The Daily Sacrifice

The starting dates for both Daniel chapters 8&12 is the abolishing of the daily sacrifice.The churches readiness is determined by the daily sacrifice. This blog will have little meaning to most as they stay away from blood, violence etc. It looks like the article on chapter two has died despite many efforts to resuscitate it. There are two blogs following this one. The bottom one is the first or introduction, this one is the last one. I am going to do a quick revision on that paragraph of page 78 of the last blog and correct the mistake of the length of the last church by beginning the dating where the Bible begins, the abolishing of the daily sacrifice, and not the end of the 1,260 days of the reign of the beast out of the sea. Thus

chapter 12;  days of beast out of the earth;


Chapter 8 days of the beast out of the sea;


Day 1; the abolishing of the daily sacrifice. ( and the topic of this  new post).

Day 30; The beast who had the power to kill God’s people but not the intent exchanges it’s evil powers with the dragon that had the intent but not the power to kill His people. Both now have the power and the intent to kill God’s people, but the beast out of the sea being the senior partner gets the first 1,260 days.

Day 1,150; But after only 1,120 days he does a backflip and restores the daily sanctuary service! There are actually four issues involved, not just the separation of good and evil but this must be confirmed by the other party. So not only does the beast put his mark on them (passed, fit for battle, will never be a problem) but God must disown this same group ( Heaven could not have done anything extra to save this lot, they are without excuse) at the same time. Likewise when God personally quizzes His own and like Peter when He asks them ‘do you really love me?’ Their third answer in the affirmative confirms them as God’s people ( never any more back sliding just forward and onward). But the beast also looks at them and says ‘good riddance to bad rubbish! You would have caused untold damage. I am after quality not quantity’. So how does all this happen?

God’s standard is; washed by My blood, spreads the Word and is prepared to give up their lives to be with Me ( Rev 12:11). Satan’s standard is; these people will be required to fight  an almost unwinnable battle with me against the rider of the white horse and his army in Heaven. To say they have the high ground would be a slight understatement, but they have. They can launch their attack at any time so I have to be prepared 24/7, an almost impossible situation. This is where the quality of the troops count and not quantity. I can’t have any of them grumbling, let alone deserting let alone turning on each other during the battle. I used to think Genesis was the foundation of the Bible, and it still is but it is also the key to that foundation if there is such a thing. All the above problems are sorted out with the creation account in the Book of Genesis.

If satan, or the beast really want their true believers to be separated from the others, then they are going to have to tell the truth, if not for the first time then very rarely. They are going to have to come good, we have another Piltdown Man, a forgery, this one makes our other lies pale into insignificance! The earth is not millions of years old but thousands, just what the Bible teaches!

This truth would not make much difference to his troops with his mark. Even in the heat of battle they are not likely to say ‘ if we had been told this truth we would not be here, we are out of here!’. Satan would reply ‘it’s my lies or God’s Bible, so there is really no option for you lot. Even after Christ appeared to all at His second coming you lot deleted this memory very quickly and replaced it with evolution. That is why I have my mark on you and that is why I am so sure about you lot, you can never dessert me you have nowhere else to go!’.

But to say the red letter Christians are shocked would be an under statement in the order of saying the rider of the white horse held the high ground over the beast and his armies on earth! They are so grateful for God’s abundant grace and patience and desperately want to repent for their despicable behavior. They were blinded and worn out by all those ” good deeds”, an abomination in itself. They were about to follow the advice they should get a trained sheep dog to help with corralling those little old ladies across the busy streets! But now they turn the pages of Genesis and it’s beauty contrasts against the stupidity of their previous ideas. No wonder there was such a chasm between and God. What was absurdity is now wisdom.

It will be interesting how satan reveals his fraud for the age of the earth. With Piltdown man I think it was the age of the ink that started the ball rolling but once rolling there  were innumerable number of fallacies any one of which should have turned on red lights and exposed this thing for what it was..a tragic fraud that changed the world. And it was most supported by the theologian! Their knowledge of science had to be superior to their knowledge of the Bible because it was zero. What amazing similarity do our times have with theirs?

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The old age bus can best be described as shonky and wonky and could fall apart on any ground.I can compare it to a Volvo I once had. While climbing Mount Victoria Pass in the Blue Mountains I was pulled over by the law. It seems that I had shattered the constable’s theory on how clouds were formed; he thought it was warm air rising over the mountains but now he finds that my oil burning Volvo was the culprit! I think that the wheel that will fall off will be the one called radioactive dating. It is a pity so many people believe in this as creationists have many reasons why this is fallacious.

The journey of the red letter Christians to black letter ones is the subject of this blog. All I can say is that the daily sacrifice is restored in their lives. But with the release of those imprisoned (Rev 13:10), together with the blood that was shed (Rev 13:10) and these sincere Genesis reading red letter Christians for the 140 days of their existence, God still count His church as being asleep.It is only when the midnight call goes out on 1,290 that the church wakes up! Why does a beast’s facetious call ‘ here comes the bridegroom, come and meet him’ wake up the church? why not before ?

DAY 1,290: CHECK MATE. The fact that the church is shocked proves that the Bible was right in calling them asleep. Not only has evil won but good has lost. It seems impossible as everything was going so well! If this wasn’t the most productive 140 days in the churches history then it certainly was in the top few. What else could have gone right? The events;

1; The sanctuary service was restored.

2; Those held in captivity released to seed the new church.

3; Satan has admitted Bible’s account of creation is the right one.

4; People reading the Bible and being converted in the millions.

How can all this add up to a total defeat? What was the specific check mate call? It does confirm that it is all over rover and evil has triumphed. ‘ The bridegroom is coming, come out and meet him’. (Mat 25:6) It should also be noted that this call is made at midnight; a time of minimum light but not no light. This also does not appear to be correct as today most Christians are eagerly awaiting the return of our Master. So why does God count you and me as being asleep?No points for guessing that the daily sacrifice is involved or that we have underestimated the beast out of the sea and became complacent.  For evil to triumph four events must occur;

1; Christ must be removed from the earth’s surface, every trace of Him.

2; Antichrist fills the void.

3; Every trace of good must be removed, including God’s people, dead or alive is irrelevant must be removed from the earth’s surface.

4; Only people with the mark of the beast left behind.

So number 3 must be popping out. Jesus is coming back to get His own, living and dead. Even if the dead died 6,000 years ago Jesus knows every atom in their body whether that atom is a part of the air, water or land He is going to collect them to take them back with Him. So after His second coming there will not even be one atom associated with good left on the earth.

Once we can trace the removal of the last trace of Jesus Christ it would be automatic that this void would be filled by the antichrist, the one we have spent so much time in tracing, in Mathew ( 24:15).

In the first Christian church Emperor Constantine did not join it so he could put padding under old people’s backsides at the Colosseum to make them more comfortable. He could see that after 250 odd years of brutal persecution the state was getting nowhere, in fact they were going backwards fast. So he decided that if you can’t beat them, then join them and destroy them with internal heresy. Before you can destroy them with heresy you must give them a doctrine first then obliterate it. This he did with the Council of Nicaea ( the Nicaea n Creed, still in use today) to establish our creed and the Council of Laodicea to destroy this creed. ( Pulled the foundations from under all our creeds by destroying God’s blessed day) This is the model that the beast out of the sea was following. But he had many more items on his agenda than Constantine and time was a more pressing factor. As I spend time on typing this blog if I am given a further revelation I do not hesitate to add this information or to make corrections. This usually results when I finish a section with a question and put up what appears to me to be a plausible scenario. I go and think about it and publish any further thoughts I may have had. I have been trying to trace the midnight call from the word go and have added much. So it is with the next example:

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It was right to try to follow the abomination that causes desolation of Mathew 24:15 but it was wrong to assume that this was the minor player, it is not. It (he) is the junior partner with the beast out of the sea who is the minor player, but the beast out of the earth is the major player. This could be why Jesus only warns us against this beast, plus the fact Jesus could not warn us if we were asleep. So the beast out of the sea reestablishes the daily sacrifice and gives them their basic doctrine as recorded in the Bible. He has already tried to kill all the Christians beforehand and he must be surprised how many come out of the woodwork after his initial slaughter. This is his exact intention; bring them out so they can be destroyed , (point 3)

When the abomination that causes desolation ( so it not just the violent removal of the temple foundation, but also all good has to be destroyed), or the beast out of the earth appears everything has been set up for him. To say he has a busy schedule would be a Biblical understatement. He knows that there were 288,000 who started their run at the right time when they saw the abomination standing in the Holy Place and made it to the mountains. He knows that they are there but it will just have to wait because he has far richer killing grounds to deal with now. He would have got to them had not God cut those days short for the sake of the elite. I can see why he has to establish evil on this world and then try to claim it as his. He must have already forgotten that he was pulled out of the fires of Calvary’s tree on Good Friday and resurrected, so he is now where he is only by the grace of God. But why should he try to kill every one of God’s people? God will come back to collect His own regardless whether they are in solid, liquid or gaseous form.Why is it so important to him to want us in a dead state when Jesus returns? If God wants to test His own by asking that question ‘I died for you so that you could be with Me for an eternity, are you prepared to die for Me so that you could be in an eternity with Me?’. That is God’s problem and not the beast’s. All he knows is that time is desperately short and if he mucks up the agenda that the beast out of the sea has arranged for him to carry out he is in deep trouble.

The Book of Revelation was written some 2,000 years before these end day events were to begin to occur. It’s structure is based on the fact that there would be a first fruit. ( see Rev ch 14 for discussion) It is also based on the fact that the majority of people will have neither the seal of God nor the mark of the beast, thus salvation plan B. But what is of interest are the people who receive the mark of the beast–their mine.

The complexity and beauty of God’s creation beggars belief. We have just returned from 4 days in God’s beautiful creation. To stand there and have 3 or 4 king parrots, Rosellas or lorikeets (?) land on me was memorable indeed. The fact they could decelerate and stop in an instant was remarkable, but what was stunning was their colours so beautifully arranged. What I saw was just one drop out of the ocean, if that. For the complexity of what is around us ( The tiny bit that we know of it) would take more than one with 6 zeros (million), or 9 zeros ()billion) or even 1000 zeros years to occur just by chance, and most evolutionists, certainly grade 1 & 2 , would know but not acknowledge. So when the beast out of the earth presents them with the missing link, a fossilised  human skeleton they will not have the old age scenario to back them up. Satan has admitted that the Biblical age of the earth is correct. So now they will have to accept all this happened in the last 6,000 years. They do accept the worship of the image and are gratefully marked as “mine” by the beast. The only other alternative, the Biblical one is not even on their radar.

The evolution they accept strictly defines Christ-Word- Creator out of existence. There is no need for Him, just look how quickly everything has just evolved! We thought it could happen in billions of years but it works out it only takes thousands! Once there is no need for a creator then Christ-Word-Redeemer becomes meaningless. So that only leaves Christ-Word-Written, which may be right about the age of the earth but it’s description of creation and salvation make it meaningless as well. So the need for Jesus Christ has been removed and this void is replaced by that abomination of Mathew ( 24:15). So the beast’s call ‘checkmate’ was correctly made.

So now we return to the daily sacrifice or it could also be called the ‘midnight call’. There is not much point me pointing to you and asking ‘ why are you asleep’ when I am asleep also, in fact the whole church is asleep. Why do I only wake up when I hear ‘ the bridegroom is coming, come out and meet him’. Have I not Scripture and know the good days will only last for 140 days? Do I not know that these days will end with the call ‘checkmate’? Do I not know that at that instant everybody’s fate has already been determined? Am I not a black letter Christian standing on the truth of God’s word? When there is something I don’t understand in His Holy Word do I look up and say ‘here we go again, another mistake’ or do I ask Him to explain these words so that His Holy Name is glorified? Will I not prefer to die rather than even have the role of His Holy Blood diminished let alone be replaced  with satanic blood.? If Jesus asks ‘are you lot leaving me also?’ would I not reply like Peter ‘ Lord I have nowhere else to go”. Do I have any doubt that there are any imperfections in Christ’s robe of righteousness which was sealed by His congealed blood and is to be given to me?. Does He not know down to the finest detail the trash that that robe is to cover? Can infinite love ever turn me away?

With my search for the abomination that causes desolation I have gained much, and no doubt still much to gain. If am around at that time and all my scenarios prove to be wrong they still have been of advantage because my mind was open and may now correctly pick up the correct signs. So it is now going to be with my search for the daily sacrifice. As with my search with Mathew I could be accused of plagiarism and very shallow depth of coverage and both charges unfortunately are right. If this blog brings one person to Jesus then it would have been worth writing it. I desperately do not want to be accused of what I accuse so many pastors ( latest Natham, 6’0clock service…..)  to make a presentation that causes more harm than good because of my ignorance. Your presentation on the creation-evolution topic was pathetic and I could have taught those king parrots more in an hour than you presented!

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As I look on page 124 of my NIV Bible study I see what appears to be a courtyard with a building at one end. How does this picture relate to Jesus Christ and to an eternity? There are four regions; the building is split into an inner and outer room and the courtyard is split into inside and outside the fence.

Area one; the inside room where there is the direct presence of God and is called THE HOLY OF HOLLIES, or THE MOST HOLY PLACE.

Area two; This room is attached to the Most Holy Place and is used for preparation for entry into the Holy of Hollies and is called the HOLY PLACE.

Area three; Inside the fence, the enclosure is the area for believers.

Area four; Outside the fence is for the nonbelievers.

If the above picture is correct then eternity must be at least 25% simpler. As there are no nonbelievers there is no need for a fence and so there are only three areas; new Heaven, new Earth and the new Jerusalem. There are many similarities and dissimilarities between earthly and Heavenly sanctuaries. To compare them we will have to be continually be referring back to Revelation which should give us a better understanding of that book, the whole idea of this blog. For example briefly comparing the Most Holy Place to it’s counterpart in Heaven the new Jerusalem; both are cubes of Divinely calculated dimensions but the Heavenly one does not require a roof as evil does not exist and therefore cannot defile it; both can only be entered into via the Holy Place but the earthly one has only one entrance but the Heavenly one has four entrances. (Why) . God’s full shekinah’s glory exists in both but in one only the High Priest could enter and only once a year but we live full time in the other.( Why?) Why would we ever want to leave God’s presence and go and explore the earth or the heavens outside? By analysing  The earthly sanctuary we are following our Masters advice to study the thing of this earth first before attempting to understand the things from above.

As I am about to be called away and before I begin my version of the ‘shuffle theory’ could I stop and say few words about the day which we are celebrating, Christmas Day. Today’s Christian church is in decline and it’s light gets dimmer and dimmer as we approach midnight, a time of minimum light. Like Jesus’s disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane our eye lids are very heavy but that does not mean to say that we cannot fight that sleep and get off that exponential drop and be the brighter lights in that waning sky. Let us resolve not just to celebrate this one day but this one next nine month period. If we contemplate and study and pray over the marvel of this event for 9 months continually we might be called ‘wise’ like those wise men and we may even see Jesus. At our awakening we may even be classed as the wise virgins.

My version of the shuffle theory is that at the cross at 3 o’clock on Good Friday all the Tabernacle sections moved in by one. Four became three, three became two, two became one which is Heaven. So if we were believers before the cross we have moved via that torn curtain into the Holy Place. So we are now priests and part of our duty is to offer the morning and evening sacrifice, amongst the many other duties we have and into which we are about to delve.

This could be a very lengthy journey. To cut it back I will only quote essential texts so you will have to have your Bibles at hand. I am also only interested in how these texts relate to Daniel, Mathew and Revelation. God has manned many excellent sites out there to clarify issues such as the young age of the earth, has starlight had enough time to reach the earth, mechanisms of Noah’s flood, the apparent contradictions within Genesis and the many other problems. Most creationists accept today that there were some 4,000 years from creation to the cross and 2,000 years since. This blog makes the case for another 2,000 years to fit in the events described in the above books.

Specifically the case I make for is that it was 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours from creation to consummation, with the cross being the dead middle of created time. ( That was the full stop at the end of Revelation chapter 4). To the nearest year, it took Adam and Eve 39 years to commit their first sin which began the sacrificial system; Calvary’s tree was on the 77th Jubilee (77*50=3,850 + 39=3,889 or half way through time, + 2,000 years to the second coming + 1,260 years to the witnesses and the closing of the door of mercy +629 years for the bowls to the end or another 3,889 years. Total = seven sevens. I was surprised and continue to be surprised how well this blog explained Daniel’s 1,260 years of chapter 12.


I am not sure whether my creation friends are saying that no respected creationist believes that the date of creation can be worked out then unfortunately I have to drop out of the respected creationists ranks. If that call ‘ it is finished ‘ is taken as the dead center of created time, and it is the dead center of eternity then God began His creation acts probably at 6 pm on Saturday night. ( year half of  seven sevens). After 12 hours, 6 am, He created 12 hours of light. ( = 24 hours or Sunday) His creative acts  continued on a 24 hour cycle until He got to day seven. This was 6 pm on Friday night when He began the celebration of the first Sabbath with His first church. ( 2 members called Adam and Eve). Let us compare day 1 of creation with the first trumpet and the first bowl.

I have already stated that the trumpets are only partial destruction ( one third destroyed) because the door of mercy had not yet closed. Once it had closed the plagues became full on like tipping a bowl of destruction on something.I have also stated that the trumpet plagues could not take place whilst the saints prayers were active in Heaven and passing through Jesus’s hands at the altar. It was only when these prayers were bundled up with the fire and incense into the censer and hurled back to earth that the angels could begin to sound their trumpets. It was this censer that pierced the abyss and released satan at the end of the millennium that caused our first problem; the release of satan was the fifth trumpet, so what happened to the first four trumpets? I worked this out on a monthly basis and showed the the first four trumpets were indeed sounded in quick succession. The star  that fell from Heaven was only given the key to the abyss after the fourth trumpet was sounded. So what happened in trumpet one and how was related to day one of creation?  It has also already been pointed out that creative acts were done in love but His plagues were done in wrath.

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For God to create day and night there had to be some object spinning  ( the earth) with a light shinning on one face, day and night on the other side. It is this earth that is the object of God’s wrath in the first trumpet. By now unfortunately it is inhabited by trees, grass and animals and these are destroyed along with the earth. The forces of destruction are so intense that they vaporise the blood of these animals and the vapor returns with the hail and lightening.

The property of the bowls is that when they are poured out God’s wrath will be complete. So the screws are really tightened, this is God’s full wrath that is poured onto His first day’s creation. But the earth is only unlivable for about half of the population, those who have the mark of the beast. The other half may not have the seal of God but neither do they have the mark of the beast yet.


This blog takes the history of this planet earth to be 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours of existence. ( In future referred to as 7*7 time units) This history begins with the most difficult of all statements ( Gen 1:1,” In the beginning  God created the heavens and the earth” ) and finishes in like manner ( Rev 20:11, ” earth and sky fled from his presence, there was no place for them”.) So one end was the creation of something out of nothing  (in love) and the other end was the destruction of something into nothing ( in wrath) . Just because I don’t understand what each of the 4,000 odd parts do in my automatic gear box or the thousands of reactions in photosynthesis do does not mean that they don’t work and work very well. They do. The problem is my ignorance but it has not yet become arrogance. So there are many creation scientists who understand these processes at a much higher level which is comforting to me to know that that there are such explanations that exist but they are of no real value to me. So I must ask the Holy Spirit to explain what is written but at a level the Spirit knows exactly how low it is.

So I go back and for the nth time and paraphrase the first 24 hours of creation onto which I can attach days 2,3 etc

“At a certain time, God’s timetable I decided to bring space into existence ( the Heavens). Into this space I placed the earth. Because the force of gravity was operating on  this earth, mostly if not all water was spherical but with no features. The first 12 hours was darkness but I was present with my new creation in a form you don’t understand. I am present with My creation in this form today but if asked to I can also be present in My light form where there can be no mistake when it is displayed. If fully displayed It would kill anyone in it’s presence. After 12 hours I also turned into part of My light form but separated these two apart from each other so the light became a source that shone on one side of the earth, leaving the other side of the  spinning earth dark and a day was the time required for the earth to experience one full rotation.

” That evening, Sunday 6 o’clock, I started moving one sphere of water away from the main body through the created space. ( probably as far out as the edge of the universe to mark the boundary of God’s creation.) So now if we move from this outer layer we would first pass through deep space, then space and finally the atmosphere arriving at the surface of the ocean.”

So trumpet two could have been the partial destruction of any of those three objects; the waters above, those below (the sea) or the space between them. This trumpet targets the sea by throwing a mountain into it resulting in a third of the creatures dying, a third of ships sinking and a third becoming blood the consequences of which are difficult to imagine. They are more fully explained in bowl two. There are any number of volcanoes today that could accomplish this feat.

The second bowl did not just make the rest of the sea blood but blood like that of a dead man. The stench would be unbelievable and everything died.

DAY THREE TUESDAY  ( actually 6pm Monday to 6pm Tuesday)

At God’s command the waters gather ( the sea) and land rises out of the water (the dry land) resulting in waters running off the land as rivers. On this land a bewildering array of fully grown trees and vegetation is produced, food for future animals and humans.

The great star of the third trumpet targets the above rivers and make a third of the water bitter and poisonous causing many to die.

In the third bowl all the water becomes blood, there is no drinking water left. It wasn’t just in last days that people were thrilled to see God’s people die and they expressed it in both deed and word. This has happened to His people all throughout history, evil has been delighted at the letting of God’s people’s blood. This will now give these people food for thought especially if the blood is like that of a dead man.


God creates all the lights in the sky and the sun takes over as being the chief source of light to the earth, including its day-night function. The reason for creating each of the lights is given. I will address the Heavenly host, the angels, separately.

The fourth trumpet attacks these Heavenly creations and a third are affected.

The fourth bowl is an intensification of the above trumpet and major discussion on this has already occurred. It was the basis of Revelation chapter 17 and thankfully explained the three times used Scripture ‘ now is not’.

Page 6


This is where the correlations seem to unravel. It seems to be saying by God that ‘ I cannot be with you all the time.’ So far God has created our homes, our yards and our food supply but now I am really going to turn it on and create something that you will have to stand back and say ‘wow’ and spend marveling on and want to keep company with. (not that trillions upon trillions of stars or trees and flowers are not a ‘wow’ factor. So now we get into life that is companionship with humanity. Why didn’t the New Jerusalem come down where we could be in the direct presence and companionship with God? The obvious answer is that timeline which has come from eternity has its presence in the Garden of Eden, will not be destroyed until Good Friday and obliterated when the fires of hell burn it off. Only then can the New Jerusalem come down to the new earth. So God’s plan has the contingencies for the creation coming off the rails. There are many TV shows showing part of the beauty of birds and fish of the sea. Unfortunately Satan will not allow the glory that is God’s to be attributed to Him.

So now we come to the ‘woe, woe, woe trumpets’. We must be expecting something big because Scripture rarely repeats it self three times. The next 12 verses of chapter 9 of Revelation give us the details.

The consequences, the release of satan are major as now the march towards the door of mercy closing have begun. As was pointed out in the main blog that this was the last minor trial before the big one. Sometimes when God sends a minor trial and we respond correctly it averts the big one. But sometimes it is just the preparation for the big one as is the case here. Many would say that being sting multiples of times is hardly a minor trial but compared to the crazed horsemen it is.

The sixth bowl is these released forces of evil marshaling their armies for the battle of Armageddon. So it was a God made event that caused them to gather their troops as He alone is in control of every atom of every nanosecond of time. The fifth bowl was an extension of the suffering of the fourth bowl.


God now completes His creation firstly creating the higher animals, the vertebrates and mammals and finally the pinnacle of His creation and in His image, MAN. ( Generic term and includes male and female. Gen 1:27.

The sixth trumpet is the crucial trumpet and just like its corresponding day everything is finished by the end of it. the seventh angel lifts his trumpet to make that announcement, ‘its all over’.

But when at the end of the sixth hour on the cross Jesus called ‘ it is finished’ was it finished as in the sixth day of creation or the sixth trumpet or for that matter the sixth bowl?.

DAY SEVEN  SABBATH OR SATURDAY   ( actually sunset Friday to sunset Saturday).

Genesis 2:1-3 ‘ Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array. By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. And blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done,’ How important are God’s blessings to you? What day is the holy day? Who blessed it and for what reason? Does God want you to try to obey Him? When was the first Sabbath established? Who kept the first Sabbath? What actual day of the week is Sabbath? Has there been any new species created since this time? Are there any acts of creation taking place now? Who is the master designer and builder of this vast creation? All these are answered by the above verses.

By the seventh trumpet ‘everything that God had announced that would happen through His prophets’ had occurred, the door of mercy had closed and Heaven breathed that great sigh of relief because Jesus had sat down on His throne.

The seventh bowl has similarities to 3 o’clock on Good Friday and will still form a major part of this blog.

So now we return to Genesis chapter two and the Garden of Eden for more details about the pinnacle of God’s creation; Adam and Eve.

Many Christians compare the Garden of Eden to Heaven of eternity, the New Jerusalem but as has already been pointed out it is not. One is ‘very good’ the other is perfect, one has the tree of knowledge of good and evil the other does not. One has day and night the other does not. One has partial access to God the other does not are some of the differences between them. But starting in the middle of this spectacular vegetation two trees stand out and are given a name. The tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. ( TKGE).

Beginning with the TKGE. Good and evil have always existed but their time lines were never parallel, but almost so. Now they are about to meet in approximately 4,000 years time they must be converging; and they are in this one tree. This blog uses the fruit of this tree to be grapes so it has a good form; unfermented grape juice used by Jesus in the celebration of His last supper and to be repeated by us to represent His blood and a bad form; the curse of humanity, alcoholic wines. I don’t know where Eve got that bit about not touching the grapes as being forbidden and what would have happened had she only just touched them, but the command was not to eat them, to make them an integral part of your metabolism. The first offence they committed was to disobey God and the second was to make evil an integral part of their metabolism and there was only one solution to the above evils ‘ for when you eat of it you will surely die’ ( Gen 2:17). You must fizzle and sizzle in a particular fire that just does not convert solids into gases but something into nothing.

Page 7

Just a quick look at the other tree; the tree of life. It was the reason why Adam and Eve when thrown out of the garden were barred from reentry. If they were allowed to reenter and eat from this tree they would not have ever died and evil would have lived forever. It is this same reason that satan was thrown out but not barred from reentry into the Heavenly realm ( until after the cross) . Satan was and is spirit and therefore had no need to eat of the tree of life. (nor could he?) Just think of the unthinkable; evil conquered good on bad friday, how long would creation last for before self destructing?

The basis of the Holy Trinity is love but the basis of the unholy trinity is mistrust and hate. We know that the beast out of the sea turns on and eats and burns the beast out of the earth. So that only leaves the dragon and the beast out of the sea behind. We  know there is mistrust between them because satan only transfers enough authority for this thing to do the evil he wanted done ( Rev13:2), to destroy God’s people. If they had equal power and they turned on each other there would be nothing left. If one had only 1% more power than the other it would still result in a desolate world. But would there be a tree of life in this world? Would it last forever? Thankfully there is no such scenario. Our Lord and Master has done it and it was accepted as perfect by God Himself. It is also a part of our 9 month resolution to pray and contemplate the beginning of this beautiful act of salvation, the birth of Jesus. And the tree of life is in our home of eternity, the New Jerusalem. So we now return to Genesis 2:17.

Rather than comparing just the Holy of Holies to the New Jerusalem we should also include the Garden of Eden in this comparison. In the New Jerusalem there is at least one tree of life and it appears as if we have to eat of it’s fruit at least once a month. Whether this is the literal picture or a symbolic way of saying we rely on God  is quite irrelevant as it amounts to one drop of the ocean, which is ‘ and they shall see his face’.  From the description given by God the Garden of Eden was a magnificent place  ( words like; all kinds of trees, pleasing, good) to be measured by the square mile rather than by the acre. But Adam and Eve still had to return to the middle of this garden once a week or once a month or whatever to partake of the tree of life. This was compulsory but what was not compulsory was them entertaining any thoughts about the tree of knowledge of good and evil, as both trees were in the middle of the garden.

Satan could have chosen any animal to communicate to our first parents to; cockatoo, cat, chimpanzee but he did not need to experiment, there was one one which stood out in it’s craftiness; the serpent. At first he had to build up rapport with our first parents. He blended in very well with the tree and got onto speaking terms with them so well they did not even question him when he made his evil suggestions, in fact both thought it was a good idea. This blog assumes satan used approximately 40 years for rapport building and has a heavy emphasis on what happens to people who sin unintentionally like Eve and intentionally like Adam.The result is they now knew the difference between good and evil. They had committed evil on two grounds; they disobeyed God’s command and they had now contaminated their sinless bodies with evil. There was only one solution to this problem; ‘ you will surely die’.

The evil had two manifestations; an earthly one where they became aware of their nakedness and a Heavenly one where they had broken that bond of infinite love with God. Thus we have two solutions, two Testaments and two sacrifices.

When you hold your naked baby or child for bathing or changing or whatever purposes you can be stunned by the beauty and complexity of what you see, some even go as far as realising they are holding the pinnacle of God’s creation and look up and say ‘ thank You for this wonderful gift’ with tears in their eyes. But others could look at this same child with lust and evil. Thus it was now this change that  occurred in Adam and Eve. Their fix to this problem, covering with leaves, as is today what the majority of humanity does is of no value and not worth discussing. It is God’s two stage solution that we now look at.

This blog makes the case that God killed two goats and used their skin to cover Adam and Eve. This was only the human solution but they were still thrown out of the garden, out of God’s presence. So the human solution involved:

1; Selecting an innocent being.

2; Taking the life away from this being by shedding it’s blood.

3; Using the skin of that being to cover the nakedness.

No doubt God would have shown Adam and Eve the above processes, their eyes began to open as to what evil is and how it can only be conquered. God’s last church will be shown the full extent of that evil ( Rev 13:4 ‘ Men worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast and asked ” Who is like the beast? Who can make wake war against him?” ‘. They had not seen anything like this, there was no death or suffering in the garden. To see these cute little animals suffering as their innocent blood drained out of them would result in shock beyond description. Surely evil can’t be that evil ! They had that daily reminder from those skins that they wore that it was. All the above amounted to nothing when compared to the Divine requirements of covering our nakedness, of restoring that bond to God and His infinite love.

Before attempting that gigantic step just some reflections ( next paragraph )  This blog has now run for 12 months and even taking into account the down days and the save attempts that did not save I cannot say I have tried my best. This has nothing to do with my salvation which was achieved by Jesus on Good Friday, it is an attempt to tell others about it. But how can I tell you about salvation when I don’t know know what it is? How can I tell you to wake up when I am asleep myself? The problem is that salvation is an attachment to the blog of life rather than being the blog of life. I am attempting to right that by bringing Jesus on His birthday into my heart and with daily bread from Heaven watching Him grow. This did not seem to happen whilst He was an attachment. I have been a ‘keen’ Bible student for well  over 20 years and He did answer a lot of my questions. When I got to the Book of Revelation I refused to accept it was going to lead to much more confusion. It was the last book and these were my questions and if this book did not answer them they would have to remain unanswered. I  confidently approached this book to be my source of clarification and not just another source of confusion. I cannot say I have achieved this goal but I am a lot further down the track now than I was at the start of this journey. I can also say the same thing about my search for that abomination that causes desolation that Jesus warns us about. I can’t say that I have had regrets about not stopping at 14 pages, the length of my original blog. I would have stopped there if it  wasn’t for those comments of encouragements. But now we come to the topic of salvation, that real mountain in front of us and I very sure that is the reason why God counts me as being asleep, because unfortunately satan is right when he says to me JESUS CHRIST are just words, they have no real meaning to you.I am following my master’s advice the same He gave to Nicodemus in John 3:12 to try to follow the earthly things before attempting to reach for the stars. Jesus only had to point Nicodemus back to Moses and the bronze statue, He did did not have to go back to the Garden of Eden because all that stuff about Adam and Eve, the serpent, their sin, God’s reaction, the killing of the animals and resulting history was old hat…. Nicodemus understood the old sacrificial system very well, his problem was to translate it into the new sacrificial system, Jesus. If I had remained a SDA member for longer I have no doubt they would given me a proper understanding  of the earthly sacrificial system but I left before that training and am going to have to go back to those basics in Genesis. I take the tree of good and evil as a grape vine ( it may have been a tree then) and the grape as evil right up to the time it is denatured; it is boiled and concentrated by evaporation to kill any bacteria or enzymes capable of converting sugars into alcohol. It was the unfermented grape juice that Jesus made in the feast of Cana and it is this juice was was passed around at His Last supper. It is fermentation or the possibility of fermentation, just like yeast in bread that makes it evil.  So whether the grapes they ate had any enzymes or alcohol on them is irrelevant they were evil and both ingested and digested evil which became a part of them. In this light, an earthly light God’s reaction ‘if you eat from this tree you will SURELY die’is not so much over the top as it apears in the first instance. Disobedience would brake God’s bond of infinite love and they would contaminate their bodies with evil, which can only be destroyed by the fires of hell. If satan had not won Adam and Eve over in 40 years he would have tried for another 400 then 4000 years – he never gives up! His greatest success is when we are most vulnerable and actually believe his most powerful weapon– MODERATION.– of course we are moderate drinkers, just don’t try to take this drink away!. So as we return to the main blog we have already covered events up to our first parents eating the forbidden fruit. Significant texts from chapter 3;

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Verse 4; Most churches today side with satan and call God the liar. They also say ‘surely you will not die” then give a list of options of why you won’t die, like you will go to purgatory, or Heaven or hell or anything else but you will not die. But God was right when He said ‘surely you will die’ and you will remain dead until either the start of the millennium when the righteous rise or the end of the millennium  when the unrighteous will rise. So prayers for the dead are of no value neither are monetary contributions. They are dead.

Verse 5; Knowing good and evil is highly detrimental and will not continue in Heaven once the fires of hell are extinguished. Why would you want to know and see the fruit of satan’s labour? (  people slaughtering each other, rape hunger, theft etc)

Verse 6; The woman must have had her eye on this fruit for some and being distracted from her husband took advantage and ate. It was foolish to gain knowledge about evil. Like many today she was deceived and God did not hold this against her. Adam instead of calling out to God ‘ you must appear immediately because the woman has just eaten the forbidden fruit!’ Adam’s calculation was very deliberate ‘it’s either the woman or God” and we know who he chose. The evil immediately penetrated their souls and bodies and they realised they were naked.

Verse 7; Sowing fig leaves hid nothing and they realised this so they hid. Today many churches use fig leaves ( fig tree is the symbol for God’s church and people) and I think they actually believe they are hiding their nakedness. The fig leaves vary from denying or ignoring evil exists with its accompanying attacks on those fundamentalists, fanatics, zealots who say it does, right up to the greatest blasphemy and heresy ( on equal footing to replacing the symbol for the blood of God with alcohol), righteousness by works, putting our filthy rags on the same plane as the works of our God, Jesus Christ. ( or probably worse still implying Jesus’s robe of righteousness was not perfect.)  All these and more are successfully keeping us away from what this blog is working pray-fully towards that heartbroken, anguished, tormented, suffering, blood splattered face with His arms outstretched inviting any and all to join Him, He has done all the work required by none other than God Himself. There is a step before this in His Holy Book, where He killed two animals and used their skins to cover our first parents. The distance between these two steps is so huge that it can only be achieved with divine help and only if we have a sure step to step off, the Old Testament.

Verses 8-13; They realised that their remedy for covering their nakedness was inadequate, and Adam said so but I  still find it most reassuring that even though they had severed their bond with God they could still hear Him coming and speaking to them. So they could offer their (our) pathetic and illegitimate excuses but they were also open to God’s counsel, whether they believed it or took notice of it was their chose. And so it is today . It is also consoling that God joins us where we are, even if we are well off the beaten track and gently leads us back to His correct one. Thus He joined Adam in his secure hiding place once Adam gave away his position. ( so Adam thought). The blame game started right back in the Garden of Eden and is still well alive and kicking today. Just wait for the tirade I am going to release!

Verse 14; But we come to what may not be our first step in the Gospel but it is certainly a very difficult one. Serpent, Garden of Eden , up and onto the serpent that Moses held up in the wilderness on a pole, up and gigantic step to Jesus Christ on that pole.

Evil appears to have had a major victory. As the timeline passed through Heaven it took a third of the angels with it, including satan himself. This in itself contaminated and defiled God’s dwelling place necessitating its cleansing in the future. It caused major damage in the garden when through satan it turned the pinnacle of God’s creation against its maker. Eve ( unintentionally) and Adam, who had no excuse chose satan to follow over God. The people God made to have fellowship with Him chose God’s enemy, satan. They blew everything and they blew it badly, and just like if our parents erase the family fortune it doesn’t just affect them, it also affects all the offspring so our first parents actions destroyed our inheritance of all who follow. The only saving grace at this stage is that there were still 67% of the angelic host left and the tree of life kept hope alive on earth. Our first parents were thrown out of the garden and locked out because it remained holy.

But evil really had no victory as is shown by the regrets, certainly of our first parents. They would have done anything to reverse that tide but it was too late. Eve’s rewards for her uncontrollable desire to know what evil was were desire and rule over her by her husband, and greatly increase in pain in child bearing. Adam also scored the booby prize, he was going to have to come out of retirement and work his intestines out until it killed him. The serpent moved from the top of the animal kingdom to the bottom but it is of interest what happened to satan ( still disguised as the serpent).

Verse 15; As dejected as our first parents were when they were thrown out of the garden into the outside world they had the major ray of hope with them and no doubt it carried them through many tempests as it should also carry us. God had announced the plan of salvation to them. God put hatred between satan and Eve and between satan’s offspring and the offspring ( singular, Jesus Christ) of Eve. Thus Jesus’s genealogy is of critical importance and it has to be traced back to Eve . So Adam and Eve knew that in God’s time He would send a Savior to crush satan’s head ( an injury that must result in death)  but satan would also hurt Jesus’s heel. Eve’s regret on how her outright stupidity had changed the course of history for humanity developed into a deep hatred for satan and this would have influenced her about how she brought up her children. She could not expect any help from Adam. From the sound of it Eve continued to blame satan for his deceit and hated him for it. It is very consoling that God did not blame Eve for the apocalypse in her life. So it would no doubt be the case today with all those red letter Christians. They are deceived and when the error of the age of the earth is pointed out to them red letter Christians will become red faced Christians. The whole world fell for Piltdown man but at least there was something clever and crafty about him. This can not be said about the ‘evidence’ for the age of the earth. It’s  strongest feature is that everyone bleats in unison, There is no singular trigger for the chorus. The chorus is attached to any and all observations  ‘millions of years ago…’. When these Christians are shown the garbage that they put before the Word of God they like Eve will hate those who deceived them.

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Verses 21-24; Adam’s sin was of a different nature. We have to get this reasonably right because the second Adam, Jesus Christ had to reverse these evils. We have already begun a discussion on God clothing our first parents and this theme must be much more fully developed. Adam’s sin was deliberate. It has to be in the category of those who not only receive the mark of the beast but are simultaneously labelled by God as ‘ foolish and without excuse.’  God only labels Adam as knowing good and evil and not Eve. So when Eve handed the grape (s) to Adam he saw the alternatives clearly. He saw she had done the wrong thing. Had he been there he probably would have stopped her as he had done on numerous occasions. But that point had passed, if he called God down he wasn’t sure what God would do to Eve; kill her? throw her out of the garden? something different? ( he would not be aware of salvation plan B)  Whatever happened he would probably be left alone in the garden by himself. So whatever the consequences were he decided to side with Eve in her disobedience to God. This is exactly the same as people siding with evil in last days; whatever the consequences. So if this analysis is correct then good is siding with God and evil is deliberately excluding Him.

We must spare a thought of the irony of Eve’s choice. She wanted to know the difference between good and evil, be like God and not ever die, she bombed out on all three. No wonder she was so upset at satan deceiving her!

With the angel and the flashing sword being placed at the entrance to the garden (only one as in the Most Holy Place) it was going to take a very special person who met specific requirements who would be able to reenter this garden let alone bring humanity along with him.


Verses 1-7; Eve’s hate of evil has already been established. No doubt she tried to pass these feelings onto her children, but even in the first two one was evil, Cain and one was good, Abel. And so it is with many parents today. We can’t treat all our children the same, some are sicker than the others, different temperaments, abilities, etc but we do the best we can, yet with such varying success. So we have to feel for Adam and Eve. They both wanted to see evil and to see one child kill the other was way more than they had bargained for. But now for the two sacrifices that Cain and Abel offered.

Where did they get the ideas of sacrifice, how were they to be carried out, where, when? All these could only have come from Adam and Eve. But how did they add 3+7=10, correctly. They both clearly remember their horror when they saw God killing those two beautiful cute goats and their blood pouring onto the ground. What and why was God doing this horrible thing? It didn’t take long for God to show them the answer. To cover their nakedness for which they had no one to blame but themselves. There was no question that God’s covering was more superior to their fig leaves. But the brilliant ray of hope they carried, and they both heard God say was ‘ Eve’s offspring would crush satan’s head  although he would not come unscathed out of the battle.’ As both Adam and Eve lived to 900+ years shows their physical constitution to be a factor of ten better than ours. If their IQ was also 10 times higher and they had direct access to God there certainly would be something there to be admired. But we can counter their superiority. We have the continual presence of God ( not just in the evening) in the form of His Holy Spirit and speaking to us through His Word, the Bible. So let us see what happens when we add 3 onto 7?

The answer to the solution is twofold; moonlight plus Sonlight, or Old Testament plus New Testament or earthly plus Heavenly things. The moonlight is so weak when compared to Sonlight we would not usually have wasted our time trying to study  it unless it was the Sonlight Who  told us to do it and even went further and said ‘you have no hope of understanding the solution unless you begin with the moonlight. I wonder how close the following goes to paraphrasing Adam and Eve’s discussions:

” God definitely told us that the serpent would have its head crushed. So he will pay the consequences for the evil that  he has done us, it is only a matter of time. But who is going to crush his head? It will be one of your descendants. So as not to miss this Savior we must instruct our children and future generations to keep an eye out for Eve’s descendants, Adam’s descendants should confirm they are really irrelevant. ( Thus Mary’s and Joseph’s descendants). One way-point is hardly enough to mark this monumental event, there has to be others. That one way-point is really only saying that satan and his offspring will be destroyed, what about our restoration back into that lovely garden which we both so foolishly surrendered? The only thing we have to our full restoration to God’s presence is the killing of those two innocent animals. Some horrific event has to take place similar to this. The bond of God’s infinite love that we severed could only be restored by God Himself satisfying infinite standards of which we do not have the slightest clues about, except they exist and God is not the only Person to know them but is the only Person capable of knowing them, let’s just call them divine rules. So a possible scenario could be: God kills an infinite being, uses that Holy Blood to wash us of our sins and covers us with His perfect covering. More specifically, THE VICTIM

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1; Must know and volunteer to go through it. He must say something like ” I love you with an infinite love and would consider it a privilege to take your position in hell so that you can spend an eternity with me. Mark 14:6. The woman anoints Jesus to be be our representative in the death and burial soon to follow and when the disciples reprimand her Jesus says ‘ this is a beautiful thing she has done to me. I love you so much and want you to be in Heaven for an eternity with Me I consider it to be a beautiful thing to be chosen as your representative’ .

2; Must be chosen and anointed by God, as Jesus was at His baptism.

3; Must meet requirements as to an off spring of the woman, Eve. ( see Luke’s genealogy)


1; God Himself had to be the controlling agent. He had to hand His Son the cup Who could chose whether He drank of it.

2; The above actions had to meet Divine requirements as set out by God Himself. It was His law that was broken and He alone knows what the penalties are.

3; The shed blood had to fall from high enough to be Divine but reach low enough to wash humanity. Jesus had to be fully Divine and fully human.


The covering which resulted from the above processes had to be perfect in the sight of God as it was to be worn for an eternity. Our first parents worked out a far superior scenario to the one above, but what were they to teach their children and future generations? Their coming Messiah was the only light they had in the darkness and under no conditions were they to miss it. They could not do any better than what God did, they killed an innocent animal (S) and offered its blood as a sign of repentance and pointing to the promised Savior and His real blood that would grant repentance.

So the sacrificial system began with Adam and Eve and it is now what we are following with Cain and Abel It may be a poor representative of Calvary’s tree but it is a start. What we require is to be able to at least see part of the attributes of God. We can see a part of His power by looking at His creation… it’s mind boggling! It doesn’t matter where we look, stunningly beautiful and complex even though sin has contaminated and removed large chunks of it. Even the basic particles of nature, proton and electron are mind boggling!. The most pervasive force in God’s creation, gravity is not even on the list that is how little we know about it! People who attribute this complexity to chance, it just happened by itself, God labels as foolish and without excuse. But with God’s nature it is different. The master surgeon is capable of showing us some of His beauty, Heaven.

To find this treasure is like finding any other treasure, because it is so rare and hard to find it will require much searching. The surgeon will not open your eyes to it if He causes you more harm than good. He will not show you Heaven if once you have seen it you backslide and go back to your sinful ways. You are better off not having seen it at all. By opening your eyes to it’s beauty He will have done you more harm than good. The charge of apostasy when walking in sight is far more serious than the charge of apostasy when walking in faith. So the problem is entirely ours and God can only work with what He is given.

What I find  incomprehensible  is, and it  is probably because I rated Eve so highly, how stupid she was. She placed her existence on satan’s statement ( Gen 3:4) ‘ You will not surely die’ well;

A: Eternal life was not satans to give, it was God’s gift, so it was a lie. ( you wouldn’t think so when you look at many churches doctrines today)

B: Eve already had eternal life and she traded it away for mortality. How stupid is that? That grape caused her to lose control of her senses and it continues to the same thing throughout society today!.

Who were satans offspring? Clearly they cannot be the same as the woman’s offspring who were the result of a union between man and woman. Satan is a spirit and cannot have sexual intercourse, certainly not whist being in another dimension. What about if he becomes a part of our dimension? those children born in Noah’s day?  Even if it was possible I don’t think this is what is being referred to here. Satan is out there performing his nefarious actions 24/7. The only time he will be out of action is during the millennium, right out of the picture, when his offspring will have to take over and without their leader they are useless. The world goes through 1,000 years of its most peaceful existence.

So if we are to use the analogy of woman producing offspring then satan producing evil must result in more evil being produced. Satan can only produce evil if we respond to his call and go out and perform that evil. ( ie. the evil within us responds) If we don’t respond by going out and doing the evil he wants us to do, then satan has not produced any offspring! So this could be a way of saying that God will not only produce a conscience, make more righteous, in Eve but also in  the nation she becomes the mother of? But isn’t that all humanity?

Not really. This blog has often stated that the Bible is only about three things; the Bridegroom, the Bride and preparing the bride for an eternity. So the special laws that God is about to give will only apply to His people to keep them pure and separate form the surrounding heathen nations.

Adam was different, he saw good and the bad he had done. He like God could see that the drop from the good cliff was very high indeed and that the journey back up could only be accomplished by God Himself. Like God he could see the road back to God involved three stages:

1: Select an innocent, beautiful being to be sacrificed. What was this alluring, appealing, charming, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, elegant, exquisite, fascinating, fine, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful, grand, handsome, lovely, magnificent, marvelous, pleasing, pretty, splendid, stunning, superb,adorable, agreeable, alluring, captivating charming, winsome, enchanting, engaging enticing, fascinating, glamorous, interesting, inviting, magnetic, mesmeric, provocative, awesome, awe-inspiring,breathtaking, wonderful,exalted,fearful, formidable, impressive,majestic, mind-blowing, overwhelming, acceptable, well-chosen, excellent, presentable, darling, delectable, precious, superior, heavenly, rapturous,lovely etc, etc being going to have to give up? IT’S LIFE. The above adjectives may begin to describe the sacrifice if it were an innocent lamb or goat or bull, but they cannot begin to describe our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. It is not blasphemous to begin to compare Jesus to a lamb because it is the best analogy that exists and God allows it in His Holy Word. It is the things of this earth that Jesus speaks about. All it shows it how poor moonlight is when compared to Sonlight, but it is certainly a start and that is where Adam and Eve began from and from which they taught both Cain and Abel. Clearly if we are to step from here to Jesus we will only be able to do this with divine assistance and only after we have studied the things of this earth. We cannot believe the things from above without this prerequisite.

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2: Shed it’s blood. We have come from comparing the painting with the painter, the pottery to the potter and the created to the creator but even as poor and weak as those analogies may be they do not compare to the breakdown of the analogy between the blood of a lamb and the blood of the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us. His precious blood may be many things that will only become manifest when we are in Heaven but one attribute it does have amongst all those others is that it contained blood like ours. He made us specifically to be in His image.

There are many times I walk away from this blog discouraged and complaining ‘ You tell us if we ask for daily bread that you will supply it so that we can glorify Your Holy Name. But then You expect us to talk about subjects for which there are no earthly concepts and therefore no language to express them!’. But the answer that comes back is ‘ it is very simple and you don’t need Heavenly concepts and language to express them. All you need  is Genesis 2:17 ” but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die” ‘.  You can’t get any simpler then that! If you disobey Me you will surely die! There would be no problem if that death was the ‘pass away in the dead of night with a beautiful smile on your face. It certainly would have made life and death for Jesus much easier. So the answers we are looking for is in this simple verse; Disobedience, death but what about the skin God got from this death, isn’t that why He killed those innocent animals?

So far we had to  stretch symbolism in order to compare the Creator with the created, and it was a far bigger stretch to compare the blood of a lamb to the Blood of the Lamb Who takes away the sins of the world but there cannot be any comparison, any analogy and the Bible makes no attempt to compare perfection to earthly symbols, regardless how important they are. So there is no comparison between the skins that God got from those two animals He killed to cover Adam and Eve and the skin of perfection. that Robe, that Jesus Christ obtained for us when He called ‘ it is finished ‘ at 3 o’clock on Good Friday. There was nothing else He could add to this Robe for the remaining 40 days that He spent of earth. This blog has assumed it was this moment, that full stop, the most important full stop ever recorded in human history, that one that ended Chapter 4 of Revelation and began Chapter 5 where Jesus Christ was not just worthy of worship as our creator but worthy of worship even more so because He had just become our redeemer. This Robe of perfection was now available to any and all who wanted it, with it’s amazing price tag; FREE!!! And here is the most fundamental difference between Roman Catholicism and Protest ism. To Protestants it is the gravest of all blasphemies to think we can contribute in any way towards that Robe; it is putting our filthy rags and efforts on the same plane as that of the Blood of God. We summarise that act of being given the Robe of perfection for an eternity as a free gift to beings most unworthy of receiving it by THE GRACE OF GOD.

So the analogy holds up reasonably well; In the garden God killed two innocent animals by shedding their blood, then took their skins and made a covering out of them to hide Adam and Eve’s shameful nakedness.

On Mount Calvary God killed His only Son, Jesus Christ, by shedding His precious blood and used that perfect robe of righteousness that Jesus wove to cover human frailty of anyone who wanted to spend an eternity with Him. ( there are still many details that have to be added as we make our way through the Old Testament) . The problem that remains is that neither the Jews nor Adam and Eve could use nor had any concept of the covering of the goats which could not be analogized to Jesus’s Robe of perfect. So what were they sacrificing?

If Cain and Abel got their knowledge from our first parents then Adam and Eve knew;

a; God was going to send a Saviour. They did not know when but they had to be sure that whenever that happened their children were ready for Him.

b; We are not told whether it was they or God Who instigated the sacrificial system as a way of preparing and staying alert for this Saviour’s arrival . We are told that God approved of it. So the sacrificial system began in the garden and not at Mt Sinai some 2,500 years later. The first Sabbath also was celebrated in the Garden of Eden and was attended  by the first Church; God,Adam and Eve. But critics say there is no record of the second Sabbath, or the third etc. True. It was reinforced at Mt Sinai and Jesus died for the Sabbath Day giving confirmation to its continuity. We also know that the ten Commandments became operative in the Garden of Eden.

c; We know that they knew they had to select an innocent being and kill it.

d; They were aware of the concept of first fruits. You take and offer to the Lord the first born in the flock and that of the field as gratitude for allowing the harvest to come so far and praising God whilst gathering the rest of the Harvest.

e; They were aware of offering fat as an offering, although we are not told it was burnt. The fat is essentials plus excess and it was the excess for which they were grateful. We are not told whether they realised that the fat was harmful to eat.

So the offerings of Cain and Abel stand for the two offerings of today: God’s way which are obviously acceptable to God  and our way which are not acceptable to God. Cain’s offerings are offered by the sleeping church and Abel’s offerings as the woken church and the theme of this blog. So our first stage of waking up is to realise that God is very meticulous in setting parameters and wants them adhered to, regardless of whether we understand the reasons behind them or not.

There are many spokes, sermons and blogs with the label ‘ Cain and Abel ‘ and providing they point back to the hub Jesus Christ they are all worth reading and contemplating. But this blog is not about summarizing what others said and thought. It is the journey of one person who asked ‘whatisitwhichiswritten?’ about certain questions which he asked because they were important to him. the two issues for me about Cain and Abel are:

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One; The critical importance of blood in any sacrifice . In fact without the shedding of blood there cannot be any forgiveness of sins ( Heb 9:22) . The blood of Jesus should be the subject and the object of our daily studies and existence. It is only because of His blood that we are acceptable to God. There is no other reagent in existence which could have accomplished this wonderful feat, or even began to do so. So as we offer our daily lives to God we confidently already know that they are acceptable to God and it is only because Jesus has already shed His blood on Calvary’s Tree. In fact any offering or petition we make at the foot of that cross ascend through that High Priest, Jesus Christ, and pass onto God to be answered only because of the blood that Jesus shed. So our daily sacrifice should first and foremost hold out the blood of Jesus. It is only history now that that blood was accepted by all participants in Heaven and on earth in that most beautiful chapter of Revelation five. If there was anyone who knew of the importance of blood in a sacrifice it was Cain, which brings me to the second issue.

Two; The critical importance of doing anything God’s way. We are only going to realise this when the midnight call goes out and the church wakes up. ” here comes the bridegroom, come out and meet Him”.  We are actually going home! If you claim this call is not going to wake you up as you have lived your life with the expectation of this blessed event then either you are delusional or the Bible is telling lies. ( again probably). For the rest of us we are in differing degrees of slumber but still trying to meditate on what that daily sacrifice entails and praying when we do wake up that we will be counted in the wise number of virgins, the foolish are a dead loss. It could be that we are shown the beauty of the home we are going to that wakes us up. It is then that we realise that ” so this is what You have been preparing for us? How foolish it was of me to try to correct or add to or change what You have been doing for us! Please forgive that utter nonsense!” This is the waking up process, realising how foolish we were trying to tell God how to arrange the furniture in Heaven! We have been that two or three year old child telling its parents how to do things because they do not know what they are doing!  Instead of accepting that God knew why He was placing this particular piece of furniture in this place we were telling Him it would be better off over here! We have been trying to improve perfection! So the realisation, the waking up process is to begin to grasp some attribute of God of His perfection. Any attempt to add to or change is blasphemous and sinful but God realises He is dealing with three olds and takes this into account. But there is a time when we will come of age!

I have been away attending a series of meetings where some issues arose. One was if satan had not sinned in Heaven and Adam and Eve also had not sinned would that mean the evil timeline would have continued for eternity and therefore Heaven would have remained defiled forever? The answer is that the question is a non entity, it is a non starter because good and evil, right and wrong, light and darkness cannot coexist for perpetuity, one must destroy the other. If volunteers are being called for then put me in the light army to fight darkness. All we have to do is to invade their territory and we have won! They not only have to invade our territory but they must kill our photons! I don’t think that the victory that good won over evil was that simple. This could also be a part of why there are only two stages in earthly sacrifices, the covering with skin is missing. It was a matter of touch and go. The first stage was always a certainty: Jesus Christ would stand up and say ‘ I love this people so much I am prepared to give up my life for them if that is what is required to have them in Heaven with Me.’  The second stage was also a certainty: The blood of Jesus was powerful enough to wash away every one of our sins. It is with the third stage that we now struggle.

Before I begin with the third stage of salvation ( called plan A, with plan B, victim shedding blood alone was the theme of Revelation chapter 14) it is time for mea culpas again. In algebra if  A+B=D and the values of A,B & D are correct then the equation is said to be correct. So if I introduce C; A+B+C= D the equation becomes incorrect for any value of C other than zero. This is not the case in Bible study, the equation actually becomes more correct. This is called progressive revelation and is the whole aim of Bible study. The mistake I made was to say A+B= D was the only solution possible. This is incorrect. I got carried away with the euphoria with having page 1932 open in front of me with Revelation chapters 4,5 and 6.

If you don’t want a rerun of chapters 4 and 5 then the blog will start with ****. The first stunning feature is that full stop at the end of Chapter 4. So on the left hand side we have Christ worthy of praise as our creator FULL STOP Christ worthy as our redeemer on the right hand side and at 3 o’clock on Good Friday. This blog places that event at the centre of created time. ( 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and seven hours divided by 2 which itself brings up an interesting point about creation which I have already said most creationists do not believe). Surely this must alone place a question mark on what most Christians believe: that the paragraphs and verses have not been added under inspiration. Would God allow a hap hazard addition of punctuation to His Holy Word so as to add confusion and chaos to it? Hasn’t He gone to great trouble to maintain the integrity of His Word against those satanic assaults? If you were correcting the punctuation what other corrections would you make? Can’t you see that you are that three old child correcting your perfect parent? The next thing that thrills me is that any prayer I pray to Jesus acknowledging His awesome qualities was already actually in Heaven one second after 3 o’clock on Good Friday and it was part of the chorus that included all Heavenly beings and a great effort is made to ensure all the redeemed from Adam’s time to the last saint being admitted  into Heaven are included. So not only are the prayers of saints included  but they are in golden bowls full of incense. But this party in Heaven is really in two stages: For those in Heaven it is over; their beloved Master has won, His suffering is over in fact it is finished. But they along with the saints will not be able to breathe their last breath of relief until that door of mercy closes, 1,260 years after the second coming. So the outstanding feature is with what unison all creation, certainly that of eternity, accepts Jesus as our redeemer and ‘worthy’. The closest parallel that I can think of is Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:2 trying to express what he and at least eleven of the apostles happened when they fell in front of the Lamb ( Rev 5:3). They would have discussed  this issue on many, if not every occasion they could as it was what put them onto that narrow path from which they could not even begin to be deflected. Paul says there are no words to express what they saw. The others do not even begin to bring it up. If they all made an issue out of it the Gospel would sound like some airy fairy identity way off this planet and just a waste of time trying to relate to it. It is not. It is Jesus Christ who has sent the Holy Spirit to guide everyone to accept Christ’s redeeming blood. Everyone has sinned and everyone will SURELY die under conditions which are the opposite of Heaven and therefore cannot be expressed. So you can either experience that death yourself or Jesus can take your place. His Spirit is available 24/7 to any and all. You may go into the Baptismal font as Cain but it will not be for the lack of pleadings of the Holy Spirit that you remain there. It will be your choice.

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**** So in this euphoria I concluded that Christ’s robe of perfection was also completed. This is not correct. Jesus did not present this robe for inspection by God until after His Resurrection. So Christ’s robe of righteousness is made up from the life,death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and not Just His life and death. He had not presented His robe when Mary tried to touch Him on Resurrection Sunday but after  He had presented it and it had been accepted as perfect He had no problems with people touching Him. So Jesus at least did not think that it was a foregone conclusion that this robe would be accepted as perfect by God. But was that the only time things were touch and go and could have gone either way? It was God the Father Who handed God the Son the cup of iniquity to drink of and it was God the Father Who decided whether Jesus had drank all the drops that were in that cup. There is still obviously much left to be studied on these topics.

Eve’s jubilation that with the Lord’s help she had brought forth the man, that savior that God had promised them in the garden were cruelly dashed when Cain murdered Abel. Like any parent she would have desperately tried to find an answer where and when she went wrong with Cain. I make no attempt to psychoanalyse Cain other than to Use the Biblical standard; God’s way is good and any other way is evil. Cain knew God’s way and chose to ‘improve’ on it. He knew what he was doing was not acceptable to God and he could see Abel right along side him doing what was acceptable to God; blood sacrifice. He chose rather than to change his evil ways to get rid of Abel and his righteous ways. Thus his evil ways did not become good but still the best available, as there was no better standard to compare them to.

Today God’s church is divided into these two camps; the evil Cains and the righteous Abel’s. It is going to be the attacks of by far the largest camp, the Cains that is going to be the cruelest and the hardest to bear. You see they like Cain are going to try to push the fruit of the soil line, which is unacceptable to God, over the blood of the Lamb doctrine which is acceptable to God. They are going to say ‘God is a god of love and beauty so just forget all that blood, death, suffering and all those gory things like sacrifices! Just concentrate on His love and go and do the good that Jesus did. ( other than that bit where He was crucified thereby manifesting His love) . By ignoring the blood sacrifice of Good Friday we are in a very deep sleep indeed and so busy doing ‘good’ ( Have you tried to herd a flock of little old ladies over a busy road and not at least lost a few of them?)  that we don’t realise that we are indeed asleep. It is important to realise however that the Cains against us fall into two groups; those like Eve who are deceived and do not know what they are doing but also those like Adam who know exactly what they are doing… they are taking God’s favour away from you. Having been weaned right off disobedience, sin, suffering, blood letting, death and covering there is no better place to begin to get reacquainted with these subjects than Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and the introduction to the daily sacrifice.

But God is going to allow the Abel’s of this world to be killed for their beliefs. It is not that we ignore the grain of the field. We still should  offer the firstfruits  with gratitude for all of God’s interventions just to have got so far ( Cain just offered what and when he thought was convenient) and then pick the rest of the harvest with similar thoughts. It is just that our focus is on coming under the umbrella of those outstretched hands attached to that bloody body. That was not defeat, it was victory. It would have been defeat for us if there was no blood splattered face and nails tearing through flesh, He had saved Himself but we would have been lost. He transferred our sin, suffering and hell onto His perfect body, that is why He looked so pathetic and such a mess and we will not have to go through this same fate. It is only by contemplating about THE CROSS that we begin to appreciate some of the enormity of God’s love and not by helping little old ladies across highways. That is the reaction to the action of Calvary’s Tree.

I find God’s reaction to Cain’s murder rather muted. In our days we may have two types of Cain: those like Eve who were deceived, the red letter Christians who like Eve will scream ‘ I was deceived’ when the fraud of old ages of the earth is exposed. Their seeking of the red letters of the Bible is replaced by looking at their red faces in the mirror. The simpler the fraud the redder their faces. But Cain does not fall into this category but into Adam’s category; he knew what he was doing was evil just like satan has his agents scattered around the world scattering his seeds of doubt. They like Cain know the evil they are doing and they like Cain are evil personified, regardless of how well their sheep clothing fits them. Many a parent has struggled with the question why one child turns out so good but the other so bad. Chapter 4 of Genesis may give us some answers. Certainly God’s reaction is interesting. The crime has been recorded and vengeance is called for. Some where, sometime somebody is going to have to pay the penalty for this horrific crime. But it is now the reaction of the ground that soaked up that innocent blood that we have to struggle with in relation to Calvary’s tree.

I used to think that comparing Jesus to Moses, Joshua, Daniel, Abel or anyone else was blasphemous, you can’t compare the creator with His created. But this is not so and Jesus Himself said He wanted to be compared Moses’s bronze snake in the dessert. So what can we glean out of Cain and Abel to help us in our understanding of the daily sacrifice and therefore Jesus Christ.

Cain was a wealthy farmer to whom both quality and quantity  of harvest was no problem. He attributed his walk down easy street to God. This is shown by his reaction when he was cut off from God and kicked off his land. ( Gen 4:13,14).. ‘ it is more than I can bear’. He like Abel knew the rules but chose to do things his way: what to sacrifice, how much to sacrifice and where and when to sacrifice. He thought that God should be thrilled to be included at all in Cain’s thoughts and His rules and regulations were irrelevant. ( sounds a bit like Christianity so called today? but not for the next bit) The problem was that he knew God did not approve of his actions and He told him so, but He did approve of Abel’s sacrifice. How much of his evil was jealousy we are not told but the result was he murdered his brother.

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When, not if, we commit our heinous crime God obviously already knows our answer and He frames His questions in two different forms, both designed for a response of repentance. The first is like to Adam “where are you Adam?” where He expects a part honest answer, ‘ I am over here hiding’, followed by a tirade of pathetic excuses, ‘ of course I would own up and repent if it was my fault but You can see for Yourself that even with some of the excuses that it can’t possibly be my fault’ But if He asks you ‘ where is your brother?’ then He expects complete denial and outright lies. But He has given you the chance for repentance before pronouncing punishment. The results of the questions are diametrically opposed. In Adam and Eve’s case because they admitted to at least a part of God’s question honestly they walked away with hope. Eve may not have right in thinking ‘the man’ she called Cain was the promised Saviour, but she was right when she said ‘ with the help of the Lord’. Both parents accepted their punishment but walked away with hope for something to live for.

This was not the case for Cain. Not only will my food not come to me on a plate I will now have to chase and kill it. I have been removed from Your presence and I like Adam and Eve now really know the Difference between good and evil. One attribute of evil is revenge and wherever I go, 24/7, I am in constant danger of this revenge, in fact the ground has been primed to make it happen. What a change to being in God’s presence? There the only attacks that can take place come through the front door and each has been vetted to make sure the result is that I am a better person!

So when we fall, again, and we hear that weeny,tiny voice it already knows what has happened and it is giving a chance for repentance. Our response should be rather obvious as it has been well rehearsed ; here we go again and no doubt with many more falls to go!  I am born and soaked in sin and I am doing what comes naturally to me. So Who is there to rescue me from this body of death? ‘ Thanks be to God– through Jesus Christ our Lord……Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” ( Rom 7:24,25. 8:1). ‘ There is nothing here that should surprise You. You were shown this sin exactly in the Garden of Gethsemane and the exact response required by God to atone, to amend, to nullify this particular sin. Your response was ” I accept”. It was Your love for me that drove You through this point and it is for hurting This person with This love that I am sorry for hurting and ask for Your infinite forgiveness.

So this brings us to Abel an Calvary. The parallels between these two are unmistakable and clear. Both have evil killing good and the shedding of blood. The ground that was cursed after Adam’s sin now cries out for vengeance and won’t accept Cain farming it.

The evil that killed Jesus Christ was our sin, yours and mine. They may have been placed into the cup of iniquity which God handed His only Son, but it was our sins and the death that we deserve that killed Jesus. It was that cup that Jesus handed to God on resurrection Sunday to check whether there was any trace of sin left, and God found none. We can blame satan for his temptations until the cows come home but they would not have any ground in us if  it wasn’t for the evil within us; we are born in it, soaked and steeped in sin and it comes naturally to us. This will form part of the next discussion of those “angels’ in Noah’s flood. Our evil is so deeply ingrained in us that the only thing that can remove it is the blood of God. The new dimension that Abel’s story adds is that this innocent blood calls for vengeance, revenge. So not only where Jesus underwent a heavy discharge of His precious blood, at the foot of the cross, but also from the time He began to lose His blood; probably after the flogging an all of that horrible walk to Mount Calvary. The whole area is cursed and demands vengeance and we already have seen some of the history of this area particularly with the abomination that causes desolation.

But the greatest consolation we should take from this story is that God’s justice is mixed with His mercy. God should have vapourised  Cain there and then but did not. So as we fall, particularly the big falls ( God counts eating forbidden fruit as big enough to banish all humanity because of the sins of two people)  we must be grateful for God’s mercy. Before moving onto Noah I must revisit the topics of aliens, sons of God having sexual intercourse with the daughters of men and the Nephilim who did produce offspring.

The following material has largely been covered under the advice I gave my students On haunted houses and the Millennium. For those not interested the new discussion will begin with paragraph marked ****. It is the greatest of my nightmares to think that I am going to hell and the next greatest fear is that I will be possessed by a demon, or satan himself. What can I do in bringing up the family that God gave me to make sure it doesn’t happen to any of them? What if it does happen to one of them? As noted two paragraphs above that we are all evil, no exceptions or exemptions. Just Adam’s sin was enough to condemn me to hell but I have added millions more myself. So satan should rightfully call ‘ Julius is mine’. But I call ‘help, I can’t help it and I don’t want you in my life, you are capricious you do look after your own but the only reason you allow them to climb that ladder is because they will have further to fall. You won’t see or hear them suffering in hell because your screams and suffering will make theirs only seem like one grain of sand in the dessert.’ So just because we are evil does not mean that we are possessed by satan. So what do we have to do, what mistake if any to allow satan to possess us, to enter into us and what manifestations will he exhibit once inside us and can he make us have children? Why would I want satan to enter into me? When is he allowed to call ‘mine’?

This blog has already pointed out that probably the majority of humanity will have neither the mark of the beast nor the seal of God on their foreheads. They just don’t care, ‘ I am alright mate, leave me alone”  Thus almost 2,500 years of time are devoted to battles between good and evil for these souls. Jesus would have died if only one soul was going to be saved. I call that soul me in this blog. This is the value that Heaven places on one soul. Are you someone special in God’s eyes? What is you response to anyone in whose eyes you are very special? Every saint in Heaven must be able to say to God about every soul He created ” give up with this soul, you are wasting Your time there is no way that they want to be with You, leave them to their own devices”. This should now allow us to start framing some answers. Before we do let us look at it from satan’s view. He is right to call mine: They chose me way back in the Garden Of Eden. Adam was not deceived, he did a conscious calculation: God or satan and we know who he chose. Ever since every single one of them has been putty in my hand. In most cases I don’t have to finish my evil suggestion and they have carried it out! But this blog also points out that not only do they have to accept satan but they must reject God as well. So to allow satan into our bodies or souls or wherever he will live we will have to enter onto his ground and invite him in. So just because I get drunk and I am not aware that I am entering satan’s territory does that give him permission to come into my body? It was a case of stupidity and if that were the result then it would be a heavy price to pay for this. (just lost approx 700 words)

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It is because of the extreme power and danger of satan that we must avoid at all costs in entering onto his territory. In last days he will be able to call fire down from Heaven and probably even trigger the earthquake that causes those last remaining stones in the temple to be thrown down. In Jesus’s time he could bind with blindness, deafness, muteness and create invalids and violent behavior. Today he seems to able to bind with cancer and other horrible diseases. He must at least know the majority of the genetic code if not all of it. And that is why people screamed and demanded his release at the end of the 1,000 years and why satan was so upset with them. I assume today that there are only two entities; satan and his workers, the pawns. The higher part of the pyramid of evil; the generals, the colonels, majors, captains etc were bound in the abyss ( 2 Peter 2:4) and will only be freed when the seal of the abyss is broken and satan is released at the end of the millennium. So the fact that satan still is bound in that great chain is compensated for by the release of the higher demons. The reason they demand and wait for his release is that humanity is snookered. They have spent the best part of the 1,000 years in cracking the genetic code and all they have is a beaker full of lifeless complex molecules. They had to crack the code because God refused to send his most treasured possession on an evil society, children. They took so long because satan was locked up, out of the picture. He should have told them before he was locked up  and not to waste their time with the genetic code, it would lead nowhere, only God can give life. Their lifeless molecules would remain just that; lifeless. They should  have have been altering the genetic code of monkeys to be more like humans so evolution would not take as long into converting them into human beings. The reason why humanity could make such a concerted effort into cracking the code was because the one world government did not have any wars and no money was spent on weaponry. So I continue to struggle with the dangers and conditions of satan’s entry into me, not that I am frightened I will look like a demon, I am sure he will dress me in sheeps clothing. What does frighten me is evil he will cause me ( ultimately hell) and he will require me to do to God’s people thus hurting God Himself. He may even look after his own but for how long? When he decides to push that ladder there will be no point in pleading for mercy. So let us look at another scenario.

I am going to see a satanic movie. I have been warned of its contents but still enter into his territory knowing it is dangerous but still ignoring these warnings. That night as I am trying to get to sleep, I see something: its black, about 3 metres (9 feet) tall, has a long tail and pointed ears, I call it satan.  One time he is on one side of the wall then comes through it without opening the door. That is how I know how tall it is. I am petrified and scream out for Jesus Christ when he tells me he is going to enter into my life. This only causes him to laugh and say ‘ they are only just words you are screaming, they have no real meaning to you and you might as well be screaming out to Mickey Mouse for help’.

This blog is not a recipe for barring satan’s entry into your life. It is though trying to warn you not just not to enter into his territory but to stay right away from regions that look like they could be his territory. He is on the prowl and looking for victims and will not have to be asked twice to enter your life, in fact you may only have to let your guard down once. He can only really enter into your life if that bar to prevent him is removed. Once inside his first job has to be to make sure that this bar cannot be re-erected. Once this happens it is over rover. So when you call to Jesus Who are you calling? Who are you really addressing? For your call to be effective you must believe in what you are calling. Is this Jesus really the One who would have died for you even if you were the only person being saved? Is He really that good that all His actions will be accepted by God? Did He really pay the penalty of suffering and death for every sin that you have committed, both intentional and unintentional? Can He really create this magnificent universe out of nothing? How can someone that powerful be concerned with such a bad part of His creation as you? Would He ever kneel in front of you and wash your feet? Satan may be desperate to get you into his fold but first he must get you out of Jesus’s fold and then drag you along unclaimed land where you can scream and fight back before he gets you into his fold. But you must be in Jesus’s fold first. So the question of satan’s presence is not a frivolous one.

But I return to the advice I gave my students all those years ago and have not had to change my ideas in any major way. I have to be sensitive to the fact that there are parents who put their hearts and souls into their children and they still finished up in satan’s grasp. They have to continue to believe in His Word, particularly that there is only one prayer that cannot be answered, one sin that cannot be forgiven and about this no one can do anything about. It does not require much thought to realise it is better that it stays this way. If you could leave any Bible open at any passage in every room of your house your house cannot have any evil spirits in it. They could not exist in the same room as the Word of God for 24 hours. If you could not leave even one Bible open in any room and find it thrown down or torn you have the highest demon in your home as it cannot exist with God’s Word in any room. These demons are dangerous when they are in our dimension where they can be detected be it by electromagnetic radiation ( we see it), or by a magnetic field, IR. I don’t know of what other parameters they can be detected but once in our dimension they interact with us and are therefore dangerous. It is a tricky one when you see them pass through a wall. God warns us three times in the Lord’s Prayer about evil, so it must be a real and dangerous entity. I have nothing more to add to what I said before just a summary. Satan rightly claims this world as his and how well this world responds to his claims. There is only one weapon which we have to fight with and my God what a powerful weapon it is : the Son of God, JESUS CHRIST. All instructions for the use of this powerful weapon have been left for us: the BIBLE. It is only of any value if you believe in its truths and apply them. If satan is indeed alone and the rest of his hierarchy are locked up in the abyss then he must be a very busy being with a population of seven billion people to attend to. Once conquered he could send in his pawns, but it is still difficult to see how he can get around to every body. That is where we don’t understand that fourth dimension, its dimensions. But if this dimension was what was involved on Calvary’s tree then we should pray to be given more light about it. But we should never forget that satan is our archenemy and he will never give up in trying to lure us away from Jesus. In fact the closer we are to Jesus the greater his efforts to lure us away. But that horrible problem remains once he has entered into us or one of loved ones.

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The name of the movie was the Exorcist and it was common knowledge that a significant number of people had committed suicide after they had seen it. So why didn’t Jesus allow satan to enter into me when clearly the call for help was inadequate, and satan rightfully said so? That call for help is not just the theme of this latest blog but also of this site ( Romans 10:13). There are three factors that make up this call: the caller, He Who is called and the relationship between them.

Every single caller in the history of humanity is, has been and will continue to be a sinner. It makes no difference whether you are a little bit more or a lot less a sinner than the previous caller, you are still a sinner.

The person being addressed , JESUS CHRIST, is almighty and doesn’t change when being addressed. His powerful Name did bring the universe into existence out of nothing and will perform the opposite action. Many a sinner has performed major miracles using this Name. Some will even be deceived and think it was their relationship with Jesus that allowed them to perform these amazing miracles. Mat ( 7:21-23) ” Not everyone who says to me ‘ Lord, Lord’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day ‘ Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in you name and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles.? Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers’ “. All they have proven is the power of Jesus’s Name. If the demon they had tried to drive out was satan they would not have been successful and he would have just torn them to shreds. The shock these people experience when told to leave will only be a fraction of the shock that those called ‘ the foolish virgins’. People have rejected this blog because they cannot believe that you can give give up all, including your life and still be called foolish. They don’t understand why they are being rejected. What is being rejected is the problems you had with the Bible and your solutions to these problems. It’s your arrangement of the furniture in Heaven that is being rejected, you cannot improve on what God has done. There were no problems there and you are behaving like that three year old child!

So if it doesn’t matter who the caller is and the power of Jesus’s Name is not dependent on the caller then why did Jesus prevent satan from entering into me? Satan was calling ‘mine’ and rightfully so. My call for help was made from a beginners base, from the light that had been shown me at this time. Clearly I could not have progressed very far into my Christian walk to have done such a stupid thing. Hopefully I have progressed in my walk with Jesus since that time and therefore if I did the same thing again today the result would be sadly different. There is no such thing as a steady, level walk with the Lord. The only options are up or down. So  if I am at the same spiritual level as I was 5 or 10 or 1 year ago can only mean I was just at a higher level and now passing down through this level or I was at a lower level and am passing up through this level. You either ask for your daily bread, eat it and grow or you don’t ask and suffer the consequences of not eating. Jesus accepts us as we are, regardless how low, but He won’t leave us there and He expects us to walk with Him in a walk which clearly can only be upwards.

Satan will never give up and by far the best bat that we can hit him with was given to us by our Lord  ‘ it is written’ . Satan never argued against these words but fled every time. To make them into a deadly weapon you must believe them yourselves, otherwise his counter punch will just make us flee. ‘ you don’t believe this your self, they are just words’. It is my prayer and the theme of this blog that you can acquire the use of this powerful weapon. You don’t have to wait for months or years until you are a powerful 100 Kg ( 250 pound) hunk of muscle before you can start using it. You will be just as effective at using this weapon today as when you are that hunk of muscle, all that is required is trust in Jesus and to walk according to the light He shows you now.

Just a final thought on Cain and Abel before returning to Noah’s flood. In trying to follow my Lord’s advice to study the things of this earth and having done so then asking Him to explain the things from above  even I think that I am pushing this analogy too far. So I will quantify what I think could be true and what seems a bit far fetched. To be honest pushing the bronze snake and putting it onto Mt Calvary seems a far fetched also but Jesus told us to do this.

Applying the Cains and Abels to today and end day events which I think are happening, or about to happen is correct. Both are present today and we should be able to learn a lot about the daily sacrifice from them. Like the Abels our daily sacrifice should be accepted by God because of our attitude, we are living according to the light that we have been given and not because the sacrifice is complete. There is a lot more to the sacrifice then first fruits and fat and even as we study we should learn more but it will not be fully revealed to us, nor can it be, until we wake up at the mid-night call. It is very heartening and encouraging that God is pleased with our daily sacrifice despite its limitations. Our daily prayer should be when Cain does lift that knife that we can call ‘ glorified be Your Name!’

We must split the Cains into two groups, the Adams and the Eves. They may act in unison now and offer what sacrifice they deem to be appropriate and when they offer it and think God should feel pleased by being included at all but many, if not most are red letter Christians ( a bit of a misnomer considering it blood that they are trying to avoid!)  When shown the folly of their ways they will become red faced Christians and should really be included with the Abels now. Like Eve they will call ‘ I was deceived’ and God accepts their excuse and does not count their sins against them. It will actually be a rather cruel realisation to them when they realise their real folly. Like Eve they will not believe how stupid they were and how much they have missed out on because of their stupidity. When they look back what really happened was that satan barked. This set off the chain reaction and before they knew it they weren’t just barking they were howling as well! Unlike Eve they will be given a chance to right their wrongs.

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But we now come to the real Cains, that solid core evil that God allows to flourish in His church. Adam looked and saw; Eve holding and eating the forbidden fruit, tree of good and evil and serpent in the tree. He acknowledged and could not be grateful enough to God for giving him this woman just like he acknowledged his looking forward to his evening meeting with God. He acknowledged the power of God the Creator and those wonderful Sabbaths they had spent with God. He was not deceived in any way; the fork on the road was clearly marked: Eve or God. In like manner Cain was not deceived but chose evil and it is the history of these real Cains that we will now try to follow in our sleeping and woken churches.

Here the analogy appears to break down. It says God is going to allow the Cains to stay alive, He won’t vapourise them but He will prevent them from being farmers and will withdraw His Shekinah Glory from them. The best way to show good as better is to contrast it against evil, the Cains and certainly one of the major lessons of Heaven. But if the Cains of today are as upset by this punishment as the real Cain was it indicates they take great pleasure in sowing the seeds of doubt about the Bible and watching them grow. For these evangelists of darkness it is very easy to see how Revelation 13:4 applies. ‘ Men worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast and asked,” Who is like the beast? Who can make war against him?” ‘. This could happen when the daily sacrifice is restored after Daniel’s 2,300 morning and evening services when only evangelists of light will be allowed. I don’t think this means God’s glory is supporting their evil efforts it just means God has not given up with them.

It is a pity that with the extensive vocabulary that we have ( over 400,000 words I have heard) that there are no words to distinguish between a fundamentalist Christian and a fundamentalist Muslim, both are branded as fundamentalists with it’s derogatory implications. Theologically they could not  be more diametrically opposed, one is AC and the other is DC ( AC= antichrist and DC is devout Christian) or AA and BB ( AA= anti Allah and BB= beggars belief how you can even think of joining the two faiths together.)  What we have in common is that we can only be expected to live by the light that has been given us and this principle applies to all humans. Jesus only tells us how to keep the Sabbath, implying that it has to be kept: We are not told that Jesus was evil implying that He was good and we are not told the wine of Cana and the Lord’s supper was fermented implying that it wasn’t. When Paul wanted Timothy to use fermented wine as a medicine for his stomach he told him so.

**** Returning to Noah’s flood. The most pressing question would have to be how after only 1,500 years could evil get away so badly that God had no option but to destroy the whole world? After this it ran for another 2,500 years when at Calvary’s Tree it was supposed to be destroyed but satan wasn’t in the fires on Mount Calvary and God pulled it out of the fire and now it has run for another 2,000 years. Most Christians believe that at Jesus’s second coming it will be totally destroyed but this idea is not backed up by Scripture, certainly not the Books of Revelation or Daniel and therefore all other books that contribute to these two.

With these strange beings, Nephillim, and the sons of God being mentioned implies that genetic engineering was involved. If satan could genetically engineer our genome so that the offspring were sterile that would prevent Eve’s seed, Jesus Christ from being born and crushing satan’s head. He would have to  make the lot on earth now immortal or there would only be himself and his cohorts left behind. But the bottom line is regardless what genes they spliced from what species onto our species it was God the only one Who can give life to whatever has been formed. But just as God does not appreciate His Word being altered neither does He appreciate His creation being altered. We can’t improve on what God has done other than try to correct mistakes of the sins we have committed and the genetic changes that caused. But this tinkling of the genetic code had obviously gone past humanity. Because it involved the rest of His creation there was only one solution; destroy the lot. What if genetically modified material had got into the sea?

So if these are angels that are being referred to they obviously would not do anything against God’s will. They could eat and digest food then they could in all probability produce offspring. All this shows how wonderful our bodies are and how close they are to what we will be in Heaven. If evil angels and human beings were tinkering with the genetic code they were only tinkering within parameters set by God Himself.

The climax of your tinkering with the Word of God is Revelation 14:13 and as usual when my revision ceases I will return to the text with ****. ” Then I heard a voice from heaven say. ‘ Write: Blessed are they who die in the Lord from now on.’ ‘ Yes says the Spirit, ” they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.'”  There are many witness Scriptures in the Word but it is very rare for them to begin with ‘WRITE”. It must be a very difficult passage, easily twisted but of critical importance for it not to be twisted. Satan realises that this passage is destroying one of his fundamental arguments.

During my journeys through the Bible many questions arose, one of which was Mathew 24: 40,41. ” Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.”  God does not waste words and this is far too specific to be saying ‘ when I come I will take the good with Me and leave the bad behind.’ God is here now giving us numbers, 50-50, gender, their different roles and the history of both groups with their four categories, men good and evil and women good and evil. He also wants us to go back to Noah’s time which is why we are here.

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” All Scripture is God breathed  and is useful for teaching, rebuking,correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work” So what equipment are we being given in Revelation 14:13?  It could be something like;

” At My second coming there were 288,000 of my people left behind. I came at exactly the right time, before the next one was killed which would have left 287,999. I called them all My people because they did not have the mark of the beast. Once someone acquires this mark I disown them because they foolish and without excuse and they have used what I gave them to make this decision, a free will. Their choice! My people were split into two groups; the wise and the foolish, but both my people of true faith and therefore virgins. You notice that the split was 50-50 but that occurred only after those testing end day events so don’t try to apply this number before those days. I know the ones I called foolish were shocked not just by the label I gave them but by the fact they were left behind after my second coming. ‘ What else could we have done? We gave up all our earthly possessions and we were quite prepared to give our lives for the Lord, surely there is nothing more that we could have done.’ This is not the same group that called ” In your name we did” all those mighty miracles and were told to go away, this group is the exact opposite. I am choosing to leave this group behind on earth because I think they will cause problems in Heaven in a future time, they are just not quite ready. My decision is already partly vindicated by the fact that they realise they are not quite ready to meet Me because when the midnight call was made they went to try to buy some oil unlike the wise ones who came to meet Me. They were not quite ready at My second coming and I will now give them aprox 1,800 years to prepare themselves for that final judgment. If they are not ready by then they never will be.

‘ The first problem that I will right is that I will give them my seal. I have already shown them why they did not receive this seal at their baptism, the many chances they had to be rebaptised were not taken advantage of but simply because of My grace I will give them that seal now. If they don’t know the value of this seal they will soon learn. With it you can’t go to hell and you receive Shekinah protection. The foolish virgins believed in these two things and that is why they were so shocked at being left behind. I could not have given them a better start down the road of repentance than I did: 1,000 years of it. Part of the peace that reigned during the 1,000 years may have been because satan was locked up but it was mainly due to the priestly function that the saints in Heaven exercised. Their priestly prayers which arrived with them still ascended through that same Angel’s hands at the alter to God and were promptly answered. They certainly realised when this intervention stopped. The prayers were bundled back into that censor along with fire from the altar and much incense and hurled back to earth releasing satan and the trumpet plagues began. They were in quick succession and a cruel awakening to that 1,000 years of peace! I now chose to show them the cards I am about to play and in what order. Just like in Noah’s day there will now be be a series of events occurring over a specified time. The event obviously is the end of what I created. Just like I created over short consecutive time I will first give a rerun of partial events before the door of mercy closes and this will be followed by the real thing. Anyone could have repented before this time, the message of the two witnesses could not have simpler but they did not because they did not realise what love I have for them. If even one soul repented that would have necessitated Me leaving Heaven and going to earth to lead a perfect life, die the perfect and undergo the perfect Resurrection . That is the extent of My love for every soul I have created. So what went wrong especially with that 144,000 souls? Obviously they had a great devotion to me. I did count them as true faith, true believers or virgins although foolish. The count against them was:

!: They realized there was something seriously wrong at the midnight call but they did obey the instructions of the wise virgins and go and look for jars and oil.

2: When they recovered from being in My presence at the second coming they should have realised that it was all their gripes and grievances they had against Me and My Word had no validity and I had already rejected them; that was why they were down here and not up there.

3: Heaven pulled out all stops to bring them into Heaven during that 1,000 years but they did not respond. They further accuse Me of being a hard man, harvesting where  I did not sow….. and throwing down the censor at the end of the 1,000 years instead of 1,260 years when the door of mercy closes, in that time they claim there may have been some harvest. Their claims are baseless and they don’t have any ideas of the theology that was being established at this time. The bottom line is they did not  use the talent I gave them, they did not respond to the minor trial, the locusts, they did not respond to the major trial, the crazed horsemen nor did they repent at the last opportunity, the two witnesses they stuck by their guns that they were right and God was wrong.

4: They did not claim to have the oil when they turned up to hand in their talent is in their favour even if it makes it appear that My request to get the oil was superfluous. [ Here now I have to admit to another mistake of equal magnitude to the one I made on Christ’s robe of righteousness. I assumed it was completed when Jesus called ‘ it is finished’ . It was not and Jesus did not present it for inspection by the Father until His Resurrection. This is probably why the skin of the slain animal could not be used to represent Christ’s robe of righteousness as it had not gone through a resurrection phase. Christ’s Resurrection is an essential part of that robe we will wear for an eternity. What was finished was what the daily sacrifice had pointed to; the life and death of Jesus Christ. With these talents it was wrong to under emphasize the handing back of the talent and over emphasize the talent  being taken back by Heaven. I have thought for a long time there had to be a salvation plan A and a salvation plan B otherwise there would be no point of God splitting sins into intentional and unintentional, called the Adam and Eve question at the start of this blog,  but I didn’t realise the switch occurred  here. So here we have the foolish virgins turning up at the pearly gates  and not making any claim they had the oil, they just ignored it even though they set out to buy it, were given currency to buy it  and sellers were sent to sell it to them. They just weren’t going to buy it.  They did not repent at the time of the two witnesses nor present their grievances to the witnesses to present before Jesus Who was present in the temple; how can you repent if you haven’t done anything wrong? But now they hand in the talent and sever the last link to God and His right to impose on His followers to use the talents He has given us to ‘ Glorified be Your name’ Salvation plan A has now finished and now salvation plan B comes into operation after the door of mercy slams shut sending vibrations that set off that massive earthquake that killed 7,000 people. These plans are actually dependent on the mark of the beast.

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So now we begin the journey of salvation plan B. It does not apply just to those who have the seal of God because they have all handed their seals back. It applies to those who have not received the mark of the beast (Rev 16:2). I will revisit the bowls on another occasion but to continue paraphrasing the Lord’s Word.

‘ These people were not included in the massive upheavals of the earth and did not suffer their consequences. So I did not just drop them over the edge. I withdrew My assistance in stages, firstly they had to contend with no heavenly prayers which were hurled to earth at the end of the millennium and even though they wanted nothing to do with Me when they handed in their talents I still protected them from the bowls of plagues. But crunch time had to come and it did come in the seventh bowl and just like the abomination that caused the desolation in My city was that earthquake I now use a much larger earthquake to shake and destroy the foundations and the glue holding the unholy trinity together. Much detail of the significance of this event is given in My Word. But the culmination in salvation planB it should be noted that after this mighty earthquake that

A: Where the unholy trinity planned to march against God’s people as one army in the battle of Armageddon now they split into two; those lead by the beast out of the sea and those led by satan.

B: in Revelation chapter 14 these are referred to as the harvest of the earth and the gathering of the cluster of grapes.

C: The split is there  to fulfill ‘ it is written’ which states that the second death is hell ( Rev 20:5,6). Those who were alive at my second coming and are still alive at this time cannot go to hell as they have not undergone their first death. The split here is theologically significant, the split between the living and the dead  and the sickle in the battle of the harvest is not sharp because it has to selectively strike the living leaving the living dead alone. The fact they naturally separate indicates that all the dead.

[ The further I go the more confused I get and yes it is another correction required. The key text is now Rev 18:4. ‘……… Come out of her ( Babylon) my people,……’  How can such a simple text be so confusing? Lets look at the background again. It could be none other than Jesus Christ Who announces the fall of Babylon and He does so illuminated by His splendor. ( He still has to be a fair way above the earth not to kill everyone on earth). But it is certainly about to happen. So far the foolish virgins have been given God’s seal, wallowed and protected by an ocean of prayers for one thousand years, handed back their seals, door of mercy was closed but they were still protected from the bowl plagues. This call now is the final call before this protection is withdrawn, the fall of Babylon, or the harvest collection of Chapter 14 or the battle against the rider of the white horse, all synonyms are about to occur. But only ‘My people ‘ are being called out so there are at least two others who are not. One lot is the rest of the beast’s army. There is no point calling these out as they are the chief combatants. They have have received the mark of the beast so their allegiance is not in question and they were responsible for that great slaughter of God’s people before His second coming. For them it is payback time. But he call does not include those who will become part of satan’s army in the very last battle when they surround the city God loves. They do not respond in any way to the call but stand afar and mourn when they see Babylon burning. It could only be they do not count themselves as God’s people because they already have the mark ( whether that be of the beast or satan is irrelevant as these powers have exchanged almost every evil between themselves.)  The only logical conclusion I can see is that the dead receive the mark at death and that is why we have that markedly different treatment before and after the thousand years. So on the cross Jesus may have split every soul He created into three groups; those alive, those dead and those who are still to come. But for every soul He would have had to live their lives, either actual or potential for those who died before delivery or before the age of reason, noted every sin and offered Himself as the only salvation. The ones who accepted were given His robe of righteousness and told to wait under the altar to be part of the righteous resurrection at the start of the millennium and those who did not accept were marked as foolish and given to the evil powers which readily gave them their mark. They would be the resurrection  of the unrighteous dead at the end  of the millennium.

