Blog 9 revision of Numbers chapter 7 on 22nd June, 2018

Blog 9, 22/06/2018. Revision of Numbers chapter seven.(3, third time)

As Scripture follows an order, Jesus Christ is the God of order, it follows that chapter seven follows chapter six and there is not much point in progressing on as we have and arrived at chapter 18 and ready to enter Heaven proper in Chapter 19  to find we don’t really know much about what is going and by returning to chapter 7 implies that we have some idea of what is going on in chapter six. Our problems in chapter seven begin in verse one;

‘Now on the day that Moses had finished setting up the tabernacle, he anointed it and consecrated it with all it furnishings and the altar and all its utensils; he anointed them and consecrated them also.’

Could you get a better summary of Numbers six than this? We are dealing with ‘on the day’. Events are moving very quickly, each day is jam packed with events, none more so than day 1,260 after the Atonement cross. Moses is who is operating here in Sinai but he only points to the Heavenly Jesus Christ. It is none other than Jesus Christ Who sets up and finishes the tabernacle within me where He will live for the eternities to come. It is only after He has finished setting them up as indicated by my request/pleading/demand that Jesus does the anointing, placing His sinless locks at the base of the altar that He then consecrates them; attaches a sticker, ‘Heaven Bound’ on them. How does chapter six fill in the details of either side of the atonement cross? Particularly ‘on the day that?’

The Nazirite chapter six of Numbers is a stunningly beautiful chapter as it covers the entire history of planet earth, all of it and which I take as seven sevens. (7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours) and yes that last seven hours is a critical part of time as it joins the old universe with the new one with a seven hour offset and so Sabbath continues on in perpetuity. If ‘good’ is defined as the will to obey Jesus Christ and evil is defined as the ability to disobey Him then Jesus created the first world/universe is the presence of evil and an important theme of obliterating this evil in the Bible must be followed. There was almost no chance that the top created being, Lucifer, would ever rebel. Satan had nothing to gain and everything to lose so let us ‘rule him out’. The humanity bit is worse still. What are the chances of the smartest woman, Eve ever created, it was going to be her role of teaching her progeny of 144 million or how many it would take to fill this world to a level where they would on ever expanding circles of knowledge to be able to appreciate and worship Jesus Christ as Creator? What are the chances of her falling for satan’s lie that he would give her life eternal when all he could give was death eternal and anyway she already had life eternal?  What are the chances of Adam deliberately rejecting Jesus when he knew of the consequences? None, zilch, zero!

Well the bad news is that all three fell over and the good news is that Jesus has a solution, He is the answer for all three. But He also was the answer for the no sin option as well. Lucifer did not sin or any other angel, Adam and Eve arrived at the end of time with  all their progeny (144 million ? of them, Heaven will have the same number regardless of whether there was sin or no sin of humans) and after 7,777 odd years (?) and had not sinned and as Nazirite (therefore Nazirite position started with creation)  He finished up not eating or drinking any grape products, did not have to cut His hair or come in contact with any dead. If He did not have to do any of those things then what did He do to destroy evil, the possibility of disobeying Jesus Christ? Well He did not have to go to the cross on Friday (GFPMC) or DOA110 as there were no sins. But what did He do? The act was independent of any sin option. If sin did occur then it was it that first had to be got rid of before the sinless option could go ahead. What sin and how was it got rid of? There are many categories out there; confessed, unconfessed, intentional and unintentional.

By selecting certain options I have to commit myself to their consequences. When Jesus sent me back into the wilderness to look to Moses’ snake as a symbol of salvation when I got there I found

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some made this snake out of copper and some out of bronze. Some were saying that sin is a stand alone entity and some saying, no it is a mixture of evil within and evil without. By choosing bronze I agreed that sin had two components; evil within, beast, and evil without, satan. That option now leaves me with the conclusion that Jesus did not have to factor in human beings sinning if the angels did not sin first. Without satan, Eve would not have sinned. The other inescapable conclusion was that Nebuchadnezzar’s thighs were made out of bronze and therefore a mixture of two evils. Its head was pure metal, gold and therefore pure evil, its chest was silver, a pure metal, Islam and therefore Islam is pure evil. The legs had iron (pure evil ? depends on whether you look at it on a molecular level) but the clay did not mix. The Jews used the Romans for evil purposes but they did not mix them and will ‘unmix’ before the second coming of our Lord. The thighs were bronze and therefore a mixture of evil. I allocate this portion of the statue to Greece and therefore to democracy which must have at least two evils. Any form of government that is not of Christ, including democracy is evil and certainly have no problem with allocating evil to humanity.

Humanity sinning without satan may not be there but the angels sinning alone with no humanity and both sinning are certainly here and described in great detail. Most of the information I have of these end days of Atonement come from this chapter six. Both these sins must be obliterated before we can proceed with the sinless option. Both are accounted for in Numbers six and once done we can move forward to what we have come to study, Numbers chapter seven. The sinless option is also dealt with in Daniel 9:24-27 but I want to start at 10pm on Thursday night in the Garden of Gethsemane.

In front of Jesus lie humanity. They are not just as dead as they will be at the second coming where they will get over what they have just seen in whatever two or even seven days, get their lives together and begin living again with the memory of what  they have seen ever becoming more and more distant. No this time they are dead, “I AM HE” the revelation of true divinity, dead and only a major miracle of Jesus will bring them back to life. He can do that straight away, bring them back to life, have them arrest Him and take Him out to Mount Calvary the next day and murder Him or He can resurrect them and throw them into hell to burn away into nothing. Both these options are given in chapter six. Consider the last one first.

Jesus has seen what this lot laying in front of Him are like and what they are going to do to Him and how much this will Cost Him. The Father has shown His Son the cup from which He will have to drink from on the next day on Mount Calvary. There is the split in Numbers six; ‘they are not worth it I am going back to Heaven’. The first twelve verses. ‘I am staying and going through this horror they are going to put me through tomorrow on GFPMC, verses 13-20. The split is the Day of Atonement, DOA110.

The problem with “they are not worth it, keep them dead until later and I am going back to the Father”, is that Jesus cannot go back and simply join the sinless journey into Heaven. A man has died very suddenly besides Him. This was not supposed to happen. He was supposed to come through in a sinless state. The odds of sin happening were vanishingly small but this man (and angels) has dropped dead and very suddenly besides Him. There are sins that need cleaning up before Jesus goes back to that sinless path. The unintentional unconfessed sins from the angelic rebellion will have to be paid for if Jesus wants the angels with Him in Heaven for eternity. Then there is the ‘problem’ of the justice of God. He will not allow anyone who does not know that they are sinning them to suffer for their sins in hell. Intentional, unconfessed sin yes, but unintentional unconfessed sins no even if that means Jesus has to go to the Atonement cross Himself. We have already looked

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at the details of DOA110 that occurred on 10/07/486. What that Sabbath left was 144 million (?) shocked and sprawled around that cross. I still have to work out how that feeling of shame of what we had done to our master changed when we saw Him come down off the cross the next morning, Resurrection Sunday. That is where chapter 7 began and finished on the day that Moses had finished setting up the tabernacle, 1,260 days later. Both events, the pre and post DOA110 should be of  concern to us but the actual building that Moses/Jesus did occurred in the post cross period. A lot happens during this 1,260 day period but most happens on the day, ‘On the day that Moses/Jesus had finished setting up the tabernacle…’ We do need to know more about the anointing and consecrating and what is involved and therefore have to return to the pre cross stage of the DOA110. Evil could not be defeated if it was enshroud in sin, the sin had to go first and that gave rise to the possibility of evil being eradicated. What happens and when?

I have proposed a two door and two curtain solution, but you may say, ’Not so!’ When the curtain tore at 3pm on GFPMC you may say that this did not give entrance into the tent of meeting for us to serve as priests because there was no tent of meeting. There was no Most Holy Place either or even temple as all this ceased when Jesus walked out of it for the last time, three days before the cross,. ‘Your house is left desolate!’ So from that time the temple and it torn curtain was only symbolic, within our hearts and today we are still Levites and priests awaiting to finally go across into the tent of meeting of eternity. Both sin and evil must be defeated and abolished on this earth before it can be replaced by a sinless and evil less version. That is the whole idea of the New Heaven and earth. No sin, no evil. Between both crosses, GFPMC and DOA110 they did away with all sin, but evil can exist where there is no sin and it did so for twenty (?) odd years until satan fell and the brought down Adam and Eve. The last remnants of evil on this world disappeared when Peter’s fires burnt up all of our universe. At the moment this happened at the crossover to the new universe Jesus was at the transfiguration state but He did not have to be even in this state as evil did not exist. But our concerns now involve more mundane matters than these transactions, we want to know more about the anointing and consecration of us and the cross.

I suppose that it is expected that as we are about to cross over to a sinless and evil less world and live there for an eternity in direct presence of God and the Lamb we should expect to have some checks done on us first and there is only one being Who is capable of performing these tests and Whose seal of approval will be accepted by God His Father and that has to be the Lord God Saviour Jesus Christ. He does the building and certifies it also before presenting the results to His Father. We are that tabernacle and for that tabernacle Jesus has been to hell and back twice. We are what all the fuss and bother was about, but the issue of chapter seven is the altar. We are the tabernacle, still not sure what furnishings and utensils are going up but issue now becomes the altar, the cross of Jesus Christ. Is the blood of Jesus going to be used or is it too precious and only reserved to be used in the New Jerusalem, the Most Holy Place? Some of the 144 million (?) now in Heaven saw Jesus on the cross of GFPMC and now on the cross of DOA110. We all saw Jesus on the cross of DOA110, we saw all sin go and we think that the evil that still exists in and on the earth and will continue to do until it is burned up has not entered into our bodies because we find it to be repulsive and the presence of Jesus in His transfiguration form keeps evil out of our whole Garden of Eden we are spending our last eight odd years on this universe.

The events of chapter six are of use in chapter because they describe the building of the tabernacle and producing agents/reagents that can be used for anointing and consecration. The blood of Jesus has not yet come up and cannot be ruled out for anointing and consecration of the bride but it is certainly not going to be used on a cross as priceless as it maybe or even on furnishings or utensils. Page 4

For these objects, cross, furnishings and utensils to be given the same or almost the same treatment as we the tabernacle they must have a high degree of significance on this earth and even in the new one above it.


Earlier I asked the question, ‘Could there be a better summary of chapter six than verse one of chapter seven’ and decided in my Sabbath deliberations overnight that there was one. The word ‘Transfiguration’ would fit the bill provided the script and theme of chapter six were maintained. Here I imagine an angel, Jesus flying across His created world, evil but sinless and on his way to the end of time when He will destroy evil and everyone will live happily forever more. But then a problem appears; sin. Jesus must interrupt His flight to sort out this man who has died very suddenly otherwise there will be no one in Heaven with Him, not even angels. DOA110. This only brings the angels had Jesus pulled out at 10pm on that Thursday in Gethsemane. Despite knowing exactly what is going to happen to Him Jesus resurrects the dead and goes onto GFPMC. Only when Jesus adds both GFPMC and DOA110 can He continue to fly on in the original sinless path and ‘live happily forever more!’  That makes chapter six as the interruption in that flight and splits it into two sections; verses 1-12, the Day of Atonement (DOA110) and that was the only exception that was allowed, the dead man dies very suddenly besides him, and verses 13-21 are GFPMC.

On a transfiguration scale once we have got to chapter seven it is too late to ask whether Moses/Jesus were qualified to do the building of our tabernacles, inspections valid and did they bring the right anointing substances. Did they apply them in the right place and time? Was Jesus free from sin, was His hair defiled with sin, had that doorway with, ‘No entry beyond this point, this is a sin and evil free area’ been removed? As we are now ready to move across the boundary it is valid to test those who are coming across and this does happen even in quite a limited way. All these questions must be answered in chapter six and when quizzed it is going to be reasonable to seek answers from there. We also have ‘covered’ Leviticus 16 where prophecy will be fulfilled and therefore can draw answers from there plus a few other Scriptures. Firstly though is Jesus Christ the transfigured God of the NT and when does He reveal Himself as such?

When the rider of the white horse, Jesus Christ left us behind at the doorway of the new earth and came to just above earth He gave us a tutorial of 1,250 days about His coming transfiguration and happened on 09/07/486, Daniel’s time of 7*70 or 490 years, three and a half years short of that total. It was a Friday, Saturday and Sunday affair. The rest of the three and a half years was to explain what He had done and this was not just to Peter, John and Andrew but to His bride. He brought her up to this level and she was now ready to make the crossing to the other side. But firstly Jesus had to remove that no entry sign from that doorway.

Revision again from Numbers verses 9 onwards. Events sprung into action with the trumpet blast of the first of July. The battle with satan, Jesus crushing his head, may have started on this day but the fires of hell were extinguished by the end of the next day, Friday the second of July. Unfortunately even though the fires were gone there was still a mountain of sin left behind. I take that number to be 70 trillion unconfessed, unintentional sins were left behind. The sign on the doorway was valid. Just like Jesus did not have to resurrect the dead in front of Him on that Thursday night in Gethsemane who will go onto murdering Him, neither does He have to take on this mountain of 70 trillion sins (?). He does and becomes defiled, including His hair for six days. Jesus taking on these

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sins is not a game of charades. They are His sins, they are the sins of the High Priest. They are more than this, there are unconfessed and unintentional sins of His bride there as well. They are the sins of the High priest and His family. But at what specific minute does the transfiguration of Jesus occur? He has been one with humanity now in different forms since GFPMC, that is nearly 3,800 years. I take that moment to be 9am on Friday the 9th of July, 486. This is the beginning of the Friday, Saturday and Sunday trilogy.

There is no need for mitigating circumstances now as the revelation of Jesus Christ is not at the same level as it was way back in Gethsemane, no it is at a transfiguration level. Even though at this level we are not going to die at His appearance it does not hurt to let Jesus shave His defiled locks gradually over a period of six hours. He reveals His divinity gradually over a six hour period. He changes from morning star to Sunlight. This is not the same Jesus who left His army behind to go to earth. There is some semblance there to what was there and went dark six days ago, but there are many more differences. We only get the full version of what Peter, John and Andrew got when fully shaved and in three hours He covers the distance from down there to up here and arrive in the Garden of Eden with us by 6pm Friday to end the first third of the trilogy, the Friday and the Sabbath part can now begin. The three disciples saw Jesus Who still had 70 trillion sins (?) to take and burn in hell and we see exactly the same Jesus. This is not the same Jesus we see after He has been to hell. There was an incredibly long distance we needed to be lifted to His 70 trillion sin level and now even more once He has those sins removed! There is a lot of building that Moses/Jesus have to do to complete our tabernacle. Yes Jesus being God is a qualified builder and can also issue certificates as to its adequacy! The buildings that He constructed over those 1,260 days after the DOA110 were not built in His full divine capacity but still qualified enough and He also met the requirements to take down that sign on the doorway into the new earth, ‘No entry, sin and evil free area’. After both GFPMC and DOA110 there was no sin and there was now where for it to exist; it was an abhorrence, an abomination to the bride and always has been and will be but at a much higher level to the Bridegroom.

There we have the shaving of the hair from where sinless hair can now grow and be used for the anointing, there we have the twin bird sacrifice which clears the universe of sin and presents the raw materials refined in the fire of the burnt offering to be used on that Day of Atonement in Heaven, there we have the full stop and the end of the ministry phase one in the guilt offering and there we have the consecration of Jesus and 1,260 days of phase two of His ministry. There we have 1,260 days of building that Jesus now has to do in order to finish the tabernacle, its furnishings and utensils. And the problem of the altar, it is outside of our tabernacle now but will finish up inside of the New Jerusalem and in front of the throne.

Unfortunately there was still another dreadful timeline He had to follow and what was required of Him to do was written out between God the Father and God the Son. It was so awful that it would have been most tempting for God the Son to take shortcuts as most today try to advise Him. There are so many paths around Mount Calvary, you don’t have to go over it! ‘It was written’ that He go onto and not around Mount Calvary, there was only one way. If He was to wake that lot up in Gethsemane they could only be brought home to Heaven over Calvary! A very painful, dreadful and spiteful experience. And here now we begin the building of the Tabernacle, its furnishings, its utensils and altar and out of all of these we are going to put on the altar/cross and place our hopes and aspirations on the cross.

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The lesson contains the Nazirite flying overhead and doing a dive to get rid of the exception that should not have happened but it also contains that dreadful walk among humanity. Not just dealing with the dead but actually joining them. Yes it meant eating and drinking products from the grape and the only thing that Jesus avoided was having His hair shaved. They were not His sins that He was dealing with, they belonged to the bride. But whether they were the sins of the bride or bridegroom they still had to be dealt with the same way. After all there are really no categories with sin; it all breaks our relationship with God and the only result of that broken relationship is death. Both the sins of the bride and bridegroom required a sin and burnt offering. There has to be much more in Scripture about these 1,260 days of building our tabernacles but at least here we have some outline of it. What seems to me is happening here is that Jesus has the original job-sheet He worked out with His father; During the days of His separation the Nazirite shall perform the following functions; path one, no grapes, hair shaving or contact with dead with only one exception. Path two, optional and all the above included. What has to be remembered here now is that the horror list is being read out to the bride who has just experienced the DOA110 cross, has an absolute revulsion for sin and evil, if such a thing exists, and is now going to have read out to her all these things she did to that figure either still hanging or has just been taken off the cross!  This is going to be a slow and arduous process indeed!  She is desperately going to seek a solution to this dilemma, she cannot be prompted, she must come up with the solution by herself! Paraphrasing, at least what the text seems to be saying to me, the bride can hear and see Jesus reporting back to His Father, job sheet in hand and biro to tick off the items. All have just witnessed the DOA110 but very few GFPMC and even out of those only the two Marys and Joseph and Nicodemus had any idea of what was going on.

Jesus reporting to the Father; ‘ I started the highway back on the first day of creation, the sinless route. I followed that highway right through to now and when that exception arose I left the bride behind and went back to clean up the mess and that has landed Me on the cross of DOA110. Full stop end of phase one of ministry on Nazirite. Guilt offering, phase two of ministry begins, last 1,260 days of construction  of superimposing the Path A of the Nazirite onto path B, the GFPMC path on someone who hates sin and won’t have anything to do with evil!  Only a master builder can do that!


We are still back on that day that Moses finished his work. What did Jesus do on earth? He conducted a 1,260 tutorial trying to tell us what and why was going to happen to Him on GFPMC. Day one. Day two a Sabbath was supposed to be a hushed day of worship for what He had done for. Day three of the 1,260 post cross tutorial was ‘occupied’ with His resurrection and some teaching of the disciples. Over forty days Jesus instructed His disciples and prepared them and the church for a 2,000 year journey. He left them and gave them ten days to prepared themselves for the arrival of the Holy Spirit His Spirit who not only carried them through  the remainder of the post cross 1,260 day tutorial and to the second coming of Jesus and stayed on earth after to second coming until the door of mercy was closed at the third coming and even after that until the fourth coming when the Spirit of Jesus made its final offer to the foolish virgins and only when they rejected this offer did the Holy Spirit return to Heaven after nearly 3,800 years here on earth. In Heaven we had been waiting for the arrival of the Holy Spirit pretty well from the moment we arrived with Jesus after the second coming. We needed the Spirit, the fine linen to put on under our robes Jesus gave us when we arrived in Heaven. The undergarments made the robe sit more comfortably and with the Holy Spirit we could now proceed with our wedding to the Bridegroom.

The tutorial that Jesus taught for forty days and then continued by His Spirit took the cross and built the church of Christ on it. And only after 1,260 days when the church of Jesus Christ was completed

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did Jesus satan to attack it and try to wash it away.(Rev 12)  Up here now in our final Garden of Eden as we prepare to leave this universe there are parallels. Jesus does give a 1,250 day pre cross tutorial with the obvious difference that up here we hang off every  word and can repeat them. We also already have the Holy Spirit, the fine linen for an eternity. The cross this time around is on Saturday and not Friday and until we can grasp this difference we cannot really understand what is going on. Post cross is Resurrection Sunday and then the building begins, the work on the tabernacle which will carry us for the eternities to come. This post cross tutorial of 1,260 days would also build on the cross we have just experienced but then on day 1,260 the Nazirite decides to hand in His papers. His vow has been fulfilled. Phase two of His Nazirite’s vow is finished. He presents the job sheet He had worked out with God the Father and ticks the items which, ‘have been written’.

He does not present the events of the Day of Atonement (DOA110) which have just been presented/occurred and watched by all of the bride. This has just been done, it may have to be revised as to what happened here but not repeated.  As this decommissioning is being performed before His Father He leaves them at the doorway to this earth’s side of the tent of meeting and then Jesus as priest presents them across this doorway, it can’t be into the tent of meeting on the other side as it does not yet exist but the Most Holy Place which by now has left this earth and gone up there somewhere where sin and evil do not exist to be refurbished and can never stop existing. The revision of what has just happened take 1,259 days and then Jesus adds GFPMC on day 1,260 and this finishes the setting up of the tabernacle. Jesus now brings forward what He did 3,800 odd years ago, GFPMC: one year old lamb for a burnt offering, one year old ewe-lamb for a sin offering and a ram for a peace offering with its basket of unleavened cakes of fine flour mixed with oil and unleavened wafers spread with oil, along with their grain and drink offering. From this list I can recognise the sin offering of GFPMC the blood from cleanse everything to be used in the sacrifice, including the cross itself. Without this cleansing there would not be any point in starting let alone proceeding with GFPMC.

The problem of the burnt sacrifice of GFPMC remains the quandary. Yes when Jesus called my name from the furnace of hell, ‘JK Mine!’ the beast called back, ‘Over my dead body!’ and that was what happened. The beast within me was not only killed, Daniel tells us it was also crushed into a powder and thrown into the flames! Dead, dead and again dead. JK all sin removed and burned, JK the beast within killed. No evil left, the burnt offering, the sinless offering by and through fire of the body of Jesus Christ with a sinless JK attached!  But the beast within me did not remain dead and it was Jesus Himself Who brought this thing back to life and it is alive and well today!  So did Jesus present this burnt offering on Friday or was it kept until all sin was irreversibly removed some 3,800 odd years later! The issue was answered by the fact that the lamb in both sin and burnt offering was one year old and Jesus is outside of time.

When Jesus added the burnt, sin and peace offerings on the end of the DOA110 cross that had occurred 1,260 days earlier, I am not sure I can say that Cannon was closed. It was finished. He cut off His sinless hair the history of which we had been following carefully, and placed it at the base, the fire at the base of the altar. Much had been achieved at this one moment of time, that day that Moses had finished setting up the tabernacle…. Had come and the central issue became the cross of Christ. The anointing with the hair could now lead to its consecration. The day that Moses had finished setting up the tabernacle  was the culmination of the addition of GFPMC to DOA110.

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On the day that Moses had finished setting the tabernacle and associated items by adding His decommissioning list to it was indeed a memorable day. Before this day we were torn apart by anxiety. We were about to leave planet earth and go over to the new earth and this cross we had been staring at for 1,259 days along with all other earthly items would stay behind. The sign said, ‘No sin, no evil beyond this point!’ Perhaps if we stared at it for every second its memory would linger for a thousand years but in the long run would fade completely. Very sad!. But then to our disbelief Jesus cuts His sinless hair, the history of which we know well, and places it at the base of the cross which has a divine fire under it! The cross is anointed, it has the tag, ‘Heaven bound’ attached to it, it is coming across with us, no need to try to absorb as much as we can, it will be with us for the eternities to come! What relief!  The no entry sign fell off on the 10th of July, 1,260 days ago at 3pm, the DOA110.

It is actually deeper than that. We not only have desired for this cross to come across with us we have desired for it to be moved also from outside of our bodies, the courtyard to not just our tent of meeting but right into our inner selves, the tabernacle. It is the granting of this prayer that constitutes the completion of our tabernacle and its anointment with the sinless hair of Jesus. Now we have the consecration to go. Verses 18-20. Day 1,260 continues.

It has to be remembered that we are still in the period of construction of cross five, installing lamp five in the lampstand. This day of 1,260 after DOA110 is the top of cross five which has a very broad base to become the base of cross six. Nearly six hundred days. Then the five lamps so far have to be lighten and the remaining two added and lighten as described in chapter 8. Yes Jesus did point all this out in His 1,250 day tutorial before He went to the Atonement Cross and is now taking as long to explain how all has been fulfilled, but it is still heavy lifting. The consecration is now possible because the sacrifice of peace offerings has been accepted and the sacrifice of peace offerings has now been accepted because the cross has been accepted and the cross has been accepted because it has been anointed with the sinless hair of Jesus Christ and the sinless hair of Jesus Christ was accepted because it was transfiguration hair of Jesus Christ. It was sinless. There has already been an attempt to explain why the shortcut method was not taken, the blood of Jesus. Why not just keep the blood of Jesus, just one tiny drop, on the cross that had either soaked into it either on GFPMC or DAO110? That blood has protected it for the best part of 3,800 years  and the anointing with this blood would certainly allow passage into the New Jerusalem. The answer given was that this blood is far too precious, every tiny droplet to be used on none other than His bride. The blood of Jesus Christ was spilled at 4pm on Good Friday by that Roman spear but it was gathered at 4pm on the Holy Sabbath of the Day of Atonement, every last droplet including what had soaked into the cross. The cross lost its anointment and protection but this was replaced by a divine fire until the laying by Jesus of His hair on day 1,260 after DOA110.

It should remain the object of our prayers to be shown the differences between the crosses of GFPMC and DOA110. Could there be some clues in the hair of the Nazirite?  Let us go back to Friday the 9th, July when the period of defilement has finished and Jesus shaves off His defiled hair by 3pm. Add three hours to Sabbath, add fifteen hours to the cross at 9am and add another six until the last sin has been burned in hell. That hair that grew during this time, 24 hours, the hair of Jesus was growing in the presence of sin, say one millimetre. There was 1,259 days of growth with no sin anywhere. If Jesus had just cut His hair He could have left that millimetre behind and therefore only had sinless hair to place on the cross. But Jesus shaved His hair and that millimetre that grew in the presence of sin came  across as well. Why shave and not cut?

The events after the laying of the hair have already been ‘covered’. We are about to be quizzed on an earthly level on what we understand the peace offering to be and as the cross in now being

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assembled for its doorway and beyond crossing and we are about to lay out hopes and aspirations on it so that if we are quizzed and for peace of mind, what are you doing here, who let you through the doorway all we have to do is just point ahead; it is all on that cross, it was the first item through and we stand alone on its merits! And always was or should have been!

It is the first crossing that is the critical one and Heaven is going to check whether we have our basics right. Are we going to be accepted? Is our sacrifice of the peace offering acceptable? I am going to assume that the life of the ram that is going to be offered, is called the life of Jesus the Nazirite. From day one of creation until the Day of His decommissioning, 1,260 days after the DOA110. Daniel’s 7*70 years are complete. 490 years have passed since satan and the beast set out to appease the wrath of Jesus and to maybe not stop, but at least mitigate the severity of the bowls of wrath. Peace offering is only going to be needed once onto the new earth and once into the New Jerusalem, after that we may come and go as we please. If there is something we answer correctly to it should be the peace offering. It is only a matter of days or weeks at most since we went through it and at this stage not only had we seen the light, the position that the cross of Christ should occupy not just in our home of eternity but also in the tabernacle of our hearts. Actually two corrections required; Heaven does not grant us to claim we have seen the light, all seven crosses of chapter eight will be required before the lights are turned on. Balak checked that all seven altars were present and therefore the answer came from God and the peace offering now being made is Son to Father and we will have to start a lot lower than that and include everything we can think of.

As we have seen the ram is presented in four sections; head, feet, chest, (in this case shoulders) and thighs. But there is a living version usually the animal of ram and a dead version of the metals gold, silver, bronze and iron/clay. Jesus is now presenting the living, ram version of peace offering. It may also be, just an idea, that this ram has had it first birthday removed when it was 365 days old or a one year old lamb. Its feet on the day when God displayed Himself through those out stretched arms on Mount Calvary inviting all to join Him but with minimal response were the feet of Jesus walking on planet earth to Mount Calvary and the head the burnt offering, the divinity of Jesus. These two have already been offered so there is only the chest and thighs to go. I took the thighs of bronze on the statue of evil to be democracy so on the good side that must correspond to theocracy, rule by Jesus Christ. There was nothing inherently wrong with God’s way and did not go to the cross for purification and in verse 20 is offered by lifting.

Christianity is slightly different. It is the union of Bride and bridegroom. We the bride do not go to hell. The bridegroom does. There was nothing about the head or gold that needed to go to hell. It was just that those fires of hell were so intensive they engulfed the throne of God in Heaven.


A number of scenarios are possible here and one is that the heat from the fires that engulfed the throne in Heaven, the head, the heat from which boiled, heat affected the shoulder of the ram. Whatever way this was the consecration part of the ceremony. The boiled shoulder, one unleavened cake and wafer being presented by the Nazirite as the final gesture of His decommissioning. Now every member, every part of the bride be they one minute Christians or lifers have had their tabernacle set up, seen the anointing and been consecrated. It may be a contradiction in terms to have a one minute Christian. They spend one minute a day either reading their favourite Bible verse, saying the Lord ’s Prayer or whatever and then forget about Him until same time, same place, same way tomorrow. There are more lifers in Heaven than just Peter, Paul, Mary and John. There are

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pastors and missionaries there who gave their lives to Jesus Christ and on each have been performed the acts of setting up, anointing and consecrating. If these could be represented by glasses it would be absurd to say that all the glasses are the same size. They are not and that brings us to verse two; the leaders presenting offerings to the Levites, those who serve at the tabernacle. It is going to be my contention that this is a Heavenly or near Heavenly scene that is being presented. We need to account for leaders, Levites and six carts allocated as four, two and zero.

There are two types of being in Heaven; the angels and human beings or the bride. There are many subgroups within these types. In angels there are Levites and congregation and in congregation there were those who were thrown out of Heaven and those who stayed. The Levites had their own hierarchy with Lucifer at the top and at this stage not sure about the rest of them except it appears that Michael and probably Gabriel have taken over his position. At least until GFPMC the angels were team A, Heaven was their home and they would have continued as team A until we joined them at the second coming. At the point where we are at now, the top of the fifth cross, all signed, sealed and ready to be delivered they are the leaders of the welcoming party and they present gifts to Jesus who then allocates them among the Levites. We were Levites way back at GFPMC who after a millennium and a bit of preparation came through the doorway with the torn curtain of the temple and we are Levites now as we are about to pass through that torn curtain into eternity. We have nothing to be ashamed  of our history as Levites at either of the two doorways. Our role was and is to serve Jesus Christ and to enable any or all of the members of the congregation to come to Jesus also although no one’s hand will be forced to do so. Just a note on the angels, the A team.

They are a part of the welcoming committee and it is their home that we are being welcomed into. They are the A team because special provision was made for them. As Jesus flew over His creation, sinless creation from day one until He destroyed evil Jesus was only allowed one diversion, He was only allowed to leave that sinless flight for one reason; against all odds Lucifer drops dead beside Him and causes all that turmoil in Heaven. Therein lies 10pm on Thursday night the day before the cross of Good Friday, in Gethsemane. All humanity is dead and the end of human history. Not so for the angels. They are the exception. They were factored into that sinless flight and Jesus now when He leaves this worthless dead lot behind will go and clean the mess up that the angels left behind and continue on with them sinless into the New Heavens. The miracle of Good Friday did not have to occur but when it did occur it changed the scenery completely. Heaven was now not just going to be a throne with God and the Lamb on it with millions of adoring and administering angels there is now a bride and Bridegroom. The administering angels will now serve not just the Bridegroom but bride as well.

If we grant that there we are as Levites and there are at least two levels of Levites then we have to accept the possibility of three classes of Levites; Kohathites, Merarites and Gershonites. There are three sizes of glasses in Heaven. Large, tiny and in between. The one minute Christians are tiny, those who gave all to Jesus, the large one and most in between. Who gets the covered carts and how many are they given each from Jesus Who in turn has received these gifts from the thoughtful leaders who tried to compensate for the three different sizes of glasses about to be placed in Heaven.

I have no doubts that if Mary, the mother of Jesus if she is not the largest glass she will certainly be in among the largest ones. If Mary was alive today as satan would want you to believe and she is not and I was to say to her as the biggest glass in the New Heaven you will be awarded the largest block of real estate, you will have two Gardens of Eden, it would not excite her one little bit. She avoided

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the real estate on earth and does want any up here now either. She just wants to be with her Jesus getting ever closer ever finding out more about His beautiful nature. But all of us up here in Heaven must look to the highlight of Heaven. Having a meal with Jesus in our apartment and to do this, even Mary will have to have an apartment. Depending on how many there are up there that maybe every so many thousand years or it maybe like here on earth today where Jesus can be with of us all the time and give us His undivided attention. A one to one relationship.

Other than varying the size of our plots on the earth below which the giant glasses would not want to have anyway another way of allocating earthly riches would be the distance of your apartment from the throne. The big glasses would have an address of the first circles of apartments around the throne whilst the Merarites hand their apartments over a thousand kilometres away. This way Mary would be ever present with her Jesus or some other non-imaginable way. These are but minor issues and we will not see our apartments until the New Jerusalem descends out of the sky. Our main issue remains the cross.


A seemingly innocuous question like, ‘Why did not Jesus just cut His hair before placing it on the cross of day 1,261 of our cross that has now been tagged as, ‘Heaven bound’ instead on shaving it where by He would have left that millimetre of hair that grew for thirty hours in the presence of sin before sin was obliterated at 3pm of the DOA110? Addresses the very issue of sin, it has two consequences; it cuts us off from God/Jesus and it leads to death.

For the 70 trillion sins (?) Jesus took on Himself when the fires of hell were extinguished He was separated from God the Father, defiled for six days. Consequence one of sin. Consequence two, the death part occurred on the DOA110. This consequence of sin, why Jesus had to die points to one or more attributes of God and attributes of God result in worship which is what the DOA110 on earth was about and what the Day of Atonement in Heaven is going to be about. Whether the attribute that is being worshipped is justice or love or grace or mercy or all attributes this is for what this day was created. This pile of 70 trillion sins (?) has already paid the price of defilement for them ‘all that’ remains is the death component. They are not Jesus’ sins even though He took them on Himself, they are the sins of His creation. The fact that He took them on Himself is another reason for worship. Had He not taken them on Himself that sign on the doorway into the new earth would have remained, ‘No entry, a sinless and evil less region’. There would have remained nothing on the other side of the doorway and we would have remained on this side.

Would that have meant that we would spend eternity in the Garden of Eden right up there but still on this side? Would the Most Holy Place have left us and gone for a refit up there in the yonder blues? It does not matter whether if it stayed or was whisked away when the married couple left it. We would not have access into the Most Holy Place because of the presence of sin and evil which were obliterated on the DOA110 for as long as sin and evil existed. The DOA110 is not a commemoration of sin it is a celebration for the riddance of sin and the attributes of Jesus Christ, the what’s and the whys of what He did on that day. A visit to the dead and living symbols would be in order in a visit to Daniel but just a refocus on them now. They, good and evil, maybe antonyms but there are many parallels also. In both nonliving forms , symbols pointing to the living forms, the metals of gold, silver, bronze (copper and tin) and iron mixed with clay are used.

In the statue of good, God the Father, divinity is the gold head, Christianity the silver chest, God’s way of ruling, theocracy is bronze and that makes God the Father and the Lamb to occupy the

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throne and the iron mixed with clay and Jesus did come down and mix with the clay, with the evil of this world, but it would not always be so. The ‘living statue’, the ram has already been split into its four sections in Numbers six. The ‘dead statue’ of evil has also been looked at but the living evil beast with all it heads has only been touched on. What does this hair affect in Gethsemane?

Any attempt to ignore or bypass DAO110 will result in a line of clangers, most do and therein lies most of religion today. Clangers! The Day of Atonement was always going to happen, even in a sinless world there was that exception of the man who died very suddenly beside Jesus. There was a plan there for the Nazirite to come down, clean up the mess and Jesus and the angels return to Heaven and continue their sinless journey. Heaven was always going to be full of angels but the option of the bride remained just that, an option. When Jesus had killed humanity by His presence in Gethsemane on the Thursday night at 10pm He could have left humanity dead on the ground only to be swept up and thrown into hell, but on return to Heaven He still had to clean the mess the angels made before He could  take them back with Him on that sinless journey. He did not have to come back to Good Friday and be murdered. And this is the backdrop that verses ten onwards in Numbers seven are set.

I have been aware of interchanging leaders of Israel with angels as it was their home we were about to enter. I thought it was jolly thoughtful of them to split us into three sizes of glasses and then compensate the smaller ones with carloads of  earthly blessings, but I now realise that this is not the case. Certainly at the time these allocations are being made we are still on this side of the doorway, its curtain is torn and we about to pass through, all these things qualify us to be Levites but it is our own leaders and not the angels who decide who gets the four covered carts or the two or none. And it is on the shoulders of our leaders now to get it right by what requests or orders they place on this cross which is about to be dragged through by Simon and onto its final resting place in front of the throne in the New Jerusalem. Are only the events of GFPMC going to be on our minds or is the Day of Atonement to be factored in as well?

It is helpful to know what period of time we are. In Numbers (1:1) we are at the top of cross five. It had its base on the DOA110 and the abrupt start, end of the ministry of the Nazirite. Phase one the top of cross four, 4pm but 4.01 pm on the same day it becomes phase two and the foot of the fifth cross. In the next so many days the foot of this cross changes into the stem and becomes the top of the fifth cross after a total of 1,260 days. All evils listed by Daniel are gone and even the Most Holy is anointed and to cap off what was such a busy day already, we are consecrated as well. Why were we not consecrated 1,250 days or even 1,259 days after the Atonement cross? Ans; we were not ready. Only when our anxiety reached breaking point about our desire to move the cross of Christ not just into the New Jerusalem, but also move it from outside of our body into our tabernacle did Jesus yield, shave off His locks and place them at the foot of the altar/cross. It is only now that our anxiety is broken and it is only now that our wishes about the cross have been met. It is now that we turn enmasse and face the doorway and realise the curtain is torn and we are going to make a grandee exit. The top of cross five is now about to become the bottom of cross six which is in the New Heaven. Whilst on this side we can bring up whatever earthly things come to mind but over in the new world very little will come across. We must be taught what is what.


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This is now our final muster. The Nazirite has finished His work, has been decommissioned, has handed in His job sheet, it has been processed by the right authorities, it was about the law of the Nazirite and been processed by a priest and all accepted by God the Father. It was always going to be about this Nazirite and the focus of this Nazirite was always the cross in both plans of salvation. And it is this cross when the appreciation level reached the desired level was ear marked and tagged with the perfect hair, sinless hair, (even that final millimetre had experienced defilement and death) is now pointing to the doorway as, ‘Heaven bound’. But who is it who is coming across and what do they already know and what are their expectations and aspirations of what they are going to find over on this side which is now about the eternities to come?

There are twelve silver plates and you would not expect anyone but Christians-Levites to come across; silver. Each plate, each tribe are of optimal size and equal size. Only God knows this number and my guess of 144 million saved if some of the creation sites are correct is only about one in a thousand created human beings. It does sound impossibly low and I will add it as a fourth ‘impossibility’. [ (1) Being created as the pinnacle of creation with nothing to gain but everything to lose that Lucifer would rebel. (2) The smartest woman ever created who knew she had eternal life fell for satan’s lie to give her this life when in fact all he could give her was eternal death. (3) First Adam with his privileged position and contact with Jesus Christ would throw that in for a lot in hell. (4) Humanity in general would reject an offer from Jesus Christ to accept their position in hell and give them eternal life in exchange for it, ‘impossible!’]

Each plate is accompanied by a silver bowl and if each bowl stands for as tribe member then all bowls are the same. This is different to the case just argued where there are going to be three sizes of glasses. Three levels of Levites. This was the case in the OT and certainly looks like the case today. To be called a glass we have to accept Jesus in John (3:16)…..believe in His Son…..’ This gets us a glass, but some will become one minute Christians but others lifers. There is no doubt that there are different sizes of glasses on this planet. I think a reasonable test for the size of your glass would be; how many covered carts have you got and you seek in this life? The closer you are to Jesus the fewer carts you have or seek. This would not include children/grandchildren etc as these are not carts but angels given from above. How many carts do I have drawn by oxen? Many but again I would not count those that were sent and I had not asked for them. I accept what has been sent but do not seek them. But looking at some of the TV shows on my property I must have many thousands of different types of tools. Tools are different in that Jesus allows me different situations to use them in and when I do I look at them, and compared to what is found in the human body are stunningly simple, but I still wonder at the chance of finding something like this to form near a volcano or deep in the sea? Down here the glasses are certainly not the same size if they are up there it may be that the small glass is compensated by more ox carts.

Both the plates and bowls of certain intrinsic value are full of fine flour and mixed with oil. Everything on the side has been about preparation for the crossing into the new earth. Plates; ready, bowls; ready, flour; providing it has been mixed with oil, ready. On this side we have preparation, refining, organisation. Ready for what?? Gold pan and incense suggests some type of offering to God and Lamb on the throne. Burnt, sin and peace offerings fill out the story. It has been a technique of mine whenever I have no or little idea of what the text is saying to assume it is ‘wrong’ and usually trying to correct it gives a correct answer. The Bible was right all along! It would be difficult to assume that the burnt, sin and peace offerings are wrong because Jesus has just handed them in as a part of His decommissioning and they have been accepted by God, so I am going to assume they are in the ‘wrong’ order and correct them but it is right to correct for the fact that previously it was a

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Father to Son event whereas ours is a sinner to Father offering. We still go through Jesus the Son but come from a lower level. Jesus does follow a certain order and then breaks it. ‘Oh by the way I forgot about GFPMC!’ seems to be what is happening.

For the first twelve verses of Numbers 6, Jesus is following the sinless path, the odds on favourite. No contact with dead people, no grape products and no cutting of hair. He seems to have got almost right across time when somebody reminds Him that 7,700 odd years ago the angels rebelled. This one exception is in His original plan A of salvation. Verses 9-12 give us what happened next; earthly DOA110 and the building of the fifth cross. It is not over by the DOA of the 10th of July neither is it over when Jesus is resurrected the next day on Resurrection Sunday. It is the start of the building of the fifth cross which does not finish until that momentous day, 1,260 days after. Then Jesus seems to say, ‘ Now I will hand in my commission as Nazirite, the work I did some 3,800 years ago on GFPMC. This work, GFPMC is handed in at the end of the sinless flight of our Lord Jesus Christ. There are 1,260 days between verses 12 and 13 and 3,800 odd years between the two crosses of Jesus Christ. It is now with this time scale that I will struggle with thinking it will give that tie that I seek between chapters six and seven. If I was one of the leaders then this is how I would report the situation.

“The cross of Jesus Christ arrived shortly before the 10/07/486, earthly DOA110 at our final mustering point before we change universes. I call this place our last Garden of Eden. The coordinates of this cross had to be the same as GFPMC but much higher, and certainly would have the finishing touches if it had the same coordinates as the tree of life had in the original Garden of Eden. Jesus went to the cross at 9am of the day of Worship, Sabbath and the Day of Atonement. He died at 3pm and at 4pm the cross acquired a fire under it. This could well have been the result of an angel of God collecting every droplet of blood that Jesus had in His body including what had soaked into the cross. Divine protection was now removed from the cross and replaced with this fire until of course the sinless hair of Jesus was placed on it restoring its divine protection. Jesus received His blood back early on Sunday morning and came down from the cross. All these events, Jesus going onto and from the cross are blurred as Jesus was by now in transfiguration mode; almost too bright and dazzling to see Him. He now begins to build us up to His level of transfiguration.

Can’t say, have not yet read the Book of Acts carefully to know in what way did Moses/Jesus build us up to this glowing state of transfiguration except that it involved the cross. They taught nothing but the cross and Jesus crucified. The more we learnt the more we wanted to learn until our desire for knowledge of the cross became unquenchable. Then the most wonderful news we had ever heard; the cross of Christ is coming across not just into the New Jerusalem but into the tabernacle of our hearts. The work of the Nazirite is finished and He goes through His decommissioning and separation from His Father. We are almost ready to leave this universe behind. This is the situation I am looking at now.

The cross is still standing where it has stood for 1,260 days since DOA110. The relief I feel that it is coming across cannot be expressed in words and I know that I am ‘only’ looking at the transfiguration stage. There is still a long way to go and it should be a fascinating journey to the Gethsemane, Thursday night stage of ‘I AM HE’. I have just had it explained to me the two facets of this cross; phase one ministry of Nazirite up to 4pm 0n 10/07/486 and phase two from 4pm of 10/07/486 for 1,260 days until Jesus completes His Nazirite’s vow with the laying of His hair at the  base of the cross. (Technically finishes when He consecrates us by waving/lifting the shoulders and the thighs of the peace offering ram.)


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I feel contented if I can write 10,000 words a week. Could be more but it could be less. I call this coasting along and that is what I was doing when I got to chapter 18 and had a sneak preview at chapter 19 the Heavenly entrance into eternity. Here where sin and evil are removed all I could see was just a few cobwebs left behind. Can’t write a blog on cobwebs. Following my Saviour’s advice I decided to backtrack to chapter 7 but it had little meaning so I went back to chapter six. My Master told Nicodemus if he wanted the foundation of salvation he should return to Moses’ bronze snake in the desert which we have done and about to go there again but it looks like the journey is bronze snake (or many say copper) onto salvation on the cross of Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) and this cross points right through into the new Heavens and eternity. After so many returns I thought I at least had the gist of chapter six but such is not the case. It is in chapter six where to one unit of earthly salvation is added 1,259 units of eternal salvation; of Heaven. That is the ratio of the components of cross five; 1,259 to one. 1,259 Heavenly units to 1 earthly unit.

This cross was built over a period of 1,260 days, (to the minute) and out of that total the Day of Atonement cross occupied 1,259 days, GFPMC was added on the last day, day 1,260. It was indeed a very busy day; decommissioning of the Nazirite, handing in prearranged plans of burnt and ewe-lamb sin offerings, peace offerings, cutting off hair and placing at the base of the cross, (anointing Most Holy in Daniel) and finally the consecration of shoulder and thighs before God. Busy but still only one day. GFPMC was only one and the heavenly component, the DOA110 cross occupied the remaining 1,259 days. Of that time Jesus spent nine hours of the Sabbath of DOA110 and then twelve (?) hours of Resurrection Sunday on this cross and I have already tried to include Friday of GFPMC in a convoluted way to complete the trilogy of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The bride is laying at the feet of Jesus on both DOA110 and Sunday but she also sees Friday. The GFPMC version which occurred some 3,800 years ago. There at 3pm Jesus asked for and was given the product of the grape to drink and as He drank it He called, ‘Father why have You abandoned Me?’ He came to join humanity and stayed with them for some 3,800 years but on the Friday of 09/07/486, the day before the atonement cross He left humanity and came and joined divinity. Transfiguration. It was indeed a trilogy, it was indeed a Friday, Saturday and Sunday affair. This would then make our fifth cross also with a base of GFPMC, the day before DOA110 and it certainly is the last day. The kernel then of GFPMC encloses the pearl of DOA110 ( the final Day of Atonement here on earth as on 10/07/486).

We have tried to open this kernel from the Sunday side, the one up there, without much success but what if we try from the Sinai wilderness side. Before looking at the issue whether Moses’ snake was copper or bronze let look at the Israelites on both earth and Heaven. Both begin their journey on 01/01/01 but there is no, at least significant enough for Scripture to mention, 01/01/02 or 01/01/03 or 01/01/04. No, 01/01/01 was a once off event and had to last for the remaining 5,000 odd years of planet earth and forever in the NEW Heavens. In Heaven there will only be one new creation which will begin on 01/01/01. On earth there was one formal start for the Israelites on their Heavenly journey. That journey was way more than just a release from sins slavery to which they continually returned, it was an answer to, ‘Will the firstborn sons of Israel or Levites or Christians be able to enjoy the inheritance of Jesus Christ, which is the universe now and the new one to come, forever more if they are behind a doorframe with the blood of the Passover Lamb on it? That question only needed to be answered once and forever and the answer was that any firstborn son of Israel on that night behind a doorframe with blood on it lived. All other firstborn males died that night.

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If 01/01/01 are one off events and sin was not an issue then why change it to 14/01/02 and 14/01/03 and 14/01/04 and in Heaven forever more. I am not sure how the Jews explain this offset of 14 days but in Heaven I take it as seven days of creation and seven days to cross through the doorway with the torn curtain. We don’t arrive and our first full days on the new earth is fourteen days after creation. Thus our first Passover will be 14/01/02.

If the answer from 01/01/01 is ‘Yes’  then what happens on the 14/01/xx? Why is this kernel that is holding this pearl of DOA110 so thin? One part compared to 1,259 parts surely is thin especially if you keep in mind that this kernel is all I need for entry into Heaven. ‘……..believes in His Son…….’ That is all I need! GFPMC and be prepared for the return of Jesus which will happen very soon after my last breath. After my last breath here on earth I will wait in sleep for the coming of my Master. You see I can’t die again once in Jesus. My first death was in the baptismal font and my second death in hell, Jesus has already done for me. Almost every denomination has very many clangers but the two that satan will not let go of and will fight to the death for are the Sabbath and the eternal fires of hell. In OT language it means by removing the Sabbath satan has broken humanity away from the blessings of God. Eternal hell stops people from looking for God. In NT parley it means that satan has broken humanity away from the blessings that Jesus wants to give us on this day and eternal hell stops us from searching for Jesus. On top of these two clangers you can add a myriad of other satanic clangers. Once you have Jesus ‘lying’ such as in when He told Adam that if he eats from the tree of good and evil that he won’t just die, but will SURELY die, the door to open slather is opened. The Sabbath breaking and eternal hell ministries bring this clanger in next as it opens the door to satan and spiritualism.  Very few of Jesus’ people, Christ I Ams will be alive at His second                        coming, exactly 144,000 wise virgins!

When we go back to the bronze snake in the desert we would not expect to get perfect parallelisms with either GFPMC  or DOA110 but then we would not expect them just to disappear off the face of the earth. This is what has happened to by far the most important feast/commemoration day in the Israelite calendar. This day was the  Day of Atonement. Gone! Not mentioned by any denomination or ministry that I know of. Your salvation is not determined by whether you understand the DOA but it will answer a lot of curved balls that satan is throwing. Faith can be a wonderful attribute just look at the faith of evolutionists today. The more absurdities and impossibilities they find the stronger their belief in evolution. To make their faith complete all they need to find now is some city in volcanic ash the size of London or New York complete with power supplies, operating air ports, water sewerage and garbage disposals, factories making computers, TVs, Caterpillar engines, hospitals the lot. This amazing complexity would seal their faith in evolution. Actually the human body is far more complex than any city and it too confirms the theory of evolution beyond doubt for most! The faith that we have and require to have in the Word of God, the Bible will require to be fine-tuned if/when this great tribulation strikes and it has for many already done so. To know that our salvation has not only been worked out to the finest detail, but to know this has been recorded as such in the Bible is consoling indeed. If these are indeed end days then Jesus will open those closed sections of the Bible if not in this blog then in others.—-

So why is this DOA110 or cross of Atonement that we have struck and about to tackle so important? Why is it the cross into Heaven itself? Was that how the Israelites were supposed to see it? Most importantly though why does Jesus have to go to the cross twice, why could He not have only done it once? Let us try to follow a cycle of the Jews in the desert, twelve months, and then transpose it onto our Christian cycle. The first year cycle is atypical in both Heaven and the desert so we will take up the second year with its associated questions.

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In the wilderness 01/01/02  nothing seems to happen on the first day of the year. Seems as if its significance has been transposed by fourteen days. 14/01/02 arrives with a flurry of activity; lamb slaughtered and eaten, blood splashed on doorframes, a Holy day but all this happened at the start of the journey and a higher level. Firstborn killed and release from slavery, neither apply today and all sins of both High Priest and congregation to be dealt with in six month’ time, unless of course they had two bites of the cherry and had their sins forgiven twice a year. No, in life’s cycle there will only be one chance to have sin forgiven and once completed that chance will not come up again and that chance for the Jew would come six months later in the Day of Atonement. The 14/01/xx is not about leaving Egypt and it is not about sin, then what was it about. Could it be that 01/01/01 was, Yes’ it is going to be acceptable and 14/01/xx tell us about how and when this ‘yes’ is fulfilled? Well ‘yes’ was ‘yes’ on the 01/01/01 and how it is going to happen is that these Christians/Levites who have been walking in Jesus’ shoes are going to have to be inside of a doorway with the blood of the Passover Lamb on its frames. No there has to be more to it than this.

Let us try the 10/07/02, the Day of Atonement as in Leviticus sixteen. Five animals, both congregation and High Priest involved. Sin offering and burnt offerings for both involved. Same as we have just had and called it the pearl in the kernel. High Priest and family offering a sin and burnt offering. In Leviticus it was a bull and ram and up there it was two birds; pigeons or turtle doves. No  involvement of congregation up there until 1,260 days after the DOA110. Down here congregation has sin offering, a goat and a burnt offering a ram but it also has a scapegoat where intentional and unintentional sin ie they have been confessed is placed on this scapegoat and it is led outside of the city and destroyed. That ‘only’ requires one cross if both the sins of High Priest and congregation included on the same day but as we have seen the sins of the congregation were on GFPMC but the sins of the High Priest and His family on the Day of Atonement ix months later, thus we needed two crosses.

I tried to explain this difference by saying that the Jews could walk straight from being set free to the Day of Atonement and only a single cross. Christians could not do that. For a Christian to get to the Day of Atonement they would have to spend some 1,800 years in the present Heaven and to get into this Heaven they would have to be sin free. The sins of the congregation had to be pulled out and paid for before we would be allowed into our ‘waiting pen’ for 1,800 years before the Holy Spirit returned back to Heaven, the wedding and only after the wedding could we ride out behind the rider of the white horse and to the Day of Atonement. Thus for us we needed the split in the Leviticus 16 service and thus we have 14th of January and the 10th of July, both on earth and in the Heaven’s above. If the DOA110 has been split like this then we should be able to unsplit back into High Priest and congregation. Such attempts so far have failed. The issue that needs  to be settled are these two events, Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary dependant or independent of the Day of Atonement. Both Heavenly dates, the 14/01/xx and the 10/07/xx but does one rely on the other or are they stand alone events, independent of each other?

The original plan in Heaven was for there to be angels in Heaven. Humanity would be given a run but if that failed then so be it. The Nazirite in Gethsemane would pull back at 10pm on the Thursday before GFPMC and return to Heaven. He had killed all of humanity by exposing them to full divinity. “I AM HE” was what killed everyone on earth. He would return to Heaven and clean up the mess at a later time. It was by no means the end of the problems for the Nazirite. He had worked out with His Father that Heaven should be filled with angels and if by chance they fell then Jesus would and pick them up, clean up the mess and bring them back to Heaven as described in the first twelve verses of Numbers six. There was always going to be a Day of Atonement even if humanity or angels had not fallen. Evil still would have existed and evil had to be destroyed. The potential to disobey Jesus had

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to be destroyed, there had to be a Day of Atonement. At One was Meant, atonement, and that oneness could not exist with Jesus whilst evil existed. DOA110 was independent of GFPMC, whether Jesus stayed on earth to resurrect that lot that would murder Him the next day or whether Jesus returned to Heaven that night. They just were not worth it!

There would always be a 10th of July commemoration each year for the eternities to come with a bare minimum of the defeat of evil but could also include fallen angels if any fell.


The problem has to be restated. In Leviticus 16 am I allowed to remove the congregation and all their sins and put them on the cross of Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) leaving behind the sins of the high priest and his family as the Day of Atonement (DOA110) ? One event is dependent on the other, there has to have been a 14th of January and a 10th of July here on earth and by extension in the eternities to come. Or are these events totally independent of each other? Jesus said, ‘ Yes, I will resurrect this mob that are dead in front of me even though I know they will murder me tomorrow’ or Jesus said after looking into the cup that God the Father had shown Him from which He would have to drink the next, ‘They are not worth it, there in not one endearing or redeeming thing about them, I am going back to My Father’. Two independent events; either yes I will or no I won’t! And I know that this does not tie in with the bronze snake which I hope to soon revisit.

The earthly, the Jewish DOA110 appears to be in reverse order to the one which we are now studying as in the one that makes up the fifth cross. Up here we have 1,259 parts of atonement cross and one part of GFPMC but down here they have 1,259 parts of Fridays cross and only one part of Saturdays cross. They are concerned about their sins, being at one with Him. They knew that as soon as they saw the hand of the high priest touch the head of the scapegoat any sins they confessed passed onto the scapegoat which would be torn apart outside of the city somewhere. We don’t know whether they realised the significance of the high priest. His part was as Jesus Christ would finally do, to take on any remaining sins, unconfessed, unintentional sins onto Himself. They were indeed sin free and I can’t see why when they began their return journeys the reason they felt their feet did not touch the ground was because of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

It was their faith that made them sin free. It is by faith today that I accept that (John 3:16) that ‘for God so loved the world’. Actually I do not need faith in God. As I look around at the stunning beauty and complexity around me there can only be two sources for it, either God or it came from nothing. Whether the nothing rang or sang with a bang or a clang it still came from nothing and if you believe that then therein lies my definition of faith. To me God is the default value and for that I do not require faith. It does require faith to accept that God loved this world.

It also requires faith to accept that, ‘He gave His only begotten Son’. He only had one Son and He gave Him away. Faith now requires the Love of God to be added to His only begotten Son as exhibited by the outstretched arms on the cross of Good Friday, and when we add these two together it is an act of faith that the answer is, ‘Believes in Him’. The belief that results by adding the love of God to God’s given Son now produces another act of faith that this belief will result in us not dying but having everlasting life. It was by faith that cleared the Israelites of their sins and let them glide home and it is by faith that we too will have ever lasting life. The difference between them and us is that they looked forward to GFPMC but we look back to it, but it is still all about faith. Returning back to the Heavenly split of the DOA110 cross, cross five or lamp

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Five of 1,259 parts of atonement cross and one part of Fridays cross. We are still allowed to use GFPMC as it certainly is day 1,260 and it also probably is the day on which this edifice stands; Friday the 9th when Jesus shaved off His locks and entered the transfiguration stage of Jesus Christ.

We have already listed four improbabilities and probably more like impossibilities of events occurring; Lucifer, Eve, Adam sinning, 99.9% of people rejecting Jesus Christ taking their place in hell for them but far more of an impossibility is that Jesus Christ sinned. It goes to  the top of the impossibility list. Sin was abhorrent to Him and against His very nature yet satan knew that Jesus would take on sin and kept testing Him. But as repugnant as sin was to Jesus there were higher callings, attributes that came into play. His justice would not allow Him to see anyone go to hell for unconfessed unintentional sin but then His Holy Being would not allow sin to exist forever either. He would not allow this sin to come between bride and bridegroom and perfection, it had to be got rid of and if the only option was to take them on Himself, then so be it. And that is what He did on Friday the 2nd of July, 486. He took on Himself all the sins that were left over after the fires of hell were extinguished. Not just one sin from one person but all the sins from His creation, angels and humans. All 70,000,000,000,000 of them! (?). only Jesus knows this exact number but there were many! This act alone of Jesus taking on Himself all those remaining sins just so He could bring us into His throne room with Him is worthy of worship even though strictly it was outside of the time of construction of the fifth cross. His attribute of justice in not allowing suffering for those who did not know what they were doing is equally worthy of worship. What an insult to that justice is the doctrine of everlasting hell! Could you find any better way of destroying the attribute of the justice of God than with this heinous lie?

Jesus was not playing charades when He accepted that mountain of sins on Himself. As much as it hurt those sins became a part of Him. (He still carried much humanity with Him at this stage which adsorbed these sins onto the surface of His skin and not absorbed as is leaven or yeast as sadly so many preachers teach today). There were three consequences of sin and Jesus bore all three; defilement, separation from the Father, suffering in hell whilst those sins burned and finally death. The scenario is that I have been asked by my tribe to give an account of what we know by the end of day 1260 after the cross of DOA110 which will allow us to be given our final passports for the new earth and Heaven. It is outside of those allocated days but I think that the six days, no not six hours on the cross, but six days Jesus was cut off from His father and whatever form Jesus is when He is cut off from His Father He still deserves worship. I therefore not only include those 1,260 days to come, I include what I think was the hardest part for Jesus to do; to suffer the defilement of the 3rd to the 9th of July, 486. He had been defiled continuously since some 3,800 years ago from GFPMC but these last days (6) were total separation. Before this He was our only contact with God but for six days that contact is gone. I paraphrased Daniel (9:26) in this way. At the time it seemed unusual as to what was happening as this was before Jesus gave His first 1,250 day tutorial. A wonderful time up here, first 1,800 years of it and look forward to spending another one with 1,800 zeros after it but we want and have waited for 1,800 years for our marriage to take place. This robe of righteousness that Jesus gave me on entry into Heaven after the second coming is just too fabulous for me to comprehend even a tiny part of its beauty, I need the Holy Spirit to explain at least a tiny bit of these weaves, I need the fine linen. But the Holy Spirit is still on earth where it was sent by Jesus after His ascension. It will not return until every stone that can be turned in order to get that one extra soul into Heaven has been turned. (the foolish virgins are given a chance to allow Jesus take their  place in hell for them and they refuse, only then the work of the Holy Spirit is finished, only then does it

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return to Heaven. Almost immediately when we are given the fine linen does the wedding take place.

Even at this late stage I don’t think the bride realises what is about to happen. We did not ask for our fine linen so that we could gallop off and into the promised land in fact we thought we were in the promised land a land of unspeakable beauty and could not imagine anything better. We only wanted enlightment about our robes. We did know that we were in the tent of meeting and it was going to be ourlot to be kept out of the Most Holy Place. We had no problem with that and we were quite surprised to be organised as an army and told we were leaving our home of 1,800 years. We were organised as an army because there were two battles that still needed to be fought; against the living wicked and the resurrected living dead. The living wicked were the same ones who put so many of us to death in our last tribulation. They were not just the ones who organised this evil scheme or who pulled the triggers, they include all who approved of it at well. It wasn’t much of a battle and it gave satisfaction to see them fall and the birds of prey come and feast off seven billion odd bodies. It was of interest how Scripture had foretold of this event and of how small the forces holding evil together are. Almost immediately after this battle what happened did surprise us.

The leader of our army, the rider of the white horse, Jesus Christ announced He was leaving us. There was one more battle to fight but this was His problem and we were not involved. He had to destroy evil and this would be an act of divinity and at that time we would re-join Him as divinity. This plan to destroy evil had been worked out between Father and Son and special category to do this work would be called Nazirite. There are many twists and turns in this Nazirite’s life but ultimately it was going to be He who did this work. In Genesis this is detailed as the crushing of heads and the bruising of heels but in Daniel v26 it is described as, ‘Messiah will be cut off and have nothing’. We see Him in the distance from our final mustering ground, Eden version 2, just above the earth but He does cut a lonely figure as he delivers His tutorial for 1,250 days. Then on the 1st of July there is a trumpet call As probably the battle against satan begins. It certainly is finished by the end of the 2nd of July when we see the fires of hell extinguish. It is then that Jesus takes on Himself any remaining sins, becomes defiled, separated from God and it appears that we lose sight of Him as well. It would be more than a coincidence that the roman soldier who came to arrest Jesus on Thursday night in Gethsemane was the same person who calls out from the standing army, ‘Where is this Jesus’? We have been staring at this spot where we last saw Him and the call of this soldier is the call of all. The appearance of Jesus as the morning star is where we left the text. I know that the 9th of July  is a part of cross four and cross five does not start until the DOA110 until 4pm of the DOA110 the second phase of the ministry of Jesus Christ but then again for the peace offering I will be submitting five crosses, five rams.


When I saw the red heifer I panicked thinking there was no way I was ready to enter the Heavenly realms and a ‘reasonable’ knowledge of chapter six and not finding either the Holy Place, the New Earth or the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem there so I assumed the answer was in chapter seven. But chapter seven is still here on this old earth. It contains five crosses and the fifth one is right at the doorway into the Heavens above. The top of this fifth cross is also the base of cross six which is in Heaven above but on this world all that is expected that we get to the top of the fifth cross. It is chapter eight that will shuffle us across into the New Heavens and to the base of cross six, its stem and head take us across the new earth to become the foot of the seventh cross and into the New Jerusalem. We just are required to present/build five crosses on this side, the last one being 1,259 parts of the atonement cross we have just seen and cap it  off with one part of Friday’s Calvary’s cross. With my usual practice of watching six TVs one of them is Jimmy Swaggart he raised

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an interesting point last night about offerings, particularly the peace offering. It was the opposite of my interpretation but as he has such strong Jewish support and was adamant about it. He, they insist that the peace offering is made after peace has been attained. The peace offering, and by extension sin and burnt offering only prove that peace has been made. I think that the peace offering is the application form to look for and try to establish peace. It is made before the event and they insist it is made after the event. This is certainly not the case with either sin or burnt offerings. The sin offering that is presented has blood taken from it. This blood is presented before the throne and pleads the I AM HE will grant mercy. Not one skerrick of any righteousness can we place before God. Not one mitigating circumstance! We solely rely on the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ! Having been granted that mercy presumably by the fact that the high priest is not struck down, this blood is taken to cleanse all the items of the sacrifice. All sins, intentional and unintentional. The rest of the sin sacrifice and the burnt offering are then presented on a sinless surface and are acceptable to God. The blood does not do an abra kudebra on these sins and just make them vanish into the blue. It washes these sins into hell where they are placed on the body of Jesus Christ and presented to the fires of hell. No easy way, no shortcuts! No paths around Mount Calvary in both its forms.

If the apostles followed the same pattern for the 1,260 days after Good Friday as Jesus/Moses follow up here, 1,259 to 1 split then they would have entirely concentrated for 1,259 days on the cross that has just been and capped it off with the journey from Egypt. It was then the church set off for its journey to Canaan and satan tried to destroy it by tearing the wall of water and trying to drown them. Back then satan/pharaoh were destroyed but this time satan went on to become a real threat to Levites, Christians or the people of Jesus.

Back to chapter seven. Whether I am making the presentation, most unlikely, or am being presented, it is the event that has just occurred that is the issue. The cross. Jesus has just been painstakingly careful in His tutorial after the cross. Before the cross it was one presentation to the big and little glasses together but after the cross these differences were accentuated by none other than our leaders. The big glasses may in fact be the first ring of apartments around the throne but even the little one had to be filled. And Jesus filled all these glasses so that they were full at the same moment, day 1,259 after the cross. It is easy to see how this same scenario could have been followed after GFPMC under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our glasses are certainly not all the same size!

The determining factor that our temple/tabernacle was complete was that as one we all asked for the cross to be brought into our hearts and across the new earth and into the New Jerusalem to stand before the throne eternal. This is granted and the cross of Christ is anointed by Jesus placing His sinless locks on it. As this cross now has been allowed into the tabernacle of our hearts they too are anointed. All that is now required is the consecration which takes place as described in verses 18-20, ‘ The Nazirite shall then shave his dedicated head of hair at the doorway to the tent of meeting, and shall take the dedicated hair of his head and put it on the fire which is under the sacrifice of peace offerings. The priest shall take the ram’s shoulder when it has been boiled, and one unleavened cake out or the basket and one unleavened wafer, and shall put them on the hands of the Nazirite after he has shaved his dedicated hair. The priest shall wave them for a wave offering before the Lord. It is holy for the priest, together with the breast offered by waving and the thigh offered by lifting up; and afterward the Nazirite may drink wine.’

If I am right and the life of this planet is 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and seven hours then the 1,260 days corresponds to the last of those years and there is only 7 months, 7 days and seven hours

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left for this planet to exist. 217 days and  out of that twelve will be presentations that our leaders are making now. 205 to go. Because the cultural shock will be so great when we get over to the other side, some preparations must be made now. For these preparations to be of value they must be made on the rock, and this rock is the cross of Christ and most today do not accept that it comes in two stages although in Leviticus 16 there is only one stage, Both the sins of the congregation and the high priest are dealt with on the same day. Why this congregation cannot include me; (1) My sins were taken care of on a Friday, GFPMC but these sins are dealt with on a holy day of worship, Sabbath. (2) My sins were dealt with on the 14th of January, Leviticus 16 is on 10th of July. (3) GFPMC has already occurred some 2,000 years ago, DOA110 is still to occur in some 2,000 years time. (4) the service of GFPMC was conducted by the priest Eleazar, DOA110 was conducted in the presence of transfiguration Jesus. (5) there are not going to be any intentional sins on DOA110 , but there are on GFPMC. (6) there are different animals involved for the congregation on 14th of January and the 10th of July. (ewe-lamb and goat) (7) DOA110 and GFPMC are separate and independent dates. One covers our sins where the Nazirite did not have to cut his hair but the other covers the sins of Jesus where Jeus has to cut His hair. It is between these two events that we now toggle but heavily favouring the Day of Atonement cross.


In our quest to build up these offerings, especially the fifth cross we have to be careful not to over annunciate GFPMC because for evert word we write here we are going to have to write 1,259 words about DOA110. That is the ratio of building blocks that Moses/Jesus used in the construction of our tabernacles. Scriptural order is burnt, sin and peace offerings and this is the order I want to follow. The ultimate offering and the most valuable animals they had was the bull offering. It is the ultimate offering of the ages to come and the Heavenly form, as in the new Heavens and is at a higher plain than the ram offered on this earth; the total life of the 365 day old lamb plus four millennia before His GFPM cross and plus four millennia after it until He was decommissioned and then eternity after that could be one factor that extends ram to bull. Well what extents the life of a 365 day old lamb and makes it into a ram?

To see into the nature of Jesus Christ has to be done though the purification action of a flame. Even at 3pm on the Day of Atonement when evil and sin are gone the presence of these and where they were committed would still require the presentation of the burnt offering before God to be made through a fire. Once on the other side on the new earth there would not be required a fire as all aspects of evil are gone. That does not change the fact that the body of Jesus Christ was subjected to the fires of hell on two occasions, He truly was the burnt offering and because of this He can claim to have done away with every sin and every evil. The enormity of the scene in front of me is overwhelming. Yes there is this giant cross in front of me, yes it still has a bluish fire at the base, yes that is the same cross that Jesus hung on, on both nine hours on the Day of Atonement and twelve hours (?) of Resurrection Sunday, yes, I did see Jesus coming off  that cross and yes for the last 1,258 days He has been instructing me about what He had achieved on that cross. Yes all the tension went off when it was announced that this cross is coming across and will be placed in front of the throne in the New Jerusalem. Yes I know that the last of the full years of the existence of this planet have passed and even twelve of the remaining 217 days have been spoken for.

But there are many unexplained events as well. Like after the anointing of the Most Holy I was consecrated as well but now find that this was only a preparatory phase. I have now been labelled as a bowl of fine flour and oil on a silver plate. I thought I would be a cake and be taken from a wafer.

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But looking at this cross, by faith I can see the final destination; the bull offering as in the sinless offering of eternity, the bull burnt offering the top of the seventh cross and my final destination and expectation and one that surpasses even Leviticus 16 which attains the status of a ram. The ram is the burnt offering for both High priest and congregation of Leviticus 16 and  the fact that it changes from ram to bull indicates that DOA110 will also be different in it first year to those of eternity. Once we enter into the throne room itself things will change. Our perception of Jesus Christ will change as we cross through those pearly gates.

As far as the Nazirite was concerned though to Him the burnt offering was the ram at the age of a one year old lamb. One day, 365 days old. The revelation that God gave of Himself through the outstretched arms of His Son. Here was the doorway to God, to Divinity and to Heaven eternal. This is home base and from where Christianity springs. This is the rock, all other grounds are but shifting sand. Numbers six tell us that for every word we wrote on the one year old lamb for a burnt offering that we now write 1,259 words on the bull and ram burnt offerings. The bull burnt offering is out of the question as that is the reason we have come back here for, but what about the ram after all it is the burnt offering for both high priest and congregation.

We have just seen it and have personally experienced earthly DOA110 of the 10th of July, 486. It may have all been overwhelming but Jesus was still at His transfiguration stage so what we saw was not beyond comprehension. It is on what we saw that we are supposed to build on but the problem that occurs is just a lot of questions that arise. It may be alright that transfiguration glowing Jesus takes 70 trillion sins (?) on Himself because He had just experienced the defilement for them, which we did not see or at least experience but with that out of the way we may be able to see more clearly the remainder of the penalty for sin. Only God from God could only experience that separation which cannot be experienced by us but we may be able to relate to the suffering and death of hell. We can certainly relate to putting our hand into a fire.

We are supposed to be looking at the ultimate of sacrifices, the burnt offering from the top down, from where God Revealed His divine nature but the problem where this DOA110 sacrifice actually  and that we saw Jesus is represented as a pair of birds, either pigeon or turtledove burnt offering and neither of these birds are in the list that we present. But do they have to be? The cross that we are staring at is the fifth cross and is the cross of both of these birds and it has been earmarked as coming over. Perhaps there was no reason to have to mention it, we know it is coming.

We could not get a surer base or anything else than God revealing Himself through His only Begotten Son not on the day that He performed any of His wondrous miracles, including Resurrection Sunday. No he revealed Himself through a one year old Lamb, 365 days old. One time, one event. Like the saga of whether the 14th of January and the 10th of July and whether they are dependent events and we can extract one from the other or not the burnt offering from GFPMC continues to trouble us. I have to make a choice and stay with it until Holy Scripture tells me otherwise. That decision is and has been for some time that the burnt offering which was due to be made on GFPMC at 3pm was not made then but transferred some 3,800 years later to 3pm on DOA110; a Sabbath and a day of worship, at the time all evil and sin had been done away with and that includes the defilement, the separation from God stage which was accomplished even before Jesus went to the atonement cross. The burnt offering could not have occurred back on GFPMC at 3pm because Jesus was in defilement mode, He was separated from His Father and therefore could not be offered as the perfect sacrifice.


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Evil and sin abounded and we were very much a part of both as on GFPMC. None of this applied as at 3pm on the Day of Atonement, Sabbath, 10th of July, 486.

We have come off an intensive 1,260 day tutorial given by the master teacher Who could instruct at such a rate that He filled all the glasses, big and small that they were full at exactly the same time, in 1,260 days time. All full, all request the cross to come over into the new world, all see so much of its beauty they want it moved from outside of their bodies, the courtyard and into the inner souls of their tabernacles. All breathe a sigh of relief when request granted and the sinless hair of Jesus is placed at the foot of the cross. Over the next twelve days only the leader of each tribe places brings forth the expectations and aspirations for their members. We are looking at this cross which is now Heaven bound and our first expectation is the burnt offering. It has nothing to do with what we did or are about to do it is what Jesus did and is still to do. Firstly we have to make sure that He brings or that it is attached that burnt offering of the one male lamb one year old. We saw Jesus hand that in at His decommissioning on the last day, on day 1,260 of the tutorial after which Jesus shaved His hair and placed it under the cross. We are not really concerned whether this male lamb burnt offering was delayed from Good Friday back on earth some 3,800 years ago or whether it was presented in the sinless conditions of 3pm the 10th of July just described, which we saw as we  lay at the foot of the cross Jesus was on, all we know that this is the basis of the burnt offering and it must come along. Everything that we need needs to stand on the one male lamb one year old.

We are actually looking at cross five which is the cross of the two bird sacrifice. The burnt and sin offerings of the pigeon/turtledove offerings. We do not need to include this sacrifice of the bird burnt offering because we can see the shaven hair of Jesus Christ on it so that it must be going across. But as we look at it and upwards we can see two stages or two sacrifices that are still to come; the ram and the bull.

It is Scripture that tells us that the Nazirite is decommissioned 1,260 days after the atonement cross and  if this is the case then for how long does this ram live for? The issues this brings up are for how long does this ram live for? Is it synonymous with Nazirite and when does Melchizedek take over and from whom? The next stop that we have is the ram as a burnt offering probably between the new earth and the New Jerusalem and the bull offering for ever more. From the time we looked at the cross with its ‘Heaven bound’ tag on it our very first concern was the burnt offering. It was this cross that was going to get us there; the presentation of the beauty of the nature of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. It only requires a tiny amount of faith to go to the top and look down. I have to give myself some credit because I did this well before I struck it in Scripture. I was continually insisting on going up to the throne and asking God the Father for a ruling on this cloak that Jesus gave me on entry into Heaven. God could not tell me enough times that it was indeed perfect and hearing this from the Creator of perfection was very consoling indeed!

Having placed our offering of the burnt sacrifice we now justify the grounds on which we made that offering; the sin offering. I still can’t see why the sin offering did not come first. To offer the burnt offering I have to be in a sinless state. That is what happened on the DOA110 and Leviticus 16 here in the desert. The sin offering had to be made first, it’s blood accepted and used to cleanse all surfaces which would be used for the burnt offering. But here it is the other way around; the burnt offering is presented before the sin offering. Why? Maybe the male goat for a sin offering can help us.

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If we accept that the cross came in two stages, we would expect two sin offerings and certainly not four. There is not much doubt about the sin offering of Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). We have followed the blood from this sin offering but without much success so far. It appears that this blood has not yet been presented in the present Most Holy Place up there and if it had been it would have dissipated the wrath of God. No this wrath of God will not be dissipated until the seventh bowl has been poured out and had its effects. With all those sinners crammed up there inside the Most Holy Place at 3pm on GFPMC the place certainly does need the blood from the sin offering to cleanse it. There was the blood of Jesus that was applied to the cross as it ran down His holy body and some retained by the cross but as far as I know so far it has not been presented in the present throne room of Heaven. This would have to ask the question, ‘Has the sacrifice of GFPMC been accepted? But this question was asked and answered way back in Egypt and formed the backbone of the Christian church. It started on 01/01/01. And it only has to be answered the once. The full application of this blood is still to come and of all the questions raised by the Bible this must be question number one. (Q1) What has happened to the blood of Jesus, when was it taken to Heaven and when is it applied?? We will call it the blood of the 14th of January.

Moving onto the 10th of July there was one sin offering for the high priest a bull. Then for the congregation there could only be one sin offering, a goat. The other goat, the scapegoat was not involved in the service in any way whatsoever. It just had all the sins of the congregation and high priest (?) dumped on it and it was destroyed outside of the city and temple, GFPMC. We can dispense of the sins of the high priest. The pigeon/turtledove sin offering of the Day of Atonement of the 10th of July, 486 and the corresponding sin offering of Leviticus 16, the bull sin offering for high priest and family. The sins of Jesus Christ were sins of a very special category. They were real sins although today most Christians would not regard them as so. An unintentional unconfessed sin is not worth the mention. But these were real sins and carried a defilement period of six days and this separation of Son from Father was where the real hurt and suffering that Jesus went through.


The suffering of fire we should be able to relate to and symbolic fire or is it of the sulphur fires streaming from the crazed horses mouths should be some indication of the fires of hell. Most ministries and churches make a mockery of death; they say that Jesus did not know when He warned Adam way back in the Garden of Eden if he ate of the fruit of the tree of good and evil that he would SURELY die that that really meant that he would live forever and ever either in Heaven or be tormented in hell for the eternities to come. If that is what ‘surely die’ means then what does to live mean? I have spent much time on the demonic teaching of eternal hell and along with the voiding of the Sabbath are two non-negotiable doctrines of satan. Sabbath tears you away from the blessings of Jesus and eternal hell stops you from looking for Him. It is not time now to go through the Sabbath doctrine or what happened to Jesus for that 40 odd hours after 3pm on GFPMC and 16 odd hours after 3pm on DOA110.

I regard as progress, actually progressive revelation if I can add furnishings and utensils from the Old Testament and place them inside our final Most Holy Place of eternity, the throne of God and the Lamb, the New Jerusalem. It does not have to be as dramatic as placing the sinless hair of the Nazirite on the cross and marking it Heaven bound, no it can be far more subtle, symbolic actually. Before I list what I consider to be quite an extensive repertoire, the tenuous nature of life and there is no guarantee that I will be typing tomorrow and if anyone were to continue the work. From a number of comments that I have received there are others doing the same thing and want me to contact them. My first impression was, yes and that would save me the embarrassment of being accused of plagiarism. But this blog is not about fame. If you want help from the Holy Spirit you must

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acknowledge it when given otherwise you are on your own. And if anyone ever compared our blogs it would be of interest to see similarities and differences. I think we should keep writing independently of each other and the simple fact is that this blog fills most of my life. I do not have time to answer any mail or anything else and there are also other aspects of my life that compete for this time. I believe and I don’t k now which one of your prayers was answered, but my Jesus has revealed to me one of the treasure of the Day of Atonement. I do not claim to have dug it out and exposed it but I am fairly sure that it rises just under the earth in Numbers chapter 7 and verse 46; ‘one male goat for a sin offering.’ To claim to have made such a discovery from just one verse out of seventy odd in one chapter and on an issue that is central to now and eternity would be absurd but to start digging from here would not be. There are two days of major celebration in every year for the eternities to come; 14th of each January and the 10th of each July. They are separate and independent events; one is before 10pm on the Thursday in Gethsemane and the night before the cross of Good Friday and the other Jesus resurrects the dead in front and around Him and goes onto Mount Calvary.

The problem with Leviticus 16 has never been about the high priest’s sins and those of his family, in fact that is what this day was about. The divinity of Jesus destroying sin and evil, where the problem arose was the congregation and its sin and its scapegoat. They have already had their run. The commemoration of the 14th of January, GFPMC cleaned their sins. They had no sins, we have no sins, it, is only satan sitting on your shoulder and reminding you of those sins. In Swaggart’s language he would be saying, ‘Look at the ashes in the fires!’ Not so, those ashes are holy and life giving, they are the ashes of the frame that presented our sins to the flames of hell. They cannot burn, they are sinless there is nothing in them to burn! Each year we get a symbolic reminder of what happened way back on GFPMC.

So where do these sins of the congregation come from six months later? It comes back to sheep and goats. Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary was about sheep but the Day of Atonement was about goats. GFPMC only plays a tiny part of the cross (5) we are looking at, one day out of 1,260. It is about sheep and the Sheppard Jesus Christ. His role as ewe-lamb sin offering, His role as male Lamb and the burnt offering and His role as ram, the whole life of Jesus Christ as peace offering. Sheep but the other 1,259 days are spent on the DOA110. Its purity is initially expressed as the twin bird sin and burnt offerings but there is a more sinister side as well and the bride damned well knows it. Out of those 70 trillion sins (?) that Jesus took on His holy frame back on Friday the 2nd of July, 486 there were many that came from the bride and it is these sins that she is being reminded of, the sins of the goat and goat offering on the DOA110. These are not sins covered by any attribute of the lamb and therefore fall under the umbrella of the goat. As simple as confessed and unconfessed.

You see these unintentional unconfessed sins were not placed on the shepherd’s list because we did not regard them to be sins or at worst so benign they were not worth even mentioning. That is not what we think by 3pm on the DOA110!  The best example I can think of illustrating the problem back in Eden is Eve. When satan tempted her with becoming like God and knowing good and evil, Eve did not the slightest idea what evil was. Had she only had an inkling of what evil was about she would have jumped back by a mile and screamed for Jesus and Adam to come and help immediately. But in these lofty heights we are different. We now know what evil is and we have just seen what devastation our /benign sins have caused Jesus on the DOA110 cross. They are not GFPMC or confessed sins they are DOA110 and unconfessed sins. They must be separated and there is an important reason to do so. These unintentional unconfessed sins must be placed on a scapegoat and

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taken outside of the city and destroyed there. The pair of goats for the sin/scapegoat offerings in Leviticus 16 transfer as the goat sin offering of Numbers (7:46). This should not change the slant of this chapter, it has been 1,259 building blocks from the Day of Atonement and only one from GFPMC.

There are still many aspects of the Day of Atonement of Leviticus 16 to be sorted out but at least the main one, the sins of the congregation that only so recently been forgiven, appear again and in the same cycle within six months. It certainly involves re-evaluation of sin. It should at least give us some idea of how sin, regardless to whim it belongs can be involved on the most sacred day in the Jewish calendar and Heaven’s calendar of eternity. But hold on weren’t they intentional sins that the Israelites transferred to the scapegoat?


If there is some truth in the above analysis then the theologies that result are mind boggling. The bases is quite simple; you either did or did not confess a series or even one sin. If you confessed it  passed onto Jesus on GFPMC and its price has been paid in full. It has done the disappearing act. Gone, never to be found because it does not exist! That is what happened to our sins on Good Friday. But it only happened because they were confessed. But oh what a difference it makes if those sins are unconfessed.

If they are unconfessed and intentional then that only leaves one option; hell. Jesus would have taken your place in hell for you but with the free will you have been given, you said, ‘Thank you but no thank you’. Your call, your choice! I would prefer to go to hell than spend an eternity with Jesus in perfection! Your will will be granted!  That leaves us with the unconfessed, unintentional sins that pass into the eternities. They are not sins as such because the defilement they carry has been done and the suffering and death have also been fulfilled, so what could be left after that? They have been through the atonement cross this is but a commemoration of it. If they had been on Calvary’s tree there would be nothing so the fires of the DOA110 must have been different to leave whatever is left behind. It has a purpose, it is the reason why evil is so abhorrent to us and will never be able to take off in Heaven again. It is a reminder of how badly wrong we got it last time. It is a reminder of the justice of God. There are very special proceedures that are followed in Leviticus 16 on that day. The fact that there is intentional sin on that day only throws more of an onus on chapter 19 and the red heifer. My understanding at this stage is that on the 14th of January each year, the Passover, they were looking forward to Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) where all confessed sins would be forgiven.

The decision then calls for a judgement call from Heaven itself. For these ‘sins’ to be passed onto eternity as in the Heavenly Day of Atonement, were they really unintentional or was there some degree of intention, of evil that perhaps was supposed to have passed through those fires of GFPMC? Can we afford to allow even the slightest sliver of beast up here? The Day of Atonement is about divinity getting rid of evil and not allowing some of it through. It is separate to Good Friday which was the death of the beast within. DOA110 is the remnant of Jesus, Eve’s seed crushing the head of satan and the backlash that caused, ‘And he will bruise your heal’.

When I burst onto a new horizon I expect to get overwhelmed and that is exactly what has happened. Yes the male goat was the sin offering for the Day of Atonement in Leviticus 16 way back in the wilderness and we have just come off the final Garden of Eden and the Day of Atonement but still on this side of the doorway and for the second leader to step up that Atonement cross was

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1,262 days ago. It ties in with Numbers six that this cross that has just been tagged as Heaven bound’ has 1,259 building blocks from the DOA110 cross and only one from GFPMC. But if this applies to the sin offering it should also apply to both burnt and peace offerings. For us/our leader to place the pair of birds, the ‘real’ sacrifice that our leader of the white horse has just offered to Heaven on this cross now would be denying the adequacy of the hair that Jesus has just placed on it in order to get it into Heaven. No those pair of birds are the cross and do not have to be mentioned again.

The bull is certainly Heavenly Day of Atonement and the highest sacrifice that can be brought before God by anyone. Leviticus 16 also tells us that the ram is also a burnt offering that I think will only be offered until conditions change and allow the bull sacrifice to replace it. Both certainly are DOA110 events, but the male lamb one year old, 365 days old, is a sheep event; male and female lambs, ram, sins being passed and accepted by the shepherd, ram as burnt offering and peace offering as well, all this happened some 3,800 years ago and will only receive a fleeting mention on day 1,260.

I have made a case that the burnt offering, a ram was a part of GFPMC but was not offered at this time. It has been delayed until this time, the 10th of July, 486 and even though this event occurs some 3,800 years after the original GFPMC the male lamb being offered is still one year old, 365 days old. God/Jesus Christ are outside of time. But if this late addition of GFPMC onto what should be entirely DOA110 really occurs then it would explained somewhere in the cross of the twin bird sacrifice. Our leaders have certainly seen it. What about Numbers 9:9-12 where this event is described?

Verse 9 takes us through to the transfiguration of Jesus. Verse 10 is the 10th of July, 486 and the Day of Atonement. It is on this side of the doorway that leads into/onto the new earth and here we will stay for another 1,477 days until this doorway opens. The priest is officiating because this is about the law, and the expert in law is the priest. We probably don’t understand nor do we need to because long ago we asked our Jesus to transfer the law that He wrote on those stone tablets on Mount Sinai and which Moses carried down to the Israelites, into our hearts, the tabernacle that houses these laws, and to keep them to  the standard that God requires which only Jesus could do anyway. We are not concerned that Jesus missed some or truncated others unnecessarily. Jesus wrote those laws!. Once we give them to Him we only have to sit on His laurels. And on these laws Jesus will judge male goat for a sin offering and pass into eternity with us! They were unconfessed because they were unintentional. We just did not know better!

Neither the sin nor the burnt offering are a charade, the burnt offering being accepted because the sin offering had cleared the way for it, but the sin offering is here for the sin of Jesus because of His actions of accepting all those sins that were left over when the fires of hell extinguished. I have never really understood verse 12 and the last bit of verse 11. Jesus consecrating His head. Certainly accepting 70 trillion sins (?) onto himself on the 2nd of July, 486 defiled His hair and therefore His head also. It seems as if Jesus was just drawn to humanity regardless of the cost to Him. Now He is being consecrated to God and is going to bring the bride with Him and up to His level. He is now going to need another 1,260 days, phase two of the Nazirite. There has to be some sort of marker up here; from Him and now back to us the bride. That marker seems to be that male lamb a year old but it is not for a burnt offering that we are trying to make a connection with, but for a guilt offering. With my level of understanding a guilt offering is a sin offering where restitution has been made plus 20% where applicable. But there is still some zeroing and change that occurs here. This new cross five will stand on the top of cross four.

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So the male lamb that we picked up was a guilt offering and at best a sin offering and not the burnt offering we  were looking for. That may be just as simple as it being added on day 1,260 and it was this addition that completed the building of our tabernacles and the request and the granting of the request for the cross of Jesus to immediately come into our hearts and ultimately into the throne room of Heaven itself. Perhaps the peace offerings could be of help, are they too skewed to the DOA110 with only a fleeting glance of GFPMC?


The greatest offering/sacrifice we can offer to God is the presentation of His only Begotten Son. The more we understand His nature and His beauty the greater that sacrifice will be. On earth this offering is tainted by the presence of sin and evil and therefore fire is required as a cleanser. It is the windscreen wipers clearing the screen and will not be required once we pass through that doorway that is in front of us now. So to make the greatest possible peace offering then we have to attach ourselves to the greatest offering, the burnt offering. And in chapter seven we are ready to do that. The plate and the bowl are both full of fine refined flour and it is mixed with oil. It has been given the privilege of the oil to be carried within our tabernacle and the refining and milling into fine flour has taken 1,260 days of expert building.

We are at the top of the fifth cross which is the last one on this side of the doorway. Its top will convert to the bottom of the sixth cross which is on the new earth and supporting the seventh cross into the New Jerusalem. According to Balaam each of the seven crosses has a ram at its base and bull as the top. Balaam would have known that the stem of each cross was a male lamb one year old but he wasn’t interested in building each cross. He was asked by Balak to go to the top to get an answer on which he would place his existence on. And that is what happened. The base of each of the seven crosses is the ram; five crosses five rams. It is the whole life of Jesus Christ on earth and this will define Jesus Christ as Nazirite. He lived for the eternities before and will continue to live for the eternities to come. But His life on earth and the role which has been assigned to started on 01/01/01 of creation week and ended with His decommissioning on day 1,260 after His atonement cross of Daniel’s year 490; the end of the time period of 7*70 years.

But out of that 7,777 years there is but one day chosen and on the base of this ram stands a 365 day old lamb. A male lamb one year old. Again five crosses and therefore five male lambs on year old. (Yes I can see the inconsistency when the Nazirite was being decommissioned he presented a ewe-lamb as the sin offering and not a male lamb) but here we have an out. We are presenting five crosses but there are no lights turned on the lampstand. Only when we get to chapter eight and see the remaining two crosses will the Holy Spirit turn on all seven lights. And that could be why we do not see the bulls that are supposed to be at the top of each of the five crosses. But then that is not what the text is saying. It is saying; two oxen, five rams, five male goats and five male lambs one year old. It we want to rearrange the text we can come up with any scenario we want as many in the world of Catholicism and Protestantism do so well and produce endless clangers. When, ‘And Judas went out and hanged himself’ is added to, ‘Go ye and do likewise’ even suicide can be Biblically justified. Mind you I would love to be able to do a word by word and verse by verse analysis at all times but to do this we require some sort of background. The following is an experiment whether third time through a particular chapter is sufficient background to attempt such an analysis.

Verse 47. We would expect to have to make a peace offering as we are passing through the pearly gates or doorway for the first time, but not so once we are inside. That should not be a problem if

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we are attached to and Jesus has accepted us. Two oxen will be required. The slant of this blog has changed since Balaam showed me there were seven crosses. Seven steps to Christ. I wish I did not have to add ‘if’ but when, if my name is called for my consecration I will not count the steps required to shuffle along the pews to get to the aisle. No the steps only start when I get to the aisle and will begin with both feet together. Look down, am I standing on the first light of the lampstand and the base of cross one. Light? Jesus is the light. But which light am I standing on? Egypt. The answer to this light, and it only has to be given once is that providing you are inside an area that has a door frame with the blood of the Passover lamb on it you will be able to enjoy Jesus’ inheritance for eternity. The angel of death will not hurt, this blood is blood eternal, it is only involved with life and never death!

By the time our names are called we are in the New Jerusalem and have passed through two doors; one was a set of pearly gates and the other was the doorway between the old and new universes. I may not be sure of many things and even though it was wonderful to be called through by Jesus and beckoned through by Luther the door of the church of Philadelphia I specifically checked  that doorway as I approached and went through it. It had the blood of the Passover Lamb on the doorframe. I have no doubt whatsoever that as I steady myself to begin my seven steps that the foundation from which I start, Passover in Egypt, the base of cross one is the blood of the Passover Lamb. It seems a bit strange because once across I quickly checked this doorway from the inside and it was the blood of an ox. It seems the Passover Lamb was about death, suffering and sin but none of this is allowed over in the universe of perfection. What is allowed is the four natures of Jesus Christ, the four creatures around the throne and the four walls around the New Jerusalem; lion, ox, man and eagle. These four walls as has already been put forward coupled with the three pearly gates in each, the Holy Trinity will compromise our twelve monthly tutorials of the eternities and the twelve fruits which the tree of life will produce each year. There cannot be any blood as such over here because of what processes it has to go through. I have changed my original idea that when the blood of Jesus, every droplet is collected in that golden censer that was lined with prayer and hurled down to earth at the end of the millennium and returned to Jesus at 4pm on DOA110 to be applied back to His body on resurrection Sunday that most would be given back to Him at this time and a tiny amount kept back in the censer so it could be presented as blood taken into the most Holy Place allowing us entry and then some left to be applied by the finger of Jesus to our foreheads at the end of our seven steps and then, ‘We shall see His face’, this is not so now. When His precious blood is returned to His body, all of it will be returned. From now on it will be the blood of Christ and not the blood from Good Friday or Holy Saturday or from the flogging that He received. Just the blood of Jesus and wherever He presents Himself so will His blood be presented. Simply by touching me He will impart the attributes of His blood. Five rams.

The base of each of the seven crosses is the ram, the life of the Nazirite and Sheppard even though we are still working on Num (6:12), about the former days being voided. From the days of the life of the shepherd will build up to a climax and then away from it and the stem of this cross remains the daily sacrifice, the morning and evening sacrifices. But this stem is not just pure male lamb one year old it is also five male goats. There are two components of the cross. Sheep and goats. In a way I was part right to assign them two intentional and unintentional sins. To GFPMC and DOA110. The presentation of this cross is very much biased from the Day of Atonement angle. The head of Jesus has been consecrated, He has to leave that earthly lot behind and now bring them up to where He is; transfiguration Jesus. All that other ministry has to be voided, because of His defilement and separation. We are now concerned with the final Heavenly aspects; the burnt offering which should Page 30

have been presented way back on GFPMC and has been delayed until now along with the male goat which is certainly an offering from the Day of Atonement. So far so good but now extending this to why did the Israelites get away with only one cross but we need two? They involved all sin, intentional and unintentional on the one day, DOA110 but we need GFPMC for intentional and DOA110 for unintentional? Why this split now but not required before?

The Israelites had been through this yearly cycle for well over a thousand years but this cycle was not expected ad infinitum. They were only to spend so much time on earth when God would send them a Saviour, a Messiah Who would come down from Heaven and after a short evangelistic campaign would take them back to heaven with him. I am unaware of any dates or events that they expected to happen but I know they refused to read the book of Daniel. They also seemed to expect some sort of military conquest from this Messiah here on earth. There expectations and aspirations were so far out they are not even worth considering. So much for scholastic value! I have only just started studying the fourth book of the Old Testament and have already been swamped with Heavenly details. These comments are just that; at level four out of thirty nine. Still only trying to account for the vast differences between earthly and heavenly days of atonement.

