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THIS is blog seven (7) and it continues on as a commentary on the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible. There is an attempt being made to correlate the first and last books of the Bible, to show it is the complete history of the world and humanity, it begins where there is nothing and for the overwhelming majority of people it also ends as nothing. Unfortunately for them however there is one hell of a trip in between these nothings. But for a select few, for those who choose to want to do so it is also the start of perfection in the Heavenly Courts. It all starts with the existence of good and evil, of obeying and disobeying God’s will but finishes only with the possibility of obeying God. Disobeying is not an option anymore.  In the preceding blog the first three books, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus were ‘covered’ and the Book of Numbers up to chapter 6 verse 12. Before proceeding with verse thirteen a summary is in order.

In the Book of Genesis  for those who believe that the Bible is the Word of God it is an amazing privilege to read the One Who created everything actually writing out the details of how He did it. It also gives confidence that after a relatively short period of time how it will finish up. It is the prologue, it is the epilogue and it fills out many of the waypoints in between. God did not intend, nor did He create a factory full of robots with endless tapes forever singing the praises of God and having to be changed once in every billion years. He gave us a free will and most will choose to exercise that free will, will choose to do evil and reject God. Most will also blame God for the evils that occur but in reality they blame God for not just creating a lot of mindless robots. He can’t win either way! God’s seven days of creation were an act of love and His destruction over a similar pattern, partial in the trumpets and full on in the bowls and in anger. The new earth and Heavens will be in love again and over a similar pattern, which we are still to study.

The Book of Genesis contains both of God’s plans for humanity; plan A and plan B. Plan A was Adam and Eve filling the world with off springs; three entities, Adam, Eve, their children. Whether God descended and was there in bodily presence and they all enjoyed the Sabbath Day together we are not told but His presence was certainly there. They only had one innocuous rule to obey; don’t eat from the tree of good and evil but other than that enjoy my creation and be drawn towards Me as a result of it. But even breaking insignificant commands has and did have disastrous consequences as it did for Adam, Eve and family.
God allowed plan A to run as long as was divinely possible and until there were only eight people capable of being saved; Noah and his family. He then destroyed the earth in Noah’s flood and brought in plan B; God and His people. His direct presence would now be on planet earth with His people. (Melchezadek, God, Christ and Holy Spirit) He would have to run a tight ship if He was to restore His people back to Himself. His people, His rules and His ways were the only alternative and those rules and ways are the subject of at least the Book of Numbers.

But there are long and complex connections between these eras. It all fell apart when Adam and Eve sinned and broke off their relationship with God. On the same day God introduced the solution to this breakup; Eve’s seed, who is everybody who ever lived other than Adam, would crush the head of satan but satan would bruise His heel. Plan B was the Nazirite and second Adam; Jesus Christ. To be able to restore humanity back to the level of divinity this Nazarene had to be qualified to do so; He had to be fully human yet fully divine. He had to have a human genealogy yet He had to have no genealogy at all. It is this transaction of Jesus Christ being  made in the order of Melchezadek at which we have arrived in Numbers. But the journey of humanity began by being thrown out of Paradise and continued further and further from God and Heaven. God had a plan not only to halt that distance between the two ever increasing but to actually stop and then bring them back to Himself.  That point of departure and the return journey begun was Good Friday on Mount

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Calvary. Two thousand years of the return journey has already taken place and as far as the saints are concerned will finish at the second coming. Events after this time are a matter of spontaneity.
The journey of this select group of people is clearly defined. They had to have left Egyptian slavery behind, not that Egyptian slavery is going to let go without a fight, it did not nor does it do so today. I consider it a highlight of this blog every time I return back to Good Friday so hopefully this will also be another highlight. There are only two forms of evil; within, the beast and without, satan. Satan should be easy enough to come up with some sort of image as he/it/she is a real entity that can manifest itself in 3d when it wants to. Its destructive evil powers will only be fully appreciated during the millennium when it is in the abyss but as soon as it is released. When satan is released and challenges the beast for supremacy why does he stop killing the beasts troops until only  two in three are left?. Why stop and declare a draw?  Satan has not lost one member of his army and he could keep killing the wicked living until the beast admitted defeat then satan could rule on as the only dog and not just top dog? Even at this stage there are certain limitations holding satan back. In the final analysis the beast is the brawn but satan is the brains. He knows there is a time coming when evil, both satan and the beast will decide that enough is enough. All these bowls of destruction, all this Heavenly interference cannot be allowed to continue. Evil has to make a stand and they go out and muster the troops. If satan had killed all of the beast’s armies there would be no one left to assemble on one side of the Euphrates and send into battle. He would have to go in himself, his first line buffer he would have needlessly killed. He was going to need every one of them later.
Keep in mind the situation of his release also.**** The Book of Numbers is the tally sheets of Heaven, the census. Time has already been zeroed three times and could even be rezeroed another twice. The first scale was at creation which began on the first day of the first week of the first year. (01/01/01)  The first day of the week is Sunday and it began with twelve hours of darkness. (that would make it our Saturday night) and this creation will finish on the Day of Atonement, a Sabbath. There was a period of some 1,500 years when God left humanity in charge of their own affairs but evil rose to such a level God had no choice but to destroy the earth. After Noah’s flood it was God Who took control and the rules were changed, but even here He allowed time to run some two thousand years before resetting the clock. The time was reset to 01/01/01 as at the Egyptian Passover, even though the tally sheets were not filled out until 01/02/02. There was now some 1,260 odd years to Good Friday when the journey that all those six monthly cycles of Passover-Atonement pointed to. The final journey from Good Friday’s Passover to the Heavenly Day of Atonement had begun.
But even here there maybe a resetting of time after two thousand years of the second coming and beginning with an exact amount of time; the millennium. This is the final checking of those tally sheets. The first thousand years are in the absence of satan and only include the living but the last two hundred and sixty include all sheets and are checked in satan’s presence which is the period we are at. I still have to answer but am unable to do so whether the tally sheets are the Book of Life or just a part of it.
You are not entered onto the tally sheet on the 01/01/01 when you decide that you want to leave Egypt’s sin of slavery. You are not even entered after you  have passed through the Red Sea’s of baptism. You are entered when you see the man in white above the waters of life’s Jordan, you decide that you are only going forward and not back to the shore where you just entered. The early Christian church took 1,260 days before they reached that point. For you and me it will be decided by how well we are instructed and how receptive we are to the advances of the Holy Spirit. Each person will be different and God alone knows our hearts and the light we have been given. There are no hap hazard entries onto these sheets and there is no hap hazard checking of them either.
As I only have the outline of Jesus’ 1,260 day tutorial that I will be receiving in Heaven, the

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Bible, I can only guess as to how many nuances and intricacies it contains and my guess is one billion. There may be a stunning array of them but to be saved I only need to know one of them; Jesus Christ died for me on Good Friday because He loves me so much that He wants me to spend the eternities with Him in Heaven! The more of the others I learn the closer I can draw to this Jesus. I also assume that satan knows each one of these billion rays of beauty emanating from Jesus and that makes his sin of rejection so much worse. The beast also claims to have knowledge of Scripture but admits that tradition overrides Scripture.
Satan knew at the cross when he was thrown back to earth that his time was short and that was some 2,000 years ago, now his time is measured in hours and he is responding accordingly. Evil is reaching its peak and is going to be at its maximum when Jesus appears. Satan’s millennium is not just a period of not doing evil but a period of pain and suffering. When released he is going to do only what God allows him and he will not kill one person more that the third he is allowed. But it is now that become a concern for him. If any person’s name is called from the risen dead. As has already been stated there are two domains into which we can die; Jesus Christ or the default domain is satan. All the risen wicked fell asleep into satan’s domain and that is why they arose with the wicked dead at the end of the millennium, they are wicked and they belong to satan but the problem is that they are also on Heaven’s tally sheets; they preferred to die for their Lord rather than accept the mark of the beast. The question arises then, have they been left behind by mistake? Should they have been included on Calvary’s tree? If the name of even one person is called now satan has no choice but to call back, ‘ mine and over my dead body, they did not die in Christ and therefore they are mine!’ There is no need for satan’s anxiety as not even one person’s name is called. There were no mistakes on Good Friday or now, they belong to satan.
Going around today are many non-Biblical concepts, actual clangers, about sin. Calvary’s tree, Good Friday was only concerned about confessed sin, both intentional and unintentional. In the old sacrificial system they only left the sinner if they confessed these sins when the High Priest had his hands locked onto either the sin or scapegoat. If the Jew chose not to confess any sin they remained with them. This is exactly what happened with Jesus and Good Friday. This is the message of the two witnesses at the third coming to pretty well most of all the evil people. Sackcloth, repentance, contrition, forgiveness. Any sin you choose not to  repent remains with you and if intentional will be paid for when all unconfessed intentional sins are dealt with in the fires of hell. You cannot repent, confess for an unintentional sin because you do not know that you have committed it, it was unintentional. These unconfessed, committed, unintentional sins are dealt with on the Day of Atonement.
When addressing satan, Adam and Eve God seems to have satan’s punishment covered but what does He have to say will happen to the beast? We look at this question now assuming that the beast may be one or any or all of three things; the evil within me, a group of ME’s or a nation or a super cluster of nations as in United Nations.
In the Garden of Eden neither Adam nor Eve had the beast within them. Even though they were holy people they were not robots and had a free will to obey or disobey God. The timeline evil passed through one particular tree in the garden and through half of its fruit. ( it was both good and evil) By eating the evil and making it a part of their body the beast within was formed and passed onto all generations after through the male gene. The parents and all their family had the beast, so the beast was within each individual and within the family or nation. The beast was almost destroyed during Noah’s Flood and only survived inside those eight people in the ark.
It soon flourished after the flood and tried to form a super cluster at Babel but God broke this cluster up with different languages. There were different coalitions of nations through time, the

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Jews and Romans at the time of Jesus but as far as I know the only super cluster that occurred was that of our time, the United Nations which formed after the second world war. Satan met his Waterloo at the Day of Atonement but the beast met his on Mount Calvary. Hopefully and pray fully JK is going to be one of the saints.
On that dreaded yet beautiful tree on Good Friday when  Jesus called, ‘JK is Mine!’  There was no point in satan responding because I do not belong to him. Jesus only called the names of the redeemed on Good Friday so there was no point satan even being there, it was only the beast that responded as, ‘Mine and over my dead body!’ but which part of the beast? There certainly were no united nations or even nations there so it had to be the beast within me. If Jesus wants me so much in Heaven with Him then He is going to have to pay the penalty for all my sins, certainly the confessed ones and he is going to have to kill that beast of evil within me even though as we have seen in Egypt it is not going to give up without a major fight. And fight back it does but it is still killed. The fact that Jesus chose to resurrect it again by  pulling it out of the flames was His sovereignty. All I can assume and hope for is that this resurrected beast is not as evil as the one Jesus killed in those flames of hell on Good Friday!  My behaviour before accepting Jesus Christ and after should be different and outsiders should be able to tell. What else happened on Good Friday?  ****
At first I thought a comparison to the old and new dragon may be relevant, the dragon that was thrown into the abyss at the start of the millennium and the one that escaped when that golden censor full of Heavenly prayers pierced the abyss at the end of the millennium. The one that came out still had a great chain around him, could not express the relief he felt when released from that pain and suffering and now even more determined not to be thrown back there. This would mean that the resurrected beast within me had less brawn but more brains!
The resurrected fourth head from Good Friday was certainly more benign at the second coming than at the first. If at least part of this evil head is the USA then it is from this head that the majority of the wise virgins will come. This could not be said about the Roman Empire that colluded with the Jews to kill Jesus. Even the Jews are different the second time around. Both lots suspect they are killing God’s people but the first lot continued to lie and deny this fact whereas the second lot of our time repent and re-join the vine albeit only after prize giving  night. The same could not be said about the beast out of the earth; the Jesuits through the Papacy given a chance to show the reason for what their order was created for in the first place. The word, ruthless, will take on a new meaning! It is a question of nonsense to ask whether Christ’s robe of righteousness would be sufficient covering to get me into Heaven if I still possessed the original beast and not the resurrected beast within me? This robe is only applied to those who have been to hell with Jesus and therefore had that original beast killed.
Did God cover the beast angle when addressing Adam and Eve on the day they sinned in the Garden of Eden? By covering the sin of Adam and Eve God has covered both angles; Good Friday’s Passover and the Day of Atonement. And the answer is that Eve’s seed will crush satan’s head and the next day satan will bruise the heel of Jesus. Jesus killed the original beast within me on Good Friday but He does not kill the resurrected beast within me directly, it dies a spontaneous death. It is when the doors to hell are opened when satan and all other evil beings are thrown in, satan’s head is crushed that I see for the first time inside hell and what Jesus did for me there. It is here that the beast within me dies; never ever will I hurt my Jesus like this again! There is no beast, no possibility of sin and no evil in the New Heavens, just perfection!
Just because we have no answer does not stop us from comparing the first and second Adams. God was very definite about warning our first parents of the consequences of sin; ‘If you eat (it does not matter how benign your disobedience is) of this tree you will surely die.’ Even though

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both ate of the same fruit only sin is passed on through Adam’s genes but not through Eve’s genes. Jesus Christ only had Eve’s genes, Eve’s seed and did not carry sin or the beast, He was sinless. So it must have been the fact that Adam’s sin was intentional that caused his genes to be irreversibly marked. The second Adam did not carry these marked genes. Here is a marked difference between intentional and unintentional sin. Here is the difference between Good Friday’s Passover and the Day of Atonement. Here is the difference between Jesus the Nazirite and Jesus the Levite. Here is the difference between the Books of Exodus and Leviticus, and thank God for the Book of Numbers and the tie between the two. Here is the difference between the journey away from Heaven and the journey back to Heaven and it is all only possible because of what Jesus did on Good Friday!
The Book of Genesis thus contains unfathomable depths and as deep as they are they still don’t seem to match satanic depths of the Big Bang. Here these clever scientists take nothing and the more they split it into tinier and tinier parts the more complex it becomes! The more something’s they get out of it. Genesis splits its events into seven days although there are technical creation blogs that try to explain from a Biblical perspective the details of the individual days. The important thing is they begin from a correct foundation; the Bible and there is therefore every chance they will get the right answers. But the Genesis account is the earthly step from which we are to look up to Heaven from; from the Creator to the Redeemer. And this earthly step will remain for the eternities to come as our plots of land in the Holy Place. But Genesis also sets us off for that 2,000 year odd journey from Noah to the desert Temple and the direct presence of God in the Most Holy Place and this journey is via one Who has no beginning or end, parents or genealogy; Melchizedek. For the Israelites this 2,000 year journey ended with a 1,260 year journey and preparation for Good Friday’s cross. At the end of our 2,000 odd year homeward bound journey we will finish in God’s presence but not in the Most Holy Place, initially just in the Holy Place, the one surrounding the Most Holy Place. There will be a 1,260 year period where the journey to Heaven will finish for everyone and the door of mercy will slam shut. There will still be another 500 odd years before we finish up on the doorstep to Heaven in the Tent of Meeting awaiting that final descent of the New Jerusalem, the Most Holy Place of the eternities.

From the Book of Exodus, the symbolic Passover from Egyptian slavery and the ‘true’ Passover of Good Friday on Mount Calvary we move onto the Book of Leviticus and its symbolic six monthly Day of Atonement to the true journey back to Heaven’s Day of Atonement at the door of eternity. In my initial ‘analysis’ of these three books I had no idea of the pearls; they were placed in front of swine and will obviously require a return journey. I am trying not to make the same mistakes with the Book of Numbers.
Chapter one was the census of the Israelites. It was but an earthly step census and included certain males. It was very selective; those who are able to go to war. The Heavenly census to which it points is a unisex census but also includes those who are willing to go to war against the forces of evil. It is symbolically summarised as the lists of wise and foolish virgins. At this stage we know when the lists of the foolish virgins is studied; by the two witnesses of the third coming and a final check is done just as the saints enter into the Most Holy Place; they check that the dogs, murders, liars  etc are not included in those entering. The wise virgins could be organised as tribes on entry into Heaven and a final detail census on the allocation of land and apartments. These final numbers are real and despite much checking there is not one mistake made as at 9 to 3 of Good Friday. The only mistakes made was by the foolish virgins who did not realise that God meant what He said and said what He meant. He made no mistakes and took no corrections from these fools. So from these Heavenly census two things are of importance to me; how do I get my name on the list and how can I make sure that it has gone onto the wise lists and not the foolish lists  where as many as four
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hundred million were added and they all thought they were on the wise side. What a horrible awakening, what a horrible mistake!  This blog has already struggled much and will continue this struggle with these questions. Chapter two was the arrangements of the earthly tribes where it seems to have more of an earthly meaning than Heavenly meaning. All that bothers me is that I get to Heaven and miss the default place of hell. I really can’t see of what importance it is whether I am in whatever tribe I am allocated to and the only thing about the adjacent tribe is that I will get to know them before the one on the other side, but in time we will all get to know each other intimately!  We are one family, a big family admittedly but nonetheless one family, one bride, one Jesus ,one God! One church! On earth however we are a fighting army and fighting a well organised army of evil.
Again much time has already been spent in this blog on the organisation of the forces of good and evil. Evil tries to mimic good. The Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit are mimicked by the unholy trinity of satan, beast and false prophet. Evil is personified  in a stationary and mobile fashion; both living in Daniel; Stationary is a statue of four parts in gold, (Babylon), silver, (Medes and Persians), bronze, (Greeks) and iron and clay, ( Romans plus other evil). The mobile living is a beast with seven heads four of which are as above. The corresponding good are the four creatures and the burnt offering of the Day of Atonement and something we still have almost no knowledge about. But as in any organisation there must be a hierarchy and each member must play a role. To question our position or role is to join the ranks of the foolish! And from here is where the ranks of the foolish are filled.**** These Heavenly tally sheets were filled in by none other than Jesus Christ Himself when His position in the hierarchy was at its lowest; Good Friday when He was even struck off the list of Jesus the Nazirite. It is indeed foolish to reject what Jesus did for me on that cross but far more foolish to challenge the decisions made and to try to improve on them!
The beauty and simplicity of Christianity lies in the fact that whatever our problem or question, the answer is Jesus Christ. He should never be the source of any question but the answer to all questions; Jesus said or Jesus did settles all arguments. To go further and ask, ’why did Jesus do?’ is equivalent to the pot questioning the potter, to question the integrity of the potter. Children do question their parent’s judgments but that is because they are children and until we begin to grow up we too will question our Father’s judgments and this mistrust will prevent any meaningful relationship developing.
If asked I could write blog 8 on Jesus as God or blog 9 on Jesus as High Priest or blog 10 on Jesus as Priest or blog 11 on Jesus as a Levite or blog 12 on Jesus as a Nazirite or blog 13 on Jesus as lion or blog 14 on Jesus as ox…Etc. Mind you some of the blogs would be noted for their brevity but they still could be done. (Actually this is not blog seven but blog six. I did a control P on the title page and then copied and numbered the chapters taking into account that the last chapter had crashed twice. I didn’t realise that Word-Press had allocated 3,000 odd comments to a non-existent  blog. If that was my first mistake I would go back and correct but alas it is not. If this blog ever gets a reputation it will not be for inerrancy and that is not one of the errors!
In this blog and with monotonous regularity I keep returning to home base, the Old Testament and that is because that my Lord and Master, Jesus Christ has told me to do so. He actually instructed a teacher of Law, Nicodemus, if he wanted to learn about salvation he should go back to Moses’ bronze snake in the desert. Nicodemus did and Nicodemus was one of those rare Good Friday Christians. Most required Resurrection Sunday. He also warned Nicodemus unless he believed in the Old Testament, he was wasting his time studying the new covenant. And this where we are at now in the Book of Numbers. The earthly step and it may be equivalent to getting up on a chair to

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study some star but at least we are in the right position for when we start craning our necks. We have already ‘covered’ or stumbled through chapter three of Numbers, the Levites, but only had enough momentum to carry us through to verse 12 of Jesus the Nazirite when we came to a shuttering halt. Pray fully this time through we will have enough momentum to finish chapter six. So our aim is not just a blog on Jesus the Levite or Jesus the Nazirite but to weave these topics into past and future events. There will have to be much postulating and hopefully less repostulating and little or no depostulating.
Chapter three begins with Aaron and Moses on Mount Sinai. The topic is the high priests and priests of God, the central core of these people and on Whom success and failure depended. When going through those multiple passes on priestly garments I struggled with which ones are we going to be dressed in; that of the High Priest or that of priest? Are we going to be High Priests in Heaven or priests which is what we can be now? After all we do enter and actually live in the Most Holy Place in Heaven something only the High Priest is allowed to do and we do offer the beauty of the burnt offering of Jesus Christ before God. But then again just to ask that question could show that   we have no idea of what we are talking about that getting up on a chair does not throw that much extra light on the subject.
But this chapter is not about either the priest or high priest, it is about Jesus the Levite. It does tell us the task is important and that the priests are few and they need help and thus the Levite. The first issue that has to be decided then all these natures and functions of Jesus Christ are they a part of one line or are they many parallel lines running together?  As we move from inside the Sanctum of God and though the interface and see us, humanity, is this interface, Jesus Christ, High Priest and Priest and Levite and Nazirite and ox and lion and Etc.? Or is this Jesus Christ High Priest or Priest or Levite or Nazirite or ox or lion or Etc .? Is that one wall around the New Jerusalem  or are there four separate walls? Is it the existence of Jesus Christ AND Melchizedek or the existence of Jesus Christ OR Melchizedek that is occurring now. We better be more specific, Jesus Christ as defined by God;  Eve’s seed. Initially I throw my hat in at the OR camp and here is why.
When Jesus the first born Son of God as in made His first appearance on the earth in creation week He was not Eve’s seed, He was Melchizedek. In fact there may not even have been a need for Eve’s seed and all provisions to stop this from happening had been put into place. So the baton was passed from Melchizedek to Jesus Christ and will be passed back in the long run back to Melchizedek, they are independent, they are OR. WE will try to apply this scenario to Levite, Nazirite keeping in mind we are just within one being.
As help was required for running of the sanctuary God’s first call up was for the first born of every family reflecting the fact that it was Jesus Christ Who was the first born-appeared on earth as God’s helper. JW’s  *** literally take this as a birth so Jesus becomes a created being and therefore cannot be God. He is not the interface to God and one cannot deny Biblical support for such a belief. It results in many clangers, including the ultimate clanger, evolution and they must have genuine deep thinkers who will ultimately be able to rid them of this blasphemy. As time did not exist before we cannot say what happened within this divine relationship but that Jesus first appearance was as creator within the time He created. In this sense He was first born. He was God and therefore claimed by God, they are one.
With the disruption of each family by the loss of their first born sons God changed the system. Instead of taking the first born of each family He took the whole family for these duties; the Levites. This principle was established in Egypt when God struck down all the firstborn of both animal and man. He did not strike down His own, those protected by the blood of the lamb. The role of theP Page 8

Levite is different to that of the priest and high priest and these roles are defined in the rest of Chapter three.
But even within the Levites there was a special grouping who were able to handle the holy objects, the Kohathites and other tribes, chapter four. Strict rules were given to them and they were not even allowed to look at let alone touch the holy objects. And it is into this almost bottom of the pack hierarchy, the Levites that Jesus allows Himself to be slotted. God, Son of God, interface to God, Creator, High Priest, Priest and down to servant of Priest or Levite!  There is not much lower to go other than to break away from the Divine linkage altogether! But it was His role as a Levite that established the Divine connection of God to man. Levite was as high as God, in fact the firstborn Son of God but it was also so low it reached humble servant of God not even allowed to look at let alone touch anything to do with divinity. Now for that link to be firmly re-established between God and man we now need a link beginning on earth and reaching upwards; the Nazirite.
Having established the purity and holiness of the objects associated with the dwelling place of God chapter five tells us about the purity and holiness that is expected from the people around the camp. The extreme jealousy that is being displayed by God is at first breathtaking and difficult to deal with. There is more, much more than just curtains, frames and utensils that are involved here. It is the relationship between God and man that is being built up here from the ground, the earthly step, up. Just from the Levite point of view it has cost God dearly. Such purity, such holiness and such perfection to have come down from Heaven must now be guarded and guarded fiercely. It is not just actual interference, disloyalty, whoring, adultery that has to be stamped out but any implied or suspicious adultery must be avoided. This is the law of jealousy and applies when a wife is under the authority of her husband. Israel took 396 days (01/02/02) to reach this stage. The Christian Church took 1,260 days and individuals take times dependent on the level of instruction and their desire to form this husband-wife relationship. In chapter five the Lord is keen to establish the penalty for a break in the relationship because in chapter six He is going to pay the full price for this relationship. Not that He has not already paid a price for allowing Himself to be downgraded to the level of Levite. But there is still a link to Heaven and it is via this link He can join us to God also. That of Jesus the Levite**** and it was at this point (verse 12) that I interrupted this Book to look at the sayings of Jesus on and after the cross in the four Gospels. So revising verses 1-12 first and trying to tie them in with the Gospels; The four issues that need addressing in these twelve verses are; the food prohibited to the Nazirite, cutting of hair, intentional contact with dead and unintentional contact with the dead.
The prohibited food is the grape and has long been taken in this blog to be the tree of good and evil in the Garden of Eden from which our first parents were forbidden to eat but disobeyed God. Jesus here seems to be angling at both qualities of this fruit. There is no doubt that at the cross at 3 pm on Good Friday it was the bad, evil angle of the fruit that was involved. Jesus asked for and was given sour wine. This was the end stage of fermentation, it was the sugars of life all being converted into alcohol and beyond, vinegar. Alcohol is and always has been the scourge of humanity, it is evil and there is no doubt that Jesus meant to and did break His Nazarene vow. He joined the evil dead, but then He also re-joined these evil dead with God when He rose from the dead on Resurrection Sunday. That was at the end of Jesus’ ministry.
But at the start and during that fruit also had the option of being good. The grape when fermented into alcohol is evil but when unfermented is good and is used to represent the most precious item in existence; the blood of God. Jesus is avoiding the blood of God option. His role as divinity has already been contained as a Levite and here what we need now for our bond with God is not God touching down from Heaven (Levite) but man stretching upwards to grab a hold of that downward hand, Jesus Christ as man. The possibility of the God aspect reaching up has been removed.

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No grape products. The abolishing of the razor passing over His hair seems to follow a similar reasoning.
Paul tells us that long hair on a man is a disgrace as man is supposed to reflect the glory of God . A man is also supposed to keep his head uncovered for the same reason. Jesus Christ is here not reflecting the glory of God. No good grapes, long hair covering the head. He is representing  man and the one He is representing brings disgrace to God and not glory. Jesus is the man representing humanity and is standing in that pit of evil and on Resurrection Sunday joins us with God for life eternal. Prohibition with contact with the dead seems to follow similar logic, but must be split into intentional and unintentional contact.
At first there appears as if there is no reason for Jesus the Nazirite if He cannot come into contact with dead, even the redeemed, His own family. Why come to earth? Isn’t that the reason this Nazirite who is going to so much trouble to confine Himself within humanity and stay away from divinity came here in the first place? That all depends on what the Nazarene vow Jesus made to God and what He was going to accomplish during His days of separation. Yes Jesus did make Himself unclean and did break His Nazarene vow by joining the dead; father, mother ( there is one for the Maryites and those who worship Mary.) brothers and sisters and He specifically confirmed this break by asking for sour wine and He was forsaken by God up to Resurrection Sunday morning. The logical conclusion to me is that Good Friday was a part of that Nazarene vow and thus there was no penalty in voiding His days of work up to now and having to restart the meter for service as He did in the Day of Atonement.**** The mystery thickens. If Jesus has just broken His Nazarene vow in coming in contact with His dead family, ant this separation is on His head and is confirmed by witness Scripture; He firstly tastes the wine at the start of the cross, He knows fully what He is about to do, and then drinks it at the end moments before He dies, then why not perform the ultimate act of separation and have His hair cut off? Why does this only happen with an unexpected, sudden death occurs alongside Him?
It would have to depend on why this not just sudden death, but very sudden death has occurred beside him and he just could not get out of its way. So was it such a sudden, accidental death that Jesus just could not get out of the way, He knew it was coming but it happened unexpectedly or did Jesus not foresee it at all and that is why He was in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or was it that Jesus only expected to go so far and no further; I will take that lot up to Heaven with Me where they will exist for all eternities in the Holy Place and not go through that final step of taking them into the New Jerusalem with me? I am prepared to only go through one step of salvation for this lot, that of Good Friday but not the one in the Day of Atonement. Salvation will be a onestep process and not two. The last alternative is very easily ruled out. Jesus/God knows everything; every atomic and subatomic particle at present in the past and the future of all times in existence because He created each one and He created them by His Word, the same Word in the Bible in front of me and the same Word that became flesh and walked among us to Good Friday’s cross as a Nazarene. Because His creative acts finished at the end of day six, I and you were already there some six thousand years ago. He sustained me until I was born, He sustains me during my seventy odd years of life, He will sustain me in the grave until He comes back to get me at His second coming when He will begin His act of sustenance for the eternities to come and all this sustenance is determined by His grace! There was nothing that was very or sudden about this man who died beside Him that Jesus did not know about. Well where do these words come from?
When Jesus created Adam and Eve on day six of creation He also created the blueprint for every other soul that was to come into existence within the frame of time which He also created for them to exist in; all and this blog takes that number to be 14,400,000,000 (14.4 billion). He knew
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that by giving them a free will, an intentional act, would result in an unintended result; most would use that free will to reject Him. An intended act produced an unexpected, an unintended result. Foreseen but still unintended. Today many look upwards to Heaven and scream obscenities at God invoking demonic predestination; ‘You made me knowing that You were going to throw me into hell and its horrific suffering, You don’t call that love do You?’ Well you can look up and howl if that makes you feel better but it doesn’t change the fact that you are using your freewill to reject Him. It is not uncle Freddie’s or auntie May’s fault it is your fault and something you can do the right thing about if you so choose to do so. Howling obscenities is not the right thing to do.
These unintended consequences, they could also be called accidental, not meant to occur led to other consequences. Jesus could not get out of their way. He had to meet them head on. What Jesus did is the answer to the above questions, it is not somewhere where questions are spawned. It is the answer and is given in much detail. It assumes that Jesus was not ever entirely cut off from God; His hair was not cut, He was restored as a Nazarene and it is in this role that He now undertakes to solving the problem of this very sudden death that has occurred beside Him, actually some six thousand years ago.***(*
When not told and we need some idea of then the best we can do is an ‘educated’ guess, like how many sin sacrifices were offered by God’s people? Guess; a thousand odd years and 300 per year and 40 per ceremony or about 12,000,000 lambs, goats and bulls were killed. Every one of those deaths pointed to Good Friday and were consummated here. Since Good Friday there should not have been any more sin sacrifices as Jesus foresaw and paid for all committed confessed unintentional sin. (CCUS) There is no need to mention those CCUS again. Likewise with the scapegoat sins. These only occurred once a year in the Day of Atonement Ceremony and only one died as far as I now know. So there were about 1000 scapegoats that were taken out into the desert and destroyed. Every one of those deaths pointed to Good Friday and were fulfilled there. Since Good Friday there should not have been one more scapegoat ceremony as all committed, confessed, intentional sins had been dealt with; burnt up in the fires of Mount Calvary’s hell. There is still one more conflagration to go when the doors to hell will open up and consume satan and all evil beings. The remaining committed but unconfessed intentional sins will be burnt into oblivion. Unfortunately though many sins will still remain, maybe not as many as drops of water in the ocean but certainly to fill a large dam or lake. The committed, unintentional and therefore unconfessed sins. (CUUS) And there are mountains of them! In our legal system no one can tell you how many laws there are let alone what they are yet ignorance of the law is no excuse and cannot be used as a defence. Not so with the Law of God. If you didn’t know you are not guilty; there is no sin where there is no law. Actually there is still a sin but it is not held against you. The judge takes off His Heavenly robes and does the time for you! This is what Jesus did. I call this mountain of sins ‘Jesus’ sins’ but they are any sins left over after Good Friday and the fires of hell have extinguished. They are the committed, unintentional and therefore unconfessed sins . The beauty and depth of  Scripture is usually well hidden and rarely surfaces but it surfaces at times. One such occasion was when God came to earth in the Garden of Eden on the day our first parents sinned. He told Eve that her seed would crush satan’s head  and satan would bruise his heel. This was the first day that sin literally started but it was also the last day that it existed in time. Satan and all evil beings  were thrown into hell and burnt up but it was also here that the beast that that had received that mortal blow on Good Friday finally fell over and died! The history of sin is covered in one sentence. If you want to know its consequences then complete the verse; and satan will bruise His heel. Such is that depth now in verses nine onwards. But we need to establish both where and when these events are occurring. WHEN and the waypoints so far; Eden to Noah’s Flood to the desert temple to the first coming of   Jesus Christ to 2,000 years and the second coming of Jesus Christ to 1,260  years of grace and the third coming of Jesus with His two witnesses to 500 years and Daniel’s  Page 11

rebuilding of the  fourth temple. It is at the end of this five hundred years where the action really begins ***.It begins with the return of the Holy Spirit  to Heaven from earth where it had been since Jesus  sent it here on the Day of Pentecost, some 3,800 years ago. The reason the Spirit returned was because its work had finished on earth. It’s  final work was the protection of the foolish virgins who had been given the seal of God on their foreheads. They could not go to hell because of this seal.
This seal not only protected them from hell but also from the God inflicted calamities, trumpets and bowls but not from the final assault of the beast. Now that its final battle is imminent it must have the allegiance of every member of its army. With the exception of the foolish virgins every other member cannot be a problem, they are all marked by the mark of the beast. Exception the foolish virgins.  Here now is the final offer of the Holy Spirit to these foolish virgins; keep the seal of God, do  not replace it with the mark of the beast and you will not be thrown into hell. The beast  will kill you but Jesus will take your place in hell for you! What a blessing! The only greater blessing would be that you go to Heaven but that door closed when the door of mercy closed at Jesus’ third coming. We have already been told the result of that offer; they refused, replaced God’s seal with the beast’s mark, joined its army, fought against the rider of the white horse and us in His army, lost, killed and thrown into hell ( The second conflagration, the first was Good Friday) where another of those hopelessly one sided battles occurs; the beast against the false prophet. But after this time only satan and his evil beings exist. All the wicked living that have been alive since the second coming are now dead. There is no beast, there has been a time with no satan, 1,000 years of it, and now there is no beast.

This is from the earthly side where we are at and now from the Heavenly side. In Heaven we have been  waiting for such a long time for the return of the Holy Spirit from earth, not that it has been a boring time. In fact it has been difficult to keep up with events. But finally the Spirit does return and we immediately ask for His presence; to explain at least some of this beauty of the robe of righteousness of Jesus Christ. This is the role of the Spirit and our wishes are granted. We ask for and are given the fine linen, the Holy Spirit whose role will now be to make this wonderful robe sit more comfortably.  Almost immediately afterwards the wedding between the Bride and Bridegroom take place and they set off  for the promised land together still as an army because there are still battles to take place. The leader of our army is the rider of the white horse. We have already visited Revelation chapter  14 where these battles are described. The first lot trying to stop our entry, the Canaanites or the living wicked or the beast, this battle was over almost just as it started ,its fate was already decided and dealt with way back on Good Friday, but this is not the case with the crushing of satan’s head.

Just before proceeding when this will occur let us look at where it will occur. Our earthly step in the Old Testament was the desert temple from which we learn that it had three compartments; enclosed block of land with a building of two compartments; the Holy Place which led into the Most Holy Place  and that it was temporary, movable. Its first move was to an exact location in Jerusalem, but this was not to be its final move. The trig point in all these locations has been mapped by Heaven itself. It is the place where the altar, the cross stood is Heaven’s position for this trig point. It is on top of the abyss and directly under the throne of God in Heaven. On Good Friday the fires of hell engulfed the cross and also encircled the throne of God. The plug that was placed to stop those flames of hell was none other than the blood of Jesus and even though it has been pierced since by a high velocity object, the golden censor full of our prayers was HURLED down to earth, the hole it made in the abyss was only large enough for the beast to escape out of. The blood resealed this hole. *** The temple was moved many times in the desert, spent a thousand odd years of permanency in Jerusalem as

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Solomoms’  or Herod’s or Jesus temple or Passover temple and is still even there today some two thousand  years later. Its presence will be totally removed at the third coming when it will be rebuilt as the temple of the Day of Atonement.  It will again  be destroyed by the earthquake that results from the slamming  close of the door of mercy which occurs at the third coming of our Lord. It will be rebuilt again in the same place in readiness for the fourth coming but satan panics  and destroys it before the fourth coming. It may have started off as a mobile sanctuary on earth in the desert with three compartments but will finish up in Heaven as a permanent sanctuary with three compartments. This final permanent  sanctuary, where we are at now in the blog, cannot come down out of where it is now even if there was one sin remaining. There is still a mountain of sin even once the fires of hell are extinguished. With one sin if it did come down all twelve pearly gates would have to be closed and remain closed and the roof would have to be enclosed. This mountain of sin cannot be attributed to human beings because they did not know what was going on, it was unintentional sin and if Jesus wants us to be in His presence He is going to have to do something about them. If you want to put the cat among the pigeons suggest, are not these sins attributable to satan?

Even though the situation is clear cut at the start and the finish this is not so all the way through time. Thus start and (end   ); Start; temporary mobile sanctuary, (end permanent fixed sanctuary) start three compartments, Most Holy Place, Holy Place or Tent of Meeting on a certain portion of land,  with one entrance from the Holy to Most Holy Place. (end, Most Holy Place or New Jerusalem sitting on a high plateau on new planet earth, the Holy Place or Tent of Meeting sitting in a galaxy (?), the courtyard. No sin so no limit to the size of the courtyard  it needs no fence as there are no non-believers and there are twelve entrances from earth into   the New Jerusalem. The old temple holds true for the temple  of Jesus and the Passover. But what about now, today there is no temple, certainly no building. Where does that put us today?

I have maintained for a long while now that we are priests if we choose to be. We are not Nazirites or Levites  we are priests. We do not do all those mundane chores of the Levites, there are very few of us and we do the work of priests.  There is only one higher rank than ours and that is of High Priest and He has gone the Heaven taking His blood with Him into the Most Holy Place. The way of becoming a priest of Jesus is to walk through that curtain separating the Holy Place and the courtyard because it was torn on Good Friday allowing our entry. We may continue to stay in the courtyard of believers, but to be included in Heaven’s census, to have our names entered onto Heaven’s tally sheets we must come though that door into the tent of meeting. It is only from here that there is a door into the Most Holy Place!  We must go back  and re-examine the role of a priest.

But the situation will revert back to Jesus’ time after His second coming when the temple of the Day of Atonement will be rebuilt; block of ground in Jerusalem with building containing the Holy Place leading into the Most Holy Place. This temple will be destroyed by the earthquake of the third coming and be rebuilt in time for the fourth coming of our Lord. So the fourth coming temple will contain a courtyard, a Tent of Meeting leading into the Most Holy Place. If the reasoning applies from before it will not have to be rededicated as it stands on the spot where the blood of Jesus was poured out on Good Friday nearly 3,800 years ago. But is this the tent of Meeting that Jesus goes to with His two turtledoves? (verse 10).  It was this sudden shock of changing from this earthly Tent of Meeting to the Heavenly Tent of Meeting in verse 13 that caused me to abandon the commentary until I saw what Jesus had to say on the cross on and after Good Friday in the four Gospels.

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So we know where we are at; the tent s of meeting on the old earth and the new earth and the time is at that transaction; right at the end of planet earth’s history. But there is also a third Tent of Meeting, the one we have spent the last 1,800 odd years in and therein lies our problem. We are going to have to make a plunge, actually more like a lunge to get across from this old Heaven Tent of Meeting across to the New Heaven and earth, the new Tent of Meeting. And the gap between them involves the earthly Tent of Meeting the one that was rebuilt after the door of mercy was slammed closed.  Let us approach this time and place from a saintly angle. We have a mountain of unconfessed unintentional sin that has been committed by God’s creation. You, me and anyone and everyone including satan, he too was God’s creation. It is a stale mate situation. If nothing is done we could continue on for an eternity living in the Holy Place of Heaven where we have just spent some 1,800 years. It is what Jesus does to these sins and because we are capable of doing so that we spontaneously worship Jesus. It was Jesus Himself Who resuscitated and resurrected the beast within us after Good Friday and it is this beast which prevents us from spontaneous worship of our Lord. Let us move on in time.

One thousand eight hundred odd years, return of the Holy Spirit, the marriage , the formation of the army as in the Book of Numbers and the battle against the beast. In this battle we don’t necessarily have to have left the Tent of Meeting, we are  there but Jesus swings His sharp sickle from the cloud but if this cloud is a literal cloud then we have left Heaven’s Tent of Meeting so where are we now. Let’s call it limbo. We must now progress onto  ‘The Anointed One will be cut off and have nothing. The people of the ruler will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. (Dan 9:26)

Whether we are still in the Heavenly Tent of Meeting or in limbo we cannot actually say, our eyes are focused on Jesus. He just moves away from us into the distance and says, ‘I will explain to you what I am about to do and why I am doing it. After My explanation you will understand and you will worship  Me because of My actions. Up to  now you will have been following My instructions and looking from the earthly step. The Old Testament, upwards into the Heavens. Because of your humanity this was like getting up on a rickety old chair.  Very wobbly and the increase in height did not make that much difference.  But now I will show you from above that those foundations were not rickety but solid concrete and it was your unbelief that prevented you from seeing further’. And so we have that great 1,260 day tutorial. Day 1,261 Jesus pleads guilty to and takes that mountain of sin on Himself. He knows  what He is doing , the sin passes onto His head and this defiles His hair which will now have to be cut off. By accepting this mountain of sin Jesus accepts both the punishment  and death that sin brings. He is cut off, forsaken from God for six days, (compare the three day cut off period of the cross)  This cut off period finishes on day 1,266. Day 1,267 He becomes clean and shaves off His hair. On day 1,268 He brings two turtledoves or two pigeons to the doorway of the Tent of Meeting and our problem arises.

The building with both the Holy Place and Most Holy Place are physical buildings, you are either inside of them or outside of them. Not so with the courtyard where this doorway to the Tent of Meeting is. It has a defined area where non-believers are not allowed but no roof. It is the area of concern as now the altar in it coincides  with the place where the cross of Christ stood on Good Friday. It could actually cover a volume as high as the Tent of Meeting of the Heavens. So Jesus does not have to hang on ground level but twenty meters or miles above it. Daniel tells us that Jesus hangs on the wing of the temple. The priest who is making this sin and guilt offering is none other  ***than  the bride, we, today’s priests . We are making a case to God as to why He should allow the New Earth  and the New Jerusalem to descend from Heaven so we can spend an eternity in the presents of God. We offer Jesus Christ as our substitute and some of His beautiful qualities which we are beginning to

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understand. It is because of His life and death that we feel so confident today about our place in Heaven. When quizzed by anyone in Heaven all we do is to present our robes of Christ’s righteousness. It is all about Jesus and what He has done! The difference now though is what we are presenting is also an act of worship. We had come to a stalemate and for His solution to this stalemate we now worship our Lord. Our worship should follow the guide lines that were established on Good Friday. We know they were perfect and that is why we are so confident of our place in Heaven by relying on them. Again this is all very new to me, so these are only first thoughts. Good Friday appears to have been split into three time zones; 9-12, 12-3 and then 3-4. The 9-12 zone appears to be the sin offering. This is the blood part of the exercise. This is the blood of the Lamb that takes away the sins of the world .From here the blood of Christ was used to purify all aspects of the sanctuary service and any and every other object that required cleansing. Any blood that was left over after the ceremony was poured out at the base of the altar at 4 o’clock. That blood is still there today and the object of this ceremony, at least a part of it   is to collect this blood which has been on old planet earth for nearly 3,800 years, take it back to Heaven where Jesus will personally apply it to our foreheads. It is life eternal giving blood. But the sins that are involved here are those Jesus took on Himself which resulted from His contact with His creation. The sin offering.

The 12 to 3 time zone were the dark hours of the cross probably involving intentional sin and therefore also the fires of hell. On Good Friday it was the body of Christ that was used as the frame on which our intentional sins were placed and placed into those raging fires of hell. Today, on the Day of Atonement there are no intentional sins left anywhere in the universe, it is just the frame, the body of Christ that is being presented to God by us as in the burnt offering. There should be no darkness this time, just brilliant light. His body is sectioned and presented piecemeal wise to God. It is this burnt offering which we are still to study. So our case for admission into Heaven is split into two sections; the blood and body of Jesus Christ. We worship and present to God the response in total of Jesus Christ to our sins. I cannot see anywhere here where that blood of Jesus that was spilt some 3,800 odd years ago is collected and taken back to Heaven as Hebrews is telling us will happen. By covering for all sins Jesus has consecrated His head and is able to rededicate Himself back to God. His hair can now start regrowing again His days as a Nazirite must begin at day one. So what is this rededication involve? The rededication must involve the guilt offering and the only time slot that is left now on the Day of Atonement is the 3-4 o’clock.

This is the second time Jesus has had His dedication to God interrupted. On the first occasion on Good Friday He had two out of three strikes against Him. He was cut off because He was not allowed to associate with the dead but He went so far as to join the dead. He was forsaken by God and He confirmed, acknowledged this situation by drinking not just wine but sour wine/vinegar. By being a confirmed member of the dead  He was able to bring the dead up with Him into life eternal on Resurrection Sunday. As these were  not ‘His’ sins, they were confessed sins of the redeemed, His head and hair did not become defiled and therefore did not have to be cut off. The Nazirite Jesus paid a very heavy penalty in suffering, death and forsakenness by God  for Good Friday, surely breaking His vow and therefore requiring to be rededicated  to start His ministry again and the clock reset to day one of this ministry. The fact that His ministry continued is shown by the fact that all of those unintentional sins that were committed by His creation and remained unconfessed up to now raise their ugly heads all of a sudden because there are no other sins left anywhere. If Good Friday was a part of the original Nazarene vow Jesus made with God then there would have to be no restarts, Jesus Page 15

was only doing what He had vowed to do in the first place. So why a restart and rededication on the Day of Atonement? On Good Friday  they were our sins that He took on Himself but on the Day of Atonement they certainly were not our sins so He made them His sins in the real sense of the word and therefore He could also clean them up. It was these sins that snapped clean His connection with His Father and this Connection had to be remade with a proper rededication. So should Jesus have confirmed this severance from God by calling for and drinking sour wine/vinegar as He did on Good Friday? Was this Day of Atonement not a part of the original vow and just added on at the end as a second thought that required the previous days of ministry to be voided? Answer; none of the above. On Good Friday it was God Who forsook Jesus and cut Him off from His presence but on the Day of Atonement it was Jesus who forsook God. It was a clean break. There is no such sin as; ‘Well it was unintentional so it could not have been as bad as intentional!’  All sin is sin, all sin cuts us off from the source of life and our existence, all sin results in, ‘You will surely die.’ Each sin does not add an extra death it confirms the decision of the previous sin. Each one of that mountain of sin was sin and imposed its consequences on Jesus. It was not unforeseen it was all a part of the original Nazarene vow that Jesus made before His days of separation from God. It wasn’t the break coming from top to bottom but from the bottom back up to the top that caused the former days to be voided. Vinegar here is totally irrelevant.

Good Friday, Day of Atonement, all evil beings, all sin destroyed what else has to be done, why a rededication all? What else does this Nazarene Jesus still have to do? I have made a number of guesses as to what this Nazarene vow was but I wonder if one of them was; ‘I will destroy this temple and rebuild it in three days’. The original temple that Jesus was referring to was Himself and He did just that. But this temple spawned earthly and symbolic temples which also had to be destroyed. Using the verse that ‘to   God a day is as a thousand years’ still only results in very rough correlations.

One temple, that of the third coming lay in ruins below now on earth still had to be completely destroyed. This temple that we as Christian priests serve today, planet earth had to be destroyed and rebuilt. A miraculous act was required to take the sinned stained something’s of today and make them into nothing and another miraculous act of creation to take that nothing and make it into something of such beauty that will dazzle the saints for the eternities to come! A visit to Genesis would surely be appropriate! Much still has to be done by this Nazarene until He completes His vow. What about His rededication and the guilt offering?

There could be a number of dates proposed for when Jesus made His Nazarene vow. But whatever that date  was Jesus was in a sinless condition, squeaky clean; no Good Friday and no Day of Atonement; squeaky clean. To restart and complete His Nazarene mission He also had to be squeaky clean. So how does a guilt offering re-establish His squeaky clean condition? I think the problem is that we have been following the small picture and not tying it in with the big picture; the Day of Atonement fell on the tenth day of the seventh month and using our calendar that is July. The tenth of July. And that was a Saturday, a Sabbath. So instead of carrying on from the tutorial as day 1,261 it should have been 1,263, a Sabbath when Jesus decides to take on all the left over sins of His creation. The day before a Friday, 1,262 the fires of hell had gone out. This cup is not given to Him by God it is an act of volition. In six days time, the ninth of July, a Friday Jesus becomes clean and must shave that defiled hair. On Saturday the tenth of July is the Day of Atonement.

It begins with a sin offering.****There are at least two sin sacrifices in the History of humanity. They began the events of Good Friday and the Day of Atonement. Same being, same blood but two different and separate events. Good Friday’s was for human beings, specifically for their committed, confessed

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but unintentional sins. Only the saints were involved. The Day of Atonement was about Jesus’ sins. They actually were those all His creation had committed; the unintentional and unconfessed ones but Jesus was not playing charades when He accepted them on Himself. They were already committed and they were unintentional but by being accepted, they also became confessed. Jesus confessed for those sins of His creation and bore their consequences. On Good Friday it was God the Father who handed God the Son that cup of iniquity to drink from. Jesus took that cup voluntarily, no one was forcing Him to do so. But that cup would only bring humanity into the Holy Place in the old Heavens, it was not the end of sin, it was not supposed to take us right through. That final step was an act of volition and an act worthy of eternal worship. It was not God the Father handing God the Son the final cup of iniquity, it is God the Son searching, reaching out and accepting this cup. It is His love for us wanting to bring us into His inner sanctum that cause Him to grab that cup on day 1,263. It happens on the Sabbath day that we are worshipping Him when we see Him actually do it. And the results are immediate. So the first three hours of those two Holy days are concerned about the blood of Jesus. The next three are concerned with His body. The 12 to 3 timeslot.

On Good Friday the body of Jesus was the scaffolding on which our sins were pinned and presented to hell’s fires for extermination. The sins did burn up into nothing but the body remained, it was sinless, there was nothing there that could burn. The country remained in darkness until the fires of hell were extinguished. There was no burnt offering offered on the fourteenth of January on Mount Calvary. As there were no intentional sins to be placed on the Body of Jesus on the Day of Atonement it was not and did not have to be presented to the fires of hell. It was presented in a divine fire, each section at a time as the burnt offering. The 12 to 3 timeslot was not a period of darkness but intense brilliance! The day when they were re-joined, it certainly was Resurrection Sunday after Good Friday but a date still being studied after the Day of Atonement. We have only got to day 1,270 after that tutorial began. So how does the guilt offering present Jesus as a Nazirite Who is squeaky clean, ready to rededicate Himself to God in order to finish off His work in the Nazarene vow? The only time slot left for the guilt offering now is the 3to 4 o’clock one. The guilt offering is a  super version of the sin offering. Both involve confessed, committed, unintentional sin but the guilt offering has the added dimension that reparation or restitution has been made plus 20% where applicable. If and where it was applicable Jesus would have added that 20%. The point being all required restitution had been made, not just for Good Friday which happened almost 3,800 years ago but also for the Day of Atonement which happened a few hours ago. This certainly was the case as at three o’clock of the Sabbath of day 1,270. This restitution was not for Jesus’ sins, He didn’t  have any, it was for all the beings that He had created. He took the responsibility for what His creation had done.  He was always squeaky clean but now so are His created beings, only the saints are left all the others have been burnt up. He can now resume whatever is required of the Nazarene Jesus Christ. Both He and His creation are now squeaky clean.  The problem with both of the sin and guilt offering was that the ‘excess’ blood was to be poured at the base of the altar at four o’clock before that precious body was removed from His cross and placed into His grave. What was the reason for that occurring on Good Friday and does it have to happen on Sabbath’s Day of Atonement?

One reason for this separation of blood from body was that His body was to undergo three days of being forsaken by God because of His involvement with us, the dead. They would be re-joined but the separation was a part of the penalty. There is no need for such a penalty on the Day of Atonement. Jesus has already undergone His period of separation from day 1,263 until 1,269. Another reason is that this blood is now to act as a trig point for the next 3,800 odd years. These events have now occurred including that final alignment. The  blood of Jesus from four o’clock of Good Friday prevented

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this world from being destroyed, but is must now be removed because the old earth is about to be destroyed. This blood acted as a part of our history to show our unity with Jesus. There is now no further any need for this  demonstration. It was ‘excess’ blood from the ceremony. There is now no excess blood, every drop will have to be gathered as there could be as many as 144 million people who are about to be anointed with it. The Day of Atonement substituted the scapegoat part of Good Friday with the burnt offering and it may well substitute the spilling of the blood of Jesus with the gathering of the blood of Jesus. If this is the case then there is no need for Jesus to be placed in the grave and He can resume His Nazarene ministry immediately. Now back to where we left this chapter behind, verse 13;

‘Now this is the law of the Nazirite when the days of his separation are fulfilled, he shall bring the offering to the doorway of the tent of meeting.’

There goes the theory of the hierarchical placement of placing Jesus as the Nazirite at the bottom of the list. This Jesus the Nazirite since He was rededicated at the Day of Atonement has just destroyed the old earth and created a new earth! Here is none other than Jesus the Creator! That was a part of His unfinished business! The doorway of the tent of meeting in verse 12 was above that destroyed temple on old planet earth but the doorway in verse 13 is the doorway onto the new earth, the tent of meeting or the Holy Place! They both have only one entrance, Jesus Christ is this doorway. It is only once inside that you can start looking at the nuances of Jesus; be that four walls or creatures or twelve gates or throne or whatever, these subjects become a topic once you have walked through His newly created earth. It is what starts you thinking. It is the purpose of the Book of Genesis! Jesus had no inhibitions in His second earth creations. There was no sin nor the possibility of sin to exist. There was no need to make the rose both beautiful yet dangerous or the animals to eat of both plant or animal! Our Nazirite just let His imagination run wild and what a result! Today we have but shadows of what will be and just look at the complexity and immensity of Jesus’ creation.  But there, there will be no death or dying!

So His days of separation have been fulfilled, all those things He vowed He would do and has done, including creation of the new earth, and the bride and bridegroom stand at the doorway to this new earth of eternity. It does seem strange that Jesus is decommissioned just before the bridal party enter into the promised land of eternity. Somewhere in this process the Heavenly bride has left her old tent of meeting in the old Heaven and made a plunge and joined her bridegroom for this very last part of the journey.

Verses 14-16;’He shall present his offering to the Lord; one male lamb a year old without defect for a burnt offering and one ewe-lamb a year old without defect for a sin offering and one ram without defect for a peace offering, and a basket of unleavened cakes of fine flour mixed with oil and unleavened wafers spread with oil, along with their grain offering and their drink offering. Then the priest shall present them before the Lord and offer his sin offering and his burnt offering.’

****  Before being allowed entry into the new earth which after all is the foundation for the New Jerusalem, both bride and bridegroom are to present their credentials, their reasons and arguments as to why this Nazarene should be allowed to end His vow; be decommissioned. I am not sure at this stage whether the bridegroom, the Nazirite has a checklist of what he was supposed to have done, but once he has gone through a certain list he is allowed to drink wine. It would be clearly implied that this was grape juice a symbol of the blood of Jesus and not fermented grapes. The

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bride up to now when questioned just pointed to Jesus and said,’ Its all about Him, He has done it all for both of us, it would be blasphemy to suggest that I could add something to what he did!’ If you could understand Scripture after reading 10% of it , it would mean the rest, the 90% has no value. With the 10% or so of what I have ‘covered’ I would be thrilled to be able to understand 1% of it or even 0.1% would also have made the journey worthwhile. I thought verses 9 to 12 were hard going but only a snack when compared to verses 13 to 20. But everything needs a start.

We are dealing with Jesus the Nazirite as he is applying to God to acknowledge that he has completed His vow. He will remain a Nazarene right down to verse 20 when He is allowed to drink wine. This is confirmation that the vow has been completed and if making the vow caused separation from God then that separation is now completed and He joins with God again. The other player in these verses is the priest. In this blog the priest has been taken as the bride. They have been one now since Good Friday and have arrived as one army with Jesus as the leader and rider of the white horse. They have come from the old Heaven and are anticipating to be given entry onto the new earth initially and finally into the New Jerusalem. But up to verse 20 we must address Jesus as the Nazirite and by extension the bride as the priest as we, the redeemed all are today; we are priests. We took advantage of that tear in the curtain on Good Friday and we moved from the courtyard of believers into the Holy Place. Right above us is the Most Holy Place where our High Priest, Jesus Christ has just gone taking His blood, the sin offering of Good Friday into Heaven with Him but He did leave a significant amount of blood behind on earth as well.

So why is the bride a priest? As pointed out before we have been priests of Jesus since three o’clock on Good Friday until four o’clock when we experienced a heavy martyrdom and loss of blood (in real time some 2,000 years later in the Great Tribulation. Then we were placed in our graves with Jesus awaiting our resurrection with Him on Resurrection Sunday. While waiting the major event was the return of the Holy Spirit back to Heaven when our wedding took place. We may have been priests before but now we are definitely bride plus bridegroom. As a wedded couple we have already fought one battle but the second battle the bridegroom chose to fight himself. Well that battle is also over we have re-joined our bridegroom and have arrived at the doorway and await our resurrection into the Heavens of eternity. So why are we called priest and not bride?

We are called priest and not bride because the bridegroom is not called bridegroom but Nazirite. This is about a very specific period of time. The Nazirite has come to sign off his vow. His days of separation are fulfilled. He is not trying to get out of his vow, just announce that it has been fulfilled. It may seem he is trying to get out of it because he  is going to be back with God the Father from Whom he was away for such a long time. Let us go through this checklist in a human way, correct any ’errors’ and let the priest respond. To begin with lets get their titles ‘right’. The Nazirite is the bridegroom and the priest is the bride and they have only very recently got married. Jesus promised God that during His separation away from Him He would become the male lamb of the burnt offering. Check; did so on Sabbath, 10th of July on the Day of Atonement. Became ewe-lamb and now presented as a sin offering. Correction, obvious mistake, Jesus was represented by a male lamb never a female lamb. Correct ewe-lamb and make it male lamb and actually was a sin offering in both Good Friday and the Day of Atonement events; double check. Ram for peace offering. God’s wrath was involved,

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peace needed to be restored, was Jesus capable of filling this role? Yes! Check! Still unsure of the significance of cakes, wafers. If all these things were a part of the original vow, then check they are here, he has brought them along for all to see. The drink offering has obviously something to do with the drink Jesus asked and received on the cross.  The bride/priest’s response is to take these items obviously required by God to clear her husband of this vow and to present them to God. Along with these items she also offers her sin and burnt offering. Then she takes the ram offering, the peace offering, along with the basket of unleavened cakes and offer them with the grain and drink offering. The husband then shaves his head, which has not grown much since he was forced to shave it when accepting all that sin on himself and to put it in the fire which is under the peace offering. The priest is then to take the boiled shoulder of the peace ram, one unleavened cake and one unleavened wafer and put them into the hands of the Nazirite who will wave them before God. The bride offers the breast by waving and the thigh by lifting. Only after this can the Nazirite drink wine!

Clearly human interpretation makes no sense. Yes the bride and bridegroom do enter into the Garden of eternity to live in perfect bliss just like the model that was presented in the first Garden of Eden and pre-shadowed by an institution set up by none other than God Himself and therefore in His image and carrying His breath. But it was not intended that the bride cut her husband up into sections and offer him up in a fire. You don’t need to change many Biblical terms to make them more ‘logical’ in order to generate a farcical situation. Let us write verses 14 to 20 and look at them line by line ‘as it is written’.

Verses 14-20;’ He shall present his offering to the Lord; one male lamb a year old without defect for a burnt offering and one ewe-lamb a year old without defect for a sin offering and one ram without defect for a peace offering, and a basket of unleavened cakes of fine flour mixed with oil and unleavened wafers spread with oil, along with their grain offering and their drink offering. Then the priest shall present them before the Lord and he shall offer his offering and his burnt offering. He shall also offer the ram for a sacrifice of peace offerings to the Lord, together with the basket of unleavened cakes; the priest shall offer its grain offering and its drink offering. The Nazirite shall then shave his dedicated head of hair at the doorway of the tent of meeting, and take the dedicated hair of his head and put it on the fire which is under the sacrifice of peace offerings. The priest shall take the ram’s shoulder when it has been boiled, and one unleavened cake out of the basket and one unleavened wafer, and put them on the hands of the Nazirite after he has shaved his dedicated hair. Then the priest shall wave them for a wave offering before the Lord. It is holy for the priest, together with breast offered by waving and the thigh offered by lifting up; and afterward the Nazirite may drink wine.’

The last seven words first; the Nazirite remains a Nazirite after He has gone what the law told Him to do after His days of separation are completed. He has only been decommissioned from His vow and may do something else, including something that was forbidden; drink wine. This ‘wine is unfermented grape juice as evil ceased to exist on day 1262. If there were a Garden of Eden now it would not contain the tree of good and evil, just the tree of good. The unfermented grape is a symbol of the blood of Jesus, of perfection and probably therefore one of the fruits of the tree of life in Heaven. We have also already looked  at verse 13; the appearance of the new earth, but these verses, so much symbolism!

Why doesn’t God just lift us up into Heaven with Him? Just pop us into existence? Why all this blood and suffering? Who benefits from any of this? Well actually He did just ‘pop’ hundreds of millions of angels into Heaven and filled Heaven with them. He didn’t just ‘pop’ Adam and Eve into the Garden He actually made them in His image and put His breath into them! But He gave all a free

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will and that meant we could either obey Him; good or we could disobey Him; evil and most chose to disobey, blaming everything in sight for their disobedience, including the kitchen sink but none of this changes it was their choice. So the problem was not to get rid of free will but to destroy evil and according to God’s standards. In Heaven we still have a free will but with that will we choose to obey God. A major theme of this blog is the destruction of the evil beast. As His ways are way out of our ability of our understanding, God chose symbols to represent the divine aspects. Moses could see that these symbols were not going to be capable of getting rid of anything, let alone evil, but he still went along with God in introducing these symbols. These symbols relate to everyday objects, and those objects are plants and animals. These symbols must be very poor representations of something which cannot be represented, sooner or later God is going to have to make an appearance Himself but only after giving us the Maximum amount of preparation. So what plants and what animals are used and what do they symbolise? How much of an assistance will understanding the symbol be to understanding the real thing?  There are many symbols in these verses. ****

[ Yesterday I attended a Family Voice seminar with Andrea Williams from the UK. She may not have been the best speaker I have ever heard but she certainly is up there with the top two or three. It was enthralling to hear her tell us of what is happening now in the UK as they are much further down the apostasy path that we are just starting to tread. She gave her advice as how to avoid it and it all sounded  so wonderful and simple. I lined up to tell her of the chink in her talk but the line was too  long and I gave up waiting. If Andrea you ever read this blog these were going to be the comments I was going to make to you. The reason you were so convincing and time just flew by was because you stood on a firm foundation; the Book of Genesis and if the church here does also stand on this concrete foundation it has the hope of victory you spoke of. They weren’t just texts flashed up on a screen when you read them they came via your heart; wonderful! Basically you were postulating a three army war. Two of the armies stand firm and are united against the third army which is about to fall even without any blows, let alone the KO blow. The secular armies with their vanguard of the gay community stand firm on their theory of Evolution, unchallenged, unchallengeable, fact beyond dispute. The crescendo of mockery for those who dare challenge it has not yet reached the levels it reached in Piltdown Man but it is not that far off. There do still exist a few scientists and theologians who dare challenge it, but the voices are few and weak and just being howled down. The second army in your country you take as Islam. Their advancement and modus operandi in your country was quite surprising. I did at one stage consider Islam to be a part of the beast but decided against it. It would take a major rewrite of the blog to do so, but it is conceded that there are no chinks in their armour; their Koran is beyond reproach! It is the third army, the Christians you envisage standing on the Book of Genesis with you and putting up] such a wonderful fight back. Unfortunately they are standing on very wobbly chairs and just falling over into either the homosexual camp or that of the Muslims! Without Genesis as our foundation the church will collapse spontaneously over itself!  But to have Christians prosected as teachers of hate and made criminals of at the same time has certainly pushed the borders further than I thought they would be ever pushed. They could easily denounce this blog as a blog of hate, order its shutdown and prosecute the writer! Quite scary! Signs of end times? There are many Christians out there right now to whom that is occurring. The last time before I thought was an end day sign, as did many other people and went into maximum writing mode was when I thought Obama would not relinquish his presidency and not hand the keys over to Trump but that period lasted for about fifty days and finished on January the 20th.   ] But back to this blog, verse 14.

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The rendition I presented before was the ‘corrected’ version and even with my distorted thinking it is easy to the corrections are errors and the original ‘errors’ were actually right. To explain symbols in the Bible would take many volumes indeed but odd contemplations are in order and supplied in [ ].  [Like why did the Israelites eat the Passover Lamb but Christians do not? I do not know of any meat products in any Christian ceremony. Ans; Christians break and eat bread commemorating the body of Christ and grape juice,  non-alcoholic wine symbolising the blood of Jesus. The lamb of Passover and the bread and wine are but symbols of the Nazirite Jesus Christ. At the cross these two were separated; the body away from the blood and are to be studied separately. The blood is the blood of the New Covenant; our sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus in the old covenant we were supposed to do this ourselves.  Even in these verses there is a separation of the body and blood of Jesus. ].

It was only with tongue in cheek that I corrected the ‘ewe-lamb’ for the male lamb. I actually did know why it had to be a ewe-lamb. In verse 13 yes it was the bridegroom and the bride who arrived at the doorway of the new earth, the tent of meeting, yes they will be allowed through onto the new earth and will wait together for the arrival of the New Jerusalem and they know that this is a formality because they worshipped Jesus on Sabbath, day 1,263 when He made that into a reality and yes, they will live happily ever after for the eternities to come. But these verses are concerned with the technical details, the God imposed conditions that had to be met before this could occur. As these conditions involve sacrifice and blood letting in can’t be the loving bride and bridegroom involved. It must be some Heavenly agents and they are the Nazirite and another Heavenly agent, the priest. It appears as if there is a list that the Nazirite has brought down from Heaven, fulfilled it and now brought it back to the doorway of the new earth. The priest takes these items and in turn presents them before God, as if they were his/hers. Once accepted by God both pass through the door and onto the new earth. This list is the Nazirite vow that Jesus took, undertook to fulfil in the days of separation from God. Once accepted His separation from God is completed and He is given His new task. Both pass through and can assume the roles of eternity.

The first item is the male lamb for the burnt offering is presented. Time flicks back to day 1,270 Sabbath and also the tenth of July, the Day of Atonement, probably 12 o’clock. This is the end game; all sin of every description has now been accounted for; paid in full and at least one of the conditions required for the descent of the new Holy city. It is the offering of the real body of Jesus Christ through a cleansing, magnifying and concentrating flame as in the Holy Spirit. It is an offering by a priest, shows how insignificant the male/female distinction is once in Heaven as these priests will obviously be the saints, in whom the beast has been killed and is now on a Heavenly plain. It concerns the body of Christ. It has to show why this body when it was presented with all those intentional sins to the flames of hell, it remained unburnt. What was there about it for those flames to leave it alone? It may be that it had one droplet of blood in it and this is what prevented it from burning? So it was the blood and not the body that preserved it! The Book of Revelation tells us this presentation will be in four parts.

The second item on this list is a ewe-lamb and it is a sin offering. It was the blood that was taken from the sin offering but up to now has only been used for one purpose; cleansing and purifying from sin. The Nazarene did not need to be purified from His own sin, it is and always was the sin of the bride that was concerned. This is ewe-lamb blood. The Nazarene does not need blood to be applied to give Him life eternal, it is His blood anyway. She does need to have this blood applied to give her life eternal. The totality of this blood is now being presented. Every drop from old planet earth was retrieved allowing it to be destroyed and is now being presented. But there is an extra stream that is being presented; that from the Day of Atonement when Jesus took on the, well they weren’t remnants they were mountains of

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sins and thus the final purification. This blood is not being presented for its ability to cleanse sin but for its ability to give life eternal!

The third item presented is the ram for a peace offering. The problem is that by breaking away from God by sinning means that even if we are spruced up and clean does not necessarily mean that God’s original hurt has been appeased. We need to make peace with Him in order to be reaccepted back into the fold. Jesus Christ is responsible for cleaning us up to the required standard and by holding His hand we are reconciled to God because Jesus is also hold God’s hand. In fact they are one. Thus Jesus Christ, the Nazirite is the peace offering. Without Him there would be no peace with God, no deal!  Okay, were are ready to start;  we have the body of Christ as seen through the purifying fires of the Holy Spirit, we have His blood as specifically obtained from a ewe-lamb and recombined then as a unit or body through which peace with God is unquestioned. So let us start making our presentations now and start popping them through this doorway of the tent of meeting.

It is here now that the complexities become mind-boggling and the chances of errors are also mind-boggling. Even though I am following an inerrant document does not mean that the commentary is also inerrant. In fact I just regard the inevitable errors as journeys up the wrong path; quick look around and return back to the main track. But the possible errors with such complex material are such that it makes the blog meaningless (many would say actually got something right!) and better going off and doing the hundreds of chores that need doing. I am going to list the possibilities without selecting a preference and use these as a source of knowledge for problems that might occur further down the road.

The fourth item presented is basket of unleavened cakes of fine flour mixed with oil. If it said twelve I would say these are the twelve tribes of Heaven and if it said 144 million I would say these are the saints of eternity. We are given the number one; basket could be the bride, the church, the redeemed. Are they put through the checkout as a basket or scanned individually? They are grain which has been finely crushed and mixed with oil. Grain is pure body, flesh with no blood. The grain, the unleavened bread certainly stands for; ‘This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me’ (Luke 22:19) But we are also the body of Christ and therefore can also be represented as grain or unleavened bread. And we have been this way since three o’clock on Good Friday. If we are the body of Christ here we are going to have to have blood added, their drink offering, to make up the complete body. Daniel’s statue of evil is going to have to be crushed into such a fine powder that it can be blown away into the oblivion. We are going to have to be crushed into such a fine flour so that each grain can be individually coated with oil, the Holy Spirit and then formed back into a Heavenly body. The Nazirite agreed and has come back to the door with a basket of unleavened cakes of fine flour mixed with oil. But when were we broken and crushed and oil added? We were broken and crushed with our Saviour on Good Friday and rejoined and held together by the oil of The Holy Spirit.

The fifth item that was on Jesus’ list unleavened wafers spread with oil. If I have already covered these in the blog I do not remember but they do come with a grain and drink offering. As already pointed out that this drink offering may be the blood of Jesus which has to be re-joined to our grain bodies to give us eternal life but it could also be the drink offering of Good Friday. Jesus had done what a Nazirite was not supposed to do, to associate with the dead. He not only did associate with them, He joined them! Vow broken! The break is confirmed by witness Scripture; He asked for and drank fermented wine! No doubt Jesus has joined the ranks of the dead! But by joining the dead and becoming one with them, He was also able to bring them back to eternal life with Him. These wafers are very holy

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objects indeed! I have spent much thought on this grain offering but from the wrong end. In Revelation the offering of the 144,000 wise virgins was the start of the grain offering, but we are now at the back end of it. Again it signifies that we are indeed dealing with very special and holy objects. The priests, we the saints take these individual items and present them to God. We understand what the wafer covered with the oil of the Holy Spirit stands for and we also understand what the associated grain and drink offering are. They are perfection even in the eyes of God the author of Perfection and now we add, place them before God along with our sin and burnt offerings. These make us holy ‘enough’ to approach and present without being struck down. These show that Jesus has met all Heavenly requirements  so we just hold out the symbol of peace, the ram for the sacrifice of peace offering and sneak in the basket of unleavened cakes but backed up by the grain and drink offering.  (thought of prayer and Sabbath blessings required)

The subject of hair is of relevance and must specifically  address the question that Paul raised; That long hair on a male is a thing of disgrace then wasn’t Jesus a disgrace because of His long hair.****  If Jesus was to appear to you or me today He would not have hair trailing on the ground, we would see what the apostles saw after the resurrection; a typical Jew with a long beard and shoulder length black hair. Jesus is in divine mode and not in decaying earthly mode. Now and whilst on earth He was not a male reflecting the glory of God and thus the short hair, he was here to join the dead, resurrect them and take them to Heaven of the eternities with Him. This is the moment this is about to occur. His present hair will become defiled on Sabbath 3rd of July and will be cut off on Friday 9th of July when He becomes clean. We are not specifically told that this large amount of hair is offered in the Day of Atonement ceremony the next day. But it stands to reason that this is why this ceremony is taking place because Jesus has condescended to accept the sins which remained and for this we offer Him thanksgiving and worship and include this hair which carries these sins on them. But it is the new hair that has grown since the 9th of July that is the subject of discussion here. The fact that it starts to re-grow shows there is still some earthly connection which will remain until we enter the New Jerusalem. The amount that has regrown since the 9th of July is dependent on how many days we are after that event and have no idea at the present. But it is this relatively small amount of hair that is shaven and placed into the fire of peace offering. Perfection only requires a small amount to instil perfection. Neither will we need a massive amount of Jesus’ blood on our foreheads to gain life eternal. And now to the wave offerings.

[ Briefly back to Andrea’s presentation. Being a 70+ year old I find I can have bullets fired at me from a rapid shot machine gun and absorb them all; it is the process of extraction that is the problem. There are many bullets she fired and hopefully over time they will all be retrieved. At one time she had us all standing up for the Lord, resolute! The only way we were going to back down was if we were pushed over, no one would jump out of fear. I was going to join the chorus of Amens when I realised that I was the one standing at the front of this que. (This blog was going to be labelled as a blog of hate and under a criminal statute that would carry serious consequences) My brothers and sisters in Christ are being quite supportive; don’t jump Julius, let them push you over! But I withdraw, ‘ Perhaps we have not explored all of our options. If the persecution is taking place in Jerusalem why should we lose such a gifted soldier, perhaps it might be better if you send me to Alexandria or Rome or Ephesus or somewhere else to continue the fight. Let us not be too hasty here!’ Anyway let us call for volunteers to take my place and show me how it is done.] Now the wave offering.

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If Jesus was to appear to you or me today He would not have hair trailing on the ground, we would see what the apostles saw after the resurrection; a typical Jew with a long beard and shoulder length black hair. Jesus is in divine mode and not in decaying earthly mode. Now and whilst on earth He was not a male reflecting the glory of God and thus the short hair, he was here to join the dead, resurrect them and take them to Heaven of the eternities with Him. This is the moment this is about to occur. His present hair will become defiled on Sabbath 3rd of July and will be cut off on Friday 9th of July when He becomes clean. We are not specifically told that this large amount of hair is offered in the Day of Atonement ceremony the next day. But it stands to reason that this is why this ceremony is taking place because Jesus has condescended to accept the sins which remained and for this we offer Him thanksgiving and worship and include this hair which carries these sins on them. But it is the new hair that has grown since the 9th of July that is the subject of discussion here. The fact that it starts to re-grow shows there is still some earthly connection which will remain until we enter the New Jerusalem. The amount that has regrown since the 9th of July is dependent on how many days we are after that event and have no idea at the present. But it is this relatively small amount of hair that is shaven and placed into the fire of peace offering. Perfection only requires a small amount to instil perfection. Neither will we need a massive amount of Jesus’ blood on our foreheads to gain life eternal. And now to the wave offerings.


In verse 17 the Nazirite has produced the list of requirements He agreed with God that had to be fulfilled so that all could appear at the door of the Tent of Meeting . The priest now takes the ram for a sacrifice of peace offerings, adds the whole basket of unleavened cakes and their associated grain and drink offerings. There is no doubt the whole church is going through this time under the guardianship of Jesus the peace maker and grain and drink offerings. We have already had the perfection of the hair of Jesus and now the presentation. The priest takes the ram’s shoulder but it has not been baked in a fire. It has not been through the fires of hell. Hell was not a place for peace making. Added to this shoulder is only one unleavened cake out of the basket ( who would be the that cake selected?) and one unleavened wafer are placed in the hands of the Nazirite after he has shaved  his dedicated hair. Three things. The priest then waves them before God. On top of this (just lost nearly a page of typing,**** could not have been that clear as I am still struggling with this list)

The list that Jesus fronts up to show He has done what He agreed to do as a Nazarene  actually has seven items on it, all relevant all important. 1; burnt offering, 2; sin offering, 3; peace offering, 4; basket of cakes with grain offering, 5; basket of cakes with drink offering, 6; wafers with grain offering and 7; wafers with drink offering. We have already looked at verses 14 and 15, all seven presented to God, presumably the end of His vow, not so. The priest then presents them to God but adds two of his own items, 2 and 3; his own sin and burnt offering. So the bride, church, saints but actually at this stage performing priestly duties have increased the list to nine offerings to God; the seven on Jesus’s list plus added two. As well as presenting those nine the priest now picks up and offers to God number 3, the peace offering and 4 and 5; the cakes with drink and grain offerings. The hair of Jesus is added to the fire under the peace offering.

I pretty well still stand on my first image of good which is the antonym of the image of evil in Daniel. The head is Jesus the eagle, representing God it is thus the source of all good. The chest and shoulders are Jesus the ox representing blood and the only way to God; Christianity. Jesus wants this part, the shoulders to be waved before God as they contain the outstretched arms of Jesus inviting all to the wedding feast in Heaven. The fact that there are so few here now is not the fault of those outstretched

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arms. The thighs are Jesus the lion that carry the battle. These represent Theocracy, God’s way as opposed to the statue of evil which has democracy which can result in the murder of unborn children, homosexuality, wars etc. and a sampling of which we are about to receive more of. If/when these occur under theocracy they only occur to wipe out evil and if you think this cruel and unjust then think again about the fires of hell, their final destination!The feet are Jesus the man, come down to earth to carry the message of everlasting life.

Jesus only wants the shoulder, one cake and one wafer  waved before God. Keep in mind that the cake and wafer are associated with a grain and drink offering. It  is the priest who attaches the breast, Christianity and then holds the thighs, theocracy above to the Lord. All of this was previously covered in the wave offering. The topics avoided above were the grain offering and the wafer.

The grain offering is associated with the drink offering and if the drink offering is Good Friday then by association the grain offering is the Day of Atonement. I have no problem with associating the drink offering with Good Friday. Jesus met mankind at the depth of his depravity on Good Friday. It was something a Nazirite was forbidden to do and for this illegal association God disqualified Jesus from His Nazarene vow. He forsook Jesus and left Him alone in His grave until Sunday morning. Jesus confirmed that break by asking for and drinking not just wine but sour wine. But from these depths Jesus now presents those standing alongside Him; there is no doubt who they are and where they have come from. Good Friday and the drink offering are hand and glove. But there a separation of more than a full day between 3 o’clock on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday morning; Forsaken. But there was a joining, a unity that occurred there that was to last for time eternal. Jesus points back to that time as at the drink offering and acceptance of and that is why this lot is here.

I have been trying to follow first fruits ( Friday Passover, Saturday unleavened bread and Sunday is first fruits) and the wise virgins as first fruits offered to God at the second coming for a while now but always ran into a brick wall.  So this association is only tentative and will probably fall over. The offering of those wise virgins seemed as if God was playing charades. But God does not play charades . They achieved nothing in those 1,800 odd years; not one foolish virgin bought the good oil, not one Laodicean answered Jesus’ knock on his hearts door and sold Jesus to rubbish in rubbish bin in exchange for Heaven, not one took advantage of the seal God put on their foreheads, and they all handed their talent back knowing exactly the reaction of God! All that this time period really proved that Jesus did not make one mistake at His second coming when He took the wheat back to Heaven with Him but left the weeds behind. Everyone left was weed, not one grain of wheat among them! Actually that checking and rechecking was against a Heavenly census and therefore did need to be done but there was actually more that happened than just checking and rechecking.

Time was moving on and the lists that were becoming highlighted were that of sin.**** When Friday the 2nd of July came and went the fires of hell had been extinguished but a mountain of sin still remained and some of that sin belonged to the saints. It was the unconfessed, committed unintentional sins that were left by all of God’s creation. As angels following Jesus wherever He went they were the firstborn from the Day of Atonement. The rest of the 144 million, or whatever the number of saints is, who were brought back to life by Jesus at His second coming were not chosen as first born, they certainly could not act in that capacity for the living wicked who remained on earth after Jesus returned back to Heaven with His own. They were true firstborn because the Day of Atonement was a Sabbath; Friday= Passover but did not occur at the end of time. Sabbath the 10th of July is the Day of Atonement or the festival  of the unleavened bread followed by Sunday 11th of July

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and this Sunday is called First fruits. Jesus moved from unleavened bread to first fruits because He did not have to spend any time in the grave as He was not forsaken by God at this time. So at the halfway point of time it was Friday the 14th of January (our time) was Passover, Saturday the 15th was unleavened bread and Sunday the 16th was first fruits where Jesus Christ is the first Fruit. At the end of time; Friday the 9th of July Jesus becomes clean and prepares Himself for the next Day of atonement, the 10th and a Sabbath and Sunday the 11th are the first fruits, the church, the basket of cakes but they are not alone they are with their drink offering, Good Friday and their grain offering, the Day of Atonement. Whether that means that these twelve tribes of 144,000 members each lead their tribes into the new earth and/or the New Jerusalem we have not yet been told. They certainly have the privilege of following Jesus wherever He goes.

There appears to be only one alternative left for the wafer which is to be included entry through the doorway and into the tent of meeting; the tribe. It is one unit and it has been dipped in oil. The symmetry of tribes and gates is stunning and out of reach at present.  But if this is so then there is only one cake out of the basket and one wafer that are placed in the hand of the Nazirite and waved as a wave offering. Who are they? The Book of Revelation suggests that this is the Lion from the tribe of Judah. It was He who took the scroll out of the hand of God and broke its seven seals, it was He who came to collect His own at the second coming, it was He Who led His armies out to fight the battle of the beast and it was He Who crushed satan’s head. It is He Who has turned up with His armies at the doorway of the tent of meeting and it is He Who will firstly lead them onto the new earth and finally into the New Jerusalem.

The Bible, the Holy Spirit seem very coy about giving us numbers and details about those cakes in the basket and the wafers. Elsewhere we are told there are twelve tribes but so far I have not seen the number of cakes in the basket. We know they are made of grain, from finely crushed flour and oil so we know that we have the Holy Spirit within despite the beast and the grain is the same from which the bread that is broken at the Lord ’s Supper represents His body. We are one body with Him. We are the Church of Christ. Our bodies may not have been in the fires of Good Friday but our sins were as was the beast within us. By having this evil destroyed within us allows us to join His Body. We will not be with Him when He is crucified on the Day of Atonement but our remaining sins will be and we will worship Jesus for doing this for us and allowing time to move forward and the descent of the New Jerusalem. The wise and the foolish virgins have been given the privilege of an exact number, 144,000.

The foolish virgins have been a focus of this blog so far. They answer the question; can you die for the Lord, actually it is your lord and still go to hell? The 144,000 foolish virgins are on Heaven’s tally sheets. Each name was only entered when they had come to a point in their crossing of Life’s Jordan River that they could see the man in white above the water on the other side. They were not turning back to return to Egypt, it was only at this point that their names were entered. And from now on a very careful check will be kept on each particularly keeping in mind that each of these living foolish virgins there could represent as many as five thousand dead ones. They were only alive by the grace of God. Had Jesus delayed His return by another hour that number would have been significantly lower.  They are virgin, pure faith, they are on Heaven’s tally sheet, they are given the seal of God. They are given 1,260 years of grace but they do not take advantage of it; they are foolish! They are given another five hundred odd years at the end of which Jesus  offers to take their place in hell for them, but they refuse.  They are evil and prove that good and evil cannot mix. They are more evil than the unbelievers; they are dogs, murderers, adulterers and liars and there is a double check on that by the saints as they enter those pearly gates!

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It would be very satisfying to present a similar account of the 144,000 wise virgins but I just haven’t been looking for their roles other than very briefly. They were not presented as firstborn because they were the first to arrive in Heaven, the righteous dead went before them. They were probably a part of the Heavenly throng who accompanied Jesus at His third coming. It certainly gives a new focus of study next time round in the Book of Revelation.

Verses 21-27; ‘ This is the law of the Nazirite who vows his offering to the Lord according to his separation, in addition to what else he can afford; according to his vow which he takes, so he shall do according to the law of his separation. AARON’S BENEDICTION; Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, ”Speak to Aaron and his sons, saying,’ Thus you shall bless the sons of Israel. You shall say to them; The Lord bless you, and keep you; The Lord make His face shine on you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift His countenance on you, and give you peace.”’ So they shall invoke My name on the sons of Israel, and I then will bless them.”

I have no doubt that in the vow that Jesus took He included although it was almost unaffordable, His precious blood which He now brings along. It also now appears that the next role, but not as a vow, is Jesus our Nazirite now taking on His role as Aaron the High Priest. Here there appears to be a hierarchy developing; Nazirite, High Priest, God. We know that our High Priest has gone into Heaven to take His blood for cleansing from defilement but also as High Priest He will also apply this blood onto our foreheads as a life everlasting reagent. It also beggars belief that the Bible could spend so much time and give such details about those foolish virgins, including their exact number when all it had to say was, ‘You have to call in the name of THE Lord  to be saved and not in the name of your lord you have conjured up to satisfy your evil desires’. It is all about ‘it is written’ and not about ‘as I want it to be written’, or ‘as I think it should be written’.  Does the high priest you follow invoke ‘My name on the sons of Israel’ or does the high priest you follow invoke some other name that does not even require the use of capital letters? Yes the number of wise virgins is also given as is the exact reason as to why they were wise; they invoked My name and then I was able to bless them. And the next time through the Book of Revelation we will be looking for some of those blessings that God did impose on them including how they were first fruits on both scales, to the saints and to all created.

CHAPTER 7:  Verses 1-17  ;’ Now on the day that Moses had finished setting up the tabernacle, he anointed it and consecrated it with all its furnishings and the altar and the altar and all its utensils; he anointed and consecrated them also. Then the leaders of Israel, the heads of their father’s households, made an offering (they were the leaders of the tribes; they were the ones who were over the numbered men). When they brought their offerings before the Lord, six covered carts and twelve oxen, a cart for every two of the leaders and an ox for each one, then they presented them before the tabernacle. Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Accept these things from them, that they may be used in the service of the tent of meeting, and you shall give them to the Levites, to each man according to his service. So Moses took the carts and the oxen and gave them to the Levites. Two carts and four oxen he gave to the sons of Gershon, according to their service, and four carts and eight oxen he gave to the sons of Merari, according to their service, under the direction of Ithamar the son of Aaron the priest. But he did not give any to the sons of Kohath because theirs was the service of the holy objects, which they carried on the shoulder. The leaders offered the dedication offering  for altar when it was anointed, so their leaders offered their offering before the altar. Then the Lord said to Moses, “Let them present their offering, one leader each day, for the dedication of the altar.” Now

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the one who presented his offering on the first day was Nahshon the son of Amminadab, of the tribe of Judah; and his offering was one silver dish whose weight was one hundred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl of seventy shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; one gold pan of ten shekels, full of incense; one bull, one ram, one male lamb a year old, for a burnt offering; one male goat for a sin offering; and for the service of the peace offering, two oxen, fine rams, five male goats, five male lambs one year old. This was the offering of Nahshon the son of Amminadab. ‘

I consider it an honour and privilege to have written twenty seven odd pages on the last thirteen verses of chapter six in the Book of Numbers, even though that probably constituted three hundred pages of the sermon that Jesus delivered to those disciples on the road to Emmaus and three thousand pages of the Heavenly tutorial which will last for 1,260 days. I would also consider it a privilege to write but a few pages on this complex and beautiful chapter seven. One of the problems is how quickly events move from the here to there and a bit of now in between. There, up there, chapter six (just called there or six from now on) was on the new earth, there were no sins of any gender, no dragon or beast, both Passover and the Day of Atonement had occurred, the Most Holy Place had not yet descended from Heaven (?), the Nazirite, Jesus Christ has just been decommissioned because He had completed His vow, invoking MY Name is about to result in a blessing of passing through the doorway into the tent of meeting and gathering on a newly created world where we are going to start running around breaking off branches of trees and making ourselves temporary homes to commemorate those temporary homes from that temporary earth from which we have just come to our new home and earth of eternity. There is nothing to set up or consecrate Jesus Christ has done all that personally. There or 6. Some 7,777 years after initial creation week and the end of the journey.

Down here, or here or chapter seven is but the start of this journey, we are after 01/02/02, some four hundred days after leaving Egyptian slavery. Many major events must occur between the start and end of this journey and they are written out on a master plan; The Nazirite Vow. We have already seen the decommissioning of Jesus, now we look at His commissioning. We are on old planet earth in the Sinai Desert some thousand year journey to Mount Calvary and Good Friday. Although there is still much to prepare, preparation has begun. Tally sheets, census already taken and roles defined and assigned. The oxen, the creature that looks like an ox of the blood of Jesus have been assigned and the importance of this blood will be studied and reinforced. There is already that poignant reminder; but for the blood of the lamb they would not have left Egypt and there would be no firstborn males, no Levites. The covered carts are the gifts of gratitude we are to present to Jesus including on His birthday. But how different is the scenery at the start of our journey! Little wonder we want to make this journey! Satan and the beast rule supreme, death, dying, crying, lying, sighing and vying is going to take a major miracle than from none other than a divine being to put an end to this mess.

But there are also things in common between the start and the end. It is the same God with His only begotten Son and they are here to fulfil the role of restoring man and God to a relationship that existed at creation. The reason it appears at a higher plane is that evil no longer exists and mankind can no longer choose evil. Their free will therefore is concentrated on good and God. God up there is not limited to a tiny cube with a roof on it. The cube up there, the New Jerusalem has dimensions of one side of over 2,000 kilometres and no evil anywhere and therefore no roof. But the same God. The

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Most Holy Place up there still has a Holy Place attached to it; The new earth and both sit on Mount Calvary. But the Heavenly Most Holy Place does not just have one entrance, it has twelve. It does not sit on a mountain that is hundreds of metres high but thousands of kilometres high. But the same God. The combined buildings of the Most Holy Place and the Holy Place still sit in a courtyard, but the new courtyard has no fencing, it is the universe and has no dimensions. But the same God. As this whole theme of Chapters 6 and seven is so new to me it will necessitate constant revision and addition. But all that brings us to the crux of the issue; the altar.****

By the end of chapter 6 I had learned much than since its start. As the decommissioning of Jesus took place just before the bride and bridegroom entered onto the new earth meant that the Nazirite vow involved events until the burning up of the old earth. Once burnt, vow completed, new earth appears and decommissioning of Jesus takes place. So the vow ended a day or two or three after the new world appeared. We are probably heading towards the commissioning of Jesus now. If this is to occur on Good Friday then the next thousand or so years is preparation for this event. What exactly will God require the Nazirite ,Jesus Christ, to do in order to bring the bride from the old Holy Place of Heaven, across a burnt out earth and onto the new earth initially and then into the New Jerusalem?  The list God has given Jesus appears to have seven items on it which must be done so we have to see how that list stacks up from the demand side presented some four thousand years earlier.

The offerings are made on or presented before the altar. There was one altar inside of the courtyard  near the tent of meeting for this first thousand years. It was a box type structure which was continually kept alight day and night and since it was inside of the courtyard no intentional sins were presented on it, only unintentional sins and the burnt offering, and these were the ones that Jesus would take on Himself. For this reason  its role and position changed on Good Friday where it changed into the shape of a cross. The blood from the sin offering from Good Friday was not brought back here to do any cleansing, it was taken into Heaven inside the Most Holy Place for this purpose by our High Priest, Jesus Christ.

I have no doubt that Jesus showed Moses and Moses understood he was building the temple of Passover, Good Friday. This was not the same temple as that of the Day of Atonement which was technically for the burnt offering as there was no burnt offering on Good Friday. There was a burnt offering every six months for those thousand odd years of journeying. When looking into chapter seven I had to focus on something in that fog of bewilderment and you can’t get better focusing material than the altar. But this was not the altar of Good Friday a short structure in the shape of a cross from which Heaven is visible providing you get close enough and to look along it you have to get low enough, no this altar was in a courtyard some distance away. It was in the right place, inside of the confines of the temple, it was just that the whole tabernacle was not on Mount Calvary but some distance away. So it is the temple that has a different position for Passover’s Good Friday and a different position for Saturday’s Day of Atonement and as both chapters six and seven are studying the earthly and heavenly Days of Atonement these altars are in their ‘correct’ positions. The heavenly one which was rebuilt after the second coming of our Lord for His third and fourth coming has the cross as its focal point, its centre and within the confines of the temple. This is okay as no intentional sin is being offered in the Day of Atonement but it was offered on Good Friday and therefore this altar, the cross could not be inside of this temple. But it is reassuring that even stumbling around in confusion it is still possible to come up with the ‘right’ answer. I am also sure that the wafer is the tribe. Some points before proceeding on with the text

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The Heavenly number of twelve is made up of 4 * 3 =12. The four creatures, the four natures of Jesus Christ and each is a Holy Trinity. Thus twelve pearly gates, twelve tribes, twelve Heavenly fruits, twelve earthly months to a Heavenly year, 12 * 12 or 144,000 wise virgins and there could conceivably be 12 million saints in each of the twelve Heavenly tribes. Still got a bit to go to complete this bracket concerning Heavenly numbers like, 130, 70, 2, 6, 10, and 5 to name a few.  The other point is that concerning the deaths of all those lovely animals. The Bible teaches us that there are only two deaths for everybody, both saint and wicked. The dead will undergo a physical death, spend time in the grave and rise with the wicked to be cast into hell, the second death and the death of oblivion. The wicked living who are alive at the second coming, those who have not died before the battle of the beast against the rider of the white horse will die in this battle. Sometime after they will be resurrected and also thrown into hell. What about the redeemed or saints? We too will undergo two deaths; one has already occurred on Good Friday and the second will occur of the Heavenly Day of Atonement. Both the death of Jesus Christ.

All other deaths are but symbolic. Our ‘death’ in the baptismal font was but symbolic when we joined our Master , Jesus Christ as He died on the cross for both intentional sin, in hell and our confessed unintentional sins. And we will join with our Master again as He wipes all sin, including ours on the Day of Atonement. All those innocent animals that died before Good Friday were but symbols of either Good Friday’s Passover or Holy Sabbath’s Day of Atonement. Any animal sacrifice after Good Friday was blasphemy of the first order even though Jesus allowed it to continue for those early Christians who just could not make the switch from the old to the new covenant. They pointed to these events, they prepared people for these cataclysmic events to come.

But you may say, ‘ the Day of Atonement has not yet occurred so why shouldn’t I be able to conduct a burnt offering in preparation for this most holy of days?’ It is fair enough not to hold the Passover lamb ritual as you would be denying that this event has already been fulfilled but the Day of Atonement is still a way from being fulfilled?

The Day of Atonement will be held under very special circumstances; the only sins left will be the unconfessed unintentional sins. The intentional sins for the wicked will have been punished the day before which coincidently is also where the beast within us dies. And just as we joined Jesus on Good Friday’s cross to have our intentional sins and our confessed unintentional sins wiped clean  so we too will join Jesus on the Day of Atonement to see our unconfessed, unintentional sins disappear before our eyes. At first it seemed blasphemous so I did not raise it, there is more to this that meets the eye.  Chapter 6 is a summary of the Nazirite vow and its completion. It is just bare essentials, nuts and bolts with its mechanics, the Nazirite and the priest. Chapter 7 is also just concerned with this vow and the event that makes its completion possible; the Day of Atonement. But here we have the bride in anticipation and preparation for this event. This is all she is concerned with, but why can’t chapter 7 not just be a prologue but not an epilogue to this wonderful event?