It is also important to note that this time line, including the 1,750 odd years after the second coming is being drawn by the Bride, as part of her preparation for eternity. All these other events  events will not even be a blip on the radar after a thousand or million or whatever years. It takes this long for her to ask for that fine linen so that Jesus’s robe of righteousness will be more comfortable to wear. So now finally returning to salvation plan B.

Heaven clearly lays it out before my people. ( you only stop being that only when you accept  the mark of the beast. But because Heaven has to simultaneously mark you as foolish and without excuse this must preclude us losing it when those devastating events hit and you reject God, you are with excuse and what you have done is understandable and was predicted.) So it is now with God’s people. They are about to enter into battle with the beast out of the sea and his army against the rider of the white horse and his newly wedded bride. But these people do not have the mark of the beast anywhere on them that is why the bowls did not harm them. Satan cannot have these people in his army as during the heat of the battle they could turn on the rest of the army, discouraging, demoralising them. They must either receive his mark or die. So God now speaks to them in Revelation 14:13. Paraphrasing ‘ You know you are going to die, one way or the other. It is better for you, in fact you are blessed if you allow the beast to kill you rather than joining his army and Me killing you. If I kill you, you will be dying like all the rest that have died with the mark of the beast who are going to hell. But if the beast kills you you are dying without his mark and will not go to hell. This is the blessing that I speak of; you will not go to hell because I saw this event on Calvary’s tree and suffered for your sins. The penalty for them has been paid, could you receive a bigger blessing than this?. This is salvation plan B. Salvation plan A closed when the door of mercy closed and you clearly indicated that you did not want to be a part of that plan. You completely missed My whole nature, you called me a ‘ hard man’ and that is why you came up with all those convoluted, pathetic and just absurd efforts to correct My Holy Word.

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So the theology that seems to be being taught here is that at death we either die as good and will go to Heaven or we die with the mark of the beast and also rejected by God as fools and without excuse and go to hell .I was wrong to suggest that at death there is another category other than the seal of God and the mark of the beast. There is not and if they (the wicked dead) had been resurrected at the start of the millennium along with the righteous dead that would have been water off the duck’s back. It would have made no difference to them and confused the issues for the foolish virgins. But God still wants to show the saints in Heaven that there was not one mistake made with one soul. They are resurrected 260 years before the door of mercy is closed and they may respond to the two witnesses message, which would necessitate to Jesus to acknowledge  He had made a mistake with this one soul, He should not have accepted the mark of the beast on this soul and this will now necessitate salvation plan A again: He will have to return to earth and live a perfect life, die a perfect death and undergo a perfect Resurrection to save this soul, something He would not hesitate to do. But Jesus made no mistakes with all those billions of souls with all the billions of milliseconds of their lives, not one. Yet you line up in quite a lengthy line of souls hoping to point out the errors He has made in His Word! These words are wrong and cannot possibly apply to me! you say.

There is not one soul that takes advantage of salvation plan B. The last lot to be given that option rejected it and received the mark of the beast and marched against the rider of the white horse. None will claim they were deceived like Eve, they committed Adam’s willful rejection of Jesus Christ and therefore God Himself.

In this blog when I try to defend the Bible as the written Word of God you may ask am I aware that it was only the original manuscripts that were inspired and therefore infallible? I am. Am I aware that there are no longer any original manuscripts and the best is at least well over 1,000 years old.? I am. Am I aware that even the best of today’s Bible versions were written by mortal, fallible human beings who had a barrow to push and therefore slanted their translations to fit their ideas? I am. Am I aware that many of the versions contradict each other? I am. Am I aware that many of our versions commit the sin of blasphemy by not distinguishing between the titles given to God and satan? I am. So despite these shortfalls and inadequacies how can you claim the the version you are holding is the inerrant Word of God.?

Whether I go to Heaven or hell is not determined by what version of the Bible that I read, nor by my knowledge of whatever languages, or by how  often I read my Bible or anything else, it is determined by whether I am living to the light that has been shown me. If I have been an adulterer, a thief, a liar, a homosexual, blasphemer, Sabbath breaker or whatever other sinner and I hold onto God’s Word which turns out to be just a series of  untrue bedtime stories I have lost nothing. But if it turns out to be God’s Word where we are told how these and future sins are forgiven then I have gained eternity and that eternity begins in this world. To believe this amazing universe was made by this powerful almighty God is not faith it is just the obvious. It is faith of ridiculous proportions to believe it just appeared by itself out of nothing. So your first choice is God or nothing produced chance and everything! So if you chose God then in all probability He wrote this down with instructions of how He wants us to behave. The instructions He gave us would have to be written in our language and as any language can be misinterpreted He would have place safeguards there so as to preserve the integrity of His words. The way He did this would be determined by the purpose for His creation.

It would be easy for Him to program His creation if all He wanted was a lot of robots singing His praises 24/7, all He would have to do is just place endless tapes of praises in them. Depending on their quality He might have to replace them every million or whatever years. People have done this in bringing up children with various degrees of success. But the God of Heaven did not want to do this. He wanted to be the father of children who wanted to be with Him just because He was such a wonderful, loving parent. It would hurt Him greatly if they did not want to be with Him but they had a choice.{ I think I have come up with this system before, Rather than going back and inserting afterthoughts into original paragraphs I will just use these whatever they are called brackets. With the thousand years the Lord probably had the prayers of the saint prayers hurled down at the end of the thousand years rather than 1,260 years , just before the door of mercy closed because with that volume of prayers in Heaven they would have kept the trumpet plagues away even if they were demonic, but they were divinely instigated. It would be incongruous for all those prayers and divine plagues to be present at the same time. Thus there would be no time  for those trumpets to do their critical work sorting and sieving.}.

But in creating His children God had to cope with the problem of evil. Just like God has always existed, He does not need time to exist in, there was always a possibility of doing what God wanted. called good, or not doing what He wanted, called evil. So when He created this beautiful universe He could only call it very good. The existence of evil precluded Him calling it perfect but provided that these two remained separate, as in the tree of good and evil, creation could continue in it’s present form. But once the Jeanie was let out of the bottle everything changed drastically, evil was no longer contained but mixed with good.Something now had to happen.

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It  would be an understatement to say that God did not see this problem coming and put a plan in to counter it. He knew Adam and Eve would fall, and just that one infraction, that one sin, that darkness was all that was required to destroy perfection, the light. It’s infectious and destructive nature spread so quickly that it forced God to cut it off with Noah’s flood of destruction. But this was only a partial solution and the infestation began soon after. What was needed was not just to put the Jeanie back into the bottle but to destroy the Jeanie, evil had to be destroyed and only the fires of hell were powerful enough to do that. So everybody starting with Adam and Eve onwards had sinned, they  had broken God’s commands and they therefore had to be destroyed in hell along with any utensils they had used. So after the fires of hell are extinguished and evil has been burnt up a state of perfection begins. But there is No-one left other than God! Those children He created to live in a loving relationship are all gone; burnt up by hell’s fires. There had to be some solution somewhere that could meet these requirements; evil had to be burnt up and perfection restored. Does anyone have any suggestions, any clues? There is only one solution, and as unpalatable as it may be and that is the Son of God Himself, Jesus Christ. Only He could take our suffering and death that was our due in hell and have His Divinity pull Him through it and only He could weave a cloak of perfection to cover us with in eternity. They were His two God set functions when He came to earth. His cloak of perfection was completed and presented to God for inspection on Resurrection Sunday; it passed. The destruction of evil was a bit more complex. Those lines of good and evil which came from eternity did meet on Mount Calvary on Good Friday but they met in the shape of a cross, not a tee. There was a savage upheaval in the evil line so much so that it crossed the parallel line of good, those outstretched hands Of our Lord and Saviour almost vertically and continued for a short time after. All the sins of all the redeemed caused that sudden rise at that last moment and even to continue up for a while according to God’s plan. But stop it will and those outstretched arms that have pointed to eternity past will then continue to point to the eternity to come.

So our lives could be, but should not be a split of that triangle; Jesus before the cross, Jesus at the cross and Jesus after the cross. This triangle should remain like that triangle of the Holy Trinity and should never be split. This is the problem with today’s Christianity; they split that triangle and forget one and even two parts of it. No wonder there is so little left! In fact what is left is quite meaningless!

**** So we return to the days of Noah following our master’s instructions in Mathew chapter 24. ( if Noah or the flood were fake events Jesus would hardly refer us back to them) So what was similar and what was dissimilar between Noah’s day and the second coming of the Son of Man, which many Christians assume is about to happen:

Today Noah is not building a gigantic ark in whatever valley he built it in. There is no need for this ark because God has assured us He will not destroy the earth by water again. If it was the genetic engineering that was taking place before the flood particularly involving evil spirits that caused the fine line to be crossed then that engineering could quite easily be taking place today in military and private laboratories necessitating God’s intervention again. But evil is certainly spiking. But as bad as evil was it had not reached our depths. They still had real marriage, that between man and woman otherwise Jesus would not have called it marriage, today this is replaced by filth. But this not the  angle that our Lord is telling us to approach it from; it should be as it was in Noah’s day and not as it wasn’t in Noah’s day.

A; Both Noah’s day and that of the second coming of the Son of Man are a prelude to destruction. Noah’s day it was almost complete and in Jesus’s time complete. ( the window of some 1,800 years after His coming is purely for the benefit of the saints in Heaven).

B; God is keeping a tab of all evil and will make the decision to end it at exactly the right time. We don’t have to worry what laboratory is doing what.

C; From the time that He makes the decision to end evil He will give humanity a final time of probation.

D; During this time of probation there will be very distinct warnings given. The ark will be massive and in such a position that all nations will pass by it and spread the word about this strange construction.

E; The ark that will save in Noah’s day is a massive wooden structure and only those on board will be saved from  the tempest’s waters. The ark in Jesus’s time is a tiny wooden cross with the Son of Man hanging from it. You must be in the baptismal waters to be saved from this certain destruction.

F; They knew nothing about their destruction and carried on with normal life until Noah entered the ark. Today they will know nothing until that abomination  that causes desolation apears in the Holy Place, when the midnight call is made and they will continue on with their normal lives.

G; Even when Noah and his family and the miraculous gathering and entering of all those animals was taking place did not raise any concerns. At least in our days some will wake up at the midnight call and will enter into the ark.

H; They knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and washed them away, so what signs did they miss? They could not have missed the ark, impossible just because of it’s size and the length of time it was being built over. What about the size of our ark, Jesus Christ. As we find out more and more about the bewildering complexity and beauty of His creation, as the ark grows bigger and bigger people are unable to relate this magnificent ark as it reaches completion for the purpose it is being built.

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I; The people in who’s valley this ark would be held more responsible for their ignorance then people who lived ten or a hundred valleys away. But even they when they saw parts of the ark rising above the horizon should have come over and talked with Noah; what are you trying to do, who told you to do this, why are these events going to occur and when are these events going to occur? Even if you did not believe him you might at least pick up the significance of people entering the ark. Noah was dismissed as a weirdo and no consideration was given to his warnings. ‘  they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them away.’

J; The valley the ark is being built in is called ‘biology’. It’s scaffolding and structures now reach into every branch of man’s knowledge. But no one asks Noah, the Bible, the what, why, who and when questions about the ark, Jesus Christ. Nor do they care, and consider anyone who does so a weirdo. They are but fools and without excuse.

K; But for those in whose valley the ark is not being built nor are they in the sciences of physics, chemistry, mathematics, geology, ‘ astrology, astronomy and cosmology ‘ must at least be in quotation marks if at all. What parts of the structure are coming into your view? The arch deceiver must produce many false christs and warnings. The false ones will fall over by themselves, we just have to wait, but what about the ones given to us in His Word:

The abomination that causes desolation in the holy place is not there yet. We may not know exactly what it is but we must have more of an idea even in this part of the journey then we did at the start but the important part is we are watching and comparing it to what is written.

The lesson from the fig tree. could even be strike one if the fig tree is literal Israel (as it always is) and the two stages it is going to go through ( it’s twigs get tender and it’s leaves come out)  are the declaration of the state of Israel and it coming into effect six months later then we are not just getting warm but getting hot. We already are in this period of probation ‘I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened’ (Mat 24:34). So if we take either 1947 or 1948 as either of those stages and add a generation of 70 years it should be all over by 2017, but that is conditional on the generation being 70 years. Jesus says some things are going to like those things of Noah’s day where He gave them 120 years of probation so we need more study to find the answer if it is there.

L; The actual timing appears only to relate to the two men and women.So in Mathew 24:40,41 Jesus is only conferring the story of the five foolish and five wise virgins and therefore also the 144,000 righteous living who were taken to Heaven and the 144,000 unrighteous who were left behind. The only additional information is their occupation. It must be significant as it is given for both the men and the women.So their occupation limits them to God’s work and in both eras this distinguishing of the sexes occurs. I therefore take these texts as against homosexuality. But the main problem is the unpreparedness of both society and particularly God’s people. Jesus is also saying this problem would be exacerbated, made worse if He told us the day He was coming, say September 11th, 2017 at 1 o’clock. He is saying you would be waiting and not let the robber in, using the analogy of the thief. But what if you had died before this date? you would have died in an unprepared state. It is your waiting that prepares your state of awakedness also. So by telling us the this date Jesus would be causing us more harm than good. It is the advice of verses 45 onwards that keep me writing this blog. Returning to Genesis chapter 6

As stated many times in this blog God knew the exact consequences of His acts of creation before He carried them out. Just because parents show confidence in their children’s action does not mean we don’t have a plan B. God also showed confidence in His first plan: Our first parents living in an obedient, loving relationship with Him and filling the earth with offspring. To be a total disaster every single human being would have had to be disobedient and rejected God. There was ONE who did not, Noah. It is very assuring that our striving to be accepted by God through faith in His only begotten Son is accepted by God not because of anything we do or can do but because of what Jesus Christ has done. The righteousness that we acquire, you can’t beat being reassured of our place in Heaven, we would certainly expect to be carried onto our children and grandchildren before the age of reason. But it can carry further than this and on when they become adults, first we have to see how it worked in Noah.

God knew His plan A would be a disaster and so He actuated plan B. But He had to start with a clean sheet, all that evil had to be gotten rid of first. Thus we have a flood, a world wide flood. It is not our position to criticize our brothers and sisters, certainly not before we remove that plank out of our eyes first. But we have to make judgments about good and evil. So obvious attempts to mock the Word of God like the skeptics bible,the homosexual and female versions are obviously evil. But they may say how is that different to the mistakes in the version you are claiming as good, as God’s? Calvary’s tree was such an amazing place because of the many qualities it displayed about God. One of those qualities for which I am very grateful for is His patience and endurance.  Just because I make a mistake, or more correctly thousands of serious mistakes, He does not write me off. ‘ Put a line through that one and don’t worry about him anymore! No! He pleads for me to come back to Him knowing damned well ( that word damned is correctly used because He was damned for each one of my mistakes ) there are many more mistakes to come. You see all that was factored in  on that Marvelous tree! Just because this version I am reading has a human error in it does not mean He will write it off. You see it is that over reaching patience and endurance still branching out of Calvary’s tree. If it wasn’t for that patience  and endurance there would not be one Bible version left nor would there be any need for it as all humanity would be dead.

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The point here is that things which are blasphemous for me today, like using the same title for God and satan, the Sabbath Day, using alcohol to represent the precious blood of Christ or leavened bread for His body, righteousness by works, a local Noah’s flood, and many others were quite acceptable to me before, I saw no problems with any of them and God still accepted me as I was because I was walking according to the light that I had been shown. But that light, Jesus Christ does not diminish with time and He expects us to increase in stature with this light, and unlike plants we have the advantage of exercise as well, walking with Him. Our hope must be that in time we may be able to see ‘asitiswritten’ and some of the beauty of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. So because I do not know at what stage of your Christian walk you are at I am in no position to judge you nor do I want to. The One Who will make that judgment can not make a mistake.

But if you believe in a local Noah’s flood just think about what  would have accomplished. It certainly would not have wiped out humanity leaving only people who God chose. It would not have wiped out the results of those genetic experiments which went so badly wrong and God righted by choosing the animals Himself to be on the ark. God’s first trust in His children’s ability to do it by themselves could not be replaced with His new plan :  He would select a certain group of people and call them His people. He would give them a set of rules and regulations that would set them apart from everyone else and if they obeyed these rules He would bless them so greatly that  surrounding nations would be amazed and want to become God’s people as well! But for the most part they did not obey despite countless warnings so this necessitated plan C. Both the statue and the beast of Daniel begin with Babylon and end day events which actually culminate on Good Friday and the theme of the Bible including the Book of Revelation. This revision is not going to be a verse by verse revision of the Book of Daniel but a general revision, and as usual a return to the main text will begin with ****.

There really should not have been any problems with evil. Its line, darkness travelling alongside the light line, perfection, which can only exist when there is no evil could very easily have been wiped out. So when God created He would have created into a perfect world, no possibility of sin people continuously singing his praises. He should have bypassed this sinful creation experiment and gone straight through to the Heavenly phase. But that would have filled Heaven with a lot of mindless robots and not children who loved their Father so much they wanted to spend an eternity with Him just because of His wondrous being. Thus the greatest result of love is free choice and meant a horrific path that God would have to tread. It is a pity that some of those people who line up to show God better ways weren’t there, they would have shown Him alternatives that He obviously had not thought of Himself! ( I don’t think so!), and gone through that horrible cross.

As this evil line came through Heaven and picked satan up why didn’t he become the first head on the beast? Why weren’t the Canaanites, the Armorites, the Hittites, the Egyptians the other heads of this beast? why wait until the Babylonians? Satan is obviously different but the others obtained their evil from this line ( or had it become a beast once it entered God’s creation?)  but did not become heads as God’s people were still under probation, God had not given up with them yet. It was only when God gave up with plan B that plan C came on line: the end of the world, end of times. So plan C began with the destruction of His Temple , His city and exile for His people. This was the start of the statue and the first head of the beast of Daniel. There is not much point in revisiting these entities at this stage until we arrive at this point in Scripture by when we will have been given God’s instructions on the daily sacrifice and the preparation for the coming Messiah. So we go back almost 2,000 years, from 600 BC to 2,500 BC.

****Adam and Eve’s knowledge about the daily sacrifice was very detail but it failed and needed to be formalised  and enforced by God. They would never get over the shock and horror of seeing those two innocent animals being killed by God to cover their shame. They lived in the hope of seeing the promised Saviour and tried to pass these hopes onto their offspring. They knew God accepted animal sacrifices, principles of first fruits and burning fat. They knew that God had made certain animals to be eaten and sacrificed, clean animals and certain animals that were not to eaten and not sacrificed, unclean animals and if there is anyone Who knows this difference then it should be God.

By the time we get to Noah, some 1,500 years on we learn:

1; Evil and violence had got out of hand and God is going to destroy everything. From this we know God will only allow evil to run so long and end it. He is not only going to destroy the sinner but also the place where he sinned because it has been defiled.

2; We know God will supply a shelter, a refuge from the coming destruction, but the specifications on this refuge are very strict. They have no input from you or Noah in their design.

3; The destroying agent can be water ( the flood) or it can be the survival agent ( the baptismal font).

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4: There will be a time of probation before the destruction begins. Technically there was only one destruction at Jesus’s  first coming when evil was destroyed and had God chosen He could also have destroyed the earth. But by God,s grace He did not and this is very clearly spelled out in Daniel’s statue and beast. God could have finished everything at His second coming but for the sake of the elect did not. He could have finished everything at His third coming with His two witnesses and certainly it was almost over at His fourth coming to announce that Babylon had fallen.

5; Poor old Noah must have hit the panic button when God told him to bring two of every animal ( Gen 6:19) into the ark. Building this monstrous ship was one thing but collecting two of every kind of animal made the boat building pale into significance. But as it is with us when given monstrous  tasks if we show confidence in the Lord it is He who does them. Jesus put it succinctly ” if you have the faith of a mustard seed you will able to move mountains”. Actually it’s not you doing the moving but you providing the vehicle for Me to operate  through.

6; This allowed the Holy Spirit to pen what should be the desire of every Christian ‘ Noah did everything just as God commanded him’ ( Gen 6:22).

7; Part of my theory on ” aliens” ( there were no such things, they are just humans like you and me) is based on Gen 7:1. Noah was not the ONLY righteous man in this generation.

8; God’s period of probation was 120 years and seven days.If the cross and final end days are used as an example then it was the gloating of the inhabitants of the earth at Noah and his family sitting in a dark smelly cabin instead of being outside in the wonderful sunshine that closed the door of mercy on them.

9; The specific dates and times given in the Bible either make a mockery of old ages or they make a mockery of Biblical dating.

!0; Gen 7:16. When we allow the Lord to shut us in and put Him in control it doesn’t matter how violent the storms are or what shape and soundness of the structure that we are encapsulated in. We may be in apparent darkness and even knocked around a fair bit, but we do know the end result and we do know that there was no other way than the testing we have been through. There is a word here that is translated as windows of the ark because they do not know of a better translation. But the windows on the ark we have asked the Lord, Jesus Christ to enclose us in a very special window indeed. Whilst allowing sunlight and fresh air to pass in for our benefit they prevent those harmful waves which would drown us from entering.

11; Gen 8:11. Much has and could be written on this beautiful verse and paragraph. the olive leaf ( the figtree became the symbol for God’ people) was plucked by the dove ( a symbol of the Holy Spirit) and returned to Noah. Probably the first plant grew my miraculous intervention, the figtree. I wonder if Noah recognised the significance of being presented the fig leaf by the dove. He certainly did what God required His people to do; build an altar and sacrificed burnt offering the aroma from which pleased the Lord.

We have already had 1,500 years of journey in the daily sacrifice. If we don’t understand the above altar sacrifice statements, worse still we find them offensive, we have learnt nothing and will continue to do so. The rail head was in the Garden of Eden, that’s where the rail line began. The horrible act there was not God killing those two innocent animals but Adam and Eve disobeying God. If we don’t start with the condemnation of their actions then we might just as well go fly a kite or do something else that is useful! God’s killing those animals was not an action, it was a reaction and a necessary one to cover for the results of their sin. Any action or reaction from now on that covered, better still removed the result of those sins would be pleasing to God. It would be restoring creation back to what God had intended. To call God sadistic and blood thirsty only proves you are not on the track but off this planet!. He knew it was not only His begotten Son that would burn in hell but that the flames of hell would engulf His throne in Heaven! But the result of that horror and pain would be humanity restored to spend eternity with their maker and redeemer. That was the only way God’s perfect requirements could be met. So when God looked down and saw Noah’s altar and the sacrifices burning on them He could see His only Son burning in hell. Hardly something to be pleased about! But it was God’s love that was the driving factor at this stage, He could see the results of that fire. That fire would only last for six hours but the pleasure of being with those who love Him would last for eternity! Not that those fires would be forgotten, they would not be and would form the eyepiece of our optical device to focus on those infinite qualities of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

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So our journey into the daily sacrifice begins with the realisation of the enormity of our sins, that is where the problem lies. But the problem is impossible for us to solve because the evil has to be compared to God’s qualities and requirements which are infinite and perfect. So how can I compare this sinning,sinful stinking agglomeration of dying cells against perfection? I can’t, no chance. Any attempt to do so is blasphemy which the Bible calls righteousness by works. So the gap between us and God is infinite and only God can solve infinite problems.

So the solution must involve God but it must involve us as well. That solution that was sent by God is Jesus Christ. Jesus ( the Saviour that humanity so desperately needed),  Christ ( Divinely appointed by God as His representative.) Those intense fires that burnt up the sacrifices were but weak symbols of the fires of hell. They only partially converted solids and liquids into vapours and gases, not that they are painless entities. But the fires of hell, which Jesus Christ went through on that Cross do far more than that.

They convert something, sin into nothing. Thus for all those who don’t accept Jesus’s magnanimous act of taking their sins on His body and burning on that special tree on Mount Calvary will burn themselves in hell, one sin at a time being deleted. When each sin has been paid for what is left? Nothing, oblivion, not a trace or a zot. There is something special about those fires that make them envelope the throne in Heaven.

Initially I am going to try to analyse the daily sacrifice as Paul’s problem ( and every other scribe, pharisee and rabbi bar Nicodemus and Joseph) . Paul knew that         2     +      3       =             5.

And you will be shocked and not believe how well he knew the  2, the Old Testament. He could write you a blog on any verse you gave him in the OT. He had the best teachers and he tried to match his actions to his teachings. He was flawless. But the biggest strike against him came, and he would be the first to admit this, was that first second after 3 o’clock on Good Friday. He did make a feeble attempt to describe what he saw, and was the best anyone could do with our limited language but he along with all redeemed creation voted Jesus Christ as worthy of taking the scroll from God’s hand and breaking it’s seals, the seven stages of rejoining humanity and Divinity. Our privilege was that our prayers to our Lord were there but his privilege was that he was there in person, but not sure of which form. Not only this but all those other souls that Jesus descended and preached to of Noah’s day, like Noah, Abel, Adam, Eve and many others indeed swelled with gratitude at the beauty of Jesus’s message their graves broke open and they went into the city to preach after the Resurrection, were there when the vote for Jesus was taken now turned on Paul harshly and accused him ‘ how dare you persecute Jesus’s followers after just voting Him as the Saviour.’ ? But Paul stuck on the firm ground he knew so well, 2 . ” I was only chosen by God and taken to Heaven because of my support for His Word”. He knew that the 2 that he had did not equal to 5 but was only a part of the answer, but he was not going to experiment with that missing 3.

So his question when struck down on the road to Damascus was perfectly genuine. ” Who are you Lord?” ( I am still desperately searching  for you in my favorite God given number, 2 but I can’t find You there, but You did give it to Stephen) ” I am Jesus Whom you persecute” . Now he had the number 3 and there would be no further problems. Thus it is with Christianity today. We are only kidding ourselves if we think we can understand the act of salvation, of what really happened on Good Friday, 5 if we just have the 2 or even the 3. We do need both 2+3=5. So why was Paul so entrenched in just the Old Testament? Why are so many Christians today so entrenched in the New Testament? In our journey of looking for the daily sacrifice we are running into problems, more like dead ends we will switch from 2 into 3 and this should help us understand 5 a little better. As a full and part time teacher I know revision is an essential tool for teaching and needs no apologies.

The number 3 is correct, it is the act of salvation and is given in Revelation 12:11.’ they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony, they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death’.  So salvation is a triangle; it is composed of an action ( the blood of the Lamb)  the pinnacle of the triangle and the base is the two reactions; our testimony and our willingness to die for our Lord. So we know what base to stand on if we want to see the apex, the pinnacle, the blood of the Lamb, or the daily sacrifice we are seeking. Firstly our testimony.

For me Christianity is a very simple concept: it’s good or bad, right or wrong, black or white all based on whether Jesus’s Words are obeyed or not. So when an idea like ” look what I have done for you, what have you done for me? or what state would you be in if I had done for you what you have done for me?” are evil and therefore must have come from satan. They are purely demonic. Even if there is a semblance of truth in them then the only logical outcome is for me to commit suicide. I have no way of even beginning to match what Jesus has done for me. So what is really required of me is not an action but a reaction: to Jesus’s action of wanting to save me from hell and be in eternity with Him. I can accept or as most do, reject. Once I accept and walk under the light He shows me He will continue to show me more and more light. If I don’t walk under the light He shows me, well that sad story is told in Revelation ( 2:1-7). The red letters are used correctly here, these are the words of Jesus. It is He Who gives me such a high score, that I take as 96%. Then He fails me because the pass mark is 100% and tells me I will finish up in the drain called Laodicea about which He leaves no doubt of it’s fate. If this is the reason why I am asleep then the solution is really quite simple; wake up and return to where you were with your first love. But that still was way short of 100% like Paul,Peter and the apostles were at. Even though I do have the desire to tell people about Jesus I often wonder what my classification will be when that midnight call is made; wise or foolish?.

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Now our desire to give our lives for our Lord. But why is there so much killing? Is it really necessary? How do all these deaths relate back to God’s original judgment to Adam and Eve ” You will surely” It must be relevant because they did eat. Where does all this killing fit into God’s plans? There are many Scriptures relating to death and one would also expect there to be something in God’s final  events of restoring humanity and Divinity if it is of such critical importance. That final plan is revealed in the seven seals of Revelation chapter 6 onwards. A logical reconstruction would require one to start at seal one and finish at seven. I will do this in the summary after I put to paper what I think I can understand.

I begin with the seventh seal, the silence in heaven, the beginning of the millennium. It is really all over at the second coming. There may be 1,260 years of grace, seven trumpets, two witnesses, the door of mercy closing, then 500 years of the bowls and the two battles but they are just mopping up operations, only put on for the saints in Heaven who go away from this realising Heaven left no stone unturned to bring in just one extra soul and wondering what happened to the millions of sins they had committed.

The parallel  seal would have to be the first seal. Here the risen Lord with the symbolism of the white horse rides out to conquer the world. And the result of His conquest is the seventh seal which ultimately finishes with the destruction of our heaven and earth. The order of events is determined by the creatures of Rev (4:7)

These last day events could only eventuate after the second coming or the sixth seal. The events here match up very well with other Scripture except here we are also given given details of what happens to the foolish virgins as well as the arrival of all the redeemed in Heaven. The time span of this seal is particularly short, 1,335 days compared to approx 1,800 years for the seventh seal.

The second coming is associated with unprecedented blood shed and the loss of God’s people lives. This brings us to the parallel second seal which we really should not be discussing until we have studied the daily sacrifice in the OT. So  it will be interesting to see what changes I will make to this seal after that study. If I was not expecting any progressive revelation I would not be typing. The advantage I have over Paul is that he was stuck down on the 2 (OT)  and could not move on but I know nothing about either the 2 or the 3 (NT) so I cannot get stuck down on either. It is the four creatures who call out the four horsemen and it is therefore their nature which is the determining factor. Just because the first creature called Jesus down in His Resurrection  does not mean that Jesus will be the front person of that seal. Jesus did come down from Heaven in His Resurrection but He only remained on the earth’s surface for 40 days. So the conquering and the conquest had to be carried on by His church in the presence of His Holy Spirit. They were galloping  (Ephesus) into the second seal of blood (Smyrna) and were specifically warned they had to be 100% ready. With this degree of preparation it didn’t matter what happened to them. Even as the lions were tearing them apart they would see that perfect cloak of righteousness that Jesus had woven for them descending from Heaven and it’s beauty was such that it flooded any pain which their mortal bodies were undergoing. Their final instructions as they closed their eyes (Rev 6:11) “Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the number of fellow servants and brothers who were to be killed as they had been was completed”.  So let us have another look at those creatures of Revelation 4:6-11.

The scene is still on clear glass, the fires of Calvary’s tree have not yet mixed with this glass, it is still Jesus as creator that is being addressed. But there is not just glass here it is a sea of glass. Glass, this is not just the dirty flux that floats on the molten metal in a furnace, it has had to be refined to have got to Heaven. Heaven has already been through a furnace, through real pain. That rebellion by Adam and Eve, Cain and the exponential increase in wickedness and rejection of their creator, that decision to destroy them, the specific reconstruction after the flood with all those inbuilt safeguards being destroyed, the probation period very quickly expiring and closing, then that walk to earth and Calvary’s tree. Even looking into that furnace on Good Thursday night in the Garden of Gethsemane was more than even Divinity could bear. Yes there was a sea of glass!

But in the center of this sea there was a throne and it was very carefully buttressed by four living creatures ( they are good creations if they were bad they would be called beasts). These have a two way function; they limit access to the throne and radiance back out of the throne. Even in the New Heaven there will be four walls around the throne, the Holy of Holies. But the difference is that the four gates are always going to be open. There will  not be any requirement to filter access or information, we will have direct access to God.

We are given their order because that it the order of events and not importance. There could be no salvation without any of these attributes of Jesus Christ. The first is a lion. A brilliant addition to the cover of my Bible is a hologram, it either shows lamb or lion, your choice. The first to be called is Jesus the lion and His army, the Christian Church. We are not told that He leaves us for a while and will return to fight the battle of the rider of the white horse and his armies, because He doesn’t leave us. He actually substitutes His Holy body which can only be in one place at any time with His Holy Spirit which can be anywhere and everywhere at any time. It is important to note that that the bow was not given to Him and therefore will never be taken away from Him. It is an inherent part of Him, showing His power and potential. It is just as important to note there are no arrows we can fire  at our enemies, Christianity is a religion of peace. If they are not frightened by the sign of that bow they are fools indeed and arrows do not have any effect on fools. So the first  creature calls ‘holy’ because of the lion like qualities of Jesus. These have already been displayed in the Garden of Eden and Noah’s flood destruction at least. As His crown was given to Him before He arrived on earth, before His Resurrection, He must have received it from all of His creation after the cross. So where was God the Father’s input in giving that crown? So we arrive at the parallel seal to the sixth seal, those last 1,335 days of God’s people’s existence, the second seal.

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If these creatures have an order then they must call he horsemen out in order. But at the simplest level the text only tells us that it is the Lamb Who tears the seals and is not introduced with ” then the lamb opened”. But the seals are given numbers indicating they are sequential. What is important to realise is that there are two parallel events occurring, one in Heaven and the other on earth. In Heaven, probably since creation week these creatures have been singing Jesus’s praises  and admirations as lion, lamb, man and eagle and they  know what they are saying. But these attributes are going to be transferred to earth.

So in Heaven Jesus is referred to as Lamb when His sacrifice in totality is being referred to. He is ‘ the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world’ but when the sacrifice is broken down into it’s units then different animals are assigned for each part. So the High Priest has one sacrifice for his sins and another for the peoples sins. ( this is one text where those who say all sin is infinite and the fires of hell never go out are wrong). Each sacrifice is also split into a sin and burnt offering. For this reason I would have given up typing if the creature in Heaven looked like a bull. Yes the bull is the sacrifice that is offered by the High Priest and Jesus Christ is the true High Priest but He never committed a sin and therefore did not have to offer either a sin or burnt offering for Himself. The symbol Heaven chooses is an ox, or more correctly ‘ like an ox’, which we will still have to further examine. It is Heaven’s blood sacrifice and this is not only transferred to earth but transferred by Jesus. So initially it was the dragon who was so keen to kill the woman and child and had to be restrained for 1,260 days before Stephen was stoned, now it becomes men slay each other starting with Stephen and ending with that last number 288.001. So Jesus not only knows about the slaughter of His people but He instigated it. We are not told of the purpose though, the best we can deduce ‘ it happened to Me  because of you and it it now happening to you. It should make you begin to realise the consequences of your actions’.  Thus we have the parallel blood seals of two and six.

In the fifth seal we have a graveyard of martyrs under the altar getting impatient with God and wondering when those horrible people who killed them are going to be judged and avenge taken. They are certainly right about the two stages; judgment will occur first and the avenging will take place but much later. They would not come top of the class in theology, don’t they realise there was only one judgment that occurred on Good Friday on Mount Calvary.? Avenging of the saints blood is still to come and they are right there is also still judgment to come.

If this language were not symbolic it would certainly put a gaping hole in the ‘ once you die you are dead’ Theology. There is much in the Bible to support that dead you are surely dead. This text gets a whole seal to itself so it must be relevant on any number of grounds. Over the millennium the number of people who died for their Lord must be in the millions. Many would look back and say ‘ look at all those martyrs and He still hasn’t come! Will He ever come? Is this really worth it?’  Satan has got his foot in your door and will only now remove it if you can say with conviction ‘ it is written ” they were told to wait a little longer, until the number of their fellow servants and brothers who were to be killed as they had been was completed” ‘. ( Rev 6:11).

The parallel to the fifth seal is the third seal: the black horse sent down by the creature that looks like a man. His concern was justice, and not just Heavenly Justice, the one on earth counts as well because it is being quantified. So from these statements we are supposed to be able to quantify and correlate death and justice. The quantifying on earth seems to have been done for us largely in the fifth seal. But in Heaven the real difficulty arises, that of putting pearl before swine. The other six seals concern death ( although it may be argued that the first seal is an arrow-less bow so there can’t be any killing it must be remembered that we a dealing with a lion and he deals with those who do not accept the lamb). This seal does not have death but the horse is black, could only be death. It explains the death principle. So the Lamb opens this seal, allowing for an expulsion to come through the third creature that looks like a man. Death does not need to be given a pair of scales, they are inherent. Is this where some of our Christian brothers and sisters get their idea about putting our good deeds on one side of the scale and the bad on the other? When the current is getting too fast and deep we have to regroup.

The issue being addressed is we are standing on the base of the triangle called salvation looking up to the apex “the blood of the Lamb’ from the corner ‘ and they loved not their lives so much as to shrink from death’. They actually want to follow their Master  on the road that He took. Persecution, ridicule and even death are a privilege. To be allowed to walk His walk is a privilege and honour. The end of this walk they are convinced could only be perfection in eternity. The mother who holds her child, God’s angel is so overcome with joy that all that excruciating pain pales into insignificance and she doesn’t know whether her child will turn out to be a demon and turn on her. God saw pain before the cross. God felt pain on the cross. But that excruciating pain will fade into insignificance because God knows hat the child He has delivered will remain with Him as an angel for an eternity. Even the seals follow the journey of rejoining God to those angels He has just delivered on Mount Calvary does not prevent a look back at the cross and the motives and attributes of the One on that cross.

So the first seal He has just come from Heaven after a coronation that was so exuberant that poor Paul didn’t even know what body he was in. All he knew was it was surrounded by indescribable events. He has come as a lion to conquer. If His conquest is successful we accept the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world and if we don’t accept then the path of history we take is totally different to those who did accept Him. Both groups must go to hell and both ‘will surely die’ as both have sinned. The redeemed accept Jesus’s offer to take their place in hell, salvation plan B whist the others choose to take their own places in hell. One difference between this blog and others trying to correlate Scripture to last day events is that as well as explanations I try to put  in possible scenarios. This I can’t do with the third seal. Thus the equation remains as :

1   +   1   +   1   +   1   + something    =   death.

The least likely candidate for the black horse is the third seal. No one dies here. If the first horse, the victory horse had been black I would have explained it by saying that that was the function of this horse; all it was supposed to do was to determine WHO was going to die? You or Jesus Christ in your place. If the blood horse had been black then I would have begun with the Scripture ” Without the shedding of blood there can be no remission of sins” and taken you back to events in the Garden of Eden. But the blood horse is red. If the fourth seal had been black I would have explained it as we are dealing the eagle royal e. You think an eagle has sharp eyes capable of seeing a tiny mouse miles away, then this eagle has its body almost covered with eyes each one of which is Divine and therefore far greater ability than its earthly counterpart. You think that an eagle can fly with two wings? Well a dragon fly with four wings is thousands of times more maneuverable than an eagle, not just twice. But this creature has six wings making it probably millions of times more maneuverable. This thing is the ultimate killing machine and that is why it is black. It is not only black but the furthest shade from black that is awarded to the horsemen, it is pale. So the death associated with this horseman is like ‘ have a little sleep where there is no pain, no medication required, no worries or battles just beautiful, peaceful sleep!  Because of your faith you are sure to what you are going to wake up to. So we return to the third seal which shouldn’t be but is black. At the time of trying to comment on Revelation chapter 15 I knew the lynch pin had to be Rev 15:7, that creature which held the bowl of wrath and I think we are now dealing with that same creature’s voice in verse 6. So what do we know about the solution to the equation of death:

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1; It was instigated by Jesus Christ. The seal was broken by the Lamb.

2; It is the third seal. The two before it involved killing and a heavy loss of blood  as does the one after it.

3;If we are following ( Rev 4:7) then we know this creature is the one with the human face. So we have Christ as lion, Christ as ox, Christ as Man and Christ as Divinity, eagle. What is important to realise that it is not the creatures that leave Heaven, there is still much discussion on this subject to follow, but the horsemen which brings up the obvious questions like when did they leave and are they coming back.

4; We know the first horseman left Heaven at His Resurrection and came earth. He replaced Himself with His substitute after 40 days of being on the earth and will replace the Holy Spirit  ( actually joins with Him) in that very specific battle against the beast. In His time on earth it appears this horseman made a major and fatal error by exposing His flank allowing most of His troops to be killed. This tactic is revealed to all those involved and they all march with their leader, the white horse and it’s rider in the battle of  Revelation chapter 19. The earthly combatants are specifically chosen; kings, generals,and mighty men, of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, small and great. ( those living who had not died and therefore could be thrown into hell.) The heavenly combatants included all the armies of Heaven. So the white horseman did return to Heaven. In Heaven we will have both the creature and this horseman it called out in the first seal.

5; The second horseman, or should that be just horse and its blood smears the horseman, after the Resurrection, is not just red but fiery red. Jesus did not have another drop of blood to shed, He lost everyone He had. I  rarely question the grammar or the meanings of words in the NIV version I follow but this is an accept-ion. God would not force a non Christian to kill a Christian although He may allow it to happen. God did not allow His fledgling church to be slayed for the first 1,260 days of it’s existence, they had to get far enough into the Jordan to see the man in white above the waters on the other side, but once they saw Him He allowed Stephen’s and subsequent martyrdoms. He returned to Heaven just before the white horseman did. The foolish virgins remained  as ‘ my people’ right up to the time they accepted the mark of the beast. Their last admonishing was ‘ blessed are they who die in the name of the Lord’ and the rider of the red horse would have allowed the beast out of the sea to kill them. In neither of the last two battles are we told that the combatants turn on each other just the two beasts. So if the horse is fiery red but the rider is just red because of his contact with this horse, then who is who? If it was Jesus’s physical body that shed that precious blood on Good Friday, was buried and rested on the Sabbath, then rose on Resurrection Sunday morning then what did Jesus have to present to the Father to see if it were acceptable? what was ” the revelation of Jesus  Christ, which God gave him to show his servant what must soon take place….” ( Rev 1:1). There had to be a dual nature of Jesus. His humanity, His life and death, as well as His Divinity, His Resurrection were presented to God as one woven cloak, the righteousness  of Jesus Christ and our covering of eternity. So the horse is the human nature of Jesus Christ and the horseman His accompanying Divine nature. ( gap in typing even though I resolved to never be put under a surgeon’s knife again my massive hernia coupled with one friends splitting and anothers  starting to split, frightened me enough to get mine done with the resulting immobility. They only had the NT and Psalms version there and it did not stop the pain)

6; If the third horseman is also split into Jesus’s dual nature and the horseman then this would be the most appropriate place to explain death, initially the death of the bridegroom and then of His bride. The principle of death is only difficult if we stop at the ‘ things of the earth stage ‘ And do not extend them to the things that are above”. So we shouldn’t stop at the innocent animal being killed and burnt in a fire. Those time lines of good and evil have come from an eternity to Calvary’s tree. God’s warning still rings out ” If you from this tree of good and evil you will surely die.” Good did finally X over with evil on that tree. We still must look why that almost parallel line, evil so sharply rose on Good Friday to meet that other parallel line,good. This was not an ordinary fire, it was Peter’s fires, the ones that convert sin into nothing. This was the death that was involved here, not just an ordinary fire which elevates the temperature and converts matter to gases this fire licked and enclosed the throne of Heaven, They were truly destructive fires. They got rid of evil by converting it into nothing, leaving perfection behind. That was the only way God could get rid of sin, by burning it into nothing. It wasn’t the Romans or the Jews or even satan who put Jesus on that cross, it was you and me! And every sin the redeemed are going to commit, intentional and unintentional. This here is called God’s justice, God’s righteousness. Such righteousness is only found in humanity by spiderman, wonder woman, superman, batman and robin and a whole host of other fictitious characters. God’s justice applies to all, including Himself. Many a profound proverb has been written on public lav-oratories walls. I found this one particularly pointed  “life is like a feces  sandwich ( paraphrasing) the more bread you have the less feces you will have to eat” Justice rarely if ever exist on earth but always in Heaven.

So we have come from the first seal. the white horse, the perfect life and death od Jesus Christ, and it’s rider, Jesus’s Divinity to conquer the earth by His dazzling beauty with no arrows to shoot with our bow. His crown must also have been dazzling and continues to be.

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The second seal Jesus is not ashamed to bring down and introduce to His blood already shed before on Good Friday. He gives us a chance to follow in His way. He wants to emphasise the critical role His blood played in our salvation and the role our blood will play in bringing others to Him. We still must revise who was it that took the peace away from the world and was given a large sword. He may have only been given that sword for a short time but He was still in possession of this sword.

Who was it who killed Stephen ? Was it the Jews who were throwing the rocks or Paul who held their capes and approved of the death? Neither it was God Who could have easily intervened and stopped them . Who was it Who put Jesus Christ on that cross? Was it the Jews or Romans or satan? No it was God but if He had not done so every single human being would have gone to hell. So the benefit gained by God giving His only Begotten Son that cup from which He had to drink every drop from far outweighed that horrific suffering and death.

So in summary the beauty of the white horse is being used to sort out believers from non believers. If we have three categories of beings at this stage they would be; God, Who can only be good  and human beings if they are going to Heaven are good and if they are going to hell are the badies. So the first seal the result is God killing the badies. In the second seal God presents His blood spattered body to impress it’s significance. Even though Jesus holds the sword He still allows for a certain time and number for the badies to kill the goodies. But the ultimate result will be that He will swing that sword against the badies and will give them their own blood to drink as they deserve. So here we have good kills bad. The third seal is simply and succinctly put; the reason Jesus had to die was because of God’s justice which is measured by an inherent pair of scales. So this is a case of good kills good. But it is this last voice which is a real mystery.

It’s significance would depend on which of the creatures made the call. The creature that looks like a man has centre stage now so he does not have to whisper, unless of course this is just an after thought. But regardless of who it was it shows Heaven is concerned with earthly justice in its most fundamental form; a fair days pay for a fair days work so the bread earner can support his family. It shows the importance of oil in the diet and the wine clearly must be unfermented grape juice as it is implied to be beneficial and not as a class 4 poison.

There is not much to be added to the fourth seal. It is the climatic  seal being  3  +  1  +  3  =  7. If it does not appear to be so then the problem is with the reader and not the seal, not that the others are insignificant. Yes the horse was affected by it, it was pale but nowhere to the affect of black or red. The death and Hades are only pale and fully administered by God Who splits His church into three eras; the end days church killed by sword of Revelation, the first day church killed by those wild beasts and the middle church killed by famine and the plagues which result when God’s people are starved of His Word. The heresies and blasphemies that result do hurt God but they will not be present in His last or first churches. As these occur as time periods could indicate that the period of time involved is also a quarter of the churches existence. Before moving on just a final look at the creatures, back in chapter 4.

All we are doing is ‘ believing in the things of this earth’  and if we follow His advice on this matter He may Give us a leg up and see the things that are from above. I have already argued that this door ( Rev 4:1) could be the door between the two Heavens or the door looking from earth into the first Heaven and decided it was the one visible from earth. If it was the one between the two Heavens John would not have to look up but across and the New Heaven was still some 1,800 years before appearing. So John is now being taken up to Heaven through the door that Jesus probably ascended and descended, the second coming, the two witnesses, the trumpets etc entered and left. As it is only now that he is going to be taken into Heaven his previous experiences must have been earthly visions. But clearly we are getting ready for a major event, ‘ after this’. If  He hasn’t already done so I have no doubt the Lord will show one of His creationists the significance of His gemstones and their position in Heaven. I don’t think that person will be me as I have already asked Him, but His answer may be ‘wait!’. There is quite an entourage surrounding the throne. There has to be as God’s creation is about to vote Jesus Christ as their Lord, Saviour and redeemer. That vote must include all  humanity.  We vote Him as our link back to Divinity so when the fires of hell are finally extinguished and perfection begins, the Bride just has to swoon and fall into the Bridegroom’s arms and know He will carry her into her new home of eternity. The interesting thing is that the 24  thrones are already occupied and John is not on one of them. We  know that Judas will not be one of them nor will probably Dan but we are not told who will take their places ( and John’s place). But in that 24 we have representatives from Abraham to Christ , the OT, and the apostles representing the NT. But John goes far further than this, he is not taken to Heaven until 1,260 years after the second coming, so he could be representing this last era. We are about to begin a study of the arrangement of furnishings in the earthly Holy Of Holies so we can compare those to here. chapter 4, and particularity to the ultimate Holy of Holies, the New Jerusalem, but first a discussion of these four creatures.

Good did not have to be kept away from evil whilst they were two physical, separate entities. But once they did interact first with satan in Heaven and then again in the Garden of Eden, good actually perfection, had to be enclosed in a water tight cube; top, bottom and four sides. Entrance now to God could only be obtained if it did not have an evil component. But was there anything or Anyone who could meet this requirement? The corrections to the above statements are already becoming manifest.

We are given a surprisingly large amount  Of information about the New Heavens and New Earth but surprisingly little about the p recreation period. We know a lot about the new timescale. We know it is locked in, in exact phase, with that time period of the old earth. The first locking time is the first Sabbath that God spent in rest with His first children. The major locking key would have to be the Holy of Holies Sabbath that Jesus spent in His grave resting from His marvelous act of redemption following Good Friday. There would have numerous other locking ceremonies like the Day of Atonement and others to confirm this very special locked in day. Satan has to be given credit for the number of lies he has told discrediting God’s Sabbath and like any major fib it does not require much scratching around to expose this filthy lie. I don’t think God will have a major problem in communicating with His little darlings when the Heavenly Sabbath will begin and end when there are no day and night markers.Not that we will a double reminder. Since when that last Holy Sabbath finished and we got up from our worship positions the consolation was that it was now only going to be another 144 hours for the next one to begin.

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Distance or space also seem to be reproduced in Heaven, as well as matter of the periodic table. This shows us that the present God’s creation is not just some afterthoughts that will have to tide this lot over in this first badly failed experiment. This creation is tops and the top of the tops is that you and I are made in the image of God. It can’t get any better than that! God gave us the best and expected us to succeed . So not only is the Holy City an exact size it is set in a courtyard of en exact size,, the earth or the Holy place, which itself is set in the courtyard of God’s creation, the universe. It also has different items strategically placed in certain patterns within this city.

This is not the case in precreation. We really are in the realm of creation and precreation weeks and times. The only real lead that we do have is Rev 4:1. John will be shown what will take place’ after this’.  THIS is 3 0’clock on Good Friday so we are going to shown something of and perhaps before the creation period. Before creation week there may not have been any time, space or matter but there had to be something there; God existed in it; there was a possibility of obeying God, and also one of disobeying Him. So these things must have existed in a precreation form and were materialized into what we know to day as time, matter and space. This does not preclude the possibility that God did not use any of those whatever they were but started His creation from nothing.

Any of God’s children, or any Christian blog is they can’t write  a 2-3 page regime about why their faith would be meaningless if Jesus Christ was not fully (100%) human and not fully (100%) Divine or God still has a way left in their Christian walk, but I am still walking. So any attribute or character (or symbol  ?)  of Christ could not have been created on day 4 or any other time. It has had to exist since eternity and will have to last for eternity even though the stresses on the different attributes may change over time.

So if we begin with our first assignment. assigning the four creatures as the immediate square around the throne, before the 24 elders would make them the four walls around the Holy of Holies and therefore the four walls of the New Jerusalem. They are lifeless, inorganic walls which indicate their perpetuity for all times to come. Their is still a partly living relic in them, the great pearl gates memorizing there was a very painful history to reach this stage. The seven lamps are within these walls ( we are going to have to explain why they are outside of these walls in the Earthly sanctuary) . So the initial picture John is presented with is a Holy Trinity made up of God the Father sitting on His throne, surrounded by the Holy Spirit and enclosed from all evil by the four living walls, Jesus Christ. Not only does Jesus Christ appear to have a totally different role but also an inferior one. But inferiority, actually allowances for evil if not allowed for for a certain time, whilst the evil existed were the only hope humanity had. This has come from an earthly model, the Jewish Sanctuary of the Holy Of Holies surrounded by four walls but with one entrance.

But now we come to precreation times where the speculation may border or become blasphemy. We are still on the phrase ‘ after this ‘. Heaven is certainly getting ready for ‘after this’. John is here and the 24 thrones are already occupied. The role of the Holy Spirit has been energised  but it is role of the four creatures , those of an eternity which is being focused on. Those risen dead of Noah’s day have not yet arrived nor have our prayers of gratitude for our redeemer. The angelic hosts don’t need readying. Precreation times appear to be a microcosm of post New Jerusalem times with one obvious difference, there is no evil.

So we have good, good surrounded by a cage of four creatures and good. When it moves forward the top good moves into the protection of the four creatures and the good that was there makes the base into a thicker floor of good. One more shuffle. So this new good at the top of the stack moves down into the protection of the four creatures exposing the new good already above. The one that was in the their protection moves down making the floor thicker in good material. Clearly we won’t be able to understand this properly until we read the accounts of not only those who were here at this time, but what they wrote under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the apostles on those thrones. They are the ultimate experts on creation and redemption theology even though they mat be limited by human language. So the New Jerusalem is a solid floor of good, surrounded by four walls  and exposed to move if required into or around good.

So at the right time God could have stopped this progression in two ways. He could have expanded the boundaries occupied by those four creatures enough to include creatures who sang His praises endlessly, or just singing robots or He could allow the space to be filled with loving children, their daddy. God chose the second and this where all the problems began.

Free choice, that of choosing good and evil involved the extension of the boundary to include the evil line of eternity. This clearly was not possible, even for God, His Justice prevented this from happening. To solve this problem God put another fence around the four creatures, the wall around the Garden of Eden. So now we have the sorting grounds, the Garden of Eden. Here we have good and evil together, not only in the same tree but also in the same fruit. It was going to take a different tree of far greater dimensions to sort this problem out. The people within this garden, Adam and Eve and their offspring had the choice of good and staying in the garden or evil which would result in their automatic expulsion, both literal, thrown out and symbolic, death. Had they rejected evil they would have remained God’s little darling children. There was no room for that mightiest of trees on Mount Calvary. They chose evil and history began its march onto Good Friday.

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The events of expanding those boundaries are given to us in great detail in the creation account in the Book of Genesis but also described in this chapter of Revelation. The apostles especially required  the details of creation if they were to be effective in spreading the gospel of redemption. If the Gospel that you try to teach is just of redemption, worst still just the red letters, then is it indeed on a sandy foundation, the one that satan just loves so much! So let us move back to the throne and see what those four creatures are trying to tell what John thought was significant enough to have to be recorded. What is this connection between creation and redemption?

If God’s sovereignty, Holiness, perfection are of such paramount importance then they certainly cannot be maintained if He has any contact with humanity. The only way this evil or sin problem can be resolved if He Himself can pay the penalty for every sin ever committed and the weave a cloak of perfection that could be given to anyone who asked for it. To think that you can contribute to that cloak only proves you have no idea what so ever as to what is going on.

So we finally arrive at the throne which is surrounded by the four living creatures and it is they who do the final stage preparations for ‘after this’. If Paul had been one of those 24 elders sitting on the throne he wouldn’t have known who was on his right and who was on his left hand side let alone who was opposite and if he was north, south, east or west of the throne, nor would any of the other apostles. When they met to discuss this incident all they would have agreed on was that it was indescribable and different incidents would have registered differently with the different disciples depending on what wanted them to write about in Scripture. What they had in common was that when they tried to recall their appearance before the throne of God the sickening beauty of what they had seen would have made them glow like glow worms, if not for the rest of their lives then certainly for a long time after, they could not have received a greater impetus to their Christian lives  . If they did these recalls only privately or within their own groups the general public would not have known about it and Paul’s mentioning it seems superfluous because the direct, indisputable miracles he did perform should have trumped this appearance. The only reason I mention Noah as having a dispute with Paul is because only his name is mentioned. That is why I say that Noah is probably the one who went to Paul  after Resurrection Sunday and said ‘ don’t you realise Paul that what you are doing to Jesus’s followers after what you just went through makes you the chief of all sinners?’ Paul’s problem was he was shooting his arrows of life at the target called God. Nothing else was in the field of focus. So he did not realise that the target itself was God surrounded by four living creatures, all this was the one Being God with different attributes. The way I try to understand this mystery is by comparing the earthly sanctuary with the New Jerusalem, or the ultimate sanctuary of eternity.

The things of this earth that we are told to understand by Jesus was the presence of God, not fully present as in Him sitting in Heaven on His throne was present in the Holy of Holies which was surrounded by four walls. ( the four creatures around the Holy city)  Access could only be obtained into His Holy presence through one of these walls, the other three  remained always  closed. ( Access into the New Heaven is through all four walls even though they have gates which are always opened, so why this drastic change?) Well which creature is allowing us access? Is it the one with the face of a lion.or ox, or man or eagle? We are not going to trick our way into God’s throne or even His presence by deceit, it must be exactly under God’s condition. So our inspection of God’s dwelling place is of critical importance and that is where Holy Scripture is soon to take us but right now we are in Heaven, ( how many differences and similarities can you think of between this one and the New One?) and all four creatures are active and accepting. They are all focused on one thing ‘ Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come’ (Rev 4:8). This scripture cannot be that difficult. Those elders sitting on those thrones gave the correct, spontaneous chorus. They still had a lot of humanity with all those inerrant faults inside them. We know that at least 12 of them were coming back to be founders of Jesus’s new church. They may not have recognised the leaders of the old Jewish tribes but they knew that at least one of them was in their presence, Paul.

As usual when I finish this epilogue I will be returning to Noah’s flood with ****. At the start of my review of chapter 4 as the thoughts raced through my mind  I decided it is not worth proceeding with; it is pointless bringing pearl before swine, and they are my exact feelings now. But I thought that if I followed my Masters advice and approached the Heavenly mountain via the earthly path He supplied  He might give me a bit of a leg up. There is only one problem with why that has not happened and he is the one typing now. Not that it has all been negatives on the journey it hasn’t. Take just the thoughts and memory. For those who know me personally would say what text are you plagiarizing from? Often I go to do or get something when I arrive I don’t have the slightest idea of why I am there for. The actual shopping items I buy have little resemblance to the verbal list I have been given by the boss. I would be given a dollar for every time I have “lost” my keys,phone or wallet I would be a very rich person indeed. You may say that it is a survival instinct developed by many golfers; remember and score the good shots but forget the bad ones! Without this mechanism I would have given golf up long, long ago. That is to say that I don’t have after thoughts or make mistakes, I do. But the two major problems with the typist are; he is asleep along with the rest of the church and the Holy Spirit is trying to put a large pearl before this swine.

Yes my lights and keenness have dimmed and the consequences of such dimming are clearly spelled for the first church, that of Ephesus. But that church where I am supposed to rekindle my flame is no longer there. You see the church I joined was one based on pure faith, any answers had to come from the Bible whether we understood or not was not relevant, it just had to be Bible based. And the answers I got  compered to the Roman Catholicism I had been come from was like waking up in a new world. Many of the people who welcomed us there would still be there but the problem is worts that were so carefully camouflaged have not only appeared but erupted. I would not have had any problem with these worts had they been admitted  to, they are called humanity and the older the church has existed has existed for the more worts it has. So the Roman Catholic Church is the most corrupt and has the most worsts because it is the oldest church. What is surprising is the number of other so called ‘Christian Churches’ striving to join her so they may also acquire her worts. But all of Jesus’s churches have people living according to the light that has been shown them and are therefore going to Heaven. Now is not the time for discussion of other faiths. But now those dressings have been removed  and there is a stench of dishonesty.

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The modem operandi is actually quite sound. When in crises the Bible becomes the facade, no better strategy exists. So when the reviews are being done as to which lot is a church and who is a cult all the churches are drowned out by just one word ‘BIBLE’ . But when the crises passes the hands go back under that pulpit and ‘ guess what we have here for you, those wonderful inspired writings of none other than the prophetess herself ( which by the way are not only going to cost you a few dollars but you expected to flog them on). But what I accuse Sister White of most Adventists would probably accuse me of the same thing. But I don’t sit here with someone else’s works and paraphrase them in such a way that they will pass the plagiarism software. Yes I do sit here with the Bible on my left hand side. But it is when I copy the texts ( most referenced) that is what causes the release of the ideas and gives structure to the work. I could not present the reader with a more valuable literature text. You can’t go better or go even near the Word of God. I still struggle which direction to take and I certainly don’t want my writing influenced by any denomination. I have found none that deserve that respect.I do know that even if I give up that the Lord giving up with me is such an incredibly long distance away. So we are rightly told we are all asleep, but there is a degree between the different sleep levels. It varies from being under a deep general anesthetic right up to struggling with our present breath in sleep apnea to regain our consciousness.

But what about this great pearl that has appeared before this swine? This pearl will always be a pearl, never diminish in size but will only continue to grow in size so what about the swine? Just like sleep has a quality and  a quantity factor so it must be with the swine. I do not not find it unnecessary, repulsive, strange, evil, objectionable, or anything else when I imagine my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ hanging and dying on Calvary’s tree for me. Nor do I find any of these qualities in the Old Sacrificial system. I do ask that my prayers of gratitude, as deficient as they may be, rise from the fires of Calvary’s tree  along with the incense and at least be presented to God. What a thrill to already know that they are pleasing to God! It is my prayer that as we walk through this blog on the daily sacrifice our awareness will increase to the level where this sacrifice can be abolished, you can’t abolish something that does not exist.

Perhaps one way the Holy Spirit can decrease the quantity of swineness ( if there is such a word) would be to make the swine experience pain so it can project Just a little of what the pearl has been through. Under these circumstances pain should be more acceptable, a privilege even.Why should God try to show me what one drop of water out of the ocean has in explaining it totality?  Could I use Holy Scripture first to show the abyss that exists between the pearl and the swine. So returning back to Rev 4:8 the ” Holy, holy, holy” bit. If I had been in Heaven at this time how would that have influenced my commentary?

Well actually I was, alongside every creature that is going to be redeemed as represented by our prayers. My vote was that Jesus Christ was worthy to take that scroll from God’s hand and to open it’s seals. I put my all with total trust, knowledge and willingness in Jesus Christ. None other than God the Father has also backed my decision by accepting Christ’s sacrifice as perfect.

We cannot really blame John for losing the plot momentarily and weeping bitterly when he realised there was no one to take and open this scroll. Regardless of the relative position of God’s hand was with respect to the rest of His body that scroll was still in God’s hand and it shone out far enough for it’s beauty to catch John’s eyes. It was the writing that caught his eye even though he could only see a few words on the outside and even fewer inside.

The disadvantage that John had over the other 24 elders was that he had just arrived whereas they had been there long enough to realise that that Holy Lord God Almighty already was ( different aspects of Christ the creator have been shown them), and is ( they have been carefully monitoring events since 9 o’ clock and holding their breaths in anticipation of the clock chimes of 3 o’clock) , and is to come ( one second and after 3 o’clock where this  blend that we are so desperately seeking occurred. Jesus did not become our redeemer at 3 o’clock on Good Friday, He became our Creator AND Redeemer and it is this association that so much of Christianity misses today. ) John arrived and his immediate focus was on the scroll and one of the elders who had been following the big picture were able to reassure him. That scroll of such beauty that even shone out of the presence of God is the subject of ridicule and scorn today.

If I had been writing the script I would have had the Lamb break the seventh seal which would have allowed the scroll to spring open and all of God’s people would have climbed up it, probably using the broken seals as rungs, into Heaven to live happily ever after. But all this only shows that chasm between swine and pearl. Let us try to close that chasm up a bit by looking when the seventh seal was broken. Just how beautiful is this scroll? (Rev 8:1)

We have already been in Heaven long enough to realise that the master of the wedding feast is not going to come around and check to see if we have the correct robe. The anxiety that that elder caused us by querying our appearance in Heaven went when he answered his own question.  The only words we needed to hear were ” the blood of the Lamb”. Anxiety gone, Robe given we are now for the first time capable of absorbing what is in this scroll. So as we are before the throne of God serving Him, the Lamb breaks the seventh seal! Heavenly time must be very strictly administered as we are only given  half of one hour of stunned silence, when obviously we could not even to begin to appreciate its beauty. That is what eternity is for. I still think that this half hour is the catalyst for our actions in Heaven for the next 1,800 years approximately that results in the climax of Heaven: the awarding of the fine linen.

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192,002 words, 407 days of actual blogging ( many more days of preparation before the site was hired)  and the penny drops! It was only with tongue in cheek that I suggested to the Lord that the seventh seal should be broken allowing the scroll to spring open so we could all climb up it into Heaven. So it could not have been this. The only significant event that has occurred to me is my hernia operation ( incision just over 20 cm or 8 inches long) and my reaction to the general anesthetic. But you may say no problems! In any crises you just have to call out to the Lord by using those three miraculous words, ” Christ, Almighty help!!” and the Lord intervenes immediately, crises solved. That is what you did isn’t it? you called out in the Name of the Lord before all those surgical staff who saw the crises pass just like that and were so impressed they glorified the name of Jesus. Many conversions resulted, just so wonderful to see!

But that is not what actually happened. Yes I did scream in pain and begged someone to help me and I did not call out in the Name of the Lord. This was not a time for theological reasoning. It was an emergency but not unexpected. There were 14 days from the time of booking the operation to the day of surgery, 14 days of preparation. ( many more since the hernia has occurred). With my beloved wife the preparation, the prayers were very specific: I wanted to be given daily bread  so that the Name of my Father who is in Heaven could be glorified. There specifically were no caveats to standby, stay tuned and wait for further instructions. So you see my prayers were already answered even before I went into that hospital. I already knew the formula was

Unbearable pain    =     God’s  intervention    +      bearable pain

So I feel rather proud of myself to realise that God had already intervened. The pain was certainly localised; it was my feet only. It had to be limited below that threshold because I did not pass out. Hell is neither! Please can anyone save me from hell where pain is neither localised nor limited! Thank God there is ” Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” ( Rom 8:1) It was only the next day that I met Bob who became a more serious emergency then me causing the staff to leave the theater with only those two to hold me down. He only just came through! It is also heartening to know they weren’t lying about that emergency.

The above sound like a logical explanation to me but are probably not the reality. I think the truth is more probably like ‘ I didn’t want you to have that operation at all. You have left that strangulation and gangrene problem with me for over seven years now and how well have I looked after it so far?  Those pains you experienced were only there on long bike rides which are out for you. You don’t have the capacity to understand what happened to your other friends with hernias. The only saving grace you have is you are right in that I put people out in the medical world to do the work I could have done myself. Your logic was also correct that a hospital that has only been opened for three weeks has less chance of developing golden staph wounds’. So my hospital events occurrences may or may not have anything to do with the above beautiful revelation, but before returning to it I will tell you a little of the health system in which I live. ( Wollongong, it maybe near Sydney but is only a backwater with medical services, Australia) We  have just had a brand new 7 story private hospital opened  about 100 metres from the old established and much larger public hospital. I attended both with the same problem and one I classify one as hell and the other as Heaven, there was no comparison between them. The private system was hell ( between there and a mad house)and the public system was Heaven. I am writing a formal letter to the board and the minister about the treatment. One outstanding thing was the lack of compassion shown by all the senior staff. They could only have been ex lawyers who had been retrained as nurses! I only know if ever I need another operation which system I will be choosing!

So what is this revelation that is so amazing. It is that no one up to now has been able the read the scroll, it doesn’t open until the Lamb breaks the seventh seal and once this happens not only can those saints in Heaven read the scroll but we on earth also can read it, be it through different coloured glasses! So if we go back to the start we have the scroll not just of perfection (left) because even Jesus was not worthy to open it, it was super perfection that was being held by God in His right hand. Where does it lead us to; perfection, The fires of hell have gone out  and the Bride and Bridegroom happily married ascending into their home of eternity! The circle has been completed. The completion of the circle is described in the seventh seal, but what about the other six? The most detail is given us under seal seven, the others are rather scanty, but now that we know that the scroll is the circular pathway back to perfection we may have a different understanding of events. Clearly our vision cannot be the same as what those saints in Heaven see but we can only understand according to the light that has been given us. If our vote was and continues to be that we appoint Jesus Christ as the One Who is worthy of opening this scroll then we are entitled to project ourselves into Heaven and try to read this scroll through Heavenly lenses. Our place in Heaven is 100% assured even though there may still be much earthly tidying up to do not that that lot in Heaven will have nothing to do. ( it takes them almost 1,800 years to complete their journey and they are fully clothed in Christ’s robe of righteousness so on this earth it looks like even after a billion years we will still have a long way to go!)

I want to begin with Rev ( 1:5,6) as this seems to have the answers I am seeking “……..To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father— to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen.”

Page 37

As I sat down to type with a head of differing ideas I wished that the Holy Spirit was my secretary and I could say to the Spirit ‘ please take these ideas and organise them beginning with page 37 and ending with 57 or 197 or whatever the number of pages required’. If this could happen it would make Jesus’s words of Rev 12:11 redundant ” They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…..” . If your first response to the above is ‘ this fellows walk with Jesus hasn’t even begun, he doesn’t even realise that their could be no greater responsibility or privilege that the Lord could have given him than to be an evangelist for the Lord. ( thanks for that one Des). It is not the evangelizing that I am trying to shirk but the organising  of the material which caused me to back off.

If I finish up as one of that lot in Heaven, I will say much more about them in a minute, and I am looking down on earth seeing anyone,be it friend or foe and they are reading my blog, what would I think, what would I pray? ” Go to page 37 paragraph 2, blog 3 which tells you to read Revelation chapter 5. It was;

1; At 3 o’clock on Good Friday that Jesus became worthy to take that scroll from God’s right hand.

2; At 3 o’clock on Good Friday the clock on God’s relationship with humanity which had been stopped in the Garden of Eden was restarted.

3; At 3 o’clock God’s only Begotten Son acquired that title, JESUS CHRIST. Before the cross He was Christ our creator and after the cross He was Jesus our Saviour, but at 3 o’clock  He became Jesus Christ. He made the Old  and the New Testaments into one Book, the Bible.

4; At 3 o’clock on Good Friday the old system that constituted the daily sacrifice ceased inaugurating the New Daily Sacrifice of eternity. Just because it takes that lot in Heaven almost 1,800 years to appreciate this daily sacrifice does not stop us from studying it. We are not admitted to Heaven because we have reached the pass mark. We are admitted to Heaven because we have repented of our sins and are living according to the light that has been shown us. Jesus is that light and the only way we can stop its brightness from ever increasing  is to turn away from it.

5; The new daily sacrifice is just that: it is new, inaugurated at the Cross, it is daily and it is a sacrifice. The day-night cycle only continues until the New Heavens which only has day and therefore the daily sacrifice will take on a new Heavenly meaning probably being activated by Heaven’s Sabbaths. The word being carefully avoided is ‘sacrifice’ .

6; At 3 o’clock on Good Friday history began the last half of it’s voyage. The next significant event will be that flash in the sky with Jesus coming down to collect His own to begin an eternity with them.Only He will know who they are and even though we are told that there are people on whom our prayers are waisted, we are not told who they are. It maybe very obvious to be so evil that human life that is so precious to Jesus is just counted in dollars, that this person is possessed by satan. If they are they are counted by satan as mine and by God as foolish but are they with or without excuse? If in my misery lately I had rejected God and called on any help including satans, God certainly would have called me foolish but I He would also have called ‘without excuse’.

7; At 3 o’clock on Good Friday all your sins, past, present and future were nailed to that cross and when God looks down on earth all He sees is Jesus. The only time you will become visible with those sins is if you want to step out of the shadow of that cross.

8; At 3 o’clock on Good Friday you received your passport into Heaven. All those sins that would have stopped your entry into Heaven, each one listed on a separate page have a stamp dipped in Jesus’s blood stamped across them:


9; There are obviously many theological issues  to be addressed like if Jesus was perfect before the cross why wasn’t He worthy of taking that scroll out of God’s hand? What changed after the cross? I will return to the theological issues when I return to that ‘ Holy, Holy Holy ‘ verse. But before doing so I want to look at some of the other gems that I found under that stone.; the seals

I can now relook at them with two sets of glasses: one worn by the people of this world, today or this lot and one worn by those in Heaven at the time that the scroll sprang open: that lot. I think that I have been quite badly done by by not being included in that lot. I went through exactly the same hardships as my wife and she finished up with that lot. So her history is of great interest to me. On earth it was joint decision to allow our property to be confiscated when Christianity was declared to be a terrorist organisation. We slept on the same benches and foraged for food out of the same garbage bins. I will concede that the effects were harsher on her. She loves our home so much she won’t go on holidays, whereas I like to go and her health is a lot more fragile so the weather and food, or lack of it had far harsher effects on her. We both attended rallies knowing that whoever attended would be killed. So the results of our efforts could not be any more different: she went to Heaven and I was left behind.

Page 38

She was counted as one of the 144,000 wise virgins and offered as first fruits and followed the Lamb. So she probably made one last trip to earth with Jesus at His third coming. She would have been a part of His Shekinal Glory but could not be accessed by me other than through Jesus’s witnesses, John and Elijah. She personally saw and experienced those last efforts that Heaven made on us foolish virgins. She personally had been involved in my attempted repatriation over those last 1,000 years and this was her final down to earth check. When she returned to Heaven with that Shekinah Glory she reported to Heaven that God had been righteous in His decision to slam the door of mercy closed. The echo of this report partly reflected from that door of mercy and she was also declared righteous. The song that she sang was indeed new and could not have been sung before now ( Rev 11:15-18). But as we are studying the daily sacrifice and therefore the role of the priesthood  was her specific role as priest and how did the urgency of those seven trumpeters lined up with trumpets effect proceedings?

On this earth we took God’s vows to stick together through thick and thin, and we did right up to the very end. So this forced separation could only result with two emotions: I was thrilled that she got to Heaven and she, despite those indescribable surroundings must have felt some degree of sadness ( I have to admit it could also have been ‘Joy I am finally away from him!, I would be most surprised if this was the result after what we had been through together. If the position was reversed then I would be most surprised if I didn’t feel sadness for her. This marriage was God’s idea and it was administered by His agent { Fr O’Reilly of diocese of Orange}).

So on arrival in Heaven, settling, seventh seal being broken and scroll unrolling all the prayers that she prayed in her life arrive in Heaven. The millennium is not the start of her priestly function it is a continuation of it with the added difference that this time every prayer can be individually tracked. It again is passed onto that Angel at the altar,Jesus Christ, and proceeds through His Holy hands onto God. Actions are decided and the Heavenly agents appointed to carry them out. The results of the reactions to these prayers, including if none are watched and monitored by the priests. There are no male or female priests in Heaven. An analysis of the reactions causes a change in tactic in prayers, they become more desperate and more desperate with the unfortunate results of being more and more ignored. But just keep in mind the time this priestly function continues is 1,000 years and they are only given half an hour to adjust to that beautiful scroll opening! Time is very tight in Heaven! They and Heaven can do no more! The only solution here is for Heaven to remove their free will and that is just not going to happen. It would not be a free will if it could be removed. That loved one now just drops off the radar, receives their number of what order in humanity they were conceived and a stupid and obstinate human being who thinks they can tell God how things should be run in Heaven! How outrageous a behavior can you get? Were they ever on track to Heaven? well yes otherwise they would not have been called virgins. So this must prove it is possible to leave the path to Heaven in irreversible way. Your free will remains yours right until it is burnt up in those fires of hell.

So we are allowed to stop praying for people but only after 1,000 years of intensive prayers! It is only Heaven which is allowed to pack those prayers back into that golden censor ( their container should still give us an idea of their value) but note the packing; fire from that altar in Heaven and there is not just incense added but much incense! The door of mercy does not close for another 260 years but this time they are going to have to exercise their free will.They have that talent and it is they who will decide what to do with it. This period has already been covered previously.

So now we come to the this lot and that lot approach to the seals. Thank God we will never have all the information, except for that lot but we do have an incredible amount already, especially about the last three; five, six and seven.

SEAL FIVE: This is the one that records the deaths of God’s people from at least Stephen to  number 288,001. There are libraries full of this information. None probably carry the title ‘ History of the fifth seal’ but the information is available for this lot. Large as the number may be God is still counting and there will be a last number. It is most reassuring that as we take that last breath that Jesus’s robe of righteousness is also wrapped around us. This can only lead to one result regardless of how long the intervening sleep is!

This fifth seal like every other seal is specifically designed for those in Heaven and will carry very specific information for each redeemed soul. It will not only carry the information of the person who struck them down but all those involved who chose to make this person their enemy. ( ie. all enemies). Each of their enemy will not only be clearly labelled but their position in whoever army they will be fighting in, be that satans or the beast out of the sea. So they will not only know when each of their enemy is struck down they will also know when that person will be burning in hell right up to that last curdling shriek. They will not feel any pleasure from seeing this; it is just confirming their confidence in God that Divine justice would be done and it was before their very eyes.

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SEAL SIX: Concerns those last 1,335 days before the Lord’s return. Again we have been give a large amount of information concerning these days. It is critical that we have not only this but other information as well. After all this lot is the font from which God’s Holy waters will be drawn from. If we are not ready and miss the markers placed out by God there may not be any first first fruits let alone 1,000 of them for each hour of weekly work. But this clearly is impossible regardless how deeply we are asleep; earthquake,moon, sun,scrolling up of Heavens etc could not possibly be missed. But it is important to know what to do when these calamities when everyone else is terrified and hiding in caves. God’s people are the exact opposite. The wise virgins trim their lamps fill their lungs with songs of praise and go and meet their Saviour. Again much has already been written on these times in the main blog. This is not that another journey through the Book of Daniel especially will not yield more information.But what is the reaction of that lot as they read onto seal six?

One major difference would have to be this lot is looking forward to the coming hurricane whilst the other lot are looking  at the hurricane past. We feel uncertain and don’t know if we can come though it they have and can see God’s hand in every event. Not only is Heaven going to be particularly interested in Jesus’s church just after He left and how those mighty apostles prepared Christians for the coming onslaught of the first two centuries. ( Churches of Ephesus and Smyrna) Did God give His last church a similar warning? The degree of persecution, of martyrdom in these last churches makes those of the middle churches pale into insignificance. In Jesus’s time the church copped the back end of the evil peek that had risen to meet our Lord at His first coming. That was operation desperation and if this failed the end was inevitable. If there was a rerun of those events evil would have done exactly the same. They did not, nor could not put even the tiniest flaw in any weave in that clock of perfect that Jesus wove for every one of His redeemed. And at the peak of evil’s evil Jesus crushed not only the statues feet but also killed the beast and had him thrown into the fire. It was all over red rover. But Jesus allowed evil to be restored and here we go again! Evil knows what the result is going to be and it has nothing to lose. Maybe rub a bit of salt in Jesus’s wounds and show everyone that satan’s actions in Heaven originally had some validity about them. Had Jesus given satan some of His creative powers the world may have looked like that of the millennium. ( forget the detail that it was only so good because satan wasn’t there)  So now we come to that last wave of evil rising to meet Jesus and His people.

Evil realises that after this wave it is hell and extinction that are it’s fate. So the troops must not be just ready but super ready. Their relationship to satan must be of an equal footing to that of Peter and Jesus. When Jesus asked Peter if he was going to leave Him, Peter’s reply was ‘ where else do we have to go? Nowhere’ . Thus it must be between Satan and his troops who will demand ‘ satan must be set free’. So when that lot look at the writing under this sixth seal they see the nitty gritty details of those events made doubly interesting because it was they who were involved.The details of the plots hatched out between the the woman and the beast when they met out in the desert. What strategy would evil use to keep God’s people asleep? ( actually it was very simple physics; you can’t see the wave if it is in very deep water).

Their biggest relief is that they made it through and the biggest surprise was God’s hand through those times when there appeared to be no God at all. All those precipices and canyons had clearly marked paths around them and the shelters were clearly sign posted. Neither much of a warning to a sleeping Church. It was all written out in His Word but only few saw it and reacted in time. How can you or I or anyone else claim to be reading and understanding the Word of God when you give Him exactly the same title as you give to Satan? Could you lose the plot any further? From this only the clangers will flow and not raise any alarms: replacing the most precious thing in existence, the BLOOD OF JESUS by the most evil thing in existence, alcohol as part of the Lord’s service; in the same service replacing His sinless body by the emblem of evil, yeast; fallibility of the Bible; evolution; relevancy of God’s Word ;  the one backstop, the Sabbath no longer exists and generally the further we turn from the light, Jesus Christ the darker to situation becomes until the crises is fully revealed, at midnight. Whatever tactic evil had worked out to keep God’s Church asleep certainly was very effective. There is no point attempting to analyse this tactic here, it would be equivalent in trying to explain it to the sleeping apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane. Best to follow Jesus’s advice; ‘ sleep’. The water, the evil is so deep you wouldn’t see it anyway!

The seventh seal has the longest explanation and if this is supposed to explain the problem why those saints in Heaven are taking so long to see the daily sacrifice then my explanation has failed. I found it rather surprising that 1,335 days of our existence would merit a seal to itself. This only proves I have missed the significance of this seal. My summary of events in the seventh seal is also surprisingly short, especially from this lots perspective. It consists of a thousand year period of Divine grace, a thorough check to see to see that every individual has been marked by the mark of the beast before that individual is destroyed in hell.

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For that lot up there the first 1,000 years is certainly a very busy time. They are aware of the details of all those people who plotted against them and their immanent destruction but that is the chicken feed. Has been and continues to be in God’s hand as it was really God Who was being plotted against and if God can can’t look after Himself then Who can? So when God exercises His Justice occupies less than 1% of their radar screen. Their main focus are their priestly duties concerning those left behind as represented by the prayers that look like the creature with the man’s face. But all those interruptions! People grabbing them, hugging them and wanting to dance with them in gratitude for the prayers they had prayed for them ( creature like an ox). ‘Look at your contribution for me getting to this amazing place! Look at this time this wave was about to drown me and look how your prayer saved me! I was about to inject when your prayer came along not only did it stop it lifted my morale! And it is for an eternity!.’ But you reply’ look at the shape of the prayer, it looks like an ox. It is only because of the blood of the Lamb and His grace that you are here and it only proves the power of prayer. Give me your Heavenly address and I will visit you when this crises period passes. Can’t you see those trumpeters are waiting for the command to blow their trumpets? My concentration must be on my priestly function for now.Those prayers for each other can wait. We know they are about to be bundled back into that golden censor and hurled back to earth from our presence in Heaven but in a golden censor is where they are. That golden censor is about to play a major role in the remainder of earth’s final history. You see that it just does not contain all of Heaven’s prayers, it also has much incense and fire from Heaven’s altar. Earth’s final rejection of priestly, Heavenly prayers will begin that final conflagration, Peter’s fires of earth’s destruction, probably starting and spreading from this censor. But the censor itself, all the redeemed prayers cannot go to hell and be destroyed, they must return to Heaven. They have been specially marked with MUCH incense’.

By earthly standards you would be considered  a saint, and rightly so if you gave full time care to a loved one, or anyone for a period of 20 years. 50 years would be exceptional. But in Heaven the redeemed spend 20 x 50 years of intensive care  on a scale that is not imaginable by our earthly carers, just like it is unimaginable to think of looking after someone for 1,000 years. They are not shooting blind and wasting their efforts on those who have sinned against the Holy Spirit. This question was very carefully sorted out at the second coming. Satan is 100% sure that those he has marked out as mine will never turn against him regardless how intense the battle becomes. Heaven is just as sure that they were without excuse and they are foolish. Spending time and effort on this lot would be a waste of time that could be spent on those who have not yet received the mark of the beast. So those 144,000 foolish virgins receive unprecedented prayer and attention. But the response after 1,000 years is the same as that after 10,000 years: none. Heaven can rightly say ‘ we could do no more’. Those prayers must now be removed from Heaven and after proper packaging they are thrown in disgust back to earth.

But have those 1,000 years been a waste of Heavenly time? Did God really have to show some detail of one of His attributes; patience? What benefit did those priests in Heaven gain, or us priests on earth gain by our intensive pastoral care, regardless of the result? Heaven is rather stringent in its time allocation, allowing up to half an hour in extreme situations like the beauty burst forth into Heaven when the scroll fell open when the seventh seal broke. But then it allocates 1000 x 365.25 x 24 x 2 = 1,732,000 units for priestly time! If you add units we were supposed or actually did spend in this time on earth that could be about 2 million units of Heavenly time on what result? Zero, zilch, nothing. That Heavenly lot must have been exhausted! But they can see the object of the exercise.

Our Heavenly journey with our Lord begins when we burst into our new lives as we break out of the waters of the Baptismal font. The journey may be likened at first to a six month old child trying to walk. But that walk will become more like a seven month old child, then an eight and nine and ten etc if we allow our Lord to guide and teach us. Even an adult like Peter only took very few steps once he took his eyes off Jesus. Our walk as priests, and the subject of this blog, is but the beginning of this walk. This is the walk that will continue throughout the eternity. If Jesus is our Partner of eternity then the closer we are to Him the happier our walk. Thank God He does not want to know our nature, and it was critical that He destroy every last trace of it and replace it with His perfect robe of righteousness.

So what is His nature? What is He all about? Well the bits we can try to see are His infinite love for His created beings. Let us start with Him creating us in His image, can it get any better than that! Then He gave us a free will. Now I find that hard to put that into a few words of type. Then He put us into a garden made of materials which look like the ones we will spend an eternity in. All the way along He knew it was all going to go pear shape! The wheels were going to fall off. But He alone knew the price that He personally was going to have to pay to restore those wheels. It is this bit of infinite love that we are trying to get closer to. That love that would stop at nothing in order to reconstruct this relationship, even if that meant only one soul was going to be saved! Part of that walk as priests of our Lord is trying to realise that infinite love of God being used as an attractive power to bring people to Him. We are trying to fulfill that one wish of our Master, to save but one, anyone soul. After arriving in Heaven this impetus continues. It draws us nearer to Him and to begin to appreciate His beautiful Nature. Not one of those two million odd units of priesthood are wasted. They were the minimum amount of time required before we could begin the next stage of our journey with our Lord, the removal of prayer from Heaven. It is Heaven that declares the millennium over by the removal of all earthly prayers (  I can’t say whether my previous interpretation of this event was right or wrong, as I still see 2 interpretations possible; the fact our earthly prayers are no longer in Heaven our earthly connections have been broken but it is really the obstinate nature of the object of those prayers that causes us to give up and break ties with them and those prayers will still return to Heaven, something as precious as prayer can not be burnt up in hell)

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So now the scenery in both Heaven and on earth changes drastically. The period of grace is over and the first trumpeter sounds his trumpet. Earth has already received a wake up call indicating those good old days are over. If here we have a mirror image of God’s creation in love over a period of six, 24 hour days and now His partial destruction in wrath over the next 5 days the calamities are beyond description. The first recorded brake is of 150 days in the fifth seal. Even if these trumpets were spaced at 200 year intervals recovery would have taken a long time. But to be hit on consecutive days would have floored all mankind!  With the redeemed watching  after a strenuous 1,000 years of intensive effort  perhaps God’s wrath might work where His love and patience had Failed? But if this doesn’t wake them up then nothing will!

The placement of the golden censor has already been discussed and is only revised here. This censor may or may not be the centre where the final conflagration of the universe begins but all mankind know where it is and why it is there for. Human awakening from that peaceful millennium was short and sharp ( Rev 8:5) ‘ then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and hurled it on the earth; and there came peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning and an earthquake.’ So earth would have looked up and seen a great fiery ball of fire hurtling through the sky and landing. ( in an interesting position). ( Microsoft not responding).

The censer now appears to become the major player. It is the angel at the altar Who organises it, Jesus Christ. The prayers of the saints with the incense were supposed to placate the anger of those fires. But the prayers for those who were being prayed for did not join the incense and God’s anger was left unabated.Divine protection is withdrawn and the censer is hurled back to earth. The adverb ‘then’ of Rev ( 8:6)  does not allow us to place any events during the journey of the censer on its way to earth. Here we are told that the first trumpeter did not blow his trumpet until that censer had hit the ground. So the censer hitting the ground was the triggering agent for the first trumpet. We may extrapolate that if the first trumpet was God’s partial destruction in wrath then it will follow very closely the pattern that God adopted in His creation in love. And it does.

The next event that this censer triggers is the fifth trumpet. So it has come down in the shape of a star and been stopped by the earth but only causing an earthquake and not a mighty earthquake which I would expect if God’s anger was being vented all at once. But the first release is very mild indeed. It does not smash the entrance to the shaft of the abyss  but gently opens it with a key. It is directly involved with the opening process. Out of that hurling momentum that it received some was used to trigger an earthquake and now some for the turning of the key. There is still plenty of momentum left to pierce the graves of the dead and travel through the universe destroying it.

The eyes of the saints of Heaven are now on earth as the demonic locusts are released. They are still reeling from the most destructive days the earth has had since Noah’s flood. But no one was left to suffer the consequences of that flood here the majority of people are left behind. Those who have chosen satan are left to suffer excruciating pain and those who have God’s seal  could not be given a better opportunity to use that talent they have been given. This time in reality is but the calm before the storm. It is the star who opens the shaft and it is the star that decides the period to the next trumpet, 150 days.

I have decided that the return of the censer back to Heaven is irrelevant. If it returns with the creature like an ox prayers, those we prayed for the redeemed, then our prayers for each other would become a bit stale whether it took 100 or 900 million years. What would remain ever fresh for an eternity is that it is by the blood of the Lamb that our position in  Heaven was purchased. If the prayers of the creature that looks like a lion are there then for all eternity we would be grateful for the victory that Jesus won for us on Good Friday. He is the reason why that evil time line is no longer there. If the prayers of the creature that looks like a man are there then if it was not for Jesus’s humanity then we would not be in Heaven either. These human like prayers also show that our walk as priests began on earth to be continued on during the millennium. If the prayers of the creature that look like an eagle are there does not necessitate the conjuring up of evil people like Nero, Hitler, Bush etc. All they show is that our Christ like nature had begun to develop on earth with it’s inevitable result; to finish up with God in Heaven. If it wasn’t in the Bible, and it is, then I would say that talk of trees, rivers,walls, foundations etc is really wrong. All these earthly concepts all add up to just one drop of that ocean; ‘ and we will see His face’. They are all there because ‘itiswritten’ but they only add up to a single drop! Insignificant, irrelevant only for those who have given up hope of seeing His face!

If it takes 1,780 years for the lot in Heaven to see the light after the second coming and to ask for the fine linen and we give them a point for every year they require 1,780 points. At the end of the millennium they have acquired 1000 points. ( over half way) so as they stand next to their Lord and watch the next phase what are they hoping to get out of the next 260 years before the door of mercy closes. Their first realisation should be that they are standing much closer to the Lord at the end of the millennium then they were at the start of it. Our priestly walk which begins on planet earth may have major spin offs and advantages for many others but it primary role is to learn to walk closer to our Lord. That lot have just done this so they are ready for the next part of their journey. The distance the Lord expects us to walk on this earth before continuing it in Heaven is we are to walk according to the light He has given us.  One reassurance for them as they stand next to their Lord would be that God had not erred with a single soul in accessing them as foolish and without excuse and allowing satan to mark them as his. So only the focus of attention is on the 144,000 foolish virgins. Only one repentance from those billions of other souls would prove that God had made a mistake, he had acted precipitately.

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Another aspect they might be looking for is that God has over reacted, gone in for the kill too soon. They realise that after 1,000 years of such intensive care and attention not one soul had even acknowledged the effort that was being bestowed on them that they needed a Divine  awakening. I think that even they were surprised at how short and sharp those first four trumpets were.

