The Revelation of Jesus Christ (Chapter 2)

In my first blog I gave an overall view of the Book of Revelation. This blog follows immediately this one after some considerable gap. From the many comments I have been greatly encouraged and continued to add further material. I have only responded to a few of these comments and still have over 3,000 to respond to so the comments I make may not always be correct. I have expected a savage assault on the logic and chronology of my article but this as yet has not occurred . The enquirers have been of a general nature asking for more information. I have been surprised with how few ended with what I so desperately need—GOD BLESS YOU. There are however many problems with my interpretation (not the Bible) and I will now outline some of these hoping that there are people in the world wide audience  to help me with them. The colours that appear on this blog are unintentional and I don’t know which buttons I hit to make them appear and disappear. For the many comments that begin with “I don’t know how I arrived on this site” I would be looking up to Heaven and saying ” Thank you”.

THE MIDNIGHT CALL. This blog was always about the midnight call ( Mat 25:6) and it’s finality. When the Church wakes up your fate has already been determined–it’s Heaven or hell. I could not believe that God in His Word would not (in fact could not) warn His people to wake up before that fateful call. If in fact the Scriptures I quote are part of that warning then when the Church does actually wake up why doesn’t God reprimand them?—” I tried to warn you lot in My Word of the finality of this moment in Mat 25:6, Mat 24:15, Rev all Ch 13, Mark 13:14, Luke 21:8-38, in Daniel chapter 12 I even gave you the number of days between the call and My coming so that anyone with more than 45 days of oil could give to those who were short and more souls could have been saved ! but you did not listen and just kept sleeping. I could not have done more for you”. But He does no such thing. In fact He seems to accept the blame Himself. ” You fell asleep because it took Me such a long time to come”. Why can’t we blame God also!. If you are supposed to wake me up in time to catch the plane (and this one is going to Heaven) and you fail to do so and I miss this plane aren’t you at least part responsible for me missing out on Heaven?.How many times do we attempt to put the blame on Jesus when in reality we are the problem and Jesus is the solution. So it is the case this time around. The problem is the incredibly deep sleep that the Church is in. It doesn’t even wake up when it is being savagely mauled by the beast out of the sea during it’s 1260 days of terror!!!. It only wakes up when the beast out of the earth takes over . What do you think the response of Jesus would be if we asked Him what Lazarus’s rich man (Luke 16:19-31) asked for Him to send someone from the dead to warn this sleeping church. I think the response would be along the lines of “it would not make any difference as they already have My Word which they trample as pigs trample mud. As in the case of the five foolish virgins after My Second Coming  Heaven could do no more and so it is now”. But what about Jesus as the solution?.I will now address the other two aspects of the Good Oil—the jars and giving it away.

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GIVING OIL AWAY AND JARS. The topic of buying oil has already been covered. When asked to give their oil away the wise virgins should have said “oil can only be bought from our Master or His two representatives ” but they did not. Nor did they use the excuse “you haven’t got a jar for us to pour it into” They could have poured their oil directly into my lamp but they were not sure they would have enough for themselves . ( they are not wise because they know Scripture but because they are going through the narrow gate) The reason my wife got into Heaven was because she had a jar full of spare oil. So what can we make from these statements? Isn’t no longer enough just to ask for daily bread.? Well even under ordinary circumstances our allocation of bread and oil is determined by our activities. Let me tell you just how bad things will be in those days which will not only require oil but spare oil in jars for us to survive them. It is the Lord Who is warning us ( Mat 24:21,22) “For then there will be great  distress, unequalled form the beginning of the world until now– and never to be equalled again. If those Days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.” This is the first in Scripture that I know of where the most precious gift the Lord has given humanity, marriage, is put under stress. When I ask my wife for some of her oil in her jar she will reply ” under ordinary circumstances I would have given it to you Joule but right now I am really struggling to stay on this narrow path which leads to that narrow door. I find myself just as Peter did when he walked towards Jesus in that storm (Mat 14:22-33) I am okay  if I am totally focused on Jesus but once I look away I am overcome by the storm and sink.” So there is a time coming when it will be every one  for themselves. In the meantime the extra oil we carry in our jars should attract people to us and when this happens we should at all times be ready to give an answer for hope that is in us. ( 1 Peter 3:15) Now for that difficult concept Babylon. BABYLON. Before my journey through Revelation the concept of evil I had was it was a set made up of many circles–one was murder, one lies, one adultery, satan  had a very big circle as did false religion and many other subsets. These however did not match up with this Holy Book. The new concept I now have is that the main circle is false religion and it is made up of all these other circles. The main text I use that seems to account for other Scripture is (Rev 16:19).” The great city split into three parts, and the cities of the nations collapsed, God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of his wrath”. So there are only two types of religion, good which is the worship of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and everything else is bad religion ( but you may say what about those who have neither the Seal of God or the mark of the beast ?–they will finish up in one camp or the other) But the above Holy Word splits bad religion into two parts — the great city and the cities of the world, both collapsed. The cities are the place where you go to when you take God’s advice and get out of Babylon -the sea captains, the mariners  go there when they get out of Babylon. But the main focus is on the peak of bad religion, the great city.

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It is made up of three parts so closely bonded that it takes an earthquake of unprecedented magnitude to split it up. Jesus has already for told us of the consequence of this division ( Mark 3:25) and now it is only a short time for the inevitable. It is this part of evil that is responsible for all bloodshed ( Rev 18:24) and is characterised by excessive evil trade. (the dollar is more important than human life ). So now to tie the Scriptures together. It has already been pointed  out the closeness of their relationship–they exchange power authority and even worship when they don’t have to. Satan appears as the quiet partner –but this is not so, he is behind everything ( Rev 12:17) But the events after the split are amazing Firstly where there was going to be only one battle, Armageddon, now there are two. There is no way satan will join the beast out of the sea in his battle. Those who were alive when this beast almost destroyed God’s people ,including the 144,000 foolish virgins, readily join him and this becomes the battle of the harvest ( Rev 14:14-16). and (Rev 19:17-21). In this battle the leader of the worst religion ,the great prostitute, is involved. The title on her head BABYLON THE GREAT is only partly correct. She is a part of the evil threesome and not all of it.Becuase the battle lasts so long the beast has time to turn on her and destroy her–but they are both still thrown into the lake of fire (Rev 20:10). The role of satan has already been explained. So in summary there are only two entities in existence, good religion and bad religion. Bad religion is split into the very worst, or the great city, or Babylon the great and the rest of evil, or the cities of the world. Babylon the Great has three ( or is that four?) entities: Satan. A created spirit ,the father of all lies ( John 8:44) who’s evil activities peaked at Jesus’s first coming ( he had nearly 4000 years to get ready ( Rev 12:1-5) and will peak before Jesus’s second coming. He actually had nothing to do with Calvary’s Tree and the only reason the door of mercy closed on him was because he gloated and he had no further access with Heaven. He is the one who leads the final battle of the dead who have no problem with accepting his lies but the living also cannot live without him and demand his release from the abyss.  (Rev 20:3) He has approximately the same power and authority as the beast out of the sea and the two never challenge each other.I think he doesn’t go though any judgement but straight to hell because he has no one to blame but himself for his evil actions.He can’t be a player for the first 1,000 years because he is locked  up but would go into action the moment he was released. It is hard to say whether he is more effective after his release than before because he still has the great chain wrapped around making him almost useless but if the Holy censor pierces the abyss then all those demons locked up at the fall could also have been released so he could bark his orders to them. He obviously stands for  external evil.

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THE BEAST OUT OF THE SEA. Is  a much more complex creature. If you understood the previous blog you won’t get much out of this next section. His eight head is the easiest to understand. He anoints the ten horns as kings and marches against the rider on the white horse and His armies ( we have just been married and before we enter the New Jerusalem we wipe out those who were nearly successful in wiping us out.) This is the full beast in all his strength and can not play any part in the last battle of satan as the leader. You may ask how this is so as the dead who line up outside Jerusalem in order to destroy it know exactly why they are there. The evil is written on their hearts ,internal ,which is part of this beast’s symbolic function. I don’t know. But the timing of his attack on God’s people at the  second coming  and his justification for it is of some interest. We know that God has allowed this attack and it is the reason we can peacefully fall asleep each night knowing that God is in control. But just as he has to find a “valid” reason to gather the living for a final attack on God’s people he now has to find a plausible reason for wiping out God’s people some 1,770 years before. He certainly has had a charmed life. As the fourth beast of Daniel chapter 7  he  was destroyed by Christ on the Cross and thrown into the fire. The miraculous act that recovered him must have occurred very quickly because the fire would have destroyed him completely and since that time he has been biding his time. I think his intention would be to regain his former powers where no one would dare question him. But if he realised he was on borrowed time then if he could destroy God’s people , especially their leader, Jesus Christ, who nearly destroyed him then his chances of survival would have to be greatly enhanced. So the tactic would have to be wait until they are in a deep sleep , create a world wide emergency and move in for the kill. As we are in the Church of Philadelphia we were very much woken up by Luther and his lot. So he now has to wait until we fall back asleep. (which we have done). Like satan he knows Scripture backwards and knows he has 1260 days to do his dirty work on just like he knew the two witnesses had 1260 before before he could kill them. Not believing in the Bible people are very easily convinced  (Rev 13:4). He must get to them during his 1260 days because he Knows that is all the time God has given him. So we were right at the start with “he only does what God allows him” but don’t sleep for too long!. Does the beast know he is really doing us a favour? Well if he knows Scripture then he must all of them and there are many (eg John 12:24) “Jesus replied I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies it produces many seeds.”  ( how I wish Jesus had said that in the reverse order–if  evil forces use lasers to kill God’s people then as they pass over us it would be reassuring to know we would be dead before we hit the ground and not still be alive after we had fallen but God always knows the best). In essence though the beast uses the argument very successfully that the problem in the crises he has created is those Bible based Christians and all problems would be solved if he was allowed to kill them. Evil society agrees. But to grant him credit where it is due he does allow all other religions to exist and to build their temple in Jerusalem. There are so many temples when John arrives he can only identify God’s Temple by its measurements, it is the only one with Biblical measurements. The beast is doing us a favour which we will not fully appreciate until that battle after our wedding to Jesus in the meantime he is relying on our human cowardly, full of doubt nature which is telling us to get out!

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THE BEAST OUT OF THE EARTH. Just like in the days of creation the earth came out of the sea and the rivers ran off the rising land so the beast came out of the sea, ( peoples, multitudes, nations and languages Rev 17:15) and out of the land (these peoples) now arises the very worst of false religions (the great prostitute ) which is lead by the false prophet. This is now where my story begins to unravel a bit. In Rev ch13 we are told that it is the beast out  of the sea that does the great damage–he is given power to make war against God’s saints and to conquer them (Rev 17:7). Why did not Jesus warn against him but only against the abomination spoken of in the prophet Daniel?.With the scenario I now produce there is no point in altering my original numbers as the new ones are too frightening. One of you may be able to produce a different scenario using Biblical facts. “as it is written becomes a fact as Jesus knew and satan well knows. If you were one of my students during my 30 fulltime and many part time years of teaching before I introduced satan in quantum mechanics I would carefully check a significant number of people had had a significant religious experience and that the rest of the class wanted to hear about it. A certain recipe for trouble in the public education system is to bring up religion. The most attentive audience would be one who either lived in or had purchased a haunted house. My advise would have twofold: if you could leave a Bible open in every room, at whatever text, and it was not thrown down or interfered with in any way within 24 hours then you could be sure you had no evil spirits in your home. if however you could not leave even one Bible in the house open without it being thrown down or torn then you not only had an evil spirit there but it was a devil of the highest order and something to be fearful of. Satan cannot exist in a house where the truth and light are as they penetrate even through walls. That is why he fled every time Jesus quoted Scripture. I hope the advise I gave you at least helped. But now returning to the text. I have already suggested there was no point in Jesus of warning that lot of Christians being persecuted by the beast out of the sea as they were in a deep slumber. What has woken them up is the mark of the beast being forced on them by the beast out of the earth and being awake they are now capable of heeding this warning. After many readings the Scripture that seems to settle the situation is (Rev 13:10). Yes the beast out of the sea  (bos) may have put many to the sword but there is still a significant number that come through who are now in captivity who will require patient endurance and faithfulness (Rev 13:10) So what significant changes and dangers do they face that the previous lot that were taken by the sword did not have to face?. It is not only God’s people who are in a deep slumber right now. If any past science fiction writer had proposed the swathe of laws that have passed and are proposed, if he had not self administered psychotic drugs then society would have done it to him.These laws are so absurd people would have thought he was mad and locked him up or heavily drugged him. Yet people sleep (other than the few conspiratists  ) while their civil liberties are being trashed. ” well they say “our leaders are just looking after us, they have our well being at heart and no system is perfect.” Technically they are correct. By removing a right they are removing any need to protect it as it no longer exists!. To be arrested by a governmental agency who do not have to identify themselves and only have to produce a warrant within 6 months, if they can, no compulsion, at any time of the day or night and thrown into jail with no charge and if any one saw this incident and told any one about it they also become criminals is regarded as protecting your rights!! But then just to avoid believing in God, which would be conceding some control of your life by Him, you are prepared to believe the unimaginable complexity of nature around you just arose out of nothing then it is not going to be very difficult to pull the wool over your eyes with your human rights. So we can’t really blame the church for sleeping!. Returning now to the beast out of the earth. It probably would have got away if it wasn’t for its message– the mark of the beast. The church now awakes and realises it is not just the message that is evil–but so is the messenger and his associates .

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The bombardment we have received on evolution pales into insignificance when compared to that we will receive when Dawkin’s lot finally find that missing link. The ones who claim to have so now are either ignorant or dishonest. I think this missing link could be a human body buried during Noah’s flood. What ever it is will be forced down our necks under the threat of death. Jesus warns us the storm will be particularly fierce but short. ( most 45 days but if the parallelism exists between Philadelphia and Smyrna it may be as short as 10 days, but it will be full on). But there should be no problems as the Church has awoken. They know, like Peter, keep their eyes on Jesus alone and even a glance on those waves will result in them sinking. If you are near or in Jerusalem you know what you have do –get out at least as far as the hills. God’s wrath is about to be manifested on those few remaining temple foundation stones and they will be thrown down!. I am still not sure what part of God’s wrath remains on that area. What about all those others who are not in that area? What are we supposed to do?. When do we flee ( Mat 10:23) to another town and when do  we stay. ? It would be my ultimate thrill to glorify Thy Name with this sinful body but it would have to be with minimum pain. So when I see troops, especially American troops, amassing in my area under the disguise of a military exercise, I would flee. Are you saying it is not a standard operation to surround an area to starve ,torture and ultimately to kill that population?. When  was the last time it was done?. Unfortunately the Word tells us what is going to happen to us, how to cope but not how it is going to happen. –but more on this in a separate chapter.

HOW ARE THE SEAL OF GOD,THE TALENT,AND THE GOOD OIL RELATED? The Seal is different to the Oil because if it were the same thing when I was given the Seal I could have caught up with that lot ahead of me and joined the wedding feast (Rev 7:3). The door of mercy did not close for another 1260 years. Much time has already been spent on the Oil and the only thing I can add now is to go and buy it now and make sure you have some in spare jars for the hard times about to begin. The Seal, like any seal is the guarantee of the document and shows the authority of the person who issued it. With the Seal of God you cannot go to hell. You receive it by the Grace of God and the only way you can get rid of it is to replace it with the mark of the beast. Just because you lose it when that tragedy strikes  and you blame God and scream at Him to get out of your life, having Him there was of no help, does not mean you have lost His seal. The Book of Revelation follows the foolish virgins who have been sealed and it is my intention to dedicate a whole chapter to these people. I find it a fascinating battle between good and evil over those 144,000 souls.

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The Talent I think is given to us at our baptism. Unlike the Seal it is given to every church member regardless of our attitude when we emerge out of the baptismal font and is by the grace of God we receive it. It can be used or hidden in the ground and handed back when the owner comes back to collect it. There is no problem with the early Church that was given five talents. They stepped up first and handed in their 5 plus 5 more they had gathered. I can believe this and there has not been any church resembling their purity. ( can you think of any church where the members sold their homes and shared the proceeds with poorer members?) The church of the middle ages had no where near their success in evangelising  but still put in a credible effort with which the master was well pleased . So now we come to the church after the second coming.This would also apply to the church before the Masters return as they were asleep and woke up so late they could not even save their own members. They certainly were not using this talent. This lot were the last ones to hand in their talent (at the end of the 1260 years) and just before the door of mercy closed. If it was the act of handing in the talent that closed the door of mercy then this should tell us something about what the talent is. ( did I hand the talent in, as I had every intention when I went to the Master, when He orders His staff to take it from me.) The door of mercy was not going to close, so I had a chance of salvation, until I had handed it in. Is the conclusion then that the use of this talent is part of my salvation? Certainly if I had handed my talent into the Master and said ” I have gained one more talent” He would not have thrown me out. So that would mean that the Seal, the Talent and the Good Oil are all part of my salvation. The first two were given by God so all that was left for me was to go and buy the Oil. Finally God accepts us as we are when we enter the Baptismal font ( bad,sad, mad, whatever but will not leave us in this condition) and we are given our talent the spreading of which develops our character amongst other benefits for His church. If we die before going into the font does not mean we are going to hell. Baptism is the outward sign we have accepted Christ as our Saviour.Only God can see our heart at this stage and will give or withhold His seal. The people I ran this interpretation by could not accept the standard God sets for giving His seal. But I still maintain that God’s standard is ” my way or the highway”. When we first begin our search for the Good Oil we think God has left something out of His Word. Surely in this list ( Rev 3:17) ” wretched, pitiful,poor, blind and naked” there must be some gold. The idea of the furnace is to separate the gold from the rubbish ( dross or slag) and hand us back our gold. ( we actually think it is all gold and that is the problem) but nothing could be further from the truth. The furnace on Calvary’s tree is so hot it performs NUCLEAR reactions and changes molecules of blindness into salve so we can see, molecules of nakedness are changed into white clothes and the rest of the garbage is turned into gold!!. Little wonder we have not begun to grasp the beauty of Calvary even after an eternity in Heaven.

HOW LONG DID PEOPLE LIVE AFTER THE SECOND COMING? The redeemed who meet their Saviour receive a new body and live forever by being sustained by God. As I pointed out at the time there are a number of scenarios possible at the second coming. Whatever one you use you are still confined by Biblical facts.  The 1,000 years of priestly sainthood amongst the many other occurrences are one such fact. As is Daniel’s 1260 years ( Dan 12:7).The only credible alternative is babies are born in this period and death occurs as it does today. Well you may say “but the door of Mercy does not close until after the 1,260 years so these babies might be converted by the two witnesses “. Against this I see: these people born in the 1000 years have no hope. Our blessed hope and that of God’s church through the ages has been the second coming –these people have no such hope.

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There is no way that God is going to bless a society that approved His people to be killed, have no regard for His word, where gay marriage and homosexuality is the norm with the most precious gift He has to give —children. This is why all mankind now put all their effort into cracking the genetic code–they now see extinction as a real possibility. It takes them such a long time probably because it is now entirely their own effort–satan is now out of the picture entirely. But now returning to the time issue, probably the most unusual part of my explanation of Revelation—especially why 1,800 years ( approx.) from the second coming to our entry as Bride and Bridegroom into the new Jerusalem. If the two battles are fought just before this event it would mean that people would have to be 1,800 years or older. I could ask the same question why 4,000 years between the first sin and the Cross? Why 2000 years between first and second coming? We actually have more explanation for the 1,800 years than for the others. ( 2Peter 3:9) For the first 1,260 years from the rising of the multitudes that sleep ( Dan 12:2) to the time that the power of God’s people has been FINALLY broken ( Dan 12:7) is 1,260 years. The power of God’s holy people is broken when all the good ones are taken to Heaven at the second coming but is not finally broken until the two witnesses return to Heaven with God’s glory and the door of mercy closes. This would mean that the saints in Heaven would not really know where they were at. We can see our Lord standing on His throne ( Rev 5:6) ready to return at the slightest sign of repentance of those left behind. In fact our prayers in Heaven are for that purpose. We want those left behind to come and join us–that is the idea of priestly prayers. So we have our hearts in our mouths anxiously wondering whether our Master will leave us and return back to earth. It is only when the door of mercy closes when our Master assumes a sitting position ( Rev 11:15-18) that we breath that greatest sigh of  relief knowing that our Master will not be leaving us to go through that horrific suffering again. In the eons to eons to come I can see three possibilities ; we may remember earthly incidents involving the Redeemed or those left behind. The ones left behind are not a problem as all, except the 144,000 foolish virgins, have shown they would prefer to go through two horrific sulphur deaths than to repent. There is no way they could have gone to Heaven. That is why it is so critical to show the foolish virgins were not deceived like Eve but had wilfully abandoned the seal that had been given them by Heaven and changed it for the mark of the beast. For those in Heaven we have long seen the beauty and significance of  Daniel ( 9:24-27). Yes we are surrounded by people  of perfection with Christ’s robe of righteousness  but what about the beauty of the place in which we live !!!. The issue of humanity in Heaven could be answered with the question ; could the Holy Spirit in Heaven show me the beauty of the nature of Jesus Christ without using Calvary as a focusing device?. It certainly did not happen the first time around. The saints in Heaven demanded to be shown Calvary’s tree. After a period of some 1800 years of seeing God’s retribution against sin the elephant in the room is so obvious we demand to be given the fine linen ( Rev 19:7,8). It stands for the Holy Spirit and just as fine linen makes the outer garments more comfortable to wear so the fine linen makes the robe we were given on entry  into Heaven, the robe of righteousness of our Lord more comfortable to wear. Calvary’s tree must be involved as we have asked what about our sins? So our initial focus on Jesus in through the focus of the cross. But is there any further mention of Jesus’s Blood especially in the new Jerusalem?. As John scoured the horizon of the New Jerusalem looking for the temple ( Rev 21:22) he may have been thinking along our present lines. “What is our relationship going to be like with God in the new Heaven?..  Where and how will the Temple fit in and what in fact is the temple?. He is given the answer there is no temple in the new Heaven but he is also told why not (Rev 21:3  & 22:4). The fact that now we can see God’s face means we could not have seen it before. So now there will not be any killing of innocent creatures daily or in yearly Atonement, no need to take their blood into the Holy of Hollies and plead for mercy for forgiveness, if mercy is granted and the High Priest is not struck down then the transfer of these sins onto an innocent third party which is lead into the dessert and thrown over a cliff.

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But I can hear you ask “isn’t it the Blood of the Lamb that takes away the sins of the world?. (return to other 2 later) The three questions I now want to address are sister Karen’s anointing and the two ALL questions. The first all question is that all the church is asleep when the midnight call goes out (Mat 25:3) They may have all become drowsy but they did not  all fall asleep as midnight is not a time of no light but of minimum light and they did not have to restart their lights but only to adjust their wicks. Today we have Christians who when their feet and hands are bound and they see that blunt knife know they will be asked to renounce Jesus as Lord and if they don’t their throats will be cut and they will suffer horrifically for 3-4 minutes before they die still reply as Daniel’s friends did “Our Lord is capable of stopping what you are about to do to us but He will only do what is best for us..May the Name of our Lord be glorified!!” These are the true Christians alive today and it is their light which gives light even at midnight. The only problem is there is such a low number of them. The other end of the scale satan dresses himself in black robes and commits unspeakable acts against children in buildings with the cross of Calvary’s tree in the background again causing God’s church irrepairable harm. Their just reward awaits them. The young people put off by these atrocious acts I am sure will come under Eve’s defence. The rest of us are somewhere in between. Before addressing the second all I would like to return to my sister’s in Christ anointing. This was Karen —- night with the Holy Spirit. I was only one of the heads bowed imploring Divine intervention. What happened to others , including Karen is for them to tell. I think I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit even though many I know would not agree. They would say it was an evil spirit dressed in sheep’s clothes. ” Just look at the evening and at yourself. It was anti Biblical to proceed without proper preparation. And look at the person doing the anointing. You only came to the Bible because of your fear of hell and if God did not answer most of your prayers before you had finished praying them you would not persevere. You are satan’s prime example of how easy it is for him to achieve victory–it is pretty close to 100 out of 100. These are hardly the credentials to claim the presence of the Holy Spirit. But above all, like most other so called Christians the words Jesus Christ are just words and have no real meaning. You don’t have the foggiest idea of the power of these words you use. And to all charges I plead guilty. Can I now raise a defence? The night in question was an emergency and all Scripture points to love God and love your neighbor. We had to act immediately. The Word tells us when two or more are gathered in my Name then I am there amongst them. There are no qualifications stipulated on the heads bowed. They could even be from my level. From memory most if not all prayers were prayed in Jesus’s Name. So we do at least have partial knowledge of the power of His Name. I did at first come to the Lord because of the fear of hell and the major stumbling block was introduced immediately…..EVOLUTION. Even more so today, after 24 years hell still frightens the hell out of me. If you said to me Julius you are now to go through all the suffering you have been in your life then just the thought of this would make me faint. So if hell is many billion times worse then I am still petrified at the thought. I do ask the Lord why He did relieve me of this pain when I so richly deserved it. But most would say that hell and Heaven are just illusions. Well I ask who is actually having the illusion? Is it Julius K who when he dies arrives to find there is no hell. But in the meantime put his existence into the hands of a non existence god and fell asleep most nights within a minute, without the use of drugs or the bottle, of hitting the pillow knowing that his God was in control.? And when those storms of iniquity raged around him did not allow the stomach acid or bile to destroy his well being with bitterness and revenge? Again he knew the Bible text that vengeance is mine..That did not prevent me asking the Lord a lot of when and why questions. I can recommend this type of illusion to anyone, it is a beautiful life. But what about if you arrive and you find there is a Heaven and hell? Who has been under the illusion now? I suspect however that anyone with an IQ with a positive value are not deluded. They know the beauty and complexity of nature around them could not arise from nothing.There has to be a God! He must be avoided at all costs . Now the question of evolution. I knew I was beginning the walk down the slippery slope when I started to compare the similarities between the princess and the frog she evolved from. Now I have so many I have to admit there is no other way of explaining them other than by evolution. It must be a fact. In fact I am such a convert I have already prepared my first paper and when it is accepted by the world of academia I am already working on my second paper!. The title of my first paper is ” Why was the dog wrath with the frog?” Answer is the cog in the log. Because the cog in the log was in the bog it rusted causing the cog to produce a frog that hopped but a dog that clogged!. It is easy to see the disharmony. When they went on their jog with the frog hopping but the dog clogging and saying to itself “why does that wretched frog have   to hop why doesn’t it clog with me”. But mother nature soon realised the grievous error she had made and sent in the big guns. This had to be corrected and corrected quickly. The big gun in her armament was none other than punctuated equilibrium and it corrected the problem quickly. The frog went to bed as a frog but woke up as a princess!! The change in fact was so rapid the poor princess did not realise she could clog and continued to hop.!! The next event is a bit more unsure as there appears to a discrepancy of about half a day between the different dating methods of the tracks found in sedimentary layers by the geologists and the glass slippers found by archaeologists in forests and desserts. It appears when the dog evolved into a prince he also acquired the ability to hop. They decided that as they were the Out of Africa theory it would be best if they both hopped and leave the clog for when they were confronted by border security on the African continent. They would dazzle the guards with their  high power clogging. We are still unsure of the number of hops that were required to get them out of Africa. I am going to wait for this paper to be accepted before I can really dazzle you with the more amazing feats of evolution.

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Returning to my main character flaws in my Christian life which it is alleged could not have allowed the presence of the Holy Spirit. It could not have been the fact that I fall with such regularity. The fact that I fall again means I have got up, repented and continued to run. This is all that is expected of me. ( well okay there could be bigger distances between the falls). God doesn’t just answer my  prayers but all who call on the Name of the  Lord will be saved.If He can perform this major miracle for us He unlikely to hold back on minor requests. As with everything else in the Bible there is a correct way of praying as is fully explained in the Book of  James. Last words for now on evolution. The convincing proof they produced to convince the US judge of the validity of evolution. (Can’t remember the details.) If they were to shuffle a pack of 52 cards and lay them down in that order then they would probably have to shuffle those cards forever in order to produce this same sequence. Their argument is that just because they cannot reproduce this sequence again does not mean it did not occur the first time.—well it did and we can prove it happened! And so it is with the frog and the dog. Mother nature threw down many billions of complex cards, genes and they produced a dog and frog. We may not be able to throw the cards down in that same order but the fact remains it happen once so evolution must be true!. This argument should also apply to a 380 Jumbo jet. I don’t know but they there are one billion parts in this plane. The fact that it is standing at the terminal proves it was thrown together  by chance!!. Evolution can even assemble airbuses which in fact are very simple devices when compared to living cells. The cards you are shuffling can be extremely complicated devices and the correct order you claim to have obtained by chance is also impossible  and I wish that I had the faith that you have in this impossibility  in my Lord God Jesus Christ. Soon after the Anointing we broke away from the group and I have only seen Karen on 2or 3 occasions  but she and her family remain in our prayers. And now for those difficult texts. Mathew 24:14.” And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”  And Mathew 24:34-35″ I tell you the truth this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”. At first I was going to pass over these texts as they are very difficult ones. Before I published this blog I tried to run it past three people. One of those was our precious number 4. She is lovely to different people for different  reasons including her parents and it would require a whole blog to tell you why. As a baby we nearly lost her to the whooping cough vaccine, but the Lord spared us this tragedy. She has become a born again Christian and one of the many ways in which we share is our fundamental belief of the Bible. She is not only very knowledgeable of Scripture but no problem in sorting out her dad. It was for this reason that I ran these texts by her first. She said ” just because I cannot see any errors does not  mean there aren’t any. It’s just too hard. ” She had particular problems with all the numbers which is what I am going to produce now. The best way of explaining these texts to her was to follow Luke 24:25-31. Jesus did open the Word to them (  and there was no one better than Jesus to do so) as they  walked to Emmaus but they did not see Jesus until they broke the bread. So it is with us we see Jesus a lot better when we have the foot washing ceremony and the bread breaking as well. In fact this is the reason for this celebration. Judging from the responses I have received this explanation will go over many heads but there are people out there who are following this and it would be wonderful to know that it would pass scrutiny by them. But first to establish basic terms.

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Firstly “this gospel”. It is not the one where you receive at best scant instructions, experience the only death you are going to go through in less than one second, come out into the old Covenant which is about you ( is your hair straight? are your clothes okay? how are we keeping God’s Law already? ), what is my next step?. The whole thing is so  wishy washy that no wonder the whole church is asleep. Could you wonder why this is the case. God has left us supposedly His Word which is so full of historical errors (  or should that be hysterical errors?), at best scientific blunders ( did not He realise that intelligent man would catch Him out?) that it is hardly worth reading. Certainly makes you wonder about that bit where He died for us and all that stuff about Eternity. The pastors today must take a lot of the blame and will stand responsible for their actions. I have told you a little about our number 4 gem but I must tell you about another significant person in my Christian walk if I Have not already done so. His name is brother Ken. When I retired I asked many members of my church if they would like to spend one day a week playing golf. The only person to respond was Ken, and began a very rich experience. The golfing was one aspect…we started about an hour before sunrise and played all day until an hour after sunset. In winter this meant about 70 holes but in summer we would get about 90 holes of golf in one day. That would involve about 35 kilometres of walking and we would both laugh that we were the healthiest invalids in Wollongong. One of Ken’s attributes was his honesty. He had epilepsy which in his case followed a very set pattern, with the exception of frequency. We would never know when the next seizure was coming. One time he had one when he was teeing off on no4 and he just kept swinging at the ball. When it passed he hit the ball and continued playing. When he holed out he asked me how many strokes that took him?. I said ” two to get onto the green and two puts, so 4″. I saw him fill out his car, he wrote in 15.. he even kept in memory the swings he had whilst still in seizure!! I had Meniere’s disease and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. Average attack lasted 4 days and the only saving grace I had was I had a warning the attack was coming. A very loud ring would begin in my ear and we knew we had to run to the car to get into bed within half an hour as he obviously could not drive. And yes I did ask  the Lord that why me question on many occasions. Was it blasphemous to say to the Lord I would much rather keep working and not have this disease than to retire with it? Probably but like every trial it is sent for a reason which is another story. Our golf however was only a small part of the day. The major part of the day was me trying to defend the Biblical young earth  model whilst he defended the old age of the earth. He would say to me that I was putting the Bible up for ridicule by supporting a young earth and that is exactly what I told him about his support of the old earth. As he had a PHD from a first class American university in Quantum Mechanics and was a senior  lecturer in Physics at our university so  the old age theory was well defended. This could not be said for the young earth theory with my lower seconds in chemistry. No one could deny that quantum mechanics is head and shoulders above any other theory, but they still had major problems. I would say to Ken that even if you sorted out your mass problem by the discovery of the massatron, gravity by the gravatron, electricity by the electricityatron and light by the lightatron  this would still not change the validity of the Bible. In fact as your quantum mechanics stands today ( there was no Higgs Boson in those days) it is absurd to say that I am a wave and have no mass!!.

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The times he stumped me with tech talk I would challenge him to put his argument into writing and send it to the Technical Journal where other people with his qualifications could look at it. The very best that Ken did was to score 2% and usually it was quite embarrassing how his argument were torn to pieces. It was a bit of a strain on our relationship when I awarded him his marks. The point of the story is that there are people out there to defend the Biblical Model of a young earth. If God had not made these provisions the Bible would fall apart at the seams. We were both Bible based Christians and my main regret is that we did not spend more time to bring glory to God through the Third Law of Thermodynamics. We could do this with the first two laws but not the third. (more on my thoughts on this matter later). Until you believe in “it is written” is really “it is written” satan will blow you off your feet with the greatest of ease. Just a footnote about the golf. I have brilliant golfing facilities at home; a 30 metre ( 100 foot) putting green. 25 tons of sand in my sand bunker, full driving and pitching  facilities.Coupled with many years of hard practise I managed to get my handicap down to 27. Not that I require 27 for each hole! . Most  holes I get away with 20 shots and it is indeed a bad hole if I take 27!!. Now to continue with our main passage.There are going to be at least two main times. At the second coming  when the gospel is a wishy washy interpretation of the Bible using present scientific data and at the end of the age when “this Gospel” will be presented. The advise given by the Bible for these two occasions thus varies. I have already presented a part of the gloomy picture of the gospel at the second coming. Satan had already delivered the knockout blow to the church at the council of Laodicea in 360 ad or there about . There he changed the Day that God blessed for humanity to another day, most say it is Sunday but it is irrelevant as God only blessed the Sabbath. So it has been mostly down hill for the church since that time. The final blow is now being delivered. The destruction of the Christian family, it is a logical extension of the destruction of God’s other institution of eternity, the Sabbath. They say it makes no difference whether you keep Sunday or Monday or another day holy providing you keep one or even the whole week. It makes no difference whether the parents are male and female, or male and male or even female and female it is only about love. Christianity so called agrees. It is like saying it does not matter which two gases you breathe there just has to be two gases! They have no foundation to stand on. They just love Jesus, but Jesus Who?. ” Well He is not our creator because Physicists tell us that it all happened by itself, He is not our redeemer because we don’t accept all that blood and gory stuff we just love Jesus,” no wonder satan can pull any wool he wants to over their eyes. All they have to live by are a few meaningless words. Could there be a better way of expressing this situation then to say the church is asleep.!! If the Lord asked me what solution to this problem I could come up with, and He has not, I would say to send three angels of Revelation along, actually it is four. The last angel would have to carry enough Divinity so as not to kill every on earth, ie  a mighty angel to announce the fall of Babylon. ( He would probably only be able to come a certain distance above the earth)  This honour could only be performed by our Lord Jesus Christ. His message, every word of it, is that of the third angel is what we in Heaven would hang off. It is the final warning to the foolish virgins before they exchange their seals for the mark. The third angel would carry the final message before the door of mercy closed on humanity. This message is again of such vital importance it would have to be delivered by the Mighty Angel Jesus Christ.. Satan would accuse God of bludgeoning the people into submission with His awesome appearance so perhaps it would be better to place the shekinah glory and just use two witnesses, John and Elijah but make it known it all these two have the full backing of God. If anyone tries to hurt them, and they arrive by the plane full with this intention, then Divine fire comes out of their mouths and destroys their enemy. There would be no doubt about the presence of Divinity and even one drop of Christian blood in the system would invoke REPENTANCE. So this would be the theme of my third angel. I would also make sure the witnesses had the exact, concise message to bring people to repentance and had actually digested its words. If it tasted sweet in their mouths but bitter in their stomachs they had met this requirement. The cut off between the first and second angel is more difficult. The First Angel, Jesus Christ spent 33 years on this planet and gave us the full Message, the Gospel which had a particular reference to last day events, particularly Mathew chapters 24,25. It would be a waste of words getting the Second Angel to repeat these words. On second and third thoughts there is nothing more that could be added! But let us now look how God arranged His angels and  messengers.

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I challenge anyone to add to the detail of the two witnesses which would result in  one more soul being saved before the door of mercy being closed. What is being  preached is “this gospel”. It has nothing to do with what you have done, are doing or will do. It is about what Jesus has done. The spontaneous response to this beautiful act is one of acceptance and repentance. You can fight it and reject it and for your effort you will be given your just reward.. As this is the text that is referred to in Mathew 24 let us look at the effort Heaven put into trying to save that last soul. Until I add the verses you should have Revelation chapters 10 and 11 open in front of you. 1; It is a mighty angel that is sent down. Jesus only came as an angel at His second coming but now He comes as a MIGHTY angel. The visual impression could not leave anyone with the wrong impression as to what period of the history of time we come to. The sun is bright enough at all that distance let alone when it is just above the earth. 2; The legs are like fiery pillars and are planted on both sea and land. There is no doubt about the power being displayed is about hell and it is He Who is in control and not the beast out of the sea or the beast out of the earth. 3; The scroll that He has is little. It only requires very few words to get the Gospel across but there are volumes of backup for their faith for people who have accepted the Gospel. 4; The visual effects are backed up by sound effects and there could be none more effective than the roar of a lion and thunder. I have wondered what the seven thunders said and so far have only narrowed it down to, it must have been extremely important but if left in Scripture satan would have distorted it so badly it would be detrimental to God’s people. It was certainly applicable to people of this time and would have made them sit up and take notice. 5; It is Jesus Who sets the timetable of history and now He sets the mirror. The mirror to Rev 6:10 is 10:6. This is truly an amazing verse. All Scripture as announced by the prophets is to be accomplished when the seventh angel takes a breath and is about to blow his trumpet!!. So it is all over inside the sixth trumpet just like it was all over by the sixth day of creation and by the sixth hour of the Cross. So what was all over? Time still had some 500 years to run with evil increasing exponentially, the bowls still had to be poured out, two major battles still had to be fought, final judgement and the fires of hell still had to be extinguished. What was over was that the door of mercy had closed with such a bang it set off an earthquake that selectively changed the topography of Jerusalem. 6; John having to eat the scroll is certainly a weakness in my explanation. If there is any one who knew the Gospel message  it was John and perhaps the other witness, Elijah, needed some touching up. He must have needed to do so because he was told what taste to expect. He confirmed what he was told was correct. I use the word “again” (Rev 10:11) as one of seven texts to justify that John is not only one of the two witnesses but also he is still alive today and has not died. John has already written more than his quota of Scripture. The Gospel of John, three letters and now the Book of Revelation plus many other scripts which have been lost. But he is now being told he will have to do it all “again” but at this time to MANY peoples and not to all. Understanding the setting of the time of the Mathew chapter 24 should help us, not to say that it has had multiple fulfilments for the church up to this time. The majority of this discussion has already been covered in the main text.

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7; Because of all the temples that have been built in Jerusalem by this time, and probably because none are in the original position because of that earthquake we were told to get out of the way from,  John is told to identify the one belonging to God. God obviously knew which was His Temple because He had directed the foolish virgins who were still His people to build it. Obviously John and  Elijah did have such a problem. Elijah coming from the Old Testament times would have known exactly what those measurements were and this would have been most reassuring to John. They were God’s team. The counting of the worshipers only confirms there were 144,000 at the start and 144,000 at the end. Not one soul was lost during the trumpets. 8; The exclusion of the Gentiles has already  been covered. Even the Saints in Heaven could see there was no way they were going to repent even if it meant being immobilised by the sting of the horse’s tail and then being burnt alive by the sulphur flame from its mouth. This would be followed by a resurrection and final sulphur death of hell (Rev 9:17-19). The only thing that God could do is to take away their free will and there is no chance of God forcing people to be in Heaven with Him for an eternity when they don’t want to spend  an hour with Him on earth. The Gentiles occupy the outer courtyard which does not exist in the New Temple of the final Heaven so all eyes are only on the foolish virgins. It should also be kept in mind that a third of humanity is burnt up by these horses. Which ever way you count that will involve many millions of people !! The screaming in pain of all those people in all towns does not make them change their minds. There is indeed nothing more that Heaven could do. 9; The sackcloth the witnesses are clothed in is are actually two olive trees that stand before the Lord. If they look like easy prey to be disposed of, then that impression is very quickly changed by the fire from their mouths. What is happening here is the Gentiles are groomed for the final battles. Satan when released decides that it is just not on to be bound by Jesus in that horrible abyss on his territory whenever God wants to. The dragon is also upset at having his kingdom thrown into darkness at old time and a stop must be put to this. When they call on the Gentiles for battle the Gentiles need no convincing that this lot must be destroyed, that is exactly what they tried to do themselves and lost many of their own trying. The power these witnesses displayed could only have come from God and all knew it. 10; The smart one in amongst them was the beast out of the sea. He started his count on the day the glory of God entered the temple and on day 1261 he attacked and killed the two witnesses. The next part of the text is critical as it determines yours and mine salvation It took place over a three and a half day period and it gives the reason why the door of mercy closed. (Rev 11:10).” The inhabitants of the earth will gloat over them and will celebrate by sending each other gifts, because these two prophets had tormented those who live on the earth”. This is the reason why the door of mercy closed on satan at the Cross. Jesus did not say ” don’t you think I can drink from the cup satan will hand me, or satan your will not mine be done”  but Father your will….It was God the Father who handed God the Son that cup without which no one could go to Heaven. Where satan lost it was because …he did gloat. The door of mercy closed on him at the cross and now he had lost both his position and his place. Thus was the case of the pre flood people. When God closed and sealed the door of the ark there was probably 7 glorious days of sunshine.

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The people outside the ark gloated at those fools locked up in a smelly confined space when they could be enjoying this beautiful sunshine..what Idiots!! The seven days must have seen like an eternity to Noah and his family. He like all of us was going through a test of faith. Thus it is with us. The worst  thing we can do and the easiest thing is to gloat, especially when our enemy has just gone for the jugular and missed. The opposite of gloating is to pray for our enemy as this is what those judges in heaven will be looking for. And it is not just a passing fleeting prayer or an after thought. It has to be the real thing. God made this person in His image, sends showers and sunshine in their life and died on the Cross for them. It is my Christian duty to pray for them. In my life many storms have passed when I did this. When that trial strikes, it does not matter whether by human hand or thing our first response is to challenge God. Didn’t we accept this Jesus into our lives? Wasn’t He the One who created this magnificent universe out of nothing just by speaking the Word?. Couldn’t He now remove this trial with that same powerful Word?. Well He isn’t. Don’t worry I will take these gripes to Him and directly challenge Him. I know where He is, He is on Calvary’s tree. The only problem with Calvary’s tree is that it has two phases, a light phase from 9 to 12 and this is followed by a dark phase from 12 to 3. Presenting our problems in the light phase is quite easy. We simply look up and challenge Him ” why are you allowing this horrible thing to happen to me?” In daylight the answer is so obvious that I will not insult your intelligence by giving it.In the darkness it is a different matter. We can definitely see the outline of the Cross, and know the problem is not all those other people yelling out their demands because we have our own individual line to our maker and He treats us as if we were the only person in existence. The problem is the darkness. It has been proceeded by light and we have had a chance to study His Word. If we are to spend an eternity with Him then that relationship must begin here on earth. There can be no relationship without TRUST and FAITH. It is now that relationship is beginning to develop. Do we trust His Word to know that the darkness will soon end, and there will be a 4 o’clock, and there will be a time of rest, Sabbath with our maker when He rested form His creative acts and redemptive acts on the same day, a resurrection Sunday and ascension Thursday. Basically a Christian is supposed to be the eternal optimist. They are supposed to have the victory smile and thumbs up before the result is known or the verdict been given and does not change with the verdict. 11; Much will be made of verses 11-14. On the surface it seems very simple. God resurrected the two witnesses, called them up to Heaven and there was an earthquake that killed 7000 people. Firstly what significance should we attach to ” and the survivors were terrified and gave glory to the God of Heaven”. At this stage of the earth’s history there are not only any lost tribes but every human being has access to a television and internet. So could we really say that not only those in Jerusalem were involved but all humanity. The tenth and seven thousand are also specific numbers which determine last day events after this. The miraculous raising from the death is also significant. Only God’s power could be involved and so the terror and glory. ” come up here ” is really the important statement. So  the last three people back into Heaven before the door of mercy slammed shut setting off that earthquake were Jesus. John and Elijah. This was probably the same cloud, or very similar one to the cloud Jesus ascended on after His first appearance on earth. If the crowds were delighted that these prophets who made their lives so miserable were now being removed from the earth’s surface they also realised that their message was not a bluff… they could also have been in amongst this lot going to Heaven. Their expression turned into  terror when the earthquake struck and they realised they could have consumed by this quake. Giving glory for the obvious is not the same as repentance but for this group we can mark they have had the Gospel taught to them, seen Christ the redeemer, and also seen Christ their creator with His awesome power. The fact that they return back to evolution is in no way God’s fault.