I am not suggesting that once on the new earth Moses is going to set up a new tabernacle, consecrate it, send in six carts and twelve oxen  and the twelve leaders of our tribes then step forward in turn and present offering for the dedication of the altar. I am suggesting that it is the bride and bridegroom who have just had the doorway to the tent of meeting opened to them and they have walked onto the new earth. Why can’t they look back at the decommissioning of the Nazirite and the event that made it all possible. They would be looking back at more than just the Day of Atonement, this event took place on exactly the same cross that Good Friday took place on as well. Here is our first act of

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Heavenly worship, here is our act of eternal worship! The death of those animals presented is then as it is now purely symbolic. There is a lot of silver metal involved in chapter stent of meeting where we are now. We could also have found that golden censor full of our prayers that was hurled down and the end of the millennium.

It may or may not be a heavenly event of bride and bridegroom looking back but it one of them looking forward albeit a very long way ahead, nearly five thousand years ahead. After the dedication and consecration of the tabernacle the leaders of the communities initially bring gifts, six carts and twelve oxen, to the tabernacle which are then given to the Levites. The sons of Kohath who do the heavy lifting get nothing. I wonder how many mothers out there in the community who do the heavily lifting and get nothing as a reward can relate to those Kohathites!  Without them there would be no family, no society, nothing! But planet earth is not the place where accolades are given, it is a place where they are earned, and the accolades are still to follow! One reason why the sons of Merari got twice as much as those of Gershon they were intimately involved in work in the tent of meeting. But now the leaders of the tribes stand up and make their individual presentations each on a different day. If this is on the new earth I could quite easily see myself concentrating as the leader of my tribe makes the following presentation to an altar which I know was responsible for getting me to where I now stand.**** Actually the cupboard is fairly bare so I will withhold commentary until after the last offering. Verses 18- 89;

‘On the second day Nethanel the son of Zuar, leader of Issachar, presented an offering, he presented his offering one silver dish whose weight was one hundred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl of seventy shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; one gold pan of ten shekels, full of incense; one bull, one ram, one male lamb one year old, for a burnt offering; one male goat for a sin offering; and for the sacrifice of the peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, five male lambs one year old. This was the offering of Nethanel the son of Zuar. On the third day it was Eliab the son of Helon, leader of the sons of Zebulun; his offering was one silver dish whose weight was one hundred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl of seventy shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them filled with fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; one gold pan of ten shekels, full of incense; one young bull, one ram, one male lamb one year old, for a burnt offering; one male goat for a sin offering; and for the sacrifice of peace offering, two oxen, five male goats, five male lambs one year old. This was the offering of Eliab the son of Helon. On the fourth day it was Elizur the son of Shedeur, leader of the sons of Reuben; his offering was one silver dish whose weight was one hundred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl of seventy shekels according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them filled with fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; one gold pan of ten shekels, full of incense; one bull, one ram, one male lamb one year old, for a burnt offering; one male goat for a sin offering; and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, five male lambs one year old. This was the offering of Elizur the son of Shedeur. On the fifth day it was Shelumiel the son of Zurishaddai, leader of the children of Simeon; his offering was one silver dish whose weight was one hundred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl of seventy shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; one gold pan of ten shekels, full of incense; one bull, one ram, one male lamb one year old, for a burnt offering; one male goat for a sin offering; and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, five male lambs one year old. This was the offering  of Shelumiel the son of Zurishaddai. On the sixth day it was Eliasaph the son of Deuel, leader of the sons of Gad; his offering was one silver dish whose weight was one hundred and thirty shekels,

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one silver bowl of seventy shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them filled with fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; one gold pan of ten shekels, full of incense; one bull, one ram, one male lamb one year old, for a burnt offering; one male goat for a sin offering; and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, five male lambs one year old. This was the offering of Eliasaph the son of Deuel. On the seventh day it was Elishama the son of Ammihud, leader of the sons of Ephraim; his offering was one silver dish whose weight was one hundred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl seventy shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them filled with fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; one gold pan of ten shekels, full of incense; one bull, one ram, one male lamb one year old, for a burnt offering; one male goat for a sin offering; and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, five male lambs one year old. This was the offering of Elishama the son of Ammihud. On the eighth day it was Gamaliel the son of Peduhzur, the leader of the sons of Manasseh; his offering was one silver dish whose weight was one hundred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl of seventy shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; one gold pan of ten shekels , full of incense; one bull, one ram, one male lamb one year old, for a burnt offering; one male goat for a sin offering; and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, five male lambs one year old. This was the offering of Gamaliel the son of Peduhzur. On the ninth day it was Abidan the son of Gideoni, leader of the sons of Benjamin; his offering was one silver dish whose weight was one hundred and thirty shekels, one silver dish seventy shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; one gold pan of ten shekels, full of incense; one bull, one ram, one lamb one year old, for a burnt offering; one male goat for a sin offering; and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, five male lambs one year old. This was the offering of Abidan the son of Gideoni. On the tenth day it was Ahiezer the son of Ammishaddai, leader of the sons of Dan; his offering was one silver dish whose weight was one hundred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl of seventy shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; one gold pan of ten shekels, full of incense; one bull, one ram, one male lamb one year old, for a burnt offering; and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, five male lambs one year old.  This was the offering of  Aliezer the son of Ammishaddai. On the eleventh day it was Pagiel the son or Ochran, leader of the sons of Asher; his offering was one silver dish whose weight was one hundred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl of seventy shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; one gold pan of ten shekels, full of incense; one bull, one ram, one male lamb one year old, for a burnt offering; one male goat for a sin offering; and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, five male lambs one year old. This was the offering of Pagiel the son of Ochran. On the twelfth day it was Ahira the son of Enan, leader of the sons of Naphtali; his offering was one silver dish whose weight was one hundred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl of seventy shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them filled with fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; one gold pan of ten shekels, full of incense; one bull, one ram, one male lamb one year old, for a burnt offering; one male goat for a sin offering; and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, five male lambs one year old. This was the offering of Ahira the son of Enan. This was the dedication offering for the altar from the leaders of Israel when it was anointed; twelve silver dishes, twelve silver bowls, twelve gold pans, each silver dish weighing one hundred and thirty shekels and each bowl seventy; all the silver of the utensils was 2,400 shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary; the twelve gold pans, full of incense, weighing ten shekels apiece, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, all gold of the pans 120 shekels; all the oxen for the burnt offering twelve bulls, all rams twelve, the male lambs one

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year old with their grain offering twelve, and the male goats for a sin offering twelve; and all the oxen for the sacrifice of  peace offerings 24 bulls, all the rams 60, the male goats 60, the male lambs one year old 60.This was the dedication offering for the altar after it was anointed. Now when Moses went into the tent of Meeting to speak with Him, he heard the voice speaking to him from above the mercy seat that was on the ark of the testimony, from between the two cherubim, so He spoke to him.’

One thousand, five hundred and three words of was it just useless repetition? Well if you believe that every word of the Bible is inspired and meant to teach and if understood at seven different levels and meanings then only begins to gain any real meaning, which I believe but rarely attain well  so much for that theory! 1,503 words wiped. But if this theory if right then our knowledge should have increased by 7*1,503 or 10,521 words. Or if each word relates to a concept then by 10,521 concepts. It certainly was worthwhile typing out these verses but it would have been even better to jot down the ideas as they appeared especially knowing the sink that has swallowed so many ideas before. But the central theme remains the altar and a very interesting question I raised; why can’t I, like the Israelites did for well over one thousand years conduct the ritual of the Day of Atonement, the burnt offering on animals because it will be pointing an event which is still to occur? Is that the reason why conducting an animal sacrifice concerning Good Friday, killing the Passover lamb makes it blasphemy of the first order?

As far as the cross, the altar  is concerned the number of perfection is twelve, 12. Just like the altar it relates back to the very nature of God; 4*3=12 or the four creatures each with a triune nature. The multiple of five in the peace offerings; five rams, five male, five male lambs one year old, shows us that we are allowed to apply these verses to the new earth looking back to the old earth where that altar stood. On this side, particularly now with still a thousand years to go to the cross that number is ten, there are ten virgins but looking up to and then back to the Day of Atonement there are only five. In 6 the mechanics is that the whole basket of cakes goes through when the peacemaker holds up his hands. They are automatically associated though with a drink and grain offering. If the drink offering is so important then why don’t these leaders bring it with the grain offering? Chapter 6 was the decommissioning of the Nazirite but 7 is just the burnt offering and the first time it has been conducted on the Day of Atonement. It would not have happened had it not been for the drink offering. Jesus called for and accepted sour wine and this marked Him losing His commission and being forsaken by God. He had not just associated with the dead something He was not allowed to do, He actually joined them. But in His resurrection He brought all these dead with Him. On this day, the Day of Atonement it is about the perfection and beauty of Jesus Christ of both His blood and its associated sin offering and His body dissected and presented in the flames of holiness. But only the feet and the head it is us who choose to wave the thighs and chest as well before God. As we wave the white flag trying to make peace and be allowed to cross over onto new planet earth this flag is only accepted because is is in the hands of the Nazirite along with His shoulder. Only one cake and one wafer need to be presented because the other eleven are identical. These two components, body and blood which are achieved by the death of our Saviour, as they were on Good Friday, are however recombined and the unit is presented as one unit of perfection. The body is stressed as an individual unit by Jesus taking and breaking the bread to represent His body and here we have the sequel to this commemoration in the Day of Atonement. All that fine flour mixed with oil is here now as the grain offering. We are a part of the body of Christ and we became that when Jesus called for that sour wine; He had joined us and now we are about to join Him as a part of the grain offering. We are going to Heaven because we are

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a part of His body; Atonement and Passover cannot be separated. A sin against one is a sin against both.

Let us have a better look at this altar or cross. Does it just have a firm foundation on earth and reach up to the new earth or does it actually reach right into the new earth and maybe even into the New Jerusalem. So far; Large square structure called  ‘Altar of Burnt Offering’ with constant fire. But why this constant fire if the Day of Atonement is going to be celebrated once a year? Why not just stoke the fires up the day before or even a week before? Exists just short of the tent of meeting and serves for about a thousand intermitted years. As I don’t know the distance between this altar of burnt offering and the spot where the cross stood I am going to call it one unit of distance; one kilometre. It stood there for a millennium when all of a sudden, on Good Friday the 14th of Nissan another altar, this time in the shape of a cross appeared a kilometre away on top of Mount Calvary. It was not the altar of burnt offering even though it may have gone on to become the altar of burnt offering in some 3,800 years time. So I assume that I was still the altar of burnt offering at this time and certainly was present at the Passover. Thus I call myself the altar of the Passover. No blood from the nearby Mount Calvary’s sin offering was brought back into me all that that happened was the entrance curtain into the tent of meeting from the courtyard was torn from top to bottom at 3 o’clock. The blood from this sacrifice was taken by Jesus into the Most Holy Place in  Heaven.

We coexisted for a period of some forty years until the Romans destroyed me but the Bible writers regard this as an insignificant event and only regard the total destruction of the temple as significant. This shows that I was probably insignificant from that Tuesday before Good Friday when Jesus walked out of the temple and announced it was left desolate. After its total destruction at the second coming of our Lord the temple was rebuilt but this time it was built in such a way that the new altar of burnt offering stood in the exact place where the cross stood. It was going to be the altar of burnt offering and it was exactly in the right place. It couldn’t be here if there were going to be intentional sins involved. Thus again the tie in between Good Friday and the Day of Atonement appears.

I was officially inaugurated at the third coming of our Lord with His two witnesses, some 1,260 years after Jesus’ second coming. This was now a complete sanctuary; Courtyard, altar of burnt offering, tent of meeting and an occupied Most Holy Place. I stood on the exact place where the blood of Jesus flowed on Good Friday when that Roman spear opened His side. Once Jesus left to close the door of mercy the resulting earthquake from the door of mercy slamming shut killed seven thousand people and again destroyed the temple. Its rebuilding is described in Daniel chapter nine. It was not involved in the battle of the beast after which Jesus left His armies behind and gave them a 1,260 day tutorial on what was about to happen; the Day of Atonement. Somewhere satan got hold of this approaching Day of Atonement and sent in his troops to destroy the city and the temple, including the altar. The physical altar that stood at the time of the destruction of the temple is not all that significant. The position where it stood is relevant as this is where the blood of Jesus was poured out at four o’clock. As suggested in this blog already the altar of burnt offering that was here was exactly the same one that stood on Mount Calvary almost 3,800 years ago. Back there it is difficult to imagine a more pathetic sight. Both the cross and the One Who hung on it; desolate, broken, a bloody mess of a body writhing in pain. Yet this was the combination of the four natures of Jesus Christ. It was the ox with its blood that was doing the heavy lifting, but that lifting was of no value unless the creature that looked like a man was there (the humanity of Jesus) and it was lifted into Heaven.( the divinity of Jesus or the creature that looked like an eagle). Yet this sad sight that even Heaven seemed to be ashamed of and

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turned its light out on was in fact victory; the creature that looks like a lion. Its level of Glory is almost restored when next this altar of burnt offering is next occupied by Jesus on the Day of Atonement and both Jesus and this altar are restored to their full glory in the New Jerusalem when Jesus is on His throne with the tree of life in front of Him! This altar, this cross is soaked not just in cleansing blood but also in life giving blood and is far too precious just to disappear off the radars of Heaven! But the spot where we are at now is at the Day of Atonement, or just after it.

There is a heavy usage of symbols in this chapter and this necessitates us to have another look at them. They seem to fall into two categories; the nature of Jesus and the actions of Jesus. Here we are only using the ox nature of Christ and also Jesus the lamb ( Passover) and Jesus the goat, (Day of Atonement) which appears as a strange association as the sheep were the goodies and the goats the badies.

Jesus as the ox (ox is the castrated male of the bovine family) is present for the power of His blood. It is about of Christ and is associated with the sin offering from which this blood is taken in both Passover and Atonement ceremonies. So if talking about Jesus that looks like an ox we could be talking about moving through the door/gate in the fence separating the courtyard of believers from nonbelievers which are only possible because of the blood of Jesus. We could be talking about  moving from the courtyard into the Holy Place or Tent of Meeting, again only made possible by the cleansing blood of Jesus. Or we could be about to move from the Holy Place into the Most Holy Place which is forbidden unless we have the blood of Jesus. All these only have one entrance as does our entrance through the doorway onto the New Earth and that entrance is the blood of Jesus as symbolised by the ox. So why two oxen per tribe?

This shows us that the tribes are twelve separate units, twelve wafers. Each soaked in the oil of the Holy Spirit each given their own location. Each will specialise on their particular nature of Jesus. But which two oxen do we need? Is one required to get us into the earthly Tent of Meeting by tearing the outside curtain of Good Friday and the other by tearing the outside curtain in the Heavenly Tent of Meeting after Holy Saturday’s Day of Atonement? Once on the new earth though we pick up the real altar and this allows for twelve entrances into the New Jerusalem. The other permutations and combinations then would be between all these chambers; into the courtyard of believers, into the Holy Place, into the Most Holy Place , the washing of robes before entry into the old Heaven, Between the Heavens. But then again it could be the dual nature of this blood; cleansing and life eternal giving! Or none of the above and something totally different.

The second striking and unmistakeable symbol is Jesus as the Passover Lamb. Symbolically this happened in Egypt and the calendar for the Israelites started; 01/01/01. The first Passover, Egypt, and the second real Passover, Calvary were only really concerned with the firstborn. If the blood of the Passover is on their frames of their hearts they will not die, the angel of death will Passover them. The big loser here was the Egyptian Pharaoh who lost his first born son and his inheritance could not be passed onto him. On Good Friday the saints are the firstborn and the loser was the beast even though he/it was resuscitated to fight on for another 3,800 odd years. So Good Friday was primarily concerned  about not allowing the saints to die as they were to be claimed by Jesus as His helpers; the Levites. It also set them free from Egyptian slavery and allowed them to begin their journey to the promised land. They continued to kill this Passover Lamb, apply it blood to their door frames and eat the meat because God told them to do so. These symbolic acts had to cease after Good Friday because any killing of any animal was forbidden and as they were not allowed to kill a lamb neither could they eat Page 36

  1. The symbolism then turned to unfermented wine symbolising the blood of Jesus and unleavened bread symbolising His body. Much time has already been spent on the Exodus. The indelible image remains; The Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us! Jesus remains the Passover Lamb. In fact His title is, and I don’t know why it is not written as one word; ONE MALE LAMB ONE YEAR OLD.**** He is a beautiful innocent being in total submission to God the Father and He died in the prime of His life for ones who were not worthy and He expects none less of His followers. They too are expected to be sheep and follow Him as Sheppard but rarely will they die in the peak of their lives. They are the rams. Now the male goat and the sin offering.

The sin offering is an important part of the service because it is from the sin offering that the blood for cleansing purposes is obtained. It is also blood when applied will give life everlasting. We cannot die even if we have the tiniest particles of God as a part of us. We today are made in His image and we already have His breath within us. But there are two sin offerings; one on Good Friday, the blood of the Lamb and one on the Day of Atonement, the blood of the male goat. There are only two alternatives for those whose names appear on those tally sheets; wheat or weed, wise or foolish, saved or damned or sheep or goats. This field is opened up even further on the Day of Atonement to include all of creation. On the 9th of July all the goats are thrown into hell and the fires burn themselves out. All that is left behind is the mess that these goats made, the sins they committed that were not thrown into hell because they were unintentional and unconfessed. But these sins were not ‘covered’ by the Lamb of Good Friday either. The blood here concerned only the redeemed, the first born and they could only be washed of their sins; committed, confessed whether they were intentional or unintentional was not relevant, they had to be a stain that could be washed. These unintentional unconfessed sins for the saints are also here now. The sin broom is very wide indeed and is connected back to Good Friday. The sin offering of Passover coupled with the sin offering of The Day of Atonement allowed Jesus as guilt offering. The combined burnt offering did not include the goat in its entirety because they were no longer here. It did include one bull, as far as I know this was either the whole congregation or the high priest’s representation, one ram, we the sheep following our Sheppard, and the basis of our existence, the male lamb one year old.

Chapter 6, the Nazirite is a complex chapter, the blueprint, the specifications but when we try to apply this to chapter 7  which of itself is complex, the blueprint completed, results in even more complexity. Like why didn’t  my leader if I belonged to the twelfth tribe, Ahira,  invoke the drink offering? Ans; he did not have to. The drink offering was the problem of the Nazirite, it was He who had to prove that He had joined the ranks of the dead and it was because of this that I have joined the ranks of the living to the extent that I, as symbolised by the wheat turned into fine flower and mixed with oil and now to be a part of this burnt offering. I still think that the actual part in the offering of the burnt sacrifice is going to be the left thigh; the fact that I chose the right thigh, Jesus Christ and this combination is called theocracy. It is Christianity that I will wave before God as a part of the wave offering. (shoulder, one cake and one wafer, specification required.) But there is no wave offering in chapter seven. No here we are either looking forward to that monumental event or looking back from what could be events occurring on either side of the doorway into the tent of meeting. We could be about to enter the new earth or just entered onto it and are still looking down at this altar, cross jutting through the surface of the new earth. The wave offering will occur when we look up to where that ladder is leading to! Both the plan and specification however require a peace offering; God has forgotten our foolish ways and accepts us back into the fold, a full relationship with Him.

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The peace offering is the most complex of them all. It was ram, basket of cakes and wafers each with their grain and drink offering. This was the three o’clock cry of the Nazirite of Good Friday. ‘It is finished!’ and it is now being represented again at His decommissioning. It was one of the duties He told God that He would complete. It is not goat that is here being presented, it is ram. It is neither male nor female lamb that is being presented, it is ram. It is Christianity. They are sheep but there is one specific exclusion; the male lamb one year old.  It is Jesus Christ presenting the whole basket of cakes of which He is a part of as a peace offering. He can vouch for them providing they bring the drink offering, Good Friday and the burnt offering, the Day of Atonement along with them. The question of the wafers is not as easily defined. Not all twelve were going to make it; Dan would be missing from that final heavenly list. Neither would all twelve of the apostles be there. At the time of the cry there were only eleven and a substitution was still to occur. Both the basket of cakes and the wafers are covered by the drink and burnt offerings.

When it is the turn of my tribe to make its offering to the altar and Ahira steps up  what does he offer as a peace offering? Keeping the number five in abeyance for the time being he offers a male lamb one year old. No problem with that as it the basis of Christianity now and forever; Good Friday, Passover, Mount Calvary on the 14th of January. It was Christianity stripped down to its barest and rawest parts, the cross of Good Friday. If you want to see this event in full bloom just look at this same cross in full bloom as the tree of life in the New Jerusalem. And its fruits keep us alive in the eternities to come! This cross is far more precious than to meet with any other fate.

Ahira also offers a male goat as in the Day of Atonement. This male goat representing Jesus Christ may have been cleaning up any remaining sin after the fires of hell had been extinguished and the goats gone but it also showed the saints the real nature of sin. Their unconfessed unintentional sins were also there and the evil they posed. Now Some of those intricacies of that robe we were handed as we crossed into Heaven are being revealed. It is now that we become ready for the descent of the throne of God. The presentation of the ram is also a reverse presentation of the rams presentation in chapter six. All ram, goat and lamb are based on the blood of the ox. The numbers will require many more passes through Scripture and much more prayer, including those of the final summary and if shown any light I will just present them even though out of order.  We may be the redeemed and the saints of eternity but each cake in that basket has been individually checked to see that it is indeed made out of fine flour mixed with oil. And they are arranged in wafers, already suggested as six on either side of the river of life flowing from the throne of God in the New Jerusalem. Each has its own presentation and each its own members. What about the burnt offering? The Nazirite presents a lamb one year old but Ahira sees a bull, ram and lamb? Correction of mistakes or progressive revelation or whatever but time to have another look at chapter 7, seven.

When I started on chapter seven I did read; silver plate and silver bowl full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering. So? Looking up to Heaven from here was like getting up on a chair to look at a star but as I was only following my Lord’s instructions I asked for help. If it did come I didn’t recognise it and just kept going on. The penny did not drop until the burnt offering. What is happening is that the redeemed are presenting requests that they hope will be fulfilled and their surety is that requests are being placed on the altar of burnt offering, ultimately the cross of Good Friday. These requests which concern our final presence in Heaven with God for an eternity. Firstly our leader, representing our whole tribe  presents fine flour mixed with oil on a plate and in a bowl. The presentation is accompanied by incense, our prayers and these are so precious they are in a gold pan and we can

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expect that they will be heard and answered. The silver involves items involving the tent of Meeting where we are now standing. The dish and bowl we are expecting this flour to finish up as either cakes for the basket or wafers. The heat from the burnt offering could accomplish this conversion. The Nazirite confirms that this is what was required by Heaven and presents it on His completion list providing they are accompanied by their relevant drink and grain offering. This was accomplished on the altar they had presented their original requests.

Ahira covers all bases for the burnt offering. The bull offering which covers the whole congregation, the ram or the congregation and the male lamb one year old, the basis of all requests being met. The Nazirite replies; ‘Your request  for a burnt offering is only a matter of tidying up. If your car is covered with mud you firstly wash off the mud and if there is still a tiny amount left behind you wipe it off with your finger. The mud was removed by the Lamb on Good Friday, that streak that was left behind will now be touched up. The heavy lifting though was done by the male lamb one year old and without defect on Good Friday and reported on the Nazirite’s check sheet. ( Numbers 6:14).

It is difficult to imagine that Ahira called the sin offering so badly. He placed a male goat on the altar for a sin offering. The Nazirite’s reply was that a ewe-lamb is what Heaven requires. For what is worth I also placed a goat for a burnt offering as that is what was required in the burnt offering of the Day of Atonement. I would have reasoned as my tribe contains both sheep and goats and the sheep were catered for by the Lamb of God on Good Friday then include the goats now and also any sins of the sheep that had not been factored in on Mount Calvary. ***

And the high priest turned on the Heavenly lights of eternity. A very happy ending for the saints.

Much has occurred since chapter six, verse 12 where the Nazirite was re-dedicated and restarted His days of dedication to God. For Him to appear in front of the doorway of the new earth as He does in the next verse He firstly had to destroy the old earth and then recreate a new earth. The destruction of the old earth was well advanced as it firstly went through a partial destruction of the trumpets and then a full on destruction of the bowls. This was so severe that even those two archenemies; satan and the beast had to get together and issue a decree to allow the rebuilding of the temple after its destruction by an earthquake at the third coming of our Lord and the closing of the door of mercy. This did not appease God as they had expected and the bowls continued. This final destruction is still a topic of our study in the Book of Revelation. It is very easy to see how the creation of the new Heavens and earth take place and no doubt the saints in Heaven will be remembering Genesis and comparing the new order to the old. But verse thirteen does tell us of the new earth and how we are lined up outside the doorway of the tent of meeting which is the new earth. We will have come from the tent of meeting in the old Heaven to the tent of meeting in the new Heaven.  But this new earth will have a day and night cycle. If God follows the pattern in Genesis then the moon, sun and stars will not

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appear until day four. Without the presence of sin no doubt they will be on a far grander scale and if what we have today declares the glory of God, then this new creation  will shout of His glory so it will still perform similar functions to the old system. As we do not need to sleep and have not required to do so since our entry into Heaven some 1,800 years ago, we will be able to study these new Heavens with their creator who is now at the doorway to the new earth with us. Constant daylight will only appear once the New Jerusalem settles on the top of its foundation. The presence of God within this city means constant light within. As it has no roof it will act as a torch with a base of some five million square kilometres and light streaming out through the opened pearly gates will cover the earth. It is Jesus our High Priest Who mounts those seven lamps in front of us, the lampstand and it is Jesus Who turns on the lights. It is Jesus Who brings down the New Jerusalem and settles it on its plateau!
There are still seven branches of the lampstand and seven lamps are placed before each one. Laodicea is empty not because there was less hammer work done on it or that it wasn’t made of gold.  Jesus put more hammer work into Laodicea than any of the others. It was going to be the one hundredth sheep, unfortunately it chose to remain as a goat. It thought it knew better.

Cleansing the Levites; verses 5-13; ‘ Again the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Take the Levites from among the sons of Israel and cleanse them. Thus you shall do to them, for their cleansing sprinkle purifying water on them, and let them us a razor over their whole body and wash their clothes, and they will be clean. Then let them take a bull with its grain offering, fine flour mixed with oil; and a second bull you shall take for a sin offering. So you shall present the Levites before the tent of meeting. You shall also assemble the whole congregation of the sons of Israel, and present the Levites before the Lord; and the sons of Israel shall lay their hands on the Levites. Aaron shall then present the Levites before the Lord as a wave offering from the sons of Israel, that they may qualify to perform the service of the Lord. Now the Levites shall lay their hands on the heads of the bulls; then offer the one for a sin offering and the other for a burnt offering to the Lord, to make atonement for the Levites. You shall have the Levites stand before Aaron and before his sons so as to present them as a wave offering to the Lord,”’.

From Genesis (1:1) until Numbers (8:4) Scripture has given us a summary of time; right from the beginning to the start of eternity when the lights were turned on fulltime. We have a lot of the waypoints and could even try to justify our superficial coverage as this was just the introduction. Well the introduction has finished and we should now begin serious study of the text as if our lives depended on it and actually it does. It can only happen with serious prayer and probably even serious multiple prayers. What we get out of it will be proportional to what we put into it. The number of offerings and sacrifices may increase substantially but it does change the fact that they can only refer to two events; Jesus Christ on the cross on Good Friday or Jesus Christ on most probably the same cross of the Day of Atonement. On Mount Calvary on Good Friday He was finalising and settling accounts and paying the bills the sins that the saints chalked up in their lives. On Holy Sabbath, the Day of Atonement, He was settling the left over bills that His creation had chalked up. We are offering Jesus Christ as the answer to whatever the problems we have caused but our answer must be acceptable by God and thus finished. As those standards are set by God we must be given a method of understanding what is actually happening, we need some BASIC; beginners all-purpose symbolic instruction code and we have this code in the form of sacrifices and offerings. But the machine language only has Passover and Atonement coded into it.  It will rely on heavy backup from the Old Testament and that is its role. Our serious study begins with the Levites.

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The study of the Levites is synonymous with Passover. In Egypt all that time ago Passover accomplished a number of things but its primary purpose was to acquire the Levites. Today the Day of Atonement is not on many Christian screens but Passover is even if that be only once a year and dressed up in so much paraphernalia it is almost meaningless, but at least it is still there. The morning after Passover of Friday night in Egypt the Pharaoh did not have to wait for a revolt from the people before releasing the Israelites, he did that spontaneously. Blow number ten, the death of firstborn males was a knockout blow. He wasn’t go to tempt God for blow eleven or twelve, ten was what was needed. But that was not the primary purpose of Passover, it was a secondary result. Neither was it about killing the first born son of the Pharaoh or even Pharaoh himself. Yes it did both. Pharaoh died in the pursuit of the Jews and his son was killed by the angel of death that passed over the land that night. Pharaoh as the beast died on that tree of Good Friday but was resuscitated by none other than Jesus Himself and lives inside us today awaiting a time when it will be destroyed both from within us and outside us as well. When it finally dies it cannot pass on its inheritance to its first born son because it is dead. Jesus did claim this world back as His own. Passover was about claiming the firstborn sons of Israel as God’s own, His chosen people.

The issue of gender raises its head again and each time it does it does requires a response. As the responses are not satisfactory they will be presented until they are. Weren’t women included in these firstborn? Isn’t there no such thing as gender in Heaven, it is only unisex? Are only these firstborn, which God traded for Levites the only leaders and preachers allowed to stand up in public today? Are these Levites going to be shaven because they reflect the glory of God but women are to have long hair as they reflect a part of God’s creation, man? Would God’s people be so much worse off if we did not have gifted speakers like Andrea Williams and many other Holy Spirit inspired women? Would Paul, a distant third to both Mary, Jesus’ mother and Mary Magdalene have told them to sit down at a meeting and taken their place? Would Paul have written the same thing about women if he could see the result of male preachers and ministers today? These questions and others have been raised in this blog and inconclusive answers given, but let us ask the real questions.

Does it really matter whether we are male or female, isn’t it all that counts whether we finish up in Heaven and not in hell? Wouldn’t it be better to be a female in Heaven than a male in hell? Does the potter have the right to make different pots for different uses? Does he make them according to a Divine blueprint or in some hap-hazard way? We have just been looking at a part of that plan; the Nazirite’s vow. It was anything but pleasant and that wasn’t just for the women. Isn’t God allowed to follow a plan that His only Firstborn Son inaugurated? (Firstborn as in first to appear on earth, no actual birth required as Jesus has always existed)

Passover was the death of an innocent defect free one year old lamb. It symbolised the death that Jesus Christ would suffer on His cross in some one thousand years’ time.  It did not factor in the death of a goat. It was about sheep; sheppard, sheep, rams, ewe-lambs but only one male a year old. The goats had a better way; all mothers and no fathers or all fathers and no mothers, all in the congregation equal, morality just appearing by chance as mother nature decided etc, etc, what a wonderful world! What a pity that God had not thought about it, sure would have saved much suffering and sorrow! But God did have a plan and that implied hierarchy and order. It is the one the sheep follow and it is the one that the goats alter at their own peril. It is the one that this blog is

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written about and it is the one this blog tries to throw light on. It is ‘what Moses did as he was commanded by God’.

It was the blood from that Passover Lamb, Jesus Christ that was to be applied to the doors in our hearts that caused the angel of death to pass over this person who had this blood. It was the blood of the sin offering and it not only stops the angel of death from striking but also cleanses us from any defilement. It was the primary purpose of Passover in Egypt and Good Fridays Mount Calvary to select firstborn for God Himself and as firstborn in Heaven consist of former male and females it must also cover these here on earth. The first born are now called Levites, they are the redeemed, they are male and female they are the ones Jesus Christ died for on Good Friday and symbolised by what happened in Egypt. This BASIC language has incredible depth! They were all covered by the sin sacrifice. Having made these firstborn the primary object of Egypt and Mount Calvary and dying for them there is no way that they are going to be done away with. They are here to stay! But if the blood of the lamb was the symbolic blood of Friday’s sin offering, then wasn’t the lamb’s body which was roasted, as in hell  and eaten a symbolic burnt offering?

Until Good Friday everything was symbolic and it pointed to Good Friday including the Levites as the sons of Israel. So let us look at these symbolic offerings and sacrifices. There were 8,580 Levites qualified to serve and are brought before the tent of meeting; sprinkled with water (hardly our baptism), shaved (not Nazirites, reflect the image of God), clothes washed and they will be clean. They take a bull (most expensive animal sacrificed as they are so precious to God) with its grain offering.

[ Information from Bible pouring out at a bewildering rate so much so that yesterday it all just crashed, confused the page numbers, events and brain generally. If it was not for the times I would just have a break for two weeks to stop and clarify my thoughts. Refocus; Come from satan having his head crushed by Eve’s seed (that is why genealogy are so critical in the Bible), the fires of hell extinguishing, (Friday), the Day of Atonement, (Sabbath and the remainder of all sin gone but Nazirite breaks His vow), re-commissioning of the Nazirite to complete His work, lining up in front of the doorway to the tent of meeting outside of the new earth, de-commissioning  of the Nazirite and putting on His robes of High Priest, defining the difference between wise and foolish virgins and also why the lampstand goes into Heaven with its seven branches even though one branch, the Church of Laodicea has empty pews, (In MY name!), entering the doorway onto the new earth when the High Priest turns on the lights of eternity, (the New Jerusalem settles on the new earth.) So much for the introduction, now the text itself; The basic unit of Heaven is the Nazirite. (using gender but knowing there is no gender in Heaven). He started off as firstborn male, (Following Jesus Christ as firstborn Son of God), changed by God to a Levite, changed by Christ to be a Christian, changed by God to be a Jew, (tribe leaders have their names and even precedence over associated apostle) and remain in twelve independent tribes, (twelve wafers) for the eternities to come.

[ Specific event where symbolism begins is the Passover  in Egypt. Primary concern; God selects the firstborn males from His people as registered in the census. Exchanges them for the Levites, ( God foreknew who was and who wasn’t going to respond to His call). Passover event involved the killing of a male lamb one year old, (pointing to the death of Jesus Christ), its blood applied to the door frames gave life and prevented the angel of death from killing firstborn (Levites). This is the sin sacrifice and Jesus has taken His blood to heaven already where it is not only used for cleansing purposes but for future life giving purposes as well. This life giving function has not yet clearly appeared in Scripture.

[But life giving purposes to what? The Levites? Who are and what are we up there? What differences are there to down here? The answer lies in the body of the lamb that was killed on that night of Passover. When confusion starts arising best thing we can do is to go back to the text; ‘as it is written’. We are actually comparing at least four events, four scenarios; the original Passover and just after it where we are now, we know that this is only a pointer to Good Friday on Mount Calvary and Good Friday is intertwined and inseparable from the day when the last trace of evil disappeared from the universe, Sabbath’s Day of Atonement and it could also be a pointer to events within Heaven itself.

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We maybe individually presented before the angelic hosts who will lay their hands on us or it may be a presentation of one tribe before each of the other tribes]

So far we have had some 8,500 Levites gathered in one area, sprinkled with water, shaven and had their clothes washed. They are going to take two bulls with them and stand before the doorway to the tent of meeting. I could not even hazard a guess how many people will fit inside of the courtyard before the tent of meeting but they certainly couldn’t get the Levites and the rest of the 600,000 odd individuals who are supposed to lay their hands on them within this small space. The two bulls they bring ‘cover’ all of the Levites.

There is no problem with the bull to be used for a sin offering. Its blood was used in Egypt to put on the door frames and selected the firstborn who later became Levites. Its blood after three o’clock on Good Friday was taken by the High Priest Jesus Christ to Heaven and presented to God as the agent that was going to cleanse all those Levites and ultimately give them all life eternal. But this presentation was very limited indeed. It was only for the sheep and only for their confessed sins, be they intentional or unintentional. It did not cover their unconfessed unintentional sins. This smear would be wiped off once all the mud had been washed off.

This removal of that final smear is covered in the Day of Atonement. I mistakenly used this blood that Jesus had taken to Heaven with Him on Good Friday to wash away any sins that were left over once the fires of hell had extinguished. Jesus could easily have done so and that was sufficient blood to do so. He chose not to do so. To do so would have meant removing unconfessed unintentional sins from the redeemed and not the others. Had He done so for both lots would have meant removing the smudge before washing off the mud. Calvary’s tree would no longer be selective, it would not just be about the first born which Egypt’s Passover was about. No we needed another cataclysmic event concerning the rest of creation and Jesus accepted the consequences for all of His creation. And to clean up sin, regardless of its origin requires blood. The Day of Atonement also required a sin offering for the specific sins of Jesus’ creation, but it had the bonus of showing the saints some of the intricacy of their beautiful robes something they have been itching to find out for a long time. What better way than to show them that there is no such thing as a little sin, a benign sin. As their ‘little’ unintentional and unconfessed sins are posted in turn and they see what price Jesus has to pay for each, the beast within ceases to exist. From now on it is only God’s way, there are no other ways! So we know the role of the sin sacrifice and what its blood did in Egypt. Almost certainly this is a pointer, a symbol of Good Friday, but does it point as far as the Day of Atonement? Let us see if the second bull can help us answer that question.

It is actually the first bull, the bull with its grain offering, and fine flour mixed with oil . In Egypt the Israelites ate the meat of the lamb, symbolically pointing to Good Friday. After Good Friday, where we are not allowed to kill animals anymore we break the bread and eat it symbolically representing the broken body of Jesus Christ. Both before and after these are symbols of Jesus becoming one with us. ‘Give us today our daily bread,’ but after the Day of Atonement we become one with Him. Before it is the grain offering but once that fine flour with its gluing agent of oil is subjected to the heat of the burnt offering then we become one with Jesus and remain so for the eternities to come. So after Good Friday He became one with us but after the Day of Atonement we become one with Him! Both these rituals were performed by the Jews once each year on their journey to Mount Calvary.

In this blog supposedly on the Book of Revelation much has been said about Heaven and its affairs but almost nothing about the angelic hosts. They are certainly not in insignificant numbers, in fact there

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is probably more of them then there are saints. They have been there for the best part of 7,777 years and they personally experienced Good Friday. They saw what harm that these Levites standing around actually caused to Jesus. They themselves are sinless and have no beast within them. They know of the bond of love Jesus has for these Levites and why Jesus did what He did and that this bond of love extends to them. They want us all to be one happy family, we all need to be introduced to each other. After all it is the eternity that is now involved and no doubt we will have many interactions with these Heavenly hosts. I do find the order of events about to occur worrying so it only proves I don’t know what is going on. The earthly step from which I reach out off is; on the earthly Day of Atonement when the High Priest placed his hands on the head of the sin offering the Israelite was supposed to confess his sin and it would pass through the hands of the High Priest and onto the first goat. Then the animal was killed and then its blood would be applied for cleansing purposes. If we want to talk about the blood of Good Friday we may talk about the blood of Jesus that was spilled at four o’clock by the Roman spear, or the blood that soaked into the cross or dripped down on the ground between nine and three or how our High Priest took some of His blood back into the Most Holy Place in Heaven. But it is all about what has occurred, not so with the blood of the sin sacrifice that is still to occur on the 10th of July on the heavenly Day of Atonement; also the burnt offering.

On earth 8580 Levites are filing past 600,000 odd sons of Israel and as they do the Israelites place their hands on the Levites, heads presumably. The lines of the Jews are almost out of sight but they do double up and come back to the Sanctuary. Once they have done the round and are back in front of the doorway to the tent of meeting Aaron presents them to the Lord as a wave offering asking if they are qualified to perform service of the Lord. As there are no negative reactions from within the tent the service continues. It seems most unlikely that there were 17,160 bulls there or that the Israelites even possessed that many let alone trying to burn that number. No, in all probability just the leader went through this on behalf of the rest of the tribe. The sin offering bull is killed first and then the burnt/grain offering bull. Then the Levites and Aaron and the priest all stand as a wave offering to the Lord. (To perform His service?)

In Heaven there will be many more Levites, (saved and I take this number to be144 million without any Bible foundation) and many more sons of Israel, (I take the number of angelic hosts to be 200 million, but time or space are not the essence here). We file past these angels and they place their hands on us. They probably know each of us by name. We return back to the tent of meeting and are presented as a wave offering by the angels so that we will qualify to perform the service of the Lord. All accepted we now place our hands on our Lord and Saviour because in this Heavenly Day of Atonement He is both sin offering and burnt offering and the heat from the burnt offering sets off the reaction within the fine flour and oil. We fuse with the burnt offering and become one with Him. After that we stand with the angelic hosts and are presented as one wave offering before God. We are united, we are now one family! Just like the Jew and the Christian did just before the Lord’s second coming.

Verses 14-19; ‘Thus you shall separate the Levites from among the sons of Israel, and the Levites shall be Mine. Then after that the Levites may go in to serve the tent of meeting. But you shall cleanse them and present them as a wave offering; for they are wholly given to Me from among the sons of Israel. I have taken them for Myself instead of every first issue of the womb, the firstborn of all the sons of Israel. For every firstborn among the sons of Israel is Mine, among the men and among the animals; on the day I struck down all the firstborn in the land of Egypt I sanctified them for Myself. ****But I Page 44

have taken the Levites instead of every firstborn among the sons of Israel. I have given the Levites as a gift to Aaron and to his sons from among the sons of Israel, to perform the service of the sons of Israel at the tent of meeting and to make atonement on behalf of the sons of Israel, so that there will be no plague among the sons of Israel by their coming near to the sanctuary’.

Clearly there are differences between the Levites of Egypt’s Passover to those of Mount Calvary’s Passover to the second coming to the final ‘Passover’ of the Day of Atonement and beyond. Up there, there will be no sin, no cleansing and the only wave offering will be the saints waving their robes before God continually seeking assurances of the perfection of this gift that Jesus has given them. What is in common is that all who are there are there because of the price Jesus Christ paid for the firstborn was back of Good Friday and pointed to by the Passover ritual of Egypt some thousand years before. But if this is also the invitation of the Heavenly host to come and join them for the eternities to come, then this is a novel idea. A quick summary is in order.

We have come some 7,777 years since the creation of this universe; 4,000 years since creation to the first coming or cross plus 2,000 years since first coming to second coming plus 1,260 years of grace  (Daniel 12:7) plus 7*70 or 490 years to rebuild temple (Daniel 9:24)  or 7,750 years roughly when we arrive in Heaven and let us try to take an angelic view of what is happening. It all started way back on day four of creation when all Heavenly objects; angels, stars and moons were created. Not long after the top angel, Lucifer started trying to start a rebellion against God. All the angels were asked to join and one out of every three did. There wasn’t much of a battle but the evil angels were thrown out of Heaven. But this is the story of the two out of three who could have joined satan’s rebellion, they all had a free will, they all had the beast within they just chose not to for varying reasons, including the beauty of seeing their creator. So if satan sinned whilst in this beautiful place called Heaven, the exact place we are firstly going to for the first 1,800 odd years then why don’t we sin when we get to Heaven  especially that we will initially have the beast within us?  The first results of this rebellion showed their ugly heads on Good Friday. Unbelievable, unspeakable horror that these rebellions in Heaven and on earth had caused. There is no way that they are ever going to rebel and disobey God now or ever again. The possibility if sin dies within them, the beast is dead. With no evil or possibility of evil they can now move freely anywhere in Heaven, including in the direct presence of God; the Most Holy Place of the old Heaven and the Most Holy Place of the new Heaven; inside of the New Jerusalem. It is up there somewhere today because that is where Jesus is either building or has finished building our apartments for us. Not so with the new earth which will replace this old earth and which the saints will see being formed out of nothing as in the Book of Genesis. If there I will certainly be fascinated how God did it and how close did creationist Humphrey get to it in his model. (starting with a ball of water with a diameter of one light year!!)

But the angelic host saw more than just the horror of the consequences of sin that it caused their loving creator, they saw inside of the flames of hell. They saw  the suffering and ultimately the death of their creator and what price He was prepared to pay even if that meant only one of His created beings responding to His live, and there were many who did. They must indeed be a very special group of people because Jesus loved them so much that He did what He did for them. They would be a wonderful addition to our family, the Heavenly hosts. But at what stage do we invite them in? How do we apply to God to ask permission for their admittance into our family? God knows everything anyway

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and He knows how much we would love to have them and be able to call them family and interact with them. When do we move? When do we make our request?

We can’t really ask on their arrival in Heaven after the second coming because when they arrive they still have the beast within and there is therefore still a chance that they will rebel just like satan did about 6,000 years ago. The mitigating factors are that they are covered by Christ’s robe of righteousness and there is no trace of satan in Heaven; he has lost both position and place, but evil still exists and these Redeemed will only be allowed into the Holy Place for the first one thousand eight hundred odd years just what happened to us. The battle of the beast against the rider of the white horse does kill the beast but only on earth. These redeemed are a part of the Heavenly army which suffers no loss whatsoever. The beast within them continues to live.

Things change drastically however to them as they did for us when Jesus crushes satan’s head and throws him into hell. When they see inside hell the realisation hits that the only reason they are not now being shoved into those flames because Jesus has already been there and taken their place. The heat, the horror of what they see kills the beast within them. Now is a good time to make our request of God. It is of interest that the angels decide to move once this beast is dead but has not yet been expunged. It still has to be ground into a very fine powder and thrown to the wind! And it is Jesus Who instigates the proceedings by lining up the redeemed, the Levites at the door of the tent of meeting. He also lines up outside of them all of the angelic hosts and each member of those new arrivals files past each angel and has the angel places his hands on his head. ( we have a head so we must look like Jesus did after His resurrection and it each angel has hands they must have the shape of the body they had when they appeared on earth in Old and New Testament times). Each saint is presented and approved by each angel. The angelic request for these saints to be admitted as a part of the angelic host is presented by Jesus as a wave offering; Levites presented as a wave offering by angels but authenticated through the hands of Jesus Who still knows that the dead body of the beast is still inside the saints and has not yet been expunged. God accepts this request.

The Levites through their leader or in Heaven it may be possible for them to stretch their hands in such a way they place them individually on the head of the bull. One earth symbolically there may have been two bulls; one representing the blood of Jesus or the sin offering and the other representing His body, grain, fine flour and oil, but now in the Heavenly Atonement that is about to take place all of this is done by none other than Jesus Christ. This should allow us to call Good Friday as the Passover of the Lamb but the Sabbath of Atonement as the Passover of the Bull. Once these Levites lay their hands on the Head of Jesus He will perform both roles. But who is it who hangs Jesus on the cross and inflicts these wounds this time? Well back on Good Friday it wasn’t the Jews or the Romans; it was the saints, those redeemed who are about to be made into one family with the angels. It was us, they were our sins; they were committed and confessed either intentional or unintentional. This time around it is slightly different. Yes our sins are there. Yes seeing the consequences of what those sins are now doing individually to our Jesus is now expunging that dead beast and now there will be zero probability that we will ever sin again. But the sins of the saints that contribute to this suffering and death of Jesus are but a tiny part of the overall burden that Jesus now has to bear. These unconfessed, unintentional sins are from all of Jesus’ creation. They are what was left once the fires of hell had burnt out and there were no cinders left to cool down, just nothing. Under these conditions it is probably God the Father Who hands His Son the final cup of wrath just like He did on Good Friday. And by drinking every drop Jesus will now call for the last time, ‘It is finished!’  God knew what was required to be done and He placed it in the cup.

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The order of the service, how different will it be the earthly one the Jews performed once a year? Well it has been a very busy time on that old earth and new boundary. The angels, the sons of Israel have been very keen to get the redeemed to join them as a Heavenly family and now come down to the doorway of the tent of meeting to the new earth hopefully to accompany the rest of the family through this doorway and onto the new earth. They may also want to show us our apartments personally and where the taps and switches are, if there are taps and switches in our apartments. They were there when Jesus was building these apartments and know them intimately well.

Of their own family, not one came back to Heaven. They saw each and every evil angel being thrown into hell and destroyed including satan, no exceptions. It was because the saints also saw inside of these fires that killed the beast within them. ‘There be I but for the grace of God! ‘ I put my Lord and Saviour into that hell! The beast within the redeemed dies. But of those rebels on earth there were a few who came good, who repented and returned back to the fold, and now we see that text swing into action about how there is more joy in Heaven over the hundredth sinner who came good that over the ninety nine who stayed loyal. They really come into focus. That Nazirite Who was decommissioned at the end of His vow and took on the role of Aaron the High Priest has been very busy indeed. His first job was to set the path straight; You shall invoke MY name. But the events that are here occurring are so many that we have to split them into events on the old earth, some state of limbo that existed between the old earth disappearing and the new earth appearing. That division between verses twelve and thirteen of chapter six is still here to haunt us and maybe we just crammed in too many events and will have to stretch time out some more around the Day of Atonement, the 10th of July.

The old earth; If I try to defend the original dates; Friday the fires of hell go out, (2nd of July), Saturday the 3rd of July Jesus takes on that mountain of unconfessed unintentional for both saint and creation and becomes defiled then His defilement would end on Friday the 9th of July He becomes clean and shaves off His defiled hair. Sabbath the 10th of July  is the Day of Atonement and as far as Jesus is concerned the ‘damage’ that He has caused by accepting and cleansing that mountain of sin was six days of separation from God and the sacrifice of two pigeons/turtledoves for a sin and burnt offering. Under this scenario the angels or the sons of Israel break from Heaven on the 3rd of July but it could as late as just before the Day of Atonement. But you say, ’sinless angels coming to A SINFUL PLANET! Haven’t they undone all that good work they started at creation?’ Well yes but there are no sinful souls left at this stage and the sins they may have committed by coming in contact with this sinful planet are unintentional and unconfessed, the exact sins Jesus will take on in the Day of Atonement. It is also doubtful whether they come as low as earth. The Day of Atonement is carried out at the doorway to the tent of meeting where the cross/altar has always stood. But the earthly temple is in ruins so Jesus does not have His cross ON planet earth, He hangs above the wing of  the temple and this is as low as our angels also have to go.

So it appears, hopefully not so, that there are at least three days on atonement; The one we have just had, (two pigeons, sin and burnt offering to cover for Jesus coming accidently in contact with the dead, Jesus takes their sin on Himself, becomes defiled for six days, clean on day seven and offers pigeons on day eight). The next day of atonement is to commemorate the finishing of His Nazirite’s vow where Jesus presents His list of what He has done and that is compared what earth thinks He has done (??) The sacrifices here are male lamb one year old, a ewe-lamb, ram for peace offering with basket of cakes fine flour with oil, wafers, along with their grain and drink offerings. And the third day of

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atonement is when the newly formed family sacrifice the two bulls and is the joining of the angels and the saints with a sin offering and a burnt offering. The heavenly Day of Atonement must carry a sin offering and a burnt offering, ( the body and blood of Jesus). Only the earthly Day of Atonement carried a scapegoat but in Heaven as all intentional sins have been destroyed by the 10th of July there is no scapegoat involved.

As there is and can only be one Day of Atonement then it must occur where Daniel tells us it occurs; ABOVE the wing of the temple. It is not on contact with the sinful and destroyed Jerusalem and temple, it is above these. It is exactly the right position, where the cross of Good Friday stood and marked out by the Blood of Jesus and the tent of meeting, to the Heavens above, is above it. Where the earthly tent of meeting stood was below it until satan sent his henchmen in to destroy everything. But now for the sacrifice itself. It may be better if Daniel himself tells us the story.

Daniel (9:24-27); ‘Seventy sevens are decreed for your people and your holy city to finish transgression, to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophesy and to anoint the most holy. Know and understand this; From the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven sevens, and sixty-two sevens. It will be rebuilt with streets and a trench, but in times of trouble. After sixty-two sevens, the anointed one will be cut off and will have nothing. The people of the ruler will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. The end will come like a flood: War will continue until the end, and desolations have been decreed. He will confirm a covenant with many for one seven. In the middle of the seven he will bring an end to sacrifice and offering. And on the wing of the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.’ (NIV)

As there are so many events occurring on and around our final Heavenly Day of Atonement it could be of help to stand back and look at the events that made our Day of Atonement possible. It could even be argued that because Atonement and Passover are so closely related that Passover is a witness to Atonement and certainly for most of the past two millennium most have only related the above verses to Passover alone. There certainly is no better foundation on earth than to stand on Mount Calvary’s Good Friday particularly when it is the same mountain that is involved in the Day of Atonement. The specific angle I want to look at is the approach of events to Good Friday, (Day of Atonement), the event itself and then the time after. Passover was not just a simple one sentence event.

Passover was the end of the outward journey away from God and the Garden of Eden and the start of the return journey back to a place which Jesus was not as limited in His creative abilities as He was when He created the Garden of Eden. When he recreated the new heavens and earth there was no need to limit anything so that it could cope with and survive the presence of sin. There would be no sin anywhere of any kind or any possibility thereof but to reach this state we still have to go through the Day of Atonement. So Good Friday God’s people needed enough provisions and directions to get them as far as the Day of Atonement when the remaining mopping up of sin occurred. The Israelites before the cross were very familiar with both the feasts of Passover and Atonement and celebrated them each year for the better part on at least one thousand years. Jesus’ disciples being Jews were also familiar with these feasts but mysteriously allowed the Day of Atonement to drop off the radar, almost anyway, and just concentrate on the cross of Good Friday. There are references such as the writer of Hebrews calls changing our diet from milk to solid foods but relatively few. We don’t need

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to wait for the yearly celebration of the Day of Atonement so that we can confess our unintentional sins when the high priest places his hands on the sin offering goat and then confess out intentional sin when he has his hands on the scapegoat because Jesus has already done that on Good Friday. We can seek and get this forgiveness at any hour of the day or night, we don’t have to wait until the yearly Day of Atonement. But the big picture remains that Daniel is describing the whole journey right through to where we are now struggling on the final Day of Atonement. To the Israelite it may have been 14th of January, Passover onto 10th of July, Atonement onto 14th of January, Passover onto 10th of July, Atonement onto…Etc. But to the Christian it is but a march from Mount Calvary until we line up for the Day of atonement and we are over halfway there in real time but in our earthly time it is but until we close our eyes for the last time. If it is Jesus what we see when we close our eyes it will be Jesus Whom we see next time we open them. All other sights at our closing of our eyes come under the default value of satan. The intervening one thousand eight hundred odd years change nothing and only prove what they set out to prove; that Jesus made no mistakes on Good Friday. But none of this helps us as to how Jesus set us up for our journey, particularly in that covenant that He made for one seven and all those events that happened halfway through it and beyond it. It is here that we hope to be able to draw parallels to our Day of Atonement. And those parallels come from a solid foundation.

As already stated if it be God’s will He will allow the decree to rebuild Herod’s/Jesus’ temple to be found, then add 7*7 or 49 years when the temple is rebuilt then add 7*62 or 434 years and you will see Jesus being baptised by John to begin filling that final seven years ( 49+ 434 + 7  =490 or in sevens; 7+62+1=70) The anointed One, the ruler comes but is cut off from everyone and begins His 1,260 day tutorial. This city does not have a trench but the Atonement city does as a result of earthquakes. In the middle of this seven, ie at the end of His 1,260 day tutorial He brings an end to Sacrifice and offering, which Jesus did on Good Friday, bar one and he sets up a desolation and abomination until the end is decreed is poured out on Him. But this does not tell me what happens after those 1,260 days after the cross and certainly we need to be told of the 1,260 days after the Day of Atonement as I have wrongly assumed it was pretty well straight up into the new heavens and earth.

To find out what happened on the earthly 1,260 days we need to go to Revelation chapter twelve.**** The important thing here is this covenant that Jesus made with His people to last for one of the sevens, the last seven and is split into two lots of 1,260 days. In both Passover and Atonement this consists of a 1,260 day tutorial preparing His people for what is about to occur; either Good Fridays Passover or Holy Sabbaths Day of Atonement. But it is the last of those 1,260 days either post cross or post Atonement that are of concern. It appears from Revelation chapter 12 that the last seven years Jesus is saying that half of them I will prepare you for the cross, the cross and then I will prepare my people in the next 1,260 days for the return journey from the cross up to them Day of Atonement. During this time satan is going to try to destroy the fledgling church but he will not be allowed to touch them. In this time they will enter into life’s Jordan and begin their journey to the promised land. I will protect them until they come far enough to see the man in white above the waters on the other side. The moment they see Him I will withdraw protection from them; 1,260 days and the stoning of Stephen. So the wall of water that was building up during their 1,260 day journey was ruptured by satan as he tried to wash them away and drown them. The ground those early Christians stood on was good and firm ground; Jesus Christ and it helped soak that torrent of water up. When satan repeats this tear in the wall of water in last days Christians are standing on the same firm grounds. The jesus they follow can be contorted into anything that makes them feel better and justify their sinful ways.

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This ground gives birth to the beast out of the earth and rather than helping it systematically tries to destroy them. The point being that there was only one Good Friday and the result of that Good Friday was that God’s people did an about face, were protected during their preparation for the long homeward journey until the Day of Atonement when a different covenant would take over. The only reason the return journey and subsequent events could take place was because of what Jesus did on Good Friday; they did not have to take place on Good Friday but as a consequence of Good Friday. Thus it will be in the last seven years of the atonement covenant as well. There may be many commemoration services on this old earth and indeed the new one as well but there will only ever be just one Good Friday and Passover and only one Holy Sabbath and Day of Atonement. As these verses are relevant to the Day of Atonement which we are now studying and being overwhelmed by the variety of events occurring a revision of the last four verses of Daniel are in order.

These seventy sevens or 490 years are the last years of the old planet earth. Although we are told much about the goings on of the different players at these times, they will all soon disappear without trace into oblivion and the only ones left will be ‘your people’ and their last 4900 years of existence on old earth. ‘Your holy city’ where you will your eternities in cannot materialise until the last trace of evil disappears. If it did materialise whist there was still a trace of evil left, because it has no roof on it this evil would come into contact with God and this is not a possibility as we shall soon see. After the Day of Atonement all types of evil will be gone but as yet I have not been able to find where/when the Most Holy Place is anointed. This does not have to happen ON the Day of Atonement, rather because of the Day of Atonement.

These last 490 years begin soon after the third coming of our Lord with His two witnesses. A thousand years of peace had not moved anyone into repentance but only into a state of tranquillity, more like complacency, so these witnesses use rough arm tactics to wake everybody up. They are given power to send plagues and plagues they send.  It is in a woken state that this earth makes their final judgments on repentance. When these witnesses finally leave after 1,260 days the world is left in a state of hate for these witnesses and turmoil. This is not helped with the realisation that these bowls that are now being poured out on the earth are the full version of those partial trumpets. Things could get ugly indeed! They can’t just have Jesus grabbing satan, binding him up and throwing him into the abyss or threatening to come with His white horse and His armies and attacking the beast when it is not ready! And there is still the mistrust between the beast and satan who fought to draw and stalemate. The beast had a thousand years to establish his position before the arrival of satan and the wicked dead and he would only give ground when absolutely necessary. Thus it took some time for these forces of evil to get together and formulate some sort of response to try to appease God. It may have taken them ten or fifty or eighty years  to get a decree together  to restore and rebuild Jerusalem and may have depended on the spacing of the bowls. But the important thing is that the decree to rebuild Jerusalem is finally issued and rather than appeasing God it sets the earth into its last 490 years of history. ****

The earthquake of the third coming signalled a major event, the closing more like slamming the door of mercy shut and it itself was of major proportions. It not only destroyed the temple but the whole city of Jerusalem. The split it left, the trench was a major problem in rebuilding the temple, but once the forces of evil decided it was the only way to appease the wrath of God the rebuilding program began. It took forty nine years. (7*7=49) From the phrase, ‘but in times of trouble’, it sounds that an equilibrium between the forces of evil had not yet established and one kept trying to take over the

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others possessions and territory. It took another 62*7 or 434 years for Jesus, the anointed One, the Ruler to come. When He does appear it is as bride and bridegroom, it is as the rider of the white horse with His armies behind Him and it is as victor in the battle of the beast and it is year 483 since the decree to rebuild Jerusalem was issued. It is the start of the last seven, it is; ‘He will confirm a covenant with many for one seven’.

From the wording, ‘the anointed one will be cut off and have nothing,’ it seems that the bride is surprised to see the bridegroom leave her with,’ Just wait here a while I have some unfinished business to attend to’. Actually it is not like that at all. He does leave her but gives her a tutorial lasting for 1,260 days about what and why is about to happen just like He gave those on earth at the time and they recorded it for our posterity of what was going to occur on Good Friday, only this time around it is going to be the Holy Sabbath of the Day of Atonement. During this tutorial, satan who is the only one left with his angels and the wicked dead since the battle of the beast has already occurred and the beast and all the wicked living who have been kept alive since the second coming of our Lord have now been killed, satan panics that these are indeed the last of the last days and is not going to facilitate the Day of Atonement so he sends in his troops to destroy the city and the sanctuary, something that took him forty nine years to build. Thus ‘the end will come like a flood’. The ‘flood’ metaphor is apt as it was satan that put a tear in the wall of water in the Jordan we were crossing and nearly washed away everyone of God’s people bar the 288,000 who were left when Jesus came a second time. Satan and the remaining wicked do put all into this remaining battle but the result always was inevitable; ‘Eve’s seed will crush satan’s head’ and unfortunately on the very next day, satan will bruise the heel of Jesus. (the unconfessed and unintentional sins that Jesus’ creation had committed and were instigated by satan.) The ‘war will continue until the end and desolations have been decreed’ statement must be a witness Scripture to the previous one as once satan and evil angel are thrown into hell there is no one left to conduct any wars. This brings us to that final seven years; ‘ He will confirm a covenant with many for one seven’.

We have already seen the confirming in the form of a tutorial lasting three and a half years or 1,260 days. On the cross now sacrifice and offerings cease. Sacrifices and offerings did cease way back on Good Friday, bar one, this one and it is only now that all sacrifices and offerings cease. Commemoration of them does not cease just the sacrifices and offerings cease. The results and consequences do not cease just the sacrifices and offerings. In fact the results and consequences are only triggered by this day even though they were not a part of this day. Now the abomination that causes desolation that is set up on the wing of the temple.

Being born into and soaked in sin it is easy for us to grade sin in different categories; intentional and unintentional with perhaps the unintentional not being as ’severe’ as the intentional and confessed and unconfessed with the unconfessed not being as ‘evil’ as the confessed. God has no such gradations. Sin is sin. These last sins, the unconfessed and unintentional sins which would probably not even get a mention on our scale are in fact the ‘ And on the wing of the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation’. They are an abomination and they cause desolation to the One Who bears them. This is what the redeemed and the angelic host are now being taught. This is what expunges those dead beasts of evil within us. Even the angels who have no sins to contribute to be expunged on this day see the real nature of sin. It is evil and it is why those foolish virgins had to knock back that offer that Jesus made them; to take their place in hell for them. **** The angels may not have had sins to be forgiven but they did have a dead beast within them, the beast of evil who had

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died when they witnessed what went on, on Good Friday. Just like the beast within the redeemed dies when they see inside of the fires of hell when its doors open to admit satan and the other evil.  And the Day of Atonement sins were not recorded on our sin tally sheets either as they were unintentional. Jesus took all these sins on Himself from His creation. So the Day of Atonement was indeed an abomination that caused desolation, it was and unimaginable large number and it was multiplied by the true nature of sin.

It is however the wing of the temple that is of interest. It has already been pointed out and the reasons given for moving the temple from its Passover to its Atonement positions. The altar in the first temple, the Passover temple stood just outside of the tent of meeting; on the wing of the temple. But when the temple was rebuilt after the second coming, the altar which always  stood for the cross of Jesus was actually in the position of the cross and there in reality on the wing of the temple. But wing does not just indicate position, it also implies height. The position was the exact place where the Blood of Jesus was poured out on Good Friday by that Roman spear but the height was the interface between the old earth and the new earth. We have also seen that there was not much on the old earth in this place at this time. A destroyed city and a destroyed sanctuary, nothing that could be of any use for this moment; satan made sure of that! But the roots of this altar still sprouted from the soil that carried this precious blood. Its roots came from Good Friday. But now for the interface.

Good Friday was; three and a half year tutorial, cross, three and a half year of preparation for the upward journey. The Day of Atonement was; three and a half year tutorial, cross, three and a half years of preparation for the Heavenly journey. If we assume that the first journey ended where the second journey began then is was; first journey from the 14th of January, (using our months) ended and we were sufficiently well prepared to get to the 9th of July where the second journey started on the 10th of July and had no ending. Even though it did not have an ending there was within this covenant a period of preparation of three and a half years. This time limit applied presumably because these preparations had to be made on old planet earth before it was destroyed and replaced by the new earth where these preparations were required and could not be performed on this new earth.

To attempt to try these presumptions against the known facts we have so far will give a very large number of permutations and combinations and to think I can pick on that ‘right’ combination on my first attempt would require me to purchase a ticket in the lottery. But we can circle around in an orbit around this figure on this cross on the wing of the temple. Let us get the latest one we have been studying out of the way first; the separation of the Levites from the sons of Israel and all that laying of hands. We have Israel, Israelites, Jews, for a time Christians but ultimately Jews and allocated into one of the twelve tribes. These were the ones who went astray, needed rescuing, responded the call of the rescuer and are here and all that fuss and effort being made about them  and rightfully so. But there is also the other ninety nine who did not leave the pen, did not go astray and they have no problems with all of the attention that is being given to the lost sheep. These are the sons of Israel. It was the Levites who separated themselves and it was for these first born that Passover was about. The sons of Israel are still around us as ministering angles but they desperately want us to be admitted back into the fold and that this fold will pass over into the new earth as one fold. If in heaven I am being ushered to my new apartment by one angel holding one hand or two angles one each hand, I am going to ask them, ’Were you the angels who were assigned by God to look after me whilst I was on planet earth?’ If they nod in the affirmative I am going to look over to my daughters and call, ‘Wrong!’ You see whenever I went out to do something they would say to their mother,’ Don’t worry

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about dad, mum, he has a flock of angels looking after him!’ Well wrong dear, it was only one or two or whatever the number was! They could even be my personnel angels of Heaven and help me with all the experiments I want to try within God’s creation! But speculation aside, they are all here and arrived at the first possible opportunity and they want Levite and sons of Israel reunited. Let us allocate some numbers and we have 1,260 days to play with; **** The first stage was the cleansing of the Levites. Certainly the sons of Israel did not need cleansing. They have been roaming Heaven now including in the Most Holy Place since at least 3.01 pm of Good Friday where they took a part in the vote for Jesus to take the scroll and open its seals. They did not require cleansing. Neither do the Levites. They have been in Heaven for the last 1,800 odd years but in the outer room. Their robes do not need cleansing and the closest they have been to earth was the clouds from which Jesus swung His sharp sickle in the battle of the beast. Anyway this is now after the Day of Atonement when there are no more sinful being left but there is still a sinful planet, the scars of all those sins are still here.

We are not in the new earth or Heaven but have been given 1,260 days to prepare for this transaction. Initially I took and continue to take that interface as the horizontal beam of the outstretched arms of our Lord on the Atonement cross. That little bit poking above still has a reason for it but anything below those outstretched arms is the old planet earth but above is the limbo we are waiting in. From this area we can clearly see the cross and what has just happened on it and we can offer to God what Jesus did for us on it. As I am unaware of the technical names for the parts of a cross I will can the horizontal beam for the arms, beam 1, the vertical beam it sits on, beam 2, and the small extension above beam 1, beam 3. Beam 3 designates the area of limbo. After the wedding in Heaven bride and bridegroom set out for the New Jerusalem. As there was still unfinished business there had to be somewhere for them to exist and accomplish what they were supposed to do. Initially it was just the bridegroom here from which He gave His three and a half year tutorial but after the Day of Atonement both bride and bridegroom are here and we will be for a total of 1,260 days, three and a half years. It was the rising of Jesus from the death on Resurrection Sunday that drew us up into Heaven and it is the rising of Jesus from the cross of Atonement that draws His bride to be with Him now in limbo in anticipation the for grand finale, the descent of the New Jerusalem.

The command to cleanse and wash may not be that relevant here but the command to gather is Divine. (verses 5-8). We are all ordered to turn inwards and look at the cross. Verse 8 specifically tells us we will be concentrating on the body and blood of Jesus Christ as symbolised by the bull as the sin offering and the bull with grain and fine flour with oil. Six days gone and as an act of worship for the Sabbath we see that God has accepted our presentation. Next six days the Levites line up first and behind them the congregation, the sons of Israel . Sabbath, day seven only the Levites are presented before God and that is be Aaron, Jesus Christ. The act of worship and gratitude is that they are acceptable by God and you would not expect anything different because they were lined up by Jesus. He knows everything in the finest detail about those He is presenting. Fourteen days and the Levites have been lined up and accepted by God and on the outside the angels are also lined up. Next six days they file past each other and every angel placed his hands on each head of the saints. Day of worship as the angels through the hands of Jesus Christ now present as a wave offering their earthly brothers. (by now there is no gender). It is not the Levites who are presenting the sons of Israel, the angels to qualify them for Heavenly service but the angels who are presenting the saints to qualify them for service. It is the angels who have never sinned and are welcoming the lost sheep back into the fold and not the other way around. It is the angel who asks for the hand of the lost sheep in this upcoming Page 53

‘wedding’ and not the other way around.**** The atonement that is to be made is for the Levites and not the angels, the sons of Israel.

At first is seems difficult to imagine why we have to go through these extra rituals when you consider we have just been in Heaven for almost 1,800 years but even during these years we have been aware of the fact that we were only in the tent of meeting, we could see the Most Holy Place but we were aware that we were not allowed into it. This is now about entry into the Most Holy Place, the direct presence of God. I am unaware of any contact that we may have had during these long years with any angelic beings or whether they were even allowed to come in contact with us, although verse five certainly shows we have been living among them. But if this is the case then we will not be moving automatically as one group into our new Heavens. These Levites need tidying up and  re-joined as a family before it is accepted into the New Jerusalem. It is also more than a coincidence that the angels turn up when the beast within the Levites dies. They are now capable of being re-joined with the sinless angels and now after the Day of Atonement not only is the beast dead within both groups, it has also been expunged. Well it was none other than Aaron, (Jesus Christ) who has arranged us, all I’s dotted and t’s crossed how do we now make our application to God so that we may be allowed through the door of meeting, onto the new earth to await the arrival of the New Jerusalem in both symbolic and literal languages? Why is it a bull offering and not a dove or ram or lamb or goat?

Do we say to God, ‘ Lord we beg You to allow us through this doorway and onto the new earth because Your Son Jesus Christ loved us so much that He died for us way back on Good Friday has brought His precious blood up here to Heaven to cleanse us of our sins and to apply it to our foreheads so that we can have life eternal. (sin offering). We also present His body even though we understand very little about. Our application form has on it regardless of what the questions and requirement are; the body and blood of Jesus Christ. The application in on faith alone. If you want that in symbolic terms; we have applied the blood of the Passover lamb to the doorposts of our hearts ensuing that the angel of death will Passover us and we symbolically eat flesh before Good Friday but unleavened bread after to show that initially His body became a part of  ours but after Good Friday we become a part of Him. And there is at least one reason we present the body of Jesus; it can’t fail and we are a part of it.’

But God would probably reply,’ That is the application form that you presented before entry into Heaven at the second coming of Jesus. Your application was valid and accepted and that is why you have been in Heaven for almost the last two millennia. This application is not about the Passover Lamb although without the Passover Lamb there would be no further applications either made or accepted. Christian faith is more than just knowing two words and regardless of the questions just parroting, ‘Jesus Christ’. It is about faith in Jesus and faith is not static, it is dynamic. It is responding to the daily bread you should be seeking and growing according the light that is shown you. Your previous application to Heaven was just that; the Passover as in Egypt as in first born set aside to God as in firstborn become Levites as in Levites become Christians as on Good Friday  and finally Jews or Israelites. The scope of the cross was very narrow indeed and only about the saints. What you are asking now has far broader ramifications.’ The world laughs and jeers at the Law of God but the reality is it is the laws of this world that are deserving of the jeers and not God’s Law. ****

Under the laws of our democracy no one can even tell you how many laws there are let alone what they are and yet ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it. Guilty even though you did not know that this particular law existed. Not so with the Law of God. Ignorance is every excuse and if you did not know there is no marks recorded against you. The Law still has been broken, sin has been

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committed and in order for it to be destroyed someone, sometime is going to have to pay the price for it. So far we know that the offering we are going to make with our application is not going to be a male lamb a year old but why can’t we offer a goat for a sin offering and one for a burnt offering? If there are only sheep and goats and the sheep have been covered by Good Friday then only the goats are left!

Well firstly there are no goats left. They all burnt in hell the day before and as the flames of hell extinguished so did their existence. But the Day of Atonement was more than just getting rid of any mess left behind by the goats. A fair proportion of that mess was contributed by these saints but was not held against them and therefore not atoned for on Good Friday. So the Day of Atonement was not just about goats it at the very least indirectly involved with the saints and it is now these sins that are preventing the New Jerusalem from materialising. But this is not what this application is about. There are two circles of beings around the cross of Atonement; the inner one the Levites and the outer one the sons of Israel. They were separated way back when the Levites decided they knew better and left that lot of sheep behind. They have both spent the last two millennia in Heaven together, the angelic hosts were there when the vote was taken for Jesus to take the scroll and both were present at the recently completed wedding feast of Heaven. A question of interest would be were the angels just present or were they a part of the wedding? These events occurring now were Divinely instigated; ‘Again the Lord spoke to Moses saying’ . Our application form has two requests/demands; that we be re-joined as one unit to be able to perform in the service of the Lord  and secondly that this unit now be allowed to pass through this doorway to the tent of meeting and onto the new earth. So far we have decided that neither the lamb nor the goat offerings are appropriate. Surely it has to be the two pigeons/turtledoves that Jesus offered and that definitely was about the Day of Atonement. (chapter six and here we actually went to see what the four gospels had to say about what Jesus did on Mount Calvary on Good Friday. This is going to be a hard one to rule out but on what grounds?)

The Nazirite, Jesus Christ was told of two scenarios that could befall Him when He came to planet earth at His first coming. One was a definite no-no and the other, well if it happened very suddenly then steps could be taken to remediate the situation. The definite no-no was to stay away from the dead. Don’t go near them even if it is your mother or father or brother or sister. You are separating yourself from God, this separation is on your head, this is the long hair and beard but you are still Holy to God and God is the God of the living, He is not the God of the dead. Well Jesus did not just go near the dead, He became a part of the dead. He joined His brothers and sisters in the world of the dead by taking on the role of their death on Himself. He broke His vow and specifically confirmed that sever age by asking for fermented wine. His final penalty was being forsaken by God from Friday to Resurrection Sunday. But the surprising thing here is if He has broken His vow then where is His rededication and did not His days of service not counted from there?  ****

The contact with the dead brothers and sisters was on Good Friday and it was the real Passover. It must have been a part of His Nazirite’s vow because even though Jesus suffered a penalty for His actions the former days of his service were not voided. His ministry did not restart from day one on Resurrection Sunday. The very sudden death of a man beside him was a different matter. Firstly if you have over seven billion people there near you on one day and the very next day they are all gone leaving their mess behind them we could classify this as a ‘very sudden death. And that is what happened; on Friday the 9th of July the gates of hell opened and swallowed up satan, his evil angels and all the wicked dead. Very suddenly they were gone. Add to this the arrival of the sons of Israel to join the present Levites and both putting in a request that requires the removal of every trace of sin; they want to pass through the doorway of the tent of meeting onto the new earth and wait for the

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descent of the New Jerusalem, something which can only happen if the last trace of sin is removed. A response is required and Jesus the Nazirite responds by accepting the blame for any and all of these remaining sins and the dire consequences for these sins. These are now Jesus’ sins in the sense that they were committed by His creation. This defilement caused by Jesus accepting these sins causes Him to be separated, forsaken by God for a period of six days. On the seventh day he becomes clean and shaves His hair. This hair is still a very holy object and worthy of honour and praise. The eight day is the Day of Atonement.

It is not my role to comment on what Jesus did but try to understand why He did it. In symbolic language He offers Himself and the body and the blood of either of these two birds. It is still a blood offering and therefore the cleansing of sin and it is a burnt offering which was not involved on Good Friday. The Day of Atonement therefore supplements and complements the Passover of Good Friday. The bird offering on earth was one that had the least value and the bull had the most. Clearly there is much more to these bird sacrifices that meets the eye and may come into focus further down the track. It is on this day that Jesus is again dedicated to God as a Nazirite, the numbering of His days begins and He has 1,260 days to complete His work as a Nazirite and the hair growth would thus come from these 1,260 days where the covenant spoken of by Daniel is completed.  It is now obvious that the Nazirite vow covers Jesus’ duties on the old earth and He will be decommissioned just as He passes through the doorway of the tent of meeting with all of the angelic hosts onto the new earth. The final act on the 10th of July is performed by none other than the one Who started is all off; it is the male lamb a year old and the final sacrifice is the guilt offering. So we now have to tie in how Jesus consecrated His head and dedicated Himself as a Nazirite by presenting Himself as a guilt offering as well as correcting our initial assignment of dates as relating to the covenant of Good Friday. As the decommissioning of Jesus takes place within the covenant period of the Day of Atonement it will also justify revisiting these events. What about Numbers, chapter seven?  ****

The presentation of the two pigeons/turtledoves by Jesus as sin and burnt offerings only confirms  what Daniel has told us; when Jesus leaves Heaven to start His tutorial He will be cut off and have nothing and the sacrifice poor people gave were birds. He had nothing. Who represents who from Old to New Testaments? God talks to Moses (representing Jesus Christ) and at times tells Him to do certain things Himself. But other times Moses passes these duties onto the different natures of Jesus. So Moses might ask Aaron, Jesus as high priest, or a priest, more on that in a minute, or a Nazirite, or Levite or the cursed male lamb one year old on the cross, our redeemer or the creator of the universe.

The question of Jesus the priest is of interest. So far I have understood that the redeemed are Levites. It was what the original Passover in Egypt was about, it was what Good Friday was about, although here the outside curtain was torn allowing Levites to come inside of the tent of meeting and thus become priests, it was as Levite that I was taken to Heaven and have spent almost two millennia with the angelic hosts and even though we arrive here in limbo together it is as a Levite that I have been called out to form the inner circle around the cross of Atonement. So if Jesus presents Himself as a pigeon sacrifice then who is this priest who makes the offering to God? When Jesus presented Himself to the cross on Mount Calvary as a male lamb a year old who made the offering to God? There is no doubt both offerings were made because of our sins; Good Friday were the confessed and Day of Atonement the unconfessed but still my sins. There is also no doubt that if any sin question arises in Heaven in the service of God then the solutions that I will confidently offer are going to be lamb or dove or bull or goat depending on the nature of the sin. But there is also no doubt that it was Jesus

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Who offered Himself and did so voluntarily as lamb or pigeon and this was Jesus acting in the role of priest. The priest then is primarily Jesus but we also could be preforming a priestly role and certainly will be doing so for the eternities to come! Now to the allocation of dates.

I think I looked at Numbers (6:9-12), saw some of the complexity and decided that a simple solution would be to have the covenant of Good Fridays cross finish on the 9th of July and the covenant of the Atonement cross begin the next day, Sabbath the 10th of July. But these verses tell us the Nazirite finishes one covenant and then reconsecrates Himself on the same day. We will now have to split this day into what Daniel describes as; ‘And on the wing of the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him’.  Daniel may not have known how long that end would take but using the first cross we have; Gethsemane, trial and judgment, cross from nine to twelve, from twelve to three, from three to four and then grave until Resurrection Sunday morning. So if time is allowed to run for seven sevens then the earth is not just going to exist for 7,777 years, 7 months and 7 days but also 7 hours. In fact Heaven even splits hours in half as shown by the fact that we are only given half an hour to admire the scroll went the seventh seal is broken and time moves on. The complexity would arise if we started to fit each one in turn to chapters six, seven and eight but if you want to do a jigsaw puzzle you have to start somewhere and no better place than a corner, a cornerstone in this case; the Nazirite presenting the ewe-lamb as a sin offering at the completion of His vow. But this presentation is only made at the end of the 1,260 day covenant when the problem of these two circles of Heavenly beings has been sorted out. So a few steps back down the ladder first when our circle is around and facing the cross of Atonement. We have been given 1,260 days to perform or have performed on us to make us ready to begin that trip that will take an eternity. This must happen within 1,260 days as the old earth will disappear. We have that time to get to the doorway of the tent of meeting before the old earth disappears. Our first earthly journey started at three o’clock on Good Friday and the preparation God’s people had to make in their allocated 1,260 days were supposed to be sufficient to last them until this day, but at what time of the 10th of July? Whatever the time the new covenant cuts in and also lasts 1,260 days. Back then their preparations were quickly and severely tested as the Church of Ephesus passed into the Church of Smyrna and their preparation allowed them to pass with flying colours. They may have been asleep by the end of the second millennium but they still woke up in time and fell over the line. After entry into Heaven though there has just been a series of spontaneous processes. ****

There have been many words written about our first eighteen hundred years in Heaven and corresponding events on earth, but even though I have known of the existence of the angelic beings did not see their role other than in a few places in Scripture. But they have been up there with us all this time. The question would have to arise though if they are up there with us and they are eligible to be in the Most Holy Place with God on His throne why should they venture out at all to be with us in the Holy Place or tent of meeting? The answer is the same as to the question why should we ever want to leave the direct presence of God in the New Jerusalem to go outside, the new earth even if we have been allocated areas of land out there or why should we go out into nature and read the Book of Genesis? Ans: We begin to understand the beauty and the nature of God through His creation. It is the introduction, it is the first stepping stone and no one knows that better than satan and that accounts for his massive efforts to destroy the credibility of this book through evolution and long ages. He is aided by many church leaders who unknowingly peddle his lies and knowingly or unknowingly are doing satan’s work for which satan is very grateful. By destroying the credibility of the introduction to the Bible, the Book of Genesis only leaves very light work for its total destruction. If anything we

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see outside in that big bad world it is just that; when you remove the foundation from under something, including the Bible it will topple spontaneously, of its own accord. It will not require the gay lobby or Islam to push it over, it will just fall by itself. If anyone can see this it is Jesus and He is ready to come. But are we ready to meet Him or are we just marching to satan’s tune of evolution and long ages which prevent us from even beginning the study of the Bible as none other than God’s Word?

In Heaven pretty well from the word go, as we look at our robes of Christ’s righteousness we want to learn more about some of their beauty  and to present them to the author of perfection, God Himself. We need Him to tell us; ‘Yes Julius what you have there is perfection indeed’ and I want to hear that reassurance continually. What the saints need is the continual presence of the Holy Spirit in the form of fine linen. This fine linen undergarment will allow this robe to sit more comfortably. The Holy Spirit will do then what it is trying to do now; to explain the beauty of Jesus Christ. The problem is that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to earth once He ascended into Heaven and the Spirit is still trying to do its work down there. It does not even give up and return to Heaven once the door of mercy closes. It still has one offer from Jesus to those who have not been marked by the beast; take their place for them in hell! It is an offer that is refused just can’t be refused! Well it is refused just like the offer to the Church of Laodicea is refused and all that this does prove is that good and evil cannot mix. The foolish virgins would prefer to remove the seal of protection that God put on their foreheads at the second coming, replace them with the mark of the beast and march against and be killed by the armies of the rider of the white horse than to maintain the seal and be killed by the beast. Either way they were going to die but they chose the evil way.

After this refusal the Holy Spirit returns to Heaven. Heaven had to be not just doubly sure but triply sure that all of the bridal party were here, not one was left behind down there on planet earth. What better check could you get than offering to take their place in hell and they refuse? The Heavenly wedding feast can now begin! [one of those time out moments. As I read Revelation chapter nineteen it struck me that the wedding takes place AFTER the fall of Babylon (Rev (18 and 19:1-5)) and I had them the other way round; wedding then battle and not battle then wedding. But it is Babylon that falls before the wedding. After the second coming of our Lord the living wicked had a thousand years of peace to set up a world government. The fact that they were so successful only shows how disruptive satan is and without him what leaps and bounds can be achieved. It was not only the absence of the dragon that allowed this success and peace it was also the prayers of the saints in heaven and it was when these prayers were bundled into a golden censor and hurled back to earth, at the end of the millennium when hell literally broke loose. The dragon was released from the abyss and the evil wicked rose from their graves. The battle for supremacy between satan and the beast ended in stalemate. The beast retained the role as trader and satan’s lot became sailors, captains and other remedial workers. They got on well enough to form an army to challenge the armies of Heaven, they were not going to put up with this constant Heavenly interference, they would take the fight up to Heaven. This is just before the wedding but a mighty earthquake splits Babylon into three parts and this is the event that is being referred to in chapter 19. But all that has happened is Babylon has been split into three. Whereas before they were united in one army they now split and there are going to be two battles instead of one. It is during one of these battles that the beast turns on and devours the false prophet. The order I had was right. The battle of the beast is after the wedding but the split in Babylon occurs before the wedding. I don’t think it is right but it appears that the wedding takes

Page 59

Place after the split and the results are a foregone conclusion. I think that the determining factor for the wedding was the arrival of the Holy Spirit back into Heaven)

The ushers and the thrilled guests are the angels. Their joy in Heaven now at seeing the return of the lost sheep and their unification with the bridegroom are described in Revelation chapter nineteen. We will now at long last be one happy family. We do not receive worship but with our brothers the angels we hold to the testimony of Jesus and worship God. We form a part of the same army and ride behind the rider of the white horse. Before we joined them these were the armies that Jesus could have called on in Gethsemane who would have vaporised Jews and Romans. The battle against the beast was a formality after which the last one of the seventy sevens came into play. We both listened spellbound to the 1,260 day tutorial of Jesus, then the Day of Atonement and now here we are, some twenty odd days after being organised by Aaron we are finally in a position to offer the two bulls.[returning to Numbers (8:5-13) ].

Actually the witness Scripture in verse fourteen reminds us that it was Jesus Who separated the Levites at the doorway to the tent of meeting and now after these processes they will be able to go into the tent of Meeting. The sons of Israel have had this access as well as to the most Holy Place all the way along or at least since Good Friday. It is Jesus Who cleanses them and makes them to bring the two bulls along, assembles the whole congregation in such a way that the angels can lay their hands on the heads of the saints. Aaron presents these Levites as a wave offering from the angels but Jesus presents them as a wave offering from Himself to God. Now the Levites lay their hands on the two bulls. Comparing Good Fridays Passover with Holy Sabbaths Day of Atonement;

Passover only had one animal slain, Atonement had two. Passover sacrificed a male lamb one year old, Atonement sacrificed two bulls. Atonement involved the laying of hands on the innocent animal,  Passover did not. All three animals, the lamb and two bulls symbolised Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ on both occasions hung from a cross or in OT language the altar. On both occasions God the Father handed God the Son the cup of wrath which when Jesus had drunk accomplished certain objectives. Only Passover involved intentional sin, Atonement did not. Both involved a sin offering when the blood of the animal was used to cleanse from defilement the sins particular to the sacrifice.****On Good Friday the Passover lamb symbolised Jesus Christ but Jesus was also the High Priest. The High Priest took His own blood into the Most Holy Place in Heaven which contained the throne of God as described so aptly by chapter five of Revelation. Some of that blood has already been used by the saints to wash their robes in on entry into Heaven. This was not a symbolic entry but a real entry and therefore real application of that Heavenly blood. As this sacrifice now being offered is the most precious and holy available, the bull sacrifice, it still will require anointing. When Jesus applies this blood to our foreheads, not our robes, then it can be said that, ‘the Most Holy has been anointed’. This has been the Heavenly pathway of the blood of the lamb and we will soon return to its earthly journey, where physically at least the largest volume of blood remained. The blood of the sin sacrifice of Atonement was also presented by Jesus Who by now has multiple symbolism including a bull and again the High Priest presents His blood but this time for cleansing any sin remaining in the universe . It is the scars of these sins on the earth that will require its destruction. But for a while at least we have sin offering blood from Passover and we have sin offering blood  from the Day of Atonement. (DOA).

For the DOA blood to be effective and remove all the stains that were left Jesus had to pay the penalty for these sins. He had already suffered six days of being forsaken by God  but sin’s penalty is ultimately death. By His death on the DOA Jesus has now paid the full penalty for these unconfessed,

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unintentional sins. They are gone. His death is certified because His blood has left His body and is the cleansing agent. We do know what happened to most of that blood on Good Friday but what happened to the blood of the DOA? If it dropped from the cross and the cross is standing in an identical position to where it stood on Good Friday then the DOA blood is in exactly the same place as the Passover blood was and both could now be able to be gathered and taken back to Heaven before this old earth is destroyed. So by following Passover blood we could well strike the blood of DOA.

The burnt offering is particular to the DOA. It has already been symbolised by a pigeon/turtledove, a male lamb one year old and a combination of bull, ram and year old male lamb, but this time it is just a bull offering. The burnt offering required the death of the bull and the separation of its blood, which we have just looked at. But now it is about the body. The body is the vehicle that carries the blood which gives it life and without that blood the body dies within minutes. Function one of the body; to carry blood. The body indicates structure. There should be order, structure within the church, the body of Christ just like there was in the body of Christ and there was in God Himself as indicated by those four creatures around the throne. Function two and the list so far could not be described as exhaustive but has room for improvement. But the aspect I would like to discuss is the addition of the accompanying fine flour and oil and it is these additions that make it so holy and precious to God; the bull offering.

The Bible usually crushes objects into a fine powder so that they can be thrown to the wind and forgotten and for that to happen it has to very fine indeed. Not so in the DOA. It was very fine, the flour, so that when subjected to the flames and heat of the burnt offering and mixed with the oil of the Holy Spirit it coalesced into a uniform matrix. We became one body with Jesus Christ. Up to now, we ate the Passover lamb before Good Friday to indicate that Jesus had become a part of us and after Good Friday when animal sacrifices became blasphemous we crushed the unleavened bread and swallowed it to also indicate that the body of Jesus was also our body but on the DOA it is the  other way around; we become a part of His body and thus the sanctity and the Holiness of this bull for a burnt offering. So it is not only the most thing in existence to God, the saints and the angels that are standing there it is the fact that they have now become one flesh with Jesus. It is after this that God told Moses to stand these Levites before Aaron and his sons and present them as a wave offering to God in totality. The fact that the angels are not included indicates they  were never severed and do not require this rededication. But from the 10th of July at a time we still have to determine we became one body with Jesus. If this is so then that this oneness could not occur when we had the beast within us even though it was dead. It was the expunging of this dead beast by what we saw what was going on, on that cross of the Day of Atonement (DOA) that expunged this dead beast allowing us to be finally at one with our creator and redeemer, Jesus Christ!

In the remaining verses 14-19, the Bible seems to be pitched at two levels; what the Israelites saw and were supposed to use and remember and the angelic view ultimately finishing up in the New Jerusalem. So earthly then [Heavenly]. Verse 14; the Levites were separated from among the rest of the people and given fulltime to God. [ even though they both turned up together for the DOA only the saints were called out as it was ‘their’ unconfessed unintentional sins that were now stopping the

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New Jerusalem from appearing. They needed the beast within them killed but both saints and angels needed this beast expunged. The angels always belonged to God but not so the saints.]**** Verse15; After they were cleansed and offered as a wave offering the Levites went in and served the tent of meeting.[ the hold up now in front of the tent of meeting, the new earth was those Heavenly Levites who arrived in the armies of God was because they had the beast within. Right back in creation week all beings had the beast within, the free will they were given gave them the option of obeying or disobeying God, they, we, were not robots with endless songs of praise that had to be changed every million or so years. Two thirds of the angelic hosts chose differently to the one third; they chose not to rebel, even though the beast within remained. But this is saying that the beast within is synonymous with freewill. This is not so. In Heaven for the eternities to come we will also have freewill but we will chose not to disobey God as the angels in Heaven originally did. So Heaven then is a place where that timeline called evil does not exist. It was almost wiped out when it rose up to meet the timeline called good on Good Friday but as it came in contact with the horizontal beam of the cross it went up a little way past it. But in the long run it returns and as we have been following is totally destroyed by that horizontal beam of DOA.

This then requires the most major in this blog so far. These ‘good’ angels chose not to pull that timeline of evil within them, they were always ‘Good’, they never had the beast within them and as such did not have to have it killed nor expunged. They like all the created angels were clean skins and remained clean skins. They have had the right to enter the Most Holy Place all the way along and now can enter the new Heaven and earth without any restrictions. It is because they have their hands on the saints heads that is causing the bottleneck. [ The Levites along with all of humanity used their free will to drag the timeline of evil on board and all have the beast within. The beast within the saints died when they saw the horrors of the flames of hell when its doors opened to receive satan, his angels and the wicked dead and what our Lord went through in order to get them into the Heaven they have just spent the last two millennia in. But the dead beast still needed expunging, but this was entirely their problem and not as I had also a part problem for the saints. As these verses are a summary they do not have the entire process, just cleansing…….wave offering. Now the Levite can go through into the tent of meeting and this part of the bottleneck has now been cleared.] Verse 16; Well you Israelites treat this lot with respect as they are My chosen people. Don’t expect to do anything other than what I have given them to do and any disrespect towards them is disrespect for Me. By me choosing them has saved each family great trauma as I will not require their firstborn sons any longer. These Levites have taken their place.[ Not sure how the angels would look at this one other than these Levites are God chosen and fully accepted within the fold but in a closer way than they were back in the first Heaven. As there is no pecking order in Heaven this cannot be a pecking order but there is an order]

Verse 17; When problems arise within the community the Israelites are being told to go back to their origins in Egypt. Who is who and what is what will be answered there and why. The firstborn male animal is taken to the temple and male child are the price the community has to pay. [Egypt and Passover will remain the major theme of time to the extent that even the male lamb a year old will be used as a Day of Atonement burnt offering] Verse 18; Very obvious to the Jew but what about Heaven? [ There seems to be a very strange concept arising here. Because (?) there were so many lost out  of the original sons of Israel, one third of them and God is here adjusting that original number with Levites. If this appears to be the case I will have to revisit these verses.]  Verse 19; The Levites are gifts from among the people to Aaron and the priests to perform the service that their firstborn sons would have performed had they not been replaced by the Levites. These Levites are performing the work of

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angels just as in Revelation 19:10 the angel tells John that he is a fellow servant to John. [ so in Heaven we are going to be given angels as gifts  and together given to the high priest who in Heaven must be Jesus but there are no plagues in Heaven anyway? But the defining text to me was verse ten; it is the sons of Israel, ( angelic angels) who lay their hands on these once earthly Levites so that these once earthly Levites can also perform the service of God. The sons of Israel always have been able to do so.

Verses 20 -26; ‘Thus did Moses and Aaron and all the congregation of the sons of Israel to the Levites; according to all that the Lord had commanded Moses concerning the Levites, so the sons of Israel did to them. The Levites, too, purified themselves from sin and washed their clothes; and Aaron presented them as a wave offering before the Lord. Aaron also made atonement for them to cleanse them. Then after the Levites went in to perform their service in the tent of meeting before Aaron and his sons; just as the Lord had commanded Moses concerning the Levites, so they did to them. Now the Lord spoke to Moses , saying, “This is what applies to the Levites; from twenty five years old and upward they shall enter to perform the service in the work of the tent of meeting. But at the age of fifty years they shall retire from service in the work and not work any more. They may, however, assist their brothers in the tent of meeting, to keep an obligation, but they themselves shall do no work. Thus you shall deal with the Levites concerning their obligations”’.***

Well another week of one step forward and five back and it only proves that there is more to the Bible than two and a half chapters of the Book of Numbers. The reasons I am convinced that chapter eight of Numbers as well as six and seven have not just been the obvious earthly applications but Heavenly and end of planet earth applications are; Firstly they involve the burnt offering and the burnt offering is only a part of the Day of Atonement (DOA), it is not a part of Calvary’s Good Friday. Good Friday happened about two thousand years ago and the DOA is still some one thousand and eight hundred years to come. Secondly it is the greater, the sons of Israel, who lay their hands on the lesser, the Levites. The lesser could lay hands on the animal in the presence of the priest or high priest, but the Levites here are not priests, they are gifts to the priests from the people. The Levites are the lesser and it is they who have their sins removed and qualify for the service of God and not the sons of Israel whom I maintain are called angels when they are in Heaven. It is the Levite who is totally responsible for the bottleneck that has appeared at the doorway to the tent of meeting, the entry door to the new earth. The angel, the sons of Israel have no contribution to this blockage at all. It is only when they have gone though these initiation steps that they, the Levies  are allowed to go through to the tent of meeting.   One has to be very careful when comparing anything to Jesus Christ yet it is the Bible itself that has come up with all these earthly symbols. The angels cannot really be compared to Jesus as one is the potter and the other the pot but we can say that both have a free will, they are not just automated robots and could choose to do evil. Both chose not to, they have no beast within that needs to be killed and therefore there is need to pull out the bits of dead beast within them. Not so with us the Levites, saints or redeemed. The closest the beast within us came to dying was by drowning in the baptismal font. Those in black habits with their broad cheesy white grins have managed to convert that earth shattering event into dropping a few drops of water on an infant!. But the beast is resurrected, that is if it dies at all, and goes with us into the Holy Place with us for the first one thousand eight hundred odd years of our lives there.

