and female lambs, Christ I am, Christiam. When my name and number are finally called, it seemed like an eternity before and there was so many other names called, could be 144 million of them and I was thrilled for each of the other members of my family of forever, but finally my name is called. I stand up and am about to take my seven steps to Christ just like each other member of my family did. I stand on Egypt. There God Himself gave the answer; ‘if JK stands inside of the doorway with the blood of the lamb on it, he will not die, the angel of death will Passover him. And that is why I carefully checked as I came through the doorway into the new earth tent of meeting (NETM) that it was smeared with the blood of the lamb but God made more provisions for me down here. He asked Jesus to get out of His shoes and leave them behind for me. For everyone who put those shoes on He called us Levites, counted us and gave us a book of instructions; the Old Testament and the sacrificial system of animal pointers, pointers we are trying to make use of now. First step was a right foot and it hit the ground on GFPMC and what a surprise! Jesus wants me to be with Him and He is going to remove the one impediment stopping this; my sins.

He is not here to destroy satan or even the beast . In fact when the beast dies Jesus resurrects him to live and fight for many more days and satan wasn’t even near let alone in hell. He was here doing what Jimmy Swaggart is doing; jeering and sneering whist watching His own people killed Christ! Rev (12:12) tells us satan was thrown down to earth at 3pm on GFPMC and that he is full of fury to the extent that we get the “WOE” warning and if that is the case that he is in his destroyed state, the mind boggles as to what his state was before he was destroyed in hell! We would need at least ten woes to warn us! He is here to abolish my sin. Having lived in the land of the kangaroo for most of my life where the real meaning of ‘kangaroo court’ was formulated I cannot get over the justice in God’s definition of sin; if you don’t know then you can’t be held responsible whereas here ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law! Nobody can tell you how many laws there are let alone what they are yet I am expected to know and obey them! This don’t know and you can’t be punished causes Jesus mountains of trouble on which we have already spent much time.

But on the cross of GFPMC Jesus was only concerned with my sin. What an easy and sure step for me to make! The sins covered here on GFPMC were confessed sins; both intentional and unintentional. You can’t get any simpler; if you confess your sins to Jesus you will be forgiven, and if you don’t you won’t. The two witnesses when they come with Jesus at His third coming for the closing of the door of mercy only have one theme; sackcloth and ashes, repentance! This was the sin offering for the people, but JK did not call ewe-lamb he called goat when questioned who/what the sin offering was. Why?

JK was two steps ahead of the Nazirite. Yes, he could see and was stunned by the selectivity of Jesus’ mission but he also saw the sins of the family of the high priest. He was a part of that family and it was this, most unusual way of defining sin that led to this situation. I can’t see that much difference between Jesus dying for my unconfessed unintentional sins either on GFPMC or DOA101 some 3,800 years later. The sins finish up in hell on the frame of Jesus Christ either way, burned into oblivion. The big picture tells a different story. If JK was sinless as in all sins, after GFPMC and he had to spend time in a very sinful world he may be defiled by just coming in contact with all that filth. No it is better that the final clean up occurs when the fires of hell have gone out which is where it happens

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now. And divine justice has not allowed all those who went to hell to suffer for all their unconfessed unintentional sins. Jesus did that for them.

The biggest revelation to JK is that he was a goat and because of GFPMC he is now a ewe-lamb.


Even though in the Garden of Eden we spend our seven odd last years in is on the edge of this universe when the doors into hell were opened and satan and all his cohorts were thrown into hell, there was enough heat out of these doors to kill the beast within us. We got just a sample of what Jesus did for us on GFPMC and that was enough to kill the evil within. But on DOA101 we did not just get a distant sample we were right there at the coalface. And we did not have to imagine what Jesus did for us but we saw our batch of these so called benign unintentional unconfessed and what suffering they caused our loving Saviour! We saw our folly in grading sins! Goats indeed! Well that folly no longer exists, it along with all sins are abhorrent to us. Evil id dead! No goats only ewe-lambs.

Another animal mentioned/discussed in L16 is the scapegoat. Its blood was not used anywhere in the service of DOA101 and therefore cannot be taken into the Most Holy Place for which we are preparing ourselves now. Was it just too unpleasant for Jesus to remember? Are all those sins of ours really disappeared and never to be seen or heard of again? But if it does appear now in Heaven’s Day of Atonement (DOA102) then it must be a different entity and that would settle the original question; Heaven is three sacrifices on the 14th of January as Heavenly Passover plus five sacrifices on the 10th of July as Heavenly DOA102.

The burnt offering is more complex. Firstly we have to account for the original burnt offering. It was a bird, either pigeon or turtledove. Not in L16 and not mentioned by the Nazirite. But then neither was the bird sin offering. For a burnt offering to occur there had to be not just a sinless but evil less environment something that only occurred after the bird sacrifices at 3pm and before 4pm on DOA102 on the 10th of July, 486 of Daniel’s 490 last years of this planet earth’s existence. At 3pm on GFPMC there was also a presentation by the High Priest Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Place in Heaven in front of a huge audience representing all mankind. He was presenting His Holy blood and this blood was from the sin sacrifice that had just taken place and part of its purpose was to make Him worthy of taking that scroll out of the right hand of God and opening its seals which would result in the joining of humanity to divinity. We are going to Heaven!  I don’t really think that this was a burnt offering and certainly not in the line of what took place on the Day of Atonement (DOA102). No this was not a burnt offering, it was held back to DOA102 when it would be presented as a divine/human offering. The head and feet of the animal would be presented at the same time. The burnt offering would be the tie in time between GFPMC and DOA102, they would be one.

As I thought through the issues last night, Sabbath, I was overwhelmed with questions. Here I was trying to take/weave two earthly events, GFPMC and DOA102 into the perfect Heaven of eternity. Both these events are about sin so here I was trying to weave sin and hell and bloodied body of Jesus into a place where there is no sin or evil and there is no concept of them either! This is like asking me to perform brain surgery on someone who has a pain in their toe on their left foot!  Knowing where the brain is and toe is certainly a useful start but there is still room for more knowledge and skills! Here I am, I have just taken my first step to Christ. I stood on the foundation of Egypt, 0% contribution from JK, 100% contribution from God, and took my first step to Jesus on GFPMC and even though I saw only a tiny amount of what Jesus did for me here I still saw 0% contribution from

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JK and a 100% contribution from Jesus. Very firmly and confidently put all my weight and trust on that first step and now throw my focus on the next step; He is coming back to take me to Heaven with Him; the second coming. Again firmly check; He has set the time, the place with all associated what’s and whys. 100% contribution from Jesus and 0% contribution from JK, he just has to sit and wait. There is a very big difference between todays JK who has taken one and a bit steps to the one who got his reference from Moses and the Nazirite after he had taken his fifth step! Differences like spending 1,800 odd years in Heaven with Jesus, like receiving the fine linen, the Holy Spirit, the wedding, like the battle against the beast, like the crushing of satan’s head by Eve’s seed, like the Day of Atonement (DOA103), like the 1,260 days of building that has occurred under Moses and the Nazirite’s decommissioning, like the planting of the foot of the fifth step; the hair of Jesus Christ on the altar! Some difference!

What symbol is given to this JK who has just taken this fifth step; a silver (yes gold, silver, bronze and iron is the list), bowl (and individual responsible for their own actions) but note what it is still full of; fine flour and oil. But hasn’t that just been through a baking process which turned the flour into a basket of cakes? Wasn’t that the idea of expressing the burnt offering? Well yes but these are only shadows that occur on this world, the real process of fusion is going to happen in the next NETM where preparations will be made and then into the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem with the High Priest as leader and the subject being His precious blood.

For many Christians today the great tribulation is not some Biblical hypothetical concept. The buildings lying in ruins, streets filled with rumble, graveyards overflowing with their loved ones and sickness and hunger the norm, the great tribulation has started. Whether it is Balak in the first round or whenever the great tribulation is here. But inference from the Balak and Balaam stories this is but the opening salvos. When the main bout comes on with you and me as combatants it will be reassuring that our Lord is not just coming back to get us but He has worked out in fine detail what He has lined up for us, and recorded it in the Bible. Note the role of the Old Testament. Note the role of using animals as pointers, note the use of God’s creation in pointing to the Creator and Redeemer. Note the cross has seven stages and that five are on this world. Note the unity of the Bible between the Old and New Testaments. Note how the completeness of the message falls apart even with the omission of one cross. Note how easy it is to destroy confidence in the message of salvation. Note how satan takes advantage of every weakness and drives doubt between us and our Saviour.

So this silver bowl full of fine flour and oil will continue to seek daily bread and when added to the daily bread readers have asked  for will open doors even into those restricted areas. If Balak got there by faith then we should not have any problem either as the faith that we have produces fear and trembling as in the case of Balak/satan but his fear and trembling was at the thought of him being destroyed and ours the fear and trembling are the result of reverence of that magnanimous act of our salvation. In the time of Job, before the cross satan was allowed to go as high as the courtyard of our present tent of meeting and God would answer him. So I don’t know why satan did not do just that, surely he knew God would not reply with a lie! This is not the case when the people of God are congregating before entering Canaan at the second coming. At the cross satan was confined to earth, (I take as being inside that first line of magnetism that goes around the world  some 800 kms or 500 miles up).


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We too are and will be confined to this side of the doorway of the NETM for another 1,800 odd years but by faith we look to our final destination spelt out in such incredible detail in the Word of God. What a privilege to be shown; He spoke and everything came into existence, He became flesh and dwelt among us and walked to Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) and He became the written Word; the Bible! But above all He knew what He was dealing with, He was the Son of David and He knew He could lift David and us to incredible heights and ultimately the seventh Heaven and the subject of our present study. Satan too knew all the above but knowledge and belief are but a part of Heavenly faith there is still another major step to go. Ministries like the Swaggart ministries know this step and specifically target you to stop you from taking it. They are liars and there is no truth in them. It is as simple as one, two, three, four and five. ( 1 John, chapter 2 and verses 3-5). A better example would be the Roman Catholic Church.

If you want to gather a group of people together be it for causes of good or evil you wouldn’t get very far by having evangelistic campaigns in the names of Peter or Paul or Mary. The name of Jesus Christ is what always has and will have drawing power; Christian. Once you get them in though all you really have to do is to mention the name of Jesus, like His human birth, Christmas and Divine birth, Easter but once a year and then you drown them out with the clangers. The clangers you clang must be different to the ones coming from up the road if you want to fleece them. You have to separate yourself first, you don’t need all the clangers just the Sabbath and eternal hell will do. Once they accept those there is no limit to any others you can think of. They might even sound like music but provided it is not Heavenly music, that is still okay if your aim is to get them to hell. At all costs they must prevent the seven steps to Christ.

Such are the examples of the last two nights of Swaggart’s sermons on Noah’s flood and earth. His stance on evolution and gay marriage is certainly scriptural and to be commended. And I have never heard a more profound and succinct sermon on the ministry of Jesus Christ. He knows exactly what is going on and how not to get there. ‘Is that all?’. He knows how to hang that carrot in front of you. But he also knows how to make sure you never attain it even with your last step or last breath, you just fall into hell with the cross of Christ dangling in front of you. Christianity is such a simple religion his tactics are obvious even to the ‘unlearned’ among us. The destination of every soul ever conceived is either Heaven or hell. Just because my beloved miscarried twice and what was aborted was in medical terms some thing  or foetus this was not so recorded in Heaven. At the moment of conception this ‘thing’ is a living soul for which Jesus Christ was prepared to die for. I don’t know whether these two ‘things’ will finish up in Heaven or hell, but I do know that there will be some 1,800 years of checking and cross checking to see that no mistakes have been made. I will also give you my definition of ‘surprise’. One or both of these living souls tap me on the shoulder up there and say, ‘Dad!’