{ It should be rather obvious that I am out of my depth, even with this lot let alone with that lot. I still believe the Lord has at least another 7,000 others who believe in His Word, without caveats who are, been or about to start writing. But I am not sure that means it is time to pass the baton onto whoever has been given this marvelous privilege or whether the Lord will allow parallel blogs. The problem is whichever I look at those words with which I began ‘ Holy, holy ,holy” they are still just words ‘ Holy, holy and holy’. It has been a privilege to follow those rays ( more like beams) of light back to their source, every beam originating in one of those thorns in the crown on Jesus’s precious head. But there was a time when even that precious crown went into total darkness for a period of three hours. The battle between good and evil, light and darkness was a very closely contested battle. For quite a while it even looked like the forces of darkness were triumphing. Jesus was losing. He had lost contact with the Father ( why have You forsaken Me?) The light from Heaven had been cut off by all those sins of the redeemed on His body and now only one thing that could pull Him through Luke ( 23:46). ‘ Jesus called out with a loud voice,: Father, into your hands I commit my spirit. When he had said this, he breathed his last” ‘. And Mat ( 27:46) ‘ why have you forsaken me?’  But Jesus had put God His Father in control ‘ not my will but thine be done’ And this is what pulled Him through this the darkest of storms. So it is with us and those particularly nasty storms of life. We do put Him in control according to His will but then negate His power by qualifying it to ‘make sure that you do a, b, c etc’ The bottom line is we either do or don’t trust Him. Do we believe that He did come out of that darkness, He did pay the penalty for all our sins  and His new light will now shine for an eternity.So that storm that engulfed Calvary’s tree was finally re-pierced by those rays from Heaven and those life refreshing showers were on their way. And so it is with our storms. if our confidence and trust are passed into the right hands  that storm will be pierced by the Sonlight and those life drenching showers are also on their way. I claim to be at least a pseudo chemist and from chemistry I draw my analogy. Those ions in that beaker are all rushing around with maximum speed and disorder, just like the people of this world. they have lost sight of everything except self. What is required is a precipitating , coalescing agent that forms a beautiful crystalline and ordered solid, a precipitate. There is only one precipitating agent available and that is Jesus Christ. When added to society the ultimate precipitate that forms is the Bridegroom with Bride in hand entering the New Jerusalem. All those other ions and their beakers are discarded forever.

So as I sit here typing I see these incredible tragedies around me, particularly youth destroying itself with alcohol and mind destroying drugs and this is our future. Those vultures getting rich as a result of selling those drugs probably don’t realise that each dollar they have earned with these legal and illegal sales will come back to haunt them in the minutest detail, in hell, so they better enjoy now these dollars in the minutest  detail,every cent. The precipitating agent, Jesus Christ who can convert all this turmoil and make it into a precipitate that will last forever is either unknown or rejected. The saddest part of the equation would be if those who had rejected Jesus had done so because they have had seeds of doubt planted by those who should have known better. Their first explanation of whatever they saw was ‘ of course the Bible can’t be right’. But God will ultimately have His way and we have been shown glimpses of last day events. Light is most effective when contrasted against darkness and so it will be turned on at midnight}

The actual problem I am having that has caused this shuttering halt is Rev ( 8:13) ‘As I watched, I heard an eagle that was flying in midair call out in a loud voice: ” Woe! Woe! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth, because the trumpet blasts about to be sounded by the other three angels!” ‘. On the surface things appear very simple. Paraphrasing ‘ I want you to record this message John as it is most important. It is not only spoken in a loud attention grabbing voice but look at the source from which it is coming. It is coming from Divinity in its usual symbol; an eagle. It is not on the horizon somewhere but directly above you. It has been responsible for those four earth shattering trumpet plagues but their focus was on the infrastructure of the earth where the inhabitants who suffered were only unfortunate bystanders. The pattern involved in destruction in wrath was set in creation in love.  These next three plagues are directly directed at earths inhabitants and you will really realise the significance of the word ‘woe’. So stand right back Heaven and watch carefully now at what is about to happen after a short break.’

I still maintain the Bible is only about three things; the Bridegroom, the Bride and preparing the Bride for an eternity. And that is all that is going to remain for the eternity to come. So what is about to happen to this lot on earth is only for the benefit of that lot in Heaven where they will receive another 260 points bringing them up to 1,260. It is only about one quarter of the points they received for their priestly inauguration but it is still of critical importance they be shown this.

So which inhabitants are these devastating plagues to be directed at? It can’t be the 144,000 foolish virgins. No winds were allowed to begin to blow until they were sealed by God. So on earth that only leaves those who have the mark of the beast, firstly only the living experience the mild trial, the locusts and then with the risen dead the sixth woe trumpet that of the crazed horsemen. But all these marked people are about to burn in hell. So even as nasty as these woe trumpets are they are equivalent to dropping one drop of water on these people before pouring the ocean on them. So what is the exercise of this one drop? Underlying all this discussion is the fact that if there is only one response, one repentance of any soul during this 1,260 years, before the door of mercy closes, Jesus made a mistake on Good Friday and will now have to return and live a perfect life, die the prefect death and undergo the perfect resurrection to save this soul. (impossible for Jesus to make any mistake or be corrected in anyway you may rightly say!)

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There is always the chance that some of those on earth are marked by the beast, rightly marked by God as ‘foolish’ but with (( blog has just passed 200,000 words! may the Word of God continue to be glorified!))  excuse. So when I called out for help in that theater and there was no one  there to help I could have called on satan as the last resort. No doubt he would have entered into me and helped relieve the pain but only on the condition I would become his agent. So I would have received the mark of the beast and Heaven rightly would have marked me as foolish, but not without excuse however poor that excuse was. I would have remained with excuse until Heaven showed me the exact reason why that pain was necessary and why it did not interact further in my misery. Once I rejected their reason I would have been without excuse, bu what if I had accepted their reason? Would satan just happily let me go?

This is where these woe, woe woe trumpets are leading us. Satan may be accused of many things, but his knowledge of Scripture is not one of them. He not only knows every word but their correct implication and application. He also knows every word of Scripture that we know and where our doubts are. He carefully plants landmines in their correct places knowing what the inevitable result will be. So why this amazing change of tactics? One minute he lassos every one who dares venture onto his ground and refuses to release them even if they want to leave and then suddenly deactivates his most powerful weapon by admitting that the Genesis account, including the flood, are correct? He does not want anyone there who is likely to lose heart in the heat of Armageddon? What about me who wanted out but would not be released? He would only release me when he had decided that time for experimentation was over.

So with the fifth trumpet the result that there are no defections, no repentances  is totally expected. Compared to the sixth trumpet, the crazed horsemen, its testing is very mild but more universal. These living have just come through last day events where satan revealed his true colours and released those people back to God who wanted to go. Only the stalwarts remained. These were very last days and the time for experimentation, for wishful thinking were over. There were more than enough experiments done with that dead lot.During experimentation any of those who ventured even near his territory were captured and held. The more they tried to escape the greater the effort made to keep them. In amongst this lot satan only needed one soul to repent, and the trials of this lot started under the sixth trumpet as severe  as it got, only one soul to call Jesus for help and that would have meant that Jesus would gave had to return back to earth to save this soul. And that is exactly what satan wanted,to have Jesus return back to earth. He would be given another chance to spoil that robe of righteousness and perfection that Jesus would have to return to weave for that one extra soul that was just added to the list of saints. So satan’s experiment,of holding souls back against their wishes in the hope that they would defect under times of trial were a 100% failure. Jesus did not nor could not make a mistake especially on Calvary’s tree. Can’t you lot who have lined up with your corrections and whinges see the depth to which Jesus looks into and sees? He looked into billions of souls each with many trillions of synapses firing over millions of seconds and did not make one error! Do you really think you are going to show Him a mistake?

The eagle has warned us that these were going to be woe trumpets and he was right. Don’t be deceived by the orderly entrance, by key, into the shaft. The integrity of the Abyss and shaft had to be maintained as it would soon again come into use. Its first prisoners were to be a third of humanity from the crazed horsemen encounters. There would be a few other groups but the next major batch would result from the harvest battle. These still needed a place for a significant period of time. But it is what was released that attracted the woe description. The woe factor was that satan was locked up at the start of the millennium but now clouds of demons are released and they become a major problem if they are from 2 Peter 2:4. ‘ For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but sent them to hell, putting them into gloomy dungeons to be held for judgment;’. I have already made my case in Revelation chapter 20 why by locking a bound satan in the abyss for 1,000 stopped him from deceiving the nations. He certainly did know that when he was required to be most active that God was going to take him out of the picture completely. The only reason he could not delegate his nefarious work to his subordinates, junior officers to continue his work of deceit was because they were locked up in the abyss now opened with the key. So it was the angel, Jesus Christ who bound satan and it was He who was responsible for his release. So it is not only the quantity of demons released but their quality. It is probable that even the apostles would have had a problem with driving this lot out and would have had to ask for Jesus’s help. So this lot are going to exercise their newly gained power to torture very thoroughly. The distance between torture and kill is going to be very small indeed and there will be no exceptions. Intense pain for 150 days is also unimaginable for most. How dark are those days going to be with even the possibility of suicide not an option. The price of choosing satan! But you thought he always looked after his own! Fool ! you also knew he was capricious but you hoped against hope that he would not turn against you. Well here is your answer, but why don’t you just go jump off that bridge or building? You know that in that one act of suicide you will incur more suffering in hell than had you stayed alive under torture. But you are being given an option, see that lot out of your window who are walking around without the fear of being stung because of God’s seal of protection? Go out and join them and receive the same seal. The door of mercy is not going to close for another 260 years and God is fully aware  of your record. You were delighted when satan paired up with the Beast out of the sea for the purpose of killing the followers of Jesus. Rev 13:4. ‘ Men worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast and asked, ” Who is like the beast? Who can make war against him?”  ‘.  Well God’s mercy and grace far surpasses far worse than you have done but he always leaves you with your free will. The darkening of the sky by the smoke and locusts was literal and symbolic.  The literal sense is supposed to give us an idea how vast that cloud really was.  The symbolic sense is the removal of the Gospel, of the daily sacrifice which had been predicted by Daniel. It would be impossible to add to the description of the magnificence of the appearance of these locusts than is given in the Bible and to reconstruct them even the best minds in Hollywood would struggle. But in Heaven another box is ticked ; Those living left at the second coming were correctly labeled by Heaven as foolish and without excuse.

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Satan may have very carefully laid out his nefarious plans well ahead of time but those plans must fit into God’s master plan in the Bible, which he understands very well. At time = 0 God set His plan into motion. Then in six 24 hour days He spoke into existence everything that exists and His creative acts ceased. There is much more in these creative acts then meets the eye and thus that difficulty from moving past those words ‘ Holy, holy, holy’ . To move past them we have to have been able to approach them first, move to the cross then move past the cross. During His acts of creation Jesus knew every carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen atom that He created that would finish up in the tree He hung on. He knew every atom of silicon, oxygen etc that would finish up making Mount Calvary. He knew every atom of iron etc that would finish up in the precious blood that He would shed. He knew what every atom would do in every unit of time yet He still went ahead in His creation. It was His love that was being manifested and it was His love that was driving Him on. I would really have to love a group of people in order to save them I would have burst into their room knowing they would ridicule, torture, kill me and throw me outside. Jesus did burst onto earth’s stage knowing He would be ridiculed, tortured killed and discarded, yet He still went through it. But the big advantage Jesus had was that He knew these horrific birth pains would result in Heaven of perfect bliss with His loving, obedient, cuddly and cute children around Him for an eternity. The family of eternity. This blog makes the case that this wonderful act of redemption split created time in the middle at whatever half of 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and seven hours is.

The next definitive time I can see is Heaven counting the martyrs under the altar and number 288,001 is killed. That one death initiates the second coming of our Lord and the start of the millennium and the separate journeys of the of the wise and foolish virgins. I am unaware of anywhere else in the Bible where events are timed with the precision of Rev 9:15 ‘And the four angels who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released to kill a third of mankind.’  So Heaven clearly wants us to stand up and pay particular attention as to what is about to take place in these definitive acts. It certainly does. So if we are drawing a time line we should put an inflection  of some sort at this point. If it is a straight line then some sort of bracket should be inserted. So what is the text telling this lot as we are the recipients of this sixth woe trumpet. And the word woe has been chosen by Heavenly standards.

Perhaps we better have a look at the parallel acts of love in creation week first and compare them to the results of the rejection of this love that results in partial destruction in wrath. The fact that it is only partial ( thirds ) only proves the door of mercy has not yet closed.

Items at the center  of these periods:

Number                                          Creation Week                                        Trumpets

One                                                   Earth                                                        Earth

Two                                                  Sea                                                             Sea

Three                                               Rivers                                                        Rivers

Four                                                  Sky                                                            Sky

Five                                        Air, water creatures                      Unrighteous living

Six                                         Land creature, MAN             Unrighteous living and dead

Seven                                   All over                                    all over.

What can we compare to the above? We are told ; it is the sixth angel who blows his trumpet; a voice responds from the four horns of the golden altar; gives instructions to the sixth angel; it is to go to the river Euphrates; once there  it is to release the four angels who have been kept ready for this very specific period of time; the function of these angels is to kill a third of mankind; they appear as two hundred million troops.

What can we infer from what we are not told; They do not go to the Abyss to collect their beings. Since the Abyss is a holder of conscious, tortured beings those released by the sixth seal must come from area where the beings are unconscious and not tortured. ( this is what the Bible teaches us about the dead);  so the Abyss and the key are not involved but a direct Heavenly voice could only come from the golden altar; The voice is contained within the perimeter of the altar and marked out by the four horns; the horns of the altar are involved in the administration of mercy. It is this release at this critical time which has Heaven standing at attention.All creation week pointed to the pinnacle of God’s creation: MAN, everything up to his creation was for his benefit, for his enjoyment. But now that critical time has returned to the fore, that hour, day,month and year when God’s creative love  is to be turned into God’s destructive wrath for the object of His creation; MAN. The Euphrates River is an evil place; it has that evil city Babylon on its banks; it houses four evil angels at least a part of which is 200 million troops; once these angels are released there is still something left in the river which must be dried up by the sixth bowl initiating the march of evil forces to surround Jerusalem.


They were not released in the fifth trumpet and certainly not in the seventh one. The only other option I can see is they were the water left in the Euphrates to be dried up by the sixth bowl. Thus the sixth trumpet would not be the mirror image of the sixth day of creation. I take the above view and therefore at this time there are 7.2 billion people alive ( minus those few who drank that water) and 6.9 billion of newly risen unrighteous dead. So if one third of the living are killed ( 2.3 billion leaving 4.9 billion for the battle of the harvest ) . If one third of all who are alive are killed then 4.7 billion die leaving 2.5 billion for the battle  of the harvest, assuming there is no deaths in between.

If the fifth trumpet was a woe trumpet then the sixth trumpet should be a double woe trumpet. Here torture with near death is replaced by torture that results in death and that death is by the billions. It is the terror here that is the main contributing factor to the woe. So before finishing these fifth and sixth seal let us do a quick summary:

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A; God only had one plan for humanity when He created it on day six: So that it could spend an eternity with Him in perfect bliss for an eternity. Full stop, it was either that plan or nothing. Most of humanity chose nothing and this is what is about to happen to them after they have paid any penalties incurred. After a blood curdling shriek there will be nothing.

B; These people who chose nothing as their preferred option are divided into two groups: those who were alive at Jesus’s second coming, the living, and those who were dead at Jesus’s second coming, the dead.

C; The living have had four strikes recorded against them and Jesus is perfectly entitled to tell John not to worry about counting and measuring their court yard, as it has been given over to the gentiles. Their four strikes are;

1| When they realised that the combined power of the dragon and the beast out of the sea was to be used to kill Christians they worshiped both evil powers.

2| We prayed for them and our prayers in the form of the creature that looks like an eagle were active prayers during our priestly functions for the millennium. They did not respond to those prayers.

3| During the fifth trumpet when the scorpions were active their torture levels were just short of death, just short of suicide but they refused to repent. They could clearly see others walking around unaffected by these scorpions but to join them would have meant joining the followers of Jesus.

4| But far greater than the other three combined was the trumpet of the crazed horsemen, the sixth trumpet. These horsemen could not kill any of the risen dead, their attention was solely focused of these living. The dead had already experienced one death so they only had one more to go, that in hell. So whether these horsemen killed 2.3 or 4.7 billion either way the slaughter is on an unimaginable scale. The suffering was also on an unimaginable, or should that be imaginable scale. After all they heard hundreds if not thousands die this way. They knew what was involved. This was going to be major surgery where the general anesthetic had only immobilized the patient, it had not affected the pain. ( my anesthetist assured me that this can’t happen today. If he told me that it never had happened there would have been a patient running out of the hospital and down the main street) So as far as the redeemed are concerned its thumbs down to the living; they would prefer to die two sulphur deaths than to repent, take them off our radar completely.

D| So it is the dead that are the focus of this trumpet, and rightly so. God allowed satan to use many, we are not told how many, as part of his experiment. He would not release anyone who had ventured onto his territory with out the greatest fight. God always had His people on earth and equipped them to handle the genuine cases, but these were rare. Once you have been stupid and invited satan and his workers into your house with one of the many demonic ceremonies your house in haunted and for those who have experienced this situation know how very difficult it is to get satan back out. He guards his invitation for entry into person even more vigorously. They are kept for this present time of unprecedented terror. His desperate desire is that but one of these souls wants out and is prepared to repent. All of satan’s Christmases would fall on this one time. Jesus Christ would have to admit He made a mistake on Calvary’s tree and missed this soul’s repentance. There in not one soul who doubts that Jesus would return to correct His mistake and satan and the forces of evil would be there to meet Him again. But even under the most stressful of all conditions Jesus did not make any mistake. Each horseman had to kill between 12 and 24 people and when that third quota had been met to killing would have stopped. The people on earth would not have known that the quota had been met and the terror would have continued for some time after. But as soon as the terror subsided earth went back to their bad old ways. Rev 9:20,21 ‘ The rest of mankind that were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping , the idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood– idols that can not see or hear or walk. Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts.’.

So the grand parade that Heaven arranged for this particular hour, day, month and year has ended. The judges, those who had chosen to spend their eternity with their Lord judged those who chose not to. There were no errors made  with the lot who chose nothingness, that was their free will and that is how they exercised it . But there is still  a significant period of time until the door of mercy closes. The 144,000 foolish virgins were not affected by these six horrible seals, so what about them?

They are the focus of this blog from page one so a summary is in order. At first it appears Heaven has made a mistake that there should be three categories of creation and not just two. There should be the judges in Heaven, those who are going to spend their eternity with their Lord, those on the catwalk who have chosen oblivion and the foolish virgins. For some reason or another their choice of eternity was not answered and they were not on the catwalk as the trumpets had no effect on them either. There also appears that the detail of the hour is missing. If the grand parade is the mirror image and climax of day six of creation , when God’s creative acts of love turn into God’s destructive acts of wrath then it starts at a definite hour, day, month and year but for days of creation we are told the day, month and year, the hour of creation is missing. This may be because there were two acts of creation of equal importance so neither is mentioned. If Adam is a type of Christ then he could have been created at 9 o’clock, put to sleep at 3 o’clock, had his side open at 4 o’clock and Eve’s creation took place. So there were two acts of creation of equal importance.

But Heaven is far kinder and long suffering for these these foolish virgins. They, along with many today think it is impossible to miss out on Heaven once you have literately given all including your life for the Lord. They were lined up to give their lives willingly for their Lord and if He had not intervened they would have. They were regarded as true church, yes they were asleep but so was everyone else, right up to the midnight call that the master was on His way when they were labelled as foolish. But there was a prescription given them to cure their foolish ailment and time to fulfill this prescription. All necessary aids were also supplied, so we can not look up to Heaven and ask ‘ did You do enough?’.

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Both the problem and the solution could not be more succinctly or better expressed than in Heaven’s depository on earth, the Bible. Rev 3:14-18.

” To the angel of the church in Laodicea write: These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the ruler of God’s creation. I know your deeds, they are neither cold nor hot. I wish they were either one or the other! So, because they are lukewarm– neither hot not cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. You say ,’ I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing’ But you do not realise that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so that you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so that you can cover your shameful nakedness; and put salve on your eyes, so that you can see.” 

Those foolish virgins just can’t see why Heaven is calling out ‘to man  the panic stations’ . Everything is just honky dory, there are no problems. Why buy something and exchange what you have when there is nothing wrong with it? Is this depository we have been given really their best version? Very roughly its okay but it really does need a lot of fine tuning! No problems I am sure that when I point out all these inadequacies to the Lord personally He will see the error  of His ways and quickly correct them! So there is the first problem; they must be shown there are no errors in God’s ways.

How is the grand parade for starters. The judges in Heaven have just had paraded before them almost every soul that is about to become extinct. It is critical that one soul who belongs to the Lord is not included so the trials imposed must be capable of yielding such a conclusion. And the result is: not one defection. So Jesus examined 14 billion people x 30 trillion cells x 100 million cell reactions per second x 75 years of life x 365.25 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds on that horrible cross and did not make one mistake.! When Jesus was on the cross He was not seeking an answer to the question ” anyone want satan out of their lives?” If your beautiful home is haunted and the strange events occurring around you are getting to the point that you are about to sell up and get out then Jesus is really not of any help to you unless you want satan out because you want Jesus in. So this is the concern in our personnel lives also. That is the result the judges in the grand parade were looking  for. None of them wanted Jesus in. So the foolish virgins by looking at the grand parade should have seen two things; Jesus did not make any mistakes on Calvary’s tree; the stark reality of existence, either in Heaven with Jesus or nowhere.

I gained much from my journey at the start of this blog from trying to walk in the shoes of one of those foolish virgins. As I have stated many times before that one of the scary aspects of old age is the exponential loss  of memory. There is no better memory food than digesting the Word of God and this wonderful blog makes me do that. Even though my memory is but a shadow of what it was 30, even 20 years ago it still pales into insignificance many of the youth I have contact with today. This whole section is revision so I intend to retrace my steps again before and after the grand parade. It is the story of the wise and foolish virgins that hopefully can be added to when, if the Lord shows us what is meant by the ‘ daily sacrifice’.

Just before I went under water into the baptismal font I called ” Jesus ” and when I came out He called ” not mine”. My wife who went under after me (it could have been before) called Jesus and when she came out Jesus called ” Mine” and gave her a seal with raised writing ‘ Heaven bound’. There were no physical marks. If there had been I would have checked and when I could not find mine I would have made further inquiries. My basic assumption was Jesus will take us regardless of where we are but He won’t leave us there. So if you are waiting to reach a certain standard, to learn so much about the Bible ( you obviously need the meaning of Baptism explained to you)  there is no standard which has to be attained as a requirement for Baptism. Once you come out and keep your eyes on the Light in front of you and walk towards it it will only become brighter and brighter and harder to turn away from. So when those last day events struck it was my wife’s seal that protected us both. And obviously her prayers were on a higher plane as well. With great difficulty we got through those days and then there was that flash in the sky. I don’t know how long I lay on the ground after that flash disappeared  but I know when I got up she was no longer there. It didn’t dawn on me to ring around her friends to see if she was there because I knew she had gone to Heaven but I was left behind, shocked would still be far short of what I felt. I had given up all those worldly possessions, had lined up fully expecting to be killed, I had seen millions before me do so, but here I was!

Before I lose it He puts His seal on me ( Rev 7:2,3). But why so late? What does He expect me to do with this seal? Why didn’t He seal me before His second coming? The only conclusion I can draw is that I wasn’t ready for Heaven before but He is going to give me one more chance. If He didn’t give me His seal on exiting the Baptismal font did I receive any talents at that time either? Would my witness about Him have been of any value? Couldn’t He have given me at Least one talent? And now I have to add to this complexity by the jars I was supposed to carry filled with spare oil and which I have been instructed to go buy. I am convinced that these instructions given by those wise virgins, God’s true Church are valid and if I carry them out I will be admitted as a late arrival. I have to set my bearings, all is not lost and if I have the correct list and carry out its instructions then there will be a happy ending. You only have to have done a few lessons in Christianity 1.001 to realise my problem. It is ‘I’. ‘Me’. ‘My”. which are the problem and will remain so for an eternity unless they change to ‘ with Your help’, ‘ have mercy on me’, ‘ yes that was yet another fall, please forgive me, please don’t give  up with me!’, ‘ what a wonderful thing that infinite love of Yours is’, ‘ it does not matter how big that fall just was all I have to do is to stick my hand up out and call ” forgive me and help me” ‘, ‘ I  should not have tried that without asking for Your guidance can You help me pick up the pieces now’, ‘ thank You for having a use for me to do Your will but please guide me to stay on Your path. The bottom line is with Your help I can do anything but without it I can do nothing! So the walk called life can be a wonderful thing indeed! You can chose to be led by an infinite being Who has an infinite love for you!

So my earthly walk in the millennium begins. How do I know that my wife’s desperate priestly prayers are active.? How did I know that my mum’s in law shield of protective prayer was gone when she died even though she was a Roman Catholic? Well it wasn’t her words that we all missed because she said very few of them. Because our emptiness vanished when we doubled our prayer efforts indicates to me that we were filling that void. It also indicates that whether you are a Catholic ( and you should hear what stories she had to tell about the clergy in Poland!)  or a Protestant or whatever God accepts you if you are living according to the light He has given you. There is no meter to tell you that you are being prayed for  but I am very sure that I will go into a state of deep shock when all those heavenly prayers are hurled back to earth. So not only is the priestly component missing it is replaced by an incalculable amount of God’s wrath. But no one can complain about the period of grace not just for the foolish virgins but for everyone. In today’s lifespan 100 years is regarded as a long period of time, so what is ten lots of long lifespans regarded as? Grace and patience. So with the Lord’s help does He expect me to do during this millennium? More importantly how do I know it is the Lord’s guidance that I am following? I thought that was what I was doing before and look where I have finished up at. We live on satan’s earth and it is called his earth for a reason. Jesus knew that satan would be confined to earth after he was thrown down from Heaven.

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I know it is the Lord’s seal that I have received because the Bible tells me that is what happened. The mistake was I should have applied the seal tests before the second coming and if there was any doubt I should have been rebaptised. The receiving of God’s seal is critical and there is not much  point in speculating what value,if any my ‘ Christian ministry’ would have been without like could I carry out any priesthood function or could I receive any talents for the Lord’s work without this seal. The tests whether you have received are rather obvious like: do you feel different or do others say you are different? Under the baptismal fonts waters did you feel immanent death with your Lord and burst through up through them as part of His Resurrection into  life everlasting? Could you believe that you have just gone through the only death that you will ever go through? Can you believe your death in hell was taken away from you by Jesus on His cross? A good indicator that you left your mortal body in the waters and emerged with your spiritual body was the spiritual body does not have to worry whether you hair is in place  or how your clothing fits when wet. Do you seek to increase your relationship daily with your newly found friend of eternity? Do you use that weapon that He used against our archenemy  with such brilliant results, ‘itiswritten’? Do you think you have to  leave those incredibly complex brains behind in order to believe and trust His Word? Can you have any relationship with anyone if there is no trust?

The Lord is incredibly gentle, long suffering and understanding with these foolish virgins, and the redeemed take note of every detail. They give up with them at the end of the millennium but the Lord per-servers for much much longer. Each one is a soul that He carries  an infinite love for and be it either salvation plan A or B would have died for this soul in hell, on Calvary’s tree. This lot is different, they were prepared to give up all to be with Him. They just need to have their focus reset. They need to have God’s way lined up along their way to see which is the only possible way. They carry the trademarks of the Church of Laodicea. God knows who are willfully blind and who  are not, although the end result is the same. They both refuse to have their garbage in their rubbish bins purified through the fires of Calvary’s tree and so it remains garbage that could possibly not be taken into Heaven. Having been given God’s seal  they should be capable of responding to those Heavenly priestly prayers, 1,000 years of constant  prayer! What is wrong with this lot?

I think that is where the problem lies. [ NBN only came good late on Sunday night] There is nothing  wrong with them, ‘ I am rich I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing ‘ they say. But they are being inconsistent; when the midnight call went out they acknowledged they didn’t have enough oil in their lamps and asked others for theirs, they acknowledged the validity of the command to go buy oil and they went seeking but surely the biggest wake up call was that they were left behind after the second coming! If they didn’t wake up with that then they never will!

Heaven’s attempt of gentle persuasion is over. The redeemed are convinced that even 10,000 years of priestly intercession would make no difference and the period of wrath is now to begin. They may be sealed and insulated against the effects of the trumpets but they certainly see and feel what is happening. The seals they had received at the start of the millennium would tell them that the priestly protection of the redeemed had dropped from 100% to zero, allowing those catastrophes to begin. These are world wide  events which expose their nakedness, that voice pleading for change is gone. They mistake the continued protection of Heaven as confirming that they are right and it is only a matter of time until Heaven admits and corrects its mistakes.

You would think that the results of the grand parade would convince them that Heaven did not nor could not make a mistake. { my submission for the hour, day, month and year for the grand parade are;

Hour:            4 o’clock the same as God’s last creative act, Eve.

Day:             Friday the same day Adam and Eve were created on.

Month       First month and also first week as in creation week.

Year:       1,001 the first year after the millennium.

Period:  Year 7,000. 4,000 BC + 2,000 AD  + 1,000 years of millennium. So there is now only some 777 years to go to the New Jerusalem.

They are not convinced by the results of the grand parade because they say it has nothing to do with them. It involved all those people who chose not to exist whereas they chose and gave all to be with their Lord. So what is the Lord’s next step for them after His withdrawal of His pleadings and the exposure of His wrath. The fate of all those living and dead need no longer be considered once it was shown Heaven made no mistakes and not one soul was going to hell that wanted to be with Jesus.

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So if it is all over by the year 7,000 but time runs on for another 777 years then these foolish virgins are either the cause for that time delay or they are taking advantage of proceedings in Heaven during this time. I thought I had settled in my mind the differences between seals, talents and good oil  not just for these foolish virgins but for all Christians but it would be quicker for me to retype the information rather than find it again in the blog.

The good oil causes the least problem. It is clearly defined by the word ‘ buy ‘, the virgins knew they needed it, were given clear instructions, went off to follow those instructions, changed their minds and went back to the wedding feast, knocked on the door and wanted to be admitted even though they had not bought the oil. ( probably no oil at all). Heaven’s response was inevitable. No chance! By admitting you and your sinful ways the next revolt in Heaven would probably be a matter of hours away! You were told what to do with your sinful ways. You were to sell them to Jesus so that He could take them and refine them through the fires of Calvary’s tree and then hand them back as gold, white robes, and salve all of which were admissible in Heaven. You don’t even have the slightest notion of what the word ‘ Holiness ‘ means. So even though the good oil is a distinct entity how is it involved in the next 260  years and where does it cross over with the seals and the talents?

Now the seals. They were form God, they were placed by God’s agents, they were seals of the living God and they were placed on the servants of God on their foreheads. They were there to prevent them from harm caused by the four winds sent by God. God does not place His seals haphazardly nor can just anyone remove them. It is my case that this seal is the same seal which is given to some at their baptism. Specifically it was given to the wise virgins at their baptism but not the foolish ones until after the second coming. From this I generalize that half of all baptisms do receive and half don’t receive this amazing seal. It is placed on the forehead so that everyone can see it, but you should also see it when in those quiet moments you stop and look in the mirror. But what are you expected to see? Or maybe feel?

Does the placing of this seal guarantee 100% our place in Heaven? Is this Jesus’s personnel invitation signed by His precious blood? The answers to both questions are yes and yes but only on the conditions that we want this seal and there is only free will required on our part. On the first day of the millennium the foolish virgins were Heaven bound. They themselves removed themselves from this journey by taking off their seals. No one else was allowed to remove their seals and they now came under the plan of salvation B. They qualified for hell’s fires by accepting the mark of the beast right near the end of time. So somewhere in this 1,800 odd years they handed back their seals. We will come back to those who did not receive this seal latter.

So God gave these foolish virgins and they accepted their seals. All this proves is God is gracious and He will accept us at what ever level we come to Him at. But the problem is that the seal is on our foreheads so not only is it expected for other people to expect and notice a difference but we should notice a difference ourselves. This was also expected from those foolish virgins. But what changes? Again ( Rev 12:11). They could not accused of failing the ‘ they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death’ test. They were quite willing to die for their Lord. The only test left then is ‘ by the word of their testimony’, and again this is hard to imagine when you count the hours they spent for their church, the countless Bible studies they conducted and the list goes on! There is something missing in the formula. Let us compare these two lots as they come out of the baptismal font.

The Lord does not love you lot with His seal then my lot without the seal. It wasn’t your standing with the Lord that Him to give you that seal. My lot could have attended exactly the same Bible studies as you lot and the Lord accepts us without a test. But if we had been involved in a train crash the next you lot would have gone to Heaven, at Jesus’s second coming but my lot would have gone to hell. So it could not have been the amount of good oil that we bought in that one day, it was probably insignificant for both groups. We are both counted by Heaven as asleep. There will develop marked difference us as we walk the walk called life but that is only because of the marked differences at the start of our Christian lives, there could not be a bigger difference than you lot receiving God’s seal and my lot receiving nothing. So our walks began with marked differences and those differences just accentuated as life progressed. You lot softened with time as you walked towards your light but my lot hardened with time. We could justify our hardening with Scripture and we actually began to believe our own reasoning. Satan made sure of that by fitting our logic into his world so much so that the other lot could only be labelled as ‘ fanatics, fundamentalists, left their brains behind’ and many other derogatory titles. Certainly a lot to be kept away from. Look how they are bringing shame and disrepute on the Bible!

You lot did not fall that many times fewer than my lot and your falls were just as devastating it was your recovery that was significantly quicker and healing was much better. You were not jealous or envious amongst  yourselves when the Lord gave one of you one of His many spiritual  gifts but were thrilled that the group had been thus blessed. We treated people thus blessed as persona nongrata.  Thus it was with the foolish virgins. God giving them their seal was water off the duck’s  back! It made no difference and only proved God was right in withholding their seals when they came out of the baptismal fonts.

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If you lot had been left behind at the second coming, for whatever reason, you would have continued what you began when you came out of your baptismal font. So the lot that were left behind continued on after the second coming what they had started when they came out of their baptismal fonts and they refuse to accept that that was the reason they were left behind. So that still leaves that question: what was the difference between these two lots when they went into their baptismal fonts? We know the difference after their baptism: one had the seal of God but the other did not. Another major difference was the wise virgins had good oil in spare jars which they produced when woken by the midnight call. There was no time to go and find, they already had spare oil with them. If they deserve any criticism then that should be they should have known how much they could give to the foolish virgins. But they were quite prepared to give it to them. So the difference between the two groups was in their preparation for baptism. Neither group did but the wise virgins were prepared to sell their earthly garbage. As they began their walk towards the Lord they became more aware of His beauty and the ugliness of themselves. They were quite prepared to exchange their ugliness for Jesus’s beauty and marveled  that Jesus had accomplished this on His cross. And they were desperate to tell anyone and everyone about it.

The foolish were a different kettle of fish. The requirement that they would be likely to have to sell their acquired wealth was not just sprung on them after their baptism. They knew it was an issue at the time but they would just have to deal with it at the time.So after their baptism their walk towards Christ had no real effect. His beauty did not increase because their ugliness did not fade. There was nothing there to go scream over the mountains about, life had not really changed. To cope with this disappointment  they really cranked out amazing volumes of ‘good works’. Year by year, you could fill encyclopedias with them! It seemed to do volumes for their egos if they could rubbish and compare their efforts to what only ‘ ordinary parishioners were doing’.

Now these foolish virgins have been left behind, and in a lot of cases their loved ones were taken to Heaven. But God is not playing charades with them at the start of the millennium. Before following their story through those last 1,800 odd years I will just add that missing factor. The talents.

Even though there are major differences between the wise and foolish virgins like God’s seals and good oil carried in spare jars there are at least three similarities. We are both a part of the ten virgins and we are all asleep. Sleeping ten virgins. We are all asleep and will be woken up by the midnight call. We are both part of the number ten or completeness, all of God’s people certainly since at least the cross. We are virgins and carry the true message of salvation as indicated by our lamps we carry. Even after a long time all ten lamps were still burning as they did not require restarting only trimming. So the only thing I can find that we have in common is that before our Master left us before He went on His long journey was He entrusted us with His property and gave us talents. He seems to split His people into three groups; the further from the cross the more decadent they will become. The purest church, the first church were given five talents and it was they who created that initial impetus, that initial height from which the church started its fall and almost fell to zero. They were the first to hand back their talents at Jesus’s second coming. They had done well, what the Master had expected of them and the height they had reached was high enough for mostly a coasting church to just reach the end.

The two talents were further from the cross and therefore more decadent. But their job was to prop up that falling time line which they did successfully. They were the second lot to hand in their talents at the second coming.

So we finally come to the church of the talent. Just because different things were expected of the churches through the eras does not mean each member met those requirements. So the first church of the five talents had many members who had five talents like the apostles, those women who followed Jesus and many others. But they also had members who had only two talents and even Laodiceans  who had only one talent. The church of the reformation may have had two talents but this does not mean that the likes of Luther, Calvin, Wesley, Huss and many others had only two talents. They almost certainly had five. And so it will be with the last church of one talent. God has blessed us with many lights of two and even five talented preachers. But these people would have handed in their talents at the second coming. It is important to note that the Master does not call out His servants, they step out themselves because they are ready to do so. They have lived for and looked forward for this opportunity for a long while. So the Master does not call out the servant with one talent but allows another 1,260 years of time with the appropriate conditions to allow him to step forward and to give his decision. So talents are handed out whether you are given a seal or not. So if every church member is given at least one talent there must be a time when each steps up and says ‘ Master I knew you were a hard man, harvesting where you did not sow, gathering……’, and this includes both living and dead. So the living and the dead both hand in their talents at the same time. I can’t see it recorded when the dead, those who have one talent, step up and want the doors open to them even though they did not buy any oil. It may just be implied that in order to use God’s talent one must first acquire the good oil. Set things right at home first. If you are not prepared to buy the good oil or put the talent to use then the default situation is the seal is withdrawn, this is if were given out in the first place, and the reason it was not given out.

So the millennium begins with all those Godly functions bestowed on those 144,000 foolish virgins to which we can add God’s entrusting of His servants with His property, He owns all of creation including what is in your pay packet.Immediately  the showers of prayers start pouring from Heaven and Heaven now expects the foolish virgins with their late given seals to react the same way as those who received their seals when they burst out of the baptismal font. Their reactions could not be further apart. The foolish are there because they had found some problem with God’s Word, with His dealing with His people. They interpret this period of grace as God admitting that there was something with His Word but was not going to admit it as such. A bit of sweet talking might just gloss over the particular problem. There was no way these foolish virgins were going to fall for this tactic. Even if the sweet talk lasted for one million years would make no difference. God would have to admit to them in public that He was wrong and they were right!. This should become the new dictionary definition of the word ‘foolish’. What fertile ground would this have been for the true wise virgins!  How those tumbles and falls had set them back!, many times all their energy was required just so they could recoup themselves and on these occasions little was left for what they really wanted to do. Now things are so different. The protection of Heavenly prayers prevents falls and with the assistance of those prayers they would have approached everyone with their message. The zilch result was never their problem, that was the work of the Holy Spirit. They had actually just come from a period of 140 days where there were converts by the million, again the work of the Holy Spirit. It is a mistake not to leave room for the work of the Holy Spirit.

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Where their roles really differed was at the end of the millennium. Here humanity went through genuine suffering with the locusts and the crazed horsemen. They had a solution to this suffering, they could make it go away and they would have gone about the business of telling all about it. they no doubt told the suffers that what they were going through would only be but one drop out of the ocean called hell! The foolish virgins buried their talent and did nothing. Another strike against them! Heaven must regard this period of time as significant as it allots almost 260 years to it.

The final strike against those foolish virgins was that last 1,260 days for repentance as announced by John and Elijah. They could not repent as they had done nothing wrong, it was God Who was the problem and He just was not facing up to it. Thank you but no thank you, you can close your door of mercy if that is what you want! Even John the messenger felt repentance! He had swallowed the little scroll and could see the bitter results it would bring. Part of the bitterness would have been that sad results- noone repented but John also saw his contribution in causing Jesus to go to that cross about which he was now preaching repentance. Our response to repentance today should be the same as that of the wise virgins would have been. Firstly there can be no response if we haven’t done anything wrong. ” I am rich, I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing. But you do not realise that you are” So how can we overcome this major hurdle?

The answer to this question is available to all, including those foolish virgins.

JESUS                                 CHRIST

There are no other options. Those foolish virgins hung on to the end hoping for other options but finished up screaming their way into nonexistence in hell. The only reason why His perfection is not being more and more manifested in your daily lives is because of barriers you are erecting. Jesus Christ is three entities; the One Who spoke this magnificent universe into existence, became flesh and walked towards and onto Mount Calvary  so that He could weave for you and me a cloak of perfection for you and me to wear for an eternity and wrote all the instructions we need to carry out and much more in His Holy Word the Bible. He is the written Word. For the Word to be of any value  it must be written in Human language and that necessitates all those frailties of humanity. There are no original manuscripts left, all are translations of translations by sinful human beings usually with some ax to grind. So did the original manuscripts have human errors as well? Well no, the writers were right with God and allowed His Holy Spirit in their writing presence then there would be no errors possible. So there lies the problems with translations and they cannot be attributed to the Spirit. So if your version has two ‘errors’ and my version has 200 ‘ errors’ does that negate its value as God’s altar on earth? Into both versions as we read we both feed our human frailties into them, our biases, total ignorance, present feelings and we expect those to enter into this book. Because this Book also has divinity in it we can expect our earthly garbage to be converted into such a form that can be presented before God so that He can respond. His response in a Divine nature will in turn be converted back to human form as it passes through the Bible. But like any relationship be they human or Divine it is based on trust. There can be no trust if you have to sieve the matter you are receiving from its lies.

There are many today who do not trust the Bible because it teaches thousands of years old for the age of the earth whereas secular science teaches millions of years old. Just like satan admitted to Piltdown man being a fraud after it caused irreversible and soul destroying changes to humanity he will also admit to his millions of years fraud. But there will still be many with major problems with Scripture. All he will have accomplished is to change the present ratio of those who receive God’s seal after their baptism to those who don’t from 95/5 to 50/50. The many who die will die as evil people just like those who die as foolish virgins. To achieve this result they have exercised their free will so the redeemed in Heaven will not share any tears for them. Not one of them would have cried ‘ Christ Almighty help!’.

So the saints in Heaven have followed the evil dead and living. They have no doubt as to their fate and who was to blame. They also see that Heaven has not left a stone unturned to bring them into its fold. They have followed the foolish virgins through the millennium and even though the result on earth was a total failure they now stand much closer to their Lord in Heaven, showing us the principal role of our earthly priesthood. It was the next 260 years that however defined the nature of those foolish virgins as evil. No concern for suffering people around them and will not budge an inch on their stand on God’s Word- those major errors have to be corrected, they must be vindicated. So now we move from the sixth to the seventh seal and try to relate them back  to the sixth day becoming the seventh day. Our goal has to be the sixth hour on Good Friday becoming the seventh hour with that cry ” it is finished”.

Just a quick refresher of the number six to see what we can carry onto seven. On the sixth day God created the pinnacle of His Creation in His image; man and woman. There was only one reason they were created for; to spend an eternity with their Lord in perfect bliss, they were to remain sinless. When Adam and Eve chose to break that bond to God they chose that other option, no other option or nothing. God restored that relationship for those who want it by the sixth hour on Good Friday. On the sixth seal He came to take those who had chosen Him back to Heaven with Him. But you may say that the sixth seal only involves those living, where is the history of those dead that He took to Heaven with Him? If you know the answer to this question you have a finger on the pulse of this beautiful book. The sixth trumpet is very clearly defined in terms of hour, day, month and year. I call this the grand parade of history. Those who chose to spend an eternity as loving children of our Father who is in Heaven are the judges in Heaven and those who chose to be converted into nothing are on the catwalk. Each soul is carefully checked just in case there has been a mistake made. Only the sixth bowl is left where all these  evil souls line up to destroy their Heavenly counterparts, at this stage there is only going to be one battle, that of Armageddon. What is important o realise is that it is God Who is in control of each of these events; God controlled each of the seven days of creation, God was in control  of every hour of Good Friday, God was in control of every event in what appeared to be those 1,335 days of destruction, God began the grande parade at exactly the right hour and controlled every event in it and it was God’s angel who poured that bowl for the mass gathering of Armageddon. The only place where we are given a tiny bit of latitude appears to be in the seventh trumpet, and there only the time to take one breath.

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So we come to the first seventh day, the first Sabbath. We are not told that Eve was God’s last creation at 4 o’clock and He did not create anything else. We do know that His creative acts finished at 6 pm on Friday night. ( assuming His creative acts where t=0 began with 12 hours of darkness at 6 pm.) But His interactions with humanity did not end here, they just continued.By blessing this 24 hour time slot God inaugurated the seven day week, a unit of time that will continue for perpetuity even though day and night will cease to exist as such. God’s blessing this day is not just a 24 hour blob of good glue to fill in this time slot. The whole system, the whole show rely on it. No one realises this better than satan himself. Under Constantine he gave us a brilliant summary of our beliefs. ( Council of Nicaea) but to destroy this belief system he only had to pull one brick out of it, the Sabbath Day and the system would destroy itself. So why is the Sabbath the lynch pin? Many higher degrees have been awarded on this topic and many volumes written, so I can only give you what it means to me.

This world is covered with evil and uncertainty. The longer I live the more this becomes apparent to me. It would not take long to have a breakdown worrying about the toxins in our food, air and water. But what a wonderful way to get rid of that worry, present it to God even though you may have the scantiest details about it and ask for it to be handed back as a blessing which He promised He placed on the Sabbath Day! If there are no such blessings available then I have lost nothing but gained by not having a breakdown! If He is capable of making those molecules out of nothing He is capable of arranging them in such a way they are not toxic for the people I pray for. My motives for trying to keep the Sabbath day holy are purely selfish. I desperately need divine protection for my loved ones in health, safety, relationships and trust. He and He alone is capable of giving these. My few and feeble attempts to try to relate to how Adam and Eve spent their Sabbaths with the Lord or Him resting in His grave having accomplished our place in Heaven are easily brushed aside by satan. What he can’t brush aside is that I count and I know God counts the life that Jesus Christ led on this earth as mine; and that was perfection and that is why I am so confident of my place in Heaven! But the sixth day changing into the seventh day ( 6:01,01) was:

1| Not the end of God’s interactions with humanity just the end of His creative acts, to which we could add ‘it is finished’.

2| The start of eternity as it was going to exist as; 7* 24 hour time slots.

3| Established a relationship between Creator and created of dependence and obedience.

4| Revealed the power of God in creating and sustaining.

5| revealed the nature and extent of His love by giving them a free will.

6| The fundamental act to be carried forward to the other sevens is the creation of humanity in His image.



So we move from 6 to 7 from creation week to sixth to seventh hour of Good Friday on Mount Calvary.

1| God’s act of paying the penalty set by God for every sin of the redeemed had been paid. It was finished. It was far more extensive than first realised. Had they paid for the penalty themselves in hell they would have only paid for their intentional sins. There could be no trace of sin in Heaven so Jesus paid for our unintentional sins as well.

2| Jesus had completed two aspects of His robe which we are to wear for an eternity; His life and His death, the horizontal and vertical fibres. The divine third dimension was still to be added.

3| Hell has two requirements for those who chose nothing; they must pay the debt of their sins according to God’s requirements and they must stop existing without any trace. Both conditions were met for us in hell, sin was burnt up and we stopped existing. Jesus’s human body did not to stop existing as it had no sins to burn up for. Because our bodies were burnt into oblivion we must be resurrected with the body which owns its existence to Jesus. So our rise from the baptismal font should commemorate our final rising of our immortal bodies of Jesus Christ. There should be no trace whatsoever of our mortal bodies. Justice demands they be completely destroyed.

4| At the seventh hour Jesus moved into a new relationship and interaction with humanity. How wonderfully that is explained in Revelation chapter five, and in what detail!

5| So we know that Calvary’s sixth to seventh hour was a reflection of creations sixth to seventh day. Here now those stark options of creation are realised. They were be my loving children for eternity or nothing, Calvary’s tree was the mechanism for these options to become reality.



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Now to the sixth to seventh seal. Having brought that mechanism which allows the separation of God’s children or nothing at the Cross it is now exercised by the return of our master at His second coming. The event is given a seal of itself probably because of the large number of literal martyrs it produces. This has now been corrected in the following paragraph. There are no martyrs produced by the sixth seal. But the bottom line is that this act of physical separation has occurred. There are many of out there today who do not hang out their Santa’s stockings and wait for presents who know these events could start today. All framework has already been set up it is just a matter of pushing the button. I troll the net looking for and finding some of those at least 7,000 others the Lord has set aside for His work and the errors I think my Christian brothers and sisters are making I will try to show them from scripture their errors. I do not have to address them by name and I would not expect them to address me by name, just my error and its correction. The main reason I troll the net however is I suspect the Lord has passed His baton onto some other privileged soul. The number of serious errors which I claimed were always a possibility because if you have read any text and it hasn’t jumped out and hit you in the eye then it is only because you have not understood it. Here goes again! As I am trying to correlate the numbers six and seven through creation , the Cross and consummation I already have it in the back of my mind to do the same with the other numbers beginning with five. So then Revelation 6:11 hits me and if I have already the mistakes then I correct them now. ‘Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the number of their fellow servants and brothers who were to be killed as they had been was completed.’

God is counting. The last possible death was 288,001, if number 288,000 had been killed leaving 144,000 and 143,999 that would be anti- Biblical, not a possibility! So the fifth seal finishes when 288,001 th person is killed. There are still 288,000 who carefully watched the abomination who has not yet caused his desolation standing in the Holy Place and they made their hasty retreat for the nearby mountains at exactly the right time. It was all in the timing. The error the beast out of the sea made was to define his quarry by territory, Christians who became terrorist in these regions . The problem was the laws were written by skilled law makers who make sure when they write a law it only applies to the other bloke, never to yourself. So the loophole was the territory of the law writer was out of bounds. But the new beast, the one out of the earth made no such error. He defined these terrorists by their ideas, the image of the beast, so there was nowhere to hide! So he knew where his victims were. There was a very high concentration in the state of Israel plus that very lucky lot who made their run at exactly the right time. He would cook the big fish first then get around to the small fry, those 288,000 after that, after all they were isolated and congregated. But how the situation changed! The fifth seal finished and the sixth seal did not just begin with an earthquake but a great earthquake and then Heaven’s convulsions and the Lord’s second appearance. The stunning consequence of this and is confirmed by Matthew chapter 24 is that all those convulsions ( ‘ Immediately after the distress of those days..’) will only be experienced by those 288,000 wise and foolish virgins. So the majority of God’s people will not see them and we should remove them from our radar screens. So the sixth seal is made up of; Heavenly signs, the Lord’s arrival and taking His own back to Heaven with Him.

If there is a time when we can call ‘it is finished ‘ then surely that is now. Creation was finished when day six rolled into day seven, salvation was finished when the sixth hour rolled into the seventh hour but now the sixth seal rolls into the breaking of the seventh seal and it springs open in all its beauty! Unlike John who could only see a tiny portion of the scroll and wept when he realised that no one was worthy to fully open it, the saints have it revealed to them in an instant! What else is left but read and reread this scroll that came out of none other than God’s right hand and was given to Jesus after His suffering on the cross!. But the script for the events to follow is not written by the beasts, satan, evil dead and living dead nor by the foolish virgins. It is written by the redeemed of eternity. It is they who require almost 1,780 years before they ask for and receive the fine linen. They received Christ’s robe of righteousness and perfection when they arrived in Heaven, a lot before, so is there something wrong with this robe? Any outer garment sits better with under linen, that is the idea of underclothing. The fine linen we seek is so fine it bonds into our skins and also into Christ’s robe making it one unit. So to make the fit better let us first readjust the profile of our Heavenly bodies where possible.

The first major adjustment that occurs is the millennium. God knew that there would not be one convert after this period but He did know that the saints working in priestly mode over this long period of time would begin to appreciate the nature of God and His will. They stood back together and watched the fifth trumpet being blown with the release of the satanic scorpions and the suffering they caused. The fifth day of creation produced air and sea creatures so may be the relationship back to the fifth day of creation. The only locking pin I can come up with to Good Friday is that the earth went dark at 12 0’clock, but this is the third/fourth hour and not the fifth. It is the seal under which evil generates martyrs . The evil living that not so long ago worshiped these satanic forces because they were killing God’s people and placing them under the fifth seal now find these Satanic forces turning on them whilst those they martyred look on. The main concern of Heaven is and will continue to be those foolish virgins. Throughout the history of the church many have died as Laodiceans. Every church member receives at least one talent which they will all hand back at the third coming of our Lord. In all those probably millions of Laodiceans only 144,000 will receive God’s seal, the foolish virgins. They take no advantage whatsoever of this God given seal and forfeit it. It was water off the ducks back and proved that God was right in not giving all those Laodiceans His seal at baptism. And the redeemed carefully note this. God only gives His seal to those who are going to take advantage of it and does not give His pearls out to swine. The fifth trumpet only lasts for 150 days.

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There has already been an attempt to correlate the sixth day of creation with the sixth hour on the cross with the sixth seal with the sixth trumpet and sixth bowl. At most the horror of the crazed horsemen could not have lasted more than 1,000 or 2,000 days so the majority of this 260 years were concerned about the foolish virgins and their relationship to the redeemed. Many were relations, very good friends and some were in the ultimate God established relationship on earth, marriage. When we join before one of God’s fallible servants it is ‘ until death do us part’. We are told that those wise virgins follow the Lamb wherever He goes well He is about to make His third coming in all His glory so the wise virgins must be a part of that Shekinah Glory coming back to break that vow of eternity. The conditions set on those foolish virgins were so easy, all they had to do was repent, and there would have been no need to break that vow. That vow is but a symbol of the one that holds all together in Heaven and since there is no death this vow will never be broken. History tells us what the results of the call for repentance was; no one responds. But it is good to revise the mechanism that caused that door of mercy to slam shut in Heaven on humanity. ( Rev 11:9,10) ‘ For three and a half days men from every people, tribe, language and nation will gaze on their bodies and refuse them burial. The inhabitants of the earth will gloat over them and will celebrate by sending each other gifts, because these two prophets had tormented those who live on the earth.’

It was the gloating of humanity that shut the door of mercy on humanity just like it was satan gloating at Jesus on the cross that closed the door of mercy on satan and it was the pre- Noahic  people who gloated at Noah and his family that caused the door of mercy to close on them. It is demonic to gloat, it has devastating consequences and it it can only be overcome by a genuine prayer of concern and help for our enemy! But gloat they did and when the seventh angel sounded his trumpet it was all over. ( Rev 10:7) ‘ but in the days when the seventh angel is about to sound his trumpet, the mystery of God will be accomplished, just as he announced to his servants the prophets’.

So trumpet six turns to trumpet seven and again we can say it is all over. God’s will has been accomplished and the door of mercy has been closed. But those saints in Heaven are not calling for their fine linen, they need more. Whereas before the door of mercy was closed and there was time for repentance the trumpets caused only partial damage, one third of. After the door of mercy closes there are no more trumpet warnings with partial destruction but full on destruction by waters which are quickly dispensed from a bowl. Again there is a correlation between the bowls and trumpets, seals and days of creation. No need the cross is there also but being like any treasure it is more difficult to find. But this time around it is a six to seven journey with a little bit of five.

I would have thought that evil, false religion was pretty well defined by the conduct of humanity during the last 1,335 days before our Lord’s second coming. This was under the fifth seal.The reason they worshiped both the beast and the dragon was because they were smart enough to realise they could only kill God’s people if they joined forces. There is no doubt they knew what they were doing was evil and they loved doing it. They were only in part  recompensed for this evil under the fifth trumpet. They knew that it was satan who was tormenting them to near death but was not going to let them off that lightly. God was expecting His people to live by faith. He did not show them all those amazing convulsions in the Heavens and then say ‘ I am on my way’, no they went through the distress of those times and then He showed them His awesome power . Just like the Laodiceans will be given the salve last. But the point with the fifth trumpet is yes it was a Heavenly key that opened the Abyss to release satan but it was satan who was tormenting those who worshiped him. This would have been pretty well face to face stuff. ‘ But you are not supposed to do this to us we are on your team. This torture is only supposed to be for those Christians. There is no need for you to test our allegiance, because despite this torture if we come through it we will still remain loyal to you in the battle of Armageddon. We have no where else to go. Your testing of us is way out of proportion of what is required.’

With the fifth bowl, the judgment and punishment of the great  prostitute the circumstances are totally different. This beast is really a single unit made up out of two components; the beast out of the sea and the beast out of the earth but there is a disproportionate sharing of power between them. So its efforts to mimic the Holy Trinity are very poor indeed. The Trinity is a genuine trinity with equal power, throne and authority. The unholy ‘ trinity’ is actually bi-unity with satan hanging on outside somewhere and only approaching the sea shore when he can see that he can benefit from a union.But Heaven splits the beast up carefully and then judges and punishes the great harlot component. This could not happen to the unit as they would just blame each other and the redeemed would be none the wiser who was responsible for what.Thus we are told not once, not twice but three times that the beast now is not. it is divinely removed just like it was removed from the other beast by God after it had finished its 1,260 days of reign, 140 days of which were quite profitable for God’s people. The beast’s kingdom is plunged into darkness and it is in an Abyss.

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So it is the fifth angel that pours his bowl onto the throne of the beast inactivating it. Now when humanity gnaw their tongues in agony they know where their agony is coming from and what is required. It is from God and He requires repentance. So even at this late stage it appears that salvation plan B is still applicable to them, but not for long, they refuse to repent and drive in that final nail into their own coffins; they curse God. We are not told when the beast is released but it is a very significant event, people will be astonished ( Rev 17:8).

One time when the beast out of the sea ( peoples, multitudes, nations and languages) was thrown into darkness was when the tower of Babel was being constructed. Here the multitudes of nations, not decreed by formal decree, were split apart by God introducing various languages and not being able to communicate they gave up building the tower. The propensity for false religion remained. It is quite interesting how one beast can turn on and kill the other. This time the casting of the beast out of the sea, which has been established by charter, is far more dramatic. It is so deeply cast that it is described as being in the abyss. ( Rev 17:8). People obviously thought it was the end of it because they are astonished when it resurfaces again! But this leaves the great prostitute alone and she can’t blame this other beast; ‘ he made me do it and if I had not done it he would have striped me naked, eaten my flesh and burnt what was left with fire because he hates me.’ This sure is helpful in defining our two timelines of good and evil from eternity.

As I troll the net I am surprised to find such a large amount of derogatory material against the Roman Catholic Church. Even if one uses the rough rule that 95% of the net is rubbish that still leaves a lot of disparaging material behind. But unfortunately with Roman Catholicism (RC) it would be more like 95% being true. Like any church you have discord and dissension. But your boil blew up because you had too much of it. Your major eruption, like for any religious institution, occurred when you nailed evolution to your pole of belief. Its relative position is not important as it swallows up all other healthy cells, just the puss is left behind. You may become very proficient at removing those pussy eruptions but there is only more puss  to replace it. You see your ‘new creator’ is very cruel and inefficient, he uses evolution and if it weren’t for mother nature he probably wouldn’t even know which direction he was going! He probably even killed his own son unnecessarily as evolution is just a matter blood, guts and torture. You haven’t heard about that son bit? Well when you have worked your way through all those thousands of saints, you will have to increase your tempo  as they seem to have struck a big nest of them, and you arrive at Mary well one of her babies was a Son who just works out miraculously to be that cruel and inefficient God. It really is all quite simple and it only becomes confusing when you look to the Bible, God’s Word for answers. You really have had to leave your brains at home to believe garbage like that!

The only healing agent is the Bible, yes even your own Bible. You must be careful however as satan knew this was a possibility and poisoned it far more so than the Protestant versions. But it still retains a divine nature and acts as God’s altar on earth. Whatever version you study will require trust. So if you open your Bible and ask what lies and inconsistencies am I going to find today? then you should not waste your time, go fly your kite in the park or do something else. But if you want to approach this satanic maze and ask the Lord’s Word for guidance then you will certainly not be wasting your time.

Satan must and does erect barriers from this maze being entered into and even once inside there has to be many more barriers to stop and discourage from proceeding any further. So the analogy of life being the crossing of the river Jordan is very relevant. But you have taken the biggest step; you have picked up your Bible. You have entered the maze. you have stumbled into the river Jordan. The Bible in your hand shows you haven’t entered into that deep water that is building up on your right hand side, where most people enter and drown. You did not enter that area on the left hand side that was not prepared by God, it still has water and many submerged objects. You have entered into the area prepared by God. But have a look at the path in front of you. It may be parted but look at what it has been paved with! What you see is what every Christian has seen beginning with God’s first church. You may also correctly say there is no way that satan is going to allow me to proceed far enough into that crossing that I can see that Man in white on the other side of the river but above the waters! JESUS CHRIST. Satan will wash me away by releasing some of that water that is getting higher and higher. This is where trust must begin. ” You protected your first church for a very definite period of time (1,260  days) and you love me with an equal love then I confidently ask for the same protection that  you gave them!”. With my own walk I first had to establish whether the Sabbath was indeed God’s blessed day or not. It was and those who said it wasn’t had many other untruths or half truths to tell. The next big gate was righteousness by faith and I have already told you that story. Then came replacing the blood of Jesus with the blood of satan, stunning proof of the veracity of the Bible and finally the revelation of Jesus that was given to Him by God with which I am still being continually stunned. At first I was just going to publish those first 14 pages and give up. But those early comments asking for more kept me going. You can’t ignore someone who asks you to explain the Word. In fact there could be no greater privilege than being asked. But this site became the subject of SPAM bombardment ( 3000 max in one day) and I had no choice but to close off comments. But I had already seen that Man in white on the other side of the Jordan so comments made no difference to me now, whether good,bad or indifferent. Even as I suspect the Lord will remove His baton I will still continue writing although it may be into WORD and not publish it on the net. It is a very healing process.

So we return to the fifth bowl like each of the others a bowl of destruction and on which Heaven has placed its focus on. If we follow our Masters advice and try to relate to the things of this earth then the tower of Babel would be a good start. There the beast out of the sea as a loose arrangement of peoples met for what considered evil purposes. God’s angel poured a divine bowl on the throne of the beast and it was plunged into darkness, into the Abyss. This darkness lasted until the first coming and did not really finish until the nations united under the UN. This left the beast out of the earth exposed, naked. False religion is the fibre that that makes up every cell in our bodies and saturates them. There are and have been literally tens of thousands of false religions throughout time and most would have had a leader. End day prophesy concentrates on the worst religion of that time and its leader. The events described in the fifth bowl occur well into the 7,700 year period where they may have a very strong UN which certainly was not the case for the majority of time but we do have what has occurred for all time; false religion with its principal, its leader. This leader, that of all time, is now being isolated, left naked, and first judged to be evil without excuse, and then punished.

Just because you can’t hit the nail on the head the first time does not stop you from trying to drive it in. There has been a number of topics in this blog that I have been striking around, and at times hopelessly missing but with time the subjects have crystallised  and become more meaningful. So I still stand by the statement that unless you can relate any Scripture to the Cross you have not begun to understand it. So it is with the number five. I cannot relate to any specific events that happened to Jesus in the fifth hour on the Cross on Good Friday. But I am still going to strike what I think is around the number five and with God’s grace those blows will come closer and closer to the Cross.

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So only going back to the fifth seal, that where evil creates God’s martyrs. They may think they are in control but it is actually God Who is counting and allowing each seed to fall and He alone knows the fate of each of those seeds, they become my beautiful, cuddly, obedient children of eternity. The hideous gaff that evil is making is that they delight, they gloat over what they are doing. For those who don’t gloat over their evil actions, they may even feel sorry for these people, Jesus has already prayed ” Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. Jesus was proven right in this prayer in Rev( 1:7) ‘ Look, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him; and all the peoples of the earth will mourn because of him. So shall it be! Amen.’  So they were alive at the second coming so they must have been righteous because the unrighteous did not come to life until the end of the millennium.

So the gloating of the unrighteous living comes to shuttering halt and turns into mourning because of Him. So all that ridicule, contempt, disdain and mockery they held for God’s Word and His people all of a sudden becomes admiration and respect when they realise that all this has been written in black and white 2,000 years ago. So who now are the real fools? So God now shows those on earth a burst of his power and if this does not make them repent and change their foolish ways then nothing else will. They want to remain with satan and no other options exist. You would think Heaven would be particularly interested in this seal; who was it who killed me? who were involved in making these decisions? what pleasure did they derive out of carrying out these evil acts? These and other questions relating to evil are really of no concern to the redeemed, they occupy less than 1% of their radars, a tiny little spot in the far right hand side. They know God’s justice operates at all times and it will be fully realised when these people are thrown into hell. That’s not news, that is inevitable. God will be vindicated. But what is of particular interest to the redeemed is the purpose and the result of God allowing them to fall. What harvest did their death bring? Can I now go and meet them or are they now looking for me? Will these souls be outstanding for me in eternity ? Or does the real reason why we are all there, Christ robe of righteousness make all equally beautiful?

Moving onto the fifth trumpet. They mourned at Jesus’s second coming, they lay as dead people for at least hours if not days after He returned to Heaven with His children of eternity but all that was 1,000 years and four days ago. In those four days ( Approximately) we have just seen four earth shattering events which of themselves  are unimaginable but you have to add them onto 1,000 years of complacency and unprecedented peace. Everyone thought it was never going to finish! Those trouble makers, those bigots, fanatics, zealots who insisted there was only one religion, one way to God  and one way to eternity was through Jesus Christ had long gone, now we have satan’s solution left behind. You can have whichever god you want including those 144,000 foolish virgins if they want their Jesus Christ well that is okay as well. It was satan who was behind those wars and it was his people who benefited from the sale of arms and it he now who puts an end to these wars. He is not there to conduct them, he is bound up in the abyss. A thousand years of peace and the money goes towards the benefit of mankind. Their decision to idolise satan has been vindicated! What a shuttering wake up call!

To those first four trumpets we now add the fifth, release of satan and his torturing those who have put all their faith in him and his system of government. Satan’s motives now become clear; the only reason I have brought you so far up my ladder is to watch you fall all that way back to ground. Christians also have major corrections and trials in life but our are done in love, just like a loving parent hands their child horrible tasting medicine so Jesus hands us our horrible tasting trials but they are handed out in love. Satan hands his trials out in hate and gloats at your suffering. The worst part is that your choice leaves you nowhere else to go even though the door of mercy is not yet shut. You can look into satan’s face and plead for mercy but mercy is not a word in his dictionary. The saints in Heaven look on and can’t believe how fortunate they are they made their choice to keep their eyes solely focused on Jesus. At that time the storm was so violent that even Jesus seemed like a very faint figure indeed. There were times when He actually vanished. This was end times stuff and satan had removed the gloves. Nobody knows the story of Peter in that storm better than satan and he knows the only chance he has of snatching us away from Jesus is for us to take our eyes away from Him. But before you o take your eyes off Jesus ask yourself ‘ where else can I turn?’ And the millions of options that you can see are all lined up by satan. But into whose eyes would you prefer to look into and plead for mercy? Jesus’s or satan’s?.

Yes I have been trolling the net and am surprised how much anti Roman Catholic matter there is, but am more surprised how much anti Christian and anti Bible matter there is. One site using the Bible sets out to prove that there is no Jesus at all! Most of you know of a number of sites like this but I give no references. He seems like an educated person with a PhD that wasn’t bought on line from Glen Davis University, he seems to know what he is talking about. Well there is his case, there is no doubt that Jesus is just a fraud! So what is your reaction? Most of us don’t know any Biblical languages so we can’t challenge him on that ground. We think that satan did not make that allegation early in the churches history because there were many who were still and had seen Jesus or had relatives or friends who had. So satan either challenged Jesus’s divinity or humanity either one would do. If Jesus was not fully God and fully human His death on the Cross was meaningless. If His precious blood did not come from God it didn’t have the power to wash away our sins. If He wasn’t fully human then His precious blood did not fall low enough to get to our sins. Being so far removed from the Cross satan now pulls out his ultimate weapon; no Jesus. So how has this effected you? Are your eyes still focused on that spot you had just been looking at know it just another smoke screen blown out by satan that has appeared? Has he tried these smoke screens on many occasions before? You can call ‘wolf’ so many times but the more times you do it the less effective it becomes. But what if is effective against our friends and loved ones?

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God has given you an indescribably complex brain, the ability to think, that relationship with that person but above all that connection to God through His Holy Spirit. The Spirit knows every one of those billions of billions of channels in that Person’s head and what should and what shouldn’t be there. He loves this person with a far greater love than you can imagine so transfer your problem to Him. But that doesn’t stop you from using the grey matter God has given you. It is there to be used and He has put His people there to help you. It will strengthen your faith an object in all our Christian lives. To make sure you are not getting one of satan’s helpers dressed up as a lamb ask them questions: do they believe in God’s creation or evolution? If they say evolution then go no further, they have lost the plot completely. do they believe that the Bible is the word of God? If not don’t waist your time. Where do they stand on righteousness by faith? Can we make any contribution to earning our spot in Heaven? Satan’s biggest lie is that we can. It is not that you will find anyone who has all the right answers, but we are trying to do the Lord’s work.

The arguments that these people use a pretty standard ones and you should be ready to meet them. I sometimes do doubt my Christianity. If I had been in the audience and given a chance to ask a question I would have introduced myself and asked this speaker if he could help find the word that was on the tip of my tongue; I know that cows do it and so do horses but bulls do it as well. Who am I? I certainly do not know any Biblical languages or studied at any theological college. But I do claim to be a student of the Holy Word. With my limited Biblical knowledge I could have demolished this demons misinterpretations of the Word. I think he was still effective in blowing a smoke screen between them and Jesus.

It is the extra Biblical events which are so much harder to disprove. Here now we have the real contrast; Biblical history as compared to secular history. And I am not talking about some military historian who has been paid by a government to justify that senseless slaughter of millions of innocent people and to make sure they line up when called on again to write up an account of this war. Just try to find out what happened in a particular event, like I have tried with the Council of Nicaea? The variety of accounts is just a joke. What you must realise is that if the devil can use Scripture to justify the nonexistence of the second coming or Jesus Himself them image what field fulls of fertiliser he has available to justify his lies using secular history? How effective  these lies only become is determined by how far or close you are to Jesus. It should be our aim not to  allow any of these smoke screens to obscure Jesus from our sight. But try satan will continue to do right until that time he is bound up for that millennium and the closer he gets to that time the more frantic his efforts will become. What is of interest is how these demonic preachers operate. At first when your alert level is high and you are ready for the defense of your Lord they say nothing . It only when you lower your alertness level that they then introduce the devil’s dinner.

Now the fifth bowl and the saints in Heaven. By the time this bowl is poured out we have come through 4,000 (BC) + 2,000 (AD)  + 1,000 (Millennium)  + 260  (Daniel Ch 12)  + 500  ( no specific reference) = 7,760 years when the end,end is about to occur. So the saints have pretty well all of human history to look back on, even they are looking at a particular event, the judgement of the great prostitute of whatever form false religion has at this particular moment. But the fibre of every cell in our body is false religion even though some may belong to a church with billions and some may be the only member of that church. The point is every church has a great harlot and it is this harlot that has been stripped and exposed in the fifth bowl.

So the height of evil in all religion by all its exponents is Rev ( 16:10,11) ‘ The fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom was plunged into darkness. Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent and glorify him”. So Heaven see through the ages the big picture called evil and are repulsed and call for its destruction. They see humanity under extreme duress but they know the source of this calamity is God. They are unwilling to move towards Him, in fact they must distance them selves even further from Him. ( they curse) . The distance to repentance increases and they move further into satan’s clutches. Thus they decide that for this lot Heaven will be able to do no more, in fact the more It tries the bigger that gap will become and the closer this lot will move into satan’s grip. So if Heaven is not an option then the only alternative, hell must now apply. There is still in our time frame plenty of time for these scenarios to develop. Bowls six ans seven have already been covered.

There are seven events in our journey of creation, cross, consummation and catastrophe ( there has to be another three in there somewhere). Events one and seven should be self explanatory, the start and the end events. So day one of creation it all begins with the creation of the earth, hour one of the Cross is the beginning of the act of salvation, seal one is the first act of consummation, the victory  of the Cross is about to be spread around the world and through time, trumpet one the start of dismantling the works of day one of creation and bowl one the full on destruction begins. Day seven of creation is celebration and commemoration of the previous days of creation, hour seven on the Cross Jesus calls it is finished, seal seven opens and releases it’s amazing contents into the waiting arms of Heaven, trumpet seven the door of mercy has closed and bowl seven a seemingly insignificant event, a massive earthquake splitting the great city Babylon into three of its constituent parts sets into motion those events which could not take place whilst the evil trinity remained as one unit. I have made an attempt to elucidate some of the events of the number six also. There has also been some attempt to explain five but unless the Lord shows us some detail of His Holy nature in the daily sacrifice it would be pointless to try to proceed to the one to five events.

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Just let me explain how pointless pointless can be, the new definition of water off a duck’s back. When I began this section some 20 pages ago I started with the wrong question. The question was ‘ how would my writing be affected if I had been present at that momentous time in Heaven, 3 0’clock on Good Friday?’  Well I was there as were all who ever prayed in our confidence of voting Jesus Christ as our representative of taking the scroll out of God’s hand and opening its seals. My confidence forever increases and this has changed the whole fabric of my life. But the question should have been ‘ how would my writing be affected if I had been one of those 24 elders sitting on their thrones ?’ as it appears the Apostle Paul may have been.

I put it to you that those verses of Revelation chapter 4 after ‘Holy, holy, holy’ are summarised by Jesus  in the first sentence of the Lord’s prayer. Both prayers occur before the cross. Jesus had not yet been crucified and chapter 4 has not yet reached the full stop. So both prayers could only be commemorating Jesus as creator. So let us look at what Jesus says is the ideal prayer, the Lord’s Prayer.

Matthew ( 6:9)’ This, then, is how you should pray; ” Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,”. The rest of the prayer expounds and expands this opening line. There is no doubt Who we are addressing and where He resides. Having focused on the spot we take a breath and open our mouths ‘ glorified be your name’. But what do those elders sitting on their thrones say Rev ( 4: 11). ‘ You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honour and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.”

So here we are dealing with the very fabric of Heaven. ‘ Glorified be Your name’  and most Christians and Bible versions use the same personnel pronoun for God as they do for Satan!!!!! So whether they export God onto satan’s territory or import satan into Heaven they give God and satan the same title! Blasphemy, heresy, sacrilege, profanity, desecration !! How can a Bible doing this still be counted as the Word of God? It is. How many of these clangers do we need before it stops being the Word of God? How many clangers do we have to make before we stop being God’s people? Let us count.

NIV one blasphemy, two Sabbath changed ( to be fair in study notes only), Catholic version with six extra books and assuming there is at least one major clash with the 69 books in the Protestant version and that is why the protestants did not include it in their cannon, brings us to nine and with just five more we make Roman Catholicism into a Christian religion! ( evolution, Sabbath, righteousness by works, substitution of the blood of God with the blood of the devil and substituting the authority of Scripture with authority of tradition). So is 14 enough or can we squeeze another one or two in there? It all depends on what your intentions are. If you are setting up a religion to worship satan or lucifer and you are going to masquerade it as Christianity then all that is required is one strike. If you are choosing evolution as one your dogma then you are not choosing to study and worship the God of the Bible. The god  you have chosen is cruel, inefficient and incapable. He specifically asked to be given powers of creations but was refused. So that is why your god satan says that he needed such a long time and had to spill so much blood and inflict all that torture. Here  we have lucifer’s theory of creation, EVOLUTION. The Bible account of creation is the exact opposite; in love, in distinct succinct stages, spoken out of nothing by the Word, made you in His image, wants you to spend an eternity with Him. Lucifer’s doctrine on the Sabbath is far shorter, any day but he one that God blessed; the Sabbath or Saturday is okay. Lucifer’s doctrine on salvation by works is the best prescription available to lead you to drug addiction, alcoholism, deepest despair and even suicide. As you desperately try to load that balance on the right hand side  with your good deeds all you see is that left hand side swinging lower and lower despite your best efforts. Why keep trying and fighting a losing game, go and do something useful and have a drink. If you had put Scripture over tradition it would tell you what you are going is very wrong. Jesus has already done it all for you and all you have to do is take advantage of His actions. You will be told what you’re trying to do is sinful, it’s wrong. Your efforts can not be put on the level as the actions of God. Only His actions can get you into Heaven! So each day can begin at the summit by accepting and being grateful for Jesus’s actions in securing your place in Heaven, and fall asleep with that same beautiful feeling! It would be an insult to your intelligence to compare Jesus’s blood with that of satan or give advantages of being instructed by Holy Scripture over tradition.

I think it is a wonderful privilege not to be given the responsibility of either printing those tags that say ‘ they are fools and without excuse ‘  or distributing them. This is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit alone and He alone knows at what stage you are at; whether you are living according to the light He has given you or whether your real intention is lucifer worship. If indeed your walk is with the Lord then that is all that is required of you. Falls there will be many and knowledge much to be gained. For most it will be ‘ glorified be your name’ will be the starting block. I like to think that I have come past that one and how outrageous is this? Compare myself to the Apostle Paul:

1 He knew the OT in Hebrew and backwards, I have read it on a number of occasions.

2 He probably was one of those highly privileged people on those in Heaven at 3 o’clock on Good Friday, I was not.

3 Noah and others would have screamed at Paul for persecuting Jesus’s followers after voting Jesus as the saviour of mankind. They would not have minced their words and called Paul  ‘ the greatest of all sinners’. Not applicable to me.

4 Despite his incredible knowledge he still had to spend 14 years of full time  instruction with the master teacher before being given his teaching duties. How much more did he have to learn? How much did he have to unlearn. When struck down on the road to Damascus he knew he had seen that brilliant light not that long ago, even though it was in a more defined way. So his question ‘  Who are you, Lord ?’. It would have been of great assistance had Jesus given a more detail answer for us but that was all that Paul needed. These two had met before.

The lesson we must learn from this is to keep Jesus not only the centre of our studies but also the centre of our lives. So Pauls knowledge of the OT was of little value because he couldn’t apply it to Jesus. But 14 years of study in the desert  puts things into another dimension! How far was he off the mark? So in our study of the OT we are going to overemphasise the role of Jesus and consider it a compliment if comments are made along those lines.

As a final aside if Paul’s knowledge after his desert tuition could be represented by an Olympic swimming pool of water then how much do I have? One or even two cup fulls? But my salvation is not based on the amount of knowledge I have or the works that I can or do do. It is based on what Jesus Christ has already done and that is why it is 100% assured. All that is required is for my daily bumble, stumble, fumble and tumbles as I continue my journey across that river Jordan. After each fall I have to repent, get up and proceed to the next fall. I am expected to live according to the light that has been given me.

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Finally before returning to Noah’s flood, I am not ashamed in accepting the Biblical version. If you sneer and jeer at my naivety you must expect me to look at your belief system. If you say my back yard is untidy then you must expect me to look over the fence and compare it to yours. Okay we are both looking at an immense and complex universe that is beyond comprehension and beauty. I say ‘ Jesus Christ made all this out of nothing just by speaking the Word and recorded the details in His Word the Bible.’ You say ‘ because there is no God all this happened out of nothing by itself. Because the nothing knew it would have to form itself into a big bang it organised itself in something that could go bang! As the bits and pieces flew apart in all directions they organised themselves, by chance or mother nature into amazingly complex planets. On these planets very simple structures like 747’s and A380’s fell out of the sky and power stations, hospitals etc organised themselves. ( I assume your argument is things went from less to more complex) Finally something that is more complex than all else, THE LIVING CELL appeared! All by itself and all out of nothing!’ There is simply nothing that nothing can do! ( with all those negatives should that be that nothing can’t do!) And you question my intellect and sanity just because I believe  in the Bible as God’s word.?

Returning to what have been two of my favorite hobby horses; climatology and cosmology. Actually now  it is three; add secular history another that looks over my back fence. With the rubbish in it’s own back yard it is amazing it can see anything at all! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

The field of climatology like the subject it studies is subject to violent variations. Only back in the seventies we were being primed for an ice age. The ice sheets were gathering in the north and south poles and about to begin their fateful journeys. When they met neither would give way but continue pushing. This would result in not just a mountainous range above the sea reaching into the Heavens but one below as well, isolating the two hemispheres. Something had to be done quickly and money was poured into the problem with computer modelling becoming more and more sophisticated. The problem was too much money was poured in and not only did they prevent this ice age they converted it into global warming! The dire consequences of this warming are daily news and need no repeating. In the mean time the nuclear industry, which had not sold a power plant for 30 years has filled its books for at least the next 100 years has stopped beating the drums and those in the carbon industry who have trillions of dollars invested in the carbon industry are writing out the hymn sheets. Yes you guessed it, global cooling is about to make a grand reentry. Forget the clashing ice sheets and the isolation of the hemispheres, these are  just the cake walk in the park! This time mother nature has taught the south bound ice sheet it will meet one sent up from the south pole and it has given it the ability to mount this sheet and proceed onwards. When the north bound sheet learns of this new development it will also install a ice sheet mounting mechanism in its installment to which the north pole has no choice but to respond. Thus the battle of the ice mounting ice sheets has begun!

By now all the climatologists have learnt there is only one thing to do: sing from the song sheet you have been given! If a grant has just been granted for the study of ice sheet number 2 your application has to be for the study if ice sheet number 3 and if the last grant was for ice sheet 9,876 then your application has to be for ice sheet number 9,877. It’s just N + 1. It should become interesting when he Ice sheets start approaching the moon.  Climatologists may spare  a though for those unfortunates who have to continue their story with the next chapter, it is going to be hard to beat the advancing ice sheets carrying on their battle on the moon. They feel guilty about stealing the thunder out of their sticks. They are going to have to carry the battle onto Mars and Venus. This could not only be stretching the availability of ice in the Oort cloud but credibility itself! Blowthat lot! whilst the cash cow is giving more money, whilst the sun is shining we are going to keep harvesting! Hold on Julius you have been reading too much cosmology!

Well that does bring me that real field of science, cosmology and the paper I have ready for submission. It concerns the latest discovery, that giant planet in our solar system that is ten times the size of the earth. Advanced computer modelling has shown that the orbit of this planet is probably on the far side of the moon. If it is on this side of the moon then it must be at least 8.224 kms above the earth, otherwise it would be clipping into Mount Everest. The only scenario that has  been ruled out is that why our earthly telescopes mysteriously darken could not be due to animal droppings from a flying dinosaur. They have been extinct now for 65 million years so the light from the lens has had plenty of time to reach the eyepiece. If it hasn’t got there yet then it never will. The latest theory seems to suggest that it is this massive planet that is darkening the field of view. It will not be discarded until it is thoroughly investigated first. The problem is that earthly telescopes have a limited field of view. They can not be focused on an object just above the clouds and on colliding black holes on the other side of the universe! Preferences must be made according to the importance of the matter.

But now down to the real nuts and bolts; my paper entitled ‘ Dark Photons; the whys, hows, whats and whens.’ In my scenario I have this giant planet of dark matter, supported by dark energy and flowing in dark flow. Every now and then it clips Mount Everest. So what would you expect with dark matter flowing in dark flow and dark energy whenever it strikes Mount Everest? A shower of dark photons! Isn’t it amazing how often the simple explanations are the most realistic? So chaps were should your telescopes be focussed? Cosmology has a history of clangers. To their credit they try to correct them but they do so with bigger clangers. For me chaps the ice in the Oort cloud has run out and think that has also happened to many in the general public. They would not expect you to see a meteorite on its way. If the public don’t pick it up on their phones well it won’t be recorded anywhere.  They would tend to think that a giant planet in our solar system should get preferential treatment over two black holes colliding on the other side of the universe! The equivalent of this in the battle of the ice sheets would be the ice sheets engulfing the sun! You will find it difficult to top this one!

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The real hypocrisy though is secular historians criticising Biblical history. How many events in modern history, let alone ancient history could you lot agree with each other even on some of the major detail? There is no way you would tell lies to school children is there? How many schools teach their students the true history of their indigenous people? You hypocrites and liars! And that is something which is very easily checked even against an inaccurate secular ground. So what are you going to write when you think you can’t be caught out? Yet you sit there and jeer and sneer at the accuracy of Biblical history! At least as well as the good it also shows the warts and pimples! Without these warts and pimples Christianity would be a road not worth considering to even start with! It doesn’t matter how bad you are once you have repented God has taken care of all your sins.

**** Returning now to the main theme of the daily sacrifice from page     . The picture has now been complicated as we now have to ‘ glorified be Your Name ‘The daily sacrifice and the glory of God’s Name will remain a problem until we get the slightest inkling of the concept of sin, of evil.  Let us return to Heaven 6,000 years ago when there were two almost parallel straight lines, good and evil which have come from eternity past. The first time they crossed was when satan and the evil angels rebelled against God and the second time they crossed was in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve disobeyed God.

Taking the evil angels first as theirs is by far the simplest case. As they do not have a physical body the crossing of the lines can only have been at a spiritual level and there was not one demon who repented. Thus it required no intervention from God and they were all thrown into hell. Here they were all grilled, sizzled and fizzled into the eternity of oblivion. Had mankind not sinned, they ,God and the good line kept on for an eternity. Good without evil is perfection.

If there were no repented souls from humanity they would have suffered exactly the same fate. Good had to destroy evil, there was no way they could coexist for any appreciable period of time. Jesus would not have to be involved and they all would have been thrown into hell where they were grilled, sizzled  and fizzled into the eternity of oblivion. But their physical bodies would have involved different creative and therefore destructive processes. You and I may think that God could not have given a more benign  prohibition than ‘ don’t eat those grapes’, He could just as easily have said ‘ don’t scratch behind your left ear at 12 o’clock ‘! We think like this because we have no concept of sin, or evil. We are born in it, breath it, live in it, sleep in it and are steeped in it. Actually the joining of good and evil was not only on a spiritual level but also on a physical level. They physically ingested evil and what was separate good and evil in that tree they combined in their bodies and this ingestion spread right into every cell of their bodies. So the destruction of evil, whoever it happens to will involve the spiritual destruction as was the case for all those demons, who by disobedience broke their relationship with their maker and the punishment for every break they made and the physical destruction. Here the punishment would have to involve every singly cell and organ as they fed from this ingested evil. Each in turn would have to pay for each sin. So which is the worst suffering? That for our spiritual breaking away from our creator or that of every organ as it has the evil burnt out of it along with the organ? Is it a case of the fry pan or the fire?

Let me make a case for the spiritual suffering far exceeding that of the physical. My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ suffered both and one more that even exceeds both these. Satan is only to go through the spiritual suffering. If he has no organs they can’t burn. If spiritual suffering is not a big deal then whether satan suffered ten lots of it or a million lots of it it still would amount to no big deal. But satan was desperate not to go to hell! Not only was oblivion the only door out of hell but the area in between was where the real suffering occurred. He would suffer for every break from God whether it occurred before or after the door of mercy closed was not relevant.

Thus it will be with those majority who reject Jesus Christ as their Savior. It certainly is not a pleasant thing putting a part of ones body into a fire and watching it burn! Those shrieks of agony when the crazed horsemen were burning their victims with sulphur flames carried for miles and were intended to scare the evil out of everyone but did not do so. But here we only have one of the books of life, let us compare it with the second book of life, the one which we will be shown first.

Both books of life which the damned will be shown before they are cast into hell record exactly the same sins and in the same order but the first one which will be shown has each sin which is recorded on each separate pages will have the stamp in red ink stamped as ” paid in full, Good Friday, Calvary’s tree.” ‘ This sin you did willingly and knowingly commit, you knew it was wrong and that you were further severing  your relationship with God. I gladly and willingly would have paid the full penalty for this sin restoring your relationship with Me but you would not let me. This you will now do’

So if we think that Adam and Eve eating that grape was only a minor infraction only proves we have no concept of sin. To break spiritual and physical contact with God by inserting sin in between us, God certainly regarded as a major crime worthy of death by physical punishment. And that is the sentence He announced. God’s Law when broken can not go unpunished, as horrible as that punishment may be! The sentence was annihilation. Your choice; either I do it for you or you do it yourself! The case of Jesus on the cross is a special case and will have to be covered separately. Here one rose sharply to meet the other one.

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We have covered a number of scenarios of the good and evil lines in Heaven, but what about if neither Heaven nor earth had sinned? Would the lines have continued for an eternity? Would Heaven have continued to be defiled for an eternity by the presence of evil? This is obviously a rhetorical question and neither the possibility nor the probability existed. It was only a matter of time until they crossed over and one annihilated the other. When these events of annihilation are taking place God is clearly in the box seat and under no threat from anyone. It appears that no one even makes an attempt to oppose Him. The plight is right when might challenges right resulting in flight with no blight! So why was the result so close and not a forgone conclusion on Good Friday? We are told that the flames of hell on Mount Calvary engulfed  God’s throne in Heaven! So if it was hot on the throne in Heaven imagine what the temperature was where Jesus was  suffering! So the question is still relevant; why did evil put up such an intense fight on Good Friday but went out without a whimper at the end of the ages? Why didn’t God assert His obvious superiority at the cross and have it all over in next to no time? Why did Jesus have to go through six agonising hours? How long would we have spent in hell had we not accepted Jesus?

But sin both satan and Adam and Eve did. They were both thrown out of their environments; satan so that he did not continue to defile Heaven and Adam and Eve so that did not continue to defile the garden but also so their physical bodies did not eat from the tree of life and therefore never die. However it was their responses to their banishment and sin that was so widely different. Satan had no intention of repenting ever and would just concentrate on taking as many souls as he could from God.It is only of passing interest when we revisit Daniel as to why he did not at least pick at least one of the heads of the beast out of the sea. He certainly was the first to take advantage of that evil line as it shot past him.

Adam and Eve’s response was totally different. They felt naked, they knew they had lost their relationship with God. Like many today when this happens to them they go and sow fig leaves together. Their intentions are good, they have chosen the symbol of God’s people, the fig tree correctly but to no avail. They knew these leaves hid nothing and they continued to feel naked and hide. That is okay but when God calls, usually in the evening when storms cut out the sunlight in our lives give Him all those excuses as to why you fell and how it possibly could not have been your fault. The shock of seeing the solution will wake you up. Two innocent beings killed by having  their throats cut so that God could obtain an effective skin or covering to cover your shameful nakedness! This explanation is the best that we can do with earthly things but it is what our Master told us to do.

To extrapolate this scenario onto Good Friday and then onto eternity will require more and much deeper steps.The victim,His life, His blood, His suffering, His death and His Resurrection. It is not just a physical nakedness that is being covered. After their physical nakedness was covered they were were still thrown out of the garden. So what really has to be covered to be readmitted into eternity?

So far we have determined that whoever or whatever is responsible for crossing of the good line with the evil  line must be annihilated,eradicated, exterminated, obliterated, erased, expunged or all the above. There is really no contest in this contest, except  on Mount Calvary. Good wins hands down and if evil wants to make one last stand then so be it, it’s just another rebellion it will have to suffer the consequences of. Both the spiritual world in Heaven and the physical world in Eden and beyond caused these lines to touch and both will now have to go. There is no alternatives. Good can not exist alongside evil and be permeated and destroyed by it. The fact that their is no contest in the resulting battle only makes you wonder why those undertaking these actions did not think of this first. Divine justice must and will get rid of evil.

All must go are actually split into three groups. The spiritual, the physical and those on Mount Calvary’s tree.

The spiritual are very easily dealt with as they do not have a physical body to be saturated with sin and not one demon repented. So they will take the consequences for every time they rebelled against God and caused others to do so. The idea of the book of life is that it is a book and not just a summary. So Stalin will not have recorded against his name ‘ that you did kill 20 million people’ but that you did kill ‘ every person named as an individual’. This should counter any argument that the spiritual suffering, a sin against God far exceeds those sins against the body. They will line up and be dispensed with methodically and scientifically, never to reappear ever again.

The physical fall into two groups; those who repented and those who did not. Those who did not will receive a similar treatment to  spiritual beings except their rejection of God, of the Holy Spirit will have caused this sin to flow into and stain their physical bodies. It is here I contend that the suffering for the rejection of the Spirit will exceed all their physical suffering in both intensity and duration This was Adam and Eves sin; the breaking of that bond with Divinity and had they gone to hell their suffering for their disobedience, the spiritual sin would have exceeded by billions the ones where their sinless bodies became corrupted with sin. So it was not an overkill on God’s part to banish them along with all their descendants and throw them all into the fires of hell. But this lot will only have to suffer for intentional sins. They certainly will suffer for the unforgivable sin, the rejection of the Holy Spirit’s pleadings. It is hard to imagine Stalin sitting there and saying ‘ I reject You Jesus so get out of my life and to get further from You I will now kill person number 10, 003’. And the same thing and now person number 10,004 etc. He killed because he was evil and was driven by evil ideology. The pleadings of the Holy Spirit would have become fainter and fainter until inaudible. Only God can judge if the rejection of an inaudible pleading is sin or not. Certainly killing that extra person is. These matters are almost of no concern to the saints in Heaven; They were told by their Master that ‘ vengeance is mine’ and they let it at that. They knew God’s justice would be done and it is now being done! So this lot along with the demons will disappear and the fires of hell will be extinguished. But part of those fires have already raged on Good Friday on Mount Calvary, precisely between 9 am and 3 pm, when the annihilation and destruction that was ours because we caused the good and evil time lines to touch. That annihilation and destruction that was ours was completed according to God’s standard, perfection. Paid in full.