It is the saints who initiate these final events and the armies of Heaven under the leadership of the rider of the white horse ride out of the Holy Place of the old Heavens and arrive at the doorway of the new earth. And it is here that the problem of the beast within the saints manifests itself. Not only can’t

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the New Jerusalem come down but they are not allowed even onto the new earth as it is sinless. There is no evil timeline there and we are not allowed in for the same reason we cannot go into the Most Holy Place. Little wonder that that great apostle Paul was filled with such awe and wonder when Jesus allowed them all into the room with the throne of God! The beast within us dies as we are shown inside hell when its gates are opened to swallow satan and all evil beings and is expunged the next day when we are shown on the DOA that there is no such thing as a ‘little’ sin. With no evil within we become one body finally with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! This is a part of what the burnt offering point us to with the fine flour mixed with oil.

The following ‘problems’ I am now going to list are not problems in the Bible but just my misinterpretations of it and pray fully should allow me to concentrate on them and with your prayer and the help of the Holy Spirit the author and instigator of this Holy Book give us answers and allow us to move on and glorify His Holy Name. A major problem are these Levites; Yes they were required to do a lot of work when this tent temple was moving around the desert and the priests could not have done it by themselves but once the permanent temple of Solomon was completed there was no need to dismantle and reassemble curtains and rods and ropes and utensils, there work was completed. Certainly by Good Friday when the curtain to the tent of meeting tore from Heaven to earth, top to bottom, the believers were expected to move into the tent of meeting and perform the duties of a priest, not Levites, those select few who were given Levites as gifts. They survived almost two millennia with no temple and finished up in the Holy place of the old heavens. They turn up in the armies of heaven at the DOA and after 1,260 days are allowed through the doorway of the tent of meeting onto the new earth to await the arrival of the New Jerusalem. It may be that as they go through this doorway to serve in the heavenly tent of meeting that they stop being Levites and become priests. But from my reading of Revelation is that this occurred on Good Friday and we are kings and priests now.

When we are having problems with Scripture our Lord tells us to come back to the Old Testament and indeed chapter eight tells us to go back to Egypt and chapter nine to back to Passover so lets us go back to there to see whether that is where the problems stem from and if it is not from Passover then the only other place is the Day of Atonement. The problem that here arises is that the earthly symbolisms of their yearly cycle of Passover to DOA to Passover to DOA to Passover to…….has many similarities to the Heavenly one but there are still major differences. But these texts tell us to split these vents four ways; earth’s Passover from Egypt to the cross, Heaven’s Passover the cross on Mount Calvary on Good Friday  and earth’s DOA on the 10th of July with it sin, scapegoat and burnt offering but Heaven’s DOA also on the 10th of July but some one thousand eight hundred years later only had a sin and burnt offering, it had no scapegoat. But the only reason history changed and our outward journey away from God turned into Heaven bound journey back to God was because of what Jesus did for us on Good Friday. It is the centre point, the return point and the other three events must come from and of Good Friday.

Scripture only talks about Good Friday’s Passover (GFP) as featuring one event; The sin offering. Jesus the male lamb one year old suffered and died, there is the penalty for our sins paid for to free us of sin. We His people, Levites?, are sinless. Every sin we have committed, are committing of will commit have been taken into account and washed by His blood. This is so today even though that washing is implied  so it should not make any difference when that blood is applied, not as far as sin is concerned anyway. But we have to note carefully what actually did happen on Good Friday; it was sin that was

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removed and sin is something that we have committed and admitted that we done it and repented of it and it is that it passes onto the Passover Lamb. It includes both intentional and unintentional sin and the pathway for the forgiveness of these two sins is different but both involve the Lamb of God. By stressing and over stressing this lamb we can get so familiar with it that we can introduce other animal symbols. The unconfessed sins are also similarly graded; intentional and unintentional.***

My committed, unintentional sins are unconfessed because I just did not know that I have committed them. They along with those sins of Jesus’ creation, both the wicked and the dead are cleansed and burnt up on the Day of Atonement. (DOA) This is the mopping up of the last traces of all sin only a sinless world is left behind with a period of 1,260 days or three and a half years and the period we are now looking at. But my intentional sins are a totally different basket of fish and most conventional Christianity cannot accept. Let me use a personnel example that I have used before. For about forty years of my life as a Roman Catholic I did not have the slightest idea that God’s holy day was Saturday, the Sabbath and attended mass on Sunday as most of Christianity did and continued to do. Even when this was pointed out to me by Pastor Ken L. the only way I could accept this was if you used the Bible as the basis of this dogma. So an unintentional sin has been pointed out. If I admit this is so and confess it, it becomes a confessed unintentional sin and therefore specifically covered by the sin offering of the Lamb of Good Fridays Passover. (GFP) This is the specific sin that is being targeted by this sin offering and all other confessed unintentional sins. But what if I for whatever reason refuse to confess it. Well it is still sin whether it be me or some hunter in the Amazonian jungle who does not know what day it is let alone the Sabbath commandment. It is not just committed sin but unconfessed sin. Heaven alone judges whether it is now intentional or unintentional but if intentional then it cannot be covered by Good Friday, it only covered confessed sin and the result of all intentional sin is hell. If I wasn’t covered by Good Friday then I will go to hell myself. Either way intentional sin will either be burnt up in hell attached to my body or the body of Jesus Christ.

Good Friday covers committed and confessed sins in two markedly different ways. In symbolic language the confessed unintentional, ( I did not know I was hurting you and I apologise for doing so, please forgive me and I will try not to do so again for what that promise is worth. I do acknowledge that I have caused You immeasurable pain and suffering and ultimately your death, my only true friend.) The confessed intentional sins follow a different pathway into hell where they are totally destroyed and whose memory even disappears from Heaven’s radar, never to be spoken of and not even mentioned ever again. The symbolism here is the scapegoat.

It is the second cab on the rank, not the first. The first, the sin offering cleared the rubbish around it making it stand out to show what it was. Nine to twelve, the hours of light came first, the sin offering. God may treat all sin as the same as it results in His only Begotten Son suffering and dying but we can only understand the different treatment that God gave to intentional sin. We desperately want this to be different and on selfish grounds. We never want it to be brought up again anywhere in the eternities to come. We were bad  but surely not that bad! We put our hands on our Saviour’s head and spat in His holy face and told Him we didn’t want anything to do with Him! Can that ever be forgiven let alone forgotten? THE GOOD NEWS OF THE BIBLE IS THAT IT CAN AND IT HAS! Satan will not allow us to forget it but we have the weapon to beat him; ‘it is written’ is that weapon but unfortunately its effectiveness is depended on the faith of the user which in turn is depended on; ‘ask and you shall receive or Lord give me that faith!’ Let us go back to the symbolism first.

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The first goat is dead and its blood collected and ready to be taken up to Heaven into the Most Holy Place by our High Priest to accompany certain cleansing purposes after which the ‘left over’ blood will be poured against the side of the altar, the cross. Our High Priest, the man Who is able must first take this scapegoat and kill it by throwing it off a cliff. Only then can He come back, purify Himself by washing, take His own blood and take it into the Most Holy Place in Heaven. It is three o’clock when the divinity of Jesus returns and takes His blood away to Heaven and it is three o’clock when the Nazirite joins the dead. The body of Jesus joins us in the world of the dead. But let go now back to twelve o’clock and the start of these sins, ones we are going to make sure are included and never to be mentioned again.

The moment we have been waiting for now at least since our first intentional sin and for the Israelites it was since the last DOA. The scapegoat is led in, we have them all lined up and as soon as the high priests hands touch that scapegoat we rattle them all off; this is our one and only chance to see them all go down the gurgler and disappear. We confess our intentional sins and place them all on the humanity of Jesus, the scapegoat’s body. There is an exception here for older people for those with a brilliant brain for absorbing information but releasing none. We can’t remember what happened yesterday let alone a week or month ago and the Lord realises that this is so. The best we can do is to repent of the sins we can remember and if we do this regularly and they are forgiven and probably explains why forgotten by us; they are not there! But if a blanket confession is the best we can do then I am very sure that Jesus will take that into account.

What part of this scapegoat was destroyed? The whole animal was thrown over the cliff and bits and pieces of it arrived at the bottom. None of it was used as a part of the temple ritual. But if the whole body of Jesus Christ was thrown into hell wouldn’t the blood, even one drop of put out the fires of hell? A certain part of that blood had already been extracted by the sin sacrifice before 12 o’clock and even if there was blood left within the body of Jesus it would not have burnt. Both the body and blood of Jesus were sinless and even when subjected to the fires of hell were not consumed in any way. But if the Passover lamb in Egypt was roasted and eaten and the body of Jesus thrown into hell, then why was this not called a burnt offering? The burnt offering can only take place once all intentional sin is gone and these fires were about intentional sin so they could not be a burnt offering.

We come back again to three o’clock on Good Friday to see if this was the start of our journey back to Heaven or was that at nine or four or even Resurrection Sunday when Jesus broke the first seal of the Heavenly scroll? Three o’clock sees the arrival of the man who is able, the divinity of Jesus back at the cross after He had made sure that the goat, the humanity of Jesus was dead. He takes some of His blood and goes to the Most Holy Place in Heaven. There goes the Heavenly stream. The lifeless humanity is left behind with most of its blood still within the body. Jesus the Nazirite has joined the dead on earth and pays the penalty for what happens if any Nazirite comes in contact with the dead; forsaken by God. Is He one with us or are we one with Him? We do not continue to eat the Passover lamb but we do break His body as symbolised by us eating the bread of the last supper to show that He is a part of us. After the Heavenly DOA when we become a part of Him we will no longer eat the bread as we would be eating a part of ourselves. This Heavenly body now hangs on the cross for one hour with much of its blood inside. Human blood or divine blood? Divinity cannot die so both body and blood symbolically must represent the humanity of Jesus. Jesus the Nazirite has joined humanity. For how long does this state last for and what symbolism can be attached to it. For one hour Jesus is ***both body and blood. If His church represents His body then it must also represent His blood. This blood is the blood of the new covenant. They remain together for one hour when the blood is separated by that Roman spear and Rome at that time was one source of evil and combined with

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God’s ‘own people’ constituted that indescribably horrible beast. The beast in the soon coming tribulation will also be indescribably horrible and again God’s ‘own’ people but this time coupled to another evil power quite conceivably the USA. It is this combination that will open the side of Jesus, His church, and our blood will be poured out over the world. Our blood is not the blood of Jesus that was poured out against the cross of Good Friday. It is defiled and not life everlasting giving. It will not be collected every last drop and taken back to Heaven. It does not prevent the world being destroyed by fire and the wrath of God. It will however be used to water the very last harvest from earth.

At this separation of body and blood at the second coming of our Lord the blood of Jesus remains back on earth and we His body are placed by Joseph and Nicodemus into our graves. We cannot believe the beauty of this grave and in fact cannot imagine that it could get any better. But this Holy Place, Heaven’s tent of meeting for the next one thousand eight hundred odd years, is really a grave when compared to the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem which with Jesus on Resurrection Sunday morning we are about to go.

In summary looking back in summary at those four components; Earthly Passover, male lamb one year old, Egypt, killed Good Friday the 14th of January, applied blood on door frames but only concerned with FIRSTBORN MALES, body roasted,(hell), and eaten to represent that God has become a part of His people, liberation of all people from Egyptian slavery and the journey begun to Heaven. (journey’s preparation is such that not only are they travelling to the main event, Mount Calvary but beyond, actually right up to the DOA. They celebrated the Day of Atonement once each year.

Heavenly Passover; Jesus Christ hangs on the cross on Mount Calvary and dies on Good Friday the 14th of January, only sin sacrifice and the blood from it emphasised, the body that acted as a frame and presented our sins to the flames of hell still worshipped as the feast of the Unleavened Bread, only CONFESSED sins are absolved, both intentional and unintentional and once it is pointed out to us that something is a sin and we still want to retain it we are perfectly entitled to keep them and their consequences, The outward journey for God’s people becomes the homeward journey, they about face and starting on this rock as a foundation start looking at their Heavenly homes and wondering what sort of apartment Jesus has gone to build for us there. The last half of that last seven out of seventy times seven or 1,260 days was preparation for this journey which was supposed to end with the Day of Atonement (DOA).

Earthly DOA; Celebrated by the Jews once a year, midyear on the 10th of July. Started with sin offering and scapegoat, ( Good Friday also had a sin offering and scapegoat. Both the scapegoats are the same but the sin offerings are different; Good Friday’s blood cleansed confessed sin but the blood of the earthly DOA is the ‘super’ version of Jesus’ blood and points to when Jesus hangs on the DOA cross and the blood from this sacrifice drops down and joins that blood that was poured out at 4pm on Good Friday and becomes the ‘super’ or ‘full function’ blood. This blood cleanses all sin and not just confessed sin. Once this ‘super’ version of blood is applied and that man who is able returns after the scapegoat has been destroyed, the burnt offering can now proceed. This is a ram but it does not have any fine flour mixed with oil.

Heavenly DOA; takes place when all intentional sin has gone as well as all other confessed sin. All that is left are those unconfessed, unintentional though committed sins. It occurs on the 10th of July and begins with a sin offering. This sin offering is for the ‘sins of Jesus’ and it was the choice of Jesus to Page 67

make them so. If they had not been atoned for we would not be allowed past the doorway into the Heavenly tent of meeting and it is this bottleneck that chapter eight is about.

There appears to be three stages of instruction that God is giving His people. The present ones , many that have all been given and some that are still to come, the Old Testament, the three and a half year tutorial, 1,260 days that Jesus gave before His cross and the future 1,260 day tutorial before He goes to His DOA cross. I would have expected the Old Testament to cover the people of God until the New Testament took over and completed the picture to at least the final tutorial but this would have given the people of God only a partial picture. They got the whole picture even though that may have been in symbolic form, nonetheless complete. Moses no doubt understood the whole picture but other greats like Daniel even though he penned them out, did not fully understand them. They would be opened up at the right time. If this is that time we are entitled to try to join some of these waypoints, to try to assemble this jigsaw puzzle even though we don’t get the right parts in the right place the first time. The ground we stand on is quite firm; Jesus told Nicodemus if he wanted to understand salvation he should go back to the bronze snake of Moses way back in the Sinai desert. But Jesus added a further admonition; if you don’t believe and therefore do this, don’t waste your time reading the New Testament either.

First and foremost these chapters and the Old Testament were for God’s people, the Jews or Israelites. The 01/ 01/ 0001 had occurred, they had been liberated from Egyptian slavery and they were ready to march onto and into the promised land on the other side of the River Jordan. Each year was split into the two stages they would have to go through; Passover and DOA. Passover was the release from Egypt, the slavery of sin and the start of the march to the promised land and the Day of Atonement (DOA) was the final clean up before entry into the promised land. But even though the distance between being cleaned up and final entry was very short they managed to fall over in that time and so the march to being released by Pharaoh started again, and again. Both legs of the journey, the away from Heaven, Passover and the journey back, to DOA depended on their relationship with the Almighty God. It was God Who spelt the conditions out and it was God Who reinforced them with monotonous regularity. The success of the journey depended on how efficiently  the Tabernacle was run and in chapter eight much detail is given about the main workers, the Levites, their inauguration and acceptance by both God and the people. Almost all of the details have been given now and all that is required now is for the cloud to lift and follow it in whatever direction it is about to lead. This journey probably lasted for 1,260 years when Jesus gave His 1,260 day tutorial, the Cross and a further 1,260 days for the journey that would now last as long as this planet earth lasted. But Holy Scripture chooses to pull out of its last seven times seventy or four hundred and ninety years just the very last seven years and split them into three parts;  three and a half year tutorial by Jesus, (1,260 days). The cross of Atonement followed by the last three and a half years a period which we are trying to fill with events. We know that this is also a period of preparation for a journey and this journey is the one of eternity. But it can only begin once earthly conditions have been met.

Chapter eight has the burnt offering and since this offering was only made on the DOA  we are seeking a connection between these two DOA and these are the rules our Master told us to follow. The final Heavenly DOA did not involve the angelic hosts. They did not need any sin offering or blood to cleanse them of their sins, they had none. They did not even need any life everlasting blood applied to them, they already had life everlasting just like Adam and Eve had and they too would not have required any type of blood had they chosen not to break away from God. The reason I was having to try to fill in these last 1,260 days was because I just could not make a tie with these earthly yet Heavenly chapters. Now it is going to be whether there are enough days left to complete the tasks. Just like here when Page 68

we are about to start our earthly journey or those 1,260 days those early Christians had  to prepare them for the journey of the church which is to take nearly 3,800 years we too are about to start our journey and it begins with the cross of the Day of Atonement. Actually it is the start and very nearly the end of the cross all on the same day and within hours of each other. Almost at the very start we are hit not just by a high speed baseball bat but by a literal sledge hammer throw. Presented as each one being a grain of sand then there is a Sahara Desert of them! And Jesus is going to treat each gain individually! Just the sheer number knocks us off our feet. When we focus on the ones with our name on them it gets far worse. Sin is not a tiny little grain at all, how badly we had mistaken them for tiny grains! Talk about clangers! Each one is a terrible, spiteful and hurtful package of pain! No wonder they are called an abomination that causes desolation! And all that stuff about those unintentional and unconfessed sin as being benign and accepted by Jesus as His sin is meaningless now. They are my sins and for which I am responsible. If I had confessed them all this suffering of my Perfect Friend would only have been moved back to Good Friday, its effects still the same. And here now I see each one being dealt with and the price being paid for each. The nightmare goes on forever and even though it may finish sometime I have been severed from the presence of God. Even the power of perfection has been broken and perfect love, grace, compassion and justice has been shattered. They can no longer apply to me! All hope is gone!

It is this sorry wreck that Heaven is presented with at the end of the DOA, in fact every saint is in exactly the same state. This shivering mass of humanity is soon the step forward and Jesus will apply His life everlasting blood to each forehead, but to step forward they will have to be standing first and they must be fully appreciative of what is happening to them. Heaven pulls up all stops, the prodigal son has returned and he must be made welcome. It is actually closer to the 100th sheep being saved because it is the other ninety nine who prepare the feast.**** Heaven pulls out all stops.

Firstly the angelic hosts step up, lift up and hold up their brothers and ask God to accept them in His presence to perform His service of the Lord for the eternities to come. It is obvious that our brothers are genuine as desperately want us there for the eternities to come. They have never sinned but are prepared to take a back seat whilst all the attention is heaped on these lost sheep. In fact they consider it a privilege to do so. It is an exemplary case of an elder child holding the hand of a younger brother or sister. Then Divinity cuts in.

There is no point in showing this quivering but standing mass albeit because the angels are holding them up, the sin offering because it is the sin offering that caused this mass of saints to shiver and quiver in the first place, but they are shown the burnt offering and its results; they are now a part of the body of Jesus Christ! One body! It may take some time to sink through but sink through it does and it does so by sending the roots of this belief back to what happened in Egypt.(8:17). So here we have our first real Biblical lesson of what Jesus told Nicodemus; ‘if you want to know and understand salvation then go back to Moses’ bronze snake in the desert. If you want to know and understand the DOA then go back to the firstborn in the land of Egypt. If that does not make any sense then don’t even try looking up to the DOA, it will be a case of water off the ducks back!’  We have just come from the Passover  in the desert and even the Heavenly Passover of Mount Calvary but sadly at least at this stage there is little point in looking up but there is reason why this should not change with prayer and time. As I consider typing and reading of the Word of the Lord as a form of prayer and if that connection between the first and last is ever revealed to me it should be of interest how that

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revelation relates to what I am now trying to do; fill and list the events of this earth’s last 1,260 days of existence. What and in what order had to be done for us to finally see the last of this earth. By whatever means I am standing up even if supported by angels and now even a more surreal event to cope; I have become one with the body of Christ! The flames and the heat of the burnt offering have fused the fine flour and oil into the one body of Jesus! We are one! I am now entitled to assume and to offer His perfect life, death and resurrection whenever I want to. I have actually been doing that since the cross when Jesus came down to join the dead, but that was only He joining me, and now this connection is not only implied by faith but is applied in time. All that is required now is Resurrection Sunday when the blood of divinity is applied and we rise to everlasting perfection.

Now back to the question of was the original start of these last 1,260 days of planet earth’s existence actually the guilt offering, the end of the previous journey and the restart of the Nazirite’s vow for Jesus?  Is this the start of the cross on earth and end on earth or is this its protrusion into eternity? Do the chapters of Numbers six, seven, eight and nine really protrude into eternity? The complexity here is immense but it still based on certain assumptions. Some of these are:

The old world and the new world cannot coexist. The new world can only form in a state of perfection and even though the old world does not have any evil beings on it during its last 1,260 days of its existence it still carries the stains of where all those sins were committed. The old earth will have to be burnt into nothing before Jesus can restart His creative acts  of the new universe. So where are we in this time and what do we see? There must be a very clear area between the old and the new earths and I will take this to be seven days; Destruction of old and beginning of new creation.

If the old world cannot be destroyed whilst it carries the blood of Good Friday then this becomes doubly true when the blood of the Atonement tree drops in exactly the same place. This blood is no longer Passover blood and Atonement blood it is one blood. It must be gathered every last drop of it and taken up before the destruction of this earth can even begin. In my scenario which is based on the DOA cross being on the wing of the temple there are three regions or zones. Zone one or earth zone is the region below those outstretched arms of Jesus on His DOA cross. Zone two is above these outstretched arms but below the doorway into the tent of meeting above which is the Heavenly zone three.

From certainly not the first reading of Daniel, (9:24) the strong impression is that all six of these requirements will be met on old planet earth and only then can we move through that doorway and onto the new earth. They are all a part of that last seven. Let us test each one individually first and as parallelisms (1-6, 2-5 and 3-4) at a later date. One; Finish transgression. All the evil people are dead and therefore not capable of transgressing and the living not only do not have a dead beast within, but it has been expunged. The timeline of evil no longer exists and transgression is finished. Two; End sin. With the end of transgression the only sin to remain are its scars which can only be destroyed by a conflagration of the old earth, something which could cause us problems. Three; Atone for wickedness. Yes, and completed on the cross of Day of Atonement. (DOA). Four; Bring in everlasting righteousness. Happens on the border of the crossover into and through the doorway to the Heavenly tent of meeting. Five; Seal up vision and prophesy. Neither can go past the new earth and Heavens. Inconsistency if we run around on the new earth making ourselves symbolic shelters of the ones we had before we arrived at this final place. For this statement to be true the New Jerusalem has to be there already whilst we are running around and getting excited at part of our new abode. Six; to anoint the Most Holy; By now we have got ourselves together and realise the value that we are to God. The burnt offering and fine flour and oil have shown us that we are most holy to God. We are now one

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with His body and now all that requires to be done is to have that blood from planet earth lifted and applied to our foreheads; the Most Holy are anointed.

Let us follow this anointing event further. If Jesus lifts His blood off the planet to anoint us with the protection that was stopping the old earth is now gone and the planet can start to burn. Or can it?  The cross of the DOA still reaches down to earth, it is only the blood that has been lifted. Even with every drop of Jesus’ blood meticulously removed from this cross it is still invaluable and cannot be destroyed along with planet earth. It is the altar of both Passover and DOA. No can be! One solution could be that that the whole altar along with the blood of Jesus is ‘jacked’ up so high that its feet and all off the accompanying blood come with it so high that they are above the place where the outstretched arms of Jesus were; it is with us in limbo waiting for that grand entrance through the doorway of the tent of meeting. Only then can the old earth begin to burn up. All its protection has been removed.

But if both old and new earth’s cannot coexist then we are going to have to wait until the old earth disappears before Jesus can begin to begin His creative acts on the new universe. Both the blood of Jesus and the cross are out of the way and as there will not be any ashes left by that fire there will be no cooling down period either. There is nothing left to cool down, just like after the fires of hell. A very interesting picture results from this scenario, but first some questions; In the desert and Herod’s temple where was the altar? Answer: just outside of the doorway to the tent of meeting on the LHS. Question; where was the altar in the two rebuilt temples after the second coming? Answer: just outside of the doorway to the tent of meeting on the LHS. Question; where is the altar to the temple of eternity? Answer: Where we have just put it, just outside of the doorway to the tent of meeting on the LHS. Coincidence? Maybe but with radicle consequences, more on these later. So far we have spent time on the recuperation of the saints after the DAO and bringing up the blood of Jesus to a position where it can be applied to the saints. There was also mention of the old earth burning up, a pause and God beginning His new creation. But there are major events to occur whilst this cross is still in contact with old planet earth of the Nazirite Jesus Christ whilst still under the old vow and the relatively short period of time of when His separation days are restarted. It all concerns the cross and for what good it does us we will again compare the decommissioning of the Nazirite at the end of the cross to its dedication at the start of the earthly journey. We desperately need more clues as to this Egypt’s connection. This is probably our third run through chapters six, seven and even eight.

The focus is now that altar in front of the doorway of the new earth and its last role on, well actually it has a role on the old planet where the DOA was held but it also has a role in what we call limbo just outside of the doorway into the new earth but both events occur within that very last 1,260 days after the DOA or the last half of the last seven. To distinguish between them we will call the cross standing on earth, planet earth altar and the one that has been jacked up above the arms of Jesus and into limbo, new planet earth altar even though they  are still a part of this earth and therefore also within the 1,260 days. First incongruity; end, start and end. Chapter six is the end of the altar, the decommissioning of the Nazirite after the days of His separation are completed. Chapter seven is the commissioning and dedication of the altar for the long journey ahead. Chapter eight is the recovery of the semi-conscious Levites and their presentation to God. But what if chapter seven is the dedication and consecration for the cross of eternity, then it would be in the ‘right’ order. The ‘out of

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order’ bit is just Scripture sending us back to Moses’ bronze snake in the desert or the saints of the DOA being sent back to Egypt. Much caution will be required and many changes of mind. The complaint that there are not enough events to fill in these last 1,260 days no longer stands. There is a bewildering number of events to be correlated. But why would the cross need rededication after all it has just taken part in both Passover’s Good Friday and Sabbath’s DOA? Even if every drop of the blood of Jesus has been scrapped off it ? ****

The idea, the prospect of the altar, the cross having to be anointed and consecrated again is very exciting and brings these discussions to a higher level. The altar of Jesus Christ has already changed once in form from a box filled with fire to a cross and once in position from the Passover temple to the DOA temple. Now it appears it will change in both form a raw, bare and forsaken cross to a magnificent tree of unbelievable proportions and from the old earth to inside the New Jerusalem near the river of life and in front of the throne of God. It has fulfilled its role of different morphologies and stood in ‘right’ places at the right times and it is about to be placed in the place it was always meant to be and have the shape for the functions it now has to carry out for the ages to come. And it is for these ‘new’ functions that it has to be dedicated for and anointed. Even though its beauty and dimensions are beyond words it still has at its core one strong vertical component and one strong horizontal component. These however do not represent the timeline of evil rising vertically and being cut off by the horizontal timeline called good, they are now Passover and the Day of Atonement. (DOA).

The reason we keep raising the same questions is not that we think that Jesus has forgotten about them or we think He might answer them this time, but to show that we are indeed asking for daily bread, not ice-cream with topping but what bread Jesus thinks we require to glorified be Thy name. Two questions bothering me now are space which will ultimately require defining where Heaven is now and the nature and therefore the riddance of intentional sin. They appear in a very simple form.

Space has to exist in a sinful zone and a sinless zone, but they cannot coexist. The presence of sin will defile the sinless zone so one solution appears to be let this sinful time zone run its time out and at the very end of it when the fires have consumed all evil just let Jesus create a new world, put a New Jerusalem in it and quickly build our apartment in it for us. Evil will not have come in contact with good and good goes on to exist as perfection forever. Good could not have come in contact with evil because it did not exist at the time evil existed. The sinful zone is earth now and even if we never travelled into space, the presence of evil on this earth would defile the whole universe. So Heaven exists out there in the sinful universe. It has Noah and his lot up there with him and they in turn still have the beast within them. There is a tiny place though where there is no sin, no evil timeline. The volume defined by these confines is called the Most Holy Place. So if Heaven, consisting of a tiny Holy Place and even tinnier Most Holy Place are up there somewhere, but where?

If that secular lot of astronomers, astrologers or cosmologists ever got a whiff of its presence you can be sure they would fight tooth and nail to disprove it. Absurd! Impossible! Ridiculous! It is not going to be very hard to dismiss this lot however. It will be quite easy to show that they have conned the public out of many millions even billions of dollars to buy all their expensive equipment when all they really need was a TV, radio or a $2 newspaper. It is here that they will find where the latest meteorite struck and how close the earth was from being wiped out and not from that expensive equipment they have. The very best they can do at present is to say. ‘It could happen anytime and we will tell you all about it when we see it on TV!  But at least they ‘know’ one thing, the Bible cannot be true!. It

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certainly does not fit in with their picture which is? Well, everything we say must contradict the Bible, regardless of how absurd it is! And if we shout in unison for long enough and loud enough and put the cleaners through anyone who dares to break ranks well, that is the best we can do!

Creationists like Humphries have long proposed the existence of white holes, black holes running in reverse. If Heaven is a white hole and there is light streaming out of it, it would have to be a very special white hole; one of, only one very small source of light as the Most Holy Place has only one entrance and that has a curtain over it, and this source may never point down to earth anyway and as the fires of hell engulfed the throne of God as well as the cross it would have to be above Mount Calvary. This scenario would allow for another universe to exist that is not in our time and space and therefore not stained by our sins. As it is totally independent of our universe Jesus could easily have gotten ready everything, including our apartments which have been inspected by sinless beings, the angels and they are dying to show us around! This would put the doorway into the tent of meeting as the edge of the universe.

The question of confessed intentional sin also a difficult one. If seeing their ‘benign’ unconfessed and unintentional sins nearly kills the saints then imagine what showing them their confessed intentional sins will do to them! The Old Testament does away with the problem neatly by making them a part of the DOA, putting them onto a scapegoat and sending the scapegoat to be killed far away from the Sanctuary. And it does this once each year right up to the Heavenly Passover of Good Friday where there has to be a change as Good Friday has occurred. Now they would have to look back to Good Friday but forward to the DOA and there would be no point to looking forward as the DOA can only occur if there are no intentional sins around. They had to be dispensed with on Good Friday. But Jesus was not taken from the cross after He had suffered as a sin offering for our confessed unintentional and taken outside of the city and throw off a cliff. The penalty for both confessed unintentional sin and confessed intentional sin were paid for on that same cross. The only area we are told that Jesus went into were the hours of darkness. And darkness they do remain at least for the time being. I am sure that light will be shone on them soon just like it about to be shone on the old rugged cross as it becomes a part of eternity! So returning back to chapters six, seven and eight which will then introduce to the rest of this incredible book!

Chapter six only takes us back to Good Friday, the Passover where Jesus comes in contact, actually joins His brothers and sisters in their state of the dead, something forbidden for the Nazirite to do. But chapters seven and eight tell us to go back to Egypt. Here if Jacob and his family are a typical family that had twelve sons and maybe ten daughters then families of that time could have had in the order of twenty members yet the Passover of Good Friday in Egypt was only concerned with one person; the first born male in that family. No one else!  If all the family were involved then as they too were inside of their homes and protected by the blood of the Passover lamb on the door frames, they too would have been saved but all the Egyptians would have died and thus the end of evil. Neither the earthly Egyptian Passover nor the Heavenly Passover on Mount Calvary were concerned with the end of evil. It has already been established that the first born are God’s people, Jews, Levites under the Old Testament and Christians under the New Testament. Many left Egypt the next day but the special purchase that God made that night were His people and the price He paid for them was His death and His blood. So when the angelic hosts pick us up off the ground after the DOA they tell us to look down to old planet and look at our origins in Egypt. That is when the plan for where we are standing now

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came into being, it was carried out on Good Friday  on Mount Calvary and completed just now before our eyes on the DOA. The concerns of both Egyptian Passover and Heavenly fulfilment on Mount Calvary were the people of God, ultimately Jews and assigned to one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Chapter six verse nine also tells us what our Nazirite has to do if a man dies very suddenly beside him. This was not factored in for Good Friday. This is going to require a restart in the count of service, it is not the ewe-lamb sin offering that the Nazirite is going to offer as a part of the termination of his vow. It could be a pigeon/turtledove sin offering but it is not a part of the ewe-lamb, offering for the bride. Good Friday was about freeing Christians from Egypt’s sin, setting them off for the journey to their final clean-up. Without this clean up they could enter the tent of meeting in the old Heaven, where they have just spent the last 1,800 odd years but they could not enter either the new earth or New Jerusalem. It required the Day of Atonement.(DOA). As the DOA was the clean up that made Christians squeaky clean it could not have been carried out on Mount Calvary. There was still much contact with sin as well as being sinful. But as hard as I try to avoid to avoid it, Calvary’s Passover, and the Egyptian one as well were only supposed to bring God’s people to the DOA. In the case of the Christians/Jews in Heaven that meant they could spend 1,800 years in the Holy Place, or much longer but they could not progress into the sinless zones of the new earth or new heaven until the last traces of sin had been burnt up on that DOA.

This contact with these remaining unconfessed and unintentional was not taken into account of the vow of Jesus the Nazirite, has terminated it and it will now require a restart. After accepting these remaining sins, Jesus will be forsaken by God for six days, come clean on day seven and cut off His defiled dedicate head of hair and on day eight go to the cross of the DOA. On the same day the dedication restarts by the offering of a male lamb one year old for a guilt offering. Repayments have been made by Jesus plus 20%. His hair will have 1,260 days of regrowth before passing through the doorway of the tent of meeting and onto a different universe.

So by (6:13) when the Nazirite has fulfilled the days of His separation from God He will have done that in two stages; up to the DOA and a ‘top up’ stage from the DOA  until the end of that three and a half years of Daniel’s covenant. But that brings us back to that question from way back; Did the old covenant end and the new one begin at nine or twelve of three or four on the DOA on the 10th of July? Or is it some other time? Anyway we are here at the doorway to the tent of meeting; the Nazirite and the priest. As entry is about to be made onto the sinless new earth I would have expected that it would be the bride holding onto the hand of the bridegroom. **** ( internet down till 12 on25/8/17)

Well they have now been married for just on seven years and are about to make the grand entry into the future of eternity but first some homework and revision. This entry could not be made without the Nazirite first listing and agreeing with God the Father what needed to be done, doing it and finally presenting that list back again, checking all items are complete and allowing the priest to offer them to God for His approval that they are indeed acceptable. The priest and the Nazirite are one body and what is attributable to the Nazirite it also attributed to the priest.  This list should be the most comprehensive one yet but it may be split up into former days before that man died very suddenly beside the Nazirite and defiled his head of hair and days post this defilement. What the event, even if not mentioned in this list, can only relate to two events; Good Friday’s Passover (GFP) or the Day of Atonement (DOA) . My previous guess of the restart of the vow was three pm on the 10th of July and thus the guilt offering. This is at least the third run through verses 13-20 and will finish with ***.

The split into former and post days of that very sudden death is the ewe-lamb a year old and without defect for a sin offering. But there were two sin offerings; one on GFP and one on the DOA. It never

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ceases to amaze how limited was GFP. It was about that male lamb a year old dying as a sin offering for the Christian and its blood being used to cleanse Christians of confessed unintentional sins, that is all! If you don’t believe that then go back to Egypt and look what happened to the Levites or to that family inside of their homes which could have had twenty or so people in them. How many of them were the focus of that night when the angel of death passed over the nation? One! Good Friday’s Passover was the start of the return leg of the journey back to Heaven and to when the Day of Atonement would take over and finish this journey. It was not the end of sin. DOA is.  I know that the confessed intentional sins were there also but they were and remain in darkness but at the top of the question and prayer list. But the sin offering from the DOA is not is not as clear cut, certainly not to me. Scripture has Good Friday’s Passover as my confessed unintentional sins but DOA is all unconfessed unintentional sins of which only some of mine are. But you may say that is where your error and confusion come from. If Jesus says that all unconfessed unintentional sins are Mine then that is what He means. He means that they are no longer a part of you and by denying and doubting this is sin of itself. It is a lack of faith and any lack of faith can have serious consequences. If there is such a thing as a higher level of doubt let me take you there;

Good Friday’s Passover and JK leaves the slavery of Egypt behind on the first possible moment and begins the Heavenly leg of the backward journey, free to leave as my Lord has paid that evil Pharaoh the price required and JK is minus ALL of his sins. Whether that blood from the sin offering of the Lamb of God is implied or applied is really irrelevant because faith converts implied into applied and so really it is applied. Heaven has placed for the time being all those confessed intentional sins into darkness which is fine by me. High lights of this return journey are the second coming of my Lord and entry into what I thought was the Heaven of eternity. No problems with being left there forever!  But it turns out that this was just the outer room, the tent of meeting in Heaven and a much greater destination awaits us if/when we enter the Most Holy Place, the throne of God, the New Jerusalem. The next thing to happen after the wedding we all march out of Heaven, the rider of the white horse and His Heavenly armies, both saints and angels and after that very brief battle against the beast we find ourselves at the DOA to where this journey was supposed to bring us. And here that confusion arises. Arrival at the doorstep of DOA= Good Friday’s Passover. GFP. Ewe-lamb a year old covers for the sins of the bride, GFP, but say also covers for unconfessed unintentional; allows JK through the DOA now totally sinless but still not allowed through the doorway of the tent of meeting. It is not JK’s sins that are preventing this crossing because he has no sin. It is those sins left behind by that lot that have just been destroyed in hell that are the problem. It is they which are stopping the appearance of the new earth and Heavens. So as far as that agreement between the Nazirite and God, the worksheet read; ‘Bring Levites to (or even through) the DOA. It was concerned with the Levite, the ewe-lamb and did not include that man who died very suddenly beside the Nazirite. So much for the ewe-lamb as a sin offering but it does appear that the ewe-lamb that the Nazirite is now checking is that GFP. In Egypt certainly the Passover led the Jews out of Egypt and only to the start of the proceedings on the DOA. Not 12 or 3 or 4 but 9 o’clock on the 10th of July. As far as eternity is concerned which side of the DOA we were supposed to arrive at makes no difference; either side prevented the new Heavens and earth from materialising. We needed the full DOA. The blood from this ewe-lamb was only for and implied/applied to the source from which these sins came and therefore defilement had to be removed from; the bride.

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But the lamb that takes away the sins of the world on Good Friday and now acts as a burnt offering was a male lamb one year old and he is handed in first on the Heavenly DOA, and not last as He was in the times up to the cross in the celebration of the DOA. Jesus is handing them back in the reverse  order and seems to be saying, ‘ the reason we are not going to have any sin now after this last sin offering was because way back on Good Friday the ewe-lamb offering was made and because of that offering this lot is now standing on the step of the DOA. Okay priest offer GFP now to God and see if it is still acceptable to Him. It was way back on Resurrection Sunday but with all the intermediatory events and with the priest now making the offering, is it still acceptable?

There is only one offering that is of ‘more value’ than the male lamb one year old, it is very rarely made and supersedes even this male lamb one year old and that is the bull offering across which we will get to. But when this male lamb burnt offering is made, presented and accepted by God all sin will be gone. We will not only be free to move just outside of the doorway to the tent of meeting, the new Heaven and earth, subject to the old heaven and earth being burnt away will be released and ready for us to enter it. We are now in a sinless state.

There are many topics that have evaded us thus far and one of them is the ram for the peace offering. The Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world, Jesus Christ should never be confused with any other offering. The symbolism of Jesus as a lamb of God is very fitting and much has been written about this beautiful comparison, but the problem is that we too are compared to sheep and expected to follow our Sheppard, Who is Himself described as lamb. The sharpest distinction that we can make here is to be called rams, vastly different to lamb but still sheep and in need of the Sheppard. In previous analysis of  the burnt offering we have taken the third section of the body of Christ being offered in the flames of the burnt offering to be Christianity. The third part of the statue of good, the chest and arms in a horizontal position is Christianity, Jesus stretched out on the cross. If this is the case then the peace offering is a part of Good Friday and DOA. Same cross, same place and the bride/priest is expected to present to God, Jesus with the role of peacemaker. Will God accept Jesus as an intermediary between God and man. Yes God accepts Jesus as such as do we as we are a part of His body anyway.

Jesus next presents His whole church, every member through time, as a basket of unleavened cakes made up of fine flour mixed with oil. If this flour and oil are still uncooked through the flames of the burnt offering then they soon will be presented to those flame and we will fuse with the body of Christ. If however we are looking at what has already happened in the burnt offering then it shows that even when we are a part of Jesus we still retain some individuality. Similarly the wafers which are the tribes we have already been placed into at least as early and the second coming if not before. But be it either as tribe or individual we bring our grain and drink offerings.

It appears that the ram for a sacrifice of peace offerings to the Lord, together with the basket with the basket of unleavened cakes are both offered with their grain and drink offerings. The leaven, the propensity to sin did not die on Good Friday and even if it did it was resuscitated by Jesus Himself. He did not wish sin to die at the cross but it was His plan for time to run under the old covenant and the new covenant for an equal period of time.

[Internet not available on Friday until 12 pm. Typed Friday and Saturday night till 11pm. Just on 4,000 words lost. ****As these lost words were mostly from Sabbath typing I will try to remember and retype them as I do not believe that the Holy Spirit would allow me to type garbage on the Lord ’s Day. With that amount of typing and finally being given that connection between Daniel’s statue of evil and the statue of good it is difficult to get the threads back again but to the best of my memory;]

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I felt much better after blaming Microsoft for the outage and for not allowing me to type in the most productive time in the morning and this would account for lower quality of work. All the Lord expects me to do is to try but there were pearls there to be uncovered. There have always been calms before the storm. The general period we are trying to study is that last seven of Daniel’s seven times seventy.( if the creation of God is 7,777 years and seven months and seven days and seven hours then we are at the 7,77*7* mark and could even involve those last 7 months, 7 days and seven hours.) The journey to the start of that last seven was long and arduous but we the church, the bride were prepared for this journey way back in those 1,260 days following the cross of Good Friday. It itself was proceeded by a 1,260 tutorial the cross and preparation for God’s people’s journey. Likewise this this final seven starts with a 1,260 tutorial from Jesus, DOA and 1,260 days of earthly preparation for what is going to take us to the journey of eternity. The Day of Atonement, (DOA).

We see, we directly experience the DOA. We have already seen that the shock we go into is indescribable and unexpected. We classed our unconfessed unintentional sins as ‘minor’ at worst and just an inconvenience to our Lord to mop them up. Wrong! Each sin is an abomination that causes desolation and each one really hurts our Saviour! And when you multiply the intensity of hurt times the number that are there it explains why we are in such a high degree of shock. Chapter eight describes our recuperation period and the stops Heaven had to pull out to get us out of our state of shock and soon to be revisited. It certainly took  up a significant portion of those last three and a half years. But once we are shown the significance of the bull offerings we are able to stand on our feet again.

If the Nazirite vow that Jesus made with His Father concerned planet earth and what Jesus would have to do to  bring those who wanted to come, back to Heaven and the old earth is about to disappear well now is the time to be decommissioned, present the worksheet of what Jesus had to do, tick each one off and get off this planet as it is about to be burnt up. The checklist is presented by Jesus but called out by the priest so he becomes a part of it and adds anything that he considers and that Jesus has ‘left out’. As the list is about to be read out we look down a little bit and see the cross of the DOA. No Jesus is not on it He is reading from His list, He is with us but we can still imagine Him on it because He has only just been taken down off it! So Jesus presents and priest calls as bride and on our behalf; ‘Male lamb a year old as a burnt offering. Priest presents, God accepts; Done! Ewe-lamb a year old without defect or a sin offering. Priest presents, God accepts; Done! One ram without defect for a peace offering. Priest presents, God accepts; Done! One basket of unleavened cakes of fine flour mixed with oil and its grain and drink offering. Priest presents, God accepts; Done! Unleavened wafers spread with oil and their grain and drink offerings. Priest presents, God accepts; Done! Separately the priest himself offers his own sin and burnt offerings. God accepts; Done! It was at this grain and drink offerings that I baulked at.

I was trying to present an explanation of each of these offerings and seemed to be going nowhere fast. I broke one of my rules about not going back to check what I had written as the idea of this blog is to type what this passage in front of me is saying NOW. If that is different to what I had typed before then so be it. It is supposed to be ‘Revelationasitiswritten’. Returning back to page twenty and on confirmed my worst fears. I was just retyping what I had typed before with very little to add to it. Realising that these topics, particularly the grain and drink offerings must be revisited I tried to step back and look at the big picture.

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We are going through the final formalities but before we go through that doorway the new earth has to be there and for the new earth to be there the old earth must be burnt up and before the old earth is burnt up we must gather every drop of blood at the foot of the cross as it by now contains both atonement blood from Good Friday and the DOA; all the blood of Jesus. This cross is also far too precious to be destroyed so we move it out of harm’s way above the area which was marked out by Jesus’ outstretched arms what we have called limbo. We don’t just bring the cross by itself but the pool of blood that formed around it. Now the earth below limbo can be destroyed and a new earth above this doorway we are at can be created. Let us look at this situation, going back to Sinai first;

The temple of Jesus/Herod/desert we have tabernacle, doorway to the tent of meeting and the altar outside on the LHS. Now the temple after the second coming and of the third and fourth coming we have tabernacle, doorway to the tent of meeting and the altar outside on the LHS. The about to be entered temple of eternity, doorway to the tent of meeting and outside on the left hand side is the Altar!!  Our altar is not just changing its morphology but its position as well! It changed from a box full of burning logs inside of the Passover temple to a cross structure outside of this temple, to a cross inside of this Atonement temple and finally restored to its glory and beauty as it now moves inside of the Most Holy Place as that magnificent tree of life being fed by the stream with the water of life and in front of the throne of God! Its transformation is complete.

This is the connection between good and evil, the statue of evil in Daniel. That tree of incredible beauty and proportions in Babylon stood for Nebuchadnezzar.  It was because of Nebuchadnezzar’s pride that he was cut down to a stump and when that pride was broken Nebuchadnezzar was also restored. It was our pride that destroyed that magnificent tree of Jesus Christ and reduced it to the stump of the altar. When that pride is dead that tree will be restored to its original beauty within the New Jerusalem. Regardless of its form that tree always gave life but that only happened because of the death of Jesus on it. With no pride and no death this tree will only produce life. It is the last throws of this tree we are looking at now and ticking off the list of what was achieved on it. And it is going to be the new tree in all of its magnificence they will be consecrated in the next chapter and our gifts and expectations laid at its feet as it passes through the doorway into the new tent of meeting and finally into its rightful place in front of the throne of God and Jesus! A fitting tribute to a priceless object!

The problem I have been having is that the scenery is changing so fast and we need a better way of defining the events. Attributing dates does not have to be absolute but can be helpful. The dates that I use are not just picked out of the blue. Daniel might only have seen them as ‘a time to be determined’ but after Mount Calvary we are allowed to use; 9 to 12 (light),12 to 3 (darkness). 3 to 4 (Jesus’ body hangs), 4 blood spilled and these two events have much in common and are joined. Neither is the figure of 7,777 years.

Many today do not realise that Usher’s work that came up with a figure of just on 4,000 years from creation to the cross was peer reviewed by none other than Sir Isaac Newton; Good stuff Bishop Usher I agree! Was the verdict. If any of those ‘great minds’ of the time dared challenge Newton he would have pulverised them and spat them out! Just like he would have done to any of these ‘great’ minds of today! So I have a base figure of 4,000 years. To this 4,000 I add 2,000 for the second coming (Total 6,000), and 1,260 for the third coming, (Total 7,260), and 490 to the fourth coming, (Total 7750) and that only requires satan and the beast twenty years to agree to issue the decree to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple. The earthquake that destroyed the city and those last stones standing from the first temple at the second coming and from which we are supposed the start our counting from was but  a pipsqueak when compared to the one of the third coming which left the trench behind.

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The date of my death does not matter whether it was in the next minute or ten years, the only thing that matters is whether I died in Christ and am waiting for Him to come back and take me home to spend the eternities with Him. But setting and using dates can define relative positions. The seven sevens I use for time should not be a surprise to any reader of the Book of Revelation. (7,777 years,7 months, 7 days and 7 hours). Jesus would know these times down to a fraction of a second. It is difficult to understand even in these large chunks and we could not handle smaller subdivisions. It is comforting to know that our destiny has been well prepared for and one of the greatest surprises, and they are coming thick and fast, of chapter nine will be when the journey actually begins it is not based on both Egypt’s Passover AND the DOA but solely on Passover. Just the ewe-lamb a year old without defect for a sin offering!

But using the seven sevens  as a unit of time paints the following scenario; Calvary’s tree as half time and the start of the return journey at 3,888 years, 9 months, 18 days and 15 hours. (Yes I know Good Friday was not on 18th day of the 9th month at 3 o’clock but the 14th day of the first month at 9 o’clock) If Good Friday was the 77th Jubilee or 77*50= 3,850 years which leaves a discrepancy of 38 years, 9 months, 18 days and 15 hours and I attribute this time to the time it took Adam and Eve to sin and therefore begin the Jubilee cycle. Just roughly using years now we can count back from 3,888, 1260 years to Egyptian Passover when the Jewish calendar began as 01/01/01. 1,128 years to Noah and 1,500 years to creation. This would place he seven year timeslot of Daniel at 7,77*7* years, 7 months, 7 days and seven hours. The day of Atonement would be 3,885 years, 3 months and 18days since GFP (Good Fridays Passover) and only 1,260 days to end that last covenant of seven years.****

Before returning the grain and drink offerings  of Numbers chapter six we just stop and look at what the Holy Word has to say about these first. Matthew (26:26) Bread; ‘while they were eating, Jesus took some bread, and after blessing it, He broke it ad gave it to His disciples, and said, “Take, eat; this is My body”.’ Matthew (27:27-29) Wine; ‘And when He had taken a cup and giving thanks, He gave it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you; for this is My blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. But I say to you, I will not drink of the fruit of the vine from now until that day when I drink it new with you in My Father’s kingdom”’.

Mark (14:22); Bread; ‘While He was eating, He took some bread, and after blessing it He broke it, and gave it to them, and said, “Take it; this is my body”’. Mark (14:23-25); Wine; ‘And when He had taken a cup and given thanks, He gave it to them, and they all drank from it. And He said to them, “this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many. Truly I say to you, I will never again drink of the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new in the kingdom of God.”’.

Luke  (22:14-20); Bread and wine combined; ‘When the hour had come, He reclined at the table, and the apostles with Him. And He said to them, “I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer; for I say to you, I shall never again eat it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God”. And when He had taken a cup and given thanks, He said, “Take this and share it among yourselves; for I say to you, I will not drink of the fruit of the vine from now on until he kingdom of God comes.” And when He had taken some bread and given thanks, He broke it and gave it to them, saying, “ This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me,” And in the same way He took the cup after they had eaten, saying, “This cup which is poured out for you is the new covenant in my blood.”’

If Roman Catholicism treats their bread and wine as the literal body and blood of Jesus Christ they certainly have Scriptural support for their dogma. They use unleavened bread as the body of Christ Page 79

and this is infinitely advanced of the protestant version that uses leavened bread a clanger of the first order. They would be hard to beat if they used non-alcoholic wine but they use fortified wine instead destroying any credibility; the most precious object in the universe, the blood of Jesus being represented by the greatest curse known to humanity; alcohol, I don’t think so!  And yes the Protestants do it too.

But Jesus also said that He was the door and vine and sheppard and other things as well. This representation could not be a literal representation as Jesus blessed it and Jesus’ body does not require to be blessed, it is the blessing. Before the birth of Jesus the Israelites ate the flesh of the Passover lamb which did represent Jesus Christ and by doing so showed that Jesus became a part of them. After the cross when all animal sacrifices ceased the symbolism was replaced by bread; grain offering. I think it comes down to the drink offering.

On the cross Jesus asked for and received sour wine at the end of His agony. He only tasted it at the start to tell He knew what He was about to go through, and He did. He had not just gone near a dead person, He became one with His dead brothers and sisters and the penalty was He was forsaken by God. He had taken the suffering and He had taken the death, he had borne the consequences of our sin. The price had been paid, we were free from sin we could go to Heaven. It was finished. But at three o’clock that man who was able and had taken the scapegoat out into the desert to have it destroyed returned and took divine blood from the sin sacrifice back to heaven with Him only leaving the body and human blood of Jesus hanging on that cross. Jesus had indeed joined humanity, He had become one with us!  It is this unity that we symbolise by eating the crushed grain as the bread. But there is much more than this. Up to 4 o’clock the body is combined with His blood, this is His blood of the new covenant. It is no longer what we do, have tried to do and have failed miserably but now what He has done and continues to do and will continue to do what is the basis of this new covenant.

But this relationship between His/our bodies and His/our blood will only continue until 4 o’clock when that Roman spear will only open up the side of Jesus. For His body the church this will be the great tribulation when our bodies are taken to the remarkable grave and our blood although of itself insignificant will still inflict nasty scars on the earth. And we are now on that point of Resurrection Sunday but first instead of Jesus becoming one with us, we must become one with Him. This is the Day of Atonement (DAO) when the grain offering is crushed into a fine flour and mixed with the oil of the Holy Spirit and presented in the burnt offering, or is it? But the drink offering is here also??? The other issue to be decided is the grain offering the same thing as the fine flour mixed with oil?

I am starting to recover what rightfully or wrongfully I considered such a heavy blow as the loss of my typing and being exhausted I could have easily typed control plus some other key except delete. But it was still an exhilarating feeling that I had found my cross, of all of the objects of the universe it was coming with me to be in Heaven with me for eternity. It alone; ‘That old rugged cross, so despised by the world has a wondrous attraction to me, for the dear lamb of God left His glory above and bear it to dark Calvary.’ It is going to be what it always has been and that is the tree of life. If its former glory days were in the Garden of Eden then its latter glory days will also be in the Heavenly Garden of Eden. But if in Adam’s and Eve’s Garden of Eden it stood near the tree of good and evil and both bore grapes why did our first parents eat from the bad tree when they had to eat from the tree of life to stay alive? We know that our wonderful altar in its resurrected form will produce twelve fruits one of which will

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be grapes as Jesus will not drink again from the fruit of the vine until we are in the kingdom of God. This is not much value to us at this stage as to have this kingdom we must have a new earth and even a New Jerusalem sitting on its foundation and we are still in front of that door leading onto the new earth. It wasn’t necessity it was pride that caused them to eat and have that magnificent tree cut back to the stump of the cross. Well that pride certainly was killed on this same stump on the DOA, which nearly killed us as well and it might help explain why it took our first parents so long to disobey God. And the final transformation and transportation of this ‘stump’ is now the focus of our study!

The other ‘problem’ I had was the length of time I had spent on Numbers chapter six, over 60,000 words and still nowhere near ‘finishing’ it. How much longer is this going to take before I can move on? Well chapter six is the decommissioning of the Nazirite vow and if that includes the history of old planet earth then it will take up most of the Bible.

I used to split the history of this planet, earth into two acts; what Jesus did for His people; Passover and what Jesus did for His creation; Day of Atonement  (DOA). But Numbers chapter nine tells us it was only one; Passover! One act on one stage. To imagine this we have to look forward from today either one million or billion or trillion years. Take one billion, exactly, 29/8/1,000,002,017. What do we have? Among other things we have God’s people, us and the only other thing that got across the line was that altar which has now been in full bloom for many, many years. In one word; Passover. The wicked were long, long ago thrown into hell. Whether that was one day before the DOA or a week or something else is really not relevant. They are gone and it was their removal that allowed the DOA to proceed. It was their intentional sins that prevented the DOA from taking place, those of the wicked. The intentional sins of the saints had been burnt up in the fires of hell when Jesus took them there on Mount Calvary on Good Friday’s Passover. Intentional sin may have gone and the wicked may have gone but the mess that they left still had to be cleaned up before the sinless creation could appear. It was after the DOA that the final preparation for eternity could begin and Daniel chapter nine seems to be telling us that these preparations were not only started on the DOA but also completed with 1,260 days after this DOA. So we are still here at 11.02 on the 29/8/1,000,002,017 at the setting up of the stage of eternity.

Jesus presents the ewe-lamb as a sin sacrifice; That is us! That is why we are here! That is Passover! Do we need more? The priest takes the ewe-lamb and presents it before God. ‘Do You accept the blood from this sin sacrifice for the removal of the confessed, unintentional sins of these people who have placed them on Your Son, Jesus Christ? Has Jesus paid for these sins to divine standards?’ The answer to these questions way back on Resurrection Sunday was ‘Yes’ then and is ‘Yes’ some 3,800 years later and ‘Yes’ it did allow My people to leave Egypt but the journey was to last as far as the DOA, where the final clean-up was to occur.’ Without the DOA we could not proceed any further. The spotless, sinless earth and heaven could not materialise without this final clean up. And that is why the Nazirite does not present the ewe-lamb first, but second. This ewe-lamb sacrifice could only proceed via the offering of the male lamb one year old, first. As Jesus now reveals His cards of the Nazirite and He reveals them in the right order. Not a ewe-lamb sin offering a year old first, that would have got Him up to the start of the DOA. He earned that privilege by stepping up to the cross of Good Friday and that also allowed Him through to the doorway of DOA. Now, the DOA He steps up to will allow Him through to Eternity, the start of at least. So by presenting the burnt offering first has allowed Him on presentation of the ewe-lamb to pass through to eternity or the sinless state of the new earth. But there is still one hitch, one problem to go and thus the ram for a peace offering.

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Much of Scripture is devoted to the ewe-lamb offering of Passover on Mount Calvary but little to the event that allows this offering to get to and through that block or barrier that allows the final sinless world to materialise; creation of eternity. The DOA and the burnt offering.

There was no burnt offering on Mount Calvary, the intentional sin of the wicked still abounded and prevented this from happening. Jesus could not clean up the remains if the main mess was still there. Jesus’ concern was to get His people out of Egypt and on the long road back to the DOA. This He did on Good Friday Passover. (GFP) They were free from sin, they could leave Egyptian slavery behind. But it is the word SIN that is the issue here; it is whatever has been confessed. That includes both intentional and unintentional sin. If you don’t believe that the Bible teaches Sabbath as a commandment and therefore does not require confessing your belief of whether intentional and therefore you go to hell or unintentional and therefore covered by the pigeon/turtledove sin offering is left to infinite justice of God. As it was not confessed it was not covered by Good  Friday and it is still here today awaiting final judgment.  ***??

Even though the hours of the scapegoat those last three hours of darkness on Good Friday Passover (GFP) remain in darkness we still can, in fact are encouraged to come back into the desert of Sinai and from this earthly step look upwards to its Heavenly fulfilment. In the earthly DOA there were three distinct phases, or steps. Firstly the goat for the sin offering was killed and its blood taken into the Most Holy Place where it was used for cleansing the whole holy area of unintentional sin. It certainly covered the confessed lot and if the burnt offering could only proceed in the total absence of sin then the unconfessed ones had to be there also. So the only sins left now were the intentional sins. This was the phase of the scapegoat.

This animal was chosen by lot. One goat became the sin offering and the other the scapegoat. Both represented Jesus Christ in the two stages of the cross; 9 to 12 and 12 to 3. As they waited with bated breath for the scapegoat to be brought in for the second phase of the service, they were waiting for the high priest to place his hands on the head of the goat and the moment the high priest’s hand touched the head of the goat they began confessing their intentional sins believing these sins would pass through the hands of the priest and onto the scapegoat. If they were anything like us today they would only have remembered very few of their intentional sins especially those committed nearly twelve months ago. I am sure that under these conditions the Lord would have seen their intention  to confess all sin and would have granted them their wishes and passed these sins onto this divine goat. The Bible places great emphases on the difference between intentional and unintentional.  Both goats were killed, one inside of the temple and the other a long way away in the desert. With the people in the temple now been given a chance to be in a sinless state the burnt offering could now begin.

Jesus Christ went through two of those stages on Good Friday. The sin offering and those hours of darkness; the scapegoat. Here we place our intentional sins ON the head of Jesus and He is led into the darkness of hell where these sins are burnt into nothingness and we are told that these fires of hell engulf God sitting on His throne in the Most Holy Place in Heaven. And whereas the fires of hell when they consume satan and all evil beings will leave nothing behind which has to cool down, GFP fires of hell did leave something behind, something that cannot burn, something which has no evil that can burn, something that was presented to the fire was the same as came out of the fire. And that was the body of Jesus Christ. It itself is not the burnt offering but can be dissected and presented

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as a burnt offering. But before we can begin to appreciate what is being presented as a burnt offering we must have some idea of what this burnt offering will be placed on, on this body that has just been in hell. Herein we have the pathetic state the sleeping church is in. They represent this sinless body as leavened bread! The body of Jesus Christ is riddled with sin! The only consolation we can draw from this is that it cannot get any worse! This is the real clanger, the Big Ben and all other clangers become just tinker bells! Little wonder they have those big cheesy grins as they wash down the leavened bread with satanic drink with alcohol. And it was just so easy! The population will swallow garbage as quickly as satan can come up with it!

If we have already come across it then we have missed what happened to that scapegoat other than; when it died it certainly was not in the temple on the altar (the cross of Christ was a significant distance away from the temple, it was outside of the city), the scapegoat entered the period of darkness, presumably into hell and therefore total separation from God from 12 to 3, the end of this period was marked by an earthquake which was neither as massive as the ones of either the second or third comings and the curtain to the tent of meeting was torn. The man who was able returns after disposing of the scapegoat takes the divine aspect of is blood back to the Most Holy Place in Heaven where there is a major gathering waiting for Him where the issue is that of the scroll and its seven seals. That body that is left behind on the cross from 3 to 4 has just been in hell where the fires were extinguished because they had run out of fuel. No evil remained. This was humanity in a sinless state. This was what we symbolically present to God when we take, break and eat of the bread. It is what we have we take into our bodies and become one with. It is why we too are counted as sinless before God and cannot go back to hell, we have just come from hell! It is those three hours of darkness however that still remain in darkness.

Returning to the decommissioning of the Nazirite Jesus Christ. The first card Jesus shows is the last card that He played; one male lamb a year old without defect for a burnt offering. Because Jesus has showed this first means that the next card that He shows, one ewe-lamb a year old and without defect brings events not just to but through the DOA. Egypt’s Passover was only up to but not through the DOA if it was through as well it would render the DOA unnecessary. I have thought for a long time that it is the hair of the Nazirite that ties these events together and will now attempt to ‘show how’ this happens. It will be particularly useful if it helps us fill in some of those 1,260 days after the DOA.

In His life on earth Jesus did not shave of cut His hair or beard. (just called hair from now on) Males are supposed to do now to show the glory of God; Jesus did not come to show the glory of God He came down to join the dead and then lift them with Him back into Heaven. That was His Nazirite’s vow and even though He suffered heavy penalties that vow was not broken and He went with His hair to the cross, to the grave and even back from the grave when He appeared to the apostles over the next forty days He still had this hair. If I was shown the privilege of seeing my Saviour today I would still expect Him to have that same hair. His Nazirite vow was not broken by the cross and did not have to have the count restarted.

His Nazirite vow is broken when a man dies very suddenly beside Him. This was not something that was supposed to be a part of Egypt’s Passover, it was only about firstborn males.  The moment Jesus decides to take on Himself the sins of His creation, those unconfessed unintentional sins He does so knowingly and the hair on His head that made this decision is defiled and Jesus remains defiled  until the seventh day. By cutting His hair on this day shows Jesus went onto the Day of Atonement (DOA) on the eighth day reflecting  the full glory of God which could only be done in the total absence of sin,

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a common dogma of this blog. On this day also, DOA, is rededicated as a Nazirite and the number of His days are restarted. On this day His hair starts to regrow. This scenario could solve our quandary of the eight missing days before the DOA.

But this quandary should only have existed whilst we were dithering with the unconfessed unintentional sins of the saints. Perhaps a part of the DOA was for these sins, we certainly thought so when they were being presented in turn and we could see our names on them! And then there were all those unconfessed unintentional sins of the wicked who had so recently been thrown into hell. But this doubt was unwarranted as verse 11 of chapter 6 tells us. The sin offering of the pigeon/turtledove was for Jesus Christ because He had decided to do something which was not a part of His ‘normal’ Nazirite’s vow. As the old vow had been completed He would now have to start the numbering again. But this ‘extra’ work that had to be done, 1,260 days’ worth or even longer will firstly yield a new crop of hair and as Jesus is a reflection of God this is going to have to be cut off, ****  as the eternities are now about to begin.

There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus Christ Nazirite version ‘two’ began His ‘new’ ministry on the 10th of July, ‘and that same day he shall consecrate his head’,  and I have already made a case for nine o’clock and one for three o’clock so does that mean that Jesus Christ version ‘one’ not just ended His ministry on the 10th of July but had it all voided which are very strong words for a ministry that contained among other great achievements the ewe-lamb sin offering? Why didn’t it end eight days before when Jesus decided to  defile Himself by accepting certain sins of His creation on Himself. If this ministry ended on the 2nd of July there would be a seven day period when His creation was not under Nazirite control. Clearly this could not be so as Jesus knows the position of every atom, photon and whatever exists in every unit of time. But the reason He was voided because His six day separation had defiled Him? This indicates that Calvary’s tree did not defile, did not separate and did not restart the meter. Or was there a period of time when Jesus’ universe was in a period of a six day limbo? The three and a half years that Jesus prepared His church was only supposed to get to this period of limbo. No doubt this matter would have been dealt with and in detail in that tutorial gave His saints for 1,260 days before the DOA. So now our confusion not only spreads over those last three and a half years of Daniel’s covenant but also for some time before. One confusion we may lessen however was that Jesus spent forty days after His resurrection convincing His disciples that He had come through Good Friday and so He also spent forty days convincing His disciples that He had come through the cross of the DOA so they could stand up by themselves without their angelic brothers having to hold their hands! And it was because Good Fridays Passover (GFP) was a part of His Nazirite’s vow that He didn’t have His previous ministry voided but the DOA was not and therefore restarted the meter. His people, His creation. One which would go on forever and JK is looking around and records the date as 10:45 on the 29th of August in the year of 1,000,002,017. The vehicle on which this journey began was the earth on Jesus Christ’s creation. And it was the events of the Passover that have survived to this day.

But that post DOA period of 1,260 days must be of special importance firstly to survive and secondly to be awarded a special ministry of Jesus. Post GFP the church desperately needed guidance for its long trip which would finish at the DOA?  So now post the cross of DOA we have urgency because there are only 1,260 days to go for which God has allowed evil to be completed . (Daniel’s finish transgression, end sin……..etc. ) Actually the only one left after DOA is the last one; to anoint the most holy. The only thing left to bring in everlasting righteousness was the destruction of this old earth.

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Sometime ago I photo stated chapter nine and was all psyched up and ready but I still can’t leave chapter six. But as it is the summary of history there must be many more clues to be gleaned in the rest of Scripture. We are dealing with God’s ways, God’s law. Here we are not found guilty of an offence when we didn’t know wrong existed; here the rules of war do not allow a cruise missile to be fired into a building full of women and children; here when you steal from someone the very worse that you have to pay back, except for large corporations who can’t be even taken to court, you don’t just pay back 10% of what you have stolen but you pay it all back plus 20% and here you don’t have charges added to the list after the case is finished and you are on your way home. At least this has added an element of truth to the case; This addition was uncontested. So it can’t be said that it was just a pack of lies! When these 1,260 days are over and the door opens to the new earth all cupboards will have been cleared out and all cupboards bare. There will be no laying of freshly drawn up charges.

Here the Nazirite presents the blueprint that He had worked out with God His Father on what was going to have to done in order to bring back those lost sheep. Here now are the items ticked. ONE; one male lamb a year old for a burnt offering. Hold on, if this is the DOA then the sin offering for Jesus’ sins, the dove/turtledove is missing. Here now the priest/saint/ desperately hoping JK take this item and on behalf of the redeemed of which I so desperately want to be a part of and present it before God; Accepted! That was the big ticket item. The purity of one section of the DOA was accepted. The burnt offering and it could only take place if the sin offering of the pigeon/turtledove’s blood had been accepted as well. This was the sinless offering of the beauty of Jesus Christ on a sinless body that can prove it is sinless as it survived the fires of hell! It is not just the doorway into the new earth but into the New Jerusalem itself.

TWO; Jesus presents one ewe-lamb without defect for a sin offering. JK takes this one and points it out to God with an extra strong emphasis. See this one this is Good Friday Passover (GFP) Here way back on GFP my Jesus Who has just handed this item to me to ask whether it has been correctly ticked off according to your perfect standard. It was none other than His own blood, the blood of God that resulted in the shedding of this blood and I now present this to you for the washing and removal of all of my confessed unintentional sins. I am very sorry though that as yet I have been unable to add my confessed intentional sins which were burnt into oblivion on this same cross on this same day. On that day the blood that was taken from the sin offering was taken by the man who is able to Heaven but only after He had taken the scapegoat with all of my intentional (unfortunately confessed is implied) sins and oversaw its destruction in the desert. Even if now that burnt offering that was just offered had taken place and accepted it does not tell us of what happened from 12 to 3 on GFP. The body and blood of Jesus have been put forward by Jesus and presented by saint JK and accepted what else can be required?

Three; One ram without defect for a peace offering; If the ewe-lamb was GFP and the DOA at least partially was the burnt offering then where to each of which of these does this ram for a peace offering belong? It is a combination of both DOA and GFP. The blood from Good Fridays Passover (GFP) has produced the blood of the lamb from its sin offering but it also accounted for the  scapegoat in those dark hours from 12 to 3 and having dispensed with these two phases allowed the burnt offering to proceed. So this ram offering is a continuation of the delayed end of the burnt offering. It is stage two some 3,888 years after stage one of GFP. So what have these two stages accomplished? They have shown or are showing now who it was it was who benefitted from the cross. As these benefits were not finally obtained the peace offering has to be a part of the DOA and specifically the burnt offering. So which animal was offered here?

Page 85

A ram, a most expensive sheep but not a male lamb a year old without defect. It did not require many pounds of timber for the DOA. The hottest flame would have been required for the sin offering for the sins of Jesus and since they were not our sins they must have been Jesus’ sins and all that had to be burnt here was a pigeon/turtledove. There were no sins left after this so the presentation flames of the Holy Spirit were more like magnifying flames rather than purifying flames. All that was required here was the bonding of the flour mixed with oil to be joined to the body of Jesus. Up to now we had symbolically crushed and eaten His flesh as bread/grain for Him to become one with us and after this peace/burnt offering we become one with Him. The temperature achieved here could be so low it may even be called ‘boiling temperature’.

In the peace offerings we are offered  as a tribe, the tribe names individually to stand for the eternities and each individual must then be offered to see that the original peace offering is made up of parts each of which do not break the peace cycle. You would think that once the ram, Christianity is accepted then each member would automatically be included. Then if this is the case then we are doing a double check to see that all cupboards are bare, there are no skeletons that have been left behind! Witness Scripture. One reason why satan would want to incur those bone jarring loses in my typing last weekend was to stop me from announcing that wonderful news of the final migration and transformation of the cross, it is going to be with us in Heaven and the second reason was the progress I had achieved in understanding the drink offering. That one has not yet returned.

The Nazirite shaving his hair and then taking it and putting it on the fire under the sacrifice of the peace offering is of interest. By this stage of the decommissioning we are well into if not the end of those 1,260 days spoken of by the prophet Daniel. This would be some 1,260 days after the DOA on which cross Jesus only stayed presumably a matter of hours and certainly not three and a half years. Not only are all now ready and waiting for this door to open, but the cross is here as well. This 1,260 days that this hair has grown has produced very special hair indeed. It is not like the hair that Jesus cut off because it had become defiled once Jesus accepted all of the sins anywhere in creation, this hair has grown in sinless conditions and is probably the last hair that will ever grow on Jesus. From now on He will remain hairless and reflect the glory of God. So we have to try to work out the  effect and function of that part of the body of God has on the final migration and transformation of the stump which originally was the tree of life in the Garden Of Eden. It is sinless and it is divine but it still must have had  ****  a major effect on this most spectacular of events about to take place.

This cross, this stump from the Garden of Eden already has very serious credentials against it. It carried the body of Jesus on GFP. The blood from this sacrifice was certainly divine as Jesus took some of it back to Heaven with Him at 3 o’clock. It had carried divinity. The flames from this cross had engulfed the throne of Heaven. It had had contact with the inner workings of Heaven. It was a  part of the only event that will last for eternity. This that were on it; confessed both intentional and unintentional were dealt with on it. The remaining sins of the redeemed, the unconfessed unintentional one were not a part of GFP but the DOA so this cross was involved in the payment of ALL the sins of the saints. It stood for millennia bathed in the blood of Jesus Christ. For a significant time it and it alone stood as the only reason why God could not destroy this earth, certainly after the time the Holy Spirit returned to Heaven. Its presence determined the location for the rebuilding of the post second coming temple. It was on this cross that the DOA was held. It is on this cross that all those ‘leftover’ sins were abolished and allowed the new earth and Heaven to materialise so that eternity could finally begin. It was the Page 86

role of this cross to act as a focusing telescope on what was to become central dogma of the Christian faith; Paul taught the crucified Christ and the crucified Christ alone.

I have not always been this shape of a cross. I started off as a magnificent tree of life way back in the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve sinned and were thrown out of the garden I was the reason why God had to place that angel with that sword at the only entrance to the garden. Evil people could not come back in and eat off me otherwise evil would have lived forever. When cut back to a stump, the shape of this stump was a box structure that was kept burning all day and night for over a thousand years barring the exile and other desolations. My primary function was to prepare God’s people for Good Friday Passover (GFP). It was this event that would carry humanity through the ages of the eternities to come. For these thousand or so years I would be called the ‘Altar of Burnt Offering’ and my final act on planet earth was just that; Altar of burnt offering presenting the final Heavenly burnt offering.

I stood outside of the tent of meeting and only ‘good’ things that even had to be burnt could be offered to God in the Holy Place and once a year in the Most Holy Place. I was the centre piece of the animal sacrificial system. I stand outside of the tent of meeting now, just as this planet is about to cease to exist, ready to offer ‘good’ things now not just to the Holy Place but also to the Most Holy Place. As only Holy items were allowed to be presented through me, I was the presenter and not the purifier of these items, some symbolism here to the Holy Spirit, the first real crises occurred on Good Friday Passover (GFP)where here real evil was being presented; confessed intentional sins, the scapegoat. As I did not have the purifying power to purify them I had to be moved from inside of the temple not just outside of the temple but outside of the city as well. These scapegoat sins were a particularly bad lot. The first part of GFP, the 9 to12 period could have been conducted where I stood; the sin offering of the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world as that is exactly what the sin offering produces; blood that is used to defile any Holy objects that require cleaning. That was my role in the daily sacrifice. None of this applies to the scapegoat; none of those intentional sins had anything to do with Holiness, they were pure, nasty and intentional evil. I had to be moved from inside of the temple.

After the second coming of our Lord I was moved back into the rebuilt temple because the possibility of intentional sins being offered through me did not exist. There are only two types of intentional sin; confessed and therefore covered by GFP and unconfessed where the guilty party will pay for these sins themselves in hell! I was in this temple when Jesus came back to earth for a third time with His two witnesses when the big earthquake hit when set off by the door on mercy closing in Heaven I was protected by the same mechanism that protected me after GFP. The blood that had been poured out against me by that Roman spear put me outside of earthly time and space just like it did to the blood itself. The Romans may have thought another criminal and another cross! Neither were true! It would not require too many guesses as the whom organised the wood from which  the Romans chose the two members for the cross of Christ and where they came from; the Holy Spirit.

As we have come to the locking pin; that sinless hair of Jesus Christ now being placed as a peace offering at the base of this cross as its dedication and consecration is about to be described in Chapter seven, it would be of interest as to what we are looking at. If Daniel’s prediction for those seven lots of seventy (7*70=490) involved GFP then all of the ‘action’ would be in that last seven years and certainly it worked out so. We are drawing quite heavily on these events now. The temples though were in totally different positions and too claim Jesus of the DOA temple is hanging on the wing of GFP temple does not seem to be justified, although both events were the end of evil; one belonged to

Page 87

the people of Jesus the other belonged to the creation of Jesus. But I still assume that Daniel’s prophesy involved this very last DOA temple. The temple of the third coming is pulverised along with the city of the third coming. It is rebuilt after 7*70 years after the decree to rebuild it goes out. The same providence that preserved GFP cross and produced in the temple of the second coming now cuts in and produces it for a second time. Temple is complete and as this cross has the same pool of blood at its feet as the one of GFP did it does not require consecration.

There are any number of events on this side of DOA that could cause satan to panic and send in his henchmen to destroy the city and its rebuilt temple. He can well remember what God told him way back in the Garden of Eden; that Jesus would crush satan’s head.  That may be so but satan is going to fight every step of the way to prevent this from happening. If that means destroying the temple and the city then so be it, anyway they were only rebuilt to appease God and stop those bowls from being poured out. It did not work! If the DOA is coming up and satan knows that it is not just the 10th of July but the year as well and for the DOA to take place all intentional sin must be destroyed and he is the only carrier of intentional left anywhere in the universe then even a person with my logic can work out that satan has to have been done away with before the 10th of July! All that is left on that day is the mess the wicked had left and the unconfessed unintentional sins of the saints. The instruction satan would have given his henchmen who went in to destroy the temple and city was’ ‘complete destruction, not one stone left of the other, does not matter how big they are, every one thrown down!’

It is obvious that nothing survived this destruction including the cross or altar. Even if God had lifted it up five or ten yards or metres they still would have built ramps or towers to get to destroy it. The report back to satan, which he could quite easily and probably did check was, ‘Done!’ So this precious altar, cross, stump required divine providence once again to protect it. After all it is about to be lifted into the Most Holy Place of Heaven where it will become the tree of life. Satan/beast had also tried to throw the knockout punches to Jesus and to His church before and finished up on their backs and thus will happen again. The cross of Jesus and His blood are outside of time and space. They are far too precious to be within satan’s domain, but do we know how far up into the sky does is domain reach? All we are told was that at the cross satan was hurled back to earth and it is here that he must remain and it is above this satanic domain to which this DOA cross was placed and where the ceremony could proceed. If the bowl of blood it stood in came with it then anything below it could now be destroyed. This is the same cross that was present on GFP, the same cross that was in both the third and fourth coming of our Lord and the same cross that was miraculously preserved from the destruction of those satanic beings before the DOA.

The situation we are being presented with is quite simple; chapter six, chapter seven, chapter eight, chapter nine; yes got that! Can we go on if I guess that the next chapter is ten? All involve the Nazirite? Well chapter six certainly but seven onwards seem to move to the Levite. Well what have the Nazirite and Levite have in common? The altar. The Nazirite presents his hair on the altar as a peace offering but the Levite presents carts of gifts and many animal sacrifices. The Nazirite;

What he is doing now is not just a bolt out of the blue. It has been planned if we are to believe Daniel for at least 7*70 years and the resemblances that are occurring between these 490 years and that what went on in Jesus’ first coming could mean many thousands of years before. When His Nazirite vow finished Jesus would cut his recently shaven hair and place it on the altar as a peace offering. Well how old is that hair and why does it have to be cut off anyway.? As Jesus and His people are about to Page 88

enter eternity where Jesus will reflect the glory of God he has to have any hair removed. As to its age; it began to grow on the day before the DOA when His other hair was cut off. It was cut off because Jesus knowingly accepted all those unintentional unconfessed sins of His creation, both the goodies and the badies and this knowing acceptance defiled His hair and He was forsaken by God for six days. Day seven He cut off this defiled hair when the regrowth started. Actually the regrowth was counted from the DOA itself; ‘And that same day he shall consecrate his head.’  So as far as this hair is concerned it grew in sinless conditions, its starting date was the DOA and it had to be cut-off before entry into Heaven so that Jesus could reflect the full glory of God.

So how many days old was it when it was cut off and for what purpose was it placed in the fire which is under the sacrifice of peace offerings.? Daniel tells us that all those six requirements of righteousness had to be met within those 7*70 lots of years and specifically the last seven and even more specifically within the last three and a half. This would mean that the maximum age of this hair grown in such purity could be no older than 1,260 days, it could be less but no more. The reason for its existence had nothing to do with the Nazirite coming in contact with His dead brothers and sisters no, that was the subject of Good Friday Passover (GFP). Nor did it have anything to do because a man died very suddenly beside him, no, that was the subject of the Day of Atonement (DOA). No the peace offering links these two and on the cross. This cross is GFP and DOA and peace offerings. We can now proceed with the wave offerings by placing them in the hand’s of the Nazirite after he has shaved his dedicated hair. What is of interest it that after His decommissioning if that is what it was the Nazirite remains a Nazirite. He is able to drink wine from the fruit of the vine which this stump will soon produce in Heaven. Jesus told us that He would not be able to drink from the fruit of the vine until He was in His Father’s kingdom where all these events have led or are about to lead Him. The outstanding feature  is the trouble that Heaven has gone to  sculptor a step to place offering of hair growth of our Nazirite since the DOA. Totally separate, totally different.

Looking at these same events from chapter seven; the Levites angle; the anointing and consecrating of the tabernacle but focusing on the altar. It was none other than Moses who setup, anointed and consecrated the altar and its utensils. It was none other than Jesus Christ who setup, anointed and consecrated the Heavenly cross and its utensils. The earthly box which had burning logs on it for 24/7 needed to be anointed and consecrated as it was the centre piece of temple worship and would for the best part of a thousand years. It was the Israelites contact with God and through it sinful, with defect or those with out of date timed objects could not be offered. It was supposed to point out and prepare them for the real event; Good Friday Passover (GFP), and these were wonderful festivities spread out over a twelve day period.

But this box type altar had a use by date also and its use stopped abruptly on the 14th of the first month. It was replaced with the cross. This new altar had no such dedication, anointing of consecration. When the vertical and horizontal beams were selected there were no carts of gifts or prayers or anything. This was going to be brutality at its known worse. Yet this altar has survived to this date of the last three and a half years in Daniel’s prophesy and is about to go through its final migration and transformation to its permanent place in Heaven. It did in fact receive an anointing and a consecration;

On Good Friday’s Passover it not only had the blood of the sin offering spilt on it, the blood of the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world it also stood in that blood. As the divine component of that blood had been taken up to Heaven by the High Priest, yes this was the ‘human’ blood of our Lord that was left behind, the ‘excess blood’ that was left behind after everything that needed to be

Page 89

cleansed had been cleansed. It may have done it in another dimension of darkness but it has also been the scapegoat. It had intentional sins transferred to its head and body and took them into the raging fires of hell and had them burnt off into oblivion. It returned back at three o’clock on that day only to join with humanity. This was only a symbolic joining, the real one will take place on the DOA in the peace offering. This new altar was certainly dedicated to humanity and that dedication is called GFP even though I have not tried to establish the link to the drink offering.

It was also consecrated and set aside for divinity. On the DOA the sin offering the one from the pigeon/turtledove was the blood of divinity. It was for sins that Jesus so magnanimously decided to take on Himself even though they were not His sins. He made them His own sins. As the sin offering was a divine act so was the burnt offering that followed. Yes this tree has had full anointing and consecration rituals applied to it. It was Jesus Christ was both the agent of anointing and also the agent of consecrating. ( have to have a think which was GFP and which was DOA as both seem to apply)  But there is still the peace offering and then compare what the Nazirite did at his decommissioning to what we expected of Him when we presented our offerings. Is this where this cross is pushed over the line of eternity? When we wander around under this magnificent tree in Heaven, in the New Jerusalem what is it supposed to conjure up? It sure was a very privileged tree to start with way back in the Garden of Eden and a much more privileged tree to finish up in Heaven, just like the rest of the participants of that amazing day; Good Friday Passover !! *** Poor effort today as family, father’s day and birthday took out most of the day.

Just before producing with what seems like a real clanger I will go through the line of thinking first. For a long time now I have envisaged that the anointing of the Most Holy was; Jesus calls the name of JK (or whatever the mode of identification in Heaven will be), JK comes out of those throngs and stands before Jesus. Jesus puts His thumb into the golden censor with His precious blood in it. This blood is certainly most holy. The person to whom it is about to be applied to may not be the most holy but very special to God anyway. When this blood is touched onto my forehead I do then become Most Holy and see the face of Jesus. This is the anointing of the Most Holy. When you add this to only just recently I had become a part of the body of Jesus in the DOA when that fine flour mixed with oil was placed on the burnt offering, there was eternity; the blood of Jesus had been reunited with His body and therefore Most Holy indeed.

The problem with this scenario is that the Most Holy has to be anointed, as item six of Daniel’s list, on this earth still and within the 1,260 day timeslot from the DOA. Clearly the above is a Heavenly scenario of the New Jerusalem and well into its timeslot. So back to earth.

But our main problem remains what is this relationship between the length of hair of the Nazirite and moving the altar from earth to the Heaven’s of eternity. The very few people who are being moved across from this earth and this side of the doorway to the tent of meeting to eternity on the other side is because of Calvary’s tree. But what about this stump, this cross, this altar? It has already been anointed, consecrated (and dedicated ?) by passing through the DOA and GFP, but these two events still have to be welded into one; has divinity DOA, accepted humanity GFP and it would be a rhetorical question; has humanity accepted divinity? There is still room for a peace offering.

The Bible has a subsection and chapter on the length of hair of the Nazirite from the DOA until, maximum day 1,260 days. Hair that is no longer than three and a half years of growth. It is sinless, it is divine. Its growth was specifically counted from the moment all sin had vanished but had to include very specific functions while it was growing. Without these being fulfilled we would have to remain at

Page 90

the doorway to the tent of meeting for the eternities to come. Passover in Egypt only released the Jews to start a journey which would end at the DOA. This special period of 1,260 days is after the DOA and the subject of the length of hair of the Nazirite. GFP got us to 3 o’clock of DOA when all sin disappeared and the count of days for the hair’s growth began from 3 o’clock.( Come back to drink offering first attempt ******)

So this altar/stump/cross is indeed a very privileged part of God’s creation. It has always been about giving life; in the Garden of Eden as the tree of life, as box of burning logs with faith was the source of life, as a cross of both GFP and DOA a source of life and for what is now happening at this hold up in front of the doorway into the new tent of mercy and at the end of its migration and transformation as the tree of life of the New Jerusalem. That stump phase it was the source of life but this life only came because of the death of Jesus who was on it. It now has just had the extra string added to its bow; the Nazirite has just cut off His hair and placed  it on the fire which is under the sacrifice of peace offerings. It has become a peace offering.

Another angle is the relationship between chapter six and seven, divided into four aspects. Chapter six was the Nazirite reading from a sheet that He had prepared with God His Father as to what had to be done in order to restore humanity with divinity. As He read them the priest who was with Him presented them to God and they were accepted. You would think that if the nation was accepted then so would each individual also be. This angel may have been through JK experience with the law where it applies equally to all but in your case the judge’s Swiss bank account has just received some unexpected funds so you are an exclusion, a part of the uncertainty principle. So just to be perfectly sure the priest adds his own personnel account. Aspect one; the checks of the Nazirite. Aspect two; the expectation of the leaders/tribes and members. When these placed their offerings on the altar that Moses had just anointed they could not have had in mind what this altar had done for them, it had only just recently been anointed. This was a deposit on what would become their hopes and dreams of the future; life eternal! Aspect three was this same group looking back in time at this altar and comparing what it had done to what they were expecting of it all that time a long time ago. There is one other aspect and that is this group of Levites is looking at this cross while they are placing their offerings on it and expecting it to accomplish something for them in the future. All four aspects focus on the same three items; this cross in whatever form it is in and wherever it is standing must be composed of a burnt, sin and peace offering. But first attempt at drink offering;

Three o’clock Good Friday Passover (GFP). Jesus calls for the drink of sour wine not to break His relationship with God, that had already happened, but a visible sign to the onlookers that it had happened. Between three and four body and blood remain together but He has joined His brothers and sisters in the world of the dead. He is one  with them now. We are the body of Christ and we are the blood of Christ. If our body suffers an injury of any degree Jesus also suffers this injury. When our blood is spilt in the great tribulation the blood of Jesus is also spilt. We are under the new covenant where we crush the unleavened bread and drink from the cup of unfermented fruit of the vine and we have given up. We tried but hopelessly failed. Now we are one with Jesus we let Him do things, stand back and admire the results; right every time! What a sense of security!

But this relationship is going to be altered at 4 o’clock  by the great tribulation when that Roman spear will open up the side of Jesus and separate His body and blood. As this is only just over the halfway point of our trip to the DOA there is still much to occur. His blood remains on earth and will do so until

Page 91

DOA or there about. We His body are placed it a grave, the tent of meeting in the Old Heaven. If this is described as a grave then imagine what Heaven will be when we go there on Resurrection Sunday! But we do stay in this rather wonderful grave until the activity begins on Resurrection Sunday, and activity there is much of.

When we arrive in Heaven we are body only. If His divine blood was applied to us at this stage there would be no need further down the road to have it applied to our foreheads, that will be the final stage of divinity and much water has to pass under the bridge before that happens. WE do apply some of His blood to our robes and it is our robes that get us through the next 1,800 odd years. Let us assume that Nazirite refuses to restart His Nazirite’s ministry. ‘ My original ministry was to go through to this point, been there done it and no more! You will have to go back and rewrite Daniel’s prophesy as finishing at 69 ½ lots of seven and not 70 lots of seven!’ Where would this leave us the saints?  ****

Without the DOA, sin would exist and even though those specific sins that are to be dealt with on the DOA are not attributed to us the saints they would still prevent the new Heavens and earth from materialising. We would have to spend the rest of eternity in the tent of meeting of the Old Heavens and never be able to enter into the Most Holy Place. When compared to the New Jerusalem Heaven calls this as a state of the dead. So is ‘Resurrection Sunday’ at the end of Daniel’s 1,260 days of the covenant?

It puts a very interesting slant on the hair of the Nazirite when you consider He starts His numbering at, ‘ And that same day he shall consecrate his head, and shall dedicate to the Lord his days as a Nazirite.(verses11,12). So the old finishes and the new starts with the guilt offering. This is the idea behind this guilt offering. This is a very powerful argument for the three pm end of the journey for the church of God. In the 1,260 days after GFP Jesus prepared His Body, His church for a walk that would not just get them to the DOA but 3pm, through the DOA. Isn’t that amazing! No sin as DOA has occurred, that doorway we have been standing at for what seems like such a long time can now open and we can finally go through to eternity! There was no need after all for those 1,260 days had allocated, nothing needed to be done after all! But is this really the case? Didn’t all four aspects of the Levite and the Nazirite call for three requirements in order to get us through that final doorway? There is more to this time period that meets the eye, to compare these requirements against each other.

So far the drink offering itself put us into the timeslot of three to four with our Lord and we let Him take over as we had tried for nearly four thousand years without success. We are quite happy with this new covenant if it means that Jesus has to meet the requirements of God. As we can’t get into trouble while we are ‘dead’ for the first 1,800 years in Heaven so the next time the blood of Jesus will cut in will be the blood of the sin offering of the pigeon/turtledove. This will be divine blood and this also brings us to the start of those last 1,260 days after the DOA. Let us tick off what we think has been fulfilled out of Daniel’s six righteousness requirement at the end of the first Nazirite vow and the beginning of the new vow, ‘but the former days will be void because his separation was defiled’.

Daniel’s first five requirements are met by the Day of Atonement (DOA) Three o’clock Sabbath the 10th of the seventh month. In the 1,260 days after Good Friday Passover (GFP) Jesus had instructed His Page 92

church so that they were prepared for the long journey to end at this time of the seventh month, 3,885 years after GFP, also coming under the umbrella of the Nazirite’s vow. As the last 1,260 days were under a restarted vow the church did not necessarily Have to be instructed for these last days; Day 1,260 from the DOA was the anointing of the Most Holy.

Only something that can give life has to be holy. Eden’s tree of life did this as did the altar/cross in both GFP and the DOA. This altar/cross/tree became most holy when Jesus applied a part of His holy body to it; hair growth from 3 o’clock of the DOA, both body and blood. Verse 18; ‘The Nazirite shall then shave his dedicated head of hair at the doorway of the tent of meeting, and take the dedicated hair of his head and put it on the fire which is on the sacrifice of peace offerings’. The cross has just received a sticker on it; admitted into the new earth and heavens. The last seven of years, 7,77*7* has been fulfilled and now we only have the seven months, seven days and seven hours left for the existence of the old earth. As far as the Nazirite is concerned all three stages of eternity have now been met; GFP, the DOA and now the peace offering. Now the finer details of worship can now take place.

It is Scripture that describes the process of applying the hair of Jesus to the altar as anointing so that still leaves the altar as dedicated and consecrated. The dedication is probably the human step; GFP. Jesus coming down to be one with His dead brothers and sisters right up to 4 o’clock on Good Friday when His precious blood was spilt as ours is going to be soon in the great tribulation. It is still with this sharp demarcation of the blood of Jesus that I still continue to struggle with, the leaving of this blood in a pool around the cross. But it is not the blood of Jesus that gives this cross entry into Heaven it is His hair and it has to be of the right length; 1,260 days of growth!  So if GFP is the dedication that Moses has just performed on the altar that only leaves the DOA as being its consecration. The Most Holy has now been dedicated, consecrated and anointed. There is now a Heavenly link between GFP and DOA and true worship can now look down and then up to see its fulfilment. When in Heaven we come up for our monthly fruit from this Most Holy tree it will have a very rich history behind it. It is the stump restored when pride died; it is the tree of life. It is not standing in a pool of Jesus’ blood, it is standing on the sinless life of Jesus Christ as it has been since that DOA.

When satan and his evil angels were hurled down from Heaven at three o’clock on Good Friday despite putting up the fight of their lives they were hurled down to earth where they will remain confined until they are thrown into hell. They are confined to a certain distance above the earth and as I do not know how high up this is I will guess the Van Allen radiation belt; 777 kilometres above the earth (??)  As satan is not allowed into this area the cross of the DOA could quite easily be in this area that we are studying and the DOA. Its height is not relevant but its position is; it must be directly above the place where the cross of Jesus stood on GFP.

Certainly identifying the anointing of the Most Holy has been a step in the right direction but it has also raised many issues. If Jesus Christ was perfect and sinless as at 3pm on the DOA then why did He have to wait for 1,260 days of hair growth before He cut His hair off and applied it to the peace offering immortalising it? Would have hair growth of one day or even one minute have been enough to make this transformation?  It was Divine hair and therefore its length irrelevant. Who else benefitted from this length of time and what other processes were involved? Perhaps it may have been better not to

Page 93

have suggested the solution until after we had considered the aspects of those four features of the altar and for which each one required a burnt, sin and peace offering as a solution.

The original desert lot. The box of burning logs outside of the doorway to the tent of meeting. Moses sets up, dedicates, anoints and consecrates many offerings for differing people. Following the second day where Nethanel the son of Zuar, leader of Issachar, presented these offering on this fledgling altar, (all the others were the same) one silver dish whose weight was one hundred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl of seventy shekels, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, both of them full of fine flour mixed with oil for a grain offering; one gold pan of ten shekels, full of incense, one bull, one ram, one male lamb a year old without defect, for a burnt offering; one male goat for a sin offering; and for the sacrifice of peace offerings, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, five male lambs a year old.

When compared ***** to the worksheet of the Nazirite of chapter 6 the above demands/expectations/achievements is rather modest. The Nazirite only claims a male lamb a year old without defect for burnt offering, one ewe-lamb a year old without defect for a sin offering and a ram for a peace offering but along with it the basket of cakes, wafers and grain and drink offerings. Neither bring up what I consider to be the crux of the matter; the pigeon/turtledove as both a sin offering and burnt offering as these seem to belong to another dimension, another world; that of God. I have long given up trying to tie all of Scripture into one line and providing ideas are forthcoming then it is okay to proceed. So the penny will drop at the right time with the drink offering, whenever.

The problem with this rather extensive list that Nethanel the son of Zuar has just placed on the altar of Moses is that in all probability it is he who is going to now place this same list on the altar that has just been anointed by Jesus Himself by placing His Nazirite’s hair on it. The altar of life for the eternities to come, the tree of life within the New Jerusalem. As these presentations occur over a twelve day period we can account for twelve days out of the remaining seven months, seven days and seven hours. This roughly matches the first forty days after the DOA (and GFP) that Jesus spent convincing His disciples that He had come through the cross and it accomplished what it had set out to do.