Eternity either has Heaven which is forever and ever and hell which by God’s very nature cannot be forever and ever. Heaven is forever and ever because it is our relationship to Jesus Christ which makes it so. Any other relationship, other than that with Jesus is by definition limited in time, and that includes hell! Sin is the breaking of the relationship between us and God and God is the source of life and of eternity. Peddling eternal damnation is one of satan’s greatest achievements and if they have that one there must be many more such clangers! Total distortion of the nature of God. I have made no attempt to study the history of the early church other than in the Book of Acts but I will be most surprised to see if satan could get this clanger and others through before he threw God’s gift to humanity into His Holy face first; the Sabbath Day. And defenders of the Book should learn a lesson from the error of long ages, genealogies and the history in the Bible. Before beginning

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on long ages just the conclusion of our faith; Heaven = Jesus = new covenant = life in perfection with Jesus forever and ever. Hell = anything other than Jesus = old covenant = hell and painful destruction. These ideas have been discussed many times in this blog before. It should also be pointed out that Jesus has created many blogs out there that can defend the old ages of the world to all levels including PHD.  Following are the views of a lay person.

I will only be discussing one topic; Eve’s seed. It sets and I have often used it in both chronology and theology. Swaggart does not believe in the absurd, evolution but he does believe that the earth could be millions or billions of years old and we are not told and it doesn’t matter how old the earth is. He needs to have this belief in order to abolish God’s gift to humanity. It is quite feasible to him and many others that When God created the beginning, time He was so exhausted it took Him 2 billion years to get His breath and another two billion when He created space, the heavens. The earth took a lot more out of God and this time even after a cuppa He still took three billion years before He could get on with His creative which culminated in the creation of Adam and Eve. He does not believe in a seven day creation and on this ground he trashes the Sabbath as just another day! They are all related.

Actually he does have the significance of the Sabbath correct. It does point to the ministry of Jesus Christ and initially Jesus as creator, but as we are seeing through the pointers of the animal sacrifices it is much more than that. On day six, the Friday, Jesus had finished His creation, there would be no more creative acts after this as satan was not given any powers of creation. He can change but he cannot add to.


The first church meeting took place on Sabbath the seventh day of creation. It was a well attended meeting; the angelic hosts, Adam and Eve and God. They did not do nothing as Swaggart absurdly suggests. They all worshipped Jesus Christ as creator. They were given the basis and the ability to worship Jesus not just for true worship on that first night but also to continue to build on this basis with ever increasing fervour and devotion for the next 7,777 odd years (?) when the big question of if/when the man dies suddenly I think can now be answered. Their genetic makeup was such that it could last this time and beyond providing they partook of the tree of life. I do not know whether that was daily, weekly, monthly or whenever, we are not told. But if they filled the earth with 144 million progeny as I suggest this to be the total number in Heaven for all times and they all asked for daily bread, they were certainly required to ask for His Holy Name to be glorified daily, I can’t see how all 144 million got to this tree of life daily. Isn’t this what is going to be required of us each day in Heaven?

To suggest that Adam and Eve and later progeny sat around and did nothing on the first and subsequent Sabbath days is but one of Swaggart’s many absurdities. Keep it holy = do nothing would be a fair summary of his ministry. Nothing! Doesn’t know the difference between holiness and nothing! There is a nothing aspect of the Sabbath; there is nothing we can do to add to it and we stop work so that we can appreciate its holiness. What God has done for us, everything, and to put our hands out to accept the gifts and bounties He so desperately wants to give us and not throw them back into His Holy Face. Therein lies the two compartments of the new Heaven and earth. Earth, the tent of meeting with our plots of land we study the amazing creation of Jesus which point us to and through those pearly gates to not just Jesus our creator but also Jesus our redeemer and inside of the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem. Rejecting the gifts God so wants to give us allows

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satan to replace them with all those clangers which are not only designed to keep us away from Jesus but to take us further away from Him. Swaggart and other like ministries must at all costs keep you under the old covenant. They must at all costs prevent you from transferring the law from stone to heart and you have to not allow only one, any one from coming across and none will. It is all or none. And if that is your aim why not make it the one with God’s gifts attached? Why not go for maximum damage? Why not go for the one that allows you to introduce any clanger that you want? Your aim is to get them to fight a war for you, initially against fellow Christians, die and go to hell on satan’s side! You may as well fleece the flock in the meantime!  You proudly display the covered carts drawn by oxen every day. But the Jew will only put six Mercedes Benz’ in the garage. If want a cart with a Maserati or Lamborghini in it you are going to have to fleece the flock for that. May as well make use of them before you have them killed! Round one is almost over and you have managed to stop any protests of heathen killing God’s people. Round two is about to begin.

But all these events are on the approach side of Eve’s seed, Eve’s seed and then post Eve’s seed. By taking time as seven sevens, (7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours) and placing GFPMC as the central point and then going back 77 jubilees gave me a discrepancy of 38 years. I took this 38 years as the time it took for Adam and Eve to commit their first sin and thus begin the jubilee cycle. I then extended that to GFPMC. It took the first Adam 38 years to sin and by doing so he converted eternal life into eternal death. The second Adam, Jesus Christ was dead in His grave for 38 odd hours and at the end of these hours He converted eternal death into eternal life. I know this did not place GFPMC as at 14/01/ can’t remember the year but it does give us some starting point to Eve’s seed. It is Eve’s seed and not Adam’s and Eve’s seed.

According to Scripture every human being can be traced back Adam and Eve’s seed, but only a very select few can be traced back to Eve’s seed alone. And that being is Jesus Christ. He did not have Adam’s seed, this was replaced by the seeds of the Holy Spirit. So the genealogies which are so critical must end with Jesus Christ and start with Eve from the day she repented accepted Jesus and became a child of God. If Moses could understand the seven altars/crosses then Eve who was created with a far higher level of intelligence than Moses should also have been able to understand. That does everything but explain the stupidity of her sin! She already had life eternal and that was given to her by God providing she was obedient  and kept eating from the tree of life. She accepted satan’s offer of ‘life’ which was actually death and she did not see through that lie! Satan is the master of dressing up lies which appear like life but are actually death. And to distinguish between the two God has left us His Word; the Bible.

It is too late in the evening to try to tie Eve’s seed with Melchizedek and the Nazirite and Moses’ completed temple, maybe tomorrow, already tried once. Even the priest and high priest relationship in the Day of Atonement (DOA102) is covered in the chapter of the red heifer and will be left until then. For the time being we have the altar/cross which was carried around the desert for 40 odd years, then moved into the permanent temple where it stood for a thousand odd years was dragged by Jesus with the help of Simon outside of the city to Mount Calvary where it stood for a very short time but its location will mark the place of the temple when it is rebuilt for a third time after the second coming, destroyed and rebuilt at the third coming and finally will be the location, above it at least, of the final DOA102. From here we are not yet sure whether it will be Simon who will continue to drag this cross into its final standing spot in the New Jerusalem or it will just disappear and reappear when the New Jerusalem comes down out of the heavens. But the final resting place of the altar/cross is inside of the Most Holy Place and in front of the throne of God. Concerning the blood of Jesus.   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX18/04/2018XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Again as I have lost contact with the golden censor I must assume that at 4pm of the DOA103 every drop of the blood of Jesus was gathered in this special censor lined with the prayers of the saints, and returned to that final Garden of Eden where it was all returned to the body of Jesus Christ on resurrection Sunday morning. Not just a few drops as in the case of Resurrection Sunday morning here on earth, but all. There is only one blood regardless of whether it came from DOA103 from the birds, GFPMC from the cross, off the road or whips or crown of thorns or soaked into the ground when that Roman spear opened His side at 4pm on GFPMC or wherever, all of His blood is in His body and wherever He is present so is His blood, some of which will literally be applied to our foreheads after we are called and take our seven steps to Christ.

Now back to that difficult issue; should Numbers (6:9) be ‘ But if a man…’ or should it be ‘But when a man dies very suddenly…’? We who are trying to tamper with Scripture and should only publish when we confirm that Scripture is ‘correct’, meaning I think I can understand it. First to the death being not just suddenly but very suddenly beside him. Not over a year or month or week or even day but, ‘what was that noise dear?’ ‘That was a gust of wind slamming the door shut’. That suddenly. And when the fires of hell had done their work the doors into hell closed, ‘very suddenly’ and that mankind on whom God had lavished such gifts and bounties, ‘a man dies very suddenly besides Him’. That man carried an awful amount of sin which when burned up in hell left a surprising pile of sins behind. GFPMC, (our sins) plus the fires of hell for the wicked should = no sin, so what are these sins that are left behind?

Recently I received an email from a Christian Organisation concerning the importance of the age of the earth with regard to our Christian belief. I was dumbfounded to see the major role that God’s initial creation either being perfect or very good played in the discussion. If it was ‘perfect’ then why does the Bible call it ‘very good’? Whatever God does it must be perfect. As I take my seven steps to Christ on the seven crosses laid on the ground for me all I have to do is to check that each wrung has been placed by God. I don’t have to understand it nor do I try to understand it, it only has to have been placed there by God. God is the author of perfection, He can do no other than perfection. I put my weight fully on that step then check the next one. The Nazirite at His decommissioning can only offer the breast to God, firstly because the tabernacle is complete with the placement of the hair but it is offered off the thigh, theocracy. This base is God, this base is perfection.

Way back some six thousand years ago when God carried out His work of creation He could do no other than perfection down to the last atomic and subatomic particles. When He made Adam and Eve He made them in a state of perfection. There is nothing that you or I or anyone else could do to improve on them. Today many will dispute that from even His own people and we are told that they constitute half of God’s people, they will be called foolish and they will go to hell. Whether they still insist on the superiority of their ways over God’s perfection as they burn in hell is a subject open to discussion.  They probably will, they are evil and the evil must be destroyed by the fires of hell.

What incredible depth is added to our understanding of God and His ways by the Day of Atonement (DOA103). Yes Friday was the cross but that same cross passed onto Saturday, DOA103, and Jesus was still on this cross literally on Resurrection Sunday when He received all of His blood back again. The cross is thus Friday, Saturday and Sunday; GFPMC, DOA103 and Resurrection Sunday. I think that all involved in this email missed the conditions under which this first creation took place. (I may be wrong there as I only read this other material to check that I haven’t made any clangers)

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The condition that God first created under was there was a possibility of obeying God, good but the possibility of not obeying God, evil, was also there. Clearly this was a possibility as most of God’s created creatures, all actually, chose to go down this evil path. Knowing this would happen perfection factored this interaction with evil into its creation. It proves God did not create robots. In fact the greatest act of love is to give a free will which God gave to all His created beings and will never take away. If that is your choice to disregard God’s holy day then He will not force any of His will on you. There may be blog fanatics out there trying to do so but God forces no one. But as with any choice in life it will bring consequences and if you know your choice and its consequences you have an intentional action and if against the expressed will of God, then sin.

What we must realise is that God did not create that original evil. It has always existed, the freewill to disobey or obey God. But what is does prove is that perfection can only be mixed with perfection for it to remain perfection. Any attempt to mix it with evil, as God had to do when He created the universe His first time, He had no other choice, would ‘dilute’ that perfection. The degree to which that dilution took place depends on how much evil is mixed in. God’s creation was perfect but in the presence of evil it was ‘very good’. The second time around God’s creation will be at a higher level because there will be no evil and it itself will not require those safeguards to protect it from any evil as it will not exist. By now it should be obvious that to change if for when is blasphemy, a totally wrong image of God. To say that God created man and it was inevitable that he would fall, ‘when a man dies very suddenly’, would be putting the skids under all of God’s creation. They did not have to fall. They were perfect, there is no way that anyone could find a way to improve them. They were given a freewill, perhaps a better way of framing the situation would be, ‘If a man dies very suddenly besides him…’ Make provisions if this situation arose and not when this situation arose.


The chances of Adam and Eve sinning were quite remote. If I was to ask you what was the chance of the smartest woman ever created and she knew she had eternal life, falling for satan’s lie to give her eternal life? You would have to say ‘no chance’. For the remainder of the discussion I need numbers to work with and use 20 years for satan to get his rebellion together and another 20 for Adam and Eve to fall. That makes 40 years before Adam fell as the first Adam and converted eternal life into eternal death. If we transcribe that to the second Adam, Jesus Christ, if He was dead for 40 hours (3-6 on Friday (3), 6pm to 6am on Saturday (24 hours) + 13 would give Him a 7am resurrection which is a bit late and the previous 38 hours used gives a better fit with the facts) But I take Jesus as 40 hours of death by which He converted eternal death into eternal life.