The yearly cycle centred around the Day of Atonement was not supposed to last forever. Heaven’s plan is clearly spelt out in Numbers six as well as many other Scriptures. Daniel even dates events rather accurately. In Daniel 9:24-27 we get an accurate dating of the mission of our Messiah. But if we just stay with Numbers six. The Nazirite who is coming will have an intensive evangelistic program when he joins up with God’s people and then the Nazirite, God’s people and the harvest they bring will all return back to Heaven at 10pm on the Thursday night of Gethsemane leaving the wicked dead behind to be cleaned up at some later date. His scenario still required a day of atonement. Both the harvest and God’s people had intentional and unintentional sins so this day of atonement still required the same five animals that were sacrificed back in Leviticus 16. The scapegoat would still have placed on it all confessed sins, both intentional and unintentional. The ‘highest’ part of the service, the bull offering for the sins of the high priest would still come first and that took care of all unintentional and unconfessed sins. The sin offering for the goat would continue to hold its own specialised role and with all sin removed from the tabernacle and the man who had  pushed the scapegoat over the cliff and saw it destroyed returned back to the temple only then did the twin burnt sacrifice of rams take place. Rough, yes but this still only required one cross although the death of the two sin sacrifices of bull and ram occurred in a different place to where the ram was dashed to pieces. This was Heaven’s preferred option and it certainly did not factor in that God’s people would murder their Messiah!

Obviously Jesus Christ knew that the worst case scenario would eventuate and had plans to cover and make up for it. We have already studied how Jesus prepared the Levites for service within the temple once all of God’s priests including the high priest walked out and rejected Jesus. These Levites changed their names for necessity to Christians not long after the cross after the Jews became intolerable. Jews intolerable! A contradiction in terms! And you ain’t seen nothing yet! At ten pm on Thursday night Jesus could not take the happy family to Heaven because they were not His happy family, they did not want anything to do with Him. They wanted to murder Him. Hardly sort of stuff happy family reunions are made of! And the next day they did murder Him but only after Jesus had given them the green light to go ahead and do so. He resurrected them all back to life. So instead of things being finished on the Thursday as the Nazirite had planned for them, Friday

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came into the equation. This was now going to require steps over and above those in the call of duty. What crime/crimes has they committed. What sins had they committed and what punishment was now to be metered out?


I am still trying to relate the desert Day of Atonement (DOA110) of Leviticus 16 to the one with two birds sacrificed up here on the 10th of July 486 and ultimately to the yearly Day of Atonement of eternity. What has not been stacking up has been why intentional sin, of which no traces exist in Heaven can be included in the DOA110 down there. Where does Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) fit into this picture? The answer still lies at 10pm on the Thursday night in Gethsemane.

The desert DOA110 was concerned with God’s people coming from all corners of the earth with one intention; get rid of all their sins regardless of catergory. On the Thursday night of the 13th of January at 10pm in Gethsemane there were no people of God as a nation. Exceptions may have existed, Nicodemus, Joseph, Jesus’ mother, other women, but the nation had rejected Jesus and bayed for His blood. Trying to compare DOA110 with either Thursday or Friday is comparing chalk with cheese. The Jews have destroyed themselves, blown themselves out of the water, what was required on the Friday was a salvage operation. Anyone who wanted to be had to be stitched up and cleaned up to be represented again before God. GFPMC is available to all, even satan who unfortunately slammed the door of mercy closed on himself by gloating and jumping for joy at the plight of Jesus on the cross in much the same way that Jimmy Swaggart jumps for joy when he sees atheistic Jews, pagans harassing and killing Christians and if you join with him he will baptise you as a born again christian send his spirit on you with its ability to talk in demonic tongues! No I have no qualms about calling satan every step. Satan can do many things but one thing he cannot do is to impart the Holy Spirit.  His, Swaggart’s, level of spirituality misses the demonic nature of gloating. It was gloating that closed the door of mercy outside of Noah’s ark, gloating that closed the door of mercy on satan and gloating will finally close the door of mercy on all humanity when they gloat at the plight of the two witnesses.

Jesus hung on that cross of GFPMC and those arms embraced anyone who wanted to be embraced. With a blog in so early a stage of development as this one is I would expect to have major problems with tenets of faith. It is easy enough to call, ‘clanger’ on so many ideas which are obviously wrong but a different thing to prove it from Scripture and many of these clangers can be traced back to some part of Scripture. In future if I can find ten Scriptures, ten bullets to destroy any one of these clangers I will remove it off the list. One that has been in the forefront for a while now is the doctrine of predestination. Could you get a better example, using rough numbers only, than having 625,000 adult males. Out of those Jesus calls 22,000 to serve Him and calls them Levites and that leaves 603,000 for the congregation out of which only two are saved. Very few of the Levites are lost. Predestination! God/Jesus chose a family to be saved by sheer privilege of where they worked but the majority to be lost! Likewise now on GFPMC. Jesus dies for a select few but the rest will go to hell! Bullet one. Jesus died for everyone who wants to accept Him. If I finish up in hell it is because I have exercised my God given free will and chosen not to accept what Jesus did for me on GFPMC. If I want to portion blame it should be against Jesus in giving all a free will and not making me into a mindless robot! The demarcation in the New Testament is clearer than in the Old Testament. All Levite-Christians are saved, all congregation is lost. The Levite- Christian receives the seal of God, usually at baptism and cannot be lost. If you were going to reject your seal latter you would have

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been sealed in the first place and this was demonstrated beyond doubt with the foolish virgins! If I finish up in hell then there is only one reason and that is because I chose to ignore those outstretched arms of Jesus on that cross. It was the basest call of all, it was the call of divinity, it called, ‘I loved you so much and want you to be with Me I am prepared to do this for you!’ And divinity can do no more! And that is bullet one fired against predestination, He did it for all!

Good Friday was the salvage operation and the divine presentation of that salvage was the DOA110. Clearly though there are still many aspects to be discussed on these topics but at least they are on the table and Leviticus 16 remains open. I have noted that I have acquired quite a repertoire of Heavenly furnishings and utensils including the altar and the tabernacle. To be so regarded the object from the OT has to have gained a use in the heavens above. It does not have to be physically taken up there like the cross of Christ it just has to have a symbolic fulfilment up there. Keep in mind that we are still in our universe and about to step over but still cross five and this earth’s side.

The jewel in the crown so far has to be the altar/cross. Verse 47 told us it was a twin spline; male goat and male lamb one year old. Same cross on GFPMC and DOA110 and with sinless DNA derived from the head of Jesus, His hair placed at its base will forever more be. It is made up of seven sections and at the top of each cross is a lamp the seven of which are assembled as a lampstand. The lampstand then is a seven stage cross with a light on it. We have spent some time on five of these sections but have not yet had the lights turned on any of them. Looking ahead to chapter eight that seems to happen when all seven are present. It does start in the wilderness of planet earth but reaches into the new city of eternity, the New Jerusalem.

Here we still have our golden censer full of incense. It is priceless because it stores our prayers and the correct place for it is the Most Holy Place but as it requires daily maintenance/prayers it had to be kept the tent of meeting and not the Most Holy Place as in there it would only have received the care and maintenance once a year instead of what it required; daily care. It is coming with us into the first tent of meeting with Jesus Christ at the second coming. Here, Revelation chapter eight, it is the highlight of Heaven. All the prayers we ever prayed go up, are extracted, go through the altar and shown how each was answered. Those prayers that helped to push people over this side of the line will be of interest. The cuddles, weeping and dancing when exchanged! Thank you, acquires a different meaning. Prayers of people like Peter, Paul and Mary and even John who is up there somewhere now. I have no doubt that they prayed for their present church and even as far as the church of the second coming. When we line up in front of these do we say, ‘Thank you we could not have made it without your input’. And what gratitude will we show the mother of Jesus? She might even be in our family/tribe! But as the answer to each prayer is being shown we have to keep in mind the purpose of this millennium. The purpose of this whole 1,800 years. It is about those foolish virgins who were prepared to die for the Lord, their lord at least and have now been left behind on earth. It is actually not even about them because in a million or billion years there will be no trace of them whatsoever. It is about us, the bride of Jesus showing us His wonderful attributes, long suffering at this time. A thousand years of effort! Only  pure evil could resist for this long and another million would not make any difference! Fools!

On some signal all prayers are bundled back into the golden censer and it is hurled back to earth. It pierces the abyss releasing not just satan but all the evil angels, and the prayers that withheld the anger of God no longer interceding, the wrath of God is released, the first of the trumpets blasts. The foolish virgins now undergo the second stage and final stage before the door of mercy closes at the third coming of Jesus Christ. The next time we pick up the presence of the golden censer is about

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now. It might be Michael who comes down to earth and picks up every drop of blood that Jesus ever shed and places them in this censer lined with the prayers of the bride. Once the blood of Jesus has been removed the censer is still lined with prayers but empty. It is here now and is a part of our presentation for/on this fifth cross. We have not been told it is coming across the doorway yet but if it stayed behind it would burn along with the old universe. An unlikely scenario for such a holy object!

The curtain that tore on the doorway into the tent of meeting at 3pm on GFPMC and now repeated in form on the doorway into the new universe and torn at 3pm on the DOA110 should remain here as a barrier forever, not that there is anything on this side of it once we leave this earth. Its history is very rich and there are both GFPMC and DOA110 celebrations in the eternities to come. The doorway itself with lamb’s blood on one side and ox blood on the other remains then so should the curtain. The curtains, the pearly gates between the Most Holy Place and the tent of meeting also remain.

The earthly Holy Place and Most Holy Place which are a shadow of the existing Holy and Most Holy Places in Heaven today, are coming up but on a much more grandeur scale. We have already looked at these and they are unrecognisable in the final forms as they are not constricted by sin. The courtyard up there does not require any fencing as there are no unbelievers to keep out. There has been a shocking lack of the use of water in this blog so far, just a few tentative references like; The water that flowed from Jesus’ side at 4pm on GFPMC when the Roman spear opened Jesus’ side, was gathered with His blood in the golden censer but in a different compartment is the source of the water that flows from under the throne and so waters the Most Holy Place up there and the new earth, the tent of meeting down here. Baptism has been a tenet of faith of this blog and the role of water in it. It was death here at 4pm on GFPMC and it and it is life once up there. Meribah’s waters certainly have taught us something but overall  for such an important subject little has been said.

Scripture is usually just that, Scripture, the Word of God, ‘it is written’. If we want to counter what it says we must find other Scripture to do so and in many places we do find witness Scriptures. But it is rare to find three Scripture in a row on the same topic. How rare is it then to find twelve Scriptures in a row and on the same topic? Answer; Numbers chapter seven  verses 12 on. Twelve almost identical topics with only the leader’s name and tribe name changing. Seven or even tenfold repeat would ring warning bells, but twelve? The first realisation is that we are going to have to revisit this chapter at least twelve times before we can expect to pick any fruit and certainly not after three. It would not surprise me to find we have had about twelve visits in total to chapter six up to now and are only just beginning to see some light. It is only verse 12 where the repetition begins why did not Scripture say after the offerings of Nahshon that, ‘ the other eleven leaders did the same’ or ‘ all twelve leaders of the tribes of Israel did….’ Why repeat the same thing over twelve times when ‘paper’ was so scares and the danger of typographical error always in the background? The sooner we get to the eighth or ninth visit the better.

Chapter seven is the prerequisite to Chapter eight which is supposed to turn on the seven lights on the seven crosses and that certainly has not happened.


Jesus Christ has a good sprinkling of His people throughout the world today, people with enough spiritual insight to pray general prayers like, ‘ Jesus please help the people trying to gather your harvest’. Prayers like this would have covered this and many other fledgling blogs and attempts but

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the more a blog becomes established the more prayers it should receive. I have always claimed to be the typist of this blog but rarely if ever its author, it is a joint effort for the daily prayer, ‘Glorified be Your Name’. This can only continue with ever increasing level of spiritualism. Neither I nor you could not put over three and a half years of intensive effort and study into the Word of Jesus and not be enriched as a result of it. Whether it is the glass that is becoming bigger or the present glass becoming fuller is not relevant, changes are occurring but many would say that they are demonic and I have already tried to make a case against this argument. I don’t think one of the 5,000 odd comments that came in accused me of this but even if they did and gave Biblical reasons, I would apologise, repent, get up, dust myself down and try to keep going. There has been progress so far and actually I am delighted with it, but now, Num (7:12) we have come to a shattering halt.

For a long time now I asked my Jesus for answers and have been surprised at the depth and speed with which the answers have come. But pretty well from the start I never expected to be let into this sinless and evil less zone. Just my thoughts would defile it I thought. I was most surprised and even refused to acknowledge that John would be allowed into this zone even though he told us he saw the New Jerusalem coming down onto the tent of meeting. No, John could not be seeing the New Earth and the Most Holy Place with the throne of God and the Lamb in it, this has to be some sort of symbolism for something I did not know anything about. I had not realised neither the depth and strength of faith and what Jesus did with our sins on GFPMC, He did the opposite of the act of creation; instead of starting with nothing and finishing with something Jesus has started with something actually quite nasty and finished up with nothing. They are all gone, all my sins, nothing at all that has been left behind. But that does not mean Jesus is going to allow us onto the new earth and wander aimlessly like Brown’s cows, no there are going to be conditions. Jesus in not going to lay pearls before swine. They must be taught to at least have some appreciation for them otherwise they will just tread them into the mud!

I believe in both dreams and premonitions but mine rarely come true so I don’t ask for them. But this particular question has been on my mind for quite some time and it surfaced as, ‘This creation I see came into existence as a result of your Word and I don’t and won’t even try to understand it. That same Word came from Heaven and manifested Itself as Jesus Christ, lived, walked and talked onto Mount Calvary, suffered, died, was resurrected and is in Heaven now awaiting to come back and take me back to Heaven with Him. The actions are relatable but why He did it is on the same plain as trying to count stars or drops of water in the ocean and again I don’t want to try to understand it. All I have to do to is to believe in His Name, the name of Jesus and I will  settle for that. Then to top this off this Word has finished up the Bible and could you get a more controversial topic than that! I have had the wonderful experience that despite all those controversies that it is indeed the Word of God. It has been a privilege to study it, each word and looking out for witness Scriptures and even double witness Scriptures but to come across twelve level Scripture is just mind blowing and clearly beyond comprehension. What treasure are these verses holding that requires that volume of Scriptural protection? Actually I was given an answer to this question some time ago but rejected it, ‘Not now Lord but maybe not so far in the future try me again’. Well that time is now. Time to stop side stepping and time for commitment.

I think the Lord God Jesus Christ is not just showing me but the readers of this blog and people who study Scripture that, ‘ You are asking to climb twelve steps which I can only help you with if you start on the correct step, otherwise even I will not be able to help you. You must start on step one. You must ask for and will be given for the altar/cross of GFPMC to be moved off the Mount Calvary and placed inside the tabernacle of your heart. Once you have done this and crossed through the doorway of the tent of meeting with the torn curtain, once inside only then can you look and see

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another doorway with a torn curtain and this one has a tent of meeting on the other side which is called the new earth. And for you to get through THAT doorway it is pretty much the same as on earth. You will have to ask for the cross, this time it will not be the cross of GFPMC but that of DOA110 and only when you receive it will you be able to cross through that final doorway and into eternity. This is the situation that we are at now. Ready to cross through that final doorway with the torn curtain. We are taking final stock. But how can you compare the two situations?

Up there we have just had a 1,250 day tutorial. Fulltime, all day and all night. Jesus Christ Who is giving us this tutorial has just spent nearly 1,800 years with us in His glory. We have just been married, we have killed all those who tried so hard to kill us. We have just seen the battle against satan and saw Jesus crush his head. We have seen the fires of hell flare up and extinguished. Then as we watched we saw Jesus disappear from view for six days, it seems that He suffered defilement for accepting all remaining sins on Himself that were left over after the fires of hell extinguished. He had told us this would happen but to see Him disappear from view for six days seemed like an eternity. Then it got too much for somebody and they called, ‘Where is this Jesus?’ He reappeared gradually by shaving His defiled hair. It was transformation Jesus that we worshipped in our final Garden of Eden for the first fifteen hours of the Day of Atonement of 10th of July, 486. From sunset of 6pm until 9am the next morning we were in a state of worship. Have to check with Peter, John and Andrew to compare what they saw at their transformation and particularly what Peter saw to want to make him build those three shelters. Up here it was overwhelming beauty and the Jesus we saw here was very much different to the One with Whom we had just spent 1,800 odd years with. It has to be left to Scripture to tell us what happened on that cross from 9 to 3 and 3 to 4  and then until early on Resurrection Sunday morning when the blood of Jesus was returned to His body and He came off the cross. He had spent over twenty hours on this cross but even though He has been removed His imprint is still there. The life that He came to on Resurrection Sunday morning was far brighter than when He went to the cross at 9am the day before. There He still had 70 trillion (?) sins marring His appearance with the defilement aspect of punishment already removed. Now all sin was gone and all evil was gone also. Jesus now begins His construction of our tabernacles and it takes Him 1,260 odd full days and nights and only then can we see  Jesus and ask for His cross the come inside us.

Only then can we write, ‘Now on the day that Moses had finished setting up the tabernacle, he anointed it and consecrated it with all its furnishings and the altar and all its utensils.’ How much of this could we replicate 2,000 odd years after Fridays cross?


We will never be able to get to that level of acceptance of any cross, GFPMC or DOA110 here on earth nor is it expected of us to do so. All we can do and will be judged on is to live according to the light that has been given. It starts with saying ‘Yes’ to the cross. I would be surprised if I had the same light on 09/07/2019 as I have today. I should have been through Numbers seven twelve times by then and therefore seen more light. Right now we have just made our third visit with very few answers but this has happened many times before. As before there would be little benefit in going back immediately for the fourth, fifth, sixth….times. When the lights went out I left the topic behind and went ahead and returned only when I had no other choice. That is what I am going to do again, but go forward or backward? Forward is seven crosses and seven lamps, not yet anyway. Backwards

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well actually I consider the two revelations that have been given to be very major; the male goat is the sin offering and on the Day of Atonement God’s people came to God from all directions to His dwelling place with the express purpose of having their sins, all sins forgiven. With those two revelations justifies another visit to Leviticus sixteen; the Day of Atonement. As there are another two, possibly three Days of Atonement I will call this one Sinai Day of Atonement (SDOA)

This was Heaven’s preferred option. I don’t know how many were held in the desert and then the temple proper so I am going to guess, 1,259 so that in the year of the cross of GFPMC it would become 1,260 had not all feasts and feast days been cancelled at the cross itself. It had been set up by Jesus and therefore Heavens option not just the 1,259 that had occurred before but number 1,260 as well.

For this to occur though Jesus on the Thursday before GFPMC would have had to make all necessary  options for the Heavenly trip. He had come down from Heaven to His people and after a 1,260 day intensive evangelistic campaign with them He was ready to return to Heaven; Jesus, God’s people and the large harvest. Firstly on Thursday night they had to assemble and have their final meal. From there it was onto ascension grounds; Gethsemane. From here now it was onto Heaven. There was a one stop shop on the way however that had to remove all colours of sin; the SDOA. (Sinai Day of Atonement). There is the history of salvation plan A, Heaven’s option. Jesus with His people and the harvest they collected stopping off for what was a major spruce up before proceeding onto Heaven.

They left earth on Thursday night but for whatever reason did not arrive at the SDOA until six months later. (13/01/xx to 10/07/xx) This at least makes the meal that Jesus had with His disciples on Thursday night correct and not on Friday night as the Jews had Passover.

But when Jesus got to the mustering point in Gethsemane on the Thursday night He did not find His people with whom He was supposed to carry out this mighty evangelistic campaign and a plentiful harvest instead He found a bunch of demons and demon possessed agents howling for His blood, they wanted to murder Him. He wasn’t going to gather them and take them to Heaven with Him. After Jesus displayed His divinity in I AM HE and all humanity and spirits lay dead in front of Him He Himself could have gone back to Heaven but this time there would be no humans at the SDOA . The Day of Atonement would have been only for the grumbling angels. Heaven was always meant to have angels but not so humans.

So the changes that were forced on Jesus and on Scripture, salvation plan B, were the result of the rejection of Jesus by the Jews. They were no longer God’s people by choice of a new master, satan. Under his guidance they murdered Jesus and under his guidance they continue to murder the followers of Jesus today and they gloat and jump for joy at this sight like they did back in the day’s of Jesus. The question that lay before Jesus at 10pm in Thursdays Gethsemane was; do I allow humanity to display its full evil on the cross the next day, GFPMC, and counter it with the revelation of God and thus give them a chance to decide between good and evil or do I just sweep up this mess in front of Me and throw it into the fires of hell? And the revelation of God is that even if He could extract one soul out of that pile of filth that lie in front of Him, be that you or me, Jesus would go ahead with the rescue. Humanity would go ahead and blow itself to pieces but Jesus would salvage anyone who wanted to be saved.

Leviticus 16 remains the bases of salvation plan A; SDOA, but there had corrections to be made to it. Heaven regards these corrections as ‘minor’. They are there but out of the 1,260 building blocks to build the cross we are looking at now only one comes from GFPMC. The other 1,259 come from the

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Day of Atonement cross itself. The treasure of the DOA110 cross is entombed in solid rock but it does have two entrances and one of those is GFPMC and the cross and entrance that is required of us to have in our hearts before we can peek inside this tomb and see just a little bit of this treasure. Leviticus sixteen.

Salvation plan A and we all three have left planet earth; Jesus, His people and the harvest all Heaven bound but God and we still can use that title before the cross sends out a message, ‘Entry into Heaven is on a very restricted bases and anyone who tries to circumvent any of these regulations will die’. If we resort to symbolic language only as a last resort then these admonitions apply literally to Jesus our high priest. God the Father is saying to His Son, ‘You left Heaven and went to evil planet earth, If we resort to symbolic language only as a last resort then these admonitions apply literally to Jesus our high priest. God the Father is saying to His Son, ‘You left Heaven and went to evil planet earth, You have defiled Yourself and now to be readmitted back into the throne room You will have to go through the following ritual. In the case of Jesus His contact with us was way more than symbolic. On the cross of GFPMC from 9 to 3pm divinity/humanity coexisted. Both Father and Son were in hell together. The flames of hell leaped high enough to engulf the throne of God above and that is why if I was looking for the Most Holy Place today, its location I would be looking somewhere above Mount Calvary. That unity was broken at 3pm on GFPMC and it was a wilful act on the part of Jesus Christ. By asking for and receiving a grape product, vinegar, Jesus was breaking His vow of the Nazirite. To become a Nazirite was demeaning enough but now by drinking that vinegar Jesus went even lower than before. By accepting the leftover sins after the fires of hell extinguished the defilement of Jesus was complete. From now on Jesus could only go up. The tomb where the atonement cross treasure indeed has two entrances and both are from GFPMC.


It may appear that I am going around and around in circles and that is probably what I am doing and that you would be better off getting your mental food some other way. For mine though all those word, number and board games you can come up with though are but crumbs in the bread basket. The loaf remains the top highlight of not just Heaven but of eternity as well. The Day of Atonement. This is a goal worth spending time on even though it may take some other blog to complete the work. The repetition is essential to me because the work is so novel. For example, on the work ‘covered’ so far, how many facts could I deduce from Leviticus (16:3); ‘Aaron shall enter the holy place with this; a bull for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering’.

Facts; (1). Jesus Christ/God created this universe not as mindless robots but with a free will. (2). The ability to obey Jesus is called ‘good’ but the ability to disobey Jesus is called ‘evil’. (3) The first creation of Jesus Christ was in the presence of evil. (4). The sin option was never really an option, Lucifer was already at the top of the creation tree and only path left for him was down and our first parents already had eternal life and the only option for them was to exchange it for mortality, both scenarios were most unlikely. (5) Even though sin was not really an option, evil had to be done away with. (6) If it was not specifically addressed evil would have simmered under the surface ready to erupt at any time of eternity. (7) The Heaven of the future is a place of perfection and perfection and evil cannot coexist, light will always destroy darkness. (8) Heavens solution to the above problems was a dual bird sacrifice, one bird for sin and the other for burnt offering. (9) The burnt offering was always going to happen as it was what would get rid of evil. Jesus revealing Himself as ‘ I AM HE’ would  kill evil as it did in Gethsemane on the Thursday night before GFPMC. (10) The sin offering beforehand indicates Heaven was aware that sin would occur somewhere and it was essential that

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this sin be got rid of. (11) The implication I draw from this is that the angelic hosts are an essential part of Heaven, Jesus knew that they would fall and factored this in as a part of the original master plan which I envisage as Jesus flying over His creation from day one and taking 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours but during this time an unfortunate event occurs when a man dies very suddenly beside Him and Jesus has to ‘pop down’, pick this man up, repair the problems which were created and continue His passover flight. Heaven was always going to be occupied by angels and now they go on with Jesus with the burnt offering and onto perfection and eternity. (12). Heaven allows/creates at least two types of fires, not two zones but two types. Aaron’s two sons offered the wrong type of fire and were killed by Jesus. (13) They closed the door into Heaven and now there would be very specific conditions imposed on entry. (14) The only fire that is acceptable by God is the fire that comes from the burning ashes of the altar. The fires of hell surrounding the cross of Christ. (15). God is very strict with the application of His rules, He leaves no room for input by us. (16). The burnt offering was always going to occur, the sin offering was not. (17) The fact that a sin offering is being made indicates sin has occurred, with no sin there would  there would be no sin offering.(18) Sin is split into initially confessed and unconfessed and confessed sin is covered by the blood of the Lamb and His Holy Body. It is shepherd, sheep, ewe and male lambs one year old which spring from the life of the ram. (19) The event covering confessed sin is Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC)) (20)  Both intentional and unintentional confessed sins are atoned, got rid of on GFPMC. (21) Unconfessed sin is split into intentional and unintentional. (22) The holder of an intentional unconfessed sin will pay the price for that sin in hell; defilement, suffering and death. (23) An unconfessed unintentional sin passes onto Jesus and onto the DOA110 cross. (24) confession of sin = admission of guilt = the beast within has won = passing it onto Jesus on the Good Friday Passover  on Mount Calvary cross = where the penalty for this sin is paid and the beast within is killed and pays the penalty. (25) Not confessing unintentional sin = non admission of sin = satan has won = passing of sin onto the Day of Atonement (DOA110) where satan bruises the heel of Jesus where penalty for this sin is paid but satan had already been killed seven days before. (26) Good Friday Passover is therefore about sins from within but the Day of Atonement are sins from without, external or satan induced sins. I therefore still standby by original assessment that Moises’ snake in the desert was bronze and not copper. Sin has two elements one for which we are responsible for and the other we are not accountable for. But I am not sure that we can go as far and say that without Lucifer Adam and Eve would not have fallen. Satan fell up there and the only external evil that existed was evil and that same evil existed in the tree of good and evil where Adam and Eve lived so it could have pushed them over the edge as well just like it did with satan.  (27) I do not know of any fire within the temple precincts that does not come from the altar, Aaron’s two sons must have got their strange fires from somewhere outside.

(28) Aaron was high priest and a symbol of Jesus Christ as High Priest also. (29) The concern of both high priests was to make two offerings; sin and burnt. In the Sinai desert Aaron was to offer bull as sin offering and ram as burnt offering, in the final cross just as we are about to pass through the doorway and into the new earth the offerings were a pair of birds and Jesus is not stated here as high priest because He was in transfiguration mode, a form higher than high priest and could not be compared to Aaron and once over the other side, well we can’t get any higher than bull sin offering but if we combine ram with bird burnt offerings we may get to a bull burnt offering. But at this stage at least it is still a ram offering as the burnt offering on the other side. (30) The prohibition of entry would not apply to Jesus in His transfiguration stage because He was ‘as Divine as colud be’ on this side of the doorway. (31) Transfiguration Jesus did not enter past the veil and into the Most Holy Place at 3pm on DOA110 even though evil and sin had been done away with, the Most Holy Place had not yet descended out of the new skies which themselves did not  yet exist. (32) The sin offering of the bull for Aaron indicates complexity as anything divine should be expected to be. It covers himself but also his family.


Leviticus 16 is about one day, the Day of Atonement, a Sabbath and the 10th of July. There has been well over a thousand dry runs and I take this to be run 1,260 (?). There are three participants here; Jesus Christ, God’s people and the result of a combined evangelistic campaign between the two; the harvest. It resulted when Jesus Christ the Messiah came down from Heaven to His people who already had had over a thousand dry runs so it did not require much topping up before they went out to collect the harvest. This was all worked out between God the Father and God the Son before He came down to earth. The onus was on the harvest to be in Jerusalem for the Passover feast but as this was a world wide campaign, time was going to cease, many would not have been able to make it but just like at the second coming Jerusalem will be the main area of lift-off, Jesus will take His own from wherever they happen to be. Lift-off was Thursday night, 10pm, Garden of Gethsemane and the 13th of January.

Jesus had just had the last supper with His disciples and they went off to the mustering point from which they would ascend. The waiting crowd was large indeed and they could have been waiting for a while because someone asked, ‘Where is this Jesus’? The response of Jesus was to reveal full divinity. “I AM HE”. It is an amazing thing this virtue called faith. The bride, God’s people and harvest knew this was going to happen and even though the overwhelming majority of humanity fell down dead she did not and with Jesus on that Thursday night they ascended from planet earth and Heaven bound. They would not enter Heaven that night they still needed to be cleaned up the standard  required by God. It would be a one stop, pit stop. It would be the Day of Atonement and it was still some six months distant, 10th of July. The holding area during this time could well be the same one that we of reality spend our last 7 odd years; the final Garden of Eden.

Back on earth there is certainly much unfinished business that needs to be sorted out during these last six months. The dead, all those who refused the ministry of Jesus must be raised from the dead, judged and thrown into hell. It is important to stress again that these wicked dead will only suffer for their intentional sins. The unintentional sins will pass onto Jesus the High Priest as a part of the Day of Atonement which is coming up soon. They will have to be given another chance before the door of mercy slams shut but the two witnesses will not have 1,260 days to spend with them. As this topic has just appeared on our radar screens it will require much prayer to fill out these last six months of the wicked left behind on planet earth.

Even up here details are rather sketchy. It is just about that one day, the Day of Atonement. Jesus will not have to give us a 1,260 tutorial this time about what was going to happen to Him. We still clearly remember the one He has given us. But if this is the case then the 1,260 day tutorial that Jesus delivered here on earth was a Day of Atonement centred tutorial and ministry and not a Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). GFPMC was not even on the radar at this time and when Jesus was shown the cup from which He was to drink from He rejected it! ‘They are not worth it, I am going back to Heaven, better off without this lot of murderers!’  The Church is going to need quite a postscript tutorial as to what did eventuate!

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On the day itself Jesus will have to occupy two roles; as High Priest He will have to clean the decks of all sin to ensure that the presentation that He is about to make will not be rejected by His Holy Father and this will be followed by the presentation itself, the burnt offering, the ram, the whole life of Jesus Christ and the grounds that He seeks admission to Heaven now and for the bride also.

This part requires entry/access into the throne room itself, the Most Holy Place. At this stage I will not engage in a discussion as to whether this throne room is on either this universe or the next one to come. It has always existed, will always exist and there is no time when it never existed. One day we too will be in that Most Holy Place, in fact we will have our apartments in it so what sprucing up will we require to live in there? —

It does not matter whether there are five or fifty five animals symbolised in either of the two crosses. And they are not nailed, removed, thrown over a cliff and then brought back to life. All animals are a symbol of Jesus Christ and there is but one event although it may have different stages. The earthly high priest be that Aaron or someone else did along with his family sin intentionally and unintentionally, they should not have sinned but they did and these sin sacrifices of the bull emphasised the gravity of their ways. The High Priest to which they pointed or symbolised did not sin. Even though they watched Him like a hawk and set traps for Him, Jesus could ask, ‘Which of you can point to any sin I have committed’? And there were none. And it is in this High Priest we are interested and in this Day of Atonement the one that Heaven gave every opportunity for His people to come with Him and not reject Him.

He Himself had no sins but the sins He allowed to be placed on Him were for Himself and those of His family. There we have sins left over of His creation after the fires of hell had extinguished and all wicked dead no longer existed and those of  His family, we the bride. But they had to be unintentional sins and the material of the Day of Atonement.  This applied to the 1,259 DOA110, applies to 1,260 the one we are studying now and presumably eternity. The cross (fifth) the topic of Numbers seven as we are experiencing is different but I still assume that this Day of Atonement will move us through the pearly gates and into the New Jerusalem. Hence its importance.

The fifth cross as we have seen is pure divinity. It is Jesus flying over time from creation day one through to 7,777 odd years at the end of which He will destroy evil. One exception is made He is allowed to drop down and pick up any grumbling angels, clean up their mess and bring them to Heaven with Him. That heinous crime is not on any books neither is it even mentioned that His people, demon possessed will murder their Messiah. It has only had one mention so far as day 1,260 after the Atonement cross. Yes Jesus did expect and actually factored in that His people would sin as we are about to struggle with, but to reject and hate Him so much that they would murder Him could not be considered as any part of the equation. The pathway that this murder led to was not a part of the Day of Atonement.

I don’t know whether all five animals were in the tent of meeting at the same time with the High Priest, but He was dressed in royal attire and was soon to enter the throne room of the King of Kings and as King of Kings. Certainly coming from planet earth He needed a full bath first. I don’t know how much of this material can be transferred to or from GFPMC but it is the only other likewise related event or is it? After the bull sin offering which we did not see Jesus comes back outside of the tent of meeting and selects by lot one of two goats, one a sin offering and the other the scapegoat. It is difficult to describe this as a continual event and this is probably the fifth or sixth visit. It seems like a two act play; the hours of light, 9 to 12 and the hours of darkness from 12 to 3.


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A summary so far. We are following the preferred option of salvation; the one cross method. The two cross way is not really an option. What are the chances of Jesus coming in love to earth to pick up His people and take them back to live in Heaven with Him in perfection to find they have rejected Him with such a passionate hate they are prepared to and do murder Him? There is no chance of things going that astray. And so Jesus prepared His people for this ascension into Heaven in a meticulous way and started the meter as at 01/01/01 and the first rehearsal was not until one year after that but after that they went through this rehearsal well over a thousand times and my guess is that the real thing happened on number 1,260. For this ‘real’ event Jesus came to earth and spent 1,260 days of preparation. Only a short part of this was preparing His people they had already been prepared for a long time and the greater part of this time was given to Jesus and His people evangelising the world. They were told that Thursday night would be ascension night and if possible to come to the mustering area in Gethsemane. Well the Thursday came and the deciding event was the revelation of Jesus Christ; ‘I AM HE’.  By faith the people of Jesus did not drop dead along with everyone else but were whisked off with Jesus to the final preparation and cleansing area before being admitted by God the Father into Heaven. There was no Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC), no cross and the fact that the temple remained was immaterial as everyone was dead and Jesus had left the temple. It had no Shekinah Glory. To reverse these conditions is going to require a miracle of monumental proportions.

An incredible amount of detail is given in the day in which we are cleansed. It all happens in one day; the Day of Atonement. But the day itself is twofold; it is real and actually happens but it is also a pointer, a symbol of what is going to happen in Heaven over the eternities to come. We will need cleansing of our sins but only once which is what happens on the DOA110 and each year that it is commemorated after this there will have to be symbolic meanings. There will be no sin and evil to remove after this or even concepts of them.

There always was going to be a Day of Atonement whether the angels or our first parents sinned or not. In its purest form, no sin, evil still had to be destroyed. To do this Heaven would still have to produce a one bird offering; the burnt offering. This burnt offering, the presentation of Jesus Christ as ‘I AM HE’ would destroy the presence of evil. Heaven added one contingency plan to this; the fallen angels. Jesus would swoop down to pick up any angel who had rebelled but had changed their minds and now wanted to come back to Heaven. Heaven was always meant to have angels and for this to occur it made the provision of the two pigeons or turtledove sacrifices.—

But 1,260 Day of Atonement had more than just offerings of the high priest to be made, it also had the congregation. They were a raw lot collected from nearly four millennia of human history and no one knew better than Jesus the sins that this lot were contaminated with. But they were still God’s people, they came to Him in His temple and wanted forgiveness of their sins. The ones they could remember they had lined up and by faith they knew when the hand of the high priest touched the scapegoat’s head that whatever sin they had confessed would pass through onto the scapegoat. Just for insurance purposes they threw the blanket in as well; and all other sins I have forgotten and unintentional ones I don’t even know exist. They had all bases covered and they knew that God would not reject them.

These offerings of the high priest and priest seemed in the wrong order. Go through the horror of defilement, suffering and death and then present the blood for cleaning and plead for mercy. But what if it wasn’t granted? What if the high priest was struck down by God? All that horror that has just been experienced was of no Value! Surely it would have been better if just before the cross

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Jesus had taken say 20 or 40 mls of His blood into the Most Holy Place and presented it before the Father and if accepted then gone ahead with GFPMC! The blood from GFPMC still has another 1,800 odd years before it is accepted and the condition on which we enter the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem. It still has to be added to the blood of the Day of Atonement.

But this line of thinking misses two points. (1) This blood was already accepted way back in Egypt on the 01/01/01 and is the bases of the Christian Church; the blood of the Passover Lamb has been shed for the remission of sins. Yes! It is by faith that we accept the cross was cleansed from defilement during GFPMC and it is by faith that we know that when this blood is finally presented in the New Jerusalem that it too will be accepted and we can go through those pearly gates. (2) It was the act of purification that is checked at the end. Did Jesus take any shortcuts? Was both the spirit and the letter of the law carried out and fulfilled? Has every I been dotted and every t crossed. This was the basic training the Levites soon to become priests received for over a thousand years; reverence for God and things holy. And by faith we know that Jesus did not get it wrong. The New Covenant. But what if we did  not allow Jesus to get it right? Can He get it right off a wrong foundation? Jesus wants to fulfil and magnify His law by millions of factors so much so that even in Heaven after the eternities we will still be stunned by what this means. But what if I tell Him not to worry about the respect and honor for parents or Sabbath, they were done away with. Will He do something I have told Him not to worry about? No and whichever way they twist the rejection of God’s holy day they will always have 1,2 3,4 and 5 against them. (I John, chapter 2 and verses 3,4 and five) They are liars and there is no truth in them! Just look at the lists of clangers they come up with! I think I should write a blog against eternal fires of hell rather than continually trying to defend against them! And they just insist on clanging those bells! But our immediate problem is the role of the congregation in the Day of Atonement. On the 10th of July, 486 is where we are at, the real DOA110 and still on this side of the doorway. Like GFPMC, DOA110 is a one off affair and even though repeated many days in the future Jesus had to only go through these once an if Heaven had its way once only for both occasions. Leviticus 16 is that one only occasion. You see there was no need for a Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary because no one would be evil enough to murder someone Who has come from Heaven to take them back with Him. No this Day of Atonement would cover all other contingencies, the no entry sign on the doorway would be taken down and Jesus would create another universe, a perfect one, we would enter onto the new earth and wait for the New Jerusalem to come down out of the sky, the blood of Jesus from these offerings we are about to make would be taken inside of the Most Holy Place, accepted, the pearly gates would swing open and we would enter the Holy City and live there forever more!

But oh my how Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary changed the landscape!


Last night I resolved to put a tag on the scene which presented itself to Jesus Christ on the Thursday night at 10pm in Gethsemane, the night before His crucifixion. But who am I to try to do what Heaven has not done nor probably cannot do. Heaven did quantify the ‘impossibility’ of Lucifer rebelling and countered with the sin bird offering of the DOA110. Heaven also did quantify the ‘impossibility’ of the smartest two human beings falling for Lucifer’s lies. The congregation is here now as a part of the Day of Atonement. But Heaven makes no attempt to quantify what Jesus saw that night of 13th of January. There are many types and nuances within evil and each fitted what Jesus saw that night, but they were only tinkering around the edges of evil. This was the epitome of evil and if Heaven can’t describe it then neither should we try.

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This evil, God’s people whom He had trained and nurtured for well over a millennium to prepare them to spend eternity with Him, not only now rejected Him but rejected Him with such a venomous hate that they wanted to and did murder Him! This now left God with no choice but to play His trump card. He would counter the epitome of evil with the epitome of perfection. He would display Himself with outstretched arms on the cross of Calvary in the form of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. If this did not withdraw people from out of that evil, then Heaven had no further solutions and no further answers. History shows most chose not to be drawn across.

The evil that was present on that day of GFPMC is supported by many so called Christian ministries today. The Jew of that day is the same as the Jew of today and is no more God’s people than they were back there. They were either demons or demon possessed. They murdered Jesus and today they harass and murder His people. There are no such people as Austrian, Australian, American or Aboriginal Christians or Palestinian Christians and to try to classify them as such only shows a lack of knowledge of Christianity. Today the levelling effect is that Jesus is each Christian and that time where we will one with Him is not that far away. Today we are one with Him; male, female, black, white, yellow, ETC. —

I could search UTUBE and give you the names of many such satanic ministries that jump for joy when they see heathen killing God’s people. The only one in Australia on a commercial channel is that of Jimmy Swaggart and he goes one step further; he tells you that if you join him whilst he is jumping with glee and delight at the sight of this Godless nation destroying Christians he will baptise you as a born again Christian, impart his spirit on you and as a bonus let you talk in his tongue as well!  It was satan who jumped for joy at the sight of heathen murdering Christ back then and it is satan who jumps for joy today at the sight of heathen murdering Christians! Satan and his angels! And you were going so well Jimmy! Your tailor did such a wonderful job! Your sheep’s clothing fits so well! And then you spoil it by getting up on two legs and doing a runner! Or a stich breaks and a wolf’s tail pops out! But this last time the stitching around the head broke and a wolf’s head popped out! I have been observing you for some time now and what wonderful control you have over that myriad of facial muscles. You can twist and contort your face to display any emotion including being able to turn the tears tap on and off. And if any old ager saw you it would remove any doubts they had about Noah’ Flood. Very  impressive! But this last time, whether it was one of those facial muscles spas med or whatever but you broke the whole seam allowing the head to pop out! But then a long time ago I analysed your ministry as a two stage ministry; the only way satan can get the existing demon out of anyone is to bring in Jesus Christ. Once you have done that then you drive Jesus back out and allow seven demons back in again. And these demons will jump with you for joy at the sight of atheists slaughtering Christians, make sure that they keep their guns so that they can be labelled as terrorists and allow the authorities to come and kill them in cold blood and go to any crazy war you will send them on. But the art of this operation is when you get them to become Christians the first time you must not allow that Christianity to take hold and germinate because first thing they will be objecting to you killing their brothers and sisters!

You do not use that most trusted and proven technique of killing that fledgling faith, evolution. It works so well because it makes God into a cruel and inefficient God because evolution is a cruel and inefficient process. It also shows our new convert that the Bible cannot be correct as it claims to have the universe to be brought into existence in seven days recently when obviously it took billions of years and is still happening today. It is only a very short time before faith has collapsed and seven evil angels return to a body where there was only one. You can see the absurdities within evolution,

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and there are many, no you use the combination of spiritualism, your world and eternal damnation which unfortunately yield as many absurdities and the destruction of the fledgling faith. Your eternal fires can burn (1) People who have sinned. But then hell is going to be of people screaming, ‘I did not know! No missionaries or anyone else came to my tribe in whatever jungle or elsewhere and told us. We did not observe a seven day week and had no idea that the Sabbath was God’s Holy Day! How can I burn forever about something I did not know even existed!’ But Jimmy with your respect for the law of God will qualify you to go sort out this seemingly unfair situation. From the heart you will be able to say, ‘The law of God is holy and perfect and ignorance is no excuse for breaking it. Sin, all sin breaks the relationship with God whether intentional or unintentional and this is exactly what has happened to you. Don’t take Genesis too literally about what God told Adam if he sinned that, “you will surely die” what that means is that you will cook in hell for the eternities. I am simply correcting a translation error. So brace yourself child and don’t hold your breath, your lungs will have a little more time to develop yet!’ This is more than equivalent to evolutions cruel and inefficient god. Then your proposal to start killing sheep again!!

(2) Only those who have rejected Jesus will go to hell and suffer  for intentional sins. Unintentional sins goes unpunished and those who have not rejected nor accepted Jesus go to Heaven live where?. Unpunished sin, eternal fires of screaming souls, people not sure which way to go, the world is in a far bigger mess than before the second coming of Jesus! Add to this now the dead are released from hell and not one takes advantage of the pit stop and repents to the two witnesses, Christians are already in Heaven and have been there since their deaths and they realise Jesus has gone back to earth looking for them are some of the absurdities that arise even with a superficial look at the situation!

Locking people in under the Old Covenant, breaking them away from the blessings of God, jumping with delight at the sight of Christians being harassed and slaughtered by pagans and ‘baptising’ those who join you as born again ‘christians’, imparting your evil spirit and its tongues on them, twisting Scripture and elevating David from the garbage of humanity to its zenith and any number of Scriptural clangers on each of these and many more I have no problem in calling, ‘satan!’ And you keep repeating them all the time! The only option is not to turn the channel on and just let you dangle the carrot of the cross in front of your poor unsuspecting congregations as they take their last steps and disappear into hell without ever attaining the cross of Christ! They did not err on the ground of Christianity but on common humane grounds. No one takes delight on the grounds of misery and slaughter of other people even if deserved and this is certainly not the case this time round. With the help of a few muscle men you pinched their land and you distort Scripture to justify your position!

But back to Leviticus 16 and the end of our seventh (?) visit. We certainly exit wiser than we entered at. At least this time we have been brought up to the Day of Atonement itself. On earth there had been 1,259 (?) Days of Atonement but they all pointed to the Day of Atonement (DOA111) of Leviticus 16 and its fulfilment in Jesus Christ initially, stage one on this side of the doorway of this universe and ultimately in the years of eternity on the other side and in the New Jerusalem. And it is this last DOA111 in this universe that we have arrived at. As it deals with sin on this side and there is no sin on the other side we do expect differences. With all aspects and sacrifices we know we have it right once they point to Jesus Christ. There are many incongruities still though between DOA111 on the side of the doorway and the other side and even between Gethsemane’s ascension Thursday and up here now. Numbers seven assumes these incongruities have been sorted out because we have arrived at the top of the fifth cross, sadly this is not the case. And even my placement on both

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GFPMC and DOA111 being separate and independent events is looking like a wise guess, Jesus and bride left planet earth from Gethsemane on Thursday night before Good Friday, they can’t be that independent. Independent but not that independent and I still think the issue will be settled by the scapegoat. Is it a goat because there was no GFPMC and therefore no Shepherd , no sins, no ewe-lamb or male lamb one year old or is it a goat because it is a goat regardless of GFPMC? Separate and independent. GFPMC alone can answer this question. Both deal with intentional sin. God knew that this lot from Gethsemane had intentional and unintentional and gave them the opportunity to transfer them to the scapegoat Jesus. This is what the scapegoat Jesus on GFPMC does also, so what are the differences and are they that major?  In the desert His people came to His residence to seek forgiveness but on Calvary He came o us, seeking us. Different ball park, different game, different everything! Rejection at that stage certainly had consequences but rejection of GFPMC is of another dimension!—

Our visit to a chapter has to finish when we cannot transcribe the symbols into realities and enter into the world of the absurd, like a literal reading of Leviticus gives us; Jesus/Aaron/High Priest can only enter into the throne room of God having made very special preparations. In the preparation room, the tent of meeting He has to take a bull for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering. He has to prepare a list of clothing, have a bath and then put them on. From the congregation He has to select three animals, a ram for a burnt offering, one goat for a sin offering and one for a burnt offering. Jesus then has to either kill Himself or allow someone to kill Him. Then Jesus has to bring the two goats to the doorway, cast lots so one will be the sin offering and the other, Jesus Himself also as scapegoat will have to go out into the wilderness somewhere. Clearly verse 11 onwards is witness Scripture and would be expected in this most important of Scriptures.

Jesus kills Himself or allows Himself to be killed as a sin offering for Himself and His family. He then takes a firepan fills it with coals of fire from the altar/cross ( Up here?) puts incense these coals  and then walk through the curtain into the throne room so that the smoke of the incense covers the ark of the covenant because if He looked at it, it would kill Him. Then He has to come out and get some of the blood of the bull and go back inside again and sprinkle the blood with His finger on the mercy seat on the east side, also in front of the mercy seat seven times. Then He has to kill the people’s goat for the sin offering and take its blood into the throne room and do the same thing He did with the bull offering in sprinkling this blood on the mercy seat and in front of it. Then He comes back out into the tent of meeting and sprinkles the blood around the furnishings and on the utensils so as to make atonement for this holy place. All sins are cleansed with this blood from these utensils and fixtures. When He is making atonement in the tent of meeting no-one else is allowed to be in there with Him. When He finishes atoning inside He has to come outside and make atonement for the altar/cross. Then He has to  take both lots of blood and put them on the horns of the altar on all sides. As well He has to sprinkle tis blood seven times on the altar itself.

When He has finished atoning for the holy place and the tent of meeting ( I thought they were the same place) and altar He is supposed to take the live goat, lay both his hands on its head and confess over it all the iniquities, transgressions of the sons of Israel and this goat is then to be sent into the wilderness in the hands of one who stands in readiness and will release it in the wilderness.


Finishing off this chapter. Aaron then takes off his high priest’s attire, I would think have a bath first before putting on his ‘normal’ clothes and then offer his own burnt sacrifice and then that for the

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people. Then he shall offer up in smoke the fat of the sin offering on the altar. When the one who took out the scapegoat returns he will have to have a bath then he can come back into the camp. But the bull and the goat of the sin offerings, minus now their blood their flesh, hides and refuse have to be taken outside of the camp and burnt. The one who does this has to wash his clothes, have a bath then he too can come into the camp. And all of this has to happen in one day!

Before leaving any chapter I do a summary which should contain questions and if I receive an answer to any of these questions somewhere else in Scripture this then justifies me in returning back to this chapter. There are many questions but final thoughts. This Day of Atonement does not have to occur on the birthday of the one year old lamb. When the lamb is 365 days old because there is no lamb involved. Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary did not occur. Jesus withdrew from planet earth on Thursday night from Gethsemane. (still subject to a further look into the transfiguration of Jesus). Time only ran for half of its allocated time, whatever half of 7,777 odd years is. (3,889 years from creation) The last divinely ordained Day of Atonement (DOA111) was number 1,260 (?) Here Jesus Himself came down from Heaven and with His people whom He had been preparing for well over a millennium was going to evangelise the world and all three after the last supper would return to Heaven. They could not enter into Heaven in the state in which they were in they needed a major clean up. And this clean-up is the subject of Leviticus 16.

This clean-up would have occurred  half way in time and if it did, but did not, we would not be here today. So other than just increasing the total number of saints in Heaven, what else did delaying the Day of Atonement by 3,800 odd years achieve? It is important to realise that DOA3800 was God’s plan for His creation, but it did not happen. God will not force anyone, including His creation to do anything they do not want to do and reason the Day of Atonement at 3,800 years (DOA3800) did not occur was because there was no one there to atone for. Worst still they rejected Him and wanted to kill Him! There was no one there to take up to Heaven with Him. The differences from what Jesus had planned for to what happened are so stark it is difficult to quantify them. How would you describe the difference from God’s people coming to His palace and pleading for the forgiveness of their sins (DOA3800) and the King becoming a servant and dressing in rags and going out to the people to plead with them to come and join Him so that He could forgive them their sins? It is the difference between the throne room and the servants quarters! We pleading to the King becomes the King pleading to us. Which is Heaven going to take the dimmer view of? We on our way to the temple decide for whatever reason we don’t want to see Jesus and turn around and walk away or us rejecting Jesus as He prostrates Himself on that cross of GFPMC and pleads with us to join Him? The temperature in hell must be turned up much higher for those rejecting those outstretched arms of Jesus on the cross. They are a separate category to those who did not do this but just walked away for whatever reason. This is the struggle within this blog; DOA3800 and DOA7777, that separate category that became what we call Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC)  and as we make our way through this chapter again, that of DOA3800 wherever possible we have to try to make contact with DOA7777.

The custodians of Heaven are the angels. It was always going to be their home and even factored in from the start of time that if they fell over a plan was placed for their recovery. As custodians they are to carry out the commands of God even though they may be unpleasant. Such was the case on the morning of DOA3800, they were expected to hang Jesus from the atonement cross in such a way that His skin was broken and blood seeped from His body. The task was probably assigned to Michael, all Heaven looked on but they also realised that the result of this awful and cruel action would soon mean that they would be lifting saints back onto their feet and pleading with Jesus to

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accept this lot into Heaven. In Jesus’ analogy that the seed must die first before it can sprout back into life!

So Jesus is on the atonement cross at 9am of the Sabbath of the 10th of July, both DOA3800 and DOA7777. We know that at the start of time of cross five, He had already suffered the defilement period for sin. Sabbath is not a time from being cut off from Jesus by defilement it is the exposing of Jesus and the worship thereof. Probably the same thing would have happened with DOA3800. The wicked are thrown into hell after the battle against satan on the 01/07/xx, the fires of hell are extinguished on 02/07/xx and Jesus takes on Himself all remaining sins, is defiled and remains defiled  until the 09/07/xx when He shaves off His locks the day before the DOA3800. Both Days of Atonement begin with Jesus having suffered the defilement period and therefore true worship is possible. He still has to pay the suffering and death components. Jesus cannot experience suffering in hell component whilst He has a divine component in His blood. This blood would put out the fires of hell and therefore must be absent from His body at this time. It is at this time that this blood is presented inside of the throne room. The fact that this throne room still has a mercy seat and ark of the testimony then at least the blood of the DOA3800 is presented before our existing Most Holy Place. Before taking in His divine blood into the Most Holy Place Jesus first presents some of the coals from the fires which engulfed the throne on GFPMC and on DOA3800 with incense of prayer and Jesus would not have been killed by looking at the mercy seat because He was the mercy seat. This precaution was for earthly high priests like Aaron. Entrance into the Garden of Eden and into the two sections of the temple were on the eastern side as was the approach this time with the blood but then also in front of the mercy seat seven times indicating completion.

Jesus did not get put on this cross twice, nor did He die twice but there was a dual role for what He did; high priest and congregation were the dual aspects of His suffering, defilement and death. For such a long time I have wanted to find out about the blood of Jesus and now when presented with some information I am overwhelmed. To know that ultimately at the end of my seven steps to Jesus He will apply some of His blood to my forehead and I will see His face and be one with Him is all well and good but there has to be intermediatory steps there as well and when presented I am overwhelmed. I am following two events, one is hypothetical and did not occur. It maybe supposed to have occurred but did not; DOA3800. Much of Scripture is dedicated to it, it occupied well over a thousand years of time of preparation for it. The second event did occur; DOA7777 but it was accompanied by what happened on GFPMC, a dual event. But it is time to throw all precaution to the wind and go in boots and all. On the off chance it maybe right and if not then there is something there that can be corrected!

Come Thursday night at 10pm in Gethsemane and there is no one there who is ready to go back to Heaven. No Peter or Mary or John or Nicodemus or Joseph or anyone else. Jesus changes His attire from prince to pauper, from master to slave, from king to subject. Actually Jesus knew this was going to happen and at the last supper as slave washed His disciple’s feet. It is of interest what happened when He got to Peter to wash his feet. Peter violently objected! No Lord never! Peter at this stage had been the recipient of two major divine revelations. They don’t get any bigger than what the Church of Christ is based on. The second revelation he had received was that of the transfiguration. He knew in what form Jesus would be to take him up to Heaven, he knew from where he would be leaving, he knew under which umbrella he would be and that under that umbrella would also be certain people from the Old Testament, Moses, and very few from the present testament as symbolised by Elijah. No he was leaving with Jesus as king and did not want to hear a bar about Jesus

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as servant pleading with outstretched arms for someone to come and join Him! This did not happen and guess who came up with the biggest dummy spit of them all?

But Peter repented and was awarded one of the greatest privileges of all. He was shown time right from the beginning when all was formed out of water right down to the very end when all will be consumed by fire. It is here where we have had our greatest problems in crossing from the old universe into the new one and it is here that our problem is solved; the differentiation between the tent of meeting and the holy place which I took as synonymous but are not.

Our problem is that when the new universe is being created there cannot be any sin or evil and this is achieved on DOA7777 and the curtain into the new tent of meeting tears. It does not drop off it just tears. If it dropped off then even though there were no sins or evil on this side the space where they were committed would still be here and it would enough to contaminate what was happening over the other side; a sinless, evil less universe and Leviticus 16 in verse 17 sorts out this problem. The scenario I had was; new universe does not exist, curtain torn but still in place. Only a curtain as it was always going to be replaced and not like the pearly gates into the New Jerusalem. Our countdown of the last seven hours of this universe’s existence begins. Peter’s flames of annihilation may even be travelling towards us. Seven hours, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and now we switch to minutes, 60, 59, 58,……10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and one. Finally we count in seconds; 10,9, 8,7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! All of the old universe is gone but what about us? No where on the old universe to exist and the new universe has only just started to be created? ‘In the beginning’, time will first again be created then ‘God created the Heavens’ space will then exist but we will not really have anywhere to stay until the new earth is created and even there we are going to need seven days to cross over. We need somewhere to exist for fourteen days until we cross over but this area, this porch  will not have anything on it to contaminate the new universe; the holy place, the little Garden of  Eden we will be spending the last eight odd years of this planet on. There will be the tent of meeting on the other side of the doorway  and of eternity and on this side our little porch which has been purified to the standard required, very late indeed by the combined blood of the sin offerings.  I may have labelled them the wrong way around. Before this I had the presence of the cross as removing defilement from this area but it could only do so because it had the blood of Jesus  on it from way back on GFPMC. Same thing, it was the blood but different in that this tiny porch will remain attached to the new universe forever more. Neither DOA3800 nor DOA7777 have a temple but are situated above the one that is still on earth in the Case of DOA3800 or the destroyed one in the case of DOA7777. The cross is the same cross as is its position.

Jesus knew that there would be no one there that He would be able to take back to Heaven with Him on  that Thursday night of Gethsemane but in His Word He shows us that this option of returning to Heaven on this night was available to Him. He was always going to resurrect the dead and go onto GFPMC. He tries to impress on us that He went over and above the call of duty. He tells us there is nothing else either He or the Father have done everything short of removing our free wills, and that is something that is not even an option. So the Thursday night ascension was abandoned but what was it replaced with?


I am allowed to give reasons  for what I thought before changing my mind. The Day of Atonement  was always going to be the one stop shop for all of any creature or body that was going to enter into the New Jerusalem of eternity. Whether they sinned or did not sin changed the procedures at this

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final border check regardless all had to pass through here. Even in the case of no sin, the angels did not fall nor did Adam and Eve or progeny sin there still had to be a Day of Atonement. No sins meant Jesus did not have any cross to bear and this Day of Atonement ‘simply’ consisted of Jesus Christ offered as a burnt sacrifice. This revelation of Jesus Christ would have and will destroy the presence of evil and the stumbling block of creation. Who qualified in this scenario were the higher, Levitical angels like Michael and Gabriel.

The next step up was that the angels fell but Adam and Eve did not fall for satan’s lies. As the angels are the custodians of Heaven there ‘had’ to be some mechanism to at least restore some of these angels, those who had committed unintentional sin. There was. Numbers (6:9-12) There was sin, there had to be a cross and there was a cross and it is amazing how much detail we are about the adjustments made to the Day of Atonement to make sure that angels are indeed custodians of Heaven. I have this event bringing through 200 million angels but 100 million were destroyed for their unconfessed intentional sins. This now leaves us with DOA3800 and DOA7777.

It was always the intention of God/Jesus Christ and the bases of the Old Testament that after an extensive preparation for His people that Jesus would come and join them and this combination would go out and evangelise the world. The whole world. After this brief intensive evangelistic campaign, all three would return back to Heaven. Jesus, His people and harvest and Jesus often referred to the urgency of this campaign. This campaign started with the baptism of Jesus and finished some 1,259 days later on the 13th of January a Thursday night in Gethsemane. The take off airport to Heaven. Unfortunately there was no one on the plane. Even Peter who was sure he had a first class ticket for this flight was not there. There had been three tickets handed out for this flight at the Transfiguration of Jesus which I take as occurring forty five days before Gethsemane. It was still all systems go, evangelistic program still running. Peter saw the light as the captain of the plane, Jesus and with Him the passengers of the OT, Moses as an example and the NT Elijah representing the living and no doubt Peter also saw the landing area, DOA3800. By foot washing night Jesus seems to have abanded this campaign and came to Peter to wash his feet as a servant. Peter’s reply was, ‘no Jesus, no!’. You are the captain of the plane that is taking us up, we have seen you in your glory!

Jesus truncated His evangelistic campaign with His people on the Tuesday before the cross when He withdrew His Holy Presence from the temple, ‘Your house is left desolate for you.’ He told the Jews and now He only had three days to make preparations for the last phase of DOA7777. Instead  of taking His people home with Him as God, Creator, Messiah, Saviour, Bridegroom, Jesus Christ He was now going to become their slave. Now was the time to show them the full extent of His love; now was the time for foot washing. Now was the time to tell them there would not be any flight to Heaven from Gethsemane on Thursday night which had been cancelled and instead replaced by a flight to hell leaving the next day!

But the Day of Atonement we have been studying in Leviticus 16 was still valid until about the 11/01/xx. There were provisions made for their landing and they were welcomed!  Heaven could hardly be blamed for not enough preparation, there was well over a thousand years of it! Heaven did not send either Enoch or Elijah to head the campaign it sent the only Begotten Son of God. There was not a lack of instructions and instructors, It  sent the Word of God. There was not one thing that Heaven could have improved on except to make people into mindless robots! It is important though to at least have some basic understanding of what was going to happen had the plane touched down on DOA3800. And this actually ties in rather well with what I have writing about in this blog so far.

Page 49

We are in the third provision for this event, the Day of Atonement that was always going to happen. It is an independent event and regardless of whatever else happened it was going to take place; its primary role was to get rid of evil. We were not involved in phase one where no sin was involved. We had sin. Phase two getting those custodians through to the New Jerusalem  with only unconfessed and unintentional sins, well certainly had those and they could have been dealt with at the same time as the angels were; the sin offering of one of the birds or the bull offering of the high priest. We had an extra phase to go; confessed sin be they intentional or unintentional. The scapegoat, high priest laying of hands on scapegoat, confessing all sins, scapegoat being taken outside of city by a man specially chosen (the humanity of Jesus having our sins laid on Him and being led by His divinity to a place, a cross where sins on this body are destroyed along with the body) but the divinity does not, cannot die, survives, returns back to the temple, washes and is then probably presented as perfection; the burnt offering to God. That was phase three for that plane that took off from the Garden of Gethsemane. Thursday’s flight which was empty but Friday’s plane from Mount Calvary was full! What phases did its passengers go through?

The first thing to realise is that they too have arrived at the Day of Atonement, so what was different about their flight other than coming in later? What effect has this delay made? Jesus had tried to take His people to Heaven with Him as master and king and when did not work there was only one option left; to take them home as their slave. The invitations to the wedding had been sent and rejected by His people, now was the time to go out among the beggars and paupers who the Jews considered everyone else to be. The problem with these beggars and paupers was they too had confessed and unconfessed sins situations specifically that the Day of Atonement was designed to handle, this does not account for the monumental changes that GFPMC involved. —


Jimmy Swaggart judges these Jews who murdered their Messiah rather lightly, yes they did murder their Saviour, it was a little bit naughty, boys will be boys but let bygones be bygones and move them back to the front of the queue and jump for joy with them as they harass and murder Christians and they did with Jesus Christ. Biblical history could not be more scathing of this event and will continue to be so until they repent. This murder split history in two. It plunged the earth into an abyss of evil. The golden censer had pierced the abyss and evil erupted. Before this evil could be represented by lions and rams and goats, now it became so bad there was no attempt made to describe, beyond description is now used. Before satan was allowed to roam the universe but after the cross of GFPMC he was confined to earth and Scripture uses its strictest warning for the inhabitants of earth; woe to the earth! The only saving grace with this eruption of evil was that the abyss was pierced by the golden censer, Heaven sent the Holy Spirit to help the people of Jesus to cope with this eruption of evil but only allowed them exposure to it for 2,000 odd years, took them back to Heaven and allowed that evil then to boil over. The bride watched from above for the last throes of evil, the last 1,800 odd years.

For this reason the plane from Friday could not go directly to the Day of Atonement as the Thursday flight would have done. The saints were going to be protected in Heaven during that last 1,800 odd years, they had to be cleaned up even before they arrived at the DOA7777. The Thursday night flight went directly to DOA3800 but we go through quite an extensive Heavenly stay. The scapegoat from the DOA3800 had to be extracted from this sacrifice and it had to be brought forward to allow God’s people to be in Heaven and being protected whilst this cauldron of evil was going to be poured out. They needed the cleaning, the placing of hands on the scapegoat, the confessed sins to be dealt with Page 50

now. None of the aeroplanes leaving planet earth landed in the New Jerusalem,  the only airport was that little garden on the edge of the universe which was cleaned out by none other than the blood of Jesus Christ! The holy place on this side and the tent of meeting, our Heavenly earth of eternity on the other.

All hell did break loose when Jesus resurrected the dead at 10pm in Gethsemane on that Thursday night and the one who bore the majority of that hell was none other than our Saviour Jesus Christ. Yes He still would have had to bear the scapegoat punishment had He returned with His people and the harvest. They would not have stopped in Heaven for a while but landed at airport DOA3800 where an extensive clean up would have occurred. How large that harvest would have been I will leave as an open question, whether it would have include you and me but I don’t think so. Time would have stopped at half time. That eruption of evil would not have occurred and even if it had we would be up there at DOA3800 airport. Jesus at GFPMC looked ahead almost 2,000 years of time and for the sins of His bride He suffered the punishment for them. They were real sins, they were confessed sins. If I had not existed I would not have sinned, they would have been hypothetical sins. Jesus did not suffer for hypothetical sins but only confessed sins and the worst part of these sins is that they were inflicted by His own people!

We are not told had time stopped at half time that Jesus only would have suffered to 10% or 35.3% of the suffering He went through when full time came up but to Jesus this was not even on His radar. He wanted every possible last soul in Heaven with Him and within infinite love there are no compartments about humility and selfishness or going from master to slave or intensity and duration of pain, love swamps them all! And when Jesus washed His disciple’s feet, when He admitted defeat and cancelled the Thursday flight from Gethsemane He showed them the full extent of His love and that love is still available to those who murdered Him and are doing so with His followers today!

Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) and the Day of Atonement (DOA7777) are two heavenly celebrations of the eternal Heavens. Are they dependent, supplementary or complementary it matters not. What matters is that a link between the two has been established. Just for the benefit of the bride the intentional sin component from DOA7777 had to be transferred to GFPMC and even though we have seen some of the reasons that necessitated this transfer there  are no doubt many others. Heaven will have stamped on it the 14th of January (GFPMC), and the 10th of July (DOA7777) for the entities to come. Without the plane flight from Mount Calvary we would not have got to DOA7777  and it is DOA7777 that is the subject of Numbers seven and our present topic of study.

Reading through some of the comments they find this blog gets boring. I intend spending shorter burst on each topic. When a topic opens up so many horizons as Gethsemane did it is hard to move on especially when ideas flash through and if not written down may pass onto the inbox and never to be retrieved again. Quickly two such ideas; (1) The blood from the sacrifices of the Leviticus 16 Day of Atonement (DOA3800) is immediately taken into the Most Holy Place, the throne room of Heaven but not so from the DOA7777 where it is kept and only used to gain entry into the New Jerusalem some six years Later. Why? Possible answer; The throne room of DOA7777 has already got blood in it which came from way back of GFPMC. (2). Where does this man who led the scapegoat out and had it destroyed have to do with both of these dates?


For those who get bored with this blog I would say that you are in a very privileged position, you understand the subject matter to a degree to allow boredom. Such is not the case with me, in fact I don’t even get close to be bored. I get bogged down often but never bored. In fact there is nothing that I can see in nature which is not overwhelmingly complex and creation is but a pointer to its creator, Jesus Christ Who is beyond understanding, but His Word the Bible is there to encourage to use our brain power and try. We are not digging around for some minor treasures, no the pearls that we seek are none other than those pearly gates into the New Jerusalem and the throne of God and our interaction with Him as via GFPMC and DOA7777 and above. These treasures are not just beneath the surface but deep down, many hours of blogging and getting bogged down but it is quite surprising how many times we have dug up some treasure on the way down even though the big one stills evades us as would be expected after covering only 5% of the Bible. It should not be that difficult to find, it is there in front of us; it is written. It is not like trying to redefine the absolutes in the third law of thermodynamics to prove that there are no toilets in Heaven, no what we seek is already ‘it is written’ but that also defines our pathway  and by combining different Scriptures we can come up with any scenario or absurdity we want as many do today. We also have to keep in mind that revelation is progressive, there is more in salvation than Moses’ bronze snake in the desert to where Jesus sent Nicodemus to.

I thought I was going so well and even thought I could account for the man who led the scapegoat out into the wilderness but it realised that this is not that which it is written. But a final summary of Leviticus 16 is in order, which after all is the bases of Numbers six and onwards and from where we have come. Leviticus 16 like all Scripture is a pointer to Jesus Christ. All five animals, all procedures point to Jesus and our final assemblies with Him in the eternities to come and in those final assemblies to come we will worship Him for His two stage actions of gathering us to be with Him. Of those two stages, Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) is the only one we need to focus on and prepare ourselves according to these standards set so we can be ready for Him in His soon coming. That is all that is required, but for those who want to know more we are also given the complete plan of salvation including those final stages of entry and existence in those eternities. We are also given much detail about the great tribulation which will envelope the people of Jesus just before He comes down to get us.

The final stop off area in time, regardless of what scenarios have been played out is the Day of Atonement. Not only is it the final stop of time on this universe, it tears the curtain on the doorway into the next universe and there it is repeated yearly for the eternities to come. It is thus of critical importance especially if it has a tie in with GFPMC. The dates and times I make up continue to have (?) after them. Jesus Christ has had a plan for His creation and His people since eternities past which He brought into effect with Genesis (1:1); ‘In the beginning God……’ By giving us a free will meant that Jesus allowed for the fact that some would and others, most would not obey Him. And this plan of salvation catered for both these alternatives. I still use this universe was supposed to last seven sevens following Revelation, (7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours (?) or DOA7777 as the end of this event and therefore halfway through should be DOA3888 but I have been using DOA3800). Scenario one; His people obeyed Jesus.

Jesus prepares His people so that when He comes to earth He can pick them up and return to Heaven with them. They are His people, they come to Him in His temple, they seek Him for His beauty, they seek Him so that He can forgive them their sins, they seek Him so that He will take

Page 52

them back to Heaven with Him, they seek Him to carry out His Holy Will. The goal they seek to reach is that of Leviticus chapter sixteen. With their Messiah they seek to get to this Day of Atonement and as Jesus came halfway through time to get them ie 3,889 years since creation I call this DOA3888. It was for this event that Jesus had given them well over a millennium years of training. They were given every chance of getting ready. Had they responded to Him when He came to earth they would have been taken by Him up to DOA3888 and been cleaned up exactly as ‘it is written’ in Leviticus chapter sixteen but in symbolic or animal representative form.

They, the Jews, did not respond, Jesus knew that they were not going to respond so why go through these charades knowing that they were not going to eventuate? Jesus had a parallel system of the Levites running and preparing for this situation where the Jews were going to reject Jesus and when they did their shoes were filled immediately by Levite/Christian. Jesus was not playing charades with His people in setting them an exact pathway to follow to finish up in Heaven with Him for the eternities to come just like Jesus does not play charades with anyone who wants to come to Him even though Jesus knows if they are going to apostatise. In fact for these Heaven puts in double or triple the effort it put into those who did not apostatise. If I am going to apostatise my sins are still forgiven at the moment I accept Jesus and the meter will not restart until I reject Him. His Holy Spirit is available to the foolish as it was to the wise virgins but the foolish do not receive the seal of God one of the greater truths established in this blog in my mind anyway. Simon Magnum may have asked for the Holy Spirit but Peter refused him. Only ministries like Swaggart give the spirit to all and particularly to the ‘born again christians’ who jump for joy with Jimmy whenever they see pagans killing and harassing true Christians. Jesus hung onto Leviticus 16 as the final stop for His people right to the wire. We still have to follow this late change of plan in the New Testament when Jesus admitted, ‘ They will not join me as their king and master, there is only one option left and that is I join them as servant and slave’.


The abandoning of the preparation of Jesus and His people and harvest only occurred at the very end of the ministry of Jesus and displayed when Jesus washes His disciples feet displaying the full extent of His love. It is only recorded in the Gospel of John and therefore John is the focus of that last week or so of the ministry of Jesus. The other three gospels concentrate on the whole journey of DOA3888 of which the scapegoat is certainly a part of, but John alone extracts the scapegoat, the man who led it and his actions and magnifies them. The point being that the ministry of Jesus is now going to change from Jesus as king, master, Messiah, (as related to DOA3888) after just going through a spectacularly successful evangelistic campaign with His people and on their way home to the New Jerusalem via that one stop clean-up of DOA3888 has been abandoned and He is now going for the last resort, to become their servant and slave. He is going to go ahead and murder Him and burst that boil of evil the contents of which will cover them for nearly two millennia. They will be given one last chance of Heaven but they will not lead this evangelistic campaign of the Christian the ones who they made such an effort to eradicate they join it but only as a last resort. It matters not, they were the objects along with almost two thousand years of time to collect that one sinner. Jesus left the other 99 behind and came down as the lowest form of life, a slave in order to collect that last sinner even if they were the epitome of evil as they were two thousand years ago and murdered Jesus and now, today His body; the Christian Church. It is a demonstration of how low Jesus is prepared to go in order to find that hundredth sheep, He became the Son of David!

Page 53


Another subject raised here is where the hides, flesh and refuse is burnt. The position of the altar or cross. It is the focal point of all Scripture including Numbers six and seven and DOA3888 and DOA7777. We know its final position is inside of the Most Holy Place, the New Jerusalem and in front of the throne but to get to there it has had a long and checkered  history from its humble start as the tree of life (eternal). The questions that need to be addressed are; why was it moved from inside the temple courtyard to outside onto mount Calvary, then had the temple rebuilt around it on Mount Calvary after the second coming, destroyed by the earthquake set off by the door of mercy closing at the third coming, rebuilt and destroyed at the fourth coming, moved to the final temple (as washed by the blood of Jesus) on this side of the doorway of the old universe and finally taken into the New Jerusalem of eternity? Numbers seven distinguishes temple and altar/cross.

The altar of the desert temple and later Solomon’s Temple stood inside of the courtyard alongside of the tabernacle. It was a massive structure on which literally millions of animals were burned and if each and everyone of those animals symbolised the ministry of Jesus Christ then why wasn’t Jesus also put through the fires of hell on this altar and on this position? This altar representing the cross of Christ surely was the only logical position for the cross!  Why did Jesus with the help of Simon have to drag it outside of the courtyard, through the city and outside of the city onto Mount Calvary?  The fact that it had to be moved let us call this; ‘it was in the wrong position’ When transferred to the top of Mount Calvary it was in the ‘right position’. It must have been in the ‘right position’ now because that is where the cross of Good Friday stood, that is where the temple after the second coming will be built around, it will be inside this temple, this is where the fourth temple of Daniel will be built around and directly above in the universe will stand the final DOA7777 cross within the final Garden of Eden temple. So this altar/cross is in the ‘right position’ on every occasion except its first thousand odd years. Why? It certainly now is an issue of the scapegoat and even though I have made a number of attempts to answer this I am not sure that I will get it ‘right’ this time and not require many more attempts to do so. I certainly have not made any attempts to reach the New Jerusalem and in front of the throne of God with this altar/cross.

That gigantic structure from which fires never ceased to come from was where any items that were to be presented before initially the tent of meeting where final preparations were made to anything that was to be presented before God/the throne of God. Sin could never be presented before God. Pleadings for mercy for this sin to be forgiven could be placed before God and in fact were the only grounds on which the high priest was allowed to enter the throne room; to plead for mercy. If this was the case then there should be no record of any high priest being struck down, his pleading rejected providing he followed protocol. It was not determined by how big a jerk or how evil he was it was determined by the answer that Jesus gave way back in Egypt on GFPE. What an encouraging thought, God can use even the basest of beings to accompany and do His work!. All firstborn of Jesus, and that is what we are when we accept Him if possible as we burst forward out of the baptismal font, who are behind that doorway into initially the tent of meeting which has the blood of the one year old Passover Lamb on it will be spared. Yes that lamb will have to die, yes that lamb will still have to be roasted in the fire, yes they will still have to eat this lamb so that it becomes a part of their body initially and finally they will become a part of Him but the blood is acceptable. —

As sin cannot be offered within a holy area, within the courtyard, wherever sin is involved it will have to be taken not just outside of the temple itself but out of the city as well. This applies to GFPMC that happened here on earth or if DOA3888 went ahead up there either Jesus on the cross would have to be lifted and taken outside of the Garden or the cross would first have to be taken out and then Jesus nailed to it. Sin could not be involved inside of the holy area anywhere in the temple.

Page 54

Therein lies the definition of sin. It is something that is attributable to me, I want it removed and I want Jesus to take this defined quantity and burn it in the fires where there is nothing left, no ashes, no anything. It makes no difference whether it intentional or unintentional but it must be confessed and therefore quantified. This exact package when presented to Jesus disappears and disappears for good. The problem where I became unstuck with the man who led the scapegoat out into the dessert was to totally rule out the scapegoat taking part in the service in any way.

GFPMC involved confessed sins. ( But hold on these same sins and scapegoat are a part of a holy service, a Sabbath and not a Friday?? You can’t get any more different than that!) It involved both the humanity of Jesus Christ, the scapegoat, and His divinity, the man who led the scapegoat into the wilderness but returned. The holiness within the service that had to be performed  in/on an area that required to be cleansed by the blood of the lamb—

The blood of the lamb was required for that transfer of sin to occur; from us to high priest and onto the scapegoat and once this happened the scapegoat was led out into the wilderness and took not further part in the service. It was selected by lot from two goats, it could easily have finished up as the divine goat but its blood was not involved in the service in any way. It was a goat but I have made it into a sheep and now despite many threats to leave Leviticus 16 I do so now.

I have come to a precipice of such proportions that it is not just words that fail but concepts also. DOA3888 and DOA7777. Half-time Day of Atonement, Leviticus 16 results in Jesus after a short successful evangelistic campaign with His people on planet earth returns to the final stop with them all just before Heaven itself on the Thursday night from Gethsemane leaving the evil dead behind on earth; Jesus Christ, Lord, master, King, Messiah, Creator and redeemer with His children who have come to His house seeking forgiveness and showing repentance = DOA888 and the story of when this is granted on this marvellous day. That is what Jesus had planned for and set it in concrete as ‘it is written’ but this is what actually happened.

Jesus only admitted to failure of His plan at the very end of His ministry. If they, His people were not going to join Him on His return journey then He would join them. Instead of being their king and master He would become their slave and servant. There were no other options available. And for that act of humiliation, for the love that drove Him to bring them into Heaven and take them out of hell they turned on Him and murdered Him! This is what concerns DOA7777. His own children murdered Him. At this stage I cannot grasp any concept of the depth of evil that was displayed at the time. Could you get a bigger contrast than the Father with His children who have come to Him, want to be with Him, want their sins forgiven and to be with Him to; THEY MURDERED HIM! Surely that has got to be the end of these murderers! There cannot solutions or remedies for this lot! Any burnt or sin or peace sacrifices even form Heaven could not negate that abyss of evil that has been pierced by these demon possessed beings!

Actually this piercing of the boil of evil is not some theoretical, hypothetical, one off event. It is happening today! Same caper, same people, slightly different objective; instead of killing Jesus they are killing His people and even now this is the foot in the door stage it will open up into all Christians or the Great Tribulation. And just like in the time of Jesus the demons danced and gloated when at the sight of Jesus on  the cross, these demons and demon possessed jump for joy when they see the people of Jesus being slaughtered and persecuted, just like their forefathers did nearly two thousand years ago. And there are so called Christian ministries that jump for joy with the demons. Only

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demons could jump for joy at the level of evil that is being displayed; the pierced abyss of evil! It is not as if they don’t try to dress it up with music ministries and wonderful theological discussions and dropping an odd crumb off the table, but that does not change the fact that they are evil and deep core evil of the level that DOA7777 has to deal with! You are better off without this level of evil, you are better off just leaving! You are better off without any spirit than with an evil spirit and you are better off without speaking in any tongues than speaking in demonic tongues. Evil has never nor will it ever be able to impart the Holy Spirit or to be able to speak in Holy Tongues. The clangers they teach you have been selected  very carefully to keep you away from Jesus Christ and have been revisited in this blog many a time. It is the height of their evil to tell you that the fires of hell are eternal. This is here to turn you away from God and to stop you from seeking Him. It destroys the attribute of Justice within Jesus and makes so much of the Bible meaningless. The state of the dead opens the world of spiritualism into which satan will welcome you with open arms. But they can only get away with these clangers and many others a well because they have managed to break your link with Jesus, the one that Jesus formed Himself and blessed it and allows these blessings to pass onto you. Yes creating the moon and stars and starfish and the many millions of other species were all relevant, all important but the peak or climax of Jesus’ creation and the ability to relate Jesus to it all came on the Sabbath day. With an operational notion of Sabbath evolution would not even be a consideration. Swaggart and other like him know the harm they are causing by telling you to disregard God’s Holy Day that is not their main objective. Their main objective, as you would expect from satan is to make sure that you go to hell and there is no surer way of this happening than to reject the New Covenant and to stay under the old one. That is exactly what you do by continually rejecting and breaking any of the commandments of God. Any one at all, including number four!  I have stopped watching the program now but if ever quizzed by my Lord did I try to warn them I will reply, ‘yes Jesus I tried!’ I know that by breaking away from Leviticus 16 and returning to Numbers seven will only exacerbate the problem as Numbers seven is the advanced form of Leviticus 16; it is DOA7777 and from which I have tried to move away from. If the following proposal bites the dust then it will not be the first or the last to do so!

The Gospel of John is different to the other three in that John alone concentrates not on what Jesus wanted to happen, DOA3888 but what did happen, DOA7777. John did veer away from DOA3888 but very late in His gospel, possibly as late as the last week of the ministry of Jesus. He did not record the last supper and therefore a Thursday night lift off for God’s people from Gethsemane was not an option. The corollary of this statement is that the synoptic gospels were following the Day of Atonement (3888) right through to 10/07/xx, they did not include that savage change of affairs that occurred when Jesus changed His mission king and master to slave and servant. Not only does that sound blasphemous but contradicts much in both New and Old Testaments. Still keeping this as an option and returning for the fourth time (out of expected twelve) —


Numbers seven is about the fifth cross, the last cross on this earth and the cross that connects the DOA7777 as base to top of the anointed altar. But hold on that is not  that which ‘it is written’. It is written that we are dealing with an altar which has been anointed and on which dedicated offerings are now going to be placed. I have no doubt that the time will come when we have to account for and hand back the talents which Jesus has given us. When it is my turn to step up and Jesus says to me, ‘In your case Julius you should not have taken that admonition about not burying your talent in the ground too seriously. It would have been a better option than twisting and distorting my Word and causing Me embarrassment.’ To which I am going to reply, ‘This is not a problem of my making,

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it is caused by Your church. How long would it take them to say in their prayers, “Jesus help those involved in Your Harvest? No longer than one second and it was off these prayers that I was typing. I could hardly be responsible for that lot’s dereliction of duty!” It matters not where we were placed on those printouts of exam results including dux and blob Jesus has a role for each and every member, we have been given various talents and are expected to use them and we are not going to get it right every time nor is it expected we do so. We are given a standard by which to judge which does get it right every time, The Bible and it is there to keep us on the straight and narrow. Truth remains as absolute.

I am about to try to use that talent given to me by Jesus and almost every statement/sentence should be qualified, ‘To the best of my knowledge and a memory which when numbering pages loses count from the top of one page and misnumbers the next page!’ I have already made a number of attempts to distinguish cross and altar and in fact I used them as synonyms, same thing but this is not ‘that which is written’ and hence another correction. I have no doubt that the origin of the cross is the tree of life way back in the Garden of Eden. It not just tree of life until the fall or the flood or famine or fire that destroys the universe. It is the tree of life. Eternal, this universe, next one and forever. It could easily have survived until Noah’s Flood as entry to the garden was prohibited and whether it survived the flood and only a clone was present on GFPMC is a moot point. Heaven regards it as the same cross. Then it disappears off the radar until after the second coming and the remains of the original temple are pulverised. This new temple, the one built to replace the pulverised one is built with Calvary’s cross standing inside it as its altar and there it will remain, at least in latitude and longitude for the rest of the existence of planet earth and the universe. So it was only in the ‘wrong’ position for the thousand odd years of the first earthly temple where the word ‘cross’ is not used but ‘altar’ is. Good Friday’s cross could not be in the courtyard, or temple or city as it had confessed sin on it. You cannot offer sin to God, it must be taken out of His presence and destroyed. Whether that means using Joseph to drag it or putting it onto a scapegoat (not scape-sheep or lamb?) and leading it out to a cliff and throwing it over the edge, confessed sin must be separated from the temple of God.

There was no cross up to GFPMC here on earth. The DOA3888 symbolised what would happen to confessed sins when Jesus came and took His people back to Heaven. Up there but still on this side of the doorway the scapegoat would have to be led out of our final Garden of Eden and be destroyed, but we know that this did not eventuate as God’s people rejected Jesus and murdered Him. The altar is holy and is where judgment is passed but the sentence is carried out on the cross or scapegoat. This only happened once on GFPMC. The cross and the altar stood a long way apart from each other. Confessed sin was involved. It is no longer going to be involved again, there is no need to separate them; they are one!

Thus it is on DOA7777 but not on DOA3888 because that did not happen at least when Jesus planned it to happen. On DOA7777 it was both cross and it was altar. This was not GFPMC cross where His own children joined with demons and many themselves were demons, and jumped for joy with delight at the sight of their Messiah almost naked hung bloodied and writhing in pain and still in unbelief that His own could come up with such an act of bastardy as He tried to smother them with love and coupled with flames of hell which not just enveloped Him but also His Father’s throne in Heaven, all these were but the ‘sideshow’. The real pain and hurt was the separation from God His Father. ‘that You did spit in My holy face deliberately as you walked away from Me’ a charge Jesus had to plead “guilty” to on so many occasions and then suffer the penalty. The greatest hurt of GFPMC was the defilement, His separation from His Father. But everything about that Friday was

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horrific and must be expunged to the best of Heaven’s ability. And from those who do the same thing today you must stay away from and at all costs! Paedophile priests and preaches also preached wonderful Bible based sermons but their aim was not to bring you to Christ but to you and your children to them so that they could prey on them and destroy them and anyone who knew and concealed this crime is just as guilty as they!

But that final Day of Atonement (DOA7777)  just before we pass onto the new earth was cross but it was altar also. It was not Friday’s cross but the cross of Sabbath’s worship. It did not involve defilement, the separation of Father and Son, that had occurred over a six day period and had finished the day before Sabbath. The only reason those demon possessed crowds from GFPMC are mentioned and only on the very last day out of 1,259 other days is to show the full contrast; Jesus washing His disciples feet to show them the full extent of His love. This was not in darkness but in full Sonlight! Jesus swamps the peak of evil with the peak of love! The sins of this day which I take to be 70 trillion (?) were confessed to by a perfect being, Jesus Christ and by doing so cleared that “no entry” sign off the doorway into the new universe. It is an act for which He is worshipped for and an act that changes our perception of sin and evil. It is worship of Sabbath and it rises from the altar. Those ‘sins’ which we at best counted as benign, unintentional and unconfessed and probably not even sin at all as they come through as batch number of my such sins comes up, I see how wrong I was in my grading and tolerance of them. There are many basic building blocks that Jesus is laying in my Temple of eternity! The problem Jesus is striking now and that is how much He has to unbuild first that was covered up by the robe of His righteousness He placed on me on entry into the first Heaven. No wonder there were such fitment problems and the call for the Holy Spirit or fine linen to intervene. Now the core of the matter is being addressed.

This DOA7777 is of such critical importance at this stage I thought if I could come up with a list of what Jesus has to demolish in this present temple and then properly rebuild might be of some help but this list would result from one who has not just spent 1,800 odd years in Heaven with Jesus, has not listened to His 1,250 day tutorial or laid at the foot of the cross at least twenty one hours and seen his Saviour brought back to life everlasting on Resurrection Sunday morning! I can only go off what the leader of our tribe said/offered when it was the turn of our tribe to do. We know that it was acceptable to God because He allowed us across and onto the new earth and into chapter eight.

The situation is that we are looking at this DOA7777 cross on which at most only  a few days ago Jesus laid His shaven locks on. This hair resulted from his hair growth not from the end of the tear in the curtain of the doorway separating the two universes and therefore both sinless and evil less time zones but had grown from the day before when Jesus ended His defilement period. These 18 hours ‘early’ are therefore regarded as divinity and hours of worship. This cross has a flame burning at it base to protect it which it has had since the angel collected who collected every drop of the blood of Jesus including this blood that had soaked into it from both GFPMC and DOA7777 but this flame protection will not be required once Jesus places His sinless hair.

This DOA7777 cross we are looking at is the cross of the twin bird sacrifice, pigeon or turtledove as sin and burnt sacrifices. This burnt sacrifice was Heaven’s answer to the problem of evil from day one of creation. It is the almost full presence of Jesus Christ, it is transfiguration Jesus from the Friday before He went to the cross minus the shielding if any those 70 trillion sins imposed on Him. It is really an awe inspiring sight than we are looking at! We were so overcome with this sight from the Day of Atonement we could not get to our feet. We just lay there like blobs of jelly at the wonder of what we had seen on that cross! There is hardly any justice to say ‘all’ it was was a twin bird

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sacrifice! As we lay there trying to absorb just a little more of its beauty we knew we were soon to be moving through that recently torn curtain into bigger and brighter pastures and the more we could absorb right now the longer the memory would last into the eternities. Our one desire was for  God to move this cross from out there and into the tabernacle of our hearts and what relief when Jesus not only does that but He tags this cross as ‘Heaven bound’! With that relief of pressure off us, it is now going to be with us for the eternities to come we can now step back and analyse the situation objectively; this cross will be with us for the eternities to come! Which cross is that? GFPMC? No the one that had just been anointed with the hair of Jesus. The cross now in question is that of the twin bird sacrifice. But is that what the Jews in the desert thought when their Messiah came that He would take them as far DOA7777 or were they expecting to take them to Leviticus 16, DOA3888?

We are at DOA7777 and what else can we possibly add to this wonderful sight over the last three and a half years? It does not get any better than this surely! But then we think to building block 1,260 of our tabernacle, GFPMC. Oh how embarrassing, how depressing! This has to be the end of the road! We can’t deny it, it was the depth of human depravity and it must stop our entrance  through this doorway! But who was it who jumped for joy at the sight of their saviour on the cross and will they all be going to hell? Did you or I also jump for joy and now have pangs of guilt? How acute can these pangs be now that we are in a sinless and evil less environment? Jesus alone can see the heart and He alone will judge this situation. Jesus did call, ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do’, and we are told specifically that those who pierced Him will  greet Jesus at His second coming, and only the righteous will do that. They made it! And many from that era went on and formed the first Christian church and they will be up here right now. Today there are many from that Jewish lineage that jump for joy at the sight of the slaughter and harassment of the people of Jesus. Some will repent and be up here also. What about the demons that jump for joy with the Swaggart and Swaggart like ministries who do not have a Jewish linkage?

Anyone who rejects the callings of Jesus is guilty of jeering and sniggering at Jesus on the cross and if they do not repent the fires of hell are stoked right up and the suffering for this rejection exceeds all other suffering combined and even if they do repent the suffering of Jesus will not follow the line of naughty children, even very naughty children as in the line ofDOA3888, Leviticus 16 and goat and scapegoat and on the Sabbath day. No these sins are in a different category.—


A final look from planet earth at this fifth cross before looking at what offerings our leaders make. The bottom or foundation of our cross is the Day of Atonement, DOA7777 but it is also the top of the fourth cross and Heaven’s preferred option; DOA3888. It is the preferred option because this is the one that God’s children come to Him, repenting and seeking forgiven of their sins something Jesus is more than prepared to do for them and then whisk them away into Heaven to be with Him forever and ever. This event will then be celebrated for the eternities to come; children seeking, Father giving and they lived happily for ever more!

But the top of cross four became the bottom of cross five; DOA7777 also did occur; hate, spite, envy and the murder of their Messiah and an event that has to be blacked out as much as is Heavenly possible. On Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) the hours of light, 9am until noon was the penalty of DOA3888 being paid for and then Heaven turned out the lights from noon until 3pm when the penalty for those involved in that murder and repented of it was paid. And even

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Jesus/God/divinity found it difficult to cope with; how could they do this to me when in love I came down to rescue them from hell and bring them into perfection? The depth of evil was unfathomable then and so it will remain. All Jesus could do was to counter that with love. Mount Everest is a far higher mountain when compared to the deep sea trench near it and the height of the love of Jesus displayed from noon to 3pm is higher also when compared to the trench of evil from which it came! But as hard as Heaven may try some of that mud must stick and poke out of that darkness. The darkness must be subdued but the light and love cannot be subdued and forms the base of the fifth cross of the twin bird sacrifice. DOA7777.

The savage change of events that occurred at noon on GFPMC is quiet discerning. Goats and scapegoats became ewe-lambs, male lambs, rams, sheep and shepherds. Kings and masters became servants and slaves. Light became darkness and it is into this world that we have to venture. It would be of incalculable advantage to have understood at least some of the DOA3888 of Leviticus 16 and from there to be able to move to DOA7777 but now having gone this far I will finish Numbers seven before returning to Leviticus.

As we lay before the Atonement cross of DOA7777 it was Jesus Himself who was building and setting up our tabernacles within our hearts for the eternities to come. Jesus works on us now in a sinless and evil less state for 1,259 days but it seems that the lights only come on on Day 1,260. These are not the same lights that will be switched on in chapter 8 on the lampstand. So what could Jesus add on this day of 1,260 that causes these lights to come on? He showed the depth of the trench from which this cross rose, He showed us noon to 3pm of GFPMC. It was by lifting us out of these depths that triggered our final response; we had to have this altar installed in our hearts and we couldn’t survive another day unless this was done! Then Jesus shaved His sinless locks and placed them on the altar. We have seen the light and it is quiz time now. Do you know enough to be issued with final  passports into the new universe?  Can those final two crosses be added to complete what you already have? Can the lights be turned on? Are you standing on the red carpet and ready to take your final steps to Jesus?  Up to now it has been our modus operandi that regardless of what the question or problem to just point to the cross and the cross still remains the answer to the problems that arise but Heaven expects more now. Pointing got us into kindergarten and now it is expected to know what we are pointing at; the attributes of our Saviour, the Lord God Jesus Christ. It is no longer enough to say, ‘It doesn’t matter what arises on this new universe the solution to it is this wonderful fifth cross of Jesus of the divine love He revealed in this twin bird sacrifice to eliminate the last of sin and the last of evil’.

The issue is that Heaven wants us to know a little bit about this cross, how, what, when and why it is responsible for the move that is about to occur. Well actually we know what the problems are and also the solutions. You see both the problems and their solutions were worked by the Nazirite with God the Father and were written out in His Word as a job sheet and were ticked off as completed at His decommissioning. All this happened on day number 1,260 after His atonement cross. The results are still very fresh in our minds and it was those results that caused us to ‘demand’ this cross be actually written into our hearts and there would be no chance of ever being separated from it ever again! The Nazirite was very specific in the details when the days of, his separation are fulfilled. He came to this doorway which we are at now but at this moment does not have the tent of meeting on the other side yet, he has brought with him these offerings which are to be presented to God and since they are concerning the law of the Nazirite which he wrote out himself they must be adjudicated by an expert in law, a priest who will be offering them to God. We have to remember

Page 60

carefully what they are and in what order they are presented and since he has not made any mistakes and we do exactly the same thing we too must receive a pass mark.

He presents one male lamb a year old without defect for a burnt offering and one ewe-lamb a year old without defect for a sin offering and one ram without defect for a peace offering, and a basket of unleavened cakes of fine flour mixed with oil and unleavened wafers spread with oil, along with their grain offering and their drink offering. So all I have to do is a control C on that last paragraph, find some cakes, wafers grain and drink offering and reproduce it all with a control V. That wasn’t that hard at all! Certainly not going to require twelve visits. Sadly there is much more to this than this. The Nazirite has a far broader history than this.