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The standards on Calvary were much higher. Here the redeemed were involved and that meant they were going to Heaven, not hell. Here Divine justice demanded every last trace of sin be obliterated, not just the intentional sins as for those going to hell. Once every last sin had been obliterated by hell’s fires the slate would be clean. This does not make them admissible into Heaven but if they got there at least they would not defile Heaven.

So what sins did Jesus have to bear on His sinless body? They were physical and spiritual. The physical in our sin stained bodies, according to the record of what caused those stains had to be placed on a sinless structure, scaffold and burnt into oblivion. The scaffold, the body of our Lord Jesus Christ did not require to be burnt as these sins were only on it’s surface.But the Book of Life needed to be trolled through, every sin exposed and nailed to this structure. If it wasn’t exposed, it couldn’t be nailed onto Jesus’s body and wouldn’t be burnt so it did not disappear into oblivion. The sacrifice would not have been perfect, and therefore unacceptable to God.

So yes there were physical ramifications. The forbidden fruit that you did eat, the lie that you told, that theft, that immoral thought, those harsh words of anger, that disrespect of parents, that curse, that break of the Holy day, that covetous thought each one stained your body with evil and darkness and deep consequences for its well being. All those had to be attached to that perfect framework and exposed to the fires of that annihilating hell. But unfortunately this was just a tiny portion of their consequences and just like 3.00.00 0’clock sharply passed into 3.00.01 0’clock so did 11.59.59 0’clock pass into darkness at       12.00.00 0’clock.

Jesus has seen all those sins and suffered their physical consequences but all of a sudden the first returns with its spiritual consequences. ” that you did ignore the pleadings of the Holy Spirit, that you did break your relationship with Me by allowing that evil time line into my presence” ( it is now irrelevant whether this was a willful act or not ). Jesus can not plead ” No Father No! I did not nor could I even contemplate doing this evil it is not part of My body. It is the most abhorrent thing in existence just the thought of breaking our beautiful relationship of unity!  JESUS HAD TO PLEAD “GUILTY AS CHARGED”  and then accept the horrific punishment for this sin. We can only wonder how deep was His love for us to make Him go through this unbelievable action. And He did not go through this just once, or a thousand, or a million, or a billion or even a trillion times but only He and He alone knows that horrible number! No wonder after pleading guilty all those times and being knocked around by the guilty plea he called ” Father why have you abandoned Me ?”

The wonder of those three hours and the three that lead into them did not just plunge the earth into darkness. It also plunges Heaven into darkness for almost 1,800 years. If it takes Heaven where all are covered by Christ’s robe of righteousness and perfection that long then we on earth have no hope of seeing but a few photons from this marvelous act. When the redeemed finally ask for and receive their fine linen and that robe fits smuggle around their Heavenly bodies they can now use the newly revealed truth  of Calvary’s tree to start looking into the real nature and beauty of their Lord and Master Jesus Christ.

The aim of this blog remains to try to pick up but a few of the photons emanating from Mount Calvary. This is what the daily sacrifice points us to.In Heaven when there is no night it just becomes the daily sacrifice and it is a goal worth striving for  here on earth. Jesus has already assured our place up there in Heaven. As He was charged with each of our sins, be they the physical or spiritual consequences, be they willful or in ignorance ( obviously they would have been far harder to bear if they were willful ) His response was ” Guilty ” and the flames that consumed that sin engulfed the throne in Heaven!  Surely Calvary will release but one photon for us if we pray and ask God to show us just how hard, abhorrent,disgusting, detestable, repulsive, loathsome and despicable it was for Jesus to separate from His Father by saying ” guilty” to the charge that ‘ you did put a break into our relationship’. To a parent that would translate ‘ that you did willingly hurt your child by administering that medicine’ ( being a skeptic of modern medicine, or should I say profit making I realise that could be a very poor analogy)   Having just come from Heaven where the Holy Trinity has existed for an eternity now not only to plead Guilty but for the Father to accept this guilty plea and send down Heaven’s punishment on Him how isolated, abandoned, forsaken,deserted, alone, remote, detached, hidden and lonely He must have felt. He was just in Heaven and now He is in hell! There we have the unimaginable contrast!

It is this amazing event that we are about to celebrate called Easter. It is wrong just to celebrate this wonderful event but once a year. It should be a part of the daily bread that we ask and then digest. Jesus in His life has laid the vertical  fibres of our cloak of perfection. Now He is about to lay the death fibres, the horizontal ones. These are the ones that only infinite love can lay. We then look forward to the sealing of this cloak with perfection and eternity and we already know that it will be accepted as perfect by God! Jesus’s resurrection completes our perfect robe of righteousness that we will wear for the eternities to come.

When Nicodemus went to Jesus seeking salvation Jesus pointed him to Moses holding up a bronze snake in the desert. Jesus also told him if he didn’t believe the things of this earth then he had no chance in believing the things from above. The fact that the snake was to be made out of bronze is a key to Daniel chapter 8. This snake could have been made out of gold, silver or iron yet God instructed Moses to use a mixture of copper and tin. In Daniel chapter 8 the units of evil are bronze and silver, yet this snake is only to made out of bronze. Why?. When Jesus points us to the things of this earth He knows that not only will the analogies be very poor but will actually break down but there must also be similarities because Jesus would not point us there in the first place.

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So as we circle around and do revisions of revisions  providing we keep our eyes on the centre Jesus Christ and Calvary we can not be wrong. With prayer the Lord may make those circles ever smaller, ever closer to our Lord. The mistake we can not make is Paul’s mistake; to have a large body of knowledge that is not applied to Christ on that cross. So we return back to the Garden of Eden.

We know it is wrong to try to apply the skin covering that God obtained from killing those two animals to cover our first parents shamefulness and nakedness to the covering that Jesus has made for us to wear for an eternity; His robe of righteousness. An essential part of this robe is Jesus’s resurrection and because those animals that God killed were not resurrected their skin covering bore no semblance to Jesus’s covering which the divine stamp on it; His resurrection. The earthly consequences of the sin our first  parents committed are but a faint shadow to the Heavenly or spiritual consequences. Yes your DNA will from now onwards produce downhill mutations, your pains in childbirth will greatly increase, your workload will also increase, but these are only earthly consequences. The divine consequences are you have written yourself into oblivion via the pathway called hell.

Of the events in the garden I find a number rather puzzling; Why didn’t God give Eve the hope of the  promised Messiah? Tell Eve it was going to be her offspring that would battle with satan? Her offspring, Jesus Christ was still some 4,000 years in the future, but He will battle with you, the one on the ground now. The enmity that God placed between Eve and satan was two fold; Eve hated satan because of the lie he told her and she believed him (  she wanted her mortality changed  into immortality but it worked out she already had immortality and following satan’s instructions she changed it into mortality)  That enmity would also apply to all those demons who were outside the walls of the garden where Adam and Eve were about to be thrown. In my interpretation the fruit they ate could easily be a bunch of grapes, it does not have to be a single piece of fruit. ( thus the first fruits were rotten right down to the very last grape).

It is the nonchalant way in which Scripture covers the start of the sacrificial system, the daily sacrifice which is really quite stunning. ( Gen 4:21) ‘ The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.’ That’s it!! By analogy then ” The Lord God is going to make a robe of righteousness for us sinners and clothe us”. It is not just our physical nakedness that we need covering for but our spiritual nakedness as well. The analogy stands up quite well for our physical nakedness, 9 to 12 on Good Friday but badly breaks down for our spiritual nakedness. God only put this plan of salvation into practice because Adam and Eve showed signs of repentance. If they like Cain had not repented there would have to be no cross, no Good Friday, salvation is only for the repentant, regardless of which regeneration.

So God chose two animals to be the victims who had to die ( God chose Jesus Christ who had to die, but Jesus not only went voluntarily He said to the woman preparing Him for death ‘ this is a beautiful thing you are doing for me!’ Jesus could see the results of the birth pain; Beautiful children of eternity. That number two [ animals] is going to come back many times and I am still convinced it is the key to Revelation chapter 15). God killed both of those animals. ( the animals died because of a loss of blood and Jesus also lost a lot of blood on the cross. The animals did not die because they lost all their blood but enough to kill them. Jesus did not lose the last of His precious blood until that spear opened Him up at 4 pm) God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them. (  Jesus wove a covering of perfect righteousness and is still to apply this covering to us. The problem is that this garment can not be placed on top of existing sin. That sin must be washed away first and that can only be done by the precious blood of our Lord. We know that God’s blood can do anything including wash away all our horrible sins but when is this blood applied to us? Will all those drops that fell to the ground on Good Friday be gathered back up and then applied? So there are many similarities between Eden and Calvary but the biggest gap is where is the blood ? The animal skin coverings are also not applicable. So now the search is out for the role of the precious blood of our Lord God Jesus Christ. The horror that Adam and Eve experienced when watching those two animals ( I make the case they were goats) bleeding to death and suffering would change their lives. They needed a Saviour immediately and poor Eve thought that was Cain. Another horrible shock! The price she was paying for believing satan’s lie. Most people still do believe satan today! ” Did God really say ‘you will surely die?’ No that is not right! It then depends on your religion as to what will happen to you, anything but ‘surely die’. Some have you going to Heaven or hell, some into purgatory, some coming back as a cow or cat, some floating above and enjoying the view, anything but ‘you will surely die!’ “.

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So even though the first sacrifice was established in the Garden of Eden it was only a poor reflection of what was to take place on Mount Calvary. But it certainly was a definite start and the foundation of the daily sacrifice. For those who ignore the first 2,500 years of human history and say the sacrificial system began on Mt. Sinai  don’t build from the ground up but from the roof down and their ideas are very easily demolished. From Eden we go to Cain and Abel where we learn that they had quite detail knowledge of the sacrificial system. They knew it involved the shedding of blood and of the idea of first fruits; ultimately it all comes from God so we return a little back in gratitude. We also learn that the ten commandments continue from the Sabbath in Eden to murder by Cain.

We now come to very important part of Holy Scripture; Biblical history and genealogies.( Genesis chapter 5) To most today, including Christians, this is just water off the ducks back! It has no cleaning action because the water has a film around each drop which prevents it from penetrating and performing its cleaning actions. This is called surface tension. It does not take many drops of detergent, repentance, to break this surface tension and allow this water of life to penetrate and perform it’s miraculous life changing actions.

The reason most do not accept Biblical history is because it has been ‘ Discredited’ so many times by the secular historians a few of which can be called ” giants” . There is conflict between these giants so called and the majority of history has been written by midgets and by far the greatest parts has not been written at all. Most agree there was a Colonel Hogan and a Colonel Klingue but what they did wildly varies. The Germans could not have been that stupid and the Americans that smart! Satan uses the blank sheet of history to write his account of it. The only honest part of it is his chapter one; evolution, this is how he would have done it if God granted him any creative powers. Let us thank God He did not. For the rest of it he seems to follow the Bible substituting negatives for positives. So if the Bible tells us about the birth of Jesus Christ satan will go to great lengths to prove there was no Jesus Christ and my he is good with his words. If the Bible tells us that God created everything over a six day period thousands of years ago satan tells us there is no God and it popped up by itself out of nothing millions or billions of years ago. If the Bible tells us that death and suffering occurred only after Adam and Eve sinned satan will tell us that death and suffering occurred before them. If the Bible says plants and the  earth  came before the stars satan will say the opposite. The contents of his bible are quite predictable. But because Noah’s flood is such a significant Biblical event you would expect satan to be aware of this and to react accordingly and vehemently. God leaves it as your choice which account you follow, but doubt here could be the crack in the door through which those real floods of doubt will pour. Again God has provided adequate information for the Biblical flood and people capable of explaining it to you, all you have to do is look.

Noah’s flood plays a major role in God’s plan of salvation, of the conflict that will occur between satan and Eve’s seed. God knew that when He gave Adam and Eve dominion over the earth and the command to populate it that they would fail. When He gave them His backup plan, the daily sacrifice which pointed to the coming Saviour He also knew that It would be a total disaster ( actually one short of a total disaster, Noah was found to righteous, but the only one). So the Saviour could not come from the general population. What was needed was for God to bring a lot of people out of the general population, give them very specific instructions and rewards for carrying them out with the corresponding penalties for disobedience. They were to be called God’s people, the Jews and a more privileged group of people you could not have. Because of these privileges they were supposed to attract the surrounding population into their midst. But where to start? Could anything be salvaged from what was present after humanity had been left alone for 1,500 years?  Answer; only Noah whose righteousness would bring and cover six of his relatives. This example should give parents and particularly grandparents the confidence that their righteousness they have acquired by faith in Christ and His Word can cover and protect their grandchildren and even their children who are of age as Noah’s righteousness protected his children. Therefore they should ask in confidence for this protection in prayer and know that it will be granted to them just on one ground, because ‘itiswritten’.

The best explanation of what was happening at this time is genetic engineering so much of which we have today but obviously unpublished and the only stage of depravity that most western countries are still to legalise, bestiality. Most already have homosexuality and same sex marriage as legal. The genetic engineering would explain the super humans but would also result in many monster like creatures and abominations. These are not satan’s new creations. If God were to take the most beautiful automobile around today ( Maserati p17?)  and dismantle it and give it to us to reassemble we could bolt the bonnet on where the front door should be and put the drivers seat on the engine it would not be new creation just an abomination of what was supposed to be!. So human beings changing genetic information and organs are not producing a new being just an abomination, a monster. So all humanity were affected, with the exception of Noah and his family and therefore all had to be destroyed.

The animal kingdom were not much better off but it took God Himself to find those which were not and bring them to the ark. The thought that one of these abominations would be offered as a sacrifice which represented the Body of Jesus was unthinkable and could not be allowed to occur. All day six creation animals had to be destroyed along with all those mutations that satan and his lot had experimented with. Satan is the master genetic engineer. When he is locked up in the abyss for 1,000 years it takes humanity working in unison almost all that time to crack the genetic code. With satan’s help it would have been only a fraction of that time.

So all humanity and animals had to destroyed but what about the earth and now that the good and evil time lines had merged? Who would be the victor? God not only sees the sinner, and the sin but also where the sin is committed, it also is defiled. So the most obvious place that would first have to be destroyed would have to be the Garden of Eden where it all began. Since it still contained the tree of life there would always remain the problem of keeping evil out because if it ate from this tree it would never die. The world did not become instantaneously evil, it grew and spread gradually. Fifteen years ago when homosexuality was first legalised we were told there was no chance of same sex marriage was the next cab off the rank. It was alarmist and only the extremists propaganda. Today we are being told exactly the same thing about bestiality. Only God knows those areas that were so badly defiled they had to be destroyed, probably subducted into the bowels of the earth. God needed a clean sheet to carry out His final plan with without any builtin handicaps.

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Satan was no doubt watching as God dealt with the evil that would obstruct Him from initiating His final plans. Seeing those convulsions, the energy in those masses of waters, where he might even have got an idea when those last temple stones would have to be dislodged. He would certainly ideas to pass  onto the beast out of the earth. Every faith has many sermons written on satan’s actions and reactions during this flood period but few have anything on what the beasts did and did not do, so I intend to concentrate  on this. Satan went through extreme highs and deepest of lows. There is no doubt that the major prize was Adam and Eve’s fall. This high would have peaked at Noah’s time when every single person was at their decrepit worst but also beyond redemption. This where satan wants all his victims. From this highest high satan fell into his lowest low ( other than in hell) during the flood. From that beautiful world of creation to God now showing His wrath! Where was God going to stop? Was God going to stop? Was any part of the world going to be inhabitable? Satan was in genuine fear of his own existence. This fear only began to abate after he saw the first sacrifice being offered by Noah. During the inundation stage of the flood when people were drowning not one swam towards the ark and pleaded for mercy. He had taught them well.

But all his Christmases and the peak of his existence were to come on Good Friday. This blog assumes Adam and Eve repented and were therefore saved. This would make Eve’s sin the first unintentional sin and Adam’s sin the first intentional sin. So what a thrill 9 o’clock was on Good Friday: Jesus is charged with ‘ You did disobey Me and eat the forbidden fruit!’ And Jesus replies ” guilty as charged ” and is correspondingly punished. But to satan that was just one drop out of the ocean. The ocean is 12 o’clock when the charge is read out ” That You did break Your relationship with God!  ( satan can’t believe it,Jesus is going to have to admit breaking away from His Father and the Holy Spirit!, admittedly this was not intentional) To which Jesus replies ‘ guilty as charged and this time the fires of hell that engulf Him also reach the throne in Heaven! And Jesus still has to admit to trillions of such charges! Satan knows for every time he gloats he in turn will suffer in hell but for once he has no regrets. What an amazing victory he has had over Jesus!. To satan it would be equivalent to robbing a bank and been given a one day jail sentence for every $100M he stole! For Jesus it was the exact opposite; pleading guilty for the trillionth time was not easier than for the first time. To plead guilty to severing, especially intentionally the bond that they had with the Father still seemed impossible and the punishment was no lesser with time. Here were those dark hours the ones that took an eternity to pass and threatened to tear Jesus to pieces.These are the hours that Heaven will dissect for an eternity and never cease to wonder. Each one of your sins and my sins were there on that mountain and to each Jesus pleaded when read out ‘ guilty as charged ‘ and the suffering that Divine justice demanded was paid in full. No wonder our place in Heaven has been assured and it is just a matter of claiming it. You can put all the weight of your problems and doubts and whatever you have on the scaffolding that Jesus provided, His sinless body and be rest assured you will never be let down!

With the beasts Daniel appears to have simplified the picture of the beasts into the living and dead or symbolic empires. The living were attached to the beast and the symbolic to the statue. But then he increases the depth of meaning for the statue by telling  Nebuchadnezzar that he was the head of gold. So this blog explained this that the statue was going to have two fulfillment s. One at the cross and the other at the consummation of the earth just before the New Jerusalem came down out of the Heavens. There was also speculation how these heads related to each other. The Babylon head was the first to rise, God had run out of patience with His people and was going to use the Babylonians to destroy them, then when the Babylon head was alive and active the head alongside it, the Medes and Persians rose up and ate up that head and when they were at the peak of their power the head alongside them, the Greeks rose up and ate up this head and they in turn were eaten by the Roman Empire head. But John quashes any speculation by stating in Revelation chapter 13 that the beast coming out of the sea had seven heads. All the heads were there! They were not active at the one time but they were all there and God activated the one He required, such as by turning on its light. It does appear that only one light was on at a time and the beast of the second coming went to great lengths to make sure that he was not only the top dog in the street but the only dog. Thus John was able to look at the graveyard of train wrecks that had challenged this beast and say ” Who is like the beast? Who can make war against him?” ( Rev 13:4)

But the problem with the heads is that they do not cover all of time. They begin with Babylon, the first head to come alight, ca 600 BC which is some 3,400 years are unaccounted for on this side of Jesus and end a distinct period at the end when the seventh head falls leaving the beast to carry on as the eighth head which marches against Jesus on His white horse followed by the newly wedded bride. It is at this time that the beasts turn on each other. So the beast that covers from the Garden of Eden until Babylon must be none other that the beast himself, with the seven lights switched off and only his light switched on , that is his body, which acts as the eighth head. Apparently he does not need a head, they are just there for a temporary time for specific purposes. So in the Garden of Eden the beast had burst onto the scene from eternity but had already been denuded of a lot of his evil by satan and all those evil angels. He certainly was very active and aided satan with the demise of humanity before the flood. But his situation wherever it be is determined by the sovereignty of God.

It was God Who created the angels knowing they would draw on this evil; it was God Who created the tree of good and evil allowing the cross over of the two lines; it was God Who was in control of every drop of water involved in Noah’s flood; It was God Who turned on the first light on the beast, Babylon. It was God Who turned on the second light when the first light was having a drunken orgy desecrating God’s Holy utensils; It was God Who turned on the third and then the fourth lights; it was God Who turned off the fourth light on Calvary’s Mountain and turned it back on shortly afterwards; it is God Who is going to allow the fourth light 1,335 days to persecute His people before His second coming; it is God Who is going to close the door of mercy; it is God Who is going to turn off the eighth light during the battle of the harvest and it is God Who is in control of intermediate events as well. So what can we conclude about the beast and Noah’s flood? It was God who was in control and did not turn off the the light on the eighth head but kept it turned on until the time of Babylon.

One controversy that carries on from Matthew Chapter 24 :37  ” As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man” and  verses 34 and 35 ” I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” So Jesus tells us what we can carry forward from Noah; eating, drinking and marrying but not having the slightest sense of the looming flood that would destroy the earth. So can we carry forward Noah’s generation of 120 years. Gen ( 6:3) ‘ Then the Lord said, ” My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal, his days will be a hundred and twenty years.” ‘

We have just come from chapter 5 where we were not just given genealogies ( why should Jesus’s genealogy have to be traced back to Eve when all human beings can be traced back to Eve?)  but lifespans as well. Lifespans of 700 + years are not uncommon. But this generated two problems; the longer man lived the more evil he became until he went past the point of no return and the more time he had to increase in number. So there was an exponential blowout in evil. God stopped this by limiting life spans to 120 years, a short,sharp and sudden drop in lifespans. This obviously applied to the evil people and not to the righteous ones many of whom exceeded that 120 years by several factors. If this was the reason for the sudden decrease in life spans then it could have applied to Noah’s building the ark ( to be completed within 120 years) and certainly applies to us today.

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So if we take Matthew’s ‘this generation’ to be the restoration of the figtree, literal Israel, and add three score and ten ( 70) years  ( for which I could not the reference)  then 1948 + 70 = 2018. So if the Lord has not returned by 2019 then we know we should have used Noah’s lifespan of 120 years or the Lord can return any time up to but not later than 2068. All that is wonderful stuff to know God knows what is ahead of us But if you were to die today you will be resurrected at the start of the millennium along with the righteous or at the end of the millennium along with the unrighteous dead. It is going to be either Heaven or hell and there could be no greater contrast! So where do you stand at this moment? What have you still have got to do? Whatever it is just keep doing it as it makes no difference as you are going to hell. But if you stand on what Jesus has done for you then you can definitely start packing your Heavenly suitcase and if you really believe in what Jesus has done for you then you won’t be able to stop yourself from telling others about it and extending Heaven’s invitation to them also.

God’s sovereignty reigned supreme including every minute of the flood. God has given us many excellent blogs out there and manned by His people to give an insight what may have happened during this year.If you think how a tiny slippage  of ocean plates caused the latest earthquake in Indonesia and a tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people imagine the tsunami that would result with a huge mountain popping up out of the sea!! God began to write on the blank sheet earth with a dove and an olive leaf, both symbols of the Holy Spirit. Noah then built an altar and sacrificed some of the clean animals indicating he already knew the function of the altar and the difference between clean and unclean animals.

So from Noah what we have learnt about the daily sacrifice was; the first thing he did was to make a place for the sacrifice to be offered, he used clean animals ( those fit to be sacrificed) , he killed them, he burnt them, Found this was pleasing to God. When Jesus was burnt in hell on the cross He met God’s requirements for the abolishment of sins and so that time when God’s family of perfection could begin their eternity forever. God’s blessing began the new human race and they were allowed to eat meat for the first time. When God allowed them to eat every creature that moves He obviously meant every creature that He made to be eaten and God would soon qualify what He meant. Again the grape and wine is recorded as the first curse to humanity.

God’s plan A for humanity under Adam and Eve Took about 1,500 years to unravel. Pan B could not have had a better start than under Noah. ” Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked with God.” ( Gen 6:9). Obviously the other seven were not on the same plain and evil soon tried to take hold. The people knew they were doing the wrong thing  in building the Tower of Babel and God had to intervene to thwart this plan. This is the second example where God had to intervene and plunge the beast’s out of the sea plan to do evil by throwing it into darkness. The first example would be God throwing the beast out of the sea into the abyss for eternity ( most of him at least) when He sent Noah’s flood. So if the purity of the leader can not be a factor then on what ground was God going to choose His people and their leader? There was no plan C for humanity so God was going to execute Plan B and ultimately finish up with the New Jerusalem. God chose Abraham as the father of both the old and new Testaments. When compared to lily white Noah, Abraham was more like a leopard ! So on what ground did God choose Abraham on? It was his faith. My first impression was well I can certainly relate to those yawning gaps in Abraham’s faith and the goofs that he made but what about where his faith held. Would God expect me to leave a comfortable home and environment and go wander around homeless through enemy territory for I don’t know for long to a place I don’t have any idea or what it looks like? All I know is that it is called the promised land. The obvious reason I have such admiration for Abraham is because he did do it and I couldn’t. But isn’t this exactly what God is going to require us to do and more like willingly give our lives as well? A big step in the right direction would be understanding what is meant by the daily sacrifice. Relevant incidents from Genesis we will be relying on are:

1; Chapter 17; The covenant of circumcision. It was compulsory for all males and God’s people were recognised by this act of circumcision. Another covenant God had with His people was the Sabbath and today many Christians say that these were covenants of the Old Testament and therefore do not apply to us. And this is a major problem for us because the things of this world, those in the Old Testament  take a gigantic step not just by stepping onto Mount Calvary but being raised with Jesus on the cross. Now they become the things from above, the spiritual which will obviously require Divine assistance to understand. But Jesus told Nicodemus to go stand on that lower step first and ask me to help you up onto that higher step, the divine.

I could not begin to match the blogs that have been given on circumcision, the cutting away of the foreskin off the male penis. It was a God given instruction, it was compulsory, it was a sign of obedience, marked you as being one of God’s people, could not have been unhealthy as it was practiced by many cultures until recently and it produced closer, more pleasurable sexual relations. So the only real down that I can see is the pain involved and the risk of infection. So how can this traumatic event be compulsory one minute and unnecessary the next?

Similarly with God’s Sabbath. On the lower step before Good Friday we have a night, day period set aside by God on a certain day which we are supposed to dedicate to our creator by keeping the day holy by resting and not doing any work. For our efforts God is going to bestow all these wonderful blessings. Is all this been done away with too and what happened to the blessings? What did Good Friday change this lower physical step into?

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It would require a blog to study the covenants that God has made with His people . The stepping stones He required them to climb in their journey with Him.They were forever upwards until we came to that gigantic one which just vanished into the clouds. The basic doctrine behind this gigantic step is: you have tried to restore your relationship with Me but have dismally failed at each step, pass all your efforts and problems onto Jesus Christ and He will do it all for you. All you have to do is sit back and watch!  He has already been selected as the link of perfection by God and all that is required is for you to select Him as your link.

So now the cutting that is required is not of the foreskin of the genitals but of that hard skin around the heart. It is a God given instruction, it is compulsory, it is a sign of God’s people, it is a sign of obedience and results in closer relationship with the Lord. It will result in that reflection of God that He has left on earth, His Holy Law to be transferred from the stone they were initially written on onto your opened, skinless hearts. This is the real transition. It hits you like a grenade! But I have no chance of keeping this beautiful Law!. CORRECT! So you pass it onto Jesus Christ to do it for you. Where you can never succeed He can never fail!

So under the new covenant it makes no difference whether your genitals are covered or not . It is your heart that has to  have been circumcised that has to have its foreskin removed to allow Divine love a chance to begin interactions with you. If you continue to practicing circumcision of the genitals all that proves is that you have missed the whole aim of Good Friday’s Cross. It is your circumcised heart through which Jesus can enter! So were the changes to the Sabbath as drastic as they were to circumcision? What drastic steps did the Sabbath take up and into the clouds? Is the old system gone as is claimed by so many Christians?

At first I was going to write the Heavenly Sabbath up out of memory but I would have attributed it to the Church of Thyatira, how wrong can one’s memory get? Thyatira remains as the church of the cross. Jesus is still speaking with His eyes blazing and feet like burnished bronze ( another link to Daniel chapter eight). Thyatira remains as the church of the middle, it has three on its approach and three on its departure. It has no parallels. Mind you if the last one Laodicea still allows you to eat with Jesus in Heaven and sit on His throne that can’t be that much of a drop off!. Satan tries to mimic Thyatira with his fourth head which is active at both the first and second coming of our Lord when he can still make a difference. After the second coming there is not one soul added or taken from the redeemed list. This head peddles satan’s so called deep secrets and again near the end of time when the three angels are so desperately trying to stop the foolish virgins from changing their allegiance. It is at this time that the redeemed are given the iron scepter to rule with and they dash the nations to pieces like pottery. It is amazing how much can be read  into as advice for the foolish virgins at this time. The morning star is not given at the start of the final battles but right at the end in the New Jerusalem. ( Rev 22:16) ” I, Jesus have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star”. So satan’s deceit of the first, second and by this stage will be the fourth coming of our Lord is the same; Sexual immorality and satan’s deep secrets. I think the final fulfillment of the woman to be burnt will be the great Harlot after she has her disagreements with the beast out of the sea and it turns on her. ( Rev 17:16). But we must not forget that Thyatira also has true faith. Even the foolish virgins are still considering their options about receiving the mark of the beast. But if they were not swayed by salvation plan A they are not likely to be swayed by salvation plan B. Now returning to the Heavenly Sabbath as installed by the church of Pergamum.

The gap between the Heavenly Sabbath and the earthly one established in the Garden of Eden and reaffirmed on Mt. Sinai is so great there has to be an intermediate Sabbath. Let us just look at three (  or four) facts concerning the earthly or Edenic Sabbath:

1; If any of God’s people broke this Sabbath from Mt. Sinai onwards they were to be put to death. That is how seriously God regarded this Holy Day that He blessed. It is easy to see why sexual infidelity was also treated this way. Sexual immorality breaks the glue that holds the basic unit of earth and Heaven, our family and anything that threatens the existence of the family, be that war or whatever must be destroyed. So God regarded as breaking the Sabbath as a threat to His family, their relationship to Him and therefore had to be destroyed.

2; Out of all those beautiful beliefs that were established at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD satan only chose one he wanted destroyed, it was non negotiable and it was under the threat of death, the Sabbath had to go. He knew it was the foundation stone of the relationship between God and His family. If he could pull this stone out then the edifice had to fall, it was just a matter of time. How right he was!

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3; Satan organised the wave of evil to be at its maximum when Jesus came to earth in His first coming. So Jesus could have chosen to die for any cause or any number of causes as they had all peaked. The cause He chose to die for was the Sabbath day. Mat ( 12:11-13) ‘ He said to them, ” If any of you has a sheep and it falls into a pit on the Sabbath, will you not take hold of it and lift it out? How much more valuable is a man than  a sheep! Therefore it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath.” Then he said to the man, ” Stretch out your hand”. So he stretched it out and it was completely restored, just as sound as the other. But the Pharisees went out and plotted how they might kill Jesus.’  Jesus knew that once He healed that poor man’s withered hand on the Sabbath that the Pharisees would start making plans to kill Him and that is exactly what happened. Jesus would not die for something He was about to abolish!

4; Tentatively, If the Sabbath is of such critical importance on earth and it is also reestablished in Heaven then why doesn’t the New Testament make a bigger deal out of it? The apostles had already been on their thrones in Heaven for some time when John arrived before 3 0’clock on Good Friday. All Jesus had to do was to keep them in Heaven for another three hours or whatever time that the sun set in Jerusalem on Good Friday. Then the earthly Sabbath would have ushered in the Heavenly Sabbath and the apostles would have seen the beauty of the Heavenly Sabbath. Surely this would have caused them to beat the Sabbath drums continually on earth! But they did not have to. The Sabbath was never an issue, it was beyond reproach. If you want to use  as many Christians do today Acts to justify this change to Sunday you are entitled to do so. Acts ( 20:7) ‘ On the first day of the week we came together to break bread. Paul spoke to the people and, because he intended to leave the next day, kept on speaking until midnight.’ All that is being said is; we met on Sunday to break bread with Paul because he was leaving us the next day. ( Monday). Is this overwhelming evidence that the Sabbath was changed to Sunday or any other day? Now to the Heavenly Sabbath and the church of Pergamum.

If we are using Thyatira as guide then the Heavenly events seem to correspond to the foolish virgins in their last throes and the Heavenly host, including the wise virgins are about to see the light. So Pergamum has to be before this in time so let us try to follow events that fit the text; Rev ( 2:12) “…. These are the words of him who has the sharp, double-edged sword.’  The weapon of choice for the first, second and coming of our Lord is the sharp, double-edged sword. Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ showed us how it should be used at His first coming. Satan’s attempts to distort the truth were met by Jesus with ‘ it is written’ and all satan could do was to flee. If he didn’t flee that sharp, double-edged would have slain him. He would have been exposed for the liar he is and lost any credibility.People would have seen through those Pharisees and followed Jesus. Satan fled before this happened.

The role of the double edged sword is reversed at the second coming. With the whole church asleep they can’t even lift this sword let alone swing it! Satan is safe. Any pockets with sleep apnea are quickly ridiculed back into silence and sleep. ( usually by self professing Christians, those you would expect to give you a hand and not beat you over the head). Counting Noah this is now the third mountainous and monstrous wave of evil to hit humanity and the only effective weapon against it is asleep!. The very best that we can come up with is; do you feel comfortable with this interpretation? What would you like it to say? shouldn’t we make it fit into satan’s book of science beginning with evolution? But the church will not always sleep and when it does wake up it will use again use this sharp, double-edged sword as Jesus so effectively used it.

This sharp, double-edged sword is also the chief weapon of the third coming. ( Rev 10:6,7) ‘ And he swore by him who lives for ever and ever, who created the heavens and all that is in them, the earth and all that is in it, and said ” There will be no more delay! But in the days when the seventh angel is about to sound his trumpet, the mystery of God will be accomplished, just as he announced to his servants the prophets” ‘. Now Holy Scripture closes and as it’s main concern is mercy so does the door of mercy close. Final calls for repentance are ignored as they have been for his servants the prophets and Jesus, His Shekinah Glory along with the two witnesses return to Heaven for the last time. His fourth coming as a mighty angel indicate Jesus is a long way above the earth otherwise everybody would be killed here on earth.

( Rev 2:13) ‘ I know where you live-where satan has his throne. Yet you remain true to my name. You did not renounce your faith in me, even in the days of Antipas, my faithful witness, who was put to death in your city- where satan lives.’ Many of the micro details of the churches will not be applicable to the macro scale I am about to propose. On a micro scale Antipas’s mention would have given this church, Pergamum, an incredible lift in confidence to know that Heaven was keeping a tab of what was going on in their little church. On a macro scale it is satan who is behind all these acts of evil beginning with the fall in Eden right up to the last recorded acts of evil, surrounding Jerusalem in order to destroy it. It is satan himself who leads this battle with no competition from either beast as they have just recently been defeated in the battle of the living. Satan’s weapons of these times, and also Thyatira and teachings concerning eating food offered to idols  sexual immorality. Sexual immorality is self explanatory and the norm today  and much of human history. This doesn’t make it right before God who continues to see it as an abomination. Society can’t begin to realise what they have lost, the relationship  can develop with sex just with  one partner. To entice people to eat food offered to idols, literally shows they have reached the bottom of that barrel called evil! But where is the Sabbath restored? ( Rev 2: 17) ‘ He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give him a white stone  with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it.”

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I have already suggested that this white stone is the key to the Heavenly place that Jesus went ahead to prepare for us and it may be here that we have our meals with Jesus. How complex will the menu be and who prepares the meal? Many other questions could be asked concerning this apartment but the issue is the hidden manna. Manna from Heaven was what God sent His people for food whilst they wandered the dessert. They were to collect this Heaven sent manna every day but strictly forbidden from doing on the Sabbath. It was to be their staple food whilst they were in the dessert. What is special about some of the hidden manna?

It is the manna that we can take advantage of only on  1/7 th of the heavenly week, the Sabbath Day. We are now in a position to take advantage of this manna as we are covered by Christ’s robe of righteousness, we are beginning to see Jesus for what He really is; our creator and redeemer and above all this how these relate to His love. What did He really go through on that Good Friday? These are really Heavenly concepts beyond our imagination so what intermediate Sabbath step is there between the Sabbath the Jews had reinforced in the dessert and this Heavenly Sabbath? It went through the same gigantic step as the other nine commandments went through. It was removed from the stone tablet  that God gave to Moses and if allowed written on our hearts. It is a combination of its beauty and our sinfulness that should make us realise that we can not only even begin to be able to obey any of God’s commandments, including the Sabbath. But if we stand in the shadow of the cross when God looks down He will not see us but the perfect way in which Jesus obeyed all of God’s commandments. There lies the hidden part of the manna. We could have asked for all those blessings we so desperately needed and which God promised to give us on the Sabbath Day but we dared not ask. So our demands for blessings should have been made on the grounds of how Jesus kept this day and every other commandment. Humanity has indeed missed out on much, it was very well hidden from them. If it was hidden unintentionally from you by your leaders they are guilty of causing you great harm but for those who did it intentionally will suffer its consequences!

There have been many attempts to correlate history from creation to the cross and some on a micro scale from the cross to the second coming but few if any to cover from the cross  to the New Jerusalem which obviously can only be done using the Book of Revelation, even though a lot of the micro details may not fit the macro picture:

1–  The Church of Ephesus is the Church of the first coming of our Lord. It is only because of what Jesus did that this Church was established. This would automatically make it the Church of the first seal that the rider of the white horse came to establish.

2–The Church of Smyrna is the Church of the second coming of our Lord. It is the true Church of blood and no other church would go close to gaining as many martyrs as Smyrna. It is the Church of the second seal, that of the fiery red horse.

3–The Church of Pergamum is the church of the third coming of our Lord. Scripture is closed, all that was announced by the prophets has been fulfilled, the door of mercy slammed shut and God has shown what God’s justice means. It you are still unsure go and look at the third seal. There you will find the divine  rider of the black horse holding a pair of scales. Particularly note the colour  of the horse, and ponder how death and justice are related. If you can’t see the Cross of Mount Calvary on Good Friday then you are missing the point.

4–The Church of Thyatira is the Church of the fourth coming of our Lord be it some distance away. Jesus comes to announce the fall of Babylon,again. It was on Calvary’s tree that Jesus caused Babylon to fall the first time, it was Jesus Who restored Babylon shortly afterwards before the furnace consumed it and it is Jesus now Who announces the result of what happened when His angel poured out the seventh bowl. This now precipitates very last day events. A part of the Church of Thyatira and all of Sardis is devoted to the foolish virgins so how can one group of people receive so much Heavenly attention? This topic has already been covered ad nauseum in this blog so hopefully this will be a final revision ( for ever!)

Heaven will spend infinite resources on just one soul being saved even if that means sending down the Lord God Jesus Christ to live a perfect life, die a perfect death and go through a perfect resurrection in order to save that one soul. Here there are 144,000 such souls. Let us retrace their history up to now. They started off as true church, ten virgins. They were not the only ones asleep, so were the wise virgins. They had lamps and their lamps had not gone out. So true church is made up of sheep and goats. The harvest to come is made up out wheat and weeds. It was the midnight call ‘ Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!’ that caused the fracture. The foolish did not carry oil in spare jars and realised they may, actually already were, running out of oil. After asking the wise virgins for oil and being refused they accepted the money and went to buy some for themselves. But this is where the analogy breaks down in last day events. I assume that out of the two men working in the field I was the one who was left behind and my wife was the one taken out of the two women  grinding with the hand mill. But we both went through all those traumatic last days together. We both called Jesus our Lord and we both called Heaven home. We both decided to forfeit and  have all our earthly possessions confiscated as they were just earthly rubbish compared to Heavenly treasures. We both ate the scraps from whatever garbage bin we could find and we both slept out in the weather. We were the Lord’s team; married before his servant in His church and stayed together though thick and thin and both acknowledged that it was our prayer life that was the glue that held the family together and continues to do so for our four married daughters. So I am perfectly right to be stunned that she was taken and I was left behind! Surely in all our prayers and conversations she must have realised that I was having a problem with some part of the Word of God. Did she tell me ‘ yes you have a very good point there Joule but aren’t you running the risk of joining the foolish 144,000 virgins? Aren’t you extending your self proclaimed knowledge of nothing about everything to your creator?Is it really possible for Him to make a mistake?’  We do have a duty to warn others especially loved ones. But here I am, actually gave up all earthly possessions and quite prepared and had lined up with that intention of giving my life on the condition His Holy Name be glorified, standing and left alone with the prospect of hell looming large. The Master took a long time in coming the second time and again the third time, actually 1,260 years. The events that occurred and their reasons are already recorded, but at the end of the 1,260 years:

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1– I go to the door of the temple and knock and ask to be admitted even though I did not buy the oil, I had no reason to repent, I had nothing to sell that required refining through Calvary’s fires and if given the chance I will now explain to God where His Word should be corrected. Just look at it and compare it to what secular scientists and historians are telling us for one thing. I am not only rejected but am actually thrown out! ( Mat 25:30) ‘ And throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth’.

2– I hand back the talent that God gave me. He tells me I have totally mistaken the nature of God.

3–  I can’t really tell if and when God’s seal has been removed. If it can only be removed by being replaced with the mark of the beast and marked as foolish and without excuse then this has not happened. I certainly continue to receive God’s protection during the full on plagues, the bowls which is an indication that the seal remains. This certainly would help explain the desperate last minute stand to save me from the beast.

4– So as the last bowl, the seventh, has been poured out things reach a climax. But all that I have done wrong at this stage is to carefully read the Word of God and try to apply it to my life and there were things there that just did not add up. I was looking forward to make my complaint to the Lord personally at His third coming but the closest I was allowed was His two witnesses and all they could talk about was repentance.

I thought the fourth seal fitted the micro situation very well, but there should also be some correlation to the seventh bowl at the fourth coming of our Lord. Certainly seven is a complete number as is the fourth and final coming of our Lord. The events being controlled here are by the fourth living creature and the case has already been made out this to be an eagle, or God like nature of Jesus Christ or the rider of the white horse. So the object of concern of these three divine entities, seventh bowl, fourth coming and eagle must be the 144,000 foolish virgins of which I am one and am still loudly proclaiming my innocence. ( Yes another error and another change which I should make but won’t; The foolish virgins have not handed back their seal as it is God given and only God can take it away. So at this stage I can’t be put into hell with God’s seal and it is this seal that protects me during the bowls). The first battle, that lead by the beast is looming and he orders the conscription of all the living to meet under where he thinks the rider of the white horse and His armies will descend from Heaven from. This situation has been dealt with in detail in Revelation chapter 14. This eagle creature will certainly kill the unrighteous living who will die but the beasts will be thrown into Hades. The pale horse only applies if I am killed by the beast because I refuse to accept his mark just before the battle begins. We have already been told that those who are killed by the beast will be ‘ blessed’. At this stage the unrighteous living may only constitute a fourth of the population and it is they who are killed.

5– The Church of Sardis. The confusion that is occurring over the seals is that these seals have never been placed on foolish virgins, on Laodiceans before. God does not place His seal, a seal that was only obtained after the fires of Calvary’s tree had been extinguished  haphazardly on every Tom, Dick and Harry. The materials that these seals are made from are the ashes of the Cross bound by the blood and water that flowed from Jesus’s side. They are indeed precious as they are priceless. They do not however cancel the gift of free will. Jesus broke the seven seals on the scroll but having given you this seal he is unlikely to take it back and admit He made a mistake in giving it to you in the first place. You however are entitled to remove this seal whilst still here on earth. There must be some sorting process here on earth to make sure that this can’t happen in Heaven. The problem is that the seal is so tightly bound removing it would result in a gaping wound. The only way to cover this wound is with the mark of the beast which must be intentionally and deliberately placed by satan himself. It is now this fork that the foolish virgins have arrived at. Jesus will not remove the seal He placed on each of the 144,000 foolish virgins.If they don’t remove it the seal stays stuck on their foreheads. It is composed of the ashes of Calvary’s fires and His precious blood and water, so it can’t be thrown back into hell. Jesus has already served their time in hell for them, they are clean , they are without sin as will each of the sufferers of hell be,which causes the flames of hell to extinguish. But they will not be going to Heaven either. That can only happen once you have been given Christ’s robe of righteousness and that is only given on the grounds of repentance, of accepting what Jesus has done for you. ” I am sorry for hurting You so grievously my perfect friend, have mercy on me and forgive me and please allow Your cross to stand between me and Heaven so when God looks down on me here on this earth all He can see is your perfect cross!”

So now we come down to the nitty gritty of the foolish virgins. That is you if you have problems with God’s Word and you would like to make corrections to it. What corrections you have are really quite irrelevant; they could be the Sabbath, homosexuality, role of women, contradictions between the Word and secular science and history or any other furniture you want moved around in Heaven. We could now begin on some profound questions; like had the foolish virgins elected to die by the hand of the beast and were ” blessed  are the dead who die in the Lord from now on” ( Rev 14:13). And there is no heavier emphasis in Scripture and nothing that sustains more of satan’s arrows than a text that begins with ” Write “. We will let Jesus answer this and other questions Himself. Luke ( 13: 25-27) ‘ Once the owner of the house gets up and closes the door, you will stand outside knocking and pleading ” Sir, open the door for us.” But he will answer ” I don’t know you or where you come from.” then you will say, ” We ate and drank with you, and taught in our streets.” But he will reply ” I don’t know you or where you come from. Away from me all you evildoers!” ‘

To hear those words ” I don’t know you” must indeed pull the skids out from under our feet! ” You are that lot that literally knew nothing about everything and yet  you question Me the One Who made everything! You belong to that other lot, those who are trying to learn everything about nothing! Talk about a naughty, spiteful child! How dare you question my Holy nature? You insinuate I could make a mistake which you of all people can then correct! You are going to make the conditions of our relationship? It has to pass your scrutiny before it can be accepted, that bank of infinite knowledge! Do you know the difference between left and right? You Do? Okay well just run through the reasons I put the sugars in you r body to be right handed but the proteins to be left handed? You don’t even know what racemic (?)  mixtures are? ( D+L). But God’s revulsion goes even further than that. Twice, witness Scripture He says ‘ I don’t know where you came from.’ He knows every atom in every cell in your body and the reason He made you. It is you who have gone astray so far that He can’t recognise which direction you have come from. It is certainly not the direction He was anticipating. In fact you evil doers have been given a special group in the history of time”you are ranked as dogs, those who practice magic arts, sexually immoral, murderers, idolaters and liars”. So I think your planned meeting with the Lord was just a little short of fruition!, it was the very definition of ‘wishful thinking’. The overwhelming majority of skeptics who want to line up before the Lord and have Him explain would have the age of the earth controversy on their list. Would there be any point in the Lord giving you an audience? What aspects of the old age could you defend? More importantly what aspects of the young earth could you refute? You are bleating because you can hear other sheep bleating. Go back and look at some of the clangers so called ‘scientists’have made in the past. You couldn’t compose a tune to them as continuous clanging can not have a beat! So the choice you have made has not been on facts but on some other ground, hardly forcing the Lord to have to justify why His Word teaches thousands and not millions of years old.

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So the period of Sardis did not just appear over night. Warnings have been rung for nearly 2,000 years. Their deaths, and they are still very special deaths especially to those who have had partners taken to Heaven are now executed under the fifth seal. The foolish virgins reveal their true character, they are evil doers. They remove the seal that God gave them and protected them for nearly 2,000 years and replace it with the mark of the beast and then march against the rider of the white horse and His newly married Bride.

6– The Church of Philadelphia. Is the church of the first, second, third, fourth coming of the Lord as well as the bases of periods five six and the final entry from the old Heaven into the New Jerusalem. It is the church of the door that Luther and his lot opened and will never be shut again.Jesus alone has the key to this door.It is the doctrine that has put the crown of the kingdom on your head NOW. It is the doctrine of righteousness by faith. The faith we have telling us that Jesus Christ was the only One Who could save us and He did. It is negated by the demonic doctrine of righteousness by works. It is this doctrine that Jesus Christ came to establish, which satan had successfully closed and was reopened by Luther, it was through this door that we climbed into Heaven through, so that makes it the doctrine of the sixth seal,  and this door that the two witnesses came to earth with Jesus to invite anyone and everyone through.It certainly is the door between the old and the new Heaven. In fact the name on the door ‘ The New Jerusalem’. Jesus has done it all and all you have to do is to accept it. But is this the door of Thyatira and Sardis? This speculation has already been addressed in the previous section. This door really was the one that Abraham and God’s people began to open. Their ideas on the role of Jesus on the cross may have been a bit hazy but it was still the doctrine of faith. It was the daily sacrifice that was supposed to open to them this door of faith and because no one on earth still understands the daily sacrifice, all are asleep we also can not understand this door. So this adds to the millions of things we don’t understand but we can still take advantage of it by FAITH!

7– The Church of Laodicea. Much has been written in this blog on the Sabbath Day, the foolish virgins and Laodicea. So I will let Scripture have the final say on Laodicea. ( Rev 22:14,15) ‘ Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right  to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murders, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.’

During the above analysis I have been trying to follow a few threads, one of which was Rev ( 11:18,19) and the obvious place we have arrived at is destroying those who destroy the earth. As previously stated because these people were alive at the second coming and are still alive they can not go to hell as  hell is the second death and these have not been through their first death yet. So if they can’t go to hell they must go on living forever and ever and thus they will ultimately destroy the earth.These living are destroyed in the battle lead by both of the beasts. The saints are finally rewarded when they ultimately ask for their reward: the fine linen or the Holy Spirit. The dead obviously were judged on Good Friday but as far as the saints in Heaven are concerned the evil  are judged  in ch 16 verse 10 when they curse God and refuse to repent. God only takes His power and begins to reign after the door of mercy has closed so even though the nations have been angry with God on many occasions this must be the period in question, as it is certainly the time when God’s wrath has come. After the battle of the living the next time we see the temple in Heaven open is the New Jerusalem. So the story of the foolish virgins does roughly follow this account.

Another is the four living creatures of chapter four but strictly maintaining the order: lion, ox, man and eagle. But four does not match the number seven; churches and seals. So we can just leave the four as separate but to make it into seven we would have to pull the fourth creature, the eagle out as it represents Christ’s divinity and is therefore stand alone with no parallels and just have three leading up to it. The three leading away from it we have to attribute to something eg. His Church. So this would give God’s Church as the lion, the ox and the man, something I have already tried to attribute to. But that still leaves the serious questions of how the seals and the seven churches relate to the last half of time ie  since the cross. The tangent that we have come from is trying to relate Genesis to the daily sacrifice particularly chapter 17.

Chapter 18 is the visit of three heavenly beings and it proved Heavenly beings, As Jesus was after His Resurrection could eat and drink like we could, if they couldn’t they would have said so, they certainly knew the future. In the destruction of Sodom Abraham pleads for it to be spared only to find out that if it had ten good people then God would not have destroyed it. We know it had Lot who was a good person but one was not enough, ten were but what about seven? or four? It is God who created the number system and He is therefore entitled to use the numbers for different purposes. Ten seems to be the number of completion as do 7, 12, and 40. There were:

1; Ten Commandments these being either a minimum or maximum or complete reflection of the character of God but a poor reflection as it uses humanity as the reflecting agent or surface.

2; there were ten virgins all asleep representing the whole church of God in Matthew chapter 25, thus neither minimum nor maximum.

3; God’s Church in last days, and first days, Smyrna will undergo severe testing for for ten days. This could be a literal, complete number.

4; The beast out of the sea has ten horns, a complete symbol of strength and probably the ten kings the beast appoints to help him in his fight against the rider of the white horse.

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5; The first church of Christianity was given five talents and they earned five more, handing back to the master ten Talents with which the Master is well pleased, but they don’t have ten for an eternity and they also receive the single talent from the lazy and wicked servant.

6; In Leviticus 26:8, eight of them, an incomplete number will chase and defeat a complete number of their enemy ( 10,000).

7; In Daniel 7:20 not sure of the ten horns.

So the ten righteous people appears to be the minimum number God required   to be living in this area before He would not destroy it. One reason the Bible can be read and related to is that it presents real characters, worts and all. Very few are presented without their worts, and Lot certainly has his for all to see. God gave Lot the privilege of bringing up two of His angels, two lovely daughters, the fact they lost respect for him is easily understood. He should have been as any parent today ready to give his life up for them, but instead he offers them to be gang raped by herd of drunken homosexuals! How disgusting and reprehensible can behavior become? If that was the custom of the day it doesn’t make it right and shows how sleazy society was. Lot was still counted as righteous as were Peter and Paul and many others including the father of God’s people. Lot could not have passed Theology 1001 as he didn’t think that two divine beings from Heaven who came to destroy two cities could even look after themselves! Their escape from destruction seems to parallel ours when fleeing from the beasts destruction of Jerusalem. We aren’t told that we can’t look back, just not to look around where those false christ’s may claim to be.

The story of Abraham an Isaac is our second step up to understanding the daily sacrifice, the first being God killing those two animals in the Garden of Eden. God did not have to go through this scenario for Abraham to show his faith and obedience to the Lord, God already knew they existed and that Abraham would pass. This story is for God’s people, the likes of you and me to allow us to begin to grasp the meaning of salvation, of the daily sacrifice. Each paragraph, each sentence and each word is carefully selected by the Holy Spirit in order to build a framework for us to be able to hang those divine principles on. It you don’t allow the Spirit to build a framework then it will remain mumbo- jumbo. It maybe as with our study of the Garden of Eden was also well intention ed but will require many revisits. So Genesis chapter 22:

Verse 1; ‘ Some time later God tested Abraham. He said to him ” Abraham!” ” Here I am,” he replied.’  For this testing to be in any way related to the cross God had to wait until Isaac had reached the age of consent but unfortunately if the sun shines out of your child all day and night your child becomes the sunlight itself  and you can only see events in this new sunlight. Sometimes we have to ask the validity of a particular word in the Bible and “Tested ” is certainly the case here. Jesus told us to pray ” lead us not into temptation ” just like the Holy Spirit lead Jesus into the dessert for 40 days to be tempted. But the reality is we can’t be placed in cotton wool and protected as this would not us any chance to develop our characters so we quickly add ” But deliver us from evil” So Jesus would lead Abraham into temptation but would deliver him from evil. The admirable part of Abraham was that he was on channel one, God’s channel and not like us on a scanning radio which rarely transmits or receives channel one. There may not have been much reception on this channel for a while but he was continually transmitting on it. Thus he immediately recognised the voice.

Verse 2; ‘ Then God said, ” Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love, and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains I will tell you about.” ‘  The message was clear cut. ‘ take your sunshine, your one and only sunshine and kill him and burn him’. God could not have inflicted a more brutal strike on Abraham. Stop to think: God was going to take His sunshine, His one and only sunshine, His Son Jesus Christ and kill Him and burn Him on exactly the same place where He was now asking Abraham to take Isaac! That night Abraham would firstly have sorted out who was it who gave the order, wasn’t that infanticide? Wasn’t that the most serious of crimes? But unlike us where most of the times that voice is satan’s Abraham knew it was God’s voice and there was only one alternative and that was to obey. But just like God knew He would always get Jesus back again the indications are that Abraham also knew that God would give him his son back.

Verse 3; ‘ Early the next morning Abraham got up and saddled his donkey. He took with him two of his servants and his son Isaac. When he had cut enough wood for the burnt offering, he set out for the place God had told him about ‘. With the major lapses of Abraham’s faith we certainly could not call him exemplary faith of Daniel’s, Samuel’s or even Moses’s calibre. If these characters had got early the next morning we could safely say it was faith that was driving them. But Abraham also did get up and go answering the order that God had given him and what must have been his ultimate nightmare. Once committed, his eyes on Mount Moriah, he did not want any distractions and that is why he probably cut and took the wood with him, a major load over the whole distance. Jesus Christ also entered His burial ground on a donkey and He carried the wood for His own burnt offering, the cross. The wood would have supplied by Mount Moriah, as in the case of the two thieves on side of Jesus, but Jesus had to show all this was voluntary, and He was in control down to the finest detail, the cross on which hell was to take place. Jesus’s journey also started early in the morning. I can’t see how the two servants fit in, but it is very easy to see where Jesus’s pure unadulterated faith comes into play.

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Verse 4; ‘ On the third day Abraham looked up and saw the place in the distance.’ Abraham traveled for over two days with his eyes down, the same place his heart and whole of self were, down. But this part of the journey was on the donkey which took Jesus into Jerusalem.

Verse 5; ‘ He said to his servants, ” Stay here with the donkey while I and the boy go over there. We will worship and then we will come back to you” .’  Jesus traveled for over two hours with with eyes down whilst He carried His cross to look up in the third hour to see Mount Moriah or Mount Calvary. We now know that Abraham and probably  Isaac had enough faith to believe that God would raise Isaac back from death and the fire.

Verses 6,7; ‘ Abraham took the wood for the burnt offering and placed it on his son Isaac, and he himself carried the fire and the knife. As the two of them went up together, Isaac spoke up and said to his father Abraham, ” Father?’ ” Yes my son?” Abraham replied. “The fire and the wood are here,” Isaac said, ” but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?” ‘ There we have Jesus carrying the wood, His cross and He knew it was God the Father who carried the fire and the knife and who the Lamb was going to be, one that God Himself provided. It seems when the whole sacrifice is being referred to then Jesus becomes the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world but when different parts that make up this sacrifice are being referred to different animals are used.

Verses 8,9; ‘ Abraham answered, ” God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.” And the two of them went on together. When they reached the place God had told them about, Abraham built an altar there and arranged the wood on it. He bound his son Isaac and laid him on the altar, on top of the wood.’ Isaac could have easily broken away from his father’s grip and ran away but did not. He had his fathers unshakable faith. So God’s people were started by at least two giants of faith, Abraham and Isaac so the branching away from Islam is very marked and early. There may be many similarities between Abraham offering his son Isaac and God the Father and God the Son but there are marked differences between them also. Jesus did not have to be tied and bound by the Father. The animals that were offered would have run away if they were not tied and bound so the fact that Isaac was bound makes this sacrifice point to the old system. It was God the Father Who certainly arranged the wood on the altar that Jesus died on, He Who took the knife to kill Jesus and set the fires of hell alight that consumed Jesus. This was the only way that sin could be forgiven, it had to be burnt into extinction.

Verses 10-14 ‘ Then he reached out his hand  and took the knife to slay his son. But the angel of the Lord called out to him from heaven, “Abraham! Abraham!” ” Here I am, ” he replied. ” Do not lay a hand on the boy,” he said. ” Do not do anything to him. Now I know that you fear  God, because you have not withheld from me your son, your only son.” Abraham looked up and there in a thicket he saw a ram caught by its horns. He went over and took the ram and sacrificed it as a burnt offering instead of his son. So Abraham called that place The Lord Will Provide. And to this day it is said, ” on the mountain of the Lord it will be provided.” ‘  There was no such miraculous intervention for Jesus on the cross. God the Father gave God the Son the cup of iniquity to drink from and Jesus had to drink every drop, including the last one before passing it back to His Father to check that His actions had met perfection, and they did. And it was on this mountain that God did provide salvation for all, and on this mountain alone and on Good Friday alone.

This gigantic act of faith results in the birth of God’s people, His nation the Jews. Their name may be temporarily changed to Christians as a necessity but it reverts to Jew in Heaven when we are allocated to one of the twelve tribes. Despite Abraham’s worts and weaknesses his faith ultimately carried him through. And so it is with us, the worts and weaknesses pale into insignificance when we have faith in what our Lord and Master achieved for us on Good Friday and our progeny is not measured by our descendants but by our longevity in the city of God forever and ever!

So why does God send these trials, some of which seem to approach Abrahamic proportion? Why is life full of them? Oh my how wonderful would life be without them! Just imagine; no health problems, no financial problems, no problems with any relationship at home or work and play, no accidents and shielded from crime! Those and many more, including ‘ they shall see His face ‘ are not only available but as certain as ‘ it is written ‘  to those who keep getting up after each fall and keep striving to reach the One Who is in white and above the water in life’s Jordan’s crossing. There is satisfaction to be gained in those rare times when we start to fall but manage to recover our feet before we actually hit the ground. We see satan’s hand trying to pull us down but we withdraw in time and thrust it in the direction of the one above the water.

So from the Garden of Eden we learn that to cover sin God must kill an innocent being and use it’s skin to cover humanities naked shamefulness.Abraham taught us that it was faith that made us children of God and it is this faith that will continue for an eternity in Heaven as we walk in through the door of Philadelphia which actually has the name of the New Jerusalem printed on the frame. Abraham and Isaac taught us at a much higher level how faith works in the relationship between father and son and the daily sacrifice. The Son is the only one capable of taking our sins and and having them  destroyed by the fires of hell so there is no trace of them. Evil raised its ugly head on Mt Calvary on Good Friday and good destroyed it. But just because we do not have any sin does not mean we can go to Heaven, we can’t just like all those who will burn until all their sins are destroyed in hell. What is left is nothing. We have something because we were not in hell, it was Jesus in our place on whom our sins were placed who was being destroyed but He the formwork being sinless did not have to be destroyed. So after hell’s fires there was something left of us that was sinful and it was this, whatever it is called, that Jesus covered with His robe of perfection allowing us to live for an eternity with God.

For the rest of Genesis we follow the ups and the downs, the accurate history of God’s people. Genealogies are included as they must be able at all stages to trace their bloodline back to Eve who was supposed to be the mother of the promised Messiah. Genesis finishes with the death of Joseph and Exodus opens God’s people, now called the Israelites, being oppressed in Egypt. Their history in Egypt should like any Biblical history challenged by satan. Many of the movies of these events are at least in the ball park with the Bible in their accuracy of reproducing events from this time. God’s people who went into Egypt seeking shelter from famine , like us would soon begin to drift away from God’s rules and regulations, particularly the offering of sacrifices. When the rulers turned brutal against them the drift would have continued. As with us the only saving grace they had was the Sabbath Day which would be the first target of the Egyptians if they wanted to destroy the Jews. As their defilement of the Sabbath was not voluntary, as it today, God would not have held it against them but what blessings did flow was in the Almighty’s hand. God allowed the situation to reach breaking point, and even at breaking point there were many in the dessert who wanted to return back to this hell on earth in Egypt rather than stay in the dessert. This shows that trials sent on us by God are carefully measured and metered out to a bare minimum even though they appear as at a maximum.

Again and exactly the right time God sent His solution to this problem, Moses. Moses was to be the saviour  of God’s people from slavery but God sent Jesus to save His people from a far greater curse than slavery, sin and evil. He sent His Son when at exactly the right time when sin and evil had peaked and the Son met this huge wave of evil full on and destroyed it. But unlike Moses the Son of God had no reservations about being sent but came willingly. His birth involved far more miraculous conditions than Moses who only had to be protected from the Egyptians. Jesus also had to be protected from Herod physically but he also needed to be protected spiritually from sin, the first sin that went back to Adam. Thus Jesus had a virgin birth ,He was sinless in every sense of the word. Moses spent 40 years of preparation in the dessert whereas Jesus spent 40 days of preparation, fasting and testing in the dessert. Here He was weakened beyond human endurance and it was only the Spiritual Bread, ‘ it is written ‘ that helped Him to beat satan with. By being beyond human endurance Jesus proved that it was only Divinity that could beat evil. It was only ” it is written ‘  that could defeat evil and the routing was complete. There were no back answers from satan he fled from Holiness and purity. He actually had a ground for argument. Probably not one of the manuscripts around at Jesus’s time were original. All satan had to do was to introduce but one change, however small it happened to be. Then he could plead ” that is not in the original manuscript therefore it is wrong to say ‘ it is written as in the original manuscript’ these changes have nullified it as the word of God. ‘ So the Word of God is not nullified  by the addition of human frailties it is they it has come to save. The addition of humanity to Divinity in the form of Jesus Christ did not destroy Jesus’s Divine nature it only accomplished what God had in mind all the way along.  It is this same bread, the only bread the early church had, that is either ignored or treated with contempt today. WE are told ” you may agree with it but it doesn’t matter if you don’t” . It will be rather interesting to see if Jesus judges with the same degree of latitude!

Moses by performing major miracles had early success in convincing the Israelites to come out of Egypt and out of slavery, who wouldn’t want to leave this hell? They were only delivered out of Egypt on God’s special terms
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During my seven day break I have acquired another three foreign objects, three stents. So I now have a staple in my broken leg, a gauze for my hernia and three stents in my heart. The main artery was 90%, and the front and back arteries 80 % blocked. thus the three stents. Of the many dramas one was I was all prepped up and started when the computer gave a DB error asked to contact service and blanked out. When they restarted it after five hours they could not use the wrist entry but made an entry through the groin, The result is I cannot use my right hand for for a minimum of five days for typing and the groins keeps bleeding. You would think with the 7 days off I would be able to catch up with my reading and be ready to fire on all cylinders. I did have my favorite Bible, Joyce Meyers Everyday Life Bible, and I did read many of the comments and was surprised how similar my writing was to hers. This does not prove that I plagiarize her work. All it proves  is that two people can have the same interpretation of the same verse. The reason that it is not this version that I use is that it is a hard cover version and is very easily damaged by dropping it. So I use the soft cover NIV of which I have many copies. I was quite flabbergasted at the number of commentaries there are on the Book of Exodus. Even using my rough thumb of nail rule and not bothering about those who give God and satan the same title there was still a staggering amount of reading. If someone cannot differentiate between satan who wants them to burn in hell with him and someone Who went through hell  and took their place for them so that they could spend of an existence of perfect bliss with Him,any treasures there are only put there by mother nature, chance. But there are good commentaries there worth reading. My problem was I was not feeling well and it was far easier to just close my eyes and meditate on different issues. Another problem I had was the medication I was given wiped out my secondary memory, not that it was in a brilliant condition. So now I may type something, forget what I have typed and retype it all again. So I will prefix things to let you know that I am not going through one of my blankos. Like the next paragraph.

I know that God does not allow one thing to happen to us that will turn out for the better, be that a blank computer screen or wrong medication. So why allow Jesus to spend forty days and nights in the dessert without any subsistence which  put Jesus way outside of any human endurance? I know that I have just attempted to answer that question but I did not hit the nail directly on the head. After all this time in that desert when satan attacked Him Jesus had naught left in His humanity to defend Himself with but any number of Divine weapons were available to Him. The one that He chose was the same one that is available to you and me. ” it is written”. It is 100% effective and there are no attempts to fight back by satan, all he can do is flee. So if this weapon is 100% effective in defeating satan what reaction would we expect from satan? Discredit the Holy Word at every possible opportunity, which is exactly what satan does. He had no defence mechanism against it. He does have an army of trained followers who do this work for him and it’s leaders have special uniforms, black with a white grin for a collar. Whether they are intentionally or unintentionally doing his work makes no difference, the result is the same. They get most upset when you point to their nefarious schemes and their defense will be ‘ stay away from fundamentalists as they cause nothing but trouble!’. They remove the power of the only weapon we have to fight satan with by the most effective means, doubt. Thus we have the state that the world is in today and about to become exponentially worse. Restore the power of your weapon whilst there is still a chance to do so.! It is this or chance, everything just happened by itself! As I lay on those tables, the first one was ultrasound I wondered how marvelous mother nature was to produce such a wonderful organ! Already it has pumped some 20 billion times without a rest and if the Lord be willing some billions of times more! What really astonished me was how she worked out how to open and close all those valves in synchromesh and not allow any leakage! ( at least not measurable). The third room up from me in HC was Lindsay who had a very high pulse rate. Yes mother nature had the answer. The cardiologist just guessed  that if he injected Lindsay with a number that just came to his head, of magnesium and potassium  ions the heart  rate would drop from would drop from 130 to 68 in just one beat! But that does not hold a candle to what I saw during the angiogram. But more about the marvels of mother nature later! It is either that or ‘it is written’. It is God or it is nothing!

Another topic that I have covered ad nauseum is that of the seal that is given to us by God. I do see some of the inconsistencies with the rest Of Scripture but I will stay with and defend my present position even though Revelation chapter 15 is screeching out not to do so. In this chapter 15 we have the song given by God and it is the song of Moses and of the Lamb, thus it is the merging of the Old and New Testaments, It is the song of God’s people entering into the Promised land.      ****************************************************************************

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It is not that often that I get a broad smile whilst typing but looking at those seven words certainly does that to me even though I may only be looking at one ray of light. Whether it takes me 7 or 14 or 40 pages I will end the section the same way, with a line of asterisks. Unfortunately it is a challenge to the understanding of the seals of God. I will first defend my present situation and then state the inconsistencies as best as I remember them. It will interesting to see whether I hold to this position at the end of this section. If I don’t then all it will show to me is that there is such a thing as progressive revelation, and the wonderful journey I am anticipating. I will use exactly the same scenario that I used before; at the second coming of my Lord my wife was taken and I was left behind.

I have major questions for Jesus to answer which I am going to do via the two witnesses like; wasn’t it both of us who went into the same baptismal font on the same day?, didn’t we both forgo our earthly possessions and property and eat from the same garbage bins and sleep in the same drains?, didn’t we attend the same rallies knowing we were going to be killed? shouldn’t I in fact have been ahead of her as it was me who wrote this blog? wasn’t it me who built that six metre bible sign facing the motorway which she opposed? And  the longer my list of gripes becomes the more obvious it also becomes why I was left behind and shows that the units of God’s mercy and patience are not known to us. For the tiny amount that has just been typed there should have been a large bolt of lightning thrown down by God’s justice and vapourised me. I am putting my filthy rags on the same plain as the Blood of God. Whether conscientiously or unconsciously I am saying that the Blood of Jesus was in some way insufficient to earn my salvation and now has to be topped off  by this dying, sinful, spiteful agglomeration of stinking cells! That’s all that me is! I have wandered down satan’s road. I have believed one of his officers in black and white. He probably did not intentionally do it but he was spreading the seeds of doubt in the Word of God. By following his advice and staying away from those bad fundamentalists  all I managed to accomplish was to change ‘itiswritten’ to ‘ whatIthinkshouldbewritten’ because it sounded a lot more logical, which should be expected to a sinful ear.

My eyes should have been on that perfect robe of Christ’s righteousness that He was trying to give me. Look at it’s beauty! Note that it has four heavy threads on it’s four borders. The vertical fibres are the life of Jesus Christ and the horizontal His death. The far left fibre is the start of His life, in the womb of the virgin Mary. The far right one ends with His last heartbeat. How many fibres are there in between? Is there 2,000,000,000 of them? Then that is probably one for every second that Jesus was on this earth for. Or is it closer to 200,000,000,000 of them? Then that is probably one for every beat of His mighty heart. Just think, that is all that God can see when he looks down on you and will count in your favour for an eternity! The life of Jesus Christ. No wonder you can breathe a sigh of relief! Your place in Heaven has been reassured! You can not add anything to perfection, just accept what has been done for you and it is free.

What about the horizontal fibres? Jesus came down to carry all our sins, He is represented by the bronze snake in the desert. It was only when Moses threw the stick down that it was able to gobble up all those other snakes. Jesus had to be thrown down from Heaven before He could begin to eat up and destroy those evil snakes. That is the bottom fibre. Adam and Eve did not have to sin two hundred times before the death sentence was pronounced on them; ” you will surely die”. They only had to sin once. Each sin carries the death sentence. If their sin was the only sin that was ever committed and God was not prepared to intervene by sacrificing His only Son that would have been the end of the human race! As progeny are God’s ultimate gift to us there would be none born to Adam and Eve as there are no children born during the millennium,  and it would have been up to God’s grace how long He would have kept them alive for, as ultimately He alone is the source of life. Thank God for Jesus Christ!

He is the door inside which all the people of Moses time had to be inside of in order not to die. There is only one door into Heaven and that is Jesus Christ but in order to protect the people they had to have the blood of the lamb sponged onto both door jambs and the horizontal lintel. The lamb was pointing to Jesus on the cross and His blood that He shed there which He took to Heaven with Him to open the way for us. But there is still more to come and more on the horizontal threads later in covering the four days the lamb had to stand for before it was killed. But the theme is now supposed to be those seals of God.

The seals of God must be different to the circumcision of the heart, I know because I received the seals of God but went on to fight in the battle of the beast.   You must circumcise your heart, cut open and expose that hard external skin and allow God’s grace to flow into you and to protect this delicate exposed organ Jesus will put a seal over it. Thus no circumcision and no seal. God proved it was useless to put a seal on my uncircumcised heart in the case of the 144,000 foolish virgins. So all those people coming out of the baptismal font who have not opened their hearts to the Lord, have not asked for the forgiveness of their sins cannot have received God’s seal with the guaranteed protection it carries. They have gone into the font sinning and and sinful and they have come out in exactly the same manner. Nothing has changed. They went in with the mindset that ” itiswrittenwhatIwantittobewritten” and they came out with the same mindset.

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The two Scriptures that support the above view are the wheat and the tares and sheep and goats parables. The reason the weeds were not uprooted was not because they were going to turn into wheat but because it might damage the wheat in the process. Weeds will always remain weeds and will not turn into Harvest. Thus it was the case with the sheep and goats. So those sinners are sinners and will always remain as sinners. The chief text against this is the demon returning with seven other demons. He left at the baptism but returned to find the house empty so he brought seven other demons along. But was the house empty because there was no sin or was it empty because there were no other demons there? Either way a person who apostatizes is worse off than before. Before he had evil( one demon ) but now he has the complete compliment ( seven) and should never have gone into the baptismal font.

But now returning to the songs of chapter 15. It has fourteen chapters before it and seven chapters after it. This would place these songs at the third coming of our Lord, after the trumpets but before the bowls of plagues. So we started off with the seven churches for which we now have eight meanings for and then come to chapter four where there is a crises happening on earth and in Heaven; those four days before the cross. On Tuesday before the cross Jesus withdraws His Shekinah Glory from the temple leaving it desolate. It will not now return for some 3,260 years.This Glory is returned to Heaven causing a double crises. Heaven has been anticipating Good Friday for some time now but when this Glory returns it is forced now to face the inevitable, Good Friday is here. They now really focus all on Jesus and His final preparation on earth. Up to now they could not deny that their Lord created humanity  in love; He always knew they would rebel and He made contingency plans for this; a part of that plan was to come to earth to redeem them; ( that has happened). Then there was that long walk of some 33 years before the cross and they hoped against hope that it would never arrive well now they all have to face that reality that it has arrived. Jesus’s earthly preparations are documented in the Gospels but it is now the Heavenly ones that take centre stage, the preparation of the charge sheets against Jesus, the cup from which the Father will ask Jesus to drink every last drop from. The Heavenly Host even believe that when Jesus is shown this cup in the Garden of Gethsemane He will answer ‘ I accept the task’ but even in their wildest imagination they cannot see Jesus accepting the charge ” that you did willfully break the loving relationship that I had with you” and pleading ‘guilty’. It is like a loving  parent playing with that angel that God sent them and gooing and cooing with this doll and having this baby spit into the parents face in spite!. This is what Jesus must plead guilty to, spitting in the face of His loving Father. No He won’t be capable of doing that once let alone the millions and billions of times He will be required to do this. But God’s standards of perfection demand that He drink every last drop in that cup. So the Heavenly host have a plan B witch miraculously may turn into plan C.

If Jesus is not capable of accepting the first charge, or pulls out anywhere in between then He is to be set on His throne and worshiped as Christ our creator, the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples to pray before the cross. ” My Father who is in Heaven glorified be your name”. It is something that is ignored today by  most Christians who substitute it with satan’s version of creation, evolution. But could there be a more fitting or better illustration of the earthly being converted into the Heavenly: Introduced as Jesus our creator Who has become Jesus our redeemer! Thus chapter four explodes into chapter five: He did it! He made it! He drank every last drop that the Father gave Him in that cup! You can’t get to the top of the building without using the staircase!

I have already looked at the vertical fibres of the robe of righteousness that the Lord will give us. It is perfect and if there had been the slightest flaw there you can be sure that satan would have pointed it out. Thus also the horizontal fibres. The bottom border is Jesus coming to earth and like Moses rod when thrown down began gobbling up those other snakes, Jesus is now going to gobble up evil. The top border is not the death of Jesus Christ but the death that you were going to experience in hell. He did not have to die for Himself as He was sinless. His body was the formwork on which our sins were placed to be burnt but it itself did not burn, not even one bone was broken in this formwork, it is perfect. When the sacrifice was burnt there remained the non consumables, the ashes which perform that last part of conversion into Heaven. So the bottom border is Jesus being thrown to earth and the top horizontal fibre is Jesus accepting our death on Himself. The millions of fibres in between are the blows, each one deadly, we inflicted on the body of our loving Saviour and He accepted in silence.

But that robe so far could only wipe away our sins, it could not get us into Heaven. When the majority of people go to hell they also will also meet God’s perfect justice requirements. They will pay the penalty for each sin by suffering for it and the flames of hell will destroy them. The fires of hell leave nothing behind. There is nothing left. The New Jerusalem can appear and cannot be defiled. The new Sanctuary does not need a roof as as is no evil around it in existence. That is what happens when evil meets good, it is destroyed. Well you may say then what happened to the saved? Weren’t  they also burnt, destroyed so there can be nothing left there to enjoy eternity with our Savior? All Jesus did was to take our place in hell and stop us from undergoing all that suffering. But that is salvation plan B. It is for the people who die with God’s seal. They cannot go to hell. Well you may say then why didn’t they go to Heaven then ? Well this has already been covered and is one of the reasons for my view of what I think about the seals that were given out to those 144,000 foolish virgins. They were the only ones who were not going to Heaven to receive the seals and they did not take advantage of the 1,260 years that they had to repent, otherwise they were Heaven bound.

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So what part of us survives into existence? It can’t be sinful  because it ‘ surely you will die’. With every single cell in our bodies submerged, soaked, steeped and saturated in sin the question is rhetorical. The only way to get rid of that stench is to obliterate, expunge, destroy it. There is nothing in existence to cover it. It must be taken either by us or Jesus to be burnt up by those very special fires of hell. So the question should have been what can Jesus do for us? If you so desire He can take your place in hell. But unfortunately hell to a follower of Christ is their second death. So you must undergo a first death which we call baptism. There you die under water with Jesus as He did for you on that cross, and circumcise, cut open your hard heart and expose it to His wonderful Love and  He does the rest. If He has taken away my sins and placed them on himself and taken them to hell then does that mean I will carry my present body with me for an eternity? Well in at least some ways God made us in His image. This blog has made the case that just as Eve was made out of Adam’s side we will be made from something taken from the second Adam’s side, Jesus. So if you roughly want to know what you will look like then make a study about Jesus after His Resurrection.

Christ’s robe of righteousness will not only have vertical and horizontal but will have a Divine nature that enables it to last forever. The bonding agent that locks between those fibres is none other than the ashes that were left by Jesus after hell. These ashes were only deemed by God as perfect when presented to God by Jesus on Resurrection Sunday. It is the revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him ( and He in turn will ) to show his servants ( now time can march through its second  half of history) what must soon take place. ( Jesus Christ’s Resurrection is the central tenet of our faith.)

From chapter 4 we burst into chapter 5 into the most rowdy scenes of jubilation that have ever been, or will ever be experienced. The only reason they are nearly matched at the closing of the door of mercy. Here that our Savior is now not going to return to earth to do it all again because a single soul has repented, the relief is indescribable, what a sigh of relief that probably contributes to the massive earthquake on earth. But the number of people sighing here has been increased by all those redeemed and thus it’s magnified effects. From all that euphoria of the victory on Mount Calvary chapter six moves onto the business end of things and what Calvary was all about;,rejoining Humanity to Divinity and the seven seals. The result is that the redeemed arrive in Heaven when the sixth seal is broken and are at attention when the seventh seal is broken and the start of the millennium; with satan out of the picture for 1,000 years the earth goes through its most prosperous and peaceful period of its existence which they would have wanted to go on forever and ever.But God has a very specific purpose for these 1,000 years and once this purpose has been fulfilled the good times come to a shuttering halt with the sounding of the trumpets which become a part of the plagues in Egypt. So from organisational matters in Heaven in chapter 7 we move to chapter 8 with the description of the 1,000 years but mostly from a Heavenly viewpoint. The 1,000 years finishes as abruptly as it began with the throwing down of the golden censer which in turn triggers the trumpets and their partial destruction which closely mirrors the creation period, the difference being creation was in love but destruction in wrath. By chapter 9 we have come to the woe, woe, woe trumpets. As the period of probation is about to close the intensity of the suffering of humanity increases greatly culminating in the crazed horsemen pandemonium. In chapter 10 Jesus returns with His two witnesses for the final 1,260 days before the door of mercy closes and the saints have crossed the Red Sea  in Heaven and now only have a very short trip into the promised land. Thus Scripture opens with Revelation 6:10 and closes with Revelation 10:6. Another one of those lucky coincidents!  You would think God would be more careful then just allowing numbers and verses to be inserted destroying the flow of ideas! Chapter 11 is a description of the work of the two witnesses specifically showing the foolish virgins what it is that they were supposed to be doing and giving them one last chance. It finishes with the sounding of the seventh trumpet which culminates with the period of probation closing and the slamming shut of the door of mercy. Thus we have come to 1,260 years after the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The elders in Heaven very graciously give us the events and their order until we just enter the promised land, the New Jerusalem or the end of the history of the earth 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days, 7 hours since God began His creation.

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Satan really only rules the roost for half of the earth’s history, from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden until 3 0’clock on Good Friday when the feet on Daniel’s statue were not only ground but were thrown into the furnace from which Jesus would have had to quickly remove them or they would have been destroyed. So it is only by Jesus’s grace that he is there at all for the second half of history. And it is the same grace that allows him to set the timetable in the Book of Revelation: chapter 12 is from creation to the second coming and chapter 20 from the second coming to the New Jerusalem. Chapter 12 must therefore pass through Good Friday and the efforts satan made to destroy Jesus’s church. He was not allowed to attack it until its members had got far enough into their crossing of life of the Jordan River until they could see the Man in white on the other side, only then was he allowed to begin his persecutions. Chapter 12 finishes just before the second coming of our Lord. By this time the Christian Church has been crossing the Jordan for almost 2,000 years and should have a very clear view of Jesus above the water on the other side, in fact they should be able to touch Him but unfortunately they are all asleep, every one of them as satan arrives on the shore of the sea. There was no point him getting here sooner because the beasts that are now rising out of the sea and the earth were hidden, out of sight. God did not give them the power for 1,260 and 45 days before, now during which they will be given this power to attack His people. He will again open his mouth to spew water like,a river but this time the earth will not open its mouth to swallow this river and if it weren’t for Jesus’s second coming at the time He did there would have been no one left for Him to come and get. But for these living few who are alive at that very last moment before His coming will actually form the hub of events for almost the next 2,000 years, they are the first fruits. The sound of that wall of water breaking and rushing towards them wakes up the church at the very last moment. These events have been described in chapter 13 at the very start of this blog. Chapter 14 sets the theme and the timetable for those last almost 1,800 years of history which would be unacceptable to most Christians as they think it is all over by the second coming. It is not. It presents the wise virgins as the first fruits and then seeks the rest of the harvest, interestingly called ‘ the harvest’. When none is found it then outlines the attempts that Heaven made in order to ensue there was a harvest and Heaven left no grain of sand to ensure even the tiniest harvest. The first fruits, the wise virgins were good but the harvest on earth is all bad and is cut down by the angel with the sharp sickle. This is the battle of chapter 19 against the Bridegroom and His newly wedded Bride, the rider of the white horse and his armies. Thus all the unrighteous living die in this battle. Whatever parts of these dead that are not eaten by the birds are left to rot on the ground providing fertiliser for the grapes to grow on and mature.

The battle against the grapes is totally independent and different in many ways. These  have been covered before and the,problem I had before still has not been resolved: to get that volume of blood both the living and the dead have to be trampled in the winepress together, there is just not enough blood in the dead alone. I tried to overcome this by allowing the harvest to rot and by becoming fertiliser for the grapes was incorporated in them. But Scripture makes a huge effort in keeping the dead and the living separate right up to the last judgment where presumably the living dead because they are already alive are judged first and only then that lot that had caused the Lord’s people all their problems, those out of the sea are raised and judged. I wonder whether we are to assume they too have two books opened like the dead or not? We are only told that their names were not recorded in the book of life. Just before the living go into battle under the leadership of the beast out of the sea and its offsider the dead pull back and after the battle which lasts for one hour they cry out terrified ” Woe, woe, O great city….” ( Rev 18:10). So there is no doubt that there are two separate battles. So chapter 14 finishes just before the very end, the descent of the New Jerusalem.

The more times I look at chapter 15 the more complex it becomes. It really follows on from Revelation ( 11:14). The door of mercy has already closed before the seventh angel blows his trumpet which in turn is now followed by the full on destruction of the bowls, chapter 16. When I start the comparisons to Moses, the things of this earth I expect there to be serious discrepancies with the things that are from above, but the Lord Himself told me to do it this way in ‘itiswritten’. So at the end of chapter 11 God’s people have just come out of the Red Sea and Moses calls ” the last of the flock Lord is on dry land, we don’t need You to miraculously hold that water back any more. There will not be anyone else trying a late dash to join Your people.”  Then the Egyptian army enters into the dried out bed of the Red Sea. When they have all entered in there the seventh angel pours out his bowl. The resulting earthquake weakens the vertical walls of water and they are about to give way. Chapter 18  seems to indicate the drowning was selective, only taking the living at first. I would not expect the beast out of the sea to drown but to survive only to be thrown into the lake of burning sulfur where it is joined by satan after the second battle. The chronology of chapters 16 onwards has been patchily covered and will no doubt have to be revisited. I still stand by chapter 20 not following chapter 19, which is the battle of the beast and therefor the second last battle. Chapter 20 does cover the very last battle but not before briefly restarting at the second coming or the start of the millennium. The events of our enemies all entering the Red Sea in pursuit of God’s people and being left stranded followed by the announcement that ” Fallen, fallen has Babylon the Great’ must obviously invoke the fourth coming of our Lord.  The judgment is obviously followed by the New Jerusalem, chapters 21 and 22. So returning now to Moses and the Exodus.

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So there has to be at least three threads that we have to be following: Moses in Egypt, the firstborn and the promised land. We know that the question is valid if the answer is Jesus Christ and up to now Good Friday has also been part of that answer. But not now. If Calvary’s tree was part of the answer then everybody who was not in the protection of the door with the blood of the Lamb on it should have been killed, they were not, only the first born were killed. So why not the rest? So let us start our three threads.

The things of the earth are that; (1) God’s (2) people (3)are (4) entering (5) the (6) promised (7) land. Before they can do that they must be extracted, miraculously, from something that will not allow them to go as it has them enslaved. ( Egypt ). Before their crossing they must receive their final trial. (  Egyptian army behind them and the sea in front of them ). The crossing has to be a miraculous event. ( God parting the sea). Once they have crossed they are regrouped and then taken into the promised land. There are therefore four basic events. Tentatively this looks like in His first coming Jesus miraculously extracted us from the enslavement of sin. The final trial for His Church was at His second coming. The final chance of crossing, when the call ‘ they are all over, there will be no more’ is made at the third coming of our Lord and the final part of the journey is made at the fourth coming when the earthquake destabilises those walls of water God’s enemies have entered in pursuit of His people. So our journey may or may not open Revelation chapter 15 but it should give us a much deeper understanding of the daily sacrifice.

(1) God;  It was God’s call to restore His link with humanity. This could only be done under the conditions that He set, as infinitely high as as were. Many try in vain to understand God without realising that even in Heaven under ideal conditions it is going to take the best part of 1,800 years to begin to understand the nature of God and after many, many lessons. None of those those years will be idle. To begin to understand the potter try looking at his pots first. To understand God try looking at His creation first which He did just by speaking the Word, that Word that almost no one trusts. So you have counted to the drops of water in the ocean, the stars in the sky, you now know all those reactions in photosynthesis, cell reactions are no problem, sub atomic particles in the atom, counted all the leaves and grains of sand etc. etc. Well done! you have taken the first step in understanding God. It is equivalent to getting up on a chair and saying ‘ I can see the moon more clearly now’. Correct! but you still have a wee bit to go! At least if you want to try to understand Christ the redeemer look to Calvary’s tree where the Godhead is most distinct.But even there where Jesus is hanging on the cross and God the Father is in Heaven, the flames of hell engulf both, both suffer. This is Divine justice in operation. There was no other way. Any attempt for you to try to contribute to prefect is indeed filling the golden cup the great harlot is holding with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. Salvation is free all you have to do is look up and say ‘thank you!’.

(2) People: It is here where there are major problems.You may say didn’t God sort this problem out with plan B. Plan A was a disaster leaving humanity, with Adam and Eve, to control their own fate. God had to finish this plan when there was only one good person left, Noah. But starting with a clean sheet did not seem to make much difference. Within no time at all they were back off the rail again. This time God chose His own people. He chose the ones who had trust in Him, faith. With Abraham being the head of this family, then Isaac, then Jacob they had a very special relationship with God. The promised Messiah was to be born in their people and they were preparing for this wondrous act by enacting it with God’s instructions in their daily sacrifice commemorations. So why did God allow Egyptians to leave with them. Surely this was a disaster waiting to happen. Did the Egyptians know that the lamb that was sacrificed on that night stood for the Messiah, Jesus Christ? Did they know that the blood that was sponged onto their door jambs from this lamb was representing none other than the blood of Jesus? Did they know the reason why that blood stopped their first born male child was not killed by the angel of death? ( something I still have to struggle with ) did they know that the reason the lamb had to eaten was that this sacrifice was so important it had to become a part of you, ingested and become a part of every cell in your body. { I have had three nights off, with my beloved’s wife’s birthday here our lovely number 4  shouted us 3 nights stay in a resort with ‘ Don’t you realise that you two have never had a holiday away together without the children? then added ‘ Dad! this is mum’s holiday!” as if I needed reminding! Actually I didn’t realise she enjoyed 4-WDing, golfing and motor shows so much! Just joking and she says she had a wonderful time. Before that my wrist was starting to play up so the advice not to type is correct. But four days on…} Returning to the Egyptians that I thought God’s plan B for humanity and why they should have not been allowed to join God’s people in their exodus. Did they realise that the lamb had to be a year old and eaten in that one night because Jesus Christ was in the prime of His life when He was taken? Did they realise the meat could not be raw or boiled but roasted as Jesus was roasted in the fires of hell? Did they realise that there were parts of the lamb that were not allowed to be eaten (head and intestines) and parts that could not be eaten ( skin and bones) as they stood for varying parts of our Lord? Did they realise that the lamb standing for four days before the slaughter was Jesus’s four days of preparation before the cross? Did they realise the significance of the blood being swabbed onto the three parts of the door was it was God the Father and God the Holy Spirit the vertical members were supporting God the Son the horizontal member whilst He was in hell? Actually all three went through Hell together! Do they realise that God requires strict obedience? Do they contemplate that it was probably here that the tribe of Dan lost their inheritance and are no longer considered to be a tribe of eternity in Revelation chapter 7:5-8.? All that Dan’s firstborn had to do was to miss just one of the details and he like pharaoh’s son would have died that night and obviously lost their inheritance. Did they realise they were to kill the lamb at the same time that Jesus died on the Cross? Did they realise the significance of being prepared for their journey at this time? Did they realise the significance of the angel of death leaving the first born alive? Did they realise that the significance of excluding yeast was because it stood for sin?

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The answers to the above was probably a long list of NO’s. All they could see was a country that was denuded,decimated and destroyed and the imminent starvation that was to follow! They may even have wanted to join that lot who seemed to have an incredible magician working for them. It would be hard to beat darkness over the land but light in the people’s houses! God knew that these would be the weeds; they would cause the Jews to lose confidence and want to turn back, they would introduce their idolatry and disobedience, most had no ideas about their genealogies for the Messiah, but God still allowed them to come along! In fact there is still much still to be learnt as we study the Daily Sacrifice on each of the above questions. But we don’t seem to be addressing the issues of Revelation chapter 15. Here we have witness Scriptures: a great and marvelous sign and witnessed by both Moses and Jesus as ‘ great and marvelous deeds’

So far we still have that thorny problem of Jesus’s first coming to extract His people from Egypt and stopping their first born from dying; moving them a short distance so they have the Red Sea in front of them and the Egyptian army behind them . This is the extreme trial of the second coming which is minimised when they wake up and realise that there is a cloud between them and their enemy and that cloud is God. At His second coming He rescues them by parting the Red Sea and allowing them to cross over. It is not only when the last person crosses over but it is established there is no chance there will be one other convert that the call goes out to close the door of the channel at the Heavenly end. Rev (10:7) ” But in the days when the seventh angel is about to sound his trumpet, the mystery of God will be accomplished, just as he announced to his servants the prophets” This is the third coming of our Lord with His two witnesses. So we are now in chapter 15 looking for a great and marvelous sign. But the reality is where we are now standing we have two lots of enemies; the Egyptians behind us and the Canaanites in front of us going to do everything they can to stop us from entering the New Jerusalem, our promised land. So there are still two battles to go. One will be with our Master the Lord God Jesus Christ on the white horse and the second one will be independently fought. These will be those Egyptians who have changed their minds and have come to try to reclaim us. As the door of mercy was closed from the Heavenly end they cannot see that this is impossible. But despite the risk that they run, of being drowned they will still attempt to do so.