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12; Verse 15 is the first scene in Heaven after the door of mercy closing. The kingdom has only just become the kingdom of our Lord. It was not so before when the door was open because there was a distinct possibility that Jesus would come back to collect sinner 101 and there was  always that chance of failure.He is now in control of it (earth)  in Heaven and it is only now that He has sat down and began to reign. The  relief felt by the Saints now that we know our Master cannot go back to earth to go through Calvary’s tree is unimaginable. It is only now that our anxiety has gone that we can begin to focus on what is really going on. And verses 16-19 not only tell us what is going on but in what order. They were used to explain the events in the main text right down to God’s temple in heaven being open and the smoke clearing. How do the saints not only know what the events are but also in what order?. Just a quick summary of events. Verses 15, 16, 17 are a description of that monumental event of the door of mercy closing, focusing on Heaven. Verse 18, the angry nations is the history of the two witnesses. Your wrath has come is the bowls are to be poured out. The judging have already been judged in the main judgement, the Cross, by the saints when they preferred to be stung by the mad horsemen and now the judgement before hell proceeded by the judgement of the great harlot. Rewarding your, can it get any better than getting into Heaven? well yes we demand and are given the fine linen. Destroying those who destroy the earth but not those who don’t is based on that Biblical principle that the second death is hell. Because there are still many people alive since the second coming and because they have not died they cannot be thrown into hell at their first death. They would therefor live forever and ever and destroy the earth. God has made special provisions just for these, the battle against the beast. The events inside the Temple are still being discussed. So we have had some explanation of this gospel, and the end will come and now what about “preached in the whole world as a testimony in the whole world”. Only God knows the total number of souls He has created at any one time. At the second coming when that last drop of innocent blood fills the cup of mercy and there are literally tens of thousands of bodies gushing innocent blood, before the next drop has time to leave any body Jesus Christ has said enough is enough and appears. This fraction of time is extremely short, it is not difficult to work it out, and I take the number of dead as 6.9 billion and 7.3 billion alive. That means that God has created a total of 14.2 billion souls. This includes dead, alive, abortions, miscarriages every one. So this mean that this gospel is taught to 14.2 billion people at this time?. Well no because those who are in Heaven are not here on earth and they do not need the gospel taught to them as they have already accepted it. Again we don’t know how many that have gone to heaven but we will assume it is X. Does that mean that this gospel will now be taught to (14.2 – X )?. So it now necessary to split up and follow the dead and the living through the first six trumpets. In the end this gospel will be taught to every soul ever created as will every knee bow and every tongue that Jesus Christ is the Lord. So the final numbers that I will be using are 6.9 billion dead. There were 7.044,000,000 when the Lord came but He took 144 million of these back to Heaven with Him. These dead will be resurrected in 1000 years and 150 days time and cannot be killed again by anyone as they have already experienced their first death and their second death will be in hell.Those alive I take as 7,300,000,000 as there were 7,300,144,000 when the Lord came but He took the 144,000 wise virgins back to Heaven. These living will be culled by a minor event, drinking the bitter water (Rev 8:11), by I take by 100 million and by the crazed horseman ( 1/3 of 7.2 is 2.4 billion ) so by the third coming there will be 11.4 billion people alive to hear the two witnesses message of repentance. It should be pointed out that the 2.5 billion that are missing were present at the second coming and absence of satan bound in the abyss. We can now apply Mathew 24:4,15 to the first, second and third coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. His fourth coming is an unrelated and independent event. Verse 4 “Jesus answered ” Watch out that no one deceives you””. Applies equally to all three comings and the only defence and protection we have is “it is written”. So the written Word is just as important as the Word that spoke the universe into existence out of nothing and the Word that became flesh and dwelt amongst us. So if the problem is a particular verse of Scripture then the solution is not here we go again but to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. And the deceit out there is measured by the ocean full. Verse 5 ” for many will come in my name,claiming, I am the Christ, and will deceive many.”. There would have been many of these between Jesus’s ascension and the destruction of the temple by Titus in 70 AD. The hardest part for the Christians at that time was these people were using scripture to defend their position. We must also use this same Scripture to defend our position but we must distinguish between the old and new covenants. It is the Cross that is the separation. Before the Cross they tried and had no chance of meeting God’s requirements themselves and were supposed to look to the innocent lamb that was slain as the answer. Today we look back to the innocent Lamb that was slain and take the credit for His perfect life, Death and resurrection and realise we also have no chance of meeting God’s requirements ourselves. At the second coming the situation is far worse. Many are deceived because they want to be deceived and once you lose your foundation of” it is written” then it is very easy to substitute satan’s teachings. The first coming really should not have had any theology problems because most of the apostles were still alive, there would have been little or no disagreements between them as they all should have been in Heaven with Paul in Revelation chapter 5. How many of today’s churches stand on ” it is written?”. If the main application of these texts is the third coming and before we should get some insight into and at the end of the third millennium. The many claiming I am the Christ cannot be the 144,000 foolish virgins. They are not interested in using that talent they have been given nor do they want to buy any oil. They are quite happy with their seal. It protects them from all calamities and they cannot go to hell with the seal of God on their foreheads. Their second last chance to evangelise was the attack of the scorpions which was the prelude to the attack of the crazed horsemen. They missed their golden opportunity and did nothing. When the two witnesses showed them how simple it was what God wanted them to do it only confirmed their incalsitrance. I am alright so why worry about anyone else? If it is not the foolish virgins doing the deceiving then who is it?. I is still probably the same lot that was operating at the second coming.

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Verse 6 ” You will of wars and rumours of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come . For the first church it would be over within 40 years, even in that short period of time they are being warned about false alarms how so much more for the second church that had approximately 2000 years to run. If we are indeed that church then the book of Daniel will be opened to us and the book of Revelation is never closed. The explanation for the third church seems very poor indeed. Their period began after the second coming when a one world government and one world religion was declared. The reason they could get rid of poverty so quickly was the money was spent on the poor and not on weapons. It does seem a bit unrealistic that those people who spent trillions of dollars on destroying human life would now spent it on the welfare of these people.!! They will have to make up a straw man and spend money on fighting it. And there is always that battle against good some time in the future. Verse 7 ” Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.” These were indeed turbulent times ahead but they did have the apostles living in Jerusalem with them even though their confidence would have been shaken to see them being killed. The second church has seen so much of this it has become complacent and fallen asleep. In the third church disharmony between the dragon and the beast does not occur until much later. The only real time of pandemonium is the release of the crazed horsemen. Two hundred million of them is enough to cause havoc in every town and city. I wonder if anyone on earth at this stage, including the 144,000 foolish virgins know Scripture well enough to realise one third of the living are going to die. These horsemen would have been quite successful at first but as people realised what was going on they would have hidden prolonging these horrific times. For us the book of Daniel is very rich in detail about these times but no one I know has been able to crack this kernel. The treasure inside must indeed be very precious! Verse 8 ” All these are the beginning of birth pains.” There is not a single detail that God allows to happen to His creation without a reason for it. They are all a part of preparation for the big events and all results are recorded, thus we have the trumpets and the bowls. Our preparation in this life is also the beginning of our birth pains. It may be a little late but some characteristics of the three comings and three churches. In the first church ( 30-70 AD) Jesus appeared as a human angel. It is the church of the five talents and was nurtured by the apostles and had a membership of hundreds of thousands. It’s abomination it had to watch was Titus and his armies especially when they returned. So there was an exact time to get out of Jerusalem and the fact the apostles got this time right, along with all the miracles they performed increased the morale of the church no end. The second church technically ran from this time to the second coming (70-20??) but really only from the time they woke up they became the church of the two talents. ( their last 45 days before Jesus comes.) Their membership is in the order of hundreds of millions, it’s abomination which will be proceeded by an earthquake that shakes every remaining temple stone off another, is the beast out of the earth. Jesus comes as an angel and it’s intense trials could last as short as 10 days.The third church that of the one talent technically begins at the second coming and ends 1260 years later. Jesus appears as a mighty angel and His ministry is the same as at His first coming, 1260 days. There will be 11.4 billion people alive at this time but His concern will only be for those who have His seal on their foreheads. The only abomination I can see is the massive earthquake that is going to kill 7000 people so you should get out of Jerusalem. Verse 9 ” Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me.” One does not have to know much about history to know that is what happened to the early Christians. The hate and dastardry the Jews displayed for those Christians beggars belief. They knew every meeting place of Christians they reported to the Romans would be raided and its members thrown into jail. By excluding them from the temple they tried to brake their morale. Teaching them to obey the Ceremonial Law was the ultimate of blasphemies. Did God not know but allow them to get away with it?. He did and stopped them at the right time at the destruction of the temple. Every one of them was either killed or taken into slavery. We should not only learn from the Old Testament but also from the New Testament. We should not imitate how the two branches of Islam is now tearing each other apart. The difference between those early Jews and Christians was love and hate. So it should be the case with us today. Cannot God see all these false prophets bringing people to Jesus and sowing the seeds of doubt in their minds about the Word of God knowing these seeds will germinate and these people will reject their faith?. Do these prophets have to be given Scriptural references that the demon they drove out will be by seven other demons and the people will be in far worse condition then they were before they first became Christians?. Don’t worry too much what the Bible says history or science or the Old Testament because I will tell you what to believe what not to believe. Cannot see what damage is being done?. What reaction does He expect?. The same as that of the first Christians. Love and let Me look after the rest. I do know what I am doing. We are expected to defend Scripture with the ability God has given us. We should not try to contort Scripture to the latest ideas and you can be certain they are about to change but rather to fit those ideas to Scripture which does not. Applying these texts to the church of the third coming should give us some insight into those times. If John had been standing in front of Jesus when He spoke these words then they certainly apply to him. John and Elijah were certainly persecuted, hated and put to death. Verse 10 “At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other,”. This certainly did happen to the early Christians will happen to the intermediate ones and the antidote is the same …love. Not only did God separate those Jews from the Christians physically but He also changed their name from Jew to Christian. Satan also separated the two ( Rev 12:17). He was enraged with the woman but made war against her offspring. She should have complained ” I am doing what you tell me! “. Satan should have been upset with himself but it was God Who converted all those evil intentions in good. Every drop of saintly blood only caused more seed to grow. The bottom line is always the same…in His time. But what is happening to those foolish virgins?. It sounds as if there is a lot of disharmony developing between them. We know that not one of them was lost up to now. John did count but did not have to report the result. WE know they all turned up at the closed gate and not one was admitted because not one of them had obtained any oil. We know they were not impressed with the sackcloth , repentance of the witnesses and if that is how God wants them to use their talent then thank you but no thank you. So if none had any oil and they all handed back their talent then what about the seal they were all given?. Some obviously do not hand it back and thus the angels with the bowls are warned (Rev 16:2). Only the sores break out on the people who have the mark of the beast.

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Verse 11 ” and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people”. They were certainly very successful at the first coming history tells us so when Titus really did appear they did not escape but were captured or killed. The false prophets are prolific today but their just reward awaits them. They seem to go into a state of hibernation when they reappear in verse 11. Verse 12 ” Because of the increase in wickedness, the love of most will grow cold.” The strong love between the early Christians prevented this from occurring to them, a love that has a seat in Jesus is the only kind of love that can come through this sort of trial. So that is why so many of us will fail. The further we move from God the greater the gap, and it is quickly filled by wickedness. But satan is anything but stupid and he makes sure the lamb’s clothing fits well before he puts it on.It is only by his speech that he gives himself up. (Rev 13:11). It is a very strong statement that the love of MOST will grow cold. Just how narrow is that gate?. Verse 13 ” but he who stands firm will be saved”. This sounds like the Christian period of the cross between 12 and 3 o’clock. This is probably those last 45 days of the abomination and we have to ask ourselves what preparation are we making now?. The significance of this time is dealt with in Scripture at length. It applies equally to all three churches. We will look at the last church and see what carries over to our time. It should really be read in conjunction with verse 14. Verse 14 ” And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” WE have already spent time on the phrases in this verse. The first church were very fortunate to have the apostles to guide them but it must be remembered that this was also the time of Jesus’s first coming for which satan knew about and prepared for for 4000 years. He had prepared every minute detail and evil was at a peak. This had to be countered by God. The first end was certainly the end of the Jewish temple and the Jewish Christian relation. By following Biblical instructions and getting out of the city those people were saved. At the second coming “this gospel” will only be taught when the church wakes up in it’s last 45 days of existence. It does not say to every person who was created because only about half of them are present at this time. With all the electronics around it is difficult to imagine if their is any nation today, not every person, where the gospel can not reach. This last 45 days of our existence is marked by monumental religious activity. But the end will come. The literal interpretation of this verse applies to the third church. John and Elijah preach this gospel to the whole world, every person who is alive at this time, and this now is the real end for humanity. Verse 15 ” So when you see standing in the holy place the abomination that cause desolation, spoken of through the prophet Daniel– let the reader understand—“.  The book of Daniel was sealed and not to be opened until the second coming. It does not cover the third coming. It is the sight of this abomination that cause the response. That is not to say hat if we are in Jerusalem at the time of the third coming we should not get out before the massive earthquake of that time hits killing  the 7000 people. God’s people of that time rightly interpreted this to be the Roman armies and as they began to surround the city from the south the Christians escaped through the northern gates. There was emergency about it, only a matter of hours. So we also in our time will be “looking”. So this abomination will be visible but it only triggers a response when it appears in the holy place. Verse 16 ” then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.” I am unsure whether Judea is all of Israel or just Jerusalem. Certainly the early Christians fled to the near by mountains and were saved and this would make the same sense at the second coming. But isn’t it our basic tenant that “itiswritten”, there are no certainly major mistakes, so we must take it as Judea. If we are in Israel at the time, not just Jerusalem, seeking refuge from persecution we have to get out of the country to the nearest mountains. The urgency is the same as that of the Roman armies surrounding the city. My scenario could easily account for this situation. The first beast, the one out of the earth has done everything it can to destroy God’s people but with very limited success. It has used up the 1260days God gave it and it has not left a stone unturned it could have turned over. As he hands the baton over to the beast  out of the earth he says I was not allowed to touch those living in Judea, to be successful in destroying God’s people you only have one option. This new beast quickly checks out the situation for himself before taking action. Thus the urgency for God’s people. But you may say if they don’t get out and die then God, who is on the door step right now, will only resurrect them and take them back, they may even be better off this way as at death they receive Christ’s robe of righteousness and don’t have to learn the new song!. They go straight to Heaven. But why are these beasts so desperate to destroy God’s people completely?. They might think they can change the course of Biblical history. If there is no one left alive Jesus may not come back and satan will not have to be bound for a 1000 years and the second beast may not be thrown into darkness. These 144,000 wise virgins are an essential part of the future history. It is they who are the first fruits. Without the first fruits there is not much meaning in allowing time to run for another 1770 odd years. Now what about the foolish virgins. They also are part of God’s people until they exchange their seal for the mark of the beast. It appears that all God would have to do is to resurrect both righteous and unrighteous dead, take one to Heaven and throw the other into hell. But the problem has always been the righteous in Heaven. They did not ask for or receive the fine linen until 1770 years after they had been in Heaven. To give them the fine linen before would have meant they received it before they were ready. I think God knew what He was doing down to the last subatomic particle.The urgency of the situation is stressed in the next three verses.

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Verse 17 “Let no one on the roof of the house go down to take anything out of the house.” The time difference involved between getting off the roof and running and going inside to grab some food or whatever  and running would only be  in  the order of seconds yet be the difference between life and death. What if I had a car waiting?. No other transport is given as an option maybe because the roads were jammed. There was not much involved between Lot’s wife’s life or death. I can see a scenario like this living in a coastal city. Once given there was a massive tsunami on the way the only option would be to run for the mountains. Verse 18 “Let no one in the field go back and get his cloak.”.  Even essential items are of no relevance. There are no words in the Bible that are superfluous, let alone phrases and sentences. For those who begin the study of God’s Word wondering whether it is going to be acceptable or not walk in Lot’s wife’s tracks. Could God be any more forceful in expressing the urgency of the situation?. Note the next verse. Verse 19 “How dreadful will be it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers”. The hit of childbirth is now to be hit by that of the flight. Todays society with gay marriage as the norm would not understand the depth of the mother child bond and the consequences of breaking it. It is the perfect example of putting the pearl before swine. It makes no difference what explanations they are given. So these mothers now have the unenviable decision to make. If I leave my baby behind I might make it out myself but if I try to take my child we both perish. That bond says we either live or perish together. This bond is being taken away from the child of a gay marriage. Help is in the nexr verse. Verse 20 ” pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath”. For the Sabbath to get a mention shows the church has woken up and returned to it’s true base. Travelling in winter without having time to get one’s cloak or any other clothing for the children is easy to see the extreme hardship involved. The result could easily be death by freezing. What about travelling on the Sabbath? I would have thought that as it was a matter of life and death there would be no problem and should not even get a mention. These Christians have realised that God did actually put His blessings on this day, and not on Sunday or any other time and by doing anything other than what He commanded was at least forfeiting these blessings and could invoke the wrath of God which is the very last thing these Christians wanted. Prayer is the answer to this extreme trial as it is to minor trials as well. Verse 21 ” For then there will be great distress, unequalled from the beginning of the world until now–and never to be equalled again.” This now is getting so frightening we have to ask a few questions. If there is such a rush on now in these extreme conditions then why didn’t we get out a bit earlier when the roads were not clogged up, our cars would have given us some refuge?. Why didn’t the Bible give us more details of events around this time?. The first church was very well looked after. The apostles had Jesus’s Words and applied them allowing those early Christians to escape from what turned out to be hell. And we are going to cop it far worse!. The third coming church is also given minute details and their length of occurrence of events so they cannot complain about being unprepared. What about the church of the second coming. Don’t we have Jesus’s words as recorded by the apostles?. Don’t we claim our Bibles are history and science books?. Actually we claim they are not just ordinary history books which record the past but being God’s Word they record the future and it is not an ordinary science book which will be lucky to get a significant portion reprinted in the new addition. The science is written by the One Who done it. He does not have to look at the tv set to tell you where and when there was an earthquake or a meteor strike. Even if we are given the minute details of events in these days as the other two churches have been we still could not begin our flight even an hour earlier because, assuming we flee to the mountains in Syria, that country will not take us. That is why we are in Israel. By fleeing to Syria aren’t we jumping from the frypan into the fire?. God would not have allowed us to do so and would have warned us. I believe we have been given these details in other books in the Bible, particularly Daniel. This priceless information has been sealed, so that it cannot be distorted, and will be opened in our times if in fact these are the last times. There should be blogs of “Danielasitiswritten” with different subscripts appearing on the net so we can compare them and extract the pearls present. Verse 22 ” If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.” It sounds like the beast has attacked his task of trying to change the course of history by killing all of God’s people and nullifying any reason for His return with great vigour. He is at least on schedule or maybe even be ahead of it. Thus the Lord has to intervene to prevent this from happening. It is this vigour that has surprised us and caused our problems. Our calls for help seem to be made in that 12 to 3o’clock time slot of Good Friday. We know He is there but there seems to be no response. Verse 23 ” At that time if anyone says to you, “look here is the Christ, or “there he is ” do not believe it .” Satan was fully prepared for the Lord’s first coming and he is fully prepared for His second coming. He is going to cancel good with evil to the best of his ability. So the worst he can do is to send false christs. How can we detect these?. Well we can’t. We could if we believed in God’s Word but because the first thing he does is to destroy the credibility we now have way of picking the genuine from the fraud. One of his deceptions is to say the Lord’s coming is localised, just like saying Noah’s flood was localised. Nothing could be further from the truth. The flood was a big deal and destroyed all so it will be with the second coming. This is not going to be a minor event in anyone’s life. It is going to be either Heaven or hell, and there can not be any more major event. Verse 24 ” For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible.” This is satans last chance to fire his effective bullets. He will be taken out for 1000 years and even when released from the abyss he is still bound by that great chain. He will be desperately missed and he MUST be set free for a short while. So he fires his last salvo of false christs and prophets. Chapter 13 of Revelation gives us a lot more details of these events. Luckily the church has awoken, it looks like the extent that it is even taking advantage of the Sabbath, and it is not possible to deceive them. Verse 25 ” See, I have told you ahead of time.” God only tells us ahead of time if it is beneficial to us. Parts of the Book of Daniel are sealed because they would be of no value to God’s people at the time of Antiochus Epiphanies, or Titus’s time or any other time and would probably even confuse them. They will be opened when they are needed. Thus the Book of Revelation was never closed and Jesus could have appeared at any time. I used to ask the Lord why didn’t He keep Paul alive for just a bit longer?. The rate at which Paul was converting them was so high he would have preached this gospel to the whole world and the end could have come nearly 2000 years ago. But this is not a matter for Paul or even Peter. It was a matter for each one of those 3000 people who received the Holy Spirit to take it back to their world just like it is for every one of us to take it back to the people in our world. Verse 26″ So if anyone tells you, ” There he is, out in the desert,” do not go out there, or, ” Here he is, in the inner room,” do not believe it.” Once we have lost the credibility of the Word satan has no problem in pulling the wool over our eyes even if it is with the exact opposite of what the Word has said. So on the sixth day of the week as the earth rotates and your region is about to go into darkness the Lord expects you to leave the rat race and firstly come and join Him, Adam and Eve as the first Sabbath began to be celebrated by the three of them. The Heavens declare the glory of God and the first wonder would have been how God could get so many objects into that area!. Then their beauty, their complexity and their arrangement! I don’t think God would have explained some parts such as the dragon kneeling in front of the woman about to give birth. Today we celebrate what God had achieved for us on the cross!!. Yes we can enter into His rest providing we accept His perfect life, death and resurrection to be attributed to us. This is the new covenant. Satan’s response… any day but Sabbath is accepted by most of Christianity today. God’s second institution of eternity the family, marriage between bride and bridegroom, male and female He made them is equally easily swept aside by whatever you think is right providing most others agree with you. Most others consume copious amounts of alcohol, only stopped smoking recently, continue to inject themselves with drugs and support every evil war. Just because it is the majority does not mean it is right, in fact they are wrong the majority of time. It is the Word that is always right and if this does not appear to be the case you will find that it is our understanding that is the problem. Now at the second coming it is critical for satan to put the church back to sleep after their brief awakening of the Reformation. He can’t have us waking up in time enough to do something about or problem. He says don’t worry to much about the second coming. It will be very similar to the first one where Jesus appeared in the dessert near the river to be baptised, or He appeared at some wedding feast in some room. With enough false alarms they will become complacent and it will be a lot easier to destroy them.

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Verse 27 “For as lightning that comes from the east is visible in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man”. Jesus immediately reinforces His previous statement with the opposite. This shows that the above deceit will be very successful and thus we are given a double warning. There is nothing more visible than lightning and we do not have to be told of it’s presence. The sun comes from the east is visible in the west but over a long time span but the lightning is instantaneous as will be the appearance of our Lord. Having received this double warning we should be able to pick out those false prophets easier. Verse 28 ” Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather.” We have already been warned about looking for Jesus in the dessert and told how He will actually return, and now we are told the obvious. Where there is a carcass there you will get vultures. Most people will ignore the signs of these times and finish up as carcasses. Note their relationship to the vulture. They get nothing out of it. They were dead and now they will be doubly dead, if that were possible. There is nothing even left that can be bought to life. The vultures, the false prophets, on the other hand not survive but thrive. They survive by taking these people’s money. I will leave it for your imagination for now to answer how they thrive from this relationship. The vultures did not kill these carcasses. They only take advantage of the fact they are dead. Without proper food we will all die. thus the incredible depth of the Lord’s prayer “give us today our daily bread.” It has to come from Him. It is quite encouraging that the vultures will not gather where there is no carcass. So we must have an unswerving loyalty for the Word of God. Verse 29 ” Immediately after the distress of those days ” the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give it’s light, the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.””. It would have been lovely to receive these signs before our distress began. It ahs already been pointed out that these last trials are about faith and trust which is easier said than done. Now is the time to get those jars and buy that oil. If we fall it will not take long for those vultures to gather and they will almost tear each other apart for a piece of our flesh. When we see those signs it will be equivalent to the 12 to 3 darkness clearing. We know that it is almost over and some like me will probably get into white gowns and wait on their roofs. Our joy and expectation will be matched by shear terror of our enemies. Verse 30 ” At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and all the nations of the earth will mourn. They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory.”. There are no words in the English language that can add to the grandeur of this occasion. His appearance on a cloud is probably to shield His great glory which would kill all on earth. Verse 31 ” And he will send his angels with aloud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from end of the heavens to the other.”. As we lie as blobs of flesh before our maker, not breathing and our hearts not beating, it will be His servants that gather us and deposit us into Heaven. The fact that we are scattered all over the earth shows we were not all concentrated in Israel. This passage does not distinguish the living from the dead righteous. The ones left behind are the carcasses which will spontaneously attract those vultures. Could the loud trumpet call correspond to Jesus saying to His disciples ” roll back the stone” In other words this call shatters our graves, but where is ” come out Lazarus? ” and ” take those earthly garments off him?”. Verse 32 ” now learn this lesson from the fig tree: AS soon as it’s twigs get tender and it’s leaves come out, you know that summer is near”. Verses 32 to 35 is where we have been heading for, but they are the most difficult ones. Already many of the readers have been struggling and will now lose it as the level of logic rises. At end of the analysis these will still be the problems. This generation will not pass away, can either be that of the second coming, ie 2017AD??, or the third coming 1260 years later or both. The problems for the 2017 date are; half of all people are dead, of the half that are alive only those who will have had direct contact with missionaries, had a radio or TV, or some other way of receiving the Gospel could have responded to it. Thus it could be true that the Gospel could have been preached to all the nations but not to every individual. ( verse 14). This is not the case 1260 years later as has already been pointed out. The problems are matching the signs to these events. They fit the 2017 year event a lot better. I think it would be a lot more advantageous to look at completely different texts. Before starting on this endeavour I would like to clear some misconceptions genuine Christians have and they don’t feel confident enough to defend the Bible. These are slavery, head coverings in church, women speaking in church and gay marriage. Satan only has to get one doubt in for the rest to fall. Slavery. A lot of people lose credibility in Paul because of his stand in slavery. The Bible has basically two types of slavery, voluntary and compulsory. A new day version of voluntary slavery would be you going to your money lender and asking for a loan to buy your dream home and committing yourself to work for the next 25, or whatever years, to repay this loan. The Bible says there is nothing wrong with this but in the old Testament interest was not allowed to be charged amongst God’ people. I certainly can not see anything wrong with that! The rules around this type of slavery protect both parties. With forced slavery everything changes. These slaves usually result from battle and war and here I have people in front of me who were quite prepared to kill me. The list of niceties has been significantly shortened. In a lot of wars, even today, prisoners are not taken but killed. So these people are lucky to be alive. The protection listed these slaves far exceeds that of any culture I know, where usually there were none. Thus Paul’s acceptance of these rules but he also advised slaves to get freedom where they could. It was the result of Christians who got rid of slavery at least to a lesser extent. It thrives today. Head coverings in prayer and church. This would be my nomination for the biggest storm in the tea cup!. If I don’t have a hat when I am supposed to and I have one in my hand I put it on!. Axis of spin of the world has not changed!. If this is a problem in your life then I would love to live your life. It only appears as a problem when I am walking on the beach with my wife saying my prayers and the sun is so bright if I remove my hat I will be burnt badly. The hat stays on and we continue praying. If my wife has forgotten to bring head covering does that stop us from praying?. NO. Jesus gave several examples where rules are for our protection .

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Women speaking and leading in church services is a lot more difficult however. To me not just the most privileged person in the history of mankind, but also the most beautiful and the greatest theologian was Mary, the Mother of Jesus. She not only instructed Jesus she in turn was instructed by Jesus over a long period of time (could be 18 years). I will tell you how good she was. She knew Jesus’s overall ministry would be 1260 days but His active ministry would be 2300 morning and evening services. ( we are about to study the Book of Daniel) So at the wedding feast of Cana she knew His active ministry had not yet begun yet she wanted Him to break His own Word and perform a miracle prematurely. As important as His Word was the integrity of the Marriage feast was more important as this was the institution of eternity. Jesus did perform the miracle. It is indeed a sad state of the church today to say Jesus produced an 18% alcohol brew, they all got drunk had a big punch up and an orgy and went home to sleep it off. The gay lobby no doubt take this as text to support gay marriage. So what would happen if Mary was speaking at one of Paul’s meetings?. Would Paul get up and tell Mary to sit down because women were not allowed to speak at public meetings?. If he did this he would have to stand someone of equal or better standing than Mary. It could not be Paul because even if he did spend 14 in the dessert with Jesus, Mary spent six hours at the foot of the cross!. Paul could not even begin to match this. So what would have happened?. Mary was such a good theologian she would not have placed Paul in this position. She knew the order in creation was God, Jesus, man and woman. That would not have stopped her from conducting the best attended prayer groups and Bible studies in the area. Again if you cannot accept this you will find that the list does not stay at one. Does it matter what the order is if you are not just in Heaven but have also avoided hell. I also had problems with the old Testament rule that unless you were physically perfect you could not be a priest and approach the altar. Didn’t God know what talent He was missing out on?.It is not as if I failed just on one ground. When asked for my defects I ask if you want them alphabetically or in chronological order? God did not want me as an eye, or mouth or ear just some mundane out of sight operative such as an ankle or toe or knee. So God sent me a locking knee problem to realise the importance of even a humble knee. Now the problem of gay marriage. I did not leave this to last because it is the easiest of them all. The result of the debate, argument and controversy between the gay lesbian lobby and Bible based Christians is gay lesbian lobby 10 out of 10 and the Bible based Christians, so called 0 out of 10. There was no contest. A hypocrite is one who majors in minors and minors in majors. You call naughty, naughty to the gay lesbian lobby and base your reasons on some obscure passage of Paul yet you directly ignore a COMMANDMENT of God which He firstly wrote on stone then on your hearts and prefixed it with REMEMBER. Let me tell you what the Jesus you claim to love and obey actually tells you ( Mathew 7:5) ” you hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye”. You either believe in ” itiswritten” or you don’t. If you can pick and chose the bits you like then why can’t someone else do the same thing?. So now we have to settle that question… If the Bible does have a human content, it was only the original manuscripts that were inspired and therefor had no errors, then how can you be sure that the passage you are pointing to now is not the one with the error, even if you claim that there is only one error? It is not written in Tongues, (if there is such a thing) and the last original manuscript disappeared many 100’s of years ago. If you look at the many versions with their varied authors hardly gives rise to confidence that they were not pushing their own barrows. It is the credibility of the Word that has to be addressed and how God preserves it. If you have no problem with this matter, lucky you, then please scroll through the text until you come to the next major heading. ” DANIELASITISWRITTEN “ This blog was never about to be about me. It is supposed to help fellow brothers and sisters in their Christian walk by strengthening their faith in the Word of God.  This happens to me when I see others in the varying stages of their walk. If they are worse off than me I ask the Lord to help them and am grateful that my trial is not as severe. If they are not as worse off then my rather unchristian response is “what are you whinging about? you should be grateful that your trial is so minor.” That is why I decided to tell you about some of the trials of my life which strengthened my walk with the Lord but could have just as easily derailed it. When I came out of the baptismal font I was not like the Chamberlains who asked the Lord to send them a trial to test their faith. My plea was more like ” few if any trials and make sure there is a long period in between please!”. My first major trial was Meniere’s disease. I have met a number of people with this disease and not one has said it was not horrific. I read all the literature on it I could and all the cases recorded the people had four symptoms. I had five. Along with the loss of hearing, ringing in my ear, the vomiting and the spinning head I had the fifth one, the loss of temperature control. On a freezing cold day and scantily clothed the sweat would pour off in sheets. Conversely on a hot with all the jumpers and blankets I would lie in a ball shaking uncontrollable. The fifth symptom would only  be associated with bad attacks and I knew it would last for five days. The worst part of the whole thing however was the whole medical profession, no exceptions, told me there were no cures and I had it for life. If you think Job was audacious in his address’s to the Lord then you haven’t heard anything yet!. I did have to settle the WHY are You allowing this to happen to me? and what can I do to survive it?. I could not really have a big lifestyle change as I didn’t drink, smoke, or take any drugs and had plenty of exercise.What did god really want?. I soon learnt the power of those three miraculous words. Even though they did not take the attack away a lot of times they did perform this miracle usually. Ever since I can remember, and certainly since I was 12 in a boys boarding school I experienced microurination. If someone says to me that Siberia or the Artic is a cold place I say to them “you haven’t lived in Katoomba”.

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This condition meant that usually 20-30 times each night I would have to get out of bed, walk down a large dormitory, pass one or two drops of urine and return to bed. Young boys can be cruel and they would jump out at me on my trip back TO bed. Added to this, and at first I blamed my father why he could afford to put a bottle of whisky on the table but he could not afford to buy me boys underwear. I received my sister’s underwear who attended the nearby girls boarding school. If you say that this would be an advantage when the clothes came back from the laundry there would be no problems in identifying what belonged to me you would be right but it was not much of a confidence booster. Today I am very grateful for these events and consider them a major part of my character building. Thus with this condition I regard 20-25 minutes sleep as a real luxury. With my calls for help I would pass out for 24 HOURS at time! At about this time we joined the home fellowship church of which sister Karen was a member. So when she asked me to do the anointing I had already experienced problems myself. I can’t remember why I asked for three rounds if prayer first as I can only think of two issues I had to address. The why and what to do about it which I have already previously addressed. From memory and paraphrasing the why issue I said” no one doubts the reality of your pain. It does however have two characteristics. It is confined to one area and it is controlled by a threshold limit switch. you may in fact be very close to that threshold now and are about to pass away.As horrific as this pain is now it does not hold a candle on what you can experience in hell. There there is no cut out mechanism and all organs suffer simultaneously. So the dentist hits every tooth nerve at the same time, as every back muscle spasms as does every leg muscle. The genitalia area seems to stand out amongst all this pain. If this does not mummify you, mortify you, horrify you, petrify you and terrify you and cause you to change your sinful habits then you are indeed a stupid human being and nothing else can be done for you. This is actually not the whole problem. During this time two books are produced. They each show the sin for which you are about to suffer but one of these books has stamped on it with a red seal…PAID IN FULL ON GOOD FRIDAY ON CALVARY’S TREE. You could have chosen to let Jesus Christ to do your suffering for you but you chose to do it yourself!! Where has that smirk on your face disappeared to you quivering, pathetic blob of human blubber that gloated at all those misguided Christians? And it is that stupidity that really hurts!!. We all know within our group, present company included, that when those storms strike that we can come to sister Karen for comfort. WE may not always get a cuddle but we know we will get a sympathetic ear. We know this person does not just talk the talk but has actually walked the walk. That is what makes all the difference in the world. You may have paid a very high price for your spiritual gift of empathy but if this gift is now used to bring one person to the Lord then you will be the first one to look up and say ” thank you it was worth it.” I would have to reread the Book of James’s instructions on anointing to see why I asked for three rounds of prayers. The thing that determined my confidence in the Word was my knee. If I thought that it would bring one person to the Lord I would write it up. But I think it would do the opposite. People regard all those miraculous cures with sceptisism, myself included. I can’t even cure my own wife and it is not for a lack of trying. A lot of these curer preachers have a similar background. They are reborn drug, alcohol or some other addict who have seen the light. It is quite easy to be fooled by them but they don’t have to get very far into their sermon before you realise that a better explanation for their history would be; while they were in their drunken stupor satan entered into them. Satan cannot be accused of forcing his way in. His modem of operation at the first coming was to give leprosy, blindness or dumbness. Today it seems to be cancer. So these preachers had a very serious form of cancer which satan would release them from on the condition they made a mockery of the cross. To give them the appearance of miraculous healing power he will release a certain number of his hostages for a certain period of time. This curer preacher may take a number of sermons to get there but if you find yourself rolling in the aisle from laughter and the topic of the sermon was Calvary’s Tree you know that he has got you where he want to. So I can say that I believe that “itiswritten”. But you may say ” how can you believe this when you have admitted there are mistakes and you don’t know where the mistakes are?”.Let us take an example. In the genealogy in Luke 3:36 it has the name Cainan but this name is not present in the corresponding genealogies of Genesis. They both can’t be right. The problem has been sorted out and the genealogy of Luke was wrong. The fact that no theology was involved nor was any aspect of my salvation doctrine does not change the fact it put a dent in the historical accuracy of the Bible. But can you show me one history or any book that does not contain errors?. In my field of chemistry our bible used to be Arthur Vogel’s Quantitative Chemistry. The fact that it contained errors did not stop it from being used by all as a reference book. Far more serious are the events of foot washing and the Bread in the last supper. The list of so called errors in the Bible have shrunk from over 4000 to about 14 to the best of my knowledge. This list will shrink further but there will always be items on it. Even if there were no items on it would make no difference to those unbelievers. A s I have said before that when I fall asleep with the Bible on my chest that it is the interface between me and God. It’s human element interfaces with my humanity which also puts me in touch with Divinity. If God can’t ensure the integrity and credibility of His Word then who can? Returning to the Book of Daniel. It is completely different to Revelation in that it has any number of wonderful commentaries addressing most of the issues. It was from such commentaries that I gained confidence from. I reasoned that if God provided such accurate details for His people at the time of Antiochus Epiphanies, Titus and His third coming then we people of the second coming must also be that well catered for. We can learn from their histories but we must be given specific details which apply to us alone and therefor will be sealed until our time. If anyone sees or knows of any similar explanation to the one I am about to present could you please let me know. I am not going to make a new post as it will confuse the order and I will just add onto the existing blog. ” DANIELASITISWRITTEN”

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My approach to this Holy Book will be similar to the one I took to the Book of Revelation. Firstly I will try to establish waypoint, hooks we can hang our hats on,then do a rough fill in between these points and finally and hopefully address individual texts. If end day events are the jigsaw then Revelation has all the corners and most if not all the straight edges. What is missing are gaps and locking pieces for some of the difficult to locate pieces. So I begin with the first peg ( Dan 12:2)  ” Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake; some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt”. In this one statement we cover 1000 years and 150 days.The righteous rise at the start of the millennium and the unrighteous at the end. From our knowledge of Revelation we could say this 1000 years tells us about those taken to Heaven and the unbelievable effort that Heaven then goes to in order to bring one extra soul into the fold. This is the duty of each member of the Christian church to help their Lord to accompany Him in this achievement. There are no exclusions or qualifications this soul must possess; cannot be a Sabbath breaker, or homosexual or anything else. We could now reiterate most of what was said in chapters 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 20 as part of this Scripture. The shame and everlasting contempt is pronounced by the unrighteous on themselves, we don’t have to do this for them. ( ” where is that smirk on your face now you pathetic, quivering blob of human blubber ” as the next two pages are turned?) What about the next verse?. Verse 3 “Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the Heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, the stars for ever and ever”. Would be the prayer of each of the Lord’s people. It is also our blessed hope to get these people. Perhaps they are already here?. Verse 1 ” At that time Michael, the great prince who protects his people, will arise. There will be a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then. But at that time your people—everyone whose name is found written in the book—will be delivered”. Well this is certainly the time we are looking for. Daniel’s people, Jews, Christians and everyone whose name is in the book are all synonyms. What else is going to happen?: hard times, millennium, people who shine. Verse 4 ” But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.” Again the travel and the increase in knowledge could not be denied. I fear that reading on now may be counterproductive if the scroll is sealed. Maybe we may get just some more snippets before the final seals go on. I take the number of seals as 12, the number of chapters. If the book opens after we have opened only 4 seals then so much the easier. Let us keep circulating around our main verse 4. Chapter 11 verse 45 ” He will pitch his royal tents between the seas and the beautiful holy mountain. Yet he will come to his end, and no one will help him.” The outward signs could not be mistaken. This whoever it is after victory will pitch his tent in Israel some where and when we think that all hope is gone something like a bolt out of the blue wipes him out A very encouraging sign!. Chapter 12 verse 5 ” Then I, Daniel, looked, and there before me stood two others,one on this bank and one on the opposite bank.” I think there is still one gem of knowledge to be released before the scroll is sealed without which we would be really left floundering. Back to chapter 11 Verse 44. ” But reports from the east and the north will alarm him, and he will set out in a great rage to destroy and annihilate many.” His intentions are certainly clear but we are unsure whether he executes these intentions. The reason he goes to the holy city is to destroy the people and if that is us it would be helpful to know if he succeeds. The fact that there are only 288,000 of us left for the Lord to collect seems as if he is successful. Chapter 12 verse 6. ” One of them said to the man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, “how long will it be before these astonishing things are fulfilled?”. It would appear logical that the humanity of our Lord, the one standing on the bank, would enquire from His divinity, the one above the waters as to what now seems to be astonishing things. Verse 43 ” He will gain the control of the treasures of gold and silver and all the riches of Egypt, with the Libyans and Nubians in submission”. We can now begin speculating about oil etc but that is all that is, speculation. Chapter 12 verse 7 ” The man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, lifted his right hand and his left hand toward heaven, and I heard him swear by him who lives forever saying, ” It will be for a time, times and a half a time. When the power of the holy people has been finally broken, all these things will be completed.” Without this revelation the book of Revelation would not make much sense. The power of God’s people was broken when they were all taken away at the second coming but it is not FINALLY broken until God’s two witnesses are taken back to Heaven. So 10 out of 10 for those of who picked up my mistake to say Daniel only covers the time period up to the second coming, it does not and goes another 1260 years at least. Verse 42 ” He will extend his power over many countries; Egypt will not escape”. It is now time to leave our approach from this end of the chapter and pray we will find the answers coming from the front. Chapter 12 Verse 8 ” I heard, but I did not understand. So I asked ” My Lord what will be the outcome of all this be?”. Daniel has been given all he can handle. There is no need for him to know what lies ahead in the 1260 year time slot after and beyond the Lord’s second coming. He must first ensure his people are still around to supply a bloodline for the Messiah. Them twice and us once went very close to extermination. He must also ensure that they don’t miss His arrival. All he needs to know about this period of time is that God will ensure there will be people around who understand. It is our prayer now this will happen as we search the Holy Word, “itiswritten” It is now time to move to another waypoint; Daniel chapter 9:24.

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Verse 24 ” Seventy “sevens” are decreed for your people and your holy city to finish transgression, to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and to anoint the most holy.” Had these events occurred at 69 1/2 weeks, ie at Calvary’s tree, satan would have said to God ” so much for the most precious gift You have given humanity, free will, You have established Daniel’s people and their city by decree, by force. You were frightened that if you allowed free choice they would have chosen me, and the ones who did not, the woman and child, I would have swept away leaving you without a people and no need for a holy city. But as usual satan’s claim is baseless. God allowed seventy sevens. That last half of the seven is critical and much theology rest on it. In fact all of eternity rests on it. God allowed His people, or church, or Jews, or Christians to enter the river under the guidance of the man on this side of the river. He did protect and shield them for e period of 1260 days. During this time however they were allowed to turn around and go back. After 1260 days however they caught sight of the man in white above the waters on the other side of the river and this this stage satan was allowed to attack them. Thus we stumble and fall in our crossing of life’s Jordan but provided we keep our eyes on the man above the waters on the other side we will be okay. In the last 1260 days of our history on earth it is going to be a matter of trust. That wall of water that has been building up on the right hand side is now precariously high and actually bursts. We then make our lunge at that outstretched hand. We may drown but we know He will pull us through it, give us our new bodies and put us into the new holy city. Thus that 31/2 years. Had on church been established there would no need for a new city as there was no one to occupy it. So at that time, probably with the stoning of Stephen, God’s church was established and the new Jerusalem built up there somewhere and no force was used by God, only freewill of His people. This passage covers an incredibly long period of time and therefor must have multiple fulfilments. But the incredible thing is that it bypasses Calvary’s tree. This apparent omission can only be explained with the concept of freewill. The cross did all these things but consummation only occurred when the people accepted it. So the time covered finishes when the holy people enter the holy city which descends from Heaven. That is why God spends so much effort in preparing our dwelling place for an eternity and it was not built until 1260 days after Calvary. The time began in Daniel’s time and not written in some 400 years later as claimed by most academics. We will come back and look at these texts in more detail after we have established the waypoints. The next waypoint to be established will be that of the beasts and the statue. I realised I was doing the wrong thing when I took a verse (4) and tried to expand it using verses either side. So I will now go back to a more chronological order. If you really want to throw in the red herring into this discussion then what would have happened had their been no church?, the dragon swept away the woman and her child. What would have been the purpose of Good Friday?. Just some comments before I return to the statue. My offer for anyone to write for this blog still stands on the same conditions; you supply a specimen of writing first, preferably on Daniel or Revelation. The second point about me using some other platforms; as a one man band I find it most productive to give you a hard copy so you can digest it, something you cannot do with talking. We should all be Berean Christians and check daily everything against Scripture. So I will continue in the present format for the time being. The information I am now going to present you with comes from the NIV bible study, second printing from pages 1311 ( or NIV1311) and page 1318 (or NIV1318). Daniel’s dream; chapter 2. The statue is made of four distinct parts. The head is of gold; the chest and arms of silver; the belly and thighs of bronze and the legs and feet of iron and clay. Clearly this statue represents evil with Babylon as the chief evil. Why does evil begin with Babylon? weren’t Egypt and Canaanites and the Hittites and many others just evil or even more evil?. The answer should increase our confidence in the Bible, particularly the Old Testament. God treats all nations the same, including the Jews His people. He allows them to fill their cup of iniquity and then destroys them. The Jews filled their cup at the same time the Babylonian were in power so God used them to accomplish His purpose. So humanity took almost 1500 years to fill their cup before Noah’s flood and it has taken the Jews almost 2000 years to do the same thing again. The Jews were in a better position than other nations because when they repented and the clock was set back to zero. But the time still came when they were so bad that their cup filled and their repentance was too little too late. The most abhorrent sin was to take the most precious thing that God could give, a child, kill it and sacrifice it to some god. They were trying to emulate and belittle Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac which was supposed to point them to God sacrificing His only Son, Jesus Christ. But we wouldn’t do that would we?. That is why we have to stay away from the teaching of the Old Testament when all those bad things happened. If killing their children and sacrificing them to their gods was evil then we are guilty of double evil. Don’t we force ( by conscription ) or pay our children and put them into armed forces and send them out not just to get killed but to kill innocent women and children and sacrifice them to our mighty god the dollar?. In most cases these other people the most hideous crime they committed was to have oil under their feet. This statue clearly symbolise concurrent and consecutive objects. Daniel tells Nebuchadnezzar that he is the head of gold. With the way I am treating this subject, producing waypoints, I still think is the best way of approaching the subject. I was going to use the NIV Bible study but I am now not so sure that it is “asitiswritten” so I will have to go through some texts earlier than I wanted. With Nebuchadnezzar’s dream I will begin with Daniel’s interpretation as it was given to him by God. Daniel Chapter 2; Verse 27 “Daniel replied “No wise man, enchanter, magician or diviner can explain to the king the mystery he has asked about,” and verse 28 ” but there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries. he has shown King Nebuchadnezzar what will happen in days to come. Your dream and the visions that passed through your mind as you lay on your bed are these.”. What a thrill and privilege to be taken into the mind of God!. What an honour to be shown future events by the One Who controls every atomic and subatomic particle!. How reassuring that this is not just some created being’s fallible and changeable ideas. But we still have the problem of putting pearls before swine. We can’t do anything about our very limited size of our brains but we can do something about our attitude towards His holy Word despite the fact that we are bombarded by it’s alleged errors and inconsistencies. You can hardly expect God to reach into your mind and fire those synapsis, or whatever processes occur there, and be at one with Him so He can draw a straight line between those thoughts and make them understandable and logical when you think His Word, the same one that spoke all creation into existence and became flesh and dwelt amongst us and walked towards that horrible cross, is a pack, of at best inconsistent myths. So let us humbly bow our knee and ask Him to explain ” what will happen in days to come?”.

