Updated 16 May/15: The Revelation of Jesus Christ

To LESTER Head Elder of The Church of JESUS THE CHRIST From Julius Kudrynski Subject Could you please revue this presentation before I present it to our members. REVELATION . The book of Revelation is about two men, Lester & Julius (Mt 24:40). Lester was taken and Julius left behind highly distressed. He was wrong because he could have given any number of reasons why he should have been taken and Lester left behind but he is not wrong to know the reason he was left behind was because his sins were NOT on Calvary’s Tree and whether it takes 2 seconds or 2,000 years the result is I am going to hell. My first intention is to commit suicide, as the longer I live, the more sins I will commit and the worse my suffering in hell. But I feel my wife’s intervention (Mt 24:41) cut in (all Ch. 8 of Revelation) as she was taken up. “Don’t do that Joule because you will incur more of the Lord’s wrath in that one act than if you had lived for another 2,000 years. The ONLY reason I was taken and you were left behind was because I carried oil in a spare jar (Mt 25:5). You have been given a perfectly valid command from the wise virgins; money to buy and sellers sent to sell the oil so go and do it. You can see now why I couldn’t give you any of my spare oil”. So I am now a different person. I am NOT like those foolish virgins who should have been honest when they went back to knock at the door and added, “We did not get the oil we were told to get”. When I knock (Mt 25:11) I will call out, “Open the door Master and let me in. I have got the oil”. I don’t know what JESUS you worship Lester but the ONE I worship will now leave Heaven, come to earth, live a perfect life, die a perfect death and go through a perfect Resurrection, even if I am THE ONLY ONE BEING SAVED. You may think there was a big party when number 100 was saved – but what about number 101? It will require Divine intervention to prevent Heaven from collapsing !!!.

So now we begin the serious journey of Julius. The command I was given was valid as God’s Church (the wise virgins) never mislead. I now need to find the GOOD OIL. Provisions made for me by God are – (also rest of 5 virgins). 1. I am a proper church. I have seven Biblical names:

(i) Laodicea – the church after the second coming as it does not have one good person in it. But the Lord has not spat me out. He is knocking on my door and this church has the fullest texts on what the Good Oil is.

(ii) The church of the 144,000. Before the Lord sends His calamities on the earth, He personally puts a seal on my forehead (Rev 7:3) and He has every confidence I will succeed because He allocates me in a tribe. The reason why Julius receives the seal of God (which I thought I had received at my Baptism) is the same as why Lester received his – by the Grace of God. Please note – I cannot go to hell with this SEAL; I must remove it and replace it with the mark of the beast first. The major theme of the book of Revelation. Thus there are three categories of people; those who have received the mark of the beast,those who have the seal of God and those who have neither.

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(iii) The Church of the five foolish virgins on which Heaven will now not leave one stone unturned in order they be saved.

(iv) The Church of the Talent (to buy the oil) – I go desperately close to handing in God’s seal, and in fact, have every intention to do so but note Mt 25:2.

(v) The Church of the two men working in the field. Revelation spends approximately equal time on each. Why should this be the case, Lester, when God knows the foolish ones will fail and be eradicated? (Q 1)

(vi) The Church of the two women, and,

(vii) The Church of the sheep and goats. . We already have one question; here we have another one which Revelation answers . When does every knee bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord? – no exception – could have lived anytime or anywhere or be any age. One second after conception there may not be any knee or tongue. But there is a plan for them and God counts them as a life. This question is different to the next one as it acknowledges Christ our Maker. The next one is Christ our Redeemer.

2. When is this Gospel taught to every kind, nation and tongue? (again, not one exception).

3. Adam and Eve question – Who amongst us is deceived by Satan like Eve was and who is not?

4. When does the door of mercy close?

5. Why does the door of mercy close?

6. Salvation plan A for Adam (those not deceived) and salvation plan B for the Eves (those who are deceived). And most importantly, the 101 question – You may have other questions to add as I may also. It is important to answer each question for every soul ever conceived. Only God knows this number and you may choose another number to me but we must answer these questions for the numbers we choose. In my scenario God is counting every drop of innocent blood that is being shed and it only takes one more to fill the cup of Mercy. It has just happened and even though there may be 10s of 1000s of bodies gushing innocent blood before the next drop has time to leave, God has said, “enough is enough” and appears as His second coming. I take

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the number of souls present at this instant of time as 7.2 billion dead and 6.9 billion alive (ranging from just conceived to the oldest. Thus I am following 7.2 billion dead and 6.9 billion alive. You may choose any number you want but let us begin to follow them.)

The Lord has thus appeared in ground zero but He has given us many warnings before this date and may in fact give us extra warnings. These warnings all end with the Second Coming but because the nefarious schemes are carried out in a desert (Revelation 17:37) we can’t be sure when the 1260 days begin (Revelation 13) or Daniel’s 1290 and 1335 (Ch. 12). We are warned that when the midnight cry goes out, “Here comes the Bridegroom”, (Mat 25:6) it is already too late. Our fate is already determined; we are already classed as wise and foolish and we already know their fate. Coupled with this, the incredible slaughter that the Lord is going to allow to His Saints (R13:7, Mat 24:22). I am convinced He will and has already given us extra Biblical warnings. Only God knows, but say there are 700,288,000 Christians alive today and the Lord is coming in 1260 days, there will be 700,000,000 Christians killed leaving only 288,000, i.e. 144,000 wise (R14:1) and 144,000 foolish (R7:4). The laws for this to happen are already in every country disguised as “Terror Laws”. Please add to my list of warnings present in the Bible.

The Lord does acknowledge the bridegroom has been a long time in coming and does not reprimand His church for falling asleep (Mt 25:5). I could write pages on Mt 24:2 and Mt 24:32, but Mt 24:2 is covered in Revelation Ch. 15.

The one I am watching is the period of Joseph in Egypt

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Sept 11 2001 years of plenty (unlimited amount to be lent)

Sept 11 2008 years of famine ( the crash)

Sept 11 2015 — . When the people had no money, cattle, land and, in fact, had sold themselves (could that be debt to our banks?) and the midnight call? Only time will tell.

Now for the waypoints in the timetable of time. Even though Satan is only a small player in the big picture, he is the major player of 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours of this planet and is chosen by the overwhelming majority of people and God gives him the privilege of setting the timetable. Ch. 12 is Creation to Second Coming and Ch. 20 is Second Coming to Consummation. Initial study is just to establish the waypoints

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Ch20 If this is the Second Coming then there is only one angel this could be – JESUS CHRIST. Please note that He is not MIGHTY. He is the only one who could be sent and we probably won’t hear His first call, “Roll back the stone.” We certainly will hear His 2nd and 3rd call – “Lazarus come out” and “remove those earthly bandages”. He is the only ONE capable of binding Satan in his last throes for 1,000 (literal) years. (N.B. Satan must be set free, this is the period of judgment of the elders – probably 100s of millions of people have just arrived and the elders are worrying if any of these are likely to want their own way (not God’s) and what better way to judge anyone than by the prayers they pray which arrive at the same time in a golden censor (R Ch. 8 – probably the most beautiful chapter). Even though this is not a detailed study of Ch. 20, I must mention the prayers. They affect both Heaven and earth as the newly arrived saints are in a priestly mode but only for 1,000 years. The first thing that shocks us is how precious our prayers are in Heaven. It may have only taken 1 second to mention Vella in our prayers but Heaven treated it as if it was the only prayer that had been prayed.

The 4 creatures and the 4 prayers:

1. Creature with a human face – are our priestly prayers we prayed for the living – those left behind which I can feel especially when they are bundled back into the golden censor and hurled back to earth.

2. Creature that looks like an ox – are answered prayers because these people are now in Heaven only because of Christ’s Blood Sacrifice. Every prayer we ever prayed now and its answers are shown to the people, the gratitude expressed etc., etc., it is a very busy 1,000 years.

3. Eagle-like creature – I used to call these useless prayers but how wrong I was. Even though many people have many problems with Apostle Paul, I do NOT. After his conversion he did not put a foot wrong or say one wrong word. I have no doubt he prayed for Nero and assuming Nero is not in Heaven, then I thought this was a useless prayer – Nero can’t hear it as he won’t come to life until the end of the 1,000 years and he is not in Heaven. But it is the exact opposite. It answers the concerns of these judges who are judging us. It is the exact prayer they are looking for. The fact that we pray for our enemies proves we have a Christ-like nature and there will be no problems with us in Heaven.


4. Lion creature – is what this book is about. Having mentioned the essential requirement of a Christ-like nature (must mention what will definitely exclude us from Heaven). This is a part from our own willful exclusion aided by so-called pastors rightfully dressed in black and a grin with a flash of white. We think we are under the new covenant of grace because God will only write on our hearts the laws we like. We do not realize it; ALL the law and how Jesus fulfilled it or, NONE – we are still under the old covenant if we do not accept the whole of God’s Law.

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The above questions are answered by the question, “Why does the door of mercy close on humanity, on Satan and on the pre flood people?” Answer: R 11:10. It is demonic to gloat and the natural thing to do. The remainder of Ch. 20 tells us that Satan will be released; that there are 2 wars against God and consequently 2 judgements. Ch. 21 is the consummation question when the Bride and Bridegroom enter the new city to live in perfection for an eternity. Thus Ch. 20:

The Second Coming and the start of the millennium.

The end of the 1000 yrs when satan is released and the start of the 150. days.

The end of the 150 days and the rising of of the unrighteous dead and the remainder of Daniel’s 1260 years.

The door of mercy closes and a time of some 500 years to fill out 7,777 years 7 months 7 days and 7 hours from creation to consummation.

Seals, trumpets and bowls will fill out detail. (Ch. 12)

God knew about Calvary’s tree when He created the stars so He did it in two stages. The first batch was the woman and child, the second was Satan and his cohorts. Satan had plenty of time (almost 4,000 yrs) to prepare for the first coming. This is one of the Scriptures that moves past Calvary and not mention it (R 12:5). It does come back in Verse 7 in stunning detail. For Julius K to be saved he must at least meet 3 requirements (apparently, but in reality they are one).

1. Must be washed by the Blood of the Lamb.

2. Bear testimony to all about it.

3. He died for me, am I prepared to die for Him? ( R 12:10,11).

The rest of the chapter is witness Scripture to the first third. Thus Ch. 12 is: Creation of the Heavens in two stages.History recorded in these stars is the Birth of Jesus and satan’s history from his creation to the first coming and beyond. Calvary and the war in Heaven. The fledgling Church protection removed after 1260 days with the stoning of Stephan.

So I can now provide a tentative view of the history of this earth and universe; from Creation to Peter’s fire which will consume every atomic and subatomic particle. Perfection then will have no trace of the old earth with maybe 1 exception.

First Adam                                                 Second Adam ( JESUS CHRIST)

Fell asleep at 3.00pm       probably                        YES

Side opened at 4.00pm       probably                          YES

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Bride formed from rib             YES                               probably

Side closed and healed               YES                             probably

We will thus probably carry Jesus’s post resurrection body for an eternity. Biblical numbers I supply will be in parenthesis and my own (which anyone can substitute with their own) are just ordinary numbers. All should be done in pencil as they can change depending on the rest of Scripture.


Chapter I begins by hitting the nail right on the head. It is the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave Him…. What revelation did Jesus require about Himself that could only come from God? We are told about it on resurrection Sunday when Jesus would not allow Mary to touch Him because He had not checked with the Father if His sacrifice was perfect. He knew that the cup the Father had handed Him contained as many drops as would be required to fill the universe and even if He had left one drop behind His sacrifice would not have been accepted as perfect. That is why the Saints, even after being in Heaven for an eternity, will not even begin to see THE ACT OF PERFECTION. And we are about to be introduced to this Act as well. I read this book because of the blessings which are associated with it which I desperately need. One blessing is to be given the testimony from and about my Lord Jesus Christ. With the revelation of Jesus we will also be given the best explanation of the Holy Trinity also. It is all about His Blood which has already made us into a kingdom and our title is “Priests”. Verse 7 sounds our first warning about judging other people and we will literally fall out of our chairs when we see the standard Heaven sets. Here we know Jesus prayed for those involved in His crucifixion to be forgiven and, sure enough, they are here – they have come good and are part of the resurrection of the righteous. The scenario I take at this time is that Jesus will bring all human life (young) to 12 years old. So when I get over the shock of being left behind I stagger around and see no children or pregnant women. In fact, workmen are changing…. Public School to ….. High School. So I can say I have answered Q2 (p3) for the billion alive at this time and also the Adam & Eve question. Satan cannot deceive these as he is bound for 1000 years. What about his helpers? There are 100 million of them – can your theology answer this question?

Verse 9 John is a stunningly privileged person to be shown this and I can give you 7 scriptures to show he is now alive. He was on the Island of Patmos asking for a Sabbath blessing and what a blessing he got!! We have to spend some time on the seven Churches as they have seven different levels of meaning!

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(a) There were 7 literal churches which were or were going to go through major persecution. Because they were on a mail route the letters passed around as did their prayers. What a wonderful reassurance that God not only knew their plight, but actually allowed it. (Crux of Ch. 6:7, 8).

(b) They are every one of God’s people – Lester & Julius included. This exposes a shocking truth – if I am Ephesus then God, not Julius, says I know your perseverance, hard work. Tolerance of wicked endurance, WOW, God has just given me a 95%!!!! But then He takes it all away again – He only needs 100% or nothing in between (Laodicea). He knows that with a 100% He can do a Stephen stoning on me. This church is about to cop full persecution as it becomes Smyrna and as the animals tear them to pieces. God will open Heaven for them to see and they will not feel a thing – like Stephen.

(c) They are consecutive Churches. Ephesus – apostles Church 30 – 100 Smyrna the Church of blood 100 300 (roughly Constantinople’s time) – the Church of Permagun which destroys the Sabbath and compromise. Thyatira (No.4 always the highlight as 3 on either side the Church of the Morning Star (300 – not sure…) ….. Sardis….1500 almost fallen over but rescued by Luthers Lot (1500 – 2000 approx.), the Church of the open doors (in both Heavens) and Laodicea, the Church after the second coming 2000 to the end.

. (d) They are concurrent Churches – each church has a certain amount of these qualities.

(e) They are the 7 stages of initiation in Heaven. Each one has to him who overcomes I will do and not will spend an eternity in perfection with me.(We would expect it to say if we overcame we would spend an eternity with our Lord) Even if it takes only 1 week to initiate 1 person and there are 144,000,000 there, that is still many millions of years. The point being, our one to one existence with our Saviour.

(f) There is a parallelism between them; 1-7, 2-6, 3-5 and 4 is unique. This would (could) mean that we will cop full on persecution for 10 days (R 2:10). The Temple Church (R Ch. 15). Each one of our Saviour’s attributes is displayed at least once in each Church (R 1:10-17). On the first run through Revelation I will only give brief thoughts (except Laodicea).

1. Ephesus was the Church that got it right. If not only contents of the Bible are inspired then so is probably its arrangement, i.e. First 4 books are history of our Lord. Acts is the establishment of His church. Romans is full message – the correct relationship between Law and Salvation. I and II Corinthians under-emphasise the Law and leave it all to Grace, Galatians overemphasise the Law and leave nothing to Grace, Ephesians have it right. Any church that gets it right must expect to get attacked from without (Philippians)

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or within (Colossians). If this happens they must concentrate on the Lord’s return (1 & 2 Thessalonians) and they can only do this if they have the right pastors (1 & 2 Timothy, Titus & Philemon). They will explain that it is out with the old (Hebrews) and in with the new – love, hope, charity (James 1&2, Peter 1,2,3 John) and perseverance (Jude) with grand finale – Revelation. The Lord only wants 100% of us (hot) or cold the worst is something in between (Laodicea). We can’t fool Him because He walks AMONGST us. The interesting bit is our first stage of initiation – the right to eat – I would really need a few pages to explain but it is the opposite of what happened in the Garden of Eden.

2. Smyrna, if parallelism is correct, we will experience this Church and the law and judges are ready to carry it out.

3. Pergamum has the best and the worst of our history. It has Council of Nicea (purest theology so far) and the worst Council of Laodicea, where not only the Sabbath was changed to Sunday, but anyone who refused to change was a criminal and put to death. Part of the initiation is the restoring of the eternal Sabbath (hidden manna) and given a key to our own residence in Heaven (white stone). With no Sabbath blessings, it’s sharply downhill for the Church now except for those who are prepared to die for God’s Law.

4. Thyatira is the highlight of history and the climax of the initiation ceremony. When this happens (R 2:26-29) is self-evident.

5. Sardis is an exponential fall but still has some good people. Its fall is arrested by Luther and his lot.

6. Philadelphia is the Church of the open door – RIGHTESSNESS BY FAITH – and this door will not even close and, in fact, is our door into the new Heaven of eternity. No wonder we feel so secure knowing our destiny belongs and depends 100% on our Lord and Saviour.

I may have skipped over the first 6 Churches but not for the one I now belong to Laodicea. The whole Church and my fate are based on the word, BUY – in its purely legalistic meaning – legal exchange of. It is equivalent to me going to Buckingham Palace and asking Her Majesty to buy all her land, buildings, furniture, jewelry, paintings, etc., etc. – and she asks, “and what are you prepared to pay me ?”. . “Well, Your Majesty, I will exchange you the rubbish I have accumulated in my red bin over the last week”, and she replies, “done.” The scenario is much better than this because it is His Majesty, our Creator and Redeemer who is knocking on our heart’s door.

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And what a deal He has!! He wants to BUY all our rubbish and only He knows what rubbish it really is, refine it through Calvary’s Fires and hand it back as Gold, white cloths and salve (in that order). That is what the word GRACE means. As I am still struggling with the fact I have been left behind, and I did not have the Seal of God either, Les you have to try to answer this question: Can I only sell Him part of my rubbish or in bits at a time or all or nothing???

We now move into Heaven (Ch. 4 & Ch. 5) and operative words are “I will show you what must take place AFTER THIS.” THIS is obviously Calvary’s Tree @ 3.00pm on Good Friday and I take t as 7 minutes either side, 2.53pm – 3.07pm, although it could be a lot shorter. Before 3.00pm Jesus was our Creator and worthy to receive honour ….(R 4:11). But 1 second after the title Redeemer was added and this now makes Him worthy to open the scroll – the rejoining of Heaven – earth or Divinity to humanity. This is acknowledged by (R 5:8-14), the twenty four elders (I assume Paul takes Judas’ place) and all the redeemed because our prayers are there in Golden bowls. The only people not represented at this time are the souls of Noah’s day. Jesus gathers them together and shows them the beauty of Calvary’s Tree and they swell with such awe and gratitude their graves break open and they come out and preach… All humanity is thus represented as are all the angels (R 5:11-12).

The earthquake happened very soon after 3.00pm and Jesus was elected to open the Scroll by all people of all ages (R 5:13-14). The door standing open was probably the one Jesus came to earth through and the one He communicated through back to Heaven. The beauty He left behind was almost like going through hell and thus the glass. The four living creatures determine the first 4 seals, 4 churches, 4 prayers, etc., are the nature of Jesus and therefore the only way we have of communicating with God and He with us, i.e., the altar. Once the scroll has the 7 seals broken it folds out and Divinity and humanity is rejoined. Note, only Jesus is worthy of doing this. If this is this rejoining, then the first seal has to be Resurrection Sunday, sent by the lion creature – conquest by the Lord through His Church and doesn’t return until much later than we think. Natural attributes of Jesus last forever, thus the bow has no arrows. Jesus conquers by beauty alone and the crown was from Calvary’s Tree.

Second seal horse sent out by ox creature and is all about blood. Jesus shed blood (horse is red) and that of His Church. The power to take peace is given and will not last forever. He did not come down to bring peace but I think we can only use force to defend ourselves if we are in that situation (R 6:3) Jesus will ultimately yield the sword – the sharp sickle of R Ch. 14.

The third seal must be opened by the creature that looks like a man because it is about justice, divine and human, so the scales are a divine attribute. God was right when He said to Adam – if you disobey Me you will surely die – breaking God’s Law results in death, even if it means the death of God’s only Son – thus the black horse. A fair day’s wages was an issue in John’s day also right down to very minute detail as it certainly is today.

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The fourth seal is most important and also most difficult. I couldn’t work it out – so much blood, death, swords?? The beauty of the Bible is its simplicity – there are only good and bad. So there must be 4 alternatives: good kills bad; bad kills good; good kills good and bad kills bad. The second seal appears as good kills bad; certainly Jesus does and He became worthy to annihilate evil at the cross.

The fifth seal is bad kills good and God is not concerned that much about bad kills bad. Then it struck me – this now since the Cross is about the Lamb – He is the One who is in control as He is the One who breaks the seals in order; first, 2nd … Page 8.

The apparent discrepancies are explained by (R 17:17). So it is God who is truly in control. He knew the impact of every stone that hit Stephen; was in control of every muscle of every animal that jumped onto those first Christians; will be in control of the death of every last day martyr (in fact, is counting every drop of blood) and it was God the Father who handed God the Son the cup to drink from on Calvary’s Tree. We have just had the explanation in the third seal why it had to happen (DIVINE JUSTICE).

So, the 4th seal is quite simple. The creature that looks like an eagle (God) is going to allow ¼ of the earth to fall by the sword, but it is only a temporary death, (thus pale horse). So the question is asked of every person being redeemed. “I died for you so that you could be for an eternity with Me. Are you prepared to die for Me so that I can be there for an eternity with you?” All will answer, “Yes Lord”, so there are only martyrs in Heaven. Those who actually go through this martyrdom are literal martyrs and those (the majority, I think) who don’t are symbolic martyrs. The first lot of martyrs was killed by wild beasts, so the last lot will probably be the sword (or laser beam).

The 5th seal is a fascinating one and occupies the majority of time. The SDA’s are the only one I know that have the right state of the dead (DEAD), so this must be figurative language. Their question of (R 6:10) is answered in (R 10:6) but they have a white robe and they are under the altar (i.e. the interface). Their questions are perfectly valid and in the right order judgment is followed by avenging.

The 6th seal only opened when that last drop of Christian blood fills the cup of mercy and the Lord appears. Events and signs have already been given in Mt Ch. 24 and this is the witness scripture. Here again scripture uses figurative language, as every human being cannot be in a cave at the second coming. I take the caves (enclosures) as skulls and the covering rocks as hands. Thus even though the events are indescribable when the Lord arrives and we fall where we are as dead people (not breathing, with hearts stopped). We are still allowed two reflex actions – we must turn over and lay face down (caves) and cover our head with our hands (rocks).

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Before I tell you the rest of Julius’s story, I will tell you a bit of Lester’s story in Heaven (along with the redeemed). You can’t believe the beauty of the place and you know you shouldn’t be there. You know the Master is on His way and He is checking for those who are not properly dressed, but you plead just for another second before you are thrown out into the darkness. And that is why this is the loudest sigh that has ever been heard when the elder answers his own question (R 7:13-17). This is a serious question – you had the robe of Christ’s righteousness but did not know it? Thus we have to go through the 7 stages of initiation in Heaven. But even at the start we boldly now walk around holding out our new robe, but now (Ch. 8) begins with the breaking of the 7th seal and the unrolling of the scroll – now fully and stunningly visible and John cried when he saw the outside cover, so imagine what happens now. There should be stunned silence for a million years but time must move on and God only allows ½ hour. We have come the hop, step and now the jump of history, (last 1,800 approximately to bring up the 7 7’s).

The specific prayers mentioned are for the priestly prayers for those left behind as they pass through Jesus’s hands. The 1,000 years in Heaven finishes when the prayers, incense and fire are put back into the golden censor and hurled back to earth. Thus the last trace of earth leaves Heaven, the golden censor probably pierces the shaft to the abyss to release Satan and the earthquake alerts those on earth the door of mercy is about to close. For the foolish virgins the trumpets are blown as a final warning.

The trumpets are only partial punishment (1/3 destroyed) but bowls are full on. God creates in love the earth, sea, rivers and stars over 4 consecutive days, but destroys (partially) over approximately 1,000 years probably. People with the seal of God are perfectly safe, but a lot is expected of them, especially in trumpet 5 & 6 & 7 which are the woe trumpets. Trumpet 5 looks bad but is really mild when compared to No.6. This is the last time the 5 foolish virgins are to use their talent. As the population are going through this pain they are supposed to say, “Come and join us and receive God’s seal and you will be protected like us.” But they do not.

Trumpet 6 is the release of the dead and the 200 million horsemen. Now we should look at the standard God uses in judgment. There is absolute pandemonium; people dying the most horrific, painful deaths – first they are stung and immobilised by the tail, then the horse turns around and burns them to death with burning sulphur but they would prefer to go through this death than to repent and give up their idol worship. The foolish virgins are again unaffected, but refuse to evangelise. The redeemed in Heaven see this and are convinced there is no hope for this lot and want God to finish off time.

He now begins with His appearance as a Mighty Angel (R Ch.10). All the attributes of Jesus but carrying only a small scroll – the essentials of salvation. He anoints John as

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one of the 2 witnesses (Elijah probably the second) and this means that John has never died before, as this would now be his second death, which is Hell. Other witness scriptures say John is still alive and will be the second witness is: (R 10:11) John must prophesy AGAIN. John has the message (R 10:8-10), he is told to measure and count (R 11:1) also John 21:21-23 and somewhere it says Jesus said that some of the people in front of Him would be alive in end day events. John’s first task is to measure and count. There are so many temples here now (none in original position) that to identify them John will have to measure as only one was rebuilt to the original God’s plan and there are still the original 144,000 left behind not one was hurt or killed.

Most people were convinced before the Lord’s second coming the problem was these fundamentalist Christian was the problem and that is why God will allow us to be slaughtered. You see when the one world order was declared and the one world religion (September 11, 2015???) you could believe anything you wanted providing you believed in EVOLUTION. We refused because evolution is the cruelest and most inefficient way of making new species and the God of our Bible is a God of love and efficiency. When the Lord took the remainder of us to Heaven with Him the world left behind had to prove we were the problem and allowed anyone and everyone – Jew, Muslim, 144,000, Buddha, etc. to build a temple in Jerusalem – that is the reason why there was such a plethora of temples there. Note the total exclusion of the gentiles now, they would much prefer to be burnt by burning sulphur from the horses’ mouths than to repent – it is now only about the 144,000 foolish virgins the simplicity of their message: put on sackcloth and preach repentance and the incredible back up power given and God’s shekinah Glory has returned to the proper temple (Ch. 11:4) of which Satan will take advantage of later. Note how clever the beast is though – he started his count of 1,260 days from this appearance and attacks and kills these two witnesses on day 1,261, then will justify this event that he should lead the battle of the harvest. Note it is the gloating of the inhabitants of the world that closes the door of mercy, and is the opposite of praying for our enemies. The taking of the two witnesses in a cloud (God’s Shekinah Glory now leads to events which determine future outcomes on which I will rely on. The door of mercy has closed with such a bang that it has set off a major earthquake. We really have to take the temple (God’s temple) and count the houses and the people around it and count 7,000 people because that is not only the area that cracks and subsides, but does it big time (6 – 10 kms deep) because the people (worldwide with TV) are terrified and give glory to God. This is not the same as repentance but we can now add that all created knees and tongues have confessed that Jesus Christ is Lord.

The 7th trumpet is about to be blown so we can say it’s all over rover (R 10:6). Verses 15-19 are the chronology of the rest of this Book right to the end – the opening of the temple in Heaven. Ch. 12, 13, 14 rerun time from creation to consummation also. Ch. 13 is just before the second coming and can only really be understood with the help of Daniel (particularly Ch.7). I was going to add this as an appendix but because this Chapter 13 is heavily reliant on it and Daniel Ch.2, I will spend a bit of time on these

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first. I am sure Daniel Ch. 4 is just as significant but I am still working on it and Ch. 11.

In Daniel (D) Ch. 2 the four beast are consecutive – Babylon knocked over by Medes and Persians knocked over Greece knocked over by Rome, i.e., they are separate as in D (7) but they are also concurrent – they must be if the Rock is to strike them down and grind them into a powder and throw them into the wind to disappear altogether (D 2:32-35). This grinding will only occur at the very end of time some 4,000 years later so who/what are these entities so well bound and enduring? It can’t be Babylon because it long ceased to exist and Greece is but only a shadow of its former self. So I take Babylon as evil within the heart (it is almost equal to the Dragon (external evil) in strength and the two never challenge each other). They are independent as the Dragon watched the beast arise spontaneously out of the sea. The feet, the iron and clay beast and the 4th beast of Ch. 7 was Rome which is really about emperor worship or false religion. I have no problem with internal evil and false religion last to the end. (D 7:11-13) tells us that this section which is about Calvary’s Tree that false religion was not only slain, but its destroyed body thrown into a blazing fire and once the feet have gone the other three fall over also. But this did not happen at Calvary. Not only did this head make a remarkable (miraculous) recovery no wonder the people were so amazed (R Ch. 13:3) the remaining three sections were stopped from falling over (D 7:12). Even though I have no problem with the head and feet, the other two are far more tenuous as I realize they must also explain Daniel Ch. 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12.

Greece, I take as democracy so this allows powers like USA to be players (evil). Out of all these powers the chest and arms of silver being Iran and Iraq could be major players right through to the end of time – but if the other 3 are symbolic, then it must also be. Because of their animosity to Jesus I take this monster as Islam (both branches). In reality there was only one real judgment – Calvary’s Tree (D 7:9-12). So Daniel looks forward in time and John sees the same 4 looking backward in time – only these 4 come into play before the second coming so the remaining 3 (really 4) heads are of no consequence to us. The beast gives himself away when the question is asked, “Who can make war against him?” It has to be the UN and it is they who will declare the one world government and one world religion. It is who will slaughter God’s people until there are only 288,000 left forcing God’s return. There is very little room in jails even if emptied especially for us so it is the sword by which most will fall.

Now for the beast out of the earth: Evil seems to copy good so we have a Holy Trinity and therefore an unholy trinity. The images are God the Father mirrored by Satan, God the Son mirrored by the beast out of the sea and God the Holy Spirit mirrored by the beast out of the earth. I still struggle with the question, what is the main function of the unholy trinity? Is it to receive worship or to hurt God via His people? The beast out of the earth is very good at mimicking the Holy Spirit in its relationship to Jesus. He is hell-bent on directing everyone on worshiping the beast out of the sea. Just as it is natural for evil to arise from a multitude of people (beast out of sea) so it is also

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spontaneous for evil religion to arise from these people like the earth arose from the sea on day 3 of creation. I compare the image of the beast to an image of Christ. If I was convinced that it was a good idea to make an image of Jesus, I would say that provided it portrayed Jesus as God, Jesus as man, Jesus as Creator and Jesus as our Redeemer, it would be a fair image; and there is such an image – it is called CALVARY’S TREE.

The image of the beast would have to portray no God, no man, no redeemer and no creator. This image is called EVOLUTION. The powers that God gives to this beast are amazing, it gives life to evolution (probably one of the people washed away in the flood is found in some strata, i.e., THE MISSING LINK, [is no longer missing] we will not be able to argue its human-like features and our objections to its age will fall on deaf ears – it looks like the Lamb and has 2 horns like it – (humanity and divinity), and the only way to distinguish it is to listen to the blasphemies it has to say. Is it so powerful because of the miracles it performs or do the people just want to see them to confirm their present beliefs? If we don’t worship the image the scenario is quite simple. Have only plastic money. To get your card you will have to sign. You believe in evolution (mark on forehead) or use the card (mark on hand). Either mark is mark of the beast and precludes you from Heaven. Without the card you go hungry and the terror laws will automatically apply to you – loss of property and car. So the result is you have zero and are an object for the full use of the Law against you, the TERRORIST. The number 666 is very controversial but if this is what is to be used against us God must give us an answer (see also R 15:2). Unless someone already has a definitive answer our group should have a forum on it.