I don’t know whether I have ever decided whether it was Jesus Christ as Nazirite Who created this universe or not but He did appear on the scene on day one. Creation was occurring in the presence of evil, robots were not being created, all had a free will, contingency plans had to be established so that the creation could cope with evil which ultimately would be done away with. Then with all evil, and presumably sin not taking off, expunged a new creation into an evil less world could be made. It is of interest though that the only exception in this sinless world that this Nazirite was allowed to deal with was any fallen angel who either sinned unintentionally or repented He was allowed to come down to deal with. It seems that the angels were the custodians of Heaven and Hell of high water were not going to prevent this from happening. If it was regarded that sin taking off at all were infinitely small then what was the chance of God’s people in hate and envy turning on God and murdering Him? Very remote indeed but there was even a contingency plan made out for the Nazirite in the off chance of that happening. There are going to be 21 animals involved in our offering and the possibilities many. Such is the depth of the answer we are expected to know. Is Jesus the Nazirite the creator is one question but more importantly Who is it Who is inside the Most Holy Place? God the Father or Jesus His only begotten Son?

Initially I take that the presence within that Most Holy Place is God the Father and at the right time He will send His only Begotten Son, the Messiah to His people on earth and after an intensive evangelistic campaign will return back to Heaven or at least to the doorway of the tent of meeting. This scenario absolves the Nazirite of the responsibility of dealing with the sins of God’s people. The Nazirite whilst He is cleaning up the mess of angels for unconfessed, unintentional sins if He sees some of these sins for His Father’s people He may also clean them up  as well but overall the sins of His Father’s people are between the people and God the Father. These problem sins would probably be sorted out in a  Leviticus 16 type of Day of Atonement type of sacrifice/ceremony.

Where the above plans went badly astray when the Messiah came down to earth to conduct that evangelistic campaign with His people. Jesus did not admit that this campaign was going to be a failure until the very last week of His ministry. He gave all right until the death bed. Many a time I have struggled with new concepts and words to express them but the situation that faced Jesus is inexpressible! He has come down to take them home, they are not going and they hate Him so much that they are going to murder Him! Option one; leave them behind, go back to Heaven, clean DOA388up those grumbling angels and with them alone begin eternity. Option two; join them, let them murder you and then hope that some of the murderers see the error of their ways, repent and want to come to Heaven with you. Different ball game, different park, who does what? Jesus was not interested how many would repent of their murder, only one was required and Jesus would allow that act of hate and envy to go ahead. He allowed them to murder Him! It was an unpleasant duty that was factored into the duties of the Nazirite. Nazirite= sheep, ewe-lamb, male lamb, ram =

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confessed sin even from the depths attained by these murderers. Before it was confessed sin on scapegoat = DOA3888 and now it is confessed on ewe-lamb = DOA7777 what is the difference?—

Before allowing Scripture to answer any of these questions I have to list a series of questions that have been rolling around in my head;

Q 1; If the depth of depravity was reached by the Jews in rejecting Jesus as Messiah, king and master, and these depths were reached, even acts of repentance could not be associated with the holy Sabbath day of Day of Atonement, these had to be moved to another day, say Friday, what animal sacrifices were moved from the Sabbath to the Friday? Friday could not join Sabbath so some of Sabbath joined the Friday.

Q 2; For what the Jews did to Jesus when did He tell them, ‘ Your number is up and you have blown it. You are not longer My people and you were given nearly 4,000 years to get it right. The new lot taking over from you, the Christians will be given  about half the time you lot were given.’

Q 3; From the time that Jesus decided to abandon His campaign to gather His flock as master and king did He physically walk out of the Temple declaring that it was now desolate and on the same night hold His foot washing service which showed them the full extent of His love? He was no longer their king and master but their servant and slave.

Q 4: Does leaving the temple, now their house was desolate, begin a new phase in Jesus’ ministry? There are indeed many threads that have to be woven into robe of Numbers seven.

The presentation that our leaders are to place on the altar (down here on earth but where we are it is altar/cross. Same thing. The presentations are to be made on twelve silver plates. Could be the twelve tribes which are presenting their members of silver represents Christianity, each tribe is making its presentation with Jesus as its base. My friend Ken would say, ‘ Julius you have two levels of understanding what silver plate may be and with another five will allow you to make some claim about what these plates are’. If the bowls are each individual of each tribe then we have all been equalised, I will be just as contented as Peter or Paul or Mary and have the same highly refined fine flour and Holy Spirit oil and ready to be joined to Jesus as in the burnt offering. The gold pan of incense at least every member of my tribe will be praying for me and as I will also be praying for e very other tribe I would expect them to be praying for me. I am a part of and have been with this wonderful cross. I don’t think at this stage that each individual/bowl offers 21 animals I think this is done by our tribe and through our leader. He offers them in the same order that the Nazirite offered them at his decommissioning. Burnt Sacrifice first.

The highest existence of Jesus Christ is as divinity, as, “I AM HE”. We still have a little way to go before we take our seven steps and stand in front of Him. My first impression is that in this form Jesus cannot be offered as a burnt offering to God, He is God! But He has had to attain differing levels of humanity in order to bring us and the angels along with Him. These vary according to our spirituality and sin condition and I call these transfiguration forms of Jesus. The burnt offerings that we know about as at day 1,260 after the DOA7777 cross are; There were two burnt offerings, both rams for DOA3888, Leviticus 16, one was for the high priest and one for the congregation. It seems as if only one of them got to here that one for the congregation. Don’t know what has happened to the one offered by the High Priest. There was also a male lamb one year old and this was the first offering offered by the Nazirite at His decommissioning. All these relations to sheep indicate that we

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are dealing with GFPMC. This is the domain for sheep, shepherd, confessed sin, ewe and male lambs. As far as this bowl, JK, is concerned I was sin free on this particular day and there maybe many other things that have to occur, on this day I was sin free and I was therefore allowed to offer that 365 day old lamb without fear of being struck down by God for blasphemy or anything else. I stand confident in my one hope and salvation; the burnt offering of the one year old lamb and I make sure that I am totally eclipsed by His shadow. And that confidence stands whether it is Leviticus 16 Day of Atonement or GFPMC. Back then in the wilderness though things were different. Back then we expected the ram who had been on this planet since He created it, we expected Him to come down to earth at a predetermined time and after a short evangelistic campaign to take us all back to the final pit stop with Him, clean us up and take us all to Heaven. There was no provision there for GFPMC, it was not on the radar that His people would murder Him. The only thing that would be special on day 365 (actually 364) was that we all took off from planet earth. We were concerned with the total life of the ram and if there was going to be a special day for it, it would be at this pit stop of DOA3888.

A male lamb one year old has its lifespan defined accurately; as on day 365 of its life, but ram has broader ramifications; Okay it came down to earth on day one of creation but for how long is its life now measured for? The fact that it does have a definite lifespan is indicated by the fact that it turns into a bull and the highest level of sacrifice that exists. This still had not happened on DOA7777 and it still had not happened 1,260 days latter so it cannot happen on this old universe. There is no Day of Atonement in the new universe for the first eighteen months and our first one is on entry into the Most Holy Place called the New Jerusalem. This may be the burnt bull offering that our leader in faith is looking forward to.

The flame it is offered in is a holy and purifying flame. —


Any sacrifice offered before DOA7777 because of the presence of evil would be required to be offered in a purifying flame. Even after DOA7777 when all sin and evil are gone flames could still be required as the places where these sins were committed were still present and could defile. Only on the new earth where no traces of either sin or evil have ever existed could the burnt offering be made without the presence of the purifying flames.

The relationship between altar and cross continues to interest. I still consider it to be one of my greatest privileges/revelations to be shown that the cross is coming across that boundary of old and new universes. It was irrational to one minute have something which was everything in your life and next minute for it to be left behind on the other side of the torn curtain. It was simply stunning! It is also just as irrational to have the most important date in the Old Testament, the Day of Atonement simply vanish into thin air! I did not realise however until Balaam showed me that it had seven stages or altars. In Balaam’s time there was no cross yet, no GFPMC although the concept of blood on a doorway had been established on 01/01/01 in Egypt on GFPE. The first time they appeared together was on GFPMC where Jesus with the help of Simon went to great lengths to separate them, to drag them apart. The sin offering was made on the altar, the shedding and collecting of blood, the presentation of this blood in the Most Holy Place and the pleading for this sacrifice to be accepted, the washing by this blood of all utensils to be used, including the role of the scapegoat even though it was immediately sent out of the temple to be destroyed and finally checking that the body to be burnt with all those confessed sins on its frame was also acceptable. There were no sins on this

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frame at this time they were on the scapegoat that had been taken outside of the city where the cross of GFPMC stood. I have seen very little effort made to follow the blood and it’s pathway on GFPMC. Even the scapegoat bit does not add up. GFPMC is not about goats, either one of them it is about the blood of the lamb and how it focused on one thing; the quantised sins that were defined by confession of His bride, ewe- lamb is specified and the event is defined as occurring on the 365th day of the lamb, it was one year old. It is the role of chapter seven to clear these murky waters.

Let us make them a bit more murky first as in chapter seven and 1,260 days after DOA7777 and as DOA3888 is the favoured option let us throw this into the mix as well. The final DOA7777 on this earth on 10th of July, 486 was certainly a cross which if it is in seven stages was the same one as GFPMC. It was a real cross with Jesus hanging on it. ( the tense here should portray that Jesus is still to have to go through this one in some 1,800 years time  but from chapter seven point of view it has already occurred). It had quantised sins as defined by confession. They were not really the sins of Jesus Christ as He did not and could not sin. Jesus confessed to any and all sins that were left over after the fires of hell had been extinguished. Guilty as charged, Mine! They could now be dealt with. They could be washed by the blood of the sin offering of the pigeon/turtledove to the edge of the fires of hell, placed on the sinless body of Jesus and presented to the fires of hell to be obliterated. So it was a cross here but was it also an altar here as well?

Go back one step further; DOA3888. Here Jesus has arrived with His people and the harvest they were so successful in gathering. His people had not rejected Him, they had not murdered Him, they all came up as a merry bunch of critters and now need cleaning before they can all go onto Heaven; DOA3888. There was no cross on GFPMC, they left the night before for Heaven. There will now have to be a cross, there will have to be a DOA3888 now. In all probability Jesus has arrived with the wise virgins now and Heaven will again make every effort to save the foolish virgins as it did in the case of the DOA7777 virgins. And again so many days before the Sabbath of the Day of Atonement (DOA7777) when the fires of hell are extinguished and all wicked people have been consumed by these fires leaving their unconfessed unintentional sins behind Jesus will take these sins on Himself and plead guilty to them resulting in Him being defiled and separated from His Father for six days.

This scenario brings us up to the Friday before DOA3888. The day itself is described in Leviticus 16. It is not pie in the sky stuff, it is the preferred option of Heaven. Not only we but Heaven itself wants to forget that God’s people murdered their Messiah. Losing the plot is one thing, murdering their Saviour is another! The DOA3888 begins with the blood shedding of the bull as sin offering for the high priest, Jesus Who has taken on Himself all unconfessed unintentional sins. This blood is immediately taken into the Most Holy Place. ( which one? The one that is up there now full of smoke and anger of God and sitting in the present tent of meeting in this universe or that New Jerusalem, that magnificent, gigantic city of the new universe? It does not seem right that just because that lot who arrived on Thursday night with Jesus, who had not murdered Him should now be confined to this universe whilst those who did kill Him are going to be given access to the new universe. If anything it should be the other way around; the murderers should have forfeited the prize of living in the new universe. Some of that blood from the high priests bull sin offering is also now specifically presented as the goat’s sin offering for the congregation and as a separate act taken into the Most Holy Place. Only after the blood had completed it’s work and been accepted by God could the transfer of sin onto the scapegoat take place and it led outside of the city or even a different environment; light changes to darkness.—


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All of this has been a preamble to what should be the simplest sacrifice of all, the goat of the sin offering, one animal. The burnt offering had three and the peace offering will have seventeen animals. It started off way back on GFPMC with a very painful separation of cross being dragged away from the altar of the temple. It was a dead temple so there was no problem in separating the cross and the altar. It had been dead since Jesus withdrew His presence from it which I take as occurring some ten days before the GFPMC and this could be confirmed by Jesus holding His foot washing ceremony on the same night. He had left the temple desolate, it would soon be destroyed and some 1,800 years later pulverised. Never to be seen or heard of again. But it still had some symbolic value even though it ruins. What symbolic value do these ruins have today that will not be required after the second coming? That cross then has a journey of nearly 3,900 years before it is again ‘dragged’ this time initially through the doorway with the torn curtain and onto the new earth, then ultimately through one of the pearly gates and planted in its place of perpetuity; as the tree of life in front of the throne of God and of the Lamb. This journey is split into seven stages and it is these stages which we are trying to follow.

Let us just try to follow one of those stages through the eyes of the great apostle Peter. Peter for whatever reason had been somebody special to Jesus but he became extra special and might have thought that he was the number one disciple when Jesus told him, ‘That you are Peter and upon this rock I will build My church…’ Hard to become anything more important than a foundation. Competition with John remained as Peter suspected John would not die and I have produced seven Scriptures that say Jon is alive today. By the time of the transfiguration of Jesus, Peter had formed quite definite ideas about what salvation was about. When he saw Jesus in divine form along with His Father he did not have to think for long to come up with the idea of the three tents; one belonging to Jesus, one to Moses and one to Elijah. Peter had been steeped in OT teachings and he knew the ceremony and implications, at least some of them, involved with the Day of Atonement (DOA3888). He added one and one together and got three. This divine Jesus in front of Him now was going to whisk him and probably at least the other two here now and probably the Jews into Heaven via the pit stop of DOA3888. Before that night that they were going to leave on how there should be a gathering place with Jesus, the pilot of the plane and to gather near/under His umbrella those of the OT going as symbolised be Moses and those alive on the day as symbolised by Elijah. He had it all worked out!

What a shock it was to him on foot washing night that the pilot was not a pilot at all. He was neither king nor master, He was a servant or slave!  ‘I don’t know this man!’  Jesus had said to him, ‘You don’t understand now what is going on but soon you will understand’ The joining of the New and Old Covenants and if people like Peter found these changes difficult it should not be unexpected that we too will do so. The temple that Jesus walked out of was destroyed by the romans in 70AD but it was not pulverised until the second coming of our Lord, taken out of the picture completely and then rebuilt by probably the foolish virgins in its ‘right’ place but at a time when we will be just lookers on from above from the present tent of meeting. We will have come a long way in understanding this sin offering if we can understand the altar/cross issue.

We start of at a forced separation of the two on GFPMC and the joining of the two (but hold on, weren’t they one unit onDOA7777 where the Atonement Cross held the body of Jesus at the same time when He was being offered as the burnt sacrifice?) and certainly for eternity to come. It will be the cross and which we so desperately desired for it to come and on which we ourselves see Jesus hanging on for twenty odd hours and there were some of us there who saw or were very close on GFPMC for seven hours on GFPMC but it will also be altar where we will offer  visions of what we saw to God and the Lamb on the throne. I think I can claim to at least have some idea of the first and last stage but what about the six in between? What a grandeur sight it is going to be to see Simon,


Page 65

(there must be a holy equivalent to the word ‘drag’) dragging and leading the bride through the doorway with the torn curtain initially and finally through the pearly gate! And yes this will be both altar plus cross.

Jesus could not have His cross inside of the Temple on GFPMC and on its altar which had served as an altar for the best part of a millennium. (minus captivity). The temple was the dwellingplace of God, it could not accommodate any sin which had been quantised, confessed with the exception of unintentional confessed sins and they could only stay there until the next Day of Atonement when they would be transferred to the scapegoat and taken outside of the city to be destroyed. This is what happened to Jesus Christ on GFPMC. The next literal cross that we are going to strike is either DOA3888 or DOA7777. I have decided I am trying to read too much into this chapter seven on only our fourth visit, but we still have at least eight to go. Look how hard Peter found this adjustment. By force of habit I was watching you know that channel I have given up watching when the panel raised an interesting question; Which of Peter’s sins were the worst, denying Jesus  in Gethsemane or refusing to eat with the Gentiles? Same sin, Peter was not the sharpest chisel in the holster.

On the Thursday night in Gethsemane Peter spoke the truth, ‘I don’t know this man’. Peter already on that night had His ticket for the flight leaving for Heaven. His Jesus was the pilot and on that flight would be Moses, Elijah and co. The tickets had been recently confirmed at the transfiguration of Jesus in the presence of God the Father. Can’t get a higher confirmation that that!  There may have been texts in the Old Testament about this late change of plan and even Jesus Himself had previously warned them but when you are on a high as high as Peter was they are only secondary texts. Certainly nothing there to match the Day of Atonement and how Peter had woven it into his flight home. He did not nor did he want to know this man, this servant, this slave who was prepared to have Himself executed as a common criminal! On the next day whilst Jesus was on the cross Peter was not gloating and jumping for joy with the demons. But by rejecting Jesus Peter was responsible for His murder. And Peter was soon to find this out.

When addressing a crowd on/after Pentecost he convinced them of the seriousness of what they/he had done and at this realisation they stood in hushed silence . Even Heaven cannot allow for evil such as this. They were all doomed!


Peter knew that Jesus had forgiven and he convinced the crowd that they too on repentance would be forgiven. The depth of that redemption was not only as deep as to include those who murdered Him it was also that low as to include anyone who wanted to be redeemed including His killers. By refusing to eat with the gentiles Peter was denying this basic truth. He was excluding those who had been included. He himself had excluded Jesus in Gethsemane and now was excluding those for whom Jesus had died for. He still thought that the Jews were the main game and the gentiles the amendments. He did not realise that things had changed; it was now the gentile Christians who were the main game and the Jews were the amendments. They had forfeited their rights as God’s people and got themselves a new king, Caesar and a new leader, Barabbas. Their choice! As for their previous king and leader, ‘Away with Him and crucify Him!’ Out with the old and in with the new. It

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is no longer a Jewish evangelistic campaign where Christians are included but a Christian evangelistic campaign where Jews are included if they wish to be. And there are still remains of the temple to indicate a possible link with the old until the temple is pulverised. Then it changes and becomes a totally different game again!

Now to the difficult issue of the sin sacrifice as the male goat and much of the preamble has already occurred. The sin sacrifice for the bride that the Nazirite submitted was a ewe-lamb. Ewe the Nazirite was only concerned with the confessed sins of the bride. Lamb was the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world and is shepherd, has a full life of the ram, looks for and brings in lost sheep, has a very special birthday at 365 days old, can be represented as male or female lambs, was the Passover Lamb whose blood prevented the death of any first born male inside a building with its blood on the door frames, He leaves all behind just to rescue but one lost sheep; it is Jesus Christ on the cross of GFPMC. The sin offering was not a lamb. Confessed sins were not involved.

Was it then that the sins of the high priest were involved? This is the cross which we have just seen Jesus hang on for twenty odd hours and Jesus Himself then set up the tabernacle in our hearts. There could even have been a trumpet call for assembly for the march through the doorway with the torn curtain. Simon carrying the cross will lead the procession and our dreams and aspirations and any problems that Simon will encounter must have solutions for them attached to this cross. Heaven is no longer going to accept us when with whatever problem we have just pointing to the cross as the solution, which it always is and this answer is acceptable on earth but now on our final leg and with a personal tutorial and building program of our Jesus, more is now expected from us. But the high priest’s problems, if any are not of our concern, at least superficially. So who is this goat sin offering that is now going to pass through the doorway and into the eternities to come?

The only goat sin offering that we are told of is that of the congregation from the Day of Atonement (DOA3888), half time’s Day of Atonement. But we are not dealing with half time. What has just happened is full time; DOA7777. I can only reiterate what I said before and have no further solutions. The opposite of a lamb sin offering which involves confessed sins and GFPMC is a goat sin offering which involves a goat sin offering, unintentional sins and DOA3888 or DOA7777. Peter was probably looking forward to DOA3888 and the scenario of DOA3888 in Leviticus 16 fits the events quite well. Where this very simple picture falls though when Peter, Moses, Elijah and all arrived from planet earth on the Thursday before GFPMC and started to prepare for DOA3888 they not only arrived up here with goat unintentional sins they also arrived with intentional sins which they would confess and therefore pass onto a scape lamb and not a scapegoat. But here we now have an extra gradation of sin; the murder of the Messiah. Yes they did have unconfessed unintentional sin, (DOA3888) and goat), yes they did have intentional sins which were to be confessed but not only ‘Lamb sins’ these sins could be accommodated on a Holy Day of worship, a Sabbath. They were not sins of people who were guilty of murdering the Messiah. These sins could not be tolerated on Sabbath, they moved to a category of their own; Friday when the murder took place!

On earth all events lead to the Day of Atonement. It is the last pit stop before entry into the new Heavens and new earth. If nobody had sinned, either the angels or Adam and Eve and their progeny they still would have arrived at DOA7777. If God’s people had responded to their Messiah, evangelised the world with Him they still would have arrived at the Day of Atonement but this time DOA3888. No one did respond, killed their Saviour, invoked GFPMC but still arrived on the DOA7777 albeit by some complex and varied journey. This cross is now leaving planet earth, destination in front of the throne in the New Jerusalem.

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But how many of these five animals are coming across to form the base of the Day of Atonement of eternity? Have we been given a license to add or subtract from this list? We have! I am going to call DOA3888, ‘Peter’s lot’, with Jesus, Peter, Noah, Elijah and the rest that left planet earth way back from Gethsemane on the Thursday night before GFPMC. They are up here now on the 10th of July and DOA3888. They have confessed all of their intentional sins by placing their hands on the scapegoat. (scape sheep is not required). This scapegoat was led out of the city and destroyed. No scapegoat to continue on into eternal Day of Atonement. It’s gone! And there are only now four animals left. The man who led the scapegoat out , the divinity of Jesus survives and returns to become the burnt offering, but no scapegoat! This ties in pretty well with DOA3888 as the Day of Atonement of eternity. But why is it so different to DOA7777 and the one that comes off the fifth cross? Answer; Murder, there has been a murder which has changed the landscape in an unbelievable way. DOA3888 allowed for four animals to come across; bull sin offering and ram for the high priest and goat sin offering and ram for the burnt offering of the congregation. But how can you have a goat sin offering, unintentional unconfessed sins of the congregation when these sins have been accepted  by Jesus and form the base of the high priest’s sin offering? The answer to this question has only recently  been


Yes that is the idea of the sins of the high priest. Jesus accepts and pleads guilty to any sins remaining after the fires of hell have gone out; all unconfessed ad unintentional sins become confessed and the penalty for them is paid by Jesus. I can relate to working with numbers and I attribute 70 trillion such sins to Jesus. If there had been 14 billion people alive in the history of humanity and each had an equal contribution then my contribution would have been 5,000 sins. Whatever the number and whether Jesus had pleaded guilty to them or not, I was laying in front of the DOA7777 cross when I saw my ‘batch number’ go through and it was the changes that occurred at this sight within me that allowed Jesus to build the tabernacle that He did build over the next 1,260 days. My revulsion and repulsion of sin and evil stem from here and it is the goat sin offering which will remind me of this one event for the eternities to come. My batch is up; unintentional, unconfessed sin number one, ‘guilty’ plus suffering and price paid for; sin two….; sin three…….; sin four……’ sin five……..; sin six……..;……………; sin four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine……; sin five thousand…….. . Yes that reminder of why I have such a revulsion for sin must be present in some form for the eternities to come! All my confessed sins would have placed on the scapegoat of DOA3888 and it would have been destroyed and not pass into eternity. Talking about numbers.

I take the number of actual DOA3888 services that occurred in both the wilderness and Solomon’s temple as 1,259 and the one that should have occurred, 1,260 there was an eerie silence. Not all of those 1,259 would have occurred such as in the Babylon captivity and Antiochus Epiphanes but they certainly would have been in the people’s minds at the time.  It will come to life again in another 3,888 odd year’s time. This is the one where Jesus and Peter and Moses and Elijah and all the redeemed were supposed to have arrived on that flight that took off from Gethsemane on the 13th of January the day before GFPMC and were given six months to prepare for DOA3888. They could not be put into Heaven during this time like we will be after our flight with Jesus at His second coming because they had sin which will now be dealt with, we had our sin dealt with on GFPMC. They are put into the same porch that we will spend the last eight odd years of our existence in this universe in. They have been naughty, very naughty over the last 4,000 odd  years but they can be cleaned up and there will not be required any peace offering; they are, always have been and always should be the children of God! But then the unthinkable happened. It only happened because Jesus

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allowed it to happen; in Gethsemane on that Thursday night He brought them all back to life and allowed Himself to be murdered by those He had come to take back to heaven with Him. Their break from Him could not be more pronounced, it could not be more severe! A total severance of Father and child. The same forces of evil that were at work to cause that break are today at work in stopping the restoration of that bond between God and His children and as active and powerful as those forces are they are no match against the power of prayer. And there is a golden censer full of incense as we try to tackle the peace offering in the background.

Adam and Eve broke their relationship with their creator Jesus Christ by disobeying Him but that break was not in the same category as waiting behind a tree and when Jesus appeared rushing out in hate and stabbing Jesus to death. That is what Jesus’ people did to Him on GFPMC when that final Roman spear opened up the side of Jesus. It was finished! The end of almost 4,000 years of history. That day could not have been more pronounced, more severe. Jesus as God, Saviour, Messiah, King, Master, Bridegroom coming down to earth to take His naughty children back to Heaven with Him had been a failure and in a spectacular fashion! Those 4,000 years of history of what should have been still has much from which we can learn from, and we are now learning from, but the people are gone. Jesus has introduced a  new system; if they are not going to join Him then He will join them as at the level of the foot washing service; servant or slave! This is the full extent of His love. He will stay with them at this level right up to the final step of the doorway with the torn curtain on it and then He will shave His defiled locks and appear to them as the transfiguration Jesus. The disobedience of Adam and Eve did change the course of history but the murder of Jesus even more so. It is the difference between DOA3888 and DOA7777. But the strange part of is it that both are Days of Atonement and at this stage DOA3888 is going through to the eternities as the commemoration of 10th of July for eternity but DOA7777 is going through as the 14th of January for the eternities to come. Still that question; are they separate or dependent events?

The only/major peace offering so far was that of the Nazirite at His decommissioning and that did not occur until 1,260 days after the DOA7777 cross. Phase two of the ministry of the Nazirite lasted for 1,260 days and these days were so important they were allocated all this time of the sinless Jesus and the hair growth that occurred during this time. This Nazirite (if it were the ministry of Jesus just as servant and slave ie from about ten days before GFPMC would cause much of what I have written to be wrong but this Nazirite also had a mission of no grapes, no hair cutting and no contact with the dead) Who has come to us via cresting Mount Calvary. The problem that is now that even though DOA3888 did not occur on that day, Jesus, Peter, Moses, Elijah and company had not arrived near Heaven on that night, this is the day that will continue on for the eternities to come. It is a new Heaven event! So when we speak of goat sacrifices we could well be speaking of DOA3888. But the Heavenly entry of DOA3888, Leviticus 16 did not have a peace offering, it did not need it. God’s people had not rushed out in hate and envy and murdered Jesus. That chasm between God and humanity did not occur until GFPMC! And this is the event the Nazirite is describing in verses 13-20 of numbers chapter six and the tab which we are supposed to use now in Numbers chapter seven and verse 47.

DOA3888 did involve a ram but that ram, the whole life before and after His murder of Jesus Christ was the burnt offering. It was on the back of that ram offering the people of Jesus were granted access into Heaven after appropriately being cleaned up. It was a presentation and an entry in a sinless condition, and environment (?) They did use a sheep symbol one I contend is reserved for the cross of GFPMC or extended may include the atonement cross which was really the same thing but at a different date and place. But the Nazirite’s ministry is solely centred on the sheep/lamb. This

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was the difficult one from across the chasm that Jesus’ people created when as an angry hateful mob they conspired, told many lies and then murdered Jesus. This was the chasm that GFPM had to span and is certainly a part of the peace offering.


When I first arrived in chapter seven and saw the twelve fold repeat of the offerings of our leaders I realised that I would require at least twelve visits before I could begin to get some understanding as to what this chapter said. It does not mean I intend to go through each chapter twelve times, some may be more and some less. All it means is that when I get bogged down I am allowed to leave this chapter and can come back to it in the future. Such is the case now with chapter seven. As I look either vertically or horizontally all I can see is a chasm of evil. Horizontally I can’t see the other side nor the bottom. Vertically I am here on earth and maybe the most powerful telescopes can see the top but I certainly can’t. That is the proportion of the chasm of evil that resulted from that murder. Anything of those proportions can only be accommodated within infinity and divinity and that is only because it is infinite love that is the drive engine. It is specifically addressed in the Bible as the peace offering. Scripture would prefer to refer to the problem as vertical, the chasm is above and can only be bridged by a cross. Scripture splits this cross into seven segments, all dependent all one cross.

Each section has a base of a ram and top of a bull offering, and if this is the case then the base of the first cross and the top of the seventh cross must be different to the others where the top, the bull offering slides across and becomes the foot, the ram offering above it. The foot of the first cross therefore must be a double ram offering and the top which we will encounter in the next chapter will be a twin bull sacrifice. Only five of those sections are here in this universe and the remaining two in the new universe which is still to be created. The cross on which our twelve leaders are now placing their offerings on is the fifth and last cross on this earth. We have been given marshalling orders in readiness for our march to the new universe. We have spent our last full year in this old universe and now it is only a matter of months and days and even hours to go.

We are preparing a regimee of what has happened on this earth and checking all the boxes have been ticked but the biggest box that needs ticking is the one that deals with that chasm caused by the murder of Jesus Christ. Unless every fine detail has been carried out, every nuance met there is no need for the marshalling, we are not going anywhere! We can’t look down to the bottom of the cross and then up and sigh a sigh of relief, no this cross is not complete. Yes there are five sections there and yes they each have the base of a ram offering but none have the top of the bull offering. They are not assembled nor can they be assembled unless that bull offering is added to the top of each. It is the locking mechanism, it is what will allow the assembly of these five, initial crosses.

In a way it is easier that there was no peace offering in the DOA3888 where Jesus, Peter, Moses and Elijah arrived from Gethsemane on the Thursday night just before GFPMC  but with no comparisons to make it is harder. If the primary concern of the Nazirite was to cover, fill in that yawning gap then He does not do so until 1,260 days after DOA7777. All that time between GFPMC and the end of Daniel’s 490 years (7 * 70) the Nazirite was busily filling in that gap. It took Him nearly 3,889 years and the zillions of details to achieve this. None of this would have been required had His people not murdered Him!  How much did it cost Jesus to restore that chasm that resulted from that murder of GFPMC? Much indeed and today that same lot that were involved all that time ago are at it again; murdering the Body of Christ! Christians! Is it just as heinous a crime today and will it also require

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major repairs and the peace offering? How does one describe people who commit the same crime knowing what the consequences are going to be?

That chasm created by what happened on GFPMC was physically covered by the Nazirite on GFPMC. The weapon, the ultimate resort that Heaven could employ was used on that day; shepherd, male lamb a year old without defect for a burnt offering, ewe-lamb a year old without defect for a sin offering and one ram without defect for a peace offering. In Peter’s DOA3888 the ram was the burnt offering but in our case it is the peace offering. Mind you it does have as attachments those with that horrible title of ‘murderer’ which would tend to make it less palatable to God the Father. But all aspects about Good Friday (GFPMC) were dealing with the chasm caused by that murder and the future murder of bodies that were in Jesus. Christians. These events are described in great detail in Numbers (6:13-20) but when my leader makes his offerings on this fifth cross that has been tagged as ‘Heaven bound’ and the ticket itself is the sinless hair of the Nazirite then why doesn’t he just repeat what the Nazirite has just said; ‘Heaven met all the requirements to fill that chasm that was generated by that murder by supplying the male lamb one year old and without defect for a burnt offering, a ewe-lamb a year old and without defect for a sin offering and a ram without defect for a peace offering. All done on Good Friday. Yes I do realise and have tried to explain both the burnt offering and sin offering even though there was some 3.900 odd years between them. But out of all that time the Nazirite was slave and servant except for the time of His transfiguration, cutting off His defiled hair. GFPMC to here, but He has surfaced as divinity.

But okay when my leader sees the peace offering and the task it is supposed to fulfil he throws everything at it that he can think of, including the kitchen sink. Yes the peace offering was acceptable on this side as evidenced by the placing of the hair of the Nazirite but what is about to happen as we pass onto pastures of eternity and not just sinless but evil less grounds as well my leader has to able to have contingency plans as well. It has already been pointed out to us that when questions and problems arise it will not be acceptable to just point to the cross as all we have to do down here, and need to do. No, up here a definite level of understanding is required and it is now what is being tested. We know what Numbers six tells us about the peace offering but how does that match up against what chapter seven tells us. I know this is my fourth visit to this chapter but only the first since the realisation of the enormity of that crime of murder of GFPMC. Before leaving the section I try to summarise what has been achieved and what still needs to be achieved. Being in neither an evil less nor sinless time zones I would expect much to be desired of my summary of the peace offering.

‘I don’t think that I have a lineage dating back to any Jews of that time, nor does it matter. I am spiritually related to the Christians of that time and many of us will finish up in the same tribe, family for eternity. Some could even have been present and in the vicinity of the cross on that momentous day. None understood what was going on. The plane leaving for Heaven on the Thursday night from Gethsemane is not available to anyone; we all come from GFPMC. We are all on this side of the chasm. The wrong side, earth’s side. The other side was where Peter and the other apostles thought they were going on that night. When Jesus tried to explain this to Peter; ministry closed, I am no longer the pilot, king and master, Thursday night’s flight cancelled, I am showing you the full extent of my love by becoming your servant and slave as in foot washing and coming to humanity to join you where you are and as low as that may take me, Peter rebelled. He did not understand and neither did any of the others and for a long time after. If Jesus had said, “ No Day of Atonement (DOA3888)” they simply would have laughed!

As I look at this cross at who’s feet I lay during the DOA7777 and the chasm that I can’t even see the top of my first impression is ‘impossible, nothing can span that distance and re join humanity back to

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divinity. A sheer impossibility! But then looking at this cross it has none other than the sinless hair of Jesus Christ attached to it and it was placed there by none other than Jesus Himself! There has got to be something in that! We will assume that it has spanned the chasm but just to be sure we will add everything that we can think of about Jesus that even though we can’t see its contribution we know it must have been a part of it. We want this cross to be with us right through to the end and then in eternity. We know we have two doors/pearly gates to pass through, one of them Luther may even be beckoning us through but he keeps pointing up; check the blood on the doorframe! On sin’s side the doorway has the blood of the Lamb but on the sinless side it is the blood of the ox. The second and final barrier, the pearly gates are all about ox blood. All that blood that was shed through the history of the earth, both GFPMC and DOA7777 that was used to plead for mercy and washing will now be taken by Jesus our High Priest into the Most Holy Place and as we anxiously wait and see all the pearly gates swing open we will know that God has accepted the blood of Jesus Christ. We still have to be called up and take our seven steps to stand in front of Jesus when by touching our foreheads with His thumb He will impart his divinity to us. We too will glow, we too will be like Him!

I count the number of pieces of crosses and there are five. Immediately I want them placed on the base of a ram. You see the ram is the base of every cross, it was the burnt offering of the supposed DOA3888 which when it did not eventuate went on to become DOA7777 where it became the peace offering. The only difference that I can see at this stage between the burnt offering and the Peace offering is that the burnt offering is the whole and perfect life of Jesus Christ the peace offering is the burnt offering with the bride attached. That is the one we want to pass through both sets of gates! Because the ram has been an essential part of both the high priest’s and congregations burnt sacrifices, DOA3888, no murder and no GFPMC and a part of the peace offering which is a part of GFPMC it has certainly always been known and factored in that Jesus would walk over Mount Calvary. It was always known that this murder would take place. A thought for the day as if we don’t already have enough unanswered questions; What would the burnt offering have been had there been no sin, the angels had not fallen, Adam and Eve and progeny had not sinned,  a ram or goat or bull or bird when Jesus turned on His divinity to destroy evil which had existed since day one? As there were no sins so there would not be any need for any crosses but evil still had to be destroyed. My guess would be transformation Jesus, the second of the bird offerings would have been the burnt offering.

The other two sacrifices of this peace offering are five male goats and five male lambs one year old. These deal with my DOA7777 and GFPMC sins. The lack of correlation between the peace offerings of Numbers six and seven shows that this topic will have to be revisited but again only after I get bogged down somewhere else. But the one thing that does surprise from our recent study and hat is Peter. He knew and tried to obey the Old Testament to the best of his ability. He knew on what foundation the Church of God would be built and from the transformation he knew Jesus was divine. He was at the cross and was remanded by Jesus for His denials of Jesus. Despite all this he still refused to eat with gentiles, people for whom Jesus had died for! Was DOA3888 so firmly entrenched in all the disciples’ minds? Add to that list it was after the Holy Spirit had descended on them after Pentecost as well! Certainly makes it more comforting in the efforts I have spent on this subject and the circles I have circled!

Concerning the apparent lack of organisation in the presentations of our leaders, they have a ‘miraculous’


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Items in Scripture vary in importance according to our level of understanding usually. This is not the case with the peace offering. I know it to be of critical importance because it ‘covers’ the chasm caused by the murder of Jesus by His own people, yet I understand so little about it. It appears to me that the leader of my tribe was being haphazard when dealing with the peace offering. He did not offer five sections of the cross, he only offered five pieces of the cross. Each section that could then be locked into other sections to make one cross, and that is all that there really is, should have a base of a ram but top of a bull offering. All five have the ram base but not one has a bull offering at the top, they are just pieces, relevant and encompassing both GFPMC and DOA3888 but no mechanism to lock them in together! On second thoughts over night I decided that this is not the case.

The item in front of us is the fifth cross with the sinless hair of Jesus at its base. It is coming across. It is the completion of the joining of humanity to divinity, it is where the chasm is fully covered. In our lives the chasm caused by GFPMC murder is also covered and completed by this same mechanism; asking Jesus to transfer His Holy Cross from the courtyards of our lives and into the tabernacles of our hearts where no storm or tempest can touch even in the eternities to come. But you may say that up there we only made this request after a personalised and intensive tutorial from Jesus Himself and 1,259 days of it were on Divine aspects of this cross, on DOA7777 and only one day on what happened on GFPMC, only then did we make our request and it was in a sinless and evil less condition, none of that applies down here on earth. All true but all also covered by faith. Faith is go to woe and everything in between and by faith we ask for this cross to be moved now and the accompanying changes that must result. It was in cross five where the bridging of the chasm occurred and the end of phase two of the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Whatever the above scenario and preparation that we  have made when Jesus adds the remaining two crosses and completes the earthly five it still does not stop us from being overcome by its beauty and collapsing. It is not unbelief that causes us to want to withdraw now but being overwhelmed. This is just too good to be true and I don’t want to take the next step because I  know someone is finally going to realise that I should not be here and I will be kicked out! I couldn’t handle the disappointment! Perhaps the Swaggart ministries were right when they dragged the cross of Christ of GFPMC from Mount Calvary and back into the temple and dumped all those sins onto this inside altar and try as they may even the hottest flames left ashes behind. So all that happened to my sins on that day was that the volatile matter was removed from them and if returned to the existing non-volatile ashes my sins will be restored? They have not gone after all? Another of Jimmy’s teaching is that the New Jerusalem is coming to our planet and not what I have that when it does finally come down we will be on a new planet earth. In his wonderful New Jerusalem that is coming there will be paddocks of animals where Jimmy will run around, catch a lamb, cut it throat and watch it die then cutting along the backbone look for any defects and if found go catch and kill another lamb. He still has the best to come. After building up some stamina he will progress onto the rams and the goal and delight in cutting a bull’s throat! Makes the heart leap for joy!

In the background in the meantime are these constant howls of pain as the everlasting fires of hell rage, and to think that at the end of the millennium when the wicked were released and given 260 years to repent and not have to return back to hell, not one person took advantage of that grace! But the ministry is far madder and badder than that. They commit the crime, or at least support those pagans who continue to murder the body of Jesus Christ! That is where it started from and is finishing now! And if you jump for joy to see fellow Christians being slaughtered as well they will christen you as ‘born again’ and give you their evil spirit as well.

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There must be many blogs out there to warn anyone against this ministry. It is not just irrational it is insane! People did not take advantage of repenting when released from hell!! It is not just the A, B and C of evil, it is also the A, B, C and D of evil; devil and the music in the ministry is just there to fool you and it seems very effective at just doing that! It will take many into the fires of hell! All of this is but small fry when compared to our recent revelation that Heaven had intended to stop time at halftime and when Jesus came to earth He would simply take His people home with Him and end the world down here. But Jesus had a plan for His people and He stuck by that plan right through to the bitter end, a week, at most two weeks before GFPMC. When we ask for salvation from Jesus He will stick by the plan until the bitter end. Only we can break away from Him and break away from Him we did by murdering Him in hate and envy. And the Bible tells us what happened here also.

This is the stream that we have been following, particularly the fifth cross where that chasm caused by murder of Jesus is finally closed. The shaving of His hair and placing it at the foot of the altar, the end of phase two of the ministry of the Nazirite, the asking and being granted permission to place this cross in the tabernacle of our hearts and inside of the New Jerusalem in front of the throne are all event relating to this period. This was the period of reality; we did not go back to Heaven almost 2,000 years ago, we killed Him and severed any and every last tie between divinity and humanity. If we had gone with Him as Jesus intended that was salvation plan A but to call the alternate plan where we killed Him salvation plan B would not be taking into account the seriousness of the situation. Operation desperation and impossibility (ODI) would be a more apt description. It is what the Bible is mostly about but as the murder less plan was the original plan it is the one that features in the eternities to come!

We have just been studying the history of the fifth cross and how it spanned the chasm left by the murder of Jesus. When we were told the cross was coming across with us and if we had any further requests off this cross each leader produced an identical set of offerings and this must have been what Jesus wanted to hear because He responded not only by adding the final two sections, Jesus also joined them together as head to heal, bull to ram, but also turned on all seven lamps on the lampstand! Even though we had prepared for this moment and Heaven declared us to be ready we still collapsed and could not proceed into the new universe. It was all too good to believe, yes time was now very short indeed and we had just received 1,260 plus at least 12 days of preparation we just could not help but collapsing. Numbers chapter eight is what Heaven did to get us back onto our feet and from here now our first major encounter is going on the new earth (14/01/02) is going to be the Passover. There will still be a few Sabbaths on this old earth but the next Passover will be on the next earth.

Once you split Scripture into what God intended should happen at the first coming of Jesus and what did happen how well things are explained in Scripture. The two dates of Heaven and eternity are defined; Day of Atonement (DOA3888)  of the 10th of July of the second year and forever more are defined off what Jesus expected to happen, (no murder) and Passover, GFPMC on 14/01/02 and forever more as defined off GFPMC and what actually did happen! It is amazing how much knowledge this gives us about Passover on this earth and in the one above!

Okay Jesus decides that He is not returning back to Heaven from Gethsemane on the Thursday of 13/01/??. He would have gone that had His evangelistic campaign with His people had been a success; Jesus, His people, their harvest leave planet earth with Jesus as their master, messiah,

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saviour and king. Peter foremost, and other apostles are ready and there is nothing going to stop them from believing this now, especially those three who had the confirmation of the transfiguration. Jesus withdraws His Shekinah glory from the temple leaving it desolate. Calls a meeting of His apostles for foot washing to show them the full extent of His love; No longer is He their Lord and Master, He is now their servant and slave and will remain so now for almost 3,888 years to come. He starts washing their feet and Judas could not have been there if he had already betrayed Jesus. He would need far more than his feet washed, but also his whole body. Next Peter. He had not yet betrayed Jesus and would not do so for a number of days, but even if he had so he still only needed only his feet washed. He did not jump for joy with Swaggart’s demons at the sight of Jesus hanging on the cross. He would have been saddened by this sight! When he denied Jesus he was speaking the truth! ‘I do not know this man’! You see there was only really one important date in the Jewish calendar; the Day of Atonement and the Jesus I know should be warming up the engines of the plane that should be taking off soon. You see we will require six months of preparation up there for the DOA3888 when we will be cleaned up and taken to Heaven! The Jesus I know is Lord and Master I don’t know nor do I want to know about this Jesus who is slave and servant and about to be murdered as a common criminal! Well Jesus did allow Himself to be murdered by His own people and what now happens is described as GFPMC on the 14th of January. But this date is but one day out of1,260 days. The other 1,259 days are the pearl and the shell it sits in is like Joseph’s tomb except it has two entrances whereas Joseph’s tomb only has the one. This pearl that is enclosed, DOA7777, the twin bird sacrifice, Jesus revealing the full extent of His love but on a Heavenly scale, Jesus hanging on the cross as servant and slave only point the depth of the error I made in assuming that the peace sacrifice would have to be made once on entry. And as yet I have not allocated an entry or exit from Joseph’s tomb.


With the complexity around me I try to simplify as much as possible and because there was no peace offering in the DOA3888 I assumed it was a one off event. It is not and is the bases of eternity. I should not have committed that to writing but at least I did not commit the error of the scapegoat to writing. Had the Thursday night flight taken off its occupants would have had to lay their hands on it, confessed their sins, it would have been taken outside of the porch and destroyed, it was not coming over into the new universe. But it is a good time to take stock again and hopefully move forward another little bit.

There are two circles of time, one is half time and Leviticus 16 Day of Atonement (DOA3888) when Jesus returns back to Heaven with His children on Thursday night the 13th of January and taking off from Gethsemane and the other is full time and DOA7777 as seen through the lens of GFPMC. In the DOA3888 scenario the children of God, Adam and Eve, disobey the instructions of Jesus and eat from the tree of good and evil. In DOA7777 they disobey, they hide behind the trees and when Jesus appears they rush out and in hate and envy they murder Him and take great delight in seeing Him in pain as they stab Him to death! DOA3888 and DOA7777 are very much a different ball game. Today there are many and under the guise of Christian ministries who look at the body of Christ being stabbed and jump for joy at this sight. The Swaggart ministries would gladly send your children to stab the body of Christ and if you jump for joy with them while you watch your brothers and sisters being killed and harassed you too will be endowed with the same demonic spirit they have! But what wonderful music ministries they are accompanied by! Oh how thoughtful are their interpretations of the Bible! All it proves it that very little of what gleams is gold! They were guilty and continue to be guilty of the greatest crime of all, the murder of Jesus Christ and of His children!

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They are why planet earth was sent into extra time and fulltime for the children of God and the great tribulation are almost upon us and for many arrived some time ago. But we must treat halftime and fulltime separately. The other problem for which I have come up some sort of answer is that Heaven cycles off two twenty four hour events and not off seven year events. Both DOA3888 and GFPMC occur within a timeframe of twenty four hours and are not a seven year cycle. Scripture could give us wonderful details of the seven year cycles but they are given at the level of the fifth cross whose beauty is such that we demand the cross of Christ be transferred from out there somewhere and into our hearts and in time we may return to these seven year cycles. But in the meantime we return to fulltime.

The hideousness of the crime that Jesus has allowed those pagans to perpetrate on His holy sinless body doubles time in order to repair the harm that has been done. It forces Him to change from His Heavenly role of Master, King and High Priest in that of slave and servant. It reveals to the world the full extent of His love! This is the pearl within the shell. This is the pearl within the tomb of Joseph. I can only follow its history from Scripture and pray that the Holy Spirit reveals to me why the order is reversed above in DOA7777. The effects of what happened on those two lots of twenty hour time slots may carry on for the rest of the year but they were covered within these hours. Down here it seemed quite simple’; Good Friday 24 hours: 6pm to 7pm Jesus and disciple gather for the Last Supper. 7pm to 9pm they eat the Last Supper. 9pm to 10pm they go to Gethsemane and pray. 10pm the soldiers arrive to arrest Jesus but He reveals His true divinity and kills everyone on earth by His divinity. 10.15pm Jesus raises everybody back to life by covering His divinity which actually goes onto the cross.

Many nefarious acts occurred then and what would have hurt Jesus a lot was they were being justified by His Holy Law which today is being twisted for the same purposes and the result of which Jesus finished up on the cross on Mount Calvary at 9am of the Friday of 14th of January. There are three distinct time frames on this cross: 9am to 12 noon the hours of light, 12 noon to 3pm the hours of darkness and 3pm to 4pm the limp body of our Saviour hangs on the cross. After the release of its blood the body of Jesus is taken down from the cross and placed in Joseph’s tomb before the Sabbath day begins at 6pm. Six pm until six pm or 24 hours. And it is twenty four hours that the Heavenly Passover will also be commemorated. But where in this twenty four hours is the Passover? The blood of the Lamb  applied to the door frames, first born sons of God meeting behind these doors, angel of death passes over on Sabbath night and not on Friday night and the many nuances that result from these changes. The majority of the answers lie in the peace offering and this is why it was so wrong to denigrate this offering to a one off event. It is not associated with the DOA3888 but mostly with DOA7777. But hold on, both DOA3888 and DOA7777 are Sabbath events. They do not occur on Friday but on the next day, Saturday!

Let us try to extract this pearl that has been placed into Joseph’s tomb and at this stage there certainly appears to only have the one entrance. This is the pearl that has just revealed to full extent of the love of Jesus. This is the pearl that ten days (?) before the cross swapped His position of Master and King to slave and servant. It is important to realise that if Jesus was to take His children home with Him be it at the second and soon coming or the first coming with Thursday night lift off both occasions required Jesus to go to the cross. Even halftime DOA3888 had a scapegoat on which Peter and the others would have confessed their sins and it would have been taken outside of the temple/city and destroyed. I still take that event as the hours of light, 9am to noon of GFPMC. It is those three hours of darkness, from noon to 3pm on the cross that accounted and paid for the murder of Jesus and sent time onto fulltime. The hours of 9 to noon could well have been

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transferred from a day of worship, the sins of His naughty children, but not so for those sins of murder. It was an extraordinary murder and it was in extraordinary circumstances. And such will be treated the murders of His people and not just in the great tribulation of these last days but for the history of this earth.


To be guilty you don’t have to physically have to drop the bomb or stick the knife in, jumping with delight at the sight of this evil is sufficient to condemn you as most who do so damned well know! But we have extracted this pearl out of its tomb and placed it on a pedestal on the Sabbath, DOA7777, where we want to examine some of its beauty access to which can only be gained from GFPMC. So it still is an attempt to join the trilogy, Friday to Saturday to Sunday, to gain the relationship between those two Heavenly dates; 14th of January and the 10th of July which we have seen, DOA3888 passes into eternity. Basically then the problem remains why is the 14th of January called the Passover?

Some thoughts/speculation on the hours of light, 9 to noon, on GFPMC and their relationship to DOA3888 and the hours of darkness and their relationship to DOA7777. DOA3888 was for the confessed sins of the children of God. You have to go to Him, place your sins, intentional and unintentional on the scapegoat, Jesus Christ, Who has been specifically prepared for this moment by the sin offering of the goat. This goat is led outside of the city by a man who is able and is destroyed. This goat could quite easily be Jesus Christ on the cross of GFPMC from 9am to noon. If all confessed sin was here then so was that plane that took off on Thursday night from Gethsemane; Jesus, Peter and all the apostles bar Judas, OT’s people represented by Moses and the living at the living, the women at the cross, Nicodemus, Joseph and all who not only did not jump with the demons but were greatly distressed at the sight of Jesus on the cross as represented by Elijah. We are not told how many of these people there were but the fight was not fully booked out and was cancelled. Revelation tells us something similar that Jesus is counting every drop of blood shed by His people and only when the cup is full, and that will happen with just one extra drop of blood, then He will call time and appear at His second coming. That plane would have been full had His people joined Him in the harvest but they refused, instead they murdered Him!

So Peter was correct, he was ready for the flight! All that was required was that he had his feet washed and unlike Judas that was all that was required. He knew of the most important date in the Jewish calendar was the Day of Atonement which was the last step before entry into Heaven where his final clean up would occur and from there the next step was Heaven itself! So 9am to noon on GFPMC covered the confessed sins not just up to Peter’s time but all such sins right up to the second coming which will only occur when the harvest is complete and every last soul who seeks salvation is saved. And that means and it is proved by there not being one conversion after this time.

But this 9 until noon time slot was for the children of God to come to Him and seek forgiveness and want to be with Him forever, it is not about them coming to Him with just concealed knives and stabbing Him to death, it is the delight with which they did so that causes Heaven to turn another page and to turn the lights off, the three hours of darkness, noon until 3pm. Even though Heaven and certainly we want to forget this time slot we have to leave it to Scripture to tell us about this time. It was darkness and the depth of evil but it was countered by the full extent of the love of Jesus! But we will leave that until the next visit to chapter nineteen.

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Humanity struck the bottom of evil on GFPMC by the murder of Jesus Christ and today it strikes those same depths by the murder of His body, the Christian Church and if satan was half as effective at that of Jesus’ murder as he is today then little wonder he was so successful; all he has to do is to break off our relationship to God and to throw His holy gifts back into His face; he does both by destroying the Sabbath day! I still consider it a role of this blog to defend any tenet that destroys our relationship to Jesus and when I see such a major event as last night on the Swaggart channel I still think it is my duty to reply even though I have done many a time before and so I will include this in [ ] brackets.

[ I should not even have to bother to defend against a ministry that not only supports but encourages its members to jump for joy at seeing their brothers and sisters in Christ being slaughtered and harassed. It was the depth of evil at the time of Jesus and it is the depth of evil today. Whether it will be responsible for sending planet earth in extra time as it did in the time of Jesus, I do not know. I do know how gravely Heaven treats the harm done to its citizens. I do know that Jesus is counting every drop of blood. Swaggart is but one of many such demonic ministries stemming from the bed of evil and satan has to be congratulated as to how well his sheep’s clothing fits over the wolf!  It is not that the Sabbath is the be all and end all of doctrine, it is not. All you have to do is look at those orthodox Jews today who keep the Sabbath down to a tee. It has not brought them to Jesus but in wordily terms has not harmed them either. There are not that many chook pens around the world but if you care to take a peek inside any of them there are not many where the Jew is not sitting on the top rung. It is satan who chooses the Sabbath as the staunchen that has to be broken and allowing the structure to collapse onto itself and it is against these attacks that the holy day of God must be protected.

Any evil ministry, regardless of how many Balaks they had could not successfully operate in the realm of God, in the Bible unless they had at least on Balaam. There could be no communication upwards and certainly none downwards unless for the presence of Balaam. I listen to each of  these ministers and from what I hear I call Balak or Balaam. Hearing Jimmy himself and watching him jump for joy at the sight of what  pagans are doing to the children of Jesus and if you join him he will christen you as a born again ‘christian’ I have no problem in calling,  ‘satan’! Then there is John a professed Jew and Christian. To allow the denigration of the Sabbath in this way puts a line through his claim as a Jew and to condone what the depth of evil is doing to Christians extends that line through the claim of being a Christian. Sole purpose is to allow the Jews to fully carry out that murder of Christ now to His followers; satan or satanic agent? But last night it was the turn of Loren L to step up and answer his master’s call in demolishing the Sabbath with the analogy of children sticking things into power points. The problem Loren is that you always have JOHN 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 against you and you will be shown out to be a liar and there is no truth in you! But where you differ from the rest of your demons is that you clearly define what steps you take from keeping anyone away from Jesus and the cross.

Your basic argument is that since you are in Jesus and Jesus is the Sabbath then you have entered into Sabbath’s rest because you are in Jesus! You fail on both grounds; Jesus is not the Sabbath any more than Jesus is murder or any one of the other commandments and you are not in Jesus and have made a very specific decision to be excluded from Him which leaves you under the old covenant and from which position it is impossible to be saved. You so desperately want others to join you where you are which makes you one of satan’s agents!

The Sabbath is no more Jesus Christ than is the cross. If you want to paint a picture of Jesus Christ and Jesus is either not walking to the cross, hanging on the cross or being resurrected and walking

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away from the cross then the picture you have painted is just some figment of your imagination. The cross is certainly a central tenet of our faith but it is not Jesus Christ. By not accepting anyone of the Ten Commandments, disqualifies you from entering the new covenant. This new covenant is that of the cross, that what Jesus accomplished. It is not the surest way, it is the only way to get to Heaven. The procedure of entering this covenant, the life of Jesus Christ is very strictly defined in the Bible and repeated many times in this blog so far. It involves the transfer of the law written on stone and onto the heart. The Ten Commandments. They transfer as a unit or they don’t go at all. Once on the heart it is quite simple to give them to Jesus and ask Him to keep them for us something He gladly does. Having done this we can start packing our heavenly bags! We cannot miss out from here! Fall we will and at times catastrophically but it is only a matter of sticking our hand out and saying, ‘forgive me Jesus and help me!’  And this is what those evil ministries like Swaggart’s stop  you from doing and in the most effective way that satan can think of.


Most people today would not know that entry into the new covenant is described in a number of places in the Bible including Jeremiah (31:33) and the harm that demonic ministries like Swaggart’s do is to point out this commandment and then explain away why you do not have to obey. You convert what was an unintentional sin into an intentional sin ensuring their damnation. In this world they do not take the blessings that only God can give and even though they may see the cross of Christ they will never get close enough to take advantage of it. You are liars and there is no truth in you! But all is not lost Loren. If you continue to be a good boy and echo your masters voice when that new Jerusalem comes down full of animals in paddocks and you run around catching those lambs, Jimmy might allow you to cut one of their throats, see it bleed to death and then look for its faults! Little chance of getting to the controls of the eternal fires of hell, that has already been allocated to far higher powers. If you keep ringing the bells the way you have been under the inspiration of your master I can see a promotion for you in the wind! But in the meantime during your apprenticeship interpret the word ‘remember’ to ‘don’t worry about it has all been done away with’ and ‘keep holy’ to ‘do anything but associate to Jesus’ and ‘Sabbath day’ to any day or time frame that does not include Saturday, and ‘do no work’ substitutes with maximum work load. Anyone of these four would have been enough to destroy the commandment there was no need to obliterate it! Killing all four only shows what contempt and hate you have for the Law of God! You are not giving it any chance of ever resurrecting itself!]

But the matter in hand is chapter nine, the Passover which we approach with a very poor footing as we still have been floored by the beauty of what we saw in chapter eight where Jesus added the remaining two crosses and then turned on all seven lights. And a condition of another visit to chapter eight is conditional to a number of visits to chapter seven. Chapter eight does show the value of the custodians of Heaven. One minute they fly as the angels of death and the next as restoring the life of Jesus. Now they find the bride, all 144 million members (?) has collapsed and cannot go on! She was shown the last two crosses and seven lights and the seven steps to Christ and she can’t believe at what it about to happen to her as she crosses onto the new earth. There is certainly a need for these angels now, everyone of them. They have to welcome the bride into their home, they know of the love that Jesus holds for His bride and they want to please Him, but what role will they have in the eternity. We can’t tell them to dig this patch of ground and plant cabbages and this one for pumpkins because in a perfect world there will no digging or watering. We may ask them to collect the harvest with us but overall they will worship Jesus just like we will! Three levels so far of Passover.

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Level one; Jesus dies at three pm on GFPMC, side opened at 4pm and is placed in Joseph’s tomb by the Sabbath at 6pm. It only has the same entrance and exit and His body, the pearl is place here by humanity, Joseph and Nicodemus. At midnight the angel of death passes over this tomb with the pearl in it as well as anyone else who wants to join Jesus in His death, usually if possible but not necessarily so in by drowning in the baptismal font. Could even be the same angel that return on Sunday morning with some of the divine blood of Jesus and restores His life and removes the stone. This will not happen to us until the very end and is the start of eternity for us. In favour of this scenario of Passover that lines up with Egypt; the Lamb dies at 3pm on Good Friday, the placement of the body of Jesus with even the tiniest amount of blood at the entrance to the tomb notifies the angel of death as to why this tomb has to be passed over. The act of eating that body that had been roasted in hell makes it a part of us and a part of the pearl in the tomb. The compulsion of finishing that meal by morning switched the worship of Sabbath from the day before, GFPMC to the day ahead; Resurrection Sunday. Against; there was only one exit and entrance into Joseph’s tomb, the act of GFPMC is blurred over two days where GFPMC is a single whole day and we need to know way more about the blood of the Lamb.

Level two: Begins just before 3pm on GFPMC when Jesus asks for the grape related product which breaks His Nazirite’s vow, as it completes this break, formalises it and joins us as slave and servant where He may not have gone to the cross as especially if he went there from DOA3888 and have been as a father taking the punishment for His children, but certainly at noon where His role changed to servant and slave, He exits at 3pm as servant and slave. He has joined us in this role and will remain in this role now for nearly 3,900 years until His transfiguration, when He shaves His defiled hair the Friday before DOA7777. Entrance to this pearl has come from GFPMC just like the entrance to Joseph’s tomb came from GFPMC and the exit from this holy day, DOA7777 is also Resurrection Sunday. But the differences are that there is now 1,259 days of tabernacle building and they are closed off with the decommissioning of the Nazirite which is also the details of GFPMC. Again the pearl has been encapsulated on entry and exit by GFPMC. This pearl was also present on two days; two thousand years ago (?) the full extent of the love of Jesus was displayed in the dark hours of noon to 3pm on GFPMC but now it displayed on worship Sabbath in full light of the transformation of Jesus. Now this pearl is displayed in its true colours, with no evil to hinder it, it is displayed as the twin sacrifice of the birds; the sin and burnt offerings of the pigeon/turtledoves. Thus there is a twin display of the same pearl on both Friday and Saturday but under entirely different conditions. But where is the Passover in DOA7777?

Level three: Level three comes from the ultimate act of Passover; the peace offering. By passing over at the level of the peace offering allows us through initially onto the new earth and ultimately into the Most Holy Place itself; the New Jerusalem. But if this is of such critical importance and to those crossing over onto the new world it certainly is then why does Jesus appear to treat  the peace offering so lightly at His decommissioning? He only presents a ram in chapter seven but in chapter eight there are twenty one animals presented as the peace offering! (I am taking peace and fellowship offerings to be synonymous)

Jesus presenting ‘only’ a ram at this stage as we are about to make our first crossing through the doorway with the torn curtain onto the new earth and we need to be passed over by the angel of death.—

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The peace offering at the decommissioning of the Nazirite is more than just ‘only’. Look at what at what it is buffered by at the same time; the male lamb one year old and the ewe-lamb one year old as burnt and sin offerings. This peace offering has the full backing of Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). It is only for the first hurdle, entry onto the new earth and entry through the pearly gates is a different matter altogether. It is the subject of Numbers seven and its peace offering from where we have come after our fourth visit and now another visit is justified. But now I want to form a framework on which to build and expand Holy Scripture’s Book of Numbers. So the next round through, round five I want to include Numbers six, the Nazirite and call it the fifth visit although there have been many more, Numbers seven, the fifth cross and the fifth visit, Numbers eight, the collapse of the bride, fifth visit, Numbers nine, the Passover, fifth visit, Numbers chapters ten to eighteen will have to be added to the framework as prayers cut in, now chapter nineteen and call it my fourth visit and prayerfully the reason for this revision to give us enough momentum to carry us through all those sacrifices of chapters twenty nine and thirty. It was for this reason that we started the revision.  Numbers nineteen, Ordinance of the red heifer and the fourth visit.

The ordinance of the red heifer was celebrated by the Jews after devastating events like captivity and war loses. It was there to recharge flattened batteries and to allow another start in life without which a start may not have happened or at least taken a very long time to happen. And thus it is also in Heaven, inside of that door with that torn curtain, on the new earth. Entry into Heaven after a very long absence! Up there I also compare our state of worship to a battery which peaks and is 100% charged as at the DOA3888, is only allowed to discharge to 97% at the Passover and rebuilt to 100% in the next DOA3888, but because there are no wars or captivity up there it never drops below 97% of full worship. The ordinance of the red heifer is only going to be required once to bring us up to that level of 97%.

I don’t know at what level of worship stage my battery is at but if Heaven gave me 1% I would be pleasantly surprised and would be thrilled if it increased by 1% on each visit, a goal worth aiming at but as any increase it is dependant of the start line. If you think you are at 100% already there is little point in coming here and if you are at 99% then go to DOA3888 or 98% then go to Passover but I go to where my Master sent Nicodemus and the Old Testament.

Here I cannot believe at what a low level this worship begins. It is not zero but almost so, it is not 100% evil but it is almost so, it is not just taking the perfect Word of God to justify murder, it is taking His Word to justify the murder and committing this murder on the One from Whom this Word originates; the murder of Jesus Christ. The three synoptic Gospels are the Gospels of DOA3888 but John alone is the Gospel of DOA7777. In Matthew, Mark and Luke Jesus has His last supper with His disciples and as Pilot, Master, King and High Priest He goes to the Garden of Gethsemane for lift off to Heaven just like Scripture had allowed for and the preferred option. The children of God go to the Father, seek and are given forgiveness of their sins and go and live in Heaven for the eternities to come. That may have been the preferred option but it did not happen and what did happen is recorded in the Gospel of John. Here Jesus admits that His journey to collect His people and bring  them home has been a failure. He takes the only option available; if they won’t come to Him then He will go to them as their servant and slave and as their servant and slave and using His own perfect Word against Him they justify murdering Him. And they take great delight in doing so! It does not get any lower than that. Had not Jesus countered that depth of depravity by revealing the depth of His love then instead of light just disappearing the world itself would have imploded and

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disappeared! If I was placing a marker between the New and Old Testament this is where I would place it. Either where Jesus washed His disciple’s feet and showing the full extent of His love; instead of master and king He was now their slave or servant or at the moment where Jesus made this decision to switch roles and withdrew His Shekinah Glory of God, King, Master but not Saviour and Redeemer. The Gospel of John tackles this problem directly; ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning’.

It is all about the ‘Word’ and it can be so hopelessly distorted that it can be used to justify murder not only of its giver but also of its adherents, Christians. It is not that the bases of this word is ambiguous, has become distorted, miscopied or even lost. No, it was written out by God Himself and on a material that is imperishable, God wrote those Ten Commandments Himself and on stone! And it is going to be God/Jesus Christ Who will judge according to it. After all it amounts to ‘whoever believes in His Son’ that is synonymous with the ‘Word’ is the only criteria that either gets you into Heaven or hell! Scripture must be very careful therefore in how it defines the ‘Word’. It can leave no room for input from me or you. As soon as this happens look at the disaster it led to at the time of Jesus and these changes are setting up that same catastrophe today. We could not be more strongly alerted from these people, Jesus has given them the harshest of all titles; they are liars and there is no truth in them! They want to lead you to the same evil as at the time of Jesus. They want to twist His Holy Word in the same way that happened in the time of Jesus so that they can justify His murder and jump for joy at the sight of killing Him. Today the Swaggart ministries and others are doing exactly that! They twist the Word of God not just to justify the murder of His people, Christians but also making sure that their followers have to finish up in hell. Satan’s ultimate desire! It is not I who makes the judgment that the best and most effective way of doing this is to breakdown the blessings of the Sabbath Day, it is satan and how right he is! Each will stand in front of Jesus for judgment and many will plead ‘I did not know’ which is one defence but the one most will rely on will be, ‘I could not accept,…. And forever reasons’ Unintentional has become intentional! Unless confessed hell it a certainty!

For those who don’t know, well come and join the queue. For those who do know and have changed the Word of Jesus for whatever reason, they twist the Word of Jesus and throw it back into His Holy Face and will then use this distortion to murder His followers and send their congregations to hell! And this is the situation that confronts us in Numbers nineteen and the ordinance of the red heifer. The situation is that they have done it! They have murdered Jesus, His own people by twisting His Holy Word and jumped with delight and hatred at seeing their Saviour die! The first question was why did Jesus allow them to do this terrible thing to Him? What is going to happen to fill this chasm between divinity and humanity and how is it going to work?  I think that I have already corrected my first impression that the plane leaving that night from Gethsemane on the night before GFPMC was going to be empty. No there would have been many people from the OT and even from those who were alive on that Thursday night and I have already given some list. Significant on that list were transformation characters of Moses, the Old Testament and Elijah might have even been there to welcome on board the living. The significant of the living would have been the disciples and evangelists of the future church. Peter, yes, Mary, yes, Paul ??? They had accepted Jesus, they were His children and they wanted to be with Him. Yes they were naughty and they carried many intentional sins. But that is okay because a specific part of DOA3888 was just about that; confessed sins and placing hands on scapegoats and watching as they were led and destroyed with their sins outside of the city. It maybe an interesting question whether Paul would be on the plane to Heaven if he saw that Jesus was the pilot but more important theologically is did this goat from DOA3888

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finish up on GFPMC between 9am and Noon. No all the disciples believed they were Heaven bound that night and the depth of that belief can only be judged by how long it took them to change their minds! —


Most of the time I do not shoot off the hip and have overnight preparation. Overnight thought; our attempt to make a trilogy of Friday, Saturday and Sunday is progressing well, Passover joins the Friday of GFPMC to Saturday dawn when the Passover meal had to be finished when the DOA3888 takes over and joins the Sabbath with Resurrection Sunday. There is also some merit with associating DOA3888 and its scapegoat with 9am to noon, the hours of light of GFPMC. The problem with this scapegoat was that it was supposed to be led by a man who was able and after he had led it to its destruction was supposed to return to the temple, wash up and take part in the burnt offering. Jesus did return to Heaven after GFPMC and the burnt offering He will take part in, and there is only one, is still to take place as described in Numbers six and the double header with the burnt sin offering in now a sinless and evil less environment. It even makes more sense when we add the goat as a sin offering made by our leader. It is an extra depth to this goat’s sin offering we already have. But the question to ponder, using JK as an example; why after a trillion years did I not sin and presumably after this time will not sin? Was it because there is no sin and evil in the new earth and Heaven and it is not possible to sin or was it because I have such an abhorrence for sin after seeing what I did not even consider as sin what that did to my loving Lord and Master, Jesus Christ! What keeps us from sinning up there?

But it is back to correction time and I am not even sure how I wrote this chapter up last time. It certainly is wrong if I wrote it up occurring in the new Heaven and earth. I took the ewe-lamb as occurring on our planet but to change species from ewe-lamb to heifer I took it as crossing through the torn curtain and into the new world. Up here everything changed and I was not allowed to use words like; sin, death, suffering, sadistic, murder as in a sinless and evil less world these are not in their dictionary nor do they any concept of them. As the red heifer ordinance applies to earth’s side all the above is irrelevant. Concepts that can be corrected I still regard as progressive revelation. So as I look at this page now what is it saying?  (Numbers 19)

The command itself comes from God. He is instructing Moses/Jesus and the mediators between God and man to do something in the presence of Aaron, Jesus as high priest is supposed to check this out as well. The issue is not the peace offering, this was settled way back in chapter six at the decommissioning of the Nazirite. The bride was allowed to come through and the angel of death would pass over her. No the issue here is that the sons of Israel lost it and lost it big time. As a screaming, vengeful, hateful mob of murderers they twisted the perfect law of Jesus Christ and used it to crucify Him and to top it all off, they delighted in doing so! So it is God now putting the question to his Son; ‘why did you do this? You did not have to do so and you could quite easily have come back home on the Thursday night with the redeemed, cleaned them up via the DOA3888 and brought them into Heaven. Why did you stay back? Why did You allow that mob to lynch You? Why did you allow them to desecrate Your Law and Word? They all should have been into hell but then You took their place in hell for them! The requirements to fill this chasm that was generated by your murder are;

The mob that did this to You, have repented and want to be saved now have to present a red heifer. (all animals sacrificed represent Jesus Christ. The sin in question was never considered under any

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‘ordinary’ sin offering. It is of a different species and of the highest order of evil). This red heifer being examined by both Moses and Aaron and judged to be suitable but not accepted by them to be offered are passed onto the one Who allowed Himself to be murdered and is therefore responsible for the chasm. Jesus really did allow this to Happen to Him way back on GFPMC and is now recounting and accounting for His actions. This is not now happening in our little porch as we await entry onto the new earth. No on that cross of GFPMC there was the extra horror of the noon to 3pm darkness where that chasm and its crossing were addressed. Eleazar the priest broke it and Eleazar the priest has to fix it. Jesus the priest broke it and Jesus the priest has to fix it. He did not have to do it, the plane was ready for lift off in Gethsemane!

The fact that there was a  tandem pair at work here, Eleazar doing to the red heifer is similar to the man who was able taking out the scapegoat but I think in this case it indicates the sovereignty of the decision to stay behind and not leave on that Thursday night. But Jesus was taken outside of the city and slaughtered there. I did not know that Jesus sprinkled His blood seven times towards the tent of meeting. It could not have been the earthly one because He had walked out of it leaving it desolate and the one to come in 3,888 year’s time only had a doorway into it and the one which we have spent so long in front of. I still think that the tear in the curtain on this doorway occurred on DOA7777. So this blood that was sprinkled cleansed all the implements that were to be used in this sacrifice, the cross was cleansed and could be brought through this doorway when that curtain tore, not the pearly gates just entry into the new universe, that required the sinless hair of Jesus. Once acceptance was made, the fires of hell were turned on and all the bull consumed; hide, flesh, blood and refuse. These were the fiercest fires as what the Jews did to Jesus were the gravest of sins, but it was not Aaron the high priest who was involved, it was not the divinity of Jesus involved because that divine blood would have put the fires of hell out. The blood of Jesus was waved before/towards the doorway and accepted indicating the following fires would also be accepted and it was used as a cleansing agent for all utensils and it was used to wash all associated sins into hell the only place where sins, all sins can be destroyed. The cedar wood indicates the composition of the cross and therefore the tree of life. And the hyssop the drink given to Jesus on the cross. I don’t know what explanation I gave for the red material being thrown in last visit here, but I can’t think of anything now. There are a number of things that happen to Jesus from the time He dies at 3pm until the Sabbath rest that begins at 6pm. The only cleansing that the body of Jesus received was the blood and water that gushed from His side when the Roman spear opened His side at 4pm. My goodness gracious there are still many visits to be made here before we can begin to understand! There are two men who gathered up the ashes, Joseph and Nicodemus, and according to this Joseph’s tomb must have been outside of the camp, outside of the city. The purity required by God is amazing! Both these men had to be clean to take the body of Jesus but by handling His body which has just been purified through the fires of hell they are now unclean, have to wash and remain unclean until Sabbath! The ashes from the fires of hell form a fascinating topic themselves, ‘keep it as water’?

None of the temple, the Most Holy Place, Holy Place, courtyard or altar could have intentional sins offered. God is hol , free from sin and cannot be offered any confessed sins. The only exception were unintentional sins could be placed on the altar and that was only until they were carried outside of the temple by the scapegoat. The scapegoat, Jesus Christ carried all confessed sins out of the temple and that happened in the yearly DOA3888 ceremony. How drastically that changed on GFPMC when ALL confessed sins were placed on it! But it was not in the Temple precincts when this happened. It had been dragged out by Jesus with the help of Simon and onto Mount Calvary. Even though the whole of the temple area was desolate it still continued to play a role in salvation until it will be

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pulverised just before the second coming. Even the date setting sceptics will not be sceptics anymore! On GFPMC the role of the Most Holy Place, the Holy Place, the altar and courtyard ceased to exist! That massive structure of bronze where literally millions of animals had been burned to ashes was no longer the altar. Each animal symbolised the burning of Jesus Christ in hell and the tons of ashes that resulted from those burned bodies stood for what was left behind after he had been to hell on GFPMC. They were ‘contaminated’ by the ash from the logs of the fire itself but there was no trace, no ashes certainly of confessed sins. That is the beauty of GFPMC, sins are converted into nothing! Ministries like the Swaggart ministry will try to tell you that they are ashes from your sins but this is one of the many clangers they push. Perhaps if Jimmy tells that spirit that keeps talking to him to go play marbles in the next block they might stop producing and ringing those lines of bells! It would be of great interest where that cross/altar of cedar is today but the next time it will appear will be in the new temple after the second coming and around which this temple will be built this time in the ‘right’ place, there will not be any more sins to be placed on it of any shape or colour! It will not have to be dragged outside of the city but for the final DOA7777 it will be lifted  above earth where the temple it stood for almost 1,800 years will be pulverised by satan.

When Peter explained to his congregation at what they had just done to Jesus they were shocked at the severity of their crime. But Peter also informed them that those ashes that were left after hell’s fires also contained the water to remove impurity, it is purification from sin including those from the depth of depravity, this water could even cope with that! This water would save them! Ordinary earthly water with a boiling point of one hundred degrees centigrade could not survive the temperatures of hell which are high enough to obliterate sin. No these waters had to have a divine nature about them just like the body that that has come through to fires leaving the sinless frame.

Even though this water (is this the water that flowed from Jesus’ side?) could do almost anything it would be of little value to the dead. They had just murdered their Saviour and were now preparing their plans to exterminate His followers. There is no known antidote against such evil. Staying away from these corpses is the only remedy. So it is today, the only remedy from those evil who not just kill but take delight in doing so this admonition also applies, stay well away from them! They have your damnation systematically worked out, you will go to hell, that cross they wave in front of you is unattainable! Stay away from such!

Only ten verses were dedicated to the cross but now we have twelve verses dedicated to the water from this cross being used to keep God’s people clean of defilement. We may have received some defilement by being in the army against the beast, but in chapter eight we received a thorough washing. For our first 1,800 odd years we were in the Tent of Meeting of the old Heaven and therefore not in contact with any dead. We prayed for them but did not physically touch them. It is of interest that the blood that Eleazar waved could have been in the direction of this present Tent of Meeting where we will spend our first 1,800 odd years of our Heavenly existence. But this is not the same as the high priest taking it into the Most Holy Place and sprinkling it before the mercy seat.

The sad part of life is that most will not seek Jesus, which is what the Temple stood for anyway and will die in satan’s arms. To distinguish these the rules for the saved, the Levites, would have to be different to those of the congregation. For anyone who touches a corpse needed washing with the water after three and then seven days. When the Nazirite took on Himself all the sins that remained when the fires of hell had been extinguished He remained unclean for seven days. The three days after which require the first wash were Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Why He did not have a wash on

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the Monday we are not told. The rule applies even if you don’t touch this corpse, you just have to be in the room where he dies.


Even though I claim this to be my fourth visit to chapter 19 I may have tried to analyse the first ten verses but the remaining twelve have gone into the ‘next visit’ basket and in the meantime I might find something that will buffer this topic. Sadly though it is GFPMC that buffers and explains many other chapters. (Instead of having 365 days in the Heavenly year we have 364 the commemoration days of 14th of January and the 10th of July would not change each year but the feast would fall on the same day. Regardless of the explanation I will continue to use Friday as Good Friday for GFPMC and the holy Sabbath as the 10th of July) The topic of GFPMC should be a joyous one today but it was not always the case. When God the Father showed God the Son the cup from which He was going to drink from, if in fact He went ahead with it, may have had joyous results of ash and water emanating from this ash but to get to this stage the fires of hell would be fierce indeed. The call was left to Jesus. Yes the burning in hell is going to be horrific and the sins that Jesus takes in there many; the separation from God the Father because of the defilement much worse; it is your own children whom you love so much and have so carefully nutured for well over a thousand years, whom you have come down to collect and take back to  Heaven with you are now going to jump for joy as they plunge their knives into you in satanic joy; it is the hate and envy they have for you that caused them to tell the lies they told about you must all drive very sharp and rusty spikes that will be driven into you, but far worse than all of these is that they have twisted your Holy Word in such a way as to justify their acts of bastardy against you. This was the cruellest blow of all; the use of the perfect Word to justify the most evil crime ever committed. This is not some hypothetical that happened some two thousand years ago, no it is very common today and to commit the same sin.

The Word of God, as in the theory of evolution is like a piece of plasticine. Can you account for a creature with ten heads and eleven tails? Sure, watch! This evolves here and this one over here and we stick it on the three of life over here and voila! A creature with eleven heads and ten tails and that will be in 123.45 million years! But no I asked for ten heads and eleven tails. No problem that is just another stage of evolution. We will take this head and leave it in a cave for 6.78 million years and again it is QED! And they twist the Word of God in a similar way. All that needs to be determined is, ‘What do you want it to say?’ Ministries like Swaggarts want you to march in wars, kill Christians and then fall into hell. Accompanied by wonderful music and constant shouts of, ‘Glory be’ and ‘Alleluias’ and real pro stuff at twisting the Word of God, they turn the volume up and jump and march. The spin doctors bring down their spirits and they all have a wonderful conversation of speaking in demonic tongues, catch a few sheep, slit a few throats, have a few chats with the world above and the one below, a general wonderful time is had by all! You will have to go a long way to see the lynch pin of the Law of God desecrated in a more efficient way than Larson did to the Sabbath recently. More lies may in the case of fake media produce fake truth but in the Bible only makes you bigger liars and no truth in you.

And this is the issue that is being addressed in the ordinance of the red heifer. The twisted Word of God being used to justify to kill the giver and creator of this Word. The issues being addressed here settle many questions like; how can the most important date, or even the only date and not being a Jew one that carries 95% significance in the OT just disappear off the radar completely and be transferred to another date which had little significance? Sabbath was transferred to Friday, all the sins which were taken away on the DOA3888 suddenly were taken away on GFPMC instead?  The

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Passover lamb became the red heifer, the life of the earth doubled and the list I came up with last night that now evades me.

The switch occurred on  Friday the Passover a day that had very little if anything to do with sins. It was about initially a lamb being killed and its blood being splashed over a doorframe of the house so that the firstborn males would not die when the angel of death passed over. We can extend that this was not just the release of God’s people from slavery but from the slavery of sin. This was confirmed by the issuing of the Ten Commandments and the role that the Passover lamb would eventually hold in the keeping of these commandments. But there were no spikes being driven here on crosses hung on, or bodies in graves. In fact what happened here is only commemorated and used once; the birthday of the journey to Heaven of the people of God; 01/01/01 and even by the next year, the second year that had changed, the Passover, to 14/01/02, in one year! I don’t know how the Jews justify this change of date and the only explanation I have is that this is what happens in Heaven. Up there in the new universe our birthday will be 01/01/01 as Jesus begins His new creation. We see our home of the future being built brick by brick over seven days and yes Loren that does include the Sabbath day after which we begin streaming through the doorway of the porch we have been on and into the new earth. It is not God Who holds up the crossing and makes it last seven days it is the saints themselves, the bride who are the problem. There are many people’s names in the book of numbers up there and it we who check that no dogs or murders or liars or adulterers or idolaters come across with their disease, pollute the new earth and starting up that cycle of evil again! And we check it twice! We do not celebrate the start of the new creation, 01/01/01 we celebrate the day that we all arrived, 14/01/01 and forever more this will certainly be the date when we all passed over and the date of the Heavenly Passover will begin on 14/01/02, we get a year to prepare ourselves! But both earthly and heavenly 01/01/01 events are one off. On earth in Egypt that day the answer was, ‘Yes’ to the question, ‘Will the firstborn males, today called Christians, be able to enjoy the inheritance they receive from Jesus, blocks of land, apartments in the City, family life, angelic brotherhood, seeing His throne and whatever else for the eternities, the angel of death will pass over them if they are inside a building which has the blood of the Lamb on its door frame?’  The answer that was given that night was, ‘Yes’ and it only had to be given once. In Heaven as we watch Jesus speak the word and the new universe responds to that Word if I am there I will be very closely watching events and at the end of day seven, or whenever I will take the trouble to find my golfing friend Ken D and tell him, I was right and you were wrong, there are no toilets in Heaven!’ and by now I will have got that bit of information I needed from the third law of thermodynamics. At times like now I feel justified in my final vitriolic attack on him in the last two or three days of his life. He died from cancer which finally got into his brain. It was the only option left. It was and is unthinkable that for a person with his qualifications and brain power and claimed belief in the Bible as the Word of God could believe in an old earth. And it was he who attacked young earth creationist with such venom. When he did put his arguments to the Technical Journal he made a very sorrowful sight when they were torn to pieces, he never won one of them! It was against this background that I told him his imminent death was not the result of a bolt out of the blue, it was his bedfellow satan rewarding him for those satanic results! You don’t have to have taken many steps in your Christian life to realise that the paradigm of an old earth undermines and destroys the credibility of Scripture very efficiently. At the end he just closed his eyes and it was then that all the prayers that I had prayed for him cut in. I must believe they did so because I will spend time looking for him as his numbers can’t be that far away from mine in the Book of Numbers! But statistical thermodynamics, really! Thermodynamics is not about watching and counting blue and pink balls rolling around on a valley floor it is about whether those balls have enough energy to roll over the hills around them,

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and they will either all roll over or none will do so! When a piece of ice is left at room temperature, say 40 degrees c, an endothermic reaction where the order of the molecules is reduced, both enthalpy and entropy terms negative, the ice will melt, all the ice will melt and not just parts of it!

On earth too our first celebration of Passover when the angel of death passed over the saints of all time and soon to be called Levites is also 14/01/02. We must keep in mind constantly that what is happening are arrangements between God and His people and not between God and a bunch of demons who are going to take such delight and satisfaction in firstly stabbing Him to death and then turning on His followers. It is the Lamb of God that is involved and not the red heifer! It is certainly looking like another bout of progressive revelation but something of momentous proportions has the take place in order to change a species from lamb to heifer!

The rest of the Old Testament now follows the history of this formalised relationship between God and His people. They were supposed to move mountains to get proselytes to join them and for the most part they did or at least it remained a priority and the time they all awaited ,was when the Saviour would come and take them all back to Heaven with Him. Because they were His children they knew that He would do that for them and OT books like Daniel were quite specific when their Messiah would come and year by year they practised and prepared for their Messiah. Their preparation was thorough and extensive. Every year they would go through a dry run. Each year they act out their final cleansing before entry into Heaven when their Messiah brought them back here and it is quite amazing how the Day of Atonement (DOA3888) accounted for all scenarios. It catered for confessed intentional sin and confessed unintentional sin of the congregation. (Scapegoat) It catered for unconfessed unintentional sins which passed to the high priest. Many are going to be shocked and surprised but unconfessed intentional sins cannot be catered for. Because they are unconfessed they did not pass onto the scapegoat, Jesus Christ Who would gladly have taken to hell with Him but He will not take things no given to Him. That is the principle of free will.

The disciples of Jesus were His own people; Jews. They were all trained in this thousand odd year training scheme. They did not need to know the prophesies of Daniel or Ezra or Isiah. They knew Jesus was the Messiah and the next station for them would be the Day of Atonement (DOA3888) There was not going to have to be a cleansing and they would not have to spend 1,800 odd years in Heaven before they went to their DOA3888. Their Messiah had come to get them and He had come now!—


The transformation and combination of DOA3888 and GFPMC appears to have been successful. From the time Jesus decided to stay for the Friday and its associated horror He brought forward the cross of the DOA3888 to GFPMC. Regardless of when it happened it was always going to happen. His people would come and ask Him for forgiveness and He would always grant it. The confessed sins came forward from the DOA3888 and the flight that arrived from Gethsemane and into GFPMC.

The scapegoat and the man leading it also came forward as Eleazar and scapegoat which was outside of the city and killed. But Good Friday and the murder of Jesus Christ by His own people changed the tone significantly. The scapegoat now not only had the sins of the people of God it now also had the confessed sins of those murderers. It changed from scapegoat to scape heifer, a much more valuable sacrifice in the eyes of God. It punishment increased exponentially. It was not going to be destroyed in a matter of seconds as it was thrown over a cliff, it was now going to burn in the fires of hell for a period of six hours! The sentence and punishment had to be increased due to the severity of the

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Friday crime! There is no indication that the role of the man who led the now scape heifer changed. It was still Eleazar and as priest Jesus was slaughtered, as sin caused the death of Jesus even if they were ‘benign’ sins of His own people pleading for mercy and these too would have been required to be burned in hell. With the severity of what happened on Good Friday the fires of hell were turned up as we know from Hebrews happened to anyone who continually and intentionally keeps breaking the commandments of God even after been given permission from Loren of the Swaggart ministries!

We are not told how many saints or even angels there will be in Heaven for the eternities to come. I try to make a case out for 144 million but is purely guessametric. Had Jesus chosen to return to Heaven that night of Thursday before GFPMC the number going back to Heaven that night would have been vanishingly small, two or a most four million saints living in a city 2,200 kms square, (1,600 miles square) and an earth much larger but the same number of redeemed would have had many empty spaces and this is what the red heifer is about; the extra 140 or 142 million people who will be taken up as a result of what happened on GFPMC! And this is what those remaining twelve verses of Numbers nineteen are about; corpses and water! The specific conclusion that will be drawn is that after DOA3888 and Jesus had not gone ahead with GFPMC but returned back home on Thursday night there would be no ashes with water to remove impurity and purification from sin as there would be no need for it. The now obedient children of God would not require it. That extra mile that Jesus had to go through with the fires of hell stoked even higher is what has produced these ashes and water.

Heaven does not regard just those who die in satan’s territory as evil which by definition they must be, no Heaven regards all dead as evil and that is because they defile God when on death they expel Him. That death is the result of sin and there was no need for that sin and death. It depends on whether you believe the many ministries around today or whether you believe God when He told Adam, ‘if you eat of this tree. (you disobey Me and sin), you will SURELY die!’  And just like these liars change the meaning of, ‘Remember the Sabbath day….’ to anything but remember so they change, ‘surely die’ to any number of satanic interpretations each designed to allow satan to have more power in your life and make hell a greater certainty. But you will surely die and this is the result of the greatest stupidity ever committed by our first parents!

But that stupidity is being matched today and not just by a few but the majority. There is no need to go to the world of the dead. Jesus has been there for us and to its very depths. He went as servant and slave and was treated as our servant and slave. He took our place in the world of the dead and released us to go to Heaven. He has accomplished all and all we have to do is to take advantage of it and go to heaven! Accept Christ and not only just go to Heaven but don’t go to hell either, you would not think that there is going to be one person who will not accept this offer? There is not much point laughing at the stupidity of Adam and Eve and Lucifer when our own stupidity is on par with theirs!

The defilement that resulted from touching a corpse lasted for seven days and required washing with this water that was left after the fires on day three and seven. Jesus was dead and therefore regarded as causing uncleanliness for three days, but was it water that was applied to His body on Resurrection Sunday morning that brought Him back to life? When He accepted all the sins that remained after the fires of hell had gone out Jesus was defiled for seven days and was cleansed on the seventh day and cut His defiled locks off to actually display Himself as He did to the apostles at the transfiguration. But again this did not involve water or ashes.

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These last verses now expose the water and the ashes for which Jesus went to hell and back and will form the bases of the waters of Meribah over which both Moses and Aaron had to die, both were not allowed to enter the Promised Land.

When Jesus creates the new universe it does not appear that He will create any water at all and that is very strange because He created the present universe out of water! All water!—


In the Book of Revelation we are told there is no sea but that may also include large bodies of water such as lakes. Water will still be the universal solvent of life, all the elements will still be there and have roles and at least the forces we ‘understand’ will also have to be there otherwise the first created universe of Jesus Christ was only made out of second hand materials and more than likely why it failed, but no we have first- hand materials and that is not why the first world failed. The source of any water up there came from the ashes of the red heifer here on earth.

Jesus does not have to create the New Jerusalem He just has to create a new base for it to sit on. The present Most Holy Place is going to be refurbished as now there is no evil. One major change is that it is no longer confined and the roof can be removed. Our apartment that Jesus has gone to prepare for us can also be added but the main addition is the throne and the river of water gushing out from underneath it. It is not created water it is the water that soaked out of the ashes of the red heifer. This water has a long and painful history.

For a long time it was mixed with blood for the history of Jesus’ people. It was mixed on the cross and it remained mixed for our history as represented by one hour of the cross, from 3pm until 4pm. At 3pm that servant and slave Who hung on the cross officially asked for fermented wine, broke His relationship with His Father and joined humanity. He joined the dead, He became a corpse of chapter nineteen. This ‘corpse’ was more than just any corpse, it had just been through the fires of hell. There was divinity there in the ashes and the blood otherwise hell would have consumed them. The offer of the water and blood remained for anyone who chose to accept them and millions did. But that offer was only available until 4pm when those despicable natured people chose to open the side of Jesus, the great tribulation and the second coming. At this point the water and the blood separated and from now and the next 1,260 years until the door of mercy closed only the water that removes impurity and purifies from sin was on offer. There was no point in offering the blood, of putting pearl before swine they would only trample them into the mud! No one took the offer of the water, there was little point in offering the blood after the second coming!

The Roman spear, the power of the day, separated the water and the blood at 4pm on Mount Calvary and it appears that this separation is forever. The ruling power that actually does this in time at the second coming and the great tribulation is so horrible that it cannot be described. This was also the case at the first coming when Daniel makes no attempt to describe it. Trying to describe God’s own people twisting His Holy Word in order to justify the murder of not just the Messiah but of His followers also in the collaboration of Christian nations so called is perhaps best to do what Scripture does, leave it as indescribable. But it does point to that golden censer that is lined with our prayers and is hurled back to earth at the end of the millennium has two compartments. One to collect the blood of Jesus from this earth at 4pm of the 10th of July, 486 and returned to His body on the next day, Resurrection Sunday and the other compartment for the water that flowed from Jesus’ side at 4pm on GFPMC but this water will be whisked up into the New Jerusalem where instead pouring out of the heart of Jesus it will stream out from under His throne! In the meantime it will

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split both Heaven and earth into two events. GFPMC and DOA3888 (?) To get rid of the defilement caused not just by touching or being in contact with a corpse but being a corpse as well. It will consist of a three day washing with the water that came from that three day event and only ended with the resurrection of Jesus and will culminate with the seven day washing of the Day of Atonement (at this stage DOA3888 and/or DOA7777). GFPMC is about the water and DOA is about the blood. It is the two stage washing of the third and the seventh day and without which we will be cut off and not be the people of God. We cannot defile the tabernacle of the Lord and still be His people.

Even though this maybe our fourth visit to the red heifer it only the first time that we have gleaned a little of the depth and beauty of the water and the ash that resulted from GFPMC. Where Jesus went as servant and slave to show us the full extent of His love. To show us that there is no sin that He cannot nor will not forgive when asked. And that invitation still stands for those who committed the greatest of sins and caused the greatest of pain; twisting the Holy Word of Jesus in order firstly to murder Him and also His disciples! For that is what changed history back then and will change history soon again and for those who take advantage of the ashes and the water will be grateful forever more!  But now that we have some concept of the ashes and water (GFPMC) we should be able to start working in the concept of the blood and DOA with the first issue being is it DOA3888 or is it DOA7777 or both? And then onto Meribah which becomes the source of this water and do we really need to strike the rock for it to yield its treasure or just a quiet prayer?  How serious a crime did Moses and Aaron commit in striking the rock twice?

Having compartmerised the blood of Jesus as the centre of our worship on the Day of Atonement and invoking Leviticus 16 as its description defines this day as DOA3888. The full description of Leviticus 16 would have happened had Jesus arrived back home with very few of His people on that night before GFPMC from Gethsemane. He did not come back that night with as few as a few million people abut decided to stay on with the result that the harvest of the second coming could well be 144 million or seventy times larger after some 1,900 years. We have already looked at what changes this delay caused to Leviticus 16 but after making these changes does that make DOA3888 the holy day of eternity and where does DOA7777, the sacrifice of the two birds fit into the picture?


The fact that there are so many questions is not necessarily discouraging providing on each visit we glean some extra information and now with a fifth visit it should be our prayer to gain more than we did the previous time. This time round we have to add to our framework chapter fifteen the only instructions which so far have to be carried out, ‘When you get to Canaan’. It is a Heavenly chapter. The reason I had to go back near the start of this book was because when I got to chapters 29 and 30 they were pretty well a blank sheet of paper and the revision may not have been thorough enough to change this situation but at least by attaching these chapters to the framework allows multiple visits to begin. The fact that it is from such a low base is not relevant. Before beginning with twenty nine just a look at the big picture and yes it does relate to Swaggart so I will include it in [  ].

[ Out of all the complexity in the Bible the only real concern to us today is the second section of the cross, the bit between GFPMC and the second coming and even here we are given mountains of information. The reality is that both first and second comings are related and the phenomenal success that satan had in disrupting the first coming he will again try on in the second coming.

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‘Satan’s success’ at the first coming, Jesus translated into a seventy fold (?) increase at the second coming and so it will be again soon.