As I was a member of the tribe of Issachar when our leader, Nethanel the son of Zuar was placing these offerings on Moses altar/Jesus’s cross I agreed with all of these offering and the need for each. I knew that at least once a month I would turn up in the New Jerusalem, and probably many more times, where I would have to come to this tree to collect the fruit for this month. As I stood and looked at this most magnificent of trees even by Heaven’s standards, still in focus behind it was the throne of God with Jesus. Looking at this tree what does it tell me about that Jesus on His throne?

Nethanel offered a large dish and even if it did have a large amount of fine flour mixed with oil a part of that flour was me. You see it is only grain offering at this stage because since that separation of the body and blood of Jesus at four o’clock on GFP the blood remained on earth for an awfully long period of time and has not as yet been re-joined with my body. I am no stranger, I have been included as a part of this magnificent tree; the silver dish offering. The flour was contained also with a bowl. We as the saints of Heaven are contained within a tribe and our Heavenly possessions are also contained. I am here and within an area confined or reserved for my tribe. Realising that this tree is leading me to the throne of God, as on earth it is the focusing device for the throne of God, I approach it with reverence and prayer. These prayers have already been submitted on this tree in a golden censor and accepted. Cannot leave anything to chance. Now for the heavy lifting, the framework within this tree. The vertical members are the divinity of Jesus, His burnt offering. It is progressive; bull, ram and one

Page 94

male lamb a year old. It all starts at male lamb a year old, without him there would be nothing. It all starts at Good Friday way back in Egypt. But the idea is so novel and strange that a thousand years of preparation or even ten thousand years would not prepare the world and allow it to accept this idea. The idea that a totally innocent being should accept the punishment for the guilty and that punishment was death because He loved them so much is just fanciful and unacceptable to anyone even if they are given a long period of time to do so. This lamb a year old and in the prime of His life did so! And for those who accept this magnanimous act become one with Him in His first at death and then one with Him in His resurrection. They are a part of the ram offering as burnt offering. But I am even one stage above this. You see the lamb was offered and accepted then the ram accepted and in turn was accepted but now we have the ultimate burnt offering and it is here that it has all come from; the bull offering. Soon these will be separated but this is where the combined bull offerings will come from! That bull offering was very carefully placed on the altar standing on Nazirite hair.

The sin offering is relatively simple. The Nazirite presented and thought that the sin offering was a ewe-lamb but just as my tribe did way back in the desert I present one male goat. It does not have to be a year old, in the prime of its life, nor does it have to be without defect it just has to be a goat. When Jesus the Nazirite was decommissioned in Heaven after the DOA (stage one) and then another 1,260 days (version two) His aim was to bring the bride along to Heaven with Him. The sin offering then was a ewe-lamb; He was entirely occupied with His bride. Actually the framework, the symbolism of the church today and for the eternities to come is the cross but before it could be brought across the border into eternity it needed a divine base as all the blood that had been spilt against it had been gathered up. That divine base was the hair of the Nazirite; hair, head, knowledge, all the way along Jesus knew what He was doing. Sin was the domain of the ewe-lamb, and the sin offering was just focused on this one mechanism.

In the desert it was different. Here we have a large tribe and actually twelve of them. Focusing just on Issachar. This tribe is about to start its journey to the promised land. All are counted, all are on the Heavenly censor’s list. They are made up of sheep and goats just like the church of Jesus is today. These will not be separated until the second coming of our Lord some three thousand years’ time. The remaining nearly two millennia is just about checking and crosschecking but no mistakes are found. So this original sin offering was for the whole tribe as they set out on their march to the promised land. The same rules applied to every member of our tribe and you were free to obey or disobey them. As every one of them had sinned from the high priest down, they were goats and at the gate would have been directed to the left hand gate along with the other goats. But basically in the desert we have a goat sin offering, those who respond to it become rams and finally a part of the bull offering and what is carried across this doorway and into the Heavenly tent of meeting was this goat offering option of choice. Jesus Christ had the freedom of choice to go ahead with GFP and all have that choice whether we want to follow Him. It leads to what I consider still to be very cruel and harsh verse not just of Revelation but so late and in chapters 21 and 22; just as we pass through this final doorway into the Heavenly tent of mercy, we check to see that the dogs, liars and murderers have been excluded. This wonderful tree of life will have free will imprinted on it.

Well both GFP and DOA have happened and the altar is about to receive its Heavenly foundation, what else needs to occur? All these things now need to be presented to God to check whether His Holy hurt, His original anger has been abated. We now need the peace offering. There are many aspects of this peace offering and over time we will look at some of them, but the important thing is that Jesus Christ

Page 95

was that peace offering, it was made on this cross and it was accepted by the Father and the whole unit of GFP, DOA, peace offering and the cross in its rejuvenated form are all about to pass through this doorway into the new tent of meeting! Unfortunately as this stump can only come into full bloom in the total absence of sin it must remain a stump until it crosses onto the new earth and the new earth cannot materialise whist there is still a trace of the old earth remaining, so there is still much to be done in the remaining seven months, seven days and seven hours. And twelve days have already gone as the twelve leaders of our tribes stood up in turn and placed their offerings on this soon to be transferred altar/cross.

So leaving the peace sacrifice**** (I type in an extra few words at the end and save them and by clearing the cache means if there is a crash only the last few words will be lost. Also gives ideas for future thought). Actually it is back to DOA plus three and a half years or 1,260 days, the end of the covenant period of Daniel and the anointing of the Most Holy. Wrongfully assumed that it was holy, the tree of life, and became Most Holy once it had the ticket ‘Heaven Bound’ glued to it. It was Most Holy before its anointing because; it had already been through the sin offering of the ewe-lamb, GFP. It had already been through the burnt offering which can only take place in the absence of sin. The peace offering of the ram, basket of unleavened cakes and wafers and grain and drink offerings were all loaded on it, all that was needed now was to hit the ‘present’ button. That button was pressed on day 1,260 from the DOA when Jesus cut off His own hair and placed it at the base of the altar, the cross. The material, the subject matter was not just in the right order but of the right form. It had ben pipelined. Only the vehicle, the mode of transport had to be added, the cross. And the wave offerings accompanied its final presentation. These 1,260 days were required to prepare God’s people for this event, for their journey of eternity. It was not about allowing the hair of the Nazirite to grow to a certain length.  And respond they did.

The events of chapters seven and eight were not in that pipeline that was configured in chapter six, they were results of it. Once chapter six had cleared the way we very quickly add on our hopes and inspirations and the more these cling to Jesus the surer their fulfilment. The fact that there are so many similarities between chapters six and seven only shows how relevant chapter six was. But it is Jesus doing the presentations in six and it is our leaders who are adding to them in chapter seven. That is not saying that Jesus by taking out one cake and one wafer is foretelling what is about to take place in chapters seven and eight. Not that there is much foretelling to take place now and has already been pointed out that unless we get a grasp on the drink offering we really can’t get any further.

Just like after GFP Jesus gave His church 1,260 days of preparation before they started their journey of which I am now fairly confident of was not just to but through the DOA, He has now given them another 1,260 days of preparation for the start of that journey to and through eternity. If this is the end of Daniel’s seven year covenant, 7,77**7* years then there is only 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours until we step through this doorway and onto the new earth leaving where the old used to be. But now our offerings have been prepared and made what final preparations do we have to make keeping in mind that we have just spent almost 1,800 years in the tent of meeting in the old Heaven?

For our final preparations, of the Levites those not so much handpicked by God as in picked up by the hand of God, those odd ones who had chosen to want to be with God, Heaven sends in all of its holy beings, the angels, the sons of Israel to help with these operations and to get us to get acquainted for the eternities to come. The first cleansing water, but only sprinkling as they have already been baptised, razor, they will now reveal the full glory of God and wash their clothing. But how can we be dirty if we

Page 96

have just spent nearly two millennia in Heaven? But that was the problem within the Heaven we have just come from. God’s presence, God’s throne had to be confined within the Most Holy Place. The saints were not allowed within this area as they still had the beast within. It not only had to be killed, all of its dead remains had to be extracted. Jesus’ robe of righteousness had been in contact with us and therefore needed to be washed. We were about to become one with Jesus, to reflect God’s glory, we needed to be shaved. They, the Levites and the sons of Israel, the redeemed and the angelic hosts have just arrived as an army behind their leader, the rider of the white horse, when God asks Jesus to separate the angels and the saints. When we want to compare these events of Heaven with Sinai we must be able to transfer symbols; Lord with God, Moses with Jesus, Levite with saint, sons of Israel with angels and Aaron with Jesus Christ as High Priest.

Also today if I want to think about what Jesus did for me on GFP I don’t have any problem with imagining a cross. I can also imagine an almost naked, blood splattered male writhing in pain where every nerve fibre is saturated and firing does not mean that Jesus is hanging on this cross now. By my attempted imagery and faith these events are held as real by Heaven. Likewise just because we are now going to use imagery does not mean that they are happening now. The blood from GFP may now be about to be used now but the real GFP occurred some 3,888 years ago. Likewise with DOA. The event itself may have occurred over 1,260 days ago but we are going to use imagery from this event as this cleansing of Levites takes place. In fact we know that it took at least twelve days for our leaders to present our hopes and dreams on this altar/cross/stump once we saw the Nazirite put His hair under it; We took that as ‘Heaven bound’. So we will now assume we are 1,280 days away from the DOA and 3,888 years away from GFP.  One of the problems we have**** is the usual order of service is that the sin offering is offered first as it is the blood from this offering that is used for cleansing and then allowing the rest of the service to proceed. Here this order does not seem to be followed; ‘ a second bull you shall take for a sin offering’.

The sin offering order first would not have to be applied if there were no sins, no defilement that required cleansing. The focus then becomes the burnt offering, a sinless offering and can only be a sinless offering because there was this sin offering some 3,888 odd years ago. And this is the situation now. The only reason these sinless, perfect beings, the angels are not going just to have dealings with us they are laying their hands on us and asking Aaron, Jesus the High Priest to present us the Levite, to God for the same purpose that they have existed for since their creation 7,777 years ago! They want us to join them and they want God to approve this transaction which is being proposed by His Son. And why should God only want ‘one’ angelic host? (One in service but two in nature, it is us who will show continual gratitude to Jesus for the eternities to come and it will be done using the same focusing device that we should use today to show our gratitude for what Jesus has done; the cross, stump today but full bloom tree of life for the eternities to come!

It is not now going to be a matter of quickly whipping back through time now some 3,888 years and putting Jesus back onto the cross of Good Friday Passover (GFP) or even 1,280 days ago to put Him on the cross of DOA. But it is a matter of looking at this cross which is in front of us and still in its T form, not magnificent tree of life, and seeing Jesus standing alongside us now and Who was so recently on it, going through the first of the offerings; the burnt offering. It is the splitting and the amplification of the body of Christ in the burnt offering that gives all the Heavenly hosts an idea of Whom we are standing near.  This is not a male lamb a year old and without defect, nor is the following sin offering but they are the bases of this bull offering. The offering

Page 97

now being presented is saint plus angel the unit of service and worship of Heaven but only the Levite portion will actually require the offerings to make atonement.

The ground on which we are applying for this union to angel and union to God is the grain offering and fine flour mixed with oil. It is a burnt offering and therefore in the absence of sin. The body that is being presented is that of Jesus Christ. If it had any stains then they were only there because Jesus had so magnanimously bowed so low and accepted all our sins, including those nasty intentional sins. They would have had to have left some scars behind. But this body on which this presentation is being made now has been through the raging fires of hell. There are no scars, there are no stains there is perfection now. If you want to split straws then you may ask what about those unconfessed, unintentional sins which are supposed to be the subject of the DOA? This Day of Atonement (DOA) did begin with a sin offering, that of the Nazirite who had nothing; the blood of the first pigeon/turtledove, for those sins that Jesus took on Himself even though they were our sins, those of the dead man who died suddenly beside Him and defiled Him. So no there are no sins whatsoever left behind in this latter part of the DOA.

But this brings up an interesting nuance here between Nazirite and Levite. When the Nazirite submitted His burnt offering, among the items submitted was a drink offering. There is no drink offering submitted with the Levites burnt offering, Why? It could be that the Nazirite was dealing with the bottom of the tree but the Levite is dealing with the top of this tree, the one that is about to spring into full bloom as it passes through the doorway into the Heavenly tent of meeting which should open within seven months. The Nazirite was dealing with the bottom of this tree, GFP where he had to prove that in fact He had come low enough to encompass the saints of humanity. To prove that He had come low enough, He produced the drink offering, that sour wine of three o’clock of GFP. He had already worked it out with God the Father that this was the level of proof that would be required.

But the DOA involves the top of the tree. Here the links being established upwards to God and not downwards to us. There was no need for a drink offering but we still need to work out what replaced the downward drink offering with an ‘upward drink offering’? The presence of the angels holding our hands would have to introduce an ‘upward’ pressure. Just being at lofty heights would have this effect. The Nazirite on planet earth as the male lamb a year old and drink offering as compared to us about to pass through the doorway into the Heavenly tent of meeting and having the highest offering, the bull and no need for a drink offering speak for themselves. At this stage I think that the wave offerings are made from the burnt offering platform. Certainly the Levites and even at the time of the Nazirites the wave offerings were made at or pointing to the Nazirite placing His holy hair under the sacrifice of the peace offering. The burnt offering.

Having just joined us up as a big happy family for the soon arrival of the new earth, God now issues instructions regarding our separation from the angels. This was a necessity on earth in the desert temple, the Levites served and the rest of Israel did not. This was the idea for the separation but what about in Heaven? Well if right now there was angelic work to be in preparing the new Heavens and earth only the angels could leave, pass through the doorway to the new tent of mercy and go and do what was required of them. They have been sinless all the way along,

Page 98

to them, it is only a barrier to the Levites and they still have some hoops to jump through before this yet. It is easy to relate verses 14-19 to the situation in the Sinai desert but these should transpose, metaphorically at least into the Heavenly realm. After all the New Heaven will be made up of those who had sinned and those who had not. ****

There are many differences between the angels and the saints like; one lot live in tribes, are allocated blocks of land and given apartments but the others are not, being spirits they don’t need them. But in verses 14-19 there has been a change in direction, we are being sent back to Egypt. We have been and seen the lofty heights from above the zones of earth which satan was not allowed to enter but which unfortunately are still on earth’s side of the doorway to the Heavenly tent of meeting. Before we can move on and certainly through this door we need a reality check; are we standing firmly on the right foundation that Scripture has given us; Good Friday Passover Egypt. (GFPE). It maybe the earthly step but its Heavenly step and fulfilment are actually on Mount Calvary on Good Friday Passover (GFP). The actual separation for all ages occurs here; ‘and the Levites shall be mine’. As the curtain to the tent of meeting has been torn they may go in and serve the tent of meeting, symbolically at first but literally later on when they require further cleansing and presentation as a wave offering. They are mine, they are firstborn from among the sons of Israel. And yes, as there is no aging in Heaven we will never be retiring from God’s service up there. So we are in an intermediatory stage now; they did retire, we are not allowed to and we never will up there! On earth now retirement age is not fifty or sixty or seventy or eighty or ninety or even one hundred, in fact the older we get the more we need that brain food which only the Bible can give; ‘Give us today our daily bread…’

But coming to the end of chapter eight makes me realise that in chapters six, seven and eight we have been the key to worship; the peace offerings. Not only were they given in chapter six they were partially turned for us in chapters seven and eight so we should now make a concerted effort to put a tie in this thread. So far it has taken over 76,000 words for these three chapters and only the Holy Spirit knows how many more are needed. But before I make and attempt not just to tie in those three chapters but one to five as well, I will add chapter nine to this list.


The Passover: Verses 1-14 ; ‘Thus the Lord spoke to Moses in the wilderness of Sinai, in the first month of the second year after they had come out of the land of Egypt, saying, “Now, let the sons of Israel observe the Passover at its appointed time. On the fourteenth day of this month, at twilight, you shall observe it at its appointed time; you shall observe it according to all its statutes.” So Moses told the sons of Israel to observe the Passover. They observed the Passover in the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, at twilight, in the wilderness of Sinai; according to all that the Lord had commanded Moses, so thr sons of Israel did. But there were some men who were unclean because of the dead person, so that they could not Passover on that day; so they came before Moses and Aaron on that day. Those men said to him, “Though we are unclean because of the dead person, why are we restrained from presenting the offering of the Lord at its appointed time among the sons of Israel?” Moses therefore said to them, “Wait, and I will listen to what the Lord will concerning you.” Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the sons of Israel, saying, ‘If any one of you or of your generations becomes unclean because of a dead person, or is on a distant journey, he may, however, observe the Passover to the Lord. In the second month on the fourteenth day at twilight, they shall observe it; they shall eat it with unleavened bread and bitter herbs. They shall leave none of it until morning, nor break a bone of it; according to all the statute of the Passover they shall observe it. But Page 99

the man who is clean and is not on a journey, and yet neglects to observe the Passover, that person shall be cut off from his people, for he did not present the offering of the Lord at its appointed time. That man will bear his sin. If an alien sojourns among you and observes the Passover to the Lord, according to the statute of the Passover and according to its ordinance, so he shall do; you shall have one statute, both for the alien and for the native of the land.’”

The Cloud on the Tabernacle: Verses 15-23; ‘Now on the day that the tabernacle was erected the cloud covered the tabernacle, and in the evening it was like the appearance of fire over the tabernacle, until morning. So it was continuously; the cloud would cover it by day, and the appearance of fire by night. Whenever the cloud was lifted over the tent, afterward the sons of Israel would then set out; and in the place where the cloud settled down, there the sons of Israel would camp; At the command of the Lord  the sons of Israel would set out, and at the command of the Lord they would camp; as long as the cloud settled over the tabernacle, they remained camped. Even when the cloud lingered over the tabernacle for many days, the sons of Israel would keep the Lord’s charge and not set out. If sometimes the cloud remained a few days over the tabernacle, according to the command of the Lord they remained camped. Then according to the command of the Lord they set out. If sometimes the cloud remained from evening until morning, when the cloud was lifted in the morning, they would move out; or if it remained in the daytime and at night, whenever the cloud was lifted, they would set out. Whether it was two days or a month or a year that the cloud lingered over the tabernacle, staying above it, the sons of Israel remained camped and did not set out; but when it was lifted, they did set out. At the command of the Lord they camped, and at the command of the Lord they set out; they kept the Lord’s charge, according to the command of the Lord through Moses.’

Well finally we have come to an easy chapter, one that requires little if any comment. There is no tabernacle with a constant cloud so verses 15-23 are irrelevant, N/A, not applicable. Passover commemorations; the surest was to invite God to strike you down with a massive thunderbolt would be to kill some animal, any animal  for any sacrifice, including the most important one; the Passover Lamb. All animal sacrifices are prohibited so verses 1-14 are not just irrelevant, but dangerous. N/A, not applicable, just hope the next chapter on those trumpets will be relevant to the trumpets of Revelation!

What we are doing is dismissing the Old Testament as irrelevant. What did our Jesus do with the OT and what did He think about it? What did Jesus’ church think about and how did they use the OT?  How can you be vaporised by Jesus for doing what was compulsory for the Israelites in the OT? What are we supposed to be able to extract from the OT nearly three thousand years ago, today in 2017, the age of enlightenment? What have we in common with the peoples of those times? They knew something about crops and animals and nothing about anything else but we know very little about crops and animals but about everything else!  How true about our knowledge of crops and animals; ****Mid last century Australia was having a major problem with the cane beetle. They called on their brightest and best scientists from the universities and CSIRO. The chaps decided the problem could quite easily be sorted out by the introduction of the cane frog. Easy! All agreed? Yes peer reviewed! Nothing could go wrong and that is the advantage of having such clever people and paying them so much money. But there was a problem, minor maybe but still a problem. The beetle lived up on the cane stalk and the frog could not jump up to get it!! So the beetle kept on living a danger free life

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whilst the cane toad has gone about destroying the country so ultimately once it has destroyed everything there will be two types of animals left; the frog and the beetle, clever, clever scientists! They did not realise that frogs could not fly! One can only hope that they did double strand degrees and that their second strand was stronger than their biology strand! Frogs hop, frogs hop, frogs hop… that! (You haven’t told me if they fly!….trade secret, I see) They don’t learn you that in universities! No matter, there wasn’t that much harm done and what was, was well worth the knowledge gained! Anyway those TV lounges at universities and CSIRO must be forlorn places. The cosmologists carefully watching the box to see where the latest meteorite has struck, (given up with comets, there for a million years but gone tomorrow), the geologists watching where the latest earthquake has struck and the biologists watching where a cane beetle has dropped dead and fallen to the ground and being devoured by a horde of cane toads! Got him! There goes any chance of reincarnation for that beetle! High fives exchanged, great satisfaction was not such a disastrous experiment after all! Proves natural selection and evolution perfectly! Actually these biologists consider themselves badly done by, by all this fake news. Instead of stationing their reporters in the cane fields where the real news is they have them running around taking pictures of climate change. Rejecting any cool areas or days produces unexpectedly global warming! And no one is going to challenge our evidence if we sing from our song sheets and in a loud voice. Proven technique, have been effective so far. The old hockey stick proves anything! The problem is that near zero quantity times near zero quality, ( Carbon dioxide, ppm * two vibrational modes) gives near zero effect. The real culprit, water vapour, large amounts times highest heat capacitance, will be produced as soon as they can blame the light dark cycle on it. Once they believe the carbon dioxide one, convincing about water and the day/night cycle should be a snack!

Returning to the Old Testament (OT). How do Jesus and the early church react to it? Consider these; When Peter wrote about all Scripture being inspired and there to teach, only the OT existed. So Peter is telling us that all of the OT is inspired and there to teach us; when the Bereans were checking out any new dogma they did so by searching Scripture which at the time only consisted of the OT; Jesus freely quoted from many parts of the OT; Satan believes that the OT is the Word of God and when Jesus quoted from the OT on most occasions even before Jesus had finished ‘it is written’ satan was out of range of this sharp double edged sword, it settled all arguments, he never argued against it; This same double edged sword is available to you and me in our fight against satan but we must know how to use it, with faith, with trust. If we don’t then satan will turn it back on ourselves. You shouldn’t hand anyone a Bible and the doubts of secular science.  After all it is or it is not the Word of God. It is or it is not the same Word that spoke and this magnificent universe that came into existence. It is or it is not the same Word that became flesh and dwelt among us and walked to Mount Calvary and died a horrible death which He took from us and replaced it with life eternal! It was Jesus Himself Who told us that if we want to study the New Testament (NT) then we should first go and look at the OT first. He actually went further and told us if we didn’t believe what was written in the OT than not to waste our time and study the NT (John 3:12) and the bronze snake in the desert. The OT may just be the earthly step, but once we come here and see nothing or very close to nothing we are entitled to look up and say, ‘We are here at your instruction, what is it that which You expect us to see here?’ The quality of the building but not its quantity is determined by its foundation. You may build in any direction and upwards if you don’t have a foundation, it is the foundation that should determine both quantity and quality of the building. So far in the Book of Numbers I have been most impressed with how thorough the quality of the foundation has been built. It is from this foundation that those two final calls will be made; the redeemed go this way but the dogs, liars, murderers, idolaters and adulterers will disappear into the doors of hell! You just could not accept that God had the right to make those rules! But what rules you may say? One minute you get thrown into hell for not doing something and the next minute you get thrown into hell for doing it! Well actually it is not as arbitrary

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as that. Throughout this blog and with monotonous regularity the difference between intentional and unintentional sin has been stressed and their different treatments. You will not be thrown into hell if you did not what you were doing was wrong. There is one judge Who will decide this and He cannot make a mistake! Look at the rules He is laying out!

The point being here that there is a different set of rules and expectations when you are going to a wedding or birthday party to when you are returning. Those differences would be more marked if you were going to your own execution which was going to be performed by the cruellest known method as compared to coming back not just alive, but alive forever because some soul decided to exchange His eternal life for your horrific death. On your way to this exchange He had told you that that was what He wanted to do and you hoped and prayed that He would go ahead with His promise and not change His mind. He did go ahead with it and did not change His Holy mind! There we have the OT and the NT which is accompanied by a 1,260 preparatory tutorial and a 1,260 day departing tutorial.

Let us try to walk to (OT) and then from Mount Calvary (NT) The reasons for our walk to this Holy mountain may be different and varied but you can be sure that satan has not left one stone unturned in trying to stop you from doing this. It maybe that the medical news has told you only have so much time left, or the sunsets have been getting dimmer and dimmer and that final one is just around the corner, or life is so grim that unless that God doesn’t materialise very soon there won’t be anything for Him to come back to. Or we may just have added one and one together and got two; all that amazing beauty and complexity around us could not have come from nothing, so it must have come from God and Pascal was right when he said that if there are no pearly gates up there I have lost nothing by becoming a Christian but if there are gates up there then I have gained everything!

So as we approach this cross His wonderful creation and how He did it as described in the Book of Genesis must tell us we are approaching a Divine being. The fact that He can do anything including  exchange His life for our death is not the issue. The issue is will He?  The OT walks us through nearly 1,260 years approaching this event. It presents us with the most graphic way of what is going to happen there. Jesus knows what is going to happen to Him. A perfectly innocent being in the prime of His life is going to have His life scrubbed out of Him in the cruellest known way. Even using demonic sacrifices and presenting human beings instead of animals would make the presentation any more relevant. The OT goes as far as it is possible to go! If that doesn’t symbolise what happened on GFP then nothing will! Substituting a real person would be inaccurate as Jesus was far more than a real person. He was a Divine being! Actually it was those animal sacrifices plus faith that converted them into reality. Blood implied plus faith is equal to blood applied. As there is a high degree of correlation between the journey to the cross and from the cross it will be of interest to see if the inward journey which is split into some two hundred years of a temporary desert temple and a thousand years of permanent temple is replayed in the return journey. Temporary life section and a longer section of a thousand years in the permanent temple of Heaven after the second coming.

On the return journey away from the cross and back to Heaven the issue is no longer will Jesus do this amazing thing for me, but Jesus HAS done this amazing thing for me. The issue is gratitude and waiting for the completion of the miraculous act; the giving of life eternal. Killing some innocent animal now to celebrate or commemorate GFP is a blasphemy demanding instant punishment because it is only pointing us to what could be done on earth, but what has actually happened is an event registered in Heaven about what this chapter is part about. It is equivalent to parading and showing off a drop of sea water to explain to someone the beauty of the sea! The beauty of the sea cannot be squashed

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into one droplet of water! And that is what I would be doing by holding an animal sacrifice now. Okay up to but wrong after.

The thing that really amazes me though is the similarities between the journey of humanity away from God and the Garden of Eden to Mount Calvary, a hundred and eighty degree turn around and then the journey back from Mount Calvary to the new Garden of Eden in Heaven. I have relied much on these similarities and at times overstated them but that does not mean that much has been gleaned from these comparisons. In the meantime I feel most happy with my brother Nicodemus in coming back to the OT to begin my search for basic truths and pray fully the Lord will bless us by allowing to look for Heavenly truths which are and about to be revealed. We will have to be standing on a very firm foundation when this wave of evil ties topple us. One foot on the OT and the other on the NT.

If this journey through Numbers is not just for the Israelites as far as GFP but also the turn around and the Christian journey not only back to Heaven but inside Heaven as well then this Passover of chapter nine throws an interesting angle on this journey. We have already seen that from three angles there are three requirements; when the Nazirite was being decommissioned, the Israelites in the Sinai desert were placing their hopes and aspirations on the newly consecrated altar and finally when the saints saw that the cross of Good Friday was tagged as ‘Heaven bound’ when the Nazirite placed His holy hair on it, the three components of each of their offerings were the burnt, sin and peace sacrifices but now they are only told to worry about one of them; the sin sacrifice of GFP, Mount Calvary. Why just this one and not the other two? The earthly step Israelites are being told; there is your goal, GFP and I God, will be personally with you to lead you for as long as it is Divinely possible. But there is a limit as to how much I am prepared to put up with at which stage I will abandon you. But as we have seen that Numbers is not just about the trip to GFP but also back to DOA and then into the new tent of meeting. This being so takes Passover, and Passover alone into Heaven. This indicates to me that at entry through the doorway into those new Heavenly places sets the clock at 01/01/01 but our first commemoration of the Passover will be on the 14/01/02 and time will thus be similarly marked out for the eternities. I still have this fascination with  09/09/1,000,002,017 and wonder if I will remember what I was doing a billion years ago! As yet, we have not been told why the first Passover was on 14/01/02 and not on 14/01/01.We know that there are no dead people to come in contact with but  being on a distant trip may indicate the size of the new courtyard, the universe. It takes us a month to get back to Homebase. The primary source of light will be God Himself and the twilight referred generated by the sun, a secondary source of light from which this twilight is being referred to. The role of the tree of life is also uncertain. But the commemoration of GFP does occur yearly and acts as a marker for the year.

We know that Passover was more than just a sin offering, it was the scapegoat as well. It was those intentional sins that we placed on the head of our scapegoat, Jesus Christ that caused Him so much suffering and pain. So where are they? They may have super cleansed the body of Jesus when He took them into the fires of hell and His body is now being offered as a burnt sacrifice. But where are these horrible sins? They have indeed gone into the same place as the wicked and their intentional sins; into oblivion, no trace and out of mind. In fact chapter eight confirms this with all of these offerings; You are to go back to Egypt and that it all. What do we find in Egypt? We find the blood of the Lamb on

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the doorposts and it has been specifically been placed there for one reason; stop the firstborn males from being struck down by the angel of death! Now about the cloud on the tabernacle. ****

The first tabernacle began with fire and cloud and the last tabernacle, the New Jerusalem, streaming light over the new universe as there are no sins to inhibit it. As we enjoy God’s creation on the new earth, the tent of meeting, working the allotments we have been given we will be bathed in the light streaming out through one of the nearby pearly gates. This light was not always present with God’s people, but only when they were wandering around the desert. It ceased once they got their permanent temple and if this journey away from God and Eden has any parallels to the return journey from Passover back to Heaven then we too will go through a temporary plus light stage and a permanent plus no light stage, both for God’s church and also for His people. I take that stage to be the three to four o’clock hour of Jesus hanging on the cross. For the individual this temporary stage could be very short indeed and rarely longer than one hundred years, whereas for His church it could be as long as two thousand years, but they are temporary and they have the light of the Holy Spirit. That light ceases at the second coming. The saints go to Heaven but the Holy Spirit remains on earth for much longer, about another 1,800 years. On the GFP scenario the saints at the second coming are placed into Joseph’s tomb, a most fabulous tomb and a strange title to be given to the tent of meeting in Heaven, but still a tomb when compared to the new Heaven and earth. The limiting factor, sin has been removed. Here they will remain in this tomb until resurrection Sunday.

In Numbers chapter nine terminology at this stage we pass through a temporary to permanent temple but this temple will not last until GFP but until the DOA. But temporary it still is, just like the temple of Jesus was. This should also give us an interesting split in the four thousand (Nearly) return history of not just God’s people, but the others as well. Good Friday Passover (GFP) 3to4 pm, Jesus hangs on the cross; temporary desert stage of church until 2,000 years after the cross. Similarities between our wanderings and their wanderings which we are about to study. GFP at 4 pm we are placed in the tomb with our Lord and Master. Israelites tent becomes a permanent and magnificent temple and on earth the millennium begins. Earth’s history then for its remaining two thousand years follows the history  of Solomon’s fabulous temple for its next thousand years.

One outstanding feature of Chapter nine’s Passover is not just the importance of this event but the details as to it timing. For these events to be so accurately dated  when we are dealing with eternity shows that there has to have been some lock in feature between the old and new earths; not surprisingly, the Sabbath. On this earth Biblical events are related to and around the Sabbath; the seventh day of creation. So it should be of no surprise that the events of the eternities to come will also Sabbath centred, but how are these two Sabbaths related? One possible scenario could be;

One date, time I have based this blog on is the seven sevens. From the time Jesus began His creation to the time His creation ceases to exist is 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and seven hours. (Blog crash 3 hours 9/9/2017) The world has been in a state of destruction for nearly three thousand years; partial destruction under the trumpets and then full on destruction under the bowls once the door of mercy had closed. The trumpets were not blown for the first thousand years as the saint’s prayers protected this world. That protection ceased when their prayers were bundled into a golden censor and hurled back to earth at the end of the millennium. The last 7, of 7,77**7** has gone by the last seven of Daniel’s covenant seven and  we will assume that so has the seven months, with which we still struggle, then those last seven days and we are finally inside of those last hours at which the old

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Heaven and earth will cease to exist. We are told that they are consumed by fire but not whether these fires burn for seven days, hours or minutes. The limbo we are in is a ‘safe’ zone. It was out of the reach of satan when he hurled back to earth at GFP at three pm and it is out of the reach of these destructive fires which are/about to consume the old earth as we have in our presence Calvary’s cross which is not just holy but has been anointed as ‘Most Holy’. It certainly has the DNA of Jesus with His sinless hair and probably His blood that the Roman spear on GFP at 4 pm. We also have the sin offering and the burnt offering. We, in limbo are outside of those destructive powers of the fires that are consuming the earth even though we are on the outside of the doorway of the tent of meeting of the new earth. We can see them but they can’t hurt us!

Hour four runs into hour five runs into hour six and finally into hour seven. The old heavens and earth cease to exist. With the last trace of evil gone God can now begin His creation of the New Heavens and earth. As only a sinless state exists now God’s creative powers are no longer confined. If God creates His new creation on this side, on our side of the doorway there would have been no need for any doorway, but it not only is there but it plays an important role in the events of these times. But there is a marked difference between the time scales of the old and new earths.

In His first creation on day one Jesus started His time clock with twelve hours of darkness whereas now He starts His time clock seven hours into that period of darkness, our time 1 AM. His first creation was 6PM to 6 AM twelve hours of darkness, 6AM to 6 PM twelve hours of light; Twelve hours of darkness plus twelve hours of light = 24 hours of the first day which is called Sunday. The Jewish day therefore begins at twilight, sunset as did God in His creation. But as there is neither day nor night we will not notice any difference. But with His second creation God is confined to begin at the time the old ceases to exist; seven hours into sunset or 1 AM. So the Sabbath is still the seventh day but it has been offset by seven hours; the old and the new have a locking period of seven hours yet they are still different. The Passover of the eternal kingdom, itself being eternal has a twilight component linking it to both the GFP and the DOA. Its times have indeed been appointed! With such accuracy of appointment plus the fact that Jesus died for the Sabbath it is most unlikely it has been done away with or changed in any way! Neither have the blessings that have been locked in with it! The orbits of the old and new earths will be different but their time scales will have a locking in period.

As already stated there cannot be any uncleanliness or dead people on the new earth but it may be possible for a traveller to be so far away that he (only unisex exists) will not have time to return back here for 14/1/1,000,002,017. (My trip, my year a long time in the planning, there is no need to rush) to celebrate our new year together. So we are not pure spirits and do not travel at the speed of thought; from one end of the universe to the other in a fraction of a second. As God is light we may still be limited to the speed of light or some other value. You would think with all this planning one thing I would get right would be to get back in time for our yearly Passover celebration! But the problem is the distance. If this star or whatever it was I was going to visit was six months of travel out and six months back I/we could leave just after this Passover and return back in time for the next one. But it is fifteen days further than that so overall I/we will require an extra month and be able to celebrate the Sabbath one month later. All it has to do is to fit in with the text!

The question of the Passover itself is a more serious question especially as this Passover is that of the eternities to come. The elements of this Passover are no longer a lamb or some other innocent animal. The sacrifice is that one that Jesus made way back on GFP on Mount Calvary. There is no need for any

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pigeons/turtledoves, bulls, rams or male and female lambs; Jesus was all of these and much, much more.  Well He is here and He is sitting on His throne with God.

Another element of GFP is the cross. This is not the one that Jesus can see as He slowly works His way up mount Calvary on Good Friday to begin His torture in hell, even if it really is the same one that is in front of Him, but the one in front of Him now has blossomed and is in full glory and splendour. It certainly brings memories back but that stump that Jesus can see under this magnificent tree does not have the imprints of the scapegoat; those committed and confessed intentional sins. He just sees the sin offering; Passover. But was that and much more that He went through worth it in the end? Beyond the tree **** in two rows of six each are the twelve tribes of His people with what could contain 144 million people. Since Jesus would have gladly gone through hell even for one of them, then 144 million lots of “ Yes it was worth it” makes a case for a very resounding, “YES!” Commemoration of that way back GFP is the focal point of the yearly tutorials as well as the introduction of each year which remains offset by those fourteen days. If the scenario proposed in this blog is true then it could quite easily account for that fourteen day offset; old earth ceases to exist on Sunday morning at 1 AM and the creation of the new earth begins immediately and finishes on Sabbath. For one week Jesus celebrates His New Earth with His saints and they hold their first and subsequent Passovers on the 14th of the first month forever more!

Why is Scripture so insistent that the Passover Lamb does not have any bones broken. What is happening at Passover is that our Jesus is being murdered and tortured. What difference will it make in this brutal process if they break His rib or hand? The bones are the supporting structure of the body. But these bones also from a part of the structure that takes committed, confessed intentional sins into hell to have them burnt off. The body of Christ. It itself is not damaged, no bones are broken and it comes back out of hell unmarked, and so it was very important not to break any bones in this commemoration of His death. As we look along the tree of life and see Jesus at its focal point there is no way we are going to be eating any meat. That was forbidden way back on old earth’s GFP, let alone now. Not so sure about the bread and bitter herbs. If Jesus’ body came out of the fires of hell so sinless and spotless there is little doubt about everyone having to be clean when meeting Jesus after He had been through hell! There are no dead people to defile us in the new Heavens!

When I allocated this history of God’s people on their journey away from Heaven and to the cross I split them into two stages; The journey through Sinai where God’s presence was manifested by cloud and fire over the tabernacle, (Numbers chapter 9) and then the history of the permanent temple of Solomon roughly the last thousand years. There should be at least three stages. The temporary temple, tent of Moses with its light and lasting in the order of one hundred years and then about three hundred years when they reached to promised land they still had a tent for the Tabernacle but no fire of cloud above. Also their supply of quale and manna were cut off once they reached the promised land. So in the outward we have; first stage, Moses, Sinai, tabernacle, cloud plus fire; second stage, Prophets, beginning with Joshua, promised land entered, temporary tent as tabernacle but no cloud or fire; third stage, Solomon builds permanent building. This will actually fit the return leg better.

Two thousand years the Church of Christ with the fire/cloud of the Holy Spirit in temporary trip on earth back to Heaven, Second coming and two thousand years for  the Church of Christ in temporary journey within the Holy Place of the old Heavens and stage three the permanent temple of the New Jerusalem and eternity where light from this Most Holy Place will rule our lives in one way or another.

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There will be no night or day and no sleep. At this stage I cannot relate to having to move when the light moves, but the light for these Israelites showed them the sovereignty of God and the importance of obedience.                        CHAPTER TEN;  The Silver Trumpets

Verses 1-10 ;’The Lord further spoke to Moses, saying, “Make yourself two trumpets of silver, of hammered work you shall make them; and you shall use them for summoning the congregation and for having the camps set out. When both are blown, all the congregation shall gather themselves to you at the doorway to the tent of meeting. Yet if only one is blown, then the leaders, the heads of the divisions of Israel, shall assemble before you. But when you blow an alarm, the camps that are pitched on the east side shall set out. When you blow an alarm a second time, the camps that are pitched on the south side shall set out; an alarm is to be blown for them to set out. When convening the assembly, however, you shall blow without sounding an alarm. The priestly sons of Aaron, moreover, shall blow the trumpets; and this shall be for you a perpetual statute throughout your generations. When you go to war in your land against the adversary who attacks you, then you shall sound an alarm with the trumpets, that you may be membered before the Lord your God, and be saved from your enemies. Also in the day of your gladness and in your appointed feasts, and on the first days of your months, you shall blow your trumpets over your burnt offerings, and over the sacrifices of your peace offerings; and they be a reminder of you before your God. I am the Lord your God.”’ ****

Verses 11-12; ‘Now in the second year, in the second month, on the twentieth of the month, the cloud was lifted from over the tabernacle of the testimony; and the sons of Israel set out on their journeys from the wilderness of Sinai. Then the cloud settled down in the wilderness of Paran.’

The outward journey begins after a 415 day tutorial. (01/01/01 to 20/02/02). This is much shorter than our homeward journey where we receive a tutorial of 1,260 days after the cross. But their journey will only be up to GFP where they will receive a 1,260 day tutorial before the cross and another 1,260 day tutorial after Good Friday’s Passover (GFP). As we have more than three times the length of time we are given a correspondingly longer tutorial. Not that you would know that by looking around the churches today. Yes we are supposed to know more about DOA than they did but the primary focus of both journeys and of eternity remains GFP. So we have there  have one thing in common; GFP is our focus.

We also have in common that we both march in the presence of God’s light. They had the cloud and fire and we have the light of the Holy Spirit which even though leaves us for some 1,800 years does return for its perpetual presence in the New Jerusalem.  Our journeys make a dramatic turn when that light is taken away. For the Israelites of Sinai that happened when after a battle with the Canaanites they crossed over into the Promised Land and we too will have a battle, the Great Tribulation, when we cross over into our promised land, the tent of meeting old Heavens. In both cases the lights that were with us go out. Thus our wandering is without light but only temporary. Not that we are without the presence of God; we are in Heaven, He is just  confined within the Most Holy Place as He is for Israelites in their promised land.

Both the Sinai Israelites and the Christians of GFP have the same focus of the cross and their top up two lots of 1,260 day tutorials were the start of our journey, both groups are really only the same people and will finish as such. Both knew about GFP but both also knew or were supposed to know about DOA and final entry into eternity. As our present knowledge of the DOA is almost zero then the only way they could have had less knowledge than us was to have had zero. Clearly this was not the Page 107

case as the DOA was their central belief and the most important day of the year. So the journey is about to begin. It is only the first bit that is going to be rough and bumpy but we have the presence of God to help us through this and one more item; the two silver trumpets.

How long and how rough that journey is, is dependent on a number of factors one of which being how long we have to spend walking in Job’s shoes. The wider the gap between us and God the longer we will have to spend with Job’s shoes on, but being a just God, He will also make sure we won’t take one step further than what is required!  And thus we have the trumpets. These were hammered out by Moses (Jesus) not out of gold as they apply to both sheep and goats, but out of silver. They have differing tones and differing functions but they are in Jesus’ domain. You would think that we as priests of Jesus would be allowed to sound them to warn the world but it seems the only reason we can blow them is a perpetual statute throughout your generations, to remind everyone of the bounties of God.

There are two trumpets and they have two tones; ordinary and alarm and all four perform critical functions in our journey across the Sinai desert. They are sounded both in pleasure, celebrating the Lord’s Festivals, and in pain; war, time to put on Job’s shoes. Being honest about it we admit there have been a large number of warning trumpets blown by Jesus but not heeded. Our interpretations, our ways were much better than His. We certainly missed the first trumpet where we would have gone out with the tribes on the east side. Unfortunately we now march with the ones of the south. Had we heeded the first warning the march is of Judah the lion; victory, glory, victorious! But we march under the southern banner; the ox, blood and war. Either equally under the control of Moses blowing the trumpets and the second one avoidably; or was it?

Will we never have to march south if we respond correctly to those who are east bound? Is there anyone of God’s people who have never had their faith tested? Peter, Paul or perhaps Mary? Let us rule out Mary because she was tested more than anyone else in history to see her beautiful Jesus, Whom she knew and loved so much and her love was reciprocated going through hell. There is, nor never has been a greater test of faith. Satan was not allowed to test Peter but he was allowed to test his faith and even I score more in tests, usually, than the score Peter’s faith received, zero, total failure! Paul is a very interesting case but ultimately no different to anyone else. Faith comes with a tag; does it fit? The only way that that question can be answered is, is for it to be tested. Faith and testing are synonymous. Whether Job or Paul or Peter or you or I get retested is a matter of whether this is necessary. It is on how we respond to the first trumpet as to whether the second one will be sounded. The east side and the south side camps setting out are the result of a first and then a second alarm. But if the first alarm was about pleasure, victory or Judah the lion then why should it be sounded as an alarm? Actually Judah the Lion called victory from a most unexpected time and unexpected place; He called, ‘It is finished’ at three pm on Good Friday Passover (GFP). So the question would have to be; are there any trumpets in Heaven after that final seventh trumpet?

But on earth there are two trumpets and it is the being who is blowing them who is of significance. Whether the alarm leads to the east or south camps to react should not be the issue. The issue should be the sovereignty of God and we should be grateful for forever the situation. It is a test of faith and our response to it is judged along those lines, whether we need a bit more time in Job’s boots or whether they have to be put on again.

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It would be disingenuous for me to avoid the sounding of the trumpets to gather either the leaders or the whole congregation. It is a Biblical fact that the church of God throughout history will contain both weeds and wheat. It cannot be used as an excuse for not gathering as congregations. There is a separation coming and that will be at the second coming. Not to accept that is a breakdown in faith. I certainly do not turn up to church because of the weeds. But to turn up and just not told to disobey God and to break His commandments but encouraged to break them is again different!  We are supposed to be encouraged by these meetings and not to walk away bewildered from them. It should not be a matter of whatever you can accept or believe in but a matter of ‘it is written’. That is the only weapon we have which makes the arch enemy flee every time!

In the meantime faith is not a matter of calling in the name of your lord even though you may feel comfortable about it. It is a matter of calling in the Name of THE LORD and knowing you must be safe. It is not a matter of seeing someone in white above the water of the River Jordan and wondering if you are close enough now to make a lunge if satan were to put a break in that wall of water but knowing that you are close enough now even if caught unexpectedly that the Man in white will reach out and grab your hand and pull you through, it is a matter of ****realising who is blowing these trumpets, why He is blowing them and what response He requires. These two trumpets, for pleasure and pain, are trumpets of love. They will be blown now for some 1,260 years until GFP, for another 2,000 odd years until the second coming and even for the millennium after. But all good things come to an end and so after being so ineffective for such a long time, they are now replaced by the seven trumpets of God’s wrath and the beginning of end times once the door of mercy is slammed shut.

One fascinating thought considered was that it was not Peter who was about to be tested but Peter’s faith. It is not Julius who is about to be tested, but Julius’ faith. From this I gather that satan either does not think I am worth testing or he thinks that the test has a forgone conclusion; like taking candy off a baby and in my case probably both! I am simply not worth his effort or time. But I do have something which is very precious which he cannot leave one stone unturned in order to remove, my priceless gift given to me by God;  My Faith!

So what Biblical instruments did God leave us with to protect this precious commodity on the bumpy trip through our Sinai desert? The trumpets! We should certainly try to avoid the second trumpet if there has been a warning blast from the first. But the second trumpet does not have to be the result of our misdoings, it could be there to test our faith. It has nothing to do with what we have or have not done! ‘They shall be a reminder of you before your God. I am the Lord your God.’ The sovereignty of Jesus Christ in our lives. He knows where we are at, where He wants us to go, but He also knows what path we will take and what corrections He will have to apply.

Verses 13-36 ; ‘So they moved out for the first time according to the commandment of the Lord through Moses. The standard of the camp of the sons of Judah, according to their armies, set out first, with Nahshon the son of Amminadab, over its army, and Nethanel the son of Zuar, over the tribal army of the sons of Issachar; and Eliab the son of Helon over the tribal army of the sons of Zebulun. Then the tabernacle was taken down; and the sons of Gershon and the sons of Merari, who were carrying the tabernacle, set out. Next the standard of the camp of Rueben, according to their armies, set out with Elizur the son of Shedeur, over its army, and Shelumiel the son of Zurishaddai over the tribal army of the sons of Simeon, and Eliasaph the son of Deuel was over the tribal army of the sons of Gad. Then the Kohathites set out, carrying the holy objects; and the tabernacle was set up before their arrival. Next the standard of the camp of the sons of Ephraim, according to their armies was set out, with

Page 109

Elishama the son of Ammihud over its army, and Gamaliel the son of Peduhzur over the tribal army of the sons of Manasseh; and Abidan the son of Gideoni over the tribal army of the sons of Benjamin. Then the standard of the camp of the sons of Dan, according to their armies, which formed the rear guard for all the camps, set out, Ahiezer the son of Ammishaddai over its army, and Pagiel the son of Ochran over the tribal army of the sons of Asher; and Ahira the son of Enan over the tribal army of the sons of Naphtali. This was the order of  march of the sons of Israel by their armies as they set out. Then Moses said to Hobab the son of Reuel, the Midianite, Moses’ father-in-law, “We are setting out  to the place of which the Lord said, ‘I will give it to you’; come with us and we will do you good, for the Lord has promised good concerning Israel.” But he said to him, “I will not come, but rather go to my own land and relatives.” Then he said, “Please do not leave us, inasmuch as you know where we should camp in the wilderness, and you will  be as eyes for us. So it will be, if you go with us, that whatever good the Lord does for us, we will do for you.” Thus they set out from the mount of the Lord three days journey, with the ark of the covenant of the Lord journeying in front of them for the three days, to seek out a resting place for them. The cloud of the Lord was over them by day when they set out from the camp. Then is came about when the ark set out that Moses said, “ Rise up O Lord! and let Your enemies be scattered, And let those who hate You flee before You.” When it came to rest, he said, “Return, O Lord, To the myriad thousands of Israel.”

When Jesus sent Nicodemus back to Moses’ bronze snake in the desert, He did not say or imply that Nicodemus would find the message of salvation there. He told him he would find the beginning of the message there and if Nicodemus did not believe these beginnings/introduction of salvation neither would he believe when these beginnings were built up and expanded. In the Old Testament (OT) we are at these beginnings which still must be added to. We are getting a reality check in beliefs and seeing if it is not going to be a waste of time building on an ‘untrustworthy’ foundations. But believing when we come back to what Jesus told us to do we are entitled to say, ‘Lord we have come back to where You told us to go, what specifically do you want us to learn here?’

So far the Lord has allowed us to see Scripture at three levels; One; where it is written at, the OT and the history of the Jews/Israelites. On many occasions we have been allowed to transpose a lot of this OT directly into the NT. If transferring information from the old earth to the new earth is another testament then we have also been allowed there. But these three areas may have similarities between them they are not mirror images of each other. There may be many similarities between the old earth and the new earth but there has to be and there are differences as well; they may be created over a seven day period, created out of nothing, created by nuclear fusion of water, and have all the plants and animals created by day six with the Sabbath as the crown of creation. But there will be no creation of Adam and Eve on day six of new earth. They may well be there but they will not have been created in the present lot of six day creation. They will still be the result of the previous/first creation period. Likewise the angelic hosts will be the result of the previous creation period. There will be no tree of good and evil and no seas. The two worlds cannot coexist in any form at any one time. In fact any of the many evil facets of the old earth will not be able to be transferred through this doorway of the tent of meeting we are about to move through.

What can we expect to come across, through this doorway? Very little. The sinless angelic hosts have never been a problem. They have been free to roam not just through this doorway in front of us but also through those pearly gates into the New Jerusalem, the Most Holy Place. They know who they are supposed to usher in and where their apartments are. Help is at hand 24/7 up there just like it is down here. The object of the exercise was to get God’s people, Christians but up there called Jews, up there, so they are coming too. Having waited for such a long time as to the details of this entry onto

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the new earth, we find that not only are we given how we enter onto the new earth but also our entry through the first of those pearly gates into the New Jerusalem, the Most Holy Place.

The only holy object, actually the Most Holy and it became so when it was anointed by the offering of the hair of the Nazirite, is the cross of both Good Friday Passover (GFP) and also the Day of Atonement (DOA) It is the centre of the procession which will take a total of three days from set out to set down. Jesus told His disciples at the last supper that He would He would not drink again from the fruit of this vine with them until they were all in the Father’s kingdom. The drink on the table that night was wine. For those who want to justify their demonic desire for alcoholic grape juice will no doubt say, ‘ if Jesus and His disciples drank it, then it must be good for me as well!’ This will be just another of those clangers satan has been so cleverly pushing; a class four poison (most dangerous that exists) and the greatest curse known to humanity, representing the blood of Jesus, and the level of spirituality that the church has got us to after two thousand years! The drink in front of the disciples was non-alcoholic grape juice and it is what Jesus will again be drinking with His disciples in His Father’s kingdom. If it comes from Heaven’s tree of life then of the twelve fruits it produces, one of them has to be grapes, as it was back in the Garden of Eden. But why isn’t the tree of life in Heaven actually the tree of good and evil, the one our first parents ate from?

In Eden good met evil within the confines of this tree. On GFP’s tree good met evil. The good and evil timelines may have come from the eternities past but they were never parallel and were certain to cross in the shape of the cross. In fact evil had nearly four thousand years to prepare for this encounter and prepare well it did. It swamped Mount Calvary and was oh so close to drowning Jesus. The flames from the hell of this encounter actually engulfed the throne of Heaven! The outcome of this battle was far closer than most realise and only begins to dawn on you once you realise how worthless that lot was over whom this battle occurred. But anyway the vertical evil line did not stop once it got to the horizontal good line but went a little further and needed to be trimmed off in the DOA. Only good survived!

For the tree of good and evil to be a contender for the Heavenly tree of life it too would have had to produce grapes, but if that was all that it produced then the problem becomes that the Heavenly tree of life produces twelve fruits and not just one. I wonder as the Roman soldiers on that Good Friday morning were picking out the two beams on which they would crucify Jesus, whether they wondered; ‘well perhaps these two look like the tree from Eden that that was good and evil of perhaps these two could have come from the tree of life? In a debate if on the side that this magnificent tree in front of me was the tree of good and evil in the Garden of Eden I would not just argue that good had defeated evil and this is where it happened, I would also argue that look what good looks like in the absence of evil. The difference between the old and new earths. If on the other side I would argue it started off like this as the tree of life in the Garden but the sin of human pride cut in down to a stump and now with pride gone it has been restored to even more that its glory and function! It has always been the tree of life.  Perhaps the best position here would be that of adjudicator or and if a compromise is allowed and one member came from the tree of life and the other from the tree of good and evil, then which member was the one that held the outstretched arms of Jesus to what looked like hell but was actually an invitation to the start of Heaven?

The tree did but the tabernacle definitely did not come across. The new Heavens produce their own tabernacle and what a tabernacle it is! A cube of some 2.2 kilometres. (1.4 miles) Its length and width

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are huge but a height of 2.2 kilometres is stunning! That is nearly three times the height of Mount Everest! I suspect that this height has something to do with the angels (??) And it has the corresponding beauty to match, not just internal but external as well including the environment it is set in; the new earth.

The lampstand with its seven branches and the altar of incense make it across but only in symbolic form. The lampstand and the seven churches it symbolises are the redeemed but in twelve tribes, not   and not seven, we still have a lot of work to do before we can understand these branches although tentative proposals have been put forward. The altar of incense, the golden censor holding the prayers of the saints is still in abeyance. The one that interests me greatly are the trumpets. Almost certainly the pieces of silver that Moses hammered into shape will not be there, but what symbolism is transferred?

If the two trumpets are of love and one is pleasure and the other pain, there would be no need for it. There is no pain, or warnings or alarms in Heaven. So all we would need is one trumpet, the one that announces our gladness, the appointed feats, first day of the month, burnt offerings and peace offerings. But the one that is coming across literally and not symbolically is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world and the cross that He performed that unbelievable feat on; Passover and it will mark out the eternity of time!

Using the Roman calendar we have does not fit in very well with the dates given. The lock in dates has to be the 14th of the first month, our January, to be a Friday. So if we marched on the 20/01/000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,(plus enough zeros to crash the net),002 that would mean we were packed and ready to go on a Wednesday, march for three days, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and arrive in time to celebrate our new destination with the Lord on His holy Sabbath Day. But we don’t start our march until the second month, some 36 days after Passover. The 20/02/ of the eternity is a Friday, so marching over a Holy Day does not add up. After all the new Heaven and earth is supposed to be about holiness. It may work better using a Jewish calendar.

At first I tried to work this into two stages; the one from the old earth through the doorway and onto the new earth and then also from the plateau below of the tent of meeting, the new earth and up through whatever pearly gate we are going to be admitted through into the New Jerusalem, the Most Holy Place of eternity. Common sense tells us this cannot be so. The dating system of eternity starts in the new Heavens at the first Passover which is fourteen days after eternity has begun. Thus this trip, our journey is on this eternal side of eternity. Had our journey started when the seventh hour had passed we would have arrived on the new earth on the 03/01/ 00000……..01.

The only correlation that I can think of between Moses asking his brother-in-law to come along with eternity is that Jesus is acknowledging both the existence and assistance of the Holy Spirit. And thus we have the response**** of the delayed acceptance. Initially the Holy Spirit does not want to leave the earth as at the second coming until the Lord’s enemies are scattered and flee and on the new earth scale the Holy Spirit seems to want to remain here longer, explain more of the beauty of Jesus’ creation to the newly arrived and having introduced  them to the first step will later join us in a fuller deliberation of these matters in the New Jerusalem. First the earthly tree of life then the Heavenly, the spiritual tree of life.  It is an outrageous claim to claim to understand the history of the early church without a study of the Book of Acts, but there are appearing some correlations between the first and last churches. The first church that of GFP was three and a half year tutorial, 1,260 days by a Jesus Page 112

Who was isolated and had nothing, the event; GFP and 1,260 days  of preparation for the post cross era; the journey of God’s people to as we have seen is as far ahead as 3 PM on the DOA. They were almost ready by day 1,250 and even more ready by day 1255, but they were not ready until day 1,260. Only on this day was the church ready to withstand that rush of water as satan put a tear in the wall of water or the Church of Ephesus became the church of blood; Smyrna. And as those rocks pelted at our first martyr and knocked him over he had advanced enough spiritually to see what had always been there; Heaven, and even though he only saw that part of Heaven we would all be in for the first 1,800 years, the beauty of what he saw killed any of the pain of those rocks and caused his body to glow! All he was seeing was but an instalment of what was to come but the point being he needed all of those 1,260 days to prepare him to get to this level of spiritual discernment. Ephesus was brought to the level of Smyrna and that level laid out the foundations for journey which would last about 3,888 years. There are good correlations to the DOA and the subsequent 1,260 day journey after it.

The DOA was preceded by the same Jesus giving His saints a 1,260 day tutorial whilst He was isolated and had nothing. He proved to Heaven He had nothing because He was allowed to offer the sacrifice that only poor people could make; a pigeon/turtledove for both sin and burnt offerings. The event, DOA and the 1,260 days post event to prepare His people for that final journey. 1,250 days after the Day of Atonement (DOA) the people were almost ready and they were even more ready after 1,255 days after the DOA, but they were not until day 1,260; they had to look at that empty cross for most of that time until the One Who was on that cross anointed it be placing His sinless hair, that of the new Nazirite, under it! It was then that the saints saw the light and saw the significance of what had occurred. They were not just going to be privileged by the Passover Lamb for the eternities to come, they would also be privileged by where this miraculous redemption had taken place; on the cross, the ultimate tree of life! The end of that three and a half year covenant period of Daniel completed the last seven of the 7,77**7* years of the earth’s existence and that left only the last 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours. Accurate dating and genealogies of the Bible are there also to teach and inspire us and not just to allow God’s people to keep an accurate account of past and future festivals and offerings; including a definite date and time for His Holy Sabbath. Let us just try to count from those last seven hours and then forward by 401 days. These days are of great interest especially if they do bring us from the old earth to the new earth and finally into the Most Holy Place; the New Jerusalem. I did not count this forward before but only after I realised that I was confusing the Most Holy Place with the Holy Place, the Tent of Meeting.

Okay, only seven hours left for this planet earth to be in existence, now it is six, now it is five, now it is four, now it is three, now it is two, now it is one and now it is zero! There is no point further looking down there at what we were looking at because there is nothing; darkness, no time, no matter and no space for them to exist in anyway; nothing, the exact nothing from which Jesus built up the universe in the first place! Stop looking down into nothing and look up because time has just started running above the doorway of this limbo we seem to have spent so much time in. Time continues to run above us and by day six Jesus has finished His new creation. Day seven is technically the first Holy Sabbath (07/01/…..01) and we spend it in full adoration and worship of our Creator and His amazing creation as we were supposed to have done with the same blessings attached for the life of the planet which has just disappeared and probably the reason why it did disappear in the first place, if not then certainly one of the accelerants and facilitators.

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Day eight, the first day of the week, a Sunday if that is what they are called up there; 08/01/ ……01. As the new earth is now completed we start stepping onto in in the order chapter 10, verses 11-28, it takes six days for all 144 million saints, or whatever the number is and Friday twilight, the 14th of January we celebrate our first Passover and the beginning of the Heavenly calendar, 14/01/forever. So we have all arrived on the new earth and we start looking around; what’s next? How are we going to relate to our Jesus and this Holy cross which has come across with us? As we have only just  started studying the Bible as we would expect there are many unanswered questions; history of the scapegoat, it must reflect the perfection of Jesus somewhere, what happened during that last 1,260 days of preparation for the anointing of the cross and the seven months, days and hours after that and these last 401 days since our arrival on the new earth, and when Jesus applied His hair to the cross was his blood from the Roman spear of 4PM of GFP still at it base or gathered in a golden censor???  I am sure that in time these treasures will be opened up to us if they have not already been done so. But leaves us at 20/02/….02. We are packed, we don’t have the tabernacle with us but it is clearly in front of us and we begin a three days journey from the new earth into the New Jerusalem and in the order we entered the new earth from the old earth. If it takes us six days to jump over from the old earth to the new one, even if in order then in haste especially those last tribes coming across could be calling out to the first ones who came over, to move up a little more and let us get away from this dangerous zone, which has just become a black hole, then for our Heavenly crossing into the New Jerusalem to be accomplished in just three days, there has to be something different about it.

Half the time, three day journey instead of the original six days and a very specific transfer, not just one area to another but individuals allocated to their apartments which Jesus has prepared for each of us. The best idea I can come up with at present is that one was a serial transfer but the other a parallel transfer. On passing through the doorway, the Church of Philadelphia, into Laodicea there is a check made on every individual. The dogs, the murders, liars, idolaters and adulterers must be kept out and remain on that dark side of the doorway into the new Heavenly tent of meeting. They are worse than heathen who just chose to ignore the message of love as portrayed in the cross of Good Friday. They chose to accept it, found fault and tried to change it. Despite all of the effort Heaven made to correct you, you would not change!  Well sorry about that but your changes are found to be unacceptable. You can’t improve on the Word of God, you can’t improve on perfection! It was evil within you that prevented you from accepting perfection and it is that evil that puts you in a category of your own and it is this category that is being specifically checked for now as there can be no traces of it in the Heaven. God achieved perfection without your input! Although there is no doubt your system would also have worked brilliantly well and shown to be even better than God’s system. He didn’t want to be shown up! A sabbath on any day, on every day or maybe never, the subject of marriage is love but its object can be anything; male or female, number thereof, irrelevant, age thereof, irrelevant, species thereof, irrelevant, just subject thereof. Female ministers, especially if they are gay but have been in a stable lesbian relationship, likewise male ministers and paedophiles providing they are moderates should be no problem.  Quickly checking was that screaming in hell seems to have died down a bit and quickly turning the rotisserie, ah that is much better, doesn’t really matter what you have for the Lord’s supper and it is really quite irrelevant how and who you baptise! This is perfection through flexibility and not God’s way through rigidity!  Same result, different method! As we have seen the Book of Hebrews tells us that Heaven has a very special way of dealing with these people; they are just not thrown into the fires of hell, they are thrown into the stoked fires of hell!

The final Heavenly transfer could be much quicker as all now have been checked out to be legitimate immigrants and processed in a parallel manner. Firstly the three tribes marching under the banner of

Page 114

the lion step up in front of their pearly gates and march through into their suburbs which are just inside the wall. Then the south banner of the ox and its three tribes, then the next banner with its three tribes..ETC. This would reduce entry time by one third. But the central issue and it is surrounded by the four banners is the only holy object that makes it across from old planet earth; the CROSS.

The next discussion on the cross will have little meaning to those advocates of perfection through diversity; it will assume there was no way around Mount Calvary, but only over it. Perfection is through rigidity and only through the ways of God. It assumes that there was only one way to restore the relationship between Divinity and humanity and as difficult and horrendous as that was it was the only way. Proponents of diversity no doubt would say that it, GFP was not necessary and that love would have found a way. No wonder God finds their ways an abomination that causes desolation! I and many others maintain that this book we have called the Bible is about the One who hung on the cross on GFP. It may be about ways of drawing closer to Him or the ways which result in distancing ourselves from Him, but it is about Jesus Christ; both OT and NT. Assuming that at that moment I call in the name of the Lord, and not in the name of my lord, I could well be sitting here now, reviewing the situation 1,260 days after the DOA, of the anointing of the Most Holy and its significance starting to sink into my brain. What has just happened?

It is now a few weeks since what I considered was the most catastrophic day in my life for quite a while. Before that we had hard days in preparing our defence for the High Court but that wasn’t as difficult as at the Court of Appeal and the preparation of the red book. But nowhere there did I get headaches which I  got after the loss of some 4,000 words of typing. These headaches have now gone but that loss still remains. I accept now as I did then the sovereignty of God but there were unpleasant lessons there as well. At that time I had been to a lecture that convinced me we were a lot closer to end times than I thought and my resolve was to respond with, ‘maximum output’ which I thought two thousand words a day would be a demonstration of my resolve. But the Lord showed me that it was at best half speed, and the four thousand words it could be and that these 4,000 words had beauty and meaning. And that was the tragedy of the loss; their beauty and depth! I get very excited whenever I am about to publish something new, at least to me, but here I had two new discoveries/revelations to publish and in words of unspeakable beauty! Little wonder the excitement, little wonder the disappointment! I can tell you the two revelations, the cross is coming to Heaven and the role of the blood of Jesus but I cannot, as yet hopefully is all that it is, use Scripture to express these ideas, and that is not for a lack of trying! But their beauty is definitely worth pursuing. I know that the lock in pin for the blood of Jesus was in ‘the Lord’s Supper’ in the gospel of John as that page remained opened for a while and all it kept saying was that Jesus was now showing His disciples the full extent of His love. The answer was not in one of the many excellent sermons I had heard on this topic I think it was related to the Divine nature of Jesus; the creature that looked like an eagle plus what the other three gospels had said plus something else(?). I know exactly what I am pursuing but the results of that pursuit are not determined by me but by your prayer and the response of the Holy Spirit to them. But all those Bible based Christians got over the 1844 great disappointment and kept on going so mine was just a storm in a teacup! So for me to be sitting here and observing events 1,260 days after the DOA and the closing of those last days of Daniel’s covenant period much has happened to me.

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It started off with the call up to the callout. In my scenarios up to now I have assumed that I was one of the 288,000 alive at the second coming and further that I was also one of those 144,000 wise virgins that were offered as first fruits but as I look into first fruits and first born the complexity is just overwhelming, so I now take the position that I had fallen asleep and Jesus came, woke me up and took me to Heaven with Him as the first wave of Christians.

The beauty of the Heaven is indescribable and even though it is not possible to describe it I was still aware of the many events that were occurring down there on planet earth and also aware that there was an area, apparently called the Most Holy Place into which I had no access, at least not until the wrath of God had dissipated. I was not aware that a part of the problem was me and the beast within me even though I had been given Christ’s robe of righteousness. The problem was I needed someone to explain at least a part of its beauty, what I needed was the Holy Spirit Whose function is just that and I needed to parade this cloak before the author of perfection, God Himself, and have Him confirm that my robe was indeed perfect. But the Holy Spirit was unavailable. Jesus had sent His spirit to earth when He returned to Heaven after GFP (actually at Pentecost) and the Spirit was still on earth, it had not returned at the second coming. The door of mercy was not going to close until the third coming of Jesus along with His two witnesses. It was most surprising that when the door of mercy slammed shut into Heaven setting off that massive earthquake when Jesus had returned with His two witnesses, that the Holy Spirit did not return to heaven even at this very late stage.

The problem was those foolish virgins and they were still on earth. They did not have the mark of the beast, in fact they had died for the Lord rather than receive its mark. And this lot went one stage further; they had the seal of God on their foreheads! There is no way that anyone with the seal of God on their foreheads is going to hell or is going to be abandoned by God! No, the Holy Spirit stayed with them until they removed their God given seals and replaced them with the mark of the beast, something they had died for instead of doing. This decision was forced on them, they were quite happy coasting along with the protection that that seal had afforded them. They were forewarned of the drastic change of events that was about to occur, they knew what was happening, their actions were deliberate.

The forces of evil, within, the beast and without, satan had long been upset by Heaven’s interference with events on what they considered to be their planet earth. Here is Jesus grabbing satan and binding him with a great chain and throwing him into hell! The beast could just excuse that action but when it happened to him, well that was the last straw! They would have to combine and get rid of Heaven’s potential and continual interference. They had only just decided on their response when Heaven interfered again! This time with an earthquake of never before seen intensity. This one really rattled  the unholy trinity to the extent they could no longer agree on anything. But it was neither the beast nor satan who determined events at that time, nor ever; It was God Who sent the earthquake and He knew it would be large enough to cause the forces of evil to split. It was God Who decided to mop up operations from GFP first. The beast had already been defeated on Good Friday Passover (GFP) and only a miraculous resuscitation by God was he allowed to continue, up to now that it. It was God Who decided that the battle of the living wicked, those who had slaughtered God’s saints with apparent impunity who were the first cab off the rank; the battle of the beast.

The problem here, with the mop up battle of the beast was that the beast had learned well from its defeat way back on GFP. He attributes his loss to allegiance. All those millions of names that called as “Mine” and the beast replied as, ’Over my dead body’ and his wish was granted to him. Well it is not

Page 116

going to happen this battle around. Every one of his troops would have the mark of the beast on either their hands or foreheads. There was no way he would allow those 144,000 foolish virgins with their seals of God into his army. He might lose the battle but it will not be because of allegiance. That lot are going to have to receive the mark of the beast or the beast is going to kill them before the battle starts.

And this is the last role for the Holy Spirit here on earth. As the third angels message the Spirit points out this situation to the foolish virgins, ‘you have the seal of God, you cannot be thrown into hell, not with the seal of God. When it was placed on you some 1,800 years ago it was not meant to give you life eternal. It was supposed to insulate you from the four winds and God sent catastrophes, the evil within you is not one of these. If you allow the beast who is on his way now to kill you, you will die but you will not be thrown into hell. You cannot go the Heaven because the door of mercy into Heaven closed some 500 years ago, but neither will you go to hell; Jesus Christ will take your place in hell for you! Sadly the Bible tells us the foolish virgins replaced their divine seals with the mark of the beast, were killed by the rider on the white horse and thrown into hell. But after delivering this last message the Holy Spirit return to Heaven where the saints have been waiting for Him for such a long time.

Metaphorically the wedding that now takes place between the bridegroom, Jesus Christ and his bride or saints/redeemed is described as the bride asking for and receiving the fine linen which was required as a part of her preparation. The fine linen is the Holy Spirit Whose presence from now onwards and for the eternities to come will explain and point to the beauty of this robe that Jesus Christ gave me was back at my entry into Heaven. From now on, from this wedding on the relationship between me and my Lord will grow stronger and stronger. That is the role of the Holy Spirit and that is the role of the fine linen: to allow me to wear the robe of Jesus more and more comfortably. But after the wedding as we move out of Heaven we have to be careful to define where we are going, when and what events we expect to happen there.****

Zone 1; the Heaven into which Jesus will take back to after His second coming. Within it it still contains a confined area which contains the throne of God, the Most Holy Place, where even the timeline called evil does not exist. Along with Paul we can marvel why for that one brief moment of its existence it allowed Paul and all those other sinful mortals into its precincts. Three pm on Good Friday at Passover (GFP) was certainly a very special time for planet earth and those privileged few who were allowed inside at the time. As we are not told its size or position we are entitled to a guess. The only reference that I can think of, and it maybe just a symbolic way of saying that, ‘The Father and I are one’ is in Daniel when Daniel was describing the sacrifice that Jesus was making on Good Friday Passover was that the fires from Mount Calvary engulfed the throne of God. From this I literally draw that the throne of God in the Most Holy Place is directly above Jerusalem and close enough to be affected by hell’s fires of GFP. Plucking numbers out of the blue then we spend the first 1,800 odd years of our eternal existence ten million light years above this earth, Jerusalem specifically, in a courtyard ten million times larger than the earthly one and in a Holy Place of similar amplification. It contains the Most Holy Place whose dimensions do not affect us as we are not allowed inside there.

Zone 2; The earth on which we live but confined to where satan was allowed to exist when he was thrown out of Heaven after a ferocious battle with Jesus at 3 pm on GFP.  As far as satan was concerned this was a practice, a preliminary bout for the main event when Jesus would crush satan’s head by throwing him into hell. He lost both and as I don’t know how far up in the skies satan is allowed to roam I take that to be one thousand kilometres or six hundred miles. For all those getting to or living Page 117

on the moon it should be a peaceful place! When compared to the big scheme of  things it is a very tiny area indeed, but it is the stage where the main event took place; GFP.

Zone 3; if it is what is left when we take zones 1 and 2 away from the existing universe then zone 3 has Biblically large distances; twenty seven billion light years across it! With so far the number of stars that are given come from the present song sheet and when they find out they will just hand out another song sheet, but with all that distance and all those stars and other matter surely an apt comment must be; there must have been an awful amount of nothing to produce this awful amount of something! But this awful amount of something is where this doorway to the Heavenly tent of meeting. Outside of this doorway is a sinless zone where the new earth and Heavens will materialise the moment the sinful ones on this side of the doorway cease to exist. I have called this area around the doorway, limbo. It has been outside of the scopes of satan’s attacks because his area is very tiny indeed. It comes inside of God’s protected zone as does everything that contains the blood of Jesus. It would thus be inconsistent to say that, ‘We were all huddled up just inside of the doorway of the tent of meeting on the eastern end of the universe waiting for the universe below us to burn everything up’, because that fire was burning limbo up and we were on the outer edge of limbo. It may only have not burnt us up because we had the cross with its blood from GFP or because we had our robes of Christ’s righteousness on us. Any way when one side burnt up the new earth formed on the other. Let us see what problems this particular picture of limbo raises.

The wedding; certainly within Heaven, within zone 1, all of it including any guests. Jesus has now married His Church, they are one and it will take exceptional conditions is order to separate them even for a very short period of time. Going to work seems to be an allowed exception. They are ready to enter the New Jerusalem (or are they)  but on the way there are still two battles to be fought so they organise themselves as an army with the head of the army the rider of the white horse and His armies not only containing the bride but the angelic hosts as well. Once they all leave the tent of meeting we have just spent almost 1,800 years in can be destroyed, it will be empty and also a part of the Heavens, and not just earth that will be destroyed. At this point there is no point in splitting straws; to say the leader occupied the first ten metres (Yards) and the rest of the army after him was 100 kilometres long (60 miles) would only leave the white horse hanging 10m in limbo and the rest of His entourage still within Heaven and technically separated and having nothing. They are one and even if you asked the back end of the entourage were they still in Heaven or had they passed into limbo yet they wouldn’t know. They are total focused on their Jesus, they are one with HIM.

So it makes no difference whether Jesus swings His sharp sickle as soon as He leaves Heaven and the entourage are still in Heaven or whether the couple come down to two miles above the exclusion zone and Jesus swings His sharp sickle from right above it. In both cases the beast cannot fight back as Jesus is on the cloud; above the exclusion zone; no contest. The strength the beast relied on and did have amazing success in slaughtering God’s people just wasn’t there. All that could happen now is for the beast to turn on the false prophet, which is what happened. They turned their swords on each other.

It is not only satan who knows Scripture like the back of his hand but so does the beast even though he does not believe it. He may have told his troops that they were going to attack the rider of the white horse when he returned to earth like at the first, second and third comings and that their defeat was inevitable, he knew that at least that may not happen, and he would finish up being pitted against the false prophet. Even way back when I started studying the Book of Revelation I was amazed at the

Page 118

harmony and unity that existed between these two forces of evil. The beast could not have had a more willing companion and the false prophet always realised that he was the junior partner and could not do enough to please, to crawl up to his senior partner. But the Scripture had to have been in the beast’s mind and the possibility that one would turn on the other always existed, and it appears that the beast did prepare well for the occasion.

This battle against the rider of the white horse and his armies is against all living evil. The beast is the evil within us, within our nation or tribe and within the cluster of nations; the UN. But the beast contains two legs, two feet. Each one is evil but they are independent of each other. The tendency for false religion is that second leg and it a part of each one of us. It may be formalised in one of the super churches, an example of which evades me now, and the secular lot don’t miss out either with their priests and high priests peddling evolution, the Hawking’s and Dawkings, big bang and other demonic absurdities. And whilst their common enemy exists, Christianity, all remain united. It is a matter of the beast and the beast (the false prophet) in bed together! It was for this split that the beast out of the sea prepared. The combination of these false religion and their apostles constitute the false profit.

There is no battle against the rider of the white horse or his armies. They may swing their swords or fire their bullets but they are within the forbidden zone, it is the rider of the white horse who is above the clouds and they can’t touch him. So the battle between the beast and the false prophet begins immediately, his hate for the harlot is unleashed but the battle goes on for a surprisingly long period of time; one hour. One problem was when the beast was checking for allegiance and on whom to place his mark, he could hardly go and ask, ‘what happens when I turn on those peddlers of false religion? No, this was a battle of unity, all participants had to be equally marked, there could be no deserters. So this was a battle involving numbers, and the side with the greatest numbers won. How they complete their battle in hell is of interest. This battle was supposed to be the come and upping’s for those who tried and went so close to destroying Christianity in last days but was a bit of a fizzle, turns out the beast had already been destroyed and was only living on borrowed time anyway. But this ‘battle’ was important for the saints as it began the last of the seventy lots of seven or 490 years that Daniel spoke of. We were now in that last seven, 483 years had passed and now that last seven and the focal point of the tree from GFP being anointed to pass into Heaven.

This is where the Bridegroom leaves the Bride, becomes isolated from her and has nothing. He begins His three and a half year tutorial or 1,260 days. This does not mean that we are left behind in zone one and Jesus is in zone three. We can both be in limbo but Jesus breaks away from us and goes off what could be a considerable distance, but we are both in limbo. We must have some very special vision because even though we are in Heaven we can still see what is happening to our loved ones left on earth. We may have lost physical contact with our Lord but He still is the focus of our vision and hearing. We have many questions; What unfinished business does He have? Why can’t we go to finish this together, aren’t we supposed to be a married couple?  For how long will He be away for? Are we going to re-join Him and when? Has He left us alone because He is going to be badly injured, perhaps killed and doesn’t want us hurt as well? If satan is the issue shouldn’t we both be involved in his destruction? **** That 1,260 days after GFP has a very specific function to  perform; it had to ready the Christian Church to the level of persecution that was about to strike it and the level had to be such that when Stephen was stoned, he felt nothing because he saw the incredible beauty of the Heavens he was going to but the church also had a long way to travel to get to 3pm on DOA. So our 1,260 days of preparation after the DOA what are they supposed to get us to what level and for how long? This is

Page 119

the question we are addressing now and put another way; Wasn’t it sufficient that Jesus of the cross should come across from the old earth, why was it necessary to bring His cross as well, even though it was the Most Holy and had been anointed?

But the answer to this question lies in part in Daniel (9:27) which in turn is the conclusion of the previous three verses. We have been there many times, including recently and I genuinely thought that this would be the last time but here I am at the end of verse 27 and asking myself, why do we really need the cross? I have a sneaky suspicion that these verses will be the subject of our study for a long while to come. These four verses are basically telling us that there five requirements to be met, and when they are met will force a result; the anointing of the Most Holy. This time round let us number these requirements so it is not Scripture as such. Paraphrasing verse 24; Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people and your holy city, to ONE, finish transgression, TWO, to make an end of sin, THREE, to make atonement for iniquity, FOUR, to bring in everlasting righteousness, FIVE, to seal up vision and prophecy and SIX to anoint the Most Holy Place.

So correcting the first ‘error’, I had assumed that all this had occurred, bar six, by the DOA. It had but it had taken 7*70=490 years to achieve. It was not a one day wonder but a 490 year wonder! Before this wedding and subsequent events Jesus has long been working on unfinished business. When He had finished this business He came back to Heaven and we the saints then turned into the unfinished business. But we were married at this stage and knew for a fact that what we were about to be put through, these corrections were essential and they were made with love, and they only were applied in the very last 1,260 days of those 490 years. Jesus is concerned not just about ‘your people’ but also about your ‘holy city’.

Verse 25; ‘So you are to know and discern that from the issuing of a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince there will be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks; it will be built again, with plaza and moat, even in times of distress.’

There was a definite period of time after the Jews  were released from captivity until the decree to rebuild the city/temple went out. Thus it will be this second time around. Technically Jesus could have started meeting those five requirements and it could have been all over only after the door of mercy closed when Jesus returned back to Heaven with His two witnesses, accompanied by that massive earthquake. He did not. There were still approaches to be made to Him. It does not matter who approaches Jesus, even if that be the beast and satan, Jesus will wait and hear them out with courtesy. They did not approach Jesus immediately after the 1,260 years of grace and the first bowl would have jolted them. They may have even hoped against hope there would be no more bowls poured out but when that did happen they were jolted out of their complacency and decided something had to be done; there were still another five bowls to go of increasing severity. They might be able to appease the anger of God by offering to rebuild the city and temple and God may stop pouring those last five bowls over them. They did issue such a decree but unfortunately it was too little and too late. It took the combined evil living and evil dead forty nine years to rebuild the city and the sanctuary. To rebuild the temple was a particularly difficult task. Not only did they have to contend with that massive crack that opened up in the city after the earthquake of the door of mercy closing and killing those seven thousand people they had to rebuild the new temple within half an inch of the old one. The altar, the cross had to be in exactly the right position and satan for one knew that. But rebuild it they did and it took them forty nine years. 434 years left until the messiah comes. The Book of Revelation has much

Page 120

detail of what went on in these years but when I went through chapters 14, 15,16, 17, 18, 19 and even 20, I did not relate them to Daniel’s systematic dismantling of evil. The distress could have been due to the urgency of the times that the end was almost here, the fact that the bowls kept coming or just the animosity that existed between the living wicked and the risen wicked. The streets probably get a mention because they gave access to the temple, including the street/bridge that was required to span the fissure after that earthquake.

Verse 26; ‘Then after the sixty-two weeks the Messiah will be cut off, and have nothing, and the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. And its end will come like a flood; even to the end there will be war; desolations are determined.’

Presumably up to this date all the other problems have been sorted out and only the problems with the bride remain. She is married, she is covered by Jesus’ love and what is about to happen to her will be particularly painful she must go through it. It is going to take Jesus forty days to reassure her that it is going to be alright now! Date setting is of no value unless we have the date of GFP, half way through time, and the date of the second coming, the 1,260 years of grace, of which we have neither. But there are so many events happening or about to happen we must use dates even if they are only relative. So events that we have to date are; (1) Jesus breaks away from the army He is leading and leaves them behind. They have been married by this stage and they have defeated the beast. (one war). Year 483 of the 490 allotted has begun and it is 1,260 days until the 10th of July and the DOA, a Sabbath. We have already spent much time on this side of the DOA, the 10th of July. (Nazirite vow)

It all depends on what caused satan to panic and send in his henchmen to destroy the city and the temple. He may have destroyed the city/temple even in June which would mean his battle and that of his armies took place on Friday the 2nd of July or he may have panicked when he saw Jesus in a state of defilement so he destroyed the city during that week and the battle where Crushes satan’s head took place on Friday the 9th of July, the day before the DOA. It would seem a little unusual for Jesus to be coming out of a six day period of defilement and crushing satan’s head at the same time. But it is the battle against satan from which Jesus’ people are supposed to learn. It is at this point that the beast within them dies. When the doors to hell are opened to allow satan and all remaining evil to be thrown in, they are opened up wide enough and stay open for long enough to allow the saints to experience just a little of what their Jesus did for them way back on GFP. They stay open long enough and wide enough to kill the beast within them! One part of the purification process completed! It was hurtful, it was hot but it was necessary! That was just a sample of what Jesus did for us on GFP! This was the second war and the end came like a flood. Evil just disappeared!.

Verse 27; ‘And he will make a covenant with many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate’.

The covenant period is the whole week; one seven year period split into two lots of three and a half years, or 1,260 days.****It maybe two lots of 1,260 days either side of the Day of Atonement (DOA) but it is also a part of, the part where fulfilment is completed of the original 490 years or 7*70 weeks. Specifically it does not finish at the DOA, 69 ½ weeks. That last half of the week is included even though the DOA seems to have accomplished all five of the requirements. Has transgression been finished as at 3pm on Sabbath of DOA? Ans; Satan, his evil angels and all the wicked dead ceased to exist within

Page 121

the fires of hell about eight days ago. The saints lay as dead people in front of the cross and can’t believe how they could have so badly misjudged the nature of sin and how much pain and suffering this misjudgement has cost our loving Saviour! Words like abomination, desolation and destruction apply to those unintentional unconfessed sins, sins we had that barely even made it onto our sin scales, let alone up them! No sin has become sin, we will not sin, we cannot sin, the beast that died within us when it came in contact with the fires of hell has now been extradited and transgression has been finished. I am not sure at this stage whether the contact with hell was ‘will not sin’ and the DOA was cannot sin or the other way around, either way transgression was finished. Question; Was atonement made for iniquity by 3pm on DOA? Ans; No intentional sins were there. If they had been confessed to Jesus they would have been burnt up in the fires of hell on GFP. If they were not then they along with their adherents would have been burnt up in hell some eight days ago. Confessed unintentional sins formed the bases of a very special category of the blood of Jesus called the sin sacrifice. They were cleansed by this blood. The only category left, the unconfessed, unintentional sins were the specific attention of the DOA. Atonement had been made for all sin, all iniquity by three pm of the DOA. Question; Was everlasting righteousness brought in as at three pm on the DOA? Answer; Well by definition no. If everlasting righteousness is brought in 7*70 or 490 years then it can’t have occurred by 69 ½ years or 486 ½ years. Something was still missing that had to be added during these 1,260 last days. But what?

If Jesus had sent His Church on their way after GFP without giving them 1,260 days of intensive preparation their mission would have been a failure. Who in their right minds would want to join up with a bunch of screaming Christians being torn to pieces by lions or cut down by swords? But it becomes a different question when asked if; who would want to join up with a bunch of Christians who as they are being torn to pieces by lions or run through with a sword look up to Heaven, get this glow on their faces and die with a Heavenly smile on their faces?

Ultimately this remains the study of this blog. What is the difference the JK who lays as a dead person in front of the DOA cross to the one sitting here 1,260 days after and the end of the firm covenant period. Why is he now ready for the last part of the Heavenly journey, but wasn’t before? How has watching the hair of the Nazirite regrow, being cut off and applied to the cross changed his thinking? Clearly laying in this sinless environment like a dead person and not being able to breathe is not of much value to anyone. The ignorance, the outright stupidity! How could I have got it so wrong? What I did not regard as sin the amount of harm this has caused my beloved Jesus!  But that love cannot extend this far and forgive me of these sins. Everything has a limit and these actions are well outside of that limit!

The situation is quite desperate and Jesus summons His angels and between them, and over at least forty days, between them they convince JK that Jesus can forgive and has forgiven JK. He has a clean plate. But this was Jesus and His angels, that was not the cross which I am trying to understand right now. Putting a stop to sacrifice and grain offering.

Isn’t it the case that to commit if not the greatest blasphemy against God to offer an animal sacrifice or certainly one of the gravest? Weren’t all animal sacrifices done away with at GFP? Wasn’t the sacrificial lamb replaced by bread representing the body of Christ and non-alcoholic grape juice representing the blood of Jesus?  The answers to these questions are; yes, yes and yes. The problem being there was still one sacrifice to go; the Day of Atonement (DOA) on Sabbath the 10th of July, 7,774. There

Page 122

were really only two sacrifices, DOA and GFP and both have been completed and all sacrifices stopped and their associated offering. Drink offering with GFP and burnt offering with DOA.

It could hardly be said as God’s people lay in front of the DOA cross bewildered by how much harm they had caused their Jesus, that either vision or prophesy had been sealed. The sealing process may have started during these 1,260 days but was not completed until the very end. They saw the light and they heard Heaven’s bells only when the Nazirite was about to apply His grown hair since the DOA to the cross. I think I have been confusing my tenses. The five requirements had to be met first and only then was the Most Holy anointed by Jesus. It was not the anointing that finished transgression or ended sin or made atonement or brought in everlasting righteousness or sealed vision and prophecy. It was the other way around; when they were completed, Jesus anointed the Most Holy. Why could it not be the other way around? It was Jesus’ death on the cross on GFP that accomplished many things and it was Jesus’ death on the cross on the DOA that completed these five requirements. After they were completed only then could the cross be packaged and marked as ‘Heaven Bound’.

Even though all these events are to take place within a four hundred and ninety year period, a final and systematic wind up processes, these years seem to be acting as a stage, a support for the final lot of seven years, 7,77**7** or year 483 into the 490. It is also the perfect example of Holy Scripture being fulfilled at different levels and times; multiple fulfilments. Relying on these verses in Daniel saved the Jews their necks as it did with early Christians. But its real fulfilment came at the end of time, at the end of sin, at the time of the DOA. The events may have similarities to GFP but events as well as timing of events will apply strictly to the DOA.

Much is made of the temple. And there is no doubt that the temple and the city played a central role in the ministry of Jesus and His early church. It was this temple that brought them out of the Babylonian exile and onto their journey into eternity and this last temple is going to bring us out of our earthly exile and into the journey of eternity. Jesus’ temple, or Herod’s temple not only played a major role at Jesus’ first coming, but also at His second coming. It was the destruction of the remains of the foundations of this temple that fixed dates for and before the second coming of our Lord. It was this event that probably was the catalyst for the regrafting of the Jews to the vine of Jesus Christ. But up to this event the temple played a dual role of city  to temple. For its first thousand years of existence the altar/cross was inside the courtyard just outside of the tent of meeting. It could only remain here on the condition that it was not involved with intentional sins. It dealt with intentional sins once a year on the DOA. The only contact it had with intentional sin on this day was to allow the scapegoat to stand near it whilst the Jews piled their intentional sins onto its head. It was immediately led out of the sanctuary and destroyed a long way away from the city. No part of its body or blood were involved in the service.

It could not be involved or used on GFP, because GFP was about intentional sin. The scapegoat, Jesus Christ who had all our intentional sins on Him at the time died on the altar, the cross. This altar/cross of intentional sin was not just outside of the temple, it was outside of the city itself. So when it was finally, totally destroyed at the second coming the next temple, of the third coming could be built around where this cross stood and if the city limits were also moved out then we would have the altar, the cross of God, inside of the temple of God inside of the city of God. This was the temple of the third coming which God destroyed after the door of mercy closed.

Page 123

It is the rebuilding of this particular temple that is described in Daniel; your people and your holy city. But when Daniel penned these words almost 4,400 years ago, the Holy Spirit would have been aware that at this time that satan and his cohorts would have systematically have destroyed the city and the temple and blown up the bridge linking the two. So much emphasis being placed on something that is so important that doesn’t exist!  No temple, no leaving after the earthly exile and no journey into the Promised Land! Good thing Heaven saw this coming, that this rebuilt temple would not be there at the fourth coming and made appropriate adjustments. Heaven did not put a stay on proceedings when evil stretched out its hand of appeasement but even if there was then that stay ended when evil destroyed its own work.

Heaven’s response was to move cross, temple and city into the realm of limbo, some sinless area out of satan’s sphere of destruction, but near to the doorway of the heavenly tent of meeting. This is where the events of verse 27 are occurring, they cannot involve satan as he was eliminated some eight days before the DOA. But this high**** area does carry the scars of crushing satan’s head. The unintentional, unconfessed sins that satan caused people to commit are still here and must be dealt with if the new Heavens and earth of eternity are to materialise. But as we are about to leave the prologue of our heavenly journey and begin the journey proper, there are still many unanswered questions.

The 490 year period we have just finished is supposed to cover, ‘and your holy city’. Assuming as in Jesus’ day the holy city was the infrastructure supporting the temple, then this temple/city in front of me against the doorway to the new earth will have very little taken through the door. The new tent of meeting is the new earth and the new Most Holy Place is the New Jerusalem, neither of these structures are going to be needed. They have done their work and by meeting the five requirements have allowed the new Heaven and earth to about to materialise. The only object, holy object, and Most Holy Object when anointed  by Jesus that is coming across into the new creation is going to be the cross that is in front of me now, day 1260 after the DOA and the end of the last seven. Four hundred and ninety years have finished since the forces of evil were forced into issuing that decree into rebuilding that final temple. But now, ’that old rugged cross so despised by the world, has a wondrous attraction for me’.

Looking at that cross now there is no one on it, but that was not the case 1,260 days ago of Sabbath the 10th of July. Let me use some of the words of the one Who was on that cross and what He went through; abominations, desolations, complete destruction, poured out. I may have only have been shown enough into the fires of hell of GFP to kill the beast within me, but that was not the case of the DOA. Every hour, every minute, every second; blow by blow! He took them all and it was because of His love for me that He did it! I use the cover of arrogance and ignorance but still cannot believe the savagery that I imposed on my beloved Saviour. For His sake and even for my sake I never want to see Him do this again, but it would be wonderful to be able to commemorate GFP and DOA especially with the background where it all happened in the first place; THE CROSS! How wonderful it is that it is coming across with us and in all its glory!

And that is one of the wonders that I now see. I am now accepted and loved despite of the savagery I imposed on my beloved Saviour. Not sure how long or how many angelic souls and Jesus personally there were involved in my recuperation period, but it worked and I am now a member of the fold again! It has happened and I will have the stage on which it happened with me for the eternities to come.  I would still like to see how they all worked on my resuscitation and more details of those 1,260 days as I might be able to apply them to people around me. And I still would like to know how we

Page 124

spent the last seven months, seven days and seven hours on this old earth. And then the seven days of the new recreation, seven day journey across the doorway onto the new earth, the 401 days we spent on this new planet before undertaking that final three day journey into the New Most Holy Place; the New Jerusalem. Thus we have come to the end of the prologue of the history of the Heavenly journey of God’s people; from Passover in Egypt to the New Jerusalem of eternity. I was hoping to be able to draw a thread through chapters six to ten but looking back at them now I can’t see me adding much to what I have already written. So we now come back to chapter eleven and look at some of the details of our Heavenly journey, what the Lord did for us as we fumbled, stumbled, grumbled, mumbled and even tumbled on this what seemed to be a very long journey.

CHAPTER 11, THE BOOK OF NUMBERS.   The People Complain.

Verses 1-9 ; ‘Now the people became like those who complain of adversity in the hearing of the Lord; and when the Lord heard it, His anger was kindled, and the fire of the Lord burned among them and consumed some of the outskirts of the camp. The people therefore cried out to Moses, and Moses prayed to the Lord and the fire died out. So the name of that place was called Taberah, because the fire of the Lord burned among them. The rabble who were among them had greedy desires; and also the sons of Israel wept again and said, “ Who will give us meat to eat? We remember the fish which we used to eat free in Egypt, the cucumbers and the melons and the leeks and the onions and the garlic, but now our appetite is gone. There is nothing at all to look at except this manna.” Now the manna was like coriander seed, and its appearance like that of bdellium. The people would go about and gather it and grind it between two millstones or beat it in the mortar, and boil it in the pot and make cakes with it; and its taste was as the taste of cakes baked with oil. When the dew fell on the camp at night, the manna would fall with it. THE COMPLAINT OF MOSES.

Verses10-15 ; ‘Now Moses heard the people weeping throughout their families, each man at the doorway to his tent; and the anger of the Lord was kindled greatly, and Moses was displeased. So Moses said to the Lord, “Why have You been so hard on your servant? And why have I not found favor in Your sight, that You have laid the burden of all these people on me? Was it I who conceived all this people? Was it I who brought them fort, that You should say to me, ’Carry them in your bosom as a nurse carries a nursing infant, to the land which You swore to their fathers’? Where am I to get meat to give to all this people? For they weep before me, saying, ‘Give us meat that we may eat!’ I alone am not able to carry all this people, because it is too burdensome for me. So if You are going to deal thus with me, please kill me at once, if I have found favor in Your sight, and do not let me see my wretchedness”’.****

Well the journey proper has begun. It started as on 01/01/01; Good Friday Passover Egypt. (GFPE). This date was not reset or rezeroed on Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary, (GFPMC). The journey got to and went through GFPMC. GFPMC was not the start of the journey, it was the highlight of the journey and the focal point of eternity but it was not the start. Eternity itself will have a starting point, the start of the creation of the new Heavens and earth, but our starting point, of Jews and Christians is 01/01/01, GFPE. Our history begins from here. So what has changed on this journey and what is still the same? At what time did the changes occur?