Thus we have come to the second coming and after the second coming only three items are of concern and what the Bible is about – The Bridegroom, the Bride and preparing the Bride for an eternity. Everything else will disappear. So far the Bride can unequivocally say – get rid of the rest of them – they would much prefer to be burnt to death with sulphur than to repent, then to bring them to Heaven to be with Jesus would be equivalent to putting them into Hell.

But now, the more serious question, what effort does Heaven make to bring in the rest of the harvest? The first fruits now splits scripture (R Ch. 14:4) just like the word, THIS, did in R4:1. The first fruits were spotless but the rest of the harvest a total failure. Could Heaven have done something to prevent this? Firstly, what is this harvest?? One property it must have, it must be of the same substance as the first harvest. You can’t offer grapes in first fruit then go and harvest the wheat. This then automatically includes the 5 foolish virgins (144,000 sealed left behind). The harvest must be much larger than the first fruits. Only God knows the number and I take it as 144,144,000. It must be a significant number as it requires its own battle and probably judgement. It would include the people who wrote the legislation to exterminate Christians, the ones who knowingly carried out the orders (these would only be in the 1,000’s at best)

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so it must include the ones who approved of our deaths. For a while they thought of actually joining our group but decided it would be too hard so they turned against us. This was the lot that the 144,000 were to evangelise to but that was a total failure and all that is left behind is the 144,000 because they were not subject to the burning sulphur horses and did not have to make the decision like the 144 million or the rest of humanity. So now to answer the direct question – what effort did Heaven make to save the five foolish virgins:

1. It sealed them and allocated them to a tribe in Heaven.

2. It sent the first angel (R 14:6) the same as the two witnesses of Ch. 11.

3. It sent the second angel (R 14:8).

The foolish virgins ignored the two witnesses, were protected during the 7 trumpets and were also protected during the full-on destruction of the bowls (R 16:2), ALL because of the seal they received (R 7:3).

But now the tide turns and Babylon has fallen (see also R Ch. 18). So whereas there was only one evil unit before (the unholy trinity) now is split into three and where there was one battle now there will be two and finally, the two beasts will turn on each other (R 17:16). But even though they disagree on many things, they realize that now even in their weakened state they have to destroy good. They should have done this whilst they were in a united state, but now the beast has his plans and Satan has his. Either way, if they are to march against good they must get rid of the good amongst them – the 144,000 or they could turn against them in the battle. The 144,000 are now in an untenable position – they must die either they replace the seal with the mark and march against God’s army (result inevitable) – the third angel (R 14:8-14) or they can keep the seal and be killed by the beast (R 14:12-13). Either way, they will die. I am fairly sure that (R 14:13) is ‘plan B’ of salvation – had Eve stopped with her bite this is what would have happened to her.

Now for the two battles: here they are called the harvest and the clusters of grapes. They are different and by looking into R 14:14-20 will cover same battle of Ch. 19 and 20. The beast (along with the false prophet) send the call out to battle. It is a specific call and only the 144 million respond.( The living have seen how successful the beast was in nearly eradicating God’s people) The beast says, “I very nearly wiped that lot out before and if Jesus had not returned, there would have been no one left. I am the one who took out the two witnesses that caused us all those problems. Even though they had divine power I still killed them. Now is the time to complete this work, come and join with me against Christ and His followers even though they are in Heaven.”

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Note Satan uses R 16:15 to counter this. From God’s point of view, this battle must take place because these 144,000 cannot go to hell because they have not experienced their first death yet and hell is the second death. They are also called those who destroy the earth (R 11:18) because they cannot be put into hell and will therefore consume all the earth’s resources ultimately. After this battle all evil will have died once and can now be put in hell. This harvest is not gathered (like the grapes) but is left to rot supplying the grapes with fertilizer.

Only very few respond to the beast (out of approximately 14 billion) and Jesus is very selective with the sharp sickle because only the harvest is ready but not so the grapes. Some time after the grapes ripen and Satan uses lies and distortions of Scripture to gather all for the final battle. He insists it was he who dried out the Euphrates, exposing the Holy City to armies from the east. He asks everyone to note how quiet the temple is as it sits surrounded by 6 km deep cracks. He does not tell them that God’s Shekinah Glory returned with the witnesses (thus they are zapped from Heaven and not sideways from the temple). The result of the battle is obvious but this time the grapes are gathered. I calculate that 14 billion people with 10 litres of blood each would make a pool 300 km long, 112 cm high and approximately 80 m wide. What are the dimensions of the Jordan? Note that there is no first fruit from this harvest. It is totally rotten from start (Adam & Even ate the grapes) right to the very last.

My first intention was to skip Ch. 15 as it is here I have most disagreements with my SDA friends. But this is about a great AND marvelous sign in Heaven so these are my present thoughts. When scripture uses ‘last and completed’ does not mean that all has been exterminated and vaporised, e.g., Babylon has fallen. Yes, it did fall on that fateful night but its final expunging took place a long time after or the events for its destruction are now irreversibly been placed into position. Thus it is with God’s wrath (R 15: ), but at least it is all about to be over. The sea of glass (R 4:6) now has the fire from Calvary’s Tree added to it with those who had been victorious standing along side it. The difficulty that arises is that they sang the song of Moses and of the Lamb – we are now to combine the imagery, symbolism and ceremony with the new and the last, so where did these ceremonies point to in the song of the Lamb?

On the surface, both lots have just crossed the sea leaving the enemy behind. Only Lord God Almighty could have come through Calvary’s Furnace (‘great and marvelous are your deeds’ seems a bit of an understatement). Your ways and judgements are true and just and who in Heaven will not fear You and bring glory to your Name (the Lord’s Prayer). We have been split into Tribes (Nations) and bring Him worship for an eternity. No doubt many pages have and could be penned comparing these songs together. But now for the hard part, and I would expect this to be totally rejected.

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The Old Testament on its own only and solely points to the New Testament. It is the moonlight we study under when the sunlight is too bright. At first, I will begin by totally rejecting SDA putting Azazel as Satan, as Satan cannot be a part of any offering, let alone the most important offering – the sin offering. The goat had to be perfect which Satan is anything but, and the High Priest transferred all the sins onto him – Satan is not responsible for all sin and God does not transfer sin onto us; sins which are not ours. So, who is this second goat of R 15:5-9? Also, if Satan represents the second goat which is released into the desert to reproduce and live, then sin would also do this and the Jew would have to go home knowing his sins live on in the desert. I think we have to go back to Adam & Eve. When they sinned, God probably killed two goats; one for Adam’s intentional sin and one for Eve’s unintentional sin; thus two goats for the sin offering. If this were the case, then the intentional sin required the shedding of blood but the unintentional sin only required death. ( R 14:13).

The goat was pushed over the edge of a cliff and torn to pieces validating God’s warning, “If you eat of this tree you will surely die.” So where are the sins of the redeemed now? Lester: if you say they were expunged on Calvary’s Tree and do not exist (after all, it is God who has accepted Calvary’s Tree as perfect) and with your last breath reject Jesus Christ, which you are entitled to do at any time, then it would mean that Jesus died for someone going to hell – impossible. Your sins, Les, and those of the redeemed have to be somewhere and can be returned to you if you wish. But we know when Jesus ascended in Heaven taking His Blood, the perfect sacrifice, and there is no trace of God’s wrath for the redeemed – they are forgiven completely (past, present and future sins), the moment they accept Jesus as our Saviour and we don’t have to worry about them again. Could the Old Testament be of any help? The blood of animals, including goats, was sprinkled on the curtains to the Most Holy Place and also taken inside. After a few days it would have begun to decay and produce a foul odour and so we need the incense and the prayers of the people to create a sweet aroma and cancel the stench of sin, which can only be done with God’s mercy. The majority of the blood, however, was taken and thrown against the alta r and ran in an open channel outside the temple. (The wing where Jesus hung in, Daniel 9:27), i.e., sin was transferred to the sanctuary via the blood and remained there until the High Priest transferred it onto the second goat, which was then led away. In Heaven there is only one offering when Jesus ascended taking His Blood and the beauty of this offering we will still be stunned by after an eternity. There is also only one transfer of sins and God’s wrath (R 15:6-7). God’s wrath is a divine attribute and will be returned and replaced back into the golden censor (never to be required again (R 15:7)), but the sins remain to be consumed by Peter’s fire.

Thus, the Bible begins with God creating in love and ends in God destroying in wrath in the same order things He created over the first four days. The fact that God’s wrath is poured out onto these objects means they will ultimately be destroyed even if it appears to take some time. The plagues come out of the temple itself but God’s wrath is only added by a creature outside and not the other way around.

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Surely this is the basis of the Old Testament also. Whilst sin and hell remain we cannot enter into a state of perfection. Many will regard the above as blasphemous that Jesus Christ cleared Heaven of any and all defilement. The fact remains that both the plagues and the wrath came from Heaven. The smoke in Heaven is due to the glory of God (R 15:8) whereas the smoke in the earthly MOST HOLY PLACE was taken in by the High Priest with incense to prevent him from being struck down by God’s Shekinah Glory whilst pleading for mercy with the blood of the slain animal and from God’s Shekinah’s glory.

So Ch. 15:8 finishes with 11:19. We still have R 11:18 to full fill. The first four bowls are fairly self-explanatory and confirm the 144,000 still have not received the mark of the beast and will come through the bowls unscathed. The fifth bowl is of interest because R Ch. 17 is based on it (final judgment of the dead R 11:18) but it is important to realise that it is the angel that has caused the beast’s kingdom to be plunged into darkness and it is the angel who dries up the Euphrates in the 6th seal and not Satan as he claims. Evil may well realise that Babylon is about to collapse so it is making a hurried attempt to gather all for the final battle, Armageddon. But why R 16:15, and in this particular place??

It appears that the deceit of the unholy trinity is so convincing that the 144,000 are thinking of changing their allegiance to the beast, which they don’t do until after the split in Babylon, occurs. The witness scripture to this would be (R 14:12-13). The 7th bowl could be the split in time-space with all its horrific consequences – the main one being the fall of Babylon and all the cities of earth. The fall of Babylon is still to be accompanied by all the consequences of Ch. 18 but first Ch. 17, the judgment (first) then the punishment of the great harlot that occurs (i.e., the judgment). We are told three times when the beast “now is not”. You would think that this great harlot would not require judgment – i.e., it is not only a false religion but the worst of the false religions – who can she try to put the blame onto? Well, she blames the beast – “he made me do it and if I did not obey he would destroy me.” This, in fact, does ultimately occur in (R 17:16 ).

So the judgment must take place when the beast “NOW IS NOT”. So what is the worst of false religion? For the answer we go back to the 5th bowl. All the world, except the 144,000 is now going through excruciating pain. They can’t blame the beast because he is not there. The height of false religion is (R 16:10-11). “Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cussed the God of Heaven because of their pains and their sores but they refused to repent of what they had done”. Whereas before this the angelic hosts had all written off evil there is now positive pressure on God to exterminate evil; the elephant that was in the room when we arrived in Heaven and is now about to be totally revealed. Notes and timetable for Ch. 17 appear to be:

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1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th King as beast + 10 horns 1.

I am still to be shown an abomination and filth worse than righteousness by works and holding up a cup filled with the greatest curse known to humanity – alcohol – and calling it the most precious thing known to humanity – JESUS’S BLOOD.

2. Only the first four heads are required by the second coming so they are named. I take the remaining 4 to be USA, China, India and the U.N.

3. The 6th head is in operation in the fifth bowl when the judgement of the great prostitute occurs.

. 4. In R 17:8 we again see a reason for the 144,000 switching allegiance to the beast.

5. The shortest reign would have to belong to the eighth head and 10 horns as they gather to fight against the Lamb and His followers, i.e., 8th King. Why should Jesus allow the battle to last for 1 hour when He could win in 1 second?. As the battle progresses major conflict develops between the beast and the prophet ( but they are both evil so 144’000 with their seals had no chance) and they blame each other and look for a chance to destroy each other which happens when ?

6. It is during and shortly afterwards this battle that they turn on each other (Verse 16).

7. There appears to be an expansion in time for God’s specific reasons (Verse 10).

8. It is the Lamb who accepted the role of restoring the perfect union between Divinity and humanity and who breaks the seals even though He may use other instrumentalities to accomplish His purpose (Verse 17).

Ch. 18 begins with probably the fourth coming of our Lord. It is certainly He who announces the fall of Babylon. His appearance now is required because of the final call to the 144,000 foolish virgins who have been duped by now by some pretty amazing signs performed by the beast and evil spirits. So they cannot say “the beast that you did send did deceive me”.

Verse 2 – the fall of Babylon (the unholy trinity) follows closely to the fall of literal Babylon but in reverse order – it did fall and is a haunt for evil spirits, it did fall whilst they were mocking “the weakness” of God to allow His temple objects to be drunk out of, and the evil of excessive riches at the expense of the poor.

Verse 4 – the final call for the foolish virgins is equally applicable to us with the same consequences – She is about to be consumed by fire. Very difficult to explain how the Kings of the earth not only get out of her but also actually see her being consumed by fire.

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Their fate must have already been determined by (R 16:11). More amazing still is that the King’s sea captain and sailors take God’s warning and get out but the foolish virgins do not. They certainly miss the trade that includes all commodities (Verse 11-13) and are upset (Verse 15). They do have a spiritual dimension as they realise that good has triumphed (Verse 20). The only answer I can think of why all those got out but the 144’000 did not is they belonged to the dead and this was the battle of the living.

Verses 22-24 show that even though Babylon was evil – the unholy trinity, evil in Cities, all murder amongst some of them – it was still permeated by God’s people who probably played divine music (not many harps in rock bands) men working in God’s field (one taken) women working on the millstone (feeding God’s harvest and bringing up children). The lamp of Gospel being shone around the marriages almost certainly were not same sex but all was in vain and all were led astray by the magic spells.

Chapter 19 begins with the full apparition of the elephant in the room. The Heavenly host now not only acknowledges the existence of evil, but see its detail and the detailed punishment of it. So the elephant is now obvious – WHAT ABOUT US – You not only know every intentional sin of those left on earth for which they will suffer in hell and you know the areas which were and are defiled by these sins, what about us? On Calvary’s Tree you not only suffered for our intentional sins but also our unintentional sins, which outnumber the intentional ones. The old sacrificial system covered unintentional sin with the exception of theft (which had to be restored + 20%) and lies, which had to be publically confessed to be forgiven. Other intentional sins – idolatry, blasphemy, Sabbath disobedience, adultery, blasphemy of parents and murder were subjects of stoning. BUT JESUS CHRIST YOU COVERED FOR ALL THESE SINS AND THAT IS WHY WE CARRY THIS BEAUTIFUL WHITE ROBE – SHOW US NOW SOME OF THIS BEAUTY – GIVE US FINE LINEN SO THAT WE CAN SEE PROGRESSIVELY THE BEAUTY OF THIS WHITE ROBE WHICH WE CONTINUALLY OFFER TO GOD AS THE PERFECT GIFT.

The fine linen (the Holy Spirit) allows the White Robe Calvary’s Tree (JESUS CHRIST’S RIGHTEOUSNESS) to be worn comfortably and presented to God the Father. THUS WE HAVE THE HOLY TRINITY OF ETERNITY.

Thus we now have a difference between us and the prodigal son and we perform our FIRST righteous act. Yes, we do go back to the Father, yes He is anxiously waiting for us, yes He does cover us with His cloak, yes He does throw us a splendid party but the difference is we bring the Perfect Gift to Him which even He cannot refuse and has acknowledged as Perfect. Thus the Wedding has now taken place. Verses 9 & 10 are ones Satan has a particular problem with even though he knows the Bible

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from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 is the Word of God. So why is Verse 9 a particular problem to Satan? He insists that because John is in vision he cannot adequately express what he sees and hears. This is a lie because John is told to “write”. Satan also insists on the doctrine of predestination. “God has created a few of us to be at the wedding and looks after these to the point of spoiling them rotten. He doesn’t really care about the rest. Another lie because he knows those specially invited all failed to attend. Some had donkeys; others had land they wanted to check out (both invalid reasons). The master then sent his servants out in the cities and even the country where the unclean were (particularly lepers). Thus all are invited and the sun shines and rain falls on all. It is our choice whether we make it there and it is only on God’s terms. (He rules with an iron scepter).

With the marriage completed it now only remains to remove evil from the face of the earth beginning with those who were so successful in nearly destroying us before. Thus the battle of the harvest. But why has it taken nearly 2,000 years for us to demand and be given fine linen? Only the Lord really knows but I suspect it is the humanity that we retain and will also prevent us from ever understanding fully that Act of Perfection – Calvary’s Tree.

The harvest puts up only feeble opposition and the Lord shows us why He allowed to happen to us what did happen at the second coming. Compare the wedding of the Lamb to the great supper of God. The bodies undergo their first death and as in Ch. 19 their bodies are not gathered.

Ch. 20 has only received a cursory treatment. The difference between my expose’ and all others I have seen is that it doesn’t follow directly from Ch. 19, i.e., the eight King but returns back to the second coming. I will pose some questions and attempt to answer them.

1. If Satan knows he is to be bound for 1,000 years all he has to do is to instruct his generals, etc. what he wants done whilst he is locked away and his work of deceit will continue during the 1,000 years.

Answer: 2 Peter 2:4 The hierarchy of devils was bound at the fall and all that is left are the workers – the ones that require daily supervision.

2. Why is Satan released 150 days before the unrightous resurrection? They now claim when we want to sleep Satan was there and when we wake up he had already been there for 150 days. Therefore the devil that you put there did deceive me (the Adam & Eve question).

Answer: The dead do not really have any claims as they had their chances whilst alive. The 1,000 years onwards is really only about the living and the foolish virgins.

Page  22

The devil still has the great chain around him, which could prevent him from deceiving the risen dead. His main focus would have to be on the foolish virgins.

3. Why MUST Satan be set free? Answer: Because the people are desperate and demand it. In my scenario, after the second coming the world under the UN enters into a period of peace proving that it really was that lot of Bible-based Christians that was the problem. With no wars, poverty is easily eliminated and the focus of research is to crack the genetic code and to produce life. This is essential as there are no new births after the second coming. Work progresses well for the first 600 years and by 800 years the code is cracked only to find they can’t produce life anyway and the desperate call goes out for Satan’s release. When released, Satan reprimands the world for not realising this and their efforts should have been to alter the chimp (or whatever) code so as to make it human like and evolution would require only a shorter time to make a human being.

Revelation 20:11 appears to have two judgments – the living and the dead. The dead-dead are no problem. These are from the beast battle, the crazed horsemen, the earthquake (7,000) and others. In Verse 13 they are raised from the sea and Hades and destroyed in hell. The living dead, those raised in the second resurrection and are judged using two books are a problem that I have no solution as they appear to go through their third death in hell. Their first death was overcome by the second resurrection; their second death was when they surrounded the camp of God’s people and now their third death in hell, which is anti-biblical. Chapters 21 & 22 are about the new heaven and earth. It would be presumptuous to try to add to God’s description or to improve on it.Here are some thoughts on it:

1: It appears that even if God destroys the old creation He recreates using similar atoms___gold, oxygen,silicon etc. 2:At

first I could not relate how an inanimate object (although stunningly beautiful )like the New Jerusalem could be called a bride the same as Gods living people for whom He died. Then I realized the text where this occurs Daniel 9 :24_27 would have no meaning unless this was the case.Here we have 7×70 for all these things to be accomplished. Calvary’s Tree occurs at 69 ½ so there are3 ½ years to accomplish all these things.This appears to be saying that Calvary”s tree is of no value unless Gods church was established which took 1260 days for His Church to enter into Jordan’s river far enough to see the Man in white above the waters and never think of turning back to Egypt.Thus God regards His Church as a unit ____His people and the place where they will spend an eternity in. 3: If the light of the sun is replaced by God’s presence they must be of a similar nature. This would mean that mankind has no chance of understanding the nature of light and our present Uncerntainty principle of momentum-position and particle-wave concepts are a gross oversimplification

Page 23

just as saying carbon dioxide +water gives sugars in photosynthesis.The same would apply calling water H2O. Unfortunately even though the typist did a good job it was not the corrected version that was published so there are a number of corrections to be made but first I will add the additions.

1’The trumpets cannot begin to blow until our prayers are packaged and hurled back to earth at the end of the 1000 years.Our priestly prayers are so powerful that they prevent God ordained calamites from occurring . Thus the word THEN (R 8:8). To overcome the apparent clash in time you have to assign dates to the events. I don’t know but assume that Jesus is coming back on 1-1-2017 then—

A.1-1-2017 is the start of the millennium.

B. 1-1-3017 is the end of the millennium when the bowl of prayers is hurled to earth and the trumpets blown. God created the earth over 6 days in love but now partially destroys it over 4 days in wrath.

C.first trumpet on 1-1-3017

D. second trumpet on 2-1-3017

E. third trumpet on 3-1-3017

F.fourth trumpet on 4-1-3017

G.fifth trumpet on 5-1-3017 when the key is given to the star that arrived on earth 4 days ago and it will open the Abyss (R 9:1) and the 150 days will begin followed by the sixth trumpet. We may have had 1000 years of unprecedented peace but now we have a year of calamities not experienced since the Flood.

SECOND ADDITION. If Paul was present in R 5:8 ie he was one of those 24 elders present in Heaven 7 seconds either side of 3 oclock on Good Friday then he is indeed was the greatest of sinners on at least 3 grounds

: 1.He voted Jesus to be his savior (R 5:12-13) yet continued to prosecute His people.

2. Noah who was there (R 5:13 the imprisoned souls) would have gone to Paul and told him “How can you do this to Jesus people – we were both there and we voted Jesus as our redeemer”

3.Pauls greatest strike against him was always Stephen. He would and did kill to get that peace and serenity that Stephen had. Pauls reply was “The only reason I was taken to Heaven was because I am trying to do what God told us to do over a 1000 years ago”. It took the Master Teacher 14 years of full time teaching to orientate Pauls mountain of knowledge in the right direction. When Paul was blinded on the road to Damascus he knew he had seen that blinding light before. The only problem that remained was what body did Paul have when he was in Heaven. Noah and the other resurrected souls that Jesus preached to would have had new resurrection bodies which went to Heaven but Paul could not have had his sinful body there as it would have defiled Heaven— so what did he have in Heaven?

Page 24


Question. Why can chapters 18 &19 not only talk about Babylon being fallen but actually being destroyed by fire (R 19:3) when the 2 battles have not taken place and all 3 entities of Babylon ( the 2 beasts and dragon )are still alive ?

Answer. ( R 19:3) “The smoke rises from her for ever and ever”.The deep core of evil is still there, thus the smoke, but the fire has been put l out.-their method of operation – evil trade ,murder etc. The smoke will only cease to rise when the fires of hell have done their work on them.


This question was addressed but only poorly answered earlier—THE MIDNIGHT CALL (Mat 25:6). When this call goes out it is already too late. The Church will awake only to find half are wise and half are foolish and are going to hell. God could not and would not allow this to happen without major warning in His Holy Word. Let us look at those warnings.

1 (Mat 24:15). The abomination that causes desolation gives us our reference – the book of Daniel particularly chapter 12.This expose is based on the time from the awakening of the righteous dead (Dan 12:3) to the time when the power of Gods people has been FINALLY broken ie the two witnesses return to Heaven after the door of mercy closes, as being 1260 years (Dan 12:7) But there is still a time when the Daily sacrifice is abolished. To make sense of these dates and to correlate Daniel, Revelation and Mathew I have to assign numbers even though I have no idea what they are and maybe bordering on the absurd. On the day Gods people are to begin last day trials (Dan 12:11) ie the start of the 1290 days Gods sleeping Church is made up of 5 groups of people

– Group 1 200 million people

Group 2 144,000

Group 3 144,000

Group 4 144,000

Group 5 144,000 Only the last two are Biblical numbers and will become the wise and foolish virgins.This makes Gods sleeping Church a total of 200,576,000 people.

One possible scenario is the precipitating event is the declaration by UN of a world religion.Christians refuse to accept any god other than our Lord and God JESUS CHRIST. They are declared to be terrorist organisation ie cessation of the daily Sacrifice as far as the world is concerned and the beginning of last day events. It takes 30 days for this proclamation to take effect and be enforced. So we now come to the beast out of the sea beginning his great slaughter (R 13:1-10).He rises to amazing heights ( R 13:8) as he slaughters 200 million of Gods people. They are easy prey as they organise protest meetings against these unjust laws and are taken by the sword (or laser). It is a very sharp rise to power and fame and his fall is so dramatic the next beast actually has to FORCE the people to worship this first beast (R 13:12).–very kind of him as he could have received all the worship himself — sounds as if he is scared of this beast. So we arrive at the end of Revelations 1260 or Daniels 1290 days having lost 200 million of Gods people but with 576,000 remaining.

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Now the abomination spoken of through Daniel appears. This is the beast out of the earth and his reign of terror will last for 45 days. It is the when the Church awakes with its remaining 576.000 people. The new beast kills 288,000 people (groups 2,3). ( R 13:15) so when the Lord arrives there are only 288,000 people left. Group 2 are no problem as they are wise virgins and will go to Heaven. The problem is group 3 who are foolish virgins who die for the Lord and along with the surviving 144,000 foolish virgins are going to hell. The only Scripture to justify this I can find is (Mat 7:23-24).The history of the foolish ones is well documented and no doubt Heaven made the same effort to save this lot as it did with every soul.

This has been a rough outline of what Holy Scripture has to say about last day events and if these are indeed last days it would have been revealed to 100s if not 1000s of Gods people who have published or are about to publish on the Net. I will now attempt to fill in more details of what Scripture has to say about these events by a series of questions and answers.

QUESTION 1. Could you use Mathew 24 to throw more light onto last day events. ANSWER. Significant use has already been made use of this chapter about the two working men and the two women ( M 24:40,41) but these do not address the main issue-the three questions of the disciples. In every commentary that I have seen assume that Jesus says 98% of these stones will be thrown down and 2% will be left behind ( or whatever the %that remain in the existing foundations that are visible today). Jesus actually said 100% of these stones will be thrown down and the witness Scripture is 0% will be left behind ( Mat 24:2). There may have been partial fulfillments of this prophesy but its full fulfillment is still to come. The 3 questions which Jesus answers in the reverse order are;

1. When will this happen ?. (Mat 24:32-51) 2 What will be the sign of Your coming ?. ( Mat 24:15-31).

3 And of the end of the age ?. (Mat 24:4-14).

Firstly question 3.The only time when every created creature is present at the same time (ignoring those taken up to Heaven) is when the two witnesses are on earth and this Gospel can be now taught to them .This is before the door of mercy closes and is rejected by all except the foolish virgins who retain the seal of God through the Bowls (R 16:2). This question takes us to the end of Daniels 1260 years. During this time and in fact through all history we must be aware of false prophets. Today we are told by most Churches that if we have a warm feeling in our belly, read the Bible and do some good works we will be saved. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. We can only be saved if we are under the new covenant ( Heb 8:10) We have Gods Law written on our hearts and we rely 100% on how Jesus kept and fulfilled this Law. No wonder our place in Heaven is so secure !!. Not only do these teachers keep us out of Heaven they turn people against God. I could not think of a better turn off against God than the teaching of eternal punishment. Here we are in a state of perfection in Heaven for an eternity whilst watching the overwhelming majority of humanity screaming whilst they are roasted and toasted. Sin could not be infinite and be classified as intentional and unintentional and be committed by finite beings. The fires of hell are like every fire and will cease and perfection will begin. God conquered evil at the Cross and the fact that God allowed time to run in equal portions under the Old and New Covenants is His prerogative

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. The old Covenant began with God Himself killing probably two goats and the end of time will be the fires of hell going out and the Bride and Bridegroom entering the New Jerusalem. Jesus admonition about being put to death ( Mat 24:9) certainly applied to the apostle John if he was to be kept alive and be one of the two witnesses as it will apply to Gods people especially before His second coming.This also applies to all the calamities. Verses 10-13 are most problematic if applied to this period, but certainly applicable to the second coming. If the witness period is indeed involved then the 144,000 foolish virgins are indeed in for an uncertain time. But they must come through it as they retain their Seals of God for the Bowls. I was going to address this as a separate question but if the Church of the last days is really the church of the one talent then doesn’t the servant go to the Master and hand in his talent ie the seal of God and cannot be any longer be protected by it during the Bowls ?. That is the reason he goes to his master at the end of Daniels 1260 years. He has been through a really hard time and wants no more of it. He also wants no more of this sackcloth and repentance stuff.( R 16:2 ) actually says it is the people with the mark of the beast that are hurt. The 144,000 foolish virgins may have only returned the talent and yet received the mark of the beast. Against this we have they had every intention of handing it back but it was TAKEN from him by a Heavenly being ( Mat 25:28). But the trump card is ( R 14:13) these would not be blessed by God at death if they did not still retain the Seal of God. If the hour or day is unknown then why set dates?Jesus did not know in His time on earth (giving us an idea in the split of His humanity and Divinity) but He certainly knows now and why does the Holy Word give us these numbers if they have no meaning?. ALL Scripture is inspired there to teach us. If I have confuse you it is because I am confused myself. My present thoughts are when I return I call out ” Master let me in even though I do not have any oil, I want to give you back your talent but I want to keep this seal as it has protected me from all the calamities in the past, and will no doubt protect me in future ones including the greatest calamity of all—HELL”

Question 2 has similar events to Revelation and question 1 I think has already been covered.

QUESTION 2. Where does the Bible say the seven Churches at one level are the initiation we go through when we get into Heaven and why these particular stages?.

ANSWER: If God Loved us so much He died for all our sins and would have died for us if even we were the only ones being saved He is not likely to treat us as a mass production line in Heaven. Each church in Revelation has the phrase ” to him who overcomes I will “. The obvious answer to this is SPEND AN ETERNITY WITH ME IN PERFECTION but it does not say this but gives seven detailed statements. By Personally welcoming each of us God is also introducing the people we will be spending an eternity with. If there are 200 million redeemed and the initiation process takes 7 days ( all of Gods Commandments including the Fourth stand or fall as a unit even though there no day or night in Heaven ) it will be some 4 million years to complete but a drop of the ocean that fills the universe. In the remainder of this presentation I will use the same meaning of ” place ” that Jesus used when He told His disciples He was going to prepare a place for them. To find my place in Heaven come in through the east gate and turn left at the fifth street and it is the tenth house on the right hand side. My position may be anywhere in Heaven and I still cannot work out why I should walk outside the walls if Gods throne is inside them.

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We must keep in mind what Paul said about his appearance in Heaven–words could not begin to express the beauty of what he saw. The seven stages of my initiation are: EPHESUS. In the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned they lost both their position — they were thrown out of the Garden –and their place -an angel was placed at the gate to prevent them from entering back in. Contrast this with satan who only lost his position and was allowed to return to see God. He only lost his place after the most vicious of battles ( R 12:8). After this time he was confined to earth. Both lost their position because they disobeyed God but Adam and Eve lost their place as well because if they had reentered the Garden and eaten from the tree of life they and evil would have lived forever. The only reason I can think of for satan not losing his place at the Fall was the door of mercy had not yet closed on him and had he repented he would have been saved. Its closure was for the same reason as for the rest of humanity –and they did gloat–and has already been covered. So the first part of my initiation is the restoration of the right to eat from the tree of life and therefor live for an eternity.