I am still amazed how the Jews after 1,260 odd dry runs of both DOA3888 and Passover could get run 1,261 so wrong and maybe a lesson from them could stop us from making the same mistakes or should murdering their Saviour instead of going back to Heaven with Him be referred to more like a disaster! So what went wrong and what should I avoid?  I know He is coming back because Scripture, the Bible tells me so. (Room for satan to operate, convince the people that no such thing will happen). When He does come back He will be seeking for every sheep to take back, that is His nature and His love for every created being. (Balak/satan must cut in here to reduce this number to zero or at least the lower the better. Balak puts much thought into this process when he sees the people of Jesus congregating for their Heavenly journey and the amazing thing is that when he runs his ideas past Jesus, Jesus corrects him! Jesus tells him he is not going to kill many Christians that way at all and how to adjust his plan which goes horribly close to killing ALL of Jesus’ people! It is Jesus Who tells satan how to almost exterminate all but 144,000 of His own flock! And the Bible gives me great detail of what is going to happen to me. It is going to be about faith and trust and to have these we are going to need a firm foundation (satan denies and twists Scripture to make it meaningless or at least unreliable). I don’t need to be told that the paradigm of evil will be evolution, it already is. It has not yet been used to determine my fate but I will not be surprised to get a letter from my friendly bank informing me that the issue of this plastic card in a now cashless society, is conditional on me signing my belief in evolution and anyone not doing so will be declared a terrorist. By not accepting the mark of the beast results in automatic loss of earthly possessions but also marks me out for the attack of the beast. The clincher that proves all is that earthquake that levels Jerusalem. The wrath of God has now reached its boiling point, the city lies in ruins and there will have to be TV’s in public places for me to see this as all my earthly possessions were confiscated some time ago. And as God’s wrath erupted on those pagan Jews at the first coming for twisting the Word of God and then using it to murder the giver of the Word and latter His followers so now at the second coming they try on the same caper! Twist the Word of God and use it not just to harass and slaughter Christians but drive the sheep out of the fold in the first place! And how good are the ministries like Swaggart’s at doing thus this? The Jews may design their buildings and bunkers with reinforced steel and concrete to withstand an earthquake  of force ten of the Richter scale but as it is the wrath of God that is now the issue and He will have no problem in going to 15 or even twenty! But even at ten and the bunkers don’t collapse the shaking will destroy all its contents even before the buildings collapse! All those nuclear reactors that gave that secure feeling are now spewing radiation! Wrong foundation chaps!

It is not as if we are taking satan’s place in Heaven, we are not! It is just that the only way to hurt Jesus is by hurting us! The pulverisation of Jerusalem and all their earthly hopes now confirms to us that there is only a maximum of 45 days before the second coming. There is not much point in counting the days because it is now the time when the beast out of the earth takes over the slaughter for this time is the beast, Jesuit pope, the Jesuits have been preparing for a long time. Satan learned much from the first coming that he is now applying to the soon second coming. So how are Swaggart and demonic ministries like his to operate.? Using the Word of God what is required is to change that bunch of people awaiting the return of their Lord into a bunch of murderers or at least they jump for joy when they see Christians being harassed and slaughtered. Better still christen them as ‘born again christians’. Destroy their belief in the Bible to such an extent they accept satan as the only source of truth and bestow his spirit and tongues upon any willing participant. Flood the place of evil with constant glory bees and alleluias and wonderful music making sure and without a doubt that the congregation all finish up in hell or at least most of them.

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Sounding like the Jimmy Swaggart ministries? It is actually quite simple and all that is required is two basic beliefs, that is all! Firstly you have to break them away from Jesus and His blessings and then you have to stop them from seeking Jesus and rely on the demonic food you feed them! Destroying the Sabbath day accomplishes and throws back God’s gifts back into His Holy face and the eternal fires of hell stops anyone from seeking such a god. Let us see why these two clangers are all that satan requires to accomplish the amazing success that he had at the first coming.

The only panels I have seen on SBN have been all male so I can address them as ‘chaps’ and last night the chaps were at it again but not the eternal hell bit. I may be reading too much into it and they may be having a problem with another blog but to accuse me of advocating or supporting the blasphemous tenet of faith of righteousness by works, surely even they could not be going that low. In this blog righteousness by works has always been an abomination and the only abomination that is punishable by a streak of lightning. It so serious that invokes, or should invoke vaporisation by a bolt of lightning! There are only two situations in Righteousness by works; either Jesus only went to the cross to clean up the original sin of Adam and Eve and leaves our salvation up to our ‘good deeds’ and the scale of good and evil deeds or Jesus went to the cross for our sins but did not quite make is and His act of perfection needs topping off by my filthy rags. The second it far worse than the first! One questions the adequacy of the cross the other its purpose; both are blasphemies! So what will now be said has already been said and not in the light of righteousness by works a topic they also shun and avoid and correctly so.


Their basic argument is that if you are in Jesus then you join the rest from doing any ‘good’ works and you have therefore already entered into the Sabbath rest, there is no need for the Sabbath commandment. By joining Jesus in His works of perfection allows you now to sin all the time. The cross of Jesus has given you the license to sin! Glory be! Alleluia! Go for it! Whatever your problem before grog, drugs, homosexuality, pornography, Sabbath, stealing and greed and any other have all been taken care of by Jesus! But there are problems with your newly found ‘freedom’.

Firstly you are not in Jesus, you are not in His cross and you are not under the new covenant. You have specifically excluded yourself by not allowing the Holy Spirit to transcribe the fourth commandment from stone to heart, to tabernacle, realised your inability to keep it holy and passed it onto Jesus to do so. You are not under His rest!

Secondly the human body is made with a time clock in it which requires one day of rest out of every seven. Physical rest to recharge batteries whilst connection to its maker is made. And the physical connection can if allowed also result in a spiritual connection if allowed. Resting in the finished work of Jesus and of His cross does not allow the desecration of the Sabbath or any other commandment, it reinforces it but the cross and the Sabbath are two different events. Chalk and cheese.

Ministries like JSM (Jimmy satan ministries) must rely on the desecration of the Sabbath and eternal fires of hell. Satan’s life depends on it literally! These ministries will defend these two tenets of faith to the bitter end! And it is the end of satan as it is the end of their ministries! Once you allow a contact with Jesus to occur as He so desperately wants you to do, you will  allow the blessings of God to flow. You will not require the satanic contacts that JSM so freely give to all with their satanic tongues. It is the end of satanic control over you! Next thing you are looking to Jesus but not through the screams of pain of those suffering for eternity in hell! Satan at all costs must keep these barriers up and if they were not so effective in keeping you away from Jesus he would not bother. JSM has a

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number of people batting for him. To make it onto his panel  there are only two adjectives allowed to describe the boss; superb and superbly superb. John and Loren are out there batting now but the others would not be on that panel if they were not prepared to go out and echo his master’s voice. They are very effective in pulling the wool over the people’s eyes and getting them to cry out, ‘Crucify Him!’ but God alone knows the heart and counters that call with, ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do!’ But as it was with the first coming of our Jesus so it is with His soon second coming; the Word of God will be twisted in such a way that it will convert His people into His murderers and there is no better approach than by the desecration of the Sabbath and the eternal fires of hell! The final words come from Scripture; They are liars and there is no truth in them!] But now returning to chapter twenty nine. Offerings of the seventh month.

There are a number of problems in changing from the sacrificial animal system of the Old Testament to their fulfilment in Jesus Christ in the New Testament and assigning a Day of Atonement to the seventh month. Is it DOA3888 or DOA7777 or is it like marriage where God sees the married couple be that the man and woman or Jesus and His Church as a unit but they are really two? It is easy enough to say just substitute the whatever animal you have with Jesus! And this does work a lot of times but what if I have the Day of Atonement which I know occurs on the 10th of July but on the 1st of July I have to offer one bull, one ram and seven lambs? JSM would tell me to go catch a lamb and slit it’s throat and that is one reason why I call them satanic. The very best that I could do is intensive Bible study and prayer and falling into the deep sense of accomplishment of what Jesus has already done for me and is still to do for me! No I did not say that I had counted the drops of water in the oceans, the grains of sand in deserts and beaches or stars or the 7,777 reactions (?) involved in life giving photosynthesis or anything else, nor am I required to do so. All that is required of me is to know that, ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.’ And even though my belief in Him is as desperately short as my attempt to count the drops of water in His oceans is just has to be there; all one droplet! It is not about what I can do it is about what He has done! But this is only our first visit to this chapter and even it can crystallise but a few ideas it will have been worth! Firstly is this DOA3888 or DOA7777 or both?

We are now in the first sweep of time which is 90%+ of DOA3888 and a tiny bit of Passover (?). Events now called the January event of which the 14th is significant and the July event of which the 10th is significant and has a whole chapter of the Bible, so far dedicated to it, Leviticus 16. On the first sweep on the 13th of January Jesus left Gethsemane with Peter and two million (?) other saved and arrived in the porch into the new earth and I know that it is good because Eleazar waved the blood of the red heifer towards it. It is July and we all know that there will be a DOA3888 on the tenth of this month. Probably was one of those angels but there is a clear trumpet sound on the 1st of July, 486. On earth we would have made and there were made about 1,300 times the sacrifices that were required; bull ram and seven lambs but here just on that final door step these things do not exist. So what do we do instead?

I can only give parallel account of what I think happens in Heaven at this stage and therefore DOA777 which is still to take place in some 1,800 year’s time but as it occurred following GFPMC it is a hybrid. DOA3888 is as it was in Leviticus sixteen. The comparison will be in [  ].

[ On the 1st day of month seven a great number of events had happened to us by the final year of the existence of this planet. It has all got to happen now or never as the planet is about to be burned up by Peter’s fires. We have been in the present (old?) tent of meeting for about 1,800 years before the

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Holy Spirit returned from earth; the fine linen. With the presence of the Holy Spirit to explain the beauty of the robe of righteousness that Jesus had given us on entry into Heaven after His second coming, the continual presence of the fine linen we have been given, we ask for the hand of the bridegroom and we are married but this present tent of meeting we have spent the last 1,800 odd years on is not our final resting home, Canaan is our final resting place. We leave this what was our home for the last 1,800 odd years and ride out as an army riding behind the rider of the white horse.—


After a brief battle against those who took such satisfaction in either killing us or gloating at our deaths in the great tribulation our leader, Jesus Christ, the rider on the white horse mystically leaves us and returns to earth from where He delivers a 1,260 day tutorial. Right now, chapter 29, on the first day of the seventh month is day 1,250 of this tutorial. . It is Thursday the 01/07/486, Daniel’s time. The trumpet sound was coded and we realise what is about to happen. The Book of Numbers has told us much about exterior events and supplements Daniel (9:24-27)  Our level of spirituality by day 1,250 into the tutorial is probably equivalent to the level Paul achieved after spending fourteen years with Jesus in the desert. Mind you there are still many who will question his writings and assign anything which questions their sinful ways to the scrapheap but this is not the issue here. We claim equality with Paul’s knowledge here only after a tutorial of a quarter of the time of his on the grounds that; Paul had a lot to unlearn, we have just spent 1,800 odd years with Jesus in Heaven, we are wrapped in the fine linen of the Holy Spirit and the robe of Christ’s righteousness and we are married to Jesus.

As yet we still have the beast within us and this beast is only killed when the doors into hell are opened to consume the wicked and satan. Even though we are a long way away we see what our Jesus went through in order to destroy our confessed sins. We will never do this to Him again! The pieces of the dead beast will soon be removed and unveil that wonderful revelation, the one where you look up and say, ‘Thank you, I don’t know why you did this but thank you anyway!’ The goat sin offering. Up there evil and sin are being expunged,  lights are being turned on. We are coming out of the tunnel and out of darkness which Jesus entered way back on GFPMC. It is a difficult exit, it is not based on any of our actions but reactions and these are going to be quite difficult to adjust to; the light, cleanliness, order and the odour of stench disappearing.

If you want to read a book, any book including the Bible and start three quarters of the way through it, and even though you may read that quarter thoroughly your claim to an understanding of that book may not be valid. If you makes up your own three quarters there is no guarantee that it will be the same as the original book and if it is not there your book is different to the original one you read. Today people take and read, quite thoroughly a quarter of the Gospels, John’s Gospel but make little or no attempt to correlate this with the other three quarters of the gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke. The correlation as to why they have the Lord’s Supper but no foot washing in Matthew but John has the foot washing and no supper? They study the last week (?) of the Lord’s ministry but  do not join it onto 1,250 days of it. Even though I realise that I am comparing January with July it is the only correlation that I can come up with at this time; the trumpet sounded on the first of July in preparation for the cross of the tenth of July and Jesus changed His ministry on the fourth of January, ten days before the cross of the fourteenth of January. Marked and severe changes indeed!


Did Jesus abandon His people at this time? He did give them a free will and they used that free will to reject Him and they did so in a most vehnemous manner and in the cruellest possible fashion; they murdered Him by wrapping His Holy Word around His neck, strangled Him with it and jumped for joy at the sight of His suffering! He did not abandon them, they rejected Him and in a way that could not have been conclusive. It is they who changed the animal into a plant. Before GFPMC we were dealing with an animal symbol; Passover lamb being killed, roasted and eaten. After GFPMC we were dealing with grain, flour, oil and unfermented grape juice! The Lord’s Supper is partaking of unleavened bread to represent the body of Christ and unfermented grape juice to represent His blood. There was a quite violent separation of the two at 4pm on GFPMC as Jesus entered that tunnel of darkness and is now about to resurface into the light! The body and blood are about to be re-joined before entry into the new universe. Yes the study of that last quarter of Gospels is of critical importance but so is the first three quarters.

GFPMC may have been the end of the animal sacrificial system but was it supposed to be replaced by the ‘plant sacrificial’ system? But our usual problem is trying to read too much into the text on the first visit and the level we are attempting now may come from the fourth or fifth visit. Going back to level visit one and the first of July. We have been holding a holy convocation for the last 1,250 days, there is no work to do in our garden and we are about to leave it. We could not really do any work as we have been hanging off every word that Jesus has spoken so far. The trumpets are blown and we know the coding and for what we are to prepare ourselves for, DOA3888. Put your hand up anyone who knows what animals are going to be sacrificed? Over there JK has got his hand up, what are they, Julius? “one bull, two rams and two goats! The bull for  the sin offering of the high priest and his family, the two rams are the burnt offering of both high priest and congregation and the goats will be one for a sin offering and one for a scapegoat.” But unfortunately that is not what the first six verses of chapter 29 are about. They are concerned with the burnt offering, God wants us to present Jesus who is now about to emerge out of that tunnel for what He has done during His absence. One bull, one ram and seven male lambs without defect. It is not that they bring grain and flour and oil which is surprising but the exact amounts associated with each animal. So the importance of each of the animals on the 10th of July is going to be three for the bull, two for the ram and seven for the seven lambs from Calvary, one year old. The flour amounts are twelve and the complete number but the number of Animals is nine an incomplete number. The bride is complete but her acceptance is not.

Jesus went to join the bride where she was at as her slave and servant and He has brought her back now and she will soon join Him as transfiguration Jesus. Lord and Master. There is one goat for a sin offering but no scapegoat, there is no need for one. The problem of confessed sins was sorted out way back on GFPMC. This remaining goat is a very special goat indeed and one over which so many will plead, ‘Unintentional, I did not know!’ only to find that the standard is of a heavenly nature! I can’t say that my knowledge of moon ceremonies is weak, it is non-existent! The continual burnt offering started way back in Egypt one year after the release of the Jews from slavery, actually 10/07/02. The fires on the altar were lighten and supposed to remain lighten 24/7. This did not happen during exiles but in good times they were and were probably responsible for the good times being good. On GFPMC the altar became the cross and the situation changed.


The complexity of these animal sacrifices increases significantly in chapter twenty nine and it is important to realise that is not the bride formulating these sacrifices. It is not, ‘well Jesus has come out of that dark tunnel where He was servant and slave, one bull, one ram and seven lambs, He defeats satan and throws him into hell, we will increase that to two bulls, two rams and keep it at

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seven lambs. To take on the remaining sins and be defiled and separated from God for six days has got to be worth a total seven bulls, twenty rams and thirty lambs. Then Jesus takes on all remaining sins, all 70 trillion of them (?) onto the atonement cross and goes to hell with them, wow! To do this justice we will allocate 77 bulls, 77 rams and 777 lambs! No it is not like this, it is God the Father Who makes these allocations and in such a way as to progressively reveal His Son and in such a way that God will say, ‘ This is my Son Whom I love and in Whom I am well pleased!’ These numbers are Heavenly numbers and allotted in Heavenly time.

I find it very difficult to refer to Jesus Christ as an animal and as a plant. But it is Scripture, His Word that does this as a pointer to the different covenants. Jesus Christ was referred to as the Passover Lamb until He became a plant on GFPMC where His body is represented as unleavened bread and His blood as unfermented grape juice. In the eternities to come He will neither be plant or animal but Jesus Christ who occupies the throne with His Father in the New Jerusalem. There was this   separation, distinction way back and now these symbols are going to be re-joined but in a very definite ratio and their combination will be called; Jesus Christ of eternity.

The separation that occurred on GFPMC could not be more pronounced. Animal became plant and Lord and Master became servant and slave. The drink offering was Jesus partaking of a grape based product that broke Him away from divinity. Even though the journey ahead was always going to be dark and dangerous Jesus placed Himself in the care of His Father, ‘Father into your hands I place Myself’. He combined Himself with us as well, He claimed us as His. It is the other end of that journey, the exit out of that tunnel is where we are at He brings us with Him.  The drink offering is no longer bitter vinegar which will break His Nazirite’s vow but is the drink offering of the new covenant, the grape juice representing the blood of Christ. This grape juice must now be incorporated with animal life, bull, ram and lamb and the combined the combined product go on and into eternity! The grain offering that is now being offered but also be joined to animal life of bull, ram and lamb and the combined product be the eternal form of Jesus Christ! But this combination must be done according to the formula of the transfiguration of Jesus. The plant matter that we know and should have been following will be gradually replaced by animal tissue until we have the Passover lamb Himself. When we are joined with Him the plant matter will indeed be one with Him and when He applies His blood to our foreheads, we will indeed see His face!

In chapter 29 the first six verses have the same offerings ordered by God for the first of the month as do the next six verses for the tenth of the seventh month on which the one and only ‘real’ Day of Atonement occurs. The fact that Jesus has fought and won the battle against satan and taken on all the remaining sins after the fires of hell have extinguished and suffered six days of defilement make no difference to God’s allocation of plant and animal. The first had to happen before the tenth. The bull offering in DOA3888, Leviticus 16, was a sin offering for the sins of the high priest and his family but up here now the bull is a burnt offering. The ram was the burnt offering both up here and own there on DOA3888, Leviticus 16, the total life of Jesus Christ is being presented. The quandary that remains is that the scapegoat for confessed sin is missing but it cannot be said to be replaced by the seven lambs because they are present but as a burnt offering.

There was no change between days one and ten of the seventh month but between ten and fifteen the changes are staggering. The Day of Atonement has  occurred, the day of unification between plant and animal has occurred and it is time now to see  that unification through! And now is the ideal time! The bride has been through many changes lately. There was a very anxious moment when we saw into hell and realised that that was where our confessed sins had placed our Jesus.

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Then there was six days of anxious waiting when our Jesus just disappeared off our radar screens because of the defilement He suffered when He took on all the remaining sins that were left after the fires of hell had been extinguished. It may even have been an angel who called out, ‘Where is Jesus?’ And Jesus started to appear by shaving His defiled locks on the 9th of July, 486 at 9am. By 3pm He was fully shaved, He was transfiguration Jesus and in the next three hours He travelled from down here on planet earth up to where we were waiting for Him at the doorway of the soon to appear tent of meeting. He did not have to drag us up here we were already waiting for Him as the armies where He had just recently been our leader as the leader on the white horse.

We stood/knelt in worship of our Jesus for the next fifteen hours and because of the deep state of worship we were in details are rather sketchy. But next thing we know is that Jesus is at 9am on that same horrible cross as He was on at 9am on GFPMC. It had been up here for while but despite of all that we were told we still hoped against hope that He would not have to go back there again. Hopes dashed! Then what seemed like a million, million years Jesus presented to the fires of hell 70 trillion unconfessed, unintentional sins. That is about 32 million sins per second so on paper at least my unintentional unconfessed sins should have caused Him about one millisecond of pain! It not only seemed like an eternity they will be remembered for an eternity! All those unintentional unconfessed sins of the wicked who have just recently been destroyed in hell were taken by the high priest and they will no longer be mentioned, but my stupidity in not even counting these sins as sins will not be forgotten. Do you want to know from what base I have come from to be in the New Jerusalem? Look at the grace of God, look at the justice of God, look at the holiness of God, want to worship God? Go look at that batch number of ‘benign’ sins belonging to JK. I think my batch number came up about halfway through at noon when by that time I had realised my stupidity, my underestimation of what sin really was when compared against the perfection of Jesus. It was really my sins that sent me into that stupor and what harm they had caused my Jesus!

Just how bad had that stupor been? Apparently some fifteen hours after my Jesus was taken off the cross on Resurrection Sunday and this event did not register clearly and I just kept staring at the cross even though Jesus had been taken off it! Heaven judged it was best to just leave me alone and its first interaction was kept until the fifteenth day. Holy Sabbath and the cross on the tenth, Resurrection Sunday the 11th, left alone Monday the 12th, left alone Tuesday the 13th, left alone Wednesday the 14th and expected to present offering over the week starting the 15th of July.

First offering very high in animal content but still containing plant matter. Still staring, still dumb folded by the cross, still very close to Jesus and the harm I had caused Him. Thirteen bulls, two rams and fourteen male lambs a year old and without defect, Jesus from GFPMC. Plant matter for each of the thirteen bulls three-tenths of an ephah of fine flour and oil, two-tenths of an ephah for each of the two rams and one tenth for each of the fourteen lambs, the goat sin offering continues to stun against the continual burnt offering of the altar/cross and the same grain and drink offerings; the plant matter of the Last Supper. All these still require to be integrated as one person, Jesus Christ. The role of each has been served, it is time for their final integration.

Over the next seven days the number of bulls offered is decreased one per day but the number of rams remains at two and lambs at fourteen. The fine flour and oil just drops off to zero from the second day but the last supper remains and seems to be extended to each of the animals. Each animal is concerned with the body and blood of Jesus. By day seven it is down to seven bulls, and therefore the complete number, two rams and seven times two or fourteen male lambs and also a

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complete number. The male goat sin offering off which I still can’t get my eyes off  and the continual burnt offering and the last supper are coming as well.

On the Friday eight days after the atonement cross you are to present the same animals as you did on the Day of Atonement (DOA7777 ?) but without the plant matter of the ephahs of flour and oil! It must be a fair question to ask, ‘What has been achieved during first of all on days ten to fourteen and then days fifteen to twenty three of the seventh month and even one to ten?’ Eight days and eight visits? Sabbath prayer and contemplation time. Trying to increase scope of work, chapter thirty and the Law  of Vows.

Jesus Christ made a vow, Nazirite’s vow with God His Father to accomplish certain work. He fulfilled that vow and was decommissioned on day 1,260 or the last  year of Daniel’s 7 * 70 or 490 years. It is a very complex vow and difficult to understand. He was not supposed to cut His hair, He did, He was not supposed to drink grape related products, He asked for vinegar at 3pm on GFPMC and He was not supposed to come in contact with the dead but He came to join us. Yet on Day 1,260 He was able to fill out His job sheet and tick off every box. He had done all that was required of Him. All this indicates we have not even scratched the surface of the life and death of Jesus Christ!

We too need to do all we have vowed but in desperate situations we may vow more than we will be able to keep. The case of women shows Biblical stand of the sovereignty of the male in the family be that father or husband who have the right to prevent the woman from fulfilling her vow. The nuances involved with role of the father over the vows made by His daughter would have great significance if it applies to Heaven. God the Father is certainly the significant male whereas Jesus takes on the subordinate role as His Son. If that analogy could be extended husband and wife it could well solve the problems of what Jesus vowed and Jesus did. And this again becomes food for thought.

We are about to embark on our fifth visit through our framework chapters but most of them are concerned with the Day of Atonement (DOA3888 and/or DOA7777) and to understand these chapters better we need to come at them from a higher level; from the level of chapter twenty nine, from day one of the trumpet to day ten of the Atonement Cross, to the five days we were left alone for and then the seven days of offerings from day fifteen to twenty two. The main issue to me still remains is the peace offering; the one that gets us across initially on the new earth and then the one that gets across and through the pearly gates. But there is no mention of peace offering in either Leviticus sixteen nor in Numbers twenty nine, but a very heavy emphasis on it in chapter seven in Numbers. I can see why there is no need for a peace offering in Leviticus 16. For 1,259 times the Jews turn up to God in His temple, ask for forgiveness of their confessed sins which Jesus does gladly and ‘throws in a bonus’ by cleaning up their unconfessed sins as well by passing them onto the high priest. Nothing extraordinary about those 1,259 lots of forgiveness and nothing extraordinary about 1,260 either. Naught children repenting and naughty children being forgiven. Had Jesus left earth on the Thursday of the 13th of January from Gethsemane and taken Moses as symbol representing the righteous dead and Elijah representing the righteous living it would have been more of the same. Naughty children turning up for a clean up before going onto Heaven. That is how Heaven planned things would happen. The major problem up there would have been sin. Yes the confessed sins passed through onto the head of the scapegoat and it would have been taken off our waiting porch and dashed to pieces (? Thrown into space?). Intentional sin gone but what about the unintentional unconfessed sin, which has led us to the second cross and the domain of the high priest, where would it go? To the scapegoat? The sins Aaron was responsible for passed onto the scapegoat?

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Nonetheless DOA3888 was a relatively simple affair that did not eventuate. Jesus resurrected the dead in Gethsemane and let them go on and murder Him the next day, GFPMC. It is the DOA7777 that resulted from this murder that we want to study, it is the one that actually happened. Once that other DOA3888 had the sin problems ironed out it could pass upstairs where it was always going to be. That murder that took place on GFPMC changed the course of history of humanity and as dire as it looked , Jesus turned this situation around for the better. We have just arrived on the scene of DOA7777.


When I find a topic very difficult I keep changing my mind and the peace offering and Leviticus sixteen is one such example, DAO3888 and now I am going to include a peace offering in DOA3888 only in its 1,260th version but not in the other 1,259 occurrences. Only the flight in from Gethsemane had a peace offering. It was the only one where the next stop was in Heaven itself, the other 1,259 were not in Heaven but would result in a return, same place, same time, same everything else but DOA3888 in its 1,260th version was different and we hope to study its differences to the GFPMC version.

Numbers 29 is about the Day of Atonement but as there were four Days of Atonement then which one is this about? The revision we are about to go through concerns the fifth section of the cross of Calvary, the last one on planet earth in time and space and one of which we require an understanding before the Holy Spirit shows us the last two Heavenly sections and turns the lights on on all seven. The base of the fifth cross is the Day of Atonement and the top of this cross is Jesus laying His sinless hair at its base and the tag, ‘Heaven bound’! This actual cross is coming across into the new universe and will be planted as the tree of life in front of the throne in the Most Holy Place of eternity, the New Jerusalem.

It may appear that there are four Days of Atonement but there is only one and it is fed by four streams. The first is the sinless stream. Yes evil did exist, the ability to disobey God was there and we were given a free will, we were not robots, we just chose not to exercise this ability, neither angels nor humans. At the end of the probationary period of this earth, 7,777 years, 7months, 7 days and seven hours (?) no one had sinned! No sin and therefore no cross, this was Heaven’s option and would require stupidity of monumental proportions  for sin to occur almost of the scale that someone would reject the offer of Jesus Christ to take their sins and place in hell and give them eternal life in perfection with Him! Stupidity on that scale does not exist? In this sinless option evil though given a chance to take hold did not do so and it was easily destroyed by the question, ‘Where is this Jesus?’. Day of Atonement sinless was therefore just the revelation of Jesus Christ, the burnt offering, “I AM HE”. This alone would destroy evil and as Heaven is the presence of ‘I AM HE’ evil could never arise again. What a wonderful scenario, no evil, no sin, no crosses just a stroll through the doorway and into/onto the new universe! Option stream one.

But even in this sinless scenario Heaven makes one exception, one option. Numbers six calls this the, ‘But if a man dies suddenly besides him..’  The exception is for the custodians of Heaven, the angels. Their home was always meant to be Heaven and if any of them should unintentionally sin, Jesus has arranged with His Father to come to earth, sort out the mess and bring them home. Unintentional sin is still sin and sin means cross, the cross of the 10th of July, the cross of atonement, where not just the unconfessed unintentional sins of the angels was dealt with but was also added these sins for the creation of Jesus. The result of this is that there were always going to be angels in Heaven.

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The dual bird sacrifice of the pigeon/turtledove was stream two into the Day of Atonement and introduced the cross of atonement. What was Heaven’s plans for humanity and how did they feed the remaining two streams into the Day of Atonement?

The issue of sin was addressed under the heading of Moses’ snake in the desert and the composition of the altar. My conclusion was that both the snake and the altar were made out of bronze, two metals and not just one metal, copper. There are two components of sin; internal and external. It is on this ground that Eve’s sin is judged as unintentional. If the external component had not been there, satan she would not have been tempted by him and she would not have fallen. She had the freewill to reject him but she did not realise the depth of the hole she was digging for humanity, Adam did. Therein lies the sorry saga of our first parents.

But Jesus did not reject them. On the contrary He announced a plan that would extricate them from cliff fall they had just experienced. Eve’s seed would crush satan’s head and He did on the 2nd of July, 486 and that satan would bruise the heel of Jesus and that did happen on the 10th of July, 486. So there is at least one extra stream feeding the Day of Atonement and the final stream started on the 14/01/02 or the Passover and GFPMC. Heaven always knew it was going to be required.  Let us try to address some of these issues from Numbers twenty nine; first ten days, left alone for five days and intense activity over the last seven or eight days.

The day itself is very clearly marked out. The procedure announced on the first of the month was clearly carried out on the day itself; the Day of Atonement, 10th of July486. For the 10th to proceed certain requirements had to be carried out. The fires of hell had to have been extinguished. Satan’s head had to have been crushed. This was completed by the second of July. The defilement that had to be born for any and all existing sin after these fires had extinguished had to have been completed. Jesus took these sins on Himself, carried the defilement period  and came out of it by shaving His defiled locks the day before He went to the Atonement cross. This is the last time for anything that requires to happen, to happen. It either happened on Good Friday or Holy Sabbath or it did not happen!

Was there only four streams feeding the Day of Atonement? There were not many sinless ones there. Michael, Gabriel and other Levites of angels. Not all angels sinned. To this lot and should have been to all the Day of Atonement (DOA) was one thing; the burnt offering, Jesus exposing Himself as, ‘I AM HE’ and the destruction of all evil. Stream two added quite a large number that I take as 200 million.(?). These were the ones that Jesus judged as having sinned unintentionally but as custodians of Heaven the plan to restore them was in the original blueprints.  The system was originally designed  to restore the fallen angels and it was also designed to restore Jesus’ fallen children, stream three.

Even though the majority of Scripture concerns this stream to recover the naughty children, it did not eventuate. There was no plane flight from Gethsemane on that Thursday night as there should have been, instead there was a hurried rearrangement of plans when Jesus decided to stay on for the Friday and let His own people go ahead and murder Him. This was the fourth stream and I can tell you much about what happened after this; They did murder Him the next day and they twisted His Holy Word to justify His murder just like many ministries today twist His Holy Word to change the children of God into the murders of His children. Swaggart tells you to break your contact with God by ignoring His Holy Day and come and join with Him whilst he leaps for joy at the sight of Christians being harassed and slaughtered! Because Jesus was rejected by His own after His

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resurrection He started a fresh with a new congregation, Christians. After nearly two thousand years and just at the point where the last 144,000 were about to be killed with Jimmy jumping for joy in the background, Jesus came to collect from this great tribulation the remaining 144,000 foolish virgins leaving behind 144,000 foolish virgins. Jesus did not close the door of mercy on planet earth and the evil for another 1,260 years, but close it He did. Finally there was that 500 odd years of history which Daniel has much to say about. Seven years short of this 7*70 or in the 490 – 7 =483 year the Holy Spirit returns to Heaven from planet earth, the fine linen which we immediately ask for and the great marriage takes place! 1,250 days after the battle against the beast here we are on the first of July and verse one of Numbers chapter twenty nine! I am now going to compare the first six verses and what we were told would be required and did happen six verses latter in verses 7-11 and finally the results of the last days where it appears we were overexposed to the extent where we could not operate and the burnt offering had to be dimmed until we could cope with it in the Most Holy Place. Comparison between 01/07/486 and 10/07/486. Or just 1st and 10th of this seventh month.

1st, trumpets are blown, 10th [no trumpets blow]. Both dates are holy convocation and no work. Stresses the importance of cessation from labour to concentrate on establishing communication with Jesus as Sabbath was designed to do. Both dates focus on the burnt offering as this was the only item on the Heavenly agenda from day one; the abolishing of evil. There  was not going to be any need for a peace offering. Our presentation is the same from 1st and 10th. Could even be the presentation of the burnt sacrifice that was made and which destroyed evil after we arrived at the end of our 7,777 odd years of sinless probation; one bull, one ram and seven male Lambs one year old and without defect. It is only a shadow of the full extent of the Love of Jesus when amplified through the telescope of the cross. It seems that without the cross for magnification purposes it is as much as earthly eyes can perceive. On both the 1st and tenth each animal is associated with a definite amount of plant matter, grain, fine flour and oil firstly indicating the joining of the plant and animal sacrificial system, their fulfilment and then separation. The ordinance of the last supper, the grain for the body of Jesus and the unfermented grape juice representing His blood remain intact. Even this separation of plant and animal that occurs maybe equivalent to presenting thirty or even forty bulls, ten rams and 77 lambs which by day five was still more than we could handle at thirteen bulls, two rams and fourteen lambs. There is witness text from the first six to the next six verses indicating the relevance of the text. As there was no sin in the sinless scenario, all behaved like Michael and Gabriel the goat sin offering would not have been a part of the original burnt offering. Much has already been said about this male goat sin offering for me. The 1st has a moon offering and its own grain offering but the tenth has a sin offering of atonement. Both have a continual burnt offering and the Lord’s Supper offering of bread and wine. After what we have just seen and presented we are left alone for five days; Sabbath, 10th, DOA, Sunday 11th, resurrection Sunday, Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th, Thursday 15th the day of the first trumpet. It is now five days since what we saw on the Day of Atonement and we are still not with it. It is  going to be another eight days before Jesus is able to begin the construction of our tabernacles within. If one thing we should have gained a stronger appreciation of the burnt offering as we start our fifth visit through those pivotal chapters.


After only the second visit to Numbers 29 I still think it qualifies us to a return to our fifth visit to those critical chapters of six and beyond. This was about the most important date in the Jewish calendar and no doubt into the eternities to come. It was not just about one date, the tenth of July

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but about at least twenty three days of it. It started with trumpets and exact schedule given as to what we were to present to God on the 10th of July and that is exactly what we did. We presented 1, 1, 7. One bull, one ram and seven lambs one year old and without defect. But we got back out of it a 7, 2, 14. (seven bulls, 2 rams and 14 lambs)  That was the resultant, the operating value to see us through to the pearly gates. There was a much bigger spike though and even on day fifteen it was 13, 2, 14 and probably much higher on the previous five days, values approaching what we will see continually when in the direct presence of Jesus Christ inside the New Jerusalem. And that amplification factor came about by laying in front of the cross of Atonement on the 10th of July. Much happened as we lay in front of that cross from the time Jesus appeared in the Garden of Final Eden; 15 hours of Sabbath worship, 6 to 6 the 6 to 9 when our Jesus was put on the cross. Even though it was divine will that this should happen the angel that was given the task of crucifying Jesus would not, just as we will not forget his action for the eternities to come. Then came the ‘cross period’ itself from 9 till 3. Jesus died, that is the penalty of sin regardless of what adjectives are placed in front of it.

Every last drop of the blood that Jesus ever shed, and the water that gushed from His side were gathered into the golden censer that had been lined with all the prayers of the saints and hurled back to planet earth to end the millennium. Early the next morning, Resurrection Sunday all of Jesus’ blood was returned to His body and He came off that cross but that did not stop us from just laying there in worship. Even Heaven judged it prudent just to leave us alone for five days to allow us time to wind back from what we has seen. And we now go back to revise these previous chapters to help us understand better at what we have seen. The increase of 1, 1, 07 to 7, 2, 14. How can you weld an animal sacrificial system, the Passover Lamb, bulls and rams to the plant kingdom of grain, fine flour, oil and grape juice and finish up with a peace offering acceptable to God?

Many points of interest arise and providing the answers are in the cross they are certainly worth pondering. Like if Jesus had not switched tactics at the last minute and changed His role from Master and Lord to Slave and Servant as He did at the foot washing of His disciples and then gone onto the cross of GFPMC how could He have shown His disciples the full extent of His love? How could we have gone from 1, 1, 7 initially to flatten out at the dizzy heights of 7, 2, 14 if we had not experienced the Cross of Atonement? Is that a statement of life generally? No pain no gain? Is that the agent that brings us to our Jesus? The calamity has struck and all the drugs in America cannot reverse it. No choice but to leave it to Jesus, let Him take over and watch for results? No there is still much depth to be gleaned from chapter 29.

But about this day, what is really going on? The difficulty we have had and continue to have it that it is GFPMC that deals with our sins and therefore our only focus but our sins were actually dealt with certainly in the Old Testament on the yearly Day of Atonement and not on GFPMC. When and why the switch from DOA3888 and onto GFPMC?  And now, it has reappeared again with or without these sins?

What was this day initially supposed to do and when was it? What is so special about it?  It is only one day and it may be commemorated yearly and forever more but it only occurred once. When Jesus created the world there was logic, reason, laws and order. The angels would not rebel and mankind would not sin. Why should they? They had nothing to gain but everything to lose that is why! But they did sin and rebel, but why? That question should be put to those today who reject the offer of Jesus Christ to take away all their sins so that they not only have to go through the fires of hell but can spend the eternities to come in perfection with someone Who loves them so much there is nothing that He will not do for them bar remove their free wills, why do they do such a stupid thing? I did not realise the corner I was

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Backing myself into by allotting a timeslot, any timeslot which I took as seven sevens (7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and seven hours). Okay the seven sevens have worked very well so far. In fact without this timeslot it would be almost impossible to sort out this puzzle. And seven sevens may also work out for the sinless world. Seven sevens and not six sevens; that would be seven hours short of the required time. Five sevens would be seven days and seven hours short of the required time. But what about Jesus returning to Heaven on Thursday night from Gethsemane, that is nearly 3,900 years short of the allocated time! Do they all sit around for 3,888 years until the DOA3888 on the 10th of July on 486? That is a long time to hang around for. We spend nearly 1,800 years waiting for DOA7777 but we are in Heaven with Jesus, in the existing one, we are perfectly happy and couldn’t even imagine that there is a place nicer than ours!  In the meantime everyone else that dropped dead when Jesus revealed His divinity are still dead on earth! Could/should Jesus have cut time half way through its course?

In this sinless run through time as there was no sin, there should also be no sin offering. So where did the goat sin offering come from? And what about the sin offering of atonement and the continual burnt offering?—-


It works out that this Day of Atonement was made for a special occurrence and on a special day. That day was the announcement that evil was gone, it had been destroyed! It had been given the chance to flourish, to establish itself but it had not taken advantage of the opportunity that it had been given, the possibility of it simmering away and erupting at any time in the future was not going to happen. You cannot have perfection and this possibility of eruption coexisting together, one has to be removed. Created beings, both human and angelic were not created as mindless robots, they did have a choice of obeying or disobeying God. The option of evil existed before Jesus began His creation, that option has always existed, it did not have to be created. It was given a probationary period to establish itself and at the end of this probationary period there would be an announcement and an event that killed the existence, the possibility of evil and this in the Bible is called the BURNT OFFERING.

It is the exposure of the divine nature of God as expressed in His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ! Just like darkness and light cannot coexist neither can good and evil. And this also defines our problem, our day; Jesus cannot announce the end of evil, the Day of Atonement, the burnt offering, I AM HE whilst sin exists. Sin is evil and evil exists whilst there is sin and so Jesus could not announce the extinction of evil, for which this day is specifically set aside for this announcement to be made whilst sin existed in any shape or form! It would be nice to know but far more important questions to ask as the why Jesus made it an issue with evil and not a million years earlier or a trillion years later except of course time did not exist either side of probation. A million with a million zeros after it are meaningless. But the Bible clearly tells us that Jesus did begin time with; In the beginning God created..’  He set the time of probation in place and one day we may learn as to why He chose whatever period He did. But choose a period of time He did and at the end of it, when no sin exists He will make the announcement on His day that the Bible seems to be saying is 10th of July, 486 is of importance to us, the subject matter of Numbers 29 and the end of both sin firstly then as a

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separate call and action, the end of evil by the presentation of the burnt offering on the Day of Atonement.

The reality is that against all odds evil spawned sin in both the Heaven’s above and the earth below and once it got only a toe hold it had a runaway effect so much so that Jesus had to destroy the pre-flood world very early in its existence and to a depth where sin had to be subducted into the bowel’s of the earth. Nothing short of Noah’s flood cleansing would allow time to progress and progress it did and much is written in Scripture about it. It is the systematic way that God sets out to destroy evil and He does so to the extent that perfection requires; through Jesus Christ. The history of evil is indeed long and tortuous but there will be an end, there will be a Day of Atonement, there will be a burnt offering and there will be an end of sin immediately followed by the announcement of the end of evil. And everybody who wanted to go with the flow of Jesus’ plan in achieving this goal will also be there and then from there into the timeless era. And as I have already stated if I am there too I will only count the start of the first trillion years and then release a great sigh of relief and will not count year number 1,000,000,000,001 and onwards, I will just go with the flow!

The flow of history did not follow the favourites sin and evil did flourish but Chapter 29 has still arrived at that day, 10th of July and in that particular month which is heralded by the blowing of the trumpets and detailed activity of the saints for at least twenty three days. But for the announcements and events of that day now to occur we must account for every last sin, regardless of colour or creed to have finished up in the fires of hell and that is where they will cease to exist. Only Jesus as God and God as Jesus know every single one of them, they were each against God/Jesus. I have to be able to guess in this situation so as to see the scenario in from of me. As we shall see the focus here is on the angels but looking at all of the sins of humanity first.

Guessing, 99% of human beings will not respond to the offer of Jesus to take away their sins and their place in hell. But of their sins 90% are intentional and 10% unintentional. They will not be required to pay the penalty for their unintentional sins. But certainly the majority of sin has been destroyed but that is not what the announcement is going to say; it is going to say ALL sin is destroyed, evil has gone! To follow these remaining sins we are going to give them a number; a 100 trillion of them; 100,000,000,000,000 sins. One sin at a time and it is not looking very cosy for Jesus Christ. Only 1% of human beings respond to the call of Jesus, confess their sins, repent and these sins pass over to Jesus and are taken to hell. These sins have a unique nature in that they are defined, they are mine and as such I can do with them what I want, including give them to Jesus. They have been defined and I have claimed them as such because I am not pointing to my shoulder or somewhere where I think satan might be sitting and say, he made me do it! It is really his fault and they are really not my sins, go blame him! I cannot give away something that is not real mine.

But what if satan was really responsible, can I claim this sin as mine and pass it onto Jesus?—


The inner peace that comes from Christianity comes from not just one goal post, it is a contrast between two absolutes; our inability to do and the ability of Jesus Christ to do and not just to do but to do to the standards required by God. Being soaked and steeped in sin I forget my intentional sins let alone my unintentional sins and therefore it is good policy to pray daily, ‘And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them who trespass against us…’ Herein lies the heart of Christianity, the New Covenant, the cross. Transferring those laws that were first written by God Himself onto stone tablets and then onto our hearts, possessing them and making them one with us, realising we have no hope in the world of keeping them, worst still trying to keep them or the blasphemy of righteous

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by works, adding filthy rags to what Jesus has done, by them becoming one with us, we have quantised them and therefore pass them as a unit onto the One Who can keep them and just sitting back and taking credit for Him obeying them down to the finest detail! We should realise our inability not to be able to keep God’s requirements and daily pass on intentional and unintentional sins onto Jesus and look back in wonder as to how He got rid of them back on GFPMC. Gone! We can therefore start each day anew as in what Heaven sees us as; sinless. And that is why satan with his dying breath, as he is being pushed into hell will call, ‘Don’t remember to keep holy the Sabbath Day!’

At that moment, 3pm on the 10th of July, 486 when that call is made, ‘All sin is gone, evil has been defeated, expunged, and the burnt offering of Jesus Christ presented to God, the Day of Atonement has fulfilled its role. At that moment most sin has already been destroyed when the wicked were thrown into hell. The confessed sins of the bride had been paid for on GFPMC. And that left the sins for the 9am to 3pm timeslot of DOA7777, the unconfessed unintentional sins of the creation of Jesus Christ. Many are going to  try to fall under this umbrella but sadly will realise that they should have confessed these sins  as unintentional sin and had it dealt with way back on GFPMC. These are the sins that are called the sin offering of the scapegoat and will carry on during the eternities to come to help us to realise from depths we have come from even if that means infinity past! The standards set by Jesus here, the goat sin offering are quite amazing. With the clearing of the 70 trillion (?) unconfessed, unintentional sins all sin is gone and the announcement/presentation of the burnt offering is made and maintained forever more but with no evil simmering under its surface just waiting to erupt. ‘ And the continual burnt offering and its grain offering and their drink offerings according to their ordinance, for a soothing aroma, an offering by fire to the Lord.’

I am now going to try to relate the DOA3888 that should have happened to the one that did happen. DOA3888 to DOA7777 or Leviticus 16 to Numbers 29. Just because Leviticus 16 did not happen does not mean that some parts of it will not be reproduced in the eternities to come or that its events were not anticipated by the people of God for almost 3,888 years; ‘ And Eve’s seed will crush satan’s head and he will bruise your heel.’ Out of the history of the earth there is a specific record of the history of the people of God, Levites, Jews and finally Christians. All one people, all respond to the call of God in the OT but really Jesus Christ of both testaments. It is about their journey which began with the beginning of time, ‘In the beginning…’ and will end not just with the end of this time but well into the journey of time eternal. And the change between these journeys of time is the Day of Atonement. And I will continue to feed this day from four streams including the return of the Messiah and His people to Heaven from the Thursday night from the garden of Gethsemane. This is the third stream and I refuse to accept that Mary, the Mother of Jesus along with many other people of that time and the time before of the OT would have gloated, jumped for joy at the sight of her Son going through what He went through on GFPMC. She was not guilty of the travesty of justice that occurred on that day and Jesus did not have to go through that humiliation of servant and slave.

I can only guess what went through Peter’s head on that night in Gethsemane when the soldiers came to arrest and then did arrest his Jesus. Peter had had inside information along with the other two disciple present at the transfiguration. I don’t think it changed his opinion but merely confirmed it. All Jews knew of the Day of Atonement (DOA3888), they knew that God resided in the temple and that this was the place to come to to have their sins forgiven and they believed once they confessed their sins, both intentional and unintentional onto that scapegoat, those sins had gone and by whatever mechanism the man who led the scapegoat imposed on this goat, they were never coming back! And so it is today, any sins that we confess and place them on the head of the scapegoat, Jesus

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Christ are gone and you will be surprised at how active satan will be to make sure that you remember them!

The Jews also believed in a Messiah. They had not realised, because they had not been told that this Messiah was the revelation of God through His only Begotten Son. They knew that He came from God, but not that He was God and when He told them so they murdered Him. So who was this Messiah, what was he supposed to do and what program did he have in mind? I have no doubt that most if not all of the Book  of Revelation has been revealed through Scripture, Revelation is just a summary and witness texts so the Jews had a fair idea about future time. They expected their Messiah to lead them in battle and to kill their enemies leaving them as top dog. This He still is about to do as rider of the white horse and the result is greater than what they had hoped for. He would leave them as the only dog in the street. On the Thursday night though Jesus killed everyone including all the disciples as well as their enemies. Whilst they all lie dead, time stopped for all alike. Jesus could easily have just resurrected His own people and taken them back to Heaven with Him via DOA3888. But where did they and where do the Jews today think where this Heaven, presumably think this Heaven is going to be where they will spend an eternity in? —


Pray fully as we now work our way through the four streams of time that feed the Day of Atonement we will be able to gather something more as to the attributes of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. This is an essential work at this time as satan is now making a previously unparalleled attack on the nature of God and he has something very specific to attack; the nature of God as revealed His only begotten Son , Jesus Christ. The attack was only more vicious on GFPMC where the foundations were not only shaken but shattered. The present attack will and is shaking these foundations but Jesus will intervene just before they are shattered and rescue when there is but a handful of His own people left; 144,000 to be exact.

The antonym and antidote of this attack is the Day of Atonement necessarily involving all four streams but even if there are four streams feeding it there is only one out. Sin gone, announcement that evil is no more and the appearance of Jesus Christ ensuring evil will never surface again! The burnt sacrifice, the continual burnt offering. Not that evil could, it is not just simmering under the surface as it was in Gethsemane when Jesus declared, ‘I AM HE’. Evil was killed but the moment Jesus resurrected them all, evil immediately continued on with its evil plans and arrested Jesus to go on and carry out the greatest of crimes that required the re-pouring of foundations that linked man to God.  These are dire times for many already and about to strike the rest of us when no one can have any doubt, even the greatest of the Bible sceptics, when they see Jerusalem not just laying destroyed, no the wrath of God will be such that it will be pulverised as well! The Jimmy satanic ministries and others like them (JSM) have gone into overdrive. They want me and my beloved when we go to the beach most days to try to count the drops of water, or even the grains of sand in a hand full of sand and look at the canopy of stars to declare the glory of God whilst in the background  the overwhelming majority of God’s creation are screaming their guts out in pain and will do so forever more! Against this background Jimmy which attribute of Jesus am I supposed to be looking for? His love? His mercy? His grace? His holiness? And above all His Justice? All made meaningless with one tenet of faith; everlasting hell!  And everlasting hell can only take hold on a broken relationship with Jesus which Jesus tries to make via His Holy Day!

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Where your satanic ministry needs attention is that father and son Jewish duo. They need to go to acting school. You have to teach them how to contort their faces in such a way they can turn tears on and off. Like Loren who still has a bit to go but he is getting there. None of them believe that the fourth commandment has been done away or that the fires of hell are eternal. John and Josh will prostrate themselves to any depth just to see that meter ticking over as Christians are being killed and Loren, well he could think of harder ways of making a crust than just crawling up to Jimmy and twisting a bit of Scripture. It is Jesus who allows these satanic ministries to flourish and it was Jesus Who allowed those calls of, ‘Crucify him!’ and from those calls Jesus gathered quite a harvest!

The irony of the situation is that Jimmy wants to get Jesus into your life. That demon you have inside you will not cooperate, he will not allow you to be shared by seven other demons. Only Jesus can remove this demon and that is JSM intention. But you as soon as Jesus does come into your life Jimmy has the clangers lined up. You say to yourself, ‘This is not the Jesus I thought I was letting into my life. I don’t want to nor do I get any joy out of seeing my Christian brothers and sisters being harassed and slaughtered! I don’t want to chase sheep and bulls around a paddock so that I can cut their throats and watch them bleed to death! I don’t want to hear the eternal screams of hell for ever and ever! I don’t want to go around adjusting rotisserie speeds and flame heights to get maximum screams out of them! I did not ask for Jesus into my life so I could tell Him I wasn’t going to listen to Him! These and so many other lies, there is no truth in here! But the batch of seven that now comes in will do all the above and much more! It doesn’t matter how sadistic, sick or cruel JSM ideas are the new demons will embrace them all and the master in Jerusalem will mark, ‘another first class trip well earned!’ You show me of a better strategy to employ if that is your aim; to drive out the recalcitrant demon you have and replace it with seven cooperative ones!  Although to a certain extent I do have to agree with Jimmy. You may have thought that you could put up with the fires of hell even for an eternity but how silly not to have factored in the JSM factor! It does not take him long to get a printout of your life’s movements and where you were at the time of his broadcasts and evangelistic campaigns and if you were within cooee of any of them at any time you must expect frequent visits from Jimmy about what you missed out and how this would have helped you now! And if that does not scare the hell out of you then nothing will and I will join him on his rounds and too admonish you brothers and sisters; you have indeed been very foolish! Swaggart forever! I am not sure how many stokers of hell there are but I would think that the advertisement for them would begin with, ‘Fulltime jobs, sadistic, sick and cruel temperament required, must be able to work at elevated temperatures, permanent position,  should not be able to be bribed, should have a flare for the job!’ People are so easily led by satan and little wonder many wear that cheesy grin for a collar! The more vigorous the attacks on the nature of Jesus, the more venomous our responses should be!

Leviticus 16 (my goodness gracious I think I have been calling it chapter 13 as I have computer printouts of various pages to which I refer a lot and if folded in the wrong place could result in this type of error. The error could also result in my outright fear of this chapter and what a farce of a write up that would result from not even mentioning the most important date in the Old Testament let alone how it translates into the New Testament. But this fear in now gradually passing and I look forward to the Chapter of Atonement, Leviticus 16, I always thought it was the lynch pin of the Bible but now I am beginning to see why. All sin gone, announcement that evil has been done away with, clanger of eternal hell destroyed, the new and eternal life of Jesus Christ!). Lynch pin Leviticus 16; five animals; bull, two goats, two rams establishes that there are indeed four streams that feed  the Day of Atonement. Stream three if Leviticus chapter 16; streams one and two are Numbers chapter six and stream four is Numbers chapter twenty nine.

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Streams one and two are the sinless stream and where the man who drops dead suddenly alongside the Nazirite, Jesus Christ. There are not many in that sinless stream and all I can do is to repeat Michael, Gabriel and no doubt even millions of the Levite angels. Lucifer should have been there! They got across time without sinning and therefore no crosses and the Day of Atonement from stream one was indeed a very simple affair. But Heaven was always going to be inherited even if it was by a very small number of angels.

Under stream one conditions, the sinless scenario there was only one sacrifice; the burnt offering of the pigeon or turtledove. No announcement about sin being destroyed none existed. The Day of Atonement consisted of the turning of the light of the continual burnt offering. It was not turned on before as the possibility of sin existed. It does not exist after DOA stream one and even if the continual burnt offering was turned off and it never will be, evil would not erupt. This is not a case of mindless robots, they were given a chance to sin but they chose not to. Thus DOA(1).

But DOA(2) is a much more complex scenario and involves more than just the angels that grumbled and their unconfessed unintentional sins which were certainly dealt with, no, even those who murdered Jesus knowing full well what they were doing will have unconfessed, unintentional sins which will come under DOA(2) In fact all unintentional unconfessed sins committed by the creation of Jesus will be here. Compare that for justice against the everlasting fires  of hell!


Comparing Jesus not allowing anyone, including those who lynched Him using His own Word to suffer to something they did not know that was wrong, to go to hell for them and eternal fires of hell for the overwhelming creation of Jesus is best left without comparison. It would be comparing truth with these liars in whom there is no truth, it would be comparing light and darkness or right from wrong, it would be better just to leave the contrast! How sick and evil is Jimmy Swaggart? Why are the JSM so desperate to get you into hell? But back to Leviticus 16 and Numbers six.

If these four streams flowing or feeding the Day of Atonement were symbolic of the four streams in the Garden of Eden or the four creatures around the throne or the four walls around the New Jerusalem, the lion, ox, man and eagle then these should simplify our Day of Atonement no end. Four earthly streams combine to produce a stream that runs through Heaven for ever. Four walls combine to produce the enclosure of the New Jerusalem. The four natures of Jesus Christ combine to produce the totality of the second Being of the Trinity. And this revision should only be from chapter seven onwards. Surely by now the problems of chapter six are over! One pigeon, no sin scenario and only burnt sacrifice required, two pigeons and all unintentional unconfessed sins left over once the fires of hell have been extinguished, one bird for sin and the other for burnt sacrifice. Pure divinity plus almost pure divinity equals the fifth section of the cross and entry through the doorway and onto the newly created universe. QED!

But there is a critical split here, the ministry of the Nazirite is split into two; the former days which are voided and the ones to come which are not. The voiding was due to His separation and defilement and certainly since He took on all those 70 trillion (?) sins when the fires of hell were extinguished which lasted for seven days, but what about the defilement He suffered for His dealings with humanity over the previous 7,777 odd years before? Specifically when He took on Himself all

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their confessed sins on GFPMC? When He asked for the product of the grape and called, ‘Father why have You forsaken me?’ Why wasn’t this counted as separation and defilement? Why didn’t He cut off His defiled locks at this time but wait until Numbers 6 to do so? All these issues have been canvassed under the headings of intentional and unintentional sins. It comes under the banner of the twin bird sacrifice. It was firstly required of us to materialise our sins, confess them and make them ours. Once they became ours we could pass them onto Jesus where He could accept  the penalty for them in hell and obliterate them. Our sins, He bore the penalty for a special category called confessed sins. No hair cutting, no defilement and this was His chief (?) purpose, as Nazirite, of being here. There is no penalty for doing what you are supposed to be doing.

This is not the case of the twin bird sacrifice, it may have been the purpose of the Day of Atonement of Leviticus sixteen, but not Numbers (6:9-12) In these verses these 70  trillion (?) sins become confessed sins of Jesus, His sins, His hair is defiled and cut and He goes to hell for His sins. Admittedly out of those 70 trillion will survive to go on and become the goat sin offering but initially they all had to be thrown into hell!

It must be there somewhere in Scripture where this change in ministry is recorded other than, ‘And that same day he shall consecrate his head,’ as much of our interpretation of these two verses depend on it. I will present the two scenarios and then give my preferred option; was it at 3.00pm on 10/07/486 or was it at 4.00pm on this day? The 3.00 pm option first. At 2.59 on this day Jesus was in phase one of His Ministry and at 3.01 He was in phase two or 3.59 He was still in phase one but at 4.01 He changed to phase two.

It was a personal battle that Jesus fought against satan. This work was given to Him by His Father way back in Eden; Your seed (Eve’s) will crush satan’s head and satan will bruise the heel of Jesus which happened on the 02/07/486 and 10/07/486 respectively. The difference between these two dates is that Jesus was defiled and separated from His Father.  He had suffered the defilement period before He went to the cross, He went to the cross undefiled; He has shaven off His defiled locks. That meant that at 3.00 pm on this Holy Sabbath day His phase one ministry was completed. It was a ministry that was concerned with the abolishing of sins. The confessed sin phase was finished way back on GFPMC and the unconfessed sins to which Jesus confessed, they became His and He had these destroyed by 3pm on 10/07/2018. All sin had now been destroyed by 3pm and a sinless and evil less time zone had begun. The burnt offering was offered in this sinless zone  as it was supposed to be

There is a time break in verse eleven; ‘The priest shall offer one for a sin offering’ as in phase one of His Nazirite ministry to end sin. Phase one was to deal with sin and at this time, 3pm all sin was gone. Phase two cut in and offered the burnt sacrifice, and the guilt offering of the male lamb a year old and consecration and dedication of the new Nazirite. Now that either happened at 3pm or  4pm. These bird sacrifices have to be brought in the perspective of Daniel 9:26. ‘Then after sixty-two weeks the Messiah will be cut off and have nothing.’

This prophesy certainly had a partial fulfilment on GFPMC but will have a much fuller fulfilment on DOA7777. On both occasions Jesus does hold a 1,260 day tutorial before He goes to the cross but the wars and the separation from His Father do not really match up. Jesus was in constant contact with His Father and the wars did not come until some thirty five years later. The correlation with DOA7777 is much better.

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After the battle against the beast, the rider of the white horse, the bridegroom, Jesus Christ left us alone in that final Garden of Eden and galloped off into the sunset and only stopped when He was some thousand kilometres short of earth but out of the zone where satan was allowed to operate. Jesus was isolated and He had nothing! Only under these conditions anyone was allowed to present to God bird sacrifices. His bride was billions of miles away on the edge of the universe and Jesus had broken away from the Father by asking for vinegar way back 7,770 years ago. And that break, that defilement was about to enter new dimensions seven days before the cross of the Atonement. Now the events surrounding this time are very accurately described in Numbers 6 and the first twelve verses. We should not have problems with correlating the Nazirite with the twin bird sacrifice.

It was over by 4pm on the DOA7777 of 10/07/486. All sin and evil gone (3pm). The burnt sacrifice offered and accepted (4pm), the guilt offering offered, consecration and dedication completed and phase two of the ministry of the Nazirite begun and would last for 1,260 days until the placing of the hair of Jesus on the cross and thus marking it as Heaven bound. But at the DOA7777 stage just before we go across only sacrifice and grain offering are stopped.–


The humbleness and humility with which Jesus approaches and goes to His atonement cross can only be matched by the humbleness and humility with which He went to Good Friday’s cross. It can go no lower than the two bird sacrifice. That dark door that totally shut Jesus out of God’s presence that slammed shut on Him in those six days of defilement that He went through after He took on Himself every last sin that was left over when the fires of hell extinguished. Six minutes of separation was worse than the hell to come, six hours no, but six days Jesus was indeed isolated and had nothing! And even though that isolation was partially broken the day before the cross when Jesus shaved off His defiled locks, there were still six hours in hell and the question of those 70 trillion sins (?). No He would only pull out of that isolation completely the next day, Resurrection Sunday morning.

But that twin bird sacrifice has to remain forever. Yes by the Sunday morning Jesus was in the presence of God His Father and He had the bride laying in front of, Him totally overwhelmed by what had just happened and His presence and He could quite easily have substituted those twin birds with twin bulls, but He did not nor should He have done so! So where are they and why have not these two birds not been mentioned? They are a presentation of the highest level. It does not get any higher than the bird burnt offering! This was the no sin option, neither angels nor mankind had sinned. The Nazirite did not do anything He was not supposed to do; no haircuts, no contact with the dead or contact with grape products. Just the presentation of the beauty of the Lord, God, Jesus and Christ and it was turned on and remained as the continual burnt offering and its grain offering. (Doesn’t Daniel tell us that the grain offering is stopped?)

The second bird, the second stream that feeds the Day of Atonement did involve contact with the dead, the man who died very suddenly beside him and it did involve cutting of the hair but it was still a very much a Heavenly affair. It restored  those grumbling angels and allowed them to pass through the doorway through which we are about to pass. With this picture then Numbers six gives us details of the nine days before the DOA7777 and then the closure of the 1,260 Days after it. Numbers twenty nine gives us ten days before and twenty three days after DOA, and all the action so far seems to happen on day 1,260 including the laying of the hair of Jesus on the cross and the start of Numbers seven. Before returning to day 1,260 after DOA7777 we still have two more streams to feed into DOA7777, we still have DOA3888 and GFPMC.

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As this blog tries to focus on eternity it would be nice to understand just some of the details about this journey particularly that the real author of the Bible is the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ and it is with Whom we will be spending our eternity with! DOA3888 or Leviticus 16.

This discussion may not be as superfluous as first appears. Most of the authors of the NT were Jews who came from and were steeped in the OT and particularly Leviticus sixteen or DOA3888. Would what they wrote so many years after GFPMC be the same as if they had penned it before Pentecost? I use Peter as my example and what did he think was going to happen in Gethsemane on that Thursday night? This picture is further complicated because the Jews missed Jesus as their first Messiah (Mes1) and now await Jesus but He is really the second Messiah (Mes2). I proceed via questions and answers.

Question 1; Do Christians today expect the arrival of our Messiah? Ans; yes. Question 2; Did the Jews from around Jesus’ time expect the arrival of their Messiah? Ans; yes. Question 3; In both cases were these expectations Scripturally based? Ans; yes. Question 4; Will we expect our Messiah to take us back to Heaven with Him? Ans; yes. Question 5; Did the Jews expect their Messiah to take them back to Heaven? Ans; The disciples at least did as the mother of two of them asked Jesus to place one of her sons on His right side and the other on His left side in Heaven. There was jealousy among them indicating others had similar thoughts. Question 6; Will there be, does our Messiah expect there to be a harvest when He comes a second time or is He expecting just to take a few of the faithful back with Him? Ans; Jesus in not expecting just a harvest but the full harvest and He will spend 1,800 odd years after He takes us back to Heaven, checking that not one lost sheep has been left behind. Question 7; When the Jewish Messiah came (Mes1) or  will come (Mes2) will He be expecting to take just a few of the faithful back to Heaven with Him or will He be expecting to take the full harvest back with Him? Ans; The full harvest. Question 8; Would He check afterwards that anyone was left behind anywhere on planet earth? Ans; most likely. Question 9; Is Jesus going to help in gathering our Christian harvest? Ans; The harvest will be gathered under the guidance of His Holy Spirit and by the outpouring of this Spirit. Both first and last churches go through a tribulation. Question 10? Did Jesus help with the gathering of the harvest in Jewish times? Ans, In His early ministry Jesus made every effort to bring in His own people to be the workers of the harvest. When this failed He tried to gather the harvest directly. He did not give up with His ministry for His people as their Master and King until  only a matter of days before GFPMC when He washed His disciples feet and became and went to the cross as their servant and slave. And today He is one of us as our servant and slave and will continue to be until the 9th of July, 486 when He shaves His defiled head. Num (6:9) Question11;  when satan/balak see the gathering of the people of God either at the first or second coming of the Messiah are they likely to stand by idly or are they going to throw every spanner in the works to try to thwart God’s effort in gathering the harvest? Ans; They will leave no stone unturned in trying to thwart Jesus’ efforts in gathering His harvest. Question 12; What technique will they adopt to achieve this? Ans; The technique will be pretty much the same of both occasions; attack and twist the Word of God in such a way so that you can make a noose out of to kill Jesus and His followers and jump for joy at the sight of them suffering and dying. Question 13; Would the JSM be a good example of this? Ans; Certainly, well finished, fully polished. Music, tears jumping for joy, tongues and spirit available to all, hard to find fault with. If not for the grace of God they would have a 100% fatality rate! Something to contemplate. Why have they gone back to confining the operations of the Holy Spirit to the confines of the cross? How is this going to hurt you which is their desire in most if not all of what they do? Is this another of Jimmy’s satanic revelations? Question 14; The crux of the matter will lie as the Word of  God as ‘itiswritten’? Ans; Is, as and always will be. From the time that you accept Jesus, usually displayed by entrance into the baptismal font, Jesus knows your fate and marks you accordingly; foolish  or wise. The wise He stamps with His seal, the foolish get no such protection or privilege except for those 144,000 foolish virgins whom Jesus

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virgins; it would have been a waste of time, of putting pearl on swine. Even though these foolish virgins took advantage of their seals through the trumpets and bowls, at the right time, Revelation chapter 14, they throw these seals back into Jesus’ face and replaced them with the mark of the beast proving Jesus was right in not sealing all foolish virgins in the first place! Jesus knows those who will follow ‘itiswritten’ and those who will follow, ‘as I think it should be written’! And there is one hell of a big hell of a difference between the two!

Except for Chapter twenty nine telling us about the first fourteen days after the Day of Atonement which took place of the 10th of July Scripture has been rather silent about the remaining 1,260 minus 14 or 1,246 days. So far there have been three chapters or parts of chapters; Leviticus 16 and Numbers 6:9-12 and chapter 29 devoted to the base of this fifth section of cross and Numbers 6:13-20 devoted to the very top but not much in between even if you count Daniel 9:24-27.  Firstly Leviticus 16 and then Numbers 6.

This is about entry into the Most Holy Place which for us up there will be the New Jerusalem. It is difficult to imagine that these admonitions would apply to our High Priest, Jesus Christ as it was His throne that was inside of that Holy City. Even if you take into account the baggage He is bringing in with Him. This baggage has been prepared and x-rayed to standards set by God Himself when He set out what needed to be done by the Nazirite, Jesus Christ. What could be in question is whether these standards have been met. But this Leviticus 16 is about God’s people, about the 1,259 days of atonement that had already occurred but were only really pointing to 1,260 version, the real version. This is where we are at. The plane flight has arrived of Thursday leaving from Gethsemane with Jesus as its pilot, all those who were represented  by Moses and Elijah and off course, Peter. We are not told of the mopping up operations and checking that took place of the dead left behind after exposure to the revelation of Jesus that: I AM HE but it could be as simple as the dead being resurrected at the end on the millennium and their pathway. Checking there would have happened. And after all this we finally arrive at Leviticus 16. Entry into the new earth let alone the New Jerusalem is not only guaranteed but it is barred. Those who came up did so before GFPMC. The day before it! All their sins are here and there has been no cross to remove them! It is going to be now or never; confessed sins, intentional and unintentional and unconfessed sins which can only be unintentional. There cannot be any unconfessed intentional sins for which the person must go to hell themselves. I have not worked out how they got as far as outside of the pearly gates without firstly being checked out at the doorway with the torn curtain.

The pilot from Gethsemane was the priest but now this priest has to change into High Priest’s regalia. There are sin offerings to be made and entrance into the Most Holy Place is being sought by not just the bridegroom but bride as well. But didn’t Numbers 19 tell us that it was Eleazar who was conducting this service? The priest waved to blood before the sacrifice was presented? No that is different, that is GFPMC and the role Eleazar played there. Part of this will be described in Num(6:13-20)  But what is of use to us here that Jesus Christ as Priest presented His own blood and then went on to pay the penalty. It should also be kept in mind that the role of the high priest will be to take on the unconfessed unintentional sins which cannot belong to Him but only to the congregation. Peter knows this chapter very well, like the back of his hand and will spot any deviation immediately! The order is that whatever item is to be used in an offering or sacrifice must first be cleansed by blood and only when all sin has

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been dispensed with can the burnt offering be made! This does even seem to apply when it comes to the scapegoat. This is now scapegoat territory and not lamb territory. This is not GFPMC it is a continuation of the history of the people of God, those who went to Him to ask for forgiveness of sin and wanted to be taken into Heaven with Him and not about those murders who killed Him because He claimed to be God, which He actually was!

The sin offering of bull and goat does not mean Jesus had to die twice. On the cross of GFPMC there was only one Jesus. He suffered as two different beings, the light hours of 9 to noon as one who was taking on the sins of this present atonement and then the dark hours of noon to three pm for the sins of those who murdered Him, but the same Jesus. He was the bull sin offering or unintentional unconfessed sins and that would be for all of creation including the bride and He was the goat sin offering of the congregation itself! This goat sin offering will still return to haunt us many a time again. Even the scapegoat providing it was outside of the cleansed area was included as a part of this sacrifice. Calvary’s tree was many things to many people and to cover for the sins of His people Jesus only had to go to the cross once. It was those murders that complicated things then and it is the same lot complicating things now! It was for those who twisted the Word of God then and continue to do so with such impunity today that the fires of hell have an adjustment knob!


The main reason I watch JSM along with five other channels is for their music ministries but even here they use these to introduce their clangers. I don’t bother with their discussion panels unless of course they are justifying one of their clangers but they only tell you that with their conclusion, ‘You don’t have to worry about it, that is all there is!’ By that stage the discussion is finished and I wished I had listened to it.

I know the verses involved that, that is all there is, are Hebrews (10:26-29); ‘For if we go on sinning wilfully after receiving the knowledge, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a certain terrifying expectation of judgment, and the fury of a fire which will consume the adversaries. Anyone who has set aside the Law of Moses dies without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. How much severer punishment do you think he will deserve who has trampled underfoot the Son of God, and has regarded as unclean the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified, and has insulted the Spirit of grace?’

In a sentence I describe (don’t know from whom I plagiarised it from) the Book of Hebrews as, ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ and the last four authors, Peter, John, James and Jude are about faith, hope, charity and action, but the critical transplant that occurs in this chapter is the Law of Moses/Jesus. It is out with the old and in with the new. It occurs in four stages. Firstly there has to be a realisation of its importance and that it must come across. It is the Word, the Bible is the Word. Secondly realising we are dealing with the word, the Word that Jesus inscribed with His finger in stone as the summary of all law, we ask Jesus to transcribe it across from those tablets and onto our hearts. Thirdly is the shock and horror of the realisation we have no hope in the world in any shape or form of keeping it. Fourthly we ask Jesus to keep His Law for us and we sit back and know that it is being kept down to the minutest detail! This is the issue that those verses are addressing.

‘But if we go on sinning wilfully..’ Here the Jimmy satanic ministries have in the backs of their minds that the Bible has called them liars  and there is no truth in them when they tell you to reject any advance God is trying to make to you on His Holy Sabbath Day and wilfully keep sinning, keep ignoring it, they now trump that lie with an even bigger lie; ‘don’t worry about it, the fires of hell will not be

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stoked up for you because you have not sinned against the blood of Jesus and insulted His Spirit! Satan is the father of all lies and there is no truth in him. It is only when it dawns on you why the JSM ministries are so keen to get into hell when you clearly see the real master behind the scenes! And the spirit they instil in anyone naïve enough to fall for it is not insulted at all by this wilful disobedience, to the contrary it jumps for joy! Nor is there any blasphemy against the blood that want to release when you slit those lamb’s throats!

Jesus alone can see the heart and He can forgive sins either seven times seventy or twice or even once. If you have no intention of keeping a commandment and wilfully breaking it then these verses tell you of the consequences of your actions. Whether you understand it or not your sin is against the blood of Jesus and the insult against His Holy Spirit. We all fall, it is never an issue the only issue is how often we fall and there is no limit to the number of those falls, but wilfully driving that nail through whilst sniggering and gloating these verses tell us of how Heaven will respond. To be told to forget them and that is all that there is, is satan at his best. Loren is indeed proving his value. But continue to twist the Word of God so that it can be used then to kill His flock they do and the only way to break out of this vicious cycle is to allow an input from Jesus Himself which is something they will not allow at any cost, they must stop you from, ‘Remember to keep holy the Sabbath Day..’ and the exact reasons why you must try to do so with no hope of achieving but passing it onto Jesus you cannot fail in achieving!

Now back to the problem of the 1,260th offering of the Day of Atonement, DOA3888, the one that would have happened had the plane flight arrived in Heaven from Gethsemane of 13th of January. Because this 1,260th DOA3888 covered all sin there was no need for GFPMC. Jesus did not have to resurrect all those whom He killed by His pronouncement of His Divinity, all He had to do was to take His own children back to Heaven with Him. That was His goal and that was His mission! Just like at the second and soon coming of Jesus He will come back and take His own people back to His Heavenly home! But what if JSM have a successful evangelistic campaign and  install their demonic spirits into the people of Jesus by successfully twisting His word so that when Jesus does come to collect His own they again will be jumping for joy at the sight of Jesus’ people being harassed and slaughtered what will Jesus do this time? Go to the cross again? Return empty Handed? The question is not superfluous, there will only be 144,000 alive to be taken back! These issues have already been extensively dealt with in the Book of Revelation and elsewhere and again Jesus will turn what was a travesty of justice He will again convert into a large harvest! We are specifically told that He is counting every drop of blood shed by His saints!

Scripture records the twin journeys of the people of God. The one that could have ended here on earth on Thursday night in Gethsemane and the one that took Jesus to Heaven via Mount Calvary. Scripture knew all the way along that the route would be Calvary and fully explained that deviation. Passover! In fact it was Passover that was the birthday of the Church of God. It was 01/01/01 and the initiator was the Passover Lamb. It was not a bull or goat or ram or bird it was a lamb and specifically a lamb that was one year old and without defect. How far out of His way did God/Jesus have to go to collect His lost sheep, no not the ones that did not stray, they may have been naughty but did not stray, he had to become their servant and slave to bring them home on the track over Mount Calvary. He could have forced them, He could have performed miraculous wonders but He only wanted those who wanted to be with Him because of His beauty and beauty He revealed on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary and that beauty is such that it cannot be appreciated or assimilated by swine! Here God revealed Himself through the outstretched arms of His only Begotten Son.  Mind you He did display a small amount of that beauty when the Man Who led the scapegoat out to be destroyed carrying all the sins of His people returned and became a part of the burnt offering but He did not

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display the full extent of His love as servant and slave to His lost sheep. He did display the fact that only one cross would have been required to get His own into Heaven, all sin finished up in the same place to be destroyed and was in hell and therefore the cross had to outside of the temple and city.

These subjects form the bases of our present revision, the fifth section of the cross and the last one before entry into the new universe. The treasure within this fifth cross is encapsulated in Numbers six. It is between the bird sacrifices of the Heavenly Day of Atonement and the earthly end of the mission of the Nazirite. At this stage verses 13 onwards are the decommissioning procedure but that procedure occurred on way back on GFPMC so that even if we are only studying the 1,260 days after DOA777 the bulwark that is present is GFPMC. The fifth section is thus GFPMC to DOA7777 and closed off with GFPMC in verse thirteen. (6:13-20)

So why did the Nazirite decide to hand in His commission 1,260 days after the bird sacrifice offerings? Because He had worked out His ministry of separation from God His Father down to a fraction of a second. This was a predetermined time and was written down as the law of the Nazirite. All fulfilled, no shortcuts taken! During this time He had two distinct missions and the second of these was to last for 1,260 days. It was a very specific mission. During this time He was supposed to let His hair grow in a sinless environment so that it could be placed on the cross allowing it not just onto the new earth but ultimately in front of the throne in the New Jerusalem. During this time Moses/Jesus were undertaking the building of the tabernacle within to hearts of each member of the bride. The bride may have been graded as three levels of Levites but even within each level no two of us are going to be the same. No this building, like our apartments in the New City are all different. Each of us is an individual. There is only one JK in Heaven! Why is it that I can see most of those in authority that I have tangled with leaping like lemmings into hell? The problem remains that we have only been through about 5% of Scripture and even that has been at a very superficial level so we can’t really complain about our lack of knowledge about these 1,260 intervening days.

Of these we do have the first fourteen. I don’t think we were prepared for the shock of the Day of Atonement itself. We did not realise the amplification factor that an evil less and sinless environment presented or the retardation factor that sin and evil imposed. They have just disappeared, that was the role of stage one of the ministry of the Nazirite, that was over at 3pm on the Day of atonement allowing the Burnt offering to be made in these sinless conditions. And at 3pm sinless conditions did exist. We already had our burnt offering to be made since the sound of the trumpets on the 1st of July. Numbers 29 tells us that in ten days time we are to present 1,1, 7. One bull, one ram and seven lambs and that is exactly what we do. These are the bare minimum that could be presented for the burnt offering and Jesus knew what effect this presentation would have on us. He leaves us alone for five days before checking on our condition. On day fifteenth of the month is, is 13,2, 14. Thirteen bulls, two rams and fourteen lambs. The thirteen bulls is still not a manageable number and Jesus will wait until it comes down to this number before He starts work on our tabernacle and we need prayer to invoke  the two rams and fourteen lambs. One of the rams maybe the peace offering we are about to study and the other the ram which was to be offered by the high priest from DOA3888. Can’t explain seven lambs let alone fourteen.

Anyway the 1,260 day building is complete and that is judged as such because we now can see enough beauty in the cross that we must have it to come with us into eternity. We not only want it to come into the New Jerusalem with us but we must have in in the tabernacle of our hearts now. It is what completes the building program. Jesus grants us our request by cutting of His sinless locks and placing them at the foot of the cross. What is difficult to understand among many things that our building

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program did not involve verses 13-20, what Jesus did on the cross for us. That is only what happened on day 1,260, it may have been the final nail but it certainly was not the majority of our building.—


One explanation seems to be that what is being explained is not the journey from GFPMC to DOA7777 but from DOA7777  and onto Mount Calvary. The cue for this explanation came from the order in which the Nazirite was decommissioned. He should have ended with the burnt offering and not started with it. In this way He is ‘just’ continuing on with the Burnt Offering which started off way back on the 10th of July and supposedly finished at 4pm. We were there. We laid as dead people, totally overcome by what we had seen. Jesus checked us out at five days later and there was no point in trying to start His building work on us. That could only happen fourteen days after the cross event. Mind you even at that time what we thought we were presenting to God the Father was the beauty of His Son was but a tiny fraction of what we could see on the 23rd of July. And that in turn is but a tiny fraction of what we will see in the New Jerusalem. Will that be 70,7,77 or will that be 144, 7, 10 bulls, rams and lambs? The majority of section five of the cross remains the burnt offering of the Day of Atonement (DOA7777)

But this is not the only source of the burnt offering, the majority source but not the only source. GFPMC and the burnt offering of the male lamb one year old and without defect that is now firstly handed in by the Nazirite at his decommissioning as it was the first one. But for Jesus to hand in a burnt offering was back on GFPMC two conditions had to have been met; a sinless and evil less conditions had to apply. That was the idea of the Day of Atonement and with no sin or evil Jesus could destroy the present universe and create His new one at at least seven levels of beauty higher and this one would not wind down but last forever! The events of above can be explained in terms of the Nazirite’s role on earth.

His role was to come to earth and bring His bride back to Heaven with Him. Not creation or the wicked, just His bride and that is exactly what He did on GFPMC. He restored His bride, He repaired the foundation between humanity and divinity and He did so from its lowest base; the sin of murder, Passover lamb, shepherd, male lamb as burnt offering, ewe-lamb as sin offering, ram as peace offering, lost sheep and not goats as their servant and slave. Top to bottom and everything in between. Jesus ticked the box of sinless on GFPMC for His bride. All the confessed sins of the bride were gone and paid in full including that quota that were on the cross between noon and 3pm. No ashes left over as some will tell you there are, no nothing. It is only Jesus who is capable of producing something like His universe out of nothing and it is only Jesus Who is capable of taking something like sin or even this universe and making it into nothing! Zilch exists! It is quite difficult to realise what a sinless condition we are in! Once confessed they are gone! It is as simple as that! But for the announcement and the offering of the Day of Atonement there has to be no evil certainly that resulted from sin so that Jesus can now turn on His divinity and destroy even the possibility of evil ever raising it evil head again!

I have made an attempt to answer this difficult question. On GFPMC sin gone but evil?  Daniel chapter seven tells us that three things happen to the evil within us, the beast; firstly it is killed, secondly it is crushed into a powder and thirdly it is thrown into the furnace. If evil is gone and can the burnt offering be brought out? Most certainly! What if Jesus decides to pull the beast back out of the fire and bring it back to life? Not really gone but Jesus must realise that in doing so this evil will now continue to raise its ugly head, causing me to sin, not that I have any problem with confessing these sins but they

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still have to pass through Calvary’s fires. Jesus knew all of that and much more but He still went ahead with His original plan. He resurrected the evil within me, weakened but resurrected.

For verse fourteen to be valid and it is that beast within me would have had to remained dead until 6pm when Jesus was placed in the tomb. Only then Scripture would write, ‘One male lamb a year old for a burnt offering. One that 365th day of its life the lamb had got rid of all sin and on that day evil within the bride did not exist and that lamb could be offered as a Burnt sacrifice. Up here it is different. The sins (confessed) of the bride were done away with some 3884 yare ago. And the beast of evil had been dead since we saw the doors of hell when they were opened to consume satan and the remaining  living wicked and we realised that our Jesus had been here because of our confessed sins so technically at least evil was dead from at least 2nd of July but it was not surgically removed until the 10th of July when we saw what our supposedly benign sins, those unconfessed and unintentional sins did to our Jesus on the DOA7777 cross.

The Nazirite therefore completely completes the burnt offering. On that same day way back on GFPMC He had completed the sin offering of the ewe-lamb which He now presents. That is what most services consisted of sin offering and burnt offerings. But this very last of last services is different, it attaches the bride, it is the peace offering as well. And the peace offering is of itself  two stages. The sin, peace and peace offerings constitute the first part up to the laying of the hair of Jesus on the cross and it is only after that when we are ready and have the cross inside of our tabernacles that we are waved as a peace offering before God. It keeps coming back and rightly so to the cross!


Verses 13-20 in the Book of Numbers are indeed of critical importance to planet earth. They are the last day of its last full year of existence. There may still be another seven months, seven days and seven hours but this is the last day of its last full year. Daniel (9:24-27) tells us that it is the end of all evil and finally the most holy will be anointed. Jesus will have finished building not just our temple and anointing it but its furnishings and utensils as well. This will be confirmed by the placement of His sinless locks on the cross so now it is not just a matter of completed buildings, utensils and furnishings, now that altar/cross that stood outside is moved not just into the New Jerusalem to stand in front of the throne but it is moved from outside of our bodies and lives into our inner sanctums, our hearts. I am not even sure that it would be correct to say that there will be some minor adjustments to be made in in those last seven odd months because Daniel tells us that transgression is finished on or by this date. That last seven years of the batch of seventy, number 69 was split into three and a half years before the DOA7777 and three and a half years (1,260 days) after and now we are on day 1,260. It is the decommissioning of the Nazirite, Jesus Christ, it is the end of phase two of His ministry and it almost allows us to define that sacrifice called the ram. We know of its last day of existence and we know what happened to it on its first birthday, when it was 365 days old, one year old lamb and without defect and once we have its birthday, the first 365 days of its life we will have a basic understanding of the ram sacrifice. It is an issue with which we are about to struggle, the birthday of the ram.

The ‘problem’ here is that day 1,260 is but one day, the last day of that half batch and if you want to include the whole seven year batch then one in 2,520. One nail that went into building our tabernacles out of 1,260 or even 2,520, GFPMC gets one nail. And there is a lot of gory stuff of a body hanging almost naked and writhing in pain and in total darkness while the demons danced in glee and concepts like this will not have any real meaning in a perfect, sinless and evil less world, but there is one nail and without it there would be no building! Even though it is way more than our fifth visit to these verses I will treat them as such and that is about the level of the peace offering I have. GFPMC.

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The law of the Nazirite was very specific and it said His vow would be fulfilled at the end of seventy weeks or by day 1,260 after DOA7777. It also defines this last porch which I have called our final Garden of Eden that contains our final doorway which by now has a torn curtain and in which we will spend our last eight odd years in before crossing over, as ‘your holy city’. It like the DOA7777 cross is probably directly above the city that stood on Good Friday. The Nazirite brings a list of work He was supposed to have completed and this list was worked out with God the Father as being required to restore the link/foundation between God and man. This is not the naughty children being cleaned up before entry into Heaven, no these were those murderers who killed Him in the most horrible of circumstances and the two incidents that Jesus brings from this day are the sin and burnt offerings from that day.

I still may not have been totally wrong by transferring the burnt offering from GFPMC up to DOA7777 justifying it on the ground that up here was the only time when neither sin nor evil existed, but it now appears that both these sacrifices were presented on the same day, GFPMC. There was no problem with the sin offering and all the sins of the bride had been removed and if Jesus held off resurrecting that beast of evil within me until 4pm and evil less environment existed. For the bride at 3pm on GFPMC there was no sin and no evil and therefore Jesus was presented as the burnt offering to God but then you might say that Jesus at 3pm specifically requested the product of the vine knowing it would break His connection with His Father then we would have to move the burnt offering from GFPMC back to where we have it now. But it is here and it is being called on as complete! It does not really matter whether it was offered 3,900 odd years ago or only 1,260 days ago it is here now and it is being called upon as well as its companion event of the same day, the sin offering.

Chapter nineteen and the red heifer have been most helpful in explaining the sin offering. Down here it was a ewe-lamb sin offering. Calvary’s tree was specifically about the confessed sins of the bride. No doubt much still awaits as we return to this chapter and both sin and burnt offerings are going to be made use of for the bride now but what is new is the peace offering of the ram that accompanied these two sacrifices. The ram was the total life of the lamb. We know that its life was finished on the day that it was decommissioned; day 1,260 after the DOA7777 cross and the last day of Daniel’s 490 years and when planet entered into it last year of existence, but when did the life of our ram begin?

The life of the ram is as the life of the Nazirite. The life of the Nazirite had an input into each of the four streams that fed into the DOA7777. He was the burnt offering when no sin was involved from creation and for 7,777 provisional years. He was the sin and the burnt offering when that man died very suddenly besides him as the twin bird offering. It was about him that the DOA3888 was involved and the plane flight that should have come in from the Garden of Gethsemane on the night before GFPMC and he was the burnt offering that resulted from GFPMC. He was 7,777 years old and was only decommissioned within the last year of this planet’s existence. This is the core of the peace offering, our reliance on the life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ! This was not a cross event it was the Nazirite offering His whole life on earth and attaching the bride to it. Bringing a basket full of unleavened cakes of fine flour mixed with oil and unleavened wafers spread with oil along with their grain and drink offerings. But what caused the fine flour and oil to be baked into cakes?


A Christian life maybe compared to a bed of roses but despite its beauty and complexity there are the thorns and they have very specific reasons for being there, every one of them is there to protect us and bring us to the Jesus. Many there on that 1,260th day will have been through a tribulation and

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some even through the great tribulation, all baking and bonding processes. We all felt that flash of heat when Jesus opened the doors into hell to throw satan into after his head had been crushed on the 2nd of July, 486 even though that door was billions if not trillions of miles away. Enough baking occurred even at that distance to kill the beast of evil within us. But the DOA7777 cross occurred right alongside in the garden we were in and it took fourteen days to even to begin to recover from the baking we received in six hours of the 10th of July in 486. We ourselves were not in hell but much refining did occur, much baking. The idea of this whole period after the second coming was to refine and prepare the raw materials to the extent they were pure enough so that we could pass through that doorway and onto the new earth. We have had the binding agent, the Oil, the Holy Spirit since the Spirit arrived in Heaven from earth and allowed our wedding to take place, yes we have had maximum support. We have been organised as twelve tribes/families/wafers, twelve suburbs in the new city and twelve pearly gates with the name of the suburb on it. Much has been put into the preparation of our eternity!

At this late stage the grain and drink offering are the covenant of the Last Supper. They are now about  to be offered as one. The bride and the Lord’s Supper. The bride, the bread and the body of Christ. The sin offering. The bride, the wine, the drink offering and the blood of Christ. The burnt offering. These are the anchor points for the whole peace offering, the ram. The whole life of Jesus Christ, all 7,777 years of it this final day of it. And all of these are now put together as a unit and offered to God the Father, not as a cross, there were two of those and they finished their functions and it is now that the completed role of GFPMC is presented, on 10/07/486 and the completion of Daniel’s seventieth seven.

The ram associated by the base of the New Covenant is offered and accepted by God. Jesus now steps up, shaves his sinless locks and places them in the fire at the base of the cross which is under the sacrifice of peace offerings. It was not a part of the nine to three offering of GFPMC but it does become a part of that cross now. The cross is now coming across into the New Jerusalem! Once all this has been determined now the final part of the offering is made. It may even be as late as 3pm on that final day of 1,260.

Of the four sections of the ram, head, chest, thighs and legs only two are presented now and it appears the other are nonnegotiable. The head of the ram, the divinity of Jesus and the feet, His humanity are not mentioned. The thigh of the ram, theocracy, God’s Government is just presented as a base and lifted up but the shoulder attached to the breast are separated and presented individually. One shoulder? Should not there be two?

When the burnt sacrifice was set up in the fires only the head and feet were placed in the fire. On GFPMC the fires that leapt from earth’s cross and the humanity that hung there and engulfed the throne of God above and it is to this event that the Nazirite is referring to now; the ewe-lamb, the male lamb and the ram, specifically related to GFPMC. There was another cross with a burnt and sin offering but that one was the one of eternity. The peace offering had its roots on top of Mount Calvary. In Daniel’s statue of evil the chest of silver is represented by the Medes and Persians which I take to be the two branches of Islam; Shiite and Sunni. The only antidote to drugs, pornography, alcohol, greed and war, blasphemy and Islam is Christianity. By their own definition Islam is blasphemy and stands out and above all evil. To them to associate Jesus Christ with God is blasphemy of the highest scale. To a Christian it is blasphemy of the highest scale to deny that God revealed Himself through His only Begotten Son and for those who try to join these extremes together shows neither know the

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basics of their faith! It is the attempted joining of light and darkness! We are not allowed to go to their country and evangelise our Jesus Christ but allow them to come over and evangelise unrestricted! One way act of stupidity! Good bye beloved country!

The flour has been through a refining process but the shoulder goes through a boiling process as well. It is not the same as the feet and the head went through, the noon to 3pm on GFPMC, the dark hours but the flames that caused our flour and oil to be baked caused the shoulder to be boiled. The relative intensity of the flames of hell are given to us in Scripture. If we willingly continue to sin and ignore the commandments of God we sin against His blood and insult His Spirit and for us the fires of hell will be especially stoked. The sins of the children of Jesus are different to those sins of those who twisted the Word of God to justify His murder and jumped for joy at the sight of His suffering and death! Their histories are very much different. Verses 19 and 20 still present us with a problem.

We have had Jesus building our temple/tabernacle now for 1,259 days since we lay in front of the DOA7777 cross and on day 1,260 He drives in the final nail into our tabernacle. Say between 9am and 3pm He presents the filled out job sheet which they had both worked out had to be done in order to restore divinity and humanity. It may have only been one day’s worth of work in the building but without it there would be no building. Jesus anchors His life, the life of the ram that is today 7,777 years old on the burnt and sin sacrifice of GFPMC, a 365 day old lamb. To this life and on this day He adds a basket of unleavened cakes and wafers and oil together with the New Covenant as represented in the Last/Lord’s Supper. That is it, surely that is all there can be! But Numbers seven tells us that three things occur and the building of our tabernacles is but the first of them.

We now need to anoint the Most Holy. OK at 3pm Jesus places His sinless locks at the base of the altar/cross. This must surely be the end now but it is not. Even more ‘things’ have to occur before the Nazirite can drink wine. Verses 19,20. ‘ The priest shall take the ram’s shoulder when it has been boiled, and one unleavened cake out of the basket and one wafer, and shall put them on the hands of the Nazirite after he has shaved his dedicated hair. Then the priest shall wave them as a wave offering before the Lord. It is holy for the priest, together with the breast offered by waving and the thigh offered by lifting; and afterward the Nazirite may drink wine.’ That really is a lot of action and requirements before the Nazirite completes His vow and in Numbers seven it is the third requirement to be added to building finished, anointing the cross and now the consecration.


There was never a problem in our marriage to Jesus in Heaven. In fact it was such a joyous affair that it required a miracle to prevent Heaven itself from imploding or was that exploding. From the moment we arrived in the present tent of meeting and were clothed by Jesus Himself with His robe of righteousness we wanted to find out more of its beauty, we asked for the fine linen to make this robe sit more comfortably, we asked for the Holy Spirit. The history and why the Holy Spirit spent some 1,800 years on earth even past the time that the door of mercy closed is recorded mainly in the Book of Revelation. Well the Spirit did return and to our joy the wedding did take place. But we did not live happily ever after, not in our present tent of meeting. Our destination was not just the Holy Place but the Most Holy Place and in the direct presence of the throne which would be occupied by both God and the Lamb. We have now been following the seven years of turbulent history since that wedding. Much needed to be prepared and changed before we would be allowed entry into the New Jerusalem. The prophet Daniel who most of those clever critics say could not predict the disasters that struck the

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Jews at the time of Antiochus Epiphanes has actually predicted another 4,000 odd years past that and down to not just the day but the hour as well!

Seven lots of seventy weeks (7*70 = 490 years) and we are now not just in year 490 but on day 365 of that year when all evil will be finished. It has been a very busy day so far. The Nazirite stepped up and we thought that He was decommissioned when He presented the sin and burnt sacrifice from GFPMC and then used that to anchor His 7,777 years of existence as the peace offering of the ram. We knew the peace offering was accepted by God because with it was attached the basket of unleavened cakes (144 million of them ?) and they were presented under the established covenant of the Last Supper. It all went through. Daniel tells us the last thing to happen is the Most Holy will be anointed and even that has happened and at a dual level. Both involve the placement of the sinless locks of Jesus Christ and both involve the placement of the cross of Christ. In a physical sense it marked the cross as New Jerusalem bound. It could be dragged (?) through this doorway with the torn curtain, across the new earth, through the pearly gates and set up on the river of life that is flowing out from under the throne. In a spiritual sense when we had been gazing at this cross now for initially 1,259 days and now the ‘action’ day we just could not take our eyes off it, such was its beauty and the events that took place on it. At this stage we did not realise it was coming so we just had to stare at it for every available second hoping its memory would last as long as possible into the eternities to come. All of our fears were allayed by the placement of this hair. The cross is just not coming across it will be moved from outside of our bodies and into our hearts. The building of our tabernacles is complete! But if this is so then why has not the Nazirite been completely released from his vow? Time is short, there are now only a few hours left in this bracket of 490 years.

For the Nazirite to be completely released from His vow now He has the have the boiled shoulder of the ram placed in His arms along with one unleavened cake and wafer but they can only be waved before the Lord by the priest, Eleazar (?) after the Nazirite has shaved his dedicated hair. It is the shaving of His dedicated hair that qualifies Jesus to make this waved offering. ( Could it also be to do with where this dedicated hair was placed and the finishing of the tabernacle?)  There is only but one cake and one wafer that can be considered. The tribe is that of Judah and the unleavened cake is Jesus Christ and He suffered much in order to become a cake in that wafer. He is more than an unleavened cake to us. He is our creator and our redeemer, He is wonderful counsellor and friend and helper under all conditions. And now He is being waved as our representative of the 144 million strong bride. His acceptance in this offering being waved ensures the acceptance of every other member of Heaven. But as well as our representative  being present, the boiled shoulder and the breast to which it was attached to also had to be held by the Nazirite.

This unveils some of the beauty and truths of Christianity. It is one but it is also two. It is bride and bridegroom, it is Christ and His church and they can be represented as two shoulders attached to the chest/breast of a ram. They are ram and as such the peace offering. Here we have one of those shoulders that has been through much refining over the last 1,259 plus one days and she is now held in the arms of the Nazirite and both now can be waved as a wave offering before God. Could not be done until the shaving of the hair and of the transfiguration of Jesus. Could not be done before the tabernacle within the heart of the bride was completed. Earthly preparation finished, Heavenly preparation about to begin. Not in the next chapter, chapter seven but in chapter eight will the final two stages, the Heavenly stages be added to the cross and all seven lights turned on on the lampstand! The base on which this presentation was made is also presented; the thigh; theocracy or God’s  way! Never in question! Only now can the question of the Nazirite drinking wine come up. Only now the question of fermentation and leavened and unleavened bread can be left behind. Only now there is no need to separate wine and grape juice. Only grape juice exists!