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Verse 29 ” As you were lying there, O king, your mind turned to things to come, and the revealer of mysteries showed you what is going to happen.” Shivers would have run up Nebuchadnezzar’s spine , as being a hardened sceptic, he now realises that this non existent God is monitoring every one of his thoughts. It is hard to believe he could stray off the narrow path after this experience. Verse 30 ” As for me, this mystery has been revealed to me, not because I have greater wisdom than other living men, but so that you, O king, may know the interpretation and that you may understand what went through your mind.” Tells us that we cannot use intelligence, or lack of it, as an excuse for evangelising. If it is for the right motive God will intervene that ‘they may understand”. Verse 31 ” You looked, O king, and there before you stood a large statue–an enormous, dazzling statue, awesome in appearance.” The complexity of the processes that God used to create this image is beyond comprehension and must be consoling to us that there is no problem too big for Him. God is now going to use this statue to show us events for the future beginning some 600 years before Jesus’s arrival. So really last day events began with the destruction of God’s people to be followed by their restoration by our Lord, a certain time given for this response and awarding the responses. Verse 32 ” The head of the statue was made of pure gold, its chest and arms of silver, its belly and thighs of bronze,” Verse33 “its legs of iron, its feet partly of iron and partly of baked clay.” It is interesting that God used three different materials. He used pure metal, gold, silver and iron, an alloy, a mixture of tin and copper, and a non metallic substance, baked clay. If this statue represents evil then there are at least three types of evil. One would be pure unadulterated evil with no mitigating circumstances but with different superficial appearances. Like any metal it would draw in any evil radiation and reemit it. In the alloy the metals must have different degree of evil and the more of the less evil metal the less evil is the alloy. The point is they are very similar and coexist happily together. This is different with the non-metallic clay. As hard as you may try you cannot mix them together. They may appear as one phase under extreme circumstances but they will spontaneously separate. Thus if you try to mix bad religion with good religion they will separate. The fact that the clay is baked indicates there was no mixing at all in the first place. If the bronze represent democracy then evil democracy will blend with so called good democracy and you will not be able to tell the difference between them. If theocracy were added and to be stirred in it would separate out like the baked clay. So we still have the three metals to go and why is the clay only in the feet?. Verse 34 ” While you were watching, a rock was cut out, but not by human hands. It struck the statue on its feet of iron and clay and smashed them.” There are going to be at least two such strikes. The strike, on Good Friday, could have and should have been the end of evil. The two almost parallel lines of time met, good and evil, in a shape of the cross and good triumphed. But not only was evil ground to a powder which was then thrown into the furnace God prevented the rest of the edifice collapsing and allowed evil to come back to life in the form of the beasts fourth head. Such is the desire of God to save but one extra soul.If we have only part of His nature that burning desire to save but one extra soul would be in our heats also. For the statue to be ground it must be present as a unit at the time. The final grinding will not occur until the very end when evil ceases to exist, the fires of hell extinguished, and the Bride and Bridegroom enter the New Jerusalem as it is descending from Heaven. Perfection and eternity will now begin its existence. This is the concurrent history of time, some 4400 years ahead. It is a blasphemy and a joke to teach eternal punishment, although I admit that the Scripture here is difficult. AS we watch our enemies from Heaven burning in hell we have to ask God to turn them over because at the rate their cells are burning there won’t be anything to burn in a few million years time!!. Perfection is perfection—no existence of evil. The rock that was broken off had to meet certain conditions. It had to be large enough to smash this monstrous statue. It had to have enough energy to do this and at the same time to grow enough to fill the earth. If Scripture had said to fill the universe then I would have said this is the three stage new Temple of eternity. But the earth only includes the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies. Here now I have my first major discrepancy and I will phrase it as my first question, (Q1). Why should the rock grind the clay of the feet?. Hasn’t there just been an effort to mix good and bad religion and the good refused to mix with the bad?. This is a basic theme of the Book of Revelation. I will let you think about it but I will start you off in the right direction. It is the feet that were broken first. Verses 36,37 ” This was the dream, and now we will interpret it to the king. You O king are the king of kings. The God of heaven has given you dominion and power and might and glory”. Verse 38 ” in your hand he has placed mankind and the beasts of the field and the birds of the air. Wherever they live, he has made you ruler over them all. You are that head of gold.” We are now to begin our journey into the future down two paths. We will be shown the big picture, concurrent, and the details of the players, consecutive events. WE should really be looking for at least the following events where God’s people were in danger of being exterminated. If this happened before Jesus’s first coming our Saviour’s human linkage with His people would have been broken. Most people don’t think this is a big deal and the genealogies of the Bible are a waste of space and only help discrediting the Word by introducing errors. The writers of both Testaments certainly did not think so. For Jesus’s sacrifice to be effective the cleansing blood had to come from God but at the same time fall low enough to reach the level of the people He was to save. His people were to keep themselves separate from all others who’s gods they worshipped were either non-existent or devils. If Jesus could not establish a genealogy His people would not have accepted Him as they were obeying orders given to them by God. As it was He did have the correct genealogies from both His mothers side and step fathers side but the majority of His people rejected Him. They could not plead “the devil that you did put there did deceive me and I did eat”. They only had themselves to blame. The few that did accept Him were used to start and nurture the New Church of the New Covenant, which is not based on blood lines but on blood shed. Had there only been one Jew who accepted Christ He would have gone through the same process. The bottom line is for Jesus’s blood to wash away our sins it had to come from as high as God but it also had to reach as low as the sinful scum of earth.

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Verse 39 ” After you, another kingdom will rise, inferior to yours. Next, a third kingdom, one of bronze will rule over the whole earth.” What is going on here?. Why doesn’t God name these kingdoms like he does in following chapters?. We are about to be told the history of God’s people from two perspectives. One will be the big picture, concurrent events, and one will be details of the big picture, consecutive events. The big picture is the story of the statue, which will ultimately be destroyed by the rock and thrown into oblivion. With consecutive details we would expect God to warn His people about major events and events that will annihilate them. So beginning with the destruction of God’s people we would expect to learn of their restoration, their near destruction by Antiochus Epiphanies, restoration and preparation for their Messiah, destruction of the temple, reformation, the second coming, the third coming, the fourth coming, the final battles, judgement, punishment and consummation. Thus if the Holy Word gave us the names of these other kingdoms we would interpret the events from the micro scale. It may also be running in the background but what is intended is the big picture, that of the statue and it’s fate after it’s encounter with the rock. Even though we may have one or two scenarios running they both common factors. One of these factors is they both begin with the Babylonian captivity and have Nebuchadnezzar as the starting king. I am not sure e realised the significance of the honour awarded him. Verse 40 ” Finally there will be a fourth kingdom, strong as iron–for iron breaks and smashes everything–and as iron breaks things to pieces, so it will crush and break all the others.” This fourth kingdom is so horrible Scripture does not put a tag on it but tries to identify some of its characteristics. Verse 41 ” Just as you saw the feet and toes were partly of baked clay and partly of iron, so it will be a divide kingdom; yet it will have some of the strength of iron in it, even as you saw iron mxed wih clay.” Verse 42,43 ” As the toes were partly iron and partly clay, so this kingdom will be partly strong and partly brittle.And just as you saw the iron mixed with the baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay.” There is a lot more to be said about this horrible creature on the micro scale; how it killed our Lord and master, almost killed all His people at the second coming and played a major role throughout the history of God’s people. But it be a part of the statue as it is a consecutive player and therefor cannot exist at the same time as the other three. Only concurrent players can do this and thus the statue. We will soon have to start identifying the players of the statue. Verses 44,45 ” In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever. This is the meaning of the vision of the rock cut out of a mountain, but not by human hands–a rock that broke the iron, the bronze, the clay, the silver and the gold to pieces.The great God has shown the king what will take place in the future. The dream is true and the interpretation trustworthy.” I was going to write comments on this passage but for the sake of those only jus hanging on there I will not, just in case they say ” that is it,can’t take any more this fellow ha lost his marbles”. Instead I will pose a question for you to work out (Q2), my second question now. Who am I?. 1; I am a giant statue of human bodily form. 2; My head of gold is king Nebuchadnezzar, with God given authority over everything. 3; I have four other metals in me and a non-metal. 4; The metals are rated by degree as superior and less inferior. 5; Their rating is not based on longevity. In fact the gold part lasts for the shortest time. 6; The metal ratings are; gold followed in time by inferior silver, followed by more inferior bronze, but the iron spikes sharply. 7; Even though the bronze is the most inferior it still covers the earth. 8; The iron is used in my leg but the toes are a mixture of clay and iron. 9; I am attacked and ground to a powder by the rock blown into oblivion by the wind. 10; The attack is directed at my feet. 11; You are not allowed to attach nations or empires to my different metal parts, be they Medes and Persians, Greece, Rome, China or any other nation just as NIV 1311 has. God has not done this and by you doing so makes me into a consecutive unit, a part of the small picture. I am not. 12; I could not have been ground into a powder if I was not ALL present at the one time even though I did appear at different times. 13; The rock after destroying me grows to fill the earth. Who am I? My interpretation from chapter 7 onwards is far more tentative and it is my prayer that someone somewhere has their confidence in the Bible increased. Verse 1: ” In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon, Daniel had a dream, and vision and visions passed through his mind as he was lying on his bed. He wrote down the substance of his dream.” Chapter 6 finishes with Daniel under the authority of the Medes and Persians but whether he did not have enough time to write this vision down or whatever he decides to write now the substance of his dream. When, where or why makes no difference as it is still the Word of God and Jesus had no reservations about the credibility of the book of Daniel. It would have to be the ultimate thrill and honour for God to speak to us with a vision in our dream. Daniel had no problem in identifying the source of his vision. I would automatically assume it was from satan and would look for markers in the hope the dream was form God. Verse 2 ” Daniel said ‘in my vision at night I looked, and there before me were the four winds of heaven churning up the great sea. ‘”. Verse 3 ” Four great beasts, each different from the others,came up out of the sea.” The events we are about to see are instigated by God. He sets the timetable and He allows every event to occur. The sceptics would say ” what about torture, rape, murder of babies and all those other horrible things that occur daily over the millennia?. He certainly could have stopped them so isn’t He really responsible for that horrible thing that happened to me or my family? The only way God can be held responsible is because He has given us the gift of freewill knowing that this gift would cause Him infinite pain whilst He hung from Calvary’s tree. This was the greatest give love can give. Without it Adam and Eve would have only been robots singing the praise of God. As our representatives they wanted to know what evil was even though God tried to warn them off and told the exact punishment they would receive. And if you want to know what evil is just look around–evil is evil!. And according to the Word you ain’t seen nothing yet. Even if there was a tree of good and evil in the new Heaven, and there is not, there would be no chance of us ever going near it even with the tiny bit of evil most of us have seen. But that is hardly fair for me to cop the wrap for what they did all that long time ago.! You are right you were not involved in that act of disobedience but neither were you involved in the act of restoration. This act brought us not only to where Adam and Eve started from but a long way ahead–infinitely far ahead. Adam and Eve only saw God in the evening, went through a night and lived in an era where there was a possibility of sin. We will have none of these in the new heaven and earth and our contribution to this miracle was zero.

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These beasts are individual beasts so we are now going to be shown the small picture that will affect God’s people. They should be helpful in the crises we are about to face. They are great beasts and come from where that one in Revelation came from, the sea. There should be no problem in picking their differences as they are huge. Daniel looks forward in time so he sees the opposite to what John saw looking backwards. Verse 4 ” The first was like a lion, and it had the wings of an eagle. I watched until its wings were torn off and it was lifted from the ground so that it stood on two feet like a man, and the heart of a man was given to it.” These beasts were under the water and it was God’s wind that woke them up and made them come to the surface. God did not create them. As they are four individual entities they can correspond to individual nations and empires. As I sit here and type I find that I am being flooded by far more questions than answers like; why are these beasts given a generic name in chapter 7 but called Medes and Persians in chapter 8?; if they the same beast as that of Revelation chapter 13 why does it have 7 heads but here we only have 4?; what are the three that are missing and why have they not been include?; why are these beasts separate entities here but are attached to the beast in chapter 13? What part of NIV p1311, if any is correct? What pieces apply to God’s people in the history of time?. How much enriched we will be once we can answer these questions. I will now try to use the fourth beast to establish a waypoint. Verse 7 ” After that, in my vision at night I looked, and there before me was a fourth beast—terrifying and frightening and very powerful. It had large iron teeth; it crushed and devoured its victims and trampled underfoot whatever was left. It was different from all the other beasts and it had ten horns.” If this is the beast of Revelation Chapters 4,17 and 19 we could indeed write much about it. We would say that after the seventh head disappeared it became the eight head, immediately anointed the ten horns as kings and marched against the bride and bridegroom immediately after their marriage. Only the harvest of Rev ch 14 joined in this battle and the amazing thing is that it lasted for an hour and not a fraction of a second. Thus we were vindicated as this savage beast made every effort it could to destroy God’s people. The birds of the air ate the flesh of the dead but the beast itself was thrown into hell. There by some mechanism we don’t understand it devoured the false prophet. But is this the same beast operating at the first coming?. Verse 8 ” While I was thinking about the horns, there before me was another horn, a little one, which came up amongst them; and three of the first horns were uprooted before it. This horn had eyes of a man and a mouth that spoke boastfully.” It fits all the requirements of Antiochus Epiphanies (4). the king that came only whisker from destroying the Jews. He certainly could not have tried harder as with the beast of our times. If the Jews of his time mistook him for this horn and it helped them survive then good onto them. But it could not be him as Antiochus Epiphanies was a Greek and therefor came from the third beast and not the fourth. There is no need to say he is particularly nasty. Verse 9 “As I looked, and the Ancient of Days took his seat. His clothing was as white as snow; the hair of his head was white like wool. His throne was flaming with fire, and its wheels were all ablaze. A river of fire was flowing, coming out from before him; ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him.The court was seated, and the books were opened.” Revelation chapter 5 gives us the magnificent scenes in Heaven seconds after 3 O’clock on Good Friday and here we have the whole 6 hours of the cross. There was only one real judgement and there were no mistakes made, nor was there any possibilities of mistakes. All the other so called judgements were there for the sake of the bride and the tiny amount of human nature she retained. God the Father sat on His throne and that is all that was required as He Alone judges whether the sacrifice, is perfect or not and sees the the river of fire coming from Calvary’s Tree. The Heavenly host were present and if those thrones are the same ones as Rev ch5 then we are not told when the apostles and the leaders of the twelve tribes occupied them, whether they arrived at 9 0’clock of that morning. It was not just Jesus Christ Who was going through the fire at that time; it was God Himself and it was His throne that was engulfed in fire. To say that God is a sadist could not be further from the truth. Neither was Abraham when he told to sacrifice hid only son. It should however point to destructiveness and evil nature of sin. The books were opened, all recorded sins present, but only those of the redeemed were stamped in precious blood “paid in full, Good Friday on Calvary’s tree”. Verse 11 ” Then I continued to watch because of the boastful words of the horn was speaking, I kept looking until the beast was slain and its body destroyed and thrown into the blazing fire.” and verse 12 “The other beasts had been stripped of their authority, but they were allowed to live for a period of time”. Where to start?. Calvary’s tree was the end of evil and God could have taken the redeemed so far back to Heaven with Him.It would have been very strange indeed for God to allow time to run for almost 4000 years under the old Covenant and no time under the new one. The events show that this was never His Intention. Evil could only be destroyed when the rock ground the statue into a powder and threw it into oblivion. All that happened this time was that the horrible beast was ground up and thrown into the fire but not the other three who were allowed by God to live on. For this beast to appear miraculously as the fourth head on the chapter 13 beast of Revelation it would have had to been rescued from the fire very quickly and then resuscitated. That is why the people were so surprised. Now time could move on again but those other three beasts had their authority curtailed. The little horn certainly did not give up easily and kept shouting his boastful message. Who am I and what is my Message?. Let’s see what the Divine interpretation is going to be. Verses 13,14 ” In my vision at night I looked, and there before me was one like a son of man, coming with the clouds of heaven. He approached the Ancient of Days and was lead into his presence. He was given authority, glory and sovereign power; all peoples, nations and men of every language worshipped him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away, and his kingdom is one that will never be destroyed.” Here we have probably the two ascents that Jesus made into Heaven; the one of chapter 5 of Revelation immediately after His death, and the incredible detail associated with this event, and His second with His bodily ascension 40 days after His resurrection, or was that His death?. The fact that He obtained authority, glory etc. indicates this happened just after 3 0’clock. All these events would have been reconfirmed with His bodily ascension. Verses 15-18 ” I Daniel was troubled in spirit, and the visions that passed through my mind disturbed me. I approached one of those standing there and asked him the true meaning of all this. So he told me and gave me the interpretation of these things. The four great beasts are four kingdoms that will rise from the earth. But the saints of the Most High will receive the kingdom and will possess it forever–yes, forever and ever.” If the object is good it is called a creature but if evil then a beast. So all four are evil yet only one was killed and thrown into the fire?. Also if Babylon is one of the beasts as NIV1311 suggests then why have ” will rise from the earth”, should not that be the sea?. What difference would it have made had Daniel had his vision in daylight and not night time?. Why does forever and ever this time mean eternity but at other times only a short period of time, in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah probably only a matter of seconds?. These are questions I would have asked the Divine being but the main questions would have been directed about this beast that was killed by Calvary’s tree and that little horn especially if I thought this would be a major player at the second coming. It is just not stacking up at this stage. If China, Russia, US, France and England are five of those horns then if one becomes so dominant that it scares the others into submission then the uprooted should be four and not three. Is this horn the abomination, or the beast out of the earth that is about to destroy us?. If I study Roman history at the time of Jesus will that help to understand the horns of that time.? Let us see what else that Divine Being has to say. Daniel still has more questions then mine. Verses 19 -22 ” Then I wanted to know the true meaning of the fourth b east, which was different from all the others and most terrifying, with its iron teeth and bronze claws–the beast that crushed and devoured its victims and trampled underfoot whatever was left. I also wanted to know about the ten horns on the head and about the other horn that came up, before which three of them fell–the horn that looked more imposing than the others and that had eyes and a mouth that spoke boastfully. As I watched, this horn was waging war against the saints and defeating them, until the Ancient of Days came and pronounced judgement in favour of the saints of the Most High, and the time came when they possessed the kingdom.” Verses 23-27 ” He gave me this explanation:” The fourth beast is a kingdom that will appear on the earth. It will be different from all the other kingdoms and will devour the whole earth, trampling it down and crushing it. The ten horns are ten kings that will come from this kingdom. After them another king will arise, different from the earlier ones; he will subdue three kings. He will speak against the Most High and oppress his saints and try to change the set times and the laws. The saints will be handed over to him for a time, times and half a time. But the court will sit, and his power taken away and completely destroyed forever. Then the sovereignty, power and greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven will be handed over to the saints, the people of the Most High. His kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom, and all rulers will worship and obey him.” There was no one closer to God than Daniel, spiritually, mentally or physically. So either Daniel understood the vision and it was so troubling or he did not and was just left with the image of this horrible beast that could strike anytime and anywhere. He does not push it further with God and is not told that the vision is closed until the end of time. He just accepts that God has told him all that he can. He must have kept it to himself for a while which could explain his timing of the first beast, a question I asked. The texts that I take as significant, and they all should be, if the fourth beast, particularly the horn arise out of the sea and earth then these are the same beasts that attack us at the second coming. The time of 1260 ( time, times and a half or year, two years and a half) is also the same as Revelation. It makes sense that he received this vision close to the one of the statue but both together they overwhelmed him. It is also clear to me that these beasts are consecutive, with the fourth one still in the future. Even though the circles are getting smaller I am still not going to commit to an interpretation yet. I will produce a table I will be using–a comparison of the chapter 2 statue and the chapter 7 beasts.

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Characteristic Statue (ch2) Beasts (ch7) Number of segments 1 4 life form dead alive and active present as statue beasts appearance came out in order came out in order present as concurrent consecutive came from God created dream sea stirred by wind Calvary’s Tree ?????????? killed fourth beast The rock feet ground, all thrown not specifically into the wind mentioned present at Calvary not mentioned yes area attacked first the feet the fourth beast after the attack consummation, eternity period between cross and consummation condition after attack non-existent miraculous recovery moral state evil evil Chapter 8. So far the people following this blog would say rightly ” you have not produced anything that did appear in your Revelation blog”. But now we are going to be given specific details of what the animals stand for. Before delving into chapter 8 I want to answer question 1 I posed. (Page 25)Why should the rock grind the baked clay toes when clearly these are the goodies. Answer; the toes are made of iron and baked clay. These people are made of clay,that is they believe that God made Adam out of clay or that Jesus Christ is their creator and that the clay was baked, not half baked, in the furnace of Calvary’s tree, or Jesus Christ is their redeemer yet they are regarded as evil and not just attacked by the rock but attacked first–they are the root of evil!!. It actually gets far worse. Mathew tells us that these people are part of God’s sleeping church, maybe foolish but still part of it and when they wake up they are prepared to die, and most do die, rather than receive the mark of the beast!!. Come you may say Julius hasn’t someone lost the plot. How can people who believe that Jesus is their Saviour, ie. they do not believe in evolution, their redeemer,do not have the mark of the beast on their foreheads and have died for their faith be not only regarded as evil but the root of evil? As the answer to this question is Revelation chapter 16, verse 2 I will now return to the main blog under heading ” Dead foolish virgins”. Returning back to the beasts. There are two types; one in which we are given a corresponding nation and one in which we are not. It is very rare for the Bible to refer us to another text, so rare that I will assume it does not happen. So the only way in which I can relate to those unnamed beasts is either to be told in the Bible or to relate them to my life’s experiences. The first beast I relate to Babylon on the following grounds; 1; It is the first of four just like the head of the statue was the first and we were told by Daniel that you o king are that head. 2; Babylon was the greatest just like the lion which is not only the king of beasts but this thing also has the wings of an eagle which were torn off. This description with the two feet and the heart could not better fit Nebuchadnezzar’s exile in the field and a whole chapter (4) to describe it. 3; All four beasts are released by the four winds of Heaven. It is God who started the clock of end times running with the destruction of His people. 4; God seems to start two time clocks with Nebuchadnezzar. One with living consecutive beasts and with establishing concurrent events which last. Why Daniel only sees four beasts but Revelation has one beast with seven heads is still to be determined. All beasts arise from the sea where these beasts seem to have existed and only appeared when stirred up by the four winds of Heaven. Daniel is looking forward from 600 to the Cross and to the second coming. John is looking from the second coming back to Nebuchadnezzar and then forward to the bride and bridegroom entering their new home of eternity. The second beast I cannot relate to anything at this stage even though I am given five characteristics. The same can be said of the beast. The fourth beast is crunch time as it is the beast of the cross and could even be the beast of Mathew and Revelation. This is the first clear area where there is an overlap. Calvary’s tree was the defeat of all evil and God could have finished with humanity here. So both concurrent, the statue, and consecutive, the fourth beast, could have ended here. But only the fourth beast is destroyed and thrown into the fire and the other three beasts which should have been destroyed were only stripped of their authority, continued to live and were joined by the fourth beast which was allowed a miraculous recovery by God. We are not told that the three sections of the statue were miraculously held up but destroyed with the feet in one action at the consummation of time. In chapter 8 the most critical verse would have to be verse 17 ” understand that the vision concerns the time of the end.” So what is this time and does it allow for multiple fulfilments for God’s people with it’s ultimate fulfilment at the time of the end.? Just like the destruction of Jerusalem prophesy helped God’s people at the first coming when they got out of the city just before it was surrounded by Titus and destroyed. They saved themselves a trip to hell. At the second coming there appears to be a concentration of Christians in the area and if we heed the warning and get out just before ” every stone will be thrown down”, we will save ourselves going to hell and back. But the ultimate fulfilment is for the third coming of Mathew 24 ” and then the end will come”. This is the age when almost every human being conceived is present in bodily form and alive. For those who are not here we still have to account for them also being “preached this gospel”. God is concerned about every single soul He created. According to Google this site is rated so lowly because it is never visited and I may as well stop wasting my time. But it is not about numbers. It would be the ultimate privilege to bring but one soul to God by strengthening their faith in His word. At the end of time when the door of mercy is about to close with the third coming of our Lord as a mighty angel, the number of His people present is absolutely amazing. As the mark of the beast is not an issue until just before the second coming most people would have died without it. Revelation chapter 14 specifically tells us it is the ones with the mark that will be destroyed. So here we already have billions of people. Then add to those the foolish dead virgins who not only don’t have the mark but who died so as not to receive it. Then we add to this large number the living 144,000 foolish virgins. so here we have 80-90% of all souls ever conceived and only one has to respond! No wonder the saints in Heaven are so highly anxious!! So before we attempt to extrapolate Daniel chapter 8 into the past present and future let us do that with

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Mathew chapter 24. Event designated first coming , second coming,         thirdcoming
Date being discussed 70 AD            2017???                                     1260 years later
Condition of temple           98% destroyed             2% destroyed                           left in tact
Destroying agent   Roman armies         earthquake ???           7000dead ,earthquake
False prophets   many exist        church sleeps because of many          present
Wars and rumours of wars   yes      very many         none as one worlgovernment
Death of saints   only those who did not get out       great slaughter         only pagans
Converting agent; apostolic church      awoken church            two witnesses
Daniel’s abomination;  Titus             beast out of earth                 don’t know
Heavenly signs;        no                  many,                                     major Mighty angel
Message taught;     get out of Jerusalem             get out                   repentance
People present;   no dead   , only small % of living           same all living, most dead
Verse 9″you will be put to death”                 yes               yes                            no
Verse 10″betray each other..”                    yes                      yes                           yes
Left after event;     most Christians      144,000 foolish virgins       no mark of beast
Verse 28″vultures gather..”                          yes                        yes                    yes
Verse31″angels will gather the elect”             no                        yes                 no
Verse32″figtree date”                                        no                        yes                   yes
Verse 40 “one taken one left”                        no                          yes                  no
Verse42 “watch…”                                          yes                           yes                    yes
10 virgins parable applicable                       no                           yes                          no
So we have Jesus’s sermon on the end of the age as an example of what to do with other prophesies, like those in Revelation and Daniel. We can certainly apply them to our age if we are given the specific details. If we are not then we have to keep the waypoints given in mind and apply them when they become relevant, keeping in mind that there may be multiple fulfilments of them as in example above as God alone could write. The Jackpot, if that is a permissible Christian word, has to be the unveiling of the abomination that causes desolation, spoken of in both books of Revelation and Daniel. With this in mind we return back to Daniel chapter 8. By asking questions we create a channel though which the Lord may communicate back to us, although it may appear to be just wasting time. I think the blessings associated with reading the book of Revelation flow onto this book as all we are doing is trying to understand Revelation better. I certainly hope so. The first odd thing about this book is that it concentrates on the lesser of the four beasts and least important sections of the statue. The nastiest beast by far is the fourth one and it is so nasty it is hard to describe him. The first beast is also more pronounced being a lion and eagle. They could be setting up the framework for the grand entry of the fourth beast. Just reading this chapter does not turn on any lights. The application of the ram and the goat to the Medes and Persians may have fitted to a tee the problems the Jews were going to go through under Antiochus Epiphanies And it was this book that helped them to come through these disastrous times. Maccabeus and his followers no doubt read this book and said ” we cannot attack this king until he has been in power for 1,150 days and they waited for day 1,151 when against overwhelming odds God gave them victory. But this prophesy would not have been any value to the Jews 100 or even 50 years before. This fulfilment however was only equivalent to Titus’s destruction of the temple. The big one was still to come. And so it is with prophesy, its fulfilment will only be at the time of the end, which could be now. But as I look around me now I cannot see Iran and Iraq running around and amok everywhere, nor is Greece attacking Iran and Iraq and God’s holy people. Just like Titus was only a partial fulfilment of Mathew’s prophesy so Antiochus is only are partial fulfilment of this prophesy of the time of the end. The NIV Bible study is only very tentative in its application of assigning nations to these beasts. I will only add to what they have not given. The fourth beast is not included in chapter8. It should be the easiest one to attach handles onto.It is the one that does all the damage to God’s people and is only stopped and destroyed at Calvary’s tree. So why can’t we say it was the Roman empire aided by the Jews?. Probably because it wasn’t the Romans and the Jews who were responsible for putting Jesus on that cross. It was us, you and me and the redeemed who put Jesus on the cross. So this beast is starting to get quite complicated. Is this the same beast that attacks God’s people at the second coming and have the same components?. Is it going to be a mixture of pagan forces and apostate church?. Are we supposed to be able to identify him when he tries to change God’s Law like changing the Holy Sabbath to some other day like Sunday?. How horrible is the fact that it devours the whole earth, trampling it down and crushing it?. Just one more trip into Daniel’s maize before the big dummy spit. Most prophesy was fulfilled at the cross, if this is the case then so was Daniel’s chapter 8 verse 14. ” Then he said to me ‘It will take 2,300 evenings and mornings; then the sanctuary will be reconstructed.'”. So if this 1150 days is Calvary’s tree then the ministry of Jesus’s 1260 days would look something like this; His baptism ( start of 1260 days), 40 days in the wilderness, 70 days of preparation ( interrupted by wedding feast of Cana), 110 days so far, start of ministry ( Mathew 26:61), I am able to destroy this temple and rebuild it…. 1150 days to give a total of 1,260 days then why is the Bible so quiet about the start of His ministry?. Look at the events occurring. They certainly fit the reign of Antiochus 1V down to a tee. But was the daily sacrifice taken away at this time or just before?. Didn’t Jesus Himself withdraw His presence from the temple on the Tuesday before Good Friday?. When there are so many questions with no answers then clearly people cannot gain confidence in ” itiswritten” and can actually do the opposite, turn people away. Even though I could write a significant amount on chapter 9, and will probably return to do so, my contribution on chapter 10 would be very little, which shows I know nothing about it and zero for chapter 11. But I could not accused of not having a go. One can never say it was a waste of time reading the Word but one can feel disappointment, which I do. I always knew that when I entered Daniel’s maize that I would exit at Daniel chapter 12:1 ” At that time Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then. But at that time your people-everyone whose name is found in the book–will be delivered.” Whatever the details of events and people Jesus is in control and will come at exactly the right time. If in the book we are Daniel’s people and will be allocated to his tribes. At first the distress of the time frightened me but under really dire times we only look in one direction, and call on the only being who is capable of helping us.

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Verse 2 ” Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to everlasting contempt.” Jesus is there on both occasions. At His second coming to take those for everlasting life back with Him and 1,260 years later His third coming to close the door of mercy on those to everlasting contempt. Thus in one sentence the Bible covers a 1,260 year period. This is a very intense period of learning for the saints in Heaven. Adam and Eve wanted to know about evil and God now shows the saints what evil is really like so much so that if there were a tree of good and evil in Heaven, and there is not, then the only area occupied in Heaven would be the one furthest from this tree. We would not even go near it!. The saints must see those left behind are in Adam’s shoes, they are not deceived but know what they are doing. Not like Eve.
Verse 3 ” Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars, for ever and ever.” This was my stated aim at the beginning of this blog. There are people out there who have been given this insight but they must publish it to shine like stars and not keep it for themselves.
Verse 4 “But you Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.” I don’t know whether Daniel sealed the book immediately or in the next few sentences but no increase in knowledge would open it up other than the Holy Spirit. If the increase in travel and knowledge are signs of the time of the end then we could well be there. I cannot add anything to what I did at the start of this section but merely summarise it. The seal has not been yet placed on the book as without this critical information neither Revelation or Daniel would have meaningful chronology. This is the 1,260 years. As we have been crossing that river of life the dammed water on our right hand side has been building up and is now miles high. Satan is allowed to puncture this water and release it. As the wall is about to strike us we make that last lunge for that outstretched hand of the man above the water, the same hand that is outstretched on Calvary’s tree and we know that we cannot make a mistake. It is by His strength that He holds us and it is His call that will bring us back to life. Little wonder that our position in Heaven is 100% sure! Our lunge into eternity is successful! The power of God’s is broken when Jesus takes His saints with Him back to Heaven at the second coming but it is not FINALLY broken until the two witnesses return to Heaven with Jesus at His third coming. It is at this stage that the scroll is sealed. Information from it would be of no value at best and satan would probably use it to confuse God’s people. In verse 11 it would so nice and simple had it said the abolition of the daily sacrifice and the setting up of the abomination was 1260 days between them, because this is what Revelation tells us. But it says 1290 days leaving us with that 30 day problem. The 1,335 days tells us that this abomination will only be allowed 45 days to do his dirty work for. From verse 11 it does not sound as if Daniel was one of those resurrected when the graves of many holy people were broken open at 3 0’clock on Good Friday. He is going to rise at the end of days. During my travel through Daniel I learned a few basic concepts. One was that evil is split into a dead or concept stage (the statue) and a living phase ( the nations and empires that carry out this evil or beasts). During this discussion the very last thing I want to do is to insult Catholics, Muslims, Protestants or anyone else. It is not the person who is being targeted but the institution. For the first 40 years of my life I was a Roman Catholic and to the people who tried to convert me I would say ” why should I leave my church? I ask for a degree, it is given, I ask for a wife, she is given, ( not just anyone but the best on whatever good ground you can think of), I ask for a job, it is given along with the ability to do it. This praying to the Virgin Mary could not get any better, you should join me!). I am fairly sure had I died in the motor bike accident I would have gone to Heaven. But once my friend Brian B gave me the Bible and I started to read it and had not changed I think I would have passed from Eve’s unintentional sin to Adam’ intentional sin. Only God knows at what stage we are at and He alone judges. Similarly with Islam. We may compare our faiths and find many similarities. We may have similar water, rocks, flora and fauna, but the schism between us is the Pacific ocean and our ideas are that widely separated. For you to believe that Jesus Christ is divine is a sin that is punishable by death. For me to believe He is not makes my faith meaningless and me deserving of pity. the animosity that has developed between our faiths is fully understandable. Both ” faiths” are guilty of abusing the other and to call the US a Christian nation is like saying Stalin was a theologian. If you were to write an exposé on the Koran you would have to judge Christianity to be evil. Returning to our statue. It just makes it so much easier because the Word locks the head of gold with Babylon. The first time humanity filled their cup of iniquity Noah’s flood was the result. ( If there were other good people other than Noah there would not have been two or three at the most, and they lived 10 times longer, 900 instead of 90 years, and they were 10 times smarter, space travel would have been kindergarten stuff for them. If they asked God to allow them to go to another planet rather than go onto the ark I am sure God would have allowed them. If they destroy their environment and return back to earth I for one would not be surprised to see these ” aliens”. Providing they had a representative on Good Friday and had the same Scripture God would not treat them any differently to us. If the environment they went to had slightly different oxygen levels their genetic code would have adsapted to take this into account.) The Jews this time have filled their cup of iniquity for the last time and God sets end day events into motion. They weren’t supposed to cultivate their land every seventh year but let it stand. In 490 years their land was supposed to have had 70 years of peace. It did not and they were put into captivity for 70 years so the land did get the rest it was supposed to have. God used Babylon as His punishing agent. So the Babylonian empire was the first beast, ( it was a living agent), but it was also the head of the lifeless statue. To be concurrent and be present in some 5,400 years time it must be a symbol for something else. Evil within the human heart seems to meet all the requirements including lasting right through to the end of time. After this a lesser metal comes, living are the Medes and Persians, and dead is Islam. Medes and Persians are actually named in Chapter 8 an d it has been a very powerful player in history like the bear. It is depicted as the ram in chapter 8 and certainly charges and destroys everything and no one can stand against it. This describes Islam very well over the millennia including its two branches as the two horns. Islam, silver, is a lesser metal than gold just like it is a lesser evil than evil within because it is only a part of it. Another part of it is the bronze part which chapter 8 equates to Greece.

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Greece may have been a prominent power 300 BC but it certainly it is not the case today. The description fits Antiochus 1V perfectly with the exception of the phrase Concerns the end of time”. I take the symbolic form of Greece as democracy, as Greece is the mother of democracy. Many events do fall into place now. It is the third part of the statue and meets its requirements including lasting 5,400 years, right down to the end. It is evil just because it is set up by evil humanity. It becomes more evil when it makes laws that contradict God’s law. There are a lot of parents out there who regret sending their children to be killed and to kill other people. Especially those children have come back, saturated the country with drugs and are brutalising the population. This was democracy at work and these were the prizes. When studying this in the Bible I gave the Lord a list of reasons why democracy is a superior system to His alternative, theocracy. Not that one person could make any difference, but I have certainly changed my mind since. If the goat is democracy then it is clear to explain what is happening today. This democracy, the US, is certainly running amok. No one can stand against it and it is particularly savage on the ram, Islam, who is powerless to stand against it. But this goat with this large horn is going to have it broken off. Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan have certainly weakened the horn. But more than these events social media has caused more harm. They no longer rule the news with their lies and there is always the chance their lies will be exposed. But the final blow to the horn has still not been delivered. Whether this will be a financial meltdown or some other event only time will tell. When destroyed its place will probably be taken by the remaining four members of the security council- China,Russia, France and England. Out of these will arise one horn that is particularly antagonist to Christians. History tells us that it is usually not the most obvious but the least obvious. This would mean it would be England. What it would do is spelt out in
verses 10-12. ” It grew until it reached the host of the heavens, and it threw some of the starry host down to the earth and trampled on them. It set itself up to be as great as the Prince of the host; it took away the daily sacrifice from him,and the place of his sanctuary was brought low. Because of the rebellion, the host of the saints and the daily sacrifice were given over to it. It prospered in everything it did, and truth was thrown to the ground.” How bad can it get? The Jews of Antiochus 1V did not think it could get any worse, you can’t get worse than disgusting and we will think the same thing. He will be destroyed, but not by human power after reigning for 1,150 days. So the third part of the statue is democracy, the initial living beast was Greece and it’s final fulfilment the Security Council. But why is democracy bad but theocracy good when they use the same starting materials, human beings?. It is the same answer as God taking charge of my life or me taking charge of my own life. Being perfect love He cannot allow me to be hurt in any way. He converts all these tribulations into my good something I am not capable of doing myself. Returning to the fourth beast. During my Christian walk I have never thought that God would ever ask me what course of action He should take about anything. But many Christians think that God will accept them on their terms. They say ” Okay Lord I do want to spend an eternity with You providing You withdraw Your ideas about female inequality, or homosexuality, or gay marriage, or Sabbath or whatever.” If they genuinely believe that God is open for discussion they are committing an unintentional or Eve’s sin. If they know they are doing the wrong thing then they are guilty of Adam’s sin. Before I knew about the Sabbath I broke it unintentionally, but now that I know the Biblical teaching I stand in the shadow of the cross and rely on Jesus’s perfect life to be offered to God. One “itiswritten” I could not accept, regardless of how it was expressed in any version, was in the Lord’s Prayer ” and lead us not into temptation “, impossible as God does not, nor cannot do evil by leading me into temptation!!. I did not accept it even though I knew the Holy Spirit lead Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted. I could not accept there were any chinks or cracks in God’s Holy armour because even if the slightest crack were found it would have to be infinite as God is infinite and His perfect nature would be destroyed. It was my concern for God’s integrity that caused me to reject His Word but I do not believe this sin would have put me into hell. I now know that He does lead into temptation, as He did with Jesus, but if we ask Him He will also protect us from this temptation. God also has the perfect answer to satan when he accuses God of protecting us from him because He knows we will fail. This appears to be a logical explanation to me. By creating distance as a quantum foam we have access to the fourth dimension, that of the good and evil spirit world. Satan has thus not had any restrictions placed on his access to us or we to him. I do wonder whether this is the mechanism for storage of our memory. This is why I have found the fourth beast to be such an interesting character. On the statue scale it is false religion. On the beast scale it is emperor worship by the Romans. In our time it is the fourth head of the beast. Daniel only needs four beasts as he goes through to Dan 12:7. “….all these things will be completed.” This is the door of mercy closing 1,260 years after the second coming. John goes through to the end when these other 3 (really 4) beasts come into play. False religion has existed since the year dot but the count for the statue begins with Babylon. This is the only beast that is not made of inferior metal, it is actually stronger than the gold itself. But there are two main divisions; the metal legs, forming the majority of the lower section but also toes which are iron but there is this strange introduction of baked clay. So this is the revelation that I have received from Daniel and it was worth the journey; if I believe that Jesus Christ is my creator, He died on the cross for me to wash away my sins, and I will through hell and back and then die a painful death rather than receive the mark of the beast but I cannot accept some aspect of His teaching, then He counts me as evil. Not just evil, but the bases of evil and attacks me first. He obviously knows that in the long run I will accept the mark of the beast and march against Him and His saints. So it is “itiswritten” or nothing, my way or the highway. Just before leaving Daniel one thought; the Ulai Canal that the ram is guarding so jealously may be filled with oil and that is why the goat is so keen to get it’s hoofs into it.