Here we have the smartest woman who ever lived studying the animals in the Garden of Eden, not just the snake but all animals. Like Adam she can see details down to genetic and molecular levels. She can tell you which synapsis of the brain will cause the animal to blink, open its mouth and operate any of its muscles. Zoology a most fascinating field of study. All went well and according to plan for the first twenty years when all of a sudden this snake talks to her! She thinks this is impossible for a snake. There is no area of the brain wired or present that can do this! Definitely requires a further look. This is stunning stuff indeed!

As stunning as this stuff was indeed she should have picked that offer for eternal life as a con and backed off. The offer to be like God and know the difference of good from evil would be harder to judge. If satan was there on the other side of our doorway into the new earth tent of meeting  (NETM), and he approached us with the offer of eternal life, which he continues to do and is accepted on this side of the NETM, we would just laugh at him, tell him we already have it and it is not his to give. Likewise with his offer to give us the ability to know good from evil. We would say,

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‘No thank you we already know what evil is; war, murder, rape, pain and suffering, hunger and a breakdown of relations. Eve had not experienced these horrors, they were not in her vocabulary. They won’t be in the new Heaven either but that does not make the new earth into a place inhabited by robots. It is us who have voted to remove these concepts from our vocabulary. But if the fall did occur on the 01/01/40 then the world became a totally different place. Theorising and hypothesising is replaced by reality. It is still going to be okay to theorise and hypothesise about if this man did not suddenly fall over beside the Nazirite and cause all those monumental changes, but that is all that it is going to be, theorising and hypothesising. But they are going to give us a greater understanding of details that God has taken into to achieve our salvation even if that means much of the previous work is wrong/outdated. I call this progressive revelation and you can’t have progressive revelation without shooting yourself in the foot occasionally.

The universe changed for the worse on 01/01/40. The first Day of Atonement (DOA104) offering began. Adam had committed an intentional sin and Eve an unintentional sin so we  have two goats offered for the people; one for intentional sin, the scapegoat and the other for a sin sacrifice, unintentional sin. It was God, the High Priest Who killed those two animals, (both representing His Son, Jesus Christ) and it was God Who used their skins to cover the nakedness of our first parents. And it is God Who covers us with the righteous skin/robe of His Son and it is God Who makes us realise how worthless our own covering of fig leaves is. It is God Who introduces the essence of this sacrifice; death of an innocent being and the shedding of its blood. (At this stage I am unsure whether the family of the high priest, God at this initial stage, are going to be other high priests down in time or whether it is us who join His family. Nor can I see the burnt sacrifice from either high priest or people).

This first DOA104 also made a dual pronouncement. Evil is being addressed, satan is being addressed, both apply to satan; satan will bruise His heel and He will crush satan’s head. Both roles of Jesus Christ have been introduced; priest and high priest and probably the sacrifices these priests offered but as yet hidden. Certainly the majority of the DOA104 has been introduced as at 01/01/40. Jesus is there as priest, the seed of Eve with a genealogy, beginning and end and mother. He is here as High priest because as High Priest because on the DOA104 He took on all those unconfessed unintentional sins which was the role of the High Priest to do. So only the burnt offering is missing at this stage and the family of the High Priest.  Numbers six verses 9-12 cover the condition of; ‘if a man dies very suddenly…’ But clearly it was an option somewhere for, ‘if this man did not suddenly..’

Scripture is right in not calling ‘when this man suddenly dies beside him’ It would imply that this man was badly made and it was only a matter of time until,  ‘when he fell over…’ This is not right as this man was made perfect and the fact that he fell was most unexpected. This man was the pinnacle of God’s creation and if there was something wrong with him you could only imagine the mess that the rest of God’s creation was in! In fact it was perfect. But now we are going to follow that scenario that he did not fall. I think it is going to be as simple as if our first parents and their progeny did not sin there would be no need for the DOA104. Our Nazirite is going to dodge the bullet, verses 9-12 do not apply. It is very easy to work out who this Nazirite is; He does not void His former ministry, just continues on as phase one Nazirite. Let us follow Him from verse nine of ch 6. We have to give our Nazirite a history, where did He come from to be there?


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But His ending first. The rider of the white horse leaves His army and rides down into the distance. Down there no man dies very suddenly besides Him, He is not defiled for six days, He does not have to cut His hair off, He does not have to bring two birds as sin and burnt offerings on the DOA104 cross, He does not go to the cross at all, He does not have to consecrate his head or rededicate His ministry, He does not have to offer a guilt offering nor does He have to restart His ministry and void what He has done up to now. But He does have to return back to His army and build up every single silver bowl and fill it with flour and oil. He does this for a period of 1,260 days at the end of which not just their tabernacle is complete but also its furnishings and utensils. He then cuts off His hair signalling to the Father that all is ready for the grand entry. He holds up His bride with pride as an entity of her own. The preparation, the building and furnishing of the tabernacle was the act of decommissioning of the Nazirite which contained the tutorial. Jesus Christ did not have to go through the DOA104 cross as there was no sin in the Garden of Eden, God did not have to kill those goats and there is no yearly DOA104 commemoration! But the leaders of each tribe step up and pronounce the readiness of each member of their tribe/family. As we have not yet studied the rest of the Book of Numbers we can’t be sure if we just have to wait in front of the doorway until it opens.

Now back to how our rider came to be the leader of His armies. If it was from reality, what actually happened, Adam and Eve had sinned, He would have just recently been involved in the battle of the beast. But we are following the sinless line. Sin should not have happened, satan should not have fallen. The odds of evil triumphing over perfection were miniscule! It certainly makes me breathe a lot easier. If evil could triumph under such unfavourable conditions to it, what is it going to do inside this sinning and sinful body? My Saviour knows all this too well and has taken it all into account on GFPMC, all I have to do is to accept His gift of eternal life!

But the idea of this exercise is to follow God’s plan of what would have happened had satan, Adam and Eve and everyone else not sinned. So far we have the obvious; no goats killed in Eden, no DOA104. The specific answer that we seek is how did God get rid of evil if there was no sin and no GFPMC or DOA104. Evil could not coexist with perfection, they had up to now but the time has come for them to interact and one to triumph forever and ever. That is who is in that following army. Sinless Adam and Eve and all their progeny and even a case can be made out for all the angels being here as well. This may well have been their 7,777th meeting in the Garden of Eden although we are not told how many years it took them to fill the earth, all 144 million (?) of them. But they are here now as an army and they have their leader the rider of the white horse in front of them.

That run through did not specifically identify to me how God Got rid of evil in a sinless world, why He attached that tag of; Heaven Bound well it was actually stuck on the altar/cross but in a sinless world there was neither GFPMC nor DOA104, that tag was always meant for His bride. Had God chosen to get rid of evil before creating His perfect world He would have created a world of robots. Cannot do evil, can only sing endless songs of praise. He did not want to do that and He did not do that. He gave those He made in His image and with His breath to accept or reject Him. He could not have given us a better start. He gave them a freewill. You can choose between good and evil and most choose evil.

God’s initial creation was perfect but it had a test to pass; it had to coexist in its perfect state in the presence of evil for a very definite period of time. (the seven sevens) It was made to and was expected to survive and at the end of that period it was supposed to be the Bride and not God who would decide and order the destruction of evil so that perfection could now only exist forever and ever. It is we who choose to end evil because we have experienced how evil evil really is and do not want anything to do with it. Sinless Adam and Eve had not experienced this evil but were supposed

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to vote it out on the ground that perfection was the only option. The insidious nature of evil prevailed and evil won against all odds. But if God’s initial creation was perfect then surely it could pass all tests, including the one against evil? Did it have some defect? Actually the vote for perfection or evil had not taken place. It was supposed to take place after perfection and evil had run alongside each other for that definite period of time, (7,777 years (?)) only then would the Nazirite expose His true nature in that 1,260 day decommissioning. Only then would Jesus show what He was prepared to do on the cross, only then would the vote to abolish evil take place. What He has done and will still do is shown to us and on this ground sinless Adam and Eve and progeny would have voted, but it never got to the vote. And just like we were searching for the best conjunction to fit the sudden appearance of the man who died very suddenly and decided Scripture was ‘right again’ by using ‘if’ so we should again allow Holy Scripture to have the final say; should it be very good or should it be perfect? Scripture uses ‘very good’ for God’s creation and probably reserves the word perfect for the next creation which will be in the absence of evil.

Our ‘sinless’ run through creation history was useful in determining what was it that actually destroyed evil? It was the beauty of what Jesus Christ was prepared to do on the cross and in our case actually did do on the cross. Well why did Jesus take so long before He was prepared to put it to the test? Why 7,777 years and not 77 years? God’s time and God knows best! In the sin world He presented it half way through that time and look at the results. Most ignore, some reject and some are even repulsed by GFPMC, but this will not always be the case. When the wise finally wake up they will see those same outstretched arms coming to take them back to Heaven, but this time in all of His glory. In my journey through Scripture in this blog sometimes ideas hit me and may not materialise for a long time after. Such is the following idea and as it contradicts previous statements I would not be upset if it never materialised.

The idea was this rider of the white horse coming galloping through with His armies behind Him. These armies are sinless people but not because they did not sin but because their sins had been taken away from them by this rider and taken into hell. This was a real situation so the question was also realistic. Could this rider dodge the DOA104 bullet and not have to die again on this same cross? He didn’t but could He have done it?


The armies he is galloping through now with had the beast within them killed on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary. Daniel tells us that this beast was not just killed but pulverised and thrown into the fire. Total destruction. But for reasons probably only known to Jesus He resurrected this beast and it is still alive and active in me today. So what I was trying to account for was the final knockout blow for this beast within me. This did not happen in the battle of the beast because I was in the winning army. It was the living evil with their beasts that were defeated in this battle and the birds of the air gorged themselves on their flesh. So is that sign on the doorway, No entry, sin and evil free zone, really valid?

And this is where that verse 9 pops up again; IF a man dies very suddenly beside him….We are on the realistic side, the side where sin did occur and therefore hell is real. Most of mankind will be destroyed in hell, its fires extinguish in a moment the last sins are burned away. Mankind will die very suddenly beside Him but it is the next part of this verse that now comes into play. Does Jesus have to become defiled just because the fires of hell have gone out? It all depends on how clean the exhaust out of hell is. If it is clean then there is nothing there to make Jesus unclean but if it is not

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then Jesus may take it on Himself to clean things up and become defiled. If the exhaust from hell  is all the unintentional unconfessed sins committed by mankind, all 70 trillion of them (?). If the exhaust was clean then the wicked would have had to suffer for their own unintentional unconfessed sins something the justice of God will not permit. You will not be punished for anything that you did not know was wrong, only for things that you knew were wrong. That is divine justice! What an abomination it must be to God the greatest distortion that challenges that justice; the doctrine of the eternal fires of hell! What a clanger! Such a person is a liar and there is no truth in them John (1,2,3,4,5) would tell us. Satan is trying to tell you that for sins Jesus will take onto Himself in the Day of Atonement (DOA104) you will scream your guts out in pain of flames of hell forever and ever! Perfect justice is replaced by falsehood. Divine justice would not allow the rider of the white horse to dodge the DOA104  bullet.

It is not just the Swaggart ministries that push this clanger but so do many, most (?) other ministries. They stand out because of their heavy emphasis of the involvement of the Holy Spirit. The assumption I confidently make is that satan cannot under any circumstance impart the Holy Spirit only his own demonic lot can he send. Swaggart abandoned all pretence of Christianity when he leaped for joy at the thought of Christians being persecuted in Palestine. And those who leapt with him he called, ‘born again’ Christians. Satan also leapt for joy when he saw Jesus hanging on the cross on GFPMC. They say that because the Holy Spirit and talking in tongues was available to the apostolic church it should also be available to Jimmy’s lot also. Members of the early church sold their homes and split the revenue among the poor and when they met they knew that this could be their last meeting. Dobbed in by the Jews the Romans could come and the next stop was the dungeons before they were fed to the lions. Jimmy seems to mistake this feeding of the lions bit. He seems to think that it justifies him as lion to feed off his flock and with all the other clangers he comes up with this could be a possibility.