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We now tentatively move from the completed Nazirite chapter six and onto our test where we are going to be expected to show basic understanding onto which the Heavenly components can be placed. They do need a foundation and it is not going to be enough that whatever the problem, whatever the question we just point to Jesus. That is more than is required here on earth between the first and second sections of the cross, the bit between GFPMC and the second coming, no more will now be required. The New Jerusalem may be a square city 2,200 kilometres long and that wide again but is it also 2,200 kilometres high. We need to make use of that dimension. This maybe our fifth visit to chapter seven but from a very low entry point and therefore there is much room for improvement. This may apply to the majority of the chapter but not so for Numbers chapter seven verse one; ‘ Now on the day that Moses had finished setting up the tabernacle, he anointed it and consecrated it with all its furnishings and the altar and all its utensils; he anointed and consecrated them also.’

And what a busy day was that day, 1,260 after the Heavenly DOA7777. There is more than just a gear change now, there is a change in the transfer case from L to H. Our last year of this planet and we will only see out a part of it. Days are now very important and even though day 1,260 was filled with action day 1,261 or the first day of our last year is also not wasted. It was also action packed look at the seven things that happened before the first leader stood up to present his offerings.


In chapter six we were still wafers but now we are formally organised as tribes /families with leaders who make offerings and also special offerings for the cross of which we are certain is not just a part of us but is coming in a physical sense. Down here on earth for well over a millennium that altar was a gigantic structure capable of having many animals (hundreds?) burned on it at the same time and it remained so until GFPMC when Jesus dragged with the help of Simon what this bronze structure really stood for; the cross, our cross and the cross of eternity and now the cross on which we are about to present our offerings. After GFPMC it stayed as a cross forever and did not revert back to an altar even in the eternities to come, it just stayed as the tree of life.

The formation of our tribes and households bears similarities and differences to their counterparts in the Sinai desert. The household, tribe and Levite were meant to be synonymous and the fact that this turned out not to be so does not prove predestination but proves there were no robots. Everyone had a freewill with which to choose their destination. Up here they are one. Other than the three being one up here the similarities are quite stunning. We are God’s people and we have been trained for one purpose and that is to await that curtain on the doorway into the tent of meeting to occur so that we can pass through where we can serve our Jesus not as Levites but as Priests. We have had well over a thousand years of training but that training has had as its core our change of roles as we passed through that torn curtain. You may ask how can 1,800 odd years in Heaven with Jesus can be classified as Levitical training. The training that both lots of Levites received was to have reverence for Jesus and His Holy Name and as we observe events during these years it very much gives us reverence for Jesus. In both our cases the curtain on the doorway into the tent of meeting tears at 3pm when Jesus dies on the cross. Down here it was the cross of Good Friday which stood on Mount Calvary where the death occurred whereas up here on the edge of the universe that death occurred on the cross of the Day of Atonement, a Holy Sabbath. At the time when both tears occurred there was no real place called the tent of meeting. Up here that is still some four years before we count out the last seven hours of this universes existence and the creation of the new one including the tent of meeting and down here the temple ceased to exist as God’s Temple the moment Jesus walked out of it. We too will

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count out some four years down here before Jesus allows satan to put a break in the wall of water and try to wash us away. In the meantime we will have had time with the Holy Spirit to prepare for just such an event. Our journey for that final doorway on the edge of the universe had begun. The problem and it is a prayer problem is that this journey is one of a priest, it is as priests that we serve once inside of that doorway and it is only as priests that we can begin to stand on these footings that we have been building over the last 1,260 days. And the step from Levite to Priest is gigantic!

The last millennium of training should have taught us reverence for our Lord and it is from this footing that our role as priests begins. Reverence first and foremost for His Holy Name for it is by this Name by which we are saved. The dos may be more difficult but the don’ts are obvious. Do not address Him with the same title that you address satan with as most Scripture does today; wrong! Satan must be delighted as being addressed with the same title as Jesus; lower case ‘he’ or ‘his’. Personnel pronouns addressing divinity should be upper case and bold would even be more preferable.

Reverence for His Holy Word as it is by asking for and receiving this daily bread by which our spiritual growth will occur. Without it our priesthood growth is not possible. Reverence as displayed by trust and putting it above that scrap heap of the history of ideas that is called science. To say to believe in Scripture and evolution is a statement of absurdity of the highest order and one attacked hopefully with the greatest venom possible in this blog! A foot in both worlds only shows you have no idea of what is happening in either world. An example for reverence for the Word would be looking at all those genealogies in the Bible and asking the Holy Spirit, ‘ If at the time these Scriptures were written there were no mass printing available and every word was of critical importance then why so much space and so many words devoted to genealogies?’ The antonym would be to go to your old earth paradigm and jeer at these genealogies! Then to add to this farce, call, ‘predestination! I could not do anything about it!’ Liar!

The way in which Holy Scripture is written is to allow us the go there and read verses and paragraphs and ask the Holy Spirit to tell us how this scripture applies to our lives and what response does Jesus expect. It does not expect us to twist this word in such a way as to justify our sinful purposes. Our call, not predestination but our call. And it is on this relationship that we develop with Jesus and His Word or through His Word that we as Levites will now be graded into three families. It is actually quite encouraging that we are still referred to as Levites even after a half-baked effort od 70 (?) years on planet earth and then being with Jesus for some 1,800 odd years. Still only Levites and the change to priests soon to occur. If this step was too big for earthly beings to comprehend it would not be in Scripture and neither would Jesus showing the full extent of His love as He did at the foot washing ceremony!

Our first grading of these 144 million (?) glasses of every shape and size in then three fold; Kohathites, close to Jesus and His work, most distant the Merarites and in between the Gershonites. It is a clanger of stunning proportions the concept of predestination and even more stunning the number of adherents it has! In a limited blog and with limited resources I cannot attempt to put out every fire. Evolution, old earth, Sabbath and eternal hell must slip off the screen except for emergencies. Predestination, and the tie up between the Gospel of John and the three synoptic Gospels now appear on the screen. What the apostles thought on the night would have influenced their actions but that is not the issue. The issue is when all these four Gospels were being written under the influence of the Holy Spirit what was their content, how are they related and what are we supposed to learn from this relationship?

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Four is a fairly common number in the Bible; four Gospels, four walls, four Christ like creatures, four streams in Eden feeding that single Day of Atonement, fourth commandment only one beginning with ‘remember’, four camps, four directions, just off the top of my hat and we can claim success if we can relate these to Jesus their creator and to the eternal Heavens and this can only be done with prayer. And it can only be done with prayer the demolition of that insidious blasphemy, predestination! Jesus created me and predestined me to burn in hell forever and ever! What blasphemy! Destroys the attributes of love, grace, mercy, holiness and justice of Jesus Christ in one sentence even if you remove those eternal fires of hell off the end of that sentence. Yes Jesus did create me and I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I rely on that statement all the more with advancing years. Even before my conception Jesus knew whether I would accept Him and go to Heaven or whether I would reject Him and go to hell and if you believe Numbers six then hell can only burn for a maximum of 48 hours. For it to be forever would require continual input from God regardless of how much of a flare the stokers of hell had for the job and it is exactly what satan wants you to think. You cannot have light and darkness just like you cannot have a freewill and predestination! Mind you if I finish up in hell it will be because I have rejected His ways and my ways which seemed so much better have not been accepted! That is not predestination, that is a conflict of wills and I came second in this conflict!

With Numbers seven there is no doubt a great wealth of information which evades me at present and no doubt relates to the offerings about to be made but we are only at the fifth visit. It was not predestination whether I got to  Heaven and it is not predestination as to whether Jesus allocates me to either the Kohath, Merari or Gershon Levites. This is determined by how much I want to please my Jesus and time I am prepared to spend for Him. To compensate for that incredible variety up there Heaven still fills every glass regardless of size. We are all filled with all the happiness we can cope with. But I cannot account for the sharing of the carts or the numbers involved at this stage. Returning to the offerings and their placement on the fifth section of the cross. In the Sinai desert they could not place their offerings on the Heavenly two sections that did not yet exist. Section six spans the newly created earth and section seven is within the New Jerusalem. These two do not exist for us either but section five does and we have spent much time studying its base, the DOA7777 and its crown, the placement of the sinless locks of Jesus at its base. (That sounds like the wrong spot) The top may even be the Nazirite holding the boiled shoulder with one unleavened cake and wafer and being presented as a Wave offering before God the Father. But the presentations are specific to the cross no other part of the Holy Place just the cross.

There was unimaginable relief when we realised that this cross was coming with us and the first barrier we had to cross together was this doorway with the torn curtain. This doorway that separated our present universe with the new one which is still to be created. And Jesus is no longer accepting us just to point to the cross whatever the problem. No up here we are going to develop a relationship with Him. The depth of that relationship will vary but a relationship there will be. And that relationship will stem from the twelve fruits being produced by the tree of life; the cross. That maybe all wonderful in the eternities to come but right now we have two immediate problems in front of us; firstly this doorway in front of us and secondly entrance through those pearly gates. It is entrance into a holy, sinless and evil less territory and coming from where we have come that is difficult to imagine.

We have already been waved and accepted as a married couple; Nazirite, boiled shoulder and unleavened cake and wafer. It was this act that finally released the Nazirite from His vow and allowed Him to drink wine. So we are going through under the banner of the cake and wafer; Jesus Christ from

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the tribe of Judah. But since that time we have been split further into twelve tribes each of equal size with 12 million (?) members in each tribe. The silver plates are all the same size and they are each fully covered with fine flour mixed with oil but who is this bowl?

It is made out of silver, the metal that represents Christianity. It is of great value, it represents almost half of the weight of the entire plate or tribe. It is filled with the same flour that covers the dish. It has previously appeared as baked cakes but that was a refining process on the cross. Now it can be treated for Heavenly purposes as purified fine flour mixed with oil. It is the description of each member of our family/tribe and the contribution each member makes towards the tribe. It is indispensable. That is how our family is constructed. That is the level of knowledge that each member contains. Each glass will be full! So if that is me what presentations am I going to make on this cross? For me to want it, the cross so badly I must see at least a part of its significance.

As far as I can see the problem it is twofold. It is about getting us to this stage and then into future stages. This stage is day 1,260 after DOA7777 plus if I am in the ninth tribe then it would be day 1269 and nine days after DOA7777 period finished and nine days into our last year of existence. All sin is gone and all evil as well. The three highlights of planet earth and the 7,777 year old universe have been creation, halfway through time, GFPMC and end of time DOA7777 and we are at day 1,269 since that DOA7777 when the Nazirite was decommissioned of day 1,260. So for the first 7,777 years of our earth it is related to the Nazirite and His life. I must therefore include His whole vow of separation. And on that ground I firmly stand, but how far has this Nazirite propelled this universe into the next? What momentum did He give it to continue?

Well before He left it, some 1,260 days before He went to the DOA7777 cross and cleaned out and got rid of unconfessed, unintentional sin. Satan did finally catch up with Eve’s seed, he did bruise the heel of Jesus. Eight days before Jesus had crushed his head by defeating him and throwing him into hell but finally God’s promise to Eve had been fulfilled. Then there was 1,260 days of intense tabernacle building to the extent that this silver bowl JK can now be asked to prepare the cross of Jesus Christ to get his tribe across those two remaining barriers and into the New Jerusalem. JK surveys the situation, particularly that last day, day 1,260 after DOA7777, the decommissioning of the Nazirite a very intense day indeed when Jesus not only presents His achievements from GFPMC, the burnt and sin offerings of this day but anchors on Mount Calvary His whole life as Nazirite, all 7,777 years of the life of the ram includes a basket full of cakes, wafer and drink and grain offerings and presents these as a peace offering to God His Father and they are all accepted. If He goes to Heaven then we must go with Him! This last day, GFPMC, day 1,260 after DOA7777 sounds like a very good anchor point to begin with.

And that anchor point the Nazirite handed in His job sheet to His Father and on it were ticked as completed; burnt offering/sacrifice, sin offering/sacrifice and peace offering.  But that was only one day and it was conditional on the hair of the Nazirite being cut off and placed at the foot of the cross. This was sinless DNA that allowed the crossover point. It was the peace offering being accepted, it was the Nazirite holding the boiled shoulder and one cake and one wafer. It was this combination that was waved and accepted by God that completed the vow of the Nazirite and allowed Him to drink wine again! With so much action on this one day that propelled us through that doorway, what happened on the other 1,259 days? Surely they too must form an important part of this propulsion into Heaven above. Without them there would be no sinless locks to place on the cross. It should also be kept in mind that these twelve days of presentation are occupied and associated with prayer, the incense on the golden pan. The previous presentation of the Nazirite, boiled shoulder and unleavened cake and wafer are an in principle acceptance of all. These now are the individuals beings presented. We pray

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for each member of each tribe but turn up the prayer knob goes up by one when our own tribe comes in focus. The order I present them in is the same order that the Nazirite presented them in; burnt offering, sin offering and peace offering.

Jesus could have presented the burnt offering first because day 1,260 was just a continuation from day one. The burnt offering may well have finished at 4pm on that Sabbath of the Day of Atonement but to us laying in front of that cross it was the start of an era. That era has come to day 1,260 and is noted and from there into eternity. That was the original idea of the Day of Atonement regardless whether it was fed by one stream or four.

In Numbers twenty nine on the first day of the seventh month we were told  by Jesus to present on the Day of Atonement, 10th of July one bull, one ram and seven lambs but when we saw these offerings through the flames we saw much, much more than this. On a diminishing scale by day fourteen this had diminished to seven bulls, two Rams and fourteen lambs. We saw far more than we had submitted but it still could not be the complete picture until Jesus added His contribution to the burnt offering from GFPMC. Only now the burnt offering is complete and only can eternity begin in a sinless and evil less state. Couple the burnt offering after the fires of hell have gone out and unintentional unconfessed sin has been abolished, DOA777 with the burnt offering resulting from confessed sin caters for all sin providing of course the accompanying sin sacrifices were accepted. If this is the case then I should be presenting; one bull, one ram, seven lambs and one lamb that is 365 days old (that maybe 8lambs) but I present one bull, correct, one ram, correct and only one male lamb that is one year old. Seven lambs are missing at least even if we forget the bird burnt offering. But we can forget those twin bird sacrifices for the time being because they were very selective, only for the man who died very suddenly beside the Nazirite, only for the fallen angels. But we should add the yearly Day of Atonement in its more than one thousand cycles then there are another two rams for burnt offerings to be added giving a total of one bull, three rams, seven lambs and a male lamb one year old. Differs from what I am doing now by two rams short.

The next is the sin offering. Day of Atonement the sin offering is one male goat (ch 29) and GFPMC the sin offering is a ewe-lamb that is one year old and without defect. The sin offering for the high priest of DOA3888 was a bull and for the congregation was a goat. The total here should be one bull, two goats and a ewe-lamb. Again forgetting that which did not happen the bird sin sacrifice I have the ewe-lamb and the bull as ‘too many’. That gives us a total of short by seven lambs and a ewe-lamb ‘too many’.  What about the peace offering then?

It is the peace offering that is way off scale. I present 2, 5, 5 and five but I can only account for one of these. The Nazirite only presented one ram but I have two oxen, five rams, five male goats and five male lambs that are one year old. Why such discrepancies even taking into account that the peace offering of the Nazirite used the burnt and sin offerings as its foundation?

There is a major change of tone about to occur in chapter eight. Two additions; remaining two sections are to be added to the cross and all seven lights are to be turned on. Have we got the first five sorted out? Are the burnt and sin offerings clear? Balaam has told us that the main cross/altar has seven sections. Each section has a ram as its base, a male lamb a year old as its stem and a bull at its head. Five of these sections are in this universe and the remaining two on the next universe. I have taken these sections to be; section one from GFPE to GFPMC, section two from GFPMC until the second coming and the one we live in now, section three from the second coming until the door of mercy closes at the third coming, section four as from the third coming until the Day of Atonement at the

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fourth coming, section five as from the Day of atonement until the placement of the sinless locks of the Nazirite on the cross of eternity, section six from the placement of these locks until arrival at the base of the New Jerusalem and section seven is into the New Jerusalem itself. I did not include the period from Abraham to Egypt as this was final preparation. The cross did not start until 01/01/01.

The cross that our leader of the ninth tribe is placing the offerings of our tribe on day 1,269 days after DOA7777 is the fifth cross or more correctly the fifth section of the whole cross. Each section is standing on the base of the ram, the 7,777 year our Nazirite spent on this earth. Thus there are five rams. Each section of the cross has a stem of a male lamb one year old, thus there are five lambs one year old. Where are the five bulls and why have they been replaced by five male goats?—


Some time ago when Jesus showed me the significance of the goat sin offering in DOA3888 I actually looked up, big grin and said ‘Thank You’ as to how the explanation shown solved my problems. I did not realise the depth of Scripture that this male goat sin offering would explain later. Such as it does now in Numbers seven. The continual burnt offering.

In Jesus’ original plan for His creation there was going to be no sin. There was no reason for Lucifer or the angels to rebel, they had nothing to gain and everything to lose. Likewise Adam and Eve and progeny had nothing to gain but everything to lose. Jesus did not kill evil at the start and the reason for this is shown to us in Gethsemane where Jesus did kill evil by His announcement of ‘I AM HE’. This was too soon. One day too soon. The moment Jesus withdrew His divinity evil flourished, they arrested Him and murdered Him the next day. Even one day before evil reached its maximum value which it did on GFPMC was too soon. No evil, that is the beast within and a different matter to evil without, satan, had to be destroyed at its peak as it was on GFPMC. It was Jesus’ prerogative to resurrect this beast within me which is what He did and on many occasions surprises me as to how healthy it is.

Even without any sin evil had to be given the right amount of time to flourish and that time was determined down to the day. Planet earth ran for 1,260 days short of 7,777 years in a sinless condition even though the possibility of sinning existed, no one sinned. Evil did not have to be killed, it had not lived and by turning on the continual burnt offering prevented any chance of evil raising it’se ugly head. It was not smothered there was nothing there to smother in the first place. This was my first analysis but these verses tell us the ways of the Lord are much richer than we can ever imagine. No He did not come home on Thursday night from Gethsemane, He stayed  for Good Friday and gave the likes of you and me the chance to join Him and He provided every facility for us to do so! And in His Word He explains in great detail of how He will get us up there. And this is where we are now, in that sinless zone where the continual burnt offering is turned on as it would have been had no one sinned.

We and our leader know we are in this sinless zone and we saw the continual burnt offering being turned on some 1,269 days ago. All requirements have been met since that time and now our leader is presenting the silver plate with 12 million (?) grains of flour and oil and each individual member is highlighted to be a part of this eternal offering. He does not present the ewe-lamb, this was the sin offering from GFPMC and without it we would not be where we are now. But those concepts of confessed sin and its annihilation are not really part of Heavenly vocabulary. Neither is the sin offering for the high priest of Leviticus 16, DOA3888, the bull sin offering mentioned either. Unconfessed sins are not here also but there is one that remains, there is a male goat for a sin offering and it has worked  its way into each section of the cross.

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Standard standby explanation is that it has always been there even in our first stream feeding the DOA7777. Being a sin offering, sin must imply a cross and the horror associated with it, it was there even if there was no sin? The possibility of Unconfessed, unintentional sin was there and had it occurred it would not have passed onto Adam and Eve or progeny or angels but it would have been dealt with before the continual burnt offering was turned on. It was there and even if not required and not used shows us the level of Holiness we are about to move into. Had the angels fallen and committed unintentional unconfessed sins they would be covered by the bird sin offering but our leader is not now concerned with angels or birds he wants to make sure  every member of his plate presents and is joined to this burnt offering. Their intentional sins, scapegoat, ewe-lamb, Mount Calvary have already been dealt and this the topic of the goat sin offering from DOA3888 the issue   and one that carries through the eternities to come. Many will call, ’unintentional’ and is this is not true then this lie will propagate forever.

I do realise the weaknesses (some  of at least) in the above analysis and was not going to attempt it until I received extra information but it will be of interest how this analysis will change when I receive it. Like where did the seven lambs we were supposed to produce on the 10th of July go to? Was the bird sacrifice for the angels and the man who died very suddenly alongside him or was it also for our unintentional unconfessed sins or were they covered separately by the goat sin offering? In the meantime and just before chapter eight hits us and knocks us out our leader is desperate to attach our tribe to be a part of this continual burnt offering and the best way that he can see of doing this is via the peace offering. He throws everything that he can at this peace offering. At the stage we are at there are only five sections of the cross available to him to work with. Each one he converts into a peace offering, he cannot do no more than that! He is presenting a base on which chapter eight will be built on and each section of cross has as its base the 7,777 years of the life of the Nazirite, the ram. There can be no errors, no uncertainties in one in whom there is no defect. He alone is the truth, the way and the light and life. Any religion that denies any of these tenets of faith is a lie, the way of hell, darkness and death. Thus there are five rams.

If we were told that there were five ewe-lambs a year old I would say that these were the sins of the bride but this I now the formation of the continual burnt offering of eternity something that can only happen once all sin and evil are one away with and that happened to a large extent when the fires of hell extinguished. The male lamb that is coming across is that it was presented as a burnt sacrifice by the Nazirite to God the Father at his decommissioning. So yes five of them are coming but that does not address the issue as to why the five male goats are there and have replaced the bulls that should have been there.

The bull is the top of each cross but also the base of the cross above it. GFPMC was the top of the first cross which stood on 01/01/01. The stem of that first cross pointed to and was fulfilled on Good Friday. This first section was a complete section but it also formed a base and the biases of Christianity and without spawning this base it is a fluid question whether the top of that first cross could it be called a bull. Did Jesus Christ have to resurrect those wicked dead as they lay before Him in Gethsemane on that Thursday night? The same question would apply now to the fifth cross we are in as it has no sixth cross above it. These five male goats are still a problem.

DOA3888, all 1,259 rehearsals (?) of it had a male goat as a sin offering for the congregation which cleansed the way for the people placing their hands on the scapegoat and once all their confessed sins, both intentional and unintentional had passed onto it, it was taken outside and destroyed. It needed God’s permission to pick up the garbage and take it outside of the city to burn it up. But the


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goat sin offering only allowed the scapegoat to be taken outside of the city to be destroyed. What spawned this burnt offering we are trying so hard to get attached to was the man who led this scapegoat out. Only when he came back could the burnt offering be made. It was he who spawned the sacrifice of eternity, the burnt offering. No there has to be more in these five sections of the cross so far.

It is important that its base cannot be faulted, the ram. It will come under constant bombardment from satan and if you allow the foundations to break up then so will the edifice. Yes the male Lamb on it is the burnt offering and the Nazirite presented Him as such at his decommissioning and this now becomes the base of our existence of eternity, the continual burnt offering. But this is the same cross that was used in the DOA7777 ceremony/offering. This second time around it was not on a Friday but a Saturday and the fact that both ewe-lamb and male lamb were a year old, 365 days, only show there was a carryover from one event onto a more appropriate time. What needed carrying over was unintentional sin.

But if it was the unintentional sin that was the problem then this sin passed onto the high priest. Jesus Christ as even higher than high priest took on all remaining sins onto Himself after the fires of hell had extinguished. Actually He was higher than high priest when He came out of that six day defilement period and shaved His defiled locks. But it was not only the bull involved with unintentional sin. Not only the high priest. The scapegoat only took confessed sins away, the unconfessed sins stayed behind. This should allow us to split that mountain of 70 trillion (?) unconfessed and unintentional sins into two groups; 60 trillion(?) to the wicked who had ceased to exist some eight days before DOA7777 and now the last of their sins and 10 trillion (?) to the bride who will continue to live forever. It was this separation between bull and goat unconfessed unintentional sins that was the crux for the bride as she lay in front of the Atonement Cross. It was her specific batch of sins that changed her constitution. How could Jesus absorb this horror on Himself? How could Jesus suffer for this horror? How could she be so far out of touch with reality not to realise what she was doing was so wrong! What a heavy price has Jesus paid to bring her to this honoured place of eternity! This goat sin offering is a reminder of this and much more and it stays. It stays in chapter seven as the only sin offering that is coming as attached to the burnt offering and it stays as the only sin offering that was attached to the continual burnt offering that began burning on the 10th of July, 486. Chapter 29. There is one male goat for a sin offering but there are five male goats attached to each of the sections of cross! Chapter eight.

At this stage I cannot work out when this chapter cuts in but it may be as early as when the last of our leaders has made his presentation, day thirteen or 1,273 after DOA7777. (13 out of the seven months and seven days remaining) . Despite the intensive preparation that we have gone through, even Heaven left us alone for fourteen days after what we had experienced with Jesus Christ hanging in front of us on DOA7777 and the stupidity of the goat sins, we were built personally by Jesus into a completed tabernacle, waved before God and accepted and all that theology about our presentation as a part of the continual burnt offering and was the goat sin offering` originally a part  of the burnt offering if there had not been any sin were all issues with which we struggled and overcame. But they seemed to be of no value of preparation for what we saw next; all seven sections of cross and all seven lamps lighten! The seven steps to Christ! No longer hypothetical but a reality! —


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It was Friday night that I thought through the issues involved in Chapter seven and the topic of my Sabbath typing and thought there is not going to be much involved the next day. Easy day, sunbake on the beach for longer! All chapter seven is about is that we are finally on our way! Actually the journey began when the continuous burnt offering was presented at 3pm on the 10th of July but still needed another 1,260 days for final adjustment and their completion must have been obvious because over the next twelve days our leaders stepped up and called, ‘Count us in please’!  And if I had to make a summary statement that would be it, ‘Count my tribe in on this journey please!’

But then I thought this is already the fifth visit to this chapter and we should at least be on a paragraph level of understanding if not at a verse level so I better at least sound technical and include the words of burnt, sin and peace offerings and over two thousand words later I have some tie up between them. If I knew the bit that was missing it would not be missing and when found and it topples this picture so far over then this is okay providing it provides a better model.

We have arrived at the doorway to our Garden of Eden, the doorway that will feed us into/onto the new earth and universe. We are about to stream through it. This one last final stream is fed by four other streams but they all join it and flow out as one. The sinless stream, where neither the angels or humanity sinned and the odds on favourite to come through is the weakest link; no sin no goat sin offering! But that option was there just in case one of these beings did commit an unconfessed, unintentional sin. Jesus would not have counted it against them like He does not count ours against us but He would have gone to the atonement cross to destroy it just as is described in Numbers six. But the summary statement remains; day 1,273 after DOA7777 we are ready to go!

Likewise chapter eight would produce a summary statement; ‘We thought we were ready to go but when shown the path we could not handle its beauty, we collapsed and now require TLC before we can start on this journey. But again for a fifth visit more is required at least on a paragraph level.

Even though we have just spent 1,800 odd years in Heaven, in the tent of meeting, at first we could not imagine that there could exist anywhere a more beautiful place. But with time we realised that there was a more beautiful place than the one we were in; the Most Holy Place. We were not allowed in there and made no attempt to peek in and even if we did all we would see that it was filled with smoke from the wrath of God. But we have spent time in the kindergarten of beauty.

We then graduated to first class when we did what we were told to do on the 1/07/486. We were told to present to the Atonement Cross a 1, 1, 7 offering on 10/07/ 486. Seven lambs is the complete number and even one bull and one ram indicates a certain level of awareness of the significance of these sacrifices. When we saw this 1, 1, 7 magnified through the fires of the Atonement Cross, again we were knocked of our feet with the beauty! But again the flash of that beauty we saw had settled down to 7, 2, and 14. This was the maximum amount we could absorb here on earth but we still called, ‘Ready!’ We have been to first class!

We then graduated to second class in chapter eight and again it was too much and we collapsed at what we saw without even taking one step. It was Jesus Who commanded the seven lamps be turned on and the light we saw was overwhelming. Keep in mind that we have just presented a burnt, sin and peace offering! And what we saw allowed us to graduate from first to second class.

Our first realisation is that this lampstand is just one solid peace of gold that has been hammered into shape. The act of salvation is one unit that maybe made up out of seven units but it is one piece of gold. The seven lamps are individual units and have not been attached to the mainframe up to now and lighten. Little wonder the pass mark into second class was so low! Without the light we thought we were dealing with five individual crosses but they are one! There maybe a junction but on joins

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allowed. From the text it appears that all seven have to be turned on at the same time, and we won’t see the light until they are all on but on this earth all that is required of me is that lights two and three be turned. The light of Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary and the light of the second coming of my Jesus. That is all that is required of me.

But Holy Scripture turns on all seven. Jesus wants us to know of the details of our salvation and the degree to which they have worked out. So when the lights are turned we realise the relationship between the five and why they are isolated, because they are on this earth and we did not see the final two because they were jutting out into that non existent as yet heavenly domains. Because the lamps certainly were not in front of the lampstand but probably somewhere in the area as we needed some light to see what we did see but now are brought forward I take this act as defining our final seven steps to Christ. We now have the seven and we have the lights that we need to step on as we approach Jesus for Him to anoint us with His blood; ‘and then we will see His face!’  Jesus did hang on the GFPMC and in total darkness but here He is placing a lamp in front of that cross also, in Fact all seven have now got a lamp in front of them!


So chapter eight is composed of two sections; the bride being overcome and Heaven getting the bride back on her feet. The only thing that happened to overwhelm her was the revelation of the lampstand and the seven lights that were placed in front of it. The lampstand was not one nugget of gold for the base, one for the stem and six for the branches, no it was one gigantic nugget. Stunning enough to worldly eyes but not enough to overwhelm the bride who has just been laying in front of the cross with her master hanging on it.

The external physical effort, the hammering, that was required to shape this chunk of gold into such an intricate shape again are staggering. That effort was extreme and the beauty of the finished product stunning but hardly enough to overwhelm a bride whose tabernacle was built by the Master Builder Himself and over a period of some 1,260 days.

Its structure is certainly of concern. From the word go this lampstand has been one piece. There has been one gem, one salvation and one effort to combine humanity and divinity. It is Scripture, the Holy Spirit, Who mounts these lamps in front of the lampstand so late in the history of the church, just before the second coming partially but fully some 1,273 days after DOA7777 (?). Since GFPMC we have had a cross which Simon helped Jesus drag out onto Mount Calvary. Since then we have had this cross stand in the final Garden of Eden and seen our Jesus hang on it for nearly twenty hours before His resurrection. Since then we have starred at this cross for 1,260 days and only broke our gaze when Jesus marked it as, ‘Heaven bound’ by placing His sinless locks at its base. Since then we have certainly been a part of the construction of the fifth cross but now when the lights are turned on we find it is not just GFPMC or DOA3888 or DOA7777 we find it is one structure with no joins. Certainly complicates things but not to the extent that it overwhelms us and causes us to collapse. The collapse is due to the entirety of the lampstand and in this big picture we are already standing on step five and there is now only two to go before our final face to face meeting with Jesus and for this we are not ready. The bride may have two to go but each individual will have seven.

The pace has been gathering so quickly of late and the beauty of what we are seeing is rising exponentially. We don’t want to go on just in case we get that tap on the shoulder and told that there had been a mistake in our admission. The disappointment will be something we never get over. Better to get out now! But what is most gratifying is the response of the angels. They are the custodians of

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Heaven, there was always a provision made for them to be here. They are the congregation of Heaven. They know who it is who has just collapsed in front of them. This side of the doorway these are Levites but if/when they pass through the doorway they will become priests on the High God and they will lord it over this congregation, these angels for the eternities to come. Yet despite knowing this to be the case they plead with Jesus to restore us and admit us into those Heavenly realms. A truly magnanimous act!  They too have had Levite angels who did not fall like Michael and Gabriel and whether these too go on to become priests in the universe of new we don’t know. We know that there was a provision made for them just in case they did fall. You see the only being incapable of sinning is God Himself, every other being is capable of taking advantage of the evil around them and sinning. That is why it is so important to get rid of evil. Every trace of it! In the New Heavens there will be no trace of evil and no sin, that is perfection. Whether that goat sin offering for sinless creation was required or not is worthy of future consideration.

Jesus instructed Moses back in the desert so up here it is Jesus Himself Who will do this final bathing and it appears to be over the level that He washed His disciple’s feet. It will not be a full body wash but a sprinkling of purifying water, (from the ashes of the red heifer?) but there is also ingrained impurity in the hair that has to be shaven. We did wash our clothes in the blood of the Lamb on entry into Heaven but much exposure to sin and evil has occurred since then. A sprinkling of purifying water is in order. Clothes certainly do need washing. The presentations of the bull, grain and fine flour mixed with oil for a burnt offering and the bull for a sin offering are relevant.

The peace offerings for the five sections of cross seemed to have gone through even though presented in the dark. There is no peace offering required for the last two sections of cross. There seemed little reason for even starting the journey if the peace offering had not been accepted. And they were quite a reasonable depth to them as they were accompanied by two oxen, the creature that represents the blood of Jesus. It was the blood of Jesus that would be on the door frame of the doorway with the torn curtain and the blood of Jesus which will when accepted allow those pearly gates into the New Jerusalem to swing open and allow us in. And it was the blood of Jesus on those door frames in Egypt that stopped the angel of death from killing the Levites to be, so we really should not strike the peace offering again. Whether it would have been required for that lot had they come through from Gethsemane is a fair question but it certainly was required for those murderers who killed Jesus because He claimed to be the Son of God. Now the burnt offering.

There was a burnt offering way back on the 10th of July, 486. It consisted of our 1,1, 7; one bull, one ram and seven lambs and it was accompanied by defined amounts of grain offering fine flour and oil and their drink offerings. We were waved as a wave offering but that was a part of the peace offering, but this burnt offering is different and the waving is now from our Heavenly congregation, the angels of eternity. They are pleading for us to be accepted in their domain. Angels will march with the bride and the bridegroom. But is this burnt offering from the height of the seventh cross?

Previously I have decided that this seventh cross had to be different to the other six. Balaam arranged the seven separate altars as to whether they were Head to toe as in Calvary’s cross


And Balak and Balaam just walked from the top/head or bull of one altar across to the foot or ram of the next altar or one long cross or whether they were in the shape of the lampstand we are not told but either way there would have been a top cross which meant that is was not the footing for the one

Page 133

above it. It had to be twin bull and even if in time we are still nearly two years in time from here this is the event being pointed to. The bull sin offering and the bull burnt offering.

The actual physical situation is that it took Jesus 1,259 days to build our tabernacles after we saw Him hanging on His Atonement Cross in preparation for eternity. When He had finished His building work of the tabernacle within His bride, Jesus was decommissioned. His work as a Nazirite has lasted 7,777 years to the day. (Daniel’s 7*70). The bride was now ready for Heaven. Jesus joined her onto the sin and burnt offering that He was way back on GFPMC as a basket of cakes and presented the three plus His whole life at that stage 7,777 years as a Nazirite and presented the lot to God His Father as a peace offering which was accepted. The peace that was established at that stage was symbolised by the cross. It was physically marked to go to the New Jerusalem to be placed in front of the throne and spiritually it was placed within our hearts. Only then was the boiled shoulder placed within the hand of Jesus and as a married couple we were waved before God. But on day 1,260 the ministry of Jesus Christ changed. He was allowed to drink wine. We were ready to pass through the doorway in front of us on which the curtain tore at 3pm on the 10/07/486. Our leaders stood up and made offerings to God, offerings which would have been made regardless of what the history of the earth would have been. There was only one stream of water/people leaving the original and our present Garden of Eden. It had had the blood of the red heifer waved towards it by Eleazar and it was staying. This doorway is going to remain as is the porch, the Garden of Eden.

We fall in front/alongside the Atonement Cross as an organised army and we do not need any further organisation to begin our march once out twelve leaders join us onto day 1,260 and the new role of the decommissioned Jesus.  We left Heaven after our wedding to Jesus as an organised army riding behind the rider of the white horse and fought our first battle against the beast. Jesus did not involve us in the battle against satan, that was His own personal battle. The point being that when our leaders on day 1,273 call ready we are already an organised army ready to march and we fall as such when in chapter eight Jesus shows us the beauty of the lampstand.

One reason for this could have been to show us the nature of those beings that we will be spending the eternities with; the angels. Their behaviour is foreign to most churches today but quite common in the early church where they sold their houses and shared the proceeds. It is the height of absurdity to compare and draw parallels between the church then and the church today. That is not saying that there are no Christians in the church today but if that is the ground you want to become a Christian on you will be most probably be very disappointed. The only way to avoid disappointment is to concentrate on Jesus and even the smallest degree of self examination will reveal that it is not just the others who have room for improvement! I am having difficulty in relating who does what in this chapter.

From verse 14 it is patently clear to the angels what these foreigners are going to do; the Levites shall be mine and as the curtain on the doorway into the tent of meeting has been torn they are going to come in and serve Jesus in the tent of meeting. Is this going to be solo or hand in hand with the angels? No, they are going to be a part of the congregation. Our highly selective position was determined on the birthday of the Church, 01/01/01. Back there as verses 14-19 tell us it started  off as the first born sons of Israel who were spared death by the angel of death but this birthright was transferred to us as Christians/Levites and it is we who are now laying in front of the angels awaiting resuscitation by the angels of Heaven. And the angels do not disappoint, they send out their biggest guns. The scenario I use is that of a typical Israel march. There are four camps and they leave in a predetermined order, including the tabernacle.

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The events that are occurring are under the instruction of God. He seems to be saying to Jesus, ‘that if You want those angels and Levites up here then this is what You must do; wash them with purifying water, get them to shave their hair and wash their clothes and bring the two ultimate sacrifices by which you are represented, one bull as the sin offering and one bull as a burnt offering with grain, fine flour mixed with oil. Then bring the Levites forward to the tent of meeting. This may sound a bit difficult as the Levites are sprawled out on the ground. But if there are two angels for each Levites this could be done. Then you assemble all the congregation of angels behind them and get them to lay their hands on the heads of the Levites. Jesus as High Priest will then present the Levites and presumably the angels that have their hands on their heads as well as a wave offering of acceptance before God. His priestly role will then pass onto them in the presence of God. Now the Levites/ representatives/leaders will now offer by placing their hands to the bulls heads the bulls representing Jesus in His highest form to God


We have arrived at chapter nine, the Passover, and a shuttering halt because we cannot bring across the foundation of chapter nine which is chapter eight where the foundations of Passover are laid which we did not understand what was presented in light when it was in darkness and what we understood in darkness was not right because we did not understand the split in the Nazirite’s ministry which was conditional on chapter five and our one to one relationship with Jesus and the understanding that any whoring, spiritual or physical would be severely punished including the withholding of spiritual truths. But our base chapter remains chapter eight, logically occurring before chapter nine.

It built Passover in a reverse direction, just like Nicodemus went to Jesus to find out about salvation. Jesus sent him back to the bronze snake in the desert. He told him to stand on that foundation, which Nicodemus knew very well and then look up and so it is in chapter eight. From the top which we could not handle and collapsed when the lights were turned on not just the five we thought  we could understand but the two crosses that are in the new universe as well showed our reach was beyond our scope of acceptance but we had been brought up previously to a level that was high enough  from which we could recover and go onto chapter nine. We are shown the solution as in the bull sin and burnt offerings and then sent to the base of these offerings, not the bronze snake in the desert but to 01/01/01 in Egypt a place we have visited many times before and certainly not a bolt out of the blue. And by returning back here and trying to establish the twelve or whatever facts Scripture wants us to know we will have established a foundation from which to look up. The very least we will have done is to follow our Master’s advice and gone back to the OT as our base and the base He used to explain His role to the disciples in His walk with them on the road to Emmaus. We would rightly expect His help.

From this base we should be able to look up and see a very fine line separating the two stages of the ministry of the Nazirite. And on revisiting that line confirm that it was correctly placed at 3pm (or was is 4pm) and confirm that placement. Our goal it still 14/01/02 but that is the first Passover in Heaven on our arrival and every year thereafter for the eternities to come. A very high goal indeed! We are looking at and asking for an explanation of crosses six and seven and there is a light shining on them as well! Scripture expects us to see the light! But certainly novel if not difficult concept is that of the angelic beings. It is logical that they be up there in Heaven with us but what is our relationship with them and how are roles to each divinely assigned? This concept is so strange it is difficult to accept but pray fully it is one other explanation of the differences between John’s and the synoptic gospels.

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Let us count the facts that our foundation of Passover is made. A fact is something that which is, ‘It is written’ and attempt to  extrapolate them upwards but as with Moses’ bronze snake in the desert we are going to have to bring in other Biblical truths encountered elsewhere. Verses fourteen onwards.

(1); there is a separation of Levites from others, the sons of Israel, (2); God takes the Levites as His. (3); the Levites may go in to serve Jesus in the tent of meeting after this. (4); They must be cleansed and presented as a wave offering. (5); Levites are wholly given to God from among the sons of Israel. (6); God’s initial choice for those who would be His was the first born males of both man and beast.  (7); God confirmed this choice in Egypt on 01/01/01 when the angel of death killed all first males, man and beast, but passed over those He had chosen for Himself. (8); God substituted the Levites for these first born sons. (9); The Levites were given as a gift to Aaron and to his sons. (10); The role of the Levites is to perform the service of the sons of Israel at the tent of meeting. Not predestination, the others are still there it is just that their role is being performed by the Levites. Privileged position yes but predestination no. (11); On earth they make atonement for the sons of Israel to stop any plague from developing had the sons of Israel approached the sanctuary. There is no atonement to be made in Heaven and no possibility of any plague. After DOA7777 the incumbents of Heaven are sinless and there is no trace of whatever sins they have committed. They are significant, they have contributed two of streams that leave Eden and onto its Heavenly journey, In fact it was all about them and the role of the Nazirite; no sin Michael, Gabriel and other Levites and the second stream factored in was for the man who died very suddenly beside the Nazirite then spawned the bird sacrifices. Humanity sinning was a different matter but the solution for this break was given immediately when the fall occurred. We still have to revisit DOA7777 and see whether our unintentional unconfessed sins could pass onto the two birds and with our intentional and unintentional confessed sins then passing onto 9 to noon on GFPMC would account for freedom of all our sins. But there remains the complication of the goat sin offering. The way Jesus dealt with all unconfessed sin goes to His glory, He did not have to! Nor did He have to take on confessed sins, such are the nuances of those four streams. In one He became one with them and the other He bore them separately on His frame. They  did not defile His hair, it did not have to be shaven.

Having been given this base verses twenty onwards have the Levites ‘did’. We are back on our upward journey, the Levites did purify themselves, they did wash their clothes and Aaron did present them as a wave offering. Aaron also made atonement for them and the Levites did go in to perform their service in the tent of meeting. But they did not offer the two bull offerings and they could not imitate the love shown by the angels, most of the time they were fighting in among themselves. This was all a part of the first ministry of the Nazirite but we are trying to come through the second phase from the Heavenly side, post DOA7777. We are still back at the bronze snake stage. Moses took forever to make this snake but he is finally holding it up and if we look at it and believe then we will not die. But how has looking at a replica of satan allowed us to go to Heaven?  What are the Heavenly connections? It is they that we seek.

If we can’t make any then the next chapter, nine, will be the Passover the Israelites celebrated for well over a thousand years, including all of the apostles but what we require is the date of 14/01/02 and the very first Passover in the new Heavens and then forever more to bring in each new year. Verses 14-22 did not mention the Passover Lamb but it would have to be implied. The angel of death only passed over the houses that had the blood of this lamb on its doorframes and to have blood the lamb had to have died, blood shed, been eaten by morning and many rules obeyed in the process. No ‘all’ I can see here the firm foundation of the first cross, between Egypt and Calvary, but we are

Page 136

at the other end, the sixth and seventh crosses which we should have at least a slightest inkling about to place the Passover into Heaven.

In chapter seven we placed our offerings, those that were required from day one of creation on the cross and called, ‘Ready for the final leg’, only to find Jesus not only shows us the final two crosses but turns on the seven lamps before each of those crosses. We are overwhelmed by the beauty of what we see and rather that start the journey we would prefer just to stay where we are. The disappointment of being rejected looms too large. There appears to be at least two reasons for what has just happened to us. Firstly our fainting spells are never of the depth from which we cannot be recovered by the remainder of the text of that chapter. Such is certainly the case in chapter eight. It teaches us to go back to fundamentals like Jesus told Nicodemus to go back to Moses’ bronze snake in the desert and once there we can be resurrected.

A second reason for our fainting spell could be to be shown firstly that there is a congregation of angels in Heaven and the second is their love and desire to want us to be up there with them. Out of the four divisions of the army riding behind the rider of the white cross only one falls in front of the cross. The other three fall either side or behind it. These will have to be physically picked up and carried around to the front and to these angels we say, ‘Thank you!’. Then each and every member of the bride will have to be stood up and the angels hands are placed on our foreheads and they plead for us to be accepted on their behalf as we are waved as a wave offering before God. They could do no more and again as we look and see the hands on our foreheads we say, ‘Thank you’! What a warm feeling to know that we will be spending the eternities to come with such loving beings who so desperately want us to be there with them! There is no attempt made to symbolise this relationship back here on earth in Scripture although chapter five does expect us to attempt to do so between bride and bridegroom.

Chapter eight does show us the solution to the lights lighting up the seven crosses by revealing cross seven itself; the twin bull sacrifice of the sin and burnt offerings. We should already have some idea about number six cross. Its footing is the top of the fifth cross and that involved the placement of the sinless hair of the Nazirite on the cross that is coming across the boundary into the new universe. It may take seven months and seven days and seven hours to do so but coming across it is to form the base of cross six.

We already know a fair bit about cross seven. It is the final one and its base is at the foot of the New Jerusalem. It must be some 5,000 kilometres high ( 3,000 miles) as the foundation on which the new city sits is some 2,200 kilometres high and the walls are of a similar height then add a bit for a bird eye view and that should give about 3,000 miles high. As it is the top cross there is nothing above it, the bull on this one cannot turn into a ram as a base for one above it as has just happened in the previous six crosses. This is the full manifestation of Jesus Christ. This is now where the blood sin offering of the bull is going to be presented and which should allow those pearly gates to swing  open and allow the bridal party to enter. There is blood there that was present on Mount Calvary but that was one stream that flowed within the Garden of Eden. At this stage it has been joined by the other three streams, it is now of the highest order; it is the blood of a bull.

We have the top two and we have the way of getting there but Scripture comes all the way back to the bronze snake in the desert or in this case even before this, the birthday of the Church, 01/01/01. Apparently it wants us to be standing firmly on the foundation of the first cross with our necks

Page 137

craned  and awaiting an answer from above. If I am not accused of overstressing some subject, flogging it to death only shows that it has not been stressed enough and such in not the case with Passover in Egypt. All eleven facts in verses 14-19 I have stressed continuously, there is nothing there that I did not know or stress. I may not have been as aware of verses 20-22 and certainly did not apply them to chapter eight as the Heavenly chapter and the change in the ministry of the Nazirite but I try to do so now and as a Heavenly application would allow me to proceed onto chapter nine, the Passover on a Heavenly bases.

I have been seeking the answers the question of the two celebrations of eternity for a long time so I don’t know which one of you decided to pray for the harvest and when and why it is only now that the Holy Spirit is going to give us an answer. What a blessing if this just happens to allow us to distinguish between John’s and the synoptic Gospels! We will know that its source is the Holy Spirit if the answer is right and is used as daily bread for the Body of Christ. There is a time coming for accolades when whose prayer was answered and when and who partook of it as daily bread and was nourished by it and there has been a thousand years awarded to it, but now is not that time. The time is harvest time and it can only be gathered with the sharp sickle, the double edged sword, the Word of God, not some hypothetical concept but expressed in the Bible. The answers have been coming in dribs and drabs and I am going to write on my Daniel page blog 9 page 137 to come back here to compare my seventh visit to the present fifth one, especially whether I still hold the same reservations.

When the prophet Daniel penned his mighty prophesies it really did not matter whether he understood them or not. It was the Holy Spirit Who was responsible for this Book of Daniel. Daniel was not taking a dictation directly but each idea, including the numbers was given to him by the Spirit and the Holy Spirit could not make mistakes and its Word had to be relevant, to be able to teach all generations at least as far as the beginning of eternity. Likewise the writers of the New Testament including the four Gospel writers. What they thought, especially on Thursday night in Gethsemane would have affected their behaviour on that night and a long time thereafter, but these Gospels were penned under the influence of the Holy Spirit, have no mistakes and are applicable to all generations right up to and into the eternal Heavens. But you may say if all we need is the first cross then why waste time and detract our attention with seven crosses. Look at the thousand odd years before GFPMC.

All the Israelites had to do was to attend church, once on that one day a year on the Day of Atonement, have all their sins ready and as soon as they saw the high priest place his hands on the scapegoat they had to confess their sins, and I would have added, ‘and those I can’t remember’, And they were all gone, literally, by faith they just were not there! It was about faith yesterday, it is about faith today and it is going to be by faith that we look forward to the new creation. Even in Heaven when Jesus applies His precious blood to our foreheads and we see His face at the end of our seven steps to Him we will still require faith that His blood had sufficient life in it to give us life for eternity. It is so simple now; Jesus did everything that was required to get us to Heaven way back on GFPMC and He is coming back to get us. That is all the theology that is required. John 3:16. Believe in Jesus, His name, His Word.

Jesus does not believe in a blind belief, He gives us a base for that belief in His word. It is His word that spoke that brought this amazingly beautiful and complex world into existence. You still have a choice whether you accept this evidence of His Word or you may choose to attribute these wonders as most do today to ‘mother nature’  which produces these wonders by chance operating on

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nothing! To have faith in chance, it just happened by itself, and it has nothing to work on would have to be my definition of blind faith! Your choice, your call and screaming predestination does not change anything! And the more complex and numerable Jesus’ creation is shown you the more you worship Mother Nature!


Jesus not only leaves evidence of Himself in His creation, He leaves evidence of Himself in His Word. By looking at the adherents of the Bible you would be forgiven for missing the angelic resemblance between them. Satan is allowed to distort divine intervention in creation by the concept of evolution with a success rate of 99% and he is allowed to distort the Word of God  to the extent that it is used to crucify Jesus and then kill His followers. Such was the situation on Good Friday and such is the situation today. No points for guessing the example I am going to use; Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, JSM. In an open forum, it does not matter how many or who was there because satan himself declared that his ministry publicly supports heathen as they harass and slaughter our Christian brothers and sisters and they expect you initially to jump for joy with them and then join in the army that does this killing and if you refuse to kill with them you will be committing a sin. And to justify these abominations they twist the Word of God as happened to Jesus and His followers. Scripture defends itself against such aberrations by telling us to count to five; 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. 1 John 2:3,4,5. The language is appropriate, we are dealing with liars and there is no truth in them.

It has been stated ad nausium that the last two sentences that satan will scream as he is being pushed into hell are; hell is forever and make sure you forget the Sabbath Day! Without either of these he loses his strangle hold of you and gives room for the Holy Spirit. Such scream the jimmy satanic ministries and if you jump for joy with them you will be called a born again Christian and they will impart their satanic spirit on you as well! One of these days Jesus will show us why He allows such abominations to occur, but in the meantime we have a freewill with which we can make choices.

In the meantime it is heartening to know that the only commandment of God that is done away with and you don’t have to keep is the one that God Himself carved out on stone; Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day. A liar in whom there is no truth will translate that as; forget about keeping holy the Sabbath day! At no cost will they allow you to take advantages of the blessing of this holy day. They must keep you under their satanic spells at all costs even though their biblical justification is getting very thin. The last scrape off the bottom is Jesus is the Sabbath and by being in Jesus we are keeping the Sabbath and don’t have to worry about the fourth commandment any more. Two problems with this are that Jesus is not the Sabbath and even if He was then they make sure  to the certainty level of 100% that you are not in Jesus.

Jesus is no more the Sabbath than He is the sky, stars, sea, sand, shells and shellfish or any of that myriad of His creation. He did create them but to suggest He is them is an absurdity! If I create a garden or building I am neither garden nor building! But the amazing thing about these satanic ministries is the cunning way they hang the Jesus carrot in front of you but you will never attain it. And again for the umpteenth time; to be in Jesus is to perform a wilful act. Jesus is not the default setting, satan is. To change settings requires a conscious act, a wilful act. It requires you to look at something, say ‘I can’t do this’ and then pass it onto one who can and ask him to do it for you. He will not do so unless he is asked. To do things against your will would mean he is removing your free will something he will never do. The commandment in question is the fourth commandment. Unless

Page 139

you firstly look at this commandment, and the other nine as well, I can’t, I have no chance of keeping it, I will ask Jesus to keep it for me which He willingly does and therefore His keeping, His obedience is attributed to me! Such an obedient child must be Heaven bound! But note how the jimmy satanic ministries stop this from happening. They tell you there is no fourth commandment, it has been done away with apparently by becoming some part of Jesus. It could be that bit between the trees that are also Jesus, or in some flowers, but it the fourth commandment is not there, something that is not there cannot be transferred on Jesus and therefore kept by Him. Anything that is transferred is called the New Covenant under which we all go to Heaven but under the old one we all go to hell! He has put you on board of the ship that is going to hell!

One hallmark of Christianity should be Christianity, the angelic lives we have just been looking at but if you see some paedophile preaching the most profound of sermons with the intention of attracting your children so that he can abuse and destroy them it is your duty to step up and prevent this from happening. If this is widespread then the whole ministry is obviously satanic and the only option is to leave and to report it to the police if they are not a part of it. Such is my quandary when looking at the jimmy satanic ministries misusing the Holy Bible to get you initially to support atheists destroying Christians and finally getting Christians to join these atheists in their demonic endeavours in destroying Christianity. But Scripture knew this would happen and to pick a liar with no truth in them you just have to be able to count to five!

I do not have any evidence of the above satanic ministries being involved in paedophilia nor do I accuse them of being so but why is it that they involve me with righteousness by works. Every time I have brought up the subject it has been as the greatest of blasphemies and one that Jesus personally corrected in me. At the time I had helped a friend of mine starting up a factory by lending him my forklift. When he had finished with it he had it delivered back to my home on a truck which unloaded it of the footpath. Being so heavy it immediately sunk into the ground. I tried to lift it out with air bags and a very clear thought ran through my head. ‘Julius by helping your friend you have done a good deed’.  The air bag released, flew through the air, hit me in the head knocking me out for five days. It was only when I remembered who I was that I was let out of the hospital and I realised that I was only alive by the grace of God Who should have killed me instantaneously for that blasphemy!  I am not capable of performing any act that can add to what Jesus has already done for me already and I stay away from any such notions. An interesting postscript to this story which I intend looking into further is that my daughter (Mel) went to an iridologist recently and she told her that when Mel was two years old she went through a traumatic time that she believed that her dad had left her and was not coming back! The Bible tells me and therefore I believe that the eyes are the windows to our bodies, but is the detail there and in such detail? But if these ministries are using this against me it is because they are liars and there is no truth in them. They have simply lost the argument!

There must be many volumes out there about how the Bible predicted events warning of major events concerning God’s people including the greatest event of all time, GFPMC. The details to which our future has been determined is stunning and as yet we have seen nothing yet!  The final confirmation will come when Jerusalem has been pulverised and counting back will confirm the details and counting forward will bring Jesus back in 45 days. If I had a roof at the time and I was still alive I would be sitting in a white gown on it and waiting! There would be no bag to pack, it has already been prearranged for me. If this was some two bob blog that no one read then I am sure satan would not spend so much effort in trying to trip me up! In a way it is quite encouraging that he is doing so! I am almost thinking that Numbers 8:23 is telling me that at least sometimes you must have a break. I am well over fifty years old.

Page 140

Many an encyclopaedia has been written addressing John’s and the Synoptic Gospels and it would have to be unreal to think I could address this topic in a few paragraphs. The topic is so new to me I have made no attempts to look into it and the best I can do for my first attempt is just to blurt out the ideas that come to mind and on which I intend to do my analysis of chapter nine on, the Heavenly Passover.

The hours of light on GFPMC, from nine to noon concerned  DOA3888 but the hours of darkness from noon to three concerned Passover. The light hours are covered by the three synoptic Gospels but the hours of darkness are in John’s gospel. Volume wise there are three synoptics but one John, in the final garden and Numbers six the ratio is 1,259 days allocated to the synoptics and only one day given to John, day 1,260. On earth Jesus spent most of His time in the synoptics and probably only ten days in John’s Gospel. This time was marked out by Him leaving the temple desolate and that night also washing His disciple’s feet. His DOA ministry as Israel’s king and leader had finished as indicated by the trumpet sound of Numbers twenty nine and had changed to slave and servant as which He would go to the cross as. Before this change Jesus would return to heaven with the redeemed on the Thursday night leaving from Gethsemane but at the trumpet sound He decided He would stay for GFPMC, resurrect the dead and let them murder Him by suffocating Him with His own Word of perfection. On earth this happened in the dark hours but in Heaven we only see what these dark hours represent; the full extent of the love of Jesus. There there is no darkness! The synoptic gospels, the Day of Atonement gospels form the frame of the 1,250 tutorial Jesus gives before He went to the cross and 1,259 day post DOA7777 tutorial and therefore are responsible for the building of our tabernacles. These are the bricks and mortar, John’s one day build is the finishing off work. The presentation of the bride which could not have been made without a peace offering. The peace offering was that of a lamb and not that of the earlier 9 to noon scapegoat. It was the combination of the one year old lamb’s burnt and sin offering but we were added to it as the basket of cakes and wafers. Only when all were accepted was the Nazirite able to wave the boiled shoulder, the cake and the wafer before God His Father.

The synoptic Gospels then were the Gospels of a short and intensive evangelistic campaign initially to bring in the harvest workers and then go out with them on the campaign. When that failed Jesus used what He had to try to gather the harvest. Ten days before the cross there was a sharp change of tactics, there would be no flight out of Gethsemane on that Thursday night, earth’s history had doubled, there would be a Passover cross the next day, the Passover lamb would die, GFPE turned from symbolism to reality. Now there would be a need for 22,000 Levites to fill those shoes left behind when the firstborn were told to go home and now by the grace of God the Levites were given as gifts to the high priest. But really in the Gospel of John where the death of the Messiah occurred and therefore also a resurrection would now have to come into play, but it came from a deeper level. Jesus would still have to die as the scapegoat from the DOA3888, but occurred on a holy worship Sabbath day, not a horrible Friday. The resurrection of Jesus from this event was the man who had led out and destroyed the scapegoat came back as resurrected Jesus and took a part in the burnt offering. Resurrection was a Saturday event and not a Sunday morning event. These gospels have much explaining to do! That is a very important question for John, why wasn’t there a Sabbath resurrection, why twenty four hours later? John might reply you are trying to compare chalk with cheese Julius, Atonement with Passover and even in the eternities to come two celebrations separated by six months! John’s Gospel only had a very short time to prepare before the cross but it also had to prepare the Levite/Christians for two thousand years after the cross and beyond! The

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synoptic gospels only had to get them onto that Thursday night flight and up there Jesus would instruct His bride  before and after the DOA3888 like He did with the DOA7777 lot.

Another issue that needs to be answered is if God’s people had not killed His Son would there have been any need for Good Friday Passover in Egypt ? (GFPE) Here we have God’s people happily existing for well over a thousand years and having all their sins forgiven them each year on the Day of Atonement and finally after a very long time their Messiah turns up and together they conduct a very successful evangelistic campaign and Messiah, His people and all the converts board the plane taking off from Gethsemane on Thursday night. In or near Heaven they are cleaned up the Day of Atonement all those others pointed to. All clean, all go to Heaven! No need for any of the Passover  Lamb or blood! Or is there? It was not Egypt that was not factored into the equation, it was the murder of Jesus that changed things so drastically and with such short notice.—


It is rather unnerving that not one of His disciples saw the resurrection coming. John must have had some inkling of it. They must have thought that Jesus went back to Heaven by Himself. He was supposed to take them all back with Him on Thursday night, He did not do that but went back Himself on Friday night. They had missed the cut off point of the Passover. The meal had to be finished by dawn, the worship switched from Passover to anticipation of Resurrection Sunday. But our happy lot of Jews along with the harvest and their pilot Messiah could quite easily have left earth that Thursday night from Gethsemane. No need for any peace offering just a final clean up of God’s people by their creator, Messiah and redeemer. What all those earthly Day of Atonement ceremonies pointed to by faith; this one and only and at the end of time DOA3888. The announcement is made, all sin and evil are gone and they all march on and into Heaven, the New Heaven and they could not spend any time in the present tent of meeting where we spend 1,800 odd years as they had not been cleaned up GFPMC’s cross. And here the nuances begin.

Without Egypt there would be no God’s people, no one to pass through that Atonement door and into Heaven. Without Egypt there would be no Levites in training for well over a thousand years to move in through that curtain on the doorway into the tent of meeting when it tore at 3pm on GFPMC. Without these Levites there would be no seed for what was to become the Christian church. Without Egypt there would have been no answer to the question; if anyone is inside of the doorframe with the blood of Jesus on it will they be able to live forever to enjoy their inheritance? Without Egypt there would not have been a release from the slavery of sin. But who are these firstborn who obviously had the rights of inheritance but were now allowed to live to enjoy it and then almost immediately told to take their inheritance shoes off, leave them for the Levites and told to go home?

If these firstborn referred to Jesus Christ then it would be a strange sort of question to ask Jesus, ‘Will your blood on the doorframe allow You to live forever to enjoy your inheritance? No these firstborn had to be someone else. Could that be the angels and now that we have appeared wearing their shoes is one reason why they show such a concern  and loving feeling for us? The angels were created on day four but we were created on day six. They are the firstborn. As firstborn the inheritance of Heaven was theirs. At their rebellion one third were thrown out of Heaven, down to earth for what Jesus judged to be intentional sins. Not one of these will ever repent even though they may do so at any time and will be given opportunity to do so. Actually they closed the door of mercy on themselves on GFPMC and now cannot go to Heaven. These are the angels who again jump for joy as they see the followers of Jesus being harassed and slaughtered by Heathen. They are demons and may be addressed as such. They will never repent and are liars and there is no truth in

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them and they must take to hell as many of those who Jesus loves as this is the only option they have of hurting Jesus. They will be dealt with by Jesus at the right time.

No the firstborn in question now could only be the Levitical angels who did not rebel and those who sinned unintentionally. This lot certainly required the intervention of the blood of the Passover Lamb if they were going to enjoy their inheritance. The sinless Levites would not have to be called Levites they already were Levites so we must be dealing with that grumbling lot and what a stunning result this would lead to. Ever since at least Noah through to Abraham and onto GFPE and then shoeless when told to leave their shoes behind and return to their families either were or were related to angels! What a stunning thought especially to someone who at best thought of angels as some hypothetical beings tip toeing around Heaven performing Holy tasks? Little wonder that a whole chapter in the Bible, Hebrews, has been set aside to downplay their significance especially to the Hebrews! Angels, angelic beings playing a subordinate role to priests and high priests? Yes that does sound like Heaven. The difference being that we as Levitical priests can become priests on the other side of that tear but their fate remains as angels. Many/most of these first born hardly behaved as angels when sent back to their families, but I suppose that is very much the case today. The Holy Spirit is available to all and to choose to be under its guidance would result in being different to choosing to be under the influence of the alternative, satan! Our choice, not predestination but our choice!

So GFPE spawned God’s people, Levites to latter become Christians, answered the question would the blood of the Passover Lamb be admitted as being sufficient and as no animals came down from Heaven the first born male of both humans and animals had to be from the womb; earthly beings but they certainly have a tie up to the Heavenly angels which we still have to follow. But was Egypt necessary? Ever since the question of the Day of Atonement came up I have argued for it being an independent event. There always had to be a Day of Atonement but we did not always have to have Good Friday Passover in Egypt. Did that river flowing out of Eden always have to be fed by four streams or was only one or maybe even two required?

One stream, the sinless stream was always going to be there and there was always going to be a pigeon/turtledove burnt offering. The probationary period for this world would always going to finish, it would be destroyed and replaced by a world that was created without the inhibitions of the presence of evil. Numbers six also seems to make one exception to the Nazirite’s ‘perfect’ existence; no grape products, no contact with dead and no hair cutting, at least two of these. If that man dropped very suddenly beside the Nazirite, the dead prohibition, and the Nazirite wanted to clean up the mess left by this dead man, take on all of his sins then he would become defiled and dirty and be separated from God for six days after which he would have to shave his defiled hair and on the next day offer a pair of birds as a sin and burnt offering. (second prohibition) Jesus would have to go to the cross if He wanted those angels who had grumbled to be in Heaven with Him on this newly created universe. So Scripture is saying, ‘one stream always and two preferably, well actually always’ and Numbers six spends much time and details on these scenarios. And having decided that the ministry of the Nazirite has changed from phase one to phase two then moves quietly 1,260 days to the decommissioning of the Nazirite! But the issue that needs settling is stream three an independent item or is it like stream one which seems to include stream two, does stream three do the same thing to stream four or is it truly independent. The inclusion of humanity in the Heavenly mix?

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Adam and Eve and progeny have sinned and are included in the plan of salvation on the day they sin; ‘Eve’s seed will crush the head of satan but satan will bruise His heel’. Is that just stream three, or the synoptic Gospels or is this both streams three and four? Is John’s Gospel included? John certainly seems to start from here but two of the synoptics carry a genealogy from here, from Eve’s seed.

I am going to treat it as the third stream being sufficient and only invoke the fourth stream, John’s Gospel if this fails. The basic split remains; the synoptics relate to the Day of Atonement but the Gospel of John remains those dark hours of Good Friday. There has already been a number of attempts at this analysis but pray fully this one will go further; no Good Friday, no beast destroyed within, no movement of altar and the only when Jesus leaves planet earth does he withdraw from the temple.

Again history rolls along and halfway through it probation period of 7,777 odd years at the 3,888 odd year mark the Messiah comes back to take His people back to Heaven with Him. After a very short tutorial with His people they go out to evangelise the world and the program is a real success. Jesus decides to take His people and the harvest back to heaven with Him leaving planet earth on Thursday night the 13th of January. But we are told at the transfiguration that Jesus as divinity is not just taking Elijah and the living but Moses and the dead as well. As I don’t know what this number is I guess 2 million souls but I am very sure that it is very much smaller than it is going to be at His second coming. I am not really concerned whether there is enough room in Gethsemane for two million people as the dead and probably the living are in there resurrected body forms. At ten pm when they take off from gethsemane no one sees them as Jesus has just manifested His divinity and everyone is literally dead. The resurrected bodies all have their heavenly forms.

We land in that porch we have been using where we had 144 million saint living for nearly seven years so there is no problem with room for the two million newly arrived saints. There is a problem with time. Probationary time has been worked out down to the hour; 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours. We have come only halfway through that. In Gethsemane Jesus raised the fallen dead only one day ‘too short’ of the right time and as soon as the wicked came to life they murdered Him the very next day. Their nefarious program began the moment they were brought back to life! Up here on Thursday night we are still some 3,888 years short of the right number. In real time when Jesus took us to Heaven at His second coming and we had to wait for some 1,800 odd years before the Day of Atonement DOA7777, Jesus put us into Heaven into the tent of meeting to be with Him during this time but He had cleaned us up on GFPMC so we were entitled to be up here doing this time but now we have not been through GFPMC, we are not clean and are we now going to have to wait 3,888 odd years before the DOA7777? This time discrepancy is a very serious problem in a three stream feed into the river leaving Eden. It may fall over on other grounds so we won’t have to worry about it anyway. Now the sin problem and we can’t transfer the intentional sins back to the time slot 9 to noon on GFPMC, it does not exist. There are at least two approaches to the Day of Atonement; Leviticus 16 or the DOA3888 or Numbers 29 the DOA7777 version, which does not exist as there was no GFPMC.

Leviticus 16 presents five animals as the total solution for sin. If this is so then Jesus should have/could have come home on Thursday night and the scenario falls on a time issue alone (?). So far at least. For our two million (?) member bride we need to account for the destruction of two categories of sin; confessed and unconfessed sins the intentional, unintentional category not required. They were only confessed or unconfessed. The scapegoat covers the confessed sins very well for us. On earth we watched as the hands of the high priest were locked onto the head of the scapegoat and then we confessed all our sins, as simple as that. Here in or near Heaven Jesus asks us

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to pass our sins onto Him and not just our present sins pass onto Him but all those others we thought were being passed onto the scapegoat also now pass onto Him. So what happens next?


This issue of streams three and four feeding the river out of the Garden are not just hypothesis and theory to fill a few pages. They carry major theological consequences. They are the movement from a milk diet to one of solid food and they are instigated by Jesus Himself. They are explained in the two categories of Gospel. They are Join’s and the Synoptic Gospels. I am going to keep ‘blurting’ out what I think are ‘facts’ until I can see some thread that I can use to work my way with. Three and four streams remains the problem and they were introduced by none other than Jesus Himself.

Jesus makes a decision for a change in plan. The 1,250 day ministry where He as King and Lord and Master and Messiah coming back to earth to take His people along with the harvest is not working, He can’t leave it one day longer and changes to the role of servant and slave. (The two gospels; Day of Atonement on which He spent an overwhelming amount of His time, the Synoptic Gospels and now that very late change in plan as servant and slave, John’s Gospel). Jesus walks out of the temple leaving it desolate, no longer God’s temple and walks towards the cross. On the way He does tell His disciples of the late change of plan and washes their feet. It may only have taken a few seconds in Gethsemane but its significance is monstrous. I will paraphrase for you what I think Jesus is doing and saying at the moment He reveals His divinity, “I AM HE”. ‘ I am going to reveal to you the significance of the timing of events. Watch as I am going to reveal My divinity one day too soon. My divinity will kill sin and evil which cannot exist in my presence but because I do this too soon evil will still be simmering away under the surface and the moment I withdraw my divinity evil will immediately continue on it path. They will arrest me and murder Me the very next day. Even when I reveal my divinity the next day between the hours of noon to3pm you lot will not be able to see my divinity as you will much later on the Heavenly DOA7777. No I must get rid of every trace of sin and evil and only then will you be able to see the full extent of my love. No I must resurrect evil for such a time until it fully flourishes and only then can it be fully destroyed! There is a very special day coming for this event, it maybe still some 3,888 year’s time, but the Day of Atonement, DOA7777 is coming and by faith I will show you these events. Even if I reveal my divinity tomorrow, (which Jesus did do) The fourth stream Gospel, John’s Gospel then tentatively is; (1); Change in plan withdrawal from Temple. (2) Telling His disciples about it at the foot washing. (3); Goes to the cross. No last supper, no covenant of body and blood and no Gethsemane. A gospel of ten days before the cross and two thousand years after at least. A gospel of the Passover Lamb of Good Friday and therefore a Gospel based on Good Friday Passover in Egypt.

Exactly the same Jesus, Messiah spends 1,250 days of His ministry as Messiah trying to evangelise His people and gather the harvest and with His disciples holds a last supper, establishes the covenant of the body and blood, tells them that He won’t be able to eat with them until after His decommissioning, goes to Gethsemane and is shown exactly what cup He will be expected to drink from if He goes through to GFPMC, decides this murdering scum is not worth is, kills every human being on earth by His revelation of “I AM HE”, resurrects the bride and takes her up to Heaven where before entry she is cleansed by the Day of Atonement (DOA3888). The Gospel of the Day of Atonement, the day which was always going to happen and started at creation and pretty well finished as the third stream to join the river, which we are now studying as an independent stream. This was the easy option and the disciples to a tee thought that a Thursday night lift off was a certainty. You can’t really add the transfiguration to this as only three disciples saw it and would

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have only confirmed a Gethsemane take off. And events went very close to this! Jesus, the Messiah did not come to earth for the gentiles, other than the harvest. He came to get His own people. The fact that the gentiles were included is the greatest of mysteries! He cannot be accused of giving up  on His DOA3888 mission too soon, He gave all and right through to the bitter end. The synoptic Gospels the Day of Atonement Gospels should cover the spectrum of time, all 7,777 years of it including that last year of Daniel and the last day of Daniel, day 1,260 when the Nazirite was decommissioned as the one year old lamb of sin and burnt offering which combined with the basket of cakes and wafers; the peace offering, all accepted, all went through and there was only one pass mark accepted; 100% and this was determined by the cross itself; marked as coming! We were accepted once we accepted the cross!

We are now trying to follow this third Day of Atonement stream, the synoptic Gospels by itself to try to once and for all to settle the question; Did Jesus have to die on GFPMC, He ‘did have to’ and it was factored in that there would be a Day of Atonement, certainly one stream, two probably and since the announcement that Eve’s seed would crush satan’s head then three streams but what about John’s Gospel and GFPMC?

So far there seems to be a need for GFPMC for that time factor to be reached; the seven sevens, 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours. We have started looking at the five animals of Leviticus 16 ‘version’ of the Day of Atonement (DOA3888) and that Thursday night take off from Gethsemane. What happened to the scapegoat when we blurted out all our sins onto it? When finally Jesus as High Priest asks us the give Him all our sins, what does he do with them? It is important to realise that this is occurring on a holy day, Sabbath! Not only occurring but finishing on a Sabbath! The man who is able and who leads the scapegoat out returns on the same day.—


Night time is recovery time and it is reflection and preparation time for the next day. And as the permutations and combinations now increase exponentially it could only be the evil one trying to convince me that it is now time to hand over the baton if it has not been already handed over and a good sign it has not yet been taken away. He is not very creative in his reasons and trots out the same ones every time; too old, too frail, too stupid and the most valid of them all, is too evil. He may as well add can’t count the drops of water in the ocean, or stars in the sky or grains of sand or leaves in trees or cell reactions in my body. He won’t add that because I will add I am standing behind not only the One Who can but also made them all! And there is only one answer behind all of this complexity and that is the cross of Jesus Christ and the two phases of the ministry of my Saviour! And now a new kid has appeared on the block; the differences between John’s and the synoptic Gospels. As these are last days (?) one would expect Jesus to prepare His people for the coming tribulation by changing their diets from milk to solid foods and in doing so to distinguish the snares that satan is so cleverly laying around everywhere. Babies will not be able to withstand the onslaught, they will remain in their little church, the church of Laodicea.

Yes you are right if you say, ‘Julius is stalling because he has come to a shuttering halt at Numbers nine, the Passover’. He has been trying to follow the Day of Atonement stream (DOA3888), the Thursday night take off from Gethsemane, the half of earthly time and the synoptic Gospels scenario and ‘prove’ that by and of itself this was ‘all’ that was required to get God’s people into eternity. There was no need for Jesus to resurrect the dead at 10pm on that Thursday night, He had been shown what they were like and exactly what they would do to Him and that included JK some two

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thousand years down the track. He did not have to go ahead, no, just resurrect the righteous and take them back to Heaven with Him! But to ignore Passover I have to establish that DOA3888 ticked all the boxes. The time factor, if indeed the probation period of this earth is measured down to the hour certainly appears to come short if the world only existed for 3,888 years. But what about the sin factor both the unintentional unconfessed sins which finally pass onto the high priest and all those confessed sins which passed onto the scapegoat?

There is only one place where sin and evil can be destroyed and that is in hell. There is no scientific explanation for hell or words used to describe it in fact the first law of Thermodynamics tells us there is no such place. It says we can change the energy from one form to another but we can neither destroy nor create it. Hell is this destruction of something, sin into nothing that no longer exists and is the fate of every sin ever committed. The only option is who takes that sin into hell. If we do then we too are destroyed along with the sin and cease to exist but if we choose to pass our sins onto Jesus the scapegoat then as He is sinless He cannot be destroyed but only the sins that He carried are destroyed. But that raises another issue. The scapegoat should not have been destroyed. As it tumbled over the cliff and bounced off the ledges the sins on it should have been thrown off it but the goat itself should have been able to walk away once it got to the bottom.

Therein lies the nature of Jesus Christ and of His involvement with us. The death that Jesus died for us was a real death. He was thrown over the edge and torn to pieces. By 3pm on GFPMC Jesus was dead and a very profound relationship was developed with His people. If there was no ‘real’ death at this time there would no need for a resurrection either and neither would there be any meaning in the Christian faith. But now we have the dual depths of the Gospels which should be able to convert our diets from milk to solid food and it is quite heartening to see this dual interpretation running in the background adding to/correcting previous ideas. Like the duration of the Gospels of John. I could see it started ten (?) days before the cross but only ran to the second coming. No the Gospel of John starts at the time Jesus changes roles from Saviour, Lord and Master to servant and slave on GFPMC and this role does not finish until Jesus shaves His defiled locks the day before He goes to His atonement cross. This is some 3,884 years later during which Jesus does retain His role as our servant and slave! A further discussion on the scapegoat is in order as the topic that is now holding us up is Passover of chapter nine.—

In four-wheel driving when we come to  a shuttering halt we try to go back and have a longer run up. Going back this change in Gospels appears now as the prominent point. Jesus finally comes out of the defilement He entered into and confirmed be asking for and drinking the vinegar on the cross at 3pm. New sentence, Jesus changes from the Gospel of John to the synoptic Gospels and the Day of Atonement. John’s gospel has carried us just short of halfway through time from GFPMC to DOA7777.


I want to go back before 10/07/486 and try to establish a firmer footing in the two gospels; John’s and the Synoptics by a series of questions and answers most of which I could not point Biblical texts to but should be fillers between Biblical waypoints. Question 1; What is the Bible about? Ans; It should be about eternity and how to get there. If Scripture does not give the answer then satan will. It could be smell the flowers then go pat the rat, the bat, the cat and the gnat then repeat for an eternity, or if you want to be more adventurous then join Jimmy Swaggart from the Jimmy satanic ministries. You can help him chase some lambs around, slit their throats and watch them bleed to

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death, check them over for faults and go catch another one. If you get tired and you want a more relaxing pastime you can watch groups of Christians being starved to death and being shot and vaporised with cruise missiles. Jumping for joy at this sight takes nowhere near the effort to chasing and killing lambs, goats or bulls but still soul refreshing! Then of course there is the good old standby entertainment; going down to those eternal fires of hell, turning the rotisseries and listening to that increase in pitch of screaming, music to the ears! And then of course there are the wretched and the damned, those who could have listened or been at one of Jimmy’s satanic evangelistic campaigns who have to endure the campaign before the rotisserie is turned! Satan has his clangers and each is designed to stop you from getting into Heaven and many ministries ringing these bells.

Question 2; Are there two ‘types’ of gospel because there are these two events to be addressed? Ans; Yes. Question 3; so if there were three or even four events to be addressed would there be three or even four ‘types’ of gospels? Ans; yes. Question 4; so what are the two issues and how are they addressed? Ans; Getting to Heaven, Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) and the activity of Heaven, the Day of Atonement (DOA7777). Passover is the establishment of the link between us and the humanity of Jesus Christ, He hung there as servant and slave, and the link between the divinity of Jesus Christ and God the Father, DOA7777 whereby abolishing all sin and evil then allows us access to/into the divine. Question 5; there was always going to be a Day of Atonement, but was there always going to have to be a GFPMC? Ans; Jesus has given us a brain with the ability to reason and a freewill to match. Today if you asked me how many people are going the reject Jesus’ offer to take their place in hell for them and spend the eternities in Heaven in perfection with Him I would answer, ‘No one’. But I would be wrong and should have answered, ‘Most’. To find out why you would have to quiz each individual but that becomes a different issue  and the ultimate judge it must be remembered called, ‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!’ and many/most of those who drove the nails in actually are going to Heaven as we are told in Scripture. Also the preferred option was that neither the angels nor Adam and Eve or progeny sinned but they did even though they had nothing to gain but everything to lose. No sin was the preferred option, no breaking of the bond from which gives life, Jesus Christ, and no cross required to restore the bond. These options are discussed in the Bible for those seeking a switch from milk  to a solid food diet but we must first establish the milk and daily bread diet first.

Question 6; So what level do these gospels come in at and what should be included in each gospel? Ans; As this topic has only just appeared on my radar I would expect the answers I give would also progressively change with further study. For a long time now I have been typing whilst looking at the text in front of me but these first thoughts have not always come out right like Numbers 8:14-19 although I don’t concede they were as wrong as they appeared. There is a deeper relationship between Levite, angel and first born from the womb that is here trying to be expressed and it won’t be answered until we get back the solid food of Hebrews. But first thoughts on the above question, realising where the answer is wrong, sometimes very wrong and then back peddling to try to correct it. First thoughts; The third stream that started feeding the river in the Garden began when our first parents sinned and God announced that Eve’s seed would crush the head of satan then (8?) days later satan would bruise the heel of Jesus. These are the events of the Day of Atonement. It covers the time from the day our first parents sinned until 02/07, 486 when Jesus crushes the head of satan by throwing him into hell and then on the Day of Atonement, 10/07/486 all those unintentional unconfessed sins that satan caused all of humanity and not just the bride, are taken by Jesus and paid for on the Day of Atonement cross. Satan does bruise the heel of Jesus. There was a beginning to this stream and it did have an end, but it had no Good Friday.

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It did have Jesus skimming through the atmosphere briefly touching down to pick up His people and whoever else wanted to come, it did have the Last Supper of Jesus with His disciples on earth and establishing the covenant of the bread and wine and even the final meeting place where Jesus killed all of humanity on this planet and all He had to do was to resurrect the bride and continue the bounce off this earth and up to Heaven via the Day of Atonement!

But if Passover and GFPMC were added what other events would be added  or conversely missed out without it. No satan has been accounted for with both the crushing of the head and the bruising of heel. No Jesus did die and have to be resurrected. There was a confessed sin issue and there was also the issue of the high priest and his family had to be settled in Leviticus sixteen. Unconfessed sin. Sin offerings all seem to be there and it all seems to good to be true and it is. There is no Good Friday, there is no fires of hell from within and Jesus calling, ‘JK Mine!’. There is no beast replying, ‘Over my dead body!’ and there is no killing of the beast within JK. And without the killing of the beast within there can be no connection between Jesus and His people. It could not be better summarised than be the events in Gethsemane. Jesus killed evil one day too ‘early’ and it immediately came back to life once His divinity was withdrawn.

The plans for the Day of Atonement were announced on the day our first parents sinned, the symbolic GFPE was not held/announced until some 2,500 years later and the real event, GFPMC not held until some 1,400 years later and that was 3,888 years before DOA7777. There was 3,888 years for Good Friday on Mount Calvary to the Day of Atonement was right at the end, the final clean up before Heaven—-


Over night summary. When looking at a deep Scriptural mystery like the split within the four Gospels it is Jesus who tells us to first go back to Moses’ bronze snake in the dessert, and only when standing on the foundation of the Old Testament, the things of this earth, only then to look up to the Heavenly things. We can’t be criticised for not looking high enough, in fact we are trying to look into the Heavenly timetable of eternity, into the dual nature of Jesus Christ is as high as it can go and getting there, there can be no end of divinity and perfection. We firstly must become one with His human nature, or more correctly He must become one with our nature, He must become our servant and our slave, GFPMC, and then together we can be taken along into His divine nature, DOA7777. Thus we have the two ceremonies of eternity; 14/01/xx Passover and 10/07/xx as the Day of Atonement. The problem is establishing these two links back to earth through the dual nature of the Gospels. So this becomes our first problem as to the dual nature whereas there were four streams feeding the river in Eden. So we will only bring in those first twelve verses of Numbers six when absolutely necessary; the twin bird sacrifice.

Our problem is actually quite simple; Jesus went back to Heaven on Thursday night with His bride and onto the Day of Atonement (DOA3888) or Jesus stayed on to be murdered by His own people the next day on GFPMC. Three gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke, the synoptic Gospels take the stance that the main event of Heaven and eternity is the bride partaking of the divinity of Jesus Christ, John allows that link to be formed. And that is the heart of the problem, GFPMC or no GFPMC.

To even suggest that Jesus in those six hours on the cross on Mount Calvary did not just change the destiny of earth, and of countless millions and of eternity is not just an absurdity but blasphemy of the first order and as such should be very easy to disprove using the Bible. Scenario no GFPMC; no

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pointer to it from GFPE, no birthday of Judaism/Christianity, no 01/01/01, no Passover lamb, no Levites or congregation of God’s people, Jews continue to live on under Egyptian slavery, no temple in the desert, no Day of Atonement, no one prepared for Jesus to come back to and take back to Heave with Him; nothing! Jesus is the difference between nothing and everything and that everything is what happened on the cross of Good Friday! Allowing for the Egypt event solves many of these problems but the best Egypt was, was that it was a pointer. It only pointed to and explained and prepared us for the main event, GFPMC and without this main event they themselves were pointless and meaningless. That main event had to go ahead to bring them into reality as well, there would be no Day of Atonement without a GFPMC! [ the twin birds are different. Stream one the no sin option did not require any cross as no sin had been committed and therefore only required the bird burnt sacrifice and stream two was the repented fallen angels with their unconfessed, unintentional sins and those were covered by the other bird sacrifice, Jesus Christ as the sin offering and nothing to do with GFPMC]

But the synoptic Gospels are showing us that Jesus did have an option on Thursday night in Gethsemane. And that option at 10 pm on Thursday in Gethsemane contained three of the four streams in the Garden of Eden. It did not contain GFPMC. He had shown this option at the transfiguration. The tents may indicate the delay in His first coming or in the above events. Jesus was ready for lift off! He had made disciples of anyone who wanted to be His disciples, He had had His last supper with them, He had established the covenant of His body and blood, He had been shown exactly who and what they would do to Him and the depth of evil He was now going to encounter but counter as well and all humanity lay dead in front of Him. All He now had to do now was to resurrect His own and take up to heaven with Him via a DOA3888 wash and they would live happily forever! We are not told in detail what would have happened to the scapegoat of DOA3888 when Jesus arrived on Thursday night from Gethsemane but we are told what happened to this scapegoat on DOA7777, it was transferred to nine to noon on GFPMC.

The deadly flaw in that scenario is given by Scripture itself. Evil still remained within. It was from the cross of GFPMC that Jesus called, ‘JK mine!’ And it was from the same cross that the beast called, ‘ over my dead body!’ and its wish was granted! With no GFPMC that beast was still alive and would continue to simmer under the cloak of divinity and the very first time there was a break in that cloak it would erupt exactly as it did in Gethsemane! No that beast must be allowed to blossom and flourish and only then be destroyed at its prime. But was it at its prime between 9 and 3 on GFPMC? If so why not have the Heavenly lift off say on Resurrection Sunday?

At that time Jesus had called the name and number of every saint in eternity and they became His when every last trace of their sin had been removed and destroyed. Unfortunately before the Day of Atonement could declare the end to sin and evil but evil and sin still has to be done away with. The wicked were always going to be thrown into hell but only with their intentional sins. That is the level of the justice of Jesus Christ which is destroyed by three words; hell’s eternal fires. And it is not just the satanic ministries of JSM that preach this blasphemy. Surely none can accuse me not helping Jimmy and JSM. As he sat there with his demonic look on his face wishfully thinking about his new Jerusalem of eternity coming down  and the thought of chasing down sheep and killing them and the incredible detail of running his fingers through their flesh to check for defects it is up to his workers like me to work out the logistics. We won’t have any problems with fencing Jimmy providing we keep the pearly gates closed. If these critters can jump over a wall that is 1,600 miles high they deserve to live, but the problem of catching them in such a big area remains. Perhaps we could herd

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them down to the river of life and drown them there! And yes I have heard and on many occasions, ‘ JK you are not just another pretty face!’

But seriously, the question of time finishing on Resurrection Sunday. —


Yes Jesus could have finished time before the trough of GFPMC’s evil struck and He could have finished time on Resurrection Sunday after that trough. Actually that trough would be allowed to continue for some thirty odd years whilst these same evil people continues to kill the body of Christ; His Church, Christians before Jesus would allow these evil people to be destroyed. And so He will allow the trough of evil, and is allowing it to go through before He destroys them. This coming great tribulation is nothing very pretty and now we are only at the first stage, getting the foot into the door. The blood shed by this great tribulation will be great indeed but not one drop that is shed will not tabulated. But the harvest from this tribulation will be great indeed. The beast era will result in the conversion of the Jews and they hand in hand with the remaining Christians will form the main harvest 45 days before the second coming of our Jesus and go to meet Him. There is another beast, the one out of the earth who will come into play and try to stop them from meeting Jesus. The slaughter is such that only a 144,000 wise virgins will be here to meet the Lord. Millions will lie dead. The beast out of earth, the false profit will take advantage of the harvest left over by the beast out of the sea which when materialised is the same that killed Christ and early Christians; the Jews appeasing their hate for Jesus by using the ruling power of the day. This time it won’t be Rome but USA and others.

If it were possible then the beast out of  the earth is more evil and has a greater hate for Jesus than the beast out of the sea, or at least it appears so. He has not been given much of a chance to vent that hate and it has been building up for some five hundred years but does so with great vigor at the  first possible opportunity but the Christian church on earth will end. It started at 01/01/01 and you would think will end at the second coming but that is because you have a basic flaw in your Christian ideas. Yes the wise virgins will be removed off this planet and then Heaven puts all effort into the foolish virgins, the tares and the weeds. The Church of Laodicea. Nothing that passes by the saints of Heaven that goes on for the next 1,800 odd years and on these events we base our understanding on the nature of our Jesus and we so desperately want to be joined to Him in marriage. How desperate can you get to bring just one extra soul? And Jesus only withdraws from these foolish virgins when told to do so and in the cruellest possible way. They tell Him they would much prefer to be in hell than with Him.

But why did Jesus leave some 2,500 years before announcing and bringing into being His Church? He announced the plans for the Day of Atonement (stream two) of the same day that our first parents sinned, why not also announce GFPE at the same time? Jesus/Heaven had other scenarios that had to be played out before we got to the one of last resort.

The first scenario was to let mankind do it by themselves with the presence of Jesus there to be called on if /when required and for this experiment mankind were more than sufficiently equipped. Genetically- perfect. No mutations and theoretically at least could live forever but only expected to last the seven sevens. (7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours). Knowledge wise they knew enough to give full worship to their creator from the first Sabbath and in ever increasing increments for the remainder of the 7,800 odd years! But instead of using this base for ever increasing spirals to Heavenly worship they abused it to dishonour Jesus and threw the world into a downward spiral so

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steep it could only be stopped by Noah’s flood and plunging this evil into the depths of the world! Total destruction of this world was required and it is amazing that even one person survived and did not require destruction! Thus we have the first experiment lasting for 1,500 odd years and a total failure. Eight people survived!

The second experiment would be different in that it would involve the intervention of Jesus in that at least evil would not be allowed to spiral out of control. If the evil within any nation began to spiral out of control that nation would be destroyed. Jesus would lead/ allow His agent to lead the war against this evil and this war would follow the rules of war. There was not going to any cruise missiles crashing into large buildings full of sleeping women and children, no the rules of war followed here are that combatants die and the non-combatants live. Men and women were evil, they were combatants they died. Male children sealed their own destiny in that it was their duty to avenge their parents death. Self preservation allows for the killing of someone who is going to take your life. I don’t know when he will come so I have to continually watch over my shoulder and when he does come he will probably be in the prime of his life and I will be well into my twilight years. His rules, his problem! Unless in exceptional circumstances the girls were left alive.

Even though this type of intervention would not allow the evil to spiral out of control neither would it bring a nation to Jesus. A more direct intervention was going to be required, a special allocation had to be made. Previously I postulated that it was Melchizedek who was placed on this earth by God and put in control. There is already a lot of confusion with God’s intervention on this planet an extra bit can’t make that much difference and it may in fact sort things out. Nazirite, God’s temple, Jesus under roles of servant and slave as well as master and king and now Melchizedek. After surveying the scene for a six hundred years Melchizedek decides to bring in the blueprint for the final act for God’s people. He shows it to Abraham and instigates the covenant of righteousness by faith. This blueprint comes into effect on the 01/01/01, the birthday of the people of God! I think I have been following dates set by creationists when if this is the case the maximum number of years we have to play with is 4,000. This would give us; 4,000= 1,500 from creation to Noah + 640 from Noah/Melchizedek to Abraham (2140) + 500 from Abraham to Egypt (2640) + 1,360 from Egypt to Calvary or 4,000 years total. But anyway we have arrived at the birthday of the Judaeo/Christian church; 01/01/01.

Over the years I have had a number of comments that you are writing a similar blog. To be of value to me you must be more specific like; ‘I tackled to problem of the synoptic Gospels first through the covenants. I then went back and compared with miracles Jesus performed in John and the synoptics. After that I compared the parables and sayings of Jesus and whilst comparing the texts it became obvious there was a relationship between streams one and four in Gethsemane. When I went back to Genesis not only was this the case, Melchizedek linked streams two and three. With this sort of detail I would read your blog and together we could work out some sort of future attack. Ever since what I call ‘My beautiful Sabbath’ on which I not just typed 3,860 (?) words but they were words of meaning and beauty. Yes I have been through this many times before but it continues to effect my writing. One of the subjects of beauty was that the cross was coming with us as the tree of life in the New Jerusalem but despite my most fervent prayers the second inspiration was not returned. I knew it had to deal with John’s Gospel and foot washing because my Bible remained open at that page for a very long time. That incident has now partially returned but only a very small fraction of it. I still think that the message was, ‘ JK I will not completely  remove my baton from you and you will still be able to type, but I will give you a reason, the dizny spells so that you justify the misuse of the privilege you were given and your lack of effort’. I do expect other blogs to take over and would love

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to be a part of them even if it is from the audience. And until this happens I intend to continue this present path.

I have been stuck on the Passover of Numbers nine and refusing to move on because for a fifth visit very little extra information has been added to the previous visit. If I can’t understand chapter nine the prospects of understanding following chapters is poor particularly when the subject matter of nine is the Passover.


Chapter nine maybe the fifth visit but not so for the new kid on the block, John’s and the synoptic Gospels this is really a first visit and providing I can establish a foundation of any magnitude that would be sufficient. So far these four Gospels to me in a sentence seem to say that Jesus is saying, ‘I did not have to go onto Good Friday and let you murder Me, I could have returned to My Father on Thursday night from Gethsemane along with my people!’ There must be much more to it than this as Scripture could not allocate four precious chapters to this one statement as important as it is. And from a standing start other than the seven sevens of time I cannot see any flaws with a Thursday night resurrection and onto a DOA3888 before entry into Heaven. There would obviously be not as many people in Heaven if Jesus finished time at His first coming and we would never see the full extent of the love of Jesus in the eternities to come. That was only revealed at the foot washing of the Gospel of John. GFPMC was the difference, all of the difference! To try to delve deeper into this treasure, and I know for a fact it is worth exploring further, I intend to approach it from different angles, the first being the covenants involved.

I am aware that many volumes and blogs have been written about the different covenants between God and His people so much of what I am about to write has been plagiarised but it is not intentionally done so and if you see some of your work here and write in the comments I will add your reference. The angle I want to take is; Synoptics, no foot washing, last supper, covenants of body and blood of Jesus established and Gethsemane against John’s Gospel  exit of Jesus from the temple, foot washing, no last supper, no covenants established and ‘no need’ for Gethsemane. My present thinking which I can see no circumstance changing and on which my life and being exist are that there are only two covenants; Jesus did it and because He did do it I live and will continue to live forever is the new and everlasting covenant and the old covenant that Jesus did not do for me and I must therefore do for myself. In one word; Jesus.

Even though I may allocate differing percentages to the human nature and divine nature of Jesus Christ I do not pretend to understand that Jesus Christ was, is and always will be 100% human and 100% divine but I know that on this tenet my faith stands and satan only has to chip a little bit off each of those beliefs to make my faith fall over. My training in chemistry tells me there is nothing purer than 100% and if my students ever got over 100% I would tell them to put in the notation; vp, very pure! (actually it was quite easy to do so in the analysis of concentrated sulphuric acid and oleum actually behaves as sulphuric acid of greater the 100% purity). It is pure guess work to allocate 99% divinity to Jesus in the Most Holy Place, 20% divinity to Melchizedek, 98% humanity to Jesus whilst He was on earth, 96% divinity to Jesus at His second coming, 100% divinity to Jesus in Gethsemane, 90 % at His transfiguration and many other allocations along the way to 100% divinity and 100% humanity in that final Holy City, the New Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit is not the conversion factor between the two nature’s of Jesus, HE is a separate entity as is shown by the fact that with

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Jesus we have to wait for 1,800 odd years until the Spirit returns from earth to where Jesus sent Him and our wedding can finally take place on the return of the fine linen!

When Jesus came to earth He did so displaying 98% humanity. He did not leave His divinity behind in Heaven as the Holy Spirit, which did remain in Heaven, He masked that divinity here on earth. He could have called and changed this % whenever He wanted to but rarely used this privilege and did what we are supposed to do. Call on, ‘Our Father Who art in Heaven, glorified be your Name…… .But hold on aren’t we supposed to pray and ask for everything, ‘In Jesus’ Name’. I actually think any prayer that is deliberately prayed by excluding Jesus’ Name cannot be answered but then again I cannot see the light that others have been given, but in whose name should we pray?