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It is certainly my desire, and should be the desire of every Christian to bring but one soul to the Lord. If this blog does so then it has been worth the effort. Many people may be on the verge but why should they jump from a cosy nest into a raging waterfall without a paddle?. It would be shear stupidity!. It would be nice to have a book you can follow and trust and know it comes from above. But look at the Bible; limited internal scientific information but what there is is totally disproved by all those smart scientists, same can be said for it’s history and internal errors. But surely the most critical question would have to be; if it is written is so critical then why do tell you me this section is no longer applicable, he tells me something else and she tells me something different again?. You all can’t be right and “itiswritten” could mean anything at all!. You could not expect me to jump from my cosy nest into a mess like that!. I would like to address some of these issues even though this has been attempted by countless others. The first thing is all those intellectuals with their long formulae, different dimensions and complex mathematics have missed one thing from all their equations. THE PEARLY GATES. And when the books are opened and they are shown each sin followed by it’s suffering they will look to the last page being turned. Fools!, it is with dread that you should see that last page approaching. I will tell you what this last page reads, and it is only in one of the books. It reads ” that you did wilfully reject the approaches of the Holy Spirit in offering the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as a substitute for your sinful lives. You threw the gift of perfection back into His Holy face.” And the suffering for that sin exceeds all the suffering you will have gone through. So who now is the clever cockie just as you scream your last scream into nonexistence.? I now want to tell you the story of one such a person who jumped out his cosy nest; Nicodemus. He is a very rare person, in fact there could not have been more than seven of them. He was a Good Friday Christian. All the others had to wait for Resurrection Sunday but Nicodemus, Joseph, Jesus’s mother, Mary Magdalene, possibly John and very few others were the Christians of the cross. We are not told much about most of the others but we are told about Nicodemus in the gospel of John Chapter 3.
Verse 1 “Now there was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a member of the Jewish ruling council.” Nicodemus was at the very top. There was no higher position to which he could aspire; top theologian and ruler of the people. The fall that he was about to suffer was the greatest that existed. It was his council that decreed, which he did not agree with, that any person that had any dealings with Jesus was to be excommunicated and thrown out of the temple. That was a fete worse than leprosy because if they by chance were cured they would be readmitted to the temple. For the Christian his problem was terminal. So it was trip from the top to the bottom. Like the prime minister to prisoner via jail!.
Verse 2 ” He came to Jesus at night and said ‘Rabbi, we know you are a teacher from God.For no one perform the miraculous signs you are doing if God were not with him'”. At least there was some connection between Nicodemus and God which he did not want to sever. And it is this connection between humanity and God that we must take advantage of even if it is of a slightly different form. It does not matter whether you look at a frog, or flower, or fish, or fisherman you know it is made up of atoms which did not make themselves, somebody had to make them. You know lifeless things do not live and arrange themselves into incredible beauty and complexity there has to be a higher power to do this, whether you call this power Jesus Christ or something else. This is why the Book of Genesis is so critical to our basic Christian faith. It allows us to say ” you could not perform these miraculous signs if it is not for God”.
Verse 3 ” In reply Jesus declared, ” I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again”. We are only allowed to hit the nail on the head as Jesus did if the person we are talking to has the concept of; truth, kingdom, God and born again, ie. believes in the Bible as Nicodemus did and that is why the apostles when they arrived in a new area to evangelise they would start in the temple which was based on the Bible. The message is stunningly simple.
Verse 4 ” How can a man be born when he is old?” Nicodemus asked “Surely he cannot enter a second time into his mother’s womb to be born!”. Nicodemus came to Jesus at night and used all the dark alleys to get there because he did not have the slightest idea about salvation. If the leaders had no idea about salvation then how could the ordinary person know?. No wonder they missed their Messiah by such a long way. The Jewish church was asleep at the first coming just as the Christian church is asleep at the second coming. No wonder he wanted to check this Jesus out. He was not about to jump from the cosiest nest that a Jew could be in into something he had no ideas about.
Verse 5,6 ” Jesus answered, ‘ I tell you the truth, no one can enter into the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.'”. Jesus treats Nicodemus for what he is; an intelligent, well read person who I genuinely seeking the truth. He now starts to expand His original ” born again” statement further and further until Nicodemus can find something he can relate to. This is the second time Jesus says He is telling the truth. So it you who has the problem with the text when It introduces some new concept. Entry into the kingdom of God was only achieved by the first coming and consummated at the second. It does require a certain reaction on our part, the first being truth or believing or faith. So now we come to the critical importance of baptism. When John the Baptist saw Jesus coming to him to be baptised he told Jesus it should be the other way around; Jesus should be baptising him. He realised he was a sinner, Jesus was sinless, and had to go through the baptismal font. Why did Jesus have to go through this process if He was sinless?.
1; He did it as an example for us to follow.
2; He would finish up with all the sins of the redeemed ON Him but not IN Him.
3; All three members of the Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, were present and approved of Jesus being the Divine go between between God and humanity. His actions in the restoration would be acceptable by God. He accepted two anointing’s from humanity, one the perfume was poured on His head, He knew what He was doing, and one for His feet, He walked voluntarily to the cross. When the woman poured the expensive perfume on His head Jesus said Mathew 26:10-13 ” Aware of this, Jesus said to them ‘Why are you bothering this woman? She has done a beautiful thing to me. the poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me. When she pored the perfume on my body, she did it to prepare me for burial. I tell you the truth, wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her'”. What is Jesus saying? He is not delirious, He has not been hanging on that cross in excruciating pain for six hours. This woman has just anointed Jesus as our representative in the restoration process with God. Jesus not only accepts but says it is a beautiful thing she has done!! He wants us to be with Him and loves us so much He regards it to be a beautiful thing to be our representative.
4; His disciples, John the Baptist and many members of the public witnessed this event; Jesus’s entry into public life, and what an entry. If the Pharisees were present and they still did not believe this would indeed been a black mark against them. It may also be why Nicodemus thought Jesus was from God. Because John the Baptist was there and he still had serious doubts about Jesus’s mission gives me great comfort when those winds of doubt strike and we fall with monotonous regularity.
5; By accepting John to baptise Him Jesus chose to be our servant. It was then that He could say ( Mat 3:15) ” Jesus replied, “let it be for now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfil all righteousness'”. 6; now we can say why flesh gives rise to flesh and spirit to spirit and never the twain shall meet with one exception; in Jesus Christ only can our flesh become spirit because it was only in Him where the two existed.
7; Nicodemus had already seen and heard of miraculous signs performed by Jesus but he got another one as he walked in the door. Jesus read his mind and knew the question Nicodemus really wanted to ask..salvation and He answered it in one sentence.
Verse 7; ” You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘ you should be born again'”. Again our second birth is through Jesus Christ. As we spend considerable time under the water, for a lot of young people that could be 4 minutes, we join Jesus in His death on Calvary’s tree. We have faith that it is because of His death that we are now experiencing the only death that we will ever go through. When we burst through that surface it is into life everlasting!. It is a time when our friends and loved ones present who have also been reborn marvel that this person under the water now will be present with me in Heaven for an eternity, I wonder whether I will recognise him? It is a time when those who have not been in the baptismal font that maybe I should look into it.It is a time for realisation there will be no second death for us, no hell. We may fall asleep for a certain time, but that is all that it is–sleep. When we burst through that surface let us gasp our first breath of air in the new kingdom and not worry about whether our hair and clothing are tidy. All this requires more than one second under water!!
Verse 8 ” The wind blows where ever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

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Now is not the time to revisit the principle of the second death is hell. This was the guide all the way through the blog of Revelation. We were not allowed to zap people nilly willy and then resurrect them at any time we wanted. Once a person dies, their first death, they will be resurrected, judged and burned in hell, the second death. So if you are one of the 288,000 Christians alive at the second coming and you are one of the wise virgins going to Heaven then how can Jesus have gone through your second death, your hell when you haven’t been through your first death yet? For Christians their first and only death is the baptismal font although they may fall asleep for a period of time, for our apostle Paul that is close to 2,000 years, but that is all that it is sleep. So when we come out of the baptismal font we should be like Jesus has just described, the wind if we have indeed been born of the Spirit. It is not our problem to worry whether we will be able to recognise our loved ones who have died in the Lord before or after us. My wish is certainly that very little if anything goes up there!
Verses 9,10 ” How can this be?” Nicodemus asked.” you are Israel’s teacher,” said Jesus, ” and do you not understand these things?” Probably the most damming words Jesus could have spoken to Nicodemus and the ones why Nicodemus was proud to be known as Jesus’s disciple on Good Friday and not like the rest of them, on Resurrection Sunday. Many of the problems that exist in the church today, including its sleeping state, would not exist if there were but a few Nicodemus’s alive. He took the blow and digested Jesus’s words and applied them. He realised the seriousness of the situation. Not only was his salvation on the line but that of his nation. Not only were they on the wrong track but they were going in the wrong direction. This thing about baptism was a real mystery. They brought new people into their faith and baptised them. Wasn’t that what they were supposed to do? Clearly they had missed the point. Maybe this fellow from God was talking about something God had shown him in Heaven. But Jesus is talking about these things, something he was supposed to know about.
Verse 11 ” I tell you the truth, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony.” This the third time Jesus claims truth of His word. If His children still doubt there is not much point in proceeding. The truth is extended to the words of His disciples and so far they have concentrated on the seen.
Verse 12 ” I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?” We have now come to the crux of the matter. If your problem has been what part of “itiswritten” is still applicable and which is not then you don’t have to ask me or she or we because Jesus is going to give you, and Nicodemus the filter to distinguish. Nicodemus is now going to leave confused but highly motivated to sort this salvation problem out. His country depends on him. So this is the line that Jesus is drawing in the sand. If you don’t understand or believe split your problem into two; what is seen and what is unseen. Flesh and spirit, creator and redeemer, Old Testament and New Testament, water baptism and wind related baptism. If you do not believe the seen then you have no chance of believing the unseen. Even when you believe the seen you still have a monumental step to the unseen. Without the firs step you are wasting your time attempting the second which I am still going to give you but go home and concentrate of the first one. I have already specified, against my own rules that witness scripture is all that is required, three times that this is the truth and it is only because it is such an important truth that I have done it three times./ So far Jesus has spoken about baptism. The Jews weren’t even hitting the dartboard with their baptisms and were causing more harm than good. There was no limit on the effort spent to bring in the proselyte throw some water on them, give them a mountain of rules and regulations to follow then ask the question “next ?”. Baptism was about repentance in John the Baptist’s day and will remain so until the two witnesses come to earth just before that great door of mercy slams close setting off the earthquake. Jesus could not blame the Jews for not administering the Baptism of the Holy Spirit because this was not available until Jesus ascended into Heaven. ( John 16:7) This relationship between Jesus and the Holy Spirit has already been discussed in Revelation chapter 19. Jesus is now going to make that transition; from the Old to the New testament, from flesh to spirit. But again it cannot be overemphasised that if you do not believe that Jesus is your creator, step one, then you have no chance of believing that He is your redeemer. The New testament has little or no meaning without the Old Testament. Both are the Word of God and both are ” itiswritten”. Now we look at the filter that Jesus is going to give us to discern what parts applied before the cross and what parts apply after the cross.

Verses 13,14,15 ” No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven—the Son of Man. Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes in him may have external life”. We are now to make that gigantic step from the seen to the unseen. Jesus is the only one qualified to take us from one world to the one above. The basic rule to be followed is to establish your position on the earthly step before reaching for the one above. Even on the earthly step, that of the Old Testament, of Christ our creator is made up of what we think contains 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms and even if it is a very large number it is finite. The new world we are about to enter is infinite; God’s love, mercy, justice, holiness, power and many other attributes we don’t know even exist. I find the best place to start is where I am at and along with Nicodemus it is usually totally wrong but at least that puts us on the map and Jesus can say to us “you do not understand these things”. If I was in the desert at the time and a viper had bitten me to prevent increasing the circulation of the poison I would have sent my beloved with these instructions; ” go and tell Moses I have been bitten by this viper and he has 10-30 minutes to get to me with his miraculous elixir before I die, now hurry dear.” When she got back after what seemed to be an eternity, by herself, I would be most upset. “where is Moses? where is the elixir? I should have gone myself and not wasted precious time. What did he say?” ” I couldn’t get near Moses there were so many people there. As they were walking away they were telling the approaching throngs ‘ you have to wait until he finishes his bronze snake and lift it up then you have to look at it and believe it will cure you, then you will be healed”. I would think that at best that would be hours away and what value would there be in looking at some cast metal, whatever the shape.! Poor old Moses must have been bitten on the head and his brain was dissolving!
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I would be right on the following grounds;

1; Going to God’s servant , Moses.

2; Expect him to be following God’s instructions.

3; He would be capable of producing the right solution for my problem.

4; The bite is deadly and I must die in a fairly short period of time. To be honest I cannot relate the snake on the pole to the snake that has just bitten me nor why God chose bronze and not silver, or gold, or iron. He chose the belly of the statue, or Greece or democracy in our Daniel scenario. Where I got it wrong was;

1; I would have died. I would not have sat there and not worried that Moses was taking such a long time. At the end of the half hour I would have panicked and the lack of faith would have killed me.

2; I certainly could not relate this event to the deadly bite of sin and God’s servant, Jesus Christ, would be following God’s instructions to allow Himself to be lifted on a pole in the shape of a snake.

3; I did not believe that either looking at a bronze snake on a pole or Jesus Christ on a tree would have the ability to remove the deadly effect of poison or sin. They are miles away from me how could they? It is a wonderful thing that God’s patience cannot be measured with so many zeros after it, it is infinite. But having established the first step I am now going to approach the one above. Sabbath has just begun where I live and what a wonderful blessing it would be to be shown just a tiny part of this step. I know I am dealing with the truth and I know the One who is telling me has come down from Heaven even though He is not physically glowing as I would expect someone who has come from that beautiful place to be. He must desperately miss it! Why should He choose to leave this incredibly beautiful place to a place where satan has every cannon primed and take my sins away from me and bear their consequences on His sinless body? Why can’t He bear to see me go through my suffering in hell because I so richly deserved it. Doesn’t He know that only perfection is the standard that God will accept in the removal of my sins? Hasn’t He counted not just my intentional sins but also my unintentional sins and the exact suffering associated with each? Doesn’t He know I am incapable of showing even a tiny bit of gratitude and appreciation? Doesn’t He know that I will fall with monotonous regularity? He not only each one of those 10 with 80 zeros atoms but also most of those atoms are in stars and are undergoing atomic and subatomic reactions. So if there are as many strings in an atom as we think there are and time runs in Plank’s units then you add another 70 zeros to the above figure. So somebody who knows 10 with 150 zeros must have an answer to these questions.And God does have the answer which if we are standing on the first step should be able to see at least a part of.

Verses 14-21 ” Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. for God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his evil deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.”

Once we begin to see why the “Son of Man must be lifted up “we have begun to look up from the first step towards where those winds are blowing. But as with Nicodemus it is not going to be an easy nor short journey. I think the biggest change in my life was when a problem developed in the Bible my first response was not; here we go again another mistake but rather I can only understand this passage with Your help— trust. We may have only come through the journey of one Christian, a very rare Good Friday Christian,Nicodemus, but his journey has been walked by every Christian in the past and will be walked by every Christian in the future. We want to follow our Lord and His Word but nobody seems to know which word, or at least agree in amongst themselves. When Nicodemus left that meeting he still probably kept to the dark ally ways on the way home because even though he knew he had been given the truth from the perfect teacher in the perfect sermon he still had a long way to go to grasp its meaning. He knew he had to split his unbelief into two; things he could see, the Old Testament, and things he could not see, the New Testament. Jesus had already split baptism and the bronze snake in the desert (Num 21:8,9) two things no Jew would have had a problem with. But what about God giving up His One and only Son? That nearly happened with Abraham and Isaac. Poor old Abraham and his wife had waited until their 90’s for Isaac. AS an only child to say he was precious and priceless would be a gross understatement. It did not matter at what time of the day or night or what part of him hey looked at the sun would shine out of him. Then to be asked to kill him because God said so is just incomprehensible! So we cannot accept the first step so what about the second step; God DID take His One and only beloved Son and kill Him!! If He did not do this not one person would go to Heaven. We should be very grateful for what seemed to us a senseless act and Jesus loved us so much when He was being Anointed for this purpose He asked those who were criticizing the women to leave her alone as was DOING A BEAUTIFUL THING TO HIM! Even if we could grasp one millionth of one percent of the beauty of this act we would realise we were not jumping from our cosy nest but jumping to where those winds blow that Jesus spoke about to Nicodemus. Nicodemus would not have had any problem with the bronze snake, that was common knowledge to a Jew just like Tuesday follows Monday he knew that any Jew who patiently waited until Moses had finished his snake and held it up and believed he would be spared from death was cured. The mechanism by which this happened was irrelevant… FAITH. The rest of Jesus’s sermon is an accurate of the world around us for which the sleeping church must take responsibility. Jesus has shown us the role of the Old Testament. If the Old Testament is the stepping stone from which we are to begin our look into the New Testament then how much of it still applies? Let us finetune our newly acquired lens to answer the following multiple question quiz:

Q1: How many of the ten commandments from the Old Testament apply today? a; none b; all c; some d; don’t know

Q2: For how long have these commandments been relevant for? a; since Mt Sanai until the cross b; since creation until the cross. c; since creation until eternity d; since Mt Sanai until eternity

Q3: If you were satan and were allowed to destroy but one commandment which would hurt God’s people most? a; first b; second c; third d; fourth

Q4: When was the first recorded Sabbath observed? a; Mt Sanai b; by Abraham c; at creation d; at the cross

Q5: When should we make a bronze snake, put it on a pole and look to it to be cured? a; when we are bitten by a snake. b; never c; don’t know d; when we are bitten by sin

Q6: Should we follow the rules of democracy or theocracy? a; democracy b; theocracy c; both d; neither

Q7: Are the laws regarding clean and unclean foods still applicable today? a; yes b; no c; some of them D; should be used as a guide

Q8: Should we continue to kill sheep,etc and what would be the consequences of these sacrifices? a; yes and would be pleasing to God. b; no as it would be blasphemy. c; only on certain Holy days like Good Friday. d; their purpose was only to point to the Lamb sacrificed on Good Friday.

Q9: What baptism should we go through? a; the original Jewish baptism b; John the Baptist’s baptism c; the baptism of the Holy Spirit d; the baptism of the Apostles.

Q10: John the Baptist’s baptism of repentance is also taught by the two witnesses because; a; it is still relevant 1260 years after the second coming. b; the baptism of the Holy Spirit is unavailable. c; the glory of God has returned. d; is the first step of a two stage process.

Q11: Why could not have Jesus used evolution as a way of creating the universe.? a; evolution is cruel which is the opposite of what Jesus is. b; evolution is inefficient. c; evolution is anti scriptural. d; all of the above.

Q12: If the world was billions of years old rather than the thousands the Bible teaches then; a; The history aspects of the Bible would be farcical. b; God’s weekly cycle of seven days with the Sabbath as its core would be meaningless. C; The authority of all Scripture would be seriously undermined. d; all of the above.

pAGE 35

Q1; It is my contention that not only the source of all questions, but the source of all answers is Jesus Christ. The ten commandments stand or fall as a unit. I used to think they were a reflection of my Lord God Jesus Christ. If that reflection came off a good quality mirror then that reflection would be so bright it would kill me. So I think a better analogy would be they are a shadow of my Lord’s character. Even being a shadow of His Holy character would mean I had zero chance of obeying them. This is why I stand in His shadow and allow His perfect life and behaviour to be counted as being mine. Any attempt for me to try to obey His Holy Law, to say I had a chance of meeting His requirements would be blasphemy. Watch out for those wolves in sheep’s clothing who tell you that certain commandments have been done away with. You will find in their other hand they some clanger like the Old Testament has been done away with, or evolution, or homosexuality or something else that puts a chasm between you and the Lord.
Q2: The ten commandments have stood since at least creation and were probably the wedge that separated good from evil over eternity. God celebrated the first Sabbath, day 7 of creation, with His first church which only contained two members, Adam and Eve. They will last as a unit for an eternity to come. The fact that Cain killed Abel and the old world was drowned because they were evil proves the commandments applied before Mt Sinai.
Q3; If our earthly week of our emotions, spirituality, physical well being, health, relationships and whatever else is one of downhill and at the end strikes some God made object which grabs us by the scruff of the neck and lifts up high enough to begin another week then by destroying this God made object satan knows that our journey is only one way; downhill. This God made object is the Sabbath Day and was the first object that satan destroyed; the fourth commandment.
Q4: First Sabbath was observed on the first Saturday created.
Q5: Never. The sacrificial system was only there to point us to the cross. It never forgave one sin and is the step that Jesus told Nicodemus to step onto if he was to begin to understand the message of salvation. To try to reconstruct any part of that system would be denying it had been fulfilled at the cross. It would be saying that the cross had not occurred. This is blasphemy of such a serious order that God could strike down by vaporising all the participants.
Q6: We live in a democracy so we follow its rules. If its rules brake the basic rules of our Christian life then clearly they are evil and we cannot obey them.
Q7: Whether we eat clean or unclean food has nothing to do with our salvation. The guide we could use is that God would not have forbidden His people to eat anything that was good for them. The fact that He stopped them from eating pork and many other foods meant it was bad for them and probably bad for us too.
Q8: The Sacrificial Law had to be obeyed by the Jew or they would stop being God’s people This Law was fulfilled at the cross and if we tried to sacrifice some animal now it would be blasphemy.
Q9: The only baptism that was available up to and including John the Baptist was the Baptism of repentance. Baptism of the Holy Spirit was not available until Jesus ascended into heaven. Baptism of repentance is the only one taught by the two witnesses just before the door of mercy closes is for the sake of the saints in Heaven. When they see that baptism of repentance is rejected by all they realise the futility of trying to teach the baptism of the Holy Spirit which the new Heaven is all about.
Q10; If they will not take the first step, repentance, there is chance of taking the second step.
Q11: Jesus could not have used evolution as evolution is the cruellest possible way of creating. Jesus is not only cruel but He is perfect love. Evolution is also most inefficient and Jesus is all knowing. If He did not create over a seven day period then the fourth Commandment would be meaningless. The history of the Bible would be meaningless if the world were millions or billions years old.
Whether you the reader follow the instructions Jesus gave to Nicodemus and jump out of your cosy nest is a struggle between you and the forces of good and evil. It is absurd to use science so called as your justification for not accepting “itiswritten”. As has already been pointed out their are only two plans to account for what we see around us. Plan A and plan B. Plan Atheism and plan Bible. One requires a monumental amount of faith and belief in the absurd and impossible the other requires simple logic. Plan A requires you to believe that not only one atom, in all its complexity, appeared but 10 with 80 zeros atoms appeared. It then requires these lifeless atoms to acquire life and increase in mind boggling complexity until we have life as we see it today. Plan B firstly requires you to take off your evolutionary glasses– IMPOSSIBLE you would correctly say. Then it requires you to put on your Biblical glasses–Wow! what a wonderfully powerful and imaginative God He must be to think and create all this!
I have already tried to publish one paper on evolution but with the mail service the way it is I cannot be sure it was delivered. There may even be an off chance it was not accepted by the establishment! Perhaps it was not hard hitting enough so I now submit a more hard hitting version ” EVOLUTION PROVES NATURAL SELECTION AND THE OUT OF AFRICA THEORY”
Evolutionists do not claim that mother nature is perfect. They do claim she can work miracles at least of the calibre of the Christian God, Jesus Christ, and she does this simply by chance. It just happened by itself out of the blue. They also claim that if she has to she can perform these miracles over night. They give this miraculous act the long name of ” punctuated equilibrium”. It is with these marvellous acts she firstly formed the frog and the dog then changed them into a beautiful princess and a handsome prince. The egregious error she made was knowing this pair had to prove the Out Of Africa Theory she did not insert a tiny compass in their heads nor did she tell them they were at best a few hops and clogs from jumping out of Africa, had they been pointed in the right direction, north. Instead she pointed them in a southerly direction and off they hopped and clogged with great zeal oblivious of mother nature’s error. If you can’t trust your mother then who can you trust? Memory was also not their strong point.
Whilst crossing those vast desert expanses quite often the princess would ask ” have you seen my cloggers,dear? ” But alas they could not be found, at least the yellow ones. Natural selection had selected against the yellow pairs of cloggers. And that is why today we find the deserts littered with yellow clogging shoes! When they reached the forests the situation changed and natural selection selected against the green cloggers and that is why today we find the forests of Africa are littered with green clogging shoes. What colour of clogging shoes do you think litter the wet lands? So natural selection gives us a very credible explanation for both the plethora and colour of clogging shoes in these environments. When they got as far south as they could the sight of the sea simply broke their mighty hearts, there is no way they could attempt the return journey. That was going to have to be left for their off-springs, well actually as they land their legs go into compression mode which then releases and they spring off! But how wonderful is evolution! It can even account for language formation! To take both actions into account she simply called them offspring.
Both prince and princess thought mother nature was being particularly cruel in taking such a long time making them a new pair of shoes. They did not realise she first had to get the sand, which in the case of yellow sand was not that difficult, but about the green and blue sand!. She then had to melt this sand ( mp 2000 degrees centigrade), form the shoes to their size, temper, anneal and cool them! And all she had at her diposal was pure chance. I say she performed wonderfully well! The return journey by their offspring will be the subject of my next Paper.
There are still some details of this journey which we are not certain about. The footprints made by these offspring, not so much the ones in the soft sand but those made on the water, are proving difficult to date. We are going to have to rely on one of the strengths of the scientific method; extrapolation. Compared to finding a photon leaving a black hole on the edge of the universe this is going to be a snack!
It was always my intention to return to the Book Of Daniel. As this post is giving me many problems I intend to move to the next post, ie. revelationasitiswritten and add the comments there. () on page 56)

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Chapter Two

Verses 1,2″ After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi came from the east to Jerusalem and asked ‘ Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him'”. Again to claim the Bible is not book of history is laughable. I can see at least 10 historical facts here. I can also see that the Creator during His act of creation set Calvary’s Tree in among those trillions of stars as only He could do. He also gave the wisdom, to those who wanted it to interpret the stars motions. There are any number of wonderful blogs doing just that now. This visit would have been reported to the Jewish leaders and made some, Including Nicodemus, at least begin to wake up. And there are going to be cataclysmic changes when our Lord returns for a second time. I used to wrongly think that until that time I would be as bad and horrible to others as I could be and when I saw these cataclysmic changes it the Heavens I would call out in the Name of the Lord and still go to Heaven. I was wrong on at least two grounds; when these changes occur I will be so filled with terror I will not be able to do anything, let alone call in the Name of the Lord. Secondly I will have missed out on the Perfect friendship of my Lord and Saviour. You may have some high government official, judge, politician or even the king or president to help you in those times of need, but my friend not only made your friend He made everything else and is available 24/7 on the spot!.

Verses 3,4 ” When King Herod heard this he was disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him. When he had called together all the people’s chief priests and teachers of the Law, he asked them where the Christ was to be born.” The Jewish leaders knew that their Messiah had come.

Verses 5,6 ” In Bethlehem in Judea, they replied, ‘ for this is what the prophet has written ” But you Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, are by no means least among the rulers of Judah; for out of you will come a ruler who will be the shepherd of my people Israel”  ‘  “. When these leaders stand before God in judgment on that last day they will not be able to claim ‘we didn’t know’ and they will suffer the full consequences for their rejection of their Saviour. Heaven did not leave one stone unturned in preparing God’s people for Good Friday!

Verses 7_9 ” Then Herod called the Magi secretly and found out from them the exact time the star had appeared. He sent them to Bethlehem and said ‘ Go and make a careful search for the child. As soon as you find him, report to me, so that I too may go and worship him. After they had heard the king, they went on their way, and the star they had seen in the east went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was.’  “. It wasn’t just in Jesus’s day that the world was full of wicked leaders. So it is today that those wicked leaders claim to worship Jesus but carry on murderous acts and turn people away from God. But we shouldn’t look to God through any human being, but only through His Word, the Bible. We have been specifically warned that satan the wolf is going to dress himself in sheep’s clothing but we are also told how to disgusting him from the real LAMB, ( Rev 13:11), he will speak like a dragon.

Verses 10-12 ” When they saw the star, they were overjoyed. On coming to the house, saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold and of incense and of myrrh. And having been warned in a dream not to go back to Herod, they returned to their country by another route”. These Magi were fanatical about their study of Scripture and today they would be called fundamentalists. For their diligent study and long and dangerous journey look how richly they were rewarded–they bowed down and worshiped Him!  We sound learn from them and their experience. With diligent study and a dangerous journey we will see and worship our Saviour!. It is also fascinating that God should provide them with a moving star to guide them to Jesus just like it is fascinating that God should provide us with the Bible to guide us to Jesus! The gifts that we will offer God, Christ’s righteousness, have already been covered in Revelation 19:6. I wonder whether we really need an angelic warning in a dream not to go back to Herod, the one who wants to kill Jesus in our life. The whole of the Gospel of the stars is a beautiful issue worth pursuing as we should be overjoyed as that star of the east has appeared for us also.

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Verses 13-15 ” When they had gone, an angel of the lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. ‘Get up’ he said, ‘ take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, for Herod is going to search for the child to kill him.’ So he got up, took the child and his mother during the night and left for Egypt, where he stayed until the death of Herod. And so was fulfilled what the Lord had said through the prophet: ” Out of Egypt I called my son” ‘. Just one of many examples where the OT predicted Jesus’s birth. It is also one of the passages agnostics use to give them an excuse why they cannot accept God. He could not only have saved His own Son but all those other babies  from being killed but He stood by and did nothing! I am not having anything to do with a god like that! The question of God’s intervention with human affairs has many handles but only one answer.You can only be under two umbrellas; under God’s umbrella with the seal of God or under satan’s umbrella with the mark of the beast. Today there are many people crossing across but they must finish up under one or the other in the long run. This blog makes the case for Adam and Eve staying under God’s umbrella for 38 years when the sacrificial system began with God killing those two goats to cover Adam and Eve’s nakedness. If Calvary’s Tree was the777th   year of Jubilee then it occurred  3,888 years, etc after creation ( 777*50= 3,850+38=3,888) which is also half of created time or equal amount of time under the OT and NT ( 7,777 years, 7 months, 7days and 7 hours). Then Adam chose to move under satans umbrella taking Eve with him. God could only have stopped him by taking away his free will just as He can bring everyone under His umbrella by taking away their free will. It is the one thing God never does. The rules certainly changed for our first parents when they moved under satan’s umbrella.. But the most difficult thing to understand is Good Friday. That was the end of evil and satan. “It is Finished” was the correct cry by our Lord. The feet of that evil statue were not only crushed but were thrown into the furnace and would have disappeared forever. It was by Divine act, by God, they were not only rescued but restored to life and the rest of that statue of evil prevented from falling over!! So the problem was God’s infinite patience and mercy. He wanted time now, the New testament or NT to run for what appears to be an equal time to the OT. The time is purely under God’ grace but the rules are the same, each individual and nation have a cup of iniquity to fill and when that happens God’s grace is withdrawn and they die or come to an end. So it was with Herod as it was Stalin and Johnson and everyone else. But being under satan’s reconstructed umbrella God’s people must expect different treatment to those who want to be there. Joseph and his family certainly did, they were told to get out and stay out until the the coast cleared. But does this warning come to all of God’s people? Certainly not. We must realise that our time on earth, and certainly keep telling ourselves when those storms strike, is a time of preparation for an eternity. It wasn’t us who brought evil into this world but neither was it us who restored this fallible world into a perfect world, which the New Jerusalem is going to be. Satan must be given a chance to claim his own. If any of these get through into Heaven, well we know what that is going to entail for our Lord, Jesus Christ. During our trial we must expect God’s sovereignty to be in operation and He only allows what is essential to us. Thus we have the complete circle back to Romans  10:13 ” for Everyone who calls in the name of the Lord will be saved.” As we lay before the Lord at His second coming, with our hearts stopped beating and not breathing does the Lord turn to the Heavenly Hosts and explain our inclusion with Him for an eternity by “……… …………. is my child, admittedly a very naughty child but nonetheless My child. You see when I allowed trials to occur to this child which varied from these petty trials ( listed as He knows each one) right up to these pains and agonies (listed as He alone knows each one, many were mental kicks in the guts)  this child always responded the same way. They realised their inability to cope and called on My infinite strength and power by the use of those three miraculous words. And because of My love for this child whenever  they used those three miraculous words I had no choice but to respond and to respond immediately. And right now, in the time of times, and the trial of trials if this child could have used those three miraculous words they would have, but they can’t. You can see for yourselves, they are not breathing, their hearts are not beating because they are totally overcome by my presence. But if they could have they would have used these words right now as they did throughout their lives, and it is to those three words that I have no choice and to which I once again now respond ” CHRIST ALMIGHTY HELP”

. Is the site of an excellent utube video on this subject.

Many things have happened since I have been partially allowed to return to this blog. It was so extensively Googlebombed with Spam the server had to shut down the site and has only allowed me back on on the condition I install CAPTCHA which I am trying to get done now.I think they told me that I could not receive any more comments until this program was installed. Unfortunately in my attempt to clear the site I erased many of those comments which keep me going. But I did have time to look up different sites on the stars in the Bible, one above is an example. What surprised me me was how many good people God has out there defending His Word. These people are not only God inspired and intelligent but know Hebrew and which verses have and have not been correctly translated from the best manuscripts into the various versions of our current Bibles. As I do not know Hebrew there are no such inspired corrections in this blog making it look worthless or almost so and this coupled with the spam and other problems made me think it was time to pack up my toys and go play somewhere else. But then I thought back to my own conversion. Did I not make an attempt to learn the Hebrew Language and decide it was not the answer because;

Page 38

1: Today most Jews, Hebrew speaking people are atheists and the few that are not don’t believe in Jesus Christ anyway.

2: In Jesus’s time His Hebrew speaking people totally missed His first coming.

3: The American slave owners read the Bible in Hebrew does not seem to have helped their Christianity much, they only used it to justify their evil actions.

4: Knowing the correct Hebrew syntax is never the knock out punch. Satan always counter punches, however feebly and he knows what people want to believe and that is what he gives them.

5: The Bible is not the same logic as algebra. If X+Y=12 and X=3 then Y must be equal to 9. If we look at some stunningly beautiful object in nature we may say ‘wow what an amazingly intelligent and powerful being made  this object or we may say it just happened by chance! So if I want to demonstrate evolution to you by rolling a stone down a hill and measuring it to show it has more round properties at the bottom than it did at the top and with a few more rolls it will finish up as a 20 speed, fully electronic Maserati automatic gearbox then you may believe this, or you may want to admire the intelligence and skills of the people who made it. So it is just not CREATOR + REDEEMER = BIBLE. and the stunning beauty and complexity of what we see must have a creator therefor we must also have a redeemer. This equation contains a personnel element which points to, and is a part of all three elements. Christians realise there is no point to publishing this element as it will make no difference to the outside world. But is also the thread through these three elements that make them indestructible.

So there is a stage in our Christian walk where the study of Hebrew is of great benefit but that is not the level at which this blog is being pitched at. It does however require some explanation of the thread in Julius Kudrynski’s  life that hold these elements together. If they are of no interest to you then go down to Verses 16-18. At first I thought that it would cause more harm than good by telling you about the miracles in my life but as this blog is about convincing you that the Bible is the Word, the same Word that spoke and everything came into existence and the same Word that became flesh and dwelt among st us and hung on that Cross on Good Friday obviously things have happened to me to convince me of this just like have happened to millions of  other of God’s people.

I have already told you that I held it against my father for not supplying me with boys underclothing at the boys boarding school I attended but only gave me my sisters. I now think that there  could not be a much better way of building character and it should be written up in more ” how to bring up your children books”. The other thing my father taught me, which I would not do to my children is Pain. He came to Australia as a contracted migrant with a French Degree in dentistry which could only be recognised here  if he repeated all the exams in English. He could already speak fluent Polish,Russian, French, German and a host of other Slav languages. He said the hardest language he had to learn was English, and then pass a degree in dentistry!. I think I was one of his first patients. His surgery was in Wollongong which was some 300 kms from where we were contracted to live, Glen Davis. He brought me down one weekend and gave me 53  fillings in two days. To anyone that may just be a number but to me it was; a lot of mercury in my head; they were put in with a slow speed foot operated drill; he told me he could not use an anesthetic as he could kill or damage nerves without knowing it–he was certainly right there and it requited no effort on my part to tell him that he had indeed hit a nerve!. Just the physical pain of having my mouth stretched for two days was not pleasant but the nerve pain was indescribable. It did not finish in those two days either. Well ahead of any electrical storm my head would spin in pain and this happened for quite a long time after. I have also suffered pain in my genitals area  but never simultaneously with the tooth area so I can’t say which one was the worst, but if right now I was told that I was going to re experience that pain I would faint. Needless to say that pain had a lot do with my conversion– it literally scared the hell out me! Over the years there have been numerous other pains and my local hospital told me I was the only person for whom they had to start a new records book for.

The Christian experience began with my right knee. It had been giving me trouble for some time but when I fractured those two bones under the knee cap and could no longer walk because the pain was so bad I went to see my local GP Dr Jim our family doctor for well over 40 years. He ordered a MRI, which I believed was the best analytical tool available and the results could not have been much worse. Any one of five conditions forces you to have a knee replacement and I had all five. He told me if he was going to have a knee replacement he would get Prof Leo P.. from UNSW  to do it. He gave me a referral and when I answered I was prepared to be used for research purposes he got two student doctors to examine me first . I was most impressed with how thorough they were. The MRI may have contained 30 or 40 photos but to them they would look at each and come and prod, push or pull my knee and ask if it hurt in a certain area. They reported to the Prof and he did all the same things again and agreed with their conclusion. No knee replacement operation whilst the drug Mobic worked but they would look at it again if the drug stopped killing the pain. I would prefer to put up with the pain than to take drugs so I left it at that. ( I would not have survived Meniers    disease without Serc medication and I take 100 mg of Asprin 7 days before I travel on a plane, whilst I am away and 7 days after I come back). People who come to visit us want to know why I have so many walking sticks everywhere. They are there so when the knee goes I hobble over to one of them to get me to bed. With my very simple form of Christianity I know that God has allowed this to occur so that I spend time reading the Bible, which is what I did. As this blog is to encourage confidence in the Bible I am not going to give you a list of the problems and errors that I had found that I could accept but the one that I could not accept was the use of lower case in the pronoun referring to God. So ” he” could be referring to God, to Jesus Christ, to me  or even satan!. Not to distinguish between God and satan had to be blasphemy of the worst type. This particular time, yes you guessed it, I was reading John 16:8. Here Jesus reveals His divinity, everybody drops over as dead and the act of salvation is stopped!! And what does the NIV, and many other versions use for the personnel pronoun of God… “he”.!! It is not very often that I challenge God but this had to be done. ” With this blasphemy, I cannot be reading the Word of God and I am going to prove this is not the Word of God by putting this book on this knee and saying the Lord’s prayer on it and it will have no effect on it what so ever” This I did and I could not believe the result!!!. Up, down, left, right the pain was 100% gone!!. What an amazing miracle ! what a privilege! I should have but did not count on how many other occasions this occurred on, whether it was 7 or 10 or 12, but the realisation happened that this was going to happen every time! And it does and not just for knee pains. I specifically ask for “daily bread” and I don’t want to be cured for a week or month or anything else. I just want to be given daily bread. Night time seems when all the action happens when the muscles relax and the bone collapses on the other bone. I also have my main nerve from shoulder to arm running over a large bone growth which is damaged if I sleep on it and the shoulder locks up. When this happens I have no choice but to wake my beloved up and I don’t ask for the NASV or LIVING BIBLE, which use upper Case for the pronoun of God, I just ask for the Bible, it is all the Word of God. When both knee and shoulder go I found the Bible must be in direct contact so I have to say the Lord’s prayer twice. It is all the Lord’s prayer as sometimes the pain disappears when I am half way through it and sometimes it does not go until I finish ” for Thine is the power and the glory for ever and ever, Amen”. To say this is a stunningly beautiful privilege would be the understatement of all times and I realise that if it is ever withdrawn, which I desperately pray that it is not, then I know that the problem is me. But we have been able to get it to work for my beloved.

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So I can prove the medical part of my miracle by publishing the MRI report. I can prove that with my beloved we go for a beach walk daily, except if there is thunder and lightning. That I go regularly to play golf and go 4WDing. That I do repairs and handyman activities. My last repair on my 4WD was to replace both Panhard rods.In trying to dismantle them I bent a 22mm Sidchrome ring spanner in the shape of the moon! Before the mechanics amongst you call out impossible, I set up a straight line pull with a snatch block for my 4,000 Kg winch, and that is what bent the spanner. But the nut only finally moved when I placed a jack under 3/4 socket and t bar and left the weight of the 4wd on it for some time. So the only thing that I cannot prove is that I do not and have not in the distant past taken any strong pain killers, as this information is only on computer and available to GP’s. Next time I visit my GP I will ask him for a printout of all the prescription drugs I have taken over the last 10 years not to confound the skeptics but to help the believers. If the list shows no pain killers since, or before the MRI report I think I have proven my miracles.

I recently went to the Blood Bank to donate but they refused to take it as my iron levels are off the scale, hopelessly low. My hematologist is due to give me an iron infusion in early October, followed by further analysis (19 of them) in late December so I should see my GP early in the new year. The low iron levels put a halt to our training for the Sydney to Wollongong MS bike ride plus the ride itself until at least next year. Even though the drug I am to be infused with, Ferritin, is a prescription drug I do not consider this as drug drug taking. I reason that the iron was removed from my body artificially by the donations so I am allowed to restore it artificially by infusion. When I was much younger I donated blood five times a year and had no problems with restoring it with dandelion, but It does not seem to work now. I have never been drunk or drugged during these miracles. The problem with my knee is getting worse as the Prof from UNSW told me that even if he did decide to operate he would not do so until I lost 10 Kg in weight. I have put on another 7 Kg making my poor knee carry more.

From the above you can clearly see that I have no problems with the different versions of the Bible even though some carry what must be blasphemous content. The only thing that has not happened at this stage is I have not tried the pocket version to see if it works. If it does I will carry one with me all the time and if it does not then I will say that ” it is not the complete word of God”. Before returning to the blog proper what am I supposed to do? Do I plagiarizer excellent blogs like the one above or let you read it, or listen to it yourself? God’s servant has been studying His Word on the stars and God has richly rewarded him with these beautiful insights. The beautiful explanation of the stars of Revelation chapter 12. When the Maggi saw the birth of Jesus in the stars they started walking and it took them 9 months to come over from Babylon. So when Herod decided to kill those babies he knew his soldiers could not tell the difference between a 9 month old baby and a 15 month old. So he played it safe by ordering the slaughter of all 24 month old boys. I thought that the timing between the Maggi leaving and Joseph and Mary leaving was a coincidence. Not so, if they had not left that night Herod’s soldiers knocked on their doors the next day. It would have been too late!. The one thing that has really got me thinking is God’s use of agriculture, the barley crop, and the phases of the moon to separate the years and the months from each other. It certainly applies to the whole world as every culture has agriculture and can see the moon. It certainly does not apply to us. We would not even know where barley was grown let alone if it was ready to be presented as first fruits to God! In my younger and more formidable years I tried to sort out these problems by reading Bishop Usher’s Annals Of Time. If it was to much then then today I have no hope. But the crux of the matter has to be the Sabbath, God’s blessed day of rest. To be of any meaning it has to have started 7 days after the first day of creation and been counted exactly, multiples of seven until today. We know the Jews got had it exactly right after almost 4,000 years because Jesus agreed with them. So what about all those corrections that are applied because the year is 365 1/4 days? What about the fact that the quadrant of the moon they were supposed to look out for can be up to 48 hours late or early? What time are we talking about that can be two days either way?  I know this has nothing to do with Mathew and will return to this when I think I have some answers. You must realise that for every sentence of commentary I give you there are literally hundreds of sermons that have been written on this sentence. Go and seek them and God will richly reward you by showing you some of the pearls under those texts.

Verses 16-18 ” When Herod realised that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was furious, and he gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under, in accordance with the time he had learnt from the Magi. Then what was said through the prophet Jeremiah was fulfilled ‘ A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more’ “. It is some considerable time since I left the Text. The problem with a 70 year old mind is that it has to keep repeating and refocusing itself. I know that I am commenting on the Gospel that has the lion nature of Jesus as the focus. Its aim is to waken not only God’s people at the the time of Jesus so they can spread His Word throughout the world but also through all of time. It is most critical to do this at the end time when the whole church is sound asleep and Jesus is almost here. Well actually not all people because the likes of you and me clearly are not asleep! So far what the lion has roared in almost 2 chapters has not been news to us. We know and treat those genealogies with the respect they deserve. God’ s Word is not going to have one phrase that is superfluous net alone almost a page! We know that Jesus set the hearts of those disciples on fire on the road to Emmaus using the OT so we know its importance and we do the same thing. We know this also from the way Jesus explained salvation to Nicodemus, He used the OT to anchor Nicodemus’s thinking to what you have seen and told him if he did  he did not believe the OT then he had no chance of believing the NT where types are converted to antitypes. That is the way we approached the genealogies. Jesus had to be One of His own people. Afterall it was Jesus who set aside these people and He had to be one of them to rescue them and take them to Heaven with Him. But this was only one aspect of the genealogy. The other more fully covered in Luke was Jesus had to establish His link to humanity. Satan knows this better than most and used it as the main prong on the credibility of Jesus’s mission. That is what was seen or the type. The antitype genealogy, the genealogy of Heaven is extremely short__JESUS CHRIST. And it is this genealogy that we are going to follow in much more detail. Yes I know we have already been told about His human line and Divine line in the OT. And yes we already emphasise that Jesus is the creator of everything,including the stars and what an amazing story He got those stars to tell! He also made sure that He had people to be able to interpret this story. Why did the King star crown Jesus on three occasions? Whilst Jupiter was in the crowning position where was His mothers’ star, Venus? And where was the child star, Mercury, during these ceremonies? Of course we have looked up God  given blogs on these subjects! That is why we have such admiration for our creator! And yes we can defend God against those attacks ‘why did He not stop the slaughter of those innocent boys? what sort of God is He? The fact that the OT is being continually quoted just gives us more confidence in the Word as a whole. The problem with that sleeping lot is that they regard these details as trivial and go for the big questions, like if Jesus was a man on earth and was taken as one into Heaven, then what is He in Heaven today? If He is still a man then where does He get His oxygen and food from? If He is God then which dimension does He exist in?. There is no point in mucking around with trivialities when such big questions exist is there! These questions will be answered in stepwise manner. First the seen then the unseen. First look at His creation then infer qualities about the creator. It is like somebody who wants to learn about cars. They don’t want to know anything about the wheels, the seats, doors, brakes they just want to know how the computer receives and responds to crankshaft position sensor! It is a good thing to know about but it does require some prior knowledge!. This is exactly what the red letter Christians are doing. They don’t worry about the mundane black letter instructions they go to the very top. Could you think of a better example of the Church of Laodicea? (Rev 3:17) ” You say, ‘ I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realise that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.” The Bible is not there to be cherry-picked! It is the word of God and it is there “asitiswritten” and not as you want it to be written. People don’t realise they are challenging  the nature and sovereignty of God !.

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Verses 19-23 ” After Herod died, an angel of the Lord appeared in a dream to Joseph in Egypt and said ‘ Get up, take the child and his mother and go the land of Israel, for those who are trying to take the child’s life are dead.’ So he got up, took the child and his mother and went to the land of Israel. But when he heard that Archelaus was reigning in Judea in place of his father Herod, he was afraid to go there. Having been warned in a dream, he withdrew to the district of Galilee, and went and lived in a town called Nazareth. So was fulfilled what was said through the prophets: ‘ He will be called a Nazarene’ “. Again we have the prophets of the OT warning the people about a certain aspect of their Messiah; he is a Nazarene. Again we see the obedience of Joseph and Mary. Again we see God’s specific role for the sexes; He communicates with Jesus’s step father and not His mother and again we see that God has a specific plan for everyone. There is not one atom in His creation that God is not in control of at any time.