That Good Friday Passover back in Egypt remains a very difficult to understand affair. If the average family had twenty people then GFPE involved 5% of the population. If it had ten people then 10% of the population. It only involved the first born male of the family and all that mattered was whether that first

Page 125

born male was inside a door that had the blood of the Passover lamb on its doorframe. If it did then the angel of death would pass over that home and if it did not then the first born male, including the Pharaoh’s son, died. Very selective indeed, but it gets worse. Scripture goes into much detail how the rights and duties of the first born males were transferred to a family called the Levites. The first born males were spared death so they could serve God, a very special group indeed, but this service was transferred down to the minutest detail onto the Levites; God’s chosen. Initially there were very few priests but many Levites, certainly as now as they have just set out in Chapter eleven. The problem is that when they get to the Promised Land, no one gets across! Even Moses is not allowed to enter! This immediately turns on a warning light; don’t push the analogy between Moses and Jesus too far! It would be beyond absurdity to suggest that Jesus did not make it into the Promised Land! But as we work our way through the text there should be a text in the back of our minds which tells us who does get across that final doorway into the new tent of meeting. (Rev 12:11; ‘And they overcame him because of the blood of the lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.’ ) To go to Heaven you really do want to go, it is not just the default value. It is about eternity and you can’t change your mind after a billion, billion years. Here faith plays its role. What that miraculous cross did for us on this earth, is a matter of reality in Heaven and not a matter of faith any longer. If we can’t accept it by faith on earth then we will not accept it once revealed in Heaven. No point being in Heaven as sooner or later we will breed up trouble again! So how does faith in the cross of Jesus on earth change this scenario? Surely when we are struck by that incredible beauty of even the first tent of meeting we will forget all our earthly reservations and deficiencies and want to be with our Saviour and worship Him? We will change in an instant! No, I am sorry to inform you that has already been tried even at a higher level to what is being proposed. The first angels were sinless yet they still rebelled. No the sorting and sieving processes have to be more stringent than that.

The timeline called evil must be destroyed. There can be no beasts or any traces of beasts anywhere in existence. And that has to happen on this old earth as the new Heaven and earth cannot even come into existence whilst this old evil earth exists. And what is going to destroy all this evil is faith in what Jesus Christ has done and is still to complete. Faith can move mountains and faith can get us from this old sinful earth into the new sinless New Jerusalem!

As we have seen our journey regardless of which side of the cross it began or ended was one based on faith. And faith is a gift that comes in an envelope marked, ‘Please find enclosed your free gift of faith and its associated trials’. If we accept it and its trials then our Heavenly journey has begun and hell is the default value of non-acceptance. As our journey progresses our trials are accompanied by fewer complaints but this certainly was not the case with the Israelites at the beginning of their journey. They had witnessed God performing major miracles for them and He expected some degree of faith and trust and was most upset when He did not receive them. In their liberation from Egyptian slavery they had witnessed ten major miracles, the greatest being the Passover night. They had experienced the crossing of the Dead Sea. They had seen their enemies drown. They had seen God’s sustenance maintain them in the desert for over a year. All to no avail.

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Scripture teaches differing seriousness of complaints. The worst being; ‘The rabble who were among them had greedy desires…’ God had supplied and God would continue to supply but it did not matter how much God supplied they would still continue to complain. ‘We want more’. This is a particularly dangerous category to get into. We look around at what God has supplied but the evil within wants more. God’s anger is kindled and He sends fires to consume them and burn them.

But there is a category of complaint that God seems to ‘understand’. It is the big trial, the one that knocks us down and screaming in pain. When we enter life’s Jordan we enter the right place for crossing life to the other side. The bit that has been parted. Jesus parted the river here but He did not pave it. It is still the best place to attempt a crossing and safer than where the water is building up  or even where the water was not totally removed. Unseen obstacles remain there. In our crossing big obstacles are not usually the difficult and dangerous ones to navigate. We see the difficulty and we ask Jesus for help. We don’t do this for the smaller ones and satan well knows this.****He masterfully applies an almost invisible grease to these and our falls are quite often and often serious. Life is about foreseeing these falls and avoiding them. But I still find the complaint of Moses very strange indeed as well as why start our earthly journey with complaints at all?

Scripture has just given us an amazing summary of time; Universe and planet earth existed (could have existed) for 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours from creation to being burnt up, 7 days for recreation, 7 days to cross over from old to new earth, 401 days on new earth before a 3 day journey into the New Jerusalem. And just an added bonus a quick look at the new eternity with the fruits of life from the tree of life. So where do complaints fit in with the big picture?

Each saint’s earthly journey is a balance of faith and complaints. When complaints have reached their desired intention, no complaints then we have faith alone and if it is through Christ alone, through grace alone then we can go and pick up our boarding passes. Very few have met these requirements, like the great apostle Paul who could say he was contented regardless where the Lord saw fit to put him. He had no complaints! But this was not so the case with Moses and his people.

Their complaint about wanting flesh/meat to eat was unreasonable. God had given them manna and that manna was the bread of life. It lasted in the Ark of the Covenant for at least hundreds of years later, and it may even be somewhere out there today. It did not decay, it did not smell of any foul odours, it was life. It contained all the essential minerals and nutrients like proteins, lipids, fibre and carbohydrates. The flesh/meat they demanded was an excess, it was not an essential. ( So far we have not been told of the fate of this ark but I don’t think it is coming across. Out of that 1,260 days that we starred at the cross on the DOA Jesus spent on it for a time that was decreed and if the same as GFP then that was six hours. For the rest of these days we have just been staring at an empty cross bewildered by what has happened on it. As it is about to disappear along with planet earth we must get as much of its beauty across as it has to last for an eternity. But our fears are allayed by that gently touch and whisper from our Lord and Master, ‘There is no need to try to absorb as much as you can, this cross is coming across with us! And it won’t be in the stump form that you are looking at. The sin of pride is dead and you will see it forever in more than its former glory which limited it exist in the presence of sin!’ ) There are no such reassurances for the Ark of the Covenant. The New Jerusalem, the new Most Holy Place will not need a cover for its ark or roof over it. There is no sin.

Moses joins with his people in their unnecessary and even outrageous request. He has already done this on at least two occasions. He joined with them in Egypt whilst he was still a member of Pharaoh’s family and he joined with when he came back after a forty year absence to rescue them from Egyptian slavery. Now instead of siding with God and telling the Jews to wake up to themselves, to look at

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What miracles God has already performed for them, their request is unreasonable and if they fail this minor test of faith, the next cab off the rank will be much more severe and they will just keep on coming and after the last one is God’s rejection and they will be turned away from the promised land and sent back into the desert to die. There will be much less pain involved if they accept the smaller corrections!

But Moses’ reaction is surely blasphemous; ‘If you are not going to grant our unreasonable request then please kill me at once. I would much rather be dead than be the leader of all these people if you are not prepared to grant our wishes!’ The fact that God condescended, well lets look at God’s reaction.

Verses 16-30; ‘The Lord therefore said to Moses, ”Gather for Me seventy men from the elders of Israel, whom you know to be the elders of the people and their officers and bring them to the tent of meeting, and let them take their stand there with you. Then I will come down and speak to you there, and I will take the Spirit who is upon you, and I will put Him upon them; and they shall bear the burden of the people with you, so that you will not bear it alone. Say to the people, ‘Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow, and you shall eat meat; for you have wept in the ears of the Lord, saying, “Oh that someone would give us meat to eat! For we were well off in Egypt.” Therefore the Lord will give you meat and you shall eat. You shall eat, not one day, nor two days, nor five days, nor ten days, nor twenty days, but a whole month, until it comes out of your nostrils and becomes loathsome to you; because you have rejected the Lord who is among you and have wept before Him, saying, “Why did we ever leave Egypt?”’” But Moses said, “The people among whom I am, are 600,000 on foot; yet You have said, “I will give them meat, so that they may eat for a whole month’. Should flocks and sheep be slaughtered for them, to be sufficient for them? Or should all the fish of the sea be gathered together for them, to be sufficient for them?” The Lord said to Moses, “Is the lord’s power limited? Now you shall see whether My word will come true for you or not.” So Moses went out and told the people the words of the Lord. Also he gathered seventy men of the elders of the people, and stationed them around the tent. Then the Lord came down in the cloud and spoke to him; and He took of the Spirit who was upon him and Placed Him upon the seventy elders. And when the Spirit rested upon them, they prophesied. But they did not do it again. But two men had remained in camp; the name of one was Eldad and the name of the other Medad. And the Spirit rested upon them ( now they were among those registered, but had not gone to the tent), and they prophesied in the camp. So a young man ran and told Moses and said, “Eldad and Medad are prophesying in the camp”. Then Joshua the son of Nun, the attendant of Moses from his youth, said, ”Moses, my lord, restrain them.” But Moses said to him, “Are you jealous for my sake? Would that all the Lord’s people were prophets, that the Lord would put His Spirit upon them!” Then Moses returned to the camp, both he and the elders of Israel.’

There are issues raised here that concern eternity. Complaints. An example of the ultimate of complaints is given here.**** We have been in Heaven now for a billion, billion years when JK decides he has had enough, complains that he would have been better off staying in Egypt! The results of such a complaint are disastrous. That billion, billion years he has spent in Heaven is equivalent to one drop in the ocean. There is still an ocean of time to go! What happens during this time? Does he go around canvassing rebellion like satan did? Even if like those people who complained that they were better off in Egypt where they could get meat, got their meat but before they could even chew it were struck down by a very severe plague, died and buried, that would hardly sort out the problem. Picking JK up and throwing him into hell only gets rid of the cause of the disease, not the disease. What is now

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required is blood from a sin offering to cleanse what was a sinless Heaven. Jesus Christ has to go back to (have a think, is it GFP or is it DOA?) This is not an improbability, it is an impossibility. It can’t and it won’t happen! The issues are decided in our attitudes, in our complaints. A complaint is a challenge to the authority of God. To the Word of God. It is an attempt to improve on or add to the will of God. It is literally saying, ‘Lord why didn’t you think of this or didn’t you realise that this would be a better way’. And saying, ‘I cannot accept this in your Holy Word, because of……’ Many reasons have been given in this blog so far but they all amount to complaints. Only you know the way that is going to steer you through eternity without any (may be many) problems. Well I’m sorry but Jesus will not be coming back for another GFP (your sin, complaint was that of an angelic being, satan, and being intentional you would be burnt up in hell so only the sin offering of Jesus Christ would be required to clean up the mess that you made. As there is no scapegoat, no hell required, then provided Jesus was prepared to accept that sin on Himself, a pigeon/turtledove sacrifice, DOA would have ‘sufficed’. But no matter, it is only hypothetical, it isn’t going to happen just like those who demanded the meat never got to taste it, they chocked on it! But how many days did they actually eat it over?

It is not as if all complaints are invalid. Moses here is the chief complainant and his complaint is regarded as valid. With all these people to look after the burden was too great and he fell over, did the big dummy spit! God recognised this, not that He needed to be told what was going on. Had God divided Moses’ load in among seventy others without Moses asking God to do so, Moses would have thought that he was doing a particularly bad job and so God spread his burden. He demanded God do so and therefore was quite grateful of the result. Just because we compare our blasphemy to Peter’s or unbelief to Paul’s does not mean that we are comparing ourselves to them in stature or anything else. Scripture is there to teach and we are learning. So just because I compare my situation to Moses does not mean to imply I think I am walking in Moses’ shoes. I have many ways of comparing myself to Moses; the Holy Spirit that was on Moses is available to me, the Lord has shown us both that salvation is on and at GFP and therefore we both have the same destiny in eternity even though Moses saw the role of animal sacrifices which I have not as yet seen, and trying to compare our relationship with God would be like comparing a drop of water with the ocean and no doubt many more. Assuming  I also have the Holy Spirit will it only allow me to prophesy once or more than once?

But Moses’ complaint I can relate to in my previous loss of all those words. It was upsetting because the words not only had news in them, and very good news at that, they had ‘spiritual’ beauty about them. If I had known that night I was going to breathe my last breath with what pride and joy would I have taken each breath. I would be remembered as being the one who penned these words! I am not quite sure that “Why?” is a complaint. Why am I an Indian is not a complaint but why haven’t You made me into a chief is a complaint. But the answer pretty well resembles that of Moses. The Lord is saying to me, ‘End days are on us and the harvest is large. You were shown what is possible once you make a connection with Heaven; four thousand words, no headaches or backaches and all other aches drowned by the beauty of the Bible. Clearly you have been given the chance but are not in a position to cope with the ‘burden’. I am going to spread it out over seventy or seven thousand or whatever number God chooses. You will still be retained as one of them but the main burden is lifted off you. It is not as if you have burst any arteries before but you can slow down even further.’ If that is the Heavenly verdict, then I am grateful for it. It would be a thrill with being retained as one of His writers and to look around and find the others so we can coordinate our work. But that can’t really work either. You can’t really say, ‘Elisa you get chapter 12, Larry chapter 13, Lita chapter 14, David chapter 15, Julius chapter 16…… Because what Julius types in chapter 16 is dependent by what has been revealed in the previous chapters, it is one history, one journey, so what I am just going to keep on typing at this leisurely pace and let the others do their own assigned work also with probably a different angle. The Lord no doubt will find someone to coordinate His treasures! Now concerning the transfer of the Holy Spirit.  When Peter gave his admonitions about Scripture he did no say, ‘Don’t worry about the Book of Numbers chapter 11 verse

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25, nor did he say that if you have already covered a subject and it comes up again then ignore it. In fact witness Scripture is there so it can’t be forgotten or ignored. Thus it is with the Holy Spirit a subject we have visited on a number of occasions before.

Jesus told His disciples that unless He went to Heaven first, He could not send the Holy Spirit, they could not coexist, certainly on planet earth at the same time. Jesus did return to Heaven after forty days and did send His Holy Spirit ten days later at Pentecost. Very few people before GFP were afforded the privilege of the presence of the Holy Spirit, Moses was one of these; he was not Jesus, but he did have His Spirit. When the seventy elders received the Spirit they were not Jesus. The Holy Spirit is imparted to people so that they could prophesy. The Holy Spirit imparts the knowledge of Good Friday Passover (GFP) and the recipients prophesy about this event, about salvation. Thus did the seventy elders including Eldad and Medad. Moses was hardly in a position to stop these from prophesying. It must have been quite a lesson for Joshua, allowing those other sixty eight  to do what his master, Moses could do, but those other two who were not even there! Clearly there must be a much more superior power around than Moses and one day that power may pass onto him! They prophesied to establish they had been given authority from God and they did not repeat those prophesies they had just made. Moses was happy and had asked for the load to be spread about his load. His burden was reduced by a factor of seventy! The Holy Spirit and Jesus remain as two separate and independent beings until the time when the foolish virgins ignore the pleadings of the Spirit and exchange the seals that God had given them for the mark of the beast. It is only then that the Holy Spirit leaves planet earth and returns to Heaven. Here the Spirit has been eagerly awaited for some 1,800 years and represents the fine linen in the wedding that takes place almost immediately. So we finish up as our body, fine linen-Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ our robe of righteousness! The Holy Spirit continues to do for the eternities what it has done up to when those eternities began; Give glory to our creator and redeemer, Jesus Christ! So who imparts this Spirit, to whom, when and its actions.

God certainly is the primary Being in imparting the Holy Spirit as He does on this occasion. It would have been just for the sake of the people to show them that the Spirit the seventy received was the same one that Moses had. We are not told in what form the Spirit manifested itself but it could well be in the same form as it did on Pentecost. Tongues of fire and wind. When we finally get back to the burnt offering of the DOA it will be done in a fire. This offering representing the body of Jesus does not need any fire to purify it, it has in fact been purified in the fires of hell. Nor does it have to be magnified. It is because sinful humanity is presenting it that a fire is required. Yes God is capable of doing anything including giving the Holy Spirit but can mortal beings do the same thing by the laying of hands?

If they are young (good) and keen (good) and they are offering to lay hands on anyone and everyone who is willing to accept (bad) then I would be almost sure that this is an evil spirit they are propagating. Just do a quick check on some of the tenets of their belief and if they have almost every clanger  in their arsenal then almost certainly it is an evil spirit. The apostles did lay hands and did impart the Holy Spirit. It will usually be after a period of fasting and Biblical preparation but that does not mean we can’t lay hands in an emergency which obviously implies no preparation. It will be in a blood and guts situation, life or death, here today but not tomorrow. The Holy Spirit can only descend when the blocking agent is removed. Self! And it can only work where we are living up to and according the light that has been shown us, and there is no better judge of that than the Spirit Itself! Any follower of Jesus can lay hands and impart the Holy Spirit. There is no pass mark that has to be reached first.

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Verses 31-35; ‘Now there went forth a wind from the Lord and it brought quail from the sea, and let them fall beside the camp, about a day’s journey on this side and a day’s journey on the other side, all around the camp and about two cubits deep on the surface of the ground. The people spent all day and all night and all the next day, and gathered the quail (he who gathered least gathered ten homers) and they spread them out for themselves all around the camp. While the meat was still between their teeth, before it was chewed, the anger of the Lord was kindled against the people, and the Lord struck the people with a very severe plague. So the name of that place was called Kibroth-hattaavah, because there they buried the people who had been greedy. From Kibroth-hattaavah the people set out for Hazeroth, and they remained at Hazeroth.’

Impossible, you may say, people cannot be that stupid! Okay say they lost via a very severe plague, twenty five thousand people. Same to the next day, alarm bells start ringing. Third day the same and surely by the fourth or fifth day they would have cottoned on that these quails are bad news and to stay away from them! Unbelievable they should still want to eat them on the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth………..nineteenth and twentieth days. Well Scripture tells us that the second last day they ate quail on was the twenty ninth day and the last day was the thirtieth day! Is it really that impossible for anyone to be that stupid? Try substituting drugs, cigarettes or alcohol for quail and what do you get? They come back on the second day and the third day and the fourth and keep coming back until it kills them! And they knew all the way along that that was what was going to happen to them but they still just kept coming back! And their deaths are usually associated with a very severe plague!

God had to get rid of an insidious evil; The rejection of salvation and the return to eating flesh in Egypt. This evil cannot be tolerated, in fact it cannot even exist. It makes the existence of perfection and eternity an impossibility. It is one thing not to join the journey, to voluntarily remain in Egypt but it is far more evil to join the journey and then try to change what is perfection. For these who try to do so the fires of hell are especially stoked. God did not drop this evil close to the camp, they had to walk a solid days journey to get there and when they did the number of birds was staggering. A metre (yard) deep! For miles! (internet crash at 9pm) Even blind Freddy would have realised that this was a miraculous intervention! It was food that was the start of the downfall of our first parents and it was what ended that downfall. It could have been like Jesus’ two feeding miracles of all those thousands but they sought, ‘the Kingdom of Heaven is like….’ This lot wanted to know what the kingdom of hell was like. After giving us a summary of the entire journey in the first ten chapters in the Book of Numbers the start of the journey begins in chapter twelve at the same point where the journey finishes in the Book of Revelation; There will be no one there who asks, ‘Why did we ever leave Egypt?’

But Moses sought and had his burden shared by the Holy Spirit just like Jesus sought and had His burden lifted by the Holy Spirit. In fact the Holy Spirit carries the burden for half of created time and longer if you take into account His presence in people like Moses. But is it the same Holy Spirit in those seventy elders as in Moses as in us? How many times can we prophesy? The difference between us and them is that they were in the time period of Good Friday Passover Egypt (GFPE) and GFPMC and Page 131

we are in the period of Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC) and DOA. Moses could quite clearly see GFPMC, salvation plan B and could have prophesied about it continually, but that wasn’t what God wanted him to do. Salvation plan B was not going to work without salvation plan A and Moses’ task was to instigate and get operational the plan involving animal sacrifices, salvation plan A. And Moses put his all for the short time that he would be involved with salvation plan A. There was not much point in prophesying about plan B, GFPMC, if the first one did not work. ‘Don’t you worry your pretty little heads of about the deficiencies of this plan I am showing you now, it is only an introduction and the real one, the good one is just around the corner, GFPMC.’ Hardly an enthusiastic start and giving plan A, GFPE, any chance of working. It was the earthly step, foundation into Heaven and without it no Heaven. It is the step that is avoided like the plague by most churches today and the reason why there is no end to the list of clangers they have, really serious blasphemies, and the step to which our Lord and Master sent Nicodemus back to if he wanted to understand salvation plan B, GFPMC. Moses’ efforts were successful on at least one person, Paul. He only had, knew of, accepted salvation plan A, animal sacrifices, GFPE, Egypt!

Moses had constant contact with God even though a lot of the burdens had been lifted off his shoulders. He had the Holy Spirit constantly and like the seventy elders who knew of GFPMC, plan B, but he concentrated on making the animal sacrifices plan work. They were the prerequisite for Mount Calvary. If you have Mount Calvary without Egypt then the chances of you getting right and what Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary  (GFPMC) was about are very remote indeed.

Today the Holy Spirit is available to all. Is it the seal of God? If prophesy is a foretelling, forewarning, crystal ball then we don’t need to prophesy about Mount Calvary and what Jesus did there. That has already happened, that is history. The work of the Spirit would be to forewarn of the consequences of not heeding of what happened there. To forewarn of the soon second coming of Jesus Christ and to point out to those in front of you that that event is only as far as your last breathe away. It is immaterial whether that He actually comes in a second or a thousand years. If the next breath you take is, after your resurrection is in His presence then you are going to Heaven with Him and if not then, then it will be one thousand years later when you are resurrected with the wicked to go to hell. There is indeed much prophesying and much preparation to be done! And unfortunately you cannot rely on a sleeping church to act as your foundation. You do have the Bible and the real author of the Bible, the Holy Spirit but first you will have to accept; how can so many people get it so wrong? But you do have the truth and the Holy Spirit is available 24/7 to all. It is a matter of what is it that which itiswritten and not what I am comfortable with, sounds reasonable, I can accept from ‘thatwhichitiswritten’

A serious mistake I made earlier in my blogging was to read a chapter and then think, so? And maybe make a comment or two about it. Today as I start typing it may have little or no application to my Heavenly journey of life. But in most cases so far it has been difficult to stop at the end. I call this progressive revelation and if correct and it does bring people to God then all praise, honour and glory be to the Holy Spirit and for His presence! The presence of the quail and Jesus’ feeding of the five and four (?) thousand has already been mentioned.

It should be a reminder of the dangers of teaching apostasy. If you bring a person to Christ and sow but one seed of doubt at the same time you can bet London to a brick that satan will tend that seed carefully, water it until it shows its real fruit; ‘I was better off in Egypt!’ and to Egypt they go back to. Apostasy. They are guilty now not just of accepting the grace of God, but accepting and throwing it

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back into His Holy face! Where there was one devil before now there will be seven! With your evangelistic effort you have caused that person far more harm than good and you can be very sure that satan is indeed very happy with you. And those doubts that you can plant in the Word of God are indeed many and varied; those clever scientist with billions and even trillions of dollars of equipment will tell you it all came from nothing, the Bible will tell you only God of the Bible can make something out of nothing, and He did! They will tell you that life come from the lifeless, evolution and they have told that lie so many times some of them are starting to believe it themselves. It  doesn’t matter where you look, life extinguishes! They are particularly good at finding the presence of great floods like  Noah’s Flood on planets like Mars where there is no water but can’t see any evidence for such a flood on earth which is 70% covered by water. These and many other doubts are covered by excellent creation material and the reason they don’t believe is not because of the evidence but because they chose not to believe! It is not the quail that kills you but the very severe plague sent by God!


Chapter twelve. The murmuring of Miriam and Aaron.

Verse 1-16 ; ‘Then Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Cushite woman whom he had married (for he had married a Cushite woman); and they said, “Has the Lord indeed only spoken through Moses? Has He not spoken through us as well?” And the Lord heard it. (Now the man Moses was very humble, more than any man who was on the face of the earth.) Suddenly the Lord said to Moses and Aaron and to Miriam, “You three come out of the tent of meeting.” So the three of them came out. Then the Lord came down in a pillar of cloud and stood at the doorway of the tent, and He called Aaron and Miriam. When they had both come forward, He said, “ Hear my words: If there is a prophet among you, I, the Lord, shall make Myself known to him in a vision. I shall speak with him in a dream. Not so, with My servant Moses, He is faithful in all My household; With him I speak mouth to mouth, Even openly, and not in dark sayings, And he beholds the form of the Lord. Why then were you not afraid To speak against My servant, against Moses?” So the anger of the Lord burned against them and He departed. But when the cloud had withdrawn from over the tent, behold, Miriam was leprous, as white as snow, As Aaron turned toward Miriam, behold, she was leprous. The Aaron said to Moses, “Oh, my lord, I beg you, do not account this sin to us, in which we have acted foolishly and in which we have sinned. Oh, do not let her be like one dead, whose flesh is half eaten away when he comes from his mother’s womb!” Moses cried out to the Lord, saying, “Oh God heal her I pray!” But the Lord said to Moses, “If her father had but spit in her face, would she not bear her shame for seven days? Let her be shut up for seven days outside the camp, and afterward she may be received again.” So Miriam was shut up outside the camp for seven days, and the people did not move on until Miriam was received again. Afterward, however, the people moved out from Hazeroth and camped in the wilderness of Paran.’

The problem with the first time around through any new work is to realise at what level it is meant to be pitched at. Peter tells us that all Scripture is inspired and there to teach, including Numbers chapter twelve. It teaches all of God’s people and no doubt will form a major part of Jesus’ final tutorial 1,260 days before the DOA and therefore also a major part of His 1,260 day tutorial before GFPMC. So the task is to find out where and not just chapter twelve but the other chapters as well. Certainly had I been alive at this time**** and walked in Aaron’s shoes, my reaction would have been;’ Moses God has the right to set the standards we are to try to live at and as far as marriage is concerned, mind you the commandment of eternity, He has ordered us not to marry outside of our people. It is wrong for

Page 133

you to marry this Cushite woman!’ And I would expect, in fact it is your Christian duty to point out my sinful actions and you will be held responsible if you don’t. What my response to your admonition is now between me and Jesus. If it is a very serious transgression, especially if it hurts a lot of His people, He may react in a destructive manner immediately but usually He just allows us to carry out the free will He has given us. So if I smoke tobacco for most of my life and its consequences try then to choke me to death and I repent for trying to destroy by poisoning the temple of the Spirit of God, God will forgive me and even though He is capable of removing the disastrous consequences He rarely does! Aaron and Miriam were entitled to point out  Moses’ error/sin but they were not entitled to make a judgment call. Only Jesus is entitled to make that call and for that we should be grateful!

The ultimate act of love was Jesus Christ coming to me, taking my sins and dying in hell for them so that I can live in Heaven with Him for eternity! Paul’s actions of wanting to die for his people so that they would live, is in a similar vein, But Moses’ actions are far short of either Paul or Jesus. Moses wanted to be with his people and he cried with them and if God was not going to grant his wishes about the meat, he asked God to strike him down.  Moses did not have an uncontrollable appetite for meat nor did he have an urge to return to Egypt. This is where the sin lay. Moses was overburdened with responsibility and cracked under the pressure. Once this responsibility was largely removed, God forgave him and things were sweet again.

Not so with those who had those evil desires, they were destroyed. Only Jesus can judge what happened and why it happened when He was explaining the role of Good Friday to His disciples and most left Him except His few loyal ones. As Jesus will also have to judge those literal hundreds of millions who came across to His faith but had the seeds of doubt sown at the same time. Did they leave because they were under duress or did they leave because they wanted  to return to Egypt and any excuse was good enough! We only know the history of the very last lot. The 144,000 foolish virgins exchanged the seal that God had given them for the mark of the beast because they desired to return to Egypt. Returning to Moses and his Cushite bride.

When we take this analogy into the New Testament we finish up at a point just discussed recently. Why the Nazirite, Jesus Christ, did not have to restart His ministry at GFP but had to do so at DOA. When Jesus came to earth for the first time as the Bridegroom, His solo intention was to ready His Bride, the Jewish people for their Heavenly journey. This was the 100% focus of His early ministry and going as far as saying what must have been very hurtful comments about the gentiles, like, comparing them to dogs eating scraps that fall off the master’s table! It was only after this ministry was rejected by His people, the Jews that Jesus turned His ministry onto the Gentiles. Moses/Jesus then married the Cushite/Gentile bride! Wrong? Well Heaven did not think so!

Jesus the Nazirite had been specifically warned to stay away from His dead family, His brothers and sisters. He joined them, but His Nazirite’s vow was not truncated. Even though He drank the bitter vinegar, even though He was forsaken by God for over a three day period, even though He has left the majority of His blood back here on earth and even though He has allowed us to be a part of His body, His ministry as a Nazirite has continued unbroken. God knew that the original marriage between bridegroom and bride would not eventuate and He replaced it with a Jesus-Cushite marriage and for that we should all be grateful. When the Jews finally re-join Christians it is they who will receive precedence when they join hand in hand to go and meet their Saviour. But Cushite or Jew? Does it really matter? Surely all that is that we will be with our Lord and Saviour for the eternities to come!

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The question of the DOA continues to haunt and I intend returning to it not so much until I get a right answer but until the other alternative appears wrong.

Jesus has told me that He will take my sins away from me, place them on His perfect self, take them into hell and have them burnt into oblivion! So there is the first problem; when I look into hell, and I will be given that chance to do so, will I see Jesus burning with HIS sins or will I see Jesus burning with MY sins! Regardless of how you look or define anything they are MY sins but to say so would make Jesus into a liar. Why does He call then His when they are really mine? And exactly the same problem occurs at the DOA.

Also the problem with those 1,260 tutorials Jesus gave before GFP and DOA and the subsequent 1,260 days that followed and overlaps within. The final problem still remains the guilt offering. When the Christian church stepped out on day 1,261 after GFP with the stoning of Stephen they had enough instructions for them to reach the second tutorial, 1,260 days before the DOA. They were well informed about the second coming of our Lord and the great tribulation which would proceed it. They would be given the example of Smyrna where an apparently endless slaughter formed the basis of the church of the eternities. They knew that there was not one drop of blood that fell was not counted as Jesus’ own blood. When they did get into Heaven they knew that the door of mercy had not yet closed and that now there was going to be a combined effort between them and the angels just to bring up one more soul! Just one! Not one member of their tribe could be left behind to go to hell. Their tribes must be complete. They focused on Jesus as He left Heaven for His third coming and if it possible then they held their breaths for 1,260 days. One repentance, one conversion and it was all on again; Good Friday Passover (GFP). (The DOA was going to have to happen anyway) There wasn’t one and the door of mercy slammed shut!

At this stage I cannot account for the overenthusiastic reception that they gave Jesus when He returned to Heaven with His two witnesses. It appears  that they think that Jesus has come back for good, they are not aware of the impending DOA. Enthusiasm for no more GFP but not for DOA. They must have been aware of Daniel’s prophecy of 7*70 or 490 years as this was their next tutorial.  (at 7*69 or 483 years). During that last four hundred and ninety years they must have known why there was a holdup in the return of the Holy Spirit; the fine linen. ****But return the Holy Spirit did and immediately precipitated final day events. If this return is documented in Daniel then we have missed it, but there is still that last seven months, seven days and seven hours totally unaccounted for. We have not made our last trip to Daniel after all! But the previous 1,260 days of preparation after GFP must have prepared the saints for the wait, the arrival of the Holy Spirit, the wedding ceremony and the battle against the beast and its result. This must be year 483 of Daniel because it is after this battle that Jesus detaches Himself from His armies and has nothing. The three and a half year tutorial that Jesus begins would have to have similarities to His three and a half year tutorial before GFP. It was not just a matter of chalk and talk. There was a lot of that there but not all. Even on planet earth, the night before GFP, Jesus attended the last supper not to mention the mountain of other events He undertook during His ministry. Thus it was in this last 1,260 tutorial, not just explaining what and why it was happening but the events themselves. There is certainly much detail about the last eight days of the Nazirite Who had come in contact with that person who had suddenly dropped dead beside Him. DOA. The dead ones with whom He had come in contact with intentional were dealt with way back at GFP. Jesus had married the Cushite woman.

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So the saints have been primed up to this time. The line that I now take is that Jesus is telling the truth. It would be a line that is very difficult for most churches today; that Jesus means what He says and says what He means. Both the sins of Good Friday Passover (GFP) and the Day of Atonement (DOA) were the sins of Jesus Christ. He suffered and died for His own sins. The moment I confess a sin to Jesus, intentional or unintentional it transfers onto Jesus, it is His sin, it is not my sin. He knew that by accepting my sin He would have to meet God’s requirements before that sin could be expunged and my act of worship is that He accepted those sins anyway, it is not to try to use a thermocouple to measure the temperature of hell. I can look inside hell, in fact it will be quite beneficial to do so, but I will never understand its inner workings. It is there and it works and has worked.

Assuming that Jesus is ‘telling the truth’, it is not a possibility or even a probability that He can do otherwise, actually clarifies things no end. There are only two types of sin; those of His created beings, covered by GFP and those of His creation covered by DOA. The sins that associated the Nazirite with His dead brothers and sisters and the sins where the dead suddenly dropped dead beside Him; One minute He is there but the next the fires of hell have gone out and there are mountains of sins left behind which the Nazirite Himself has defined to be sin. I still stand by those numbers/events of from before; fires of hell extinguish on Friday the second of July, (02/07…) Jesus takes on the remaining sins of His creation, (03/07..), Jesus remains unclean for six days but on the seventh He becomes clean and cuts off His hair and beard, Friday the 09/07/…  end of 1,260 day tutorial, 10/07/…and the start of those last 1,260 days of Daniel’s covenant seven year period. The centre point and the Day of Atonement (DOA) The unconfessed, unintentional sins of His creation, satan bruising the heel of Jesus, have now become the sins of Jesus. He has already born the punishment for these sins, six days of defilement, of being separated from God. He has already been slain as the sin sacrifice, the blood of the pigeon/turtledove has been presented and washed the defilement that His sins caused and He has finally presented it all as a burnt offering to God, and all accepted.

But Jesus went one stage further; when all reparations have been made, plus 20% where applicable He presented the guilt offering, a male lamb a year old. That is where it started and this where it finished. So when His hair is cut off 1,260 days after the DOA and presented on the fire which is under the sacrifice of peace offerings, it is hair that is 1,261 days old. It started growing the day before the DOA when Jesus cut off the hair that had been defiled by His acceptance of all the sins of His creation after the fires of hell had gone out. That extra day of growth before the DOA began means that not only the cross is coming across but so is also the DOA.

But then we have the same problems which suggest we have returned back to DOA prematurely. Moses-Cushite wedding has only refocused the problem and not sorted it out. Jesus will only consecrate His head on the same day; His new growth which began the day before the DOA, is not consecrated, something must happen on the DOA which allows Him to do this; it did not happen on the 09/07/.. but it did happen on the 10/07/… The witness Scripture is that Jesus is not allowed to count the days of His Nazirite’s mission, they are void. It comes back to our original question and problem; how far did that 1,260 days of preparation after GFP supposed to take us? If it was until 9.00 am on DOA on the 10/07/…Jesus’ ministry was voided at this time, His head was consecrated as was any hair growth after this time and the DOA itself passed on and into the history of eternity.

If this voiding occurred at 3.00PM on the DOA of 10/07/… and Jesus head was reconsecrated by what He had just accomplished, then the meter started running again and the DOA moved into the voided area. So if the voided area included both GFP and the DOA, then what is Jesus supposed to accomplish in His restarted ministry? What are all those Levites going to present on this altar/cross now that they

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either realise it is the cross of eternity or if they don’t realise this then it is about to destroyed by the fires that are about to destroy planet earth?  Either nine or three o’clock voids GFP but nine am leaves DOA in the new numbering system. If the DOA remains then it is automatically connected to and inseparable from GFP. So we must try to look for evidence for a nine o’clock zeroing and restarting of the vow of the Nazirite. What has Jesus accomplished by allowing Himself to be placed on that cross? What had He accomplished by allowing Himself to be placed on the cross on Mount Calvary on that Good Friday all that time ago? Is it the same question as what had He accomplished by three PM on that same day? I still intend going around in circles and will return to the main blog under the heading of; Chapter 13. Spies view the land.

The reason we are here is not out of sequence but because Moses introduced problems by marrying that Cushite woman. The New Testament equivalent is Jesus marrying the Gentile church. Yes He was belittled and denigrated by all around, but let us follow the first scenario where Jesus ‘obeyed God’ Who had told Him to stay away from the dead, otherwise He would break His Nazirite’s vow. Jesus comes to earth and does not have to go near those dead gentiles because His own people flock around and the conversions are unstoppable. It must be pointed out that if the Jews flocked to Jesus then the Cushite woman would not have missed out on salvation. It was the sacred duty of the Jew to proselytize the gentiles. They were supposed to evangelize and bring in converts. The difference here being that the Cushite would have become a member of the Jewish church and not the way it worked out; the Jews became members of the gentile church. But what differences would it have made to GFP had Jesus gone to the cross as a Jew and brought the Jewish nation with Him. These were the very strict conditions imposed on Jesus; stay away from the dead! This Jesus carried out to the letter until the Jewish nation rejected Him and only then did Jesus switch His attention to the gentiles, the Cushite women. But the scenario we are following is that the Jews accepted Jesus.

Jesus still had to go to the cross for His people. The altar still had to be moved from inside the temple and the city to outside the temple and outside of the city. The scapegoat offering necessitated this change in both scenarios, but what would have been different is what actually went on, on the cross. The necessary ‘additions’. The reasons for the voiding, ‘but the former days will be void because his separation was defiled’. Under the conditions that God has envisaged for Jesus was that He stay away from His dead brothers and sisters, well come 3pm GFPMC Jesus has not broken His Nazirite’s vow He did not have to go near the Gentiles, they would be drawn as a matter of course to the Jewish church. And not having broken His vow He does not call for bitter vinegar to confirm that this has happened. Since He has not broken His vow there is no need for Him to be forsaken by God as this was the penalty for breaking His vow. He still has to die. God’s edict to our first parents way back in the Garden of Eden was not that if you disobey Me you will die, but if you disobey me you will SURELY die. For the Jews to live Jesus had to die. But how would have this death been different to the one that Jesus did go through where He was forsaken by God for those three days, or parts of days.?

All these sound like just a lot of hypotheticals, but they are not. What is being shown is the great extra duress and difficulty that Jesus had to go through to marry the Cushite, that He would not have had to have gone through had the intended bride accepted Him. Yet despite of all these extra difficulties there were the Aarons and the Miriam’s who were criticising Him and trying to undermine His relationship with God! But it is a fascinating topic; how different would have been our Master’s life and death had His people not rejected Him? In the meantime it is three pm on Sabbath the 10th of July

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and the Day of Atonement is finished. Jesus hangs down His head, what is next? What is next had Jesus died For His Jewish bride He came down to save at three pm on GFP? Why that split in the Nazirite’s ministry?****

Some comments so far. Aaron and Miriam did not always reject and belittle Moses, just like the Jews will not always reject and belittle Jesus. There is a time soon coming when they will admit that; ‘we have acted foolishly and in which we have sinned’. Well foolish certainly and the disasters they would have spared themselves had this repentance come sooner!

Jesus will have been by defilement twice but only had  His ministry voided once. On both GFP and DOA Jesus called ‘Mine!’ to those sins being presented. On Good Friday Passover (GFP) He accepted the confessed sins of the saints and called mine! Whenever we confess a sin to Jesus He calls ‘Mine!’  And they are His and it is wrong to think or worry about them ever again. It shows a lack of trust in His Word and destroys the foundation of our relationship with Him. These confessed sins belonged to somebody before Jesus took them on Himself. They resulted in Him being forsaken by God but as the path that Jesus had to take once His own people rejected Him, the Cushite path was so much more difficult than the intended ‘Jew as His bride’ His ministry was not truncated. It had accomplished the same objectives as the intended one just via a lot more difficult pathway. Not so with DOA.

The Day of Atonement (DOA) is God’s definition of ‘justice’. Where there is no law there is no sin! You can’t be held responsible for something you did not know was wrong. Ignorance is every excuse for breaking the law! There was still a wrong committed, a sin, but you are not guilty of sin. These then are the sins of the DOA; unconfessed unintentional sins. They will remain unconfessed until someone confesses to them. The only person who is capable of doing this is Jesus and it is He Who wrote these rules anyway. Jesus confesses to these sins, they are MY sins, they are the sins of My creation. Guilty! It seems blasphemous because it probably is blasphemous to talk about the ‘sins of Jesus Christ’ and I will continue to do so by the use of inverted commas. They are different to the sins Jesus pleaded ‘guilty’ way back on GFP, those sins had an owner, the DOA sins did not until 03/07/….. They are not a ‘lesser’ sin and the reason why ‘the former days will be void because his separation was defiled’, they are a greater sin, they are the ‘sins of Jesus Christ’ There is still much work to be done by the Nazirite in the remaining three and a half years but they will be done by the Nazirite with a ministry beginning with day one; 10/07/…. The consecration of His head, the guilt offering and finally leading to the fulfilment of His vow.

From the above it seems that it is best to disobey Jesus and great blessings will result! Look at the Jews they rejected Jesus and Jesus turned and married the Cushite woman instead; the gentiles! It is true in a way to say that if we hold onto Jesus, regardless how big the coming storm, we will always land on our feet! Thus it way with the Cushite marriage we did finish up very well on top but look at the Jews who disobeyed?  Just a history of disasters which may well have been avoided had they obeyed God! We too can avoid disasters by staying and obeying and questioning our Maker. The consequence of not doing so may result in a leprosy that has to remain for seven days!

So as at 10/07/…. Be nine am or three pm, GFP is void, DOA is void. These are one off and never to be repeated events. What is left and all attention now turns to is the stage on which these two earthshattering events occurred on; the cross.  It can be dressed up in different decorations to remind us of different aspects of what occurred there. And the sole actor who took place in these earthshattering events will be there to guarantee their authenticity. Perhaps the next return to chapters six and onwards may us to finally unlock the mysteries here. We already know that that mountain of unconfessed unintentional sins were treated very seriously by God as they were ‘divine

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sins’ but there was no peace offering required, just a sin and burnt offering of either pigeons or turtle/doves. The relationship with the Godhead was not affected. There remains a major problem  with the new hair growth of the Nazirite. The old hair that was defiled when Jesus took on Himself the remaining sins of the world on 03/07/ … remained defiled  until 08/07/… and then cut His hair, this defiled hair, on the 09/07/… say 9 am when new hair would have started to regrow. By nine o’clock the next morning when the DOA began, using times from GFP that hair had been growing for twenty four hours and thirty hours when the Day of Atonement had finished. It was only at 3pm on 10/07/… that the world was sinless, the Nazirite reconsecrated His Head and His new ministry began within a sinless environment, But that was still contaminated by those thirty hours of hair growth from within a sinful word. This is a serious problem keeping in mind that it is this hair that will be used as God’s seal to enable it, this cross, to be transferred to the New Heaven. At this stage as I don’t know, but I suspect that Jesus taking the difficult road of marrying the Cushite woman even though His own would not marry Him has a part of our problems. Three pm on GFP has a totally different meaning in each. As Aaron and Miriam have already paid a heavy price for their questioning and undermining the authority of Jesus they can’t have much of a role left before they join the vine. But it still comes down to tying these chapters with the last three and half year period of Daniel in his last 1,260 days of the covenant seven. Those five righteousness requirements and the anointing of the most holy. There are still many items on the backburner.

Numbers Chapter 13; Spies view the Land.

Verses 1-24; ‘Then the Lord spoke to Moses saying, “**** Send out for yourself men so that they might spy out the land of Canaan, which I am going to give to the sons of Israel; you shall send a man from each of their father’s tribes, every one a leader among them.” So Moses sent out from the wilderness of Paran at the command of the Lord, all of the men who were heads of the sons of Israel. These were their names: from the tribe of Reuben, Shammua the son of Zaccur; from the tribe of Simeon, Shaphat the son of Hori; from the tribe of Judah, Caleb the son of Jephunneh; from the tribe if Issachar, Igal the son of Joseph; from the tribe of Ephraim, Hoshea the son of Nun; from the tribe of Benjamin, Palti the son of Raphu; from the tribe of Zebulun, Gaddiel the son of Sodi; from the tribe of Joseph, from the tribe of Manasseh, Gaddi the son of Susi; from the tribe of Dan, Ammiel the son of Gemalli; from the tribe of Asher, Sethur the son of Michael; from the tribe of Naphtali, Nahbi the son of Vophsi; from the tribe of Gad, Geuel the son of Machi. These are the names of the men Moses sent out to spy out the land; but Moses called Hoshea the son of Nun, Joshua.

When Moses sent them out to spy the land of Canaan, he said to them, “Go up there into the Negev; then go up into the hill country. See what the land is like, and whether the people in it are strong or weak, whether they are few or many. How the land is in which they live, is it good or bad? And how are the cities in which they live, are they like open camps or with fortifications? How is the land, is it fat or lean? Are there trees in it or not? Make an effort to get some of the fruit of the land.” Now the time was the time of the first ripe grapes. So they went up and spied out the land from the wilderness of Zin as far as Rehob, at Lebo-hamath. When they had gone up into the Negev, they came to Hebron where Ahiman, Sheshai and Talmai, the descendants of Anak were.(Now Hebron was built seven years before Zoan in Egypt.) Then they came to the valley of Eshcol  and from there they cut down a branch  with a single cluster of grapes; and they carried it on a pole between two men, with some of the pomegranates and the figs. That place was called the valley of Eshcol, because  of the cluster which the sons of Israel cut down from there.’    The Spies Report;  Verses 25- 29; ‘ When they returned from

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spying the land, at the end of forty days, they proceeded to come to Moses and Aaron and to all the congregation of the sons of Israel in the wilderness of Paran, at Kadesh; and they brought back word to them and to all the congregation and showed them the fruit of the land. Thus they told him, and said, “We went to the land where you sent us; and it certainly does flow with milk and honey, and this is its fruit. Nevertheless, the people who live in the land are strong, and the cities are fortified and very large; and moreover, we saw the descendants of Anak there. Amalek is living in the land of the Negev and the Hittites and the Jebusites and the Amorites are living in the hill country, and the Canaanites are living by the sea and by the side of the Jordan.”’

For some time now it has been my intention to look into chapter six (Law of the Nazirites)  deeply enough to see that I can at least correlate it with the next two chapters. Verses 6-12 have been red tagged, but the harder I try the deeper the mystery. Much pressure has been relieved since my downgrading from four thousand words of depth and beauty each day down to, well, what ever you can do. If 4,000 words a day is graded as A and you manage 2,000 then that is merely a C and we won’t bother grading where I come in on most days. Even though I have been downgraded in volume, at this stage at least I don’t think that down grade applies to difficulty of the issues raised. Thus chapter six still remains on the menu. One just has to look with what importance God regards this Nazirite vow. Look at chapter five to see with what extreme jealousy He protects it! It should be an indication as to the amount of input God has put into it. It should be an indication of the nut within the kernel. So yesterday when I struck three pm on Good Friday I automatically shut off. Stay off, this is Holy Ground! But so is the whole Bible holy ground and the more we study it the holier it should become.

The issue/issues here appear to be two fold, but are actually only one fold. We are told what must happen and the other is a non-issue because it specifically is an order as to what should not happen. What should happen when Jesus came down from Heaven at His first coming was that His people the Jews were supposed to join Him. He was forbidden in joining them, even in extreme circumstances. He was not supposed to even go near His dead parents or brothers or sisters. Well He did and for that reason the separation is still on His head. He was forsaken by God on the cross and confirmed that separation by calling for and receiving bitter grape juice/vinegar. He hung on the cross in this forsaken by God condition between three and four pm on GFP. He was fully integrated with, He had joined with humanity. His symbolic release of blood by that Roman spear points to the release of blood by those He had joined; the great tribulation. Our blood He counts not just every drop but He counts it as His blood! At four pm we are placed in the grave with our Master. It may appear to be a long stretch to compare our first 1,800 years in Heaven as being in Joseph’s tomb before we are resurrected with our Master on Resurrection Sunday morning but that is only the case because we don’t know how much better the new Heaven is when compared to the old one. We will be inside the Most Holy Place and not outside of it where we will be first for our initial 1,800 odd years.

Well verses 6-8 were what was not supposed to happen but that is actually what DID happen. Jesus only went to join the dead, the Gentile, the Cushite because His own did not want to Join Him. Not only did they not want to join Him, they wanted Him dead!  And kill Him they did! Verses 9-12 tell us what the divine plan was. His people instead of killing Him join up with Him to evangelise the world! His evangelistic program at thirty years to His own people is successful! He doesn’t have to turn and just concentrate on the Gentiles, they will do that together, as a team they are unstoppable! As a team there is no way they are going to howl for His blood, they don’t want Him dead! No Good Friday, no

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drink offering, no being forsaken by God, no heavy loss of blood, He doesn’t have to join sinful man in the tomb, they have solved all these problems by joining Him! But unfortunately humanity comes with baggage. But it still seems unthinkable that there was no Good Friday Passover (GFP) Had the Jews accepted Jesus Christ there would have been no GFP! If this is the case the Jews will have much to answer for in those last days! So what would have happened had they accepted Jesus?

What we are told that is factored in is; Even though they had accepted Jesus, they were living, very sudden deaths would still occur. These sudden deaths are not sin because once in Christ it is not a matter of if we sin but when and how often, but repentance brings us straight back to life. So these very sudden deaths were apostasy, weeds, the desire to return back to Egypt. Keeping in  mind that half the church can be foolish virgins the number of these deaths could also be quite significant. As these deaths were attached to Jesus, they would have defiled Him, particularly His head/hair. To rid Himself of that defilement  Jesus would have had to offer a combination of pigeons and turtledoves. I will not try to correlate events after this until I see the two scapegoats which are going to be required for my confessed intentional and unintentional sins. The simple fact is that it just did not happen! The Jews did not accept Jesus and He only had one option left open to Him; join the Gentiles; Moses had to marry the Cushite!

The only value that I can see in studying these verses today is to show us the difference between accepting and rejecting Jesus. The extra pain and suffering our Nazirite had to go through just for us. Little wonder He guards His relationship with us with such jealousy!  But to Moses and all those Jewish scholars, scribes and Pharisees right through to the Pharisee Paul much was at stake as to which choice they made. Especially the difference it made to Jesus. We are not told whether there were plots by the Romans or even the common people to kill Jesus. But say for whatever reason the Romans decided to kill Jesus. What a difference! Being killed by pagans or by your own people whom you have come to save! I still have not got my head around the fact that there was no GFP! It is just another of those treasures that we must add to our list of surprises to anticipate! But one final comment before leaving our Nazirite in the land of what could have and what did happen.****

Numbers chapter six is the history of the Nazirite. The vow taken, what was supposed to happen, consequences of non-compliance and fulfilment of that vow. It symbolically began in Egypt and its literal fulfilment began in Bethlehem. It is a commitment by Jesus that when He comes to earth He will do. Paraphrasing Scripture I can see God saying something like; “ Jesus, your appearance on earth will be characterised by these two hallmarks; grape and hair. The tree of good and evil did contain good grapes; non-alcoholic grape juice and dried grapes however they were still in contact with the alcoholic lot but as You are a source of divinity you are required to stay clear of any grape related product. Contact with these will break your vow of separation. The other hallmark is your hair. Being in contact with your brain any knowing contact with evil will defile your hair. It is the external indicator of what is going on in the brain. Just as the rest of your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and should not be damaged so the same applies to your hair. Ultimately it will be used in the anointing of the Most Holy.

“ Your purpose in being sent to earth is for You to bring back My people with You so that We can all spend the eternities to come in perfection forever. The consequences of You coming in contact with the dead are horrific and best left undiscussed. There is an exception that has been taken into account. You have been sent to collect My people and until the second coming they will be made up of weeds and wheat. It is at this stage that the separation will occur. Because You have been defiled by contact with weeds, and knowing they were weeds, there will be a special seven day purification/punishment

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period. On the seventh day  you will shave your defiled head/hair. (Note that previously we had this seven day purification for ALL of Jesus’s creation but this time it is just for the weeds of His people. They were included before as well this time but not the rest of His creation). The eighth day is a very interesting day. It is the Nazirite’s day. It is the pigeon/turtledove day. It is a day spent before the doorway of the Heavenly tent of meeting. It is the 10th of July, the Day of Atonement (DOA). It is what would have happened to our  Nazirite has He come back to earth and was welcomed back by His own people. He is to present these two birds to the priest on duty who in the Heavenly courts is ….? This priest shall these two birds, one for a sin offering and the other for a burnt offering on the altar/cross to make atonement for His sin because of the dead person. The same day he shall consecrate his head but to dedicate, or should that be rededicate his days to the Lord as a Nazirite he has to bring a male lamb a year old for a guilt offering. The guilt offering is an indication of final closure. It closes off His former days and the Nazirite’s meter begins ticking again for what Daniel tells us is 1,260 days but there could be another seven months, seven days and seven hours even after the covenant period of Daniel ends. In verse 13 the landscape changes completely, it is the fulfilment of the Nazirite’s vow.

It is the completion of a very complex series of events. At the end Scripture can say that ‘ The Nazirite may drink wine’. Jesus can say at the last supper, “Truly I say to you, I will never again drink of the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new in the kingdom of God”. By the end of chapter six we are well into the kingdom of God. The situation did not have to be so complex, it could have been quite simple; Jesus comes to earth at His first coming, His people come out to meet Him, they flock around Him as they go out to evangelize the world, the ‘quota of saints’ is attained and they all go back to Heaven and God the Father! It did not work out like that and the very first beings Who knew that it would not be so were Jesus and God the Father and they planned out in the greatest detail the alternate plan; if His people were not going to join Him He would become a gentile. Moses would marry the Cushite woman. Looking at verses 13-20 I don’t think I can add much to them so I will leave them in abeyance until tomorrow. They are not just the times of the DOA but they go  back to GFP. The complete history of our salvation, the sovereignty of God, the trustworthiness of His Word and the certainty of our Heavenly destination.

The presentations are made, checked and ticked against the worksheet that Jesus had worked out with the Father as to what required to be done, right up to the last 1,260 days of when the Nazirite was required to void and restart His ministry. I think that was one of our problems. Here we are at the doorway ready to make our entrance onto the New Earth as a recently married couple, all presentations should be given to the bride to present them before God as if she had been a part of them. God would then give credit to both. After all they are the team of eternity. But the problems being presented were points of law; Nazirite’s law in particular and therefore needed experts in law. The Nazirite and the priest needed to be involved here.

The other problem was the position of the altar/cross on GFP. It was not outside of the tent of meeting in the earthly temple. It still had the altar which was by now about a thousand years old. We know that the flames from the altar Jesus hung on engulfed the throne of Heaven and the One Who sat on it. This means that the Most Holy Place was above Mount Calvary and the Holy Place would also have been above the cross. The doorway to the old heavenly temple and the tent of meeting were above Mount Calvary. At three pm Jesus took some of His precious, holy and divine blood with Him through this door and into the Most Holy Place. But this is not where we are at now; the DOA.

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If chapter seven follows chapter six as it appears to do so, then this sorts out many of our problems because the hair of the Nazirite has been cut and applied to the altar of the peace offering by the end of chapter six. The headings between the chapters and paragraphs within the Bible are not inspired words of God and had I been asked about what heading should be placed at the start of chapter seven, I would have said; ‘Offerings at the dedication of the altar and not the tabernacle.’ The focus here is the altar, which is going up to the New Jerusalem and not the tabernacle, which is not. It is how it is anointed and it is why it is going up and it is the reaction of the saints when this realisation hits us.

Bar the intentional sins of the wicked this altar has seen and born every other sin committed by humanity in the history of time. All confessed and all unconfessed sins and for the saints that is all, as in all, sins. It has seen the blood of divinity and the blood of humanity spilt on and around it. It has stood in in a puddle of blood for almost half of recorded time. But it has also stood in the chemical that give the blood its life component; water. It was water and blood that gushed out of the side of Jesus Christ when that Roman spear opened His side at four pm on GFP. And it stands today on earth that will produce the beast out of the earth ensuring that all earth is not evil. When finally is taken to Heaven planet earth will be destroyed. It of itself has the value of two pieces of timber albeit they have a very special genetic origin, but two bits of timber is all it is. But the same cannot be said about the events that occurred on it. Good Friday Passover (GFP) and the Day of Atonement (DOA). They are what Scripture is about but it only points to, or at, or back to these events. They are one off and never to be repeated events, even in the eternities to come. All that is left behind is the stage where the play against evil was enacted. It is why the Heavens of eternity exist. GFP and DOA will never be repeated again but the stage on which they occurred can have reminders of the different aspects of what happened on those two memorable days as the saints enquire as to their existence after the millennia of eternity. It should be easy to establish a sacred objects of historical significance should be preserved forever, but how, where and what form? It must never decay or be forgotten.

When Jesus Christ literally places a drop of His blood on our foreheads we will see His face and we will have life eternal. Perhaps we could place a drop of the Blood of Jesus on this cross and it too will have life eternal? Well actually that has already been done, both on GFP and more importantly very recently on the DOA. (actually 1,260 days ago) And the last lot of blood that Jesus shed were for ‘His own sins’. These were the ‘sins of divinity’ and so was the blood of the sin offering of the first pigeon/turtledove. At least that is how Jesus chose to define these events. No the blood has already been done and up to a certain extent so has the water.

What is really needed here is a tying up agent. Yes, both the GFP and the DOA have occurred but have they been accepted by God? They were supposed to bridge the gap, quite a yawning gap at that, that occurred when Adam and Eve when they first sinned. They insulted God in the worst possible way, they did not want Him and worse still chose satan instead. That is a real chasm between them! What is needed is a formal peace offering and as a peace offering it will require a specific and formal response from God. Either accepted! Or not accepted! We are going to have to do our best to present it in its most favourable light, rejection cannot even be considered! It is hard to image how the blood of Jesus has not carried the day. It was divine, it has fallen from Heaven itself, from the divinity of Jesus right down to planet earth, the humanity of Jesus where He has actually gone to the trouble of becoming one with the Gentiles. Moses marrying the Cushite woman!

The answer that Scripture gives, the Holy Spirit gives that God gives and therefore the correct answer which may take us a little while to assimilate is the hair of the Nazirite that grew on His sinless head of perfection since the Friday of the 9th of July until the end of that final covenant seven of Daniel,

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1260 days later. Jesus cuts and presents these locks at the foot of the cross which is still smouldering since it presented the burnt offering of the pigeon/turtledove some three and a half years ago.

This reagent that is offered as peace is none other than a sinless part of God. It is the hair of Jesus Christ. It comes from His head indicating He knows exactly what is going on and He Himself presents it! Blood, water and hair is it even a possibility that these can be rejected by God? Well the saints still on the earthly side of the doorway to the Heavenly tent of meeting don’t think so and they present their offerings and expectation on this stump/cross which is still smouldering from the last offering, the burnt offering of the pigeon/turtledove of the DOA. They are now inside of those last seven months, seven days and seven hours of the old earth’s existence. Chapter eight and the cleansing of the Levites.

There is now a sense of urgency, of finality in the massed throngs on this side of the doorway. It is now no longer a matter of years but months to go before this doorway opens. And the problem of cleansing is raised by the Lord to Moses, by God to Jesus. There is not going to be another GFP and the only reason the cross is still smouldering from the DOA is because DOA has just recently occurred. All these items have already been checked out and passed from a legalistic point of view and are just being remembered/re-enacted as a final check and even after this final check there will be a very thorough check lasting seven days as we pass through the door into the new earth. In eternity there can be no mistakes. Having checked for defilement, cleansing in chapter eight, chapter nine sets the time clock for eternity, each year is to begin on the fourteen day if the first month with a commemoration of eternity;’ Passover! The cloud lifts and the journey through the doorway begins into the new earth of eternity. There certainly are trumpets in the old Heaven and at least in a symbolic way and one only may make it across as well, symbolically at least.

Chapter 11 cannot be a Heavenly chapter. We are back to planet earth and life’s journey. Far too many checks and balances have been carried out for anybody to complain about anything now or in a billion trillion years’ time! Let alone a complaint about wanting to return to Egypt. That has been sorted out on planet earth where in fact many do go back to Egypt  and gorge themselves on it meat. It has been the ultimate insult to God, to have been accepted, found wanting and rejected! And much has already been said about the special fires of hell awaiting them. The fires of hell prematurely already leaped out of hell and consumed their first batch of complainants. They were no longer allowed to continue even as weed but only ash. But the sieving process had not yet finished so that the journey proper could begin.

Chapter 12 tells us that the bona fides of Moses is questioned not by just anyone but the High Priest, Aaron and Miriam. The authority of Jesus is questioned by those in authority and who should know better. ‘There was no need for Him to bend so low, love would have found a way around these problems,’ they say. ‘ After all didn’t He say Himself, “A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another” but they miss the whole point by leaving out the; as I have loved you! That love Jesus speaks of radiates from the cross on Mount Calvary! It radiates despite those outright acts of bastardy that we so eagerly imposed on Him! It is the cross that is the focus of that love and not whether you develop a warm feeling in your stomach after a few reds or count how many little old ladies you have helped across a busy road. They should have crossed at the traffic lights anyway! The issue of Moses marrying the Cushite woman is addressed to a certain degree in Numbers six.

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But it only deals with the problem from the Nazirite/Moses/Jesus perspective. It only assumes one result; That His people will accept Him and together they will evangelize the world. It does not give warnings what will happen to them like; If we evangelize this world together we will be finished by the year 70 and we can all go back to Heaven. If you don’t then instead of a life in Heaven you will suffer a death on earth. And after another sixty years of tidying up you will come back and wipe your feet on these pagans instead of them wiping their feet on you! No it continues on in the Nazirite theme and if you don’t, especially if you reject and kill me or have me killed then these are the consequences of what will happen to Me. Chapter six is entirely Nazirite centred. In a way by telling us what is going to happen to Jesus certainly it also gives us an idea of how Christians will be involved as well. But with pass through Numbers six or Daniel (9:24-27) we get just that little bit closer to that treasure! With the grace of God and of Holy Spirit that may come with not that many more passes!

With the authority of Jesus being re-established and those greedy complainants gone we are again ready to begin our journey to the Promised Land. On our journey to the Promised Land Jesus just does not expect us to question what this Promised Land is going to be and look like. In fact He encourages us to go out and spy this land for ourselves. But Jesus does add conditions as to where we spy and how. It should be as in His Word, the Bible and not some fancy dream thought out by some creative author of producer. We are to start in the wilderness of Paran, the Old testament and go to Canaan where we are to begin in Negev come down to Hebron where the descendants of the Anak are, then Eschol and finally home. While there we are to check out the hill country, especially that one plateau that is some 2,200 kilometres high and has a cube with those dimensions of it, the angelic hosts who are supposed to protect us on our journey how many of them are there and do they seem up to doing this work, the land; is it going to be capable of being farmed for the eternities to come even if it get as a rest every seven years? The tree question should be of interest; how many fruits does it bear with particular interest on the grape the fruit from which Jesus will not eat again until He is in His Father’s kingdom. Take a particular interest in the city, does it have angelic hosts look like they are setting apartments up in there? The more you know about this Promised Land the more eager you will be to try to get there. Not that it is going to be very hard to beat this wilderness, this desert we are in now.

When you get back make sure you report your findings to Moses/Jesus first. He has to check whether it was the Biblical Promised Land that you have been exploring or whether you fell for those satanic signposts and are in real danger of losing your life. Also as your report will be heard by others, it must be accurate and pass the test is; ‘it is written’.

The land was indeed unbelievably beautiful and promising. Cannot be compared to anything around them, but so were its fortifications and people powerful. Entry was far from a formality and unless there was a miraculous intervention, also an impossibility. And like our Heavenly journey to the Promised Land is also an impossibility without miraculous intervention.

Numbers chapter 14; The People Rebel.

Verses 1-19; ‘Then all the congregation lifted up their voices and cried, and the people wept that night. All the sons of Israel grumbled against Moses and Aaron; and the whole congregation said to them, “Would that we had died in the land of Egypt! Or that we had died in this wilderness! Why is the Lord bringing us into this land, to fall by the sword? Our wives and our little ones will become plunder; would it not be better for us to return to Egypt?” So they said to one another, “ Let us appoint a leader and return to Egypt.” Then Moses and Aaron fell on their faces in the presence of all the assembly of the congregation of the sons of Israel. Joshua the son of Nun and Caleb the son of Jephunneh, of those who had spied out the land, tore their clothes; and they spoke to all the congregation of the sons of

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Israel, saying, “The land which we passed through to spy out is an exceedingly good land. If the Lord is pleased with us, He will bring us into this land and give it to us- a land which flows with milk and honey. Only do not rebel against the Lord; and do not fear the people of the land, for they will be our prey. Their protection has been removed from them, and the Lord is with us; and do not fear them.” But all the congregation said to stone them with stones. Then the glory of the Lord appeared in the tent of meeting to all the sons of Israel. [Moses pleads for the people]  The Lord said to Moses, “How long will this people spurn Me? And how long will they not believe in Me despite all in the signs I have performed in their midst?  I will smite them with pestilence and dispossess them, and I will make you into a nation greater and mightier than they,” But Moses said to the Lord, “Then the Egyptians will hear of it, for by Your strength You brought up this people from their midst, and they will tell it to the inhabitants of this land. They have heard that You, O Lord, are in the midst of this people, for You, O Lord, are seen eye to eye, while your cloud stands over them; and You go before them in a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Now if you slay this people as one man, then the nations who have heard of Your fame will say, ‘Because the Lord could not bring this people into the land He had promised them by oath, therefore He slaughtered them in the wilderness’. But now, I pray, let the people of the Lord be great, just as you have declared, ‘The Lord is slow to anger and abundant in loving kindness, forgiving iniquity and transgression; but He will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children ****to the third and the fourth generations’. Pardon, I pray, the iniquity of this people according to the greatness of Your loving kindness, just as You also have forgiven this people, from Egypt even until now”.

If the Bible, whatever version you have, is based on the fact that God has given everyone a free will, which He has, then we have just seen a group of people exercising that gift; they do not want God, they want to go back to the state before they had God, Egypt and they will kill anyone who tries to stop them! Could not be put any more forcefully or succinctly; We want out! We know where we are going back to and it is a better place than the one we are going to! It is not just a rebellious few, it is all 60,000 males. We are not in a position to fight these giants nor are we prepared to allow our women to be raped and children killed in front of our eyes. We want out and we want it now! Now there was an expression of free will!

The problem is that it is different now. We have begun the Heavenly journey of the Book of Numbers. This is a census of Heavenly beings, of God’s people. It requires many hoops to be jumped through in order to get your name on this list but once on it you will be required to obey certain rules and disobedience also has resulting consequences. Once on this list though Heaven and earth will not leave one stone unturned to ensure your arrival at the other end. In fact there are incredible checks done over a period of at least 1,260 years if you have not made it and against all rules the two witnesses will give you another, and this time unfortunately final chance. The tribes of Heaven are meticulous in making sure that their tribe is complete. Not one person who should have been there has missed out! They have to live with that knowledge for the eternities to come! No wonder the checking is so thorough! To get your name on this census of God’s people you have to have jumped through three hoops;

Firstly  you want to be included. When all those people were leaving Egypt the night after Passover you joined them not because someone was forcing you to go but because you wanted to go. You are going to have to go through the baptism of the Red Sea. This is really quite a firm commitment. Stay behind and out of the water and be recaptured by the following Egyptian armies or take the plunge in front

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of me into what has been given to me in instructions before the crossing. With today’s sleeping church you probably won’t hear the instructions even if given because they are drowned out by all those clangers they call Biblical Beliefs! The instructors before baptism do not realise the seriousness of their work. Done! Jumped through the hoop of the crossing of the Red Sea more because I did not want to get recaptured by Pharaoh’s armies than where I was going, but anyway its done.

It is the third hoop that is the catch up hoop, the time for reflection and commitment. The Prophet Daniel compares life to the crossing of a river with a man on either side. In the OT the river to be crossed to get into the promised land was the Jordan River and in the NT the two men are; on the RHS the one who ushers us into to begin our journey is the life and beauty of Jesus Christ; His humanity. Waiting for us on the other side is a man in white and above the water; the divinity of Jesus Christ. Once this journey has begun it is an entirely individualistic decision when we are added to the Heavenly census and occurs when we see the man in white clearly enough to make a commitment to Him. When we pass the point of no return is when our names are added to the census of Heaven. The most grievous sin therefore becomes that of turning back, which is exactly what God’s people have just done! Jesus has factored in that we are going to fall and fall continuously it is just a matter of how big the falls are and their frequency, but what is also factored in is that we will get up and keep on stumbling and fumbling our way on. It is the grumbling which is what we must watch. It is the tumbling, those serious falls which are of issue now.

Had the Jews persevered with their rebellion after this intervention of the pillar of fire, God would not have any choice but to let them return to Egypt. But there would be no doubt as to who was responsible for this action and its disastrous consequences. The Jews would repeat this rebellion far further down the track, on a bigger scale, about a thousand years later when the man dressed in white came down to pick them up out of the river Jordan to take them back to Heaven after a short intensive evangelistic campaign. He had no choice but to let them go this time after many frantic bids to prevent them from doing so, they killed Him. Their bond was finally severed! I am still convinced that the sever age of that bond and what would have and what did happen is described in Numbers chapter six but as yet the key has not been given to me. A part of the final re-joining process is given in the Book of Daniel where some details of the break are also given. And that forgiving iniquity and transgression is like a lure waiting to be snapped up! Daniel (9:24-27) again!

I take the moral to this story as twofold up to now. Once we make a commitment to accept Jesus our names go onto a Heavenly census. From this moment onwards we carry the honour and privileges of God’s people. We are God’s people and from now on Heaven will leave no stone unturned to make sure that we are in our allocated tribe as we pass through the doorway as it opens onto the new earth. Whether we finish up in the end as wheat or weed, wise or foolish, sheep or goats is entirely within our own hands. God’s rules are there, they are being administered by the Holy Spirit and they are written out; ‘it is written’. The question is not whether we fall or how serious was the fall or even how frequent was the fall? The reality is the answers are yes, yes and yes. And many more to come. The only relevant question is did we repent, get up and keep going? God gives His people an amazing degree of leniency, just look at what has happened above!  The second moral to this story is that it is not about me. The big picture is the glory of God! In the Lord’s prayer in my version of the Bible it does not say, ‘Our Father Who is in Heaven, glorified be Your name, providing that character JK is not there,

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the best you will be able to do if he is will have trouble and dishonour’, no it says, ‘Our Father Who is in Heaven, glorified be Your name.’ It is the honour and glory of God that is at stake and is far greater than the harm and anything else I or anyone else can do. We are indeed very privileged people if we can add to that glory, but take away from it we can’t. But what about President Bush a confessed born again Christian, the highest claim we can make, going into Iraq and causing unspeakable damage just so he could steal their oil? Can this be the glorification of God in some way? What he did was anti Scriptural, it was demonic and demonic acts have nothing to do with the glory of God. Like it is demonic to say/behave; I will sin more often so that the glory of God’s forgiveness may become more manifested. A satanic statement using satanic logic! THE LORD PARDONS AND REBUKES

Verses 20-38; ‘So the Lord said, “I have pardoned them according to your word; but indeed, as I live, all the earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord. Surely all the men who have seen My glory and My signs which I preformed in Egypt and in the wilderness, yet you have put Me to the test these ten times and have not listened to My voice, shall by no means see the land which I swore to their fathers, nor shall any of those who spurned Me see it. But my servant Caleb, because he has had a different spirit and has followed Me fully, I will bring into the land which he entered, and his descendants shall take possession of it. Now the Amalekites and the Canaanites live in the valleys; turn tomorrow and set out to the wilderness by the way of the Red Sea.”

The Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying, “How long shall I bear with this evil congregation who are grumbling against Me? I have heard the complaints of the sons of Israel, which they are making against Me. Say to them, ‘As I live’, says the Lord, ‘just as you have spoken in My hearing, so I will surely do to you; your corpses will fall in this wilderness, even all your numbered men, according to your complete number from twenty years old and upward, who have grumbled against Me. Surely you shall not come into the land in which I swore to settle you, except Caleb the son of Jephunneh and Joshua the son of Nun. Your children, however, whom you said would be a prey-I will bring them in, and they will know the land which you have rejected. But as for you, your corpses will fall in this wilderness. Your sons will be shepherds for forty years in the wilderness. According to the number of days which you spied out the land, forty days, for every day you shall bear your guilt a year, even forty years, and you will know My opposition. I, the Lord, have spoken, surely this I will do to all this evil congregation who are gathered together against Me. In this wilderness they shall be destroyed, and there they will die.’”  As for the men whom Moses sent to spy out the land and who returned and made all the congregation grumble against him by bringing out a bad report concerning the land, even those who brought out the very bad report of the land died by a plague before the Lord. But Joshua and Caleb the son of Jephunneh remained alive out of those men who went to spy out the land,’

Before overly praising Moses I do realise he is going to fail and will not be allowed into the Promised Land. But God chose well when He chose Moses. His love for his people and concern for the glory and honour of God are exemplary. In that repertoire of humanity and divinity God must have given him the ability to add an earthly two onto a heavenly two. So as he penned the ceremonies and rituals of the animal sacrificial system and its importance as the introduction to the Heavenly replacement these rituals were leading to, he must have added, two, the animal sacrificial system was going to fail or be superseded by the divine. As animals cannot fail it must be the human aspect that will either totally fail as it was doing right now or if it is going to be superseded then Jesus will come down, take the place of the animals and after a certain time take them back to Heaven. So did Moses see the failure that was coming up or the potential success? Did he see his people accepting Jesus and after a short

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evangelistic campaign returning to Heaven or could he see this lot rejecting Jesus and the catastrophic consequences that would follow? Did he record these alternatives in Scripture and where? Was he allowed to record them or are they still to be drummed into us in many parts of Scripture?  Already we have been given the dire consequences of disobedience and the blessing of obedience on a number of occasions so it is not as if it was just the Scribes and Pharisees and teachers of law only knew but so did the whole congregation. Yet their disobedience persisted! They knew! They knew there were only two alternatives; obey and enter the Promised Land or disobey and be sent back into the wilderness!

How little things have changed today when compared to all that time ago. What gripes would God have ***against us, the apostasy, the complaints after all He has done for us! It may not be Heaven as yet but if you take the wilful destruction we have caused there is still much to be thankful for.

Actually chapter fourteen has changed the panorama quite significantly. While we were studying the complete journey which will finish up in the eternities of Heaven we needed constant referrals to the Book that emphasises that last part of the 490 years of that journey, the Book of Daniel. Now events have moved to GFP and we will need a new text to constantly refer back to. This new text will be Revelation (12:13-17); ‘And when the dragon saw that he was thrown down to the earth, he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child. But the two wings of the great eagle were given to the woman, so that she could fly into the wilderness to her place to her place, where she was nourished for a time and times and half of time, from the presence of the serpent.  And the serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman, so that he might cause her to be swept away with the flood. But the earth helped the woman , and the  earth opened its mouth and drank up the river which the dragon had poured out of his mouth. So the dragon was enraged with the woman, and went off to make war with the rest of her children, who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus.’

After getting us started with a summary of our Heavenly journey, and complaints we get down to the heart of the problem; Rebellion. This one is a bit more than just a preview to FGP where they actually kill their Saviour, here they were stopped from killing Caleb and Joshua. Numbers six has already told us of the twofold nature of Jesus’ ministry; contact with the living, except where they very suddenly drop dead beside you; these are God’s people the Jews which we will call the A team and those He had to stay away from under all circumstances; Cushite, Gentiles the B team from which Christianity would later come from. We are now dealing with team A. It is team A that has done the big dummy spit and it is they that Moses pleads for God not to destroy them. It is the comparison between their treatment this time in the desert to when they try the same caper on at GFP. It is here that we get two ‘classes’ of citizens in Heaven, Jews and Christians, teams A and B and it is team A that get the preferential treatment I Heaven; Christians are allocated to Jewish tribes. But why? We have twelve apostles to which we could be allocated and it appears that this happens at least in part. Let us try to follow their breakup at the first coming of our Lord and their recombining at the second Coming. Just like it makes no difference in Heaven whether we are male or female, there is only unisex so it makes no difference whether we are team A or team B, all that matters is whether we have made it to be with our Saviour, the Lord God Jesus Christ! But it is still of interest this split within the Nazirite’s vow.

As far as Heaven was concerned Jesus broke off His relationship with Team A when He walked out of the temple for the last time three days before GFP. ’Your house is left desolate’. God’s Shekinah Glory left with Him and now if any of the curtains tore and common people looked inside, God’s presence would not kill them. He wasn’t there. As far as team A was concerned they formally broke it off with Page 149

God on GFP. Instead God as their king they chose Caesar and Jesus as leader was replaced by the killer Barabbas. If you are going to murder someone you might as well have a murderer as your leader. You would think with Jesus breaking away and the Jews breaking away that the break would be completed by GFP. But Revelation tells us that this was not so. There are the children. The woman, Jews, team A are actually given the wings of an eagle to protect them for the three and a half years in the desert from satan. She was with child, she could not be destroyed. Much must have happened between mother and child in these 1,260 days and the role of satan is also of interest.**** What could have happened between mother and child if the first chance the mother gets is to want to kill her child. Paul killed Stephen. Mother killed child! Child comes out of a broken relationship with its mother but strong enough not only to tolerate the breakdown but to continue on with their walk for another 4,000 odd years until the DOA. (Not getting into the 9 or 3 controversy) Did the seriousness of the situation finally strike home with the Jews? Was the realisation that she had done a stupid thing striking home? She should never have gone for that divorce. Especially not by the use of murder. And now since that horrible murder look what at what has happened?

The One Whom she was sure she had got rid of, and delighted to see Him go through such pain, is back. If the darkness and earthquake of GFP was not enough to convince her she was doing the wrong thing then the reappearance of Jesus cannot be refuted. She had tried to kill God her Saviour! She had rebelled and revolted on many occasions before and been not just pardoned but forgiven but this time it is different. She actually went through the act of killing Caleb and Joshua, God’s servants. She did this despite of the fact that God had appeared at the doorway to the tent of meeting. She had ignored His warnings. The break is complete! She doesn’t realise what the power is of the forces of the universe. She doesn’t realise it is about the glory of God and the awesome power associated with that glory! It can even take these acts of bastardry into account!

As she has decided that the point of no return has been reached there is only one option left, kill this child and do not bear Him anymore! Hardly an ideal foundation of the church which now has to last until the second coming! If this church did not get its instructions from its mother then from whom did it get its instructions from? If you are supposed to walk for two thousand years and your step is Smyrna, to step in front of a lion then from where do you get such instructions? God provided! God provided them with the necessary instructions and instructors as He will supply us with our essentials. They made it and are here today because of the instructions they were given at the time. Unfortunately things started to unravel when they decided that the blessings of God were no longer relevant and it has been one giant fall ever since until they reached the depths of our sleeping church today. Despite the deafening clangers that abound today they sleep. That turning point was the abolition of the Sabbath Day. The Council of Laodicea.

It was far from a harmonious relationship between woman and child from the start of the 1,260 days to their end. But they were under divine protection during this time, they had been flown out by the wings of an eagle and the woman could only plan her evil but not execute it at this time. But that relationship between mother and child is at the core of our explanations in chapters six and fourteen and the reunification process that happens at the second coming. But let us first look at satan’s input. What does he think is going on and how is he going to turn it to his advantage?

Satan’s role is in opposition (?) to that of the beast. The beast is concerned with the living whereas satan’s domain is that of the dead. Only satan is mentioned in these verses of Revelation and as all

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Scripture is here to teach then these verses must be applicable to us today and if the Great Tribulation is just around the corner then both the living saints and dead saints are the issue with satan.

Of myself I can do nothing to enhance me to God. It would be blasphemy for me to try to add to act of perfection which Jesus has done to achieve this and a sin I would not want to be found guilty of and one satan keeps on bringing up. But even though I myself can do nothing ‘good’ it is still expected of me to show in an external way that this magnanimous act Jesus has done for me. I consider this blogging a way of gratitude of what Jesus has done for me even though it has nothing to do with my salvation. I go to sleep peacefully at night knowing that this was achieved way back on GFP. And this immediately leaves an opening for satan. As soon as I decide to sit down and blog satan immediately produces a list of things which are more important and must be done first. Blogging can be done later. You don’t have anything to say that has not been said before and by speakers who knew what they were saying! So what advantage is it to satan to distract/stop us from showing others the grace of God we have received? What advantage is it to satan to stop me from repenting?  What advantage is it to satan to stop me from accepting the Bible as ‘it is written’ and why must he put all those doubts into my mind? Why does he try to physically harm me at almost every opportunity?

Satan chose to make Jesus his archenemy way back at creation. He chose to take Jesus on in battle and he and the other evil angels lost and were thrown out of Heaven. They lost their position in Heaven but did not lose their place until three pm on GFP. The evil angels are now bound on planet earth up to a certain distance. But they now have lost both position and place in Heaven. Satan cannot hurt Jesus in Heaven from down here on earth. He can and he does hurt the people Jesus so loves and wants so desperately to be in Heaven with Him. Unfortunately that battle and its results are determined at death. We either die in Jesus or we die in satan! Satan knows this and Jesus knows this that the battle for my soul is determined by my last breath! Either hell’s counter clicks over by one or Heaven’s calendar clicks over by one! But satan is in a bit of a quandary. Hurt or don’t hurt the people Jesus loves? Kill them now when he has the opportunity or let them live?

If satan kills us then it means he cannot make us commit any more sin. The more unintentional sins we commit the more satan will bruise the heel of Jesus on the DOA, even though he won’t be around to see this happen. Keep them alive as long as you can! Hurt them, inflict pain on them! If we are in Christ then the only trials and injuries Jesus allows satan to inflict on us are those which have medicinal value. If they are not going to us any good He will not allow them or will turn them into our advantage. Again hardly any point in sending them. So as far as the living are concerned satan has to make sure when we die we are not in Jesus. His is the default domain. He has inflicted maximum pain on his archrival!

As far as the dead are concerned who have died in his domain, we have already seen that these people, the dead wicked, will have sole rule of the world for about 1,260 days before Jesus throws them in hell. We are not told whether there is a formal battle like against the beast, just the result; they are all thrown into hell and burnt into oblivion! So what has satan got to do with the woman and child and Revelation? Just because his actions are restricted by the divine protection does not have to mean he can’t be planning his killer blow. Woman or child and why? ****

If Nicodemus is any guide to Jewish thinking and if the Jews thought that Jesus was from God  at the start of His ministry then by the end of it, especially after Resurrection Sunday they would have to be fairly close to being convinced that He was not just from God, but God. That feeling of jealousy they

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felt before that Jesus was going to take their followers away from them was now replaced by hate for those followers of Jesus. They had taken the position of God’s people. Team A was replaced by team B. The Nazirite had switched His mission from the living to the dead. They would not, could not acknowledge that the divorce had been instigated by their murder of the Son of God. Satan could take advantage of the Jews hate for Christians. He could use them to report the activities of Christians to the Romans, they were awfully good at making up fake news and he could use them to life for Christians hell. But if he got rid of Christianity there would be no need for Jews either. Christianity was about to step off the ledge into deep unchartered waters and it satan could stop their instructions on how to swim they would drown at the next step; Smyrna. Better still get rid of them both and that was the killer blow that satan tried to deliver. Drown both woman and child.

The wall of water that is building up on our right hand side as we cross life’s Jordan in the place God intends it to be crossed is divine protection. God allows tears in this wall occasionally, as He allowed satan to do this time and will allow in the Great Tribulation. Each tear is intentional, each tear is there for the benefit of the individual, each tear is there for the benefit of the church. For Stephen it was to fall asleep with the vision of his next port of call, Heaven and for Jesus’ church it was their final break away from the woman and birth of the great apostle Paul. Satan would from now on use the woman, the Jews, team A just to inflict any pain on the Christian church. She not only became his agent, satan could blame her for the results of carrying out demonic instructions. The instructions he gave her were supposed to destroy Christianity but they only made it flourish instead. And satan blamed the Jews for this even though he had given the instructions in the first place!  Satan knew he only had the woman for a very short time and he made the most out of this time.

Satan must have been most upset when that wall of water looked like it was going to overwhelm the woman and child and drown them both. It was the earth that came to the rescue and swallowed up the rushing waters. The earth is the source of evil, of false religion, of the beast out of the earth. But there are places on it where the blood of Jesus was spilt, these are the source of good, of true religion and of great apostles like Paul. They not only stopped the woman and child from being washed away they acted as a source of food for the growth of the church.

It may seem that applying an analogy between chapter 14 and the events of GFP is pushing things too far. The net that is being cast from the rebellion of chapter 14 to the rebellion of God’s people on GFP is just too far. In the desert they may have wanted to kill Caleb and Joshua but the appearance of God prevented this. On GFP not only did the appearance of God not prevent this murder, but they killed the Son of God Himself! No comparison!  There is a comparison actually and that is that it is the glory of God that is involved here and it can and it did shine over this horrendous murder. On repentance the Jew will not only be forgiven but restored back on the team as team A. The original Jews and through many generations were cast out into the wilderness and have paid their penalty. Their children will be restored upon repentance, the glory of God is involved. But what made or led to God’s people not only coming to but going past the point of no return? Could the same thing happen to us?

Verses 39-45; ‘When Moses spoke these words to all the sons of Israel, the people mourned greatly. In the morning, however, they rose up and went up to the ridge of the hill country, saying, “Here we are; we have sinned, but we will go up to the place which the Lord has promised.” But Moses said, “Why are you transgressing the commandment of the Lord, when it will not succeed? Do not go up, or you will be struck down before your enemies, for the Lord is not among you. For the Amalekites

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and the Canaanites will be there in front of you, and you will fall by the sword, inasmuch as you have turned back from following the ord. And the Lord will not be with you”. But they went up heedlessly to the ridge of the hill country; neither the ark of the covenant of the Lord nor Moses left the camp. Then the Amalekites and the Canaanites who lived in that hill country came down, and struck them and beat them down as far as Hormah.’

An amazing transformation has taken place within the Jews. It certainly shows that it can happen and will happen again in the life of Christ. This type of transformation is one that we will not want to go through at the second coming as it will give rise to our omission from Heaven. The trip to the Promised Land may not have been textbook behaviour but they did almost make it. The Jews of the first coming were on the verge of the Promised Land after a short evangelistic campaign with their Saviour. Christians at the second coming will also be on the verge of the Promised Land after a period of Great Tribulation. Because of their lack of trust and unbelief in the reports of the spies, God turned the Jews back. The ones who spiced the reports up and made them sound menacing received extra severe punishment and those who called on trust in God, Caleb and Joshua received preferential treatment and a guarantee of entry. The Jews of the first coming, after a very long trip were rejected because of **** and given a very lengthy and precise explanation by none other than the Creator/Redeemer Himself because they were ‘white washed tombstones’. They were hypocrites they were evil. But our redeemer could also look at the ones who were covered by the blood of Jesus when they drove those nails into Him and His blood pressure caused His blood to squirt out over those driving those nails and say, ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do!’ And yes this lot does get a particular mention at the second coming, Revelation (1:7) ‘Look, he is coming in the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him; and all the people of the earth will mourn because of him. So shall it be! Amen.’ Only the righteous will be resurrected at the second coming so for them to see this event those who pierced Him must be righteous! At the first coming of our Lord there was indeed a very thorough sieving of sheep and goats, the hypocrites and the goats went on to try to kill the sheep because the goats were indeed evil! But it is the second coming that is of concern to us today.

The events of the second coming are presented in intricate detail in the Bible including a whole chapter on it in Matthew (24) and major topics in Mark and Luke yet if not all then certainly the overwhelming majority of theologians and historians choose to ignore the Bible and make up their own little versions of it so blatantly wrong that they would make you miss this event of the second coming completely. Just another example of ‘ this must have happened as there is no other logical explanation for it’, over the simple; ‘it is written’. In fact their version is not even mentioned in the Bible and from this non- existent event other dates and events are used to base the Bible on, including that critical Book of Daniel. The fact that there are parallel events in the Bible is just one ground to show that the author is God. It is the Word of God.

The event that they all use as the time and logic determining event is the destruction of the temple/Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 AD. It is but one of many thousands of battles not mentioned in the Bible because it does not involve God’s people. When they do next get involved, forty five days before the second coming of the Lord it comes back onto the Biblical radar. There is no doubt that the Romans gave Jerusalem a thorough dusting over. It could even be said that they were overly keen, perhaps they did not have to turn over so many stones to dust between them! But that was all it was. Just another war! It did not involve the people of God, they had rejected Him some forty years before. Their break from Him was 100% complete. Total! This was their come and upping’s for that decision

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but they did not bear it as God’s people. The fact that the Christians of that time had the apostles as their leaders and they read Daniel into these events and got them out before the city was flattened only shows that it is the Bible and the Bible alone that can be trusted. But as at 70 AD the Jews were not God’s people, the temple was not His temple and the city was not His city. But what a difference one day makes! Especially day 45 before the second coming of our Lord! What does Scripture tell us about these events? Matthew (24:1-3)

‘Jesus left the temple and was walking away when his disciples came up to him to call his attention to its buildings, “Do you see all these thing?” he asked. “I tell you the truth, not one stone here will be left on another, every one will be thrown down.” As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately. ”Tell us,” they said, “When will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?”’

Jesus reply is quite interesting and has already been covered in this blog, but it does begin with the warning,  ‘Watch out no one deceives you’. Watch out particularly for those who make up non-existent Biblical dates to cover their ignorance. If these are indeed our times and we have almost arrived at the doorway of the Promised Land then many are about to be turned back. When they do get turned back they will do an almighty dummy spit and ultimately it will be shown to the saints and angels that these were indeed evil people and as hard as Heaven did try they could not get good and evil to mix! So if all of Scripture is inspired and meant to teach us then so is Numbers chapter 14 which is about the rejection of God’s people, the separation of the wheat and weeds. The clear inference here is that we are dealing with God’s people, (when they finally return), this then makes this temple, God’s temple again and this city His city again. The overarching of Numbers six is really quite incredible! The sole purpose of the Nazirite!

The twin towers destruction on September the 11th was an event out of the blue. Totally unexpected by me certainly as I was watching the other hand. Today North Korea maybe the other hand to Trump visiting Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican or it may play a significant role in last day events. Time will tell. It is not my intention to revisit Matthew 24 and to try to correlate it with Daniel at this time, but to use the result from my previous attempt. And that is that these events occur 45 days before the second coming of our Lord. **** A massive localised earthquake destroys Jerusalem shaking the remaining foundational stones off each other; the Jews who up to now have been trying to destroy Christians, repent to God for trying to destroy Hid people, join with Christianity to go the meet Jesus at His second coming; the tsunami resulting from this earthquake gives everyone within the area only a ten to fifteen minute window to get out of the area, no time to even collect cloak which will be required for the cold nights ahead; News media cover the event and the rest of the world hear about it within 24 hours and the sleeping church wakes up; it is split into two equal sized groups of foolish and wise virgins who know the agenda that has been assigned to them; The wise know they are wise and the foolish know they are foolish; Both wise and foolish virgins of the sleeping but now woken church believe the meter of time for the second coming has started as day one of forty five days; There is an explosion in the rate of persecution of Christians as the beast out of the earth, Jesuits and Papacy take over form the beast out of the sea, the fourth head of Daniel that is so horrible that it cannot be described. As bad as it is though Daniel tells us it gives Christians 140 days to regroup. No persecution! For those who were out of reach of the beast out of the sea persecution are no longer immune. There are no restrictions or boundaries for the Jesuits; Under both beasts we were persecuted and put to death and with the successful Christian harvest the  new beast has a lot of killing to do and such a

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short time to do it! To go from a harvest of many millions of Christians down to just 288,000 in 45 days shows just how brutal that killing spree really is going to be like! On this day a bond forms between wise and foolish virgins that is going to last for more than the millennium.

There is no need for the beast out of the earth to kill all those hundreds of millions of foolish virgins. They are his, they are evil and they are all going to hell. While they are alive they may still respond to the Holy Spirit so there is still a question of allegiance that may be open. The issue here is the genuine hate that the Jesuit has for what started out as Protestants and has come to include Christianity. It makes no difference to this beast whether they are male or female, old or young, wise or foolish they must die. He lures them out into the open in rallies and demonstrations where they just become sitting ducks by the most statement available even though he uses it facetiously; the midnight call, here comes your Saviour, come out and meet Him! Midnight is not a time of no light, just minimal light and the oil in the virgins lamps may have only just be burning, but it still was burning. Midnight was broken when they trimmed their lanterns but it did also throw the spotlight on them.

When the Jews converted to Christianity at the midnight call, not all Jews came over. The ones who did came in sufficient numbers to reinitialise Nazirite plan A which is quite different to Christianity. They are a very special people with genealogies back to Adam and Eve whereas Christianity is anyone and everyone who wants to be can become. They have a temple which at present lies in ruins but is reactivated by their sudden conversions whereas in Christianity our body is the temple of God and must be treated as such. They treat the present city of Jerusalem as a city of paramount importance. In Christianity we have a city which we treat with paramount importance and this is the city of eternity; the Most Holy Place or the New Jerusalem. The existing Jerusalem is certainly steeped with our early history, about two thousand years of it, but take that away and it becomes like London, Sydney or New York. Again it is reactivated, becomes a part of the Nazirite plan and a critical part of the second coming.

The Jews who did not convert did not do so because in part at least because of their hate of Christianity. But the Jesuit is out to slaughter Protestants, not Christians who make up a considerable part of his church. Where is the difference then? Could the hate of these unconverted Jews have been passed onto these Jesuits somewhere along the line? The original idea of the Jesuit was to protect the Papacy from the heresies of that wave of Protestantism.

At this stage the Papacy had every clanger in the book; Some major differences to Protestants; Righteousness by works. Papacy advocated providing you helped more little old ladies and gentlemen across the street than you later cheated, pack your bags for the upward journey. Protestants insisted that righteous was by faith in Jesus. You did not pack your bags, but Jesus has already packed your bags for you. All you have to do is pick it up and carry it. Check-ins will be no problem!  Protestants did not open the door into our first Heaven, they also opened the door between the old and the new Heavens. The Church of Philadelphia. Here in this church we are told this door will never close. Righteousness through faith!

Papacy taught that the ultimate authority on dogma and teachings was the Pope and Scripture. But if there was any conflict the Pope, via a bull was the correct version. Papal bull was dominant over Scripture! The Protestants held there was only one source of teaching and that was the Bible. Thus Mary ology, saints, relics, rosaries, purgatory, indulgencies, infant baptism and the countless other money spinners collapsed. Salvation was through Christ alone, through faith alone by grace alone and

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Scripture alone. With such a solid foundation the Protestant movement took off and there was every danger that the papacy might be swamped. They had to respond and not with only half measures. The Jesuits are not a half measure. They are here to kill heretics! Protestants are still supposed to be heretics but neither does Islam or Judaism accept Papal authority, or Mary ology or whatever. Will they be killed as heretics? What about the Protestants within their own ranks? How will they weed them out? Is there a tie in with those Christian hating Jews and where is it?

Protestantism today is not much of a threat to Catholicism or anybody else. After such a strong and promising start they wilted. Once they had acquired wealth and a following they decided it was better join them if you can’t beat them. And join them they did and on mostly their terms. The difference being whereas the Catholics acknowledged the clangers were the result of Papal bull, the Protestants twisted Holy Scripture to justify these clangers. They were worse than the Catholics. And they continue to do so today! We must be thankful however that there is One Who knows how much light He has given to every person and Therefore knows whether they are living according to this light. In His justice you cannot be held guilty if you didn’t know what you were doing!

Numbers 14 can help us to understand the incongruous behaviour of the Laodicean Church and the church of the foolish virgins. I would have expected the Laodiceans when they woke up at midnight to have a brief look into the mirror, brush their hair and straighten their clothing and call, ‘Ready Master, whenever You are!’ But this is not what the foolish virgins did. On waking they acknowledge they maybe short of oil, take instructions and money and go looking for oil. Their attitudes change markedly, like Sinai desert Jews and the Jews of Jesus’ day when they are rejected, turned back into the wilderness. Then they try to enter the promised land of their own accord. The foolish virgins go to hand back their single talent, knock at the door and demand to be let in. They are not responsible for the predicament that they are in and they demand to be let in! We all know how that story finishes! I will now follow with interest the reaction of the foolish virgins once the door of mercy is slammed shut in their faces!    ****

Chapter 15; Laws for Canaan.