Jesus did not come to save us and draw us to Him because He was a magician and perform any miracles we would require of Him. He came to save and draw us to His beautiful nature and message. In Heaven we will not require any needs and miracles but we will be drawn in by the beauty of the Being Jesus Christ and how clever He was in making that creation that is around us forever. He had to maintain that human form for this purpose and could not say , ‘Pray to Me”. After He had accomplished our salvation, after Resurrection Sunday, He allowed the disciples to worship Him and told them to pray through Him but we are still some 1,300 years before this event and in fact are preparing for it.

What better preparation could there be other than the one supplied by the Master Teacher Himself and what a difference it would make to society if it followed His guidance. They spend billions of dollars firstly proving that He does not exist by teaching the theory of evolution and without His support they go on to teach practically nothing and waste more than 99% of the funding! Rubbish you might say, look at the exams the students pass! That is the point and the reason why there are exams; they are there to prove the students have been taught something when the reality is you know you have taught them nothing and exams will continue until the time that teachers learn how to teach! They won’t, but all they have to do is to ask the Master Teacher! Let us now ask the Master Teacher not just to teach us about our salvation but even beyond until we pass through those pearly gates and into eternity itself. He has never, nor can He ever ignore those three miraculous words; “CHRIST ALMIGHTY HELP!”

The teaching aides our Master Teacher used were the materials around Him and every human being to live of this planet earth; geography and food. The Israelites were on their way to their promised land; Canaan so we too are on our Journey to Canaan. To get there they had to cross the Jordan River and there is a stunning number of resembles between the river they crossed and our lives Jordan as well. They even finish up in Jerusalem and we too finish up in the New Jerusalem. But it is the use of food that much is made use of; plants and animals that they dealt with daily and in accordance to its value. The main ones to concern us are going to be sheep and goats and cattle with the bull being of highest value. In the Passover which we are studying Jesus chose to represent Himself as a lamb. Whilst He hung of the cross on Mount Calvary He was the Lamb of God, not goat, not bull but lamb. It is the Lamb in the desert that we compare with Jesus on the cross on Mount Calvary. The lamb is the pointer to the real event and ceases to exist once the event has occurred. But hold on if this is the case then the Day of Atonement has not yet occurred, neither have we crossed over into our new tent of meeting let alone the new Jerusalem, does that mean we can still  use pointers and sacrifices until they have occurred? But comparing GFPE with GFPMC.

Good Friday Passover in Egypt (GFPE)  was a covenant. It was the establishment of an agreement between God and His people via and intercessor, and intermediator, a go between acceptable to both sides; He had to be fully God (100%) and He had to be fully man (100%).There is and has always

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been only one being that met both requirements, Jesus Christ. The agreement that was acceptable to God the Father was that any first born male, latter Levites and latter still Christians who was inside of the doorframe that had the blood of this Lamb, Jesus Christ on it  could live forever in that building. The answer was, ‘yes’ and proven to be so by the fact that only the first born inside a door way with the blood of the Passover lamb on it were not killed by the angel of death, it passed over them! The answer of yes only had to be given once and there was only one 01/01/01, one birthday for the church of  God. But when was that blood applied to the doorway onto the new earth, the one we look up at as we pass through onto the new tent of meeting?  That had to be the real blood of Jesus and not just an animal out of the field regardless of what conditions it met.

Even though Jesus started off as 100% human and divine His body and blood performed different functions and there came a time when they had to be separated in order to perform these roles. Like the divine blood of Jesus could not be thrown into hell because it would have put the flames of hell out. Jesus could not be on every door frame signalling to the angel of death to pass over this house, this was a matter of life and death, there is life in the blood and a drop of blood from Jesus would suffice. At the other end and entry through the pearly gates we could not really get Jesus to poke His finger in first, then hand, elbow arm shoulder etc. We were pleading for life eternal and presenting a few drops of Jesus’ blood of life was sufficient. Likewise the body of Jesus without divine blood could be and was used as a frame to place our sins on and taken into hell. Being sinless it could not burn and was retrieved. But it is time to start our analysis. It is two way; firstly we have to move GFPE of 01/01/01 forward by two weeks to 14/01/02 and onwards and then compare 14/01/02 and onwards to Mount Calvary of 14/01/??.

The Passover lamb died, was killed at three pm on Friday in Egypt once on the 01/01/01 and on 14/01/02 and onwards for well over a thousand years. Jesus Christ the Passover Lamb died on Good Friday of the 14/01/ and dead middle of 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours of this earth’s existence. Jesus Christ was roasted and tortured and only when He had paid the penalty for all confessed sin, the penalty of sin is death was applied. The lambs were not tortured in a fire before their death but were roasted in a fire after death and before being eaten. The family killed the lamb and our sins killed our Saviour. They applied the blood of the lamb to their own homes but when the blood of the lamb of GFPMC is applied to those two doorways in Heaven and even for us to enter our first home and tent of meeting where we will spend the first 1,800 odd years with Jesus is still an issue to us. The problem with the blood begins at the start. That blood should only have been applied to the door frames once, on 01/01/01. The answer was, ‘yes it will allow anyone living under its protection forever’, and to keep applying it year in and year out from 14/01/02 would be implying that God had changed His mind!  Either the blood stopped being applied altogether or its role had changed and its new application now turned to the Passover Lamb of Good Friday where it certainly had a new role to play a role it did not play on the 01/01/01 in Egypt. Back then it was, ‘yes they can come in’ but now it is, ‘There here now and they want to come in!’ As far as I know they kept applying the blood so it was the role of the blood that changed 01/01/01 into 14/01/02 and onwards.

The roasted body of the Passover lamb had to be eaten by morning and under strict conditions resembling those of Mount Calvary. The body of this lamb was to be an intricate part of their body and if this is the case then why don’t we kill a lamb and roast it and eat so that it too can become a part of our body? And why were they told to drain all the blood out of it? The lamb was the pointer to the real event and once that happened and Jesus died on the cross at 3pm all pointers to this event ceased. To use a pointer after the event would be the same as saying the event did not

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happen and therefore still requires a pointer, a sacrificial lamb. And we symbolically do eat of the bread of the Lord’s Supper and symbolically drink of the wine of the covenant of His blood. But that is not the main event. The main event is what happened at 3pm on GFPMC.


Numbers chapter nine, the Passover is not just a difficult topic for us today, it has been before, on the night and since been a difficult topic. On the night it overwhelmed all the disciples including their greatest theologian and the greatest theologian of all time; Mary the mother of Jesus. She was taught by the greatest teacher ever, Jesus Himself and over a period of thirty years. And as one they all thought they were going to Heaven on Thursday night. Did not know and some totally rejected Jesus for staying on for Friday and allowing Himself to be murdered but the straw that broke the camel’s back was Resurrection Sunday. The grave was empty, Jesus had gone back to Heaven and left them behind! All hope gone, all just an illusion! If He had only done that with them on Thursday night how different would the situation be now!

The Holy Word specifically answers these questions by the grouping of the Gospels as synoptic and John’s Gospel. The study of Scripture like any study is progressive. If you want to know the top rung in the Bible then it is Jesus showing us the full extent of His love. If you  want to know the solution to the Schrodinger wave equation then it is the Hamiltonian operator but to understand those answers there are many intermediate lines in between. Such is the case now as we walk from Egypt to Mount Calvary and beyond into the heavens above. Let us go back to the bottom of the ladder as Scripture defines as 01/01/01, Passover in Egypt.

One off event, only first born in Egypt died but not in other countries even though they did not have the blood of the Passover lamb on their doorframes. The answer was given on that night and that answer not only stood for the remainder of the history of this planet but for the soon to be created universe. That answer is, ‘Yes if the blood of the Passover Lamb is on the doorframe of the building, any Christian inside that building will be allowed to live forever’. That question only has to be asked once and to repeat it yearly implies that Jesus is going to change His answer. He is not and move on from 01/01/01 to a new scenario of 14/01/02 and onwards; obtaining this blood, presenting this blood and applying this blood. By eating the roasted flesh of the Passover Lamb and allowing it to become a part of us should help us to pull through the period that is going to be required to achieve these goals and this preparation period has been calculated by Jesus as whatever Jesus worked out but was much longer than one thousand years and each year begins with 14/01/xx.

Each year begins with the strengthening of my body because I have eaten on Passover Friday night of the roasted body of the Passover lamb. It was drained of its blood as now body and blood have different roles to play. The body will ‘soon’ have my sins placed on it and then roasted in hell until those sins have been burned away. The blood will firstly be sprinkled before God to make sure that the sacrifice can proceed and it will be acceptable, then it will be used to clean all utensils that will be used in the sacrifice, anything that is defiled cannot be employed in the service including the cross and finally the blood which has done all this cleansing will wash all these sins into hell to be burned up by its fires. Much preparation and much learning needs to be done.

If I am still blogging in twenty or thirty year’s time I wonder how much deeper my knowledge of the switch from the 01/01/01 to the 14/01/xx will be and I wonder how much more I will understand about why the sin problem was not dealt with on the 14/01/xx but moved to 10/07/xx, almost six months later to the Day of Atonement ( at one is ment) Why not deal with the sin problem just on

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one day, 01/01/01? The issue of both days and of humanity is sin and has been since satan and Adam and Eve fell over. Mind you this yearly and for 1,300 odd ears of Day of Atonement (back to DOA) was particularly effective in getting rid of sin, all sin, every colour, every shade. The people really were AT ONE was MENT with God. Confessed, unconfessed, intentional and unintentional sin was gone! Only when that announcement was made, ‘Sin gone, evil gone!’ was the burnt offering allowed to be made and made it was for both high priest and congregation! Entry into Heaven was allowed!

It is these two days that are celebrated in the new earth and universe for the eternities to come and remain as two separate events with almost maximum time difference between them; six months, almost. But why is sin not dealt with in/on the same day? As it is a question of salvation and we seek the advice of Jesus we know He will send us back into the desert to look into Moses’ bronze snake and how looking at this bronze snake stopped people from dying.

Actually if we look at the big picture how not just there is a maximum time factor between Good Friday Passover Egypt (GFPE) and the Day of Atonement (DOA)  in the history of this earth, GFPMC is exactly half way between creation and the DOA7777. Roughly using a half of seven sevens there is 3,888 years from creation to Calvary and 3,888 years from Calvary to DOA7777. So the yearly pattern was really a rerun of the big picture and accurately repeats what is going to happen for the eternities to come! But are the reasons as patently obvious as they appear? Jesus is counting the number of redeemed and when that gets to the ‘right number’ He will end time! Do our covenants in synoptic Gospels throw any light on this subject?

The two stages in the desert were; firstly release them from Egyptian slavery or sin, then let them think about it for a while and see if they do come to Jesus and ask Him to take away their sins He obviously will do so. They had lived in sin/slavery for a very long time, they were soaked in it and perhaps be quite happy to continue to keep on living this way. It was important not to remove their most precious gift, their free will but once they came to Jesus to confess then the sins they did not know about would also be taken care of as the burnt offering could not be offered in the presence of any sin whatsoever. This actually addresses an issue of the sins of the high priest. Unlike Jesus the earthly high priest would have had intentional sins and they would have to pass to the scapegoat. But the high priest like Jesus would have to bear any unconfessed, unintentional sins of which I attribute 70 trillion on DOA7777 to Jesus. These belonged to the high priest and they too passed onto the scapegoat and had to be destroyed outside of the city. The lesson in Egypt then seemed to be; release, ponder and act!

Only Egypt itself 01/01/01 was strictly release from sins slavery. Goal given, conditions set. The goal was not changed but there was a slight offset by fourteen days to 14/01/xx in showing us how to get there. Yearly food was still roasted Passover lamb minus the blood which changed from preventing the death of the firstborn males to being sprinkled towards what maybe the doorway of the first tent of meeting we will be spending our first 1,800 odd years in but by the time we get to the red heifer in chapter 19 it is definitely the doorway into the new universe. So the yearly earthly desert cycle continued; release from slavery, a short trip of pondering and preparation, arriving at the temple, transferring all sin onto the scapegoat going outside falling over and being entrapped by sin, being released from it, pondering and preparing and going to the temple, transferring sin onto the scapegoat… . On our side of time on the master clock of earth; Because our release and forgiveness of sin are simultaneous the pondering and preparation come first before we step up to GFPMC but once we do we are not just released from sin but totally absolved from it and after a very short

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journey Jesus comes to take us home to Him. Is there any time for falls before He comes to get us? Many but they are all cancelled, each and every one of them with repentance! The issue of our four gospels and the early return to Heaven is not centred around the 10th of July and DOA but around the 14th of January or the Passover.

It is here where the disciples of Jesus thought that the early ascension would take place. Since it is the covenant of the bread and wine, the body and blood of Jesus that has brought us here more details must be discussed. The gospel of John posses few problems. It is largely about the ministry of the last week, or at the most the last two weeks of Jesus Christ from the time Jesus switches His role from being the king and master of His people to their servant and slave. He confirms this switch by washing His disciple’s feet and when Peter refuses Jesus tells him that he does not understand now but will later. By the time Peter wrote his epistles he did understand the big picture. John does not have a last supper, establish any covenants or enter onto any take off runways. He goes to Gethsemane, onto the cross of Good Friday and the follow through! He presents Himself as servant and slave to the cross and comes out as servant and slave and He confirms this position by asking for a break from His father in His Nazirites vow by asking to drink vinegar a product of the grape. He joins the dead, as one with us and remains there until He shaves His face of defiled hair one day before DOA7777. He joins us as the dead at 3pm on GFPMC and He joins us with most of His blood. He is a part of us and we reinforce this idea by the unleavened bread of the last supper. The divinity of Jesus, His body and blood could not die ever and are above us in Heaven today but at least part of this humanity in His church today as imperfect as it may be. But there is a Roman spear on the way at 4pm which will open the side of Jesus and separate His body from His blood. I take this heavy loss of blood to be the great tribulation of the church of Jesus and which for many around the world has already begun. After the second coming when the 1,260 year period of grace will begin the body of Jesus will  be on offer. The precious life giving blood will not be there, Jesus knows there will not be one convert and there is no point in putting a pearl, His blood before swine


(Very rare to have a bad Sabbath typing day but yesterday was one such exception)  Even though the Gospel of John had relatively few problems this is not the case with the gnostic gospels even at a first visit level. If Jesus Christ knew/knows, as He does know the position of every atomic and subatomic particle then He would certainly have known that He was going to the cross on GFPMC and that would Him to license to do final rearrangements of both DOA3888 and GFPMC, He could move the scapegoat over at the very last minute and make all confessed sin into one ‘package’. And this now brings us to our synoptic Gospels; Last Supper, the covenants of the body and blood of Jesus, Jesus is shown exactly the cup He will drink from by His Father and all humanity lies dead when Jesus reveals His divinity; ‘I AM HE’.

The one thing we have to keep reminding ourselves of is that there was no cross of Good Friday. (GFPMC). Jesus along with anybody who wanted to come left planet earth on the night before GFPMC whilst they were still in Gethsemane. Even though Jesus left that Thursday night He was still required to have to endure the Day of Atonement of Leviticus sixteen (DOA3888). All those with Him required a major clean up and, well I graded sin as intentional and unintentional but the Bible grades sin as confessed and unconfessed and these two categories were dealt with separately. All confessed sin went to the scapegoat and the unconfessed sin went to the high priest and even his sins were graded as his and that of his family. The body of Jesus Christ, the scapegoat was still to be separated from his blood as Jesus had to be destroyed in the fires of hell. Does hell have different settings of

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flame? Scripture has told us of two settings so far; for those who refuse to obey God and wilfully and continue to disobey His commands, Hebrews tell us that the flames of hell will be stoked higher for them as they have sent Jesus back to the cross and there is a marked increase in flames on Calvary from 9 to noon than from noon to 3pm.

The separation of the body and blood occurred of Jesus way back in Egypt where the Passover Lamb was eaten and its blood sprinkled onto the doorframes. We cannot exclude this event as without it there would be no Levites or Christians. It was always going to have to happen. Does this make us incumbents of Heaven like the angels or are we there by grace? We must exclude the separation of the body and blood of Jesus that occurred at 4pm on GFPMC with that Roman spear as the synoptics do not allow for GFPMC, initially at first; He did not have to go to the cross, He did not have to show us all of His love! But then a covenant has to last more than just a few years. That blood on the doorframes in Egypt lasts for the history of this earth, may change from earthly form, Passover Lamb, to Heavenly form where evil and sin and torture and pain and suffering do not exist and all convert from what Jesus did for us to why He did it and the fullness of His love, as expressed by the nature of the ox. It is ox blood on Heaven’s side that we see instead of lamb’s blood on earth’s side initially. The covenant where we write across from the commandments on the stone and into our hearts and ask Jesus to keep them for us and rest on His laurels is also foundational and will remain forever. And the body and the blood of Jesus will not remain separated forever either. What does Matthew say about these covenants. (26:26-29) ‘ While they were eating, Jesus took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to his disciples, saying “Take and eat, this is my body.” Then he took the cup, gave thanks and offered it to them, saying “ Drink from it, all of you. This is my blood of  the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. I tell you I will not drink of this fruit from the vine from now on until I drink it anew with you in my Father’s kingdom.”

These words are pure synoptic words, Leviticus sixteen. Today we attended the first communion of our nine year old twins at a Catholic church and at times it was difficult to disprove their doctrine of transubstantiation certainly using these texts and being a Catholic for forty years of my life I had no intention of doing so. But the Catholic Church and most others use the drawing power of the name of Jesus Christ and once you are in they bring out the clangers; today it was Mary and the saints. They will always have the problem of man making God, the pot making the potter and replacing the most item in existence, the blood of Jesus with the greatest curse known to humanity seals the issue and need for any exegesis.

The synoptic Gospels are looking Leviticus sixteen, DOA3888 as entry into Heaven and even here for a period of one day there was going to be a separation of the body and blood of Jesus, hardly the subject matter of eternal covenants. The separation was not but the recombination of both body and blood was. Rather than the separation that would occur at 4pm on GFPMC there was going to be a collection of every drop of His blood on the 10th of July at 4pm and prayer, worship and anticipation over the next sixteen hours when that blood would be placed back into the body of Jesus Christ and He would once again be fully divine and fully human and the covenant of being with this being  forever is going to last for the eternity to come! But the synoptics also go on and record what happened on GFPMC and show us how it is integrated with DOA3888. They show us how Leviticus sixteen, DOA3888, Gethsemane lift off are integrated into that final DOA7777.


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A question I asked earlier that merits more consideration is; was the place of humanity like the angels to be incumbents of Heaven or are we there because of the grace of Jesus Christ? Self evident, may be but not so evident from Numbers six. Yes the Nazirite did from the word go come down for the living, no dead, no haircuts and no grape products. As this is the sinless and preferred option as it contained no sin and therefore no cross. But it applied to both angels and human beings. The exception to this sinless stream only that is revealed in chapter 6 is the fallen angels. Their sin will now require the twin bird sacrifice but after that time can still proceed on with phase two of the Nazirite, 1,260 days. For angels it was Jesus Who drew the line in the sand that those who were carried along with the grumbling crowd and grumbled unintentionally should be redeemed and Jesus knew that none of those who did grumble intentionally would ever repent and He did not waist time in including them but for Adam and Eve it was different. They too had intentional and unintentional sin but here there was a prospect that those who sinned intentionally would repent, which Adam did. For humans to be included though there has to be a selection process there has to be a 01/01/01, a release from Egypt’s slavery, a covenant that, that which is about to be done will at the end be acceptable by God. And the last thirteen verses are not of much help they only cover the very last day, day 1,260 itself and that is lamb, that is GFPMC that is DOA7777.

No we are not incumbents of Heaven, day 01/01/01 was an act of grace. It was Good Friday Passover in Egypt (GFPE) and it pointed to and Jesus was very aware that it did so, it pointed to another Good Friday Passover but this one was on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). The 01/01/01, GFPE, Tigris the third headwater to feed the river did not run into the Euphrates, the fourth stream, 14/01/xx Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) and both went on to feed the river of the New Heaven, no, it ran alongside of it. The pointer was certainly pointing to Mount Calvary but Jesus did not have to take that final step. The indications are that He was not going to do it. When shown the dregs by the Father on Thursday night in Gethsemane, even divinity could not cope with this situation! The only thing that could push Him onto the next day and GFPMC was going to be the, “full extent of His Love!” and this is the spot at which we are at now.

Scripture clearly wants us to stop, and not just once in our lives and meditate often what happened at 10.00 pm (?) when Jesus looked at the redeemed, the ME’s and thee’s and called, ‘I am going ahead with tomorrow’! And it is the reason why He made that call that we will stun us for the eternities! We can only speculate at what would have happened had that decision been, ‘They are not worth it, Father I am coming home!’ We don’t have to speculate about being here today. We would not be here! Time would have finished 2000 years ago (?) and Jesus would have taken the redeemed back to Heaven with Him. No GFPMC. And this becomes the crucial difference and no bigger difference could there be.

They still would have gone through and been cleaned up and been placed into the tent of meeting where we spend our first 1,800 odd years of time. They would not have been allowed into the Most Holy Place to see the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ, no that had not been revealed. It is this revelation of this love that is the difference between DOA3888, Leviticus 16 and DOA7777 and Numbers six and seven. Not that we can find any fault with our 1,800 odd years in the first tent of meeting. In fact we could not imagine a more beautiful place in existence anywhere!

Jesus always knew that He would resurrect the wicked in Gethsemane and allow them to murder Him on the cross the next day using His Holy Word as the nails. With this foreknowledge He could and did rearrange the events of DOA3888 and GFPMC. He could not move the depth of evil that was displayed by His own murder onto a holy day of worship; DOA3888 but He could and He did move the scapegoat from Leviticus sixteen carrying all confessed sins at that time onto the nine to noon hours of Mount Calvary. I call these DOA3888 sins, they were always going to have to be paid for. So

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if the suffering of Jesus had finished at noon and He was taken off the cross at this time and died, DOA3888 could have proceeded and would not have required the scapegoat. This would have gained us entry into the first tent of meeting where we spend our first 1,800 odd years of our time.

The depth of evil and the height of love clashed in those dark hours of Calvary; noon to three pm. Just because the apostle John or Mary the mother of Jesus did not gloat or jump for joy at the sight of Jesus suffering in those dark hours and therefore were not guilty of the depth of evil that was being displayed at the time, does not mean they will not be able to see the full extent of the love of Jesus! This can only be seen, it was always there, by those who have had the beast killed within them. From those fires of hell Jesus calls, ‘JK mine’ and the beast of evil within me calls back, ‘Over my dead body!’ and its wish is granted. With the application of this salve I can now see Jesus. On GFPMC this beast of evil was not only killed and crushed into a fine powder it is also thrown into the furnaces of hell; gone forever. That is the depth that Good Friday went to and the love it was countered by. But what about the light hours from 9 to noon of GFPMC. How would things change if these were really scapegoat sins?

First and  foremost they were sin. They were packaged, quantised and labelled as ‘confessed sin’. There was only one destiny for sin, even those 70 trillion (?) sins that Jesus called, ‘Mine’ after the fires of hell had been extinguished and they actually did become the sins of Jesus and they were handled on the Sabbath day of worship, they only had one destiny, the fires of hell! And that these sins came from the Day of Atonement and were carried by Jesus the scapegoat they too only had one destination; hell.


The intensities of the fires of hell have already been discussed and vary according to the subject matter that has to be destroyed. The worst sin and the highest intensity of flames were GFPMC from noon to 3pm, the three hours of darkness. It did not just concern the murder of Jesus by His people and of Christians from then until the end of time. It concerned  the dealings of the Holy Spirit in His pleas to accept that precious nugget that resulted from those fires of Good Friday. That rejection brings to naught what Jesus tried to do for me on GFPMC, that rejection brings to naught Jesus Christ showing us the full extent of His love. And the last screams of pain out of hell for us will be for that rejection and will exceed the pain we suffered for all our previous sins combined. Throwing His ultimate gift, the full extent of His love back into His Holy face! Passover Numbers chapter nine.

The occurrence of GFPMC did change the format of what happened for over a thousand years in the desert and Solomon’s Temple and set the format of eternity and the changes were drastic enough to move us out of this earthly tent of meeting where we had spent some 1,800 odd years and into the new earth and Heavens, into the Most Holy Place. It was not just a matter of moving the block of sins of the scapegoat to Good Friday, no it was revealing sections six and seven of the cross and then turning on all seven lights. And that difference is described in Numbers 6:13-20. It is easy to get simplistic and mechanistic about the events of GFPMC, this happened in the desert, this happened at the second coming and the third and fourth comings of Jesus, and in that last Garden of Eden where we spend the last eight years of the life of this planet and then ultimately to where Holy Scripture points us to, the new Heaven and new earth, that final Most Holy Place and Holy Place and it may give us an assurance that our future has been so carefully mapped out and give us confidence in the Bible, but unless that head knowledge is converted into heart knowledge then of itself is useless. And for that conversion the evil one will place every obstacle that he can. You can look up at the

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starry skies and say, ‘These Heavens declare the glory of God’ or you can look up at exactly the same skies and wonder how nothing blew itself apart to produce this wonderful something!  Or you can look at a tiny bit of the complexity of our bodies and wonder how wonderfully and beautifully we are made or you can look at the same things and wonder at the marvels of chance, it happened by itself! Evolution! Once we realise the impossibility of nothing producing anything other than nothing and see the need for a creator then we begin to wonder why he did what he did and if that was to bring us to him to spend these eternities to come with him then it would also be logical as to how this could be accomplished. Once we realise that what is required of us is zero, Jesus has done it all and we look into it further and see the cross of Good Friday we really don’t need to look any further but the information is there if we seek it. But Homebase is on top of Mount Calvary, it can get no higher on earth although in Heaven it does bring us to Mount Day of Atonement and the two mountains of Heaven; GFPMC and DOA7777. But in this blog I remain committed to trying to relate the animals of the Old Testament and the sacrificial system to the New Testament and finally to the heavens above!

For the third year onwards it will be the same but different to the first two years. In the first year of our arrival there is no Passover celebration, the first celebration is on 14/01/02. We don’t arrive in Heaven until the 14/01/01. I postulate that these fourteen days consist of us seeing the new creation being made over a seven day period and seven days for everyone to cross over from the old to the new world. The final checking at this doorway is very thorough indeed and the amazing part of it is that we as the saints of Heaven are making sure that even those who Are in the Book of Numbers and are dogs, murderers, liars and adulterers are not coming across. It they did it would only be a matter of time until the next rebellion or fall.  Then Jesus does not try to contain our joy once we get there and this is still a time period we are studying. We have settled down by 14/01/02 when we hold our first Passover, twelve months after arrival. This allows us in six month’s time, 10/07/02 to hold our first Day of Atonement and to move into the Holy City, the New Jerusalem which is also the Most Holy Place, so out next Passover, 14/01/03 will be from within the Most Holy Place, the Holy Place, the tent of meeting is available if required for preparation purposes but the centre of our existence is the Most Holy Place.

Once within the Most Holy Place with Jesus and the Father sitting on the throne it should be quite simple to imagine how the Passover in Heaven will proceed. But it must involve the cross which has come over with us and is now present as the tree of life. We are living in four suburbs but with the area that the New Jerusalem occupies there would have to be an empty space big enough to hold 144 million (or whatever that number is) redeemed for at least the two ceremonies of eternity; DOA7777 and GFPMC. We are gathered in front of the throne with Jesus on it when at 9am on the 14th of each January, a Friday Jesus begins to glow. There is no death, or suffering or jeering or sneering up here as there was on GFPMC back on that old planet earth.


There is a magnificent tree of life between us and the throne. We know the history of this tree very well. We all saw Jesus hanging off this tree when it was a cross on the Day of Atonement and even way back on planet earth we put our hopes, trust and whole futures into what it had achieved way back on GFPMC. It turns out that our trust and faith was very well founded indeed. It is that event that we put our faith in that is now going to be rein acted but at a Heavenly level. No near naked Jesus splattered with blood and writhing in pain up here, it is not about what happened it is about why it happened and the full revelation of the love of Jesus Christ. Very few things came through the

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doorway into this New Jerusalem because it is the presence of God, the Most Holy Place and His throne. We only made it across because we were joined to the ram, the whole life of Jesus Christ, all 7,777 years of it and its anchor point the 365 day old male and ewe-lamb. These three were offered as a peace offering and accepted by God and then ‘double checked’ as a wave offering and even then ours names were ticked off the census list as we filed through that doorway with the torn curtain. The cross is coming not because it has the blood of Jesus soaked into it, in fact at 4pm of the 10th of July, 486, the Day of Atonement when every drop of blood that Jesus had shed was gathered from the world even the blood that had soaked into this cross during both appearances of  Jesus on it was also extracted from its wood and the divine protection that it had due to the presence of that blood was now withdrawn and we are told that a divine fire was lighten under it and was required until the sinless hair of Jesus was placed on it. The water connecting the two universes is soon to be revisited.

No when the New Jerusalem came down to rest on that massive foundation it did not have the tree of life. It was Simon dragging the cross behind Jesus who led us through that doorway out of the old universe and it was they who led us into the New Jerusalem where this cross was planted on the river that flowed out from under the throne. And without the inhibition of pride, it like Nebuchadnezzar’s tree burst into life immediately. It is through this tree that that light that is being emitted is being filtered and it is through this tree that the love of our Saviour is being explained.

As complex as this tree of life is the first thing that becomes obvious is that it is the source of our life and without it we would not be here. As complex as this tree is it seems to be made up of a central trunk with four main branches coming off it. It is a replica of the golden lampstand from the temple one of earth. It did not have to come itself, its replica did. As the different sections light up they focus our attention on why this is indeed the tree of life and then the beauty of why He did it comes to the fore between noon and 3pm; the full extent of the love of Jesus Christ! I really can’t see how any event can come through at a higher level, including the soon to occur Day of Atonement. It has had its scapegoat removed but we can only see into the pure nature of God through the highest level that He has given us and that is the full extent of His love! Maybe its former association with sin has something to do with its downgrade.

The other items associated with Passover, contact with the dead and sojourners cannot apply to Heaven and travel to distant planets has already been discussed. So has the consequences of not observing the Passover. The cloud over the tabernacle has application for us today. From the time we ask for and receive Jesus into our lives He comes in and dwells in the tabernacles of our hearts and this could not happen without major changes to our lives both internally and externally. If you think that by accepting Jesus into your life you are gaining a Jeannie in a bottle then you would be better off in not trying this experiment. It won’t take you long to realise it was a failure and you are much worse off after than before. Jesus will come in once invited and leave when told to. The problem is that when He came in He drove the devil that was in you out and then without Jesus there seven demons will return and this lot are specially chosen by satan himself and they will carry out the most evil of orders. You were better off not asking in the first place.

No Jesus won’t take those nasty trials away, He is no sugar daddy. When you accept Jesus, especially when you break out of the waters of the baptismal font you are right in the exhilaration you feel. You have just suffered the last death you are going to experience. It is all life from now onwards even though there may be a period of sleep in the meantime and for people like Paul that is coming

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up to two thousand years, but sleep is all that it is. In the meantime most have a walk with Jesus of eternity to see whether this is really what I have signed up with. If we accept Him for what He is, a perfect friend and follow His counsel it is not He that will leave us, we must leave Him. In the meantime there will be cloud of protection over us and Jesus alone  knows whether we will leave Him in the future and if we won’t then He places His seal on us. It is not as ‘good’ as the seal that the foolish virgins receive at the second coming, no that seal prevents the four winds from hurting them but our seal still allows for these winds to blow us around but they can’t drown us providing we have our eyes on Jesus. It was only when Peter took his eyes off Jesus and looked at the waves that he started to drown but not whilst he was focused on Jesus!

Even though there are trumpet calls in the new Heaven such as on the 1st of July of each year announcing the coming Day of Atonement in ten days time and probably either ten or fourteen days before Good Friday’s Passover I still do not see these earthly trumpets coming through the doorway. The lampstand was solid gold and it did not make it and the trumpets are only silver. Up there there will be Heavenly trumpets with Heavenly announcements. The issue on the tribes leaving Sinai in Numbers (10:11-) is more difficult on the Heavenly screen.—


But the primary purpose of this blog remains a correlation between the sacrifices of the Old Testament and their application to Jesus Christ in the New Testament. It is following the advice our Master gave Nicodemus when he was searching for the message of salvation. Jesus told him before he started stretching his neck and looking to the heavenly courts for the message to go back to earthly courts first and if he did not believe these there was no point looking upwards. He was told to go back to the OT and the particular foundation of Moses’ bronze snake in the desert. We are in the desert now ready for the final part of our heavenly journey, from the doorway with the torn curtain, across the new earth and wait for the New Jerusalem to come down out of the sky. On our heavenly journey we will not experience any of the bad things listed above but on earth the particular sin we will be looking for will be God’s people using His Word to try to kill His messenger. God will cope with any sins except this one. This one goes into a separate category that demands a response of instant vaporisation.

For example if God tells the intermediatory between Himself and humanity, Moses and Moses tells the people that He will be leading them from slavery and into the Promised Land, a land flowing with milk and honey and His own people grab Moses and try to kill him because he ‘lied’ to them, that this land he is leading them into is anything but milk and honey and they try to kill him for repeating the Word of God, these people must receive a very different response and punishment. Or if God reveals Himself through His messenger, Jesus Christ and that messenger then repeats the Words of God and for that repetition God’s people not only threaten but do murder Him again there must be  a special form of punishment awaiting these murderers. Moving on with the tribes leaving Sinai in verse eleven and looking upwards.

Assuming we arrive on the new earth on 14/01/01 and there are 364 days in the year (divisible by seven but not by twelve) and thirty days a month (does not give a 364 day year but 360 and are there for illustrative purposes only). We have just spent 1,800 odd years in the most imaginably beautiful place of the present tent of meeting but compared to where we have just walked onto it was but a desert. Jesus makes no attempt to discipline us for the first year. I don’t know at this stage whether we have been allocated our plots of land or we just run around building shelters out of trees and flowers and exchanging shelters. Our time of exchanging shelters and living on borrowed land is over! Our first formal organisation up there is the celebration of our first Passover, 14/01/02. It takes another one month and one week to reassemble into the army we broke ranks from, the one that marched out of the first tent of meeting and riding behind the rider of the white horse, only this time the tabernacle is in the middle. The Heavenly order is probably different and I would still expect that Joseph dragging the cross would lead the procession not just through the doorway but across the new earth and into the Holy City. It is not just Israelites on this journey, Midianites are coming too. We stop for a rest after three days, a necessity on earth but not in Heaven. Nor is there any need for God to scatter our enemies in front of us, there are none.

Nor is there any need to burn people with fire because they are complaining about meat to eat and their motives are labelled as greedy desires. They were given enough, but they wanted more than enough. Jesus did not complain about the burden of His people to God the Father  in the same way

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Moses did. The land we are marching over has been specially prepared for us at creation and will supply whatever material needs we have.

Chapters eleven, twelve and thirteen depict the paths of many Christian walks today. They are very sad chapters indeed. No, Miriam and Aaron do not rebel against Moses and only two out of 600,000 odd make it across into the Promised Land when they were standing and knocking on the door and even had spies come back to announce what they found there, they were very close indeed and satan would have jumped for joy at the extent of his victory; it was beyond his wildest dreams and his modus operandi; Disillusionment, discontent, complaint and all he needs is just to get his foot in the door ever so slightly. The rebellion of the people, the complaint against Moses, the choosing of the seventy elders and the quail and plague may all appear as major incidents but are only minor when compared against the murmuring of Miriam and Moses. These are what broke the fabric of Israelite society and led to that catastrophic result; 2 out of 600,000 that made it and far beyond!

The complaints of Moses and Miriam could not have been more serious or have come from a higher place. The complaint questioned the eligibility of Moses’ wedding to the Cushite women. It came from the number one man from the people, Aaron the high priest and the number one woman, Miriam his sister. Moses was the chosen intercessor between God and man and represented Jesus Christ the soon to come Messiah. The wedding they are questioning is that Jesus should have married His people, the Israelites and not gone on and married the gentiles/Christians. The issues do not get any more basic than that and do not address the issues either honestly or accurately. Jesus did come down to marry His bride and He spent all but the last week or so of His ministry trying to do exactly that, so neither the time factor nor effort could be faulted. Neither could the rejection of Jesus by His people be any more complete nor any doubts remain. They used His Word to justify His murder. He claimed to be the Son of God because He was the Son of God but on that cross they only saw darkness from noon to 3pm. The light they saw was probably what all the apostles saw and their imminent return to Heaven. DOA3888. The Jews also rejected this light; they called, ‘We have no other king than Caesar’, we want no other leader than Barabbas and the one that continues to stun me, how demon possessed were they? They called for His blood to be attributable to their children! It should not be a possibility but their wishes were granted. The effort to wed could not be more complete and even included aeroplane tickets back to Heaven on the 13/01/xx  and neither could their rejection of their Messiah; They could not do worse than murder Him justifying the murder from His Holy Word whilst they danced with glee and shouted insults and His near naked body splattered with blood and writhing in pain. There was no wedding between Moses and his people!

Jesus knew His own would reject Him and made contingency plans from way back on the 14/01/02. These plans were to cope with this contingency; the wedding to the Cushite woman. His previous wedding to the Jews had been planned and rehearsed for well over a thousand years but this was not the case for the gentiles/Christians, they needed time, they needed nearly 3,800 years of time. That early church was seeded by some who had been prepared for a long time, the Levites but these were relatively few. The other major problem was that some of those who had murdered Him might come good over time and want to be included in that final wedding feast of Heaven. This murder was not covered by the sins of light but by the sins of darkness. The sins of light could join the sins of darkness but the sins of darkness could not join the sins of light as they were being dealt with on the Day of Atonement. They had to be moved to another day altogether, they were moved to GFPMC. They invoked the blood of the Passover Lamb.

This split has an earthly foundation in the murmurings of Aaron and Miriam. Moses should have married from within his own people and not married the gentile Cushite woman. But this topic which is covered by the split in the gospels is still new and foreign to us. If this criticism came from

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high places within the Jews then it would be invalid. What they should be doing is singing praises for being included at all let alone their names to be used by the heavenly tribes and on the pearly gates! But that murmuring was at the heart and the fabric of GFPMC. It was the start of the downhill slide for Israel from which she never recovered. Even though both repented and were forgiven the slide continued and Miriam soon died and Aaron made disastrous decisions and died also.

The wedding plans to the Cushite woman or gentile or Christian should not be all that foreign to us. They have been on the table and rehearsed since 14/01/02. The bride had the Bible and the facilities to prepare. This day was a pointer to the ‘real’ event and it was the mission of the Israelites to prepare her for it. Today it would be interesting what Jewish scholars thought what the Passover was all about? They have Sacred Scripture from the year dot, from God’s creation to today some six thousand years later, an unbelievable number of high powered prophets of God so what do they think Passover is about? We can safely disregard their scholarly efforts for the first four thousand years, they not just got it wrong but they got it horribly wrong! What changes of ideas have they undergone in the last two thousand years especially with Jewish Christians sitting on their backs. It is time for that hypothetical Jewish scholar from around 40 BC to emerge again; JK.

Well that Passover that we have celebrated for over a thousand years at least is not about sin. The 14/01/xx is not about sin. My sins and the sins of my people have been taken care of on the Day of Atonement each year. No ifs and no buts, all our sins. If Passover is not about sin then what is it about? Egypt, the release of the Israelites from Egypt! No that can’t be the issue because the Jews were released on the 01/01/01 and Passover is on 14/01/02 and onwards, it is not 01/01/02 and onwards but offset to 14/01/02. Two weeks later. There is a locking pin of January but an offset of fourteen days and this does not just apply to our present planet but to eternity as well. Other than the first month what else carries over, what similarities and dissimilarities do they carry?

Both January, both Fridays, in both the Passover lamb dies at 3pm, the body of Jesus would not have been eaten but the lambs that were killed on that day were, meals to be finished by sunrise and even a lamb was killed at the time Jesus was placed on the cross. Other than the obvious symbolism of the lamb pointing to the body of Jesus, the big difference is the blood. In Egypt on the 10/01/01 is was poured onto wooden doorframes and used by the angel of death as a guide for passing over that particular household, this did not happen on the 14/01/xx. No blood and no angel of death, but the blood was spilled out on the ground by a Roman soldier’s spear where it still remains today. It is playing a role today and still has to in future. The body of the Passover lamb was eaten and it became a part of us in the desert but on that cross at three pm Jesus broke His bond with God as a Nazirite and came to join us as the dead! He could become one with us and we with Him, He had just removed and destroyed all our sins! Even though I am thrilled with some of the revelations I have received the blood and the water that flowed from the side of Jesus remain largely a mystery.

How do the murmurings of Miriam and Aaron affect us today? What lessons can we learn from them? Only Jesus can tell at what stage we make a commitment to Him that neither hell nor high water can break. And at that stage He places the seal of God on our foreheads. To some it happens before the baptismal font some in it and sadly to many it does not happen at all. Satan calls that moment, ‘operation desperation’ and will do everything within his power to stop it. And the closer that moment the more desperate his actions. If who ever it was who instructed you in your walk to the baptismal font did not warn you about the trials Jesus is going to release in your life, they have not done their work properly. Trials are sent because trials are necessary and a lot of trials that have been sent to me have been graded. That was not the case with our first ‘big one’. To be handed your


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first baby and told she would be lucky to ever achieve a mental age of two and a half because some drunk calling himself a doctor stuffed up was more than I could bear and I lost it! I had placed the care of that unborn child in God’s hands and it could not have finished up a bigger disaster! If you want to know what storm clouds look like let me show you that example! And here is satan’s modus operandi. ‘Watch this cloud under no circumstance take your eyes off it! Do not look back to the previous storm or the storm before that when the clouds were also ominous. But there was rain also and look at the life that those showers brought! No, just keep their full attention on the clouds!

It would be a pity to fall at the last or second last gate as so many do. When we pray to Jesus we don’t hand Him an itinerary to follow, we should ask Him to help which He invariably does. If we don’t like the answer we should pray to Jesus to help us to accept the answer. It is all about character building and our relationship with Jesus. And the power of other people’s prayers cannot even be imagined!


We are at a very sad part of Israel’s history. It is not an exaggeration to call a reduction in population from over 600,000 to two an annihilation and that is what is about to happen. Miriam and Aaron are not entirely to blame, many if not most of the population did contribute towards it but it was Aaron and Miriam who actually pushed it over the edge. They repented but they died and Aaron dragged Moses with him. The complaint was serious on two grounds. Firstly it challenged the legitimacy of the wedding between Moses and the Cushite women. The necks stretched version of that is the Heavenly wedding between bride and bridegroom, between Jesus and His Church, between Jesus and gentile Christians. They said it was not valid and it was not necessary. The accusation comes from none other than the top of His people; the high priest and his sister. This challenge must be cleared up and shown for what it is, a big lie and the liars punished. Secondly it challenges the nature of Moses who in neck stretched version is Jesus. They equalled themselves with Moses and said there is nothing that he can do that we can’t and the fruition of that argument, the nature of Jesus Christ was the issue over which they murdered him on GFPMC. He claimed equality with God. With leaders that lacked such understanding the fate of the people was sealed and there was only one nail now to be driven into their coffins; the spies report.

The spies report has to be treated at an earthly and heavenly level. On an earthly level the question is; how important is faith and trust in Jesus Christ? Answer, without it He doesn’t want you up there. He would prefer to have Heaven stand empty, send you out into the desert to die than to have you up there with Him. And this is exactly what happened, they were sent back into the desert to die. But had Jesus supplied a base for that trust? How good was this place called the Promised Land?

The ten plagues in Egypt including the survival of the first born sons in Passover, crossing the parted Red Sea where the Israelites survived but their enemy drowned, during the day a cloud over the temple and a pillar of fire at night, quail and manna for food, countless individual miracles are not a bad starter for a base of faith. Actual bunch of grapes to show conditions in the Promised Land are different to here but to get there it would require faith. The Promised Land cannot be entered on our works, it can only be done so by faith in Jesus. The righteousness that is required to enter the Promised Land comes from faith and never from works. They lacked that faith and they did not enter the Promised Land. Satan’s technique had worked again; stare at the cloud above you and don’t look back to previous clouds and how the Lord produced a new life out of their rain!  They did not and

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chapter fourteen records their sad demise. A new lot show up for chapter fifteen and this could well be the saints of Heaven. Verses 1-3; ‘Now the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them, ‘When you enter the land where you are to live, which I am giving you, then make an offering by fire to the Lord, a burnt offering or a sacrifice to fulfil a special vow, or as a freewill offering or in your appoints times, to make a soothing aroma to the Lord, from the herd or the flock.’ “ ‘

Even though I try to keep a tab of the number of visits to a particular chapter these numbers are not necessarily so. This is supposedly my fifth visit and I pray it yields more information than the fourth But I also claim to have made a fifth visit to chapter six. It would be more correct to say that it is the fifth time that I have left chapter six and not been there five times. The work of the Nazirite continues to be the base even though I resolved earlier to move onto chapter seven and to make this the new base. Chapter six is the complete mission of the Nazirite, all 7,777 years of it. Daniel (9:24-27) does not just truncate the work at 7*70 or the last 490 years of the earth’s existence but that the last 1,260 days will also be involved in the finishing of transgression. This is the fourth headwater that feeds the stream leaving Eden. Headwater one was the sinless stream; no dead, no grape products and no hair cutting and headwater two was the exception of the dead man who dropped dead very suddenly beside the Nazirite.  Where is stream three, a very good question and also certainly a part of the Nazirite’s vow. To my credit I did break out of Numbers six. I assume I am in the ninth tribe and our leader did not step out until the ninth day, day 1,269 to make offerings on behalf of our tribe. We were in chapter seven and nine days after chapter six had finished. Our exit out of the decommissioning of the Nazirite, Jesus Christ was not the end of earth’s history, just the end of its last full year, number 490 as these offerings over the twelve days show. It was right to allocate time after the transgression had finished for the seventy sevens that had been decreed. That was the top of the fifth section of cross, the last two sections, six and seven are on the other side of the doorway and the lights need to be turned on all seven of them and that happens in chapter eight. All that we have been told about the Nazirite after day 1,260 is that he is allowed to drink wine. Whether he is now Melchizedek or someone else we are not told. All we are told is that he is allowed to drink wine although the text may allow for him to resume his role as high priest Aaron. So before was he high priest plus priest plus someone else and after just high priest or was he just a priest who switched to being a high priest? These are important questions that are at the base of the doctrine of salvation.

It is all about the role of Jesus Christ in our salvation and at what stage are we at now, today in the second stage. To confirm that at least I have made an attempt to switch bases from chapter six to seven which are not only the requirement to move onto chapter eight but ultimately chapter fifteen, the Promised Land with those gigantic grapes from which the Nazirite is given permission to drink again. We may not even be able to ‘crack’ chapter fifteen this time but a little inroad would be of great value. Even at the level of one ephah of flour is the complete amount of flour so if we have one tenth of an ephah we require and will probably be given further down the road ten times that amount when we are ready for it and one hin is the complete amount of oil or drink offering and we have half of a hin then sometime in the future we will be given the other half. But I think that the problem at the base of the switch from six to seven is the third headwater that fed the river in the original Garden of Eden and which flowed out of it and we are about to examine whether that river got as far as this garden that we spend the last days of our existence (actually almost eight years) let alone pass onto the next earth.

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The third headwater began to flow on the 01/01/01 and resulted in the Day of Atonement ceremony as described in Leviticus chapter 16. This resulted in pure sinless water joining the river and onto (into ?) Heaven. Of itself it was complete and did not require the other streams, including stream four. Stream three started on 01/01/01 but finished on the 10/07/Gethsemane (?). Headwater four started on 10/01/02 and finished on Mount Calvary, 14/01/GFPMC. If I had been alive at the time of the first coming of my Lord and been on that plane that left Gethsemane of that Thursday night and been brought up here and attended the Day of Atonement and placed my hands on Jesus the scapegoat and confessed all my sins both intentional and unintentional I would have walked out of the temple and been taken into the present tent of meeting where we spend some 1,800 years and there may even have been a chance that I could be allowed into the Most Holy Place where Paul was allowed to go on GFPMC and vote for Jesus as being worthy of taking the scroll out of God’s hand and breaking the seals on the scroll once the smoke and the wrath of God had cleared! But I would not have been allowed through the doorway and onto the new earth and heaven. The kernel that the New  Jerusalem contained and guarded strenuously was it had the full extent of the love of Jesus. Much more had to happen before this pearl would be revealed. For that to happen Jesus Christ as servant and slave would have to hang from the cross of Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). He could not go home that night. He stayed on for GFPMC, He did not go home on Thursday night. The fourth headwater which had been spawned on the 14/01/02 flowed into the river and Heaven bound!

These are the nuances we are dealing with as we cross from Numbers six to seven and onto eight and pray fully the grapes of the promised land of fifteen.

The third headwater, DOA3888 was independent of the fourth headwater, GFPMC but they did run into the same river and mix and flow out of the Garden of Eden and onto the promised land  and it is this mixing process that we look at now. The Day of Atonement has the confessed sin component, the scapegoat, taken out of it and without the scapegoat we are heaven bound. Numbers chapter seven but in our case it is only back to the tent of meeting where we have just spent the last 1,800 odd years. We are not allowed through that doorway and into the Most Holy Place. We have presented no peace offering nor did we have. Naughty children being forgiven for being very naughty at times was all a part of the DOA3888 deal, no peace offering required.

A peace offering would only be required in the case of a total breakdown in the relationship between God and man. A total severance had to occur and under these conditions a restoration seemed impossible; they, my people whom I looked after and made preparations for to be with Me for the eternities to come, chose to murder Me justifying this murder from My own Word and while I hung in that distressed state they jeered and sneered and jumped for joy! This was something that was not a one off, a spontaneous action, no it was premeditated. They already had a substitute for me and they poured their evil onto their children. You could not get any more complete rejection than that! But what if they change their minds and repent, is restoration even a slight possibility?

Restoration was possibility only because of the quality of infinite love of God; the full extent of the Love of Jesus. He could but did not have to display that. If He did it would only be a case of pearl before swine! They would jeer and sneer and gloat rubbing the salt into the wound further. It was from those depths that the peace offering had to address and little wonder we threw everything at is and checked and rechecked it all in disbelief. There was at least a three way check.


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Where we are still at is trying break away from chapter six as base and re-establish chapter seven as base. The other problem we have is revision. Revision is not only important but essential especially for an old brain to go back and have another run off with the  intention  of getting further. The example is the three way check of the peace offering; two in chapter six and one in seven. In six it is the Bible that tells us the Nazirite offers the ram as a peace offering on day 1,260, the last day of His vow of separation, His decommissioning. He establishes two roots, two piers on mount Calvary, both a 365 day old lamb, one was sin and the other was a burnt offering. He did not present the burnt offering way back  on GFPMC because of the presence of other sins, not sins of the ewe-lamb but sins He would later attribute to Himself; unconfessed and unintentional sins. Onto the life of that one day, male and female lambs He attached His whole separation from His Father, the life of the Nazirite, all 7,777 years of it. Out of all those years there was not even a fraction of time that could be faulted. He packaged all three items, ewe lamb, male lamb and ram and attached not just a basket of cakes and wafers but these cakes had been prepared for this occasion, they were baked, all went through all accepted. The check that is done comes from Scripture.

The defining moment is the Nazirite placing His sinless hair in the fire at the base of the altar. At this moment are we allowed to say, ‘Moses had completed constructing our tabernacle’ or must we wait until the shoulder, the chest and the thighs have been placed in the Nazirite’s hands and waved before God? Clearly we must wait before we can declare the tabernacle to be completed. Not  only we as plant matter, cakes, wheat are we presented as being declared righteous before God for that worst of all crimes of murder of our Saviour we must also be presented and accepted as the recombination of flesh and blood, shoulder, thigh. In totality. Once accepted only then can we say, ‘In totality the peace offering has been accepted and Moses/Jesus have finished constructing our tabernacle both within our hearts and marked the cross as “heaven bound” ‘ The problem now becomes that if the peace offering has in fact been made in total and accepted then why does our leader have not just to present any more peace offerings at all let alone one which has twenty one animals in it? Has the building of the tabernacle been prematurely declared? Actually it has been declared at exactly the right time; day 1,260!

To find this answer I had to go back to a question I recently asked concerning the third headwater that flowed into the river in the Garden of Eden. I asked that if chapter six has headwaters one (no sin), two (incumbents of Heaven unintentionally sinning) and four (GFPMC with lamb sacrifices) then where is headwater three? Earthly Day of Atonement?  Earthly Day of Atonement has been transcribed into the Heavenly Day of Atonement and therefore for ever more. The tabernacle has just been completed, the first Day of Atonement can now be celebrated. Let us try to do just this but standing on Leviticus sixteen, the earthly foundation. Five animals; two rams, two goats and one bull; sin burnt and scapegoats but no peace offering, we did not need one we had not murdered our Saviour.

Scapegoat, confessed sin down here but not up there. Third headwater mixed with the other three in the river and scapegoat led out of the temple and taken out to Mount Calvary, where other confessed sins were dealt with. No peace offering down here but a major one up there! At this stage we had not severed our link to God completely and no attempt needed to repair it a condition which would have remained had Jesus returned with the faithful on Thursday night from Gethsemane. It was what happened on the Friday that required the peace offering. The Nazirite at His decommissioning presented a peace offering from where He was as a result of His voluntary law of separation. This offering up here is at not just a Heavenly level but at the level of eternity as well! Could that be possible in the dark and with the last two sections of cross missing? Are we going to add more to any of this first service in our tabernacles when the lights come on?

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The male goat for the sin offering made it across as did the ram for a burnt offering. As already stated Jesus Christ could have presented Himself as the burnt offering way back on GFPMC but chose to delay it until the last day of His ministry. Jesus from this day could not be presented until after GFPMC when He had showed the Full extent of His love. The bull burnt offering is still a matter of being studied by us. The appearance, and what an appearance it has been looking up was to see this peace offering. What actually has to be done to bridge this chasm that has been created by the murder of the Son of God?

But chapter seven is the appearance and the first commemoration of Heavenly Day of Atonement. It is Heavenly headwater three and allows the Holy Spirit to turn on the lights on not just the five sections of earthly cross but the final two to come. Chapter eight waits  for those lights to be turned on before providing an earthly base from which we will be able to look up from and see the Heavenly Passover of chapter nine and we still have many more pearls to discover now that the lights have been turned onto the Heavenly Day of Atonement. We should look forward to our sixth visits to these subjects. As we are about to strike the subject of water in the rock of Meribah some points to think and pray about.


Water is about to become a major topic of study. It is certainly one of the high lights of the new creation as it flows out from under the throne of God and goes on to water not just the New Jerusalem but the new earth on which it sits. So far we have two headwaters for this heavenly stream; headwater three is the Day of Atonement and Headwater four is Passover, both dates and events are of eternity. Tentative allocations for these two waters are the water that flowed from the side of Jesus when opened up by that Roman spear at 4pm on GFPMC is Passover water and the water that oozes out of the ashes left behind after the fires of hell had gone out at 3pm on GFPMC as the water of Heavenly Day of Atonement. The connection between headwaters two and three may not be as obvious as between headwaters one and four but some do exist. We have seen a number of differences between Heavenly and earthly Day of Atonement and ultimately the Heavenly DOA will be about unintentional sin. Headwater two, the man who dies very suddenly alongside the Nazirite and the twin bird sacrifice is about the unintentional sins of the angels. There is a connection between expunging unintentional sins of angels and of human beings. We have not yet studied that angle but say we do connect all four headwaters, what then?

On earth they formed a river that first and foremost watered the Garden of Eden itself. If any excess then it would have flowed out and gone on to water the future or new Promised Land. But would it have flowed as far as the Garden of Eden we are in now? This is a crucial question because if this garden we spend the last eight years of planet earth on is the porch of the new creation then it too is coming and will already be a part of the new creation.

We have to be very careful as to what to include with us as we pass through the doorway between the present and the future creation, evil to evil less. We know we are coming we have been presented and accepted in the basket of cakes and in tribes of wafers. We know we have been accepted and become a part of His body because we are waved in the hands of the Nazirite as His shoulder, chest and thigh. We know the cross is coming because Jesus laid His sinless locks of hair on it, but what about this porch this massive garden on the edge of the universe is any or all of it going to be included in the new creation? And what role is it to play, especially the water? Its role is crucial and the interpretations so far would be meaningless without it.

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I am going to call it Garden of Eden two (GOE2). GOE2 contains the doorway into the new universe. It has the blood of the Passover Lamb on our side but the blood of the ox on the inside. It cannot be destroyed, it is eternal.

The future universe cannot coexist with this present one for any time at all. Evil and evil less cannot coexist any more than light and darkness. This one, including time, space and mass must cease to exist before the new one can start and when it does start there will be a time lapse between the old disappearing and the new appearing and as there is no time in between it is wrong to assign one second between them and I would hesitate in doing so if it was my first mistake. And even if it was one second the bride is going to have to be in some place at least for one second between the old disappearing and the new appearing. I find this to be a fascinating period and have written about it before. A possible scenario, the universe has had its 7,777 years and 7 months and 7 days and now its last 7 hours of existence. We see Peter’s fires have started consuming the universe from the other side and we know that they will take seven hours to get to the GOE2 where we are in but we also know that this is a protected area and they won’t burn us up. They have burned a fair way, six hours until they get to where we are! Five hours and now only four hours until they arrive! Incredible how much detail we can see now ! If our planet earth is indeed near the centre of the universe and we have been looking at events happening over at least the last eight years from this spot we see the fire front approach and pass  through earth engulfing and destroying it. Nothing left behind at all! These last three hours left now are very serious stuff indeed! Not that there are any anxious moment, we are in Jesus. By earthly standards the relationship appears quite sound but compered to our heavenly one they are quite shallow as chapter 15 is about to tell us. But we do have two waypoints. Our tabernacles have been finished by Moses/Jesus, the cross is in our hearts but it also has the DNA of Jesus on it and will soon lead us onto the new earth.

I don’t know whether the flames of Peter’s fires approach with heat and sound but if the atmospheric conditions cannot be described with one hour to go imagine what the last seven minutes will feel like! But it does come to and was always going to come to the count down! Ten seconds and we count them down; ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and ONE!!!!  Everything else is gone but we are still here and we have one second to spin around towards the doorway and look to see; In the beginning God created…….  I am not sure whether either time or space will have some visible property but matter certainly will. The point being we need somewhere to exist in that switch between time zones and even the first seven days of the new universes’ creation. We need some sort of GOE2. But does it have a river with four headwaters?

We not only need a GOE2 for last eight years of our  existence on planet earth we need it at the start of this period as well in order to explain certain Scriptures like Daniel (9:24-27) and a number of chapters in Revelation. You see the problem up there is that after our wedding after those 1,800 odd years in Heaven we ride out of Heaven and journey towards the Promised Land and have two battles to go. We ride out of the old tent of meeting and leave it behind. Neither it nor the Most Holy Place it contains cannot be destroyed. They are whisked away somewhere, refurbished and will soon reappear as the New Jerusalem.  We are present at the first battle as riders in the army riding behind the rider on the white horse but it is really Jesus Who does the fighting for us. Whether He has to swing His sharp sickle once or more than once we  are not told but we do know that this battle is against those who went so close to nearly killing at the second coming of Jesus. They were responsible for the great tribulation. The problem then occurs that Jesus leaves us alone and goes back to or just above planet earth. He leaves us alone for the best part of 1,260 days. We remain and need somewhere to stay whilst He is alone and has nothing!  This is still the link that we are missing

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in our streams two and three. It is at this time where He sacrifices Himself as the twin bird sacrifices. This could be our Melchizedek problem. Let us just try to follow that one path to see if it is indeed a path in the Garden of Eden. Jesus leaves us alone, His bride who He married only a matter of days ago. He does not take His eyes off her nor she off Him. We understand that He has some unfinished business for His Father, something about crushing the head of satan and satan bruising His heel. He is isolated and has nothing and this qualifies Him to be offered as the twin bird sacrifice. His isolation actually began way back on GFPMC when He asked for and received the vinegar at 3pm. He joined us then and has been isolated ever since, but things are about to get much worse.

When the fires of hell extinguish there are still 70 trillion sins (?)  left unaccounted for, they have not been burned up in hell. They were unintentional and they were not attributed to anyone, unconfessed. His relationship with God the Father is now totally severed and it is so for seven days. His ministry is not restarted until the Day of Atonement at 4pm, phase two of the ministry of the Nazirite.

There is no problem with the end of this ministry, day 1,260, it is headwater four. It is GFPMC, it is ewe-lamb and male lamb and it is peace offering of a ram. It is the bride being offered as foreign matter, prepared and groomed maybe but still flour and oil as a baked cake to be a part of Jesus for the eternities to come and once accepted the bride is re-offered as shoulder, chest and thigh of Jesus. She has become His flesh and blood! The Nazirite finishes as headwater four and is decommissioned, but where has He come from?

He has come from Heaven doing His Father’s business and the reason He made His Nazirite’s vow in the first place.


In chapter six he has just come from sorting out the problem of the man who died very suddenly besides him. This was the only exception in his original commission where he was not allowed any contact with any dead. These were the first two of the headwaters feeding the river in Eden. All four are separate yet by the time the Nazirite had fulfilled his vow all four had mixed. And it is this mixing over 7,777 years that we are studying with the specific concern as to why the Nazirite was not allowed any grape related products whilst a Nazirite but once decommissioned he could drink wine. And this wine is the subject of what the spies have just brought back from the Promised Land to be a part of the drink offering. It is the subject matter of our next chapter of study, chapter 15.

As we are about to strike the waters of Meribah I have spent much time on the original water in the river of original Garden of Eden and concentrated on the need for a future Garden of Eden’s role in our departure from this old universe . But why wasn’t it burned up by that flame front that consumed the rest of the Universe? It did have the doorway with the blood of the Passover lamb on this side and the blood of the ox on the other would have been a help. When Eleazar sprinkled the blood of the red heifer he did not have to throw it high enough to the edge of the universe he just had to sprinkle it towards the doorway that was on this edge. It like we who have not had any blood of Jesus applied to us but implied is almost as powerful. Implied blood could have protected the GOE2. The issue is that it was the implied presence of the holy river that it contained that protected it and as such is coming across and is a feature of eternity.

Today there is no Garden of Eden here on earth let alone any water in its river. But neither is there any Paul or Peter or Mary or any of the dead saints who will spend eternity with Jesus. Jesus knows

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who are His and will come back and resurrect them in the correct forms. He could also take back the water that was in the river at the time of Eden. He will be using the same atoms again up there, there are no second hand materials down here and there can be nothing wrong with the water that is fed by those four headwaters, the four ministries of Jesus Christ, the Nazirite. There are still many riches to be found in this river where the four headwaters have mixed. We already have two examples. We have moved the scapegoat from earthly Leviticus 16, the Day of Atonement onto the Passover and not only the peace offering of the Nazirite from GFPMC and moved it into Heavenly and eternity Day of Atonement but we have greatly expanded it base into the highest offering that is possible, the bull offering. As this is but the start of the journey there will still be many more riches found in this river. Did this river flow out of Eden and onto the Promised Land where it has arrived and we spend the last eight years in this porch before moving on? Or was it that precious that it formed a closed cycle of life and did not leave the area? It should not come as a surprise that the Garden of Eden will be an extension and entrance into the New Universe. It certainly has an earthly foundation from which we can look into the Heavens from. It should have at least the original inhabitants and their progeny there but also that tree of life is coming across. It has the sinless DNA of Jesus on it!. But the interesting one is the tree of good and evil, is it also coming?

But before we can make use of it we need to make a connection between these headwaters. Headwaters three and four have had at least a tentative connection but not so two and three; that man that fell dead very suddenly next to the Nazirite which in turn led to the twin bird sacrifice still have to be tied the rider of the white horse who left his army behind, was isolated and had nothing. This was dealing with the Father’s Heavenly business, nothing to do with us, we just looked on from a distance! Now this tree of good and evil.

I proposed way back that this tree was similar to those we are going to encounter in the promised land and from which the spies have brought their massive bunches. The tree is some species that has a trunk capable of carrying those bunches of grapes. It can’t be as simple as the Nazirite was not allowed to eat any grape related product before his decommissioning because of the presence of evil. That evil caused and continues to cause the fermentation of its sugars to produce the greatest curse known to man; alcohol. No exceptions! It did not matter whether the grape juice had been concentrated so as to kill the fermenting bacteria or not, even vinegar could not be drunk! Once the Nazirite had been decommissioned and all evil and sin were gone and fermentation was no longer so the Nazirite could now drink the wine, actually could only be grape juice if fermentation was not possible. It was as simple as evil and good and as simple as the day before the Day of Atonement it was evil and after the Day of Atonement it was good!

There were no robots created in Heaven. Every being, every angel was given the choice of sinning and the sad story is that many took up that choice. If that choice existed in Heaven then it would be most surprising if that choice did not exist on earth, even in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve had that choice, the plants did not. Why Jesus allowed that evil to penetrate the grape tree we are not, He did and we might ask Him that question especially in our first 1,800 years in Heaven with Him. The choice of evil will not exist neither for plant nor other beings and even though I will continue to refer to wine, after the decommissioning of the Nazirite only grape juice can exist.

The real issue though here is the covenant that Jesus established at the last supper; that of His body and blood, that of bread and wine. This covenant is only present in the three synoptic gospels and not in John’s Gospel. You can’t get anything more critical, more important than the covenant concerning the body and blood of Jesus Christ.




































































































































































































































































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Blog 8 on 31st may 2018.This is the current blog that I am working on. At present it is at the bottom of the other seven when completed would put it some 2,000 pages or 1.25 million words away. In future I will keep the current blog on top. It is about 300 pages at present. Blog 8, Book of Numbers chapters 19 to 36 on 8th December, 2017. We have arrived at chapter 19, the Ordinance of the Red Heifer, Christ crucified and the tenet, the central core of Christianity. For those who had the slightest inkling of this cross it became the core of their teaching like Paul. With the cross he could answer any questions the best Greek philosophers could throw at him. There are no unanswered questions in Him crucified. Being the central core of our faith it has a prologue of eighteen chapters and an epilogue of sixteen chapters.

As I have only just completed a summary of the first eighteen chapters only a brief summary of this summary is required, the focus being the 14th of Nissan (I continue to use January as the first month knowing it is not so in the Jewish calendar). Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary. (GFPMC).

Actually the Book of Numbers begins on the 01/01/01 and not on 14/01/01 as does the new earth, the one that replaces this old earth. Eternity does not begin as 01/01/01 but also as 14/01/01 eternity. Not much seemed to have happened on the 01/01/01 in Egypt despite a lot of preparation. The same cannot be said for the next day, a Sabbath and 02/01/01. The greatest euphoria would have been with the firstborn sons who had not died as even Pharaoh’s firstborn son had, then the families because they had not lost their firstborn sons and then everyone as they had been liberated from their oppressive slavery. Not much time to think about what had happened although as they left their home for the last time they no doubt cast a final glance on the blood that was on that doorway and had performed that miracle they were now experiencing. They had been brutalised over a long time and there were no breaks given to them because of the Sabbath. They had forgotten it existed. Onle now after a fourteen day journey when they thought they were safely out of Egypt’s clutches did the stop and celebrate Good Friday Passover….

Thus it is with the redeemed on the earthly side of the doorway with blood that is about to open into the new Heavens. We are in a courtyard that is defined by the presence of the altar cross. On this cross we have just seen and experienced the Day of Atonement (DOA45) and the final eradication of the last traces of sin. We have sinned the burnt offering and we have seen the anointing of the Most Holy. The cross is coming with us, we are ready to go, we are ready to start eternity. Finally the countdown for old planet earth, old universe begins; seven hours to go, six hours to go, five hours to go, four hours to go, three hours to go, two hours to go, one hour to go…..Gone!

The doorway upwards open and we see His creative acts over six days. Day seven, Sabbath a day of rest and worship of Jesus Christ the creator. 01/01/01 to the 07/01/01. In orderly fashion and in a prearranged order we begin our march onto the new earth and no doubt as we pass through that doorway for the last time we focus on the blood on it. Egypt. Blood eternal and now to claim firstborn inheritance eternal.

On the earth side of the doorway it was blood washing sins into a channel so that they could be picked up and thrown into hell, down there it was blood that cleansed utensils so that the offerings could be made to God and it was blood that pleaded for mercy for God to accept  the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Inside of the doorway in Heaven none of this applies. There is no sin, no trace of sin nor any possibility of sin. All that is left is the firstborn sons of Israel to claim their inheritance and enjoy it for eternity! Egypt! GFPE!  There are many hurdles to be jumped before this can happen and we return to find out more how all this happened.

The history of God’s people, the bride, finished with Egypt’s inheritance and life eternal giving but it also started with it. The start was symbolism but the end was reality and the symbolism was very brief indeed; firstborn son did not die because the blood of the lamb was on the doorframes. The

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tradition, ritual of the firstborn son inheriting the families inheritance may have been practiced by many cultures and over a long period of time but its origins are divine. God sent His Son, His only Son and therefore by definition also firstborn Son to save this world. In the Heavenly family He is the Bridegroom and we are the bride. On earth there are pointers to this final relationship but ultimately the redeemed will be bride. There is only unisex in Heaven.

In Egypt it was the bridegroom who came down in earthly form, reclaimed his inheritance from Pharaoh’s firstborn son and established the true nature of his blood as life giving and eternal. But then he left these qualities, these shoes he walked in for his bride and this was done under the directions of God the Father. Those who stepped into those shoes were called Levites and they began an intensive apprenticeship which would allow them to serve inside of the tent of meeting when the priests, including the high priest refused to serve under the Son of God. These would be difficult days indeed even for the greatest scholars of the time like Paul. I don’t know whether this was their problem bu it is certainly one of many for me.

On God’s calendar Good Friday Passover in Egypt, (GFPE) was the 01/01/01 and in this first year they couldn’t celebrate on this day as nothing had yet happened and on days two, three, four and many more there was too much happening. But after a year God ‘should have’ told Moses to celebrate GFPE starting as on 01/01/02 why offset that day back to 14/01/02? 01/01/01 on earth pointed the doorway into the new heavens opening and eternity beginning with 01/01/01 eternity. Symbolism and realism coincide. But 01/01/01 was not the start of the journey, 14/01/01 on both planets is the start of this journey and the ordinance we are about to study; that of the red heifer.

On earth our study of this red heifer ordinance, GFPMC involves our actual release from sin and our worship of Jesus is for what He did for us on that horrible cross but in the new earth on the 14/01/01 our first worship service there will be no sin. We will worship Jesus for the first time not for what He has done for us but for what He is. This is true worship, this is the Heavenly step. On earth we are but on the earthly step but nonetheless a prerequisite for that Heavenly and final step. And the joining utensil that cuts across all three phases is the cross. It is coming with us as it is the only thing in existence that allows us to see into the inner nature of Jesus Christ! It will not be just gratitude that we experience up there but the real Jesus Christ. And the greatest and priceless privilege that could have been imposed on me was the knowledge that the cross is coming across to the new Heavens. I maybe still at the gratitude stage and have not started lifting my head to the Heavenly Day of Atonement stage (DOA46), and perhaps I should be but I am only about to try to establish my footing on this earthly step; the ordinance of the red heifer.

At first I am just going to struggle for as long as I can until I have no choice but to finish blog seven. Blog seven is chapter 18, the duties of Levites and the priest’s portion and is obviously the final step before our current chapter 19, the ordinance of the red heifer. But so far the answers given in 18 do not seem to address the issues raised in chapter nineteen. So far in blog seven we have been following the bumpy history of God’s people and trying to relate them at the three levels of the three crosses; GFPE, GFPMC and DOA46 when we hit this severe bump; Korah’s rebellion. It certainly shook the foundations out of the earthly tribes and it may also have been have done so in the tribes of angels above. The badies were thrown out but the rebellion involved all the congregation. God would have preferred to lose everyone rather than take their free wills away and make them into mindless robots. He chose instead to show them His creative powers by bringing life into Aaron’s rod. Not only can He give life He will selectively give it to Aaron and the Levites. He did not have to show the angels because from where they are they can see life and life in abundance.

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God is not only going to show them that He can give life but how and why He gives it. It is now some four thousand years since the rebellion in Heaven and those who rebelled were evil and the troops may be getting restless again. Seeing GFPMC should kill the beast within them for good! But what about the priests, Levites, saints, redeemed, the bride? What does it do to them? To us?

It has been my contention for a long time that you would be better off reading a blog or watching a video by a trained Christian minister. And the number of wonderful blogs on the red heifer! Why they are so good is because they know Scripture and can fit this topic in with it. The best that I can do is to try to fit the 5% of Scripture that I have ‘studied’ to this text. Give me good health and another twenty five years and I too may be able to produce something comparable. In the meantime abstinence does not result in absolvment. It maybe a good idea for us to search the net for information on certain texts and list them in order but that does not absolve us from; ‘Give us today our daily bread’. We have to seek bread and we have to seek it daily, and that bread is the Word of God and it is the Bible. There are aides, some better than others but none replace the Bible and ‘it is written’. It is the only weapon which satan fears.

You may suggest that if I am having all these problems with Chapter 18 to go back to chapter one  and gain enough momentum by the time I have got to Chapter 17 that it might carry me through to chapter 19. Tried that and a shuttering halt at 17. But proceeding with chapter 19 and knowing it is the core of Christianity then the following seventeen chapters should also be a part of this treasure.

The questions. Why was the Israelite’s year from Passover in Egypt until the Day of Atonement DOA46 and not Mount Calvary until DOA46? (A) They were the outer shell, we are the seed inside. They were actually 01/01/01, Egypt, earth up to 01/01/01 the new earth in the new Heavens which if this blog is right was 1,478 days after the DOA46 and 1,260 years before GFPMC. So the outer core is about 1,260 years longer than the inner core and wider by 1,478 days. There was some 1,260 years of preparation, although many Christians believe it could be as long as 1,500 years, from GFPE to GFPMC. These figures will remain fluid until I see eschatology which includes the DOA46. Without it we all make the same mistakes. But the Jewish calendar could easily be interpreted  as both inner and outer shells as could the Christian calendar providing we keep Egypt in mind.

Why did the Nazirite report back at His decommissioning in Heaven on a purely lamb/ram biases, or sheep but now a red heifer if involved? Well this is an offering problem and the subject of chapter 18. ****

Ordinance  of the red  heifer. Chapter 19 verses 1-19 ; ‘Then the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying, “ This is the statute of the law which the Lord has commanded, speak, ‘Speak to the sons of Israel that they shall bring you an unblemished red heifer in which there is no defect and on which a yoke has never been placed. You shall give it to Eleazar the priest, and it shall be bought outside of the camp and be slaughtered in his presence. Next Eleazar shall take some of its blood with his finger and sprinkle some of its blood toward the front of the tent of meeting seven times. Then the heifer shall be burnt in his sight; its hide and its flesh and its blood, with its refuse, shall be burned. The priest shall take some cedar wood and hyssop and a scarlet material and cast it into the midst of the burning heifer. The priest shall then wash his clothes and bathe his body in water, and afterward come into the camp, but the priest shall be unclean until evening. The one who burns it shall wash his clothes in water and bath his body in water, and shall be unclean until evening. Now a man who is clean shall gather up the ashes of the heifer and deposit them outside the camp in a clean place, and the congregation of the sons of Israel shall keep it as water to remove impurity; it is purification from sin. The one who gathers the ashes of the heifer shall wash his clothes and be unclean until

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evening; and it shall be a perpetual statute to the sons of Israel and to the alien who sojourns among them.

The one who touches the corpse of any person shall be unclean for seven days. That one shall purify himself from the uncleanness with the water on the third and seventh day, and then he will be clean; but if he does not purify himself on the third day and on the seventh day, he will not be clean. Anyone who touches a corpse, the body of a man who has died, and does not purify himself, defiles the tabernacle of the Lord; and that personshall be cut off from Israel. Because the water of impurity was not sprinkled on him, he shall be unclean; his uncleanliness is still on him.

‘ This is the law when a man dies in a tent: everyone who comes into the tent and everyone who is in the tent shall be unclean for seven days. Every open vessel, which has no covering tied down on it, shall be unclean. Also, anyone who is in the open field touches one who has been slain with a sword or who had died naturally, or a human bone or a grave, shall be unclean for seven days. Then the unclean person shall take some of the ashes of the burnt purification from sin and flowing water shall be added to them in a vessel. A clean person shall take hyssop and dip it in the water, and sprinkle it on the tent and all the furnishings and on the persons who were there, and on the one who touched the bone or the one slain or the one dying naturally or the grave. Then the clean person shall sprinkle on the unclean on the third and on the seventh day; and on the seventh day he shall purify him from uncleanness, And he shall wash his clothes and bathe himself in water and shall be clean by evening.’

The Nazirite’s report is actually the other end of the red heifer, let me explain. As this blog progresses so the ideas change to accommodate this extra information, but one idea that I am having difficulty in changing is that of the New Jerusalem. It should have a sign; Throne of God, sinless zone even your ideas and thoughts will defile it, you are just going to have to trust Me, keep out this is a no go area even for the Revelator, John. But the Holy Spirit through Scripture says ‘No! I want these people to know where they are going to spend their eternities.’ He gives the size of the footings, dimensions of the walls and pearly gate entrances, the throne, tree, and its fruits, river, streets and houses which Jesus has gone to prepare for us! Amazing details!

We are given at least two previews while still on this earth and just about to enter the new earth; the spies come back from Canaan and God specifically warns us that when we get across He wants us to form small groups, and whilst commemorating the Last Supper we must concentrate on four topics; burnt offering, completion of vow, special and seasonal offerings. In that order. Numbers chapter 15.The spies news is very welcome; grape season up there and plenty of large grapes. They are in a sinless zone, they are non-alcoholic, they symbolise the blood of Jesus a topic which we are about to encounter in a big way in Heaven. A topic so badly misunderstood by ministers here on earth and which takes much of the shine from their presentations. ‘Without the shedding of blood there can be no remission of sins’, true but neither can you remove a wheel unless you take the wheel nuts off first. But the nut is not the wheel! But looking at the order of topics when we arrive in Heaven. Keep in mind we are still on this side of the doorway on sinful earth’s side. God is forewarning us of what we are about to encounter. The burnt offering.

After the wedding bride and bridegroom arrive in a courtyard marked out by the holiness of the cross and only to find the doorway into the sinless earth has a massive sign; No entry! Closed! Sinless area! Hearts sink, that’s it we can go no further! But what is this? The bridegroom is leaving us and walking towards that cross? It seems that He has decided to take any remaining sins and their

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consequences on Himself so that that sign can be taken off that door. He loves me so much that He is prepared to go to hell again, and that is the only place where sin can be destroyed and culminates in death, just so that He can take me to be in the presence of God forever! What love!

All eyes on Him on the Him on the DOA47 cross but the worship is more than gratitude worship, it is focused gratitude worship. Just because I sell you my car or home doesn’t mean I have sold you the memories of it as well. Jesus took my unconfessed unintentional sins but when they appear on that cross I will immediately recognise them. The gratitude is focused and it remains focused for six hours, from 9 to 3pm. At 3pm though something unusual happens; Gratitude worship turns into true worship; the burnt sacrifice and the first topic of our commemorations of what the Lord told us to happen in Heaven! They are the two parts of the cross; gratitude worship, the thank you for what you have done for me and it is the cross that then changes gratitude worship into true worship and this is what has happened with the burnt offering. And four o’clock may have come and the blood of Jesus may have been collected and some of this blood may have been applied to Jesus to bring Him back to life and He may be beckoning me now to come and join Him but you must realise that I am in a state of true worship and I can only be broken out of this state by God’s reassurance that this cross is coming across that boundary, that doorway. It is and it does and chapter fifteen told us it was going to happen and it did! But once through a quick refocus is required; the burnt offering.

Having checked our bearings and footings there seems to be something missing when we look at our first topic of study; the fulfilment of the Nazirite Vow. The decommissioning of the Nazirite. He has reported to God that His focus on earth was female lamb (ewe- lamb) male lamb when combined gave a peace offering. It did not happen in the order He wanted, He wanted to come to earth and join the living and combined to bring the dead back to Heaven with them but it happened the other way around; He joined the dead and with them He brought the living firstly to life and then back to Heaven. But the Nazirite had a plan, an order; small picture; ewe-lamb, bride, sins of bride, Mount Calvary onto big picture, male lamb, sins of His creation, DOA47 and brings along the bride as a part of that burnt offering; the peace offering or ram. All sheep. And that is where our lessons in chapter fifteen on the other side of the doorway has at flour 0.1, oil 0.25 and drink 0.25.  The lamb. But notice where they finish; flour 0.3, oil 0.5 and drink 0.5. They finish at the bull and peace offerings. What is required is the female version of the bull; the red heifer. Then the earthly sequence of stage two of the Nazirite’s vow; ewe-lamb, male lamb, peace offering will have been repeated on a Heavenly level; heifer, bull and peace offerings. It is of little wonder that these offerings in Canaan mean little as true worship when here on earth they have little or no value as gratitude worship. And we should all pray that the Holy Spirit helps us to at least begin our journey with the gratitude worship and we like Paul will be able to say, paraphrasing; the one and only thing I have to teach you is Christ crucified! Chapter 19. —-

It is not only the wonders of the New Jerusalem that the Bible tells us about but what actually makes them into wonders. Jesus Christ! It is very rare for us to come into the picture as the subject it happens as objects but in verse two we are the subject. It is we who bring forward the red heifer, symbolising Jesus Christ as our solution to all malaises and problems and he better be without blemish or defect because it is none other than God Himself Who will check him over. It was not us who worked out this plan of salvation, it was God/Christ but we get the subject because we are the very few who responded to it, so I suppose that makes us objects. He has no yoke on him and never has been subject other than perfection; God. This offering, red and blood are screaming out, must be presented by one who has the qualifications to do so. There is only one being in existence who holds these qualifications and that is Jesus Christ. Jesus must present Himself.

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He must now go outside of the camp where and let’s cut out the euphemisms He is slaughtered by us. It is slaughter because it is intentional. Explanation not proceeding very well. Supposed to be inside Canaan where there is no sin of any type allowed. Even gratitude worship became true worship on the Sabbath of DOA47 at 3pm but there was a break in our concentration on the guarantee that the cross was coming but we did refocus back on this cross immediately we got into Canaan. True worship only. I don’t think there has been a chapter yet which on revisiting did not yield more information and this is only the first time through chapter 19.

This slaughter could not be on the altar/cross inside the courtyard as it involved intentional sin; ‘that you did wilfully spit in My holy face!’ There were no intentional sins left by the DOA47 so the cross stood in the courtyard. It could not even be inside of the camp. The camp would become the city of Jerusalem. It was the presence of God Who made the tabernacle what it was and it was the tabernacle that made Jerusalem the city of God. This ceased to be so when Jesus walked out of the temple for the last time and declared that; ‘Your house is left to you desolate’ and the door slammed shut completely when that curtain tore at 3pm on GFPMC. Today many well-meaning Christian organisations support the Jew as they mistreat and slaughter Palestinians and rejoice at Jerusalem being returned as the capital city of the Jews and claim Biblical support for these claims.

The Palestinians declare themselves today to be a group of Islam and CHRISTIANS. The overwhelming majority of Jews are secular and the ones who are not are orthodox Jews. They both claim to worship the god of Abraham, they are both blasphemers. Any title of God does not include or at least imply Jesus Christ is blasphemy. You are supporting a bunch of non-believers at best but more correctly blasphemers and non-believers to slaughter Christians? The claim over Jerusalem is anti-biblical  not Biblical. Jerusalem ceased to be God’s city the moment the temple ceased to be the temple of God the moment God/Christ walked out of it. And it will remain this way until Christ walks back into it and specifically the Jewish heart. Mind you there will not be much left of the city at this stage but the earthquake will have accomplished its task; it will have destroyed the barriers that prevented the return of Jesus back into the Jewish heart! The earthquake is not just a violent physical event. It is also a spiritual event that shakes and destroys the present foundations of Jewish belief! It allows them to return to God. Jesus Christ! Most importantly though the question: How does supporting a bunch of blasphemers who are hurting Christians qualify you to call yourself a ‘born again Christian?’  We have had Palestinian neighbours for many years who go back to Palestine regularly and tell us the people there are very much like them. True Christians and a true Christian is one who shares even though he has almost nothing with one who has nothing! And there is very much of that going on over there!

It was slaughtered not on the altar/cross, not in the camp but outside of the camp. [At this stage there is an information overload. Need prayer. Trying to compare DOA47 with GFPMC the inner kernel. Both actually are on the same cross, both on Mount Calvary although one is lower level and the other much higher, one is Friday and the other Sabbath, one is the body of Christ the other the red blood and scarlet material of Jesus, one offered by high priest the other by priest, one inside the courtyard and the other outside of the camp, one is male lamb and the other ewe-lamb, one is bull and the other heifer, both offer unblemished animals with no defect, one the high priest takes the blood of the sacrifice into Heaven the other sprinkles the blood towards the tent of meeting, one involves the Most Holy Place the other the Holy Place, in one the scapegoat is pushed over the cliff the other it is burned, in one there is no blood taken from the scapegoat in the other there is, one involves the sins of the high priest the other the high priest passes the heifer to the priest, blood

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cannot be divine as it would put out the fires of hell, no record of cedar, hyssop or scarlet material being thrown into Atonement fires.******

It seems more than a coincidence that whenever I am about to comment on some difficult issue there in a lengthy computer configuration crash. It may be just a coincidence or a satanic plot. At first I thought it was divine and the Lord was preventing me from publishing a clanger. But after each crash I have published what I had intended to publish and so far, thank God there have not been any clangers. So now I publish the thoughts that came to me last night. What is the difficulty here is not the individual issues but the number of them. And the answer is Egypt.

It maybe oversimplifying it a bit to say as we walked out of our homes on earth for the last time we noted and acknowledged that the reason for us leaving was the blood on our doorframes. That was life eternal giving blood so it did not matter how long the journey would be but we would arrive at the doorway which too had this blood on it. This would ensure that when we went through this doorway to claim our inheritance it would never end. But what is this inheritance that we will claim? It may have a large plot of land with every imaginable plant and animal on it, wonderful family and friends, a city thousands of kilometres square and high with our apartments in the direct presence of God and much, much more. They are all but naught when compared to our real inheritance; true worship of the Lord God Jesus Christ! This is our true inheritance!

Immediately our time scale changes from all those millions of years to when this started. On the old earth on Sabbath the 10th of July, 486 Daniels’ time. It was a day of worship, initially gratitude worship for our being here and it started at nine. We still can’t remember when gratitude worship changed into true worship, or the burnt offering. Neither do we really remember Jesus beckoning us to come to Him and pointing to the doorway and saying, ’Look not only has the no entry sign gone but look at what is on those doorframes!’ What only broke us out of true worship phase though was when we saw Jesus attach the tag; Heaven bound! Onto the cross. But at the first possible opportunity on the other side we tried to return to true worship of Jesus. So you can see we do have an inheritance up there and we even saw that inheritance, or a part of it, being assembled in creation week but it is also important for us to see the Heavenly inheritance being assembled. But let us first gather the material before deciding this die or the left behind side. We need the big picture before we can make a call on the individual events.

Firstly let us look at some of the ‘problems’; uncleanliness of the dead. If Jesus Christ could not die within the temple on GFPMC because He would defile it and for this reason the altar/cross was not just moved out of the temple courtyard and out of the camp or city then those who went out there with Him and were associated with His death also became unclean and needed cleansing before they were allowed back into the city and into the courtyard. The God of this temple is the God of life and not of death. Whether this death be in a tent or battle or wherever it defiles God by defiling the tabernacle.

But if this is the case what about the millions of innocent animals that died within the courtyard and were then burned on the altar? There appears to be at least two types of death.  One death is a sin death. Sin breaks our relationship with God  the giver of life and as we cannot live without Him we die. The sin has to be destroyed by burning in hell and the sinner with it. As God told Adam way back in the Garden of Eden, ‘if you sin you will surely die!’ But the millions of those animal deaths, other than the scapegoat were not ‘sin deaths’ they were sin sacrifice deaths. And as this is the first time we have arrived on Mount Calvary itself we must look at them.****

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The second type of death is a death, death. ( I would like to see you pick that one apart!) It is the separation of blood from the body to the extent that death occurs. The body still retains some of its blood but the blood that is shed becomes its own entity. This was the blood of all those millions of animals that were killed within the courtyard, the sin offering. To be killed within the temple area they had to represent life. So far the only evidence we have is the extreme effort that has been made to exclude death or any defilement that could have been caused by it. We know that blood is here involved because the heifer was red and a scarlet material was thrown into the fire consuming it.

But looking from Heaven’s heights and eternity it wishes Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) was a non event. It had not happened. It was the dark side of the moon and it literally was for three hours of that day. All these wonderful people in these twelve tribes getting on so well together, well they have not always been so lovely but surely they could not have come from such extreme depths either; spitting in the face of their loving Saviour and ordering Him out of their lives and onto agonies tree! They don’tjust want these sins bundled into a cupboard and stacked in a no go zone of Heaven, they want them forgotten just like their Saviour has forgotten. This event while they were still on earth was a good way of keeping them away from sin whilst on earth and even an excellent way of attracting gratitude worship; Thank You for what You have done for me! but in the skies above where there is no sin true worship comes more spontaneously and can be triggered by the creative acts we see about us and the centre of that worship, the tree of life is still there. So this GFPMC must be pushed lower into the earth whilst at the same time lifting DOA47 higher into Heaven and closer to that doorway we are trying to get through.

I have seen two representations of the golden lampstand; one where the seven bowls form one straight line at the top ——-, all equal and one where they form an  ^ with 1,2 ,3 and 4 upwards and 5,6 and seven downwards which makes more sense to me because this allows for parallels between 1 and 7, 2 and 6 and 3 and 5 as well as establishing an order; the top cross 3,4 and five the cross of atonement, 2, 4 and six the cross on Mount Calvary and 1,4 and seven, Egypt. We maybe trying to angle GFPMC into the shadows of the moon and bring DOA47 more into light but they always remain that one piece of gold and its base is Egypt.

Comparing the bright side of the moon, DOA47 to the dark side of the moon, GFPMC. DOA48 was officiated by the high priest in the Most Holy Place GFPMC1 was officiated by  the priest, Eleazar, in the Holy Place. DOA49 the cross stood inside the courtyard, GFPMC2 the cross stood outside of the camp. DOA50 had no scapegoat as there were no intentional sins left, GFPMC3 was all about the scapegoat and being out of town. The sacrifice of DOA51 was bird or male lamb on GFPMC4 it was a red heifer. DOA52 involved divinity, the ‘sins of Jesus’, GFPMC5 involved our sins. The blood of DOA53was taken into the Most Holy Place and waved before God, on GFPMC6 it was waved back towards the front of the tent of meeting in the distance seven times. Both lots of blood that waved by the high priest before God in the Most Holy Place on DOA54 and by the priest a long way away from the tent of meeting on GFPMC7 were waved seven times. In both cases, DOA55 and GFPMC8 it was God the Father Who Handed God the Son the cup of iniquity from which they would drink. In DOA56 the blood was sprinkled after the animal had been killed but in GFPMC9 the blood was sprinkled before the animal was killed. But at verse 5; ‘Then the heifer shall be burnt in his sight;’ we have to leave DOA at DOA56 and GFPMC at GFPMC9 because we have come to a part of this story we have told many times before.

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The heifer being burned in sight is the man who has led the scapegoat to the edge of the cliff and pushed it over. He must be sure that that scapegoat, all those sins have been expunged, they are no  longer there and proof is death. ‘You will surely die’ has occurred. On that clifftop were two figures; the divinity and humanity of Jesus. We know that at least one of the members of the cross was cedar and the tumble/fall down the mountain involved the blood of God, the scarlet material whether the hyssop was blue or purple does not really matter, both contain the colour of divinity, blue. Whether it was the divinity of Jesus as symbolised as pushing humanity off the edge or burning the red heifer, it is Jesus Christ Who holds the centre stage. And Jesus Christ remained defiled until evening.

The men who came to gather the ashes, Joseph and Nicodemus were required to deposit the ashes of Jesus after Friday’s fires of hell, were  to deposit them somewhere outside of the camp but in a clean place. It wasn’t where they were being deposited it was what was symbolised that is of importance. The frame that took all those sins into the fires of hell was now a pile of ashes. Little wonder it could be used for the purification of sin! Although I can’t prove it I still think that the onus of washing the Body of Jesus lay on Joseph and Nicodemus as His body would be gone by the time the women got to Him. And we know the rest of the story how the man who was able and had led the scapegoat outside of the camp, returned, washed himself and the burnt offering could then begin. But what are we really looking at? GFPMC9 was supposed to be sin offering, the blood of Christ, life and life giving, keep those dead away from here at all costs!

The cleansing that is required follows that of Jesus Christ. He was cleansed after three days in the grave to begin His Heavenly stage one on Resurrection Sunday and He was cleansed after seven days when He took on all the remaining sins of His creation to begin phase two of His Nazirite’s vow .  DOA56.

Verses 20-22; ‘But the man who is unclean and does not purify himself from uncleanness, that person shall be cut off from the midst of the assembly, because he has defiled the sanctuary of the Lord; for the water for the impurity has not been sprinkled on him, he is unclean. So it shall be a perpetual statute for them. And he who sprinkles the water for impurity shall wash his clothes, and he who touches the water for impurity shall be unclean until evening. Furthermore, anything that the unclean person touches shall be unclean; and the person who touches it shall be unclean until evening.’

In chapter 19 of the ordinance of the red heifer much was made of uncleanliness and defilement, between the living and the dead. But it seems much too late to be of relevance for us crossing through the doorway. It has been some 1,477 days since the last sin of any sort disappeared. The beast within is not only dead but every last piece of it has been surgically extracted and we are well outside of the evening required for any uncleanliness to be removed, 1,477 of them. So what is really coming across? Are all those sins staying because they were washed by the water of purification that came in contact with the ashes of the red heifer? Was that final sprinkling with cedar wood, hyssop and scarlet material and their divine implications are what are coming? Is that red heifer that was not allowed into the tent of meeting but could only have its blood sprinkled towards the tent of meeting now going to form the biases of the Passover service of eternity as each year rolls into the next on the 14th of January. Will it be Eleazar or Aaron or Moses who will take the service? Where is that water from the river in front of the throne coming into play?

Much has been said about the scapegoat, but what about the service before it and without which the scapegoat could not have even taken place?  **** But at least we have something we can return to. We have blood being waved seven times before the service starts. We couldn’t have it waved after the death as is usual with every other of the sacrifices because every part of the red heifer was

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burned; hide, flesh, blood, refuse. The suffering and death that Jesus took for us on GFPMC was a full on death. There were no parts excluded including the blood. The blood had to be human blood as divine blood would have put out the fires of hell. Therein lies the definition, the history and the mystery of Christianity. It is revealed to us by God Himself and it is revealed to us through His only Begotten Son. Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man. Both have to come across the doorway and we still have many revisits to chapter 19 before we can begin to grasp how this red heifer fits in.

Chapter 20 The Death of Miriam.

Verses 1-29; ‘Then the sons of Israel , the whole congregation, came to the wilderness of Zin in the first month; and the people stayed at Kadesh, Now Miriam died there and was buried  there.

There was no water for the congregation, and they assembled themselves against Moses and Aaron. The people thus contented with Moses and spoke, saying, “ If only we had perished when our brothers perished before the Lord! Why then have you brought the Lord’s assembly into this wilderness, for us and our beasts to die here? Why have you made us come up from Egypt, to  bring us into this wretched place? It is not a place of grain or figs or vines or pomegranates, not is there water to drink.” Then Moses and Aaron came inform the presence of the assembly to the doorway of the tent of meeting and fell on their faces. Then the glory of the Lord appeared to them; and the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, [ The Water of Meribah] “ Take the rod; and you and your brother Aaron assemble the congregation and speak to the rock before their eyes, that it may yield its water. You shall bring forth water from out of the rock and let the congregation and their beasts drink.” So Moses took the rod from before the Lord, just as He had commanded him; and Moses and Aaron gathered the assembly before the rock. And he said to them, “Listen now, you rebels; shall we bring forth water for you out of this rock?” Then Moses lifted up his hand and struck the rock twice with his rod; and water came forth abundantly, and the congregation and their beasts drank. But the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “Because you have not believed Me, to treat Me as holy in the sight of the sons of Israel, therefore you shall not bring this assembly into the land which I have given them.” Those were the waters of Meribah, because the sons of Israel contended with the Lord, and He proved Himself holy among them.