Verses 1-6 ” In those days John the Baptist came, preaching in the Desert of Judea and saying, ‘ Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near,’ This is he who was spoken of through the prophet Isiah; ‘ A voice is calling in the desert, ” Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him.” Johns clothes were made of camel’s hair, and he had a leather belt around his waist. His food was locusts and wild honey. People went out to him from Jerusalem and all Judea and the whole region of the Jordan. Confessing their sins, they were baptised by him in the Jordan River.” The Book of Mathew is the first book in the NT and represents Jesus Christ as a lion Who is supposed to wake up His people in NT times. It however is most applicable to His first coming and our times, His second coming. Having woken up His people Holy Scripture can then present our Lord as an ox, an man and an eagle. Mathew represents the lion, by inspiration, as the lion Jesus Christ. Beginning with His genealogy, His birth, narrow escape, entry into public life and following His public life until His ascension into Heaven, ie. in chronological order. This is Jesus Christ, the way we should see Him and present Him to others. The reason we are asleep is because there are one or more aspects of this picture that we cannot accept and by substituting our own word instead al we are doing is fooling ourselves. There is a time coming when we will wake up, the midnight call, and we will realise that we have been meddling with the Word of God or God Himself.

With these verses we have come to the entry of Jesus into public life, a date that was given to the Jews exactly. God’s shock tactic seems to have worked, initially at first. His people paid little or no attention to His prophets when they lived with them, and on many occasions they killed them. So God starved them of His prophets for some 400 years and then hit them with the big one, John the Baptist, and they came out in droves to be baptized. But why you may ask was there so few at the foot of the Cross on Good Friday? If you add the 100’s of thousands of miracles that Jesus performed ( 20,000 would have been present at the feeding of the loaves miracles alone) the number is surprisingly small. The seeds were certainly sown but did not germinate until Pentecost. We will not be so fortunate at His second coming although the two witnesses are still to come, it is a pity there is not one repentance. Repentance is the theme of John’s message as it is the theme of Jesus’s message although the baptism of Jesus was of a much higher order, that of the Holy Spirit.

The straightening of the path for Jesus is fascinating. Scripture uses many metaphors to illustrate the indescribable. One such metaphor is comparing our lives to crossing the Jordan river to get into the promised land which God’s people literally did do. This has already been covered in Daniel 12 5-7 where we plunge into the parted river under the guidance of  the humanity of Jesus the man and fumble, stumble, bumble, mumble and tumble our way through life but providing we do not lose sight of the Man in white linen above the water on the other side we are okay. The bank of water that is getting deeper and deeper on our right hand side may be a straight line, today just a sewerage pit where the majority of humanity spends it’s time in, but the bottom is anything but straight. There are not many times in our lives where the path is flat and is usually so just to give us enough time to recover from the last fall before the next one strikes. So what did John, and Isiah want to straighten?

Verses 7-10 ” But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees  coming to where he was baptising, he said to them: ‘ You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath. Produce fruit in keeping with repentance. And do not think you can say to yourselves, ” We have Abraham as our father .” I tell you  that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham. The ax is ready at the roots of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire. ‘ “. Not all but many of the Pharisees and Sadducees were a brood of vipers. I think I can safely tell the difference but I have to wait until they come out of the bapismal font. Some come out worrying about self; how is their hair lying, what about my clothes, how do I look ? etc. and others look as if they have just met their Savior underwater, passed their death sentences onto Him and burst out of the water in confidence that they will never, again Die!! So it is quite easy to distinguish the snakes from the rest. The way to the Lord is actually very straight and simple. Through repentance accept His sacrifice and be washed by a tiny amount of the water that gushed out of His side when the spear was thrust in which then begins the walk  with the Lord which may be straight but certainly not smooth. A smooth walk would only produce a spoil t brat who would rebel at the twinkling of an eyelid. The very last thing Heaven requires. The Pharisees were well aware  of the time they were living in and knew what was required of them which they were prepared to do but only on their conditions and terms. And so it is today. People are aware of the coming wrath, God’s word is screaming it out at them but their response is “my way”. The insult that God could make them complying children out of stones would have really got in under their fingernails and put John up on top of their murderous hit parade!. God could make living Abraham’s children out of lifeless stones but He could not do this out of what they at least thought were a prime example of God’s people. And that again is the same today with the Church of Laodicea.

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John was baptising in the River Jordan and it is indeed a sad reflection on so many churches who not only ” baptise” children, but also only do it by partial immersion! There are so many references to Jesus in the OT that it took Jesus what must have been at least a two hour trip to join them together in such a way that it made the disciples hearts burn! They began in the Garden of Eden, to Isiah, who is a very privileged prophet indeed, to Daniel who gave them details down to the day. God told satan (Gen 3:15) that he  (Jesus) would crush satan’s head, or kill him, but satan would strike Jesus’s heel. ( or invoke only temporary damage) .

Verses 11,12 ” I baptise you with water for repentance. But after me will come one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not fit to carry. He will baptise with the Holy Spirit and with fire. His winnowing fork is in his hand, and he will clear his threshing floor, gathering his wheat into the barn and burning up the chaff with unquenchable fire.” Before jumping off the Baptism cliff I will first complete the text on baptism. It is most heartening that there are so many deep thinkers and students of His Word. They have cottoned onto the perfect diet, eating and digesting His Word. It is the only food that nourishes our every organ and our daily lives.

Verses 13-17 ” Then Jesus came to Galilee to the Jordan to be baptised by John. But John tried to deter him, saying ‘I need to be baptised by you, and you come to me?’ Jesus replied, ‘ Let it be so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness.’ Then John consented. As soon as Jesus was baptised, he went up out of the water. At that moment heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting on him. And a voice from heaven said ‘ This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.’ ”

As I have already said that I am most impressed with the quantity and quality of Bible students on the net. I have read only a tiny fraction of what is out there on baptism but the risk is that I am plagerising someone else’s work, which is probably dead true. This can be forgiven when both our aims are to bring glory to the God of the Highest. I am going to start off by asking a lot of wrong questions and giving ridiculous answers to them to show you how confused can a human brain be. So if you don’t want to be confused rejoin the blog under ******** when I revert to what my Teacher did when Nicodemus came to Him in a state of confusion similar to mine.

Question1; If Jesus was fulfilling all righteousness by accepting John”s baptism then if He did not accept it and turned up in Heaven to present what He thought was the perfect restoration of Divinity and humanity would God have said to Him ‘ Not good enough, you forgot to do that bit with John’s baptism go back and do it all again. Don’t you realise that Your baptism at that time was going to cover for those people who decided they were going to be baptised but died before they could do it. That is what that baptism was supposed to cover.’

Question 2: Why didn’t Jesus baptise?  (A) This was called Jesus’s baptism. (B) He had the power and the authority to do it. (C) When John the Baptist told Him that Jesus should be baptising him Jesus did not say to John ” You know I can’t do that! ” He just told John not right now, maybe even latter. (D) The three most important people in Jesus’s life were very privileged and outstanding people even if they were not baptised by Jesus; John the Baptist was the greatest of all prophets, Mary Jesus’s mum was the most beautiful and privileged  of all human beings not to say the greatest theologian, and the apostle John, if the texts I gave are correct, is still alive today and will come back as one of the two witnesses.

Question 3: Did the people who received John’s baptism also have to receive Jesus’s baptism?

Question 4: Would they have gone to Heaven if they refused to be rebaptised with Jesus’s baptism?

Question 5: As Jesus had no sin why did He need to be baptised at all?

Question 6: Was Jesus’s baptism effective before the day of Pentecost?

Question 7: Was Jesus under the guidance of the Holy Spirit before this event or did the Holy Spirit just enter into the picture now?

Question 8: which is the most important baptism, that of John or Jesus and should they occur in a certain order?

Question 9 : Why do the two witnesses just before the door of mercy closes only teach John’s baptism and not Jesus’s baptism?

Question 10: Was Peter baptised by Jesus when He allowed Peter to sink in the lake and then pulled him into the Boat?

Question 11: What baptism are we supposed to preach and receive?

Question 12: If John’s baptism was the only baptism available for the first 4,000 years what is going to happen to these people?

When we struggle with Heavenly things our master Teacher tells us to go to the seen first. If the problem is the Sonlight is too bright then re-exam the problem under moonlight. You only have a chance to begin to understand the problem if you believe what is seen. Nicodemus could only begin to understand the problem of salvation on Calvary’s Tree if he could understand why Moses held up the bronze serpent in the desert. And so it is now the Sonlight of baptism can begin to be understood under the moonlight of the OT, specifically Noah’s flood, the crossing of the Red Sea and circumcision.

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So if you don’t believe in Noah’s Flood, worse still you think it was only a local event, then the following explanation will have little meaning to you. The people of Noah’s day were condemned for not believing in a future flood what condemnation are those who do not believe in this flood going to receive after it happened? The people involved in Noah’s Flood can be split into two categories, thus there are two baptisms, that of John and that Of Jesus. The two categories, those who got onto the ark and those who got off the ark,  can be further split into another two:

Those who got onto the ark in the time of probation and after probation. You could say the probation lasted as long as 120 years, but it was really full on for 7 days after God closed the doors. During probation humanity had to make two decisions; Was the threat that Noah was preaching real and if so did they need help to come through it? And this is the case today; is that threat that Christians preach about the Lord’s second coming and the end of all evil in hell true and if so who can help me come through it. In Noah’s day if they decided the threat was real then the only way to get through it was to get onto the ark. Today if you decide that the threat of hell and eradication of all sin is real then the only One who can help you to come through it is Jesus Christ. I used to think that comparing Jesus to different entities in the OT, like Moses or Daniel or Adam or even the ark was blasphemous but now I realise that this is exactly what God wants us to do. So the first baptism of the OT was people deciding that there was going to be a catastrophe, a flood  and taking precautionary actions to avoid it, entering the ark. In our times the stage of baptism is realising  that there is a catastrophe about to occur and taking precautionary action by accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. This is the baptism of repentance and the only form of baptism that was available for almost 4,000 years .  During the flood people could have gone out on the decks and called on those drowning masses to repent but the conversion rate in OT times was very low, something was missing—THE HOLY SPIRIT.

After the ark was grounded, at 3 o’clock on Good Friday the situation changed completely. The ark had fulfilled its function; it had saved us from dying in that flood, so now we can burst out of those waters into a new life. Because of the presence of the Holy Spirit this is actually our beginning of eternity. ( even though we still may have to go through a sleep and some difficulties, but look Who is our assistant!). This is the baptism of Jesus Christ. This baptism was not available before Good Friday as the  only reason the Holy Spirit could come down to earth was if ALL RIGHTEOUSNESS HAD BEEN FULFILLED. This clearly did not occur until Our Lord called ” it is finished” (plus probably the 40 days of Jesus’s life before His ascension)  So every baptism after our Lord ascended into Heaven would have resulted, if called to, in the parting of the Spirit to the person being baptised. This would indicate that the 40 days the Lord spent on this earth  after His Resurrection was part of the fulfillment of all righteousness. So who gets which baptism and why. God would never put anyone into hell who was carrying His instructions. The baptism of repentance, or that of John, was the only one available for almost 4,000 years and if you went through it then you would be saved. You could not be lost if you were aboard the ark. If those people who had received John’s baptism were told after Pentecost they should now be baptised in the Name of Jesus and refused ( as many of the Jews probably did), well I am not the Judge, but I don’t think it would have gone down favorably in God’s eyes.

The case of the two witnesses only preaching the baptism of repentance just before the door of mercy closes is a different matter. The focus here is only on the saved and to show them that Heaven is not leaving one stone left unturned in order to bring every last soul into Heaven. If they taught the baptism of Jesus satan could say ” why go for the second stage at the first attempt” If there were no chance of anyone receiving the baptism of repentance then there was even less chance of receiving the baptism of Jesus. Had someone repented it would have been easy enough to convert that to Jesus’s baptism.

The analogy of comparing Jesus to the ark would be farcical if the flood were only of a local nature. It would mean to escape the disaster and the ark, Jesus, you would only have to move over the next hill, so this will not receive any more time on it. Not that there are any problems with this analogy. One way it breaks down is in the order we must receive these baptisms. It necessitates that we have to be on the boat first, ie. received the baptism of repentance, before we can get off, ie and receive the baptism of Jesus or the Holy Spirit. This is not the case. I pretend for the moment that Acts 10:47-48 does not exist. It seems to imply that the baptism in the name of Jesus is the one of repentance or John’s baptism. The basic principle still stands; the Holy Spirit could not come into anyones lives until ‘all righteousness had been fulfilled. This seems to clash with another discrepancy I have with this analogy; the time on the ark. ( for any subsequent thoughts)

For those other seven people who were on the ark with Noah, when they first got on the boat they may have have thought it was just a lot of rubbish but they were on the ark and they were saved. 2 Kings 5:10-14 tells us a similar story. Naaman thought and said it was just a lot of rubbish. It was his servant who convinced him that he had nothing to lose but everything to gain by washing in the Jordan seven times and it did cure him of his leprosy! So it is with us today, we have nothing to lose but everything to gain by entering the baptismal font where the journey of life begins and where our Master began His public journey.

The discrepancies that occur between the seen, the OT, and the unseen, NT. One is the people leaving the ark. ( I assume that I was one of them). I am leaving the ark, Jesus Christ, who has saved me from a catastrophe that would have killed me. Assuming that all who leave the ark and the those waters receive the Holy Spirit means that I have left the environment of Jesus and am now under the protection of the Holy Spirit. Jesus certainly thought we would be better off under the new arrangement.The biggest confusion is about the number of baptisms. There are two but appear as three. There always was the baptism of repentance, that of John. When Jesus and His disciples baptised they could only have been baptising the baptism of repentance as the Holy Spirit could not descend…..all righteousness had not been fulfilled. So the Holy Spirit could only have descended on any baptism in Jesus’s name after Pentecost. There were two ways of “correcting” or adding to either Jesus’s or John’s baptisms. The laying of hands or rebaptism in His name, both would result in the Holy Spirit descending. The laying of hands is thwart with danger. I have been approached on a number of occasions by different people to lay hands on me to receive the Holy Spirit. Even though I desperately desire the presence of His Spirit I would not let them touch me. The problem is that I could quite easily receive satan’s spirit instead. So how do I tell the difference? By the nature of the channeling medium and the result. I removed my children from the church that layed hands  and the recipients vomited. I have never once been offered by a person who I know to be a lovely Christian  to lay their hands on me to receive the Holy Spirit. The much safer option would be to be rebaptised in the name of Jesus Christ.

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There may anomalies when comparing the OT types to the NT antitypes but what does it matter!. When we emerge from the baptismal with the Holy Spirit our life in eternity has begun. The only reason the Holy Spirit can be present inside us is because we are perfect. God sees us as that because the life, death and resurrection of His only Son is counted in our favour, and it will continue to be counted for an eternity provided we stay in the shadow of His cross. If anyone knew the anomalies between the bronze snake in the desert and Jesus hanging on the cross then that someone would have been Jesus Himself. Yet He not only told Nicodemus to go and study this history He told him if he did not believe this he had no chance of understanding Jesus’s cross. There is incredible beauty and depth in the story of Moses raising the bronze serpent in the desert. And that is exactly where the Son of Man was raised in and continues to be, the desert of humanity. There are many sermons and lectures on this topic for you to ponder about. The main thing being that Jesus has already done this , the act of salvation all that has to happen now is for us to accept it via our baptism.

There are also many in depth and beautiful parallels between our baptism and Noah’s Flood. Satan realises  the importance of these and therefor must destroy the credibility of Noah’s Flood. You can believe our scientists, who see massive floods on Mars where there is little or no liquid water, but cannot see a large global flood on this earth which is mostly covered with water. Without a global flood it makes no sense!

There are many similarities between Moses crossing the Red Sea and Noah’s Flood. Moses’s people , the Jews, were in mortal danger and unless they followed God’s servant’s instructions they would die or at least be taken back into captivity. Following Pharaoh’s or anyone else’s instructions would result in death. They were baptised with Moses who was only following God’s instructions. As with Noah’s ark when they came out there were two categories of people. Those who continued their walk with the Lord onto eternal life and the rest their own way which always results in shame and everlasting contempt. I have already made an attempt to correlate baptism. the seal of God, the good oil, the Holy Spirit and the talent and will return to the topic if I have any further insights into it. Now that finally brings us to the most fascinating of all topics–the Baptism of Jesus. Please contemplate the following points:

1: Jesus had no sin and therefor had no need to repent nor did He have a need for Jesus’s Spirit. It was Him.

2: If Jesus claims to be 100% human, which He is and 100% of humans require baptism to go to Heaven then maybe that is one reason why He was baptised. It is certainly His baptism that God looks at and counts as perfect.

3: If for whatever reason it was necessary for Jesus to be baptised then, as for His followers, would there be a better time than at the start of our public Christian life. After our baptism we are expected to begin our public ministry which is what happened to Jesus.

4: In Acts 10:38 Jesus’s baptism is counted as an anointment. ” how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with him.” Anointment is what it is, it is an ointment and not the ointment. It is usually some sticky substance like oil mixed with whatever herbs and spices to make it suitable for the many reasons anointing s are done for. The oil for millennium was used as the main source of light which is also the source of life, so the oil must stand for Jesus as He is both light and life. So I think the purest oil that can be used on earth, for anointing the High Priest, should have been pure olive oil. The base of the ointment does not have to be oil it may be water. When water is the base  it is called baptism. So when Jesus went through the Baptism of John He went through an anointing. It was done in the presence of humanity, actually performed by a human being but with Divinity , the Father, Son and Holy Spirit also being present and actually approving of the process. So the agent chosen by Divinity to rejoin it to humanity  was Jesus Christ. As has already been pointed that the ascent of the redeemed was not added to this chorus until Revelation chapter 5. Jesus still has two more anointings from humanity to come, one on His head, to say He knows what He is about to go through and one for His feet to say He is voluntarily walking towards that cross, He is being led by His love for us.

So our baptism is also a form of anointment. It is done by God with the Holy Spirit and power so that we can do good and heal those who are under the power of the devil because God is with us. We must never forget that the only way to be saved, Jesus told Nicodemus was by water and Spirit.   The Spirit cannot be the problem as the only condition for Him to come to earth has been fulfilled. All righteousness was fulfilled by Jesus Christ so providing we remain in Jesus the Spirit will remain in us. But at baptism we also receive our passports for Heaven and eternity.

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Now what about the water and being born again? We are born from water the first time when our mother’s water breaks and we are released from this water. Jesus does not exclude the physical or the spiritual dimensions. The physical is the breaking out of a water environment which is supposed to introduce us into the spiritual dimension. The old life of being bound to mother is broken and we begin a new life of independent existence, an individual. We don’t bleat just because the other sheep are bleating especially when that bleating is attracting the predators. When the sheep bleat evolution which is going to destroy our faith we look at the evidence for our selves. If they little or no evidence you will find they bleat all the louder. A very good example of this in Australia is the gay marriage debate. Proponents produce polls which show the lowest support they have found in the community is 83%, the highest 97% with the average running about 92%. But they know these numbers are rubbish because under no condition will they allow a referendum as they know what the result will be –an overwhelming NO. We break out of our first waters to start a new life and so it is when we break out of our baptismal waters. We leave behind a life attached to sin.

The bottom line is our Lord and Master was baptised so we should also be baptised. My latest near drowning occurred when our lovely Mel took me to the local white water rafting park for my 70th. I like to think I can assess the safety of a situation fairly well.  I asked the paramedics if anyone had ever been drowned and they said ‘no they always have been able to revive them’. As 1000’s of people had visited this park annually I assumed someone had done the basic physics, they had not. The density of water is one and that of the human body is nearly one so if you have a humongous life jacket there should be no problem in floating. Everyone seems to have forgotten that the rapids are half water and half air ( density = .5) so there is no chance of you floating under these conditions. The answer is not to keep a hold of the raft as it landed on top of me and pushed me under water. When I let go I sank to the bottom and kept tumbling on the bottom until it spat me out in the calm water at the end of the ride. The near drowning was a horrific experience and I am still not sure the concern that was shown was for me or just to recover the water I had removed from the system!. But this how a baptism should take place, although perhaps not to quite that extent. Not only are we experiencing the only death that we are going to go through we are passing that horrible drowning death onto our Lord and Master!. If there are 144,000,000 people in Heaven then Jesus has to go through 144,000,000 other drownings at the same time! No wonder even after being in Heaven for an eternity we will still be stunned by the beauty of what Jesus did for us!. To practice baptism by sprinkling is akin to saying that Noah’s flood was local, it just makes a mockery of the whole thing. So we should perform baptism by full immersion, hold our breath as long as we can and when we can no longer hold our breaths pass our death onto Jesus and come out in His resurrection! We are with Him and He with us for the rest of eternity! I do wonder for long Jesus stayed under water and what went through His mind whilst He was under there. Whatever happened we know that God the Father approved as did the Holy Spirit. As the whole exercise was for the benefit of man God would have had all groups of mankind there, including the Pharisees who would have reported all to their leaders, so they were without excuse for missing the coming of their Saviour.

As stated on many occasions the idea of this blog is to help you to believe in the Bible as the written word of God and to give you methods of being able to pick what is carried over from the OT to the NT, and not just what different people tell you is the case. Baptism is a very good example of this with reasons supplied for the division.I hope that on the subject of baptism you can say that the only thing that Jesus changed was that He added to it. Before the Cross, for some 4,000 years baptism only involved repentance and water, the Holy Spirit could not descend because all righteousness had not been fulfilled. This Jesus did and was able to say Nicodemus ( John 3:5) ” Jesus answered, ‘ I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit’ “. Luckily I have not been given the role of judgement but I wonder what will happen to all those people, particularly Jews, who are baptised with water in repentance but refuse to acknowledge or accept the Spirit of Jesus? Aren’t they denying that Calvary’s tree ever occurred and it’s significance?

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A second aspect that has been covered is that of sacrifices. Good Friday on which day Calvary’s tree occurred was the end of all sacrifices. It was the Sonlight to which almost 4,000 years of moonlight pointed to. Even the transition from moonlight to Sonlight did not occur in the blinking of an eye, it took our Lord 1,260 days to walk from the Jordan River and John’s baptism to Mount Calvary. The problem is that the Sonlight  is so bright it is going to shine for an eternity so it is no wonder that it is so blindingly bright right now. This is why we have to keep returning back to the moonlight or OT, but never to practice the sacrifice just to gain understanding of what was involved. In fact that is what our Master tells us to do. Satan would realise that to offer a sacrifice now would be the gravest of all sins, it would be saying that we are still under moonlight, Calvary’s Tree has not occurred and will therefor try to entice people to commit the gravest of all sins. Even if you are within miles of such an activity move further back as you are in danger of being vaporised by a bolt from Heaven!

There maybe many aspects of why I find the subject of circumcision so difficult but I find that it is of such critical importance that I can no longer avoid it. I have no problem with human anatomy or physiology. It was not only my God and Saviour who designed and built these organs but bestowed on us the ultimate privilege; He made us in His image! He made us to be the temple for His Holy Spirit! He Himself looked like us before and after His Resurrection! It is the sudden change that occurred at the Cross. Before the cross it was essential but after the cross it was at best useless and probably dangerous. Why this sudden change?

It is understandable with sacrifices why this sudden change occurred. Even with wandering around in the moonlight for almost 4,000 years and the sun rising over at least 1,260 days, longer if you count John the Baptist’s ministry, when the Sonlight appeared it was so bright it dazzled and bewildered most people, there was clearly no chance of understanding had the Sonlight appeared without any warning at all. This abrupt change also seems to have occurred in the case of circumcision. Circumcision was a God instigated event and it was compulsory for males and if not carried out disqualified you from being one of God’s chosen people. It was physically beneficial and recommended by the medical profession until not that long ago. ( By over ruling their own peer reviewed literature in continual cycles they don’t seem to realise it makes their present evidence worthless! it is only a matter of time and damage it causes before it is overruled again!) .It is not the physical signs that are the problem it is the spiritual ones.

Having been given the physical signs they were given a list of laws and commandments to keep them pure and separated from the heathens, the uncircumcised. As none of them could keep these laws, including the likes of Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Moses and yes I would include Enoch even though he was taken into Heaven,they were given a system which most at least thought removed their sins, but it did no such thing. So on their way home after the Day of Atonement celebrations where their High Priest had entered the Holy of Holies with the blood of the goat and pleaded for mercy, the fact that God did not strike him down but allowed him to come back out unharmed was taken as a sign of God’s forgiveness and granting of mercy. Then all their sins were transferred to the second goat which was taken out and thrown over a big cliff. That was the end of their sins and on their way home they traveled with a clear consciences knowing their slates were clear! So what is going on? We have a people that God has marked as His own, given commandments which they could not keep, were forgiven by killing an innocent animal which did not forgive anything and still called God’s people! All this is the moonlight which was sent to prepare for the Sonlight! Is there anything there that God did not know? NO.

The moonlight was there for us that even if God had allowed the moonlight to shine for another 40,000 years humanity could not produce even one individual who keep meet those requirements. But the Sonlight shows that such an individual exists. We can have His perfect life, death and resurrection imparted to us. Given to us and counted as if we had done it. All righteousness has been fulfilled and that is by God’s high standard so when we look Heaven-woods we can sigh a great sigh of relief and say ‘thank You’ knowing our place in Heaven for all eternity has been reassured! That individual is none other than the Lord God Jesus Christ. To accept His amazing offer it is not the circumcision of the genitals that is required but the removal of the foreskin around the heart to allow it to bath in His glory and love. To undergo circumcision of the genitals is akin to saying  to God ” had You allowed time to run up to now in the moonlight You would have come to me, an individual who can not only keep all Your laws and commandments but one who can also remove and cleanse the sins of others”. So the change from the OT to the NT is changing the circumcision of the genitals to the circumcision of the heart. It is to stop looking at self and to start looking at Jesus!                                                     CHAPTER    4

Verses 1-4 ” Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil. After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. The tempter came to Him and said ‘ If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread’ Jesus answered, ‘ It is written: ” Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” ‘ We are now going to be shown glimpses of how our Master did meet ALL righteousness when He was on planet earth. He did so by focusing on every word that is written, in Jesus’s time only the Old Testament (OT) was available , because it was the Word of God. It should be our prayer that we don’t have to fast for this incredibly long period of time but if called on we know our bodies can do it.

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Being led into temptation has already been covered. Briefly if God did create time and distance as a quantum foam and that foam has the switches to the spiritual world, both good and evil, then satan has access to us 24-7. It is his world and it would be unfair of God to prevent this access to us. But God has given us ammunition to blow satan’s presence out of the water—” itiswritten” .  The Scripture that Jesus was quoting from would have been written some 1,000 years ago and copied and recopied many times. It would have been during the recopying time that satan would have focused his greatest efforts on this earth,  he had to introduce as many copying errors as he could! So the differences between what Moses wrote and what Jesus read were the results of satan’s efforts. But not even on one occasion  did satan say “that is not what the original manuscript said, in its third copying by scribe …… I made him introduce this error”. Satan knows It is the Word of God and all he could do is to flee! But it is only the faith, trust and confidence that give the Word its power. If you quote Holy Scripture and you know that science so called has disproved what you are saying then satan is the first to accuse you…’ they are just words, you don’t really believe them!’. What an incredible and shocking result this will lead to at the most crucial of times. In His presence when we call on the image of perfect love to be manifested to us, Jesus Christ hanging on the cross for us and this time it is satan that just simply blows us away ‘ they are just words to you, you don’t really believe them! They are meaningless and have no power whatsoever!’. I can tell my beloved that I really love her but unless she believes and trusts me the words are meaningless! And so it is with the Word of  God. Why don’t you call out with the apostles(Luke 17:5) ” The apostles said to the Lord ‘Increase our faith!” ‘. The problem is not from the Lord’s side. He doesn’t just say He loves us, He has taken our place in hell; there is nothing more He can do. But the Lord’s actions are only of any value if we believe Him as He has written it down in His Holy Word. It may mean doubting the latest theory that scientists have come up with, but that is all that it is; latest theory. It is different to the one they had yesterday and it will be different again tomorrow, and that is all that it is ; a theory. You may have a particular problem with abandoning the latest theory especially if you believe that the frog turned into a princess overnight. Do you also hang out the stockings on the tree at Christmas and find Santa fills them with your desired goodies? It is an irreconcilable fact though that if the world is billions of years old the Bible is not worth reading! Now returning to Jesus’s temptation.

Satan has to accept his first defeat. Herod did not kill Jesus and Jesus has got to first base. Satan has not lost sight of the big picture; at 3 o’clock on Good Friday he will lose his place in Heaven and his 100% effort to retain it will amount to one drop in the ocean of God’s power; this will be followed by 1,000 years in the abyss to be only released to burn in hell. And  all this will happen if Jesus goes to the cross. He has had almost 4,000 years of preparation to stop this from happening; so every word and every second of time has been planned. Herod was his first mistake. This plan always had one unavoidable flaw and there was nothing he could do about it, just run with it  hoping against hope it would not occur. The flaw was Joseph who followed God’s instructions immediately he received them and fled to Egypt. Had he waited for the morning to do so Herod’s soldiers would have killed Jesus as they left home or on the road out. Satan must now double his efforts to prevent Jesus  from getting to base two. So why Jesus now have to through 40 days of fasting and tempting and be led there by the Holy Spirit?

Stopping Jesus at the Herod base may have had one flaw but stopping Him from coming out of the wilderness sinless was going to be impossible. Satan knew the OT was the Word of God and he knew Jesus was the Son of God and if there was any chance of getting Jesus to sin it was going to be on earth and never in Heaven although it was still stained by satan’s presence; his place. As satan began his final consummation  in hell  he was not going to say ” if I had tried so and so perhaps I would not be in this situation now”. He was going to fire all his guns. On Good Friday the big guns that were fired at Jesus were fired by God the Father and not satan although it was all action stations for him with the crowds.God was now going to allow him to fire at Jesus whilst He was at the lowest ebb He would be in for the next three years. If Jesus had yielded to satan’s temptation there was no one there to witness it but it was still the end of all righteousness and Jesus’s mission.

Jesus’s earthly mission from baptism to cross lasted 1,260 days. We are not told how old Jesus was when He died but assuming He was seven units of three divinely instigated time units then He was 33 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days, 3 hours of time created by the Triune God or Holy Trinity at 3 o’clock on Good Friday. He was 29 1/2 years old when He entered into the desert. If Daniel’s 2,300 morning and evening services is what is being referred to then Jesus’s actual ministry consisted of 110 days of preparation  followed 1,150 days ( or 2,300 morning and evening services) of active ministry.

We are not told how often satan took advantage of his privileged position to have access to Heaven, he had lost his position but not his place, a privilege he was about to lose. We know that on one of those occasions he asked for and was given permission to test Job.I think satan’s basic argument before God was ” Good and evil have prevailed since eternity but if only one is to continue then it has to be evil. Look at the start with all those angels You created, one third came with me. Can I present a better example than Adam and Eve? It was like watching butter melt on hot toast! He followed me and I didn’t even have to ask him!! And so on up to Good Friday where I will have everyone of them screaming to kill You even though You will have performed thousands of major miracles in among st them. If that doesn’t prove that earth and humanity are mine and at least You should butt out of it’s affairs then what will?. The reality is You could not have done me a bigger favour with that creation of Yours and that is despite the fact You made them in Your image! So evil on earth and in humanity had to be defeated, expunged. Because of the size of the task it could only be undertaken by God Himself and was going to require more than just waving the miracle rod, which God could have done. All He had to do after this was to create so many millions of robots with endless tapes programmed with praise they would sing for an eternity! End of problem.

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God’s answer was the family. Type earth and anti-type Heaven. As there were to be no more births in Heaven the role of the mother was abolished but the basic parent child relationship remained. This is reason satan has made an all out assault on the earthly family ; gay marriage, violence, drugs, alcohol and many other vices to destroy the earthly model. By destroying the seen he destroys the unseen in Heaven. But he does not thwart God’s plan. Initially God did not want Adam and Eve to have anything to do with evil; ‘stay away from it’. But it was their will to see it and God has no choice but to grant humanity it’s request. If you want to see what evil is like then I will show you but it is not going to be very pretty!. Don’t blame Me as I told you to stay away from it! So the problem of the sinful children remains.

The first problem is that the children of eternity do they really want to be with Me for an eternity as much as I want them to be with Me. To bring someone against their will would be kidnapping them and putting them into prison to be with someone who they don’t want to be with. That lot is very easily distinguished, they receive the mark of the beast. Likewise the ones who want to be with me receive the seal of God. But the major problem are those who call “YES” with their mouths but their actions show otherwise. And is why it takes almost 2,000 years to show that these who called “YES” really meant “NO”. Heaven did not leave one child behind who wanted to be there.

So the first problem, they do want to be with Me for an eternity, has been sorted out. Even satan could not argue with this decision. The line that I drew in the sand and they crossed was that I was prepared to die for them are they prepared to die for Me so that I could be in eternity with them. They all answered “YES” even though very few were required to do so and became literal martyrs and the majority became spiritual martyrs. ( those who answer yes and are still lost have been previously covered). But what what about their sins and their sinful nature? They have broken My Law, disobeyed My Commandments which are a reflection of My nature which is love so anything they have done that is not in love is sin and it must be punished. I clearly spelled out that punishment in the Garden of Eden ‘ if you eat of that tree you will surely die’. And that is what the overwhelming majority will do. But just because they have paid the penalty for breaking God’s Law does not mean they will be going to Heaven. Their place is oblivion, or Biblically put everlasting shame. But if they have no trace of sin then why can’t they go to Heaven?

So God has some very major problems and satan knows exactly what they are. The only consolation that God has from the Garden of Eden ‘experiment’ is that for every angel that rebelled two did not. The human side was a total failure. This now required plan B in order for God to finish up with His loving and perfect family of eternity. What He had to do was:

1; For those who really wanted to be with Him for an eternity but could not even begin to meet the standards set  He had to do it for them. They had sinned, they had broken God’s commandments they had to pay the penalty for their transgressions and God had set that Penalty Himself as death. Another way of putting ‘in hell’ is to say that it is the catastrophic failure of every organ and nerve fibre because of the intense pain, but only after the penalty for every sin had been paid. For those who have suffered major burns would have an idea what that meant.The penalty for the sins of God’s children had to be paid and if the children were not going to pay the penalty then God Himself would have to go to hell, suffer and die. God’s Law is not like human laws which range from how the rich and powerful are dealt with down to black man’s justice where only evidence that is against you is admitted but if it is for you then it is inadmissible.. Jesus Christ had to take our place in hell for us!

2; As already stated just because you have been to hell and paid the penalty for breaking God’s Law does not mean to say that you can now go to Heaven. What is still missing is a Divine nature and covering…Christ’s robe of righteousness. It is the robe that Jesus came to earth to weave and it could not have any flaws, it had to meet all righteousness. Satan knew this  and this was going to be his point of attack on Jesus in the wilderness. God’s original plan of the Garden of Eden lay in shambles and if satan could now introduce but one flaw in Christ’s robe then that would be the end of plan B also. Jesus did not have to convert the stones into bread as satan had asked, all He had to do was to think about it. As all of satan thoughts and actions are motivated by evil, hate and lies then Jesus’s mind would have also been stained by this filth and so an imperfection in that robe we will be given to wear for an eternity.

Verses 5-11 ” Then the devil took him to the holy city and had him stand on the highest point of the temple. ‘ If you are the Son of God,’he said, ‘ throw yourself down for it is written: ” He will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone” ‘. Jesus answered him ‘ It is also written ” Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’ “. Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. ‘ all this I will give you,’ he said , ‘ if you will bow down and worship me.’ Jesus said to him, ‘ Away from me, Satan!. For it is written ” Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.” ‘ Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.

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We can draw very little by analogy from the temptations of Jesus. We fall with such monotonous regularity at every temptation because the only ammunition against these attacks, ‘it is written’ is water logged and rusty and if we pull it out and try to use it satan knows and accuses us ‘ it is just words and they have no meaning to you. He sends us quivering back into our shells. If we could just realise that it is no longer about us. The human experiment failed and was abandoned by God a long time ago! It is all about Jesus now and how He died for our sins in hell and weaved us the perfect robe which we will wear in Heaven for an eternity! If satan tried to tempt Jesus with whom he had no chance of success then he will certainly be on the doorsteps of our hearts trying to tempt us. The Word of God is the only thing that is powerful enough to make him flee, providing we can apply it with confidence! When you call down the power of infinite love and you see that figure on the cross what is it that you actually see? Where are you in this situation? Where are you in this creation? The Bible is not a one sentence book ! It gives us the nitty gritty details on these and other questions to make this infinite act of love more meaningful!.

Had Herod killed Jesus that was the end of the act of salvation. No hell for the punishment of sins and no robe of righteousness for the saints to wear for an eternity. That failed so now he had to put but the smallest of imperfections into that robe and if God had protected Jesus from these temptations He would be admitting that Jesus was likely to have fallen and thus needed His protection. that was satan’s case; evil always triumphed. One of the more difficult Scriptures I have in explaining concerns Job’s trials and temptations. No one doubts the severity of his trials but they would not hold a candle on what Jesus went through in the desert let alone Calvary’s Tree. As I read through this book for the first time I scored Job as 5% right and his friends as 95% right but God gave the round to Job and said his friends were wrong! But Jesus’s response was going to have to be on a different level! It is heartening to know that when we are tested and we lose the plot that God understands and does not hold it against us. But if Jesus had only lost the plot on the smallest scale, well that is what satan was looking for; that imperfection in the saints robe of eternity: in the life, death and resurrection of our Lord.

Satan’s third trial of Jesus was always a nonstarter and the only reason he tried it was to say ‘ I did try it’. Had satan tried this on us we would have taken not just taken the bait but the hook and sinker as well. ” All this land, it’s resources, cities buildings and money are ours!! ” Today most worship satan for far smaller portions than this. But Jesus saw it for what it was; satan’s sin filled world that He would have to destroy on an atom by atom basis and satan’s tenure was soon to run out, provided He could hang through Calvary’s Tree ; that was the mountainous obstacle still to be overcome. Many times during the day our loyalties are challenged; Heavenly worship or earthly wealth!

Satan’s second trial of Jesus was also pie in the sky stuff. It maybe putty in the hand stuff when it came to humanity but the Divine consequences are of a different dimension. Daniel’s chapter 9 are the  best description I can think of. Jesus’s act of salvation, of hanging on Calvary’s Tree had to rejoin humanity to Divinity, so His Cross had to be above the temple; It was the link that rejoined the earthly temple with the Heavenly one. But it also had to be above that section of the temple where the blood of those animals that symbolically carried the people’s sins soaked into the ground. It was for this reason that Jesus hung on the cross, to pay for those sins so they would no longer soak the ground but disappear forever. So satan wanted Jesus to jump from the highest point in the temple and commit the most serious of sins , suicide and would not be available to redeem us: no chance!. But we often do exactly this. We buy or wager on something and blame God when our gamble falls over!

The first trial however was a totally different matter. The next time Jesus would be at such a low ebb would be on Thursday night in Gethsemane, and the conditions would be totally different; this would be the end game and Jesus would be some 30 hours from the finish. This is the start and only the very best ammunition could be used as this was a matter of life and death, it had to work. Satan’s first argument that God would never allow Jesus to be exposed to such deep troughs was invalid, He did.So every one of satan’s words, deeds and actions had to have a maximum effect. It was operation desperation!! When it comes to God’s children satan may not go through quite the same effort to snatch you out from under that perfect robe of Christ’s righteousness but it still will be operation desperation! He may have failed with Jesus but snatching one of His children away from Him certainly gives satan at least the consolation  prize. This is the situation and scenario that I would like to look at first.

When you came out of the baptismal font you were fairly sure of the presence of the Holy Spirit, you have tried to put your faith into actions since and you do feed on the daily bread. When you have problems with His Word you don’t go to secular sources for an explanation but rather ask His Spirit to explain the problem at the right time, when you are ready for this explanation. But at all times you realise that the very best of your actions are but filthily rags in God’s eyes and that is why you breathe such a sigh of relief knowing you are covered by Christ’s robe of righteousness and it is not a matter of if but when you will go to Heaven to be with the One Who loves you so much. But don’t hold your breath right now because satan has been given permission by God to fire his most lethal arrows at you. Expect them when you are at a very low ebb, this obviously means there will be an event to do this, to bring you to that ebb. Keep in mind that satan wants you to follow his will and instructions and they will sound most reasonable and your only weapon of reply must be readily available, ‘it is written’. Satan shoots his deadliest arrows first. When he has immobilised you he will certainly complete his work of destruction. There is no benefit whatsoever for him in destroying you, in hell his screams will far exceed those of those souls he successfully managed to bring to hell with him as will the duration of his suffering. He is successful in hurting Jesus Christ by snatching us away from Him. His deadliest arrow must also be fired when we are at our lowest ebb, to be most successful. This is what he did to Jesus. When he offered Jesus the world Jesus was repulsed by the offer; satanic, sin stained and in need of total destruction. When he took Him to the highest point of the temple, Jesus knew this was our attempt to join with the Heavenly temple; an impossibility for humanity unless Jesus hung in this spot. His best chance was though food; just look at the amazing success with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden!! He knew God could not intervene to help Jesus, by doing so would only prove satan was right all the while along so he had Jesus’s humanity fully exposed. It was satan’s argument that humanity must sin, there is no other choice! Well here was humanity fully exposed at an ebb only those who have been 40 days without food would know about, yet Jesus did not begin to breakdown! The backup that He had is available to all; ‘it is written’!.

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This is also the same channel that satan uses to destroy humanity. He must get you addicted, be that on drugs, alcohol, tobacco, junk food, pornography, homosexuality, gambling, greed or whatever. If the drugs or whatever is forced into you it would be unfair for satan to take advantage and enter into you. But if you voluntarily open a channel for his entry, like getting drunk, then you have no one to blame but yourself if satan takes advantage of this. This blog still has to struggle what it means to be in this world and of this world.

Verses 12-17 ” When Jesus heard that John had been put in prison, he returned to Galilee. Leaving Nazareth, he went and lived in Capernaum, which was by the lake in the area of Zebulun and Naphtali– to fulfill what was said through the prophet Isaiah: Land of Zebulun and land of Naphtali, the way to the sea, along the Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles– the people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.’ From that time on Jesus began to preach, ‘ Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is near’ “. I don’t believe Jesus moved away from the area for fear of Herod. It was Jesus who inspired Isaiah to write these words almost 1,000 years ago and now He is again doing as ‘ it is written’. Jesus actually had a two stage ministry. The first stage was for His own people, the Jews, and the second stage was for the Gentiles. The Jews by separating themselves from the gentiles in every facet of life were only following instructions Jesus had given through Moses. Whenever they strayed from these instructions disaster would follow. They were different in that they worshiped one God and not like the heathen who had multiple gods. So this meant that Jesus’s first stage ministry had to concentrate only on His own people, even though that appeared to be quite cruel at times. He could not be accused of eating with the Gentiles because He Himself had forbidden His people to do so. Because of their purity and amazing welfare they were supposed to attract Gentiles to God’s cause but they themselves were not to take part of the sinful life of the gentiles. When His people rejected Him only then did Jesus begin His Gentile ministry. So these towns and areas had been carefully planned out almost a millennium ago . Jesus could not leave one stone unturned in His search for His own people.

The last part of John the Baptist’s ministry was held in parallel with Jesus’s ministry. It was the practical welding of the OT and the NT. It ended when John was forcibly removed by arrest. This would have dented John’s view of Jesus; how could He allow such a thing to happen? This would be coupled with the fact that Jesus was just baptising with repentance; wasn’t this fellow supposed to baptise with fire and the Spirit? Jesus’s itinerary had been sent ahead of Him about 1,000 years before His arrival and He followed it. Doesn’t that give you confidence in ” it is written”? I would not be surprised if John never found out that the fire and Spirit of Jesus’s baptism could only occur when Jesus had met all righteousness, when He ascended into Heaven 40 days after His Resurrection. I find it surprising how little head knowledge is required to be saved, how simple is the message of salvation!

Verses 18-22 ” As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon called Peter and his brother Andrew. They were casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. ‘ Come, follow me,’ Jesus said, ‘ and I will make you fishers of men.’ At once they left their nets and followed him. Going on from there, he saw two other brothers, James son of Zebedee and his brother John. They were in a boat with their father Zebedee, preparing their nets, Jesus called them and immediately they left the boat and their father and followed him”.

Jesus did not pick these disciples because of their linguistic ability or their extensive knowledge of Scripture although being Jews they did know the fundamentals. He did have room for one of these but now was not the time. The sheep had to be gathered first before they could be instructed. The sheep had to have a certain amount of knowledge to voluntarily enter into the fold. If the best that the Jews could produce at this time was Nicodemus and Paul then they were in a very sorry state indeed! They were mostly from the Church of Laodicea. They were rich, had acquired wealth and did not need a thing. They did not realise they were wretched, pitiful,poor, blind and naked. They were of no value then neither are they of any value at the second coming. Only the Johns, Peters, Andrews and James are required, those who drop everything and follow Jesus. On the surface that appears to be an impossibly tall order, but we  will go out to be fishers of men; some the men are members of their family and some members of their workplace or some other environment. It is our attitude and intentions that count! If Paul was converted at this stage would he have been of any use to the Lord? With much effort I think I could also learn the Hebrew and Aramaic languages but I am quite content to leave that to other servants of the Lord. In fact I am thrilled to have been given these revelations of the Lord if they came from the Holy Spirit.

Verses 23-25 ” Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people. News about him spread all over Syria, and people brought to him all who were ill with various diseases, those suffering severe pain, the demon possessed, those having seizures, and the paralysed, and he healed them. Large crowds from Galilee, the Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judea and the region across the Jordan followed him”.