SMYRNA. This message would have been most comforting for this suffering Church as it will be in last days. For me in Heaven who is still stunned by the beauty of this place (in fact if Heaven could be represented by the ocean and I was now shown one drop of that ocean I would physically begin to glow –there are no words in any language to express this beauty ) I need some reassurance from someone who can be trusted –you will not be hurt by a second death Which occurred for you by My One and only begotten Son. The peace that those words will bring can only be fully understood by a sinless person.

PERGAMUM. We are now just short of the climax of our initiation so a lot has to be packed into this message and has already been covered on page 6. It is reassuring to know that Gods Word is eternal and in fact our last battle ( not Gods) is fought under this banner ( R 19:13). The true beauty of the Sabbath Day is restored after being lost by humanity and at their expense for all those millennia.

THYATIRA. We now arrive at the climax of our initiation. The events themselves are very straight forward but fitting them into a timeframe is not. We demand the Holy Spirit to reveal some of the beauty of what Jesus did for us on Calvarys tree ( R 19:7,8) and it is done for us and we join our Lord in the battle against the living.We are perfectly well placed to judge here as we know Gods way and have His sceptre and our right to dash the people who don’t was established way back on Good Friday. I will update dates and events at a later time

. SARDIS. Again this is a fitting statement to the climax we have been through and reassures us of what we have just experienced. Jesus is and will remain our intermediate between us and God for an eternity.

PHILADELPHIA. We are now ready to move into the new Heaven and earth and it is by the same Door by which we got into Heaven by and which was opened and never to be closed again by Luther and his lot. RIGHTEOUSNESS BY FAITH. The difference is that now we become part of that door and have His Name and that of the City written on us. Nothing could be more permanent than that.

LAODICEA. It only remains to be told of how close our relationship with Jesus will be but not on how many occasions. The fact that we eat and drink and the new the New Heaven and Earth has similar elements and compounds as our earth shows God did not use second hand materials in His first effort but only the best.

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QUESTION 3 How much of our humanity do we retain in Heaven and our earthly experiences?

ANSWER. At the end of the 1000 years all our prayers along with MUCH incense and  fire from the  altar are returned to the gold holder and are hurled back to earth. To my wife in Heaven I am no longer her life long partner whom she so desperately wanted to come to Heaven with her but now just a number ( probably the number of conception that I occurred at ?? 7,654,321,012 ).Now I am  one of those stupid human beings left behind who insists on doing things his way and Heaven has made provision for them if they change their ways—- their prayers of repentance have incense and fire to ascend to Heaven. ( much incense will last for a long time) Included are the  prayers the saints prayed for each other which were such a big deal during those 1000 years but now have become totally  insignificant as those prayers for our enemies which quelled the fears of our elders the judges. So is there any humanity left at all —yes and much of it. I have already made a case for our Heavenly bodies being similar to that of Jesus after His resurrection. Our last battle is fought under the banner THE WORD OF GOD ( 19:13 ). If we also enter Heaven under this banner then at least 3 aspects of our existence must be involved

.ONE. Christ our creator. We His creation will live in His New Jerusalem in His new Heaven and earth. He speaks these into existence out of nothing just like He did the first time.

TWO. It is Christ the Word that became flesh and will dwell amongst us for an eternity but with provisions so we can appreciate Him (  though not fully as we are not full spirit ).

THREE. It is Christ the Written Word and if it is going to last for an eternity  can only apply to the Bridegroom, the Bride and the preparation of the bride for an eternity. All other references must be to the Bride’s preparation and will have no meaning after x number of years. Would not it be lovely if we could answer with the surety that Jesus answered satan “it is written” and that settled the argument every time and satan fled. Satan well knows our doubts and cuts us to pieces. So in Heaven we are always aware of what Jesus did for us because of His unbelievingly  beautiful Nature . If you believe that Jesus would come to earth and live the perfect life, die the perfect death and come up in the perfect resurrection for you even if you were the ONLY person being saved you have begun to see that Jesus. The thrill of doing a website like this is that some of the comments say they are now starting to remove some of this doubt. It should be very obvious to all that I am computer illiterate and because the errors and typos have confused many people something I will now have to correct. It does however put the heavy onus on those people who have had similar revelations on Scripture to also publish — your excuse that you are not computer literate is not valid. God has many such people out there whos duty it is to contact you and me and to arrange this presentation  as God’s Word. I have been overwhelmed  by  the response to this blog and if you are one of those waiting  for a response  and you have the ability to help  could you please contact me and state the date and time you sent your comments to J.Kudrynski  14 Highway ave,  Wollongong. N.S.W  2500 , Australia .Until something  significant happens I will continue to overwork this index finger.

Quiet a number of people  want more insight on certain subjects. This is probably because  the first explanation lacked coherence.

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So  these resulting  comments will be largely  a rerun of existing text. The main focus has to be the restoration in the trust of God’s people in His Word and the preparation of His people  for the midnight call  ” here comes the bride–“.The events must logically fit into the  7,777 years 7 months 7 days and 7 hours of created time.

question1.  How many battles are there? (2) Ans. Initially both satan and the beast out of the sea decide on one battle. Satan is most upset he was grabbed  and  bound for 1,000 years and this happened on his territory!!!!.The  beast is likewise upset that his kingdom was plunged  into darkness  taking him out of the picture. They decide that the only way to prevent this is to make war against   Jesus and His people and get rid of them for good. ( R 14:14-16) It is however God’s plan that is the determining factor  by the Word that  the second death is hell  (this phrase will give us  more problems than any other). As time approaches the final end there will still be people who have survived about 1,750 years ( plus the age they were at the Second Coming) and as these people have not gone through a first death they cannot go through a second death  (ie  be put into hell) These  are the people  involved in the first battle with the beast. They are the battle of the living and referred  to under the following names : Ch 14 calls them the harvest and includes the 144,000 foolish virgins who have changed their allegiance .Their bodies are not gathered but left to rot and be resurrected  ( R 20:13,14) judged and thrown in hell. In ch 19 ( R19:19-21)  they fight against the rider on the white horse and his army ( they are already married as they have their fine linen) defeated and whatever is not eaten by the birds is left on the ground. Ch 18 separates the living and the dead and thus the sea captains come out and do not march into this battle–they only see the smoke rising  after the battle.Now  about the other lot the dead ( R20:12). and  ( R 14:17-20) .If we follow them in ch20 we are told they are deceived by satan go and surround God’s city and are struck down by fire from Heaven. Satan’s deceit is Bible based. He asks the dead to notice how quiet the Temple is as it surrounded  by deep cracks which was set off by the earthquake caused by the slamming shut of the door of mercy. ( R 11:13). He does not  tell them it was quiet because God’s  glory returned along with the 2 witnesses to Heaven. Instead he tells them it was because he had dried the river Euphrates and now his armies can march on and defeat the city that God loves. This is why  the Temple is so quiet–it feels vulnerable. They obey his instructions and march and surround the city.There is no problem with judgement occurring at this stage. Most of these people have come a long way with one intention—to destroy God’s people. There must be another dimension involved to account  for the 2 pictures we are given. Picture 1– God’s city surrounded by evil people surrounded by earth surrounded by sky outside of  which is  God on the great white throne. Picture 2— Peter’s fires (presumably) destroy the earth and the sky and leave the  dead standing in front of the great white throne. Why have not these fires also destroyed those bad people? Could they have been removed to another dimension? All we know is they are thrown  into the lake of fire which is the second death

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. Question 2.Do all the Redeemed have to go through a first death? Ans Yes. Our second death has been taken by Jesus on the Cross.Well what about the 144,000 who are alive and taken to Heaven. ( and Elijah and Enoch)?. The Church fails us as it is asleep and this is but one example of this. For Christians our death is the Baptismal font and this is the only death we have to go through. You wouldn’t think so by watching a baptism in progress.In and out of the water in under a second or worse still pouring water onto an infant who has no idea of what is going on .We should stay under water as long as we can to begin to realise the magnitude of the event we are experiencing. This is it!!! That place we so richly deserve to go to (HELL) is now no longer an option–unless you think this is one of the many Bible lies and if it is  you who are still missing out on an incredible sense of everything that is good. ( I  cannot find words to express the magnitude of your loss). This does not mean you will not fall asleep for a short time— but that is all that it is  SLEEP. The most beautiful human being  I have known ,my mother-in-law, is asleep today.Yes she is greatly missed but who would want her taking the 50 odd tablets  a day, the pain, the gasps for air   etc. sleep well grandma and it is our blessed hope to see you in Heaven.

QUESTION 3. Are there two plans of salvation –one for unintentional sin (those deceived) and one for intentional sin? Where there is no Law there is no sin.

ANS. God is only concerned for the wicked as far as  until they show that they would prefer to die by the crazed horseman than to repent It is at this time that Heaven give up with the wicked and when John turns up as one of the two witnesses he is specifically told ( R 11:2) “But  the outer court, do not measure it because it has been given to the Gentiles. They will trample on the holy  city for 41 months.” God now is only concerned about the foolish virgins. They believe in the hocus pocus produced by the evil spirits ( R 16:14 ) even though God trumps these by many factors including His third  ( R 10:1) and fourth appearance on earth ( R 18:1). His final warning  is ( R 14:13).The biggest blessing that God can bestow on any one is to allow him to spend an eternity with God. The next biggest would be to take his place for him in hell .Thus God’s final Word (and this is not just the best presentation that John in indescribable  circumstances  it begins with God’s instruction WRITE ( R14:13) ” Blessed and the dead who die in the Lord from now on.” “Yes says the  Spirit ” they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.” And Heaven could do no more.

This is plan B of salvation that the foolish virgins would have experienced had they retained the seal of God. It is also what would have happened had Eve’ s sin stopped at this stage and Adam screamed ” God You must appear immediately look at what the woman  has done—–” Jesus would have died for Eve’s sin (it was He Who said  “if you disobey Me you will surely die”)  if she had repented , but she would not have gone to Heaven just like the foolish would not have  gone to Heaven .Isn’t all I have proven their repentance was not genuine???  So salvation plan B was for the foolish virgins if they turned up with the seal but no oil and for Eve if she  committed no other sin.This just makes me realise  that I am beating  around the bush and not addressing the main issue.

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If  the main intention of this site  as well as many other sites is to strengthen God’s people’s confidence in His Word then surely we must address the greatest destroyer of that confidence EVOLUTION

. Evolution would have no foothold if it was not for  the millions and billions of years they claim for the age of the earth. The reality is even if the world was trillions  upon trillions of years older there still be would not  be enough time to accomplish these feats. These and many other issues of creation are addressed on many excellent sites from the world of academia down to ordinary level. ( just type creation into google) As with Revelation I want to approach from the level of Jesus’s disciples (except that Paul). Not that there is no  room for academia and Bible based academics could throw much more light on this beautiful Book.

It appears that I have under estimated the role of evolution in last day events. I have the majority of God’s people being killed by the beast out of the sea but Jesus warns us it is the abomination from Daniel which is the one to watch. I will have to rework the numbers. It seems a pity that the sleeping Church did not realise that the Bridegroom would come after 45 days after the midnight call. If it did anyone with more than 45 days of oil could have given it to those who were short and specifically asked for it.

There appears to be two models for the history of time  ; Dawkins Mount Improbable and  Biblical Mount Certainty. In Mount Improbable we have a series  of uphill mutations over a very long period of time when the goo he starts with finishes up on top of the mountain as you via the zoo. He does not use the vertical cliffs  ( which I would use and call them “punctuated equilibrium”) just the gentle slopes. In the Biblical model everything starts at the top of Mount Certainty when God declares His creation to be very good ( Gen 1:31  ).WE thus have two ways off this mountain—the vertical drops which we call mass extinctions and the gentle slopes which we call mutations. It does not matter where I look in the past or present I can only see mass extinctions or deleterious mutations. So which model do I believe in?

People do not realise that the secular history of time goes something like this—-Once upon a time a long, long time ago there was nothing which miraculously turned into a fog. Now in the fog there was a bog with a log which had a cog that caused a dog to come out of one end and out of the other end hopped a frog.  The dog was wrath with the frog but the frog escaped by turning into a beautiful princess. The dog turned  into a handsome prince. They were married and had many children. Each day they would sit by the bog ,eat hog and watch the children play with the dog and the frog .When the fog would lift they would all go for a jog to stop them from getting the wog which may evolve into a zog. Now this child is the real history of time –past present and future!!!!!!!!

The discussions on evolution are usually very short and terminate when our evolutionist has to admit the only way we can get from simple, lifeless amino acids to the indescribable  complexity of just  the simplest cell ,net alone an organ or whole organism  is  by way of increases in genetic information .

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This occurs via natural  selection which is death and a shocking loss of genetic information. The obvious question is — how can there be an INCREASE in genetic information when there has been a DECREASE in genetic information? If you can explain an object is white because it is black then you will have no problem in explaining all the shades of grey. But satan does not give up that easily. So far we have an absurd model with an absurd explanation with an absurd mechanism so all we have to show is the time factor of millions of years and the evidences for are also absurd then the only other explanation ( the Bible ) is lily white. One of their first experiments  (Uren & others) certainly was absurd. He sparked gases he thought existed  at the beginning of his world and finished up with a tiny amount  of mostly toxic chemicals. From  this experiment we can draw the conclusion that if we are struck by lightning we  will still live providing we get struck 300,000 times more by lightning in the next 21 days. So hang on there if you do you will not die — you will certainly will  have a lot of potential!! Lightning is their source of life !!

I wish it was as easy to disprove their time scale. You cannot turn on the tv or any other media without being bombarded by millions of years. Surely you ask (and rightly so) how can all those scientists be wrong ? My arguments are along these lines;

A. Finding a very young object inside a very old object disproves their old ages. The example I use is absurd but it is only there to make the point. The 2 objects are a double decker bus with compliance plate 1-2-1924  in a Permian coal seam of indisputable age of 200 million years. Yes I am digging away in this coal seam and I come across this bus. All the scientists in the world with their best arguments could not convince that this coal seam is 200 million years old –rubbish I would say rubbish! there are any number of sites that show young objects ( usually trees in order of 1000 ‘s years old)  in very old layers ( usually coal or sandstone said to be many millions of years old) Rubbish I say rubbish) In fact you have made the same mistakes in  arriving at both of your dates.

Other evidences for a young earth are plentiful ( I acknowledge that the theory of relativity does allow for a young earth but an old universe – it all depends where you are in it ) and available on a myriad of creation websites .Whereas my material on Revelation I have not seen anywhere else ( does not say it doesn’t exist) my thoughts on Genesis are a regurgitation of what I have read over many years and will  probably be doing these sites an injustice by reproducing them. These thoughts I now present Have not been very effective with my family or friends and in fact maybe a recipe  for what not to do. I am only following the Lord’s instruction to all of His followers– Once you warn them you will no longer be held responsible. These ideas are also what make me tick.

Before you entertain  any ideas on evolution you must realise it has only ONE main function– to take you away from God and His Holy Word.

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It will be replaced by chance  ( it just happened for no reason ) and where you had truth and light you will now have darkness. ( dark matter floating in dark energy with dark flows with frogs becoming princesses etc, etc.) Evolution is the cruelest and most inefficient way of producing anything and it is blasphemy to say that the God of the Bible  ( God of love and efficiency –just look at His creation ) used evolution. The Bible in both it’s sections stands or falls as a unit. Even Richard Dawkins ,the most ardent atheist , can see that Christianity is meaningless unless Genesis is taken literally ( if the first Adam was not a real person who disobeyed God then there as no need for the second Adam –Jesus Christ.)  By siting on the fence and accepting evolution as part of God’s creation you are not only in danger of losing the respect of both sides but of falling off the fence and losing your eternal life. The only reason satan is so effective in destroying our Faith is because he uses  our ignorance as a lever to generate doubt , something he could never do with Jesus but just fled. The Book of James specifically warns us about this ( anyone who had been through his experiences would also be able to pen such beautiful words but I am still a long way to go .) Jesus accepted me the way I emerged from the Baptismal Font but I still have much rubbish to sell Him so He can refine it and hand it back as gold ,white clothes and salve ( R 3:18).

To disprove the concept of chance I use 4 objects of increasing complexity –a cup, a computer, a car and a Concorde. There is every chance we may find a cup that has formed by chance ( lava thrown into the air and just landed in water and gave this shape ) It is another thing to say this could have happened to a computer .One pleasant memory in my retirement  is having taught retired people  machine language .( Assembler and yes it was the perfect example of the blind teaching the blind.) To say suggest the software or hardware happened by chance is absurd in the extreme. It becomes even more absurd, if that is possible, to say a car with this computer occurred by chance. (  not only now do we have bits moving through registers and onto stacks as marked out by stack pointers –I can’t remember what the other 9 registers did, we now have this complex machinery causing TPS moving,spark advancing, brakes being applied etc. But more is still to come. You can multiply all the above complexity by millions and finish up with a Concorde. I would be the first person to admit I should be locked up with the criminally insane if I was found digging a hole  in my back yard and hoping to find a Concorde already  fueled up and ready to take me on a holiday. If this is the case then why shouldn’t you be locked up with the criminally insane for thinking that a living CELL which is millions of times more complex than a Concorde has occurred by chance???.Even if statistical thermodynamics does allow for such an event they would still be lifeless chemicals . To justify such an absurd theory there are 2 classes of evidences — wrong and fraudulent. There is no  point  in bringing these up with your evolutionary friends as they realise without them there is nothing left. It is your duty as a parent to point these out to your children. Again the various creation sites do a marvelous job  in exposing them but I must tell you about my favorites.

SIMILARITY. Because there are so many similarities between these objects ( whatever they are comparing ) how else could you explain them?  Well if I could find 100 or 1000 or millions of similarities  between my nose and a Jumbo jet it would not prove my nose evolved from a Jumbo jet ( I think this is the right way around when I look in a  mirror and I am a 1944 model and  should prove my stance ( it is supposed to be wrong and confusing))

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All it proves when 2 complex objects are compared then similarities must occur. As a creationist I  would say being a perfect God He would only give these creatures the best designs. There must be a stage when there are so many similarities  that evolution at least becomes a viable option. Using Avogadro’s  number as the number of cell reactions in our body  ( just a guess and also the number of  drops of water in the sea ) per second if the earth is covered with books with the similarities between us and a banana to a depth of one metre then there  is still no need to panic ( halve the banana’s DNA is the same as ours ) they have still accounted for about a half  of what they are supposed to account for

. FRAUD. Haeckel’s drawings, peppered moth , Piltdown man Nebraska man and dozens of others were fraud and if all were  excluded the cupboards would indeed be bare. To their credit Piltdown forgery was admitted but why not cancel the 55 PHD’s which were written about this fraud ? It would be my duty as a parent to look up the complete list and compare it to those appearing in my child’s textbook. I am going to leave you to look these and the up yourselves as it can get fairly technical .

A final word.If a lower seconds chemistry (thermodynamics)  allows oneself to be called a thermodynamisist  ( spell checker says their is no such word ) then I at Least can call myself a pseudo thermodynamisist and even in my field I find questions with no answers like; if delta G =-RTlnK then any reaction with a K value of less than one could not be spontaneous as the negative log term would cancel the existing negative. Clearly this is not the case as most reactions in nature are spontaneous and probably why God made all those brilliant enzymes. This equation itself is a problem as the third law defines entropy to be 0 at  0 kelvin and if free energy is also 0 this would make enthalpy 0 which is not the case. It may be at a minimum but not zero. I will include  a section in the appendix of some other doubts I have. Needless to say it is not only Economics that can be defined as ” the subject where the questions remain the same it is just the answers that vary”. Physics could certainly be also be included!.

During this discussion I have deliberately misled you just like secular scientists do by not distinguishing between experimental science and historical science. Historical science stands behind those people in white coats and laboratories and all those inventions they have come up with and claim their discoveries have the same credibility. They do not and it is the results of these pseudo scientists that challenge the Word of God and which inturn I challenge. We  both look at the same mountain ,valley and  river and they see a small amount of water over a long period of time as doing all this erosion. I see a large amount of receding water  (especially if it was  banked up in a holding valley) rushing out in a straight line  and eroding a deep valley which in the 4000 odd years since the flood has been eroded by a small amount of water  which would account  for the fact there is a meandering river on the floor. This is what I see in many places.

Page 35

Furthermore I would expect that rushing water to deposit it’s sediment further down and entombing (fossilising ) anything in it. I consider it absurd to say a fossil took a long time to entomb. It either would have rotted or scavengers would have eaten it. As the Word teaches these events took place within one year  I would expect the layers of sediment to be almost parallel with no time for erosion between. Again this is what I see. The only thing geologists, cosmologists and astronomers have in common is they are sure  that the Bible is a lot lies. Have you ever wondered why these “experts” have to watch the daily news?  The geologist watches to find out if and where any earthquakes have occurred,  the astronomer wants to know if and any how many meteorites have landed (especially  if they have wiped out any city with nuclear processing facilities.) These “experts” have billions  of $s of public money and they can’t even do that !! They are too busy searching distant black holes to see if they have emitted another photon !!. If you can’t see what is in front of your nose how do you expect me to believe you telling me about far more distant objects.?? The bottom line is if it agrees with the Word of God it comes from the laboratory and if it does not agree with the Word of God it comes from the lavoratory.

After all science is the study of that scrapheap called ideas . It is only through constant prayer and study of His Word that we can overcome the barrage of garbage that is being thrown at us  ( surprisingly by people in black with white collars ) to create doubt in His Word. God has also left us with many Christian websites to verify the truth in His Word . The bottom line is He will force no one to believe who does not want to. That is why it was so important to me for the Book of Revelation to answer of Adam and Eve –who is genuinely deceived and who is not?. ( R 12:3,4).

Another major problem that exists today with Holy Scripture comes from well meaning Christians. They do not want anything to do with the Old Testament. They only want to be like Jesus of the New Testament. The God of the Old  Testament  is too cruel— He orders women and children to be killed and what about all those innocent animals?(all blood and guts)–The Jesus of the New Testament would never do that because He is a God of love!! Can’t you see it is the other way around? The God of the Old testament obeyed the rules of war. Combatants die but non combatants live. Where do you get that in warfare today?. The U.S don’t even count the number of civilians  killed !! When the French and English bombed Libya did they not fire 5000 ( or was that 1500) cruise missiles into buildings full of women and children?

When the wars in the Old Testament were against evil ( God had usually put up with this evil for a long period of time and yes God in His time will end evil)  it was the men and women who were evil so they were the combatants and they died. We don’t have to worry about the female children who were spared but what about the male children you may ask? The custom of the people in those days and even today is for the male child to avenge his parents death. So if I left a baby boy alive I knew it was only a matter of time until he came to kill me. It could be in 20 or 30 or whenever years. I would have to watch my back constantly and the older  I got the less capable I would be to defend myself. So I’m sorry about this but if it is my life or his then self preservation right through history takes preference .


To feel abhorrence against blood  sacrifices is to say the least a very strange reaction. Calvary’s Tree is the centre piece of our existence in eternity. Even after an eternity we will still  not be  fully able to appreciate its beauty. You would think with such an incredible beautiful event  where the Sonlight is just too bright for us to begin to appreciate that God would allow us to see the event under moonlight— which is what He has done with the old sacrificial system of the Old Testament. There was only one way to restore humanity with Divinity– the cleansing agent  had to come from high enough ( from God) and fall low enough to reach humanity on earth. This was accomplished by Jesus Christ Who fully God and fully Man. The agent He used was none other than His Precious Blood. What  drove Jesus Christ onto that cross? . He could have got out of it on any number of occasions like when everyone feel down dead when Jesus  revealed His Divinity  ( John 18:6) all He had to say was that lot aren’t worth it and gone back to Heaven. So what did drive Him onto that cross?

HIS GRACE. Could not Jesus see the horror, the excruciating pain the anguish, the isolation from the Father with every  milligram of suffering we would cause Him. Could He not see that the milligrams would turn in grams and the grams into kilograms which would turn into many many tonnes that we would cause Him yet He still chose us?.It was His grace that put Him on that cross.

HIS COMPASSION AND MERCY. Do we not deserve to go through the fires of hell for trampling on His Holy Precepts like a pig tramples mud?. Yet He could not bear to see us go through that horrific suffering and that is why He took our place on that cross. It is His compassion and mercy that put Him on that cross.

HIS LOVE.  When Jesus looked  ahead in the Garden of Gethsemane could He not see us for what we really are; a hedonistic, hypocritical , hysterical , horrible, helpless, hopeless, hateful ,hardhearted , yet haughty humanity

made up of sinning ,sinful just a stinking agglomeration of dying cells. As repulsive as what He sees He still loves us with an infinite love. It was His Love that drove Him onto that cross.

HIS JUSTICE. Could He not see during creation week that humanity would fall and that God’s justice would demand the death of His only Son to meet the requirements of Divine Law? It was His justice that put Him on that cross.

HIS HOLINESS.  There are words which have no real meaning to humanity. Words like infinite ,perfect, and holy. We know that God is infinite, perfect and holy and we are the exact opposite finite, imperfect and blasphemous. There was no other way of rejoining these extremes other than by Jesus shedding His Precious Blood on Calvary’s tree. It was His Holiness that put Jesus on that tree. It should be with gratitude and confidence that we should look to Calvary and know our place has been assured in Heaven.

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Without the Old Testament to rely on (  Paul only had  the Old Testament when he wrote ALL Scripture is inspired and there to teach ( 2 Tim 3:16 ) you become very easy prey for evolution. You have no problem with God using the cruelest, most inefficient way imaginable to create His creation. How can you claim that Jesus is a God of love?? At least you will not be affected when ,  as history shows, these lies when not accepted will be enforced by legislation and finally death. As this blog has now passed 20,000 words I have begun a new post. Before passing onto the new post I would like to make some comments on the comments:

1 If you would like to write for this blog could you please supply a sample of your writing, like an insight you have particularly either on Daniel or Revelation. Many comments acknowledge this blog is not just a rehash of a rehash usually of some academic who does not believe that he is dealing with the Word of God and has zero chance of being inspired.

2 As I am dealing with the Word of God, particularly the Revelation of Jesus Christ, any attempt to jazz it up could only be detrimental.

3 I have no intention of adding a donate button as there are any number of Bible based sites trying to increase people’s confidence in God’s Word that you can donate to.

4 I have no problem with people using this work with or without acknowledgement . Just creating an interest in His word is an honour indeed.

5 So far I have received 8 votes for the best blog on the net. I am not sure where this places me in the overall standings but do you think I should be readying my suit and tie for a podium finish?. Finally before leaving this site I must comment on the mountains of evidence for and against a recent creation. When you look at anything, be it a tree, or dog , or frog or anything there are only two explanations for it–either God done or it came out of nothing. Whether the dog came from the frog which came form the log which was in a bog with a magical cog…. ultimately this thing had to come from nothing! Surely this is against the grain of our whole number system which says that any lots of nothing is still nothing. So 10*0=0 and so does 100 * 0=0. It does not matter how many lots of nothing you have you still nothing. Even in a million years time 100 times 0 will still be zero. Because satan realises his argument is so ridiculous he very quickly changes his attention to discrediting the book of Genesis and hoping by denying and discrediting every thing in this Book his explanation becomes the default position. Why most people accept that when zero, or nothing is operated on can produce a tree or princes is amazing. If they don’t accept this would mean they would have to accept God as creator and the consequences of this is beyond imagination. As horrible as the consequences are, especially in the world of academia, the consequences of accepting God , I could not think of a better summary than the Lord’s Prayer ( Mat 6:9-13) would be diametrically opposed.

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So before you start trolling through the mountains of evidence satan has produced to discredit Genesis at least realise where you will arrive at–chance operating on nothing has produced that beautiful tree. And you laugh at my faith because I believe that God made that tree. Each strand of your faith has an impossible outcome and both combined make the outcome’s probability even smaller. ( if that were possible). I am amazed at the quantity of your faith!! as neither chance nor nothing can produce anything ,nor can dead chemicals produce living ones. Any evidence that supports this absurd conclusion must either be wrong or fraudulent. The more time we spend on it, especially if we allow the “science so called” to baffle us the further we drift by doubt from His Word and if we quote Jesus in saying ” it is written” instead of fleeing satan will produce a little giggle before he proceeds to tear us to pieces . There is no problem if you know the maths or the science and can see what is being presented actually proves God’s Word. Even a pseudo scientist like myself can follow and enjoy some of the science presented. Unfortunately the linguistics might as well be written in another language. Does this mean that  satan bowls me over using linguistics? If the Scripture they are producing is contrary to other Scripture then I know it must be wrong. But if satan can tell you the tree came from nothing he has a whole repertoire of tricks up his sleeve. Only the original manuscripts were inspired by God and there are none of  them left. So if 4 translators look at the same manuscript and get 4 widely different translations which if any is correct?.The Scripture that Jesus quoted and read from were also most probably not originals but copied many times and satan did not quibble about the originality with Jesus but fled. He knew that God would maintain the integrity of His Word and the Dead Sea Scrolls prove that to be the case after  2,000 years. We are given an assurance that the Holy Spirit will be our ultimate guide. It is because of these human frailties in Scripture, and there are some surprisingly large ones as any one of sites are so willing to expose, that when those storms are raging in my life I can lay down with any Bible ( yes I don’t even look at the cover) on my chest and sleep like a dove knowing that my humanity has an interface with the humanity in the Book on my chest but they are mixed with Divinity and that Divinity will ALWAYS trump humanity. The Divinity on its return will interface and humanity without which I would not be able to understand the reply. But  the immediate response to something we do not understand should not be , here we go again another error, but rather please Lord explain this text to me so I can glorify Your Holy Name. We will use the three accounts of end days and compare them ( Mathew 24 , Luke 21, and Mark 13) not by looking for yet another error but by asking the Lord to clarify His Holy Word so we can withstand satan’s storms of doubt.

If I were one of the Lord’s disciples at the time and heard Him say ( Mat 24:2) “I tell you the truth, not one stone will be left on another, every one will be thrown down” I would have thought there has to be at least a spiritual and a physical dimension to His statement. The spiritual one is that God would not allow His building to be destroyed with His presence in it.

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He would have to have abandoned His people and the building first.( Mat 23:38). The physical aspect would be as Titus and his soldiers were tearing the temple apart  by prying the massive stones apart they would have fallen on either side of the walls and the only way to get to the bottom stones would be to remove the rubble from either side of the wall. And then the problem with the foundation stones, they would have to be lifted out ( 30-40 ton stones!!). If the disciples had mistook Jesus’s answer to mean the destruction was that by Titus they would have learnt a major lesson. After the destruction they would have gone to look at the temple and said ” but He was supposed to come at this time where is He?”.The lesson to learn was to hang off EVERY WORD that Jesus said. He did not say 98%, or whatever the number thrown down was but 100%. This text is common to all three Gospels and was the one Jesus was concerned about. The disciples however would have seen this magnificent building and could not imagine the Jerusalem skyline without it–impossible !!

. The total destruction of the temple could have occurred on two occasions. At the second coming or at the close of the door of mercy 1,260 years later. If it happened at the second coming it could be a severe localised earthquake where the ground convulsed and subsidence occurred or it could be a nuclear weapon. Both scenarios would not allow the new temple to be rebuilt in the same area and that is why John had difficulty in finding the temple.( Rev 11:1). It could also have been at the door of mercy closing so loudly it set off an earthquake but the temple remained intact and became the centre of satan’s lies. This would mean that the area around the temple subsided taking 7,000 people with it.