But what sort of spirit would want to terrify and petrify you to such an extent that you would flee to an unjust god who made you knowing you would spend your time in eternity? And that a lot of the sins for which you will be screaming your guts out for will be paid for by Jesus Himself on the Day of Atonement (DOA105)? But he does define his spirit in a way; It can only work within the confines of the cross. Only the Holy Spirit can show you that the cross that Swaggart presents is one of fiction. (Jeremiah 31:33). It is unattainable and even with your last step as you fall into hell you will not be able to grasp it. It is to this unattainable cross that his spirit  is leading you to. He just has not completed the loop yet. He has announced that in his book on the perfect Jerusalem there will be a reintroduction of the sacrificial system. Lambs are going to have their throats cut and blood collected and examined and if it doesn’t pass another lamb slaughtered, peace, sin, burnt offerings and the fires of the altar stoked for 24/7. The demonic loop will be completed! Many a beautiful sermon has been composed by paedophile priests and ministers but it was only done to attract you to get you close enough so that they can hurt you and then get away with their crimes.

I too have the proposal that the temple will be rebuilt after the second coming, but how soon after I do not know. I do know its exact  location; the altar will stand in exactly the same location as the cross of Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) stood. It will be probably built under the insistence and supervision of the 144,000 foolish virgins who can then then rest on their laurels. It will then probably stand empty, deserted for the best part of 1,260 years with only outside visits allowed. But 1,260 days before the door of mercy slams shut it will burst into prominence with the arrival of Jesus and His two witnesses. Its end will be as dramatically as its predecessor at the second coming. A gigantic earthquake. It will rebuilt for the last time as Daniel so accurately predicts but this

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time stand abandoned until its final destruction. Under no circumstance will the sacrificial system be ever introduced again! But my present problem is the Day of Atonement (DOA105) and it is over five fronts.

First front is the Garden of Eden, a physical place where it all began. (wild guess 01/01/40 years after creation week) From here I can derive for my final DOA105 of the eternities to come I can get two goats, of the final five animals that I am going to need, one will be for unintentional sin of Eve and the other, the scapegoat for the intentional sin of Adam. I can derive God who will be the High Priest Who will be officiating at this commemoration for the eternities to come. I can derive that disobedience as benign as it looked at the time was the issue. All sin, as defined as intentional (Adam) and unintentional (Eve) is here involved. I can derive that the death of an innocent party is going to be involved by the separation from its blood. I can derive that the skin from this separation is going to be used  once and only once as a covering for nakedness. There is only one robe of the righteousness of Jesus Christ available per person per the Word of God. It is only handed out once as we enter the present tent of meeting. Serious questions (SQ1) will now start arising which with your prayers answers may be given; SQ1 Why wasn’t any part of those bodies used, burnt other than the skin? I can derive the presence of the priest Jesus Christ because it is Eve’s seed that is going to crush the head of satan. I can derive the presence of the high priest because the unconfessed unintentional sins that satan caused me to commit will bruise the heel of Jesus in a divine event of DOA105. I can derive from this garden that there was a tree of life which stood in front of and was the solution to the tree of good and evil. I can deduce from the location of this tree that it was probably in the same spot where the tree, the cross/altar stood on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). If this is the case that would fix the location of the third temple, the one built after the second coming, demolished and rebuilt for the fourth and final coming of our Lord. This would also fix the position of the DOA105 cross and the final Garden of Eden where we pass through that doorway into our final homes. It would also fix the position and direction that the gate into the Garden of Eden was facing. Serious question, SQ2; where are both of the burnt offerings for both the high priest and the people? SQ3; when does the high priest change his regalia from high priest back to priest to perform the burnt offering ceremony?

The second front is GFPMC. Both the earthly GFPMC and the one in Canaan are going to occur, be commemorated on the 14/01/ of each year. SQ4; what happened to GFPE which was celebrated on 01/01/01 and the start of our calendar? SQ5; where is the burnt offering from this event? Much of this blog, perhaps all of this blog should have been about GFPMC.

The third front is DOA105. The core of Biblical history is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and it is Saturday that ties and is the link to GFPMC and Resurrection Sunday. The DOA105 is the Sabbath that links these two events. On GFPMC the blood of Jesus was spilled on the ground, on DOA105 it was all gathered together and on Resurrection Sunday it was all returned to His body allowing Him to come off the cross. (11/07/486) SQ6; where are those two birds that were offered on the Day of Atonement (DOA105) of the 10/07/486?

The fourth front is the Heavenly DOA105 of eternity and the goal of our present studies.SQ7; was our original allocation of 3 animals for the 14/01/ for each year and five animals and not 3+2 for 10/07/ for each year of DOA105 correct? Put into words is the Passover we have been told to keep in Canaan/Heaven the WHAT Jesus did for us and the DOA105 WHY He did this for us or are they separate events like 3 + 5 are and are not 3 + (3+2) events?

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The fifth front concerns the disappearance of the events of Good Friday Passover in Egypt (GFPE) on 01/01/01. SQ8; Because our Heavenly journey also begins on 01/01/01 with God’s creation does this imply that the new creation could also only begin because of a carryover of events from Egypt. When does the blood from the doorframe come down and be applied to the bride?


This chance visit to the very good verses perfect creation has already yielded much fruit and much is still to come. This issue was quite clear in my mind; God’s creation was perfect but because there was still a chance to disobey God, evil, this evil would contaminate perfection resulting in only a very good creation and certainly not a perfect creation. But could this ‘perfect’ creation be really perfect if it had to run a probationary period of 7,777 odd years in the presence of evil and fail? And fail it did very early on. (I can only guess that to be 01/01/40.) Can something be perfect and fail?

The ministries that sent me that email on the controversy of perfect and very good creations forced me to go back to the original Garden of Eden. From that garden originates two distinct possibilities, two distinct histories. One is that our first parents (and probably satan as well) did not sin and the other is that they did sin. They did sin spawns the events of 14/01/ whatever the year, on both this world and the one of eternity, Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) and that they didn’t sin spawns the event of10/07/ whatever the year, the Day of Atonement (DOA105). Both of these events are found in the Original Garden of Eden. The odds were always stacked against evil and perfection should have won at a canter! Let us just follow the favourite first; the no sin option.

Lucifer was stunned by the beauty of God’s creation which he understood to the same level as Adam and Eve and when the thought of rebellion entered into his head he just laughed it off, ‘Out of that stunning creation out there I have been made as its pinnacle. I can’t do any better than that!’ There was no rebellion in Heaven. Lucifer was not there to tempt Adam and Eve and even if he was Eve, the smartest woman ever created would have burst into laughter when satan offered her immortality; ‘ Thank you but I already have immortal life and it is not yours for the giving!’ She still would have struck the problem of the tree of good and evil. I take this fruit to be the grape. Evil existed so that tree did have some fermenting grapes on it and Jesus by drinking from these fermenting grapes cut Himself off from God on GFPMC. There would have been many other grapes on many other trees but only this tree had fermented ones. Just because she was perfect she was also obedient and did not eat off the tree of good and evil.

Adam and Eve obeyed God’s Holy Sabbath Day  and blessings abounded constantly. They received many blessings and one of these was beautiful children. As these children also kept the Sabbath holy they had no problems with obeying their parents. The fifth commandment. The population grew and in no time the garden was fully populated. The families started to move out and fill the world and it was filled with Adam and Eve and sinless progeny, probably with the same number that Heaven will be filled with for the eternities plus angels. This sinless conditions continued until the time of probation for God’s universe was completed, and I take this time to be 7,777 odd years. Time is up. Jesus would have visited His people many times before but this time is different. They are marshalled as an army behind the rider of the white horse. This is the marshalling area that I call the Heavenly Eden as this now becomes their destination; next stop!

There is no battle of the beast to fight, there are no evil. No man drops very suddenly beside Him as there was no hell and no DOA105 with the two bird offerings for sin or burnt offering. But there is a

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burnt offering, it is the highest offering or sacrifice that can be placed before God. Mankind needed, regardless of what happened the parenting of the Nazirite. We needed Jesus to bring us home!

The decommissioning of the Nazirite is the burnt offering and takes place over a period of 1,260 days, to fulfil Daniel’s 490 years when the Most Holy is anointed. The decommissioning occurs over a number of stages or phases. Initially Jesus has to get this sinless army across into the soon to be recreated and now perfect Heaven. Anything, any offering, any sacrifice that Jesus makes requires no peace offering. He is God and God will accept Jesus under any and all circumstances. The problem is that army that is riding behind Jesus. They may have come through sinless but they did come from an environment where evil was present. They have been defiled and must now be cleansed to a standard set by God. Once they are up there and especially when they become one with Jesus after He anoints them with His blood, there will be no need for any peace offerings in either GFPMC or DOA105.

The ‘big’ peace offering that is offered is that by the Nazirite at His decommissioning still on this side of the doorway. This is not the same one that the silver bowl, JK sees in chapter seven. That one is on the sin side but we are following the sinless side of the Garden of Eden. This was the favourite, this was God’s first option of how time and His creation would have progressed had there been no sin. With no sin, the peace offering has the base of a ram, the total life of Jesus Christ, of the Nazirite. I have already struggled with the question of the beginning of the life of Jesus of Nazareth and His duality with Melchizedek but the end of His ministry is much better defined. It  would have been 1,260 days after the DOA105, but there was no DOA105. It would have been 490 years after the rebuilding of the temple, but that did not happen either. It was year 7,777 after the creation of the world. So how do you present a peace and burnt offering when there are no crosses and no altars to lay the locks of Jesus on?


If it wasn’t for that email from my creation friends I could well be now struggling through the Laws of Canaan of chapter 15 but this email sent me back into the original Garden of Eden where I expected to see the solution to the sin of our first parents, GFPMC but was shocked and felt quite uncomfortable to see the Day of Atonement (DOA106) there as well. Two streams emanated from this garden, sin and no sin, GFPMC and DOA106. Both streams however existed with the possibility of not obeying God; or evil as at day one. God would only destroy evil at the end of a probationary period of time. If He had done this before He began His creation He would have just been creating a world of robots with endless tapes of praise echoing throughout the eternal ages. This He did not do, He gave all a freewill. He could have given us all the power and privileges He gave Lucifer and performed the most spectacular of miracles whilst on earth and in fact did perform the most spectacular of all miracles on GFPMC but to no avail, just a case of pearl before swine!

When trying to follow those two rivers out of the Garden of Eden I almost lost the whole blog but that was because I was mixing what God has separated. I had the real history, the sin that did happen and tried to mix it with what did not happen. The army that was riding behind the rider of the white horse, the living, came from GFPMC and that is the only reason why they were sinless. I then separated the rider and tried to get Him to dodge the bullet of the cross of DOA106. This did not happen and where the errors occurred. For this to happen the exhaust out of hell had to be clean; the wicked would have not only suffered for their intentional sins but also for their unintentional sins as well. This would mean that Jesus would have had to suffer for our unconfessed,

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unintentional sins as well on GFPMC and it would be contrary to much of what I have written. His call, ‘It is finished’ would take on a different meaning. Another major clash of logic would have been to perform the act of cleaning, the burnt offering which could only take place after the cleaning had occurred. From either stream no sin existed at the time the burnt offering was made and the burnt offering was getting rid of evil and not sin. We survive on to fight for another day!

The event that both streams have in common is the decommissioning of the Nazirite. Chapter six of the Book of Numbers has an incredible amount of detail involved in this decommissioning. But if Jesus was decommissioned then He must have also been commissioned and started His vow of separation somewhere. This is an important timeslot as it is referred to by the ram. The total Ministry of Jesus Christ. It is the base of each of the seven crosses that reach from earth up to and into the New Jerusalem. So should we count that time from His birth until the time He lays His hair at the base of the altar, some 3,800 years between the GFPMC and DOA106 crosses (but the odds are that neither occurred) or should we go back to Eve’s seed and give our Nazirite a beginning and therefore end, a genealogy, a mother and His Father to Whom He returns after decommissioning? Does His ministry start at the fall or even before the fall? In fact Jesus has two ministries; one where He deals with the living and one where He deals with the dead. The dead are those who did sin and the living are those who did not sin. The greatest miracle imaginable was required to change those from who did sin into those who did not sin! GFPMC! Your prayer is required to thread Melchizedek into these events. We know that He spoke to Abraham and that after His resurrection Jesus joined the priesthood in the order of Melchizedek. The ram could thus be as old as 7,777 years or2,838,605 days old and out of all those days we are now going to concentrate on day 365, the lamb who is one year old!