Jesus’s ministry certainly began with a flurry. These were not minor ailments that Jesus was curing. Anyone who is crippled with severe pain that just does not go away could vouch for that! The demon possessed not only had their own lives destroyed but also that of family and friends. They did not know when this demon would go psycho and begin its unbelievable destruction, although they soon learnt it was when they were most vulnerable. The paralyzed are in a class of their own. No wheelchairs they just had to be carried like a bag of potatoes from one place to another. Placed last they were the pits as far as society was concerned! The numbers that Jesus cured were ‘ all who were ill’ from the surrounding areas. But in the large crowds that followed Him those cripples who were so thrilled to be able to walk soon became complacent as the novelty of their miracle wore off; as it did for those who had the chronic pain; and those who were blind and deaf and the demon possessed and it does today. The greatest miracle that God can bestow on us today, taking our place in hell and putting us into Paradise ( or emerging from the baptismal font) may lead us to follow Him for a while but satan soon has us back into our old ways. And just as it was in Jesus’s day, there will be very few at the base of the cross!

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Verses 1-12 ” Now when he saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him, and he began to teach them: ‘ Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted: Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Blessed are the poor in heart, for they will see God. Blessed are the peace makers, for they will be called sons of God. Blessed are they who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me, Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

Jesus began to teach His disciples and If my Christian walk had begun with the teaching of the Beatitudes I would not have spat my dummy so far when we were handed our first child in the hospital, a child who was placed under the full control and protection of none other than God Himself, and told the child would be lucky if she ever achieved a mental age of two and a half years. Just like he did with our Lord and Master satan will be given a chance to fire his best arrows and that will be when we are at our lowest ebb. I don’t know why he has to wait until we are at our lowest ebb to fire his deadliest arrows when he has close to a 100% success rate with ordinary arrows when we are far from our lowest ebb! He must go for that killer blow and get us out of those crowds that are following Jesus,he knows where those crowds following Jesus are going to finish up at. So this fall is not your run of the mill ordinary falls it’s the big one! The only sounds that are of any consolation now are when we cuddle our brother or sister and our howls of grief match theirs. But that storm will pass when it is pierced by the first rays of light and the rain that fell will give rise to everlasting life. We don’t blame Adam and Eve for their failures because we are not any different but we should be sorry for hurting our perfect friend and take a closer look at those rays of light piercing this storm. They are far brighter than we realised. They expose that wonderful cloak of Christ’s righteousness. This cloak has already been examined by the one who has the greatest vested interest in it. In fact his life and death accompanied by almost infinite pain are at stake. Satan has examined this cloak under the most powerful microscope using the highest magnification and studied every weave to see if he could find but one slightest imperfection but could not find any! The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ were perfect and that is judging by the standards of God Himself! This cloak is already counted as ours and is the only reason why the Holy Spirit could come down from Heaven into our lives. We should refocus our lives to make sure that at the second coming we meet up with those lost loved ones who have fallen asleep before us. Our refocusing should begin by concentrating on the ” blessed”.

In the end game satan will firstly concentrate on the unit that binds God’s people, the family and then on the people themselves. That attack on the family has begun so if we don’t marshal God’s troops now it will be too late when he begins his attack on the people. Satan did play his last card in the Irish referendum on gay marriage and he realises that it wont work again, so there is no way he will allow the issue to go to a referendum again. His only weapons now will be to marginalize and ridicule. Hardly arrows that are debilitating! By far more powerful are the arrows where he conned a family member or loved one into his cause. These poor people should be the subject of not just Christian prayers but of desperate prayer. As a parent in this situation you can be reassured that Heaven will not leave one stone unturned to bring your child back only stopping at not removing that child’s free will. It is hard to see that all the love and care that you put into bringing up this child could not have been for naught! But you can’t help wondering where you went wrong but I can’t go into that painful area now.

Returning to mustering the troops for battle now. The red letter Christians are of no use and could quite easily turn into a liability. Let me use the following texts;

Mat( 12: 43-46) ” When an evil spirit comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says ‘ I will return to the house I left’. When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and  takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go and live there. And the final condition of that man is worse than the first. That is how it will be with this wicked generation.”—all red letters!

Hebrews (6:4-6) ” It is impossible for those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the Heavenly gift, who have shared in the Holy Spirit, who have tasted the goodness of the word of God, and the powers of the coming age, if they fall away, to be brought back to repentance, because to their loss they are crucifying the Son of God all over again and subjecting him to public disgrace.”

2 Peter ( 2:20-22) ” If they have escaped the corruption of the world by knowing our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and are again entangled in it and overcome, they are worse of at the end  than they were at the beginning. It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed onto them. Of them the proverbs are true ‘ a dog returns to its vomit.’ and ‘ A sow that is washed goes back to her wallowing in the mud.”

1 Thessalonians (4:7,8) ” For God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life. Therefore, he who rejects this instruction this instruction does not reject man but God, Who gives you his Holy Spirit.”

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Well congratulations are in order! Another lot of souls brought into the fold! Look at that joy on their faces as they come up out of the baptismal font! Could there be a better sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit?! Thank you God for your presence and my privilege to be used by You in this wonderful act of salvation. Look at them now as they go and join those ‘ large crowds that follow Jesus’, we know where they will finish up, in none other than Heaven! Before the euphoria lifts you off this planet just stop and think of that one tiny seed, a horrific mistake that you have made, that one seed you sowed that will ensure that you have not done them one iota of good but caused incalculable harm.

You told them to only follow the red letters of the Bible.

You told them not to read and worry about the black letters of the Bible.

That is all the master agronomist, farmer needs. Jesus had no seeds of doubt so he tried to invent them for Him. But you have given him the seeds and it is only putty in his hands to make them grow. It is only a matter of time for that crowd following Jesus to be decreased by one. Let me give you one such scenario.

I am aware that I should that I should not be reading this black letter stuff and my Pastors would not have told me this if there were no valid reasons. The problem is my Bible only contains black letters, no red  ones at all and I must be better off reading this than nothing. What better place to start than at the start, the book of Genesis. If I have any problems my pastors, who are not only versed in theology but science and engineering as well will soon sort out any problems.

I don’t have to read very far before I am checking the calendar. It must be the first of April, April fools day! The claims that are being made are outrageous! I can now see why our pastors have shielded us from this rubbish! God claims to have made everything in seven days! Haven’t they heard of the eons of time and the evolution of the tree of life? How wonderfully it correlates all living things? What about the units that science is based on? If temperature is the velocity of atoms and molecules then simply by creating these He has created temperature. ” In the beginning ” from which time begins to tick, “God created the heavens” which is the space for things to be placed in, ” and the earth” which is mass. So in the first sentence of the Bible God claims to have created our SI system of measurement: Temperature in degrees Kelvin, Time in seconds, Distance in meters and mass in kilograms! He doesn’t realise it has taken far superior minds to have come up with this system! To claim there was no death before Adam and Eve sinned is absurd as all the fossil evidence shows. Creating plants before sunlight, Adam out of clay and Eve out of one of his ribs, the contradictions of plant appearance in chapter 2 and many others are all topped by the claim that Noah’s flood was a global event when the impossibility of such an event is very easy to establish! Had it not been for the filtering actions of those learned pastors we would indeed look like a bunch of idiots! The unfortunate and sad thing that pulls all these arguments apart are the red letters of Jesus Himself. (John 3:12)

” I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe, how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?.”

If that is the bottom line that Jesus sets then I am sorry but I can not believe these things that have so convincingly been dis proven by science. Well all I can say is  ‘I have been there and done that’ and now and returning to planet earth and reality! It looks like what all those intellectuals say about religion is true. It is an invention of the rich to keep the poor in check. If they sing a few hymns and quote a few Bible verses then so be it; As long as they tend the cotton and sugar crops and go to war to and kill those we tell them to kill without asking any questions then so be it.Congratulations are in order to Pastor Des, or Richie or Hugh or whatever your name may be. Satan has watered and nurtured those seeds of doubt you planted and the result was always going to be:

1; Because the seven devils that return to replace the one that you drove out are more evil that person is now 70 times worse off than before your wonderful conversion!

2; 2 Peter tells us that person is now worse off and should not have been baptised. Before they were guilty of not accepting Christ’s perfect gift of love, now they are guilty of throwing it back into His precious face!

3; They have found a flaw in Christ’s robe of righteousness were there was none.

4; When they went under water they passed their death in hell with it’s suffering onto Jesus but when they burst out of the water they also burst out with Him in His resurrection into life eternal! Now by rejecting Him they have put Him back onto the cross!

5; When you gave them that explanation about the fossils, or the age of the earth or ice sheets, or the river, gorge, mountain or planet you led them to believe you were quoting the results of experimental science, these results have and been repeated in the laboratory and with the qualifications you have you knew you were using the results of historical science, something that cannot be repeated in the laboratory. The only certainty in science as you damned well know, and the word damned is correctly used, is uncertainty or the uncertainty principle! That is the reason we have standards. We all agree that to the best of our present knowledge this is what we shall do and we cannot be taken to court for doing it!. So the explanations you gave them included all earthly possibilities bar one; God’s explanation in the Bible! Now there is my definition of “satanic’, what is yours? You have not nor did you tell them to at those same facts with creation glasses and the volumes of material that is available on the web. God has left many apostle ‘Paul’s’ out there who are able to defend His Word. Secular scientists also know this and avoid them like the plague! That is why their usual modem operand-us is to line one of their PHD experts against some creationist who preferably has not done any science at all, but they will take on someone with up to 2 years of science. If you are put in this situation ask this expert if he would be game enough to put this question to a creation spokesperson from one of the major creation ministries?

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Now regarding our being slaves of the rich. If Heaven is the riches that are being referred to and the master the One Who loved us so much then we proudly and willingly admit that we are slaves of the rich! But consider the following:

1; What if there really are pearly gates up there waiting for us. Who is the one who is not going to look quite so smart now! God can do nothing about your deliberate sins, that is His Law; if you eat of this tree you will surely die. With your intelligence you can quite easily see that this death is accomplished by the catastrophic failure of each organ with its suffering. God will be kind to you in two ways; you will not have to suffer for your unintentional sins ( where there is no law there is no sin) and you will not  be shown the beauty of Heaven, the place you scorned in your life. There are two books on judgement day (Rev 20:12) which record exactly the same sins, but one of them has a red stamp on it . Paid for in full on Good Friday on Calvary’s Tree but as you chose not to exercise this option you will pay for this particular sin yourself. It would be unbearable to be shown the Heaven you missed out on at the same time. It is not even an option as your presence in any form would defile Heaven.Thus you not be shown the contrast of Heaven and hell. Neither will I be in Heaven. I will certainly be shown the beauty of Heaven for an eternity but the depths of hell from which Christ rescued me I will still be appreciating even after an eternity!

2: I will have not have  lost anything if there are no pearly gates up there, in fact I will have gained much. How I wish I had relied on the Lord in earlier life. Life would have been so much easier! It is only now as I get old that I am beginning to take hold of God’s Word, the Bible, although I have had reliance on it for some time, but not  to the same degree as now. I still find it difficult to believe that the God Who made what could ten with 160 zeros after it events that occur in His universe every second made me IN HIS IMAGE! How stunningly complex I must be! It is a good thing He made the food to nourish me, so He knows what is good for me and what is not. I don’t have to follow the latest fads in diets either. If I had followed His food instructions earlier in life I would have probably avoided the problems I am having now! Even though the consequences for the sins I have committed have been paid for by Jesus their very presence before repentance have caused me harm and I have no one else to blame.

3: But the main advantage of my relationship with Jesus is the ability to cope with life, especially those storms. Without religion how do you cope with those storms, specially at night. Do you cuddle up to that bottle of grog or medication? Perhaps that extra cigarette or injection ? Does the pornography or pedophilia help.? Whatever you do is not only harmful but addictive as well. Wouldn’t it be more healthier and useful to fall asleep with God’s Word after telling Him ” well you put the trial there in the first place how are You going to help me get out of this one. You have never sent a trial without the corresponding help so I can safely assume this one is no different! So if You don’t mind I am going to sleep now and I am confident that You know what You are doing. And if you don’t then this world is in a very sad state! And one thing that satan does not allow is meditating on previous trials and the wonderful results that came from them, so the sleep is almost spontaneous.

4: Many a volume have written on the effects of stress not just of the body but of every single cell in the body. If you are at that stage where the Bible’s message removes life’s stresses then you should look up to Heaven and say ‘thank you’. If you are not and still trying then be assured it is a goal that is attainable. It is just a matter of where your walk is through your Jordan River. My greatest aid in the Bible was the realisation of what effort Heaven makes in bringing every individual into the fold. Most people have neither the seal of God nor the mark of the beast but there will come a time when they will show their true colours.

5: Even though I dread the time when I will not be able to do beach walks with my beloved, go to golf, 4 WDing and hobby activities it does not compare to the dread of losing my marbles with it’s many varieties. So the brain food is of utter importance. Can somebody tell me of better brain food than reading God’s Word, typing It, thinking about It and then proof  reading It! ( far too little of the last has gone on and the blog is riddled with errors, something I am about to correct). Even if this blog has not done one thing for any other person then it is still worth it for the amount of good it has done me! I also need to reread the blog as I am repeating many things. This blog so far printed out at 89 pages. I have no problem with the typing errors but I do have a problem with what appears to be errors of logic. I accept that satan lines up all the work I have to do before and after typing and impresses on me the importance of this work but I type under the influence of the Holy Spirit, it seems logical at the time and I will probably have to start another blog to explain these ‘ inconsistencies’. That is not saying that I have been given all the light and no more will be shown! That is the idea of reading the Bible daily, to be shown more and more light.

6: There are a number of returning themes, and one of those is God’s sleeping church. Just when their fates are at stake, it’s Heaven or hell  they sleep and only wake up when it is all over, when it is too late to change anything. How can God and Heaven be in control at this time? I can think of no better example than Jesus and His disciples in Gethsemane on Good Thursday night ( Mark 14:32-43) Here was Jesus with His fledgling church and at the crossroads. Do I go ahead with the act of perfection for this hopeless lot or just say ” they are not worth it” and go back to Heaven. And that one moment when their prayers to the Father would make a difference what are they doing? They are asleep! Even though I have been through 1,260 days of ministry, 1,150 of which were  active the best that this lot can do is sleep! He did tell them ‘to sit here while I pray’ but He did not give a fire and brimstone sermon and the consequences of them falling asleep, probably because there were none . They, humanity at large were the problem and never the solution. This solution was always JESUS CHRIST and all they had to realise was the problem and solution scenario. When they woke up all the decisions had been made.Jesus had started His walk towards Calvary’s tree! Little has changed from fledgling to final church, in the problem and solution scenario. They do SIT and sleep. If they were fully asleep they would be lying down and when they woke up they would have to relight their lamps instead of just trimming their lamps. We are the problem still today but the good news is that Jesus Christ is still the only solution. For us to think that we are a part of that solution, or righteousness by works is the sort of blasphemy that requires instant vaporization by Heaven. We must let go completely, breath the deepest sigh of relief and call ‘ thank You, You have done it all!’ But there is still another call ‘ rise’ Mark (14:41), to come.

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” Returning the third time, he said to them,’ Are you still sleeping and resting? Enough! The hour has come. Look, the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. Rise! Let us go ! Here comes my betrayer!’ “. Let me paraphrase this verse. ” Returning for the third time” His first coming was to Calvary’s tree, His second coming was to any soul who wanted Him in the intervening 2,000 years, and His third return to take these souls back to Heaven with Him. ” he said to them ‘Are you still sleeping and resting?’ The church is still asleep and now wakes up. This is the midnight call which occurs at the end of the reign of terror by the beast out of the earth. So there are now 45 days left until Jesus appears in the sky. ” Enough! The hour has come. Look, the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners.” Satan’s tenure of Heaven was very shaky at best. He had lost his position in Heaven at the first rebellion and he put in  every ounce of effort into the fight at 3o’clock on Good Friday for his place in Heaven ( this is the one that Jesus went to Heaven to prepare for us). But this earth is a different matter. This earth is his and it was none other than Adam and Eve who gave it to him, and it was theirs to give. So the earth and the overwhelming majority of it’s inhabitants are his! God’s realm is Heaven but earth is his. If he could just kill those remaining few Christians Jesus had no one to come back to take back with Him, satan would not be bound for a 1,000 years, the beast out of the earth would not be thrown into darkness, the place was theirs. The only influence satan has on Heaven now is by hurting God’s children on earth. Having been unsuccessful in exterminating God’s people he is now going to make Jesus pay for those He wants in Heaven. ( keep in mind that this is not only the few living ones but also all the righteous dead, Jesus must come back! He must also reclaim the earth before destroying it) Thus the attack appears to be on God’s people but it in reality  is an attack on Jesus. “Rise! Let us go!. Here comes my betrayer!”.

I was wrong in satan’s assessment of God’s living people at His second coming. I thought that if satan and the beasts could kill them all then Jesus would have no one to come back for. This is the start of eternity and the Bridegroom is coming to pick up His Bride from her home, whether dead or alive. He is not sending His driver to pick her up from the bus stop. So if it does not matter whether the bride is dead or alive then why this massive effort to exterminate God’s people?

In our present study of Mathew the lion we are learning of satan’s attempts to derail the mission of Jesus. He fails even though he leaves no stone unturned. If Jesus’s call of ‘ it is finished’ is made half way through created time, as this blog suggests then there is still nearly 4,000 years of time before the Bride and Bridegroom enter the New Jerusalem and perfect eternity. Even though satan must be grateful that God not only pulled him out of the fire so quickly but also stopped the rest of Daniel’s edifice, or satan’s support from collapsing. He is not about to give Jesus any privileges for these magnanimous acts, all that proved was you don’t give some one who is down a second chance. So he now has all rifles loaded and cocked for Jesus’s second coming, and probably his last hoorah!  At Jesus’s third coming He is represented by His two olive trees, John and Elijah and at the fourth coming for Him to come as a ‘mighty angel’ with that announcement that Babylon has fallen, and not kill everyone on earth He must be a great distance away.

I now believe that satan’s effort  to kill everyone of God’s people was to invalidate Scripture and to hurt Jesus. If there were no living righteous at the second coming then there would be no first fruits to present and no expectation of the resulting harvest on which the Book of Revelation spends so much f it’s time on. How pleased satan must be with the many who now invalidate large portions of God’s word! And satan himself cannot do this on one occasion and it is not through lack of trying! He would get great satisfaction in hurting and killing Jesus’s followers because he knows of what pain he is inflicting on Jesus. The real satisfaction however would be in scaring them out of the fold! But this is about ‘ the hour that the Son of Man is to be betrayed into the hands of sinners’.

It wasn’t just  Judas and the silver he received, or Peter with his infamous denials or His own people screaming with the entire crowd ‘crucify Him, we only want Pilate and that murderer Barabbas’, just look at the contrast these people were making! We are going to meet the betrayer. ‘ here comes my betrayer’ In Jesus time that was that evil human being, Judas or intrinsic evil but he was also possessed by the devil or extrinsic evil. We would meet both of these luckily  in our Savior’s presence, full on and not just wonder at the stupidity of Adam and Eve to wanting to do this but the reassurance that we would never contemplate evil again. It would be repulsive to us. But how can such evil be manifested in what is a neutral society? After all most of the population have neither mark nor seal, are made in the image of God, have a conscience and cared for by Him? Answer; desensitize their conscious-es be that by drugs, alcohol, pornography and give them some idol to worship like a sporting celebrity, film star, or whatever. That is surprisingly easy to do and then to make them scream ‘ crucify him,we want no one but Caesar’ . It is a rhetorical question to ask where and why this rot set in but God has factored it in ‘ The hour has come’. It could not have happened at a better time for us when our Saviour calls ‘ arise…’ . The laws to accomplish these nefarious deeds have already been passed and accepted in most countries by a drunk, drugged, pornographic, sports and entertainment worshiping society, so it is only a matter of time before they are enacted. And that time will be the right time, God’s time. So you can have the assurance of God and His Word or some wishy, washy current theory and model. Make sure you learn this theory quickly because there is another one right behind it which is saying ‘ that theory is a load of rubbish, learn me!’. So behind that line of awfully clever surgeons with their scalpels wanting to remove your vestigial organs, those left behind by evolution, there is a line saying ‘ I have a drug that can compensate you for those functions you have lost that were produced by that organ those other surgeons should not have removed!. But that could not happen today! you may say. It does and on a regular basis. The more they learn of the stunning beauty and complexity of Jesus’s creation the more they admire mother nature how through evolution she has accomplished all  this by chance! And these rabbits that they claim come out of mother nature’s hat are frauds and they know it!

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It is certainly going to be unbelievable relief for God’s people at the second coming. The dead will be woken, and will probably not know for how long they have been asleep, and those living will know they have been snatched from the fire and placed into Paradise. His second coming could not be anywhere as traumatic as His first. There will be no Calvary’s tree, He has already met satan at his worst behavior at His first coming and all He has  to do is to rest on His laurels…’ it is finished’. But He still has to leave behind that place of perfection, Heaven, which can’t be easy and to pick up His suffering, struggling flock with whom He also suffers. But what an amazing party we are going to, and it is for an eternity! Returning  back to Jesus’s red letter word ‘ blessed’ ( Mat 5:3).

Jesus uses this word nine times. I expected ten or twelve times as it is the complete number. Perhaps there are still  blessings that He still has to tell us about. But for our red letter Christians wouldn’t the word have a lot more meaning if you believed some of those claims that Jesus makes through His black letter claims like; Out of nothing, ie.real nothing, no time or space or matter He just spoke the Word and this amazingly beautiful and complex universe appeared appeared ( scientists tell us that this happened by itself without any need of God). It does not matter what aspect of it you look at it is  mindbogglingly complex! So if you wanted to know what was the best food and diet for this mindbogglingly complex body would you go to somebody that changes their mind and does not know the equivalent of even one bucket of water in the ocean or would you go to someone who actually designed and made you  and recorded all this in His Holy Word, the Bible? Wouldn’t this Being be capable of delivering the blessings He has promised? Not only does He claim to be the Word that spoke this universe into existence out of nothing He claims He is the Word made flesh Who walked to Mt Calvary on Good Friday and took the suffering and death we so richly deserve in hell onto himself! Would a Being who loved us so much that He performed the perfect act of love lead us astray and hurt us? Having been through this life would He not have  empathy and useful counsel for us in our daily walk? Would He tell such an outrageous lie that He is not only the spoken word and the word that became flesh is now also the written Word? Is all this stuff really for the uneducated? So what field do you claim to be educated in? If you are really educated in your field then being honest you would admit; you know very little of the knowledge in your field ( approaching zero %) and your field probably knows zero % of what is to be known about your subject. If we approach our Lord with this spirit then we have our first blessing. Ours is the kingdom of Heaven! We are open to His counsel and He will take us through the steps He Himself walked. We would be like Peter; as he walked towards Jesus and had his eyes fixed on Him he was alright but once he took his eyes off Jesus he began to sink! This blog has covered on numerous occasions  the themes up to the peacemakers being called the Sons of God.  Even peace and war have been covered  so this next section is really a summary of what we Christians have to defend our selves against the likes of Dawkins and his followers, the accusation that religion and particularly the Bible cause more harm than good. They go over the top in saying that teaching religion to a child is a form of child abuse. So me teaching my children about God and the Bible, which teaches that child abuse is wrong and will be punished by God is worse than he teaching his children there is no God and therefore the morals are those of the day. Yesterday public opinion said gay marriage was wrong but today it is not. Today child abuse is wrong but why can’t it be right tomorrow? In the Bible it has been wrong since the beginning and will continue to be for an eternity. Teaching there is no God of the Bible is thus legitimizing whatever form of abuse his evil mind can imagine. As you get older there are fewer and fewer things that we can do but one of those that we can do is to look at our children’s lives. All four of ours have their degrees, worked professionally, don’t drink or smoke. take any drugs including coffee or soft drinks’, undivorced and are health fanatics are a real thrill to both their parents, but pale into insignificance when compared to the fact when those storms strike in their lives they all reach for their Bibles! And Dawkins calls this child abuse! You must expect such a sick mind to produce other abominations as well!

It is not that religion has not had a bad history, certainly evil masquerading as religion has and therefore Dawkins does have valid points. One aspect in this discussion will be of the peace and war between the various religious factions. How can you have a plethora of religions all claiming to be based on the same Bible and led by the same Holy Spirit? The question of good and evil is one such example. When there is disagreement between us only the Holy Spirit can guide you and that is through His Word. There is not one person going to Heaven because of the theology in their head, including Paul but only the theology that is in their hearts. Most of my Christian brothers and sisters take Genesis 1;31 ” God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning– the sixth day.”-  and meaning God’s creation as perfect and therefore God could not have created evil. He did not as it has always existed and appeared to run parallel with good. It is not parallel and the two were always going to meet in the shape of a T and one would obliterate the other. The reason the Bible uses the words very good and not perfect  is because the Garden of Eden was only very good and to distinguish it from Heaven which will be perfect. Some reasons why the Garden of Eden was very good but Heaven is perfect;

1; Evil existed in the Garden as in the form of the tree of good and evil, it does not exist at all after the fires of hell have been extinguished and therefore Heaven is perfect. So the Garden of Eden could not be perfect whilst the possibility of sin existed.

2; There was a day and night in Eden there is not in the New Heavens.

3; Adam and Eve could only communicate with God personally in the evening, in Heaven we shall see His face continually. Thus there is no genders in Heaven, no in between family, just one family with the bride and bridegroom. Thus I would put it to you that my explanation is better as it uses ‘it is written’ but they needed to change the words ‘very good’ for ‘perfect’. Whether you believe me or the majority has nothing to do with your place in Heaven. Now returning to war and peace.

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There would be no country in the world today not affected or involved in war. I distinguish between two wars; God instigated and therefore ‘good wars’, if there can be such a thing and man instigated mostly by greed wars or bad wars, which I know definitely exist. Even in this evil world God’s sovereignty stands supreme. Every individual, nation and the world itself is given a cup of iniquity to fill and once they have filled it God says ‘enough is enough’ and puts an end to that evil. So God used the Jews to destroy the Canaanites when their cup of iniquity was filled and the Babylonians to destroy the Jews when their cup of iniquity was filled, and the Medes and Persians to destroy the Babylonians and the Greeks to destroy the Medes and Persians who in turn were destroyed  by the Romans. I do not why God did not use an earthquake or famine to accomplish these deeds so we could distinguish between ‘God’s good wars and man’s evil wars’ nor do I know why they got away with evil for so long. Even with ‘God’s good wars’ the occupying nation stole the land they had conquered. So where is the distinguishing line between “good’and evil wars? The answer is the OT and NT.

If my country asks me to go and fight in Iraq how am I supposed to know that their cup of iniquity is filled, the door of mercy has been slammed shut on them, God’s protection withdrawn so now He wants me to act as His agent to accomplish His will? Doesn’t the fact that we conquered them prove all the above? All I can say is that if my number had come up to fight in Vietnam I would have believed all those lies that were told and gone to fight for God, country and Queen because I was naive  and would have had uncontrollably pangs of guilt because I was stupid enough to believe all those lies we were told. Billy Graham who brought many converts to the Lord more than undid his good work and caused God and religion more harm by blessing American troops before they they undertook those murderous raids of literally killing millions of innocent mostly women and children. I certainly would not have gone to Iraq because there was a photo of a burnt out bus which is alleged to be proving anything you want to believe. The cheap oil story sounded far more convincing!

That brings us to the wars between and within religion. Two faiths that claim to have the only correct answers are Islam with their Koran and Christians with our Bible. Muslims cry to the Christians ‘ blasphemy! how can Jesus be God when there is only one God, Allah and have the audacity to put Jesus ahead of the prophet Mohammed ! The only way to deal with infidels is to slaughter them! Christians reply ‘ if Jesus was not God net alone above that sinful man Mohammed our faith would be meaningless! Our Lord and Master did destroy evil at the cross but chose to let it continue for a time after so it is His prerogative when this will finish and He will send His armies when He decides it is the right time! ‘. And on many occasion many Christians have cried  and will cry in the future ‘ why Lord do You allow this evil to exist for so long?’ So basically the Biblical position of Christianity in New Testament times is ” we know Lord that at the right time You will send your Heavenly armies because you have defeated evil on Calvary’s Tree.’ This had not occurred in the OT and thus the system was different. God does not require me to defeat evil when He can use His heavenly armies.

So I think the Biblical position on war is: In the OT there were God’s people, the Jews and many other nations whom the Jews were supposed to evangelize and convert. God’s sovereignty was supreme and He used other nations to do His will when a certain nations cup of iniquity was filled. A number of things changed on Good Friday among them that evil had been defeated but allowed to further exist. Also now there was only one people; anyone who wanted to ‘follow me’ could be a Christian. So there  is only one people, one nation and one harvest after the Cross. God is still sovereign but there is only one cup of iniquity which God keeps a tab of and will close the door of mercy on it at the right time. These He does at the second and third coming. So all wars of greed and religion are evil and Christians  should not take part in them. If you are on the vanquished side I would take Paul’s advice to slaves; ask often ‘why did You allow this horrible thing to happen to me, why are You taking so long to do something about it, when will You do something about it?’ but the first opportunity you get, get out of it!. Just as a ‘religious’ pedophile does far more damage to God and religion through his acts of pedophilia than the converts they bring, if any so Billy Graham did more damage to God and religion by blessing American  troops before they went to Vietnam than the good he did with his mass conversions. We should give wars the widest berth! As Lester told me, ‘it is okay for Christians to join the defence forces but they should not join the offense forces!

Now for the wars within ‘Christianity’ so called, what are you supposed to believe? Initially there are two main camps; the Protestants and the Roman Catholics. For the first 40 odd years of my life I was a Roman Catholic (RC) and tried to bring people to the Lord by arguments given me by my church like; we are the only lot who have the keys given by Jesus to Peter, the only ones where you eat the real flesh of Jesus and drink His blood without which you cannot be one of His people, have the real meaning for the Mass and their many other reasons. Why should I not believe in a faith where most of the time before I had even finished praying my prayers had been answered. Add to this the arguments against the Protestants like; Henry V111 only broke away from our church because he wasn’t allowed to divorce his wife and so formed the Church of England and the human frailties of the Protestant reformers and the mistakes they made. The first real dent , which turned out to be a knock out blow was when when my father died at 48. The only thing I could do for him was to have mass said for him. Father Fox refused to mention my father in his masses because I didn’t give him $5 up front! So there began the gradual shift from RC to Protestant. So now I can give criticisms of RC from a Protestant angle but still realising that Protestantism is very far from being lily white! Rather than just taking pot shots at the other side I will cover the issues as they occur in Scripture. So far the two issues have been the source of evil and the state of the dead. I did not have to change the Word from very good to perfect and if the dead go to Heaven at death there would be no need for Jesus to come back to earth to collect them. But the real war, blessings, peace and being called he Son’s of God take place within each individual.

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I could not use a better example than Romans( 7:7-25) nor think of a mightier person of word and deed than Paul to get advice on this topic. His daily crossing of the Jordan is a mess. He can see the obstacles and the dangers more clearly than most yet he can’t help but fall over each one! One day we will do a study of this beautiful chapter. The falls upset him but he knows that these are just another 20 or whatever battles he has lost and are insignificant when added to those other hundreds of thousands lost battles. All his and our falls make no difference because the war has been won way back on Good Friday on Calvary’s Tree! All that is required of Paul and us is to get back on our feet and stumble on to the next fall. It will not require you to take your lunch with you between falls! And that was the major separation of the Protestant and Roman Catholic religions. The door into Heaven that Luther opened some 500 years ago was that righteousness only comes by faith and has nothing to do with what we  do! So if you want to compare the differences within Christianity look inside a bee colony or ants nest. The Catholics are those workers rushing around doing good deeds to the point of exhaustion and worrying whether they have done enough. They don’t know whether they have met the quota, when that balance has more on the good deeds side than on the bad deeds side especially if these deeds carry over from one day to another.  The Protestants are those queens and kings sitting around doing almost nothing, with smug contentant looks on their faces and holding their Bibles open and pointing to Romans (8:1) ‘ Therefore, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus’.  At Luther’s time religion had sunk to incredible depths and absurdities. Luther did not drag it from it’s trough  to the crest overnight but he did give it a mechanism to accomplish this feat.

Protestantism is today at the same depths and absurdities as Catholicism was 500 years ago and is in desperate need of more than just many Luthers. Catholicism’s beliefs are based on Scripture and tradition. It thus requires a supremo leader  not just to decide the relevant proportions  of the contributions Scripture and tradition are to make but also what tradition to include. Thus they must only have one fundamental belief ; The inerrorancy of the Pope. The Pope can never be wrong even though he can change his mind. So as society becomes more decrepit to maintain the numbers he must let the standards drop until they reach the bottom of the pit and can drop no further. Protestant beliefs are based on the Bible and thus cannot change even as society becomes more decrepit. So where and why the changes?

Satan only really has one trump card to play which he will only play in that time slot 45 days before the second coming. Before that time he only gives brief flashes of this card and that is only when forced to. This card is: all that wonder, size and complexity out there of what we call the universe either appeared out of nothing ( satan’s proposition) or God did it ( the Bibles proposition). The pope has started his final roll over and accepted evolution and Protestantism, so called has also begun this roll over when it’s stomach, or weaknesses  will be fully exposed. The inertia satan has to overcome has been established over thousands of years so it must be gradually overcome;  the old age of the earth, errors in Bible history and science, the ‘facts of evolution’ etc. If satan chips for long enough the edifice must fall! God the creator of this universe stands by His Word and by anyone who cares to join Him. This is the reason why I get so upset with those ” Christians” so called who bring converts to God but sow seeds of doubt in the process.

So Catholics call ‘inerrancy of the pope’  and Protestants call ‘errors in the Bible!’ You don’t have to necessarily believe that everything came from nothing or even evolution, you are still being used by satan to sow the seeds of doubt or to insert that wedge of doubt. Satan will do the rest. The only reason you are bleating is because the sheep are bleating. The only reason you are whining and barking is because the dogs are whining and barking. You don’t even do it in unison with them. When they stop you go on for a long time. And the only ground for your whining is that you are sure that the Bible is full of errors! Well it must be because there are sections there that even ” I ” cannot understand!. I do understand almost everything else that is around me like: gravity, electricity , photosynthesis, cell chemistry, light etc.etc. But don’t worry you have  God trembling in His shoes, He didn’t realise that clever man would pick up all those mistakes in His Word and He is about to make a confession to you. You were right all the way along and He was wrong! How pathetically misguided can you be! Little wonder that satan claims this world as his and how easy was the victory!. Whatever crap he produces is so readily swallowed, digested and spread around as what it always has been; crap. The bases of any relationship, including the one with our Lord is trust which is the opposite of doubt which is what you have in His Word. Your daily thinking then can only be on what does secular science say about ……? I can’t look to the Bible because I know it is full of mistakes! Your second lethal mistake was not to distinguish between experimental and historical science. You really are not that clever! Not only have you severed any relationship you had with God, if any, you have totally missed what the field of science is about!.

The seeds of doubt that you plant in those unfortunate minds at their baptism are the same ones that are in your own mind that satan has not allowed to germinate and he did in those baptised individuals. You are far to useful to satan now for him to allow your seeds to germinate any further. The sheep’s clothing fits the wolf perfectly now so why alter it?. Let me take you through the germination of those seeds you planted in those baptised individuals minds which satan may also take you through when he finishes using you. I call it ” Being accepted on satan’s bench of enlightenment”.

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‘ Life is really quite wonderful with these newly acquired Biblical glasses. The uncertainty, doubt, hate , despising and general worry that were eating my soul away have gone and have been placed in the hands of One Who loved me so much that He died on the cross for me and I am just waiting for Him to pick me up to take me to Heaven where my life in His presence and perfection will last for an eternity!! If anything that sounds too good to be true. But Pastor …….. told me this and he said he got it from the Word of God, the Bible! Clearly I must not only feed from God’s Word I have to be able to explain and defend my newly found faith, otherwise I will be rightly labelled as just another fanatic! But why don’t these pastors accept God’s Word if that is what it is and all our beliefs are based on it as God’s Word? Where in this Word  are they given the liberty to accept and reject it?. Just like with any study we have to begin  at the foundation level, and if the foundation are rickety and dodgy  then whatever is placed on those foundations must also fail. You cannot build a building that reaches into eternity in a bog!. But isn’t that what these pastors are doing?. They have devised any number of ingenious ways to sure up the bog but that does not change the fact that the bog is a bog! Even if they come up with real science will not change this fact. But here now we come to the heart of the problem. It is “real science” that proves that the thing this bog is is that it is a bog! The edifice may be beautiful and the building absolutely magnificent but does not change the fact that it has no foundations, it is standing in a bog! It is only an illusion to go on with it!.

What a crying shame! What tragedy! These born again Christians with their Biblical glasses could have used them to now look at God’s Biblical world of creation. What wonders they would have seen! How it would have strengthened their new faith! What confidence they would have acquired to meet those storms of life! But unfortunately pastor that was the seeds of doubt you planted and under disguise of real science satan replaces Biblical glasses with satanic glasses.  And he won’t tell you the switch was made under the disguise of Historical Science! The Book of Genesis of the Old Testament is the foundation of all those wonderful realities that await those who believe in ‘ it is written’!. If you want to destroy a structure you don’t blowup the top story, you blow up the foundations and the rest of the building must collapse! No one knows this better than satan and that is what he does with stunning success! Why do pastors help satan with this satanic work? They either know the harm they are causing or they  don’t. They may genuinely think they are protecting the Bible from ridicule. God cannot look after the integrity of His own Word! If He can’t look after the integrity of His written Word then can He look after the integrity of the Word that became flesh, dwelt amongst us and walked to that horrible death so we could spend an eternity with Him in Heaven?. Most of these pastors have given up the idea that God’s spoken Word brought the universe into existence. That is symbolic talk for  ultimately Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle!

You either believe the Bible or you don’t. What a wonderful world of peace those live in who believe in ‘it is written’. They know that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus and that they already are ‘sons of God’. This allows them to confidently pray ‘ my Father Who is in Heaven glorified be Your Name, Your kingdom come, Your will……………’  So indeed ‘ blessed are the peace makers, for they will be called the children of God’. You still should not neglect your efforts to base your knowledge on grounds where you can defend your faith. Blind faith is a wonderful gift but is not of much help in bringing others into Jesus’s fold. There are many Luthers and Pauls  that God has sent out there just for this very purpose. They can help you build up at whatever level you are at. This would be my greatest criticism of those well meaning pastors; they accept answers given by secular science without question but do not check what Bible based scientists say the Biblical explanation is. Even if they did check and given two opposing explanations even if they have the slightest connection with the Holy Spirit which answer would the Spirit urge them to accept?

I think the Lord had in mind last days when He spoke  of the next two ‘ blessings’ ;those for the persecuted and those who are insulted. As society dispenses away with Christian principles it falls apart at the seams. Some would say ‘ here we go again on his favorite hobby horse ‘the breakdown of society’. As a full time teacher of 30 years and part time for nearly this same time and a parent of 4 daughters and now anxious grand parent of seven I think I have some experience in the matter. I saw the changes that occurred in society in the 60’s and onwards when evolution was introduced into the syllabus and creation withdrawn. The only reason my children came through almost unscathed was the Bible and the Bible alone! I say almost as we were not blessed with perfect children; there was a time when they all thought that dad was not only the village idiot but public enemy number one as well! But guess what brought them around, the Bible!

Many a volume has been written on the destructive powers of pornography which occupies over 70% of the internet today. Coupled with alcohol, net alone binge drinking can account for many of youths ailments they are suffering today; what condition will they be in 20-30 years time?. Add drugs, legal and illegal, tobacco, junk food and one wonders what and when the next generation will look like. But satan’s main underlining current is the removal of Christian principles. People don’t realise that not just their morals but the law and science as we know it today are all based on Christian principles. To achieve his work satan will firstly use insult and lies and when that fails he will use full on persecution, imprisonment and death.  But Jesus’s  Word has them the other way around with three times the number of words of explanation for the insults as for the imprisonment and death. The apostles, particularly Peter did not fail under the full persecution, which they handled quite well they failed under the ridicule and insult tests. And so it will be for God’s last church.

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The imprisonment and death will be short and sharp and on a church that has awaken. ( It wakes up at the midnight call) It only occurs when satan has extracted all he can from his insults and ridicules, which are most effective. Why should he use a sledge hammer when only he tap of a pencil will do? The scenario presented by this blog for those very last days was: The beast out of the sea is given God’s full power to destroy God’s people and 1,260 days to do this. The only limitation appears to be that Israel is out of bounds to him. This is why there is such a high concentration of Christians ( and Muslims?) in Jerusalem at the end of his 1,260 day reign when he hands the baton over to the beast out of the earth who only has 45 days for his dirty work.The emergence of the beast out of the earth wakes up God’s church and they are now capable of heeding Jesus’s warning of Mathew (24:15).” So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation’, spoken of through the prophet Daniel—-let the reader understand”. Get out of Judea immediately! As one beast handed the other beast the baton he could have said ‘I have done everything possible to destroy God’s people, the only ones left are that lot in Judea so that is where you must start. The beast  out of the earth agrees but decides to check out the situation for himself, whether the weapons he has chosen are appropriate so he goes to Jerusalem. So he checks out how many Christians and where they are living. It is most important to check this temple out; how many stones are still standing on each other, how big they are, how deep they are, what protection do they receive from surrounding buildings? He realises his weapons are appropriate but he is not going to use them while he is there, he must first get out of the area first. And the Christians now have exactly the same time! Every minute now counts and at most they have only hours. Vehicular  escape is out of the question as roads become chocked in minutes. The only escape that is possible is by foot, and thus the pandemonium that Jesus describes. We won’t be able to get out by car, which would act as a shelter, a week or even a day before as the beast out of the sea is still in control of the neighboring countries and would be waiting for us. How we wish we had been more sympathetic and helpful when we saw all those other refugees fleeing! There must be some very special identifying marks on this beast for us to recognise him immediately because our brains have been numbed by the appearance of so many false prophets beforehand.

There was a partial fulfillment of this prophesy in the year 70 AD when the people in Jerusalem would have looked over the walls and seen Titus approaching with his armies. He was about to surround the city, starve it, slaughter it’s population and enslave anyone who was left. It was empirical for everyone to get out! Yet the warning about the disasters were not being given to the ones staying but to those fleeing. And so it will be God’s people in last days when those 30-40 tonne remaining stones in the temple foundation will be thrown off each other. Not one stone will be left on another, every one will be thrown down. We know we can’t start our flight until we see this beast in person standing in Jerusalem. We know we can’t get a heads start before events begin. As we began our flight without time to grab a coat we pray that the journey will not be in winter. From TV footage of the area it just seems to be a desert of rock and mountains, boiling hot in day but freezing cold at night. So what are we fleeing from? How has the beast decided to destroy the area with us included? This is satan’s world and he has control over earth, (earthquakes) , sea (tsunami) and air (hurricanes). He exchanged his powers with the beast out of the sea who in turn exchanges them with the beast out of the earth who performs ‘miracles’ in order to fool God’s people. So if it is not Titus’s armies that we can see over our shoulders as we flee what is it that we can see and are fleeing from so desperately? Could it be something about not fleeing on the Sabbath? We certainly would have time to grab our coats as we began to flee if it were a Sabbath. God seems to be covering the two alternatives that exist; work day, we are in the field, and Sabbath when we are resting at home. The major part of the awakening of God’s church at this time  is the realisation of the role of the ten commandments, they are God’s law and stand for perpetuity. We have no chance of obeying any of them and only Jesus could and did obey them. That is His wonderful cloak of righteousness which is available to anyone who wants it and that is the cloak that the master of the wedding is checking for all at the wedding feast.( I asked the question but as yet have not answered it ‘the people who are at the wedding when the master does this check and do not have the robe of righteousness and are thrown out haven’t they defiled Heaven by their presence which Jesus had cleansed at 3 o’clock on Good Friday?)   We still have a role to play on the Sabbath. ‘It is written’ that it is a day that God blessed so as we rest and recharge the batteries for coming week we ask for and count the blessings of the previous week. We will certainly need this rest as we flee in panic as  without this rest the body must fail. The only thing I can think of that moves so slowly that we can run in front of it is a hurricane. There must be a tsunami associated with it as we are told to get to the mountains. These calamitous times end with the second coming of our Lord when there will only be 288,000 of His people alive. Of these 144,000 will be wise, who believe in ‘it is written’ and unfortunately 144,000 foolish virgins who believe that ‘it is written’ requires a bit of tidying up around the edges which they have done. The fact that they were left behind must be that the bureaucracy in Heaven have not had time to make these corrections to God’s law and no doubt all will be sorted out when the two witnesses arrive with Jesus in due time! Poor deluded souls but God treats them with extreme respect and will give them almost 1,800 years to change their minds. He is certainly not going to change His!.  So much for the persecuted, now for those insulted and ridiculed on which the Bible spends three times as much time.

These did not require a sledge hammer to make them scurry back into their  shells just a tiny bit of ridicule was sufficient.The ridicule is masquerading as science all dressed up but in reality it is lies as it always was but only now admitted to. They actually have a fact. They claim to have discovered that missing link! It is no longer missing!. We no longer have to rehash that peppered moth story, or Haeckel’s drawings or those armies of ape like humanoids or all those things that we presented as facts of evolution. Of course we knew they were wrong but if we did not present these the page for proofs would be bare. But this is different now, we knew we were always going to find it so that part of our history is best forgotten. The sheep really and truthfully bleat ‘missing link’. So we are at that stage when Piltdown man was discovered. Only the feeble minded, insane and religious fanatics ( probably all three are one anyway!) would dare challenge this indisputable fact. 55 P HDs are handed out by the world of academia, intrinsic details are worked through, papers are peer reviewed and pass with flying colours! This is science as as it was meant to be!.