So now we have a few decisions to make like; Could that lot behind us be those who are in the River Euphrates? When does God decide to pull the pin on them? Where does Scripture show us that the last Egyptian has entered irreversibly into the dried out bed? What is the actual trigger that allows Scripture to say that God’s wrath is complete? Is this the fourth coming of our Lord and His announcement that Babylon has fallen?

But now returning to that vexed question of the first coming of our Lord. I don’t think it was only the Egyptians who would have a problem with this question. What parallels are we allowed to draw from Moses and which can we not. Jesus did not come down to collect His people at His first coming, we are still here almost 2,000 years later, He came down to extract us from Egypt which is not going to let us go until He casts His last dice. Evil will not let us go because it is advantageous for them to keep us. We not only do the dirty work for them, our presence with the associated presence of our Lord protects them and makes the work look respectable. This is going to require Divine intervention but as far as Jesus is concerned what does He think He will accomplish. Surely He is not just Interested with the first born alone?

I will make many generalizations for which you think you have Scripture that contradicts my statements, like: Jesus is the first Divine Being to come to earth. But you may say no because Abraham was visited by two Divine Beings and Jesus was the first human being to return to Heaven but you may say no it was Enoch. True but what you don’t realise that the only reasons that those events occurred was because God decided that He would have dealings with humanity after the fall of Adam and Eve. God had plan B in mind, He would send His only Son to solve all our problems. If it wasn’t for this plan God would have finished with His dealings with humanity at the first sin stage. So the reality is that it is Jesus Christ Who is the first born from Heaven and He came to reclaim His inheritance which He had given to our first parents and they handed onto Satan. He did reclaim this inheritance by destroying those who owned it, and passed it onto their siblings by line of the firstborn. By killing Pharaoh’s first born son broke the line of inheritance, just like if Dan’s first born son died on that same night would have broken Dan’s line of inheritance. Jesus didn’t  come just to break that line of evil inheritance He came to shake every last bits of evil deposits on us. He came to wash us with His precious blood. The earth after Good Friday now has been returned to its original owner, Jesus Christ .

When Jesus returned to Heaven on Ascension Thursday He did not have to reclaim Heaven, He had never lost it in the first place.His return on Good Friday was to cleanse Heaven from defilement because of the presence of satan’s place there. So Jesus is the true definition of the word firstborn. He was the firstborn from Heaven to earth and the firstborn from earth to Heaven. As His offspring our inheritance is therefore both Heaven and earth. The blood lines of the genealogies, the things of this earth, ceased at the cross and became what they  were pointing to,the things that are from above, faith in Jesus Christ. It is this faith and this faith alone that makes us His offspring and therefore entitles us to His inheritance.

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The only reason I returned to chapter 15 was because it’s corresponding section came up in Exodus, Moses delivering his people out of Egypt. It certainly was my prayer that the Lord would allow the journey past that adjective ” AFTER ” in Rev ( 15:5) but sadly this has not occurred. But neither do I have my cloak tucked into my belt, sandals on my feet, staff in hand and eating my Passover meal in haste expecting delivery from Egypt as the angel of death is overhead. With 90% of my main artery and 80% of the two branches blocked I should have been ready for this trip . So before leaving the song of Moses and of the Lamb I will give a summary of the similarities between the two and also the differences which I always expected but found insurmountable.But a first attempt has been made and the treasures found to be too deeply buried. Scripture tells us to compare the two songs so the similarities are the sea and the differences become the mountains arising out of the sea.


OBJECT                     Song of Moses                        Song of Jesus

People involved;       God’s                                      God’s people

Extracted from;    Egypt, slavery                   Sin and evil

Extracting agent;     blood of Lamb            blood of Lamb

Major trial;   Red sea in front, Egyptian army behind.   Massive persecution

Delivered; Red Sea crossing.    Second coming of our Lord, path into Heaven dried

Enemy destroyed; Sea closes over.Our Egyptian enemy not destroyed until end.

In both groups the journey to the promised land begins, one is very comfortable.

Both groups take place in a major battle before entering the promised land.

Moses gave his people an earthly promised land but Jesus leads us into Heaven.

Both journeys involve great and marvelous signs from Heaven, and deeds as well.

God’s wrath is only partially completed for Moses but fully completed for Jesus.

Both involve a sea; one is water the other the slag from hell’s fires from Good Friday, it still has flames licking through it.

Both have God’s people standing alongside these seas, victorious.

Only Jesus’s people have victorious over the beast, his  image and his number, and their harps were given to them by God.

Both acknowledge the ‘ Great and marvelous are your deeds, Lord God Almighty, Just and true are your ways, King of the ages. Who will not fear you O Lord, and bring glory to your name? For you alone are holy. All nations will come ( there is a very good cross section of humanity in Heaven for an eternity) and worship before you, for your righteous acts have been revealed’ ( Rev 15: 3,4)

The tabernacle in Heaven is open but the one on earth is closed.

So why and how is God’s wrath completed in verse 1? God’s wrath began with the first sin in the Garden of Eden, or Egypt and will finish with Egypt just outside of the New Jerusalem. Our ‘things of this world ‘ or earthly model Jesus told us to begin with has a very good start but major differences appear at the comparison stage to Heaven. When Moses song was sung the people had crossed the dried out Red Sea, every Egyptian soldier had drowned even though not every one had floated to the top yet and Moses’s people had one battle to go; they had to conquer the Canaanites in order to enter the promised land.

The equivalent point to this is Revelation 15. Here Jesus’s people have entered the promised land ( in fact been there for 1,260 years )  when the door of mercy closes. At this stage there are still two battles to be fought. They will fight the Canaanites under the leadership of the rider of the white horse as they make one last attempt to stop the redeemed from entering the New Jerusalem. But here occurs the first major difference between the two songs. Egypt is not our concern and its defeat is not until the very last thing to occur. So in Moses’s song the order of battles-destruction was Egypt followed by the Canaanites but in Jesus’s song it it the Canaanites followed by Egypt. So at the time Jesus’s song was being sung all the Egyptians were still alive and would remain so until the angel of death passed over them. As far as the redeemed are concerned all the Egyptian have followed them into the dried out Red Sea bed because they could not see that the door of mercy had been closed at the Heavenly end. All that remained now was for God to pull the plug at a time of His choosing. Another major difference is that Moses’s people have seen ten plagues whereas Jesus’s people have seen seven partial plagues ( THE SEVEN TRUMPETS) and are going to now see the seven full plagues. ( the seven bowls). In neither case are God’s people affected, they are just lookers on.

In all three, Moses’s plagues, the trumpets and the bowls blood and water  play a major role. God is most upset that satan uses the blood and water as part of his demonic sacrifices and punishes the earth severely for this blasphemy. The blood referred to by Moses is the blood that will be obtained from Calvary’s tree and will now play a vital part of the whole story right up to the angel of death. So blood plays a role in trumpets one and two and the first three bowls. It is the ingredient that will cause our search for the daily sacrifice to fall into place. In all three it is the staff (Jesus) that is thrown to the ground that enables it to gobble up those other evil snakes. At this stage I cannot find any chronological relationship between them. It should be determined by the trumpets as these are blown before the door of mercy closes on those Egyptians pouring into the dried up bed of the Red Sea in pursuit of God’s people, but at the same time we have the progressive destruction of Egypt because it’s leader refuses to obey God. Also God is very closely following His creation period by the corresponding destruction periods, certainly in both trumpets and bowls. Darkness as well as hail and lightning are common to all three. Livestock, boils and locusts are common to two and the gnats and flies and frogs only occur in Moses’s time.

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So if Moses’s earthly story is telling us about Jesus’s Heavenly story in chapter 15 of Revelation what is it trying to tell us about the wrath of God from beginning to the very end? God’s wrath is against all evil that has been removed from that timeline called evil and coming from eternity. The evil angels, including satan drew from it as it passed through Heaven and into the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve drew from it. The next person to draw from it was Cain and by the time of the flood everyone, except Noah had drawn from it. Things weren’t much better under God’s plan B and even Noah got so drunk he did not know he was having sex with his own daughter! At least here, if not before, the evil line coalesced as a beast with seven heads within which was also present the beast out of the earth. The beast continued to supply evil to whoever and whatever required it. It was destroyed at the cross but restored by God to last to the end of times. So the big picture is God’s wrath is concerned with ALL evil and will not be completed until all evil is destroyed, burnt up in fires of hell which are the only fires which are capable of leaving nothing.

Yours and mine evil are a subset called Egypt. In it we live and in it we die. But during our lives we will have to make one conscious decision: whether we die inside the door with the blood dabbed on it, to be resurrected with the righteous at the start of the millennium, or whether we die outside this door to be resurrected with the unrighteous at the end of the millennium. So it is this door that is expanded out from it’s earthly Moses meaning to the big picture in Heaven, but it always remains the door through which we cross through into the New Jerusalem, because that is the name on the door.

It is made out of the wood that Calvary’s tree was made out of. In fact it is exactly the same wood because the cross made the door. The cross had a vertical component pointing to the sky, God the Father. The horizontal component was Jesus’s arms stretching out inviting all to join Him, I have already taken your place in hell, that is how much I love you. But the Holy Spirit component of that arm will not remain stretched out forever. It will be truncated to make the other vertical component of that door. Thus we have God the Father and God the Holy Spirit holding up Jesus to show us the only way through that door. So the door is the Church of Philadelphia ( at least they reopened it)., it is the door through which we are taken into the first Heaven and it is the door though which we enter the New Jerusalem into. IT IS BY FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST. It is, always has been and always will be. Once you only begin to realise this concept you will find that you release an almighty sigh of relief! Jesus has already done it all for me! All I have to do is just accept it! But your can’t just accept perfection for an eternity and not ask ‘ how can I tell others what is available to all?’.

But this door seems to perform different functions like in Moses’s time where it just excluded the firstborn? It is the concept of chapter 15 we are trying to grasp. John has already seen an overview of 1,260 years of Heaven, seen seconds either side of 3 0’clock of Good Friday, experienced the door of mercy closing ensuring the Saviour will never have to return to Mt Calvary, what could top this? Yet he begins with seeing ” another great and marvelous sign”. A new dimension, a new horizon has opened up: the New Jerusalem because God’s wrath has been completed. So Jesus’s song covers the whole gamut of time, from when God’s wrath began in Heaven,starting with satan’s rebellion, right up to the New Jerusalem. If we begin Moses’s song with Moses’s first visit to Pharaoh and end with the crossing of the Red Sea then we could be looking at a years time. So one song covers 7,777 etc years whilst the second covers approximately one year, thus we have the big and the small pictures, but both are sung at the same equivalence points; the initial escape from Egypt or evil. They also have the door with the blood as their focus; the first one applies to the individual, you and me but the big picture is all the redeemed entering through this door into the New Jerusalem. The ones outside the door are struck down by the tenth plague, the angel of death.

Trying to correlate Egypt’s ten plagues with the seven partial plagues, the trumpets, and the full plagues, the bowls to the cross of Calvary yields so little information because it is probably wrong ( again). But I will start with the thoughts I have and if any more come to mind later I will add them even though they may be out of order. It appears that Jesus had seven functions He had to carry out on the cross, for which He specifically came to earth for:

1;  He came to reclaim planet earth from satan which was handed to him by Adam and Eve. He was the firstborn to do this and this entitled Him to share this inheritance  with whoever wanted to do so.

2; He came to rejoin this inheritance, planet earth, to His Heavenly inheritance which He never lost. He came to open the Scroll with seven seals.

3; He came to define who His people were. Used to be called Jews, now are called Christians and will finally be called Jews again. Note that any Egyptian could also tag along.

4; He came to offer these people His inheritance to share with Him for an eternity. Heaven and earth.

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5; He came to extract them from evil, from Egypt by performing miraculous signs. Egypt, evil was not going to just let them go, they were far too valuable

6; He came to annul any titles to the inheritance of this planet. Egypt’s firstborn, along with countless others, possibly including the tribe of Dan their firstborn died and with them the inheritance that was due to them. So now there is only one inheritance available, whether you are an Egyptian, The tribe of Dan or whoever the only inheritance that is available is that of the firstborn, Jesus Christ.

7; He came to pay the price to buy back this inheritance, that nominated by God. Perfection.

Trying to relate these to Calvary’s tree. All three plagues; the ten in Egypt, the trumpets and the bowls have a heavy emphasis of blood and water. It begins with satan’s ability to make blood copying what God had done. We would expect satan’s effort to finish up as a stinking mess but even God’s conversion of water to blood finishes up this way. This shows there are no materials on this earth that even God can use to produce that pure cleansing blood that was required to be swabbed onto the door of salvation. Thus plague one has its parallel plague: ten. Calvary’s tree can and does produce that blood.

We now move to the second plague; frogs. Any study attempting a correlation to the cross has to be of value as will a return in this case. But at this stage I seem to be losing the plot a bit. My Masters advice is when this happens is to return to earthly things before again looking up to the Heavenly ones and maybe then the comparisons will be more meaningful. So returning to the earthly door in the song of Moses. It is your door and my door and we will die on either side after life’s walk.It is opened by the grace of God and I choose to accept His gracious invitation and walk through. Therefore my place in Heaven is 100% guaranteed. I cannot make a mistake by relying on God’s gracious mercy. It is the basis of His Bible and constantly referred to. But just because I am on the cruise liner does not entitle me to make up any image of my destination. The only realistic image is the one painted from clues that have given me. So I return to the song of the Lamb, the real Passover Lamb. Moses’s earthly Passover lamb is only trying to point us to the Heavenly Lamb.

The plagues do not affect God’s people. The ones in Heaven are a long way removed from them and even the foolish virgins who are right in their midst are not touched. They as in the time of Moses are for the damned. Both groups at this stage look forward and see the promised land. Only the redeemed see its final form because they see the real door. The Jews have already passed through it.So let us reconstruct those final, final events. We are looking at the cross and are removing the the horizontal member on the right hand side of the vertical and attaching it to the left hand side of the remaining horizontal member, thus making a door. We now ask Heaven for some of that Precious Blood that Jesus brought into Heaven with Him that performed all those miracles. On the left hand member we paint the word ” THE “. On the horizontal member we paint the word ” NEW ” and of the remaining vertical member we paint ” JERUSALEM “. When we pass through that door we can truly write one of the final verses of the Holy Book of Revelation ” Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.” ( Rev 22:15) . Thus the angel of death passes over for the very last time leaving those inside to enjoy eternity and those outside with their inheritance—- nothing. This what they inherited because they followed the Egyptians and their inheritance died with the first born son of the Pharaoh. This is the big picture, in the song of the Lamb.

This should put our comparisons more on track. In Moses’s song, our present song,we can look at the plagues that just affect the Egyptians but we must also see that trial, that test ( it’s degree of horror is directly proportional to the distance we are to our Saviour, the further we are the greater the horror) through which we will have to pass through in end times. Those Egyptians are not yet finished with us, they just look like they are a spent force. The corresponding period for us in Heaven is to look back at the partial trials of the trumpets and the forward trials of the bowls. Because this is such an important phase of Heaven we would not be expected to understand much of its significance. We have already attempted to follow those foolish virgins through the trumpets and this was supposed to be the stepping stone for the bowls. The redeemed in Heaven stepped up and after this journey they asked for the fine linen which was handed them. It took them over 1,700 years to come to this realisation, which only proves there is still humanity left in them, so our chances of understanding its depth are rather remote. Are you ready to ask for the fine linen? So why are these comparisons so important?

Rereading through chapter 15 the obvious comment that is missing in the comparisons is that of the sea that both lots have just crossed. Moses’s people have just crossed the Red Sea but the Lamb’s people the sea is glass. It is the glass that has floated to the top in the refining fires of hell and it still has fire mixed in it. It is what Jesus had to go through to secure our place in Heaven. It is what we would have gone through had we not accepted Jesus as our Saviour. As I read over again verse 5 ‘AFTER THIS ‘ I am convinced that we are now approaching not just the ceremony of, but the reason we are in Heaven: the application of the blood of the Lamb to the door through which we are about to pass into where eternity begins. The angel of death thus begins eternal life for some but eternal death for the remainder. As we are not told the actual application will be made by our leaders as it was in Moses’s time; by the leader of the household, but we assume it will be the same. Some very privileged person, persons will carry that precious Blood, the Blood of the Passover Lamb from where is has been stored since Jesus took it to Heaven with Him and then have the honour of applying it to the door through which we will pass  into eternity. It would be nice to have an editor, proof reader, typist, Linguist etc on the team to crosscheck my work and correct it. Unfortunately this is not the case and it is me, me,and me to all the above. It is the journey of a person who has had zilch training in theology, languages but thinks that the over riding factor is always ‘itiswritten’. This is now being compounded by the fact that not being on any medication before my heart problems and being hit by this long list of them they are savagely affecting my memory which wasn’t that bad before. In Hospital you must do as you are told but now I am going to have to make some major decisions as to which medications I have to abandon. Medicine like the law stick together through thick and thin; they say each one is essential, but I would prefer to be dead then to live without memory. So as I look at these comparisons I am about to make but all I see are mountains of questions some of which I have already addressed in this blog. I will regain my footing again and use **** when I return to the comparisons.

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So far I have tried to establish:

1; The importance of prayer; You may be flying over a city and pray for all its inhabitants and your prayer will be answered for every person alive in that city. But you will only hug and dance around with the people in that city who are in Heaven when all  your prayers you have ever prayed arrive at the start of the millennium. They will be shown your prayer, and you will be shown Heaven’s answer to that prayer and you will both look at each other in amazement and then begin your wild dancing and hugging. But this only lasts for the first 1,000 years when all prayers are loaded back into the golden censor and hurled back to earth. Your earthly ties are broken, you are in the presence of others who have Christ’s robe of righteousness. Those prayers because they are in a golden censor cannot be destroyed even when the earth is completely destroyed. So what is your new horizon?

2; God’s sealed 144,000 foolish virgins; Many of these people were our spouses, family and very good friends with whom we went through those horrible last trials. To be quite frank we are surprised that they were left behind. My spouse certainly knew more about the Bible, helped more little old ladies across the street and said far longer and more meaningful prayers. We were joined before one of God’s servants on earth for richer and poorer and riches and poverty and expected to stay together. But here we have none other than God Who has separated us! Fifty odd years of living together and experiencing those hard times, which either bind or unbind, in our case bound cannot be just forgotten in an instant. Just the dread of the thought of losing my partner must prove that! So many of those foolish virgins are more than just of passing interest to the redeemed. Here the prayers from the creature that look like a man surface and are carefully followed through chapter 8. But even when we give up hope with them at the end of the thousand years they are still there, what is Heaven going to do about them?

Even though the door of mercy does not close until 1,260 years after the second coming and anyone can repent and enter Heaven that is not the reality. Satan has chosen well. I use satan, the beast out of the sea and the beast out of the earth synonymously as for all intentional purposes they are one. They are so tightly bound by their exchanges of power,authority and seat of throne it takes an almighty earthquake to shake them apart and turn on each other because in reality it is hate that is the bonding agent. Contrast this with the Holy Trinity who go through hell together but as love is Their bonding agent it only fuses Them closer together. ( there was a slight exception when Jesus pleaded ‘guilty’ for the trillionth time to ” that you did willfully spit in My Holy face and broke our bond of friendship ” Jesus did feel that He had been abandoned by the Father.Nothing could be further from the truth; He is and always was the bonding agent. Thus when we feel abandoned by God and there is nothing but darkness we too are to follow those vertical members of the door. They can only really gain any meaning when we reach that horizontal beam: JESUS CHRIST where our search stops.)

Satan has made doubly sure that his mark is only placed on his diehards. At that stage there was only going to be one battle, that of Armageddon, and a loss here meant it was all over red rover. Satan would go and burn in hell along with all evil. So satan’s aim in taking people away from God is not to watch and hear them screaming in hell because his screams will drown out all others. He wants you because that is the only way he can hurt God, and very deeply. There can be no defections in his army. To make sure this is so satan only chooses those who chose him and have no other options. It is satan and as God is not an alternative to these people or nothing else, regardless how badly the battle is going. The tactic he uses has been well proven for millennium. If you can’t beat them then join them, which is exactly what he does. After a vigorous attempt to wipe out God’s people when his 1,260 days are given to him by God, he switches tact after 2,300 morning and evening services, or 1,150 days. He joins them. He restores the daily sacrifice, releases all those he has imprisoned so that they can sow the seed on ground  that has been watered by the blood of God’s saints. He even gives them the seed to sow by admitting to his fraudulent interpretation of the,Bible. ( specifically Genesis and the age of the earth as being thousands and not millions of years old as the Bible teaches). His tactic is most successful. Christians come flocking out of the woodwork in droves attracted  by the Bible. They actually see and now can use the power of ‘asitiwritten’. But all this euphoria and success only lasts for 140 days and ends when the power of the beast out of sea ends when his 1,260 days are up. The beast out of the earth now bursts onto the scene in an ideal situation and sarcastically, but correctly calls ‘ checkmate!’ The Christians are all out of the woodwork, ready as sheep for the slaughter but most importantly they have been given a belief worth dying for : ‘asitiswritten’. So the Bible now becomes the defining factor, more specifically Jesus Christ our creator as described in the Book of Genesis. Do you think that this belief is worth dying for or can your bible still have evolution in it without destroying the foundation of your Beliefs? But those red letter Christians hiding in the woodwork have now become red faced Christians and hold their Bibles proudly way in front of their chests, there is no way they will back down now. They become easy prey for the beast out of the earth. In fact the only ones to momentarily escape are those who were carefully watching the abomination that causes desolation.They saw him arriving and walking to the Holy place where there are still a few stones left standing on each other.He was checking  to see if he had assigned enough firepower to blow them apart. As soon as they saw him stop walking (standing) they made their run for the hills nearby. The time frame window could not have been more than 15 minutes. If they left after 20 minutes the desolating agent would have engulfed and destroyed them. If they left 5 minutes too soon they would have arrived at the mountains too soon where the beast out of the sea still held power as his allotted 1,260 days of destruction had not yet finished.

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The total number of God’s people who arrived safely at the mountains was 288,000. The beast out of the earth knew they were there but he had far richer killing fields, there were literally millions of red faced Christians that had to be dealt with first. This 288,000 would just have to wait their turn. He hoped that by killing every one of God’s people he would be able to change ‘asitiswritten’. There would be no need for the first fruits and therefore those last 1,770 odd years of time after the second coming. All that would be needed is what the majority of Christians think of that era: the redeemed go through that door with the blood of the Passover Lamb on it, the badies are outside and the angel of death passes over. Thus the end of time. This does finally happen but why those almost 2,000 years of intervening time is the subject of this blog? This includes our present struggle with comparing the plagues, trumpets and bowls.

But the Lord does intervene right on the death kneel, when there are only 288,000 of his people left and the beast out of the earth is actually on his way to kill them. He only takes 144,000 with Him as these are the wise virgins who now become the firstfruits, and the foolish 144,000 He leaves behind. He does expect them to become a part of the rest of the harvest ( He actually allocates them to their tribe in Heaven) and stops the beast or anyone else, including His own sent trumpets and bowls from hurting them by placing His seal on them. As this is the only time that God has placed His seal on foolish virgins it led me into much confusion. The seal of God is only placed on people who have circumcised, cut open and exposed their hearts to God. To protect this open wound God places His seal on it.The reason the foolish virgins were called foolish was because their hearts were not circumcised and God’s seal really had nothing to bond to. It was finally replaced by the mark of the beast.It proved God was right in not placing His seal on foolish virgins as they come up out the water from the baptismal font.  They are like God’s people in Egypt; the plagues have no affect on them.

So now we move into Heaven. One issue we have  to settle is why did Moses go through ten plagues? ( or why does the Lamb and His people go through fourteen plagues when these plagues do not affect God’s people but only the the bad ones?)  Why didn’t God just say to Moses ” get the people to go out and kill the Passover lamb, swab its blood on the door frame and I will Passover killing the firstborn of everything that is not inside that door. The Egyptians will let you go” In the case of the Egyptians the extra nine plagues may have resulted in some of the Egyptians being impressed by the power of Israel’s God and led them to joining the Jews in their exodus. This certainly is not the case of the evil during those 2,000 odd years after the second coming of our Lord. Not only is there not one conversion these evil people would prefer to go through excruciating pain inflicted by those locusts and then would prefer to be burnt to death twice by sulphur; once by the sulphur flames coming out of the mouths of horses of the crazed horsemen and then again when they are resurrected only to be thrown back into hell. Satan has chosen his soldiers well. They owe their allegiance to satan or noone else. The 144,000 foolish virgins could also have taken advantage of the plagues, particularly the trumpets before the door of mercy closed but did not. So that only leaves one group for whom these plagues were performed by God for their benefit even though they were not affected by the plagues per se. : the redeemed in Heaven. Seeing the meticulous details God sees in every sin that was sinned and also the defilement that occurs where that sin occurred as well as well as its punishment as well as the effort Heaven makes to save every soul especially the foolish virgins, could be some reasons why the saints ask Jesus for the details involved in their salvation or the fine linen of Revelation chapter 19.

****  There are two songs being sung in Revelation chapter 15; one is that of Moses and the other is that of the Lamb. What they have in common is that they both: relate to God’s people; both groups have just crossed the Red Sea and both groups have a battle with the Canaanites who are going to try  to stop them from entering the promised land. Both groups have also been through severe testing with enemies armies behind them and the Red Sea in front of them and had to be snatched from this danger by miraculous intervention and are now to led onto the Promised Land by their leader, Moses or Jesus. They can see the promised land and are led by God. Both groups appear to have a split in their plagues.

There are very marked differences also and thus different plagues. Moses’s group have only dead Egyptians behind them; the Lamb’s group they may all be in the Red Sea and their fate is a foregone conclusion but they are not dead there is still the battle of the grapes to go. Moses’s group have been through the door with Blood of the Passover Lamb on it whereas Jesus’s group can see it ahead of them. The blood that Moses’s group apply is from an earthly ceremony whilst Jesus’s group Jesus’s real blood that He took into Heaven with Him almost 4,000 years ago. The Lamb’s group have only experienced half of their plagues, the trumpets whilst Moses’s group has experienced their whole quota.

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The reality is that we are comparing earthly things, Moses’s people with Heavenly people.There is more to this then one lot using an earthly harp but the others using a harp given to them by God. But why the Holy Word make the comparison at this stage? Why not when both groups are halfway through their plagues which the Heavenly lot are? It would not make any sense at all. Likewise if the song was sung when both groups had just finished their plagues would not make any sense, so the comparisons are made at exactly the right time as you expect for God’s Word.The song is sung when both groups have crossed the Red Sea. Actually God’s people had crossed the Red Sea at His second coming but God does not close the door of mercy until some 1,260 years after and that is from the Heavenly end.At this point it is considered that all evil has entered the Red Sea and God only has to pull the plug out. The Heavenly picture covers a far wider time span, from the rebellion in Heaven up to the time where God’s wrath is complete. Even to John this moment looks like a great and marvelous sign, the sight of that final door swabbed with the precious Blood of the Lamb and the eternity past it. So the big picture covers all evil and all peoples obviously focusing on the redeemed as in no time at all after this there will not be any trace of any evil at all and perfection will reign. By looking at the big picture the saints must be able to begin to understand some of the attributes of God and there are many, each infinite.

What about the small picture then? If we could catergorise Moses and this people at seven different levels of meaning that should give us a deeper understanding:

1; They were an actual people who lived in that particular part of history and interacted and inflicted catastrophic damage of the major power of the time.This was the beginning of their history and they were to become major players in events in a large part of the known world, subject to them obeying the rules God gave them. But why the scarcity of ancient history for such a major player? Satan has a two pronged attack on the credibility of the Bible; secular science and secular history but these attacks will not  last forever. There is a complete turnaround after 1,150 days of his 1,260 day reign of terror. Up to that time it has been a policy of grab and hold onto anyone and everyone and don’t release under any circumstance. ( thus it is much safer to stay as far as possible from his territory in the first place) With this tactic he only needs one person to repent during those 1,260 years of time between the second coming and the third coming. If that happens he knows Jesus will return back to earth and live a perfect life, die the perfect death and undergo the perfect resurrection  just to take this one soul back to Heaven. Can you imagine the Heavenly party when He arrives with this soul? At all costs he wants Jesus back on earth in human form so he can try once again to make him sin.

There are literally billions who have fallen asleep in this domain and if there is not one who is going to repent up to now there never will be. Jesus did not make a single error on the Cross. Satan’s tactics now do an about face 1,150 days into his reign of terror. The battle of Armageddon is now just around the corner and his army must be fully ready for it. The result is inevitable and as the battle tide turns against him he must put up one last stand. He could not do this if his troops become demoralised and defections occur. It is going to be painful but he must rid his army of any potential deserters. He must kill them and hopefully by getting rid of every last one will introduce an error in the Bible. That bit that has at its basis first fruits is not true. There were no first fruits, I killed them all!

But to kill all these people you must give them something to die for. Today there are few who through the Word have close enough links with God who would readily accept death before being parted from their Lord. These are the ones that will fall in the first 1,150 days of the beast reign of terror. But these are few and cannot be counted in the millions, those are still in the woodwork and must be enticed out into the open. This satan now does using secular science and history. He could release tablets and scrolls of antiquity showing these events actually did occur and when. He could show that those millions of years of evolution is just another Piltdown Man, a complete fraud. He thus gives them something worth dying for: God’s Word the Bible. They just become like sitting ducks and are very easily killed. The new beast that takes over only has 45 days to complete the killing and is only 288,000 short when Jesus intervenes. This significantly thins his, satans, ranks but he considers it as good riddance to bad rubbish.

2; They represent God’s people through the history of time. Their genealogy may only begin from Abraham but Abraham can be traced back  to Noah who in turn can be traced back to Adam and Eve. Significant breaks do occur but the Bible itself picks up those last threads and allocates everyone in Heaven to the twelve tribes. Even the foolish virgins are conditionally awarded a place. The only twelve that I can think of is the 12 months of the year. So are we allocated our tribe by the month we were born in? If I was born in the Jewish ninth month that would put me into the tribe of Issachar.I really can’t see how that affects anything anywhere. Sometimes it is difficult to see how truly intelligent people can get it so wrong, like Sir David Attenborough. How you can look at the beauty and complexity of what he looks at and then say it just happened by itself without a brilliant designer and creator is just stunning. If he had ever assembled just one complex item in his life he would realise that complexity just does not happen! So also how can intellectual Christian giants like Calvin and many others read this Bible and believe in predestination really amazes me. To say ‘ God only made a select few He wants to be in Heaven with Him who He looks after and the rest he doesn’t care about, there is no point in trying to change because I was made for hell anyway’. As this is one of satan’s favourite deceptions Scripture debunks it on many occasions.Yes it was God’s people who were leaving Egypt but anyone who wanted could have gone, including Egyptians. The most forceful way Scripture has of establishing a belief is to begin with ” write” . Thus it is in Revelation ( 19:9) ‘Then the angel said to me ” Write: ‘Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!’ And he added, ‘ these are the true words of God’ “. Sadly even though all were invited and blessed only very few turned up. Can I really blame God for my unbelief or can I only blame Him for giving me a free will?

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3: Moses’s people are you and me. Jesus came down from Heaven to extract you and me from that quagmire of evil and to take us to Heaven with Him. He knew it would be a difficult task as that mud environment is natural to us and we would continually fall back into it. His precious cleansing Blood is more than up to the task of cleansing us every time and there will come a time when He will remove us from it’s environment altogether. Even though the Jews had gone through the door with the swabbed blood and then crossed over the Red Sea they still did not stop sinning and falling. All they had to do was to get up, repent and keep ploughing on towards the Promised Land.

4: Moses’s people were a community led by Moses ( Jesus ). Today a community led by Jesus is called His church, be that local, national or international. Jesus is the sole leader and it is He who has come to extract His selected people from those evil Egyptians and to take us back to the promised land with Him. He has met God’s standard of perfection at every step.

5: Moses’s people represent the Church of the Old Covenant. It was the people from this church when asked by Pilate who they wanted released cried out ‘we have no king but Caesar!’ They were [ this blog has reached 100,000 words on 16th April at 4.07]  perfectly entitled to break their relationship with God and this they did. Things got a lot worse as they actively tried to destroy the early Christian Church as described Revelation chapter 12.

6: Moses’s people represent the transition from the song of Moses to the song of the Lamb. THE MESSIAH. In Moses’s time they looked forward to the Messiah shedding His precious Blood and to give them something tangible they were given real blood lines to follow, amongst other things. In the song of the Lamb they have the real Blood of the real Lamb which Jesus took up to Heaven with Him at His ascension and they look forward to It’s application in Heaven.Thus Moses’s people were the Blood implied but the Lamb’s people were the Blood applied. There was ever only one blood that mattered even though God’s people were given something they could hang onto; the things of this earth their genealogies.

7: The people of the Lamb who are about to experience the Blood applied and walk into eternity through the door of the Passover Lamb and the subject of this blog.

We now return to the comparisons of the plagues, trumpets and bowls. We do not have to insert the partial nature between the trumpets and the bowls, Scripture does that for us with the door of mercy. If there is such a division then it must be the boils as these are the first of the bowls; painful boils. This would imply that the previous plagues were not universal that there was a way that royalty, and others, could dodge them. So even though the water to blood plague was almost universal the Magicians still had water to also change and the Egyptians found pure water by digging alongside the Nile. For similar reasoning the frogs also were not universal. There must have been a way for avoiding the insects, flies and to hide livestock from being killed.

The trumpets by definition were partial and selective. Water was turned into blood and it became bitter. The soil did not produce insects but it was burnt with trees and grass. The locusts were probably temporary in the trumpets because they did not affect the foolish virgins and could be avoided by staying inside. In the plagues of Egypt they destroyed any food left over by the hail ensuring certain mass starvation. The crazed horsemen did not kill everyone nor did the livestock die that were under shelter in Egypt. So now we come to the finale: The last five plagues of Egypt and the seven bowls of revelation. God has now removed His gloves, partiality has gone and there is no way of avoiding the seven bowls or the last five plagues of Egypt. The painful boils brake out on everyone ( obviously not God’s people or the foolish virgins), all are covered by Divine darkness and massive hail storms destroy the country. End day people cannot avoid the blood and its stench. The locusts are found at the end of the plagues but also in the trumpets. The result of both the Egyptian plagues and the bowls is entry through the door swabbed with the blood of the Passover Lamb. To do any justice in these comparisons would require much more analysis which may already have been done elsewhere.

On the first round I can say that I have made an attempt to compare the songs of Moses and of the Lamb. One of many glaring failures would have to be where did Jesus on His cross kill the firstborn of Pharaoh’s sons and all other firstborn that were not inside  the door with the blood? This was the act of extinguishing title Egypt (evil) had on this earth. If the earth belonged to satan then satan certainly did not die at the Cross. All that happened to him and it was entirely his fault because he gloated at Jesus’s suffering, was the door of mercy was slammed shut on him and after the fight of his life he lost his apartment in Heaven and was permanently thrown down to earth. No trace of defilement could remain in Heaven once Jesus took His precious Blood into Heaven with Him. The role of Jesus as firstborn to earth and then to Heaven has already been covered and as His offspring we also are entitled to both Heaven and earth. But what about Jesus’s act of extinguishing evil’s title to this earth? What was it that  God required?

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The answer lies in both the beasts of Daniel and Revelation. I have only just finished covering these beasts for the N th time and thought that would be the last time I would have to do this. So all I should now do is to add a few sentences to the end of that section covering the firstborn of Pharaoh, It has already been stated that the fourth head was thrown into the fire. So now all that has to be stated is that the fourth head represents the firstborn son of the Pharaoh, but I now want to give reasons for this conclusion and will return to the main blog with the usual ****.

It is my contention, and that of many others, that the history of this world, from the first spoken Word of God to the last Spoken Word of God is 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours. To coincide with 12 0’clock of darkness on Calvary’s tree the creation act would have had to start at 5 pm on Saturday night ( thus initially 12 hours of darkness and God’s day starts in the evening.) It is also my contention that Calvary’s tree is half way through created time or 3, 888 etc years from the time God spoke His first Word. It is the climax and the anticlimax of time on earth and attention of Heaven. To make this monumental event the 77 th Jubilee would require another 40 years approximately before Adam and Eve sinned and the beginning of the Sacrificial system. Let us go back to the first significant event as far as Adam and Eve were concerned; the first Sabbath. It differed from our Sabbaths on at least the following grounds;

1; It was celebrated by God, Adam and Eve and the angels, all sinless beings. The time line evil was there trying to attract any and all just like it is doing today but it had not yet erupted and split its poisonous puss over the earth and Heaven.

2; Because they were sinless God’s blessing on this day would have been effective and appreciated . They were genetically perfect, not one error anywhere.

3; They would have seen Christ as their creator as they were made in the image of God. So whereas today we look at a tree and marvel how mother nature knows how to take the right photons from the sun and convert them for food for us, without realising we are worshipping nothing because that is where it all started from and it just happened by chance, by the blessing that God bestowed on this day enabled them to see the real thing ( blue and red photons activating the chlorophyll molecule resulting in the 1,000’s of cascading reactions resulting in the food we require. They probably even saw at least some of the complexity of the digestion of this food. They would have been able to count the number of drops of water and even that were as many molecules within each drop as there are drops in the ocean. The number and nature of stars would have required most of the time of night. The bewildering number of species could also be appreciated by them. This and much more would have constituted the first Sabbath. They along with the angelic host would have been totally overcome by this day and would have just sat there stunned for days only to find another Sabbath Day upon them. But with time and that evil timeline there satan would have come to the point where he knew the awesome revelation that would be revealed on this day and refused to become a part of them. Thus his desire to emulate Christ’s creative powers began to incubate. There was no point in challenging Jesus outright, he needed support. To work through literally hundreds of millions of angels in seeking their support certainly would have required time especially if he thought he could only work when God’s back was turned. I have no ideas of the number of angels in Heaven so I pluck out the the number 144,000,000 ( That is near enough to 150,000,000. So if one third rebelled and were thrown out of Heaven then 50,000,000 was thrown out and therefore at least have to replaced. Thus assuming the original number in Heaven was the perfect number then that 50 million had to be replaced. God also intended and therefore made room for Adam and Eve to populate the earth so I allow for another 144 million people or souls. This would give 288 millions souls as God’s creation for eternity. The point here that it would have taken satan a reasonable period of time to marshall his dissidents. These would have varied from the very willing who he made his generals right through the whole spectrum to ” yes you do have a point there, count me in” So when they initally rebelled those of NCO’s and higher God bound and threw into the abyss leaving only the foot soldiers to be directed by satan himself. I find it plausible to see a gignificant period of time involved in this operation.

There would also be a significant period of time for satan to establish a rapport with Adam and Eve.Poor Eve would have jumped out of her skin when he spoke to her for the first time let alone listen to him to disobey God! It could easily have taken 40 years for Adam and Eve to disobey God.

The most significant factor to me is far distant he kept himself from the beast out of the sea. When these things were finally joined they became inextricable and to separate them required none other than the mighty earthquake of the seventh bowl. They only became one unit 1,335 days before the second coming and they rose as that mighty wall of evil to meet Jesus. The wall almost peaked 45 days before Jesus’s second coming and did peak on the actual day. What an ideal finish! could not have been better timed. The poor church of the time experienced the whole force of evil against it, from the bottom of the wall to its very top! So why didn’t they form this combination for Jesus’s first coming. It was a far more critical time. Their combined effort may have caused Jesus to lay one imperfect stitch in that robe He was weaving for us and that was all that was required- one imperfect stitch!

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The beast was not allowed to materialise in the Garden Of Eden but had to wait until our first parents were thrown outside the wall. It was hardly worthwhile joining with him before Noah’s flood as the thing was almost drowned anyway. If he had joined he stood to be drowned just like those demons Jesus cast into those pigs that jumped over the cliff and were drowned. He would have been a part of that wall of evil that a real wall of water swamped and drowned, Noah’s flood. And there was no need in that system where God left man to organise his own affairs. Plan A. Getting people to sin was as easy as taking candy off a baby, just like it is today. Things did not change much even when God selected His people, extracted them from Egypt, gave them very specific instructions on obedience and led them personally. Plan B. It certainly would have been detrimental to satan had he been bound to the beast at the time of the Tower of Babel. He would have been thrown into darkness along with the beast, putting him out of action for a considerable time.

The first time it really mattered was at the first coming of Jesus if the second coming were of any indication. There whilst they were independent they were of no danger to God’s people. Satan had the will but not the power to hurt them but the beast had the power but not the will. It was only when they exchanged powers, seat and authority that enabled them to be so effective at slaughtering God’s people. A very similar situation existed at the first coming but they did not exchange their powers. Satan certainly did his best to trap Jesus into making a mistake as did the beast but neither succeeded. Both would have been aware of the advantages that would be gained yet they did not join. Probably satan could see ahead that a part of the beast was going to be thrown into hell and if he was attached to it he also could finish up in hell. Even if they did join the result would still be the same. Whatever the reasons they did not join, they stayed separated.

This situation changed 1,335 days before the second coming of our Lord. Satan arrived and stood on the shore of the sea. He had for nearly 2,000 years been trying to destroy Christians with varying degrees of success. His first attempt was to try to drown the woman thus ensuring she didn’t produce any offspring. By drowning the early Jewish church would ensure she could not produce any Christians. The early apostles always began their evangelistic campaigns in the Jewish synagogues where possible. There people only needed to be taught the New Testament as they were already aware of the Old Testament. When this failed satan changed tactics and used the Jewish church to destroy Christians. But he had come the hop and the step and finally arrived at the jump. The beast was just coming out of the sea to begin its 1,260 days of terror for Christians. It may have even taken them 30 days to formalise their relationship but this they did and the slaughter of Christians began. It further continued during the last 45 days of the second beast and ended at the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The strong interbonding  in the unholy trinity seems to have been an advantage to satan at the second coming as Jesus came expecting a great fight because he didn’t just bring a chain with Him He brought a great chain. The result was that satan was still bound and thrown into the abyss, but he was not forgotten. The beast made sure of this. He kept satan’s image alive so much so that people demanded that satan be released. ” Satan must be set free”. On release after the millennium he paired up again with his cohorts for the remaining 600 odd years of remaining history. The battle of Armageddon was their main focus. They were however split apart by the seventh bowl and this story is covered in the main blog. It finally works out that satan leads the very last battle, that of the grapes.

But satan was not the main player on Good Friday. He actually chose to keep a very low profile on this day. He remains as the source of external evil rarely mixing with earthly evil unless he had no choice. He is an opportunistic, evil scheming character whose sole role is to hurt God by attacking His people.

The chief player is actually the dual natured beast. The Bible calls evil that arises out of a group of people or nations the beast out of the sea. Just as the earth arises out of the sea evil arises out of these people and nations called false religion. This the Word calls the beast out of the earth. The head, the worst of all false religion is called the great harlot. These two beasts are held together by hate which can be a very strong bonding agent when there is a common enemy; God’s people. But hate is hate and will finally result in them turning on each other and the major one destroys the minor partner.

The time lines of good and evil have come from eternity but on Good Friday the bottom one, evil does a dramatic turn upwards to meet good. The turn upwards probably would have been far more dramatic had satan and the beast exchanged their powers and formed the unholy trinity, as they did at the second coming, but they did not. The turn upwards was still traumatic enough and Heaven really struggled to cope. It was touch and go for six hours. Evil rising and dragging Heaven down to hell surely is dramatic enough. Jesus died on a cross (X) not a tee (T). In the X not only does one section veer up but also the other section veers down which good did momentarily. But the biggest difference is that in a T the vertical member is truncated and the horizontal member continues unperturbed for an eternity. Neither of these occurred on Good Friday. The vertical member would have continued far further had the unholy trinity been present even though they were not present the vertical member continued a way past the horizontal. Evil did not stop at the cross and would continue for a significant time past it. It is this crossover event that is more clearly explained by the two symbols of evil in both Daniel and Revelation; the statue and the beast. I have already tried to join the Biblical waypoints in constructing the history of satan  and will now attempt the same for both the statue and the beast beginning with the beast. As the central point is Calvary’s tree there cannot be too many repetitions providing each brings us a little closer to our Lord. The beast is also important as it is the major player of the second coming which I am sure is just around the corner.It is the central character of Revelation chapter 13 wher we still have many texts unexplained.

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I take the beast as the timeline of evil as materialising on earth. So there has always been a horrible beast with seven heads; 3+ central head+ 3 = the time that God had had enough disobedience from His people and decided to begin end time events with Babylons destruction of the Holy City, Jerusalem right up to the beginning of the New Jerusalem in Heaven. The beast’s hay days were between creation and the flood. Almost everything it touched turned to gold and God finally intervened when there was only one good person left, Noah. To remove that wave, that peak of evil could only be done by a peak of cleansing water; Noah’s flood. The problem was the flood nearly took all evil and the beast thought for a while that he was going to drown. God’s first miraculous intervention saved him from the waters. He would later be also saved from hell’s fires. Not long after the flood at the Tower of Babel his kingdom was plunged into darkness for the first time when God sent multiple languages to confuse the people trying to build a tower so they could not be again drowned by a flood . They wanted to be independent of God, obviously against God’s wishes. Many nations appeared after this diaspora who drew their evil from the beast but did not appear as heads. If these nations also appeared as heads there would not be enough room on his body to accommodate them all. We are in the process of following God’s people through these times.

The first head that comes to life ( looking down from the top ) is bottom left. Babylon. It’s light is extinguished and Medes and Persians take over. They in turn are replaced by the Greeks. This now brings us to a complex and fascinating stage. If Daniel’s statue can have a literal and symbolic meaning then why can’t the beast? The literal empire was that of Rome and Rome was about emperor worship, or false religion. The case I am about to make sounds blasphemous probably because it is blasphemous. It could be like my first attempt to distinguish between the seals and talents when I obviously misinterpreted Scripture. The case that I make is that ( Rev !3:3)  it was only the head that had received the fatal wound and not the head with its attached body. The other six heads could not be thrown into the fire because they were not there but even though the body was there it did not receive a fatal wound. This is equivalent to saying that if Jesus Christ wanted to on Resurrection Sunday say ” it is finished I just want to take My people back to Heaven with Me and the rest can go to hell ” He could not do so. Evil had not been finished it had received its first blow but the blow of hell was still to come. Time had already run its day before the cross and now there had been allocated by God a certain time to run under the New Covenant. This is confirmed by the two images.

At the cross only the feet of the statue with four segments had been ground and thrown in the fire. True the other three sections of gold, silver and bronze would have collapsed and maybe even shattered, but they were not ground. It was to be the fires of hell where the Rock would grind all four into a fine powder and throw them to the wind. This clearly indicates two distinct events involved in the total destruction of evil: the Cross and Hell. Thus it was with the beast: the head received its fatal blow on Good Friday but the body will live onto hell’s fires. But we will return to  this soon with Pharaoh’s firstborn son.

Following the beast through to the end of his days when it led that ill-fated battle against the rider of the white horse and his armies. He was the only one knocked out on Calvary and only its head. God miraculously retrieved it from the fire and it recovered from its fatal wound. Satan who had so masterly sidestepped Good Friday had no need for the beast for the next 2,000 years. He had found the Roman Catholic Church to more than adequately do his work, keeping people away from Jesus. The sign on the front of the banner is clearly labelled Jesus Christ, it has amazing attracting power but once you pass by the sign, my what a different scene we see.He first gave them a list of beliefs ( Nicene Creed ) and then pulled the foundation from under them and watched them slide! ( the abolishing of God’s blessings of the Sabbath Day). He first gave each their beam balance where the good deeds went onto one pan but the badies onto the other one. The act of placing “good” deeds which are actually filthy rags on the same plane as the actions of Jesus Christ would have devoided the era of the Holy Spirit. No problems the Holy Spirit was replaced by literal spirits, 18% fortified wine which they called the most precious entity in existence, the Blood of Jesus Christ. The study of the beam balance became the study of all those saints and their relics and how they got balances balanced. Excitement grew for a while when they started assembling the relics of saint John ( who is alive). For a while they thought that John was the beast out of the sea. But only enough skull bones were found to assemble six heads!  And even with their distorted view of Scripture they could not account for John having 15 right legs! But progress they did. What was the deadliest curse for the believers turned out to be the greatest blessing for the Pope. Purgatory. New coffers had to be built to hold the money from the sale of indulgences and the prices purgatory charged for releases were established on the stock market with its basic principle; get what you can!. The inventor of purgatory no doubt received many sainthoods. Once you passed elementary school of the saints and secondary school of relics and purgatory you arrived in the university of none other the queen of Heaven and earth, Mary. You could go no higher. No wonder they so readily embrace evolution now and Piltdown man before it. How could you not believe in something that even accounted for the English love of cricket! ( It was thought he was found near a cricket pitch) They could even account why Piltdown man had a hump in his back! He had been throwing too many underarm deliveries! Even Mother nature could not stand for that and evolution progressed to the next stage! Only God knows where we would be today in terms of our morality and ethics had not Luther and his lot opened the door of righteousness through faith; the Church of Philadelphia. Today this Jesuit pope is well disguised in his sheep’s clothing but this will not remain so for long as the rumblings of his theology start to being heard. Listen carefully for ‘lucifer’ in their chants.

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But satan keeps his powder dry. Right in the last leg of the relay, when he is helpless and the beast is at maximum strength he exchanges power and authority with him ,the beast, and the rest of this history has already been discussed. So the beast is the major player at the first coming, the second coming, probably the third coming and certainly in the second last battle. After this satan is left alone with the dead for their battle.

So events that point to and away from the beast being or more accurately its fourth head representing Pharaoh’s firstborn son:

1; Other than Jesus the beast was the only other being to die on Good Friday, more specifically its fourth head.

2; The fourth head was not the first headlight to be turned on, that belonged to  Babylon.

3; We are told that when the seven heads have been killed that the beast itself will take over as the eight head, but we are not told why he needs to operate through those ten kings. If the reason is because he can’t see then he would have had to had the fourth beast turn on its headlight soon after Eden. It has been on ever since the light of false religion, and therefore also the first light.

4; The area of the statue that was ground was the feet. As these form the foundation of the structure they are the first to be built and therefore represent the firstborn son of the Pharaoh.

**** We now return to God’s people after they had sung the song of Moses and began their journey towards the promised land. I am going through one of my periods of grave reservation again. I have just finished some 15 pages of commentary on the songs of Moses and the Lamb and comparing them to Scripture the kindest thing that could be said is ‘ you have made a scratch on this topic ‘. So now knowing that all Scripture is inspired and meant to teach it seems blasphemous to be skipping over huge swathes of Scripture and ignoring them.This is more so now that these Scriptures are leading us to the Daily Sacrifice. God has already extracted His people from Egypt and identified them as those who have faith in Him. He is now going to give them rules to keep them pure and which will also identify them as His people. But working on the principle that a shiny surface is only a dirty surface with a lot of scratches on it I will continue to scratch.

We now come to the waters of Marah and Elim ( Exodus 15:22-27). The Marah waters were there to teach His people that the bitter waters of life could be sweetened only by the presence of the wood from the Cross of Calvary’s tree. This lesson is repeated in the trumpets during the last 1,260 years before the door of mercy closes. Even with the degree of rejection that God has received up to and after His second coming God has not rejected humanity. The third trumpet is the bitter waters of Marah. This generation not only has wood to purify the waters with they have wood that has been activated through fire, that charcoal that is left from the burnt trees  of the first trumpet. Just like Calvary’s tree had different properties after it had been through the fires of hell so this charcoal has many times the purification properties  after it has been struck by Heavenly hail,fire and blood. It is only with the Heavenly Host screaming at God to give up with them they hate you and after humanity tells Him that ‘we would much prefer to be burnt alive by the sulphur flames that come out of the crazed horsemen’s mouths, be resurrected, judged and then thrown back into hell than be with You ‘ that God reluctantly closes the door of mercy. The privilege of putting wood into the bitter waters is not offered in the bowls but it is available to every human being today, regardless whether they have the mark of the beast or not. And this wood has been activated through those fires of Good Friday.

Chapter 16 gives us the account of the Manna  and the Quail. As we expect an infinitely powerful God to create a universe of unbelievable complexity. Which is what He did. This complexity reached it’s zenith with the creation of humanity where we are made in His image.A part of that complexity is the digestive system. It requires complex carbohydrates and even more complex proteins. Without these we cannot live. Thus the Israelites in the desert longed for protein and carbs which God provided in the form of manna and quails. They were given strict rules about their gathering  but only the manna was taken and preserved it the Most Holy Place. The earthly significance of the need for carbohydrates and protein when translated into the things from above become Jesus is the bread of life and the fact He had to be thrown into hell is signified  by  the death of the quail and it being roasted in a fire. I can’t  work out why God allowed the quail to be boiled but both quail and manna become the centre of the daily sacrifice, and no doubt there is much more detail to come.

Chapter 17 shows how amazingly patient God is with His people. Despite all those major miracles like; the crossing of the Red Sea, the Passover, darkness over the land, death, hail and infestation plagues His people still bitterly complained. But because the cause was so major God did not react adversely against them. Thus it is with us; we bitterly complain despite all those major miracles God has done for us but He still puts up with us. Despite this God still performed another major miracle for them in their presence. So in chapter 19 we finally arrive at Mount Sinai. This is the chapter about obedience and is followed by the giving of the Ten Commandments about which much has already been written.

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Here we are now told of the results of obedience and disobedience to God. If you obey Me your land will be the closest thing to Heaven on earth. It will be a land flowing with milk and honey and everything you do will turn into gold. Look at what my presence has already done to you. You will become a nation of priests and a holy nation if you obey me fully  and keep my covenant. So I have been wrong all the way along and the Roman Catholics with their beam balances right. It looks as if those Protestants are going to have to dust off their balances as well and start putting the acts of obedience on the right hand pan and disobedience on the left hand pan and maybe they too will earn their spot in Heaven! How can God expect us to obey Him? Doesn’t He realise that we are sinful, sin comes naturally to us and wasn’t that why He sent His Son? So what is actually going on here? What is this door that Luther and his lot pointed out to us?

Before I address this problem again I would like to comment  on a recent appearance of Sir David Attenborough on Tv where he defended evolution by stating that it had been proved by the discovery of the missing link between reptiles and birds, that of Archaeopteryx.He further implied that creationists now had no further grounds of objection to evolution, it was now just one of many proven facts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because evolution is the story of creation by satanic means it cannot have any truth in it. Satan is incapable of telling the truth. He is the father of lies and lies are all he can tell. So evolution can only have two grounds of proof; fraudulent and wrong. Even if they could show just one case of an increase in genetic information, which they can’t out of the billions of facts that are known today it wouldn’t have Christians burning our Bibles. Most of us have personnel experience of our Lord as our creator which would take more than some odd information to remove our belief.

If I hear someone chanting in Latin or English or some other language which is their first or second  language and they are invoking satan or lucifer in their chants I have no problem in attaching the tag of ‘ satan’s agent ‘ to them. Usually they will have a black cloak on with that that white grin of success around their necks, but not necessarily so, it is just what they are saying. With this principle I have no reservation about attaching the label of ‘ satan’s agent ‘ to Sir David Attenborough ( SDA). It proves satan sends out agents of all descriptions. Some appropriately dressed, some brash full in your face agents like Dawkins and some mild mannered, reasonable, inquisitive and obviously highly intelligent ones like SDA. Very cunningly he draws yours attention to the beauty of God’s creation by brilliant photography and stating some of the known facts that God used in that particular creation. Having got your attention by the sheer beauty he then overlays the whole thing with satan’s creation; inefficiency, cruelty and millions of years. Evolution. His objections to God are covered in kindergarten classes. Having taught them I know the 5 year olds understand.

So what about Archaeopteryx. Parents as this is now an undisputed fact you must instruct your child that when they fall over a cliff they must must wave their limbs madly and about half way down they will become part bird. By the time they reach the bottom they should be fully bird and be able to glide in on some radar controlled airport. It is doubtful these facilities were available to Archaeopteryx and it relations. As it landed it was nearly sent to the promised land by some who would not wait their turn in landing. Well it happened to reptile, Archaeopteryx and bird didn’t it? Why Can’t it happen to you?

As creationists make their way down off Biblical Mount Certainty via the mechanisms of mutation they must sooner or later meet with Richard Dawkins and his lot making their way up Mount Improbable via the exact same mutations. There must be a very heavy fog because one lot think they are going down the hill but the other lot think they are going up. So they must not be able to see more than a number of steps at most in front of them. We must encourage them but also warn them of the summit. They need encouragement because if they realise that with all their effort they are only proving the creationist’s position they will develop a theory that actually supports evolution. The warning of the dangers at the summit need only be brief as they are already aware of overshooting the summit and falling off the cliff we call ‘ mass extinction’ . They already know the history of what Archaeopteryx has done. They just need to be encouraged to flap all four limbs violently and anything else that will flap. The hair in their bodies already has junk DNA in it which is programed to convert to feathers once it experiences air rushing over it. The limbs need a little more work on them particularly the hip joint if they are to become like those four winged flying creatures. The coccyx, the tail bone needs most work on it if it is to become the tail. This would be a problem to many but not to mother nature, she has jumped far wider streams!

Being the ever keen scientist I have my next research paper ready for publication. It is called Archaeopteryx, the mechanisms. So far my research publications could not be described as long listed, in fact they could not be described at all. Most would have become discouraged by now but not the eternal optimist! The abstract of my paper goes something like:

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As the changes required to convert a reptile to Archaeopteryx to bird required time the reptile would have had to fall off a cliff of sizable dimensions to allow a fall of 1,000,000,000 years, give or take ten.007 billion. To aid this process the reptile would have had to go into orbit for some predetermined time. When the changes had occurred it could have continued its descent. It must be kept in mind the dangers of the time. When it finally entered into its gliding stage it must be remembered that the airport it was about to glide into was  not radar controlled with ordered entry. As our newly thatched bird attempted a landing all those rogue Archaeopteryx who did not wait their time to properly develop would be crash landing all around and with all those flying feathers visibility would be almost zero! It now looks like evolutionists have forgotten that bird with the reptiles tail, literally. I could have easily formulated a mechanism for a one kilogram bird with a one kilogram tail! All  the bird had to do was to turn its head to the left and cough! That would have dislodged the tail and the bird could fly away to do its business. When it had finished it business all it had to do was to reattach its tail with the opposite mechanism and continue it daily chores dragging its beloved tail behind it until the sheep had come home! Mother nature could easily have sorted out the messy landings without the tail by attaching an aluminium breast plate.

But now to address the serious arguments in SDA’s TV program. To make such an absurd statement as ‘ Archaeopteryx is the missing link’ Sir David would have had to make at least six absurd, incorrect and not just insane statements bordering on insanity but the border they had crossed was not the one entering insanity but the one that is leaving insanity. These assumptions are:

1:  That nothing had become something.

2: That something has spontaneously increased it’s complexity.

3:  That complexity then changed from lifeless to a living form.

4: That living form then increased in complexity by increasing it’s genetic information.

5: The mechanism for increasing that genetic information was death ( natural selection). Death is the shocking loss of genetic information.

6: The more complex an organism the more chance it has of forming spontaneously. So an airbus 380 has no chance of forming spontaneously but a living cell which is at least billions of times more complex can do so.

The only conclusion that absurdity has is absurdity. If the ‘absurdity’ led to a correct conclusion then it could not have been an absurdity in the first place. The fact that evolution begins with one absurdity it is only natural for it to produce the other five. To simplify SDA’s and other evolutionist’s arguments against creationists I will simplify the argument by at least a million times. They are saying that because a Cessna plane and an Airbus 380 are a result of the evolutionary process but because there is such a big difference in engineering details between them them all we have to produce some intermediate form, like the 707 to fill this gap and creationists will then have to concede that all three planes are the result of the evolutionary process. Thus we have reptile, Archaeopteryx and bird. Their reasoning stems from not just one absurdity but from at least six absurdities and is very difficult to refute without entering their world. But as a creationist, and proud to be so, I refute that either of those complex animals were the result of the evolutionary process. I could not even begin to imagine how a complex object like a 380 could begin to form by chance let alone something like a reptile. Their argument based on similarity is wrong. Just because they have found 100,000 similarities between my nose and a jumbo jet does not prove my nose evolved from a jumbo jet. All it proves is that if two complex objects are compared similarities are bound to occur! As I look out of my window I can see a staircase, car and tree. I would need many similarities to be convinced they evolved from each other! Satan has chosen his priests well and given the title of ‘high priest’ to very few of them. These are the master deceivers. Just watch SDA weave his magic. God Himself gave SDA the privilege of focusing in on parts of His amazing creation. It is not very difficult for Sir David to rivet peoples attention on party of that stunning creation but then instead of giving the glory due to Him he gives it to satan and the way satan would have done it; with cruelty and inefficiency over millions of years! I can imagine that had Piltdown man had still been around today how Sir David would have used that honest, seeking and humble manner to weave satan’s story over the evolution of man. But that that was flowing from his mouth was manure, just like it is today when he weaves evolution over the act of God’s creation. Other high priests and their lackies weave such satanic magic when they have focused your attention on the beauty of God’s Word. They are too stupid to realise that they will be held accountable for all the harm they have done.

Returning now to the topic of obedience and the Ten Commandments.Because God has always existed so has the possibility of obeying Him always existed ( the good time line) but so has the possibility of disobeying Him ( the time line called evil) always existed. But how can God expect us to obey Him when the very best of our actions are filthy rags and given a special mention in that cup of Rev (17:4) ‘…… She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries’. Is our ‘obedience’ really the ‘filth of her adulteries’?

When I give my child an order, command to ‘ do not cross the road’ she can obey that command, disobey that command intentionally ( I have never listened to you yet so why should I start now?) or misconstrue the command and disobey it unintentionally. Thus it is with the ten commandments that we are going to work our way through now. God expects obedience but He does not expect sinlessness from us.If He did there could not be any relationship between man and God. The sinless compartment must not only come from a sinless being but it must come from God Himself. There is only one such compartment in existence and that is Jesus Christ. The entrance into that compartment is through the wound, the circumcision that we make in our hearts through attempted obedience, an entrance that can be rough indeed. But no matter Jesus has the tools and techniques to smooth, cover and seal us with, as only He can do. But our attempted obedience is the result of our invitation for Jesus to enter into our hearts and allowing Him to do ALL the work. There cannot be any contribution from us. To try to do so is where the blasphemy occurs. So we now look at our ‘ obedience’ and as best as we are able to look at Jesus’s obedience to the Ten Commandments. Right throughout it will be assumed there will not be any Archaeopteryx type arguments, using absurdities like saying ” well Jesus came down to fulfill the Law,those commandments were nailed up on the cross and therefore no longer apply. I can now go out and murder, rape, steal and lie whenever I want to and the commandments no longer are valid. They were done away with at the cross.”  But how can you live in sin when you were drowned to it in the baptismal font? You have just died the only death you are going to experience and you have been resurrected with Jesus into Heaven. Do you really think you can do all these horrible things in Heaven? The death we suffered in the baptismal font was not a complete one neither was our death to sin. But death it still was. So now Exodus chapter 20:

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Verses 1,2. ‘ And God spoke all these words. ” I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. ” You shall have no other gods before you” ‘.

So here we do not have  The Holy Spirit inspiring Paul or Amos to write these words they are His direct Words. Not only does he speak them He writes them out with His own finger on two stone tablets. ( one for each member of the covenant, God and humanity and one side relating to ‘ love God’ and the other side ‘ love your neighbour’). Surely there could not be a more a clearer, more emphatic statement of God’s will. This sounds like stuff of eternity. There is only one God be that He is composed of a Trinity. Jesus was part of that Trinity and obviously had no other gods before Him. We have family, friends and work as other options but if we carefully think about it these themselves come from God  and should be constantly guarded and nurtured for us by their giver. They are then really on firm grounds. It would have been far harder to attempt obedience had we been in Egypt’s evil and under the slavery of sin but it is God Who has brought us out and paid the right price for our release. He has given us every possible chance but we are nowhere the righteous footing that Adam and Eve stood on.

Verses 4-6: ‘ ” You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water below. You shall not bow down to them and worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of their fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.”.

If there is anything that we are going to heed then surely it is something which can punish our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren at least or which will be of benefit for a thousand generations. So if you partake of that drug, or drink or whatever the destructive DNA that it will cause will be passed on for at least three generations to your children. Will you still inject that drug? Are you prepared to put your offspring into a life of hell? Don’t you have one micron of decency left in you? You are not that far gone that  you don’t realise that you will have to look at that child and say ‘ I did that to you and if there is anyway that I could undo it I would ‘ . It is then that you will have to start your life on the conscious killers.

But look at the other side of this same coin. The inheritance that you pass on will be in the family for all to enjoy for a thousand generations! ( that may only be 1,000*70= 70,000 years but still not bad!). Satan long ago realised the consequences of this commandment and did not try to make any adjustments to it. This commandment stands to wipe out his very existence. He abolished it outright. Roman Catholicism was his agent and they are very proud even today to admit to ” we done it” and is admitted in much of their literature. These idols form parts of the major structures of their churches and without them the church would collapse. When they do attract people to church they have these idols to admire to occupy their compulsory hour. Without these idols what would the people do? Satan was however mindful of the significance of the number ten and to maintain the ten commandments he split the one on covetousness into two. This gave him ample room for movement. When he abolished another commandment he could split it further into not coveting your neighbor’s wife or her car or fence around her house! This gave him the room to remove all ten, providing the number ten remained!

Just like on a daily bases we look to sunlight to give us our daily bread and water through rain we should look to the Sonlight for our daily bounties and be confident that He will supply them; food, shelter, health, safety, relationships, trust and water. The water can be the difficult part because it only results from storms, but it is still essential. Unlike a lot of the medication which is around today that only makes the profits of the drug companies healthy but have disastrous consequences for patients, the storm, the medication from God, is guaranteed to produce life giving showers. Thus the importance of the prayers for trust. So it is the Sonlight that should be the centre of our attention and from it will the bounties become visible and available.

With my beloved we now enjoy the blessings of this love of God being handed down. It is not that the bed of roses has no thorns. In fact if my children and grandchildren turned out like me I would be horrified!  But none smoke, drink alcohol, use any drugs, soft drinks, tea or coffee  are health fanatics and have their degrees. But what beats all these combined is that they all have their Bibles. When those storms come they open their Bibles. This is most consoling of all! The fact they can have a different interpretation only proves they have the ability to reason.

Verse 7: ” You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name”.

In today’s society the strongest emphasis that can be used is to blaspheme the Name of Jesus Christ. And society is paying and will continue to pay the penalty for this blasphemy. So today the perfect prayer has the same three words as the ultimate of blasphemies: FOR CHRIST’S SAKE. It was for Christ’s sake that God sent His only Son and accepted His sacrifice for our salvation for which we will be ever be grateful for but those same three words when used in anger qualify the blasphema instant vaporisation from a Heavenly lightning strike . What else can be added about such a deadly sin?

Verses 8-11: ” Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God. on it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your manservant, nor your animals, nor the alien within your gates. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the Sabbath day. Therefore the lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy”.

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This would have to be one of the best examples of the ‘ things of this earth’ which Jesus told us to study before we moved on the things that are above. It is Revelation chapter four before the last full stop. It is the Lord’s prayer. It is the issue that satan will use in last days as he marks those who are his. It is the stepping stone into the things that are from above. Itis the issue of Christ our creator. It shows how to take advantage of God’s blessing to look into Heavenly things. It does not say you have to be sinless but just to obey a few simple instructions. God did not need the rest it we who need the rest and to have our batteries recharged for the following week. It is God Who lifts us up by the scruff of our necks to start the new week and begin our fall only to be rescued by the next Sabbath day, in seven days time. So why is this day used as a stepping stone by God and what does it step up to? Putting this question another way is ‘ why does God start us at ground level, the things of this earth, before putting us up on that first step? Why does He want us to spend six days with Him in His creation events before allowing us to spend six hours with Him in His recreation events? Why do we need the earthly Sabbath after six days of creation before we are introduced into the Heavenly Sabbath which occurred after only six hours of recreation?

If there is anyone who knows the limitations of our minds and brains it is God. He knows because He placed every single atom in it’s place and knows which signals fire up what, or the minutest details. So God does know it would be quite futile for us to count the number of grains of sand in a handful of sand let alone the number present on the beach; or the drops of water in our room let alone how many are present in a lake or ocean; or the number of stars in even a tiny field of view; of the number of leaves in a tree let alone a forest; or the number of reactions taking place in a square millimetre of a leafs surface let alone the leaf; or the number of cell reactions taking place in one cell let alone an organ or the body itself. The numbers that we are accustomed to are age, income, the daily calendar and those horrific mortgages.A cutoff point with reality would be the seconds for which we have been on this planet for; the number of times our hearts have beaten etc. Despite our limitations God expects us not just to glance at the flowers but to stop and smell them.

I don’t think it would be putting God to the test by saying ‘ “itiswritten” that You blessed this Holy day ( the Sabbath). Can You now bless me by extending my horizons as I try to count these grains or drops so that Your Holy name can be glorified. Allow this extension of my mind to begin to understand the almighty power that You possess. Let this understanding extend to why You did what You did knowing the horrific consequences which would result from Your creative acts. I do actually put You to the test that my endeavours of attempting to keep those simple instructions You gave in Exodus ( 20:8-11) will result in You allowing me from terra firmus up onto that first step with You in that mighty act of recreation, Calvary’s tree of Good Friday. I don’t just want to walk past this rose, please help me stop and smell it.’

God did begin His people on terra firmus, ground zero, but He did not leave them there. The ground rule is that ‘ it is my way or the highway. There is nothing there that you can add to improve on. Just try Me and see if ‘itiswritten’ is really as it is written.’ If you are willing to obey Me blessings will flow. But He also showed them the first step and how to step up onto it. He gave them the Passover Lamb and those rare occasions when Christ resting from His creative acts ( the normal Sabbath) coincided with Christ resting from His recreative acts of salvation. This rare coincidence pointed to the Sabbath of Heaven where Jesus is worshipped as both creator and redeemer an event all humanity still looks forward to. So as the sunsets on Friday afternoon we have nothing to present to God other than a long list of requests which require God’s immediate blessings and which He alone can give.

So do I keep God’s commandments? NO. Do I try to keep God’s commandments? Well if the word ‘try’ is used very loosely and is equivalent to me counting the drops of water in 100 ml beaker and saying I can now relate to the drops in the Ocean, well yes. Well why are you so sure of your apartment in Heaven? It is because I rely on how Jesus kept the commandments and His cloak of righteousness that He has prepared for me. It is because my contribution has been zero % and Jesus’s contribution has been 100 %. That is the reason why I cannot be wrong and the only way you can show that there could be a mistake is to point to but one flaw in that cloak if perfection, which satan could not do.

So as the seed begins it’s growth from the ground up and in good soil so our faith begins on God’s ground zero, the Sabbath day. We spend His holy day His way, after six days of creation, acknowledging Him as our creator and the resulting blessings with our spiritual growth. In time we will grow far enough to see onto the first Heavenly step and spend His Holy day with Him as He rested after those six hours of recreation. And that is my prayer for humanity today and is the only way we can pull out of that parabola and start our upward journey! Being of such critical importance satan probably thought of removing it all together just like he did with the second commandment and to keep the number ten, the complete number, just splitting the covetousness one into ‘ do not covet your neighbours front fence’.( if they don’t have one then ‘ potential front fence’. But why remove it when you can nullify it? Just move God’s blessings, which he does not have the power to move anyway, to some other day. This is what he has done so successfully today and why God has tried to counter by writing with His own finger ‘REMEMBER’

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Verse 12 ‘ Honour your father and your mother so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you’.

Just like the earthly Sabbath is the stepping stone to the first step and onto the Heavenly Sabbath so the earthly family is the stepping stone to the Heavenly one. Satan again realises the critical importance of this earthly family and trashes it at ground level just like he does with the Sabbath if you allow him to do so. From the ground level we could grow to the first  Heavenly step; The relationship between Bride and Bridegroom, between Jesus and His church and ultimately between God and His Heavenly children of eternity. But you must realise that satan’s deadliest attacks occur when he has us at our most vulnerable time ( drunk, drugged, eyes glazed over, (EGO) ) which is exactly what he did to Jesus after He was 40 days in the desert. We have exactly the same weapon that Jesus had and against which satan put up no defence, he just simply fled. That same weapon is ‘ it is written’ .

To ultimately dismantle the family satan must remove and replace the many strands that make up the word ‘love’ and replace them with their antonyms called hate. Hate also has a binding action which can be quite strong but unlike love it will fail. That beautiful love chapter of the Bible, 1 Corinthians chapter 13 is the ideal love and is satan’s blueprint for its destruction, so you can follow exactly at what stage satan has got to with you. But regardless at what stage he is at it is never too late. Start off by not disregarding your most powerful weapon; the blessings of the Sabbath day. Could God manifest them in a better way than beginning to turn your family around now?. You know the process has started when you begin to read and reread Exodus ( 20:8-11). Already its fulfillment has begun, you are ‘remembering’, next is ‘ the Sabbath day’. There is only one “the”, it runs from the first one made and never finishes even in Heaven, Sabbath. It begins with night just like God’s creation began with 12 hours of darkness and because it is a full 24 hours it ends with darkness of the seventh day, or Saturday in our calendar.

Although I would never stop praying for my family the condition of the traditional Christian family is like the condition of the Titanic 14 minutes after it struck that iceberg. Satan has used pornography, prostitution, alcohol, all manner of drugs, tobacco, immorality and greed to remove any remaining binding factors holding the family together. We should have never believed the gay lobby that when gay rights were granted that they weren’t sick enough to demand gay marriage just like now they say when gay marriage is granted they are not sick enough too ask for legalised beastiality. The worst tragedy is that all the disintegration that is occurring is blamed on the Christian family. This is a contradiction of terms. Christ + family = Heaven and not hell. Jesus Christ hanging on Calvary’s tree suffering the pain that we would have received in hell is hardly a figure of domineering,oppressive, tyrannical leader of our family. He told us many times He came down to serve and to set the example of the father in a Christian family. Today society will believe in anything but not that the Bible is the Word of God. Unfortunately anything, it is difficult to quantise, consists of anywhere between 98 and 99.5% lies. Telling lies is the order of the day but cannot reach 100% because of social media, there are still good people left out there somewhere.

Verse 13:  ‘ You shall not murder’

Just like Christianity is blamed for the breakup of the traditional family it is also blamed for the many wars that are fought under it’s banner. False again. If your spontaneous reaction when you hear the word ‘WAR’ is to grab your rifle and Bible and report for duty you are not being guided by the Spirit of God, but His arch enemy, satan.All he can do is to tell lies! You can’t be that stupid that you don’t realise your leaders are not prepared to pay a fair price for that particular commodity, usually oil, to it’s rightful owners and are going in to steal it under the banner of Christianity. Did you really believe Colin Powell when he held up that picture of the burnt out bus and claimed it to be a biological laboratory? Admittedly germs that could survive a burn out fire and be  visible  from space would indeed be germs to be fearful of! To say Christianity allows the slaughter of millions of innocent people is akin to saying that our Lord is domineering!. It is we who went over and lifted the lid off the lavatory and is we who are now responsible for the smell! Bombing the crap out of it is hardly going to help!

Verse 14: ‘ You shall not commit adultery’.

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Encyclopaedia and many volumes have been written about Christian purity. So what is so special about our one to one relationship be that with our partner or with the Lord? What is wrong with saying that ‘ Jimmy and James and John and Jerry and Joe and Jonah and Jeffrey and Jade and Jude and Jeremiah and Joel were very special and meaningful relationships and there was also Judas and Judah to name a few of the J ones. Having never experienced them I cannot comment on multiple relationships, on earthly ones at least. I am very proud of my family because there have been no divorces and certainly if I had my life all over again I would maintain that one to one relationship with my beloved wife. I could not begin to do justice to the advantages of the warm and security this brings. Marriage on earth points to the ultimate marriage in Heaven. I think we would be allowed to make comments like ‘ my marriage on earth has litten a light on the Heavenly marriage ‘ if we wish and pray that our partner is also in Heaven with us for an eternity!

The Bible does contrast the earthly marriage to the Heavenly one quite often. Illicit relations within our marriage to God are referred to as whoring and harlots. And of these I have certainly been guilty of on many occasions. I think it was Isaiah who complained to the Lord ‘ that I am the only one You have left and they are now trying to kill me, so look after me!’.The Lord told Isaiah not to worry his pretty head off  because He in fact had 7,000 people He had kept aside for Himself who had not bend their knee to baal. It would be an amazing privilege to be one of those 7,000 people, but it is only half the privilege because it applies to only 7,000 people. The real privilege is the one that applies to all people: they have not bend their knee to baal is the real miracle. We bend not just one knee but both continually but provided we repent God cleans our slate. There is no marks or blemishes on it. That is why 1 King’s 14:7,8 is such an unbelievable text. God is talking to Jeroboam, ‘ ” I raised you up from among the people and made you a leader over my people Israel. I tore the kingdom away from the house of David and gave it to you, but you have not been like my servant David, who kept my commandments and followed me with all his heart, doing only what is right in my eyes.”‘  David doing what is right! Keeping my commandments! David! What about the murder of Uriah, the adultery with his wife and then refusing to repent for I think about three months! Sin David did just like we all do but David also knew how to repent and it was his repentance that wiped his slate clean. And that same option is available to every sinner, every single one of us. Not only doting on that sin is unnecessary but it is an an insult to God He is not capable of forgiving such a monstrous sin. If you want to know what happened to it just look up at the cross, it was in that flickering flame that it was consumed! God doesn’t remember it so why should you?

Keep in mind that you are crossing the River Jordan. Providing you have had the right start, the correct entry, the man on this side of the river was the earthly life and death of Jesus Christ who started you off into the river is thwart with disasters and catastrophes. He will not pop you over to the other side in the blink of an eyelid. He will heal you of your bruises and give you strength and courage to keep going. If you keep on going it is automatic that the man in white above the water on the other side will come into focus more and more.As the goal becomes clearer and clearer and it would be nice to be able to say ‘ with all those falls my feet are learning something and there are fewer falls’ but the reality is the opposite. What we previously would have regarded as a stumble we now do because we can see that hurt look on the face of the man in white above the waters. So life is a progression and what really counts is what we do when that release,that wall of water is about to engulf us. Death. Do we make that final lunge to that outstretched hand  of the one above the waters. Do we know Him well enough to that because of His love for us He will grasp our hand and then at the right time restore life to your lifeless body for a life eternal!

Verse 15:” You shall not steal “.

Is self explanatory in its thousands of applications. It also applies to God. Other then in Heaven there are no ideal systems of government on earth. Our democracy must be one of the best as many are literally dying to get here. One wart that it has is called local government, or councils. It is unconstitutional and when it went to the vote on a number of occasions it was rejected by the people. It can and does get away with murder only because the watchdog, the courts let it do so. My first illegal structure was a fence around my approved pool . Council rejected its application even though it was a requirement of the state laws. As there were many young children in the street at the time I built it anyway. If they came and demolished it and someone drowned I would not have been responsible.My wife’s parents went through a similar incident. Obviously they would not allow anything and fined me heavily, including a lengthy stay in a maximum security jail as I built what my family required. Most of my working life about half of my wages were paid in fines. During this time I did not tithe to God. I often wonder had I tithed to God whether I still would have had to lose half to council. Was He punishing me for not tithing? Now when the mud hits the fan I don’t have to wonder because I know I have given my tithe.

Verse 16: ” You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.”

Going through all these court cases I sure have seen much of this commandment being broken. It is done with impunity and on God’s Holy Word. Well that is my definition of foolish. If God cannot look after the integrity of His Word then who can?

Verse 17: ‘ You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his manservant or maidservant, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor’.

I will make it the subject of my deliberations until I have a satisfactory answer why the Lord put last the commandment I would put first as it seems to me that the other nine stem from it.

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As we are about to move into the earthly sanctuary and the daily sacrifice which hopefully will lead into their Heavenly counterparts. This is not an example of eisegesis, reading into the text what we want it to say. It is looking at the bronze statue of Moses  and reading Good Friday into it, which Jesus told us to do. To do this we need to follow certain principles like the first one that the second death is hell. It has already been a major problem to us and is the reason we keep returning to those last verses of the judgements of chapter 20, something we are about to do again. We have only done this once with the new light of the song of the Lamb. This list of principles is long overdue and it will be numbered as we require them. The second principle that will now be used is that of defilement. It is          Perfection   +   evil  =  very good.  So to have perfection we must remove every last trace of evil, thus leaving perfection. We are about to be introduced to the chapters that least has been written about certainly in this blog: chapters 21 and 22. But the launching pad for chapters 21 and 22 is the last part of chapter 20 and the firmer we make the foundations for chapters 21 and 22 the larger and firmer will be our beliefs based on them. On my first run through the songs of Moses and the Lamb  I felt quite discouraged as to how shallow the treatment was but on returning I can see certain waypoints have been established as well as the inevitable errors which only prove Scripture cannot be contradictory. Just one question that it answered for me was ‘ When the unrighteous are risen from the dead does satan tell them not to worry about the crazed horsemen? Does he tell them because they have just been through their first death their second death will now be hell and nothing can kill them before including those horsemen? Answer: most emphatic NO. This is the whole basis for his scheme. During those periods of panic before the door of mercy closes it is his hope against hope that just one of those souls he captured now repents hopefully because of the reigning terror. If one soul repents he knows that Jesus will leave Heaven and come to earth to do it all again, which is exactly what he is aiming at.

The major error so far has been not to distinguish enough between satan and the beasts. They only really become one 1,335 days before the Lord’s second coming and it seemed a fair assumption that they remained a cohesive unit as it required a massive earthquake to shake them apart. But they were not a unit before this time and so only the living of the time have been given the mark of the beast, it was not available to the dead beforehand and they died with four separate black marks. The other deficiency already pointed out is the lack of cohesion between Pergamum, Thyatira and  Sardis. We are dealing with the third and fourth coming of our Lord and these churches have much to add to this period. So as the songs of Moses and the Lamb are begun to be sung there are five basic groups of people:

!: The righteous dead. They were dead at the second coming and the Lord came and called on the stones that were holding them back to be removed; He called them out by name and ordered their earthly bandages be removed and replaced by Heavenly ones. He took them back to Heaven with Him and they are called the righteous dead. They took notice of the warnings given to Ephesus, many were martyred in Smyrna and all received their cloak of righteousness at death. They are the bride the Bridegroom has just married when the couple make their way in their new Heavenly home, the New Jerusalem. They are taken to Heaven at the start of the millennium.

2: The righteous living. These are the 144,000 wise virgins who are offered as first fruits to God and accompany Jesus at his third coming. This means they would have to be the leaders in the battle of the harvest with Jesus on the white horse and much still has to said about them.

3: The foolish virgins. Sardis demands these be given their own category even though they are a very minor part of the evil living.

4: The evil living. A very large group indeed, all have the mark of the beast all have worshipped both satan and the beast for colluding in their slaughter of Christians in those last fateful 1,335 days before the second coming. The beast is in control and he must have learnt something from all those battles he has already fought. He was a whisker away from annihilation in Noah’s flood; he had his kingdom thrown into darkness at the tower of Babel; He was destroyed, crushed and thrown into hell on Good Friday and only miraculously retrieved by God. The implication is that somewhere in those battles his troops became disheartened and turned on each other. He was not going to allow that same mistake when it got Armageddon.

5: The evil dead. These are resurrected at the end of the millennium and can only now die in hell. they do not have the mark of the beast and do not respond to his call for battle.The four strikes against them are;

a| They would prefer to be killed by the sulphur flames of the crazed horsemen then to repent.

b| They did not respond to the repentance message of the two witnesses before the door of mercy closed.

c| They cursed God and refused to repent during the outbreak of boils.

d| They obeyed satan when he directed all to surround and destroy Jerusalem.

So now we have the players and all we need is the game plan. This is supplied by the song of Moses. God’s people have miraculously escaped from slavery of their bitter enemies. Their enemy has now changed its mind and wants them back and under no condition will allow them to enter the promised land. God must continue His miraculous intervention and destroy them. This is God’s fight entirely. They encounter a new enemy who will not allow them to enter the promised land. They, led by Jesus, have to personally fight this enemy.they are given a code of conduct, win the battle and go on to occupy the promised land.

I suppose it should be logical for there to be marked differences between the living and the dead.This is the situation we encounter at the final judgement of chapter 20. There turned out to be two battles, one of the living and one of the dead but at the time the unholy trinity were planning the battle of Armageddon they were only planning for one battle. So who would have been the leader? Satan or the beast out of the sea? They both wanted to rid planet earth of God’s interference and rule unchallenged. Just another hypothetical to turn over in your mind. My money is on satan as the beast out of the sea only really had dominance for 1,260 days and they were long gone.It was only during this time that satanwas subserviant to the beast.

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So the game begins in both songs as the door of mercy slams close. The situations are: the song of Moses; God’s promise to Abraham……….430 years……….God’s ten plagues in Egypt…… God’s people released from slavery…….Progress halted by Red Sea……..Egyptian army catches up…….God parts the Red Sea……God’s people cross over on dry ground……Egyptian army try to follow……. Egyptian army drowned when waters recede…. God’s people sing the song of Moses….. People given rules of behaviour and worship……march on for the promised land…..returned to desert for 40 years until all doubters die….. march and conquer Canaanites to enter the promised land.

Song of the Lamb; God’s creation….3,900 years of OT times…..Jesus’s first coming (Ephesus)….. 2,000 years finish with major persecution ….. Jesus’s second coming (Smyrna)….1,260 years of grace….Jesus’s third coming and door of mercy closed…. the song of the Lamb sung by Heaven (Pergamum)…. bowls ca 600 years…Babylon split….Fourth coming and announcing the fall.( Thyatira)..7 years for the two battles and judgement of chapter 20. total 7,777 years. So far nothing has been produced that has just recently been stated. There was also an attempt made to correlate the release of God’s people from Egypt to Good Friday. The key to this correlation is that when the Passover Lamb passes over the Egyptians He only kills the firstborn of everything, including Pharaoh’s son.

In those days and even today the firstborn male receives all the inheritance. Thus it was with the Pharaoh’s son. His was all of Egypt including those slaves, those Jews. But these he claimed on two levels. Those existing and those still to be born. Both these rights were extinguished by the death of the firstborn son. But that was all that happened at Passover. The Egyptians died in the Red Sea. ( hell)

This is the plan that God also followed on Good Friday. Jesus did come to extinguish evil’s title. Not just to the land and planet earth and also its claim it owned the people as well. He pulverised the feet of the statue and its equivalent the fourth head of the beast. But these things are still to be thrown into the Red Sea to drown. But this is entirely God’s battle. We have no input whatsoever. It was Jesus Who passed over them and it will be Jesus Who throws them into hell to drown. This happened to the Jews when they had crossed the Red Sea, hell, but the following enemy died in hell. All the Jews now had to do was to proceed onto the promised land. The Egyptians were no longer their enemy it was those Canaanites up ahead who were not going to give up their bit of paradise.

So what did Jesus actually achieve on the cross? When is He alone going to finish off those Egyptians and when and who are these Canaanites who we will have to fight with Jesus? Well Jesus didn’t come to earth to take us back to Heaven, not on His first appearance, that is reserved for His second coming, we are still here. On His first coming He specifically destroyed, killed annihilated Egypt’s firstborn son, or evil or beast or Babylon or the battle of the grapes. All evil bar satan. [ yes I can see the inconsistency here but I have no solution for it.Satan is actually the Pharaoh who leads the Egyptians into the Red Sea, or hell in the very last battle where they all, including satan drown. So if satan drowns in hell then weren’t his firstborn killed by the Passover Lamb along with all other firstborn? But satan doesn’t have firstborn does he?]   So it is His battle with satan and evil and His alone. We will see that battle in the last verses of chapter 20 of Revelation, the conclusion to Good Friday when the Passover Lamb killed the firstborn of all living matter. They will finally be drowned at this time in the Red Sea, hell. Why weren’t these Canaanites included in the above list of evil and when do we fight against them? If Jesus is our leader  in this battle does He go into that ‘ no miracles’ mode that He went into in His first coming? He didn’t want to dazzle people by miracles but by the beauty of His Word and character. That could make the battle very long and difficult. There is very little there can be achieved by Him coming down as God  and with one breath or word vaporising the Canaanites. We already know the power of His of His Word. We already know that by His Word He created this immensely beautiful and complex universe; became flesh and walked onto Mount Calvary to die for us so we could spend an eternity with Him and He recorded all this for us in the Bible. So this battle however long it is prolonged  must be for the benefit of the saints going to Heaven. They will come out of this battle better, richer and more closely related to Jesus after it than before they went into it. It is for their benefit alone. Here now we have the other lot that are present at the end of chapter 20, the living.

Jesus allowed His first church to undergo full on testing at His first coming after giving them 1,260 days to enter the Jordan River far enough so they could see the man in white above the waters on the other side. At His second coming He will give them 1,335 days to test whether He was right, will they make that lunge for His outstretched Hand. There is no point taking people into Heaven for an eternity who don’t want to be there.

So here we meet the Canaanites for the first time and again at the last judgement, as the evil living. Our final battle against them is with our leader as the rider of the white horse. Being led by the beast and instructed by satan you would expect this lot to have a very strange theology, and they have. They believe that if they can kill every one of God’s people that that will stop them from going to the promised land and Jesus will not come back to earth, resurrect them and take them back to Heaven with Him. They say there is no afterlife. They believe if Jesus does not return last day events will not be set into place and they will rule on earth forever without Christ’s or His people’s intervention. This blog has already spent time on the events of that time. They move earnestly to fulfill their beliefs.It does Jesus to change to miracles mode to save His last 288,000 followers.

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While in correction mode I correct using the Red Sea and Euphrates River interchangeably. They are not, one is a river the other is a sea where rivers flow into. The Euphrates and other rivers of evil flow into the Red Sea, or hell, figuratively speaking. In the song of the Lamb I had the Egyptians all in the Red Sea, the door of mercy from Heaven’s side closed and waiting for God to pull the plug. They will finish up in the Red Sea but at the time they were in the Euphrates and were rescued out of it at the end of the millennium. That is the whole idea of the door of mercy  being opened. Everyone must be given a chance of repentance. So when we finally back at the final judgement of chapter 20 there will be two groups there: 3+4, the foolish virgins + the evil living and 5, the evil dead.

But now we are going to try to build a better picture of not just events from the door of mercy closing after we have been in Heaven for 1,260 years when the song of the Lamb is sung. That really is in the Heavenly realm. The saints follow these events carefully and after some 500 years demand to be given their fine linen which they are given and the end of time comes. It will most probably be water off our backs. If we really are at the second coming we want to know as much as possible the events of, and just before the second coming. It would also be important for us to know as much as we can just in case we finish up as one of those 144,000 foolish virgins.Thus we are really interested in the things of this earth. That is not saying we wouldn’t like to know what the Bible tells us about Heaven. When you are shown a model that model is miniature of some reality, although it may be a very poor representation of it. We would expect exactly that of an earthly representation of Heaven by the model of the earthly sanctuary, but it must still be of value as God would not have given it to us in the first place. Just look at the earthly comparison of the song of Moses with its Heavenly counterpart, the song of the Lamb. Much has already been gained and is still to be gained from these comparisons.

The other obvious thing that Jesus achieved for us on Calvary was not just to extinguish the claim that evil had over us but to actually pay God’s price for this release. Every single person conceived will go to hell and pay for every sin they ever committed. Divine justice will be met. Every sin will be burnt up in the fires of hell. The fires of hell leave nothingness behind, not any trace of anything. If that is all that Jesus did for us was to take our place in hell then all He has done is to save us from those horrible flames, but there still should be nothing left behind if it wasn’t for that Divine robe of resurrection that Jesus places on us and allows us to live for an eternity. So the answer to eternity is Jesus and Jesus. It is because He cannot make a mistake that we can breath our sigh of relief and wait for the keys of our Heavenly apartments. So returning to try to glean more details of our journey in this life and the next.  Revelations 7 churches will be split according to the following pattern:


3<………………………> 5



Attaching names and events

4 The fourth coming, church of Thyatira

3 The third coming, church of Pergamum<…………………..5 Sardis

2 The second coming, church of Smyrna<…………………………………6.Philadelphia

1 First coming, church of Ephesus……………………………………………..7 Laodicea

1; The Church of the first coming, Ephesus:

God’s people can be split into three groups; those before the first coming, those alive at the first coming and those alive after the first coming but it is the first coming that is the central tenet of our faith, particularly Good Friday on Mount Calvary. This blog also treats it as the centre of created time; the same amount of time from creation to the cross as there is from the cross to total extinction. So if there is anyone going to Heaven regardless of when they lived the only reason that person will get into Heaven is because Jesus Christ wiped their sin slate clean and then gave them their Divine robe to wear in Heaven for an eternity. Jesus will do this for anyone who wants to be in Heaven with Him. These people are called His people or the Church.