Just about Jesus’s warning to His sleeping church. ( Mat 24:4) ” Watch out that no one deceives you”. Yes Jesus does warn His church. About what and how is it going to happen? They will be lulled into a long, deep sleep by false prophets. ( Mat 24:5) “For many will come in my name, claiming  ” I am the Christ and will deceive many”. This plethora of prophets will have any and all interpretations of His Word other than “IT IS WRITTEN”. Satan lulls the church  into a deep sleep by sending many false prophets including those with last messages and it never comes until the real second coming by which time the church is so complacent they miss  the event. So why could not Jesus send us more warnings through time to keep us awake? He does (mat 24:6–7) ” You will hear of wars and rumours of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation,and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places” The most powerful of warnings however must be kept until tight at the right time when people are capable of heading them. Jesus would not spare any effort, including losing His own life, to gain that one extra soul and satan goes close to matching that effort to keep that soul from Jesus. This is the fight throughout history, especially at the end.

Before returning to the Text some points to ponder. Why did Jesus answer the disciple’s questions in 3 ,2 , 1 order? Could it be relating to His sleeping church?. If I was doing this I would begin with ” okay you lot don’t fall asleep ” and I would proceed to give them the consequences and events of their sleep. But Jesus does it the other way around. He first gives them the reasons and the events and does not even consider sleep as an option. He assumes His warnings will be heeded. His final warning ( Mat 24:42) is just “to keep watch”. The warnings should also be split. One lot should be for the church as one lot of ten sleeping virgins and then when they split into wise and foolish. ( It is written that they ALL became drowsy and fell asleep ( Mat 25:5). So this must include you and me and we will only wake up when the real hardship strikes–no wonder we will need oil in spare jars!). Our depth of consciousness must be different in a warm house, fully fed and clothed, car etc to when we have none of the above. In our awakened state I think we will not just see the fruits of Calvary’s tree but also the roots and realise just what we have been missing out on. So let us return to the Text.

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So far it has been warning about being deceived by many false christs. We certainly have a plethora of these now. This topic has already been covered but cannot be overemphasized. How do you pick the so few teachers teaching the true Christ from all those false ones?. Why do so few choose the true one when the distinction between the two is so clear?.Our place in Heaven only exists because of the perfect life, death and resurrection of the LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST. Little wonder our place is so secure!!. Any attempt to add our filthy rags to this act of perfection is blasphemy and is asking for a bolt from Heaven to vaporise us !!. This should be perfectly clear to us if we read and believe the Bible which we can only do once all those errors, contradictions and inconsistencies are removed !. So there is the core of our problem. Science, historians, and the world of academia cannot be all wrong!!. Well I really do admire your faith!. If the science can be represented by a hop, step and jump then the jump would only be about one metre. This is the bit where the frog becomes a princess. The number of similarities between the two is stunning–both have 4 limbs, 1 head, 2 eyes, 1 mouth, ears etc and then when you get to the molecular level encyclopedia can be filled. In fact there are so few differences between them evolution could knock them over in hours at the most!. But where you require mountains of faith is:

Nothing to become something ( like atoms). This requires a hop of at least 100 kilometres— impossible!. But you say this chap has not read professor’s Steven Hawking’s explanation!. ( to give credit where it is due Hawking is the best science writer I know of and this includes the Creation lot) Hawking has an equal amount of matter  and antimatter appearing and allowed for by the Uncertainty Principle but he does not tell you that matter and antimatter recombine to release a humongous amount of energy. He has introduced energy through the back door !. This includes matter since E=m*c*c.

This step is equally impossible. You must now convert lifeless atoms into life and arrange them in mind boggling complexity. Your faith far exceeds mine as mine has a Being Who by definition can do these things. But it goes much deeper than this. Your mountain of faith will hand you the steering wheel of life and say “take control captain!” which to me would be an absolute nightmare. My faith says look to the Heavens and say  “Our Father Who is in Heaven glorified be Your Name, Thy kingdom come,……”

Returning back to chapter 24. As this is an end time chapter it must cover the same ground as the other end time chapters. ( Mat 24:29) tells us IMMEDIATELY after the distress of those days God will send His major signs. Would not it have been nice to receive the signs first and be told “I will come 10 days ( or whatever) after the first of these signs. We would have been able to count the days down knowing His appearance was just around the corner. But the problem is that faith plus sight is not equal to trust and trust is what this is all about. Also the other two times that God shows such major signs are to trump the signs just produced by evil. ( all evil is allowed to produce is given to them by God anyway ( Rev 17:17)) . So no one on earth can say ” I was deceived Lord by those signs the beast did produce and I did eat like Eve. So if you had not allowed these signs I would not have been deceived so really Lord it is Your fault.”  Whatever evil signs produces God trumps by many factors as in this case.

Now the actual split in the church must occur right at the end of the beast out of the sea’s rule ( say 1259 days) because the Lord warns us to be aware of the abomination that cause desolation ie before it appears.So the church is now awake and capable of heeding the warning. The previous persecution pales into insignificance when compared to what is about to take place now. By giving us a prelude of what happened to Jerusalem in 70AD should give us an insight of what we are about to experience. ( Luke 21:20). Present day Jerusalem is to be surrounded by her enemies , her people attacked and killed. The only thing that is missing today is that very   few Judaeo Christians live in Jerusalem. In 70AD it was the centre of Christian activity and when Titus destroyed the city he did not just wipe out the capital of Christianity he was making a statement. ” okay you Christians from all around the world note well that the Roman empire is about emperor worship and if anyone does not go along with it this  fate will also await you”.

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Scripture does not tell us where these Christians come from. A possible scenario is that Israel does not declare Judeo-Christians to be a terrorist organisation and if we have a passport and our money has not yet been taken away from us we could seek refuge in Jerusalem. By seeing the roots of Calvary’s tree we see no problem in adding Judaeo as a prefix. This would generate great anger in both the beasts as it is their intention to wipe us out which they attempt, with God’s permission. ( Mat 24:15-25). It makes no difference whether they use an earthquake or a nuclear device – just get out of the area to the required distance! Just like Titus stamped his authority over Christians so now does the beast out of the earth. As already been mentioned his “miracles” will be a non event to those sent by God. That still leaves the problem that we will have to have come through these storms by trust with our focus on Jesus and nothing else.– we can’t even give oil to our family!.

I have another post that  attempts to address inconsistencies. ( Revelation of Jesus Christ Chapter 2) but just a quick one now. Why would the abomination that causes desolation appear in the Holy Place and want to destroy the ground he is standing on?. He sees a large number of Christians he wants dead and he sees a refuge for them so  can’t hurt them. He also knows his time is short ( max 45 days) but like Titus in 70AD he must establish his authority to kill anyone who will not worship the image of the beast. All three problems are addressed by nuking ( or whatever) the area. This is no problem at all when compared to Mat 24:34 when ALL these things must happen to THIS generation.

So we have had the beast’s out the sea 1260 days of terror from verses 9-13. Please note verse 14 will receive its own commentary.Before proceeding with the text I will try to correlate the texts from Mathew, Revelation, (hopefully Mark and Luke) and if we are in last days Daniel will tie it all together. If we give 40% of evil to the beast out of the sea, (evil in the heart), 40% to satan (external evil), and 20% to the worst of false religion (beast out of the earth), then the beast out of the sea is the top dog because he also receives authority from the others. So it is he who says to the others just stand aside and watch how to destroy God’s people. Then for almost 1260 days using every dirty trick in the book coupled with human frailty he does his best to destroy God’s people . But towards the end of his God allocated time he admits he has a cancer, a major weakness, which will prevent him from completing his task and asks the beast out of the earth to perform the operation on him and as his time has run out this new beast will now have to complete the task of destroying God’ people but in a much shorter time span. There is no hint of any disagreement with the unholy trinity and it is going to take the most powerful earthquake ever to split them.

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The cancer that he has that must removed is literal Israel. She has not only not declared Christianity to be a terrorist organisation she has actually given them a safe haven so he could not attack them. He can’t do the operation himself and destroy Israel because she is a member of the United Nations ( which is the beast  out of the sea). Given this request the first thing the beast out of the earth does is to go and inspect the situation for himself. He finds things are far worse than he realised and time is so short!. So he immediately destroys the safe haven and establishes his authority to destroy the remainder of God’s people. Thus the major warnings we are given about the abomination from the prophet Daniel.

So what does the beast out of the sea do according to these texts. What dirty tricks are we to expect?. Satan’s accusations against Job are levelled against  every one of God’s people but neither satan or either of the beasts could accuse God of overprotecting His people and spoiling them. Let’s have a look at what a free hand the beast is actually given;

1: God does not send any signs of His sovereign power until AFTER the distress of those days. It may have been IMMEDIATELY after but it was still after. For those who believe in “as it is written” would not have a problem as they know God never tells untruths. But for those who are not so sure and desperately require divine signs this would be like being thrown before the wolves.

2: Verses 9-13 tell us what the beast will actually do to us. We will be handed over, killed and hated by all nations. Our response will be to turn away from our faith, betray  and hate each other and lose our love. Coupled with all those false prophets it is hard to see how anyone can survive. I for one will need to be awakened if I am to come through these times. I do not have enough good oil at present to do this. I cannot see any limitation that God has placed on the beast other than allowing him 1260 days of operation plus a set up period of 30 days. (Daniel 12:11 & Rev 13:5) The limitation of the beast is a weakness ,the cancer that he has, and technically would have been God sent or at least God allowed. So our one earthly hope is when you are persecuted in one place flee to another. The only option at this stage is Jerusalem, if you have a passport and money, but it is about to go through something far worse!. I can see a serious discrepancy developing at this stage. Are you trying to tell me that the sleeping true church, all 10 virgins, come through these extremely difficult times to be waken by the midnight call “here comes the bridegroom come out and meet him” only to find that I have been classified as one of the “foolish virgins”?. Can you see why I was so shocked in my opening remarks to this blog?. And the beast out of the sea is just chicken feed compared to the beast out of the earth who is going to take the gloves right off!. There is just something missing somewhere.

3:The beast receives almost all of satan’s powers ( Rev 13:2 but not all of his authority) as well as full cooperation from the beast out of the earth who admittedly stays in the background until asked to intervene. So it is all evil against us! Could this have been why God said to Adam and Eve you don’t really want to know what evil is about. And again at this time do we really believe that all this evil equates to one droplet when compared to the good of God’s ocean.

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4: The beast has had a miraculous recovery. ( Rev13:3). Not only was it slain it was actually thrown into the furnace This draws the nations towards him to receive their worship. Nearly everyone is against us!.

5: He is given power to make war against God’ people and to conquer them. (Rev 13:7).

As bad as all those things stacked against us are they pale into insignificance when compared to what the next beast is about to do to us.Why did not God allow this beast to do all these things to us?. This beast out of the sea was attacking God’s church. Yes it was a sleeping church but still God’s church. Even at midnight ( not a time of no light but minimum light ( or minimum Gospel about our Lord and Saviour) when they woke up they trimmed their lanterns, they did not have to relight them. God protected them in slumber to the extent their trials were almost zilch when  compared to the trial under the beast out of the earth (booe).

Before beginning life under I want to define maximum light or full on Gospel message. I have already defined minimum light as midnight and maximum light is the light that radiates off Christians like Stephen  and those early Christians who sold their houses and gave the money to their members. When these people were dying, be it by being torn to pieces by lions or stones being hurled at them, God opened Heaven for them to see and all they had was a radiant  glow on their faces because they did not feel a thing. The people who saw them die would have been greatly upset, like Paul, and would have wondered what they had and tried to get it. Now the booe.

The major change that he faces it the fact the church has woken up and now does not require the same protection from God. So in our woken state when we are killed by this beast we can radiate either maximum light or minimum light. The foolish virgins do not have enough oil to radiate much light at all that has to be left to the wise ones. The foolish ones actually maintain a minimum light for almost 1770 years. But the question that can come up anytime in eternity is “were these foolish virgins deceived like Eve or did they willingly disobey God?” If this question is asked by the redeemed and I was one of them I would say ” Heaven sent a number of trials to determine just this particular question. The first was the beast out of the sea who equally attacked the whole sleeping church and to their credit the foolish virgins came through it even though it was like sleeping through a nightmare. The beast out of the earth was far more vicious  and these virgins radiated but little light. But I would say they did not have oil so they cannot be blamed. But you would say they were given a valid instruction to go buy, given money to buy and sellers to sell them the oil . But I would say that this only happened after the midnight call so they just did not have enough time to buy this oil and it was midnight so it was  hard finding sellers and the two witnesses would not come for another 1260 years. But you would say they did not have to wait for the two witnesses as the Saints in Heaven were in their priestly mode for the first 1000 years so all they had to look up to Heaven to begin their repentance and the focal light of Heaven would have shone down on them ready to answer their prayers.” But I would still give them the benefit of the doubt and give them a high score. “well done for coming through the beast out of the sea, better still for the beast out of the earth and just on those grounds I am surprised you are not in Heaven”. The reason I have to be generous with this lot is because this blog is written as me being one of them. We lost (with my wife we have decided to go through this together) our home (not house) which we love and cannot go away for any reasonable holiday. It does contain 25 metre covered swimming pool which has produced 4 swimming champions, an Olympic trampoline set up near the television antennae from which the children would jump, a grass tennis court on which were fought the most spiteful games because the losers had to clean the pool, brilliant slippery dips which were featured on many tv shows etc.etc. It wasn’t the home  so much  which at best  is only one  drop of water when compared to the ocean of the universe of Heaven but being homeless, hungry, cold, chased from pillar to post and being hated by what it appeared by everyone was no Sunday school picnic!.

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So to come through those 1260 days of persecution was quite an achievement. But you might rightly say ” so come and join the millions of refugees going through this every day now. You should have done something for them whilst you had a chance, especially your Christian brothers and sisters”. And you would be right. But returning now to the prosecution under the beast out of the earth.

If I had a passport and my money is not taken away until this beast begins to rule I would seriously consider fleeing to Jerusalem, it would depend on how far the  reign of 1260 days that the beast out of the sea was into. I know that when the new beast takes over  it will be minutes ,hours at most that I will have to get out of the city and if there are hundreds of thousands of other Christians also there and there are only a few roads available there will be little chance of getting out — so why go there in the first place? This new beast is going to forcefully make me worship the first beast’s image. He is going to make me look particularly stupid because I don’t fall for  all those miraculous signs and by now the population in general agrees that the only way society can survive is to exterminate those Bible based Christians. If our brother Job was resurrected just after 3o’clock on Good Friday and is in Heaven now he would be probably thinking when he saw these times. “My trials were not as intense but they did last for a longer time. I was in the same position as the foolish virgins who can only see the small picture. I could not understand why God would allow satan to attack me when I had not done anything wrong, certainly not intentionally , the exact opposite I tried to do  the right thing by everyone. This is what those foolish virgins are doing. They have all those why me questions and why aren’t You doing anything about it Lord but they are going to try to hold on come hell or high water! But those wise ones are totally different! What a difference having oil in spare jars made! They actually believe they are going to meet the Bridegroom and enter into perfection with Him!. ( Could you say they have Paul’s condition– fully contented regardless of the circumstances). Even as they are lead into the coliseum there is a hushed silence. There is something different about this lot. What can we expect from them? As the animals appear at the gates they turn their wicks up brighter. As the animals are let loose and rush towards them their wicks are turned onto maximum as God opens Heaven for them to see! The physical pain they experiencing is equivalent to having ones toe nails cut. The world around them is too far gone to appreciate the miracles before them. Neither would they appreciate it when these virgins sold their house and gave their money to the poor. ( they can’t because they have lost them long ago). So we are now in the same position as our brothers and sisters were in when they were told to worship the Emperor. What is the big deal. After all he has been placed there by God and the titles Paul addressed these rulers by were only applicable to God. ( highness, worship. excellency )  Didn’t Paul order us to pray for them and plead his case to Nero–the worst of the bad apples? Is not the best solution as always –get onto the fence? God used evolution, both sides should be happy!. Well the fence is not an option this time.( I will let you in on a little secret–you actually won no friends from either side but showed an incredible lack of knowledge. The whole idea of evolution  is to explain away the idea of God– there is no need for Him and all you are doing for Christianity is breeding Laodiceans. They like you are luke warm and God cannot do anything with them. Most evolutionists have more respect for creationist, at least they believe in something! The Laodiceans are so naive they don’t realise that by trashing Genesis and the first Adam they make the second Adam meaningless.

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You won’t be able to sign for your card to receive your plastic money and say I don’t believe in evolution anyway. You will not have received the mark of the beast on your forehead but because you use this card will put the mark on your hand. You only need to receive one mark. So now we have come to the fork in the road. Receive the mark or die. Just how important is this Jesus Christ to us?. Up to now if I had been reading this blog I would be saying good stuff but it does not really tie in the Book of Revelation with the rest of Scripture. As has already been pointed out that not just Scripture but also it’s arrangement such that when the Church or its members are in trouble our solution is in the Second Coming of our Lord. So now we have all the ingredients , Church, members, Second Coming, extreme trouble, hell and eternity we have to mix them together and walk away with a definite answer.

I will attempt to do this with a real life experience. It involves other people and true to the commitment I gave earlier I will not use surnames unless there is a serious challenge to the credibility of this story. I will go to sister Karen’s address if she still lives there, and ask her to confirm the details given here. Karen was a member of a home we church my family attended. She had been through the medical cycle and nothing could be done for her excruciating pain. She confided in me and told me the only option was suicide. If it resulted in her going to hell then so be it– it could not be worse than what she was going through now. The only suggestion I could come up with was that the group hold an anointing ceremony as a last resort. It was my impression that we would have 4 or5 nights of preparatory  prayer and the leader of the group would then do the anointing. On our first night a number of families attended her home and things were so bad she asked for me to do the anointing this very night. I still maintain that I had no choice.

We spent the evening each member imploring the Lord to intervene. I was the final prayer before the anointing so I had to tie her problems ( and ours when we go through the beast tribulations) with our Lord’s Second Coming. From memory the prayer I prayed went something like this ” The Lord God Jesus Christ will come the second time as He did the fist time –exactly at the right time. This will be when the cup of mercy fills with the last drop of innocent blood. It has just happened and even if at the time there are 1000’s of bodies gushing innocent blood before the next drop has time to leave any of these bodies the Lord has said “enough is enough” and appeared. We fall where we are. The car we were in has miraculously stopped, the door opened and we fall onto the ground. The plane we were in has miraculously landed  and the train likewise stopped. The awesomeness of the situation is beyond description. There are no words I could use to make you stop breathing and your heart to stop beating, and that is what is happening now. Even though we lay as dead people we are still allowed two reflex actions. We must turn face down and we must cover our heads with our hands. But you can forget that because even if you are in the deepest mine at the time the 4000 odd metres of rock will only act as the clearest of all membranes . Even though the awesomeness of the situation cannot be expressed it is obvious to all peoples ,whether you believed or not does not matter, that this is the moment for which you were created to answer one simple question. It is a yes or no answer. If the answer is yes and Heaven could be represented by the ocean and you were shown but one drop in this ocean the beauty of what you saw would cause you to physically glow and your life would never be the same again. If the answer is no then all the suffering suffered by humanity up to now, and my goodness gracious there has been a lot of suffering up to now will pale into insignificance  when compared to what you are about to experience . So please consider the question very carefully. You will be given about 30 seconds to give your answer. Lets face it . It is a very simple question and you have had a lifetime to prepare the answer.

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Time is up and the decision is now to be made. Even though I am specifically forbidden from doing so I stand on such firm ground that I can inform you If you made the words I or me or we the subject of any of your deliberations then your period of almost infinite suffering is about to begin. This is because there is nothing that you thought or did not think that has anything to do with your salvation, there is nothing that you said or did not say that has anything to do with your salvation, there is nothing that you did or did not do that has anything to do with your salvation. If anyone goes to Heaven it is because of what Jesus Christ did on that Cross, the one and only reason. How dare you put your filthy rags on the same plane as the plane of perfection?. Just be grateful that the door of mercy has not yet been closed and even the blasphemy you have committed can be forgiven.

Lord You could see every milligram of suffering, of horror, of isolation that I would cause you, and that the milligrams would turn into grams, and the grams into kilograms, and the kilograms into many, many tons and even though you could see this Lord You still chose me!! Lord it is Your grace that has put You on that cross!!.

Lord as a swine tramples  over mud I trampled over Your Holy Law and now fully deserve to experience  the suffering of hell but You could not bare to see me go through that horrific suffering and that is why You have taken my place on your Cross. Lord it is your compassion and mercy that has put You on that cross!!

Lord when you look at me what do You really see?. Hedonistic, hypocritical, horrible, hateful, helpless, hopeless, hardhearted yet haughty humanity. Made up sinning, sinful, spiteful just a stinking agglomeration of dying cells. As repulsive as what you can see Lord You still love me with an infinite love. Lord it is Your love that has put you on that cross!!

Lord You could see as You were forming the first human being, Adam, and breathing none other than Your breath into him that he along with all humanity would fail You. The only way to restore this infinite chasm between us would require  God’s only Son being hung on Calvary’s tree.Lord it is Your justice that has put You on that cross!!

Lord there are words in our dictionary that are just words and have no meaning to us. Words like infinite, holy and perfect. Lord we know that You are infinite, holy and perfect and we are finite ,blasphemous and imperfect and the only way to restore these two extremes was for the Washing Agent to come from as high as  God to as low as humanity. Jesus had to be fully Divine and fully Human. Lord it is Your Holiness that has put you on that cross!!. And it is my prayer this evening for my sister Karen that the Lord picks her up to be in with Him for an eternity to the great dismay of the Heavenly Host. When they realise the decision is final and Karen is going to Heaven they actually brake out in revolt.

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” No Lord, no this cannot be there must be some sort of mistake here. Surely if there is a last person into Heaven it would have to be her!”. The saints require an explanation and the Lord turns to the Heavenly Host  and says ” Karen ———- is my child, admittedly a very naughty child but still My child. You see whenever I allowed trials to occur to this child, trials which varied from something as petty as dog’s hair on furniture right up to that terrible pain this child realised her inability to cope and called on My infinite power and strength by the use of those three miraculous words and whenever she used those words because of my love for this child I had no choice but to respond and to respond immediately. And right now in the time of times and the trial of trials if this child could have she would have used these words again but she can’t, you can see she is not breathing and her heart has stopped, she is totally overcome by My presence but she would have used those words if she could have just like she did through her life. And it is now that I have no choice but to respond to those three miraculous words once again. (  The text that is being used is a 13 word sentence found in both new and old Testaments. It begins with ” for Everyone”  and ends with “saved”).



And I now pray two prayers for my sister Karen. The first one is that when that storm in her life starts to clear and is pierced by those first  and subsequent rays of light (we must all expect storms in our lives because it is they that bring the life refreshing showers. There is a place on earth where there are little or no clouds, little or no  rain just constant sunshine—it is called a desert and the Lord loves us too much to make our lives into a desert! ) that she studies the Word under this light with only one objective in mind. She has to settle in her mind that not would but could the Lord respond in any other way  to her call for help but immediately and with full infinite power. It makes no difference whether she whispers these words as a silent prayer or bellows them out in sheer desperation– she just has to get them out. It is when she realises she is standing on Mount Calvary on Good Friday at 3 pm when the darkness was pierced by those incredible events in Heaven ( Rev ch 5) is when that peace enters into her life. The second prayer is

That the Lord shows her be it in a dream or vision some life and death situation and her response to it. Be that she is in a car that has just crashed through a safety barrier and will land on rocks in 6 seconds or she is in a plane where the engines have failed and it will crash into the sea in 35 seconds. Whilst every one around her is screaming their heads off she fulfils the Lord’s expectation and addresses the only being who could be addressed, it is because of these self proclaimed qualities that He is being addressed, and let us face it she desperately needs it now—Christ Almighty Help!! Thank You Lord for Your Holy Word and especially for Romans 10:13.” for, Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved”.


That evening we knelt on the highest mountain in the universe. It is so high that it is the only place from which Heaven is visible. It is called Mount Calvary. To assist us with our visit to Heaven it has a special focusing device with instructions on how to use it called the Cross and the Bible. ( especially Rev chs 4 &5). The condition required to see into Heaven is that God does not see us but only the life and death of His Son, Jesus Christ. Thus we must stand in the shadow  of the Cross. With these tools in hand let us try to look into Heaven. There are three time periods involved.

The first is the three hours of light from 9 o’clock until 12 o’clock. The second is the three hours of darkness form 12o’clock until 3 o’clock and the final period when the darkness is broken by those first rays of light at 3o’clock. This is the brief viewing time available to  us as before 3 it is dark and after 3 the brightness increases so rapidly that is blinds us. So we must be ready for this moment in time.

Even though the time of light is equal to the time of darkness Daniel probably only assigns 30 days to it. The long one 30-1290 days is the days of darkness ( 1260 days) Then that moment of history called the midnight call when with all the Redeemed  we will vote for our Lord being worthy to take and open the scroll on our behalf .Let us now look for those markers in Revelation chapters 4 and 5. I have already briefly dealt with these chapters on page 9. The critical phrase is still ” Come up here and I will show you what must take place after this” ( Rev 4:1) If THIS is really 3 o’clock on Good Friday there appears to be little said about before THIS. this time covers almost 4000 years of time, our Master’s whole life and six hours on the Cross. It is our time on Mount Calvary preparing our telescope to focus on Heaven so when the darkness is broken we may see in and let our prayers join in with all the redeemed in anointing our Lord into taking the Scroll and  opening it.( Rev5:12).

This is not the case. The 4000 years has been covered to minute detail by the Prophets of God in the Bible so much so that when we have problems in the Sonlight of the New Testament we can  go back and restudy the topic under the moonlight. All we need now are those final instructions on focusing our telescope. It is so simple that it can be done in the dark. The technique is to focus on verse 11 in chapter 4. The Old Testament points to Jesus as He pointed out to those two disciples on the road to Emmaus. ( Luke 24:13-35). Without a Creator there is no need for a recreator  or redeemer. That is why satan must destroy the concept of Jesus our creator. What better way of doing this than destroying the credibility of the Book of Genesis. We are not just to marvel at how many drops of water, or the number of stars, or grains of sand that He created out of nothing or even that He made us in His image and breathed His breath into us but rather He did this knowing damned well, and that word damned is correctly used, that it would mean those horrific consequences that would result from His creation actions. And even if He handed back the cup the Father had given Him and it contained one undrunk drop it would not have been accepted as perfect. Just for the effort He deserves our worship!. But thankfully the result is perfection. So our preparation in the darkness is the worship of our Creator so that we can hopefully appreciate those first rays showing the act of redemption. God put that 3 hours of darkness for many reasons and if we cannot appreciate the act of creation then our concept of redemption will be vague at best. We have now looked at one change of night into day . (Rev 4:8).

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But first a final look at  that full stop that separates Revelation chapters 4 from 5. Most people do not believe that the placement of chapters, paragraphs and sentences in the Bible are not inspired but I believe God would not allow His Word to be compromised by allowing them in the wrong place. This full stop is a perfect example as it is:

The separation of the Old Testament from the New Testament. Before this full stop are almost 4000 years of time, Jesus’s life and six hours on the Cross. God would not have allowed one day more, let alone one year more than was absolutely necessary. Even with all this time everyone, with the exception of a handful of mostly women still got it wrong!.Is that still the case today with God’s sleeping church ?. Revelation 4:11 seems to be telling us why. You cannot appreciate the act of redemption unless you appreciate the act of creation. With this side of the full stop God may allow an equal amount of time ( making Calvary the centre of created time) but it is still only a minuscule amount of time as it is the introduction into eternity. So we have the dark period ( 12-30) of the cross described in chapter 4 but what about the 9-12 light period? I will return to this problem after considering how John saw the New Jerusalem coming down out of the sky as it could have a bearing on our present problem. As the city appeared he desperately scoured the horizon expecting to see the Temple, after all it was the centre of Jewish life and is supposed to be the centre of our lives also. ( Rev 21:22). when he did not see it he very quickly drew the conclusion it was because of God’s actual presence with His people ( Rev 22:4). I would like to spend more time on this and other temples. I can think of four temples of time; 1: The one that the New Jerusalem belongs to. It begins now, some 1770 years after the second coming when the last fires of hell are extinguished and lasts for an eternity. It is the only Temple that has not been defiled. 2; The Temple of Heaven which proceeded this one which began at creation and lasted through to consummation. The most difficult part of this interpretation is that this period could last 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours. 3: The earthly temple which has had a checked history. It was first built by Moses, then Solomon then destroyed by the Babylonians rebuilt then and was largely present in Jesus’s time, abandoned by God on the Tuesday before Good Friday, pulverised by Titus and to be rebuilt in time for when God’s shekinah’s glory will return with the two witnesses. It will remain a focal point for God’s enemies including the final battle against satan. 4; the Temple to which all temples point… Jesus Christ. It has existed since and last for eternity ( John 2:19). I first want to compare the last Temple, that of the New Jerusalem to the only one we can relate to..the earthly Temple which at best is only a shadow of the one above. Temples;

1; must be confined within a certain space. 1…yes and  3 yes.

2;must be designed and built according to Divine instruction. 1..yes and 3..yes.

3; must contain a throne  1..yes and  3 ..yes.

4; must have God’s shekinah’s presence. I..yes and 3..yes.

5;must have at least one entrance. 1..yes (actually 4) and 3 …yes.

6;must contain symbols of eternal life 1 ..yes (tree of life) and 3 ..yes (Aaron’s budding rod and the manna)

7;must be split into 4 areas. 1..no ( does not contain the courtyard for the gentiles and 3..yes.

8;must have a gathering courtyard for the believers. 1..yes and 3..yes.

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9;its Holy Place must be surrounded by a Holy buffer. 1..yes and 3..yes.The entrance to the Holy Place on earth   is buffered by the Holy Place and the New Jerusalem is buffered by the  new earth, which has no trace of sin and it in turn is buffered by the sinless new Heavens.

10;must be capable from protecting the people from God’s wrath. 1..no need as wrath was cleared by Temple 2. and 3..yes.

11; only the High Priest can enter the Holy of Holies. 1 yes ( we meet this condition as we are wearing Christ’s Robe of Righteousness . and 3  yes.

12; have a confined roof. 1 no as we explore the new universe we will always see the beam of  light home. and 3..yes. Even though contained the Jews could always see the presence of God…day and night.

13;always have light. 1…yes and 3…yes. It was a priestly duty to perform.

14;must be the perfect interface between man and God. 1..no need as we can see God’s face and 3 yes..the altars.