So you are challenged, are you one of those feeble minded religious fanatics? Certainly not, so if you were out of your shell you quickly retreat, and if you had not gathered enough gumption to come out yet then that certainly killed any ideas of doing so. That along with Peter this is strike one. At least when you retreat into your shell make sure you have your Bible with you and at least some creation material with you to build up enough confidence to stick your had out for a second time. The answers lie in the Biblical foundations book, Genesis. It should at least be a consolation to you that all those facts of evolution have been admitted to as being lies which they were  all the way along! Weren’t you at least a bit feeble minded to have accepted them as facts when creationists have been calling ‘fraud’for ages. So now look at what the good book says and how Bible based people interpret it. By convincing anyone that Noah’s flood was only local he destroys any credibility of the Bible can make to the field of science and history.It would be just plain  nonsense and an act of futility to have a local flood. It would not destroy even the people in that valley, net alone evil world wide which it was supposed to do, as all they had to do was just move into the next valley or on some mountain. The Bible says it was a world wide flood and it is on this fact that creationists base many of our ideas. We do not have all the answers, neither does the other side but we both look at the same rivers, mountains and plains but with Biblical glasses.

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If I am confronted with this situation I would say that this human fossil probably formed at the same time as all the other fossils formed. They had to be buried  immediately as they would have either rotted or been eaten by scavengers as they bloated and floated to the top of the water. So they would be found in rock laid down by water, sedimentary rock. As it is estimated that there were millions of people alive at this stage there should be many more such fossils where there were neighboring civilizations. In time many more will be found. We could not argue against its human origin, it was a preflood  human. The problem that is was found in a rock strata is far more vexatious and is the result of satan most important victories. The age of the earth.

I think that I have covered topics like justification of war, gay marriage, slavery, existence of poverty, family abuse, God’s punishment of nations, existence of evil and a Biblical view of the history of time. The framework has always been ‘ as it is written’ and not tradition or what does our present society say it should be. So it is the credibility of the Bible that is at stake. If only the original manuscripts were inspired and none exist doesn’t that alone destroy the inerrancy of the Bible? Well not according to Jesus, my ultimate authority. The scrolls He read and quoted from were copies also and they were quoted to satan the being that spent so much effort in getting the scribes to make these mistakes in them. So even though satan knew every letter that had been changed since the original manuscripts he never argued the point, he just fled. He still knows that it is truth and cannot exist in the same room as the Bible. Since he cannot argue about individual texts he now wants to destroy the whole Book. He does this by blowing its foundations up; the book of Genesis. Like you I may also be called on to defend my faith which God will expect me to do to the best of my ability, not that I will have any problem with name calling like feeble minded, fanatic, etc. but it would be nice at such times to supply logical answers and bring a soul to God! By getting people to believe in EVOLUTION satan destroys by blowing out of the water any credibility the book of Genesis has! Evolution is the Bibles worst enemy!. It cannot be of any advantage to me not to have any Biblical training whatsoever but if the book of Genesis is removed or discredited I cannot think of one belief in either the OT or NT which would make any sense. It is either evolution or Genesis, it is as simple as that! If you think that God used evolution as a way of creation then your knowledge of Scripture is worse than mine and your knowledge of evolution is non existent! The one idea behind evolution is to remove God entirely and replace Him with chance, it just happened by itself!. And you must think that that God Who hung from Calvary’s Tree on Good Friday so as to save you from going to hell is a cruel and inefficient God, because evolution is the cruelest, most inefficient way creation could take place. If there was a plan B then you would think that God would have known about it and exercised it.

I often wonder whether practical people, like mechanics, plumbers, builders, fitters, electricians, who cohabit planet earth within one million miles of it, believe in evolution.? Do they believe the work they do would just happen by itself if given enough time? I know there are some that do especially if you have been foolish enough to pay ahead! The Lord has given me magnificent workshops which I love using. My two last jobs on my 1993 80 series Cruiser was to replace the rear diff seal  and the front axle seal. For the front axle seal I bolted a two legged puller onto the hub and used the centre bolt with an attachment to push the seal into place. For the rear diff seal  I made up a washer ( 52 mm ID, 72 mm OD and 11mm thick) put it and the seal loosely fitting inside the flange and ran the nut on. If you told me this would just happen by itself in due course well ,  it is not me who requires the visit to the shrink! And there were only two factors involved! ( the seal had to be square and fitted to the correct depth.) How many billions of factors are involved in the diff and steering mechanisms they protect! Many believe this could just happen by chance! Hello this is planet earth calling please give your position, which side of Pluto are you on?. To move onto the complexity of life then requires one with many hundreds of zeros. Not only is it an impossibility but the height of stupidity and the epitome of absurdity! And you expect me to believe this over the Word of God?

But science so called not only assures us that evolution is a fact but gives us evidence to back up these absurdities. This situation actually simplifies things for creationist considerably. We now have mountains of evidence which prove evolution is a fact and the new evidence they produce when they find this indisputable missing link, possibly a pre-Noah’s flood human that was drowned and fossilized at the time of Noah’s flood. Today creation sites are full of honest scientists  who admit to the quality of the evidences for evolution. After the missing link find the rest will also admit to this. When they are questioned by the faithful why they knowingly told lies they will say” how else could we keep up your faith? All we  were doing was keeping you away from that Bible and Jesus! But forget all that now because we have the real McCoy. We don’t need to tell lies anymore and just watch those creationists squirm now!”

That means that we should be preparing for the latest Piltdown Man, whatever his name will be. To address this new link we will have to be able to address the mechanism and the universality of Noah’s flood and the age of the rocks this link was found in. The age we will have to have reasonable arguments for  are: 0 (creation by God) + 1,500 years (Noah’s flood) + 2,500 years ( Jesus’s  first coming) +2,000 years ( Jesus’s second coming) or an age of some 4,500 years.

At the time of the flood when most fossils were formed it would not be unreasonable to expect not just graveyards of dinosaur fossils to be found but the same reason graveyards of human fossils. They were escaping the rising waters when they reached the top of whatever mountain they were climbing and therefore  could not go any further and were engulfed by waters carrying sediment. Even though there may have been a few million people alive at this time when compared to the volume of rock laid down at this time they just at this time have not been found. But there probably are many burial sites out there with graveyards of human remains. The mechanisms of the flood are the topics of debate on the many creation websites. There is not a very big debate about the universality of the flood, just reasons why a local flood is out of the question . I could not add any further to these excellent sites on this topic.

Rather than going back to the original paragraph and inserting material into it I will just add the afterthoughts with the paragraph reference so it can be included there hopefully when I rewrite this blog. ( page 58 p 1) Here the beast out of the earth went to Jerusalem to check out if he had the right munitions to remove every stone that was still on another stone. This is also Mat (24:15), the abomination that is standing in the holy place that causes desolation. The remaining church of this time is God’s woken church but why do they panic and stampede when they see a false Christ? They are right and wrong on these matters:

1; They are right to keep their eyes on the holy place. Most of the temple has long gone but its foundations are still there and mark out the holy place exactly.

2; They are right to stampede when they see what they think is this abomination. It is here to cause desolation and the only place of relative safety are the nearby mountains. The forces this thing, it, he or she or whatever it is will use will be extreme.

3; They are not right in being able to distinguish between this abomination and false Christs when they appear in a standing position looking over the remaining foundations. They don’t fall for ones in the desert or the inner rooms but they fall for those who stand in the holy place. Why can’t they distinguish between the two?

4; They are right to realise the urgency of the situation and that there will not be any false starts allowed. Whenever there is a stampede and the false start gun fires they return to the starting line. They know that God is in control and He has told them to start at the right time. Before or after would be disastrous. A Sunday panic would be the best especially if they have just used God’s  Sabbath for what it was intended, to recharge physical and spiritual self. Friday would have to be the worst as the Sabbath could not be used to recharge almost depleted physical and spiritual batteries. This would now be bordering on disaster!

5; They are right to assume this beast will not arrive announced on an official three day tour with an itinerary announcing he will go to the holy site on Tuesday at 2 pm where he will place a package marked “nuclear device timed to explode in 3.15 hours time! He will travel incognito and just appear standing.

6; They are right to assume that they have the same amount of time to get out of the area as the abomination has.

7; They are wrong to be involved in all those false starts and have wasted valuable energy in doing so.

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8; So how were they supposed to know that this was the real thing, they certainly could not tell by the desolation s, this would come after the fact. We have to go back to Revelation chapter 13 and the beast out of the earth. If this thing is a false Christ then no wonder we bolt every time we see a false Christ standing in the holy place! Even Jesus said that the elect might be deceived but implied that is not possible. Well if it is not possible then we will be warned in His Holy Word.

9; ‘ so let the reader understand’ In 70 AD this book must have already been written as was the book of Daniel for the reader to understand. Those early Christians had the apostles, who performed all those miracles, to instruct them. Today we have full Scriptures including the book of Revelation. They had the option of leaving early, it was only leaving it too late that was disastrous where we do not. Too early or late will be disastrous.

10; ‘ spoken of through the prophet Daniel’  authenticates by the highest authority both the bona fides of Daniel and of Scripture. Thus this book is not some late addition by some unknown author which we are going to have to revisit. Jesus could not refer to the prophet John and his book of Revelation as it had not yet been written.

11;  ’causes desolation’  We know what desolation Titus caused to both place and people, who could have got out almost unscathed. We know our desolation will complete what Titus started but at best we are going to get a real hiding out of it. So for them the difference of getting out at the right time was the difference between Heaven and hell where the difference for us will be more like hell and purgatory, if such a place exists.

12; ‘holy place’ This clearly must be a different place in Titus’s day to today. The temple was where the Jews made their last stand and Titus could only stand there after is was all over. They could not nor was there any point in running. As Titus approached Jerusalem he would not have allowed any messengers past who would worn the Jews he was coming. The first time they saw him would have been from their highest lookout when he was on the horizon. So the ‘holy place’  would have been that area they first saw him in even though he had entered Israel some time before. Today the ‘holy place’ is that area that he left undemolished, where there are stones which have not been thrown off each other.

13; ‘standing’  Titus’s armies at that distance may have appeared to be standing but our abomination is actually standing. He has just arrived at the site unannounced, stopped, is standing and looking. Don’t you just stand there and watch him  standing  press the P button and panic, run! This is probably why there are so many false starts. Every minute counts! So if we are not aware of what the prophets have spoken then satan will take advantage of this and not only wear us out through constant false starts, far more dangerous will be if we become complacent and do not start our run when we are supposed to!

14; So it all comes down to when we see ‘ the abomination’. At first I thought that the main idea of this next study was to identify the particular false christ (  christ should be in lower case as this is the real thing), the abomination, from other false christs so as we don’t waste our energy in false stampedes. Jesus adds a new dimension, that the false christs are only there to deceive the elect about the second coming. Before returning to Daniel and Revelation I will summarise the basic tenants I think this blog has established so far and they do not conflict with what I am about say. What set me thinking is the word THEN which begins our study of Rev ( 13:11) for a second, and hopefully not the last time. TENANTS:

A; There is a Holy Trinity ( God the Father, Christ, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit) and an unholy trinity ( satan, who tries to mimic God the Father and therefore  becomes false god ; the beast out of the sea, who tries to mimic Christ God the Son and therefore becomes false christ, which many others try to mimic and the beast out of the sea which tries to mimic the Holy Spirit and is therefore called the false spirit). The best explanation that I have seen of the Holy Spirit continues to be Rev ( 19:8). It is the Fine Linen that we demand after a very long 1,780 years, due to our human nature that we retain, ( unlike God being true Spirit could see the perfection of Calvary’s Tree immediately)  It is what allows us to wear Christ’s robe of perfect righteousness for an eternity in comfort. The Holy Spirit is thus Christ’s Spirit and will remain an intermediary between us and that act of perfection, Calvary’s Tree which in turn will point us to the true Jesus Christ and all this despite of our evil and pain and suffering we caused Him!

But if there is an unholy trinity why do there appear to be four parts of evil? Daniel’s large statue ( Ch 2) certainly has four sections. We will have to restudy Daniel but for now all that concerns us is what happened to what on Good Friday. Calvary’s Tree not only crushed the feet but threw them into the furnace from which God rescued them and by placing them under the three remaining sections prevented them from toppling over and being smashed up. So what what parameters distinguish the false christ, the abomination, from other false christs and why is he the king hit of delusions of the second coming about what Jesus is now warning us?

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Verse 11 ‘ Then I saw another beast, coming out of the earth. He had two horns like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon.’

So something THEN something else. The first something is the beast out of the sea. He has had a fair run up to now. He had some 4,000 years before the Cross at which he was destroyed and had to be rescued from, ( hold on wasn’t that satan.? If you asked this question you have not followed the logic in this blog)  2,000 years since the Cross and now 1,260 days to do his dam-most. His God allowed time is up and he hands the baton over to the beast out of the earth. Both beasts are ‘coming’ and have not yet fully come out. The beast out of the sea is more exposed but his final and full appearance will come when he gathers his troops for the battle of the harvest, against the rider of the white horse and his armies, the newly wedded. These are the ones who he nearly wiped out in his 1,260 days of terror and who are now about to be added to by this new beast. We are going to be shown 45 days of that coming out event. But what did he do before this 45 days and what about after?

Trying to follow my Masters admonition of John ( 3:12) the best earthly thing that I can relate this to is the days of creation, particularly day three when the earth came out of the sea. The only reason the earth could come out of the sea was because ti was an integral part of it and the water that ran off in this process affected the topography of the land as well as climate and ecology. This earth was again to be covered by this water which would have had similar effects as it retreated after Noah’s flood. So the beast ( an evil thing, if it had been good it would have been called a creature) out of the sea ( Rev 17:15) ‘ are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages’ is the intrinsic evil within humanity. Out of this intrinsic evil arises another evil, that of false religion, or this beast out of the earth. ( then why does one turn on the other and eats it’s flesh then burns it and when? People following this blog know the answers to these questions have already been given but will be repeated.)  Between them they have worked out in order to get rid of God’s people  the beast out of the sea is to have a go first as he is the most powerful and has the longest time to operate. Any pockets that he has not been able to sterilise will be left for the beast out of the earth. THEN. So it is now the beast out of the earth’s turn.

It is difficult to follow why we panic so easily when we see the description of this abomination. The fact that we cause ourselves harm and become immune and not ready for His second coming does not alter the Heavenly schedule. The whole problem which we have been told many times in that ALL the church is asleep, they have not yet woken up and is the reason why it is so easy to scatter the sheep by ridicule. It is this beast which is going to wake us up. I know that we all cannot be fanatics and fundamentalists ( satan really chuckles at the success he has had by making these two words synonymous in most people’s minds) and that ALL really means all minus me. ( So for the rest of this blog I will ask you questions to show that Scripture should not have used the word ALL. Q.1. Do you pray that your flight will not be on the Sabbath Day? Well not really because the Sabbath has been done away with and give your perverted reasons why out of all the evil Jesus could have died for He chose the Sabbath as the issue worth dying for . On this one ground alone  what % of the church could we count as sleeping? High 90’s ?)  Let us have a better look at this beast.

Both beasts imitate Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit so their relationship appears to be like hand in glove, just like the Divine Beings they are trying to imitate. To be fair they remain together even after Babylon falls and go into the battle of the harvest together.But their relationship is like everything else they do just an imitation. It is because the battle lasts for so long ( one hour)that a split occurs between them but they are still thrown into hell together. It must be during this time and the time satan is also thrown into hell when the fires are stoked up when they destroy one another. But why turn on each other, evil on evil? It appears that intrinsic evil, that evil from within cannot stand any religion, either good or bad. Just no religion at all!

This beast has the ultimate disguise, he looks like the real lamb which does have two horns, but even Scripture admits that his two horns look like a lamb. The two horns have previously discussed and represent the dual nature of Jesus Christ as God and as man. So this thing will be able to perform ‘miracles’ or imitations of and be able to deceive even the elite if that was possible. One way to be able to distinguish it from the real Christ will be to listen to what it says, it will speak like a dragon. It’s intention and message will be be quite clear: the complete destruction of the second member of the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ. All three components of His perfect  nature must be destroyed. We can only hope this thing dresses itself up in paraphernalia that we can easily recognise and don’t have to stand for too long before we decide to run for those mountains. If by any chance the previous beast out of the sea has left communities of God’s people unscathed somewhere outside of Israel these won’t have to run but just mark on their calendar 45 days to go!

Verse 12; ‘He exercised all the authority of the first beast on his behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed.’

The first beast has handed the second beast his baton along with the authority. God allows it to perform those miraculous signs which will only be a shadow of the real thing. The beast out of the sea is still there but has used up the 1,260 days God gave him to test God’s people. The beast out of the earth is still petrified of the first beast because he is  only inactive for now but will fully come out of the sea soon. It is not only half loving the worship it receives in its crippled state! But why doesn’t this beast make the people worship himself and not that other half crippled beast?. Just like the true Holy Spirit directs us to worship Jesus Christ but does not make anyone do so by force this beast out of the earth MAKES, or forces the inhabitants of the earth to worship the first beast. It would not last for long if it tried to receive worship for itself, it just a very handy thing to have around!

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So before the beast out of the earth started coming out for its prearranged 45 days of evil activity it was an integral unit with the beast out of the sea and therefore was ground up and hurled into the furnace on Good Friday and then rescued from this furnace at the same time as the other beast. There is no mention  of self and the beast out of the sea cannot therefore accuse him of taking worship for himself. Satan, Babylon or the head of gold were not thrown into this furnace. After some 2,000 years he is coming out of his relationship with the other beast and it is he who makes the call ” the bridegroom is coming, come out and meet him”. Technically this may be the truth. If he has destroyed in the minds of most people the existence of the true Bridegroom, then there is only one bridegroom left, the false bridegroom or the false christ. So the beast out of the sea will only be inactive for 45 days and resume his nefarious actions after the second coming of Jesus Christ. Worship is now called for this beast even though it is temporarily inactive.

He destroys any credibility that is left in the true Christ with the same blow that he makes the inhabitants of the world to worship the first beast. To destroy the true Christ he would only have to destroy one part of Jesus’s triune nature but he goes for the throat and destroys all three, something he could not have done without the help of many well intention-ed pastors.

verse 13; ‘ And he performed great and miraculous signs, even casing fire to come down from Heaven to earth in full view of men’.

To make such claims so as to destroy the triune nature of Christ you have to have some evidence for such a claim. We already know that satan transferred his powers to the beast out of the earth after he had done his dam-most to destroy God’s people and that this beast now transfers all across to the beast out of the earth. So here we have all the powers of evil operating on an earth that satan claims is his. Forget Good Friday, Jesus could have but did not finish His work of destroying evil. So this beast has power over earth, water and air. He is not making up some idle claim about this beast he is forcing people to worship, he can back it up. This is the second thing on his head that looks like a horn, divinity! These seem to be the prelude to the real fire, the real lighting up of the sky by the appearance of our Lord and Master. The contrast between these two lighting up of the skies could not be more stark!. One will be a localised tiny fireworks display  the other a brilliant world wide flash that causes everyone to drop to the ground as dead people!. And Jesus has warned us about these signs that even the elite may be deceived!

Verse 14; ‘ Because of the signs he was given power to do on behalf of the first beast, he deceived the inhabitants of the earth. He ordered them to set up an image in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived’.

A Godless society is very easily deceived. Today to write a best seller you must include ‘without God ‘ in the title. Gardening, cooking, sewing, swimming or whatever will be a best seller if you include ‘without God’. There are madmen  like Dawkins who try to tell me that bringing up my children on the Bible is a form of child abuse! And the sad part is there are many who agree.

We may be impressed with the fire works but what does this beast say that sounds like what a dragon would say?. What are we being ordered to set up? This image may be  in honor of a crippled beast but it has also been crippled in the past by the sword and yet lived to be around today. What is this blow that destroys the real Christ but at the same time sets up an image that honors the first beast?

As has already been stated that the triune nature of Jesus Christ is:

1; Christ the word that spoke and all this wonderful, complex universe appeared.

2; Christ the word that became flesh, dwelt amongst us and walked to Mount Calvary to hang on that cross to take our suffering and death which we would have experienced had it not been for Jesus.

3; Christ the written Word in the  Holy Book the Bible.

All three are destroyed with the one word….EVOLUTION . Its one aim is to replace Christ with chance, it all just happened by itself by chance. Its proponents cannot give one example where anything came from nothing but they say that everything came from nothing! To believe something that stupid and you cannot produce one bit of evidence to support your idea, indeed all the evidence says it cannot happen, is real faith indeed! Teaching that to children would be a  cruel act indeed, real child abuse!. Not to have the true God who created us as a backup for those storms of life is indeed a cruel act of deception. Their answers to operation desperation are the bottle, sniffing or injecting drugs, tobacco, pornography, violence and other satanic solutions. Once they have established there is no need for any god the rest is easy.

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The Bibles claims of Jesus Christ as creator vanish and His redemptive acts just a gory lot of cruelty stories, to be stayed away from at any cost. The less that is said about the Bible the better. After all it is the source of these these myths they claim. They could not have got away with this if it were not for so many ‘ Bible based pastors’ many of them well intention-ed and just to naive and stupid to realise that by undermining their foundations, the book of Genesis, they had not only shot their own toes off but also their feet! But unfortunately a lot know what they are doing, that they are satan’s agents. They know that the cancer or whatever ailment they have will only remain in remission as long  as they continue to spread the seeds of doubt in the Word of God. Their final fate is  a terrible one indeed!

What more beautiful image could you have of the true Christ! Christ our creator, our redeemer as faithfully recorded in His Word. Christ on Calvary’s Tree!. What more accurate image of the false christ could you have than evolution. No God, no redeemer and no Word of God.

Verse 15; ‘ He was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that it could speak and cause all who refused the image to be killed.’

So the evolution we know today is a wishy washy version of the one that is about to be set up by the beast out of the earth. We are being given significant time to prepare for the time this evolution will be given life by power which ultimately must come from God Himself. We must prepare ourselves for the missing link or the umpteenth version of Piltdown Man. Now comes that dramatic change in the church, it changes from sleeping to woken stage and many of the rules are also changed. I will now put my second question to those who think they are not asleep. Retreat is now replaced by stand.

When we retreated for the fourth time because of ridicule we might have joined Peter on his fourth failure when Paul accused him of cowardice. But no matter because our quota of four is replaced by a new quota of 40 which when filled is replaced by a new quota of 400. But this only applies to the sleeping church. In the woken church if you deny Jesus He will also deny you to the Father in Heaven. So please think carefully about this question, your destiny is depended on it.

You have crossed life’s river Jordan. This is the end because satan has just released a deadly volume of stored water from that bank that has been building up on your right hand side throughout your life and you have no choice now but to make that lunge. Can you see that Man above the water in another dimension to which He wants to take you? Good. Is He in white and holding a white robe He is going to wrap you in?. Good. Does He have His hand stretched out ready to grab you?. Good. So if there is a failure He cannot be blamed it must be your fault. So the lunge that you  are now to make is it from a firm footing or from a slippery one which will result in no lunge at all just a belly flop in the position you are standing? Are you going to give Him any chance at all of grabbing your hand?

You are making your lunge from a standing position in a woken church. There is no retreat and one more chance after this one. Those absurd and erroneous arguments that many honest evolutionists acknowledge as wrong now were used because they were all they had and were very successful because the church was asleep. like the one where they explained the simplicity of the eye and how it evolved. Their explanation is indeed simple. Holding two pieces of paper, one with a hole throwing an image onto the second one is like explaining the operations of a 380 airbus by saying it is standing on the runway. It certainly is a start but there is a wee bit to go to complete the entire explanation! My following explanation of a leg is far superior for the reasons given: I will explain the evolution of the leg by taking a green twig from this tree and braking it about half way ( so far I have a leg and a knee).By further breaking it near the end I also now have an ankle) Using my penknife and putting four slits in the end , viola! I now have  five toes which evolved on this human as they walked over rough terrain. All I now have to do is to reattach it  to the tree of life. Evolution of the human leg! This explanation of the evolution of the human leg is superior to the explanation of the human eye given by, I can’t remember who it was, on the following grounds: It explains its exact and correct position in the tree of life; my model uses living tissue; my model uses and explains multiple structures and functions. There are no sleeping or half woken Christians in Heaven, they are not wanted there as there is always the possibility of them waking and causing our beloved Saviour the need to go back to Calvary’s Tree. Are you taking your lunge from the sure rock Jesus Christ or from the rock Jesus Christ will become after you have made all the necessary corrections to what  ‘ it is written’. You will have removed all those errors,inconsistencies and outright fraud!

Our arguments against evolution will not always be against the absurd. God will allow them to get their act together. He will allow the image of the beast to come to life. You are being given time to check the rock from which you will make your final lunge. If you refuse and deny Him He will also deny you. The problem is not with the Man above the water or His creation or His redemption or His Word. There is no real comparison between the true Christ and even the very best of the false christs. The problem unfortunately can only be with us and those so called pastors who who sow the seeds of doubt . They don’t just sow them willy nilly but only  in areas that are sure to destroy our faith.If you don’t believe that the universe came from nothing, as nothing never does and is engraved in the first Law of Thermodynamics ( I am not sure where all those negatives leave the argument) then the only other option is God done it. You are not standing on shaky grounds! This is now what satan and those so called pastors must do to you now, make the ground shaky! Making your lunge from shaky ground is equivalent to making it from a slippery rock with exactly the same disastrous consequences.As I cannot add anything extra to the remaining verses that I have written before I will cover them as one section.

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Verses 16-18; ‘ He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number. His number is 666.’

When God’s infinite love is divided among the souls He has created, this blog takes it as approximately 15 billion, whatever way you work it out, the portion of God’s love for each soul is infinite. It does not matter whether your initials are JK or whatever else, what you are doing, have done or will do His portion remains as infinite for you. There is only one person that can sever that love and that is you. That was one of the major revelations in the book of Revelation how willful your act of rejection is going to be. God is the master designer and the master  creator and being infinite in all good qualities you would expect that creation to have an almost infinite variation of characteristics. He will not penalise  me for the characteristics He has given me but will  penalise me if I don’t use them to glorify His Holy Name. If homosexuality was genetic, and is not nor can it be, then God would not condemn it. The only thing about homosexuality that is genetic, along with all other evil is that it is sin, something we cannot do anything about as it is spontaneous. It breaks that bond of infinite love down from our Savior  and can only be and is restored by our Savoir. There is a very detail book that describes this restoration of both parties and is supervised by none other than God Himself, the BIBLE. It is made from two sections; before Christ ( or the Old Testament) and after Christ ( or the New Testament), but both Christ related.

Jesus used all manner of literature and custom when addressing the people and sometimes He spoke with tongue in cheek. I think one of those times was in ( Mat 24:24) ‘ For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible’. NO that is not possible. By studying God supervised writing with the ability He has given me, I cannot be deceived. I may not have all or any of the answers for that reason but He will shine His light, because He is light, more progressively on me as I eat of the daily bread. It would be a very sad day for me if I picked up the Bible and did not expect new light to be shown me. So the changes that you see occurring in this blog are a sign of new light (I hope) rather than me being disingenuous in the first place.

If I have a question I expect to find the answer in any or all of Scripture even though it may be progressively revealed. The problem with progressive revelation is that it gives part of the answer to the question I have just asked plus answers, which ones, to past questions. Thus is the case now. My specific question remains; if I am in Jerusalem at that time, when do I make my run for the mountains? I accept that I cannot know the day or hour of His coming but He has given me any number of dates from which He presumably wants to work out when this abomination will appear. Surely we can’t all be standing at the remaining temple ruins waiting? There is only so much space there!

So rereading the above texts has shone, I think this extra light. If the buy and sell mark is plastic money then our card will not be removed until very late. As it is issued by the beast out of the earth this can only be a maximum of 45 days before the second coming and probably a lot less as this beast only has power for 45 days. It is still significant that the mark is qualified by OR. If you believe you have the mark, but if you sign on for the plastic you will also have the mark on your hand. Most people will have both.

The answer to the people who will be killed is more lengthy. The basic verse that we return to is ( Rev 12:11). ‘ They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death’. So every soul in Heaven will have answered ‘YES’ to the question that Jesus puts to them; ‘ I died for you so that you can be in Heaven with me for an eternity are you prepared to die for Me?’. So all the saints in Heaven are martyrs, every one answered ‘yes’. Those who did go through their martyrdom are literal martyrs but most would only be symbolic martyrs. The exceptions would be the first and the last church. In the first church the martyrs blood watered the seeds and the church blossomed at a breath taking rate. In the last church the rate of martyrdom will be almost 100% ( only 144,000 wise and 144,000 foolish virgins are left and they probably have just answered ‘ yes’ and are lined up to be killed when the Lord intervenes)  and it’s blood will also water the seeds of salvation. Unfortunately it will also congeal and set many against us.  That is probably why our final victory when we ride with the rider of the white horse , will be so sweat. This battle is specifically against these people.

The question as to why evil uses this technique of plastic money in its mopping up operations and why not as a first salvo? The beast out of the sea did all the heavy lifting, which turned out to be rather light as the church was asleep, and has now told the second beast to clean up any pockets, we want 100% of them. What a clever technique this second beast uses! MONEY !. If this does not flush out any remaining Christians, those who got under the radar then nothing will! The mark of the beast will certainly distinguish between the believers and the non believers. So the application for your plastic card arrives and you sign it and send it away. What you have just signed is that you believe in the image of the beast. The true image of the true Christ has been destroyed ( Christ as creator, Christ as redeemer and Christ as the written Word) and there is only one christ left, the false christ. ( no creator required, nor redeemer and the Bible, it’s good if you want a good belly laugh!)  Evolution. If you don’t believe  in evolution you have not received the mark on your forehead but your signature has just determined your destiny for an eternity! So why didn’t evil use this as their first weapon of mass destruction ? What weapon did they use first? There is no point sitting around waiting for the second blow if we are unprepared and removed by the first blow that of the beast out of the sea. Revelation Chapter 13 verses 1-10.

Verse 1; ‘ And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. He had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on his horns, and on each head a blasphemous name’.

Again we have this beast as ‘coming’. So we will see the 1,260 days plus how much at each end? It doesn’t fully come out until the beast, which is the eight head combines with the ten crowns and march against the Lamb and His armies in the battle of the harvest.This is still almost two millennium to go. There in no conjunction “then” so we can’t say that the dragon rules to September 11th 2015 and then hands his baton over to this beast. We do know that he has come to the shore of the sea after the most humiliating and trying of times. He did not fail in his efforts to get Jesus to make but one smallest error in weaving His robe of perfect righteousness, he did all that he could do. He did not fail in his battle in Heaven to retain his position because of a lack of effort. He gave every gram of what he had, he just wasn’t strong enough. His last major hope was to kill the woman, the Jewish church, before it produced of-spring, he failed because God flew them out into the desert on an eagle and protected them. He does accuse God of ‘ the only reason they don’t come to me is because You protect them. Withdraw that protection, like in Job,and they will come to me!’ And God does withdraw that protection to His last church. He does have limited success against against the offspring of the woman, those who obey God’s commandments but there is still such a long way to go with so little time, so he comes down and stands on the shore of the sea to see if he can get much needed assistance.

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What he sees is most encouraging; it is a beast, it is evil, with all the sevens and tens it has more than enough power  and authority to do its evil work, and these numbers are given to it by God. But above all it was its agenda that impressed the dragon. Blasphemy. This beast would only make war against the women’s offspring it would produce a false christ by firstly eliminating the true Christ. This is satan’s Utopia!

Verse 2: ‘ The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority.’

Like Daniel this does not define the beast in the same way as the leopard, bear and lion. This thing is so horrible it is undefinable. Even satan is defined as being created on day four of creation, falling, etc,etc. I have already made my case for this evil as being that line that has run for an eternity almost parallel but never parallel to that other line called good. The two were always going to meet in the shape of the cross and one would eliminate the other. It is from this line that satan drew his evil and it is from this line that the peoples and nations, or the sea, draw their evil. So there was only one evil that had to be defeated at the cross. The one that had been running for an eternity. Not only was it pulverised, but it was thrown into the furnace as well. Had not God rescued it from the fire all other evil, which draws its evil from this beast, would have collapsed! Time only would have run under the Old Covenant.

So this beast really has had two lives. One before the cross and a vastly different life after the cross which we will be dealing with. In fact it should not even exist. It does exist but only with a fraction of its former power and glory. Before the cross satan drew on its evil and power but now he hands some of this back. This evil is still there although it is very cleverly concealed; it looks like a leopard but it still has feet like a bear and a mouth like a lion. And that is why today most Christian churches are confused about it. Every Christian church teaches that the Garden of Eden was perfect, not so and I have already listed its ‘defects’ if that word can be used, certainly its departures from perfection. The main one is this beast, this line, evil, which has come from eternity and surfaces right in the middle of the Garden of Eden as the tree of good, made by God and evil that timeline from an eternity past. It finally crossed over with good on Calvary’s tree and was destroyed by it.

If this scenario is right then satan made a hideous mistake. He should have come to the shore of the sea and involved this beast while he was at full strength, and not now when this thing is only a shadow of its former self. He probably wasn’t desperate then like he is now. So the power, throne and authority this beast has now is made up of what satan has just given him plus what he received when God dragged him out of the furnace. Satan is careful not to give this beast all of his authority as he wants someway of keeping check of him. But there is no doubt the powers that God gave him were immense; leopard, bear and lion.

Verse 3; ‘ One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was astonished and followed the beast’.

There is not much information on either the anatomy or physiology of multi headed creatures that can be drawn on. One thing we can be certain about though is that the world is not astonished and follows the beast with the mortal blow and saying’ wow, look at that beast! It was pulverised and thrown into Calvary’s fires but God pulled it out and here it is!’ That is exactly what has happened but this idea is repulsive and offensive to them. So why are they astonished and why his head and not the other six?

If there are two beasts and each has a literal and symbolic meaning then there are four scenarios possible;

1 The literal form of the beast out of the sea with seven heads. The centre head is the main head and has three heads on its left, which I take as operative up to the second coming of my Lord and three heads on the right hand side of this main head which are operative after His second coming. So at His first coming the literal heads we are told in His Book are; Babylon, Medes and Persians, Greece plus some indescribable beast. So we really only have a head called Babylon that was killed by the head called  Medes and Persians that was killed by the head called Greece that was killed by the indescribable head. The three on the right hand side will not become functional until after the second coming . These heads do not have to be named as after the second coming ALL of God’s people will be in Heaven. They may be Estonia, Ethiopia and Eskimos! But at both comings there is only one operative head. So the world has only one head to focus its astonishment on, especially  when they see a massive scar that must have resulted in its death and therefore now its resurrection.

So let us now follow this beast with seven heads back from eternity. As it passes through Heaven where  satan and the evil angels draw from its evil but chose not to join it. Through the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve draw from its evil and onto Noah’s flood where there is a restart of the human race. Time moves on and the first nation that not only draws from its evil but joins and becomes a part of it is Babylon. Whether the second head, the Medes and Persians, actually attack the throat and kill the first head or just starve it by using its nutrients is irrelevant, they do take over. They in turn are rolled by the Greeks who are rolled by another abomination, Pagan Rome or emperor worship. So at Jesus first coming we have two abominations, Rome plus the one that has come from eternity. This pair now continues onto the second coming but with one significant difference; as they were both present at the cross, they were both thrown into Calvary’s fires from which they were both rescued and each has the remains of that lethal scar. So only one of the heads seemed to have received a fatal wound because there was only one head present!  The three on the right hand side had not yet taken up their thrones and on the left there was no trace of Babylon left, the Greeks are weak and insignificant and even if the Medes and Persians are the present Iran and Iraq they are of no value to us. It is the fourth empire which we need for timing purposes. This abomination joined the one from eternity and both were thrown into Calvary’s fires and both resuscitated.Both have massive scars but we don’t really know what the beast from eternity looks like so his disfigurement is of no value. We do know what the fourth empire , the one following Greece looked like and it’s scaring will b e of value to us. Verse 4 answers verse 3.

2; The symbolic beast out of the sea. This is really a matter to be considered when we return to Daniel chapter two.

Verse 4; ” Men worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast and asked ‘ Who is like the beast?  Who can make war against him?'”.

We are indeed in a very state. Just like the fledgling church slept in the Garden of Gethsemane in that time of crises we also sleep in our time of crises. Our Christian values are being corroded and eroded and all we do is sleep. Actually that is all we can do. So if we wake up what are we going to do which we are doing whilst asleep? Are going to preach fire and brimstone, second coming, hell and Heaven? Well not really because we don’t believe that ourselves. We don’t really know what to believe ourselves. Best thing to do is what we are doing and if God counts that as a sleeping church then that only adds to the errors in the Bible. We will continue to run around doing good works and espousing Jesus’s love! And satan is just loving it!

If satan was to hold an evangelical meeting and put out press advertisements showing his manifestation in our dimension, a black, 4 metre high dragon with pointed ears and long tail, very few would attend and they would be the converted. No, what he needs is an army of assistants that he can dress up in perfectly fitting sheep’s clothing. He only requires two things from them and will supply all necessary support. He requires you to spread the seeds of doubt, something he is unable to do himself and it really does not matter how small those seeds are or where you scatter them. He will make them grow, sprout them and produce that destructive batch. The second thing he requires of you is that you assure yourself of self destruction.

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No one knows Romans (10:13) better than satan ‘ for ” Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” ‘. But he knows if he can remove the meaning behind these words, or better still, they are just another Bible error then he has you in an unbreakable head lock. It does not hurt as you along with the rest of the world will be flooded with alcohol, (for about the same price as good mineral water), drugs of amazing variety, pornography and its resultant violence, tobacco and other rich rewards, so much so that you will also finish up worshiping both dragon and beast. Satan knows that final release of the sewerage pit called the Jordan River. He will be on that front wave and he must make sure that you don’t escape his clutches as he makes that final grab for you to take you into eternal damnation with him. So he must make sure that you make your final lunge off shaky grounds, off a slippery rock. That is his wish, his desire for every human being.

So you are sure that your final lunge will be a success because the rock you stand on is Jesus Christ. But which Jesus Christ? Is He the same one as in His Word, it is written and from which He quoted on almost endless occasions with great confidence and authority or is he the one whom you have trimmed and molded with such skill? Well done, he certainly passes more of the tests today’s society imposes. I will have to admit that he even has two horns that look like a lamb. But does he pass the final test? When he speaks does he speak like a dragon?. Does he meet the requirements that are imposed by ‘ it is written’. If he fails on that ground, the Bible, he is a false christ and in reality you are standing on quick sand. If you were to put your Christ on a crucifix and hold him up to satan to prevent him from entering your life it would not just throw satan back against the wall he had come through  let alone through it  whereas the Biblical Christ, the true Christ would do. All satan would do is to sneer at your efforts and say ‘ they don’t mean anything to you, they are just words. You might as well hold up a chair or a canary’ and brush straight past your crucifix.

These are certainly going to be testing times. Satan organised the wave of evil to be at maximum height for Jesus’s first coming and so it will also be for the second coming. They screamed loudest on Good Friday ‘ crucify Him ‘ This time they don’t want anything to do with the true Lamb, but encourage worship for both himself and the dragon. They will not attempt to use Eve’s defence ‘ the devil that you did put there did deceive me and I did eat ‘. These people know what they are doing. They are wrong if they attribute the placement and the curing of the wound on the beast by satan. No, that was done by God. But they are clever enough to recognise the scar on that really deep wound and be astonished by it and cause them to follow the beast. They also realise to whom this beast is attached to. The question about who can make war against this beast is probably a cynical one. When the beast took over there must have been nations that challenged his authority and look at them now and how quick was the battle?

But the amazing thing about these drugos and drunks is their understanding of the issues of these times. Not only do they recognise the fatal wound that was healed and the futility of standing against the beast they realise the relationship between the dragon and the beast, which they could only do by the use of Scripture. ( Rev 12:17) ‘ Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to make war against the rest of her offspring—- those who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus. And the dragon stood on the shore of the sea’. So the beast and the dragon were of little or no danger to God’s people before they exchanged their power and authority. The beast wanted to be not just the top dog but the only dog in the street. There was to be only one head and that was him. Once he had accomplished this with ruthless suppression he was happy. That is probably why there is such a determined push to rid the rogue nations of their nuclear weapons. Otherwise things will get very nasty. He won’t settle for any competition, but getting rid of God’s people is not on his agenda.That is on the dragon’s agenda but he does not have the power to carry it out. By combing they were able to kill two birds with the one stone. No wonder men worshiped the the dragon because he had given authority to the beast….. Before they could only cry ‘crucify them ‘ but now they could expect this to happen.

Verse 5; ‘ The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise his authority for forty-two months.’ If God had asked the beast what he wanted God to grant him I think the beast would have replied ‘ a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies”. He already had more than enough power, throne and authority. He had to make use of these. He would use them to puff himself with pride and let everyone know how good he was, good enough to take Jesus’s place away from Him, exactly what satan had tried in Heaven, was denied and is now going to get revenge for this humiliation. But God had a far deeper meaning and purpose for us. He does not need satan to tell Him that the Heaven He is filling is being filled with God praising robots. By cocooning us and protecting us from the outside world and granting our wishes that is what He is doing, spoiling us rotten, just spoil t brats and the first person to know this is God. Just like Job we are going to be sieved out and by the most ferocious storms, almost hurricanes. And just like Peter when we have our eyes on Jesus the storm will really be irrelevant but even the slightest distraction away from Jesus will result in our sinking. So as we force our way through the storm we must realise that it is God sent, He will supply whatever assistance is required and it is into His arms where we are heading.. But this will require preparation, spare oil and jars to carry it in.

Verse 6; ‘ He opened his mouth to blaspheme God, and to slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven.’ Unlike the beast out of the earth  which displays nuances and niceties by asking all he stops if they have their plastic credit cards on them ( it may even be electronic markers)  and if we don’t we will be told ‘ you are required  to fill out your form of image worship now and if you don’t you will be arrested on the spot to be  taken away and executed’, this beast has no such scruples. He doesn’t need them. He can do whatever and whenever he so desires. Yet amongst all this power he still has a plan, Blasphemy.

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He really is doing Bible based Christians a great favor by acknowledging that God, His dwelling place and the angels who live there actually exist, even though from suspect intentions. And he is doing this in front of the mob screaming ‘ crucify them because of their Biblical lies’. He still maintains he was wronged by his expulsion from Heaven and he is telling his converts so. He hopes to convince them that he should be restored as the real christ and the true Christ has to be removed. He wants them to cry ‘ we have no king but Caesar! ‘ His chief obstacles are going to be the Bible based Christians. All this still does not answer the question; why does God let loose and equip a powerful beast with a blasphemous mouth amongst His people or just let us  sit  alongside Job near a fire covered with sores and taking away all our material possessions?  How does the trials of His first church compare to the trials of His last church?

Verse 7;  ‘ He was given power to make war against the saints and conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation,’

If you were to ask people today would they prefer to go Heaven with Jesus or go to hell they would reply ‘ Heaven’ other than satan’s followers. But God requires a greater commitment than this. What is involved is an eternity of perfection with no chance of rebellion. So we circle back to Rev ( 12:10,11) It was a mistake at the start of this blog to just quote Biblical references, when I rewrite this blog I will give the whole text, which lets face it is the Word of God whilst my writing is just a human interpretation. If it is Spirit inspired then it would also be given to everyone who asked for it in faith. (Rev 12:10,11)  ‘ Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: ” Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Christ. For the accuser of our brothers, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down. They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.”  ‘ .

Jesus Christ is the root and if the faith that we have comes from this root it will produce fruit, a tangible useful and highly beneficial commodity to all humanity. If there is no fruit, or poisonous fruit then it could not have come from the roots called Jesus Christ. God does not count the number of fruits nor should we produce, in fact righteousness by works is an abomination to our Lord. All we need to know is that there is fruit. Fruit when it is combined with root is able to say ‘ my Father Who is in Heaven, glorified be Your Name’ But this prayer will be more fully covered in the Lord’s Prayer.

Jesus Christ received all power, kingdom and authority at 3 0’clock on Good Friday and His first exercise of this power was to hurl the dragon out of Heaven. Satan’s accusations of us have no real affect on God even before when he was allowed access to Heaven before the cross, little less after he was thrown out of Heaven and none whatsoever after the fires of hell go out when satan screams his last shriek of pain. God knows that even if one spoiled brat gets into Heaven then this seed will ultimately germinate causing that catastrophe all over again. He was always going to sieve the seed out so there was no bad seed left to germinate, even after an eternity. So once we accept the blood of the Lamb that flowed down and watered the root then at least one fruit will be we will not be able to stop telling others about it. We have no choice but to stop when that person in front of us flinches and says ‘ the Bible basher, here we go again’ . But blood plus ‘Bible bashing’ only really become the genuine article once we are prepared to lay down our literal and spiritual lives for Lord. We are sure that all that stuff in the Book is real and factual, just like Paul was. If you don’t have the Bible to stand on then the only thing that if left is tradition which changes like the wind.  This now is the test that is being applied with all of it’s apparent harshness to the last church before the second coming as it was applied to the first church of the first coming and partially applied to the church in the intervening 2,000 years. If there is any seed left in the ground now then it must be quickly germinated. There is no better germinating agent than the blood of martyrs.

So Jesus now gives the beast the ultimate sieving tools; power to make war against the saints and to conquer them and a mouth that utters proud words and blasphemies. The blasphemies convince us there is no true Christ Who is substituted by the proud words, the false christ. There is not much of a battle and it does not last very long. BUT ONLY BECAUSE WE HAVE NO FIRM GROUND TO FIGHT BACK FROM!. If we did have a firm ground from which we could fight back from, if we could have the same confidence that Jesus had when He said ‘ IT IS WRITTEN’ then satan would once again have no choice but to flee. Our defence is not ‘ what I understand that is written ‘ but what actually is what is ‘ it is written’. The bit that I understand what is written is ineffective because it is so tiny but the weapon is the whole of ‘it is written’.