Both streams out of Eden finish up at the same decommissioning point but they have followed a much different history. In one the pride on mankind caused the tree of life to loose all of its grandeur and be left with nothing more than a stump or a cross. That pride was not well founded and when examined it simply vanished in hell. It was compared to the humility and humbleness of that stump. Pride based on this stump is well founded and produces a tree of unimaginable beauty and proportions. This was the tree at the base of which Jesus would have placed His hair at the end of His decommissioning. It is the tree that finishes up in front of the throne inside of the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem. Its journey started in the courtyard but it finished up in the heart of the temple of heaven and should also be in the heart of the tabernacle of our bodies today but it is not a pearl, an object of beauty when placed before swine. At best they will not appreciate it and at worst they will be repulsed by it.

There is still much water to pass under the bridge before we arrive at the 14/01/01 in Heaven for our first Passover and another six months before we arrive at the 10/07/01 and that Day of Atonement (DOA106) which we will commemorate for ever more every year. On this side we still have seven months, seven days and seven hours (217days)  before we spin around and see the creation of our new home of eternities; the new earth, a short journey for that New Jerusalem to finally settle down on those foundations specially prepared for it. Of those last 217 days we know what happens on twelve of those. And right now we are on the second day of that twelve when the silver bowl JK when examined received a pass not just from Moses but the Nazirite also, conclusion read; Tabernacle, furnishings and utensils complete. Earthly stage completed can proceed into the Heavenly stage. The exam I passed had three questions; question one was the burnt offering, question two was the sin offering and question three was the peace offering. Keep in mind that I have just taken my fifth step towards Jesus whereas right now I have, should have at least taken my

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first step, GFPMC and am about for my foot to hit the ground for the second time at the second coming of my Lord. Out of those three objects that were on my report card the one that is being singled out is the altar or cross. (On the sin stream out of the garden it was the cross but out of the sinless stream it was the altar, both hewn from the garden’s tree of life.) We have rightfully spent much time on the cross as the essence of our lives in this world and the next but how can it be important if it wasn’t used in the sinless stream that flowed from the Garden of Eden? How can it be used to bring in each Heavenly year on the 14/01/xx and then bring us to the major feast of the year when it does not exist? If it wasn’t for sin of Adam and Eve the cross wouldn’t even exist!

This tree started off as a magnificent tree in the Garden of Eden down here on planet earth and without sin would still be on this garden in its elevated form where we await our final journey across that doorway and into the NETM. And it will finish up as an even more magnificent tree of life in the New Jerusalem where it will regrow in the absence of the possibility of sin and it would have remained in this form had mankind chosen to take the sinless line and even on this line this tree was still essential.



If the favourite was to have got up and no one sinned we still would have got to the doorway of the NETM as creations of Jesus Christ. We still would have been made in His image and still would had His breath inside us. The new creation in Heaven would only have started in the beginning, on 01/01/01 only because of the provisional event that occurred or would have occurred here on earth if required on 01/01/01; Good Friday Passover in Egypt (GFPE). Even as sinless we are only passing through this doorway and into the new earth tent of meeting (NETM) on the merits of the blood of Jesus Christ. We are still solely reliant on those merits. We are only passing through this doorway into the NETM because He left His shoes behind and we are walking in His shoes. We are only passing through this doorway and into the NETM because He has made us His first born sons and therefore entitled to His inheritance and now we are going to claim it. Even though we do not need the lessons of the Old Testament of the sacrificial system, they were only there because of the violent repulsion that occurred and had to be compensated for by other violent reactions  when mankind sinned and needed to be brought back in stages, the basic lesson of the Bible remains; the creation of Jesus Christ is the pointer to as focused through the tree of life to the inner nature of God. We are still going to have to go through the 14th of January in order to get to the 10th of July each year forever more. Sinless Eden shows us that God has all possibilities and probabilities covered and has written them down for our assurance. It is up to us to ask Him to turn these pearls and show us their glitter. The possibility that did occur was the sin stream and we are now studying how God accepted us back again. The bridge that was built between us and God.

We are looking at the exam paper that JK passed to qualify him for passing through the doorway and into the NETM. Up to now we have made multiple passes through the Nazirite chapter of the Book of Numbers, chapter 6. Each pass yielded more information and was worth the time we spent there but even now there are still many unanswered questions there. Even though I now still want to switch attention to chapter seven knowing that we will still be returning with the grace of God to chapter six. This is now following the three crosses that did occur; GFPE, GFPMC and DOA106. The emphasis changes from how the Nazirite was working to the finished product, the what of what He did; finish setting up, anointing and consecrating the tabernacle, its furnishings and utensils with

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special emphasis on the altar. And it is on these that JK is being examined and in three categories. The final stages of construction were those 1,260 days after the DOA106 cross and were checked off and ticked as complete during the decommissioning of the Nazirite. The last time we went through the tabernacle, its furnishings and utensils I did not realise how important they were and that I would have to pass an exam on them before I was allowed to go through and into the NETM. So we have to go back and see what we have learnt so far before we can add to it and then pass our exam.

The tabernacle; Is the dwelling place of God and if our bodies are also the dwelling place of God then we can learn much from the Sinai tabernacle. We have an inner chamber, the Most Holy Place which dwells inside of the tent of meeting; our physical body. It is where material that is to be presented to the Holy Spirit in the soul is gathered and sifted. The eyes, ears and mouth are gathering and sifting tools. The tabernacle is holy and cannot be placed wherever we like. It must be placed within the courtyard which itself is holy not only because it houses the tabernacle but it also houses the altar; the cross. The tabernacle should not be placed outside of this courtyard which is filled with all the lures of sin; alcohol, drugs, tobacco, pornography, home sexuality, murder, lies, greed and a host of other ills, there is a reason why  a fence has been erected around this holy courtyard. This earthly tabernacle may only be a shadow of our Heavenly tabernacles but it is still a start. Material that will either enter or leave the Holy Spirit in the Most Holy Place will either come in or leave via this altar. There are only two oxen in the peace sacrifice but three entrances; first one into the courtyard, the second into the tent of meeting or preparation and the third one into the Most Holy Place. We are the tabernacle as required then we must also be priests as only priests were allowed into the tent of meeting. We must also be high priests because we have access to the Holy Spirit within us. Only two oxen are required; entrance into both areas is conditional and is based on the blood of this ox.

The altar/cross; It is initially separate, not inside of the tabernacle and therefore not counted as either furnishings or utensils, but this will change in the New Jerusalem. All our offerings go up to God via this altar and God communicates back via this altar to our inner souls. This altar is more than ‘just’ the one that stood on GFPMC it also stood on Saturday on DOA106 and it also stood on Resurrection Sunday when Jesus is going to be brought back to life after His death on DOA106. It is of such importance that satan must fake it at all costs; make it imaginary or symbolic. Without this cross beside us the Bible message is just a lot of mumbo jumbo, hollow bells. It does not matter how many times you shout ‘alleluia!’ or ‘Glory be to God!’ if satan gets you to make these noises to a non-existent cross because the cross is the new covenant and the new covenant is defined by Jeremiah 31:33. It is what Jesus did and Jesus will not do anything you don’t Him to do. If you think that the laws on adultery are no longer applicable so you don’t have to keep them, then Jesus will not keep something that you disregard and wilfully disobey. He can’t forgive you of your sin because you have not asked Him to forgive you. The sin stands and you remain under the old covenant from where not one person can go the Heaven!


This altar/cross which is supposed to be alongside our tabernacles at all times is the focus of at least chapters six and seven and the relationship which is to form between us and Jesus is so fiercely guarded as described in chapter five. This altar has had a checked history but is now marked and ready to be placed into its final resting place in front of the throne in the Most Holy Place for the eternities to come, the New Jerusalem. Until we are specifically told that this cross is a thriving tree, the tree of life, in the New Jerusalem as it is coming out of the sky and therefore had to be snatched away from us to be integrated into the New Jerusalem before we saw it I have to assume that it is

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going to be Jesus with the help of Simon who are going to drag the cross firstly through the doorway, then across the new earth and finally into the Most Holy Place where there will be a major ceremony in planting it on or near the river that flows from the throne of God. At least chapters five, six, seven and eight are about the signal that is given for that movement to begin; Jesus anointing the cross with His hair. The altar is about to move from outside of our tabernacle and into our Most Holy Place. This move can now take place as the tabernacle, furnishings and utensils have been finished, anointed and consecrated and JK has passed the test. Both the Nazirite and Moses have signed off on it. This altar/cross which has been outside of my body and its guiding light and its guiding light is now about to not just move from outside of my body and into the tent of meeting but right through and into my heart and soul, the Most Holy Place. This is the depth of this post cross tutorial and my understanding of it, I want to be one with this cross and I want it to be one with me. It is such an exhilarating feeling and I am thrilled to see that both Moses and the Nazirite agree with me. But this exhilaration is about to turn into a major problem which is covered in the following chapter.   Other furnishings and utensils are;

The golden lampstand; It is a part of the Holy Place, my body and I am supposed to be a light to the world. It is the only light in my body and whether this light is attributed to three crosses or to seven crosses the only light to emanate from my body is light from the cross. No other illumination is required other than the cross. It is one unit, it is one piece of Gold and whatever God has joined let no man put asunder.

Other furnishings and utensils are the golden censor of prayers and the wash basins and priest’s, high priest’s clothing. The golden censor was in the Holy Place before GFPMC as it needed daily attention which it could not receive in the Most Holy Place as only the high priest could enter this area and only once each year on 10/07,  but since then has been moved into the Most Holy Place. It no longer requires external additions of incense and can be taken into the Most Holy Place. Since GFPMC the doorway in our tabernacles is always opened and we have access to the Holy Spirit at all times. Our prayers should be constant, 24/7, as the ashes in our censors glow continuously and are available for the incense of prayer to be added at any time. The incense added does not just have to be repentance but can and should be gratitude and worship and petitions as well. The hot coals in this censor are the ashes that were left after the fires of hell abated on GFPMC but it is our prayers/incense that are added to these coals that draw our bodies and souls into the Most Holy Place. It is our prayers that are the basis of our relationship with God through His Holy Spirit and reason why the permanent place for this censor is in our hearts and souls. And the incense rises because it is in the presence of God if we want it to be. Some attention has already been given to the priestly garments and none to the wash basins and both are covered in our DOA106 ceremony. The washing is not the thorough washing in the baptismal font  but the DOA107 ceremony indicates that the foot washing ceremony should be conducted at least once a year.

The changes that have occurred within that being JK over the last 1,260 days have been astronomical and this understanding is such that he now wants to integrate the cross to be a part of him. He no longer wants it to be some external feature but a part of his heart and soul. He wants it to stand in front of the throne in his heart and the buffer between the presence of God and him. We have already seen the answer he gave to the sin offering was the goat but what answer did he give for peace and burnt offering? First the peace offering. The two oxen, five rams, five male goats and five male lambs a year old.

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I have already offered a possible suggestion that the two oxen are the two entrances into the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place. Initially at first, on our first appearance a peace offering will be required, that tree/cross has not been yet moved into our hearts, it has only been ear marked to be moved. Once inside and from the second year onwards we will not require any oxen, any peace offerings but this is our first crossing over. Both the tent of meeting and the Most Holy Place can only be entered because Jesus Christ behaved like an ox and allowed His precious blood to be used to clear the way for our entry. This will apply twice and on entry. The castrated adult male of the species bos. How low was this Jesus to go to get me up there with Him?

JK is lining up his peace offering so that he can present it probably still on this side of the doorway into the NETM and this will allow him to go and join the que. Right now here on this planet if I was informed I had a very short time to live I would hold the cross to me, whether an actual cross or the Book of the cross would not make any difference to me. My entry into Heaven is solely based on this cross.


But that is not the answer I give; the cross. Nor do I break it up into its seven stages. If I broke it up into five stages then there should be five rams and there is, five male lambs one year old and there is and five bulls which are missing and have been replaced by five male goats, so this is the puzzle we are expected to work on and pray fully solve some day. Our first problem is the number five and why not seven as Balaam had built?