From Kadesh Moses then sent messages to the king of Edom: “ Thus your brother Israel has said, ‘You know all the hardship that has befallen us; that our fathers went down to Egypt, and we stayed in Egypt a long time, and the Egyptians treated us and our fathers badly. But when we cried out to the Lord, He heard our voice and sent an angel and brought us out of Egypt; now behold we at Kadesh, a town on the edge of your territory. Please let us pass through your land. We will not pass through field or through vineyard; we will not even drink water from a well. We will go along the king’s highway, not turning to the right or left, until we pass through your territory,”

Edom, however, said to him,” You shall not pass through us, or I will come with the sword against you.” Gain the sons of Israel said to him, “We will go up by the highway, and if I and my livestock do drink any of your water, then I will pay its price. Let me only pass through on my feet, nothing else.” But he said, “You shall not pass through.” And Edom came out against him with a heavy force and with a strong hand. Thus Edom refused to allow Israel to pass through his territory; so Israel turned away from him. Now they set out from Kadesh, the sons of Israel, the whole congregation, came to Mount Hor. [Death of Aaron]

Then the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron at Mount Hor by the border of the land of Edom, saying, “ Aaron will be gathered by his people; for he shall not enter the land which I gave given the sons of

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Israel, because you rebelled against My command at the waters of Meribah. Take Aaron and his son Eleazar  and bring them up to Mount Hor; and strip Aaron of his garments and put them on his son Eleazar. So Aaron will be gathered to his people, and will die there.” So Moses did just as the Lord had commanded, and they all went up to Mount Hor in the sight of all the congregation. After Moses had stripped Aaron of his garments and put them on his son Eleazar, Aaron died there on the mountain top. Then Moses and Eleazar came down from the mountain. When all the congregation saw that Aaron had died, all the house of Israel wept for Aaron for thirty days.’

Chapter 19, the golden calf followed chapter 18 and even now I can’t relate them in any significant manner and neither can I relate chapter 20 with the deaths of Aaron and Miriam and the bitter waters  of Meribah to chapter 21 and the reason we are in the Book of Numbers in the first place, Moses’ bronze snake in the desert. The temptation is just to give my slant on it and tell God where He was being unreasonable, and that is exactly what satan wants me do and make this blog/ministry meaningless. He does this continuously and with great success. You see he is the master real estate agent. Not that all real estate agents are members of his tribe, it is quite a diverse mob but real estate agents do their bit in maintaining satanic standards.

Satan works on the one-seven rule. Every property he purchases he tears down the building on it and puts seven back in its place. He drives out the residing devil and brings back seven to replace him. It is wrong for him to put parishioners and worshipers money into a real estate portfolio, But I can’t think of any ‘church’ that doesn’t do ****that except for the home churches. But if he wants the place empty then why not just order the residing devil out or even just bring in another six? He does order them out but they just won’t leave neither will they accept multiple occupancy. That leaves him with only one option; allow Christianity into that person’s life but only to the level that once that demon has gone the foundations of that faith can be easily removed. And that is what he does.

He has organisations that do that very well. They use the beauty of Jesus Christ to attract followers which accomplishes stage one. Jesus drives out any residing evil spirits and a desire to want to know Him better especially through His Word enters that person. To kill that desire he must sow seeds of doubt in the Word of God and in most cases just bringing up an old earth or evolution will do that. If the seeds of faith have been sown on more fertile ground, the devil did not have a very good footing at all it will a further stage; laughing at Jesus on the cross. The last time I attended my daughter’s church, Sutherland Shire that is exactly what happened. Satan’s preacher, Andy Kubula (??) had them on the floor in stiches, the only thing wrong with that was the sermon on the day was; Calvary. If that doesn’t work then there is still a higher level of blasphemy that will destroy Christian foundation and allow satan to build his seven flats. I cannot judge whether the Swaggart and other Christian ministries are using it intentionally or not, nonetheless they are using it.

Satan only uses this technique for the deep seeded faiths, the ones where the fiercest of hurricanes cannot shake them off their Bible foundations. This deep faith can only be rooted in the cross of Jesus Christ. It is their main aim to bring worshippers to the cross and it makes efforts like mine look very ordinary indeed! But what do they do with these Christians of such deep faith? They train them to sing demonic chants! I have used this example before and I use it again; First coming, Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). Many walk by jeering, sneering, spitting, laughing, mocking, taunting Jesus Christ hanging on the cross. He has been put there by the Jews, forget spiritual implications, who used the power of the ruling empire to achieve their sinful lusts. Those doing the mocking are;

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  • Born again Christians.
  • People who had no idea what they were doing, they just did not understand.
  • Demons or demon possessed beings?

Scripture covers two of these alternatives. Jesus saw those who did not know what they were going and asked the Father to forgive them. They get a special mention at the second coming, even those who pierced Him are there. We also know that by gloating at the cross satan closed the door of mercy on himself and was totally kicked out of Heaven. I do not have enough mastery of the English language to attempt born again Christians. I have to pass this one over to the evolutionary biologists and cosmologists as these are the experts of making sense out of nonsense.

Now the second coming of our Lord. A bunch of blaspheming atheists, the Jews are slaughtering and persecuting a group of Christians, Palestinians, under the umbrella of the ruling superpower, USA and the onlookers are jeering and sneering and gloating at the misfortunes of these poor people. Those doing the gloating and approving these tyrannical actions are;

  • Born again Christians
  • People who have no idea what is going on
  • Demons or demon possessed being?

I will leave it to Jimmy Swaggart as to why they are born again Christians. Even trying to address the issue sarcastically leads to absurdities. There are times we have to concede the argument. When the president of Afghanistan was recently elected and he scored 100% of the vote in all the 300 closed polling stations you have to concede; the man is popular! Christianity does not allow any wars and gloating even at your enemies is a very serious sin. Genuine prayer for enemies is the Christian antidote. They want the USA to get rid of its whimp image by invading and destroying anything that can be invaded!! Talk about war mongers! No wonder success to them is to produce more ‘born again Christians’.   Why did satan gloat at Jesus on the cross and when His followers were being killed? Why does he entice people to gloat with him? Because he is satan. Most of the congregation do not know what they do, but the same cannot be said about the ringleaders, they are either demons or highly demon possessed. They are aware of the punishment which will be metered out and the hurt they cause to Jesus when they get the unsuspecting to join in. They are so hurtful because of the level of knowledge about the cross to which they have been brought.

That only came up because we all expected to check whether we are in a satanic religion only there to turn you away from Jesus, away from; ‘it is written’. And that is exactly what this blog would become the moment I changed, ‘it is written’ to ‘as I think it should be written’. The honest thing to do would be to admit, ‘I don’t know’ but in writing a commentary on the Book of Revelation that is about all most can say. I should say this about chapters 19 and 20 and move on. But if these are foundational chapters, as all should be, there would not be much point of moving on, just more, ‘I don’t knows’. It is the first time through 20 and the first revisit of chapter 19.

It appears that the point at which we are in in Heaven is the change from the earthly Aaronic/Levitical priesthood into the Heavenly priest of eternity; the order of Melchizedek. There are just two more problems that need sorting out; the sin problem and the bitter water with it.  In chapter 19 there should be three players; God the Father, Aaron as high priest of the

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earthly and therefore of the bride and Moses as a type of Jesus Christ, the intermediator between God and Aaron. This immediately introduces a major problem. As Jesus Christ has never made a mistake, is not capable of making a mistake and therefore never will make a mistake we must treat Moses in a similar way. Like, he could not have mistaken God’s command to talk to the rock for striking the rock. A mistake like this would certainly be beyond Jesus.****

It has become a part of my resolve to move on even though the concepts appear to be blasphemous providing I am standing on, ‘it is written’. I am aware that satan also uses ‘it is written’ and producers blasphemies and clangers. He wants us in his portfolio; one for seven. The seven are not disobedient like that one they replaced, they are compliant. It not blasphemous of me to peek in through the doorway of the new earth or even the Holiest of Holies; the New Jerusalem. ‘It is written’ allows me to do so. What did not actually seem right, although certainly not wrong, was to spend so much time trying to work out how God looks and works; in a tiny covered room, in a tiny box, massive curtains, lampstand, basins, altars, show bread, any number of animal sacrifices and offerings when there is no need any longer because God has revealed Himself through His Son Jesus Christ! Surely that is all we need, there can be no more! But it is this God, Jesus Christ Who has sent me back into the desert to study what happened there and use it as a foundation of earth for looking up into the Heavenly realms; the Old Testament. It is a must according to Jesus Christ! It is the earthly focus into Heaven.

Because the light being emitted by God’s revelation of Himself is so intense we try to break it up into smaller components; the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ or His body, blood and water or history of Old and New testaments. Even after we have studied the beauty of some of the components like water, blood and body we know that when they are finally re-joined in Heaven their effect will be more than cumulative, it will be synergistically so, many times more beautiful than any of the individual components. Thus the struggle returns. Crossing over into a sinless area where there is no sin, no concept of sin, no possibility of sin from an area where all these existed and thrived! It is going to be taking the Nazirite’s job sheet and crossing out male lamb as burnt sacrifice and replacing it with bull as burnt sacrifice and ewe-lamb as sin offering with red heifer as sin offering and taking the bovine equivalents across the doorway into the new Heavens and not taking the bases across with us; sin. How can you transfer a building without its foundations?  But that is maybe what are doing. We are transferring the temple but we are going to put it on a different foundation.

But isn’t the golden lampstand telling us it is the same foundation as the bottom cross? Egypt? In both cases aren’t God’s people passing through a doorway with the blood of the lamb on its doorframes to collect their inheritance? But no sin is mentioned. As we proceed there must be a change in symbolism. The first one is fires, hell’s fires. Earth’s fires are associated with light, heat, pain, death and destruction. They usually leave a pile of ashes. Hell’s fires consume evil and leave no ashes behind. They consume life, convert it into death and leave nothing behind. God told Adam, ‘If you sin you will surely die!’ We do not understand the chemistry of hell’s fires like those of this earth but we know that hell’s fires will only be extinguished when the evil within, the sin has been consumed. To say they burn forever and ever is one of satan’s major lies and as saying, ‘evil can never be destroyed!’ It can, it may take Jesus two attempts to do so but He will destroy evil. We are all given that choice; do we want Jesus to take our sins to hell for us or do we want to do this ourselves? That choice is ours but what is not our choice is that evil will ultimately be destroyed. The bride has chosen Jesus to do this in her place.

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There maybe many events that have occurred and many more to occur. GFPE gone, DOA47 still to come, a very ‘fancy’ example of how the Nazirite’s ewe-lamb is now going to be dressed up as a red heifer and presented to Heaven ‘without sin’. All this is wonderful but the revelation that God gave of Himself was that through His only Begotten Son and that was on Resurrection Sunday when Jesus presented Himself to God in Heaven to ask if His GFPMC was indeed perfect. Only when God answered, “YES” was Jesus prepared to allow contact with earthly objects. It was here that God revealed Himself; perfection through perfection. Events before pointed to it and events after back to it. But unless I understand that the main event, the bullseye, is GFPMC all the darts are aimless. Still can’t see this so I am going to return to the red heifer knowing that the ashes of this burnt heifer in verse 9 are going to be as water to remove impurity; it is purification from sin.

I will list my problems and then try to answer them. Why did Nicodemus and Joseph become unclean when carrying the body of Christ to His grave? Wasn’t it a sinless body then as it was the ashes from the fires on Mount Calvary and fires of hell destroy all sin? The blood and water than flowed from the side of Jesus at 4pm on GFPMC has just been in hell, well they survived on GFPMC but in the red heifer they were destroyed? Would a correct analogy be that the water in a river washes rocks before it into a certain area so the water in the blood of Jesus washed sins in front of it into an area where Jesus could pick them up and take them to hell with Him then the blood restored life to the lifeless area? Why didn’t Moses or Aaron conduct the red Heifer service? Was the red heifer the Heavenly dress up of the scapegoat of the Day of Atonement (DOA47)? Red heifer was slaughtered by?

It is the people who bring this, (going to finish up in the new Heaven) heifer to Moses and Aaron. It must be there for a purpose, all sacrifices are. They must know that because it is done so rarely, it is a treasure, rare, uncommon. Just as the commemoration of the Last Supper should be to Christians today. We are not told whether they laid their hands on it and confessed their sins as they did in the DOA47, but this occurred every year on 10th of July. No this red heifer was special and pointed to that one and only event, Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). It included all the sins of the bride and was a one and only event. It was given to Aaron and Moses but passed onto Eleazar. It was not the DOA47 so it was not the job for the high priest. Can’t remember if Moses conducted any service, but a different line of priesthood. Eleazar was given the task. In the Heavens above this work is only regarded as having to be performed by a priest and therefore a lower order than those performed by the high priest. ****

I really do find it important to keep refocusing. I have never seen this material presented in this way, it is novel to me. To be looking up into a sinless zone is actually meaningless, but then again looking down from this sinless zone to where we came from is also going to be meaningless. No matter, all that matters is that ‘Jesus did’ or ‘Jesus will do’. Even though that settles all problems for a Christian, we have been made in His image and we do have His breath so we should at least to a small degree be able to understand what and why He is doing and that is the role of His Holy Spirit. It is His Spirit that has told us in chapter 15:2; ‘Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them, “When you enter the land where you are to live, which I am giving you,”’ Paraphrasing, ‘You are all standing around bunched in front of this doorway, prepare yourselves now a little bit for the shock you are going to receive when you cross through that door. Four things; When you are there standing like stunned mullet on arrival automatically reach out for the burnt offering. It still should be very fresh in your mind and being a sinless mind its memory will not fail you. You

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can see the cross now and it is coming with you. This cross is where gratitude worship becomes true worship. What You have done for me becomes why You did it for me.’

Having focused on the burnt offering of DOA47 we are now expected to recall the special vow. There is only really one special vow and that is the Nazirite’s special vow. Hasn’t this finished? Hasn’t the Nazirite been decommissioned? Well He certainly has finished phase one of His vow; the sin phase. As all people from Adam and Eve have been invited into the kingdom and there DOA48 covered all sins for almost 8,000 years, but that part of the service finished at 3pm of DOA48 and only then the sinless stage or the burnt offering began and ended at 4pm with the gathering of all the blood of Jesus Christ. But how long did phase two, the sinless stage of the Nazirite’s vow last for? Was it for 1,260 days or shorter or even longer and this is what we are calling on it now? If this vow could not finish the next day because the sinless hair of Jesus had not grown long enough to be placed at the foot of the cross then doesn’t that make Jesus Christ the limiting factor? Had His hair grown faster He would have been able to finish stage two of His Nazirite’s vow sooner? NO!

Jesus Christ can never be the limiting factor. The limiting factor was the bride. For 1,260 days there was no point doing anything. She wouldn’t and couldn’t respond. If the first church of Jesus Christ needed 1,260 days to prepare it for a 4,000 year journey then how much preparation is this church going to require for an eternal trip? By day 1,260 the bride notices someone doing something at the foot of the cross that she has been so enthralled with over this time and the offerings begin of chapter–. So basically chapter 15 has been; lamb, heifer burnt offering move onto Nazirite/ram of special vow and once Jesus agrees to extend His vow we then present Him as our top offering; bull, vow and peace. Our freewill offering. This then should stand us in good stand for the offering of appointed times; Passover as each Heavenly ticks over into the next! I can see why the dating of GFPE begins at 01/01/01 as there are only going to be a distinct number of years left. But Heaven beginning at 01/01/01? If so I will look forward to 14th of January, 7,777,776 rolling into all sevens. 14/01/ 7,777,777.  Will Heaven mark this event or will it only mark seventy seven lots of seven?

If the above events are roughly right then our Heavenly red heifer goes back as surprisingly long period of time; GFPMC10 even in a downgraded form. It maybe a place of indescribable beauty but it has not forgotten where it all came; the human being called Jesus Christ hung on a cross on Good Friday on Mount Calvary between the hours of nine to three. Before that suffering started His divinity took some of His blood and sprinkled it in the direction of Heaven’s tent of meeting asking for mercy and acceptance of what was about to happen to this blood and the body that bore it. It was burned in sight of the priest. Every last bit of it. This was not some faked death, it was the real thing. Hell’s fires, burning, suffering death! It was the man who was able who pushed that scapegoat over the cliff and it is this man who slaughters the heifer, lights the fire and pushes the heifer in. He also adds the cedar wood of the cross and royal colours of divinity into those flames. They did engulf the throne in Heaven! It was a really dirty affair that was being dealt with there and the priest in charge had to go and wash and bathe but still remained unclean until evening when the new day began in God’s calendar.

The one (s) who picked up the ashes, Nicodemus and Joseph were clean when they went out to pick up the ashes, the body of Jesus Christ which had just been to hell. It could not have been any cleaner yet they came back defiled even though they had placed the body in a clean place. What that body of Jesus went through is a matter of conjecture. It varies from my version that if

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that cup of iniquity had one more drop to drink Jesus could not have done it. He would have fallen over one drop short. Pastors like Jimmy Swaggart interpret the loud cry as Jesus still had plenty to spare in the tank and probably one walk around the park would have cleared His system and it wasn’t as big a drama as Jesus thought it was going to be! One should take great care before contradicting pastors of the calibre of Swaggart with the lines of communication he has with the Heavenly realms. The Holy Spirit and talking in tongues are on tap! He reasons if the early church could do it why can’t we? Big difference Jimmy, they sold their homes and shared the proceeds today they just rob you of your home! Sound familiar? It must be quite difficult to find time to disseminate the information coming down! You would think with all these revelations that somewhere there would be a tiny voice saying, ‘Don’t take the money from the poor! Rough it up with only six new mercs’ and a million dollars a year! You don’t really need that holiday or Maserati! To these people it is a matter of life and death but you already have enough to buy your tea bag for the billy in the fire tonight!

The crying shame is that this ministry has such potential but not whilst satan is holding the reins. What a heart-warming testimonial with that pastor who was a missionary all those years in Peru (I think) How on $200 a week his family and a large Peruvian struggled through hardships. As I watched Jimmy Swaggart’s eyes swelling I thought, ‘oh no, any time now a big mea culpa about to erupt!’  But no, Jimmy was thinking more along the lines, ‘Those mongrels should have given me at least $20 out of that $200. That is what the Bible teaches, they are thieves! Imagine the investments I could have made for them! What I could have done if it wasn’t for thieves like that! So much real estate potential being left untapped! People don’t realise how difficult it is living on $20,000 a week and only six new Benzes in the garage! Satan is not going let this servant go easily and probably won’t until he has a better replacement. You have to keep in mind that many a paedophile priest and pastor have preached wonderful sermons and all this proves is that satan is a wonderful tailor. He can fit a lamb’s skin to a wolf almost perfectly. The only reason the Bible will let you down is if you let it do so. Whether the One within those pages is a genie in a bottle is determined by how much trust you have in Him. And unfortunately, by definition, that means that everything He does or allows to happen to you must be good for you. He is pure love. In the meantime don’t dance to their demonic calls!

The body/ashes that Joseph and Nicodemus carried that afternoon on GFPMC was indeed sinless, the ashes were water for the purification from sin. They did not have to have water added to them, they were symbols of removing impurity. Verse 9 allows us to use the words water and ashes synonymously.  The water carries the boulders of sin in front of it leaving the area clean and capable of having life eternal restored to it. But this body of the red heifer, the body of Jesus Christ at 4pm on GFPMC has only accomplished one of its roles; It has taken all the sins of the bride into hell. It itself was perfect and therefore not be consumed but the sins that were on it were consumed.

It other role still remains; it still has to take any remaining sin that it left after the fires of hell have gone out onto itself and take them to hell and suffer and die; DOA48. It is only at 3pm on the DOA48 that it will be forever free from sin. If Nicodemus and Joseph have to carry it up there they too will remain clean, not defiled. If we look down from our new tent of meeting and ask our Lord what is this sin concept down there? He will only have to answer, ‘You don’t have to worry about that. That is from where I brought you from’. We don’t see what He has done but we see why He did it for us; the dimensions of love are defined!   *****

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As with most chapters so far not much has been gleaned on a first run, I don’t expect anything different with chapter 20. The problem so far has been there has been very little on water but there is a river emanating from the throne in Heaven. It performs all the things that water performs on earth and it needs to be incorporated there even from earth. Being such a broad subject, with prayer we should be able to build up a bigger picture. The connection between ash and water is first established with the red heifer where only the ashes survived the fires but by the Holy Spirit were related to cleansing waters but under the priesthood of Judah, Jesus Christ survived bodily on GFPMC as did the blood and water survive the fires of hell. Ash and water are intertwined with the blood still to come.

Chapter 20 tells us two stories. The Israelites bouncing along the bottom of their journey to the Promised Land but it also tells the story of salvation. It was to here, actually chapter 21, that Jesus sent Nicodemus to find the source of salvation; Moses’ bronze snake in the desert. The Jews may have been bouncing along the bottom up to now, but now they hit the bottom. They hate the place; this wretched place! They were promised milk and honey but they got nothing and that includes water. Now to top it all off they are going to die of thirst in the boiling desert! How many Christians have been here, are here now or are soon going to be here? Accept Jesus Christ! Become a Christian! Travel to the land of milk and honey in an aura of love of Heavenly hosts! It has been nothing like that pretty well from the word go. Most of these so called ‘Christians’ around me you wouldn’t give two bob for and bouncing along the bottom has certainly been no fun! Well I have just received the knock out blow and I want out! Can’t say I haven’t given it a fair go, because I have!

The Lord brought the Jews like He brings us all to this position for a reason. It is beautifully written up in the Book of Job but it also should be the book of Julius or Alicia or John or Mary or any other name. He brings us to the bottom of this pit to see whether we will try to climb out ourselves or just sit and put our hand up for His help. He must develop trust in Him, we must develop faith in Him. He cannot possibly allow another rebellion in Heaven, regardless in how long a timeframe. Sieving is a very painful process and it is happening to the Jews now just like it will happen in every Christian life. Back to the waters of Meribah.

There are two situations rolling alongside each other here. The literal water is that in the body of Jesus Christ Who has just been to hell and has been hanging on the cross from 3 to 4pm on GFPMC when a Roman spear opens up His side to release both water and blood. At the same time we have the Heavenly red heifer running where the body of Christ is thrown into a literal fire and burnt to ashes. No blood or water can survive this hell but we are allowed to treat the ashes synonymously with water and use them for cleansing like water. And that is all the water has been used to do up to now; cleanse, remove defilement, purification from sin. But Meribah introduces an extra component; bitterness and sweetness; ability to give life, which a very much a part of sin and forgiveness of sin. The rock at Meribah not only produced water but water in abundance that the congregation and their beasts drank. It was sweet water.

The issue is how is this water going to be produced? God’s preferred method was for Moses and Aaron to SPEAK to the rock but there was also a more distasteful way; to strike the rock with the rod of life. ‘Speaking’ was the preferred way as it had already happened and was soon to happen again. Jesus had spoken over a six day period and not just all the water in the universe appeared but the whole universe had appeared. He will speak the word and it will disappear and He will speak the Word and a second universe will appear over a six day period. That part of creating life

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and life giving waters was easy and rewarding to Jesus. He created Adam and Eve and they in turn were to be the source of life and fill the earth. Being forced to create life is a different story.

Just Aaron’s rod was a little example. God was forced to prove His presence by creating life in just one of the rods in front of Him and now this rod is again is being used to force God to create sweet life giving water. This is plan B for God. Plan A for God was populating the earth by Adam and Eve in a sinless world but plan B was doing this in a sinning world. It was not God’s preferred way because it involved death but it was forced upon Him. Miriam, Aaron and Moses died. None of them saw the promised land, Canaan.

When Adam and Eve sinned way back in the Garden of Eden there wasn’t a shocked silence for a while and then a scurry to assemble the Heavenly Councils to work out a response; Nazirite, sounds promising, Galilean, not quite as good, drown the whole thing in Heavenly love? Amnesia, just forget it! No none of the above, Nazirite only sounded promising because all the details had not been worked out! Plan B was already there and cut in the moment they both fell. It would restore the former glory and much more; there would be no option of sin.

Plan B was to allow the original plan A to run but support it until repairs could be made, withdraw the repair structure and allow the new plan A to run for eternity, defect free. The number of issues raised in chapter 20 is large indeed and I would try to spread them out for a number of weeks except our next chapter has the bronze serpent and our destination of coming here. The latest issue to pop up is whether phase two of the Nazirite is indeed the restoration of the priesthood of eternity; Melchizedek, and if so then was it by the Word or by tapping the rod?

Redrawing the time lines first that of the eternal priest Melchizedek, from before creation and into the eternities future. Using 01/01/01 as starting date for the earth but keeping in mind the real 01/01/01 is GFPE. Adam and Eve created 06/01/01 and place into the Garden of Eden. Korah’s rebellion in Heaven, unknown date. Adam and Eve sin and are thrown out of the garden. Date unknown but I have made a case for about 38 years so say 01/01/38. Immediately the sacrificial system cuts in; God kills two goats (?) as in DOA48, one to cover Adam’s intentional sin and the other to cover Eve’s unintentional sin. God announces plan for recovery; Eve’s seed will crush satan’s head but satan will bruise His heel. (Date accurately set by Daniel) Time proceeds until Noah’s worldwide flood. Old plan destroyed, man trying to get right with God and replaced by God’s plan, Melchizedek comes to live on earth. Stays on earth until God moves into the Most Holy Place in Sinai desert. Sacrificial system is formalised. (I have been working on a date of about 5,150 years since creation and with 1,260 years from GFPE to GFPMC.) In a rather bumpy ride the Jews ride on until GFPMC with three and a half years off it when God reveals Himself through the presence of His Son, Jesus Christ who returns to Heaven forty days after His resurrection. He is replaced by His Holy Spirit. He returns approx. 2,000 years to take all His own back with Him but the Holy Spirit remains for the 1,260 years of grace and mercy until the third coming when the door of mercy closes. Even then the Holy Spirit does not return to Heaven but waits for Daniel’s 7*70 years to be completed. It is only when the ten foolish virgins  reject Jesus’ offer to take their place in Heaven when the Holy Spirit finally returns to Heaven where He has been eagerly sought for 1,800 odd years. He is the fine linen and without Him there could be no wedding. Almost immediately the wedding takes place and they ride off to the promised land but many things have to happen before they are let into the new earth and Heavens. The first one is that this old earth must be destroyed and it can’t be destroyed whilst there is even the tiniest drop of blood from GFPMC left here. (Ans; DOA49). Every last trace of sin must be

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punished and destroyed. (Ans; DOA50). The saints must be taught to focus on not what the bridegroom has done for them but why He has done it (Ans: DOA51). There has to be some sort of final step that we step from and across to the new earth. (Ans; DOA52)

We are in the desert where Aaron has died but his priesthood of animal sacrifices continued on until GFPMC and should not have stopped there because the DOA52 is still to come. But this problem is addressed on both sides of the doorway to the tent of the new earth. On this side as we watch the 9 to 3 pm time slot we see what Jesus has done but 3 to 4 we see why He did it for us; the burnt offering. We are standing on the red heifer on Mount Calvary. On the other side the first thing we are told to do is to look at the burnt offering. Again we are standing on the red heifer. DOA52 and GFPMC are two parts of the same event. Animal sacrifices ceased on GFPMC.

The next thing that God told us to do when we cross over is to look at this Nazirite’s vow. If these waters of Meribah are the decommissioning of the Aaronic and Melchizedek then we have not been so thirsty for so long that instead of looking for water in a well we are looking for water in a rock. Thirst straight away rules us out of Heaven’s side of the doorway. Even on this side we have spent the last 2,000 odd years in Heaven so thirst could not have been an issue. These are spiritual truths that are being dealt with. ****

Before we even move through the doorway onto the new earth God tells us we will be making five different offerings; burnt, vow, freewill, appointed times and seasonal offerings. God’s command. In the red heifer the Nazirite played a major role which was upgraded on earth from ewe-lamb to red heifer in the new Heavens. This would leave the Nazirite and His vow to be upgraded to one possibility is phase two the sinless phase forever. Beginning on the 10th of July, 486 on earth but going on forever. The sinless phase thus becomes eternity; the priesthood of eternity is that of Melchizedek and this is instigated by us speaking to the rock and not tapping it, especially twice! God condescends and it seems that we add an extra request; ‘Please don’t ever leave us or allow us to leave You!’ There is no evil around to reply but there is an assurance from the king of Edom that we will never enter his land. And Jesus has already anointed the cross with His hair in preparation just for this event!

All this may or may not be so and like any Scripture cannot stand unless it is on the same ground and around Calvary’s tree. This is proving easier said than done. And many Christians do not realise today that the same cross that stood on Good Friday on Mount Calvary on the 14th of January nearly 2,000 years ago will also stand on Mount Calvary on Saturday, the 10th of July in Daniels year of 486 with the same figure on it albeit on a different elevation. The Day of Atonement. (DOA48), 1,900 years time.  Friday, GFPMC, was on planet earth, Saturday, DOA48 is on the border into Heaven and Resurrection Sunday is in Heaven itself!

If the Nazirite’s  phase two ministry coincides with the Priesthood of eternity of Melchizedek then the ministry of Jesus Christ must finish on the same day. The ministry of Jesus that has a genealogy, parents and a birthday and a deathday. Jesus met all these conditions. Does that give Melchizedek a birthday? No, just a continuation of His ministry from. There is certainly an interruption there; from eternities past to presence of God entering the temple and then from 4pm of DOA49 onto eternity.

Was the death of Aaron the death of the Aaronic priesthood? The birth of his priesthood was the result of God’s hand being forced, He did not want this to happen but the forcing of God’s hand in the Garden of Eden has resulted in death. This would not have happened had Adam and Eve

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obeyed God. And history repeats itself when Moses and Aaron again force the hand of God, both die without entering Canaan. It is momentarily transferred from father to son but it will soon die. At 3pm on GFPMC there is no need for priest to kill that Passover lamb; the real Passover lamb just dies outside of the city! Many a time I jump to conclusions prematurely as could well be with Swaggart. If I now recheck his legal proceedings that I read on the net are wrong, as 90% of the material is then clearly an apology is forthcoming. (main one the jury decision one. If this is still correct then my original analysis stands; you don’t get in the way of a Jimmy Swaggart paytrain!)

One idea that I have very much hardened on is the curtain that tore in the temple at 3pm on GFPMC. If it were the inner curtain it would become a non -event. A cataclysmic event turned into zero. Only the priest inside of the tent of meeting would have seen it, lied like they did about the body of Jesus and nothing would have changed. But the outside curtain? Well that would be different matter and what our Levitical training was all about. It was a Jubilee Sabbath and their second holiest of days. Courtyard chocker block full, standing room only. The curtain tears, top to bottom! I can’t be struck down by God because I saw inside the tent of meeting I was just happening to be looking that way because of the significance of the event taking place. GFPE but that is not all. GFPE was 01/01/01 but we are on 14/01/?? There is an extra significance. Must look away as a second look could quite easily result in me being struck down by God. But then the lamb that was going to be killed runs away! A topic of discussion? Rather! Kicked under the carpet with lies? With great difficulty! How the priests wish it had been the inner curtain!    Chapter 21 Arad Conquered and the Bronze Serpent.

Verses 1- ; ‘ When the Canaanite, the king of Arad, who lived in the Negev, heard that Israel was coming by the way of Atharim, Then he fought against Israel and took some of them captive. So Israel made a vow to the Lord and said, “ If You will indeed deliver this people into my hand, then I will utterly destroy their cities.” The Lord heard the voice of Israel and delivered up the Canaanites; then they utterly destroyed them and their cities. Thus the name of the place was Hormah. Then they set out for Mount Hor by the way of the Red Sea, to go around the land of Edom; and the people became impatient because of the journey. The people spoke against God and Moses, “ Why have you brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? Or there is no food and no water, and we loathe this miserable food.”

The Lord sent fiery serpents among the people and they bit the people, so that many people of Israel died. So the people came to Moses and said, “We have sinned, because we have spoken against you and the Lord; intercede with the Lord, that He may remove the serpents from us.” And Moses interceded for the people. Then the Lord said to Moses, “Make a fiery serpent, and set it on a standard; and it shall come about, that everyone who is bitten, when he looks at it, he will live.” And Moses made a bronze serpent and set it on the standard; and it came about, that if a serpent bit any man, when he looked to the bronze serpent, he lived.

Now the sons of Israel moved out and camped in Oboth. They journeyed from Oboth and camped at Iye-abarim, in the wilderness which is opposite Moab, to the east. From there they set out and camped in Wadi Zered. From there they journeyed and camped on the other side of Arnon, which is in the wilderness that comes out of border of the Armorites, for the Arnon is the border of Moab, between Moab and the Armorites. Therefore it is said in the Book of the Wars of the Lord, “Waheb in Suphah, And the wadis of the Arnon, and the slope of the wadis That extends to the site of Ar, and leans to the border of Moab.” From there they continued to Beer,

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that is the well where the Lord said to Moses, “ Assemble the people, people that I may give them water.” Then Israel sang this song: “Spring up, O well, Sing to it! The well, Which the leaders sank, Which the nobles of the people dug, With the sceptre and with their staffs.” And from the wilderness they continued to Mattanah, and from Mattanah to Nahallel and from Nahallel to Bamoth, and from Bamoth to the valley that is in the land of Moab, at the top of Pisgah which overlooks the wasteland.

TWO VICTORIES. Then Israel sent messengers to Sihon, king of the Armorites, saying, “Let me pass through your land. We will not turn off into field or vineyard; we will not drink water from wells. We will go by the king’s highway until we have passed through your border”. But Sihon would not permit Israel to pass through his border. So Sihon gathered all his people and went out against Israel in the wilderness, and came to Jahaz and fought against Israel. Then Israel struck him with the edge of the sword, and took possession of his land from the Arnon to the Jabbok, as far as the sons of Ammon; for the border of the sons of Ammon was Jazer. Israel took all these cities and Israel lived in all these cities of the Armorites , in Heshbon, and in all her villages. For Heshbon was the city of Sihon, king of the Armorites, who had fought the former king of Moab and had taken all the land out of his hand, as far as Arnon. Therefore those who use proverbs say, “Come to Heshbon! Let it be built! So let the city of Sihon be established. For a fire went forth from Hesbon, a flame from the town of Sihon; It devoured Ar of Moab, The dominant heights of Arnon. “Woe to you O Moab! You are ruined, O people of Chemosh! He has given his sons as fugitives, And his daughters into captivity, To an Amorite king, Sihon. “But we have cast them down, Heshbon is ruined as far as Dibon, Then we have laid waste even to Nophah, Which reaches to Medeba.”

Thus Israel lived in the land of the Amorites. Moses sent to spy out Jazar, and thet captured its villages and dispossessed the Amorites who were there. Then they turned and went up by the way of Bashan, and Og the king of Bashan went out with all  his people, for battle at Edrei. But the Lord said to Moses, “Do not  fear him, for I have given him into your hand, and all his people and his land; and you shall do to him as you did to Sihon, king of the Amorites, who lived at Heshbon.” So they killed him and his sons and all his people, until there was no remnant left him; and they possessed his land.’

In John chapter three Nicodemus came to Jesus and was genuinely seeking answers. He acknowledged that Jesus had come from God and in return Jesus recognised Nicodemus as a teacher in Israel. This was despite the stunning lack of knowledge Nicodemus displayed. But at least Nicodemus has come to the right source to have his questions answered, the others stayed home. We know Nicodemus got the right answers because he was a Christian along with Joseph and a handful of other Christians, they were Friday Christians, not Resurrection Sunday Christians, but then Jesus makes an alarming addition to the Scriptures. In 3:12 He says, ‘I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?’ Today too Jesus will call us and expects us to be teachers despite the fact that we are stunningly ignorant. Getting back into mother’s womb doesn’t sound that unreasonable when you look at the question does it? It is not us who will be teaching but the Spirit of Jesus!

But why didn’t Jesus send Nicodemus back to GFPE or DOA49 or the red heifer or the burnt offering or the sin offering or the waters of Meribah? Why the bronze snake? What has it got that the others do not have? Nicodemus could have written us a blog on any of these topics but could not relate them to Jesus Christ. Nicodemus was not the only one to fail to make that

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connection as the majority of people fail to do today. The Jews hope today is still Jerusalem as God’s city and the temple within, parts of it at least as God’s temple. Things of this earth. It will remain so until they are shown a pulverised version of both and only then will they turn to the true temple of God; Jesus Christ! Who speaks of and comes from above!****

As I sit here typing and studying the history of the Israelites on their journey to and into the promised land I am amazed just how rebellious and disobedient they were. There is no way that we could be that bad! We have the presence of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God and we like the Bereans search the Scripture daily, they only had the Old Testament, to establish what is it that has been written so that it can become, ‘it is written’ and we do our level best to obey it. None of this putting our own interpretations on Scripture because we know that satan is only scarred off by ‘it is written’ and he is not intimidated in any way by our own interpretations. It is God’s Word that drives him out and not our word. And how strict has God been?

But there is a far greater drama being played out on universe’s stage; that of evil and it is only when you grasp the power of evil that it takes your breath away and ask how is God going to counter this ubiquitous monster or beast. Surely God is going to have to perform one of His mighty miracles!

It would be a contradiction in terms to speak of a revolt in Heaven. An outright impossibility! Yet it did happen and it happened on a massive scale!  Breath taking beauty, indescribable sense of well being; the presence of God! Surely just the thought of losing all that would be enough to destroy any nefarious intentions?  Evil may be represented as in Daniel by a statue of four metals, head gold, chest silver, thighs bronze (or could that be brass or copper) and legs and feet of iron. There is a non metal there, clay so the Jews should not have been there using the Romans to try to kill Christ and will ultimately separate out as slag separates from the molten metal. The ultimate fate of the clay is that it of itself was not regarded as evil. Evil may also be represented by a beast with seven heads about much has already been written in this blog. But ultimately it is as simple as; God’s way is good and contrary to God’s way is evil. Those two alternatives have existed since the year dot and did not have to be created by anyone. Choice and freewill to do them.

How is God going to cope with this evil? Getting rid of choice and freewill is not an option so if you want an example of how to waste your time, then either pray to Jesus that He remove your or your friends/family freewill. No can do! He doesn’t want robots singing His endless praises in Heaven, He wants someone who wants to be in Heaven with Him. If you are not impressed by looking at an A-380 then you are hardly going to be impressed  and want to learn more about the machine language that runs the show or the tightening torques on the bolts holding the blades. We can ask Him to clean up the mess and apologise for causing it in the first place. Whether we did we did it intentionally or just tripped over it Heaven alone will judge and categorise but the result is that this spilled milk and honey is going to have to be cleaned up and cleaned up to God’s standards. Even then there is no guarantee that the peace offering will be accepted. GFPE tells us it will.

The story of the angels in Heaven shows us just how insidious evil is. Okay it did not fall over  in the first few weeks but it did not take a million, million years either! Satan first had to grasp at least the tiniest appreciation of what was revealed over those first few Sabbaths before the sin of pride took over as we saw in Korah’s rebellion. But take over it did and it seems that  satan Page 23

was not the only one thinking on these lines. He got a core group together fairly easily as they were thinking along the same lines, in Korah’s case about twelve and this lot went out into the leaders of the congregation and found 250 other cooperative souls. If Korah’s rebellion on earth is indeed an analogy of what in Heaven, then the angels like the Israelites are split into two groups; the congregation (600,000 odd) and a separate census for the Levites, (22,000),on earth but many more in Heaven.

In Heaven as on earth only the congregation and one Levite were involved. So in Heaven if Jesus had not drawn the line in the sand and all the congregation of angels has died or were thrown out of Heaven today there still would be a few Levitical angels left in Heaven, they did not rebel.

In Heaven, as on earth it wasn’t the first day that resulted in massive depletion of the ranks, which were very minor, but the second day when the congregation grumbled. If Korah’s lot lost 300 on the first day how upset would they be the next day when 14,700 died? How upset would the Heavenly lot be if they lost 100 million? The situation was definitely quite serious in both cases. Solution; (JK”s)  let them go, they want to grumble just let them go! That doesn’t include JK of course You must never abandon him!

Jesus never abandons anyone. He stays with them until their last breath and then just to make sure there was no mistakes will give another 260 years for anyone to change their mind before that door of mercy finally closes. But He never shuts the door on anyone either. You may go whenever you want to. The door of mercy does not close, we may return at any time, even as late as the two witnesses. ****

The serious nature of rebellion was not just a problem for angels in Heaven or the Jews of Korah’s time. It is as individual as each individual and as long as the ages. I think I have addressed the issues previously in the anointing of my sister in Christ, Karen H. Jesus does not want to lose one angel, one Jew or one of any or no religion. And He pulls out all stops to make sure that it does not happen.

The problem is that when Nicodemus went to Jesus to find out about salvation Jesus could have given him any number of one liners as the answer but He said to him, paraphrasing, ‘You are Israel’s teacher, you have the incredible depth and beauty of the Old Testament, the Word from which I quote and from which satan cannot get out of the way in time. Now go back and extrapolate it in such a way that Moses lifting the bronze snake in the desert intersects with Me, the Son of God (should be man but I don’t whether to use upper or lower case for man, son, by definition I suppose it should be lower)  being lifted on the cross on GFPMC. Tie in the Old and New Testaments!’  This may have been okay for Nicodemus who was born and steeped in the Old Testament (OT) but a gigantic task for someone making their first foray into the OT. But that is denying that I am made in the image of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit in the spirit of, ‘Glorified be Your name!’ As with DOA and GFMC we added a subscript with each extra bit of information we gained so now we will also add subscripts to tie ins between the OT and NT. Beginning with the humble number of two.

The rebellion in Heaven taught us the insidious nature of evil and sin (1) If it could breed and take off in such a place of beauty then what is it going to do in mortal sinful bodies? It has taught us that there is one and only one solution to this danger and that is Jesus Christ! He is a must hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. He is constantly the answer.

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Rather than worrying about sin (2) erupting in Heaven in a million or million million years time we should be concentrating on the eradication of evil. Once evil no longer exists then rebellion and sin (2) are no longer a possibility. Jesus Christ is the one Who eradicated evil in the first stage, the evil within, the beast, GFPMC, and the second stage the without, satan on DOA49 an event of the future that will see the last of sin.

I use Jimmy Swaggart as an example of ‘Christian’ ministry because he is the only one who has his own Television station in Australia and I am aware there are many almost identical ministries to his and therefore would receive the same criticisms as his. I do have an axe to grind with him though as I was going through a Christ searching state at the time and was influenced by his powerful sermons. It all fell apart when the scandals broke and put me back by many years. The publicity of the times was overwhelming and the problems they showed wasn’t the enthusiasm with which Jimmy and Tammy counted the harvest but to what good use they were going to put it!  It is those years which give me the right to be sceptical about and is he again aiming at an Academy Award for Acting. He alone can squelch those doubts by publishing of the money he collects using that unbeatable draw card, how much goes to himself and family and how much goes to the source from which he draws that money; Jesus Christ! As there is zilch chance of him publishing it then there is only one conclusion to draw; ‘Christianity’ for Jimmy is beginning at home!  Many a poor will not know what hit him them when Jimmy starts loving them as he loves himself! The bottom line is Jimmy that you broke the trust, you are the one who can restore it again but you refuse to do so! And why not? Because you remain the fraud! Whilst on the Jimmy subject, two corrections; Darwin did not repent on his deathbed and Jesus did not drive a stake through satan’s head on GFPMC. Satan did not have to be there because there was not one name called that belonged to him. Why be there? The numbers and the names called in hell were those of the bride, they do not belong to satan, he has nothing to do with them. It was the beast who responded when Jesus made the call and claim for that particular soul; mine and over my dead body! It was the beast who died in those fires and for whatever reasons was resurrected again. It is the beast that drowns in the baptismal font and Jesus resurrects again once out of the water but in a far more benign form!  Satan at this time Jimmy was doing what you want your followers to do; gloat at Jesus and the hell He was going through. He was put there by the Jews using the superpower of the day. Sounds familiar?

It is a wonderful heartfelt story about Darwin repenting, but unless you want to arm your followers with naivety and lies, weapons of satan then you must withdraw this story. It is not right, satan does not operate this way. You do not remain satan possessed all your life and on your death bed he releases you with; ‘And bless you dear you may now flutter over and meet your Jesus!’ He will be there particularly at the end to make that doesn’t happen as he strangles that last breath out of you! But going back to the two fronts we have opened from the OT.

Is this snake brass, or bronze or copper as many think and of all things why is it a snake? Is kindergarten interpretation right which says that a snake represents satan?  Was there such a thing as zinc to make brass at the time or was it a mixture of copper and tin? Is this snake from the Heavenly version of Korah’s rebellion? ****

Any endeavour of knowledge has its knowledge organised as basic dogma which I call a song sheet and providing you are singeing off this song sheet, with vary minor variations allowed you will be accepted by your discipline. A very example of this is anthropology. Evolution remains as its base and the basic model of humanity is this gorilla type creature progressing through time

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ever straightening up, losing hair and acquiring human traits. As they progressed through the time scale they went through the stone age, bronze age, iron age and what ever garbage they come up with. They themselves know it garbage because objects of most materials are found throughout the ages, but if too early they are ignored or explained away by some contamination. Take the pyramids. At the time they were built people were supposed to be far too primitive to build such magnificent structures. Can’t employ plan A and ignore them! What about contamination? Dropped off by some wandering primitive tribe. This has worked well in the past before but size maybe a problem. Well at least don’t show them any of the complexity and beauty that is inside. Get one of the lads to swing two stones over each other to show how primitive people grind and fit masonry, make he is hairy and grunts a lot, other than those creationists that will fool them! The fact they had iron and bronze thousands of years ahead of their time should be easy enough to throw the blanket over that! After all if we can throw a blanket over a pyramid objects of iron, aluminium and unbelievable paintings should be a snack. If you hear of a mass suicide of anthropologists has taken place outside of a pyramid, it will probably be associated with a mass find of computers or NMR’s or ESR’s or even some instrument we don’t know about in the base of this pyramid! After all geologists have set the standard for the size of the blanket and if they can throw a blanket over Noah’s Flood then twenty or fifty or whatever the number of pyramids should be just a snack! Probably comparable to astronomers seeing a photon leaving the other side of the universe but not seeing whether the earth is about to be destroyed by a meteorite with the next few minutes! Probably could be answered in terms of dark matter, energy and flow. I mean the thing is surrounded by dark matter, using dark energy as it energy source and flowing in a dark flow channel hardly gives the chaps a fair playing field when it pops back into reality! Dark symmetry is looking like a possible answer. Whatever the solution it will be dark if it does not include its creator; Jesus Christ!

The point being that iron is not just found in the iron age nor is bronze just found in the bronze age, or any other material. In fact I have already made a case  in this blog that before Noah’s Flood technology was so advanced that God allowed other righteous people to leave this earth before the flood came, something we couldn’t do today nor could we make many of the temple utensils and with great difficulty reproduce one of the temples! The point being that zinc may have been around since the year dot and also brass. This would not effect the discussion if the bronze I am going to use suddenly works out it should have been brass after all. We are dealing with an alloy, it matters not whether it is with zinc or tin or aluminium for that matter. —

So it may not be that just three of the metals in Daniel’s statue of evil are pure metal but all four are. Babylon the head is certainly pure gold. It can’t just stand for the Babylon/Nebuchadnezzar because they long disappeared off this planet. It is the evil of the sin of pride and the ultimate evil that has to be destroyed in any of its forms and any traces of it. The shoulders and chest, pure silver, initially stood for the Medes and Persians in this blog at least to be replaced by both forms of Islam; Shiite and Sunni. Good and evil in the Bible are not judged by how many hospitals and operations you do on the poor, or soup kitchens or homeless accommodation you provide, they are but fruit, the judgment is based on the root and that root is Jesus Christ, the revelation of God which God gave Him to show his servants.

Islam is judged in their relationship to Jesus Christ and its rejection of His true nature is total and they are thus judged accordingly; total evil, pure silver. Not quite as difficult to eradicate as gold,

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but nonetheless will be a part of the statue when the rock grinds it up and the talcum powder is thrown to the wind.

Moving to the legs and feet the metal is pure, iron but there is a non-metallic contamination there as well. The bases of my  bronze snake interpretation is going to be that metals stand for evil and therefore non-metals will stand for good. Unlike today the superpower of the day is the USA but there are many minor players around enjoying the spoils of the colonial days. At the time of Jesus there was only one superpower, Rome and they maintained this position be ruthlessly disposing of any potential challenges. What made Rome such an abomination in the eyes of God was that they were being used by His own people to destroy Jesus and His followers and will so again at His second coming. But the clay is not a part of the metal and will ultimately separate. The Jews will accept Jesus, become the people of God and hand in hand with Christians go to meet their loving Saviour!

There are no guarantees that the USA will be the dominant power at the time of the second coming although the present indications are that this will be the case. Whoever it is will maintain this position during the millennium and its first challenge will be at the end of the millennium when satan and his 200 million crazed horsemen are released. Satan throws down the gauntlet to the beast and challenges his authority. The irony of the situation is going to be that the contest is going to be as one sided as the USA destroying a Palestinian home with a cruise missile!  They will not be allowed to fight back against satan and his hordes! They have just come up from the dead, their first deaths, so the next time they will die will be in hell. Hell is the second death, not third or fourth or any other number. Americans of the day will reminisce and recall the days when they could do this to anyone they wanted to do to! Feet have two shoes!

The point being that if three components of the statue of evil are pure metal then why should the fourth one, the thighs be an alloy? Be that copper and zinc or copper and tin or anything else, why not just pure copper? The part of Daniel’s statue we are dealing with is bronze (?) and was Greece and Alexander and his lot of the time. I take this to represent democracy. So why alloy? Is the serpent in the desert pure metal or alloy? Could the democracy be alloy as it at most times if not all times, carries theocracy with it? Well no, theocracy, Government by God is good, a non-metal and would therefore have to be represented by diamonds or pearls in the matrix. Could it be that democracy cycles between royalty and democracy as extremes or something in between? Or could it be whenever you look at a democracy you see some beast standing behind it like the oil industry wanting to steal its oil or drug company to take the drugs which obviously will only use them for medicinal purposes and of course we have those honest bankers. All or none of the above does not change the fact that the government of the eternities to come is by God and therefore the only ‘good’ government. It is us the left thigh that waves the right thigh indicating the form of government that we want to spend our eternities in; theocracy! God’s way is good, not in God’s way is evil.

If the above scenario is correct there cannot be any metallic statue of good. Gold cannot one moment stand for evil Babylon and then for God. Silver cannot stand one moment for evil Islam and the next for Christianity. Copper/bronze cannot one moment stand for democracy and the next theocracy nor can iron and clay stand for God’s people using the superpower of the day to destroy his people and the next to Jesus Christ walking the earth’s surface to spread the message of the grace of God!

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The statue of God is non-metallic and is the body of Jesus Christ. It is separated away from both water and blood to show the beauty of its own intrinsic values. They will be recombined after each has been studied individually. It is the study of the burnt offering, the study of the body of Christ. It too is divided into four sections; head, shoulders and chest, thighs and legs and feet. On earth it should everything and in Heaven it is everything. It is the parallel presentation to Moses’ bronze (?) snake.

So is this snake pure metal or an alloy and if alloy then why just alloy the copper and not the gold, silver and iron? To decide this issue we have to decide whether sin has but one root, pride with a lot of evil fruit, one metal, copper or has it got two or even more roots; pride, greed, jealousy ?? and it is therefore an alloy. If we take it back to Babylon/Nebuchadnezzar, the gold, their seems to be only the one issue, pride. Pride causes Nebuchadnezzar, the tree to be cut down and once broken allows the tree to regrow. Greed doesn’t seem to be there. There is no alloy in the gold the evil of Nebuchadnezzar and it was pride alone. Surely it can’t be that insidious and have the ability to cover itself so well? —-

The Medes and Persians are the ram but only a shadow of the goat and this certainly is the situation today. It is forms of democracy that is tearing Islam to pieces and there is no one to stop them. My reading of Daniel at this stage is that even if they make a serious error like the intrusion into North Korea or Iran will not change this situation much at all. But leaving this section again with unanswered questions we have an altar/cross that is made of bronze (?) and 250 firepans of the killed leaders of Korah’s rebellion being hammered into the altar, a bronze thigh in Daniel’s statue and a bronze snake. If pride is in fact the cause of evil then all these will have to be changed to copper.

This metallic thing was shaped like a snake. Satan took on the form of a snake in Eden but before in the rebellion in Heaven he was a privileged angel; a Levite. From what I have read so far he was not just any Levite because there were many, probably tens of millions of them, he was Levite, he was number one Levite. To take advantage of this privileged position was indeed a serious mistake and evil. If there is anyone who went to hell in that rebellion it should have been satan, yet he did not! As this Heavenly situation has only just been recently covered only a brief summary is required and using the same guesstimeric numbers; 300 million total congregation, 100 million go, two hundred million remain and if Levite percentage the same as on earth ( about 3%) then 10 million Levite angels. Every soul Jesus creates is of concern to him and that includes angelic souls. They like us have a free will, there are no robots in heaven.

There were five categories in Korah’s rebellion and presumably five in the heavenly one as well. First the one hundred and two hundred million lots first. Their sin was that of grumbling, questioning the authority of God. At this stage I won’t categorise this as pride leaving the option of two types of sin, or an alloy of bronze. The 100 million who were thrown out of Heaven and down to earth were the ones who knew what they were doing, intentional sin. These are the common run of the mill demons. They were given a chance to repent at the cross but they blew it! They sat around and danced with glee to see Jesus suffering during those six hours of hell. They closed the door of mercy on themselves. When they were thrown out of Heaven they had lost their positions there and at 3pm on GFPMC they had also lost their places there. After a short intense battle they were thrown down to and confined to earth. They do not await judgment, their judgment occurred at the cross. Most of the time they do what satan tells them but some still retain enough pride to question the authority of their master. Scripture tells us

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that if we accept Christ that will drive out that demon, but if we then reject Jesus the space that is left will be occupied by seven demons and we will be WORSE off. Those seven are more evil than that original one that would not go when ordered by satan.

The story of the two hundred million who grumbled but were not thrown down to earth, ( Actually first time round it was out of Heaven and at GFPMC it was down to earth). Are they going to be the bride or just a part of the bridal party? ****

Whether they bride or bridal party is determined with what they do with their unintentional sins, whether they confess them or whether they remain unconfessed. If some of those higher, Levitical angels point out to them what they have done, and it must be rather obvious as one third of them were kicked out, and they repent then their sins become confessed unintentional sins and Heaven has only one place where it deals with confessed sins; GFPMC. Their confessed sins and all confessed sins were the subject of GFPMC. They, the angels, would have seen these sins being paid for in hell on Good Friday. No doubt the suffering they saw Jesus go through would have killed the beast within them and whether it also extracted the dead pieces or whether this required DOA50 for that to occur they would have been different beings at 3pm on GFPMC than they were at 9am on the same day.

If they remain unconfessed then they would have finished up on the same cross of atonement as every unconfessed unintentional sin did, DOA50. But every sin ever committed; intentional or unintentional, confessed or unconfessed will finish up being burned into non-existence in hell. The only issue that still needs to be settled is whether I burn in hell for my sins or I pass them onto Jesus Who so desperately wants to take my place in hell! And the way I pass my sins to Him is by Confession. He can’t take them if you don’t pass them! He doesn’t force us to do anything we don’t want to do. Does that mean that just because we forgot to confess some ‘minute’ sin we will have to go to hell to suffer for it because we did not pass it onto Jesus? Well first of all there is no such thing as a minute sin. All sin is the severance of our relationship with God and away from Him there is no life, only death, and we die. Jesus wants to take all our sins away with Him because that is the only way we are going to finish up in Heaven with Him. Being soaked and steeped in sin since birth sin is now the default value, my second nature. It is there all the time and most of the time the very best I can do is a blanket confession. God does not expect more from us than our best and He knows that even that will be desperately short. But it is His Word that says, ‘And forgive us our trespasses’ and that comes with more than just a hint, ‘As we forgive those who trespass against us’ and from there comes our request, ‘And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil’. What we have in the back of our minds at least is the movement from this mortal, sinful world into perfection with our loving Saviour, ‘ For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever.’—

With my blanket confessions, which are Biblical I find that there is some thought, some message prompts me; ‘Do you want this one forgiven?’ Before I knew that God’s Sabbath was His Holy Day there was no prompting, ‘Do you realise that My Holy Day is Saturday and you sin by ignoring it’. No. But now that I do know, there is; ‘And what about……that you did, is that included in this confession?’

What should be a fascination to us is the nature and appearance of the 200 million (?) angels that we will be spending an eternity with and who have been appointed to look after us on this

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earth. But it is also a Biblical topic of those sons of angels who through sexual intercourse with the daughters of this earth produced those  evil giants that lived on this earth at the time of Noah. The topic came up whilst watching Jimmy Swaggart broadcast which I watch not just with the intention of bagging it but because it is supposedly cross based and anything that is cross based will get my attention. The added bonus last night was I found where Jimmy’s contact with the spiritual world comes from but even though the following looks like it has been plagiarised I have held these ideas for a while and may have already published them but revision is still in order. I will proceed by a series of questions and answers so if the discussion falls it will fall from a certain point onwards;—

Q 1; How many angels were thrown down to earth? Ans; not told. One in three of Heaven. I take it as 100 million and a very large number for planet earth, more than enough to cause a significant problem. Q2; Can one of these evil angels enter into my body, change my character and cause me to do evil things? Ans; I will answer that after question three. Q3; Can one of these evil angels enter into the body of an animal, a pig for example, change its character and cause it to do harm to itself? Ans; Yes. [Mat 8:31-34. I find it helpful to work with numbers and even though we are not told how many swine there were I take the number as 50. This would mean that fifty demons were thrown out of those two men or 25 per individual. Things certainly were very crowded. These demons knew they were allowed to be naughty to a certain extent but because they had overstepped the mark they were sure that Jesus had come to destroy them. This 100 million are inferior in any number of ways and one is their knowledge of the Bible. Had satan been there he would not have been intimated by Jesus but quoted Scripture; ‘it is written that You are going to crush my head but I am going to bruise Your heel first so You can’t hurt me now!’ As far as those 50 demons were concerned there were now two options available; Jesus would destroy them out of Scriptural order or be allowed into those pigs and be drowned. They chose the latter option because it was the better one. By drowning with the pigs destroyed their ability to appear in our dimensions. They can continue to exist in their spiritual form until they are burned up in hell. How they can hurt me or whether they can hurt me at all in this form I am not sure. It must be a more benign form than before they were drowned.

Returning to Q2 if they do that to pigs then they can do it to humans also. Satan is the father of lies and one of his biggest is that he doesn’t even exist let alone be able to enter a person and be able to control their behaviour. Enter the wonderful worlds of psychology and psychiatry and drugs and electrical shocks and treatments they wouldn’t allow on a dog. Anything but giving the answer and solution; Jesus Christ. Satan certainly does not need two invitations for entry and once in, well that depends on the times we are in but right now he is not leaving! Only Jesus can drive him out or a person who has the backing of their Saviour close by!  It is quite amazing that with all of his contacts from above that Jimmy doesn’t offer to do exorcisms.

Q4; Did any, some, all or none of these demons drown in Noah’s Flood? Ans; As with the case of the pigs any demons that were inexorably bound within their human being would have drowned with them and only now be available in spiritual form. I am sure that any that could have got out would have got out  and the number of spirit only beings would be very small indeed. But even if all are in ‘active’ body modes then there is still only 100 million of them out there! But using a time sharing principle they behave as if there are many more of them out there today.

Q5; What am I supposed to do if one of these demons has possession of a friend or loved one? Ans; Christianity is not about reading and quoting from Scripture, helping little old ladies cross the street or writing blogs on certain Biblical topics, it is about whether you are living to the light that Jesus has given you and there are pastors and priests in many denominations doing just that. I

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would be very wary if they said they could do it in one session. I doubt that even Jimmy with all his heavenly contacts could do that. It will be a long and very painful process and the most important part of it will be to ensure that once the presence of Jesus drives out the devil that there is no empty space for those other seven who are waiting to come in! Satan cannot live in the presence of Jesus. But if I was a demon inside say Ritchie and I saw a pastor Des  approaching with the intention of exorcizing me I would definitely tremble.  [ A personal note. Today was not just the celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary but whom my lovely Mel got to come along! She knows that the stenting has not been such a wonderful success and the pressure on those poor stents today was almost too much for them. And it did not just affect me alone and I doubt that even years of reminiscing will dull this day. So if the blog is even less coherent then usual you know why and the temptation is to have a Christmas holiday, ignore the blessings that God has so richly bestowed. Also if I had a child or grandchild under my care and I considered that its behaviour indicated the presence of a demon I would order that demon to leave which would then leave the onus on me to make sure it did not return]

Finally with those 200 million still up there today God may have already given them their Heavenly bodies like those of Jesus after His resurrection and He still has to do for us. They like Jesus may already be appearing in these forms. They must be awfully similar to us if they could copulate and produce those giants. It would be wonderful spiritual gift to be able to discern the presence of angels. I can’t remember what other aspects of the giants of Noah’s day were discussed. But as it was in Noah’s day God will allow evil to flourish and peak before He destroys it and a major part of that evil will be seeing His people being persecuted and killed by atheists and blasphemers. And that really did put the spring into Jimmy’s feet and fist clenched in victory!*****

I was most surprised at the second topic of discussion; whether a Christian needs to repent ever let alone periodically. Jesus can only take your sins to hell if you give them to Him. And that is done by confession; you actually ask Him to take your sins and repent at having hurt your Saviour in the first place. If you don’t pass them over to Him then guess who takes those sins to hell; you. Your call! What other clangers is satan going to come up with? Well actually practically any he can think of  because the defence against clangers, ‘it is written’ has been turned off by most churches today.

But credit must be given when credit is due and credit is due for the systematic Scriptural demolition that Jimmy performed on the poor misguided SDA elder and the hang ups he had on the Sabbath! Hang up no more! SDA’s belief in Sabbath demolished. Exegesis personified!  The scales have fallen off my eyes and now I can see Jimmy’s constant contact with the spirit world.

I would like to make again, a Biblical defence of the Sabbath Day using Bible’s one, two, three, four and five. One, One John, two chapter two, three, four and five, verses three, four and five.                    1 John (2:3-5); ‘By this we know we have come to know Him, if we keep His commandments. The one who says, ‘I have come to know Him’, and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him; but whoever keeps His word, in him the love of God has truly been perfected. By this we know that we are in Him.’

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Well Jimmy you not only do not obey the Sabbath you teach others not to also. This puts you and your ministry as a class worse than liars, you are extreme liars.

The issue is that you want to deny your followers of is the blessings of God which He chooses to place in a certain pond; the Sabbath Day. We may call on them during the week but they come from the pond called the Sabbath Day. By taking these blessings that God alone can give makes you a sadistic thief. This brings your title to extreme liar and sadistic thief.

As your ministry  is supposed to be based on the cross of Jesus you are aware there is only really one issue in mind; sin, yet you entice your followers to commit the worst of sin, intentional sin by not obeying the fourth commandment. It is the primary role of satan, of external evil to bruise the heel of Jesus. You are satan and there is nothing unintentional about your motives.

But you maybe right this particular commandment may only apply to the Sinai desert and before the cross. If it implies animal sacrifices it could well be blasphemy. Let us look at Exodus (20:8-11); ‘Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labour and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of the Lord your God; in it you shall not do any work, you or your son, or your daughter, your male or female servant or your cattle or your sojourner who stays with you. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, and rested on the seventh day; therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.’

I am continuously being accused of trying to bring people  under or keep them under the old covenant. It all depends on how you define which covenant you are under. The Bible uses Jeremiah (31:33) as its definition; ‘But this is the covenant which I will make with the house of Israel after those days ,’ declares the Lord, ‘I will put My law within them and on their heart I will write it; and I will be their God, and they will be My people.’

It is exactly what the people who are accusing me are doing. I am saying. ‘Remember to transfer these laws that God has written with His own finger from this stone tablet and onto your heart! If you don’t do it for whatever reason it is you who are under the old covenant of law. You are covered by your own actions and not of those of Jesus Christ. That law that you may or may not rewrite on your own heart includes the Sabbath commandment. It was not done away with on the cross, out of all the issues Jesus could have died for He died for the Sabbath day. There is no point in rewriting something that is obsolete as Jimmy Swaggart and most other pastors are trying to tell you. Keep it on stone, keep it out of your heart, stay under the old covenant!

By trying to keep your flock away from the blessings of God Jimmy you are depriving them of the spiritual oxygen, choking them to death. You are trying to change the day but you cannot change the associated blessings and thus trying to choke your followers to death. You are a murderer. Your title is satan, murderer, sadistic thief and extreme liar. You bar your followers entrance into Heaven by keeping them under the old covenant from where entry into heaven is impossible and preventing from changing to the new covenant from where entry is automatic! You will not allow them to write the law on their hearts. Transcribing some from the stone is not an option, it is all or none. Having said some nice things about Jimmy it is time to say some bad things!

If the situation wasn’t so serious it would be comical, but at least he has revealed his inner contacts to that spirit world which is constantly talking back to him. They will do that to anyone and they have great reserves in store. Talking in tongues, no problems. Just fill in the box of number required. It is preferred you use scientific notation. Will vomiting and falling over be required? Number of miraculous cures required? Waterworks or laughing or both? The chaps you deal with are a very fine bunch indeed. Well organised and do not ask awkward questions

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like when the congregation give you a packet of chips and you open it up and throw one back to them they don’t say, “We think Jimmy it should be the other way around, you should keep that chip and give the rest back for God’s work!” nothing like that. Conning the tax man was an achievement, this flock of sheep should be a snack! Taking candy off a baby! Satan is not just a wonderful tailor, he is actor and ventriloquist as well! And it is not just Swaggart, but many preachers today if stood against ‘it is written’ would also dismally fail. But it was Jesus who drew the line in the sand in Heaven at the time of the plague when the whole congregation grumbled and the angels on this side of unintentional were spared, and on the intentional side were thrown down to earth. And it is the same Jesus who will decide in among these pastors and everyone else where this line will be drawn, and for we should call, ‘and thank God for that!’—

Our primary focus still remains Moses hoisting the bronze snake in the desert so that anyone who had been bitten by a snake could look to this snake and not die as compared to Jesus about to be lifted on His cross also so that anyone who has been bitten by the snake of sin can look to Him on that cross and not die. In the desert we have pure evil; bronze (?) plus snake/satan and the only evil not included is the bronze (?) altar/cross. On GFPMC it is the opposite. It is God as manifested through His Son Who is being lifted and He is on a bronze (?) altar/cross. Evil versus good!

Some thoughts on the bronze metal. It comes from Daniel’s statue from the thighs a section I have being represented by democracy. This should make it bronze and not copper. There are two forms of evil; evil within or beast and evil without or satan. Two forms and therefore bronze. Much is written in the Bible about how God as manifested Himself through His own Son on GFPMC but what about the corresponding bronze snake?

If Korah’s rebellion is an enactment of the angelic rebellion then much can be gleaned about what happened up there as well and an attempt has been made to do so. This time just concentrating on Korah/satan. This will give us the 200 million, the 100 million and now Korah. In this revolt 252 firepans, yes bronze, were offered with fire on them to God. Two lots are easily accounted for; the 250 as democracy and evil and one as theocracy and therefore good. Aaron was God’s appointed high priest, he was our substitute and was supposed to offer fire on our behalf. Firepan, Aaron’s firepan number 252 poses no problems.****** It could even represent  Jesus being lifted on the cross. GFPMC was not a bull or ram or lamb that the high priest killed and sacrificed it was Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, the high priest himself who was killed on that day and took His own blood into the Most Holy place to cleanse it from at least one thing; this angels rebellion that had occurred some 4,000 years before. Aaron was His representative and His firepan that was involved was bronze.

The 250 leaders are also an open and shut case. It was pride that caused them to promote themselves to Heavenly level of priest and they like us of themselves had nothing to offer except blasphemy. They were not thrown down to earth but killed with no judgment awaiting. Their verdict was delivered by God on that day. Why their firepans were hammered into the altar/cross is still one of the many mysteries to me. This is the cross of Christ and it has been through an unholy fire, these firepans were holy objects dedicated for temple use and the defilement the 250 leaders caused had to be cleansed. Ultimate cleansing is the fires of hell where Jesus went to on this cross yet despite this when Nicodemus and Joseph carried the body of Jesus from the cross to His tomb they became defiled. It certainly could not have been the body of Christ, the ashes of the red heife, that caused this defilement, the opposite they were

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used to remove sin, so how can what happened on GFPMC defile? Wasn’t it supposed to be a cleansing process? But this cross still had another journey to make to hell on the DOA50 and even after that it was ‘just’ clean. It wasn’t holy it was just clean. It is only after it is anointed by Jesus Himself by placing His hair on it that it becomes; anointed as the Most Holy and therefore Heaven bound.

This leaves us with firepan 251, that of Korah or satan. If the Heavenly rebellion is described in Korah’s rebellion we can glean many things from it, interesting and uninteresting. Interesting one; the fact that there was a rebellion in Heaven at all! How could anyone be so stupid and want to risk being thrown out of such a place of immense, breath taking beauty? But if the nature of sin is so insidious it can conquer in Heaven image how easy it is going to be for it to conquer on this hovel called earth. We are just like sitting ducks!  Its nature maybe insidious but it is no match to its solution Jesus Christ which I hope we will be shown soon. If there was a rebellion then, and ‘it is written’ that there was then there will be others as well unless God can destroy evil, surgically remove the pieces and burn them all up in the fires of hell! Satan tries to keep the solution to this insidious sin away from us but if he can’t then he will begin by leading on the Scriptural path but ever so gently diverging until finally he opens your eyes when you see ‘Hell’ on the door. It is too late, you should have been more wary! And most paths today and most churches are leading you down the wrong path! It is Scripture alone that cannot let you down!

Interesting two; That so many rebelled and were thrown out of Heaven; one in three. Actually it was a lot worse than that; they all rebelled and all should have been thrown out of Heaven, the whole congregation. It was only by God’s grace that two out of three were retained on the ground of unintentional sin.

Interesting three; How soon after that they were created that this rebellion took place! They had not been there for a million, million years or even a million years. The angels were created on day four of creation and it only took them ten or even twenty years to rebel. Once evil enters me it will only be a very short time to destroy me. It is dangerous  to keep me alive as I could easily be converted to his mortal enemy, Jesus Christ. Doesn’t want to risk that! The exceptions are that you have been marked by the beast, there is no chance of you absconding and you have to be particularly useful to satan in leading the flock into hell without them suspecting it! He keeps those alive for exceptionally long periods of time.

Interesting four; that there should be two classes of angels in Heaven. Probably the same as on earth. The census of the congregation and the census of the Levites. God knew who would readily accept his call, Levites and who would grumble, the congregation. It is not that all the congregation are going to be lost. They are not but their salvation will follow a different pathway here on earth and in Heaven. To label these as salvation plans A and B would really be putting the cat in among the pigeons and it is too early for me to make that call at this stage. The point being the Levites were different. They were God’s call.

Jesus and God the Father had agreed on a plan of salvation and that plan started on 01/01/01. Good Friday Passover in Egypt (GFPE). Jesus would leave His shoes and future immortality behind for anyone who wanted to walk in them and be with Him in Heaven for eternity. These were called the Levites and they had their own census. They were a very special group of people

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and God expected more from them. And the first ground that satan/Korah should have died was that he broke that trust. The fires of hell are stoked up more when a priest commits the same sin as a pauper. Satan was not just a part of the ring of leaders, he was the leader and for that he should also have died. The higher up the greater the responsibility!

Being a Levite he knew any sacrilegious acts were punishable by death including offering fire offering in a firepan. He like the other 250 who did that should also have died. He did not get killed along with them and thrown into the bowels of the earth.

Not only did he not die when lifted up in the desert as a bronze snake of Moses he cured those who had been bitten by snakes, he gave life and not death. So what part of him gave life?

Serpent only gives death, bronze only represents the two types of evil; within and without. The only thing that is left is Levite. And he should have known better. But this brings in the two plans of salvation that were available to the Nazirite, plan A the living and plan B the dead. ****Plan A was for the Messiah to come to earth and with the cooperation of His people, priests and high priest, save the world, evangelise the ‘dead’ and take them all to Heaven with Him. That is what the Scripture told them should happen. It wasn’t Jesus Who broke His end of the bargain it was the people and priests and in no uncertain terms; they had Him killed. [giddy spells holding up writing]

Luckily that was not the end of the destiny of the human race. God/Jesus had a plan B and it was in the preparpetory stages for over a thousand years; the Levite. The Levite was being trained for the moment the people and priests did their big dummy spit. When the curtain tore at 3pm on GFPMC the Levite changed from ministering outside of the tent of meeting to inside. We became kings and priests of the Almighty God! A position we will retain for the eternities. And it is us , the dead who are, ultimately will wake up those living and bring them back to their senses and together hand in hand we will go and meet our Saviour!

So whether it was satan in Heaven or Korah on earth, these Levites committed dreadful sins in showing God had placed misplaced His trust in them and if God had made this ‘error’ here what other misplacements of judgments had He made? Well God cannot  nor did He make a mistake here or anywhere else and for the sake of the critics and cynics there is going to a period of some 1,800 years to prove that this is so. For the life of me whichever way I look I cannot see firepans or a bronze snake in Heaven. That is not saying that I will not change my mind in the next few minutes but right now I just can’t. The serpent symbol has been transferred from Heaven to Eden first and now to this bronze snake.

I am not sure whether we are supposed to take the Israelites position in Canaan here or that of Nicodemus. Nicodemus went back and studied the bronze snake but he also saw its fulfilment. John (3:14); ‘And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up’. But it wasn’t as simple as one plus one equals two. Only Nicodemus and Joseph worked it out. Not Peter, not Paul, not Mary, not John nor anyone else. So initially we will look just at the ‘one’ that the Jews saw in Moses’ time and then try and introduce the second ‘one’ or Jesus on the cross.

The Jews were in a desperate situation. Not only had they been conquered, some were even taken into captivity. Only one worse scenario; they were all in captivity, probably better than being killed. And it is from these depths that God seems to lift us. The deeper the trough the higher the next wave will be. The more we will appreciate it and the later it will be before we forget. Well I was being careful and watching my step but this cunning animal just seemed to appear out of nowhere, bit me and disappeared. Not to excite myself and let more adrenaline Page 35

increase the poison and circulation I send the missus off to get Moses and tell him to get over here pronto otherwise he will lose yet another member of the flock. After what seems like an eternity she comes back and reports there are hundreds of similar cases and Moses is working on a solution. Apparently he is casting a bronze snake and anyone who looks up at it will not die.

The value of her report is totally dependent of what I think of Moses. Highly, lowly or something in between. I have been bitten by the serpent of sin which results in certain death unless I look to Jesus’ solution; Him hanging on the cross, if I look  and believe I am saved and if I don’t I go to hell! So what did the Jews think of their God appointed leader, Moses? They had certainly seen God’s anointing on him, he was God’s servant and if they still thought he was just a drop-kick who led them from one disaster to the next then there are no bonus point for guessing the destination of these people. For me this is a life and death situation. I am about to depart to the other side. It is unknown for anybody to have been bitten by the serpent of sin and survived. There may have been varying lengths of time before the serpent’s poison killed them but in the end they all died. —

So do I trust in Moses and wait for him to lift up his symbol and by looking at this symbol I live or do I think the whole thing is a cruel hoax and die. Looking at that symbol they were looking at evil but even at that stage the door of mercy had not closed on that evil. It could still be turned into life eternal, both satan and Korah, it had been selected by none other than God Himself and trained under the strictest conditions to do so. It is a matter of faith and it will remain so right until the blood of Jesus is applied to our foreheads. They had the bronze snake with much faith required, we have GFPMC and less faith required and even less faith after DOA50. But today it is a matter of faith. The master deceiver knows that this is what is all about and he sends his fakes and frauds and he has achieved his aim when you look around you at the incredible complexity and beauty around us and do not see the Creator, but you see it coming from nowhere by evolution. That is the purpose of the Book of Genesis; Christ Creator turned into Christ Redeemer, this happens within Genesis, we have to look at the Levite first before changing our gaze to the Nazirite! **** An interrupt before continuing with Numbers.

As stated before and on many occasions that this blog is an attempted interpretation of the Book of Revelation as it applies to end days. The problem being there is no such thing as an individual book to base ideas and dogma on, they are all Scripture, all part of the Bible and all are Christ centred. So when I see people, churches using this book to take anyone away from Christ it becomes my duty to repel/reject those ideas even when put forward by whole denominations and churches. Jimmy Swaggart is the only claimed to be ‘christian’ channel in my area but the criticisms which I apply to him apply to others with the same view points. Any ministry that severs not just the tie between God to man but also man to God, total severance, is demonic. Swaggart’s ministry does both. It is demonic. Whether its leaders and followers know what they are doing is wrong, God alone will judge intentional and unintentional as He did at the cross to those who jeered and sneered at Him and then allocated precious Scripture to tell us the unintentional ones were there to greet Him at His second coming.

I wasn’t going to comment on Gabriel Swaggart’s conversion but now that I am there I might as well. It seems Gabriel has seen the light, the evil of earth’s manna and it doesn’t matter what dad or granddad say he is now going to seek the Lord and Him only. From his confession it was difficult to tell whether he and the family were going to move into a four person tent or allow

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themselves the six person version model somewhere in the wilderness and whether they were going to allow themselves tomato sauce with their locusts. But big changes were afoot. And you alone can make that happen. Not that anyone begrudges you or any pastor a decent living and broadcasting is an expensive exercise but we just want to know out of the packet of chips you get how many do you keep for yourself and how many go back to the Lord’s work? You know and you will not release those figures because what they will show. As onlookers we can only see those few outside signs, and they show you are a fraud. In the meantime grandpa is doing his umpteenth first class world tour when he goes to a refugee camp and sees this woman with baby at breast and estimates she will probably die of starvation within a few days. His heart strings are torn but not to the depth that would expose the wallet to give a few dollars to her. Face drops, fights back the tears, obviously deeply affected. The cynics would say the realisation hits him that he won’t be able to flog this lot any of those DVD’s that he has in his car even at super discounted prices!

It is Scripture that tells us that any house divided against itself will fall. Satan and the beast stand united whilst they have a common enemy, God’s people as does the gay lobby and Muslim. But that is only up to a point. Just because in a family, mum and dad and children are demon possessed does not mean there is harmony within the family. In fact they will tear into each like cats and dogs and so it is within the demonic family. Harmony up to a point. It is satan’s duty as head of this ‘family’ to make sure as many people as can be are turned away from God and finish up in hell. This is his primary duty. And to do this he adopts the same principle as many denominations and churches use. Get yourself some real estate pull down what is there and replace it with seven other buildings. Get some individual with a demon in them, throw that demon out and replace him with the number of completion, seven. Can’t do any better than that. It may not have a success rate of 100% but 99% or better is still acceptable.

I cannot answer why that demon inside that person does not leave when ordered by satan nor that he will not accept another six demons to live with him, but he doesn’t. Satan is going to be far surer of his claim on this soul if it is occupied by the complete number of evil spirits; seven. If in fact we have a free will and Adam and Eve did obey satan and did it willingly then satan must be given some access to his inheritance. That number seems to be one demon. There cannot be two demons there one driving out the other, only one per person. It maybe a different case once there are seven demons there but initially there is only one.

The only (?), best way to get rid of that demon is the presence of Jesus Christ. The demon may still be on the outside but not within and as far as satan is concerned that person is worse off with Jesus than with one demon. But the whole idea is to make sure this Jesus is not firmly entrenched and with a few seeds of doubt spread about this person will soon abandon their shallow faith. This is the moment that satan was waiting for; sends in seven. This changes the rules; now even if that seven rebel he can send in eight or ten to drive these seven out. This person is now much worse off than they were with only one demon.

The problem satan has depends on how deeply those demons are embedded in that person. Most demons flee at the sight of Jesus but there are some  who will stay to the bitter end. You would think that satan would concede that, ‘you can’t win them all’ and be happy with the amazing  success rate that he has. But no, he considers these few very hard to remove demons the challenge. He is going for the perfect score, 100%. He has nothing to lose! To study his technique on these difficult cases we can go no better than Swaggart and similar Christian

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ministries. We have already seen how they sever God’s connection to humanity by telling their followers to disregard  the blessed day He has sent us; the Sabbath. Here we have a ministry based on the cross, in one word, sin and they then encourage us to sin deliberately! Heard that one Jimmy way back in the Garden of Eden and guess who was preaching the sermon and sounding very convincing! Satan did not use a hail of, ‘ glory to God and Alleluias ‘  but somehow somewhere somebody is going to relate at the constant breaking of God’s commandments willingly is not what GFPMC is about!

Deliberately sinning in a cross based ministry gives us some clues as to which spirit is involved as does the spirit who is on tap with tongues and then gloats with glee as it sees the Christians in among the Palestinians being harassed and slaughtered by a bunch of atheists and blasphemers. I heard that is what happened at the cross of GFPMC and I don’t need someone to draw me a picture of who that spirit was. Jimmy is getting desperate warning anyone who says evil things about the Holy Spirit is crossing the line of sacrilege. You are basing a lot of your ministry on this spirit, you are clutching at straws, this is the bottom of the barrel.  No one better make any challenges! Paul had no problems when he said that if a non believer turned up to a service where everyone spoke in tongues that he would think they were all mad and do a bolter for the door! We don’t need any new definitions Jimmy. You have defined the situation well; a born again Christian will gloat at the misfortune of God’s people! It would be hard to add to that one!—-

The problem with these difficult demons is you have to throw everything at them before they budge. You have to present the cross in such a way that can only be presented by the Holy Spirit. Missing the ‘Holy’ part of the Spirit does not daunt Jimmy and his followers, they fill in the gaps with miming and other techniques, but get rid of this deep trenched demon they must because they have their clangers to present each of which puts a shutter between believer and Christ. If they manage to drive this demon out then all well and good but if not then they still must keep you out of Heaven. We have seen two of their techniques. One is to make sure you remain under the old covenant from which Heaven remains out of bounds. They do this by not allowing the law of God to be transferred from the stone tablet to your heart. It no longer applies they say so what is the point of transferring it? There is none, keep it on the stone tablet, remain under the old covenant. Don’t worry about it after all who needs a gift from God? ****

To take man’s gift from God  away from man is one thing but to take God away from man is another thing altogether. Swaggart replaces the image of God with a blasphemy that makes sure few if any will turn to. God’s revelation of Himself was through His only begotten Son on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) where He showed some of the immeasurable qualities including love, compassion, mercy, long suffering, forgiveness and others. These and others are encapsulated by one attribute; holiness and it was His holiness that was the focus of worship on the Day of Atonement (DOA51), Sabbath the 10th of July. And to take the Friday and the Saturday and convert them to everlasting death is indeed sacrilege. These are acts of Divine love and not an exercise of cruelty and hate!

But even this may  bring the most ardent of atheists to Jesus. They may not be so intimidated by waiting for Lazarus to bring them a drop of water on his finger than have Jimmy Swaggart coming down from heaven and asking if they were at the Manilla Evangelistic campaign in 1984 and being told ‘well if you had been you wouldn’t be here today!’  Jimmy has his heavenly program worked out rather well. He is then going to leave them burn for a thousand years and come and check whether they were at the South African campaign. No? well you should have

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been and if you were you wouldn’t be here today! The DVD’s and videos were marked down to the bone but you still did not buy! Then apparently he is going to leave them for a million years before his next check and evangelistic campaign. No old evangelists don’t die and the thought of having Jimmy’s campaigns revisited for the eternities and not being able to avoid them must make even the most ardent atheist throw in the towel! Or should I say pick up the towel and head for the water baptism!

What a mockery you make out of holiness and perfection. This holy, loving God formed the overwhelming majority, as many as one in a thousand, one saved but 999 were created to scream their guts out in hell for all times! Only a sadistic, cruel and inefficient god would do that and a god well worth staying away from! Your blasphemy has run its full course when you go back and apply this cruelty and sadism to the love relationship between Father and Son that was exhibited on GFPMC. It just proves the cruelty of God. Thank you Jimmy you may now resume your seat. You have done well and satan is very pleased!

Your explanation of the destiny of the saints, immediately taken to Heaven is the foothold that spiritualism needs and uses, an avenue for satan to enter the body. If the righteous go to Heaven immediately then the wicked go to hell. Lazarus and the dead man. One small problem there and that it that the wicked will be resurrected and the end of the millennium, released from hell so you would expect a stampede for the sackcloth when the two witnesses appear at the third coming of our Lord to end the age of grace. There is not one response, no one repents! Seems after all that hell is not such a bad place after all and Jimmy’s campaigns are a welcome break from all that screaming! It is probably the other way around; screaming intensifies as Jimmy appears and dies off to normal background levels between appearances! You are satan’s foothold into the body!

What about those saints you claim have gone to Heaven on death? Why do they first have to come back for the second coming at all and be the first to returned to Heaven ahead of the 144,000 who are also going? It could be as simple as they are missing their Jimmy Swaggart DVD’s and videos and have come back to stock up! After all if they have not seen the light by now who will? So hang around Jimmy and keep the warehouses well stocked there is money still to be made out of this lot yet!

This blog is not an exegesis on the state of the dead and I do not claim to have all the Scriptural answers. In fact as I read different Scripture I keep changing my mind. One example is the 12 to 3 time slot on GFPMC where I have gone back to my original idea that 9 to 12 was my Saviour suffering for my unintentional sins and 12 to 3 intentional sins. This forces the result onto the DOA52 as there were no intentional sins left by now all six hours on this cross, 9 to 3 were hours of light. There were no hours of darkness. After all if Jesus wanted to take our place in hell He is going to have to stand where I stood and have the charge read out by God the Father, ‘That you did spit in my Holy Face and tell Me you wanted a divorce, you wanted out, you had had enough!’ And Jesus had to respond, ‘Guilty as charged’ to each sin and then allocated due punishment. It is Heaven that draws the distinction between intentional and unintentional sin and for good reason!

The two Biblical verses that the proponents of continuing consciousness of the dead are Lazarus and the rich man and Paul’s statement that he wanted to leave now to be with our Lord, certainly implies continuity. I could refer you to a blog that has the best interpretation on these topics and I know that the SDA’s staunchly support the state of the dead as dead so if you a

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looking for a Scriptural analysis on this that would certainly be the place to start. To me it would all be pretty well meaningless from Genesis (You will surely die) up to and specifically including Revelation if the dead were not dead. So why did Paul want to leave now and be with his Lord?

Jesus selected Paul, trained him and gave him a specific and major role in the start of the early Christian church. But it was not Paul’s church nor was is Peter’s church or Mary’s church. It was the church of Jesus Christ to whom Jesus had sent His Spirit to form and nurture. Paul knew that he had run his race and it was time to hand the baton on. It had been a hard race and many regrettable mistakes had been made, but with Jesus Christ time only points forward; the beauty of the Heavens to come as displayed in this cross. Paul without a shadow of doubt saw both GFPMC and DOA52, the complete picture. But it was one cross, the same cross and unless you see the first one there is little point in searching for the second. And Paul focused on stage one; Nazarite’s ministry phase one.

Whether Paul knew that he would be dead for, euphemistically sleep, 1,977 years, 3 months, 17 days, 2 hours, 56 minutes and nine seconds or whatever this figure is, we are not told but I daresay he had a fair idea of how long his sleep was. The point was though he had to pass the baton on and if he held on for too long it would not give those receiving it a fair go to do their work. He is reminiscing about what was and wondering if the Lord was going to take him or give him another stint of six or twelve months and another missionary tour. It was not intended as a theological statement about the state of the dead. —

Whether the rich man and Lazarus give us this statement of the dead being alive in hell now has already been looked at. They all rise with the wicked at the end of the millennium and are given 260 years time plus an intense period for repentance of 1,260 days at the time of the two witnesses. Not only would they all have repented they would have convinced the living at the time to repent also! There where would be no one left for hell. No one repents, they all go to hell. So what does Lazarus tell us? What is this abyss? Is it hell? Paradise?

I have been critical of commentaries and commentators who as soon as they strike a difficult passage symbolise it, it can’t be literal! So it would be hypocrisy to treat Lazarus the same way. Let us list some of the ‘facts’ concerning this matter. Jesus suffered and went to hell for our sins on GFPMC for a maximum of six hours and not a million or whatever years. Satan is going to be thrown into the abyss for a thousand years. When released he is not charred, his handicap is that his great chain around him is not taken off. We have already spent some time on the revolt in Heaven and 2 Peter (2:4). As these evil angels are awaiting judgment they cannot be in hell. Hell is where judgment is carried out they are the foyer to hell, are going to be given a chance at repentance, judged and then thrown into hell. So ‘hell’ in fact should be abyss. So these angels, the inner core rebels will spend some seven thousand years here deciding and being given a chance to repent. Had they offered fire as the 250 leaders did, judgement would have occurred there and then, they were killed to join the ranks of the dead.******Unrecoverable configuration error stopped access for 3 hours.

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What does Lazarus and the rich man have to tell us about the state of the dead? There are an umpteen number of blogs out there on Luke 16:19-31 to which I don’t think I can add anything to. But the amazing thing is that the churches and rich ‘Christian’ ministries refer to this parable at all. They should have it blanked out of their Bibles. It is you that this parable condemns. You are the rich man habitually dressed in purple and fine linen gaily living in splendour every day. It is you who will not throw a crumb to poor Lazarus and those who take Lazarus’ coat and leave him cold so that they can buy themselves the best available purple clothes are not even mentioned, they are beyond contempt.

Yes both die and Lazarus is carried into Heaven at the second coming of Jesus along with the righteous dead. There he will experience a number of time zones; 1,000 years plus 260 years plus approx. 50 years plus 483 years plus three and a half years plus three and a half years plus 7 months plus 7 days and plus 7 hours. Then he will pass through the doorway into the tent of meeting. The rich man dies and is dead, dead until the end of the millennium when the wicked dead are risen, then 260 years plus approx. 50 years plus 483 years plus three and a half years where within two weeks of the end of this 1,260 day period he is thrown into hell. It is from within hell that he makes his call for mercy and having shown none in his life has that amount returned. It is from hell Jimmy where you will you not only see your sins against God but also against Lazarus yet you will persist in using this parable.

I used to think that the most stupid act ever committed by any human being was committed by Eve. She had life eternal but fell for the satan’s lie that he could give her life eternal which was a lie and actually took it away! But your act of stupidity even tops that. You know as rich man you are going to be calling out to Lazarus for a drop of water and you will be doing this for the eternities to come! Yet you don’t stop yourself enriching yourself with lies! It is obvious that you don’t believe in an eternal hell it is just a ploy to scare the money out of people and your main aims to destroy the love of God as shown by GFPMC and replace Him with someone who is sadistic, cruel and inefficient, an abomination who must be stayed away from. Eternal hell does that most efficiently! You firstly close the doors into Heaven to prevent entry. By not allowing the law to be transferred from stone tablet to heart the people remain under the old covenant. You throw back God’s gift of His Holy Day back into His face. Then to top it off you bar and lock the Heavenly door by warning everyone that there is a god of hate behind them and there is no better way of doing this than the doctrine of eternal hell! No doubt you like Billy Graham will have no problems with ‘blessing’ American troops as they  leave to go and slaughter millions of innocent people! Even Lyndon Johnson praised the lord when 20,000 people died in one day defending their country of Vietnam! My wife’s father a Pole, had the misfortune of fighting in two world wars and in Poland other wars as well. He would tell us how the demons dressed in their black cloaks with the flash of smiling teeth collar would jump from trench to trench encouraging the soldiers to kill in the name of God. But they could also see demons jumping from trench to trench on the German side. And you have stated that is how you define a born again Christian. One who gloats and approves of God’s people being harassed and slaughtered by a Godless nation! Returning from page 35 and the Levite-Nazirite of the bronze snake in the desert.

Actually there were three crosses on Mount Calvary on the Friday. Levite-Nazirite-Levite. It is my intention to show that this Levite on the left is satan, but it could be Korah or you or me someone chosen by God as His but has gone astray. Was/is a mixture of present evil but potential good as well. Their evil must pass through that middle cross on which the fires of hell burn and after which the remains will be the Levite that God intended on the right hand cross. It

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is this transformation we are expected to study in this serpent and as we have only ‘covered’ twenty one chapters we do not know this is the high point Jesus sent us to or just an inflection point in our study of the Book of Numbers. God has been preparing these Levites since almost 01/01/01 that at that middle cross they would pass through that torn curtain and become Heaven bound Levites, kings and priests.

Unlike many of the ministries and denominations around today this blog struggles with the transition from a sinful world to a sinless Heaven. The sins of the bride were cleaned up on GFPMC by the Son of Man and any remaining sins after the fires of hell went out by the Son of God on DOA52 and the world and the universe were burnt up pretty soon after it was possible to destroy them; the water and blood that Jesus shed on this earth were gathered and taken to Heaven. This earth could not be destroyed whilst they were here, and even while the beast of evil remained in any form the potential for sin remained, but finally a sinless state. A lot of Scriptural time has been spent on this journey and the bride spent what seemed like an eternity in this zone.

We knew we were about to make our final assault onto the Promised Land when those spies came back from Canaan and gave such a wonderful report; it was grape time. Now for the first time because we are in a sinless state the Holy Spirit will not be hindered in any way and will be able to show us His power in what we celebrated here on earth as the Last Supper and the wine. In fact God Himself warns us that we are heading towards 0.3 flour, 0.5 oil and 0.5 drink offering. And we of ourselves will see the bull and peace offering and are ready to present them before God. It maybe the return of the prodigal son but this son brings a gift that even God will acknowledge as perfect. He does specifically prepare us for what will happen on the other side of the doorway into the new tent of earthly meeting.

It wasn’t so much of a mistake but that we did not grasp what was happening in those very last days of the history of planet earth. We has been tutored by the bridegroom but you can’t tutor true worship and that is what we have been experiencing. Almost impossible to absorb anything else going on. This all happened on the Day of Atonement (DOA52). We were aware that phase one of the Nazirite vow had been completed at 3pm the sin phase, all sin gone and therefore phase two must have begun, the sinless phase. But herein lies the ‘problem’. (A problem I would dearly love to have and would give an arm and leg for) Looking at this cross for six hours has changed gratitude worship into true worship. No longer what Jesus did for me but why He did it for me. This is the specific aim of the cross; to turn gratitude worship into true worship.

That is the stage at which we lost it; it is called phase two of the ministry of the Nazirite. But how long did this stage two last for? Was it when He cut His hair off and placed it at the foot of the altar? Or longer? We did not realise that the Nazirite’s vow was completed here on this earth and just as He began to lead us over to that sinless zone on the other side of the doorway of the tent of meeting. It appeared as one continuous ministry. It was not. The moment Jesus crossed to the other side His ministry changed to that of the High Priest of the order of Melchizedek.

We only realised this at the water of Meribah and as soon as we realised this we asked the Rock for living water!**** Meribah is chapter 20 and we got our bearings in Chapter 19; the ordinance of the red heifer. It must be kept in mind that there is no sin of any kind once we go through that doorway. Just like we cannot relate to what holy, infinite or perfect mean up there it is the concept of sin which is not in our vocabulary. We certainly want a sin free history and

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Jesus Christ gives us just that, a sin free history. Add that to the inability to sin and you can see what a farce an everlasting hell has on this concept. But if we are in such a sinless zone then how can the red heifer be up there as well. It is all about sin!

Passing through the doorway into this sinless zone when we looked up  there was the blood of the lamb on the doorframe and we thought, well that is Good Friday Passover in Egypt. 01/01/01 and the start of the journey whereas now we have the end of that journey and the start of eternity. Egypt did not have anything to do with sin and there is no sin here also. Not mentioned here as it doesn’t exist. All that matters is as firstborn we have come to enjoy our inheritance and the blood on the doorway tells us we will enjoy it forever! The reality is that the golden lampstand is here; all three crosses. Egypt was the blood on the doorframe as we came in and the cross where Jesus was crucified on both GFPMC and DOA52 has come through. All three crosses are here.

It is strange that the spies warned us that the grapes were in season on the other side of the door that the first time I have been able to pick up the presence of blood is in verse four, (19:4); ‘Next Eleazar the priest shall take some of its blood with his finger and sprinkle some of its blood towards the front of the tent of meeting seven times.’ Jesus Christ before going to the cross of GFPMC checked that this sacrifice would be perfect and would be acceptable to God. He waved it towards the tent of meeting where we are now, supposedly a sinless zone, because there was no Most Holy Place at this time. The New Jerusalem had not yet descended. He waved it in front because some of it splashed onto the doorway we were about to pass through. He waved it towards the front of the tent of meeting to confirm that the journey that began on 01/01/01 will be over, but unfortunately it can only be over when what is symbolised by the red heifer has been done.