So our time in perfection has begun. We are in the Holy of Holies in the direct presence of God. If we ever get the urge to check out Jesus’s creative powers all we have to do is just go through one of the gates or if we want to go further  the new heavens are there and as is always that bright light from the Holy of Holies to guide us back into His presence. But this was not always so. If we could look back into the first temple, just before God began His creation, we would see two time lines, one evil and one good. And even though these lines come from eternity they are not parallel, they are about to converge and meet in the shape of a cross and one will annihilate the other, only one will survive. When released evil soon makes it’s presence felt. Enter Moses’s temple ( this is really Jesus’s temple certainly of His time) and the preparation for that event begins. Humanity, especially God’s people must be ready to take advantage when it happens. So what preparations must be made?. One would think that the Rabbis would have the answers and by studying their writings we would be safe. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. They distorted the Word of God with human rules to such an extent it became meaningless and they missed the main event , and continue to miss it today, completely. The Cross of Christ split two temples on one side of time and two temples on the other side of time. We think if we were there we would never have missed the main event like that! All the miracles that were performed for them, all the signs that were given them yet they fell with monotonous regularity, how pathetic and stupid were those people! Or were they?. We are actually much worse than they. They did not have the Bible to guide them ( other than the Temple scrolls) we have. We have the Holy Spirit which could only be sent after Jesus ascended into Heaven, they did not. The only way in which we are superior to them is that we have time to do something about it. God knew the people He was dealing with, they would spend far more time in a fallen state than in a standing state and had to make provisions for this. First for the Jews before Christ and then for Christians. So what were these provisions and were they different in the Old and New Testaments. If these contradict Rabbinical writings then the standard is ” It is written”.


When we compare the time periods there must be similarities and our ultimate goal is to explain Revelation chapter 15..the last events that allowed the Old Heaven to be replaced by the New Jerusalem. As we struggle through why God allowed almost 1800 years between His second coming and consummation the only clear thing in my mind right now, and I would think in the eternity to come is that the gentiles, all those excluded from Heaven would prefer to go through 2 sulphur deaths, one in hell and the other once they were immobilised by the sting of the crazed horse’s tails and then burnt by the sulphur flame than to repent, there is no way God could have taken them to Heaven! But that still leaves a lot of people not in that category and that includes me.

Before entering into the sin problem there is one argument I want to dismiss the one that says that God knew ,and He did, when I came up out of the baptismal waters that I would apostatise so He did not remove my sins, they stayed and were just added to. This would mean I was born in mud, grew up in it and no wonder I never left it! No I come out of the water clean but because of the poor preparation ( that cannot be all my fault) I do not receive the Seal of God ( not until after the second coming for the living). What is important though is whether I rise into the Old or New Covenant . So the worst case scenario of coming out of the baptismal font is to come out with no Seal of God and into the Old Covenant and best that can happen is to have the Seal of God and rise into the New Covenant. I assume I was in the worst case scenario and I had 50 million sins forgiven and would still commit another 50 million in the rest of my days on this planet. ( Obviously I have no idea what the numbers are but it is important to know where these sins go). These sins will either be paid for by me in hell or they were on Calvary’s tree on Good Friday. God has not, and will not remove the most precious gift He has given us, free will. I can always say “if this is Christianity then I don’t want, get out of my life”. I suspect it would have to be a direct order from and those 50 million forgiven sins would return, so they have to have been kept somewhere. So if I remain a part of those foolish virgins and in some 1750 years I return God’s Seal to Him and replace it with the mark of the beast and join the beast in the battle of  Rev 19:17-21 I will go to hell and suffer for the 100 million sins I have committed. But at the start of my journey I have a clean slate. God accepts us where we are but does not leave us there. We have been shown the end of the journey also. The Holy of Holies can now descend to earth because it is cradled in perfection. The  earth is new as are the heavens and the fires of hell have gone out. I am not aware of words that are the opposite of creation out of nothing which is what the Word did at the start. That is what has happened to the old earth and heavens. There is not one atom left behind. So now we need some details of what happened in between these.

Yes we have returned back to chapter 15 particularly verse 8 ” And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from his power, and no one could enter the temple until the seven plagues of the seven angels were completed”. We have been in Heaven for so long and have not been allowed into the Temple!!.  As with any explanation in the Bible it can be at such a high level that those bestowed with intelligence can experience a religious high but it also has to make sense to people like me who in their school and uni days had to pray to God to come in second last. I did not require Divine intervention to come last, I could do that myself but to only come second last . Hardly a request for Solomon and his riches. In those days all exam results were posted on notice boards for all to see and when I approached to look I would always start at the bottom of the list where an overwhelming number of times my result was. The rare times I think God answered my prayers and made me second last was just to keep my spirits up and not throw in the towel!. It was not for a number of years that He explained why He allowed this. In my profession as a teacher I was never allowed to think of someone as thick or stupid– just think where you came from!!.

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But now returning to the Temple problem. We could approach the problem of the smoke and entry starting with the New Jerusalem and look back into time or go back and look forward. Looking back is not really an option because we are where we are because of the Blood that Jesus shed for us. It solved ALL problems and was acknowledged   as perfect by none other than God Himself. Yet here we have a very major problem—we are not allowed into the Temple. Whether Jesus presented His Blood when He ascended into Heaven bodily or whether His Blood  was accepted moments after 3 o’clock when God released the Scroll from His Hand is irrelevant, Jesus’s Blood has proceeded us and all we can say is that this could not have been one of the functions or purposes for His Blood. Time cannot move on until the smoke and entry problems are resolved.

Coming from the other direction. I will see if I can add to what I have  on this subject on pages 17 and 18 and the chapter 2 blog. It is most important to keep trying to join the dots because if time can be represented by a hop, step and a jump then the hop would have to be from creation to the Cross, the step from the Cross to the door of mercy closing, (some 1260 years later).and the jump until we enter the New Jerusalem. (some 500 years later). So this is a critical phase and without it we cannot enter the New Jerusalem. So if we step back into the moonlight ( the Old Testament we have is that the earthly sanctuary is only a shadow of the Heavenly one.) our first problem, I would say is blasphemy if it is did not say so in the Holy Word and that is to compare the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ with that of a lamb or goat or bull!!. We certainly can not complain the Bible uses imagery we cannot relate to. But chapter 15 is not about the Blood of the Lamb, it is about those who have rejected this Blood and therefor must bear the consequences themselves. Just like God could have created the universe in a fraction of a second but chose to do it in six days He could also have destroyed it in a fraction of a second but does not. This is about the third function of the Bible, ( it is about the Bridegroom, the Bride and preparing the Bride for an eternity which is about to begin). She has been so shocked by the beauty of Heaven, She knew the Bridegroom would have left Heaven to save that only one soul that showed the slightest sign of repentance and now she has just seen the door of mercy close to Her greatest relief and she knows that Jesus will not be returning to earth as it’s Saviour and She sees a great and marvelous sign in Heaven. God’s wrath is not just on the people left behind who have rejected God’s mercy but also on the places where the sins were committed. Before these people and places are vaporised into oblivion they are ear marked first by pouring the bowls of God’s wrath on them first. Thus the Bride does not just see evil disappearing in the blink of an eye. It is in fact by watching the minute details of God’s dealing that causes that elephant in the room to grow so big that finally She has no choice but to ask the question. WHAT ABOUT ME? Yes Lord you not only remembered every sin that all those people committed but also the area they defiled where that sin was committed then what about my sins?. That lot down there is only going to suffer for every intentional sin they committed but for me You had to suffer not just for my intentional sins but also for my unintentional sins? We demand and are given the fine linen so that the Robe of the righteousness of Jesus Christ we have been wearing at least since our arrival in Heaven can now seat more comfortably, this is the role of the Holy Spirit through eternity.
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We must have a fair degree of intelligence at this stage because we interpret the role of those seven angels correctly.We have come the hop, the step and now the jump. We are on the right side of the Red Sea and all those others are left behind. They may not have drowned as yet, as when the Jews sang the song of Moses, but they are struggling in the water and the result is inevitable. The wrath that is in Heaven was not put forward by Jesus to have mercy put on it, as for the redeemed, and is about to be poured onto the earth’s surface but because it is a Divine attribute it will return back to God in Heaven. The deeds we praise could only have been performed by the Lord God Almighty —those of the Cross and the almost infinite patience shown by God in allowing time to have run for so long!!. We should also take heart that this God of infinite love and patience is the One we call on with our every problem! There must be significance to the fact that the harps are given to us, but I can’t see it. But if God’s wrath returns back to Heaven why is it minus the smoke?.
The problem that I thought was being sorted out was the sin problem. There are as many solutions to this as there are faiths. The one thing I cannot accept is what my condition is when I come out of the baptismal font. It makes no difference whether I was the worst pedophile priest, Pol Pot, Stalin, Bush,Hitler or whoever if I have repented, confessed my sins to Jesus and gone through a public baptism then ALL my sins are forgiven. There gone!!.God does not say I can forgive the first billion sins but no more. He does say there will now be a cooling off period during which you can apostasise. We do have a lot of work to do with you but you will be given corresponding ability to cope. BUT I COME OUT FREE FROM SIN!!. So what I was trying to follow was what happened to my sin if I were to ask for it back again. The text that I missed was that “……God’s wrath is complete.” ( Rev 15:1). God’s wrath is complete in two stages, one lot that is singing the song of Moses in the promised land and the other lot that is now drowning in the sea behind them.(Rev 15:3,4). For the redeemed God’s wrath was complete on Calvary’s tree, the sacrifice was perfect, not much could be added to that statement.But for those not redeemed we had to wait until the door of mercy was closed, which has just happened. So we can now proceed to pour out the bowls of the wrath of God. When this wrath returns back it does so as a part of God’s perfection with no trace of sin in it. There is therefor no smoke in Heaven after this in Heaven. The earthly temple also had smoke in the Holy of Holies, along with the incense the High Priest took in with him, to protect him from the wrath of God and from being struck down by God.
Revelation ( 16:2) ” the first angel and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly and painful sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped his image”.
During this blog an attempt has been made to follow the five foolish virgins after the Lord’s second coming in which I take a personnel interest because I assume I am one of those left behind. I am in a shocked state because I have literally been to hell and back for the Lord and he has left me behind. But what about those who died during this period for the Lord?. The dead foolish virgins. I will now take up their story and relate it to verse 2.
The fact I am using different numbers to those before makes no difference as they are both guesses and I stated before that I underestimated the destruction of the beast out of the earth. So God’s church wakes up and has 288,288,000 people. This is immediately split into five wise and five foolish virgins; 144,144,000 wise and 144,144,000 foolish. The baton is now handed over from the depleted, demoralised and defeated beast out of the sea to the beast out of the earth. He is surprisingly generous in forcing the people to worship the first beast as it is down and out having been given 1260 days to destroy God’s people but accomplishing little. For this generosity the first beast will turn on him and devour him
during the last battle where they both go in to fight together. This new beast makes no such mistakes and when he starts his attack God’s people will only have hours at most to get out of where they are. He is so effective in destroying God’s people he is ahead of schedule and if our Lord had not intervened and come back there would have been no one left to come back for. So this beast kills 144,000,000 wise virgins and 144,000,000 foolish virgins leaving only 144,000 wise and 144,000 foolish virgins behind. All of God’s from this time went through hell and back and all were prepared to lose their lives for God and most did. All the wise ones went to Heaven but let us now follow the story of the 144,000,000 dead but foolish virgins. They are all going to hell.
When they arise and with the rest of the wicked at the end of the millennium it would not take them long to work out they had been asleep for 1000 years and 150 days. Stories of the scorpions would still be around. Knowing their Bible they would know the next round of trials was the crazed horsemen. They would realise these horsemen were of no danger to them as they had already been through their first death, and if the horsemen killed them that would be their second death and therefor they could not go to hell as this would be their third death. The fact that they did not repent during this time is held against them by those in Heaven and they demand the Lord closes the gate of mercy. Their anxious waiting is getting the better of them. With so many people on earth and such a long time only one has to repent and our Lord will willingly leave Heaven and come back to save this one person. So we have come through 260 years when the two witnesses arrive. When John is asked to count the worshipers he has to include these 144,000,000 as they do not have the mark of the beast, they believe that Jesus it their creator and redeemer and they have died for Him. The only thing they do not have that the 144,000 living ones have is the seal of God. So when John arrives there are at least 144,144,000 qualifying to repent and be taken back to Heaven. Add to these the ones that have died without the mark of the beast simply because it was not an issue. Had it been an issue they would have accepted the mark but the simple fact remains they don’t have the mark and therefor cannot go to hell. So the number of people at this time is astonishingly large as is the quality of them. The net result is that they all hand in their talent, admit they did not get the oil and some may have even handed in their seals. They may have even become the source of all those prophets.But Jesus discourse of Mathew chapter 25 verse 1-28 must be applied to these different times. The third coming is still a major event. It is the only time when nearly all people are present to have the Gospel taught to them. And it is just before the door of mercy closes. The appearance of Jesus as a mighty angel also fits the description, with the sound effects. The only part that I can see is the slaughter by the bast out of the sea. This only applies to the second coming.
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So after the door of mercy closes there are still at least two groups of people—those who did not hand in their seals and those who did not have seals to hand in. Thus when the bowls are poured out they are only poured out on those ” who did not have the mark of the beast or worshiped his image.”

So who are these people who appeared to have done everything that the Word asks for?. They are the ones had they been in Heaven when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and God had told them what His response was they would have said ” no Lord that is a bit over the top. There is no need for anyone to die, let alone Your Only Son. Let us just stand them over there in the naughty corner for one hour. If they do it again we will increase that to two hours. Surely it is not such a big deal for someone to eat one or two grapes!!”.
They certainly would have sorted out the problem of the Sabbath. God has already admitted that it slipped His mind that He was going to rise from the dead on Sunday and that is the day He should have blessed and wrongly put His blessings on Saturday instead. They will also be able to sort out how to stop the ten commandments from collapsing when the fourth one is removed.
Clearly all those instructions that prohibit homosexuality and gay marriage have to be reworded.
With all those people arriving in Heaven the dimensions of the new Jerusalem are far too small and the boundaries reset. God nearly got it right and with a bit of tinkering around the edges every thing should be set for an eternity. And if there are any problems then they will be there to work them out. These people accept some of the Word but the bits they don’t they rework to meet their own ideas. Well I have bad news for you. You either accept “itiswritten” or you don’t. God did not nor could make a mistake and He asks you before you challenge Him, as with our brother Job, just look at any part of His creation and tell Him what, if anything, you can understand about it.
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Continuation of commentary on “DANIELASAITISWRITTEN”

Daniel (8:14) like many other Scriptures would have multiple fulfillments. The initial two that I will compare are Antiochus 1V Epiphanies (A4E) and Jesus Christ (JC) The event itself will be split into three; start, event and end. I will use just ordinary text as every table I have tried to set up has finished up as a disaster. The comparison involves (JC) on the cross ( AD33approx) and (A4E) in 165 AD.
1: THE EVENT ; lasted for 1150 days for both (A4E) and (JC)

2: THE EVENT INVOLVED: (A4E) did everything he could think of to destroy God’s people.
(JC) did everything that could be done to save all humanity.

3: THE COMBATANTS FATE: (JC) died after unimaginable suffering.
(A4E) removed from power. Not sure he died at this time.

4: THE SANCTUARY INVOLVED. (A4E) defiled the Temple in Jerusalem which was reconsecrated at the end of the 1150 days.With great gratitude the Jews restored the proper sacrifices and tried to obey the letter of the Law, but by Christ’s time they had lost the picture completely.
(JC) Could not have restored the earthly temple as it was He who withdrew God’s presence from it on the Tuesday before the cross.( ). It was left in a desolate state and 98% of it was destroyed by Titus. The remaining 2% will be destroyed at the second coming. It will be rebuilt for the third coming and will then remain until the fires spoken of by Peter destroy it and everything else. So the only Temple Jesus could have reconsecrated was the one in Heaven. This would have meant any defilement present, including satan’s place would have had to have been removed one millionth of one second after 3o’clock on Good Friday. (Rev ch 12). I am still trying to account for Rev ch 15.

5: THE PURPOSE OF THE EVENT; (A4E) tried to destroy God’s people making Jesus’s first coming meaningless.
(JC) destroyed evil and could have finished time at this point had He so chosen.
6: THE RESULT OF THE EVENT: (A4E) attempt defeated and Temple restored.
(JC) defeated evil and Cleansed the Heavenly Sanctuary.

(A4E) He was unchallenged and even God’s people could not touch him during those 1150 days. He killed all who stood in his way.
(JC) came to an earth where satan had the best part of 4,000 years to prepare for Him. There was not one stone left unturned that could have been turned in his efforts to destroy Jesus and His mission. The only part where he touched the starry sky was where he killed John the Baptist (A4E). But this is where Daniel throws a new light on this picture. And this and the toes of clay in the statue will be stressed and restressed many times. Daniel includes the 1,260 days after the cross in this period where the starry host were not allowed to be thrown down to earth and trampled on.

(A4E). Exactly what he did and the Jews recognised it as such.
(JC) This whole section applies to the evil power (A4E), so it can’t be our Lord. But were these events occurring in the background during the ministry of our Lord? Certainly John the Baptist was killed in this time. Jesus would not have taken away the daily sacrifice as it pointed to Him. If anything He would have reinforced it by saying; in 1,150 days these sacrifices will be fulfilled, in 1,149 days these sacrifices will be fulfilled, in 1448 days…….and counted down to Good Friday. When Jesus started His 1,150 day ministry these sacrifices were already thrown down, they were meaningless. A Pharisee by the name of Nicodemus had no idea what baptism was about and thought he had to climb back into his mother’s womb to be born again and be saved! The chief of the apostles, Peter, wasn’t any better off. Jesus is about to show them THE FULL EXTENT OF HIS LOVE (John 13:1) and Peter wanted a shower! To be fair none of the other apostles had any idea what was going on either and this is after three years of fulltime tuition from the master teacher! Oh for the infinite patience of God!

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(A4E) As has been pointed out he was frightfully successful. The Jews knew anyone on any matter who stood up would die and die they did. With equal zest the forces of evil made to get rid of God’s people to make His first coming meaningless they will also apply at His second coming to make His second coming meaningless. What stand are we going to make. Oh what a difference between what we do and what we want to do!
(JC) Satan must glee with delight at his success at countering Jesus’s mission. And rightfully so! At best a handful of people at the foot of the cross on Good Friday to witness the event that stun the redeemed for an eternity. Even nature bowed its head in respect and awe as the sun dimmed its massive nuclear reactions!
10: As has been pointed out there is a very good correlation between these events and the time of Antiochus IV Epiphanies. It does not appear to be as high with Jesus’s ministry and His cross but still high enough to split His ministry into 40+110+1150 to give a total of 1,260 days.

But he problem is Dan 8:17 ” the vision concerns the time of the end”. In this post I take this time to be the second coming (2017???) (JC2) and His third coming some 1,260 years later (JC3). I am surprised some of the more astute readers have not picked me up in the 2,017 date. I use three events for this guide;

1; The Figtree sending forth its shoots (Mat 24:32) If this is the literal rebirth of the state of Israel, 1948, then all these things are going to take place within one generation or 70 years or by 2018. The uncertainty is what is one generation. If it is like in Noah’s day then it will be 120 years and bring events up to 2,068.

2; Joseph’s time in Egypt. There were seen years of plenty and seven years of famine where the people had sold all including their bodies. If the start of the seven years of plenty was September 11, 2,001 then the years of drought began on September 11, 2,008. This would mean the next event would be September 11, 2,015 when everyone has sold all to the Pharaoh. We will know in a very short period of time! I think I will add 1260 days to this event
3; Is the horn of the goat being shattered. The US has taken a few blows on its horn but it is not yet shattered. If the September 11 2015 is that blow then I am not sure whether to add 1260, or 1290 or 1335 days to this event to tell us more about our Lord’s return. Surely it cannot be 1150 days! Let us now re-examine the same ten points with the second coming (JC2) and the third coming (JC3) in the background.
It is now when trying to apply these events to the second and third coming that major problems occur. This is another way of saying that the solutions to these problems are so fanciful that not only will readers be turned off but will actually leave this blog. Many things have changed since Antiochus and the first coming. Satan for one seems to have done his dash. He can’t blame himself as he made no errors and did everything that could have been done to make Jesus’s Christ’s mission a failure. His mistake if we can call it that is that he was fighting against God Who out that motley few at the foot of the cross made a world wide church and filled Heaven out of it which will last for an eternity. He stands on the seashore and watches the beast out of the sea arise. He does not help pull it out, it comes out by itself spontaneously. He realises this thing will be very useful and transfers his power,seat and authority (REV 13:2) Not all authority just in case this thing gets out of control and has to be reigned back. And he does appreciate when praise and worship come his way.
The land rose out of the sea so does the beast out of the earth rise out of the sea and it is what we are trying to correlate from Daniel. I have left Daniel before and returned and have every intention to do so again, but now I want to look at Daniel chapter 9.

Daniel prays what must come close to the perfect prayer. He wants his people to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple and be God’s people again. He must realise the following problems exist;

1; He is now well into his 90’s and he won’t be going back with them.

2; The journey from Babylon is going to be extremely difficult. For three months they will either be in the boiling desert sun or freezing nights. He came over some 70 years ago so he knows. The area they will be travelling through is littered with thieves and vigilantes who will have no problems with taking everything they have leaving them to travel on with no food, water, clothing etc. They will be lucky to get away with their lives.

3; The people in Babylon have settled down and are quite comfortable and will not want to leave.

4; When they get there they are going to find an absolute disaster awaiting them. They will have to rebuild the wall, the temple and their houses whilst their deadly enemies will try to block every move they make. Little wonder no one wants to go.
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So what is Daniel on about? What about us? Have we been living in Babylon now for 70 years, got quite comfortable and now will be asked to undertake a most strenuous journey? One difference between us and them though is that our promised land does not lie desolate. In fact Jesus has already gone back to prepare a place for us there. What are we going to take on this journey when we are called out of Babylon? The only people not required to do this journey are those well into their 90’s but they will be required to provide logistical support and above all else prayer. And these prayers have to be worthy of the calibre of the people making them! So what are we going to pack that those villains will not steal and leave us naked and hungry? Who is going to make the call for us to come out of Babylon? How much time have we got left? Didn’t our great prophet and Lord make us a prediction that ” all these things would be carried out within THIS generation?”
Daniel is an amazingly privileged person. He is holy and loved by Heaven. Holiness is like knowledge. The closer you get to the Lord the greater is the contrast between good and evil. The more you know the more you realise that you don’t know! It would be wrong to grade people in Heaven. Even the least person there, if there is such a thing, would be covered by Christ’s robe of righteousness which would outshine the very brightest of earthly qualities. But we are told we are allocated to one of the 12 tribes, even the foolish virgins were allocated just in case they brought the good oil. So each tribe has it’s leader. But Daniel is above all these. We are called his people in chapter 9 verse24. the New Jerusalem is also called ” his holy city”. This is such a stunning privilege it is almost beyond description. Usually I would not have even entertained this idea but I am only following my Lord’s direction given to Nicodemus. Follow what I have given you in the Old Testament first then reapply it to me in the New Testament. Let us now go through Daniel’s prayer but keeping in mind that it also applies to “your people”.
Chapter 9

Verse1 ” In the first year of Darius son of Xerxes ( a Mede by descent), who was made ruler over the Babylonian kingdom–” This sounds as if this Bible is a very serious history book, and with God’s people usually gives us even more descendants. The previous vision Daniel was still under Babylonian rule but now it is the Medes and Persians. God gives His visions when required. As the Bible is not just an ordinary history book one would expect more details, such as identifying its characters then secular history books. Can anyone think why the visions of Chapters 8&9 should not be in the reverse order?

Verse 2 ” in the first year of his reign, I, Daniel, understood from the Scripture, according to the word of the Lord given to Jeremiah the prophet, that the desolation of Jerusalem would last seventy years,” There is one reason the prophecies are not the other way around. The seventy years were not up yet. During the last 490 years God ordered the Jews to leave the land fallow every seventh year. So during this time the land should have had 70 years of rest. It did not so God took the people away for 70 seventy years. He made every atom in that soil so He knew it would take 70 years to restore its equilibrium. If we did this today would we still have the myriad of problems with the soil and the food it produces? This reinforces the theme of this blog ” My way or the highway”. If they were sacrificing their children or sexual perversion or some other serious sin you could understand them being destroyed along with their temple, but for not allowing the soil to stand vacant every seventh year!

Verse 3,4 ” So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and petition, in fasting, and in sackcloth and ashes. I prayed to the lord my God and confessed: ‘O Lord, the great and awesome God, who keeps his covenant of love with all who love him and obey his commands, we have sinned and done wrong. We have been wicked and have rebelled; we have turned away from your commands and laws.” Daniel is one of few privileged people in the Old Testament to have seen the Cross. The only people who can claim God’s love are the ones who love Him and keep His commandments, and is certainly not claiming to be one of those! He makes no claims of God just because the Jews have done the crime and paid the time. He is going to kneel at the foot of the Cross and plead and rely on those infinitely beautiful attributes that God displays there. The holiness displayed there is so powerful because he is so close to it. Their is nothing that he can offer that is of any value but he also knows that by throwing himself at the mercy of God he cannot go wrong. The Cross is God’s telescope into Heaven. Not only has it been placed on the highest mountain in creation, Calvary, the more you bend down and look up along it the more of Heaven you can see. It would be harder to get an example of this than Daniel’s prayer.

Verses 5-12 ” we have sinned and done wrong. We have been wicked and rebelled; we have turned away from your commands and laws. We have not listened to your servants the prophets, who spoke in your name to our kings, our princes and our fathers, and to all the people of the land. Lord, you are righteous, but this day we are covered with shame–the men of Judah and people of Jerusalem and all Israel, both near and far, in all the countries you have scattered us because of our unfaithfulness to you. O Lord, we and our kings, our princes and our fathers are covered with shame because we have sinned against you. The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against him; we have not obeyed the Lord our God or kept the laws he gave us through his servants the prophets. All Israel has transgressed your law and turned away, refusing to obey you. Therefor the curses and sworn judgments written in the Law of Moses, the servant of God, have been poured out on us, because we have sinned against you. You have fulfilled the words spoken against us and against our rulers by bringing upon us great disaster. Under the whole heaven nothing has ever been done like what has been done to Jerusalem.” With the exception of the disasters, which have not yet been fully carried out Daniel seems to have described the sleeping church of our time. He has also provided the solution to our sleeping church, even before the calamities strike. The solution however is also the problem. We have been doing it our own way and we will continue to do it our own way. We are not going to let “itiswritten” to get in the way, even the Lord was to send someone up from the dead it would make no Difference. Daniel who had no sin recorded against him could plead in sackcloth and ashes and had been thrown into the lions den how much more should we bow our knee in repentance!

I do not think I can add any more comments to Daniel’s prayer. I think we are so far into the end of times calendar that even if we prayed this prayer it would make any difference; too little too late. It is never too late to save our own souls; we can do that even with our last breath! All that the thief on the cross had to do was to turn to Jesus and even if he could say any words he had to think ‘remember me Jesus’.
Daniel’s prayer was always going to be a winner; always going to be heard and answered because he was throwing himself on the mighty mercy of God and he made sure he withdrew any filthy rags out of it; his own actions and contributions. But somewhere in his prayer it changed from a local prayer to a universal prayer. His prayer was always about purity; please Lord restore your people and your Jerusalem to the privileged position we had before. If most of them don’t want to go, a sleeping church, that is not Your problem Lord. But the universal restoration could not occur without the cross. The end day events had already been put into place with the Babylonians so the cross was an automatic inclusion. But did and when did Daniel realise he had been made the head of all the redeemed? ( your people). It sounds he is going to hold a very privileged position in Heaven. There may be tribes with leaders but he is going to be the leader of those leaders. Before moving onto the universal picture just to add to Daniel’s (the first step) prayer the second step. ‘not my will but thine be done” .
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So Daniel had no sin recorded against him, but he did sin, prayed for his earthly Jerusalem to be reoccupied by his people from the Babylonian captivity. This is what is seen or the first step. What is unseen or the second step is Jesus Christ had no sin recorded against Him, nor did He have any to record, prayed, died and went to prepare the New Jerusalem which is to be occupied by the redeemed of all ages from satan’s captivity. I am going to pick up from verse 20.

Verses 20-23 ” While I was speaking and praying, confessing my sin and the sin of my people Israel and making my request to the Lord my God for his holy hill–while I was still in prayer, Gabriel, the man I had seen in the earlier vision, came to me in swift flight about the time of the evening sacrifice. He instructed me and said to me ‘Daniel, I have to you to give you insight and understanding. As soon as you began to pray, an answer was given, which I have come to tell you, for you are highly esteemed. Therefor consider the message and understand the vision'”.
As soon as we begin to pray God gives us the answer, and in swift flight, but it is still good therapy to continue our prayer. Just because we do not feel Gabriel’s presence does not mean we are not highly esteemed. The fact that Jesus Christ died for us on Good Friday shows that we cannot be any more highly esteemed and if we consider the message He will allow us to understand it. When Daniel understood it he must have felt quite faint about the honour that was bestowed on him.

I have already given my theory about Gabriel. Coming from a simple mind it must be a simple theory which I am quite willing to alter providing the evidence is ‘itiswritten’. Jesus Christ has two natures, when combined He is called Jesus Christ. When separated like they were at three o’clock on Good Friday the divine nature, which cannot die was called Michael and it was Michael and the Heavenly host that combined to throw satan and his cohorts out of Heaven. (Rev ch 12). On the rare occasions that Jesus comes to earth in human form He is called Gabriel, such as on this occasion. When He lived permanently on the earth He was called Melchizedek. Thus He should have appeared soon after Adam’s and Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden, lasted to the flood during which there would be no need to account for his presence, and then lasted to establishment of the earthly priesthood, that of Aaron. If He was both priest and king then maybe he left earth when the Jews demanded and got their king. This theory will stand the test if it can answer the question ‘ why is the Holy Spirit, the fine linen which we demand and receive (Rev ch 19), required? ‘ Is it because of the divinity or the humanity of our Lord It will be required to continually point us to? (Answer ). But before Daniel is given his answer it is important to realise he is only praying for the small picture, the Holy Hill. Thus it is the case with us on most occasions, we only pray for the Holy Hill and we must stand back and look at God’s answer, the big picture.

Verse 24 ” Seventy ‘sevens’ are decreed for your people and your holy city to finish transgression, to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophesy and to anoint the most holy.” I have written about all I can on this verse in my first blog.( Page24 and following) The best I can do now is to summarise those comments;

A; This is a critical text as it not only supplies us with pieces for our end day jigsaw but allows others to fit better. It gives us the reasons for chapters 21 and 22 of Revelation. There can be no human language to begin to express the beauty of Heaven. Holy Scripture does try to show us how concerned God is not only for us but for the place in which we are to spend our eternity…your holy city.

B; This indicates to me that the New Jerusalem was not built, or at least started to be built, until the 490 years (70 * 7=490) had passed. In the meantime the city Jerusalem, on earth, is included in the timeframe. Jesus specifically tells us He is going back to Heaven to prepare us a place. The new ‘Temple”, which still represents the body of Christ only has three compartments and not four like the one on earth. The Holy of Holies, where God’s shekinah’s glory resides and we spend most of our time, the Holy place which is the New Earth that the New Jerusalem sits on and the universe that the New Earth exists in. There is no courtyard for the Gentiles as there are no Gentiles.

C; It was critical for God to allow 1260 days for the establishment of His church and thus the reason for this verse 24. Had God decreed or allowed the formation of His church as at the cross at 3’oclock on Good Friday with its inaugural seven or so members satan would have accused God of enforcing His will on a planet where the overwhelmingly majority of inhabitants had chosen satan. And the number at the foot of the cross, despite 1,260 days of intense ministry and countless miracles of our Lord proves exactly that! But God did allow 1,260 days for the establishment of His church and Calvary’s tree is only counted from seventy sevens and not 69 1/2 sevens. The water illustration of Revelation chapter 12 also should be used here. It was only when God’s people got so far into the river that they could see the Man on the other side of the river that God allowed a release of water from the banked up water. In our discussion on the six parallelisms to follow each one has to be prefixed with ” occurred at Calvary’s tree but did not come into effect 1,260 days later when God’s church was established.