It has been proposed that five crosses stand on this side of the doorway on the old earth. These are cross one; The base of cross one is 01/01/01 or Good Friday Passover in Egypt (GFPE). As it is the base of all seven crosses is GFPE we must try to define this base; the ram using Scripture as much as possible. Egypt was the start of the fulfilment of the covenant of faith; salvation through faith. This covenant was given to Abraham some thousand years before and probably not just in the presence of Melchizedek but by Melchizedek Himself. So if Melchizedek was there at the time He could quite easily arrived just after Noah’s Flood as a part of God’s way of ensuring that evil did not run away so badly as it did before the flood. The Nazirite had already been commissioned, His vow of separation was already active at this stage as at the end of the flood.

The Nazirite’s role had already been defined as on the day that our first parents sinned. It was Eve’s seed Who was going to crush satan’s head and satan would bruise His heel. The Nazirite’s role had already been defined, His vow of separation was active. In fact at the time when He made that vow the only active part was not to touch any grapes or eat from the tree of good and evil, not that He would have or even could have done so. It was His own law that He had made and was most unlikely to break it. This would then make the base of Egypt’s cross, the ram, the nazirite as wide as 7,777 years (?) right up to when He was decommissioned and allowed to drink wine. At this stage, the time when JK is being examined is not included in the Nazirite vow as He was decommissioned by cutting off his locks and placing them at the foot of the altar. During this time He makes appearances as both Jesus Christ and Melchizedek on this earth. There is much to be added before this explanation is anywhere near complete!

From this base of GFPE, 01/01/01, the plan of salvation could begin. He passed on His rights as first born son onto anyone who wanted to accept them and the very select group of people who did He took a careful census to make sure that they all made it across the line. No effort would be left to go back and gather anyone who did not make it. He initially called these people Levites. The Levites were not only given His inheritance but were told if they were inside their homes  and the blood of

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the lamb was on the doorframes then they could enjoy their inheritance forever. The angel of death would pass over them.

He left His own shoes behind for these Levites to walk in and gave them specific instructions to follow. The Nazirite may have lived for 7,777 years but out of all those days they were to concentrate and celebrate on His first birthday, day 365 when His life is defined as a lamb who is one year old. They were to celebrate the daily sacrifice. This was the stem of this cross as it was the stem of every cross. Not that that is all to be celebrated. There will be sacrifices on other days, sometimes many sacrifices but regardless of how many others the daily sacrifice remains just that; daily. After the second coming onwards we will be celebrating the daily sacrifice more than just 9am and 3pm on Friday, GFPMC and 9am and 3pm on Saturday, DOA107 but here on earth, the earthly step, God’s people were to stop for a while at 9am and 3pm each day to commemorate these major events which were still to come. And once we are drawn close to Jesus on this earth we too will commemorate Him on more than two occasions each and every day!

Many today ask profound questions as to the nature of God. Who, what when and why. They do not realise that God has answered these questions and many more to a degree that He will not even expand on in Heaven even in the eternities to come. He has revealed Himself through His Son, the one year old lamb, the Lamb celebrating his first birthday with His arms outstretched on the cross of GFPMC. But you would be correct if you said, ‘Hold on the daily sacrifice was conducted  just that daily! It was not conducted by the high priest but by the priest and it involved no sin. They even had to make sin offerings for unintentional sins so that the blood from this sacrifice could wash any unintentional sins in front of it and through a channel so that it could run outside of the temple and have to wait there until DOA107 when they and all intentional sins were placed on the scapegoat’s head and it was destroyed outside of the city. This could not happen on the altar inside of the temple.’ GFPMC was about sin as in anything that was confessed, it was a one and only event and it did not occur inside of the temple but outside of the city. And we have been toing and froing as to whether it was the high priest or the priest or both involved on GFPMC.

So what is this daily sacrifice? I asked this question some three years ago and have written more than a million words on this topic; daily, no sin involved, conducted by priest and not high priest and allowed on inside altar/cross. What is it and what Heavenly event does it point to? I was going to leave this topic open for prayer overnight but this would only be of value if options existed, as of now I can see only one;


In a way I am glad I did not try to answer this question yesterday as it would have resulted in another mea culpa.  Not that I have any problems with these by this time, but it still came as a major revelation to me that the daily sacrifice is the daily sacrifice and that the burnt offering is the burnt offering. Let me explain this and then show you why I was still so short of these answers yesterday.

There is only one cross. It may have seven stages or segments but there is only one cross. Satan /Balak knew this when he was assembling those seven stages or altars that there would only be one burnt offering and not seven. When satan/Balak saw God’s people congregating just before entry into the promised land as is going to happen (is happening now) just before the second coming he would do his utmost to try to stop this from happening not because we are going to take his place in Heaven but because time moves into its final stages. In the triple jump analogy; the hop was the first 4,000 years until the first coming, the step was the 2,000 years between the first and second coming

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and finally the jump, the last 2,000 odd years. He is going to try to prevent time from entering this ‘jump’ phase. He also knows that the battle of Armageddon is now not that far away and he is going to use this situation as training ground for this battle. Here he must give all and no mistakes.

The base of this cross is established by Scripture itself; 01/01/01, Egypt, GFPE. But this cross has rungs, it runs through time and therefore its rungs are days, Using rough numbers only, after 500,000 days, morning and evening sacrifices this cross has come to a junction, its first stage as the first coming of our Lord and He going to the cross of GFPMC. This is the top of the first cross, the bull but it is also the ram or the base of the second cross in which we live in now. Its base is probably 1,260 days as in Revelation we are told satan is allowed to put a tear in the wall of water by it does not wash the church away. Its foundation has been established. Assuming that there will now be one million rungs or days in this cross until our Lord’s second coming which will be the top of this cross, the bull offering. It appears different to His first coming but is a continuation of. At His first coming He established His church before allowing it to undergo persecution. That persecution and trials have continued from that time and will culminate, is culminating just before His second coming. Called the great tribulation. To establish this as the top of the second cross would have to establish it as the base of the third cross something I have not attempted before nor looked for its presence in Scripture. I know it to be the last period of grace, 1,260 years or 500,000 rungs or days  of what are at least in Heaven morning and evening sacrifices but nothing, water off the duck’s back here on earth. But nobody will be able to say they were not given a final chance; the living all that time and even the dead the last 260 years of it. Nonetheless the rungs finish up in another nodule, the third nodule and the third coming of our Lord. ( first nodule and first coming, second nodule and  second coming and now third nodule and third coming and soon fourth nodule and fourth coming and these and one more are being presented by JK as his peace offering.) The head of this third section, the bull and the slamming of the door of mercy and subsequent events are well defined by the prophet Daniel which also allows for about 200,000rungs in this cross section, the fourth one. This is the big one, the Day of Atonement (DOA107), the end of all sin and the end of evil and I for one would have thought that the overall top of the cross. The last daily sacrifice, the last 9am start and the last 3pm finish. The Lamb that hung there was offered as the burnt sacrifice. It had just been in the fires of hell, it had just destroyed, obliterated the very last sin. All that it needed to be added to those feet and head was the thighs and chest and all presented to God. Mission accomplished! Mankind has been re-joined to God, eternity in perfection can now begin!

But this was not the end. Balaam told what Balak already knew that there were seven crosses and not only four. The top of the DOA107 cross was the bull but it also linked across to the ram of the fifth cross. The first phase on the ministry of the Nazirite became the second phase of His ministry. This fifth cross locked into the top of the fourth cross, it itself contained 1,260 rungs and would go on to become the base of the sixth cross with its base as the red heifer. Even though our study is at the junction of the fifth to the sixth cross we will still rely on the sections under us.

There is only one cross which runs through time and it does so with rungs as days as the daily sacrifice. It is the basis of all other sacrifices and remains as daily. The events it runs though, especially the four comings of Jesus Christ are one of and never to be repeated events. There is only  one GFPMC and only one DOA107 but there are still three sections to run and JK in his answer to the question of what is the peace offering specifically includes cross five in his answer.

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But if these are really the five sections of cross that span earth’s history and jut out into the realms of the new earth, why doesn’t JK do what Balaam told Balak; make up seven altars. The sections will continue after the fourth section; the DOA107 until the seventh altar which is in the New Jerusalem itself. There it will cease as on the first Heavenly Day of Atonement (DOA108). The cross of Christ will be completed but it will also be the start of those Heavenly years to come. The 10th of July , every year and forever more! And to get to the 10th of July we have already been told we will have gone through the 14th of January, the Passover and it too was on a Heavenly scale. Those events are still in Biblical future and right now the Question is why JK substituted goats as the top of each cross but Balaam told Balak to sacrifice bulls there?

There has already been an attempt why five and not seven top, bottom and middle sections are presented. They are all earth based and the biggest, if there is such a thing, peace offering that will be required will be to get us across that doorway and into the NETM. Once there, technically at least we should not require a peace offering at all. It is here just for the border crossing and will not be required in either Heavenly Passover or DOA108. As the sections of the cross that JK is now presenting do not have a bull at the top he is not making any attempt to lock them in with time as in the daily sacrifice. He is assuming that we know where we are; at the doorway to the new earth tent of meeting (NETM) and not explaining how we got here by climbing those five crosses but why we are here because of those five crosses and each of those five crosses were for his benefit. They had the crown of a goat; my sin!

When the tabernacle, furnishings, utensils and altar are finished, anointed and consecrated the leaders of our tribes make some attempt to shown gratitude at the miracle that God has just performed. It is not just GFPMC and DOA108 which will have major differences between the earthly and Heavenly events so will the setting up of the furnishings, utensils, altar and tabernacle. There may be differences between Sinai and the last Eden but there are similarities as well. We will certainly want to show  gratitude but this gratitude up there will be so overwhelming, well it will overwhelm us.


Just before we go to those overwhelmed saints, but it is not a voluntary disobedience it is just a case of being overwhelmed by all of what is happening around us. Is this a dream that is just so splendid and becoming more splendid by the second and I want to break out of it now. Even if I come through and finish up on the other side of that doorway into the new earth tent of meeting (NETM) and I have passed the vigorous test that is applied there sooner or later someone is going to look at me and say, ‘You!’ and the dream will be over. I can’t absorb any more and I want it over now!

I know what is happening now I specifically requested as, ‘Give us today my daily bread’, and I was told of where to get it from. If I wanted to see God, His nature, what He looks like and what makes Him tick I was told that I would all this information and the revelation of God would be through His only Begotten Son and that would be as a one year old lamb without defect with His arms stretched out on the cross inviting all to join Him. But I want to look through that bloodied body writhing in pain whilst hanging on the cross with demons jumping around Him with glee and delight, no, I want this sight to be transcribed into an environment where there is no sin or suffering, death or dying. I want what happened on that cross to be transcribed and forever transcribed into Heaven eternal. That was the daily bread request and as at now I am overwhelmed by what has happened. There are a number of reasons why this is so.

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One is that the cross is not just a Friday affair. It is a Friday, Saturday and Sunday affair. It is Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC), it is  the Day of Atonement (DOA108) a Sabbath affair but it also carries over onto Resurrection Sunday. On GFPMC it was not just 9am to 3pm but 3pm to 4pm as well and on DOA108 it Sabbath 9am to 3pm, 3pm to 4pm and 4pm to 6pm. On Resurrection Sunday it was 6pm to 7am (?). All these are cross events all where God revealed Himself  through His Son. It is just the number of events that is overwhelming let alone their interpretations.

Yesterday when I started typing and trying to answer the question posed the previous day; what was the daily sacrifice and to what did it point to?, I thought I was going to have a day off. As soon as I started typing this dreadful dizziness came on and I had no choice but go to bed. During the day I made a number of efforts to get up and type but to no avail. I gave myself a limit of 4pm if it had not lifted I would sign off as sick and go to bed for the night. It wasn’t clear at 4pm but certainly manageable, I draw the line as falling off the chair an if that is a satan victory then so be it, and if asked to submit a day’s work of my blog so far this is the day I would submit. Satan went very close to a victory yesterday!