Verses 8-10; ‘ All the inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast—all whose names have not been written in the book of life from the creation of the world. He who has an ear, let him hear. If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity he will go. If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword he will be killed. this calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of the saints ‘.

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Most of the inhabitants of the earth may be against us but if we stand alongside the Christ of the Bible then so what.They become the drop of water and Jesus becomes the ocean! But this can only happen with the Biblical Christ. I have already admitted I was most impressed with your molding of Jesus. He certainly is superior to Buddha and the other eastern religious mystics, whose names I cannot spell, but feeling warm in the belly does not address the real issues. The sin issue has only and always had the Son solution. It was humanity that severed that link of perfect love of God and perfection could only restore it. Suffering for our sins and paying the penalty for breaking God’s Law will get us into Heaven, only perfection can do that. And this is that perfect robe of righteousness that Jesus came to earth to weave and is available to all who want it. Instructions on where to get and how to wear are available in the Bible. You can be quite sure that if there was any other way of restoring this relationship, other than God the Father handing God the Son that horrific cup of Calvary’s tree, then the very first person Who would have taken advantage of it would have been Jesus. And we think it was the nails, the spasms, the choking, the thirst, the agony that killed Jesus, they weren’t. They would have been so minor as not to be felt at all, just like a fly landing on your leg. What suffocated and finally killed Jesus was the sins of the redeemed, both intentional and unintentional sins. We can have no concept of this as we are born, live and are soaked and steeped in sin. It is our natural state. These sins were first dumped on Jesus which He readily accepted and as each was paid for in turn they were removed. So how were they paid for if the suffering which is so horrific to us and was so minor to Him? To answer this question we have to have just the slightest inkling of the beauty of Heaven, the love and relationships present there. This can only be shown us by the Holy Spirit after prayer and preparation. In the meantime the best that we can do is to try to relate to the physical Crucifixion. As this raises the Christian bar significantly, you would not be living under hope any longer but under sight Much more would be expected of you and woe to those who apostatized from this privileged position!

The reason for my second visit to Revelation chapter 13 was trying to answer the questions; how am I supposed to distinguish this abomination from all the other false christs and when will this happen so we don’t all set off in another false start? The qualifier that has not been addressed is ‘ spoken of by the Prophet Daniel’. So far even though my question has not been fully answered, nor would I expect it to be as I have not addressed issues like 666 and others. But I do have a better understanding of the issues involved. It was worth even that brief visit. Now to get more understanding I could return to the Word of God, the Bible or I could get help from one of the many sites that are set up by and staffed with God’s people. These sites are distinguished from the many satanic sites, under the guise of ‘Christianity’. When they don’t understand something they say so and do not cover their ignorance by saying ‘ I don’t understand this so the Bible has to be wrong, again, so let us see what satan’s explanation is, and that will always be to sow the seeds of doubt.

So when I am seeking should I go to God’s people or to His Word? God could have easily taught the many students of my teaching career Himself. He did not need me as an inter-medium to say before the class ‘ please Lord open their minds up to receive…….’ It was brilliantly successful so much so that most of the classes I taught I would have taught even if I wasn’t paid. It was a pleasure to teach! So God put me there to do His work even though He could have done it Himself. So it is with God manned blogs today, They do work that God could have done Himself through His Holy Spirit but He has also given each one of us a role in life to spread His Word and also a very privileged specialised   and obviously more  intelligent than the norm groups of people. But we will never have nor capable of absorbing all the answers. But if you ask ‘ are the Holy Spirit inspired blobs the Word of God ‘ you have missed the point badly. They are not nor can they be. The Bible is a complete unit and cannot be added to, and whatever is added is not the Word that created that stunningly beautiful and complex universe, nor is it the Word that became flesh and dwelt amongst us and walked voluntarily to Calvary’s tree on Good Friday! This privilege was granted to a very few people to write the Word of God and most of the NT writers drew their themes from the OT anyway which was authenticated by none other than Jesus Himself. The Book is closed and finished and has the complete message of salvation. It cannot be added to. But you may say which Bible? The Protestant one with 69 books or the Catholic one with 75 books. That is a very big difference! It may be some other bible and surely the mistakes cannot be the Word of God! God doesn’t tell lies. The only way of ‘adding to the bible’ usually because the light in the New Testament is too bright, the Sonlight is just too bright,  is to dim this light by reexamining the matter under moonlight, the Old Testament, which is what we are about to do. Before doing so let me just look at a final analogy.

Physical life’s journey should be easier in old age as it is downhill. Not that long ago I could play over 100 holes of golf in 16 hours with little or no side effects. Today on the same course I give myself a big pat on the back for 18 holes in 4 hours. When this becomes  zero holes I hope to replace it with electronics. ( my conscience is saying that it should be Bible study ). Let me give you an analogy between the Bible and something I have spent teaching about and lying under it. the motor car, any model for many hours. That cars life is determined by how faithfully you read and follow that service manual. ( I am aware that there has been so many errors in service manuals that they are no longer being published for fear of being sued.)But we will assume that our service manual is almost error free, just like the Bible. ( It is hard to beat using the same pronoun for God and satan!!). Our life and destiny is also determined by how closely we read and follow the instructions in our service manual, the Bible. Being a 1993 model and being given a very hard time it, like it’s owner is having ‘health’ problems one of which is electrical. Mechanics stay away from cars that are over 10 years old for a reason, they are difficult to work on, so I am on my own. Just because the service manual has a circuit diagram and there are 30 pages of repairs and maintenance does not mean I can follow them. Little more than I can follow all the instructions in life’s manual, the Bible. When this happens I can either ask somebody to help or I can look up other literature related to my problem. If people or this literature helps in my understanding of the particular Bible text  does not make them or the literature the word of God!. All it is is light is being shone on this text. To be sure that the light being shone is true light, the truth it is best to direct either Sonlight, or the NT or moonlight the OT.

Which is the best car? The one with the 69 books or the one with 75 books?. ( we will call this an extra engine). If this extra engine does anything to alter the air supply, be that temperature, pressure or composition or the oil supply in a deleterious way to the main engine, or harms any other part of the car then it is wrong and should be stayed away from. If it is  just there and cannot be put to use, it just adds weight then it should also be scrapped. But what if it is of use and can be used if the main engine fails or on very steep hills? Beneficial use  and truth are fortunately related. If one text is used to throw light on another text then it has been correctly used . If the text contradicts the first text then it is wrongly used, or at least one of them is wrong. So if the text is ‘ and Judas went out and hanged himself’, obviously because of extreme evil, is married with ” and Jesus said ‘ go yea and do likewise’ “, whatever good He was speaking about, to get ‘ Judas went out and hanged himself and Jesus said to go yea and do likewise’ is obviously wrong. You would be surprised how many churches base their major doctrines on such wrong associations.

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The problem is dealt with exegesis and eisegesis as techniques of Bible study. Exegesis is the goodie and eisegesis is the badie. With exegesis when we study a text the meaning that the original inspired writer intended exits out out of the text. This is exactly what we want to happen, it is objective and and error free. In eisegesis we have some preconceived idea, like the earth is billions of years old, and we search Scripture to prove our ideas. It is subjective and you can ‘prove’ anything at all using this technique, and should be avoided if possible. So what am I doing with my second visit to the Book of Daniel?

Let me use simple numbers to illustrate that the bad technique, eisegesis sooner or later has to be used. The information that exists Mathew chapter 24 includes:

1; Every stone in the original temple will be thrown down.

2; There will be a proliferation of false christs but my attention will be on the Holy Place and I will not be distracted by those appearing in the desert or the inner rooms.

3; The exact marker I am looking for has been spoken of by the prophet Daniel, and could not have been mentioned in Revelation as it had not yet been written.

4; If I am in Jerusalem when this abomination appears, and I start my run for the mountains at the right time, with extreme hardship I might just make it in time.

5; Its probably eisegesis, but only God’s people in Jerusalem are the only ones left after the beast out of the sea’s reign as they were in the only out of bound area for this beast and the trauma will be associated with the violent upheaval associated with the throwing down of those last remaining massive stones of the temple. It does not appear to be the earthquake of the third coming as this earthquake only kills 7,000 people and leaves the temple standing to play such an important role in last day events, including the very last battle, Armageddon.

So Mathew gives us the number 5 and now the 3 from Revelation chapter 13

1; There are 2 beasts, probably consecutive and just as the earth came out of the sea  on the third day of creation because it was an integral part of it so the beast out of the arises from the beast out of the sea because it is an integral part of it.

2; If the number 666 is both a man’s number and man’s number then this could be man’s number being displayed. We are all evil as every cell in our body is sinful and the only solution to the sin problem is the Son answer. In amongst all this evil there are those who are more evil, those who voluntarily undertake the dragon’s work to destroy God’s people. The dragon first tried to wash away the fledgling church in its 1,260 days of Divine protection, failed but has continued to today in its efforts to make war against those who hold to the testimony of Jesus. But time is running out so he comes to the seashore to see if there is something there that could be of assistance. He, and his followers find something very useful, something that can do do anything it wants, it rushes to the north, it rushes to the south and no one can do anything to stop him. The only problem with this beast is that it wants to be the only dog in the street but if it could just be used to clean out every Christian in the street!  And this is what happens when the dragon transfers his authority to this beast, it acquires the beasts desires. ‘ men worshiped the dragon  because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast and asked ” Who is like  the Beast? Who can make war against him? ” ‘. What these demonic people could not do themselves they see now being done. This truly is the number 666, it is man’s number.

3; When we arrive at what I think is the answer does not mean there will be more questions asked than answered. There is an incredible amount of information about this abomination in verses 11-18. More still has to added as when we arrive at Daniel we are bout to see that the split of 5 of Mathew should not be 3 to Revelation and 2 to Daniel but 4 to Daniel and 1 to Revelation. So let us just do a recap of some of what Revelation has told us.( I think is necessary because I was hoping to arrive at this abomination in exactly 144,000 words—sounds familiar?, But Daniel’s abomination is just a major extension of this one.) So far;

A; This beast has always with the beast out of the sea. He only takes over when this beast’s God allotted 1,260 days have run out. He is useless and appears to be sitting on a throne. So who is still alive to be involved in this last mopping up operation? Those whom the other beast has put into jail. He may decide that some or all of these have to die and produces the form for evolution belief for them to sign. Some may have changed their minds in jail and sign it. ( Like John the Baptist they may ask ‘are you the one or is there still the right one coming? Don’t you know that I am in jail and why did you allow this to happen? The rock they stand on is really on shifting sand!)  Some may have fled to a region that was out of bounds to the sea beast, like Israel. As Christians would only be a minor part of the population they would certainly need sifting by the use evolution card. It is difficult to see how any person outside this protected area came through undetected. Satan knows every one of God’s people and will not let up on them, especially with their last breath. So even if you are in some remote area like the desert satan knows exactly where you are and you do not have God’s protection. This is the whole idea of this era. We are the exact opposite of the first church that was carried by an eagle into the desert for protection. We will be exposed to the real storm, the shortest period we can expect is 10 days, and it is only those who have their eyes focused on the real Jesus, the ‘as it is written’ one that are going not to sink. Will Jesus allow waves big enough so we lose sight of Him and ask John the Baptist question.’Can we expect someone else on the other side of this wave’?  But the beast out of the earth only appears for the final mopping up operation.

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Even as I type my ideas are changing. This beast will be very easily identified; its resemblance to the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world is stunning so much so that when I identify him you are going to say ” you have have lost the plot mate” but before you leave this blog for the last time tell me that my identification of this beast by the words he speaks are wrong. Not just contrasting perfection with evil, but actually substituting one for the other. Tell me which one of my criteria that I have used to assign the number 666 to this man are wrong.

Now the the abomination in Daniel ( 12:11). ‘ From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days. Blessed  is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1,335 days.’

There is only one sacrifice in the Bible. It occurred on Good Friday and began at 9 0’clock when Jesus was hung from the tree and ended at 3 0’clock when Jesus died. This sacrifice is remembered in it’s two eras as the Blood implied, or the Old Testament and as the Blood applied, or the New Testament. The method of preparation for any major event is different to the remembrance of that event. God’s people before the event were called Jews and after the event are called Christians. The Jews were not exposed to that brilliant event in an instant as it would have just blinded them and they would have missed it. Their eyes were accustomed to it firstly by a long exposure to moonlight and then 1,150 days of moonlight and Sonlight combined during Jesus’s ministry. Whilst under moonlight they were taught that this sacrifice was coming and they had to prepare for it by also having two sacrifices  each day. They were taught that this sacrifice would involve a totally innocent being would have to die for their sinful selves their substitute. They were also taught that they could transfer their sins onto this innocent being whose blood would wash away their sins. So there were two sacrifices, the morning one the transfer of their sins to this spotless, blameless innocent being, some animal and the afternoon one where this animal had died. They did not have to be told that right back in the Garden of Eden God had told their first parents that sin meant there must be death. It was this innocent animal’s death that took the place of the death they were supposed to go through themselves.

In the NT we look back at the actual event as we will for the eternity to come. It is the cross that is the telescope in Heaven and it is through this telescope that we will be able to focus in on different aspects of the beauty of God’s nature. It can also be used from this earth for this purpose but it must be properly focused first. The focal point of this telescope is the daily sacrifice, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. The Holy Word tells us to split the Lamb into two components; body and blood when we celebrate His last supper. The only reason we return back to the moonlight, the symbols of animals and the old daily sacrifice is to better understand its meaning, never to reenact something that Jesus called ” it is finished”. So to destroy, abolish,  this daily sacrifice anyone or all three of the unholy trinity has to destroy either the reality of the Blood or the Body of the Lamb, and preferably both. The destruction of the Blood destroys Christ the redeemer and the destruction of His Body destroys Christ as creator. Thus we have the two stages of the abomination. Once it has done this there is no Word that became flesh and dwelt among us, there is no Word that spoke this magnificent universe into existence out of nothing and ‘ Christians’ have fallen over themselves for a long time in order to assist evil in its destruction of the Bible. So the Antichrist now fills this void. Let us look at this process in more detail.

There are very few things in this world that I consider worth dying for. If  I am in a line of bound and kneeling Christians, each being asked the same question before they are decapitated by a blunt knife, when they got to me with the same question ‘ do you renounce Jesus Christ as your Saviour?’ my response would be correct as they are the words that Jesus gave me in the Lord’s Prayer, ” Glorified be Your Name”. I am not saying to make this thing that is about to me painless, I am saying ‘ take this sinning, sinful, spiteful stinking agglomeration of dying cells and as only You can do use it to glorify Your Holy Name. If that is best done by my head severed head screaming and shrieking in pain then so be it ( PS if there is an option box there that says ‘ can be shown the beauty of Heaven and like Stephen glow as a result of seeing that beauty and not feel a thing’ then please make sure there is a tick in that box.) So the surest, purest and most beautiful privilege that I can die for is Christ my redeemer which He accomplished with his precious blood. So this abomination when he replaces the act of perfection for an eternity redemption by the Blood of Christ with the greatest known evil  will be given the first number 6. For enforcing this blasphemy on the whole world he will be given the second 6 and for killing those who don’t conform he will be given his third 6. Thus this is a man’s number 666.

So what is my name, I am the greatest evil known to humanity and here are some clues:

1; I am a class 4 poison in the same category as asbestos, tobacco, benzene and numerous other carcinogens.

2; I am addictive, almost impossible to get rid of and I numb the senses to hide all my dangers.

3; I poison every cell in the body and am particularly effective in destroying the main two engines in the body, the liver and the brain although there is none that I leave unscathed.

4; I don’t just physically destroy the cells of the brain but also release those deadly inhibitions. So I not only destroy the body but also the soul.

5; When these inhibitions are are released I cause untold harm and incalculable destruction to society.

6; I am protected by powerful vested interests and you have no chance in harming me.

7; The abomination that causes desolation receives his first 6 for substituting me for the Blood of God, of the Lamb.

I am ALCOHOL.When he holds that cup filled not just with wine, but with fortified wine, 18% alcohol and calls THIS IS THE ACTUAL BLOOD OF GOD he thus receives his first 6. He has replaced perfection with evil thereby causing world wide desolation and the destruction of the act of redemption.

Protestants so called have a different way of destroying Christ’s redemptive role. If intelligence can be defined as the lack of answers these people are intelligent indeed. Any lack of answers or errors in the Bible have long gone and been replaced by the current facts of science. They are right to say that the cup points to or symbolises the Blood of God, but they they continue to use evil alcohol, and not unfermented grape juice!   They more than make up for blasphemies by the use of leavened bread. Even the abomination that causes desolation does not do that! The leaven, the symbol of sin was not inside Jesus, He was spotless. Our sin was carried on the outside of His Body, its surface and you have given Him a sinful nature! Your slumber is so deep it could be described as anesthesia!

The history of the Eucharist is long but only relevant to us when they substituted alcoholic wine, especially the fortified version as the substitute for the Blood of Christ. This was the abomination receiving it’s first 6 and the world wide desolation as the church went to sleep. Any and every other desolation could now be introduced including changing God’s blessed day to anything other than the Sabbath with no fear of resistance. What is amazing is that these abominations got past those real giants, the reformers like Luther, Calvin, Wesley, Hus etc. How many Protestants with only the tiniest knowledge of the history of their faith did not give a slight shutter when they learnt that the latest elected Pope was a Jesuit! The internet is full of stories of the role Jesuits have played in their role of destroying those heretics, those who dare to read the Bible, as it is written.

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The day that the daily sacrifice is abolished, the day that renders the Blood of our redeemer to be equivalent and substituted by that ultimate evil, alcohol, the day we stop looking to the daily sacrifice in gratitude for accepting our sins onto His body and paying the price that God requires for their forgiveness maybe introduced as conspicuously as compulsory attendance at daily mass. This would make the numbers very easy to work out. Decree for compulsory mass attendance add 30 days for the beast out of the sea to begin the real reign of terror for 1,260 days when the Abomination that causes desolation reappears for his final 45 days of mopping up operations. That is all he requires. The previous beast has done all the heavy lifting and this abomination has already destroyed our most fundamental belief, Jesus Christ is our redeemer. He now brings evolution, so Christ as creator is snuffed out and Christ the written Word has not been an option for a long time. Remnants of the temple, those last reaming stones are still irritating him and it would be nice to remove them at the same time as getting rid of the remainder of those Christians. So if the announcement for the abolishment of our daily sacrifice is overtly made, the compulsory mass attendance, we will have no problems with identifying the abomination spoken of by the Prophet Daniel standing in the Holy place. It will give us it’s itinerary with date and time and words of the dragon to boot . It has nothing to fear!

What about compulsory attendance at mass? Most of the symbols, most of the texts they use we also use. Aren’t their churches filled with wonderful, beautiful, well meaning Christians some of whom have more Christianity in the dirt of their fingernails than I have in my body? Yes they are. It is the Holy Spirit Who shines light into people’s lives and He alone judges how much they have and whether they walking in the light He has shown them? Not one of us is going to their grave being shown all the light, even Peter, Paul or Mary. We could not handle it, it would kill us. God has not given us the role of judging anyone but we have been given the role of where to direct souls and to help them along this path. How you react to compulsory mass attendance, if that is the modem operand i of this abomination, will be determined firstly by whether you are on the straight and narrow path and how much progress you have made along it. When one of my good Catholic friends die I have no hesitation in attending a mass said in their honour. But I will not take part in the communion service. I have been there shown the light and will not return there. I also know that by non attendance I will be marked out for the beast out of the sea when he begins his reign of terror. The bottom line is that I would consider it a nightmare to be like most people when they are told of the Holy Spirit they say they will now reach for the bottle of spirit, this is all they  require! Fools!, it is a bottle of spirits that you reach for. Every one of them evil, every one of them will cause you untold harm and every one of them will blind your senses to see the spiral of destruction you are in. That of course does not apply to that army of moderate drinkers! This is an interesting interpretation of the word ‘moderate’ . You would be prepared to die rather than have that drink taken out of your hand yet you consider yourself moderate?

If the removal of the daily sacrifice was done covertly there would be a totally different situation. If the forces of evil make this decision in a back room or in the desert we would not have a starting point to begin our count from. Nor would we know when the first 30 days are up and the beast out of the sea takes over, so that annuls our knowledge of the 1,260 days that God has given him. It may begin it’s nefarious work on day one or it may wait for 1,200 days, for whatever reason and do it’s work in it’s last 60 days. Under these conditions we are going to have to be watchful and ask our brothers and sisters to whom God has given His insight, be that the stars, the number 666, young earth or whatever whether they can be of help. One thing we can be sure of is He won’t leave us helpless and hopeless.

So in summary we may know exactly, down to the hour the events of last days or we may have very little idea of what is about to happen. If it does not matter to you, you know whatever happens has been allowed by God, was necessary for your preparation for Heaven’s eternity you have already passed the test, the test of trust. You know God does not send trials unless He sends the corresponding help to help you through.

So end day events will  begin with the abolishing of the daily sacrifice, the compulsory substitution of the Blood of Jesus our daily sacrifice with the world’s greatest evil, alcohol by the abomination and this desolation is world wide and obliterates our most fundamental belief, Jesus Christ as our redeemer. After 30 days he-it? hands it’s baton over to the beast out of the sea to which God has allowed 1,260 days to carry out its heinous crimes for. The abomination reappears after 1,290 days to complete the work. There are only very few Christians left and there there is only one doctrine concerning Christ left, as our creator. Both these it now attacks with vigor and would accomplish had not Jesus reappeared with His second coming.

Do you place the doctrine of Christ our redeemer above the doctrine of Christ as our creator? Well Heaven doesn’t for whatever reason it places Christ as creator ahead of all others. It is Christ as creator doctrine, evolution for which the mark of the beast is awarded and it is the mark of the beast that then determines your destiny, whether you are marked as satans and therefore of no further attempts by Heaven are made to secure your salvation. In fact the defining  text that will now be used will simply be referred to as R 16-2, ( Rev 16:2) ‘ the first angel went and poured out and pored his bowl on the land, and ugly and painful sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped his image.’

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Some thoughts on why Jesus as our creator doctrine is placed ahead of Jesus our redeemer, after all all Jesus had to speak to bring the universe into existence but He had to go through literal hell to redeem it;

1; It is the last doctrine left. Christ our redeemer and identifying agent the Spirit was long ago replaced by the bottle of spirits and very effectively so because the church was asleep. Christ the written Word rarely, if ever was established so now with the removal of Christ as creator there is no trace of the true Christ and the false christ moves in to fill the void.

2; The doctrine of redemption is faith whereas the doctrine of creation is fact. Thus people who have rejected fact are held as without excuse more so than those who have rejected faith.Whilst on my recent 2 day holiday, approx 99% work, with my Bible I have had the following answers to these questions, I think.

A; Why it is the doctrine of creation used to tag us as satan’s agents, or the mark of the beast. ?

B; If this mark is the badge for admission into hell then not just those alive in those last days have but also everyone else down to Cain must have this tag. When did they receive theirs?

C; If Daniel 8:13,14 relate to the same events why do they appear as a separate account and do they add or subtract from Daniel 12:11,13?

D Has our question concerning the abomination standing in the holy place been answered?

Let us first add Daniel 8 but specifically verses 13 and 14.’ Then I heard the holy one speaking and another holy one said to him ” How long will it take for the vision to be fulfilled — the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the surrender of the sanctuary and of the host that will be trampled underfoot? ” He said to me, ” it will take 2,300 morning and evening; then the sanctuary will be reconstructed”  ‘

So both chapters 8 and 12 begin events with the removal of the daily sacrifice; both have an abomination that causes desolation; both attack God’s people but only chapter 8 tells us the sanctuary will be reconstructed after 2,300 morning and evening services, or 1,150 days. This should not just tell us who is in control but also the involvement of each. There were two beasts rescued from the fires of Calvary’s tree and it is these two that are now operating. We also know that the main beast, the body, can operate without any heads and when the seventh head dies the beast takes over as the eight head, together with the ten horns to lead the final battle against the rider of the white horse and his armies. So we can now add 1,150 days to our events. It did amaze me when I saw the line that Heaven drew between God’s and satan’s people, when 200 million crazed horsemen would immobilise  someone then turn around and burn them with a sulphur flame and people would still prefer to go this than to repent ! but now the attempt that Heaven makes to convert red letter faith, a pseudo faith into true faith which I call black letter faith.

So using Daniel chapters 8 and 12 and Revelation chapter 13 the dates of the events are: 1 add 30  add 1,120 (total 1,150)  add 140 ( total 1,290) add 45 (total 1,335). So what happened on these days?

Day one; They begin with the removal of the daily sacrifice. To be removed implies that it exists. It certainly existed before the cross even if that was under moonlight and shadows and it certainly exists in Heaven for an eternity. Being in the middle we should be able to take advantage of the moonlight and apply it to the Sonlight.

The problem that I see is that of faith. It seems too good to be true that an infinite and perfect God should be so concerned for me that He should send His only Begotten Son to take my place in hell, being fried with a sulphur flame, not only freeing me from sin but also weaving a perfect cloak for me to wear in Heaven  so that I could spend an eternity with Him forever! That idea is just not off this planet it belongs to another universe! Little wonder so few can believe it! But crossing over that gap and returning to planet earth is there any need for this celestial act? If I compare my evil to your evil I may be more evil on some grounds but certainly not on all grounds! So what is all this fuss about evil ? It is only when I compare myself to God that the chasm appears. It is only then that I realise how desperately I am in need of my Saviour. Unfortunately that can only occur under His well defined rules which are not dependent on my understanding of them or agreeing with them. So the basic equation which will have to be refined is: RED LETTER CHRISTIAN   +   DAILY SACRIFICE  = BLACK LETTER CHRISTIAN.


Or differently still: RED LETTER CHRISTIAN ( the fruit of Christianity)     +    MORNING AND EVENING SACRIFICE  ( the root of Christianity that goes back to and originates in Heaven)  =  BLACK LETTER CHRISTIAN ( the redeemed)

So because the red letter Christian (RLC) has abandoned the idea of bridging the gap to Heaven, whether they thought it was impossible or unnecessary or whatever the reason they now concentrate on the works of Jesus, or the fruit of Christianity. If their belief was implanted by a so called Christian preacher, in reality a wolf dressed dressed in sheep’s clothing,  then God could hardly blame them for this belief! If there is anyone who knows that it is too good to believe then surely then that Person must be God!

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So the RLC runs around all day doing good which then is faithfully recorded each night in their regime of good deeds. ( helped 2 little old ladies cross the street, delivered 5 meals to old and most unpleasant of all spent 93.21 minutes on that church committee listening to those……  Doesn’t look that impressive. Will have to organise those little old ladies into batches of about 40 each one and three batches will give me 120, that sounds a lot better. Deliver meals only to high rise apartments, should also be in the hundreds, especially if I send the meal down the garbage shute and just call the number of the unit to respond, attend only 5 minute committees that should return some sanity back and remove tendency to want to throttle people to shut them up,…) A busy life indeed! Don’t have time to even try to understand that other lot who profess themselves to be Christians. What difference does it make whether God’s blood is fermented or unfermented   grape juice or the amount of alcohol in it? What difference does it make if God created by evolution or revolution? That lot should stop majoring in minors, get their boots on the ground and start doing what Jesus did.

But God has not written this group off. It may due to exhaustion that they finally collapse, or they may make an error of judgment and nearly have a batch of 40 little old ladies wiped out by that truck, that stupid old man should have realised from the sound that it was something big and not stuck his hand out, he would not have finished up in that wheely bin in the basement,or whatever reason but they will stop and have a careful look at those black letter Christians. ( actually on day 2,300 morning and evening services when the sanctuary will be restored so they will see something different to what they would have seen at the start of this period. They still will be Christians of the daily sacrifice but with the extra realisation why it has to be morning and evening; the gap is so large between humanity and divinity that it can only be thinly connected and needs that reinforcement. Twice a day is sufficient.

So day one of last day events begins with compulsory attendance of the beast out of the earth mass. ( I will only use the overt scenario here) Those not attending ( black letter Christians who not only will not allow anyone to remove their daily sacrifice let alone replace it with satan’s blood.) are  marked out over a 30 day period. At the end of the 30 days the beast out of the earth who does not have the power to kill these people, hands the list over to the beast out of the sea who does and it begins its work immediately. But this beast does not kill all those on his list but imprisons some of them. This first error is picked up by the beast out of the earth and when he makes his second and more serious error, restores the sanctuary at the end of 2,300 morning and evening sacrifices he is challenged by the beast out of the earth ” What are you doing?  We have them exactly where we want them! We can’t have an easier foe than the red letter Christians. They allowed us to replace the Blood of God with alcohol without a whimper and they will allow us to replace the Creator with evolution and receive the mark of the beast at the same time. We can’t expect anything better than a 100% victory!”

The beast out of the sea replies ” I don’t want any members in my army who are there by default. I only want true blue believers. When I march against the rider of the white horse and his army I can’t afford to have any defections or deserters, this will destroy the morale of my army. So I am going to sort the sheep from the goats now.”

But the reality is that God is the One in control and He is going to give these red letter Christians one last chance, as God also does not want any people in Heaven by default. The restoration of the daily sacrifice, or the removal of the compulsory mass is accompanied by the release of the imprisoned black letter Christians, they are the seed of this new church and the blood of all those recently killed Christians is the watering agent. This church has 110 days to bring   any who want to be black letter Christians back into the fold. The success rate is very high and there will be a lot more work for the beast out of the earth when he comes back on line. All he can do now is to count : 1,150 days plus 110 days that gives 1,260 days the number that was allotted to the beast out of the sea.

So on day 1,290 it is the beast out of the earth that makes that call ( Mat 25:6). ‘ At midnight the cry rang out; ” Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!” ‘ What better form of identification could we have for this abomination? And the bride now has had plenty of time to make up her mind.

So why don’t you receive the mark of the beast for not believing the Book of Ruth or the Book of Romans or the Book of Revelation or some other book, why only the Book of Genesis?. We have to stop and look at what is happening in this 45 day period. The period began with the released black letter Christians trying to convert the red letter Christians into their fold. But what was the problem of these red letter Christians? They had failed to connect to the root of their faith, via the daily sacrifice and spent all their time concerned with the fruits on the earth. So have they made that re-connection? There is only one place where that connection is fully explained and under moonlight, The Old Testament of the Bible. So if they believe in the OT then they also believe in Genesis. So are they going to accept evolution, the mark of the beast, over creation? The reason why God draws the line in the sand in Genesis over creation rather than in Romans over  salvation is probably because:

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I was going to begin by saying there is no person in this world who believes that a magician can pull a rabbit out of a hat if it wasn’t there in the first place. If there was and they were on medication they should immediately stop taking it and if they weren’t then they should start taking it. It doesn’t need the Biblical standard which I am about to produce to realise that you can’t get something out of nothing; never have never will. You may not be able to get one rabbit but if you want millions or billions of these rabbits out of this hat then there are no problems! So the scientists tell us and they are never wrong! This amazingly beautiful and complex world just appeared by itself out of nothing!

If you believe that then the Biblical standard  is applied to you ‘ so that men are without excuse’ Romans (1:18-20)  ‘ The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities — his eternal power and divine nature— have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.’

Whether you came out of your baptismal font as a red or black letter Christian is not determined by any external influences but only by you and you alone. Whether you received the seal of God or nothing actually occurred before your baptism, it was only the outward sign. It was when under water did you pass your death and suffering which you were going to experience in hell to an eagerly consenting Saviour and experience the reincarnation when He handed His Resurrection back to you? If you did experience this, so when you came up out of the water you looked like a stunned mullet and did worry whether your hair and clothes were straight, then it is only because that is what actually happened to you. You are a new birth, all sins past, present and future forgiven,  a new life and a clean slate, but it does not take very long for the problems to start appearing. If you have been instructed just to concentrate on the red letters of the Bible it soon becomes clear that you could not defend your faith to a deaf dog let alone some human who has attained the age of reason. You can compensate for this in two ways; rather than worry about your faith’s foundations you put all, heart and soul into the fruit of Christianity, works ( good is not applicable) which are an essential part of our faith but never can be the cause of its destruction. But make sure when you line those batches of little old ladies to cross the road that they have been doing their exercises regularly and what acceleration factor they are capable of! and before sending down that container of food down the shute check that the gentleman can hear. He is still going to complain even though the food arrives in the basement at the time with him. I can jest at ‘good works’ because that is what they are, a joke. The quality of the fruit is determined by the root from which it comes.

For those seeking the root of their faith, the red letter Christians, and those seeking to reinforce the root of their faith, the black letter Christian the prospects are very poor because the whole church is asleep. We cannot really blame the red letter Christians as they were the seed that was planted on the path, no roots but what about you black letter Christians? It is your blood that will water those of you who are seed in the last true church, the last 110 days of the beast out of the sea’s rule, but when that midnight call is made on the last day of that 110 days it will already be too late. The distinction between the wise and the foolish will already have been made. So it is going to be your work during that 110 days that will determine the number of black letter Christians when that call is made.

So why not today? What is wrong with us today? We have that inconceivable advantage over those red letter Christians; we believe in the Book of Genesis, our faith stands on the Rock’s foundation, Jesus Christ. Their faith, those red letter Christians, stands on shifting sands and the one property that shifting sands have is that they shift. They come up with some beautiful model boat, so many people are impressed with it, nearest thing to Utopia when the next thing happens; a torpedo blows their dream boat out of the water!. This cannot happen with our foundation. This blog started out with the Book of Revelation but continues to return to its foundation, Genesis. This is also the case of Romans, Ruth and every other book in the Bible. It is the foundation of our Faith and without it our faith is built on shifting sands. It is the final yardstick which will determine whether we receive the mark of the beast and when we do then Heaven absolves itself–they have no excuse!

So why not begin the work of that last 110 days now? I can use the personnel pronoun as I consider myself as a black letter Christian. My foundation is on the rock, the Book of Genesis and any Scripture I try to understand must be traced back to this foundation. Yet I, along with many other black letter Christians are judged to be asleep. So what changes will occur to us if we are chosen as the seed of the last true church?This should tell us what our problem is today.

The major difference we can not experience but can only imagine. The water that is going to watering our church and us is going to be the blood of those saints who fell before us. It is not that we were not prepared to die for our faith, we were but Divine Providence chose to make us ‘into prison they will go’ and to be released when that death decree is changed and the daily sacrifice is restored. So I now know that I was put into prison and released from prison by God for a specific purpose and given special tools. It is quite irrelevant what mechanism God used to accomplish this, all that matters is the work ahead.

Page 76

Surely it can’t be that simple! It was the daily sacrifice for which we were prepared to die for which was removed but what is restored is the morning and evening service.We only had the slightest idea of the daily sacrifice but now we have its full meaning. Was it just a mater of restudying the Old Testament with the guidance of the Holy Spirit? Every detail down to the minutest one pointed to Calvary’s Tree. There was a reason for everything that happened and the more details we understand the closer we can get to Jesus. But let us begin our journey in the New Testament in John ( 12:44-50)

‘ Then Jesus cried out, “When a man believes in me, he does not believe in me only, but in the one who sent me. When he looks at me, he sees the one who sent me. I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness. ” As for the person who hears my words but does not keep them, I do not judge him. For I did not come to judge the world, but to save it. There is a judge for the one who rejects me and does not accept my words; that very word which I spoke will condemn him at the last day.  For I do not speak of my own accord but the Father who sent me commanded me what to say and how to say it. I know that his command leads to eternal life. So whatever I say is just what the Father has told me to say.”  ‘.

Many people spend much time in trying to understand the understandable. Even with something relatively simple, like photosynthesis all humanity working for almost 100 years are still struggling with the first five reactions. ( that was the case last time I saw my ANU professor friend) . If we cannot understand something this simple then what chance do we have of understanding the Holy  Trinity, for which there is no language to express in. Even when we have been in Heaven for almost 1,800 years do we ask for and receive the Holy Spirit. That is after more than 96,000 Sabbath days or over 2,250,000 hours of direct contact with God! So we have no hope of understanding this concept today.

My simple way of understanding this concept is: As the Holy Trinity appears to consist of three parts it can be represented by a triangle which has three angles. It thus consists of a base and an apex. Providing you can keep the base steady the apex will also remain steady. So I place the base, Jesus Christ as one corner and the Holy Spirit the other corner on my forehead firmly and angle the apex, God the Father above the horizon. Satan is forever trying to shake the base loose  because he knows that by doing this he will stop my upward journey towards God. It is the whole triangle that counts. This blog is about the revelation of Jesus Christ so hopefully you  have gained something new from reading it.

So for a summary of the Romans and John’s texts: Last day events begin with the beast out of the earth abolishing the daily sacrifice and replacing the blood of Jesus with fortified wine in a compulsory  mass service. Those who do not attend are marked out for the beast out of the sea to kill  and imprison when he takes over on day 31. All who refuse to attend are killed and imprisoned over the next 1,150 days. (or 2,300 morning and evening services). Surprisingly not only does the persecution stop he allows the reconsecration of the sanctuary. ( just like early Christian history) This gives God’s true church 110 days to regroup. The seed that sown, those imprisoned black letter Christians watered by the blood that was shed by those put to the sword take advantage of the fact that the soil they are to sow in has been already prepared just like it was for those early Christians to evangalise to the Jews. The red letter Christians have already accepted Christ and all they need to do is to link back across the chasm via the root to God. The second time round the restored daily sacrifice seems to jump out out them and they want to know how they can be linked back to it. The answer is very simple and they are converted in droves so much so that when the beast out of the earth takes over again there are large numbers of new black letter Christians. Having exchanged powers with the other beast he himself can now destroy them simply by removing the daily sacrifice and replacing it with alcohol. But this would only sort half of the problem; it would identify God’s people but not satan’s lot. Both these problems are solved by the image of the beast.

Satan’s modus operandi is to discredit the foundation of the Bible, the Book of Genesis. Once he has done this he knows he can replace this rock with anything he wants, including something as absurd as a billion rabbits will come out of this empty hat. The fact that you believe something so absurd over the Word of God satan marks you as his with his mark,fit to take to final battle, Armageddon   and God marks you as  ‘ they are without excuse.’ But it is of interest what happened to the red letter Christians. Once they accept Genesis as their foundation not only does the mark of the beast become a nonentity for which they will now die that chasm between them and Heaven is closed. They realise that the root of their faith is that sacrifice that Jesus began at 9 0’clock on Good Friday and finished at 3 0’clock with the words ” it is finished”. They ask themselves ‘why did we fight against this fundamental truth for so long?’

So far we have followed the last 1,335 days of the red and black letter Christians. Before leaving this subject I will now attempt to scan all humanity’s destiny with one of the questions I had at the start of my blog; the Adam and Eve question, who was deceived and who was not? More specifically could Heaven have done one more thing for any soul, other than remove it’s free will, to get it into Heaven? Was there any stone left unturned in Heaven’s efforts?

Page 77

At that moment when there is that brilliant flash in the sky and all living fall down as dead people not breathing and stopped hearts, THE SECOND COMING I class all souls God created, from one nanosecond and older after conception into five groups and try to follow their destiny. This has already been covered in the blog but with different numbers.

Group 1; 144,000 wise virgins, righteous living and Heaven bound in second wave.

Group 11;  144,000 foolish virgins, unrighteous living but can not be marked as satan’s as they do not have the mark of the beast.

Group 111; The righteous dead. No idea of how many are going to Heaven just guess 144 million so there will be 144,144,000 people in Heaven for an eternity.

Group 1V; The unrighteous dead, another guess at 7 billion who will not come out of their graves until the end of the millennium.

Group V; Taken as 7 billion but split those under the age of reason (12) and called the 100 million lot.

Group V first. STRIKE ONE; That you did worship both the dragon and the beast because they combined to kill God’s people which you thought for a while was not going to happen. You not only approved but took great delight from this action. ( MINUS THE 100 MILLION LOT)

STRIKE TWO; You received the mark of the beast willingly on both forehead and arm. ( minus the 100 million lot)

STRIKE THREE; You would prefer to be stung and immobilised then burnt by the sulphur flame emitting from those crazed horsemen and horses rather than repent.

STRIKE FOUR; You ignored the final calls for repentance from the two witnesses.

STRIKE FIVE: When struck by the bowl plagues you cursed the Name of God but you did not repent.

STRIKE SIX; You did readily and willingly line up in the beast’s army against those few who escaped your clutches in those last days and have now returned in the army with the white horse’s rider as leader. After your resurrection from your first death there is only your second death and that is hell.

STRIKE  SEVEN; You did lie in front of your creator as a dead person for  a significant period of time but after His departure you did revert to your foolish thoughts and ways in the shortest period of time.

Group 1v The unrighteous dead.

Strike One; During your lifetime you ignored the constant pleadings Of the Holy Spirit to repent and turn to the Lord but you resisted right up to and including you last breath. Your saving grace is that at death you do not have the mark of the beast.

Strike Two; You risked a sulphur flame death at the time of the crazed horsemen and a certain flame death in hell rather than repent. There is no record that you received the mark of the beast at the third coming so presumably you were not affected by the bowl plagues.

Strike three; There is no record that you heeded the beast’s call to join his army against the rider of the white horse and His army. If you did, and the indications are very strong that you did you would have received the mark of the beast that qualified you for battle. As the Angel with the sharp sickle was only interested in the harvest He would have left you, the grapes behind. You certainly did not hesitate to join satan’s army to  destroy the temple and the the city of God’s people. Most there came a long way with that intention even though you clearly saw God’s Shekinah’s glory return to Heaven with His two witnesses. They just wanted to destroy any last trace of any good left behind.

Group 111; The righteous dead.

Ball one; Congratulations! You hit the home run and you were the first to arrive in Heaven. What type of martyr, whether literal or symbolic is irrelevant, you made it. First few moments are incredibly tense as you can’t believe the beauty of the place and you must have been wrongly admitted, but that will pass when you realise that beautiful robe of Christ’s righteousness is seen by all. No further questions. That sleep that you have just woken up out of is insignificant and you were given Christ’s robe at death so you were qualified for automatic entry to be with the One who was your life and in particular the first and last churches also your death. But at all stages of life you were never without Him. You are in His home now which is pervaded by His presence but you aint seen nothing yet until your first Heavenly Sabbath! There will be no problem with distinguishing it’s start or end either!

Page 78

Group 11; The foolish virgins;

Ball one; Commiserations! You struck the ball so well and you ran well also but in your final lunge for base four you finished up inches short! You didn’t carry oil in a spare jar! You didn’t think that it was needed! Surely giving up all material possessions, of which you had plenty, and being prepared to give up your life rather than to receive the mark of the beast then if that is not enough then what is?

Unfortunately for you God is still sticking to His guns. He is insisting that He is right and has put that into writing in ‘itiswritten’ and therefore your version of ‘ whatIthinkshouldbewritten’ is by definition wrong. He insists that He has knowledge, power and authority to yours. He will not be dictated to on earth and certainly not in Heaven. You are like that two year old child who challenges its parents ‘ how dare you try to stop me from crossing this road!’ when you can’t see that car coming at you at high speed. You were so close! Just that little bit extra that required for you to ask, that final thread of trust, ‘please explain this bit of ‘itiswritten’ to me’. His arms were outstretched on that cross and He wants to take into His bosom anyone who so desires but He sets the conditions because the Father in Heaven set them there first.

You not only will you be inches short but if you have had children you will be taken back to base three, well short, if you have had children of your own. Are you behaving as you expect your child to behave? Didn’t you expect your child to trust you and do what you told it? It is not the triviality of your grievance that is at issue just your audacity of challenging the infinite and perfect God. What about your antonym? The wise virgins?

Group 1; The wise virgins;

It would be hard to add to Rev ( 14:4) ” they follow the Lamb wherever he goes”. How long it takes you to learn the new song, your position whilst being offered as first fruits, your position when Jesus returns for His third coming to the temple are but very minor details. You know you will be in Heaven for that 1,000 year party when all the prayers arrive from the redeemed because Jesus is standing at the altar and they are all passing through His hands. There are anxious moments as you see those on earth continue to resist the grace of God but your greatest anxiety, that Jesus is in a standing position ready to return to earth even if there but one person who repents, is snuffed out when that door of mercy closes and Jesus assumes a sitting position and begins His reign of eternity with you by His side!

It is now almost twelve months since this blog was published. At first I was ultra conservative as I tried to get Someone, anyone to read and correct it. I have no such inhibitions now, if you can’t see the bottom when the water is shallow then you certainly have even less chance when it gets deeper. This blog would have been substantially longer had it not been for those slabs of typing that just disappeared for whatever reason. Every time it has happened I assume there could be two reasons; either God allowed it because it would dishonour rather than glorify His Holy Name or satan didn’t allow  it because it did glorify the Name of God. On each occasion I retyped what I could remember I had originally typed. On rereading parts of this blog I correct the obvious spelling mistakes but refuse to correct errors of logic just in case anyone confuses this blog or any other Bible commentary to be the Word of God. They are not and the mistakes prove that. Take my latest mistake.

I counted forward in chapter 12 from the day that the daily sacrifice was abolished ( correct) but backwards from the restoration of the sacrifice in chapter 8, and this why the duration of the true church was wrong even though I had taken into account the existence of the two evil powers. So correcting this now gives:

Chapter 12; ( days)


Chapter 8;

1………30……….( 1,120)………..1,150…….(140)………1,260

So God’s true church runs for 140 days and not 110 when counted back from chapter 12. As the abolishing of the daily sacrifice is going to be the topic of my next chapter, I still think that this is the reason why God counts His church as being asleep, I offer the above’s final summary:

Day 1; the abolishing of the daily sacrifice. (and my next topic)

Day 30; The beast who had the power but not the intent exchange it’s evil power with the beast who had the intent but not the power and after this both have to kill God’s people. ( seems to be back on line but does not allow itself to be updated)…




















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