Even though we were given a fair coverage of what to expect once we arrived inside of this tent of meeting, it is such a massive and beautiful place we need to orientate ourselves first. First thing is a quick glance at the doorway; blood on the other side but not on this side? And we are in the season of the grape? Jesus’ waving His blood exercise must have been concerned about our entry into the tent of meeting, well we are here so it was acceptable to God. But wasn’t Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary only applicable to the sins of the bride and not to any left over sins after the fires of hell went out? So DOA52 was not required? GFPMC cleared our sins, now the bride, to the extent that we would be allowed into this sinless zone because we were sinless. They are gone! The door would not open however until all sin was gone and thus the need for DOA52. Well what is on the doorway frame on this side? On Heaven’s side?

It can never be overstressed the dual nature of Jesus Christ. Unless He was fully man and fully God the crosses He went to are meaningless. Satan only has to degrade, put into doubt one of these natures and the three crosses on the golden lampstand are just a work of art. The red heifer is why we are here in the tent of meeting make our intense preparations for the descent of the Most Holy Place; the New Jerusalem; the throne and direct presence of God! It is the humanity of Jesus Christ that has allowed us to be able to be inside of this tent of meeting. His divine blood would have put out the fires of hell and His divine body would not/could not have died only his human body and blood could have died and not put out the fires of hell! When Jesus does finally crush satan’s skull in hell the fires only self extinguish when there is nothing left to burn. All of evil’s fuel has been consumed!

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On GFPMC the whole body of Jesus Christ was presented to hell. In heifer terms its hide, flesh, blood and refuse; everything! And it was all burnt to ashes. Every sin that we presented Him finished up in this pile of ashes. So if there is anything that could be on the entry door  it should be covered with ashes. But notice these sins have to be presented to the flames first before they can be burned. Satan has found new depths in the denominations that say they don’t have to confess their sins, they are automatically forgiven! Without God’s gift of the Sabbath you will swallow anything!

Satan will allow the preaching of the most breath taking and heart piercing of sermons but only on two grounds; the congregation can have no benefit from them and it has been firmly established in their minds that the god of this sermon is a cruel, vindictive and sadistic god who will even put his only begotten son through such unnecessary violence, he must be stayed away from at all costs! Everlasting hell does the latter and keeping them under the old covenant by not allowing the law from being transferred from stone to heart the former. You can shout all the Alleluias and blest be God’s but they are all meaningless!

This burning inferno that engulfed  the red heifer did have cedar wood thrown in, the cross which came along with us now, Hyssop that was taken by Jesus in His final act of separation from His Father and a scarlet material to indicate the re-joining when we arrive in Canaan in the season of grapes. But this body that was burned leaving a pile of ashes also released at 4pm on GFPMC water and blood about which I am surprised how little has been written about. It seems to me that the water is going to be a continual process but the blood a  one off application. So from the red heifer we not only have the ashes but also the water that gushed from Jesus’ side. It separately was collected from earth to the blood and is here now with us.

So what is orientation day/week or month supposed to tell us about these other that they have come across from sinful planet earth? The body, the burnt offering which for the first time we ‘understood’ from 3 to 4pm on the DOA52 as a true act of worship shouldn’t pose that much of a problem as it was the last act of worship on the old earth and the first act of worship in our new tent of worship and those instructions came from none other than God Himself. The new earth worship was far superior to the old earth as there was no sin and nothing inhibiting the power of the Holy Spirit.

The second thing God told us to focus on was the special vow. There may be tens of thousands of Nazirite vows made but there was only one that we are concerned with; the Nazirite Jesus Christ. His vow now appears to be purely an earthly vow then a Heavenly vow. Phase one the sin stage and phase two the sinless stage. If this was the case then phase one was from 9 am on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) until 3 pm on the Day of Atonement (DOA52) All sin had been dealt with between those dates and times. There was not one trace of sin left behind, but strangely even that was not the end. Firstly there was Daniel’s 1,260 days to finish off the 7*70=490 years. And specifically we are told that the Most Holy was anointed within this time. Jesus Christ laid His sinless locks of hair on the altar/cross. He Himself attached the tag ‘Heaven bound on it’ . There has nothing come up in Scripture so far that the world will last for another seven months, seven days and seven hours. If it did then the time from DOA52 to end of this planet would be; 1,260 + 210  + 7  + 7 hours = 1,477 days and seven hours. This is a very significant period of time when you compare it to the 451 (?) days we are given in our new tent of meeting to prepare for the arrival of the New Jerusalem.

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We did have much to learn about what we were about to enter; eternity. There wasn’t just going to be a blinding flash in the sky and the New Jerusalem was going to be there just like Jesus appeared at His second coming. No there was going to be an orderly and staged transition, logical reasoning as now directed by the uninhibited presence of the Holy Spirit. And the target is specifically given; o.3 flour, 0.5 oil and 0.5 drink offering. It certainly wound not be beyond the power of our Lord to allow this world to last for 7,777 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours!  We know exactly where we are going. It appears that the Holy Spirit even on this earth is giving us more daily bread with each hour of study. And if in fact we do have the law of God transcribed from the stone tablets and onto our hearts we are indeed under the new covenant and allowed to project our minds into this sinless state because we are in fact sinless now! And Jesus Christ did that way back on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). In fact I can guess the topics; the red heifer, Miriam dies, the waters of Meribah, Aaron died, Arad conquered, the bronze serpent, Balak and Balaam…….. But starting with the red heifer.

It is the study of the bodily death of our Lord Jesus Christ. And guess what that is also the topic of the Nazirite’s vow stage one, GFPMC which cannot be separated from DOA52 and is the intermediate stage of the burnt offering and introduces the second phase of the ministry of Jesus which at the border of eternity becomes Jesus the High Priest in the order of Melchizedek Who continues for the eternities! In this text somewhere we must be told of the termination of the worldly stage of phase two of the Nazirite’s vow and how this water got into the Rock of Meribah and how it represents Melchizedek.

The red heifer certainly deals with the earthly body of Jesus Christ; selection, where burned, by whom, fire composition and where the ashes are to be placed and by whom. It is the foundational dogma of eternity just like GFPE, the bottom cross in the golden lampstand was the foundation of the earthly ministry. Without the red heifer there would be no salvation and no eternity. But the new concept that the red heifer introduces is in verse (19:9) ‘Now a man who is clean shall gather up the ashes of the heifer and deposit them outside of the camp in a clean place, and the congregation of the sons of Israel shall keep it as water to remove impurity; it is from purification from sin’.

These ashes have just come from a fierce fire that has consumed a large animal entirely. Any water or blood left within could only be divine water and blood. But the blood was already waved before the burned offering was consumed, this water as represented by the ashes comes after the inferno.  A picture is starting to develop. This is the prelude to the main event. Priest Eleazar, [ High Priest could even be Melchizedek] offers heifer, [offers bull] in direction of tent of meeting [takes blood into Most Holy Place]. And another gigantic step from tent of meeting to the New Jerusalem just as we have taken from the old earth to the new earth! It is most important to establish a good foundation in this tent of meeting we have just arrived in. *****

The blood that Eleazar sprinkled towards the tent of meeting  was sprinkled before the death of Jesus to see if it would be acceptable. Jesus must have got some answer back from God to say that it would be. It might have been as simple as checking whether it was on the prearranged job sheet of the Nazirite. There was no point checking after the inferno just in case it was not acceptable. The water that came out of the rock, the ash only acquired its sin forgiving properties because it was in the fires of hell. It had burned them all into non-existence. But it is from here that we could be associating the waters from Meribah with life giving and sin forgiving properties. Ash and rock can be associated as when a rock is finely ground it becomes ash. Both are the result of intense contact with heat.

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Some would use the present cases of the Jews overrunning all these cities and killing their inhabitants to justify the present harassment of the Jews of the Palestinians. The Jews here were God’s people which is certainly not the case today and they were led by God and not by satan as it is today. Also are the metals in Heaven a sign of evil? There is no evil up there so they cannot be a sign of evil. What about on earth? The evil represented by any metal would be removed by the presence of God. It was the presence of the snake that made that bronze evil in Moses’ bronze snake.

All that is left now before we have to make the commitment about whether the bronze snake belongs to the tent of meeting service or is the big one of the New Jerusalem now are the waters of Meribah. To be in the tent of meeting and discussing sin would indeed be blasphemy and would require washing by the water of purification. But we are not. We are discussing holy matters; the antidotes of sin and the foundations of our eternal faith. The reasons we are here.

So far we have discussed the blood of the heifer. It was what the angel of death was looking for that night in Egypt. It passed over many households that night of 01/01/01 and the overwhelming majority had a firstborn son who claimed the title of the inheritance of that family, including Pharaoh’s firstborn son. The angel of death that night ruled that the only legitimate heirs were the one’s that were in our tent of meeting. They had passed through the door with the blood on it and Jesus in the red heifer had specifically checked before He went into that inferno with His blood that this sacrifice would be acceptable. The angel that night did not kill those who were going on to be inside our present tent of meeting, to enjoy their inheritance as firstborn, all the others died. Red heifer has mostly earthly aspects of the blood but it is red and it has had a scarlet material added to it. It of itself did not put out the inferno around it.

And all of this blood is coming across into and beyond the tent of meeting. There are not going to have ampules gathered from what soaked into His clothing, and the cross and the foot of the cross and on the road to Mount Calvary and from the pigeon/turtle dove sacrifices minus these drops to restore His life on Resurrection Sunday and so much after DOA52, it is going to be one blood from the one God/man, Jesus Christ! It could well be collected in that golden censor  of our prayers which is hurled down to earth with all our prayers at the end of the millennium. They scorned our prayers for them to be inside of that doorway with the blood and now that blood is being returned!

The real surprise to me that springs from the ashes of the red heifer is the water. If it is a foundational truth in Heaven then it must also be a foundational truth on earth. It should not come as any surprise to us because at 4pm on GFPMC when the Roman spear opened up the side of Jesus there were two distinct streams; water and blood. Together but separate. This means there had to be one censor to take up the blood of Jesus at 4pm on the DOA52 and another to pick up the water that Jesus shed. But GFPMC tells us that that there were three components of Jesus Christ; His body, His blood and His water and all three had been through hell by 3pm on GFPMC. But 3pm Jesus is abandoned by the Father, He comes to earth to join us as a part of us, our body. We as Levites have been walking in the shoes that He had left for us way back in the Sinai wilderness and now He has come to join us. We are not yet a part of His body as will be when we are joined to Him in the burnt sacrifice, but He is still a part of us; His body, blood and water.

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If this is the case  then four o’clock is coming when all three will be separated. That has happened and if this blog is right it will happen again in the great tribulation. This should give us an idea of sort of death we are going to experience and so many around the world are experiencing, including Christians with demons, including pastors giving the victory clenched fist salute. The body, water and blood do not separate with an odourless gas, they separate with bullets and bombs. And the likes of Jimmy Swaggart and his ministry cannot get enough of this! Providing of course they are not his own family.Hypocrite!

But there must be some significance today at this three way separation but even more so when the symbolism is fulfilled at the second coming. The water is in the rock of Meribah but the blood was used to plead for mercy before this sacrifice began which is where we are at in Heaven now. Today we are in the 3-4 pm period of Mount Calvary. Jesus has been to the cross, is forsaken by God and will continue to be until the DOA53 when at 4pm on the 10th of July He will have so many of these drops of blood applied to Him and regain His full self of divinity/humanity. So what happens at the second coming? Well first and foremost the separation is done by force, by bombs or bullets or a Roman spear. As this separation of body, blood and water is within our bodies it is meaningless and therefore have to point to the actual separation of 4pm on GFPMC. It was Heaven’s purpose that this should occur and it did and is in Heaven with us now.

The blood has the role of pleading for mercy. It pleaded for mercy in Egypt, it pleaded for mercy in the red heifer when Eleazar waved it towards the tent of meeting, it pleaded for mercy when the High Priest Jesus Christ took some of it to Heaven at 3pm to plead to be given the scroll from the right hand of God. It will plead for mercy on the DOA53 when the sin offering of the pigeon/turtledove is made and it will plead for divine mercy when finally applied to our foreheads just as we see His face; mercy and grace! DOA53 might be an almost entirely a divine affair but even here Jesus retains some humanity as His divinity could not have died for that mountain of sin He was getting rid of, some humanity had to be there. Another aside before it disappears somewhere in those yonder blues. When I run out of ideas I assume that the Lord has shown me the ‘times up’ sign. I accept His call but I am going out with a glorified be Your Name call. I trowel the net for the different u-tube videos and if that means plagiarising then plagiarize I will. Acknowledging would only put the skids under their ministry something I cannot help avoid with Jimmy Swaggart. I am stunned at the number of satanic clangers out there! Satan does not realise he is doing God’s work for Him. He is sieving God’s people into defenders of faith and deserters from the faith. He presents any number of ‘contradictions’ in the Bible where even a person of my theological training, zero could show these to be lies and satan knows it! But this blog is not a defence of the faith it is eschatology; end day events. The Apocalypse.

I already spend too much time on Swaggart but that is only because there are many other ministries doing exactly the same with the same clangers. They deserve to be shown for what they are; demonic! Although I have not yet heard Swaggart specifically argue this one it results in the congregation thinking they are all Heaven bound. This can be done by muddying the

waters of the meaning of the new covenant. Keep them all under the old covenant where no one gets in and stop them from coming under the new covenant where no one  is excluded. All make it! The satanic argument goes something like; the new covenant requires the transfer of law to the heart. But how many of these laws are you going to transfer? 1,000? or 1,500 or 1,627? If you can’t even tell us how many there are you are hardly likely to tell us what they are

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and therefore cannot be transferred! Well actually satan what is written is that the laws to be transferred are from stone to heart and there are only ten laws on those tablets of stone! Whether they spawn a thousand or ten thousand other laws is irrelevant because we really on how Jesus kept them!  By encouraging your followers to break God’s commandments, specifically the Sabbath one, and by not transcribing them from stone to heart you and your followers are under the old covenant and you better repack your bags. The clothing required for hell is just a little bit different to that in Heaven! And all the glory be’s and alleluias will not change that!

The water at Meribah came from the rock just like the water came form the ashes of the red heifer just like the water came from the side of the body of Jesus Christ which had just been to hell. It is all the same water and finally finishes up as the river that flows from the throne in the New Jerusalem where ‘the congregation and their beasts drank’. The subject of the water of Meribah must be approached with respect, after all the next stop is the bronze serpent. —-

The sin that both Moses and Aaron committed by striking the rock twice instead of speaking to the rock was so serious it demanded instant death which was probably averted because of the extenuating circumstances; the death of Miriam and the thirst of the people. God would not have imposed such a severe penalty it they did not know what they were doing or the issues had not been so severe. The issues were death and thirst and if Moses and Aaron could see to the Heavenly courts we are trying to look into now, and there is no reason why they did not, then their sins are accentuated. Aaron knew and should have stopped Moses and is thus also responsible.******

Like parents on earth, our Father in Heaven can have two types of children; those who ask for something and those who demand it. There is no room in Heaven for those who demand. They will make changes, corrections and rearrange the furniture. They can do that to their hearts content in a place called hell where things are far from perfect. This is not the case in Heaven. If we are dealing with Uncle Scrooge who will not release any of his treasures unless it is the last resort we may have to make specific demands and to makes such demands from the Rock is to insinuate that we are dealing with Uncle Scrooge. Nothing could be further from the truth and nothing more serious. By striking the rock not once but twice Moses and Aaron showed this congregation they were dealing with an Uncle Scrooge. Blasphemy.

The rock they were dealing with had just come out of the inferno of the red heifer. The body of Jesus Christ still had water in it at 3pm on GFPMC and He would give it to any who ASKED and He would have given generously. To imply that this rock had to be forced to yield its water is blasphemy indeed. And if Moses and Aaron could extend earthly Meribah into the tent of meeting their sin would have been worse. The act of love that Jesus had displayed on the cross so that He could give now was being challenged. He was only going to give His act of life and love only if He is forced to! To undermine the cross to that extent required a severe penalty. And the penalty that was required was the same as the last challenge to the nature of God received; death in Eden!

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By their act of disobedience to God of Adam and Eve was a challenge to the nature of the being of God. According to satan God had not provided them with eternal life nor had He let them see what He could see. It is hard to admit that the father of lies actually told the truth or at least half truth. God did not show the consequences of sin in fine detail but He did describe its effects; ‘if you eat of this fruit you will surely die!’ But God did not show them His only begotten Son being consumed by the inferno of hell. The full consequences of sin.

No bigger lie has satan told and it was swallowed hook, line and sinker by the two most intelligent human beings ever created! There was not one mutation in their body! And they fell for it and they challenged God and His Holy nature. And the challenge of such an insult was death and the introduction of the Aaronic priesthood, the priesthood of death. And it is now such another challenge that brings death again but this time to the Aaronic priesthood. That leaves us with two challenges; if this death of the Aaronic priesthood was on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary, (GFPMC) then what was it replaced with? Likewise if Meribah is in Heaven with the death of Aaron, then what is it replaced with? Maybe Melchizedek?

Here we are picking our way around the fundamentals of our eternal faith, the burnt offering, special vow, freewill offering and seasonal offerings when something catches our eye. That pile of ashes left over when the red heifer was incinerated should not have any water in it. The temperature of hell should be high enough to boil out water if it can cremate a whole body. No there is something special about that water and therefore the rock it came from must also be special.

But looking at this water how does this make us realise we are dealing with Melchizedek? No that water that has appeared out of those ashes has survived hell, death and destruction because it is the water of life. And it does this because it is the water of purification. It is required whenever anyone comes in contact with the deadly and contagious disease of death and uncleanliness. A very strict protocol has to be observed in removing its effects.

But to invoke Melchizedek this late in Heaven when He could only begin His priesthood we first must explain how Aaron and his priesthood got so far into Heaven. Wasn’t it done away with almost 4,000 years ago?  The Aaronic priesthood was God’s solution to a very serious situation that developed in the Garden of Eden. It was not God’s preferred option but it was still God’s option and therefore could not have been evil. It has survived for so far into Heaven because it was God’s option. The Aaronic priesthood was superseded by the priesthood of Jesus Christ and in Heaven the Aaronic priesthood is superseded by the priesthood of Melchizedek, the priesthood of eternity. Can anyone see me digging a hole for myself and the bronze serpent?

The Aaronic priesthood involving death has not been dead for that long!  Death last showed its ugly sting 1,477 days before we came through this doorway into our new Heaven’s tent of meeting. DOA53. Its memories are not that distant! The insult of death is removed at Meribah and it is not the bride who strikes the rock twice. We speak to it and it willingly yields its water of life. Unlike Moses and Aaron it is not in our nature to even think about striking the rock. But if we don’t strike the rock like Moses and Aaron did then how does this kill both Moses and Aaron, the old Aaronic priesthood and allow it to be replaced by the priesthood of Jesus Christ of eternity?  They struck the rock and their priesthood was replaced by that of the Nazirite phase one. We speak to the rock and the priesthood of the Nazirite phase two is replaced by the priesthood of eternity, Melchizedek. If they had spoken to the rock as directed by God would they also have received the priesthood of Melchizedek? Similar question to what would have

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happened if we struck the rock instead of speaking to it? What difference does it make if I ask the Lord to help instead of telling Him what I want done and when? Much! All the difference! Asking for help from someone Who loves you and knowing that you can’t be rejected is the prayer the Lord seeks. He will not, nor cannot let you down! Telling Him, ordering Him may lead to the same result, He still cannot abandon you  but the consequences could be totally different. In Heaven we do not ask for the water of Meribah because of the fear of death, we ask for it because of its beauty. It is given and it is given in abundance; the priestly order of Melchizedek and it is forever!

******01/01/2018.(37,138 words) Another year closer to the return of our Lord. His return will be a matter of sight. The city of Jerusalem lays in ruins. For the sceptics check the stones in the present foundation. No two left on each other! That is why the earthquake was so violent. Now count forty five days and this time Christians can be in white gowns and waiting on roof tops! Our Lord has finally come. As I hope to be sharing my ministries with my friend Jimmy Swaggart in heaven I made a new years resolution to try to coordinate our ministries better here on earth. At least he was honest and released his agenda and timetable of how he will be looking after the downstairs department. So I have to do the same on how I will be looking after the upstairs department. I will be basing it all on chapter eight of Revelation; the prayer chapter. Not only will every prayer that the saints have prayed be there so will be the answer. So if I am flying over a city of five million people and I pray for them not only will my prayer there but each of those five million people will also show me how my simple one second prayer affected them. Paul prayed for the church of his time and the future and if that will consist of 700 million people then Paul’s prayer will be there and how it affected each one of those 700 million people. That is the power of my prayer and that is the power of your prayers! So up there I will ask for a printout of your prayers and compare them against the output of the blog for that day and if it is shown that the ideas for that day were sparse because you just happened you did not to pray then watch out!  Before confronting you I will check out with brother Swaggart whether castration is an option or just castigation, but I will be around! If it wasn’t so serious it would be a joke but seriously it is a long year ahead, 365 days of typing and that can only be achieved with prayer!

But I have already run into a serious problem that when looking across from the serpent to Jesus being lifted up; He is lifted as the Son of Man! I have always regarded the teaching of the human nature of Jesus Christ as foundational truth, but this foundational?  We must expect a major attack on the humanity of Jesus Christ doctrine, yet another clanger! Could Jimmy take on this challenge? He understands the science of clangers very well. Firstly you must establish a platform and for that you just need two clangers. Keep them under the old covenant from where salvation is impossible and then produce an image of God that is so repulsive no one will seek Him. Everlasting hell does the latter very well! To keep them from coming under the new covenant you must annul at least one commandment, any one. If you are going to do that you might as well throw God’s gift to humanity back into His holy face; the Sabbath. Swaggart does those very well but if you don’t want them challenged then you have to throw in other clangers as well! He has others on his platform of clangers but that spring off the right leg and clenched fist of victory at the harassment of Christians blew your cover away, as well as your definition of born again Christian; those who approve of your demonic acts and gloating! You are training them to be ‘blessed’ as they go to war. How am I going in repairing bridges between our ministries. I had better stop before I say something negative about Jimmy!


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We have arrived at the bronze serpent but at two levels; where Nicodemus was told by Jesus to go back to and also where he was when he saw the Son of Man being lifted up on GFPMC and between these two we are supposed to form what could be the last tenet of our faith of eternity. Using myself as an example.

Even though I was very careful this viper was so well camouflaged it reared up and struck me on the calf. I know I am going to die as anyone else who has been bitten has, although the time for death varied. I seek the Lord’s representative for help confident that he will help. That confidence has been tested on numerous occasions up to now and strengthened on each occasion, well most of them. I am told just to sit and wait whilst Moses makes [casts or beats out?] out of bronze a snake and by looking at this snake when Moses lifts it up, just the act of looking will stop me from dying. Clearly this is an act of faith, of belief. I didn’t count the hours for Moses to make this snake but he finally did and I looked at it and now know I am not going to die. An act of faith. I know that I am not going to die because Jesus told me so. But does faith get some evidence to be based on?

Well if it does then there has not been much forthcoming in the bronze snake. The only spiritual application of snake I know of was way back in the Garden of Eden and the spirit in that snake was satan. God could have told Moses to make a lamb, or heifer or bull or even a human being hanging on a cross but He chose snake; a symbol of evil and made out of a metal representing the internal and external evils; bronze and all evil. It was faith alone that saved those individuals that had been bitten by those snakes.

Some of that faith was replaced by evidence on GFPMC seeing a part of how this snake is used in the act of salvation and even more in the DOA53 cross but even in that final act of the application of the His own blood to our foreheads when we will see His face it is still going to be faith that carries us through the eternities. Nothing is possible without faith!

It is not as if our faith is without a foundation. The Most Holy Place is not an isolated cube albeit of gigantic proportions. It stands on the new earth! Looking out not just at the enormity of those stars, but their complexity and beauty has to make one ask; Who, how and why did this happen? Again the beauty and complexity in birds, plants and animals; Who, how and why did this happen? If you believe those clever secular scientists of today who say it came from nothing well you have the bases of your faith; nothing, no bases just absurdities!  Or you could go back to Genesis in the Bible and receive volumes of information on this matter. You can have a faith based on Genesis and therefore the Bible or you may choose to have nothing; just shifting sands and not the Rock!

But having arrived at the bronze snake in the desert and believing we are entitled to look up to Heavenly things. And the specific text that we need is; (John 3:14) ‘And as Moses lifted the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up.’

Our Heavenly journey has progressed much since we came through that doorway and onto our new earth’s tent of meeting even though we have not yet arrived at 0.3 flour, 0.5 oil and 0.5 drink offering but we did see the inferno of the red heifer and were intrigued at that water coming out of the ashes that were left behind. We concluded that only divine water could have come from these flames just like the water came from Jesus’ side after He too had been to hell. But unlike our earthly counterparts on earth, Moses and Aaron we did not strike the rock demanding an instantaneous result we spoke to the rock. The strange thing is that we both got

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the water but they got water and death and we got water and eternal life! Their result was death and the replacement of the Aaronic priesthood with one not from the tribe of Levi but one from the tribe of Judah. Our result was life and the replacement of Judah’ descendants to that of the Son of God; the High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek! And now we have come far enough into our journey to find out about our salvation; the Bronze Snake.

If this is what Moses is pointing to then we must be given the full sweep of history, a panning of time from the start to its end. From the rebellion in Heaven until the last effects of that rebellion have been cleaned up, we are anointed by Jesus with His own blood and eternity begins! It is the whole picture that we now require in Heaven and we are able to understand in such a way that we see the beatitudes of God and not the evil of man. No guesses allowed as to which point of view I will be writing it up from! So when I get to the tree or water of life or the DOA53 unfortunately they will still be written up from an angle on this side of the doorway of the new tent of meeting.*******

We have already tried to do an analysis of the different players in the angelic rebellion in Heaven and the main player, satan, was represented by Korah here on earth. Out of all the players he is the first one who should have been thrown into the abyss to await judgment even before his co-conspirators as he was the leader. He should have been killed ahead of those 250 leaders who elevated themselves to priests and offered fire. Firepan holder 251 should have been the first to die because he knew what he was doing would result in death. He should have been the first to die as he abused the trust God had put in him in selecting him as a Levite. On at least those three rounds satan should have been killed; he was not! And he is symbolised in what Moses has told me to look at now. The bronze snake in the desert!  The kernel within satan/Korah that prevented immediate destruction was he was a Levite. There was an attempt to be made to change him from left hand to right hand cross around Jesus.

It was God’s will that He should surround Himself with people who would be respectful and obedient and train them in performing His Holy will. For this purpose He chose Levites/Christians. He did not make them into mindless robots, they still had a free will and could choose to disobey Him; In the Levite world only one did: satan/Korah. So in Heaven God had an inner core of angels who He knew would not rebel, the Levites and an outer core who He knew would rebel; the congregation of angels. The census for both groups is separate. The inner core who did not sin were allowed into the Most Holy Place with God but the congregation of angels were restricted to the tent of meeting. But what about firepan 251, satan?

When Jesus is lifted on the cross He is lifted as the Son of Man. The golden lampstand symbolises three crosses and on each Jesus is lifted as the Son of Man. Egypt is no problem. The Son of Man came to Egypt to leave His shoes behind so that the sons of earth could walk in them; the birth of the Levite. The Son of Man was not interested in sin here, God took the Levites as they were, there was a day of Atonement coming. He came here to pass on His inheritance as firstborn son and He came to plead mercy by the application of His blood. God reply was that death will not take any firstborn that is covered by this blood. The position of Levite among men had been created. And there were more positions created than could be filled! (273 of them)

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The problem up here in Heaven is that the blood and water have been split into two individual streams and that actually happened on Good Friday on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) This split did not occur during the 3 to 4 timeslot but after 4pm. So at present we are living in the 3 to 4 timeslot where both are together as they were on the doorframes of those homes way back in Egypt. But separate they will at 4pm and so when that golden censor is hurled back to earth at the end of the millennium to gather the water and blood Jesus shed on this earth it will have to have two compartments; one for the water to begin the river of life flowing from the throne and the other for the blood of Jesus which once and once only will be applied to our foreheads  by Jesus that because of this blood mercy has been granted by God for an eternity.

The prayers that we pray today are being compartmerised into which section of this golden censor will they go. Are they prayers for the forgiveness of sin? Then they are pleading for the water of forgiveness which came from the ashes of GFPMC. Do they want that sin that will cause death to be thrown into hell? Then the water that flows down the middle of the New Jerusalem will do that. Those prayers are in the water compartment of the golden censor. That is what was left after the red heifer was incinerated. On earth it is the water of purification from sin but in Heaven this same water is the water of life that flows from the throne in the river of life.

Or are our prayers for the acceptance by God. A plea for mercy and a plea to make peace with God? They are the ones that were in the blood that was waved towards the tent of meeting before the inferno began. It is the blood that pleads for mercy and peace and way back in Egypt it was blood that was placed on these doorframes. But did it still have water, the water of forgiveness still mixed with it? We are certainly told about the blood and I have already made a case that no sin was involved in Egypt. The Levites were given clean shoes. There had to be at least one Day of Atonement ceremony between 01/01/01 and the swearing in of the Levites.

So for the bronze snake out of all the Levites in Heaven only one failed, satan, and out all the Levites in the wilderness only one failed also, Korah. The only way satan could be converted back to a Levite was to have that shell of evil removed from around him. The only way to go from thief on the left hand cross to saint on the right hand cross was to subject himself to allow Jesus to pass through the middle cross. He did not do so instead he gloated at the suffering of our Lord who had been put there by atheists and blasphemers and for that he was kicked out of Heaven and the door of mercy slammed shut after him. And that sounds like the ministry of someone I know doing exactly the same thing today! And loving it! (How’s that I didn’t even mention Swaggart’s ministry! Has to be a first and proves new years resolution still holding!)

Jesus was the Son of Man in Egypt where the positions of Levite were created. Their sins, those of the Levites only a phase that the bride went through, and all sins of the bride were paid for on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). Not some on GFPMC and some on GFPE but ALL on GFPMC. As Son of Man He left His shoes behind on earth for us to walk in. We didn’t have to do anything, we answered God’s call of grace. It became our duty to evangelise to the congregation, and some will respond. Just like the angelic congregation in Heaven. Some stayed and some were kicked out. GFPMC was different in so many ways.

Here we have already made a number of attempts to explain the role of the Son of Man on GFPMC but probably haven’t even scratched the surface.******

This major topic of the Son of Man now in both GFPMC and DOA53 has brought me to a cross road and ask why keep going? The only reason I came back to the Old Testament was because

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Jesus told me this was foundational truth and Moses’ bronze snake in the desert has been in the back of my mind ever since. But it sharply came into view in the Book of Numbers and the focus around it has been increasing in the first twenty chapters until finally I got there in Chapter twenty one. I have been typing now for a while with this chapter in mind realising that I could be ‘digging a hole for this snake’. Even if this does happen the journey so far has answered many fundamental questions which theologians could not. And my prayer is that it has done the same for others as well and if only a small fraction of these revelations are repeated in the last part of this book then the future journey will also be worth it.

The story so far has been that we are in this sinless zone called the new earth’s tent of meeting (NETM) where we have 451 days of preparation for the arrival of the New Jerusalem, the Most Holy Place of the eternities. The physical setup of where we are should not be that much of a mystery as we saw it being created over a seven day period and that is not saying we are going to be gobsmacked at its beauty for ever, but right now we want as surety that this is forever. And we want to know why, on what ground we are here. So here we are in this sinless zone when the bronze snake appears! If that doesn’t destroy the sinless zone then what will? Time to ring Word Press, cancel the account and go do some of those earthly chores that have been building up over the years! In the next five or ten or whatever pages I will be arguing for an early and late appearance of this bronze snake but in both cases its appearance is in the sinless zone. It will depend on when the Son of Man waived the blood of the red heifer towards the tent of meeting (NETM), was He intending to wave from this side of NETM and pleading this blood as mercy for admittance through the door or was He waving it with the red heifer already within the NETM and establishing a basic tenet of our faith of eternity? Meribah and bronze snake to come!

The inferno of the red heifer did more than just burn the evil surrounding the Levite kernel within, it germinated the kernel into a priest. That middle cross did that conversion starting with the left hand cross and converting it to the right hand cross. It tore the curtain into the tent of meeting and the well trained Levite moved from outside to the priestly side of this tent of meeting. The bronze snake will turn out to be the central tenet of our faith but only if it can be related to; ‘So must the Son of Man be lifted’. And that happens twice!

I have been scathing in my attacks on the Swaggart ministries but the sad truth is that today over 99% of ministries and churches teach exactly the same thing. Only a very sick spiritual mind could entertain everlasting hell. The God of love who has revealed Himself through His Son Jesus Christ created someone to watch them burn for eternity! They have been surrounded by such clangers they cannot discern the pleadings of the Holy Spirit. They are all asleep. All ten virgins sleep! They have thrown God’s gift to humanity back into His Holy face. They reject the blessings of God He wants to give them on His Holy day, the Sabbath and they suffer the consequences. There seems to be no limit on the heresies that abound. Denying the Sabbath kills three birds with the same stone. But even today satan is starting to reach to the bottom of this barrel exhausted with his success and exhileration!

But this will not always be the case. Jesus prays; ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do!’ and the sleeping church will wake up to find five virgins are wise and are going to Heaven  and five will remain foolish and go to hell. Five will accept that ‘it is written’ as ‘it is written’ but five will maintain right through to the bitter end that ‘it is written’ should be ‘as I want it to be written’. The cross over into the new earth tent of meeting, (NETM) takes seven

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long days. The Book of Numbers has many names and each will be called. The case study of each has taken nearly 1,800 years to complete. Checked and rechecked. There will be no doubt about the verdict; dog, liar, murderer and idolater! We must make those judgments about those who lead us today before it is too late. The census of the congregation is large indeed but that for the Levite is very short. The changes from here to there are very dramatic; the water here is water for the purification of sin, the same water up there is the water/river of life; the blood from here pleads for mercy, the blood up there shows mercy has been given; the body down here is the one that carries/will carry our sins into hell’s fires, the body up there has carried all sins into the fires of hell and has allowed itself to be examined as to why it did this. No there could not be a bigger difference than between this side and the other side of the doorway to the new earth tent of meeting (NETM). —

I hope to continue my virulent attacks on the Swaggart ministries and other such ministries as they are there to only line their own pockets and they have found that the Name of Jesus does that marvellously well. They have taken off their black cloaks and cheesy smiles and got satan to make them up sheep’s clothing to cover the wolf. They don’t realise satan forgot the head gear. Mannerisms, speech, behaviour, music, the big tears all there but not the head cover! And that is Jimmy’s definition of a ‘born again Christian’. One who gloats with Jimmy and gives the clenched fist of victory when they a bunch of atheists and blasphemers harass, persecute and slaughter Christians! You signed the cheque Jimmy as ‘Warmonger’ and you made it payable only to yourself! Fruit like that can only come from one root, satan!  Yes the Jews were given the land and Jerusalem by God but it was conditionally. They have broken every condition and with it its rights. I assume that when Trump visited the King of Arabia recently that they sat outside and looked for the star of Bethlehem, but they could also have mentioned how to pull the Muslims out of Palestine giving the Jew  a fair go at the remaining Christians left behind. That is the foot in the door they are looking for! Yes the branches of the fig tree have become tender and it has sent forth leaves but it cannot bear fruit until it changes its god from that of the Muslim to that of what God has revealed of Himself through His Son Jesus Christ.

I have tried to address Jesus as the Son of Man issue in Egypt but what about Friday on Mount Calvary and Saturday at the doorway into NETM.? ****[New Earth Tent of Meeting]

Not even sure it is worth commenting on that most Bible versions have Jesus bruising the head of satan and satan bruising the heel of Jesus. Bruising by both parties. The reality is Jesus threw satan into hell and burned him into nothing but satan by making us commit unintentional sins and intentional sins as in the Garden of Eden, does bruise the heal of Jesus in both GFPMC, intentional and DOA53 unintentional and cause Jesus to personally take these sins to hell. So on GFPMC he did have a lot to gloat about but he was not there by DOA53 to gloat, he had been burned up in hell! It was his gloating that caused the door of mercy to be slammed shut on him and result in him being thrown out of Heaven and confined to earth. During the 9 to 3 timeslot on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) he was not in hell with Jesus having his head crushed, even satan can’t gloat when that is happening, not to himself at least, he was outside gloating at the pain he had caused Jesus to suffer. So NIV has the best translation here; Jesus will crush the head of satan but satan will strike at the heel of Jesus! Can’t remember what part of the Bible that comes from? Could it be that superseded, outdated and forgotten Old Testament? If it is in Genesis then it is at best allegory and not worth worrying about! Or is it?

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For Jesus to be the Son of Man He had to have a birthday, a deathday, mother, father and genealogy. The red heifer depends on Him being a man. Jesus had all the above down to the minutest detail. But He was also the Son of God. Each component had crucial roles to play and synergistically combined the individual components are magnified many fold and we have Jesus Christ. Even though it was Jesus Christ, both Son of God and Son of Man that was lifted up on that cross on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) Jesus chose to associate Himself with the Son of Man, that bronze snake transformation that He would accomplish. That split between Son of God and Son of Man was formalised at 3pm on GFPMC. The Son of God would return to Heaven with the Divine blood which would return on Resurrection Sunday to be rejoined with the body and be taken back to Heaven after another forty days but it is the earthly Son of Man that we have to follow. What was left behind was most of the blood and water form the body of our Lord and His body until early on Sunday morning.

Jesus confirmed the split in at least two ways; He called to the Father, ‘why have You forsaken Me’ and He broke His Nazitie’s vow by asking for and bitter products from the grape something forbidden for a Nazirite to do. Split has occurred, registered in Heaven but not requiring a reset in the Nazirite vow as was to occur later. Hair of Jesus thus not requiring the Nazirite’s hair to be cut off. On Resurrection Sunday Jesus presents Himself to God as Son of God and accepted as perfect, but what about the Son of Man?

Well firstly the Son of Man took all the sins of the redeemed into hell and paid the price demanded by His Father for each one of them. They are sin free, they are capable of receiving the Holy Spirit. But if it is all about faith then why didn’t the faith of the people before GFPMC cover them and allow the Holy Spirit to descend on them? What stopped the Holy Spirit from coming upon those people who had just walked out of their DOA53 ceremony. The high priest had conducted the sin offering. The blood from this sin offering had been used to cleanse all surfaces and utensils of all sin, the ceremony was valid and acceptable to God. It went ahead, we watched as the high priest laid his hands on the scapegoats head, we had rehearsed our sins many times before as to what we would say and we blurted them out at the moment the High Priest’s hands touched the goats head. And when we had finished we added; ‘I am sorry I hurt you Lord, forgive me of those sins plus all those that are not here because I just cannot remember them!’  All sin gone, not one left but today I am now capable of receiving the Holy Spirit but in those days I was not. Both are sinless circumstances. On my way home from Jerusalem that day my spirits were very high and I almost ran with a spring in my feet. I tried to keep this sinless condition for as long as I could but even if it lasted for 483 meters then why couldn’t I have the Holy Spirit in this time as I would have on the other side of GFPMC and not just 483 meters but a life time?

The Holy Spirit is an issue that I have struggled with in this blog and is about to raise its head again. If the Holy Spirit was available before GFPMC there would not be any need for Jesus to die on the cross. The Holy Spirit can only establish a permanent home in the absence of sin and sin can only be done away with by being burned up in hell. My sin has been burned up in hell on GFPMC and it just doesn’t exist any more and if I want to be in Heaven for the eternities to come all I have to do is to repent of my sin and believe in faith that Jesus has done this for me. Nothing else, no GFPE’s or DOA53 or red heifers or bronze snakes or waters of Meribah or anything else! Just if I confess my sins to Jesus He already has done away with them and I am Heaven bound! Only GFPMC is required but the Bible has much more to surround this beautiful Friday.

Before Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) the people’s sins were removed from them but they were somewhere else awaiting for Jesus to take them to Hell on GFPMC. They

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had not been burned into non-existence they were still there somewhere just like our unconfessed unintentional sins are out there somewhere. Jesus will not take these sins on Himself on Himself until the fires of hell have gone out. This will mean that Jesus will have to remove Himself any remaining sins before we are allowed through into the new earth tent of meeting (NETM).***** If we have been told where that massive number of sins are that will require being taken to the cross on DOA53 then I have missed it but will be looking out if the information is repeated again.

Initially I will resume my search for the Son of Man from day fifty, Pentecost. I still do not really understand that 1,260 days after DOA53 but neither do I understand the 1,260 days after GFPMC which is the history of the Acts of the Apostles but at day fifty Jesus has gone back to Heaven with at least a more than partial divine body, if such a thing exists leaving most of His blood and water still on this earth. He promised and now sends His Holy Spirit to be on earth and available to those who ask. That is not saying that if a parrot or lyre-bird was trained to say the right things they too would receive the Spirit nor would a war monger who lines his own pockets using the name of Jesus. Nor would American troops if you were to believe Jimmy Swaggart  as they wandered around Vietnam all they were asking for was a place to bury those brave troops who have come over to liberate them! ( of their oil, minerals, strategic positions not mentioned) They found none in Mi. Ly so these brave troops raped and slaughtered the 413 (?) villagers and went to the next village to plead for burial sites at the next village. After they had slaughtered some 5,000,000 people, mostly by burning with napalm and still had not been given a burial site they packed them all in body bags and brought them home! But it did have its positives. The chemical companies were paid top dollar for their defoliants like agent orange even though they were past their used by dates and in leaking drums. There was no way of disposing them. They unsuccessfully tried to add it to drinking water supplies along with fluoride, if that lot can get away with murder why can’t we, claiming this would stop the growth of trees on your head and when the public refused to accept this one they said it was for the commanders in Chief, Nixon and Johnson, wanted to be buried over there with their troops and because they were fussy about their burial sites large areas of Vietnam, Laos Cambodia and Thailand had to be defoliated to give the chief a good choice of graves! Then there were the drugs they brought back that are now destroying the country but above all the soldiers who came back and are employed in law enforcement have no problems with brutalising their public! These are not the inner thoughts of Jimmy Swaggart he teaches this in congregations open to the public! To call him a madman you would have to be able to prove some connection with planet earth!)

The Holy Spirit takes the role of the ascended Jesus Christ the difference being It is available to all and the operative word being it is Holy. Many things happen at the second coming. Jesus takes us to be with His body leaving the Holy Spirit here on earth. In our analogy to Good Friday this is 4pm. The second coming is the great tribulation when the body of Jesus, Who joined us at 3pm is opened by that ruling power of the day. From now on, on planet earth the blood and water are separate. Heaven will not be putting a pearl before swine. The blood that pleads for mercy is unavailable because the water of purification has been spurned. Repentance must come first and only then the plea for mercy. There is no repentance even during the next 1,260 years of grace and the blood is not offered.

The body of Jesus is taken down off the cross, replaces the Holy Spirit Who remains on earth and Jesus comes with us to Heaven. What proportion is earthly and what proportion is divine we still have to decide at what happens at DOA53. But the body of Jesus is in Heaven and we will marry

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the moment the Holy Spirit, the fine linen returns to Heaven. So one thorny question is, is it just the bride that goes through Friday, Saturday and Resurrection Sunday sequence or is it really the bridegroom Who is doing this and bringing the bride along with Him? What proportion of these events occur on this side of NETM and what proportion on the other side of new earth tent of meeting (NETM)?

Who was this Jesus Who came down to collect us at the second coming. It could not have been the same Jesus that hung on the cross between 3 to 4pm on GFPMC. That was human Jesus, the Son of Man who joined us at 3pm, and has been with us right up to 4pm, the great tribulation. He is not going to make the sky light up and make people drop as if they were dead. What we see today or at any time in the future is determined by our spiritually. The reason why those disciples of Emmaus saw Jesus was not because Jesus changed but because their level of spirituality changed; they broke the bread.

For the time being, we will call Him the Jesus, and it will not be Him Who is changing but our spirituality that will change. Our ultimate change therefore will come when we focus on the cross of the Day of Atonement (DOA53) and we ‘see’ the burnt offering. This is the purpose of the cross; it focus’ our attention from what Jesus did for us to why He did it; gratitude worship becomes true worship. There is a yawning gap between the two today, that will be bridged on that Holy Sabbath the 10th of July, DOA54. There Jesus will come down from the DOA54 cross and beckon us to join Him, after all we are bridegroom and bride but it will be a long time before we can respond. Our gaze of the beauty of what we have seen on that cross is only broken when Jesus places His sinless locks of hair on it; this cross is Heaven bound!

The %’s that I use are merely a reflection of my perception, my spirituality and it is what changes and not the nature of Jesus. As at 9am on GFPMC when the Son of Man is lifted for the first time He is 100% God and 100% man. I do not see the divine aspect but for this sacrifice to have any meaning it must be so, but I can see the 100% man. In the final New Jerusalem there is 100% God and even though I do not see I know there is 100% man. Even when the switch is made that is still the case. Melchizedek has already shown us that He is man. At 3pm the body stays on the cross with both blood and water in it but a small  amount of blood, divine blood returns to Heaven with Jesus’ divinity. Most stays here in His body. The blood that returns to Heaven should not have any water in it. There are no sins to forgive and it is too late to wash all utensils for the sacrifice. The sacrifice finished at 3pm and that was called by Jesus Himself. The first drop of blood that came in contact as the nails were driven through had to do that.

Even though the blood remained as a unit until 4pm on GFPMC it did perform the functions of combined water and blood. In Egypt on GFPE it performed its role as pleading for mercy, as acting as a peace sacrifice for God to accept the firstborn sons of Israel to be able to enjoy the fruits of the firstborn. It did not perform its water role as sin forgiving water of purification, that would be done on the most important date in the Jewish calendar; the Day of Atonement (DOA54) First the Levite position had to be created and it was on the ground that the plea for mercy that had been made on GFPE had been accepted. That is the other way around to the second coming where the blood is separated and withheld until the water of purification has been accepted, GFPMC also began by asking for mercy before the inferno. That mercy was not extended by Heaven to a world that was all evil after the second coming and Heaven had already made a judgment that the water of purification would not be taken advantage of. This was just final checking.

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The red heifer tells us both roles of the blood are there. Jesus sprinkles His blood towards the tent of meeting seven times before the inferno begins. The inferno of hell does produce a pile of ashes but from that pile still streams out the water of purification. It is the water of purification that washes those sins into the flames where they are burned into non-existence. It does not take millions of years; just six hours.

Why sin had to be removed on GFPMC but not on GFPE was not because the  people travelled from here to the DOA54 in Egypt in the Jew’s case six month’s time they both had to travel to the DOA54 as we are today travelling to the DOA54. The difference was their run to their yearly DOA54 was on level ground. In our case we must spend about 1,800 years in Heaven before we arrive at the DOA54. And to get to and through Heaven we have to be sinless and sinless was what GFPMC made us! This is one major difference between GFPE and GFPMC.

As we head now to the nature of Jesus Christ on the DOA54 we think back to Matthew that Jesus must be lifted like Moses lifted that bronze snake in the Sinai wilderness. Well in Egypt, on GFPE His blood was lifted onto the horizontal beam of the door and it also ran down both vertical beams and as Son of Man left His shoes behind to be filled by the Levites. Satan, the bronze snake was a Levite. On GFPMC He not only joined the Levites, He promoted them first to priest before doing so. The curtain tore into the tent of meeting and now there is one final tear, slash to make and that is into the new earth tent of meeting (NETM). And that final tear is made by Jesus Christ on the Day of Atonement (DOA55) by the Son of Man. The Son of Man started it off as a Levite on GFPE, converted Levite to priest at GFPMC and finally has now allowed these Levites to enter eternity as Sons of God. The bronze snake has indeed been lifted as the Son of Man has already been lifted but remains to be lifted again to complete His work as of today.

But trying to look at the situation more closely as to where we think these verses point us to in Heaven. We knew we were close to that NETM (new earth tent of meeting doorway) because the spies had come back and given us some warning of what to expect. God Himself had also given us laws concerning what we were supposed to do when we went across. The confirmation that we had got there was that on the 14/01/01 of the eternal calendar we conducted our first Passover. At this Passover there is no point telling me that back on that old earth on GFPMC Jesus died for and give me a list of my sins. I do not understand nor do I have any concept of sin. All I want now is reassurance that I will be here forever! I just want to be a part of the furniture! It wasn’t that long ago I was a part of an incredibly beautiful place but then after 1,800 odd years we just changed shop! Okay compared to this place Scripture calls the other Heaven a wilderness and it really was not comparable to where we are now, but no more moves.

I may not understand sin but I will understand that the reason I am here is because Jesus brought me here. In order to do this He had to go away from here to where I was, stop, did I hear you say ‘go away from here’? Leave the presence of God? Disaster! That is the reassurance I am seeking now and it unsettling every fibre of my being. Why would Jesus want to do that for me? And it is through the cross now that we are led into the inner beauty of our Lord and Saviour!  And in there also lies the reason as to why He will not be leaving us ever again!

Back to the availability of the Holy Spirit. Sent by Jesus ten days after His ascension and intensive preparation by Holy people who sold their houses and shared the proceeds among each other and not stole each other’s houses and remained with us until the second coming. His presence is equivalent to have Jesus walking along side us; His body, blood and water! At the second coming

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the Holy Spirit leaves us but Jesus takes us by the hand and takes us to Heaven, the old Heavens with Him


This next changes when the Holy Spirit returns to Heaven, the fine linen. We immediately ask for and are given this fine linen between our bodies and the robe of righteousness we received on entry into Heaven at the second coming. The Spirit only begins explaining the beauty of His robe the bridegroom has given us when we plead to be married to Him. The request is granted and the marriage takes place. The married couple immediately leave for their new home on the new earth. The Book of Revelation records two battles, one against the beast where we both fight it together and one that Jesus fights by Himself; something about Jesus crushing the head of satan and in return having His heel bruised. The beast is the one who so nearly wiped out Christians at the second coming. It may have been dominated by the fourth head but it was so fierce as to be indescribable and Daniel wanted to know more. There may have been one dominant nations but they were in cahoots with many other nations which may coincide with these nations which the Jews are fighting now. But in Heaven there is only one battle with no gloating just noting they are gone! Looking at Numbers may give us an idea of the great tribulation.

The Holy Spirit stays with us when Jesus leaves us to attend to some unfinished business. It helps us to understand the almost 1,260 tutorial that Jesus is going to give us and the associated events. It is a fundamental question that if Jesus joined us as in we walking in the shoes He left from GFPE at 3pm on GFPMC that He also un-joins us. Heaven is not about us and Jesus joining us, no, Heaven is about Jesus and we joining Him. If I have no intention of revisiting the Nazirite chapter there would be no point in continuing to write. Jesus knew the time line of evil would drop to incredible depths and despite this joined us in that journey at 3pm as the Son of Man. It does not stay down there forever and it is that resurfacing section that the Holy Spirit helps us to understand properly then and to some extent today. The burnt offering of the DOA55 is that resurfacing process and particularly the events and their timetable that preceded it. Numbers chapter 6. We still struggle with the 1,260 days after DOA55 and will continue to do so until we look at the 1,260 days after the GFPMC down here on planet earth in Book of the Acts of the Apostles. The subject matter is so important it warrants its own book.

But the Holy Spirit does stay with us after DOA55 for what could be as long as 1,477 days and does come across with us into the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) where its significance increases dramatically as It now operating in a sinless environment. Chapter 15 tells us the increase is from 0.25 to 0.33 and finally 0.5. And with the help of the Holy Spirit we finally switch from the ministry of Jesus Christ to the ministry of the High Priest forever, Melchizedek.

It would have to be a fair question that if the Holy Spirit is to spend the eternities with Melchizedek then why couldn’t the Spirit be with Melchizedek when He was on earth for what could be a thousand years? Other than the issue that down here there was sin but up there the Holy Spirit exists in a sinless zone. Or even with me during that first 483 meters on the walk home after the just completed DOA55? If the role of the Spirit is to glorify God then the presence of God was in the Most Holy Place and the Holy Spirit should have been there to help facilitate glory being given to God!

The issue is glory to God. You, I certainly do think that glory to God could be defined by His creative powers and that is not just what could but what has been done. In our almost daily trips

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to the beach I should take an eye dropper and count the drops of water in the ocean. On a grand scale this should be a very simple task. The eye dropper probably with the ocean in it contains about the amount of what is out there, yet it is an impossible to count these drops just as it would be an impossible task to count the molecules within one drop or even the subatomic particles within one atom! All impossible for us but not for God Who made them! Yet God chooses not to reveal Himself as Creator. Yes there is a NETM (new earth tent of meeting) where we are given plots to study God as creator but just as it is supposed to be on earth this is just a pointer to what God is. And on earth today if you miss God as Creator you miss the pointer as to what God really is. If you miss/disregard the Book of Genesis today you miss the pointer that God has put there He wants you to look along when He reveals Himself. AND HE REVEALS HIMSELF THROUGH HIS SON JESUS CHRIST HANGING ON THE CROSS ON GOOD FRIDAY PASSOVER ON MOUNT CALVARY (GFPMC)! Here we have the revelation of what God is!

You would think that if the options of looking at such a beautiful object as a male lyre bird and there were, actually are, two ways it could have got here; God or nothing that people would choose the God option well you would be wrong. Most, including many Christians choose it comes from nothing! The nothing theory, or big bang or whatever other names it has is believed by most people today, there is no need for a creator. All you need to do is to start off with nothing. Then you make that into such a tiny piece of something which is so small that it is virtually nothing anyway. The something that you take is time, split in into seconds and then take 0.000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,01 and that is such a small amount that only creationists will not agree that it is so small to be nothing. And the first law of nothing is that it can produce nothing providing that that nothing is something! We have that in operation. Then all you have to do is to break every law known to science today and voila! The lyre bird! Who needs a God when it can be explained so simply without Him? And the absurdity blossoms when between they cannot tell you whether a city or even country is going to be destroyed by a meteor within the next hour! At least astrology deals with realities!

It is a satanic diversion to take attention from Christ the Creator and thereby taking attention of what the creator is pointing to; to what God wants revealed of Himself in His Son Jesus Christ! And today most faiths and their adherents will tell you that this god is so cruel and spiteful that he will create many human beings knowing they will burn in the fires of hell for the eternities to come! Everlasting hell! What you will find that all these faiths have in common is that they have thrown God’s gift to humanity, the Sabbath day, back into His Holy Face! It is not as if Jimmy will gloat when he does his regular checks of these everlasting fires, no by now he will have a permanent about to burst into tears gaze on his face and the dressing down he gives will be quite ‘sincere’; why didn’t you attend whatever campaign he is reliving now and the DVD’s were cut to the bone and now my son/daughter you must suffer for your indiscretion! Pity, Pity and what I could have done with that money! And you warn others about the sin of sacrilege! Get the plank out of your own eye before looking for splinters in other people’s eyes!

The Holy Spirit is concerned with magnifying and glorifying God as He has revealed Himself through His one and only Son. The Holy Spirit could not be here before God had revealed Himself on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC). He could only do that after this date and not before. So the Spirit could not be present before His death but what about the forty days after? Jesus is implying they both cannot coexist yet for and from the Heavenly wedding they do? ( onto the questions sheet) If the central issue is the date of GFPMC then if the Holy Spirit were to appear in OT times then it could only be when issues that were to be

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involved with GFPMC and in relatively sinless conditions. So much on the Holy Spirit and now returning to the body of Jesus but not using the % at this stage.

The bronze serpent begins with being lifted. The body of Jesus Christ starts off by being lifted and both are lifted so that anyone who wants to see can see. I do not wish to contemplate and discuss at this stage the excruciating pain that Jesus went through during the next six hours or what a pathetic picture that He presented at 3pm. But that is the picture where this story begins. He had joined humanity. Pretty much the same by 4pm, don’t know what Nicodemus or Joseph did to the body but the stone was rolled shut. Resurrection Sunday morning almost unbelievable changes observed to the body of Jesus. Not explained or pointed out by the Holy Spirit as It is still not on earth. It is Jesus Who gives the revelations of Himself but after seeing Jesus a few times I think I would be able to pick Him out in a crowd. He leaves planet earth at His ascension and the next time we will see this body plus a lot more divinity will be at His second coming. He does send His Holy Spirit ten days after as He promised but the history of the cross does not end at 3pm on GFPMC, it starts. The analogy from 3pm continues until 4pm and then onto Resurrection Sunday morning and beyond.

He joins humanity at 3pm and stays with them until 4pm when there is a separation of His body from blood and water. There is a separation of His body and His spirit. His body joins us and goes to Heaven. This is the great tribulation, the second coming, the start of the millennium the resurrection of the righteous dead. It is not the DOA55, neither is GFPMC. GFPMC is the halfway point of the journey, DOA55 is the end of it. For the umpteenth time, Numbers (6:9-12)

Jesus joined us as the Son of Man at 3pm on GFPMC. That was a fully conscious break from His Father. He resurfaces again from that deep dive one day after the fires of hell have been extinguished. The fires of hell were not the problem of the Son of Man. In fact Jesus, the bridegroom specifically broke away from us at the time and had nothing. The matter of Jesus crushing the head of satan was between Him and the Father and Genesis. Jesus resurfaces one day after into the mountain of sin that was still left behind even after the fires of hell had gone out. I take this mountain as seventy trillion sins but whatever the number, it was massive. These are the unconfessed, unintentional sins of all creation, including Heaven’s revolt. With Jesus’ plea of guilt they are no longer unconfessed, they belong to Jesus, they are confessed. As Son of Man He has resurfaced after all this time to find He has pleaded ‘guilty as charged’ to a mountain of sin and He is automatically defiled. He is unclean and remains unclean until the seventh day. On the seventh day when He becomes clean He cuts off His defiled locks and in a cleansed state the next day, 10th of July, He goes to the Day of Atonement cross (DOA55). From this we learn that our sin whether DOA55 or GFPMC has two consequences; defilement and going to hell to be burned. The order is different as GFPMC is the start and DOA55 is the end.

The body of Jesus Christ at 4pm on the DOA55 when instead of having its blood spilled has the blood collected from earth and applied to Jesus’ dead body on the DOA55 cross would perform the same transformation as did the blood when it was applied to His body in the tomb on Resurrection Sunday. Other than death to life , very little. It is not a dazzling, glowing body and if it is then it is only because we can see not what He has done for us but why He did what He did for us! The body itself of Jesus is pretty much the same after the DOA55 as it was before, as it was at our wedding, as it was at the second coming, a little bit different to what it was when it ascended into Heaven, a little bit different to what it was in the tomb but the same as it was at

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the start and end of GFPMC and the same as it was during His ministry. So much for the Spirit and body and we now try to follow the blood and water streams.


As Jesus was 100% human being He would have had the ‘normal amount of blood and water in his lymph system (?) which I guess at 10 litres of blood and 2 litres of water. Not one drop of that blood or water is going to be left behind on this old earth, every droplet will be taken across the NETM (new earth tent of meeting). Like Jesus it is human and it is divine. The first significant mention of blood in our bronze snake is in Egypt.

The blood here was not the real blood of Jesus here it is symbolised by the blood of the Passover Lamb. It was lifted onto a timber frame as it will be lifted onto the frame of that final doorway of NETM (new earth tent of meeting) It is the blood that Jesus waves seven times towards the tent of meeting just before He is thrown into the inferno of the red heifer. It asks the same question three times; ‘Is this sacrifice going to be acceptable to God as a peace offering?’ And the answers are; yes, GFPE, yes, GFPMC and yes, DOA55. In Egypt it was the angel of death that was asked, ‘Will the firstborn inside this home, (Levite, priest, Christian or bride) be acceptable to God and be allowed to enjoy their inheritance if they have passed under this blood?’ And the angel replied, ‘Yes mercy will be granted, the blood accepted as making peace between God and man and that individual can enjoy their inheritance for the eternities!’ The firstborn inside lived.

We have to be careful not to push the symbolism too far. If Pharaoh in Egypt represented satan then yes his inheritance would have passed onto his firstborn son and this could now not happen as his firstborn son died that night. But satan does not have a firstborn son to pass his inheritance onto and in hell all evil died including all evil angels, Pharaoh and his first born son. Jesus claim was reclaim the inheritance that our first parents, Adam and Eve, passed onto the forces of evil once they turned away from God and make sure it could be enjoyed forever in the new Heaven.

Sin was not an issue that night in Egypt. The lamb was not thrown into the fire and incinerated, it was eaten indicating Jesus would one day become a part of us. The water for removing impurity did not flow that night from those fires. Firstly He had to leave His shoes behind for us to walk in. He had to establish the position of Levite. The issue of the sin problem of the Levite would be addressed once a year on the 10th of July on the DOA55. If the sin problem had been addressed in Egypt there would not be any need for Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) nor Good Saturday on Mount Calvary just before we entered our NETM (new earth tent of meeting)

The problem of sin is more complex and Heaven deals with it in two stages; confessed and unconfessed. Confessed went to Friday’s Calvary and unconfessed went to Saturday’s Calvary. A week before Saturday’s Calvary the fires of hell were extinguished. All intentional sin had been incinerated. Most today will refuse to confess their sins to Jesus and they will take those sins to hell themselves. No more them and no more of their sins. GFPMC is about those who do confess their sins and what happens to their sins and to them. You would think that with all those clangers out there you would think that satan would have to run out of clangers, faith destroying doctrine, sooner or later. You would be wrong!  Sabbath to Sunday, eternal flames of hell, drinking grog and eating leavened bread at the Lord’s supper, infant baptism, state of the dead, Mary and saints, evolution and big bang and now one that seems to top them all; you don’t have to confess your sins to Jesus! No you don’t have to, you are perfectly entitled to take your sins to

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hell personally with you and give them your personalised care and be incinerated with them! Jesus forces us to do nothing we don’t want to do and He is certainly no thief! Words fail!

Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary was about confessed sin that we had asked Jesus to take from us and take them to hell with Him. Both intentional and unintentional and both were incinerated in those flames. We are much the richer as a result of having a heavenly perspective of what happened on GFPMC. The red heifer. We may not know what sin and suffering is up there but this is not the case down here. Sin is a reality and it must be confessed and suffering it does cause and much thereof. The red heifer up there is in sinless zone of unspeakable beauty, but the foundation stone that was stand on is that that human being, Jesus Christ as one of us took and all sins we gave Him, even those ‘there must be a lot more that I cannot remember’ on Himself and went hide, flesh, blood, refuse to be incinerated in the fires of hell leaving only some ashes! Yet out of those ashes of hell only came the water of purification. This water comes out of and carriers sin back to those ashes. It removes impurity. Only water is mentioned with the red heifer but no blood after the fire. There was also divinity in that fire, some scarlet material was added. But even a tiny bit of divine blood in hell would have put out the fires.

But wasn’t the idea of the exercise that the high priest was supposed to take the blood of the sin sacrifice and take it into the Most Holy Place and cleanse everything before the rest of the sacrifice continued? But Jesus did not suffer from 9 to 10, die, go to Heaven with His blood cleanse all and return at 10.15 come to life and resume His suffering! It was done in one stint!


The problem with the church today and for a long time is that they do not study the Old Testament. As Moses was lifting the bronze snake so the Son of Man was also being lifted. It was He who made the bronze snake to be lifted so high that we now in our sinless Heavenly courts are now studying it. You wouldn’t think that it could be that bad that they have missed or refuse to acknowledge the existence of the coming Day of Atonement (DOA55). Half the story of salvation! It is in such a vacuum that blogs like this one bumble and stumble our ways trying to establish waypoints. But at least we have the start, the bronze snake and the heavenly other end inside Canaan, NETM (new earth tent of meeting) and at least two waypoints in between; GFPMC and DOA55. A major stumbling block is the blood of Jesus Christ and its role in both of these events. The warnings I give are self-directed and I usually only read my work once.

The major warning is that yes there are similarities between GFPMC and DOA55 there are also differences. They are on the same lampstand and they are both gold but one is Friday where the hard yards are done and the other is Saturday where the worship occurs for the hard yards done. And the blood of Jesus is where the mistakes have been made, many correct statements but also errors. In DOA56 when the blood of the sin sacrifice, pigeon/turtledove was presented as cleansing fluid to Heaven, that is indeed what had been accomplished, every last sin had been removed and it is in this sinless environment that that final sacrifice of the burnt offering is made with that attachment of us on it. And it is from here now that the concept of the Son of God appears.

The first thing to notice about GFPMC is that it was conducted by the priest, Eleazar. It was handed to him by the high priest, Moses/Aaron, but is was conducted by Jesus as priest what He wanted us to become once He tore that curtain into the tent of meeting. We could only join Him in the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) if we were sinless and we met that condition even here on earth after GFPMC. This was the event of the ash and the Heavenly water that seeped out of it. It was to

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become the water of Meribah and finally the water that flowed  from the throne as a river in the New Jerusalem. Up there it is the river of life but down here it is the water of purification which is required to purify us to get us up there. It is the combination of Heaven in the New Jerusalem. The cross/tree of life standing in the water/river of life. That water that came from the ashes was not surface water, adsorbed but from the inside of those ashes, absorbed and to come through hell it had to have had some divinity, not enough to destroy the purpose of the exercise and put out the flames leaving the sins untouched but enough to come through. That water that was released from the side of Jesus at 4pm on GFPMC had been to hell. But so had the blood. In that inferno sin had died, human blood had died and the body had been ashed and trashed. Yet there was also divine blood produced and taken to Heaven at 3pm to be returned on Resurrection Sunday morning to give Jesus his divinity back to Him.

But DOA56 markedly differs from GFPMC at 3pm. Up there Jesus is now presented as the burnt sacrifice where we will be joined to Him. Down here He calls, ‘Father why have you forsaken Me?’ as He joins us, the dead. He joins us for a stint of nearly 3,800 years and when He finally does resurface He does so into a mountain of sins. Numbers (19:12)  tells us He will be defiled for seven days.

The blood and water are split and spilled at 4pm on GFPMC and will remain until 4pm on the DOA56 when they are gathered. How we are not told does the water finish up as a river in the New Jerusalem but we are told about the blood. On earth in Egypt on the 01/01/01 it answered whether the plan of redemption should take place and on the doorway to NETM (new earth tent of meeting) it answered whether we were allowed to come through but when applied by Jesus to our foreheads it is not posed as a question. It is an answer; mercy has been granted, the blood has been accepted as a peace offering and the relationship between God and this individual has been fully restored! Amen!

It was my intention to give a summary of the bronze snake and still remains so after going through some of the reasoning for the conclusions I draw. As the thoughts raced through my head I jotted down headings for discussion and now I have finished the list bar three. I can’t remember what I was supposed to say about these words but if it comes back to me I will bracket them as items 1 etc. [ item 1 just came back as Stephen]

As Stephen was stoned and fell the Lord opened up the Heavens which we will be spending the first part of our Heavenly journey for 1,800 odd years and Stephen’s face glowed and he felt no pain of those rocks hitting him. That gives us some idea of the beauty of those first heavens if even at that distance they could make his face glow and not feel any pain. And the first thousand years with all those prayers that we prayed, especially the ones that got people over the line and resultant joy and dancing does pass and is replaced by a sombre mood but not that it takes away from being in the presence of our Saviour. That long awaited wedding of bridegroom and bride is certainly a notable affair but not long after that things seem to change in a big way. It all seems to happen in the last 7 years, 7 months, 7 days and 7 hours when we find we have moved through the doorway of NETM (new earth tent of meeting).*****

The point being there are so many major changes up here. All for the better, all uphill, all new Heaven bound but still changes. This is why when we see the red heifer it is so reassuring; the humanity of Jesus Christ has played its role, there it is, therefore we cannot go backwards from now and seeing that water within those ashes we are about to ask Jesus if we can take a mighty step forward; Meribah.

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Reading the Word of God and asking for prayer I would expect the Holy Spirit to respond by giving explanations and even revelations on these texts. I consider that this has happened on a number of occasions and that the revelation was so major it appeared blasphemous. Sending Jesus Christ back to the cross as in DOA57 was one such occasion. Rather than blaspheme which is what this DOA57 seemed to be I thought it would be better just to pull stumps, close the blog and do something else. The Day of Atonement (DOA57) has turned out to be an amazing blessing and all those who wander onto the field of eschatology without it must stumble and fall. Like what happened to satan. God told Eve that her offspring would crush the head of satan and satan would bruise His heel. They say this happened in hell on GFPMC. It was the exact opposite what happened. It was Jesus who was crushed to death while satan sat far off and gloated. By proposing such irrational explanations they must realise that at least some of their credibility to interpret other Scripture is lost. Jesus did crush the head of satan when He threw him into hell but by causing us the commit unconfessed, unintentional sins satan would bruise the heel of Jesus some eight days later when Jesus suffered for these sins in the DOA57.

In search of the bronze serpent I came across another highly controversial subject, even blasphemous. I should at least close up shop until I can sort it out and compare it to other Scripture. This however would necessitate me going through the rest of the Bible something at my age is out of the question. I would consider it a wonderful privilege to be able to see out the Book of Numbers and Deuteronomy could impose no greater blessing! But surely that is the idea the Bible from start to finish; eat daily bread and grow from it!

Salvation plan A and salvation plan B have long been on my agenda since Numbers six. The Nazirite was supposed to come down and deal with the living and stay a mile away from the dead. In salvation Plan A Jesus was to go to the cross once, DOA58 but in salvation plan B He would have to go to the cross twice; DOA58 and GFPMC. Both plans A and B require a starting point of 01/01/01, GFPE. There was no point going ahead with the journey if the doorway to the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) had blood on its frames and this blood prohibited entry. But entry had been allowed, the angel of death had passed over. And both plans finish coming through this same doorway to begin eternities with.

With salvation plan A animal sacrifices continued unto the end, as there had not been any first coming there could not have been a second coming, the world would have spent its existence under the old covenant, Jesus would have come down and still given us a ministry, a tutorial, of 1,260 days and gone to Mount Calvary but not on the Friday but on 10th of July, DOA59. On this day there would have been three specific parts of the service; the sin offering, the scapegoat offering and finally entry into Heaven offering; the burnt offering. Anyone who clasped their hands on Jesus’ head and confessed their sins at the scapegoat offering would have passed their sins onto Jesus and therefore be saved. The high priest, Jesus Christ would still have to have offered himself for his own sins; the unconfessed, unintentional sins. As there were intentional sins involved he could not offer Himself within the temple, he would have had to have been dashed outside the temple and outside of the city. He took all these sins that were on Him into the fires of hell. The fires of hell still would have extinguished nine days (?) before the DOA59 began.

And when the fires of hell had been extinguished at 3pm the ashes that were left were offered as the burnt offering; the beauty of the body of the Lord God Jesus Christ! But it was not over yet. He had accepted our sins as well as the unconfessed unintentional ones which He called His own and for that defilement there had to be a period for cleansing. Numbers (19:12) does allow for a three

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and seven day period so it could well be the Jesus would have arisen on the third or seventh day by having some of the sin offering blood reapplied to His body. Somewhere there, there would have had to be a resurrection of the righteous dead and they like those still living would not have required the blood of Jesus just like at our resurrection. We were told back in Egypt we could pass through the doorway with the blood of the Lamb on it and the angel of death would pass us by.

These and many other events would have occurred under salvation plan A. I take the number of people going to Heaven as 144 million which is just a guess but if that is the correct number then 144 million will pass through that doorway and onto the NETM (new earth tent of meeting)  When compared to the 144 million who come over from plan B, they have come from a different planet. They will not have a red heifer or waters of Meribah. They will not have a bronze snake. And they will not have a Nazirite Who has presented a ewe-lamb as a sin offering. What poor people they are! They have spent their whole time under the old covenant! Not being given a chance to walk under the New Covenant!

How do you survive without the constant presence of the Holy Spirit? On tap for 24/7? It doesn’t matter when or what the problem, the Holy Spirit is there. Like us they have had the Bible since the printing press but no Spirit to individually explain it! And there was no New Testament!


It would not be fair even to a novice to be asked to compare the New and Old Testaments, there is an overwhelming amount to account for. It is probably not just an oversimplification but blasphemy to say that that salvation plan B, the Old Testament, is salvation plan A with a ‘patch’ of the New Testament stuck over it. It should be kept in mind that this ‘patch’ or ‘addition’ is the first and central tenet of our faith in the new Heavens. It is the first one presented to us and is what settles us down by removing any anxiety. It is from here that we plead/ask for the waters of Meribah and see the bronze snake. It is the only ceremony or part of so far that we have been told that is repeated in Heaven and each year introduces the year. The Passover!

On earth it is more than a ‘patch’. It was factored in in Egypt. The actual event that instigated the journey was on 01/01/01 but the Passover event that celebrated it was on the 14th of January and not the first. It was different yet must have been related to it. But how? We only need to get the go ahead once and then we are ready to begin the trip. It would be helpful if at the other end we had a confirmatory sign that we had got there and even another doorframe with the same blood on it for entry painted as ‘destination’ but once only really is required.

The first stop on the trip which began on 01/01/01 is 14/01/01 (or could have been 02) but from now on until Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary this becomes an annual event. It is not the start of the journey, it is the journey. GFPMC was an integral part of plan B and not just a ‘patch’. It would be of interest to hear how Jews explain why the commemoration moved from 01/01/01 to 14/01/xx and how the service changed. To me they appear identical. But the blood for the 1st of January pleads for mercy for the whole trip but the blood for the 14th pleads for the event of GFPMC which is about to take place. There is no forgiveness of sin involved for the 1st but it is all about forgiveness of sin the 14th. The blood of the 1st covers the whole trip but the blood of the 14th covers this one event. No blood was required for cleansing of sin for 01/01/01 that was to be taken care of six months later in the Day of Atonement DOA59 or salvation plan A but blood was required, or was that the water component that did the sin washing on the 14th of January, GFPMC or salvation plan B.

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Salvation plan A was a straight run between 01/01/01 and 10th of July 486 DOA59 of Daniel chapter nine. Jesus the Saviour would come to His people And after a short evangelistic program of three and a half years with them, the living, would convert the dead, die and save them all in the DOA60 and take them all back to Heaven within 1,260 days of DOA60. So we could be where we are now in Heaven as a result of salvation plan A.

How different is the journey after salvation plan B, same result but look at the differences! Salvation plan B was from 01/01/01 to 14/01/xx and then onto 10th of July 486 DOA60 of Daniel chapter nine. That extra stop at 14/01/xx changed the history of the earth and stamped itself on the times of eternity! That extra stop, that extra cross where Jesus made an attempt to join humanity has now resulted in humanity joining Him. That extra stop, His first coming has resulted in His second coming. And the second coming resulted in the saints having to spend time whilst they waited for DOA60 in a sinless place. And to be in this sinless place has resulted in us having to be sinless and that is what 14/01/xx, GFPMC did, it made us sinless. And we have waited in our sinless waiting area for about 1,800 years for the DOA60 for both plans to converge. And Jesus arrives for His 70th lot of 7*70, years 490-483. He doesn’t have to gather anyone in plan B they are already there, He must just prepare them. In fact that Heavenly wedding has already occurred, they are already married and what a rich life of preparation they had before that; a period of life on earth with Jesus, almost 1,800 years with Him waiting for our wedding in the old Heaven, destroying our enemies in the battle of the beast and now only satan’s head remains to be crushed and in return satan will bruise the heel of Jesus.

The idea that Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC) did not occur is so radical that it is difficult to entertain. The sin and scapegoat offerings on the DOA60 still would have ensured that all sin would have been removed but the idea of living under the Old Covenant, which the overwhelming majority of Christians are doing today and no presence of the Holy Spirit really should not be that difficult to entertain as most today are doing exactly that. To come under the New Covenant you must allow the Holy Spirit to transfer the law, commandments 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10 from the stone they are on and onto your heart. Not some or the ones you like, but all. Most today will withhold number four the Sabbath day and therefore none pass over. Jesus is not given a chance to keep them in the Heavenly way and the only option is how you keep them; salvation plan A. And the irony is that it is these people who accuse me of trying to get them back under the old covenant. I don’t have to, you are already there! It is of interest as to what happens under salvation plan A at around this time and the Nazirite chapter tells us much and this should be included in the next summary as we leave the Book of Numbers. In the meantime what does salvation plan B tell us about Moses’ bronze snake in the desert?  ****

Today every Christian church, denomination and congregation to the best of my knowledge has only one cross event; Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC), the ‘first’ cross the one that occurred halfway through time. None acknowledge the last cross, that of the Day of Atonement (DOA60) and the end of time where you would expect the cross to be. You would also expect the high priest to tidy up the temple for the last time and not just the priest, although priests do perform critical functions. God could have accomplished salvation of humanity using only one cross, the DOA60, salvation plan A and this would have been done by going to the cross once, yes DOA60 was on Mount Calvary, but He chose to go to the cross twice and the results of this extra appearance are mind boggling and staggering, salvation plan B.

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The irony of the situation is that all we require to know about is this first cross of 14/01/xx(?) of GFPMC. It is the cross that generates that holy, sinless group of saints that are now going to require all that extra molly cockling and protection which would not have been required had there only been one cross at the end of time. They would have been a part of these catastrophes. Having accepted this cross and joining this group it is still possible to leave them if you so wish and remain on earth at the second coming and even if you go to Heaven with them at the second coming you will still be technically be able to leave them right until the time that evil is destroyed and not only the beast within you has been killed but its dead parts have been surgically removed. Not that it is likely that you will want to leave Him once in Heaven, although all those angels did, and even on this earth when you realise some of the magnitude of His friendship you will not be able to or want to leave Him. [I still will try to time events from Numbers (6:20) when the Nazirite is given permission to drink wine, His vow of separation is finished, the Son of Man reverts to the Son of God, the decommissioning process is finished and chapter 15 cuts in where the Last supper is studied under ever increasing supervision of the Holy Spirit (OIL) that leads to an ever increasing amount of drink offering, the blood of Jesus and finally resulting as the peace offering/bull vow.]

In this bronze snake discussion we must distinguish what Jesus did do by going to the cross ‘so early’ that He could not have done had He only gone to the cross once and ‘late’ in this earth’s history. One has already been mentioned is that the world would not have had the presence of the Holy Spirit for a half on its existence! Another is that Jesus would not have spent nearly 3,800 years in contact with us as the Son of Man. The following subject matter is so complex that any number of conclusions may be drawn and the chances of striking the right one first time around are remote. The conclusion it that because He went to so much trouble to join us on earth that we are now able to begin to try to join Him in Heaven, beginning with the red heifer. He formed the connection first.

Jesus had accomplished many things by the time He called out, “It is finished” at 3pm on 14th of January on Good Friday Passover on Mount Calvary (GFPMC)  He had broken away from God His Father, “My God, My God why have you forsaken Me!”  an action that He confirmed by asking for and drinking not just the juice from a grape which would have broken His Nazirite vow, but fermented, rotting juice from the grape. He only sampled this at the start of His suffering to indicate He knew exactly where it was heading at 3pm; total severance of the relationship with His Father. This severance still would have occurred even if there was only one cross; the scapegoat still had to be taken outside of the city and be dashed to pieces. Plan A.

Even though the separation was so clear cut at 3pm the former days, could be 1,260, were not voided because his separation was not defiled. In Heavenly terms we are dealing with minor, earthly, priestly things but which still have a purpose. It is going to be a different matter when we move to Heavenly and high priest level sort of stuff. This ‘lower’ level stuff could have been easily handled in plan A with but one cross on that final DOA60 but it has been singled out and brought to attention well before the main event. Jesus singled this lot out and came to give them an extra lot of attention. These were the ones He was going to spend the eternities with, He was going to form a special relationship with them and they with Him! His relationship with them was not going to be a condescending one, it would be a true bridegroom bride relationship which marriage on earth is supposed to symbolise today. This relationship was not an overnight affair, it was established over four millennia and is now blossoming as we respond in the Heavenly courts.

This is the level at which Jesus entered His relationship with us. He entered as Eleazar the priest, tore the curtain into the tent of meeting and invited us His Levites to come from serving outside of the temple and join Him as priests. His title as ‘king of the universe’ passed onto His new priests. He has shown us here on earth and now again on what foundation this relationship stands; on the red

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heifer!  On earth it was called the Nazirite and the ewe-lamb. Days continued to be counted, they were not voided even though the separation came to the fore, He was down here with us and God was up there. The separation was not defiled, it was planned. It was the plan. Even though salvation plans A and B of numbers six are a little clearer now they are not clear enough to warrant a new analysis.

The new ministry that the Nazirite had begun at 3pm on GFPMC, that of joining the dead was only to last for a short time, until 4pm when there was a separation of his body and blood and water. *****

This is the great tribulation when we join with the body of Christ in heaven in a holding area whilst the storms of the trumpets and bowls rage on earth for 1,800 years. Compared to where we are going though Scripture calls this a wilderness. It is in this wilderness that we receive the Holy Spirit and are married. We leave this ‘wilderness’ as bride and bridegroom to destroy those who went so close to destroying us in the battle of the beast. But it is those last 7 years,7 months, 7 days and 7 hours where we are involved and everything seems to happen. Just like the first coming events pivoted around 1,260 days before GFPMC and 1,260 days after so now events pivot around 1,260 days before DOA60 and 1,260 days after DOA60. (plus a bit more) . Eight days before the DOA60 the fires of hell are extinguished. [2/7/486] On the next day, a Sabbath Jesus resurfaces from His banishment of some 3,800 years only to find Himself in an enormous mountain if sin; the unconfessed, unintentional sins of every human being He has created. It is an act of worship to see Him taking on these sins onto Himself so that the doorway into the new earth can be opened. Unfortunately though His period of defilement is extended another six days. He becomes clean on the 9th of July and as Son of Man on Sabbath, the DOA60 on the 10th of July He goes to the same cross as GFPMC to pay the penalty for all those sins that He so graciously took on Himself. Phase one of His Nazirite ministry finishes at 3pm. Phase two begins at 3pm but it is still as Nazirite, His vow of separation has not ended, He is still separated from God, He is still the Son of Man. He is not Melchizedek, He is still High Priest Jesus Christ. He started with a birthday and His role as Nazirite has not yet finished, certainly not on this side of the NETM (new earth tent of meeting) and even when we get into Canaan the first thing we are supposed to study is the burnt offering, but the second item of study is the completion or fulfilment of the special vow. This suggests that there is some carry on of the Nazirite vow even into NETM. (new earth tent of meeting).

We are at looking at the bronze snake being lifted in the wilderness of Sinai by Moses. But we are in NETM which is only one step short of entry into the New Jerusalem and an area where there is not only no sin but no concept of sin or evil. Evil is no longer a possibility. Forget Korah or satan, they disappeared on the 2/7/486 and have not existed now for what could be 1,500 days. If Jesus is being lifted as this snake was lifted then two things; the snake first had to be made and then lifted off the ground from 0 degrees to 20 to 30 to 40 ….. to 80 to 90 degree angle. The full gamut of horizontal to vertical positions. This is accomplished not by just one cross but by three crosses.

It was in Egypt  that this snake was formed. It wasn’t supposed to be a snake, it was supposed to be a Levite, an individual chosen by God Himself to Serve Him. Where the problem occurred was that God gave this Levite a free will just like He gives us a free will. Of the group of Levites chosen in Heaven and on earth only one rebelled and with took a large percentage of the congregation. It is this rebellious Levite who is being hoisted up firstly through GFPMC and then straight up, vertically into the NETM (new earth tent of meeting). All three crosses are involved in this lift and this lift would not be possible had one of the three crosses been missing. But out of the three only the red heifer has been mentioned so far. Or has it?

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Assuming that because the scapegoat has not been mentioned in chapter six, only dealing  with Numbers, that what is being discussed is salvation plan B, we are comparing nine events on either side of the NETM (new earth tent of meeting ) doorway. In six it is male lamb for burnt offering, ewe-lamb for sin offering and ram plus cakes for peace offering. In fifteen and order by God when you get there by fire a lamb for a burnt offering, a ram for fulfilment of special vow and a bull for a peace offering and possibly for fulfilment of the vow. By the time of nineteen, twenty and twenty one we are supposed to be comfortably sitting in Heaven in the NETM knowing why we have been lifted right up to this dizzy height and still feeling quite comfortable is all previous six offerings plus the red heifer, the waters of Meribah and the bronze snake. Somewhere there the ministry of Jesus Christ had finished , as it was always going to finish, His vows of separation from God the Father were fulfilled and His ministry as Melchizedek continued from there and into eternity with the bride. All finished, no more changes. The Son of Man was down there, crossed all His tees and dotted all His I’s.

It is my prayer for you and I hope your prayer for me that when we finally wake up that we are included in the wise batch of virgins and it is from this position that I now try to write. No evil, no sin, no doubts, no fears I cannot even imagine this situation and I can only work with the ability the Lord has given me but I have allowed satan to stifle. Actually even at these lofty heights I am still allowed on earthly vice; doubt. To have doubt in what Jesus Christ did would indeed be sin. He could not, would not and did not make any mistakes or leave anything out. He carried out God’s law, requirements down to the minutest detail. The doubt within me is really can all this be happening. It is just too good to believe. The charges were that ‘you did spit in my holy face and then you intentionally walked away from me! And you did not do that once but continually!’ Is there anything powerful that could restore that bridge back to God?

God Himself gave that answer firstly in Egypt on GFPE then again on Resurrection Sunday morning and finally on the DOA60 and that answer was, ‘YES’. Jesus can and Jesus has and Jesus still will do. But the most important part of this equation is that Jesus did and there is nothing there which says that Julius has to do. Providing I am under the new covenant it is only, what Jesus did! Check with your pastor if he is trying to tell you the fourth commandment, the Sabbath or any other of the ten are not applicable then why are you not still under the old covenant where it is your actions which are being judged? You will find he is trying to sell you many other clangers as well!

I am not going to accuse other ministries of getting the role of the blood of the lamb wrong. I have spent many hours on contemplating the role of the blood of the Lamb and such strong statements as, ‘without the shedding of blood there can be no remission of sins!’ But it has always come back as, ‘it doesn’t add up!’ It was not until the red heifer that things dropped into place and explained that gnawing doubt that has been there all that time. Sin is removed when Divine water washes it into the fires of hell. All sin. The water is divine and is not consumed here or anywhere else, it finishes up in a closed system in Heaven as the river of life, not for washing sins into hell but for instilling life. The blood is waved seven times in front and towards the tent of meeting. It pleads for this sacrifice to be accepted by God. It pleads for peace with God to be restored. It pleads for mercy! The answer to each of the pleas up to now has been, ‘accepted’ but there will no longer be any need for pleas once the blood is applied to our foreheads by Jesus Himself. It will have to be applied once, a one only event, to our foreheads and the final decision will be, ’accepted’. Not that there is going to be anyone up  there to check our passports, but they are stamped as, ‘accepted’, no more pleas for mercy will be required. The blood of the lamb is about acceptance of the sacrifice and divine blood  would have extinguished the fires of hell. It is in the body, the frame onto which all those sins were presented

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into hell and out of the three, body, blood and water it was totally consumed. The human body was consumed but divine ashes survived and divine water also survived, but not the blood. There was no divine blood in any of those fires!  And none survived. We must now expect the concept of the blood to be introduced by Scripture but only after we have some idea of the sacrifice for which it is seeking mercy for. Until that time Julius is still entitled to his doubts, ‘it is just too good to believe!’

Returning to the sacrifice itself for which the plea for mercy has been/will be made for. Even in these lofty heights God has still commanded that the burnt offering, the fulfilment of the vow and the free will offering, the peace offering come across from the old burned out world and into NETM (new earth tent of meeting). And we receive these reassurances when we see Jesus place His sinless hair at the base of the cross. As Jesus was the creator of every atom, molecule and subatomic particle He is responsible for each one. What He created and alone is capable of creating is life and a very special form of life that is not only in His own image it also has His breath in it. That life, human beings, were given a choice of spending this life with Him. Most chose not to but Jesus was still responsible for cleaning up the mess that they had made. Jesus removed this mess in two attempts. That for His universe on the DOA60 and that for His bride GFPMC. Even though His separation from God was completed He as Nazirite was still allowed to drink wine. —–

The sins for His creation had far wider implications than just the two pigeons/turtledoves  and the lamb offering and these as yet have not been explained from the tent of meeting but the ewe-lamb has been explained as the red heifer. The reason the burnt offering passes through the doorway and into the tent of meeting is not that it ensures the doorway with, ‘no entry, no sin beyond this point’ will open, it opens up spontaneously,  it is because this DOA60 has pleaded for and acceptance made to include us as a part of Jesus. He has been a part of us for nearly 3,800 years and we now become a part of Him. That is the reason we are now passing through that doorway into NETM (new earth tent of meeting) We have not yet been given the NETM version of male lamb going onto bull or peace offering.

But how can we make this transfer into this sinless state with all of those sins we have committed? This question is addressed at two levels, one on either side of the doorway into NETM. On this side it is the ewe-lamb which is the sin offering but on the other side it magnified many fold as the red heifer. An attempt has already been made to look at this red heifer but unless it can be tied in with chapter six we are still shooting blind. In chapter six the Nazirite was specifically  told to stay away from the dead but even though He had no other options, He still bore the consequences of His actions; defilement. And it is these defilements that He received that are being addressed in the red heifer!   *****Most spectacular lightning display yesterday caused computing problems.

The appearance of the ewe-lamb is predicted in the Old Testament and its history is the New Testament. The Bible is the total history of the ewe-lamb. We should not be surprised that Eleazar the priest conducts the service of the red heifer, the priest conducts the service at decommissioning of the Nazirite. What is the real surprise is that the priest and not the high priest conducts the service of the DOA61. ???? When they are combined, there is only going to be one service, the high priest takes that service but when split into two cross events each is taken by the priest. Yet another question! Could not really attempt to answer this question until another visit to the Book of Hebrews. Three thoughts; as there is no sin or concept of sin up there, there would be little point in

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having a high priest conducting a sin sacrifice or mentioning it; eternity is the presence of the High Priest Melchizedek, Jesus Christ has a beginning and end; it is the blood of Jesus that is used in our plea for acceptance and it doesn’t matter from which symbolic form it comes from whether priest, high priest, lamb, bull or whatever. For the sacrifice of GFPMC to be effective to get us through firstly into the ‘holding pen’ and from there into the NETM  (new earth tent of meeting) and ultimately the New Jerusalem, the Most Holy Place the humanity of Jesus Christ had to die, all of it. (19:5) ‘hide, its flesh and blood, with its refuse, shall be burnt’. But there was divinity in that fire too. Of the body  the ashes were left behind and the divine water was not consumed or boiled away. There was no divine blood within that fire. When we see the fire extinguished we see the smouldering ashes but we also see water coming out of the ashes, the rock that has been left behind. There is something so special about that water that we want more than just a trickle coming out of this rock, we want it to gush out as the river of life running from the throne in the New Jerusalem.

We do not think of striking the rock once let alone twice but we speak to the rock as God has commanded and it gives forth its water. What would have happened had Moses and Aaron spoken to this rock as God had commanded them and not struck it? The result the same but different pathway? Well they both would have been allowed into Canaan and not died on this side. It has now been quite a while since I asked the question; what is salvation plan A and what is salvation plan B? It is only now that some of the answers are starting to trickle through and because of their complexity there was no point in being given them before. And today we ask for another answer; what would have happened had Moses and Aaron spoken to the rock of Meribah and not struck it? We know a part of the answer if they did strike it; death of Moses and Aaron and violent death of Jesus Christ. We know some of the synonyms but what about the antonyms? Are they going to be as different as salvation plans A and B? In the meantime we see a tiny heap of ashes with traces of water seeping out and we speak to them. The ashes become a massive rock that produces a river of water. The priest line of the Nazirite/Jesus Christ line changes into the Priesthood of eternity; that of Melchizedek! And finally we are shown from where we are lifted, the three crosses and by whom. There is the acceptance and formation of us the Levites in GFPE, there is the transformation of Levites into Priests and taking them to the holding area whilst the forces of evil play out their end games, GFPMC, and the final lift from this holding pen and into the NETM (new earth tent of meeting), DOA62. And therein we have the bronze snake of Moses!


Chapter 22, Balak sends for Balaam. Verses 1-41 ; ‘ Then the sons of Israel journeyed, and camped in the plains of Moab beyond the Jordan opposite Jericho. Now Balak the son of Zippor saw all that Israel had done to the Amorites. So Moab was in great fear because of the people, for they were numerous; and Moab was in dread of the sons of Israel. Moab said to the elders of Midian, “Now this horde will lick up all that is around us, as he ox licks up the grass of the field.” And Balak the son of Zippor was king of Moab at that time. So he sent messengers to Balaam the son of Beor, at Pethor, which is near the River, in the land of the sons of his people, to call him, saying, “Behold, a people came out of Egypt; behold, they cover the surface of the land, and they are living opposite me. Now, therefore, please come, curse this people for me since they are too mighty for me; perhaps I might be able to defeat them and drive them out of the land. For I know that he whom you bless is blessed, and he whom you curse is cursed.

So the elders of Moab and the elders of Midian departed with the fees for divination in their land; and they came to Balaam and repeated Balak’s words to him. He said to them, “Spend the night

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here, and I will bring word back to you as the Lord may speak to me.” And the leaders of Moab stayed with Balaam. Then God came to Balaam and said, “Who are these men with you?” Balaam said to God, “Balak the son of Ziphor, king of Moab, has sent word to me, ‘Behold, there is a people who came out of Egypt and they cover the surface of the land; now come, curse them for me; perhaps I mighty be able to fight against them and drive them out,’” God said to Balaam, “Do not go with them; you shall not curse the people, for they are blessed.” So Balaam arose in the morning and said to Balak’s leader, “Go back to your land, for the Lord has refused to let me go with you.” The leaders of Moab arose and went to Balak and said, “Balaam refused to go with us.” Then Balak again sent leaders, more numerous and distinguished than the former. They came to Balaam and said to him, “Thus Balak the son of Ziphor, ‘Let nothing, I beg you, hinder you from coming tome; for I will indeed honour you richly, and I will do whatever you say to me. Please come then, curse this people for me.’” Balaam replied to the servants of Balak, Though Balak were to give me his house full of silver and gold, I could not do anything, either small or great, contrary to the command of the Lord my God. Now please, you also stay here tonight, and I will find out what else the Lord will speak to me.” God came to Balaam at night and said to him, “If the men have come to call you, rise up and go with them; but only the word which is speak to you shall you do.” So Balaam arose in the morning, and saddled his donkey and went with the leaders of Moab.

THE ANGEL AND BALAAM; But God was angry because he was going, and the angel of the Lord took his stand in the way as an adversary against him. Now he was riding on his donkey and his two servants were with him. When the donkey saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way with his drawn sword in his hand, the donkey turned off from the way and went into the field; but Balaam struck the donkey to turn her back into the way. Then the angel of the Lord stood in a narrow path in the vineyards, with a wall on this side and a wall on that side. When the donkey saw the angel of the Lord, she pressed herself to the wall and pressed Balaam’s foot against the wall, so he struck her again. The angel of the Lord went further, and stood in a narrow place where there was no way to turn to the right or the left. When the donkey saw the angel of the Lord, she lay down under Balaam; so Balaam was angry and struck the donkey with his stick. And the Lord opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said to Balaam, “ What have I done to you, that you have struck me these three times?”  Then Balaam said to the donkey, “Because you have made a mockery of me! If there had been a sword in my hand, I would have killed you by now.” The donkey said to Balaam, “Am I not your donkey on which you have ridden all your life to this day? Have I ever been accustomed to do so to you?” And he said, “No”. Then the Lord opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way with his drawn sword in his hand; and he bowed all the way to the ground. The angel of the Lord said to him, “Why have you struck your donkey these three times? Behold, I have come out as an adversary, because your way was contrary to me. But the donkey saw me and turned aside from me these three times. If she had not turned aside from me, I surely  would have killed you, and let her live.” Balaam said to the angel of the Lord, “I have sinned, for I did not know that you were standing in the way against me. Now then, if it is displeasing to you, I will turn back.” But the angel of the Lord said to Balaam, “Go with the men, but you shall speak only the word which I tell you.” So Balaam went along with the leaders of Balak.

When Balak heard that Balaam was coming, he went out to meet him at the city of Moab, which is on the Arnon border, at the extreme end of the border. Then Balak said to Balaam, “Did I not urgently send to you to call you? Why did you not come to me? Am I really unable to honour you?” So Balaam said to Balak, “Behold, I have come now to you! Am I able to speak anything at all? The word that God puts in my mouth, that I shall speak.” And Balaam went with Balak, and they came to

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Kiriath-huzoth. Balak sacrificed oxen and sheep, and sent some to Balaam and the leaders who were with him. Then it came about in the morning that Balak took Balaam and brought him up to the high places of Baal, and he saw from there a portion of the people.’

I have given up in looking for ‘easy’ sections of the Bible and just because I can’t explain why satan chose a snake to speak through or an angel chose a donkey does not mean that I can’t think about it and guess at different answers. Nor does it mean that I should not continue with trying to correlate both Old and New Testaments with end day events. Chapter 21 was about snakes so that entitles me to have guesses about snakes. Firstly why did satan choose a snake to communicate through to Eve and not Adam? Possible answer; He judged that to be his best chance of success. Not a frog or dog or hog but a snake. If Korah’s rebellion is an indication to the rebellion in Heaven which had to occur first it was quite a complex, time consuming affair.