I supply my answer and the reasons for it on that Thursday because similar reasoning is now going to occur which may or may not lead to ‘correct’ answers. For years I have pondered the question of what is this daily sacrifice and hoped by looking at the other sacrifices would lead me to the answer. It kept pointing to the top sacrifice; the burnt offering and the answer I was to give at the close of writing on Thursday night. But the burnt offering whether it was supposed to have occurred at 3pm on GFPMC or not is still debatable but it did not occur. And it was a 3pm event but the daily sacrifice was a 9am and 3pm event every day and not just either on GFPMC or DOA108. At 3pm the fires of hell had extinguished leaving a glowing red hot pile of ashes, ashes which could not burn in hell. Only evil and sin can be destroyed by the fires of hell and these ashes neither were evil or contained sin. They were holy and in their holy glowing red form they were presented to God. The ashes stood for the body of Jesus Christ on which were placed all our confessed sins. As they are being presented to God the question being asked is; ‘These ashes the remains of your only begotten Son, have they removed all traces of the sins that were presented on the body of Jesus Christ to the extent and requirements of Your Holy Being?’ If the answer is yes, and the answer was yes then if I join these people who’s sins have just been forgiven onto me, not just Me joining them as on GFPMC, but they joining Me and becoming one with Me will you allow us to join you in Heaven for the eternities to come? This happened once, this question was posed once at 3pm on the Day of Atonement (DOA109) as taken in this blog as 10/07/486 (Daniel’s timetable). But even the 10/07/486 is not the answer we are looking for. On that day, a Sabbath and a day of worship the 9am to 3pm time slot was about Jesus taking on and obliterating a pile of 70 trillion sins (?). The daily sacrifice only could begin in the absence of sin. On that DOA109 the six hours were about getting rid of 70 trillion (?) sins. No we were not yet at the top of the cross. We know that there were still 1,260 rungs, daily sacrifices to go just in the fifth section and those in the sixth and seventh sections of those crosses. But there is finally a day coming when that last sinless daily sacrifice will occur and it will be followed by the burnt offering. The cross that started way back in Egypt on the old earth will be finished and it will be that top rung and the burnt offering that follows that become the basis of the Day of Atonement (DOA110) of eternity. Each year the 10/07/xx will be introduced by 14/01/xx. This analysis has raised a number of issues in recap;

The burnt offering that JK presents is ;one male lamb one year old, that is what the Nazirite presented. One ram and the ram is burnt offering of both high priest and people in the DOA110. One bull. One of the furnishings that is completed in my tabernacle is the golden lampstand, all seven lights, all seven crosses. I can see to the top of the seventh cross, both section seven and the cross in

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its entirety and the bull is at its apex. The sin offering is the goat and the peace offering is two oxen and five sections of the cross in any order. The issues of the fine flour and oil and cakes is more difficult so first the topic of the gifts and to whom they were given.


The master of excuses accounting for his two sickies. Fell over and sprained wrist (could have just cut back to 500 words a day) and virulent stomach bug which affected the old head. Have already tried to type through these headaches but they only get worse. Only solution so far is just rest. During this time I decided on a change of tactics. Before I was going to ignore the silver bowl  and dish of chapter seven with that well tried and faithful excuse of ‘I will leave that until a final summary of the Book of Numbers’ but these are offerings and sacrifices and chapter seven follows chapter six. The main concern was that we have already been through the Day of Atonement ceremony way back in Leviticus chapter sixteen and missed the main point; the Day of Atonement is a Heavenly ceremony and is the start of eternity itself. It is the day that we look at that face with a crown of thorns with blood dripping over His face which is writhing in pain and we see through that blood; ‘and we shall see His face’.

At that moment we may have large allotments of land on the new earth with all these exciting things growing and happening on them, we may have our immediate and wonderful family of 12 million (?) early awaiting our visits, we may have our apartments in Heaven all ready and that important date when Jesus Himself is going to come inside and eat with us, we may be living inside this city with pearl gates and massive walls and tree of life and throne of God but all these physical things fade into naught the moment that we ; see His face. They are still all there to give sinful beings a connection to that infinite world but just as it hard to find one drop of water in the ocean so they too will be hard to find. Eternity proper has just begun.

But even the seven steps that I have just taken also drop off the radar screen. How  can this be? My name was called and I stood up and looked down. Egypt. His Blood, His mercy, His inheritance, His shoes, His sacrificial system of instructions, His shoes to walk in. First step right foot hits the ground on Mount Calvary, Good Friday Passover. His cross He absolves me of all of my sins and sets up an organisation of which I am a member to be until He comes back to take me back to Heaven with Him. Second foot hits the ground, His second coming. All the weight transfers to the second foot. Actually all my problems are over. The first two steps or crosses required some input from me but from now on it is entirely depended on my Lord and Master. Even in the battle of the beast I will only be present in the army behind the rider of the white horse and it will be Jesus Who swings that sharp double edged sword from the cloud. Steps/crosses three and four are well covered by the Book of Revelation and are fully depended on Jesus. Third step He closes the door of mercy  and I do not hesitate to take that third step; His call.

It was on the fourth step where my ‘problems’ started appearing and I correctly addressed them by stating them as questions and rightfully expecting prayers as solutions to them. But back to these problems in a moment, just finishing as many steps as I know. The fourth step or cross was important on a number of grounds; it was the end of not just sin but evil as well, it was the centre lamp of the golden lampstand  and the pinnacle of God’s achievements, it was the earthly DOA110 and it was the base of the exponential rise in the knowledge that JK would now acquire resulting in him begging for the cross to be moved from outside of his newly completed tabernacle to the inside. A request the Nazirite granted by placing His sinless locks at the base of the altar.

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The bases of these crosses vary greatly and can be as short as a fraction of a second as with the head of the fourth cross, Sabbath’s DOA110 changing from phase one of the ministry of Jesus Christ to phase two and the base of the fifth cross right up to years when the head of the first cross, the bull sacrifice, Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary which almost certainly included Resurrection Sunday, but then contained a period of 1,260 days for the establishment of the Christian Church for His people to walk in whist waiting for His second appearance some 2,000 years later. But this contradicts the previous statement where the death of Jesus occurs in phase one of His ministry but His resurrection occurs some twenty seven hours in the second phase.

The base of this fifth cross is the true DNA of Christianity at least at a level that finally sinks into that skull of JK. It is sight, seeing Jesus on that DOA110 cross alive for six hours and then a further forty odd hours before His resurrection and coming down off the cross, it is faith seeing through to the tree of life being moved into my newly completed tabernacle, furnishings and utensils and it is now the Holy Spirit operating within me and not being inhibited by sin and evil. The fine linen handed out just before the wedding is now exposed and fully operational. The stem of each section of cross, including the main cross has always been composed of two single strands  and they have been joined with rungs, the daily sacrifice. They have always been pure and holy and sinless and spotless and they have always had the same destination; the Heavenly Day of Atonement. (the Heavenly event will be distinguished from the earthly one of 10/07/486 by not having subscripts and typed in with no abbreviations) These rungs, these daily sacrifices, these give us today our daily bread pleadings with the Father have always been and will continue to be until our final blessed day the one strand of DNA of divinity sending out at 9am to go across join onto by death that other strand  of the molecule, humanity and forever upwards until that day which has become out new focus; from daily sacrifice and burnt offering to that Day of Atonement.

But this fifth cross which has a top of, a bull sacrifice for, the placement of the sinless hair of the Nazirite at the foot of the altar, itself has a broad base which extends across the doorway and into God’s new creation; the new earth and soon to descend Most Holy Place. The bull of the fifth cross is to become the red heifer and the foot of the sixth cross and at this stage as far as we have got. The top of the fifth cross Daniel’s six conditions for the abolishing of evil are met abruptly as on day 1,260 but so much happens on that day that we have to go back and have another piecemeal look at it. The Nazirite Himself does this for us but then Scripture tells us there are at least another twelve days of presentation and we are only in chapter seven with another twenty two to go to twenty nine. A comment on angels before returning to our problems of earthly DOA110, especially how the ladder that we have climbed of seven steps can just drop away into nothing.

Our existence in Heaven is compared to a series of glasses of differing size. I would not expect the glass JK to be the same size as that as Peter, Paul, Mary, Moses or many other of the saints but I would expect whatever my size to be full and perfectly happy. Similarly with the angels.

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This is not intended as a discussion of the angelic hosts just a comment on those Levites who were supposed to care for these newly built tabernacles after their anointment and consecration. There are three levels of angels mentioned; Merari who got four carts and eight oxen, the Greshons got two carts and four oxen and the Kohath’s did not get any because they were involved with the direct work of the Lord. I was only aware of two groups of angels; those who rebelled and those who did not and even after DOA110 all unintentional unconfessed sins were wiped out so there should only be one group after this. But next time through Korah’s rebellion we will looking for the three grades. It could be as simple as there were so many of those who rebelled they were split into tribes with leaders. But the issue of this blog has now changed from the daily sacrifice to the Heavenly Day of Atonement within the New Jerusalem.

This holy city stands on a plateau nearly 300 times the size of Mount Everest (ME) so just to get a peak inside at ground level we are going to have to climb 300 * ME and to get a look over the top nearly 600 * ME. From the study so far we cannot expect to see the tree of life in full bloom when we peek inside for the first time. We have asked for permission and the Nazirite granted it for the altar/cross to be moved from outside of our tabernacles within the Most Holy Place of our hearts. It has nothappened yet but we look forward to it happening. The extension of this is that Simon will continue to help Jesus to drag His cross, across the two boundaries and into the New Jerusalem where there will be major consecration ceremonies associated with it planting.

On earth as we stand and look up at 300*ME where jesus told us to start we have already asked the questions; why aren’t those two birds that were involved in the earthly DOA110 up there, where is the high priest, why doesn’t he take his blood into the Most Holy Place to cleanse it and recently why is the silver bowl full of fine flour and oil when only just recentlyit was baked into a basket full of cakes?  If we are really as close as it seems the great tribulation and the second coming the passports to Heaven will not only have stamped on them; destination; Heavenly Day of Atonement via route of Daily Sacrifice, but the Lord will make sure that we understand what these words mean whether this understanding comes through this blog or some other we do not know. If it is to come through Balaam he is going to have to break out of that viscious circle of avarice and say, ‘Thus sayeth the Lord’. But with your prayers even within this blog there maybe even some upward progress made. This necessitates the continuation of my personel journey.

My first issue is how can the DOA110 on earth not even get a mention in the final Heavenly Day of Atonement? (or at least a cursory reading of it). If this is not an indication of barking up the wrong tree then what is? Earthly DOA110 is the centre lamp of the golden lampstick, it is the crown it is the jewel of God’s achievements, the abolishing of evil and without it there would not any Heavenly Day of Atonement. You can’t just shrug off this lampstand because two of its lights are a part of the new Heaven and earth. They at least must be coming. Earthly base of Numbers chapter six and unless it staks up the Heavenly one will not.

It is Scripture that introduces salvation plan A, the sinless plan and it is Scripture that has introduced salvation plan B, the sin infection plan and has solutions for both. Jesus Himself showed us the problem with a sinless world and how to solve this problem. In the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus realved His true divinity and in the presence of divinity evil hid itself. But as soon as His divinity was ‘swithched off’ evil returned and went on to kill Jesus. Jesus was showing at the cross what would have happenedhad He created the world and immediately covered it with His divinity. His divinity is evident in His creation so He could not remove His divinity completely but He did as much as possible. Had He submerged evil below this divinity right at the start, evil and good would have co-existed, an impossibility. No He had to allow evil to flourish before cutting it off at its base. This is exactly what He did on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). There with the epicentre of good, the cross, the forces of evil gathered and darkness engulfed the cross. The consequences of what happened on this day are mind boggling.

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GFPMC had nothing to do with satan. He was as much a casualty of evil as me and thee.


The following is not just an attempt to fill a thousand words because wrist seems okay again. It is an attempt to stand in Egypt and say to our Master, ‘ Okay we are standing in Egypt and looking up, what are we supposed to see? Time of the great tribulation is here for many of us already and the storm is about to strike the rest of us, can we please have some Heavenly bearings?’ As this involves a revisit to the man who died very suddenly beside our Nazirite for the umpteenth time I will include it in  [ ] and include the conclusion I draw from these square brackets.

[ I will continue to use 144 million as the total number going to Heaven but distinction between them  as had Adam and Eve and their progeny not sinned and call them Adam and Eve’s lot which I am well aware did not happen, and our lot which did happen. Evil was available to both lots, either could disobey God but they like Michael, Gabriel and other sinless angels chose not to sin but our lot chose to sin like the rebellious angels. That army riding behind the rider of the white horse is our sinning lot.