Verses 1-31 ; ‘Now the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the sons of Israel ad say to them, ‘When you enter the land where you are to live, which I am giving you, then make an offering by fire to the Lord, a burnt offering or a sacrifice to fulfil a special vow, or a freewill offering or in your appointed times, to make a soothing aroma to the Lord, from the herd or the flock. The one who presents his offering shall present to the Lord a grain offering of one-tenth of an ephah of fine flour mixed with one-fourth of a hin, with the burnt offering or for the sacrifice, for each lamb. Or for a ram you shall prepare as a grain offering two-tenths of an ephah of fine flour mixed with one-third of a hin of oil; and for the drink offering you shall offer one-third of a hin as a soothing aroma to the Lord. When you prepare a bull as a burnt offering or a sacrifice, fulfil a special vow, or for peace offerings to the Lord, then you shall offer with the bull a grain offering of three-tenths of an ephah of fine flour mixed with half a hin of oil; and you shall offer as the drink offering one-half a hin of wine as an offering by fire, as a soothing aroma to the Lord.  Thus it shall be done for each ox, for each ram, or for each of the male lambs, or of the goats. According to the number that you prepare, so you shall do for everyone according to their number. All who are native shall do these things in this manner, in presenting an offering by fire, as a soothing aroma to the Lord.

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‘If an alien sojourns with you, or one who may be among you throughout your generations, and he wishes to make an offering by fire, as a soothing aroma to the Lord, just as you do so he shall do. As for the assembly, there shall be one statute for you and for the alien who sojourns with you, a perpetual statute throughout your generations; as you are, so shall the alien be before the Lord. There is to be one law and one ordinance for you and for the alien who sojourns with you.’” Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them, ‘When you enter the land where I bring you, then it shall be, that when you eat of the food of the land, you shall lift up an offering to the Lord. Of the first of your dough you shall lift up a cake as an offering; as the offering of the threshing floor, so you shall lift it up. From the first of your dough you shall give it to the Lord an offering throughout your generations. But when you unwittingly fail and do not observe all these commandments, which the Lord has spoken through Moses, even all that the Lord has commande3d you through Moses, from the day when the Lord gave commandment and onward throughout your generations, then it shall be, if it is done unintentionally, without the knowledge of the congregation, that all the congregation shall offer one bull for a burnt offering, as a soothing aroma to the Lord, with its grain offering and its drink offering, according to the ordinance, one male goat for a sin offering. Then the priest shall make atonement for all the congregation of the sons of Israel, and they will be forgiven; for it was an error, and they have brought their offering, an offering by fire to the Lord, for their error. So all the congregation of the sons of Israel will be forgiven, with the alien who sojourns among them, for it happened to all the people through error. Also if one person sins unintentionally, then he shall offer a one year old female goat for a sin offering. The priest shall make atonement before the Lord for the person who goes astray when he sins unintentionally, making atonement for him that he may be forgiven. You shall have one law for him who does anything unintentionally, for him who is native among the sons of Israel and for the alien who sojourns among them. But the person who does anything defiantly whether he is native or an alien, that one is blaspheming the Lord; and that person shall be cut off from among his people. Because he has despised the word of the Lord and has broken His commandment, that person shall be completely cut off; his guilt will be on him.’”

The Bible is split into three parts; an earthly step (OT), and a Heavenly step (NT) and the agent that joins them both together, Good Friday Passover (GFP). The intention of this blog is to apply a little of that past, as much as is applicable to our present lives but also to reach as far as that cross reaches; inside the New Jerusalem and alongside the throne of God and it journey between these two extremes. Much of it applies to only this side of the doorway of the tent of meeting on the new earth, some will cut out at the second coming and all will change at GFP when the old covenant is replaced by the new covenant. Anything that has to do with sin is not applicable on the other side of the doorway of the new Heaven and earth because it formed only when there was a total absence of sin! There appears to be an exception; the agent where sin became sinless, where sin was destroyed, the cross of Christ is not only coming through but is coming through as the tree of life in the New Jerusalem.

We have journeyed with the Israelites of the OT and Christians in the NT for fourteen chapters of the book of Numbers and I have found this part of the journey informative and rewarding and now we come to chapter fifteen. It was Moses (OT)/Jesus (NT) who instructed us to send out spies to explore the Promised Land. It is not as simple as; ‘Well you are going to a place where you will be perfectly happy forevermore! Come Jesus, come!’ We are being given an incredible amount of detail not just about the journey itself but also about the port of arrival. The mistake then not to make is that this detail is given for details sake, just to show the sovereignty of God, but that it is given as Scripture and therefore to be used for instruction and guidance. There will be some very serious and unpleasant

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issues, like what happens with intentional sins? I know I am breaking your commandment but I am still going to go ahead and do it anyway!

In this commentary I am going to keep stating the obvious event though it has been stated umpteen times before, like; animal sacrifices ceased at the cross and it would be blasphemy of the highest order to try to perform one now; both the GFP and the DOA are one off events and never to be repeated, but commemoration of these events will continue; there is not going to be a challenge to the authority of Jesus by Miriam or Aaron or anyone else because He broke the Nazirite’s  vow and married the Gentile wife, in fact there is going to be resounding praise!; no  one is going to want to return to Egypt to eat meat; there will not be a need for two silver trumpets; no need for the laws of jealousy and no one breaking the Sabbath. There are these alternate changes between just earthly and Heavenly events.  But chapter fifteen does follow chapter fourteen without taking the next step forward in time. After the Jews rebellion and rejection and being thrown back into the wilderness and told only Caleb and Joshua plus the children will be coming across to the promised land, all the others will die and rot in the wilderness we begin chapter 15 with; ‘Say to the sons of Israel when you enter the land you are to live in, which I am giving you….’ So we are still on earth’s side of the doorway into the tent of meeting, we have not yet gone through. We are being given instructions on what to do when we get there.

But we have already been given a glimpse of that crossing. We were told Jesus crushed satan’s head on the 2nd of July when the fires of hell were extinguished and that satan bruised the heel of Jesus on the 10th of July, the DOA. We counted down the last hours of this world’s/universe of existence and then counted in the seven days of creation of the new earth/universe but thankfully with no possibility of evil this time round and just to continually remind us why this happened and where it happened, the cross is coming across.(Days 1 to 7) When Jesus had finished His creation we immediately began crossing through that doorway where we seemed to spend such a lot of time. It took us all seven days to cross over so by Friday the 14th of the start of time we were all there. The crossing over was more detailed than it first appears because Heaven had lists upon lists of names of which very few came across. It seems that once you have made a commitment to the Lord, you have gone far enough into the river Jordan so that you can see the man in white above the water on the other side, then your name goes onto the Heavenly census and it is called out in the right order. Everyone stops to think and will be shown the reason why this named person is not here. That is the last time that this persons name is called just before it ceases to exist. It is Heaven’s call, Heaven’s judgment that this person was a dog, a murderer, liar, adulterer and idolater! Their name disappears from the census and from the radar screens.

But here we are! Still probably as a single congregation, our allocation of land has not taken place. This is ‘only’ the earth, the tent of meeting the land on which we are going to be living on, it is not our apartments which will only materialise when the New Jerusalem settles down on that gigantic plateau before us. We have just been the witnesses of the formation/creation of this beautiful land, but close up it is just stunningly so much more beautiful!  And just as we did when we first arrived in that former Heaven we just cannot believe that we are here. We are looking for that same reassurance that we got when we first arrived in that ‘other’ Heaven. It could not have been as ‘good’ as this one, even though they were both tents of meeting, because this one formed in the absence of sin, and this will be one of the main distinguishing features between the old and the new. But the reassurance that we

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seek is the same; there has to be a ‘they are here because of the blood of the Lamb’ falling on our ears from some Angelic source, even though we have brought the cross with us!

If my reading of Scripture is correct then we will be spending the next 451 days preparing for the descent of the New Jerusalem when we will make our entry over three days. The preparation should now become more and more sophisticated with time. We exist in a sinless environment and we can now get ready for Jesus to personally apply His blood to our foreheads. This could not have happened on entry into the new earth as there was not just enough time for it to happen. It is more than just a Heavenly coincidence that we are on the new earth on a Friday, and that we have Good Friday’s cross with us. It is exactly what we were looking for, it is music to the ear!

This old rugged cross that has a wondrous attraction to me is in part imaginary and in part a reality to me. The reality is that I saw what I thought did not even count as sin, the unconfessed, unintentional sins first classified for what they were, abomination that causes desolation and then suffered for in turn on the cross on the Day of Atonement (DOA). I saw everyone of what I thought were not sins what torment they put my loving Jesus through. I have a very special attraction for what happened for me on that cross.

But today is not about DOA, it is about GFP. DOA will become a celebration of appointed times. It is the 14th of January and just like in the now non-existent world, it is the first day of year one of our existence for the eternities to come. Each year that has just passed was a wonderful year but what is more wonderful is that there is no end! Each year the meter will roll over by one on this date, with a commemoration of Passover. My connection with this cross/stump/tree of life is far more tenuous than with the DOA. I am going to need far more time and study to begin to make a connection with that cross of GFP. So far the only thing that happened to allow some connection was on the old earth on the 2nd of July. There Jesus crushed the head of the devil in the fires of hell and when the door into hell was opened up to throw all those evil people in, we all got a glimpse into what hell was like. The fact that we all knew that Jesus had taken our intentional sins on Himself and went directly down into those flames makes in much closer to home, but this does not show us what really happened there. In fact we are not even allowed in there. No point putting pearl in front of swine! There is still going to be wonder in that act even when it is gradually introduced over the eternities to come! For now all we need to know is that scapegoat that we lay our hands on its head, all our intentional sins, accepts those sins onto its head and is taken outside of the city and pushed into the fires of hell, probably between twelve and three on GFP, those hours of darkness!  We worship what left because it could not burn, it had no evil to be burnt! We worship the burnt sacrifice, the body of Christ.  The body of Christ is a part of GFP, the other part is the blood of Christ, the blood of the sin offering made specifically for the washing away of committed, confessed, unintentional sins.

Yes chapter fifteen is about Good Friday Passover (GFP) and a more welcoming topic there could not exist. At my first appearance in Heaven I just needed to know of its existence, now following many events which I have witnessed, I am going to get some explanation of what really happened there.****

Over the next 451 days (??) we are going to prepare ourselves for the arrival of the New Jerusalem, by praising and worshipping our Creator and Saviour. We stand on His new earth. On this earth we will be allocated plots of ground, the earthly step from which we can begin to form some sort of worship for the Heavenly creator. It will be the purpose of the new earth and is the purpose of the old earth. It is the purpose of the Book of Genesis and satan knows that by destroying this base, this foundation by evolution and big bang he also takes out the basis of Redeemer worship. No-one could love such a worthless and horrible human being you might say! But try one who has made all those

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stars, drops of water, grains of sand, leaves in trees not counting cell reactions, organ functions ETC. He has done all that, well may be He might also love you as His creation so much that He will die for you so that you might live! If you still don’t believe that He could do that try looking into the intricacies of any part of that creation; the number system, the atomic world, forces, thought, living life. Your feeling of rejection is no longer justified just because you no longer understand it; neither do you understand any of His creation! At this stage I still do not have to justify what a day is. That only happens when the New Jerusalem comes down and floods everything with light. Only then there is not night but all day. But Sabbath will remain Sabbath and God will ensure that it starts and ends at exactly the right time! Also with our arrival on the old and new earths. On both planets humanity arrives on the Friday and the next day is our day of worship of our Creator/Redeemer. All this begs what preparation have we made for our day of worship, tomorrow, the first Holy Sabbath.

There are far too many things happening in the first thirteen verses to be covered by one day. Our preparation period of fifteen months for the arrival of the New Jerusalem will be split into three categories; Passover/burnt offerings, the revisitation of the decommissioning of the Nazirite and special free will offerings from our first harvest, implying the allocation of lands have been made. Our first stage and the stage of eternity is Passover. This blog may be criticized on many grounds but one that is totally invalid is that it still advocates animal sacrifices. Such criticism is beyond comment and beyond contempt. Animal sacrifices however cannot be ignored as they are used extensively throughout the Bible beginning in Genesis and lasting to Revelation. They are the earthly step, the one we step onto, try to understand before looking upwards to see what awaits forever and ever.

The lambs that were slain on Good Friday night way back in Egypt are a very good example and continually repeated through Scripture. The lambs were one year old; represent Jesus Christ in the prime of His life and carrying the innocence of a lamb. This is different to God’s people who are supposed to be sheep and led by our Sheppard, Jesus Christ. When in the presence of our Master we are supposed to behave like sheep, like little children and if we don’t when our names are called the judgment pronounced is unthinkable and unspeakable. In Scripture we maybe referred to as ewe-lambs or rams, but there is only one male lamb a year old and that is Jesus Christ! Late on Friday afternoon this male lamb a year old was stabbed to death by his own people; Jesus Christ was stabbed to death by His own people on Friday at three pm. The body of the lamb was roasted and eaten by its own people; the body of Jesus Christ was roasted in the fires of hell  and at three o’clock on GFP He chose to become one of us as intimately as the Israelites were forced to eat that roasted lamb. Its blood that night was applied to the door frames of their homes so that their firstborn males would not be killed by the angel of death as it passed over the land; much has already been said about the blood of this male lamb a year old and its conspicuous absence in among all these sacrifices will require us to revisit this subject. There was no better analogy to Mount Calvary than the Passover lamb but that is all that it is; an analogy, it pointed towards Good Friday Passover  (GFP), and that is all that it did! Pointed towards GFP. But once GFP occurred it was of no longer of any use. To use it today would be denying that GFP has occurred but will occur sometime in the future! Blasphemy! It has occurred and it has occurred only the once and the new system of remembrance must not point to GFP but back to GFP as it already has occurred. We are in Heaven now in time and GFP is some 4,000 years in the past, for the Jews on the ground it is still one thousand years in the future. The beauty and depth of Scripture can cover all situations; before, after and at. It covers us today 2,000 years after, 4,000 years after and even a four with one thousand zeros after it as well!  But we do have to distinguish the before and after this wondrous cross! So how do we point back in time to look at GFP? It would be

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heresy to put Jesus back on the cross again, something that people who abandon their faith or who continually and wilfully sin do and their punishment is specially metered out in Scripture. That has happened and happened only once!

From understanding so far it appears we split GFP into four sections; blood, flesh, intentional and unintentional. The demarcation between body and blood is extreme and already covered before. The body of Jesus is represented by grain, there is no trace of blood in it, not even the tiniest drop. The body is what it is not because it has blood or has had blood with all its miraculous properties of washing and life eternal properties, but the properties are intrinsic, their beauty is not due to its contact with the blood of the Lamb. On the earthly step with the Jews in the Sinai desert the Passover lamb was required to be drained of blood. The best that the Jews could do is to drain gravitational blood, but the capillary blood would have remained. Even after Jesus Christ had been dead on the cross for one hour at four pm on GFP, His heart had been stopped from pumping His blood and allowing gravitational blood to accumulate, when that Roman spear opened up His side, only gravitational blood flowed out leaving what may have only been the tiniest amount of blood behind, but nonetheless there was not a complete separation of body and blood as we are now being asked to consider with the commemoration of Passover; the Last Supper. The body being represented by the bread and His blood by the wine. There has never been such a separation not in the Paschal Lamb in Egypt, nor on the cross on GFP, nor at 4 PM on GFP nor since.

It seems as if Heaven/Holy Spirit has a lesson here for us to learn and a major lesson of eternity. Today Jesus is not a part of us because  we eat the Passover Lamb and its flesh becomes a part of our body, nor is it a part of our body because we symbolically celebrate the Lord’s Supper, it is because He broke His Nazirite’s vow and associated with the dead. He became one with us. He was forsaken by God. He confirmed all this by calling for something that was the hallmark of His ministry; not just wine but bitter vinegar, rotten wine! He became one with us with us until our Great Tribulation when there is going to be that gush of blood when the Roman/USA ? spear opens our side when we will be placed in the tomb together. And now that we are in the new earth we can see that in comparison to where we are now, and we are still not inside of the New Jerusalem that the old tent of meeting was really only a high class grave in comparison to what is happening now!

Our final few steps on the ladder up to here was the Day of Atonement (DOA) It seems to have a number of functions, which I will number as I come to them from now. So after function one it will become DOA1. The first one we come across is that on this day that Jesus is no longer a part of us, we have become a part of Him. (DOA1) (This has been covered but mind gone blank) We are one with Him and we are expected to concentrate and meditate on this mystery even on this earth where He is one with us. Thus it would be blasphemous for us to eat the Passover lamb. It would be denying what happened on GFP, denying that He had stooped so low as to become one with us. (DOA1 should be DOA2. DOA1 was; we had the beast within us killed at the time were shown inside hell when its gates opened and satan with his head crushed was thrown into hell. But the evil within which was dead was not extricated until we saw what unconfessed, unintentional sins did to our Saviour on the DOA1. With each sin that we thought was too minor to each mention the pieces of the dead beast were surgically removed one by one. Thus we now have DOA2. We can now become one with Him because we are sinless!

It is this sinless state, this sinless union which we are studying now in chapter fifteen. It is a metastable state, a state of flux which will end. The body of Christ was always meant to have blood with it and

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this blood will soon now be reunited with the Body. It will be Jesus Himself who will re-join the two when He applies a drop of this precious blood to our foreheads. And we will see His Face! And we will become fully one with Him in Divinity. We will glow like He does. We will become A SOURCE OF LIGHT!

This is the context of Chapter fifteen. In the next 451 days our study will be spread out over three topics; Passover, revisiting the decommissioning of the Nazirite’s vow and growing our first crops and presenting first fruits (?) from them as a freewill offering. But back to Friday/Passover/burnt offerings. It is still the intention of Scripture to keep the body of Jesus separate to His blood and prepare them for unification. Condition one has been met, we are in a sinless state. It will be important not to seem to doubt the validity of our Saviour’s Word. Revisiting Egypt we are encouraged to do but not on the ground that we have regrets about leaving it, only on how much better we are off by having left it. When on the DOA2 we see Jesus suffering for all the unintentional unconfessed sins of His creation because He chose to make them His own we are not denying this fact when we see our own batch come through and we call, ’there be I! And here I will assign a tentative DOA3. It is the connection of DOA and GFP. Not being allowed to talk about the scapegoat as it would wreck the total flavour of Heaven does not stop us from talking about the man who led the scapegoat to its destruction and returned to take part in the DOA after cleansing Himself. He cleaned up committed confessed intentional sin, He cleaned up committed confessed unintentional sin on GFP but He did not touch those Unconfessed, unintentional sins on GFP. He left those for DOA3  to give the saints an idea of what really went on at the coalface way back on GFP.

So our first study in readiness for tomorrow our first Sabbath is on the burnt offering. Body only and no blood. The body of Christ is burnt because of where it came from, the fires of hell!  Whether it had blood in it whilst it was there is debatable as probably even the tiniest droplet of the blood of Jesus would have extinguished the flames, but the perfect body of Christ could not burn anyway.  It is represented by bread then as it is today and when we crush the bread we are opening up more surface area, more contact with the flames, no chance of any sin being left unburnt; fine flour! It is mixed with oil not that the Holy Spirit was here on earth with Jesus. The flames of hell were so high they engulfed the throne of Heaven. Both Spirit and Father went through hell and probably through the worst part of it as flames have their highest temperature at the top! There is actually not that much to be discussed here. There are those not to be ever mentioned sins of the scapegoat, just the frame that returned and the blood of the sin offering to which we must soon return, again. All that is left is the confessed unintentional sins and the burnt offering and the burnt offering is not a part of GFP but DOA3. *** As yet the burnt offering has not come up since its last encounter of DOA3. But as the burnt offering is an integral part of DOA3 by looking as far as we can into the DOA3 might shed more light on the burnt offering.

Scripture in Daniel gives us another six properties/roles to add to DOA3. (Daniel 9:24); DOA4; finish transgression.DOA5; make an end of sin. DOA6; atone for iniquity. DOA6; bring it everlasting righteousness. DOA7; seal up vision and prophesy. DOA8; anoint the Most Holy. As pointed out before five of these happened on the actual DOA but the anointing the seventy lots of seven. The hair of the Nazirite had only just started to grow and at 1,260 days old it was applied to the cross.DOA9; is special because it is here where the burnt offering occurs, right at the bitter end and DOA10; without this offering we would have spent the eternities in the old Tent of Meeting and not where we are now and about to make our entry into the New Jerusalem.

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The connection of chapter fifteen with six helped me sort out a long held problem about why we celebrate the Last Supper by two completely unrelated symbols, grain as the body of Christ and wine as His blood whereas in reality the body of Jesus was never completely separated from His blood. I now believe that combining these two chapters can help us with the drink offering as well. The offerings here appear to be showing what the Nazirite showed at His decommissioning. His attachment to the cross, (lamb) His attachment to us (Ram) and finally His attachment to Heaven (Bull). All involve the drink offering in ever increasing amounts. It is not the wine of the new covenant, about the blood of Jesus (??) That forms a part of the last supper and not DOA10. Here the wine is a part of the vinegar that Jesus asked for and received for His final departure from God. He was now going to be forsaken by God for the remaining three days or parts thereof.

At first I thought that as we are celebrating Passover on our first day in eternity that perhaps the Lord might allow a tiny drop of vinegar on our tongues so as to commemorate Jesus leaving divinity to join us in our humanity, just to experience what Jesus experienced at this time. This is not so. The volumes of drink offering are in the order of pints/litres and not in drops. The lamb does not receive one drop, the ram two and the bull three but at least cupful’s so that rules out any alcoholic drink. Alcohol was at the start of the fall and throughout history the fall and curse of humanity. It will not get across the doorway and onto the new earth and Heavens. We are not watching the actual GFP. We do not need the reagent that was the culprit on that day, it is symbolic what we are experiencing now and the drink offering only need be symbolic now also!

The rules/laws governing foreigners and sojourners are just an extra string in the justice of God. Already we have been told; if you didn’t know you cannot be found guilty, ignorance is every excuse and now we are told that the law applies equally to everybody! And that needs no further comment!

The offerings that we initially make from the new earth must have been planted by Jesus during His creation of the new earth. After that we can replant and exchange seeds. Offerings are an essential part of our relationship with God, even though they are only returning a small part of what He has given us in the first place!

Scripture is not as easy on sin as many people make it out to be. It splits them into intentional and unintentional. It expects the unintentional sins to be confessed and in the OT burnt offerings of different animals to be made, an offering by fire to make atonement for sin. There must spiritual significance in the fact that Jesus took out confessed unintentional sins to GFP but our unconfessed unintentional sins He took to DOA10. GFP were counted as our sins but DOA10 were counted as His sins. Does that not allow us to compare GFP with DOA10. We have already seen one reason for delaying those sins, I think it was DOA3 and He did get one lot out of the way nearly 4,000 years earlier. A thought for thought! Same sin on both occasions. By having our unintentional sins pointed out to us gives us a chance to confess them and if we refuse converts them into unconfessed intentional sins and therefore hell. This could not happen on the DOA10 because the fires of hell have already gone out and DOA10 could only begin once all intentional sins had been burnt up in hell! Plus the fact that God seems to have His creation in two compartments; His people in one and everything else in the other. GFP was about compartment one.

Scripture is not so forgiving about intentional sin. When the Israelites get to their promised land there will be no room for intentional sin. Where we are now on the new earth there is no possibility of any sin! There is no timeline called evil. The original Heaven, the first Heaven was also a magnificent  place, how magnificent some of us will find out. The reason satan sinned and rebelled was not because

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Heaven was not magnificent but because the timeline of evil was present. This will not be the case on our new earth.  **** As I compare unintentional sins, confessed = GFP and unconfessed = DOA10 to try to exchange the sins between GFP and DOA10 is quite meaningless but still worth examining as to why. It is the blending of the earthly combination of Good Friday Passover Egypt (GFPE) / six months later their Day of Atonement, no numbers allowed as killing a goat achieved nothing but faith in what this was pointing to did achieve DOA10, just like today we do not have a droplet of Jesus’ blood on our foreheads, blood applied, but we do believe that it is going to happen, His blood is implied, just how good is this implied blood, our faith in? Well it will get us into the first Heaven which will last for only about 1,800 odd years but it will also get us onto the sinless earth! We don’t have any sin! That is the power of faith! But we still need to pause and revise as chapter 15 blends in with six and chapter six blends in with fifteen. Earthly events are blending in with Heavenly ones but Scripture must remain Scripture. The Jews in the Sinai desert must be instructed  and encouraged by this teaching as must Christians also be. But Moses/Jesus has instructed his people to send out spies to spy and report on what this Promised Land looks like and to bring back accurate, realistic reports about it. This blog is one such attempt. I find it helps to use numbers, yes the Book of Numbers to clarify events.

The earthly step, Good Friday Passover Egypt (GFPE) was the start of the earthly calendar, 01/01/01 and involved a primary and secondary event; the primary (1), was the angel of death passed over all first born males who were under the protection of the blood of the Passover lamb. The secondary (2) result was to release, legally, the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. If they wanted to leave Egypt where they existed as slaves they were free to go, in fact encouraged to go. They were not free of sin but they could begin their journey to where they were free of sin, a journey that would take some six months. This would happen on a day to be called, the Day of Atonement. On that day all of their sins, as defined by confessed, both unintentional, the first goat, and intentional, the scapegoat but both pointing to Jesus Christ on GFP would be cancelled, atoned for, forgotten to that ultimate extreme where they could enter the sinless zones of new earth and Heaven. It wasn’t the sins of the saints that was preventing the new earth and Heaven from materialising it was what we called ‘Jesus’ sins’. The DOA was required because GFPE had not achieved atonement, it had started the process. The earthly step then mimics the Heavenly step on a yearly basis. GFPE six months DOA six months GFPE six months DOA six months GFPE….etc. The GFPE was as the calendar of eternity and started on the 14th of the first month, and its goal was to reach Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC). There are many similarities between the earthly GFPE and the Heavenly GFPMC. Yes the Heavenly one began here on earth and on the date that will be used forever more, 14th of January.

The Heavenly cycle does not consist of six months between GFPE and the DOA or a full cycle of twelve months, one calendar year. It only has one cycle and that cycle occurs within the history of this planet, taken by me as the seven sevens; 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours or very roughly 8,000 years. So it is 4,000 years in and 4,000 years back. From the Heavenly Garden of Eden it is all away from Heaven for 4,000 odd years until its furthest point, the return point, GFPMC and 4,000 odd years beck to Heaven’s DOA10 and the new earth and Heavens of eternity. This ‘big’ picture allows us to compare both GFP’s and DOA’s.

Both GFP’s involved the blood of a lamb/ the Lamb which would prevent the death of the first born male/ God’s people be they dead or alive (as in chapter six) to the Nazirite. It is easy to see why Heaven has such abhorrence, such hate for the homosexual relationship. In Heaven we are all first born males, unisex, and our oneness is not due to the sexual relationship that is essential in the male/female relationship here on earth where it is left behind, it is a oneness in what got us to Heaven; the blood of the Lamb. It was

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the blood of the Lamb then that saved the firstborn males which later became Levites and finally the children of God.

Both GFP events involved the release of God’s people from Egyptian slavery/ the slavery of sin and allowed them to proceed on to where there will be all sin forgiven; DOA/ DOA10. But it is here that the major difference occurs and the analogy appears to break down. They had six months to go to their total forgiveness of sins in their DOA, but we have a major hurdle to jump before we arrive at our DOA10.

The hurdle we have is we have to get to the DOA10 is by passing through Heaven. We must spend about 1,800 years in the old Heaven, the old tent of meeting and to get into Heaven for those relatively few short years we must be sinless. Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC) had to make us sinless otherwise we would be allowed into Heaven where there was a 1,800 year leg of the journey to DOA10. The Israelites had a relatively straight run from GFPE to their DOA where they would be cleansed of all sin; we were cleansed of sin at GFPMC, all sin, all confessed intentional and unintentional sins. For us the DOA10 was a different affair as the number ten indicates after the DOA. It has no doubt been noted a couple of times but I am not just going to note it, I will call it DOA11. We did not have any sins as we stared at Jesus on the cross on the only DOA to occur on the 10th of July. We have been sinless since GFPMC of the 14th of January. Any sin we have, past present or future when confessed get that red stamp we spoke about in Revelation; paid in full, GFPMC. We don’t know, Heaven doesn’t want to know where and how they all disappeared. But they are gone!  But without DOA11 we would have to spend the rest of eternity in the tent of meeting of the old Heavens. So DOA11 becomes; allowed the materialisation of the new earth and Heaven by removing whatever sin was left over after the fires of hell were extinguished! To the Israelites it was only a matter of hours or at the most days before sin struck again but for us in Heaven post DOA11 sin is not a possibility; the beast was killed by heat coming from the opened door into hell as satan was thrown in after having his head crushed by Jesus, the dead beast within us was surgically extracted as we watched what we thought were benign sins caused our loving Saviour so much suffering we were convinced it was all over for us. Even Jesus would not/ could not forgive what we had just put Him through. But forgive He did and here we are on the new earth and preparing for the soon arrival of the New Jerusalem!

And again although already allocated we have DOA12; As this is now the first time the whole earth is in a sinless state the burnt offering can now be presented for the very first time. The sinless body of Christ of which we have become a part of. He joined us in our humanity on GFPMC, and we now join Him in His divinity! DAO12! With the presentation of the body of Christ in all its beauty it is almost time for the blood implied to be blood applied and for eternity proper to begin!  With this soon to occur joining we are more details about the burnt offering but to do it any justice we have to compare it to chapter six, one we just can’t seem to get away from.  ****

Keeping the different eras in mind what was the earthly step, the Israelites in the Sinai desert supposed to remember and apply to their lives and because it is included in Scripture what are we supposed to remember and apply to our lives? Like if they did not offer a cake from their harvest by error, unintentionally, they had broken the commandment of God and were required to make a sin offering so that they would be forgiven. If they withheld the cake intentionally, they were guilty of

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blasphemy and cut off from God’s people! Their names were removed from the Heavenly scrolls! Does this apply in our era? Clearly it cannot apply to Heaven as there is no sin there but an analysis of this sin could give us a better idea of sin and burnt offerings. It is there so it has to teach something.

On the morning after GFPE, the Sabbath there is no doubt the Jews/Israelites knew about what the blood of the Passover lamb had achieved. It had prevented the angel of death from killing their first born males. They would not have had to ask those howling mothers why they were crying and they would have looked with gratitude at the blood which was still clearly visible on their doorframes. That was blood of faith, blood implied that saved their first born males just like the blood that was shed on Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC) is also blood implied, blood of faith and it also caused the angel of death to pass over the first born males, soon to be called Christians. In the Christian era this blood is implied and applied to the doorposts of our hearts. The angel of death does not take us because Jesus has already borne the death that was supposed to happen to us. And after GFPMC we are sinless any way! The blood of Jesus has performed its first role; it has washed away our sins. There still remains its second role; when applied to our foreheads we will have life eternal. But first more about the body of ours to which this life giving blood will be applied. It of itself must also be perfect.

On that Saturday morning, 02/01/01, the role of the blood was obvious but not so much so the body of which they had eaten the previous night. At this stage I am unaware of what they were supposed to be thinking when they were eating the lamb but the focus of the next day was that of the weekly feast of the unleavened bread. As early as the next day there was a symbolic separation of the body and blood of Jesus. The unleavened bread stood for the body of Jesus Christ just as it does for Christians today but the blood should not have been applied to anything else. Its first application was for the cleansing of sin and its second application is still far distant; its application to our foreheads to give us life eternal. Any blood left over from the cleansing of everything that needed cleansing was to thrown against the altar/cross where it would soak into the ground just like the blood of Jesus did at 4 pm on GFPMC. They are to remain separate until this final seven of Daniel’s 7*70, the 69th seven when a little more blood will be added to the total from DOA12 and only then will it all be collected and taken through that doorway into the new Heavens where combined the blood will be applied.

To the Christian the DOA12 is not supplementary to GFPMC but complimentary to it. GFPMC was about the blood of Jesus, DOA12 was about His body. They were obviously both together on both occasions but the focus is on blood and body of our Saviour. We do not require to celebrate the feast of the unleavened bread any more, in fact I have already shown that all these feast days are gone, superseded! They did not have a body in a grave which could remind them of what horrific yet miraculous events had occurred the day before. We have a day where we commemorate the body of Jesus in His grave, the Sabbath and it will be that on this Sabbath we will see the Day of Atonement (DOA12) occur. It will be a day of worship, just like all the intermediatory Sabbaths are supposed to have been. It is a part of the same plan; GFPMC the sins of His people paid for and forgiven and the next day, DOA12 the remaining sins of His creation obliterated. But only DOA12 falls on a day of worship, a Sabbath, why ? There were certainly far more sins to be forgiven on the DOA12 than on GFPM. God does not grade sin on a scale of malignant to benign, they are all sin! Let us firstly see if there are any answers to this and other questions in chapter 15. This is the complimentary pair.

We are the spies sent out to preview this Promised Land and we have to come back to earth and report what we have seen. It is a very important report as it concerns eternity. When we peeked into Canaan we saw a place of indescribable beauty. Apparently the people there had 451 days to prepare

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themselves for the arrival of the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem. Where they were was called the new earth or the tent of meeting. We saw herds of cattle and flocks of sheep, but not one of these is going to have to shed one drop of blood in any sacrifices or offerings. The last drop of blood to be shed was on DOA12. It was God the Father Who put His only begotten Son on the cross on Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC) and it was God the Father who put His only begotten Son on the cross on the Day of Atonement (DOA12). He did it twice because He couldn’t do it once! So are these sheep and cattle going to live for million, million years and never die? No new life ever again? How are all these sacrifices and offerings going to be made?

As far as plants are concerned the tree of life gets the inside running. It has been in contact with the Body of Jesus on two occasions, had His burnt hair on it and most probably had His blood on it as well. It is eternal, it will never die. We are also eternal because we have become one with the body of Christ and we have had, or soon to have, His blood applied to our foreheads, eternal on two grounds. As beautiful as the flora is going to be you would not want to see the same plants in the same place for millions and millions of years. There should be no problem with plants ‘dying’ or even grain such as wheat being cooked in a fire to produce bread. The bread will have to be digested so bacteria must be involved and they will die producing faeces. The higher vertebrates like sheep, cattle, dogs, cats, lions could be a problem. Again we would not want to see the same horse or dog for millions and millions of years. For new ones to appear, old ones must die! If it is about the glory of God then it must be a continuum of new things appearing. Even stars will ‘die’ and new ones appear. So it appears that all these animals as they have not had any part of divinity applied to them will also cycle through the life and ‘death’ cycle. Maybe!

We report that the preparation of these people on the new earth for the arrival of the Most Holy Place is in three categories. A burnt offering, a sacrifice to fulfil a special vow or freewill and compulsory offerings in appointed times. All offerings to be made by fire. As they all arrived on this new earth on the 14th of the first month which was the first Passover they began their preparation not just for Good Friday Eternity (GFET) but the next day as well. Saturday, DOA12 and celebration of the burnt offering from which they came only four years ago!  ****

It must be stressed again that there was no sin in the old Heaven, and there is no possibility of sin on the new earth or New Jerusalem. Also these were real animals that God ordered the Jews to kill in the Sinai desert and Canaan. Each animal pointed to a different phase of the ministry of Jesus Christ; here as lamb, ram and bull. At first thought it seems logical to me to assign one to each role; lamb to burnt offering. Ram to fulfil a special vow and bull to freewill and offerings of appointed times. But I can also see a case for assigning all three animals to the burnt offering, all three to Nazirite’s decommissioning of His vow and three animals to cover what was involved in the freewill and offerings of appointed times. Each of these are events of critical significance each animal a different role for Jesus.

So why are the lamb and burnt offering paired? Isn’t it the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world? But notice that it is world that is involved, Jesus’ creation and not just the redeemed and it is the sins, including unconfessed unintentional sins that were specifically excluded from GFP. It is that complimentary pair of events at work here. GFP and DOA. Good Friday Passover Jesus dies on the cross on Mount Calvary. The blood from this sin offering is used to cleanse whatever needs cleansing and the remainder is poured out against the Altar/cross. But His body has also played a big role. This was the scapegoat. The man who led out the scapegoat to be destroyed, the body of Jesus Christ, has returned after he had accomplished a very important role. It is highlighted  the next day which is a day

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of worship of this body and of what is has accomplished; Sabbath, the DOA, the Feast of the Unleavened Bread! This worship forms a part of the burnt offering. The lamb and the burnt offering are one! But if this is the lamb then why is it accompanied by fine flour, oil and drink offering all of exact and specified proportions?

Just an aside. The blood that Jesus shed, at GFPMC, was not the last time He was to shed blood. After the fires of hell had gone out there were still many, and I take that number to be seventy trillion sins that had not been cleansed. (70,000,000,000,000). Only one sin would have been enough to prevent the new Heaven and earth from materialising, but seventy trillion! Jesus took all these sins on Himself. They may have been unconfessed unintentional sins but they now became confessed unintentional sins. Jesus’ sins and as sins they required a sin sacrifice, the blood from which would have been used  to remove their defilement. It did not require much blood, from a pigeon/turtledove was quite sufficient, but it still did require blood.

Common sense demands that if we have been sent out as spies that we would check out what the previous spies did and learn from them. Chapter 13. It seems that we have arrived at the time of the first ripe grapes (could help us with the three drink offerings). We could show the folks back home on our return how big and juicy these grapes are just by taking a few grapes with us, but the size of the clusters! Despite the effort we are going to have to take one bunch home. This is hard to believe and the only way we can do them justice is to take one bunch home! To put things into perspective we may now be dealing with lambs, rams, bulls and goats, but first and foremost we are dealing with OX. The creature that looks like an ox, the sin sacrifice, the blood of Jesus Christ. Soon to perform its final role; life giving and everlasting existence!

Another mistake/expectation was to think that we would get it right, all together on our first day of arrival on the new earth, if we did there would be another 450 days allocated before the appearance of the New Jerusalem where we had nothing to do. Revelation is progressive and there is much to be learned, but provided we are ready by day 451 then it is mission accomplished. But we are in the era of the ox, where the blood implied is about to become blood applied and Jesus will again be able to drink from the fruit of this vine with us as we are in the Father’s kingdom. The equation is complete; Friday plus Saturday equals Sunday. GFPMC plus DOA13 equals Resurrection Sunday! We come out of Joseph’s tomb and with our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ and are resurrected into eternity!  His body, His blood!

Three reasons why I don’t think that the cross/tree of life is the source of these particular grapes. We have arrived on the scene to do our spying on day one and this was just insufficient time for the cross to produce those magnificent clusters. Just like there was not enough time for the Nazirite to produce enough hair on the first day of His restarted ministry but there was after 1,260 days ‘enough’ hair to anoint the Most Holy Cross. As the cross passed through the doorway into the sinless zone of no pride it could have started  regrowing just like the tree of Nebuchadnezzar did when the king lost his pride, but there was not enough time to produce enough grape juice for the first GFP or DOA commemorations. As we passed through this doorway the cross may have disappeared and been placed into the New Jerusalem so when it appeared it was complete! It may have remained as a cross and been used as the banner of entry by the first tribe to enter through the first of those pearly gates. Or it may have started to grow in the sinless environment and been almost fully grown by the time the New Jerusalem descended from Heaven and required to be transplanted into the new city. But it did not produce that first drink offering. —–

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We have looked at the first of the offerings required, although not the fire, flour, oil or drink requirements which will be required with all three animals; lamb, ram and bull. We saw that we are finally getting close to completing the equation; Friday plus Saturday is almost equal to Sunday. GFPMC plus DOA13  equals Resurrection Sunday. The Lamb plus the burnt offering it is now time for the divine blood of Jesus to be applied to our foreheads so that we like Jesus can be resurrected and come out of our graves and into the New Jerusalem. The correlation of chapters six and fifteen are the most difficult work so far and may have been given to the Lord’s other writers and if this is so then the following analysis will not work. Actually I have already done the most difficult and significant part; type out the Word of God so that it can be studied. It is pearls but it is before swine. Just the fact that the swine are looking at these words pray fully does change the situation significantly and gives hope. Attempted analysis will be placed in […] Chapter 15 vs chapter 6.

[ The only time restraints that I know of in this period is Daniel (9:24-27) and within which I have to work. The problem with Daniel is that it does not give dates, it gives time periods; namely 7*70 or 490 years. It concentrates heavily on the time span of 483 to 490, this the last seven years. That last seven is split equally into two periods of three and a half years or 1,260 days each. The dividing line is the 10th of July a Sabbath and the Day of Atonement (DOA). The post DOA period is mainly of interest here and should follow the 1,260 day post GFPMC where Jesus prepared His Church on their journey to the DOA. Jesus should be preparing His Church for and into the New Heavens. But there is this time limiting factor; He only has 1,260 days to do it. It must be over within the 490 years for the Most Holy to be anointed even though there are still just over 127 days to go before old planet earth disappears. Nothing can happen whilst there is sin around , no new earth, no New Jerusalem and Daniel tells us that this will be so by the end of the period of 490 years. But where is this in the big scheme of things? Here we are sitting on this side ,old earth’s side of the doorway with the new earth wanting to happen but can’t until all evil is gone. Unfortunately that does not just include sin and sinful people it includes the places that were defiled where this sin took place; the old earth! We actually counted in the last seven hours of this earth’s existence but we still need to fit these 490 years in somewhere. This will make time setting into a science but we are in Heaven, or between heavens so it does not matter. They will not be a revelation to satan as he already knows all this anyway! At a first guess let us fit the 490 years to the last seven of 7,777 years. So the earth only has 7 months, 7 days and seven hours to exist. That gives us 7,777 take away 490 or 6,287 was the year that the decree went out to rebuild the temple/city, it was rebuilt in 49 years, or year 6,336 and then quite a long time for Jesus to appear to give His 1,260 day tutorial. DOA was halfway through the year of 7,774. (Half of the seven or July, DOA has to be in July). Let us see how this helps with our analysis.

Both chapters of six and fifteen have us on the side of the old earth’s side of the doorway to the new earth. In chapter fifteen we are told what we are expected to do when we cross over into Canaan and in this blog I adopt the hypothetical situation where I and others have been sent ahead into Canaan as spies to report what we may expect to find there. It is really a zone of non-entry as it is a sinless zone. In it, it appears that the Nazirite still has to fulfil some parts of His vow.   The spies who come from this side of the doorway are of themselves sinless also but still are present in a sin zone. From this zone we are in a place satan has only been excluded since GFPMC at 3pm. Before that he was allowed to wander through these areas, he just was not allowed to enter the tent of meeting of the old Heavens. No doubt he spent as much time in this area as he wanted to defile it as much as possible before he was barred from it! A major issue here is the cross of Jesus Christ.—

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The cross of Jesus Christ **** to be included in the presence of God and in front  of His throne in the New Jerusalem for the eternities to come, had to have been the same cross as both DOA and GFPE. These events were one off events, never to be repeated but the stage on which they were played, could under certain conditions be taken up and on it commemoration services could be held focusing on certain aspects of the two events which brought us up here in the first place. No doubt many words could be written why this cross/altar was in the ‘wrong’ place for nearly a thousand years and it took nearly two thousand years for it to be destroyed and rebuilt in the ‘right’ place. As to why it wasn’t built in the ‘right’ place the first time has already been the subject of discussion in this blog. It had to be the centre of attention and worship of God’s people, their heart and it had to be in the heart of the city. To the Jew, city and temple were synonymous, the same thing. And the altar/cross/temple could remain in the centre of the city because no sacrifices that involved intentional sin were ever performed there. Numbers 15:30,31 has just told us how God regards intentional sin; ‘But the person who does anything defiantly, whether he is native or an alien, that one is blaspheming the Lord; and that person shall be cut off from among his people. Because he has despised the word of the Lord and has broken His commandment, that person shall be completely cut off; his guilt will be on him’. Any intentional sins were placed on the scapegoat and it was taken, once a year, out of sight and out of mind where it was destroyed.

Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC) was about intentional sin. It was about the scapegoat, it had to be removed out of the temple, outside of the city where it was going to be destroyed. The altar/cross had to be removed from Jesus’ temple to outside of the city and around which the rebuilt temples of the third and fourth coming of our Lord took place. It is the position of the cross that remains the critical factor because it was on this spot that the blood of Jesus was spilt by that Roman spear at 4pm on GFPMC. So it was position that determined the location of the Day of Atonement (DOA) cross.

It could not be placed on the same place as the GFPMC cross because the temple and the city lay in ruins. It had been rebuilt after it was destroyed by the earthquake that resulted from the door of mercy slamming shut at the third coming of our Lord. The evil people had rebuilt it soon after to try to please God and stop Him from sending the rest  of the bowls, but it was too little, too late. The door of mercy into Heaven had been slammed shut. The temple did stand for a while after this and like the temple before it did not need to be consecrated because it stood on the blood of Jesus Christ. (these dates/times are only from memory whereas when covered in the blog I worked with paper and pen). After the battle of the beast all the living and who had been alive since the second coming, for many they would have been about 1850 years old, were killed and that only left satan, his evil spirits and the wicked dead left on the planet. A truly satanic world. Satan has always known Scripture and known it well. You just have to look at some of those clangers out there which result from his misuse of God’s Word and he knew what and when and where he would meet his final fate, but he hoped against hope that there was just a tiny chance that God would back off somewhere. On that final realisation that this was not going to happen, he sent in his henchmen to destroy the city and the temple. And they gave it a Roman like dusting over!

There was no chance of standing the cross of the DOA on all that rubble and anyway it would have been on satan’s territory and surrounded by demons until they were all thrown into hell. No it had to be out of satan’s reach but in the right domain; any blood that fell from the DOA13 cross had to fall

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on the blood that was spilt on GFPMC and both had to be collected and taken to the doorway of the new tent of meeting before this earth could be destroyed. And this is where the DOA13 cross is now!

Returning to the Nazirite of chapter six. It did not really matter what God and the Nazirite had worked out between them, whether it was plan A or plan B or some other plan there was only one result that was acceptable to God for the eternity. It had to result in a sinless universe filled with the ‘right’ number of sinless beings; both angelic and human. Any plan, but the pathways might be different had to produce the same result. The Nazirite Jesus Christ came to earth with plan A and when it failed He switched to plan B. The result was the same; a sinless universe filled with the ‘right’ number of sinless beings, both angelic and human. Plan A is described in Numbers six but the result of plan B is what is given. Plan A for the Nazirite was to come to earth to His people whom He had been preparing for the best part of a thousand years, join with them, the living, and together go and evangelise the world. Yes there would be very sudden deaths that would occur alongside of Him, it would not be pleasant, but He could cope with it; shaving of hair, uncleanliness for six days, offerings two pigeon/turtledoves for a sin and burnt offering, voiding and restarting ministry but the team, Jesus and His people would do it and in what Scripture seem to think in a very short period of time.

No one is suggesting the Jews did not die. As they disobeyed God they died by the million. The issue of verses 9-12 though is the living. Those Jews who were alive at the time the Nazirite came down with Plan A. Except for the ones who died very suddenly beside him the others who helped Jesus with His evangelistic campaign would not die. It would indeed be a very short campaign. Okay there was a problem with those very suddenly dropping dead alongside them. But that problem could be resolved by passing it onto the pair of birds, pigeons or turtledoves when they were offered as sin and burnt offerings. Salvation plan A was Jesus would take those sins of defilement on Himself, void His previous ministry and restart His vow again, but to do what? DOA13 ? Stretching things even further at the second coming it is Jews and Christian who go together to meet their Saviour. It is not the same Jew who rejected Jesus almost 2,000 years ago, but it is still a living Jew and like it or not it is into the living tribes of Israel that Christians are placed and for eternity! That circle has been completed. This now is going to require a major reworking of the wise and foolish virgins. But what happened almost two thousand years ago was plan A failed, the Nazirite did not take or use any of the living, (Jews) did not make use of the pigeon or turtledove offerings but instead all went under the ewe-lamb sin offering.

But the living wanted Him not. So there could not be any mistakes about the issue here He gave all of His time and attention to Plan A and the result was they murdered Him. With a total breakdown of plan A Jesus switched tact and went to plan B, He joined His dead brothers and sisters and the overall result was the same; sinless universe full of sinless beings. The pathway of plan B was far more difficult but the result was the same. The decommissioning of the Nazirite was after He had followed plan B and chapter 15 is a reflection of what transfers into Canaan from the decommissioning of the Nazirite and plan B. A comparison may help. Numbers six, verses 13-20 are the decommissioning of the Nazirite on our side of the doorway into Heaven. The list of achievements the Nazirite presents to show that his days of separation are indeed fulfilled was worked out in amazing detail with God the Father and therefore have to be acceptable to Him. As these are issues concerning the Law, it requires an expert in law to be present; a priest.

The reality of what is happening now is there has just been a marriage; bridegroom-Jesus Christ and bride- His Church the redeemed. No it is not ‘and they lived happily forever more!’ story. More, much more needed to happen. It is all about the bride now. But why all this checking? You might say that even the most ardent atheist if placed even into the old Heaven where we are going to spent the first

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1,800 years of eternity would be so overcome by its beauty, they would repent and ask Jesus to be allowed to stay forever. But you would be wrong. Look what happened to satan in the first creation. He too was placed in this most beautiful tent of meeting and it did not take all that long for the sin of pride to erupt. No the beast within has not only to be killed but the evil pieces must be surgically extracted, every last one. Rebellion even after a million, million years is not an option. The bride has much left to be experienced. Even the slightest doubt can erupt into something nasty many billions of years in the future. It is the bride as the priest who is now accepting the requirements that Jesus met and personally presenting them not just as those belonging to Jesus but hers as well. Will we when we hold up the life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to God, will He accept this obvious theft or will He reject it and demand to see what really our lives were like? Well the good news here is that the bride is taking credit for the life of the bridegroom and God accepts it as such. There can be no room for doubt no matter far down the track you look!  She personally checks item by item.

These items in turn are being studied by those on the other side of the doorway in Canaan. We have sent spies into the Promised Land and they will soon return and tell us what happened over there. It was these items that they were supposed to be studying during those 451 days they were given to prepare themselves for the arrival of the New Jerusalem, the Most Holy Place. **** Before proceeding with the comparison of chapters six and fifteen. What can James tell us about salvation plan A and B.

James, chapter one verse one; ‘James a bond servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ. To the twelve tribes who are abroad: Greetings.’   I used to be a keen student of the Book of James and could answer many of the criticisms and controversies using the text within the book itself. This included the first verse. James could not be wrong in verse one by calling the Church of Jesus Christ the twelve tribes. I could answer this ‘problem’ even though I did not know that Revelation 12 tells us that mother and child were together for the first 1,260 days when satan, using Paul tore the wall of water which God was holding back and almost drowned both mother, the Jews and child, the Christians. Paul spent the rest of his life trying to repatch that wall. Only then did mother walk away from child yet James still talks about the twelve tribes? Nor did I have any idea that the two would re-join in the last 45 days before the Lord’s return, the second coming of Jesus Christ. I cannot remember how I answered that from within the book itself but now trying to look through the eyes of the Nazirite of Numbers chapter six.

There have been many nations and empires throughout the history of the world and three more heads on the beast are still to come to life before this world disappears.  But the Bible is about the history of God’s people who were first called Jews/Israelites and will be called that in the eternities to come. It begins with the very first parents, Adam and Eve, in their very first home, the Garden of Eden, and takes us through the last seven hours before this world is destroyed, the next seven days when a new one is recreated, seven days for us to cross over from limbo to the new world and into life on the sinless earth of eternity. Right now in our study the spies have returned after they were sent to explore what was on the other side of the doorway to the new earth.  They did not just come back with a lot of stories, they came back with facts. Qualitative and quantitative. We don’t have to imagine how tasty the grapes are, we can taste one. We don’t have to imagine how big the bunches are, we just have to look.

The history of God’s people which I will continue to call Israelites and not Jews as there are too many negative connotations with Jew and well deserved, their warts and all. It is what they did to bring them closer to God and what they did to take them away. And there was much of that stuff that took them away. But God’s people they remained, even after a break as long as two thousand years. The Roman

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Empire was the major empire in control of God’s people at the time when the Nazirite came to earth even though there were others and many other nations as well. But the Nazirite only had one thing on His plate, plan A, save your own people and bring them back to Heaven. God’s instructions were very specific; concentrate on the living, have nothing to do with the dead even if they happen to be your mother, father, sister or brother. I, “God, have taken into account as you are instructing your own people, there are some there, may be even sitting alongside you who are going to say, ‘I’m sorry but I can’t accept you’. They will very suddenly drop dead alongside you. But that is okay, I have taken care of the defilement they have caused you. I will bear that Myself in the sacrifices of the two pigeons or turtledoves and the consequences that result, you stay with My people right through to the bitter end”.

God knew the results of His plan of salvation well before He instigated it. He knew of these 600,000 males in front of Him in the Sinai desert and who were on Heavenly tally sheets of numbers only two, Caleb and Joshua would only make it across (as priests were not numbered they could well be there, but overall most did not make it). And out of all those Jews of Jesus’ time, Joseph and Nicodemus would make it across. But that was not the end of the plan, there was a change in plan. Just like when the Israelites failed God in the desert, it was not the end of plan for God’s relationship with His people, there was a change in plan; it wasn’t very pleasant, but necessary, the Babylonian captivity. The change in plan was to go to the Gentile, the dead, His brothers and sisters, He became one of and with them. There is no difference now between Jew and gentile. Scripture does not record what may have happened had the Israelites responded to Jesus it records what did happen; the sin offering the Nazirite offered was a ewe-lamb, one year old and without defect. GFPMC, His people, all of His people, Jew and gentile.

In our comparisons of chapters six and fifteen both begin with a burnt offering of a male lamb. Both the Nazirite and the instruction given to those who have 451 days to prepare themselves for the arrival and their presumed entry into the New Jerusalem, the Most Holy Place, the throne of God. As we enter onto the new earth on the 14th of January which is a Passover we would expect to see the words, male lamb or GFPMC. The next day, Sabbath is the DOA13 and the source of the burnt offering. Thus we have male lamb and burnt offering mentioned together and after sixty four odd such cycles (451 days) we would be ready to add Friday to Sabbath and equal Sunday; GFPMC + DOA13  = Resurrection Sunday. At the decommissioning of the Nazirite He also considers the most important item to be a male lamb a year old and without defect as offered as a burnt offering. This is the totality, the big picture after which we can fill in the other details; what this is made up of. (Here even though it still seems blasphemous to me I take the 70 trillion, or whatever number of unconfessed, unintentional sins of Jesus’ creation, both the wicked who by the DOA13 did not exist and the redeemed on this side of the doorway to be ‘Jesus’ sins’). It is the ewe-lamb plus the DOA13. Jesus has to account not just for His people but for His creation as well.

In Canaan there is no sin and no sin offering but it is a part of the Nazirite’s decommissioning. He hands it in as one ewe-lamb a year old without defect. This is how specific our Nazirite actually was. Not a male lamb, that was a part of what Jesus had to do for His creation, including those who were vaporised in hell recently and finally led to the burnt offering where the beauty of Jesus’ body was presented piecemeal wise, not literally but symbolically to God by the bride/priest. We are going to be very sure that we cannot even be challenged on our credentials for entry. Jesus Christ will be two words in our Heavenly dictionary and the only two words! And in this life they should also be the only

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two words to settle all issues! Well if progress is one step forward and ten steps backwards, then we shall try to progress onwards. Even though this Nazirite has changed things, I still stand by my previous analysis of verses 6-20 in chapter six. One time GFPMC and DOA13 appear to be two distinct, stand alone events and then they appear to be two events plus a little bit more. So Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC) is the event but it does have Sabbath after it. It may have taken nearly 3,900 years but that Sabbath was the Day of Atonement (DOA13). The DOA13 is the event but it has a little bit after it. So far it was the Nazirite restarting His vow and enabling His cross to pass over into the new Heavens as the tree of life. But it is not the tree of life we need it is eternal life for the saints in which this tree of life will play a part in. It is Resurrection Sunday that we need to follow the DOA13.

Again paraphrasing verses 13-20 Jesus seems to me to be saying; ‘Well here we are finally at the doorway to the final new earth, the tent of meeting. The newly married couple want to pass through this doorway into the presence of God into this sinless state. The only object that is coming across with us is the cross of GFPMC and DOA13 to become the tree of life. It is just here still smouldering after the DOA13 and it has my sinless hair at its base as well as every drop of blood shed at both GFPMC and DOA13. The credentials that I now present to God My Father were worked out between before I went to earth the first, second, third and now fourth time. Our main aim was to join that horrible, rebellious lot firstly to Me in marriage and then finally to You in a sinless state of eternity once all sin of My creation had been paid for and place where that sin had been committed also vaporised. This would be done by Me Jesus Christ, as represented by the symbol of a male lamb. Initially I would release My bride and prepare her for the journey to where we are now. This journey was supposed to finish here; The male lamb a year old (GFPMC) is presented in that act of worship and perfection; the burnt offering. There are still some things that need to be done on the other side  of the doorway but all that needed to be done on this side has been done.

‘My initial focus on earth was the ewe-lamb a year old without defect for a sin offering. This released my people from sin and allowed them to make the journey to here. As this journey required them to wait in Heaven for about 1,800 years whilst the details of eternity were finalised they had to be sinless. Actually their sins were in two categories; sins as they were confessed but unintentional which were covered by My blood of the sin offering, physical blood which is here now and intentional sins, those dark hours of GFPMC. They were burnt in hell and all that is left from those three hours of unspeakable suffering is My body which was used as the framework for presenting these sins. This is now DOA14, the presentation of My body to complete the Mount Calvary sacrifice. It could only be made in the total absence of sin. But body and blood equals complete sacrifice and eternal life giving. (I don’t know how many redeemed there are now waiting at the doorway now so I guess and use the number of 144 million). My primary focus was to bring this 144 million to here. The original plan that we worked out was for Me to go to earth and with the help of our people, to evangelise these 144 million souls after a short evangelistic campaign and get them started on their Heavenly journeys.

‘Our own rejected Me so instead of evangelising with the living I joined to dead. I became one of them. Our aim was to bring a specified number to this doorway which is what has happened. The pathway changed and so did the composition. Those who were supposed to join me in evangelising but finished up killing Me are not here. Their places were filled from among the dead, the gentiles. This is the Heavenly end of My mission. It was accepted by Heaven as proved by the verse 20; ‘…..afterwards the

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Nazirite may drink wine’. We progressed onto the kingdom of Heaven where Jesus could drink the fruit of the vine, the Lord’s Supper which is the topic of chapter 15.

My ties to Heaven have been established and accepted by Heaven and now My ties with the dead, the gentiles. As a Nazirite I was forbidden from cutting My hair and having any drink that was related to grapes. I did both, had my mission terminated and had to begin again. I tasted the vinegar before I started my suffering to let everyone know I knew exactly what I was doing. At the end of my suffering I drank the fermented wine indicating I knew that to join that dead lot I was going to be forsaken by God. Literally that forsakenness lasted for three part days but symbolically much longer. *****

The problem with humanity was that the gap between them and God was far greater than anyone can imagine. Those intentional sins were like the biggest nuclear device known. The gap seemed irreparable. Can you imagine putting someone into a furnace for three hours. That is how long it took. Each sin read out, the plea and then the suffering. Then the next sin and the next. Three long hours, 180 minutes, 10,800 seconds, 10,800,000 milliseconds….the lists just seem to go on and on. When that lot who were responsible for those sins were only shown a glimpse of hell it nearly killed them. It certainly did to the beast within them! To restore peace between God and humanity was sure going to be a major undertaking. This was the role of Jesus as ram.

‘You see, Scripture uses sheep and goats as symbols. The goats that run around doing what they think is right are the badies. The sheep who follow their sheppard are the goodies, but the problem is they often go astray and must be brought back to the fold. When we use sheep as symbols we must take care not to use male lambs a year old and without defect because that symbol is exclusively used for Jesus Christ. We must specify something that is still sheep but as far away from the male lamb we can get. The female sheep, ewe-lamb is used here also but just to cover the sins of the bride, His church. That is what Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC) was about. The sins of the bride, all her confessed sins both unintentional and intentional. She had to be sent on her Heavenly journey to get as far as the doorway to the new earth and this door is hinged on the Day of Atonement (DOA14). The problem was that journey requiring her to spend about 1,800 years in the old tent of meeting into which you were allowed only if you were sinless. She had to be sinless. GFPMC had to and did make her sinless.

‘If you want to use the male version of the lamb, the one year old lamb without defect, it covers all sin. GFPMC plus DOA14. It is the ewe-lamb plus the DOA14. The Nazirite in verse 14 is being very specific; ewe-lamb. So far the best explanation for verses 9-12 is that this ewe-lamb was the result of salvation plan B but salvation plan A is one of the uncovered pearls; the Jew did not have that 2,000 odd year break from their God. Returning to Christ as ram we have noted the strict confines within which we are working; ewe-lamb sin offering. Just the 144 million (??) now at the doorway. They had to be brought to a state of peace with God after just showing what their nature was really like. The ram that had gone astray was back at the door asking for re-admittance.

As I sit here typing on the Sabbath day, I realise that it is not the only day of God’s blessings. But it is a very special day because it is on this day that we ask for blessings for the other days, for one thing! It seems to have a double lot of God’s blessings. Yesterday, Friday was a commemoration of GFPMC but it is only on this day, a Sabbath that Jesus wants me to stop and worship Him for what He did on GFPMC. There are many differences between today and yesterday. It is a quiet day, all that brutality has gone. The gory blood is gone. Some was taken by Jesus as divine and cleansed whatever needed

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cleansing in the Holy and Most Holy Places. Some has been put aside and will soon return to the body of Jesus Christ on Resurrection Sunday. But what was ‘left over’ was spilt against the altar/cross at 4 pm by that Roman spear. Its history is far from finished and it will play a major role in the history of  humanity.

But today we are in a very similar situation to what the Jews/Israelites, our brothers and sisters were in when they were in the Sinai desert. They were marching towards GFPMC and other than Moses and a few others had no real idea of what GFPMC was going to bring. Even their best like Paul did not really understand. They marched by faith to Friday, GFPMC, just like we march by faith to Saturday. DOA15 is the goalpost to which we march and soon again as Jews/Israelites and Christians. Just like they, we don’t really have any idea what this DOA15 is going to bring, we march by faith. We cannot imagine what this sinless zone is going to like, nor can it be expressed in any human language.  I have a feeling that the best that can be done is given to us in Numbers chapter six. It is Heavenly language just like Numbers chapter fifteen, verse eighteen is Heavenly language; ‘I can’t explain to you what you are going to see, but when you get there DO…’ And once we march to, and through DOA15 it will be but a very short march to the start of eternity. So just like they on their Good Friday Passover Egypt (GFPE) were looking to the GFPMC we too look forward on our Sabbaths to the goalpost of DOA15 when we will truly worship our Saviour as He is supposed to be worshipped on the 10th of July on the real DOA15. There are many differences between us and our brothers and sisters in the desert like they looked forward to this GFPMC event and we can look back and see the gory, brutal details. Another is that they did this commemoration once a year, but for us as all those feasts have been done away with, our commemoration is now once a week. Practising for the Sabbath of the DOA15.

So what am I supposed to be doing/preparing/worshipping on this day? It is no longer called the feast of the Unleavened Bread, but now the weekly preparation for the DOA15. Here is a marvellous example of the Old Testament (OT) being used as an earthly step for standing on and looking up into the Heavens. Unleavened Bread. The body of Christ. We don’t have to do mental gymnastics and subtract any capillary blood that may still be in the body of Jesus in His tomb now. Bread has no blood whatsoever and unleavened does not have the nasty leaven/yeast of sin. But why this clear cut separation when in reality it never did happen?

Well it may not have happened literally but symbolically it did. At 3 pm on GFPMC when Jesus asked for and drank the bitter vinegar and called to His Father; My God, My God why have you forsaken Me? He had joined humanity—was forsaken by God. There was a separation of Divinity and humanity. He had joined His bride. The church became the body of Christ or is that only going to happen in the DOA15 and today He is just a part of us, Christians? Whatever the answer we do not have His blood inside us, it is blood implied and only in the new Heaven will it become blood applied! There is a separation between the body and blood of Jesus. But what has Jesus actually done as at GFPMC or is going to do in DOA15 to bring us at peace with God, to bridge that yawning chasm between us and God?

Verse 14 tells us that Jesus has come as a ram for a peace offering for us. As a ewe-lamb for our sin and a male lamb for all sin. This ram, very specifically refers to the returned lost sheep, is an acceptable peace offering to God because it was worked out with God to be so; ‘According to his vow which he takes, so he shall do according to the law of his separation’. But what does Jesus bring along with Him to offer to God? Four things; the basket of cakes of unleavened cakes of fine flour mixed with oil, ( the 144 million standing and waiting at the doorway), and unleavened wafers spread with oil, (we are standing as twelve tribes) but we have brought along our grain and drink offerings. If these grain and

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drink offerings belong to Jesus the ram we would say that Jesus is presenting the drink offering to prove that he had actually come down low enough to join humanity and was therefore qualified to be our representative in these peace dealings. The grain offering would thus become the body of Christ as at 4 pm on GFPMC. But these grain and drink offerings are presented by the individuals and the leaders of each tribe. This now necessitates chapter seven to be revisited where our leaders lay these out. The disadvantage of commenting line by line ‘asitiswritten’ is that you can look down and find the rug has been pulled out from under you! Sabbath theory receives a shaking! Such is now in verse 18 when the Nazirite is required to shave His dedicated head of hair at the doorway we are standing at and take it and put it on the fire which is under the sacrifice of peace offerings. Well we have not lost the plot completely we are still on the peace problem with God, the peace offerings.

But why this drastic change in topic? GFPMC was about one of the forbidden zones of the Nazirite; grapes. DOA16 was the other; the cutting of hair. Sounds like we have to contact someone in that group up there; ‘Planet earth calling that fortunate lot waiting at the doorway to the new earth! Does anyone copy?’ Sounds like Daniel; ‘Yes earth we copy, what is your problem?’ ‘Well we are studying the word of God, specifically the peace offering of the ram in Numbers six, verses 14-20 and in one place Jesus is taking us with Him and offering us to God to be one with Him, both individual and tribe, when the next minute we have the Nazirite cutting off His hair and laying it at the foot of the cross as a fire where you lot are. Can you help?’ Must be Daniel, didn’t know too much about it whilst on earth, but he sure does now; ‘Even though GFPMC and DOA16 are separated by nearly 3,900 years of time, they are one event. You have just switched from the start of the event to its end. The last year of the 7*70 or 490 years. Specifically in that last seven, year 483 after the big wedding feast of Heaven, bride and bridegroom set off for the Promised Land, your Canaan, but we could not enter for a large number of reasons. The first one was satan. Our bridegroom, Jesus insisted that this unlike our previous battle against the beast was a dual effort, this one was assigned to Him by His Father and was personnel unfinished business. After a tutorial lasting nearly three and a half years we saw that battle, Jesus crushed satan’s head and threw him into hell. That was Friday the 2nd of July.

‘Even though Jesus crushed the head of satan, satan still managed to bruise Jesus’ heel. He had caused humanity to commit and unbelievable number of unintentional sins. Satan knew that God’s law would not allow Him to charge people with something they did not know what they were doing and ultimately that this sin would fall on Jesus, which it did when Jesus took all of these sins on Himself on the 3rd of July, and this is where the hair comes into play. His head of hair is defiled. It had come through thirty odd years of life on earth, GFPMC, appearances after the cross and up to now undefiled. They weren’t His sins on GFPMC, they were our sins. The 3rd of July they were His sins and His head was defiled. But by the following Friday, the 9th of July, all sin had gone, even the punishment that Jesus had received for His sins had been carried out, Jesus had shaved that defiled hair and the period of sinlessness was about to begin. For the hair of Jesus after regrowth to be 100% sinless and not just 99.999999% sinless the ‘defiled hair’ would have had to be cut off and the DOA16 would have to start immediately or Jesus not to have allowed any hair regrowth to occur until the blood of the pigeon or turtledove sin offering had been applied. The hair of Jesus was now sinless and could be used in a peace offering for all that lot that are now studying the peace offering from GFPMC. You have been brought up to this doorway on the 10th of July where this sinless hair has just started growing and as

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all evil (as in finish transgression, end sin, atone for wickedness, bring in everlasting righteousness, seal up vision and prophecy and most importantly to your lot, anoint the Most Holy.) This has to be done within the 1,260 day window from DOA16, it must be completed within the timeframe of 490 years. The time of planet earth is split into half hour timeslots. Even when we were in the old Heaven and the last seal was broken allowing the scroll to spring fully open, we were only given half an hour to stare at it! So go back to your text and study it. The reason we took 1,260 days before this event could happen up here was recorded in Numbers chapter    and to complete your study of the peace offering which you began on earth in verse 14 will now be finished in Heaven; ‘and afterwards the Nazirite may drink wine’. It would be lovely to hear, ‘ And if you have any more problems with your study, just call back!’

It Is actually quite important to get that date right on which the Nazirite placed His shaven hair at the foot of the cross. Initially I guess that it was day 365 of the 490 years that were allocated in Daniel. That is 1,260 days after the DOA16 and day one of the final seven months, seven days and seven hours that this planet earth still has left to exist. So all this waving that is about to take place does not result in the eradication of evil, it is the result of the eradication of evil. As hopefully this is the last return to chapter six for a good while I am going to give it my best shot so I know there is not much point in returning. It is still a critically important chapter, it is about the Nazirite Jesus Christ.

We are still on this side of the doorway into the new earth. Evil has finished by the placement of Jesus hair at the foot of the cross and we now desperately want to make peace with God as we want to join Him in His sinless home. And lets face it the area in which we are does not have that much time before it is burnt up! Certainly the universe in it. We are about to wave the ram’s shoulder, its breast and its thigh before God. The best comparison that I have still found in Scripture has been that in Daniel. It maybe of evil but it is still composed by God. Actually it is quite surprising how much detail we have been given *****

It must be obvious by now that I don’t remember what I typed before on the subject and I don’t do rechecks. This is intentional as I want to record what Scripture is saying now as I look at this verse and not what I thought before. And when comments were open I did not get one correction that I was contradicting myself or any Scriptures. No one read it would be a reasonable explanation! But I do remember the particular problem that I had with Heaven and how the wave offerings solved this problem when I came across them in the OT. It was sheer delight.

The problem was the robe of righteousness that Jesus gives me, and every other saint on entry into Heaven, the tent of meeting, at the second coming is perfect. It, like the cross is made out of horizontal and vertical threads and it is what Jesus Christ has done for me to get me into Heaven. I know it is perfect because Jesus had it personally checked by God on Resurrection Sunday and it was so. At the time I reasoned that it was not sitting very well on me but that problem would be solved when I asked for and received the fine linen, the Holy Spirit. I had no idea that the problem was the beast within and what the extraction would require. At the time I think I allocated one million to study the beauty of your robe and another million years for you to study the beauty of the robe of righteousness Jesus gave me. After that we had another 144 million left to study. But in eternity that is not even one drop of water in the ocean! But I needed more. I needed this amazing robe to be checked by the author of perfection, God and to be continually reassured by Him that, ‘Yes Julius you do have perfection there!’ So you can see how my problems were solved when I found the wave offerings in Scripture! I would

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wave my robe before God and listen to those reassuring words; Yes Julius you do have perfection there!

At the time I compared the statue of good, not yet encountered in Scripture to the Daniel’s statue of evil, which is a divine description of evil. Its body was divided into four sections and each represented by a different metal. Three of them were assigned consecutive empires and named as such but the fourth was so horrible it defied description. The head was made out of gold and assigned to the Babylonian Empire which specifically named Nebuchadnezzar as its head. Being gold you would think it would last forever but it was the shortest of the four. It was probably the greatest but still the shortest. What it stood for did last until three and a half years short of the DOA16. Almost the end of time. It stood for the evil within, the beast.

The chest was silver and named as the Medes and Persians. They too were conquered but their symbol  remained the deadly enemy for a long time after that. They could be a part of the horrible beast of the fourth head and the time of the second coming. Trump visited king of Saudi Arabia. They are represented by Shiite and Sunni Muslims today. The silver is not as enduring as gold.

The thighs were bronze and named as Greece. They too were conquered but their symbol remained as long as the beast remained. I take the bronze thighs of Greece to be democracy. And that only leaves the indescribable beast, the feet of clay and iron to be the ruling empire of the day, both first and second comings, in conjunction with other evil empires/peoples. There are two feet and they are responsible for spreading the message of evil; one is beast out of the earth and the other the beast out of the sea. Evil and hate hold this beast together and hold they do when they have a common enemy, Christianity. Once Christianity is defeated and with no common enemy the forces of evil turn on each other. The corresponding section of good which are symbolised the different animals, ram in this case are; The head is good and stands for God on the throne. The feet that spread the message of God are no other than the feet of Jesus Christ. They came to earth as Judaism and Christianity, but the clay and the iron did not mix. They separated and finally it was only the iron that went back to Heaven. The clay stayed back and was burnt up. There are only two forms of government on earth; democracy in its many forms and theocracy, government by God is the thigh in the statue of good. It has a left thigh and a right thigh; the two parts of theocracy; God and His people. The chest/breast is the antonym of Islam; Christianity, the second part of which is Judaism, at least today.

The burnt offering as the last part of the DOA16 service only had the head and legs of the animal being offered by fire. Only the feet, Jesus Christ went to hell and the flames of hell engulfed God the Father on His throne in Heaven. They were the only two parts in hell. Christianity/ Judaism were not in hell. They went through tribulation and great tribulation at that but that was not hell. They are represented as being boiled. In this peace offering the shoulder is being specified; the outstretched arms of Jesus on the cross bringing peace between God and humanity for anyone who cares to accept! Into the hands of the Nazirite is placed the boiled shoulder and only one cake and one wafer. The emphasis on the wafer, the tribe seems unnecessary as if there is only one cake it can only come from one wafer. Out of those 144 million odd standing there Who is it Who can only be pulled to present as a peace offering to God so all the others can also come along? The tribe He comes from must be a very special address to be at to get this mention here. It is the Nazirite who holds the lamb’s shoulder, His life on earth and the tribe from which He comes from and now presented by the bride/priest through the altar/cross  but only after it has been anointed by the presence of His Holy hair. The peace offering is thus made up of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and Jesus. Not much scope for rejection in that! Christianity, the breast is then offered by

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the priest by waving but Theocracy is just held up in acknowledgement that this is the form of Government we will live under for the eternities to come!

The reason chapter six was mentioned with fifteen was because chapter fifteen requires a sacrifice for the fulfilment of a special vow. It seems as if our Nazirite has not yet finished His work which is rather strange for this side of the doorway when He was allowed to drink wine on the earthly side of our doorway. The special offering on Heaven’s side of the doorway is the ram as it is on this side of the doorway as well. It is the peace offering which we will be making for the eternities to come to hear those reassuring words of God; ‘Yes Julius what you have there is perfection indeed!’  The differences between the offerings on each side of the doorway ****

The offerings are of interest. You would not expect any sin offerings, and there aren’t any. One representing the life of Jesus Christ from Lamb to burnt is there, head and feet as well as the rest of His body as covered by the Nazirite’s vow and peace offering and a requirement of eternity, but now the last two mentioned on this list for the preparation of the descent of the New Jerusalem. The two categories are freewill and those of appointed times. An indication of the seriousness of the situation can be the value of the animal offered. For the very poor, those who have nothing a pigeon or turtledove will suffice, just like Jesus was when moved away from His bride who meant everything to Him, we have compared male and female lambs, sheep and goats and ox and rams. But the top sacrifice is the bull. You would expect that when the whole congregation or the High Priest have gone astray and here it is the whole congregation that has sinned unintentionally could require a bull.

As  there is not only no sin in Heaven, but the possibility of sin has also gone these freewill and appointed times offerings must only apply to us mortals on earth. But from the increasing amounts, but defined amounts of fine flour, oil and drink offering it is the significance of these offerings is such that it requires a bull offering. From the lamb and burnt offering only the lamb part has occurred and the burnt part is still 1,800 odd years away. Also the special vow, well the Nazirite has not even been decommissioned let alone placed His sinless hair on the cross. But the special vows are happening today. Freewill and appointed times.

The season in Canaan is that of the ripe grape which must be the times of the appointed times and that would make the cakes the freewill offering as they are made from the first of your dough, the first fruits. Being ‘voluntary’ to me implies that I may or may not give. This is not what this text is saying. It is the specific example of ‘But when you unwillingly fail and do not observe all these commandments’, then you have sinned unintentionally and you are to offer one bull for a burnt offering and one male goat for a sin offering. God gives us a chance to show our gratitude by giving us His bounties. The more appreciative we are the more we will give. On earth that gift is to spread His Word. But once given our responsibities cease. It becomes the responsibility of the person who you have given your money/time/whatever gift you gave. Your response is complete when ‘you gave’. If you didn’t know that you had to give and when you found out you were in error, confession of this unintentional sin has already been covered by the blood of Christ of the sin offering of GFPMC. If the offence is by the whole congregation the sin offering is a male goat or be an individual a female goat. Same principle as the male, female lambs. The amount of offering has not been specified as it is a freewill offering. In Heaven I would think 10% would be rather stingy and God would not accept the

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offering anyway but we would share it with our Heavenly hosts. Up to now unintentional withholding has been covered. Intentional withholding is okay too, God cuts you off. You are not one of His people! What you are doing is blasphemy, despising the word of God and for this you will carry your guilt!

But what about offerings of appointed times? The appointed offerings are offered right through even to the unintentional sin of the congregation, but not for the individual. They are offered with the burnt offering, they are offered with fulfilment of the special vow. The amounts involved are;

Offering                     fine flour                  oil                   drink offering                Animal

Burnt/sacrifice            0.1                         0.25                       0.25                    each lamb

Burnt/sacrifice            0.2                          0.333                     0.333                  ram

Burnt/sacrifice             0.3                          0.5                        0.5                      bull— fulfil vow/peace offering.

My previous approach which failed was to present these Biblical facts and to conclude we are celebrating the Lord’s Supper of eternity. So I now will try to present chapter fifteen as the Lord’s Supper and see how the Biblical facts that are presented prove or disprove this hypothesis. I do not expect to get all the answers the first time through but as with chapter six would expect a fuller understanding on each pass.

The first issue to be decided is are we now in the Father’s kingdom? Or do we have to wait until the New Jerusalem settles on top of this gigantic plateau in front of us? We have to know this because Jesus told us at the Last Supper that He could eat again with us until we were all again in His Father’s kingdom. On planet earth the Father’s kingdom has four separate sections but the Heavenly one of eternity only has three. Both have a Most Holy Place for the direct presence of God as symbolised by Him sitting on His throne. In the new Heavens which we are waiting for to materialise now it is a massive cube of both unbelievable dimensions and beauty. It is called the New Jerusalem. Here on earth it was also a cube in the desert tent but later moved into the permanent building called Solomon’s Temple. God’s Shekinah glory passed across from the temporary tent to the permanent building. This building had a checker history but finally finished up as Jesus’ Temple and Jesus Himself acknowledged that ‘this is My Father’s house’. God’s Shekinah Glory departed from the temple when Jesus walked out of it for the last time, ‘Your house is left desolate’. So when our High Priest Jesus Christ takes the blood of the sin sacrifice, His own blood from GFPMC at 3 pm into the Most Holy Place for cleansing purposes it could not have been this temple on earth. It was the Most Holy Place in Heaven today alongside which the redeemed spend until the wrath of God is complete.

Both, actually all three have an entry foyer, an area of preparation before entry into the Most Holy Place. It is called either the Holy Place, or the tent of meeting, or the old Heavens where the redeemed spend 1,800 odd years or ultimately the new earth where chapter fifteen is at now. If the Bible regards this as the Father’s Kingdom we could well be shown the Last Supper but if it is only a part of God’s kingdom then these will be only symbols and not what we are looking for when the blood implied becomes the blood applied. It is a possibility now as we are in a sinless zone. There are many differences between these three tents of meeting and some have already been discussed in this blog. But a similarity is they all sit in a courtyard. On earth this courtyard is surrounded by a fence to keep the gentiles out but as there are no gentiles in the final solution there will be no need for a fence and

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the implication here is that the universe will be infinite. Our universe may have an almost countless number of stars but the new universe will be bigger, have many more stars and each star of far greater beauty than what we have today! No wonder there is no roof on the New Jerusalem and it will shine like a beacon through this courtyard.

Well we have travelled through a universe of unbelievable size, countless stars of unspeakable beauty and have finally arrived at the doorway to the tent of meeting, the new earth. Surely we cannot top what we have just seen!  The doorway is surprising narrow and there is only one there. It is the ox. It is one of the natures of Christ, it is the blood of Jesus Christ. The doorway is single file and there is a large book there with the names of all souls, starting with Adam and Eve and includes the names of all who not just wanted to be there but took advantage when given the opportunity to reach out for it. Sadly a large majority are crossed out and labelled as dogs, murderers, adulterers, liars and idolaters. Heaven surely regards these as repugnant people. But our spies sent out by Moses/Jesus have been allowed into this area, Canaan and are supposed to report back to those waiting on earth’s side of the doorway what will be expected of them in the 451 days they will be given to prepare the descent of the New Jerusalem. There should be a difference between this preparation and the preparation that we will go through once the new city has settled on top of this plateau. We are still in the blood implied zone but later we will be in the blood applied zone.

One reason why these spies have been sent out is to forewarn us of what we can expect to see as we pass through the doorway. The checks will be no problem; we have just spent 1,800 odd years in a sin free, but not sinless zone. We will be expected to hit the ground running as we only have 451 days of preparation and our first day is Passover. We are into it from day one, then commemoration on our first Sabbath, DOA16, unleavened bread, burnt offering is day two…… And this is our first shock and the mistake I kept making yesterday, a bad day. I knew there was no sin here and the reality is there that there is no sin here but from whatever angle I approached it from, sin kept appearing! The Lamb; the Lamb was the Lamb of God who takes away the SINS of the world. Not allowed as it is sin. GFPMC. DOA16 begins with the sin offering of the pigeon/turtledove. Not allowed even though Jesus took these sins on Himself when He did not have to. Well actually the lamb, ram and bull are allowed as the Lord’s Supper of eternity and something we are preparing for now.

The Lamb is allowed through with surprisingly low marks as it is Jesus the Lamb that makes it all happen. He is not allowed through because of the blood of the sin offering, He is allowed through because His blood is life everlasting giving. The blood from His sin offering is the reason this sinless zone now exists, but it is forgotten. It may be pushing the earthly analogy too far but we are now on an earthly step. I compare it to my mechanic who has just got out from under my car covered in oil and grease, but he did get the car going. We are going to clean him up from all that oil and grease and then admire this clean person for his skills and ability in getting the car running. On GFPMC Jesus Christ was covered with sweat and blood, but He had accomplished our salvation. We are going to clean Him free from that sweat and blood and look at the person Who has just accomplished our salvation. His blood and the blood of eternity gives us our life eternal. And it is on this ground that the lamb as Jesus passes through the doorway of eternity!

Jesus Christ passes through the doorway into Canaan also as ram. There were at least six requirements that needed to be met for this life eternal giving blood to be acceptable by God. Jesus Christ met every one of them as a ram, substituting in for wayward mankind. This blood that has been accepted by God

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is now presented as the ultimate offering, that of highest value, that of the bull, that of the drink offering as at the last supper. This seems to raise serious questions as to what , ‘This is the blood of the new covenant’ that Jesus spoke about on Thursday night before GFPMC. Can you have a blood covenant on blood that has been excluded from Heaven? If the blood from the sin sacrifice from GFPMC had now been included would it score such low marks? The work and importance of the oil, the Holy Spirit increases as we pass from lamb to ram to bull. Why? Maybe the grain offering can help? The Lord ’s Supper is not just about the blood of Christ, it is about His body as well. The blood of Jesus is about to be applied but it is being applied by Jesus in a body.  ******

In our journey through the Book of Numbers we have opened up many front beginning from the start the our Heavenly journey right up to now on the new earth where we are given 451 days to prepare for the arrival of the New Jerusalem. And in there somewhere was an attempt to look at the grain offering, the burnt offering, the combination of the creature that looks like an eagle, the divinity of Christ and the creature that looks like a man, his humanity. And the problem now is that we have crossed from the sin zone of the old earth and universe to the sinless zone of the new world and eternity. Taking the sin out of what were steeped in is proving difficult. Actually in chapter fifteen we are still on the sin side of the doorway, but the spies that Moses sent out into Canaan have come back and reported. They have come back and told us what to expect and what we will have to do when we finally pass through that doorway. They were very precise in their report and they brought back samples of what they found. It wasn’t just a story that they were telling, it was reality. But right now the two problems we are having are the sieving problem and the preparation problem. The sieving problem is what stays behind on this sinful word and will be destroyed along with it and what is allowed to pass into sinlessness and eternity? Our second problem is that of preparedness for the arrival of the Most Holy Place. What level of preparedness are we supposed to be at? Right now, after DOA16 we are sinless and the only way we can be faulted is that we are in an area that was defiled by satan. That will not be the case on the other side of the doorway. What other build up do we need?

The first item that should be excluded is the cross of Christ. How can something that held all sins on it, other than the intentional sins of the wicked for which they paid for themselves in hell, on it? Intentional, unintentional, confessed and unconfessed. Not only does it get across the line but GFPMC becomes the source of the eternal blood of Jesus and the DOA17 His body?

In the present moment in the history of God’s Church, His bride we have come way past GFPMC and the sign post in the distance reads DOA17, the body of Christ, but it is still a long way away. It is there to show us that our destiny has been worked out to the finest detail. It is about the sovereignty of God. It is there to prove the veracity of His word. It is there to give us something tangible, to take a firm hold of; the Bible especially when those storms are about to strike! But it is the storm and the One Who came through that storm of Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC) that is not just the wonder of this age but also of the other side of the doorway into eternity! The more we study that storm the easier it becomes to bear the storms of our life, the smaller they become in comparison! And really that is all we need. The basics of salvation. The bells and whistles are there also but it is all attached, all stems from GFPMC. Unlike the Jews in the desert we look back to it and they looked forward to it; it is still a matter of trust, of faith. It is a matter of blood implied on this side of that doorway and it will only become blood applied on the other side, an event for which we are now preparing! And yes the blood implied will be left behind. So what is it that is left behind? Can that oil and grease that has been cleaned off our mechanic after he got our cars going really be left behind?

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It is the blood spattering on our beloved Saviour which has been the primary focus of His Church over the last two millennia and should also be our focus the church of last days. It will not cease until DOA17 when it will all be gathered together and could quite well be placed in the golden censor that was hurled back to earth at the end of the millennium with all of the saintly prayers. Our focus should be on starting the Heavenly journey and leaving the rest to Jesus Christ. And the only way to start is to accept what blood splattered ‘mechanic’ has done for us. There will be a time when He will be all cleaned up and we will worship Him for His real self, but today, even in end times what is important is to accept Him as He is today. There is not much point in cleaning up now, more blood has still to be shed. The cleaning we received at GFPMC was far more thorough than the Israelites received at GFPEgypt. They were only released from Egyptian slavery. (first born males). They only had six months to go to their Day of Atonement (DOA18 the yearly celebration of the Jews) where by faith they were released from all sin. We too travel by faith to DOA18 but our journey involves a stopover of 1,800 odd years in Heaven before we come to our DOA18 and total release of and from sin. To stop there we have to be totally free of sin. That is what our blood spattered ‘mechanic’ had to do to start us on our journey and that is what He did!

This is the history of the Bible, this is its centre piece. But the Bible also gives history on both sides. The Israelites were lucky in that they went through the whole cycle in one year. ( 14th January, GFPE on six months to 10th of July, DOA18 then six months 14th of January, GFPE then six months to 10th of July DOA18 then six months…….. Full cycle in one year. Their scapegoat was in their DOA but our scapegoat has to be in GFPMC. Their goal was supposed to be GFPMC but with the exception of Joseph and Nicodemus they missed the main event to a man. Our journey is between GFPMC and DOA18. Roughly four thousand years out and four thousand years back with GFPMC at the centre.

Many sermons, commentaries, books and blogs have been written by Christian writers over the millennia about GFPMC, but very little about DOA18. They realise that the High Priest Jesus Christ took His own blood into the Most Holy Place in the present Heavens to cleanse them from the defiling that resulted from satan’s rebellion and even that the scapegoat event was played out on GFPMC. Few realise that this is the blood implied and that the blood applied is still coming. Few also realise that it was DOA18 that dictated what happened on GFPMC just like they do not realise that GFPMC was what qualified Jesus for taking the scroll and breaking its seals. It has been answered prayers that have allowed this blog to get some glimpses of the Day of Atonement (DOA18). Before attempting to correlate the DOA18 and the Heavenly grain offering, I will try to revise from memory, something of what we have learned about this DOA18 and if this opens up any new doors then to do a more systematic revision from Scripture.

The single biggest realisation that allowed progress was that Daniel’s final year of his 7*70, ie years 483 to 490 since the announcement by satan and the beast that they would rebuild the temple after its destruction by the earthquake set off when the door of mercy slammed shut in Heaven. The third coming of our Lord. It was this seven year block that allowed the jigsaw to fit into place. This was the seeding agent. This immediately allowed that seven year block to be cut in the middle, 1,260 before DOA18 and 1,260 days after the DOA18. Great wealth could be drawn from this split as this is exactly what happened to Jesus on Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC). DOA18 became the centre piece and split events into five categories; two either side of DOA18. The ones on either side were the two lots of 1,260 days and the period before and after them. Another contribution of Daniel was that his six steps of righteousness had to be completed by year 490. It is this period, post that last lot of 1,260

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days after the DOA18 that we have the least information about. Those last seven months, seven days and seven hours of the history of this planet earth. It is a very important period as in this time Jesus lays His Nazirite’s hair locks at the foot of the cross, tagging it; Heaven bound. The object that carried all of those sins will pass through the checkpoint where such thorough scrutiny is going on to make sure no sins or trace thereof can get into this sinless zone. We have already seen that the blood from GFPMC that gets across is not that from the sin offering but blood that gives life everlasting. The blood of Christ!

Much of the Book of Revelation is on the events up to Daniel’s year 483.***** If this time period represents the thirty years of ministry of Jesus and what preparations Jesus made before He came to earth then these options have not yet been explored. Jesus just seems to burst onto the scene for His 1,260 days of ministry before GFPMC. There is certainly much detail and preparation before Jesus bursts onto the scene 1,260 days before the DOA18. Our first real insight into the sinless zone where the new earth will be created in chapter fifteen is accurate but still only a report of the spies. It has flour, oil, and drink offering. Unless we understand all three we cannot get a grasp of what is really happening and this includes the oil. The flour is additive; 0.1 lamb plus 0.2 ram equals 0.3 bull. Not quite so for the oil, the Holy Spirit; 0.25 lamb plus 0.33 ram should equal 0.58 bull but actually is only 0.50. Why is this so? We must try to understand more from the input of the Holy Spirit.

GFPMC unleashed many momentous events. The only ones it did not unleash are the ones that will never be unleashed and don’t need to be for time to run from the old earth to the new earth and onto eternity. It did qualify Jesus to take the scroll out of the right hand of God and start opening its seven seals. It did allow the Holy Spirit to leave Heaven and come to earth where it was to remain for almost 3,900 years. It remained until the second coming of our Lord and even after. The next 1,260 years were the years of grace and ended with the slamming close of the door of mercy into Heaven, but even after this time the Spirit remained on earth but not because it was to bring people to Heaven/Jesus, that was no longer possible, the door of mercy into Heaven had been closed, its role as the conquering lion was over, and with all hope gone the love of the Lamb became the dominant factor. Jesus still had 144,000 virgins, foolish but still virgins here on earth. They had His seal and they were prepared to die for Him. While they carried that seal, He could not abandon them even if that meant taking their place in hell for them. But this final offer was not going to be made by the Holy Spirit until another 490 odd years of preparation. You see when that final call is made; dogs, murderers, liars…….there has to be no doubt that this is the case and no doubt forever more. We are sure that our Heavenly tribe is complete and there is no doubt about it!

Well the 490 years does come and go as described by Revelation in much detail. The foolish virgins reject the seal of God and replace it with the mark of the beast and the Holy Spirit returns back to Heaven where it has been long awaited. Back here it assumes the role of fine linen to be worn under our robes of Christ’s righteousness. But why can’t the Holy Spirit be the lion like creature of Christ? When on earth the nature of Jesus that was dominant was the creature that looked like a man. Jesus still had access to and took advantage of this access to God. Very rarely did He use it directly but it still was available. He was God/man. He also had access to the creature that looked like an ox, something He became for six hours of GFPMC. So why can’t the Holy Spirit be the conquering lion? It is just an idea and only valid if substantiated by Scripture. The fact that the lion came to earth on Resurrection

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Sunday but the Holy Spirit did not arrive until Pentecost, some fifty days later may be due to the overlapping that has previously occurred between Jesus man and Jesus God and Jesus man and Jesus ox. Of those fifty days Jesus was here on earth for forty of them. But in heaven there is us, fine linen and Christ’s robe of righteousness.

That placement of the fine linen between us and Christ’s robe of righteousness is called the wedding of the bridegroom and bride. Take a stab and say the wedding occurs on the 1/11/482 of the covenant 490 year period. Immediately the wedded couple set out for Canaan, the Promised Land. Unfortunately there are battles to be fought, the Canaanites are not going to relinquish their land without a fight and neither is satan going to relinquish earth without a fight. The bridegroom and bride are organised as an army with the bridegroom leading as the rider of the white horse. Their first battle is against the same beast that went so close to wiping them all out just before the second coming and who killed the two witnesses of the third coming. My what a difference there is between now what happened some 1,800 years ago. The battle does not last for 1,335 days it only lasts for one hour. Actually it only lasted for a few seconds when the beast who was quite well prepared this time and had every one of his troops marked with the mark of the beast saw that Jesus and His armies were not coming to fight from earth where the beast had been so successful before, no the rider of the white horse swings His sharp sickle from the clouds against which the beast has no defence. Most of the battle is actually between the beast and the false prophet. What we, the rest of the following armies get out of this is to be given the reason for the Great Tribulation something God could have so easily have stopped just like He could have in Gethsemane when Jesus was about to begin the real great tribulation.

God did not intervene in either the tribulation of Jesus or our final tribulation. Jesus’ tribulation was about the great harvest and our tribulation is about the final harvest of earth. The fields are watered by the blood of the saints, the 144,000 wise virgins offered as first fruits, satan is taken out of the picture initially for a thousand years, the 144,000 foolish virgins receive the seal of God, the High Priest takes his position in front of the altar and almost countless prayers are offered by the saints for those left behind. The initial part of this proposed harvest in under one thousand years of peace and when unsuccessful 260 years of war. The witnesses are dressed in sackcloth and their message is simple; repentance.  Heaven would have considered the harvest a success had one person repented. One lost sheep that had gone astray returned to the fold. Not one did, not a single, solitary soul. Our tribes are indeed complete! But we have just finished the battle against the beast and won it handsomely. But that was the beast without, on the earth’s surface, not the battle within us, that battle is still to come.

It is now 01/01/483 and the final seven, sixty nine have just passed of Daniel’s covenant of 490 years has begun. From 483 to 490 when evil will be done away with. Planet earth has had one thousand years without satan and now it is going to get 1,252 days without the beast, a purely satanic world. This triggers what seems to be a rather strange reaction in the rider of the white horse. He breaks away from the bride and says something like, ‘This battle is mine alone, this is unfinished business, this is where worship, pain and pleasure combine. Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC) involved three of the creatures; man, eagle and ox but DOA18 involves the creature that looks like a lion; the Holy Spirit. But at a certain distance away from the bride the rider of the white horse stops, turns and starts giving the bride an explanation for his sudden departure. The distance he is away from his bride has to be ‘And He has nothing’ which is confirmed by Scripture because only a very poor person who has nothing is allowed to present a pigeon or turtledove as a sacrifice which Jesus does

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and it is accepted by Heaven. In close union with His bride Jesus has everything but all of a sudden the rules have changed completely. We are in that last seven years where all evil will be done away with and there is no other way of putting it; the bride is evil. Book of Numbers, chapter fifteen. She needs to have the beast within her killed and the dead pieces extracted. She is not allowed across the border into the sinless land, He is. An infinite chasm has now opened up between. He has lost her, He has nothing. Her purification is not as bad as the killing of the beast in the recent battle, but still painful! Just like Jesus did at His first coming He spent 1,260 days as bridegroom explaining to His bride what GFPMC was going to be about so now He spends almost 1,260 days explaining to His bride what DOA18 is going to be about. The difference is this time the bride the bride listens, gives Him undivided attention and understands. Makes the approach and the departure from DOA18 so much easier.