D; The first parallelism ‘ to finish transgression and to anoint the most holy.’ Calvary’s tree was the complete routing of evil so much so that the Most Holy was anointed and the time of perfection started for the redeemed up to then. It would have been strange for God to allow time to run only under the Old Covenant. It certainly would have saved God a lot of suffering and would not have given us a chance to go to Heaven.

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E; The second parallelism ‘ to put an end to sin and to seal up vision and prophesy’. Every sin committed by the redeemed in every age, be they intentional or unintentional, has been paid for at the price demanded by God; perfection and that could only be present in the blood of our Saviour the Lord God Jesus Christ. There is no need to worry about or receive any further prophesies about our sins, regardless how numerous or heinous they are. Once in Christ there has been an end put to all our sins. There may not be need for visions but it certainly does not hurt us to reinforce that beautiful act of our Lord by reading about it in His Holy Word.

F; The third parallelism ‘ to atone for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness’. Atonement can be broken up into at…one…isment. Once we are at one with God everlasting righteousness has begun Oh the power of Jesus’s blood and sacrifice! It just seems to get better and better!. But back to planet earth for a reality check.
We are in the process of crossing the Jordan River to the promised land. It has been parted by God for us to find not concrete or bitumen but a whole variety of stones varying in size from tiny to large boulders. As we make our journey we bumble, fumble,(it is there to keep us humble), jumble, mumble, rumble.(tumble are ones that take a long time to recover from) in a confused and bloodied state whether it be Daniel or Paul or some other human being it is the banner that we march under and the destination that is what counts. The banner is ” REDEEMED BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB” and the destination is “OUR HOLY CITY”. Both events have occurred and are recorded as History in the Holy Word. It has nothing to do with whether we feel bad, glad, mad or sad. Where are your doubts coming from? Do you doubt that transgression has been finished; an end has been put to sin; wickedness has been atoned for; everlasting righteousness has been brought in; vision and prophesy sealed up and the most holy anointed? With any doubts like this you must wonder why you are in this river with so many others? Well these events not only did occur but were registered and stamped with the seal bearing the blood of Jesus 1,260 days after Good Friday. Satan’s arguments or accusations don’t really change God’s mind or alter His actions. The basic principle that God follows is that of free will, after all what is involved is an eternity. He would have given the church a protected period of time in order to accept His sacrifice. If He did not protect during this time satan would have attacked the woman (the Jewish nation) and killed her meaning there would be no offspring (the Christian church) So why did not God allow open slather on that very early church? Isn’t satans argument that ‘you established your church at the cross, all seven members by decree, and did not allow them time to decide whether they wanted to accept it? If you had allowed me to attack and kill them during this establishment time there would be no church! He could say the same thing about all of Jesus’s followers. But he is allowed to do only what God lets him and that is about our preparation for eternity. Whatever he is allowed to do to us is only what will strengthen us and will ultimately turn out for our own good. He will only exist into the start of eternity but we will be there for an eternity!

Verse25 ” Know and understand this; From the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven ‘sevens’, and sixty two ‘sevens’. It will be rebuilt with streets and a trench, but in times of trouble.” The Jews always knew that their enemies would do everything possible to stop them rebuilding. Satan knew that this rebuild was for the first coming of Jesus so it was now or never attempt to stop it. Much is written about the decree of Cyrus(??) being a temple decree and not one for rebuilding the city. The Jews had no problem with interpreting it. They said regardless we first have to rebuild the wall, then our homes and the streets if we want to work on the Temple. Later Nehemiah when he came over was most upset with the Jews because they lived in palaces whilst the temple was in ruins. It is just a red herring. “itiswritten” says the city was rebuilt in 49 years and that is how God counts it. What is interesting is what happens after the next 62*7=434 years. Daniel was concerned about Jerusalem and God gave him an answer.

Verse 26,” After sixty two ‘sevens’, the Anointed One will be cut off and will have nothing. The people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. the end will come like a flood; war will continue until the end, and desolations have been decreed.”
It is now time to establish some time handles we can attach events to. It would be ideal to get the dates exactly right but I would regard it as satisfactory if we could get within a year or two considering we are dealing with a prophesy going back over 2,500 years; Assume;
!; 37 AD. The year of registration of events culminating in seventy ‘sevens’ or 490 years.
2; 33 AD. Coming back 3 1/2 years. Good Friday, central date for fulfilment of prophesy.
3; 30 AD. Anointed One cut off. Start of Jesus’s ministry begins.
4; 1BC (no year zero). birth of Jesus Christ.
5; 405 BC. Start of the 62*7 until the ruler comes.
6; 454 BC Start of the rebuilding of Jerusalem. If the decrees to rebuild Jerusalem found so far do not fit this timetable then they are still to be found. The main difficulties with these dates are ; I have no idea what the trench that is being referred to is and the dates appear to miss the birth of my Lord and go straight to His ministry. The only reason I stand confidently be God is because I present the life of my Lord (0-30 years old) as belonging to me.
Why was He cut off at 30 and had nothing? He certainly left a loving home, food, shelter etc. and did not have a place to His head down on. He left and missed His Biblical discussions with His very eager Mother who just could not get enough. He probably had similar discussions with Joseph. He left these and was fully exposed to satan and his evil angel’s fury. Instead of having continual exposure to Scripture He now had to rely on nights of prayer. He never lost sight of God and never needed to be told to say ‘our Father Who is in Heaven, glorified be your name’, but He could instruct others to do so. The section about the people destroying the city relies on punctuation which was not present in the original scripts. Let me give you an example how a simple coma (,) can tear Christianity to pieces.
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(Luke 23:42) when the thief on the cross asked Jesus to remember him when He got to Paradise, Jesus’s reply could have a coma in two places totally changing the meaning of the sentence. There was no coma in the original Aramaic.
Jesus said ‘Truly I say unto you, today you will be with Me in Paradise’. This is the coma that is wrongly taken by the majority of Christians today because it is saying that the thief along with Jesus went to heaven on Good Friday. If the dead go to Heaven straight away there would be no need for the resurrection of the dead latter on in the millennium. The deadly danger is people will pray to or for the dead thus wasting their time.What happened to Jesus on this day has been the subject o f this blog. Now let us move that coma to the right by one word.
Jesus said ‘Truly I say unto you today, you will be with me in Paradise’. So what is Jesus saying today to the thief on His right hand side who has just turned his head towards Him after observing Him for hours before finally deciding that Jesus was God? Jesus gave the short reply but it would not have no difference had He given the long reply as the thief would be asleep. The long reply would have been ‘ you are going to be in Heaven with Me for an eternity. I will come and pick you up at the start of the millennium when I come to take all the righteous dead back to Heaven with Me. So sleep peacefully for 1985 years,7 months and 4 days or whatever date Jesus is coming back. So we must now be careful where we place our punctuation marks. Providing our punctuation marks do not contradict an existing belief, certainly do not establish a new theology but just throw light on an existing one it should be okay.
After sixty two ‘sevens’ ( so we have moved 49 years since the decree to rebuild Jerusalem, and now another 62*7=434 years or 30 AD in our scenario), the Anointed One ( the One Who was anointed at His baptism in the year 30 AD) will be cut off and have nothing ( with the weight of all the sins of all the redeemed on Jesus between 9 and 3 o’clock on good Friday in 33 AD).The people of the ruler who will come and destroy the city and the sanctuary.(When Titus and his troops surrounded Jerusalem in 70 AD) The end did come like a flood then. War will continue until the end ( until My second coming).

Verse 27 ” He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven’. In the middle of the “seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on a wing of the temple, he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him”.
It took seven years to confirm the arrangement between God and humanity. Jesus did all the work half way through it but it was only stamped as completed at the end of the seven years ie. 1,260 days after the cross. Good Friday was the only real sacrifice and all those other sacrifices which occurred only pointed to the coming one of Good Friday. Thus the people who do not accept Good Friday for what it is must have very serious theological problems. The place where our Lord’s sacrifice is described as occurring is of interest. It should have said ‘out side the city’ where our Lord was crucified or ‘above the temple’ because it was Jesus who re-joined our earthly temple back with Heaven. But it says that it was’ on the wing of the temple”.That is a bit above and a bit off-centre! I think it is above the place where most of the blood from all those sacrifices that was thrown against the alter then ran in a stone channel and soaked into the ground. That is where symbolically all the sins finished up and that is the area above which Jesus is being portrayed. For someone who was repulsed by the thought of one sin to have all the sins of the redeemed dumped on Him is unimaginable and abomination that causes desolation is the best we can do with our limited language. We will certainly see more during the eternity to come! The end was not decreed until Jesus had drunk every last drop from the cup His Father had given Him! My approach to chapter 10 and 11 is but a token one, just in case the Lord ever asked me ‘ did you write the warnings I gave you to your brothers and sisters via various channels’. To which I will reply ‘ I tried’
Thus my input now will be almost non existent and will stop when it becomes non existent.

Verse 1″In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia, a revelation was given to Daniel (who was called Belteshazzar). Its message was true and it concerned a great war. The understanding of the message came to him in a vision”. The Bible maintains its claim of being a true history book. The privileges bestowed on Daniel are,well, quite a privilege! Daniel had no problem with the veracity of these visions and it is that trust that allows us to come into contact with the Heavenly realm. The war spoken about is the theme of much of the Bible.
Verses 2,3 ” At that time I, Daniel, mourned for three weeks. I ate no choice food; no meat or wine touched my lips; and I used no lotions at all until the three weeks were over”. For what it is worth the only hunger strike I have been on it took 3 days for the desire for food to pass away. Daniel’s preparation lasted 3 weeks. It is amazing that it was food that caused mankind’s two spirals to destruction. Adam and Eve started it off by eating the grapes and the Jewish nation started off last day events by not leaving the land fallow for one year out of seven. This started the statue with Nebuchadnezzar as its head. I wonder what all those people who have a problem with one or more of God’s rules would say to God over both these rulings? Would God accept that perhaps He was being a little unreasonable? It is either God going to change His mind or they are going to hell! Fasting and abstaining may open a channel for God to give us a vision just as gluttony and drunkenness is a channel for satan to enter and take over our souls. There is no way that Daniel at stage of his life would have had alcohol.

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Verses 4-6 ” On the twenty-fourth day of the first month, as I was standing on the bank of the great river, the Tigris, I looked up and there before me was a man dressed in linen, with a belt of finest gold around his waist. His body was like chrysolite, his face like lightning, his eyes like flaming torches, his arms and legs like the gleam of burnished bronze, and his voice like the sound of a multitude.”
The accuracy of the history book continues down to the day. Like Paul on the road to Damascus Daniel is the only person to see this vision. I wonder on how many occasions the Lord wants to reveal Himself to us but we just do not see. If this was the Man that Daniel latter saw above the water then he has seen Jesus. Certainly a lot of this book is also repeated in the Book of Revelation.
Verses 7-12 ” I, Daniel, was the only one who saw the vision; the men with me did not see it, but such terror overwhelmed them that they fled and hid themselves. So I was left alone, gazing at this great vision; I had no strength left, my face turned deadly pale and I was helpless. Then I heard him speaking and as I listened to him, I fell into a deep sleep, my face to the ground. A hand touched me and set me trembling on my hands and knees. He said ‘ Daniel, you are highly esteemed, consider carefully the words I am about to speak to you, and stand up, for I have now been sent to you.’ And when he said this to me, I stood up trembling. Then he continued.’ Do not be afraid ,Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding, and to humble yourself before your God, your words were hear, and I have come in response to them.”
Daniel’s response shows there was a lot of divinity associated with this ‘man’. Jesus did not have this amount of divinity showing in Him as people did not flee or fall at His presence. But we are told He is on His way from Heaven but He must get past the prince of the Persian kingdom first. There must be some other state of Divine presence as most people neither fall nor flee from. It must depend on how hungry we are for the Lord and He responds to that hunger. Most say ” I am rich, and acquired wealth and do not need a thing, but you do not realise that you are wretched, pitiful, poor blind and naked’ It is difficult to explain the wonders and benefits of my walk with the Lord to an unbeliever. Every time I drive I have His shekinah’s presence for safety. My children and grandchildren have the same protection around them. I know because I have asked it to be placed there. If they want to they are allowed to remove it if they want to. God’s greatest prophet was probably John the Baptist. He not only recognised Jesus but was allowed to baptise Him!. Surely someone who was so far inside God’s shekinah’s glory would be protected and God would not allow him to be beheaded! What is the point of asking for and being in God’s presence if that is what is going to happen to you!
According to Revelation and other scripture (forgive them Father for they know not what they do) there are three groups of people. Those who have the seal of God, those who have the mark of the beast, and probably the majority who have neither over which the forces of good and evil battle without giving up on those in their enemies camp. We are also told that in the end (those times with which we are now struggling) that there will only be two camps; those with the seal who go to Heaven and those with the mark that go to hell. Those who choose the mark choose satan and yes he does look after his own especially if he can use them to turn people away from God. But he is capricious and the only reason he lifts you up the ladder he knows the fall is going to be greater and hurt you more! |His motives are hurt and hate. God’s motives however are out of love and correction. Whatever He allows to happen to us is for our own good, The worst result for God would be to create a spoilt brat. For those with neither if they could just see behind the scenes the battle is going on for their souls but according to God’s strict rules unless of course you throw those rules back in God’s face. But for those who choose the Lord’s way know they are being guided by a loving Father Who will administer medicine when required just like all good parents do.
It is comforting to know the Lord responds on the first day that we set our minds to gain understanding.

Verses 13,14 ” But the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia. Now I have come to explain to you what will happen to your people in the future, for the vision concerns a time yet to come”.
Satan is a very powerful being, so much so that he was created just a little lower than God the Son and he thought he would be almost equal to Jesus if he were given His creative power, but he was not and that is what the revolt was about. Would that have solved the problem if Jesus had not created satan but only the lower angels? Well no because they also rebelled. But satan has control even of nature and will cause such ‘miracles’ as fire coming down from the sky which will almost even deceive the elite, who distinguish him by what he says; it is contrary to ‘itiswritten’. God acknowledges that the majority of humanity has chosen satan over Him and treats him with due respect. He does not just zap him out of the way but sends Gabriel, Jesus’s human form but still with a bit of His Heavenly clothing enough to make the prince of Persia realise Who he is dealing with. It must be kept in mind that at this stage, some 600years before the cross the door of mercy had not closed on satan and he could have repented. He chose to gloat thus slamming this door in his own face. Twenty-one days seems a long time for Gabriel to try to convince him to allow him to enter into his territory and for the quality of patience of God we should ever grateful. Satan knew the importance of this mission and was not, could not, budge. So the Heavenly counter part was called on- Michael. Satan knew that our lives and salvation would be in stages or steps, and this was the big one – no way was he going to allow this message to be delivered. We already have been given a message in chapter 8 concerning the time of the end and I think this is going to be a witness Scripture but with far more detail. Satan was in Persia and not in Greece or Babylon or some where else as Babylon had ceased to exist and Greece had not yet come on line. Persia was the ruling empire and that is where satan put his throne.
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In chapter 8 we had two fulfilments of Daniel’s prophesy; events described fitted those of (A4E), Antiochus 1V Epiphanies and those of Good Friday. The people of (A4E) time responded correctly to the prophesy and were saved to live on for another day but the people of (JC1), Jesus Christ’s first coming missed the event almost entirely. They were given a second chance at Pentecost and this time they took it. But this prophesy also applies to (JC2), (JC3), Jesus Christ’s second coming (our time?) and His third coming. So let us look at some of the problems when applying this prophesy to (JC2) and (JC3).

” The sanctuary will be cleansed”
1; This cannot involve the Heavenly sanctuary, it is now entirely out of the picture. It was cleansed once and for all at 3’oclock on Good Friday.
2; There is no earthly sanctuary at the second coming to be cleansed, only some foundations.
3; At the third coming there is a temple with God’s shekinah’s glory but its purpose to save but one more soul is unsuccessful. So what sanctuary is going to be cleansed at the second coming?
‘The daily sacrifice will be removed’
The same reasons apply. What if the sanctuary being cleansed is us– we are the temple for the Holy Spirit? Is satan going to become to prince of Persia and prevent our Lord’s return for 21 days? The addition of details greatly enhances Antiochus 1V Epiphanies events and with Daniel’s chapter 8 make logical history. It was so important for Gabriel not to deliver this message as God’s people would have been destroyed making the second coming irrelevant. But why would it be irrelevant if His people rejected Him anyway?His people did reject Him, but not everyone, there were giants there like Nicodemus. But what they did leave behind was the Old Testament and it was on this writings over a 1000 years old and the few remaining Jews like Paul and the apostles that Jesus built His church. But until we can decide who the king of the north and the king of the south is there is no point proceeding. The NIV pages 1315-1317 give an excellent account of Antiochus 1V Epiphanies and other leaders of that age.
Before signing off I would like to comment on the verses in Daniel on which I am able but have not done so. Before doing so last comments on Daniel (8:14)
The cleansing of the sanctuaries of the temple of the Holy Spirit, our mortal bodies could quite easily occur at the end of the 2,300 morning and evening sacrifices , or 1150 days when Jesus comes to collect His righteous dead and living. All Jesus would have to do is to apply a tiny drop of His blood on us. This would accomplish;
a; it would cleanse us and restore us. We would obviously have to be prepared for this contact. To say that the starving masses would have to fast to expunge excess and toxic materials would be an insult! But for the majority of our society it would be essential, but I think the extent to which it is going to occur is going to be quite a shock to us. Daniel’s fast lasted for 21days only because Gabriel took 21 days to get past satan in the form of the prince of Persia. This shows us how powerful satan was made at creation. Even though he (Gabriel) retained much of his Heavenly attire he was still no match for satan and had to call for divine backup from Michael. I can’t see why satan would want to fight Gabriel on his way back to Heaven, he should be glad just to see the back of him.
b; “there is life in the blood” (Leviticus 17:14). Was one of the reasons the Jews, and other religions don’t eat blood. There would certainly be enough life in Jesus’s blood to keep us alive for an eternity.
c; His blood would at least restore our bodies back, and probably way beyond, their original Edenic forms. Jesus may have come by water and blood ( 1John 5:6), He was baptised before He went onto Calvary’s tree but on that tree when He was pierced ‘blood and water flowed out immediately (John 19:34). So it is with us; we accept the washing of Jesus’s blood then we are baptised. Is this the order that Jesus would apply His blood and water? If this is the end of the 1,150 days then what about their start?

Daniel and Revelation vary slightly about the start of end day events by 30 days probably because Daniel has two major events to account for that Revelation does not; Antiochus 1V Epiphanies and the cross. Or it could just be that Daniel takes the legislative period to establish the beast into account. But the times are;
Daniel 30 +1,260 days the terror of the beast out of the sea +45 days for the abomination that causes desolation or 1,290 followed by 45 days or a total of 1,350 days.
Revelation has zero +1,260 days for the terror of the beast out of the sea + 45 days for the beast out of the earth which Jesus specifically warns us about.
Now Daniel (8:14) adds 1,150 days which finish up as the second coming. So now we have

Zero,30, 185, 1,260, and 1,350 days. This would mean that this thing, or horn or whatever would first rule concurrently with the beast out of the sea for 1,105 days and with the beast out of the earth for 45 days. It would be the backbone of the operation, the stabilising factor. We would see it rising in power in the background but know it had arrived when it started doing those things in verses 9-12. So all we can do is watch, wait and pray! Now what about the book of Daniel?
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Satan did not get away with stopping Gabriel delivering his visions so now he casts doubt on the book itself. If you like reading garbage there are mountains of it written about this book questioning every aspect of it. If you want to see a con job there can be no better example than the book of Daniel they say. And satan must say this because it is of such critical importance! Our Lord and master Jesus Christ did not have any reservations about its authenticity and would not have quoted from it if it were fraudulent, and if anyone would know this it would have been Jesus. This book is the start of the stopwatch of the end of time of this planet and its people. There has already been a major destruction of this planet and its people, but neither were complete. Creationists believe this happened some 1,500 years after Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden or approx. 4,500 years ago. So why did not God completely destroy the planet and those remaining 8 people? ( could be a few more if my theory of ‘aliens’ is right. Well God had an unimaginably better plan; the plan of perfection. Well how do you introduce perfection to finite human beings, or put pearl before swine? Well He did it in two stages as He told Nicodemus..what is seen followed by what is unseen with the warning if you don’t believe the seen you have no hope in hell of understanding the unseen! So the seen is when the world was full of evil (yes my 10 commandments were in operation) I destroyed the world and most of the people. The unseen is when the world is again so full of sin I will destroy it completely this time but I will save those who want to be in eternity with Me. So we begin with those 8 mortals after the flood.
What a blessing that God knows what material He has to work with! Even God’s number 1 knew that getting drunk would have disastrous consequences (Gen19:33) and with e few exceptions it was pretty well all downhill from there for humanity!
I am not sure why humanity took only 1,500 years to fill their cup of iniquity but 2,500 years the second time. It may be they were dealing with genetic engineering the consequences of which are far more serious than other sins and guess what our clever scientists have started dabbling with! The thing that surprises me the most is on what ground chooses to make His stand on! In the Garden of Eden it was about eating some grapes!! and about if you curse my Name or murder each other or some other serious matter. It was about eating this fruit but not that one. How beguine can an error be! God certainly did not think so! In fact they were totally wiped out; they lost both position and place in the Garden but satan only lost his position. For those of you who have problems with certain of God’s rulings such as homosexuality and Sabbath, God cannot and will not change His Holy mind to accommodate your unbelief! Questioning and disobeying God is no light transgression!

Whereas the first fall in the Garden was only over one issue, eating the forbidden fruit, the second one many issues and evils were involved and God may have chosen any one as the reason for finally pulling the pin on humanity. He chose the fallow of the land. The Jews were supposed to leave their land empty for one year in seven but they did not. Major or minor reason ? What about evil had peaked at Jesus’s ministry and Jesus could have chosen to die for any of this evil but He chose to die for the Sabbath Day knowing it was going to be abolished? (Mat 12:10). God does not seem to know how to pick a winner does He? Well actually all three issues are of paramount importance.;
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All three are disobedience of which there will not be any nor will there be any chance of disobedience. God made us in such a way that we require one days rest every seven.He blessed this day to make sure that it contained everything that was required for that restoration. In the same way He made every atom and organism in the soil so that it requires one year of rest every seven to restore its equilibrium. Because we don’t listen to His commands look at our soils now! You don’t have to have one day off every seven but you will have to pop any number of dangerous pills to make up and in the ling run you will suffer for your stupidity. Thus it is with our soils. It did not take Adam and Eve long to realise they had made a dreadful mistake and all they saw was two, probably goats, being killed! Imagine if they realised the can they had opened would involve the torture, rape, starvation and slaughter of must be billions, not millions of innocent human beings! So the issue was not minor but it was very easily defined; you should have given the land 70 years of rest, you did not, so I will remove everyone now and give the land what it is supposed to have had. After 70 exile you can come back.

What was important was that the last day’s stopwatch was started ticking and compared to an eternity the 4,300 years left is not even a drop in the ocean. But why was Babylon chosen to be the head of evil and not some other evil empire? What brought on end day events was not Babylon, they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The event that brought these days was that the Jews had not given their land a rest in 490 years during which time it is supposed to have had 70 years rest. If the Egyptians had been in power at this time with Tutenmkarmen (???) as the emperor then he would have been the golden head of the statue or if the Greeks had been in power with Alexander the Great as it’s leader then he would have been the head of gold. So the Jews did the crime,paid the time and were sent back to prepare for the first coming of their Saviour.
It appears that God made at least two attempts to purify His people before His first coming. The first was after the Babylonian captivity. Only the young keen ones who were prepared to go through incredible hardships to leave their comfortable environments and return to restart their nation from anew. the second cleansing appears to have gone the wrong way around, that of Antiochus 1V Epiphanies. Because he tried to destroy the Jewish nation he did everything that he could that was anti-biblical. If you did not obey him you died and if you obeyed him you lived. So the badies lived and the goodies died. But there were people there who were smarter than the goodies and the badies, those who read and believed the Bible. They counted the days and when they got to 1,151 they attacked and got rid of Antiochus. They were now in a position to cleanse their people of all those traitors.
There are many reasons why I write this blog. One of them is that I think I am establishing some sort of undefined link with my Lord which will result in His guidance and help. I have just returned from quite a heavy week end of four wheel driving with friends and my forby is experiencing major electrical and mechanical problems. I ask for and expect help from the Lord, even though it may not be what I want–I want my car to run again! Another reason I do this I find I receive some sort of therapy in typing the word of God. The logical extension to this is you should also receive this same therapy in reading it. So you would be better off just reading the Bible and nothing else including this blog.

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Verses 1,2 ‘In the third year in the reign of Jehoiakim king of Judah, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came to Jerusalem and besieged it. And the Lord delivered king Jehoiakim of Judah into his hand, along with some of the articles from the temple of God. These he carried off to the temple of his god in Babylonia and put it in the treasure house of his god.’
If this is not history then can someone tell me what defines history! The secular historians will give a long list of convoluted reasons why Jehoiakim could not have been the king of Judah at this time but my history book not only says he was but says it twice. When we see witness Scripture our alert antennae should come up and we should why is this important? Because;
1; It is God’s start of the count down of history for humanity.
2; It is God who delivers the king over and it is God who allows some articles (the rest would follow ) to be taken, but not all. It seems He does not want to leave His temple desolate, He is going to give them one last chance. The temple items are not only going to be the reason for the downfall of the Babylonian empire but also the real test of trust for the returning Jews. If the word got out they were carrying gold back to Jerusalem they would have become the prime targets for robbery. The night that Babylon fell the party attended by 1,000 high ranking officials were gloating at the weaknesses of the Jewish God to allow His temple treasures to be removed when the writing appeared on the wall–your number is up– and it was!

Verses 3,5 ” Then the king ordered Asphenaz, chief of his court officials, to bring in some of the Israelites from the royal family and the nobility—young men without physical defects, handsome, showing aptitude for every kind of learning, well informed, quick to understand, and qualified to serve in the king’s palace. He was to teach them the language and literature of the Babylonians. The king assigned them a daily amount of food and wine from the king’s table. They were to be trained for three years, and after that they were to enter the king’s service.” (should not have changed windows 10).

God did not want the Jews to have a king and royalty, who would be primarily concerned with feathering their own nests, He wanted to lead them with a prophet He appointed Himself who would just be concerned with the welfare of the people. God warned them the king would  take their money by taxation, take their land and send their sons off to war to get killed. When the Jews still insisted on having a king He capitulated and picked them a king, the best one available, Saul. He also established rules and regulations to keep the nobility at as high a standard as possible. Here we have some of their qualities, not that these qualities are unique to royalty and are freely distributed in amongst society. There also members of society who have missed out entirely, but this does not mean God does not have another role for us somewhere else. So god cannot be blamed for the abuses of royalty. He could be blamed if His appointed prophet misbehaved , in theocracy, but not for the leaders of democracy misbehaving themselves. Nebuchadnezzar would have checked them out after a long arduous journey and picked out the best. We are not told why he chose only from royalty and not the common people.

Verses 6-8 ” Among these were some from Judah; Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, Azariah.  The chief official gave them new names: top Daniel, the name Belteshazzar, to Hananiah, Shadrach, to Mishael, Meshach; and to Azariah, Abednego. But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine, and he asked the chief official for permission not to defile himself  in this way.”

Daniel accepted the name, customs , literature  and language but he would not accept something that put a barrier between himself and God. One does not need a degree in theology to see how wine could do that! Not to mention it’s health effects. It is not classed (alcohol) as a class four poison for no reason ( same as nicotine, asbestos, benzene Etc.) So it is easy to see why he avoided wine like the plague but what about the food– it did come from the king’s table! God created some things to be eaten and some not to be eaten, the reasons for this God would know on an atomic scale. God would not prevent His people from eating something which was good for them, ie. it was made to be eaten. What we eat and drink has nothing to do with our salvation, that was determined on Calvary’s tree on Good Friday almost 2,000 years  ago, but it does have a lot to do with our daily survival. In Daniel’s case it was also part of the Law he was supposed to keep. By giving a religious reason for his abstinence you expect the official to immediately reject it  but saw to it that this did not happen. I wonder if Daniel would have made a stand on food and drink? God did not want him to do this so He intervened. God wanted Daniel to make a stand ‘give us today our daily bread’ or prayer and that is what Daniel did make his stand on. Peter  was quite  prepared to disobey the Lord rather than defile himself with unclean food, so there has to be something in the significance of eating unclean food.


I could retype verses 8-21 but could not add much commentary to them. The result was that the four Jews were taken off the king’s food and given vegetables and water for ten days. The result was after 10 days they looked  healthier then those who stayed on the king’s food. I don’t think they would have shown the same results today; our water is poisoned and contaminated with countless toxins ( for a long time the worse one we knew of was aluminium fluoride, and one guess what our water was treated  with– aluminium and fluorides), the vegetables we eat come genetically modified seeds, are grown in nutrient poor soils, sprayed with every known poison, the air we breath is contaminated with many toxins and saturated with electromagnetic radiation to name but a few of our problems. That is not to say vegetarians as a rule are healthier than meat eaters. Meat was introduced into the diet after the flood and there is way God would have made His priests eat the meat from the sacrifices if they we harmful. (have to think about this one though). The four Jews came through the testing period and were head and shoulders above the rest of those trainees.

Chapter 2 and the statue has already been covered. Evil met the end day events with two of her best; Nebuchadnezzar and Babylon. Good also produced her best with Daniel and his three friends and the people had to make their choice. John of Revelation saw seven heads, not four sections that the statue was made of. If they were consecutive events he should have seen the first head appear, Babylonian empire, last for a time when the second head began to appear, the Medes and Persians. It should have lasted for a longer time and bitten the first head and killed it. As the  third head appeared, Greece it should have killed the second head and then ruled for a while to be bitten and killed by the fourth head which in turn should have been killed by a rising fifth head. etc. But John saw them on the beast at the same time. He knew that there was something different about the fourth head because it had been brought back to life. From this I conclude that it was at least slightly different before and after death; went down as pagan Rome but came back as Papal Rome. So John was shown the whole view of the history of the evil empires who sole function was blasphemy. The four sections of the statue are the dead entities;  gold, evil within the heart, silver, Islam, bronze, democracy and iron which is false religion.

Daniel could have taken credit from God and said the interpretations of the dream was his, as we so often do. The problem with this is if we are so smart God will leave us to our own smart devices, so we come unstuck.  It certainly makes one humble knowing that each of the words we read are the  Word of God , written when the parchment was scarce and the ability to write almost non existent, that each word could have at least seven different meanings how little we actually understand and skip over large tracts of it. Having done  so for chapter 2 I am now going to do same thing for chapter 3. We certainly will not be able to stand before God and tell Him He did not warn us about end day events. Well right now we are marching towards the main event–THE CROSS, the one event that had to occur  before the New Jerusalem descended from Heaven. At first I felt humbled when looking at the text how little it meant to me but then my humbleness was replaced by embarrassment. But these are my present thoughts on this chapter:

1; Chapter 1 was concerned with the start of last day events at the local scale. The goodies and the badies were introduced, as well as the time frame and the sovereignty of God.