The first church service was attended by three people. God, Adam and Eve celebrating the first Sabbath on day seven of creation. Since that time God’s church has had a very checkered history with mostly downhill slides. But this church history continued  right up to Ephesus. This would make Ephesus occupy the longest period of time, nearly 4,000 years. During this time many events occurred within this church. Studying them, as we are currently doing can give us many insights into our present and future churches and times. It was during these times that the principles and tenets of our faith are not only set out but fully fulfilled by Jesus at His first coming. The major problems that occur with the Old Testament church is that they were looking forward to this cataclysmic event whilst we are looking back at it. They experienced events that caused Jesus to come to earth whereas we experience events resulting from His appearance. Your expectations and actions change in anticipation of the birth of a child to those after its birth. But the central character is still the child. Thus our central character remains Jesus Christ and our gratitude exponentially  increases after His birth.

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When approaching the first coming of Jesus from the Old Testament side, humanity, and thus the Bible, were limited by language and concepts. There was no language or concepts to describe what Jesus Christ was to do and accomplish in His first mission to earth. It is still difficult even after the event but at least we trying to describe an actual event. We are aided by Divine help; the Holy Spirit Who was not available before the cross and now His Word which is freely available  to many. The study of God’s Word can be compared to any other field of endeavour. The more we study the more we realise how little we know. But Jesus does not use or save us according to our knowledge, that is determined by how much we have opened our hearts to Him and whether we live according to the light He has given us. But as far as I know the only secret the OT contains that was revealed to very few of the old prophets but is revealed in the New Testament is that the Jews were only to be God’s people until the first coming. They were supposed to convert other nations and to bring them into God’s fold but they were to be the custodians of the faith. This role was handed over to the new people of faith, Christians, and they could bring Jews into the Christian faith. Paul had more difficulty with this concept then most. In Heaven though we are regrouped in Jewish tribes again.

It would be impossible for a site like this to cover the many dogma established in the OT. It is essential for us  to try to continue to follow the subject of the daily sacrifice as it is the event changer and then to try to apply it to the Book of Revelation, particularly the second and third comings of our Lord.


As the churches can be interpreted at multiple levels does not mean each event is applicable at every level. One level that Ephesus is applicable to the 4,000 odd years before it and the eternity after it is the degree of dedication that God requires from His people. We are specifically built up into the high 90’s % for our efforts and then told this is useless, in fact this is dangerous. You are better off at 0% then 95%. At zero God can do something with  you but He can’t if you are at 95% because you think you are alright. This is then given the name of Laodicea. In Heaven we are expected to spend 100% of our time with God. We can’t just do 90% and then go for a break away from Him.But what about the argument that how can I fully appreciate God if I have not seen Him? Why doesn’t He show Himself to me and then I can more fully appreciate Him?

Let us spend some time on this question. No one can see God and live. The best that we could expect would be equivalent to being shown a drop of water out of the ocean. That drop is true water, true God but hardly a true representation of the real God. Let us look at two relevant incidents from Revelation and Daniel.

In Revelation chapter 20 Jesus comes down to take us away with Him He makes His second appearance as an angel, not a mighty angel. All living on earth drop down as dead. It is here that we answer a part of one question in the Bible. Every eye shall see Him and every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord. This obviously is half of the question as it only applies to the living at the time and not the dead. We are not told for how long the living lay on the ground before they are able to get to their feet and stagger around. It would have to be at least hours if not days, and depends on how big the drop that Jesus revealed Himself as. With time however this appearance would fade and probably within a year it would be a distant memory and evolution would again be firmly reset as the main menu. So Jesus’s appearance has been of no value whatsoever to the wicked, in fact it has been detrimental to them. Before they were rejecting Jesus by faith and now they are rejecting Jesus by sight.

When revisiting Daniel chapter 8 we have to be careful not to contradict the events of Matthew 25 and the ten virgins. It appears that as the sanctuary is cleansed the church wakes up. This is not so.There are 140 days between these events. So the two distinct events are:

A: The sanctuary is cleansed and

B: That call goes out and the virgins wake up.

A: The sanctuary is cleansed. ( actually the restoration of the daily sacrifice is the triggering event) For a long time now when people have called me a Christian as a term of ridicule I could not think of no greater privilege or honor. There is actually a greater privilege; to called a fundamentalist Christian. Fundamentalist is supposed to be a derogatory term; fanatic, zealot, extremist, diehard and many others. But fundamentalists have something that the non fundamentalists don’t have. We have something worth dying for because we have something worth living for and if that is for the Christian cause then what an amazing miracle has indeed occurred inside us! We can not be held responsible for our enemies misusing the term.

But here lies the fundamental sore point with non fundamentalist Christians. This is the reason why they are so hostile and jealous of the fundamentalist Christians. This is why they warn everyone against us in such strong language; stay away from them, they cause so much damage, the world would be so much better off without them! The fundamentalist tries to present the Bible  ‘asitiswritten’ but the non fundamentalist presents it ‘ asiwouldhavewrittenithadibeenwritingittodaywithallmyscientificknowledge’. Well your scientific knowledge is different today to what it was yesterday and different to what it is going to be tomorrow. So your bible would require very regular updates.

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The ultimate sanctuary on this earth, where Jesus lives is in our hearts and minds. Satan (actually the unholy trinity are one at this time with the beast out of the sea prominent)  does not cleanse our sanctuary at the end of 1,150 days of reign of terror. It is cleansed by God and satan has to stand by and accept the result by calling ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’ . Satan obstacles are removed,they are shown to be lies; evolution, millions of years, so much of secular history that contradicted the Bible. It is only then that the red letter Christians accept the Bible as ‘asitiswritten’ and the act of God’s Word entering into their minds is what does the cleansing. Thus they also miraculously become fundamentalist Christians. Come and join us and see what you have been missing! Red letter Christians become red faced Christians but they like Peter after his apostasy never look like falling away again. They now believe the Word, every Word and know they are like David who God counts as never sinned.  More of them in Smyrna. This event is not the awakening of the church it is the birth of the church and one of its most productive periods of evangelism.

B: The call that wakes up the church: At the end of the 1,260 days of the beast’s out of the sea reign, the beast out of the earth takes over but his reign is only for 45 days. The last 140 days of such successful evangelism has indeed lulled the church into a false sense of security. They are shocked beyond belief that this new beast can call ‘checkmate’ . The fact that they are so shocked only proves they are asleep. So what should they have done differently during those 140 days to have woken them up and save them this embarrassing situation? Well who actually wake up are fundamentalist Christians. If these entities exist today why don’t they wake up now?

The problem as I see it is all those false alarms that have been sounded through time. Actually there is nothing wrong with false alarms. If the Lord is not really coming back for His second appearance for another 1,000 years but by reading this blog you are convinced that His appearance is imminent, you turn to the Lord and die my call of ‘wolf’ has actually done you good. It saved you. But sooner or later this call will be the right one. The wolf is here. More of this in the church of Smyrna.

The topic under discussion is Ephesus. One thing it establishes for all times is the degree of commitment that God requires; 100%. It establishes commitment at three levels; 0%, 100% and some other number in between. 100% is Ephesus which still has to go through Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and finally Laodicea and then on for eternity. So it is the first and only church with some of its important trials and tribulations recorded. I call Stephen the 100% man although there have been many others. Commitment and trials are directly related. Our martyrdom is only of any value if our faces shine as God opens up Heaven for us. It is our faces that cause the apostle Paul to shutter  and have nightmares and reexamine their own lives . It certainly is a huge bonus that we the beauty of Heaven we see causes us to experience no pain.

The 0% lot have covered much of this blog and the saints in Heaven for one are convinced God could do nothing more for this lot, bar take away their free will and that is something that God will not do. These constitute the evil living and dead.

Those with anywhere between 1 and 99% are the church of Laodicea and if living at Jesus’s second coming will become the foolish virgins and if dead then the evil dead. More in Loadicea.

Being the church of past, present and future Ephesus establishes the time line for God’s church. It’s first,Adam and Eve our first members who broke humanities relationship with God, be that intentionally or unintentionally. They chose satan as their leader. It was a member of this church who single handedly restored this relationship. This member is called Jesus Christ. It is Ephesus that forms the first stage of our initiation ceremony in Heaven.

As has already been stated on our arrival in Heaven to describe our condition as anxiety would be like saying a drop of water is the ocean! It is not. The beauty of the place is breath taking. we cannot believe we are here! There has to have been a mistake made somewhere! The king’s officials were offering a free meal at a banquet and we just happened to take up the offer, couldn’t make a mistake, in fact you would be stupid if you refused. There was everything to gain and nothing to lose! But there is a catch. We know from Scripture and we can see Him coming that there will be a check made on our attire. We have never prayed with such fervour and urgency before in our lives ” I know that I am here because of a mistake and am about to be thrown out into the darkness but please just check this person alongside me first. I just want to spend one more second in this Heaven” . And just like anxiety does not begin to describe our condition before neither does relief after we hear ( Rev 7:14) ‘…….washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb…..’  We need to hear no more than ‘ the blood of the Lamb’, all anxiety gone but still can’t believe that this is not for a hundred or even a trillion years, it is forever. Again ‘the blood of the Lamb’ is the witness and again anxiety goes. And what if ever challenged just like we were then? The clothes, the covering have just been checked by God Himself. The robe of righteousness, the life,death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was checked and passed as perfect on Easter Sunday. Satan would by now have found any imperfection in this robe but there are none. Jesus challenged the Jews to accuse Him of but one sin, they could not. If ever challenged I just hold out that robe and again by ‘ the blood of the Lamb. I could only be challenged if I had made some contribution to this robe but I have made none. Purely the grace of God! In fact it doesn’t matter what my questions or anxieties are they are all settled by ” the blood of the Lamb”  Even on this earth all my anxieties are settled by the ‘blood of the Lamb’ but this does not stop me from wanting to learn more about this ‘blood of the Lamb’ despite my sinful, sinning, stinking nature. How much greater will this desire to learn more about the ‘ blood of the Lamb’ be in Heaven when I have received Christ’s robe of perfection? This is a natural progression and Heaven will now facilitate this desire by the seven stages of initiation.

The first stage of initiation is Ephesus. Is it a surprise to know that it is the ‘blood of the Lamb’. It confirms in ( Rev 2:7) that the original relationship between God and Humanity have been re-established. Each initiation step is introduced by ‘ to him who overcomes’. Well if you overcome you will spend an eternity with me in Heaven. Do you want anymore than that? Can you get anymore than that? Will return to this topic as *****************************************.

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During our last six days we have had a holiday with daughter one and our grandson, Richard. Without a doubt the highlight was flying in a 737 simulator with Richard on my knee. As we were getting into it  a couple were getting out. She had an arm in a sling and he was on crutches. I told the instructor that I had not thought that things would get that serious! Even though the 737 is an old and simple plane the complexity of the gauges, switches and levers was bewildering! If you think that mother nature could do that just by chance then all I can say it that your hallucinogenic drugs are working! And to do this beginning with nothing! To say Richard was impressed is an understatement and who knows one day he might be flying you around!. The advantage of getting away is that I can look back and forward on my blog. I am unsure whether the next section will be an addition or a correction, it depends on what I said in the first place.

The foolish virgins had to be a significant part of my blog as it was over them that I lost my two critics, they refused to read on or have anything to do after this. ( Wal and Val). They refused to believe that 400 or 500 million people could give up all, including their lives and still go to hell. no doubt many others gave up at this point also. So I think that I am only reemphasizing : the large numbers involved; their beliefs and its significances. But first the seals.

This is one topic I thought that I would never have to revisit but I find is significant and related to the above topic. Points made:

1; God places His seal on a circumcised heart to protect it from going to hell.

2; The recipients of this seal cannot be thrown into hell.

3; The adhesive  and mechanical properties of this seal exceed even those holding the scroll in God’s hand. Even Jesus cannot break or loosen this seal. We are the only ones capable of doing this by placing the mark of the beast over it.

4; Due to the significance of the 144,000 foolish virgins they were also given God’s seal but not to cover a circumcised heart.

5; The seal of the foolish virgins had protection which we do not have. We are not told we are being protected from the winds which are about to blow over the land and the sea. Again they are a special case.

6; The protection that we receive from our seals is that all those falls we have will not be counted against  us and He will lift us up from that fall. Our place in Heaven is just as secured as God’s seal to us.

Returning to some of the aspects of the numbers involved. Biblically either stated or implied God’s sleeping church is made up of half ‘good’ people ( those going to Heaven) and half ‘bad’people those going to hell. Whilst asleep we are counted as true church but at the midnight call when we wake up God only then classifies us as wise or foolish virgins. That is why we must spend more time on this call. This is the only source of virgins, wise and foolish. If people die at day 1150 or after  of the beast out of the sea’s rule or after 1,290 days of the beast out of the earth’s rule they will not be counted in the 144,000 either wise or foolish virgins. The 50/50 split seems to apply to the whole period of time ‘the master was a long time in coming’, although it may be that by the time He came that was the percentage. The Biblical texts are:

1; (direct) The foolish and wise virgins are five of each.

2; (direct) The actual numbers at that moment Jesus appears in the sky are, 144,000 foolish and left behind and 144,000 wise and taken up to be first fruits.

3; (direct) there are two men working in the field, one is taken and one is left behind.

4; (direct) There are two women working at the grinding wheel one is taken and one is left behind.

5; ( implied) Half of God’s church is tares or weeds and half is wheat.

6; (implied) Half of God’s church is sheep and the other half goats.

7; ( implied) half of the church received five and two talents and the other half received only one.

The numbers I produce are continually changing because I don’t have the slightest clue how many people God has in His church today. He and He alone knows that number. I do know that God counts me as part of His sleeping church, therefore I have not been classified as foolish or wise, or have I ? If I haven’t been classified then if I die today then I will go to Heaven but if the classification already exists, seals have been allotted to the wise then if i die today then where I go to is determined on whether I have received God’s seal, probably at baptism. I do wonder whether God counts those as His church those who count themselves as His as in census data? Using this number could easily give 10% of the world’s population but the number of fundamental Christians, those prepared to die for their faith would be much smaller. These would form the first wave of martyrs for the beast out of the sea’s reign of terror. The second wave is the study of the church of Smyrna.

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The beliefs of these Christians are of importance. Many would say that these destroy the basis of this blog but I say they establish it’s basis. The basis is ‘asitiswritten’. God cannot nor did He make any mistake. Look carefully at the 1,260 years of history after the second coming of our Lord. It contains all human beings ever conceived, from one microsecond after conception up where ever. Satan was looking for just one error, one conversion. There was not one. Nor could satan accuse Jesus of but one sin when He asked ‘ which of you can accuse Me of but one sin?’

You cannot add anything or change anything to what is ‘asitiswritten’. Just your idea that you can think you can is blasphemy. You are not just putting yourself on the same plain as God you are putting yourself above it. Yes I am aware of the human nature in the Bible. Even the original manuscripts had humanity in them. They were the authors minds and words. These original manuscripts, of which there are none today have had copying errors made with time. That is humanity. That is the interface in that Book that allows my humanity to interact with it. But that Book is like the altar in Heaven, it also has a Divine Nature that converts my humanity into Divinity before it is presented to God. It is Jesus Christ the written Word.My prayers and pleadings pass through His hands, are purified in such a way that they can then be presented to God. It is the theme of this blog and you don’t have the slightest idea how privileged I feel to be in this position to expound His Word.This privilege is extended to ALL of His followers. I should never have given my name other than JK as it is only the focus on the Word that has any worthwhile value, not the fingers typing it. Many commentaries consider themselves as shinning further light on His Word, but not this one. I say that you cannot throw further light on the Sonlight. It is already dazzlingly bright. All I can do is to put my helmet on with a pin prick in it and look up at the Sonlight.I am only seeing a miniscule amount of light at any time and at times looking at what I have mistaken as the wrong parts of the Son. Thus the many corrections. I have to find the correct balance between looking at what my brothers and sisters have been shown and typing myself.

What is the significance of these foolish virgins? Extreme!. Their theology; it is My way or the highway! How dare you challenge perfection! How dare you put your filthy rags and thoughts on my plain? Their number 144,000: it could be for every foolish virgin there may be 3,000 others in exactly the same position. Yes I would think that Heaven would want to know why 400 million people gave their lives to and for the Lord and yet finished up in hell! What effort did Heaven make in order to save any of them, even if that meant just one soul.? So really this blog should be rewritten with just one theme ‘ the foolish virgins’. It is not that the remaining 400 million foolish dead did not receive any further chances. They did miss out on the millennium and were alive for 260 years before the door of mercy closed. During this time they were not allowed to be attacked by the crazed horsemen. The message of repentance of the two witnesses went out equally to all. The fact that during the bowls they cursed God and refused to repent was certainly a clincher for the saints in Heaven as was finally the fact that they lined up with satan for the very last battle. They only had one thought in mind: destroy the camp of God’s people, the city that He loves. Many came from great distances to be there! God’s judgments were indeed righteous! The fact that they were not sealed at their baptism is also shown to be right by the actions of the foolish virgins. We are about to study Smyrna and it is going to about the good oil, so just a revision on what has been said so far.

I still maintain the line that I established at the start of this blog. ( Of the two men working in the field JK was left behind and Lester and my wife AK were taken up to Heaven at the Lord’s second coming.)  What really distressed me and to what I now need answers to are:

1; I gave up all including my life and here I am left behind with only one certain outcome- hell.

2; When I woke up at the midnight call I did realise that my lamp was about to go out. I also realised that I did not carry any spare oil as many around me did.

3;One of those people who did carry a spare jar of oil was my wife, AK. I looked to her to give me some of hers as I would have given her had the situation been reversed. She refused stating that there may not be enough for her.

4; So this oil is transferable but there will come a time when it is every man and woman for themselves.

5; I am instructed by the true church to go buy oil and am given currency to buy it as well as God sending sellers down  to sell it.

So when I woke up and realised that my lamp was going out and I did not carry any spare oil in a jar I must have asked for oil from the people around me because they unanimously replied ‘no’ and gave the same reason; There may not be enough for ourselves. This is hard to fathom as they can see their jars and know at least roughly how many fluid ounces or milliliters that they have as spare. One reason the wise virgins woke up at the midnight call was because they knew that the Lord’s coming was only 45 days away. Surely by knowing how much oil they have and how many days it is supposed to last for they can work out if they enough for 15 or 45 or 60 days. If they only have enough for 15 days they are in trouble, they should just make it if they have 45 days supply but if they have 60 days supply they could give at least 10 days supply to those who are short, but they don’t. The only reason that I can think of why they don’t is they are unsure how vicious the storm ahead is going to be. The nastier the storm the more oil it will consume. The one thing that they have been warned about is that it is going to be particularly nasty. If I do go and buy the good oil I will have to return back to this same spot and then follow the path the wise virgins took to meet their master. This should lead me back to those gates into Heaven where I can return that unused talent and where the wise virgins handed in their multiplied talents, some 1,260 years ago. *************************************

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The church of Ephesus is the church of commitment and the church of the first step of restoration of humanity to God. Not only will we wear Christ’s robe of righteousness He wove for us when He came to earth but we will be shown what is involved behind the scene. Adam and Eve were one with God under His divine nature and protection. This relationship is reinforced by the partaking of the tree of life. When they sinned and broke their relationship with God they were not allowed to eat from this tree any more because they were thrown out of the garden. This is the first step of restoring this relationship with God. The right to eat from the tree of life which is in the paradise of God. So the robe of Jesus Christ, which acquired divinity at His resurrection is now our interface with God as He has already accepted this robe as perfect. We can not only say but truly pray ” My Father Who is in Heaven”

We have made an attempt to have a rough look at the Church of Ephesus. We can now leave Ephesus, the church of the first coming and move Smyrna the church of the second coming or we can move across to the right and look at the church that is parallel to Ephesus, Laodicea. The exit point is the same: God is not asking us for something that we cannot do. We have already done it. God wants us to return to our first love. The consequences of not doing so are drastic indeed! So we now move with our first live restored to the church of Laodicea.

LAODICEA: At first I thought this church destroys the principle of defilement but it actually establishes it. Let us look at a similar example first; the wedding feast in Heaven. Does God’s invitation to all to this feast not destroy this principle when those who are not properly robed and are thus thrown out of the feast?

1; When Jesus Christ returned to Heaven with His precious blood  He cleansed Heaven of all evil. If anything evil now enters Heaven it will defile Heaven. There are a number of candidates when this cleansing occurred.Not having read let alone studied the Book of Hebrews recently I will be just guessing. If ever I get to studying this book on this blog it will only prove the totality of Scripture. Yet another mistake corrected. My candidates for this cleansing are:

A; One second after 3 o’clock on Good Friday. Not possible you may say as Jesus had not yet undergone His resurrection, the addition of the divine component to our robe of righteousness. But that robe was probably applied to all those Jesus took to Heaven with Him at His ascension and still to be applied to martyrs and all going into Heaven. The issue at this time was not His robe it was what was accomplished on the cross. Evil had been defeated. It was only by God’s grace that the crushed feet of the statue were pulled out of the fire but evil had been defeated. There was no longer an evil line in Heaven. Satan’s place was still there and it was removed almost immediately after 3 0’clock. That is the big battle of ( Rev 12:7-10). So it was Jesus as divinity who was given and accepted the scroll from the right hand of God and started breaking the seven seals.

B; Resurrection Sunday morning when Jesus refused to allow Mary to touch Him but after ate with His disciples and invited Thomas to put his hand into Jesus’s wound.

C; On His ascension into Heaven. Whatever the time He cleansed Heaven with His blood and any entry of evil, including those who did not have the proper robe would ave defiled Heaven. So obviously no one entered Heaven who should not have been there. It is a parable.It is there to try to teach us of the beauty of Heaven.

Thus is also the case with Laodicea. It is mentioned with only five verses of the Bible to go. The New Jerusalem has been on earth for a while now. It could have only materialised after the fires of hell were extinguished. The last trace of evil had gone. The whole statue, gold, silver, bronze and iron were ground down to a fine powder and thrown to the wind. It was only then that the New Jerusalem materialised. But it is the only thing that exists. It is only there because it was inside the door with the blood of the Lamb on and Laodicea was outside when the Passover Lamb passed over. So the New Jerusalem is really the church of Ephesus, those who have gone back to their first love of the Lord.

An important question is what about those who regained 95%, or 96% or even 99% of their first love? Well these finished up in the church of Laodicea and have long been extinct. Their problem was that they had no problem. Thus in Smyrna we are going to have the 99 and the 100% groups. The irony of the situation is had they given the Lord that extra 1% to bring them to that 100% figure it is only then that they would have had no problems because they had left it all to the Lord. So the church of Revelation ( 22:14,15) is a purely hypothetical church and therefore cannot define the New Jerusalem the subject of chapter 22.I wonder if the meal that Jesus sits down to have with us is the one He promised at the last supper with His disciples? What a personal experience this would be! If in fact we are there for an eternity we are in for many such treats! I think even if the Lord showed one of His earthly disciples a part of this meal the beauty they saw could not be expressed in words! So this now brings us to what many think is the church of our day, that of the second coming, that of Smyrna

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This is the church of the second coming of our Lord, the church of blood. Smyrna. Only the last 1,335 days will be considered and as theses events are the topics of the Book of Daniel they should really be considered in that light. I would find it overwhelming to undertake this at this stage so I will just give a brief regime before trying to apply the events of Smyrna.

Satan has been happily and effectively keeping the world evil and away from Jesus Christ for almost 2,000 years by using the Roman Catholic church as his agent. The beast out of the sea has been out of the picture since being ground and thrown  into the fire on Good Friday. Jesus did miraculously rescue him from the fire so I’m not sure why he hasn’t played a more dominant role upto now. Maybe he was just shell shocked! But satan’s power and that of the church through which he operates has been waning for some time particularly since the Reformation. This vacuum in power was filled by the beast out of the sea. For most of his existence this beast is a toothless tiger but there is going o be a time where he will rule supreme for 1,260 God anointed days. This is written in Scripture and no one knows Scripture better than satan. So,he is ready for this occasion and turns up on the seashore to take advantage of it. (12:17) All references relate to Revelation. They form a deadly alliance to savage God’s people and after an establishment time of some 30 days the slaughter really begins. But the only Christians prepared to die or be imprisoned are mostly the fundamentalists. The source of victims would dry up reasonably quickly causing the beast to change his tactics. If you can’t beat them then join them and this exactly what he does. ( This is one example of why the Book of Philippians \ persecution from without\ is followed by the Book of Colossians \break them down by heresy from within\)

So the daily sacrifice is restored, prisoners released and inerrancy and confidence restored in the Bible. This results in one of the most fruitful 140 day periods of church history. Let me take the story from here.

It is difficult to say how the church could go through massive persecution to the point of extinction and then through one of its most fruitful periods and still remain asleep. We might get some clues from the awakening itself. For almost 2,000 years satan has been calling ” wolf, Jesus is coming back” with the obvious intention of lulling God’s people into a false sense of security. He wants us to be unprepared and asleep right upto the time that flash appears in the sky. He wants us asleep so that we can go to hell something that would not have happened had we been awake. So the fact that we do wake up we must go through some actions that will make the difference between hell and Heaven. Today if we call ‘ Jesus is coming ‘ the best response we can get is that condescending look ‘ you poor, uneducated fools don’t you realise that that call has been regularly over the last 2,000 years’ and absolutely nothing has happened’. So what is the difference all those past calls and the present one’ the bridegroom is coming, come out and meet him’. Why does the sleeping church wake up at this call and not ignore it as it has in most previous times? There have been calls to which there were major responses, like the revivals of the 1840’s but Jesus did not come back. There are major differences between this call and all the others like:

1; This one is for real, Jesus is coming back.

2; This call is made by the beast out of the earth and it is a call of desperation. He only has 45 days to kill all of God’s people. He has to deal with the main fire front and then all those spot fires which will inevitably follow. The main fire front is those born again red faced Christians with their hearts on fire for the Lord. Smyrna tells us they will not be a problem for this beast and he will be able to eradicate them in ten days time. He won’t have to come looking for them they will show up in rallies protesting about their loss of religious rights. They would prefer to be dead than to be living without them. The beast will not have to be as crude as using machine guns he will be able to use lasers which have long ago been developed for this purpose. American troops, who have shown in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan will not have any qualms about slaughtering millions of innocent people. Because there is a doubt about them pulling the trigger on their own people there are other troops lined up for this purpose and there are for those few countries which still do not have American bases. So the first wave of Christians will be like sitting ducks, it is the spot fires that are the problem.

At this time not everyone is evil. They all do not worship the dragon and the beast because they have exchanged powers for the purposes of eradicating Christians. There are many who are shocked as to what is happening. I am sure that God is aware of the different level of reporting between the Vietnam and Iraq, Afghanistan wars and will compensate for these. In the Vietnam war reporting was as fair and reasonable as reporting can get and it made a lot of money selling papers. The problem was it pricked good people’s consciousness and forced an end to the war. They did not make the same mistake in the other two wars. There was far more money to be made firing bullets,demolishing buildings, stealing oil, selling drugs etc than selling a few newspapers. But the war against Christians is relying on exactly this. The 100% Christians who fall will be shown Heaven, just like Stephen was and this will not only cancel any possible pain but the glowing faces will imprint on those who still have a conscience thus causing all those spot fires which the beast will have to put out. Whether God uses social media or some other means to get these pictures out is not known but it certainly will not the the media barons who have heavy investments in the arms and oil industries. Thus that saying ‘ if you want to get rid of a recession start a war’.

3; The biggest difference between all those other calls and this one is the people hearing it. These are Bible based Christians and like those Bereans when they have a problem they search the Bible and because they search with confidence in the Word of God, He is able and will give them the answers. Bereans only had the Old Testament.  The problem the Bereans, we and those last day Christians is that we have a wealth of information of dates and times but we can’t pin them down to an exact starting point. If we could do that we we be able to count forwards and backwards to the described events. They are in a period of unprecedented period of accomplishment which was foretold by the prophet Daniel. This same prophet told them  that this prosperity would be preceded by the almost extinction of God’s people. Their problem and our problem is where do we put in the starting date. They used the opposite tactic.

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{ The internet failed and I lost aprox 1,400 words yesterday. I should have realised there was a problem when the spell  checker was not working. Believing in the sovereignty of God the only logical conclusion can be He didn’t want the material published as it would have caused more harm than good. But I can’t believe that the Lord would allow me to write blasphemous material for three hours on His Holy Sabbath Day. So I intend retyping tentatively what material I can remember. ( countdown,last 45 days, Stephen, 49/50, problems, 288,000) I think were the topics covered.}

The Christians of the call have just experienced horrific persecution. The beast may in fact have killed or jailed all existing fundamentalists. They were now in one of the most fruitful times Christianity has ever experienced. Their leaders, those released from jail by the beast could tell you the exact day they were released. Starting point number one. They like the Bereans now read and believed Scripture which said that these prosperous times would last for 140 days and would end with the beast out of the earth calling ‘here comes the bridegroom,come out and meet Him’. So when this happened they knew that planet was in its last 45 days when Jesus would return. You can forget that 1,800 years afterwards because it is only there for the benefit of the saints. Heaven wants to show them not just the history of every soul ever conceived but particularly how 300 or 400 million people can  give up all for the Lord, including their lives and still go to hell. So we try to follow the saints in Heaven as the foolish virgins, each one of whom may represent 3,000 dead, are at first gently lead through time anticipating they will buy the good oil. Even on earth we would admit that 1,260 years was way more than enough time to do this before the door of mercy closes. It is only after another 500 years that the pressure is really put on them and they all fail. They accept the mark of the beast and fight the battle against us and Jesus in the battle of the harvest because they are and always have been evil. The dead foolish virgins are also given another chance. They do not have the advantage of the millennium but they still have 260 years in which to repent in. The trumpets do not hurt them but they are hurt by the bowls.This is the topic of Pergamum.

I still find it difficult to grasp how these last call Christians and even more so the fundamentalist Christians who went through the 1,150 days of persecution could remain asleep all this time and only wake up at the very last minute. They remain as one church right unto the death knell when they split and one lot goes in one direction looking for oil and the other lot goes in the other direction to meet the bridegroom. So unto this time, the last 45 days before His coming we are not allowed to call our brother or sister goat or weed. This only applies to our brothers and sisters and not to satan dressed up in sheeps clothing.

This 45 day limit of existence applies equally to you and me. If you die today or tomorrow or whenever that’s it. It is all over, your Waterloo is here. If you die with the righteous dead you will be woken up by Jesus at His second coming and taken back to Heaven with Him. If you die with the unrighteous you will not come back to life until  1000 years after the second coming, or the millennium. Maybe that is why God is so generous with time after His second coming. Most of us died in our sleep! But the urgency and attitude that enters those last call Christians on day one of 45 should be ours today. We should have the attitude of a convicted criminal who has 45 days before his execution; count and make every hour also count.

There must be many Christians alive today who have been told their due by date from the medical profession. They know they have 45 days ( or whatever) when they will meet the Lord. Surely they must wake up then! Also during the revivals God’s church has experienced over the millennia would be counted as awakening! The implication of Matthew 25 is that the church sleeps throughout time. Lets us just follow those virgins again.

The two dominant dogma of the first church, Ephesus are 100% commitment and the rejoining of humanity and Divinity in Heaven. So it is either 100%, Ephesus or some other number, be that 99 or 95 or 43%, are all the same, Laodicea. The 100%, the wise virgins are of use to the Lord and go and meet Him with confidence. They have no problems with the Lord nor He with them. They can be confident, in fact 100% confident because they have returned to their first love when they knew that all they would ever need was Jesus and nothing else. They cannot make a mistake, regardless how violent the storm providing they rely on Jesus. If there is anyone Who would understand it would be Jesus that sometimes the waves are so large that Jesus disappears out of sight and we panic! But we know that He will never abandon us. That is the basis of that last lunge. We see the break in that wall of water on our right hand side and there is no doubt it is going to wash us away and drown us. We make that final lunge towards the outstretched hand of the Man in white above the waters and we know He will grab our hand and take us up into Heaven with Him.  These are the Stephens. When they die the Lord opens Heaven for them and shows them where they are going. Their glowing faces not only shield them from any pain but they impinge on the conscious’s of some watching and they in turn  turn to the Lord. If Stephen’s face had not glowed Heaven his death would not have had any effect on Paul. Another troublemaker dead where is the next one? It was that glow that started Paul on the road to his conversion.

Unfortunately the corollary of the above applies to the 99 or whatever % you are at. Because of the problem you have with God or His Word He cannot show you what Heaven is like. You are the one putting the block in the way. There will not be any Heavenly glow in your face and you will feel the pain. Onlookers will just say ‘ another one dead, join the millions up now! no big deal! Who got what value out of your death for the Lord?

So what is your problem with giving that 1% or whatever % to the Lord? Is it that you think that evolution has such a complete explanation for our existence there is no need for a creator God? Well that’s okay but at least learn the basic tenets of your faith. Look at the six tenets listed on page (  ). The first one something from nothing is an absurdity bordering on insanity. The second one is complexity arises from simplicity, spontaneously. Never, impossible. The third one that the complexity has been programed by the nothing to be of the right form to acquire life. Absurd! nothing knows nothing and can only do nothing. The fourth one is lifeless becomes alive. Never, absurd and impossible! Life of itself becomes more complex by increasing its genetic information. Impossible on any number of grounds. Fifth the increase in genetic information occurs by natural selection which is death and a shocking loss of genetic information. You cannot have had an increase because you have had a shocking decrease! ( I can’t put my finger on the previous reference) But I do admire your faith to believe in that series of absurdities and impossibilities! You can see why the debates evolutionists have with creationists finish up so one sided and they just won’t debate with us at all! You just concentrate on people who have no science background but you will tackle a person with junior science high school level providing you can muster someone from the top 20 universities in the world to stand up against him!.You couldn’t call the evolutionists as having any foundation at all! Unless you call nothing as being a foundation!. So it all becomes a matter of delivery to make up for no substance. You all stand there singing loudly from behind your song sheets, whatever is the current version it’s name will be ‘ peer reviewed’ and who ever dares to sing even one bar not on that sheet will be destroyed and devoured immediately. You are a real envy to possess such faith in the impossible!

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Is your problem all those criticisms by all those intellectual people of the Bible? Surely they can’t all be wrong? Well all those scientists who reject God as the creator and say it all comes from nothing are wrong! Every one of them and all it proves is that they all sing from the same song sheet. But now do a study of the Book of Daniel just from one angle. Could Daniel have really written this book and predicted those  calamities that were about to strike the Jews? Almost unanimously they all call ‘ no way!’ Then be prepared for some real science and linguistics to prove that this book is a fraud. All we really need is that Jesus treated this book as genuine and therefore it has to be genuine. Well I have got some news for all these critics. Daniel not only predicted the catastrophes about to befall the Jews he gave a whole history of planet earth, from before its appearance in time and space right through to its disappearance! All of its 7,777 years of its existence. Watching those satanic blogs with all their alleged errors in the Bible even and untrained person like myself can see the lies within. The sad part of it is that it makes people stop and think instead of immediately replying ‘away from me satan! my salvation is in this book and you have no chance of taking it away from me!’.

What about the history and intention behind writing each of those versions of the Bible? Just because satan dresses himself up as a pope and calls himself a Christian Pope and then carries out murderous acts is not going to stop me from calling myself a Christian. God is capable of looking after the integrity of Christ’s name and I feel very sad that He has let this name to be misused but I am sure that He knows what He is doing. There is no greater title on this earth for me than to be called a ‘ fundamentalist Christian’. Most fundamentalists would know the history of certainly the commonly used versions and there is nothing there that we can be proud of or defend other than its writers. But that is the whole point of Calvary’s tree!. Jesus factored all this humanity in and compensated for it, well enough to be accepted be God Himself. It is finished! I would have thought that God would draw the line at using the same title for God and satan.Yet He even allows that! Whatever the humanity it mixes in those pages with divinity, comes out through the hands of Jesus Christ is presented to God, an answer given back into the hands of Jesus and returned back to us in human form.

Probably a shot through my own foot would be a discussion of the Catholic Bible, my version is called ‘The Holy Bible’. I have already told you of the criteria I use to prove Divinity. My poor old locking knee, shoulder or lower back ( no version worked for my heart and that is why I went to hospital), if it removes the pain 100% and immediately whist saying the Lord’s prayer then that book is Divine. Yes the Holy bible did remove the pain. A Catholic reading the Holy Bible is in exactly the same category as a Protestant reading his NIV version if they are living in the light that has been shown them. Should the Catholic prayerfully study the criticisms that are levelled at those extra books? Yes and respond according to the light shown them.

Most Bible commentaries think they are shedding a light on the Bible. I do not.The Bible is the Sonlight and it is already dazzlingly bright and therefore can not have any more meaningful light thrown on it. The very best we can do is to put on a full helmet with a pin prick in it and study the tiny rays coming through this hole. That is why sometimes I think I am looking at one part of the Son but the Light coming through is coming from another part. Thus all those errors and corrections. Returning to a topic I have had a problem with for some time,the 288,000 souls alive at the second coming.

This is the solution I propose. A large sporting stadium in Australia, like the MCG holds about 100,000 people. But here we are dealing with almost three times that number!. How could this large number flee from a hurricane or tsunami or whatever method of destruction the abomination that causes desolation is going to use to throw down those remaining stones in the Holy Place? Even from the time they got to run it would take more than half an hour for the back of the cue to move. Half an hour is already too late!

The principle that I use is that the beast out of the earth is going to kill as many Christians as it can during its 45 days of terror.We’ll say that there are 38,000 people who are going to run before whatever the storm that may be. That leaves 250,000 somewhere else. The martyrdom will come in three waves. The first will be under the beast out of the sea, those living fundamentalist Christians. Revelation chapter 13 tells us that it will be complete, God’s saints will be overcome. That could be the reason why the beast switches tactics at the end of 1,150 days. This results in a second wave of red faced born again Christians.When these Christians turn up to protest against the beast out of the earth they come with one way tickets. They know they will not be needing the return leg. These are the second wave of martyrs. But these are going to be like those early Christians who were thrown to the lions and were shown Heaven as the animals leaped on them. It is their glowing Heavenly faces that bring the third wave of martyrs, all those spot fires after the main flame front. These are now the  problem the beast out of the earth and he only has 35 days to put them out. Unlike the first ten days where they turned up in rallies he might now have to go and look for them. So if there are 500,000 Christians in the spot fires the beast will not worry about those 38,000 who managed to,get to the hills whilst there are larger numbers elsewhere.  The only thing we can be sure about is that when there are 288,000 of God’s people left, wherever they happen to be that Jesus Christ will make His second appearance.

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Before moving to the parallel Church of Philadelphia I would like to change tactics.For this church I want more than head knowledge I want Heart knowledge. I probably know everything that those red faced Christians knew when the midnight call went out but that doesn’t wake me up like it did to them. I probably know as much about the Church of Philadelphia as Luther did but I cannot see the beauty that he was shown. With the light that only the Holy Spirit can show he probably didn’t even see those storms around him. Knowing that the door, Philadelphia, is the door that allows me to come to Jesus Christ, that He is the door through which we pass not just into Heaven but from the old Heaven to the New Jerusalem, when the blood of the Passover Lamb was applied to this door, so? That is head knowledge but is must pass through the incision of the heart to become heart knowledge and God has given us the precise instrument to do just that, the Bible. So I do not intend to attempt to go through this door until my return journey from Thyatira and it will be ‘asitiswritten’ . So correcting firstly for Smyrna. Revelation chapter 2:

Verse 8; ‘ To the angel of the church of Smyrna write; These are the words of him who is the First and the Last, who died and came to life again.’

God must have a reason for having a church of blood probably closely associated with the daily sacrifice. All time, all events of eternity included must point to the Seed, Jesus Christ, being thrown down into the ground after shedding His precious blood and being raised to eternity. So as His bride we also are going to go through similar motions.The seed has already been selected by Ephesus ( unfortunately the seed has wheat and weeds and God calls both seed or His Church)  is now going to die and will be resurrected to life eternal. All this may be wonderful material when looking back from Heaven but looking forward He has to show us a light which we will be able to see even in those approaching storms.

You don’t have to talk to your elders or priests or whoever they are all redundant and He speaks to you via His angel. The Words cannot be misinterpreted depending on your mood because they are written and they are none other than the Words of Jesus Christ in His Bible. The diamond mine which will never run out of diamonds is ‘who died and rose again’. We should not have to carry our Bibles everywhere as these words should also be written on our hearts and minds and can be recalled at any time. If there is any church that needs encouragement it has to be Smyrna, first the initial church of blood and the main event, in all probability us. So you either believe it is the word of God who knows everything or you don’t. Perhaps you would love to believe if only…………. Well when you see these predictions come true will they help?

Verse 9; ‘ I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but a synagogue of Satan.’

Well if you live in most countries today you don’t need Divine inspiration to understand the above verse. What you may need inspiration for is to understand that all those laws for terrorism were written with Christians in mind. So when they are applied to you  don’t say ‘ oh me oh my I didn’t realise!’ You have put those shoes on so now you are going to have to wear them! Stage one of awakening; done. Those laws say your beautiful home has been repossessed, that car is no longer yours, that egg nest and bank account are in cyberspace! Even the pickings out of garbage bins are going to be very lean not just because there are so many others looking but those people who threw food scraps into their bins trying to help you will be declared to be aiding and abetting terrorists. Yes you will know what the words poverty  and afflictions really mean! And the worst part of it is going to be that the slander is going to come from Christians! But you must realise that this is where the next wave of martyrs is coming from and like Jesus call ‘ Father forgive them for they know not what they do!’. The literal ones from the synagogue of satan will go on to cheer to uniting of satan and the beast to destroy Christians, these are real evil indeed!.

Verse 10; ‘ Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days. Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life’.   ( Blog crash 10pm on 17/5/16)

There are already very few places in jails now, so it will not take many Christians to fill these and the beast will have no choice but to go for the kill option. The time you spend in jail will be determined by on what day you were put in, but the maximum time will be 1,150 days. During this time don’t expect the screws to daily ask you what version of the Bible you would like for the day. The only version that will be available is the one that is written on your heart. From this version you are going to be expected to prepare yourself upon release to lead Christ’s church during it’s 140 day preparation period for those ten days of slaughter. We are not told of the specific tests we will be given in prison but each one will have ‘ I have allowed this one for your own good as a preparation for your release.’

It is interesting that Scripture awards the blame for this persecution on satan when it is really the two beats who are operating. It is his motivation on which they are acting. They really are now the unholy trinity so tightly bound that it will take that massive earthquake  of the seventh bowl to brake them apart and result in the fourth coming of our Lord. Thyatira. So satan was the evil responsible at the cross, and he could not have left a stone unturned to try to get Jesus to sin. Why then does he think he can be successful during the period of Pergamum which we are about to explore?

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The crown of life has to be Christ’s robe of righteousness. We do not have to have any doubts about this one as satan has already examined it with a 10X magnifying glass. God examined it with a billionX magnifying glass and we will examine it with a millionX   magnifying glass and are about to start. Because satan realises that there are no flaws in this robe his mode of attack changes to the existence of the robe; it does not exist. It does and Christians today are preparing to put it on. Whatever our problem it is settled by Jesus did or Jesus said. We already know that there cannot be any mistakes made by Him.

Verse 11 ‘ He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. He who overcomes will not be be hurt at all by the second death’.

The Church of Pergamum is about to burst onto the scene from Ephesus via Smyrna. To me that indicates that Ephesus produces three types of seed and not two as stated before. The three types are; 0%, 1-99% and 100% commitment to the Lord. The 0% who have no commitment are not even counted as a church. They may have wonderful concepts of divinity but this church only is concerned only with the one ‘ who died and came to life again ‘. So if they are not church the angel is not addressing them nor will they heart even if they have ears. The Holy Spirit can only be heard if there is a slightest chink in the armour and this will be the basis of the church of Pergamum.

Our first stage of initiation in Heaven under Ephesus was our rejoining to God via the tree of life and now the witness Scripture ‘you will never die’ . With this indescribable beauty around us even if it lasted for a billion years we would have to feel sad as each second passed, one second off that billion years and only ……. seconds left. What joy though that one with a billion zeros after it is but only the start! Compare that to today. I and almost half of all heart attack patients feel okay one breath and drop dead before the next breath!. That is the science of cardiology. They don’t even know whether you will take your next breath! So I am comparing my present life to the one above, one second of uncertainty compared to eternity and I am definitely tending to lean one way!


Verse 12; ‘ To the angel of the church in Pergamum write: These are the words of him who has the sharp, double-edged sword.’

We now enter into the Pergamum church or era of 1,260 years. It is a church of everything; contrast, contradiction, paradox, credibility and logic and incredibility and more all in one. It is a church that should not even be there! Surely it was all decided and settled on Good Friday! All Jesus has to do now is to take the goodies back to Heaven with Him and throw the baddies into hell! It was this church that made me sad as I read through it very few lights appeared. I  just hoped that the Lord was taking the baton away from me to share it with some other privileged being and not because I like that evil servant who had been given one talent was not using it as required by my Lord. The answers were not in Pergamum but in what Ephesus passed onto Smyrna. I know I have just stated it was three but that is in the long run, initially it was two types of seed. It was this realisation that caused the penny to drop!

It remains as two groups now for the remaining 1,800 years of time. The 0% and the 1% or more group of commitment to me. You may choose not to have any commitment to Me, the 0%, group and that Is the free will you have been given and the choices you make you will be responsible for. For the 1% or more group, if you show any trace of interest in Me I will not abandon you under any condition. Even when the door of mercy closes plan A of salvation becomes plan B. You are still Mine. It has to be your wilful choice by which you leave me. If you are living at that time you will have to accept the mark of the beast and march against the living saints of Heaven. If you are part of the resurrected dead you will march and try to destroy the nonliving component of My love, the Holy City. I group these two together. Daniel ( 9:24) ‘ Seventy sevens are decreed for your people and your holy city……’. They are one unit. I am most concerned about preparing the best possible place for you to spend an eternity in. You will remain as virgins until you decide you want to go whoring with evil. You will remain as My seed until you choose to be cast down into hell from which there is no resurrection.

The reason why it is so complex is because there there are so many parts. Pergamum maybe satan’s city but it is only a place where he lives. In fact satan has to take compulsory leave for 1,000 years of absence! Satan would like all the 1,260 years to himself to convince but one person to turn to Christ! A paradox at be defined as ‘ a statement which seems to at variance with commonsense’ but could you think of a better example? Satan wants someone to be converted to Christ!! Satan has no chance of hurting Jesus because Jesus is in Heaven and satan has been cast down to earth. From this he thinks if only I could get Him down here! Well certainly satan’s chances would improve of getting Jesus to sin. But different course of action would he take to what he did at Jesus’s first coming? This would prove that Jesus had made a mistake on the cross and therefore He was not divine. What a sweet victory that would be for satan? It would be the same victory for you lot who think that you can correct Scripture that Jesus made a mistake. But Pergamum is going to prove Jesus is divine and He did not make any mistakes anywhere, let alone on the cross. Satan maybe the major player on earth during this period but it is Heaven that calls the shots and satan just has to slot into the Heavenly timetable. He has no input whether he is locked away for 1,000 or 1,005 years, all this is determined by Heaven.

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So let us look at the situation from a Heavenly viewpoint. Ephesus passed a certain legacy onto Smyrna and it in turn passes its legacy onto Pergamum. Ephesus’s legacy, that of the first coming , passed onto Smyrna, that of the second coming the following:

1; 288,000 ungerminated seeds. They had not been thrown into the ground, they were alive and they had not sprouted and come up with new bodies. ( yes this subject has already been covered) Those seed consisted of 144,000 good seed, or wise virgins or those who have returned to their first love of Jesus or the 100% lot who are taken to Heaven with Jesus and the 144,000 tares or weeds or foolish virgins or the 1-99% lot who remain on earth and Heaven is now going to work on in bringing them around from their foolish ways. They will be given plenty of time, 1,000 years of it. They will be given the prayers of the active priests in Heaven as they pass through Jesus’s hands and are presented to God. There will be no calamities in this time, the trumpets will only be blown at the end of the millennium. So if satan is so desperate for just one convert why lock him out of the picture in the abyss? Paul wasn’t concerned who brought converts to Jesus as long as the Word was being preached. So why not allow allow satan and all his agents in black out there in the community to do some good for a change? Why take him out of the picture completely? Revelation ( 3:3) ‘ He threw him into the Abyss, and locked and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended. After that, he must be set free for a short time.’ There is much depth in this answer and that is the answer. To even consider this question puts not only my credibility and integrity on line but also that of this blog. The only reason it came up was because I am addressing  the words of an angel sent to a real physical living church that was ruled by satan and the angel was warning them against satanic deceptions. These deceptions must be great indeed as he has sent his double-edged sword. They are enticing but they always result in disaster.This also is your fate in considering satan’s options.

My Lord also tells me through His Word that if ever I want to see anything that is above in Heaven to get onto that first earthly step; the things of this earth. God is not only aware of the things occurring in this Pergamum but is controlling each one. By looking at them first should enable me to look to the ones above. Satan does not make the Heavenly plan he just slots into it the best he can. There can never be any collaboration or cooperation between the forces of dark and light. Calvary’s tree proved that.

2: The dead;  Although Smyrna begins with a real physical church and the suffering of God’s people throughout the ages it specifically begins in end times 1,335 days before the second coming. These dead that are present at the start of the 1,335 days of Smyrna are passed onto the second coming and therefore onto Pergamum obviously not affected by the events of those 1,335 days. They will consist of the 0%, 1-99% and 100% commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no doubt that the 100% will arise at the second coming and the Lord will take them back with Him for the start of the millennium.I also do not have any doubt that those who chose to disregard the pleadings of the Holy Spirit and have nothing to do with Jesus will be resurrected with the wicked at the end of the millennium.

I have already struggled with the fate of the 1-99% on many occasions and probably changed my mind on that number of times. But regardless of where they are in the history of time they are: they are My church, they are sent my angel, they are called virgins ( true faith beit foolish virgins) and they will remain as My people until they accept the mark of the beast, the living and  march against my living people or they line up with all the dead with the intention of destroying My other love, the city of eternity of My people. Watch the space of Pergamum what effort will make to convince them that only the 100% commitment is all that is acceptable.

3: The living; At the start of the 1,335 days of Smyrna there will be 0%, 1-99% and 100% commitment to Jesus. Events will begin with the 100% lot ( wave) who will then be responsible for an incredible harvest from the 1-99% wave who in turn will be responsible for the third wave from the 0% group. So Pergamum, strictly the church left on earth will be left with the 0% group plus those who still have their gripes with the Lord and are still looking forward to seeing the Lord correct His mistakes. ( Read Daniel chapter 12 particularly verse 3 ‘ Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens,  ( faces perhaps?) and those who lead many to righteousness, ( first and second wave of conversions?) like the stars for ever and ever.’  And now we move to verse 7 when we move on from the breaking of the power of God’s people, ( the good are taken away to Heaven with Jesus) to finally breaking that power when God’s final two witnesses are taken back to Heaven and the door of mercy slams shut.

Verse 13: ‘ I know where you live– where satan has his throne. Yet you remain true to my name. You did not renounce your faith in me, even in the days of Antipas, my faithful witness who was put to death in your city– where satan lives.’

Does this verse shoot this blog out of the water or does it confirm its basic tenets? ( internet restored 20/5/16 at 8 o’clock but still no phone line) All the churches have their angel who gives them their written instructions. But Perganum also has the sharp double edged sword if allowed will incise that coating of the heart. The 1,260 years it covers may be mainly for the saints  but it must be here for us on earth as well otherwise it would not be in the Bible. It wants us to understand God’s dealings with every soul He created and from this insight we will have a better understanding of His character and we may also ask for the fine linen, even if that be we just see a tiny part of it.

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The two examples I have already used are Luther and the awakening call. Luther only could produce a tiny fraction of what God showed him about that door of faith. Probably the best phrase that he produced was ‘ looking at my self I cannot see how I could be saved but looking at Jesus I can’t see how I could be lost.’  That was a head phrase but he saw much more than this with his heart to keep him going on through those dangers and hardships. I also know what that church at the end of the 1,290 days of persecution will find out– that Jesus Christ is coming in 45 days! I have recently found out how tenuous life really is. ‘ get out and go through all that intensive exercise’  is medical jargon for ‘ I don’t know whether you will take your next breath or die before it!’ The journey could end anytime but this does not make me wake up. It is head knowledge, not heart knowledge.

With Perganum we are being given the chance to acquire heart knowledge. This incredibly long period of time, and the 500 years after are given for a reason. The combined 1,800 odd years of time prove in Heaven we still have some humanity and difficulty with speed knowledge. So you may say that on earth with all humanity we have no chance. And you would be right except we do have Divinity with the presence of the Holy Spirit Who has arranged these words in such a way that He can explain them to us. So with prayer let us focus our attention on the first Perganum, could be 1,700 years before Christ’s second coming to 1,260 after Christ’s second coming and just before His third coming.

The object of focus is Anipas of the first church and the two witnesses of the second Perganum. ( Who I take to be Elijah and the apostle John, or just John as he seems to be the mouthpiece) . Both are faithful witnesses, are put to death by satan in the city where satan lives. ( As satan had no competition after the second coming on his release from the abyss he moved headquarters from Pergamum to the Holy City, Jerusalem) . So there are two instead of one witness, Anipas was not accompanied by Jesus in Person, the population’s reaction to the deaths appears to be different and the finality of the situation is different; the door of mercy only closes at the third coming. But the heavenly timeslot that we are dealing with is John and Elijah lying in the street dead for three and a half days.

So what we expect to have imprinted on our hearts  is the importance of every soul to God in Heaven. It is not a frivolous matter to state my case as this is where I am right now and therefore have a base for correction. Had I been John in that last 1,260 days before the door of mercy slammed close I would have really had two concerns; the foolish virgins all 144,000 of them and all the dead who were asleep at Jesus’s second coming but were not taken up with Him. They are the wicked dead even though many would have died clutching their Bibles on their chests with a big smile with which they were going to meet Jesus with. That is how confident they were. So my address does not have to cover those with the 100% commitment to the Lord, they are in Heaven and have been dealt with elsewhere and similarly those with 0% commitment. So my address would then be to the 1-99% group ( Laodiceans) but split into the living and dead. Their pathways are different and one will finish up attacking the living component of God’s love and concern, His people, whilst the dead will finish up attacking the non living component of God’s love, His Holy City. How would this go?

” Okay you lot I am here with Elijah because in 1,260 days the door of mercy will close. We are here with God’s authority, His olive trees, His lamps. All of you Laodiceans know the reason you are here and were not taken up with Jesus at His second coming is because you are evil. You are all going to hell, every single one of you. Your sins were not on Calvary’s tree on Good Friday so you must do your own time in hell associated with infinite suffering until you burn and scream yourself into nonexistence. This is your last chance to repent to Jesus Who is in that temple now awaiting your call. Your repentance will necessitate for Jesus to return to earth and die your death for you in hell  and prepare His cloak of righteousness for you. How good could He get? Wake up and take advantage of His offer. What are you holding onto that is not just worth forsaking Heaven for but screaming your way in pain into nonexistence? You woke up at the midnight call so why not now? I have told you nothing that you don’t know. It is written down in that book of God that you based your lives on. Is it your desire to prove that God is wrong when He says those living will receive the mark of the beast and march against Jesus whilst the dead will march against His Holy City? You are not children so you can imagine yourself screaming if only the small amount of pain you experienced in your life up to now is returned to you? Do you really think that you are still going to stick by your decisions you made now and you won’t regret them even if now their results have materialised? How difficult can it be to say ‘ for give me Lord!

“But Pergamum tells us that this is not how the Lord operates in conjunction with Heaven. There when there is an increase of the 1% person to 2% there is an deafening roar! Well done you have just increased your commitment to the Lord by 100%.! well done! a stunning result! have a rest before you exhaust yourself!  Heaven follows every % point for every person so now let us apply that the apostle John on earth dressed in sackcloth. His main address at this late stage of the killing of the witnesses to the foolish virgins who had; initially when woken by the midnight call asked for spare oil and were rejected by the wise virgins set out to buy the oil. Some time after when they realised they had to sell in order to buy they had nothing to sell. ‘ I am rich, I do not need a thing’. Clearly that stuff about buying and selling did not apply to them, it must apply to someone else and they went back to the wedding feast and asked to be admitted. They  did not need to offer any excuse about whether they had or had not bought the oil, it just wasn’t applicable to them. The talent was a different matter. God imposed conditions on giving these out. The expectations that God had were not realistic as far as they were concerned so they handed this back at the same time. This is the situation John delivers Heavens message to the foolish virgins and those hundreds of millions of dead who had died as Laodiceans but the seals and the millennium would not be applicable to them:

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” Heaven knows of your commitment to the Lord, and in one word it is stunning! It would like to show you gratitude for those souls you brought to the Lord and those you brought back onto the right path. here is a list of these people and it would be so lovely to see you all reunited in Heaven and for them to show you their gratitude for your efforts! Your teaching that was so effective because it concentrated on the cross. You rightly taught that the cross is God’s ultimate symbol of love. There is not a soul that was excluded from Good Friday. Every make, every model and every year of sin was included. The cross attracted all: black and white, yellow and brown, red and blue, male and female, straight and bent and what other categories you care to name. It was your message that attracted these names on Heaven’s list. It was your commitment to the Lord that made the message ring true. It was to this that these people were attracted! Your willingness to forfeit all your earthly belongings was one thing but your willingness to forfeit your life for Me was just breath taking! I have not and I never will abandon anyone who comes to me. You are an incalculable treasure to Me and it is you and you alone who can break that bond with Me. Time is of no object to Me and I am prepared to do anything for you, including returning to earth and going through the fires of hell on Calvary’s tree if that is what it takes to bring you up to Heaven now. The love of God as displayed on that cross can never be over emphasised as too great and encompassing and there is My proof of that statement! I have just walked you through almost 1,260 years of time. you have had the Holy Scriptures all this time, your commitment to them has not changed  and you are well aware of they teach. Your faith in Me you have not renounced even though satan has killed My two witnesses. You are upset by this act even though it was foretold in Scripture.

” They also tell you that Salvation Plan A is about to expire and be replaced by Salvation Plan B. You know that hours 12 to 3 of Good Friday are no longer relevant after that time. Just think back to my two witnesses. You eagerly awaited My third return as you had a long list of gripes against Me, My Word. Once you accepted that these two witnesses were the two olive trees and the two lampstands that stand before the Lord of the earth you developed a good rapport with them and you are now upset they have been killed. You knew they were My  servants by the major miracles they performed. You gave them the problems which they presented to Me for My reply. There was no reply there that was not a part of Scripture and now the intermediaries have gone you have placed your faith in me again and in my word. It has all the answers you need and what is written is now about to be fulfilled. The fork on the road has been placed in front of you. Salvation plan A or B. Entirely your choice, either way you remain as My true church as a new era is about to unfold”.

Satan had his headquarters switched from Pergamum to Jerusalem whilst he was in the abyss. As well as God’s temple there were many demonic temples built here as well just after the second coming to prove humanity could get on well once those fundamentalist Christians had been removed. They were the only problem that was preventing harmony by their insistence that the only way to the true God was through Jesus Christ. So where does the Bible put Islam and their Allah? The answer is that one of those temples is to Allah and it is not built to the Biblical scale. Yes fundamentalist Christians will be regarded as worse than the Muslims . So many in fact that John had to measure them and only one was built according to the plan given to God’s people. Just like satan was blamed for that slaughter of Christians by the beast out of the earth for ten days he is blamed for the killing of the two witnesses even though it is the beast that comes up out of the abyss who does the actual killing. They are a tightly knit unholy trinity where satan has already done his time and the beast is about to go.

Verse 14;  ‘ Nevertheless, I have a few things against you. You have people there who hold to the teaching of Balaam, who taught Balak to entice the Israelites to sin by eating food sacrificed to idols and by committing sexual immorality.’

Let us firstly put to bed all sexual immorality. It is, always has been and always  will continue to be up to and in Heaven an abomination to God. That doesn’t just include sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, gay marriage and a whole spectrum of other sexual abominations that prevent you from truthfully saying to your partner ‘ according to God’s will you are the only person I share his special bonding gift of sex with and within His framework’. On this union you could rightfully expect God to place His blessing on.

It is not just physical whoring that is being addressed but spiritual whoring as well. It is more than just not asking our Muslim friends about the preparation of the food and then declining to eat it if it has been offered to Allah.He is some God they claim to have access to without using Jesus Christ as an intermediary. It is the subject matter of the Book of Romans and Scripture can gloss over it here because the two witnesses have just studied it with the foolish virgins.

Verse 15: ‘ Likewise you also have those who hold to the teaching of the Nicolaitans.’

Already covered on  numerous occasions.

Verse 16: ‘ Repent therefore! Otherwise I will come to you and will fight against them with the sword out of my mouth.’

They don’t repent as the witnesses have been pleading for them to do so and Jesus does come and fight against them with the sword out of His mouth as the rider of the white horse battle.

Verse 17: ‘ He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it.’

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Unlike the Book of Romans which strikes the perfect balance between love and justice, this blog overemphasizes law over love primarily because Christianity overemphasizes love over law. In fact law in not even on the radar in most cases for most Christians. Pergamum also concentrates heavily, but not exclusively on love. It follows God’s people through an incredibly long period of time, 1,260 years. It emphasizes any triumph or success and encourages every step of their journey. But the journey does finish and unlike the Israelites in the desert who sent spies to explore the promised land, each individual explores the promised land for themselves. Also unlike the Israelites in the desert who had to follow the Shekinah Glory of the cloud when it swung back into the desert they individually swing back into the desert. They say ‘thank you but no thank you to the promised land’. They were not prepared to accept God’s rules for entrance; repentance. The fork on the road was clearly marked out: salvation plan A or salvation plan B. Plan A required repentance and they had nothing to repent of. All those meetings with the two witnesses did not convince them about anything. If anything it showed that God was not going to admit to any errors and neither were they.

The fruit of repentance was great indeed.It was Heaven but God might stil be bluffing about plan B. They were willing to punt and so the march of time enters its Last 500 years and the fourth coming, Thyatira.

The initiation in Heaven progresses to the next stage. Stage one Ephesus was Calvary’s tree from 12 to 3 the dark hours. The charge that ‘ you did wilfully break the loving relationship of God to you’ for all sins was admitted, pleaded guilty to and thrown into the flames of hell and consumed, each sin individually. Humanity had been restored to Divinity and symbolised  by us eating from the tree of life and the most important step of initiation. Likewise Smyrna  initiation covered the 9 to 12 time slot. ‘ This sin that you committed and broke God’s law and you must now be burnt in hell for was like wise admitted, pleaded guilty to and thrown and consumed in hell. So Smyrna is assured that you will never have to die, Jesus has already taken that death for you.

Pergamum receive the white stone and the hidden manna. The manna is hidden because it is Heavenly manna and there are no words or concepts which can begin to describe its beauty. The best that we can do is to look at the things of this earth.The Israelites received Manna whilst they were in the desert. They were allowed to pick it up off the ground for six days but not the Sabbath. For six days they were supposed to make preparation so they could enjoy fellowship with their creator on the seventh day. Thus it is in Heaven and therefore the restoration of the Sabbath Day of eternity. The preparation that we make in that timeslot amounting to six days ( there is no day or night in Heaven) in preparation of the true Sabbath cannot be described nor can that Holy 24 hour time slot.

Does that mean that we were not celebrating the Sabbath with God for the first 1,260 years of time in Heaven? Well we couldn’t really because we could see Jesus in a standing position ready to return to earth had one soul repented. We were never sure that He would be with us the next Sabbath! But now the door of mercy has closed and we can now begin our preparations as required By Heaven and we know Jesus will be there for all times! The white stone has already been covered and is the key to our Heavenly apartment for eternity the one Jesus told us He was going back to Heaven to prepare for us. So with these steps our Heavenly lives can begin in earnest. Our Lord and Master will never leave us again! There was not much point receiving our keys if we were  not sure we were staying!


Verse 18; ‘ To the angel of the church in Thyatira write: These are the words of the Son of God, whose eyes are like blazing fire and whose feet are like burnished bronze.’

Well Pergamum it is not congratulations that are in order but commiserations. Your degradation from Pergamum to Thyatira. Put simply and crudely ‘you blew it’. You made the same mistake at My ( I think that I should use upper case for these pronouns as I think I am paraphrasing this particular verse) third coming that humanity made at My first and second comings. You mistook My patience and long suffering, symbols of My love as a weakness, something to be taken advantage of. Well all three comings did occur and this is why you find yourself in the situation you are in. You could not have been given a longer time than 1,260 years and ideal conditions to study and realise your situation: you were left behind and are about to burn into oblivion in hell. The problem is that you regard My Word, the Bible, just as another piece of literature, perhaps even from the better end, maybe even in the top ten. You think it is not a bad guide providing you are allowed to make the necessary corrections. You studied it for 1,260 years and then cross checked it with My two witnesses who in turn presented all your arguments to Me. Not on one occasion did I change one word. So it was you who personally explored the promised land. It checked out with the Scripture you were prepared to die for. So it was tour decision and your decision alone that caused you to swerve away from the promised land and back into the desert. You still remain My people and will continue to do so until you place the mark of the beast over My seal. So Thyatira is going to be our trip through the desert together and it will take about 500 years. There is only one exit out of this desert and it is a fork both branches of which are death. The choice that you will have will be to take advantage of My time in hell from which My eyes are still blazing and feet glowing or you can go to hell yourself. It seems like a no brainer and you will be given plenty of time to decide’.

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Verse 19: ‘ I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are doing more than you did at first’.

‘ you are now trying to compensate for that last horrific mistake, your last chance. When your friends, My two witnesses, were killed you still had three and a half days to repent. This was all predicted in My Word and if this did not convince you that the Bible is not just any old literature, it is My Word then nothing else will. The problem is much deeper. It is not that enough evidence has been presented to prove the Bible is the Word  of God. The problem is within you and the free will you have been given’.

Verse 20: ‘ Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food offered to idols. I have given her time to repent of her immorality, but she is unwilling. So I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery  with her suffer immensely, unless they repent of her ways. I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each according to your deeds. Now I say to the rest of you in Thyatira, to you who do not hold to her teaching and have not learned Satan’s deep secrets ( I will not impose any other burden on you): Only hold on to what you have until I come’.

To lump all these texts clearly means I don’t understand their significance. Each of the churches is made up of an earthly component and a Heavenly one. The Heavenly one is well defined with ” to him who overcomes I will do…”.  The earthly one is far more complex. It certainly has a time stamp on it and it applied to that church at that time. It also applies to every other church throughout time as well as yours and mine ( when I attended). But they also appear to apply to the four comings of our Lord. Certainly Ephesus and Smyrna apply to the first and second coming of our Lord. So why shouldn’t they apply to the other two comings with their parallel meanings?.

So Pergamum would cover the 1,260 years after the second coming. This is split into a millennium and a 260 year time slot. But the church gives very little detail of this period and launches straight into the death of Anipas. If the corresponding period to this is the two witnesses then it only really deals with the last three and half days of the 1,260 year period. These 3 1/2 days are of critical importance to the history of God’s church as they launch the church from one period, before the door of mercy closes to the next or after the door of mercy closes. I can find very little to compare the 500 years of the bowls to the period of Thyatira. We may only be given the launching of this church and its final death throws. It is a long way to look ahead and may be the object of study of the Heavenly hosts. All we can say is that sexual immorality, both physical and spiritual are major problems for all churches including Pergamum and Thyatira. There is no doubt it is the major problem in Christ’s church today, both physical and spiritual and will be the down fall of at least this church and precipitate the coming of our Lord. A lot of time is spent on warning both Pergamum and Thyatira so they must be significant problems there as well. It was almost every time the reason for falling of God’s people throughout time, so today it is no different.

Reading through this church the brief comments I can make are: Immediately after the first,second and third comings of our Lord the church revived itself and launched itself from a high pedestal into the next era but lost their way not that long after. So Ephesus and Smyrna were extremely successful so much so that satan had to pull the infiltrate trick from within by Constantine. This is his ultimate weapon and never fails. After the second coming the foolish virgins did actually go and intended to buy the good oil. After the third coming Thyatira were actually ‘ doing more than they did at first ‘.

Where did they finish up though? The first church still had virgins, albeit sleeping ones who formed the first wave of martyrs, which resulted in a second wave and finally a third wave. When we get the end of the pergamum church we find the foolish virgins quizzing the two witnesses about their faith. They were highly upset to see their friends killed but those witnesses would have told them that is exactly what was going to happen and that was their very last chance of getting into Heaven. I wonder if it would have made any difference to the foolish virgins if the option was Heaven or go to hell instead of Heaven  and not going to hell? Both Revelation chapter 14 and the church of Thyatira tell us that this church finished with God’s they still had God’s seal. ” Only hold onto what you have until I come”. The Heavenly option has already been covered so it just a summary that follows.

Verses 26-29: ‘ To him who overcomes and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations— He will rule them with an iron sceptre, he will dash them to pieces like pottery– just as I received authority from my Father, I will give him the morning star. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches’.

Heaven appears to allocate time in half hour time slots. It only allocates one of these to the saints in Heaven when the seventh seal is broken and the beauty of the scroll is revealed. If this is the case and earth’s history from creation to consummation is 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours then there are about 140 million units of time allocated to this planet. There are now very few of these units left and we still have to account for four churches; 4, Thyatira; 5, Sardis; 6, Philadelphia and 7, Laodicea. Events become cramped and earth falls over the edge into oblivion. To fit these events in I must assume:

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1; That Thyatira finishes with that flash and announcement from the sky of chapter 18 verses 1,2. ‘ After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven. He had great authority, and the earth was illuminated by his splendor. With a mighty voice he shouted: ” Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great! She has become a home for demons and a haunt for every evil spirit, a haunt for every unclean and detestable bird”  ‘. This is the fourth coming of our Lord and it could be none other than Jesus Christ Who announces the fall of evil. It was Jesus Christ Who crushed the feet of the statue and threw them into the furnace of Calvary’s tree and then rescued them and it is Jesus Christ Who now pulls those feet out from under this statue. They still must be crushed and the edifice of thighs, chest and head still have to fall and also be crushed. These events are inevitable and he fall spontaneous.

2: This fourth coming was preceded and resulted from the pouring out of the seventh bowl. As the unholy trinity were inseparable and unshakable it took severe earthquake, none that had ever occurred before to shake this unit of evil apart.

3: Whereas there was going to be only one battle lead bu the forces of evil against Heaven, that of Armageddon now they split into two; the living lead by the beast out of the sea. the Canaanites and the dead lead by the dragon, the Egyptians.

4: Only the living, most of whom have been alive now for some 1,800 years join the beast out of the sea in the first battle. The dead stand far off and cry Woe, Woe in Rev ( 18:10,11). They all had to be impressed when this beast killed those trouble makers ,the two witnesses and he did go within a whisker of killing all of God’s people on earth. It was only the fact that Jesus appeared and took the remaining 144,000 back to Heaven with Him. This beast says that now he wants to complete this killing and the living as they had done some 1,800 years ago agree to join him. The story of both Thyatira and Sardis is the 144,000 foolish virgins who decide to join him.

5: It could be the strength of the arguments that both leaders presented that convinced the dead to march with satan and not the beast. They had not experienced  the beast’s efficiency at killing God’s people, both evil leaders were virtually powerless and could not stop themselves from being thrown into the abyss. The foolish virgins had still chosen the beast even though God had shown His superiority in this way. What could have won the dead over  was the strength of their arguments. The dragon said I am fighting against something that is on this earth, the city of Jerusalem, and you are fighting against something that is in Heaven, the rider on the white horse and His armies.

So the message to the Thyatyrians in Heaven is quite simple and the next stage, actually the climatic stage of the initiation in Heaven.

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So it was Pergamum which was responsible for ushering in the era of the power of God’s people being broken, Jesus came and took them back to Heaven, but it was Thyatira that was where the era where the power of God’s people was FINALLY broken when the two witnesses were returned with Jesus to Heaven.( Dan 12:7) It is worth noting what is included in ‘All these things will be completed’. It has taken the saints in Heaven almost 1,800 years, the eras of Pergamum and Thyatira, to ask for and receive the fine linen. This beautiful robe of Christ’s righteousness will now sit even more comfortably than before. The problem with this first run, more me anyway, through the churches is, as expected, that it raises more questions then it answers. 1,800 years is an incredibly long period of time, almost the time back to the cross. It is so long that it seems unacceptable. It has taken this long for Heavenly beings, with no trace of sin, no mutations or any defects whatsoever to say ‘ Can I please be given some mechanism so that I can begin examining this beautiful robe of righteousness, a process I hope will take an eternity’. Up to now it was just stunningly beautiful.

They saw something in this time to make them ask that question. But the Bible is about three things: the Bridegroom, the Bride and the preparation of the Bride for an eternity. So if we are reading these texts and we are going to finish up in Heaven then they must be a part of that preparation, providing we approach the Word of God for what it is; the Word of God and not just some other ancient literature full of errors and contradictions.  Very early on in their arrival in Heaven the saints were shown that they had been restored with Divinity. They were also shown that this what they are experiencing is now for ever. They will never die. It took 1,260 years to give them the routines and the key to their apartments. They could not be given their routine of worshipping their Lord if He was standing ready to return to earth had one person repented whose sins were not born on Calvary’s tree. Had Jesus made one mistake He would have readily admitted it and returned to earth to correct it.The saints were a part of the furniture in Heaven. They thanked God that He did not allow any of those who disagreed with the arrangement into Heaven and all the quarrels that would have resulted. So we can assume that even though they studied their given robes, which we could actually begin on earth, it was not until after 1,260 years when they were given their hidden manner that their study began in earnest and the subject of their study was Thyatira, it was what was going to lead them asking that question, asking for the fine linen. Thus part of the hidden manna must be the study of this robe, and in all probability a very major part of it.

So I have arrived at the end of Thyatira, am going to give my interpretation of the initiation step but with a major question unanswered, but maybe the answer is still to come in the other churches. That question is that I was standing next to my wife, we were both clutching our Bibles with one hand and holding hands with the other, we were both confident that we would be together in Heaven, we had no regrets that we had surrendered all that earthly garbage, and as that laser beam passed over us we called ‘ Glorified be your name!’  Yet she taken up to Heaven with the righteous at the start of the Millennium but I was not raised until 1,000 years later with the unrighteous dead. I am really in a new category, the foolish dead as compared to the foolish living virgins.

If this question has been answered for you then please return with the usual *** to Thyatira initiation. If it was one of her questions in Heaven then it has been settled, otherwise she would not have asked for the fine linen. Had that beam not vapourised the blood in my neck and I had not fallen then I would have been one of those foolish virgins. The advantages of this would have been great indeed. I would have received the seal of God and I would have been lived in the presence of Heavenly prayers and their amazing power for a whole 1,000 years. I am aware that there was not even one response from these people who were given this leniency, and I probably would not have responded either, but I was given no such leniency. I was resurrected right at the start of the turmoil, the trumpets began to be sounded. The power of God’s people had not been finally removed and so the destruction of the trumpets was only partial, by thirds. When the power Of God’s people will be finally broken then the bowls which are full on destruction begin. So God appears to have made a judgment, and Heaven,including my beloved wife that the 1,000 years would  not  have changed the result of my repentance.My heart was just too hard and it would require far harsher punishment to try to crack it. Is it that obvious or are they all just relying on God’s judgment?

The trumpets may only be by thirds but they are still particularly nasty. I know my Scripture well enough to know that I have just been through my first death and I cannot be now killed again until my second death in hell,so I am not intimidated in any way including those crazed horsemen. I have 260 years of grace. That is like saying JK Heaven will now give you until 2.276 to change your mind. There can be no complaint about the length of the period of grace.

I am about to attempt the most difficult transition of them all; the climax of Thyatira to Sardis. Scripture seems excessively generous and lenient to the foolish virgins. I have followed in their footsteps and feel fairly sure of my allocation I am about to make. I will call these the living foolish righteous. They have been alive now for almost 1,800 years and they did not die in the great slaughter of the beasts.  God intervened before by His second coming before the beast could kill them. The seals given to them by God prevented them from harm or death during the intervening 1,800 years. They are foolish because Heaven calls them foolish and proves its case convincingly over those years. They are righteous because Heaven calls them virgin and church and allocates an angel to them. Throughout Revelation they are called ‘My people’. Up to now I have tried to walk in their shoes.

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But now about the ones who were felled at those rallies. On page 96 I have not sufficiently distinguished these and that is my present confusion. At that point that flash in the sky, the second coming of the Lord there are those living and those dead. The living are split into three groups; righteous living, actually 144,000, and are called ‘the wise virgins’ and are taken to Heaven as first fruits. the foolish living, also 144,000 and are called the foolish virgins who are about to receive all that attention from Heaven, and the dead.The evil living are those who worshipped the beast and the dragon because they were killing God’s people. But the dead are only given two categories, not three. The unrighteous dead, those with 0% and 1-99% commitment to the Lord and the righteous dead those with 100% commitment to the Lord.  There is no split in the 0 and 1-99% groups. These are the counterpart to those living, foolish righteous. These therefore are the dead, foolish righteous. Many fell at those rallies for their faith and God could quite easily have chosen them to be alive at His second coming. It was not their choice to be in this group, it was Divine Providence.So why should they be treated differently now to those living foolish unrighteous, the foolish virgins? It is in their shoes that I try to walk and it a major problem for the saints in Heaven because of their just minds.

The differences that I have to account for  are the seals and the millennium which one group experience but the dead ones do not. It has already been pointed out that neither the foolish living nor the foolish dead virgins can die. The living because they have the seal of God and the dead because they have already been through their first death and can only experience their second death in hell. So the crazed horsemen can kill neither group. Neither group can go to hell. The living foolish because they have the seal of God which makes it an impossibility to go to hell and the dead foolish because they do not have the mark of the beast. Many of them died for this particular cause. The only way that these can go hell is to be a part of one of the two battles. Option one to be a part of the battle of the beast against the righteous in Heaven and the rider of the white horse is not an option at all and they do not respond to his call for battle. If they did the beast would make sure they had his mark ( or entry into hell) and they would be killed. So when they are risen in the final judgment they would go to hell which would be their third death, no such thing exists. So the only option that exists is they join with satan when he tries to destroy God’s second love, His Holy City. This option also exist for the foolish virgins. The living virgins finish up in fighting the battle of the living and the dead finish up in fighting the battle of the dead. The warnings and the consequences that are given in these last churches apply to both groups; if you don’t do that evil salvation plan B applies to you.

What about the suffering experienced by both groups? The seals specifically forbids any harm to those foolish virgins well what about the dead foolish virgins? The only harm that can befall either group is the fifth trumpet;the scorpions. The dead are not resurrected until after the scorpions and the living are protected anyway. So the suffering of the scorpions can affect neither group. Neither can the bowls, the full on suffering. Heavenly prayers totally protected planet earth form any disasters for the millennium,  the future third coming only allowed partial destruction,the trumpets during the next 260 years and after Jesus and His entourage return to Heaven finally breaking the power of God’s people do bowls, the church of Thyatira come into play.But they only apply to those who have the mark of the beast as neither of our groups have the bowls do not apply to them So so far Heaven’s treatment of the foolish living and the foolish dead has been almost identical.

Well what about the thousand years of Heavenly Prayers? ( system crash required momentarily for me to relog on which I did not do as message  disappeared.Lost approx 900 words)  One of the beautiful privileges of life has been to read the Book of Revelation and obtain many answers to the   many previously unanswered questions, so much so that when I have a problem I firstly seek for the answer in this book first. The treatment of the two groups is now totally different. A basic tenet of our faith is that prayers are only effective when prayed for the living and of no value when prayed for the dead. If you already believe this then skip the rest of this paragraph as I intend to try to use Revelation to answer this question. The conclusion will be just that: that prayers should only be prayed for the living and not the dead. When the millennium begins for the saints in Heaven it is marked by the arrival of every prayer each saint ever prayed in their lives. At first we are stunned by the importance and significance that Heaven attaches to each prayer, regardless of how fleeting it was. Each prayer passes through the angels hand ( Jesus Christ) standing at the altar who removes its humanity and passes it onto God for answer. The answer is worked out, Heavenly host assigned to ensure it is carried out and the answer passes back to those hands which re-add the humanity and passed onto the petitioner. The prayers that give the greatest delight are obviously those which have helped push someone over the line and into Heaven. What a delight dancing and cuddling someone who has done that to you! Earth and not just the foolish virgins benefit much from these prayers. They stop the trumpets from blowing and their effect is only really felt when they are hurled down from Heaven at the end of the millennium. Satan’s absence may have some contribution but it is those prayers that result in the most peaceful and prosperous time the earth has been through. They show the saints that peace does not necessarily bring converts. Those foolish virgins started off with zeal and fervour to look for the good oil and it was not the detrimental conditions that stopped them from searching. During this 1,000 years all the dead have been just that, dead. They therefore could not take advantage of these peaceful conditions. They did not come to life, both the evil evil and the dead foolish virgins until at least 200 days, and could be 300 days after those Heavenly prayers were hurled down from Heaven. ( using 150 days as the time for the fifth trumpet). They are all evil and will finish up in hell after Heaven has pointed out to the saints their real nature. What these dead find on awakening is : a golden censor that has been hurled down from Heaven (  a rare container made of precious metal which will probably be able to withstand even Peter’s destructive fires). It is filled with the saints prayers ( so for at least some time there is no trace of earth in Heaven and it is reassuring to know our loved ones made it up there). It also has fire from the altar in Heaven ( indicates repentance is going to an issue) and it does not just contain incense but much incense. ( indicating that our prayers will be able to be taken to Heaven for many years to come) . So the ball is now in the resurrected dead’s court, they didn’t benefit from the thousand years of saintly prayers because they were dead. But even if the dead do not benefit from the prayers of the living it does not mean they will not be given another chance! They will!

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**** Returning to the church of Thyatira. If there are four comings of our Lord then there should be four eras and four churches. thus 0 to 4,000 years, the first coming, the church of Ephesus; 4,000 to 6,000 years, the second coming, the church of Smyrna; 6,000 to 7260 years, the third coming, the church of Pergamum; 7,260 to 7,777 years the fourth coming and the church of Thyatira.

The first coming was for setting up the rules and rejoining humanity to Divinity. Ephesus. The setting up of this church and its testing is the second stage and is not a very pretty stage at all. But then neither is sin and meeting God’s standards which are impossible for us to meet. This is the church of blood, Smyrna. There is then a period of checking to see if there were any mistakes made and someone had been left out of Heaven who should have been. The door of mercy then closes and that should be the EOB. Amen. ( end of Bible) So what is this last era about once the door of mercy closes and there can be no more admissions into Heaven? What is this salvation plan A changing to plan B about? Haven’t the people been given every chance to repent and are unwilling to do so proven conclusively that they just don’t want to go to Heaven? Spending an eternity in Heaven with Jesus would be just hell! How much more do they have to tell God before it sinks into Him? They don’t want to be there! So God comes up with another plan, one which will now run for almost 500 years of time. God’s plan even before creation was that the time line evil was going to be destroyed, burnt into non existence. Evil had a similar plan for the good time line and they met on Good Friday on Calvary’s tree. It was not a foregone conclusion. It was not so much evil winning but good losing. All good hung on that middle cross with the redeemed on one side and the damned on the other. Christianity cannot overemphasise to the love of that cross! From this we have planB. If you don’t want to be with me for an eternity you will not require plan A but that does not make you evil necessarily. You just don’t want to be with me. It is only evil that has to be thrown and destroyed in hell. But your sins are evil and they must be destroyed, which I am prepared to do for you so you won’t have to suffer in hell yourself. If the sins are attached to an evil person then you both will have to be destroyed in hell. So Pergamum closes the door on plan A and Thyatira opens plan B. It would be easy if that is all that was involved.

Just because I can’t see what Paul saw in Heaven does not stop me from commenting about Heaven or I can’t see what Luther saw in the door of righteousness from commenting about this door. Neither can I see what it took the saints almost 1,800 years to see and they were wearing Christ’s robe of righteousness! But I am still going to make an attempt of analysis of this period. The starting point is the initiation of the saints on their fourth step. They already know they have been reunited to God as symbolised by their eating from the tree of life. They know this is forever that they will never die and they have been given their routines and the keys to their Heavenly apartments. They are a part of Heavenly furniture! They are grateful none of that lot that would rearrange this furniture got into Heaven so what more do they want or is possible to give them?

Paraphrasing verses 26-28 ” To him who overcomes and does my will, well you My saints have overcome and that is why you have been with Me in Heaven for some 1,800 years and about to go through the next stage of initiation. I obtained the victory on Calvary’s tree but because of my grace and mercy chose to allow time to run for another 4,000 odd years by restoring the beast. I now choose to withdraw my support of this beast and to exercise the authority that I obtained from Good Friday over all the nations. But I now pass this authority onto you because you proved faithful to Me even when times were really hard you did not lose your trust in Me. This is one of the rewards for this trust. The nations will not accept your authority so you will dash them to pieces like pottery. You have already asked for and received the fine linen and the wedding is about ( or has it already) taken place. You have received already the first installment of the Morning star ( if that is possible) but the final installment will be when you in arm to arm with Him will enter your city of eternity”.

Sardis: Verses 1,2 (chapter 3) ‘ to the angel of the church in Sardis write: These are the words of him who holds the seven spirits of God and the seven stars. I know your deeds, you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead. Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your deeds complete in the sight of my God.’

If the preceding paraphrase is accurate then it poses many problems. ‘To him who overcomes’ applies  to every individual in time. We know that if we overcome God will do these things to us including the bit on authority, dashing and morning star. The morning star, Jesus Christ can only be fully revealed in Heaven when the fires of hell have been extinguished, eternity has begun. So no problems with ‘ I will also give him the morning star’, except if the morning star is given in Philadelphia or Laodicea then why not include it there? Also the dashing of the pottery, the battle of the rider on the white horse why is it included in Thyatira when it occurs in some other church.?

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The Bible gives us precise dates concerning the first coming of our Lord, incredible detail concerning His second coming, detail down to the day of His third coming so why not detail down to the day concerning His fourth coming?. We may have to extend and buffer each coming with a church, so:

We have Ephesus—-first coming—– Smyrna

Smyrna ——- second coming——–Pergamum

Pergamum——– third coming——- Thyatira

Thyatira——–  fourth coming——– Sardis

This will allow us to include Sardis in the fourth coming. If the model I now propose is full of holes and errors then I have achieved much. When someone corrects the errors and fills the holes then we have a working model of events almost 1,800 years from now. If the model crashes then my response would be ” I tried and it is not the first or last model that I came up with that was a wipeout”.

We should not be ashamed to look for major events to be foretold in the Bible. There is always the problem of the starting date for these events but at the right time the Lord will reveal these to us and we can count backwards or forwards from these. The Jews who read Daniel in the time of Antiochus IV knew down to the half day ( 2,300 morning and evening sacrifices) what was going to happen and at what time they were to make their stand against him on. In our times the church will follow events carefully and will wake up on day 1,290 at the beginning of the beasts out of the earth reign. The preparation for God’s first church began at a certain hour and continued with detailed explanatory noted for the next five consecutive days. It’s first members were not created until day six when the first church began its existence. Whenever a creationist uses those six days of creation the shout from the secular world is always ‘ ignoramus’! Let me just digress for a moment to counter this call.

I know when speaking to the young that they firmly believe in evolution and are told to burst into laughter when those creationists tell their ridiculous story. Well the credibility of this story when compared to the credibility of evolution is like taking a lolly off a baby and creating your own hydrogen bomb! The dream of young people today is to own their own home on their own land, and in many capitol cities that is all it is, just a dream. But it need not be. Mother nature is looking after you and in time will produce you a nice big building block of land out of nothing! ( easy it produced the universe out of nothing so your block is like taking candy off a baby) This block will be strewn with all sorts of building materials, bricks, windows, doors , tiles etc. with time these will assemble themselves into a beautiful home! ( building blocks of evolution are cells and organisms the houses) You will soon realise that your daily checks on the building progress are too frequent and will change to weekly, monthly, yearly, millennia etc. checks. If you are fortunate enough a hurricane will go through your block and it has extreme capabilities in home assembly!. But your joys of moving finally into your new home are not over, far from it. You will soon realise your new home has not only acquired life but it is pregnant! What joy and delight when your new home produces four little baby homes.! If you think these little baby homes will grow into big homes you are wrong. They grow into something far more complex! Two finish up as giant towers, one a shopping complex and one a hospital! And they go on to have more babies! Now you realise why mother nature took so long in giving you that lovely block of land, she was setting up points for water, sewerage, electricity, phone and garbage! It is not creationists that need to be pitied as we don’t believe something can come from nothing, it is you evolutionists who do; we do not believe simple building blocks can arrange themselves into complex buildings and structures, you evolutions do; we do not believe that lifeless forms can come to life, you evolutions do; we do not believe that life can spontaneously become more complex, you evolutionists do; it is not creationists who need to be pitied we do not believe in those insane ideas! If the houses having little babies is a ridiculous scenario then evolution dealing with billions of times more complex agents is at least billions of times more ridiculous! So it is not creationists who ask ” And how many little babies did your house have?” and ” what are these children doing now?” It is evolutionists and on a far higher level of insanity!

If the world was created within timeslots of hours and days why can’t these hours and days be involved with its end? Why just use the 7,777 years and not the 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours as well?  This would give us 220 days and 7 hours. Sounds like the first five trumpets! The hour reference clearly has to be related to the hour of darkness on Good Friday.

Later chapters, particularly 19 tell us many things that have been happening are all brought into focus when the saints in Heaven ask for and receive their fine linen. The end soon comes after this: the wedding, the first battle, a slight digression back to the start of the millennium to pick up satans thread, the end of the millennium, and a short time onto judgment, hell and the New Jerusalem. At first I thought it was being presumptuous to tackle a problem it took the saints in Heaven almost 1,800 years to solve but I no longer believe this. If you take the example of a radar screen: In Heaven the radar screen for the saints is the beauty of Heaven and that tiny dot that keeps reappearing is planet earth. It takes them so long because they spend so little time on it. On earth the screen is reversed. The screen is planet earth and that tiny dot is Heaven. So with time we spend on it there is every chance we can at least grasp the concepts.

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One very difficult concept for me was salvation plan B. It like the prayers of the saints during the millennium only apply to the living. Specifically to the living foolish virgins and to noone else. I have followed this scenario through in my mind for Muslims, Buddhists and many other groups, but the only ones who concern me and I am about to  follow are those Christians who died with the Bible and welcoming smiles for the Lord.

The end of the Pergamum era finishes with the most intensive evangelistic campaign in the church’s history. It Lasts for 1,260 days and is accompanied by all of Heaven’s bells and whistles. All those alive at this time, and that is most of humanity know what is at stake: Heaven through repentance. They know the door of mercy is about to close and quicken it’s closure by gloating. Not everyone gloats and there are some who have formed a close relationship with these witnesses and are upset with their death. But the witnesses were not preaching about being upset they were preaching repentance! From this point let us follow firstly the living foolish virgins and then the dead foolish virgins specifically trying to understand why salvation plan B does not apply to them. Once you die you will not be given that option: Jesus will take your place for you in hell.

Every one on earth knows that it was the slamming of the door of mercy in Heaven that set off that massive earthquake that killed those 7,000 people in Jerusalem. Even though the foolish living virgins realise that that was their chance in Heaven and it has now slipped by they are not going to make another hideous mistake; not allowing Jesus to take their place in hell. They know they still have the seals that God Himself placed on them 1,260 years ago and they are not going to let these slip. They are their insurance against hell and are underwritten by none other that Heaven. I wonder whether they remember that it was with such gusto that they set off to buy the good oil with? They do arrive with their seals and it is here that Revelation specifically addresses them. It says ‘ blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on’ ( so there fall those Muslims, Buddhists and all non- Christian religions.)