So what triggers satan into sending his henchmen in to destroy the city which had taken so much effort to build? As an appeasement measure it had not worked and proof of this is the bowls of God’s wrath were still poured out and now the final bowl is about to be poured out. The 10th of July is fast approaching and the DOA18 on that day cannot take place with all this satanic lot around. They must be destroyed! And the battle where Jesus Christ crushes the head of satan takes place Friday the 2nd of July, 486 year of the covenant. Satan does not bruise the heel of Eve’s Seed, Jesus Christ because he puts up such a good fight. That he may have done but his very best is at best one drop of water out of the ocean. But the bruising of Jesus’ heal he achieves by making us commit unintentional sins.***** These are the problem of 6:9. One minute we have an earth that could be compared to a black hole; dark, evil, satanic that is all that is left now and what satan would regard as his ‘ideal’ world. Next minute, after a flurry of activity, the evil has gone. All thrown into hell and the fires of hell gone out. They have accomplished their function; they have eliminated all intentional sins and the sinners who held these sins dear to them. The beast within the bride is dead but all of a sudden this mountain of sins appears, it is all that is left behind. Numbers 6:9; ‘But if a man dies very suddenly beside him and defiles him….’ The mountain of sin did just appear ‘very suddenly’ but it did not defile Jesus. Jesus chose to allow that mountain of sin to defile Him. He made unconfessed unintentional sin into confessed unintentional sin, they became the ‘sins of Jesus’ and He immediately began to pay the penalty for them; six days of being separated, of forsakenness from God so that by the DOA18 He had already paid the penalty for them. This was the 9th of July, one day before DOA18. Well if DOA18 is and was the presentation of the burnt sacrifice in a sinless environment what else needs to be done before this presentation can be made? What does our earthly step tell us happened on the 10th of July?

In paragraph one on the top of this page chapter fifteen should be chapter fourteen as soon to be explained. What about the accuracy of the comment that both the approach and departure from GFPMC would have been easier had the bride been attentive? Jesus Christ comes to earth the first time and His people accept Him; the Saviour has come! But He does break away from them, has nothing and is about to draw them into the vacuum He has generated. For 1,260 days He instructs them of what is about to happen, what their sacrifices and feast days pointed to is about to be fulfilled. They sit there and give Him their undivided attention, hanging off every word. The horror of seeing those beautiful, cute and valuable animals that were killed, all that blood shed seems to be what our Saviour is now explaining but even with all this preparation it does not seem to have helped much when they actually see their beloved Saviour on the cross. They stand around awestruck, dumb folded, breathless and not capable of breathing and trying to relate what the Lord God Jesus Christ is doing for them now and why is He doing it? Their lives have gone black so much so they do not even realise

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the day turning dark and somewhere there their Saviour just disappeared from the cross. Someone must have taken Him away! The day somewhere there the day ran into a solemn Holy Sabbath. Little bit different to what happened; they rejected Him and murdered Him! So is the comment correct that had the bride behaved differently before GFPMC it would have made things easier for Jesus on the cross correct? Tick and on any marking schedule.

What about on the departure side of GFPMC, the first 1,260 days especially? Not being a great one with words how would you describe the difference between black and white. One minute your loving Saviour from Heaven is going through unbelievable pain in hell for sins you have committed, there is no doubt about why He is there, because He loves you so much He wants you to be in Heaven for the eternities to come and in a flash your thirty six hours of anguish is broken by His sudden appearance in all of His glory.? How long is it going to take to let that one sink in? Well compare that to the reality. After being given 1,260 days to form a loving bond between mother and child, the mother turns on her child and tries to destroy him and is so useful that satan appoints her as his agent for that task! Again the first result would have made GFPMC so much easier! But as we are almost at the one and only DOA18 we are about to compare it again the earthly DOA18 the Israelites celebrated yearly.

Other than the obvious one that their cycle was yearly and so they celebrated their DOA18 yearly but our cycle is the seven sevens (7,777 years, seven months, seven days and seven hours) our DOA18 is only celebrated once; 10th of July of the year 486 of Daniel’s covenant seven. (year 483 to 490). Their DOA18 was made of three sections and ours of two, or should that be three? The Jews DOA18 and their GFPEgypt appeared as two separate events. GFPE your first born males did not die now, you have been rescued from Egyptian slavery go down the road and wherever you are on the 10th of July celebrate DOA18 and you will be forgiven all of your sins! A clean slate for whenever you chose to soil it again. Two distinct events. But if you think about it who were those first born males who did not die that night when the angel of death passed over them? They stood for the redeemed of all ages. Those whose names are in the book of life and are about to be called. They are lined up at the doorway to the new earth and soon to descend the New Jerusalem. Their invitations are being written out now; welcome ……  ………..!  And why didn’t they die that night? Because of the blood of the Pascale Lamb was on their doorframes. And where did that blood come from? It came from the body of the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world, ultimately. Their DOA18 and GFPE were intertwined, inseparable and there would be no DOA18 if there had not been a GFPE. Our GFPMC is even more intertwined with our one and only DOA18.

On their DOA18 they arrived at church so they could be cleansed of all their sins. This happened to the saints on GFPMC. Sin is defined the same way in both cases; confessed; it maybe either intentional or unintentional but it must be confessed. If you don’t want to confess a particular sin, let it go over to Jesus then that is okay too, Jesus won’t steal it from you. We have arrived at the foot of the cross of DOA18 and I am not sure what it is that we really need to happen. All our sins are gone, and that happened way back on GFPMC and even the beast within us is dead. Those flames of hell that we saw from a great distance were still powerful enough to kill the beast within us. Our only real concern is Jesus since He accepted that mountain of sin, the unconfessed unintentional sins on Himself has been forsaken by God for six days and on day seven when He cut off His defiled hair and everything seemed as if it would be okay from now on, all of a sudden just as our day of Sabbath worship has begun, we see Jesus back on the cross. But why? I certainly expected for the ‘bad’ sins to be done away with first. Get the high priest to lay his hands on the head of the scapegoat, let all the people confess their

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intentional sins and get that evil out of here. It did not play any part in the service. It was just a blot on the people. But this reasoning is circular. The scapegoat is a part of the service and before the service can begin the whole area must be cleansed of defilement. This can only be done with blood but the blood from the scapegoat cannot be used for this purpose. The only part of the scapegoat, and it is not really a part of the scapegoat at all is the man who led this scapegoat out into desert to be destroyed. This is the divinity of Jesus Christ, it does return at 3 pm on GFPMC and it will be used in both the earthly and final DOA18.

So the cleansing blood must be obtained first and this is the purpose of the sin offering. It is the first offering in the desert of Sinai, it is the first offering of GFPMC in the hours of light and it is the first offering in the DOA18 just before we pass through that doorway into or onto the new earth. The strong implication is that even though this blood from the sin offering will not be allowed into Canaan it will be on the doorway into this land. It is also the strong implication that in the desert on GFPE this blood of the lamb was first applied before the lamb was eaten. Blood of the sin sacrifice comes first.

The cleansing blood of the High Priest Jesus Christ from the sin sacrifice of GFPMC was taken to Heaven at 3 o’clock on GFPMC to cleanse Heaven and the ‘excess’ was poured against the altar/cross at 4 o’clock. Why does Heaven need cleansing again? That blood was from the sin offering from our sins, they were all that was ‘covered’ by GFPMC. Jesus chose to keep ‘HIS’ sins separate and the first part of this Heavenly DOA18 is to cleanse Heaven from the unintentional but now confessed sins. This universe is now clean from all sin; the burnt offering may now begin but only after an explanation of the scapegoat as it is a part of this burnt offering. The desert scapegoat was a matter of rattling off your intentional sin once the High Priest put his hands on the head of the scapegoat. God gave this priest the ability to pass these serious sins through his hands and onto the body of this unfortunate animal which was just a symbol of Jesus Christ accepting our intentional sins.

The reason why they had their scapegoat as a part of their DOA18 ceremony but we had to have it as a part  of our GFPMC instead has already been covered many times as has the connection between the heavenly GFPMC and DOA18 and it is this connection that continues onto the new earth. Friday plus Saturday equals Resurrection Sunday. Friday, as in GFPMC and Saturday as in the day of worship of DOA18 both earthly events are about to be transposed into Canaan as Resurrection Sunday!

The preparation we are making on the new earth for the arrival of the New Jerusalem are lamb plus ram equals bull (almost) It is the offering of the body of Christ and His blood in the presence of the Holy Spirit. As the new earth and Heavens are sinless only sinless components are allowed through the doorway. The sin nature of the Holy Spirit has never been mentioned as it does not exist. The Nazirite, (basic issue now is what is the difference a burnt offering on either side of the doorway into Heaven? Chapter six and fifteen)****Last night the longer I typed the tireder and more confused I got until finally I gave the answer and then asked the question. The answer is on this side of the doorway both sin and sinless components are allowed. On the other side of the doorway only the sinless component is allowed. There is no sin there and anything that had to do with sin would be meaningless. So on this side both GFPMC and DOA18 had a sin offering, necessary and achieved much. But they have done what they supposed to do and are no longer required. But GFPMC also produced the sinless body of Jesus Christ. It had been to hell and now back and should now be offered for what it was; the burnt offering, the body of Christ. It could not be offered on GFPMC because of the presence of sin. It was offered as such at the first possible moment sin ceased to exist the moment of the pigeon turtledove sin offering was applied; No sin, burnt offering of the body of Christ which has

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waited for almost 3,900 years is made. No problem, as expected the burnt offering passes through the doorway and into eternity. Of itself it never did have sin, the only sins that it acquired voluntarily were our sins and unfortunately by doing so was defiled in the process. It was not a game of charades accepting our sins. They were real sins that Jesus accepted on Himself, they became His sins, they defiled Him and once confessed they are no longer our sins. The grain offering, the burnt offering, the body of Christ passes into Canaan as a lamb with only a score of 0.1. When added to its value as a peace offering, the ram which has a value of 0.2 it realises it full potential of 0.3 when given to the saints. They now know, they are fully convinced, they now have peace of mind which can and will last for the eternities. They rely on the value of the body of Christ and will want constant reassurance as such. The blood of this lamb is more complex and now another attempt will be made at its analysis.

The answer is that every drop of the blood of Jesus’ body must finish up in Heaven on the New Jerusalem side and it must ALL be divine blood. Every drop will be accounted for. It does not matter whether it soaked into His clothing, dropped onto the roadway on its trip to Mount Calvary, soaked into the cross or gushed out at the base of the altar/cross at 4 pm when His side was opened by that Roman spear. Every drop! A quantitative analysis has already been attempted so only a short qualitative one follows.

Very little of the blood of Jesus went to Heaven at 3 pm on GFPMC. Even a smaller amount returned on Resurrection Sunday to give Jesus His eternal life back again, the majority remained back here on earth. If you want a Biblical comparison then the earth blood was shed by the bull but the Heavenly blood was shed by a pigeon/turtledove. But the role of all this blood was sin offering; it was there to cleanse from the defilement of sin, even that tiny bit of the pigeon/turtledove. The divine blood  that Jesus took to Heaven with Him at 3 pm was used to cleanse Heaven from the defilement of satan’s first and last rebellions. It would have also have been required when Paul and that bunch of lepers that were with him for the ceremony of Jesus accepting the scroll left the Most Holy Place. They should not have been there in the first place!  But once it had done its Heavenly work the left over blood was poured against the altar/cross where it is still here today playing a major role in the history of this earth. It is the watering of the fields of the post cross harvest. It is the blood of the Bridegroom and has been continuously added to by the blood of the bride who is about to make a major contribution to this blood in the Great Tribulation. Her blood though will be specific to bring in every last member of her tribe. There cannot be any doubts about any member of our family being left behind. Not one!

There still must be well over 90% of Jesus’ blood left here on earth. Is it divine, what has it done, doing and still to do? If it has already washed my sins then it is filthy and contaminated, cannot be divine and cannot be applied to my forehead with the thumb of Jesus to give me everlasting life! Just because the water in a washing machine has washed dirt out of clothing does not mean it cannot be used again. If it is purified then it can be used again! So when is this blood of Jesus collected and purified so that it can now be applied finally as life giving blood where it will remain forever as such?

My first guess was from the sin offering of the DOA18. The DOA18 cross is directly above the GFPMC cross and one droplet of Jesus’ blood from this cross if it fell onto the ground where GFPMC cross stood would purify the blood there and allow it to come through the doorway. But the blood from the DOA18 is sin offering blood. It maybe the blood of Jesus, the same blood that was given Him way back on Resurrection Sunday, divine and pure and it maybe that those sins which were now involved, the unconfessed and unintentional one have already had their punishment completed and Jesus had His hair shaven already! Or any number of other scenarios, it would not change the fact that this blood

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was from a sin offering and sin cannot get rid of sin! It would also make redundant the remaining 1,260 days after the DOA18 as all evil had been done away with and this sin offering of Jesus was the first offering on the Day of Atonement. If it did the first five of Daniel’s requirements for everlasting righteousness may have been fulfilled but not so the last one; anoint the Most Holy.

Let us make a case for the Nazirite cutting off his hair and placing it at the foot of the sacrifice of peace offering. It is still here in our focus. In those 1,260 days of tutorial unlike on earth we were an attentive audience. Hung off every word of Jesus and we may also have realised that if Jesus had nothing then we either had or were about to lose Him. Chilling thought indeed! But our stare, our focus on Him were so intensive that even had He just disappeared, He would have remained focused on our minds for a long time to come. Long tutorial finishes, don’t know how long, could have gone on forever then Jesus literally leaves us and goes way down to the satanic, dark and evil world. There is a flurry of activity down there then this bright light of intense heat shines over us. We were warned this was about to happen He explained this and many other events that had and were about to happen. This one was Jesus crushing the head of satan and opening to doors into hell where satan, the evil angels and all wicked beings were thrown. It is the place that Jesus was thrown because He had accepted our intentional sins, where He had to pay the price for each sin, one by one!

For that light and heat to carry all that way and still be intense does not require a higher degree in Physics to imagine what the conditions are like at the source! It was into there that we threw our Saviour Who loved us so much! Seeing what we see maybe Biblically referred to as the killing of the beast within, but up here it has knocked us off our feet and we just lay here in a stupor. We still must some facilities about us because we realise that when that light/heat source extinguishes the earth is a far brighter place and that Jesus has returned to the position where He gave His tutorial from. You would think that with all that evil satanic world gone and Jesus returning on Friday night that the next day, a Sabbath we would spend in full adoration not just in how Jesus has only just cleaned up evil but thinking back to the GFPMC what He actually did for us on that day! The intense heat! But you would be wrong!

This time round He almost disappears from view is not because He has gone down to that distant planet earth inhabited by demons, He remains at the same distance. The darkness developing over Him is that because He is accepting all the sins that now remain in the universe on Himself; He has confessed to the remaining unconfessed, unintentional sins. They are now His sins, they are now confessed unintentional sins. His period of forsakenness beings immediately. Taking sins on Himself on Friday, well that was GFPMC. But doing it on a day of worship, whilst we are in the act of worshiping Him is different altogether! It must have been explained in the tutorial as we know what to look for and what the next main event will be. He has graciously accepted these sins of His creation on Himself so that the new earth can materialise, but we are the source of those sins! It is we who are about to put Him back up on that cross in the DOA18. And it is shown to us the exact list of unconfessed and unintentional sins that we heaped onto that mountain of sin.

We go into that period of darkness with our Lord as he pays the price for the defilement that those sins now have caused Him; six days. But things appear to pick  by the seventh day, a Friday. Jesus becomes clean, His defilement passes and Jesus cuts off His locks of hair, the next day a Sabbath should be a wonderful day of full on worshipping our Jesus for what He has just accomplished in the previous seven days. BUT. I certainly hope to be at that Heavenly tutorial and  of the earthly one that Jesus gave and is recorded in the New Testament I have studied very little thereof. I have studied even less

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the book on which the New Testament is based, the Old Testament. Right now I have got to the fifteenth chapter of the fourth book. Still just on the edges and the following analysis is made from that position; just from the edges. At best it will be very shallow and at worst very wrong. But it will be a start; THE DAY OF ATONEMENT (18)

If I was a part of that bridal party waiting on this side of the doorway onto the new earth I would have called, ‘Ready!’ on the seventh day after the defilement of Jesus had finished and He had cut off His locks of Hair. On GFPMC after the forsakenness period had finished Jesus was resurrected but here after a six day period of forsakenness Jesus is put on the cross. On the 10th of July, 486, a Sabbath we expect to have a day of full on worship of our Lord because He has just graciously accepted and paid the penalty of those sins which would not allow into the new earth but instead we find He is hanging on the same cross as He did on GFPMC! The issue here now is the nature of the grain and wine offering in Canaan and from which the nature of the oil offering should follow.

There are two types of sin; intentional and unintentional. The unintentional can be dealt with by washing, clarifying the liquid and keeping it and throwing the rubbish onto the ground and burning it. The confessed unintentional sins of both GFPMC, the nine to twelve timeslots on the cross, and the corresponding period of the period of the DOA18 could be and were dealt with by the sin offering, the washing of blood. Yes this blood did become defiled and it is going to have to be cleansed by God by a major miracle. The rubbish will be thrown on the earth where it will be burnt into oblivion along with the rest of the earth. At this stage the proposal is that the hair of the Nazirite be placed on it and by doing so it will cleanse the wood that is standing in it, rather than the other way around to what happened in the desert where the wood cleansed the water. This time around it will be the water cleansing the wood.

We should consider ourselves ‘lucky’ that our final DOA18 does not involve intentional sin, the scapegoat, like it did for the Jews back in the desert. For us the scapegoat, intentional sin, was dealt with on GFPMC. But actually the DOA19 was God speaking to Moses to tell Aaron not to just wander into God’s presence like his sons did and were killed because of it. DOA19 says that if you want to come into my presence, which is what we are about to do as we go through the doorway into Canaan, then must do the following if you don’t want Me to kill you. All these peoples who have their own approaches are in for a real shock! We must follow the atonement rules that God gave Moses as we enter into Canaan otherwise God will kill us just like He did kill the two sons of Aaron for showing disrespect. The DOA becomes 19 as we realise that unless we do it God’s way we will die. So what is God really seeking in giving Moses these rules about the DOA19? Well basically if you want to enter into my presence in Canaan you must be clean, you must be free of sin. The Jews were about to enter the land occupied by the Canaanites but in Heaven it is a sin free earth that is our promised land. On both occasions to prove you are sin free you will offer a burnt offering as this offering cannot be offered in the presence of sin. Which is what they did once a year and we are doing now. But we have to be careful as there are similarities between the earthly and heavenly DOA19 there are also major differences. In future will try to sign off with specific thought for the day, todays; if the scapegoat was thrown into hell, then why didn’t its blood put out the fires of hell? Also in the desert why did the stick make the water clean but near Heaven it is the water that makes the stick clean? ****

We are only at chapter fifteen and already the complexity of the events is rather high, trying to interrelate the chapters. As we don’t expect to get all the answers at the first pass I will label the obvious anomalies as ‘error’ with a number and continue looking for the solution. So the first error (1)

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becomes putting Jesus the scapegoat into hell. His blood would put out the fires of hell just like one drop of His blood would have prevented Noah’s flood from destroying the world, just like one drop of His blood will prevent this world from being consumed in that inferno of last days and hours. His body could be thrown into hell, but not His blood. That scapegoat that was thrown over the cliff should have had its blood drained.

The reversal of the roles of wood and water have really been the theme of this blog and even though I concede that more explanation is required, they could not be labelled as error2. The end of GFPMC at 3 pm was the start of the earth’s history. Jesus was forsaken by God because He associated with the dead. The living did not want Him. He joined us at 3pm on GFPMC and has symbolically at least remained joined to us right until the day before DOA19 when His period of separation ended. It was a long time between Friday and Saturday which is tomorrow, the DOA19 but Resurrection Sunday may now come, the period of forsakenness has finally ended and in Heavenly times it was those last six days. So initially it was the wood of the cross that dipped into the water of our lives and gave them life. But in those final days it is going to be the water, the blood around the cross that will receive its life everlasting properties from what at this stage appears to be the sinless hair of Christ and it in turn will impart life everlasting to the wood that is standing  in it and it will become the tree of life!

The complexity of this blog has become immense even at this stage, chapter fifteen. Here I am trying to collate four aspects of Scripture; Numbers six and fifteen, the four creatures that look like Jesus and the four sections of the statue of good. But it is one step forward and twenty backwards and there seems little point in progressing with Numbers. So I will make one more big attempt at this correlation and see how many major mistakes it produces. As this concerns the DOA19 I will first quickly revise the DOA19 way back in the desert without rewriting verses. LEVITICUS CHAPTER 16;

This book is specifically about entry into the presence of God which we are about to do. Our problem is twofold, New Earth first and then the New Jerusalem and we hope Leviticus also breaks it down into these stages. It is certainly not about what you think is best or reasonable it is a matter of do or die. If it is about Aaron the high priest and we are not going to be high priests in Heaven then I will just refer to him as Aaron, HP or JC (high priest or Jesus Christ) but as we are already priests and kings, and Aaron is referred to as priest then we should able to relate to Him. Thus we would expect Aaron HP or JC to be involved in the forgiveness of sin but Aaron as priest to be involved in worship as we are now laying before the DOA19 cross.

Verses two to four talk about sin so Aaron must be HP or JC yet it is of interest that first he must enter the holy place, the new earth where we are now and it is also of interest that it is curtain that is called, ‘inside the veil’. This makes this curtain ‘inside the veil’ is also the doorway into the new earth. It is the first curtain of entry and not the second. It is obvious that Aaron must pass through the holy place if he is going to the New Jerusalem. In the desert it has a cloud with God’s presence over the mercy seat. On earth he comes into the first compartment with a bull for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering. On the cross where we see Him now 10/7/486, DOA19, He came in with a pigeon turtledove for both sin and burnt offerings. The Nazirite had a male lamb for burnt and female lamb for sin offering in His decommissioning at the DOA19. In Heaven no sin offering is allowed and the burnt offering a lamb must be accompanied by flour, oil and drink offerings. He is wearing our Heavenly clothes; robe/tunic and linen undergarments. (sash, turban?) He bathes himself before putting on Holy garments. Water (1); used to bathe high priest before start of DOA19. Significance of water will now

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also be noted. From the congregation he takes three animals; two male goats for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering. Error2 as both Nazirite and Canaan use the ram for a peace offering but he uses it for a burnt offering.

Aaron kills the bull in that tiny room for a sin offering for himself and for his household. He must have told them for this to be effective they had to have confessed their sins first. Error or more like oversight not to be told that sin offering could only forgive and wash unintentional sin and the blood later purified, intentional sins had to be burnt in hell and the ground they were committed on obliterated. Intentional sin is not mentioned for either high priest or his family! He then presents both goats at the doorway of the tent of meeting. Both stand for Jesus Christ.**** One goat will take on intentional sin and the other unintentional sin and the sin offering. One will be presented dead, the sin offering but the other alive, verse 10. Verse 20 however puts a different light on this matter.

When sacrifices were presented to God representing the various phases of the ministry of Jesus Christ, the animal was dead. Death occurring by the separation of blood from body as in the Last Supper; grape juice from unleavened bread. This is the ministry of Jesus Christ. For a long time He will leave God, not just associate with the dead but become one with them, GFPMC, then we will become one with His body, DOA20 and on Resurrection Sunday He will personally apply a drop of His blood to our foreheads and ‘we will see His face’. We become one with Jesus Christ. His body and His blood. The biggest act of cruelty, of bastardry that we could impose on these symbols of Jesus was to thrown the animal alive into the fire. We threw Jesus Christ alive into the fires of hell with our intentional sins. But even that act of bastardry has been forgiven and forgotten to those who have repented! That scapegoat was alive when thrown off that cliff! It wasn’t at the end of its fall, but it was at the start and thus the major struggle within this blog!

A glaring difference between GFPE and GFPMC was Aaron firstly had to purify himself before he could purify the congregation with their sin offering. Jesus Christ had no sins of any type and did not require any purification of any type. GFPMC could with the sin offering scapegoat, 9-12, followed immediately by the scapegoat from 12 to 3pm. I intend making much of the firepan full of coals of fire from upon the altar before the lord. On this ground I will include the head and feet to be placed into the burnt offering, the creatures that look like a man and eagle but exclude the one that looks like an ox; the blood of Christ. It was there and had it been offered as the issue, it would have put out the flames of hell! Aaron in the presence of that smokescreen went into the Most Holy Place with the blood of the bull sin offering and sprinkled it seven times on the mercy seat. East and front could relate to the trumpets, the Son/Sun is coming from and is bringing His blood, and seven is the complete number. Complete forgiveness.

Verse 15 has Aaron repeating the people’s sin offering with what he has just done for himself. But this time, ‘inside of the veil’ is the pearly gate into the New Jerusalem as well as the doorway into the tent of the new earth. The only time the Most Holy Place in Heaven makes a ‘slip-up’ and allows sin into it was with Paul and the apostles and Noah and his lot  were allowed in at 3pm on GFPMC and that defilement would have required cleansing by the blood that Jesus brought up with Him at 3pm of GFPMC. The earthly Most Holy Place, allowed this to happen twice a year; once when the high priest went in with the blood of the bull sin offering for himself and a second time when the high priest again came in but this time it was with the blood of the sin goat for the congregation. Both trips defiled the Most Holy Place which would have required cleansing just from the presence of sin, let alone the sins Page 194

themselves. The Holy Place, the tent of meeting is a different proposition. Here the priests entered twice a day and as they were representatives of the sons of Israel so both intentional and unintentional sin also entered. It was in desperate need of cleansing but because those defiling sins were not a part of the Holy Place, they were ‘walked’ in sins, not very firmly attached to the walls they could still be washed off by the blood of the sin offering. It did not require the wall to be exposed to the fires of hell in order to cleanse it. But even if it took ten drops of blood, that blood when it ran down the wall would have cleansed all the sin stains and finished up ‘dirty’ somewhere but being blood  every droplet had to still be accounted for as it will finish up in Heaven finally. When Jesus does this atoning He must be by Himself, He must have nothing and He must be atoning for Himself. The only time Jesus has His ‘own sins’, those unconfessed unintentional sins which He chose to make His own is on DOA20. When He finishes this His household and the assembly are indeed clean. Once we are all clean as well as the Holy and Most Holy Places it sounds like they both disappear. It is inconceivable that these two purified areas are going to remain on earth and be burnt up with the rest of the old world. It seems more plausible that they will disappear for a while and reappear in the sinless new world.

Jesus then goes out to cleanse the altar/cross to prepare it for its trip through the doorway. Again the sins on this altar do not really belong to it. They are adsorbed and not absorbed. When someone throws a pie in your face the pieces that go into your mouth are absorbed and difficult to remove but the ones on the skin outside are adsorbed and quite easy to remove. Because these sins were adsorbed, even though nasty and intentional they could still be relatively easily wiped off. Not so with those that were absorbed, they needed to be taken out somewhere and destroyed. Thus we have the scapegoat. It is a part of the GFPMC and DOA20 events and therefore could not be commenced until the Holy places involved had first been cleansed, which is what has happened by verse 20.

Even if not explicitly stated I have always thought that the scapegoat was where all intentional sin finished up and that left that yawning question; where do the unintentional sins end up? And the answer should be committed to mind. Leviticus (16:21). ‘Then Aaron shall lay both of his hands on the head of the live goat, and confess over it all the iniquities of the sons of Israel and all their transgressions in regard to all their sins; and he shall lay them on the head of the goat and send it away into the wilderness by the hand of the man who stands in readiness.’ All their sins. So as the hands of the high priest touched the head of the scapegoat, even before they had time to lock onto its head, the Jews began confessing. They did not distinguish between intentional and unintentional. ‘We don’t have to worry about that sin that was committed by the congregation it was unintentional and therefore covered by the sin offering of Jesus on GFPMC in the early time slot od 9 to12. No, sin was sin, they were not required to distinguish between them just confess so they could pass onto the scapegoat. That is where both intentional and unintentional sins finished up!  They finished up on the scapegoat, ,were led outside of the city and thrown into hell! The sin offering only allowed the areas that were going to be involved in this service to be cleansed from defilement but the destiny of the sin, all sin was to finish up and be burnt to death in hell. Does this scapegoat take on itself that mountain of unconfessed unintentional sins which suddenly appear after the fires of hell are extinguished and now the subject of this final DOA20?

Where all this is about to lead to is why the blood of Jesus does not put out the fires  of hell, even though Jesus as the scapegoat is thrown alive into hell, both body and blood!**** For entry into the presence of God so far there has been a surgical like preparation and meticulous cleaning of everything that is going to be used. It is not chlorine or peroxide or perchlorate that is used. It is the blood of Christ that is used. The high priest himself washes himself with water at the start of proceedings and any defilement he receives during the ceremony is washed off with water at the end. Having cleansed

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everything the next stage was to take all the sins of the people and transfer them to the scapegoat, which was then led out away from the temple and the city. Sinless now we can now come into the presence of God. It is not as high priest, he has done his work concerning sin, he has taken off his high priest’s garments and has washed himself again. (water2, the wash before was water1 and after water2) He now offers the burnt offering to make atonement for himself and for the people. But what atoning needs to be made? All holy objects have been washed with blood, all sin placed on the scapegoat which has been burnt in hell and it did take three hours, from 12 to 3 for the scapegoat to tumble down the cliff face hell, before it has been destroyed, but all that has happened now. Yes and that was all Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC) but now the man who led out that scapegoat to be destroyed, the Divinity of Jesus, has come back and washed himself ( sin offering of the Day of Atonement 10/7/486, DOA20) and we are finally ready to enter into the presence of God and not get struck down like Aaron’s two sons were. It is not now the high priest who presents the burnt offering, he has already removed his high priestly garments, washed himself and now makes the presentation on which ground he/we will be admitted into God’s presence; the burnt offering.

But if is this man who has returned at 3 o’clock then why is it that the burnt offering only presents the head and legs of the animal. This man who has just come back is a full being. Jesus Christ in Heaven will be head, chest, thighs and legs, a full being. He has just returned from hell where His humanity died, both body and blood were pushed into hell but His divinity survived and went back to Heaven at 3pm on GFPMC. His humanity, both body and blood remained on earth but not so His divinity. This humanity now is about to be swept us with us and all finish up in Heaven as the body and blood of Christ for the eternities to come! Resurrection Sunday!Now back to the question why the blood of Christ did not put out the fires of hell. Same question as why the burnt offering only contained the head and legs of the ram.

The divine nature of the blood of Jesus were not involved in the hell portion of the cross, those dark hours of 12 to 3pm of GFPMC. Divine blood was involved and used for cleansing of the sin offering, but that was the 9 to 12 timeslot. It was only His divine body that was the scaffolding which held all our sins, both intentional and unintentional. It was what was thrown into the flames but as it was perfect it could not be damaged by the flames. It was burnt clean and is now to be presented as the burnt offering. It is the perfect body of the Lord God Jesus Christ. It may be a part answer as to why it did not put out the fires of hell but why only two parts in the burnt offering when the whole person who led the goat away came back? Also if we are sinless why do we need atonement anyway?

Rather than a mistake I would classify it as a lack of knowledge not to allocate the unintentional sins to the scapegoat. As they were covered by the sin offering I just assumed that the blood of the sin offering just washed them away but could not tell where this sin filled blood went to or what happened to it. It must just be thrown against the altar and run out through a channel and soak into the ground. The presence must defile the temple until the yearly DOA20 when they are picked and placed on the scapegoat and taken to be destroyed out in the wilderness. Once the sins have gone the area is no longer defiled until the next sin offering. Much has been gleaned so far from this visit to Leviticus 16. But if Leviticus sixteen is about the DOA20 it is also about the burnt offering. A visit to Leviticus chapter one yielded a few surprises also. Leviticus Chapter one; the Law of Burnt Offerings;

Verse 3; ‘If his offering is a burnt offering from the herd, he shall offer it, a male without defect; he shall offer it at the doorway of the tent of meeting, that he may be accepted before the Lord.’  And acceptance by the Lord is what it is about as we are about to enter the new earth.

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The arrangement of the wood on the fire is no problem. It represents the cross and would have to be laid in this formation. My problem is that I have been only putting the head and legs onto this fire but here we are told ALL of the body goes onto the fire in a certain order and offered to God. Not just the legs and head. The Nazirite specifically tells us in Numbers (6:19) that the shoulders are to be boiled, not roasted and at this stage nothing at all happens to the thighs, so why this discrepancy?  One is GFPMC and the other is DOA20.*****

The Nazirite is very focused in His mission. He is only concerned with the ewe-lamb sin offering. His only concern is His bride to make sure ALL her sins were taken away so she undergo her journey and arrive here at the DOA20 and if that meant having to restart His Nazirite’s vow the so Beit. One step at a time. It all happened, it all culminated on GFPMC. What did it have and have not when compared to DOA20?

They all have the head in the fire. The head of the bull/ram, the head of the statue, the creature that looks like an eagle, the divinity of Jesus Christ. It does not need any washing or preparation, it is the basis of the offering. It remained on the throne in Heaven and was enveloped in flames of hell that emanated from the cross. It must have come close to coming in contact with evil by allowing Paul, Noah and that lot into the throne room of Heaven, the Most Holy Place at 3pm on GFPMC and also gone very close in Gethsemane when Jesus revealed His divinity to the soldiers and those who came to arrest Him. They all fell down dead! That was the end of the act of salvation and needed a major miracle to bring them back to life. Perhaps a full revealing of His divinity at this stage may have vaporised them as well. But for the most part Jesus concealed His divinity from everyone. (Trans configuration?) It was there on GFPMC, in those terrible fires. After all it was Jesus and God Who worked out these details of salvation and where the Nazirite got His job sheet from!

Likewise the legs/feet are a part**** of all symbols. In the creatures it is the one that looks like a man, in the statue and animal symbols they are legs and feet, it is the humanity of Jesus Christ that came to earth to save humanity by bridging that infinite gap between them and God. It is more than just Jesus the Nazirite of GFPMC, it is also about Jesus the Nazirite with shaven head hanging on the DOA20 cross from where just a little protrusion extends. It has come from Friday and GFPMC to Sabbath and DOA20 and that little bit extra onto Sunday, Resurrection Sunday. The legs/feet will require washing because they have walked among sin and where they are now going there is no sin. Are they ever going to be separated from the head? Probably not. Even in the New Jerusalem in the full presence of God on His throne we will see more than what the apostles saw in Gethsemane that night but He still will have legs/feet. They are one of the creatures, they are a part of Jesus Christ Who will remain one with humanity. And He will come and eat with us in our apartments.

The upper chest was in the fire at DOA20 but was only boiled on GFPMC, it was not roasted in the fires of hell. It is blood/heart/breast/chest and attachments of shoulders and arms. It is ox and that is blood sacrifice. If there is only one thing that should have been in hell then that one thing should have been the ox or blood. The Nazirite admits it was present, but only as boiled, not roasted. The Nazirite was concerned with the shoulders and the outstretched arms, the arms of Christianity and inviting all to join Him in this pathetic scene on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). But Friday would be followed by Saturday and DOA20 and finally Sunday, Resurrection Sunday.

The blood, the divine blood, did not go to hell it was not required, only the divine body did as it was required to act as a scaffold for both intentional and unintentional sins. The divine blood did not go

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and so it did not put out those fires of hell. The divinity of Jesus, both body and blood returned in the form of the man who had led out the scapegoat to be thrown off that cliff and went back to Heaven at 3pm on Good Friday. There is not a drop of divine blood left on earth, no areas that are flashing purple and blue and discharging bolts of lightning. It has done its work and gone back to Heaven. It has washed everything clean that was defiled by our sins and those unintentional sins that it washed and finished up soaking into the ground after being thrown against the altar have been transferred to the scapegoat and it has been destroyed. Our sins have gone, all paid for, all forgotten and it only takes one action for this to happen; repentance to Jesus.

The human body of Jesus Christ, the creature that looks like a man is a different history altogether. It first and foremost took the ultimate punishment for our sins; ‘if you sin you will surely die!’ It took the death that we deserve, our death in hell. Unfortunately that is our second death, that one that will take place in hell, that has been taken so we still require a first death including those 144,000 wise virgins who will be alive at the second coming of our Lord. Our first death is in the baptismal font and the woes of Christianity today can be traced back to our baptism. In most cases it is farcical. To spend less than one second under water and to say that this is the only death which I will have to experience and my time in eternity has just begun is just that, farcical!

The scapegoat was thrown alive off that cliff, Jesus Christ was alive when He was thrown into hell, human body and human blood that combination that gives life was there. That was not a sacrifice, it was not an offering where the body and blood are separated and presented for a particular reason. For the most the body and blood of Jesus remained together until between three and four pm on GFPMC when that separation occurred. Jesus did not die because of separation of body and blood, He died because the flames of hell separated Him from His Father. He died because of our intentional and unintentional sins. Intentional sin is murder. He joined the dead, humanity with whom He will remain until Resurrection Sunday soon to follow Sabbath’s DOA20. Today most of Christianity don’t realise that Jesus has joined us in our humanity and sin accordingly. His blood is still here today but not as divine blood. It does not spark and arc because it is human blood and not divine blood. The timeframe of the DOQ20 converts it back to divine, as well as the cross and both will return to the sinless everlasting Heavens.

There has already been an attempt to try to explain why the shoulder was only boiled on HGPMC but was roasted in the DOA20 on the cross on that Holy Sabbath day. Its divinity was required, it was there and some was taken back to Heaven at 3pm with Jesus. Its divinity was the sin sacrifice, it did the cleansing that had been defiled by the saints and it washed those unintentional sins to a place where they could be gathered and along with the intentional sins taken and burnt in hell. It played no part in hell, it wasn’t there and therefore did not extinguish the fires of hell. It was the humanity of Jesus that was involved. For DOA20 though before it had to be washed with water before it could be presented in the burnt offering.

Just because we have been cleansed from all of our sins, past, present and future does not mean we are acceptable to God. The chasm remains. He has already accepted us once with nothing as the father accepted the prodigal son. We were accepted by grace into the first Heavens. He accepted us as we were straight from sinful planet earth. But this is different now. We have had some 1,800 years to make as a presentation to God on entry into His presence. The prodigal son is going to offer a gift which even God regards as perfection and cannot refuse it! But along with the ‘sins of Jesus’ from DOA20 we have to involve the Holy Spirit from an almost benign role on GFPMC to one with a bit of Page 198

washing is now going to be presented by fire as the burnt offering. Where and why this involvement from almost nothing to a condition of entry? But as of now I find all these topics bewildering. Trying to correlate Leviticus 1 and 16 to Numbers 6 and 15 to Revelations creatures that look like Jesus, to a statue that has not even come up in Scripture yet and fit them in with events and time constraints of Daniel (9:24 to27) has momentarily overwhelmed me. Especially when what I am trying to do is to introduce chapter 14 of Numbers; that lot that wanted to eat meat and go back to sinful Egypt. This has happened to me before and all it means a revisitation to chapter 15. I have done this on a number of occasions with Numbers 6, the Nazirite and always gleaned some more meanings information on each pass. Returning back to Numbers 15 verses 32-41 ;

‘Now while the sons of Israel were in the wilderness, they found a man gathering wood  on the Sabbath day. Those who found him gathering wood**** brought him to Moses and Aaron and to all the congregation; and they put him in custody because it had not been declared what should be done to him. Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘The man shall surely be put to death; all the congregation shall stone him with stones outside the camp”. So all the congregation brought him outside of the camp and stoned him to death with stones, just as the Lord had commanded Moses.

The Lord also spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the sons of Israel, and tell them that they shall make for themselves tassels on the corners of their garments throughout their generations, and that they shall put on the tassel of each corner a cord of blue. It shall be a tassel for you to look and remember all the commandments of the Lord, so as to do them and not follow after your own heart and your own eyes, after which you played the harlot, so that you may remember to do all My commandments and be holy to your God. I am the Lord your God who brought you out from the land of Egypt to be your God; I am the Lord your God.”’

Many and strong words. It is not just some Bible basher that has a hang-up over the Sabbath back up on his rostrum again. These are the words and commandments of God and carried out by the congregation. Whoever cast a stone on that day must have realised the seriousness of the situation and examined their own consciences; ‘ it should be or could be me’. The ‘problem’ with chapter fifteen is that it follows chapter fourteen the one where the Israelites want their meat and want to return to the sinful slavery of Egypt. But even this is played out on three stages; the Jews did it, we will do it and both probability and possibility of this in Heaven must be eliminated. In Heaven the fires of hell kill the beast, DOA20 extracts the pieces and satan is obliterated, no chance of it happening but both chapters, fourteen, fifteen and sixteen are still about this Heavenly selection process.

It is on earth here that that satan and the beast have to make their final stand and one that they are making very efficiently. The technique it to allow the drawing power of Jesus to do what it would do naturally; bring in the converts by the thousand but the sting in the tail is to sow seeds of doubt; ‘Yes the Bible is the Word of God, concentrate on the new commandment the one about love and all those thorny issues become irrelevant. We don’t know why the Bible teaches that the world is only thousands of years old when obviously it is at least millions and even billions of years old. Nor do we know why Genesis creation account is there when there is such  an amazing theory like evolution. Just concentrate on love and these issues of errors won’t matter. But what if the issue of love is also an error? Well just take it from me that it is not, I know everything and what I don’t know is not worth knowing any way. Evolution and age of the earth are the main two seeds of doubt but if they don’t

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work there are many others. And you can bet London to a brick that satan will not leave any stone unturned to get you to return back to the sinful slavery of Egypt. The Bible either is or is not the Word of God and what makes it the Word of God is the guidance of those who wrote and those who read it; the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit it becomes just one of the books of antiquity and many scholars dispute even this claim like Daniel could not have seen Antiochus IV hundreds of years ahead of his time. Well learned ones not only did Daniel see ahead two hundred years  he gives us minute daily details of what happened over 4,000 years ahead in time!  The issue here is that of the Holy Spirit and looking at it yesterday I was just overwhelmed at the complexity. But only recently I decided that a good method of study was to ask a question and seek hopefully assistance of the Holy Spirit with at least some basic answer. It certainly worked with the question, Why didn’t the blood of Jesus put out the fires of hell? The question on the bull and burnt offering is way out of place as we still have so much more to learn about offerings. The question of the sin of Jesus on DOA20 received such an overwhelming number of replies I decided it was time for a break instead of just putting down a basic answer that could be added to over time. But returning to the Holy Spirit to see what issues the Holy Spirit can help- us with.

The real end of time determining factor was the return of the Spirit to Heaven where the saints had been waiting for Him for a long while. Immediately the Spirit arrives the wedding between bridegroom and bride takes place and they leave the old tent of meeting and ride to the tent of meeting of Canaan. Two issues immediately arise from this wedding; the marriage is supposed to last until, ‘death do us part’. So if Jesus dies at DOA21, then is that the end of the marriage? The second issue of any wedding is; ‘let no man put asunder what God has joined together’. What role do the beast and satan play in trying to break up marriage? On earth many genuine pastors act as satan’s agents in breaking up this Heavenly marriage. They sow seeds of doubt in the Word of God, His Bible not realising that these seeds satan will leave no stone unturned in trying to germinate. And the inevitable result is marriage failure. If you do believe evolution is a fact then at least have one fact to support your fact! Not the myriad of ‘facts’ that have been touted over the years and with such fanfare! You will find that they have all fallen over! Dishonest reporters will not report these frauds and errors! Nothing left only the fact that evolution is a fact! The logic of evolution has been presented in one form in this blog. It is as absurd as its basic assumption; that something can come from nothing!

The age of the earth is of critical importance and we have just been dealing with the Seed of Eve, sounds like we will have to follow genealogies of Eve’s seed, crushing the head of satan and satan bruising the heel of Jesus. This is a fundamental dogma of Christianity and it stands on an earth that is thousands and not millions of years old. If that were true then that would pull the rug out from under the Bible and you could replace it with what you feel comfortable about. What a blessing these long ages proved to be! The song sheet with the one and only proof of the theory of evolution was torn from people’s hands. Piltdown Man. A fake, a fraud. Talk about exposed flesh! Luckily it only took a short period of time to print out a new one; Bible is still wrong and the age of the earth proves it. This concept had been around for a while but surfaced now and covered many red faces. It is based on uniformitarian ideas; what you see today is only what has happened in the past! No catastrophes allowed. Noah’s flood must be a mistake. QED! The Bible has told us much of the ones who are going to try to tear this marriage apart and why they just won’t be there and verses 32 to 41 tells us it is the Sabbath that will be the issue. More on this in a minute and returning to our fine linen or the Holy Spirit, our robes of Christ’s righteousness and the armies of the rider of the white horse.

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We have only just left Heaven and been to battle in a matter of days, or at most weeks when the bridegroom leaves the bride and rides away. A separation in the marriage be it forced or necessary it is still a separation. Heaven counts it as such and acknowledges that Jesus has nothing. This separation must have lasted until DOA21 because Jesus is allowed to present a pigeon/turtledove sacrifice, which can only be presented by someone who has nothing. There  is a tear in the marriage. The Holy Spirit must stay with us otherwise we will not be able to survive. It is a part of us, it is constantly under our robes of righteousness. But will Jesus be able to come through what He has to go through without the help of the Holy Spirit?****

From a first reading it appears that Jesus came through both DOA21 and GFPMC with minimal or no assistance of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, the creature that looks like a lion, the thigh of both the statue and the animal either get no mention, Jesus is alone and has nothing or the Nazirite only waves thigh, it is neither roasted nor boiled and it is a part of the peace offering, not the sin offering or the scapegoat (??) I am not sure what to call the scapegoat. It certainly was an essential part of the DOA21/GFPMC and it could not be brought into the service until the blood of the sin offering has been used to clean all areas to be used in the service and wash unintentional sins to a holding area so that once each year they could be placed along with the intentional sins on the head of the scapegoat to be led out into the wilderness and be destroyed. No part of it was offered, it was not an offering. Sin cannot be offered to God as an offering. But isn’t this what happens on DOA21? Isn’t it a day of worship, a holy Sabbath?

A comparison of Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC) and the Day of Atonement (DOA21); Day of event; Friday for GFPMC and Saturday for DOA21. Dates of events; unknown but the 14th of the first Jewish month for GFPMC and the 10th of their seventh month, year 486 of Daniel’s covenant seven. Sins involved; the sins of the saints both intentional and unintentional for GFPMC and the ‘sins of Jesus Christ, all sins left over when the fires of hell had extinguished’ on DOA21. Number of sins involved; don’t know but as there are few saints in Heaven taken as four billion unintentional and three billion intentional and unknown also but taken as seventy trillion for DOA21 as all humanity is involved here. Altar on which event occurred; same cross of both GFPMC and DOA21. Time of events; 9 to 12 period of light and 12 to 3 period of darkness for GFPMC unknown but taken as similar to GFPMC, 9 to 12 period of light and 12 to 3 as period of darkness. Preparation for the event; both Jesus gives a 1,260 day tutorial. What needed to be achieved by this event; Christ’s church the bride needed to be prepared for the journey, in OT only six months but in real time nearly 3,900 years to the DOA21 where the final cleansing of sin would occur. The reason the apostles/Bible does not overemphasis this DOA21 is because it does not have to. All we really have to do is to get to the second coming of Jesus Christ that is the top of the hill. From there onwards it is only downhill, a spontaneous process. Painful, very painful at times at the time of the separation, but still spontaneous. That is the point the apostles and Bible concentrate on. GFPMC however has to get us to DOA21 and as that involves a period of some 1,800 years in Heaven, all their sins had to be removed by GFPMC.

The period of 1,260 days post DOA21 had to not only restore the separated couple, it had to accomplish Daniel’s five requirements of getting rid of evil above all it had to anoint the Most Holy to make that entrance through the doorway into the new earth happen. Audience at both events; His people are hateful, spiteful, unbelieving, howling mob baying for His blood at GFPMC but a loving bride attentive bride who is almost killed by the shock of the harm and pain she has caused to her bridegroom. Period for which Jesus is forsaken by God; three days/ part days (approximately 38 hours) after 3pm on GFPMC and six days ( 144 hours) before the cross of DOA21. Why the before and after

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differences? Jesus literally and symbolically began His separation from God at GFPMC so that He could join us. This symbolic separation literally ended 144 hours before His preparation for the DOA. Scapegoat? Jesus was the scapegoat onto which all of our sins were placed on GFPMC. He cannot act as scapegoat for His own sins.  Do both involve hell? Sin is sin and the only way it can be got rid of is to be burnt up in hell, yes. Why does Jesus have to go to the cross to burn for those leftover sins after the fires of hell have gone out? Why not just leave them and let them burn away when the old earth is burnt into oblivion? Two answers; God’s warning to Adam, ‘If you sin you will SURELY die’. Sin is destroyed in hell but only after being there long enough to die. Pain and suffering until death. And this earth cannot be destroyed even if one droplet of the human blood of Jesus remains. This blood cannot be lifted and transformed into its divine state while sins exists anywhere. It is only when the last trace of sin disappears that this blood can be lifted up. The burnt offering is not just the perfect body of Christ dissected into its four components,  the four creatures around the throne or the four component natures of Christ as symbolised by the animal being offered, Legs, Christ on earth, thighs as theocracy, chest/shoulders as Christianity and head as divinity that are arranged in the fire and offered by us to God as the only ground on which we seek entry now into what will soon become the throne of God, it also has the blood of Jesus thrown against the altar/cross. This is the ticket that we present at the doorway; the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Entry is but a formality.

An attempt will now be made to put the above summary into verse. The backbone will be GFPMC and differences between it and the DOA21 will be put into brackets, [  ].e.g. GFPMC occurred  on a Friday, [Saturday] implies that DOA21 occurred on a Saturday. God the Father nailed His only begotten Son on the cross of GFPMC, [DOA21] using Roman soldiers.[the brutality of the event beggars belief but there were no Roman soldiers around at this time. A part of the horror that we are experiencing at this time is the realisation that it was our sins that were the nails and it was we who drove them in. We are experiencing the brutality of sin and this is a part of the process which will never allow us to sin again.] The execution began at 9 am with the shedding of blood an event referred to as the sin offering. It is very rare for me to try to tell the bible translators they got the text wrong but not so with their study, they are only a collection of the song sheets of various people’s many of whom do not believe in God let alone the God of the Bible. It is only a matter of you pat my back and I will pat yours. Responsible for those endless circles of knowledge! Don’t think outside of the box!

How can you offer something to God for which He holds such abhorrence for? How can you offer something to God which will destroy Him? Isn’t that what a sin offering implies? Okay, intentional sin, that you did deliberately spit in My Holy face, is not being offered, but unintentional sin is and it is going to put Jesus in exactly the same place as the intentional sin did; in the fires of hell! And this blood from the sin offering does not wash away unintentional sin it only washes it into a channel  where it will remain until the DOAE where they are all picked up and placed on the scapegoat and burnt up in hell! The blood has performed its role by 12 o’clock and it now up to the body of Christ to perform its role. To act as a scaffold for all our sins, go into the fires of hell and have them burnt into nothing. So I am seriously thinking of changing ‘sin offering’ into: “Death by separation of body and blood of Jesus Christ where the blood will be used for the cleansing of anything that sin has defiled and placing unintentional sin in such a place where it will be placed onto the body of Christ, taken to hell and burnt into oblivion! Leaves an acronym of DBSOBABOJCWTHBWBUFTCOATHDAPUSISAPWIWBOC,TOHABIO. I could shorten this a bit by leaving the comma out of it! I don’t hold out any hope of making either fame or fortune for my acronym

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writing ability! I will keep the day job whilst I perfect these skills! But back to the serious matter of comparing GFPMC to DOA21, the start of the return journey of the bride to Heaven and the end, that entry through the doorway onto the new earth. The sin offering on GFPMC is represented by different animals depending on what phase in under focus and has already been discussed but there is still so much more to learn and will be left until later. [The sin offering of the DOA21 is a different matter. There is only one issue involved, one being involved and one sin involved; Jesus Christ. He was the only being on GFPMC also but there were two types of sin; intentional and unintentional but here there is only one, unintentional and it is not our sins it is the sins of Jesus Christ which are involved. Will they be given any different treatment to what our sins received? Here the sin offering is the dove or the pigeon. It may actually be a chance to learn something about ‘sin’ and burnt offerings. DBSOBABOJCWTHBWBUFTCOATHDAPUSISAPWIWBOC,TOHABIO. Might give this one a miss until I can find a talented musician to put music and lyrics to it.

The sin offering of DOA21 was a pigeon/turtledove whilst for GFPMC we will take as a lamb initially, or say a thousand times heavier animal. The grading cannot be on the number of sins because on DOA21 Jesus took on all unconfessed unintentional sins for all of His creation whereas on GFPMC were only the sins of the bride, the ewe-lamb. There probably weren’t seven billion and seventy trillion but there would have been many more sins for the DOA21. So if number is not a factor then what does determine the animal symbol?

If not quantity then what about quality? GFPMC were confessed sins but DOA21 were unconfessed sins. Again they were only unconfessed sins until Jesus took them on Himself and they became confessed, so ultimately they were all confessed and regardless sin is sin. It is the separation from God and therefore from life itself. It must result in death; ‘you will surely die!’. If it is not quantity nor quality then what about consequences? If GFPMC had not occurred then not one person could go the Heaven, everyone must go to hell. Without DOA21 those in heaven would have to stay in the tent of meeting inside the old Heavens forever. They would never be allowed through the doorway onto the new earth and ultimately into the New Jerusalem. Consequences maybe? But if it is not state of the sinner then it must state of the forgiver.

The bride and bridegroom were married at the first opportunity, when the fine linen, the Holy Spirit became available when it returned back to Heaven. The bridegroom knew that the journey could only go far. The bride would not be allowed through the doorway onto the new earth. He could and she couldn’t. If DOA21 fell through they were already married for the eternities to come. He knew that this was going to be a very painful separation but the love that existed within this marriage, coupled to Him leaving her with the Holy Spirit should be the best chance of her coming through it. We have already had a glimpse of how badly the bride took it all by the efforts that were required to get her back on her feet again. But just how badly did the bridegroom feel about this separation which He knew would be about three and half years?

If He felt that badly why did He not offer the offering for the very poor, why the one, one up from here, the pigeon/turtledove. One reason is that He had not lost His bride, she was coming back albeit after much pain and suffering. Had she known what her sin would do to her bridegroom she would

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never have committed them! But the main reason why He does not offer the fine flour is because He can’t.*****He offers the lowest one that He can; the pigeon or turtledove. The flour can only be offered if someone else is offering a blood sacrifice at the same time. This is a sin offering and without the shedding of blood there can be no remission of sins. This is the only sin sacrifice that is being offered and therefore it must contain blood. But you might say; ‘What about the burnt offering to be made soon after? Doesn’t it contain a blood offering?’ Well it does but as we are about to see that the sin offering is about the living and the burnt offering is about the dead. The moment Jesus dies and the blood here is not a sin offering.

It is 9am on Sabbath the 10th of July, 486 year and only three and a half years to go to finish Daniel’s 7 lots of seventy or year 490 and the Day of Atonement (DOA21) has begun. Blacked for a moment so I can’t tell you exactly how Jesus was put on this cross but He is there now. It is the period of light so we can see clearly now what is going on. This is the time where the sin offering is active and yes there is blood coming out of His hands and feet so they must have been pierced by nails. But I can’t go on as an active participant it is just too emotionally draining. I can’t let Jesus into my life to this degree yet and will continue as a third party observer. It is easy enough to see why there are three hours of darkness from 12 to 3; 70 trillion sins, each of which requires a plea of guilty being entered into, followed by suffering and ultimately death is going to take a lot of time but the first three hours are only pipelining those sins and collecting Jesus’ blood to be used for cleansing. That cleansing did not take place until after 3pm on GFPMC and probably also on DOA21.

So the arrangement of the sins plus some other activity does take the three hours and the arrangement shows us where even though Jesus has taken these sins and confessed to them we have no doubt who the perpetrator is. If there is one thing that is desperately needed now and that is darkness. The saints have come through the first three hours of seeing their Jesus o the cross, but only just. They would not be able to survive another three hours of watching Jesus writhing in pain, especially seeing their own sins come up. It would simply kill them. What blessed relief when almost total darkness descends! But they still can see and feel so much so that when Jesus accepts the last sin, pleads guilty and suffers for it the chimes strike three o’clock and it also their last breath. With that last breath they offer this figure on the altar/cross, to God as the burnt sacrifice. Cross and all! It may be an act of sheer desperation but it is all dependent on God now! It was their last lunge!

There are a number of scenarios that could now be played out at three, between three and four and at four pm. What is missing from GFPMC is that Jesus will not be forsaken by God. That angle of punishment was already carried by Jesus for six days before the DOA21 began. It must be kept in mind here that we are still on earth’s side of the doorway to Heaven. Jesus is still fully man/God. It is the humanity of Jesus that has died, not His divinity. The marriage vow remains intact, there is no breakage at this point. But it is all over; ‘It is finished!’ All sin has gone, all shades, makes and models! But there is also a lot of almost lifeless bodies out there. They can’t be totally lifeless as it is they who would have broken the marriage vow; until death do us part. No as far as both parties are concerned the vow stands. Looking at some of the scenarios;

Scenario one and following GFPMC at 3pm is that the divinity of Jesus Christ takes His divine blood and cleanses what needed cleansing as what happened on GFPMC. Satan would have made a point of defiling the limbo we are in to his maximum capacity whilst he was still allowed into this area. Jesus cleanses limbo. The doorway between limbo and the new earth has been in contact with defiled limbo. Jesus cleanses the doorway. Despite the fact that I have abandoned to use of sweet and crisp acronym

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for sin offering, DBSOBABOJCWTHBWBUFTCOATHDAPUSISAPWIWBOC,TOHABIO I continue to struggle with the concept of sin offering. Sin has been in contact with God on His throne holding the scroll that all creation voted Jesus as being worthy of accepting the scroll and breaking its seals. It was at 3pm of GFPMC and the sin present at the time was Noah, the twenty four thrones and many other holy people. The defilement may have been cleansed when they left with the blood Jesus had just brought to Heaven with Him, but it still was there even if only for a matter of seconds.

How does this transfer down to Jesus accepting all those unconfessed unintentional sins left over after the wicked had been burnt up? Like Paul near the throne this was a special case. The situation is that Jesus Christ the creator is staring at a mountain of sins left by His creation. It was as divinity that Jesus created the world and it could be as divinity that He now accepts its remaining sins. If this is the case then because Jesus is a part of the new Heaven and earth then they will also have to be cleansed by this sinless blood. The three to four pm timeslot Jesus’ body remains dead on the cross and at 4pm instead of His side being opened up to release all that blood, it is miraculously closed after all His blood is gathered. The blood from DOA21, from GFPMC and anywhere else it may have been spilt. All the blood of Jesus Christ. But if all this blood is poured against the altar/cross and absorbed by the body of Christ then the burnt offering is a total offering, body and blood combined. Leviticus one and sixteen tell us they still must be separate, blood is thrown against the altar but it is separate. Resurrection Sunday must be some other time. We do present our passports but it could be over a period of time or they may be checked over a period of time, but it does take a matter of hours before Resurrection Sunday. Jesus Christ as pigeon/turtledove does come off a deep low for both bride and bridegroom!

The sin offering of GFPMC has already been looked at. Jesus as lamb came to collect the sheep, not the goats. He is our Sheppard, He is our Lamb and also our Ram. He is one with us now if we choose Him to be so. But He is ewe-lamb with us on GFPMC but because of the ‘spill over’ of sins, particularly the unconfessed, unintentional sins He is also male Lamb. Or DOA21 which completes the picture of sin. He is bull in exceptional of all cases. When it involves the high priest or the whole congregation. But I think it also involves the situation here as we saw in trying to get this lot of people onto their feet, who for all intentional purposes are dead. What they have been through and what they did with what they thought was their last breath; their offering of Jesus Christ as the burnt offering. We couldn’t do this after GFPMC because sin still abounded everywhere, it could only be done in a sinless environment, it was our passport into Heaven. The beauty of the Heavenly angels coupled with Jesus offering Himself as bull was what actually not only got us breathing again but onto our feet. This will obviously be a highlight in the soon summary of the Book of Numbers as we approach the halfway point.— The burnt offering is the biases of our relationship with God in the eternal Heavens, it is the last offering before entry into that heaven and the first offering upon entry into that Heaven. It is the biases of the Lord’s Supper but for the first 451 days it is also anticipation that this supper will soon be joined by the drink offering; the blood of Christ! It is the culmination of body and blood implied and body and blood applied. Well the marriage has survived, ‘until death do us part’, what about, ‘What God has joined let no man put asunder’, how does Heaven protect this Heavenly marriage?

If today you asked many Christians today the importance of giving the ground a Sabbath rest every seven years, leaving it fallow? Most would reply that it wouldn’t matter. Under God’s government, theocracy, that the Jews were under it was a law and of such significance that God made it an issue to begin last day events. When the Jew had not left the ground fallow for the seventh time (7*7=49) God stepped in and put them into Babylonian captivity for forty nine years and the ground did get its rest!

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Babylon became the head of the statue and end days had begun. The countdown to GFPMC had begun. Today we are not under God’s government so we are not obliged to give the ground a rest, nor is it sinful to eat pork, dogs or keep all those other rules and regulations but we can’t go wrong in assuming that God would not have forbade them if they were not harmful and if there is anyone who should know why then it should be God! This was now the start of the Heavenly journey and no doubt the end of the Heavenly journey will entail leaving the ground unworked one year in seven also.

The issue of the Sabbath is far clearer at the first coming of our Lord. Out of all the issues of the times that Jesus could have died for, He chose that issue to be the Sabbath. He knew that when He cured the man with a withered hand on the Sabbath that the Jews would meet and decide to kill Him which is exactly what happened. Jesus would not have died for something which would soon be abolished!

The Sabbath will also be the issue at the second coming but in an indirect way. When the sleeping church wakes up and realises what dire trouble it is in, it turns to the blessings of God as the only way out and as a last resort puts God to His word; it tries the Sabbath! What a difference a day makes!

But if Numbers 15 was about the trials and survival of the marriage as far as the death do us part was concerned then the last few paragraphs are about; let no man put asunder. And the vetting process is around the Sabbath. We have just been through a Sabbath to show its significance on a Heavenly scale and now on an earthly scale how it will be used to separate those men if given a chance will put this Heavenly marriage asunder. There were many people around and every sin in the book being committed but the Holy Spirit chooses to make a very serious sin the issue; the Sabbath Commandment; all the people were involved and the verdict came from God; ‘Guilty’ and he was to be stoned to death! So if the Sabbath commandment is no longer applicable then which of the others are? What meaning does verse 40 have? ‘so that you may remember to do all My commandments and be holy to your God.’


Verses 1-11 ; ‘Now Korah the son of Izhar , the son of Kohath, the son of Levi, with Dathan and Abiram, the sons of Eliab and On the son of Peleth, took action and rose up before Moses, together with some of the sons of Israel, two hundred and fifty leaders of the congregation, chosen in the assembly, men of renown. They assembled together against Moses and Aaron, and said to them, “You have gone far enough, for all the congregation are holy, every one of them, and the Lord is in their midst; so why do you exalt yourselves above the assembly of the Lord”? When Moses heard this, he fell on his face; and he spoke to Korah and all his company, saying, “Tomorrow morning the Lord will show who is His, and who is holy, and will bring him near to Himself; even the one whom He will choose, He will bring near to Himself. Do this; take censers for yourself, Korah and all your company, and put fire in them, and lay incense upon them in the presence of the Lord tomorrow; and the man whom the Lord chooses shall be the one who is holy. You have gone far enough, you sons of Levi!” Then Moses said to Korah, “Hear now, you sons of Levi, is it not enough for you that the God of Israel has separated you from the rest of the congregation of  Israel, to bring you near to Himself, to do the service of the tabernacle of the Lord, and to stand before the congregation to minister to them; and that He has brought you near, Korah, and all your brothers, sons of Levi, with you? And you are seeking for the priesthood also? Therefore you and all your company are gathered together against the Lord; but as for  Aaron, who is he that you grumble against him?”’

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Verses 12-50;  ‘Then Moses sent a summons to Dathan and Abiram, the sons of Eliab; but they said, “We will not come up. Is it not enough that you have brought us up of a land flowing with milk and honey to have us die in the wilderness, but you will also lord it over us? Indeed, you have not brought us into a land flowing with milk and honey, nor have you given us an inheritance of fields and vineyards. Would you put out the eyes of these men? We will not come up!”

Then Moses became very anger and said to the Lord, “ Do not regard their offering! I have not taken a single donkey from them, nor have I done harm to any of them.” Moses said to Korah, “You and all your company be present before the Lord tomorrow, both you and they along with Aaron. Each of you take his firepan and put incense on it, and each of you bring his censer before the Lord, two hundred and fifty firepans; and you and Aaron shall each bring his firepan.” So they each took his own censer and put fire on it, and laid incense on it; and they stood at the doorway of the tent of meeting, with Moses and Aaron. Thus Korah assembled all the congregation against them at the doorway of the tent of meeting. And the glory of the Lord appeared  to all the congregation. Then the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying, “Separate yourselves from among this congregation, that I may consume them instantly.” But they fell on their faces and said, “O God, God of the spirits of all flesh, when one man sins, will you be angry with the entire congregation?” Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the congregation, saying, ‘Get back from around the dwellings of Korah, Dathan and Abiram.’”

Then Moses arose and went to Dathan and Abiram, with the elders of Israel following him, and he spoke to the congregation, saying, “ Depart now from the tents of these wicked men, and touch nothing that belongs to them, or you will be swept away in all their sin.” So they got back from around the dwellings of Korah, Dathan and Abiram; and Dathan and Abiram came out and stood at the doorway of their tents, along with their wives and their sons and their little ones. Moses said, “By this you shall know that the Lord has sent me to do all these deeds; for this is not my doing. If these men die the death of all men or if they suffer the fate of all men, then the Lord has not sent me. But if the Lord brings about an entirely new thing and the ground opens its mouth and swallows them up with all that is theirs, and they descend alive into Sheol, Then you will understand that these men have spurned the Lord.”

As he had finished speaking all these words, the ground that was under them split open; and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up, and their households, and all the men who belonged to Korah with their possessions. So they and all that belonged to them went down alive to Sheol; and the earth closed over them, and they all perished from the midst of the assembly. All Israel who were around them fled at their outcry, for they said, “the earth may swallow us up!” Fire also came forth from the Lord and consumed the two hundred and fifty men who were offering the incense.

Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Say to Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, that he shall take up the censers out of the midst of the blaze, for they are holy; and you scatter the burning coals abroad. As for the censers of these men who have sinned at the cost of their lives, let them be made into hammered sheets for a plating of the altar, since they did present them before the Lord and they are holy; and they shall be a sign to the sons of Israel.” So Eleazar the priest took the bronze censers which the men who were burned had offered, and they hammered them out as a plating for the altar, as a reminder to the sons of Israel that no layman who is not of the descendants of Aaron should come near to burn incense before the Lord; so that he will not become like Korah and his company—just as the Lord had spoken to him through Moses.

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But on the next day all the congregation of the sons of Israel grumbled against Moses and Aaron, saying, “You are the ones who have caused the death of the Lord’s people.” It came about, however, when the congregation had assembled against Moses and Aaron, that they had turned towards the tent of meeting, and behold, the cloud covered it and the glory of the Lord appeared. Then Moses and Aaron came to the front of the tent of meeting, and the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Get away from among this congregation, that I may consume them instantly.” Then they fell on their faces. Moses said to Aaron, “Take your censer and put in it fire from the altar, and lay incense on it; then bring it quickly to the congregation and make atonement for them, for wrath has gone forth from the Lord, the plague has begun!” Then Aaron took it as Moses had spoken, and ran into the midst of the assembly, for behold , the plague had begun among the people. So he put on the incense and made atonement for the people. He took his stand between the dead and the living, so that the plague was checked. But those who had died by the plague were 14,700, besides those who had died on account of Korah. Then Aaron returned to Moses at the doorway of the tent of Meeting, for the plague had been checked.’

[No blog from yesterday as computer only finished updating itself late last night. No entry allowed before] My first impression was to give Korah’s rebellion the wide berth. So much will have to be rewritten. If it was the Heavenly congregation that grumbled then they have all sinned. The angels are not angels in shiny armour because they have sinned and will require Jesus to atone for their sins or they must go to hell themselves! But if this is the earthly view of the rebellion that took place in Heaven way back at creation then to deny commentary would leave a foundational truth ignored and would make the claim that Revelation is a summary of the Bible invalid, and I could not resist the morsel; Korah was a Levite. Some background before commenting on the text. During this commentary I hope to establish that chapters fifteen and sixteen give details of events that occurred during the revolt in Heaven way back at creation.

The issue involved in that first revolt in Heaven was the Sabbath. God was with His people, Adam and Eve as they celebrated those early Sabbaths together. The angelic hosts, including satan were there also. It was so awesome, so breathtakingly beautiful satan said to God, ‘ I want to be able to do this also, give me the power to create!’ That is not the excuse Korah used. The excuse that Korah used was; We are all equal, we are all holy why do you two promote yourselves to be above the rest of us?’ Korah was not seeking a promotion of one level but two. Not just Levite, and up to the next level to priest but onto High Priest as well. Equality with Aaron who was the high priest. All angels are Levites, including satan to serve as ministering servants of God. The Heavenly equivalent of Korah to priest and onto high priest was satan onto Jesus Christ the creator and onto the eternal priesthood of Melchizedek.

Korah’s argument was wrong, satan’s request absurd. Korah was asking God to make all glasses one size, all pots in Heaven equal size. Never has and never will happen. There will always be a hierarchy in Heaven; God, bridegroom, bride but the glasses are of different sizes. We can worship God to the full extent of our ability, and we can all be holy but that does not make my glass the same size as the apostle Paul’s glass. Satan’s argument/demand to be like Melchizedek is absurd. Melchizedek had no mother or father, no genealogy, no beginning or end. The no end is going to apply to the bride but to say he had no beginning you would have to equate evil, which has no beginning and somewhere along the line make it good? That sound like an issue to be placed before cosmologists who seem to be able to deal with absurdities rather well. Well they are the earthly combatants and their arguments, how does Heaven respond?

Page 208

Heavens grounds for rejection of these arguments is; the man will gather wood on the Sabbath. By giving satan the power to create would at least diminish and at most abolish the significance of the Sabbath. His creative acts would take away from the creative acts of Melchizedek which are supposed to be the focus for the act of redemption. If you don’t or can’t believe Me that I can do something as to die for you on the cross then just look at what I have done in my acts of creation! From that earthly step look up and wonder at the Heavenly one!

As we will be looking at the history of satan it is best to see what else Scripture tells us about him.2 Peter 2:4; ‘For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but sent them to hell, putting them into gloomy dungeons to be held for judgment;’ and satan during the millennium and after have already been extensively covered. Returning to the text.

This rebellion was not a lone wolf affair. The instigator was Korah/satan but he didn’t need to try to bring Dathan and Abiram and On. As I do not know how many sons Reuben had I will assume he had six so that the core of the rebellion was ten people. They went out and convinced two hundred and fifty leaders from the congregation. (total 260). They are prepared to start the first religious war which like most religious wars did not have anything to do with religion, it was about power and authority. Moses and Aaron were different because God made them to be so.

The issue was to be determined by God and offerings of fire and incense in bronze censers by both parties were to be placed before God. The answers are given at two levels and both are recorded here in Scripture. The result of the rebellion here and now is given as well as when all evil angels are thrown into hell. Korah/satan only are thrown into hell eight days before the DOA21****

These are the issues of verses 28-30. In verse 8 Moses addresses the sons of Levi. Out of all the angels that God created He chose a very special group to surround Himself with; the Levites and this is the gratitude that He gets. Seeking a promotion of one rank to priesthood is one thing but to the rank of Aaron is another thing altogether. There can only be one high priest, one Aaron. That is God’s rule!

Dathan and Abiram, the fence sitters are an interesting case. They are the leaders of this rebellion but they want to lead it from the side lines. They know the result, they will be thrown into Peter’s fires of hell where they are going to spend seven thousand odd years until the end of the millennium when that golden censer is thrown down from Heaven and releases them. They will then have another eight hundred odd years before final judgment and punishment by which time they will have added to their tallies of evil. They ignore the summons, they are staying put. This angers Moses as he wants to hear their allegations and be able to answer them. He asks God to disregard their allegations in the meantime. They are still all summonsed to appear before God tomorrow but Dathan and Abram have a no show again.

The next day God’s first intention is to take the destruction of these people through to stage two; that of the 2/7/486. All evil is thrown into hell but with the pleadings of Moses and Aaron changes that to stage one, to the intermediate of Peter’s fires. Just take the real badies, the rebellion leaders out and throw them into Peter’s fire. As Dathan and Abiram are no shows again Moses and the elders go to them. We know why they did not come but how that affected the result is difficult to tell. Staying at home certainly did not help them. It clearly marked out their territory and ensured that Korah/satan was not swallowed up into those fires that Peter writes about. Had they turned up as summoned they also may not have had to spend those seven thousand odd years in the abyss. Moses/Jesus is also setting the standard; He is going to prove he was sent by God and the event that will prove this

Page 209

is that if Dathan and Abiram die a natural death then God did not send Moses/Jesus but if something new happens and the ground opens it mouth up and swallows them alive into hell it will prove that God sent Moses/Jesus and these wicked people have spurned God. The earth opens its mouth up twice; once now as this lot are thrown into Peter’s fires or abyss and finally and last and foremost on the 2/7/486 to consume all evil. In both times it brought about something new, initially in Heaven and finally here on planet earth. It is the 8,000 odd years between these events that require further discussion.

As Moses finished speaking the earth opened up and swallowed Dathan, Abiram, their families and possessions as well as those of Korah, but not Korah/satan himself. This gives us a surprisingly low number in the abyss today waiting to be released. The human relations of Korah, Dathan and Abiram. Even the two hundred and fifty leaders who they convinced to rebel did not get swallowed up into Sheol they were burnt up by fire that came from God. We are not told of what happened to On and Reuben’s sons.

The two hundred and fifty censers/firepans that the wicked leaders filled with coal and incense are not GFPMC but a prelude to it. Yes they did involve sin offering, yes there was the fires of hell, yes there was bronze metal left behind and yes the bronze metal was hammered out and used to line the altar/cross. But these offerings were from evil people and GFPMC involves the sins of the saints. The cross however has been lined/prepared for its principal role on GFPMC; It has been cleansed by fire!  The lesson that the Israelites were supposed to learn from this was that no layman who is not a descendant of Aaron should come near and  burn incense before the Lord. But it was Moses who told them to do it! Does Moses/Jesus give instructions to people so that they will get struck down by the anger of God?

The problem was that these 250 evil leaders thought they were holy and on par with Aaron. Had Moses said to them not to bring coals and incense but Aaron did, they would have replied, ‘Of course God accepted Aaron’s offering and not ours, his was of the right format.’ No if they were equal then so did their offerings have to be equal. The results showed they were not equal!

But these two hundred and fifty firepans/censers are but symbolic of what was to occur over the next 7,777 years. **** This presents us with a very significant issue, a do and die issue. If we try to offer incense to God and we are not descendants of Aaron we will be struck down by God. What did the tearing of the curtain into the tent of meeting on GFPMC actually do to those Levites come firstborn males way back in the Sinai desert in Egypt on Good Friday Passover Egypt? (GFPE). Have we been miraculously transformed from Levites to priests? Before attempting to answer these and other theological questions I want to finish this chapter first. Also as this is the first run through chapter 16 we are allowed to generate a pot of fluid ideas. Verse 41 and onwards.

‘But on the next day ALL the congregation of the sons of Israel grumbled against Moses and Aaron….’ If chapter 16 is an earthly enactment of what happened back  in Heaven, then ALL of the angels complained and all of the angels sinned. Every single one of them. This is not the picture I have painted up to now, sinless beings frequenting all parts of creation including the Most Holy Place. Well they were in the Most Holy Place once along with Paul, Noah and many other sinful beings. But for the rest of their existence they will spend in the same place as the redeemed will spend the first

Page 210

part of their Heavenly journey of 1,800 odd years. And they need the cross for their atonement. But which cross? GFPMC or DOA22?

The plague that broke out would have killed every angel. It killed more than 14,699 but less 14,701, it killed 14,700. In angelic terms that was one third of the angels. It only stopped killing when Aaron intervened with a censer with fire from the altar/cross and incense laid on it. It only stopped when those who had committed intentional sin were thrown out of Heaven. Only those angels who had committed unintentional sin remained and the place where unconfessed unintentional sins are atoned for is the Day of Atonement. (DOA22) If the original number of angelic hosts was three hundred million, then there are two hundred million up there in Heaven and one hundred million have been thrown down to earth, along with satan. There are very few in Peter’s fires. Both the Heavens and the earth were vastly different before and after those two days of drama!

Returning to the thorny question as to why Korah/satan being the leader of this rebellion did not finish up in the abyss along with the other evil leaders. Satan does get a stint of one thousand years in the abyss but misses out on the other seven thousand the others got. What if he had been locked up and the world run by the beast and those relatively benign hundred million angels just like will happen during the coming millennium? Evil certainly would have taken longer to peak than it did at the first and second coming of our Lord. Instead of one millennium without satan what would seven millennia look like without him? And when finally released we would have been in Heaven for a thousand years, so he would not be a problem for us. A part of the answer may lay within that seven thousand year period, or the majority of all time and of all time as far as the saints are concerned. A time without satan?

But the fact remains that Korah/satan were not just a part of the rebellion, they were the instigators, the leaders of  this rebellion and as such should have been the first thrown into the fires that Peter describes in (2Pet2:3,4) It should also be pointed out that this is not a rebellion by the Levites of Heaven but only one of their members who should have known better. He made it sound that this war was going to over religion but had nothing to do with religion at all as most wars over religion have done since. Perhaps following the two hundred and fifty firepans/censers might help.

There were actually 252 firepans/censers. Two hundred and fifty belonging to the leaders who were ‘converted’ by the original gang of ten (?), who were burnt up by the fire of God and whose censers were retrieved as glowing bronze metal and hammered into sheets to line the altar/cross with. Today they are dead, not in the abyss awaiting judgment and not in that lot that rebelled the next day and await to be brought back to life at the end of the millennium along with all the other wicked dead. One extra censer belonged to Aaron and is never in question. He was obviously a descendant of Aaron, he was Aaron and it was his duty to offer censers of incense placed onto burning coals taken from the altar/cross.

That only leaves one censer to go; that of Korah/satan. He either was or was not the only Levite present. If there were other Levites present, aren’t all angels supposed to be ministering bodies of God or Levites then that did not save any of them. Dathan the Levite went, Abiram the Levite went, On the Levite went as did all the original instigators go. Conclusion: Korah/satan were spared because they were to only Levites. But that still fails the expulsion/kill test on two grounds; a Levite is not a descendent of Aaron and is therefore not allowed to offer incense in a firepan. The firepan/censer of Korah should have been destroyed along with those other 250 firepans and Korah himself should have been burnt up by the same fire! But he wasn’t! So why was this Korah come Page 211

Levite allowed to do what only decedents of Aaron could do? The answer lies in the bronze firepans/censers that were hammered out and the cross/altar were lined with. It is a prelude to GFPMC and a prelude to the tearing of the curtain in the tent of meeting where Levites walked in and became priests and kings. It is bronze and not gold, silver or iron and clay. It is the thigh of the statue of evil; Greece and democracy and the thigh in the statue of good; Heaven and theocracy. It is the statue of bronze of the snake in the desert that Moses is soon to make, by looking at which people who have been bitten by sin will be saved, but we still have seven chapters to prepare ourselves for that event. Hopefully here we may also see why there are so few in the evil abyss that Peter spoke of. Particularly why weren’t those 250 leaders not thrown in there? Why were they burnt outright but Dathan and Abiram and a few others thrown into the abyss where they are receiving an extra seven thousand odd years of suffering? Can they be punished for not offering illegal censers and they knew anyway that would result in them being burnt up?

Despite the many unanswered questions I have learnt much from chapter sixteen. If it is indeed the re-enactment of the original revolt in Heaven then that revolt shook Heaven to its core where it along with planet earth will remain trembling until we are in the new Heavens and earth and we see and count down the disappearance of the old. Hour by hour, second by second! It threatened the very existence of eternity had not God put that line in the sand between intentional and unintentional sin. But thanks be to God He did! The battle/war was fought over two days with the combatants and issues and results being established on the first day and the consequences that occurred on the second day. Evil lied when they tried to make this war over religion, over holiness but is was a war of power and greed with the ultimate destruction of the pointer to Christ the redeemer. It is Christ the creator, the first book in the Bible; Genesis. It is about destroying the day for this Christ; Sabbath. It is about; the man who gathers wood on the Sabbath and who must be stoned to death. The issue why the instigator of this rebellion is not now in the abyss Peter spoke about has not yet been resolved but it certainly would be a different world without him just like it will be when he is thrown into the abyss at the start of the millennium.

What happened to our Heavenly friends shows just how deeply evil has been ingrained from the beginning and changes the outlook of both GFPMC and DOA22. They were heavily involved and the question of re-admittance after DOA22 has changed. ___.

[ total crash trying to recover] Even though I can see odd links in verse 28 forward and backward in time I am not sure whether  they are in order let alone significance so I will leave them in abeyance  until Scripture throws more light on them.



Verses 1-12; Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the sons of Israel, and get from them a rod for each father’s household: twelve rods, from all their leaders according to their fathers’ households. You shall write each name on each rod, and write Aaron’s name on the rod of Levi; for there is one rod for the head of their father’s households. You shall then deposit them in the tent of meeting in front of the testimony, where I meet you. It will come about that the rod of the man whom I choose will sprout. Thus I will lessen upon Myself the grumblings of the sons of Israel, who are grumbling against you.” Moses therefore spoke to the sons of Israel, and all their leaders gave

Page 212

him a rod apiece, for each leader according to their fathers’ households, twelve rods, with the rod of Aaron among the rods. So Moses deposited the rods before the Lord in the tent of the testimony.

Now on the next day Moses went into the tent of the testimony; and behold, the rod of Aaron for the house of Levi had sprouted and put forth buds and produced blossoms, and it bore ripe almonds. Moses then brought out all the rods from the presence of the Lord to all the sons of Israel ; and they looked, and each man took his rod. But the Lord said to Moses, “Put back the rod of Aaron before the testimony to be kept as a sign against the rebels, that you may put an end to their grumblings against Me, so that they will not die.” Thus Moses did; just as the Lord had commanded him, so he did. Then the sons of Israel spoke to Moses, saying, “Behold, we perish, we are dying, we are all dying! Everyone who comes near, who comes near to the tabernacle of the Lord, must die. Are we to perish completely?”

It is easy enough to see how events played out in Heaven but not as easy on earth. In Heaven after the grumblings and the plague, those judged to have committed intentional sin along with the last and original ringleader, Korah/satan , were all thrown down to earth where their ultimate destiny is death and Moses wants it recorded what new things will happen after they are swallowed up by the fires of hell. But even up here things for the remaining angels do not return back to normal just like that. They know that by their grumblings they have upset God and that He may send further punishment especially on the tribe who started the rebellion; the Levites. On earth after Korah’s rebellion the Israelites lost at worst one in thirty and it could be as low as one in a thousand of their people, up here in Heaven they lost one in three! No wonder the unease. How is God going to settle them down? They are frightened if they go near the tabernacle they will be killed. That is not quite true. Before the angels sinned they could go anywhere but since they sinned they cannot go inside the tabernacle because they would die with what I will call the Noah/Paul exception. The next time that they will be able to go inside the tabernacle is with us the saints once we have done our homework on the new earth in the 451 days that have been allotted to us.

On earth this is more difficult to translate. Here a Levite called Korah has led a massive rebellion against God which led to within a whisker of God’s people, all of them, being killed. And many were killed. The problem that arises is that Korah was not killed. Could this demon possessed person be let back into the community? Most unlikely even though there still seemed to be sympathy for him. Most likely he was just banished, on your bike! But he did generate and leave many problems behind. Satan remained in the background of Heaven and Korah remained an exile on earth.

Even though  all Heaven and all Israelites needed placating, the Levites needed the most. It was one of them who had led the rebellion that had caused this turmoil. It was they who feared that God would take such measures as to stop any future rebellion, but the exact opposite happened. It was Aaron’s stick that budded, blossomed and produced the almond and then taken into the presence of God in the tabernacle. It alone stood out and as Aaron was the father of the Levite tribe so did the Levites. God bore no grudges! Better still they above all tribes are about to receive the VIP treatment!

Having threaded the timeline back into the original rebellion in Heaven, now simplifies things no end. The dichotomy that is now established is Levite and Aaron, bud and bloom, firepan 251 and firepan 252, it is before and after GFPMC, it is before and after the temple curtain was torn and when all tied together it is called an almond! Next thing we will see those firepans/censers of those 250 leaders who rebelled being hammered out and lining the altar; Moses’ bronze snake in the desert! I certainly pray so!

Page 213

When Jesus created the Heavens and all that was in them on day four of His creative acts all the waters were smooth and tranquil. Rebellion did not begin immediately, in fact Korah was the son of Levi. But trouble did arise and it was Levite rebellion. Forget Korah/satan they were players for a while, they have been moved into the background and will finally disappear in the flames of hell. The Bible is not about them it is about the people of God and the influences that played out in their lives. Satan was just one of them. But in the history of God’s people it was the Levite that did the dummy spit first. In His effort to make the bride in His own image it was the creature that looked like a man, humanity that failed first. The Levite. It was divinity, the creature that looks like an eagle that took over. It was the Israelites, priests, high priest and Moses in the sacrificial system that carried the banner and their representative was Aaron. It was theocracy, the creature that looked like a lion that held them together and would be soon replaced by the Holy Spirit. And without the ox, the sacrificial blood there would be no God’s people. The sacrificial system was the bud and it could not flower until it had been watered by blood. If it were to blossom then it would require a great deal of nurture, of tender loving care! It had to be placed aside and above all others in the direct care of God!

And the watering did come and brought with it an amazing array of change. GFPMC and time of the earth’s existence is divided by two. God’s people decide they want out. Not only do they reject Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour they kill Him on Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC) This was not just ordinary blood that was shed on that day. Within 1,260 days it had caused the flower to blossom, that well looked after Levite and to take the banner away from ‘God’s people’, the woman of Revelation who by this time had become particularly hostile. The Levite came in through the torn curtain and into an empty tent of meeting to serve as priest. He always had that connection, Aaron was the father of his tribe. It was the blood of the ox that joined the creature that looked like a man to the creature that looked like an eagle, it was the blood of the ox that allowed the transformation from theocracy to rule by the Holy Spirit the creature that looks like a lion and it is the blood of the ox that will ultimately join the real God to us, the image of God, the bride and bridegroom. And the depth of that union is the wonder of eternity!

But the baton changes at GFPMC from Aaron’s line to Levite, God’s chosen, first born males who did not die on GFP in Egypt, the Christian church and changes you would expect from someone going to wedding and coming home from the wedding. The Christian church now carries the flag for about two thousand years when the bud is joined back again. In the last forty five days before Jesus’ second coming they walk hand in hand to meet their bridegroom. Bud and blossom now do not produce some fruit that will quickly spoil they produce a hard long lasting fruit; the almond. The Levite was the first to go astray but came good then it was the turn of the Aaronic priesthood to go astray and only come good in the nick of time and now we go back to the spot of day four of creation. Much evil  has passed through under the bridge but that evil had to be expunged even though it involved such suffering and pain. At the start in Heaven the losses were one in three and at the end the losses could be as high as one in two. That includes Aaron’s both buds and blossoms. The sieving is indeed very thorough.  But what about the 252 firepans/censers?

The reason why firepan/censer 252 comes through untouched it the same as the reason why satan is not killed along with the 250, or the evil  leaders, the original band of ten who scored a ‘bonus’ of seven thousand years in the abyss. The leader of the rebellion gets one thousand for doing at least the same and probably much more evil. And at least Dathan and Abiram stood their ground and pleaded guilty. Firepan holder, 251, Aaron was the correct holder until GFPMC but it was the Levite position, minus Korah and satan who were going to be the holders after GFPMC and God is not going to kill

Page 214

someone for something he will soon have to do! It was the fact that satan was the holder of this position that saved him temporarily.

The 250 evil leaders held no such insurance, they were not Levites. They had committed intentional sin but so had the hundred odd million of the Heavenly host the next day. God must have judged their sin to be more serious. They tried to make themselves equal with the high priest Aaron the lot the next day grumbled against God. God tried to sooth their grumblings by promoting the Levite tribe via their leader Aaron from the greatest depths, responsible for the rebellion and all those deaths to the highest possible position, inside the tabernacle with Him. The presentation of the twelve rods. Verse twelve is of interest, how close can you go to the Most Holy Place, the tabernacle without being killed? We know that the Israelites were only allowed in the courtyard. There was always the tent of meeting between them and the tabernacle. The Heavenly lot know that they have sinned and this sin will now restrict their access. But they are in the tent of meeting. Perhaps there may be some zone of so many meters where we will have to stay away from. Back to our lot of 250.

They did not have insurance, neither did the leaders gang of ten, other than Korah/satan. If any of the others were Levites they would not have been killed either. The sin they did commit was to make themselves equal with God’s high priest. The gang of ten, other than Korah/satan did not do this. The 250 are judged as evil, no doubts and killed by the fire from God. The gang of ten are given a second chance before they are judged. God seems to be saying to them, ‘I am going to give you a sample of hell and then give you 260 years at the end of the millennium to repent to My two Witnesses. What you will suffer during these seven thousand years is but small change compared to what you will experience in hell. So take advantage of the period of grace at the end of the millennium and repent!’ No such chances are given to the 250 wicked leaders. They are killed on the spot but will be resurrected along with the others and given 260 years of grace. What happens to their firepans/censers? They have been cleansed by fire, they a holy so why can’t they be used again for holy purposes? Why destroy them by hammering them out and using them as a lining for the altar/cross?

And again we have to leave a chapter with many unanswered questions. Were Gabriel and Michael among ‘all’ the congregation who complained? On earth we know Moses and Aaron did not complain so may be the rank of Levite and above in Heaven were not regarded as congregation. They did not appear to be counted as a part of the congregation that were going to be killed in the desert. I think we can safely say that most of the total number of angelic beings sinned by grumbling. The lining of the altar/cross with the bronze from the fire refined firepans remains a thorny issue and unless we can apply these incidents to our own lives, which all the Bible is supposed to be about, they remain as points of interest. And the clincher will come when we see Moses holding up his bronze SNAKE in the desert. Was that firepan number 252?

Numbers chapter 18  Duties of Levites

Verses 1-7; ‘So the Lord said to Aaron, “You and your sons and your father’s household you shall bear the guilt in connection with the sanctuary, and you and your sons with you shall bear the guilt in connection with your priesthood. But bring with you also your brothers, the tribe of Levi, the tribe of your father, that they may join with you and serve you, while you and your sons with you are before the tent of testimony. And you shall thus attend to the obligation of all the tent, but they not come near to the furnishings of the sanctuary and the altar, or both they and you will die. They shall

Page 215

be joined with you and attend to the obligations of the tent of meeting, for all the service of the tent; but an outsider may not come near you. So you shall attend to the obligations of the sanctuary and the obligations of the altar, so that there will no longer be wrath on the sons of Israel. Behold, I Myself have taken your fellow Levites from among the sons of Israel; they are a gift to you, dedicated to the Lord, to perform the service for the tent of meeting. But you and your sons with you shall attend to your priesthood for everything concerning the altar and inside the veil, and you are to perform service . I am giving you the priesthood as a bestowed service, but the outsider who comes near shall be put to death.” ‘

Verses 8-32;


Then the Lord spoke to Aaron, “Now behold, I Myself have given charge of My offerings, Even all the holy gifts of the sons of Israel I have given them to you as a portion and to your sons as a perpetual allotment. This shall be yours from the most holy gifts reserved from the fire; every offering of theirs, even every grain offering and every sin offering and every guilt offering, which they shall render to Me, shall be most holy for you and for your sons. As the most holy gifts you shall eat it; every male shall eat it. It shall be holy to you. This also is yours, the offering of their gift, even all the wave offerings of the sons of Israel; I have given them to you and your sons and daughters with you as a perpetual allotment. Everyone of your household who is clean may eat it. All the best of the fresh oil and all the best of the fresh wine and of the grain, the first fruits of those which they give to the Lord, I give them to you. The first fruits of all that is in their land , which they bring to the Lord, shall be yours; everyone of your household who is clean may eat it. Every devoted thing in Israel shall be yours. Every first issue of the womb of all flesh, whether man or animal, which they offer to the Lord, shall be yours; nevertheless the firstborn of man you shall surely redeem, and the firstborn of unclean animals you shall redeem. As to their redemption price, for a month old you shall redeem them, by your valuation, five shekels in silver, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, which is twenty gerahs. But the firstborn of an ox or the firstborn of a sheep or the firstborn of a goat, you shall not redeem; they are holy. You shall sprinkle their blood on the altar and shall offer up their fat in the smoke as an offering by fire, for a soothing aroma to the Lord. Their meat shall be yours; it shall be yours like the breast of a wave offering and like the right thigh. All of the offerings of the holy gifts, which the sons of Israel offer to the Lord, I have given to you and your sons and daughters with you, as a perpetual allotment. It is an everlasting covenant of salt before the Lord to you and your descendants with you.” Then the Lord said to Aaron, “You shall have no inheritance in their land nor any portion among them; I am your portion and your inheritance among the sons of Israel.

“To the sons of Levi, behold, I have given all the tithe in Israel for an inheritance, in return for their service which they perform, the service of the tent of meeting. The sons of Israel shall not come near the tent of meeting again, or they will bear sin and die. Only Levites shall perform the service of the tent of meeting, and they bear their iniquity; it shall be a perpetual statute throughout your generations, and among the sons of Israel they shall have no inheritance. For the tithe of the sons of Israel , which they offer as an offering to the Lord, I have given to the Levites for an inheritance; therefore I have said concerning them, “They shall no inheritance among the sons of Israel.”’

Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Moreover, you shall speak to the Levites and say to them, ‘When you take from the sons of Israel the tithe which I have given you from them for your inheritance, then you shall present from it an offering to the Lord, a tithe of the tithe. Your offering

Page 216

shall be reckoned to you as the grain from the threshing floor of the full produce from the wine vat. So you shall also present an offering to the Lord from your tithes, which you receive from the sons of Israel; and from it you shall give the Lord’s offering to Aaron the priest. Out of all your gifts you shall present every offering due to the Lord, from all the best of them, the sacred part of them.’ You shall say to them, ‘When you offered from it the best of it, then the rest of it shall be reckoned to the Levites as the product of the threshing floor, and as the product of the wine vat. You may eat it anywhere, you and your households, for your compensation in return for your service in the tent of meeting. You shall bear no sin by reason of it when you have offered the beast of it. But you shall not profane the sacred gifts of the sons of Israel, or you will die.’”

The first seven verses of chapter eighteen are labelled as ‘duties of Levites’. They are these and more. This is a priest-Levite relationship. It is a master, servant relationship of the Old Testament. In verse eight it will turn into a master priest relationship of the New Testament and of eternity. We pass through those two stages. Jesus as our master and we His Levite slave and when we pass inside that torn curtain our relationship changes to Jesus and priest when Jesus allocates all those offerings and gifts to us. So the final foursome becomes; inside circle is the bride and bridegroom, the outside circle is God and Levite, the big picture. God on the throne in Heaven is not going to be sitting around eating offerings from an endless harvest for 24/7. After symbolic offerings they return to us which we eat with gratitude as bounties of God and share with our Heavenly hosts. The sense of taste is a God given miracle and remains in the eternities to come. Does that mean that there are massive water and sewerage treatment plants in Heaven? Not necessarily so. Firstly there is no meat or flesh eaten or offered in Heaven. Secondly just look at a spoiled nappy of a baby on breast milk. There are almost no deposits there. It would not take that much tweaking in Heaven to produce no excrements at all. Its role is to point to Christ as creator which then points to Christ as redeemer.