Jesus in Gethsemane showed us the reasons for the way He created and what was going to occur the next day and beyond. Good, obeying God, and evil, disobeying God, are going to be involved. Jesus can only withdraw His divinity down to a minimum value, evil can and was drawn not just to its minimum visible level but beyond and down to naught as it happened on GFPMC. If you are searching for an answer that does not involve God and you are looking at a fern, or flower, or fish or flamingo or Heaven forbid family there is a satanic paint available to do this. It is called evolution and its base is absurdity negating any formal analysis or debate. It explains complexity by chance and the greater the complexity the greater the admiration for chance because it has less chance of occurring. Absurd, never did happen, never will happen except in the world of absurdity and insanity. That is your use of that priceless gift God has given you; freewill. Evil is different.

On GFPMC between 9am and 12 noon Jesus drew all visible evil onto Himself. Those who jeered and sneered at Him, who took great delight in seeing that pathetic being writhing in pain whilst hanging on that cross and He drew in the evil not just from His age but from all ages past and future of everyone who wanted to pass their evil onto Him through the act of repentance. But at 12 noon He went deeper than the minimum, the threshold value, He went from there to nothing. All evil gone we can stand before God as clean! All our evil has passed  onto Jesus on the cross of GFPMC where Jesus did not just crush it but also threw it into the fires of hell.

Sin and evil are not tangible items they cannot be numbered and placed into numbered boxes and disposed of in an oven, they are objects of harm to take us away from God our source of life. The effects that they cause have to be placed on something which is then presented to the fires of hell for destruction. The 144 million gave their sins to Jesus and He took them to hell and had them destroyed. The beast within was not only dead it was crushed and thrown into those fires of hell. But then an amazing thing happened. As the beast of evil was being consumed by the fire Jesus reached into the fire, pulled out the beast and restored him to life! If some of it was already burnt up the beast in its resurrected form could not be quite as evil as before it was thrown into the fire but its back! This could easily have been the end of time; sin gone, the beast of evil who fought every step of the way is destroyed and burning up in hell and all that Jesus has to do is to throw all those who did not want Him into hell and say, ‘I AM HE’. Divinity reigns, eternity begins! But we know that did not happen and we have been given a chance to join those 144 million.

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The beast within us that was destroyed in hell but then resurrected by Jesus is not the same beast that fights in the battle of the beast on which the birds of the air will feed on. That is the wicked who are involved here, we are in the army behind the rider of the white horse. The beast in the wicked was not in GFPMC fires. The history of this beast within us in its resurrected form has already been much studied and is the same beast that is in Adam’s and Eve’s lot and will be dealt with the same way as their beast by Jesus showing Himself; “I AM HE’ the difference being our beast has already been destroyed but is in resurrected form.

We have been trying to follow the army behind the rider of the white horse supposedly either Adam and Eve’s lot or that lot that came from GFPMC either way sinless. But this is our fork in the road, in one, the sinless lot there was no man who fell over dead suddenly but that sinning lot did have a man who fell over very suddenly beside our Nazirite who under this one condition could have anything to do with the dead. Sin spawned results; hell. Sin spawned results for the one who initiated that sin; satan. If it did not bring into existence Eve’s seed, it defined Him. It defined Jesus Christ as the one Who would destroy satan in hell and therefore not Melchizedek and in that order and in eight days time it defined Him as Jesus Christ and therefore not Melchizedek Who would hang from DOA110 cross whilst His heel was bruised by satan who was not around to jump with glee this time at Jesus on the cross. On this cross of Sabbath, 10/07/486 were offered two birds, the sin sacrifice and the burnt sacrifice neither of which I can see in the Heavenly Day of Atonement of Leviticus chapter 16.]

Whilst Jesus was on earth He set His divinity knob to minimum volume, that is as creator and the miracles He performed were through the Father. If minimum volume wasn’t enough then turning it up would be of no benefit either. If He laid them out in the aisles they would just get up and revert back to their old ways later. Jesus destroyed our sins in hell by presenting them on His sinless body to the flames but evil He destroyed by turning up the divinity knob to full and had He kept it there evil could not/would not recover. It was His miraculous intervention that allowed the recovery of evil. The Garden of Gethsemane Jesus showed us there was a right and wrong time to display His divinity. Thursday was too early, Friday was right. But even Friday was a little too early and the job will be completed on Saturday or even Sunday after Eden’s DOA110. In the meantime all we have to do is to repent and wait in faith.

The beast of evil recovery, evil within, from GFPMC could be compared to its recovery in our bodies after our baptism. If we do not die in the baptismal water then there is no need for us to be resuscitated as we have not died. If we have not died then we cannot be born again and if we are not born again then Jesus cannot send His Holy Spirit into our lives to place His seal on us. This seal maybe on our foreheads through which Jesus can communicate into and out of our brains or on our hearts or somewhere He can communicate to our consciousness. If people or we don’t notice the difference between the beast within before and after our baptism as being very different then it is probably because the thing did not drown, just submerged and has just resurfaced.

Some attempt has been made to establish our footing in Egypt, in the Sinai wilderness, the Old Testament specifically Numbers six, before looking heavenwards to that one Day of Atonement. The questions are not frivolous and are an attempt to visualise our final eternity knowing that it must be by faith as of now nothing exists on the other side of the doorway. Looking from earth now the two Days of Atonement do not even look like the same event; birds, high priests, transfer and washing with blood, change of garments, guilt offerings, cutting of hair and change in ministry are some of the problems. Other than surmising that Adam and Eve’s sinless lot did not need any crosses and

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went straight through to the Heavenly Day of Atonement in July whereas our lot had to go through the 14th of January to get there we have not gained any insights into our problems.


Perhaps it maybe more helpful if we go to second question; why am I being treated as raw flour and oil in this basin of chapter seven when in chapter six I was presented to the fire as a peace offering where I was baked into one of those cakes in that Basket? Why raw again?

Jesus showed us in Gethsemane the night before GFPMC that it was of little value turning up His divinity knob too early, it would just be a matter of water off the duck’s back. He did so the next day and this is what we must first study and accept before expecting Jesus to turn on that knob fully in that final heavenly Day of Atonement. Let us first look at the setting of knob/dial in its lowest possible level; Jesus Christ as creator.

If a person who was involved in designing the A-380 airbus was standing alongside it and a spectator looked at the dust cap on the tube and said, ‘There is not very much involved in building this aircraft’, the designer at least would have to say, ‘Idiot’ and if that person was involved with their welfare they would have to be concerned; they are idiots. Today many look at ferns, flowers, fish and flamingos where the design is such that we can’t even begin to imagine their complexity and they say, ‘It happened by chance’, isn’t mother nature working through evolution wonderful!’ These are far greater idiots than our dust cap idiot. We are supposed to look at Jesus’ creation and through that look to the creator Himself. If that is too difficult then try counting the drops of water in the ocean. It maybe too difficult for us but not so for the One Who made them. He is awesome, majestic and His Word calls Him, ‘Almighty’. From the drops of water to the grains of sand to the stars and finally to the pinnacle of His creation; you and me. In His image and with His breath! By taking a hold of that creation knob we can now start turning it to reveal what and why He has done and will continue to do all these marvellous things for us! The unbelievably complex creation around us is what He has done but even more remarkable is that He wrote down the reasons why He did what He did for us in His Word, the Bible.

Turning up the head knowledge knob is only of value if the heart knowledge knob is also turned and it can only be turned by His Holy Spirit. Repentance, baptism, the seal of God all equal; your way Lord! I have no input myself but rely on You and Your way alone. This blog started off as a commentary on the Book of Revelation and I have every intention of returning there but not whilst being flooded by information from the Book of Numbers in particular. The Bible is the jigsaw puzzle and the whole of it, both Old and New Testaments hold its pieces. The bit that we are at now though is Jesus showing us that Thursday night it was too early to turn the divinity knob to full but Friday it was okay.

Scripture has multiple fulfilments and we are trying follow Daniel through as he leads us to the cross of GFPMC; the climax, anticlimax, pinnacle and everything else of created planet earth’s existence. Daniel leads us through 490 years of history which we follow through Cyrus, Darius, Ezra, Jemaah and others to the last seven between years 483 and 490. This seven years is split into three and a half years (or 1,260 days) before GFPMC and three and a half years after GFPMC. Friday is but one fulfilment, it is the Friday but Christianity is not just Friday, it is Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well. Resurrection Sunday is as much a basic tenet of our faith as Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) is. Daniel’s prophesies are fulfilled on the Saturday and Sunday as well as Friday.

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This brings us back to that silver bowl and I continue to use myself as it helps me to relate to this situation. As at Numbers chapter seven we know;

(1); JK is at the doorway and is ready to cross over into the new earth the moment it is created.

(2); This doorway between the last Eden on earth and the new earth through it has  any impediment like sin or evil barrier removed.

(3); Not only has Jesus just completed my tabernacle but its furnishings and utensils as well.

(4); Events from the Heavenly wedding onwards only numbered. The bride had waited for a long time for that wedding, almost 1,800 years. The Holy Spirit, the fine linen could be given out just after the second coming and for 1,260 afterwards He had to stay on earth as this was the period of grace. Even when this period of grace finished and the door of mercy slammed close setting off that major earthquake that destroyed Jerusalem and its temple again. This was the third coming of our Lord and when He had returned back to Heaven with His two witnesses the reception we gave Him and the gratitude we showed we fully expected Jesus to never leave us again and His Holy Spirit should have returned back to Heaven with Him and we should have got married 1,260 years after we got to Heaven. It is this next block of 7*70 or 490 years which now come under chapter nine in Daniel. There was not one conversion during the period of grace, 1,260 years so surely there will not be any in the next 490 and even if there was it is too late; the door of mercy is closed. Many events occur in this last 490 years and are covered by the seven bowls of Revelation. The problem is that when I was looking at these bowls I did not realise it was those 490 years of Daniel that are involved. Certainly the last seven are jam packed with events and we are in the process of studying. (went to air show with son-in-law. Experienced F18A jet with full after burners at about 70 metres or 80 yards made me shake. Thought back how Swaggart jumps for joy at the thought of these jets only metres above Palestinian Christian roofs. Demon! Looked at some of the complexity of DC3 and thought of its chances of evolving. Joke!)


JK is telling his story as at Numbers seven and giving a report as to why he should be allowed across that doorway into the new earth. Whether he is on day 1,262 or some other day he is reporting after day 1,260 because his tabernacle has been completed and anointed and consecrated. He is looking back the previous 490 years, Daniel’s 7 * 70 =490. Daniel (9:24) ‘Seventy weeks have been decreed for  your people and your holy city, to finish transgression….’ Six conditions culminating at Jesus laying His sinless locks at the base of the altar.

We expect Scripture to be fulfilled at multiple levels, but even so to have two creations as in Genesis? But if there is no similarities between the two crosses then the following analysis is invalid. It will be attempted by questions and answers and the comparisons between the last 490 years before GFPMC and the 490 years before DOA110. Three subjects are allowed; God’s people, your holy city and not just the very last seven year slot but seventy slots of seven. Question; the final 490 years began after the third coming and the door of mercy slamming shut what about the first 490 years? Ans; Don’t know about the third coming but the door of mercy appears to have closed and only God’s people are now involved from now on. Question; Are the foolish virgins involved? Ans; The foolish virgins have never been God’s people they have always been foolish they have had their own ways of salvation and any other ‘way’ comes from the evil one. The issue involved in these very last days and which prevented the Holy Spirit returning to Heaven for 490 years after the door of

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mercy closed and delayed our wedding by 490 was not the foolish virgins but the seal of God that God placed on them at the second coming. God’s placement of His seal on these foolish virgins was the exception. He did this to no other foolish virgin. He did this to us, your people Daniel, to show us it would be of no value to do so. Water off the duck’s back! I take this event to occur (using years) as the end of year 482 of Daniel and the last seven will then come into play, 483 to 490.

The issue is not the 144,000 foolish virgins but the seal which God gave them but should not have given it to them. These foolish virgins are now going to be killed. If they remove their seals and replace them with the mark of the beast and march against the armies behind the rider of the white horse he will strike them down with his double edged sword which He will swing from the clouds above. They have no hope they will not even get close to us! But if they retain their seals then the beast will kill them. There is no way they could march with the other evil because they might switch sides and destroy the morale of his troops. I have already written much about this battle and why it was critical for every member of the beast’s army to pledge, ‘we have no other king but Caesar, and to where else could w