The  living foolish virgins are relatively  easy to account for. They had the seal and therefore could not go to hell. They could not have received a stronger warning about removing their seals and replacing them with the mark of the beast. ( Rev 14:9-12) The foolish dead are far more difficult to account for. They died in the Lord and it was their belief in the Lord that caused many to clutch their Bibles and put a smile on their faces, despite pain in many of those cases, so they could meet their Lord cordially when He resurrected them. Yes they died in the Lord! They did not accept the mark of the beast and again that is the reason they were put to death for. On what ground did Heaven mark these as evil on?  Everybody missed out on Heaven when the door of mercy closed but there is still  a lesser blessing available: you will die but you will not have to go through hell, Jesus has done that for you!

Perhaps it would help if I redefined evil again. Evil is trying to destroy the two loves of God: His people and His Holy City. So  the living evil are those with the mark of the beast who line up with the beast as he marches into battle against God’s people. The dead evil are those who line up with satan and surround God’s City with the intention of destroying it. On the cross on Good Friday Jesus could see and counted and noted each individual in both these groups and labelled them as evil. There was not one soul saved after the second coming despite given multiple chances over some 1,800 years. There were no mistakes made on Good Friday! But is there any other marker on these souls that we could agree with the call ‘evil’?

Once again returning to those three churches: Pergamum, Thyatira and Sardis. The marking of the end of Thyatira with Jesus’s fourth coming and announcement of 18:2,3 ‘ Fallen! Fallen is Babylon…..’ still appears as reasonable.This coincides with the feet being pulled out from under the statue. They have already been crushed on Good Friday and thrown in to the fire. It was by God’s grace they were restored and now are going to be thrown back into the fire. Victory over them was complete and Jesus correctly called ‘ It is finished.’ Thus we have the end of the Thyatira era and allocate a date of 7,777 years after the creation event began.

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This now results in a real flood of events: The third angel arrives and calls in aloud voice. The split in Babylon reveals the mistrust and hate within the unholy trinity and initially one battle for which it was preparing, Armageddon, now becomes two battles, one lead by the beast and the other lead by the dragon. The removal of the feet now is followed by two inevitable consequences; Gravity must topple the three parts standing on these feet ( thighs, chest and head), Or the breaking of the pottery by the saints of Thyatira, and Divine justice must then pulverise this shattered statue and cast the talcum powder into the wind. We help our Lord to break the statue up but He and He alone is responsible for the grinding. He is the Rock that does the grinding. So where are we up to in the things of this earth? Those Jews being chased by the Egyptians? (bad day for mistakes but I am told if I go off these plating drugs the stents will block) We are now on the verge of entering the promised land. The Canaanites are in front of us and the battle is about to begin. Heaven has sent down its warning angel and the beast is making sure each member of his army is marked with his mark. There must be no defections. Thyatira claims this battle as part of its era, so this is immediately after the fall of Babylon. So just as pulling the feet out from under the statue results in the immediate crash of the edifice and its subsequent shattering so now the battle of shattering the pottery begins. But Thyatira is also claiming the giving of the Morning Star which is the last event to occur before perfection begins in eternity. But for this to occur we must pass through at least Philadelphia’s door and have a final look at creation, inside and outside the door, Laodicea, before we start eternity. So we can use Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea as consecutive churches. They are also concurrent churches. Thyatira, the climax, becomes the reflecting, actually more like refracting medium which allow us to look at events before and after the fall of Babylon. Thus we have the parallel churches. The result of the battle of the pottery is as inevitable as the forces of gravity working on the footless statue. Just as Divine justice is as inevitable in grinding up the collapsed mess. But things were not that certain at 12 0’clock on Good Friday. In chemistry we call that the activation energy. That mountain, Mount Calvary had to be climbed first! Once you have passed over that peak the downward part is easy! At what stage were the saints told they would be given authority over the nations and at what stage was it actually handed over? We are kings and priests as we exit the baptismal font and receive that Divine seal. We don’t actually take our possession until we are ready and ask Jesus for it. Now.Thyatira. If Thyatira is the climax then it should have no parallels for its major events. There should only be one event asking for and receiving of the fine linen, the triggering event. There should only be one call of ‘ Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the great….’. There should only be one withdrawal of the feet of evil from under Daniel’s statue. The only parallels we could draw would be the three churches on the approach side to the three churches on the departure side.

So Sardis is still a church with His own people and which God will continue to love and not withdraw His support for under any condition. The withdrawal must be instigated by them. That free will is the ultimate act of love. Thus we now have the full version of the third angels message.

Verses 2,3 ‘ Wake up! Strengthen what what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your deeds complete in the sight of my God. Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard: obey it, and repent. But if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will to know at what time I will come to you.’

It would have been lovely over the last many years to have studied Revelation and written this piece in one section. But  even though reading the good Book gave many answers it also produced many major questions. Now as I continue to study this wonderful Word of God I  still receive major surprises. I have been struggling for a long time with how these three churches fit into the history of the world and was error checking my assumptions for Thyatira when the penny dropped. Why only correlate the third angels message? Why not the other two as well? So there they were: Pergamum was the first angels message; Thyatira the second angels message and Sardis the third angels message! It is not just wild goose hunting were are actually told the exact words of the second angel ‘ Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great ‘. Just compare their messages!

Let us return back to these. We have been following the history of the seven churches and trying to fit them into eras of human history. There is a lot said in the Bible and in secular history about the first 4,000 odd years covered by Ephesus. Equally there is much said about the next 2,000 odd years with Holy Scripture becoming relatively silent even before the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD.  But there is still material there for us to glean especially in those last 1,335 days before the Lord’s  second coming. But earth’s history still has some 1,800 years to run after this event. It still has to run through Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and finish with Laodicea. Are there any corresponding Biblical texts that will throw light on the time slots? Where do they begin and what buffers are placed in between and why? What is the structure of this amazing Book?

It is like opening the Book of Revelation and deciding to write a blog on it. There is indeed much to be written. It’s structure appears to be: Prologue, God’s interaction with His people: the seven churches; ( chapters 1,2,3)  Divine dealings with humanity; the Lamb broke the ……. seal, right through to the end; ( chapters 4-11): Humanities dealings with both evil and Divinity ( Chapters 12,13, 14) Complex interactions and the end of time ( 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20); and the new Heaven and earth ( chapters 21 and 22).

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But in all this if there are four comings of the Lord, four  eras why are there seven churches? I can’t remember whether I have allocated the eras to the creatures, let alone which creatures but there should be no problem as the Holy Word does this. I do so now: ( according to the order of chapter 4)

I  Ephesus, 0 -4,000 years, the church of the first coming, Jesus Christ the lion. The majority of humanity choose Jesus as lion.

II Smyrna, 4,000 – 6,000 years, the church of the second coming, the church of blood, Jesus Christ the ox. ( ox when treated as individual components but when the four components are combined He becomes a lamb) Very few will take this option of the gentle lamb. Most will prefer to be torn to pieces by the lion!

III Pergamum, 6,000 – 7,260 years, the church of the third coming, the last chance for humanity before the door of mercy closes, Jesus Christ the man. Not one soul takes advantage of this period of grace. The door to Heaven closes.

IV Thyatira, 7,260 – 7,777 years, ( really the very end as it is also the allocation of the Morning Star)  the church of the fourth coming and of Jesus Christ the eagle, ie His final dealing as Divinity. We get a bit of insight into Jesus’s Divinity  but in the end the battle against the Egyptians is His and His alone. It started on the cross and it is entirely up to Jesus to finish it.

But that is only four and we have seven churches. At that early Christian time there were hundreds, if not thousands of churches, yet Scripture not only chooses seven but this particular seven. ( there may be seven or seventy reasons why the Holy Spirit has done this). I certainly did try to relate the seals to the churches and now am trying to relate these to end times. The basis is correct, the church involves both God and humanity and the time is correct as it involves the very end of time. But now attempting a more specific analysis.

It is the full stop at the end of Revelation chapter 4 that divides history and Scripture into Old and New Testaments. It is the pinnacle of time and the depth of time and it is what forms the square of time, the four living creatures. Before this full stop Jesus Christ was worthy of worship because He created us in love and His lengthy dealings with us make up at least the first 66 books of the Bible. Most churches today either ignore or minimise Christ as creator. Some go further and nullify and expunge Him completely with that crazy theory of evolution! They would much prefer to concentrate on chapter 5 and beyond, Jesus Christ their redeemer. How can you claim or hope to know somebody when you don’t know half of their history? If I lose the memory of the first half of my life then how can I claim to know my wife? Who are you? where and when did you come into my life? who are all these children? Why do we live here in this place and many other questions. I would like to study the science of how to love Jesus without Him being my creator! If you can do this then that Jesus of yours has given you the wrong information when in John 3:12 He told you to first look at the things of this earth before trying to look at those above. It may indeed be a very small step this earthly step but it is closer to Heaven than without it! Certainly the church of Ephesus would have no meaning without the Old Testament: it is the history of the Old Testament!

But let us go onto the right hand side of that full stop, chapter 5. This is Divinity, Heaven’s dealings with humanity. It is Jesus Christ taking that scroll from God and beginning to break the seals in order. He does so now in chapters 5, 6,7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Chapter 11 is the end of time. God’s wrath is complete and the smoke in the Heavenly temple clears.

Chapter 12 now returns to the history of earthly beings and their vacillations between God and evil. It goes right back to the appearance of evil as it was written in the stars. It does not need much detail between creation and cross as this is covered in the Old Testament. It does give a number of details at the cross, especially the time of 1,260 days for the establishment of the Christian church. Satan then takes over for the next 2,000 years and the next we hear from him is that he has turned up on the seashore to take advantage of the rule of terror of the beast. We then begin our 1,335 days of Christian slaughter which ends in the second coming of our Lord and the end of chapter 13. It is at this point that the church of blood, Smyrna becomes the church of grace, Pergamum or the start of chapter 14.

Jesus has just resurrected  all the redeemed dead and they went up to Heaven first in a cloud. The redeemed living. the 144,000 wise virgins seem to stall on Mount Zion  with Jesus. If they can’t proceed past this point because they are with Jesus then Heaven must extend down to this point because Jesus is the angel in Heaven though whose hands the prayers pass from the altar and onto God during the millennium. The redeemed saints prayers would form a major part of the celebrations of Heaven during this 1,000 years. The reason they appear to stall above Mount Zion is that they do not have Christ’s robe of righteousness yet as it is only given to the dead saints. God still has work for them to do on earth as they are offered as first fruits. They along with the expected harvest, Pergamum, will then proceed into Heaven as a unit, first fruits plus remainder of harvest. Their stay can only be momentary as they have been called those ‘ who had been redeemed from the earth’ Probably the reason why they cannot be declared as righteous  or blameless is because they still have to make a trip back to earth with their Lord in the third coming. They will be in the Lord’s presence, His Shekinah Glory all this time but this temple to which they are coming was still built by sinful hands on a horribly sinful earth! Their song has already been covered.

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So the stage has been set for the 1,260 years of Pergamum. What is exactly expected of them is spelt out by the first angels message at the start of this period and reaffirmed by the two witnesses at the end of the 1,260 years. The closing of the door of mercy, this period of grace is ushered in by the period of Thyatira which must have at least some grace involved as it is covered by the first angel’s message. As already suggested the Thyatira  period is ended by the call of the second angel  ” Fallen! Fallen is Babylon….”  So it is the third angels message which covers Sardis. ” Die with the seal you were given 1,800 years ago and you will be blessed. Under no circumstance accept the mark of the beast  as this will result in horrific suffering in hell.” If there are such things as second hand blessings then Thyatira’s are second hand. Pergamum’s blessings  are Heaven and no hell but Thyatira’s are just no hell, the Heavenly option closed way back when the door of mercy was closed.

So if the third angel’s message is Sardis then there are still two churches to go, Philadelphia and Laodicea and two events, two battles to go in chapter 14 both result in the fires of hell extinguishing. Could it be that the battle of the harvest coincides with Philadelphia and the battle of the grapes coincides with Laodicea? How do these events stack up against the seals on that Heavenly scroll?

The fifth seal is the preparation of God’s people for Heaven. This would not be hard to relate these to the first and even the third angels message. Thus  it could also be related to Pergamum and Sardis. The sixth seal is taking God’s people to Heaven. The second coming. This  does involve a major battle for the saints, one which they appear to have lost and were only saved by the intervention of our Lord. So that could relate to the first battle of chapter 14, after the third angel’s warnings. The fact that the redeemed enter Heaven with their Lord could easily be related to Philadelphia which is the church of the door of righteousness by faith.

The seventh seal is all encompassing but really only includes the details of the trumpets. Since it involves verse 19 of chapter 11 it goes right through to the clearing of the smoke out of the temple, and therefore the seven bowls when God’s wrath is completed. The battle of the grapes is that very last battle which results in hell and as this blog will try to show so is the the church of Laodicea. So there appears to be a very good correlation between the seals, chapter 14 and the history of the churches. But the locking pin from Chapter 14 has to be chapter 15  when we actually follow our Lord’s advice and look at the things of this world first before looking up to Heaven. Thus He gives us the song of Moses and the song of Lamb. One attempt has already been made to analyse these songs but now we have a broader base for another attempt. Firstly though I must finish with these remaining three churches; Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.

When walking through the seals, chapter 14, the first fruits chapter and the eras of the church and humanity we see there are a number of paths available. Revelation has yielded a number of keys so far but the greatest of these has been Rev (4:7). ‘ The first living creature was like a lion, the second like an ox, the third had a face like a man, the fourth was like a flying eagle’. So we not only have the four natures of Christ and His four eras of time but also their order. This allows us not only to move from the first era, His first coming, Ephesus to the second era, His second coming, Smyrna to the third era His third coming, Pergamum and onto the fourth era, His fourth coming, Thyatira. But once we get here and move onto Sardis this can be a move in time. ( could now be the last 220 days of existence of this planet) or we could look back at Pergamum where we have come from. Thus we have this parallelism between what things were like before the climax, Thyatira and what was expected and what was achieved after this climax.

The climatic event was thus the end of the church of Thyatira, ‘ Fallen! Fallen has Babylon …….’.  Jesus Christ, the Rock of Daniel could easily have ground that statue of evil by Himself, but He chose to do it in three stages because it involved  us. He chose to first pull the feet out from under it, knowing that it would shatter on falling and it was only then that He gathered the fragments, ground them to a talcum powder and threw them to the wind. It was the redeemed, the saints,who would not allow God to grind the whole statue. It was they who necessitated that the feet not only be separated but given two stage treatment in hell’s fires of Good Friday. And it is finally now that this realisation sinks into those saintly heads and forces them to ask for the fine linen allowing God to withdraw those feet and to make the announcement ‘ Fallen! Fallen has Babylon…’. The Rock had no problem in grinding the head of gold, Babylon representing evil from within; the chest of silver, the Medes and Persians or Iran and Iraq today representing Islam, the thighs and stomach ( today’s second brain) of bronze, Greece representing today’s democracy and the iron and clay feet, Rome and representing false religion. It is false religion, the worship of any other God other than the Lord God Jesus Christ that supports the other evils and by pulling these feet out from under the others meant that they were sure to fall, just as sure as is the force of Gravity.

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The involvement of the redeemed in these feet meant that their sins required firstly that the act of disobedience part of the sin be burnt up in hell, the 9 to12 time slot of Good Friday. But by far worse was the sin that you did spit in my Holy face and broke off from my loving relationship with you. Many a parent today could relate to this hurt be it only on an earthly level.But it still hurts. It forces you to open that cupboard of all those things, seen and unseen of what you have done and still could have done! Jesus suffered all this but they were just birth pains. This delivery would last for an eternity, He had no problems with going ahead with it! Daniel tells us that not only were these feet crushed on Calvary but they were also thrown into hell’s fires. It was indeed finished! By God’s grace not only were those feet restored the rest of the evil statue was prevented from falling. All that was by the grace of God. Well now that grace was withdrawn and the statue is about to fall. As has already been pointed out that this grace appears at two levels: one giving us Heaven and no  hell but once we have established that we do not want to be with Jesus for an eternity then He just gives us ” I will take your place in hell;” option.

Verses 4-6 ‘ Yet you have few people in Sardis who have not soiled their clothes.They will walk with me, dressed in white, for they are worthy. He who overcomes will, like them,be dressed in white. I will never blot out his name from the book of life, but acknowledge his name before my Father and his angels. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’

The argument that you don’t know at what time I will come was obviously the one the dragon used to convince the beast he shouldn’t take on the rider of the white horse. The good people referred to above must be the parallelism to Pergamum, before the door of mercy closed. It shows that in amongst those 144,000 foolish virgins there were some who were very close to repenting and were being encouraged to take that final step. They are being shown Heaven and told that ‘it will never be God Who abandons you, it will be you who takes the first step. History shows that is what happened; They all covered God’s seal with the mark of the beast and marched against the rider of the white horse and the saints. So what did the wise virgins see and acknowledge that those few foolish virgins if they saw failed to acknowledge?

Maybe it was Revelation 3:6. ” I will never blot out your name from the book of life…….”  Like the rest of Scripture it only has any meaning if you believe that ‘itiswritten’ is really the Word of God and come hell or high water it is true. It is that trust factor that establishes your relationship with God. It does not matter whether you fall, how many times you fall or how serious is the fall Jesus will never abandon you, you must take that step, that is His precious gift to you, free will. Maybe the saints in Heaven saw that life was not actually a series of falls. A fall can be defined as a result of gravity on a standing person. They never really got back up again so it could result in another fall! Life was just one constant fall with many attempts to regain their feet! They wanted to know what hurt they had caused this lovely Jesus of Heaven in that horrible hell. They not only asked for the feet to be pulled out from under that statue so they could examine them they also asked for a magnifying glass, the fine linen, to examine these feet with. This examination of those feet would result in a better understanding of that incredible beauty they are seeing and therefore more of the nature of God. Why was it that you should die for a wretch like me? Just because we will only begin to see the answer to this question and only after 1,800 years in Heaven  does not mean that we cannot take advantage of the working of the Holy Spirit ( it that the fine linen on earth?) to begin to scratch the surface of this mystery here on earth.Why is it that there is only one way into Heaven? What is that only way?

Church of Philadelphia:

Chapter 3, verse1; ” To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David.What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.”

This church is about to show us the simplicity of life, Christianity, Heaven and eternity. John is not confused and writing about visions to which no human language can apply. He is taking dictation from God’s angel specifically sent down from Heaven to reveal this simple but critically important message. It is given to His church in all its level of meanings. God’s angel is now repeating the Words of Jesus Himself.

As we look at Philadelphia we are allowed to look back at its parallel church, we today of Smyrna and where that lot of Sardis are going now that they have decided to accept the mark of the beast. The complexity of Philadelphia rises considerably. We are going to weaving at least five strands, and possibly six strands at one time.

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It is first and foremost a real church in real history and some may say therefore not much to do with us today. But once you realise that we are its parallel church today it is going to leap out and stun you. Just look around at what is happening today and when the real action begins! There already was action 500 years ago, followed by secondary tremors 300 years later in the awakening and now 200 years later with the major awakening, that midnight call ‘here comes the Bridegroom, come out and meet Him!’ Philadelphia is indeed a relevant Scripture. When Luther nailed his petitions to the church door some 500 years ago that was what it was indeed, a closed heavy object that prevented any access and communication with God. Verses 7-13 of chapter 3 are first and foremost his story and the beautiful privilege God gave him to present the open door to the world. He saw what the church of that closed door taught no one could be saved but the church he saw of the open door that no one could be lost! Most were so deeply asleep they did not wake and continue in that deep sleep today but there were some who woke up, unfortunately have fallen asleep since but their slumber is not of the very deep variety and they will play a separate roll in last day events. So in Philadelphia we look at Luther’s  church and of our church today.

Philadelphia church number six is fed by two streams;  from five, Sardis and its parallel church two, Smyrna. Sardis has moved onto its next stage, they are all evil. They ignored the third angel’s message removed their seals and replaced them with the mark of the beast, so any dealings with these now will be harsh and kill actions as the the battle of the harvest of chapter 14 tells us.

Their dealings with Smyrna cannot be the dealings of the second coming as that has occurred some 1,800 years before. So their Smyrna dealings will be with those who have been in Heaven and are now on their way to pass through the door with the ‘New Jerusalem’ written on it. They encounter the Sardis lot also coming to the same door. They know a lot of them as they either had or were prepared to die together for the Lord. Heaven had long ago labelled this lot as evil and had not covered and burnt their evil on Good Friday, but now the redeemed see that this label was indeed correct. They have evil on their faces and they have come to kill their brothers and sisters with whom they were prepared to die with not all that long ago. God, the rider of the white horse extends the battle to one hour to allow the forces of evil within the beast, one is out of the sea the other out of the earth, to differentiate and to show that even evil is incompatible with evil and turn on each other and destroy each other.

The real complexity now though is going to try to correlate chapters 11 and 15 both of deal with the smoke in the temple, Heaven regarding evil as being complete at this stage but 14 and 20 only regard the end as the fires of hell. Chapter 14 actually splits these events. So 14 and 18 lock in events by the call ‘Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the great’ , chapter 15 gives us the earthly key to these events with the songs of Moses and the Lamb and so by locking in these very last events should allow us to give a basic structure of this Holy Book.

But Philadelphia is about the Door. It is not about the many doors around us and at which Roman Catholicism are the master carpenters at creating and dressing up to look like the Door, it is about the Door, Jesus Christ. Luther must have looked at the door he was pinning his petitions to and wanted it opened, to allow people back into God’s church. The Door, Jesus Christ has two distinguishing features; it is swabbed with the blood of the Lamb and it has only one key to it. The blood to be swabbed on the door was to come from the Passover Lamb which had to be killed by the owner of the house and it was the owner of the property who did the swabbing. Jesus Christ had reclaimed the property and was now its rightful owner and it was God who killed the Passover Lamb. But when did the Heavenly swabbing occur? We are not told how many people from Noah’s day came out of their graves on Good Friday, only there were many. Say the number was 40. All these people went up to Heaven with Jesus at His ascension. They had to pass through the door of Heaven and only the saved can come through, and it is the blood that does the saving so it is quite possible that Jesus took His precious blood with Him on His ascension and applied it to the door of Heaven thus allowing those 40 people into Heaven.

There are thus going to be many strands to be woven as we look at the text. We are assured that our study will not be futile as we are dealing with the words of Him Who is holy and true. Even a Christian of my calibre knows the first identification we apply to our Saviour is that He is a seed of Eve. Thus the need for genealogies in the Bible. We will be able to distinguish most false christs just on the grounds that they are not descendants of David although there are times when the master forger will try to fake his agents genealogy. Once Jesus opens the door no one can close it. Jesus opened the door of righteousness by faith in Him, rely on Me I have already done it all for you, all you have to do is just accept it! on Good Friday and this door has never been closed. But by Luther’s time satan using the master carpenter, the Roman Catholic church had erected so many doors the right one was hard to find and even Luther had great difficulty in finding it. He rejoiced and regarded it as a thrill and privilege to find it again. Satan had many doors called; purgatory, hell, prayers to the saints, indulgences, and even worship of Mary the queen of Heaven and earth! All these however were just the little doggie doors. The one that led to his greatest triumph and the greatest of all blasphemies was righteousness by works. You can actually work your way into Heaven! You put your filthy rags on the same plane as the works of perfection of Jesus! There is no better recipe for demanding that Heaven vaporise you where you stand by their biggest lightning bolt! The door that Jesus shuts on you will be the door of hell and from this there will be no escape regardless of what satan tries to sell you!

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Verses 8,9 ‘ I know your deeds. See I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and not denied my name.  I will make those who are of the synagogue of satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars– I will make them come and fall at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.’

The most savage and cruelest attacks on last day Christians as they were in Luther’s day will come from our own, so called Christians. Once we realise that these agents are not Jews, but are satan’s agents our plight will become more bearable. But the load will not be totally lifted off our shoulders until we look into that door! Just as Luther had no power to fight against both church and state we in last days will also have to fight against church and state combined. But our power will also be from above like Luther’s. If we only see it in our woken state there will be many days of living by faith. These Jews/ Christians so called will personally come to us  and acknowledge that God is with us and loves us. This cannot be at the second or third coming as we won’t be there, we will have been removed to Heaven. So one of the times that this occur could be at this particular battle. It has been the constant struggle of this blog how people who either have died or are willing to die can finish up in hell. So this description of the people of Philadelphia may not just be applicable to Luther’s time and that of the second coming but also the people of Pergamum, the third coming.

Revelation reverts to calling Christians as Jews again probably because we like the Jews, God’s people of the Old Testament will be lined up and assigned  to those original tribes as the Jews were about to enter their promised land. So, this change of name should occur and apply from the second coming onwards..

Verses 10,11 ‘ Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole earth to test those who live on the earth. I am coming soon. Hold onto what you have, so that no one will take away your crown.’

I am not that well versed with the history of the Reformation to know whether this happened to Luther or his people. The only place that I can see it happening before the second coming is that we fall painlessly at an early rally for our lord and lay in our graves with His robe awaiting His return. The time frame in ‘coming soon’ is only as long as your life! His crown is indeed worth having.

Verses 12,13 ‘ Him who overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of my God. Never again will he leave it. I will write on him the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem which is coming down out of the heaven  from my God; and I will also write on him my new name. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’

We will not only be a part of the furniture of Heaven we will actually be a part of the building itself, and a critical part of that! The pillar that holds it up. We will also be clearly identified and not just a number. Very encouraging words indeed!

The church of Philadelphia gave encouragement to the original church of that name, guided Luther and his lot in that great awakening, the Reformation and held the candle before those going through that slaughter just before the second coming. It could just as easily applied to the foolish virgins of Pergamum and thus shown us just how devout and sincere these 144,000 people were. They were willing to die for their faith! It was the door outside of which those from Sardis met the rider of the white horse  and His armies.

The operative word though has been church, God’s dealing with His people. So if take the example of the first battle involving the foolish virgins who had received the mark of the beast they formed only a tiny fraction of the people present at this battle. The battle was necessitated because of the seven billion odd people alive at the second coming and allowing one third to be killed by the crazed horsemen and other plagues there were still at least 4 billion people alive who had not died and therefore could not go to hell. They had to go through a first death. This is the battle of the living, that against the living Canaanites and the foolish virgins form but  a tiny fraction of those present . They are not a part of this church and are not mentioned. Their bodies are strewn around outside the door, they did not go through.

If credibility and logic are growing thin in the explanation of Philadelphia then they would disappear entirely in the church of Laodicea. It’s complexity is so much greater and the earthly key we have been given to unlock it with Revelation ( 15:5-8) is just not working. We have arrived on one side of the door when not only the seventh angel was about to sound his trumpet, he has actually sounded it and all those things that God had spoken about through His prophets had been fulfilled. We can also see behind this door that God’s full fury, the bowls, is now going to be unleashed but I can’t see how the turning of the earthly key connects the two, even though I have already made one attempt to do so.

This blog is about trying to bring people to the Lord, to give them confidence in the Word, the Bible, to show them it is the same substance as the matter it discloses. The Lord God Jesus Christ is your creator and redeemer and the Word that discloses this, all three are Divine. It is not by asking a lot of hypothetical questions that will help you in your journey, what is required is answers. I will thus leave Laodicea in abeyance until the Lord shows some one how to turn that key. But before returning to the main blog I want us to go with Luther and have one last look at the door of Philadelphia.

Like Luther we see so many doors out there. The master carpenter has indeed been very busy. It is not just the number of doors but their variety which makes them so stunning. Some are absolutely stunning and could occupy a lifetime in studying them. But they are all earthly doors and there is one thing behind them: hell. The one we are looking for with Luther is ignored by most people not because it is austere but because it is blindingly beautiful! People are afraid that even by glancing at it they run the risk of having their gazes fixed, never to turn away again. But we have Luther’s experience and the Word so let us fix our masks on , those with the pin prick in them and glance in that direction.

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The door jambs and the lintel are so stunningly brilliant because they are swabbed with none other than the blood of God! This is the blood that Jesus took with Him into Heaven that came as a result of infinite pain and suffering for us in hell. Passing through this frame of hewn timber from where the blood was obtained, the cross of Calvary is where we obtain our eternal nature. You could be wrong if it was by your efforts that you are about to pass through this frame but you cannot be wrong by relying on Jesus’s efforts. He never has nor  never will make a mistake! Whether His blood is implied or applied really doesn’t make any difference because it all happens in God’s time anyway! We are God’s from the moment we accept Jesus.

That doesn’t sound too bad does it? Relying on God and not on self! A’ delusion ‘the liars call from the synagogue of satan, well they would have to have a very bad flu and be sick in bed for them not make this call. It is significant though because even from the confines of Heaven we will look down and specifically see this lot begrudgingly looking up and telling us that they knew all the way along that Jesus loved us! The weakness and isolation we feel is not a delusion it is quite real and Heaven sent. It disappears when trust in God replaces it with the presence of God.

When we peer inside with our friend Martin our first realisation is how permanent our position in Heaven is. We are not just a part of the furniture we are a part of the building that holds the building up, the pillars! On our names are written a very special name which distinguishes us from the rest of the Heavenly host, but it is directly linked with God and our new city, Jerusalem! So we are a very special person with our own apartment! Jesus could not eat anymore meals with us on earth and the next meal He could have with us would be in Heaven, He will come into our apartment and sit and eat with us. Even if there are 144 million people in Heaven and Jesus has a meal with each one a weekly basis then we would have to wait nearly 3 million years for His next meal with us, the second one. But that would only be the second one of the many millions of meals He would be having with us! It would take a long time to get over the thrill of having His last meal with us and then the anticipation of the next one! Heaven is actually split into shorter time frames than that. It is split into weekly cycles of the Sabbath and the periods in between of the hidden manna.

Satan is aware of the, well it can’t be called deadly danger if it results in perfection forever, eternal blessings that we face if our eyes get hooked, let alone riveted to that Door, Jesus Christ. As with the first coming with the Lord he had evil peaking at its height so it is with His second coming. It will actually be worse this time because the first peak of evil coincided with Good Friday and then passed and decreased but his second peak will coincide with the Lord’s appearance in the sky. That wave is here and is about to peak and satan must keep your eyes away from that one stunningly beautiful Door. He may construct as many doors as is possible and make them as fabulous as he can but in the long run he only uses the same tool that is available to God. Your free will. It is your choice whether you look at  this Door and whether you look further into it. To stop you satan will try to destroy the one method of study, the Bible. It already has undergone a blistering attack from the forces of evil. But you ain’t seen nothing yet compared to what is on the horizon. Verse 8 of chapter 3 will have a particularly poignant meaning. ‘……. I know that you have little strength…..’ and to make up for this deficiency you have Divine power, the Bible. But it is only of any value if you have trust in the Divine power that wrote it. You may think that satan, the master carpenter is good at erecting doors of all description which he is but this ability of building false doors pales into insignificance when compared to destroying the credibility of the Bible, something he knows is actually the Word of God and from which he fled every time Jesus quoted from it. He will flee from us also if we can quote from the word of God with the same confidence that Jesus had. Our response is most effective and you see satan turns away from us and goes into maximum acceleration mode even when we have just said ” itiswritten” You can’t have perfection going down the ears of pure evil. He must flee ahead of these words, of what is it that is written. This is only if you believe  that is what they are, words of perfection, the Bible. If they are just words from the dictionary you will have exposed yourself to great danger like those people who tried to drive out satan using Jesus’s name. He nearly tore them to pieces. And the words of perfection, of eternity and above all of love are: JESUS CHRIST. Don’t allow him to shout back at you ‘they are just words and have no meaning to you’ before he destroys you. When you use them there is a real figure hanging on a real cross, undergoing excruciating pain and taking your suffering in hell because He loves you so much He wants you to spend an eternity with Him!. Hear those crashing sounds as satan disappears at such velocity he doesn’t even bother jumping over the obstacles, he just crashes through them!

It is my intention and prayer that you focus, albeit briefly on that Door into eternity, Jesus Christ. It is okay for you to hear and watch satanic attacks on the Bible providing you realise what satan is trying to do and why he is doing what he is doing. They are about to become far more ferocious. So far satan’s attacks have been rather mild and even a person with no Biblical training like myself have been able to see the misrepresentation in these attacks. There are quite simple answers to them. But just because I asked you for the parts list of a 747 and you couldn’t reproduce them doesn’t mean you would stop flying in 747’s! So it is with the Bible. I don’t know how many drops of water there are out there, let alone every drop but that doesn’t stop me believing that God knows because He made every one of them! The only alternative to this belief is they came from nowhere! ( Well those clever scientists will tell you that and it is only time that we work out the mechanism that produces something from nothing!)

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I don’t lose any sleep at night wondering how many other people have proposed the split of planet earth’s history into the four comings of Jesus Christ. Nor does it worry me that I am accused of plagerising some or all of their ideas. If we all are involved in ‘ Glorified be your name ‘ we have indeed been given a privilege of unspeakable proportions. So I do not want to leave this topic with the impression that this split into four eras has fallen over at the post and that is why I am avoiding it. There are unanswered questions and these may in fact be the undoing of these ideas. “Itiswritten”  is still the underlying theme of this blog and it is what determines our dogma, and it may result in scrapping this scheme. I do want to show there are at least partial answers.

One reason why I stay away from Laodicea is that I am really looking at it and seeing what you see when you see a savage storm on TV. Yes I can see but it is not the same as being there. I am blessed that the Spirit has shown me that these are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the ruler of God’s creation. This is about the Amen of God’s creation and the particular problem I am having as to Why sometimes this Amen finishes with the fires of hell and at other times finishes with the smoke clearing from the temple. But it is deeper that this. I have said all the way along that you can’t understand Laodicea just by the words, it is the order of the words that is just as important. So when we hand Jesus our rubbish and He refines it through the fires of Calvary’s tree there is not much point in giving us the salve for our eyes first. There is nothing for us to look at! It is handed back last when we have something to look at. The fires of Calvary’s tree could only produce gold and slag. But the slag is spread around in Heaven and it is clear, although at times it still has fire in it. We are given the gold. This gold makes us rich and now we receive Christ’s robe of righteousness to wear and to cover our shameful nakedness.

Our initial problem is that we are rich and do not need a thing. We really don’t have any items to to sell, to throw into that red rubbish bin. But Heaven wants to open our eyes to realise our plight. We are supposed to realise that this is God speaking His final message. Laodicea is not a tiny church in a one horse town that conducts two services a year. It is half of God’s church and Ephesus is the other half. How are these people to be addressed?  What word, words should be used to try  to bring them back to their senses? you are WRETCHED: despicable, depressed, deplorable,gloomy, hopeless, miserable, pathetic, tragic, dejected and distressed. But the major problem is that you cannot see that there is a problem and therefore do not seek any solution. There is a hurricane coming and you are not going to prepare not because you need to prepare but you do not believe that there is a hurricane coming! You really are deserving of pity! All that cash that you have, those ones with all those zeros after them will buy a box of matches, if you can find one to buy. Those fabulous buildings are waiting to be gobbled up by any number of tragedies. That access that you have to all those wonderful health services, well  let us face it; they can’t tell you with any certainty that you will take your next breath! You are indeed very poor  but you can’t see any of this; you are indeed blind! You do not realise you are naked! Just look how simple the solution is! Firstly check the correct meaning of the word BUY; to acquire by paying the price to the satisfaction of the seller. Jesus knows exactly what He is buying and what refining processes He is going to have to perform on this rubbish. It is because of His love for you that He wants to do this if you are willing for it to happen. The full result of your bargain from the ( keyboard failure) sale of eternity is all this stuff that appears to be glittering will be turned into real gold ( Heaven), you will be given Christ’s robe of righteousness and finally a focusing device, fine linen or the Holy Spirit so that you can see the big picture! There is even a down payment given on this earth to guarantee this amazing result; the seal of God.

Now returning to Laodicea and the four eras of earth. They are based on each church having a consecutive meaning but only six of them have a concurrent meaning; they have parallel meanings. So Laodicea follows Philadelphia in time but coexists and has common features with Ephesus. So what has Philadelphia passed onto it? What has Ephesus passed onto it?

Philadelphia was the church of the Door, Jesus Christ. It had handed to it Sardis, the church of the third angel and the church of Pergamum. Pergamum was a strange church in that it had passed through the door of mercy without repenting into Thyatira, the fourth coming and the second angel’s message onto Sardis and the third angels message. But at the end of this church, only days old, it ceased being a church when they covered the seals they had been given with the mark of the beast. They should not have even been passed onto Philadelphia. The reason that they were passed onto Philadelphia was because there was another lot of God’s people had arrived at the door on their way into the new Jerusalem. ( Blog reached 300,000 words on 6/6/16 at 10.45) That is where the battle of the rider of the white horse and his armies occurred. So Philadelphia passes onto Laodicea two groups of people; those who passed through the door and those who were excluded.

Ephesus also has two groups; those who have returned to their first love, 100% group and those with 1-99%, so it basically presents the churches of Ephesus and Laodicea. But here now is the big difference to the presentation to Philadelphia. We have been basically following the outline of chapter 14. A basic summary is in order to shown that we have not broken away from this pattern in Laodicea, it is the circumstances that have changed so drastically.

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1; The second coming has occurred. Fully described in chapter 13 and the millennium on earth begins with satan bound in the abyss.

2; The righteous dead ( these are dead Ephesians) are taken up to Heaven with Jesus and admitted as they already have their white robes, eternity for these begins but their radars have this blip that occurs on their screens (earth). It is not central but way over in one corner. We have no concern whether that lot who gave us such a hard time here on earth roast in hell or not. We do have a feeling of pity that so many people could also be here with us but were too stupid to take advantage of Jesus’s generous offers.

3; The righteous living, the wise virgins only total 144,000 and are presented as first fruits. They follow the Lamb wherever He goes. These are the living Ephesians. They are first fruits as living and the harvest that Heaven now expects is only from the living on earth at the time Jesus appeared as that brilliant flash in the sky.

4;The 144,000 foolish virgins. They maybe foolish but they are virgins,pure faith and counted by Heaven as God’s people. They were not prepared to die for their faith in vain, but specifically for Jesus and are rewarded by being given the seal of God. They must however go and buy some good oil and use that talent they have been given to gather the harvest. Jesus will come back to collect this harvest.

5; This very long period of time after the second coming is there to thoroughly check whether anyone who should have gone to Heaven has missed out, has slipped through any cracks.

6; The unrighteous dead are resurrected 1,000 years into the 1,260 year era of the church of Pergamum giving them all 260 years to repent before the two witnesses arrive with Jesus and the wise virgins.

7; The dead contain both the unrighteous and righteous dead, many of these died for the Lord in those last days of slaughter before the second coming.

8; The door of mercy is closed with the departure of the Heavenly host and the two witnesses, 1,260 years after the second coming.

9; The church now enters the period of Thyatira which will last approx 500 years.

10; The first angel’s message is applicable mostly to the church before the door of mercy closes, but is applicable also to the church of Thyatira who do not want to spend their eternity with Jesus ( salvation plan A) but may want Him just to take their place in hell ( salvation plan B) before they disappear into nothing. ( evolutionists believe in the other way around that nothing becomes something).

11; The second angel’s message of ‘ Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the great’, made by the fourth return of our Lord is the end of the period of Thyatira. The days for planet earth can now be numbered in days.

12; Where evil was planning one battle against Jesus, Armageddon to be led by the unholy trinity now there will be two battles; those still alive at the second coming of our Lord, the battle of the harvest, or the battle against the rider of the white horse and is armies, or the battle against the Canaanites or the battle of the living led by the beast and the battle of the dead, or the battle of the grapes,or the battle against the Egyptians led by the dragon.

13; The third angel’s message is Heaven final warning and is the church of Sardis: ‘ receive the mark of the beast and you will undergo the most horrific of suffering, but if you die with my seal on you then: ( One of the most significant ways the Bible has to teach its most important message, WRITE, ‘Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.’  The beast is now doing his final check on the loyalty of his troops. He will kill anyone who does not have the mark of the beast, especially those foolish virgins who have the seal of God. The battle is going to be long, it will last for one hour and the beast cannot afford to have any dessertions in his ranks. The Foolish virgins accept the mark of the beast because they are evil and will march against Jesus and His armies. Not one takes the advantage of salvation plan B.

14; Even though I may not be able to answer the question what about the righteous dead, those who were not just prepared to die for their Lord, they actually did die!. They have not been given a seal by God, They are not lining up now with the living and Jesus in their battle against the beast so should the beast being doing satan a favour in checking the loyalty of his troops further on down the track? There are three words operative here; mark, dead and blessed.

The beast is quite confident of victory in this battle. He is not going to make the same mistakes he did on Good Friday, he has had a long time to analyse those events. He knows Jesus loves His people so,much He will die for them, and He did. But the problem with Jesus is that He can’t seem to defend His people against the beast’s attacks. Just look at the second coming! Those Christians were just like sitting ducks.  They had no protection whatsoever. Slaughtered by the million. There were only 288,000 left and the beast was on his way to kill them when Jesus in desperation came and snatched them into Heaven! This is my world and God’s rules do not apply here! Then look at those two witnesses: had direct access to God’s Shekinah Glory, caused havoc on  earth with earthquakes, floods, hurricanes yet Jesus could not stop me from killing them! Why should this battle be any different? By winning this battle will qualify me to lead that last big battle of Armageddon. Satan will not dare to challenge my authority. After this battle the world will be mine to do as I please, I may as well check the loyalty of the rest of the troops by marking them as well.

Out of the whole statue only the feet were ground and thrown into the fires. It was this beast who God miraculously rescued from those fires to play such a major part in last day events. It is his mark of evil that determines the difference between you going to hell or Heaven. That is Heaven’s definition between good and evil. It suffices for the saints in Heaven and when that blip disappears off their Heavenly radars they never will want to recall it again. It is God’s test whether you really want to spend an eternity with Him or not.

Page 129

All those left after the door of mercy closes in Heaven are called the dead and for a good reason; they have just missed their last opportunity for eternal life. So they are all dead but there are two qualifiers; either dead with mark or dead with blessed alongside their names.All take the mark of the beast option. None want Jesus taking their place in hell for them, they know what the consequences of their choices are and they use the free will to make these choices. They are evil and that is all what Heaven wants to know.

15; For ever and ever; If you drink the maddening wine of the adulteries of Babylon you will also drink of the wine of God’s fury. It is the same Divine justice Who reads you from your two books that read to Jesus Christ on that cross on Mount Calvary on Good Friday. Two books are opened, almost identical with two differences; same sins but the one on the right hand side has stamped in red paid in full on Calvary’s tree on Good Friday.The other difference is that the red stamped book does not have the last sin in it. So the first pages of each are opened and you glance across to that right hand book, yes you were warned and you did not take advantage of His love for you. The torch of burning sulphur is applied and the penalty for this first sin is paid. You try to recover from this first shock. Every organ, every nerve fibre and every cell just experienced the most excruciating of pain. You have had excruciating pain in parts of your body before but never at this level and never to this extent! Your tippy toe and top of your head glowed with pain as did every other cell in between. The second page is turned. You glance over into the right hand book and see that same red stamp and you scream ” I’ll take that option” . I’m sure you would love to but the option of repentance is only available in a time window. You are outside of this time frame. Divine justice extracts the penalty for your second sin and you are surprised to recover from this at all and not just in a screaming mess, literally. The third pages are turned and again your glance confirms your greatest fear. That red stamp is there but it is not available to you. You scream at God ‘ why didn’t you send someone up from this hell to warn us ?’  But you already`know the answer and it is the same one that God gave Lazarus.’ It would have made no difference whatsoever. You already have the writings of the Prophets in My Holy Book, the Bible and you just showed contempt for it’ And the torches are turned up for the third time. The pages on both books are turned over for the fourth time and again your glance to the right hand book confirms the presence of that red stamp. Jesus would have willingly taken the pain I am about to suffer for this next sin but I was too stupid to allow Him, how could I be so stupid? The torch of justice is applied for the fourth time. The fifth pages are turned. I don’t think I can survive any longer! It is my stupidity that I just can’t stand. Here was Jesus stretching out His divine hands on that cross inviting me to pass my life and all my sins onto Him and all I did was to laugh in His Holy face! Well here is the suffering that He would have taken for this sin had I let Him. All the pain receptors are still just as active for that last sin as they were for the first one. The sixth pages are turned. There is no point in glancing over to that book with the red stamp. My stupidity is already unbearable, why make it worse? How could He want to do this for me? To take my suffering in hell for me? And the torch is applied again. The pages are turned over for the seventh sin. Yes that red stamp is still there, He would have taken the penalty for this sin as well but clever me chose not to allow Him to do this. In fact I chose to believe that all that beauty I saw just came from nothing, it just appeared rather than believe in His presence. I really cannot complain though that I was not warned. And the torch of burning sulphur is applied for the seventh time. I recover enough to see the pages turned to page eight. The first hurt I caused to this particular person  is written in both books. If this person is in Heaven that radar area now shows up and they remember the incident. The only reason it disappears from their Heavenly radar  is because that is what has happened to it. It was burned up by the sulphur flame. It registered with them but only to extent that Divine justice was in operation and it was a part of the perfection that they would live in for an eternity. Pages nine are turned over in each book. Yes I did cause this person grief over a number of years and delighted in seeing them squirm. Well this was the second occurrence and the evil is about to be expunged, disappear forever. And  the body glows internally and externally again when the flame is applied again.

Page ten, double number, has been reached! It has made no noticeable impression on either book. It seems I have already been in hell for an eternity, for ever and ever and a major realisation now strikes. It is the evil that permeates every cell within me that is burning and therefore every cell will remain intact until every bit of evil is burned away. I will last out until every page in those books has been turned and the evil from each burnt into non existence. The hope that the body will fail before the books are finished disappears. It is now going to a matter of bracing between the turning of the pages. More realisations are to follow. I heard those screams from the people being burnt by those crazy horsemen with their sulphur flames because they carried for miles. Some were very close to home until they finally paralysed and burned me as well. I was prepared to go this sulphur death and all those flames of hell but I did not repent. The worst hurt is when there is no one else to blame. I will not glance over into that book  with the red stamp of Calvary’s tree on it any more. The love displayed there that I could now spend an eternity with is too much to bear. Open the next page!.

To choose not to take advantage of being with my creator and redeemer was one thing, salvation plan A but to choose not to take advantage of salvation plan B is really the height of stupidity. For nearly 800 years that option stood open for everyone; mark—dead—–blessed. I chose the mark of the beast to die with, dying in the Lord with its blessings was not an option. I didn’t want Jesus to bear my sins I could do that by myself. My only option was the beast and I proudly wore his mark! No wonder the beast was so confident of victory in the first battle and then the next one as well. He had chosen his troops well! It wasn’t uncle Freddie’s fault or aunt Fannie’s fault why I am here with those books with still thousands of pages to turn. It was mine. And the next page is turned. Each page stands for evil that permeates every cell of my body and each will be burned in turn. Even though I don’t glance at that red stamped book any more its effects still carry over towards my book, of which I may not be aware of the exact number of pages but I do know there are many. That red book is still there! Throughout my life I refused to believe that Jesus could create me knowing all the suffering that I would cause Him and still go ahead with this creation!. This realisation is starting to dawn on me now and the more it dawns the greater the hurt. The next page turns. So that lot in Heaven have taken the red stamped book option but I did not. Every cell in their bodies was evil too and they were the perfect candidates for the armies of the beast!  If we were both equally evil and God’s Holy Spirit operated without partiality then why did they say yes and I said no?

Page 130

Neither of us studied the sulphur flames of hell. Knowing that the flame consists of tiny sulphur particles that adhere to each cell, melt at 115 degrees centigrade, the boil at 444 degrees and finally catch alight at over 1000 degrees making it such a painful and to be avoided burn is really of not much value because it is symbolic and hell is far worse. They probably were real sulphur flames coming from those horses, but all that happens to the sulphur there is that it starts at a higher energy level releases some of that energy in the flame and finishes up at a lower energy level, sulphur dioxide. Hell’s sulphur releases all its energy and finishes as nothing. Hell and brimstone are not the reason they accepted and I did not. ( actually not entirely true as it was the fires and suffering of hell that made me stand up and pay attention. You should never admit to this if it is your story because you will be looked down on by those many other Christians as being there for the wrong reason). So what is the right reason and why didn’t those in hell take advantage of it? Turn the next page.

The right reason is the love of God but let us go back and look at the wrong reason again. The possibility of hell, immense suffering and eternity frighten the hell out of me, literally  and not just make me stop but actually take a step backwards. It would be a foolhardy person who would not. Turn the next page ( Ttnp) So we have this loving all powerful God creating humanity in His image and knowing it is going to fall over and every creature is going to fizzle and sizzle in almost infinite pain until they disappear into nothing! That does not sound like love to me! (Ttnp) Love to me would be more like ‘ Daddy I love you because you are such a beautiful loving person and I couldn’t image being without you’. (Ttnp)  This infinite knowing Being must have provided some provision somewhere for this alternative to occur. You can’t avoid looking at the next page being opened in front of you and the charge read but the reason you are making from even allowing a glance at the corresponding red stamped book is because it is of your unbelievable stupidity which you  masqueraded as such superior intelligence that is now really striking home and is the first  pain before the sulphur flame. (Ttnp) You would prefer to believe that the A-380 standing at the terminal, that monstrous and beautiful tree, that spectacularly coloured bird or fish, that living cell whose complexity defies description all came from nothing!! They just dropped out of the sky! Voila! Some would call this as faith indeed but you are now calling it for what it really is– extreme stupidity! (Ttnp) . It is what is making hell  even more unbearable, if that were possible!

So you in hell have missed, as do the majority of Christians do today as they sup on grog and leavened bread and call it the Lord’s Supper, the basic tenet of our faith, Jesus Christ our creator. (Ttnp). Yes He did create in love, yes He did know that His creation would fall away from Him, yes He did make contingency plans for this event. He is all loving and He is all knowing and I can prove that by taking you to any part of His wonderful creation, even though it has been badly stained by sin and mutations. (Ttnp). Yes He maybe all these things but He has also given us the gift of logic, there is only so much that we can believe! That lot in hell now have passed one limit and are suffering for their stupidity but surely there is also a limit on this side of the fence that this loving God would want to take our place in hell a place that we so richly deserve? (Ttnp). It is not an issue for those in hell, the answer is an unequivocal YES! it is an issue for us on earth and this is the place for it to be sorted out on. There is coming a time when the reply to’ I do repent’ will be ‘ too late unfortunately’ (Ttnp)

Is the beauty and almighty power of our Lord Jesus Christ enough to bring people to Him? He spent over 33 years displaying these qualities firstly to the apostles and to any one else who cared to look but how many were at the foot of the cross on Good Friday? Maybe John, His mum and a few other women! There was the result of 1,260 days of missionary effort, tens of thousands of major miracles and His display of Jesus the Man, our link to God and the seed of Eve Who was about to strike at Satan’s head but have His heel bruised in the process. (Ttnp). It is all wonderful to say that after Resurrection Sunday the converts came in by the thousand! But many had seen Jesus hanging and dying on the cross and now they saw Him with at least some of His glory as God and were converted. Wonderful for them but what about us today? (Ttnp) Just look at how difficult it was to convert the Lord’s own brother, James?

We have to return back to the problems of the Lord’s disciples. If there were going to be twelve converts at the foot of that cross it should have been them. They had seen it all, Jesus had shown them all  ( His transfiguration only to three). Lazarus’s decaying body coming to life, the calmed storm, countless miracles. They had seen Jesus as man and Jesus as God. They had not just seen these things but probably believed them to be true. So what went wrong? Why weren’t they at the foot of the cross? (Ttnp)

Their problem was the same as our problem. They were asleep. They like us could not see the daily sacrifice. Looking at the door was not the same as going through the door just like looking at the bread is not the same as eating the bread. The seed must fall, die and be resurrected before it can obtain a new body. Jesus Christ, on our behalf if we so desire had to die, be buried and then resurrected before He could give us our new bodies. This was all done under the direction of God Himself the One who is now turning those pages and administering divine justice. His disciples could not begin to grasp that concept until after Jesus’s resurrection. There are many religions which claim to right us with God by any number of ways. If this had been a possibility Jesus would have been the first to take advantage of it, (Ttnp) So it will be with God’s church in its last 45 days of existence. They will wake up by realising that it is God now in the final stages of mercy, it is He Who is causing His seed of eternity to die, fall be buried and resurrected to be with Him for an eternity in our new eternal bodies. And that is why we so confidently go out to meet the bridegroom. (Ttnp)

Page 131

All this theology is so beautiful and simple now but if He loves me so much He was prepared to take my place in hell for me then why doesn’t He accept my screams of ‘ I repent now’, get me out of hell so that I can spend an eternity in the presence of His perfect love? How can you spend an eternity with Jesus when you didn’t want to spend a lifetime here with Him on earth? (TTnp) That is why you were given a free will. Your choice, Jesus is either Lamb or Lion and you oh so clever one chose to leave Him as Lion. As the pages keep on being turned and it seems that you are almost half way through this book of justice, the theology seems to add up and you can’t point your finger at God for any misjustice there is only one question left to be asked: Why didn’t YOU choose Jesus the Lamb? And the question is actually far more pointed than that: Why did you choose Jesus as the Lion?. Look at the amazing amount of time His Holy Spirit gave you and worked on your conscience but to be rebuked every time. When Jesus asked Peter if the apostles would leave Him too Peter replied “where else can we go, there is noone but You Lord” your response was similar but only applied to the beast. You had nowhere to go but to follow the beast. Jesus Christ was not an option. So the question has fairly landed back in your court. Why did you do this? And this is what I struggle with in this blog; it has to be that black and it has to be that white! (TTnp)

Under the trying circumstances it is easy to see why it has taken you so long to settle all the issues. But there is only one answer; your stupidity kept you away from the love of God, that red stamped book. The only thing left now is to bear the consequences as the pages are turned until the last page. So it is page  turned, sin read out, sulphur flame applied, excruciating pain,recovery, next page turned etc etc. Forever and ever certainly acquire a different meaning but the end does  finally come. It comes to your attention immediately when only the last page in your book is turned. This is the first time that the red book was not turned over. The charge in my book is not reflected by a red stamped charge in that other book that has caused me so much anguish. But why not? The reason is that you have finally come to the unforgivable sin. Your relief that your hell is about to finish because you have reached your last page is about to be shattered in a most unbelievable way. Just study the charge carefully first: ‘ That you did wilfully break away from My presence, did spit in My Holy face and that you did resist the pleadings of My Spirit to return to Me by repentance’. How do you plead? The guilty plea is different to all those other guilty pleas in two ways; that batch that you have just been through was what Jesus would have done for you on Good Friday from 9 to 12 on the cross. You have now come to those hours of darkness, 12 to 3. Here the seriousness of the sin demands Divine justice raise the intensity of the pain to above everything that has ever been experienced and its duration as well. So that is the first thing you feel and are shocked by. You didn’t think that the pain level could be higher to what you had experienced. My how wrong you were again! The duration of the pain seemed fairly constant but this one is just not stopping! It will when it exceeds all those other times and this will be your final scream into non existence!

Well you clever you, you were right in one thing: that after death there is nothing. What you missed out on though the bit in between there is a hell of a journey!! ( Reread  third angel’s message verses 9-13)

16; Final call for church of Sardis to remain loyal to God.

17; All the harvest is bad. There is not one grain of wheat, it is all weeds. Heaven had sent three angels to help harvest even one grain of wheat but without success despite the incredibly long time allowed. This is the battle of the rider of the white horse and his armies. The differences between this battle and the next one are significant and form part of the theology for the Church of Laodicea. ( Notice now I will use the full title of the church, ie the Church of Laodicea rather than just Laodicea as this has sorted out my problems with these churches, they are churches). Where we are heading after the last battle, hell is Heaven and their we are going to be making a grand entry into Heaven with God Jesus to be in the presence of God. There can’t be but it appears as if there are two Gods. So it also appears with these two battles and also with the Churches of Philadelphia and Laodicea. Who was on the cross on Good Friday and Who was sitting on the throne in Heaven, even though the flames of hell engulfed them both? And the key to unlock this question is given to us in the song of Moses, Who fought in the battle against the Egyptians and Who fought the battle against the Canaanites? Much of this is revision and will return to the main blog with ****.

This battle is of the harvest and the first fruits, the 144,000 wise virgins were presented before Heaven some 1,800 years ago. At that time many were martyred but only those from the call to go out and meet the bridegroom were in a woken state. On day 1,290 they saw what the apostles saw on Resurrection Sunday and woke up. They knew exactly what was going on. They were the second wave of martyrs who in turn produced the third wave. These two waves could see that even if it was the beast out of the earth who was pulling the trigger it was the risen Lord Who was standing by their sides ( only they could see Him) allowing them His ultimate privilege for them to fall. Not only was He standing beside them to resurrect them with their new bodies they were the fertile ground from which other seeds would grow. They were being given the privilege of bringing people into Heaven! Thus we have the special, woken 45 day evangelists.

Page 132

But the second wave came from the first wave. These must have been very close to being woken up but Heaven counts them as being asleep. They were operating by faith. They refused the mark of the beast and some were thrown into prison and some were martyred. When on day 1,150 the daily sacrifice was restored and they were released from jail they became the evangelists and the seed they sowed grew on the fertile ground of the blood of the fallen martyrs. The sleeping church of 10 virgins of Matthew chapter 25  could only apply to the very last church. We know Stephen was awake when he was stoned because the Lord opened Heaven up for him to see and he didn’t feel a thing. The same thing must have happened to most if not all those early martyrs who were torn to pieces by those animals. It wasn’t the fact that Stephen died that tore Paul internally to pieces, it was that Heavenly look on his face. So it was with those other martyrs. The church then went into a slumber which just got deeper with time. A major awakening occurred when Luther showed them the opened door, righteousness by faith in Christ. ( Another system crash) They began to fall asleep almost immediately and with the exception of the minor awakening of the 1840’s we are all asleep to day. So in this battle we have two groups of martyrs fighting in the armies following the rider of the white horse; martyrs of faith and martyrs of sight. Whether you were actually martyred, literal martyrs or replied when asked it would be a privilege to die for you Lord, symbolic martyrs is not relevant. There were three things the Lord expects of us and that was one of them. We have not fallen defeated, we fell either by sight or faith. Still does not give us much of an idea about those armies following Jesus. We do know that they were just married and on their way to their home of eternity but these Canaanites are making one last effort to stop them  from entering the promised land.

If this is the same white cloud that Jesus disappeared behind on His way back to Heaven then it must be quite large. He is like the son of man because He has manifested His human nature and the crown was the one He received in Heaven after the cross. The sharp sickle is what gives the beast much of his confidence. He thinks Jesus is not going to  be able to swing that thing effectively from up there He is going to have to come at least close to earth where He and His followers have shown themselves to be so vulnerable. He is wrong as both Jesus and His followers would be defiled by coming back to earth. What about His Shekinah Glory that protected Him at His third coming? The battle begins with a call from Heaven, the earth harvested and the residue left to rot.

This blog has been a fascinating journey for me and has answered many questions to which I could find no answers elsewhere. But the most important question which has not yet been fully answered and to which I know the answers are in Chapters 15-20 which are an expansion of chapter 14 has been how can half of God’s Church, that is many millions if not billions of people, foolish virgins got to hell? Right at the start of this blog I took the position of being one of those foolish virgins and I have wanted to know at what stage did Heaven call me black, black, pure evil which must be burnt up the fires of hell. That you did not take advantage of the red stamped book is wrong. I have already admitted that the reason for grabbing that book was my fear of hell which was not the right reason. I have struggled since why Jesus would want to do this for a wretched being as me and have pointed to why and the reasons why He did this are in the Bible. But I still want to know where the line in the sand is and I want God Himself to draw it. Whether you or I agree that the line is in the right place is irrelevant we must know that if we are on this side of the line then we are safe but if we are on the other side then we are black, black, pure evil and are going to hell. I want this hell to be defined in the best available human language and framed in such a way that the evil that I did I knew I was standing on the incorrect side of the line. I know the line of justice that God draws is immovable and applies to all unlike most earthly ‘justice’  which has very little to do with justice and is used as a synonym for lies. And they deliberately tell their lies on the Bible!

All those questions are answered in Revelation chapter 14 verses 9 to13. The line that God drew in the sand was the mark of the beast. The punishment is spelt out clearly using words such as torment , sulphur flames  and forever and ever. You lot so filled with Jesus’s love get a special mention. For you Jesus’s love covers the whole multitude of evil: well of course it is okay for gay marriage if the couple love each other, God’s day can be Saturday, Sunday or all days are blessed, a little bit if grog and leavened bread to celebrate the Lord’s supper, thousands or million year old earth, God used evolution it all makes no difference, all that counts is love. Well read the above verses and note the mark is twofold. You may believe that the mark of the beast is only relevant for those dangerous to be pitied fundamentalist Christians who are such a setback to your cause, well if you don’t know God is not going  to put a mark on your forehead but if you use this mark, whether you know it or don’t you will receive the mark on your hand.

So it is all about this mark. what is it and when is it handed out to all and by whom? To answer that question we have to go back to Good Friday and Good Friday would not be there if it wasn’t for those early verses about Adam and Eve in Genesis. The lynch pin in those last days seems to beast. Why he is so supremely confident beggars belief. He was totally defeated, crushed and thrown into hell’s fires on Good Friday. It was Divine grace that extracted him out of that fire and in the intervening 3,800 odd years his confidence has built up. The battle was won on Good Friday and the extensive mopping up operations have been for Heavens sake, the earthly ones only take days and victory is declared.

The beast’s confidence really stem from Calvary’s tree. He may tell everyone that Jesus is coming back to earth to swing His sickle but he knows Scripture well enough to know the sickle will be swung from the white cloud. It is most encouraging to know that this battle will be against Jesus and not against God as it was in hell on Good Friday. This Jesus was there with him at the same time, but what gives him most of his confidence is that this battle  against the rider of the white horse is one of allegiance. That is where he lost on Good Friday and now has gone through extraordinary lengths to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He gave those Christians back their Bibles and they came out in droves out of the woodwork. His troops have passed the allegiance test with flying colours and have his mark to prove it. So how was it allegiance that lost him his battle on Good Friday? Calvary’s tree was about allegiance and to find out why we have to go back to Genesis.

Page 133

When the rightful custodians of planet earth broke their allegiance to God to whom did they give theirs to? Was it is to satan or was it to the beast? All that really matters was that they broke their allegiance to God. It appears as if they gave it and this planet to the beast and not satan. Only the beast was prepared to fight with his life to retain it and satan stood  far off gloating. As he fought for what he had been rightfully given by its custodians he suffered incredible loss after loss as they deserted him and went over to Jesus’s side where He took their suffering and death of hell for them! (internet down 3 hrs 11/6/16 @ 11am). Then to top off all these loses he was killed, crushed and thrown into hell to disappear in a shriek of pain! Not a good day at the office! This should have been the end of evil. All Jesus had to do now was to take Noah and the other righteous dead that came up from their graves back with Him to live in perfection for an eternity. But Jesus pulled the beast out of the fire! Why? Let us just list some of the questions that have arisen since asking God to draw that line in the sand, Heaven one side and hell, whether you know what you are doing or not on the other. The mark does not have to be on your head, just on your hand will do. Questions:

1; Why was satan locked up for a 1,000 years and not the beast?

2; Why was the beast locked up during the judgment of the harlot and not satan?

3; Why wasn’t satan destroyed on Good Friday?

4; Why was it that the beast destroyed God’s people in those 1,335 days of slaughter and the two witnesses and not satan?

5; For what reasons MUST satan be released from the abyss other than to lead the last battle as the beast has already been defeated?

6; If satan is really such a minor player then why is he so keen to get converts for the beast?

The reason I asked the original question was had Jesus returned when all these airy fairy lovey dovey Christians suffocating in Divine love were running around without regard of where  they were treading and they stepped over the mark of the beast . The point is though that they knew the mark was there they just did not think it was important. They made a stupid decision just like  all those who decided to follow the beast. But it still would be difficult to see God reading them the charge ‘ that you did wilfully break your relationship with Me’. Anyway we don’t have to worry about them because God gave them all another chance and they grabbed it with open arms. This subject has already been covered in the main blog. What sort of mine field is this mark that even if you step over it unintentionally you get blown into hell?

I am allowed to say that all evil was defeated on Good Friday even though it was only the feet of the statue that were crushed. It was a spontaneous reaction, gravity, to cause the head, chest and thighs to fall without feet under them. It was Divine intervention that not only stopped this from happening but also restored the feet back under them. The fact that had the upper body fallen it would only have shattered and not been crushed has also been covered in the main blog and accounts for nearly 3,800 years of time. The other thing in this next discussion is not to use Egypt and Egyptians as examples of past nations. They are especially singled out as the nation which enslaved God’s people and for whom God had to paint the blood of the Passover Lamb on their doors so they could break the strangle hold these people had over them. He came to kill the firstborn. That is what broke the stranglehold. That was what happened on Good Friday. This timeline has also been followed since the Garden of Eden. Egypt are the symbol of this evil timeline. It is from this timeline that satan drew his evil and you and me draw our evil as does every other evil entity. It is evil and you stray onto its field, intentionally or unintentionally and you will be blown into hell. But how can this simple evil mark be so dangerous? Why are the consequences of straying so severe?

[ I include this in brackets as on second thoughts I will realise it is all wrong and finish up deleting it, so right from the start I realise it is probably wrong. The nature of God is not an easy subject. He is perfect, He is everything that is good and nothing that is bad. Even the slightest chink in the armour of God would destroy His Being. So if you want to attribute any mistake to Jesus and therefore God that mistake would also be infinite and therefore destroy God. So the best of luck to all you who have your lists of mistakes or corrections that you would make to His Holy Word! So if God is love, which He is, then that love must be available to all, which it is, but it can not be forced on anyone, which it is not. So it is possible to live outside of God’s love, which most people chose to do. But you can only be covered by God’s perfect qualities if you choose to live under them, including life everlasting. This quality is available to those who choose to live under His love. To everyone else death is the only other option. When this death occurs is determined by perfect justice which says that anyone who has strode out from under My umbrella of love, and that includes every soul ever conceived must die. So how can I change my infinite quality, Justice and not destroy it which I have to do to bring people back under my umbrella of love who want to come back? I have to combine another of my perfect qualities to temper My justice with. This quality is mercy, specifically the door of mercy. Can I say then that Divine justice plus Divine mercy give access to infinite love? So the horizontal beam on that cross was infinite mercy; Jesus’s outstretched arms inviting all to come to Him. The vertical beam pointed to Heaven and that was divine Justice being fulfilled, but both together combined to give infinite love. Jesus’s cross of Mount Calvary was the cross of love because it was here that Divine justice and Divine mercy crossed, and both were fulfilled. But where does that leave us with salvation plan A and Plan B. The first angel’s message was to the people after the second coming of chapter 13 or the Church of Pergamum, before the door of mercy closed. Love was still available, mercy still tempered justice, entry into Heaven was still an option. This option closed at the end of the 1,260 year period and the Church of Pergamum became the Church of Thyatira. The second angel should have called ‘Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the great” at the end of the 1,260 year period but did not do so for another 500 odd years. Why not? What happened during these 500 years? WE already have our equation that divine justice + divine mercy = divine love and the proof of that equation is there for all to see on Mount Calvary. But after the door of mercy closed all that was left was divine justice and Divine love which raised its voice for nearly 500 years. But it did have a final call and that was the third angel’s message. ” I have done all I can and now Divine justice is going to take over, your call dead and includes each one of you because your last chance of eternal life extinguished when  the door of mercy closed and the final equation is;   mark of beast——dead——- blessed. On one side of you is justice and on the other side of you is love, your call! They are all evil and they all call ‘mark of the beast’ a call that will haunt them in hell. And do we have someone who is only to willing to apply this mark! I will only be requiring the living for the first battle and after we win the first one we can then put the nail into their coffins with the last battle. I will only require the living first though.]

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On rereading the above paragraph I think it is a fair analysis of 14:13. It is not that different to one of the prayers that I prayed when I was asked to anoint my sister in Christ, Karen. The central tenet was that justice was what God required even that meant His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ hanging and suffering from that horrible cross. For Divine justice to be met God required two things; evil had to be eradicated and the penalty for breaking the Holy Law of God had to be paid. Calvary’s  tree accomplished both. The problem in the way was as God looked ahead and saw us undergoing that richly deserved suffering and death His compassion and mercy cut in. He couldn’t bear to see us going through this torture and pleaded with us to allow Him to take our place and allow Him to do our suffering and death. Some have responded and taken up His generous offer, most have not. So it was by the combination of compassion  and justice that showed us His love. So in verse 13 compassion is no longer there, it ceased after the door of mercy closed, but love was still there. This love could be given to anything that contradicted or cancelled the love He displayed on Calvary’s tree. This is where the relevance and seriousness of the mark of the beast is displayed. It makes no difference whether you acquire it intentionally or unintentionally. It is blasphemous because it makes a mockery of the cross. By acquiring the mark of the beast you are negating what Jesus did on that cross and calling Him a liar when He called out ‘it is finished!’ By wearing his mark you are effectively saying ‘ look at this mark, he is still here because he was not defeated on Good Friday!’ you are right in saying he is still here but he lost the battle way back on Good Friday. Yes there is still the final mopping up to go, and the victory call to be sounded but that will happen when God’s patience and compassion run out. There is a time for everything including these. Those in hell will not be able to say ‘ You give us enough time’.

This is where we are at in verse 13. Your display of the mark of the beast, be it intentional or unintentional is going to bring about disastrous consequences . Your confidence in his mark negated the power of the cross and you are about to see what mine field you have wandered into as you are blown into and through hell.! But Jesus in His Word is still saying ‘ don’t wear evil’s badge rely on Me and even in this late stage I will take your place in hell for you’. Thus they have no one to blame for their hell but themselves.

The order of the battles has already been discussed in the sixth and seventh bowls. Since Good Friday the beast has always known that he was out on parole. He had lost the battle and it was now in God’s hands when He would mop up and declare victory. He always knew there was going to be one more battle even very minor but he would give it his all. He must have been very encouraged with his success against Christians just before the Lord’s second coming and even at being allowed to  kill His two witnesses. Along with satan, the unholy trinity were preparing for Armageddon. Satan couldn’t chicken out of this one like he did on Good Friday. A loss here meant the fires of hell for them all, including satan. Their preparation was thrown into disarray when unexpectedly Heaven called ‘ Fallen! Fallen has Babylon the great!’

But why should they be caught unaware and why was it that the beast only responded and not satan? Both satan and the beast, operating through which head was alight at the time know Scripture like the back of their hand and misuse it with ease. It is their most effective was of destroying fledgling faith, the contradictions are contradictions of ignorance and not in Scripture. Just because ‘you don’t know ‘ does not mean it is wrong.   So they would be aware the drama on earth would last for 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours and that they were well in those last 200 odd days. But they only had to be out by a few days to get caught out surprised, which they were by the call. They can see the wedding taking place in Heaven and know that the Bride and Bridegroom will be on their way to their home of eternity. They also know that this New Jerusalem cannot materialise in the presence of evil. All evil right up to the fires of hell must be removed. Calvary’s tree must call “victory!” So they must stop this happy couple at all costs from entering the new Heaven, the promised land. Our earthly key here is the battle against the Canaanites.

Why is it then that the beast, at this stage the eight head operating through the ten kings, only puts his hand up? Satan has been reticent all the way along to put his hand up. He knew that on Good Friday that Jesus had come back to reclaim planet earth and His people, the very rich reward handed over by Adam and Eve almost 4,000 years ago. But it was only the beast, operating through the fourth head, that put its hand up and said ‘over my dead body!’. Satan just took great delight at seeing Jesus suffering, that is where he incurred God’s wrath. To his credit though he may have known that this was the delivery of God’s people out of Egypt. It was not his battle. Jesus came down to kill the first born of the Egyptians and to provide the blood to be painted  on the door jambs. The blood of the Passover Lamb. Satan was not the first born of Pharaoh’s sons it was the beast, it was the beast who was killed on Good Friday. Jesus may have pulled him back out of the fire but he remained very sick and did not really materialise until those last 1,335 days before the second coming. But even here even though satan did throw his hat into the rink he still stood back on the sea shore. If he was so frightened of what his actions would cause him in hell he should have stayed out all together! There is no activity recorded against satan at the third coming other than he was a part of the unholy trinity.

At the fourth coming when the battle to stop that happy couple from entering the new Heaven it was not satan who put his hand up but the beast. Someone had to and in the case of the very last battle Satan was the only one left. But here there was still a choice of two, not an unholy alliance any more as the earthquake of the seventh bowl had shaken them apart. God’s people were here involved: its always been the beast. Jesus Christ is involved; always been the beast. Eternity is involved; its always been the beast. It has to be someone the troops will rally behind because they have great confidence in him, have seen him destroy Jesus’s followers with ease and have his mark of approval on him; its got to be the beast. It is the beast that leads this battle. It is the living who join him because it was they who saw him display his mighty powers. The sad part of the story is that they are joined by those who were the 144,000 foolish virgins. They now have the mark of the beast and are no longer in the category ‘ blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on’.  I find it most amazing that these people were not only virgins, pure faith but they were also ‘woken’ . They woke up at the midnight call and saw the light, little light in their case but none the less they did see the light. They scurried off to buy more oil and Heaven treated them with very soft gloves indeed. They saw light that we all desperately strive to see today, they saw what Luther, Wesley, Calvin and many of those greats saw. We can see a door  but they must have been very close to going through that door, if they had not done so yet they still spurned the seal and accepted the mark of the beast. To be so close yet so far does really qualify them for their adjective “foolish”!. Yes as foolish as Eve was; she had life eternal which God had given her but satan convinced her that only he could give her that eternal life and she fell for his lies. Her booby prize was mortality, she lost her immortality. The rider of the white horse has been on this white cloud for some time and the battle only begins at the signal of a Heavenly being. The result was a foregone conclusion and should have lasted for less than one second. Heaven extends the battle to one hour firstly for the troops to all show their true allegiance to the beast. There is no problem when the saints see these evil people sizzle and frizzle in hell and they accept the result as fair, they only have themselves to blame. The interesting development is that in the real heat of the battle the reactions of the beast out of the sea and the beast out of the earth. Surely there cannot be a question of allegiance here that the sea beast should have put a mark of the beast on the earth beast. As they are both thrown into hell at the same time the beast out of the sea could not have held this other beast in front of him to get burnt first, they both got burnt together simultaneously. He must have attacked and try to destroy the beast out of the earth during this one hour battle. There was plenty of time to do this if the beast’s reason for his confidence in winning this battle was that the angel on the white cloud would come down and swing his sharp sickle from the earth. That confidence was shattered with the first swing from above. The battle was over! There was plenty of time for Heaven to observe the resulting actions and for Scripture to be fulfilled.

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[ Again I include the following material in brackets because it sounds blasphemous because it probably is and it will be removed. It is one thing typing on a day we asked the Lord to bless ahead of time and another thing typing on that Holy Day. I have reread these paragraphs on His Holy Day and do not think there is anything that is blasphemous here and should remove those brackets. If I use the same test I told my students many years ago, the Bible test, then our home is not haunted. I can leave a copy of the Holy Book in every room of our home and it still will be opened on that page 24 hours later. That does not mean that I can stop praying ‘ lead us not into temptation but deliver us from all evil’. I do not. I can see the beast out of the sea building his wave of evil and it will crest at the second coming. Nations declaring war with all that wanton destruction, murder, hardship  so they can steal their oil and all under the guise of Christianity, the world flooded with pornography, homosexuality and gay marriage, alcohol and drugs, inequality of wealth, the teaching of evolution and many other ailments I blame on the beasts, both of them. But for my individual failings, many at least I blame satan. Where these failings originated are really irrelevant they all caused unbelievable suffering for my Lord on Good Friday and for that I am sorry. I don’t want to hurt my worst enemy, in fact I am obligated to pray for him, let alone my perfect friend and it is thus with caution that I type the next paragraphs. Any Muslim would be ill advised to read it.

I had no problem in correlating the history of the seven churches upto and including the Church of Philadelphia with the events of chapter 14. But the system just broke down when I got to the the final battle of the grapes and Laodicea. The problems seem to disappear though when I use the Biblical text and call it the Church of Laodicea. This immediately opens up three possible endings but the problem is there appears to be, but there is not, two possible Gods; the One on earth’s side of hell’s fires and the One on the throne on the Heavenly side of hell’s fires on Good Friday. By using the extra word church implies God, His people and His dealings with them. So the three possible endings become; if you are talking about the people the end is the fires of hell, as chapter 14 finishes at. If the focus is God then the ending is the smoke clears in the temple as in chapters 11 and 15. There is a distinct period of time between the wrath of God becoming completed and the fires of hell starting let alone extinguishing. But using the word Church both endings may apply.

So why does the system work for the Church of Philadelphia but break down for the Church of Laodicea? In the Church of Philadelphia the living are all wicked and are all marked by the beast.In the Church of Laodicea all the dead are also all marked with the mark of the beast, courtesy and confidence showed by the beast before he lost his battle and was thrown into hell. Neither of the two groups qualify to be mentioned as God’s people and are not a part of any church. But where Philadelphia does qualify is that it has presented to it God’s people, in fact the whole bridal party is presented before entering through that door with the blood of the Passover Lamb painted on it. They are being opposed by the beast and its well trained army. One passes through the others stay behind, dead.

The differences between the two Churches cannot be the fact that one is being presented with the living and the beast whilst the other is being presented with the dead and satan, it is God Who is the difference. On second thoughts that may not be entirely true. A church is a place for the living, not for the dead. But the God that is being presented in the Church of Philadelphia is the God Who came to claim His own from earth, Jesus Christ or the God on earth’s side  of Calvary’s tree and the God on the throne on Heaven’s side of Calvary’s tree to Whom there is no access other than through Jesus Christ. One Church is the battle of the harvest but the Church of Laodicea is not the battle of the grapes, it is there whilst this battle is occurring.

In summary then the Church of Philadelphia, of the door: began its existence on the left hand side of the full stop between chapters 4 and 5 with Jesus Christ as creator, moved to the right hand side when Jesus Christ became worthy of taking the scroll from God’s right hand after being voted as our redeemer and worthy to do so by all creation, established its world wide base by sending down the rider of the white horse, Jesus Christ to earth on Resurrection Sunday and helped this rider in his conquest of humanity, it was Jesus Christ Who came back to earth to take His own back to Heaven with Him and it was with Jesus Christ they carefully checked whether any soul ever created had missed out on Heaven by mistake. It was with Jesus Christ that they drew the line in the sand between Divine justice and Divine love, it was with Jesus Christ they made their decisions nothing else could be done for the wicked on earth and to start the fires of hell before they could enter the New Jerusalem with Jesus Christ. Once inside the New Jerusalem Jesus Christ would show them that He and the Father are one indeed. It was Jesus Christ to start with, it was Jesus Christ to finish with and it was Jesus Christ that filled in the bits in between. Two words: JESUS CHRIST! So the Church of Philadelphia qualifies as a church because of the God Who looked it after was Divine Jesus Christ, they were God’s people in the real sense of the word and the battle of the harvest was only really a minor distraction on their way into the New Jerusalem. They passed through the door of Philadelphia with Jesus Christ but the beast and his armies fell down and remained outside.

The Church of Laodicea is a totally different kettle of fish. Let us compare the two battles first: One is called harvest and one is called grapes, both involve two angels and in both the harvesting tool is the sharp sickle. One of each of the angels has a Heavenly origin, they come from the temple and the other an earthly contact; one is sitting on a cloud whilst the other is stoking the fire on the altar.( This really involves the wrath of God)  Both the harvest and the grapes are harvested when fully matured, at exactly at the right time. The harvest is left to rot on the ground but the grapes are gathered and thrown into the winepress of God’s wrath. The battles of the harvest and the grapes are separate and distinct events. One is the battle of the Canaanites and is led by Jesus Christ but the battle of the grapes is the battle against the Egyptians and is led by the God of Heaven.

It was God who decided to set His plan into action to redeem His people from slavery of the Egyptians by sending His only Begotten Son and it was God who decided that not only was evil to be done away with but how it was to be done away with. It was God Who fought the Egyptians and drowned them in the Red Sea. That was His battle alone and no church, including Laodicea took part in it. The evil could not be a part of any church because they were dead ( once it has been clarified why they are called dead it will add much meaning to this text, like calling all those after the door of mercy closed ‘dead’  in 14:13. There is just so much death and dying going on) and each had a mark of the beast, the point that God releases you to your own devices once you accuse Him of lying on Calvary’s tree. you say ‘it is not finished because the beast still lives and I carry his mark’. The problem with this analysis is that it just gets deeper and deeper. Further revelation maybe an euphemism for omissions of the past but so be it. The problem is that we did not go far back or forward enough with the earthly key Scripture has given us, the songs of Moses and of the Lamb. You would think that because they are in chapter 15 that chapter 14 would have all the loose end tied up, especially concerning the churches which finished way back in chapter three. I have not achieved this and want to have another look at this key.]

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&&&&&&&. If this is an attempt to distinguish between the work of Jesus in the Church of Philadelphia, the battle of the harvest and the work of God in the Church of Laodicea, the battle of the grapes or the battle against the Egyptians then it would be better off abandoned now. Any attempt to distinguish between the two is bound to fail as they are one. But if it is an attempt to show that the only way to God in Heaven is through Jesus Christ then it is a cause worthwhile even if it is not successful. Even though I have been down many dead end tracks I have learnt something from most of them. The consideration given to the Song of Moses was not wrong but not considered in a wide enough scope.

The setting that was considered was:  Egyptians dead and behind the Israelites in the Red Sea—— the Israelites on dry ground and ready to march onto the promised land—— on arriving the Canaanites would try to stop them from entering and there would be a battle. This was satisfactory in trying to lock in the corresponding period of the Song of the Lamb. At His second coming Jesus had taken His own back to Heaven, they were in no danger from the Egyptians or anyone else and the battle against the Canaanites was just a formality with us behind Him and Jesus just swinging His sharp sickle from the white cloud. The beast, the Canaanites had no response whatsoever and when they realised the hopelessness of their situation wanted to know what idiot had brought them here and started to tear each other to pieces.`The irony of the situation is that it was the beast who went to so much trouble to check the loyalty of his troops so there would be no turning on each other when the position became hopeless it he who now turns on his colleague and tears him to pieces!

But to get to this scene at least three major details have been omitted before and a number after it.To release his people from the slavery of evil, symbolised by the Egyptians God did have to send His Son, Who came voluntarily to be the Passover Lamb. Without that blood the Egyptians would not have released God’s people. It was the blood on their doors that was the deciding factor, it protected God’s people inside their homes but only the firstborn of the evil were killed, including Pharaoh’s eldest son. Egypt’s, evil’s inheritance including God’s people and the land was broken, they had to let them go and the third event is that they did get out of Egypt. So Jesus’s role on Good Friday was to break evil’s stranglehold on God’s people but it was God, totally independent of any human interference Who killed the Egyptians in the Red Sea.

So I think, using the earthly key of chapter 15, we can say there were three types of Egyptians as far as God’s people were concerned, and that is the subject matter of the Bible. There were:

1; Pharaoh’s first born son. He may have had incredibly important significance but he was only one person. When the angel of God passed over Egypt that night Egypt, evil lost it’s inheritance not just of the land but God’s people, their cattle and every living thing. If he had been alive on Good Friday he would have died as his symbolic representation did.

2; The army of Egypt and its leader, the Pharaoh. These are many and are characterised by their evil intention of chasing God’s people with the intention of bringing back into the slavery of evil, of sin. They can be characterised as the dead, whether they have actually entered the Red Sea and drowned or about to do so their fate is they are dead. So whenever this group is involved in a battle it can be called the battle of the dead. Satan could be tentatively included in this group because he had sinned, refused to repent and therefore was going to die.

3; The rest of the Egyptians, evil who were not in that army. They may have wanted to recapture those escaped slaves but they did not take action to do so at the time and kept on living. We may call these the living and tentatively represent them by the beast. If they gather to battle against God’s people we will call this the battle of the living. Had Pharaoh’s son been alive would he have taken part in the battle of the dead, or satan’s battle or would he have stayed home and later been involved in the battle of the beast, of the living? He was given no choice and it was his death that precipitated the events that led to the release of God’s people from slavery.

As I contemplate these matters between my typing I find the subject matter just becomes deeper and deeper, so before I go on I am going to have to define my terms, things that I am sure about. A scholarly works would define terms using Biblical references but I do not make this claim and for the most part will not do so. I assume that you have at least my Biblical knowledge and would not require them anyway. The reason for this sudden change of tactics is that I seem to be producing much text but with little substance, I just can’t draw any conclusions. There are so many applications for each term. So without defining this is what I know:

1; This last chapter, in fact the whole Bible is God’s plan of and for His people. It is about the sovereignty of God. So it was God’s sovereignty that sent the angel to tell the angel sitting on the white cloud to begin swinging his sickle, it was the angel in charge of the fire who told the angel that came out of the temple to swing his sickle in the battle of the grapes, it was the angel who poured out the seventh bowl that caused that massive earthquake that shook Babylon the great city into three parts that resulted the single battle of Armageddon being split into the battles of the beast and of satan, it was the angel who poured out the sixth bowl that caused the Euphrates river to dry up and result in the forces of evil gathering for the last battles, it was the fifth angel who before he poured out his bowl specifically prepared the conditions for the test he was about to perform and what is proved ( On three occasions we are told that the beast ‘now is not’  so when the judgment of the harlot occurs she cannot blame the beast for her reactions) , it was the fourth angel that…..bowls…….trumpets…..salvation is was the angel of God. It is the sovereignty of God that is in control at all stages and these are His plans for humanity. Nothing happens to you or me without Him knowing it including your exercise of of your free will and the disastrous consequences that result.

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2; God has two principal loves; His people and the place where not just they but He with them will spend eternity. The new Heaven or the New Jerusalem. He personally defends whenever these two entities are under attack. His people when attack are called the ‘living’ and when His city is under attack it called ‘ the battle of the dead.’ The city maybe dead but that does not mean it is not precious.

3; There are two battles, one led by the beast and the prophet and the other led by the dragon, or satan. Thus the beast and satan are two separate entities.

4; By substituting Church of Laodicea for Laodicea I prematurely claimed to have seen the light. It all seemed to work out so well. The Church of Philadelphia also called the battle of the harvest also called the battle of the Canaanites also called the battle of the rider on the white horse and his armies was never really a problem. All involve Jesus Christ as the leader, His people the redeemed, the relationship between them and the forces of evil. When Laodicea became the Church of Laodicea that automatically disqualified them from being involved in the battle of the grapes also called the battle against satan when he and his armies surround Jerusalem and also called the battle against the Egyptians in the Red Sea. This battle had nothing to do with any church including the Church of Laodicea. It involved the God of Heaven fighting against the forces of evil. God’s people were not involved and  and therefore there was no Church involved even if this battle took place in the time period of the Church of Laodicea, this was just a coincidence. So the Church of Philadelphia was presented Jesus and His armies and the beast and its armies it only allowed Jesus and His armies through the door with the title ‘New Jerusalem’ on it and the evil were kept back outside. As they passed through into and through the Church of Laodicea there was an extra pile of bodies there from the battle against satan and the dead. Those who did not get into that New Jerusalem are in two piles. QED or so I thought but he ultimate test is always ‘does it stack up against Calvary’s tree?’ and if it doesn’t the it must be wrong. It does if you have this particular concept of satan and the beast and the living and the dead. It is not just me who has difficulty in distinguishing the living and the dead it is also science today. It appears to be about a two year cycle where dead becomes living and then change around again at the end of two years.

5; The problems occurred when I tried to turn the earthly key in the Heavenly door. When I tried to apply the Song of Moses to the Song of the Lamb. This is a noble endeavor which when it works is really going to open this wonderful book! This key is in Chapter 15 because it opens both of the pathways; humanity where chapter 14 is fully expanded in chapters 16 to 20 and must finish up with hell, which it does and Divinity which must finish up with the wrath of God being completed, which it also does. The problems actually stem back to my interpretations of the Garden of Eden and this will have to be revised in Verse 6.

6; This revision is going to try to correlate satan and the beast to Calvary’s tree and this topic first came up with Adam and Eve.God had told the serpent that two things were going to happen to him; the enmity that would result between the serpent and the woman’s seed would cause woman’s seed to crush the serpent’s head and the serpent would strike at the heel of the woman’s seed. When did this happen and where was the beast during these processes?  More specifically why does satan appear to play such a minor role especially in last day events?

When God created the Garden of Eden He did not put the tree of evil and good over on the far left hand side and the tree of life on the far right hand side and warn Adam and Eve just to stay far away from that side of the garden. He planted the two trees right in the middle and side by side. That tree did not have to be evil, it was in fact good and deserved to be alongside the tree of life. God has not made us to live in monasteries in the middle of some wilderness but right next to evil. That does not mean that we have to sin and take part of the evil. We can never beat the example set by our Master and we are given exactly the same tools as He had. When His humanity failed Him after starvation for 40 days in the desert His Divinity cut in and against that Divinity satan had only one response and that was to flee. The weapon was ‘itiswritten’ and it is this ‘itiswritten’ which is available to us today. Adam and Eve probably only had God’s spoken Word but it was still God’s Word. There was no need for them to sin, it was not a spontaneous process for them like it is for us against which we must daily use ‘ and forgive us our tresspasses  as we forgive those who tressoass against us and lead us not into temptation’. Jesus knew the mountains of pain that we would cause Him if He was going to take our place in hell. But what was in it for satan to make Adam and Eve fall?

I have now added a new unit to the creation account, 2000 Sabbaths. This is the 38 years I require to be added to the 77th Jubilee and would account for the 3,888 odd years to make Good Friday half of created time of 7,777 odd years. Satan had plenty of time to rebel, to convince the Heavenly host to join Him and to get our first parents to join them. His gripe against God was that God would not allow him any creative powers and for that we must all be very grateful. His arguments ran pretty close to those that he runs today against God. I am not aware why the Heavenly host accepted these arguments but why he used different ones for our first parents but he has a whole battery of arguments at his disposal and all are just lies.They also drew from the timeline called evil. They are there just to turn us against Jesus so we change our allegiances from God to him. He does this with such monotonous success!

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After his rebellion in Heaven when he thrown down to earth the only place available for him in the garden was in the tree because it contained evil. If there was no room for him or his cohorts they would have been thrown outside of the fence that surrounded this garden. The beast was also in this tree and had been there for 38 years before satan got there. He was the materialisation of the time line called evil. He was the first born of evil, satan like all other evil just drew their evil powers from him. The seven heads, actually eight were specific evil powers that had dealings with God’s people.

So satan is an evil angel who rebelled against God because He would not raise his status to that of Jesus, convinced many other angels to rebel against God also, convinced our first parents to rebel and the majority of humanity since. It is easy to see how he bruised the heel of Eve’s seed, Jesus Christ. He has convinced us to commit all those billions of sins and for the redeemed Jesus took their place in hell with all of it’s associated suffering. But when did Jesus crush satan’s head? He did defeat satan in the vicious battle at 3 o’clock on Good Friday. That did not crush satan it just confined him to earth. It wasn’t satan who on Good Friday  was crushed and burnt and thrown into hell only to be rescued, it was the beast. I don’t think satan is even involved when the Rock grinds the statue into a dust and throws it the dust into the wind, this statue represents the four types of evil: the golden head for the evil within; the silver chest for Islam and their hate of Jesus; bronze thighs initially Greece but representing later evil democracy masquerading under the banner of Christianity and the iron clay feet initially representing emperor worshiping Rome but later representing all of false religion. The only time satan’s head was crushed was in that final battle when he surrounded the city God  loves and tried to destroy it. A fair question would be why  was it satan that was taken out of the picture for the millennium and not the beast?

It like many other questions this one has been raised and answered on many occasions, so much so that it appears we just going around and around and it is time to break out of the loop and move on. If the answers are the same it shows consistency and proves that the older the brain the more it relies on repetition. The answer should have been that it is a nonsensical question. If the beast was removed, those different forms of evil within, satan would be just been wasting his time in tempting us. He would be tempting a robot incapable of responding, but the other way around there is no satan to tempt us and therefore we cannot say to our Lord ‘ the devil that you did put there did deceive me and I did sin ‘ or Eve’s excuse. The evil that we come up with during this critical  time, the time for checking whether there was anyone left behind on earth that should be in Heaven, is evil from within, it is Adam’s sin.