At first glance Numbers eighteen seems to teach Christianity at two levels; Jesus as master and we as His Levite slaves where we are given the opportunity to pass through the torn curtain in the temple where we change that relationship to Jesus and we His priests when He gives us His possessions. This is indeed a very serious move. We are not only expected to take Levites under our wings but we are responsible for any mistakes that they make! That is a very serious responsibility indeed!  If they make a mistake they die but so do we. And that training of Levites is compulsory. They are a part of our family. So there are three levels of service. God operates within the Most Holy Place, we as priests operate in the tent of meeting, the Holy Place and it is our duty to prepare and train the Levites before the tent of meeting. They are not allowed to come near the furnishings or the altar or you will both die. A theme that has been pronounced up to now and is being emphasised is the holiness of God. If you didn’t know that you weren’t supposed to be there you will still be killed. Whether it was intentional or unintentional makes no difference.

So at this stage the three levels of service appear to be; Firstly we enter life’s Jordan River at the spot  where Jesus parted it for us, not paved but parted it for us. We are now Levites and intently studying the tent of meeting in front of us with priests instructing us on the dos and don’ts. Secondly at a certain point we see the man in white above the waters on the other side of the river and we take the decision now; His beauty is what we want to be a part of, there is no turning back now and we pass through that torn curtain into the tent of meeting. We are now priests, His inheritance is ours. The name of JK is entered into the Book of Life as entry on line, xyz and the number of conception that I occurred at. When I ask what my number is I would think it started with 12 billion and something as I was conceived very late in the history of this earth. The final stage of service is when Jesus pulls me up out of the river to be with Him for the eternities to come; the New Jerusalem.

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I could now give a verse by verse commentary on this chapter and it would be incumbent on me to do so if this was an attempted commentary on the Book of Numbers. As it is not I will only comment on what strikes me as beings salient features. V1; The presence of God in among His people in the tabernacle was of critical importance. How important? Well anyone who messed up was put to death. Duties for looking after it were allocated and it was not just a matter of all care taken but no responsibility accepted. Duties and responsibilities allocated and the penalty for failure for what seemed to be the most minor of infractions was death. There was no room left for guesswork, it was all spelt out for them. Aaron was the captain and he received all the instructions. V2; Looking after this tabernacle was a family affair, an extended family but still a family affair. The women already had roles of critical importance of looking after the basis of not just the Heavenly family but the source of this family, our earthly family. Little wonder gay marriage is such an abomination to God! They are told to specifically include the tribe of Levi as it would soon carry the banner of Christianity after GFPMC. V3; instructions are quite specific as are the results for failure. V4; ‘all the services of the tent’ implies inside and outside, but it is outside that is being referred to. First mention of outsiders. V5; is of  particular interest. God includes the Levites to stop the rest of them grumbling, upsetting God and getting killed.

Yes the Levites had a particular reason for concern. It was their hotshot who had caused all of the latest turmoil, but it wasn’t just the Levites complaining, it was all the congregation. The primary role of the Levite remained. His role was to join the Old Testament and the New Testament together. He was brought up in the Old Testament (OT). He was steeped in it. He had little trouble in passing through the torn curtain. It was a secondary effect the grumbling of the congregation. Although if they did not stop grumbling and God had killed them all,  it may not have been so secondary. V6; is the first of the services.V7; is the second of the services and the strongest statement concerning out siders; even if they come near they shall be put to death.

The scenery changes completely in verse eight, V8; We move in through the curtain, the veil and into the tent of meeting where the priests, minus their Levite brothers perform their duties. My first impression was to stop the commentary here as it involves these duties. But as this involves offerings and sacrifices and sacrifices are one of the main weak links of this blog. I cannot pass on any opportunity to help me to overcome this weakness. V9; we start with a definition,  ‘This shall be yours from the most holy gifts reserved from the fire’. And we start with the most precious and only males can eat them. They have not been reserved for the fire but from the fire. They do not ALL have to be put onto the altar only some and the left over could be eaten by the male members. On a big day like DOA22 or GFPE when there were literally thousands of animals killed they did not all have to burned on the altar. And here we strike our first snag. The ‘most important offering’, the burnt offering is not here and the list begins with the ‘least important offering,’ the grain offering where no blood is shed. The other two which are most holy are there; sin and guilt offerings.

There is a vast array of offerings and sacrifices, but there is only one being Who was offered and sacrificed and unfortunately for Him, even though He does it willingly, is still to be offered and sacrificed and that is the Lord God Jesus Christ. Many cultures and even organisations like the scouts have a god and if you are going to have a god you might as well make him almighty, but it takes an almighty leap in faith and courage when quizzed about your god to add; God Jesus Christ. To use Lord God Jesus Christ as one word is bound to bring ridicule and there is only one guess for the  source of that ridicule. One day He will show us why He does it in two stages, two covenants, halfway through and at the end of time.

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Halfway through happened some two thousand years ago in an event called Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). Here He offered His life, death and resurrection to God the Father as a solution to ridding the saints of eternity off all their sins so that they could come back to Heaven. The sacrifice was accepted  by God as perfect and the saints told to pack their Heavenly bags. They must be ready at all times as Jesus can only come at the right time, like everything else that He does. So the offering and sacrifice for the redeemed has been made and accepted. The second offering is still to be made and accepted but it is made by the same Being and in all probability on the same cross; the Day of Atonement (DOA22) an event ignored by most Christian churches today and therefore cannot be overemphasised by blogs like this one. This is supposed to be an explanation why the burnt offering is not only first on our list but did not make it at all.

To show it is not some story about  fairies and evolution the Bible sets firm dates for these major events even though we have not been shown the exact date of GFPMC but that would allow date setting which would adversely affect our lives. Knowing what is going to happen in two thousand years time is not. There is a flourish of activity on planet earth on Friday 2/7/486 of Daniel’s covenant year. It is finally going to happen. Eve’s seed, Jesus Christ is going to crush satan’s head! It is almost at the end of time for this planet’s existence, so satan has had the run of time to prepare for this battle. He can’t say; ‘I wasn’t given enough time to prepare!’ Satan has had a sample of what hell is going to be like as he has just spent a thousand years in the foyer of hell but there are some there who spent the best part of seven thousand years there and they give their all in the battle to come, but alas it is like one grain of sand thrown into the Sahara desert.

The battle itself is a non-contest, evil are thrown and burnt up in hell. No evil people left, no intentional sin left but there is a mountain of unconfessed unintentional sins left and because they are unintentional God’s justice prevents them from being attributed  to their perpetrators. He is going to have to take these sins on Himself; satan’s bruising of Jesus’ heel  begins immediately and lasts for seven days culminating in DOA22. He is forsaken by God, a very heavy bruising indeed!

The very next day, a Sabbath is indeed a very solemn day as we with our Saviour God contemplate the consequences of sin. The open doors into hell may have killed the beast within us but now the surgical extraction of the dead pieces is going to be quite a painful process; every bit, bit by bit, sin by sin by sin. It is all going to be played out on the Sabbath of 10/7/486.

Every commentator and commentary that I have seen, have the difference between Aaron as high priest and Jesus Christ as High Priest as Aaron needed a sin offering for his own sins and that of his family, Jesus Christ did not. And that includes the ‘also ran’ commentaries like this one. We are all wrong! On the Day of Atonement (DOA23)  Jesus did have sin and very many of them. He had just previously accepted the sins of His creation on Himself, and unfortunately so did His family DOA24. Those ones laying down in front of the cross now made a significant contribution to the pain and suffering Jesus was now experiencing on the DOA24 cross.

It is under these circumstances that the burnt offering is made. All sin has been done away with. The sins of the redeemed way back on GFPMC, God’s people and now those of His creation for which Jesus has accepted responsibility for. And now it looks like the rebellious angels of Heaven who did not cross the line in the sand that Jesus drew for them. Only now can the beauty  of our Lord God Jesus Christ be revealed and appreciated by the redeemed and it took two appearances on this cross before the burnt offering could be made. As the world has now moved into this sinless stage the burnt offering can be remembered in a meaningful way. Its first remembrance/use is it is the only thing we rely on when we fill in our applications for our passports for entry into the new earth  and

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Heaven. Everything rides on the burnt offering. All perfect, all burnt, none left behind to be eaten and made a part of a priest’s body.

The three that are mentioned are a part of a sin offering. But what is actually happening in Beit grain, sin or guilt offering and how does this relate to 9 to 12, 12 to 3, 3 to 4  of GFPMC and 4 to Resurrection Sunday morning? This GFPMC has occurred or to the DOA24 which will still occur? How would the priests and teachers of the day instruct their flocks 500 BC and what about today? Well today that answer is quite easy; they just ignore it. Just ignore three quarters of the Bible. Just ignore what Jesus quoted with certainty as the Word of God. Just ignore what was the full content of the message that Paul taught; Christ crucified! Just emphasise ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’ so if you are habitually drunk, got fags and needles hanging off you and watch all the porn you can get including paedophilia  if you can get them doing the same thing well, that is the basic message of Christianity! The sign on the building may have the cross of Christ, mention His name and even the Bible but mostly that is false advertising, inside the Bible and the cross are at best minor players, but clangers aplenty abound! Everything that is against the teaching of this Book, many blasphemies abound! So moving back some 3,000 years in time and I am one of their teachers.

The task should be relatively easy. To prove the existence of God I would just have to point to that building over there with the cloud over it by day which turned into a pillar of fire by night. Memories of the crossing of the Red sea would still be raw as would the plagues of Egypt. I would tell them that our journey with this God on planet earth is but a temporary one. The God in that building would one day send His only begotten Son to us and free us from our sins and take us back with Him to be with Him for the eternities to come. We are a part of the advance party and we are preparing the rest of the world for this most unbelievable of all events. This system of sacrifices is supposed to explain what He will do and just having faith in this system, even though they are all only pointers to the real event is,  all that is required to get you through to the other side is to believe in it. There is much groundwork to be laid out before the real message of Christianity can be explained and why Paul and other leaders started their evangelistic programs in the temple with the Jews. The basic groundwork had been done. One thousand years BC I would point to the cloud or pillar of fire above the building and say, ‘The presence of God is in the building under that fire. The room is called the Most Holy Place. In front of it is a buffer room which is called the tent of meeting and anything that is to be presented to God is checked out in this room. Before you can get into this room to begin the checking it must have been refined by fire, thus the altar outside of it with that fierce 24 hour fire on it. Access to God is 24/7 and so the fire must also be kept burning 24/7.

What seems to be an absurd application has come up. Human being, in the Book of Numbers, on line number XYZ there is a number there, apparently he was the 120,987,652nd person to be conceived and the name alongside that number is Julius K has applied to spend an eternity with God, got a PS here would prefer not to go to hell. How can this be done in symbolic terms and in real terms?  Well firstly only God can do this and unfortunately there is only one way; the hard way. Secondly those sins of his must be burned in the fires of hell until that point is reached: if you sin you will surely die. The fire must result in death. But the problem here is that if he transfers his sins to Jesus, and Jesus is more than willing to accept them as He showed when that woman dumped all the sins of humanity on her: His response was, ‘Leave her alone she is doing something beautiful to me!’ If the body of Jesus is placed in hell with any divine blood in it the blood would put out the fires of hell! There cannot be one drop of divine blood in that body. Thus we have the grain offering. It represents the bloodless body of Jesus which carried our sins into hell. It of itself was sinless, it became defiled when contacting with our sins but the fires of hell cleansed it  to the degree of,

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‘if you sin you will surely die!’ Hell burns sin into nonexistence! Sin is expunged!  Confessed, unconfessed, intentional and unintentional sins can only be got rid of in hell. ‘If you sin (all four categories) you will surely die!’ The squeaky clean body of Jesus Christ was the week long celebration of the Feast of the Unleavened bread, the weekly celebration the Christian era and the celebration of eternity in the burnt offering in the DOA24 for the ages to come. What about the blood of Jesus?

The blood of Jesus comes under two categories; the sin and guilt offering. The sin offering was a part of what the blood of Jesus symbolically did. It was associated with unintentional sin. It of itself did not get rid of sin. That is not its role. It did wash sin and cleanse defiled holy areas and objects so they could be used for divine purposes but the sins that it washed finished up in a channel and soaked up in the ground. That is what happened to the unintentional sin also where it would wait in the ground until the next DOA24 where it would be placed on the scapegoat and taken to hell. But the purpose of the blood was far more important, nobler than this.

This function of washing and collecting sins into one era ceased when sin ceased on DOA25, when all sin ceased. The first stage of the ministry of the Nazirite had ceased. His hair had been cut off and the new stage of His ministry begun. The cut off/turning point was indicated by the guilt offering. The blood of Christ had begun its last phase. The numbering of the Nazirite’s ministry had begun again from day one. He had 1,260 days to complete all including anointing of the Most Holy. I am not sure whether the sheppard boy I am trying to teach is still with me but I am trying to give a summary of what I know of the sacrifices and offerings.

The purpose of God’s creation was to make us beings in His image and the degree of success He had in Eden I am not prepared to answer, but whatever the degree of success was it was blown to pieces by a hydrogen bomb of massive proportions. God made two attempts to restitch the relationship together; GFPMC and DOA25. On Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary He became one with us. He left divinity drank the vinegar, broke His Nazirite’s vow and was forsaken by God. He went further than this though; He left His blood here on earth with us. He did take some of this blood back to Heaven for cleansing purposes and even the first drop that oozed out of His body and was absorbed by the cross cleansed it from defilement. His body and blood remained together between 3 and 4 o’clock on GFPMC but were separated by that Roman spear when it opened up His side. Blood to ground, body to grave. His body the church also has a spear thrust through it in the Great Tribulation. Blood to ground and our bodies to grave which is really what the Heaven we are going to is when compared to the ultimate and new Heaven and earth. But divine blood comes into focus; Resurrection Sunday!

GFPMC He becomes one of us but on DOA25 we become one with Him when He offers us as cakes with Him as a part of His Nazirite’s vow of completement. There is not much now to go for man to become one and a part of the image of God. The creature that looks like a man and the one that looks like an eagle have been joined together in the presence of the creature that looks like a lion, the Holy Spirit and there is only one thing left to do and that is the process of fusion and that is done by the creature that looks like an ox. The blood of Jesus Christ which has meticulously been collected, every single drop of it, from the earth’s surface. It is when Jesus personally applies His blood to my forehead that, ‘And they shall see His face.’

In verses nine and ten it is most significant with what reverence every sin associated offering is treated. The grain, sin and guilt offerings are MOST holy. They must be EATEN and ONLY by PRIESTS. They looked

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forward to what Jesus would do for them on GFPMC and we look back what He has done for us. Both they and we symbolically eat His body. It becomes one with us and He joined us on GFPMC at 3 o’clock. But again note the reverence. You would have to be a very foolish person to treat the Lord’s Supper lightly, missing out on blessings is one thing, inviting curses is another. Only priests can take part in this service, no Levites. You must have come through the torn curtain of the temple to qualify. Your name must be in the Book of Numbers. You must have come across life’s Jordan far enough to have made a commitment to the Man in white above the water’s on the other side. It is not just they who are held responsible for the irreverence, you are equally held responsible. This is walking on dynamite! Do the others understand what is going on? Are they priests and Aaron’s sons? Once the bread and grape juice are dedicated are they treated with reverence or any left overs just thrown into the waste bin? The celebration of the Lord’s Supper is either a source of blessings or curses! Better left undone than done badly! Over 90% of the Bible is either pointing to or back to Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC). Verse ten seems to include other male members of the family but only in holy gifts and not most holy ones.

Verse eleven are the wave offerings what we wave and give to the Lord for His wonderful bounties, Those ones that are not just water off the duck’s back. These are consumed by the whole family, both males and females and servants. With verses twelve to fourteen we have a source of possible confusion, especially with grain and wine. They may be related to GFPMC as the body and blood of Jesus Christ but they may also offered as first fruits where they may be eaten by the whole family. Verse fifteen changes to flesh offerings. Jesus was flesh, first born, He was in the prime of His life when He offered Himself on our behalf to God to eradicate our sins. The animals that are offered are also flesh, first born and in the prime of their lives. Only clean animals are accepted which should give the health minded people food for thought as to why unclean animals should not be eaten. The breast and the right thigh offerings have already been covered. The breast that we wave and enter onto the new earth is Christianity and the right thigh is the God side of theocracy the system we will spend the eternities under. Verse twenty one tells us that even in the high standing we have with God we are still required to tithe to God even though He gives it straight Back to us in Heaven. The bit about no inheritance of land cannot apply to us in Heaven as we are given sizeable plots.

We have ‘been through’ the first eighteen chapters of the Book of Numbers. There are eighteen to go, or halfway. Despite the shallowness of the coverage, most of it only once through, I am surprised at the amount of information I received from it, especially the correlation between earthly and Heavenly events. I intend to give a brief summary of what has struck me as significant, a euphemism for ‘I didn’t know before’. Chapter One;

Good Friday Passover Egypt (GFPE) is the start of our dates. It occurred on 01/01/01. There may have been some 2,500 actual years of history of God’s people before now but Scripture begins with GFPE. It does not start with Adam and Eve or when Noah steps out of his ark or when Abraham is promised all that inheritance, no it starts with the defining act for not just this world but also for the new earth above. Each year is going to start with the Passover. It does not matter how many billions and trillions of years there are, each one ticked over with the commemoration of the Passover.

The night of GFPE was primarily about one event; Saving the firstborn males in the land of Egypt.

There may and were other consequences on that night, but the focus was (1) firstborn and (2) males in the (3) land of Egypt. The only reason the angel of death did not kill these firstborn males was because they were under the protection of the blood of the Passover lamb being applied to the door frames of the building they spent that night in. The consequence of the action of the angel of death

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was that not only did the Pharaoh lose his first born son so did the majority of Egyptians. They wanted the Israelites out! It would have been a spontaneous reaction to leave this cruel slavery, but the Egyptians still ordered them out!

The reason why we are in the Book of Numbers is not to quench our thirst for knowledge of ancient history, but because our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has sent us here with the guarantee we are dealing with the Word of God. He told Nicodemus that if he wants to relate Jesus, obviously He had come from God, to salvation he would have to go back into the desert and look at Moses’ bronze snake. Nicodemus had to go back to the earthly step, the Old Testament and only when he was standing firmly on it was there any point in looking up. If he did not believe in the things of this earth there was no point looking up, he would not believe the New Testament either. People who say they believe in the NT but not in the OT are living an illusion, a mirage! They believe in the Word of God yet they don’t believe in it! That was satan’s original argument in Heaven; we are all holy, and we know the result of that challenge! We must run the two events, Good Friday Passover Egypt (GFPE) and Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC) parallel to each other. If I knew how to split the page I would into GFPE on LHS and GFPMC on the RHS I would.

A much greater command of the English language than I possess would be required to describe the scenery on the morning after GFPE. Devastation, death and mourning and shrills of delight. The Jews had not lost their first born males and they were free to leave their Egyptian slavery! Talk about contrast! And leave they did on 02/01/01.

The mood on the Sabbath morning after GFPMC was a much more sober affair. Yes the firstborn males, come Levites, come Christians after the cross had been saved from death. But the Heavenly step gives us details as to why Christians were saved. We are told from whom were are saved and the price paid for our redemption. When Jesus called, ‘JK mine from the bowels of hell’ He was symbolically working His way through the Book of Numbers and specifically referred to in Revelation chapter 20. He had come to the line number which had my number and name and the list of all sins of all colour and gender ever committed by me. Each sin should have its source alongside it; either attributed to satan or (S) or the evil within me or Beast. After all when Jesus called, ‘JK mine!’ it was only the beast who responded, ‘mine and over my dead body’ , satan was staying way clear.

My sins have neither an S nor a B next to them, they either have a C for confessed or U for unconfessed. All those sins with a C attribute after them, whether they were intentional or unintentional did not matter had a red line drawn through them and stamped as ‘Paid in full GFPMC the 14th of January!’ To release me from sin Jesus paid the price as set by God the Father for this and all my confessed sins. I have been set free from Egyptian slavery, I have been set free from sin! The unconfessed are in a different category and have nothing to do with GFPMC as hard as you try to  involve them back into that event! Although if the beast stands for intentional sins, he stood up and was pulverised and thrown into hell then satan is the source of unintentional sins and he should have stood up and called, ‘I am going to bruise Your heel!’ But had that happened those parts of our

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sin would have remained until DOA26 and therefore DOA26 could not be a Sabbath of worship. You can’t have our sins being offered as an active part of worship. You can with the ‘sins of Jesus Christ’ but not with ours! There is a quick check of the degree to which the beast that was killed on that night stays dead that is if it ever died within us in the first place. The baptismal font.

The human being called JK should be a different human being before and after he goes into the baptismal font. This would not be the case if you dropped a few drops of water on him when he was a baby or even popped his head underwater for a second as an adult. But the idea of baptism is to give time for the beast to drown and it is God’s way to allow that beast to come back to life. It did so on GFPMC and it will do so after the baptismal font. But the resurrected beast after the baptismal font is far more teachable and benign.

We must have looked at it before at GFPE at the crossing of the Red Sea. Once we decide to leave Egyptian slavery for GFPE or to leave sin at GFPMC the first thing that is expected of us is to cross the Red Sea or the baptismal font. There the players are Pharaoh or the beast on one side. Either Pharaoh/ beast dies in those waters or he does not. His first born son is dead and is therefore not a player. The dead are the domain/terrain of the first born son of evil and he joined them way back even in Heaven in Korah’s rebellion; satan. So if Pharaoh only entered the Red Sea a little way and when he saw the waters crashing in turned around and got out in time he would not have died. This explains our current situation; the Pharaoh/beast still comes out of the baptismal font alive with us. But Scripture seems to be saying Pharaoh died in the Red Sea. It regards the beast as dead, maybe in death throws, but dead. There is only going to be a part of a mopping up operation to see him off.

Much has happened to God’s people since they left Egypt on the day after GFPE, on the 02/01/01. In fact we have moved thirteen months on, now 01/02/02, when the census is about to be taken, the Book of Numbers filled in. It is now 395 days since 01/01/01 and this book must be the one from which Jesus read in hell and is therefore the same one that will be opened and checked as we pass onto the sinless new earth. There was no new book of numbers written after GFPMC. So if they weren’t getting ready to write a book of numbers after GFPMC, what were they doing? Both groups  from GFPE and GFPMC were getting ready for the journey ahead, actually as far as DOA26, that was the final gate where the checking occurred whether they would be allowed through that final doorway into the sinless tent of meeting. We have spent a lot of time in this zone but it does look as if we are about to move across. They had 395 days of preparation for their journey but as our journey is more arduous and much longer we are given 1,260 days to prepare.

Both journey’s begin from an established church at the tent of meeting.

Both require quality troops. They must be old enough to understand what is going to be involved and morally fit. Their mission is not just a walk in the park they must be able to understand and obey orders. Both lots have been through the Red Sea but even though the destination of both lots is DOA26 they take a different pathway. One lot was walking towards the cross of GFPMC and the other lot are now walking to the cross of DOA26. But their walk was a walk between GFPE and DOA26 which took six months and was repeated every year, our walk is also between GFPMC and DOA26 but these events only take place once and there is some 3,900 years between them.

So begin their journey they needed release papers and to make sure all their family was free to go. Most would not have realised the nuances between dead and living, satan and beast and intentional and unintentional sins  that GFPE generated. They wanted out and they got out. All that theology about sin could wait for DOA26 and it didn’t really matter whether they understood what was

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symbolised all they wanted to know they were clean; all sin regardless of which pigeon hole it came from. It was all a matter of faith then and it is all a matter of faith today! But Moses and Aaron and a few others as well no doubt could see the symbolism involved to the once only events of GFPMC and DOA26 and as we approach the second coming of our Lord it should also give us faith to know that the details of our salvation have been worked out down to the minutest details. Let us look at some of these details and try and transfer from Egypt to Mount Calvary and finally the doorway into that new tent of meeting and onto the new and sinless earth.

For Sinai’s DOA26 to get rid of all sin it had to factor in four categories of sin; Confessed intentional (1), confessed unintentional (2), unconfessed intentional (3) and unconfessed unintentional sins (4) Category (3) need no further discussion. If you have intentional sin that you hold so dearly that you do not wish to pass them onto Jesus Christ to be burned into oblivion then you yourself will be in hell holding onto your cherished sin until both of you are burned into oblivion. With Jesus only the sins burned and not  His body because it was perfect, sinless. That only leaves categories 1, 2, and 4 and when these are accounted for the sacrifice that can only be offered in a sinless environment, the burnt offering, can be offered.

Confessed intentional (1) may be very easy to write them off on paper as the scapegoat, poor thing taken out in the desert and thrown  off a cliff, well that did not sound too bad, but the reality is much greater than that. So much so that both the earthly and Heavenly calendars will begin their years with that event as the marker!  A challenge I set myself; try to think on Friday between 12 and 3 just a little bit of what I caused my Saviour to go through GFPMC almost two thousand years ago! With (1) and (3) gone that only leaves (2) and (4) to go, both unintentional but one is confessed and the other is unconfessed. And there is only the sin offering left to cover both. But the sin offering is in two parts; one part for the priest himself and his family and a second sacrifice for the congregation.

The congregation had confessed to it; they had unintentionally sinned and they wanted forgiveness. They  wanted to pass it onto Jesus and there was a set process for this. They placed them along with their intentional sins on the scapegoat which would ultimately die in hell along with both their intentional and unintentional sins. The problem with the scapegoat was that it was only a part of the DOA26 service and that was only once a year. When sin offerings were offered in between the yearly DOA26 where there were no scapegoats the blood of the sin offering only played two roles; It washed everything that was unclean and allowed it to be used in the ceremony. It did not expunge, it only washed these surfaces and along with unintentional confessed sins into a channel at the end of which they soaked into the ground and waited for the next scapegoat which would take them to burn in hell. Sin can only be got rid of by burning it in hell to the degree of; ‘If you sin you will surely die’.

That only leaves (4) to go; unconfessed, unintentional sins. These are dealt with symbolically on earth in a similar way to what happens to them in the Heavenly, well almost anyway, DOA27. (27 is the correlation between Sinai and final DOA)  Here and there, near Heaven, the high priest, (Jesus Christ) takes these unconfessed, unintentional sins on Himself. They become his sins, they have their own sin offering and their own ‘scapegoat’ even though Jesus cannot act as a scapegoat for Himself. But all those unconfessed, unintentional sins that Jesus grabs off us and makes them His own, He will have to suffer for them in hell on the DOA27. So when the high priest takes a hold of the scapegoats head the first lot of sins to passover onto the scapegoat are his own. Briefly to conclude this section on GFPE and DOA27  a summary, particularly the differences.

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The Israelites only needed to get out of Egypt, they got a total cleansing six months down the road at the DOA27. That could not happen the Christians. For us to get to our DOAS27 we had to go through a holding stage of some 1,800 years in the old Heaven. We needed to be clean to get into this Heaven, we needed to be totally cleaned up at GFPMC.  We needed all our sins, both intentional and unintentional removed before we would be admitted into Heaven. Jesus removed both on GFPMC. There He was both sin offering and scapegoat.

I expected in a summary like this that new issues would arise that had not been dealt with in the blog. One such issue only have just come up in the blog are the angels in Heaven and I could not have discussed them as they just weren’t on my radar, but now they are. The only Biblical number given is the heavy losses in Heaven; one in three but because 300 can be split into thirds I use 300 million as the total number in Heaven; 100 million thrown down to earth, 200 million up there today.

The 100 million lot were thrown out/down to earth because they had sinned intentionally. They knew what they were doing, they wanted out and they were thrown out. On earth which is where they are now they could repent, make their committed intentional sins into confessed committed intentional sins, pass them onto Jesus on GFPMC and be saved. We know they didn’t, they went one step further and gloated at Jesus on the cross, have had all access to Heaven cut off and are now confined to planet earth to what I take as a thousand kilometres above it. If this is true then you are out of satan’s reach 1,000 kilometres or 600 miles above the earth’s surface. They are all hell bound but will have total control over the earth for the last three and a half years. They are the lower grade demons that require constant directions from Korah/satan and that is why they are quite benign when satan is locked up for the millennium.

The 200 million who are still up there were not thrown out because God judged their sin as unintentional and therefore falls into two categories; confessed and unconfessed. If unconfessed and unintentional then they are about to be joined by the redeemed who also enter Heaven with unconfessed unintentional sins and together we will wait for that DOA28 (the angels have joined us) when all sin will be expunged to the standards required by Heaven.

After the catastrophes that occurred in Heaven it would be unbelievable that these remaining angels had not realised they had sinned, and this grumbling may have continued for a while. But if they did confess then there was only one place that abolished confessed sins of saints and that was GFPMC.

The summary was proceeding well, the Book of Numbers had numbered lines in it, and each line had the number of conception of God’s people who had made to commitment to follow Jesus who I think they rightfully called God. The beast is careful who he puts his mark onto in preparation for its final battle as it attributes its loss in hell back at GFPMC to allegiance; they went over in droves to Jesus on that Friday even though he called ‘mine’. That was not going to happen again! Jesus also only seals us when we are ready to be sealed, our name goes into the Book of Numbers. As instructed by my Master and went back to the OT, specifically GFPE and started filling out the book from there with the first born males being saved by the blood on the door posts, converted them to Levites, recently realised that Levite Korah had done the big dummy spit way back in Heaven and that the banner of salvation would be carried by priest/sacrificial system until GFPMC when it was time for the priests/ God’s chosen people to do their dummy spit. It would then revert to the Levite/Christian who would carry it until the second coming of the Lord when he would be re-joined by the Jew. I had so much more to say on this wonderful book until I looked up  tho Heaven and saw

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verse 49; ‘Only the tribe of Levi you shall not number, nor shall you take their census among the tribes of Israel’ My star performers are not to be included, but why? This was definitely a KO punch and left me searching for some answers. But firstly more about what we have been told.

Chapter two tells us about the arrangement of the tribes and Revelation also tells us on our first mass entry into Heaven at the second coming of our Lord that we are already arranged in tribes and we make an ordered entry into our first tent of meeting. There was a total of 603,550 men fighting in armies, but the Levites were not included. They got their own chapter and census in Chapter three but they numbered all their males from a month old and onwards rather than the general population census which included males above twenty years old. They had a different battle to fight.

The exchange of Levite for first born male is of interest as no doubt the exchange of Levite for Christian will also be. There also is no doubt many a sermon has been preached on why God exchanged those first born males on GFPE for the tribe of Levi but it seems to me that the switch was from His own firstborn Son, Jesus Christ He substituted with a family and brought bridegroom and bride back to Heaven to be with Him forever. Looking at this substitution in more detail, first the numbers exchanged. Using rough numbers first and finally Biblical ones.

Jesus could have chosen for 20,000 first born males that night in GFPE who were saved and also 20,000 male infants one month old or older in the tribe of Levi. This would have been a one for one swap, but they weren’t equal. One way then was still 20,000 first born males that night in Egypt but only 10,000 eligible Levites. A one for one exchange would result in there being 10,000 males left over from GFPE. These 10,000 ‘excess males’ would return back to their families once they had paid the price God demanded for them and the money went to the priests. In the first case all the firstborn sons returned but in the second case only half got their firstborn sons back. The other way around would still be 20,000 firstborn males from GFPE but 40,000 Levites. This time around after a direct swap there would be 20,000 Levites ‘left over’. God would buy these with money from the temple treasury, all the Israelites would get their firstborn sons and there would be 40,000 Levites. What did happen in Sinai was there was a direct swap and there were 273 Israelites from GFPE ‘too many’. They were bought out and went back to their families. There were 22,000 Levites.

But as those 22,000 firstborn males who had not died on GFPE went out did they ‘pass’ their salvation onto the incoming Levites leaving them unsaved and the Levites saved?

Up to now our Levite has been a major player in our study of the Book of Numbers and will become even more important from now on. So it is not unreasonable to take a look at her duties and what will happen to her if she wants out of this relationship. Will someone else take her place when this happens? When I break my relationship with Christ, Heaven forbid, will He then go and put someone else into the space I left? Or is there just a hole there? Just with whom did the Levite/bride form a relationship and if it was Jesus was it with His humanity or divinity or both?

There is only one thing that happened on the night of Good Friday Passover in Egypt. (GFPE). The angel of death did not kill any first born male who was in a house with the blood of the Passover lamb on its doorframes. There were 22,273 such males on that night, presumably all Jews but not necessarily so. If I was an Egyptian and I had seen the miraculous other nine plagues I would have gone to the trouble of finding out what this next plague was and prepared accordingly. But from the sound of it they were all Jews. But why didn’t God leave these firstborn males and call up the 22,000 Levites to give Him an evangelistic team, a bride of 44,273, the more the merrier! Why did the bride have to be 22,000 strong, no more, no less? Do the numbers in Heaven also have strict quotas?

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Last night as I thought about it all that happened,  only questions spawned more questions and they in turn spawned more questions. But we are in the Old Testament and from this base allows us to look into the Heavenly abode and for that purpose Heaven has left us a focusing device, one that will actually come with us and be with us for the eternities to come; THE CROSS. The cross was the four natures, creatures of Jesus Christ. So now comparing the Heavenly cross, yes this is actually the same cross that is coming across, the NT, it may be in its stump form now but the sin of pride prevents it from blooming, just think back what happened to Nebuchadnezzar when he lost his pride and what happened to the stump. The two events to be compared are Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC) and its earthly step, Good Friday Passover Egypt. GFPE. And questions arising.

Did they both have the humanity of Jesus Christ on display? The creature that has the human face? Jesus Christ as the firstborn Son of God, a male, has His humanity very much on display on this day. People mocked, bashed and spat at it. On GFPE the humanity on display and focus of was  the first born sons of human families, 22,273 of them. (Q1) But why are you comparing divinity to humanity? Isn’t that the idea of the OT, the human step to be got on before looking up to Heaven? They are earthly shoes that Jesus Christ has left behind and by Christians putting them on are expected to walk the same walk as Jesus did; His life death and resurrection. It was the creature that looked like a man that died on the cross that day. It was the humanity of Jesus Christ that met the condition; if you sin, you will surely die and the humanity of Jesus did die on GFPMC. GFPMC was a divine call from and for all families to reply, GFPE was about the family that did reply and put on those empty shoes of the first born males.

Did they both display the divinity of Jesus Christ? The creature that looks like an eagle? The divinity of Jesus Christ on GFPMC was there even if it were in plasma form by which the fires of hell reached from Mount Calvary and engulfed the throne of Heaven. Yes, both humanity and divinity were there on that cross. And Jesus communicated directly with His Father on that day. On GFPE divinity was present as the Passover lamb. It was this divinity that then asked humanity to get out and leave the shoes behind empty so that the family that responded could put them on and do the same walk as their humanity in Christ had done. Only divinity can impart divinity and those firstborn males inside those blood stained doorframes on that GFPE night were imparted divinity. (Q2) But it doesn’t really add up, does it? Maybe not at this stage but that doesn’t mean that with further study more correlations will occur, but that is all you can expect when comparing divinity and humanity. GFPMC with DOA29.

What about the lion like creature, the Holy Spirit of God? Here we have the biggest difference between GFPMC and GFPE. In Egypt is where the preparation begins for the sending out of the lion like creature, for the breaking of the Heavenly seals and for entry into eternity. Here now the bride has just stepped into those shoes left behind those 22,273 first born sons and is about to start  her apprenticeship which will end on GFPMC at three o’clock when the curtain is torn into the tent of meeting. Her master under whom she will serve out this apprenticeship will find it hard and will bear the consequences of failure. Initially it was Aaron and four sons, but that has now been culled back to two sons and 22,000 trainees!  Will certainly involve at least to some stage the presence of the Holy Spirit and their aim is to prepare the ground for the Holy Spirit to do its work. It will be so much easier for the apostles when they begin their evangelistic work from the temple. Jesus sends the Holy Spirit when He returns to Heaven.

We are about to look at the apprenticeship of the bride, but what happened to those 22,273 who were saved on that night and told to leave their shoes and go back to their families? Well the Heavenly firstborn male, Jesus Christ  He has gone back to His family in Heaven. Those firstborn males in Egypt have also gone back to their families. (Q3) Isn’t this a major contradiction within this blog which states and standbys the proposition that it is very difficult to get your name into the Book of

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Numbers and harder still to get it removed? Well this lot of 22,273 did nothing and their names just appeared in the book. They made no contribution to this placement of their name. The problem has been acknowledged and waiting for a solution in Revelation chapter 20. A partial answer might be; If the Pope, the leader of the Catholic Church, the church of bells, the church of clangers was given an ultimatum that all clangers are to go but we will be kind to you and allow you to keep just one, which clanger would he keep? It would have to be a tossup, a 50/50 between Mary and righteousness by works. To think that you can do anything to add to what Jesus did on GFPMC, to think your deeds or actions when placed before God on Resurrection Sunday morning will be judged as perfect, then you are indeed in touch with another planet or part thereof where certain beings have been cast. Righteousness by works is a blasphemy of the first order  inviting instantaneous retribution. It is those 250 firepans offered by the angels in Heaven in trying to elevate their position to the level of Aaron and for which they were swallowed up by the earth. They do not await judgment in hell as those leaders of the revolt do, they have already been judged as evil and beyond a second chance.—

The 22,273 first born males that night who the angel of death spared that night were a part of the whole congregation of Israelites of 603,550 and were included in it. They were in the Book of Numbers and they finished returning back to their families and continued to be counted. It not that when they  returned the congregation numbers jumped to 625,823, they were already a part of it. It was the Levites who were not counted as a part of the congregation, although they were counted. This helps us sort out a number of problems in the counting. The congregation of angels that grumbled in Heaven did not involve or count rank Levite or above. Michael, Gabriel and many others did not grumble and a still sinless today. Out of this lot of 603,550 that are about to leave now it will be Caleb, Joshua and others of rank Levite and above who will enter the Promised Land. But if they represent the humanity of Jesus Christ their presence on earth presents a number of theological issues and no they cannot go to hell. Once saved always saved??

Finally what about the creature that looks like an ox? The blood of Jesus Christ. Most Christians are aware of the doctrine of; Without the shedding of blood there can be no remission of sins. But was there any sins remitted that night on GFPE or were they told to wait six months until the 10th of July? Were there any sins remitted by blood on GFPMC? It is a very sad state of affairs that after all those years of study and now blog writing for three years coming up that the best answer I can give is that we give to our primary school children. Is what the blood of Jesus did on that night of GFPE when the angel of death passed over all firstborn males in Egypt who were inside of the doorframes of blood of the Passover lamb on them answered in the following discussion?  What about GFPMC?

On earth we are given a trial run for Heaven so we know what we are in for up there. Initially we are invited to walk in the shoes that Jesus left for us on earth. We can become a part with Him and see how His life death and resurrected appeal to us. Is there enough about the beauty of this Jesus that appeals to us to want to be with Him for the eternities to come, if not we can get out. If yes He will apply His blood to our foreheads which will fuse us to Him, we will be one. ‘And they shall see His face!’

So the question has to be what did Jesus have to do to us so He could invite us into His shoes to do our practise walk with Him to see if we wanted to continue this relationship for the eternities to

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come, Both on GFPE and GFPMC? So as Levites we could put on the shoes left behind by those first born males when they were exchanged and told to go back to their tribes. For the 22,273 first born lot God had to scare the daylights out of them, Egyptians,  to make sure they released these firstborn lot and also make sure they did not get killed on GFPE. On GFPE God came down to claim His land and His people and as the firstborn were entitled to this inheritance, so Beit, He had to make sure they did not die. This way God could claim people and earth at the same time. The counterclaim by satan and the beast has already been discussed. Anyway the firstborn son of Pharaoh died that night and so did his claim on the inheritance of Egypt and his father followed soon after. The blood of Jesus was clearly involved in the saving of those soon to be dispossessed of their shoes lot. But how?

Right now there are two distinct issues on the table; how did the blood of the lamb on the doorframe prevent that first born son from dying and what had to happen to those Levites before they got into those shoes of those lucky people who had all that inherited wealth and won’t be going to die so they live forever and enjoy it! Prospects sound good! Had this exchange been offered within six months of the 01/01/01 it had it to have been different to what was offered six months after. The offer is made to the Levites some thirteen months later. Two GFPE and one DOA29 ceremonies later. That still leaves the 22,273 walking in those shoes for six months before their sins were forgiven them at the first DOA29.

The issues that still remain are why aren’t the Levites included in the Book of Numbers, the census to Heaven where you have walked the walk far enough and decide to make a commitment, they were just invited in off the street and who really are those 22,273 who had the inheritance on GFPE but received eternal life that night because of the blood of the lamb?

The 22,273 of the firstborn males on the night of GFPE did not have their names in the Book of Numbers because the book did not yet exist. Its compilation began on 01/02/02 and if it took two months to compile it only came into existence of 01/04/02 or fifteen months after Good Friday Passover Egypt. (GFPE). The names of the 22,273 were there in this census as they had already been sent back to their families in the community. The 22,000 Levites who replaced them had been taken out of the community and their number not included in the census.

The 22,273 first born males who left Egypt on the 02/01/01 walked with Jesus as they were. They may have been heading towards the baptism of the Red Sea and they may have been heading to the first DOA29 when all their sins were to be forgiven, but they joined Jesus as they were. And so it is today. From the moment we decide we want to leave the slavery of sin, Jesus accepts us as we are. There are no standards that we have to meet, no bars to go over or under, just as we are. He won’t leave us just as we are, there in the matter of crossing the Red Sea and the first DOA30 that all missed. It should have been on the 10th of July, 10/07/01 but could not be conducted as there was no temple yet. There forgiveness of sin had to wait for the second DOA30 of 10/07/02. After accepting Jesus we too may take longer than most to get to the Red Sea and may even miss the first DOA30 but God only judges according to the light He has given us. The unavoidable teaching here though is that we will have to leave these shoes and instruct and nurture those who care to put them on and try them. We are saved so that we can save others! But could this exchange of shoes, the calling of the Levites have occurred before the first DOA30 occurred on the 10/07/02? I would argue that those firstborn males would had to have gone through their first DOA30 before they could exchange shoes.

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Without the shedding of blood there can be no remission of sins is an apt description of how the blood of Jesus is involved. It itself does not destroy or expunge sin. It washes, it carries sins to a holding area from where Jesus can pick them up, take them into hell with Him and have them burnt up into nothing. The heat and time in the flames is; ‘if you sin you will surely die’. They are burned until death occurs. Sin is the breaking of the bond with God and without a bond to God  there is nothing, death.

A sin offering can only be made, the ceremony or presentation can only begin if the surfaces, utensils, altar/cross are perfectly clean and that has to be to God’s standards. The blood of the sin offering was for this purpose. The first drops of blood that oozed out of those nail marks did that. They cleansed the cross and made it an acceptable altar for the offering that was about to occur. Some of that blood is now in Heaven as Revelation chapter five tells us and some came back to be applied to Jesus on Resurrection Sunday morning to restore the body of Jesus back to eternity. But the blood like these Levites continues to defy definition.  The duties of the Levites may be of help. The Kohathites, Gershonites and Merarites.

The  Kohathites dealt with the most sacred objects. Aaron and his sons took them down, carefully packed them and the Kohathites would carry them. If they saw any of these objects, they would die. What was regarded as most holy was; the veil of the screen and cover of the ark of the testimony, covered with porpoise skin and a pure blue cloth with its poles inserted; (7); ‘Over the table of the bread of the Presence they shall also spread a cloth of blue and put on it the dishes and the pans and the sacrificial bowls and the jars for the drink offering, and the continual bread shall be on it. (8); They shall spread over it a scarlet material, and cover the same with porpoise skin, and they insert its poles. (9); Then they shall take a blue cloth and cover the lampstand for the light, along with its lamp and its snuffers, and its trays and all its oil vessels, by which they serve it; (10); And they put it and all  its utensils in a covering of porpoise skin, and shall put it on the carrying bars. (11); Over the blue altar they shall spread a blue cloth and cover it with a covering of porpoise skin, and shall insert its poles; (12); and they shall take all the utensils of service, with which they serve in the sanctuary, and put them in a blue cloth and cover them with a covering of porpoise skin, and put them on the carrying bars. (13); Then they shall take away from the ashes of the altar, and spread a purple cloth over it. (14);  ****Internet crash 12th Nov. They shall also put on it all its utensils by which by which they serve in connection with it; the firepans, the forks and shovels and the basins, all the utensils of the altar; and they spread a cover of porpoise skin over it and insert the poles. (15); When Aaron and his sons have finished covering the holy objects and all the furnishings of the sanctuary, when the camp is set out, after the sons of Kohath shall come to carry them, so that they will not touch the objects and die. These are the things in the tent of meeting which the sons of Kohath are to carry.

We could and one day will go through these duties of the Kohathites, Gershonites and Merarites and relate them to the three phases of the ministry of Jesus Christ; His life death and resurrection but it will involve opening up another front; the role of items in the temple service which at this stage may be too much as we are already struggling with the offerings. It might be better to try to understand these a little better before opening up another front.

The problem is that we have hit this massive brick wall. Out of all the major events that have and are still to happen, why set the calendar as 01/01/01 on Good Friday Passover Egypt (GFPE) and put it above all those other events? Wouldn’t it be better to start the calendar on the first day that God started His creation?  No. What about when this sorry saga began and Adam and Eve sinned? No. Noah and his family got onto or off the ark? No. Abraham was promised all that inheritance? No.

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Jews entered Egypt? No. Jews left Egypt? Yes! 01/01/01. The Jews entered Canaan the promised land? No. The temple becomes a permanent structure? No. The temple is destroyed and the Jew taken into Babylonian captivity? No. The Jews return from exile and rebuild the temple? No. Survived the horrors of Antiochus 1V? No. The birth of Jesus? No. The start of His ministry? No. All events either point to or back to Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary. (GFPMC)? It has to be! But actually it is not! Christianity would not exist without Resurrection Sunday? Not that also. It is a bit late to start the calendar at the second coming or later so we have to go back and try to understand the significance of this event, GFPE. An event, symbolic and earthly which I would place at best at 10th in the above list comes in at Number One! We have to be able to at least glean a tiny bit of information about its importance before there is any point proceeding. All this material about Levites, Nazirites and earthly material is but an earthly step before we can look up to those Heavenly courts. And it is significant that GFPE is 01/01/01 on earth but it also the first day of our arrival on the sinless earth. (Actually we don’t arrive until 14/01/01.)

We have already made a number of what was to me serious attempts to follow what happened on that day. Actually it is very simple what happened on that day; the angel of death passed over Egypt with instructions to kill every first born male, both animal and human. The only ones not to be killed were those who were inside a house with the blood of the Passover lamb splashed on the doorframes. They were to be left alive, there were 22,273 Jews, firstborn males who were supposed to die but did not that night of GFPE. It is the significance of this event that makes it go to the top of the hit parade is what we are struggling with. How can it be placed ahead of GFPMC to which it is a pointer to and the very uneasy question arises our first celebration of Good Friday Passover in Heaven is it going to be GFPE or GFPMC?  On earth the start was Good Friday Passover Egypt. GFPE. And if it is also the start of our Heavenly life then we have reached the zenith of our studies. We can’t go any higher, all we can do is to start filling out the details within. Our earthly studies have a pinnacle and so do the ones of the new earth. Both mountains have a base, on earth it is Good Friday Passover Egypt (GFPE) has a start of 01/01/01 at its base, most probably a 1,260 year climb and very steep step of 1,260 days onto Mount Calvary, another steep step of 1,260 days after it and then a very long to DOA30. Surprisingly it levels off at about 2,000 years after GFPMC for almost 1,800 years and then a very steep step, almost a thousand kilometres high onto the Day of Atonement (DOA31; earthly study of the climb of mountain of salvation), the subject of our present study and much has already been gleaned about events of this time. But it is its application to the new earth where our study of the Bible reaches its pinnacle. In all cases it is the blood of the lamb that is the critical factor and it reaches its pinnacle when it is applied by Jesus to, pray fully my, forehead, and ‘then they shall see His face’. I see the love He has for me and return some of it. All the redeemed see this love and apply it to those around. We have reached perfection, we have started eternity. That is the mountain that the Bible describes we are climbing, that is GFPE, and that is 01/01/01.

Many Christians today prefer to start that climb on its first plateau, ignoring the 1,260 years to get there. They chose to study just the New Testament (NT) and ignore those 1,260 of climbing that is done in the OT. Most even ignore the plateau that occurs on Mount Calvary. The concoction of ideas they have may have a heading of ‘Jesus’ but they have as little to do with Jesus as they have with the OT and NT. The matters they deal with may be unpleasant but then so is sin.

It is probably Biblically wrong but a sign of desperation that I will try to look down from the Heavenly cross of GFPMC onto the earthly cross of GFPE rather than the other way around. Hushed silence in among the feminists as the death of first born males announced. Actually Jesus Christ came to save

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males and females and in Heaven they are one; unisex. The male and female points to a higher order of the family of Heaven; bridegroom and bride. The bridegroom has come down to save His bride and take her to be with Him in Heaven for the eternities to come. And the starting dates for these events are 01/01/01 on earth and 14/01/01 in Heaven.

Jesus came down to earth to save His people, release them from what was holding them back from beginning this journey, the slavery of sin and prepare them for their heavenly journey. He made 22,273 pairs of shoes for His people to wear on this journey, that was in excess by some 273, there were only 22,000 to take up that offer. There are more than enough. The 273 belong to the Church of Laodicea, they could have but didn’t take up the offer. These people initially were called Levites and of themselves had nothing to offer. They were not firstborn, they had no inheritance, the shoes they received were the result of God’s grace. Even though their contribution to these Heavenly shoes was zero they were still expected to change and perform duties.

The One Who left these shoes was a firstborn male. He would be the bridegroom but before he could claim the inheritance of the firstborn and pass it onto His bride He would have to clear the title for it from the one who got this inheritance and it was given to him by none other than the bride, the beast or satan? Pharaoh or his firstborn son? If it was the first born son, satan, then he wouldn’t die for another 5,000 odd years (from GFPE), and the beast, Pharaoh until GFPMC. But where we are at now, GFPE, both die, satan and the beast. Heaven counts the beast, Pharaoh as dying in the Red Sea or the fires of hell on GFPMC. Even though satan gets a run of almost five thousand years after GPPE spiritually, Pharaoh’s first born son did die on that night, satan is not a significant player, it was the beast who called, ‘Mine and over my dead body!’ from the fires of hell. Satan as firstborn has got his inheritance and no-one questions or challenges this inheritance. Jesus concedes they belong to satan. Jesus would not call, ‘JK mine!’ from the fires of hell if I had died but not in Jesus. The only default value is satan. If I had died in satan I would be his. Satan was the first to embrace, to absorb the timeline of evil that passed through Heaven. He was the firstborn son of evil and it was to satan that Adam and Eve gave their allegiance. But you are not a part of his inheritance while you live. You only can join it on death. So on Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC), satan certainly did his best to make Jesus sin and he will the same to you and me and will leave no stone unturned in trying and will certainly bruise the heel of Jesus on that final DOA30, but in the big picture he is regarded as dead and the dead who have not died in Jesus are his. But God is not God of the dead, He is God of the living.

Both the firstborn males from Egypt and Calvary had to perform the same functions; They were both required to produce and leave shoes for the bride to wear so that she could follow them. The firstborn males from GFPE did not die but the firstborn male from GFPMC did die. If they did the same thing, produce shoes for the bride then why this big difference? GFPE only needed release from slavery, sins would be forgiven in six months time when the first born son got to DOA30 and later when the bride, the Levite got to DOA30. On GFPMC however the bride was required to get to DOA30 and to do that she had to be sinless. And the only way to get rid of her sin the bridegroom had to die for them. ‘If you sin you will surely die’ and Jesus did die for His bride’s sin. There is one reason why in Heaven on our first full day when we celebrate our first Heavenly Passover we follow Egypt and not Calvary.

The shoes are also different. The shoes we entered from the sin side, through the doorway to the sinless side of the new earth had to be those from GFPMC, hence the death, but once through we only need sinless shoes. Here the bridegroom is only going to have to give a pair of shoes that we

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will wear during our training and preparation not for GFPMC where the blood of the Passover lamb was spilled but where this blood is gathered and personally applied to our foreheads by Jesus Himself. This is a reverse GFPMC and our shoes will only be required to get us here. After that we become one with Jesus and will not require shoes again. The journey may be as short as 451 days when we have this blood applied as we enter the New Jerusalem as divine, as we are going to ever get, beings. So it is GFPE that gets the 01/01/01 although GFPMC still gets the Heavenly date of the 14th of January. How did preparing the shoes for the bride vary from GFPE to GFPMC and the Heavenly Passover which will bring in each New Year?

On GFPMC it took Jesus six hours to clear the table of sin before He could make our shoes for us and immediately joined us in our walk till four o’clock when His body and blood would be separated by that Roman spear. This corresponds to the Great Tribulation of His body, the church. We as the body go to Heaven whilst His blood remains on earth until the DOA30.

The 1,800 odd years in between has already been covered and now we are interested in the very start and end of these journeys. At the other end the spies who have been to Canaan have already come back and reported some of the things we can expect when we finally pass through that doorway onto the new earth. We have got our passports and our shoes but we still need those passports stamped with the blood of Jesus Christ. It is a formality, it is the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But as well as the reports of the spies we now also have GFPE and GFPMC to guide us up there and we are still trying to look down from Calvary to Egypt. There are many similarities and differences between these two events but Scripture dates GFPE as 01/01/01 and wants us to start at the start, not an unreasonable position.

One of the more difficult differences between these events is our relationship with the bridegroom. On GFPMC He makes us our shoes for the journey and immediately joins us in them. He acknowledges His break from divinity, “Father why have you forsaken me” and seals the break as Nazirite by accepting vinegar. He has done what a Nazirite was forbidden to do. On GFPE to avoid confusion I will use the numbers supplied= Scripture= intended to teach and instruct. So instead of saying; On the earthly step of Good Friday in Egypt the firstborn males not killed by the angel of death because they were in a home with the blood of the Passover lamb splashed on the frames of the entrance door were a total of 22,273 representing the bridegroom I will now call; the 22,273 lot. And the tribe God chose to serve Him, but had to be wearing the shoes left behind by the 22,273 lot, the bride, were a total number of 22,000 and called Levites. This is the 22,000 lot. Also as it has not been on my radar I could not answer whether the first DOA30 was on the 10th of July 01,. 10/7/01 or because it required a Most Holy Place, a Holy Place and an altar could not have been held until 10/07/02. Both cases are based on the census being taken on 01/02/02 or thirteen months after GDPE.  Alternative one; first DOA31 on 10/07/01:

Having survived the night the 22,273 lot march out into the desert. They keep marching until the 10/07/01 when all their sins are forgiven. This is purely an act of faith as all sins will be obliterated in the combination of GFPMC and DOA30. They continue their march for another six months until 14/01/02, where they perform their first celebration, commemoration of what happened twelve months ago in Egypt. Sixteen days later, on 01/02/02 God orders Moses to undertake the census and the census takes one month (??) to complete as on 01/03/02. Whilst in a ‘sinless’ condition which they were at on the DOA30 plus what sins they have committed since that day almost six months ago, they are told to leave their shoes behind and go re-join their families, they were always a part of the census. The ones who were/are not apart of the these census were the ones who stepped into these shoes, the Levites, the 22,000 lot.

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Now for the first DOA30 not occurring until 10/07/02 when the temple is set up. Again the 22,273 lot leave Egypt on the 01/01/01 and march into the desert. At the sixth month interval there is no DOA31 so their sins remain unforgiven and they march for another six months until 14th of January, 14/01/02 when they commemorate the Passover of a year ago. No sins forgiven as yet. Moses orders census on 01/02/02 and if it takes a month to complete finished census on 01/03/02. Sins of the 22,273 lot have not been forgiven when they are asked to leave their shoes behind and go back to their families. But even though the bridegroom doesn’t walk with his bride but just goes home to his family it doesn’t seem right to leave her a dirty pair of shoes to wear. Her apprenticeship will after all in and around the tent of meeting where she will be involved with the most holy objects.

What about her apprenticeship? The shoes she inherited are going to walk her to GFPMC, to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the three stages of her apprenticeship. When she has completed them on GFPMC at 3 o’clock she will be joined by her bridegroom for the return leg of the journey. Her shoes here will certainly be very clean, so clean in fact that she will be able, with a bit of a polish up on DOA32 to walk into Heaven.

Scripture splits her walk of life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ into the stages of Gershonites, Kohathites and Merarites. Scripture seems to split the temple and its service into two sections; here on earth and its equivalent in Heaven. For example the bread OF THE Presence, the communion bread, the body of Christ is most Holy and therefore should be in the Most Holy Place but as it has to be replaced regularly and no-one is allowed into the Most Holy Place except the High Priest and that is only on DOA33, this holy bread is pulled back into the tent of meeting so that the priests can change it when required. Like wise the lampstand and the table of incense belong in the direct presence of God in the Most Holy Place but as they require constant attention they too are pulled back into the tent of meeting.

The objects of bread, lamps, incense and covers are of themselves not most holy, it is only when they take part with Jesus and become one with His body which is what the temple represents, it is only then that they become most holy. Bread only becomes most holy when it represents the body of Christ, the communion bread or the bread of the Presence. Lamps only become most holy when they represent Jesus as the light of this world and the countless sermons written on this symbolism.  Incense only becomes most holy when it is laced with our prayers to God within it. These objects become most holy when assembled as a temple which points to the body of Christ within which Divinity dwells.

No doubt many a sermon has been written about the covering of porpoise skins. His first disciples were fishermen and we too are to be fishers of men. His first miracle after His resurrection was catching and eating fish thus using fish to connect the real to the divine and it also connects the real to the divine in these coverings. It is from water that the fish gets its life from and it from water that we too arise into life eternal. And out of all the fish Scripture chooses porpoises as they breathe the same air that we do and eat the same flesh.

Out of all the colours Divinity reserves blue for itself. It is the glow in the wall around the New Jerusalem which emanates the creature that looks like an eagle. It is the colour of the covering of both sides of objects that have been in touch with God in the Most Holy Place. Veil on the screen and cover of the ark of the testimony. A blue cloth underlies the objects that should also be included in the Most Holy Place and will be included when they are washed by the blood of the sin offering.The

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scarlet cloth covering may also refer to the final union of body and blood. The lampstand is blue only although it did spend its time in the tent of meeting so it could have oil added to it. If there is a candidate for blue cloth not just under it but covering it as well, then it has to be the ashes from the altar, from the cross. This is the sinless body of Jesus Christ. These are what was left after what those fires had ravaged  and extinguished themselves by 3 pm on GFPMC. This represents divinity in its purest form, it should be blue. But it is a purple covering that is laid over these ashes, it is blue and red as well, it includes the red colour of the ox like creature. As already stated the blood of Jesus could not have been in those fires of hell. It wouldn’t matter how fierce they were and high enough to engulf the Heavenly throne, this blood would have put them out. It is the blood of life, it is not the blood of death. But if it wasn’t for this red colour component in this purple then would not be any blue either. It was this blood, the blood of the sin offering that cleansed all utensils and made them useable and allowed this sacrifice to continue and be acceptable to God. Thus blue and red. On this ground I would assign the purple wall to the creature that looks like a man leaving the orange wall, by default, to the Holy Spirit, the creature that looks like a lion.

The bases of the Levites/bride’s training was to hold awe and respect  for Jesus Christ as represented by His temple. She was not allowed to touch or even look at any of these sacred objects under the penalty of death. She had to remain outside of the veil. She was training for the time when the veil would be torn by Heaven itself to end her apprenticeship and allow her to go inside the veil and handle and look at these sacred objects. In the meantime if by chance she thought that the covering of these holy objects was insufficient she would have to ask the priests to correct it. She was not yet a priest.

At this stage I am unaware of how the service of the Gershonites relates to the death of Jesus Christ. Their carrying involved items in the tent of meeting, some of the courtyard and the curtains of the tabernacle. The courtyard was certainly the area of preparation of altar/cross for the death of our Lord. Some of the items were covered by porpoise skins indicating the miraculous connection between Heaven and earth. Nor am I aware of how the Merarites relate to the resurrection of our Lord. But this could easily change with prayer and even in the foreseeable future. The Merarites carried everything else and the temple would be constructed where they stopped. As these two topics are essential part of our Levites training they will have to be revisited again and again, particularly when she enters through that torn veil at the end of her apprenticeship. The Merarites assembling the basic units of the temple could be related to resurrecting the new temple within us as the Gershonites carrying the covered objects a symbol of death, but clearly the topic of temple objects must happen soon.

In the NASB Bible verses 11 to 29  of chapter five come under the heading of The Adultery Test. This is a second time through so the verses are not retyped. Thoughts as I read these verses. There appears to have been a chasm between bride, the 22,000 lot and the 22,273 lot, the bridegroom. After thirteen or fourteen months he just seems to have left his shoes behind and gone back to his family and she is doing her apprenticeship. But there is one connection there already, he left his shoes, not just those of a firstborn but a firstborn who was going to enjoy their inheritance as the angel of death had already passed over him. This bond will now grow over the next 1,260 odd years when she will leave her apprenticeship shoes and replace them with a pair that should almost get her to eternity. As she has done the hard yards in her apprenticeship the bond with her master will be far stronger now but it will be subject to satanic attacks. This adultery test determines whether breaking of the bond is reversible or irreversible. It explains why so many whose names were in the Book of Life yet will not be there for the final crossing into our doorway of the Heavenly tent of meeting.

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There is no one who knows better than the bridegroom that his bride will not be perfect it is the bridegroom. When Jesus was shown the cup from which He would have to drink on GFPMC, He saw every one of her sins there and every fall. His response was; ‘Not My will, but Your will be done!’ Not one of the bride’s sins were hidden from Him, yet He went ahead and paid the penalty for each one. But to pay the penalty for our sins they had to be sins first and foremost. They had to be confessed! The intercourse with another man would be the best way of breaking the relationship with her bridegroom. It is irrelevant with whom she had the intercourse with, God is only concerned with the fact that she did. She has committed an intentional sin. She further insults God by assuming that because no one saw it happen that God doesn’t know either, it remains unconfessed. There is only one place where unconfessed intentional sins are dealt with and that is in hell. She has committed the unforgiven able sin, she did not allow Jesus to intervene with this sin, she has severed her relationship with God and the bridegroom. Thus the importance of the adultery test. The price that Jesus still has to pay for this marriage is of unfathomable depth and pain and it is little wonder that He guards it selfishly. But firstly we have established that the intercourse took place and there are no witnesses. For this relationship to continue, especially with the eternities in mind, doubt must be removed whether this relationship should indeed be severed by hell.

The case is brought before God’s representative, the priest by the jealous husband. There is nothing holy about the offering she brings, and at this stage she may or may not be guilty. The offering contains no oil, no Holy Spirit, no incense or prayer offering, just a second class substitution for the grain offering; barley. It is called a grain offering of jealousy, a grain offering of memorial, a reminder of iniquity. This is a second class offer on every ground. It does not compare on any grounds to the first class offerings that we make. Our sin and grain offerings are for confessed sins, hers is an unconfessed sin and ours are unintentional where as hers is intentional. In our offerings we are offering Jesus as the substitute, Jesus as the solution and asking God to accept Jesus on our behalf. With the jealousy offering it is all about her and God is called to be the judge. Heaven and earth depend on the integrity of this relationship.

They both, priest and woman, come and stand presumably in front of the tent of meeting before God. The priest then takes the grain offering of memorial and places it in her hand. The priest himself holds the water of bitterness that brings the curse. The priest then makes her take an oath to the effect if she has done nothing wrong then she will be immune to this water of bitterness that brings a curse. The relationship of husband-wife is stressed. But if you have done something wrong whilst you were still in this relationship with your husband then the priest makes the woman swear an oath, “the Lord make you a curse and an oath among your people by the Lord’s making your thigh waste away and your abdomen swell; and this water that brings a curse shall go into your stomach, and make your abdomen swell and your thigh waste away.” Then, ‘The priest shall write these curses on a scroll. And he shall wash them off into the water of bitterness. Then he shall make the woman drink the water of bitterness that brings a curse, so that the water which brings a curse will go into her and cause bitterness. The priest shall take the grain offering of jealousy from the woman’s hand, and he shall wave the grain offering before the Lord and bring it to the altar, and afterward he shall make the woman drink the water. When he has made the woman drink the water, then it shall come about, if she has defiled herself and has been unfaithful to her husband, that the water that brings a curse will go into her and cause bitterness, her abdomen will swell and

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her thigh will waste away, and the woman will bring a curse among her people. But if the woman has not defiled herself and is clean, she will then be free and conceive children’.

An interesting story but hardly relevant today you may say, but such is not the case. How could this stupid woman push this bluff so far. She knows that the judge is none other than God and therefore knows everything and cannot make a mistake, the consequences on her and her community horrific, and all she has to do is to repent and every thing will again be honky dory. She can’t

**** (system decided to update and took 90 minutes), she won’t  take this to the vote stage, not that she has been given such an easy option!  David’s confession was anything but spontaneous, six months late and after being cornered by the prophet. The sins; murder and adultery, yet God accepted his confession and counted him as sinless!

How many of us today break our relationship with Jesus Christ. The lists and laws He has left us are broken with impunity and at most times we don’t even bother to give an excuse. Despite the very easy option that is given us today, we would prefer to take our matter to the judge. It is He Who will decide whether intentional or unintentional and meter out appropriate punishment. But why push the bluff so far?  The Bible tells us that the number of foolish virgins is great indeed. And there was no need for this to happen! But then again thus we have the adjective; foolish! It only again proves that good and evil cannot mix, coexist. They have for a long time but ultimately met on that fatal Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) Fatal for evil, both satan and the beast anyway. Their final immiscibility with good will be proven when Jesus offers to take the foolish virgin’s position in hell and they refuse. But then again this only applies to the wives who are under the authority of their husbands and in Heaven there is only unisex. But this adultery test of chapter five sets the rules within this marriage and the condition under which this marriage will fail. When the bride pushes her bluff too far and finishes up in hell! Relationship broken!

In a way I am glad that this is only a half book summary and by the time we get to a full book summary many more Old Testament questions will be answered. But we are here in the OT and the earthly step and here because our Master sent us here with a specific warning; If you don’t believe this then don’t bother looking up to Heaven and it is from this step that we come back again to a chapter we have visited many times; chapter six, the Nazirite. It sure is earthly, any man or woman may make it and many did. Two conditions apply; no contact with any grape products and no cutting of hair on the head. But all Scripture is fulfilled in Jesus Christ, both earthly and Heavenly and the only name on our passport applications through that doorway into the new earth. Whatever the question, whatever the requirement all we need is to point to His name. We may not understand how but we a very confident that He did. And thus we come to the Nazirite’s vow and Jesus Christ.

Why did Jesus start His ministry from Nazareth, walk to Jerusalem’s cross, from this cross back to Nazareth and from here back into Heaven and not one of the many other towns of the time? There certainly seems something special about Jerusalem. It may be symbolic that the fires of Mount Calvary engulfed the throne of Heaven but there may also be some physical link there like some electromotive or unknown forces there or just a fluctuation in the quantum foam, but there is something special there. Nazareth, well it just Jesus did at this stage. But with GFPE the Nazirite’s step has been vastly expanded.

There seems now to be three issues; The total census with an entry of 603,550 of which were those first born shoe dispensers, 22,273 of them and there but not counted in the census, the 22,000 Levites. I don’t think it is the numbers that are critical as they vary greatly depending on what allegiance was shown by the people. It is the positions which are of relevance. But as we go through

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chapter six again we maybe forced to break them down to 581,277 + 22,273 = 603,550 the 22,000 Levites that God took to Himself. God’s original offer of places in Heaven was 22,273 but only 22,000 accepted. There were unfilled spaces in Heaven symbolically so no one can say there wasn’t enough room for me there. The large number who do not get there even though they made that serious commitment are dealt with in the adultery test. They remain in the book until their bond with God is severed and that only happens when their sin/sins are dealt with. The unconfessed intentional sins in hell.

Satan the Levite is one such example. His position as Levite prevented him from being thrown into hell. Like Korah he was thrown out of the camp from where he is doing his darn most to inflict bruises on Jesus’ heel, but their names have not yet been struck out. They will be when unconfessed intentional sins are dealt with, they will die but the position of Levite will remain. God may graciously fill it with one of those grumbling congregation or as he was such a special angel, God may promote Gabriel or Michael or someone else.

As we now try to weave the Nazirite into GFPE in 01/01/01 and between GFPMC of 14/01/1260 (??)and finally  DOA32 of 10/07/4,337 (??) we cannot get away from the inescapable fact that it all began with 22,273 lot. They were first born (inheritance) males, (not females) who did not die (will live around now to enjoy their inheritance) because they were inside a home (most people were that night) which had the blood of the Passover lamb splashed on its doorframes and the angel of death passed over them. The 22,273 lot. The blood on those doorframes was not ‘sin forgiving’ blood, that would come some 1,260 years later at GFPMC. The blood that night was life eternal giving blood. Here it starts and finishes well into Heaven. It was coupled with the body being roasted in  the fires of hell and then being eaten with the bitterness of hell to try to make Him to be a part of us, but there was no formal transfer to scapegoat or washing with blood. They were the pointer to what was going to happen on GFPMC and faith in this pointer was all that was required for salvation but it was still only a pointer. The other event from which we cannot escape is that this 22,273 lot were told to go home and leave their shoes behind for the 22,000 Levites to walk in. They became God’s chosen servants and replaced the 22,273 who were previously, over whom the angel of death had passed. But this separation is only temporary and should only last until she finishes her apprenticeship and the curtain tears into the holy place to allow her to enter as priest. And that introduces another complication; who is it who goes to meet their Saviour in those last forty five days before His second coming?

The Nazirite Jesus Christ, made a vow with God His Father to dedicate Himself to God for a period of time so that He could bring back to Heaven with Him all who wanted to be saved, but this is framed in far more specific terms. He left His bride and went back to His family to give her time to do her training and now that she has done that He has come back to get her. His bride is alive because she is still wearing the shoes she got from the 22,273 lot who not only had firstborn wealth but also had the angel of death had already passed over them. He has come back for the living and under no circumstance is He to have anything to do with the dead. It seems like a serious mistake that He actually joins, becomes one of and with His brothers and sisters. But she has had dual training. She had three stages of training for outside of the tent of meeting and in the courtyard where the altar stood. With all this training she could easily be now moved in through the torn veil. The most important part of her training as Levite was to have reverence for the sacred objects, each representing some attribute of Jesus  Christ and she had learnt that aspect well.

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In our previous visit to chapter six we had the Nazirite coming down to save His people. Plan A or the living. They were only called the ‘living’ because way back on GFPE the bridegroom as firstborn had not only left his inheritance to her he passed of his life eternal that he had gained by being inside a doorway which had the blood of the lamb splashed over it. They were his inheritance and they were also ‘the living’.

But plan A, the living, failed on every ground, they just did not want him. From the theological highs that Paul could produce down to the jealous greedy lows of the priests and elders they all rejected Him. It wasn’t a 100% failure with those ‘real’ Christians around the cross on GFPMC but it was close to it. It is not that they just did not want Him, they wanted Him dead! If it wasn’t for plan B Jesus would have to return to Heaven as a failure. But Jesus/God knew that plan A would be a failure and had plan B, the dead, to take over. It was necessary and the Nazirite did not have to cut off his hair nor did he have to restart the clock on his ministry, the Levite had been taught just in case this would happen and she would change from plan A, the living to plan B, the dead. Which is exactly what happened at 3pm when the veil tore on GFPMC. Jesus came and joined the dead. The Levites became Christians. They may re-join again forty five days before the Lord’s second coming but we will walk under the Christian banner. The foundations of the New Jerusalem have the apostle’s names on them, they are the start of this walk; their names of the tribes on the pearly gates.

But if the plan of salvation switched from living to dead, then how can Jesus have a man ‘very suddenly die beside Him’? Isn’t he dealing with the dead?  As time moves from 01/01/01 in Egypt’s GFPE through to GFPMC and finally onto DOA32 almost in Heaven so does the involvement of divinity increase but humanity decrease. It may have been almost humanity in Egypt on the o1/01/01 with the 22,273 and 22,000 lots, but there was still divinity there in the form the blood of the Passover lamb. An ordinary lamb may keep you alive for a matter of weeks but only divinity can give life eternal which is what those firstborn lot got. When we go to the other end of time it is almost all divinity on DOA32 with very little humanity. But you cannot nail a spirit to the DOA32 cross, there has to be some humanity there. At the halfway point, GFPMC, seems to be about 50/50.

As Daniel places such emphasis on the last 490 years of the planets existence and particularly from year 483 to 490, the last seven after which time will only be counted as seven months, seven days and seven hours I intend to switch back to his calendar, particularly the 69th seven where halfway through this seven the DOA32 occurs halfway through year 486. All other evil must be finished by the end of 490 and the Most Holy anointed. So DOA32 occurs on the 10th of July, 486 (Daniels’ time) Now this man who was alive beside Him very suddenly dying.

I take Jesus as crushing the head of satan one week before that one and only DOA32 but concede it could have been any other time. On Friday to 2nd of July, 486 Jesus destroys satan by throwing him into hell. It was one of those one-sided battles with evil not being able to put up much resistance at all and the fires of hell do their work in a short time and go out. They certainly don’t take millions or even billions of years. Yes satan may be gone but all those unintentional sins he made God’s people commit are still left behind and they will bruise the heel of Jesus in the upcoming DOA32.

With satan and all evil beings disappearing off the radar, there appears the elephant in the room.

It has always been there and despite its incredible size it has been ignored probably on the ground that it is insignificant, it is not dangerous but now it is stuck in the doorway of the tent

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of meeting and not allowing one single soul to pass through onto the new earth. It is that mountain of unconfessed unintentional sins. And they are not as benign as they look. They are first and foremost sin, they are a separation from God and they will not allow us across that doorway. They will keep us away from the direct presence of God, the New Jerusalem for the eternities to come. They are still here because they were unintentional and God does not punish for something we don’t know we are doing. If they had been intentional and you had held onto them you both would have burned up in hell. If you had confessed them and passed them onto Jesus, which is what the saints have done, then He burned in hell for you which He also did for any other confessed sin. But these ones left over are different; they are unintentional so God will not attribute these to the sinner and they are unconfessed because people did not know they were committing them. They could be little dark clouds floating around and preventing that doorway from opening. But if they are sin then they will lead to a separation from God (six days), they will have to be collected (confessed), they like all sin will have to be burned in hell (unto the point that ‘if you sin you will surely die’) and there is going to have to be a sin sacrifice the blood from which will be needed to clean any and every stain that these sins have made. Beginning from verse nine;

These sins are going to have to be collected by confession by some living being and as there is only one candidate now, Jesus Christ, He becomes the default value. These sins will kill him but the dying process is over eight days. The moment He takes them on Himself they become His sins, Jesus’ sins even though He did not commit them, His creation did. They defile His dedicated head of hair and His period of being forsaken by God of six days begins. He doesn’t have to call out, ‘My God, My God why have you forsaken Me?’ He knows why and He also knows there is much worse to come. The days of forsakenness have taken us from the 3rd of July until the 9th of July when Jesus comes clean again and cuts off his hair. So far I am quite surprised how little we have learned about the hair of Jesus including these holy locks which have thirty three years of earthly growth and may be even three and a half years when Jesus gave us His tutorial from the earthly realms where He stood.

Finally comes day eight, the Day of Atonement (DOA32), the 10th of July. Daniel’s year of 486. The Nazirite’s meter is about to stop and have to be restarted. They were our sins that nailed Jesus Christ to that cross and these are our sins, at least in part and rebadged as Jesus’ sins that nailed Jesus again to the cross. On earth the two pigeons or turtledoves were a reality but up here near Heaven they like all sacrifices point the Jesus Christ. On earth there were sin, scapegoat and burnt offerings and offered over two levels; one for the high priest and one for the congregation. Up here there is no congregation, only the High Priest Jesus Christ and only His sins and these sins are the only ones left anywhere. Up here there is no scapegoat for Jesus to pass His sins onto so that it can be led into the desert and dashed to pieces, He was that scapegoat. He is still going to have to take His own sins and have them burned in hell and His body will emerge as the burnt offering and our passport into Heaven. And there is still the question of the blood from the sin offering. A pigeon or turtledove don’t yield very much blood. He didn’t either. Most of His blood was still on earth on Mount Calvary. On Resurrection Sunday He was only given a tiny amount of blood, He didn’t have much to shed. But as this was divine blood only the tiniest droplet would do. It did and there was even enough to throw back onto the altar/cross along with the burnt offering. It cleansed all the software and hardware of Heaven and went onto accomplishing what it set out to do way back at GFPE on the doorframes of God’s people; to give life eternal.

Neither GFPMC nor DOA32 were ceremonies. They were life shattering events. As has been shown these two events are so related, and could not exist without the other, there must be parallels within them on which I now draw. Jesus Christ is nailed to the cross at 9am on Sabbath the 10th of July, 486.

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The first drops of blood that ooze out of the nail holes cleanse the cross of any defilement of what could have happened to it in the intervening 3,800 odd years since GFPMC. There will still be blood required to cleanse other objects that Jesus has touched since accepting all those unconfessed unintentional sins onto Himself. All of the defilement that they wash is going to have to come to this cross so that it also can be burned up in hell. Universe cleaned, all sins are here now and will have to be dealt with individually. Angels and saints are particularly watchful as to when their batch of sins arrive. Agony and torment and it is not just Jesus Christ on that cross that is going through. JK had placed these ‘sins’ as so benign that they were not even worthy of being referred to as sin at all! How wrong can you get! What utter stupidity!  And even though JK has been in Heavenly robes including Christ’s robe of righteousness, for a long time, the numbers beggar belief!  And then batch number with JK’s name come up. All how many hundreds of millions of them. Not sure how the suffering aspect works because I used to think that the greatest suffering Jesus went through was His separation away from God and that aspect was already dealt with from the 3rd to the 8th of July. Nonetheless every sin is read out and dealt with according to God’s requirements and even though I thought that it was all over and God would never forgive me for such stupidity at the start of what Jesus called ‘My sins’ by the end I am now convinced that it is all over! Those wonderful 1,800 years in the old tent of meeting are over and there is no future! GFPMC and now DOA33, even God cannot forgive me for all this suffering. From an onlookers point of view I can’t remember where I set the pointer last time to, ‘and make atonement for him concerning his sin because of the dead person.’ Now I set it to 4pm.

At 3pm Jesus calls, ‘It is all over’ The last sin has been read and accounted for. The fires of hell have gone out for the last time even though the ashes will continue to glow for a good while yet. And it is now that Jesus offers His body to God as a burnt offering just like He offered GFPMC to God on Resurrection Sunday and was also accepted as perfect. The mass of almost dead flesh can see this burnt offering and realise by 4pm that indeed ‘atonement for him concerning his sin because of the dead person’ has been made. 4pm is another milestone.

GFPE, GFPMC and DOA33 are not reruns of the same event, they are a progressive fulfilments of the overall act of salvation. There are similarities but there are also dissimilarities. One such dissimilarity is 4pm. At 4pm on GFPMC the blood of Jesus was spilled out of His Holy body but on DOA34  at 4pm it is all gathered and returned; the blood that soaked into this cross on both GFPMC and DOA34, the ground in both places, His clothing, the streets and the whips and crowns. All blood is returned, divine and human and it all circulates in His body as the blood of Jesus Christ. Heavenly Resurrection Sabbath instead of Resurrection Sunday, ‘That same day he shall consecrate his head, and shall dedicate to the Lord his days as a Nazirite, and shall bring a male lamb a year old for a guilt offering; but the former days will be void because his separation was defiled’. To symbolically finish it all off now Jesus now presents Himself to God as the guilt offering. All been paid for plus 20% where applicable, the Nazirite’s meter is re-zeroed and restarted.

The serious situation that is now at hand should not have happened had the saints remembered or applied what Jesus had told them would happen in His 1,260 tutorial. He told them that the moment of His Resurrection, His blood returning at 4pm that was also the moment of their resurrection; they were one! He had just married us before and left us alone so soon after and now we are sure He is not going to come back and get us!  Those angelic hosts may be different, they had only had a

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grumble or two or even three recorded against them but that was absolutely nothing compared to what I had caused Jesus. He only deserves praise and worship for taking these sins on Himself, but they were my sins! But as I look another amazing situation is developing. Having finished and fulfilled His separation, Jesus is now beginning His decommissioning. He came off the cross at His resurrection, is now standing in front of His cross and is about to make a case why JK should be taken up into the new earth. This is looking promising as in all my existence in Heaven it has never been noted what contribution I made. It has always been what Jesus did. Most interesting and has never failed. This time however we are going to be given the behind the scenes moves.

The bridegroom, the Nazirite is about to present His case to God why He should be allowed to pick His bride, newly wedded, and bring her up into the new earth and ultimately the New Jerusalem. As this is now about the Law of God, whether it has been obeyed and fulfilled the Nazirite needs an expert in this law to come along with Him. Any spurious presentations or errors could have very serious consequences. From His bride Jesus could pick Daniel who has no sins recorded against him, or Moses who was there at the start or the greatest of all sinners, Paul and certainly an expert in law or anyone else and there could not be a better judge in this situation than Jesus. The case is presented by bride and bridegroom, the Nazirite and a priest and me also wants to be covered by this particular action of Jesus.

It seems that this plan of salvation was worked out a long time ago between the Nazirite or bridegroom or Jesus Christ and God the Father and would come into play on the 01/01/01. It involved blood. This blood would be involved in the forgiveness of sin whilst sin existed but that would only be for a tiny fraction of time. Its role on those doorframes that night and into the Heavenly realms was there as a life eternal giving reagent. That was its role at the very start of this plan and also at the end of the plan and the start of the eternities. It played both roles on GFPMC and Resurrection Sunday and also on DOA34.

It involved paying whatever dues the bride had by the bridegroom, bringing her up to Heaven, marrying her and after final stages of cleansing for the happy couple to enter the new Heavens and live happily forever more. The plan they worked out in very great detail was written out in a book called the Bible. The main problem was the bride. The gap between her and Heaven was so great it seemed unsurpassable. Both bride and bridegroom on this day started on an earthly step. This lowly step was the usual position for the bride but the bridegroom had to stoop to get here. God called the bride to Himself and began training her for her higher calling, she had to be made ready for when God was required to change from salvation plan A to salvation plan B. There is not much said about the bridegroom in these 1,260 odd years, other than he had to get out of his shoes and let the bride wear them. He was alright it was she who needed to be prepared for the upcoming transformation and to appreciate the inheritance and long life he has left that was associated with these shoes. All she needed was to learn how to walk the walk. So let us go back to verse thirteen.

There are two phases of the ministry of the Nazirite. The old one finished when He consecrated His head and offered the guilt offering. At this stage phase two cut in. Initially I had phase two immediately following phase one, but this cannot be the case. He cut His hair in both phases. If in phase one it was on the 9th of  July then He couldn’t cut it in phase two on the 10th or 11th or soon after as there would not have been enough regrowth to cut. Jesus cut His hair after a significant period of time after the 9th of July and well into phase two of His Nazirite’s ministry. So my original idea that by showing this lot of almost on the brink of death saints the construction of their salvation

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and this would get them back to their feet was wrong. He needed them on their feet before He would show them. But how long is ‘significant’? According to Daniel, ‘significant’ can be up to 1,260 days. This would then give us the two phases of the Nazirite’s ministry as phase one, beginning  in Egypt way back on 01/01/01 and lasting some 5,000 years (1,260 + 2,000 + 1800) until the consecration of Jesus’ head and the guilt offering, and phase two beginning with the re-starting of the Nazirite’s meter and finishing within Daniel’s final seven years. Only seven months, seven days and seven hours left for planet earth. Phase two could not last longer than 1,260 days.

The addition of GFPE into the scope of the Nazirite’s vow has changed everything. The blood on the doorpost. As this is only a half book summary  I was going to leave the hard issues until  a full book summary and with all the extra information I would get it ‘right’ then. But then progressive revelation is progressive revelation although it should not contain errors, especially clangers. And if the following analysis is also wrong it will have been another avenue that has been explored.

It all seemed to fit so well. The bride and bridegroom were finally married after the Holy Spirit (fine linen) returned from earth back to Heaven, they leave the old Heavenly tent of meeting and set off for Canaan. They expect the Canaanites to fight back and they are organised as an army with the rider of the white horse as leader. The battle against the beast is a non event. Surely now Canaan is the next and final stop? Sadly though the leader of the white horse knows that this is not the case. He can see that the doorway to the new earth is closed and the sign says, ‘Sinless only’. But isn’t that the idea of the blood of the lamb that is splashed on the doorframe? Unfortunately as in GFPE it is not about sin, it actually assumes a sinless condition, it is life giving blood to those who already have the inheritance, the firstborn sons but they will now be able to enjoy it forever!

Even though she is only an observer, every detail is going to be explained to her including that after all these events they will as bridegroom and bride ride through that doorway, even the angelic hosts will accompany her and the love of her bridegroom will never leave her, these are indeed going to be traumatic times for her and she will only barely just pull through them. They are purifying times for her and reasons why the couple could not enter before are no longer applicable.

What I considered as my major problem was why the Nazirite sometimes presented an ewe-lamb and others a male lamb as His sin offering. As this was concerning the bride now looking on that there was a special, one on one relationship that concerned the Nazirite. What is here involved is Nazirite-ewe-lamb and specifically GFPMC and Nazirite-male-lamb and DOA34. (all creations sins) The crowning error and which is totally unscriptural was to assign Nazirite phase one to GFPMC and Nazirite phase two to DOA34 which is so wrong. I can’t remember much but at that time I actually got a headache from cycling between DOA nine o’clock to DOA three o’clock to DOA four o’clock beginning with the 1,260 days after GFPMC. But now I settle at four pm on DOA34 of 10th of July 486 of Daniel’s 490 years as the separation of the two phases of the ministry of the Nazirite.

With the blood on the doorframe of the Passover lamb as the guide; Nazirite, phase one, five thousand years, Egypt, 01/01/01 begins ministry. ‘Nazirite’, begins His ministry as firstborn male (establishing the two sexes will play in the bridegroom, bride marriage) with the blood of the lamb as its start and end but only as life giving blood. Transfers all three roles to Levite/bride some thirteen months later, 01/02/02; life giving blood potential, inheritance, but female. She too becomes a servant of God and begins her training to prepare her for the arrival of the Nazirite. Her training lasts some 1,260 years under the guidance of the animal sacrificial system. You have to be able to add before you can be taught to integrate.

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As predicted and promised the Nazirite arrives to perform His momentous and magnanimous role of 14th /01/1,260 (??). Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary. (GFPMC). The details of the events for the first 1260 days after GFPMC are still the subject of study. I could supply exact dates and even times of the second coming of our Lord but I first must be given the date when the earthquake shakes Jerusalem and does not leave any two stones on each other including those present today in the original temple foundation. The abomination that causes desolations has done its work. Guessing and picking Obama (20/01/17) plus 1,260 days gives 20/07/2020 and the second coming. This would still allow thirty days for him to work out details for his nefarious plans. Second coming 20/07/2020 plus millennium, 20/07/3020, then another 260 years for the third coming 20/07/3,280 (what about the ministry of the two witnesses of 1,260 days??) plus a short time until satan and the beast decide to rebuild the temple and then finally Daniel’s last lot of 7 * 70 or 490 years. And that it where we are at right now, halfway through that last seven, year 486 and date the 10th of July, time 4pm, event instead of the blood of Jesus being poured out all over the ground, it is gathered and returned to His body. End of phase one of the Nazirite, his head reconsecrated, guilt offering offered. The end of Jesus dealing with sin. DOA34 + GFPMC + GFPE = the end of sin = the start of the life giving blood = the completion of the blood circle that started way back on GFPE on 01/01/01. Sin out, sinless begins.

This is the second time where Jesus appears as the Jesus of eternity. His first such appearance was in Gethsemane where everyone including the apostles dropped dead literally. Good and evil cannot coexist and it was evil that died. The bride is almost dead from all she has been though up to now so it is not the appearance of the real Jesus that has nearly killed. It hasn’t helped but it wasn’t the cause of her near death experience either. It is the start of the second stage of the ministry of the Nazirite, Jesus Christ, the sinless stage and preparation for our entry into this sinless stage. It began when the sinless body of Jesus Christ just out of the fires of DOA35 at 3pm of 10th of July 486 was offered as a burnt offering by us for the period of one hour. This body of Christ became Jesus Christ when His blood re-joined it. The Day of Atonement will now remain as DOA36 there are now no new roles left for it to play. It was the end of Nazirite phase one. The sin component is gone and now all that is left is it life giving component. That is where it began its role way back in Egypt and now it begins this life giving role on the doorstep to Heaven. It would be a nice, simple and happy ending now if the Nazirite phase two ministry began at 4pm on the 10th of July, 486 and lasted forever, no sin, nothing to go wrong! Unfortunately it does not. There is now a decommissioning coming up and Daniel tells us that it will occur within 1,260 of this wonderful appearance that we have just had of the Jesus Christ of the eternities to come. But this has also changed the scenery drastically.

We no longer have just Jesus Christ, we have the full Jesus Christ to whom I will now refer to as Gethsemane Jesus Christ. He is above the transfiguration Jesus Christ and can’t be far from the Jesus Christ of the New Jerusalem, the truly sinless area. What is so drastic about the scenery is that in an instant the bridegroom went from the pathetic figure on the cross of DOA36 to Gethsemane’s Jesus Christ but the bride stayed where she was. There is now going to have to be a lot of work done on her to bring her up to the level that the bridegroom is at now. It has been done before and it will have to be done again! In Egypt she had to start her walk in his shoes and under God’s guidance she rose to the occasion of meeting her bridegroom and she now has to do it all again but in a much shorter period of time. The Kohathites, the Gershonites and Merirites. If this is one of the purposes of the Nazirite’s phase two missions then a look at the decommissioning may help us of her elevation to this new Gethsemane level and how at least some of those 1,260 days were spent.

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Our bride actually came from quite a high standing. She has spent the last 1,800 odd years in Heaven covered with the robe of Christ’s righteousness. On the return of the Holy Spirit they were married and the fact that it was such a joyous event shows there was some equality and something to share between bride and bridegroom. The problem was that this marriage did not last for very long. The bridegroom left her with the Holy Spirit for three and a half years even though he was away from her she could still relate to him. But now in the blinking of an eye she no longer can. The return of His blood to His body has just made the difference; mole to mole hill!  And it is from here that we take up the story.

If this decommissioning occurs right at the end the Nazirite’s phase two ministry (31/12/489)  then first and foremost, his hair that was shaven on the 9th of July, 486 has now grown to a significant length and may be cut off and used for what purposes it was going to be used for. Secondly if a part of this ministry was to lift His bride to His Gethsemane status then He must have done that otherwise He would not be going through this decommissioning now. This is some awesome couple who stand up to present their case! He actually only brings one member of the bride, one who understands to Law of God better than most.

This is not the same figure who hung on that cross way back on GFPMC. It may not be a God the Father and God the Son conversation either but is  it is not much short of it either. If this is in fact what is occurring here then this is the consummation of the sacrificial system, the joining of the symbols and what they pointed to, the union of type and antitype. There may still have been members of the bride who didn’t quite understand it all and have sent one of their priests. After many years of study I will translate what I think the symbol is and put it into [  ].Verses 13-20 have already been copied out on a number of occasions.

The Nazirite brings with him three offerings to the doorway of the tent of meeting; burnt, sin and peace. [ Whether Jesus is now quoting from Numbers, or Leviticus or some other Scripture, these arrangements that the Holy Pair made have been written down and Jesus has the document now and is holding it in such a way it is clearly visible to at least the brides representative, the priest, if not the bride herself. They are making an application for entry into Heaven and the application has a part A and a part B; the two phases of the Nazirite, Jesus Christ. Jesus makes a summary statement; my body when I present their sins and of my creation to be burned up in hell when it is recombined with the blood of either sin offerings of DOA36 and GFPMC will restore Me to such a condition that I will be acceptable as a peace offering and they will be accepted by You God the Father into Heaven.] Burnt offering is a male lamb, sin offering a ewe-lamb both one year old and without defect and a ram peace offering also without defect. [ the burnt offering could only be made when the last trace of sin, all sin regardless of origin had been burned up in hell. Only happened after DOA36. It could not happen on GFPMC. Male lamb covers all sin. The blood offering, or sin offering however that is required is only for this bride sitting next to Me. And her sins, intentional and unintentional have to be taken out of the total as they were dealt with separately on GFPMC. Thus we only need a ewe-lamb sin offering.

All these details we are being given are for the benefit of the bride and also our benefit to show us God has our salvation worked out and planned down to a tee. In a one on one situation Jesus did not have to go through these symbols on Resurrection Sunday morning when He presented Himself to God in Heaven. Both knew what they stood for and the acceptance was over in a fraction of a second, verdict given; perfect and acceptable to God! And if God the Father and God the Son were the only ones involved now the verdict would also be given in a fraction of a second.

The problem is the bride as she was way back in Egypt. Even though the bridegroom left his shoes behind for her, and she did walk in them for over a thousand years under the direct guidance of God, her tuition in the animal sacrifice system lasted for 1,260 years(?) Even then she was not ready to accept the bridegroom. It needed another 1,260 days for this to happen, but happen it did. He left

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her for another two thousand years but did come back to take her back to heaven with Him. Events prevented them from being married for almost 1,800 years but they were finally married, as equals.

But that is when ‘things fell apart’. They fought against the beast as equals and He left her to go to the cross of DOA36 as equals, but He did not remain as an equal. He came out at the level of GFPMC. On Mount Calvary He went onto that cross as Gethsemane Jesus Christ. He showed us that the day before but on Good Friday Passover Mount Calvary (GFPMC) He broke His Nazirite’s vow, He was forsaken by God, He came to join the dead and she may have come up a long way during that thousand odd years of tuition but He also came down to her level, the dead.

Jesus Christ showed us His Gethsemane nature before the cross and it was this Gethsemane factor that pulled Him through that day. Without it He would not have made it. He chose at the end of that day to break His Nazirite’s vow, His Gethsemane factor and came to join the dead. He has remained in this relationship until the 3rd of July, 486 when He took on all the world’s remaining sins and was forsaken again (?) for six days, when he was cleansed on day seven. Again the Gethsemane factor returned in time for Him to have its divine assistance during those hours on the DOA36 cross. With all sin now gone when the blood was applied to His body, His Gethsemane nature more than returned as now there was no sin anywhere. The Nazirite has returned to be admitted back to where He was before He took His original vow. His Gethsemane factor to be fully returned to its divinity.

So running through His check list at His decommissioning it more complex than His checklist on Resurrection Sunday morning. GFPMC. Have all of the bride’s sin been atoned, paid for, and expunged? Yes or no? Is she ready for the journey home? No, she doesn’t have to come up to His level, He has come down to her level, but she does need instructions. Relatively easy when compared to DOA36.

Has every single last sin in the universe been vaporised? Yes, the burnt offering could not have taken place in the presence of any sin. But that was only Nazirite phase one, 4pm on the 10th of July 486. Now we have phase two to go and like phase two after Mount Calvary’s cross Jesus must complete this within 1,260 days. After this time He must appear as an equal with His bride at the decommissioning ceremony. And this is the difficult part. Last time He came down to her level, this time she must come up to His.

The first thing she wants to know about is her sin. It is wonderful to see all these sins being destroyed and evil losing all the battles but she must be sure that everyone of her committed confessed sins has been dealt with and on a personal individual basis. Yes the ewe-lamb sin offering of GFPMC, in fact all of GFPMC addressed that question. All gone. But just because all her sins have been paid for does not mean that God is going to accept her into Heaven. All that means is that she won’t go to hell. What peace offerings have been made to ensure that she is not just accepted into Heaven but welcomed there? You see her underbelly has been exposed and it wasn’t very pretty under there even though all has been cleaned up and for good.

If Jesus says that all my sins are gone then to doubt this would be making Him a liar. If Jesus says that He will take all my unconfessed, unintentional sins on Himself and call them ‘My sins’, DOA36, again it is as good as done. Being called Jesus’ sins, they become far more serious than being called, ‘JK’s sins’. Longer and more intensive periods of suffering for one thing but ultimately the same fate as all

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sins. The fires of hell. But now this peace offering which is still at the doorway to Heaven’s tent of meeting and presumably the end of the 1,260 allotted days. The issues we need to consider are what the offerings stand for and when were they made. They can only be attributed to e