2; Chapter 2 was a repeat of this theme except on a global scale–global time beginning with Babylon but finishing with the grinding by the rock of the whole statue and scattering it by the wind, then the descent of the New Jerusalem. And global geography which involve only four beasts that are involved up to the second coming. The remaining three come after our Lord’s second coming and should not involve us.

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3; Chapter 3 at first only appeared as a nice heart warming story about three people with mountains of faith. But it is far more than this. It is a combination of global and local events. I could always understand why there had to be a major sorting and sifting process before the Lord’s second coming. There is no way that God could let you into Heaven if you have even the tinniest grain of doubt or the slimmest fibre of disobedience in your body. If He did then that grain or fibre would fester and whether it took one million or one trillion years it would erupt into full scale rebellion.–here we go again; Garden of Eden, Noah’s flood, Calvary’s tree all over again. No chance! No chance because you were not admitted, and if you were then the new Heaven and earth would not have been a prefect place, which they were. Is that saying that we have to have the faith of our three Jewish friends; Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? Well this is what this chapter is about. They are the local scale. My goodness gracious how frightening! how few of hem there are!

4: Not only is this sifting and sorting process going to occur at Daniel’s time but to every person of every age, and that is the reason we are placed on this earth. Depending on our response we will be raised by our Lord at the start of the millennium, the goodies, or at the end of the millennium with the badies. So this blog is like a wheel; one way the spokes go to eternity but the other way they go to the hub, Jesus Christ, so providing you are on one of these spokes your journey is between Jesus and Heaven. He is the only One in Whom there is not the tinniest grain of doubt nor the slightest fibre of evil. It  is only being covered by His cloak of righteousness that we can be admitted as perfect and therefor into Heaven. All this has been said many times before and is summarised by the question: are you under the old covenant, where you do all the work of salvation ( which is impossible) or are you under the New Covenant where Jesus Christ has done the work and you simply take advantage of His efforts, look up and say ‘thank you even though I was not worth it’ . It keeps coming back to the question–is God’s Law written on your Heart? The most unfortunate part of the answer is that it is all there or none of it, not the bits and pieces you like! You either accept “itiswritten” or you don’t. It is the same Word that became flesh and dwelt amongst us and the same Word that spoke creation into existence of out of nothing. Your doubts on a scientific bases are not valid because you either know the current scientific view or you don’t. If you do know it you know at best it is very selective picking of cherries from the cherry tree and excluding the ones that don’t fit the picture you are telling. If you are unaware of what cherries  are being fitted into the present picture ( it will certainly change tomorrow)  then your doubts are groundless! Once you accept “itiswritten” then that gap called doubt is replaced by the bridge called trust and whether that means being thrown into that fiery furnace or seeing that enormous wall of water about to hit us and we in trust make that lunge for Jesus’s outstretched hand knowing that our next wakening moment is the start of perfection for an eternity! So the bridge building is up to us. It is very simple and God will very force our hand. So this chapter has local and global implications. Returning to the local ones.

5; It is difficult to see why Daniel was not in the city at that time as all the hierarchy from all over the country were summoned to be there. We know that Daniel held a special part of Nebuchadnezzar’s heart and he knew there was no way that Daniel would bow before his statue, as magnificent as it was, and he would have to kill his friend so he sent him on a special mission which took him away from the capital at this time. The dimensions of the statue beggar belief but so do the hanging gardens of Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar built them!

6; The first few verses answer a long term question for me. (Gen 18 16-33) Why did Abraham stop at 10. ” would you destroy Sodom if there were 10 good people left behind?'”  God  said ‘ for the sake of those 10 good people I would not destroy Sodom’ But  why did not Abraham ask ‘well what about five’ why did he stop at ten ?. This fits in rather well with my theory on ‘aliens’. We know that four were not enough to stop God from destroying Jerusalem– Daniel and his three friends were not enough. In Noah’s time if there four good people, Noah and three others that God allowed to leave earth and go to some near by inhabitable planet that would not have been enough to stop God from destroying earth, which He did. So we know that ten was enough to stop God destroying Sodom, four was not enough in Daniel’s time so was it five, six, seven, eight or nine?. What about Noah and the seven that were with him? I think this was different because it was Noah’s righteousness that carried the others. As parents and grandparents we certainly hope that our righteousness in Christ counts at least for our grandchildren who are under the age of consent! With only four righteous people out of all those who came over from the destroyed Jerusalem it is easy to see why od started the end day clock running.

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7; Daniel’s three friends knew what the consequences would be before they made their stand. It would have to be every Christian’s prayer to be able to respond with not just the answer they gave but with their surety. Verses 17,18 ” If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand, O king. But even if he does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.”

8; If Nebuchadnezzar could see the fourth person in the furnace then no doubt Daniel’s three friends could also see him and take great comfort at his presence.

9; The furnace temperature was probably adjusted by blasting more air through it ie. a blast furnace with one side missing through which the king could see inside.

10; If this miracle could not convince Nebuchadnezzar of the superiority of Daniel’s divine God then nothing else could. But it did and Nebuchadnezzar was about to take centre stage.
In chapter 1 we saw the events that ushered in last day events on a local scale. In chapter 2 these were repeated on a global scale. Chapter 3 showed u what response to these events is required by God, one that can only be met in Jesus Christ. In chapter 4 we move closer to the cross and see it’s amazing power. But God will not use this power to take away our free will and that is why we lose the silver part of the statue. As has been shown there are the four dead entities of the statue with their corresponding living parts, the empires. But the blood of Calvary’s tree is the solution to only six of them.

Islam has chosen to reject the Divinity of our Lord and expressed this rejection in the strongest way possible. Anyone who accepts  this idea has and continues to be put to death. To invoke the blood of our God in this situation would be to disregard their strongly held views and chapter 4 only deals with the stump, the bronze and the iron.

King Nebuchadnezzar became a great preacher although he had not got to that final stage and said ‘ my Most High God”. He was almost there and had his descendants followed on his path history may have followed a different course. He was warned about his pride and what a horrible result it would  lead to. He did control it well for a year and then that moment of weakness and the exact consequences he had been warned about. He did his time and came back stronger and closer to the Lord, and I have no doubt he would have accepted Jesus’s atoning blood and been saved. If he tried  to enforce this message with his descendants then he was not successful. ( his children weren’t like ours who seek our counsel and follow our instructions, I wish). God certainly did try to bring this empire onto the straight and narrow.

Was Jesus’s  blood effective against the non living part of Babylon,  the evil within the heart. We certainly hope so ( Rom 7:19)  Along with Paul every Christian cries out  ‘ For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do–this I keep doing’  which leads us to my favorite verse  in the Bible in answer to who can save  me   from this body of death. ( Rom 8:1) ” Therefore, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus ‘ But this evil within will only be expunged when Jesus literally applies a drop of His precious blood to me personally. Until that time I just have to remain in Christ Jesus. So yes both aspects of the head of gold can be destroyed by Jesus’s blood if we so choose. Again we have a pin locking mechanism that locks Babylon with end day events.

When all the foliage is stripped it is found that the stump is  bound with bronze and iron and no silver. On the statue the evil in the heart permeated down and produced Islam, democracy and false religion but when stripped down Islam is missing, as they do not want under any circumstance to be part of the cleansing blood  of Calvary’s tree, the other three do. We have already seen that Babylon, under Nebuchadnezzar were almost converted and if the king’s descendants had listened to his advice they would have been. This empire is not mentioned at end times, Jesus’s second coming as it has long disappeared without trace. What about the two aspects of the bronze or Greek empire?

When Paul wandered the streets of Athens he noticed statues dedicated to many gods. He presented the only real God to them with skill that could not even be approached by any other human being. The fact that most chose their own pagan philosophers over the Holy Spirit once again comes down to free will. Heaven did try then and one more major attempt I know of was in the times of Constantine when the Greeks separated themselves from a decadent Roman Church. No doubt there were many other attempts made by Heaven to bring Greece back to the fold. These attempts will not cease until the door of mercy closes. It must be noted that there must have been at least hundreds of other empires throughout time but John’s beast only has seven heads, because these seven empires primary function was to blaspheme the God of Heaven and destroy His people. I don’t know whether Greece today could be regarded as a Catholic nation. What about the symbol that Greece stood for, democracy?

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To write of the short comings of democracy in Australia when there is so much turmoil around the world seems at least hypocritical. Many are prepared to die come here and many do. For some who do get here realise it is not just a bed of roses. Any dictatorship, theocracy, democracy or other form of government’s success is dependant on how close it stays to the Word of God. What about all the pedophilia by the so called Christian democracies?  In Australia, in NSW the Court of Appeal ruled that if the Catholic Church abused children they could not be prosecuted, regardless how criminal the behaviour of the church was. This was a demonic act and the Bible could hardly be invoked here. It’s teaching are the exact opposite!  There is nothing more precious than a child and anyone who harms them gets the ultimate punishment. The system has got far worse and all that has to happen now is for the word ‘terrorist laws’  to be changed to ‘Christian laws and the courts are  corrupt they would have no problems in applying these laws to us. I think the US and a lot of Europe are even worse. The rot is already at the top and is now flowing down; ice and every other drug, binge drinking, abortion, tobacco, pornography and now culminating in same sex marriage. Just because I love my children and grandchildren I will soon be able to marry them! How sick can it get! Democracy has a choice of following the Bible and it is their moving away from it that is going to allow end day events to be ushered in. What about the bonding with the iron, or false religion?

There are already many blogs out there that cover the history of pagan and  Papal Rome. My impression is that Pontius Pilot, Felix and Agrippa were very close to being converted, only they and God know. As the relationship between evil forces is worked out in the desert we will only know when they burst out into the open. Current events indicate this will happen sooner rather than later. All we can say is that the iron around the stump is exposed and can be worked on by Heaven. This is not the case with the silver which requires a lot lower temperature to be refined but has demanded to be left alone and is therefore not even considered by Heaven.

The shocking omission from this scene however are the baked clay toes. They are not only emitted they require extremely high temperatures  to be changed– those of hell when it will be too late already. I have already said it before and have to say it again as it seems  to be an impossibility for it to happen! People who not only believe that Jesus Christ made them originally out of clay, baked them by dying in the furnace of Calvary’s tree and are prepared to die and actually do die for this belief are going to burn in hell. They are so confident of their salvation, how could they possibly be attached to that evil stump?, they already have their doubts and the errors in the Bible lined up and are going to directly challenge God with their questions at the first possible opportunity. They look forward to embarrassing God and awaiting for Him to admit His errors and thank them for pointing these errors out! So they were right all along, and God w wrong in trying to write invalid laws on their hearts. They, along with the rest of us have no idea of perfection but at least we are prepared to be covered by God’s perfection as displayed through His Son, Jesus Christ. What a shock they are in for! In His presence they will be like a blob of jelly, unable to breath and hearts not beating– it is under these conditions that they will have to make their challenges under!!. The Bible is the primer. In order to do a good painting job you must have the correct primer– it is what bonds downwards onto the surface and bonds upwards onto the coat of paint. The Bible with its human component bonds downwards onto us and upwards into Heaven!  The bottom line has to be that  “itiswritten” and not “what you want it to be written”.

It amazes me that chapter 5 is such a long chapter. King Nebuchadnezzar had been through a traumatic experience had learnt his lesson, hammered this lesson into his son and there was very  little else that he could have done. And the same can be said about Heaven’s attempt to wright the sinking ship called evil. It failed and instead of becoming the greatest and longest ruling empire Babylon became the shortest ruling empire. The main feature about gloating and boasting is that their catastrophic consequences soon follow, even though we may not be aware this has happened to our enemies. The disasters that followed the people who gloated at Noah took 7 days; satan’s  took 6 hours; humanity took 3 1/2 days and Babylon’s happened the night of the gloating.

There must have been written enough books and sermons on this most beautiful of chapters- Daniel in the lions den, to sink a battleship with so it will necessitate me repeating much of their work. The points that come to mind are:

1; It is out of order with the events of chapter 7 to show the respect the Persians held for Daniel, we are not told where they got it from. This respect and advice about this great prophet was not held by the Babylonians on the night they were destroyed even though it was they who had lived through the miracles described.

2; Darius and Cyrus were certainly described as goodies in that they did much, if not all they could to help God’s people.

3; They held respect for their laws giving us a lesson how we should treat a far higher law, God’s Law.

4; Daniel knew he was going into captivity of a pagan nation and even if it would have been nice to have them all kneeling and praying to the true God by the second day, in reality is  this was not going to happen. It did not happen even after 70 years. So Daniel was going to blend into the background as much as he could; he took a pagan’s god name, he was prepared to be called the chief magician even though he specifically told them his works came from God and he may have made a stand about braking a God given Law about unclean foods, but God intervened and softened the officials heart but breaking God’s Law about prayer he would not break and made a stand on. So why break one law and not the other? Every  individual, preferable before descending into the baptismal font, should also be able to make. The worse mistake you can make is to get them the wrong way around- brake the ones that are not supposed to be broken and keep the ones that are not supposed to be kept! God has provided all the necessary materials to help us– the Bible, Calvary’s tree and the Holy Spirit. We don’t need any popes or commentaries or anything else providing we search with an open mind and realise we are looking for pearls– they are rare and hard to find. If you die during this search God will only hold you responsible for the light He has revealed to you and He will keep showing you providing you are searching.

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Since my 70+ years I have found a very steep drop in my mental capacity, especially memory. eg. after my 4wd trip I changed  back to highway tyres but guess who forgot to tighten up the bolts on left hand front side? The wheel went flying off and we and many people could have been hurt. I said to my beloved ‘do you realise that that was the first time that anything has gone wrong with the car whilst we were praying?’  I now find it difficult to check for spelling errors and on top of all this I updated to Windows 10, found it to be a nightmare, gone back to Windows 8 and it is worse still! I believe those people who are having trouble in downloading this blog! So I probably have told you about my early struggle with which law to keep . My approach was just to ask the Lord one question and then start reading the Bible at Genesis one and keep on reading . If  I had not received an answer by Revelation 22:21 , then I would go back and start again. The answer had to be there some where. By the time I had read the Old Testament 13 times and the New Testament 40  times I think I had a reasonable idea about salvation. If I was to start my Christian walk again I think I would take the same approach.

So what approach will the Lord expect us to take when we are thrown into Daniel’s end day den of lions? Wouldn ‘t it be a real compliment when our enemies meet and plot against us and say ‘ At this, the administrators and the satraps tried to find grounds for charges against Daniel in his conduct of government affairs, but they were unable to do so. They could find no corruption in him, because he was trustworthy and neither corrupt nor negligent. Finally these men said ” We will never find any basis for charges against this man Daniel unless it has something to do with the law of his God”‘. So once again we come across the law of God. I must for the last time give you an account of my journey with this law of God before signing off from the Book of Daniel.

At the time many events were occurring in our lives but two of them were; a lovely SDA pastor and his family moved next door to us and a SDA member, Lindy Chamberlain, was being tried for killing her baby which had been taken by a dingo. The forensic evidence that was being presented against her was a joke. I should know because I trained the people who did these tests. ( we can’t make a bigger mistake if you hand us an acid to analyse and we tell you  have so much of this base. Equally as bad is if you hand us an organic compound and we tell you  have so much inorganic compound  there. That is what happened. The forensic laboratory found foetal haemoglobin (organic) but it was just an ordinary inorganic sound deadener! ) The procedure’s they employed surprised no one.)  But I had to find out why would the system ( including our highest court) do such a bars ted act to a loving mother and the whole family? It had to be her SDA faith. So we spent many hours talking with pastor Ken about the Bible. What made this lot different was the fourth commandment, the Sabbath Day. He had to convince me that 99% of Christianity got it wrong because they kept Sunday as the Holy Day but the Word of God, the Bible, said it was Saturday, as kept by Adventists. He gave Samuel Bachioki’s(??)   book called ‘from Saturday to Sunday” and the most impressive part of this book was he wrote it using Vatican’s library and resources. His conclusions have proven to be right as shown in the NIV Bible study. The texts they were all using were wrong and are now no longer used to support this change. The 2 remaining texts the majority of Christians now use are; Acts 20:7  which says we met on Sunday because Paul was sailing on Monday ( or we met Thursday because Paul was sailing on Friday) , hardly a change in a commandment which Jesus chose to die on the cross for , and Revelation 1:10 which says that John  was keeping the Sabbath and was rewarded by having the history of humanity panned out before him. To me the Sabbath involved 4 things;

1; God’s blessings are not something not to be trifled with. I was travelling approx. 50,000 kilometres a year with 4 small children and a wife  so I could certainly think of blessings we needed. Add to that the general hassles of life  and the blessings required blow out to astronomical proportions. We had to know on what day God did place His blessings on  to take advantage of them.

2; The people who switched the Blessed day annulling God’s blessings, what other clangers were they trying to impose on us?

3; If the ten commandments are a reflection of the character of God they stand and fall as a unit. I had no problem with there being no murder, lies or adultery in Heaven but wasn’t our whole existence in Heaven one long Sabbath Day?. Was there a Sabbath Day in Heaven?.

4; If the Sabbath lasts from sunset Friday to Sunset Saturday and there is no night in Heaven how are the Sabbath hours measured out?  The answers to these and many other questions are in the Holy Book. There is no doubt in my mind that the ten commandments are a reflection of God’s character, they stand for an eternity and can only be obeyed to the degree required by God by my Lord God and Saviour, Jesus Christ. But what about other commands? Were Adam and Eve required to obey God and not eat the forbidden fruit? Were the Jews really required to keep their land fallow for one year out of every seven? Certainly, and their unwillingness to do so lead to consequences that are unimaginable. So which ones should and should not be kept? The best analogy I can think of is the arrival of a baby in the family, especially the first one. ( the arrival to which we are pointing to is the arrival of Jesus Christ in the family of humanity.)

The rules before the arrival are obviously different to the rules after the arrival. Before the arrival our prayers and pleadings are for cell by cell formation of our little child. Only God knows this process and that is why He is put in charge by us. Our confidence is boosted by what He did on Calvary’s tree, surely there is nothing that He will  hold from us! The physical preparation is quite mind boggling. The room, the bed and linen, the food and clothing and in my case I could not forget the nappies. We had three under three and at 24 nappies a day each that was 72 nappies that had to get changed, washed hung up and folded. But after the births things changed, what applied before were meaningless after. ( if you went through a nightmare at this stage then yes I can sympathise with you. To be handed your first child 4 days after she was born and told we would be lucky if she ever achieved a mental age of two and half years certainly makes you sit down and make reassessment of the God Who was put in Charge of this pregnancy. Okay you tell me of a bigger kick in the guts!) I may have abandoned God but  He certainly did not abandon us, thankfully.

So what about the changes that occurred to before and after the Baby Jesus was born. Any rules and ceremonies that pointed to the Lord’s coming surely are obsolete after Good Friday. It is blasphemous to perform them as it is saying that the Lord has not come and we are waiting for Him as a number of religions do today. The problem that God had in preparing us for Good Friday was that we do not have the slightest concept of what sin is. We are born in it, soaked and steeped in it so it is so natural to us. Adam and Eve would have freaked out of their minds after they sinned and God killed those two animals, probably goats, to get their skins to cover their nakedness. But it was too late d the consequences followed quickly. But their covering was but a small part of the problem. We are covered by Christ’s robe of righteousness now and will be for an eternity if we so wish. The problem is to expunge, annihilate and completely destroy sin so it can never raise its ugly head again! This only a divine and perfect being could do in a way that only He could see as the answer. You and I may be able to see other solutions to this problem But His is the only acceptable one to Him. I am sure if there were a way that did not involve killing His only Begotten Son then He would have seen that option and taken it. So to begin to form our picture properly we must return to the Book of Genesis and realise the two stage problem; covering and destroying the sin. Both these occurred on Good Friday. But was it really satan who set the rules? After all Adam and Eve chose him over God’s sovereignty as have the overwhelming majority of Human beings including His so called people. ” You can have your sovereignty back over the earth and its people if You kill your only Son?”  could satan say? Well he could not say this as it was outside of his realm. The best his evil mind could conger up was ; turn these stones into bread,jump off this cliff or bow down and worship me. It was God who set the bar so high because of His Holy Nature.

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So how was God to prepare humanity for Good Friday, the destruction of evil. Well the Old Testament addresses this question beginning in Genesis. The pace should have increased dramatically after God sets the end day stop watch ticking . So the next 12 prophets, Hosea to Malachi should contain an enormous amount of information about preparation for Good Friday’ s events.With the blog now with over 90,000 words and approaching 5,000 favourable comments with many requesting more I think I have little choice but to keep going even though you will find little if any original material. I have already covered a few of the chapters of Mathew so I will first finish this Book.

There are four gospels, four natures of Jesus Christ; (Rev 4:7) ‘ The first living creature was like a lion, the second was like an ox, the third had a face like a man, and the fourth was like a flying eagle.’ , four walls in the Earthly Holy Place, four walls in the New Jerusalem and probably four sides around the Throne of God that was replaced by the New Jerusalem. So this is not just a coincidence and there must be e some correlation between them. after all the temple stands for Jesus Christ. My first analysis was right on two aspects and wrong on two. I reasoned that the Holy of Holies on earth had four walls but it could only be entered into through one of these walls, the one with the heavy curtain on it by only one person, the High Priest and only on one day, the Day of Atonement. So as Mathew is the introduction to the time of times, Good Friday and into the Holy of Holies it had to be the creature that looked like an ox. It was the blood of an innocent being that allowed the carrier to enter through the curtain. John’s Gospel was about the love of Heaven; ‘ for God so loved the world…..’ it had to be the creature that looked like an eagle and the Gospel for all humanity, especially those who were not equated with the Old Testament, the gentiles. This had to be the creature that looked like a human being and this only left Mark to be the creature that looked like a lion. But Holy Scripture puts the lion first,Mathew, the ox second, Mark, the third as a man, Luke and the four as an eagle, John. So there are very distinct emphasis between the Gospels even though each concentrates on one of Jesus’s attributes. The only place we have access to any and every aspect of our Lord’s nature is in the New Jerusalem where not only each wall has a door but the doors are never shut.

Scholars tell us there was some 400 years of silence from Malachi to Mathew. Certainly enough time for God’s people to fall into a very deep sleep. God did warn His people. Let us ask Heaven ( ignoring which member of the Trinity is being addressed) with a series of questions and answers.

Question One; Your dealings with humanity over time have resulted in very poor results; both Adam and Eve disobeyed you; at the time of Noah’s flood only 8 people saved; even Aaron the High Priest, in Moses time, helped make the golden calf for the people to worship; by Daniel’s time there were only four good people; at your second coming the church was asleep until 45 days before you appeared; after Your second coming for 1,260 years not one person responded to the two witnesses; and what about the time of times which will stun the redeemed for an eternity, the birth and death of Your only Son, how much warning did you give your people about this incredible and unbelievable event?

Answer; The significance of their sin was pointed out to them when they saw Me kill two innocent  animals to cover their nakedness; at the time of the Flood I showed humanity that I will only put up with evil for so long and am quite prepared to destroy it once the limit has been reached; at Moses time I gave them a full and complete set of instructions to obey to keep them pure and as an example of God’s holiness; in Daniel’s time I gave the exact day that My Son would begin His public life in and that would last 1,260 days and He would begin this ministry 1,150 days before He died on the cross so My people knew exactly when Good Friday would occur. Add to this it was very rare for Passover to coincide with Friday any way so they had a date that locked in both events and could not possibly miss it.

Question Two; Over what time period were these warnings given and why the blank periods?

Answer; The warnings were given over a period of some 4,000 years. When not heeded for 3,600 years the only option I had was to try silence hoping that this would make some desire to seek Me in what they believed was My Word.

Question Three; During this time did You send prophets with obvious Divine backing to warn and produce these warnings in writing?

Answer; They had such prophets for the whole time, except the last 400 years. The prophets started with Melchizedek and finished with certainly the most privileged one ,John the Baptist and most could and did perform major miracles but they were all ignored.

Question Four; How could You explain the dual functions of the cross that Jesus had to fulfill, He had to cover our sin and make all sin and evil obsolete when even after an eternity in Heaven we will still be stunned by it’s beauty?

Answer; With the animal sacrifices people held an abhorrence for the taking of an innocent life. They also knew that by taking that shed blood and doing certain things that I told them to do they had met My orders and on the way back home they knew they had a clean slate and clear conscience and they  practiced these sacrifices from the time of Abel down.

Question Five; You knew that most of humanity would hopelessly miss this message and the only thing that made the difference after Your ascension into Heaven was the sending of the Holy Spirit. Why didn’t You send the Holy Spirit to prepare your people for this major event?

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Answer; Sending the Holy Spirit at this stage was not even an option.

Question Six; And why not?

Answer; This matter has already been canvased extensively in Revelation chapters 4&5 and 19:6.

Question Seven; Could you please do a short refresher for those  who require it and for those who don’t they can just skip the following paragraph?

Answer; There are two aspects of Jesus Christ. (rev ch4 and 5) In chapter 4 He is Christ the creator. Even if Jesus when shown in Gethsemane what He was about to go through had said ‘ this lot is just not worth it, I am not going to go through with this’ and went back to Heaven  He was worthy of worship just on the ground that He was the creator of such an immense and complex creation. But once that call of Good Friday had finished “it is finished” He became our redeemer as well. The Holy Spirit could only point to the act of redemption after 3 0’clock on Good Friday. But this does not answer why Jesus had to go back to Heaven before He could send back the Holy Spirit. These are the two stages of involvement of the Spirit; He is sent to anyone and everyone who desires His presence and exhibits His presence by form “X” in our mortal bodies. But our mortal bodies change in Heaven and His presence exhibits itself as form “Y” which is the form of eternity. Please let me explain this using, perhaps wishfully, the personnel pronoun of my experience in Heaven. There is no doubt about when the Lord God Jesus Christ comes the second time. We don’t know whether we lie for one or fifteen minutes in His presence before He takes His own with Him. We do know that all those people who believed in evolution and all those Godless theories now will not be able to say ” there is no God”–I was deceived and whether they get up on their feet one hour or six hours after His departure we don’t know. We do know that just before His coming that He has allowed an incredible slaughter of His people so much so there will only be 288,000 left of which 144,000 are wise and are going to Heaven and 144,000 are foolish and are going to be left behind. I was one of the wise ones but I can’t tell you  how long I laid on the ground before my Savior  but the next thing I know I am in the most beautiful of places. It is stunningly beautiful. If  you were to see it now, and keep in mind we are being shown just one drop out of the ocean, you would physically begin to glow like a glow worm at it’s breathtaking beauty. But unfortunately doubt hits us, we remember that the master invited all to the feast and now He coming around and checking for those who do not have the right wedding garments and we are about to be thrown out.( question of theology- have not these people who are about to be thrown out defiled Heaven which was cleansed on Good Friday?) Our desperate prayer becomes “please just check the person next to me first and give me just one more millisecond in this beautiful place.” Then I not sure whether it was Paul, or Daniel, or Elijah, or whoever  but he points his finger at me and says ( Rev 7:13) ” then one of the elders asked me,’ These in white robes– who are they , and where did they come from?”‘. And you have never heard, nor will ever hear such a loud sigh of relief when he answers his own question ( Rev &:14) ” I answered, ‘ Sir, you know’. And he said, ‘These are they who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.”‘.  I now know my time in perfection for an eternity has begun. I am there only because of the blood of the Lamb and my contribution is zero so I can never be thrown out of Heaven. If approached by anyone, including God all I do is to stick my chest out and point with my finger to Christ’s robe of righteousness. But what about the second stage of the giving of the Holy Spirit? With all this stunning beauty around me I don’t really want to look anywhere else, but it is just there in the background– the earth, it’s  inhabitants, loved ones and my enemies. The very last thing on my mind are my enemies but probably because of my prayers for them they are there and so are their evil deeds, thoughts and the exact places where they carried out these nefarious actions. This has to be leading to something big. I do have a certain anxiety for my friends and loved ones left behind. They don’t realize what they meant and how much I appreciate the good they did for me. It may be just another cliche but they were the ones who were walking in when everyone else was walking out and just the fact they were there, even if they had done nothing, made the difference!. And the offers of money from ones who had less than we! It is quite emotional stuff. They have to be given another chance to go buy that good oil. But why are they so obstinate? Why can’t they see that God’s way is the only perfect way? Time passes; the trumpet calamities occur, at the end of the 1,000 years there is pandemonium when in the blinking of an eye lid the world’s population doubles, the locusts, the crazed horsemen, the third coming , the door of mercy slamming shut on humanity, the full on calamities of the bowls– so much happening! But what is happening all along is that that elephant in the room is getting bigger and bigger and it just does not seem  right that it is the redeemed in Heaven who are going to determine the timetable for the history of the earth. We just happen to demand the fine linen at the right time to make the history of the earth last for 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours. But after re-reading Revelations chapters 18 and 19 I now realise that this is not the case. The determining factor here is that we look down and see the smoke rising from the burning Babylon. This is what sets us off. Babylon had fallen at 3 o’clock on Good Friday on Mount Calvary, and it is only divine intervention that has prevented her from being consumed by the fire she was thrown into along with the other aspects of evil. (Daniel 7:11,.12). It is now that God withdraws His divine intervention that allows Babylon to burn. It is this gaping disappearance of evil that causes us to suddenly realise the elephant in the room. ‘ If You are so meticulous about every single trace of evil then what about the evil that I committed? What suffering did You have to go through to obliterate my sins? How many intentional and unintentional sins did I commit? I need fine linen under this Christ’s robe of righteousness to make it more comfortable if I am going to wear it for an eternity. I need the Holy Spirit to continually point me to Calvary’s tree so I can continually swoon at the beauty of that act of perfect love! Thus we demand and receive the Holy Spirit in a way that was not possible before.

Question Eight; If this is the event that is being described then what signs on earth pointed to and after this event?

Answer: The events on earth are really quite irrelevant. Whether it takes 100 years or 100 million years they and their memories will disappear. All this is happening for the sake of the redeemed so that in 100 trillion years they will not have a doubt like ‘ was every option really employed to bring my spouse to Heaven?’. So we have had the grand finale. The request for and the receiving of the fine linen, the Holy Spirit, realises and shows us the true love of the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ whom the bride now marries. Before they enter their home of eternity there are still a few house keeping things that must be tided up.The first (Rev 19:9), is to show the bride she is nothing very special, in fact all humanity were invited , were blessed with sunshine, rain, children , health, food etc. Only very few responded. We should not be upset by the fact that we were only on the second and third lists of invitations. The first were God’s people, the Jews on whom Jesus focused on 100%. When they rejected Him Jesus moved His ministry to the gentiles, us. It does not mean He loved us less but He has an order and this certainly will never be an issue in eternity. I am just so grateful I will not be going to hell because Jesus has already taken my place there and paid the price. The next thing is that the last traces of evil must now be removed starting with the Beast out of the sea, his false prophet and all those people who either killed us or approved of our deaths— hence the first battle (Rev 19:17-21). Then some time after ( I will have to think how much time after) the final and last battle against satan and his followers, judgement, hell and perfection for the New Jerusalem to descend into which the Bride and Bridegroom will enter already married to live for an eternity. Much of this blog has already been spent on events leading up to the wedding in Heaven. We have already established that Heaven could do no more than it did to prepare humanity for the birth and death of our Lord. This part of the blog  establishes Heaven could do no more after Good Friday so we will turn our attention back to the Gospels to see perhaps the problem lies there, maybe Heaven missed something there?. So the events before the Wedding are crucial  in answering the redeemed question– could Heaven have something extra to bring “X”: to Heaven. This question is of such importance that the validity of this blog is based on it and why my two very good friends, Wal and Val have rejected it as will many other Christians. Instead of 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours between creation and consummation why not 8,888 years, 8 months, 8 days and 8 hours if that meant that extra person being saved?.  So a summary is of order with not just the 144,000 foolish virgins in focus but with all people who have thought they were people of God.