If this alley we have been in could just answer one question then this foray would have been worthwhile; where on our timeline is the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb sung? Or why the chapter placements where they are? The world if intelligentsia call ‘ they are randomly placed by this monk whenever he was having a break, including relieving himself!’ You are not supposed to gamble but in this case I would place London to a brick that these people also use the lower case when addressing either God or His Son Who are One and there could be no better example of placing a pearl before swine. You will also find that this lot have a list longer than your arm of alleged mistakes in the Bible. God is not going to allow the integrity and credibility of His precious Word to be compromised by random or worst still satanic interludes. So let us look at the pearl of chapter placements, particularly chapters 14, 15 and 16 and taking great courage from that beautiful full stop in the centre of created time, chapter 4 to 5. Let us not be like Richard Dawkins who so proudly display their arrogance banner which only points to their ignorance. He would improve on God’s design of the human eye by placing the retina in front of the blood supply because it is obviously the wrong way around. Well Richard this ‘inefficient’ way that God has done it is capable of picking up the smallest unit of light that exists, the photon and even if your clever design could pick up half a photon which doesn’t exist it would self destruct almost immediately. To mechanically minded me it would be like mounting the gearbox in front of the engine!

What we have to do is to ask the Holy Spirit to twist this very special pearl at the right angle and the right speed for us to see some of its layered beauty. So the layer that we are looking at is chapter 14 which ends with the fires of hell so it must have been focusing on earthly events. Twisting it back a little first we see the battle of the beast or harvest, ( they both sound like final events what happened just before them?) and before these battles three angels have their warnings. The last angel has put a double edged sword on the table; one edge, the sharp one is Divine justice and the other is Divine love. Surely noone in their right mind would call ‘ I want Divine justice to be carried out and if you are indeed just then throw me into hell! Everybody is going to call ‘ please take my place in hell for me!’ The response is the otherway around. They don’t want anything to do with Jesus and would prefer to go to hell than do so. How can people have such an aversion for Jesus? What was His call, that of the second angel?

The call of the second angel was ‘ Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great,…’ . Heaven has tried all it can to bring someone to Jesus, it is very obvious to the only ones who count at this stage, those redeemed in Heaven that it is just a waste of time with any further events of trying to do so. After almost 1,800 years of trying God has finally pulled the pin! Now rather than proceeding backwards in time I want to proceed forwards because this blog was really about me. I was so upset at being left behind at Jesus’s second coming I wanted to know why this happened, I was sure that Jesus had made a mistake in leaving me behind and I specifically wanted to know what happened to me on my way to hell! There is no way that I would be that stupid or obstinate to do that when Heaven was the other option. The division of chapters is very reasonable to me and I will give these a summary at the end. The other assumption that I make is that my wife was the woman who was taken from the grinding stone and went to heaven. I assume she wants me there with her and is not just counting on her good fortune that I was left behind and keeps tapping on the firewall between us to check if it really will be up to the job of keeping me out. My specific address is to the first angel as by the time of the second and third angeles it is already too late. I am asking him to split events into before and after chapter 14 as here I have a timeline; the battle of the grapes or hell. From my reading of the Book Of Revelation and associated texts I think he would say:

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” Heaven has been particularly kind and thorough. At the second coming you were given very special privileges. You were called ‘virgin’ and treated as pure church by being given my seal, the seal of God. What is inexcusable in your case is that you were woken up by the call. You not only had head knowledge but you were given heart knowledge as well.You knew exactly what was required and you can’t blame satan for distracting you, he wasn’t there! You knew that the evil within you was going to require Divine retribution. Calvary’s tree was the centre piece of your life and you knew so much about it you were prepared to die for it and if I had not intervened in the eleventh hour you would have died for it. You saw the beast on his way over and you braced yourself for death. No one can flaw your commitment. But just look at the light that you saw in your woken state: sin, evil, Divine justice demanding retribution in hell and that meant it was either going to be you in hell or Jesus Christ taking your place. The light that you saw made you realise that that was the role of Good Friday. It was there that the beast of evil was destroyed and if you did not want to be in hell yourself that was the only option. You are not just a woken virgin you are a foolish woken virgin! You cannot dispute the word foolish nor can you blame satan nor can you say that 1,260 years I gave you was not long enough. What makes you foolishness just so much more serious is that you were so close to repentence. Most of the others gloated when the beast killed my two witnesses, you did not and were actually very upset by this event. But being upset is not repentence. You realised your golden opportunity was gone when at 1,000 years to the day your wife’s and many other peoples prayers were hurled down from Heaven and no longer formed that golden ring of protection around you. It only confirmed what you knew and believed was going to happen. It showed you that the meter was really running, I meant what I had written. But the most unbelievable part of those 1,260 years, the Church of Pergamum was actually those last 1,260 days when I appeared with Elijah and John My two faithful witnesses. They didn’t have to tell you as you not only knew not just that the door of mercy was about to close but you understood the significance of what that meant.( A major system crash lost approx 450 words, could even have been two lots of 450 words as initially when spell checker failed the whole blog disappeared and was replaced by one sheet of paper with a line in the middle of it and then a lot of typing disappeared. Discouraging in one way but encouraging in another as if this crash was of satanic origin then there must have been something there that countered his work of evil. It was typing done on God’s Holy Day so I have no reservation in trying to reproduce it)

” Those last 72 hours of Divine grace when my two witnesses lay dead is what you will look back to many times in hell. There is no need to draw you a picture of their significance and you ask Me so many questions but what about you? Why didn’t you make that final plunge? In your awakening you clearly saw Christ as creator, but more so why My love for you made Me go through the creative act knowing that I would have to go to hell for you if you wanted Me too. This last 1,260 years I have spent standing on My throne ready to go through that act of redemption and to come back to earth earlier than I did, but hat block that you have against Me would not allow you to repent. There is either something wrong with you or with Me and I leave that as a rhetorical question.

” You also saw the Heavenly changes that would occur when I returned to Heaven and assumed My sitting position, not standing as I was not coming back anymore. The door of mercy was closed, divine compassion no longer in play only Divine justice and love. All I had to do now was to show the redeemed why I did not spend any time in hell for you lot left after that door slammed shut. I took almost 500 years to work My way through every individual and at the end when I gave them the option either you go to hell or I do it for you they all chose to go themselves which was what I knew would happen and that is why I did not go to hell for them. The redeemed had to be shown this. This stark option was also placed before you and how could you or anyone else choose the hell option for yourselves. That is the question that you should be answering rather than quizzing me with your irreverent questions. Yes you have finished up in either the battle of the harvest if you had never died or the battle of the grapes for the dead but the onus is now on you to go and retrace those steps and answer those two critical questions which noone can answer but you. After such a promising start at My second coming which you carried through for such a long time why in those final 72 hours did you chose to go left and not right? Then at the end of the 500 years you were going to die either by the hand of the beast or the sword coming out of the mouth of the rider of the white horse and you knew one way was hell and the other was Jesus would take your place in hell and you consciously chose the path of hell. Why?. ”

So  after an introduction the Book of Revelation gives us the history of the seven churches. One meaning that they can be taken as is the history of time of this planet split into four eras, each marked by the coming of the Lord  Jesus Christ. Because they are churches they would carry a dual meaning; one for Divinity and one for Humanity. There are therefore two possible endings; hell and the wrath of God being complete. This is chapters 1 to 3. Chapters 4 to 11 focus on Heaven’s dealings so they finish up with the temple in Heaven. Chapter 4 is the first 3,900 odd years before the first coming with Christ as the Creator being the focus, chapter 5 is from Good Friday onwards with the progressive breaking of the seals by the Lamb, the second coming is the sixth seal and the beauty of the scroll is revealed to those privileged waiting saints when the seventh seal is broken and the scroll falls open. Chapter 8 is the millennium which ends when the protective power of the saints prayers is broken when they are hurled to earth. The trumpets then begin to be sounded and partial destruction begins. This is still a part of the Church of Pergamum which does not end until 1,260 years after the saints arrive in Heaven.

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We are given a lot of detail concerning Heaven’s focus on that period of grace represented by the Church of Pergamum, it’s millennium and the seven following trumpets. The saints must be convinced that no one slipped through the cracks and should have really been in Heaven and it is they who call on their Lord to close the door of mercy when they see that people would prefer to die two sulphur deaths than to repent. During these 1,260 years the Lord assumed a standing position as He was ready to come back to bring any sheep that was found, and He did come back for 1,260 days. If He came back to save any lost sheep He would have had to come for much longer as His perfect life was a critical part of the robe of His righteousness He came to weave for us. But once the door of mercy closes and planet earth will have to survive in all of God’s other attributes which will not be tempered by His compassion Scripture covers the next 500 odd years very briefly, in five verses, so they are either not important from the Heavenly focus or there will be another attempt to come back and cover them. What is stressed is the finality of the situation ‘ Jesus will reign for ever and ever’. It acknowledges certain events are still to occur and that they will finish with the temple in Heaven being cleared of smoke.

Chapters 12, 13 and 14 return to an earthly focus. Chapter 12 is the first coming, the Church of Ephesus or the the first 4,000 odd years; chapter 13 is the second coming, the Church of Smyrna or the next 2,000 odd years, chapter 14 is the Church of the third coming, the Church of Pergamum or the next 1,260 years and also the fourth coming, the Church of Thyatira or the  next 500 years.

So chapter 14 should be the last chapter of the Book of Revelation and the last verse should be ‘ I am coming soon, come Jesus come, Amen’ . We have already had Heaven’s and earth’s focus on history, the churches followed by Heaven’s alone focus on the scroll and finally earth’s focus finishing in hell of chapters 12, 13 and 14 so why do we need 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22?

If chapter 15 did not exist and we looked at chapter 16 we would see that it went to the bowls which occur after the door of mercy closes or the Church of Pergamum finishes its era of 1,260 years with the third coming. This is the Church of Thyatira era and we would be justified in saying ‘ nothing makes any difference now, Scripture is just being balanced by presenting an extensive coverage of events not just before but also after the door of mercy closing.’ It certainly does that. But chapter 15 does exist and it carries the key to the link before and after it. It carries the Songs of Moses and of the Lamb. The Song of Moses links us back to that closed door of mercy and the seventh trumpet and the Song of the Lamb to chapter 11 where both finish up in the temple with and without the smoke. We should now be able to do a reasonable analysis of chapters 16 to 20. We know that planet earth is no longer bathed in the compassion of God and the two opposing attributes of God are His justice and love. There could be no greater love than between Jesus and God the Father, but Divine justice was greater still and sent God’s beloved Son to the cross. It is in this realm that we will be operating but we will be stopped from doing so we understand verses 5 to 8 of chapter 15.

It is still important to understand in its last 500 years of existence even if it is not bathed in God’s compassion it is still bathed in His love. His love will continue to temper His justice until Rev (14:9) which has already been covered and with which I will finish this section which set out to put a time frame on the Songs of Moses and of the Lamb. It is very strange that the Song of the Lamb is what sets the time frame on the Song of Moses and not the other way around. If this blog is right and chapters 12, 13 and 14 are the insert of the history of humanity beginning with Angelic creation to hell’s finality with the wine press pressing out all that blood, for whatever reason they are inserted there then chapter 11 is the end of the trumpets, or the door of mercy closing or the era of Pergamum with some reference to the final condition of the temple  and the logical follow up of time would be chapter 16 or the bowls, full on destruction follows partial destruction. As chapter 15 occurs before chapter 16 the Song of the Lamb, and maybe even the Song of Moses is sung in the era of Thyatira those last 500 years of planet earth but it is not a song of salvation; certainly not for planet earth, all that is being offered by Heaven now is that because of Jesus’s love for you, whether you respond or not is immaterial He is still prepared to take your place in hell for you!. To break or sever that love you must meet two about to be discussed conditions. The saints in Heaven regard this as a critical question and when it is answered they ask for the marriage to take place. They want to see no more they just want eternity with their Lord to begin.

But that is not what the Israelites experienced when they came up out of the Red Sea. They were expected to do more than just offer salvation plan B to the nations ahead of them, they were to offer Heaven or salvation plan A to those nations. So that would put the Song of Moses as being sung at the second coming. In both cases God’s people have crossed over into the promised land; the enemy has been defeated, evil and in the case of the saints can have no influence on them whatsoever; they both have a period in front of them where they have to check that anyone who wanted to be with them did not miss out; they both still have the Canaanites to defeat to enter the promised land;plus the bits that we still do not understand. But Moses Song is Pergamum onwards but the Song of the Lamb is Thyatira onwards. Both these situations are compensated for by the first angel’s message which covers both periods.

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Whilst watching some funeral on TV I heard the pastor invoke Revelation 19:13. ‘ Then I heard a voice from heaven say, ” Write: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.” ” Yes,” says the Spirit, ” they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.” ‘  Clearly Scripture thinks this passage is of extreme importance and will be the subject of demonic attacks using every dirty trick in its book, and it covers itself accordingly by the instruction ” write:” Probably why it  struck so close to home was because I was near there recently. With those three major blockages in my main heart arteries my cardiologist was not exaggerating when he told my wife that I was on the verge of a massive heart attack, in which it is all over in one breath. I wonder then how blessed  I would have been? Dead ? yes; die in the Lord? does not mean you have to spend every waking moment contemplating the works of our Lord ( I certainly hope not but assuming I was at that moment contemplating His wondrous acts)  would I and how would I be blessed? This question not only answers when does Divine love stop its intercession but the major difference between the living and the dead other than the living being alive for the millennium.

I certainly would have been blessed if I was woken up by Jesus at His second coming and calling ‘ Lazarus come out!’ and being taken to Heaven to be with my Master for an eternity. I don’t think that I can say that if I was resurrected at the end of the millennium along with the unrighteous dead. Yes I would have been given those two options, those two forks in the road but history tells me I would have taken the wrong turn on each one. I would not have repented at the time of the two witnesses and I would have accepted the mark of the beast and for these stupidities I would have doubly suffered in hell.

But this issue is not one for the dead, it is one for the living. It is one for you and me as we head towards that interface the dead. It is for all humanity and if you would like to excuse yourself on the grounds that you have the seal of God then remember so did those foolish virgins who are specifically being addressed now. Having the seal of God does not take you off either satan’s or the beasts hit parades but rather it puts you in top of them. You are the real prize that they seek. That is what I told my daughter number four when given a chance to speak at her reception that I believed her wedding was an arrangement of Heaven but that automatically meant they went to the top of satan’s list for break ups. There may still be some time before the two battles where it is critical for the beast to mark his own and avoid that disaster of Good Friday  where they abandoned him from every direction. This cannot happen again and it is why he is so confident of the result of this battle. That rider of the white horse must also be having some doubts as he has been sitting on that white cloud for a very long time and did not interfere even when his own people were being slaughtered! He  just came and grabbed the last 288,000 of them left. So what we need to decide is in which tactic operating right now; is he getting rid of any possible desertions from his army, or getting rid of the bad rubbish is what he calls them or is he in the mode of grabbing anyone and everyone hoping that he nets at least one person who is going to repent in that 1,260 years of grace and will force Jesus to come back to earth to redeem that person? The way I read it is that he will only change tactics on day 1,150 of his reign of terror of 1,260 days. So right now he wants anyone and everyone! He just has to snare one case for repentance!

But to break  from God’s umbrella of love we need to meet two conditions; to accept his mark and then to die with his mark.( of the beast) The mark is not given as dramatically as being branded with a hot iron by a black demon like creature with a long tail! It is far more subtle than that. Jesus is asking you to take your place in hell which He would have done had you required Him to do so but you are either denying that Jesus went to hell at all or that He did not gain victory over the beast in hell. You cannot expect to be protected by the event you are now denying!. This is as subtle as the mark of the beast has to be; the denial of Calvary’s tree! Most people would deny the need for Good Friday and few it’s adequacy but whether you do it knowingly or unknowingly you cannot expect to be covered ,to be covered by an event you deny! Not only do you deny it you publically proclaim to do so! It is when you die with this proclamation that you fall outside of God’s umbrella of love. This certainly applies to those foolish virgins who are now about to forfeit their God given seals. These events are to take place some 1,800 years from today so what if we fall asleep today, it is sleep as all will be woken again some time in the future. If I fall asleep today with the mark of the beast have I excluded myself from the love of Jesus? In a worst case scenario I will be woken after the millennium and have 260 years to repent including a final 1,260 days with the witnesses. Won’t I then have another 500  odd years in order to respond to plan B of salvation? Neither the beast nor satan think so. Had the beast thought that you were going to be given another choice of repentance he would have kept his culling for 1,800 years later, just before the battles took place. No he did his culling on the living just before the second coming. The dead were not a concern to him, those who arose at the end of the millennium were his already..They had died with his mark thank you!

This answers a question that I have been struggling with since the start of this blog. If I fall asleep with the mark of the beast when I wake up it will be outside of the love of Jesus and therefore there is only one option left; I will be at the hands of Divine justice! This is the same justice that gave my Lord that cup of iniquity to drink on that cross! The only chances that I have are here now and in this life only!

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The victory of the beast over Christ on Good Friday, the mark of the beast has only been loudly and succinctly defined since just before the second coming of our Lord by Darwin’s theory of evolution. It will not be finally enforced until the great slaughter of the beast out of the earth in his 45 days of terror. Evolution denies Christ as creator and as most Christian faiths don’t realise it also denies Christ as redeemer. So why have the forces of evil left this theory so late in time when it is so effective in making such a powerful statement?

Even though Piltdown Man did incredible damage to the Christian faith and therefore to societies which are based on it by allowing evolution into school curricula with the resulting moral decay in society, it pales into insignificance to the damage done by Piltdown Man version2. Version 2, the millions of years ago you hear the sheep bleating regardless of which window you open has destroyed the bases of our beliefs, the Bible leaving a few despised, shunned fundamentalists behind. The forces of evil have it down to a fine art watering those seeds of doubt left behind by those millions of years and will have no problem in sweeping up those few fundamentalists in the first wave of their attacks. But these ridiculed fundamentalists believe in the sovereignty of God and will consider it a privilege to be used by the Lord  to gather His harvest.

The forces of evil have left their trump card, evolution to be played at the critical time, why play it when it was not required? The beast was not mauled on Good Friday he was utterly destroyed and even though he was snatched from the fire he still a long time to recover any sort of health. He only recovered his health 1,290 days before the second coming. For the rest of those 2,000 odd years satan working through the Roman Catholic Church was quite effective in putting barriers between Jesus and His people. Sir David Attenborough has learnt the technique and applies it to perfection. If he spued the hard core pawn of millions of years ago continually you would just mute the sound, so he doesn’t do that. He draws you in by showing you some of the details of the beauty of God’s creation and when he has you spellbound that he floods you with that garbage! So it is with Papal Rome. They draw you in with the beauty of the redemptive work of Jesus and when they have you spell bound then they pour their garbage out over you. Very few faiths stay on Christ and Christ alone! This should be our topic for each day and is certainly the topic of eternity.

It is a basic Bible principle that seed must die, fall to the ground in order to come up to life again with a different body. This certainly happened to Eve’s seed, Jesus Christ and so it will happen to Jesus’s followers, some in a literal sense and the rest in a symbolic sense, in the baptismal font. It happened to the first church of Smyrna and it will happen to the last church of Smyrna in a literal way. The wonder and the miraculous of the concept are breath taking and only prove that God can do anything. To be able to take this sinning, stinking  agglomeration of dying cells and to use it to bring people to the Lord so that we can all live in perfection for an eternity is a privilege beyond description! But in order to die we must be given something worth dying for. We are hardly going to die in an argument over what Peter, Paul and Mary disagreed on. But we will die if not physically then spiritually and morally which are worse still, over whether we are allowed to worship our Lord and Saviour and not some demon that is being presented to us.

It is this concept that the beast is allowed by God to introduce and it is worthwhile dying for. It is the peak of evil and it coincides with that wave of evil cresting at the second coming. There could be no better definition for the mark of the beast and no better delineation of God’s people and events occurring at this time have already been discussed. You may ignore 14:13 but it is at your own peril, it is prefixed in the strongest possible way with ‘ WRITE’ . Other than the 288,000 you will die. You will die either cursed or blessed. That is determined by whether you die in the Lord where you will rest until your deeds, your use of the free will God gave you and its resulting deeds will follow you. God firstly gives you the choice of salvation plan A, a place in Heaven and if you don’t want then He wants to take your place in hell for you. That is true love indeed and God cannot blame me for not being able to relate to that level of love!

Before moving from chapter 14 to 15 and then onto 16  that yawning gap  of verses 5 to 8 of chapter 15 must at least be partially filled so I intend to rejoin the Israelites on their journey to the promised land and by studying the things of this earth will enable me to enable me to see better the things that are from above. This is the advice of my Lord and Master Jesus Christ. My coverage of this subject is quite futile and the Lord has allowed many other renditions of how the Lord made the disciples hearts to burn when He explained using the Old Testament of how it applied to Jesus as they journeyed on the road to Emmaus. All that is expected of all of us is to walk according to the light that has been given to us.

There has to be many differences between the earthly march of the Israelites and the Heavenly march of the saints, the Heavenly Israelites.Most would regard as having arrived in the promised land at the second coming, but there are many differences between the Heaven that we first arrive in and the new Heaven when that tiny blip on our Heavenly radars. planet earth disappear completely. God’s Word gives us much detail of the period in between. The gap between our journey and the Heavenly journey is actually breath taking and it will be quite easy to make blasphemous analogies between them with the usual corrections. I don’t think that the saints ask God but He in His infinite wisdom is going to show them that not one person missed out on Heaven who should have been there and that every person who goes to hell has chosen to do so rather than allow Jesus to do it for them. So the obvious question of just how much humanity do we retain in Heaven has not been settled. Will I in a trillion years time ask where is my ….whatever? ( spouse) Those earthly prayers that were hurled down to earth at the end of the millennium were precious enough to be encased in an earthly censor of gold so they should not have been destroyed by Peter’s fires which destroyed everything else. Those prayers contained prayers for my spouse so if they are now in Heaven it is a logical, but probably blasphemous question to ask ‘ Well what about my spouse?’ The question may have been logical until we asked for the fine linen to be given to us but blasphemous if ask after.

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It is this earthly component again. There was nothing wrong with Christ’s robe of righteousness we were given in Heaven, in fact it was perfect. The more humanity we retained the less perfect this robe fitted. It is only after we ask for and are given the fine linen that the robe is indeed a perfect fit. The fine linen, the Holy Spirit, is the agent that really allows us to see and feel the beauty of this wonderful robe and we did not ask for it because we did not know what to ask for.By showing us Christ’s dealings with every soul that God created has now forced us to further look into the nature and character of God. Thus the Holy Trinity, or should that be two or maybe even one? The earthly component of our prayers will never raise its ( ugly ?) head again, that tiny blip off the radar screen has gone for good!

Another question arises from the different time frames that the two songs originate. On earth when the Israelites start their march the door of mercy is opened and will remain so  for over 4,000 years. So they are expected to bring people to God and to Heaven. They are also supposed to check whether any Egyptians who left with them wanted to go back. In the Song of the Lamb the Heavenly door of mercy has closed on the earth so they begin with the Church of Thyatira, those last 500 odd years of Divine Justice being tempered by Divine love. The earthly Israelites may have any and all difficulties ahead of them but Exodus ( 23:20) tells us they have nothing to worry about as God is sending His angel with them. This angel is also present in the Church of Thyatira in those last 500 years but really only applies to the foolish virgins, the living ones.

This now is a major change in the theology of this blog. What I just could not accept before was that all those people dying especially during the great slaughter could die  apparently in the Lord and be condemned to hell without  being given another chance somewhere or some time, the living ones certainly were! The name ‘foolish’ was not inserted at the second coming it was and only  therefore the living. That name was inserted at the call, 45 days before the Lord’s second coming. So at the midnight call there were two distinct groups: both were called virgins and both had been awakened and had seen the light. But the lot that didn’t carry any spare oil with them seemed to go  in a different direction to those who had spare oil who went on to meet their Master. If satan and the beast are that clever they would have realised that the fate of the foolish was hell and not bothered with them and just concentrated on the wise ones. I am going to have to come up with a few scenarios to see if any of them are more logical than the others. The facts from Matthew  chapter 25 we have in trying to address the question; are the dead as at the second coming of our Lord going to be given another chance of repentance in those 260 years after the millennium, or being given a chance of Heaven or a chance of accepting the Lord and dying in Him and therefore a chance of Him taking their place in hell for them? Or are all these events applicable to the living only? The facts as I see them are:

1; This parable applies ‘ At that time…’ and therefore  to the end day church, specifically to the church of the last 1,335  days before our Lord’s coming, which I will call the church of Smyrna. The implication is wider however as this church has had a problem, the bridegroom has taken a long time to come ( some 2,000 years) so the time being referred to may cover the whole of the Church of Smyrna between the first and second comings.

2; The Church of Smyrna certainly went out to meet the bridegroom, wise and foolish alike but the implication again is here that the church of the whole 2,000 years have been preparing for our Lord and on their way to meet Him.

3; the 50/50 split between the wise and foolish causes us major concerns but it certainly does apply to those 1,335 days where the church is woken and pure and the difference between them is oil in spare jars.

4; Heaven accepts the blame for the drowsy sleeping church, it is because the master has been delayed in coming. We have heard the call ‘wolf!’ so many times now that an extra call doesn’t raise any eyebrows.

5; But the midnight call is different and all the virgins wake up. This call has already been discussed in the blog.

6; Now for the bit that causes us the problems. They appear to separate and go in different directions. It appears logical that only the wise ones go in the direction from where they think their master will be  coming from. If the foolish ones thought that there were sellers on their way to the master they would have tagged along and stopped momentarily to buy their oil. But the wise ones who are wise and do not make serious mistakes don’t say ‘come ‘ they say ‘go’. So does that make me wrong in having them both going to the same rallies where they know they will be killed?  I (foolish) went to rally with my wife (wise) where one was killed and the other was not. Even a Bible student of my ability who would be thrilled to score 50% in any Bible test would know that the sellers won’t arrive for another 1,260 years and therefore say to my beloved ‘ you go on ahead to the rally I am off to see John and Elijah who will be coming by in 1,260  years time!’, Of course we go together and stay with other Christian congregations! But it is not as if we do not know who the wise are and who the ones who have the major problems, the foolish are. It maybe here that a difference of direction is implied. The following numbers are just plucked out of the blue so please substitute them with whatever numbers you want.

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Scenario one: At the midnight call the church awakes of 700 million and 288,000 people consider themselves privileged to be killed by the beast out of the earth. Under no condition will they consider considering the accepting of the mark of the beast. Split is 350 million and 144,000 wise and the same number foolish. The beast kills 700 million of God’s people; 350 million are wise and will be resurrected at the start of the millennium and go back to Heaven with their master and 350 million who are foolish and will not be resurrected until the end of the millennium, live 260 years until the Lord’s third coming and another 500 years until His fourth coming and go on to be marked by the beast and take place in the battle led by satan.

I have already said why the living foolish virgins are foolish. After being prepared to die for their Lord and now living for (another major blog crash) 1,780 years they are given the choice of mark of the beast and hell or no mark and no hell they take the mark and hell option! Is foolish the word adequate to describe this choice?

The problem which has always existed are those 350 million who died as foolish but they were sure that they had died for the Lord. They certainly had not died with the mark of the beast. How does the Book of Revelation treat these and particularly (14:13)? There is no need to worry about them. They all accept the mark of the beast and march against and are killed by the rider of the white horse and his armies. They are not just foolish but evil as well and always have been. They were branded by Heaven as foolish when they died and for good reason. Their problem with God and His Word  were varied and numerous. Whether that was homosexuality, gay marriage, errors in the Bible, the hierarchy of creation or whatever they thought that the problem was with God and could correct Him given a chance. With their liberal highly intelligent minds they would probably finds other faults in Heaven as well and it would probably take them an eternity to really sort out Heaven’s problems. They would make sure that love was the glue of Heaven and that it would equally apply to all. I could think of more words than just foolish for this lot!

You live once and in that life your destiny is decided for all eternity. You may doubt the proficiency of the cross ( or Christ the redeemer) and for that you will be given the mark of the beast or you may doubt the credibility and integrity of God and His Word ( or Christ the creator )  and under neither circumstance can you expect to spend an eternity with Him in perfection. You are indeed foolish and you already know your fate. The fact that you don’t accept any of it only proves ‘foolish’ has indeed got very  deep meanings! Has your home produced any nuclear power stations or universities lately?

I have rather strange feeling when I open Exodus chapter 25 and see offerings, Ark, table, lampstand, tabernacle…….. How meaningful and meaningless they can be. If asked to write on the lampstand I would firstly check to see if it had three branches on either side of a central stem. It has. So I would label the first branch as Ephesus and the Church of the first coming, the second branch I would label Smyrna and the Church of the second coming, the third as Pergamum and the Church of the third coming, the fourth as Thyatira and the Church of the fourth coming, the fifth as the Church of Sardis, the sixth as the Church of Philadelphia and the seventh as the Church of Laodicea. I would then look to see if there was a four/ three split in the Churches. There appears to be.

If the first stem is the first coming of our Lord then there would have to be something very special about it. It would have to have some emblem resembling a lion on it, the second branch something resembling an ox, the third branch something resembling a man and the fourth branch something resembling an eagle. They don’t, all they have is three branches leading up to the central stem and three branches leading away from it. So if this is the history of the Church then they all build up to and then away from the central stem, Thyatira, the announcement that evil has fallen and the marriage between Bride and Bridegroom was about to take place.

Yesterday was the Lord’s Sabbath where I live and usually I try to get as much typing as I can on His Holy Day. But yesterday we took the day off to celebrate one of the many miracles in our lives; the twins birthday their seventh. To us it proves the power of prayer  as these little angels were the same ones given to us by the Lord but hey were born in week 29. You really have to experience this personally to see the fight that these little angels put up for their lives! With my beloved we don’t look at seven years and 16 kilograms in weight, we look at the hourly existence and the gram by gram gain in weight!  If asked have you ever seen a miracle in your life or had your prayers answered by God then you will see at least two hands raised in the audience if we are there.

In the two odd hour bus trip I also had time for reflections about this blog. Here I was asking for the key to Heaven! By giving me the key to chapter 15 which is what I specifically sought I would also be able then to unlock chapters 16 to 20. Thus I would arrive at chapter 21 which is in Heaven! This was the key I was asking for in terms of the things of this earth as I began my journey with the Israelites after they had crossed the Red Sea. I was asking the Lord to help me express in earthly terms Heavenly things for which there is no earthly language. If there was such a language when you read it you would physically glow, like a glow worm from the beauty of what you had read. So in Heaven there may not be a lampstand but what it represents or symbolises is; the Bride and the Bridegroom. These did not just appear at the waving of some wand they have their history recorded and in some detail. And so it is for the other earthly symbols which we are about to study.

When we begin a trip we usually go over the preparation for this trip which is usually to late as the trip has already started . So it is probably now and I will return to the main blog with the customary ****.

It seems like a basic principle of life that highs only exist because there are lows. I have certainly just come from there now. In that crash where all my typing disappeared, you the reader saw nothing and me when I used my password and edit only could see a blank page with a line in the middle I assumed the Lord’s baton had been taken from me and passed onto someone else.  I would have used backup to restore what had been saved but would have typed into Word occasionally transferring it to the blog. I felt horribly depressed and sad but I dared not ask ‘ why ‘. I know that I had performed poorly before but I was trying to improve and wanted another chance to prove it. The explanation of those last 8 chapters of Revelation was going to be a stunning privilege and it will be for whoever the Lord shows it to.  I knew the answer would come back along the lines ”  You were given a chance and once again you failed. Since you were a teacher in life you will no doubt want a mark for your effort and you know that a mark between hopeless and pathetic would be being generous. What is and what could have been is stark indeed. The only time you really scored anything was at the start when everyone said to give up , just another crank with one more explanation of Revelation to be added to the pile!. But you knew there was more in it than that. You had correctly run the basic ideas past that angel that I gave you and you call my lovely Mel or just number four. The setting that you did this in was family foot washing and it was on the road to Emmaus and you correctly expected that after each trip on this road that ‘ and then they saw Jesus’ would apply once you broke the Bread. You correctly shutter at the thought that this blog has anything to do with your salvation which was fully accomplished on Good Friday. Her encouragement was more than enough to start you across your journey of the Jordan River of life but there has to be a time when you have to be able to carry on yourself. The real problem is that you have lost your first love, repent and return to it! ” But the blog was mostly  restored and as I tried to peer through that door I thought well ‘maybe’ , I maybe shown at least some of that beauty which has already been shown to many of my Christian brothers and sisters and the privilege of having it included in my blog.

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I have had many problems and questions to ask the Lord as I studied His Word. A major question was concerning the sleeping church, the ten virgins. The only time I could convert from foolish to wise or from hell to Heaven was whilst I was asleep. Once the church awoke there would be no time as at awakening you were classified as wise and foolish, there was no time to convert after this critical moment. So how can I change from foolish to wise virgin whilst asleep?

There seem to be two issues here; one is sleeping and the other is awakening. Whilst asleep we do things in faith, we don’t really know, we cannot see we just believe but when awoken we do things by sight. Thus we have the sleeping and the woken churches. Whist asleep we accept Jesus by faith and when awoken we will accept Him by sight. By faith without any proof we accept Him as our creator and redeemer as recorded in His Word which we accept by faith without any reservations or qualifiers. Putting doubt into His Word is probably worse the putting doubt into the credibility of Good Friday. Both are evil, both are called ‘foolish’ in the Word and both result in hell. It is in your act of sleep that you are judged in your faith and condemned or saved. So any sleeping person and that includes the whole church can change from foolish to wise by the act of repentance, unconditionally. Any conditions that you impose are yours entirely and only break the act of faith. You’re the one who wants to see Jesus to explain your gripes to Him. You are the one erecting the barrier! Our enemies will look own on us with those condescending looks ‘You poor dears blind faith is what is required of you so leave your brains at home!’ What they won’t add come and be like us! We bring our brains and when we both look at that beautiful flower you lot without brains accept Jesus your creator did this. But our brains tell us the atoms in this flower came from nothing, assembled themselves without knowing what they were doing, just by chance and then changed themselves from lifeless dead assemblies into living organisms capable of having little babies! Whom did you say lives by blind faith. As already pointed out there must occur eight ( I think) impossibilities for their scenario to occur. How many impossibilities would have to occur for all those brainy people to call ‘ impossibly’ They seem to have a new type of logic which tells them that the more impossibilities there are the more possible the event! But then again they can produce something from nothing! It does add up really doesn’t it!

How does the church awake then in those last 45 days when the beast out of the earth begins his rule? It is not the act of declaration of validity of the Bible. That was done by the beast out of the sea some 140 days before when it admitted all this garbage of millions of years as the age of the earth was just that, garbage! That was the weapon it used to draw all those closet Christians out into the open so they could be killed and not be a problem when those serious battles, those do or die ones were being fought. I certainly would have classed this as an awakening  and therefore faith by sight. The Bible does not. The only way that I can see that the awakening and the midnight call are coincidental is that the abomination that causes desolation makes the midnight call at the same time he presses the trigger that destroys that area. There maybe other events occurring around this time which I missed as I was not aware of the above situation. It is in the beast’s interest, whether it be an it or she or he if it is Francis to wake God’s people up so that they meet at rallies where they will be easily slaughtered. It only has 45 days in total to do this and to weed out those smaller world wide congregations. Seeing these events take place would confirm Holy Scripture beyond doubt and they would all be living by sight.

It still fascinates me how 400 million, or whatever the number is, of God’s people could wake up and still not even one of them realise they are foolish and convert over to the wise! The process is so simply: repent and accept Jesus Christ! Surely they realise that if they repented and accepted Jesus Christ but they still have conditions and reservations, however reasonable these reservations are they have not accepted our Lord and Saviour. There is no such thing as a conditional acceptance! Jesus Christ did not nor could He have made any mistakes! You cannot spend an eternity with someone who is prone to making mistakes and he will probably put you and your brilliant ideas in rearranging the furniture of Heaven continuously!

Exodus chapters 25 to 30 only list the items present and their physical dimensions that are part of the Tabernacle. Their usage and relationship are still to come, particularly their relationship to Heaven have already been expounded in the Book of Hebrews. This will necessitate a journey to at least parts of this pearl and the usual work of the Holy Spirit of holding it up so that we don’t trample it into the mud and then to rotate it slowly revealing some of those beautiful layers. This journey with the Israelites is indeed going to be a fascinating one and I don’t want to just go along for the ride, I want to try to understand as much as my brain will handle what is going on and why and above all to be able to glorify Your Name and not that  of baal as so much literature does today by not even attempting to distinguish between God and baal. Providing the subject or item being studied by whatever manner leads to ‘ The revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave to Him’ then it has been a success.

To start the journey I have to catch the train of thought from somewhere and this choice is quite simple if there is only one station; the lampstand. The lampstand is apart of the Tabernacle and it may or maynot finish up in the New Jerusalem. Whether it does or does not change the facts that it has significance, as do all the other items in the earthly Tabernacle. If this is the representation of God’s Church then it must be the relationship between Jesus and His people. If this is the case then;

1; There can only be one; there is. There is only one Jesus Christ and there is only one group of His people. They may be spread over a long period of time and come in different shapes and sizes with different tags attached but they are all one; His people. Some are wise and some foolish, some are weeds and some are wheat and some have horrific sinful pasts that caused their Saviour excruciating pain over such a long period on Good Friday. I am still one of His people. We only came through life because we were on this amazingly designed ark. It did not matter how big the waves were, what direction  they came, what bumped into us or what we bumped into, it withstood all tests easily. This ark, Jesus Christ in the baptismal font did finish it’s journey but even though we came out of this ark and proceeded on with our lives we were given the choice of inviting Jesus into our boats to ride out those storms of life with us. Some did but most did not. They remain as His people right up to  their last breath when they exercised their free will with whom they wanted to spend an eternity. (page went blank but autosave worked thank the Lord!)

2; Is this lampstand precious? It is and is made of the most precious metal known to humanity for the majority of their history. It is solid gold. There is not one soul there that Jesus created for whom He would not have come from Heaven and dragged Himself along to Mount Calvary and died on that cross for; just one! He is only prepared to pay this high price because He loves us so much and desperately wants us to be there with Him!

3; Is the lampstand defined in it’s physical dimensions? It is and contains one talent of gold. This blog has Jesus and His Church limited to 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours of existence on this planet and an eternity for the New Jerusalem. There has already been some attempt made at an analysis of the first 7,777 years ending with the wedding in Heaven but I am still seeking  the key to those 7 months of Sardis, 7 days of Philadelphia and seven  hours of Laodicea. But even those first 7,777 years could not really be begun to be analysed until The Church of Laodicea has been clarified as the history of the earth really begins with Revelation chapter four.

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4; Is there a definite structure or pattern to this lampstand? There is a beautiful pattern with incredible detail and it’s structure appears to point to the Heavenly wedding and the defeat of evil and then away from these events symmetrically.

5; Is the pattern of the lampstand Divinely designed? Yes it was this design that God gave Moses on the mountain.

6; What about the four cups shaped like almond  flowers with buds and blossoms? The cups appear to confirm the four comings of our Lord according to the four creatures of chapter 4, the four way nature of our Lord and Master and already discussed. The fact that a cup supports a two way branch could be the parallelism between the branches. All churches are expected to produce, including Laodicea, a harvest of buds and blossoms. Why almonds and not figs?


I suppose it is a privilege to be confused because it means you have at least two facts and you are not sure what order they go in, three facts become bewildering and four just an outright embarrassment! Well here we have at least three; God’s earthly dwelling place, the Tabernacle, it’s corresponding Heavenly equivalent in the Old Heaven and these two point to the Tabernacle of eternity, the New Jerusalem.

In my original equation for Heaven and the Garden of Eden I had;

Perfection  (God)     + time line of evil      = very good  and this seemed to explain Eden well but it does not explain Good Friday. Evil may have been allowed to run on on planet earth because Jesus pulled the beast out of the fire before it destroyed him but the exact opposite happened in Heaven. Evil was destroyed and satan who had lost his position in Heaven at his rebellion now lost his place, he could no longer wander with the Heavenly host, he was confined to earth. This place is the one Jesus has gone back to Heaven to prepare for us. I have made no attempt to address the inconsistency here that Jesus did not present Himself to the Father until Resurrection Sunday morning to be declared perfect and His perfect blood was not presented to Heaven to finally cleanse it to allow Jesus and all those resurrected saints into Heaven with Him. These are but part of the key we are looking for. The point to be made here is that there was no evil in Heaven yet perfection did not result, evil still existed somewhere, here on planet earth and the New Jerusalem could not materialise until all evil was consumed by the fires of hell. The time line of evil should therefore be replaced by the existence of evil.

If evolutionists can invent the study, the ologies in so many fields on the basis of nothing then why can’t I discuss something I know nothing about, God. We walk by the ocean almost every day and if asked to count the drops of water there I would say ‘Wow’. When I look up at the stars, especially when we are in the desert and I know that for every drop of water here on earth there are 10,000  stars I say ‘Wow’. When sunbaking on the sand I take a handful of sand and try to count the grains there I think probably in a lifetime but to count the four kilometres on this beach, all beaches all deserts I would say ‘Wow’. To keep me alive at this time He probably has to perform in  one second the number of reactions as there are drops of water in that ocean, again I say ‘Wow’. That each drop of water has as many molecules in it as there are drops of water in the ocean again I say ‘Wow’. The one that really fascinates me though is photosynthesis and even though we know next to nothing about it I still say ‘Wow’.

That is the difference between me and God, between evil and good. He can have nothing to do with evil whatsoever. On this earth He is double insulated from it; He is in an ark which is in a room to which only God’s representative has access and only one time each year. These restrictions can only be lifted when there is no evil and God’s presence can radiate in all directions. There will be no need for a roof over His dwelling place and no need to close any doors or gates. Note the timber that insulates God from us on earth, it is the timber of Calvary’s tree, note the metal that protects its precious contents; gold. Note the number of rings of support; four the natures of Christ, note what supports this ark; acacia overlaid with gold, note there cannot be any separation between those supports and the ark, between God and Christ, note the contents of the ark, the exact problem for the separation of God from man. Have a specific look at the cover, it can be removed and God joined back to humanity.

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There are still many issues and unanswered questions like; who was this person who was allowed to enter into the presence of this ark?. when could he enter and how often?, why wasn’t he struck down because humanity and sin cannot be in the presence of perfection?, why did he go into that room?, how could you tell if his mission was a success or not?, what are those items in and on the ark and what is their significance?, which items are transferred to the old Heavenly firstly and then into the New Jerusalem?

Specifically if that person pointed to Jesus Christ then when did He enter Heaven and present His precious blood?. Where and when was this blood applied in the Heavenly realms? We don’t need the answer to was it accepted as we already know that when Jesus did present Himself to God on resurrection Sunday ‘ The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place’. By God’s standards it was perfect  and it did bridge that chasm between God and man. The two had been rejoined.

There are similar questions for the table. Is it’s transitory mode different to when it arrives at its final destination in Heaven? And how?, what are its functions?, is it really that important that it is placed just after the ark and before the lampstand? what are the items on it and what are their significance? The lampstand has already been covered.

Chapter 26 is the building itself and 27 covers further items. One problem that was of my making has been that I got onto that train of thought on station Exodus (25:31) instead of (25:1). It is  not such a bad idea to start a journey at the start, verse 1, the offerings for the Tabernacle. Why go where we are going? Answer; God’s people wanted to go there. They wanted that God Who had just performed that amazing miracle, the crossing of the Red Sea and their deliverance from those evil Egyptians to be in their midst and were prepared to give their hearts and souls and earthly riches for this to occur. God did not need their gold, silver, bronze, coloured yarns, goat hair, animal skins, wood, olive oils, spices, stones and gems He needed the hearts that gave those for the purpose of having His presence. Neither does He need our earthly possessions and could easily convert this universe into solid gold if He so wished it. He does need the heart that parts with a little of what God has given it so that He can establish a presence within that heart.

The people did make the offerings and the process of restoration of Divinity to humanity did begin. It began with the establishment of God’s presence in the ark, it established humanities presence with the table and it combined Divinity and Humanity  as one, the church of God or the lampstand. These now are going to be placed into a building, the Tabernacle and the procedures, ceremonies that will occur inside will now be described.

**** This next section will be quite a steep learning curve for me so I will not be surprised to see many corrections. The Tabernacle is the Temple which is made up of two and separate rooms. This Tabernacle or Temple is set in a courtyard of specific dimensions outside of which is just common ground for the public, the gentiles. This Temple and therefore courtyard has a long and checkered history. Whenever Jesus is present in this Temple so is God’s Shekinah Glory. The OT dates can at best only be approximate as scholars cannot agree on them. So the history of the temple is approximately: the desert or mobile version from 1,400 years to 1,000 years BC with God’s Shekinah Glory. The permanent version, Solomon’s Temple from 1,000 to 600 years BC with God’s Shekinah Glory and destroyed by the Babylonians. The restored Temple and finally finished by Herod from 500 BC to 70 AD. God’s Shekinah Glory present until Jesus withdrew it with ‘Your house is left desolate for you’ on the Tuesday before Good Friday approximately 30 AD. So the temple was desolate for nearly 40 years until it was destroyed by the Romans under Titus. These desolate ruins remained for nearly 2,000 years until they were pulverised by the abomination that causes desolation. Rebuilt soon after the second coming but remained desolate for another 1,260 years when Jesus returned to occupy it for a period of 1,260 days. Again left desolate until surrounded by satan and his armies which are destroyed from above, not sideways out of the Temple which is destroyed some 500 years later by Peter’s fires which consume the whole of creation, including planet earth and the Temple which is replaced for an eternity by the Temple of the New Jerusalem.

It is very important to know which temple we are talking about. In the temple before Good Friday if you did not offer or take place in the animal sacrifices you went to hell. To do so after Good Friday would be blasphemy of the first order, the mark of the beast and certain hell also. What other drastic changes occurred at the cross? We must sort these out as we don’t want to be guilty of blasphemy..

Our search is not going to be just a stumble in the jungle because we know where we are going to finish up in the New Jerusalem. When John saw this new Heaven coming down out of the sky he like all Jews and many travellers scoured  the horizon to see where its main landmark, the temple was, but found none.So the new Heaven is only made up of three sections: the inner core and what was called the Most Holy Place or the Holy of Holies on earth, God’s direct dwelling place, directly attached to this is the Holy Place but not by one curtain the temporary seperation on earth but by four permament gates made of giant pearls. This attached building takes the place of planet earth which itself is set up in a new courtyard, the new universe. As there are no gentiles in the new Heaven there is no need for that fourth area. We have dispensed with one of the four areas.

But what happens to the other three? The changes that occurred at the cross are the critical ones because it is under these changes that we are living. They apply to us and we have asked our Lord to grant us His prize, to show us the Daily Sacrifice. Some people say that if there are no changes in your life it will become very boring, something I cannot complain about. One major change is that I used to scorn people who tried to  put physical dimensions on Heaven. I do not do so now and will try to do the very same thing. The Bible gives very clear instructions of the materials and sizes of the first temple in the desert, the transient one, the one before they entered the promised land. ( Exodus 25:40) ‘See that you make them according to the pattern shown to you on the mountain”. The instructions were exact and they were Divine. It was how John was able to distinguish  God’s temple from the plethora of temples that had appeared, by measuring it. Presumably the abomination that caused the desolation had pulverised the original area and made it unsuitable for building is why the original temple or any other temple could be rebuilt on exactly that spot. I am not going to go into the minute detail of this structure now just to say there were two entrances with with curtains on them; one into the temple itself and one between the two  compartments, the Holy Place and the Most Holy place and these remained as curtains even in the permanent version; Solomon’s Temple. I will make a case why it was the outside curtain that was torn on Good Friday, the one into the building  and not the inside curtain as most people assume. It is through this torn curtain that we walk through now and that is why we are called priests today. Because we are priests in the Holy place we must study our duties and responsibilities carefully noting what those priests did before us and what has changed since that curtain was torn. Our Priest and High Priest has moved from where we are, the Holy Place into the Holy of Holies in Heaven.  The differences between this temple and the Heavenly One will  be noted when we study  chapters 21, 22 of Revelation.

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The next item to be listed before the confining area, the courtyard is defined, is the Altar of Burnt Offering.

The problem of why we broke our relationship with God was sin, disobedience and it certainly was not of serious enough nature to be listed  on those stone tablets as number 11 ‘ Thou shalt not eat of the tree of good and evil’. It was not. That break occurs  whether the sin is major or minor, it is evil . The problem with God is that He is not amenable to compromise. He is perfect and any attempted improvements would then make Him imperfect. There is only one way in which humanity and Divinity can be restored, God to man and that is to burn evil into non existence! That can only be done in hell. So either I go to hell or God goes to hell for me if He loves me so much that He wants me to spend an eternity with Him in Heaven. Here we have a symbol of that substitution; He went instead of me as symbolised by the altar of burnt offering. This is the reason why I won’t be going to hell because He has done that for me. This is the basis of the ceremony that took place in the courtyard. If this altar is such an important symbol then why is it out in the open and not closer to God?

If the temple is a symbol of the body of Jesus it must  have four sections corresponding to the four natures of Jesus. It does but for the first time they are in reverse order. The eagle is the Holy of Holies or Christ’s Divine nature,  the human face is His human nature and our representative, the ox His blood and the lion is outside the courtyard and is responsible for winning souls to God.

The Holy of Holies is the direct presence of God in His Shekinah Glory. This is not symbolic it is the real thing. But if this is God then there can be no contact whatsoever  between this chamber and man, any man as all humans , except Jesus Christ, are evil and sinful. They should be struck dead as soon as they began to even enter this Holy chamber. God allows one person on one occasion each year under highly defined conditions. That person must be God’s representative on earth, the High Priest and he is allowed to go inside this chamber to plead for God’s mercy firstly for himself and if he is not struct down and killed to come out and the second  time for mercy for his people. He pleads ‘ Have mercy God, do not kill me as I am a sinful person’ . If he was killed the people would know that God had not accepted their plea for mercy through their representative and their sins remained unforgiven.

How bad could this High Priest have to be before he was allowed to enter this inner sanctuary? What about  those high priests who obtained this position by bribery? Worst still be murder? If any of these evil appointments ever got killed the word would soon get around that ‘ Once you are given this position you will be required to enter into God’s presence in the Most Holy Place once a year and He will kill you” No one would want this position because of the death it could bring. But you may say that at the time of these corrupt political appointments His Shekinah Glory was not in the temple. This certainly was the case after Jesus withdrew His presence on the Tuesday before Good Friday. But before that Tuesday Jesus called the temple ‘ in my Father’s house’ so God’s glory was certainly there. Look at the high priests who officiated there at the time, murders! Yet they were not struck down and neither will you or I be struck down if we plead for the mercy of God, regardless of how bad we are! And that is the miracle of the cross! There is much more to be said about this Divine compartment.

The courtyard was specifically for the believers, humanity and represented by Jesus’s human nature, the creature with a man’s face. It was our sins being burnt in that courtyard on the altar of burnt offering and we could see them being so destroyed. After it actually happened on Good Friday we could move sinless in God’s eyes through that torn curtain  and serve God as priests.

The Holy Place was that of the creature that looked like an ox, it is about the blood of Jesus. Because the Holy Place is the interface between God and humanity it performs two functions, one relating to man and the other to God. It is here that we now have to be careful in transferring the duties of the priests of Old Testament onto ourselves, the priests of the New Testament . The chief priest of this compartment, the High Priest Jesus Christ has gone into the most Holy Place in Heaven taking the blood not of the ox but His own precious blood. We will have to be careful not to move or splash that blood here on the earth anymore! Again the priestly roles are still a subject of future studies. There is no need for Jesus the lion in Heaven as the conquest is complete by this time only perfection remains. Even by John’s time Heaven had given up with the Gentiles and John was told not to count them. Yes I am still working on why there are four gates in Heaven and they are all open, and not three.

I find myself travelling at breakneck pace on a subject which contains the answer to what I am seeking, the daily sacrifice or Jesus Christ. I use the NIV study Bible as my guide and the diagrams on pages 124 and 126 and where I disagree with them. I use the cubit to be 18 inches or half a meter. I disagree with their diagram of the picture of the altar from a practical point of view. This altar on a busy day would have to burn tens of thousands of animals. If the sides were 1.5 metres ( 4 1/2 feet) high they would not allow enough air or draft to do the burning. Also on ordinary days when individuals brought in their animals as required by Law they would not see their sins burning in hell which this was supposed to symbolise. The sight and the burning problems would be solved by having this altar 4 1/2 feet off the ground. The horns to mark the corners or boundary of the altar would solve the problem of burning many carcasses at the one time.

Here on earth things can have no dimension ( point at which two straight lines cross), one dimension ( the straight line), two dimensions (area between two lines) and the real thing three dimensions as we see them almost everywhere. So this altar of burnt offering is supposed to allow us to at least relate to the real thing, the cross of Christ. It has three dimensions; 75 cubic cubits or 9 1/2 cubic meters or 85 cubic feet approx. The cubit maybe the best unit as it already has a cube factor in it. When Heaven  looked down on Mount Calvary on Good Friday  it saw a distinct object of what could be 3 meters high. 2 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep  or a unit of 9 cubic meters. The cross was made of acacia wood ( of this I am almost certain) . This would have been the most Holy of all places even if the flames leaping from this cross leapt way into and included Heaven. They did have a source. Who am I: I am a definite volume of space was lined with bronze and not gold and was located in the believers courtyard. Bronze was what Moses was told to make his snake in the desert out of to represent Jesus and bronze is what the third part of Daniel’s statue is made of, the belly and thighs and it is also the material the goat is made of the one that attacks the ram and knocks it around so badly in last days. What is bronze the symbol of?

The beauty of the Bible is its simplicity. It is either God’s way or the highway. God does not make many rules for us to follow such as you may scratch your ear with whatever finger or item you may wish and trillions of other such sources of choice. But He does say ‘ Thou shalt not kill’ or ‘ Thou shalt not commit adultery”. And eight other commandments. God’s way of ruling the earth is called theocracy and our way is some form of ocracy one of which is democracy. God’s original theocracy did not include kings and queens, in fact He could not have given a stronger warning against it even if He tried harder. That part of theocracy was forced on Him by the Israelites and all it proved was that God was right in all the evils it would bring. The closer our democracy stays to theocracy, minus those royals the more righteous it is. Conversely the further it strays away from God’s rules as is happening more and more today the more evil it is becoming. The two central themes of God’s rules, His commandments are Himself and mankind via His established unit of the traditional Christian family; mum, dad and kids. The central commandment regarding Himself , the Sabbath Day fell a long time ago and it is quite amazing that it has taken the forces of evil such a long time to begin their major assault on God’s unit, the family. But the bonds holding this unit are particularly strong and can only be broken once society is broken by saturating it with pornography, alcohol, drugs of all description, greed and those other evils permeating our society today. Many societies began off in a puritan fashion and the momentum gained from this start carried and carries them to today. The USA begun by those Puritan  Pilgrims began this way and its Christianity lasted for about ten minutes once they saw those rich Indian lands! Look how far ten minutes of Christianity has pushed them!

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So the bronze just doesn’t stand for democracy or other forms of ocracy straying away from God’s ways but also any breaking of those ways within His system. It stands for sin. In the desert the bronze stood for the evil of God’s people, the altar of burnt offering, Mount Calvary it stood for the sins of the saved, Daniel’s statue for democracy gone mad which I took as the USA in the statue. The point about democracy or the bronze is that there is a finity between the metals of copper and tin, they form an alloy, a solid solution. There is a very strong affinity between us and sin, we are born in it, soaked in it as we live in it and is really the only thing we can own up, most people proudly do this.  This is not the case with the feet under the statue. The iron and clay coexist but they do not mix. The beast out of the sea puts up with the beast out of the earth only because it is expedient for him to do so. But they hate each other and it is only a matter of time until they turn on each other.

Reading through the rest of the text I can see why the NIV has the picture it has and I think I was confusing it with the altar of incense. If I was an Israelite returning home after the service I would want a clear picture of the sins I had confessed and placed on that animal I would want to see them burning up and disappearing. Just like now I want to look up to mount Calvary and see my sins disappearing through that perfect body of Jesus Christ. That Mountain, that cross has to be above everything else as satan will throw his darts of doubt when they are most effective. They cannot be effective if that cross is visible from everywhere. The comparisons of the ark, table and temple can wait until we compare them to the New Jerusalem. ( Just a passing thought from the master of evil. If I had been one of those high priests who obtained his commission by bribery I would not have gone into that inner most chamber as I was the only one present in the Holy Place and I had to be there,  all I would have had to do was to say I did it. How would anyone prove I was lying?)

Some discussion has already focused on the courtyard. Some more thoughts on it: If this courtyard is the universe then it will not require a door. This door was there for God’s people to come through, we are already inside and to bring converts, gentiles with us. There are none of those left. It is made of very specific three dimensions, it has a volume, it is a real thing. The only reason we were allowed to move from this courtyard into the Holy Place where only certain, privileged priests were allowed to officiate was because the curtain which forbade us from doing so before was torn in the middle at 3 0’clock on Good Friday and the animal that was about to be struck down escaped. The priests may have conspired to tell the believers many lies about Jesus but the curtain tear was not one of them. Everybody saw it! We are not to bring any more animals in here with us as the last one just escaped.

Our first duty has been assigned to us, to take the olive oil from the people and put it in the lamp. The lamp must remain litten during the night only. The chambers have also been given new names; The outer one we are to serve in is now called the Tent of Meeting and it has just one entrance into the Most Holy Place which is now called the Testimony. We are not told for how many generations we are to do this for but since it is not forever we can assume something changed on  Good Friday.

It is not as if we have been conquering mountains at the speed of light. So far we have only really established that the Israelites wanted God in their presence so they gave their riches to build Him a church. God however was very particular as to where He would live in. He wanted to point His people of all times to their final destination with Him, the New Jerusalem. He wanted to call His home with them the Tabernacle or the Temple and He wanted it set in a particular setting, the courtyard. He would be there with them in person, His Shekinah Glory but confined within a Holy volume of space, the ark within a special building, the Most Holy Place. On rare occasions, once a year, He would allow the person He chose as the peoples representative to enter into His presence and not kill them providing they followed certain  protocol. Even though there is a lot to be said on these ceremonies before the ark they only concerned the High Priest and will not involve us in our duty as priests other than give us an insight into Heavenly ceremonies in order to unlock Revelation chapter 15. The table has been mentioned and the lampstand but with more details followed by the Temple, altar of burnt offering, the courtyard and the oil for the lampstand. As it was our duty to tend to the lampstand we should not have been caught out short just before our Lord’s second coming. We were supposed to keep checking whether spare oil was being brought in the Israelites so we should have had plenty in spare jars to be used at that critical moment, the midnight call. But we fell asleep and only woke up when it was too late, our destiny had been determined and we woke up as either wise or foolish. So how do we tend to our lamps whilst asleep and know we have spare oil in spare jars, a duty we have had since the cross.?

This also has been covered in the blog. The faith of sleep is faith in the unseen, whereas faith of he awakened is faith of the seen. we are laughed at and derided by evolutionists as having a blind faith. It is not us who believe in the impossible it is they.The analogy I used was a home assembling itself out of nothing, becoming alive and having children. I looked forward to telling my evolutionary friends that my home has just had a bony, bouncy beautiful baby so full of energy and full of potential! Yes we had a little nuclear power station!. But our joy turned to dismay when the little darling crapped itself! My goodness gracious can it crap!It will now take a least 100 years to begin the cleanup which will take millions of years to complete! Mother nature cannot hide behind ‘ Sorry about this mistake but I was only working be blind chance and didn’t know where I was going.’  Absurd, not good enough if you can design such beauty as a leaf, or flower or fish or bird which are infinitely more complex than a nuclear power plant how can you  make such a hideous mistake! Do you really believe that someone can solve for Einstein’s equations of relativity and not be able to add one onto two? Do you really believe that if you can lift ten tons but you can not lift one pound? Evolutionists will believe you that you produced that flower by chance but then they really do have a blind faith! And they poke fun at me for having a blind faith!

But Jesus does not blame me for being asleep. In fact faith in the unseen is a greatly sought after commodity. We should not ask for faith by sight. When awoken it made no difference whatsoever to those foolish virgins. They stayed foolish but their punishment will now be worse because more is expected of people who live by sight. They have no one else to blame but themselves. They have rejected the light shown them and sinned against the Holy Spirit, they have committed the unpardonable sin!

I class myself as a believer and like any other believer, whose place is in the courtyard, I have three options; I can respond to the call ‘ you are priests’ and go down and through that torn curtain into the Holy Place, I can go back through the gate I came through and rejoin the unbelievers  or what I did, I called ‘wait’. But now very late in life I have decided to enter into this Holy Place from which believers were kept out of for over one thousand years. I realise that, on one side of me is the Most Holy Place, the ark, the direct presence of God or Heaven where the High Priest, Jesus Christ has gone into but is soon coming back out of. On the other side is where I have just come from, the courtyard of the believers who even though they are calling ‘wait’ still have a duty of bringing in gentiles through that gate. If I am to act as priest then I will be the interface between God and man, could there be a more important duty? But I am studying His Word, the Bible so I know that not only will my duties be well defined but He will help me carry them out.

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I have read much about this Holy Place and the duty of its priests but it was a bit abstract, it is totally different now that I am in it. To get my bearings I look around at objects that I can associate with and the lampstand catches my attention. If that is a symbol of God’s church then surely it should be in the next compartment, the Holy of Holies right alongside God’s presence in the ark. After all they will be spending an eternity together! My guide tells me that this so but the history of God’s church has proceeded in stages. The first half was the preparation for the birth, life and death of the child Jesus Christ. After His death and resurrection the child Jesus went into Heaven to prepare a place for His followers and they were to bring as many people as they could with them. Then the child Jesus came back to collect His own to spend an eternity with Him. That is the stage you are looking at now, but where you are standing is the preparation stage for this, this lampstand should be preparing for My second coming. One duty  you have been given is to tend to this lampstand and make sure that it never goes out at night time. God’s presence can never be associated with darkness. This is a very important duty that you have been given but it is not so much a 24/7 duty but a watch duty. You don’t need to have a constant flame, you don’t have to run yourself into the ground your place in Heaven was won at the cross. You must keep a watch out for those storms not just in your life and family and friends but society in general. As that darkness deepens you are to compensate for it by adding oil to the flames from your spare jars.  And that is where the sleeping church failed at the second coming. Evil met Jesus with it’s peak of darkness which was not compensated for by My churches lampstand. So the lampstand must remain outside the ark as it needs constant attention, if it was inside with the ark then it could only receive attention once a year. ( it is more complex than that unfortunately and can only be simplified by inserting the cross)

As I look around I can’t believe the beauty, intricacy of all of these priestly garments. They maybe all the above and more but surely I am not going to be expected to put these on and with a crook go out in amongst the people! It is here again that I must go into revision mode either indicating I have run out of material to write about or I am swamped by it and am going to try to arrange it in my usual manner ****.

I think it was Elijah who complained to the Lord it was all to much for him and couldn’t God sent him some help. The Lord replied He had set aside 7,000 other people to do His work also, so it is today. There are any number of excellent blogs out there defending different aspects of the Bible. The only one I have referenced is the one on the stars and the gospel and I now think it was wrong to give that reference. Even though I was stunned by the information and presentation of this subject I have not reproduced any of it even if I had the computer model I can’t remember any of it. The 666 blog with the remainder was also most informative and when I had finished watching it I quickly got my biro and reproduced the numbers, so I actually understood it but today it resides in my brains computer without a corresponding file allocation table! There are also a number of excellent blogs on the priestly garments in amongst the rubbish and if I do reproduce them in some manner the plagiarism is not intentional, I gain no monetary advantage it is there for the glory of God. I agree with the basic premise of these blogs; if you are reading about the presenter you can’t have much else to do but if you are reading the presentation of the Bible then there is nothing better than you do. I didn’t follow this principle at the start as I was advised by almost everyone that I was wasting my time. This was another case of another crack pot with another weird  interpretation Of this Holy Book and using a pseudonym because they are too ashamed to be identified with their work. This certainly was not the case and I am proud and privileged to be associated with this work!

This blog is a highly restricted view of last day events. If you want to learn more about the number 666 this blog is not for you. If you want to learn about the Gospel in the stars this blog is not for you. If you want to learn more about scientific support for the Bible this blog is not for you. If you want to learn more about the priestly garments in the temple this blog is not for you. Even though these matters come up in last day events they have been more than adequately covered by God’s servants who were specifically assigned these roles. This blog is the journey of one person trying to strengthen your faith in the Holy Word of God and in Jesus Christ which is the duty of every one of His professed followers.

**** The priestly garments: When God looks in any direction in Heaven all He can see is perfection. Each person is dressed with the robe of righteousness of Jesus Christ a robe He Himself declared to be perfect. They are handed out at death as we wait for our Lord under the altar. We may not hear the first call of Jesus; ‘ remove that stone!’ but we certainly hear the second call ‘Lazarus come out’ We hear the next instruction to the accompanying Heavenly host ‘ take off their earthly bandages’ and these are replaced by that perfect robe of Christ’s righteousness, there is no naked period. The situation of the wise 144,000 living virgins is a bit more complex but all we want to know is that they follow the Lamb wherever  He goes. We know that the Lamb stands and offers the prayers of the saints at the altar for the next 1,000 years until they are hurled back to earth. Then God’s love which is His justice tempered with mercy lasts for another 260  years. The wise virgins then return with our Lord to do a final check before the door of mercy is closed. They confirm that there was not one response to the call for God’s mercy and the central theme of our ceremony in the Holy of Holies. It is their declaration of the righteousness of Jesus Christ upon their return to Heaven that they themselves are declared righteous. If this is the case then it appears that their first 1,260 years of Heaven was provisional and they could have stayed behind with their partners or whoever they had left behind.

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It is the next 500 odd years that is the clincher for Heaven after the door of mercy has been closed and only God’s love and justice are in operation. Heaven see that all those left behind not one wants to spend their eternity with God, not one and God reluctantly accepts their decision. But because of His love for His created creatures He offers them the option;’ I will take your place in hell  if you want me to!’ It is not the fact that not one single soul responds to the offer it is the offer itself that is the clincher that sways the Heavenly hosts.’ I want to look further into this Heavenly love, I want that fine linen that will allow me to wear this perfect robe whilst I begin to look into it’s beauty. The life, death and resurrection of my Lord and Master Jesus Christ!. So the priestly garments should then have at least two items; the robe and the fine linen, they certainly are the two garments of eternity.

But on this earth more is required. WE are expected to join at some time with the rider of the white horse when He came to earth on Resurrection Sunday and we will all be there with Him as He rides against the battle of the beast. We are going to need some extra earthly protection during the days of conquest of the creature that looks like a lion. We are going to need a breastplate. This is also a sacred garment and made to Heavenly specifications.

Before changing tactics again a comment on the rejection by humanity of Jesus’s offer to take their place in hell for them. I still believe that as far as the Heavenly host are concerned that this rejection was the final nail in the coffin, they now want to see more of the underlying love that made that offer. But what also stands out is the irreconcilability between good and evil. I make no attempt to judge anyone out there because I know there is a perfect Judge using a perfect law to do that so I use myself as an example. Say satan has deceived me, I believe in evolution and therefore cannot accept that part of the Bible regarding origins, particularly the part concerning the Bible’s genealogies and the whole time scale thing. Before God I will certainly plead ‘ unintentional,’ and blame ‘ the devil that you you did put there did deceive me and I did sin’ . Because of my wishy washy understanding of the rest of the Bible the rest seems to add up okay because I  refuse to discuss the matter with anyone. It is my private belief, fullstop!

But as that rejection of Jesus’s offer to take their place in hell proves that good and evil cannot be mixed. They are diametrically opposed and separate and even if that means almost infinite suffering in hell they cannot make use of this offer! There cannot be any compromise of good and evil, ever! So my rejection of the Bible, any part of it be it intentional or unintentional is evil and evil unconfessed must result in hell. So whether I receive the mark of the beast intentionally or unintentionally it is evil and this evil will prevent me from firstly accepting a position in Heaven and finally not allow me to allow Jesus to take my place in hell for me.There was a time and place where those two interacted, on Good Friday on Mt Calvary and there Jesus destroyed evil. By repenting to Jesus I claim the victory He obtained over evil. Repentance was the final message to humanity before that door of mercy slammed shut! It is so simple to claim that victory over evil which then releases us to go to Heaven and stay out of hell!  Returning to the priestly garments.

When by grace I took up the offer of the Holy Spirit to come through the torn curtain into the second chamber, the Holy place I wanted to find out what the duties of a priest were because I now took their place. This is not entirely correct. I will only remain in the Holy Place until some 1,780 years until after the second coming. After this time, after our wedding to Jesus will enter arm in arm into the New Jerusalem which can only appear after the fires of hell are extinguished. The New Jerusalem is the Holy of Holies and because I will spend an eternity there my final role is not just that of priest but also High Priest. So ultimately my preparation must be for that of a High Priest. There still remains that thorny bit about those intervening 1,780 years in Heaven where noone can enter into the temple until the smoke clears. So the garments we are discussing now are for priestly and ultimately High Priestly functions, they are the same.

The garments listed in ( 28:4) are; a breastplate, an ephod, a robe, a woven tunic, a turban and a sash. Many will laugh at my claim that I try to interpret “asitiswritten” on the ground of ‘ it is written’ . If you recognize material I have plagiarized from you there is an address in the blog and if you point it out to me I will acknowledge your work. But there maybe a number of parallel blogs running to mine which are very similar because we are looking at the same texts. No one is plagerising off anyone! If there are other similar blogs then the only time I want to know about them is if I arrive at the end of the Bible and have not found what the daily sacrifice is. I would want to read through their blog and see which one of those texts that I have glossed over had the answer. It is not so much the result as the journey towards it that is the real thrill. To have the Holy Spirit lift the pearl before it it trampled by the swine and then to rotate it in the Sonlight to show some of the nuances present is a privilege indeed!

Out of the six items listed an attempt has been made to discuss three of them; breastplate, robe and tunic. The headgear, the turban and the sash no doubt also carry incredible depth have not yet been discussed. Neither has the ephod. It seems to carry a lot of resemblance to the surrounds of the New Jerusalem and will be discussed there. The New Jerusalem may indeed be the seed but it has not just a hard but beautiful shell to encase it so it is with this ephod. It encases a real treasure and it might even be the seal that we are seeking.

So of this all these intricate and stunningly beautiful garments which ones am I supposed to wear? None! I am not sure if it would  be in the same class of blasphemy as sacrificing some animal but it would be blasphemy something we are trying to avoid at all costs and also trying to make rules about how tho determine which ceremonies stay and which ones have to go.

Take the breastpiece used in decision making. I don’t know how they worked it but if one stone showed up that was an answer from God that meant yes and if the other came up then the answer was no. Are we allowed to draw straws or stones to get an answer from God as a yes or a definite no?  A definite ‘no’ and you would be playing into satan’s hands if you did. He would be more than willing to give you an answer to this and many other questions. He wants you to be reliant on him so that he can destroy you which will certainly happen at a time of his choosing. If this practise was so dangerous then why did God allow His people to do it? He actually set this system up for them.

Before the cross the Jews had no access to God. The tent of meeting was a place where God met His people only once a year and they were supposed to ask Him for His infinite mercy. They did not meet Him to ask for answers to those difficult questions. They went to their priest and he used this God given system to get an answer. He did not leave them alone.That was before the cross  and before the Holy Spirit came to earth at Pentecost. Today the Holy Spirit is freely available to every one all , and at any time and at any place. To ask the stones for an answer would be equivalent to denying the presence of His Spirit, blasphemy. When asking the Spirit for something we should not make the mistake of treating God’s Spirit as some sort of Jeannie in a bottle. ‘ Do this for me when I blink my eyes!’  Rather our prayer should ask for help in this situation. Very rarely does He answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’  but mostly ‘wait’. In a wait or no situation we are certainly entitled to ask for help so that we can cope and even why this particular decision. If He died on that horrible cross for you He is most unlikely to do anything but the best for you. So the decision making breastplate has been superseded and replaced by an infinitely superior system. Your relationship to God and to anyone else is based on trust and by trusting In the answer He has given you the aim of the trial has been met. I found if I failed the easy one the one behind it will be much worse.

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Those priestly garments pointed to the robe and tunic, the fine linen of Heaven. The robe was certainly weaved by Jesus here on earth and to have a ceremony pointing to it’s creation would again be blasphemy. To date it has been distributed to many people and is about to be distributed to many more. This should not stop  us from allegorizing it’s earthly components to those above. In fact Jesus has told us to do exactly this as it will help us to see the Heavenly equivalent more clearly. To me it seems like blasphemy but this is exactly what Jesus tells us to do! This could not be more clearly demonstrated in the Old Testament way of consecrating priests when compared to the New Testament. If his sounds like blasphemy to you it also does to me. But it was Jesus Who told Nicodemus to go look at Moses’s bronze snake in the desert before looking to the cross which Nicodemus obviously did and he became one of those rare Good Friday Christians. All the others required Resurrection Sunday. All of Scripture is inspired and it is all there to teach us. Getting up on that earthly step must bring us closer to seeing what is in Heaven.

If I had realised the beauty of the journey once I had gone through that torn curtain I would have gone in there much sooner in my life, but we can’t cry over spilt milk and at least I am there now. I realise that God is nearby in the Heavenly chamber and those believers out in the courtyard on the other side. So I am not just in the interface between my humanity and Divinity I am the interface between God and humans. This was the role of those priests in the OT and it is a very similar role for those believers, also called priests by the NT who want to enter into this chamber. The courtyard where I have just come from had a rather large altar of burnt offering and inside I asked the question about the lampstand  to which I am supposed to add oil to and to keep alight during the night. I wanted to know why wasn’t it with God if it represented His Church? So I am about to go through quite an elaborate consecration process of a priest and wonder why it has to be so when Jesus was only submersed in the River Jordan and God the Father and God the Holy Spirit were there and approved of His anointing.

I see that there is a basket with bread, cakes and wafers in a basket and a bull and two rams standing by. It was Moses who brought Aaron and his sons to the  entrance of the Tent of Meeting and washed them with water. The closest analogy that I can come up with is that I am brought by Jesus’s  Holy Spirit and washed in the baptismal font by Him. Then the garments the Spirit dresses me with are; the tunic which I realise stands for the fine linen of eternity and which I will actually receive some 1,780 years after the second coming, the robe of the ephod which usually is given out at death except in the case of the 144,000 wise virgins and is the robe that Jesus will weave for us by His perfect life, death and resurrection on earth and is the robe of eternity and its covering the ephod whose protective powers seem to change from being tightly wound around the robe until the New Jerusalem when it’s protective role moves back some distance in the form of four walls. On top of the ephod is attached the breastplate of decision making. God will not leave me alone in this world with a sinful mind to follow it’s evil ways. I will not need two stones to tell me which way to go or what to do. God has left His Holy Spirit to perform this function and to develop a trust in Him. But even trust does not stop one from asking ‘ why this answer’ and certainly not from asking ‘ help me to come through it’. The sacred diadem confirms we are not just priests on earth but kings also with access to God like thoughts of the turban on our heads.

The olive oil which has been used to make the cakes and wafers is now poured on my head, which it literally is in the case of an anointing. It is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and when lighten produces light which is a symbol of God. What an egregious sin Nero and his cohorts  committed when they poured oil and tar on those early Christians and set them alight at night on their footpaths mockingly telling them ‘ You are a light to the world’ just like today people reach for the bottle of plonk and call it the Spirit. This ceremony is applicable to both the High Priest and the other priests as well as we will only be priests until the New Jerusalem when we will  move into the Direct presence of God and therefore become High Priests. We will be in the Holy of Holies not just for a brief moment once a year but for an eternity!

We now come to the thorny issue of the sacrifice itself. When dealing with sin Scripture seems to approach it from two angles; fire and hell and blood of sacrifices. For the redeemed I have no problem that both will point to and be fulfilled by Jesus, but how? I have already spent much time on the fires of hell and feel quite comfortable when I see such things as the altar of burnt offering and the lampstand in the temple until I am asked such a question as ‘ If Jesus went through the fires of hell for us then why was it when the fires of hell were so high that they were engulfing the throne in Heaven was there total darkness on earth from 12 to 3 on Good Friday?  Jesus was probably not paying the penalty for the sin itself, breaking God’s commandments but for the act of breaking away from God, the light which can only be darkness. So is hell just a lot of sulphur flames?

The burning sulphur is probably imagery like most of the Bible can only be when describing either Heaven or hell. Many can imagine the dentist hitting a nerve in a tooth with his drill. But can you imagine the dentist hitting every on of your nerve fibres, all million or whatever the number is at the same time! We can’t so the Bible uses the sulfur imagery. That was the pain Christ suffered and the breaking away from God was real darkness indeed.

A lot bigger contradiction is the midnight call and was probably covered at the time so a bit more revision. Most timing systems I know would place midnight as 12.00.00 PM. So at seven seconds before 12 PM there is more light than at 12 and the light level then rises again to be higher at seven seconds after 12 PM. If this is the case then our midnight call appears to fail on the before and after grounds. Before because the church has gone through one of it’s most harvest productive periods in its history. Hardly midnight stuff and after because most of these saints are now to be slaughtered and if slaughtering saints is not darkness then what is? Even on Calvary’s tree there was some light at 12 noon but the darkness reigned. So it is as red letter Christians convert into red faced Christians even more will accept the darkness, the mark of the beast and darkness increases. After the call when the slaughter begins and darkness rises exponentially so does the third wave of the harvest, the Paul’s who see  the Stephens being killed with Heaven opened up for them to see and this light more than counters the darkness. There is still much more to be said about burnt offerings and altars but returning to the blood issue now.

We have already encountered blood in our Biblical journey on a number of occasions. The first was in the Garden of Eden. There Adam and Eve watched God kill two innocent animals. As they watched their blood drain they also saw  not just the animals immortality change to mortality they their own immortality change to mortality. The life is in the blood and no blood no life. They had invoked the shedding of blood and it was the shedding of God’s blood that could only reverse that process as it could do anything else we could imagine. This was not going to be a pretty process, more like shock, terror and horror!

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Our next encounter was with Cain and Abel where we learnt there was a right way of sacrifice which was acceptable to God and a wrong way which was not. This is the aim of this particular blog. There were several major revelations about blood in the exodus of God’s people from the slavery of sin and into and onto the  promised land.

The most stunning part about it I found was how selective it was. The angel of death only came down to claim the firstborn and therefore also their inheritance. All firstborn were killed who were not inside the protection of the blood on the door frames. Presumably this blood cleansed these firstborn as they passed through and were therefore not the targets of the angel of death. So Jesus’s blood on that cross had to accomplish at least two things as the killing of Pharaoh’s first son did; reclaim the inheritance and release His people. Evil, the beast was the first born in the Garden Of Eden and God’s people also had to be reclaimed. On Good Friday the beast stood up and fought for his inheritance and lost and Jesus reclaimed His people by paying the penalty for their disobedience. All other evil would have to pay the penalty themselves. That seems to cover the topic rather well, the goodies are clean and don’t have to go to hell and evil is destroyed. But as we are about to find out there is more to it than that in 29:10 and onwards.

I am supposed to place my hands on the bull’s head and then slaughter it, by cutting it’s throat and all this is in front of the Tent of Meeting, the Holy of Holies. This sounds as if God is about to meet me! Just going back to before the cutting of the bulls neck and trying to build up what is a very complex system. You wouldn’t  from Revelation (1:6) At the cross we were made to be a kingdom of priest to serve God. So far I  have been washed with water ( baptised), attired with proper garments, anointed with oil, put my hands on the symbolic Christ who is supposed to be at one is meant (atonement) and has willingly accepted all my sins in front of God knowing that they will kill Him!. All that has to happen is that Jesus has to walk into the courtyard, get onto the altar of burnt offering and let me light the fire which will consume Him along with all my sins! There are many problems with this simplistic picture the main one being that Jesus will be consumed, there will not any Jesus, any Holy Trinity, just a Holy Divinity and our Christian faith will be baseless. Not to mention that this is not the purpose for this altar.

It does help a little bit if I cut my Saviour’s throat and separate His body from His life giving fluid, His blood. By accepting my sins Jesus knew that this action followed on automatically. My sins killed Jesus Christ and He knew damned well (and that word ‘damned ‘ is correctly used) that He was taking my place in hell with it’s subsequent death. So if we factor in the life giving blood of our Lord He could not have had it thrown on the burnt offering because it would have extinguished the flames! The fires of hell. They were not extinguished on Good Friday because they were swamped by the perfection of God they were extinguished because they had consumed the evil of Hell. In fact the gushing of our Saviour’s blood did not occur until after the fires of hell had been extinguished for one hour. His side was not opened until 4 pm by that soldier’s spear. Some of His life giving blood was in the fire it acted as a nucleus, a scaffold on which our sins were placed. But Divinity was at it’s minimum on Good Friday and that is why the Battle was so closely fought! At this stage I would like to be on the debating team that argued that those six or whatever drops of scaffolding Jesus’s blood were consumed by the fires of hell as these contained the humanity of our Lord. I usually introduce revision with **** but this time it is confusion and as soon asI get more answers than questions I will revert back with ****.

Jesus died for our sins outside of the Holy city Jerusalem and this is a basic concept for the temple. Any sin offering had to be burnt outside of the temple. There were no altars for sin offering inside the courtyard. The altar of burnt offering was just that. A believer brought a part of some bounty God had given them and watched it being converted into another dimension and sent to God as none other than God had specified. It was thanksgiving.

In our consecration ceremony the garments of Heaven and earth will be reversed for which I only have only a very feeble explanation for. The New Heaven is taken as the Holy Of Holies, the Temple of meeting as here we will be in  the direct presence of God. Thus we will be High Priests of and for an eternity. The Old Heaven which runs for nearly 1,780 years after the second coming will be the Holy Place but there will be a Holy of Holies, of God’s direct presence in this time for which we will be waiting for the smoke to clear from before we can enter. Thus for those 1,780 years we will be priests, our duties were already supposed to have been started to be carried out of earth.

We are going to offer to God three different individual animals, each standing for Christ but we must have separations for Him especially which parts go to hell. There are three individuals being consecrated, Aaron and his two sons, but really there are two; a High Priest and priest but really the High Priestly function is still a way off for us so we really should only concentrate on the priestly ones. Does Aaron point to the High Priestly function of Jesus? I will try to make a case for both sides. So trying to summarise firstly the High Priest and Priestly functions first and then the three animals.

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Item/ attribute                                      High Priest                          Priest

Exodus ch 29            Consecration of both

Area conducted;    Both before the entrance of the Holy of Holies.

Washed with water first:             Yes                           Yes

Garments dressed with; Tunic         Yes                  Yes

Robe of the ephod                            Yes                           No

Ephod itself                                                 Yes                     No

Breast Plate                                                Yes              No

Turban/ diadem                                                       Yes                      Headband

Anointing oil poured on heads                              Yes                                                   Yes

Sashes                                                                Yes                                                     Yes

Lay hands on the bull’s head                               Yes                    Yes

Slaughtered bull                                        Moses did

Placed blood on 4 corners of altar            No                   No   Moses did that

Poured rest of blood at the base           No                No                   ”

Take fat selectively and burn on altar        No                  No         ”

Burn bull’s flesh, hide and offal outside camp       No              No      ”

These form a sin offering                    Yes               Yes.

Lay hands on first rams head           Yes               Yes

Slaughtered ram                         Moses  did

Ram’s blood sprinkled on 4 sides of altar           Moses did.

Entire ram cut up washed and burnt on altar.         Moses did.

This was a burnt offering                Yes             Yes.

Lay hands on the second ram.           Yes                 Yes

Slaughtered it                      Moses did

Apply blood to the right ears.         Yes               Yes

Apply blood to thumbs of right hand        Yes             Yes

Apply blood to big toes on right foot       Yes             Yes

Sprinkle blood to altar.                Moses did

Place blood on garments         Yes                     Yes

Who is consecrated?             Yes                         Yes and their garments

For whom is this the ordination ram?        Yes                    Yes

To whom is the wave offering of fat from the tail, that is around inner parts, covering the liver, kidneys both of which have to be included, the right thigh, loaf of bread, cake and wafer given?            Yes                 Yes

Is it taken and made into a burnt offering?     Yes           Yes

For whom is  the breast of the offering waved?       Yes               No

After being waved does it belong to both Aaron and his sons?    Yes        Yes

Is the ordination ram to be a part of Israelites fellowship offerings?   Yes

Are Aaron’s sacred garments to be passed onto his descendents?   yes

Is the leftover meat from the ordination ram in the sacred place and only to be eaten by Aaron and his sons?       Yes

Is the above process of ordination to be repeated for seven days?    Yes        Yes

Is the altar on which they are to serve being purified in the above processes as well?    Yes

Does this altar become the centre piece of the daily sacrifice both morning and evening?       Yes

Can any animal be offered or does it have to be a one year old lamb?      Yes

Are there other items such as flour, oil and wine to be offered with the lambs?Yes

Is the idea of this twice daily lamb burnt offering made at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting to meet you to speak to you daily at this consecrated place by the glory of God?     Yes

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We have just been given a massive amount of information including an introduction to the daily sacrifice which can only be carried out on a consecrated altar, by consecrated people and in a consecrated place. Chapter 29 of Exodus has covered all three aspects being albeit briefly in some. The NIV study Bible has the correct heading: it is about the Consecration of the Priests. It is not about sin offering or other offerings but it does introduce three types of offerings; sin, burnt and fellowship. It also introduces the principle of the wave offering of waving the surrender flag of sin before entering the presence of God. Some other significant points:

The order of the garments given to God’s people, His priests. In Heaven there is no doubt that the order is robe followed by fine linen. The robe of Christ’s righteousness first and then some 1,780 years later the fine linen, the Holy Spirit on demand. The robe is actually handed out at death while we wait for our Master’s return and we are immediately dressed in it on awakening and proceed onto Heaven ahead of those 144,000 wise virgins who are alive at His second coming. They will not receive their robes for sometime yet until they have finished their earthly business and cut their ties with planet earth.

This is not the order on earth. On earth the priests are handed their tunics, the Holy Spirit plus signs of royal assent. We are given the Holy Spirit to point us to, to want us to be given Christ’s robe of righteousness. If we take on that challenge in our lives then at death we will be handed that robe but the Holy Spirit will be withdrawn, so when we wake up it will be in that robe. We will not ask for the return of the Holy Spirit for another 1,780 years. So the order of giving to his priests is Holy Spirit, then robe but minus Spirit and finally robe plus Spirit. How does all this follow chapter 29? This is your consecration and this is mine consecration as well.

We want to particularly follow the blood of the sacrifice right down to when that Roman spear opened up Jesus’s side and even beyond. Was it that criminal act that has cursed that area and continues to curse it even today. That this blood is precious and followed separately is shown right down to the specific mention of the kidneys. They are the final interface between blood and urine and are to be included where the blood has gone. They separate the earthly, lifeless urine from the Heavenly life containing fluid, blood. We can’t really proceed until we define where we are in this Spirit, robe, Spirit situation; are we priests or are we High Priests? This ceremony covers both but on earth we are told we are priests so we must be in the earthly sanctuary and we are seeking how to conduct the daily sacrifice. When we move into the direct presence of God, in the New Jerusalem, if we are given certain garments as we pass through the door of Philadelphia it would mean that we had not attained High Priestly status in the ceremony that Jesus as God’s intermediary in Heaven will conduct as against the one, the earthly step that God’s intermediary Moses has just conducted. I will make the case out for us being and not being High Priests before finally deciding. Under no condition can we equate ourselves with our creator. The pot and the potter must remain separate and distinct.

Even though we will have little to do in this ceremony it is incumbent for us to understand the little role we have and what is going on around us as we will be expected to reach out into those in the courtyard who have not yet made their commitment and even beyond. It is Jesus who makes the preparations; He gets the bull and two rams checking they are without defect, He makes the right bread, cakes and wafers and puts them in a basket. He brings us to the entrance to the Tent of Meeting and washes us with water. He takes the garments and dresses us in the right order. He would hardly dress us as High Priest if He was the High Priest, unless He expects us to take over that role. Both the priests and the High Priest who are now about to be consecrated will have specific roles in serving Him. But there is only one High Priest and he gets the whole attire. When He has properly fitted and fastened our garments, it has to be significant that the anointing oil is only poured  on the High Priest’s head. So the High Priest is the only one who gets the full regalia and the anointing oil.

When the sin sacrifice, the bull is brought forward we all put our hands on his head, we transfer our sins across to it. We have defects it has none and it is like hot energy flowing across to cold. But who does the slaughtering? Was it Moses or Aaron and his sons? If it was Moses, Or Jesus then Jesus knew that by accepting our sins He was killing Himself, or it could also be represented as God the Father handing God the Son the cup of iniquity which He required Jesus to drink. If it us the priests then that would also add up as that it exactly what we did! We put the knife into Jesus Christ’s throat and slit it! It is quite important to resolve this question. A part of the answer is did we go to Jesus and give Him our sins or did He come to us to take them away? Part of this question is answered in verses 10- 14 and as I am in confusion mode I reserve the right to change my answer.

We go to Jesus and put our hands on His precious head and He allows all our sins to pass onto Him. They pass onto and into His skin. Because the skin is porous  they penetrate further into His flesh. His Holy body could not allow this incompatible pollution to remain and the excretory process would automatically cut in. Thus the skin, flesh and offal could not be a part of any offering or ceremony involving the temple. They had to be taken outside the city and burnt on the sin altar. As Jesus Christ hung on that cross on Good Friday outside the temple, even outside of the city those filthy sins that He had accepted from us and contaminated His skin, flesh and offal were burnt into oblivion. Oblivion is the operative word: they are gone, they do not exist and satan is having a field day with you if you have any doubts about what Jesus did on that cross satan is trying to mark you as ‘mine’ or the mark of the beast.

But not everything on that cross was filth. The blood that flowed when that knife was thrust into Jesus’s throat is distinct as are the fat covering the liver, both kidneys and the fat on them. The blood must  be extra Holy as it is used to consecrate the altar and make it Holy. There has to be a reason why this blood is sin free and why it was separated from Jesus’s body in the first place.

The first ram that is slaughtered gives us the answer. It like the other two animals represents Jesus Christ. His body was a complete vehicle for the restoration of humanity to Divinity. It lacked nothing in God’s eyes, it was complete. The whole ram was burnt on the altar of burnt offering. Fire maybe a nasty thing especially the fires of hell but ultimately they are the only way of destroying evil so that perfection can begin. They are God created  and ultimately will accomplish this purpose. They must therefore be pleasing to God even though there will be that nasty six hours of Good Friday.

Even though the whole of the ram, the whole of Jesus’s body, was burnt and acceptable to God it still required preparation. At His baptism Jesus said to John who was trying to tell Him that the order of baptism was wrong, that Jesus was supposed to be baptising John and not John baptising Jesus, it had to be for now and what was happening was ‘all righteousness is to be fulfilled’. Thus we have the washing of the parts with water, or Jesus’s baptism so our sins had not passed onto Jesus at that stage, the Father had not yet given His Son that cup to drink from.. Another part of the preparation was to cut the ram into pieces which would increase the surface area and facilitate the whole process of burning. Jesus had a lot of preparation to do before the cross to facilitate the miracle of miracles!  Another aspect we are studying is the separation of Jesus’s body and blood except this time as it is not a sin offering Jesus has not accepted our sins yet and therefore His whole body is burnt. The order the body parts were assembled was also important; the legs had to be with the head. Jesus did walk to that cross but He did it voluntarily because He loves us so much He wants us to spend an eternity with Him.

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The third animal or the second ram has far more history associated with it. Like the other two animals all three lay their hands on it, it is slaughtered and some of its blood is used to sprinkle it on the four sides of the altar. So what does it accomplish that the blood of the other two animals did not accomplish? Some of the blood is applied to all three to their right ears, thumbs and big toes. They ,we are to listen to God and go and carry out His instructions. This ram is associated with the Holy Spirit as the anointing oil is now applied to all three and their garments. They should now have a clearer picture of what is about to take place.

It is unclear as to who saw what by this stage. If anyone could see the whole picture then it would have been Moses and he certainly would have at least tried to explain to Aaron. But there is no certainty about this. Many of God’s people  have died without seeing the big picture and no doubt this will happen to many more. What God expects is trust and obedience and not the petulant attitude that ‘ I refuse to study one drop of water unless you show me the ocean first!’ or ‘ I refuse to accept this text unless You show me the big picture first”. His expectation would be more like ‘ Please show this swine this angle of this pearl so that I can turn it a little bit to see some more of its beautiful nuances’.  His advice is get on the earthly step first before staring up into the sky.  All these ceremonies were but the earthly step which God was introducing to His people so they could see into Heaven. They were supposed to feel abhorrence at the death of an innocent animal just like Adam and Eve felt when they saw God killing those innocent animals to cover their sinful nakedness.They could not imagine in their wildest imagination the horrors they had introduced. They were supposed to see that there was no reason for this animal to die, it was without defect. Why did God choose this beautiful animal to die? Is sin really that bad? Why this clear cut separation between body and blood