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The issue of Christians who die for their faith has already been addressed as a major topic and is about to be repeated, so you may go to question nine if you don’t want to go through it again. We are addressing the issues on this side of time before the wedding in Heaven. It  is a critical time for redeemed as God must show them the history of every soul conceived, regardless of age,. that it was given every chance to accept Christ but not only did it not do so but conscientiously chose the mark of the beast instead. So we divide everyone into firstly the goodies, who are going to Heaven and the baddies who are going to hell. Within this subdivision there are the living and the dead. The basic rule to be followed is that ‘ the second death is hell’. At the second coming the 144,000 wise virgins and the righteous dead, who are raised all go to Heaven and are no longer considered. So that only leaves the 144,000 foolish virgins, the unrighteous dead and the unrighteous living to be considered or three groups.

Group one the 144,000 foolish virgins are a very special group of people because they were quite prepared to die for their faith rather than receive the mark of the beast and are the only ones who have the seal of God after the second coming. They were called God’s true church and the only way in which they were lacking was they did not carry spare oil in jars. They were not sent on a wild goose chase by the wise virgins, the true church of God, to buy oil with no hope of ever buying it as there was still 1,260 years before the door of mercy was to close, they were given money to buy, what the good oil was was clearly defined for them and sellers were sent to sell them the good oil. The biggest thing in their favor was that there was an active priesthood in Heaven praying for them during the first 1,000 years. They came through the locust plague and the crazed horseman plagues not only not being hurt but with no chance of them being hurt. The message they were supposed to preach and obey was very simple- repentance. This message was not only reinforced by two of God’s greatest prophets but also by the third return of our Lord to earth into the temple from which miraculous signs appeared during the witnesses ministry. Could Heaven have done more to bring these people into it’s fold? Well yes there was still the finale to come. Despite all the above assistance they did nothing and handed back their talent, but still wanted the gates to be open for them so they could be let into Heaven. They may not have had the seal God gave them 1,260 years ago but neither had they received the mark of the beast. So they were not affected by the bowls. (Rev 16:2). As they had neither seal nor mark the battle was on for their allegiance and the beasts won them over by their miraculous signs. ( Rev 16:14). Whatever miraculous signs evil worked God trumped them by many factors, and it was in this case. The sign that Heaven worked was none other than the fourth appearance of our Lord (Rev 18:1,2) and even His personnel appeal was not enough to bring them back to God’s fold. It is also the third Angel’s message (Rev 14:9). Despite the warning of what would happen to them if they insisted maintaining the mark and the blessing if they got rid of it they did not change their  minds. I think it would be fair to say that Heaven could not have done more to save the 144,000 foolish virgins. They joined the beast and false prophet in the battle of the harvest against the rider on the white horse and His armies and were annihilated.

The history of the evil evil is much simpler and shorter as there never was a chance of this lot getting to Heaven. They made no bones about it they wanted nothing to do with Jesus and Heaven. They are split into two groups; those alive when Jesus returns and those who are dead when Jesus returns. The end result is the same- they are both going to hell but the paths they come from are slightly different. The alive ones are better off as they are alive during the 1,000 years whilst the priestly ministry of the  saints is active. At the end of the 1,000 years they are joined by the unrighteous dead so they are both there when the crazed horsemen appear. The actual number of people these horsemen kill maybe in the order of 2,200,000,000 but they petrify many more. The scream of one person being burnt to death by burning sulphur would carry for miles, so those people in their high rise apartments would look down and be petrified. They don’t know when these horsemen will stop these killings and there are 200,000,000 of them doing the killing. The important thing here is that these people would prefer to be burnt to death by sulphur twice, once here, and again certainly in hell rather than repent. That is their choice and God will never take away their free will. The battles that they are destroyed in is the main difference between them. The ones who were alive and kept alive can not go to hell as hell is the second death and they have not been through their first death. This lot is also the same lot that slaughtered God’s people just before His second coming. So it is fitting and just that these saints are the ones, along with their leader on the white horse  return and destroy them, inflicting their first death on them. They will next be judged and thrown into hell. The other unrighteous dead cannot take place in this battle as they have already been through their first death. They will next gather at the call of their leader, satan, and surround Jerusalem where the temple has been standing empty now for some 500 years. There is no Divine fire in the temple so the one that destroys them comes from above.

The interesting and controversial ones are the ones who have died for the Lord and are still going to hell. Is this possible? I am not going to use Adam and Eve as my main two characters but Mary and John. Both have come from a similar background in that they came from dysfunctional conventional families which when they finally broke up resulted in our couple being given to gay couples to be brought up. To both hell was changed into heaven! Whereas before there was hate, violence and abuse now there was peace ,love and care. Both Mary and John are drawn to the Jesus but they have a problem with the Bible’s repulsion and negativity about gay marriage– there is no room for homosexuality or gay marriage it is evil…fullstop!! They both think that God’s “itiswritten”  should be replaced with ‘ because God loves children so much that their welfare should come first. They would be better off being brought up in a secure atmosphere of love even if that meant a gay marriage rather than in a dysfunctional conventional family ruled by hate and abuse’. The best that I could compare their argument to is; While bringing my family up on some distant farm I suffered a heart attack and my wife called the ambulance. When it did finally arrive the driver was dead drunk. So as there was no way I was getting into that ambulance and told my eight year old daughter to drive it. I knew she was competent to drive anything with a motor in it over any terrain and did so almost on a daily bases. As I expected she got me safely to the hospital. So I am starting up a new campaign; ambulance drivers are to be eight year old children. My intention is to replace all drivers with 8 year olds but I don’t emphasize that initially. Well what is wrong with this argument? It did work!. What is wrong is that if a system fails, conventional family, it should be repaired and not replaced especially if it has been the mainstay of society, which the family has been. Look at why it has disintegrated.. it had a bomb placed under it ( intentionally I maintain) and detonated–Little wonder of the result! Alcohol and binge drinking, pornography and promiscuity, tobacco and any and every drug, wars,  greed and every other type of evil and guess what  some families fail! But it is not only those conventional families that fail is it? There is no guarantee that that gay families will not fail. They are the result of all this evil and one of the final nails to be driven into the coffin. Let us now return to our main couple.

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Their faith and genuineness can very easily be established. When Christianity is declared to be a terrorist organisation and the relevant laws applied they are quite prepared to lose their homes and all entitlements rather than give up their faith. They wander the streets cold, hungry and lonely. No one is allowed to associate with any terrorist. When the death decrees are issued for Jesus’s followers they gladly line up and are happy to be one of the first to do. Can you pick any faults with their faith? Well I can’t nor is it my duty to do so, thank God that belongs to one who is capable of seeing every detail and can therefore make a fair judgement. We must keep in mind these people have done nothing wrong; they have not cursed the Name of God, intentionally broken His Sabbath Day, killed anyone etc. all that has happened is because of events that God has allowed to happen to them they have formed a firm view that God’s word as it stands should be amended and as a result of this it will be for the better. There are three different judgments that God can make;

1; Not guilty, no sin was committed.  Where there is no law there is no sin. Their problems are over, they are going to Heaven to spend an eternity in perfection. I wonder how those judges in Heaven would view these and most of Christianity today– those who have problems with the Word of God and make amendments to it.? So when the problems arise in the eternities to come God is going to make these amendments as required. But once Jesus makes His judgement there is certainly noone going to challenge Him. They would not be in Heaven if they did! That sounds like God’s Word is fairly final. Our couple under these circumstances go to Heaven at the second coming or the start of the millennium.

2; Guilty of unintentional sin. But nonetheless guilty and therefore salvation plan B must be invoked.

2; Guilty of intentional sin or plan A is required. Let us follow our couple’s journey with a guilty plea. They are resurrected at the end of the millennium along with all the other unrighteous dead. Straight away they realise that there is something drastically wrong. You don’t need a degree in theology to realise that you are not in Heaven! The world’s population has doubled overnight, the competition for food and accommodation and the many  other problems make them realise this very quickly. Obviously God has made a mistake here, we didn’t do anything wrong! The only thing we are guilty of is trying to bring a bit of common sense into protecting children from abuse! How are we going to make God realise that that is all we are doing! hardly deserving of going to hell. They know Scripture well enough to know the crazed horsemen are on their way and that these things cannot kill them, or any of the other resurrected evil because they have already just come from their first death and the horsemen’s death would mean they must be thrown into hell, but there is still a lot of time before hell comes into play. No their next noblemen are the two witnesses and the third return of our Lord. That is still 260 years away and we will wait and explain our position to His two servants. Somebody has to listen and realise we are right. It would certainly help if John had to reveal the number of worshipers that he counted. If he said there were 144,000 worshipers left then that would mean that God is not counting us or the millions of other people who were killed in His Name and did not go to Heaven. No, this third coming is the final chance for repentance for everyone including us and it does not matter whether we received God’s seal when we came out of the Baptismal font or not. So John’s count must be hundreds of millions and this third coming is not just a charade. So that changes the picture completely if it is everyone’s last chance to repent then it is probably our last chance to repent also, but to repent of what?. If we don’t know we are committing a sin then it is unintentional and that means salvation plan B. But if we maintain our stand for the protection of the children He loves it becomes intentional and we are going to hell! Mary and John are not the only ones who struggle with the Word of God and try to improve on it. They do not realise the properties of the mind Who framed these words.

But the bottom line is they cannot repent if they have done nothing wrong, regardless of how many witnesses come and where they come from. So after all it wasn’t a boil that was festering it was a full blown tumor and it has erupted right in the middle of their noses. Not only have they challenged God but they have found Him to be in Error!! Why can’t they see the absurdity of their position; it was evil that put all that stress on the conventional family ( binge drinking and alcohol, promiscuity and pornography, tobacco, legal and illegal drugs, the removal of punishment and the loss of discipline with children, incredible pressures, such as financial, placed on our families where their is no choice  but for both parents to work) and it is evil that has the solution– gay marriage. It is a good thing these children from these dysfunctional families were not left in a jungle and reared by a shrewdness of apes. they would now be advocating marriage between apes and allowing children to be brought up by these loving Parents!! These people are evil, to challenge |God is evil and their evil hearts will be won over by miraculous signs performed by those demons (Rev16:14). They will not be converted when Heaven trumps these signs by the appearance of our Lord for the fourth time. They will not obey His command to leave Babylon after it’s split and when the armies of Heaven line up after the big wedding, they cannot come to earth as that would defile them, they obey the beasts call for the war. Their fate is very quickly determined as is their final judgment and annihilation in hell.

Question nine; Did God give His people specific warnings what the consequences of obeying and disobeying His instructions would be?

Answer; Many and on numerous occasions. Could He have spell t out these warnings in more detail then He did in Deuteronomy chapter 28. Heaven did all it could in preparing His people for their Saviour and the fact that it’s warnings were a failure did not thwart Heaven. It would have gone through all these procedures  even if that meant only one person was saved. There was going to be a brief time for the greatest ( certainly most privileged) prophet of all, John the Baptist and this was going to be followed by the creature that looked like a lion bursting onto the scene. If the lion can not wake them up then nothing else will. So now we begin with the Gospel of Mathew, that of the lion. When this lion appears on the scene even a sleeping nation like Nicodemus and the Sanhedrin will have to say ‘ Rabbi, we know you are a teacher who comes from God. For no one could perform the miraculous signs you are doing if God were not with him’. (Mat 3:2). And this was right at the start of Jesus’s ministry!

Page 76                                                                    THE GOSPEL OF MATHEW

Verses 1 – 17. I am not going to retype the genealogy of Jesus Christ which only goes back to Abraham and not to Adam like Luke does. They are both genealogies, they are both history. God created the number system and He seems to reserve numbers for Himself and others for evil. Should I look for good and evil numbers in my birth date and other important dates in my life? Yes this is one of many sins that I have committed in my life but it was before my repentance and baptism. Isn’t this what astrologers do and claim to glean so much information from our birthdays? I was in a maximum security jail as a conscientious objector at the time when another prisoner from my city, whom I recognized , came up and asked me what seemed to be an innocuous question–what is your birthday? From this date he gave me a great spurl  of information including very important stuff on what to do and not to do in a maximum security jail. I would be lying if I said I put it all to the back of my mind and it is never used. But satan is there in the background continually and I fall continually. In fact I think I am his prime example of teaching other demons, if that happens. Just watch what a pushover Julius is going to be. It may have taken time for Julius to come to rest but every time so far he has stretched his hand out to to the One above the water and He has grabbed it again. I have no problem with God knowing every one of His one with eighty zeros atoms is in every unit of time but why did He have to give so much of this information to satan?. Since becoming a Christian I know that dabbling in the occult is such a serious sin, along with many others which Christians ignore today, that it was punishable by death under the old system, that it is wrong today and hated by God. So how do you think God expects me to react to this real life situation? Without going into the gory details my friend worked out that I was born under the number nine. This meant many things to him but first and foremost it meant I was born under the surgeon’s knife. I cannot deny this as I have had countless operations but since knowing it every time an operation has come up I have said ‘no thank you, I will put up with the pain”. I still don’t know whether I am doing the right thing or not. Just as an aside can someone tell me the difference between astrology and astronomy? (look to the sky for their information; both. claim to  account for numerous events; both, obtain highly accurate scientific data from these observations; both, do not believe in the Bible; both, try to discredit to the Word of God on every possible occasion; Both, accurately study the position of planets present and past; both. cannot tell us planet earth will be exterminated within the next 24 hours by some massive meteorite; both. make absurd predictions of future events ahead of this 24 hour time slot; both. So what is the difference between them? It must have something to do with …..logy and……nomy.

The reason these genealogies are of critical importance is that Jesus intended to use His people as a way to spread the Gospel to the rest of mankind. He had to be careful that He did not  brake any of the rules and laws He had made or that the Jews thought He had instigated. Because they had to keep themselves apart from other nations they had to know their genealogy even if that contained some doggy characters. This genealogy is from Joseph’s line, even though Joseph was not His real father, and for a Jew only had to go back to Abraham.

Another reason this genealogy is so important, and satan attacks us through  this line, is if Jesus was not fully,. 100%, human and fully, 100%, Divine then Calvary’s tree was of no value and we are just deluding ourselves, as pleasant as that delusion may be. The blood had to come from as high as God to satisfy the condition of perfection- nothing short of this would do. But it also had to flow and wash down as low as humanity- thus it had to be fully Divine and human. Jesus could not just appear as a Heavenly body and die on the cross.

Where as the first creature looked like a lion and represents Mathew’s Gospel to wake His people up so that they can do the work He has assigned for them, the third creature that has a human face represents the  third Gospel, that of Luke. Because it represents  the human race its genealogy, that of Jesus’s real mum traces our origin back to our first parents, Adam and Eve. If that is not history then what is history? If that does not establish that Jesus was a real human being then what does? The symmetry in the genealogies shows that God is a God of order and is fully in control of all events.

Verses 18,19 ” This is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be with child through the Holy Spirit. Because Joseph her husband was a righteous man and did not want to expose her to public disgrace, he had in mind to divorce her quietly.” They say you can’t put pearl before a swine and when this beautiful pearl is placed before swine the result is inevitable. The passage itself establishes the credentials of our Saviour. He is human because of His mother  and He is divine He was conceived by the Holy Spirit. Today so long after His birth satan’s attack is that He never existed, but for a long time after His resurrection satan had two schools–one that denied His humanity and the other denied His divinity. How much was the Holy Spirit involved in Jesus’s life or did He only enter at His baptism? Why did not His brothers realise they had God living with them? Did Jesus get stained by that sin of the Garden of Eden that every human being is stained with at conception, some call it original sin, or not and why not? This clearly is the basis of our Christian faith. If He did have this sin, or any other sin, then He had to go to Calvary’s tree first and foremost for His own sin and then also for for our sins. But if He had zero sin then His act of salvation on Good Friday was the perfect act of love- He only did it because He loved us so much and wanted us to be in Heaven for an eternity with Him. To understand why Joseph was a righteous man one has to know something about Jewish culture of that time.

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Verses 20,21 ” But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said ‘ Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy spirit. She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.'” Jesus’s brothers and sisters would not have known they were growing up with God, only Mary and Joseph knew that. The risk was if they told one other person the word could get out that Jesus was divine and that would have destroyed His mission with the Jews who had to have an earthly descendant. It would have been hard for both Mary and Joseph not to treat Jesus differently to the other children and so the unwillingness of the other children to accept Jesus. What a wonderful privilege it was for Joseph to fall asleep even though he had this mountainous problem and to be given a solution to it by an angel! TRUST! The genealogy as Christians we have to be fanatical about is thankfully very short, Jesus Christ, He is Lord, God, Saviour, Judge, Jury and our loving Father all rolled into One. We should therefore also be able to fall asleep in that greatest of turmoil  ( Sept 11th 2015?) and trust that He is in control. I wonder if we should ask for angelic intervention or will He send it if required!) ?. In the new sanctuary of eternity in Heaven He is the four walls and the four doors into the Holy of Holy’s. Once we have to go past Him, or any other things to get to Him we know there is something amiss.

Verses 22,23 ” All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet ‘ The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel–which means God with us’ “. Today there would be almost countless variety of Christian  faiths varying from no reliance on the Bible, only tradition right up to total reliance on the Bible, given the derogatory term –fundamentalists and usually the objects of scorn. The enlightened, with it variety seems to be those who only use the New Testament and they make it well known that the Old Testament is obsolete. It is considered to be with it even more so if you are a red letter Christian, only pay heed to Jesus’s words written in red letters  in a lot of the versions. So why do some Christians only pay heed to 10%, some 20%, and some up to 40% of God’s Word? It could be;

1; That is what they have been taught by their church. They don’t question, they just pray, pay and obey and feel very comfortable with this position.

2; They don’t want to be the butt of the jokes about fundamentalists. They are ashamed of their Lord.

3; They associate the Old Testament with the Koran and fundamentalists of Islam which is despised by many especially in the west. We can’t have anything to do with the Old Testament all that was done away with by Jesus. Very few would consider me to be a Bible scholar and none would rightly consider me to be a Koran scholar but just because we have similarities does not make us the same. Then we have to consider what parts of the Old Testament that no longer apply to our everyday Christian lives.

Yes, along with Islam we can trace our history back to Abraham and this where the genealogies are important. But they went one way and we went the other way . In our Bible God rejects Abraham’s first son through Hagar, Ishmael,  and accepts his second son, Isaac, through Sarah. The final split was with Isaac’s sons, Jacob and Esau. Again God of our Bible accepted Jacob over Esau but the Koran God took them the other way around. So the similarity stopped at Abraham and they have been diverging ever since. Not that this makes any difference to most people, they just want to mock fundamentalists! I could not think of a greater  privilege than to be mocked for my Lord on the ground that I am a Biblical fundamentalist! But I don’t want to be confused with the Koran lot.

WOW! This is the way I should started my commentary on these verses- WOW!. This is what I did last night. It is the Lord’s Sabbath here and whenever I type On His Sabbath I ask for His presence as Part of the blessings He has bestowed on this day. I typed for over an hour on these WOW verses and not for the first time when I hit the save button it all just vanished! I know that ultimately God is in control of all things including my blog disappearing. I can only think of two reasons why He allowed this to happen; it was detrimental to His Holy Name or satan insisted and got permission to destroy it as it was about to claim one member who he was already calling his own. These verses are two of many in the New Testament (NT) that defend the legitimacy of the Old Testament. (OT). So all they prove is that those Christians who rely solely on the NT and totally reject the OT are shooting themselves in the foot. Whether they are deceived, like Eve or are doing it intentionally, like Adam the end result is the same. They blaspheme and dishonor God.

I started my defence of the OT By following Jesus’s example in Luke (24:13-35). Jesus had met two desperately sad souls who had all their expectations dashed when this prophet they had pinned all their hopes on had been murdered. Jesus could have shown them His shekinah’s  glory and shown them them His open side or nail pierced hands, but He did not. Instead He slowly opened the OT to them. (what are you lot saying who don’t believe in the OT? You certainly cannot start with God as creator then move to God as redeemer!. Can’t you see these two are intrinsically linked? Verse 32 ” they asked each other, ‘Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?’ “. What is your version? ‘After the Big Bang God used evolution to create by chance the immense complexity of life around us. He then realized that evolution was cruel and inefficient and He was supposed to be a God of love so He sent His Son to Calvary’s tree. Not quite heart burning stuff and quite absurd as satan intends it to be.) It  was only after this soft landing that Jesus showed Himself by opening their eyes. But then when was the last time that you had a feast on the Bread and had it broken before you? This breaking of bodies and sacrifices is only OT stuff anyway. Could Jesus even call you foolish?. Verses 25-27 (and this one is especially for those red letter Christians)” He said to them, ‘How foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken! Did not the Christ have to suffer these things and then enter his glory?’ And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the Scripture concerning himself.” Did you notice where Jesus started and how many of the Prophets He used? Quick recap… Moses and the Book of Genesis and ALL the Prophets! which involved All of Scripture.


If anything the OT should strengthen your faith by supplying insights which are not present in the NT like; (Mat 1:22,23). God has had a master plan for Heavenly  home of eternity. Roughly this blog treats it as;

Creation………7,777 years,    7 months,    7 days,   7 hours to consummation. Thus

Creation 3,888 years, 9 months, 18 days, 16 hours CROSS 3,888 YEARS, 9 months etc. etc ie the Cross is the centre of created time or equal time under OT and NT. ( For those following the numbers is that not inconsistent with the seven sevens before the cross which is the 777 Jubilee years  or 777*50= 3,850 years to the Cross and not 3,888 etc Years?  This discrepancy could be it took Adam and Eve 38 years before they disobeyed God, thus making up for the numbers. The OT tells us that it wasn’t just Jesus who suffered indescribable pain, suffering and anguish. God on His throne in Heaven was also engulfed by the fires of Calvary’s tree. (Dan 7:9).

But what these verses tell us is;  Who is responsible for the OT? ANS. the Lord or God. To whom does He give His Word to? ANS. the prophets. What does He talk about? ANS. What is to take place. Does this necessarily mean that these events will happen? ANS. yes. When He gives us instructions does He expect us to try to follow them or just ignore them? Ans. follow them. Thus far I have used verses 22,23 and the road to Emmaus as examples of the NT legitimizing and being legitimized by the OT. They are inseparable, one points to the Cross and the other from the Cross to our perfect existence in Heaven only possible because of that Cross. We are all supposed to be Christians but at differing stages of our walk with our Lord and the longer our walk with Him the more He will show us of His beautiful nature. This does not mean however if our brother or sister is about to walk off the cliff that we do not warn them!. In fact if we do not warn them God will hold us responsible for our inaction. And that applies to everyone who claims to be a follower of Jesus. And please forget all that garbage about the God of the OT dashing innocent women and their babies to death, it has already been covered in this blog. The God of the OT is the same God as that of the NT. He gives every individual and every nation, including His own people, a cup of iniquity to fill and when they fill it He steps in and destroys them. It does not matter whether you are Babylon, Persia, the US or the UK. He will only put up with so much. But why does He not step in before these nations cause all that harm and damage? Well first of all don’t blame God  for this evil. He has allowed it to occur since the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve disobeyed Him and it was they who wanted to know what evil looked like. If God had not allowed them to see what they wanted to see He would have been denying them a free  will,  something He has not done to anyone. To force Himself on someone who does not genuinely want Him and take them to Heaven would be like putting them into hell for an eternity! If God intervened to stop evil occurring by destroying the people there would not be one person on earth! I am glad my God shows so much patience! ( that is not to say I don’t think He shows a little too much Patience towards my enemies at the time. But when I see the big picture He is always right!)

Verses 24,25 ” When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary  home as his wife. But he had no union with her until she gave birth to a son. And they gave him the name Jesus.” The fact that James was Jesus’s older brother means that Joseph brought at least one child from a previous marriage into his marriage with Mary and the fact that Mary had other children after Jesus’s birth does not affect Scripture in any way. It would be lovely if the Lord communicated with us in our dreams but I suspect we would become blarzay about it and its effect would be quickly lost. We should pray that He does do it in life and death situations. (certainly in hell and Heaven situations! e.g  Is this blog right by insisting that only “itiswritten” is acceptable in Heaven and ” I think it should be written this way” will result in hell.)

Mat 2:1,2.” After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the east came to Jerusalem and asked, ‘Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him’ “.

Much has been made of Sept.11, 2,001, Sept11, 2,008 and therefor by extension September 11, 2,015 which seems to have come and gone uneventfully. But this was always qualified by Rev 17:3. ” Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a desert. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns.” If this meeting did take place to lay their nefarious plans then we don’t know that it happened and the first result should be apparent 30 days after it (October 11), and that the latest that Jesus will come back is 1,335 days time ( June 8th, 2,019). But our number could come up at any time and  we must be ready to make that lunge just before that wall of water washes us away.(Daniel 12:7) We don’t have to worry whether our lunge was far enough to grab that hand of the man above the water. He will makeup for our shortfall and lift us up into Heaven to be with Him for an eternity. All we have to do is to make that lunge and it is only His Word that will give us the  faith and the trust to do so. What a beautiful verse is that Romans 10:13 ” for, Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved”. And there are no exceptions! When I first started this blog I claimed its contents were original but I no longer make this  claim. It is about helping to increase your faith and trust in His Word. That mountain of water is already there and is about to roll over us. Satan and the secular world must be up and at full strength to meet and counter Jesus’s second coming. Evolution and millions of years for the age of the earth usually does, but does not have to, take away completely or weakens so badly as to make it useless, our faith and trust in the Bible. Most will succumb and be washed away by that wall of water and it is such a crying pity because only Romans 10:13 was all they needed and they would have been saved!

Page 79

The science and computing I taught my students over the many years could have been given them by the Lord Himself or any number of many ways, but He chose me to do it. I would ask for a connection into the students brain which was usually granted and even though I would not admit at the time that I would have taught those students even if I wasn’t paid that is how well the classes went. And that is my prayer with this blog, that the Lord grants me but one connection to a brain which will result in that person being saved and that we will specifically meet in Heaven and the thrill of this is just unimaginable!! So we must keep refocusing, we must be aware that satan has been given the ability to lead us off that path. As we cross the Jordan of life those exposed stones are not only numerous and dangerous shapes but extremely slippery resulting in many falls. But all we have to do is to keep getting up and keep our eyes on that man above the water on the other bank, which is definitely getting closer!

So who is behind this wall of water that is about to engulf us, or worse still has already begun to engulf us. We just can’t accept that practically all scientists who come up with all those amazing discoveries can be wrong about evolution and those millions or billions of years. They include;

Geologists; who don’t have even the slightest idea where and when the next earthquake  will take place. The area which has just had the earthquake you will find has not had, nor will have one for another million years. All they know is that the Bible is a pack of old wives tales. The evidence and data they look at can usually be better explained from a Biblical view. But God gives you the choice to believe these “experts” over His Word.

Cosmologists, Astronomers ( and astrologists?)  Similarly   have absorbed billions of dollars of public funding and claim to be able to see to the other side of the universe. But they can’t see a meteor or comet that could destroy the earth within the next 24 hours!!! They rely on the daily news to give them that data. And again the evidence and data they collect can be explained from a Biblical view. There are many excellent blogs doing exactly that.

Biologists; These are the ones who get the prize for absurdity. Even if an airbus 380 could form by chance it still would not have life, be able to reproduce itself, look for food and feed itself, repair it’s own defects, adjust the environment for itself etc. But a LIVING CELL, which is far more complex than a 380, can do all these things just by chance! There can be no argument against the absurdity of absurdities!! And again you may  choose to believe this over the Bible. God’s Church is not the only thing that is asleep today — most of society slumbers as it’s rights are being destroyed . God’s Church does not alone hold the keys to conscience but it must be the major contributor as when she  has fallen asleep the other lot have not been able to hold back the tide. God’s Word must also be a major contributor in these equations. The Church is irrelevant and self contradicting, just like the Samaritan Pentateuch became and for the same reasons, the more they change the Word of God to correct ‘mistakes’ the more meaningless the whole thing becomes. “itiswritten” is changed for ‘ I think this should be written” and in no time at all the Word becomes meaningless and contradictory. But that is now the theme of this blog so let us get back onto this track.

The message of salvation could be written on a postage stamp; Jesus saves or Christ alone or just Jesus Christ. But Scripture is about Jesus Christ from the very first verse to the last one and every one in  between. Specifically it is about the demonstration of His  perfect act of love, Calvary’s Tree. If this act is the centre of created time then we have already used  up the half before the Cross (OT), and are about half of the time after the Cross with still approx 1,800 years to go before the New Jerusalem descends from the sky and the newly wedded couple enter their home of eternity. But the question we are struggling with is, if the Cross is the highlight of time then why did so many people miss it when it happened and continue to miss it ever since? The saints in Heaven and earth have to be satisfied that other than removing free will from humanity has Heaven not left one stone upturned in order to save just one more soul. The part we are answering now is at the time of the Gospels, which will obviously carry right through to the end and will be required by God’s people to survive the storms of life.

What I have learnt so far from the Gospel that roars like a lion, in order to wake people up, some have been asleep for hundreds of years, is that satan has to destroy the nature of our Lord– either His humanity or His divinity, either will do. At the time of Jesus if he tried to discredit His existence people would have just laughed. So sofar this Gospel has established both Jesus’s humanity and divinity. Today satan denies that there ever was a Christ nor was there ever any need for one.–Evolution. So if you claim to believe in both Jesus and evolution you have to spin quite a complex story which is both contradictory and meaningless and has to be based on ‘ I think God should have written the Bible this way.’ You must have the perfect act of love, Calvary’s Tree one time being exceedingly cruel and inefficient and the next moment performing an act of love which will stun the redeemed of Heaven for an eternity!! You must have the one who not only knows the 10 with 80 zeros atoms and their position at any and all times, but He actually made each one out of nothing, coming up with a cruel guessametric  method of trying to assemble them!

The other things this Gospel has taught me so far is about Jesus’s sinless nature. He did not start with a sin that every human being begins their life with, Adam’s sin or original sin because He did not have a human father where this sin originates from. It has taught me that Eve’s sin was unintentional and had no repercussions. This blog has already her fate…salvation plan B. If that was the only sin Eve committed she would not have gone to Heaven nor would she have gone to hell. It is a pity that not one human being takes advantage of salvation plan B, when it comes to the crunch each accept the mark of the beast. Thus Jesus’s act of perfect love was for us and us alone, He had no sins of His own to suffer for.

I have learnt how important genealogies are and how short is the genealogy of every Christian. JESUS CHRIST. With His life He covers our sinful and sin-filled humanity and with His Resurrection our total existence in Heaven. Unfortunately these two events must be connected by His suffering and death. Thus I am now allowed to begin my prays with ” our Father who is in Heaven, glorified be your Name…..”.

I have learnt how important the OT is in relation to the NT. I pray that the Lord will give me the ability to make people’s heart burn when I use the OT to explain it’s relationship to my Saviour just like Jesus did on the road to Emmaus to those disciples.





























From the few comments I am receiving I don’t think people realise that this blog is covered in a NEW site called– The Revelation of Jesus Christ (Chapter 2)

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